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Kootenay Mail Nov 5, 1904

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 Provincial Library  UN  READ BY  5,500  xx  yM,i'''liTmM>.BY  ^oys^m    ^'500  n   '1,'f  'rO(**i A.TT^  REVELSTOKE. B C, NOVEMBER 5, 1904  ' $2.00 Per Year.  o  JUST  ��������� ^    i  AREIVBD  t i  A Fine assortment of,  ���������  Dress   Goods,   Ties,o   t  Blouses, Fair and Win-  '    '       I r , r , '  ter Coats, also a new   ,  c   i *      ' ' '     ���������        ������������������       m     '  ��������� and complete stock of  Men'sJBoots and Shoes,  Hats, Gaps &c.      Call  ���������*. i .i ' 1       ' "  and inspect.  . THE" ELECTIONS  '  'u  ��������� , '      .'     '  i r ,  Liberals Sweep Canada From Shore to Shore���������The Con-  servative Leader Goes Down to Defeat in His  Own= Native Constituency.  BOURNE BROS  DEALERS IX  W.J. GEORGE  * ' t ��������� ��������� * 1  TAYLOR  BLOCK. McKENZfE AVE.. REVELSTOKE.  ������   4  ' Mail'  Order  ..D.ept-  G. EJume &: Gp.  J     y '-   'i   LIMITED.      L;'     -    ���������-;-*  DEPARTMENT   STORE  ^ Write;  1 For"  Samples-!  When sfood dress-  ers find a store where  they can buy clothing  that suits them they  tell one another about  it.    Our Brand  20th  CENTURY  CLOTHING  is creatine- this kind  of talk. Original designs studied out and  - adapted with great  care to the demands  of particular 'wearers  Give our garments  smartness.  Hand work by tailors   makes our coats  hold the shape.  No more lining  canvass or work could be put  into a suit by any tailor.'  Come in and let us talk with you.  New goods arriving daily.  H  IMPERIAL BANK OF CANADA  Omnli'l Authorized, $1,000,000    Cm.il.il Paul Un, $.'000000     Hoit, $2,630,000.  J rend Oflice, Tokos io, Ontario.  Hrnnchos In lho Norlliuct. Torribino,, Miimtoh.i, Ontario uml Q������e['f������  And   tho rulliiwiiiB points in   Bnlisli   Co iiinlna:    Cr.iiibrcmk, bnl'lon,  KoUin, Kovolstoko, Trout Lako, V.iucou\or iiinl \ iclonn.  ������   T  R Mi.iiuirT, I'rosidont. D 11 Wii.kil, Vicn-Pi-0-.iiloiit and Gpnonil Man.iROr.  |H i:  H.u, Asbistiuit'.aoiionil MiiiuiKor.    W Moi-fa-i, Ulnar lnipector.  ������ Revelstoke Branch, B. C���������A General Banking Business Transacted R  ^ HiiviiiKs DoimrtiiKint���������Doposits Kocomxl and Inturobt Allowed. 'C  Drarti sold riviiilalilo ui all parti of Ciinadn, United Statoi and Kuropo.  Special attention Kivon to colloctioni. A  1*. I'mi'l'S, MiuiiiRor.  The dominion elections wliich took  plnce on Thuisday murk one of the  most remarkable endorsntions of government policy thnt hns' ever taken  place in Cnnndn, when the Liberals  iv ore i etui ned by 'an overwhelming  majoring. Lust election the Con-  iiervative leader, Sir Chas. Tupper,  went down to defeat and wns relegated  to private life in* his home province  nnd ngiiin in this election the Con-  scrvntive party rims lost their leader  who succeeded, Mr. Borden being defeated in his own home constituency  by a considerable majority. ������������������   ,  The Laurier government lost one  of its ministeis, Hon: A: B. Ayles-  vvorth being defeated in Durham.  Hon. Geo.-Foster, nftei being rejected  in last general election, and in every  bye-election ihe hiid fought^ has again  secured a sent in Toronto by a small  majority nnd retums''to public , life.  He vvill probably become the leader of,  the Conservative-party unless a seat is  found for Mr. Borden by'Che resignation of one of the Conservatives returned *    <  Suclr prominent Conservatives as  Bell, Pope, and Kaulbach have been  lelegated with their leader,, to private  life. * The Labor and Socialist candidates faied badly, Puttee, of Winnipeg,  Mortimer, of Vancouver, and Waters,  of Victoria, losing their deposits, but  Fenton, Socialist candidate in Nanaimo, polled within 206 votes of Ralph  Smith.   ' u        ..  1 A remarkable feature of *the campaign was that Nova Scotia should  have returned a Liberal in every constituency. St. John*- has gone Conservative over its petty jealousy of  Halifax* and Moncton   benefitting  by.  thp Grand "Trunk itciinitials.     The  - -** . i  icaulii of the elections^ an ������.empjiritic  endorsement oftlfc~progressive policy  of the Liberal -party and under it  Canada will see'such a period of progress and prosperity as has never yet  been k'nown in -'the history of the  nation. The result is as follows .  Province Libeials  North-west Territories     6  Ontario  38  Quebec        54  New  Brunswick       1  Nova  Scotia     18  Prince Edward Island       1  Durham  ].lfin, y  Elgin. \V .  Essex, N .  Es-ox, S. .,  Krontoniic.  ..Ward, c    .  ..  .Ingram, c    ..  Jackson, c ,'.  . Sulliorl.md, I  .Clarke, 1   Slulilej, I.  Mg   Monti cal, St. Mary's .Piche, 1  GleiiKiirrj           McDonald, <*..  Groimllo       Reid, c '   Oroy. K    Si'roulo'c...' .  Groj.S Miller, I    Groj, X v Telford, 1....  ITaldiuiaiid Junior, c   Hallon Hondorson, c  Hamilton,];       Eastwood, 1 ..  Hamilton,  VV    Kimuiormiin. 1  Hastings, E. ;...*      .Dorocho, 1...'..  Hustings, \V Porlor, c'   Huron, E    Chisholm, c. .  Huron, S..  Huron, W   .  Kcnt,E   ....  Koiit'W.   ..  Kingston.  Lambton, E  Lamhton, \V.  Li.in irk, N. ..  Luiinrk, S  Leeds  Qiinn c   Lowis, c    Gordon, 1.. ..  Glcmouts, c  . Hartj, 1    ...  Armstrong, c.  Johnston, 1 ...  .Caldwell, 1.  HuKRnrt.c   ...  Taj lor, c  Nicolct  -.(XI | Pontine     ...    .  .i l'oilnouf    . .  Quebec, C'eiiti-o  Quebec, East  Quebec, Wet ..  Quelict, C'ounly.  ItiLhi'linu ...     '  Iticliinoiiil Wolfe;  HllllOllhkl  Ileuvllle   .    ..  St. Hyacinllic .  St. Jolin-lboi vlllu  Shelluul       ...    .  Sherbiooke .  Soulanges ....  Stniiiti:ul .*   ...  Te.mi-icouala. '    .  Teiicbonuc .   ..  ,'i(X)  7(K)  MH  27  liiO  74  Lennox S. AdclniKton Wilson, o.  Lincoln. .    . .. ,Lo\olaco, I  London. .. .  .Middlesex, E  Middlesex, Nr  VluUUooox, W  Muskoka  Nipissing.  Norfolk-  Xorthiiinbcrlaud, E  Hi man, 1  Elson, c  " Hoston, 1 ..  Ualvort 1.'...  Wriftlit, c   .  McCool, 1  Tisdnlo, c ..  Cochrnno, c  Northumberland, W. McColl, 1  Ontario, N  Ontario, S   Ottawa   Ottawa  Oxford, N     .      ..  Oxford, S      ...  Parr} Sound   .  .  Pool   . .  Perth, N r  Perth,.S   ..  Peterborough, E  Peterborough, W  Pre-cott r  Prince Kdward  Hon f row."  Hussoll'   Stmcoo^E    ''  Snncoo, N    ....  Simcoo, S. .  Stormont  Grant, 1       .  .  Ghnstio, c. _  Holcourt, 1.    .  Stowurt, 1  Sutherland, 1  Scholl, 1    ..    .  ,. Watson, 1    .  .  'Wain,-c     .    .  .   McL.iron, c  iMoIntjro, 1    .  Fiul.ij.l   . .  Hull, 1     .  . ..  . Proulx, 1    .    .  jVlcorn, c '  White, c   ..    .  Wilson, I    .  . llonnott, c. ..  .. Currio, e  Lennox,  c .  Pnnglo, c  Manitoba   Biitish Columbia.  8  ,4  138  Con.  2  48  10  6  0  3-  .  2  0  Total... . 138 71  Majority for Liberals 07, in addition  to vvhich there are the 'postponed  elections for three seats in British  Columbia, one seat foi Yukon, and  an eastern seat, which vvill probabl>  all go liberal, giving the Liberals the  unprecedented majority of 71  The returns were as follows with  some small returns to come in which  cannot much aft'ect results. The  Letters L and C attached to each  name indicate the pnity to which the  successful candidate belongs:  ONTARIO  Constitueno  Algoma E        .    .  Algoma, W .  Brant   Br.iutford    . .    .  Brock*, llie.  Bruce, N    ...  Bruce, S.       . .  ���������  Carleton    ...  .  Duiterm      Elected  .D>mcnt, 1.  . Kehoe. 1   .  .I'atoraon, 1.  . Cockahutt, c .  Derbyshire, 1  Bland, c  ..Mackenzie, I..  Kidd, c. .  . . Barr. c . . .  M.ijorltj  2T0  2->(l  .     210  900  Duudas Brodcr. c  ,m  Thunder Bay and II Ii.Uumnoo, 1  Toronto, C,        '   .".   Clarko, o .  Toronto.'.E Komp.c^.  ���������T<w...I..Lk' ���������"-.- .'������..V3i,toi. i*:?1  Toronto, S    ' M.icdonotl,  Toronto, i W .     0=lor,c  Victoriii-Haliburton   Hughes, c*  Wdtorloo, N  Watorluo, S  Wellaud  jWollingtun, N  Wollingtoii, S  Wentworth,  York, 0  York, IN. .  York, S ".    .  Seagram, c .  Cllaro, c        . German, 1    Martin, I   Guthno, 1  Smith, c  .Campbell, 1  Mulock, 1  Maclean, c  QUEBEC.  Pcrlcj, c  Mnml, 1  Bel-'iul, 1  llergeion, e   .  Talbot, 1  Aich.unbault, 1.  Mniul.l  Ki^hei, 1  Gcolliion  1  Roui.sC.iu, 1  l'*OIBCt, c  Biown, 1  Aigcnteuil  Bagot  Bcaucc  Ucaulmrnoi.-  Bellcohasse  Bertlncr  Bomivcncuic  Brome  (;bainbly-Vei chei es  Chanipl.un  Clmrlcvoi*c  (Jhatcanguay  Chieoiitiim Siigiiennj Gnaid, i  Compton Kunt, 1  Dorchcilcr Monn, c  Hi ummond Ai th.i.      La\ ei-gne, 1  Gaspe Leniieu\,l  Hochelaga Rivet, 1  Huntingdon . .WaNh, c  J acq uco Cutler.       . Monk, c  Johette Ba/,inet, 1  KinininiwLa      . LupOlIltC, 1  Labelle lloui .u-^a, 1  L.ipiaino N'npicrrillc Lanctot, 1 .  300  rm  ���������10  -"HO  MX)  100  JJ8  .110  1(K)  '  1!)  Oi  tiw  KKX)  Ml  111  " 7  20U  ib'J  110������  710  200  21)  111  :mi  .'1VI  18S.I  200  .100  800  302  1W7  Illlll  ion  .tli.  2. .li  S7-)  i>0  1J00  2011  .WO  10(1  sou  270  >   ISI0  2(10  ijeiuicux, 1 .   ..  ���������Briibiij-ou, c  ..Delisle, 1    ...Maloum, 1 .   .. .  . . fjftiirier, 1   ��������� Power, 1   KiUpatnok, 1.".  Briincaii, 1      .. .  T6bin. 1    r  ' How, 1 ,  1 *  . Ilioduiii, 1   .  .   Beaupai hint, I..  .Ij-cmci*-, 1  '    1'ai melee, 1 .   .  ..    Woilhington, l..  Boiiibounaih, 1  . Lovcll, 1.  .. Gauvreuu, 1  ...Ije-iaidins, 1  Tlueo Ituerb &l,Mouiice .< Buiciiu, l'1  Two Mountalni.      .'   Elhiei,!     '  Valid rcuil  Wright^ .'  Teniiibka  Brandon. .  Winnipeg-     Sour is,  Selkirk : ' .  Lis(.nr. .       ...  Portage la Prairio  Dauphin. .       .   .  .Vl,ir(-uotlo    .  Pro\enchor  Miicdonald  Ilai wood, 1 .  Lauiiei-,1  Gladu, 1 <  M VNITOBA .  ..Sifton, I  Bole, I   ' .     .  Scliallnor, c .'  Jackson, 1  Greonw.i>,l...  Crawford. I  Poll later I  Rociio, c.   .  LnRmoro, c  Staple*,, c.  1  010  180  ���������II  100  ������00  2040  ,,!).->  800  jOO  .wo  200  210  207  128  10(1  Uill  Choice Groceries, Flour, Feed and Vegetables^'  of all kinds.  Crockery, Glassware, lamps, Full Stock-of'Al-  ���������.'" uminum, Copper,"Enamel and Tinware'  EVERYTHING IN THE STOVE LINE  i ,    >���������    /  Pipes, Elbows, Stove Boards,:Grates  r+   n L ������ 1 ���������* * l  y ��������� ^  -  .'    ,i  _ Agent's for MeClary.'s Famous Stoves. ���������  -  Prompt Service for'City and .Shipping Orders  REVELSTOKE,. B.C.  1       NORTHWEST TERRITORIES  Qu'Appollo    '      I  Vssiuiboia, East  jYsMUlboi.l, Went  C.ilgari    '     a  Strathcona  Edmonton  Saskatchewan  lluinbolt  M.ickeii/.iu  .  Alberta  Nanaimo  Now Westminster.  Vancouver citi . *  Victoria  '  L'jV*--oniption  La\al  Lews .  L'Islet   .  Lotbinicic  Mai-onncuvo  JVIabkinongc  Jlegantic  JliMSisquoi  Jlontcnlm  Jlontinagny  Moiitmoienci  Lauiiei. 1  IjC-onai d, c  Dcmcis, 1  Payuct, e.  t'oitioi, 1      *  PiefoiiUinc, 1  Ma) 1 and, 1    .  Tin cot. 1  Meigs. 1      Dugas, I   .    .  Lavergno, 1  Parent, I  Monticil, St, Ann'h. Galleiy, 1  Montical, St. Antonio   Ames, c .  Montreal, St. James   Gervais, 1    .  Montical, St Law-      Bickordike, I  201  (.60  .VKJ  ���������-'JO  :������������)  100  80  ii.i  (iol  000  Carleton  Charlotte  Gloucoilor '  Kent-  ICiug's and Albort  N'ortlitinilierland  Rostigoucho ..    .  St  John City  ������f*>J������.l,n fid X- C'ty  Turrill, I  Scott, 1 .    - .-  .McCarthy, c  Talbot. 1... .  0 O'lvor, I     ...  'Lamont, I  Samson, c  Patrick, e  McKon/.io, t  BRITISH COLLMBIA.'  ."       .'    Smith, 1  lvenued). I  Mncplior-,011, 1  Rilej.l        .    .  BRUNSWICK."  K.ilo.c  Ganoug, c   .  '. Turgeon, I  Lcblanc, 1  Fowler, c  Mornsej, 1  Roid, 1  Daniel, c  -*- mnj-lnn  i-j   .  110  40  29  !(,()  IVI  m:\\  Sunbur\ and Queen's Wilmot, c '  Victoria       ... . Co-,tigau, 1  Wc-.tmorelandu Ii.mmor-.on, 1  York. " Crockett, c  '���������PKTSCE EDW VBD ISL VXD.'  King's Hughos, 1  Prince ' Lerurgej, c  Quean's   . . Martin, c  Queen1--   . Maclean c  NOVA SCOTIA.  Yniinpolis Pickup, 1  Antigonish Jlelsaao, I  Cape Bicton and Viclona      Mclven/.ie,  Cape Bieton,South   Johnston, I  V. j. 1~  FASHIONABLE    TAILOR.,  Colchester  Ciinibcilaud  Digbj  Gujsboiough  Halifax  Haliriix  Ilant*.  IllM-lIlL'*.*,  IClllgs  Ijiinenbuig   ���������  PlLtOU  lticlimond  Slullioine Queen'.  Vai mouth  Laurence, 1  Logan, 1  Copp, 1  Sincla.il, 1  Roche, 1  Cai ney', 1  Black, 1  McLennan, 1  Hoi den, 1  McLcnn   1  jMePonald, 1  I'-indlajson, I  Fielding, 1  Law 1  *   Latest News.  [Latest Tolegiapli Montieal this daj|  llctuins from nil parts of the Dominion show the Laurier goveiiirncnt  Iras been s.ibtained b> an incii'.uscd  'inajoiity. Ret'tiins SiO far n-ciivcd  show the election of 138 Liberal-, .uul  7f) Oonter viitiveb with 7 elect inns vet  to be heaid.  Viincouvci, Nov. i.���������The Toionto  Globe claims that the Conseivative  inrrjoiity in Ontario has been lcdnccd  to six. Kcpoits fioni the JNiiitlivvcbt  indicate thepiobability of the recounts  giving the Libeials .1 clean &wcep of  nine thrt'C,  ,   THE WAR.  i_ __  PortArthur in Despair���������Russian  LoanGuaranteed���������Desperate  Fight and Russian Defeat���������  Gen. Stoessel Wounded���������  Fall of Port Arthur Imminent.  Mukden, Oct. 31.���������The attack of  Japanese on Buddhist Temple Hill,  Oct. 27, led to heavy fighting The  Japanese aitillery played on the position from early in the morning, lend-  ering the tienches untenable, shells  and shrapnel sweeping eveiything and  demolishing all the sheltcis. Two  machine guns with the battalion descending the hill iveie smashed and  disabled, but the defenders* cairicd off  the remainder of the guns when they  vvcie forced to retiie The Japanese  infantry attack under cover of the  bombardment waa niridein olom oidei.  Theie waa a desperate hand to hand  light in the tienches, followed by a  counter attack with the bayonet.   The  Japanese finally gained the hill, but  were unable to hold it 111 the face of  the deadly Russian aitillciy lire.  London, Xov. 1.���������Lord Itothchild  has guaiantecd the success of ihe new  Russian loan for .1-270,000,000.  Gencial Kuroki's hcadi[irrirtoii" in  field via Fusan, Nov. 1.���������The Eussians  have been lcpulsed after scvcrr.I hoius  artillery duel.  St. Petersburg, Nov. 1.���������Despatches  fioin Kuropatkin indicate the Japanese are becoming aggressive along  the whole front. A Hur-sinn reverse  would render tho  position  desperate.  Mukden, Nov. 1���������The Russian and  Japanese armies are within live  hundred yards and a battle is believed  to be now progressing. The Japanese  have been reinforced till Oyuma now  has the superior army.  Chefoo, Oct. 31.���������The third general  attack on 1'ort Arthur began Oct. 24,  according to unimpeachable authority.  On Oct. 2(5, Japanese shells set (ire to  the smokelcsb powder maga/.ine in  Port Arthur.     PortioiiB   of the town  caught lire, the conllagrntion continuing the whole day. On the siuiic  day the Japanese captured the Russian trenches on the slope of High  land Mountain; also a fortilied position protecting the fortress. The  Japanese consider the progress of the  siege to be satisfactory.  Tokio, Nov. 3.���������The attack on the  main positions ot Port Arthur was  resumed this morning. Some of the  main defences are expected to bo taken  before tomorrow. The fall of the  fortress is regarded as imminent.  London, Nov. 3.���������A despatch from  St. Petersburg says General Stoessel,  commander of Russian troops at Port  Aithur, is :eportcd to be wounded 111  the leg.  generaiTnews.  The problem of aerial navigation  has been solved, the Baldwin airship  at tho World's fair lraving worked satisfactorily.  GOOD   WORKMANSHIP  ^PBRFBbT   FIT,"* '  UNION   MADE*."-   ".  .* * ..A'  McKENZIE AVENUE  Next  R.   HOWSON   &' Co,  FIT-  REFORM]  The Fall  *        j   * ���������"; ^ ^ J  Suited:  What have you in mind? At  least one Sack Suit���������a Frock Coat  or Cutaway���������perhaps a Dress Suit  or Tuxedo?  They are all here, ready for  your   choosing-.      Distinctive ' Fit-  Reform patterns.    Exclusive Fit-,  Reform  styles.     Masterful   Fit-  Reform tailoring-. ' And the perfect  Fit-Reform fit.  r  Let us sHow you the novelties  and staples for this season.   The -  pleasure is ours, whether you buy  or not. ,  Suits, -   -   $12 to $30.  Trousers, $3.60 to $6.  Macdonald & Montieth, Revelstoke.  Carpets & Linoleums  At R. HOWSON & Co'S  FURNITURE STORE  t'UNRKAL DIRECTORS  AND KMBALMKRS  PICTURE  FRAMING.  THE MOLSONS BANK  Incorjmi.iteil lis  -Vet of Parliament, lS-Vi. .  HEAD OFFICE, - - MONTREAL.  W.M. Molson Macphi.rson, Pri"-. 45. H. Ewing, Vice-Pros.  Jami;!, Elliot, Gent-ml Manager.  CAPITAL PAW UP  RESERVE -  $3,000,000  S3,000,000  I'jM*r>lliiiiK ��������������������������� lv,lV (,f lMiiking Ims-intiSi* ti.tnsiuled without un-  ncci's.i.uy iluluy.  Inli-rv&t ut'dileil twice h ye.ii nt current r-iU'--* un Saving-* B.ink  drpiiMts.    W. II. PRATT. Manager, - Revki^tokk, B. C. $.  THE KOOTENAY MAIL,  />  She Ikootenay. flfcail  I'UHIjISHKD- HATUItl'A Y.  ���������AT��������� ,  KEVELSTOKE, B.C.,  S2.00   Per'  SuDscription  Annum  Al/VKKTIr-IXG    HATKS     on     application  ,   Chainies in -.wmliiii; lulvcrti-iciiieiit*- mii-l  i  oe in by 9 a. in. Wi.oiie-jl.iy nre.u-li wveU tn  -ocnre l-ockI di-pliiy.   SiniiilniB ailverti-in-,'  uiaucr vlllbecliniiBMl twiceu liionlli willi-  ���������3'out    e\im    chniKu       l-'ur   i������<?11:  fi eqiic-iil  "alicrr.'ion- llie time occupied  in innkiiiK  -unit-uill bcilinnjeil ar. ii-.mil rule*;.  