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Kootenay Mail May 22, 1900

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--Ho. 8:
JIEYELSIOXE.^B. a, MAY.22, 1900.
$2.00 a Year.
' ftt/.^C%i^r^'fi5rtrfr)'f^ ?&&&>&>{&(&> farJb&Offai&A&tflh ��o$njh^<��h&5&r>;j&
''���''��� '*      ' ' *   ��� f S*
ii   ��� a.'   ^   i* $X r\�� / *   'C *f & 'O-i n I;1 ��A
��j'ivi:ici"  away   all   kinds' of  Dress Goods,  A.
������; Wc   arc
Shirl' Waists, hyifcs.   Satins, 'Hosiery, Mcn:s  and   Boys'" f^
Clothing. Hats! Caps,'Carpets, Oilcloths; etc., etc.. _  ���        ~~
All we a.sk in return, is cnouofh   mdnev to make vbu
l"   '-J     f i �� >
It Revelstoke.
��  feel that you .haven't o-ot ahead   of us, and we guarantee
JL  vou v.'iir be walisfiecl.'   bo wilLwc.'
Then.' vva-: ji fair attendance, at the
public meeting, 'called on Saturday
evening, including a number of tallies.
J. M.JCeliie tuck the. chair, and rthere
were on ihe platform Messrs. Ralph
Smith". .1. li. ira.wthornw'aite and Win,
\Vt>o,tl:ii:i'p, of Nauaimo ; Thos. Taylor,
cuisi'i vat iv e    r.indidale.   and'   Frank
- "���"���- 'A
^    JL ������-"    1    'ft.'   A    .6.        .       ii.       .'.'J    *   .J      -. '' J    *      i-'-v   ..*.'.       -.    .-      i    js.
"Just Tel! Tlioni jlinijoii Saw Me and They Will Know Uib Jest"
Witli-:0ne of Wilson's.Suits on, made up tlie Very-Best.- *
Scotch tweeds, Irish Tweeds and Worsteds of the 'Very Eest Around,
And mope tliasr that We'll Tell1 You, Your Cloths are Made in Town.
a ��� ��
IiH'u.-pui-.iU'd bv uuL nf,X'ai liiinifii 1/ JSoo.'"
-.     ..      t r i        '       *'
...   '-. ..   /.TVot.'" Moj.so.v MaCpixekson. Pres.       S.'H- Kwixg-,' .Vice-Pres.
" , ���       "'"        '       F: WoiFEHST.vx,Thomas, General Manager     , ,
.PAID'.UP- GAPITAL:   ���-'���-*   -r<-*,\���: :%   "r$2.oo6.ob6
RESERVE -   ���������'      \ ..       .  '   -       -'.v.  -  i,5oo;ooc
general bunking bu^iiicv�� Iran^autu.t.   JtiLorcaLullou'uJ on dcpOML^ ul current rntos.
J. D. JGLSON, Manager,   ,/;-''        , REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Vrilves, Forks, Spoon's,   ihe
  '.     -   Best in the City at\
,'    ' C.P.R. Watch Inspector.    , ���
The-��Bf^-rRobissoB. ;'.
��� '' 'L&mbSF. Co. Limited.
'Oll'.'Ultl ilflfl' t hfh d.-li'.1 Hi!!'
cut Hre.w.bu(l>vill lit; iib follows ;
^���$1; jp'er:' cord at Mill
$2      "      delivered.
Prices Cut for Cash.
Fred Robinscii,Managhig Direcior
Get that Water Pipe Fixed
A large range of ready made
summer suites just- opened up
twelve patterns to choose from,
all the latest,' well' made and
neatly finished. Drop iii and
compare prices before buying
'elsewhere, 4    8
that   we
Cuote   Pr(is|)ector    .^iioe,    no
other will ;.;i\'<: the comfort <uic
satiiifaction, this we know from \
long experience
Special Attention given to
Prospectors Supplies.
���Romeliiber   the   Place:
Dijayiiii!;' unci 'deliv^i in^ ;i spcciulty.
fJ1e.'irns ahviiys li'.'uly at shortest
noticn, CoulrrcUs for jnhbitig
taken.    .A'yen'   for   i!. C. Oil Co.
Robert Bamson.
���^ | (Ji'.-iiy.    ri lie, ehaiiiiKin :-.;iiil the luet'lino:
������'.'.I--' cilh-il in (he-iiitci-qsLs of .the hiboi
p.n'tv .-tiid  i\>  heav tlisciussioii  iVotn a
labor ��>! anil point,   v"
���   Air. L'raijj, the Iirst sppiikpr, said that
the, workci's, of  the  earth  and world
.roinprifod  pevrn ly-f'tve. percent of the
total population, and  that''they allow
themselves   to   be   led . hy   one paity
because (hey said  the-y wero friouds of
l.'iboi','  this,   it,   the   coiulilion   of,  the
woi leers to-day.   He sjioke of Ihe Hene-
fits? of labor unions and said dial every
working man should belong to a'unibu.
