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Kootenay Mail Nov 1, 1900

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 ������������*������������" *,  IPTTIBLISIEGEID   E"VEK1T  THTJRSDA-y^  Vol. 7.-No. 31  KEVELSTOKE, B. G, miVEMBEK 1, 11)00.  $2.00 Per Year.  ,.\     ���������     SUPREME COURT.  Two Criminal and One Civil Case on  the, Docket.  Al' the sitting of the supreme court  In-Ill   in   Revolstoke   on Thursday Inst  " ��������� , \villi   Mr., Justice    living     presiding  '    ' I hen.'  were  two  cases  referred to the  ���������     grand  jury, one of  unlawfully wounding and  one(,oi' stealing gold out of a  . sluice box, and true bills were presented in,each.     The grand jury composed  of. Dm   Robinson, R.   llowson,   T.J.  Graham? T...E.  L. Taylor, C. E. Shaw,  Thos. Lewis, 0. J. Ainaii, IT. C. Pratt,-  -   John Abrahamson; R. Tapping, W. M.  Lawrence and Fred -Baker elected T1  E.   L.  Taylor as foreman and Messrs.  Taylor, Piatt and Abraliamson a com-  ',mil tee to draw up a, presentment from  '    thi' grand  jury  In his  lordship, which  ������������������ when prepared read as follows :  TO    TI-7E     HOXOKAHUS     Mil.    JUSTICE  Ikving:  Youk LoKDSiiir:-We,. the, Grand  "Jurors of, Revelstokc Court of Assize  "have the honor,to again   welcome you  '  '��������� to our fair and nourishing city and , we  -,'teel .sure- that you will  be impressed  and gratified at the piogress and improvement'we have made.  " ' -    We (, ba.vc ' already   strongly   lepre-  '   'V sen ted to you on your previous visit a  'number   of .rrrpuremenls' which   aie  greatly needed for the  welfare  of. our  'city and di-lrirt, hut we regrvt to say  that nothing has'so far resulted.   In  this,connection  we  would again  particularly'point out   the   necessity   of  establishing   a 'land    registry    office,  h'ich school and provincial gaol iir  our  City." _        -,,    ,���������/    ,  ��������� We desei ibed (o you in our last pre-  , sentmcnl.   the    details    which     fullv  . warrant the request for thi'. establish-  inent of these offices,   which   are becoming a greater- necessity every year1  on account of.the.inet easing population  ���������Hnd growing importance of our city  ���������"and district. -  In regard .to the gaol,  your lordship  will readily see the saving in expeme  ��������� to the. provincial government in the  mutter of transportation of officials  and prisoners which would irr a short  Lime offset the initial expense of con-  ��������� strucLion,, - '  In conclusion, we have not forgotten  your- lordship's remarks relative to  entrance to the court house; room from  the hack'of this building and it. is a  matter of surprise to us that no action'  has been, taken, in this-matter being  your lordship's own'suggestion.  We have the honor to be your lord-  1  ship's obedient servants,  Tuii Ghand"Jukorp.   '  Joseph Broom was arraigned on a  charge of unlawfully wounding Frank  Wollatz in May last. The witness- s  being few aiid evidence sboi t a veidii t  ���������of guilty was soon brought in, a sei.-  tence of three year imprisonment with  hotd labor being imposed,  In the case of J,;s. Pinker ton charged  with stealing gold from a sluice box,  several   witnesses were hoard-the evidence   being   chiefly   ' circumstantial.  Geo.   S.   McCarlcr  appeared   for   the  crown, and J. D. Swanson, of ,Kmn.  loops, for the piisonei:.     The facts of  the case as elicited from Ih������ witnesses  ,wont  to s-how that Pinker ton before  '���������.going to the mine last spring hud been  ' in  town  broke and   unable to pay his  ' board and other accounts.    On returning in August he made several presentations of  gold  nuggets  amongst lite  friends   and   from   this the clue  was  taken up. .   Pinuerton claimed to have  had   the gold   in  his  possession tdme  last year  when   paid oil by Soards ai (1  ��������� Howard.  .  The  juiv retired and on returning  brought,   in  a,   veidict of   guilty,   the  ,   judjre deferring sentence mil il the following morning.  Friday morning the prisoner was pre-  sem.iu lor M-iiience and after receiving  a severe lecture from Judge Irving on  the natuio of the crime asked that per-  ,mission he given to several old ac-  q laiutanecs present to testify as to his  past character. All who spoke were of  "!i\i'i one. ai'eorcl, in bearing out. the good  prisoner and   in   consideration of .ihi  fact the judge, tho-igh  Mating thai h������  had   made   up -his   mind  to impose a  ���������sentence of seven years���������half the maximum   limit.���������placed    the     penally   at  , ���������<���������' ���������  three years.  ���������  There was yet on the docket a civil  case to be hen id arising out of a depute between the Cuniiniiigs Bros., of  Ferguson over (he ownership of property/ This was a very complicated  case,and after "hearing .the evidence  the judge reserved his decision.'  IMPROVED BALLOTS.  An Impjovernent in the Printing" will  Make less Spjilirsr in Fu.ti.re.  A Gratuitous' Insult.  ���������.*���������  The   latest   development    in,    the  patriot efforts of the opposition, to stir  up   animosity  ,between,  the'   various  nationalities i f  Our people  is   the  assertion now going  the   rounds   of   the  Tory'press that  there   is   nothing  improbable in Mr.' Cook's charge that  he  was offered a senatorship at w  price���������  a charge, in'support of   which   lie  has  not attempted so far ' to  produce one  tittle of   evidence-���������because   it   is   a  custom in France to put a trade value  on   titles  and   sell   them   in the open  market, and the  custom ,has been imported   into   Canada.     Now suppose  for   arguments'   sake   that  this were  true,   what   possible    good ���������   purpose  would be   served   by  offering  such a  gratuitous insult  to the national pride  of   two-fifths  of  our   people. " There-  verse however is ' tire fuctj for it is' in  the knowledge   of every inaii who has  taken aninteiligent'intorest in cunent  events that  not   many, years ago, men  in the   highest   ranks   in France were  ignnininiou'sly  hurled   from   power'by  the_force  of   public  opinion,1   because  they were proved   to have participated  -in   Hie"-"sale, of '.titles and decorations  and. even   tire presidential chair .itself  was-tragically effected by.the incident.  If   the   Tories   of   Canada  had   ever  shown ft tenth pari of  the rcse-itment  against ' crookedness   in   high   places  when their own friends were concerned  as-was shown by the French nation on  this   occasion, l heir reputation, for"probity would stand infiitely better to day  than it does.  M\ D. J. McDonald, the  returning  ��������� iflicer, states that an improvement has  been made  in   the   new ballots which  are to be used at the forthcoming election, says the  Rossland   Miner"      On  (he old ballot, against the name of each  candidate which was   printed within a  black bluck, was left a circular disc on  which a cross had to be placed.    If the  cross was   not   placed   within the disc,  <ilthou������h opposite to   the. name of  the  candidate,' the ballot w-.s often thrown  out, although   there  would seem to be  no reasonable doubt as to the intention  of the voter.     .-������������������''  ,   Under   the  new  system   the black  blocks, or   parallelograms are still left,  but they are placed  an inch apart and  between each pair is set the name of, a  candidate, in other words the mimes of  the   candidates  aie  separated by.'the  blocks referred to.     To, signify his intention, all that"the .voter has to do is  to place  a' 'cross anywhere, opposite to  the name of his choice.     It is thought  that   this   method   will   keep   many a  ballot   which,  under, the  disc system'.  would probably have to be rejected  There is also another point to which'  the returning..officer called attention  arid that is the freedom of the voter to  vote any where within his riding.^ Thus  a Revelstoke* voter could vote at Na-  kusp or vice versa. It is not necessary that  the  voter  should be within  M ;t iIm- residing in a Province thai  ha I -i'-i e.-iaeiiii restrictive legislation  against 111.-1 pnv. cr of Japanese or  Chinese loiv >:i -in provincial election!1,  can claim the light- of having his name  rec )r������h d on lii'e volcis' list, the I)o-  m'uionguvei unienl having, by adopting'he provincial lists, removed the  only embargo placed upon him.  