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Kootenay Mail May 30, 1902

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W"����' Liirix
READ BY     ,
3 J50
tA   -���- ���      i^^
Vol. 9.-No. 8.
$2.00 Per Year
7%e Fernie Disaster
A Town in Mourning.
Why did the Ping Pong?-
Why do we dazzle tlie eyes of the Ladies with our Dress Goods ?
Because they are so tastefully selected, well bought, nnd
sold at reasonable pricos'.-
Onr Stock of Dress Goods is Complete in Every Detail.
Our Prices are Ripht and All Goods Warranted.
From Friday till now* yangs have
Iji'on at work moving the dead from
tlu; mine. On Sunday 22 funerals
took place. The Church of -EiiglHiid
was converted into a morgue. Provincial Constable Stevens wiis run out
of town on account of a statement
attributed to him that he would have
been glad had twice the number Iwen
killed. ���
The state of the bodies,showed .some
of the men had been  killed' by rocks,
some by lire, and some by damp.
Kelief funds are being organised.
The  number of killed  i.s  placed'at
151. ��� . ���
Lord .Minto. Premier Diinsmuir, and
-JJon. C. Sifton, .Minister ofr Interior,
each corilribiited .fc'oO and offered
further assistance. C.P.R. gave iROOO.
Owing to delay by gas, the whole of
the bodies may not be .recovered for
another week.
���The company will pay all funeral
expenses and provide' against wants of
bereaved. -    ' '.
The cause of the disaster is now supposed to lie duu to a shot from the
large coal-cutting machines ' firing
dusl, as every precaution appears to
have been taken to keep the mines
clear of gas.
The Legislature passed a resolution
of condolence.
_Thc Diinsmuir (Jov.rninont wired
>$j>,000 to relieve sufferers, and will
contribute another $5,000.
Engineer and .Mrs. Brown went
sou lb on Saturday. The body oi their
son. who was in charge-of an electric
motor, was recovered on Saturday
.night. ' ,
Grip and Password. ONTARIO
The Orangemen intend i'o have a
grand celebration in Kevelstoke on
July 12th. The local lodge has taken
the matter up, and has communicated
with the Kootenay lodges as far as
Ashcroft, inviting their co-operation.
A large attendance is c.vpecfed both of
Blues and Orangemen. A concert is
being arranged for the evening.    ���
The Orange lodge of this city intends
building a hall.
K. OK p.
R. Burriilge, who represented Oold
linnge lodge ut the (Jrand lodge meeting at Vancouver, states the increase
in the ranks of the order for last year
was greater llia.ii for ten years'and
numbered 24,000. ���AIl = lu-iuichee are
in a nourishing condition. The, Supreme lodge meeting ,in -iiigust at
San Francisco will be a great affair,
and efforts arc being made to have the
delegates return by B.C. Victoria has
raised a prW.% fund of $5,000 for the
occasion. Next meeting of the Grand
lodge of B.CVill be held  at Vernon.
The Gold Range lodge added three
new knights at their meeting last
week. 'The membership of the local
lodge has increased by 30 within a
short time.
Liberals Sustained
Majority.of Three.
The result of the Ontario elections
yesterday was' to sustain the Ross
Government by a majority of three.
All returns arc not in, but it ii believed the result will not
altered.   ,
Ping-Pong,. Quoits, etc,
Call and,inspect our new stoekof ���
Shoes, Hosiery,'Suspenders, Ties, Underwear, etc |
All above lines are up-to-date goods it will pay you to sec
them before purchasing cl?ewherc.      Wc also carry
Trunks, Valises, Sweat Pads, Oil Coats, Oil Hats, Water-proof Sheets, etc
Weekly Shipments of Fresh Creamery Butter, and 15
. Our Teas and Coffees are taking llio lead-
Pront Street,
Willis Armstrong, J.P.. the well-
Known, C.P.R. engineer,' who has
''cull located at Rogers Pass for
some years, has been promoted to
the ptis&enger service and will run
out,of, Revelstoke on the inauguration of the Imperial Limited. Mr.
Armstrong has sold his house at
Rogers Pass to the C.P.R., and will
bring his family to this city.
��� Genera] Superintendent Leonard,
of the C.P.R., has instructed the
heads of all departments that
monthly men not paid overtime
will be given two full- weeks' holiday this year and pay.'
The C.P.R. has placed an order
with iho Rogers Company, of Pat-
crson, N.J., for four ten-wheel locomotives, and has.nincty locomotives
under construction to "be turned out
this year.
Morgan denies having anv interest in the C.P.R.
C. R. MncDonald- and A. M\
Pinkham have leased (he Revel
stoke skating rink until tlie 1st
October. It is their intention f,o
lay out a tennis court iinmediaii'ly,
ancl as the ground is very level and
can be kept free from dust, the rink
should become a favorite spot in
the summer. A ping-pong table
will bo provided, also quoits, etc.
The lessees ha\"c decided lu' sell
season tickets at $2 for ladies and
$3 for men. '
A promenade' ..concert will ,be
arranged in the near future,' at
which the Independent band ,will
discourse sweet music.
Social and Personal
The'building which  the  lire,   water , 8
and   light,   committee   have  r'ecoin- i
mended for lire hall lor the lower town
is well suited to the purpose.    It was
otiginally  built  for  a   hotel and is of
good lumber and workmanship.   It,is
21! ft. by (15 ft.   There is'ample accommodation, for the firemen  and a  nice
reading room could be provided.    The'
price mentioned atlast in oting, $800,
includes both building and land.,  The.
building cost in the neighbourhood of
$1,400. < The  lower'   town   has  lii en.
badly treated* in the" matter,of; firelm 11
accommodation  -and' it  is'timo fhe
.wrong was remedied.-, i ,   '   ,
The-fire alarm system is n.w working better than ever.      , '
II. B. Smith. -C.E.,..will report on
alternative schemes of a water supply
for the city by pumping from the
Illecilliawaet, using that stream, to
supply the power; and also on bringing
in a supply direct from : Eight" Mile
Creek. The- report will be in for next
meeting of the council.' '  ���
Aid. Law is in favor of providing
better accommodation, for' .the-, (ire
brigades, and is of 'opinion the '������city
should provide ' reading-room and
papers for each brigade.
A correspondent suggests that the
pre hydrants be Hushed out.
Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences,
Rooms- in Suites with Baths and   Toilets attached, /loiving Hot
and Cold Water, Inside Toilets on each  floor. Gas 'Lighted and
-     ��� Steam Heated Throughout.
7    J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       -       GOLDEN, B. C.
It Should Need
lo convince you flail lo make
your bnsines-. a success (he
best medium for vnur advertising is THE KOOTENAY
MAIL.   '
attention   of the   public   whom-
you Kink In as buyers nf your
goods can bcsl   be attained by
advertising  in THE k'OOTE-
tuzie   vt���Mann-are negotiating for the Canada Atlantic.
Owing'to wash-outs on Crow's
Xest road last week, freight and
passengers for south Kootenay
points were despatched via Revelstoke.
Canadian Pacific stock has again
gone up with a bound, having
reached 140, due to heavy buying
by Americans.
. Owing to growth of the C.P.R.
land department it has been decided to organise a separate company lo deal'with the lands, with
W. Why to" as president. The capital nvill be $100,000,000,. and ihe
coinpanv 'is expected to turn over
ifr'iOO.OOU avear profit to the C.P.R.
The'new "C.P.K. shops at  Hochc
lagii \yili be lhe be.-t  un the  continent.
I l
E. JI. .Mcllenev. formerly of the
Northern Paeilic. lias been appointed chief engineer of the C.P.R.
'lhe    Navigation    Corn-
advised their capstan   was
by express, and on   its   arrival   the
steamer   Revelstoke   will   be taken
ti]i the river.
ny  arc
t     )
Nearly every person   in  this section reads THE R'pOTEXAY
and nearly every reader reads the advertising columns.
The Epworlli League' held their
annual picnic Saturday, .-in.enjoyable
outing being arranged on -the Big
Bend road.   ���
1 o
Premier Dunsniuir leaves next week
for the Coronation.    ,    ,'   -
Hewitt Bcwlock, M.l*\, has*returned
from. England, aiid .remained oil' at
Ottawa to discuss with the Laurier
Government mutters affecting this
Province. .   , -
Miss .McLean, sister of Mrs. \Y. A.
Morris, has gone on a visit to Brandon.
MY. and Mrs. ,Frcd Taylor returned
this week from a visit to Sicamous.
Mrs. Sinythe leaves this week for
England and docs not propose to
return. She will be accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Scott: Uuncomb and
Wilfred Sinythe.
Dr. and Mrs. Carrulhors returned
Monday from a most enjoyable holiday at Sicamous.
Sheriff Redgrave, who has attended
the sittings of the Supremo Court
through Yale-Cariboo since the days
of Judge Begbic. is 70 years of age. but
looks as il" he were growing younger.
,1. Webster, whoso ably represented the local machinists on t.'ic committee at Winnipeg, was 'entertained
at a smoker on Saturday night, a'i:d
presented with nn address and clock'
in appreciation of his service-.
The Ladies' Aid of the Presbyterian
Church will hold an ice cream and
lawn social on Ihe grounds of Mr.
John Mcl.eod, Second street, 'on
Thur.-dny next, tlie filh of .lime, both
afternoon and . veiing. A foalure of
the social will' he the 1'ianola, for lhe
first -inio'on exhibition in Rcvel.-'toke.
Miss McLeud. head of (be Victoria
Order of N'm'se.-, arrived ibis niiirtiing
to make arrangements for the musing
staff of (he hospital. During her slay
in the ciiy she \�� Ihe guest of, Dr. anil
i Mrs. Carrutbei's.
D. G. McKenzie, T.
A Club Formed.
A. meeting was held-in Mole!
Revelstoke, on Saturday, to organize a lacrosse'club. The following
were, elected ollicers: Hon. president^ Supt. Kilpatriek; president,
A. E.oKincaid; vice-presi'deny, A.
J. Macdonncll; secretary-treasurer,
J. M. Dovle; executive "committee,
Dr. Coghlan. T. W. -Bradshaw, A.
J. Macdonnell
E. L. Taylor.
A supply of sticks and balls has
been ordered and will arrive by end
o,f week'. '
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
have l'een , selected as ' practice
nights. The ��� executive will be
pleased to'have any person who
takes an interest in the national
game present on those nights.
The club is receiving much encouragement in. the sale' of .tickets,
and everything points to its success.' Those desiring tickets can
secure them-from the executive. . '
The club starts out with a' iijim-
ber of goog players, and hopes to
be able to hold its own with my
of the Interior teams.
ORRIS & SfEED,�� Sole Agents,:Revelstoke
���^.'���U'- '���������Tf-LT��gW
Still to the Ffbnt
Dr. Mackenzie's English Cough Balsam
Tlie healing and soothing remedy for Cougka, Cold*,
���Tickling in the Throat. Bronchitis.' Croup, Early
Stages of Consumption, aud all other Tkrott awM
Lung Troubles.    Worth a trip to Cftlifmsuti.
fe Have- Just Received Another Big
We are prepared to show you A BIG ASSORTMENT
in all lines of Furniture. We keep the largest st pet
in Kootenay. Poll-Top Desks, Bedroom Drresers and
Stands, Iron Heds,"Parlor Tables, Extension Tables,
large range of Chairs, plain and fancv.   ;    .    .    .    .
Value of the Koottnay Mail.
Plaee your advertising with The   Kootenay Mail
if you want results
A Marl ling slaleini-nt comes from
lhe Le Roi mine. The niiinajiur
says the, grade of ore now being
handled leaves no profit at presenl
price? of copper, and i( i.s. proposed'
lo grade up lo' $10.50 .per'- ton.
Norlhporl smelter' will, lie sliuf
A iuh'l'cI weighing ?,2.0.'ounces,
worth ���f-I.S0t),liiivbeen- lake.'n from
Bonanza Creek, Yukon.'
J. A. Dai nigh lias bonded the
���Western Slar, mi Pool Creek,.fro.m
J. A. i\Ia;*ec   fm- ('iisi.eni ������'���.���i'i''"a'lisls.
.'. Mining  slock :��� how*, an; iin; rnyi-'
ment, Con!re Sim*'Living ri.-i'n  ihe j
points and   Norlli (Blar  and   War
Eagle a point.
Although r ilvcr Lis reachi d ii.-
lowi'.-l point ihe production i.i
larger by Iwo-and-a-hall million
ounces a year I ban ever. There are
many mines in 13.C. which Mould
pay In iiporale at 'i'n:. an o/. for
silver.. The .while metal has evidently reached a porh'mnently lower
'standard, and mine owners' will
have In .'tceepl I he niv-v conditions
according iy. -.,.',���'',.