'\Vot-king  men  have only, lately found
that, to secure legislation conducive to
theii   interests  they  inudt have labor
JMr. ^Voodnl^lll1 the next speaker, ex-
'pre��?ed liininelf as always glad lo'See
Indies present.-it a meeting. He quoted Thos. J elf ri es on the , object of
government, and explained the stand
of the labor"party as being independent of'ill parties,' 'this being due to
the last year and largely to the present
premier. Ue advocated an eight-hour
day by compulsory legislation and said
this measure was defeated by Joseph
���JUart'in putting forth 'every effort"''to
defeat- the'1 Semlin , govern me lU.-"' The
labor class of the constituency which
last election elected Martin have come
lo the, conclusion that they can no longer It iir-l him and 'have banded together
Lo put hi i.mdidaUs of their ovvnc He
spoke, of an iiintaneo which -attracted
his at tent ion while in Victoi ia'about a
month ago an army of Japs marching
up the street, which he could only compare loa body of locuits.     '   -
Mr. Taylor was next called on, and
after thanking the audience for the reception given him, said . that he, did
not come lor the purpose of making a
speech;but came on the invitation of'
Mr. Smith. On looking oyer fhe platform showed him by Mr. Smith he said
he did not think theie was anything"
wrong with it or anything not agree
able to the conservative party or Mr..
\Vi'��-rin.      .
Mr. Hawthorn waite said he was hero
to speak on -behalf of  die labor orga'nidations of the coast.     He spoke of  the.
abuse   of   the   Vancouvei    World   on
their arival in  Vancouver for the ptir-
purponu of   organization^    The  labor,
organizations have come to  the con-'
elusion that it is time to do something
for tlicbiH'lvos.    The platform of the.'
2*atuiiu)o labor parly he. said could do
nothing  but good.     Five parlies have
been   noniitiuled  by the  labor pa flies
on tlie ena-.i and   he hoped lo have one
here:   in  ?Caiiainio 1U- puny ha*, dared
to bi ing mis it'candidate against Ralph
i Soinil'h.   The.eigbt-hotu  l.sw was in! ro-
j dtii-'d  by   the  Semlin   parly   but  lb.it
'government   was defeated  principally
1 by  Jiifeph   AT.iilin.    Me thought eight
! hour-. Ji.iur  eiiongh  underground,    it
IJiaslieeti   pi'ii',eii   hy the JN'ew \".-Llift��n-
ver Coal company thai while labor can
intelligently  compete  with Japanese,
Chinese (ir other labor brought to the
const.     In   Nanaimo, he   said, it is a
mailer of  bread and butter in opposing Joseph Martin.
Mi. Smith, the principal speaker of
the evening, then came forward. Tie
first spoke df the franchise to ladies of
Ibis country and explained the stand
he had taken on llii.-> question j he had
never yet met the1 personvwho gave
rontons why women should not vote,
and as he believed it to he right he
would do all in lii-s power to bring it
5 ' about. -Mr. Smith fi.-lid that all he
1 wanted to do in Revelstoke was to ex-
inv.-; his opinion on the political situation tuibi.i'-ed, as according to the
I apeiw the pii'inier had taken liberties
with hi.- nrftiie ; s-iid he  wat* piejmred.
to speak without spite or feeling. The
political organizations have,' been so
perfected that a man cannot belong to
a party and tuke a free hand; Tn LS!)S
he   was   connected   with   the   Semlin
1 i
pari i'as ,-i choice ; the  men 'who  composed   lh.it  party  weie men who had
opposed the.   Davie find Turner parties
and fought, nobly :  the Semlin government   was   not   perfect, no   one ever
thought   so.     The   question   of  road
wages   was   then   taken   up   and Mr.
Smith expiessed hisupinion that every
'man   working   out     on     government
work is entitled to more than $2.00 per
day in'(his   ptovince:   theie' had been
an advancement made in July JSIJS for
object of getting tu'en to vote the right
way, but that Jcind  of thing does not
cany influence as it usod to, and the
Semlin government simply allowed it
lo stand at the former rate.,   How can
we ask the  mine  owners to raise the
wages'from  JjJ'J.oO  to'$2.75 when government pajs ijyi.OO per day ?     He was
entirely,in  favor of an eight-hour day
in   mines   and  everywhere if We c.;il]
have it.     The great friend lo tho labor
union is the man who is disposed to be'
fair and just.     What is not right for
the mine owner can  never be right,for
the jniner.     The   eight-hour ' law   is
there to stay and differences between
ten and eight hours must, be settled on
some other principle.     He did not believe Jin   allowing   Dominion government   to  dictate   in   the   matter    of
Chinese legislation as all sections are
agreed on it.    llis address was brought
to a close by' advising  the ,sending of
men to the house wed'would'stand
honorably. ' , ,,, ^
Mr. Lawrence' having 'arrivedywas
invited to speak and citedrthe   narrow
escape, after,.having   this  awful ( man-
Martin "��� here   as   described   by yMr.
Smith.   ,He said he. was nominated' as
an independent supporter of < the  government ��� platform   but . further   than
this vvas unpledged.    "I am   going   to
stay by my decision at that  time���an
independent supporter of  government
*���and  want   no  hole  in   the 'corner
business   but   everything   litmorabl}*,
trusting that you will uphold  me  and
,de.-il as Twish to   be, done  by���fairly
aud squarely."
, Mr.��   Havytlio'.-nwaite   then    statad '
that the sole object they had   in  coming here vvas to bring out a'labor  candidate.
"The meeting closed by singing "God
fe'ave the Queen."