The Briiish Columbia statutes, bow-  ever, provide for such an emergency;  section ?���������,,��������� cl.a;>|er (,7 of the Revised  Sjaiu'tes o? Rrili-m Columbia, 'I8';7.  pruvid-'s 11 at "No Chinaman, Ja; a:ie������e  or .Indian shall l.av'e his 'iiinii: |. laced  oiv the regis'er* c;l ve.l'-i.s fur any  electoral di.-l rirt, or \>p entitled to vole  at,any election.", The act further /provides a penally, not exceeding ,$.j(), f<>i  any collector1 of votes allow i-ig Ibis  law to be violated.-���������Vancouver- 'iVoih'.  COUNTY COURT.  Judgment for Plaintiff in Case of Burns  '    & Co: vs. Samson.  Good Government Attracts Population  his, own   city  to .vote as long as he is  within the electoral district'.  '. Where's He Gone.  It   i������s  astonishing how quickly Mr.  HugrYjohn Macdonald appears to have  dropped out of sight.     His entry into  the fight  was quite dramatic���������designedly so.     Like a   meteor he suddenly  appeared in the political sky, ho swept  across the heavens and  has once more  disappeared.    That he-has been a distinct, failure so fur as accomplishing  anything for- his party is concerned, is  fully admitted on every hand, indeed  the only thing that appears to remain  to give distinctive character to Hugh  John's share of the campaign up-to-  date was  his undertaking 'to*work in  the deadliest opposition to the most  .prominent   plai.k   in   his party's pl.-il-  .foiin   by   endeavoring   to   serine the  abolition ofMhe duly on agiiciilluial  implements.  ��������� "No Time > for a Change.  ,-The aggregate, trade  of  Canada  in  1893 was loss than  $248,000,000.    In  189fi it had dropped   to  ������239,000,000  the total! for   the   four   years   being  ������952,000,000. "In   1900   after' four,  years of Liberal-government, the trade  has gone up to-$381,000,000   and   I lie  . total trade for that four years   is  ������1,-  205,000,000 or an increasf  of  G3  per  cent in  the   last  four years  over  an  actual decrease in   the  previous  four  y^ars.    So much for the  dire  disaster  which was to follow  the  accession  of  the Liberals to power.    The men with  "the instinct for government"-���������-as the  Tories   coolly .described   themselves���������:  have completely .dropped   out   of   it.-  They,have given place to men  who  in,  every direction- have secured   results,  never even dreamed of  befoie     .Is  it.  likely the country  will  entertain  any  proposal   to   change   all    this?   Not  much ! . .-  If is not nccessaiy to  wait for the  census returns next year to prove the  claim of the Laui-iei  Government thai  the exodus has stopped  and   that'the  tide has set. in strongly in the opposite  direction.   Departmental figures show  beyond question  that at   least  10,000  actual farmers set I led'in the Northwest  ������last year,  and  Ibis' present' season   is  proving  one  of   yet  greater ��������� arlb'ily  though'I he official figures-are , not yet  compiled.' F.d':n 1S97 to 1800.   100,000  settlers came into the country and one  direct result of this tremendous influx  his   been   that   in   two   years   under  Liberal government there, have  been  10,700 entries for land ,in   the  west as  against 0,000 in the  la-t five  years  of  Tory rule.   It is a- significant incident  worth   recording .in Mliis.   eo.ineclioii  that in place of losing Ihousands  yearly of Lhe'fjiest of our population   driven  by .adverse circuui.alances to. seek   a  livelihood  in   the. States 9,000   people  came from, the ���������I.t-'pu.hlic  to  selll" in  Canada in 1303,' followed   by 12,000 in  1800, and S.00O more in the first half of  1000.   At the same rate of incie'aso  fortius balance of  the  present  year1,  this  will make a total in three  years  of at  least  -10,000.     These   il   must ' be   remembered,    are    not    the    despised  ."foreigner's"���������who   by   the    way    are  turning out most admirable  settlerr---  'but English speaking immigrants who  have their- fortunes across the line'and  are well satisfied that the prospects aie  far more inviting here,  under the improved   'conditions     brought."    about-  through Sir Wilfrid   Lauriei's stales-  manlike acl ministration.  , A sitting.of the county court was  leld yesterday "by ' Ju Ige I'm in  ,the only case of import mce being  P. ,Burns' it Co. vs. 11. Samson,  pouudkeeper, to ivcover the amount, <it  #22o paid as fee on sheep which were  claimed by plaintiffs to ha\e been illegally impour.deJ- This case created  considerable interest., and several  witnesses were called.  Clfarlie, Montgomery, herder of ,'(he  sheep,'maintained that his flock wa<  scattered by dogs some coming within  the city limits whi'e one went up the  hill at the hack of Long's hrewerv.  Freddie.Tuniross verified the state-  meets of Montgomery with regard ,t������  the .sheep going up the ' hill, and said  that when the pound-keeper took the  sheep he was watching lhem together  with his; cows .near Long's brewery,  also that the pound-keeper cautioned  him to look, after his cows.  Ii. Samson s.u'd that" he impounded  the sheep in compliance with in-  struclians'from Constable Shaw, and  that at til-- time there was no " one in  charge of the flock. .Freddie did not.  object to his taking the sheep, but  told him that Charlie had gone to oil'  his bicycle. He differed froni the last  witness in regard to their conversation'.    <  Constable Shu.v was next called and  said that on the day   in  question ,and'  while   at    the   court   house   with   a'  prisoner, he. noticed sheep in the court  yard. " After returning   to   the   police    ���������  station he rode up town calling at Mr.   -  Samson's 'house   where   he  told -Mrs.  S-msou" that' the,  sheep   were  in   the  court   yard    bub   did    not   leave'  in  si ructions for impounding them.  '     H.N. -Coursier   recollected   hau'ng  seen sheep in the courtyard  an,d   also  Constable Shaw'sTasking if   permission  had been given,anyone -to   leave   them   ,  there.    He could not   say   how   many  was in-(he flock.  On summing up the evidence th.;  judge held that the. sheep were not  permitted to r nn at large, the herder  being only temporarily absent. Ho  gave his decision rin favor of rthe  plaintiffs.  Geo. S. McCarter 'appeared for the  plaintiff, and J. M. Scott for the  defendant-.  The next sitting of the court will be  held on February 20th next.  l'Bt)uLatioi)  pn,'vioi,rciJy   belli by   the' ures's.  All Liars Shall Have Their Part.  Among the most significant signs of  the times in the present federal  campaign is the cold-blooded and  deliberate way in which the majority  of the Tory newspapers appear to ho  conspiring to mis-report, the meetings  and proceedings of their opponents.  Aside altogether fi'omlhe question of  morality, it is the worst possible policy  ttpersislently misrepresent one's opponents and to iirisslate facts; more  especially when the niistepreseiitation  is so clumsy as to bring conviction on  sight. It is not pretended that Liberal  papers are so absolutely free from the  temptation of party bias that their  political reports are entirely without  prejudice, but to their credit, the  general statement may be safely made  that their news columns are trustworthy and accurate.' Nothing can be  more encouraging to the supporters of  the government as indicative of the  desperate outlook for (he opposition as  recognized by Liu* Tories themselves  than tin' systematic perversion as they  appear from day to day in (he Tory  Shall the Jap Vote ?  The question which has .for, a' long  time been anticipated has at last come  forward. A Japanese applied to be  .placed on I he voter*' list and was refused. Yisterday Thomas Cunningham, collector1 of votes, was served  with a notice; that Tomey llomma,  .Jipanese, lodging house keeper of Ii7  'Diipont street, would appeal against  thecollecloi's refusal (o place, his name  on (he register of voters for the riding  of Vancouver'electoral distrid. Messrs.  Harris fc Bull will maintain (he  Japanese claims to the right of registration'.  