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Kootenay Mail Nov 5, 1898

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 ���������>;  .it  ,-T  13 m  Vol. 5.���������No.   ������9.  HEVELSTOKE.  WEST KOOTENAY,-B.C., NOVEMBER r>, J8!)8.  $2.00 a Year.  THE B. C. GAZETTE.'  THE CURRENT NUMBER ,IS A MOST  IMPORTANT ONE.  , '    "' (i  Legislative assembly will meet en Jan.  5th ��������� London   agency   filled ���������  ,    .Thanksgiving-,Day ���������- Impor'.ant  govern merit   announcements ��������� A  ,-s-^, long* list of appointments.  o;  %  The fin tent mini.H'l- of tin* li.,CI.  Gazette is fti 11 ut' anlcie-dng infoim-  ���������ilion and one of die' most iiiipui-l.-iiiL  in iriany nionllis. '  ���������  The  lir-li   item   em.firm- ,'1 Ire   news  published   eh-eu lii'i-e in   ihis  issui" of  the niccling of th" lcgi-laluio   on Jriu-  u.-ir.r .")th.      Ariutlici-  inuUci.. ul.-n  pie-  ' vinu-ly noted 'in    this   i-sue,   llie   *= 11���������  point inenl-of a London agent has Keen  settled and as. int iinrrted   Mr-.   Wallers-  is the  fortunate  appointee, i -Another  appoiirtirn-nt   of    interest   i.-   that   of  Thomas Morgan, fit" N.iiiaiino, 'to  succeed An hihald  Dick   as   inspector'  of  urines. ,. Anion;.;.-!, a   long' lisL  of   vole  collectors,   provincial const,ilde's   .".nd  ��������� c-oVoiiin-.i appears one int nesting ilen.,  ,'   tliu      appoi.-itiiienl       of       Augustus  r Cai-ney   in   h"    police   m.i*j;i=-timto   at  'K.-i-lo, 11. ('., and it i.-of local   interesl  ,   In note that A'. H. B. I Learn, has  been  iip'poinled   al loi ivy   tor-   Ihe   Fr-circlr  '('reek   and  'Hloneleigh    Mi dug   eoui-  j) niii's in plat i* of ��������� A.   (".   M.  Wpraggi",  a-itl fui- lire Columbia   11 vili-anlie Company in place of .J. D. (-Jrahanr.  Turning lo other matters I he <Ja.:etle  ( onl-iin-' I In*   govcinnr-gciicr.tt's ��������� an-  'nmineeme'ii't fiMiig Thin-day,   Kovem-  .   her,.2'lli  as    Th.-'inksgiv ing   U.iy.      Il,  ' also ronlalns I w o \ei-v  impoi Irnil local*  government,   announcement-:     One,,is'  ���������   to Ihe elfei 1 lha I-hereafter no lauds or  I.i nhe.- w-.l! Ire sold  or  disputed   of bv  the government   ext.epi   under-   special  cirenm-tauces-      Intending pin chnsci s  are i'uhi-ed to/ ripply   lo. the   depait-  wituess the cer.emnhv. Tlie bi ide';*.  die.-s v.-asui ivory vv'hile-alio, liirnmed  with [loniloir l.ree. The bridal veil  wa- trimmed with m nip1 blossoms.  The In-Hit* (ai i ii'd a while prayer book,  hi i'l no flowers. The bride-maids were  Miss Emma Trick and .Mis.- Annie  ���������Seamrneil.    A-   the . bridal jiai ly  left  the   church   the  _.  n>o-t eil'ecti vely played n-i   (!n  The hi Id,i! par-l y an 1  ������iii',-ls   relumed  wedding   iri.-il-eh ..was  a  organ.  '   A CANADIAN HINT   ���������  Discussed Favorably'by ths President  ' , of the'Banker's Association. '  It is a healthy sign of tin--, piogres--  nf the ci eat ion nf a Canadian mint  id������a to now find it endorsed by a pres-  ideiil^of ' th.* Bunke,!-.-' A^snciiilioii,  v.hic!) urn nut wont to look on it with  too kindlv a  i mint t-n.-iiicfi     At.thciv-  A WESTERN AUTHORESS.  to the Chief Ju-.dc<-'-. hori-c on   Or.inge ] e *nt meet ing" of   ihis as-.oci.il ion  iiv.  .-iii'i'l, wlifi-i* a reception was held and . D.'It. Wilkie said:  liineh'.'on served. The house was  beautifully decorated. After a plea-ant  luun-spent in coiigi-.it ul,it inns .Mr-, nnd  .Mr-*.. Lake diove in the station and  took the afternoon train fur .Montreal.  They will vi-ii ihe principal citie-  befm i-going lo i heii-imine iu Xel.-ori.  A large number of friend- gave them  .-iii cut hirsia.-tic fan-well at l he it at ion.  They received many lr.mrl-.onle gift--.'"  The MAir, extends inngsalulniions to  the vonng couple. '  .Monday's Meeting.  The meeting called for Monday night  lo enn-ider I he erection of a lire hull  I'm-Nn. 2 (iepai-tineiil canre off a- nil-  veili.-ed. There< was a Very fair attendance' of, proper!y-ow rrei-s and other  interested citizen-. A. I". 13. lleai'-n  v. a.- moved to the chair and P.' Chapman was elected M'crrlary. 11, \wi������ decided to purchase two lot's on Jlclu'ii-  -/.ie,.-ivenue, between Second and Third  -lii'i'ts, iL being considered tin* nro-L  central-ile available! il was al.-o decided in erect ri' building for, fire hall  purposes'a mi plan- for it ru e no-.v being pi ep.n ed. '  The LceislaUirc Meetinff..  l*.  I am nol. unmindful nf the oh*  jection.- wliich have been raise 1 within  thi-. a-Micial ion lo the creation of a  Canadian gold coinage, and II-* lung iis  r he gold product of the Dominion was  comparatively 'in-ignil!ranl tin good  rea.-on could be brought, forward for  the e.-labli-hment of a Canadian mini,  ���������hut the grow th in the output ot gold  li-om $!:07,(;01 irr l.S'.'2'tdu probable out--  putof at 1-a-l i-ilS.U.'XJ.O'XJ in ISa*), willi  evei-y pm-pert. of an evi-r iiiei-erising  annua! productiog has bi-ought with if  chang-'d comlit ions, , Ar������- we int  tin-owing a-way oppoi-tiiuities and irn-  d-rraling our iinpoitniice iii sending  our b.uik*?'and inn* miners Lo Seattle,  Sail Fiancl.-ci,! or New York, pint our  own doors, to exchange (.ht-ii* yold dust,  for coin of a foreign re.-iliii? ������An ini-'  rnense volume of triulcls being and  will be lost tu Canada through reluming Yukon miners tiring forced to take  their clean-up lo a foreign mint. Ai  Canadian mint, or. to commence wit h,  a branch.of the royal mint'nl Yancon-  , ver- or Victor ia',-' would bring' both  cities into increa.-cd prominence and  and would be the means of giving  llrosc cities the trade of the returned  miners, and'no one spend- more freely,  to supplement that of the out-going  cxploier. 13ranches.of the royal mint,  have been "stiibli-hed  in  Ans'lr.din, in  Ifect,  I Sydney,   Vtto,   Melbourne,     1S72,  and  The    Cnlnni-I      iinnouiice^     it  .-iiilli,-nt it-   inlm mat ion   lo   lin>  Ihrit'lheprovinci.-il leg i-l.il ii'iv w ill,- be | Pei'tli.in lS'J*!. .and en(ail little or no  called together for t Ire'de-pal ch ���������|- M'Npense upon (lie colony, where their  hu-iness on J rniiary oth. It v. illI .b'.* ! existence i.- of' incak-ulable benejit, to  seen   that,   ihis   is' 'somewhat  earlier ��������� t'1'11' o"'1- uiiuei- and tp local trade,  Ihiin Ihe session usuallv has  exceedingly lively one  iijured.  tnent   sliowing   special   ciiMimstances'i la(o   years.     The   coming'  before going   to-.-i'ny   i-x'pe.-i.se.      Tlu*  other not ice irtjue-t-   all������ prison-   interest eil in'c.btainiug   govern'nienL aid  for-,-o.-id-. li-ail-or br-idu'e'*:   to   <en<l   lo  tlu'-deprirtnient llie following, infnim-  ation: j Di'M-1-ip-.iim   of-uoik   desired.  l eason- w hie!) , make .I he. work d.e.-ir-  , able; iii case- of 'roads or (rail.-, a nmgli  hketch. of'   roo-iH   or   trail,-,-.,, a    n-irgli  skeli Ir'nt" roads   in   tlie" licighl-oi hi nd  of, pinppsi d' wiirl:-',   esiimati'  of cist,  and iiifoi-nral'iorr a- to ' w l-.etl'.ei' any  ������������������persons or companies interested are  "willing'iii pay any   pail  of the cost of  same.- - |  "For all.-of    which   information   ll.e  jiublic uiay thank  llie  local  p.ipei,  as  nriihahlv not one in ten sees the oriiruil  te .... ..    .       ,  (jiiizette.     -������������������*������������������       ��������� -   ' .  ���������net!  sion  ofi  ���������it ;  Hallowe'en,  declare-- \\ ill  be  one  of  ihe   ino-L  ini- ! <    -i^_  poi-t.-rnL ever held in ihi-jir-ovii'ce nudl '-I'l"' niodein youth, who celr-hrates  the constitutional questions lo lieyllallowe'cn by playing^paiirful pranks  fought oVit'ihen bid fair- to make il .an ! rind   lur-ning   thjirss   trrpsy-tui-w   can  ' " ,   A Driver  .lo*-eph 'Nei-  | .-ui-ely Iind no w.i era nt for it in .the  'old tradition that then" spirits walk  j abr-oad except by assuming that such  [ supernatural .visitors are a jolly crowd,  .-ind-;,  ��������� ' . Plebiscite Figures.  ' . Thi'* secretary Of stal < received on  TuWdny tlie full returns,of the pi'o-  'hifiitiuii v'ltc. Tho'tota! vote cast was  ("313.012 out of a list of I,2.'):",S19 voters.  Th(-"division wa-.--Foi', 27S,Hi'"* against,  '*��������� 2Gl,57J: iiiiijority, for.'l.S.SSI.   By  prov-  ��������� inces tiie iniijot ities shard  as  follows:  'Ontario,   :id,t2\;   Nova   Scotia,   23,21C|  ,  Newiji'tmswick. ]7,:*!*3; Prini:e Kdunrd  ���������'���������"���������fsland,   S,:*l*i:. "M.niiUili.i,  I). 112;   North  AVi*sL Ten iiorio;*., H, 111; Urili.-h Colum-  biriy US'.     Ma.jor-iiy   again-i:   Qik-Ihc,1  J'l.Olo. ' .  '��������� JirOnlaiio only 22 per cent of tl.e  , votei s .supported pi ohibiiion; 'in  Quebec only S per cent; in Nova Scotia,  .'31.per cent; in New Brunswick, 2D pei  ceiil; in Prince Irahvard Island, '.il\ per  cent; in North West, Territories, 27  per cent; iu British Columbia, 10 per  cenl.  Fell Down a Shaft:  Two employees of the Sunset No. 2  mine at lto.���������land met. with a pitiful  cud on Tiii'sdny nighl. and linen  others hnd inn row escape.*,. The two  victims weie William Crane, a miner  ���������It) years of age, a nun rial niair, and  J'ati-ic jN'olan, a machine hand. 'I he  men were working on a plaifcrm  .when lliey weie o\ er eonie with foul  gasses, and lo-ing r-nnscioiisnr.--- fell to  the hnUoiu of lire .-l.afl, their necks  lieiirg broken by I he fall. h'l-etl Moil.  ' employed as a nnicker, was ,-iUu rendered inn onscion.-   bill   war.  -rived   b\  di Ivcr-  on   I lie   (  I*, li.   line   nri'l   w'itli    r; .xety    painfi  iiec'.deut    on   Sunday   e\ening    about |  t'nree   n'liles   this   side   of fCamlno|w,  Tlie   lubi icaloi"   glass  bur.-t   wlrile  he  was standing just in front of it and the  "splinters flew into one of his  eve-  in-  jiuing  it   so   badly   (hal   Ihe   doctors  could not say at the, lime of  the  first,  examination whelher he would lo-v  it  or not.   Neeland- b'elonged to  Donald,  where     his     family     resides.     Later  accounts are to the cfl'ei I that (lie  eye  will be saved.  A Brakeman Killed.  George Or-ew r y. !r  bodies Jim jMcCai-lhy  iind iii-ii i ow escape.-.  reco\ eriug  Ihe  ind Pal Qiiinliin  ���������   Fi'jeman-Lake a Btiudicl.  The Si. John. N. H., (ilohe of tl c  22nd insl., has tin- following:  A t Ceiilenary i linich Ibis nfiei neon  jlis<; Alice I'arker- 'fuck, s. conil  d.iughlei of Chief Jr.-lice Tuck, was  united in nun i iagf (o .Mi'. ('. K. I-'rec-  iiian.lirike, of Nel.-on, M. C. The xvid-  din jj was ,-i bi-illianl evenl, i hei'" li.'ii g  it large immber.iif- iu\ iled guests. "J'li'c  churi h was hei; ut .