On the invitation of Mr. 'Ralph
Smith a number remained after the
meeting wben, discussion arose as to
the advisability of nominating a ldbor
candidate uud finally decided in" favor
of it upon a vote being taken. Nominations were ihpii1 declared open and
two'names, .those of Frank Craig and
W." A. Nettle,   weie 'placed
British Neaping
\       ,'  (.Special to tho Mail.) r
Lon'dox. Mayr22.T-Tlie war ollice
confirms the news of the relief, of
Mafeking, liaying 'received the following from Lord ltobcrts. ' ���>
JvitooNSTAD, 'May l'I.���Col. MdhW'
reporns having joined Col. Plumnier at
Jatnesdon on May luth. lie was
followed by a JJoer commando'fr'jm
Marusani Siding and turned westward
to avoid Iiiiii.     "    ,       ,(   ' ,>
' On    May   13th   Col.    Mahon   was
attacked  losing five  men  killed; two,,
missing'and  twenty-four wounded in-,
eluding the 'Daily Mail correspondent.
The Doers lost   more   than the British"
in killed and wounded.' -" ,
��� Geiieral-IiuiiWi���pushed up tl?e railway with supplies   for Mafeking garrison and   arranged for  a, train to con-
vcy the.sick and wounded  to Kiiul��r-e
ley. '','���_, '   ���,
General  Buller  reports that his ad-   ',
vance will be' delayed , for a few days
on account of, the  way,  in which the
.railway has been destroyed.
1    General Ruodle', reports that Lady-
brand is how occupied.
.British  horsemen   are "close   to the
Vaal river 40 miles from Johannesburg.   '.
People have commenced to leave  Pre-,
toria. % '- '        ',
1 L" oxwjx, May .2L~Eleven   vessels ;',
will leave for South Africa during the.
next 30  days  with' 3,869'officers and "
men arid 2,3S5 harses. '
Trout Lake ttabs
Will Be Here.
iii   nomi
nation, the fornier l)6ing the choice' of
the meeting.
,    '    BACK. FROM BIG BEND.
Well Satisfied  With -What -They Saw
���    But Went in Too Early.   ���
W. 1,. and S. J'. Ualslon, M. A.,
Mitchell and F. C. Whitney, of Spokane, ,vv bo went ' up.to the Mend ,some.
litlU! .i<;o, lotnrned ycstenlav. Thev
vifiiled Ground Hog and Standard
j MaMn\ but in holli placet) found.t he
snow very .deep and ,v\ere unable to
get a satisfactory look over the ground.
On tlie return they went up Smith
creek for a considerable distance and
report discoveries which they claim
the old timers knew nothing of, one of
these is a waterfall of about '500 feet
on one of the forks of the. creek and
this they say was a, very pretty sight,
from   <i  d is tan oo  though   the  timber
. The following message was'received
this morning from J. J. Langstaff,
by the secretary- of the sports committee : u e
'"' Ttout L.vicii' via -Abhowuead, Mav
22.*^-The football and gun clubs will
be in Revelstoke for the 24th.
spoiled tlie view when near by. The
latter part of July or first of August
they expect to again visit the district
but for the present they vvill return
home to Spokane. Asked their opinion
on tho Upper Columbia for navigation
they said that the. canyon would be
the most difficult place o-ving to the
recent slide some rocks of which
would probably have to be blown out
in low water but above, that there
would not be much clilliciilty, Tho
Li'cfjl in in ^oucl condition.
Three  Silver Tips  Shot at Laforms,
Ed. Adair returned Friday evening
from his  properties lit Laforuie creek
and tells a story of a bear hunt.     Be
arrived at the mine at  noon on Thursday in   time  for dinner^ at which cari<
bou meat wan  served, and in speaking
of   it Man Mcintosh remarked that he
bad.'lwo  qututersof   meat cached but
I the beats   had   raised id and he would
j get  even   with   them.     Going out in
the evening   they   saw three silver tip
beats    liuhliing    thy   remaining meat
Mcintosh   armed  hiiiif-elf   vv it h a rill:
and    accompanied    by    Dave   MiJV:;.i!i
carrying a bar of sleel went in pursuit
of the bears opening fire, on the. largest
one   first   .and   shooting twice before
being seen ;   the   injured bear charged
until   within   20   feet of   Mao when a
third   shot   finished   it,   Dave  being
promptly to the rescue with his bar of
steel.     The  lemaimng two made for
tip the hill   but  the second wan killed
without  difficulty, the  third made an '
attack   coming   within   about   15 feet
when  a  second  shot  knocked it out.
The trio was composed of one old )>ear, -
the  others  being  about  one and two
years of age.
Mr Adair says work is progressing
at the mine but there -was nothing
new in the way of strikes.
