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Kootenay Mail May 21, 1898

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�� y   _ "3 '��� ^ T _ \AT
Vol. o.���j.'To. a.
< 1.? o.
S2.0O a Year.
Senilir. denounced it���Turner too���The
Herald now poses as a r straight
Turner organ, -though its excuse
is gone���No Grit bogey.
���    When our   loci!   c-onli'i11ptn.1 i-y   de-
s'.ted to flop over  Ui   Hit* Turner government -011H'K*\v months ago it (.otild
iind  ho other  o:;ct;_-e  tli.-ni   p.u I yi*-in,
Conservatives would li.-tvt* to  sire  the
province   1'i-oiu   Lilit-i.il    capture   ,-uid
this civ was taken 1.11 notw it list a tiding
that it-,  pi i*% ion-  issues  teemed   with
(li'tinut iation of of lhe  int i-iuliu 1 iun'of
pat iy lii in.     The   Mail   deihuoil   it*>
naWy <-t y a smoke, tn  coik i->;il  it*, flc-j>,
and this fooius'amply   ptoved  hy "-the
i'.-.rl tint it now   asks Tumor govoin-
liieut Minpoi tei s to 01 ing  out .1 Tin tier
government   candidate   as   --ucli,  iiiul
doe1- it 1 eg.iid!o-s of   the  fact   thnt il**
est u.-o of pai ( V issir-s ha*--   boon   taken
a way by Pi emior Tin not   liimsell,  .-ind
oblivious, also, of the fail, that it-pio-
viou*-  i*-*-ne*. <ai e  altno-t, sensationally
condemn,ittu v  of   tin-  guvoi ntueni,  it
now  Mippiii t*-.    Thi?   tn.-iv   he jnurn.litis it appear-* to miiiic hut  the  Mail is
confident it will not  1 oinnii-lid ilt-elf to
tlie general, lair-minded puhhe.
/rhe dii l.itnri.i! line of at f inn in w liic-h
they (the Liln-i-aU) have persisted'since
Ja-t May. ha- dri\ en Conservative- to
the i-oiu lu*-ion th.it ou them ,1-.1 paitv
will fall tlu-hi mi! of -av uil* t hi-  niov-    perh.-ip-- it .soinew hat iii.uh-tjti.it ely  e. v
As ( andidal e-, t!i"V-ay.
ilcLnif , too, the 11 ii-i^ M( Imi"- !
I- \\ ith the Tin nc i-1,.<i-c ; <
.Mihie Dot tot   J- ,d-o th'-l e,
Mi Lagan too. of coir, i-o,
-Atidolhei giil*-funn heie and   theie
Of ��i eat and It-��� lenown,
Have allied I hem to Tin uei now.
This scheme must he pi.i (low 1, !
Come !  ii.er.ild, diaw > ourToi V blade
Never yet *-een m-led.
Vim will not fight ! What's lhat you
" ".Mv smoke niatliine i- hii-lcd."
Let nol lhat It ighl yon ! ltai������ the n y
Lead ns lo I he jiLt.ick !
Again you falter'*1 You aie faint '-
l'".My tail i- in a ci.-uk !"'
Was p.uty cry then hut ii fake
To'hido your Tin net- Hop?
Then stand ������xpoieii '-li.-illow -han ,
Tne .Mail i- now on top.
Take od'your Tot y ai nioui- good !
������'J'hi- is a pi el ly pa���1 ;"
Swaggei mg in a hni.'.s -kin,
A mere lniid-niouthed A.-.f>.
The Mattress is Reported to be Slipping Down.
���Speaking in (he Legislature Monday
on file suppleiiienlm y esliniale- Hon.
_Mt. Turner alluding to the protection
vv oik done at -Revelstoke said it had
tinned out very -iRi-es?Ki!." On Thin ���
dav, Ihojocal TuriTef tugih contained*
this item (we dike eoiitradtcliug the
Preinier through hi** own ' niouthpieee)
"The Gold ('(unnii-sionei- has wiled
Mr. Gaiehle asking him to come up
nnd inspect I he 'inaitiessing of the
i'iv er'ohauk at, once. There i- lit 11*-*
(k-11hllh.1l some ol il ha-, slipped down."'
Tho Matl 1 egrets to say that il looks
,i? it the Her.ildV. 1 epoi t i- true though
Programme includes pigson shoot for
cup - - Fire brigade contests ���
General sports and games--Horse
races- -Bicycle races.
lived in ! lev/!-t *.���!:<������ Tuo-flav. Thev
will ]i i ba'.ily I H-.ile l-eie. Tl'.ev ale
all K-L'tjves of   Mi. li. Tapping
'iiiei-ial discounts for one vveo^ (ui'i-
nionc-iiig todiv, io all /inds ot la lies
and cl'ild'on's goods at  CotLsiei's.        o
Jieu "li.iukin, I.ito of neai I'ahnon-
lon, i*t> icpoitc-il to have, cotuinil ted
v.iit idt; at S.uidoii 011 I lie 1 C?i"i
Photos of It cab st.'-nci v. p'lice .")0(
eac-li      .'���iei'ovvi'11-Atkin-.-Vi'.itMin   Co.
' NOT C-'T
<. \j
" iii.'"*' ! -'"  ' A
���    I -J *  5 .-        r '
: ^1 ,  w  w ^^i .   '.
? I-.C-.it> l*!i'L
,,  KeveKt';' f s,t,uiuii.    o
 . ' 1      (.cni^e   I. ifie me    v\i!l   ilie   sajiefin-
,    .    ,, ,     u       i.i 11   .'i ���    I K'tifleut oi  loirls  :��ii(l    i 1,-til-,   (his   *,ea-
A- 111 tlie pa-!,    Hevel-toke   Will   tins ,     .. .
1 -*on       lie is 1 KikiiiLC aif-r the lmiitvivc-
year   a-ain   ceh-luaie   on   the   2-lth <-f    |;|(>|ll   (|f    U)(,    j;;���    ]*<,���,*    ll.���ls ' ,JllW.
May���fin.-en's i5o t hilar.     Tae  penpl-
have t onti ihuleil  fi-eiier.nisly and   ei'/i-
cient comiuiltee- h.av e   heen formed to
can v ('ill the very good pi-nt-vainine of
event- whieh l.,i- heen at ranged. Pro-
ci'i'ding- will (ouiuieiiee il) the foie-
110 Mi v. itli a |)iu;eou .shooiilijj; coiupel-
ttivln , hetween teaut1- of thice Tor a
-ilver cup. At 1 p.m. t'ne ^enetal
spurtb proKiainme will he taken up
and t-.iri ied litiiit l!>rou"h. Tt in-
elude- a 100 yaid-dash, 220 yard- dash,
and putting shot, events for ,1111.item -;
and in open (onte-is rithei'ij a'ie events
like 100 and -110 yard-, 220 vatd*- with
htn dies, standing and rnnirii-,^ lonjj
jumps, hop, s|(Jp and jump, and 1 uu-,
ninu; hiifli .iuuijis; al-o vv heelha'row,
oh-l;i( le, I hi ee-le^r^ed, and 'fat men'-'
tares. ' ,
That j)i o^rauieio ((included, 'the
much looked.for (.onipetit ion- hetvv*en
fire brigades Ko. I1 and 2 wi'l take
Don't wail unlil llio-,c neil. wasli-
iilile ei'asli s/tii Is at Coil! "-iei's aie a!]
sold hefoie \im 1:1 ike \otir jum !|,i-,os.~
, The iKi.ud of tiao'e council ouldii t
^et a qiion-.ni Thutsdav iiiudit, but ti.ev
anain-etl, nil tins smie, foi- a public
iii'-ntii'" to disi.-iis,s ,.s to when lhe fii-t
inuiiicijifil eleetion   s'ikhsIiI   lake   place.
Nevei    vvese   the   opp( rlunities   foi
supplvinq >our needs so   favoiable   as
now ;il Com -ler's.       , ' o
The oliicers of, the Kaiiilnnp*- mi'-
it.ny mmpanj aie: Captain, li. A.
Na-li; liwiueiinnt. Cecil W. Waul.
Only lv��-o niiiie' natiies ate needed to
complete tiie siten^th ' oi the miii
Ref-ardiiit- ,v notice in this issue,
from .Mr. P.auer," tui \e_voi. 'tlie Mail
'.iiiderstauf.s that lhe lime for sui vevs
to be letiirned ;mi() counted as assessment on oklei cl.iitii'-i than one year,
has been extended for another \e.ir
' Pimto-j-rnphic (11 \ p'l'les. cameiris,
etc.���McDowell- Atkins-.Watson   Co ,
0^  v 1 (1 c   c-: n*'*'*ri '
The change in treatment of KpoiCiiay
- -Ci'a ig? clsevvJiors in pioport.on
,11- *.,
;n  .1 -
woi I.
