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Kootenay Mail May 23, 1902

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Full Text

 ( :i uotei 'ut Ganmore ,,ahd' plaintift'
i���arranged to'sell his interest in' that,
fo'r.: which boa paid coin mission, find
introduced to; him the: Salmon-.Arm-
hotel. lip ' corroborated plaintiff's
story a's tb'tlie d-jal.; .'���-���;: i- ' ,''���..'���""/
: Airs: Holder gayeebrrobbrativb; evidence.' '..'������ Vy'aay,'V,"y. ���.:.;' a/ y-.-y'y.p
TJofendant denied having authorised'
pla i n t ill' to. sel Mi is: proper ty on  co it -
mission, y,and said'he hada heard from;
Holder on the matter. before v.Fleish-
nian .saw'hiiii.'/fieo.  Forest,'!was'prcs-
ent'sit his;conversation with plaintiff.
:Mrs. -��� IIolder had;giyen';him''.the worst
calling, (lown lie" ever.ygbtyin ySaliiibn:
Arni, on aocoiin't of  things being re-;
yiioved which she contended she had
;bought; and he, liad  her arrested yfoiy
detaining his piano.     ' -  ; /:../' vyv
./yM-rs. Oaiiieion said her hiisbiind told
her howould remember  Fleishman if
hc,.:sold;ihe hotel: y//.:.- ���   --.:.../'/VVa
P ,,Jul in y.Forest said, ho 'heard a coiiver-'
'Sationi between plainvirY and defendant'
ii bout1 selling.the"-hotel, but defendant;
ne\ eiV prpiiiisedy plain till' ..'a/ per  cent.
'c-oniiiiissioii';   J��� liiihtifl"oil"cru<l 11 ini $50"
if. he would givcjevidencea hb:heard it."
:,: J>L-foiV(:t:int' ,rec;illocl,  siiid.if the/first
(le;ithiid .gone through lie would have:
paid commission.- -',��������� Vayy: ��� --a-,   ayy
a-"AiT713waiispiiyskid ihe law was if the:
relation betweeiiy biiyeraaiidsfcHenwas,
ji-qiight'aljgiityby, thbyagent  he  was
en t i tied a tb comih issiori v but iii ���'. order
tu^ciundyiyalegiilVjIitiin- tliereaiiust be
a c'o'i|f t.rtlc ti iii I. :'o bl lyriitipii;"'; bctw'eeriy"' 'the'
p;u'iies;a  Jn t.lils ciise 'if.:,thereywasyiiii:
Virruh'goiiVei'iti.-.it.yywsisV' fqi";:.;,"tlie:ypurchiiSe"
ol.the whole: business /and not for"part,
if do fend, int. liaiLiiq  licenseyto"carry
-on, cdniniissibh,-business  lietvas ;H0ti
���entitlt'dVo-'siieceeda^aVayy''p�� a:VV-���'-/���
;���' 'ybi.isyi.brdsii.ip: Ji,.tliealieense:yisyirir
't)i-.;-:YiiiMiri.- bfyi -tax-tiie ; i'iict;tliat itailg'
'y.;;i'i.p;H'd'!lines..hoi liisoiititlt: him..V ..;\-
���ypSl". a'lyiyiui-'tjuori'ir tTie case of'Osler'
\a /M-bi'-i'iV'.ii licivyila-was;1 held tliiit if the
*���(;;;'i ri'S'iti.Il'i��� L,\v.oi'ii' aiVu vt"i" ii'nil .Keller..-Willi;
-act"of;'the agent,
:Jav��V   ly0iK v-P^IJ V-WyjiJsS'M '������'' i - |Va' ,iV| *''''���:V'VVi'i!!': H-ittii ins commission. ���'.-'
^^^b'yt Isb'bavr v^: ;'a:'
a ' a a ' v " \' ���-'.   ���---.���:.'���-���..-.:'���������������: ���'���'-;.   ':-"': ", >a. .a,;;.. :a-' -. '.'   a : . ... :-a -. a-::.-..  ,-��� ��-.,-'.-.    .- ���  .-.- .,
:Trunl<s/Vaiises,ySweat;F,ac!syOibCo(its.' Oil Hats.Wnteiaprobf Sheets, etc Rgt?
Weekly Shipinctf^
//'a v/   ������'':.';'V.'Ouiv.Te'as',aiKl/Q6fto.eg are-l;ilciiig;,.tliedead���-'trydheiii
Front yStreet,    ':, - / r;:EeYelstoke.;yB/C.
Just i Remodelled and Refurnished with a/1 ^
'pp.yyy pyy.:.. yy-py.y ;yy: a'";-,-:- ^V--i-\:.-y.Vypy :-yy:.--Pyyy:V.yy,.-.yy .-a-V-y-;
'-''-"'' ' ^:.]\T9^"V'U
i&Jy'': "��yll'\>;'.v.4.:''y.;'i-i^ iL-^aVV;;./'
���;#00v/!^ T0iMsy.qimliedl $$$$& Wot
vCi;: C. GREENE, Proprietor,
���-"V v..-     ,/iy " ��� , ���!'
to,convince yii'ii  '.
ybui". business   :\i
best ���' liieiliuni (.for
tisiiv.i  is  'J"I.'IF,.."I;
>'.'.'.'!���.( . ].  ':.-���""���- : '.
hiit' to iiniliC
success tlie.
���A'oi'i!-' (ldvei'T
:iliiiti!(i. noiyyitli'nyySiipi'enie yC.ourt.
;ls:'iiiyii.;t:ii-:Se. ijf tllis'lciiiitiPV.y..a "ip.lp
- a Al i:y'V<!yloi-y:Tlii^ qucstionyyofa qoin-;
atnissioiiVBlioulclabo' .brought ;,ihy,tlib
y.Siiiir'oiii6-(^burt.,.".V-y-,i'y'^'''yy''y.;."ry'-''y /c;'y;.---y-'y-H'-.-ii-
;���. y /ti is iLordsbipySonietliingv will have'
:;ii;labns'being brpught iiVthc" Siiprenie
Court., i/lf Vhisykind .of,.thing is;tp'goJ
on the:judges"will Ibiycato������ work/int.o'
tdVi^snVolblipurgi'of tlie nightVa:/' yT a;:^
yKpiMi)'s ]ii>"isdietip'iii.yyy,.y:'';y :vy/'ayyyyyy.y':y.:yyy
Va.i.H is ;l:,o r'cl si ii p: a I a'cloaiio t; ypvoposc: t o:
initkc'iinyliodyat'to first:scapergoet
sliall consult'withyt-he; ofheiyjudgesyds'
qywhetheiy'wc. ciiiiiibtyiav: (lbwii, sohie
���'ytilcPy~pyyyyPy'7';pyyy7]]!7[7i '/'^a:a/"''-i!';'y
.ihatv   re'cpiiin-icikled:y- the.:���'/.:"property/
cbniiiiiss.ibn liiicl.the b'riginal;deal gone,
tlirbiigri.yySoirie.o.f the evidence;sworn-1
'to;did'iiot reilbet very  highly; oiiathe
oi-edibility'ol' the witnesses., ..Theiiian
������Fbii,est..appeiirecl tbhavecomc prepaieib
to. perjut'ehiniself.'' I- will .'.reserve, the
qiiesfcion'-pf.costs.'i.,'    '.,���",,.'���-,',-,-.'���������',''     ., ',
/TlieCourt adjourned till   next1 day.
/���This was ii -suit ihawhichthc plaih-
t;tt's:soiiglit to recover from' the defeh-
dants. ^T.,200 dtic/byy Cowan': Hplten
Downs' ''Com paliy/.Li in itc(l,y'of ��� which'
the defenuittits:were sliii'i"eho!ders.:yS.
S. Ti'iylqr'ancl:G.:S.'y\leGiirterappeared,:
foi- pliiintilVs/'itnd*E.aJ'...^Davis.a'nd- ,.T,.
.\li-yScott��� for .del'endtmts.-.'.'"'' y -./'.-' ..],;"
���His��,Lpf(lsliip. (lid hot see;why. plain-.
yfitts .didjibt apply.for cxeciitioi). ��� "��� ''
-''.y'ilr;;''.Tiijdpry.cbn'tended'.-.'yii: suit.���'���'���' ivns
:nc(:css:iry..;::.;.';"... '���,.-,' '....'-���'/���y:-V-'] "Ip, ';..'
;y.?iJ'r.1I)iiyis-S!iid t he: oil ly: remedy; .was
���ei'f.h.eiy.by.'ii-.Avi'iiii'ii'ig-iip ,order or under;
section 478.' V; Vyi;'';.;.',.������')���-.-.. /: :V -,''.-'
.Mr: Tiiylorsyid .tlic.vcoiiipany. (diiitii-;
ed ii>oIiii;viy/issiicd; .shares: ii'n'd-i'h.ay'e"
iissets'iiinbuiilingyip several thousand;
I'i'oIJiir.s, a whereas the cred'tors'- found
that wi't'liiu -it ..yetir. not'-only.-had they
iiV's.'ts- ���tlisaplieiiied' but; there ;was. a'
sai'iouby (iciicit,: a,It- 'w.*ls"!i'",cbi))p'any.;
i'.-.irii'ipii ior getting the betteryof.acred-
itoi's.-anil -i'.he,v0su(;dy'tihe partners"'oh ���
cei't:i in ,-sliavei ��� which   had ' not ���.been-"
p'ail'l   fo,!'..;.'-,      aa    V ':      .-      ,    ;. ��� ,' "i '. ���
,'a! lis   'o!'(.!sh,i.p, said the soleissue was
-' y-a:!'ai,:V ���',' shiiiys. '.jv.i-re". legally  p:ii<l
���'.   ���/{. 'I''- yi i ]���"<:,U !i ���'':,!������.;'.- j V'llcv -HjlOWi'.d it :
.Vv'.y'rp- ��������� ���:'".'��� i V yi'.'i:;',V ��� i"'.,f'.-'Iv.! iA\Vliiires'j
V." ���'��� j'.';;-- V- '-���.-.tV-yMu -.-"oss riilries,!
! in (.'iish:wiiliiii
���:'.;:n   property;,
..res fwitb   these
His .Lordship: ft ni.ust be, a., casli
transactio'n,  but  why -y. should Hot 1
allow ayset-off.'.yshareholders have- lis
good rights,as creditors, and .one,:of
���their rights;is;set-off.,'; It seems itb me
there lias been practically ii sett lenient'-
between  the partners a'nd; tlie company.-    The evidence is; unassailable
that   tlie partnersy got yt-he iinipiuits
pfppprt-bnatelydiie them.   -The wliple
gist/of,.' ��� j-p.iirV'case y';'is'-'. that������' Cowan
ffolten an'd  Downs, had sbares  issued
to tlienl whi'ch'were?iiot fu 1 ly-p;tid for.
i).Mr. 'Tiiylor':' Downs subserilied for
(304  sh a res a n d  on ly "took;, 050.'   lie
should pay for tlie',btheri4;      ', ,yV> y
y-.Ifis -Lordship: Thenyyotiyihink He
'.'should.''-] iii vy for; shiircsahe n'eveiy'TC:
ceived.,/. y y-y.p.' V ��� '���'���,���/' :���/. Vy- 7'7'. y V:
' yMr.::'Davis:?M*ith' reference" to" llie
real estate iiiy, learned friend has pi-ac-
.ticallysaid th3re has bceii fni'tid.-- Tliri
transfer::is a;:...inatt-cr..of;foriiiyjinil Will
bc-'Ciiri-ied'Ciut.    y:yy;.y ./:"'.���',.a :y
His Lordship:' As far-as  la'can'..'.ecji
thed-ransactiona was' perfectly���-.honest,'
; except: tliii t* perhaps'they': hi igl it  lift vc
gone , hibfe, 'carefully/nboiifc: it.' .Tlie
odd dblliir.'., This'is'a ciiseywlierq'the-
.stbckahiis'been taken;;over:in.t]ie,iisiial:
business wayaaiid'ywas.ya 'transaction
practical lyyfor'ca sii. ';''/���-;/.';;'// '-yVyVyVp.
,,:.-'.-Miv:-Taylor':; ])pes;rttlic":trailsfeiv',-O.f.
doubtful .debts,-, constitute a cash traii-
���sa.cfion? ..This should'be"gohc.into.;;'
���y-His/Lprdshifiy.said,: he/would reserve
jiidgmciit,''iiiid/the. CoiirtyadjounjeaV
-of-, rushing.-'j<",'.'; biiiy:.-i
were:   ready 'for, them
hours    wey Averey iii  iiyj'iretty   hoi
;cprrier .'and y repul^cdytlieni./wjlb'
heavv; lossek., .Ourlossesyiiinouniei
]"'-, I/am;sorry to: say  our- regiineht
suffered 'y severely,   having : ^eighr:
killedy;31 wrtiind(i(l!and seven/niiss/
ing/; y^\'o,y:h;iye'y since: .died '/of,
wbunds/yrcceiyed. 1 We-;yilsp' ���los,i
181. horses, -a /- : ���--'���;. ..Iveiiipinlier
me and'till the-boysaUi/jbbsi: ywe'
J1 or ..two   ""    ���	
vLetter-frdimAlfv Stringer:
���'; 7V,.y)i.' A\re]is;lias'received. tlie ]'ip]y
;lbvviiig/letter-;frbtri a^lfy/Strihgef,
.who left-'wilbythcy^Re.vbl^tokeycoii-
faniry/./Tbcyleftcr yii5%diifed' ifbiii;
l.')ri.ef6nteiii, .Transvaal.,//'/;--,-. ay
; ������'. The' wri lerif ays; ���'' Jtis-t; -,' a" lj ne.y, to
'.let y.ou''knp\y ibata/L/ani- going/,on
quitc.well/aiYd -ralsdyti'll^ tjie. boys.
A\;e:areyiii:,Col.yGpoksbh's;: cbliiniivy;
fixed'y'tip ;after.yhaivingybbeb-dh/a:
severe^engagement -withryDelarey's'
withytheehehiyy.y Our'^guns"opened.;
aged to'.cscape-'pverythcybridgeyill;,
the/ dirtii nceV /yWeyiia ltedyyoiry tlie,
^P0^1;0'^!: ../near;a::si^rui,t:/tbc:water;
L. -biir;Jjprses:/a bddiasly'j hsfe?]iickettcd;
ytheiri, when, all': of y;t;ysuddenj;thev
surround/ usl-whicliatheyy cl idyyi n 'Va.
. very :sh prlyspaecfof/l i'nie.; 'yahd:' vtri-'
fortunately they inahiaged^to:cut.:;.bff
our .y rear-gbard,'���''������ which /was-"corii-
,posed~"of B1 Squadrpir, ofvoiiryregiment and sbme/mountedy infaritrj'..
A1 lydf,asudden/they,put iii';-;'a,"^ter-;.
rifio (ire.into tlie' camp.in theyhopc
Jo Reside in Revelstoke.
7;.]. y. Da-.:,' (1 raharri,.: formerly oCiolt,
Gomn'-iissioner/at' Kcyelstoke/.Jiav;-
ing resigned froni:.Ihe".,;(,!oveinnien't
service^ i t is'liis intention' to a take'
'upyhis 'residehce/yina/Revelklokeyin.
the future of / 'which;: lie. hasygrciit
faithv-aridy believes/ it-a/affdnls Vis
good a,.field for ihves'trnefit,y;is-;a^n'y',
pfirlof;the;I'f6vihce.   -Mr. Grahaiii;
has,grea.t;yfaithv dri/JhbyBigaaHbhcl.:;
and intends .biking an ticti vb a bant
being'already a largely yn U'resfbdyjn
Keystone : Mptintaiiiy,'/a titl/'Cfrbunil'
HogJyBasina1':; ...
owing,l(i'ii, bi-id
.liigh/wateiybn. t.
ni' Giilgai-yy''���'a^ys
ihe eityy fro"
;iy.i|il:h.at,li(?-lpi::il,yo!,|!(;i;i!s: tn	
ii'tl-achedy "a ,- jiifsseiigei' -:(-;ii'; 'ii'ir.'--
;V;Thb: cxcavatioii pfthc nO();;fcetytui>
iiel. betweeiiyMiclieb:mid y t.htfVJillvO ybn
the Crow'sy^estaroiuiyhitsybeen';:coin-;
pi e ted:; iindvlhctuhnel is,-being yli tied-
tliroiighbut/with .cjnerbtii/'v.-' - ;���������" 'VPiPV:
���p   .-.:'.-y.::S>   ::���:.:   ,-.,:/��� .!���-,���    /.    .! . *. .' a.,-,.- .. :a,-   .-   ...a..  .   , -,   .,���-.   iu    ;:..-���
��� wi 11 ytedn creiisecly to "ea s teriiyppitits by:
, ii 1 lyrii i livii^y ;boiii.iiii.hies.y:-/ /- V177777''!^:
pVBiVtigoHQit^i&ttp'll'y f/vaSut-- lifts;l>eeii':
; su tii ni bnedy t p y:Mp n trea 1 -V to;, give :'c vi -,
yiiins;whpawerb brottglit'butyiierey alitsty
ybai-a lq^wbi-ky;pii':yi.iridg('sy iihd.y'snpwy'
���siie.(.ls."".'rT,y c" s ti t t/ag^i i i) s t; t lie/c i;> i f yj )y< i iy;
is"for brciicli :'of   (^litraet.aa-aTnyyAlr.
'.leaser's-, atisencc--,; Ti'-'C-i i 1 lespie -ha.'s- licpi i
appointed-tbreniaii, of thc;gitng./.:yyyy;,,:
:aa"wcll aykhbwh
itt'Savbnas. ���'..",'.'
. :.t,61iny.y.Thbmpsbh,''"^
Drowning of T. Horn and J7D. Boyd
'.' pii"^V'c'diK-sday,: al'ternpona the cciin-
lnunityawiis shocked;.tb'doiiirii/.of: the
db:ilb aby drowning.��� oE -T- 'IIom,. the
well .'known- prospector;. . ,-tnd J/ ll)'.
Boyd., wlipyownedy* they'..ranch, which
bciirs;'liisyiiatii.e,;id'oiit'forty, niileisaiip
the Cplumbia fronr Kevel'slokb.; ,About.
.three we'i.-ks agri' Tom Horniihd'.l.; A:
:Lcslie .wc-ni- -'tiii ihe river', wil-h -the j
.intention'.'of prospecting Canoe. Llivev
cpuiitry for...inicii,   /A
stroiigly//' He got clear *ol' tlie canyon
aiid^dowriythp river it qun'i-ter���:'pf,a'..liiile
from- 'w1iva-e/'.taip_.M^iAi^.oeiniiii^d^
when;hb.wiis seen, to reiibliToriiTliirk
"object;,in the;witter, which" those wbii
s;iw it supposed :ibbe;albg. bit tVvbicI i
they nbwythink was; tlie ; hpat.y .,-Oi
'his grasping.at it bbtli' Horn and'the
object, sank, and were not seen 'again:
: Another object bad":',boon seen foi lowing- I-Iprn ' aS;he;swani and -this, the
yoiilbpkcrsytobk'tp .lib BoydVhanging
oh..tp;-th'c.cn.ii'oe.',';���������/���������������; ypy���'���-:,,;'��� '���yiyV
vVThe canoe driftcd.;iiitp atlib': Jlbve
stokcLiinibeiV Coas' booniaii.i/thb Ilig
Eddyyiind oivbxaiiiinatjony' a/.' <'���//. yV
;'��������� -a; /-a-,y iioypyWAS -FOUXll yV a aa.      aa-
:ittachcd;lb it. by' a rbp9 twii-ted round'
the wrist. yUprn's .body .lias-ynot...yet
been found, y.;-;,' '/.;, 'aya// :,���' .';/;/-���; '���
''.-.y'B.oyif.-w'iis.a widower,-:,nnd jui-gely iii-,
terestcd ' iiiyniinihg propert-iesay llio
was a't-bnb time a, vtnickriiiin, .'.'on the,
G:P.Ti.a He .-wasasnccessfiil: willi at lib;
The .healing;' :i hd: soothing -remedy -.for/CpBi^flj/Gftl^iy.
77'V'-:''//:' /:'./'./ /,-' //yrrickliiig  in ��� 11 ie /'J^hrpat.y /Bronchitxs.yGrpB]*,'VB��I'li'y-
ipyV.77'������''��� 7y7] v/'yBfagep.'.of/CyjnBvVniption, lan^
//;//::"''-'//':' //-a/'��,-''^
V 7'-1**'-'.