[fully decorated willi'  flo.sei'Miiid lliesce.iie was a pielly one.  The pari of t.he church not reserved  for ���������jiie-ls. was cni\ydt-d:wil,|i ptM.ipltj to  A freight train arrived al Moher-ley  Saturday afternoon, says llie Golden  Era. to pas-s No. 2 expiess. One of the  brakeiuen by nanie Aleck Clark was  sent out to flag t.he express 'It is not  known how it happened hut no sooner  had No. 2 star Led than Clink was seen  I o i ol! oil' llie track and was picked   up  .   ,'indeed, obedient to   the  command***  of  ��������� i ',  ,1 ; T.ie High Jinks, and bent, on having  a  'time of  it   when   Ljiven   a    night   of"1,.  Such a chariieler is mil ghostly; is   not  well   conceived.    Who,   for   Instance,  would  re.-pecl  a   spook  seen   tripping  travellers   with   a   line,   knocking   nb  doors     wheie   nothing   was   wauled,  paintingoul signs, or, in an exuberance  of spirit-, smashing an odd window  or  two just for fun.   Such a spook   would  not create a   shadow  of  fear in  even  the  most, juvenilis   heart, and   respect  would be entii ely out, of llie   question.  Such  bad   pi auks  nre   not   consistent  until.'the   actions     of    those    ealied  reverently enough   "the good . peopl.-*"  and' leave   the'  sad   impression    that  Hallowe'en   celebration   i.-   much   do-  tn-iorated   from   what,  it   was   when  Burns spoke   of "Oclolicr's  hindmost  day." '       :  ." Revelstoke Schools for, October.  'h  A New Novel  and   Magazins   Article  By Julian Durham.  Julian Durham (Mrs. Herisbaw) has  made a num.* for herself throughout  Canada   as an' author ,of   moie  than  'j  ordinary merit.    Style mar ks the man  ���������.-ind  the   woman���������in   literature and  Julian    Durham's style  i-   worthy  of  imitation.   She has lint, lately returned  from Toronto where sin  the   final    proof    -heels   nf    her   new  nnvi 1;   '���������nypnnliz-j'd."   shortly,  to   be  published   b.V  lire  Ontario  I'lihli.-liing  Co.    The, scene of   tliu  i-loiy   is laid in  England and I he   piim-ipal   figure  i-a  man .unwittingly   and, iinconsciou-!y  possess".1 of hypnotic power.     It   i-ri  plot airm-ding room for I he effort of an  im.-igi rial.ive mi ml and   -'. i-ong wi it nig.  The cnrio-il V< as  '. i      ' ������'     ' i *  sha w bar. 11 e,-|iei| ll  few , week-, ,(,-|- 1 he  then and selling nil!  cents, .fil.23 in cloth.,  While ear.; "-Jr.-, l|eii--ha.v  I'iingi'inenfs fo write a  number ol 13.  C, articles foi- different   periodicals and  in the (hroe last,  number-  nf the Canadian Magay,irie I'or 'OS will .vipi'ir sev  open'.-i '.lianch e'st-r-.H-lnrrer.i ,--.t Nelson, .'ill .-ir l-angerrrents for ihe opening v.'.rich will h.' on or about ihe Stli  insl. have been made und-r die sirp.r r-  intendence of "\Ii. A'. I!. ]'.' He.-rrn.  'Ih--r-eaie id ready three bank- doing  business in Nelson but,lhcre i.s !<,(s of  room for (lie Impel ia! iind, if (he same  poi.'ilar  . y-i-i  lil   lint   be   surpii-ing   lo    --e<'     il  ,'ily i-.-r-ik   \'.i!h   (iu*  long.-r  e-i.*ii-  n  i.r.ii  Willi  -pe,  vet     caiefii!     m.-inag<>mi nt,  inr-tied as  at J!"ve!-ioke,   m  wen!   In sesiii    ed irisiiluiion-  iew la auch w i  Tin* manager of il.,  lie .Mr. J. ,M. Liy.i !  lalmoiiton hut the n*i,ne- of ihe olln r  of/leer- have nol  beer; Ic.rrm-d.  OUR OTTAWA LETTER/  A'WEEKLY BUDGET  OF POLITICAL  AND GENERAL NEWS.  Sir  Tj In-;;)3'iL the Mattress.  ,.Mi. (;,t:ub  eiigiiieer.    rrrr-iv.'d     W'eiliiesd  Victoria lo iii-������;iiv! I be   mal 111  provincial  governii eni.  ,-'.'--''"-"--'-"     from  work  lo    bo-.v" jMi-.    lieu- j on il,,- i ivi r bunk.   ' I !e .���������iriaiigi-il lo  go  wjil bei'll i.M'd in ii1! lo (ii'il.len Thci^dav nnd will lelnii*. mi  b ink   will be out  ��������� usual1" pi ice,  Monday  when   lie  i > I rpi'i,l ion,   run   line-,  j -o'niiiiiiig*..    !|   will  will   begin   Iii-   ir^-  levi'N,   and   (."ike  be   intereUing < In  n.-icle .at-oj know l'i (mi .Mr-. C.iiuble if he ciui'^id'-r-  t hal-Ihu mattress   i.-   *till  doing   'u>L  what it wa-mlended to do, as 'it, is  a  mailer   of   vjlnl   Inipoi t.-rirc..*   to    ll,e  town. '  eral illiistraled iirt.k'ie- from her pen.  Julian Durham I-, so,far, the only IJ.  C. authoress ,-.vlm.se win t*. ha\ e ;rp-  lieared iu prim  out-ide   the   province.  WASr IT. JUSTIFIABLE.    ���������  The Spanish-American   War   Ddbakcl  \- _    In the Methodist Church.  Tlie debate on Monday night^iimler  tin* auspice- of the Epworlb league,  was well sustained throughout and  gave much pleasure lo a very large  audience. The. subject- Thnt, ,Um  Spanish-American ��������������������������������������������������� \\*j*s jnsiifl.ihle  --was a splendid one. for delrale and  was ably dealt. \\\\\\ by the speakers:  on both sides, Mi--sis, Sullivan and  Bnker- defended the aHirnialive -ai'iii  ,11. L. Lovei-ing and Rev, S. J. Thonip-  son - championed tin* negative cause.'  Jli-. Sullivan look up I he causes of (he  war and Air, linker ably,dwelt on die  benellerm't , resull*.. 'I'hough, die  n'eg-itive side made an able plea poinl-  ing out, with Young while (hat.���������"One  to de.-troy is nriudei- by the law; aud  gilibets keep the lifted hand in awe; lo  murder 'thousands 'takes a ' specious  name, war's' glorious art, and gives  immortal I'n me"-���������llie well put arguments and forceful" points' of die  affirmative speakers carried (he day,  however, and ,il w ns so dccl.-ii-"d'by the  three judgis, Mt-ssis. Linclinaik,  Ilodgins and JUilinuiids.  LOCAL AND PSHSONAL BRIEFS  W. A1  in;  '.iliaui-i hi is eng ijcfl  ���������ii Tapping's opei-.r. house.  in c.i.s-  ' J. M Kellie, niemlrm-eleei, ret iirnifJ  i'l OUT Kaiulo'Ci- this inor-iiiiig.     "  C. J. .Via in'- sto.-e, wii.dciw w. s  irioa   ariistiuiilly   d.-os-seil   tiris  week.  Y\ in. l)ieki<'. i.s pulling up' a hoard  fence around his'ni'o'perty on First,  St.  JT-uulsniue, " millinery ai'ij l.idio.s'  fancy goods'at Coiirsiei's. ,o  . It yun-'want a' in-okouolfl hoard go  to tlie Curid i Drug &. 15.iolc Co.; they  have (lic'in. '' ���������   o  A nice lot hE sranenii- spoons just  i-eceivei] ,-it the. CunuU Drug it Hnuk  Co., Re\elsloko Station. v    _ o  Dr., E. Fnricr, of'' K.uiiioop--, died  in I lie*' -J ul nice Hospii.-il, 'Vii.-iorra, on  "Uiiirrlay niorning.  Rnlrert. C.iyle.y isrputtini; up"* si large  biiililing.it the. j-.inc! ion of ' f.r ive'rii-  nieul and 'Kiisi stieel.s.  . 11 is. icpni fed lira   Hon.   .\l,r.   Mul-  oi-/-, post mast er general, will   m rive at  V aiieoin e.  Tin:'  on tin:  'icinple family will not,  move bul   wnl rein.un  1 5th (if this month.  l.ivo to  at Revcl.sloke,  made    In     that  Owing lo t he illness  of   Miss  Smilh  dead.'    11 is supposed   he  got - bet ween j the standing of pupil.*- in   Division 111.  I he-cars of t he passenger tr.iin'and was i <-"an not be given,  struck   by   one   of ihem   vvi,ih, .sucli j division1 i.  violence thai, lie was killed.    The body \     Class.].- ]-t, Eva Lang; 2nd,   Ilai-i.ld  was brought lo Colden'hy  No.  2 and i Clark; Uril Edith Fraser-.  an inqnesl   will   be   held   hv   Coroner-}     Cla.-s J.���������1-t,   Charlinoro   Gralranie;  Mrinu'el.                       '               ,                   | 2nd,     Claudie    (.Hark;    Sid,     Frnnces   j ������.* .                   i Paget. ���������   ,  * D. Fe.guson and Win. Jlulim-i; were ���������     Cl������.-s .'5.���������1.-1,   Hes-ie   Lawson;' 2nd,  ���������Viiuic Fen i.-; Hnl, Thoiinih Allen.  giison a ik  in from l-'ei-guson tliis week  The secoii-1 accideul in the   railway  yn-ils this week occunvd   Tlniisdav to j    ('l-i^s  "Andy'1 Ai/.-inan.   ��������� A   ll.it   cai-   loader  wilh   wheels  wheels |-i)llc*c  A   Hat  wa--    slmutb'l    inn!    the  olV. one hittiii'.'   Aikiii.u)  on th<! side, ot the  able lr> walk home,  blow,  I)-''id.       Mr,   was  lull   got   a  nasiv  We have receiwrl t'iinii_ llie Poole  Pi-iiiting Co., I.tfi. T'li-oiiin, ji copv of  "His Urother-'s Keej i-r," bv Chailis  M. .Slielf.'oii. (he well kno.vn .uilhoi of  "In I lis .Slep.s."' 'This is |,,,t rinlc ,-i  'Mighlful story, !o!d in an ii.ie: f*-,iing  mruine.i, but is full or lielpi'nliic-,-. and  one of the meniest p'roblenis- of lire  ���������1 iv is alily ilcilt with. .At all i:C'-.\--  dealers. l  DIVISION   11.  L ��������� 1-t,   l'i'.-ii-l   Hobirison; 2nd  Mni-y   I''r|waid<������; .'rd,   IJeatr-ice  Illand.  Cl.-r,��������� 2.���������1-1.   Annie   llaii.-on;   2nd,  (.iracc Gmdon; 8i-d, Malic] li.irclay.  Class 2,   Pi-iniei.-1-t,   Alice   I-Vn is,  2nd,   Win.   Ogg;   .'Jrd,   Benny   Dickey.  Total daily attendance 2U07*  average  daily attendance, 112.71,  A Sullivan,  IJ  I'liicip.-il  ..   .  Donald Doings.  It is  lepoited   in   Donald   thiit'lhei  arrangemcnls for-rnoving  the   railway !  company's works w ill mil   be  complete  by November lalh but  will  r-rjuire an  extension' till   December   1st   to    put  , evervthing in condition for a change.  The new biulge  over  Ihe  Columbia  -is growing. Tine.' large g'ranile piers  have been built, the dimensions of die  centre one being 7 fl. -loin, ncrn.-s, .Ihe  top and 1(J ft. t in. wide wilh a ci't-  water-at each i nd. The length between  the niiddk- -I'.-iiis will be 12') feet  between piers and tie girjeis ,*u, | |u.  ends 0.") feet long, The super-! nn lm e  will be of iriiii. The biidge is being  huill under the .-upci-vi-inn of Supl. li.  Duchesnay with li. I*"nd'i*l! as foieruan.  ari-iiiigenieuts    hem  eilecl.  Or.-ui'.l    Master-   'S.U'gent,     of     the  llrolliei hood  of  ijocomotive.   Firemen,  expects shortly to make a dip through  Ihilish Columbia.  Last wtek's Oi.i/.eHe. .���������un'ionnce.ri the  appointment of ,J. 0. W. "Mnllneh, 13.  A., M. I)., to lie niedical he.-ilili ollieer  for this lowiTof liRM*!stoke.  Mr. and Mrs. lleain relurned from  Nelson Siinda'y, and j\Ir. Iie.-iru went  back again on busines-; eounecK'd  wilh opening llie new branch.  J The. Feldnirui-Ktewarl watch case  on Wediu'.-diiy irecessitaled the 'nt-  leiiflanc'.'. uf n large ��������� number of wit.  prist's from out of town.  The IS.Uike.-s'   Association   of    Canada lias pas-a; 1 a   ies'iluiion   determining   tint   heioifler   e.Npivri   eirnprnv1  be   iiecepii-il   at    p-ir.  drafts will   not  .Mipp J. 13. Evank,  1st A.-sisliint,  ���������MlSh  A.  S.MITIl,  2nd Assistiini,  rr!i  Cute  "*.} lot- bloc/.-,  o  Dr. iW.ujkeii/.ic'-i Cn.i  l'owfler for cold in die licei. ratanh.  etc.. give-j'lino-t instant n-iiet -Ceo.  F. Cuiti-. The Ihn'ggisi. 'I  l'li-ve!,sto/e 'Station.  