An ori'ler-ln coiiiirir ' has I ���., L
par-iil i-c(|r,:riiig .a'ssesMnciils lo bo
reciinled in the- year in which'Vhey'
ure done a Her .J tun.' L-t..  ","���
(Fi'oin Our Own CoiTc-poiiili-nt )
'J in pi re   day was celebrated with
it  eclaf.   when
liered to take  in
connection wi;
niort enjoyable
a dance held in
a   large  crowd
tlie sports in
follow iii','
li the school. A
day was spent nnd
the  evening.    The
the   results  of  the
ladies' race���1. .Mrs   F
���2.  Mr,.   H. L.Johnston.
idie.-" race���1. Miss J. C.
L .Miss Slieparcl.
Tnf Good  Templars   he-Id   n   social
kit night, at which refreshments were
��� rovilod.    C.   V.  Lindmark  presided,
' irj frill living was  the-   programme:���
i-nrtetl   by   Mrs.   Dent, 'Miss   Fee,
���_1 J-B-.-S. Alluin  nnd   .I.Taylor;   rc-itu-
ti i i. :I - ncir I5ol[on; ducil. Mr>.   Dent
a ri .'. fivlor; nolo, Mfss  Fee;   instr.,-
ni "ir,--i! Itu-l, Mig-- Savage  (pian.i).  J
Arms-." -ii (violin): noli*'.   Min  Tun.-
.Men"- race���1. K.   W.   Troup; 2
(.!. Chapman.
Cirby race���1,.   Ellen   Pitbkdo;
2, Floi'eiict', Kellaf. '','
���  'hi l lie girls' race���1, Jean'.K'e'llat;
'2. M,-ii':tl Newman.      , ,  ...
boys- potato race-
���l-,'dw;n .biliiisioh.
-1. Frank Ker
well, .:ii;i,.|i-,
I In ������(���"liei.fi  rii  ol
froiii   l.ai.r.c.
iiit'iil ot'the Pa v ni,
��� i hi he   wo'rk:ti<'
li ll;i'll
��� I
w as mo1, i r.
h.;a;.i" ['���'<y7 race���-il, Cicori
!: 2. Noriiian John-ton'.,, .��� .'
:�� Kel-
Advcrtisi' in (he Mau'..
.���^".itig-oi war. four on a each
-W'.n'by John Pitblado. Fnfnk
���Noniuui Johnston. Ernie Kel-
i k   ������ ^
The Montreal Herald publishes
a portrait and the following skelch
of the member for  Vale-Cariboo:���
Yale and Cariboo are represented
in the Canadian Commons by a
���Canadian, an Onlario man of Irish
parentage..- Mr. William' Alfred
Gallilier is one of Ihe'inost popular
.members, of .the' House.' He was
educated'.in' the W'alkerlon public
and high schools, and the Collegiate Institiilc of Collingwood.
Afterward he was admitted lo the
practice of law in 'Manitoba, Prifish
Columbia and the North-West Ter
ritories. Me offered for,his. prerent
constituency as flic Liberal candidate at' the general election of 1900,
and wag elected by a large majority'.
One of I be best proofs of  tbe  value
1 of the Kootj;.\ay   Mail as  an  adver-
\ tising medium  is the  fact that,  the
] Hoyal    Baking     Powder     Company,
j which is one of the largest advertising
j linns   on   tbe    American    continent",
finds the rcsulls  of  advertising in the
Mail so satisfactory that, it has ipiad-
ruplcd    its  advertising  space.      This
i linn   is    guided    solely   by   business
'''eMills and not sentiment in   placing
I its advertising, and   has decided 'that
the Kootk.vay Mail is the most widely
! circulated   and   most  valuable  iidvcr-
j tising   medium   in   North   Kootcnay.
1 Local linns who do   not carry a space
in our columns would do well' to fake
the hint gained   from such   wide' experience as that of the  Hoyal   baking
Powder   Company  in   the" matter  of
ably furnished with the choicest the market ���
affords.      Best   Wines,  Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a day, ' Monthly rate.   . ' '     ,
J7     ALBEBT      ST.OITE,    IFIRO^
Ono Block from CPE Depot
and Steamboat Wharves
Ke-funtiB&ed and R*-��odeIle<
Sia.Ua 91.SI !>��� K jf��r il��.y
L1 Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,
R. DOWSWELL,  Proprietor, - Vancouver,   8. G.
Prizes and Trophies.
.-..''Baseball,' Football
Cricket, Lacrosse
and other
Shooting    Competition,
Horse  Racing, Athletic
Contests, Dance and Entertainment.
Complete Installations Our Specialty
Finest Class of Machinery   ....
The Hinton Electric Co.-.-Limited
Over 100 suils have came into town from eastern hoiwis* iu Ui. -,)��.����
few months. We can't help noticing them���its onr business. Joint; v��i.*t'
good and some very i'.'id, but NONE^AKE'EQUAL to oiw $��J to ^2D MiH'i.
Give US ii-triiil.'- '"���',''���, '
Mmaaswe^MiiBBBiMiaMiL'iM)^^ THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  ^e ifcooteha? flfcaU  "L'BLISHED KVKRT FRIDAY.  ���������AT���������  *        REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  Ascription   Price,   $2.������   P*r   Aaatim  4.UVERTISJNG RATE8 quoted on application. Change* In adrorti-cmentA mint  be in by Tuei-day ot each week to ������eciiro  good display. ; -  JOB PRINTING of every kind at mo������t r������a������en  able rates and shorteat notioe.  ACCOUNTS for job printing or advertUin**;  payable on the firit of eTery month; ������ub  it-riptioni payable rtriej,ly is advance.  lOKREriPONDENCK invited on all matters  ' ofloeal or public interest. All comrjunica-  lion-, to the Editor inmate accompanied  bv the name of the -vriter.- not necowwmly  for ' publication, , but a* an evidence or  b-tfod faith. CorreFpondence.must reach the  offic* iiy Tuesday": eveslnB to Iind 'a  j.Uoe in the first issue of the Mail after  receipt.  "> Addres=  Tmc Kootenay Mah,  Revektoke', B.C.  1*. 0. Vox.:������. I'tveUteXe.  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Solicitor,   Notary  .Public, Etc.   ,.  McKenzie Ave.,  -.  Revblst'oke, B.^U.  EDWARD A. -IIAGGEN,  Mixing. Engineer,  (Mem. American Iimtitute Mining: Kn-jineors)  (Mem! C.uiadian Mining Institute.)  ReveLstoke.'B. C "  Examination of and report* on Mineral Properties a Speoialty.  New South Wales act. Mid mnL.  strike- and .', ci. ��������� nt- .-��������� ... i-ln: tr ���������  ance, re<| Mini; rhe lvfi-n nee of . .  ilihj'iuti*.*-rih '���������<��������� wa-_ri-*> and fi'u'iiiiii''-  to a competent hoard of ��������� r-i>iii-.it<��������� r-  whoi-e decision shall he final. Tin-  proposal is that, the bill should  apply to'railways, but if the principle is good for the railway service  it ought to, be good for every other  branch of industry and should be  applied accordingly. The measure  proposes to ensure to employees  fair wages and' conditions, while it  is also a precaution against unfair  terms being dictated to railway  officials at the cost of tying up a  road and causing public inconvenience. The labor department  makes the excellent suggestion that  between now'and next"'session of  Parliament the bill should be fully  discussed by the labor unions with  a view to making'its provisions as  effective as possible.  -^vM������  -j  mst  REVELSTOKE, B. O.  ADRAHAMSON   BROS.,   PROPRIETORS.  Xewl'y   lmiJI.     rFir-l-clas.--- in every respect.      All modern cone viencee.  Larue Sample Rooms.  ,    Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.  Queen's Hotel; Trout   Lake, under   same   management.  >f\RK  St  4  '  u  1 fc  ���������3  HUME  eC  St  "^T  j   I   I  j   I | I  I   I   ll  I I   I  IT J I I  I   I  13  TV  This finish i.s more popular   this   year   than'  .   even, and' has won its popularity by its durability,  prellv tints, and the easv   mode   of  mixing, and  i 1 -^ j i O'1  applying.  Put   up   in   23' beautiful   shades  and   Whito.  , Ask your dealer for a color card   or send direct to  McLennan,   McFeely  & ��������� Co., Ltd,,  WIIOLKSALK Sc 11KTAIL .M KUCIIANTS,  122 Cordova Street  -  Vancouver, B. C. .  !73  *-^rr tt&  one  [:Ii3-*\^!y;������!/  V  -JULIAXT A. BAUER,    * ,  Domivio.v * Pkovincial Land  rfrKVEVOK.    '  iirv i'.v- of .Minenil Clnim?, Timber Bcrtli.s and  Ciown Lands.,  Cire of ,J. D. .Sibbai.d, Hevklstokk, B.C.  .TOelkootenaufl&afl  i'HJDAY. :MAY 30. 1&02.  _ The court house is much behind  tire times in that no accommodation Is provided for the press, so  that it is difficult to, obtain .a  correct record of what is going on.  (From Om-.Ovrn Correspondent.)  ���������   J. A. Magee.and J. B. McKenzie  have their office completed.  J. A. Mageehics three carpenters  building a large stable.  Joe Curtis and bride are nicely  located in their new house here.  Carpenters Price and Fraser are  kept busy. They have orders for  the building of six houses tfor the  Fred Robinson Co.  All the teams and pack horses  are busy hauling supplies and lumber to the Fish River camps.  The Xorth-Western Company has  iill its plant on the ground and vvill  have it in operation in a few days.  .Mrs. W. Johnson, of Thomson'.-*  Landing, is paying her sister, Mrs.  McDowall, a visit here.-  The bridge-across Fish River will  be completed in a few days, ready,  for the freight wagons.  Mr. Wilson, of the Giant Powder Company, lias been in town a  few.days, and left yesterday for the  south. ������ -  For Terms and, Particulars apply to  I  s a Ha HH9  in each town to ride and exhibit a satrrple 1901 model  bicycle of our manufacture.    YOU CAM MAKE ������10 TO '  $50 A WEEK besides having a wheel to ride for yourself.  ������801 M@!s SaS  '99 Mels Mats ������P  taken in trade by our, Chicago retail fatoies, JjZg  many uood as new   We  ship  any bicycle   ON   APPROVAL  ta  auyorre without a cent deposit in advance and allow  Mas       You tafca  B   absolutely  to pay  -ifwE  lor-ara:  orFEft,  [mice aa  __   .    the quality of our wheels.  WANT -i rclialile- pel0011 in cncli town lo disliibutc caidoiucfl for ns in'  V/rile today ior ficu catalogue autloui bpicial offer.  KW '    iS^ti-l* ' (JUS   !'���������  fj/l I'xttiaiige lor ;i liicye-I,.*.  Ja L Hill QYGLE  ���������55 ag  cm COUNCIL  Meeting held Friday. Present:  The Mayor, Aid. Taylor, Manning,  McLcod, Law, Hume.  CORHESPONDKXCi:. !  ��������� Ii. R. Smith, C.E., enclosing lime  of men on water survey and asking  they bo paid $3 per day. The  Mayor said the city rate wuu t?-2.'60  but this was special work���������resolved to pay $2.75 per day.  Dr. Cross( reporting on quarantine.  ��������� Government Agent, refusing  quarantine accounts���������referred to  Government^  Rev. C. A. Procunier. inviting  attendance of council at snccial  service at St. Peters on Coronation  Day.  VY. Fleming and P. Cowen. for  position nf citv foreman.  ��������� ,T. Taylor. *M.P.P.. stating legislation to prevent stock trc>pas.- on  city streets had boon thrown out  on motion of J. .Nf art i'n. , j  Chief  Coinmif.-ioner. .-tating ap- ,  plication for grant of  *?-0O.OOO    for  briiige aoro.-s Columbia  could   not '  be entertained. 0  J. Sands, asking couneil pay  stumpaj?e on fire alarm poh*.- a.- he  had not figured if'in lii*- rontract���������  acreed to.  W'j: learn from the surrounding  country that many visitors have  ���������lrraiviod 10 come to Revelstoke for  the Coronation celebration. It is  to he hoped the various committees  will In.-i' no time in completing  arrangements for the celebration  -port.-, .-0 that visitors may find a  treat in More for them which will  make Revelstoke a favorite holiday  lv-ort on'ruturcoccasions. ���������  Tin; .-chool trustees and city  ' o'jncil are to he commended in  ilie course they have adopted of  MibiriiKi'ng to the ratepayers a bylaw U) rai.