* C'i
OCCV'^-C ��� "".pC'V/i-ITj'yQ'
'I'M Ki-'-;iui.V:
t      I Ins.   was-   it    suit     in'   u.liii.'litr.c
!; pliiiniill' claimed ^.'Jai^-eoiiiiiiis.sioh :it
..; 5 |ir-r ei'iit.cin  ,-b7','(,!U0.-for-saliVof hotel
ytUJUiH is i.-iit .-ihiion Ann ow.li(.d:,'yby ���.dei'eiidau'.t.
S. S,  Taylor  lind'���<'!'.' ,S. ."McC'a'i'ter ,-ip-
])cai,ed''l'b':-- plain.titf,' iuid   1);, Swiinson
for,defendant.. /  y
���'���.��?'' PnrriirViIooiinn Prion /     l'hi-iiil'li"s .stnry.was ���'that defendant
H    UOm/fJIbSlUn L'UbL.   imi\}i)r\^A\lnm:lo^c\\ (be   hotel   and
V      '        ���   ' ...            Vj farin   on   cdi.iiinissioh. of ��� f) per, cent..
������/-..'        '"'.',. '.'���'          | a nd    be   iiri-a u��:e.d   a .deal   with 'Geo.
Important Test of Company Law. \}UM^-7[['V7^X�� iintt 'gei.tlemiui
' ���   '��� ,     ���''��� ; losing. Ins slijicl.',by   :l ;i':i lluiiy alll'i
��� ���   ' ..   ,'��� ���''.-"' Liiggiin b" s:'i!isc,|iieni l\
, on wilh lhe .original- deal, iiicludini
llie ,i"ii'i'in. i'htinl ill' saw. defendant and
' a'rraiigi.'il lliithe should areept a ..Ira!
for Ih.- hotel.'alone.'. When' plainUil'
appl.ieil for coniiuissiiai, del'midani. said
"���If you had given me' 'while people a-.
e.iistoiiK.'i-s .1 would -pii.y, as   I. prii'init'i d
The. Supreme (loiirt -, 'opened,, ut
Ilevelstoke-   (in    Monday    bcfni-e, ihe
. Chief .lust-tee. There ivns no ciiiuiiial
business.' .Four.civil eases '--(eiiprised,
the list. Of I In V,'two eiiine'up foi'
hearing':'.one, liallgard   v.. I lendersoii'.
'was'   settled   oiit. ,'of  eoiirl.;  a'nd' I lit;.
.other, CuiTiiiiins v.Ciun.iuins, was set
down for County Court.
������'!��� ay.  >:i)',! ... the    iieofiti.nts
..���.���''/���, 'janV !.i;d en! the   best
,:p7-pyy ]'...'������   ;|
I ,i,.',���������   ..licitor.- .si;id   he  '\i'as j
1.. .j i;,'..-.: -.-i-j i. a 'ii t c t he e'.nnpa ny ���
i'ni.iii'.iiiii���  Wiis    to  prevent
par; in-i'.- 'diiiwing .out. their   capital.
The .ablution  was based on'stock and
bi.ok. d; b:t;. ai'li'i-   deduction ' of   .bad
debts.  , './'.        ','���  :"���' ���.-.;,'���' a,   '���.;-
Mi-.Tayii.rVJ'he conijiiiiiy did not;
sign llie'tninsfei: and the .premises.had
not been transferred.'.,
His ��� (.rdsliiji: The compiiliy got possession of the ]iro]iei'ty. Now how did
they pay for,.it? If is evident l'r'oni
the iiecpniits and transactions that
some 'trouble was taken to arrive at a
.Mr;������' Tayl.'r: They have not paid,
anything on the shares. '-
ilis   I-.n'd.-bip: Then ' the  company
I ''got.'.���possession   of the  [iroperty and
refused' lo go ;.hover ]..'iid foi' it.    \yiiat  has ' become
of I lies..' i'.Si-OtS. ���;���",.
.MiOT.-iylor: Nobody knows.   ,       |
���Mr.   navies:-They   have ��� lost  tlilin
like   : 'tfiiiny ���    another    commercial
viaucei'ti. '   '   '     '. .
, -Mr. Taylor: Ci.wiin Ilolten and
IVi.un-. 'sliottld no(: como in ns fully
paid up .-hiircholilers, but.  as ordinary
Received Another Big
ire prepared :i.o show; you: A: PIG/ASSORTMENTa
in allylines of :,Kurnit'nrp/a; Wc keep the- largest stock
in Kooteiitiy.  .Hbll-'J'pp Desks/Bedrobm D,ressers:ahd
Staiidsy'lrbhy Bedsy Parlor Tables/::'Extension;Tftb]?i��.a
large-range of Crinyn-sV"-P.la:in; ^ah'ctyfanpyv--;;.-^:;:^' '.;y���'-���������"���.���:^���y".���:'���",
.' ably, furnished, with- "tHexhoi'cest the niark'eV1' .// ���r'. ':
.        -y .       .-.-...        .-������    ... :'������:.-:       -���-        ,   ...   -a;-        ���     . -   .,>      ' ,a-
. affords..:    Best   Wines, -Liquors,:i& Cig'ars..: ; ;'::i "������'���
Rates $iyayda\".. yMohthly rate.,;,   p'������'.:'������   .   'v :'./
~~~'~p~~r: ..���-.. y~:���; .iiuni,
\'"yxr.:.������:-,'���<���: .*����' J��.�� mt����'.et,!��4.
As-.i �����>. :ti\��E tn'ti i-t-rlinp' :-.y.
v7"m 'MA
Corber Granville &>Hastings St reels,"'.'  /'���"
D/DWSWEbL,'vrnpi-'ietor, '       ''.,:- v.'. .Vancouver,
Bi ���,
tliK l,ATK.J. 0. HOVD'ri KANCIl. -,'"'    'a
caiiioe.was',imported.by W.   M.   Law-   (luce a pbotogntph  of  Ihe.hoinestciidj
which was a  'lyelconiii''stopping  place
f"- f   '���(,*���-?'���'��� ,��������������'-.' ������:'".--a ,;���'-"������. v-,.-���'",.'  iy.
you; . .    y . , i --     .
'   Geo, Holder at tiled, he was ruuning I creditors, and as a partnerEh^>'
rence to J-lorn's order, and was'.one of
the best niade.-"With.this'canoe.Horn
and Leslie stiirlod.up/ the: river with
their,supplies. Leslie, remained, aiid
Horn was returning to'report to- the.
Gov.c-rnment Agent. ��� mi; the'probable
cost of extending tlie trail. to Cunpe
River./ .'./���/   ,'" - / ./��� ,
Hbrn was ono- of .-(he most "..export
boat men who traversed the Columbia.
On his way down no picked-tip K. A.
Bradley, Geo. Laforine, "C. ..-Richard's
arid J.']). Boyd. The latter was mail
contractor and was bringing down the
innil. At the head of the canyon
.Messrs; Bradley, Richards and Laforine. got out to walk' fo town. The
water was pretty high, and at the
foot .of'the canyon there is a bad.
rillle, 'and rough water. When this]
was reached, the en hoc was seen ' by
tbose working on the road to shoot
ii]i and disaiijic-ar.
Hot a was observed to bs swimming
for travellers to' the .'Bond. Arrange-
irenis wt-re being' tni.idd, to i in prove
(lie iicconiiiibdation for the, cpniing.
season, and .R. Ilowsrin <v-''Co.'were
supplying lo. Mr. Boyd's order ri/liiVgo
���'quantity.of furniture to.go; ii|.i by
the first"'trip of's.s. R.evelsl'oke. '.���  -
Horn leaves a widow and fiiiu; cbil-
dren. He was the priii.ci'|.)ai'owiiei"' oi
the Black '; Wniribr-iii the ; Lardeau.
Great syinpatliy. is felt for the -.bereaved. .Both men wore -highly' esteemed liy all mho knew lliein.
Boyd wiis a member of the local
Masonic lodge, and the Masons took
charge "of. the . remains which, were
interred (his afternoon -with' Masoni.':
The coroner, Dr. Gross, after inquiry decided an inquest, unnecessary
A /brother of .1.' Boyd arrived fm.--
tho.BOiith last-night.;
Complete Installations Our Specialty'
Finest Class of Machinery   .   .   .   .   /
VK^?OmA.^cl VM^QCTUYWs^.
Over 100 suits have carneinfo town from eastern houses'iw the pas��
few 'month's. -.' We can't dielp noticing   them���its our business.    faOine .very
0, : good and some very bad, but- NONJvARE EQUAL to our .?20 to ?2") suits.
'���'- ' Give US'a .trial.'.   ' '���'.���'/''
O-.:^ ���WJ'fc'����
fihe IRobtena^ mail
,'.'���' , ��� AT~     ������ -       '��� ,' '���  '
;y    SEVEI.STOKJE.'B.C.i     '���
inscription   PrlM;   J2.M   PtryAnnum
.UJVERTI3LVG RATESquoted on apple
caiioa. Changes,in adverticenieBt-- miut
be in by Tuesdar of each wc��k to iooiire
-     good display, a   ,
JOB PRIKTIXG of every kind at mo��t reason;
able rat-eiiand shortest notice.
ACCOUNTS for job printing or advertising
parable on the first of every, month ; sub
sariptions payable strictly in advanee., V
COKRESPONDEN-CE  invited on all matters
.-../���'. of local or public interest.   All communica-
lioDS to the Editor murt.be accompanied
by the name ,of the writer, not neceMsarily
?.....for   publication,   but as  an' evidence  of
,'���'   good faith.   Correspondence must reach the
office ; by  Tuesday   eveninfit   to    find   a
plaoe in the first issue of the Mail after
y receipt....y,������'���..;���'. ,..'as,
7 .���.,;"-/''Address-.'/- 7''-ip.7 7  '' .-/;//���/a '���', .'
'���''���:   The Kootewat Mail, ;;���
���;,;/  '������ p :i; '���,,:;/ Keyektoke. B.C!.  ;'���
i*. 0. Box- 70. Heveltftoko.      '/��������� .-.-.'���'/;;
Ws request our numerous roadors to,
������'������'��� favor .us with their asertatanceln i nieil eonillKaed. ,ah<a Vl'iie!
making tho KOOTENAY MAIL the | year, will) "/"l \\7is ���Up-i baa: a
most valuable advertising- medium in , the Kootenays by giving-
the preforenoo, when Riaklng-purchases, to those firms who arc
y r��grular advertisers In the KOOT-
,'  Thk rioininjoi)   .Pai'liiiiiieiil having failed to aii.ikc ' tiny, piovi^iun'
for  railway,   'grants'-this   year.' it
seems a waste of lime 1'.h'- the Legislature af Victoria loitiilber discuss
railway sthenics which 'are  admittedly abortive till Vvjch ti'mo .'is'tlie.
���Dominion will provide  the  gran Is, ���
asked foiya's,; the ' prbthoaay; .��� inter'-;
esied   have/staled ; they - will -only .-
build   on  condition"of  provincialy
grants being siippdonj-wi.tpii.'-'by aid;;
from/the;Dominion.       '   ,' y, ..
PilCO; ��� ^���0������:�����'���^T^W���:������'
^, IA $%3V':< ^JF% :% j\ wa
=        Nfcri>  cicala*', L v���-V nf-ir^-rZ? ���* p-'-.l���r^l ,-wrmi O
-'���."V.,;:���'������'--;_;.. CITY-'AGENTS.. V/a;--a V y
���-,i Copies of Tn �� .11 ail1 may bo obtained from
(lie'following oily agouti,:        ������ ���'��">>:-'.'"'
- .' .JaW.JtKVXKTT.    V,   '" ���''.,'"' '''���"..'"���
���-""C.issdaDrug ic Hook Co.
F. IS. Wki.ls., ���:���.'���'
y;y    VLOKDOX, EKG., AGEKCY. y      ..;/;'
- Kiiropoaii aiid. Colonial Advertisiritt AKCiicy,
���u< fleet St. ���'piiy-yy'   .,-..,'. y:   ,,;,,:- "..;������; ..������:���
"C. Mitciieli & Co., 1 iiiui 2 Snow Hill, London/'
E;, C. :,"��� -,--;-.:.;,'.:  'a':,; " ���-:-:- a ' ���-'���---V-"
'-���; Wi-b.' congrrftiilate   ihe   tnicktncTi'.;.
oil"the results.iJ;tIn- iirliiiralibn.*��ii,.-
their grievances,���.-arid ,.on' : the /substantial , i-isp   in   wages  whicha'ha.s,
been accordi-d::i s"'-l lie fte-1i. 1 VV.i,; t.i-:.i -"
tratipri   on   ibea'Easii'i'iiV'division';'.
]\\',h:d applies/t.p'i.hp/'���Kast;.a ip plies
with ''greater,- force/ ib.':-! lie .n.K-.i'i' aon
the AVeslenl ifnd ,; Pacific��� ui yb-ioii-.;-.,
who will nbtainai Vpbhtr,an<ai-yyy'/-
The; admirable  way- iii a lav/' ye.:
'���tl-e^y-iip-irt'-'r--:!'���':.',. ,'yV.:',���';
sympathwy vybiety  Va  yy! -,
ijj'eii-'^sidivyl ni s/: can it'll 'Vi;
reward th'e'v..(leser-vi.'da/.''''.:': ������; '
l.-L'iitrnl -Press Agency.: ,    ������.- y
(.'iiiimliiin;. Ad vorlisiiiy Ageiioj-.
; A. .McKiin i Co.,-Ajjoiit*,'.-,..
���������' ji.-slja'ratVAd'vei'tisiiiK'Agciicj-..
' .���narveV.AilverUsliiKAKenoy. ,..-.:,'. :,
;.V: ������/; .-yayaSI'pKAXK AClKXCY.,y.y,;-yy
���'Alexaudttr,,; &'-: Co.,  Advertif-ingaAgent-s, 521
;.KiraiAve.-"���-,'.'-',���-,;,��� 'v,'- v.\���:���,'.'-';-".'���':-.j, ..;'-:.,",a';a-,--:
���''_i^''l^.i/hy^jy^;-::..a:-.-';'' "- '-'���'���'��� ���'"' '������'���"
;:;; :sax fraxciscp agekcy./ yy,;'
E. C. Dakc/Or and (i.0 Merbhauts KxcKuiige;",
i A genlp: ���''-���':������'���'��� '",]'���" a- ���',/.-.'-a-'-.       ��� ���'.���''.'���
rtunviiigioii llros., 316 13roa(lway.
a : nAlUaSTEU8,yS01;ieiTORS, KTC.a ay;
a.,- ','"��� ������,���"���'; . ���--��� -STOK-E, 15. C. ;.: p.    ''a..--'
a:;:M6iiey to loan.:, y: ',.'.'-:-'!���  - '''��� ������ p-"y''p.y''-i
'���������' Offices: Revelstoke, B. C;atort Steele, B. 0. y
Gko. S. McOjirter.    a;
���yy a Revelstoke, li. C.
J. A. Harvky,   art
���'.;��!.: KortStcelo, B; C.
-r/;Ma SCOTT, B.A.i LL;B.
:.'"��� "jjARiiistEK/y Solicitor;   Notary- 'y'
P: pyyp::yyyPijblic,-Etc;>- vp,y,',."-.:������.-.;.���;
,M'e;Keii.?.ie /Ave.,  y".; Kevblstoke, ;B./0.;;
-The/ CiihiinliiiinyyiijiiVryb.yai;,
of'a Towybi.thi.-/ (.M.,;.''V'.i:ii'-ti.-( ;!.,')-:.;,:
tbe;Otberydayya u--i i>ypi::-y!'V:'-:.. ���
'J<:)>"i'l')ii'..^bi'.r "ny.-ia-::':./'';; ���-. :yp'Viyi
IJunsnii,: ly. >, a-;. a':a ,;.aay..,,,, :y--:y..-j
tlie.'s'ort' (if '���n7f:,p:pvy>-7y , y]i :yl:
one's defi-iiii -'iiiiia'yay i'i,a:; -. yi'i.;
bian's storvais: piaii'iililv.: niivi-'l,.��� r
fltfe/y//nl(^//.v:yyna:,a. 77:77,7,
that:.ibe:n;:iiavy ;ii"yya;;. y :   -:V.:/���
])'ren:iier.-'hiji \M-riV i.aiv. ,.;���;      ' V
a lid ;H<)n'yl)/^jy'//:./.;!y^:,:v'y -vy:
is tlie iuot''-. j.iri'.b;n!i-e;>.'-i^;;.,;,,:v. ':���/
Wili A broke msor? flddltion to
Mm'  "
*      ^SS^
'   -^^ni
a-"-'   ' ,
'.". '��� .���-;���-' ������-
a, -   -   ��� '���-,.-���.,	
���-a-. ������: ,  : ..
���.���--,::--���    -������ y
.      ..-���-.
.''���'.'���         ���   o
itflfr st
,i-v-v>-r H'|,'OKP-'':"H'
..'',.���*.",'*"*���    .' " ���  ' *. :, '.7-.o .
'iiiodi.'.ni'���cone, viences.
>:i ri'i; '-ry.iay, ru-   !ar;i>11i:-.
j .1 ���'];'-.' ii/iii  't..-U,;i--'V:.ii
l;.-'   4...      fJl;'.-        a     ��t,     '   ', Ij.,     (il    *:..     1-    *'{���*'������>   JmLJk
���<   ���'  ' V*^:!'-"1     -/i*^" -'-'/J'   S''('JS   ,'       'l-il
Jj��.lt        i.i    I   ,:.A-, P*W     "Ly     3      'ill   i'ii     ii      ���J *"     *    *  -*- > ,, ��� .l.'-JH
', ���':
;,// y iyayiii^'CpA,b.ii;./,/y.:---a,y;'a.y''ya
V- iThbyDoillilil'ill yp-yP y'l:..:;������.:y:y   ;���
:sbibc'tcib;/'5'0,(i()t/ji.aivy-:::a^ /".
.considered,'- tb(--apick/::V.v. ilie;.,iiti-.i'ly VV-'
: l()tteVl Cl-OW's/Ni:'si/;('pal --liei/Isy "i'1--"!;''/'/
'is stated thisalainl;(y;),iibiin:y./:iybnuliy|yV;;
coai fbypay ;t lib,'>yJioI<*'��� /rVv*l'i;/,:/c>f.,',':t?i:lJ_;j::':;v'- ]
- Dbibi iii onV y W ii i ju the ������ ly lyt-'r 0iy- -tho;. j ysy ���:
yOi.overhirient' having.-''- .ii>m_<.iV>n:.ay\g()i:d j ';<.:
selectipri: of tlib /:c-(n.' 1 - iltyi-i11:y-yi^/.i,ti.i-y., -V
, i^brt.a n t ;a / til ic :,y f iiriia;^:/'^:' i.-;;;l j ia p;^:y ;yi;n' j: y / '
these, la nils'; wi lb lH;'yib;ii:yliy.iiibriysoaj" .������-.
::. ". y V i V ' ; v /, /1
i o
;'   /.: yj'l-lvabf
../;'' ���: 'r!livrit)ia,h'i;;yi.ru.re [iiM'UiiarVlni^ ; .y.t:ai" -tiK-ni, ��� av':/ V":
Vyyi v (���:vi;r,''"-v'iiitl;Ji;''fs won i'i si \)<vPVp,?\\y \p itsacb'ii'abi'iH'y,"- "-'Vy'
.-' ]'���'.-'.;' p;'clt.\"'>'iitiic-s, i'ujil !:t!ic ;'iya'.y ri}<u:!i:^,/(ii iniixiiiiV'a-.;.intl"y - //iyi
]..--yp y:;i::ii.>i,y'iny'.;;:y:"./-,,-. ���Vp ,/;y'. .-��� -P':',,iy ������'���'���.���/ p--]]'y.]y vyyy'y 7 ������'.'