Neilsfiri < and L-ifor rlre'*, j-nk- trains  ru rived down in in ib'g Meini Tue-riav  evenie.g. This is the la-: irpof til**  -e.isuii pinli.il'lv. .1, X"i!-in  P'reneli Ci cck ('o. u oii'ii v ,|  as tin", oi ui Ji I nn,! **\ pi. .-ii.,] ;,  .-lean up in .dwny ten d.r\s. The  French.Cn-ck o'tidit w ill'"come (lit ,-is  soon as the clean-up is 'niaile. ]larrv!  Mowru-d having un 'arraiigeiiieut with  tlieni to bring  tlie'iii; down' at  .95.par  'iiiiin,  ��������� ���������id die   tin  a- long  iriak** a  A Ti(e)resome Walk.  .Montreal papers report that Lnui-  Collnd, a returned vvoiker on the  C-ow'sN'-si J'.iss Railway, applied t.o  the Detective D"partrnenl for as-isl-  ruic" to locate a sum of money which  he had been told by some wag was  avv.-iitiug hiin in .Montreal. When he  iii-iived In* was 111__ a dilapidated  condition and-aid lie lru! walked all  way from Revelsloke, iu the  Rockies. While there, another union unntc and he met and Collard w,i**  informed that a relative had died here  who bad ���������befpieiitiled hiin (piite a  fortune. He had been' without, food  for some time "'and had .'only t.he. remains" of the clothes, he stood in. Ue  iind l)i;i.'n''..omi*'.t'-*t)i*tbs oi| ihe \ot\i\,  The London Agency.  .Mr. W. Walter*;, ni the   Uiiiish Col-  unrbi i Land rind   I nvesl incut   Agency'j  is teinporarily ,-icling a-,  agerit-genei al  for this province in   London, Knglnnd.  The offices of die I}, C.   hand and   Investment Co. arc .si l un ted   in .Ser-.p aiils  fini, off Fleet   street;   which, as i- well  known, is .the centre of die new >| riper,'  publi-hing dislricl.      IJeing   more  ren- '.  Iral I he offices would be far   more   use- ,  fill to British  Columbia   Ihan   (Ire 'ate,  ones in Victoiia street, nnd ,-liould Mr. i  Walters    be   daliuilely   app'oiiileil   ad- I  ditioiial offlci' and   leading   room. Will :  be   secured   for   the   purpose, of   tln-j  agency.    Air.   Walter-' iippointiiieni i- j  well   supported,   hi-  .'.election   having'  been most fa vol a I ly i oiuinciiled op by ]  Britisli   Columbians   iu    London   nhol  know him   Lobe well   acquainted wilh j  the province. !  Golden Smelter.  Il is reported in (ioldrii dial negotiations tire now in progi'e.--i with a view  lo the purchase and   operalioii   of  the  siii'dlei- at. Golden.   Tl lerpr-ise vvill  be worked as a copper sineltei, and Ihe  purchasers will give every assistance  Lo the development of copper properties which vvill he iu a position to -hip  ore to the smeller.  The New Wes! minster Columbian  endorses ihu Mail's views i.f t.viriLr.-i  kinderg.irleu'au.xilinry to the public  school    when*   conditions   war rant   it.  W. A. Jackson, yai diurisier, got his  his hand and clhuw caught between  cars while train , making on Tuesday,  lie was out agiin Thursday.  The tniuisl car serv -co on die C, P.  li. dm ing lli'; wiuier will ho as follows: Leave  Tlunsilav;  I'm  V/i!li'am Van Home 'on the Canadian harvest and the deveicp-  m'ent of Pacific coast trade���������  Co-r.mep.dt.bIe unanimity' on  imnerial   n*atr.ers.  O.TAWA. Oct. 2'.). -Sir, Williiiiii Villi  Uorne,  president   nf I lie ('. J". I"..   l:as  j-.i-vi i-i-tunied ior.Mimirci*!  afler liisun--  rrialjoiii- ot inspection   iivci* the. svs-���������  , i' *  l 'in. going we-i by ib.- main line  and  i r'turning   by  i h.^_C.'n-.������l*j_ Nti,-t^-P.ifcS.  h'.'V.' men ,,-n-e   iu   ,*i    belter   pn*-.;! ion   to  ,g'vc   leli.-ible   opininir-   iipo.i  die   ol.t-  ,1 > ik and   ic' is, ihecfin'i*0 very   sal is-  f.i.-tory       io       b'e.-ir    .  the      harve'sl '  prn-pei Is .-poken of ,s.>  ojaiiiii-iically.  He i- leportcil   to   biiv<:  de'cliuVd   that  "tlie country  everywhere' piesenls , in  dicatio.'is of pi-u.spi-i-ity',  .-ind nn  onor-'  irrous crop, th- liiggesl  we lmvo  ever  Ii id, has been   harvest ed   in Manitiil'.i.'  and the Noij hw est,   but  i|s iiiiiv.'mv'.t  ha-   h'-en   kepl'ba-k    by   the severnl  week-of wet weather   ihey liavi*. hill', =  Tire    i-epoil-   of    i.������iliiige   li.ive    !i<;������ n  gr.Mlly   eXiiggeiMli'd, , .-lird ��������� it  is   net  li ;ely, dint, the cpi.unity sent out wi.l  be uiati'i-i'illy aifected." ' - ���������  Tlier-e ,h?r- been cimsidei-ablV  ditTitrii*-  ty irr'ihi-dart oj ibc Doiiiiriiiin in getting at the true condition  of affairs in-.,  Llu*   vve.-t,   exper-ienced   tiavi'llers  .-uul  men .whu-i*   ficiliLii'n   of   ijlrserviilion  rt till    ilbillly    to    j'.iilge,      inakii      tin* r  opinion wot thy of every con.sideratior, ,  dilfering widely  in   their estimate  < f  the final.outcome of the. harvest.' One  has declined that the i a ins of the  past '  few weeks Iia ve ruined   fully fifty pi r  ce.nl ot t he ci oil-, while another asserts  thai the bulk of the crops wi'i-e housed  before  (he  rain   cauu:   anil  that   tho  il.image ��������� ii, so   immaterial   lhal   this  year's- crop   vvill  exceed   that" of   any,  p.rev ions,season.    Probably liuih views  are   somewhat,    exaggerated.      Theie. ,  seems  to  lie  little   doubt ���������thnt.  befoie  the   rains   eauie   the.   pnispi'ets   -iv.*ie...  phenomenal and  in'some district^' at..  ' least, (he harvcsl was snlTicienily advanced tu make lli<* ilam.-igo little-of  nothing, while in other st'rliims great  harm resulted. Tlie ctuise/isus of  opinion that lias 'reached lu-re eiLlier*  iu llie personal report ot travellers or  in iievvsuaper de-patches is undoubtedly nf dm. more optimistic character;  sutiiciendy su to -justify the '-strong:  hope thirl die crops of 1S-)S will nt le.-ut  equal lire phenomenal yield, of laf-t  season. ,  * o  CANADA'S' HZr.C'dAST 3liBI>"E.  lie-ides the splendid outcome of the  harvest, Sir William calls intention to  the magiiil ude. .of the. ocimu trade  which has been built up on the Canadian Pacific coast, and at Vnncouvrr  especially, an example of which he,  give- in the li-l of ocean ' vessels loading in the harbor on the dnyaif his nr-  .rival in Vancouver-, October 13th. The  list included six vcs-el.- for Aiutriilia  and four for (Jhinii<and Japan, two for  youth A i-ica and two for Africa; lie-  -idea which theie was quite ;i fleet, of  coasting vcs.-cN, and other.*, doing n  Infill trade.  Wilh a harbor, mi ihe Piicilic coa't  capable of being made eipinl to any  harbor iu die world, and with the capacity of .M.niii cal harbor, in tiie east,  made -.iil'h ien:, fur the largest oc������*an  boats, die merchant marine nf (jtiuuidii,  already fniuih aiming tin; nations, will  rapidly climb higher in the sinle.  131 I'l"���������.(���������.���������*. I.  J'AltTY   I'ATlilO-nSM.  Amid the anxieiy and str-punsc vvilh  Si. Paul daily.  II l-'leiniug'i on. will le.ivi  Vicloi ia I |o|el lo night a I S o  v>!rn p for Tapping'--  make   dips   till    nl!  evelstol.e   for    I lost fin, ! which   the   nation-   are   vvali-liing   the  l\aoiiiii,   .Mond.-iv:   I'm j diplomatic sti ugglr   ������������������>*��������� ween  i-jirglnnd  lli  i'hc.ii ic  and    vv ill  rue   .rccomod.ited.  The Imperial at Nelson.  , The object (if llie receiil, visil ol  Messrs; Wilkie,'g'em'r.-il iii.-iuager, and  Uearii, local iiiitiiager,..,i)f Ihe Imperial,  Bank of (Janadn, to 'the. cities of the  lower Kooteniiy is now exphiiiied by  , rVlie apnqiU'cen-cnl, that Mint bank  will  Ibiiilid 11 ip fin e L'."i cenl-i,  Vegelabie   Calhai lie   (b runic.,   fm-  -ic/.' Iii-.-ifI iche, bilinu-iie<,-.  iieligesi ion,  iind /.'iiidied   i-otiipl.-iinis.   ���������"."ic a hot lie.  -���������-deo. V. (Juiti-, The   Druggist,   Tay- j  lor bloc/-, l.ev clsio,-/e Station. o  A gtC'U   many   families   inleud    i e-  inning    in    l)oii'-ild    over   die    winter  in nit lis, and   i In*y   .-ue   determine I    in '  make the lime as   lively   ns possible iu .  I In  old lovvii.  Mr. and   Mrs.'   li.dlcgarde,   old and  ,  Isloke  left  louie iu Ijciimai I.'.  bv  ;i   large   cir cle i  i e.iiecU'd residents   of   I'evi  (''i-id.-ry for theii old  Tliev vvill be iui->-*er  of friends. '  II. N. Coursiur is sole agent in llev   '  (.'Isloke for iSlal i'l Shoes. n  Stop    (hal   cough   wilh    Syrup    di >  White    Pine    and    Tar.      (hily 'Jyc a  bottle al   tie   Canada    I >rin;   k    Look,  Co.,  Kevelstoke Slalion. o      \  Aiii'nigsl     |)oiiidd     iiiining   n cords.'  nppeiirs a ti-nnsfei-   of    tin;;  lilucbcll, j  Copper Slain, arid Tinilierlinc Fit'iction  fmill    Abi'itliainson     J-'i-os.    to   .J.   .M.  Kellie.    These clitinis ai-o  all   on Cop-  jier.sUin niuiinpiin, licur ei'eok.  I und l-'iairce. lunch iiii"i-esl attnehos, ut.  J  |ea-(  ill (he eyes of   (lie   IJl'lli-h, to tl'.O  i ntiiriideof di" lead.>i- of 1 lie imperial  op| i-sil inn. Lord Ko-ebcri'y, lhelat������;  pr-emii'!-, .-uul Mr. Il"iiry A-ipu'ih, the  lio'ii" secrelai-y of hi- guveiniueiit,  and   otliei-   -caici-ly   less pi'iuuinent,  have      gone       mil       of        llh'ir WHJ"  Ii) publicly declare their enlire flip-  poitend iiiifpialilleil .-ipinoviil of the  policy o) di" government, again, t  vvliorn ordinal ily they would be so hit-  tt rlv oppo-ei.l. It i- n miigiiiflceut in*  stance of ih" high standard to which  imp.-i ial politician- have .-illriitied, and  should be an object les-nii to party  imn of all shades <n'i this side of the  All.inlii. when ihey are tempted, as ,  unfoi lunaicly i- too :ific*n the case, to  throw iisideiill paln'otic consiilefiitioiis  cither in home mullet.-or in (he presence of a common opponent, if there*  by they can sic/.*.- a iiioinenl.-irj' ud-  vaiil nge Tor their pin (\ ,  A Treat in Store for Theatre Goers.  The ,gie,n act it���������. .Mis-j Jam-  Coourb*., will appear al Tapping's  theatre on Saturday, Noveinbci 5lb.  This will be the important tbeatiical ;  event of. die , scaf-oii, .'and tlie beauty'  .-ind fashion ot bur city will .uirn out  U> vvclcotpe this greul actres--. ^SKi&E:^
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1.0 inriely .wirl.io'iit-liiat   fiiipeiy  ; -Why! yi|f|() inontiily./oi-$1,271,0(1(1 annually.'.      '���'
���"i "_.-K|at.erne)ltS'])ubli-]l"r'l .at' I ii'- begirt-.;
: niiig"of this year ivi-ii-- to die c-fly-M.*;
.'������ j I.bal Urns, 1',-ti- Ih'r-i'ayiie had paid^i'.-/
,/ ,S()ll,t)(lO,in dividends. -'If-thi-i is H'liri-it, ;
. .���������Afl.'-r'..-r, . ii i-i'-ir-. v ii in. I.astiiig'-..eleveii j --.and. there isan'i. reason .|o donbi il .-'
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;'���'iiiau/f pa���--������ii' '-ni oi'd'ii'ge -peli--ioii: bill, j'llre mine has paid I.lie , '(-(i.mfoij-nbly. j
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Oiu A,:(o Pensions."