-c- tho amount required  t" *-vip]dement the Government  '-M-ant in order to obtairi a'first-class  -chool building*' for the city. A  -chool is a permanent institution,  and it i.������ better to spend a larger  ������������������uiil in the erection of-a substantial  permanent building than to go on  from year to year patching to meet  requirement!--, and having nothing  .-atisfactorv in tlie end.  RKCKKATJON GROU.N7).  Oni; of the greatesj necessities of  flic city is a good recreation ground.  If the ci.ty council would take, the  .matter up they would find plenty  ���������of 'support in'carrying-, out their  scheme. Then: are no more enthusiastic sportsmen 'in the town  than the C.P.R. hands, and they  tell us  that if a ground is provided  Coronation Day.  Sports to bs Held.  The adjourned meeting to consider the celebration of Coronation  day was held Tuesday.  Mr. Phipps reported Mr. McDonnell and he saw subscribers, who,  with two exceptions, favored  grounds being secured in preferrncc  to aports.  Mr. Robinson said those he saw  expressed a similar opinion.  Mr. McCarter suggested getting  $400 or 1500 for sports.  On motion of Mr. Haggcn, seconded by Mr. McCarter, it was  resolved "Thar, a sports programme  be arranged for Coronation day and  that a new subscription list he  circulated for that purpose alone."  committers.  The following committees vwr������  appointed to make arrangement-:���������  Grounds: Messrs. H\ Smythe, A.  McDonnell, I). G. McKenzie.  Rkception and TiiANsr'OitTATio.v:  Messrs.   Kilpatriek,   Downic,    Mc  Carter.  Pkinti.no and Advertising:  Messrs. Sutherland, Haggen and  Johnston.  Programmi;: Messrs. C. McDonald, A. McDonnell, A. McRae,  Sutherland, Kincaid.  Collection   Commit lees as l>efor<\  B. R. Atkins was appointed secretary-treasurer.      .  The programme, executive and  finance committees were arranged  to meet Tuesday next.  T. Rain, fire-in?pc' te.:  .}. Kcliy had compirt-  for tire alarm pule:.  Education departrncn  ed   of  another  accuun'.  co:  W.  ���������at;  school   trustors  b'  payment,  minding  ������skins citv  couneil  Rf-  11 v  comp:a;n  from   ia'.r  '������������������fi-rrr-d   for  to   pay,   n-  ��������� l-i-ok"   i.fui  little value. The building which  it was proposed lo acquire next  Oriental llotcl could be, got for  $800, and on terms of $100, cash  and $100 a year I hereafter at 5 per  cent: till paid.  Akl.o   McLeod    urged   accepting  offer  referred   to  by   Mayor.    The  accommodation ,  in     lower    town  was no credit to llie city.  f,'   Aid. '-11111110   thought    the ! city'  could not get a heller deal.  Resolved lo acquire building and  have it fittod up for fiVoball at cost  not exceeding $150.   " '  IMrOt'NDINCi.  Aid. McLcod .drew atlention lo  stock trc.--pas.-ing on afreets.  It was decided to enforce the cow  by-law limiting number allowed  within city limits to-fivc, and to  draw pound-keeper's attention to  complaints.        , '   ���������  niui.i. iiAi.i..  Aid. Taylor suggested steps be  taken 10 acqiiii-" lots for drill hall  ��������� Kc.-olvcd 10 call spi-chil niei'ting  for Friday -to introduce neces*-.-iry  Ly -In v.      "' " ���������  Harness   Emporium.  YYY dropprd inl'i 1). C. McLan n'.-  !i���������i-'i"-- t'.'iiporium the other day  arii! foil 11 1 him filling onh r- from  n'.M'lv im*i*-\ io-.in in Rritish Col-  i:ii.i.:,i. Li*;;i'f- of inquiry and  or ]> r- fur irno'l- an1 coming in from  -��������� 1;, 1 ]..(���������{'- ,!- K.i--Iii, Kclowiia.  I', ii,.("o:i.  -^aininn   Aim,   Stanley,  A Fine Stock of  Chinese and Japanese  Goods Jusl Arrived        '  IIAJIIiOO CIIAIK.S  K.i.NUY TAMLKS  TLATKAYS  OIIINAWAinO  KAXi'VCOOOS  NAPKINS  "     '        lLAXDKKWrillLFS  FANS  In Great Variely  In New Store Opposite The  Joss House.,-  ftssa&o-  Oni- ('](���������<;,ml ;") sluvey show rooms with ha.sciiienl���������concided  to be'(In- |.c*.t in Ciinada in tun- line. (Jur large 3 btorey  brick warc-lioiiso. Our inodcrn .'!, islon-y hriek ftiniiliire  faelnry, are ,jusl evidence 'tliat, tlie * eople* iijiiirt-t-ialo our  policy of tlniui; Inihinc.-K. Cannot \ve have a share ol" yours?  Send for our .catalogue anvwav. if costs voii-iioUiiiii*,.  5  VICTORIA, B. Q.  Opposite Hotel Vancouver,  MISS E.   RICHARDS,   Principal.  Shorthiind. 'l'.v|ii!\vi*il,;nK. TlnnUkt't'iiinjf. Ti'lo-  Ki-apliv ,iinl Vi'rliiteetni'i'l Driiwintr. I.ratlii-  111l--. lroui llii-u)lloui,-e-uiiii-l)i,-l ,i|i|iniiiliiii.,iil.-.  Inclu-ive lia'iii-- fur hu.inlci'-, -j 111 iiur inoiiih.  been well treated by i\> p-irtmfnt.  and that campaign of i.o-ijlity l.ad  been tarri'-ri on again.-t dtrpartni'-rii  by late tru-le'"-���������City tl-clinr- re.--  pon=ibilily for debts incurred by  former trtisttf*1.  TENi'iEU-.  Tender.- wer^; op'ivd for luinber  an'l side-waik con^lruciion.  Lumher: Fred "Robin'���������on [/tmber  Co. and Rrvteloke Lumbi-r Co.  tendered at, ������ame price for lumber,  viz.; $12 on -hort, and V7-'> "n lout.'  length'���������Decided to divide roii-  trat'l. The ho'-'piia! tonimiiH-i-  offered plank on hand at $il and  it was decided to take it over.  Sidewalk construction: L. A.  Fretz, SJc. (1 feet walk. i'2p'. friiv-  ing.-; J. Laii'hr, J"2c w;i!-:. 'I'm.  cro*--ing������: J. W. MfCallum. 7c. Sit.  Be. fi ft, ivaik, 9c. .S ft. cro���������iri'_'. Xc  G ft. cro--inL'; P. Acrren. ~<  and Mi. S ft. walk,   \V. J. k'e!'  K< r'-n.fi)-. 'if'-nt'l'i-, QucMii'lle  F'.''<-. L 7 L- llachc, Revclsloke,  r*i,,-' 'M'i li-otl. Yiinon. At-licrofi.  .\,-. V.Y--:i,:n-i' r. Duncan!-. Y.I.,  L: loot-. '.>��������� 1'i Fork-. Oreciuvood.  lJ:,i. ni;\. .V:"ila, When one takes  .n'o ' "!!-!d"i.i'i<ui I in- fa' 1 t hat the  ;*n:fi:*v i- covered bv  lie...- .I -bow- tint.  i> I fjti.i lily of  .inj,, n'e 11,ore than  *l,o-'j   ��������� f 'ot la v.-   in,  Wi'lOie  OI   till- ','  :iL'")i'- .for "' ii-  M.-L-'i-n'- ;���������:���������  ���������j(,im>p rnn-i '  f,i���������.or:-nlv v.i:li  (he .'.,,.", l,i���������.  r-t-ia.l 'in- -i.t'i  -ah*. ., r,tl i-'  cha-- -���������' otid  eh ip-. ' "'��������� ��������� ?���������'  (O   (|1-|  '������������������(    of  ��������� Km nit''ip-  FOR  SALE  LAKE VIEW HOTEL, SICAMOUS.  Situated 611 the hanks of  Shuswap Lake, one of the  largest   and    hio~-.t'  beautil'itP  if lakes   in    Hritj.-h   Columbia.  , For   tonus   and    pariiculars  j apply to  I JAS.   CUILETTO.   REVELSTOBE.  1  ���������       t  1E. MOSCROP-^  I .        ^  1  !      ,   ' Sanitary  Pliimbiuji;, iioi  j Walcr &. Slcam Healing.  1 Second.Street, Revel..toko  ^Wholesale and Retail  [eat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage:  '" '-^pssK^'-'Calgary, Alberta  lb  ... 1  l!"  I'*   ' !',  .   I  t!  'V ,l '  in :  , 'i:  ' in  ���������::)*!  i; 11  .if!  only '-���������cli-  '!e whoh -  ���������_' '" pur-  . ii irn'-s-.  '," wi-l.c*  << t nrit (--.  1 l.*i N-^  for   HafcJiin^ from   Pure  Bred Poultry.  1 > c  rr,,":?V  ^yiE.,]iii0r i*G0'  ri������r\i  Old Soldier's Experience.  1.1 '_��������� 11'' 111  i|(,i !' - .lll'l I'  L'i ban || ,\u  ,1!   low   I'I li't -.  I :!(><)' F.iii-  t'or -),i I'* fhcij  ijovvii   and   S (, \\ liiti:  1!   I'   Cock--, While  Yi'y.iii-  l'i-l.-iii   Duck- $1.00 pel -cl,  i'L"'-.      Sfocl;   Im --ale  ���������-    Pi"  -en . n W'ii i  '. -. ( iilltll-ll  VllVII   Mow  l'i  I iit-tili.iliii-   iintl Ih'tjoder  fill, walk,  2hc. cro������-in2j:    I  Carthv. !)��������� . Ci ft.  lie 8 i't. .-  Liinddl, 7<\ fi ft. anrl S'-. H f  \\".   A.   Xrtlle,    H\v.. B ft    ^.  walk and cro-*.*iint'--, for  wboi  tracts.���������Resolved    lo. accept  1 a.  . b<.  >; .\r.-  ,k;   A.  \yXi'k;  .    >!it  1    foil-  ill. I-  M<-  M   M  Wind,. -1  .*,,!-     -|i   K  (!��������� 1 :or -  ( 11.'1 d 'i.'.'  w h-i-h ���������'  -Il'i  III  .nf  Mv  ���������ip  .1,  ���������>;  ('..  ��������� .f ���������  1 ia ���������  ���������1 IJ.  ,l,.f,I  1     ' V J.'  '   ,������������������,r|  ,1,  ,''',  i , !-  , ; 1,  On:-.*  -tie,  The 15. C. Poultry Yards, Vcrno;1  Km ll'-l 1 l.i--. I. ,illn i h rilt)  B. C. Leather Co.  Vancouver, B. C.  i n:Ti,-"t'  t���������-��������� ji.-'i i ,.'i, i,i,  "fENCrnNO'  il'  ,\l'. III-,   fill'  ',, ,l Il'i  Mi,' 1  ( hi  !'.|,i,,[mI  K\  Coal Oil  Siiivt  yilYTIIINC  I-.   \tl    Mill'!  lo iV'.-i Ml   '  ll'-e. A11//I1 -  -. W'atci Co.  one and  c Till':  '��������� Sen I'll \\ iliilliWS,  ���������-, ii e Cream Flee/-  ^pC.llv���������-. C aiplini;-,  li .-. Water Filler.-.  I \mi hui'iu-r-.. , , ,  lAKDWAIC:  LINK  Hardware'  Stoves  Tinware  ll)  I!  I ���������  ��������� il'"  --.iil-lli   in,,! Hail-  I, il ���������'"   l,i .illn i'-, l'|i  lowest  bids-,   Agrrn.   Lundel!  Ctillum.  .vo. I Finr. n.vr.r,.  I). McCarly reported c-t of  placing building, which it wa- firo-  po-"d to piirr*ha**r-, in condiliiui for  fireball, :i- if I.V)  ALL Mann ou, .'���������'aid lhe cha -u- m  No. I bri^ailo -told bim they lyoiild  be well .aati.sficd if 'thoy''fixed the  old bttilfling. ���������    .*..'���������. ,-.j  Tlie Mayor  -i,n" ���������  .v   1   1:  .< 1 n.  1   'iiit  1 ,, 1 in  ' 1  i'  ���������ie  ,|N  I      -I   '  I   '  "I      I  I !'  I iii'lni .;-  W  , ,1  <l  '.'i ','.'   '  1,'     .ill  ,<l'tl'l>  ,1,  111 ii-  'l  ,1,1  1' "  ��������� la:  ior   fill  1 \   1.  '���������" I'.  I . 'i,'i  .l,,le   I  (lay- Train ll.  Ml  I  \  I  II ,,     ' I.  1,    ei     ' ''      '    '  "ll,   I-''',.,-   Min, I'i-l l'i l'll!"-.il'-.   ''���������  Kwi.ii'ti'   and    lul.tI. iuicnil. -��������� ���������'���������':���������  ti.ll.t- lll'l',.ill', lllllilll1.'. 'I" III"   .Villi-  >J>c  t,^\ip\  nann  tion   i-mi-iipal ion. Iiillousne.ss  and  (lie  i|, ,,il   inn,.-leli. liver  or   bowel.-   is   Kijians  7,',ml, i*-. aiid llit-ir I imi'ly  ai<l   reniovcs lhe  1 the 11 any lillle ill*- tliat befall iniinkind.  no'ilile. iclieie   the di-lie-^. clean.sc and  1  io* tim  I i*l*  He  -v -ti i.i a ;:i-iii'ial toiiini; 11j>.  ,inf,'.|:,',i,nl<.|. fi,i' Ci-i-litli'iilc-. nl' I in |,riii ni 11 his.  ���������' ��������� ��������� ' y ���������' ."      ''ffir l.lii'. |iiii |i,i-,' 01' "litiiiniiij- Crown Kr.ini.-i "I'  ^iid ������������������ the old-building f'i.i,<: iitim-i'-tini-.il...  ...   S,IK a1'"' P?',     ������   .      .".      A,|(| ,���������,.,!���������.,. ,.,,.,,  ���������r,|J(i(.  u,,,!, iii'll'.ii. IMnlt-r-  ad been-reported on several   i.trne.-    ��������������� 1 uu,'. :::.  nei 1  i���������> ri,inr<it'i<<-.<d  '><-''���������>���������'��������� ni''  ���������  '���������     '    ���������     --      '���������     ' ICJOO     |,V ' i'-H'ik ',i'_o "I' -iir.li('|.|.|i||,.|i|(.j nl a 1iii_|ii'OViiiii<'IiI.h  Advertise in the Maii...  as likely to"co^f, .$700   or  repair, and even then  would  to  he "of  Nexi  to.  '.ir.ttnQ i.in-  i.iit  \YM  -Iiiy ui' Ai.rll. I!M-'.  K UK VKHV.VX, I'. I-  I,cyi.-i'v ami -'���������'.-��������� '.oy 111:1 - I  '/lilies n-pii iced. Plat.ii'i-J j  done. All kind* of iv.ci b- I  niii'-al work a I tended' to.      j  .1. W. Bcnncil's Store, |  REVELSTOKE.    '   "   .  [  AT ; DRUGGISTS.  lie ii\'i.:*fc;.:t 1  ;:ckct  is   e no no  li :, (or. an ordinary occasion.  aniiiy botLi(j;'.s'i."-:ly cents, contains a supply for a year. .  Hli  THE KOOTlftAY MAIL  mmmmtmimMmm  twwpjwwwwimi.it.iiniJiM iwnw  rassssm  ������B5ESt5������S  HSE5  h  \  ass  SWEET REVEN6E.  BY  Author of  CAPT.    F.   W.   MITCH EL  ''- Chattanooga,"  ���������' Chieamanga,"  Etc.  [continued]  mo uiey were gon ��������� taue0nie to a  point, near my old Home, Knozrllle,  where I would be'required to sign a  cheek for a. large amount, al? tliey  eoulil squeeze, out of me, but if tlie-r^  were not sullieient funds to my credit  in'the bank I must execute papers that  would ramble him to convert properly  inio money. If 1 would do as lie, wished, he would set hie free. This I ki)':-w  to be a lie. The gang would find up.-T--  te.xi to murder tin- whether i slgtitd the  document or trot.  lie   left   ine sitiing on  the ground,  leaiiiri-;  ag-iin.st   a   log,  conii-niphiiin-f  cili.' liti!Tt)i*n of iiiy situation If I did  not pay my ransom, I should ',*��������� nun  delrd; if I paid ll. I should lie u* ,/*ilet-  ed It was Hut-Miii's elidiee \ n.aile  uii my iiiiinl Uiai I would aiiempi to  .���������ni*::;i,:' ���������.'.���������( ���������i.ot ami thus end a s'..ja-  Ho*. :' at wiis liiliu-img un nie a inciiial  t.vn-'i* iai greatei tlimi any physica*  |).*; u I'lorrnl ever endured.  Ca-iius   my   eye*   Inadvertently   ro  vvanl 11.*., mud, I .*..*;w two women jia-s,  Jn.; utii-tliwai-i] iiiui iu another moiii.-.-n  rwogiiiRi-il tl-.t-in as rho.**e I laid nor it--d  oil tin- iiuiit-li     To my surprise, one of  ' lf:e::i n.-rm-tl rtli<I n-tle lovvind us TLn-  Di!,-.!-tii'.tiiiitrd, snarled on. turn.'d a..-1  foiiii-.T,*.! liw c-(.i,:piiiiiori. 1 init.ieeil  '���������.hem (licit /-gin-es  "i" tln>!r J.i". I;eis and  :.i<lli'l*()(ll-.ri;   Slllllifill-  kot-ping   wuti  men  "1:   ilje.se   vioau-o  ���������-Jl.nl  Ua-.v   were ell  ���������anil), -��������� ��������� >   ������v-rt::M lie  desperate effort nnd began to sing, but  tii-r* voice vvas so ihin and trembling  ,tliat I thought every moment she would  break down. However, when she came  to the last stanza- she bad regained  .something of confidence and ended ibcj  song pretty well.  She had scaicely finished when we  beard a picking of banjo sitings. I  looked up and saw a boy and a negro  advancing toward us. ,1 was not lorrg  in reeogniziug Ruck and (linger, the  latter thrumming tho instrument as he  came on.  "Wliar's & house fo' t' git suppei-V"  railed lhe boy.  -Dunno   . IT tint yer own supper," replied one of the men. '  ,   "Hain't you  tins got nothiu  thar f  spa I*'"."'  "lieekiui. but rve hain't goln ter  spa;- 'I."  1 it ii - U started toward the camp, and  (lin.-er tollovvr'l linn.  ,c;:),  'ir;.-. ,,v  i,  m .-  h :  .*..! fun;  ; -.- leirl  !���������-.! ;_���������,���������  ���������u;   oil!  i-ni*r*!jii:c  I ilii;i.**.-.:ii.  ���������si;.-;, ilia ,  Oi  ���������������������������ii    w'Hi    n-rior v. la-ti    -.t.cy  '���������-'' -i ;:.i:in a .Jii'/eu yur.-s il,*-i.int,  f.Hi'.*.'..1   riii- one in ������dv,*;ui-i.- i.-*_,;i  ai-c in a iativ.ii,voice.*  : ,-jii .ri:'i!���������nri.-- ������������������ *i a-- now fa    lis r'  !'.'.'. ry V  1 li-'ii, tieiii'iul) il.e Homely clieek'oou  acl. ii inoidi Un- olive darkeii!iii;'iit ner  i-ot'.pirMon uritlei ibe rlirai) .an. u. I  rei-ogniz.-'l lij-lei) Stiiutonli Hei ti'-nii  tllul roinpiiuiou was uoue oilier iliau  my fnsi-imuing liule friend who hail  saved uu* from ihe inipeiiiuus wraib ot  , Capiam I'.eai-.iiiont ,liii|in'line Kuiland.  Had :i pall' ol angels come dnvvii.  Iron. tieni'i-n and lit'on my slioniilers  I eonid no' have tJi't-li i.imrt- astuiil-j-lii'd.  1 riil'licil my ev'.-s. limn, in- lliat my vision   deceived   un*.   tun      lien   I   looKed  ��������� ngn.ii ii*"ie vvas Helen .-.iiiui; on iici  lior*se mailing with th.* ttnri rili;i> as  il  tliey   Were culinary pel-mi-,  making  ' i-iwiiiiii.npl-iei' ri'iii-irt;*-, in e.vcellein il;,i  livt Willi 'vvincli n loiiH ivs-lilt-iii**.-.in-ill  the moiairaiiis lijul m.-ide.u.-i, familiar  , .l.-iiviii-hiv renin Hied ii short diMau.-e ln-  liiini' r.e'r l'"or -nvvlille I teareii nun  J.liplellll. ili-lilil In-II'iiy lliein iiiit'nrtoi i  euulil set-, il.,ii she iva> iiemlilmy l!m  I'ii"--. lill.V till renin seeimcl to l.-iiv t-In-i  Sllr    I'otll     lip    Ill-Mill-    ll.'l,-ll    mill    ll.*__!l'l  io cli.ifi ir.e riicn. ai i.iiei aiin.Li.iig ihi  :oi.*ii-.,vnoi- Uu- whole oaiitl. '"   '  ���������-.Vo'n- a likely gal." s*a!il n:>i. ei, ti.-.-i;).  , "'Git down oli'eii thai crit'.o:- .:.,.! _.;.'���������.,  awhile." ',  "Couldn't think cf It.'*  "Oh. yes. y()- k:n." .������*-���������! b v-1;. ���������,:  up ,-nu] I:  hold t,i" It-- Iv .".'- ���������*.   i   -  "Yo'   .Km   ra-;i"* M'"   e:, .1   *.:.,..  ,-..,i  min. "let I'liii'gyi-I alorie":  The cniit.-iiii adva-in-d a:;*.l invited tl;i  iwo visitors to ali.::!!. p:*n:n:<iii-: -.h.-*.:  tliey   should   be   ie>peeli-tl.^    .l.-.v.--'*:"'.--  gave lilin n grateful look as he !.i'ip--i  her oft* her h.i-s'e  with  f:ir ni'iri* :;.*i!  lantry than npglii  have been i':,-;i"i*ted'  from  the  leader of  ibis gang of  ruffians.    Indeed there was somei'iiug in  ills bearing to  make  ine suspen  that  this bandil e,-ipiiiin--I!li'g'.ld they call  ed him. though I surpect the inline was  assumed  "I'm  a takin   Has  nigger  t'   Soai-iv.  H.'.- -old"'  ������������������j'i.-iin'l yo' goi tliat nigger olTeii yo"  han'i- yltV" railed Pete Halliday.  I'm i; looked at the speaker in as-  si:;*,-, il surprise. "Waal uow. you nii.i  u, .:- lie the iiieo we ine. yisii'l'y  iJain t yo'������c(it yo" inao olleu yo' ii.-iad.i  v 11 "'"  A liiii >i::...-,.| uver ihe I'.'iees nl lb������  men  "1'ini't yo inii.d liniit tlia'l man", ri -  pl.'e.l I'ele IJiillKiHj *er yo'll (All IIIK*  tl'Olil'li'O     '"  "W i.ai '(ties the li'guer li^l.ilijV'^as','  ed the ��������� r,"iiiiii.  'Tin I:...ill turn |i-i S[i.'irly " '  ,  "Vo tlun'l Keep linn under' close  watch,"  said Pete  ."Oh. he hain't no runaway linger.  He's^'ot un- iu VhaiLies unieti's I'uot  him. He's l.'lon^ed , to the tamljly  siiu-e belo' I was lituiied."  Ry this time the travelers bad reached the camp. I'.ueU's intelligent face  contrasting with llie stupid look which  llie negro was assuming.  The" man who rooked for the band  1 was busying bimselr' preparing -supner.  Willi one accord the two girls took hold  to help him. lie at once, dropped his  implements and pave way. while nil  stood gaping ut the unusual 'sight of  iwo women who. unasked, were cooking a meal lor lliein. Helen'occupied  herself over the lire and managed an  iron skillet, the only rooking utensil  u camp, as deMcrously as a chef J nek  took the tin tlfshes Hint i*ompij*-ed the  kit ami "set the table." ah net hitherto  unknown at, guerrilla meals. Then,  when supper was re!idy._tjiey ni.-i.-ied  upon vvni'ii:i; on the men. No one oh  je'eted lo this save the enpiaui. who  by tils protest a second lime indicated  that he Iind seen bettei tlavs ami  knew' some!Inn-; of deference to women.  The meal ended', lhe *-r!rls lusisiej on  was'.iing.tiic dishes.   When Micro was  no iiioi-.e work to do. .lack sung out:  p'Cl'ar the way, you mis, an I'll give  yo' a dance!"'  Meanwhile Jaquellne had drifted Into the dance and was whirling, bending, floating, every, muscle alive with  its especial motion. At times sha  would lull, poise herself for a moment,  then, like a fitful wind, start again  with renewed fervor. At no time could  there be discovered aught but delicate  refinement in ber movements, and now  It was .her purpose to attract without  escitiug ber spectators. Stimulated by  frequent bursts of applause and by  ptlie rapt attention of.the men surrounding her, she found her main incentive  in a far deeper!' nobler motive, feeling,  as she did, the critical situation, the  dread responsibility, for a human,life  resting upon her.  What a singular scene! The ring of  ugly faces momentarily softened. by  the sight of grace and beauty; the captain, his sharp face turning with the"  dancer nnd following her wherever she  goes; Pete Halliday, standing with  folded arms, lowering from under the  broad brim of bis sombrero, grinding  his ciuid: Ginger's black face gleaming  with pride at furnishing the music for  his young mistress, inspiring her with  his own inspired melody; little Buck,  sifiiidirin between two lank guerrillas  iii "butrei-nut," staring at bis cousin  and forget fill or ber danger in his Interest in her work; Helen Staiiforth,  standing apart, her strong face wear-  in*; ihe expression of a general who  waicht's a cavalry charge intended to  turn a position on which bangs the fate  of the day  The .guerrillas, not one of 'whom  would hesitate to slit a throat at the  slit-litest prospect of gain, were watching the little soubrette not only with  'admiration, but with respect. Once  during her performance one of the men  applauded with a ribald remark. He  vvas standing by the captain, who  stretched his arm, brought 'it down  wilh a backward stroke and sent the  man sprawllna .Inqncline saw the  net and the approving looks of the outlaws, who wen- lu no moot) to have  their sport iliteirupled Tl?e color left  her cheeks, hut she kept "i-iulit on. and,  ih^. ('piscc* passed without further consequences.    '     'J  Ai a moment  when the attention of  the men had become riveted upon the  dancer Helen, who had been,gradually  working her ,vvay  Iron)  the group toward^ inc. came and sat down on  the  log'behind Ginger, where she wm par-  tinll.v screened hy  him    Watching her  oppoi (unity, she deftly took a revolver  from   her  pocket   and  concealed   it   in  I he, folds of her dress.    With her eyes  fixed  upon  the group about .lack,  she  waiied   for  a   burst  or  applause,  and  when it came, reaching back, she drop  |ied ihe weapon  behind the log at  my  feet: then, rlsini!.' n-joined the circle.   I  pushed .the icvolver under the loa with'  lhe  i"e uf  my   l.ufit.   then   Kicked  dusl  and lea\ es'ovi'i   it     l'h:.- ;iei i.ui|jl:slied,  I   bn.lii'.'d  ihe  must  ri.mtiirtai.if sikIi  r -   i ('  Ol i.'liel I Im iv ever drawn ;������������������ my life  The wl.tilr si! lid I ion seem tl channel!  ti> Cull little (iUM i'IIVi'1'i 'I eollllilllillUill  of Ini.- ut  iiielill     Slnopiii';    I'slipped  ll  si lii ��������� l In*  ie::  n:   ni.v   [min  .