Call at fhe Canada Drug A: Book
Co.'s 'for reserved seat.; lo "The
DvacoV THE KOOTENAY MAIL  7X  Zbe1koote\mv flfcail  PUBLISHED SEMI-WEEKLY.  ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE, B.C., ' /  ,      ,      ���������13V���������   ,  .        U. H. OAMPBKIjL.  , V^   PUBLISHER AND  PltOIMilKTOH.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per   Annum  ADVERTISING RATES (juot ou application.  JOB PRINTING of every kind at most reason,  able rates and sbortcol notice.     ,'  ,  ACCOUNTS for job printing or advertising,  payable on the first of overy month.  CORRESPONDENCE on all matters of local  or public interest invited and carefully considered. All communications to the Editor  must bo accompanied by the namotof the  'writer, not necessarily for publication, but  ni, an evidence of good faith.  Address  Tiik Kootenay Mail,  'Revelstoke, B.C.1  TUESDAY/MAY '������>.  0  The Innieipal Couneil  There were pios.>nt at the city council   meeting   Friday    evening  Mayor  ', Smith  and Aid.'Patrick, , Kilpatnck,  Abrahauisori, jNTewrnan  and Peterson.  Minutes of last regular meeting read  and adopted.' ���������       '  A communication was received from  \V. Cowan re the installation  of   new  ���������^telephone pole system plan submitted,  and asking the council's advice on'pre-  ' vention of turning in  false fire alarms  by wires crossing while being strung.  ,Chief  Bain  reported a  washout on  Campbell avenue causing  the road to  he closed.     Referred , to  public works  committee. ,-   '  W.   A.   McKinnon,  an  engineer, in  Vancouver, wrote   offering' to do the.  wor k of inspecting water works plant  tor $20 per day and ������2nQ for a report.'  Filed. 4 ���������   '    ' ,,',".'  C. M.1 Field submitted rate for insuring firemen against accident while on >  duty.   Filed.       '      '  Moved and seconded by Aid: Newman and Ahrahamson that-Kevelstoke,  Tiout Lake and Big Bend Telephone  Co. be notified that this council intends  - to pass a by-law regulating the erection of poles and wires witliin the city,'  ' and that tbey be requested to delay  the erection of any poles pending the  passing of. such by-law.    Carried.,  Moved^and seconded bv.Ald. Kil-  patuckVand Ahrahamson that the  chairinatrof the public wor ks commit*  too be instructed to have a new culvert  placed at washout on Campbell avenue  as pei attached plan without'delay.  Cartied. ,��������� '     ,    , '  Your special committee appointed lo  consider the matter of crossing over  the C. P. R. at Douglas street i ccom-  mend that, on account of the utisatis-  lactury nature'of the reply received  from the V. P. II. officials that thi>  committee be empowered to employ a  surveyor to prepare plans and profiles  of the .proposed dossing:' also to call  any witnes&es or take affidavits which  may be required so as to bring this  matter lo a satisfactory conclusion'  ,-before the railway committee at  Otttiwa, and that provision- be made  out'of the civic ftpid  necessary expenses.  Moved and seconded  Patrick and Ahrahamson that die'report of special committee he received  for consideration.   Carried.  to  defray   the  bv   'Aid. Kil-  as there is <ciear space on either side I  fot considerable distance.  'Aid. Kilpatriek said'it was either a  matter of accepting proposal of company or go to railway committee.  Aid. Peterson remarked that there is  not one crossing in town but C. P. R.  can stop. If necessary law suit should  be taken up as company is merely running a bluff.  Aid. Kilpatriek said both sidus of  question must be looked at as in case  of expenditure citizens would ask  what money was spent for. He said  council had an offer of two crossings  and the acceptance of one of these did  not bar them from . getting another!  This couneil should use a great deal of  consideration before entering into lawsuit. " ,  Mayor  S nith   thought   an     under-  r i  ground crossing safer.  T.-ie correspondence passing between  railway officials and city since Oc'obi r  12lh last vvas  then' produced and read.  ' sAld. Abraham-to:i thought all that is  *- fj i  required is to demand crossing and law  suit would not he. necessary. Unsafe  condition of Douglas street is no excuse. He j com pa red ".danger of, Douglas street crossing with' that of Mc-  Ken/.ieo avenue where trains aie  continually shunting.  Mayor Smith suggested ^accepting  offer of company and then,trying for  Douglas street crossing.  .    ���������'        ���������  Aid. Ahrahamson thought "council  was not asking a favor hut,rights as  one individual can demand a crossing  wherever'wanted.  ' Aid. Newman suggested letting the  matter go to the, people.  Moved and seconded by Aid.-Abraham son and Peterson that, the report  of special committee be adopted.  Aid. Kilpatriek inquired where the*  funds were to come from.   ���������  ,  Aid. Abrahamson replied that they  would come from same place that other  funds do. ��������� <  ,x  Aid. Kilpatriek���������Aui I to understand  that it.will go before the people.  ' Aid. Ahrahamson thought the only  oxpense would be of an  engineer and  counsel at Ottawa.  . ''Aid. Patrick thought some  Idea of  cost should be given. ',-  Motion -was put, Aid. Ahrahamson  and Peterson voting for; Aid. Kilpatriek, Patrick, Newman and, the mayor  against. '  Moved by Mayor Smith seconded' by  Aid. Patrick that; the city council  accept offer of C. F, 11.. for Front street  crossing giving away uc. j-'igbt for  Douglas street.    Laid over one week.  The public works and property com-'  itikifip repot ted the contract for painting fire nail completed satisfactorily  and recommended pay/pent.  Moved and seconded by Aid. Newman  and Ahrahamson that report of public  works and property committee dated  May 18th be received forconsideration.  Carried.  Moved and seconded by Aid, Newman and'Kilpatriek that report of public works committee dated May 18th be  adopted. < Carried.  Aid. Arahamson inquired what council intended doing about appointment  of police ruagislialc.  Mayor Smith said Mr. Cniu-s'iei had.  wiied the' premier in legard to acting.'  as police magistrate but received no-  reply.  Moved and seconded by Aid. Kilpatriek and Patrick that this council  refer back to order of business  '��������� motions."    Carried.      , > ,���������  .Moved and' seconded by Aid. Kilpatriek and Patrick that the amount  of S'2.1 be applied towards engaging  the Keveh-iuke City band- on the  Queen's Birthday. Carried,Aid.Peterson voting'nay.  "Moved Hiid seconded  by Aid. New  Kootenay Lodg-e  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  The regular meetings  arc held in the Masonic Temple. Bourne  Hall, on tlie third  Alonday in each  month at. S ,p. m.  VNiling   brethren  cordially welcomed.  -I  II. J. PRATT Secketaky.  REVELSTOKE LOI5GS, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  Phi  Regular meetings tire held  in Odd fellows' Jlall every  Thursday night at eight  o'clock. Visiting brothers  cordially welcomed.  T.J.GRAHAM. N.G.   E. A. KETTLESON.'Sisc  SEI.Kin.2C LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  ".leets every Tuesday  zoning in Oddfellows'  ,*f   WL_J0  "^vllall     at    ������    o'clock.  '    J������������^'cr:::=:S-'<^.     Yj Visit ing brethren cor-  T-^ ^^S&'dially  invited  to   at-  I end.  IS. IIAXBURY, N. Ci.       '     W. MATJIIR Sj:c  \wivZr-* -^SV*./4,/ fourth Mondays or each  V^FI'<.}3.C.%c1^  month.    Visiting breth-  X;' *y������f    ren   invited   to  attend.  K. D. J. C. JOHNSON,  C. I!.  C. W. MITCHELL,  ���������     II. S.  Gold Range Lodge,  K. of P., No. 26,  Rcvelstolcc, B.C.  Meets every "Wednesday in Odd hollows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visiting Knights invited.  j. w. cross, m.d:,  c c  W. "WINSOR,"  K.OI.-U.&S.  A..:H'  UOLDICH  ANALYTICAL CHEMIST AND '  ASSAYKK.  Royal School of Mines, London.  Seven years at Morfa Works, Swansea.  Seventeen   years  Chief   Chemist-to Wigan  Coal and Iron Co., Eng.  Late Cboniihtand As-aycr, Hall .Mines, Lid.  Every,description  ol' assay ������and  analytical  .work undertaken.  (Claims examined and reported upon.     >  -   IlKVELSTOlf-E, 15. V. , 1  II  A ItV E Y ���������- &, 3V1 cOA 1 tTEU  -     IlAKJtlH-fti'.KS. SOLICITORS, KTC.  Okkicus,: yMoi.sox.-;   JU.vtc   Hi.uerc,    IJtsviii,-  stoki:, H. t'.l  ���������  Money lo loan. t  Ollices: HoveNtoke/R. C; Fort Steele, 15. C.  Geo. S. Mc('auti:r.      ,     J. A. H.vijvkv,  Revelstoke, IS. C. ���������   '    Kurt Steele, 13. C.  J.  W. CROSS, M. D.  Aid. Abrahamson explained propo*  i man and Patrick that the city clerk be  ,..,,,,���������,, ��������� i instructed to tender  E. Christeson$30  al ol <_. J.-. K. to bear expense of road j j��������� Vilft for  Wl. ()f nj3 shttuk HMd cUui.  way under  Columbia  bridge, or allow j ag-> for loss   of   contents as a hospital.  1 Carried.  SUKGEON TO THE C. P. It., CITY HKALTH  OFKIOIiR.  OfUcc: Taylor BJoek, Macken/.ie Avenue.  Gold,   Sliver, Lead,  and  Copper Ores  W, FELLEW .HABVBY,0  '     ��������� ' F. G. S.. Etc.  Assay Ofllces'nnd Metallurgical "\\"orks, '  VANCOUVER, B. ,C.  Sampling Works, 717-719 Pender Street.  Is prepared to   pun base   the   above   classes  of  ore's for t!.'.  following   English houses  whom he rep.cseiits. viz.:  Vivian & So.-.s, Swansea, Elliottp Metal Co.  Ltd.,   HMTj'porl,   South   \V-;iles,   Stiiellors',  ltef/n  r,s', liusilverizers, Maiiufaeturcrs. '  Checking   smelter    pulps   a   spocialty  .After the signing of checks fhe council adinurticd.  J'hfi Salvation Army.  council to make, a tunnel cruising al,  First, street al its own expense, He  said there is now a .good ' crn-fing til.  Douglas alreet, while the people wan't,  it if the company will lay plank, and  thai I In-council s-houid not In- ob|i<_"'<l  to follow i-oiiise lo Miti-I'y railway  company.  Aid. I'eti'i sun s,-ii,| t rintfi.iiiy was  ali-.iiil of ilaugi-r on lioiigl.is. >trcc|,  i ro-s-itig but .itlicr-. i-iiiild not mv it.  Aid.   Patrick   thought,  it was a good.  .-afe vv,-iv lo go around iindet  bridg ���������.  Aid.    Kilpalt ick   would   like   to see j  crowing  on   Douglas, sl.t t   tosati.>fy | UOO.OO.     This is all tho more nstonnh-  people   hnl   thought  proposal n{ {'. P. ��������� \,t;i w\i0n \u ^ tft|.,.n jnt0 corit,ifJcraiion  II. to do work at bt-id^.' I'ic,- of cos,t, to j i|,;it the gin.it majority of  the Army's  follow.