; 11 i'i'i",r. _\- -!��(��it
" 1 ')ii!|,'ui:.-s aie *���: (rail-
. ,ti ���_r"i apjn i-n^TiUo; -
-e--:i.:<. -m ti-.ali.liiJ
ii:-. i I 'il t.iin ;*.v 0 ji,ii-l--t
for  t'.w :i-   i�� S^itith ,
creased taxation nccossa:
imi'at the ne\t"e!t'( tion fiom hecom-
inji a mere ,Mii.e\ iind -ide show to t he
Gilt combination   at   Ottawa.-   Thi.- i-
not -uiiph a provincial 1���tie. It is a
Dominion and Xntion.il ipie-'t ion and
on it the Hiii-ALD has made up it- mind
to take a determined *.|,ni(l fiom width
all the nnul-sliiiirinir of the M.Ul, for
the ne*stL-i\ month- will not. lau-e it
tn bndi-;(-.111 inch.���Revel-toke Hcr.-ilil,
/���Dec. 8th. 1SD7. '
Ho! Totie-. llo ! To war! To war!
T,he Gi it- are in the held ;
(Joint- buckle on your anno; Iniy'nt
And lake voui shininy shields.
At Weslmiiislei they a: e at tayed
Gall.nils uxperienc-ed ripe,        l*
\\'ith haiiuei - fl.i itintf to tin-  bieez",
Lances in deadly uripe.
'���They seek to eaptmc thi- fair land
To hand to Liim ior.
Shall this thing; he? No ! By out Cods!
Then,on to the afl'.-.iv.
Thev sei(k lo outwit Tumor's foice
To -mile him hip ard thij;ii ;
Onn.-e; v.itiv e t! e/'ll i al! hnn then
And i.u-e t heir baiiie t r*-.
Misguided To! ie- !    Llai k j e h ick !
ii.i.ste not lo 14iv e them aid,
'Tit hut a ili'vei scheme, we .-ay,
For l.itici.tl paiade :
Stain! side bv side.m.ikebold ourr'i onl,
T'ne.-e uiils we'll l,'iv e ii ta*-leo
Of Toi> stt-tl, of To 1 y po.vcr,
Of Tol'v* v.donr cl-.a-te :
We've battled them bel'orii to-day,
We've won, oft and a;."ain,
We'll save thi.s Pro-, in-'i*   lioiu   them
Or pel isli with tne'slain,
ltd! Tone-,  !!.)! To wa: I To w u !
I Lear ve lhe It if' Ic cry.
To "mvc t'.ie loimti v we n-.u-J w in.
Kleet 1011'- in July.
31:. Heitiliii's b'ttei, Nov. 2<.>. 1&)1 :-I
feel as-ui ed til it the yood sense ol the
people vv ill de( ide the c milln/j* contest
on I iie ��>iound of whethet they aie or
are not -atisded with the pie-entad-
ininist iat:on 01 puhlic alia 11s in this
Ptov inec.
Premier Tin uei "s letter. May 3rd. '03:
���The; o i.s no dcMi-o on our pari Id 111-
(roduee JJoniiniou parly line- in any
way at the coming elet tion-.
Revel-toke I i era Id, .Mav I. LS'JS :--W.
W. Mcluni-. M. P.. left (ittawa on Saturday tor Victor! 1 in order to enter
proviiK ial polities a- u siippin ler of the
Turner government.
Victoiia Colonist, May 7.'03:���Ala
nieeliiif; of suppot t.ei-s of the piovin-
cial tiovei -aiiii nt at Wo-i nillistiM last,
oveniti!j, Mi I T. .J. Ttapp w as appointed
pei-inaneiit chai-inan. Alex inder llen-
(ter on, baiii-ter. and Secrelaiv ol the
Libel al As-o< i..tion. was noniiiiated ,-is
the candid ite 011 t be g,o\ "fii-uo'il side
and unauiiiioii dv cho-en anud-t a]i-
pro-se.s the seriounes,- of the situat inn.
! lovv'ever it is best not to alai m tne pub-
lie 11101 e thana-an be helped, all 1 hai
had host be F.111I i-, l��t them in^piet
lhe work lor themsche^.
As to Pi emier Tin not, it is bet oiniu^
niore and 11101 e evident tliat, his pet 11-
li.-tl Hue of (.oiidutton (hi- liver bank
inatter'is ' uusat isfaclory. ,   Il   he   had
The  ton toots dei ided   on   ,11 e | McCait y lilock, Pievelstokf: ytation.
XVe weie .-issu'iod that vvii'h a new
gold ui'ii'iiis^oner vvt- would have lhe
s'teoH well looked '.iflei ��� Thoy aie
well looked aft oi liy pedestrians and
< * - c 11 s 1 s wli'i wi-'i to a* oui the'locks
on ���heiii.    ,
'i'lle   Pi OVllll ! .1     ''Hi Ct 111'!,',it,    lll-llltl-
ill-J to its loi  il ii, 1; i-i lie, e,   by I !u 11   e--
tim ill'-,   e.i.-.iod  'a :-',: ,ni'! d.-s.t e to ,u-
cede a- i'ai a- pos-ilile lo I he i.-1, .,1,1 1 iili-
w.shi--.   of'the eh-! loi s   of tin-' li.li-nj
aid   (!-i( it tliini--, is   a   '.t.m.1   onoa^h
r'v 01 d to app: o 11 h i !n- people   via  ..ml
foi pi,'(-lical ni"ii to siiiipoi't,   It i- jii'-t
t h" oppusile.    Pi niinl   ni".i  lie:i> an*
not. -.n I) .liipo - as : 1 he   ileiald   tliink-.
Their 1 eas(Miable wishes 11,>\.��� on!   licim
s.i re.ulilv   ,uceded lo m   tile  pa-! ,1-, in
this yea 1 of 141 .k e.    Not e-:act ly !  J'l.ev
know that tlioiif.di (his 1 idin^ <;els .CjOC
000 Ibi- year, that th" whole (h-li ict of
West Kooteaav <*;ol IniL S3'r\U3".Oo  l.i-L
v ear, lh('U'j,h n   paid  mi:ik"  $'JI'),00i) in
revenue.    If election   motivi1-   do   1 ot
lil-p 1 e tills ch.in'j-e ol"1 e i-onablene-s''
what does?    Pi,u In al ii.e..    know   lor*
that tliouj'h   U'e-t   Kooti-n iy   1-   this
veaV ^."itimj; -oinetliin^ like -,i iial ishet
due, that  other  pi.tic-, not dosoi v ii g,
are still heini, pap-ted and have e\| en-
ditui-i's in  even  ;j,i eali r 1 iv-isiineL-, '**c>
that the liijiibtiie ol ti".il nenl of Vv'e.st
ICootenavis just the sune as when we
Hot less!  'Trout L ike City fj;et- n'o 'aid
fo, its ihe di'|- ii ti'ienl, not one penny,
biit)Lilli-o!'f .aless i-ui'(oi"fant pl.uo, gei<
Hil.'JW).  (Aiihou,.'!i  mi    Maicli   0th, the
Ifeialil  L,r.iudilOiii.oulIy   -aid   I lie .**ilO).
a- i:.i   ���..r
1/ -d 1 1
l\"  1,line   a.   :-.-
l ' .   :.',i   ii ( .11. i
0 11  lot ( .),:.* nine.
iCi ,';c���,iv and m.e f{.r No.'l h Ivcinteij.-iy
at   ,in' lhe ''n.>;,* i;-.." i.f (iii' C. P. li.
t'-|lai'i   Ili.l-j-n-   h.t-"4ii>:p|i*(cd  in<
l--t ior- 1 Ik* ?t.Tel-o!i i    .���,*  li-.v, 1 hi- 1111*111-
1 ei - :or W!ii'-!i an* 1 .-ij,ie*.le I to -nie! at
ihecani 'i, 11-0 (./ be  -..vein   i.i.   Ti'e'
iiaine-of the companv aie a-  ndlovv-:
Cip!.,'.),   \. '.A !! . A.:,- :   l-i,   Lieuter-
ml/H.   \:.   M ii-.l.i'ii".ie!l: 2'-.d< C'.eulei -   '
.nt. W- A. (rilhb,-;--. R. \V. Day. R. A.
Wm.-aiIs, N. j-\ Mci.eod. K. Park*, W.
(/. Lillie.'J. M. Ke.'l.-r, .1. L. V.-m-i.,,-^
AltiWl  T:i*-i::i'-.   (J.-or^e JOoyle. IC vl.
i'ii..it, ,1. F."Tliuinpsi)!i'.   \\". .1. rhonij -  '
-'in, I'I. V. Tiioaui-on,   Ii. E. Good, W.
A-!.'.-.-. \V. tJ. Mi-Muni-, H.G. M< Leoi", '
J. Dnfre-no, ('. JI. Allan. Jame- All.-it .
11, ii. (-'eiva.i. D   R. JJ-,*. ,;.   J. M. H<-
,u:. J. A. Mi-D m,.Id.   0.   W.   Steele. S.    -
P. Shaw, W. li. S'-aw. ,1. S. Weed, W."
f. (A.  D.rk-.-1-i,   II.   p.   McTJ-od,   A. R.
Kifo\, Tin.mas Biown,  J. K. Aiiiialih*
H.B-..d!ev,   Chaile-   E.'Boa-ley, G. S.   ,
Ri'.'i, R.'^lcFai hue. bugler.