';/.-:' j'*Ljl/.-'tiji. i 11; v3 :;;'Jv--vLiiul :aIincle-sy;tni 1 ' \y liko. i :y-y-
vv    : Ari/iyiiya"'"(lc:iik:i: loi;// coiijivcard; /('.ii;.���;.civil' clirt'CL, to Va';/
"7yiP,.'.:v:���". ��� '^V,:*��i-i^Vb':'.'&'.^v/\Ty7ii"!,w;iix]XA7.y77y-���; pv 0 ;
>��rrsife-^.;-r": fT?;iP<~p^R ^U/ iiS^^n^P^'.'^ff-M'^^^WP?3
^ 7 ^^^^^-.^^.^H i:;^s5tiv?.^Sti^ tr-^vA^^-iM^yNy:^^ 1iM ^atfeila
!?���' '���"'���''- fe^��^^?^\  one in each iiowuto ride and "exhibit: a' aainpie ig&x nib
'"-F&V""'���'���'"^]W*N.'',;''-'; b.ic'3-cls '���6r--ouri'-7ti*inufafctiu-(S.:.-'-.' YOU CAM MAKE'010
/^~.Jl*i        IiIra1 '  -j'SUA VVEEilljeai(lMliayi:iga;wlieel.toride'ibryours,
^ofpTerms 7aMivvh^8^i<Mm0M^^0T^&.
Cigiiir,/'; .Factory. '   hasi
'���'V^/conipanies ���/^���KJ^^<!b^";{;|{0v(vl!!tokc
strong-iv .that no-'coueessHnr'^noul l.i.- ������<;���-.., ������ .,-
,   a ���,-:������?.--r: a-������   ,  '    ���',,������;������   ,".���������:,.'������,���. -;.-,  ai cast-Clill
be, ymadc byalbe y(..ov(n'piTiei;i.t..io;
eit-licr- / cpipi'ihby.��� ���'���;.-Tiliey:yliriieyy-'is,
eoniing, when-llie: Govpiiipinny ip/usj.;.
Owii;tbei,y;iillwaySriiiulywhen it-will
be important -'tb alniye 'iiiiii lidepen -;
dent',source -:of:?aiiei'a^upjilyV; They
assetiis'obe/ wblieh:1 vyiiiyi nori'p^c* j'i'i:-
.value-witliytiine. / ;"  -;; V        / ���,,;:,���
i'-AIR;;Gii0UM)s. -'py
lDWARE) ;A. HAGGEN,     iy/ l i ,
MlNING:ExaiNEER,    ; '    , i
/(.Mciii; y\mericah .Institute Mining KiiKUieor.-O
' "     '/. (Meiii. CaiiadianMininglnstitute.) .;'���'���
���������;;,,/ ,. ' /'"/   yREVELSTOKE/B; G.���'-/:..' ;; '-.";"
Examination of. and; rcpotifl cm .Mineral Pro-
���!..,'. ;". ..,.'pcrtica,a Specialty.
��� ������^ - "..;��� -    .,,-..-��� a   ��� :���.-���' ���   . ,    .u  ,���: --'.. ,. '  ,
LLIAjr'-A": BAUER,/.'.'���';.   ,';   ' /
'     'DbMlXlOXA/PKOVIXCIAL'LANp  :   -
./.-/.;       Surveyor. ������ v7 - :,���-.-���]
fciifvey- of .Mineral Claims. Timber Berths and
 V"  aa.Va   Crown Lands.
a icare'otJ. D. SinRAj.D.,REyEi8TOKK, B.C,
^be IRpotehas fll>att
FRIDAYi MAY 25,  1902.
vWithtlie settlement of the Boer
war/British arms are likely to have
but a brief respite.: An anti-British
iiioyeiiic-ht'is making great'headway
an Egypt, arid Egyptians; look. _ to;
Fi-aiice to aid them in tlie coming
a/" .'.Rosslani.l ' furnislieS'goo'd  argtt-
'���/'������������' uii/tit /for; city'/ownership of .water
: y-u-pply. -'The', -city:- engineer stales
. ,. the cost oi iiianageinentaunder-the
('���i'iy.."is'   less i tliaii under  private
','- ,/..v.'H.'i'.-hip. ���while ; the income.'has
��� increased  by 50 per cent., and' last
: ' vear the  city  had a clear profit-of
, yifo';000 fro in this source. yv-
���The circulation ��1 the   Kootenav.
Mxii. c-ontinues to climb.    During
hi-i'week tbe'/niuiiber of new  sub-
soribers wlio kindly handed in their
name.-- was-larger than in any other
weekdiirinj the past two months.
Arrangements are being made' for
<tilbfurther improvements  to   the
Maii.. which is admittedly amongst
���the'inoHt-'progressive papers  of   the',
Wrst.. ������ .-. " v  ' ^ ., ��� ',,      y
Tin; Kosshiiid Miner alleges the
���(.'or.st-Kootenay. Road cun be built
without any aid from the Province
ij. a certain company is given a
charter and right-'of way. This is
lhe most satisfactory proposition
yet made for building that, road,
���and if it is bona fide the' Legislature should lose no time in giving
the necessary .authority,, as it will
effectually end the squabbling over
the land and money grants. Perhaps, when it comes'down to the
fine thing./Mackenzie & Marin may
To willing to build the. Canadian:
Northern on similar terms.
ya;i:hO:gfeatyevent'.of ;.tlieyye;ii!;in
Jvii iriliKips, is/the ''annual fuir. ...This
is'iVtost i'sueccsi-f hi ly , con due.ted ] a nd
ibi-:sLl'Con.il-to...iiono;:" i'n;;y't-lia5-'.'|irq.yi;iiic'Cj
e/peeiili ):y si nee 'l/vl���."'��� Robinson lias
iakeii/lii yba'nily/tlic/rsecrctiifysbipy
G voxinds/ poyei'rih'g'a'k4.0',';.ticres ; haye
Sieon ���.������aequi.red'-;--'-acrbssy.-'.''t'he!M.'.rivcr:',
Vyy'.V'y, Vyi]7]]]y:^y7V V I'.-y  V / y /yl-gffppuftl it j it! y f ��� Ti i) i-y IVni 1 cl i n g e r^t eel;
ion  'have "issuniyiho:/foil()wiiiii/',^b
��en��ible; appeal:���1' flisto:H I ^-of: iVtrv-iai n<'!.nelo^ grand stn neb ii ml ylir-risa for..
ing, Lhrbimb/i-bt 'Mail. Onloi/ sVs-/ burse*-, andy i-attie:y yf I8,000:ywas
y';.llii.rii.ifill y.iiVi.iir:; aire /iii'ii'h'-..')vi^'y-Wj'l,'^;���!/.?���/:;
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^Features of Our Neighbouring liiy;i\ 7y riNvyVx-rnbivy^ ���.
pho.ive'Oo.:.ybi whieh'/G-/ Sa-Btevc-ns :":'/,������/������/y'V- y;/-^=; '"'���"."���.".'' V .,- ,
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V'���'���'���-���    "';;      s"       "" ]X "'   C^Tinianui-jsy Government.:..;,,,;(,  fur:'i^-a^u-- Englan'd'tyom- i
(ynhl  ' CiynaiJi^ionery iirbl       *�����..- ,f|,/,(|, \^A^-. ,;f,y. aM^srsa/':'rv>
The New Indian]. School:
y ''"''Siiiiaied';- oii' al, lift: :lianki?Vof ay
v'SliiisWiip.'-rlyiike,  dneaof Vhea ;  ;
... iiii'gestyliiid   uiostVieautifulvyy:
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7\i7 'ya-yya',//; yvp77.VP''iyy ,<*#^^-'C;algaryi' Alberta
" '���   : - ;v:V-.',"V ���;��� ���������-.'������.������ ���>;���,' ���- }P-ix.   kPAnuPAAly-   OovemmeTii :.,;,���; j,  fur .-jl(... y^u-, Englan'd  Gom- iv ��� ���~ ~r-���-���' ���
������:;..-,. -yBcsix.-ssynot:si::s; ,-;y;y ::: ���,v A^y py.nhl ' CnrumyrpprpunH   ^{,�� ,���;���:.-' f|.0((|, 'y^A^. J'1V. -M^srs.yi:^ 7V.^^rf<]aw''^ ���������'''���-''''
���Messrs. M^A-rUiui';.vy];iyt)'ayr<v'-y.U.g!-/n balion/V lv\-eieit:h'. ''u"f :,A^'iVic:f>i.i.vV-i-;''-{-';|ri;'!'.:-������/TlO.^'lLi'KOSr-^^ ��� ��� ������������-'
upy.the'gruiinil ,iioor/��� of.'-' jb'-y line.; Cotirts.y E. T.' \\-.;.Peyrf'e v,.inining. iirCkj-'et.->/'-',ir; d'av- Keyeisio.k'e ���livis-viv :'���'-; -y,v V' .-':-' v^": , a;
iriek-'bloek' erected-: by 'Il.yia.-iocka ; y .-i-Uiu^'aibd'.; pi'oyinciiiTya-onstabie. >. .'j ,it-ii:l. ���'���!>=. r*���-.'* * I \v lor ofriiViitioib pP }UV \ :V7 '"/ - Sanitary/- Pililllbillg,' ilot.
'hey carryya  iinigiiiiiaai! :ytprk Vt;     Kani!o.;,ps isai.' ei'!V;,-1oi^eli.urche5,-j Yn:^7v7]7n7' .^'5,000; "in -^HXDOOi/i, :.    7Pw,.i> .Cfbnm Hontino-''
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in'oc, ���. boots '' ami, s);<Ha-,;"i;i;."'k''ryy: e.'/ir^-hrunber' sn'pervbiopof'Fui.h-
mUlihery iUulVai'iiHr." ''i"b':v;: W^y i-n; ' Miyi^el';. .' Ei^copaly'-'wi.tbvRevV';^..-..j-..���yp^i
been  establisbed /ivy- p-^^y a-iiii ;.-A' 'p. .Akeiiuvst as ,vicai";" Pfr.-.,b:yyj .^,.','c,i.';(,l( |i<l,,ai''/.'/y()ttVi.ii/- 'iire.'/ihe']
hayp;.coiis'iilet-abie  'b.u-tie.-.-s,   wai, ^..-r/ai/ - in^l'lnirge -of .-Hera. ���).   G.yj, ):lt!:^lrya;ii!(.i/iaii--p��-)Sa(T 7\\ow. '       ' ''
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mei.tii.iiu . .i. . . . ...... KHeVeliOiil-lvn^ airaverain-    " '��� :',' V.    .,.;aa: .. V, v  ���   ..'.    .a'.''"'- a^   *���   .Hi'-.u u-   a.ial  ���!> U \\ lille
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vaavia-t;;. Mtllii,)fl.i'st   in ;.cii:irgeyof j ���'"���yy;/'/,;,''���'>,;,Ji.^rl.-""!>iVf'If-'"Kv^'l-vl^i'-l ^SKSV #?-'���' Hafcllill^  from    Pure,
:bev;-..Mr. .vVond- 7n\& ;l^pbsi.: in j: j..,V��/VrM^V��^'-^iWi>Wi-'.',c'J-ti-r:LM-^��|ilV_M.r.i:!."..|'-1:,- _^"- ^-'-*.''-! ���6red'"-Poii"lirv.-tar'
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iJP^'nV , .-' ��� ���' ' a  'V a, '.,   -; : 'a     "i    V ,^=^i]   ������--   ���'���'-':-.���"���   ���' . rra a
l^,v^r^''f^^^^^/^^^-^ :.- -f?'""���^-'-.4=4. v^Sv^il' ^a
o-yiwi|ffeii'"���':fcv, -��H
B^3^.,.'l^i^-c!^0i^rL^ria:'.i!jiri;i.. ���^^a' u-._-^i     . .   -<r.v.-'tl   ,<ir..-^   Nu^ Va?E5n.a\io��''
five year.-.
!-,::'.'fg,(.-of Rev. A. W. McLcod:
rii.-v  iw:ea|,v a r-nr/<'i,,/, '--I i'r- i'.uhli��' >cboul has ai'i average j '.n;(ji|i���.a!iiaA CiV,;rVi Pi' Kiiy VaJ .i-,t/|
200.   ;  K.. IS.
���.'-,-ivi-;iiicV of three, ladyyteaeherH.
5/?5/'5   BIRTHIGHT
of the Ward b!,o<:L,!-.ii..hhiiV<  ayai . i : :-:"H(ianee' (it   aln^it, ���#���.     ....... , ,h.i; .������,,:,,.������;
stock of n)iliini.'i-y.dry ;y:...a!V  yi-a" U,.oi.��l.i.s-.h.,ad m;)^cr: ai'ml  has the s .   a" ...    ,;_,
ceries. boots and siea-.--'; .;
Messrs.'-.Mar-'b.ti'lI v Tod/I, wl.-1''
conductcil :i.ys',oi',' in- iii";-Vi ;u'i| ���
hlocka'have.adi^ai\'.'i! jiai-liuay-'hip;.:
���Mr. Todd eonibiiiiii:-'; th''; ���I.;',:,-mess,
lind'Mr.'Mtiivlia.U Isyvn^ guny t'v
the coast.':        ���'..'���'     / ���
' The grocery busiiie.-.-  la-nihieo.'d
for'six   vcars/hy   ii"!'kin-   <;,'   Me-
l..---:!i.,!;|.s:   I!  T   I;(.rUa\\'liji,(- ,\V,yaiV
��� i|i..r<.Viiinl'   IVk'in ;l>iiel;s !)!I.(iii).er.'.<(:!.,
Old' Sqldih'r's- ExfiJrisncc.
hen.  I I  line;;   I'-g-jx,;
Ini','   rill:-!--..
Sloi.-lv 'for side
.-M. .'ii'..-Vast. in.>' -;:"i; ���/.
'\Viiiel,i'-s.t.'i'.' '���hid.. '' iv, ir;
\\-.t.< s:ck a ;iii-.�� ! :'>'���'- J -
(ki'-t'cr'-  ini:-, in ;������.-.:!    i'i a,
en:'..!' i.y  iv. K7yy~ V-
... .which wi.,r.k-y.i vvaaa   - '"
ie , i-ii'rthright of a!! lit'-de / Thev, ' '      '     '    '    '  "
���Health   ���and   Ha|iji!ti(;.-is���f low
!iiiliii'<Can   ICeejiTlKa'r Little''
One*   W'(;i!. '.'
mii-ii  U..I'
Lean   has I'iei-'n,  "..aJ-a-ii. over, .by  'A. ; ibas.  .it i> a naatlier's (hity to see.t.bat- \ ^y ��� p, CVaaa-
McLeai). the oilier ��� pni-i-ne-r,.-. a-  ;1;. ; her imii...' ii;.j"ys if.'" .A|(,ther's"-ci-^tt''-.*;t/;; ..,_.,;  ; y. ]���
Hopkins, bavini'i'i'tii'i'il.    ;(   .
Gents' fiiriiislibyg is; sirtiiiglv
���represented.: 'A; Mela an.yfaniM iay
in 'business ' hi. Revel... i ok e, ��� ba.-
openpd toward theslalion.   ; lb-iia-
' a.-i.id   ���ii...gu,nriling   ehildr.Cn:-   health   iJi' (piyyiYicyn:; ny jm',"';;(; vkm Kn'.'Is,
('���.-il ���,���'���' i Mil Taole's���;,"i niii'-dicitie which i .,.'__._' '   ' -
���:,';',��� in- eiven wrtlnp'-rfcf't siifety So tiie. y ���'.'       - i,;,,-,-^ y
:.,aai,ya:a    i.i',lyv.      Aii)oi>g   tin-   ninny'!  , "���       ���������'....;....'���
���li'ale'Ts.'.v.lio  have prove'd the.value ot
'iii.-, fii'e'liciao is"Mrs.:J. V\'.'H.-.otli. T'.iir
���������I'aiOO   ly^y Vlnrii!,;iiia::   anil (.'rooder
foi' Ha li' '('-heap., '��� \ a".
The 15/C. P'mltry Vards^Vcnio'.''
i    ,,       I'm- fi.ai ,'!.,--:!,ai!lni'avi'il.e
U.    C ' "I fi f 5 i- ha fV C (\ ���
.12 ��     V.'    I,tii1:l|t'l.   -vU��
���        .       "  ���  ' - .'
������ 'y ������    yVancbtivcr, ,B. :C.   ��� ������   y
. .',,a,-,,i>-' f/.r I.in! eel. b.'iili'it
-.,:,-'. I.r.jlla.r,   (;:'ul. ,'S'elr.-i.nil-'
(it ���     ':-(��� rci'si. I 'I'.i.io
af ��� ".  .^eiiee.n. \\"ii"oVKpfia^i:i':rt > .Vy, In- Va'aia; i'-i'iiV:-' /���', i
(!/\ ������,,' eVs, (iiirden lio.se. N.dz/.l.es. ,-'-.i!-ays,.(' .i-ipiinys, ���������;)
l!(        Lawn -Mowi'i's, ���U'alei'(.'iiiili'-i-fi, VViiler'l-'illi-'rs, /
in  -,,,; . ��� .���   '- . ,     (|
//.     ,   (Jnalt'il   .Stnves, one, and I'.vo/ji.urn'er,--..-'' ;' , .   .'���    ���
I-:.\'-KltVTII I N"(.V !:\  T!i;-:  i! A KaV/'A !,' 7. 7\P iv.' :,\ii
.  -        . - ��� . ���. ���    ���    . ��� ,        ���   ���    iii
'  - -      ������'".������     ������-    .- ���       ',.���'.'���". '������' ill
'  Tinwar'i;
V ll
i-..'ii;.'i. '-.:,:
���' i'E.ZTil A:
Svii���       :, M   \.\j\j  Z   lL��J%%j!Lz.
;a..a<ii.^!'a;, =.(,-���:  i,
..|.,i.��'"la;i,--.a -i.i,
'"'      l.r//""M'/.j'.;'iii'-,
r,f,l."Vi,i,y;o'���-i ' if-,
d   /l.-.inac-h:     Ke-veraly doctors p.re- | i.IJJ-'777.;77 'tp-
foi- her, lint, nothing s.e.aiii'.d to. j (/���i-t.iti.'.ii" V". ii. .iiai... a:.
),'i ai!-. .-ial.'l.a iiiii'-S'liirt
in I    l.a ;���-.'.   !."aili.'i--..l.',|i-,'
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��� - a d      ta.'-r-i^   "f   VII
-*yJ^T?T^'v.'I'.-"i>-.��� '       T-n-"3
|t_^    ;y
a,y well-stocked' -gciiir-l .lurni.-litii'j ���; Khar. .(.int.      Hhe ,. ���'.aiiys.:-���"My .liaby
���and'-bool, and shoe slate.1 ,' i'-urVcird greatly   from soi-.-inouth and
F. E..   P.Ul.'ii.-:   has   a,  |ii;.',a���'���(���(,i
gents'  furnishing-b;.M..e,s; ii'.'^he; ;���,���,;,',���,,. in "tM:  1(,;ist. ,j,|  f 'I,,-,,:,,, j h. s<, ;��.,..��;.. ri,;...,r;p,;:eiv;'i:;
east end, where   la- -.In.- hecn ..e.-,.-ih: ; ,,:. |(1.v-|l(l|.-   ,;;l|,v.'s .0w���   Ta.lilets.iind i. n>,, i"i.--iftvi: -i.//:/u//.".- -ii i/v,.,/;!/-'
lished two years. ,
.A. E.'   biiudcr .a lso isir'ria, -_���';ri
a, ., ;>[>!t.'M,i,,|i.
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;a../^Siki\' ,"-S^i.
lUllH.'S:',    .   i'l'll!
aa'VVV:^-    ; 7/   A'-XV
f; i ���  ���������   ��� ' ;/VV;-v;;;i
'!^     '   ���    : 47-7^7  ���    i;.y    vyyyh;  V^-y���
'���-'.^   jyl^Pb, '.. Z:vvy \ki' ;v l>;,%?s#
'��������� m
i'iot'i.  <;.a::ai]iai.i.);i. Iiilloiisnesn  and  the
"i-   l..ii,w(.'l's'  is ' Ririans ���
iiia'iyaM.liiiiia:-. ;:'',-jSii!;., ii'.iui,;, ��i ;.-'i, n I; ��� (-( u .,������;.< Mnaaii: liver
Ta huh.;: ' ;i l;< U have acorn,,iiaiad ivi.i.i(i(.rs,.,'ii���! I heir I i-ni'.-'R-. mil   removes (;h(,
nccesi-iiy   o:'.fiiliip.r  i.i   niivsi. '        -       ��� 	
a.,-,, i��� i, ,ilf���-t time my Jit lie one w.is j  ^^y;';.^^. ^'"^l^^;':7
restored lo health.    I aviiiild ii.ot- i 'u. :!���_':��! i.i'..,'
\i,a,  -   ;ail    |nl...l.
furnisliing ati'i (dolliin--':.     '    ', i j':   ������viihoul.  the-  Tuhlets in the   house
r    "rn ���   m'|    *      .   /.',     I,       ),���,'    .,  ',. -, ' V '  a"- ��� !>.'., ,11 |l|   :| (I V IHe    till     IllotlieiVS'    lO    OKI!