>i's ,-ue poor people. \\"n k-aru  that in tin's territoiy t.liis v^ar the.  Army is cinh-iavoritig to r.iise I lie total  -um"i.f   -^'OjOOO.UO   with   one-half of  U  is again running,  feed Drinks Alway  "    Hand,  o  On  'Il   liny be a    matter  of   .surprise to  intiiyot   our   readers   to rlUeovet thut '  ill-'   lu! inc.-    sheet,  of   die   .Salvation j  Aimy.  in    the    \.'i.riutM   cotniirif.";   in i  wht-.-Jt ii oprt.iies, show   that the total  savings   eflV'eto'i    by    ineani    of   Hrslf  Deni'il.   (which   is   the   same effort as  it is now locally engaged in,) last year  .-'tnoutited to   the startling sum $400,-  /,<  nmii, ,>/i'iiii'Ik 1'i'ij. t'lni'i'i/. I'i in iiiiiilo,  \\iinllii if (Jrniii/r  I'l'irti/'itin/.  i-kt'd ln)w it   will be if  is w.inii'il  at, Dutigl.i.-  cily fair.  Ald.=Pi-lers<iii  iillll! her cio-.sin;  -I reel."after ,-m ccplnig propoMtl ol company, saying tliat he I bought if, would  li.' I he same ag-iin.  '.Mayor Smith was in favor'of accepting oll'er of company as the road would  probably b'e pin, though at once.  Aid. Abrahauisnii replying lo Aid.  Kilpatriek said (hut he. did not consider present route a crossing at all  not being on a street, The crossing on  Douglas street would not be dan^erou-i  which amount it purposes establishing  1 the nucleus of a Pension Fund for the  j relief of its invalided officers worn out  J by years of faithful servicR.    The novel  and practical   features   which  th*! .Salvation    Army, in   the scheme of   Self  j^eniul adopts, is about  as   commendable as   are   the objects of   the enterprise'.*    We   wish  the organization all  the -;uccc3'-] it bo well deserve:*.  REVELSTOKE  '���������'   |j|S!  6 \a  i ii ;  JNUR  i<  col;  f First  film  am  Work  P''JiV������U3ATt?I.AL  GEO.  S.  HOG-AN, Prop.  I'hoitfi   <l'J.  "T"ARG  ARGE AND WELL>.LIGHTED  SAMPLE ROOMS. Heated by  hot air and electric bells and ���������  light in every room.   Free bus meets all  trains.  REASONABLE SATES.      .  Night Grill Room in connection for the  convenience of gue.ils arriving aml/'de*  parting by night trains. Hourly street  car between hotel and .station.  JOHN V. PERKS PROPRIETOR REVELSTOKE, B. C.  HOTEL  ABRAHAMSON BROS.  >'S.  ! ft  ft  t n  Newly built.       Fiist-cla.su  in   every   respect.      All ���������  modern conveniences.    a  Laigisaniple io(,nis. Fir*-'  proof safe. Fieo 'bus  me.ets'ull trains.  l.ndr  .���������ime .maiagetiient:  QUEEN'S HOTEL,.  TROUT LAKE CITY.  i ' i  $1 PER; DAY wnjtfw  Newly Built.  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  THE CITY HOTEL  Best Brands of  Wines,'Liquors and  Cigars.   ,  J. A.- S'roN'ii,;Proprietor  Rates, $i per,day.  ���������Electric lighted, furnace heated  Newly built and furnished.. .."  Finest and  best supplied  bar  in the city  Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke, B. C.  - ���������-   .   THE   ." .   ..  (Limited Liability.)  Manufacturers and Dealers in all Kinds of  Also shingles, mouldings, base boards,  casings, finishing' lumber, extra wide  clear pine and cedar. Long dimension timber cut to order. A Iai4'>-e  ��������� assortment of .season .lumber kept on  , hand in the yard and sheds at Revelstoke by the pioneer lumber dealer of  Kootenay who also has had considet- . '  able experience in ��������� eastern Canada  which enables him to eater-for what  the builder requires. You will always  'find him ready for business.  Prices Right.     Terms Strictly Cash.     Leave Your Order.  B'. .Tapping, Agent, Revelstoke, Bl  Furniture and Undertaking  Repairing & Upholstering Done  VvfuyviotiHe in cminecl ion fnr ninivijre of fmnilr and of her fur-nil tire, '  | r.mks ,'f (���������., at monthly or otber rates.     Agents for.ttnyiiiuntl .Sew������  ing Mn tin tie. '  KM THE "KOOTENAY MAIL.
i p
few minutes have elapsed tho skin nnd
scales can be ei :LIy removed.
Edwin IToff is writing a comic opera,
which.''it*is lcportcd, Frank Daniels will
, u~-e next reason.      \ ���
"The Mysterious Mr. Butrlo" has been
"withdrawn" i.y Walter 'Walker, who
was slairiug in it. _
-V biograph in a IJoslon theater shows
'picuiiei of the action of the plays that
ore successes in the other theater.*.
Felix "Morris has the largest, couipnny
in vajdeviile. In his jil.iy-"Behind the
Scenes" lie requires five'assistants.
liobert^Dowuing, the tragedian, lately
in vaudeville, has deserted it and lias
opened a school of fitting in Washington.
Edith Ci.ute Las gone to Australia to
piny To.-s there a year. She was the
original' Australian Trilby and is very
popular. . '"
r< Cline Is "Throwin  Down ,Mc-
.���". in  Philadelphia 'and lias made
They call'her "the Queen
a sen' 'it ion
of Ei-ia,;'     , ,<,-..- ,
,  John'O:   nice 'and   S'lllie   Cohen,   his
vrU'e.' h.v.Cj deserted vaudeville and joined ""Cho- the ������Fei.ce.'' a"1 farce comedy of
the iioxo<"H t.\]j...
slt i- Mii:'.'>;iiiei',3 ,irqm New York that
Aim;,.". l}ch) has ��� undo'public the fact that
.sh" and rirooncc- ZioirfoJi!. Jr.. were
rna-ried in Pans two years ago!        ',   '
Ilelicw it  or   not,  but  il is given   out,
with  much show ol authority that Jes.iio,
Jhirlhu J'fiux K.-is definitely abandoned
her slat ring tour for this season.