Tiie'stind.-.rd of height of the com-, '
'panv is .j feel II��� u'elio-,audi then* me ',
30 men ove.- Cio"l. -    < ���
RovoM'uke people'm lie. lit ..id ]���,,.[ tKX) pWilinli loi"ll.e w.^.-.i n .id up the
nVimaU luic-ncaiK two voais tt-j. S'"1" Folk ,,r';,u' L'1!'1"-1" ^i'."��^il
,viH   lecinvc   lhe   news   of   liis    death    i.oiiiminend.|ble   1 i-e  lo   (he   -Unaimii
'.villi le-^tot Ue (Jied on the sl.it;i* of
a \ I'iJomIIo rl'c.tie m .San 'll'ianu*ja>,
,-. bile pl.'V in�� the. opening (b,us of De
Lio.bo's Pi/,;ic,ili.     it w as a veiy tta^ic
��� y ^ o c
he Electric L'ght. '
taken   up  the   Doiniiiion   government j ' ', ���
co-oijoiiilion1 wlien ifvvas  ofleiod   last, huh and bub lace--,   .vet tost   lac-e.   HW)
year andyohtinued that j iri 111 iple  this 1 vaids flag 1 un (team- of tin ee) and 100 i
j year in lurther strengthening the woi k* ! yaids speed 1. ice  wiin   1 eel      A-   both ,'      ,       ��       ' '	
I theie is'no  question   but   tli.it  hettei j t" mis aie pi.nliu.iu nightly  gieat  in- |       !J'lltj   of lllc'   -li'111*-   ^   'he   elect uu
results vvoukfhave lollowed.    He   pi e- | tot e-t is taken in t !r- aiTaii.   ^      v ;liuditslati ni-tbe  IlloCdlevv act - vv as,
feriedtoiefiiseDoinuii('ii0io-()peiatioii. | The ever popular b.cydo 1 act's will ! *"��� ^'oinhu t.i u tiiu-,', ca.ned auav^bv
I'lrefeiied lo (nit himseli' 111 a po-n .01, j follow ih" above and intitule 1-!. 1-2 I ���!it; H'Miieiidoiis foue ut' the swollen
whei,'he would have to do il alone a I and one mile 1 ,k e*-. open; 1-1 and 1-2 , ^Xn' '^'^ <-',""P"^ j!'*-(' f'11-''"11
Mew month- befoie eieltioii. Anvone mii�� h ial: 1-1 mile 1, 'die/ 1 ,a e, 1--1 mile ] ,un x�� ''"'���'���'""^ to icpaii the d uuai-e.
can see How   thnit,--   would   he  do,.o   1:    loi  bov-'.    iloi-o i.ius   ;is   iollows-l 1 | ho^evei. and 1). Allou   and   Ins   cifiw
��� ml.-  da-ii.   < :i.   catch    we'-.b!-:   i.|. | ��^M'i.��.i';cd 1.. pni  111   an   open   Hume
the I wo govi'i'iimonl-i had   been' woik
ing hai moniously   toget her, under   lhe \ mile   ladies'   i,ui
co-operation   principle   established   by j da-, '-'.spo. Is.
thalclevei leader (now 110  11101 e)   Hon.,      Th" ofi'n el s appointed   ,11 e iioli. ])i es-
Mi.'Davie.    Ue knew how lo t ike "ni- 1 .denl, T. E. L. Ta\ lm : ,,1'o'i.  -ecieiaiv,
casion bv the   hind''  ,iud  iio"  pi -niijit i \"\'. O. Pi\l"ii: jud ^ ���-, J.   D.  Graham,
ineatine.s when li"   loam!   lhem   note.��� , il. A. l\i lev. \V. M.   liiown:  staitoi-,
saiy.    Mow dufeient   l tie   h indiii.g   oi  I.I.   A     Smith,' S.    S.   S,i,iih!''1.-:    time
tin*, inaller by hi*s v.eak sueces-oi  ilon. ' keopei-,   A.   Maedonaid,   W.   ('ov, ,m.
Mi. Tinner!    llow he dallied !    Relon-i Couinutloi s���Un;-.' and   bitycle 1 aces,
its shocking Hop tho Herald *..tiu : 1 Vv'. Cowan, ff. N. Com del. C. Wilson;
Ari for the pi oteetion of the 1 iv or b.inlc j gun shoot and lire contests, J. G. Alii ete (it, is spi-aki.ig of the '.)7 eit.m 'te.-l len. A. MeRa'e, A. Macdona'd: genet id
it ligu-.es at, exactly tbe --1:110 .i.nt.iint , ��poi is, ,1. G. .Ml^n, A. McR-e, ,J.
as the'lferald esi.imaied iCvon!.! ,1 lew ' Abialiamsou, V,'. G, Biiiliy, ,W. F. j
weeks a> o. and lliati i.s notlung  at   all. \ Ciago,
*    '���     Tne   government   have   11.1t1 ��� -=���� .-=.���
-done this in ignoianto. Thoy knc-iv |
poi fi'ctly w "ll of the Di-mi'i'on appiii' '
pr: itiou ot .**> 10.000 on   cot.dition   or 1111 ]
i equal sum be.iig fo1 thcoimug fi 0:11 ]
Vi' ton.1 lor the necessary work on our [
rivoi bank. They have /ibv 1011-ty j
washed lli.'ii hands ot the w hole ('t tm-
���vil! (onclude tlie- on tie-solid mil; .11 sunn as po--*.ible.
(he vvotk wil! lie 1 nshod mjlit thnuuli
,\\\(\, be ltioii':i_v *( cared and cou-
sttiHKil. The b-i'ii will he liuued on
in a few davs if well meant eflm ts and
ene!!iv will do 1'. The. eo'npiinv have
geiict.il sv mpatlu rin the, loss of then
plop 'i lv
,    Loci! an.! Personal Briefs.
(Jhaplci-,1 is saiti (���> be .ivinit
]>.-   liietl v\,is   in    town    'J'liui'vlav
The Great   English Liberal Statesman
Died on Thursday.
When Willliam E.vart Gladstone
died on T'uusday tuoiniiig, the vio.ld
l-.'sl one ol itsi.o'il '-t and gi eat est men;
oi'OVili'i h, s -tood inioiigsi lhe vet v
lot Oitia-l, few in hi-, ( oiliit 1 >'s lll-loiv*.
ijoi 11 m (lie fiist deiadi'ol the iuno-
tei lilli 1 ent lit v    (Iri'l")   lie   let    I i 1 f��� 111 <'-i
;ot election yeai) biiiioc's^.    Tnat they
,11 e thei eliy v lolating a di.-tuu t pledge
of their old leader Gluef Ju-lic-e Davie
seems lo < ut no (iguie at ail.    Later  it
Tlio D"fl"P. thinks a is
^iino   fni
.1 Move
Hen Gieen. of Ahr-rt   Coivon,   wa*
in town Tuosd.iv.
rushed   nit.,   vi-,-,.   and  goL this  (iir. '���      A]!j(i|,   Ci|num   v _,,   0���,(;b|.aU,   tl|(,
.Scene:���OHit ial apart.noiit 111 \ ictoiia. 1 q.,,,,,,,-^ p,i,'UkI'.u .
Time    ligut    now.      Enter    Premier      "" . ' * .
I111.1..1  disguised   a-  Ret-y  Spiiggin-, H'lllx   L,ii,n"v   u,!1   1,;'   1""'
Mi-   li   J    I5oi,,K-i,e,:i"clerl lunne i 'nM   l'l-'> "���'* " M-M-niui* p .. 1    ���:���   '-1'"
a flau - oi   01 - i  ili'ii 1 V    i ll!   (Ill    i be I,'.   !
(let .ale  and   m-ailv  (h-ing   vear oi  a
m.isl 1 em,.: 1. Ible eta ol piogies;..  Great
aim ng-l  ii,en, a giaul aim 1 tist   pai iia-
111011'a 1 '.ins, a 1 na* I or ol  poht u-al si 1 it -
ee,\  and a hot ii loadoi,   a   clenua roi   ol
t'ne dt mix 1 at'*, v.'(   boi-'imr  anie-ltv
is old  ,11
II oin ihe stun ol Sp.i/'.;0 whn-li ti,e *,���.���!)-
pie of Ti out ' 1 ike set ,da.*i -i at f'l.st as
adi,q.iale''lo leee ' the 1 eqiiii e i.ont- of
iheii 'disiiKj, Un-i.e ���:- no sum in ,1)10,
supiiieineiilal it��- fois.i toad up tin* Lai -
il :'m\ X01 th Fori:! .bu( 'the*.e_is ./Jioiit
S3.000acldiliou.il lor : oad-at ound Oue--
'lellf-O.ii ihon. Tm*. ve.nV iiipplomen-
Mi ios-how ,1 Mi.ii di !,'10^.'>!2.0 )   -.pent
III puh'u. wo'k.-o\er the etiiire piov-
i-it o. Ihov stioi" al-o iiliri," 11 -pent   on
I 1 he V11 loi 'a p,a ii 11 iu nt 11 ti' din g -a loi 10.
which ban- now 1 nmuci a mill,on
pi.k thai men l.oow tlo'-e tilings, {jji.v
know i.o-v 'hi* d.-liitl is hen'-j milked
,i"dtliev know that tlie gov ei iinient
w hile'itving us nothing mme than we
111' eoliib'd > to, give othei1: s-., iiuKf.
u,01 c thai, t lie.r sb.ii:-. i h it lo gel pi-.