-iriii  leu   iliai  "-���������ill'   "lie   bill Hi-   wa-   Willi  .\ I  that ilium, ni  '' " -ei i in-  ."U    I roll)    be:, mi!     ,    . h.ii.i  .".i" S  ���������)!   lll'l.I   I III lll;Ull   I In    !i  ���������>  (.i,'.li.',,(/,/'l./l,i/  I'm*  /,i,|'iii(  -      -       I,'")i  of sonic g'.iinl Mi".:In in f.nni'v wim tun  d.'sgr.-ii nl .'liiiusell wiih h.������ peer.- am  become a leailci of those who were,  like Iiiiiisi If', devoid ni principle, but  in oilier'ways his mfeilors .l.-lqueline  mi!--! have' divim-ll'iis much, for no  ��������� Mioner was -he on terra lirina than she  slipped her arm tliriiuuh his iuid clung  io hun c*i!il'i!iib.'ly ' I'ele llnllidny. who  seemed io he the next ineiulier of the  bund in iinp'irianrr after the raptain.  awkwardly niinupied to gain some  mark ol her lavor. Inn .f:ii|ueliue. with  wi,*i!i:in"s quirk intuition, knew lhat If  any one vvas to be relied on it was Itin-  gold and tlecliivd attention from any  oilier.  "Who ar' yo'V Wbar did yo' come  from".' What yo' doiu hyarV" she asked  in her usual quick way. "llnitrt yo'  gbin t'yjoin our boys "an light fo' lhe  bonny, blue Hag?"  The ciiptnlu looked a hit uncomfortable, and as she lia.d asked several questions to which, a reply would be In order he .replied to mine.?. V -.' -.a ."������������������  /���������'Can't yo' sin*;,ihe ��������� Runnydilue',������������������'lag'  'To',"em. .lark'.'" asked Helen. "Reckon  yo'tl like io hear her." she nddetl lo the  grou|i., ".She's right siiinri nt slnglii."  "Reckon," said .lack, "li'yo' want to  hear 'IV" ,  The men were too stupid or. rather,  had not,tlie puli'eness to say thi-y did.  They stood',and gaped, .lack, who i  could easily see under her enforced  ga.vety was badly  f"ightened, made a  CHAI'TEU X.  A DANCE FOIl A LIFE.  HE, proposition   was   received  wilh shouts of approval,  i    "Yo'   don't   mean   yo',.  kin  dance?"  "Reckon."  "Good   gal!    Cl'ar  tho   way   fo'   a  dance!" .   ���������  , "Yo' nigger, time that banjo! 'T's  lucky fo' yo' yo* got't, strings air all, er  we'd 'a' made strings outeu yer hide."  The camp was on n circular piece of  hard ground so cut off from the sun by  surrounding trees and bushes that no  grass grew. The few scattered sprouts  were soon cleared away. Ginger sat  down on the log which lay .near by,  twanged his banjo, 'lightening or  loosening a string, and then gave a preliminary flourish.  Jaquoline took off her sunboiinct,  threw it a few feet away and stepped  on to the clearing. There were mingled  fear and.defiance iii her face that set  my heart to Hollering. Though I did  not know she was carrying out a pre-  'joiirerted plan, somehow it got into my  head that'she vvas about to dance for  my liberty���������In other words, for my life,  "lie thought maddened me. An impulse  sek'etl iiie-io throw oil the mask and  ���������dely the whole band. 'Helen,'seeing the  desperate resolve expressed in my face,  gnii- me a look, partly Imploring, partly eonimiiudlui:. that recalled nie to a  -ease o! my helplessness.  ��������� .luqi.eiiiii. hcimii sailing about, keeping rime io Ginger':, music, moving  .;:;!.er and ih.iher with uiiceriaiu steps,  is ���������! bird vvill ii.i I,a,:; and forth before  ilartliiir avvav in ii- ll.u'lu. or as a miisl-  , !uii vvill sweep his lingers over a harp  i et'iii'e beginning his melody. Gradually iin- music grew quicker, and .lack,  gathering cunlideiiee, forgot everything  nut the dance.  Since the entry of the two girls into  the ramp I hail suffered one terror after .-mother iu quick .succession, and  now li struck tne that iu ease Jack sue-  leeded in fascinating this lawless group  some of lliein. fired with a desire of  piissession, would break through all restraint. I hat! been wonderstruck tliat  two defenseless girls should dare to  come among them, and now I was stupefied that Jack should dance before  them and that Helen should permit her  ,to do so. Rut who shall measure the  strength of woman's weakness? Mother Nature had. taught Jack and Helen  their power, aiid tliey went about their1  work with not a tithe of the fright that  possessed me.  sun came  and -ho;  ���������' -. un ei  ' -uui ihe'  'ie refined  .-'V udor  ,.ai  intul  CITY SCHOOLS.  Two-Storey, Brick Building Proposed.  At city council on Monday the  school trustees asked council to  submit a by-law for $8,000 to supplement Government,.grant of ���������li;]0-  000 to enable a two-storey brick  school to be erected; the building to  contain eight rooms and estimated  to cost $17,358. Plans and detailed  estimates accompanied application.  Aid. Hume was in favor of a  brick school, and that a by-law be  submitted. The estimates were  greater than he expected.  , Aid. McLcod said the question  ���������was whether.they could afford to  undertake a work,of this kind when  the city had no water and li^ht  supply. If lhat were provided he  would certainly ' favor a brick  school. '  Aid. Law said it would be a fine  thing to have a brick school, but at  pre.*-i*nt lhe city was without protection against lire, which was  really a first consideration.  Aid. Manning urged putting up  a first-class school:liouse instead of  patching present building. They  had $10,000 available and should  use it to best advantage.  ' Aid. Taylor considered by-law  should be submitted to the ratepayers. A good school building  was most iniportaiit. lie agreed  with Aid. Manning as to inadvisu-  hility of patching up present buildings.. . ��������� |  The Mayor was in fa'vor of  having a <kkxI l.nildiim. Of course  they would not float any more  debentures than necessary if the  work could 1'0 done for less than  the estimate.  Mr. Floyd, on behalf of the  trustees, urged asking for $S,000,  and , submitting matter to ratepayers at all events. The Govcrn-  ment.wowld not pass the plans for  a $10,000 building, as no ���������doubt  they expected_ the city to supplement the grant.     ,       o  Aid. McLcod favored'submitting  'matter to ratepayers.  Mr. Floyd: The trustees wish to  obtain -feeling of the,ratepayers on  the matter.  A petition was presented from  the requisite number of ratepayers  asking by-law be submitted io raise  $8,000 to supplement amount  available for proposed building.  Kesolved to introduce., by-law at  next meeiinjr. - . ���������  TUE  MARKETS.  Toume Bros., morchnnti,Revelstoke  r-v,   t for week ending May 29t*: correct  Yl.l "R.  Hungarian, per bag 98 lbs $2.75.  021.-11 x.  Wheat, per ton .' $30.00.  Oats, per ton..' $30.00.  Fei:d.  Hay, per  ton, timothy $22.50.  Shorts $25.00.  , Brim $22.50.  SUGAlt.  Sugar, per sack, 100 lbs $6.00.  YlCGKTAM.nS. "  Beets, per  lh....' ��������� 3.  I'olatoPH, per 100 liV $1.50.  Onions, por 100  lbs  .$4.0.0.  Cabbage, per lb 3.  Can-otx, per 100 lbs 2.00.  Turnips, per 100 lbs 2.00.  Farm Prodcck. 0  Eggs, per doz.. new laid.: 30.  Case. c*;gs '. 25.  Butter (Creamery), per lb 35  Mutter (Dairy) per lb. ..' 25.  Cheese, per lb .'. v20.  Lard, per  lb...; .18.  !1k ATS.   8 to IS.   15.   12i to 15.  .' 15 to 20.  .��������� 15.   ..'...IS.   18  Seeds,,. Trees,  Plants, Bulbs..  M.  GREENHOUSE PLANTS,  for Spring Planting.  Clean certificate  from   inspector.  CUT FLOWERS.  AGRICULTURAL  IMPLEMENTS,  BEE SUPPWES,  FRUIT BASKETS,  FERTILIZERS,  Catalogue Free  J. HENRY,  3009  Westminster  Road, .Vancouver.  \Vnrrr. L.wioit Oxi.y.  Wright" Forxnttj  PHOTOGRAPHER.  -"' ' '  Development of  plales and films for  amateurs undertaken. Terms nn application. Dark room (temporarily)  Canada Drug and Book Co.  ���������UNION  CIGAR=  Beef, per lb   Mutton, per lb   Veal, per lb   , Lamb, per  lb..........  Pork, per, lb. .*.   Ham, per lb   Bacon, per lb   Fkuits. ������  Oranges, per. doz..'   'Lemons,  per doz...-.. .. .  Apples, per box..'....'...  Pears, per box '   MKTAL MAUKKT.  . . .,-10.  .,..40.  .2.50.  .2.50.  ''Our Special" & "The Union."  H. A. BROWN PROP.  '  REVELSTOKE,      -     -     ti 0.  Copper, New York,Lake 11^ 12������,electrolytic Hi to Ll;{cLondon X52j{.  Lead���������New York, $4.05 do $4.10 ;  London,  .fill 8s. 9d. to ������11 10s.  S i 1 ver���������New   Y ork, 51 g.  Vancouver Nurseries  M. J. Henry's Enterprise.  ,. ..j  ���������  .'vi ii  11,,.,  .....  civveeii   tym  i ays sli*-.iie i.u  ; in,1!  ro:.-- '.-i ��������� ������������������- ���������  is. the ���������:������������������.'  icr for: lead. Tin--. ,:.'���������  ing on her toes to another part of t;,.  ."iiu:. a ipilck succession of light* ami  -hades passed over her brow, a di;icing d iideiii of wim 'flashes. Truly iiml  is a wiiiiilerf:.! artist, since lie can  touch even a liance with celestial pu  rity  Helen Sianforili turned to ine. Pulling her siiuboiinet forward so* as to  conceal her face from the others,  though they were roo intent on .latjue.  line to notice her. she moved her lips,  and though no sound came I knew she  intended the word:  "GOV ���������  Near ine vvas a" tree, not far from  rhat another, underbrush, bushes���������just  ihe cover through which"to make a retreat.' I could easily get down behind  the log, crawl into the thicket, and,  away. Now for the, lirsr lin'ie llio' purpose of dear .Ia<]ueliiio was' fully apparent.  ��������� But how could I leave these friends  who had risked so much, accomplished  so much, for ine? I stood still ,and  shook my head. . ���������    '   ,  '  Again Helen looked an order for me  to go.  "Not without the ��������� others,'' I whispered.  .Sitting down on the log so as to be'  nearer to ni'.\ she replied In a low  voice:  '"Wo will leave here when you are  safely away. .She vvill dance on to keep  them from knowing you have gone. We  have planned It so.-'  "Tliey vvill know you connived at my  escape and murder you."  "Why should tliey V Go at once, or 1  shall consider you an in grate."'  She looked so anxious, they had all  made such a noble effort in my behalf,  that I could not Iind il in my heart to  disappoint tliein.  (To he continued.)  NOTICE.  Notice is lii'i'oliy (ji vim Unil.iifl.orlll) fliiv.-' tmu  <liili������ I iiil.cinl in ii.|iply In Uu't'liu'i i.'dniiiR-'  sicim-Mif l���������iiu|.s .md iVm-ks for |ii-i*iiiiss-ioii I..  (Mil, iind cirri')- n.tvii.v.liiiilii-r from tin- rulli.ni in:,  tlc-viilii-il :I.iiifl.-t. sitniiled in llie Ciii-itii,.) In-  l.i'ic.l nf .'l.riiisli t'din in liiii: 'aCuiii-iii-i.ciii*,- :il...  IM.-.I. live i-liaiii.- ulii/ve liiili.'ini i*ii'.-U mui run  lllllg lllll'lll ll'l l.'lllll).- lii VIM- |(| cllllillS, tlll'llia  Kll'sllliili-llllillS. tlll-llCD n()lllli III i-liuins, lliciif.  WUHl, ll>l CllllillS   llll.ll^ I 111.' lllll'lll   Im Ml- ut < 'IIIUI.  Kivei*'in iin: .niliiil |iiisi. ami  iiiiirkcil. ".linn....  Mc.MiiIiiiii'-liinlier liniii."  Iliil.cdMii.v 1st', l!Wi  J.V-S. JU-.MA1IOX. .  V:  "Normal Calfskin"���������  a porous leather.  