Charles Frohmnn ha.s cnnceletl Annie
Itus&cHV January dates out df New
Vork in order to carry ��� on 1'lic1 run of
".Miss ilobbs" at the Ljceuin theater
there.' '  "   ' ^=s=s��
,'   " WlftSY CITY WAIFS.
Chicago Loasts, of the longest pendulum
in the world, the same having recently
been huug in the Masonic temple. We
may now expect to hear that the Windy
City is subsisting on tick.���Omaha News.
Western avenue, with its '22 miles of
lergth within the city, is rhe longest
street in Chicago, it is'aNo. as a consequence, ibc longest municipal highway
in' America and probably in the world.���
Chicago Tiibime.
���*~     '*     '*���     '*-     '*���     **���     -?���     -7      -O-     -^     **���     *>���     **���       t-     -">     Zj.     J*     ->.     J>     -T-     .>     X       V     -J.     i>     ->.     .>. Zj.     .>     ^.     -J.     ^     .V    ���/        j.     .>..>.���>     .j.     ^      ^,    3J.     jy.     .-*     .j.     7>-     J*       >.     **���
���Si ~s-s<;i��r% &.-yi'v5=-Z^'vdrJh"'&rft''SirJ^'si-rfi
., i .,
-' J S
*   i'~'
���^~ti i.^
7;    <-    1-    a-    t-    -' '   ���'-    t-    -f    -(.-    ��-    5.-    1-    i-     1-    2/    1-    t-    f    -is    r(r     U    f- .    ���<-    "       'r     ir    *?    f    l-i.
1  1*
The story is told that before Ada Re-
ban returned to this country, recently, she
��� "was offered $7.",000 for one season as a
star ai ml or. a certain management and
that she' refused it.
A company has boon formed,in'Chicago
to build -'0 boats, .with steel hulls and
staff fronts.-for use as'~iloatiiig'theaters.
They will bii..Iitj.le. M.i,(]wa'ys,iuid will'.bo
��� run on the concessi'in plan. ��;' '
j*1   i
Costume satin and stttin finished clotha
aie clashed aHHi'.1.'; llio luadinj.- f.ibiics for-
drossy tailor ;,c\ins for the "winter.
Vivid red velvet toques, ail red or toned-
with  standing ':ind lulling black  plumes,
fire set foi'tti for '"dres.'.y. winter wear. '
'j'his is undoubtedly a "fur and velvet
season," ami, bc.-hh-s t.he'lugli gitutcs
.shown in i^sth lliese cr'bods. thorc, have
been -brought out for Jhe;holiday, trade
some' holiday '"duplicates"���i. e.vinferior
gl-.ides(-\vith an attlacti\v'e 'Tuti.sfi.'''
, Tiie , new bmuie feniine, skirt, with
j)l,i:lsvoV widei' liiUs stitelicd - two-lliirdi.
nY.lhvjir lermtli fwjia ihu-,licit (Iqwii., is
fui'iiiig meal favor auuinl: the many women whoMili'.ivoted ro" ihe"th:t, uua'doi'iicd,
undraped sheath skirt of 'receiii'itniversal
wear.   "      P . ,' ,        *
i[?iiiy of the^hanilsome guiinpos* and
'yoke-;, added io the waists, of 'winter
gowns, evienu over (lie shoulders! i'orm-
ii.g :i dressy sleeve cap and also imparting an appearance oi" additional breadth.
This is a distinct advantage-to't slender
Curved' and''pointed '��� passementeries
and lace appliques laid over satin or applied diicctly to tbo dress fabric are so
arranged c.i some of the newest costumes
and oiciiii'g toilets'tis lo suggest ,the
t-hadow of a coi.dng event ^in the form
of pannieri-. ���
The fronts ef :n;;ny of the fashionable
waiits *-iicwn by city importers are still
RiMcefuily fuil liind slightly (hooping.
There is a narrow opening down the middle, the edge*, ato scalloped and trimmed,'
aril a vest of net. lace or silk of contrasting color shows beneath, the opening. A'
rich vviuo color ii much .liked"-for these1
winter waists.���New  1'ork "Post.
Mary Ague.-i,'at lei-.t lor ihe Itali.--n5
is the most illustrious,, among women
sciejili.-!s. H w.i-j she who w.i-- failed
the oracle oj s.-ven languages. ���        j .SrV<.; ,'
Miss Avery, a P.-}--lou hello who .-h-jok | .4^ T
hands with Admiral Dewey during diis 1 < r~
visit to her city, has had the g'u-,e v. hi- h j *~''.:j. ';-
the, wore on that occasion haiid':i)!.ieiy,i jJ" 1' ���..
framcil. . !---r;i.y_
" Christine'Xil->-rTi recently'^jaid a  vi<lt I .4-^  '"
to her native l()^vIl in t^iv.-ilf u.    :-}]).��� h..d {,,     "   ^
a  cordial  re-���plion'',   but did  not  sing  in '"
public: .-ill1! she.has now' returned to her I
lioiiii! in Paiis.        ' '   ,
'I.ady  Dilke has  just published  a   critique    on-    Kruii'Jr ' iiaiiuinu-.,    r
l-tichess  of , .Siithei land   aKo  appeir.-'-
ihe  atitbof '61* a   book   dealing  with"
lilcol" a factory uirl.'        \
Clar.-ij liarton, the noted ilid Cro~s
worker, was asked ,the other day the
proper number lor a .small working committee. Remembering how of'.en she had
been compelled to do the work of others
in such circumstances,she repliod/'Tln-ue,
if one is,sick and,,another can't come."