I, I. 1   mvyvno I,;., ���i. ., '���=-": t = , Ii,,wl|li,1 ���������,��� children  aroaiiling."
.dent-01   the. a-ity ��� lor   II   ;.-(i.r-, -is ; .   _,,;,_....    ()w||    T,,|,1(;,K   ,���-,. us(,,|   in
conducting     u _ ,genl--      iuiaa-lan-: , ;,.,���..;���,(,, ,,,-   !,������,(.���   in : Canada   and
business, in which; be Vara-d an lii-   .... ....... .A j, |,   |1(.n,.f,cin! i-cisull.s.' They
own account six mouths ago, j contain iihaolutelv no opiate or other
ilii.l-s from il... ij'iii,. ia ]���{<!���, i'i ,'ij.;.l.. I'>a. . .'-i-n .
illfl' l.'criii'fli'i- ''<,;��� Cr n il! .-���.(;- i.i' I m|.10 i . n, ������ 1,1 ��� . ;
for t.iie pin pt> a- (,( .i:/i;iiiiiii.,'  (���'.���.i.vii, ,f,'r,.i,el >.l !
the. ii.liiei' ciaii.i..' ,-- - i
And flirt li.-r  lala ���'nnl i.'-.i  I Im-   i,.'ie a, lain,. ;��� |
5r,i:l,iiiri   ;J7.   lima.   r...   riiiiirn, na'.l    ii'anra   10. ��� ,
isi.niii.(,'t' (.I'.-ii.'li c.-ri iilaiilc'-i 'if   lailiiiiM.aiK'.'ii-'. i
[l.'lla.l llii�� I .'.tii il,".y ���l',\ |iril., I!':'-'-      ,
W.M. ]',.  OBVKKI'X'.V, IV I.. V
- ���>;������" '^H-^rrn^nn-  ->-,  ��� 7-'"���*r>  /;������,���',   ^- ���iVI'^vp-"''.".v,rll!.,n.a.iy   inleiMs.ni.,, ���hi.-fall mankind.,
i-o.   ^.,   D.,:.r.iA ���ijj^/.hl .--���:     .      I.hey ;a, -I la lyht li.l,.,-   ?1,,l   ,,i ala-   I a,a:, |, ..,���,..;,. :,-���   ihe drsinvs  ei-,PKe .lnfl.
- ' -���������_��� oure t,li'..';:ihei'-.t(.:(l ]',:ii(s, ,-inil ;;ivi :i|:(. sysli-in'iii-i'ni'i'.-'.l Ueii"'.!''!.,,'.. .' a  a,,
��� ���'I'.e'.ei",   aisd   -aVan::' ma- ���'    >" .'   . ���'���,''���  'I ' .  ��� ������.-,������������" ,      -c
I'-aiaiii'il.'     I'la ling
none.    All kiuas oi  nicn
,, ' .'iiiicii!'worl: iitleiided lo.     j   '  '     ,..,    -r '.'���      .  .p ���' |
Ncxl-lo J.yW.'[5enncll''s Store, |   '   '   l n<: Vrpipxm paciv-t /is   etiouvh   for-an ordinary occas1!
���Rt-VE-LS.QKe. :       .    iThe-buniiy bottle, sixty cents, contains a supply for.a year.
wytrTC<riJ?ar?ir?i K.tnT*,'<?'vz'.tTZ&H"rxzKZ
(pi (ip:.,    ,     ..,
{?*$ ffiyj'.--f-��*
Va& ha   dm, <��=:
iliKO, 6' ���
���y r^:[py-
(l.y'y .',....
md '���o.y'eiiing.y':!;/'  tlie, ,'siiti stood ��;
ove die-horizon, a'dub reii(;ball,,:
alow aWtiu^yon tiic';lower iand;  ;���
.'/""   BY- ;
C!APTJ'. ���>,'���' W.":. iVdTCHEL,
.."".CUi'al.'tiiji.oogii,".  ;���' (.'iiib;;iin':i.iiga.,'
;.   ���;. ':;[cpsTi:'aa.n,ij,;y ���'������'       '��� ���
'���'���-../'i (ireaineii tliat lywiisstaiidiugiuiu'cr
'... n great glass receiver .anila mail .was
:",,;���working a  pump to 'exliatis't the'dtir.
At  every   stroke   1   felt; less   able   to
y   bi-ontlio till at last 1  jvas. su.fi'ocaliiig.;
- ,1  awoke: anil/was conscious of some
y -one stuitjiig aaeliilli into liiy-mpiitli.,. I
"tried  to cry out.  hot ��� could"; iiiake no
sound, ;Two:arieiifetooi] betjide, mp, one;
/_. RiiRgins ;'hu\'.: wlilie,t!ie;.oilie>./liegiiii; lb'
.y^tie my'hands. .Thisaloiip, tlioy carried^
;: ine, iQipotently vyrithmg, io tlie,:will-
y. dow.,;;1 :, ;,':-'-;";:���',;"'".-.;���;-;,'":'���'���-���'��� /-;/,��� ���,;
���-'���':..yyVBrliis them cloihe's, rele,',' said one
a of the iiieii.   ."lle'll give us away'wi,tli-
yoiit 'em."'iy.  /: ���;,;-,-,a';y"a;   ' ./,.;;���';��� '/'Vy
7y-"It's Tom .Taycox!" I'm lost! a
Tlie ���'���'man called  Tote snatched  myy
;��� clothes a nd  tlue w  t hem out oil  tlie
groiim! /ielpw/y'riicii   tlie two ��� began,
the work  of -getting/me, through/tho'
: avIikIow. : .Jaycox, who iaui the strength
Sa of an ox; seized my \vi-ists, while the*
y  innn behind pushed.   They got nie out
' /Into the'linibs of the,,tree, where, it' I
'���';;continued to struggle/1 was in/danger;"
."a lioiiiill  hand  and  foot-as ���! was, br
V pounding the earth; below. /i 'inKle/a
'Virtue of necessity and permitted them'';
y to, lower me,; Once bntlie groiiud they
y-aliiistlcd me to a clump of trees, back of
lhe Iio use. wlierel was unbound and,
;   covered tiy,the muzzles of twoyrevply-
yyersafprpedtprputon my clothes. .Then
aalliey- rebound anyv-vvrists/and ran;me
/..���beiiiud  the;,barn,���'���;.where ;three horses'
a/sfopila ready jsaddled. 1 Jayeoi took me
' .lualils'steel artns au(l; tpssefla.meon to.
,:��� -,'.-,'*->h.|V'-.tii*i-tji��h'.i,*>y.iiIras; miicli;ease;as ifT
':;vhad;Ileeii'a b'ng of meal. The two inea"
... anion nieil /thiiptliiu-horses/anil we start-'.,
'ycil; cifi/ycireliiig around,-back :pf;th��?
, yiiegroy lulls:,ai)d/iiuder trees'to''a''Slda;
a I'roiii; the groiiuds;."w-rj set oft at a; gal��
7^77.777^777777 ]':777'i77M-yp
/.-���KifJTVnped! ;Now I.majasave myself,
y tuiyyfurtliei; worryy Tho: 'inevitable/ia,
: before;moaa Keforoclaylight I,eliall;'btjjy
/a/dead mari.;yv;;:-yy!y:'7]VVpy pyi'' 7yy
ittyV: aa ���,:-'". ;-������-  - '   a-    '-   '..    ���     ���'. V la/. 'V .--,.'.' "/'./V'''
Pyp. .v. ip . ]cnAiiyrER7ym.y-y:77,]7y- - <
:}.y. '.-;V', "V;l;. oxtiie tlateAu. /a-'-
-N/dli'wa.spcd, under starlight,
/oyer' stony-pike, steel shod;;;
ya hoof s ystrilring;yfire/bnyfllrity/
;; .stones, ;suako afenees ;writh-:
liig.'trees da'iicing, in 'a semicircle about-,
i li'ase,'.. bey onil. /We'daslied.over wooden.
;bridges;; wcy'splAslioii ;tlir6iigh: shall'owy"
-strejiiiis;,:wpdinpeclainto hollows:and.;
��� .illfed over crests, 'while now;and, agaih
liea veils, inid- 'Hia.y.sta.rs ���: looking  down
i'roui above. .-Then';' came .a i'aint,light
"in 'llie.'-'s-U.y- iiiid'-yi.griiy':tinge over the
con 11 try. below.   V-Too'ds,' s.t i-ea ins, li elds,
liouiiies.dsai'tis, grewoutpf tlie dark n'ess..
Tlie:l.igiit broadened;, there/were gilded
eloQds iii the ea'st; the,suii cast;its iirst
beams over the'lieiglits, and. upo'ii tlie
landseaiie below. .We had reached tlie
���uppl'i- level;/��� we were on the plateau.
:;';Kspj-iiig a Jbg hpuseValiead.athe iiieii
eoiisiilted iiiid  deteriniiied: to try/' for:
, soiue  breakfast,   They   look iho gag'
'oiit'of iiiy uVotitli, aiid as soon as I was
free to sni-iik, ahxloiis to he atonce put
beyond suffering a till < t he terrible suspense of an iiiipeiiding miu'dei-,;l cried:
"You:, dogs! 'Youa cowards!   You're
going /to kill ine! /WJiy do yoii dela y V"
'���''���;Tliey looked at each other knowingly
and grinned���a horrible'; soulless grin:
a '"Do/ye reckon yergoinater,git teri
��� feeaveri without payin lb' tli'daniage ye
doneV" snarled Jaycox, with an ugly
lightdn.:.his:eye.: 'Vyi":p-'Vy,, iypyVV   '":"'.';
:��� "Ah,lhiit's, your giuiio!'.',,""/; .���/.'/a,
"We know ���ypii uus tor be as.'-well
fixed fo' property as any young man; in.''
Tennessee.   'Aii; we're;goin.ter hev a
filicelob.; But yer needn't reckon- thci's
goinytersaveyyeb;Yergotteryshell otit,,
aut'heh"-7- TJis lpq.k toid.lhe rest.
,yl;"Give me: one; shot  vvitir niy .htiek
, againsta tree, and I'll/light .'iii-p sii e l'i;
-,,.cow;irds--i's.you.".:..-y]yyyy-yyyy.y:.. yy,,
'":i -'Shot up!" snapped Jay cox,show ing,,
ym'sytcetlrwiiliiii afootof, ifiy I'ace'iihii
-lwitli::a:glahcelike tliat; of ati'auigry;
:bulldbg.y?Then,-rhiingypp Vi;p;;t|ie eny
.;ti-ai)ce;ofi.i)eJini, lie siiPtitedia" a;, VV;
y., "Uello Ilia i!'';- a'y; y,:y V'7. y 7^:7.7:7777
'   Arnold woman campip'the-1 dpoiyvyilli'.'.
an iron spoon in her haiid,
."���/"Waiil, what's' >viii.ited:?';
���''������'���'��� ''BnnQky'-^yiyy-V']y ::y77'7::;''"'']v:7p']
/^^Hain'trgobnothin .'.but/pono.?' a, Pyiyy
���-,,"Got any,co[ree.?,'.:',a.,..,y:,,;..'::';���;-:,:';.. aa
yy^Cciffeo? ^D'iV;reckonyAjieyiancoin'it -
���goin tcr letiis ilicv, cplTee aViyay Mip-'iir.
these mountings when" tliey-haiiptagoty
,lionb:'down iiiih' ���'.towns'? y fgotaayyarb :
���'���-'il'-do':-'tnn'l:y-.Avaal,''- though.".:."   :.-.7Py.. V:-...
''  My;,;eap;tors;,disnibuiited.;bi'(ialii';!'yi('(l.'!
then., arranged ���l^i,y;ayshpi;b:;ii:i.ib;;one:
���Avateliirigywhile'tlioyothqrysieiil. ;,/I;iy-v.:|
vC0Sa: flrstVsprawlcd ; himi^pll'': on .; the,a
ground.and- y, as a sleep a 11 ii::twiiikiiiig,aj.
Wliilo diis acomrade/snty^tiiriilsaiiapva; j
VwithahiS' guir- read,]" ;cocked,;yyl ;,,kti()W
���"thii.t.'if, I "'��� mride' iho 'Slfeh test ,ni'bve.u'ienty
.With a viewlo escape he-AVOiililadiobtr,
;iho.:,:Qecasioiiallydie lobked-iiiiijaiieij.tv.
.iiiiibweiuAvhiri-itigauto Thef6rcst.; /
V: Oa .iiiy/i-iglit: rbde,Tomyjaycbx;.:hb
: alwaystbwardyiiie.yEyeryc
eclTeatui-i^his coltl/'steeberye/'hiiknlt-Vth^
;;wordy;';Yengeaiice;'* yOn;the,pther;sidpy/shbulder
' ~^7&^l
/1/s%s>Sh\Js'l ��� \,s. Ect,J<L?&a.
vfis Manufacture Tit ' Vancouver.
11 iy /xX:)! pit nioiilkriiii l)ni7covorc.U'unilL his
?py-P'7\itinw.hil&I iiiouni'cd'.":.��y ���'-'a;
siaipeypne of lily ca'ivlbrs'gave a whobp.,'
Itayias answered bj/'ii:inan ahead, and),
iii a';nioti'ei)t,a;db/.eii,n)ore started froiii:
.about a catiijiiire. ,.'.," ".,-���"      /.���;, Va?:"
"Got, iiiihV'ayelled.llio/forempst "of
the'g'roup. '' - '"yp:Vpyy. "���:y;,.//-���;
.���'"Vo":bet!"aay'a":'' : .//".�����p py'-VV"] a
���:aWitli'a clietuvevery''maii,;spraii.^.for.
..his gumya.,y<?';'f';' ./���/ yy;,, ''777 1 7p7'77, ].
. /'liold p!)ailiai:!'.y,rbarpd:,)ayeox:with'
iiis'bullis'ypiee., ':l)on't-yerlielo'get*;
tiii we're gbi ii,teri be paid fo' our 'losses
i'list."- //���"-,/;;' 'V.77 '���'".���;/'.'.':.;/PiVy'r .   ].
/aA;:mandjy/ilpaiieansas reptilsive as
tliOja-est,' sleptlerly "built,,, with 11 weal:;
.mouth;  long,  black, liii ii- a'nd , ay beard '
thrbugli;wlucli/'sliolio'ii ,'iliigi'��pf,:colot-:
oil /iiis.cheels,: steiijiiHl.to ;-'tTie':.fi;o.iiiy:a.s.''
witlr'autIibi-ity. '.aiidyipywasyspbi- -evb;,
(lentalhat/iieavas ineoniiiianiiy/lliyin-,,,
f|iiirp(l ahouty.opi-t;V-;ii' oT: tlie a-aiau "w fa?
t'.o::C,11 ieiiti0iic-il'tli0 .niiiiie��� 1Ui.^ 1110au; 1 r I
ebb l.i! ':< 1 i aid 1 ear i, w I ia t/1 ie 'sii id. wli er on \P;
on a.|;o;;eapt;ii]i,atiirned:aii:(l,!glaii<A'ih-at".
is^Vjino;n]rtj|Ufaci-iiro :of wire'fenciny
/has 'beepme one,o"f..t.hei'iib.ist. ivnporta
a 111 iiidiigli:iesaaln,,l:b-it:ish 'Cpluiri-.
bi;i.���the/rights for tlie, Arielsordencp
])'atentsa b:i,vi'''yb��aiy secured ./by/a,
com pa li'vla whose .'.'..-ifbii-rs- :;:n:, inaii-,
aged by (:>y:fvHki:ine,;oi Aaincoitver.
���At bfeoilicey oil P(:ndpivi:-ii'e(!!,;i)iay
ic - seen  ;s'aib)dt;s,bf. tbc/ibf/creiit
Jcirids"pi^eib'taturiledyoul/'byy  the;
co'iTijiiajw'ii'iiij'-'if Js's.iib;-; to sity tli.crc
is iioii:iiiig'liii:.lib:U:it:-i,i.i;tbi;aiia:iiu-L.;
ya':jyiibfi--;.y/i';'e,:iia;^tr;i';iiei! ;'wirliy::ii
iafcbirt/:;:indy,pHi;ap]::ps;"t'b'ii'i", .biibl;
oblong. aipX'cibs's.'- wires;    iCigedibr:
ii>l<i it .sLCi liliinly"  iii:it- it ai;r.-: littlicr,
tbi-a iippp:iraiic(-";,ct;/u;:'spiid:.. piece.,-'
iii a-iveral. .-iii,'-''
t :;^-'i'Viee;at.i)';a|ie,
'i'i'ip'ien.cea is; n.'i.-i'fi't-
sigiis.;  supb ar- y''
'eenKbei-y.aiiii!' ti.
it is iiJibe ;6f.a :ji'.
sain 'the,
ui.d. A.-ii-;
: usoydiy.
:-iknne s
iipigblioip/biaa, ai-V-pl-iiiili
"cruityvdio i,;(','<: tried i abii
��� thi-ii-���aifppi'i cia|ioii;  :oi;;i!
,'SCiii.biig .r,e).;o:it';iir(it;rs.
; -'Thi1; iiiciory/belilbfl 1A\ r
idliep'yi-r.widf pqtiipjvcdywiUi 1|d;inL,
for (itrij'i iig oib 1 jjivft.i.ic(;',''i't nil 1110.-e
���Avlio" .irbiitiii'ipifab.ti. biyitil!f,\,ing';tben-
������hbnib.s'.Vyr' ���gro'iir.ds .epniui, do iiiiv/er
thai) pl/fitin yilii'ougli/Vtba.r Vbiyrii-
wa.rc. iuy-.ivI'mii''s: ai<;, ti-iiri . (aac.r ipr1
aim. \y\7, 'Aiiclior;,wirp'.-i'e'n'cp.' '/';Vy,-;
Tp' a'JlivllOySllyVr yfV'ys
-/���; / Vi77p:7)o&y} vSysfph.
/Alr'Sv: yi,i-ii'i'!'ie:,;a\.'iaa'i/'i'ehwi/k,
i e
,'/i; iaierral ihnt;' Ikp';was;;t.hi':;.i:;':ln:y|
'.hipl'/ii'lb-ii" to ,,kbl ine' and'4y!iiim l/j
abibvbi'oi'flas;-'[j.-i'ihs. ���-I'liciilho-taip-:i
,:;i;)yy'(-yideiiiiy f(ii/tpt/iipibbibii/
��� a;'-V)V!oVb<^.l: liv! :dj.^/<iti!ivbsly,->.v-isilo' I \! ���- the. result,pf 'i.!inVp:vei.idi.e(!';l.>lp'p(l anil
iViytH; !>(dy'ni:l'a,ystiii;/wi is'tich : the
al hoJdhi;;'t!ieyi:aJiilea'!'!iibr'iiia;
a VW. a 1
; iiigiit';
'Xlrp:. iliiri'iet; ,daiir,y"widpwypf,;
yi:;'!.:e:i.sii;p-,Re.-v../.Ki,eliii'r.d l-":iri-:yi.''eiiwick.;
A a y.^a'-'haiya well yk,np\\a 1 :.t.i 1 r<iiiylic>ut-
'iryy./--a.a;ia'ii/'.(l.istrie���t';'.;'.wi.lj ./iitii.ii-ti;.'; tiio:
.;,      . /   THE  MARKETS, '
Bonnie: Bros.,'merchants,Revelstoko
report-   for; -week   ending   .May- ������:, 9tii
Fy.OVli.yy  .'."/';    '"' ,/'  ��� ./,'     aa,;""
, iluii'gariaii, per bag, 98 lbs.:.. .'JJ2.-75'.'
GnAi.v. ,., .. yV-"y. ypy.'y'y ��� '������;;    .;-'���'.
/ Wheat,'per ton; .^/:.,?yy.y,.:/$30.p0a
,yC)ats,,i)pr toil,. :���'./. a,/.- //���/��� $30'.6'6/
Ficicn. ''-:"'���;-:     ;-'; '���-���"-��� ��� 'a/-'.';-' /> ./.
;��� ��� Shorts;,' //;/.'/. '777'y.i. ./a. J-fSo.OO;
y'aBrai), .\7 7x77.7 '.,.'. V.]. ../V/$22;50;:
SuoAi!;/'1-. ���������'.'. ,;.-:,::,,������.-,: a.,; yy-., ;���'��������� y  .x y'P ;
V&iigar,: j.ei-'sacky joo ihsy//.; .'$f>:()o;
Vkg eta isucs. yy;'" '7yy- y "-y.y y/y ���'.���, ;aa'y:; 7
] Beets; peralb//.;;;',;.y."a/��/.:,.(:/y././.3..