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I.hi:., truly I'eiiiarkable lei.-oi-d? .-���"   j
.The,   bi-eaking   down/ of    lire , vir'st,-'
.!���,...I- iiiin-.iui, siurll, on  -ali-I'vin-r a dep-i epianl -ily of ore .necessary to get  dice
iii'y.rcgist'nu''   oi- a stipend'.ry magis  I Irrr^i; retiirnt'.lJiW Dot   .interfered. (vith
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B(. /'J'i'y tliein/ ZBiiH'tliejii
fi HririlivVare.'-luiil "'i'iiis'ii'iitiii.ii.i;,.,;,..
��X'Mvtilstoke Sta'XXX'-;;/~tt:. CX
Furniture and--
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L   firfjf--'
Ff-iED. M WE'LlS,*.Mine ExAMiNEn'."'
��� d. R. HULL-& GO.
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'���.'.';','���;"... 'Wai-clintisa-ii] coiinuctioii for storage)
'."'"'. : .'. . cl' fiuiiilyriiiiiotlicrfiivi'iitiii'e.'ti'iiiiks,
���: ...        /   etc., nt -monthly or other -rates.:'    ���
'Affciits roivltriyirioii'il Scvvliii'JIiicliliiCfl.  '
;';'".'���'������R'evels'to'ke: Station.; B.C.��
J Wholesale and Retail;
! .. MTCHSR . . !
UliAbl-jlt IK,
���j Wholesale'v. and   Retail
!������.��������� "������-���        "t.:-������:::.
;: Purvcvi .r-j of ll i^i-ekiss Meats. | Milk Oows; Saddle,'Pack,;
; '". ��� I       Driving and Draught
: ;-  HEVBLSTOEE, B.O.: 1 .'-Horses!    '.���������
All rird'-i->: _iu i_.ni- lin ��� -.vill b." jiruu")
Ult'.-iKit-u to.
pUy' Revelstoke Station, &&
r THE KOOTENAY MAIL  FAGB 3  Biliji  BY TUE DL'CJIK.-S.  Jfc   was  c' i":i:*ii*   l"  1 f l.nri : ar  Hi-   ,.y.'.--  ri.yA ji:-i.v .;  any   .���������:,'> 11  iin-fi:]? l:i.  il  vpi-y    littk*  !i- -.    ,-ui i    n    ��������� :-  ;>. 1 ;.������m- i i������-].i:i<-i.  ���������-!���������''>.-{���������      l'l'.*D'.l!������'l  ; I'ioii^'ri in r  rl-.-.t nu.'br. b  ]��������� 'ii-.', i n :���������-.    Ir  r.vin, ' with a  4 > inril, ami  :   .-ibciirt  hiin.  In; i:'. .������=('-  ��������� ���������"fv 'i* ir'*!r of  'lyii'jr abnuc  i* t!ii:\,',ir.' in.  b."  -i'j\:l^  it-,     s*itrr.'"������  ' ft'.'l It    J HUT  .   ]),-"*firi".i, vc-  t"i:i t". ��������� bishop  Mr V,-tl::,  s.-n.  ������������������I'f'.nv.'  bo'H in-1..'.*.  till i v.'ii'j i.iiji-''  "Jlr j-r UwT your cijiial.   ��������� i.v  ilr.-u*.','  '���������I liopf* jmu a;-(- not {rniwiii^ world!  ci:ici    D.i'ci'U'a,    wirh :i ~ -verity    rl-.-it  I.k ; 'i'i:' .'i*'i;.*)- - iu.i.*. .1  -f-:v i.-ni'-,", ���������.  he  c  GA  AOfl  TF.T-nT^TR-v  rjlj^   fSiats'  F 11 -,     .  uir si v  '���������> I--  ���������IV   I.V.'li-  lie*  rirc  I'vir (i aiiv l.ian, iiii.l.>  iu   mith, r.o man  tli'.r.jT.ir evil of bim.  iic*   l;n I   1 cvji   rvmly   year-; a curitt1,  bin J :k1 "U'vcr =i^*ic*Jl f ir I i-c'ii'i- v,\ii;es or  l.pi i!./o.i a h.'ifc'-'iirjj*" lor T':u ik-li-i'Ot*; of  J'tjypt.    C-iiTpr.tol   ho    wns   and   Ir.ippy  iu: o-ij;   in-, -.in;c -.neful    old    women  nnd  -i!.-!y  ol.t   nii-'i     ill* v.rr.t to ljf-cl at. eiglir. |  o'c*ic'.;, or 1 .-iii'-]) i-t; bo lievi'i- wont"   into [  i.n-ioty: ''bi.itod.   thero was   hnvdly   any'  ji.l'j whirli to p'i. i;:    /.;������������������ nd.I^'i.C'." h-is'i  \i j.i ;���������.- in whivii l:c  ii,-<"*..    'Ir*   kiicw  as  little   iibnur   the   :-r.-.*ti;i-   oh.tripos   that ,  , ii'.-i'I)   now   ir.i.l   rlj-Mi.'.   irtci t.ishio^iab.f. ;  .'.I I-! i.i.lor.  i i - r   jci'l  rf'Viijflili'un',  i.i -  Irion : and -r-oil-  lil"-' ;r- i;i- .-oath .-.  JJiili-.jiC'i a ������ rrti'n  irn.l n L'V Mt li"i -,s;  child���������W'l-.iKl <it-n walk ilov.-a fri'lus  cii:t!i':o t i ;iv i i :i, but ho would ='-lilor-i  t.o lo J" ;-, IU' ���������.vol.W never ci:i" from  liniijp. bur <-n:iii iimi'-i I ' '.v.viH fi':n fnm  Uu'icinca's li.-ind t'l-i <-:ti> < f '. :i ������:.:u had  r'li'.y f"i- lii.n :.l ;'.". li"*i S <>i* tli' (lay,  Irn-'wlrrr i; t i h ��������� I 'n- i m* .L-.ii'.Jil d"'.i ht.  r ���������   ii  .     ,i ijj,   and   *..��������� :���������*.-   l.i-r * 11  ������������������li-.dly i;-.\rnu-- <"j:i i-,>**t'-..  '-.\:-'l   is   li,   jo,- r*;- tli*   only t'.i:i<:  a.'TT.'.:'ci him.'"  ������������������'ily br-.'iop ... ~ ol'ir.- oh.,irisons."  ~ ��������� Oh, I U'ln,-,- .ill :i"i) itlh.::," -;:i.l sho,  vr'.l l '.iipo.-') ifisi;.*.'i. '-I u;-..T,v ;>* lia-r  been iisi\i:ily tr.vin.'r f) ���������=���������;,- nui 'sinie  tvntnr".'-,' liitii n.'i; ��������� i bl!) -s njli^tiinij ro  ])ioi* (iornH'- Oxford dnys. 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(-.-  ,1   _,*,'  .ui  ao  said   ton.  wrdked with him up :iiv.i   down  ���������-;.>i-.i"ii ji".th ono i,ionni.ix   in  r.iv  iiv/.*  hi-  iin.r.jinfr his arm   the  wnilo.  all   iny  nr.-;fni.  t. ootil I  ���������Oill'l-  SI'.L-ll  S SllC  little  riii'i'.v inter,  ���������I'm sure I '  t.'oth with  .And  you,  r.cvor liurt  l  (".!��������� !  <L" '  an I  .v. i.i  t.--.r  1 id  and  ("a v  [1 ir-���������  :!!-.'��������� '  ' ���������!.' I.  ri -.  u, ���������> i  l".i n \  ';.r, !  a't d i  i ,' ant i io  m i  ...rii".  .*i,*i    ve*'. i    '  ,ii ! !-.'): '  wdt    b i:  -     -..70,,".'.'  o'd ! l.lil   i  ", i M-p ; : ' .-. ii'i .in i  ��������� r* -'.:,* ^v.l-.    far Ii'diiI i  .. ��������� I,  ia   pr-iy ho.- I.iife !  'I '.l-'O.       '" Vflll   V.'il   (CM J  'i,   ,-.;,'. i ! '.t ! iOi* u--. |  il   ii!'1 .*:ijy ���������-!-;.l (,(  l o v\-*'t li* i, oi t'i y.iu, |  i:;' ui b io i v<- m- 1 t.'i.it> j  !.     Yo l   will iii ,o us i  ij-1'Js-.in-:*,   m'u   shall  j;v a. canon i.')Yj.::. I  il'uili.rivd from l-'i-l Wc-c-i..) |  l  iiiiv.mt l-ros,   iir.-i'hcr   iirll.*   ini-mru-.   ������-li������ |  wnubl   nor bo allowed ro   lvm.iiii   siny;lu j  l"nir.   Now her umrriape wiaild mem, of  io*;c-r. tho l.iss  ut   ;i   Inm.troj ;i yo.ir. so  V.-hiinni*-   licr -r,*p-f.itlior do t.i   jircvonc  Ir.-    Ho take-, th<; o.'imous fours* ot l:oop-  in>j ]u*r at homo,   and   lo~lii Idin.^ her ro  ���������Si'i'jcjlic* co r.pany of   rojph*   of   Jror ow:.  ri'-,'.-?  But sojii lie found   that   won! 1 not  answer lorever.     Sru* bec-une iv--tive. in-  -i-rol   tv.on her rights,    and   linally an-  UQunoed   her     jiositivc    ' intention      of  iriini tj a c rni.i ball. Wnas does her  c'ov.'r -t.-p-f.-.t'i^r da t'l.'n.' Hj c mceives  a-i id* i in >.-.- c**lifiU'.o t) hi- he.i I thin  t)5ii- h*.irr. Wir l tic coimirriiics and  ,"-. -i=: iiiiv of i,:- wile, hf*rii pui'.-'1 him-  * "If. ci.'of.'i ri i-(- i;."*.i eyo5 wirii lintcd  <,*':i---..���������-. ni i-'c '5 T.i'- l.-ic- wir i a mnstaohe  in.', a I'.ii ��������� of lui'j>- -v- )!=1:t--, sa-i'c tint  ol'i: Mile* i_:i ;i:i is-irsn.iri:!^ w.ii'pcr,  an '. (1 in 1 *-.*o.ir ��������� on rrcivjurit rit-th ��������� <{irl'*s  -.rj-t -.r.;lit, li ��������� api-irs'ris Mr. ILi'iiitr  Au^el, rail k v;i- o'.i" other ljvcr.-i by  nii'.kins liro''ti!.!i-.,"f." . i  "It wa- o:i!y -i ji';: nt fir^t,,'' prn.xiiDl  oir." vi-ifir. **\V ��������� n -f..'.- t.i ni_;'.lt that sho  wo-d.i h-rvo h^-'n -��������� i oiir-.-ifii .iwav."  " V.-1'/ li ;"H- u ), JI j v ':i'c , th i; ni iv  11', : *.' y in:i : k-.-iy vT.a- A ci.ieily carried  iii'M -, n *d li iviaq <r lir.: rn.i i.; up lpr  rua ' r -. r li"r -r-p f.ir..-"*.* was in oi-.inco.  iii.' -n-pi.-i i.i oi r-'o.va.'ry never for ar)  in-r-uit oiueivd h?r niiu-1. Sire was ilar-  l.-.-ed by The   -4 -litloni i:i"s rittenrions, and  o  -^.TTfjESa     /<T^>i  *7%     [f"~  f*red Robinson, Proprietor.  ��������� ISP (TL ���������ST1 CtrlVR  j������l blX  Shingls?, Mouldings, Finishings'  OUT MATES FOB SF������T ���������ASI%:  11 -  ������������������l''Ci  ui'.-re  ���������.rtr in  i=e*l hy the 1 loudly  < f her " mother,  in   n call,   for  y ��������� i ���������' n "-i: and  .'il   VV .li   J'  !l''i.'.V   u  st-p1"   -ar.l   t ie  t;n< t lin;:.    Tin-  oiiini'iice you,  ' liave iie,ii'ly*-=.mashod  them ovo? rnri over  wirli your t":>dev hea  . me o: any livin.rt i'i;v. ' I,know���������md  (i.T.-.ld -.ivs it too���������t'iat yo-.r.i'-o the lij-jt  and de-irost man in nil tlio world,    ���������  Hnvin-j   expUrde.l   this   little shell .--ho  Wfiited sonrewhnt anxiously for tho re-ulr.  "Xow���������now���������I   run   afraid   you   havo  boon writbur to Gerald again,''   said  the  ��������� doctor, slopping in his walk and regard*  inp; her with what* ho believed to bu  bCTcrity.  "'Vc*s, r have," =r-i 1 Mis- , Vane,  prom Idly. "Isn't it pood of mo to 'tell  yoit th" truth o.ft'qi i:o ) lainly.' I'll cell  you ponirthinu ol-o,' ton. If you --rry evort  one. <:nair-eoI<iinn word to inc. I-hall  run away from you, and you s"ia'n'ti see  me again for a week." '  ��������� "Dear me: dcarine! this [-. 'i.-rriblc)'1  said the iloernr, almost" trrlgic.illy.  Now. Mi-s Dnlcineri Vane, bo.-ldes be*  ins- an heiress, was ai������o die bishop's  vv.-u-d.  Ann' t'.n* bishoii was   <a. *nily desir-  ' ons cf doin.i- his dmy by her���������whioh  meant'turning a jCold shoulder 011 all  needy young men. who ial I iheir addresses to her. , 'lhpii* name' was lopion:  so rhar the pom- bishop liad by no means  11 good time of ir.   - , ',  '' '1'horo hail come nothing --ei-i'rus ci it  nil, how evor. unril aboul ������ix niniichs  ago, when Geraid Wyg.-am bad (iesconded  upon lucliinabauu.i ns it" from the  clouds. He said he had cimc for the  fishing, whioh wa- oxce'.lonr in the  neighborhood; Ivit. having .-eon 'ili-*i  Vauc ono day in tho euri.tj's gai-den, his  desire for trout suddenly died a mitiiral  dentil,' and hi- desire for   something else  " grow in 10 a mighty longing.    