'Permits your foot to  breathe.  'Allows perspiration  to escape....  Ke^ps your stockino;  dry, your iect cool, clean  and hardy.   V  To be had only in���������  'The Slater Shoe"  :^e - t������/(<l>iwt"  The Vancouver nurseries owned  by, and conducted under the personal management of M. J. Henry,  have become a. household word with  horticulturists and gardeners  throughout the Province. The  nurseries are situated on Westminster road. They include extensive greenhouses and hothouses, as  well as grounds on both sides of  the Avenue, in which are raised all  kinds of fruit and forest- trees and  flowering plants. Under glass the  Easter lily is to he found in blooni  at,all seasons of the vear; there are  fine specimens of cacuis, hydrangea  with blooms as much as a foot in  diameter, new palms from Japan,  ferns, pelargoniums, rhododendrons, and nil the favorite pot and  window blooms.  ;' At Mr. Henry's^ nurseries .lapan  and Holland' may be said to meet,  for'exfensiv'c shipments of stock are  'continuously being received frpm  these celebrated homes,,of horticulture. A specialty is' now being  made of Japanese ferns, sent out  in fancy designs, and constituting  a decided novelty in house gardening;  Near the oflice. is the pin-king  house'and s-oed room. Mr. iieury  keeps stocks of all kind* uf seeds,  and fills any 'or.der from ten ei*nU';  up. Going round .the grounds we  Iind .numerous hive- ot lac.-, aim  lia apiary i^ urn ,,l in mo-! pro li l-  nh.e parts of lhe gnuiiiis. Here  an- lines of ros-cs ol all kinds, ornamental trees, including the 1'ani.ius  tlitly.'i pyramida' of Japan, so  largely used for lawn ornamentation, plums, prunes, cherries and  apples, bulbs, lawsoniana. variegated English holly, etc. Another  .bhii'k of ten acres of land has been  taken up and is being plan led out  wilh 20,000 trees. ,' Every care is  lakcn in filling-order.-, any inferior  stock being thinned nul and' dc>  trou-d each season. '  Jn strawberries, lhe IJenry, a  New York variety, is found to give  the best results, being large, of rich  flavor, prolific, and standing transportation well, interesting features  of the'nursery are tlie-bottled sam-,  pies of fruits produced in.the nursery and kej.it as a guide' to visitors  in'selecting ibeir stock. Of these,  Ponds Seedling and the Columbia,  e-re the finest pinnis we have seen,  four oi; live makiiiga pound weight.  Mr. Henry has. been in the.business  at Vancouver for. 12 years.,.  .'���������'.���������:.",  Fought For His Life.  ''My father and sister both died of  Consumption," writes J. T. Weather-'  wax, of Wyandotte, Mich., "'and I was  saved from the same frightful f.iteonly  hy Dr. Kings Xew Discovery. An at-  tact of I'neumonia left an obstinate  cough and' very severe lung troublo,  which an excellent doctor could not  help, but a few months' use of this  wonderful medicine made nie as well  as ever and I gained much in weight."  Infallible for Coughs, Colds and nil  Tin oat and lung trouble. Trial bottles  free. Guaranteed bottles 50c and $1.00  at Canada Drug and Book Store.  Jas.'I.. Wood row,  BUTCHER.  Retail Dealer \r\-*~^axBaES&>'  beef; pork,  MUTTON, Etc.  Fish and Game' in Season.  All oi-flei-ii prompt l.v lllleil. ,  REVELSTOKE, B. C  Trains -Leave .Revelstoke:  , Eastbo'iLind 8:20  :-Westbound 17*:S0,  Southbound 8:10  TOURIST CAR SERVICE 'TO  -.-  .- -   ' ���������  St. Paul���������Daily.  Montreal and Jio.-ton���������Fridays.  Toronto���������Sundays and Wednesdays  Low Rate Tickets now on Sale from  Easte'rn Points.  DIRECT STEAMSHIP .SERVICE  from Vancouver to  CHINA, JAFA-N,  v .    ',' P.y  A L'^TH A LIA , ALASKA.  ,. i  Passenger tickets to all points at  lowest raws.- For full infoi motion and  paniciilar.6.appTyV'jj'cas*c-t .agent.  K. J. CO-VI-H,     ,T. W. 13RADSHAW,  A.G.P.A.,     _' '    -'Agent,  VANCOUVER.      'REVELSTOKE. '  '   -   j-������"" V"" ���������" --������������������������������������ ��������� ������������������  OOEAN' STEAMSHIPS  Royal Mail Lines.  Cheapest Route to the Old Country.  .\L1..\X LINK-From .Montreal.  Parisian '    -      -'    -      -      -  May Si'ii  Tumsiau       -. "    Hull  C'orinllii.tii  "    I7tli  Prctorian *  '" 2ltii  loiiiiiii - - ...     -   3j,t  DOMINION LINK���������From Moi  trcal.  Doiiiiniun *     -      -       -    . -  .May 1711)  From I'ortland.  Cilifnrni.il!   Colonian      -      -    - -  -   .May :inl  "   24tli  |.'roin  Roi-ion.  Muriun            Sew Kn^'Unij       ......  (.'oiiunDnweiutb    , -      -      -       -  Muriuii   -April 3Clh  .May 7tli  **   21������r  "   2Sth  IlK.WEIi LlNE-F-rooi .MoiitrOal.  I.nku Siincii..- "   Luke .M.iiiiicljn      ....'.  Lake Supeiior      -      - , ��������� -      - -   -  Iliike. C'liiiiiipliiin   Luke Ontario             Mov   l-l  "    i-tl.  -'  "    131 ll  "   2-.>iid  ", 29th  Comer   Doiiglas  .nut Kiiifj; .-ireeU.  I'*s-.u'iiKerj. tieketed tliroiiKli lo all parts of  Ortm Hnuiin and Ireland, and ai .-pccially low  rates to all pans of llie Kuropean continent:  Apply to nearest railway or .-leiini.-'hip agent or  to  T.  W. BRADSHAW.y'Agont.  Revelstoke.  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I'Ml. will sail as follow.- (wcalher purinluinid :���������  Loave Arrowlicail for Thomson't- Landing  and Comaplix I nice daily ai 10k. and Ink.  Leave Coniaplix and Tlinni-oh'.< J^indins.fur  .Vrrovvlieail twice daily al 7.15k: ami 12.151:.,  ;.M.ikins i-lo-e connection- with ail C. P. I:.  Lr.iin-, ami bo.il.-.   ( ���������'.     .  The owners reserve the right to change'lir'rii---  of Niiling-- without notice. V t   .'  THE l'"KKIl ROHIXSO.V LL'.MUEIJ CO. 1;TI).-  l-'.-ltOillNrfON, ��������� ���������  JianagiiiK Uiieetor- .  To Trappers'1."  Raw- Furs Bougln,  Cash Prices Paid  Fo  "B.   WELLS,  Exporter of Furs.  R.EVELST0K3 LODGE, I. O. O. T��������� Ko  25.  KccriilHr mooting aro held  Kcffi  n O  R. S. WILSON, N.G.   J. A. STONE, It. & F.S.  SELKIRK LODGE. NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  .Moots ovary Tuesday  evening     in   Selkirk  .Hall    at    S   o'olock.  JVisilinK brethren cor-  'dially  invited   t.o ut-  teml.  A, SAXTON, N. G. .1. MATH IE. Six.  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I. 50  ���������Gold, Silver/--'d Copper >-....y.    2 50  .  .Control iiKHiiys; Coiii|.tlete -in.llysis. of  Ore's,   Con Is, . eto.,: ���������Conw-nlrntiori   und  Amiilgiinintion' tests'.  'SW'icsnlis  of, fissiiys  by return'. of  m*.1*...__-?_?  GO_Rr?ESP()Xp.BNXK SOLICITED.  Ifiland  Assny Office,  ICiiiriloops TL C.  THE���������   ��������� wmucsr  Anchor Wire Fence  The strong.;.^!, chenpe.-t  nnd i.Mt-t .'ill rounil fence  'yet devi.-ed. Kqnally  , iidiijilablc for any jiurnoHc,  Hunch-., Fiiisivi or Gtirclen  Fencing. ��������� Siirn.jle.oi con-  Htruction nod ea.cily jiul  ii]).  The B. C. Anchor Fsnce Co. Ltd.  ? Hoad Office:' Vancouver. 33. C.  O. P. SKKINE.   . , -������������������''���������   MaxaVikh;   iKOII-  Mining & Legal Purposes  Transfers, Options, I'o'.vcis  of ��������� Attorney,.   'Statioui;i-y.-.  .    Dociarations,- P-roxic6,''e|c..������;(?  .   can he obtained <it������lft_  ..Kootenay Mi dee.'. THE rKOOTENAI0MAIL  _5____e������_______a__9  Sh  .1 lavge assortment of  Garden & Flower  Seeds.  P. Lcvesqiie has t:  I at the Climax.  ���������ecu tlie dm-   11  renew n  tho 1  pun ���������  r ruin one  ��������� ��������� will he  .    i-heerfnll  T.  \V.   Fairhall,  of  Comaplix,   hdu ' p:Ul'', -,   '"���������';'"''   , " .,   . ,  V__.r .ppoimed Jiut-ice of the I'eace.       know edge that they  owe their good  lr health to this grout inedieine.   Among  F. Lundell is building a   house  on   these is Mr. El/car Robidoux.u promi-  Sweet Peas,  Clover . and  Lawn Grass in Bulk.  'fiie beet  of Canadian  seeds _re__i  this year.  Canada drug  & BOOK CO.,  Revelstoke B. 0.  LOCAL & GENERAL.  ���������   .John    Houston will  i-tart another  paper at Nelson. _    "*'  Heavy losses oi stock and destruction of property'by storms are reported  /Pom Alberta,  Steps are lx_ing taken to organise a  branch of tlie Provincial progressive  party at Rerelftokc.  1 Terrible drought ia experienced in  Aiutmlla, men being unemployed and  millions of ..took dying.  Holders of free miners' certificates  are reminded'that renewal for ensuing'  year must he made hy May 31st  I-.u__t week south-east Kootenay experienced one of the most severe snow  storms known in that section.  W. Fleming is having a stage built  l.y \V. Mollison, for running between  (lie city and the steamboat landing at  Right-Mile.  While ou a visit to Trout Lake city  \V. Abrahamson did good business in  his addition to the towneite, having  disposed of about twenty kits.  At tT'io Methodist Conference it was  decided to divide Kootenay into'two  ������������������h'stricts, east and west, and, that the  conference 'riiould meet at Victoria  next vesr.  Fourth street to order of J. H. Sashun.  The Kootenay Lumber Co. will  establish a branch store at Camborne.  J. Guy Barber has imported a large  shipment of clocks suitable for presentation purposes.  J. IL Cressnian h opening a branch  i at, Trout Lake under management of  J. Lee formerly of Victoria.  The Canada. Drug and Hook Company are showing a magnificent assortment of coronation mementoes.  ,7. A. Kirk, Dominion and Provincial la iJ a.irveyor, formerly of liotr-  hmd, has decided on taking up his  residence t.i HcvelMokp.  L. Schnider has been appointed  agent for 8torcr and Campbell, tho  large harness dealers nf Vancouver,  and will sell at Vancouver prices.  H. A. Brown, proprietor of the  Union Cigar Factory, is getting out  two new brands of cigars consisting of  * mixture of Havana and Mexican  Iwf.  ,  McMahon Bros. Limited, intend  starting a logging camp on their timber limits above Death Knpids as soon  as the steamer Itevelstoke starts running.  J. Maly will open a florist, vegetable,  seed and plant store on 'Monday in the  building formerly occupied by the  Kootenay Mail, opposite the post oflice.  Steps are being taken to organise an  athletic association to provide a recreation ground for the city. Jt is proposed to raise $2,500 for the purchase  and improvement of'grounds.  .I.A.Morgan ha leased Mrs. Lee's  building on McKenzie Ave., and Footo  & Abrahanson are fitting it upas a  barber shop. J I. will be handsomely  furnished and fitted up to date.  In the cricket mutch' on Empire  day between the Dents and Town, the  latter won, putting together 57 first  innings and 50 second innin-s; while,  the former scored 22 and 41 respectively.  The Dominion land regulations  have been altered to grant a settler  the'free use of the timber on his homestead, when crown granted, ai.d to sell  free of dues .timber met with in course  of clearing. ,   w  A bazaar will he hold in aid of the  Catholic Church at Kevelstoke first  week in July. - There will be a .