./Potatoes, per.lOOyihs:a..a/.Va.?l.aO.
.:;.;Gnions, 'per 100;'ilis'<,;'p.i/.;,".$itiiQ.
.,.-' Cabbage, per ih. '.'-.-���'���.';-.���;���''!���; .-���';��� yi. i,. v'J:;
; VCarrois:*pi:rdbO ihsv//:/:;../!:.; il'OO;
/Tiuaiips/jieraibO'his1;; //a/.';'���;i,/.?.on.
I'-Ai.-.V I;'.iyoi/i;;;/-:/-'.a iy-y.yyy-:.V':i]:...:.'���'���/���,
���'.'. Rggs,:).i(a-ah:>.:.:; iiew'y'l.iiid ::���:.',."..,.. y.Pf'....
yy.Casivesgs;.' yyy-y./yV.:y;/ v.b;-/,/:.;;/2ri.,'
' . liuttei-'. ((.'rciimery), (iprdii; ;'.���'; ;V. .'.'Pi
-. , lliit ter;(I)iiii-y)ypei-yiba:. /���.,..?..,: it>.
/Cheese, por.jb.V .. .77.
"7 b:ird,;]icr J!;:,;. . . . .. ;.
.MiaATsVa/a'a;-:,.P'pyyy ']:Pp'
a;'yneei,;p(:rdli. '7..���:/:���.".; :'.a
';;:Aiutioiiyper ih. ,y,;;;,;
. ,\"liii 1,-:per 'lb';',-. .. .... a;.������'.
'7: liainli, per |h.... '",.;.;'..
yypprkj.pei;; lb.;;./'. :.7.\
V��� IT.i.fiV); pbiy lb...;;:/.;/',. y
y.yliiic'.hyper';Ha a.'. .17���'.-:
yypi-iiiigeSj'yporyclbz. y..aV///.'Vy.,;;yy>:d.
".��� Lemons, .������pfa-itlpzi;; ";;.���; ;��� V'aa ;:;,y^sl.O.
;y Apples:/ per l:ibx;Vyy./;:;.;;;.'/,,,ay-;r2,i)i'.:
..'.'. .Pears,'per..box,';.'1'../:yy..;". .V;;.'. y.;2.i)0.:
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.���;:,'   a a Cl-.iSaivcst Route to the'OJd Counfry.a
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'���Our Special   "&. ''The; Union.; ;aruni*i..u -. ��� ..ay,.,: a. .-,,..,,....-.-.,..,..,,,-,-(]jy.
Va,'    .���'���'��� ,������'.'.   >:-. a .../a":": .'���'.; a, ������: -y :;.-.-: a    -..,,.' X I'oriiil liiiiil'a :,--' aa -'y :.-, a-a  -,.������ " ' ���:��� ��� V -' 1 T.I 11
'���'' '���'' ,->���-"; ���'������;    -..-a-,,'���' yy- -V ���'-- v ��� ��� ;'���'-,��� ��� ���-"-.?:���.i'iroiofi.*-��.11a ���' ��� ��� ���;- ;,- ���;���;���.;-.;;,���;-; ���:���?���:'��� ���',,���.���������-���'���. ���PiiP
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aAIorion. ���':/;-;-
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,,:e,...--y-.c..-,y.;,::aa, .,-,,:, --.: a; ..j,., kl,a\a, ���.,-;'i<:)irt  ,:���;���.; ,,���;.; 'aaa - aa X:XXip,uh"y
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���'.V ' a ia' a"--,  ���;:-.-���--- yyV, ���--���-���'.,.,-.-- y ������, - .������ .-.. [,-,: Wi-y^m tlc-ki-te.1 - \ li!-o��;;li lo'nll .jiarti? i-fiV; ������;���
V-    Cio1-.' '.',',���,''-' ' -^mn   ii-.: ppacinn; ' "ai .-Orcul ia-uaiii inai llVtiiViilaiiml a;,S|..;<;Jii!ly. Iowa:;,'"
.:,a,.r;lsn.alitvi,iv!,mC.,^;v:ecloU,ii, ���"������i,.|:Hitos'toaill purl, ol'jliia.Kiii'oifciiVconimciita'V
a--:p .aaaa'AJiw-rl'-rai. ..'in.py-,!i.,iai.y:-a
��� n'r^ <������ i' n,~ r\'P r-.^ri-^aa.Vinicr :- Douglas j--,,- 'p ���yypx.pi. yyy. ,,,������;:., x..: ,,,a ,.. :-:-���'���:;���..:,..:;:
Ky,;|:':a -s; -Slaa a;/ :..uy. niiinv!iiK:siria;lS.a:!r-  a^:'J:^A^s>^A%y.,��.Kcnt,  Uoyclstokc.y
"oi-' v.-iiK-n-.
iiU.O; iiian"
iig'.pii diis.
yai-ypuy:) ipa, cfidta'c;
a) at jiiaiiai:. iiiayiii;-!;' i ho;
:.b bpysiyuvljyd/i-y-i/Vvit;
'.To':, hound!";
yagnllopcil ya; maiialoiigi -lean; -hungry,
V; grinding, imeasily oil ai quid.: I'd id- not:,:yy Jayepxypppuedyhis -byes a iid,!tS('oiiiy>1^a
yanic'a-'piciiiro of-that samp/fa^
;,yby/shbtgiins'fl'asli'ingan thb^pg
"i "/Our; brealcuebic';S'1;>ced/:lasted
���; had put some miliy.j;bct'-WM : ���;.' : ::        '" //'
plantation: their we slackeneil pur pace, - /This 'Ouislieda theytirst   watcli.aaud:;
V:iiid walked ibiu-'pautiiig^hbrses 'tilithey'a. 'JayepslPokyhislurm.admpiuslungmp.
y/had: part.lyarecovered^their windathen iv.thatirX.ti-ie^
aslriiclca'trota It wtisjmiiiateriallo me  /would; bio me up "byylhe ��� tlniiilbs. ar
tit what gait .we',ii)ived.'/'I:-ttiouguYon^ gayeyhitu'no;
of;my,,approachUvg,eiid. Surely it.couldy.'ciiuso;to"eni:prce it;; Besides.yhe kept;
a not;.be Tar dis<aut/;a Why/did'it not"; jiwake.duriug his entire Watch.,.':.,;-.' a.
/conieait once't Va' pistol ball,';a,club��� :'.7'The mcu'having,-scoured the needed,
-anytlii'ngis ei/ough totakb a life. Thenyresti -we/ broke: our ybivbuac.Vl tiycoxy
Ishiiddere'd: a's'ihe: thought struck me   loosened' the.librses,'/and his coiiipaii-
��� .'''that I was Vo be kept for a niore linger- "ion kept me covered with :his gun while
;��� liig. death.'.:.    ya;/./;': ; . ' '//        a ��� 'I .iiioimtediaaAs; I put;niy,:fobt itiytlle,
V; We wefb passing between a-mhge of ���stirrup I happened loyglancptisideaiiid.;
hills on;our left and theaCumberland   saw- two horsemen approacliiiig.Jn a
/ plateao on our right when Jtivcox drew - momeiit. I 'recognized BupkyStaiilorth
roin, and we all came to a hait. y There vunl; Ginger.'a Uow,.tliey: caino;. to Vie
was aysound of horses' hoofs behind,, there ivasia niysterya I onlydoiewthey
coming at a brisk cauteiv bin n 6 'sooner''1' were -there- and , rejoiced, ,aAt; seeing
had westzpped than the sounds: ceased-; .uio-yBuektwas about: toygivb y'a.'Shoiit
lent, tl/bu Javcox started ou.    ' " ,V     i a; proceed ing. might.-, bea.fatal. aind, rev
/; /jAlkyright, Pete,'Mie;said.;y>;Whoever,  gainfiddiisyeohipostire. Just as,his,; pres-
it is /has, either ���-. stopped,..or  left; lhe
��� .iva s
pHiiii id/pie:t'iiatajy;w
,"y "vome ini gbiu. lionio lar'ie, ,1 reckon."
".'���':"\Ve pi'beeeded ;oii pur ;vay, but had
; r,roiie scarcely a piiarte/.'' of a mile, when
'we.again;hearvd-the:V.oof!������beats in''piir
,' reat-.y Agaiiiwepuilp d up a tui. listened
y: "By :gosh.'; Torn,''   said���:Pete,"
-beats me!'" "-,-.. ���
a';'Sbet;up!",//y/'''ryy/;:;,,yy',ya,:'.''' ���'';
������; Both iistenod.; 'wailingyio,/i)oai,-'tl).e
y sou lids, reuev;-e'vV, 'but as- tliey \vcre.-not
wo 'started oh.- ���/ 'or the seea.u'd'.tini'o the
' hooj; beats njf:-c�� nmeiiceii :i:tj t'll-is^tiiiib
ya litt-Ui iieai:<-i'/ ,/" .',".�� P]y: ;���;., ������'. Vy",
���, ��� 'y\Vo tinier gf.t oiiteii iliis.'.',said .Tay-;
"...Vox. "Let"?- tiilce' t'er- tbeliills liere���'iu-.'
-Stead'o' ftirilev.oh.'"-' '; .���'"'���',,,-' a a ;   '.; ';
etice.;Avas,;discovere(la.;G'i.!)Ser showed
no .signs'ybfyi-ecognitioii: whatever; ;yl
shbt':vciuickgl:iiico'iit,,laycpx to see if
iio rcccfenizcd the ni'gro.y Today i-elief.
die did tTOtaappbiirio know either, Buck
or Ginger, a y-y\xiy .;���',..��� / ":V:'-V".V:
/ "Say, yb'ipeii,-' ea lied 'Buck, ."can aye
thbt:' get soiiiepin to cat hyar?",  ; ���'/���'���
. '"Kfahar's aiiyivi'ttels left,";said,Jay;
coxa'1 '-What-yvo'iuis' doin put this time
o'"day?'"' "77W   .
a ;.'''Gli.'' siiid Bilck-l'trembied ie-sf: Ins
momibrt~"l.'ni lii kin. this1 nigger io liis
new iiiasteb ilT(*"s-yoiil.."-a ���-..'���     ..
��� /��� Yi'i',a rii-iii't'unaior-il'livpr- a niggi-
I'tcekdi) lie di'inT-imui
/''Bueli������a'nd .<
,.,._.  ._ ":;LViiiL��,';V-.K��qitVr^L;,;Cf'T.pfyy'llio-'..y^b.ii't'li/.yfVt'lJ'p..-
aimvbd yoiityoiynlieiraorigin-'ii.l::'.|;aiiiping''
'.i'ioiiiesa iiiiii ���yiiiid Vi/it-ei i'e'r ,fi,,iilfor '��� p,i )���'..'
-viiie.yyiiirt'rei's.tioi'o.' X!eMinnyille.^lieP
by vide, yi'-ayotieyoi-'aiiiiiiisyiile'; n iiO,:
i|f 'bjiiised, ������. could ; easily,, take /to;" the
;niotitiIain's:' where it/wasdiliicult;to fol-
louadliebi-y'Oil tViio bt" (tibie foi-;iys Toih;
Maycox .aiid   I'ef'e /Fialliday diiiii/got
wiiiil   of .'tny i-'wliei-ealiptits" aiid. 'wil-li/
sevei-ifl blytlieagaiig. i.iieluding tlie.nian
I iiaiiys!Kii/ii:i(rgoi)iy(lowi)'tpdpbk:ii|ier
m7i. The ebiuiti-w iiiyapdailibut; 11 it fits-
'ville.wasytootaviiized for Ppeii;aissas'-
sinaiibn/iiiiii.,,!;iVcosy.aifteb they failnrey
ofa the aitteiiipt on "my; life; -hail  pro-.
cured . iny,airr(^t as a ...spy., Theli/fol-
ibweditiie'plii'ii to .'kidnap/ me and ;force;
mo in to ''a 1, pay men t bf-iiioney beforellie;
linaf i;eveiige.,:;;/-,:' ���'.."������'/���.-    a/"-a '..' ���
1"Ss7. inVoiiiieked , wherci."wb.'������had-met
tlieaband   bn'tiie .piiiteau/ under  t lip;;
treesyy.that/iyaved-   iibbveyyus,;;atlieir;
spi-on I i tig 7 lea ves /1 igh t ed;; up , by... o ti i' ���
eanipfireV I; lay awake the greater'part,",
'bf/iiie  iiighbywalcln'iigafbiy aii/oppor-a
tuiiit-y ;fo.''ieseai')'e.,'. but onbseiitry after
aiiother;wiis'placed overmb.'alid tiioi-ii-;
attempt. ,-.. ,;;,' '' .; ,,, '���'��� .-y- V.y ;a"'V y'-
"At sunrise we';, loved north wardi'-as;
on llie 'lia'y/diefore, i)iy ;c:iptorsastiU '
kee|)iiig.;i -strict watch p'ver the. During the day ai:iyen:V pushed .on it) nd- a
vaiiciv- -\Vliy;i-ili(l;.uci.kiipw, :butSuK
liiisi'i! tliiUliis, goiiig.Jiiiil spinefhjiiglpy
([o.witlithepliiii tp:pliii)iier'iiie.> ]���':.
��� Tlie//iinHui;iiinS':a seemed  .- deserted. -
^.'' :
:-. .liipvPya.
���''Tiiriii.tig/ K��'   ibe- 'right,   wo; passed! (-','1'l!l'u'11'
"k��   itie;- rig'iir.   wo.   prisceu,!
 i;ifhf:!l'll"m,: u"illl<,in
i yi word ni: iiiake
through'' tiinV er.���alleginiiiiig 'a ;gi
ascetit' 'of; t'.ie ,plateau. ' .iay/vav
nliead.'libWliig ��� my,.'bn"d!e yxxi..
��� Pet'e followed, reyoiver inlianil.   ,  ,    .    i
,   Who  \yere' ,a:i  the  road  V titlew/iiif'j
���jiior.e   tliat;.:. .my   niidheturs.' 'bur   :is   n }
(.irpwuin;,' inau. will; ciiti.ii :i\ :i ti'cr;;.-.'���' 1
'cast, abp'.ft foi- so!iiear.eii:.<�� i '.-.f a'lting
theiii know of ntir digresskiti.    Bi'pding
low in.the.saddle'', I .peei-ed ilu-eugo lhe
glbniii.   watching  for  sniiieHiiiig
whiclr to  ps'odv.ee .souiid.  .'nr ,io,
'; prevented   f,., a la'itititia.aatid  ;iy
would have'broiight piia'ala.aad.
ing upon it .llatyi-ock;. d.'������'.: |
the knees  I glided- iiiy'ar
but it was: t  ���' lirnily inibi-i
.inoved.' Soon after ! Prn-nii
.;' Could, ;
' r.'scHo
'O'in .with yer
ingei- djsiiioii.iiti'd as w
���asaililigedy to'i'iart; wa,
;,being,, a lib-   i(i aiiteiy''
aftiv/i.  .Still/ilii'ii'p:''-
oui".;of i,'
'iiv'er tl-io
,'y nut i
; i.-liearil
pther,right oil  tho.''edge :.~xp.
Digging   my ' heels-'into   iiiy
ilaiiks.. and   forcing., my;-���bo-'i;"
ciiuilibritnii, 1 forced'him to'p."
vigorous   ptill   mi any ; bridle ,
Jaycox saved', hi ni froi'n guittg;.
incline, carrying.me with 'li.ini.
had accoin'plislaal niy purppsr,'
the stbtie go i-r'asiiing (hiw.i:. 1Mb mm
tain.   ...'���'   ���     : .... Vy.
"You :ii:fcriial d.ig."cric/Vna- tvaain
the rear.-"'pi' yer do tiiot ag'in  I'd run'
a knife atwixt yer sliiiiddo::;!"   ,
"Bf lie docs it, iig'in. yer .needn't': rouble yerjjelf'ter stick Iiiui- 'The 'fall 'ml
linish iiiui."' V ���
Higher, big'/v;-. we. mounted, fai-fiier.-
from. I lie dark piaiti lu-lnw. upon' v, Iwi'li
here and there slioiie n ' lonely' ligM;
-liearcr to the ptitph'ei. of llece'c in the
gave   in':- ..'liiii.ie..      Hope:      \' ���;���;;;
:i '���siiiiiile.'tii'gi'b itiiil a; b'P', ;d,i ,t'
nie di'a-!   i-vn ���.Stalwart   Irnito-
1:0avei'e w.Hr!ii::g,die like.ealsV. ���
All   i!:iy   we  ii;iivi d -northward;,   lb.
j liii'n  i-'iiiitig.'flosii'beside un-.'imiy 'una'
| again������htnfipg iiu-it;' nidy faces .lowiiyi
j liie   wilii, a  grin   ai  sat isiiictioti   or  a
.'scowl when' i did br said anything to
,...,/: dlspli'iis-e ilicma often bending elbsiylii
, -'���-iC'tit ^ lnl'- ���s'V'lu'l,ili"  "!'' ,'V''i"'  thc'ii'i-.'iuii.jo
"���  '",'���      I l.aecii ..smeliim:��� bi-eaihs  oi-  tlie   wiu'se
.   (. ai',:U-'! , -
smi'.vit j
fp'Pxu ]
V (������.'he.!
rcd/iiji- '
'''" ''"/^ j fri'V sa.t';on a Jogyiooking at tis (���.iiri-..j
S oiisiyVis we passed: a Imdiling wlhl j
nisi' brushed iiiy hoof; it was like, i b'y.:'|.
kii'-.-i 'nf a loving, companion;'even tin) ;
1 wdiering birds seemed to, be. offering y
sympathy.   ���        a   ;    :     '      ,  ��� ;' ,j
V-pNeit-'a "li'tt't.fiii-i.1 lieiiig did: we see'.'sii.vo
i two woiiii'iratid-tiaiegrn.aill. on liorse-,
' buck, tr-itvidiog "in/ihi' siUtH-'direeiipii
i as om-s('lve>.y 1 calight, several giimpsi'S:
|,"cf 'tliem.-'ikbiigii iilwaySytta. dlsiancb,
! iiiid woi!dei:e(i.;l:bw it .was thai '-poor'
I'lvibte tra'sh','' to ���\yhich class they tip* ������
j'peand to belong, cbu'd alTopl the at-
!'tendance "of a, slave.',  . ,'.-:  . ��� ' ;  ,
l   ' Wliiai we -jiiiiltetl 'for.the night, which
I we.did'ai'butT'Velb'ek'ii) the afternoon,..
the cap ia in came
nie and told
^:.)-''77. x
     <:I' Their, -'.uhwiished "'.lloilii'Sa '���-. W.e
niel'*'l!i.i one;.' ,Tlu- 'only  eoilliol'l ; I   diy.
lived vv.'is frnin/the -natural.:.objr'-isol
liii' "tmitiiiiiii.iis.    A  red  foxystule '-away,
ilider eovei-;.;i:C!,ii|'mmil;. fearless and
'tl fit I ba
-N.iti.a- ia.a.a'i.y aivan !ii
iii|.t.,- J iiilc.i.'i la .'.|>|'P I'
siajnM- nf l���'ii.i:,!.i anil U'w
.all iiiui .'.���i.i'i'.v.ii -viiy ! inilin
.!.-;,'l ilic.l li'iiil--. -jilu.-it.i'd
ti-i.-.l. i.f UriM-ii r.ilii'iiiliin :
|i(.^(! Iivi: ,-ii:|iii-.:d
IliliJV. la.:'l'
! ipi.-ia;,(!ay
Hi,': Clii.-f l-oi.'i'-i
S fill- tl,'l'llli--,i'l.'
lYi.m'tlii- I'.iil'l"!
in iiiivr.'ii'.iim.i a
('..iniiH'iii iii-.r '
I ,'iili-iia ('i'i-..'!; iiml
I'   i-!l,iil!-V ill
pc-'G^s leather, -t-P~x. .
;pi:i-rnils your. foot to
.-.*������' .ri��.
"'Allows    perspiration,
-xzzcipe.   ,-���.������'_���      ���
I'/ccps your stocking;'
ly. ycui"fect,cool,clean
h/'t.tiarcJvy, ', '!-    '/
���' To be had" only in���.