The Revised Dominion Statute of i Thai the province of (,><;������������������!.er will aiso  1SSG in defining. (In1 qualifications of: he Libcial wiili as great emphasis as it  persons entitled to be registered on I he was in LSO0 is pr-aciicnJIy co;icedi-d by  voters list, states that "the  e.\| lvssion j (he Tones.     It is safe-beding that the  . "A Tory Estimate.  ���������Straws are'said' to indieale which  way the wind blows but straws are of  little, use in the face "of- the present  hurricane of public opinion in favor of  Liberalism. Giant oaks are bending  before its n resistible finer, Take La  i'resse for- example. L-i Pi esse is bv  long odds (lie most iiifluonl'al and respected I'Yenrh oppn.-jlioii pap"i- in  Quebec province, and its correspondent  an old parliamentary hand, nfl.ir carefully sizing up (he ������il nation in Ontario  declares : "There will be no change of  figures in Ontario! The Liberals will  keep a majoiily of 10 (o 1."). thai is the  position. It is useless (o beat about  the   hush."   Onlario   will   he Liberal.''  Grip and Password.  A. J-\ AND A. M.  Kooteuay Lodge, No. 15, attended  church Sunday, morning the service'  being conducted by Bro.,C. A.' Pro-  cunier at.St. Peters church.  < r. o. o. f.  Selkirk lodge has removed its build-  ing I'ronrDonald to Revelsloke and it  is now being rebuilt on lots opposite  Ni>. 2 V.iv hall."  '  b. o. I..  Remember   (hat Revelsloke  Lodge,,.  No. lihtS, will parade to service al   the  Presbyterian church on  Sunday even-  'pei'Min' means any male person including an Indian and excluding a  person of Mongolian or Chinese race."  In another section it provides that no  Indian in either the piovinces of  Manitoba or British Columbia, the  district of, Keewatin, Out., or the  Northwest Territories shall be entitled  to have his name i-egi-,tored on any  lintof voler-. InlSfXJ, when (he Liberal  government came into power, it pas>ed  an act providing for the, use of the  provincial voters'lists at elections instead of Dominion lisls; the qualifi-  eations.erii.iliing a' person to vote- in  Dominion elections being the same as  those, established by the laws of the  Province,   jly this .'act a natural ized.  government, will gain iirthe Maritime  province--, anil Ihcrepoits fioin Manitoba. I lie Ti-iritorics. and ibe different  con'stiluencit'a in ihis'proviiice are becoming more confident every day'. All  this however must not betray (he supporters of thegoverunienl into the condition of false security or undue confidence. Every vote inu-t be polled, and  while it may not lie possible (o adopt  the suggestion (o "make il unanimous"  tbeie is no leasoi. in I he woiM u by  i his'.rovcriiiiiciit should not receive (he  o\ ei vv helming pluraril y of I he populai  vote to vvnieli its 'record ju.-t ly cut ill -s  if, 'arid'. whir!) il.'wi!! receive-if .every  mail takes the .trouble to' vole no he  liyi|i!stly believe*.   ' /������������������  Better Men in the Field.  One of the. most hopeful features of  (he present campaign is the vastly improved calibre of (he candidates in the  field on both sides of politics. In every  paitof the country the very best men  are coming to (he i'ront'and what is  even more significant is the fact that  the manufacturing, and other commercial interests are much more largely  repres'e.nlcd than of yore. Four years  of Liberal ruin hiive made a vast difference in the importance of Canada's  commercial interests, and these demand lo-d.-iy intelligent ceprc-enlalion  in the national legislature as they have  never done ln-fme. Not only are the  indieat ion-? f.i vorable to (he. appearance of many new i:;'-;! who will  iile.'i-iire up I. ' a bijih standard, but  tlieyai'-' cqmiiiy fivor.i'olc lo the disappearance of several men whose ab'-  seiire   will   lie.   a   small   loss    to   the  country. THE KOOTEHAY MAIL.  Zbe ftootena\> flDait  PUBLISHED KVE11Y THURSDAY.  ���������AT ���������  REVELSTOKE, 3.C.,  ���������BY���������  13. Yi. OAMPKKLL,  Pum.i=ni-:;t axd Pkoi'IOctok.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annum  ADVERTISING   HATES   quot       on . application.  JQ]3 PI'lIK'ITN'G of every kind at most reason  able rates and shortest notice.  ACCOUNTS for job printing  or advertising  payable on the lir.it of every month.  COURKSPONDKNCE on all matters of local  ��������� or ])itbliu interest invituil ami carefully considered. All communications to the Editor  must bo accompanied by the name of the  ���������writer, not nceessarily for publication, but  as an evidence of good faith.  Address  '   TllIC KOOTEXAY lUAIL,     ,  Itevelstoke," B.C.  that is always developed in new, sections of the- province, and operated so  as to-be a source of revenue. There  are not less than 150,000.000 acres of  public lands in the north. One-third  of this label will build and equip the  railway. The province need not operate it when built; let that be done by  private parties. But the province  could control the rates for both passengers and freight. This would be a  step toward government ownership of  railways, and a step in the right direction. Premier Dun.smuir,,be far-seeing  and you will! have the people behind  you.���������Kelson Tribune.  TUUBSDAV, NOVEMBER 1, 1000.  Tx jus sermon   last Sunday evening,  'Rev. E. D. McLaren', of   St. Andrew's'  church, vigorously denounced the Canadian system of'making appointments  ��������� to certain-positions in the public service., His contention is, that such  appointments should be' made on the  around of intellectual and moral fitness  and not as a reward for party services,  and with the view of diminishin'g the  bitterness of party strife and prevent  ing'the possibility of charges of partiality or corruption being brought  against our -parliamentary, representatives.     He urges the abolition of   the  ' system of parly patronage and the  filling of all' appointments to public  oriices in the hands of the permanent  heads 'of the various departments of  the civil service. The question is one  of great importance nnd deserves the  earnest consideration of men of all  shades of political belief. ^ The reform  sucgostod is ccitainlv a very radical  one, and many objections may be'  urged against its adoption. It is  ;quite evident, however, that wc must  either revert to the dignified system  followed in Great JJiitain where the.  civil service is entirely .separated from  party politic-'; or be content to drift  into the "spoils system" of the United  States���������a system thot the great majority of Canadians regard as utterly  objectionable.-��������� Vancouver World.  < ' i '                    .. .������������������������ tv.          ,     ���������  Tin-: railway policy of the provincial  government .has not' been announced  from any 'source' that can be deemed  authoritative, , Building railways to  divert trade from established towns in  Kouleuay and-Yale to towns on the  coast will uot be considered a far-seeing railway policy; no more would the  building of a railway to the north end  of Vancouver [sland, in order to  shorten the hinie between coast cities j  and Alaskan points. What the p*o- j  want   is ,i   !_'ene>al   act   i hat will'  The Reason of it All.  There   is  a sentence or two in Mr.  ''Siftou's speech   when  he replied to Sir  Hibhcrt Topper Sit,the. Tory meeting in  Brandon   the   other clay, which  have  struck a  responsive chord in the heart  of   every   fair-minded   man.     " [ am  proud," said Mr. Sifton, "thatfrom the  first day I entered his cabinet-, Sir,Wilfrid, Laurier has been my friend ;  1 am  proud , he has given  me his complete  confidence.     It,is some little satisfaction   at least, in  the midst of, abuse,  that Sir Wilfrid Lanrier, the most distinguished of colonial statesmen living  to-day, has given me his'complete confidence and friendship. - L- have been  there for four years';   will this gentleman (Sir  Hibbert) point out where I  have erred?     Why do they, not lay  their   finger   on  something in the administration of Manitoba or the Northwest Territories with which they can  find-fault?    Up,to the present time  they have been unable to,.do so.    Does  if. not icem strange that after spending  ramy  years  in   Manitoba  v. ithout a  spot or slain, and for four years administering millions of dollars' worth of  property, that the'y have to go to the.  Yukon to find anything?     The. advantage of this source, is that'they can go  as   far'  as' they like 'from, the truth,  when they are dealing with matters so  faraway."  