JOH J'lilNTlNC promptly oxi-ciiU'rt at rwi-on-  able .-.ii",-. ' , '    , a  TERMS���������Cn.-li.   Sub-cnptions pnyalilc in ml  vancc.  CORREaPOKDKSOE invited   on matter-- of  ' '   public' intere-t.   Commnnicalion- to J'.di-  ii   tor   must  be  accompanied   by   name  of  ������������������.titer, not nece^anly for publication, mil  a.- evidence of f,'ood faith.,   (JoiTC-iioiirtence  -bould be brief.  Dl<  MORRISON,  '   '     ���������        DENTIST.'1-"  "��������� Okkick :'���������    ,"  ovkk' hews diu;o stork.  Ii  -VRVEY, McOAKTEIl Q  AND PINIvllAM,  BAKKISTEKS, SOLICITOUS, KTC.  Okhce*? :   Molson*:   Rank   Hlouk.   Hkvki.-  '    bTOKh,  J). C. .  Moncr to loan.      ' ' ,.,,,.,  Oflice-: lii'vclsioku, H. C; I* on. Steele, H. u  C?KO. 3. McflAKTKK,,  ���������A    M.   I'r.VKHAM. . J. A.   IfAUVBY.  Koic-I-roke,'R. C. l-'oi I Steele, It. C.  ,J  0 H N ��������� M ANN ING   SCOTrJ'  L. L. 11: .      ���������    '     .  11. A.  Bakkistkh, Solicitor, Etc.  b*ii'.-.tSti-c<('t.     '     -     Kevclsl.oke, D.C.  TiDWARD A.' HAGGEN,'  E  Mining JSnginkkk,  (Mem.  Ainerican Institute Mining KiiKiiiuei--.)  -    (Mem. Canadian Mining Institute.)      i  '  ���������Kevelstoke. B. U. -    ���������    r  Examination of and report- on  Mineral l'ro-  pertie-i a Specialty.  ���������Ttbe:1kodterta\> flfoail  Tin* vou* now r-cc'inlcd nviy b(3  taken :ii- 'lire lioru-r-l expression of  opinion of lin* electors of Ontario  ,1*1-0111 wliich ihey jlravi* liilherto  heen debarred.  Bnrilon.'s ' tin-niiii' movement  policy at, Danville- wns "^overii-  tnont should own but not operate  railways." "Two day** nfLi-r, in respond* ��������� to Sir Ilibli'orl. 'Tnpper'*-  appea'l to,'give them something  bettor it was "government owner-  sliipof railways." Wilh (be mini  her of 0. 1'. Ii. directors and investors who arc supporting Borden it is  pretty certain Borden's government  operation .would mean operation  by'that company.  The Conservatives gave the C. I*.  'R. Iii 137,000,000 in money and land  and neither owned nor controlled  a foot of the road. The Liberals  contribute $11,000,000 to tho Grand  Trunk, own half the road, have the  right to lake over tho whole line if  deemed advisable in tho public interest,, have' absolute .control of  con'sl ruction', station and yard  sites, freight'and passenger 'rates.  Freight unless otherwise routed  has to be carried over the all-Cnn-  adian'liiie to a Canadian port.  ���������The property of Ihe' U. P. li. was  exempt.'from taxation for twenty  years, the Grand Trunk Pacific ha.*  to pay tbe same taxes as anybody  else from the'day it owns properly.  _^if^-  SATUKDAY,   NOV EM J'El'   .1, 11)01  I'*'     i'  Liberal Candidates  i   . -  Tire following candidates for.eloctioa  to tire  House of  Commons arc in the  *' field with tire approval and endorsn-  tion oi" the Liberal party and'the Dili-,  e'ral government and wc ask for thein  the support at the polls of all "electors  who nre'in favor of patriotic, just and  < progressive government: .       ,      f  ]Comox.Atlin-W. .SLOAN   ',  .Yale.Cariboo'-DUNCAN ROSS  - Kootenay- V.X GALLIHER "  "Under Liberal, rule every Canadian feels a bigger man than he  dicl-eidit years ago.-  ': Hon .-Mr. Sifton says, he will-put  a-miilioh people on the lands of  the north-west. See what that  means to tbe lumber, fish and fruit  industries of British Columbia.  ��������� r There   aro    men' in this section  whoso enlerpi--*-'0 's   il  credit to the  district' and    to-   themselves,   and  whose efforts are   not. appreciated.  A'shrewd   jour nali'st says :,    "It's  fun'iiy, how, ninny    people   always  throw cold waloiyon lho  man' who  tries,lo do   a   good   tiring.    ��������� Vou  would -think that everybody would  applaud lire   fellow   who-   gets   a  move on "and shows his,, confidence  in the future of a town by shelling  out his coin.      You. would    think  they would come I over ''and shake  hands with   him,   and   ask him to  step over lo, the drug store and have  ri pill on   themf or   lo   the   bakery,  and   set up   the pics,   but -no, the  way of the \v:orld'is different."  their'cry and iiiiini'iiiu'-'l th it ib"  Liberal.- l'i.id adup.i-d their p"h< .���������*���������  hc.iu-ii lire prosperity   now    pM-'vail-  ing..   "  AV'e do not admit the   conlcntron  that the ' present   policy   i*' a eon-  tinuation  of   lire   national   policy  hut,   sii|ip'o-ing   it   were, it. "mild  prove that ll'iis,present   govei mncnl  is   posr-e-i-ed  "'>f    superior   husilii-M-  capacity. fc    During the  long yenr-  of    the    rule   of   the Con-ervative  party the country was  goingti froi^y  bad to   worse,   manufactures   languished and business  of  all   kin tif*  was   iii   a'   depressed state, but as  soon as   Laurier'   took   'hold there  was an'immediate revival ,of   trade  which continues to this day, and is  likely to continue as hmg as   Can-,  ada   is   governed   by   llie Liberal  party.  ,There arc those who \yill stick to  their parly allegiance whether they  are right or wrong, but we imagine  thu great body of electors will  weigh woll thecbnti-iist'between he**  tw'een tlie policy and adminis-  tration of the Conservative party  whilo'.in power.and 'the enlightened  policy of'tlie Liberal party.. Laying asidc^all prejudices'and slavish  adherenccof party lines, each ���������iin<l  every i*elector should 'lliink' the  matter out for. himself and , record  his "vote according Co Iris convictions. All that tlie,Liberals,n.-k  is that they be tried and judged by  their deeds, and the beneli'l's ..which  we every day enjoy through their  "wise 'administration of- public  aI'laiis. If this be done conscientiously ihiil with the single object  of arriving at. tlurtruth, -'we have  no fear but. that they will vote for  a cuhlini.a'lion of.-the* Laurier  government, through whose moan's  Canada, has- been enabled to rise  from-a state of.' comparative obscurity, to'Uie proud position she  now holds iiv,the   British   Empire.  Il-iie.  <i  si i.c  'Il    is   sea reel v   lifly vear-  i - .  J :i I ui ii    commenced    n> Hade  wilh the outside world,'and their  in11IT system is of \ery recent  origin, being operated only for the  lai-t live or'six \ears'. Until 1S5S  ilnir trade wns very limited,,but  in ihat year they entered into com-  nieicialtr-eaiies wilh Client Uritain  uml 'other, civilized nations, the.  consequence being thai her'.foreign  trade last year amounted lo $.300,-  .'51 S.500. ' How, long she maybe  able.'to' hold,out against ��������� the ,un-  -limiled resources of I'ussia is  umijec'tural, but from' all appearances, tbe war has'iiot diminished  her trade in the slightest degree,  but on the contrary it , has 'been  stimulated, so that it would seem,  notwithstanding the difference- in  population and, the extent 'of  territory of the two nations, Japan  is fully as able to ondiiro'y.lhe'burden and the. strain of' war as  liiissia is. '  Much of the success of the Japa-  ne.-e may -be attributed to their  ab.-orbing the best, ideas of' the  civilized woi Id and adapting them  to' their peculiar circumstances.  This they did by sending scores of  ih'ei'r brightest'young men to England and other- countries to be  educated and thus gain a thorough  practical knowledge of things in  general.'- /Today,, w'-e see the result  ^���������ji "their commendable ".foresight,  iii' ihat 'thuy   have������ been ' able ' to  wnhstand and defeat  lhe> Kussian  . -    i .  c.iK-iny in almost '���������every   encounter,  both on kind and sea'.     '    ..     '  SELKIRK , LODGE, NO. 12. I. O. O. F.  .Meets every Tuc-dus  evenini; in Sulkiik  Hall at . 8 o'clock.  VisilliiK lirelliren cor  clinlly invileil to ul*  leii'l. ,  II. fi. (iOU'.II. N.������>. '     J. M.\T]1IK. Skc-  Kootonay, Lodffe No. ISA. F, & A.M.  The' regnlai- meet-  iiii;** are held in the  Milt-nine Temple,  jdill.'olloH-sII.ill, on  Hit third Monday in  enuh nionlli nt o  p.in.'Visitiii|?l)retli  i en cordiitlly **������������������"'  ^5 eonied.,  It is satisfactory to the Liberal  party that 0after eight years- in  oflice their opponents arc not' able  to put their finger on a single  scandal, whereas half the time of  parliament was taken up during  the Conservative regime with investigations of the scandals charged  asainst their government.  If Borden's adequate protection  policy were in force, which we presume means a revival of the N. P.,  British Columbia would have contributed to the federal treasury  three quarters oi a million more  than she has done during the Liberal regime, and this would have  come out of the pockets of the  people.    The sole reason whv the govern-  i ���������  nient,guarantees the 0. T. P. bonds  is that they may be enabled to  borrow the required funds in England at a reduced rate of interest,  which is 2 j per cenl. The country  run? no risk a- the guarantee is  quite sufficient lo meet all claims.  A= an evidence of good faith the  company has deposited ���������'������������������3,000.000  with tlie government.  We are told lire dominion draws  from British Columbia a million a  year more than i.- expended in the  province, but they forget to tell u.-  that of this million ���������foOO.OOO is refunded to aid the silver lead indu--  try and .-ub.-idie.-: to the amount of  *3,000,000 have been voted to open  up the province by new railways so  that the Liberal government has  shown the utino.-t ck-siie to treat  the province fairly in il-, expenditure.  THIS MoBKIDE GOVERNMENT.  The jMcIlride government'is in  a  worse position, if that were possible,  than that of Ontario.    They do not  command a majority in the   house  and are kept in power by tbe votes  of   the   two.-Socialistic   members,  without whose vote 'Ihey could 'nol  retain ollice  a single day.      These  two, holding the   balance of power,  aro in a position to make   and    he  granted    whatever   demands   they  think lit, a   refusal  meaning dcfeai  on the assembling of the Legislature. '  It is the boast  of   the   Socialists  that (hey have already   compassed  the dismissal ,of one magistrate and  now (hey are demanding the  head  of   Police   Magistrate Williams, of  Vancouver.a burning and a shining  lisht in Conservative circles.     fn  the letter to the government there  is no such a thing as a  request,   or  asking   that   ah   investigation  be  held, but, from start to finish, it i?  a demand in the imperative mood,  for which there is no appeal.      Jt  remains to be seen whether McBride will allow himself to he bulldozed by these two men. or whether  he will assert his manhood antl re  fuse to  dismiss   an   official except  for good and sufficient cause. By-  taking cither horn of the   dilemma  the government   is   placed    in   an  awkward position.*    By dismissing  the   police   magistrate   they   will  alienate many of their own political  friend.--, while by refusing  to  do so ;l;Mm.<i that such nn event will not  take place so long a-; either , party  has the remotest prosp'-et of being  able to admini'-ii,r public ntf.iir,-.  . , ONTARIO POLITICS.. ",  Considerable'notice has lately  been - given to .the ��������� Legislature of  Ontario", whose majority is rather  a'urocarious'one. ". Rumor has it  that a,large percentage of the present cabinet will resign and retire  from' political life, but this may he  an exaggeration, and it is just as  well, to lake the statement with  the proverbial grain of salt. At the  same timo it'is not at all unlikely  that some changes will be mruUMii  tbe personnel of the cabinet by the  retirement of two. or three of the  ministers and the infusion, of new  blood.  While nothing has been proved  'against cither Stration or (.'ibson  in reference to (lie (innicy and  other charges, it is felt by many  tbatlhesuspicions attached to them  are such as to create a feeling cf  distrust which ' mi������ht result disastrously to the party were they to  continue" longer in ol.ice. .ft K  lliorofore -at.isiactory to know that  they, of their own volition, have  decided to retire. This, we imagine, will have a beneficial effect  in the bye-election? which will soon  have to he held, unless Mr. Ro?? in  the meantime decide? to appeal lo  the country in view of the slender  majority he now has. Should he  decide on the latter conr.-t* the contest, will, in all probability, be.one  of the fiercest on record. Imt.it will  likely decide, which.party 'will conduct the affair? of that province for  the next four years. In the event  of such an election failing to give  either the one <*ide nr the niber a  -ufticient workiinr majority, the  probabilities are trial a coalition  mav he formed.      But we m.iv re--t  thev incur 'the opposition of two  mcmhi*ra without whose votes they  could not exist.  Jn addition to the favor with  which the Laurier government is  regarded throughout Ontario, a  potent factor in the late election i--  the abolition of the infamous  gerrymander whereby constituencies were cut and carved in order  to return Conservative supporters.  Now, by the redistribution, this is  done away with and ridings re-l country, but, when ihey found it  stored to their natural boundaries, li.had theopposito effect, they changed  now IS IT.*  Then: \- no denying the fact  that, "���������ince lin* advent |o power or  'the Laurier ndmini'-tr.-ition eight  year.- ago, Canada has progre-.-.ed  in a remarkable detcrec. Conservative papers and Con-ervativc  speakers are cotistr.lined to admit  this self-evident fact, but claim  thai tin; pro-moriLy we now enjoy is  the re.-ii IL of the policy wiiioh thuy  inaugurated and which, they "-ay,  the present government adopted.  This is not whaL Ihey said when  the present policy w,is brought  down to the House. Then they  claimed it was of such a revolutionary nature il. would have a  disa.-lrous effect on all branches of  trade and result in stagnation of,  business   and    be   ruinous    to the  wel-  WATCHES  and a  complete line  of llie  GENUINE  ,C. j*.. J'KOCUNIHIl. SKCH.r-.TAKY.  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A perfect, natiual r-i'tnedy ior  .ill Nervous and Muscular diseases,  1.IVI-, ICidni'V iind Stomnch ailments  uid .Metallic IJ(iis(ining. A ->iiri* c-in-t*  I'm- "That Tired Feeling." Special  i-ritc-. on all boats and ti-ains. Two  iimils arrive and depart uvi-ry day.  Telegraph communication , with all  parts' ot III'*"'world. An exper-k'iici-d  miiss-uiger-.  Halcyon Hot Springs  j\rrott> Lake Ti. C.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  Royal Mall Linos.  Clicapoxt Routo to tlio Old Country.  AI.IjAN IjINI-:   Kiwii .Montreal.  I'.ul-I.in    AUK. I!'  "|-irril-i.iii     ... ....   \ n������- "-''>  luin in ....  Kepi. ���������>  ' IX'.'IIN'KIN IjINI'.-I'kiiii .Montical.  I-Ti-m-Iiik.'jii '���������   Aiik   I .'I  iJoinliiioii ' ,.  ,  . Auk '.'������  V.iriioiuci* ....         Aiik .'7  f'.uiadii. ...  .-Sept. .1  <\\S. I'AC A'n.ANTKJri.H.-Kiiiiii .Mtniliiiil.  l���������-ilf<*('lini(i|iluln  Aiik. IX  Ijilfi; Knu          i-'epl   I  Uikv .M.mll'ili.i       -"'cpLS  AMKKICA.V I.INI;   KkiiuNiiii Vol k.  -I   LoiiN,                      ,               , Auk. 2'i  Ni'V,- Vnik .         Auk. 21  Will fl-, rf7All LINK   l-'ioin .Vi-w Voik.  Miiicil ti; .    . ... . A UK- Ii*  rid'iiinc   .   ,j\iik.-I  I'oiiIoiik;        MiK :'l  r;U,VAItl) IjIiVK   Kioiii New York.  KI nn In ��������� ���������������������������  Aiik. 2"  liiiuinlii Auk. Iii  Uinlirlii Hupt. ���������'-  PaHHonKurH l.iokot.cil lliroiiKli to .all partw of  (iroal, LlrlMiin and Inilanil.aiid al. Hpiioliilly low  ral.o.s lo all partH of tlio Kiiroiiuan colitinoiit.1  j\pply r.o iiniircHt railway or HteainalilpaKont or  to .. ...'������������������  T.   W.  BKADSHAW, Afiont,   Kovolstoko  W. P. F  CUMMIINOS,   PaoiUo   AKent  Full supply of fresh  , ��������� groceries just  ;  opening up        '  l'l-oiirpt'iit'te'irtirin-given  to alhorderf-.' '',  To Trappers  ���������''..'���������   ~ "���������'<    .' "<��������� ���������  Raw Furs ��������� Bought-;-,  Gash Prices .Paid  F.   B.    WELLS,  *      , *>' ' ���������     ' A   ",  '   ^Exporter,of Furs. '"  7������jxS3&,  fSlcii  A  I  ������I  vm%gi  and connoisseurs, as well,,  as musicians,  delight in the ,  beauty of the  New Scale  _1    ' ' '  Williams. The costly  woods, intricate  carving,  ���������, K brilliant'finish .and elegant  <������) appearance, make  the   New Scale Williams the  fitting ..piano  for'"even the most magnificent homes. - '  "Will hold its own with tho very best pianos made on this continent  -   i-���������IV Waikin Mil's. England's Famous Baritones  L New' Seal��������� .WiBBiaims 'Piano  EMS-  Write Williams Piano Co., I,td.,  Oslr.iwa,  foi  copies of   illustinted .booklets)  on'the history nnd constiticlioii of a Piano, or call at the locnl wnreroonis  .'';   "   rL,EWIS    BROS.,    Revelstoke  ORIENTAL HOTEL  ably furnished with the choicest the market    y  affords.     Best  Wines,   Liquors,' & Cigars.  1    '    Rates $ i a clay.     