I k c hei 0 it -i'l'in*- I o hi- not ess it y to .111-
tiitiiate a delicil aud piejato im i:--
ci oa-ed taxoi 10.'.
prat (K al pe i]>le I'-Oi'W i" i thil iln-
disti it t na\ lag half o. the.I wit taxation, lias not got its -ii-l lopiesenti-
lioii .-in.l if the govei n.nent go"s 01, the
same peiniraU'o p'oln y anci mil!.in.- of
the Fvootejiay Row v, ill be'" resumed,
and as ilu-v cannot e.spt'tt ,1 iv ta-
t. -a-et! repro-C'iiialso.i they will lie
domi lattd bv Mlu- go ,vrnmoul'�� i-oc'c.-l
h uotighs and ho p...cti.-aiiy n-'i,^.ierl
T!i -v kutui, i 00. nnii'.i o' wliat 1" ;is-
ia( t.'.'i I lie;, ma) e\peei, ,j tin- g> n \
1111 ii( is roi urood; million do'i 0 p >, h 1-
moiit lauldinus and .nilhon- o,, d'.llat-
111 b'.ni,-is   to   (0.1-I    r.ulr.avs   aie   not
���1*.   lo,., l||,
ave (o   be
tboiit    ' la-sic ,1! si hoi n , aii.K 1 ompl.-hedspe .
loi. ami ivoolenay   pa v -   tluee   to   one
what theolhct   pait*-   ol   lhe   Pi opinio
do.      Xi'i !   the   wtoid    r     not,    yond
enough.    Thi'desin* to   aci.'de   to   0111
1 e.'sonahli- tlrm ind*. looks like  not hllig
bill a spj it lo (ale!; a   maokeioi.    Aiid
, ,   ,     ,    (hen    when   v o   put   theiti   in   ag tin���
I   a-  mo-t ; ,1   i-dli-heii 1 , 1    . , 1 n,i 1 .1     t-
.       ', ,       v.o,udii I I ue null: ll.iw    11 om 1 In- k'.oi-
I heat them :i ealbng
The riv er bank's hilling.
The roadway's a ct ambling
.Vnd pinpeiiy's tiuiibling
Down into tho livet a- la-t as can be,
And all sit k like 1 uuimii -,
And tall* and ccintuiuour-,
Rut laws,   that   dont   hurt   an   ocll , the lad.e-  bicvclo 1 tees   0.1   ihe   'Jit
i'i, 1 V      Row       lilt  1      1 he      ", >\ ei 11 jie'it
sland-bv  hi.ioughs,-'    ri !' ��� l.ifv.I ot niov e
1 he pi il( ( K al people   ol    Ki.nl ei-'iv    will
.,.,,., I make  will   .Kit    lie   (>'   .'"ipeii.ole   thi-
ihcv v.-ic iiio'i./." iiinido,id 111 then par     ,, , ,
I l!"i'( illg oi   OUI   I <������(.!.tee- OV     letiu.ililg
'a Tm'i"i-  gov '���]: 1111' ��� > 1'   t .11,(In! iie.   but
'ih'-v  v ill-.'ia! U'l". "I  -liiidv ind'pe'.!-
the lii-t of Jlluo. ,, j or and  peiietl   ot.lloi, in1    was   looktd
The, finpeind   hu.k   expetts lo open ! opo.i alnio t  i-a demi-^otl hv lho-e  of
:i hi inch 1:1  Ft. J-jle'elo. ! I""* i'olilseal bulli. o.nii wor.hippetl alive
11    .'V     Pel lev,    of    the    IU>vo!s(o!.e,
made ,1 Cilguv  visit lhis vvt el.-.
Thei,.,-.! nithiaiv emnpauy is   lioii.n , ,,.,���.,,������.,��� U!1.-j.  v. ; v   hatdest   lilow      , , .    ,,,,���    ....     ..
iiVdi 11 in 1 hi- week bv     F   1-i.iser   J    '      ���       , . ,     ���   ,       ��� -,. ii.ineln.i*   1-,    I Im    "-,a, "l l.y   "1   llu-e1
wuiiiiiii  i.iumtA  ui     1 . , 1,1st 1, -j.- . 1  |n   ,|lii(   )t   (!,,..,] ]     ,,,|,,    i,'i-igiiilli-ailt'��� I
'Upset   at   Games Cresk and  Carried   '   ���
Out of Sight.     ��� ' :���
A   very   <-.il 'act ident   otcuned   on   ..  f
Sund.iN.    Thi ee inoii, MtGie^or.  FvitrA A >
md Iviiori. weie going up  Uu-  Coluin- A   '*
b a fo tlie north in .1 boat with a canoe -       '-
behind.    Thoy liu.-d up ai, the   mouth.,1       '
of t'ai'iie*- Creek. McGregoi   and  Fritz   '    'y
be.'ig n.i the "line.    Knoir j-lood on  a/-r     ';
lur at (Iviuionthof the creek  and  as        i\
the canoe pa.-sod he i'unped .*icro.s.s 'tha     '   -
stern of ll.   .]n-t a! this time the ripple    ,    4
ni tin* vi ,itei .i.al tiie wash of the Unxixi f
bo.-it'iaus'd lhe(c>no.'fo roll aii',1   poor     .   \
-fCt.orr iiu.iblo (a  balance  iiim-elf was   '.  ?,*
llitow 'i ovo;.    Ife was M-en lo lev  and '
laud ou-aJiai Ibwer tltiwii   -ti-eanj   liub ���  :   ���*
the *-et of tlie 1 ivei-wa*-!(��'i siiong ami i
I ).f wa- -wepi   ;ivv.-.y   out  of  sj-gi,';.   ;m.   *   y'
1 ..Ihor . ict.111   to  the  CoJo.inliia.     WI y      '-i
Knot; did not try and holt! on   co  tlie,   '      I
e'.moe  is -in ,-.;ige   ovcopt   ili.it,   he  got '   " '"*
e\cii..;d  r.t.tiie auio-vti "cied  rolling  nf     '���'J
t'ne canoe.    Ivimi r wa-* here h.'foro  for   - '- *���'
a s Mil time null 'war,   man ied 'only :i ���    ���,   !
o\v week-, '1,'"uie Xina- 1,-i.st.     His wife \
I.- .U Okotol.s ni All '��� ta and I:;is' been        "">
.notiliedoi her gie'al lo���.        .    * 0<r'      ' \
 c ,- ' --        ;���;
SI,600,000 is Not Enough. \
.O-ji^.'.a,    M.u    II-Tin   tumor is
cui'Ciit    lontgat    that   th-   executive   >��}
1 otiiii i! today a^ioed   upon   the   tonus      ���> }
ifa uo'v t-.inti.i--t   with   ilac-kenzie ifc
Mann for an all i,.;i   toute' from Alice
Aim to tin-  Yiik,)n,    ; JO   nidos,   tor a    ''
iiiidgi.iu   .,f    ti.C-jQ   .acres ' -1   n'lile.
���'he   (oniia.iei-   ci-pend      upon    the.
ijt.tii'.i C-iu-uhu L'ii"'.iiiii''!U for their
'n.onoy s'.'.-i i;       Othtr   tonus   of the.���
con11 act   c-.iin.t    nc   Ic.-trned   tonight,'
bat   r   is   l'(-"ii"ve��   to  be   nearly   the
*. ime as u-i' ,;.si   ciirnict.     It, is said
that th-* -"'a it'   !i 1- ! fen eaieiully caii-
v .ussed 0n I h   s.i, tli   n.ajmity   secured.
The hi'!   v->;i    not    be   lt-tiodiiced for
--���.���n."  0 ,.-. ! tiio ',;. i.ito   in the coni-
1110..S is t -.--o - .' t- to be vei-.   pi ott aet< d
-o \\c :��� e ,i.) 1 n,,*.. extend lievond
"10 ii:,; .if Jt-Jv and gui gioo.eii le
id'.i. iii'd inv ,x (l,!i,:i ..;' .-.")00 e\i:a in-
(lemuiiv, vvhuii 't ��s -.-.-ii ,; in;i*..i< r of
-iippui toi- of the g..veimi:"ii'. wilt (le-
11.-ind if  th" so-.si.in lasts   five niottth*-.
1 I v ineiiiol It s.  So gl oaf vv ,1- his pel s rial-
' liy ,'.nil pov.. I-ov'"i-iiis   jiaily   thai    I,!-
\.   W*   Mtlniosh   and 'II,   .Mm 11*. J smallest   wud  vv .is pow : li.l   wilh  (le
-"'i-y 1 left foi   Ke\ stone   ntoll'ilain this inoin- j people; .,11 1 i,e was till the la-I hour n
.as   lieie
womaii like id ���.
That  is t ic h !    Old   woman   i
I ieh !    The Ileiald 1 c.icinhei ���> U-ing   it     ing.