TO THE HONEST LIAR.  Here's to the man who lies' to us, who's careless  of" tli^.tr-Jlli,  Who slaps us en the back and says, "How you  hold your youth!",  Who shrinks not at the future when he has a lie  to tell,       ,- . ..-     -  Uut when you're sick and tired and blue declares "You're looking well!'' .    '  Here's to the inan who tells us lies when solemn  truth would hurt,  Who says, "I'll back you through and through, if  1    it" should take my shirt,"  Who, when you're "ofi" and cannot write' just as  you think you should,  Will tune you up for better things with, "That's  what I call good!"1  Or when you paint a picture that is wrong in every part, -, ,      .,  ' Will make you think (ho daub ,is great- by Baying, ','Now, that's art!,"  He lies; but it's in charily, If lying ever was;  So' here's his  health,   for, 'though   he  lies,   he's  honest when he does.  ���������Josh,Wink in Baltimore American.  A View of \V������i\.  -Napoleon III in tho twenty-spchml year  of his age wrote to his father for permission to volunteer in the Russian army  against the Turks in 1S30. His father  replied:    '  I .suspected that the- profit victories of  the Itussinns over the. barbarous Mussulman would arouse your warlike ardor.  But your tinders!finding and your qualities are so good that a little reflection will  calm yoti thoroughly. * * * War. excepting the case of legitimate defense���������  that is to say, unless it is made for the  welfare of one's country and in defense of-  its homes���������is simply a barbarity, a- ferocity which differs from that of a savage  and ferocious beast only by grea I or skill,  deceit and futility, in its object. * * *  This is enough on that head. .1 can only  conclude by repeating what 1 hftye often  said to you���������a man should fight for his  country only.���������Quoted in "Louis Napa-'  loon and Mile. Moutijo," by Inibert de St.  Amand.  "TARGE    AND   WELL  I SAMPLE   ROOMS  ^*S> hot air and clcctri  rELL LIGHTED  ROOMS, tlcatcd by  i'ic bells and  light in every room, Frco bus meets all  trains.  REASONABLE RATES.  Night Grill Room in connection for Hie  convenience of giio-,ts arriving and departing by night  trains.    Hourly stroct,  car buiween hotel and station.  JOHN V., PERKS PROPRIETOR: ��������� REVELSTOKE, B. C  r3  CI  EL  ABRAHAMSON BROS.  irst-class  pect.      All  Under mime rwmapemont:  S HOTEL,  LAKE CITY  lie Trnstotf Kissl Hoped.   .  ' The village .blacksmith stood within  the shade of the chestnut tiee.. His  heart was heavy within him, and he bewailed to the new parson his hard lot.  "It" is different from what it was, sir,"  he said. "It's bard ,now to get si living,  what with tlie rise in food and, worse  than all, the competition."  "You mean the young man who has  recently opened a forge at the other end  of the village'.''' queried the minister.  "Yes, sir."  "Well, . well,", answered th'e minister,  preparing to take his departure. "You  must go on trusting and hoping," and  with Ihese words of comfort lie left.  A few days afterward, passing the  same way, the minister stopped to inquire as to how things were,going. This  time .the blacksmith met him with, a  cheerful .visacc. "Things are looking  up." he explained. "I went on trusting  and 'liopimr, as you advised, sir, nnd it's  all right;' now. The young man'3 dead!"  ���������London Judv.  Tenders fop a License to Cut Timber  on Dominion Lands'1 in the Province of British Columbia.  SEALED TENDERS addressed to the under-  signed and marked on tho envelope ".Tender for Timber Berth 253," to be opened on the  18th dav of December, next, will bo received at  this Department until noon on Tuesday, the  18th of December, 11)00, for a license to cut timber on Berth No. 253. comprising Sections 1.  2, 3, 4, 5, 0, 7, 8, the South hull" of Section !), the  South hnlCoC Section 10, Sections II and 14, the  North East quarter and Legal Sub-divisions2,  3 and! of Section 10, Sections 17. IS. Ill, 21, 3(1,  ���������31,32,33,31,35 and :!(), Tovvn.-hip 25, Range 2S.  West'of. (ho 5th Meridian, in the above Province, containing-an area or 22J square miles,  more or less.  The regulations under which a license will bv  issued may bo obtained at, this Department, or  at the oilico of the Crown Timber Agent at New  Westminster. '  Each   tender  must bo accompanied  by an  accepted cheque on a chartered  Bank in favor  of the.Deputy of the Minister "of tho Interior,,  for the amount of the .bonus which the applicant is prepared to pay for a license.  No lender by telegraph will be entertained.  PKRLEY G. KICYES,  Seeoctary.  Department of (he Interior.  Ottawa, 22nd October, 10)0.  (><K>O<>0<^O-0K><KKH><KKHKK^  $1 PER PAY ������������������^J-jwk .  Newly Built.  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.     , >'  TY  ��������� &&&  e3\.  Bands of  Wines, Liquors and  1 Cigars,  R. OALBY, PROP'R.  w'jbiolies-A.ii.ie  Established 1886.  ,-.,;i.  He Called the Waiter.  The following incident occurred  when  Prince George was.stationed at Halifax,  X.' S.,   in   command    of    :he    gunboat  Thru,-h. One night he was present  at a  ball, given by the officers of the regiment  in garrison there.    Now. throughout  his  stay in Canada Prince- George made hirn-  soif extremely popular' by his bonhomie  ! and evident desire to bo treated  as an  i ordinary  mortal, but the hostess of the  policy 'We   a   'o'/oad-^uage one, and 'not j, evening,   the  colonel's  wife,  -would   not  .i    ..      -ii       S i,."(���������n���������j��������������������������� ������������������j i conform to this, and during the evening  one   tint,   will   merelv   tenr riown and] pbc   llynynl   ,.i;rhncsse,r?   nni]   generally  depreciate    valuer    in   one   section   in1 gushed over the prince till he waa evi-  pie  allow trie building o: railway-; anywhere, within the province- without  spei.-i.il legislation. It the <_'o\ eminent  intwud.s in u"* t'uiilier.thnn this, let the  I',!  a.'id enhance, values  i '  b-nlly sir-k of it.  opI'M" to    t,m!<i    ills (i-iii ' iiiiiiin.-t:  i iiin^n ,,.,' , ���������   ,   ���������������������������,.,.,���������,.]     ������->,.:���������,,  1 _ \\ hen   wuppei1   was  announced,   l.rui'-f-  in   aui'liicr   s"cliu:i.       Jf   ���������_; i \ ���������; t *  a free, '  G.-orge look in bis* ho^le^s, who redoubled  !)'-i- attentions,    Fjiik'.v  llaiul,  IMIIWaV  I'.lilvv.'U v!    needed  nn'-n   will  n   the  bin in a  II Lhr?  ���������ying thai, iii'i-;}riii''t'  would lik" some oysters, Vhe called out to  -outhein por-1  a  young snbalfeni,  who  was  busily  '-n-  witlioiil. ,l dollar I  Wf'\[H  l'.'.kiriK nft.-r Ills own partner,  Tenders fop Big- Eddy Mill Site at  Rovelstoko, B. C. ,  n BALED TENDEHS addressed to the under-  lj signed and marked on the envelope "Tender for Jlig Eddy Mill Site.' will be received nt  this Department, unt 1 noon of Monday, the Urd  of December. I'HW. for certain land known as tho  Big Eddy Mill Site, on the Colombia Itivcr,  opposite Itevelstoke, it. C, numbered on apian  of survey prepared by James K. Garden, as lots  1, 2, 3 and 1, lying in sections 32 and :I3, in Township 23, ittinge 2. West of the (il,Ii Meridian.  The lots will be disposed of in one block only,  comprising the whole four lots and the tenders  must state the bonus which the person tendering oilers in addition to the upset price at the  rate of $5 por acre.  Each tender must be accompanied by an  accepted cheque on a chartered Hank in favour  of the Deputy MinHterof the Interior, for the  amount of the bonus which tho applicant is  prepared to pay for the'lniuj.  The highest or any tender will not necessarily  :1 be accepted.  No tender by telegraph will be entortnined.  1'IOKL.KY V,. KEYES,  Sccrola'ry.  IJtjfi.ti'tmuiit.tji* the Interior,  Oilawd, October .'i. Klin.  NOTICE OF ASSIGNMENT.  II  incorporated 1895.  ,   XU.UXWVIJ    w   vumpuiij,  Dawson, Y. T.       Vancouver, B, O.  ' IMPORTS R S AN D' J OHBEUS O F  h: jl:r:d"W".a_:r:e! ,  Iron,   Steel,   Glass,   Paints,   Oils,    Motals,   Stoves,   Tin ware,   Guns, etc., etc  WE MAKE A SPECIALTY  OF SUPPLIES for Mines, Mills, Blacksmiths  Railroads, Contfactors, Lumbermen, etc..   Agentsfor : -  Giant Powder Co.      Fairbanks Scales.      Bcnnctt'w English Fuse.      Majestic  ������������������ Steel Ifanges.      Canton Mining Steel.      Spooncr's Copporhio.  