Monthly rate. ' ���������*  CT-    ^.LBEKiT      STOITE,    PROP  Q-<><><K><KK><><>C><H>OH>OHD^^ "  British Columbia Illustrated  "'    '' CONTAINING 160 VIEWS  Jlliist'i-nliing the Bouiullcss -Resources of  The Richest Province,!n~the-British-Empire  '   Its conl, oil iiinl timber;   its lislicrics on kcii, hike nnd river; its  niiiioriil und rigriciiltiii-iii  resources;  iLs'cities nnd   towns;  its river,  lake nnd   nioutitnin scenery, especially illusLrnLing its, grent mining  dcvelo))nient, with views of nil the principal mines, mills, smelters, etc  Sent PonT-mec on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50  Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C.  The Inrgesl advertiser in and for lirit.ish Columbin.  BEST HUY IN  GhbjYtkst  Gqi,n         i  B.   C,  CANADA,   AT  DrscnvEitv ok tiik Agi:  15   CENTS  IS  IN   li. C,  THE BIG ^���������OTTI?,  Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited.  C.'ipilitl $025,000, of  which 35 percent in shares is nowin our  Treasury.    Slinres fully paid unci non-asscssuble.  Minus (lii-i'dly wcist. of Llu* Ia:,  llui nnd Lcltoi No. 2- War lOaple  and Cent ri-Star, foni-of the l.-n-g-  i';.|; gold-copper mint's in llie  world, all ol which have paid  huge dividi'iidt,.  xii Niiiiii'idi'iitjica! or-eand veins  now in sinhl, on the HI (J KOint.  Ij.-n-gi' oi-i- Imdii'b.  A.smivk troin So'Lo !{iS()0 in  l^uld, copiier-, .silver-, ule. Very  i ii-h display i;r no.v on exhihilion  in tin- cily ore i-xhiliit, causing  wide comment..  We have nearly two miles of  railway on Bitf l-'otti- properly  wilh wilier uml timber in abundance.  !{o*-sliiinl ore hhipincnl.s lor  UK)-.'. :{.")0,()UO tons. Shipped I'or  JPn:i, aliont 11(1,000 Cons; 1001,  aliinrl. MKl.OUOloris. TtiLnl v.-ilni* ol"  Ro-,l,n.d ores mined, $U7,000,000;  ltosj.land'b large ore bodies arc  a great, success willi llry corrccn-  Li-aLioii sy.slem of ore reduction.  $'i.W ore now pays lo mini' as  irow proved liy lire laleslr-epor-l*-  iinil dividends.  No, less I Iran J(Jt) .slrai-es sold.  .Slraii'scan he liad on iirsliilmi'iiL  plan, payinenlsirionllily; Iwenly  per-cenl cash, halunee within it  year.  Uoinpauy have no delrts oi- lia-  hililies and a i'nll foice ol'men  now working.  Reler-ences���������The Hon- .Mayor,  Gold Commissioner, J-'oslmaslei-,  or* any bank or1 business man in  llie cily.  'I'liuni is n ticlo in lho all.iir-. (iT iiion  Which, t.i Lou at tliu IIimkI,   Io,icI-i on  tu  U .rt iinrj;  Omitlod.iill thu viiyni'uiir thoir lil'u  J*- Iimiiiil in -.halliiw.s mid in inisorio-,.  Please Note Price at  15 cents share  FOR ONE MONTH.  Anj ,iiii mi ill less .slum $I(W .send lij iki-,1*  (iffice or express inuiiet order, over tills  .iiiiomit, li) I'.uik Ui.<fl in Sccrclnry  Big Four Consolidated  Gold Mines, Limited,  Kossland, II. C, Canaita.  Orilei- blanks and our- rrrosl comprehensive and complete Jllus-  li-nLcd Hrtispi'cLus- showing all Kossland mines and giving valuable  inforinalion, with Maps and Reporls from Mining Engineers, sent  only lo investors or- those desiring to invest. ���������'������������������'..., -I  'X  J  if  1"  **&i^B���������^**mm*G*  X  V  'A  If-  LOCAL AND  GENERAL  Mechanics,   wages   in   New     York  state ha\e been ^educed 20 per'eent.  A curling club has  been   organised  '    at_tho new C. I". 11.  ruining' town   of  B.iiikhcad...  ,X' ,J, '   ' - '  i    -*'  i       '  ���������gJolinsoii   nnd.-"Co'.,   of    Kamloops,  sustained a he ivy   loss  last  week  by  theii brickyard on the North Thomson  ��������� ��������� being washed out by'the iiverv   -  - ,'  The" following   is   the'winter milk  schedule for Calgary, : 14quarts!$1 00:  by pint, 12/i.uarts, $1.00;'' Hotels, 20c.  a gallon; Crenni, 45c. .i quart.  - '   Show.your sympathy , with ��������� oigani-  v sed labor by  having  the' union label  placed on your printing.    The Koor-  , i:xay Mam. is the only punting ollice  ��������� in Noith Kootenay authorised to use  the union Inliol.   ���������       '     'r  Jlcssrs.   JJprhcs   nnd   Morton, who  '���������are, interested,'hi /111 o   lYi'me, have  bonded    from, Lou* Thomson   an .1.  Kirkpatrick the Union Jack and other  . properties near the Ncttie'L. and pro-  ��������� pose   driving   a     long'   development  \ tunnel.  . / v * '���������      t- <  ' As>   shoeing   the   excellence of the  timber  on''Ihe* Arrowhead   Lumber  ,* Compnny'^liinits at. Galena Bay, P. M.  -, MacKarliine   and    II.   Donnelly, who  * have allowing con 11 not there,;took oft  a million nnd'.i' lu'lf "feet of loirs from  twel\'e acres of land.  ,--**���������-   "-,-   ,���������'*  -  ' The 'editor- of "Work fin the' 9i\r  Wcsl"', th'echuich paper ptrblishod in  EngVi.'d, pays a  high compliment   to  .the KoOTK.vAY-MAii.'for its excellent  photograph of_ the. "merting'"of the  Dibce������e of Kootenay at Rcvol-ytoke  and has obtained fiom us the eiignu  ins'for reproduction  in    the    English  ..      .i  pi-ess.     ,\      ;���������������������������-,, - -      $   '  '   The'Talent Society  of  St.   Peter's  Chinch di sire to,expiess their,sincere  - thank's "to all'the friends, aim, by their,  kind giftsf-nnd   assistance, made  the  - Turkey Supper sueh.a splendid success.  All thc'climn. glassware, etc. not- ic-  turiird, because the; l.-clies ennnot  identify  pieces,  can   be   had  at   the  1 Rectory. * . "   -     '     *'  X  S. McMahon  has >just received   the  .finest   shipment- of cutters that ever  '.,,canie into the  city,c and- is.,booking  orders. , He has been appointed agent  for the Fair-child 'Company of, Win'ni-  ' peg, w ho handle* only the highest grade  'of.-cutters, for^the John Deer, Plow  Company/whose plowsarc tlie'i.noritc  in ' the north-west, for the Moline  Co., and for the Canada Carriage Co.,  of lirockville. Mr McMahon intends  carrying a full set of sleighs and cutteis  1 and is getting in.a carload of Moline  wagons.         ]__ j    ���������  x ARROWHEAD.  From Our Own CorroslKjiidont  'Hon./C- II. Mackintosh, ' Conservative c.itididatc, was in town Inst  week electioneering.  ��������� Kev. H A. Solly paid a visit, to File  , Valley on Tuesday.  ' Born to the wife of Contractor  Ballard, of Anqwhc.il', on Oct. 20th,  a daughter. *- j  The members of the English church  contemplate giving a concert early i������  November in' which the best loc/1  talent will assist. ^ ]  ' Quite a number of our town pcojlo  attended the dance at Halcyon on tl������  21st, and pronounced it to be a huge  success. ' Dancing was kept up.cill 4  a. m. ' /  We arc pleased to learn t*at some  of our young people nie/iorming a  debating societv for ' trie winter  months. This should p'ove a great  benefit foi many of om young'men  who have no place -'o spend their  "eveuings and no doubr'the tclub will  start off- with a large membership.  Kev. Solly is doing Us utmost to insure its success.'  The Ladies Auxiliary of the English  church met last vcek with Mrs. Newman and the following officers were  appointed for the ensuing term :  President,Mrs. Linton; 'Vice-Pros.,  Mrs. ������wmrrii- Hon. Sec, Miss Le-  Sueur; Tiens. Mrs. K. J. Bungs.  A debating society h-������b been inaugurated under the auspices of the  Anglican church. A very successful  meeting was held on Monday, at  which Kev. II. A.Solly was appointed  president; Mrs. B. Gi' hon, vice-picsi-  dent; Mr. li. G. BiingH, seeretnry;  with a committee composed of Messrs.  Bannon, Gcivis, Nelson, Shciidmi,  Newman, Arinstrorrg. It was decided  to hold the first debate on Wedrios  day. Nov. Dili. A musical programme  will be iiirrmgcd nnd the Woman's  Auxiliary are providing refreshments  at a small charge.  K. G. McLeod lecently had four  samples of ore fioni the Spyglass  group assayed and tho result wns: 271  ounces silver, 205 ounces, 1179 ounces,  and IMS ounces, or an average of 5J'J  ounces of silver lo the ton. The ore  was not i������88iiyed foi copper or gold.  THE DOMINION ELECTIONS.  HON. W. S: FIELDING,     '   ,  Returned for Shelburno. Queens No'va  u   , Scotia.   , ' 0'  - SHI WiLLlAM 51U LOCK,  f<'f&     Postmaster-General  and    Minister  of  Labor:"   llcturiicd by 1200  majority for'Now York.   ';  1,0.  , *, Slit WILFKED'LAUJMKI!,  Premier and Loader- of the Party. Be  "   turned for Quebec East by a ma.- T  ��������� joiisty of 20i0 and for Wright  "   by majority of GOO.  HON? CLIFKOBD SI FTON,  Minister of the" Inter ior. Returned for  "     "     Bi.intlon.        *   f ,'  LIBERAL LEADERS  ELECTED.  HON. G. ir*. FOSTER,   . '    *  Piobable Conservative'Lender.-    Bc-  *   tuine'd for Noith Toronto'by ISO  ,\       , - niajdiity."   t    '',  Social & Personal.  ' Cory Monlnniok has gone   to   Poit  Simpson.     t    ,x  P. Johnson, of Glacier,   leaves .next  we<_>k onra tlip to Swocden.  y  X On Saturday afternoon Miss  Giant  eiitertiiinccLri number of young ladies  at afternoon tea.    " .    --  J. 'A? Dari-.igh),loft for the fast on  business-connected" with the mining  interests he lopiesent*. r - ..  -_ W. C. Calhoun leturned S ,turday  from an extended holiday, trip to the  woildVfair and castein points.1',*,  ��������� G. S.r McC.uter has been retained  on.behalf of the ciown nt the county  sittings, -criminal jurisdiction, at  Trout Lake on Nov..8th. . ���������  Rev. Mr. and Mrs. C. IL M. Suther-t  1-inrl piil-pi-tainccL on Tucadny night.  The guessing contest was somceof  great fun.   . '  W. llumphieys has returned to  Be\elstokeand is a splendid acquisition  to tlie local talent, as ho is " always  read) and willing to gi\e a hn'nd at  any, entertainment.  Tbe Bathbone Sisteis gave another  of their popular onteitainnrcnts on  Wednesday when a quotation guessing contest took place, Miss Valentine  carrying oil" first honors, H. Buricll  second and II. N. Doyle consolation.-  Bcficshments and dancing added to  the pleasantness of the evening,     t  Capt. .Davey, formerly mining  cngiucci of Camborne, and Mr. McLennan, who was assayei there h.i\e  leiisod a mine in Montana and are  gettiinr the mill in shape .to start  operations. They are leported to  have a good thing.  Miss Dora Smith splendidly entertained a paity at whist on Tuesday.  Miss Temple won the first pii/.e for  ladies and Mr. Swan foi gentleman.  Mrs. J. M. Doyle got the consolation  for ladies and Di. Graham for gentlemen. A dance w.is afterwards held.  , On Tuesday at the residence of Mr-  and Mrs Hugh Bruce about 30 friends'  gathered as a surprise party and made  them n pre.-enl of n^ hc.iiu iful dining  room liimp anil .I'lthess, read bv M is-  Jessie McClenti.in A sumptuous  repast wns served nt midnight. Dancing, cames nnd Snugs neie indulged  in nnd an enjoyable evening spent.  Miss Crirswell, ot Vernon, w ho is n  clever artist with the biush, is onu  visit to Mis. O'Biii'u Mi**s Crirswell  proposes opening n eln'-s for teaching  oil painting nnd tho-sp nhli haven  fancy foi nitistic pursuits ennnot do  better than take advantage of the  opportunity to join. In the Canada  Drug and Book Co's store is a collection of oil paiiiiings by Miss C.trs-  woll. which are cleverly executed, and  are moat ci editable to the ru List.  The turkey supper given by St  Peters Church Gtul^l on   Monday was  a great success  was tl'-ne by  The cookrntr, which  \. E I'enni-on, was of  tbo bo'-t. There was n splendid supply  of L'ood things on the tables and the  vi-itois, thoroughly" enjoved thom-  selves.' Mesdames Dunne, Coursier,  P.iget, Ifoltcn, 1'rocunier, ��������� Misses  ,ILi 11, Gi mt, Dunne and others,, were  indef iunable in theii etYorts to make  a suece-s.of the gathering nnd, they  succeeded A dunce wns held after  the snpppi. i ' ,  -A -'mull but'appieciative-gnthering  li-lci i*fl with great interest t. the  addit *--;' in St. Andrew's chinch -last  night iiyJthe.Piesident of * the Doniin.-  lon Women's ..Temperance Chiistian  Union.. Mrs."Butherford.'* of* Toronto.  This f.ilented and devoted l.idj in  siiri[ilet but eloquent words'told the  story of ihe organisation and its aims1  Mrs. Rutherford, by her piesence, has  stimulated the zeal vof the faithful  b.indv ol workers -in this city and  greatly encouiiiged the'cuinest prosecution of t.he work.' Mrs. Rutherfoid  left for NeUon by'the south train this  morning.  * ^ '  CHURCHES.  St  I'i.ti.k's���������Tho membcisof Koot-  ARMSTRONG.  J'OUTICAI-.  . ' Mr. Boss is still the prime favorite  in this locality, and if he does, balf as  wcll^ in the other pints of the riding  he will have such a niajoiity as will  make the Conservative candidate  wonder why he left Grand Forjcs to  monkey with the wide naughty world  ���������Every day bungs new supportcis to  Liberal causciierc, nnd it is quite safe  to say that in the outlying* polling  "stations "fiom Armstrong Mr. Burrill  will not get a dozen*votes... .The only  thing liable"to hurt the' Grits is being  too sine,. But this'evil will be looked  to by Mr. Murphy, Dr. yanklcek���������Joe  McDonald, and the icat of-.the Libeial  executive here.  The ' reports received from Deep  Cieek, Hullcar, Glencinma, nnd'Oka-  nag.m aie very encouraging. One can  travel from one'end of the-Salmon  nvoi valley to Aimstrong and not pass  more than one Conservative faimci's  place., And the same can bo mid of  almost cvciy road fiom here.  A okii-vanci: SIjTTJ.LI)  *' i  Duncan Boss has  made  an investigation into the complaint of the Ducks  en.iy Loege A. F. iV- A. M., No. 15 will   R.lngo settleis, and  has  satisfactoril  attend   morning pr.ijei. at St. Peter's  feettlcd thodisngrccincnt between them  chinch Sunday morning, Nov. (i, rrt Lil ;md the department.       -  a. m.    Visiting bietlnen  eoidially in-  sited .        - ���������   ��������� ,  MLTiioi)ifai'-Subjects:Moining,"Thc  Sin of Non-Jnteiccssion";' eiening,  ���������'Failuic Turned Into Success.'.' The  saci anient of the Loid's suppoi will he  administered at close of evening service. * " ..  'At the service last Sunday evening  the duet, "My- Father Knows," was  beautifully sung by Mesdames Dent  and Ciechnati, and a pretty anthem  was icndeied by the choir.  St, Am)ki:ws���������Subjects- Morning,  "I Know"; evening, "A Subject Undci  Discussion."  CITY SCHOOL REPORT.  Follow ing is the eniollinont and attendance at the city school for the  month of October. ���������  Enroll-  I'orconl  KoKiilnr  Attoncl-  IllUIlt  IIKU.  nnce  High School....  . 2:t  93.78  14  First division ...  . 34  95.-M  22  Second division.  .  3!)  83.51  19  Third division..  -JI  87.93  27  Kouith division  37  91.89  15  Fifth division..  .   12  90 23  19  .Sixth dni������ion  . 51  90.G1  23  Seventh division  .  (i.i  S9.71  24  Total   .333  90.39  J (13  it is stnted the railway from  Spence's Bridge to Siniilkainoon will  be one of the works undertaken by  tlu C. P. B. from its flotation of  $25,01)0,000 of new stock.  .-uiiiUT inckl'asi: in' vai.ui-s.  Ranch piopcity in this vicinity has  incicased in value 400 to 700 per cent,  since 189G. Near the town it has done  better. For instance the piopoity now  occupied hy Mr. Watson heie was  olYcrcd foi IIS air acic in 1890���������today  Mr. Watson can get $150 an acre arrd  will not look at it.  Property adjoining Schubert farm  wns olYeie.l ,for yea in at fHfi an ncrc,  today it cannot be bought for $30.  And so it goes on all over the district.  Would this have been so if .the Libeial  immigration policy had not brought in  buyers from the States to Manitoba  and the Northwest, and1 thus let the  men who aie buying here sell out nnd  come to the gulden of the west and  .sellk''*  l-LltROXAI..  Bob Main has just leturned from a  trip to St. Louis und eastern Canada.  He evidently enjoyed himself as he  came home lnoke.  .dimes Muiphy, 51. L A., wns in  Ducks*ni'rd K'amloopson business this  week.  L. Patten sr. is seriously ill with  bionchial pneumonia. Today (Thursday) he is reported slightly better.  Mr. Pritten i.s one of the old tirncis  heie and n geiieinl favorite, and it is  sincerely hoped that ho will soon he  about his duties again.  8A1.I.S.  Geo. Smith has sold his residence on  Bail way Avenue to a gentleman from  Renfrew, Out., who takes possession  after Cluistni.is. It is said tho buyei  is in the lunibdr business. Mr. Smith  is building a cottage on Wood Avenue.  JSd. Pollen has sold half his liin'ch  to Geo. Bush. Both 51 r. Rush' and  Mr. Pollen will build on theii lespec-  live 80 ricres at once.  LOST.  One dancing' master,n lull, dark,  smooth guy, has a jingle of Aimstiong  coin,,been missing now for two weeks.  iVnyboily'linding same will confer a  f.ivoi by cag.ng and lcturning him to  the,, Armstrong Quadrille Club foi  ticatmcnt.        ,        ' '  , .SUCC1.SSI''UJj   llUSTIKCi  'I'llip.  -Marshall Lucas, Messrs. ilassard and  , i  Ifoltby returned on   Monday   fiom  a  i   - , ,        ,  hunting   trip   up    Maker   mountain.  They had three deer and several biace  of blue grouse.     ���������-  ni:w liiJiijUiN'os.       '  A.M. Heed's new  lesidencc on   the  F'irIiit  piopcity   is   nearly complete.  Air. Seed   will move, in in  about   two  i,  weeks .time.  '       (i >  A building is to go upon the vacant  lot adjoining the Hank of Montr oni to  be (iccupietl ns  a   lostnuiant.    Itislo  bp, completed within si\- weeks.        '  11 4 I'Konuui:'siiit'Mi:nts    ,   '  The Farmers Kxdhange have shipped  (ive cars  of  h.iy this .week, and   have  orders for- several m'ore.r'''   '  a croon oi.-i.'ioi.k.  Owing to the jO-vtiiomc erne of our  he.ilf.li'olliccr, Dr. Van k leek, the seal let  fever (cpidcmic _ which piomised to  assume,,Inrgc proportions, has been  slopped, no now crises" having been repented for a week.      , * ' * ���������  Those who were qua ran tincd deserve  gioat credit for the .spirit' in which  they assisted the doctor to carry out  the unpleasant^ duties forced- upon  him.' '        ��������� '    -  RUSSIA AND: .  ENGLAND.    r  Further Complications���������-Britain  . Preparing for War.''  Gibi.illni,   Nov.-j 1���������Tlie   Channel  squadion has been oidciecl in rcadincsa '  at a moment's notice.  Gibraltai, Nov. 1.���������The garrison-has*,  boon mobilized.'. Artillerymen have  been ordered to take up their position.- .  I r  at difYcent hntt'erie?.,,  . There nre live British warships  ciuising oil' Vigo constantly,keeping  an eye on the Russian vesi-els heie. ,  The Spanish foreign ollice has given  out a statement that Russia has asked  Spain's permission for the ships of  Admiral Rojcstvcrrsky's squadron lo  remain at Vigo until investigation  of (he Noith Sea aflair' is concluded.  Tho llritishyncht'^''Miturnl is in this'  poit, nnd appear* to be watching the  movements of the Russian'squadron. .  London, Nov. J.���������No explanation is  obtainable regarding the sensational  despatches from Gibraltar .announcing  'mobili/.ition. but it is icpoi'tcd there'  is a hitch in thp Russo-British negotiations foi settlement in the 'Noith  Sea incident. ' ''(>,<.  Ambassador ljcnckcndoi'fl   said  Uie  departure of the squadron   from Vigo  would n.ituially follow arrangements J  made for,enquiry.     &       *     . f(  BACKING.  M  -      ���������;*>-  tl  <    o '  <^       'J  . ','  t'  I        *f '  ^     e-f ��������� tt ���������  nakusp:  Ki oni.Out- Own Cot respondent.  The juveniles of the town started an  -   - l  Athletic, Cluh,and tlicy  gave a dance  in the Lcland House on, Friday in its  aid. , All enjoyed   themselves in   fine  style!     y     P p     '        ._''"  "Quito n nuiiiber of the towns people  took"in the annual hall at the Halcyon  Springs1.''  Hollowe'en passed ofY very quietly  heie, it being ^lathei wet for any  prank-s being pla^cd.-  'W. A. Gallihai, Liberal'candidate,  is billed for a inecting on the 5th.  Rcv'.-D. Jv. Allan .nicached in Fite  Valley.on Monday..        ,,   .      *  *    '  BIG BEND.  Work Resumed on French Creek  An American company has taken  over the French ^Cicek' placei claims  hold by A. E. Bradley, 'W. Cowan and  others, .ind Mr. Bradley left last week  with J 5 men to start opeiations.  Splendid gold returns wcie obtained  fioni this ground last winter by a drift  on the old channel. Theie is lots of  gold on Ficnch Cieok,so'th.it the new  owneis have1 all the matciial for a  icmunoiativc cntcipiiso. i  THE MINES.  Mr. Bruce Waiclon, C. P.., of the C.  P. R. mining department, is in charge  of the C. P. Ji. coal mines at BanfY.   ���������  The St. Kugcne will earn n profit of  $500,000 this ye.ii, thanks to the  impetus given to silver-lead mining  by the lead bounty, to secure which  W. A. Galliher worked so hard.  ,The mining suit of Sandbeig v.  Feiguson, regarding claims in Triune  basin, was taken to the appeal  coiut at Ottawa, S. S. Tayloi appearing for' plaintilY, and G. S. McCarter  for defendant. Judgment was entered  for defendant.  The '-"agio says: On the Surprise  gi eat activity prevails. Dave Morgan  has a largo foice of men felling timber,  erecting cabins and bunk houses unci  generally preparing for the long  winter. Mining opeiations are also  being proceeded with, a shaft is being  sunk alongside the-lead in the slate,  which is now down some 30 feet, arrd  it is intended to sink to the depth of  f)0 feel before n crosscut will be star ted  to tap the lead.  v TT. G. Fisher, formerly of theGieen-  wood . branch .of   the   hank has been  appointed   m.inager   of ��������� the ,B.ink of,'  Montreal nt Kelowna.      '" ',* ���������  0Mr.   Henderson",������, manager "'of ifhe"  Bank of   Montreal   at  Vernon, spent  several days in' Kelowna  last  weekjn  establishing a bia'ich bank there. '*'    i  i .    9    i  'ThorPeoples Bank of Hiilifax.'banks,  of   Charlottctown,    New   Biunswick  * . i     '      . ,t  and Metropolitan, are  amalgamating,  with a'cnpital of $5,000,000,  the   new  bank,to be called the Alliance'  The'Royal  Bank   of   Cinadi' has  shipped a million in gold to Fiance.  ���������    ' '. '     THANKS.. ;    ."'-,"'   "  <    -  . i > , - *    ������  I wish to thank Mr. Bain and others  'i / r  w;ho have been   kind   to mc in providing furnitiue, clothes and food  for my  self and datightei.' ft is a gieat   help  to me,  losing everything as I did by "  fire.    J   hope anyone having work by,   ���������  the day"will please address  . Xc   '      1     Mks. Fm.ma Skisxeh*.    ���������  ���������S   '������     i'J  J wish to^thank all who lia^e helped  nic with blankets, etc., for mvself and  children. "*  V ,  1 51KS. MjUtGjVltCT Horse.  RAIL AND STEAMER.     l  The Grand Tiunk Pacific is getting  down to business quickly. The government 'commission arrived at  Winnipeg this week to select terminals and arrange for construction of  the government section. ,  'C. P. R. Supt. Dilliuger, of Fort  William, has tosigucd to iook after  his lumber interests iu British Columbia. '  ,  The fact that the Kooti.xay M ui.  occupies a high-f.position in the estimation of large advertisers was more  than evidenced-this week when we  raise'd our rates for business advertising ofYcred owing to the demand.  One of the largest advertising firms in  Canada promptly wired back. "Your  prices and terms accepted. Go ahead  with our advertising immediately."  The fiiends of the faintly in this  distnct regret to leain of the death by  diowning, 'while bathing, at Rainy  River of John Stewart, only son of Mr.  and 51 rs. A. L'. Stcwrut, foimcily of  Hlecilliwaet. Deceased was 10 yeais  of age and had passed the entrance  examination into high school. The  fiiot school he ever went to was in  Revelstoke. A gieat many here remember him well and extend to the  parents- their sympathy in their  bereavement.  Youi character is sometimes judged  by the lines of your hand. The  character of your business is judged  largely by your line of stationery and  advoitising mutter. We produce the  light kind of printing and publicity  for concerns of good character. We  s -.licit vour palionngo. Tin: Koor-  i.n,\y   Mj\Hj   I'lJiti.isin.s-f:     Co.mi'j\sy,  Ll.MITI.I).  The 0. P. It. continue to steadily  inipio-,0 their permanent way, one of  tbo latest works to be undertaken being the filling in of the trestle nt Old  Aran Cieclc. To do this itwasneces-  saiy to divert the cieek and a contract  was let to J. 5Iiij5;ec for this work.  The tunnel is 210 feet long and 8 feet  square.  VERNON.  A. Bridgmnn, Pound's Block, notifies he has $10,000 to loan.  The telegraph ollice ha.*, been removed fiom Mclvciuic's drug -tore to  the station.  The poles for the telegraph line between Kelowna arrd Vernon are  oidercd rtrrd will be here early next  week.  Martin Burrell is billed to speak  here' on Wednesday night. It is  rumoied that Sir Hibbert Tupper will  accompany him.  Negotiations are on foot looking to  the transfer of one of our leading  hotels, but definite arrangements have  not yet been concluded.  ' d- ' %mm%: '*  RKVELSTGKE,'B. G, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER  o,  1904.  .    ���������  T    ������    'JljL*  Addresses Enthusiastic Meeting af Revelstoke on Political  ;        Propositions of the Popular Party.   f  . .   Theie   could   have   been,no bettor  evidence of the oslecni   in   which   W.  A. Galliher is held   by,   the   constituency of Koolenay than the largo and  enthusiastic nuclicnco  which  growled  ' hiin   nl   i'evolstokc   on    Wednesday  night,   when   he   was   announced to  addressHhc electors,    'Excepting   for  - the ' few 'interruptions    by   one   in-  ��������� dividual and 'expressions  of approbation at ^nen tion r'of   Borden's   policy  which   speedily' subsided   when,  51 r.  ,Galliher told'of.how Hordcn   proposed  that Canada should purchase from tho  C. P. it.   the most  barren   portion   of  that company's road by Luke Superior,  the meeting wns entirely in"sympathy  wns a wiso measure ,in that it opened J further obligated to maintain complete"  up a country which would-otherwise terminal facilities on both coasts, lb  have i-einnineil undeveloped (Cheers), route all freight to ���������Canadian ports'  hulwliiit'ho objected   to 'was  (living  unless  otherwise  designated   by   tho  ''"l "  ������-.*������������������������������������������������������������' .,     ,    shipper, and   arc  forbidden   to quote  lower rates to any otlier-point thnn to  Canadian ports.   (Cheers.) ,,  that company 2f),O00,q00'a'cres of laud,  the heritage of the' people. *��������� Ho   was  glad,  to,' say   the    Liberal- parly hail"  adopted a dill'ercnt system���������that   no  land grant   should   he   given ,to"any  corporation to   enable   them   to construct n road.    (Cheers). ���������   ,  tiiu itKNui'Trs.        0,  The benefits of the construction  of  this road'wore  tlint'it   gave   them u  strong competitor' against, C. P. B.   in  the Grand Trunk; they would get the  northern   portion    of     Canada,-   de  A,\l)  Mvith Mr. Galliher, and expressed' its velo'pcd with its valuable lands, timber  appiecinlion,,of the .argumentative .,,u| niincrars, ,now 'fields and new-  power with which he put forward the opportunities would be ��������� opened in  salient featuies of the, Liberal   policy. Cv0ry walk of life. "  in   Canada-they  "and handled the penult politics which J werc  enjoying an <-cra' of  prosperity  his opponents   sougl.i.  to   introduce  .into the campaign.  W. M. Lawrencejn'ridc an   excellent,  chairman, and invited the audience to  put,to 5L-. Galliher any question they  <- might wish.'       '  5Ir.* Galliher,.-in .opening  his <ad-c  ..clrcss, showed how,   in' a   widespread  ���������constituency   like   Kootenay,   it was  -'impossible  ,to -get   ballot   bbxesdis-  '.tributed within seven,',dnys  of   nomination and as he wished to  see  every"  , voter have an0opportunity of   record-  -ing his vote, whether for  or''"against  him, it was  necessary   to extend''-the  date   in "that   and   similar- constitu-  . encies. , .    '  ,     i.        TUB HAIWAY J'OI.IC'Y., ,  *- 11  Mr." Galliher. "then 'went into -n  lengthy explruiiition of the. Grand  Trunk' Pacific contract.. Before the  Liberal party came into power there  was no inimigintion. '  ��������� ' Prof.   Bichardson ���������     -No   Doukho-  boitrs came in then.. ,      v ,\   '  Mr.'Galliher :      No   nor   anybody  else (Laughter), but the  policy  adopted by Hon. 51 r.   Sifton  llad   demonstrated the advantages of Canada as a  field for settlement, and .owing to the  large influx it became necessary   that  bettor transportation facilities  should  be provided so as to open up  the outlying ' portions' of   Canada   and give  settlers  an outlet for  their  products,  and also to secure a line which  would  be in a position to compete  with   the  C. P. it. to the'public advantage    '  .    The   Grand   Trunk   was   the first  company to' make   a   proposition   to  build a railway.     Their  piuposal was  to, build   from   North    Buy   to   the  Pacific aud connect with  the  present  Grand Trunk line,- but as   that   road  had its terminals in   the   States,   the  Kail way coiiiiiiittee, of wliich he, (Mr.  .Gallihei) was one. promptly turned it  down as they were determined to have  'a railway with its eastern'and western  terminal ports in' Canada   and   built  such ns they bad nevor enjoyed before  (Cheers). , Li .the lust year alone they  lrnd-a levenue of $71,000,000' .Their  trade iva's increasing enormously. * In  eight yours it "had increased by $238,'-  000,000.- (Cheers).,, , , "  nioTicc'noN i'ois wokicmi:.v  ,        '        < mi:koiiants.  '' Then the men who worked on the  road and the merchants who supplied  it were protected by the proviso that  thu company" could not-call,on the  government for its subsidies till ,1111  wages and bills of supplies were paid,  and the wages paid m ust be the current  rate of wages ruling in the' district.  (Cheers.) This gaverCanadinn workers  the 'preference., lo 'the exclusion of  cheap foreign labor, if the government  were icturhed they were in rrpositiou  to proceed immediately With construction. ' , x  ,   IIOIIDH.V'S   I'OSITIO.V. /'  ?.-Jn 1903 51 r. Do'rdoti pi oposcd to buy  the Canada Atlantic (Messrs! Johnson,  and Adair:,!rear, hear), i'm'glnd you  like it (laughter). Then build to Sudbury. (5Iessrs. Johnson and A'dair:  Hear, hear).' 'Then purchase the worst  section of the C. P. R. from Sudbury  to Fort William���������wherc's your hear,  hear now ? (Laughter). Then to  double track the C. P. It, to Winnipeg  at the public expense, (A .voice:  Thoy'ip doing it  now).   ,Ves,  .was of talking to them' if the  Liberal  pnrty were returned.   (Cheers).  COXSnilVATIVK IM.AXUT POLITICS.  ,  Mi. Galliher said he had . been , unable to meet his opponents as they,  held no meetings' and although his  hnd been advertised sonic time they  hnd nut attended. - instead of this  they issui-d n paruplet headed "It'is  up to William Galliher", which was a  tissue of misrepresentation. Ho,regretted to find his opponents resorting  to such ward politics, and if the  gentleman opposing him had ..nothing  bolter to oiler he hi.tl better 'retire  froni'politics, which, in any , event, ho  would have to orr Nov.,'22nd. (Loud  Cheers).  - The plneo to'discuss these matters  was on tire public, platform. He  could safely entrust the intelligence of  the people of Kootenay-to pny little  attention to anon'yuous literature of  that description. ' ' ~t  GRAND TRUNK  PACIFIC.  HURRAH!  m t-nt  the company's own expense nnd. not  by government'as proposed 'by 5Ir.  JBoidon. Then to -build from Winiii--  peg lo ���������Edmonton a road that would  simply'be a-feeder'of tho C.-P. B. and  stop, there. This would open up no  'new, territory to the north. Where  woulin*. C. come -in there? Borden  -further said lie saw no'necessity for  another read thiough the.mountains.  (Avoice: Vou voted, against it.)' So  would any .sine, man." 'Borden's policy  cut out B..C. from the benefits of such  a.road. This session-he saw the"crror  of his ways and that he had been mnk-  fng a proposition that   would  not  bo  KAII.WAY   INTKIillSTS. '  With reference & to Sir William  Mulock|s arbitration t bill he received  resolutions from c'thc railway organisations, whom he had ahvays found  very fair and reasonable in' their  demands, opposing certnrn provisions  and,told Sir William hc'would oppose,  those. , The bill was laid over for a  session to allow suggestions and another' bill drafted to' meet the objections of the railway men. - Ihe  trainmen kept a* jepresentativc at'  Ottawa, itarry 'Ifall, to watch- legislation on their   behalf,   nnd   he   had  ' i  worked with -Ralph Smith in, support.  .of'legislntion ,for protection of the  lives and limbs -mid in the, interests'  of the families of railway... men.'" 5rr  Hull asked him to support,the amended arbitration bill and ho asked him  *. \ . .'  whether he .had, referred, ,the .new  clauses to.the railway ,organisations.  Iie.replied he had and ..expected'replies in a week.-. On receipt of these  replies Mr.-Hall said the, men approved them .and' againj asked his  support-for the*new.bill and he gave  it us it could not possibly prejudice  thciintcre'sts of the" railway men or  anybody else for that matter.   ,,   .>  CONCLUsfo.V. ���������  ��������� With regard * to*'the-lead.duty and  his attention to the Im'iCer- industry  those interested 'kncw-wlint' heliad  done and he left it to them to say  whether-hc had not done his duty,  fn the four years he hnd'represented  theni'he had done more for them than  An Independent Opinion.  The Toronto Star,  an' independent  paper says :    ,."Thc government \3 not  giving the Grand   Trunk   an, inch of'  Canadian soil. ���������  Jt  will never bo able  to hold,blocks of it-put of tho market,  nnd   so 'compel   settlers- to straggle  along the prairies  to   thoir  great discomfort, nnd to  t.he  infinite*' damage  of the good name of the country. The  government does not give the railway  one dollar of direct subsidy.'   it only  agrees to carry tho interest charges on  sonic of the money which the  railway  or the government, must .borrow  for'n  few.initial your*,.      1:   docs mil confer  upon tho railway so much as  a  ali'ri-d  of a monopoly.'/ i I   vests  the control  of the freight rrttos in thoi'overnor-in-  council, or  the  railway   commission,  thus proving at u stroke that   it  is '-a  government-controlled  railway" froiii  end to end.'"*' Thou, it  will  own one-  half of the road; unci can take it over  at'  the,-end > of -the   fixed term, if it  thinks wise.'       c "  -'r '       ,  fn fact, the government' will constantly, have the railway at ils mercy.  The .one clause' .empowering1 l the  troverr intent, or. a ..creation of .It In*  government,--" to control the'freight  rates,nll aliing' the line of the road  would be quite sufficient to* compel  the railway to behave' itself. .The  government' could not be any more  iii absolute, control of' this viial  fen tine of railway'nmnngenient,-which  touched the citizen more directly tlinn  all othtT features put together, if u  owned and operated the *roa'd as com,-,  plcti'ly as.' it owns , and' operates, the  intercolonial. ,,  ���������*  On    this,.point,   the latestJ'orden,  plan Would not* make   any   practical  changi-"-except    .the,    government,  ownei.