-o   vividly   Lli.it   when   1 ball'-iigocl  on 1      J,,',,,    ^i,,,N h     ,,r
r      1 t      , , ,       -I- t ,1. 1 /TT*     , ' ~ ���) ('{iii ,JI   OL.-I..U1I, Ol
Inland  oeafii'e]. .Aiav 1. ith. (\ k d: i.i    , i... ,,,,., i,,.,,,,.,,,,. 1, ,,1   i���.,i.,   ii,..ai,./i     1       ,    ,   1
 1,.     ..I...   1 1   .    1...     1    :,..         ",l   "���'.*  ini'tn-ittei  ll.ul   oee.i   Jj.i :i .1 li-ci     ]wiv]t Allieil v. an \ on.   v
by IJi"iiiiei 'j'uiner. tt   c ould   inal.e   no    (]tlV
b.lloideleiitetnau   to   s.'.v    well   -up-]       ^     ���      c.,i!ui||i     ,,  ^     ^    ,,;       (���
p.ai,g,l.s(apol,i���al,lot.g-) Wi: 7vitK    Tri)Ul ]^k(.   ,,���,   ,u,,!:.      (.Ml    r   ,Jild{
(��� -in; i'(ATK.\"r to tei- !':' so a: tii \r.    Tln-i-d v
Let it go at that. Heiald! X   / ' 1, -      ,n    --i
;      Olc tianrihoig w ("it   .-,])   to   III01.11I0-
Sfvfial 1,idle-, speak ,ol ^nlei ing for j | he iibilp v ot m^-ut ( es-,oi s. I.t.ni* ai'lei
'��� I In- 1 eliiet.i.-'il, indet tl, till iie died,   bis
ll ( il    I l.e iiesl
I t,pj ii-.'d lo    j in uei i-an
t:' .11 si- \\\\{ n,o-,l   .11' el V see.     'I I
not  be a   Tin in ���    (.i.nlidile  .111   y   v,
I i \   in  -l,,'.lk 111   ,ls   I iitlepeiuletll-)   eh
���d lm \Ve-t Koiii'-nav. and !*;.-: X,
A Big Deal
Th" initi il pa,,,;-**! oT s7)),0)i on
('ie pn-i i .i.ij-**,*:' ih ��� ].'>;!oi ),-, the Brit-
'-' \.'"i' 1 . < rpmatM-a wa nio.de .Satin,!. -,    ,!ii!o(.Oii   it oo'iloik !���) t'lcdfli-i
ios..,- t', ��� i; ink ,,f lhi:ish Xojih .Vin-
���iti. ii>- -ki'it!. Ti." i-.iymeii: was in
'li-ii'imtl .( !n ( k. -L'lied by ICdwin
���li "' ', ii,-"*e-s ie tuagi-i of lhe mi--
'��� 'i iii' ii. ai .! ii w t- delii"ied by Hon.
i. .M iv 1.1 I)..:v. - ikfiiin ,,f (-,,. H. A.
V . lo di'..*. ���! VV. M. Hid path and Val-
*-poi-iii!):-- i'he   lord   poll! teal t-il 11,it ion
i.-ahitlo  iu,\(tl.    It,  is   now stall don
auiiioi liv. t h..i ( he-Milne vv ing  ol   th
the lot al Ltbei.il parly, w ill suppot I the
'J'ui nor e,ov-"i n.ii'enl <tt I he ap])i oac lung
I hi-,  n ma! ka'.ile   bio,   lhe   (it.-ind   Old ' , ,   .-   ,     ,. ��� ,  ' , ,    , ,   ,        1
I l.-n.is ami    sale   *'i>I   "''so    ..,    mi!' 1   .1- ,
the    Spi in;.'-' 1 jM'in.
Sen-   ^^yZs'WK^Z&A.AA&w&AA-tt
1 roi-1 L'dko Nt!\;s.
eletlion-. j', Hall, hi olboi-in-law ot
Dr. Milne, a pit.-nnnoul laheial, will
rnn a-, a gov el n 11 ion t < anditlalo,
Xol*')u Ti ibuiie ;- The *.fiin of ^[line's < 011(011, plat oil pollllt il light about
si 1 eligl boils' tlie tumor t bat Moi tines
lias soti 10 11 nd 01 s|, Hiding with i he Ti��. tier gov ci mucul w it li 1 espet t I o  a  place
in I he cabim-i,  is M iine an	
lies   laiuily   woik  together   in   o-.eiy
Ho! Hot dd.  Ho! To w.ii ! To vv.-n !
(ilii st home- .11 e how ill v lew.
Wil h Tin net's iimit-i 1 y 1 hev '1 e m
If  all 11 poi t- 1 e I i-i i'*,
Heiidoi -on of Koynl Oily,
Hull of Yit loria,
yV'ill soon bear Turncf colour-;.nosy,
Pioi-otdiiigsou the K'.oleiia'   ll,,",.!1 XXMf'!    M>^"1''V   ' ��'   l?i>'iinsis   lo   ho ]
l. |s|, week llu   ,'iivel   Cl,,)   shipped    to     _'|!t' V
Han l-'iauci-i o-iiiolii i', v ia iiovel-toke,
!{."jl) to.I- oi  it-  now   laniou', ote.    The
giade 1 ollld not  be lea. lied in 1 line   bill  j
bolb ii il.ei ,mti .Mai ,;.-i oi," like!*  i,   bi
del- .let!     The   v. hi !>���   .M .i'ii ind   wi'l
j 01' 1 ip- li  UI   OM opt ,11  Is  V, .11 "JO , I!,-, 1 j 1  -1
he vovei ,11,lent.    Thai '_r.v c, t h ��� .\ nt".
,        A  ,1    '-nliue P.-;. t.'ii  n 1 ie-niing tlio LeKoi
���u. 11 .n- .-.-,.'.'. in id.- a special nip Irom
-;i "\ 1   -'l-'.i.'   iv.-    lie  money.    T'ney
di t ��� , 11   'I  \< -''.. .: 1 (,VV.
'11    d v. .- not put   thiough   with-
"���'i ' del,lb!" (-.\peii-i*.  Oil tiie 12th,
I I.i,--.   v   ]i-i.   tiie  ontue   agieenietiL
���node ii'.  1 * 1   .10! I. ?-.". Peyjiin with the
ii   \   ('. v.,;-   ��� ibi.d   from   London   to"
to,    T':;.':e  were  ] \-jf>  woids  in
, ' 1  11 l, on pi ct ( (1 the shlpliieiil    1 , up Ui its
Jloti-o liave been -omevvisat-lop .tj.tin ' 1,''cl; f,JI  'he'iJth.^  ^     1 j iimi.iI iugb gi atle.    The  steamei   Tiail
tins week     T'neie   is  io'-iii foi/lhi- pi- M'. and M in   Ilollcn   hope to be 111 | v ,,Ml ���|, ihe Aim I'm U and   b'lched   it
stiltiliou   aiul   the   i:j-t   01    the   kind    A\\en  1, iiui-oine   now    k sidonce   about    all oui al one lo id.    Mi.  \ n m-i-, w lu
cl the "''it in-    '""'t u ''��� ,"tl the p.ition.i.-o. . the lii-i oi   tho mo.illi
W  A   llitior.   in'ovnuiil   liiei   -'ai-        Photo   iciui-i e*   ;,-   tin"!,-   ,it    M
.,,,.,,. ,   , --r"*   1 e,      l!i'-:e   Were   j ,^*   vvnils   11
lli'll"-,,!  tllilllllllV  lltlt   l.l    V ( Oilli l".K-       , ,       ,         _
, , ���       ���""  i-i'-���>-:'���  0.1 d   th'-  to-L vv.is s.j/O
lv t omit on ( at 1 v n.g s,\   se,!- nn t.i, -"
,,,,,' , , "^'11   i- tie li ' tit- i..i)i,'l_v \v.is ,t intist con
Is ind, wind) i- going to   make .1 sup- ,      ,.
,    , ,   .    . ,.    o ,    ., 1* . 'ii.iii I,-op to \(-t, H���iy vvlien the hi*-i
I b   -i I ll-C'il-'  id   ll ( O     lt-i'lt    tl Olll 1 il Ills-
Is engaged III ! he   11 Oli-poi i ,it ,1111    bll-i- ]
io'--   ol  Tiorl    ij.ik"   di- Mt I,  -ny-    '
Xo 1 Co'iippny, NtLo'
V'VOI,    1-
itiiidiii lit
into the  Mi" i'.ei
.   ,, t. . ,.        i- ;,,-, i.iei.t '*. a-;-j .ti".
iut.tr ltd 11. e.    Km'' onl i ii" old, 1 11 it'        ...   , ,, ,.  .    .        .   ,   *     ,
, ,    ,, ,.      J no 1 :--im]., 1 1 ot.efiiui,! s c>i the <-:ile
in lie 1,1 ..        !t 1- tin." nn a c nauge ! . , .