Registered Trademark  "Sunset.",  In'the J'Ntulo of  the Kooti-nny Liiinbcr Coin-  puny, biimttd l/iabilily,  J'in-iiiiiit in Hi'1 " Credilor'n TriNl. Deeds Act  and  Ariii'iiding  AeU"   iiol Ic N given I hat (he  lion id    the   ijitn lii'y;    .,,...,���������>.,,.,. v.w,..., ���������   ,,,,      ..     .     ,    ., .   ..   .  1 <...' !    M'1  '^-'  r<,,r''  ',ls roynl highness rsonic  or ,-:n acit- <d'   hind   granted in the way j nv^lcrs, and look sharp!"  ot'sul.sidie;.    ���������TiK-south'-rn portion of i    '"*���������   "������������������"   a.   f'"i,;t'   fleeted _ youth,  ,    ,i  turn'-'I U> a waiter who was pacing and     rr        ...   .     .. ,,   ..  tin-   rrovln...   i-   no   lon^r ,n ne.d or | Mi(Ii wilh n Might emphasis in his voio, , K^^  i> lu-,1'- and able I "'Waiter,  will you kindly takn some oys- j i0i-1h and nl Comnpliv. H. ('.. Ims-liy d.'-ed dalcd  J "  ���������  tors to his royal highness as quickly  as , 3rd day of ii<;i<)bcr. KM)'/, M^iigni-d ail ili'-ir per-  "   ' ' '   ,.,... ;,j, v������ I ron.i! futiili-. '-i-'.-flil- and clfccl-i which may ho  l,r''. 1,tl( ��������� ,    . ,   , ..        ' ->-\/.i:i\   find  '���������old  under'execution, mid all their  ��������� No one enjoyed the rebuke more than  : ,v,.Li ,.,(,���������i,. |��������� .|���������|ui  En-deric  llclliwoll of Mi':  the prill'"-'.' himself. ' city of   Vancouver, H, ('. ,i<-'-niiiiliinl, in  t.'iiri  ���������      i for the gciicr.iMi'-iiclll "f th'-ii i'l'<;'liloi's, which  SpconrlTifUMl  Gln������(M,     . ' deed wa-ex'-cnt-d by I he -aid   Konttjimy buin-  _ ,   ,      , , .  i i������ri' (V,ii)t)iiiiv.   liiinil'.-d   bialjihly. on  llidlliird  One   of   th"   novel   business   trades   of  , fi;,y nf fjc-lf.bcr.-lOW. and John   l-'redcric Ik-lli-  I-oTfilon is that of a (i^ak-r in secondhand ! well on i!io!ji!i dav of Ol'iU-r, Itr'ui.'  plale glasf.   The large plates of this kind  !     f-'r'-d,torAof i!i-Koot'.-n.ty UniI���������-tympany.  of glass aro insured when pot in a win  9  If y.ou will give us a list of everything"  required (Stoves excepted) in the House  Furnishing" line and the amount you  wish to expend on same we will be  pleased lo send -you illustrations or full  descriptions of our-goods.   ' '   ���������  Wo Can Furnish Your'Home Complete.  Years Experience.  Iiuiid  the niii'Mii'4 hot! in : it i  to lake   (-aie of   iisflF.      The'nortliorn  po 'tio'n ni"   the   prov in'ue, oil lire other  hand, |t ���������������������������;!������   devilnpinq.       It   has all  the    on! ward' iudicntions    of    having  ^'leat    nalura!     resources.     Why    not  ;i    i ail way    thifiiigli    it 'I     The  of   a   railway . would  attract  thousands   of   adventurous   men,   who  CfJii'd proi-pect a,nd do\elop the country  with the  iid of  a railway.    The development of llrai jioi tion of the province  w:ouldnot tear-flown any.section. , Instead, its  devidopmerit would build up  other   N'eJsmi.s  .'and    ��������� IiO.Ssliuidi   and  Greenwoodn- and    Bandoi s;  and .Ver-  rrohs.    And, moreover, t|. e...:oa.st towns  AvtitiId, receive  a diarc of  the business  dow, and when any of them is broken the  owner of the injured glass usually prefers (hat the insurance company should  replace the broken plate rnrifr.T than he  should be paid its price. The dealer in  the secondhand glass contrives to utilize  what remains of the unbroken part of the  glass, cutting, it into panes of smaller  size and   disposing of them  to .various.  firirx '.'"������������������ >'  Tho Indian name of tho' Charles rlro*'  nt Boston was Mia-aUa-mn, which uieaut  creat highway.  Limit.';'! J,iabiliiy are 'rc'i'iliT'l lo lih- l!e-li  1 claiios witti I be iniht'.-'.-, proved as required by  the Act. Ktiiling.llii; -ee(iri(i"-< held by lliem. en  or before the dny of meeting of creditor?, which  is hereby mallei 'for J'Vidiiy the "nd day of Xo\ ���������  '.-ruber, \',ff), at 2..'<'i o'ehit k p. m . a! I he '.flh-e nf  the vod .John iM'ed'-ric. Ile.llfwcll, No. Mil Hav  lings Street, Vanooiivci', I.I. C.   .���������  A fie'r tho date of the Mild- nici-i lug the tri|Ht--e'  will proceed to rllHl.fibiite the .'itW'jt.-vof ihc tr'tjti't  (r-'tfrtc  among  t>he.  ci-crlltors. entitled   ilioi'"lo.  'hnvliiK res'.iird only to��������� tlio'clhiiiw of which ho  then has notice,'and shall not be liable afij-r' I he'  said 'd'tte   for   t,ho  [iniceeds of.l.!io iiaid. triivL  ostii.to oraiiy part'thereof so distributed to any  'creditor  of   whoso   f-lalni  he had not notice at.  thctimoof tho distribution Ihoroof.  Dated I0t,h dny. of October,-^. l)���������.lt)'A  HOWARD J. !)i;X(.'AX,      '-. .-'.-���������'  . u3U Hastings Street,Vancouver, .  Solicitor for the Tnt.-tco  -^jgspsw^^������������������  MKAD'-OIvFICl*:  "OS        .45j  fneorpfinited by jict.of P.'U li.'tinent 1855  MONTREAL  Wji'. Mdlso.v AlACI'ilKnSux,  Pres.       S. II. Ewino, Vico-Pres.  .lAMlCri VAAAOT, (ji'iHTiU  JMrilliigi-r  PAID: UKCAPITAL - - $2,170,000  RKSJvRVK;;:, -��������� - - - 1,850.000  KeiienU-baiikin1-,' business Lran-actc.l.   Interest allownd on deposits at current rales.  ���������I. D. m\Mt. Slanaaci'.  REVELSTOKE. B. (!.  and Then.  Iieiv .('mill's atinii' mw    ed I hfii ������ li'i'ii ^very jumilleni.-in  fee!--I l:i������ n >  ������������������'���������.'.������������������ "X.r-i'.plliiunlly >.l>li-h nful wcll-jiul-lo:-   (hor-suil nf clot-ii-s.   The nc'-.-i-icin  .may . hf a   wedilintr. u  reception,   a   i  urney  (������)��������� some  nt In r inipoi lanl,  1  ,. ', fiin'i-linn..  Thai  is  the  lime  Id avoid  a  chance  fit.     Thai  i> Ihviinie  ���������;iliC)V(v.;ilI"<iflier������. l<i ijfive (he order lo me.  I? THE KOOTENaYMAIL  THE: UNbUCCESbPUL  Wa met them on the common way;  They passed and rave no sign,  The h'.rocs that hau lost the day,  Tin* failures, li'alf divine. '  Banged in a quiet place, we see  Their mighty tanks contain  Figures too gieat for victory, t  Hearts loo unspoiled for gait.  Here are earth's splendid failure* coins    '  From glorious foughten fields;  Some bear the wounds of combat, some  Are prone upon their shields.  To us that still do battle here,  If we in aught prevail,  Grant, God, a triumph net too dear  , Or strength, like theirs, to fail.  '  ���������Elizabeth C. Cardozo in Century  iiiiiiniiiim*  Her Mistress'  Chagrin ' She  , Would Eat Sparrows.  u  4  - <������>    To  o  "t--  <*>      BY SUSAN BROWN BOBBINS.  ^ ������-^-������-S>i������i<J>-������l^l������1^>1������1^'^1������1<$>1,1<$",1<Sh������1<5"*1^>1,1<J>  "Wanted���������A situation where I can do  housework for the board of myself and  <-al. in a country town nnd quint family.  lioforoneos exchanged:' Vegetarian family, preferred."  ��������� This advertisement caught my eye and  haunted   my   imagination.     We  were  a  quiet   family   of   vegetarian   tendencies,  and.   moreover,   we' were  in   need  of  a  little more help in the housekeeping do-,  paMmoni.    So it was that ,\ve answered  the   advertisement.    The   arrangements  were quickly made, and Miss Mullen and  l.er cat came.  We had decidedr that she would be a  \flght. delicate  little lady,'and that she  woi:ldr bring tho cat in a' large covered  basket.    When she came. she.proved to  , be just what we had imagined her.  'She   put   the   basket   on   a   chair  and  then hastened to unfasten the cover.   She,  raised ,it cautiously, and there appeared  over the edge of the basket a cat's head.  He  was  a   large  black   and   white  cat,  /entirely commonplace, save for one thing.'  His  lace was mostly  white,  but on his,  under-lip was a  liny  black spot.    This  little imperial gave him a sort of distinc--  thm.    lie looked calmly nbout the room,  then settled back in his place and closed-  his eyes.    , ^     '  "There!" said Miss Mullen triumphantly.    "You see"what a vegetable diet does  for a cat.    If he had been fed on flesh.  <lie would have been tearing all around the.  rliom."  She stood regarding the cat fondly.  '���������Won't  yon  take off your things?"  I  suggested.     ,    .  "Oh. yes." She recollected herself stid-'  'ilenly and unfastened-her coat. I showed  her to.her room nnd left her there.  Presently   she   returned   to'the  sitting  room.''   She- tiptoed   to   (he   basket  and  looked in. then came and sat near me.  "(Joorge is still asleep'" she said.  "George?"