!Tlic-Slater Shoe",
..,^ -..%!������
i..aya,!;iaa.;,���..-:-. aa aiiaji-i,;
aayc-ry-' l .y.i y'aa'ia/;, ;l;;Viii;.a
JlllJ:.i i..,i,[,.:;!
/tii/baiii./ii. ,.f;yf
- wi-irse.ab'.iiiy'
:t lie': least W
'en'jb'yi iigy;til.!'e'a!.ilifa "":i".'J"".';^Vi'i;V---'-
,'AVyi,l l.i i v- i i s��:'.;'. lij i i. k;;.; :js i;l'^,",f;-:'. v-?5:; ;S;-	
tO':giyp.,'.:'t';hbiii ai yiria'a/a/^ii-a
,willd'O;,of grp/i liaiaai if'-���:,"'-������.;.���''
yi When  ;yotii a'hloi'i.i 17y 'y-p
'���w:i tvry. :;yyhen p<An;,,,11m:\ r,V,
strung.ywl;;*;!' "y.ii,: i'ij'fiei' yfb-p.
achesa. anil   i'iiKZ;;ii'eSi..: - wli;ay,V.
piile,-,:'iiin'giiii.l, ��� .anil: appnij.leie
'dowiia'DivAyilbinns' /i'hik;  (/
j)roiiiiitiy,y;i:cstore,; youpydiUf
renewing   anilapiiiiciuiig a i,;,.'
They 'lire' api:iinii>ty:-'!ida.-a-Ia.a
"for;-all yti-puiijes , I'mviiigaiibdi'
ilia if ,pbof' or watery'cpiidHiv.'ir.,.
'.blood.'/y.But; :'o'nvly 't'i-ie  geiiuiiia
'and' those- .beat'; the Inli'iiaiiia;';
77). $. yyyihphyyyy' <p: y/yvy yLafPiPuyy
i,>,!.:.'{-:.,',-'-,'i '..i-ii'tcikV,,.
v,-;-.;-aiij;.-i-.. aaVta
a'V'-' i;;r.,;/^,-i.,a'v ta'.'^iii^:
.^a'aiaa;;;,;.;. a,,t a,;';.: a,1.:'ii aa- ���'s.p.iy,.i,'iii;i,ifr,;f(.;r.
-;--':.:"i'5. :-r.^i---'i; f;fi--:-:i>>;*-i .���<>---\>:j.,^ytr5jriKJ^.j.ft-..v'-i^r.-ji��.. a-y-'
..:-.-.:,:.,���,,:,..:-,,. .,:-,,:..;;-��� .....yy:-.-.-liiiii'Mg-iiiij-l'iirector,:���: '-.P
W i'i Man
bi:.,s'e'ii,t p'psl'paiii ai a
J)r. '\Viliiains',.y:dedi
:. ae     .    ���-."    ;���-���������������'.���        ���    ��� , - (,'i���i  " -
���:,-���-.��� a,"p;,.i,= ;i -..���,.--��� :- -.���^���,..ck;4.aC&i^.p'S;�� ��*aa a'a
y V-y'l;a.to,-f'r;-ajya^
i^'   ;:    -a-      WKV 'fUK-fja
v2j:]3Gi!tsia or Fiirsa
.iidyri;v- ad I {���Icji.ter-v iiia.iKiaiii :\py. rc&v&i&zo'Sir- bpr����n.;.i;'-:>.'p..F.,-?i.o;
its   a
l.a-.V Ml
���-    iid
tyby lloldt'i-; lias;liikenyov.er
lie re. bo yjiiis idia iigcd ��� ibe:
nanic io the .'C'pfpiiation, ,J;ibielainil.
i.S'a'efk''ctih'g'/g;rt!a;'l'.' ' iniproveiiK'ntsy
wbicli:   sbbuhL.niakolbiy,lipi.pl /ii
ists ;ai'id:.-.l'i.6Tiiia.yy:ee.kers'.' V  ;y '���'';.  /'
/" As soOii.iisVbo -Do in ihi oii goyeni'
rivci; a'Avh'ijrf/v.-ill bcybiiylf cpnven'i-
e'iit'-to the   hbleiV'.r.'nd Mi.";iiolder
.Hi tCPils' 'ol ii a i n i Pg  -piV-ti." Vire;: "I -ini ts.
alsoai .launch' for -ia.it* '.l:'iei,-pititi,ipi.iii-
i/ari'/ol   visiiiifs, V. AsV >!/���;��� Iiyilid'ay"
re-(\ri fpr. ihnsb'-iti' sea rcii  yd   good
iilintiiig,/ ��� lislibig ; iiml    ,-*hootiiigj,-
,-aiiiioii Artii c.ii.iiuii iic.la.adcn.     :
: .'ArriVngeiVn'iits'tire-'bciiyg ilia tie-lb
put     tin 'Vi  ai'ai'iy  '.-s.iage..   belwe.-ti
Virii iii fa nd ���'riiln'i'Oii/Ar.iii."... y. - '���"������.';. ..
������.'Aii'i'.llie.e.ii'-cf'iiiWT '.ir!'-i'.'.'.-,
...: .���;,;', r. /'i.tripii!-. v--.-' vaa^ivyi;
yy::-'-.yy.':."-.:..:.    Tii'ii'i-Miiy night at'vuiai-..
.a.';,.,,;  ..o'clock. ,Vi>nwiii;,briii.)i..;r-
'"'. cbplially-.w-elcomi-il.';  a
lbs.VllbSOXvS.py-.I.AiV-l-oXK; U.'V fp.
- ���'���-���'������'��� ������������'������'---'���'.Miioi,-.'.-very 'ruVwlny
.. �����-,-��.    cvt'iiiiur .. in    S'olkirl;
&���"   Ml  . y-W)i"-!\niil|.    aiasa.Vi'lock.
sssS'a-iSSN.-'.; ���V:KiMris.-.li.i-ct,liri!ii ciir-
'iVv.\\\\-��� iriviloil   to   iit-
lond.'::': ������.������".',:������.������,.',''��� ���'",'.'���
a''-  J. MA't-lllkiSi-C.
Gold Range Lodg-o'
K.O.P. No 20
���-',   , -., . - y'
icvclsioke, B. C.
v:. i7 �����. t ���L1:I��AH,/F./C.; S<- &c.-^
ad - 'PrbQyibl ��! ALcA3SAYERy/ ���/���:
,-d Cy Examination.'   .   ,   .
^Cook's C#ten BooiOomporaa-/;/;y:/:;;vy
[s?T ������'fsfiuocRSs'ti3ll-,r-.us(''.i-m6n'tlily-by.bve��^ ;;    ''' .'tiCOuVLti   B.  C. ������',':.' "���'. -,'   ���
"JiO.U001.iicllas. S.ife. .'-Tfcthal. Ladies ask; ; V'" : ������-'��������� ''���'��� '- ,',..'.; ���"'���: ... -V. -;;. a
^ ybiircliu'sr.slstfor Cook's -Ci'tioaliaoi. Coci-. " ���."'���y-'p.x'-.-i' fur liX vi'iiH: aviib VIVIAN" &'
30Uiid..TnUenOoti':ciV;t5aU Mtsiuics. pllUandya-a s'.'.Sva'ii'^,;,."'-A.V'i.'rs.'niiit eci-jilttc iiiialv-
:imitatlousarodnii^L'i:ouS. J'ri.'O, Iv .>. I, .?1 per ', , 'a.-a, ,a. x P kiiiii.t.'i.t .,r.:X (-ii.v< c.i.",!<n;iil
box;Kc. ajOdo^iwsstroiiijf'r.^r'orhos: \n i. ��� ,;a;ai,a. ;���.';!';�� i'i a.,. Diajuro ���w',irk'-iesiiL-ciA!.iy';;
.ior2,maiIed6n.rec(!ititor.priep:i>ri..l twoS-cont. a ., ������".::������ ', i .,,:,..- i,,;,-V.,, '" '��� ' ���-���'���������
aitamps. aj-ho Conk ��:-niiiii-.!i.va. :ii(isor,Ont.,a   ,' , ...i..-      .iai(.,,nt(..    ,
^-Nos.l and 2 sold nnd recoiiiuiijaded by ail'
reBponsible.Druggists lii Csua'da.   , a
a\,i a.yiai'a.a," .-.-V --/;���:.���! ������:<i"-1l"i:UsiL: ( ji!:"l- "ny I1'"-
T.-''Al.'- a.a,na:;i-i,aaa;,av,a a., a-. ;������,,;>������.��,,,t^p.-
I'ui-iisViiiil"t'iiiu'i'dii 'I'i'iit.'"S:'!i.".(':l. ' '"��� 'l)i;ii'ga'i>ts;
j?���j***4jg.t;' j7^~?g -^ y ^'~7'^^'\,c-A7't'''i^77-777y^77777y.'j7:
��� ��� b' ptLbEW* HA f .V EYV;:;;; _
QRY A^t7:^ p:g7:M7��7
' - -.������-   .'������: ��� ��� -. a, . i ;   '��� ���'-.���-'���. .--
." ";' '"'''���';  yiiiscouycr, ;B.; C,;..
r*n".,,fti!-ij '���!'    ���������:
i'-��� '   ?,db'A\P'E5d   /'"���.
fj ��������� MillTests ���-,'" ,"��� ySmelter Tests
l"/:'- Va>0if-'-y:��G6ibs.'/���;;;;
���'' ^Mml -  -���������
t&t&AASfpX-  '      "���.   ���   arai-:  i-it-ry. :  iirir
',V&3|��l^4i-''--:!--.','--;:.    -  in'--liiif" >�� .<,iilrili.-llo-w.
;,^^^p^ay,y    ��� tun ���;;; <,-,:i<^i: . .>.,,
���' 'W^i^Sii--- 7-.xy'^ii>iih-*\tf\i/ iii-
<^m^^yl^7 p'��p:p   -���;:..;. ,.a;y,-  .   F^-.f- ;..^   ; .,..,.;,,;_,
V":,";(y'';'"'--'''/ ;;y:'v'-;itLw==3:3*w^^
' W. \yixf--oit,l\i:'eiF ii.-y,__--ra..i-.a.....r,a.,..,.,,,..,-...;
avia i-n-rv. asVnl-al.Cha.cica.fry-rnalV'r :7tPa al?o?c'a!iy
.,.:.,  ...   , ..��� .. ,a.h..,.as [ Q -p ' '���, ;, .-       ' -   . .
i      Kayu-Yoi.aaDoabVi'a!. aac^ if T.ocl<?
;;���- '���    ��� A/yixiP You. wii.itat ii ;
A-17 l;i('!iaids���Strcei.a y/P.O...'Box ]lii
*=v? ,���l .1 .Ji.; i \   I   V_> ; and Copyrights;
-   ' at.ti-.iiird in nil ccuiitJ-it'K. ;--y. a,:0""
a Registered .Patent  At.tornsy
,M(,'i.'lir\iii,.'.'i!     t-aigiiii-ia'-; - iiiid V'-Iln-iiiirlitsiii^ii',"'
llniik': bl"   11 Ni' A. laiiiiliiigs. Ilasiiiip.i 'Street.,
/vyv'y//yyANcquvE!r?, ye, c.������;���;/"/'���"���"''/;;
,: A  ���p.'i-'ty.'ii'jp will' -i/.mri^ iiH^.o^-ciiSHjjr.'iiiri'diiii:-.
,iii.;:i!. for'those; wli'o .caariui ,:;.U: .i.iii'iii^ i lit- dav.
^:J��7 Wood's, Phosplioaine,:'a
ira^^Jf^J'     7-f,c tirc4t'y��riglish Remedy'.'"  \
f^f<XSfi<^\\ a Sold qi;d roco'mmetKH'd by all ���.
S''���J.j)1.' ; ^l-drugpisi^in Canada.. Only roll-   ���
J     ���" -'>!>; rnediceio difcovered: ' Stz
,   y',W/'.V-<'al,!     -    --     ---    -��� .-.-.,
. ',   . ���'<$&&yo&t'p'jfka'^K.i (piirjinUcd to cure  all ,
: ,'' forms of-Sexual \Vt>ril:ness   iill offents of abuso
j ; oreicess, Mental Worry. Excessive, use of To- ,
��    baceo. Opium or-SUninlanits. ?fai!.:-d on recelpS ;
'il ; of price, one package ?l. gix.;.5"i.  One. will jMnc,
���"������ iicwUicur-..: J\imph:e.ts frec'io'.iiiT iiddreriS.     ,
The AVooii Coiiiiiaa;.', Windsor, QuU
c:i-|. Ilia chiiini. tlii'iici.i   -nilI'll   111 i:liniiis. ill,' a
v.'csl, lllu .:li..ins iiloiij.' llie niii'tli hunk nf i'n a
l.'iv.-i- 1.1 lhe inil hit jni<l. Viinl   niiii'l-'.i.'il .".ln:ii
Xlr.AliUi.m's liinhcl- lniiit."
llaliMl Alay: Nl. I!i:>-'.'
'���.'���' ' J AS. JkMAliON,
0. B.
HUME & GO. ���"/'
.      ��� ' ;l ��� ,       - .
Sole Local Agents.
Sqt'sfac-cry RjsuHs.-of the Struggle
]). Swaney,." who.rei'iruMyiiled tlie
jlevclstpkc djvision/oi'liie 'iVM'.'t
oi Ai. on tlie coniinil icpataMoiilrcal.
returned this week yib- reports the
results, oil hi- ;arbi['r.-ition-.ii.s highly
salisfaclory.lp llu- ni.'i'iiitonah'co-df--
ivav nii-n.V: I'i-csident. ���Wblsuii... oil
belialf.Of the iuen.,-a'hd Ai r."Gil".cdius
iorlhe conipany.'lire now. endeavoring to adj'nsi the AV'estcrn, "and''
Paeilie division's" on the lines .of.
Chancellor bv'ydVtuvanbai iul a pis
expected ibis will be arr.-tnged;. Imt
if npllbc arbilniipryiyill' 'i.u;' again,
called in; and lhe principle oi' a
20 iicr.CL'iil. iiK't'Ciise having a]retidy
lii'cnat'-coi'dcd to (lie Basiern men,
'this incrca.-c, will, eerlainly be accorded -.toihe men ofy-t-ho, 'A\'cstcrn
and I'.a'.'ilic diyi;-;ions. (bough tlie
���increase ���i-'i'on-idcrably. ninri; than
the iiieii a-ked ior in the lii'i-'t caso,
TLIt'fi^itV I��00?:^ :'/r-v-      7-.-y.y:-.7       dv
I Ht -UI I i .LArnL06/:   ; Kamloops, b.o.
;;., E.W.yB. Paget, Pro^
��� aVvO.'.i.a !').!...-I'iiOl.'iM: i- MiM-ia i!(.'vi.'!.��tok(j.
I,y i-;(i.,i,,|���i;l.iiii._- ��� u i;,,.;k (-.... (;;. I-", Can:--, in..;-
AV, h.'.. .-.iiii.i ,,y I'j'iiaic 'I'. An. ;, ill 'Iv.i'.l. l-'ilin.;
.���|.i'rirj(;i-,i -. . ��� ,     -.���"������������
yi-roiiipt delivery, of parcels, h.-iggnge,
t!l.c.,;to any, pail of the City. '������   ���   .:
Any Kind of* Transferring
��� ���;��� Undertaken.       ,/
��� All orders left aL'R. M. Sinythe's
Tol-'.-ieo Store, or. iiy Telephone, No. 7
will, receive prompt- al.trntimi.
���!'��� Tlie niost.��� complete Hculth   Rcsort.mi
the conl incut, or North Aiwcrlca.   .Situ-
atcd tnid.-t scoiiory iiiirivulled for ({ran
alcnr.  ; HoutiiiB.   KiHhiiiK.   Ks'HirHioiis
' Skiit.ing aiid .SliootiiiK-   Itcnident I'hy
^ician  and��� Nurse.     Telegraphic 'coin
iiiiinicnliiiii with all parts of the world.,
two mails in'rivc and depart every day.
lis baths cure all nervous arid iiiiiHr.ular
diseases;  ils., wiitars  heal   all  Kidney.
Liver and .Stomach ailmeiil��, and clini
inatc all inctalic |ioison�� from llio ��}�����-
tcin.   Its -'wat'crH cannot bo  surpassed
for their healing virtues.
Special   Winter Terms:    *12   to  $15
Per Week,
.VThis Iirst class hotd is irniii-r cii-
tirclya newyiiiaiiagi.'iiii'ni' and' bits
been' re'decpra ted.;. a iid ictiova P<}
througbout. ; ', ���". j   -
Good Stabling.. Finest';3iock of WPietij ,,'
& Liquors. Quiet .Reading anei       -  ; ���������
Smoking Rooms. ..a
RATES:   $100 to S2.B0 per day . ,������{.-
Anciior Wire. Fence
The ���strongest, cheappst ..
���.and   best -"all   round fence
yet'/. ��� devised.!        RVjinilly,
adaptable-' for ;ir,y purpose,���
.���l':iji^.h.'d'*anir, ���>!'  (btrdeii- /.
Fencmgi    >''in;v)e ot' con-.,
ilructiovi -in}A . Pa'si'lv put
'���   -''"J'-..    ', '        '���':    .-  ..        V
Hcr,(l enicc:   Vancctivcr.' 2. C.
o. I'.' SKlilNli,"'     -    .": Maxaoi;!!.
Analytical Chemist, Proviricird "Assaycr
Gobi:., a,.:    :..:..:-.
Silver .a.        ...... ...
kcad......       ..i,a..:.
Copper....       . .... .a. ��� ��� . .
fiold arid-Si.'ver...... .: ;".'.   ., : .
Gold, Rilvei ;"'(.l Copper,,   a. .
Control assay's, Complete MmdyS'.s x
Ores, Coals, etc.. C.'meenirat i"ii :iii'i
Amalgamation tests.  .. y
g5��SF"Kcsults   (.1   assays -by .return   7
.'���������.   nii.il -gJi?
.1   00
1   ;-,til..- ���  ������    ��� ���-.���������   -a    '���'
d v'7       '      '     --rol:- -    y  ,'..   ',
���^ -'-!v Mining & Legal Purposes
Transfers,'���Options,' bowers
' of   ��� Attorney,'  ..Stallone:-;/,'
Declarations,. Proxies, 'etc..
can be obtained at t'be
COTIRKSPOND'KNCESHI.IC'II-I-.!') V *,C\\ QV\(\V '   ]*' 3 01       frnlPP
,-,������;,      >���..    ,*   ,      ,. i-  liiVjuL't/ild/', kail ������u'ihuoi'i
Inland Aesav Olnce, kumloops 13. L. o
I tf&FKOfflmAT MATT,.
vtaL-mr u-sainm.,jLaj>-^azigsj��
la rue Ui-r-ortinent of
The contract for additions to C.l'.K.''
shops at J-icvelstoke has been let to
.). Keniahan.
At    t:,e    weekly    meeting   of   the
Kpworth  League on .Monday night an
excellent   paper   on  ''.Missions" was
read  hy  .Mrs. Adair, anil a solo sung
j hy J. L. Johnston.
'   ^^^J** P   ��"/�����**/����� *��i     The C.P.R. machinists in Revelstolc
(jCtrUQH Qt ��   lOWCr \ received intimation on Saturday that
I their demand for higher   wages   had
I been adjusted    by. t-liciconipany con-
.',ceding'a-.'rise   of two cents an hour.
The   settlement   is regarded 'as very
satisfactory, as it means a,rise,of from'
311033 per hour."'' ~*-a
The Football Match.
Sweet   Peas,   Clover    and
The,-best/./oi; Canadian.yseeds/fi-esli
' '.:���'] V; v"this vetir.'/ "p P-'p-y.:
:/ Revelstoke''B.; C. y
The  Nellie
;" :!pt;b:/inst.,yipa Mr/'aiul/^Ii-S/'alv.
;"' l���byick-?Pn,^obGi;aigellilehie:7ib,sbll. ,
;'""'"���'   '".'-���    ,   .," '���  ���   ','���������   "' 'V: r V x  ".  ���    ��     ' '   '<,.   ,-,.,-        -.., -    ���
77y] '.A.-ylA:. ;Iveriiahai);y,hiis!d.icei)y'iiwarded
v ��� the'eon rracr /bl/ the/'drill'liall i'i.fc.diev-.