-hip     would     compel    us   ' t.  measuie   the   profits-of  the  road by  government   operation,   while1 coin-  '   *     ***������*-. '  puny ownership will give us . the  greater profit' of company operation1  oil which to base our freight'-reductions."      *" '    ,,   "      * ������ '"  Good for this,Lumber, Industry.'  Railway ��������� Commissioners.   ,  Order C.P.R. to Reduce  Rates on Cedar.  "    *      " ���������������������������   .'   i -  Ottawa, Nov,. 3.���������The railway com- -  mission tc day', gave judgment against  the O.P.B. Company fordiscriminatingJ  in its, freight  rates.    A < rate  of  ten,  cents per hundred pounds was'impos-   ,  ed  on cedar  lumber, in"excess of. the  rates   charged '' upon   other '��������� lumborj:,.  namely ,pinc,   (ir,  spruce,  and  other  kinds of lumber.   ,.        ,,    '      ,  t.i . .  The commission   hold  this an  unreasonable and excessive charge upon  cedar ns compared with tho rates upon,,.,  Other lumber, and therefore issued an  order that the company and all other   '"  coin panics shrill-desist  from charging  u   higher   rate���������.��������� upon' - cedar , thim   is  - ��������� *      - '        .t      -* .  charged.'upon   pine, "fir, spruce, arid  other lumber.      '    ���������   ' ' , '   -~  SHOCKING r  ^FATALITY:  r ' y    i * *     ,  Train-Goes-Through .Burning a  - -y - -  " ' Bridge."  .     -   .,   *  They had a heritage second te none  on the globe. Were they going to  stand still or to be a progressive  people, ' determined on building up  their country ? It meant a wider  field for everybody. If they were railway men it meant a wider field for  employment and promotion, it miners  and prospectors it meant new fields  for venture, and the same for the  business man or the rancher. It  would mean an expenditure of ���������f'25,-  000,000 in this province alone, and  the sooner the Jine was' constructed  the sooner would they receive the  benefits fiom it.*   (Cheer.-).  CIS-ADA I'KOTKCTED.  Then there was the way the   people  entirely through   Canadian   territory.   wore protected in   the   event   of   the  entertained by the people, so the idea  struck'him-of a  government owned Ul1' themembers they had- since   con-  railway.-   ( " Professor   Bichardson :  It was then proposed the government should build rind own the  eastern   section' from    5lonctou   'to  Winnipeg, but it will bo leased to   the  eminent h.ul a first lien on   thnt and  company failing to take up  its bonds,  The company  had   to  put  in .-?20,-  000,000 of rolling stock and  the  gov-  Hcar, hear.) 5fr. 'Galliher ��������� having  read Borden's pronouncement said:  I'll undertake to say my friend doesn't  know what that means. (Cheers),'We  have a clear cut policy enunciated by  the Liberal party. On the bthei hand  5Ir. Borden had a policy���������if thcy  could call it such���������in tlie air.'  5Tr. Galliher quoted from ���������> Sir John  A. Macdonald and Sir Charles Tupper,  showing government ownership of  railways was contrary to Conservative  policy. He asked whether the people  wanted the road built now or whither  j they wished to wait for an indefinite  Dumber of years, whether they wished  it handled under the policy of the  Liberal party whose administration  had been marked by the milestones of  succe.-s.    (Prolonged cheers).  Grand Trunk for 50 years, the company to pay all operating and maintenance expenses from time of beginning their operations, and after the  ' first seven years to pay 3 per cent  interest on tire cost of construction  and equip and maintain tho road-bed  in the best and most up to-date manner.  The estimated cost of the work was  *t'G5,000,000, for whioh the government  would issue bonds at 21 per cent and  the company would refund $10,000,-  000 by the nor centnge it was obliged  to pay on the cost of construct^ n.  The company hud to find the money  for building the whole of the western  "section but thegovernmcntgiiHranteed  the interest of TT) per cent of the cost,  to enable the corn puny" to Moat their  bonds and it was estimated n capitalised sum .of if 1*1,000,000 would cover  the cost to tho dominion of this great  wo.k. With one except-on he had no  quarrel with the tonus on which the  C. P. B. was'constructcd, as  that road  HIS JVOKK.  i mortgage on the road and all its The Liberals had taken advantage  equipments. If the .company failed of the good conditions existing to bring  the government got for its "i por cent   Canchi to a position she never occupied  unrantec property that cost tne corn- before. > Canadian securities were gilt-  pany 100 cents on the dollar, and the edged in the money markets of tho  whole   120,000,000  'worth   of   rolling   world for theJirst time in history.  lock in -irldition. He asked what pr-rsi-nally he had been singularly  contract could more fully safc-gtiaid sucrei-sful in obtaining subsidies and  the rights of the people ? (Cheers), j ,,..������������������.,.. f0). tMC district be repri-s-t-ntrd.  Fin thor, the company were bound \ \|0 thought the people of iWcl-tokc  to give preference to- Canadian pro-j w.uld appreciate what lie had done for  ducers for all materials antl supplies, j then). (I.oud cheers). He had oh-  and if tln-y hnd to go  outside   for any! tained ."il-'.OOO for op-ning  up Ihe Hig  federation put together, having obtained $0,000,000 in appropriations  from the treasury, and the results of  ,his work were seen in the prosperity  of the silver-lead industry which was  being operated on a larger scale than  ever. He had not neglected their interest in the past and' if returned  proposed -the interests of his constituents should not be . neglected in  the future.'  (Binging-Cheers).  The chairman having . invited  questions Mr. Nettle * asked in what  time the . Grand 'Trunk had to be  connected 1  Mr. Galliher :    Seven years.  Three cheers and a tiger for the  candidate and three cheers for Sir  Wilfred Laurier and the chairman  concludecl a most successful   meeting.  thing they had to pay the fiimr: duty  as anyone else���������(cheers)���������whereas the  U. I'. B. got its supplies in free of  duty.  The government also reserved right-i  to run its own trains or those of other  companies over the road. Tt .was  thu", in the true sense  A   NATIONAl.   iriWIWAY.  Tho company was not exempt from  taxation rn wns the C. P. li.for twenty  years, nnil the government had full  control of rates,   The company  was  Bend, $10,000 for the Drill Hull, and  .������������������10,000 for dredging the riw-r at Kev.l-  stoko, .fn,:"i00 for improvements at  month of mer at .Arrowhead to rissi-t  the lumber induitry. and other works.  He h.id endcm-orcd to obtain an  appropriation for a tramway past  Death Rapids to enable n stcamfr to  be prrt orr the tipper river, but no  grant of the kind wa.������ made in all  Canada Inst ."esrfioii. Had there been  he would h.'ivr-got it, but if returned  he was as certain of getting  it as ho  PIONEER GONE.  Death of W/Kirkup.  W. ICirkup, one of the pioneers of  Revelsloke, was found dead in bed nt  the Oriental Hotel on Wednesday,  the en use being .heart failure. An  inquest wns held yesterday by Dr.  Orot-t, district coroner,' when the  medical evidence showed deceased hnd  been in bad health for some time*.  Ife rosid'd here since 1880,* and took  an active part in the development of  the JJig Bond, having organised lire  French Creek and other companies.  He had in hand another deal on the  French Greek Hydraulic and crime  here to perfect the title, when  he died.  The jury consisted of pionecis of  ftevel.stiike: .Messrs. I'". Fnrnor, (foreman) li. IlnwHon, H. N. Couisit-r, A.  K. Kincaid, F. jMcCnrty .1. Abraliaiu-  ?on. A verdict of death from natural  CiUiCf-! wart rr-turnf;d. Deceased had a  brother, J. Kirkup, Government agent  u.t Kossland,  CONSERVATIVES  J4old Their.Annual Meeting,and.  Elect -Officer's.  The Revelstoke Conservative Asso-  ciation mot Wednesday and'elected  the following officers for ensuing year:  Honorable president, Hon. B. L. Borden; honorable vice presidents, linn.  C. IT. Mackintosh, Thomas "To,.*, lor, M.  P P.; president, Chas. F. 'Lindmnik;  first vice president, G. S.-McCartcr;  second vice president, Chas. Holtcn;  secretary-treasurer, W.' W. Foster';,! x-  ocntive committee, 13. M. Alluiii, E.  Adair, H.' Buckley, ,W. M. Brown, F.  Corson, Tiros. Downs,'W. A. Footc, C.  M. 1'iold, B. Gordon,-P. llooley/W.  Hornell, A. Johnson, 13. A. Lawson,  A..I. McDonell, .1. McLeod, W. Newman, J.' A. Bingor, J. M. Scott, B  Tapping, W. G. Sutherland, T. Wad-1,  man and F. 'Young; campaign sccrc-1  tnry, B. Roger?.  It was decided to organize iti.campaign committee to further the interests of C. H. Macintosh, tho paity  candidate for Kootenay, and fight the  scat, no mutter what the result of the  dominion campaign.  Engineer* Killed, and-, Fireman  - v   Seriously Injured.':     ' ^  f. Dauphin, engineer, was killed,  and '.J.'-H. Lloyd, fiicnian,- seriously  inju ecl in-n Li.iin-ivrcol:- at CnnmOl'C.  Late i'n the aflcruootran extra'f-eight  wns   running' down  a  grade  east  of ���������"  ���������Ciiiimnic, wl en the engineer discover-"  ed thnt'the bridge  at the"bottom''of  ,tlio slope was on fire.   The bridge was ���������  only a small one,,but   its location was  such that a serious wreck might.occur.  Ho reversed'his engine and applied tho '  Ip-nkcs, biit'thc-traiii  was too heavy-to.  /be   stopped-in. ,the- limited distance  available.--'Seeing  that* a - wreck; was  '  certain hi* told ���������thp.fironinn.'.to  jump,  and-followed tlre.^instructions himself.'*'  At'ouis'sido' of  the track*, was a   high"'  1  ���������   e- /  -   * ...        b  clilV, nnd at, the other a slope.--'The  men jumped'on the slope "side, and in  rolling to the foot Dauphin was-killed ��������� .  almost instnntly, nnd Lloyd". wns-vcry  bid ly injured. When the engine  struck the bridge it loft' the rails aud  rolled ove. on its side .Several freight  cars also left thc.riiils,'and,jthc.Rnmsh'  waS'Such thai it took the wrecking  crow severa,] lioius to remove.    -. .. .- -  FIRE.  Mrs. Skinner's1 House Burned.  On Monday night Mrs. Skinnei's  house, Revelstoke, was di stroyed by  tiro. No. 1 Brigade, under Capt. Chris.  Abriihiimson, was soon on tlie ground  rind this was the first occasion since  the rrew writer supply was put in thai  it has been tested for fire pur-poses.  As soon as lire water was got on tin:  fire was promptly suppressed by the  excellent water pressure but it hnd  got such hold nnd   spread  so  rapidly  that only the clianed Irame was left  standing. Mrs. Skinner is a heavy  loser, having the house well furnisht'd  and no insurance. Mrs. Skinner had  only been gone from the house terr  minutes when the fire broke out. Tbo  origin of the fire is a mystery.  | .       Skin Diseases..  j Skin diseases seem to,he more prevalent  than   over- nown'days, nnd many'  til beautiful, baby is  totnlly disfigured1  r\s well as made. miserable and  fretfully rush  and   eruptions,    iind soap is  iHcountabic for much of this  tioublc.  ��������� Mury   manufacturers   who   have   no.  greit rcputsiti n at. stake, use common  gi-ctsc and abattoir, refuse, as the,base  of liieii- soap, then perfume the  mass  with\choap   nitilicial    perfume.      It*  standstii ienp.ui thirl the boiling can  [ baldly cringe tho nature of the coarse  ingredient... and those  responsiblefoi'  the.care of infanta .should -bo careful  never to buy''!   soap which-' is not endorsed   by  universal  nppro\al.    Probably, the  bost.Vnown  soap and  cer-  .tainly- the. clic.'ncst,   considering -its  quality, is Baby's J>wn Soap,wliich the ���������  Montreal Branch of the Council of the  Women   of  Canada��������� recommend in  a  leaflet they, distribute to mothers   on  the care of infants.  Baby's Own Soap (is pleasant,to use,  ns it is not only liarmless^but beneficial to the most tender of skins, which  it softens and cleanses It is of interest to Canadians to know.thnt when  the late Queen Victoria passed through .  Grsissc, she was entertained at the  castle of Mr. Chiris, the head of the  linn who supply tho manufacturers  u ith thi-ir pure flower perfume for  B.iby's- Own .Soap. To avoid skin  discuses, keep tho pores open and use  puic soap and water nnd remember  that, whatever you do yourself, you  have no right to inflict skin trouble  upon others especially as in the case  children, whole the use of poisonous  compounds found in inferior soaps  may cause life long injury.  i" ," THE KOpiENAY MAIL.  >f\  YALE-CARIBOO.  Three  Candidates  Nominated.  ' Influential-Support for  Duncan Ross.  11     Nominations for Vale-Cariboo closed  Tuesday and Boturning'oHioor O'llru-n  declined   a   poll   would  bo  taken  on  ' .Tuesday Nov. 22iid.    .,        ���������  The nomination papers of Mr. Boss  woib subscribed to by (be following  electors*:���������  Kamloops���������G.'JI. Govetl, engineer;  A. G. Taylor, contractor;   M. S. Wade,  M.D.,   publisher;   IJ. .'MrrcKiiy,   coiv-  tractor; J. Ilcrchnier,conduclor; T. II.  Looming, hardwaie rncrchnnt; B.   C.  LBlackburn, pni'nter; .1 ."Morrill, miner;  G.  T.  Mnllcry,   druggist;   .1'.  'Pnyne,  cattle buyer;'A. 11. Macintyre,  barrister; A.   K. Lauder, nicicharrt; II.''W.  Campbell, clerk; Geo. Pickering,clerk;  J. It. iMcNnb, clerk;  W. I\r. Campbell,  jeweller;'  W."ilargreavcs,  inorchiint;  Bobt. Allan, merchant; W. H. Hourko,  grocer;,). JL Wilson, meichant tailor.  Vernon���������S. C. Smith, mill .owner;  A.'Leishinnn, carpenter; A'. C. Carow,  Retired Conimaii'dor 'Boyal  Navy; IL  Swift,  farmer;  John  llighnian,  contractor ; '.Aubrey  Sir Jqhn ,Miliiniay,  clerk  in  holy orders;  11. CI. jMullcr,  hotel  proprietor; John   D.   Williams,  physician; Fred Billings, b.irrister-at-  law; J. E. jMatheson, nicrchant tailor;  F. li. Latimer" civil engineer; F,. Cos-  terlon, insurance agent; W. C. Pound,  furrier nnd taxidermist.'  Armstrong���������T. W.-Fletcher,produce  7~(l������tlcr; Bo'nnld ��������� JL   Bums,  duiggist;  Saiii Gray, fruit grower; John'15. Bird,  per cent,  during  the  eight years  of  | Liberal rule.  The postal business of On inula increased about a bundled rurd thirty  per cent, during the eight year of Liberal rule.     _ '     '>  Senator 'Tcmplcman,' the British  Columbia representativoin thoCabinet,  points out that it will greatly strength-  eri'liis hands in promoting the best  interests of the province at 'Ottawa to  go'biiok theie with a solid Liberal  backing.  ' In the last three years of Conservative rule there was a deficit of !fr',U00*  000. In tbc'lnsL throe years of Liberal  rule there wns a surplus of $38,000,000,  ��������� The Colonist is resorting to the low  political trick of trying to resiii-ciInto  the nice cry. The man or the journal  who resorts to that is the worst enemy  of Canada.       '      ' '  It. II. Butts, ri Cnpo' Breton lawyer,  has loft the. Liberals on tho rnihvny  question.        , - ' :  M., .Burrill either- considers, his  chance in Vale-Cariboo so hopeless or  thinks the ' constituency not worth  bothering about, as ho loft his ,own  district for  the  const campaign   last  A UNITED PEOPL  Sir   Wilfred   L'aurier's   Noble  Appeal.  in concluding his ��������� magnificent  speech at Toronto Sir Wilfred Laurier  stud : '-.Men of Toronto, 1 am'simply  a Ciiniidinii, like', yi-ur-elves,' coming  from a ncigh'boiiiig pr vir-.cc, and trying the'be-st I enn io uniie our common people. Men of Toionti  you, and this is the idea i iiish to  convey, to sink the petty, ini-eriiblo  squabbles, the pony diflercnucs which  have divided us in tlie past and unite  with us,and take your share, nf the-  grand future which lies befoie us, 'J  give, that   prayer   to   you nil, but-if  \rOJ l( hi, lierel)} (,-inm linn, .'JOilnys nflor  1>. il.uo, J intend tn .ipplj (��������� |||������ film (lio  ( hi(|f (. oniiiii���������i.jijiji (,r IjiiiiiI-, ami Wmki  l<ir n -ijmci.iI lii'unsu In mil nnil uurrs .i������iij  limber from tlio lallmviiiK clu**unl)0(l hind-, la  hiHil.in.i) J)islrict:��������� i '  CoMimuricliii; nl ]iost nmili'il ".I. I.. jll.icfiu-  ,"."e*' V w"* coiner liii-l," plnnlul nl J. W.  Jliioriirliiiius SAW chitier \wi-l, llii-nui miiiIIi III  c iiiin*,, ilirnco ciisi k;o olnuiin. Ilii'iiuu inn tli 10  clinlti*,! (liciico ivuM 100 chain*! lo place ol coni-  inunci'ineiil. , i* , ,  JJiitcd .Sept. L'llli, lilOI. .  JOHN U)"!Nrc MACKARI.ANR  VTOJ H.J2 I" linroliy Bivon Hint, SO day. aflor  IA  .onto, 1 mtoiid to apply to (lio Chiof Com-  inissiianor  of   JjiiikI-i and   Works for a special  licoii*.o to cut unci carry nwiij timlior fioiii Ilia  nillinMiiK   doscriliod   land*,   in   tho  Kootonaj  district :���������  ,     C'oiiiiiiencliiK ntii po-,1 iniii-kud  "A. R. IMao*  J IISK   fiuhiiie', N. w. curlier rio,|," planlcil one nnd n  lir.lf inilc ������(!,t fioin A. G. tJaiiipton'h No.  1  i-oi-noi   ]io,t, tlionce honlli  1IKI cliaiim, llicncu  i'a*.t 10 chains, theneu noitli Kid chains, llioncu  wc*.i  10 chimin lo place or coniiiiuiiccincnl.  Jlalcd Supl. -i.-li-d, 11101.  AIjI-.AN' HOSS MACKAK1.iA.NJ0.  HENBY'S NURSERIES  3010 Westminster  it  Hi.ii.l  there is one class above"  others to  i  rancher: James Grin ton, rancher,: Geo  1'alchctt, rancher; Geo. Lynn.'rancher;  J. T..Bird, rancher; Charles Wilson,  lanchcr; ii. Sw'anson,'farmer: Geo. W.  .Armstrong, printer; ,\\*m. S. Burnett,  farmer.  Laiudownc���������W.T. Marshall, farmer.  Alma���������Win. Owen, farmer.' ������._  Sliusuap���������T.- W. Graham, rancher;  J. Baillic,,sawmill owner.  ,  '   Louis Creek���������'Donald Frasor, fainier.  Quilchena���������li. O'ltourkc, farmer; J.  1    Guichon. farmer.' r  - .   Stump Lake���������Thos. Bulman, ranch-  1  er; and others. *        , r  * . Mr. Bimell's papers were signed by:  .Kamloops���������L. T. Blair, merchant; W.  11.  Pord,  hbtelkeepcr;  F.  E.- Burns,  . meichant;' Allan jtfc2snb, engineer;  E. IV. Xnsh, estate agent; J. T. Kobin-  son,' broker;   John   O'Briei),   saloon  .-keeper, J. R. Hull, stock raiser; W. F.  , ���������Wood,, mine manager; Geo. Loney,'  merchant; John Milton, coal and wood  merchant ;    Shusway,--.J.jrP."iSliaw,  ,, farmer; and,other. V '"*" *  ' Mr. Mill's nomination* papers bore  the signature>'of: liiun loops���������M.-.De-  "lancy,'miner; Jos. McGec, commission  agent;   C. -F.   Avmstiong, vtelegiaph  ������������������ operator; 11. Thompson, 'miner; A.  Latham, teamster;' J. Younghusband.  ��������� miner;  E.   13:  Routiner,  sawyer;  It.  - Husband, miner; Chas. It. llanna,  miner; Chas. Dovorc, barber; Douglas  Willis,    miner;     Gilbeit     Lawrence.  "carpenter; Sucker Creek, John Colluin,  fanner, Louis Creek, C.Fadear, farmer;  , and others.  POLITICAL.  Political matters have been rather  quiet dming the past week. This may  be accounted for by the fact that the  election in this constituency does net  take place till the 22nd. This constituency is such an immense size  that the whole time of the candidates  will bo fully occupied in endeavoring  to overtake the work cut out for them,  and they .have to leave the working out  of   the details  to  their   friends  and  i -  supporteis.  The real work of the campaign  devolves on thecominittees,whosc duty  ,itio to cucfully examine the voters  lists and ascertain for whom each  voter is likely to cast his ballot, and to  give* special attention to. those who  may be consideicd doubtful. Many  an election is lost by committees taking it for granted that some will vote  for their candidate and neglecting to  take proper means to see that the vote  is polled. We trust thateveiy lover  of good government will make it a  personal question and not only record  his own vote early in the day but see  that his neighbor does likewise, in  lecouling their vote for a suppoiter of  the Laurier government they are voting for the most progressive and business-like administration Canada ever  had, as is endorsed by the unexampled  piospority the countiy has enjoyed for  the last eight years under their enlightened liscal policy.  We aro pleased to note that in this  lidingtho candidate's arc conducting  llioir canvas without resorting to  offensive personalities. This is as it  should be, and is a sign that the  practice of villifying an opponent is  dying out. Theie aio cloiu cut issues  between tho parties, and il is on these  i|iicstions thnt the clectois are called  upon to decide. The piactico of using  strong and intemperate language is a  sign of madness, which is generally  icsottcd to when argument fails.  The money circulation of Canada  hut) inciousocl a hundred and thirty  CANADA.  <  Its Great and Glorious Future  ���������Word Picture Painted by  Sir Wilfred Laurier.  .  The following words, uttered in a  recent speech by Sir Wilfred Laurier,  will appeal strongly to every man who  believes in the great future of the  Dominion : '-Gentlemen, I do not  know how many years l'rovidencc has  reserved for inc. i am not as young  ns I-was. ' My opponents say i have  many faults. I must admit that 1  hnve one wliich i would like to correct. 1 am getting old at the rate of  twelve months every year, but I believe I will live long enough to see  that railroad ' built and to see the  merchandise of Asia and Europe  pnssing and repassing along it, sis well  as the trade of Canada. I hope to see  steamers leaving Quebec and Montreal loaded with the pioducts of the  Oiient and lcturning again with cargoes for the west to be shipped via  Port Simpson to the trading centres  of the east. The future of our country  is immense, if ever i had confidence  m my country, and God knows I  always did, if over 1 had faith in my  own country, it is since I begun to  study this plan for the new  railway."  When you come to Kevelstoke take  tlio  Central Hotel buo and you  will  Iind tliu best hotel accommodation  in  the city.  , Electors should note that under the  Dominion'Election Act the polls on  .Nov. 22nd will open at !) a.in. and  close al 5 p.m. , .- ��������� . ��������� -  ,- Sir llibbe'il's excuse lor drawing his  full ' sessional    indemnity   fiom   the  T*  House of Commons, although only attending it.for a fewhours last session,  was that he' took all that' was'coinillg  to him���������.ill he could lay his hands on.  A ' prominent itevelstoko , Conservative offered to bet , $500 on a  Conservative victory at the election,  but when two Liberals offered to take  'him up he asked another day to consider it. -J , . *  IL Biassake'r, a prominent Englishman,of Liverpool, says : "The reduction of the -taiitV on1 goods tof  English i manufacture was without  doubt one of the grertest stops ever  taken in the direction of' a closer  federation', of the -Empire, and Sir  Wilfred Laurier will be remembered  for many generations for Miis ono act.  It was greeted with much joy among  those most interested in England and  was regarded'with very deep interest  by the civilized world."  The Rossland Miner had bets deposited ' of * $500 that the Liberals  would win and of .15250 that Galliher  would win in'Kootenay, but neither  was taken upj '< r X ,        <-_  The 1 Liberals   will'be delighted to  *. i -     ������  learn that J. A.  Macdonald,, lender of  the Liberal party, in the provincial  bouse,.and Sinith_Cuftjs. have taken  the stump in support1 of Duncan Ross  in boundary and will speak at'the  principal towns in Kootenay fin support of W. A. Galliher.     ' ���������- ^     - ���������  G'. H..Vernon, late manager for the  Conservatives in Nova Scotia, has  joined the Liberals. ���������  John Burk, a prominent Cape Breton  Conservative, has joined the   Liberals.  The Tories hud another bitter dis-  nppointment over their pipe dieam  that Hon. A. G. Blair was to take the  stump for them. Mr. Blair intends  taking a lengthened holiday and will  visit England.  The dominion revenue for last  month was $3,059,320, tho largest in  the history of Canada, and ^lSO.GOT  more than for corresponding month of  last year.  Those who taunt the Liberals about  loyalty should remember that Hon.  Mr. Boiden, minister of militia, gave  to the empiie the greatest gift in his  power in his only son, whose life was  sacrificed for his country on the South  iVfrican veldt.  whom i convey it, it is not to you  older men or , to vou men of middle  age, but it is to tbo boys in the gallery,  the hope of the country, those who  have life before them. Let my prayer  b'e this, remember from this day never  to'look simply to the horizon limited  by the limits of the province, but look  abroad ovcr'the Dominion of Oanadii  and'wherever the British ling Hunts,  and let your m'otto be, _Canada hist,  Canada Inst.'and Canada forever."  Cannot   Uo rxcellcd,' ,Uiss'��������� Frcclc's  Opinion rf the New Scale William's  Piano.'  .. ��������� 'i    .  " Miss Florence Edu.i , Fret-1; ',vocal  'instructress of 'Ahria Ladies College  writes of the New ScaleAVilliams Piano,  as follows:���������   '        ������������������ ,    ' , '     "  |   Gentlemen :��������� , '  .-/    '  "Tlie New Scale Williams Piano which,  I have purchased, has given me perfect  satisfaction. The tone is' delightfully  mellow and sustaining and the 'action  marvellously clear. For accompanying*  the voice, it cannot be excelled." ���������  Wishing you all success, I am,u     .  ' -    Sincerely Yours, '"  Florence-Edna- Freeh,- ns  , Vocal Instructress Alma'Ladies College.  Solo'Local Agents: Lewis  Bros., Kevelstoke,- B. C.    .   rJ ���������     '        '     '   '  VjOJIrJ*, i-, Imrnliy civon that, Ml days nftor  ll tlnto, I iiiluml tuiipi'ly tu llio HniKirulilo  tlio Cliiof ('iniiiiiissldiior of IjIiiiiIs anil Works  for a special lic<*nM) tiicul and carry away tim-  bur fnini llio rollcm-liii; iloMsrlbud lmidh In tlio  kiiotuimy Di-lrict:��������� ,       j.  .N'niiiliiji* Ono  CoininciK.'ItiK nl ii lio*.t imirkuil "II. IJon'iiolly's  S. K. ooriior ]io-t." I'liiiilixl 10 chains noilh fioin  NiikIu C.iuuk, nnil ono inilo west, of Columbia  Uivur. llimioo wuiL Ilia uliains, lliunco noi tli I'l  i-linni*., lliente eiisl Kill cluiiiiH, I hence .south Id  chains Io |ilaeu of eoinnieiieuinenl. i  , N'liinbui* Two '  C'oiiinioiiciiiKiil aposi.iimrkoil "11. JJoiinully'h  N. K cnim-i'-jiM-n, tliunca wuil IIXIcliulii-,, Uioiici;  1-oiitli IO chains, lhenco casi, Hill chains, llioncu  north III chains to place of coininciiecinoii!.-  iiuiuii Sept. nnii, nnil.  ,    , -,,     , ir. noNNiObi.Y.  lOO.OOO, Bulbs  To arrive, soon  from  Holland,  Kniiice  and .Japan. "  Thousands of Fruit[and  Ornamental  Trees !  Rhododendrons, Roses,  Green house and, Hardy l'lnnis  '    .       ,for fall planting.  Homo-Grown and Imporlud  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  y-   always in stock in season.    '  6   FERTILIZERS.,'  Bee,Hives' and Supplies,  Greenhouse full of I'lnnts, Cut'Flowers,  "���������"      Floral Work:   '  Catalogue free,'or,erill and'examine  stcek. , ,  BROS.  M. J. HENRY,  Vancouvkii, IJ. C.    >  Brick for ".Sale."  The undersigned have just burned a  kiln of 500,000" lii-ick, of first cjnss  quality.,,.-For price'and information  apply to O. H. Hume & Co.      r '- (  Jas. I. Wbodrow,  BUTCHER..'  Retail Dealer \n^^mrTrrTTr^p^^ (   R  " . ���������' BEEF,    PORK,  MUTTON, Etc.  .Fish and Game in Season.  All orders promptly filled. ��������� \  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  Onrnor    Douelaa  and King streets.  This ��������� .:,  Fountain  Pen  1 ������Xr������5  .POSTAGE   PAID  1   11:11-3  llll-S:  .* U D:',  ii n.5  -i -ii-ii .-,.  ir it *  rf'-n-lliB  ���������.ll-.fl.-S  vij*n-<  an *  Jill-llii  ..irti-r-,  S--.UK i  ������������������n-n^ i  j ii ii'.;  irnx  'una.  nil I! 5  JV.B'BsS  it u;&  una  ivqif ������������������?  ���������il-TtlVB-f  n-u sr  mm--.-  It is a full sized, business man's Pen, has a  large reservoir, made  of black 'vulcanized  rubber and contains-a .  nib of 14 karat- gold.  The cap is so constructed   that   it^ will  never wear loose.  ^ i  We guarantee it ia'  every respect. It is  specially made for us  by A. A. 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Nut more than 320 acres can  bu acquired by one individual or company. , Royalty at the ralo or ten centt  per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collected  in the gross output. ,   ������  Quartz.���������Persona of eighteen years and  jver and joint*stock companies holdiny  'ree miner's certllicates m.iy obtain entrj  ur a mining location.      - ��������� ,  A. froc minor's certificate is granted foi  ���������ue or more years, not exceeding live, up-  .111 payment In advance of $7.50 per annum for an individual, and from $50 tC  ���������100 per annum for a company, accortlint  to-capital. '  'A fiee,miner having discovered mlnera.  In place, may locate,a claim 1500x1500 feel  by marking out the same with two legal  posts, bearing location notices, one ai  ���������such.end on the line of the lode or vein  The claim shall be recorded within 111 -  teen days if'located within ten miles ofia'  mining recorder's office, one ..additional  Jay allowed for every 'additional ten  miles or fraction. The fee for recotdint  1. claim is K. -     '  -At' least ifiOO must be expended on tin  olaim each year or paid to the mining re  oorder in lieu theieof. When ?500 has been  expended or paid, the locator may, upon,  naving a survey-made, and upon'comply*'  In-f with other 'requirements, purchase  the land at $1.00 an acre.  , Permission may be granted by the Minister of the Interior to locate claim.*-  containing iron and mica, also copper, ii.  the Yukon Territoiy, of am area not exceeding 1G0 ' acres. ������ , _       \   u  The patent for a mining location shall  provide for the payment ot 11 royalty ot 21 pei  cent ot the bulc*> ot the i,ioduut*> ol tliu location  Placer Mining, Manitoba and the N.VV.  "P., excepting the Yukon Territoo.���������  -���������Placer mining claims generally are 10U  feel ,squaie, ^eutiy tee, $5, renewable  yeaily. -On ;the North Saskatchewan  ttiver claims for either ba'r or bench, the  Conner being 100 feet long and extendint  Between high and low water mark. The  latter Includes bar diggings, but extends  back to the base of the lull or bank, but'  not exceeding 1,000 feet. *��������� Wheie steam  power is usedj- claims 200.feet-wide maj  be, obtained.       _ ,, ,, -        *       i  <- Di edging in the rivers of Manitoba  and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon  Territory .���������A free.miner may obtain onlj,  two leases of Jive miles each for a teim  of .twenty yeais, renewable in the disci e-  cion of ,the Minister of the' Interioi  The lessee's right is connned to the sub  merged beds or bars of the river below  low water maik, and subject to the right*:  of all persons who have, or who mi) le  ceive entiles lor bar diggings or uuiiu.  claims, except on the Saskatchewan  Itiver, wheie the lessi'p may meUm- in  nigh water inaik on each alternate lease  bold.  The lessee shall have a dredge in opei  dtion within one season from the date ui  the lease tor each iivp miles, but wIilh  a peison or company has obtained uiui*.  than one lease ono diedge tor eaUi_nl-  teen miles or fraction is sullicit-ui'  itental, $lu per annum toi each mile ol  river leased. Kojalty at the rate ot nvo  and a half per cent collected on the out  put alter il exceeds ?1U,0U0.  Ui edging in the Xukon Territoi y.���������oi.\  leases ot live miles each may be gianteu  to (a-fiee miner for a term of uveim  years, also ii'iiewable.  The lessee b light is confined to the  submerged bed or bais In the nvur below low water mark, that boundary to  oe fixed by its position on the 1st day oi  August in,the year of the date ol iln-  rease. *  The lessee shall have one dredge in op-  of'the lease,.and one diedge tor eacl.  oration within two years Horn the dait  five miles within six yeais tioni sucli  date. Rental, $100 per mile for the nisi  iear, and $10 per mile for each' subse  yuent year. Royalty, same as placer mm  ing.  Placer Mining in the iTukon Territory.  ���������Creek, river ,gulch and hill claims sliali  not exceed 250 feet in length, measuied  on tho base line or general dliection ot  the creek or gulch, the width" being from  1,000 to 2,000 feet. All other placer claims  shall bo '23U feet square.  Clafms are marked by two legal posts,  one at each end, beaung notices tOnti.-  must be obtained within ten aajs, il Uu  claim is within ten miles ol mining io-  corder's ollice. Ono extra day allowed  for each additional ten miles or li action  The person or company staking a claim  must hold a free miner's ceitiflcalo  The dlscoveier of a new mine la entitled  to a claim of 1,000 leet in length, and il  the party consists of two, 1.5U0 feet altogether, on the output of which no royalty  shall be charged, the rest ol the party  ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10. Royalty at the rate ot  two and one-half por cent on the value  ol the gold shipped from the Yukon Territory to be paid to the Compti oiler.  No free miner shall receive a grant ol  more than ono mining claim on each sop-  crate river, creek or gulch, but the same  miner may hold any number of claims  by purchase, and fiee miners may woik  their claims in partnership by lllliig  notice and paying fee of $2 A claim mm  be ubandoiied. and another obtained on  the same creek, gulch or liver, by giving  notice  and  paying a fee.  Work must be done on a claim eticli  year to the value ot at least $2U0  A ceititlcate that work lias been done  must bo obtained each your; if not, the  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned,  and open to occupation and entry by a  fiee miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be defined absolutely by having a survey  mode and publishing notices in tho Yukon  Official Gazette.  Petroleum.���������All unappioprlatcd Dominion Lands in Manitoba", the Noith-wost  Territories and within the Yukon Ion -  lory aie open to ptospectlng for petroleum, and the minister may reset ve foi  an Individual or company hnvlng machinery on tho land to he Drnspectod.  an area of 640 acres. Should the prospector discover oil In paying quantities,  and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area not exceeding fi-10 acies. including the oil well and such other land  as may be determined, will be sold to  the discoverer at the rate of $1.00 an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate as  may be specified by order-ln-council.  Department   of   the   Interior.   Ottawa,  February, 1904,  JAMES A   SMART  '  Deputy o������ the Minister of the Interior.  THE CITY, EXPRESS,  E-,W. B: Paget, Prop. 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I -C,  i~ .WT-i-^ J Ji.