- I said.   "Oh, the cat!  What  an odd name for a cat!" '  She colored'the least bit possible. "I  named him" for somebody I used to  know," she said with dignity.  "Did I understand.' you to say that he  Is a vegetarian cat?"  ."Yes; I never could see why it should  not be as good for cats as for humans,  and I think that George is proof that my  theory is correct. You see how steady his  nerves are. lie never has, had a morsel  of lloslrtb eat in his life. I have kept  the closest watch on his diet. He is old  enough now, so that I think his,habits  are pretty well formed, and I doubt if he  would touch meat if it were pin before  him.' It is' partly on bis account that I  wanted a home in a vegetarian family."  She had been rocking gently'back ,nnd  " forth, but now she suddenly sat bolt upright and listened, a quite tierce expros;  sion on her face.  "Do I hear English sparrows?" sho demanded. '" ��������� ...  ��������� "I shouldn't wonder," I said. "There  ore some around here."  '"  "Oh, dear!" she cried in n tone of great  concern; "I���������I don't believe I can stay  then, and I am so sorry, for everything  else is just what I wanted. Why didn't  I remember to put it in my advertisement I hat it-must be an English sparrow-  less [dace?''  Al'ler some.coaxing I persuaded her to  stay with us for a little while, though  she was still very doubtful and wished  she had worded her advertisement differently. >-  Thus in our first interview 1 came upon  her two ruling passions���������her love for her  cat and her hatred'of English sparrows.  In the weeks that followed we all gol to  be very fond of her. She was cheery and  helpful and seemed contented. She had  the gentlest disposition, and there was  but one subject on which she ever showed temper. That was.the English sparrow, .Sometimes I would pretend to  champion the much. abused birds, and  then her indignation knew no bounds.  She was fiercely sarcastic, vindictive and  revengeful. It was very amusing to hear  her express such bloodthirsty sentiments.  "If you think the English sparrow such  n line thing," she said one day, "just rend  that." And she laid a book before me.  It was a United States agricultural report, and it was about the. English sparrow (Passer doniesticus). and it contained some 400 pages of statistics. I .did  not read it all, but I looked it through,  and in one place I found an old tintype,  which had probably been put in for a  bookmark. 1 glanced at it and'saw that  it was a picture of a young man: I was  about to replace it when I noticed that  he wore a small black imperial. "That  must be George," I said to myself, and I  smiled at the resemblance, as George the  cat walked in just then.  Most cats have marked characteristics,  lint George seemed to be n sort of nonentity.   I nui not saying that his regetnblfl  dit't bad cM'tlilae to do rith It.  I mmlr  state the" fact. "He Mcpt most of the  time, and his eyes had a -dull, stupid expression. He struck mo ns being '-yniral  and without any pnitier.lnr mtoro.-'l in  life. About two .nimirhs after George  nnd his mistress came to live, with us a  change came over the cat. IIis maimer  grew more lively and animated, ami he  slept much less. Miss Mullen noticed  this, too, and remarked that she guessed  the change of air had done him good. It  was a week later,that I discovered what  was "going on.  Our next neighbor each morning threw  out crumbs for the birds. This was a  very reprehensible practice, in Miss Mullen's opinion, and she denounced the  neighbor unsparingly.'' One morning I  stood at an open window when the sparrows were-having their breakfast. Suddenly there'-was a violent commotion  among them'. I looked, and there was  George with a sparrow in his mouth.  "Whvl George!" I exclaimed in 'surprise! remembering his vegetarian bringing up. He heard and looked at me with  ' a guilty, appealing expression on his face.  In spite of my half joking championship of Passer doniesticus,. I did not like  tho birds much better than, did Miss  Mullen! so "I quite approved of the good  work George was doing. What is more,  I did my best to keep his secret, conniving at his'guilt nnd getting Miss Mullen  to do something in another, part of the  house during the hour for George's morning sparrow.  After he had been out a,little'while lie  would come briskly in, sit down in the  sun and wash his face, purring loudly.  It sometimes happened that he did not  succeed in catching a sparrow, and then  (,he would be cross,,the black imperial giving an "added sternness to his countenance. I think he appreciated the fact  that there was a secret between-us.  ' One afternoon Miss. Muller had a caller,  a gentleman, and I induced her to make'  hiiii slay to tea. The rest of the family  happened to be away, so we three sat at  the table together. Mr. Coleman ,was a  pleasant man, and as I looked at him I  had a feeling that. I bad seen him some-  ( where before. At length it dawned upon  . me that he, was George of the tintype,  though he did not wear an imperial now.  My decision was confirmed when George  the cat came In.       v  "This is my cat, Tommy, Mr., Coleman," 'Miss Mullen said, and.she gave  me a defiant look'. r.Severaf times, she  spoke to the cat and called him Tommy,  and I could but admire.her ability to remember his new name. Mr. Coleman  took but little interest in the cat, but at  ..length he'showed Miss Mullen a picture  of his dog."- . ',���������'".  "Oh, she's' a smart little dog, Midget  is," he said proudly.  Miss, Mullen passed the card to nip,-  "They always make me think of a linty  dishcloth, poodles do," she said.  "It 'is a very fine photograph," I said.  "It must be professional work.". and I  tiirned.it over to'see the photographer's  name." Across the back was written:  "Flora.   .Taken Jan. IS, 1 SOS.-;,  As I handed the picture back to 'its  owner his eyes met mine, and his face  said as plainly as if be had spoken,*  "Don't give me away."  "There is some mystery here," I' told  myself, and the next day I mid to Miss  Mullen, "It ds funny, but.,I don't know  your first name." ������  ."It is Flora,", she answered, "and, I  never liked it."  Once, when something was said about  Mr.  Coleman, she blushed  a   little  and  said, "We used to be pretty good friends,  but  wo had  a  serious quarrel,  and   for  ���������years we did not speak to each other."  For several weeks I went around with  tlie three, secrets���������George's, Mr. Coleman's and Miss Mullen's���������rheavy on my  mind; then one of them slipped from me."  Miss Mullen saw George catch a sparrow. I shall never forget the. expression  on her face and the struggle that I could  see going on there���������the sorrow and ,dis,-  may at George's crime and the fierce exultation at tho death'of Passer doniesticus.  "Oh, George!" she cried in a low tone  of remonstrance. "I am1 surprised at -  you! What shall I do to you? ,You  ought to be punished, but it-would not  do any good." A pause, while her eyes  were, full of reproach; theu'she said savagely. "The abominable little, pests ought  to be killed, and if you don't do anything  worse, t"i an catch them'I won't say a  word." In a moment more, with feminine inconsistency, she said' pitifully,  "Oh, the'poor little bird!"  Mr. Coleman called at our house often  after that first time, and once be said to  me. "When I've been here and then go  home, it does seem lonesome to I'mve nobody but a dog waiting for me, though  Midget does the best she knows how, I  suppose."  It was after Miss Mullen found out  George's secret that she seemed a little  troubled and unhappy in Mr. Coleman's  presence. At length one evening she spo!:c  out quite abruptly: "You were right,  George, and I was wrong. A cat cannot  be trained not to catch birds. I've tried  it ever so many times, and now even  Tommy has railed me." Her eyes were  downcast, and she did not see Mr. Coleman's face. I did, and I got up quickly  and left the room.  "And all those things we used to quarrel over���������the English sparrows, you  know, Flora. Well, you were light and  I was wrong." That was all I.heard as  I went out and clo.n'd the door.  It is a year now since Miss Mullen left  us. George nnd Flora���������I should say  Tommy and Midget���������get on harmoniously. As Tommy still indulges in his morning Passer doniesticus, he can no longer  be called a vegetarian cat���������New York  Evening Post.  