-ale of  useful and 'ornamental work, strawberries and cream, refreshments,* and  nn entertainment in'the evening:.  nent young man living at St. .lorome.  Que.    He  says:���������"For  .-ome   years   I  was a '.Treat sufVorer  from  dy_.pop*-ia.  My   appetite    became   ii regular   und  everything I ate felt ��������� like u weight   on  my stomach.    I tried several remedies  and was under  the care nf doctors but  to no avail and 1 grew 'wrlr.-e  us   time  went on.    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Through their action on the blood  'and nerves, these pills cure such diseases as rheumatism, sciatica, SI.  Vitus' dance, indigestion. kidney  trouble, partial paralysis, ele. Be sure  that you get the genuine with the full  name "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills fulfil le People" on every box. If your,  dealer does not keep them they will bo  soi'it post paid at 50 cents a box or six  boxes for $2.50 by addressing the Dr.  Williams! Medicine Co., Ilrockvillo.  Ont.  ;'/*7,C  ru/AL CROWN SOAI  The Best in the World.  Mail us 15 Ihiyal Crown Soap  Wrappers, and in   return  we  will inuil a  beautiful   Picture    ���������  size 10x20 ; or for 25 Wrappers  your choice of over 100 books.  Drop us a   post curd usking  for it catalogue'of  premiums  to be had   FREE   for  Royal-  Grown Soap Wrappers.  Address  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B.C. Limited.  Vegetable <& Flower Plants  For Sale.  Cabbage, Celery. Lettuce, Tomatoes,  Candytuft. Diuntbiis, Asters, Verbena,  I'elun'ius, Lobelia, .Marigold, Phlox,  Sun (lowers. Coreopsis,' .Nasturtium,  Chrysanthemum, 25c. per dozen.  Late Cabbage $L per hundred.  J. Maley, Revelstoke, B. CT  1/  Old Channels Look Well.  A. .S. Fanvell is entering proceedings  for recovery of the Mara portion of the  townsite of Revelstoke, or the value,  thereof, on the ground that it' was  part ot his original grant.  The contract for the erection of the  drill hall' at Itevelstoke has not yet  been signed, Mr. Kernaha'n having  heard nothing more since the telegram  Inst week from Ottawa.  On Wednesday, before li': Gordon  and C. F. Lindmark, J.P.'s, a negro,  ���������uTeated hy Constable Upper on a  charge oi vagrancy, was sentenced to  thirty days imprisonment.  'Hie mail bag which the late J.  IL  Boyd    was bringing down  from  the  Rend, "when  he  met  with   the  fatal  , accident-, baa not yet lieen  found.    It-  eontninod about twenty-five letters.  The socialists are arranging i a  lecturing tour oi E. V. Debs through the  Province, Revelstoke to be included in  points visited.. Mr. Debs is one of the  ' uble-t socialist speakers of the day.  A widow vvith seven children;  from Kent, England, has arrived to  -tart fruit growing in Okanagan Valley, having been impressed with the  1 accounts she saw of Lord Aberdeen's  fruit farm.  We are requested to publish a challenge by an Old Country cricket team  against an all-Canadian team for  Saturday week. Those who are willing  io take part should communicate with  R. A. UpperV  Nakusp ia built on an ancient glacial morrainc. T. McKaught, of Halcyon Springs, expresses1-the opinion  that this morrainc is to geologists or."  of the most interesting features oi  nke-ia] history.  Tlie funeral of the Into J. D. Boyd  tuok place Friday and vvas well attended. The members of the Masonic  Ir.dco conducted the ceremonies, lire.  P. Fraser reading the impressive burin i  i-'i-vice of the brotherhood at the grave.  ;  C. IL Hume <fc Co are starting a  brickyard on their ground near the  Revelstoke Lumber Co.'s mill, to sup-'  plj brick .for their itore, with prospect of orders for the Imperial Bank,  ichool, and another brick block projected on McKenzie Avenue.  Arrangements have been,.made for  a Denver expert to examine, on behalf  of New York capitalists, the mica deposits in Big Bend in which Golden  and Revelstoke residents are interested. Tbe expeditioiPwill start from  Donald about middle of June.  The Winnipeg Commercial says:���������  "It is always a pleasant tusk to record  the recovery of a business enterprise  from' .financial dross. This week we  have been informed of the fact that W.  M. Lawrence,' hardware merchant, of  ���������Revelstoke, who was granted time by  his creditors not long ago, has succeeded in paying up ever., tiling, and U  now clear of nio-tagc."  The contract for construction of tin-  Dominion Government, dredge al  Nakusp has been let to the Poison  .Ironworks, of Toronto, who are supplying the machinery, but hm-e lot .*.  sub-contract for the building oi tin-  hull to Mr. Wallace, of, Vancouver.  Most of the timber for the d red ire i>  now delivered at Nakusp, and work of  construction will shortly begin.  Pitman's Business College, conducted by Miss Richards ut Vancouver, is  a splcndidMnstitutinu for young met.  and women desiring a business training. The college provides a tirst-cl.is-  business course, including shorthand  and typo writing. A dozen now pupil-  joined during the urst "three week- ot  April, and during that time f.nu  pupils, who hud been trained nt .the  college, obtained go.id busine-- positions.  Go.id news comes from, the placer  claim operated by Raymond Allen on  the old channel of Camp Creek,  Mig Bend. Although working alone  Raymond has been washing ,up  an ounce of ,_,old a day. This augur.-  well   for the prospects of the property.  Fifty feet of wash has' been pron-d  as gold-bearhig. where it was supposed  there was only 15 feet;  A, mishap occurred to Ihe ditch, 200  feet having broken away, but it ua.-  promptly repaired und sluicing resumed.  E. A. Brad ey,vvho came in from the  Blue Jay on Smith Creek last week,  reports tin* properly is looking well,  'the wash now being drifted on i-  bcttcr th'ii ever. and. a blind shaft is  being rim to endeavor ,to eal'ch bedrock.  Railroad Watches...  ��������� Walthani and   Elgin,   Hamp  den and Hamilton, 17 and 21  jewels. Vanguard, Elgin  Veritas, Crescent St., Father.  Time, C. P. R. Special, IL W.  Raymond. Applcton Traccy,  181 Special.    Send for prices.  LYTTLET0N BROS.  Watch   Specialists, Vancouver,  B,  C  THE STRAND HOTEL,  IListixus Stuhut,'    -     Vanco'uvkk.  IJSINESS LOCALS.  Travellers visiting I.ovol. toko will  ind llio h(s| accommodation at the  'entral Hold, Abrahamson Bros, o  Arrived ui lasl.���������Go-carls and ex-  rt -.-i wagon-.���������At R. llovvson's.  W hen yoii come   lo Kevelstoke hail  ihe Cenlrnl  Hole]   bus to.,take you to ;  a   good   hotel.      Abrahamson     Bros.  Props. o  A  few perambulators fur sale c'. eap '  at IJ. Ilowson's.  Go to L. Schnider for a set of harness.  The W. Abrahamson Addition to  Trout Luke stands ready to offer every  inducement to those who wish to purchase lots for private or business purposes.  The owner of a gent's waterproof  cape left at the post ollice may have  same on application tr, (he, postmaster.  New line, of Scotch Tweeds just  opened up at ll. S. Wilson's.  It Saved His   Leg.  P. A. Danforth. of LaGrange, v'.'a.,  suffered for six months wilh'a frightful  running sore on his leg; but writes  that Bucklen's Arnica Salve wholly  cured it in five days. For Ulcers,  Wounds, Piles, it's the best salve in  the world. Cure guaranteed. Only  25c. Sold by Canada Drug and Hook  Store.     *  European and American P'an. Newly furnished and renovated throughout. First-class restaurant in connection. Rooms from 50c. up. One block  from C. P. K depot.. Free Hack.  Porter meets all principal boats and  (ruins. .   , ,  Wood .Bros , Proprietors.  NOTICE.  I. David Om:. In.ri.by kivo notice to all  parlies concerned l.li.'U, I claim un undivided  h.ill'iiilere-l. in .ill mineral claimi* locate.! by  Hi'iiim- riolil-milli between llio dales _Aii������u-,t  -'..Hi.' IMHI iiml August, -Mill. 10 0.  DAVID OUlf.  Camborne, It. ('.. .May aitli. IfllU.  "Fernie Relief Fund';'  Tenders for Sidewalk Construction.  CKAL.KI) TENDKHS addressed lo tbe under-  *-* -allied ami endurneil "Sidewalks" vvill bo  received up to noon of Friday. May,-Ini. for  tlie construction of sidewalks and cro-,sin*_;s  * itliin llie city. Tenderers "ill Rive u hcpariuc  price on sidewalks and crossings. Dumber vvill  be.supplied by the ei)i-|)i)i-ali(.n. bill nail- und  labor by tbe eon tractor. Plans etc., may be  .-een at my ollice.  No tender necessarily iiccrplijd.  (J. K.'SJIAY.'.  City Clerk.  Kevelntoke, May IHlb. 11102.  To get Yquiv Printing done  at the KOOTENAY MAIL  Office.  Newest Designs in Type���������  not that dirty, worn stuff  that some printers uie.  We give you good work  iit a fair price.  Mail,, Revelstoke.  In   One   Year  is   a  Fair Profit!     Buy   Siinilka-  iiieen Valley Coal Company's Shares and make it.  Was the   Profit  made  Nest Coal Shares.  in  four  years  in Crow's  NOTICE.  Catarrhal Deafness.  It is" a uell-re^ogniyeil fuel' thai  catarrhal, disease uf the middle our is  the cause of the majority of e.-rsv.- of  deafness. This is indeed unfortunate,  because the ailment creeps on ,-n slowly that del'eetive hearing und an obstinate ailment is (irmly estalilished  before the patient realises that the  disease is serious. After -neb a fuini  of deafness has persisted for some i ime.  -Uirifts Usually give a must unf.ivor-  uble opinion, aud say the be.-l that o.-in  be done is t,o prevent the defect in  hearing from becoming worse. From  t,his view, however, the editor of tlie  "Journal for the Deaf" dissent- most  emphatically.  ba.-iu_'  It's   opinion   on ,  CONTRIBUTIONS INVITED  The k'oo'riovVY .Mail will^ Iju  glad to receive'and acknowledge subscriptions in aid of  the relief fund for the families  bereaved by the Fernie mine  ,   disaster. ,  Notice is hereby Riven that after HOday-  froni dale I intend lo apply to llie ��������� bief I'oin-  niNsinticr of Lands and Wink- for pcrmi-sion  to cut mid e.ii'rv away limber from llie following deseiibed . I.iiuN, .situated in llio I'.n ibou  dinlrict of HriLi.-ili (-i.liiiuhin : < -ominciK'iiiK al  ,i po-t un lin* west bank of anoe I fiver, a I  Ih������j iiioiit.li of fllaeiei* creek, llienee \vi'-L I'I  chains, thence ;sou Mi Ifi'l chain-. Ilieiiee uoilli  alone we.sl, bank of Canoe Itiver lo I In; inilial  po-t, marked "K. McMahon'h limber limit."  Dated this 1st, day of .May, lilfii..  K. MeMAIION.  NOTICE.  the Iar__e number oi e,i-es ciip-i  Drouet Treatment.   Ii  of these  I'lind   oa-e-  ���������ih  '��������� i  are  the I'' i'nm-  IH'-.V    I" 11 ���������!���������  I F>  Aid. Gill, of the firm of Johnston it  Co.. contractor?, Kamloops, arrived  thi- week to start work on his contract  ior the construction of Hume ct Co.'s  --tore. Mr. Gill informed us he in-  i'.-nded getting as much labor a.������ po3-  -ible in Kevelstoke. The excavation  w,!