-Local and General
The meetintr of the City Council, lo
linve lieeii jl(eld last  11 if;lif./Inpsodfor
want of a quorum."    . 'l        '      f
-'-if. \V. Ilitinilton has purchased "from
' li. G. McL'eod/of .Nelson, "the, Hotel
}   Lardeau ut Comaplix. ('' ���''  '$ " '
',     A'.   A Is- Clark',1 -of  Camborne,   lias
i 'arranged to'piirchase iff.   IC.   Living-
, ston's store,at Arrowhead. .���'   X '""'' '
"'   ,��, ll McCarthy hns tukun "a" contract
' ""fronyp-f^ashato for JbuiWlijig- a house
itS-near the Empire Lumbcr-Co's ollice.   .
t'  yAt,,,3tart   lTas.TliecV imade with the
j;- -i- Imperial Ijnnlc hiiildingat Arrowhead.
4 _ ��� --'..The   site rU' between  'the, Lakoview
. i_      jHoteland the nulw'ay slation. --' ���*       I
i\ C,    II'.     Mucin tosh! i   Conservative
i    '   .candidate for JCoolerray, will ,-iddrTSS'a.
*; tj��, - meeting iu Revelstoke orr Wednesday,
r  *      Nov. lCtlr, and at ^Arrowhead s'Thurs-
,  '. ,day, Nov. 17th.tt .
i*.   .,   On SjifctiHlrry, two meii'i ii'ruiied Will-
t   in ins'.ind Jirotvn were sentenced' by, |iy
x p  yj"ia=er and R. ,Gordon;r J.  Ps* io six
i    n I'mo'ntlif-imprisonment for.thcft.at the
.. u'lClimax "'hotel. -'   "J    ;,-,  . . - n
;  -On receipt of the  filial   returns* on
,- Thursday night AY. A. 'Galliher wired
-V,   to Sir. Wilfred Laurier : ( >','A mngnifi-
v-  -.cent-vindication *of   Liberalism' and
--- -Canada's greatest statesman." "*   - *-
- v   At the  noininatipns^-at. 'Nelson   on
^..ji'l'^Vednesday ,tlie_foil6wing_'candidates
* r were nominated' for'* Kooteney:Av.~A.-
-XX- Gallilier,-Liberal;  <S.  II.  Macintosh,"
Conservative and JBalvui, Soci.iti&t.       ,
-s , *jThe land now.being.cleared of^tirn-
,. *-���,ber at,Galena Bay should con.e greatly
--v. intd demand-? for��-settlement j* after
logging is "over"as theTVqn^rainigtJje
���beaten and the(climate is excellent. ,** <
'The Lardeau Eagle "and Trout Lake
Topic have very   sensibly   decided on
amalgamating,   a' couise   that     will
first class
do  better
st-'s Fountain ,J'cns give oxccll-J
sfaction,  sold, at  Bews'  Drug
enable them to produce   a
paper.and one   which   will
-   service to the Lardeau. ���
,      The Oyster-Criterion mine and -mill
shut down at Camborne on Wednesday
tomllow tlie new manager, Mr.   Coch-
'rane, who has  takeifeitthc charge of
atl'airs of the  Great  Noi them^mineis,
to investigate matters.
After the returns came in Thursday
the Liberal  Committee got  out  the
band, and  paraded   the   city   with   a
torchlight procession in which a large
number took part, and W. A\ Galliher,
, the Liberal, candidate,  who^was  witli
the crowd,   was   repeatedly   cheered,
while cheers were  also heartily  given
for Sir Wilfred Laurier/
,   R. W.prigor, of Rossland, wired W.
A. Galliher   the' suggestion   that he
might show his   sympathy   with 'Bor-
deD and his   Conservative   friends by
offering Borden a seat, for Kootenay.
Mr. Galliher  replied he   would   leave
that to-the   electors   of Kootenay on
the 22nd but he fears   Kootenay   has
no more use for Borden  than   Halifax
lias, i * ,~
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.stations,to meet all trains.* ��� ! -
--^Gct your- prescription filled at^tlie
Red Cross BriigSfoie, thcy'tise nothing
but the purest drugs and medicines.
* Trueniilrl's st'lui;o*i��i now open dnily.
Sittings   arranged   for'  to   suit your
convenience,   \0\ci   Canada Drug'it
Book Co.       '     ,*.,.������     1.      ->
v       ���       {"        ' '<"    lt " (.     .,
A line 0}  Klsie,- Pansy, E.- l\} Roe,-
and lienty Books juslopen'cd a_tJ3ews'
D"rug Store.���   X: 1- Xa ��� '     -.^v. x
��� Flowers and vegetables1 all, winter,
carnidions, chrybanthenuimt,, lettuce
and watercress. Floral 4designs ,a
specialty,���.). JMai,i:v, F.orist. '
t This is the time 0/year when'your
hands and face become chapped. The
Canada Diug and Book Company
hiuyo a beautiful preparation to(cure
this in 25 and 50c. bottles.   Aak for it/
The farming industry in the vicinity
of Ke\elstoke is sliowing a steady increase. As a result S. McMahon finds
a good demand for farm implements,
and sold this fall /n"o- mowers also a
steel bay piess of the most up-to-date
pattern to Sam Crowlc.
We'have the largest and most complete stock of  horse   blankets  in' tbe
Interior; large  sue  duck   for  shanty
purposes, also fur robes grey.goat, cub
bear,   Russian   wolf,    black   Gal way,
Sandwich   and   the   famous.' Alberta
(imitation)   buffalo,   also    wool   and
plush rugs.    Call  and   inspect  them
before .purchasing   a' robe    for    the
winter.���D. C.  McLaren,   the saddler,
Now on the market, choice resi-
dential property .oh 7th Street;
Blocks 51 and 5,4 surveyed into
lots, 50x100,feet; y,     ,   ,
,    and upwards,J on easy terms.
,' - '' 'I* '' - .     ^   fi     '      ' I , , A - i-
C ' ' , r I '        \      1     . .' ^, '^1
1    ��������������������� |,1
'        ,',���,. '���        ���"       ,'.'   "!-       X'        J' '*���
We have decidedUo< present '$ 10.60'worth ,of Fruit Trees
to-each acre ofianclsblcl"in th.e"fruit ^ardensonear McKenzie
1 , Oi      -,
)j.X  ,   1    ,A       -
���* V . i.    '        ���> 1 ���
��� 3-V Agents^
i   -i      ,-.
���VTOTICE i<. horohy Rivon tlmt nil clay
1^ "after date I intend to apply to tlio Honor
.idle tliOiXiliifaf t,oinmi^i'ionorr of'-Laiids and
Works for a special licence to cut and c.ury
away limber Irom Llio. rullnwiiiif' ilescnboil
11111(1*.^ in tne Ivoolonay District: -j, . " *
, . ^ Nnmbet' One. ' ^.
I'oniineiiciiiK al point inailccil t" 1'. Bl. Jlnc-
rnrliino's-iN. I'i. cornel- posl," planted bu-iidi; A.
I{. Jliiclarliuti*'*.-N. W .- corner po-.t, thence
sonlli SO chains, llienco ��cs|, SO chains. Iliomc
norl It SO chains, tbeiice easl to eliinns to place
oi"eoiniiieiicenu*nt.u   '    y ?
Niiinber Two.       <-
Conimcnciiijiiat 'D. JI. aMacfarlnne'.s .*.'. K.
eoincrjiostrabove desciibed. lhenco norlh fcO
chains, t hence uesL'.SO eh.tins, thence south SO
���.lutriis. MICIICC e.i.sC^O cllltllls tu place of .*iiin-
iiiiMiceineiit. C .   ^-"'i ��� i     '     * ^
Dated Sept. fflitl, UKll. "    ,
',        4 , '      II. JI. J1A0F atLANE.-
MOTIOK IS IIKItKUY GIVKS thn't; arf'ilays
afLerdatc I intend to apply to the ChioP
Commissioner of Landsand U'nil.-s fora'speeial
license lo cut and cany iiw.ij limber from the
rollnwniKdescribed lands in West ICootonay
dlsli ict:��� , " '��      '>,   ,_      "
< '      '"Niinibcr One.'        **
Cninincrrcini; at'a pos| m.ii Itcd "W'ni.tfowiur.s
inn Lli-west coiner post No. 1" planled on tho
i asl b.mk of PniK-ston Creek, about throe miles
above mouth or West liniiidi. 'thence eat,t SO
chmns.'llieuce south SO ch.mis, thonco .west SO
chains, thence noilli SO chains lo poinl of commencement. _ , - '
Dated OcLober SIh,'l!)OI. ' S '
Niiinber Two.
(Y'liiiiieiieinfc'atiiiiostinarked "Win.Obwiiii's
No. ���> noilli cai-L corner posl" plumed on  Ihe
bank-of Pii-gston Crock about tlnco miles
: rROCLAMATio^;,,
i�� ' ������''" ' ,.''''
Electoral District of'Kootenay'To Wit:
^iven ti^ Elector's of the Klcctoral
District aforesaid, that in obedience to
1J is'Majesty's writ lo rue directed'and
bearing date tlie'2!)th day of Sc[)teinber
A. J). 1001, J ibquii-e' the presence of
the electors ,ab ,tln< COURT HOUSE
in ;tlre 'Cl'HY OF NI5LS01ST 'in 'said
district'on v Uie FIKST.DAY of the
month of, NOVUjMBBH.'A. 1).. 1901,
Jromnoon until two of fclie,clobkin the
afternoon,|foi-'the purpose of nominating a porsoiv to represent thcni in the
and that in case 'a,poll* is demanded
and allowed in blip iiinnnci- by law proscribed,t'such'vpoll will bc'opencd'on''
the 22nd day of>ovciiibcr, A. 11., 100*1
from the hour of'Nine in the forenoon
until Eivo ot the clocltf in the afternoon in each ot the' following polling
divisions,,tlial is to say: J ,/." ^ ,
Tlosbland. , ' ','
Kossland.' ' ' , \
,Uo8b]nml._. *r . '1 ,.
KosslaruU  ', ,    '',
1 liossland: v      y ',,
.-�� Nelson.    ,   -   /    X   \
'Nelson.     ,s -. , >   ,    *
Nelson. ' ' ��   -    <
Nelson.   '   \ '  ..,
a Nelson. - ,'    , ,        , ��� '"
0 Trail.,,  ���      ,  '
, TriliI- ��� L'     ,'''     't.
��' l\ovelst'6lce. i-        -" I
" Hevolstrik'c.
* Kaslo.     ' '<   4
ICrt'.slo. /   > "'
���* Ci-rinhi'oolc.
^Crrinljrook. -t
-   Crarr brook."- <���
Fernie.   ���,
t. Kcrnio.1   '!
22.'-'Fernie.^    '^
��28. ��� Chinii Creek.
2<1.'   Castlcgar.     '
lib.    Fire. IVaJ Icy.
-2(5." Dcei-Piivk.''--
��� 27.. -Burton City.
*  28.   Nakusp.    " '
' 29.   St. L'con.',''"
t30,,_ Arr6wlicad._,.,
!J 31.    Beaton".
, Coniaiilix/r
AVigwam./   ,
��� Clanwilliam.
Albert .Crinyon.
. Glacier. '
Rogers Pass.--.
Tloavcrmouth.   '
���* Donald. , -i   l
tt, Sust an-ivul a car-load  of Stoves,  coinprisiniy Sti't'l  It.ur
Stoves, Conl Ilwtl.ing Stoves, Wood IIwitiiiR Stoves.   ,    . '���     ' ""'.     ,.
V ' '      1    ' -      ,     ' I " .-     *-     " ' i,        <   I
J    ,'  i  ,      ,-Air Tight Heaters from $3 50 up.'    * '   ���*    , ��� '
'  ' We lire .showing the finest line of Wood' Heaters ever- shown in Ihis '
drstr-iet. ,       ' ,,,,''  ' i \ '       '
,       , fioods of (he bt'sl,'(uhion   mnde).      Prices nfi the'1 lies-t ,iind   values
tuu'fjiialled. . n" '   i'      ,,   ,
, w;BM>iiAWRENCB;;R^iBtoke,;
'^     ,.',        '      .,A^ent."TlLDEN-GLrHNEY CO.Jir'riiiiilton.'        '' '; J
���     .'    ' -1 i .'      ,*-,    -',''',   i i -.i   i     ij y *
�� "     And we arc ready for the trade.  ' Everything in connection with -, i - '
.'  i,     thisthpii--c is first class.     ''Our selection .ofJVfiolleiis is the,best''.J','-      '    ? <
, '      , NVo'cut ever-y garment with a perfect style'and'fit, and the work- S
j   * ''''^ mnnsliip gives it a beautiful finish.'a joy to the customer.'  _,      . - -,    /
-   H--  _     .    ���   "X       > ��� , \    ��� "> .    *       ',,'    -   -,'' .'  ^
Wholesale and^Retail, ;���       ." , '  y.
'   '    .-��� '   <���      .'   i     ,    '    "       '   y   , i,',   '   ���,
.-��� f.�� . v Meat Merchants!
Head Office,'Abattoir, and^, Cold"' Storage:    r     l-/>
"    h      '/- .- , ', "%"L <^^!rxOalgary,''Alberta(
S: : 0VC93dZ^A.dE3I��0Srr ;
-  . -     ' '<���'  * ��� i , ��� >     .  ��� i   '   i  ���  ' ' '*     i i i.. i ...__���<
. 38.
las.heeirappornletl agent for Lire Fair-child Co. of \Vini]ipe^ythe,'.fohn'- "
J'-er-e.Plow Oompairy, the iMolirre Wagon Ooinpa'ny, and the  Canada v
J.ti-riitge Coiiip.iny of. Br-ot-kvillu, .-I'nd will c.-u-i-y full slocks of cuLters,   '!
-w'riL'oiis, 'plows.'c.-tmagt'-ftu-nishings- and agricttltur.-il iniplements of.1, '
all kindh. -    '     ,i.r~ a i'i , -( -, f     y     '' ��� j ' -    , y.'-
t i    . '    i     ' , l t t r
.     i Oi-deis.placed with him will'lio  filled with tlie'best clnss'of manu-1 /
'f.ictures in tho market."    "   X   '    '        A "   /.'   <*      ..."' ,,-* ���,'-
,-vfO'rn;n: is inciiEirv givhnithat, thiny
_L> il.iys iifli't- ilnto.we intend to nmko upiili-
e.ilion to Lho Hon. Chief Com inissioiur of Lands
and Works for a .special Iieonse"*lo cut "u^il
cany away .limber fiom the follojvmt; described land*i:��� >,* -..-'-*-* -- -***''1- "-
_i ^.1 -* 2 NiiniberJI. jj.. _; iv_. v,_
Commencing at a poat planted on the'icasi
think of I'iiiKSton Cieek, .ibonL foiLy uliains
sonlli of the norlh-eauL comer ol block No I",
iimrkcd "11.11 I.. CoV. not I h^w est corner post of
Hloek U," thence .south SO eh.*iin-ialoii(,'-b,ink of
Clock, llicnec cast. SO chaiiiB. north to clmins,
west SO chains to point of commencement      .
Number 1.
('ommcncinK aL a post pl.inLcil' on the west
side of I'liiifstoii Clock due wesl of the soutli
end ot IC. �� H. bW, mnikul r'll.ll.L. CVs/noiili-
east corner post," thence hOtiLb nlont'bank of
I'liiK'ston Cieek ti miles, thence west J-.iiulc.
lheuce noi th - miles, thence cist >. mile to poinl
of comitenccinent.      *
Number -.
Coimnenciiij,'at a po-t iil.intcd on the west
side of I'nmston (.'reek,due west of tlie-oinli
end of IC & S. block .���WI, marked ���- Ii.lt. I.. CoV.
post No.'-'." thence noith Ilia cli.uns .vlon*. b,mk
of L'ingston Creek, thence wcf-l 10 eh.v.ns.
lhenco soutli lljil chains, tlicnce cii-t ro ..luiliis
to iioint of coiuiiieiiccnieiit.
i ' Xuinbcr S.      .
Cotimicnclni; at, a post-planted on Ihcwe-t
���ale of Pifigston Creek at the north cw, corner
of block No. -, unci markedyli.R.L. Co's. -otith-
e 1st corner post of Block No. X'' thence noith
MO chains, lhenco we>t 10 ch.iins. ihence '���omli
IP) chain-*, thence ca-t lo.ch.ijtis to piinL of
commciicentcnt.      '
Number 1. i j
Commencing at a po~t plantciJ one mile west!
of the -outh-wcst corner of K. iS. blrx;k f*si
and marked "N. Mcl-IiM'hcrnV south t*.i^t corner
po-t." thence norlh IG'l chains, thence ��N 10
chains thence--with I'^cliani-. "tin new ��ist 40
ehaiiH to point ni eornrnenccnunt.
.-.rrowliwul. Nov   },!����. * "-I
above mouth ol West Ilnineh, lhenco w-csl SO
chaiiih, tlicnco soutrrsl) eliains,  thence casl  SO
chums, lheuce noi 111 SO cluuu-. Lo point i.f commencement.        ���        *, '        ,    ' , ,
fl luted October Stir. 1001.        4.    '    '      U
-l 1     *      1   "  Number Throe.                * ������  ,-
Coinmencing at .-.postmarked " Wm.riow-.tn's
No. :i noilh en*.!, corner post," plantcil on the
e.-tst bank of Pint'slon Crock, about seven miles
abo\u, mouth jit,West IJianeli.-lhenco wcstbO
thin.is, thenee soutli SO chains. Lhenco east SO
ch.ims, thence north SO chains to point of com-
ini'iicement.                       "
Il.ilcd October Sth, 1901.  1       -                 1,
, Number Four. ,i
( omineneiiiKiila postmarked "W'ni.Cfowiin's
No. 1 noith west eoinei post," pl.mted on Iho
e.isl, bank ot Pn-gston Cieek, about four nniF.i
li.ilf inilesabivc ihe niouili or \\rcsL Hi.incli
I hence cast M .chains, tliem e south SO chains,
thence west SO chains, ihence noith SO eliinns to
point of coinineneemenl.