 ���t  live,'.! -), r ^ ,;,.-. v.-tn f lie est'.'pt loo    of
' W  .1   i!,.i 11-. ���-)" Ko���land, v. ho 1.*. credit, d v.it'i jiI ,>.it i'l.ti"1-haio*-, vvmthar,
hint    -'ai- I'lioto    icpii-i e-    :.,   *tlo"k   ,ii     .Mc- j hasahoul an , (pi,.i 'pianl il v   ot  t're   on !      f'ipfai'i A   V.   Iiod.,iii- i-   in   wt.-ipi , .<(;   p, ,    -1. ��j *.-  .s-.',." U>J.    The IVylons,
��t;i,tv     11 ,t> , I'ovw'il Alkiiis W" 11 -o 1   Co,   .Mci J ti i y I I he load Irom'! le-( ap. ami is v\ ell   up [ o| a !e, 1 >i 11 om Li' ai -('olouei   l'eie.-. I \" ���]. r'Ui.c,   f.   i\.  .unl   W.. art- "oinlly
!,:,       bl... li,  Pevor-lo/,-    M :M,ii o       j vvit h I he out pill  I hoii-ih ll  i-somew h..l     ,,.,.,,���, ,,,g him I,, pi o, . ed ,it ( aa e w il !i I in* h...({,*!-ot  **��� 'VV'Mvot t h  of -tocfc
���  I  a lie.ul V I I .      lie I epoi I- t he  I'lee   ( Olll- ' . ,    ,- ,
Hi    M   '.I -.In in. ���' ii  A- -lohusoii, oi  j ,ltC(.v, ,���,.,���,   Mc.dilv   wilh IJ,i,Mi:ai,d  I "�������   <i-".'�� ���*-'���"'>   "I   '���''^""   (
1:1    e u a     (I lit
land    puMos    wishing      i lit i-    -i.tvev-j       1 h    \|   ]] 1 , llm. . .' 1 !  A. .lohusoii, of | ||^."v,'oVl.Viii: stei.d'iiv' w ill" 1 IJuimi: aiid ; 'll('   ( ' -'''" /a'il "   "'   X' '"",1   ("li:! "l">  _ " ''th   ! i,e 'f 1 1 .,e.  o,t. 1 ,-m- .is 1 opie-en
j m i'i'*    foi      a-^ 'ssiiioi!1 s     on    ii.iin-ai     the ]]ei,i!.|.  "lulled   innn    llio   coast 1 I he li id -Imi   wil'o    i in. 11. al-o o| einng , ol   I be Knott ua \   IlilH'-.     111 t In- let let j 1,  ] \,\ *-,.,| ,-,.r '1 1.1 i.-*i ami Colonel and
' cl mils should    wir.c   liim    nio'iii'tlv   io I oi) tin* delaverl Xo   l'. Tinn    la. 1 "I1-    Dan Ke.,111- wilh loin  m.'ii _,s   liv- j Colonel P.-ie, - e\pt t s-i - In - 1 e_i. t I hat    _M 1 ���.   W.   W.   i).   Ym i-a-r ai e   li-ted at
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Thero v t.hey iiinst get rid of the Ti.Wi-.i-, tini.ii...-  had been ii. groat .inany. bilso' reports j t.iy A, the .earliest r.o^il,|.-'f.p,,t?..j.imity'.  about.it,, and'He would ventiiro fo say j The.gny.'rrims-iit, it aviI! # lv. .noted,, pi-  that not, 1-I0l.liof lhegold'ha<.hbeoi:igof?l U'tid to find in ,llie now , loiin,. I,ill the;  'which was reported. The Hon. Prpwiri-; >���������. in<!;iiis''ol' iiiiikbig.' good   tie- calls , of  rial ..Secretary b;id'iiiotet^Ogilvie.   Aie.    ' "' ' '  had also road'O'gilvie'.s rt-poi t. It was  ��������� speculative, and jU'estui'iptiye. Ogilvii-  did licit know ' thai, (hero, was aiiy  uinotii'il'.ol' quartz milling in (.ho Vnkon.  It would bpeoiiie the gi-vornmeiithel-,  tor fo lake alook at it.s own territory,  wliinu nil, tht-' rcvormi* it bad wasrequi  (���������he sujiplvvinontary estimates;.-(Jul.ting.  ���������f:om the .sleovii ''fo'paLe.h 'Kln-.'ba'cl,'.-.-  Vicipi'iii Times. '  '   ,  " ���������  ;'���������'  ; SUBSCRIBE-     ' "���������;'    y  l'or the KoorrJiNAV MAir., West Konl-  eiHiy's pione.ei'paper, tjj2 a year    ,  ���������w-rBIRNEY  Painter and. Decora-tor.  Graining, Carriage Painting and Paper  Vy ..'. ���������   Hanging.  DKALKI!,    IN    WAT J,    PAPEIIS.  vB^R7:IS7;MPFLIE3C5ii;WI^  ���������AIE*.  rM  "^7V7  \<S::  Wmm������ -Bb^MWwMMoMM  5--V  ;;������y-^Dv;:'&v:E)'lJ:EA  i'lrllRQBRmlC^Sf:  :X':-:AAXiyAAA-l-l,'-Ay-y-Al:--y:.y.lAly'i  iA:yyy-.:yyAAAy:yyyy  ^'dayylidiiS e: iii7to w mi  ;'v7'l������fii������e^lalf  ���������:Tlieybai^. isp^upplieyl Avit^  ������������������77V7.7:77V''GigarSvl:v'7C7Vp'vvV.",V':7'7V  :Sv:������';:v^'?":fffe  r^./t.:  $$n momBsXoriXke, iMj$mem$M. im  Ifyouycoiitoiiiplitlo/buildiii^ and vyant. ;i iirsf-cliuisdosign, couipiiliabic.vvitl.i 'the  ���������;���������'.��������������������������� ; ������������������  n==      smallest cost, eallk a iid sco'tne . ,y '������������������Ay A   - '��������� '-���������-.���������'���������,-.  ; ;���������; '-���������..;���������������������������: A %.L&A W'O':R. K;'' G,U & li K.N''TiEiEXx'��������� ,' "'  :.' '  ��������� An  ��������������������������� i\  '��������� ,������ ���������  <oininercia  McKonzlo Avomio.  REVEI-STOKE STATIOIf.  .iAi  SJPJSiCI^lA'FAZ  -A  r  *  Ikootena? ���������. ffiail: ^ * *, IRevelatofte;-'.3B.'CP/  nmiui,miiMiii,M������it������iiy������iiiillu THE KOOTENAY MA 1
Dal ton   McCarthys   death���Scene   ih
' the Commons described���Business
in   Paiiinmcnt- -Fraternal  insur-
''anee situation in  Canada-���Yukon
ei e wa s ;
Lt.-Col. Evans l,-i*-t week, and the hoys '
who are now on their way to the jniio���
pitablo country have  left   very   many
warm friencK in Olr.iv. a.
The question  of fraternal  insurance,
has been prominently before the conn- ! w,tls unaniinou
Welcome Back.
. 1.:
io-ition   conven
tion in Xew \Ye-tminuter f'itv  on Sat
in fir
tt   ul
j. <:. n
I OO    pec I
easing   eirotmiflanei"-.     iittentling
McCarthy. Q. 0.
the death of Oalton   McCarthy.
M. P . gives the event, whicli  all  Canada mourn*, today,  an  atmosphere  of
pill hot ic- sadness*.     On  Friday evening
last, but iive'shoi t day-- before lie died,
the deceased statesman  wa4-in his .sent,
in I he house of   commons,   in   the  full
enjoyment  of   thai, splendid   physical
ac'.ivily   and  magnificent  intellectual
vigor which has  always  characlci i'/.ed
him.    liotiirning lo Toronto  fo  spend
the Ha bbath,, with   his  family, ,as  was
his .von t,�� he'.tat led   on Sunday 'evening In cal eh tlie  night   train   for tbicipital again, and,in loss ^than .-in hour
was brought hack bleeding and unconscious, 'from injuries  received in an incident',  caused   by   tlie  bolting of the
horse which he   was  driving���injuries
from which ho never rallied but which
proved fatal within 72 hours.
The personal interest felt  in liis condition during liuisi* three brief days by
all classes of ihe  coniinunitv   has  not
- lu'on oojualled in the case' of any  Canadian public in.in since  the memorable
illness of lhe kite Sir John alacdonalcl:
-anxiety to'learn the latest repot ts was
manifested everywhere,   and   whothoi;
in tin: corridors  of   the   commons,  in
the hotel i otundas, ou  the street or in
(ho homo, the .solicitude vva.s  universal
��� and today it is succeeded   hy a  heartfelt sorrow as widespread  and sint-eic^
Tho scene in the commons  vvheir the
premier made  the  sad 'announcement.
i ,     , ���
will long be  remembered.     Attracted
by the prospect of an animated .debate
,011 lhat tl'-ad issue���the-.Manitoba,
school qiieslio;i~-ihat cause ot hitter
conl en tion .ami patty division in which'
the dead .statesman had taken so
"active .-mil elTot-iual a part, and in connection with which his' name and
memory will always'bo prominently
awiriatod���1 lie house was unii-mall y
well filled and tin1 galleries p.cs'eulotl a
- more animated appearance (ban
;if, any previous sitting this sej.-.ioii.