The Proper Term.  Mrs. De Firown���������That was very funny,  ���������hat I'lupi mriii of Miss Elder with young  S::-it!isnii.  ]>c I'wwii���������Elopement my dear? It  van " "hdiu'iiou'��������� Iviug.  ^gr 8  8  ������   S   *   *   ������ *   ������   *������������*******-'���������'���������'''"���������'"   ;'     ~"   ���������>   "    ^   -*���������   ���������*   ���������**��������� -*   -*   -*���������   "   ->   ���������>���������   ������   ������������������   :-   -*   *  -i-   -*���������   -j-   ������  ,f;"^ft\SH?b'^-5i'fe-S,;'^rPi'������i"^'������=rft''*=:^''������i"ei'^i'^     ������':'>i^^'^^'-^SV'^-Jo'ii'-������V������-'--������>.'--'.-?'".^-iVJ^vil-"^ ���������''**������<? ^;?-h -..*>-��������� '���������.*  --*       ' -~    -  ^   ������'.? ������   *'������  *<���������'������  -j   ������   t  ������  ������   5  *  s   <t  '-   *   *  <;   *'   "   f;  f   -1'     '     -_o.fi-   ������-���������   ���������*��������� ���������*���������   1-   ���������-���������   -������������������   f   tr   -i- ' *-   -.-   ���������   ���������"   .-   -"   -������-���������������;  TO T rrf O   ������   irll   v   v    i>   i'   v   v   V   "j   \*   ii    t-   ',    t    -.    -- , ^ b    i    i    v    v    i    K V<    \    \    i    V   V    V    i   i    <.    \    <    *     It'  *������$���������&     - '  m      H *ssk    m   ^&^ ^i/^n    tt-'TA   srr^,  ^*^, ^-^.: ' y ������fc '  ���������t :'-   *  ���������i .v 'v  4  'j~.  *$JL  :.w-  T<v-*������.  '������ j      ?-'  <%**.&  ^|*  ���������xtf  TW  * ^r  't_.tf- ������  .-~>,t.- <"j ������������������.���������,*������������������ ������.o.' ���������;  V   '��������� f    r   -i \ i i    . ! <   -  yon have not ��������� already  your Calendars , for 1901 ��������� now is the  time to do'it. We have on hand - a  large assortment of samples in hand*  some designs.   Gall and. see them. ���������  <^^ - r*   ������*t_:_-i  4*������  ���������������if  Pi  <&*<%>  ,������!t  ��������� i'f"  We are" prepared to do all kinds of  job'���������printing at reasoilabl'e prices. -We  carry a .complete' stock of' paper for'  all .classes of' commercial * 'work,  '..usatrial. ������������������'���������"  n*  * *i ve  4*n4.  ������ 4*W  Mi  III  ^  4*:i^  - 4*������c*|*  '4f^c^  Sootenay Railway &  Navigation Company  OCEAN, STEAMSHIPS  Soyal Mall Lines.  Cheapest ������lcv.lo to tho Old Country.  il.LAX I.JXK-From 3fontrcnl  r   Fast  Daily  * , Service  Between  Atlantic  and  Pacific.  First o!:ihs sl������e|iers on nil Lrnin.-,  Tourist Oars  l'ii" J.'i-vclM'ilii1   K.iilj l"<-i'sl   l'<'<������'-  Friilayxi'iPi- Muiilrt-iil nii-1 Muslim,  Smi'lfiy-i iiii'l W't-dii'-s liiys I'm' 'I'.innili.  I'liprnvcil coitiiuctiii^ s-ji'\ioi Uinn.l from  Li mi Led.  ��������� Opornl.inir lCiis-lo & Sinciui Ruilwiiy,  TntcrniiMiinal NaviK.'iLion & Ti'iulm^  Uoinii.my.  Nu'-ii.liiiii  Coi-illiiiU'.ll  Pfii-isiiui  'rtiriifiiin   -  Oct. 2H  X������v.la  ���������'    10  DOMINION LLNK-Fro'm Montrciil.  Out. 20  Nov. 3 '���������  ������������������     10  _     ._   _.      .     , m. VnncouvRi1 -   Scliod-alc of TT.r.-12-Paciflc Stanaavd Timo   ]).imj���������������������������:0!,    ���������   .  HiroctivcFub. 1st, 1000. ' ^ CJambroiinn -       ���������     ���������  I            DKAVKU LIN K-Froni Mont real.  l.iil;eM'Wir:lio Oct. ?C  "Piirtwnwr Ln.iii fnv Pnnrlon and vny stations    j ;|j;j; ^;'/!::;^r        "      -     ."    ���������/  li.nvos- K.-nh./Uga.m.; dally, lot.uniuiK..leaved   ll\^ ,.;'!,'"���������'.������   .sjaN.Uiiintl.l.Vii.r.i.MirrivlHtfaLlC.iftloJ.^p.m.    j:,^^:,    j.      ....  'Casio & ������:pcr*h Slailway  ���������Nov.  ������������������ o  ,     "   !G  .1      . ,;  KOf TF;NAY   COUNTRY  v  ?I;iicras,Moaal I-Tavirratlcn nr.d Tracing  Cenyany   ,  OjicimLIii^iiii Koutuimy I.-ikc iiml llivor.  s -; l\-r :i:s \t:m:: vi. Ii-mvo- Ka^lo fur Nclsun  ;it ii ii.ni. ihil.v iiX'.-"|il,Siui'lMy; rcliii'imiK, l������.-av'.-s  Ni-l-ion hi l.i'-'i I'.m.. '���������niliii,'? at I nlfmir, I not  i'n'v .Vin-;-.v(i:lli. I'U'I .'ill "'������������������>>' |H)ini������: connocU  with S. I-1. .'.' N. tr.iin In ivnil from ftpoUano, at  FIvuMilu I'olnl.  rn'vvuo-I'UBcaii Dtvislon  AMK'.l   AI,i:i-;i.'TA.  St'-aiiicr Allji-'ia icivis K'lis-I" fur l.nrdo and  ,Vr^ ma al r'::;u i'.m. Wi'iliiiihdays.  i    Slrii-!i('.r.s.:!i!iiil   i������i-inoipiii Ihihiiiiks  hi   liol i  ! di-.-1-i inns, .ui.l alolliur points wlum Myimlleil.  Ti.-kils^old lonll |ininl.s in Caunda and the  ���������',,^)'l1'!i:wi'iii''i'i   riUiiH   mid   full   information,  i"!,ilVS<     ��������� itOljKRTjnVINO,'  I'li.aseiirrcrstiolcc'iCil llirouph lo all j-ai'.s nf  (ileal I'.iiluln and Iri-land. and al special!y luw  rale-In .i'.I I'liiis'of rlio KurnjiCiin (.unl.tn-nl.  A j,pi-, to iiiiii'Lst railway or .s-ieamsliip ajscni or  to  V.   W.  JZltADfJilAW.   Accnt.  Kovcrslckc.  Manager, Knslo. IS. 0.  l-'r s;  .s.ii'. m -r.  1) '.T-.V T 'AP'S  i'ev 'A->'*<-  l'i \'-'s ���������������,!,,.  ..    I ��������� ' -  !\    ". :-i  S.I.! !v.  T'-nn 1 i" at '���������< ' I '11.1.'  lli'W-is-.ol.o  Fmi1  rile-, liei-iis- an ! full iiii'..i'm'ti  i..i>   .v ,  :) Agi'i.l. lii-vi-islukc. i>r , j  Z. J. OCYLE,  A. G. P. A.,  Vancouver, B.C,  w.  r =r.'--^5->r������ ?nc-5B^ JJrvigstSon Co. L*d  /.',������������������-";."/���������   r.oufr..  ���������3      <;. ;i Mci-s I'd- ���������.'.''���������iii'!-'-1. .I'Mieau and SUagway  I, n vi- Vii lor'.a ,  K'/ovy Vv ii*ncistt:.'> <>.^ 'j i-.'���������>  ,i.i l Vaneoiivor  i -Sv;.ry Thiuo^ay at 2 V. m.  ^   ,   ' si..r.,..r< ���������������'������������������ Nn-lii-ni  ''ritWi Coluiiiljin liort������!  AXDZP.-IOi-i. i ' ���������'  i(.:lV,, vieiiiriajui.lVai'cniiver weekly.  l!:iles e!e.. n!i fi;ijiiic.itioii lo  O. S. KAXTKIl.  Gunoral Fai-Jenger Agent,  Victoria, V. V,  T. P. A ,  Nelson, B, C,  S. S. "Lardeau."  Fin.i.'i'.- In i*.\ i m Ai'I'owIkiuI and Tlionisi-u s  iVu.,;':>:.' i i ii'ii" ikIii^' .Iiiik: In. lym. will .-;ul as  olio'.' ��������� 'v.-' aliier iK-nniiiin;.'):  I ..-a vu ci\!'!'nu lu-iid for 'I*li������nii������-t>ii"-s I^iiidjn^'  an,I ('(.ni.i'iiiix al 7k. daily.  Le.n'e I lu.i.iis'ai'-i !..-ni(litK: ,-iiif!.('oiiiapli\ fur  \iniv. Ik ad a'l I/':, daily, coiiiieclin^ v.-illi all  '. !'. I.'. I i.iin.s and bi.fils.  'i'l.e. uv. licr.s i-'.-su!--,'- lire 13^1)L to cli-tngc time.i  f -nilin^s wil limit iiDlit e.  I'll!-: Fi.'l-D IIOUINKON I.l'MBKU CO. LTD.  F. KOIUNSON,  Maiiii^in;; Director.  "BAUEB & A"SflCIOFT,  Boralnion and -Ppovineiul.  ���������ttpveyops,  MIKING ENGINEERS,  Survevoi'H of Mines, Mineral Claims and Crown  '' Land.-'.  VANCOUVER,  B. C,  $M THE KOOTENAY MAIL  I DO NOT FORGET :i  9.     , k  | that if  you want to get a g  Jfc first class assortment of      .-,);  '9: *  I     perfumes!  I TOILET f  J     "      WATERS |  I  "I  a?  3>  if  .9.  .1  IF  ���������!������������������  SHES OF I  5!  ALL KINDS    I  and   all    toilet    articles. 5  You can get the very best if  at the ' 2  I Canada'Dpog* Book Co I  addition to the Nettie L., Triune and  Silver Cup.���������Trout Lake Topic.  Louis Benoit is again on duty with  the Revelstoke Street Car Line having  recovered from his injuries received  almost four months ago.  "Billy Spellman and Miss Alice Nor-  they were married at North port Tuesday. Their many friends are offering  congratulations while "Billy" is buying the cigars.���������Industrial World. '  F. T. Abey returned Tuesday from  his ti'ip to the Northwest. He went  down Lo Trout Lake the following  morning and will return in a few days  going to Calgary for the winter.  Swiss  "THE   LEADING   STORE."  SSES9  w^^^v!^���������T^im^>^ja^:^tf^fli^^5m3EES  BttTsiKa^ioaajuAj  I  m  I  1  i  m  A. V. Stewart came up from Kam-  loops on Monday and is making preparations for the opening of a cigar  factory in Revelstoke. His partner.  Mr., Harris, will be here in a couple of  weeks.  Revelstoke  Station  4  %  ��������� 9i^&^ftU:ft^ft^*iUr������i'&*itdc������i&tt'&*>  LOCAL AM PERSONAL BBfEFS  . The concert this evening will start al  8 o'clock sharp.  D.   T.   Hall,  of   Arrowhead was in  town Saturday.  Hon. ' W. C. Wells, chief commissioner of lands and works, and H��������� 0.  Killeen, government road itippector,  were in town Tuesday and-drove out  to the canyon to look over the road  survey. They went west on No. 1 the  SiinTeTeveuing.  