'a���yiAVc: regi'6tVo';]earipiliiit-/V'.';N;..Siniih ;
;yv'3i;,7.not::bi.::ii;!\yell;since leaching; Port-'
'"���������'.,.-: Illtpjci. i>r>t.ra / / y- a "-;a. .;/!',.��� ya/V'^-'-a./;
/a'  ; ItaAW-.''Piitiiip're/hii's
:!/;i(Viiccepb l'i   position
'7.7 "T)ii/';:CGliuiihiii;;;hiveiylliinher:;,G
yaippniyat/yifeaVbrViivc/Wiiy- -last week,
y/,:ipHialjoui:/l,Ot)b.:logs: wet'eJostyy/a'/;,:'/;
.-': ��� y yMeisi's/'Koote &a'lybra1iainsoii have
' /been iiwardcdjilie ..contracty. fbr;d*".dL
,:;!} i:ewis;>;i;psidepcediiAlcKendfc/Aycnue
���//:;/-^ory^AIeuhinicky ��� of���'������ C:bnborno;y rcr
7;- ''burnedirbihyEligliindy'bii-Friday and
a adeftefbi Cahibbnie next'liiprniiig/1   - ;;
���/a,:- d'/yjcNaught^/of!/lliiicyOii;, Springs,;
b;/al^l,ir.,.'Gri(!dy^:; ola Sta/beoii/SpringSa
7 ; ayei-ewis/itors to tile;city/on., Siiturclay;,
a aayTlie 'Ep'wortha' Lepguoywill/'liold/ya;
y;/:]iipibcytpbnon-biy/,/bp 'the/Ilig- Bend
,/.,:r/:aii; -to vwbcchy-iiby friendsypfylbc
>-:; I .eiigue a re 1 n yitecl ay / ������'���;/ V777 :�������� V-,/'
;/l:atest reports'1 fronvllio West Indies
���7 Vtiite lhe. y pica nie. cnipi.ibnson';Martin.-';
a"aiqueaiiiii ; Sli-yYihceijt:in-elvprsc than
: :7:b'yei-a--Vy;aa//;'y aya/a/a-V/y;///,/.-/���/'/
7Vyy77.lb y-Fortei"// i 1 ifoi-i)is/i 1S ;t.l 1 e;rain^
/��� stbrnis- ;e^periebced7iti;;;C;;ilgary:::l.iist
7/ iveekywe're-y llie"' / lieiiviesbyknownyafpr
".V'yeah//,;-.'-'" ���..';':'/-/- /���// a.Vy'/aaV/-':"; V
7 '"/d'/GaWabey, Wife aiid; child, of'd 11-.
. '.liersbiiylOntiy]spent:a, fewydays/with
/ die fol'inci/s"'sister,;Mrs. ;Gb Aii/Ghlrky
/.ihis.week,, a:   '..p-x.Vx y: i "a/-::'-,,,;":,
a a 'A' cricket match/ will be- played, tp-i
: /borrow-;, between/: i' They Dents.'/ /and
'   eleven orcranized  by 113. E/Atkihs, and
a';C/:T; Wilks..7ya'���;;.''.'a;';///-.yy '-..Vyi.: ���
/.//The schoolatnisiccs"liiivenowdjecn
'viiicially: infprnic(h;by the-.education
/department-ob.':.all:-additional ,$2,000
/having beeii, graotcd ford-few.school
':" buiidings in Eevclstpke. ,:-,;,/-;��� a yy 7 .;-,., ���
'/.Tlie Sentinel says:���"JasiGill/pf
y .Iphhston'AvCo.,, Limited, leaves;' oil
'- Friday next for Itevelstoke,, where a'
��� stllrt will, beiiiadc.bn the; brick;, block,
, 'which is- to'be erected thcre'fpr C/ 13.
'"llumeifcCoa' V    a;;/; "��� ay ���'-���������   y
''" djoiune ]3rosvrenioved:: this week;to
, l'lieii';newysto:-c;on'>i;cKenzie;Avenue;
7, T lie: new prom i ses; ��� a re; ivel 1 fi tl ed u p,
iiiid^ the .fire., will, be dounci/: ii'. central;
V...hp tor a  larg.e/iiumber of the firm's;
customers/ //The/firm isyoncl :of .t.lie
���'. .il'lestestiiblished; and: most; popular
':. in .-die/city', diaVihg started .business
.��� die.i-.e.in.l^.SG.'.y.���;'..',-: ;������.;-//; '.-. ai.
a dl.;;J3.-.Smith, C:K./ c.i'Kosslaiieb'whp
���ij/repoi'ting on a/water suppi\": for'the
: eitv/h:i:  conipleied  his. survey
Vy/itmy-fr6rh/.F.ight:Mile Greek.
' i/lSpof an elcctric-powersiipniy,
'������diai ���point. 'He has aisp;cxamincdlhe
''plant iiiid" assets-of: the   \V,.,',L.'��� &��� P."
. a'o-'s'sy?ti;ip'. iindwill.  submit/an ox-
: mius'tive .'rep. >ri tn the council:,    V ���
01 a.
A .iii<-,euiiu' .-;,i .thi.-' is {'.pits ci-inmitti-e
.-y'acViii-t'-iiid "'' by tlie,���������.'���.Mayor 'for,
i.s.iiiv: .*>l'.i was. -.iibh'.-ribed in-cadi
.1 .:'.t"i in priz'-s. , it.',-was (leciileil to
���ert;iiii 'ff'tii siibH-'riber..- whether
would ratbei'' b;iye: tin; ,money.
ri:,-i|t i.'ii !���'���..-io:;tlon,fi)<' 11 nos or sport-
.resoiyeil the ���sports, be
1. recreiition grounds ��e-
?.v to },(.��� a��ked   tp-' con-
��� 'fiie' 1 ���v.. wi'iii it.t
.���aiid. th
tribui';.''.'��� ,"  ��� ' ���' '-
'���A'me.''ting of t.V.tincil (lid'oai'd of
Tiiid" wasdleld 'yesterday: -Present:,
ip.vsrs. -MeCnrk-r. Phipps. Shaw. Mc:
I'.-th. 'Voting..- Ail invitation to send
ileleira;.:^ to the conference at-Toronto
. was-'d elined.. The roRoitttions of the
.Nelson .boiird .asking' increased duties
,'.n-'K:ii(l.x.ro(.Hu:t.s. and bonus on refined
lead wcrea endorsed a '��� C. Ii. Ifurn'e and
.M.-J. (')diricn- were added to freight
and triii).-fi(..rtiition committee'.
��� The Purks' Fail's Arrow says : "Another of ��� our most enterprising���.and
prominent citizens, in the .person of
..Mr. H. 1!/ Gray, has gone westivard.
lie left on iMonday evening's train fo
Revelstoke. -1!. (.',. where he.'has secured
ii must iitcrativ,-' jlositioir with a hirgc
���Juiriber cornjiany there.- .Mr. flray has
;i!v,'ays; taken part, in 'our town afliiirs,
a Tew years iigo being a diligent worker
..u tlie council .'board/ He was . the
town assessor this year. Tlie Arrow
joins with.hr- rnany friends in wishing
hiiii all ���success.'' Mr.ld'iiy has joined
the stnfi 0? the Fred Itobinson Lumber
���Ci^npany at Comapli.x.
;"'///'v:New Strike RecordedA  y
���'/ '/;,  (r'r()iiiiOur''0\yn Correspondent.) a   .
I J. 13/ McKciizielias sentiip a crew
to .'tlie' coinpiviiy's. prbp'e'rty,, the ,Ncl 1 ie,
situated/on, l/cxingtoii yGreek!/;They,
.intend to continue1 the: work- /started
last, season.,,.. There is/ every reason tp
abolicycllfcy: vvill/'stril/b .a ;i)ay/:.chutc:
\vitliiii a few ft'Ct:   -,: ''"7.yr:Vy' ��� ^'-'Pp-
Fred   Ackers atub'W. Girrrd, Inive
II pa r the Ciihi boriie ��� grou {>. / '..Tl icy wi 11
do soliib:development.'work and  thor-
'oughlylesbilie leaddpr golda/ayy :;y ,-.., ������
yaVour y;(coi;rcsppndent.; at./Ciinihorne:
seehis/iinbtied- .with : pei-spiial/aiiiiiius.
-against tiiisparticularyplace,. judging;
iroiiiiiis rcmarksi-e; tile /iiniil .service,
here.-��� ,^ow: it;scems to iiie-thiit, con-;;
sieleridg thbydire-suppoSedytO'yhiivey.a:
lpaiiyservicc/pirt/yii/week,:luicl ,;tliat:
liiere is iian:ul;s;ick for: thiit ipurpbsey
���iisdonglislliey'get/'tbbyniiiil pny'tlie
stateil -day it should; make,ynbadirYer-:
eiite/pu'whicli route tlua'sack-is 'ciir-
i'ieibaiiul/ly.dp 'hot;think.thiitaibyotie;
hii7hiinself;ciu-cs;:lind/as'yfiii-y,iis -the
coiiiriict/fbr:carryinglbe siiiiie is;. con-.,
ceriied,a;cbpy of the letter relliesaine
Wiis sent to/thp-posibnaster at fi'eat&n;;..
aiid it wiis', on Iy.a questioiipf, the low-'
est;Idilder getting-itay-Asdcnvtlieippst-:
niiister;,;here';:i-efusing.,lo; send/ii)an
addressed'to'Gambpiiie, he.,is perfectljy
with!ti his rightsain: doiiigV so,  as die'"
wbi)kbbe liable to yaVpe'niilty;  haviiig:
no /'Option ;ain y tlie nliitter/aftbry tlie,
.piisfc-ollrcC^y51'?.'/established;, b
boriie; ':but7aisyyregiirdsy;;ii)y;a:,mail;
addressed; toy his yplliee dor -people lit
Ca ni borne, lie luis ;��� b^en,mpst obliging,
selidingit:at least three;tiinesa-Aveek,'
so that/reallyllicr people atCan-ibdrnc
had a. better'niaiiIservice:.before/they;
;pthcrwisc;.is.ydding 'lhe ipost master'
iicreya;raiik;injustice.y777:77.7,p77 ���
- ;:yJyyA.ad)iirriigliyhas/;purc!iiV;ed.: two
lolls'bereand:.iiitends':;bui.!dingii liou.se
right liwiiy iinddjringiiifedndiisfiimilyy.
"MV.; IDiirriighyis Inaiiiigerfor'. the AVide
on'robiCreelc-.:,;;'/./ : - ;.// /,;. "x-yx-.'
V/Piyivplly; iiiid, ;C,y;Bullii'r(l.; are;,,dping
assessineiitawork -on the Imperial 'and
Kock;of,Ages/Iopated:on Greiit AVest-;
crn ..Moiintain, belonging toy 'Mr."
dMcMastci-s, /'of 1 -Eliplt;.; Tbey;" have
strucka nice showing ofgaleniiVy/ayv
.From lliis/dntb, on. tbo'lioabSvill call
atyConiaplixyiii-sC/so^lhc travelling
public,; aviliy, be/able toi take ibuch'
Befoi-c,. {I'-occedlng .'to' their various
destinations.a, y; ,'������. yyy..'".'��� -'7:' 7'.... .p.-
. \T:V A.,'i\iilgcc will piit onl'a saig"
betweenherclmd Cambbrneaas .soon
lis thc'/bndgeds.Vfinished acrpssyihe
rivei- iit tlie'upperciid p^/Governyaeiit 1
rbiul.>���/-���' ;.-���������'��� '���-',,:'"''...: 7-.  ���.',',. "/;'".���,' /'".' ���- '���������
The citizens bf.Coniaplix and. Gam-:
/borne li-i've.:.''"subsci'ibedy .f^OO/, to yhiiild
the.bridge.at Camborne, having grown
tic 1 of awaiting lardy action /of-ythe
Governineut-i This bridge, is , needed
very liuicli, aijd should have been bib lb
long,ago."''.,':'";   .'���'"'��� "'   - '..'-.'���.' "'. ; '   -Vy
V-J/'-A. :Miig'ee':'''-aiuiy..'J:.:-'''B;.aMcKen7,ie:
are bvblding.'a two-stoiey h()iise.here,,
the lower part to  contain   a   suite  oi.j
"ofiices. / The,iVli,ytiesota  Mining Co.
'will hiu-'e, theiroflice here. ''::-
/ Mr./J/Curtis'andlwifehave a rived
'.from'flic.East;, aiid- lire'yipbving. into
their, new cottage:," Joe hasaseta gopd
���exuniple to, the, bachelors' "berel,:, Go..
;yoiing niiiti,-and,do iikewise.    /"'"/."
7, ,Cbarles'  Beck '������-.is.doing; 'iis'sessmeht-.
on   his cliiini above a the; Goldfinch,
and, It  is   reported/ he   has ii    gocid
.showing,,-. - ... a. :a;. ;���,',    .,;'-���;,. .-��� . ���''; ���;"
������' R.l l\''rry, is' id so doing work  on ,,a
���group/of cliiinis/hear Gold Fiel  .-. ,'��� ��� '
���". iMiiv.'d'titl).'.' ."-' /;���'  . ;';;';-��� ,,.'"���'  ���   V
(From Our Own Cc rrespondent.)
The   organization    of the   Kifh
Club  has  been,.conipleied,   a'-so-
sixty members having huen sworn
in, and they are now  waiting for
the equipment to be sent on.   ���    ;.
��� The water on   the  -slough; .has
risen sufficiently for lhe 'canoeists,
and thpugh the  weather/has'been
rather'cold for canoeing, severabof
otir local enthusiasts have been' out.
a.Mr. /Bongmore,  of / Beaver,is in
the hospital/'here, ,suffering from/
,the effects' of a/fiillfrbm a chair,on
���whicli he/: wa:s yBtahding,: hanging
up a rifle;in his.room.  Hesprained
his shoul'der and injured his knee,
hut;;;;-1b7:/doing i 'well'a un'der/'Dr.'
Taylor's care.
The Best in the World.
Mail ns li) Knyal Crown Soap
"Wrappers, iiml in return we
will mail ;i l""Utiti'l I'i.-u..
si/e 1(3x20; oi' fur i'i U'r,'.{.{i'-i.-
your choice of over 100 books.
Drop  us ;i   poyt  card ar-king
,;/,''I'oi'^a cat-iiloguei'f, preniiums ,  a.
��� to lie iiiid  FlbKF  for: Royaly'V]
������/.Crown' Spa'j) ;\Vi-iippers.' la/;,,/;;'  V
'';".y.,���::Address';;7"-'7;"'. //'���,���'���'��� iV:..y. ,/���'���"���/.
The' Royal Soap' Go.,
Vancouver; B.C. Limited.
go r
-The fitters; boilermakprs and tin-
siiiiths-y of (the/Canada, Xort!ii.rn , at
AVinilipeg"went'-������'.piitr,on strike. ��� They
askipr ii/re-iidjustiiient ,ofawages -.on
dhe   notice; received, from y t He   t]ie basis'oft hose pi.ssiid/iodtlier rail-
Revelstokcl junior football club,( of; j Wiiy liijK-.liiiii's:
their/ intention atoebmey oyer; b" pis expected
May:24th7came;as a surprise to the j/; .Tile ailiaintenaiice-of-wayamen in-
boys here, as th'fe first word''was to aicnddir/cinbiistratetheir appreciatipii
the' effect that nO/team cbuld be got   of ,the;ptiblic;'ystippprt acpprdcil'them
togeii'ier/t.o. come over. The bpyp.
libweveiywill do tlie,best '/they-/can
under the,, cirtunistaheesynand give
the: Revelstoke boys some kind of;a
rrame. "���..- -''';".���-���;,���:,,, /.a-'/; -:;.;' ,-./,-;.:���:--'; a/a
,'hertl returned/1!on   Saturdayyfrdm
.-FbrtyStee'Ie.;;'-''.',./- y/-     .a-,;-'/// /���
/^[ore-altenfibtvis being paid-each;
year to gardening inyGolden, lipth;
dbribmamental and:utilitarian;pur/
poses.; /MrslJa C. Greene, who: has
long beenanqfeddbrythe beauty,and
dias increased the size;of her,garden;
ihis :');ear.-:yt''!V,yby:;-ly;,;y 7 Vay--,.7/y;y,,���;;;;;
' a.C/-'Al- \Viirren, 'with:whom rose
ctiltu reds iayhobby,/:;has/; set; out; ti;
number of  new   bushesy this; year;
whilsrSheriff; Redgrayepwhose- suc7
^cessayyiih/lris'ykitcheily garden ;is,a a'
llever ending surprise toy lhe; tiver-l
growi-'dias/ planted nearly:twice as
lalgedbplotlis last'- yeairi/ al-heylit-;
leiitipn;paid;by: theiSheriffy to;7the
.grounds aiounxl.'.;the^cour,t'::h.dui?e,-.s'.
���fast .'making/; it one 'of,/ tlii?: beauty
sopts;of the;town.;������'.:.< V-y/y-y',/";/;:,:
V, ip-A New'Style]df7EjecimentV7 7
, "���.-.. -,,     ';-,;'-   / ;-:/-,;-.:..- ::'r-'/ :   ���' e-, //���": /.���"���',/-���-;
,,; -atl-'roiii our;Owiropn-ospoi)dent.) ///:;;
/yyEieidds'ayhbtl oavii/ ���/ 'Some'.:.'t.i nie-
ago/the: railway; bpysy/decided/ lb:
i-idylhea town/of '-Ghiniimenay/lOr,:;
;puite(i'lboir;cabins ab6utltheir earg/
.Tlie ��� police/were' btvthetrack'ancl-a
iriagisterial /-inve'stigatibn;,'ensued.
yb ut.-a;-^ p i n'i'i-l tirj';. ei i v'th'.q ii iVktJ; ^enp ueel:^
isolhey'gaye'i t/ii piM % bail; j bljiiiri cly
' le^fty Tqi-^ China.;; a ,; s:; 1    ay. ,';������'.'"/':
���Npw'y iinother/yobjpetioniible ehV
town.- /.Ordinary, means '��� bfy/ie-
moyingdt;faile(:l,rsodhe;other night
fha preiiiises/wiih/ilieir >';becupantr
were".sornewhat iorcibly removed b\;
.dynamite/' Thb/incvclent.ereated a
sensatipil'in thclowny/though' 'for-
triite Gi"initba;of 'Golrienpavhp.lias
obarge of.the peace /ofyOpd'section,
lobksasd?  he wilb have:his;bands
lulb/--/���//"// ,"-:-.-���'./ -.v.;.;'a.7;'....',;-:'"
7-> The new;hotel opened by,,;Fred
Hoilidafislloit-ig a/ good business:
Freeh is' ���' very /'popular''.among';.'������all;
duripgllieir'striiggli) witlr the C.P.K,
in Kevelstokii it-is iiitended to get.ai{);
iiaspciitl aiid diiiiccdo which/the piildic
,whp showed;their sympathy/with the
men'in the strike will bo invited iiml
'treated TO li good time.,,, V ,y a'l ;..""'<]������������ y,
""A high: coii i{ili i n cut was accord ed Ji
Webster, areia'eseiit'ative.-oi the .local
machinists .oh the coniinittce; which;'
met;' at./" \Viniiipeg "lasty week..:/ Air.'
Wcbsterlwasleieilcd-chairhian of cbni-;
iiiittee,'iindIdiis;fellow ineiubors speak'
iii higli 1 e'i-nis of the .'services' which he-
rendered ,fn .bi,iiigiiig:vya'l.i'6iit.-.;ii';'.seti.ler
m'eht;of.grievances/-'- V;l/i:vy:;:yy;yy:V:
a/The JCainlpops;; sit wtniH  will, stiirtii'
sriingieiiiiii iitsiciiiiipus.":;���* '' yy:;',;;;/;.
���'���y/K,oiylip)d;:'I)i'iU'iiii)'','.;'p'ii,i'en'i: 'iitibrhey,,
Va u 'cf i n y e iy .;.,���.��� re{ ii} r.l; s:���-T1 i'ii 1 d; i ly 1.1! ,C;
p;iteiii(vtliis;\\-eek/;U-;is: onp'Vriiiitcd'ip
a fiii-i)iice/c'liargiiig.i-.s\$leiii:/:;,:yyyazy
/C/B/ llpiiie  ct'yC;<>. at re; iiiiorc'-stiiig;
ihehiseivcs in. the : establishinenbyof'ii,
,- lir ie ky a id ��� ii bai'/t lio, H eyel st;i > k cy Lt i.i n 1 ipi;
Cci'.i.jipaiiy-'s ini 11 ii.ci'o'ss.lliti.'b'-'iyiir^pii' a
pieceaif land/owiied/liy thelirnn;ii|id,
whiclrcariics.first-classddayy for -brick
making purposes!; yVyV:.].]- ������''���' '-Py'Xy::^:.:
:7xp lost on at Fernie
150   Miners Killed.
"'News wiis received Ihisymornitig of
ii te'rrible disaster ;i��" the Crow's''.'Nes
Cbal^Go.'s.niine'itt .Teini ,/:;������ An cqx-'
plosion of/giis pccurrcil'j'ii'No,2:niiii(i.