Uo   was n  tall   youna   ni.'ni, hauds-inie? and wor.-u ,  thrill nil,' eloquenc    Ho talked I'uleinea's  heart out of her b-i.iy befo.-o -he woke to  tho knowledge that she hud. oho. !  I'borc   wa-  ab-oUicolyno fault    to,   bo  found with hi.a bjyond the fact   tirat be  wns   the   fifth   sorr   of a   by  no   nu\ins  wealthy haroncr. This was a sin past, for--  grvenoss   in    everybody'-!    oyi>*=,      ixcvpt  Dulcinoa's.    s-he w.i-.   re.i.-onou with, ,ox-  po.-tu!ated with, ilu-oatened. All to no  1      , '9  "'tlie l"iishoprin a lonjT letter���������exqui-ice-  ly written rind perfectly woriloJ���������tinri'ly  cununanded Mls.-r Vane to cea?2 ti tnink  again of th.is lieriiUl W'ygram (this cl *i"k  In the Fo.-eign Ollice, with a pa'tvy  Ptijiend) for even one niomonr! To which  Dtilcinea sent a mock reply, to the effect  that ns usual her guardian's beha't  should he obeyed to the letter, .^h" would  indeed i:i>voi- think of Gor.iid Wy, run  iigain for that iusici iti'-anr nm-tinir (il  tiaio c.-rlled a uioii-.eiu, bat daily, hoariy,  until the family vauit cliiruul hei- f r il-<  own. Whercupuii ill" bi-hup' wrot ��������������������������� to  J Jr. Jirill, a-hor -p'u-ii mil a'.ivi-'-i', '.('..'ging ^  him to hrinif her 10 a proper fr.in'io of  iniiid. aiiii to "-ee, gonorally, what 'wiis,'  to be done.  Il was won-lerfnl how little could lie  done; and Ihrloinen - would promise  iiotbiiiL'. .~o Sn* Watkyn NYygnnn, Gerald'.-; fatlier, was written in: and he,  though 111'ighiily aniu-ei at iho whole  alTair. took the law into hi- own hand-*,  nnd ordpivd Gerald to leave Ii)cliiuri!.v.'::;:i  wifbotit delay.  O'lioro were certain reasons, why ir wnj.  bi'=t   to   obey  this order,    and   i-o, with '  many   kl--o-   and   vows of otornal con- I  -tiuicy. ihe lovers parted.  They fell thoir '  constancy might   bo   up   to   the te--r,, ns  IJulcinoa was barely olghleo-i, ruul. hy her  father's will,was not to come of age until  her   twenty-third   year.    Five;   yeais   to  wale! An eternity to rrn inipntlent heart!  A monlh'.*: trial having   jawed   to them  thnt   life   without   each   oilier   was  an  earthly purgatory, they resolved to try one  more expedient to .soften   the man in the  apron and the long silk snicking--.  "What is terrible?" a-ked Ihili'inon of  the curate, as they walked up and down  the garden.  "This correspondenc with Gerald,  when you know the bi-hop���������"  "Well, I won't do it again," she ������;ful.  "It Wfiuld be a slupid thing to wrile lo  hiin, wouldn't, it," continued Dulc-ineri,  Inncoenllv, "when X can .see him every  dny?"  "nee him!" Dr. Hull stopped short  again, and gazed at her over ills glri'-se.s.  "Wbv, you don't mean to tell 111c  thnt���������"  '���������Ves 1 do, indeed, lie is -tiiying  down at the white cottage, jnsl, like last  spring. He -nys ho has come for tho  fishing."  " l-'i-hiiig in .Innuai'v!"  "Well, If \i- i-ri't "fur that, it Is fur  (sonil'thing I'ls,-, And you ciu'i think  bow nice he 1- looking. And Ire i- -o  lnmi of you! Do you I.now. you woio the  very lli-st ir-'r- in b-- 11-';.'il for?"  "J)i I Iv, now?" Mild llu-il'iolnr, with a  bro-.r.ily grniidcd smile. . 'J hm lie iq.-oJ-  li.'irled hii.'is.-lf.aiiil iii'-ought himself back  to 11 propor���������fi'iuuu of iniiid with, thu lielji..  Of li. dry lltt'lo  iKHlfo'fr.    "TliO   hisliop liud  r- -.-1 .1 r.iiu ., 1 loL'ai.l  ' -'i'.; ��������� 1 v\j 1 arc to  ihe   1 liiiuji s   and   1  0'".'ii.l.    Ve-, y  coar   11 <dl..t .or  vie ii'i.vt.ii^g in a 1 11  doctor.   ,';!  ii i'iop's laco  nl-  t y.T.ir face rr|iin ;t  IV1 Lis'in   fin/or   of  i.i s'.iij-c io. l.'j i!   Oil, my  ymr   !i'ii-<   neve.' refused  life: do not begin  ������o  n >v.    T 11   i.i 111   I a.n sick,  to   do  dyin^--" "  '���������.T.'.t, nrv dear,girl,' ,* I n.'v.'i* -aw you  looking hcrt-'f."     ' <&  ���������'^*ev-er   mind,  I shall   get   sick.' Toll  hiin, ton, that Gerald ia suuh   a   legulur !  .itt"!id'int nt church, and-that-^-'-^���������t_aa=|.  "I e.iii t, Diilciru.!. All la-t sprina, |  .Sun.'.ay iifBC:- Sunu.'i'y, I j-.;,is-ed his h'cr.d |  in t io l-.'etory pew, wliere bo Was snp- j  no*pd t v ������*rt '" , '  All t.i;" p w; in t'i* '-.uu'jh at Iiiehina- !  |iii'������,m vre.i' so built tli.ii only iiv head* ���������  of ti-.e par-ishron-'r- cj.ild bo s-jen, siaring j  over then 1 as ii impale:!. '     ..  " Perhaps lie wa- there, but sitting  low,'" sr-.i.l Dalo'ne.i, ineiKlaci.n-ly.       ,    |  "Xo. Ho wasn t -itiing' there ar all," |  said the curate, forrowfully. "He was up |  the Somli ' sirenm, at Owen's farm, !  lishi'i<; lor tr.iiu."  '.'Well, esen if lie was.'1 said Gerald's  sweetheart, boldly, "-uroly there was  some escu-e for��������� him. r'uiidiiy.i r-houlcl  not be good ii-hing day.- and on every  one of tho-o you inonti 1:1 tli* tr'nir were  literally juiiiping our, of the water and  crying t") be caught! He. toll me so.  Why. iho hishop himself would lmvc  gone fishing 0:1 surh d'lys.'' ^        '     1  ���������'! 'must ruquert, Duleinea���������"    ' |  "Well, if ho wonkin't, ho would have ���������  been dyina to go; it i='jill the sj'ime," I  said Miss Vane, airily. '-Come, you'wil) 1  gc to the bi-hop ���������vou will do what you j  can for iis, won't you?" , \  ���������'Wlirit." nervously, "am I to say if I I  uo go? Mind, 1 havo not promise.!." !  "."trry that Gerald is worthier of me '  than 1 mil of Gerald. That will bo a good \  beginning; hs'snro'you say th 11. ' Wake1  me out a m 1--U roi'iOi'.'o giri, of wiioni 1  you cm get, 110 go id���������''  ' "Dnlcir,e.iT"' sanl iho doctor. ,witb |  iiicu.'iilul repr.ia -h "in' all thee years |  have I l.u.el to s-how you the irra-wious- j  nrf-i of ten i'n?" {  "Oh, bin what is thet-:n������"ii in cempni-i- I  sou with Ger.ilcl.-" 'said Mi=s Vime, with  an hupat-ieiit iteslurp of t;re right liruui. ,  Quittfovei-vhehnod by tlii-- la-r proof  nf iho u*.jles^nesi of ills m -i:-tr;, Dr.  Call niidntalued a crushed s-ilcnco. ���������  "You will sny jU3t what I hnvo told  you, won't you?" Baked Duleine:;.  nn:;iouVy.  "[ sn.ill   -vv  would   g'.a.l'y  curate, sad y  r-.'lf    In    in i'"ii  o ini-.i'     the  though sli-_-!n 1  ��������� yon 11.1 vc   a-  sec .iiup;i.le,  ���������' but   I .-. -, 1  rn > n;i,  la-imp,  v���������vitt 1  thin fm'rs 1  "    sdi   r-ie  it bting :ny-  'j ciri.-.i.   ;-. i������t   of  k'iT.\mg     yin ���������  l< 1 .V   it nn-' 1   an  opinion ul  His ov.ii n'rinl you. |  "lie 1- -.noli an o'd boiv," ���������-aid M;sj '  Van.", ir-ivvereni v, ���������������������������1 -, ,-i t don't . e'.ieve |  bo could toi-iii an o; i.uu:i on any -. l'.i- ���������  jecit."  In winch i-h * vvilo-.igo I   the bi-lnp. \  "I must beg yem won t =p-,-ik of your j  biih-ip li'.:o tint," s*.id rh *. curat*.  oariHSl'y. "He has ime.i of much -itvice 1  lo the Church. lie i- a g.vat and g->vd !  inaii.' Well," he continued, with a -urh, |  alt.a-a iiaii'-o, "f will g j ti hi-.i and j  inforc^-do i'-n- you. 1 s-h.ill wriie and ask I  him fo- nn Inicrvievv: but f doiib' it g jod ''  will conio of it. And wh-.it -hall I do ,  'ibei'P, 111 a -trang' pla"!*1, a.iiung Strang.* ,  fru-e-, rrfur nil the-e year-.'" I  In truth, it -oemrd.a terrible tiling to"  him, thi-undertaking. He would hnve 10 |  h'.-iTJ'hW home, for the flr-r liino t:r'.-" ',  ten years, and go beyond his beloved v  boundary, and launch himself, as it were. 1  upon lire world. ',  liur Ire wrote to  the   bi-hop. ncverrho- ;  less,   risking for   an   intervi ���������*,������.���������.   without  stating   the object he hnd   in   mow. and  received n vuy friendly letter   from that '  dignifu-y In return,   wiio,   indeed, wir- a. >  very kindly man   a fond, ruul mo-t will- i  fully   niisiindcr.-tood   by  Dir.ciiie.-i    The .  bishop granted   Dr.   Ball th-* desired in- 1  torvievv   with   pleasure,    and   ber-'gr-d   lie j  would come, to   the palace   early   in   the  ensuing   week,    not   on   bu-iness  alone, ,  but as a guest for a day or r..v..  On tlv* Monday following Dr. Hall !  j-ose bPtime**, nnd, havin-j =!iaved hiiu-elf  with extra care, and donned hi** be-t ,  clothes (oh, that ho should have to call ,  them so!) he started tor the cathedral r  town in th.* heaviest smw storm they  had known that year.  M V . ** I  On   entering   tlio   cpl-ropai    drawing* j  room he found there  nor only the bishop 1  and his wife,   Mrs.   I'mil;,   but a goodly '  company of guisis.    He   was   .it first lie-j  wildoroil   by   rho   llsjlir--.    and   the   fine j  small chatter   and tho   frou-frou   <>t   the  Mlki-n gown-, and in hi- iin_*re���������  up '.Iv  room fell over .-"Vi'ral   i-b ur-   and tables  But presently lie eaiiio to  hi-"   -eii-i - ,u:d  a   cornfortable     ottoman    o'.o-o    to   his 1  ho-ress���������;i liiiiidsome  woman   with great |  kindly eyes arid a delicious voice. ]  llivwiw that she was 'pouring out ten,' !  und that every one was dr-inklne it. He j  (H1W) too. that there   was   n _^>?;l ik*al Of  (To iic Cumiau-;.!.} '  v\-i <  If 11-  e:.|':v-. \t   :��������� 1 *;i  c-'J .1 *:i    y.r     An-  wa; o'livi m . t i.".r 0t!u nruter should be  piisjieil as far as it, would go, if a real  cHecr were ro 1>j produce.!. There were  meeiings,, and an eiigiigonienr, which  would dually se.'