Mr. Bergeron, the conservative 1110111-
bor for Beauhar.iois, had. entertained
the' .-li-seiuhlage siiico tin; c-niiiiiienet--
incnt of tlio evening session with a
lively harangue on the alleged action
of tho government in opening, negotiation-^ with Rome, .during which he
charged that the school question was.
not settled hut, was iu a woi st* condition today than ever, liis remarks'
had beep ni"t with much good humored   banter   across   the   floor and  the
chei'iing aiid countoi-chooring had  for
11 - . .,
hoar 01; more eonti united  to t realo ;in
unusually lively episode.     'J'he s|)e;iker
concluded   a   few   minutes  before ton
(Vclock. and every eye  centered on Sir
Wilfrid Lanri' 1; a>Ji;'jrobe^ipp*ireiilly
to reply.    The fii rt""ha!f  dozen  words
thai, fell from his   lip-,   however,   vvre
like fi'bolt from tho blue, for while the
wo.-si- had been  feared   bv many,   the
aftei noon I'-.ulli'titis honi Totonto  had
been brighter .-ttid at this   moment no
one within heating til' tho premier was
anticipating    the     dread    announc-e-
-       1-
nieut.     Iustatitiy    an    intense   hush
pervaded I he chain her which a moment
before rang with laughter and echoed
Willi   vigorous   plaudits,  while   every
one   loaned  forward to oalih Ihe   sub-
try this week through the publishing
of'statetnent-* uiadt-.before tlie Banking
anil Commerce Cominitfoe during consideration ,of bills io incorporate tiie j
Ancient, Order of   Fnrei-lei-, i(nd  t!
sly chosen to ooiil est chat
city in the intete-ts.of tbe Opposition.
Mi. Biown'.s recoid in Provincial politic--; is too well known toc-a!! for exti-n-
tled 1 efet'enees thereto. He is ono of
tho ablest nieii in B. C. t'o-day, a vigor-
Sons of Eiiglantl  Benefit, Society.    It    ��*--J campaigner auu -m i-jioctive
w.-is  claimed hy insurance eNiieit.s th,-ii, ' speal
ill carry Xew Westmin-
fhere is nol ;i fraternal society in Can
ada to-day, that can possibly last at th"
piesent l.-ites charged but must sooner
or later smash, involving tens oi thousands in misety anil ruin. Tiie Govt rn-
inent announces that it. basairoadv .1:1-
predated the situation and   will   iutio-
} iter citv by an overwlndming majority .
irov/ It I mo Him.
lion. Mr. Turner   has been  unanani-
candidate   for
Chilhw'at k 'constliuenov.    The farincis
, ,,.,,, ' never had   a   baiter   chance   to'covir
duce a general hill   thereon   next   Ses- | *|ie!ii-e]e.-. with glo-w than   thoy   have
sion. ,        ' ' in defeating Premier Turner..
��i . cs 1" 5^i      **S Y'i "i "",*'. f-p 2 ,'"-> v.
Y'A.A CilA ifj'ITa sy-Q\    r< ���*,tn-5Q= jr-j"y* 0"C-
A-Hew "Industry
Manufactured in
* ���' MANNIBT
Will commence to turn out from their new factory by the First of June
doors, sashes, mouldings, turnings, balusters, bandsawing, l-nicvtet work, fionts,
titc.     All latest machinery.     Factory to be located on  - 1
I'W'FF tt & ^"ES-ts 'Xf$l&  ^IP&W <n k &*W-
aw Fur' Notice.
An item   of intrrest   to   the   residents   of    'Revelstoke.   and    vicinity.
���   , JUNE 1ST, 1898, ,    ,  ' '
Intend opening in one of tin; stores in the.
luenzie Avenue,
representing. Joseph Uil-
man, of Sjt. Paul, ' Kcw York
ancl L'oikIoh,' Enghmd, wish to
inform mv 1'ki,!-;xi):; ancl lhe
public generally that I don't
intend to travel as heretofore.
Those favoring mc with ship
men is of Raw Fur.'-FcanTely on
fair treatment and prompt returns assured. Write for, price
list to G. W. BALDVVIN,
Winnipeg, 'Man.
1        ,   * r
:"���- z<V **'.   < fT-"**^*.   JP=sn  ,&&.>    tz    atj^>.     f>    ' t   fi���i;  rT=w>
A      11- Si I ( �� M f P
Plans ancl specmoa'Cions prepared.
-   (in India Ink 'or Blue-print
MLrcrs ��*;.*-�� nr rrvj-iT^
1 *���!?���* v c. "-it r r ct ir�� -rxt rjC4--x.-.n*-i ��r
-With a fust class stock of
S   U il
r.iisii,!!^*.. ^-oiniileie 111 every
1pm il.
joVf.   .in'el   eliililieu. liiii*- .-iiifl c-.ips fur
Tlieir st'ic-k will coir-i-it of ���jciil's
re.itly-lo' vv c.u* clot huiL,' for men,   yniitlisj
11,en, youths, boys ,-intl cliiltlien, liools 'and slide-- fur men. women ancl chiltlien
in every variety of style, quality and .size. Piospeetot**' and minoi*-' outfits a
distinct feature. Dry <-oocls,0-iIl the l.itos! rie-signs iu dtc-s pjoods, ale'., blankets,
Ciiincts. oilcloths, curtains and vvindow blinds.     - ��   ,   '*'
The eastern markets will lm vi-itcd   bv   ."\Ii-. James Gill vvj-nso ihoruu-rh
Wholesale aad Mail
. . BUTCHER-. . ���
Milk" Cows; Saddle, Pack,
���-.  Driving and Draught
} fi"
If you desire an artistic home with a.]! modern cbnveniences
call'and sec Ivlaclcan who can design vou'one in-'anv
st\ie:,,Oueen Anne.,Colonial. Swis.s, or anv other stvle
)'ou prefer.'       , ' v ������ ,     ,.
Interiors and   interior decorations -.'ire  his  .specialties*. ���   Store ���
''Decorations', P-ank   Fixtures--'   Hotel   Fixtures;   Hall
shewing   pannelled   dadoes,    frescoes, 1 etc. :��� "Artistic    ���
Screens, Verandalis, Stairways, etc. can be got out to
suit the market.
A r
^an.i'-jctfagan.vi g��x^^ta JMsrtgsrrr'-r; -sr^cwrarn:
:evelsteke Station,'
i >       /
\ .: a u u m
knovvleclue c-f the business will enable liim   to
;k1s of the ii''ht sort and
tit the rii-ht prices. As nearly'all'of Messi"-*. ,GiII A Cti.'s ^toc!-; v.-ill bo boiii'hl
direct from the manufacturer-'and ih-' 'cash paid foi 'it,.-they will bo able to
oiler to tho public   good,-, uf exceptional value .it ic'.ison.'ibli: iatei-.\
R. H. truk:\lan  & CO.,
Vaiiooiivor, - - >���    R. G.
A< in tin-li.i-l S .VD.U-. wis   will oiiti.i'i" 10
ni.il.c l!rv c'l^iiike line  n'^oiir  iii-i.m :*i.il   i-..!l'i.".
j point-.,    i.fink t,tn  1, ii* 1, ;.- .ivvjval iii,;'t.s  ii, I
' --t'cir.-.-n.i'iil woi'!..    ('. ,1. .Vmi.u'i isiHuiU 1111-11111-
%J X1 ���   a
1, 1
t'he  present   centre ��� and- future
headquarters for
{.'. 1'. It.1 .mil i-'-iicil I>. t_. \ iou -.
.'���at ���
I ft V
Buy lots from us,
inetl   weit
of   the   !-i iine  j[ini--ler.
lii< triliuie vv.-is elo([-.-.enl in its hreviiv
,-intl siinplii-ily iint. was uttered in tont'.s
tri'innioii". with tieep teeiinj;. Tn words
etpfiiily ItuK'liinj;-, ;uul e.-inc-iny; the
Ktio]i<>e*-!, emotion, Sii* C'luirles Tnpper
ndtled to and endorsed lhe n-inarks of
the leader 01' tlie 'J.ivei nmeiit and af-
tei-iil'e-.V wm il-* from M:: Clark W.il-
1,'ice who h.id had mut-li to do with tiie
dece.i--ed inemher in the politie.il arena
oL late ye.'ii ���:. ihe i'Ion-*e adjom ned in
levert-nti.d silei'te. C'.ni.ula'-, lo--*- in
.the preni.-itii, etl'-.i*.'.1 ot' hei tlNiiii^ui-l*.-
ed *i-i! 1- ;.;ie.ii, md it -.Vii:-> |ne-eininij:n-
ly iitiir.;; thai her '��em-u of hereave-
uient. should he ^li'u** eJiiphiiftized by
hi'r h-j;i*!,iio.'-   in   P,t: ii.-iii.i'iit   ;;'-;.t-.i.-
hled. '
:>V31xk.-;j :y i'Aiujame.vt.