The/nunihci" of killed is; "riot ��� yet
known,; but it is estimated '12b.to 17U
were entoiiihcdaa, it :is,rc])orted:a: son
of Engineer- Urowii is auiiong the
iiiissiiiga/,,"'! "'ipVypp ' yy/a;a//a. ;-,; a;/
aTraveilei-siy visiting/Revelstoke''will
find the best iiccbiiinioilation 'at the
CentnildlQtel^lVbbibiinisbnlbpsb0 ;,::
'sArrivediitlda'sb-- Gb-eai'tsiand ;ex-
'prcss .wiigbiis���Ata.lL llo\ysoh's. 1;;,.
/ When yoii come; to Uevelstoke hail
tlie,Central Hotel bus to^^ take you.to
ib gooib hotel: Abrahlinisoii Pros!
1-iops.a ��� '���;���; y,y v., -/." ';;;.;;���/:.,���,:'".   'V':Vyjp... y. .;���.
lit.Piaiiowsoii^s..';.;;';;,/.; /a'i'xpiyy-. /-y-/;
7 Gblo ll. Scbiiiderfcir l! set of harness-
'] IP, ,,A. yDahforth. .pfLaG range.: Guy
stilierediforsix-niontlis with a frightful
,'riin ii iiig ���'���' ,sp'rc; on ah is.;';; leg yabut -\vri tp��
thatd3ucklen's/'ArnicaZ;Salve wholly;
cured; ib; iiiilfiyP.Vjthiy;sVb; Fprvyiccrs,.
.\Voun(ls,y:Pil(-si/ibHytli'ea best siilyedti
the,;world-V Cure guiii-itiifeedV ''Only.
2i)c.V Sold yhy' Cab a da ���Driig' liii'd Pobk
Store.-'.'' 'i,-'i'- <7-,. ������; /��� -,/--���;. ,���,/;;,;; ��� a/y y,-   .'.,-:.;,
who know
Placer Mining aty Big   Bend.
11 y   1 Methodist Church.. 7    V7
.The' Ladies' Aid,/oi   the/Mydiodb!
Church will 'hold a  teiacbnt"te-iiu' t-Jk-
res.ielrncer of.. Mr..' Li'nd id^-ir k'oiv;Satu r-
,diiy iiufrnndh,,'May.24vii.   .      ..-,. ,,-,-,
',.; in t he iibseiicb; of Rev; C.������Ladner the
���Epworth Ikeague   coiidueted .,they',ier.-;
vice's-:oii;.'S.ui)dny���...���;��� Tiieliibtar^-as pyet-
tiiyaleconited. with- flowers.',' .Apape,
eveidhg .'seryjeo ���.WI; W."���J>'fen'.u.x gitv.;-'
lin.   adel-ess  cm  Christian /Endeavour/
iOid'.".Miss 'Dent  re-V-i ��� .a/'pupcr 'abdip
foreign -rnis.-ioii   niovejiieii.t-a-    Spci'iyi
iiiUSiP was jirovided," inclmliii',:������'���'I'tiet by
li.' Ta v Mr/(lid lV.li>s';i\'''e/iin<h,i}U;.!i'n'(t-/
bvaMr1.l'>.(-ti!, At-i-'s i--,-e'aM'V-:.>VI'i,l oi.
,   !'.-il'i,',|i-,.
;-,-.,���-. a    .   ,    ���  ������������ -a-    . ,������,,-,.;;,..-.     . ��� - -.-,-Av,..,
a   7 Cory .Menhinick .returns.- Vl-yp
��� -: Ti.: S. ;;y\V'a I Jit ce li asii o\\ ��� 'per in alv-
en,t.'ly,:talioi-i -lip liieap-ofiicl^npo-'..here,'-
.'a n cl.:. C 6 rlv.' '.Mb'.ii hi n iclc/b a"&; re.t u r n er i
ihey townsiiey|:he?e,;:gen.denii;ui;;in-
borne; lis /nuicii^as/ possible^.tbia
sea��oii: 1'hey lookyforiyarcl io eonl
sidera ble'lictyi ty .."there/, this, surn-
Iner^bdfalb'ay: a'.V'7'v/ ''',;;-,;'"";//
:':':,Ma'V l9th./:':a-J':'/',:-'/'-a''-vi 7'7[
Railroad Watches7^.^/
,.  , ,"'��� y.   Wiilthiim and Elgin';  ii'ani'p-
���������" -y. y   / dcnlind .l-laniiltoii;;!? itnil 21,
.''//    jewels.-/ . Viingiiani,;'/  Elgin
'���-.���.���a, .yeritasyCrescent., St...'Father.1
'.-. / - ���';;. ���"'��� Time,, C: P, E.; Special, aP,' \V.-
: a 7:p:a - Raymbnek   Applet oh   Tiaccy.
: ;  IS.iySpeCiai,;./:, Send for.prices;.,
���Watch/Specialists,aA^ancpuvbry/P.  C
liASTi^osyS'rnEKTy l/y   ' VaXCOUVEI!;'
To get Your Printing: don��
Newest Designs in type���
not that dirty worn stuff
that, some .printers use.
y '''���]':. ��� ���   We;give you good work'"/ '' '1 /.
,.:,'-   ut it; fair price. 1  ''-. ;;;-��� y.y ;V
In ; One /Year  is / a, Fair/ Profit:!  Bixyy Similka-
nieen Valley OoalaCompan^SaSH
"Was 'the  Prolit  made'!';in;7four, years y: m; Orow1!
of''/Winder, 7;:Prog
is yan/yeiT\i,ib)ey,dlrc,/aii^l
profits/pi/aliyqbthb iibtlVedibeiitip
.Noliui! is lici'ol'V , iji.'.-i'ii' t lin I- -jiifliii- tiO (liiy.s
i'l'iiniiliil..',! ii ill.'i id tn.iiiiljl.v I.u: llioa./liiOi'.eii.i-1'
iiiissioiiiii- ol'.l'.iini'.s iimlaWi-'-k.-; ior iiiii-iiiisshin
i.d"i-.iit- iiTii! i-aitVii waV l.iiiibor I'l-oiti- l.lie/tplluu--
illfl (ll'SliVjliCli liiiiils. 'siliiiilVI in llHvCiii-iliini
'.lisli-Hit. o; Hi-il'lSli Ccliniilii.-i: ''.('.uiiiiiCnuiiisiit.
a���piisiaiiii '.liii; ���'Wii,-l',li.-uik---i-|f-' aaiioo l.ivin-. ul
i-lic liioiil-ti.''('if'". <lliVi;ii.-i--lcrw:Ua.i-Vh..iii:i.- wesll'i
,,lii.iiis,t,!i.:iii;.:,-;,.iiil.li Kli .iiaiiis, llii-iiea ,n..rl!i.
|ii)��l, iniu'k.'il "K.a\,',::Vlii!i,.il'S tii.i!...-r limn. ��� a,
"liiiKid this.t.-l;..lii vol'.'MayaUK):.'; .y.-XyP'--::y.yy
7777:p^yy ^77yy yy:^^;^^^^^.^
I'X.illei- i.*.ln'ii-(il).Vitlvi'.-ii l-liti.l..-i.l'1'i-i.-.'l'i.ilays .fr.o'fu
talo. 1 iiiii.'iiil ;ii...ii)ii'ly lo.ilie I'liinl' (ami mis-
.���..iii.ii-, oi  Ijimls "���liiiil ���; W.i.Vk.- iorpiM-iiiissiiiii, I"
,.���'(liit.ii.ii'il'cai'i'V away: Xiiiilii-r I'riiiii llio rnll.iwiiii.-
,a...ii:i-ili. ilia mis. .-���il.iiiiii'rt. in'"llio < airiboo ili.rt-
ii-ict. in'. I.a:it.islir;i 'ohiiiiliiii: /C'Viiimeiii-'iiii,' nl ,'i
a���,st'(ili t.li.i.vviisl.tiii;,!;. "if ���. ���ii.n'.ijain';;!!', ilii.iicc/'
'���si'iii'lli'-IO eli:i'insyili. in'O.wesf li;0i;l)i.ii!-. I lion.:.'!
n..i'lli 10 oliaiiis,  ilionyoCasta Ilia chaais lolliv-
liliiiii) (il'oiiiiinioiiiionii.'iil,,  iiiarki-'d   "K. JI. .Mo-'
Miilion-.i t linUor llinii;.".' ::':' ay-; -.,;, a .X-X '
'-���������'Dn'loll Jlay lsp lH02a:; .y'a, ;; 7'P;':','",-','.;/, ya;
'""'���"���''b-','//���;���///," y'///"////::'Eajic^iAU0S;-/
(if M"on)nib;:/is,::als(3 Vfestiiblisin^n
iioi pnly/crecL. iV'SiiYelti-^
Coal Compaiiyii slitu-esitx ad
next ,ycai7v:/:.'i-I'kjsc shar
liroka"^ ;
"      "   'tin      '" ' ''  '
/'European- and American P'-an. Newly furnished yawl renova ted;; ..through-'
,ant. Firsx-elass'i-eS.tiiuran'.tJ 'in.ycphiiee1..'
dun. : .Rboji'is fi-qiii.-pOc.' up. One/block
/rorii-; G. ,;P. di." lleppt. Free Ifaclc:
Porter meets all principal, boats and.
trains:/;.. ' ,; .. a.' ���' V7-.'i'y ���   ',-.    '���''���,'./   ..
7 .vyood-VBros/ Proprietors,    /
ltayiiion.fi "���lien has started wash in/a.
on the claims''in wh.ie.H he is. iuteresti.-d.-
with F. lii Wells.���if. d. ������ Wopdrow/ Dr..
'Ca'rruthers and fy:l). Molson, ' on the
i.il(l',eiiaiinel df .Camp' Creek on the
'Columbia River./ Raymond -says the
property ���never looked hotter.    V
Torn Home and J. ��� A.-Leslie have
gone to prospect-the TeteJaune Cache
cpitntry forniica.   ... ,
.1. -Staiiher has .re-bonded the. Silver
Queen mine to : A. St. G. ifanimerslcy,
Of Miiicouvci'.
'.' J. Caldwell, .'who- was in from''.the
Silver Cup last, week;. says the ..mine
looks better than ever, the ore chute
being.ciglit feet wide. a
The .FCiisl.o-Rlocan Mining 'ai.el Financial Coni]'iiin.v. ' ca fiit a I ?500,00(.i,
has been 'registered at .Nelson, to take
over the'��� Cli.ii]il<'fiu ati.r'i ��� .Manslield
' The Lp Ro'i is- figli'l ing the Great
.Mrtrtliorn freight rates to Northport,
and, will.close: the smelter and reduce
shipments till reduction -is made.'
riot votir Job Priniing done at the
Matt, Ofliee.
a.mi  Al  !l|ll.
i.;��. .wen*    a a
Mr.  Abuti
Tbe. ii
A/full  and complete'
line of y  V7r:": -yVp'y
yCpraj.IcKenzie;Ave. I     ���       ay"
/���'���' ';.;/ :     /'��������� anddtailway Street.
cs. H R C.t
a.AV'lioii.ynii invesj,
i:iiii;iiioy in jou-oli-y
/'.v.-.iii' : wise. Von
/ liiO'u,  youi-.a Wilne
.;.-��il'.e,.-;'(i.iuI. Kiii-6    it
y.i'm' liu.v' .io��-(.-.Iry
���-. Ii'ii|'i:,:;.-ui(l ;Koi. Ilia
��� iii'.ist  ai'lii.sl.io ��� ro-
. n'vltlS l lii-dWn in,
a.'o oar Stock- of
(iiiitiii a Itrooelio.i,
. Clook    Alaiiiciit'O
Sut.s.C'nt Glass, '&
���'���'.Fiuiuy.Sterling Sit-.
, .vor.Wiire. nt /
iTiiko, notice Ilia t.i, all.  E; Drnvv, .sixty &*.r
fi-oiii (tato, liilcndalo.mako'application te win
I'.Qliiof Coiiiiii'issioinji-'- of Lands ami Worka.k*.
���-linreliiiso  l.liclollowiiit,': det-ui-Hicd   jiaroel  cf '
lillllil i    ,'���"'���/ ���"���-'. '..ya'-;  ���---,-;���  ;,a:--a.a, ���;;,:;-:;���-,.,.
���j1'"- t'om.nioiioiiig.iii, a post., niai-kod H. E. Or��w'��
X. E.ooi'iiui'.po.'-t,.: y.la'no .runs soiil.lialon-r !>���
, lino of Ooi-y .Menliiiiiok's forty aero pnroMiM
aiid'hoyoiidln tliat, .direclioii ^0 uliklns: thti���� '':'
west,,2(1 cliiiius, i-lion.'to iiort.li.a!OclininK more ��*��� '���
Ic-ss to ���river bank.lli'uneo I'ollowinpr ihe��n*ar-
ingS'iil' b'isli l-ivoi- tu"point,'>"of'.(..oinincn(!amra|ia."
pontiiiiiint,' forty acron'iiioro or lew, on tte toft
bank of Fisli IJivcr.   ���- 7 t  .       . ;.���������-'-
;  Camborne, AprilSlli, inOi.*.    :   "/;'  a    .,-;,;';
-I,"' V':     ay';/ ���/".7-,.,V^^]^!iUi)i3Ui3!r.;a,-:-;./,:
'" Paddle and -Piiok lioisos' for salo or biro.
KfL'ijjIiL'del ivory iin'iloiaiikun lo any pn'i-t ofilio
Kish Crook t'lunpS.;'  , ������,/
J. ^;:Magee,yProprietor.
...a   .AGENTS.;
.We -.wiiii'; (il on.:.: li-iisl.wiirili.v inen iuid
��� wpnifiii ina':V(M'y.].M:al!t.V. ioi.-al nl-. Ira v.illini.'. to
inii'.iiln,'..' a ii.".'.'i|is..-ovii'y iiiid   l.'.'.-p
- nsn.
���  u.'a.l,
/-"������/���' House,
..lip ill'
.a a nil
., .i.iiil;
'::��� :inO.
Vegetable ;& Flower Plants
���7777- .,:-'aFor/:Saleba'v/:b/"iv;b
Tenders for. Sidewalk��� Consiructisn.
n,.i,ivoiin a',riin,b.   intlii/.l ai'nn/.il'r.e-'     QlSAI,Eli 'I'lOM'lKliSaildi-cssod lo tho.n-ndor-
Cabbage. Ccle.t.i, Lettuce, loni-itocs,,. ���o....a-BIIt.,,lani���| m-doiT-ed ".sidownlkf." will bo
Giindvl.uft.. ;I)iii ntIn IS.Asters, Verbena,    ri-eeiycd up lo noon of .iFriiltiy-'.'Jtay'J.'Ml, tor,
ihi; i.'otis'l.rii.aion ofiRiilcwi.ilUs.inul- cronsing*
..witli.ih tlio.ci.ly.a'I'onrioi-Oi-s'-will give �� eoparato
price on nidewiilkH anil urosspif,'.?. Inimlior will
liosiippliy.l by tlie'ooi-])oriil.ion,' lint, nnils and:
In hoi- by, the (-uiiti'riclGi*. I'la lis, etc.', may, bis;
sooiiat, iny ollleu.: /       ,  '/"   ",��� *    ������':'.��� a;
Ko li-n.lcr iiocestini-i'y aeeeplixl. .. :    .'     ... ;.
.,/:::.:;/::: / :y:'-7i -, : :o. ic.-siia\v.. -/���/������'/
���aa ���'. , ' ���'. a-/.; -'""���'��� ','���..' City Clerk.   ���"
;.- I;eyi.|si.,ki;vMa.y l.'ith; Ii)i)2,: -,  a ;   -'       ���-..,
Pcfuniiis, IlobeU-1,1 I\l;trigold,a Thlox,;
.Clirysiintlieiniini. ,25c.;{ior,dozeb" '!: a
/���La(b'Cabbagc,i}!l'per.hnndrcib,: //���
J^ Maley," Eeyeistoke/ B.G.
Capital   Plentiful   in   No'rtheVn
,   J. 'B'.   .M.cKcnzie.ivbo
winter    between ���������' Duliil
Pa ill, say's; there is ]
in that,-'section'.' for
��� a'nd St'.'
only of money
in vest men t ��� in
B.C-. rpining,   but .
are required.   ; Mr.
become ��� in teres led
West' ProspeciiniV
|-iro]i()so  ., sending
.Alaska .fhis;sea'.-:'!n'.
good   pi"0|..'er!;es
McKenzle', bal-
in  /tlie .North:
S\ ndica!./;���.   why
|.ii-f').-.|..;ec!or.-'    1 p
.Mr. McKei)'/-..'
riiys he-had never se.-ti anyihing ti.'
beiili the samples' .of; -.popper.;.ore
brought out a front tliiit .-('c:
fail.   ,
Moll .
" Andicr.'" Plug.S'nioking Tobacco
is r.-inning on.iuiiirrit*.      ���
. '��� Hfive,yob tried it?"
>Hftvc       the     Tagn,   they-   are
valuable:"  ,
Advertise in tho AfAir..
.ct.'it rs
.-(..-.:.i Vi
al ere
;dt. y
ii"1!,r 11 f;���
i- il
Advertisements -..under-
.    . -   , . V,'..ya 11 ..if. aia . 1
: e;   WOl'd
tli-'ii bi-in;:;/ t IPv Iaiigb spontii jieon.-ly,
and.tliiit is tii' kind of a laujcb that
send-, tie- andi'moe aw:iy frpin lhe
tlKiiter vv-lI .-'iitis-f'ii.'cl.
The cf,;,,* dy. 'yToo Rich To'Marry '''
liiisan itiii'iise (Iraiiuitic. i;,ter('st'iiii(|
i.^i a. ���'rare (���o:al..iii;il,ion .of roimine.e,
piil-.hos find ci.iiii'i.ly. If. is a vital and
living play -I'lO'ln as in ii series of vivid
and liiplike pictures.
WA'NTHl)"-V(..t;r.'oi-de.r    for   visiting
���cai'fl.-.     I'ilty .iiiius'di peiilJellieiils
a..]<i'.-   ,-',,j.j,,ii d   ���ai:d  ''{iriiitcd    for
.fi'.'/*)'  al      llie      Koo'l la.\,\ V'   iM.uii
��� .printing  nliici-. , (')tiia .new    plate
-. ,'.'.-.cri jit, type is t he linest .ever im-
j.'ii'!,. (I iiita iiiis'cil.v lor..this class
a abi w'.'.ik.' '������'/.   ���,.''..'���.���'"���.'.
VV'a.aji.TI'. L���To s-Irani i/veellent ranch
A\'. ;i -ii!,;.|( il' 1 ./ymar'k* t.    .-dock
aiid,    ii, pia:iiie|i|rx,r;(n    la-    had . at
:   v��bi',i! ion.',  i'i-r  jiiii tieiilurs appl.i
of the  K'oo'i |-,NAi   M/.II..
���������       tl. nil..
WA .\'TF,!>���.First-ela-'s   dining    room
eiii-.'      Applv    (.'oluii.bia    House,
',  lii-rU-u.       /'..a '
: o-        .���'..' ���    ��� ������
 4> ,_W.��'-.	
"A ruber" Plug Smoking .Tohticep.
is.winning on ils me'ritr. ���'���:
��� " Ibiio you tried it'!'.'
"Save   "the    Tags.,. ' they a 'are
valuable,". '.'���"���'���
Good health depends  mostly upoix
the food jive. eat.   ; ������'','    /:;,''/,/.'
���   We '���'can't be. 'healthy if we take alum
; or other poison, daily in dur food.   "'���'''' ���
\yjicn oti tilt ting for camp always take
Dr.   Price's  Cream- Baking; Powder  for
good health arid good food.    .It makes
the finest  flapjacks, biscuits and" bread.
��� . Never go into the woods a way from a
' doctor with a cheap aluin baking powder
���in tlie outfit.    You want the best baking
powdery in the iVorkl���and it is most
economical ui the end.   .���
Price Eaku-c Powder Co.,


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