-.ire i!u girl's alTseti ms  from turning uvvard any ons else. But  tlrj do-epti jo coulA inc bj kept up forever. "I't'.e-epr.'renie.l .joarneys lo Kr.ince  ^eiv rather cu.nbroiis. T.ie thing r i do  was e'e.ir.v t 1 bring trie hu inesi ro au  end in .-pc'.i a'dr.i ti ilio :n 111 :2r tli 4C it  won'-.l Wave ;i p ':-;u ei lit i nprj?=ion  up'ui th-' young 1 idy'smiai, nni prevent  'her tro-.n looting upjn any oc'.ie.- suitor  for some ti n,* t-i cn-n*. H'*.ue tho������o  vows of fiddity ex,ict.\l upon .1 Tesca-  lnonr, and hence also the allusions to a'  possibility of .something happening on  t'.ie very morning of t'le wedding. .Tame-*  JiYinilinY.ik v,-is.i.'l -M.ss riulierlinl to  "lie so' b.mii I to Ili-isrnci* An^d, and so  , uiic-Ci-taiii as ti Iii - f.ire, that for ten  ye.i.-s to corn?, at any rale, she would nor  li=tea to ;rio:'i'.-in 1 1. A? f.iv a-j the.  oluircli do ).��������� h j Ijd 1 tii; li.-r, aal tlien,  as he could go in lujther, he canveul-  ently vanishjil aW.iy hy tne old Irick of  supping in at one d.an- of'a four-wheeler  and our at tho other. I think that rthat  was rh? ciirin of events, Mr. Wind!-''  ban';!"  Our visitor ha.l.roc ivered -nnething nf  his as-urancj while Holmes hid been"  talking, and hr. ro-e frnai his 'chair now  wirh a, col 1 s:i ..*.* upi i   his p do f 1 -o.  "���������It niiiv lie si, or il ,m:iy not, Mr.  'IIo'iue=," siii 'Iv; 'bnc if you are so  very -ha:p you ought ro he sharp enough  to know th ir it i-; yo.i who ar.i breaking  tic law 11 iw. rri.l 11 it., ))i'. I have done  nothing r:e:i.)-.i.ible lroin the first, but as  l')iig"is via kcop thiiD do.-ii-lneke.l you  lay y.iv.rs.-'f o])?'i to an action for assault  ���������mi i'd.'gil cDnstrai.it.'-*  "The law can nor, as you say, touch  you," -aid Holmes, irihicking and throwing open the dorr, "vei there never was  ii man who deserved punishment more.  Ti the young lady h.i ? -a brother or a'  friend, he ought to lay a whip across  your shoulder-. By .love!" ho continue l.  flushing up at ihe sight of the bitto:-  -nqer upon the man'-, nice, "it is nos  part of my duties to my client, but  here's a huntinu-rron handy and I think  I shall 'u=r treiit niss.-lf to���������" He to.il;  two sw'fi =tcps to the, vvhipjmt before he  could gr(i=n ic ther*. was a wild clatter  ot steps upon lli* -riir-,-tiio heavy hall  fi'vor bangei, mil t'ri-.u 'the window wo !  could -cj Mr. .Tames Windib-nik running  at the top of his _=|o:-d down the road.  ������������������IhcreS a o6:d-b'.'>j.l.'il scoundrel!"  said Holmes, laughing, as he threw hiin-  -oK dovrn into his chair once marc.  "That fellow will ,n-e from crime to  ei-rn-j until lv no.'-, s j-iiething very bad  and ends on tiie gall rws. T!v eato lias in  Some respect-? been not entirely devoid  of iiit?re-:r.!"  "I can Hot now entirely sen all tho  stip-s of your reasoning-' I remarked.  -'Well ni crti!'-"? it. wa- obvious from  theiir-r th it tiii-- Mr. Bo-mier Angel  nvi-l. li ivv. ^ un ��������� str oig <ib|pi',i lor his  i-rri -us e.induci and ii wn-i e.-iinlly clear  t'i it tho only ni-in w.io really profited by  1.10 ini i.ioiit a- f-u- a*, we ould <-i"j w;is  the-r-p-f.'.the.-. Tii>:i tire t.ict that Ihe  two men wore n.'voi- ingeiher bub that,  tho one aivv.iy- npp:-.u-o.l when the other  w.i- away wa- suggestive. Ko wore the  tini*1 ".pecc-ieles and the curious voice,  winch box.1! hinied at a disguise, as did  iho bti-hy whiskers. . My suspicions were  nil continued by his peculiar action In  typewriting hi- signature,which of course  ii.f rred that hi- handwriting -\vris sq  familiar to her that she would recognize  oven the -mal'.est simple ot it. Vou seo  d'.l these, isolated facts togdhor with  ninny minor ones all pointud iu tho  -.11110 diroctioi)."'  "And how did yon verify them?"  "Having once ������-p-utoil my mnn It was  en-y to get corrobor.uioii. I knew the  linn for which thi- mini worked.  Ifavini: taken t!ic')irinted description, I  eliminated everything from it which  could be the result of 11 disguise���������tho  vvhl-icr-.the glasses, the voice, and I sent  it to the firm with 11 request that they  would inform nv whether it answorei to  the do-eription of nny of their traveler--.  I had already noi.ieed the peculiarities o(  the typewriter, and I wrote to tho man  hims'lf at his bu-ine-;s address, asking  him if ho would chine here. As I expected, his reply was typewritten, and  revealed the =amo trivial but characteristic djtects. Tlie same post brought nie a  letter from Westliousc <Jo Marh.-uik, of  Fenc-hiu-.-h --treer, to say that tho description tallied in every respect with that  of their employee, Jrinies Wlndibauk.  Voila tout!"  "And Miss Sutherland?''  "Ii I tell her she will not, believe mo.  You may remember tlio old Persian saying, 'There is danger for him who taketh  tire tiger cub, and anger also for who  so snarche-- 11 delusion from a woman."  There i= a-- much sense in H-ifl/. as iu  Hortif'\ and a-* much knowledge of tho  world."  ���������Iiv Krnl  R.  H.  TRUE  ^1  AN  p3ST0G*aA*?i:r::  "p.  MOr.  er,  CO.,  - il. -w������  As in tiie 11.1-I ? y.-r-s ve vv 11 ri-nil'mi* I'i  ninUo lii-v< !-n,Kc < do 1.1 oni prrniil.il 0,1'l.iij  lm,in-. I.ihiU mil lm-, ion- .u-iivid 11..lici-- .u.d  -ccni-o goi'il woik. I". .1. .\1n.u1 i--iigi 1,1 li l- inir  U. 1". lb mill r,"'iioral 11. ������'. v n*vv-. ���������-' -''I  ",7  VrO'l'H'K-It.ivinu' lo.i-i-d' the .-'iiinv'.. lb.I'l  IN    ut AllX'H (-UI-..VUI1. all  11.11 lie--  v*. ill_|i-o.i-e  ffiike-notiie lli.il. I  v\ill  not   I in lc-iu.ii-riili* 1i  it I any accounts Lonli.iciofl   bv   -,iid hotel ilin-i  toi'in of k-.isi.  ZA-ii  Commerciai Printmsr  A.   SPSOIALT"y  .I011N Sk'iRiHTIttrM.  Ceptiilcale of ImppGvsments.  Ikootenav flbail = ^ = IRcvelstohc, ffi.C.  Kvccl-ior Miiicinl Cl.Min. -iliinte. 111 t.i" j ruul  ljiiki* Alining llivu-iua ul Vv'e-l Ivmili'ii.i  District, loi.itcil (.ri Silvei- Cap Mo-.iiUii.'i.  ml.joininglliL-.-ilvoi C'ni������ l-'i.iction.il .vlm^i-  a! Cl.uiii on tin. K.i-t-     "  '  TIAKK N'OTICIC tli.it I I'Mi,-.ir A. Bc.ia-li.  Krcc .Minor's Coi-1 ili.'a'.c No. aiirilA, l-i'rcd  sit Victoria on the oni day ������l Xovcrnlior, I '.IT.  a-agent lor iin.1 on buinilt ot ll.u r-jiuislimu  Idnulid, Free Miner's CeiulK.ite S:>. '.\u7.\ 1--  -ned .it It.iM'l-iiuUo in,the i'Jth day or .Jirnq,  ll-OS. intend. Ill da.v- from the date; licre-jl, to  npplv lo llie Mining Uecorder lor .1 l'eitit-..iv(;  or li'iiiirovi limit-lor tho piiriHise ol jjlit.i.nina  a I'i own Cii-iinlol" tlio ii'ouve inineiiil il.iuii.  And lintlicr l.ikc  notice thai ail inn m der  Section  :i7 must   be   ^oinmeru-'.'d' hefore  the  ishialllCO  Of Mlcll ('"'���������! "i':'"'  "I' I"1.'"'' "in; 11':'.  KDGAll A. IjUNXKTV.  Di'tcd UiIh 20th dny 01 oopiein ie., 1 jj .  23-0t , ,   ,  es1 isy venae?.  nST  r������ U  The  present   centre   and future  headquarters for ���������  M1S1H8 0PERATI0H3 IH BRITiSH GOLUiViBiA.  mlCN'DI-'.l  L <, signed 1111 till the l.Jlh day ol' :*.iiv un tier,  li-!)*, foriliepnrcli.i-eoi: the hook dohn ol tho  cstnto of \\*. H. Po.ibC: & Co.. u'litiiiiiting lo  nboul S.'.(KiO.OO,'.is per lihl winch ri-.ny bo inspect'-a nt thu ollL-n of lho aainjnoe.,  TKXDKriS will nlso Ijj received h" the ius-  signo up to lho said dnln tor llu pui-uii.i-o 01  Hit cipiity of rcdciniUiuii in l.ol_-7. Idoi.!*. '.'.  ���������smelli r Tovvn-iic, in trie town of l!o\;*i.-t iko.  Ttnilcrs in oaoli 'u.i--' tu l>; c-ri-lns'd 10 -i  senlod ciivcliipt*. marked ���������" I'cn ior. Vi'. it. t'. i-~  Co..".mil to bu.iLUDnip.ia.eLl li;.' in ii'l*.<;il ubii- me  pav.ililc to r'.iu Di-ilor or llie .1���������rgn j.i lo.- 1-Hid 1  thi* iiliir.i'.lil nt'jllii' trnder, v\1;k1i i Impn* v..!l  ho ruiurnod b.v I'.iu n-sij;ri<!0 il   t-adcr no', .1--  (.01110(1.  The highesl or nuv tend r in e.'iho.' c.t^n.iL  ncoc-.-.irii.v uiieopted.  Hat dm  l!o\i.'Mok".  r.. C. 0,1. Slh.  loilS.  I'KttUV CliAIMiA:-'.  :: 'VjI.l );-. il. C.  2S-31 ,       ��������� A-oianee.  Columbia & Western Ry.  Time Table No. (i.  ."!> lake oi",'oct Nov. 22 13JT.  Daily llctvvcoii T-ill .uul Uos���������l.md.  wr.STDouN-n. l     i:.\&ir.oi:s'ii.  No. *"> No. 3 No. 1. No. 2 No. I No. 0  15:4.) . '-'l:Uli .l;Oi:snN. -JUrH'i . ll:.ii������  17:UI 11:00 ai:l.i.. I'ltAIb . l{j:.Vl 12:35 13.15  1.5:15 2J:0.5. JtUritJbANli . 1S-U0 U:u,l 111.  No's 1 ond 2 connect with C.l'.l!. rri.im line  steamer- and li-iniib to .uul, from Nclvjn .il  liobson. <  No's Until I nre lij.il tr.ihi-i bolwoj:! ';'r"i.l  nnillto-s'iiiiJ. ,"  No's jnMlii.ii'uloc.ildr.ihisli.liveoii Triiil .md.|  ltolison.   No (iooiin.jcts vvit'.i train No. 1 t.-uni  Kossl.ind.  General Olllas:      ,      1*. 1\ tt UTI'L!L'S. ,  Ti-nil  li. C. , lJ0.11i.il supl.  %  ROUT  A  Tu Is the csntre of th 3 Lai  doau mining district.  to  It will havo railv/ay3  tlio norbli anclsoiith.  It3 olirnate is supsrh.  It has plenty of .building  tinibor aiid a sawmill  in operation providing,  riirhbeii' at reasonable  prices on the spot.  ROUT .'LAKE   CITY  is reached bv* rail from  Revelsloke  to   Arrow1  ;j . head. 2S -miles; lheuce  ;. bv .steamer,  io miles, 10 Thorn-  ..son's   Landinj**; 'and    a   short  ��������� ;'siat;e of   12 miles: 'ihc-eniirt^  ! j join nev,occupying' only 6 hours  through  magnificent mountain  and lake scer.eiy..  \\ ell-known mining promoters and capitalists- already,  have their representatives on  the, ground, and rit is no  boomers dream to say that before ano.iher six months Trout  Laki; Citv will be a bustling  centre of business ar.d the prin-  j cipal town in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of at-  I !  ! traction  for  ihe   best   mining''  Ial5  afi'ords     ex-  I enterprise,    skill   and    capital'  "which*  British   Columbia   has  magnetized within her borders.  '.,   The climate, and,.soil of the^  district1 are all   that   could ��������� be  desired by the rancher, gardener  ��������� or' fruit, grower  'for    whose  I' products a profitable and rapid-  1 ly  increasing   market   exists ;  !��������� whilst to   the   sportsmen   the  neighborhood affords  era me in-  To keep well informed you  should read the Kootenay  Mail     Subscription $2 a year*  iSliiii-li-.-l rtiiil cj> 1 i 1 ��������� U1 ��������� ���������-1 1 null*  To Eastern and European Points. Pacific  Goast, Alaska. China,  Japan and Australia  Tourist Cars   Pas?  RwalMe  ll.iiiv to St. Piuil; daily c:.u lit   Wciiii'-.'.-.iy l<i  I'I istoi'ti I'illlll-.  Sleeping and Billing Cars  ')n nil ti-riiii-.   Tiuki't-* i���������ni'il lln-'iiiiili .in I l)-i|-'-  giiK'c flu-ckcd luilc ilin.il )"ii.  Kast- DAII.V  'i'HAINS Wl.-T.-,  7.IDk. Ivo             l.'civcl.-lohc.   '        un- l/.'Jd 1:. ;  ')���������() .'.NIII'IIOM  icoim.swv  r-.il.N'i-. 1  l-.fifi k. Ivo             Itcvc-M il.u             ,n-i-III,:! 11:. !  I'Vn* liiforlii'ilioii, i-.ilt-. tiiiu'c.i.-.l-., rn.i;i- iiinl \  liclcci-. apply to"  T. W, UUADSIIAW, j  AKcnt, l'uMjl-lol:!-, oi'  W. !���������'. AXDKItSON. j  Triuollint,' I'livcriicci- AkcIiI. S't-li.on, !  K. .I.COYIjK, j  l)i������liict I'niBi.iisor A|,-.'iil.'y.iiii ou vt i*. j  i  - raoinei  Steamship Co.'s    I  -STBAMEIIS-  ROSSLAND   nnd   KOOTENAY  IjCi'nc Ari-'vlit-iKl ilnil.V for all point*, in Koolenay,  >i)iilui!j.,'  coiiiii'ctinn r.t   NnUiisj)  foi-  rill points on  Niikn-p .mil Slocrnr  I!,v. nnd  Slocan Iiiiku.  f'lo'-i' coiDii'irllnli nl linliMiili fur Ncli in uml nil  Kooti'imy I.iiUi* iiinl IiIm-i' 1 mi nl-. .ui'l foi-  'I'i 111I1 Kn-'.lmiil iiD'l p'liiil- -oulli.  I'or full intoiin.ition, H<.ki;t--. iii.ip , <(���������.. imII  on or iidili-oH-.  T. W.'BRADSHAVi/,  Agunl, l'c\( Isloki;.  Or to  W. 1-', AXllKUSON', '   "' Fi.,),;COY l,l-:���������  Truv. Duns, Afcnt. Dial. I'n-ss. Ai-ciit,  '   Ni-lpoii, U.C.       '   Viqivoiivn-, I'.O,  cepfcionally ffood trout i  fishing. l  M-i- 1   ���������    ���������   1  1  '      . _ "   ,      !        1 no accommodation includes  It has a crown grant,' pur- j.good hotels, stores, post office,  ' chasers Of lots thus Ob-i; record ing office,   butcher  shop  absolutely!''UK' nianv private residences.  :       Building*  operations  are   in  [��������� full progress, and the establish-  ! meiu of the sawmill will tend"  ' still more  to enhance  the  immediate growth  of this  rising  town.  'earning an  clear title.  PEICSS  I n\*i  Ue,  a>w LOTS.   '  in *; months. $3  OvV.3.5  -*��������� ������������������,  **'0 0-0.)  ���������i n   6  .1)ioo; payable ii>%)3*.3.3 down  in 6'inonths,  Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months.   $50  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. L. MAU',, I<k\ i'.i'stoki', General Agent.  HUGH MclM-UCRSON. Tiiolt*Laki*: Citv! Resident .-Went.  irorsac-v^wesr  OSMOPOHTAN HOTEL Mines or Prospects  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  Best of everything goint  .BUSS''       &  HEROD,   Pro..'s.  Jlotu'ht nnil  -old.     Minim; cnru:..iiiirs  or-_-.ini/,..il,   thoir  properly  cx;i'.*rt'-it.  11-  DilllLf'I .illfl lll.'lll.1V,'l.fl.  Motiov Lonncd Mines.  ">lio.     I'lo'-Kii- lrioirT.-il 1-in'Js. miiM'nir  wrUK'-     ���������'.j-ii'r.T !���������-     'crn'l-.   ���������loci,.,  n <���������-(-- .ind ij'iion- 1'oucljt. 'oHorasno-  ��������� mii ft.    r.\irninc mini"-. prcpcctt< and  'imric-r.il land., n- to their value, method  of "Orkintf and condition of their title*  Assay nnd Chemical Work Done.  William |Crosbie,  Col-jjnWo. "Hotwty "tcT?l?to'sel  J"t Q.  wnm  BK^ZiSVTESHEESRm^^ PAGE -!.
t MeJjoweiiS Compound
, Syrup of
)  white Pine
Si Tlii-s i*!i'f{.llit   |il-('p.-u-;it!(ill   ciim-
f liiiii'-, in ;i��t i*i*.ilili* form. nil tin*
( wi'l'.-lsiKiw 11 v.-ilu.-ilik* piupi'i-tii'.-.
P ri it- irr^r (.'(lii'i)t-, 1=0 combined
? .-is tu fin-in .111 cxi-i'lU'iit remi'tly    =
\ ��� fur- rill (iliif  (H-   i-cci'li^   pillllKill-    j
{ .-ii-y .-lilVclion.-,  relieving tih*-li-   C
, j null' (-|>llt;lla   l)V   pI-OIIHllill!? ox-      /
{ ]M-i ti)i,-iti(iii,   .-uul   M'l-viii}^ ns ,-i    \
S c-iiluinl ive   in   nil   bi-onc.-lii.il  or   /
{ l,-ii:yi)^i*ii]   t r-onlilc--.. '    }
>     '"   50c per Bolile. /
ve Geo. F.'
^        Kootenay Lodg-e
rXfi^* No. 15A.F.& A.M.
*    *   Tho mfiil.ir lnetlinf.*-
arc held in lho 31;i--
��� iiiiiuTciiiiilc.Hoisrirc'-
c-��r^}mauy��m��s-i\ oml.iv   ii.    o.irh '
^^^^S^vN^riioiit!)   .it   ��    i��.   in.
**"     ^S^sJS"^-    VNilinjf   brethren
*=='- cordiiilly ivi'lcou-icd. '
"H". I*. CKAGK. .Si:i-ru-.T.\uv.
REyELSTOKE LODGE, I. C. O. F., No. 23.
I tegular incut iim-i .in* huld
^vHtt"����.jvi��   i�� Oddfellow-' Hall ciory
^���^-P^O^V Tlinr-iliiy m's-flit. nt.  eight
Sft^'y-Sj&Mj o'clock.   Vi-iting lii-otlicr-
^iU' tlXyJS?^ ordially welcomed.
13 -B       ��1 I
-ICJi't .-
J. A. S PXK, S.O.
T.J. Gl'AIIAM. Sr:c. '
The Druggist.
-11.n--*,,��� InTtnOli'D. A. W, Co.
5      (.-n. 1 '--.>!��� :ii-| rn- .wi'li. ,\. m , 1 11.
' < Taylor Blk, RevBlstok'e Sta.
:>   ���/
I. O.F.No. 3161.
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, Blouses, Ready-Made
Clothing, Boots and Shoes. Groceries,' Flour
and Feed.     Hardware. Tinware, Etc.
���Arrowhead, =  ���   ' -
-Meet-, in the Oddfellows
H.illori  the ,-ci*oiid  and     1.   L.   JlAK*.
fourth   Kridny-  of tru-li |
month.   VWiins lirclli- "
rcn   invited  lo  attend. I
J. H. SCOTT, V. I!.
.1. L. SMITH, It. ,S. "
]-]. ('. I'll b-Jnb :s lincU'iii town.
'   ���Siijit. Mrii-iHilc   ,\>i*iil,   smith   l-'rid.-iy
'ni'ji.i-iiiii'i 1   , ���      ���
Lilliic-,' -lllihli (.-(istlllllt-, (It CiHIl'-
W.O\ h. ' ,    u
Mrs. ruul Miss Sppiont' nre mi ri
\i.--it' le O'dlrluii.���(''uklon Er.-i.
���Jolrn Knkup is very ill witli
tvi-buid ffvor-ut liossl.-ind.
i'. i!.u nh iidl is no/.v in cluugi* of
l!l(! (JuMil'ijHilitan at   Krrillloi n.i.
.!;i*-. 1 liiti-liisiin,   (-\oi-ylxjd_y   is   i,dnd
In kilDu', is abb: in In)    up   .-ilifl   ribmit. '
��� ,1 1
C'lr.-is.      -\r'ii)st iViiio      of1     Knililooj'S
jir-.-sf-d liriMir^li  iVmn   tlio ' Spi int;s r 1111
.Siind.iy." - "-     -
A Gold Brick!
Not the '-I'iikc." tcold ln-ick which
yuu linvr;'-rill lieru'd mi n.ucli of
hut ii brick liracli' ui" clny which is
wurtli it's wi.'i^lit'in ynld.
Where is it ?
It is iiiridt! Ik-ic in ymir own town
,.     ' by    the    Ri-vdstoki'.     J'riek    Co.
wliicli Ills .-ilicrrdy a lai^'c: iiiiiiiliur
,   on life'iiiru-ki.'t   nnd   in   iisc.     f^oc
o'tir sumplcs before*, ordering.
Revelstoke   Brick  Go.
-IA1G&.GRAGE, /   .
Notaries Fublic, Minin��'' and   Real Estate-Brokers and treneral
Commission A��r'ents.      h'ire;' Life and Accident Insurance.
, t
llcprc^cnlafncs of Ukj Kwolonay Snicitin^ and Tntdinj; Syndicjilo.
Agents foi; Uovel.stoko atir] Trout* Lake City Ur.vnsites
���  ,   ���       U-roeeries,, F ,
Dry Goods,,
'o ' '       1
Men's Furnishings,
\   Hardware.
1 X       ' l
E .-.HAVE - ��� IT -' IN-VSTOCK;
'Ihe finest stock of goods in all the above lines in this section
.��velsfcoke Station,/'   n
. '    G-roceries,' Provisions,   Dry G-oods and
Olothiiig, Cigars and Tobaccos. ;
Importers   of , Scandinavian ������ Produce.
OUlt .SPIiCIALTIIiS-Nonv.-iy Iv, K Iv.-S.-iIL Iti-i i-inj*;,   AiH-ho'vics,  G()tlii*iilriii-g-
K.-iiin;ic>i', nnd K*.kilstiiiin K.-i/.ors.' '   t,   ' -" ,' '.,'*'
WWli* fui- prii'L'n. '   Mriil. (rrdi'i-a   pro.ii'itly ;iltiindi;(l   to.    Goods  ilt'livi'ivd  fri-c
' In iinv iirut ol". lowii. * . 1      , ' 1.
1 ' -r     <- 0
Grold,'  Silver;, Lead,  and|_
Copper Ores    .
First Street, Revelstoke .'Station.
I-'. C-. S.. Kit-..
.\^~ii.\ Ollk-i'*..mil *Mol.i!liii*yit-.il W'oi-I:-..
Tcifi't-t  fitlinc;,   lili-to-drito   (.-ostilines I V.\NUOLM'!ll. H.C.   _
,       ,     .  ri ���     ' i        S.iiiiiilin�� Wiirk-. 71T-71JI I'oiKlcrSii'L'ui.
ill nod (Hit .'it  UoiU-MOl ��:. 11       I '      n .
'!\  lj(-v. i*, i-r'ori ii-vi��il. to   Kdnidiit
Is prc'iiiirotl   In   pun liii-u   llio   .iliovo   cl.i-.i<j-.
on i
of  111*0*- I'or tlio folloui!)!^   Kiifj-li-li  1 ��� <>��� 1���f���
... . ,        mIiuiii liu represent-, vii.:
,-llld is liilkin^   ai 'iiiOMlii;   ��iM;l-othf.'l-0 . viN;,1M j;  i,,,,-^. Sw.11.-e11.  Klliolts Mi't,.l,C'o..
Ltd..   I.iirrypr-l-l,   Soirtli   W'.-ili-s,   Sini>iloi>.
Iti'llnor-, 1 )L*-ih erizei-s, Jl.iinil'iiciiirer-.
Cliocking    smoltci-    pulps   a   siiecialty.
���witn 11 i,s t.i 111 ily
1 (
���   ,.\ 1,-rick (.liiiiiiiov  .'lo foot lii^h, froin
the -ir-oiiii.'l tip, is  to   ho   built   nt .thfi '
Si-III'Ol ll'UlsO . .
lion'l. t'oi-ircl. ?d is.s Coombs in   lllonk
- 'i
ill ni .io . to ni^lil.     Ten   pi'C])]c" 011   tlio
.���it.mo.    .A t-iploinlid piny.*   '       ,
Tlio .siiinll lm\- is .s.-r.-irii*   to    tire; con- j '
.    ii*, '   i.wi"      '11 .      . Will m-uivo pupil- for iii.slruc-lioii  in lji.mo*
st.iijlo nisi, now    "\\ lioi-ft   did   von "Ot
Inf-oi-poi-.-iti'd  l>v not of P.-u limiionl 1S">5. .