Tiiis ha'- i-eeti a   verv   btt-v   Week   in
I rading 4^011
my IJA*
Wc have
1 V���:>AL!.Uil t. I'll"
��� AND ���
Short (t-t iinu-niiic-kc'-l- ltuile
To Yukon and Klondike
, G-oIdfields
" Easterni and, European Points
" Pacific Ooast, Ohina,
Japan and Aasfaralia
Ttiiivi'.t cm 1 11:11 liaii-. r.nil.ii-'* ninillvi. tit. on;-
f.'iu-. ^l.wiiiK cut -l(-t'p:.y' nun flini'ivivr*. n"
all ti-i.iii*-. 'l'ic-ki-r*! i-,.nt-.l lliit,.;:nii .uu! o.i.t;-
y.ujc i!ii-rlv:il I j ilt'*,!;ii.itii.!i.
Il.'il,*- L.M..1- iiom lit vol-ii I.L' -!���'.'���;',. r, -.ul.
T.l'l.iai!.    Wi -tllin ..in, .i.'.'ti ;..;-..
Ci.iiiii-t iiili'i   v.lli    iCotitc'ii.',*-   'una'. --!,*."', .-
Ili-vt-lsiiiku   t.MU, .l.iii.     Ar.i'.-J   i;y\,.!*-ti.,^i. .i��� I
Liinp. i:;. '     -, . I
l-'f-i- infi.i i-i.ilir,;i, i'liu: c.i'-.l,,, ,',.'.-,)��� ,'ii:l
titilicts a|i;il.\ i'J
r. w.ivr.A-.y.A'.wv.
Aijc-i:, Iii-. iA- ln'ct', t.|-
vv. y. A^;!i>:i:-;n:;.
Ti-.rvc-il.'iv I'-i*,-2:i;;t :��� /.-.vviii, X.-! ,-"1,
K. ,f. t'OYJ.K.
JJis.i-if*- i'.r- i'*:n-^r Axli'l. V.i.it-rivi-r.
1 y
lfn$,  ir*.    Li
'I h is reached bv rail'from
j j ^' Revelstoke to Arrow-
; I '   head, cS miles ; thence
": h\" ijteamer.- 10 miles, to Tliom-
| icon's Landing; and a ' short
11 stage of 12 miles: the entire
i I jotirnev occupvinq- onlv 6 hours
tnroucrh magnilicent mountain
audi lake scenery.
\\ ell-known mining ��� promoters ^and" capitalists already
have their re.prescntativcs on
the' ground, and it is 'no'
boomer's dream to say that before another six months Tkour
Lami<: Cirv vviil be a 'bustling1
centre ol business anci the orin-
cipai vov/n in tins treasure-iaaen
, ,     .Lardeau. the new, centre of at-
ig vijil iiave rai-.%raysiuO;.it,*i,CLicn   for -Lhc jx.st mining-
the north ailvCl SOUth.     ! J enterprise, ��� skill   and    capital
r. .
���* ">���
'y I
.? . v y
*Ji ij 1 ?s ��a m   s   'S ii - i"
���    1
It is the centre of theLav-
dcruu mining district: .
Its cli32i?0te is surjerb.
1" m
1 AALili)
It lias islenty o? fouilclijis"
tmifosr and a sawmiii
hi. o Deration
I'.irliir.iu nt. g.'Mt! pto^ri"-
made with the liu-ine������ on the ortlei-
]i.-iper. ;iii(.l ior a time there -seemed
t-oiiie prospect of reaehinu' ]mn oiy;\ I ion
by Queen"-. Dii (Inlay, hut i here i*. sniiiil
ehiliice ol" that now, mid the !)c-*t tlnit
can novv he hoped for i*. that IheSe.v
Mion vv ill lie vv omul up eaily in June.
The only matters Unit at e likely In consume much lime in dis-en-.-ion now are
the balance 01 th" yupplies Bill, Ihe
Frant lii**e Bill which awaits its (bird
reading and lo which H'u Oh,tries Tup-
P"i' vv il! niov e an amendment pi ovidin^
for limil appeal to a Counly Jud^e by
those not ou the voter'-- li**t : I In-Ple-
bifcile Bill upon the third reading of
���which vci y little debate i.s e-qierled,
Mini .-1 ii,o\ erui'ii"nt. nie,i&tiie deaiing
with ( he iidmiiii-itr.ilion of Ihe Yukon
mid pos-ibly om- having relerente lo
the niiit-h \ "set! 11 an*-pori,il ion tpies-
tion into the same leiiitory. Tli"'-e
niiittet"'out of I he way but lii 11" of in-
lerehl will i-eiiittiti on lhe Ortlei' P.i| er.
(ireat iiiti'ie-.! vva-^ evinced in lhe de-
purl lire oi. the Vukon expedition vuicUu'
one of the :v.o::t solid,
perous tow.is in West Kootenay
We give you
jj.is^.iA.11      .L.��i��*o.i.Yit5>
'j. ij
. 1.. \i *.< i. ^i
0 ���<-<���
U 1)1��     ���������>
���;rogressi-."e and  pros-
Call   on    us    early
,-.ve /ii-'-ti'vlic-'.t'i tl
en iy, 111,1 l.ii'i^ ''
i.'.l ii'iltit . ..11 NhI:
Its    Jako    zJAgxxa    0:
03pt ion ally fAA>c
whicli British Columbia has
magnet Led v.-ithin her borders.1
The c!,imale-and soil of_ the
district are ail that could be
dc-in.d ii\" ilierancher.gardener
a a iv :L grower for whose
pri'due'.'i 'a proikabic and ranid-
y ii^c:-..-.'. ,:.vg :n:u!:ci, exist:; ;
wni!-- in [[a.'a .'/.'.orti men the
::(_:-.'ii! ..-ly   u "f'i,rd'-T tr;:me in
.'.!;,' I',:' ;.li ji.'.tiit   .r '<',i
iiiit'cl..,-! -* 1 ,JT1 *��� ";i  1 <ir j _    ,
���ui.i 1 it nas a cro'&'n {p:3i^b; pnv
chaserfj of lots onus ob
���* 1, ^ * ���* ���
��i��. ,11
ill  j.
T.  L.   BZ^-IGh,
Resident Agent.
Attorney in Fact.
,.,    ....        j- ... AIXSWORTH.B. C.
i .-ei i t:in
Sin.vi f.iii,..', j
iti-'c ('.niiiei I it.ii :i! lioi,-,111  j,*;- Ntil-in.  is,-,''In, 1
j'.iif ia,-, .".In. I'.iy, 'i'i, :',,  I'i'.. ,',111 !,  Noiili-
]idi1 ail,.! .,11 jii,lilt*. 1 i'ii! .
For fii!!  infi)i i'liitioii,  liti.'-l'.  111.1 j... etc. tiili
011 tr.- iitlti'-L*���
T. \-V. Df.ADSKAW,
.\f-Vlll, I'ovc'lsltikc.
Or to
^\'. !���'. AXDicit.-ioy.      r. :i. cnvi.t-:,,
Tiv.v. I'.i���. A'ciil. Ui*!. l'u *. AkciiI.
Xc-.M.ii. VM. V.iiicoiivci-, I'.C
taimug an  aosoiu's9iyi
clecii* title.
���.v:'):':iii\L; O
a;vd urniv j-
!nil progr;
ment cf i
siili iitjiv
:".:v.ot!;'.iion ivciuues
������l"r.,s. po: t office.
ice,  butcher   shop
'.'-'ate i-e.--ider.ces.
operations  are   in
and the esiablish-
sawmili  will tend
.*  to enhance  the  im-
grov. th of  this  risino-
Columbia & Western Ry.
Ti'ii" T.ibU Xti. ,\  Tr. l.-.kc ' ii'ct 1 .liii;. .���', 1C!I7.    I
lAiilv   I'clwct'ii  I'l-ral .imi lit,-!i,nt1.
Nil. (i p." -I'lWI- if l'-<"-  1.'<I'*>1.'!!IC1     -     -     i.lll.1.11.
Coiiiicc-K h itli '-te liner at '.'mil.
--.-.,.!! 1 :i-.I'li'.'ei'  ii-.iv'i--  Ti. 11!    -   -   -   ,*���:!.) .1.111.
('(iniU'Ct', with Jtul ^ie'ii'i -in foi' K,irjk.ine.
?*r.i. 2 )),{.*��� uii;.(*i- lc-.iv."- ilti-'-i.ui'l    -   -     11   11.111.
C't)iiii(;.-ls vv:Ut (MM.'. -It.unci - fur ma 111.
Xo. 1 11.1���-t-iiKt-r It'll vi*- 'i'r.iil     -     -    - 1^ .'ill ]i in.
(Jtinnet Is vvitli (MM!. *>t on at r- fioni iinrlli,
X'). ���! jj.i-,-' ii|;t'.- Ic.ivij* '.'(>',-;,Hid    -   -   :"0(i |i.in.
Connect-- with lied Mount,in. foi-**i|itikiuic.
Xo. .Mi'i*---; njjt'i' it .ivt--, Ti.ul     -   -   -   -"-il".'-.111.
Coimcc-t*. uilli -U.tinui 1,*, it.in .1! Trail.
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Inside, $100; payable $33.3,3 down. $33.33 in  ? months, $
in 6 months.
Corners, $150: payable $50 dAwn, if,50 '
(These prices are for a short time only.)
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