Dated October Sth, Illlll.        ���
,    . Number Kivo. i       1
Coiiiiiicncim. urn posLm.irki d -Win Cowan's
.No. o norlli cist corner posl," planted on the
east bank of I'iiiBstoii Clock, nlioul, fourimtl 11
half miles iibo\ethe mouth ol WeslHianoh
L 11 ncc west SO chains, Ihence sou lb SO chums'
tlii'iue east so chains, thence noith SO chains lo
point orcomini'iiceniciit.
Bund OctoberSIli. UKll." i(   ,
-^ ���      Number Si\-.
f 0!iimciiciiiKiit.aposLniiuk(.il "Win.f!oi\an's
.No i.nortli-wcsi corner post," planted on tlie
cist bank of I-'inifstoii ciecx-. about five und ,a
half milcsalKnc the inouLli of the* West Branch,
thence ea.,1.Ml chains, theneu south SO chains,
tiieucu w-cst SO eliinns, ihence north SOch.uns id
G( IRL   WANTED   for    cliiimK-r.i(--n
f    wmk, "tc.    Apply tu Wm. Hamilton, Coin.tplix. t
Painting Class
rnHK owner of a pairol L.idi.'s SpKt'-'
X itclPhVan liavt-1,11111.' niiSipplyitu;,it
K110TK.VA V V! a r r. O (Ti e*.
WANTKIJ - Pii-ilirm 11- MtM'SI*:-
MAIIJ or 0.-.H*r;<l SKKVAN'I.
Rf*v.'|stnk" pi i*ti*i*n*(l.���-A p|ilj : "A.H.''
o��n* tif Kootenay .Mail.       * 1
I have to inlimati*  my   rnlenliori  of
st.trtint,' a  class  for   tlif  .siurly  of oil |
pnintiiiif   ii,   ftcvvlsloke,      Apply   at
Canada   Drnt?   and   Bunk    Company,
where p.iinliiri<s may ,il-ri lie seen.
\TTAXTr*;0-Ki*v(.i,il    k<��
T      wol k 111 our id .-nwniill and
Rig Bend f.mniVr
iiii*n  in
Ar-rrm '
VY _ lourr
Here arc toilet articles of a
���descriptions for all purposes of
health and beauty.
fJUAS. J. QUJNAN; Manager.
This is a huty drui; '���tore from
the time it, opnnx in the niorn-
itit? until it closes at  ni^ht.
Theie i.s always " wmofliinjc
'loing'' hero.
We ncicr- llnil time to .stand
mound and .-! 11 e;k our tlinmhs
The very fact that, we aie so
hti'-y is a good reavin why we
should he hii-v foi  VOU,
n (".mad.1
I'm    lailnr-iiiiidf   1 Ini lu-s
I'rnplrij iiionl,   ifi"��l   ininiiir���mil
pi'r-ii'iifi' iimu'ei'ssjirv     f.  [,. Iiimini,
CiislOni   T.iiliu.  .')1    l.i.uiliatd    SImti,
Toronto, Oni.
.M K.V in i*M'i v
lo Uikf 01 di'i -���
pei iiiarii'ii!
t   l-TKH NOV.
V     trips (,f 1 lie
Js|, |< ,M, llie Sniida*
S||..imici- (Jeoriii* K
I'ipor. liol ween (,'iiiii,i|i1iv, f'.*uti'ii .uul
Aiiiiivlic.id, will In- n/SCn.VTI.VCKI)
until fin llici- iioiii o
KMflKl'I r.U.MI'.Klt CO. (.Id.
Hv A.  K.  Diidccoii, \fur-
point of comnientcmciit.
Dated October Sth. 1001.
Niiinber Seven.
( ominoncine at .1 post marked "Wm.Gow ,-in'.s
-no. 1 nortli-eiLst corner post," planted on the
ea*-t bank of I*jnRstont;,cek. about five and a
half miles abovet-the mouth of the West
n*anch,.thence wast fl) chains, thence .soul h bO
chain-, then.-e east SO oh.-ins. thence 1101 Lb SO
chains to point of commencement. ^
IUted October Sth, 1901.   ,- -
���    ' --N'unibei Eight. .     '  *
< oimtiencingntapostm.iiked "Win.Gown nM
.No. S-outli-east corner post." planted aliiiuL 10
chains c-L-t on bla/od line ot No. 1 post above
?.!^<-"1-**'d.l'>c''<-c north IOcIi.uiih. thence west
M chains, thence soul h 10 chums, 'thence ea-st
Ifii) oh-utis to point of commcnceineiit.
Halfd October 8th. 1001.
,, '    .       Number Nine.
ton.ri-eiu.inj? .it a post marked " Wm.Gow-an's
No .-.oiith-we-L corner post," planted on the'
u "\". 0< ''"f^to" ficclf about seven miles
a.Uoic lho mouth of Went Hrancli lhenco cilsL
a J"!""' le,l(,: ,l0rtl' *<��� chains, thonco west
��i chains, thence ,oulh SO chains Lo point" of
j coiiiinrncemcnt. '
JJ.ri.r Oclobi-rflh. Iimi.'
I    ,       .        .        Xumli. r Ten. .
I vi ""'""'"'f"^ ���"��� " I��"t marked '-Win.Uo** nil's
f Mi.lO-oiithiii-t corner post p!,w,t,.,l ������ tilc
I��.i"t Inn If of I'niKston Creek ab.ait -even mile,
I Ci ,?ii," t"0v.,."ou"' "' Vr<Ml Bnmch. thence west
""",-.��� tbciK.'* north yichulns, thence east Vi
I '/.tn^Vii-Ht'''"''11   1'Vl';n',m"'t0 p"lnt f" C'J'"'
1    i'iii<l Ociobcr^r.'i lin.i.
NuniliiT KIi icn.
1 ciiirii. n'li'K���t .1 pii-tiiiaik-cd-Wni.Gowiiii'-.
.Nl, 1 -,.,,!|, ,.,.- ,,>r,���.r ,,oM.* pl.,,,,,,1 ���|m,lt
twiiiii ilmiiHiiorrhoii .1 bl.i/i'd Hue rnmiliiK
norlli fiom Howl, ��.i|,||, al���J(,t ,.,^,t mill"
..),..i.* (h,. ,,ioi,(f, 0( vv. ..i, Ifranch i,t I'lmsston
< r."l..thenii*ii���rth lOlihain*. tin no. wchI lo
iiiihii*. tli(ii(< ..null tun-limn..  IhiTicf ciw in
��� ll.llll-t., [vilm of i.i|iiiiii.||(r.|m.|,t
('..(id Oclobir -lb. Illitl.
., NiiiiiIit i'.wlif.
' .11111.1. nn ik* ,f n I-..-1 ,��� iritr <I "H-|ii.l.w m ,
|.w,"rn"Ul,"'" '"""��������� I*>--*' Mant'd 011 11
b.'i/i'.l llri-.ilH.ui .NelMin- (.,*..I t,i Sti. II r.O-1
llhtr.i- (I..-.nb'i|, il,..,,,-,. ,���.,'���, py, ,|, '
r icnr.- *a,r I'i < h.iir^. thenei',omli
Hull"* **,..( 10 . hl.in- ro pin. r* of
in. til.
P/O t h.iuw,
oomriii in e
lo plin c
'i fl'lol.. r Mh  lint W.M   (iow.l,*,'
ivrv d.ij-
tin t I .nnrjij-.-
Walter Bews, Phm. B.
, Druggist and Stationer.
Next Hiiiiio'h lllnck.
Moscrop Bros,
^Sanitary Plumbing, Hoi
Water & Steam Heating.
Pipe Valve Fittings,
Electric Lamps, Door Bells and
Electric Fixtures j^a',' Put"In.
after il..r.'   ,w* !h" nnd'.--Il'i,i,|
luff nrl rii.ikln^ ..j.r.Ir. ,,.)������ ff) ,j,���
iorifr n<  l^iri'N arid VV'orfc��. for
pcimi-xionl.j flf*,r Jilmrm  Crc Ij of r,l**VP���,
ti.lX      '"!,!<","��Prf'V'm"^n, for the f,nrt*,��
' l,NI- ''�����" f>�� II -Hid TI'IK. iK'Klliri n-f ,1 ���
0,1,'  i,i.,ir 0,111,t   f)f AniiHlmiiK f.t.k.', 7r   '
h * or r follow ,,K ,.,|,I , ,*, ,.k ,,_, u- IIK)���n, whl
U fiittM north (nut rirm t,1 \)M,t r ,\rro-v jjiiit
CIltMHI'.Y ft. Mliltl'HY
Unit A tlii-iiM ,I,,j OeloVr, VnS.
"fulfill, It. ( .
' f d.2. _GoId6n
', ,d.3. .Pallise.-
' y 44.; FieldM       v ".
'      45.    HogKanche. -
! -- 46.   Carbonate/    *
I     il.' .Spullimaclicei]1.
[   i 48, - Galcna.y
1 r '491, Briscoe.       -  ,
: (    50.   Wilmer. ���>     y
- " Dl. - A'tliolmorl * -l1- '
52.    Windermere.
- 53.*- .Wanetii^
,' 54:-' Eric.        - *     *
-     55.^, Sal mo.-   * ..-   l"
56. ^ Ymfr, \; ;(y     "
'~X57. , >'mir Mill
x 58. i4Quccii(i\rinc,
- 59.,  Arlington Jlinc.
���   60. " Second Kolicf Mine.
61. Velvet Mine,        ' ''"
62. Patterson. -,
'  > 63.   Slocan Junction. vr
64. Win law. . , a
65. Slocan City.      ' '
66. Enterprise Landing.,.
67. v Silverton. >.
jStcw Denver.
Boscbcrry. ,
TJircc Forks.      <,
Snndon.   1    ,,
Wliitqwritcr.           <���
Poplar.           '
76m Trout; Lake City,     '
77.   Fcrgiiison.
7S.   Ainsworth.
Pilot Buy. ."���    ���
Granite.      " t
Afcliubatjlca Mine.
Fairview.   "
AVillow Point.    '
( J-Citchenor.--
Crc&ton.   k
]\royie City.
Fort Steele.
Fort Steele Junction
jNTarysvillc.   ' '
Arioux. '
Carrutlicrs' Jrill.
Bull River.
Perry Creek (Old Town.)
Mon-is&oy Jlines.
Carbonado. '
Coal Creek.
J Oil. .S|Hinvo(id.
110.    Michel.
Tlif; I .nop, .
til'UW',*) Sl'Hi.
Molly Gihifin l.ariding.
Galena Hay (UickiriBon's
McCnlloch Creek (liig
Revelstoke    Lumber*
: 75..
, 95.
- 90.
I    r^ff
_       1
44 Goodyear Certainty " ,,
The bnly^.ceftain',
'���   Xl    J-     X    :  X    fi
way to.get a gen^
'v y - *, y 11' * 5 ',���}" 1 *.'- (<-'*(
, -     *,*i ii <  ,1,-   ,,.>  : ., ���
uine XJoodyea^
IX   .   ���'... ,v   ���: yfJ    4
Buy  only, S^^SLATER
SHOp/f?   Itris niade by rio
* - >���'    1 v 1    '
other,  process 4 and . therefore
must be Goodyear Welt*
- -1
ForMen 11;^^.
For Women
stgcaga.w-.tJtJi.tJL'JiuiujuuAiiiiiMLi ji m urn,��i nway
O. B. HUME & Co., Agents, Revelstoke,
,��� . days al toi-(Into I-intonil lo apiily lo Lite
Chief Coinriiissioiiorol Liuuls and W'orka for a
spoui.il licoiisi; lo out and curry awny limber
from tho following dcsoriliud I.inds in tho
Ivootcniiy District:���
* N'liinlierOnc.
Comnioiicinif ut )iot.L marked "J.'V. Kciilon'b
b. \\. corner post" and planted L\\o miles cast
fiom n point on Lho east lunk of Ihe Columbia
river, ahouL one and a hall miles above inontli
of Cnimc river, I hence norlli It) chains, theneo
ensl 11,11 uli.iln-, Ilienilo soul li 111 ohiiins, tlionce
west Kiu eliinns to place ol coiiiniencenicnl.
Dated Sept. ill, MWI.
Niniibor Two.       ' '
Comnionciiiff at a poit inarkcd .".1. T. Ken-
Ion s.No. 1 eorner post," jil.uited two mile*, easl
Irom a point on llie east bunk of the Columbia
river, about one and a half miles above tho
1110111I1 of Canoe river, thence soul h 10 chains
I hence oas-L Hid chains, I bonce north III chain-,,
lhenco west IliO chains Io place of commence-
ineiiL, 1
Dalcd Sept. '.'lib, IH11I.
'.  JOHN' T. l������'KNTl,ON. '
I If
y after date I Intend 10 apply 10 Lho Chief
( oninilHsioiier of . Land-, und Works for a
i-l'coiul license 10 oni.'aud carry away limber
liiirri llio follow-in),' ilescrilicd lands in llie
iMioleiiuy di-trieL:
NOIICE is, horohy (,'ivon thai, 30 day.snrtor
., ,S'il<ii,J. '"'t-'al to apply to tho lloimniblo
tlio Clnof ( oiminsbioiior ol .Lands and Works
or u special liconso U> cut, und carry awnj lim-
bor rrom llio riillowme described lands in tlio
Ivofitonuy Uisliicl :���
, ' Niiinber One.
���CoinmenciiiK-aL 11 post marked " A.c G.
Ciiinpion s N. W. corner post," planted 0110 mile
south fiom a post on tlie west bank of the
Columbia Hivei\ about five-miles above the
mouth of Canoe River, and marked E. C. ,
1'roinoj s .V. K corner po��L, theneo oti-l, i>0
chains, thence soulh SO cliiiin*,, llionce westtO
cliiiins, tlionce norlh SO chains to place of commencement. ,
Number Two.
Coiiinicrieriiffat A. G. Campion's No. 1 post
as above described, and running west SO ehnins,
theneo south SO chains, then .cast SO chains,
lhenco north SO chains to point of commencement.     . 4
Dated Sepl. 23rd, 11101
Number Ore.
( oniiuencliiKal a post marked "J. W, Mae*
fiultinoK S, W. coiner posl."planled Miehiiius-
miiiIIi ol ,1. T. I'-enlon's N. \V. corner po-,1
lhenco oust ICO chains lheuce norlh III chains
I Iioiii 0 west IliO chains, tbunce -nulli II) u ails
lo point nl commencement
Number Tho.
C'(iiiiinoiieiiii,*ul   post marked  "J. W.   Mac-
failauessj. W. coiner post," planted 10 ehnins
soul li, tlionce lOehiiins oast nf J. W. iMucfai lao's
No. I ��. W. ( ornei posl, thence e.ist llio ehnins,
,,   , Ihcnee noilli 10 cliiiins, llience hi" it IliO chains
CiO H (Jirinii  (fJiir lldiu]) I ,'"'"r'! ^""ll'   '"(.li.ilns  lo lilneo or comnienci-
1,. 11 ,1      ' " '    meiil.
,'lk"1"1"11- I     Liil,e(l Hepl. ^11 h, l!l(ll.
���r'tli   (lay of
the  Court
(Second; Street,-Revelstoke
I  have  Hfar-ti'd  a  pm,wineril.  Wi.nA
Vnr..l  (,n   Jhirtl Htrci.l..   . With ir.v prist
-X|,.'n,.,,(.,' [ |10p(. to  he i���  n  position
itisly all ,iv(|iiin..ni'ii|.s  ufcistoiii.
iVIill   and  f(ii-(hvo(i(l   Hiiiiiiliccl   in
iny huigtliHiarediiffd  pr-icnTor crtsli-
Kit inn or 11,
Thunder Hill
Arrrl further, thai, on tlif;
Decern her,  .\. I),   lilfll,  nt
! llon-'e,  in   the Oily of iVi'l.-ioii, at the
horn- (if 11 o'clock-  in   the  forenoon, 1
.shall open 1 ho hallot Iiovi-h, add up the
votes given for tho several  candidates
and return us  electetl   the one having
tho majority of the votes.
.Given under my hand, at the City
of Ko-.slniid, this 8th day of October,
Boturning Officer.
(.iijsuflorihito I intend lo apply to I he
Cliie.f (Joiniiiissioncrof IjukIh and Works for a
ripceiul liueiisu to out und carry away limber
fiom the rollonlni; d.'.crilied lands In llio
kootenaj I)i-tiic| ;
CniiiiiioiicliiKiil 11 posl'muikcd '.J. JI. Kellie'H
���?.- ��� ��� <,"r"'\r lioif'aud planted on east bank of
( oliimbm Unci, about ono mile below mouth
of Mnlonej Lieek. Ilience north 11,0 chains,
IhciK e i'ui-1 10 (.liains, thence south 100 chains,
lhenco west IOc-hiiiiiHl.ol.bc placeorcoiumoncc-
.... ���-    .  ���.:���-.. '2.
Uirmiietioiiignlii post marked ".I.M. Kcllic'ri
?.- ',''��� A'-?���""'. l"JSt"uii,I planted at west bunk of
(..oliiinhiu lover, about, two miles below inoiilh
pi .Maloncy Creek, thence north 100 cbaiusJ
Ihence west 10 chains, Lheuce .south 100 chains,!
tlience east lOchaiiis to place of commencement.'
. Dated this 27th day of Sept mber. IU01.
.   .    NOTICE.
Thirty (luyharier date I intend toapplv lo
thoi .���'0"p"l"-<> t-lil��f Cominis.slonoi- or Lands
and U ork for a special liceuso lo cut and carry
hinds--"" U"1  f""0rt'f"K   described
I    CoinnicncliiK at a post" marked K. T. irudson.
'aboul III) yai ds from tlie lowerslioro or Arm-
slr-ong Luke, Ihence 10 chains eisl, tlionce 1(10
noil 1. lhenco 10 chain*, west, tlionce KJ0 eliains
sonlli lo Llio poinl of commencement.
0011111101101111,' ut postmarked R. T. irudson.
S'i.wr.lf^c11^ 7 ii,l!'"��" froolt. about half-
a-ni lo from &. Oi-aham's surveyed land, thence
chums west    bonce IliO chains south  thoi ce
Sept. HI, 1H0I. '       j j, T. H(JJ)SON.
AJOTKIli: is lioiobj* Kivon thai on tho 30l!i"
1\ .Nmoinbor mil at II 11. m., ul Lho Court
Hoi so, ifovel-toko, I.C., application will bo
in.-ido by Iho iindor-i-jned to llio Jtid-;o or tho
t ounty Court of l\ooleniiy. undor the pnivisioni
or llio liivor.s and btrouiiis Act. Lo lix llio amount
which the uric ersw'ned shall be at liberty to
eluiri'o roi* tolls, boomu*-o, riiftiiiB, drivinirof
lOKsi'ii'I Irmber and Tor tnkinK care of same
until delivered 011 and lit tlio mouth of tho Pisli
Kiver or l*ish Creek in tbo District of West
h( ni ten ay, under the uutliority ���irunted to the
uiKlersiKiied |,y u,0 LioiitonaiiL-aovornor in
(council.     : <
Dined October 2Stli. 11)01, ���
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