This is' worth remembpriiig, keep il  in your mind, all the time and when  you have a���������cough and cold just get a  bottle of Syrup of White Pine and Tar  at the Canada Drug and Book Co's. It  will cure you. o  A. Maroney, of Albert  Canyon, was  in town this week.   ��������� ,'c  ,W.  11. Sargent came  in'from Boar  Creek Tuesday evening.'  Chris Foley is expected to speak in  Arrowhead this evening.  P. II. Peterson and John Clson registered at the Central on Friday,  S. Daney, of Ferguson, was "in town  for a few days during the past week.  Ralph Smith, M. P. P., has plac-d  his resignation in the hands !of Speaker  JBtfuih. ,   '        ���������  H    Men's All Wool Tweed Suits, Regular Price $8, $1.6, $16 ;. Cut Price, $4, $6, $8., ���������  1 '        ���������   "   - ,   .   .   PANTS   .   . "; .  Men's-All Wool, Serge, & Tweed Pants, Regular Prices 2, 3, $4 ; Cut lo 1, 1.50,'$2.  .   NECK WEAR   . ''.''*  Men's Beautiful Silk Ties, Regular Prices, 50c, 60c, 75c, $1 ;'CuMo 20c. each.  . ,   HATS   .   .   ;  Regular Prices $1.50, 2.00, 2.5CV.3.00, 3.75, 4.00; Cut to $i, 1.50. 2/ 2.50, 3, "3.25.  ���������.���������si -.=r-^,-i:=trs5=s=B=sfc= ^ , .   ,        ,        ' o , '  We are also giving a"8ash"Discount of 20 per cent on all ourBoots and Shoes.  I  Si  m  f  I  (Late James Gill & Co.)  ^***f* s^-^^js5f?ft c*���������������ijslt ^^^^������j?~t''' ^s^^^fir ^  ���������IS  "Tom" Downie, who has been dispatching train's on the Pacific division  of the C. P. R. ever since the road was  built and who is now chief dispatcher  at Revelstoke, was in Nelson on Saturday.���������Nelson Tribune.  Benefit concert and dance to-night.  The residence of the " 'Appy 'Ollie '  family has been changed from the Savage building to that of'the Salmon  Arm Co-operative Association on First  street where the boys will hereafter be  at home to their friends.  Oiies. and Ed. Ai mstrong retui ned  this wc'k from a two months visit in  the east.  FOUND.���������A gold nugget stick pin.  .Owner may have same by proving  property.  T. McNaught,  of  Halcyon, Springs,  came   up   from   the   soulh , Tuesday  W. B. Pool is up from Ferguson.  He says the Nettie L. is showing up  better" than ever and that this winter  it is expected that a shipment of 1000  tons will be made as thi*y can now take  out 10 ton a day easily with-38ihen  working. '  . Hon. T. Mayne Daly passed through  , Monday en . route, for Manitoba, to  assist Hugh John Macdonald in his  election campaign.  Frank F. Fnlmer, of the Half-way  House on- Trout Lake road, S. Sutherland," ot Fe.rguson, and E. J. Kerr, of  Arrowhead, were in town yesterday.  g.   ���������    Kootenay Lodge  * No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  The regular meetings  are held in the Mas^  onic Temple. Bourne  Hall, on the- third  Monday in each  month at 8 p. m.  Visiting brethren  cordially welcomed.  II. JVPItATT Secretary.  Your Pocket-book  may be low but nobody sees it, but  if vour clothes are Mmbby that  settles it, nobody wants to know you.  Ladies or Gents Tailor Made Clothes  repaired and cleaned in good style.,  Call or send post card. ��������� o  Samuel   Needh&m, Douglas St.  ,   -   ; Established 13 years.,  ��������� Strictly Union Labor Shop.  The   benefit   concert     this , evening  promises   to   be a grand   success'and  ' tickets are. sellinsr fast.  Pure Norwegian Cod Liver Oil in 25c.  50c. and SI.00 bottles, kept at the Canada Drug and Book Co's. o  J. Nelson left Sunday for the Okan-  agan with his pack horses atid will  leave them there for the winter.  Concert and Dance.  i i  (Benefit Geo-: Faucrault.)  ."..Opera- House, To-Night...  PROGRAMME'.--'  JtEVELSTOKB LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  Regular meetings arc held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  Thursday night at, eight  o'clock. Visiting brothers  cordially welcomed.  N. T. EDWARDS. N.O.      'J. A. STONE, SEC  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. P.  Moots.every Tuesday  . evening in Oddfellows'  W     WJ^���������JSPl     "%kHil11    at   8   o'clock.  ft/t     ^S^^^^^^s^-    y\Visiting brethren cor-  'dially invited to attend.  W. MATHIE, Sec  COURT AIT. BEGBIE  I. O. F, No. 3461.  Meets in the Oddfellow  Hall on the second and  fourth Mondays of cacl  month., Visiting broth  ren   invited  to attend.  C. W. MITCHELL,  . K. S.    ���������  Belts!  Belts! Belts  ladies'  ���������AT.-  Guy B.arbr  .THE JEWELLER'S-  C.P.R. Watch Inspector.  II. H. Trueinan is at his studi.),  Smith block! All desirous of securing  photos fo.' Christmas should call early,.  Miss Irene MfCriiin, Joe McCruiir  and Arthur Uwens, of Kam loops, aie  her'e to  take  part in   the cuncvi t this  -1.���������Song.  5.���������Cornet Solo.,  1 Kd. lljllnun r-aui'* up from Tlibin-  sori's Landing Tni'sdny evening and  left, this morning <hi a wci-k's s imt. to  Calgary.  The Inland Si-ntinel is advocating a  curfew law to prnhibit Indians imm  entei-ing the city limits between the  hours of (> |>. m. and r> a. in.  Ladies always like the lat>'st styles,  and for the very latest in purses Iry  the Canada Drug and Look Co. They  have Iheiii, a,!I price-, o  The nctt proceeds of the Thanksgiving supper and concert given by the  ladies of the Presbykriun chinch  amounted to .c, 151.  The L.'.rdi'Mu is the most talked of  section in Rrirish Columbia, and, railway or' no railway, it will be a, warm  place next year. The moment supplies  can be got in next season several properties will commence sacking ore in  1.���������Band Selection-Washington Post'March  ' ���������   ' v ���������Sousa  2.���������Coon town Specialties ������������������  ���������  The Revelstoke Boys  ;j.-Recit,'ilion " The Uncle "  Mr. G. Stevenson  ;   ' .-.."Naughty Neil"  Mr  W. Williams  .   Mr. H. W.('ampbell  f>.--Comic Song "I 'title P������ulV I'-'i'ty "  Mr. .1, I-:. Taylor  7.--Scrpent.iiH' Dane"... .Miss Irene McCruin  8. -Song by Revfl.-stnke's Kavcril" ......  Mr., Harry Watkius  U.  -Hand S-lcct inn -- When  the  Moonbeams  Fall at Kvening-'Roderick  10.--Comic Song }V- ���������'��������� ,J,'C;  II. --Tin' Miller and the Sweep   Messrs'. Tayhir and Williams  12.-(.,oniic Linicr- ...Mr. J. Mr-Cruin  J3.--.Song Mr. A:CH-.--n.s  11.���������Flighlaiid' Fling....'   Mi-������ Le.itric^-Ll.iir  I.").    I'lioiiogiMiili Sf-li'f-t ion ,   Ly the kindness of Mr. .1. .Vcwilt  H;.-C;ike Walk    My tin- Hoys and Cirls  17.-fJaird Selection  ..  March-The. Trombone  -Seil/  "TURN    HIM   OUT."  A One Act Farce.  D A 1ST C I H G- .  The Fred Robinson  Lumber Co. Limited.  On and after this date our prices for  cut firewood will be as follows :  $1 per corcl at Mill  $2      -'o1;, delivered.  ,  Prices Cut for Cash.  Fred Robinson,iVlaiiaging Director  REVELSTOKE,  A.  H. HOLDIOH  ANALYTICAL "CIIK3UST AND  ASSAYEK.    '  Itoyal.School of Mines, London.  Seven years at Jlorfa Works/Swansoa.  Seventeen,years Chief .Chemist  to Wigun  Coal and Iron Co., Eiiy.  Lute Chemist'and Assaycr, Hall Mines. Ltd.  ' Kv'ery' description of ttsjiivy, und analytical  work undertaken. ���������-  ������  Claims oxiiiriincd and reported upon.  ���������'>  HE \rJELSTOKK, B. V. . - 1  J.  W. CROSS, M. D,  yuttCJlSOX TO Tlllpj C. V. Jt.", CITY HEALTH  OKKICEK.  O/llce: Taylor Jilock, Mackenzie Avenue.  H  AltVRY & McCARTER  HAUHISTTi'^S, SOLICITOUS, ETC.  Oi'hcios :   Mowonb   Hank  Ju,ocic,   HMsvia-  STOIC Ii, II. C.  Money lo loan.  Olllees: Itcvelstoke, U.O.; Fort Steele, ������. C.  0i'.o. S. McCAitri-iK, .1. A. Hauvkv,  Uevelstokc, It. 0. Kort Steele, B. C.  1)RIVATF   NURSING  A   hilly  with experience .is open to receive on  Kii^cincnts- as a private nurse.  Address-A. II. care of lite Mail ofllee.  P'First'. ' ���������  Class  Work  0��������� '  geee   CIVEUSATRIAL  F.  BUKER,   Proprietor.  Phone   43.  Get that Water Pipe Fixed.  ���������He'll do! it for you.  Edison Standard  , , . Phonograph  with all the latest iinprovehieiitts will  take and reproduce'records, complete  including, Hceorder, Huproiluccr, iJrass  Horn, Sapphire Shaving Knife. Ear  TubcH, Camel-' Hair Hnish. Oil Can. also  One-half dozen Records and Hooks of '  Instruction.  PRICE    $25.00  ...OHAS J. AMAN.,.  Drayin'g   and  delivering a specialty.'  Teams always  ready  at  shortest  notice.       Contracts   for jobbin������y  taken.   Agent for B. C. Oil Co.  Robert Samson.


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