'I-IKAD' OFFICE .'"'-      '   <   '-���'"���'      -MONTREAL
V.".\r.'.MoiiKux .MAci'iiKitSd.v.  Pr-os. '   S.  II.  Kwino, N'ic.'-I'ios.
F. \V'oj.niu*3TAX TuojrAS, (ionor-.-il Mmiiigcr-
PAID-UP CAPITAL'    ' ���   '    -' ,   -- $2,000,000
RESERVE  . -'   ' -   '. -   .       , -   ' .  1,500,000
A I'oner.il biinUirrj; liiiiiiu's- t.r.in.-.ielu 1.   Interest nlluwcd ori (loposiu.-il cut-rent rules. ���
Ji 3. MOLSON, 'Manager, .. _J -REVELSTOKE. B. C.
# / , ���      -
Mrtnt-lsa,' Dress , Goods ,and Triin-
ining'.s, and all' kinds of'Ladies and
Ghildrcn.s lrall   and   Winter' .Wc'ar.
I'i I'll, or Jlis. W.M. 11. .Siniirwooi),  '
ok t'nioAi.o axii Ah:. KirxrcsT
AVm ���)���!���: oi.- O-itawa, '��
tlirit hut;'''' Tlio c-oiKstnlrlo ioplios ".Jno.
I\Iiii'tin.    -
W'.yi' N'oiLsoi., .\K V. V., luis been
,-i])pointod administrator1 of tho A. 0.
il. Spni-im' ostiilo by ' 31 i-s i loner.
Jnrliio. .Fni-in.
Mis. .J. Srivri^Ci I'otiiinid (o_ K.-iiii*
li)ni)�� Vi'odnosdiiv rit'tor n   \isit   to 1 it*r
ortb playing .-uul sin^inn.,     '      -    ,
Studio nl llie residence of .Air.  T. ,). (iraliniii
AluekeiiJiie iivcrnio, '
liKVKi.STOICl-*. J J. 0
Watches, Clocks I $
Hep.iii-in-jT .i H|iei-i.illy.
C'.l'.i:. W.itcli Inspecini-. licvi'Moki*. IS. f.
d.niiiiitois.   Mrs..'I-*, W. .Mc(.'r ogoi-,-inrl
.Mr -. !!. (,'(id(l,ii-d.    , "
.\ south ln-.iiii-h (irst-cl-iss  jirissongor
ciirii'h i-.iiiii-* ui) yo.sl'oidav ;i bit  liiittoroiL _ _
,-iini !nii!:o'ii on  ono   side.    Tlie   iirjuiy
,���.*���,i**. oniKsod by a fallori 11 oo.    - '     "\KT        ("%���       "R'
'I'in* ])i-'inioiion of    Lieut.   L.   .Moio- '
ditii, s. a., icc-oiitiy st.-itionod in iifr-     Painter and. Decorator. ;
olslo/'o, to bo (.-aptiiin nt VancoUi or, is      ' '   '
"'.i--.fl'od in tlio bust  War Crv. ' Graining, Carriage Painting and  Paper ;
. Cm lis' To'iitiiaclio i^i-fip--.   tiro   i,'ro,it '. ' Hanging. j
renn'dv for toolli.-'i'-lro.      (Inos   instant ' ~ ,: <        '
M*lici:"L��.\ ,.   b.ittlo.   -(,'(-..   V.   Cii.ti.s..   D KALI-; 11     IX    WALL    I'APKR.S. '
Tiro ]>i-'.r^i-t.    Taylor    liloo/r,    Rimo!-1' ."..'.
,sto/-o ytiilioii. c>      . McKcnzic Avenue,
X.-iJ-oit.     *H;ibiK*]io     died      Tue.'diiy. ; KEVELSTOKE STATIC!-.*. ���
J)o.?th w.i.s the   i-usliU   of   ii, p-n-iilytic ! ^ ;
si.i(.ik'*   locciiod    liiis   siiiiiinr-'i-   'while
���<^&^-xl��. * If;'    G
<i^a. 'tiyft/syi'Mysy ���&-ivsAi^^^y^^ia^^^'^^^^^.'a-/?v ^^ *��/&
xllluul id)
Capital (paid up) $2,000,000..
Rest     -     -V    $1,200,000.
H. S. HOWLAND, President.       T.   R, MERRITT,  Vice-President.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager."' , -      ��� ���
���aD  a
'   ,        Published by
he Kootenay Mail
A general banking business.transacted. --Lettei\s��of'crediussuecl,
.available in all parts of the world.���Gold dust and amalgam*
purchased.���'Savings    De]Vai;tment,     Interest >��� allowed:   at
current, rate.  . o ' ���    , "   '   | * '������.
"A. R. B. f^EARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch
Wholesale dealers in
Hi?   t'unei il
\-.or k'iiiL, i'ii   the   ti-.iii
v. .is i.u 'jAy attended. ^i       ' *S "-1      T^i
pr-isriio -ubsL-riptions  l^vo boon col-    ^3-Sii      3/ll.Cl     i^OOlTS
loi-ti'd'  f"i-nsiioi't   iinpi-oM'monlv   ,ui(i M-uuif-i-* t -tr-od in R.'W-i-i-i.k.*.
v.or 1; (-.iiiiiiioni-i',1   Wi'dnpsd.iy itt*ii iii11���; ,%.J%/$y<bS%.'&.
i.'a  'ir-'s.,!!    spm    (.npnsiti-'    .Me.M.ilion's     . ,
i ;.ifl*,s*,*.*-.ii  -nop.
Mi- Silii'li. ill.; sriio ii toicb'-l, b.ls
i.i-on -.i'i",- ib, bi.r wiM !,<��� ,ir, hi'i- jjnst
ri^..in mi   Monday.      Dinini;   hi'i-   ri'u
- i,-i ��� ��� !i ���: -I is- h is ii.."., taken   b\   Mr . '^^/^^���%,^,
J I. L.   1
;��i,'luii\ ii*iL;;sti at* ut  (.j'.'.ssi.n*. p,iss(.'d
tnr.'|i'j!i   ' I'l-wisMke     Wi'diiosihu-   u,
t.i'*,''     -������    |.'j-:tt".'i    "ii    i.'n*    j'l-oi ii|..*i;i|
i. .!. i- !i.r.->-  ii  Ni-I -un
1 i.i.i'i-1 .\n._-. "'iruV.' ; -A(*w.. ,-." i.,- '��� . .
All the latest machinery.
Dry kiln on tho prcmisaB.
|   "The only complete map of the great Fish Creek Camp.
|    The only   published  map  of ihe  Fish   Creek Country*.
Wines, Lipors and Cigars.
Agents  for   the   Karn  Pianos, and   remember* Kanr is" Kinjj.
Oleveland and Branfcford
JiAliI'dOirr STONJO, PiioiMMKToif.
v.',"'i':.;;;:,,,v,,,,, ,,���,.,, sawyer & manning fm Dining Room is furnished with' tlie best tlie
,       ...:._       .   ,-.       - "        , ,\i  i'- \. .w.i.  Inn ui] ,v* ' ii  ���  uui i iiiiii-c. *->
 \ ' Market affords.
li" i'. t -i .-   i     -'.'ii (li    .-Mind . v
���;.--:     ,^l i .'s'.i s     "In    r ni-   Si-biii,|   nf
('i , .-' - I'.   ���;;. . -liii      .I'ivc.iiri^'    "Ti r
'.,,,; .',-'-. i .   ) I null'. .:, '*s   b\  , J 'm*. sin*_>
i ;,   ���   >  I    ���    l"' I ti'i-l   ' hi i!
,';   i ���  Ui" ��� i**;..'...
Bread and Cbnfectioriery.
Free Delivery Every Day.
Freight ���- and - Cartage - Agents,
: Thomson's, Trant Lake and Ferpson.
kCJET^ff   -w\*r^Hnwr��NnMinw
The best equipped stables in the, district.      Saddle
horses always ready.
���'.'���    I.! ii I*.    < ''i    bn-,   nn
i.i.:. i  1".   I1"1 "���'''' I.- !��� i   t'"i- iim*   ir   id'-
( '.i'M - ' , ���      I .'iini ��� i-      ( 'd   ���       lnill-i      ,i!
I'." 1 ���' i      .' 'I     I I".*!i I'        I-'.    ( '      Klniilrv
i: . ���  .1  '   .ii! I  .' '   I'ui    I i\ iifij  I ll
\I      ���' .i.i   t '��� ...nil.    run-.!
;j;��"'r".Mines or  Prospects
ront St., Revelstoke
iid j n-r- I )i'-/-n.
l!"ti'_'li'   ..ii'i   -ulil        Al'i.!."..' o.riji..' ���'
'i|-L'tini.',' 'I.    illl-l'-    I>i "[I' ' f '.     i*srf'*'"i,      ,',
n,nn 11! ,imI iii.in.ivi il.
ill .-. .' .' ��� t i -��� 11ii ��� i. ,rl.ii -A II ll fi-f'llliu'.
.lie! lb" (..riliili- l'l"il-r ||iiii-c ,1c.|\- w-
' T,.-- ii"*'. 'ini'. .il'ii'i- iiirf of lifl'ln-r
Mini.ui i- .' I lin'��� .in* 10 |if*i,ji!(* in
I b ���' ������'��� i /iii. . (i
'i'i.i* i i iic-i <>I   .V.  I'l-ti-M   (buri.-li will
li iid .i fi nn ������ in T i|)|iin^'-   llic.iti"   fui     AsHay ana Chemical Work Dono.
Tm.i-.uy i-wnin^.  n,.,i-,���i,(->- i7iii.,-     ~William Orosbie,
f'ol'i nliio   rfon-T',     I'/'w ijlok'',    fl.    (',
< ,l
!   r
iMerehant Tailor, Clothier and (Jeiieral Outfitter,
Money Loaned Minos. .. ^ -' #      ,    "   .       '        ' ���'<''*���   iuitl   winici'   .Miitiiig's,   Overcoatings.       Good   slock   and
Min,..i,riM,..n. niMi.. .��� 1..H.1- ��� .ir Best ��pi d, DXc^f house in town.     White lbaour only i ,. ,      , ',-, , " .
"1""""'-   ""'U'"1-*   ' 'I-. -��'":*- J J mvh^Ii innl.-f Order mades and readv mades.
1< .l-i". nnd optKili- lniii*.*.|il. -'i!(( i.r n-.,'n
ii.il'il, Ksiiiniii'* idIiu*-, [i|-ri-|ii'( I- .mil
iiiiin nil I.ili'li* .i- to illflr i.ilnf iii"llKi(l
ni' wiiyV.iiwc. und f-'indition of tln-ir tirli----
.\l ! ,Lli.''-llif-lH ������ iilf    lif'lllir    Ill."srlf>    t()|-    ;v
i-i".ll\  i:'"iil f-M-iiiiiL'.     Tin- ticbf-li uill '
li* t"!- -'il'- by ib'*- l.ulic-- ni tin* clirricb
Jill']  fi*-'   but  .--'!.
h'- l;ar i--   iipf/i'-'i Ai'ih ih.c L'-si-i^raiul-, of wines,   liquors  and
.   ' J. "V. IM;.RKS, .Man'jM.i.k
M r -*,     \i.    > l.riL"-    (I'-lct-.ilf-     In     ll
;'i ii,ii  i'if|_'-   I'l'ii.-i    tli'-   l"(;i|    lii'iu"*   fif
Cm nl       i' III] 1,1] i    ir-Illlllf"!     flfilll     Will
i-iu\"|- Tirc-'biy .-ind jjic-i'iilcrl ik-i-
ii'ji'ii!    -..i ii if*   .'".f-iiiii^.     .Mi*,s    S.ii-ri^f'
U.is   (li'i-i'll   illlifillL'    ill':     ^'I'-lll'l      I'.fl^l! I
(il'ii(.-fri;s nn- I be i-fiiriiiii.' ycaryits ^I'riiifl
^u.-ii'l.' fiir'J X'-.-.v NVest rniri'ilf.-f U-ri.s
(;iri-,cii ns lire placi*  lur   nt-.xt   liioeling
'nf -ryX- VI-".
,, The Quaker Bath Cabinet!THE   CENTRAL    HOT EL.
Chas. J. Aman, ,: *m-"<.mia*..-.v ri-:-. ���
First-class Table   ���   Good Beds   ���   Fire-proof Safe
'     -Telephone , * . 'Bus Meets all Trains
"���(lie Atfciil ilii'nliKli'iiil Is'o(i|i|ii.
I-'OI- llllj ' I'VllllllllH
Maker: Bath: Cabinet
^ri^-V-TTJXiSTOKIE,     B.C.
'  ���'.'   (r'-,'i ���.���    ���-��� ���. ��������� ;;y   ". 7:, ���'������:������ ,- ���.
stylish make.
,      SEE   THE!   GOODS.
.\i:iL\IIAM.SON   ],R03., I^uophiktous.
liveryihinjj new and First-class in all Respects.
The House, is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market
T:BQTJT laiAiKEi.v CIT"^"    B.C.
i <


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