-* let to W. Fleming.  Chief Bflin and J. M. Jvellie retnrn-  id on Tuesday from Boyd's ranch, Big  Bend, whither they had gone to take  ;r.i inventory of the effects of deceased.  The late Mr. Boyd left, a will by which  the balk of his property goes to his  inuther at Glengarry. A. McRae, J.  M. Kellie and Chief Bain arc executors  of the will.  L. Lidisheirn, M.E., draws attention  to the value of a miibhroom which  irrows in this xction, uf nn article of  food. It ir- ri cone shaped fungoid and  is generally regarded as valueless here,  hut Mr. JDidisheirn informs us that in  Europe there j-. no more favorite table  delicacy than this mushroom, which  i- known a= the "morille."  ���������The Strand Hotel, of Hustings atreui;  Vancouver, is now one of tbe u,i,-t  comfortably fittod-up hotel- in that  eity, and has the advantage- of im;  veiiience to the railu.iy -t.it!>,;, ai,.!  po-t ollice. The - pu pi:< im*. il r  U'oods, has reinodellid tin- buildii ���������_  throughout, and it is splendidly furnished. The hotel includi - 41) I'uoiii-.  at from 50 up, and an excellent restaurant i- conducted on the ..round  tloor. The bur is one of the tiuest, in  the Dominion.  i-sued monthly in ti  [.dement" to thi- jiiiblic.it:  the de:,.iied rep*irt-.if two;  during January, and ivier.:  during February." i- ������������������ rr.'.  to int'T'-'-t and <-',i',.'e;:-:i'_','  '-v ho regard r l.i:  Those wlii. di-tiri  ���������.lrrh'-r. .in ' -.v h > v,!-:  n forma tion abo,;-   ; i:  ��������� nent can ��������� it.f.tIii    i   :  ��������� Joum.!] f'-r ll.-* IVa:  piemen; " on i>pi'i  Fditor. l'i, li'*������.rf-;i:'- 1  1'- loflil "I ,1  .ii-  .i'  liiii-.  If. -six e.i-  v--nm.- ,'.i-  WRAPPING   PAPER  AND  PAPER'BAGS.  The Konten.'iy Mail bus been  up oinK'd agent for of one of  tho   l.nnost   Canadian   Pancr  Mills.  W'r.ipping pajiers in rolls or  Iliii. and paper bugs of all  weicrhts and sizes supplied to  oider,  Kootenay Mail. ��������� Revelstoke.  I  (������'  ������.  ���������a-  a-  _,-���������  ������.  ������f  Notice i- lierebj (,'ivi'n Mail after .'id day., from  dale 1 inlend to apply io lhe I'hier ('oni)iii.-  sioiii'r of Land- and Works lor perini���������inn to  cut and carry away limber from ihe IoIIoh inf.  described lands, siiimu-ii in Hie I'm-ibiiii iii���������  tricl of Urilisli Columbia: Coinnienoini; al a  post on tiic west b.iak of Caiioo Kiver, Ihence  stmt li 10 chains, thence west Kid chains*, thciu'e  mu Hi il) chains, thence east l('i) chains In the  place of coinineneeini'iil, marked "IO. JI. Mc-  .Mahon'.s limber limit."  Dated .May 1st, l!Wi  ' K. ?McMAIION.  The locriiion (if the: Cfimpaiiy's Coal Land and   their  City  of Wonder,  Progress   and  Prosperity, ASHOLA,  is  an   enviable  one, aiul   they   own  the  water power,'timber  limits  and   electric   lijrhi.    Slock   holders   participate, in   the  profits of all of' the above mentioned.  i . <  Ivslimaied   assets   of  the   Company   arc now $r,3 ^0,000.  The    ASHNOLA    COAL   COMPANY,   LIMITED,  of.,Toronto,   is  also  establishing its   Western Office and pay,  roll at ASHNOLA. ASHNOLA,SMBLTBR.LIMITEt)  now an assured fact, wilh a- Capitalization of $2,000,000; will  r'not only erect a smelter with a 5000 ton daily'capacity but will  also   make   ASHNOLA   its Head Office, which means a pay  roll of three g'iganlie incorporations for ASHNOLA.  ,1" ,        . -   - . *  1  ... > ' 6  These facts make il   possible   lor the Similkameen Valley  Coal Company's shares to advance lo at least $25.00 within the  next year. ,    These shares are now'being- offered by our official  brokers at $1.10 on calls of 10c. per month, with non-forfeiture  clause which means you gel shares for the cash you pay into the  Company' in   any   event.  pectuscs, apply'lo the  For   further information and pro's-  LI.MITKD.'  Head Office  Nelson, B. C.  Confectioner  i������_v?.><  ���������*   "Ij/avf,  Sir*  a: When yfi'll invest  money, in jewelry  , vour. awiHc. a   Vou  have?'your ; value  ...safe aiul1. .sure .'if  y.vou���������'���������' buy, .jewelry  .here, and Kef Hie  a 1 uij.-ii. .artimlia re-.  ?;5iilts;Uiro*,vn in, .  .:,��������� -See 'our'.sUiek.of  LadiesWat.chcs &.  ? Chain lli'iioelies,  ���������"PMoelc     .Miiiiieurn  Snlo.Out; liliis.s,���������&  l''aney Sterling Silverware at '..���������;���������  NOTICE.  A full   mu  line of  1 complete  GROCERIES  ������������������-^^C������2:������?:0<i'?:������5is6������5e#:������^C'���������>ge-6^  i  O.I-  *-i:  J. ... L'lili-i returned on Tuesday  from Canoe rirer, whither be had gone  wilh the late Torn Horn on a prospecting, tour. They got 18 miles up  Canoe Bivfer, when, owing to high  water, they had to abandon the trip.  Thw returned as far a 1 Smith Creek,  wherej.Mr. Leslie, got off and the others | to surpass all ot n< r  came on with the f?<xim^ rjtnoe. fcOuio.    strengttuning  Natures Blessing  Is   Found in   Health,   Strength  and Freedom from Pain.  This Gift is Meant for All���������On   ir,  the  Happiness and Usefulness oi Life  Depend���������Without   il   Life  is  an   Existence   Hard   to  Endure.  Health is nature's  ei..,ieesl   gift   to  man and -hou'i,   be ci., fully gti.ni!. d.  Ill health is a sure sign that the blood  is cither insullicient. watery or inipui-'  for most of   th(*   disease^   that,   ,illli"t  mankind aro traceable   to   this   oau-e  Every organ of the body rrquires rich  red blood to   enable it to prupoi ly p. i  form its  life-sustiiining functiriiis, and  at   the   first   intimation   that   iiul.ure  gives that all   is   not   well,   the   blond  should be cured f>r.    Purgative   medicines will not  do   this.���������it,   is a , tonic  that is needed, and Dr. Williams5 Link  Pills have been proved, the world over  'nos' in tin-!  IV..  London. F.i'_'l,!ii'd  'F..11 i,    '.ln'i'ii,:  .1    P.irroiii'- V.i |iO!!  .hi"- ;,jijdie.Mit*   -i!  ne-s, or ,inv di-ea-e  , i.  .    <"    dr-lf  fijv-ue-    'i  (-('    .    .pv    ..  " v, n h ���������!.,  '���������, !_<*:'     ' -  ,l'k     ','")      '.  ;.ei-',i|,i ,1 ���������  ,'.",   -'id.'!  fioii,  lis   m  J GREAT COMPANY  .-'irr.r.iiciiy-. truth and purity are  .->��������� three t���������-r nrial features that  i,;i\c m-fide ;ho great stage successes  of the pa-t few vears, itnrl upon"  tho-i- ii.ree 'jii.iiitios'is bated tho  -.'.'.-- i.i"���������iiii Rich To Marrv,"  '���������' o 1 I. 1 '.n.e- to  Cor. McKenzie Ave.  .    and  Kailwuv  SI reel.  ���������'I'llke nol.ice'tliat,  I, I!   I>; Diow, slvfcy d������v  ��������� from dat.e,. intend .1,0 in.iki iijipluviWon to ������fi������ '  Chief Commis.sionor  of  lands and WorlcK ia  purchase .ihe  following dehciihid   jiarcol  ������f  ..������������������land : ������������������������������������;...;���������������������������.���������������������������  Coninicncjiigalii post united 11. K/llrowV  N.'-'IC.-corner, po-t. a la'jie i mis soutli .ilonr kbe  lino of Cory Menhinick's foil, aoro piireha**  and beyond in that direirioii ^Oclminf,. thene*  west.'.'(I chains, flieue.e riorHi '.'Oili.iins more or  less l.o river bank, thence following mctiixtm-  ingsof Kish I'ivor to jiniiil ol inuiinoficem-ink  contnining forty acres more oi los-i. on the Ml  hunk of I' islrliiver. , '  l.Minborne, April Sl.li'/ IHO-'  7- 77':.������������������'��������������������������� 7' 777y ??.Va.',       H_ K   iJiiKW.      .  "I <_C  tb.-  ' hrn.it.  :h"  li*.  , in*'-  - a',-,  ���������i ,i,s I.  1 i'1-.'ivi-   iiiii iriiru inai ���������  Tappings Opera House,  ^:}zy;;'Z^ June  " h''  pia.V i-  n|i--  l''oi-  J.  A. KIRK,  Ilf.MlMllV    AM)    lJl.'' iV IM I VI  I.imi  Si i;\ 1 v,  Ui.v!':r..si(.Ki;.  [$.<".  011,1 .lv.  ��������� r: li'iiiio  a' 1-  known  fm! of   pi. nl  i-   ih.11 hf.lig-  6.  lis il  ;'   of  the  Livery Stables  Comaplix^^^  Puddle and I'aek lior-es for sale or hire.  Freight delivery undertaken lo.uij- pait of Iho  Ki.-h Creek Camps.  J. A. Magee, Proprietor.  PATENTED,  : <N'o_'.IliiKil, SepLeiiil������t!r7l.ii. IStll.)  ! _-^?C-i--____..L__.J_^___ji__.'_..i___J_x  ���������-^���������-^~^_?iZ?r___L..___x.^ii.i_  mmm  3z  Jl_  WANTED  T3  *r  p  Tlir folIoM-;!)-.'  bf **n r^i ei v, H Cn  tri'l,.  Cyn. I'.11 -(l'-r I'  l"d (larringloii  -*M,m An.li-r3on  K. ,1. I-T^rr  , ,r. .1. Foley  ,   :. a. Mi I."''  1   1   A. I'amT' "  .r   f! Sti' V  Arlh.jM F.v,ur-  I ' r.rj, Mrnh.'tl    '  I .1   D Oi r  1 M.Vcrjrad*.  j 'i;  MeVansif  1  /'"   .1. fflllll-OII  ] Tho-  Abrn*!  I  'A ;n   I.otiII  AmH   further  **W''-'  *t\-'  -S !-.������  ,1        -J  : -1 '��������� 'v  - p>  NOTICE.  R-lii:  r   Or,  1'Hit* l.i,  ��������� i-i���������k ���������  r.'u,  li  ir  '���������: 1 '  M'Tehani* ll"!  '.'.'ind-or Hf.ls)  " 1-,-id Tlr.l'1     >,���������', ��������� 1,  Vn v-  ff,,"  ���������  ,.d.-nn Up     ,     .-  '.nir-i'-.. If''  i'loiu-r i' I'    ' !   I    ,  }      -   r.-lf,r- K\*' I  '      I' irlr^gon !['(*>'    r e 1' "  I'.i ' If' I'I  .-I. I.ri.r, II' 1,:, ���������     I ,  If.,', k,ii   rT',1 ripr.rl "    '' 1''  I -JjiiifJ   Il'Hi'i   ���������   .1-  Jfolfl   fi'MI'd  '-.iliunlii.i If"' -"  ICi)i.lo������nv U"o ni  take not ice Hint Ih' "'���������."  nn"luij nf Ihe Hoard nf lac-nee f'o'iii.ii--i''ii  I'lllhn Ii.-IjI in the Lardeau Hotel, rnn.a;.;  on .Iim-. i.'.th. 110'J. nl '-'.������ p.m.  Ht Order, ':���������  .      |{. A.-VPfKli.  fhirf  Iiih .'eotor, l.'ev'l-to1'.  RELIABLE  AGENTS  We wnnI, at 1.nee li'ii-Uwirlhy men and  wiiiucii in every loci lily. to. al or 1 ravelling, In  11111 mini e .1 new di-eowry and keep uur -how  r.inK and mh erliniiig mallii* laekid up in  i iin-p:i'iiiiii- plaec; Ihi'oiighni,! lhe Ion 11 and  (ounliy. .Sic,nl} eiiiplii) nielli .vear I'liunil:  ''iiiiiiin-iiiii or salary, $115 per Month and  ExpcnHes. mil ti. cm lid .si.Vi per day.  \\ 1II" lOrparl ieular-, I'oslofllec iln\ !t;)7,  Intcrnalion.'il Medicine Co. London,'Out.  WANTED  Adverti-i'ini'iiis-   under   (his In siding  W'li   be pul,lii-lii d nl one cent  | or wind  p' r   l--l|e,  The slimmest ji.iid.best':., fence yet'<1 gvisc!< 1:;/���������'si 1 iipIy'.si.i 111 ������������������,easily   eoiistrufcledf  the same I imo tho.cli'eiipest nnd lnost durable fence ,011 tlie market.'  All rights of iniport.utionj.iiiihnufiict.ure'oi' .s,'ilq'.of,fchco';iii' Hritish Columbia  e ovehihivelv ownc.<Tby-iis,.:ind a 11 y viola tion of .ti'.'esc will be prosecuted.  BRITISH ' COLUMBIA' ANCHOR'FENCE'^CQ^tidXyANCOUVER.  -.(777y  -7 ��������� '7 :7y'7'y. .7 -7- 07 P7BKK\XK, Manager  Cii-h iv it h nrdor.  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Jsote.���������Baking powders made from alum  and other harsh, caustic acids are  lower in price,but inferior in work  and injurious to the stomach.  gBraassirasssE&m


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