Airs. lyydia A. 13. Woods, who died recently in York, Neb., bequeathed ��10,000
each to York and Falls City,in that Mate,-
to establish' public-libraries similar to the
one which Mi's. Woods gave, while liv-
' insr. 'to ' Jluniboldt.-., TJ:e residue of the-
estit'e. after sonic private bequests, goes
to the Denver Orphans'Jiome.*
Margaret    Snngster,    Brooklyn's   able
joiirii.iiist,; litis  not   wholly ��fce\ ored   her
coiiuectioii    with    JJarpsr's'  J-Jazar, ��� al-
,though   she  is, no  longer  editor  of  that
. weekly.     Her  time   is  divided   between
-workdn  the  publishing department, the
editing of manuscripts and  writing special ^articles for b'olh The Ladies' Home
Journal and The'Christian Herald.
Mrs., Minni* D. Douis of New Tork is
the national licld secretary of the "Jewish
Chautauqua society. She is tiaveling
over'the country for the purpose of urging the 'Jewish people to lake up a systematic course of leading in Jowi-h his-
toiy and literature and to organize circle-- and to'proiuote the cause"represented
by (he Jewish Chautauqua society and its
similar assemblies.,,.    *-  ��� Q
Mi< William. (Jei ry Shule, founder'of
the'Ts'alional   .Society   of  New . England
Woinen^ ancl   president 'of   the1 Empire,
State society.   United   Slates 'Daunhlors'
of 1SI2,. has been admitted to  membership   'in    the   National   Society   of   the
Daughters,.of Founders and Patriots of ���
Aniei-ici.    This means 'that Mrs.  Slade
can show a lino of unbroken uncostly in
the male line in America from a date prior to 1(>J2 and tli.it all these ancestors
have been pati iots.
Just received a large assortment of
, ;   Samples in' Beautiful Designs ' *
vv. 7:'
���<-    <r    *z     -ix     ���"*     <r    i*     ������.-*���     *"     ������'    tCt     ~tr    --
. ��� *~. -^^-
;  r"- .'
���- v
r   ���*.   ;
*��-$> .'-
������j} 2' ��� ���'
i ^r
���^ -j, ue.,
���iv .'
i 'A' * .
A", _
���J) ''
& ",���,-��
a '��*
A* "V.'
a.ii   i "
.Our., representative will 'call'' on
i    , 1 ���. ^      i       *
-'tKis weet'lb'r'order^/-',:' 3
Cold weather never contracts .the'price
of fuel.���Milwaukee Sentinel.
Man now arranges "his coat so that,he
will get hot under the collar.���Pittsburg
Post. " 1 . -'! ,
The "beautiful snowf1' poets are liable
to suffer with fatigue'dftho imagination
this.season.���Baltimore News.
' We h-'ive no hesitation in'advising our
roailcis that it is now safe lo remove tlie
.'-crcetis and put on the double'windows."���
St., I;1 .aul .Pioneer .Press;. y,yyyyvt.'- .-."h .;��� y-\-
��� ttiTiyed\by''th*;yi'i,iit7.iber''6f. cliedrftik'itliotrfy
^Vlio .sinvply iiiu.st^et.ol'f uiid;aii tlie froitty
rial ofyt-1 uv'HtrcVt,citr.���'ArJiiri'iih'is Coiiinicr-
yijiai������vV'p.ij.oiiii--'.��� yy ;;y 'av-yy -y\y' y;y:::vy:;;-':;:
���'"''' .fust as,:-co|dl wiiitciy jieri vox 're ports-.of.:
C(iiilyscui;<'i.!y'i.i'fy ���r.j'ic; ..I I y-would indeed
tie yuAirycletis- if lifter Honiatiy years' cx-
/���p'e'rienc^.^ could
liotygetyhheady'qi' 'the: long :spell" of mild
wciitliixi'. 'which, inttst yhiive 'greatly '.������ iii--
creased the coal reserve.���:GhiciigoyDailyy
' Kews.y"y'y-v'a,,;y :'y;'-v' ':';;��� ��� ���', ;:V"'':v ���<-.-"1 ���������'���������':.;--.
v3Iurlcetii;x.  ii'  IJaris.
*l One of, the.chief things you will have
.to battle with in your French housefiold
is <he princinle of 1:1-to. and the next \*
tlie sou in tho franc. Your 'cook does
your marketing, .mil ior QVL'vy franc she
spends she pets one sou. Human n.itine
being .what it is, it is quite uii'iecessjiy
to add that (he good cook loves to go only
where she will spend  many  francs, and
i, her sous will be proportionate.
1 have never heard of bud one woman
in .I'ai'is^ who   did   her  own   marketing.
'and she "was a penurious but wealthy
person.iwho put on a long ulster and carried things home under it herself. One
day, just as she passed a courtly Frenchmen of the old school, a leg of mutton
���dropped arid rolled over on the sidewalk.
lie picked it up and handed it to her.
"Madame, here'is your fan," was all ho
said,���Harper's Buzar.
-5* '('*   *
" fa* "���
^��.'v^  ,
'> ^ ^:\."rfc'll���v*?i���fe.-S^'��� -re-'��s-P;'fe.-J?:'-fe-tk.''-Ji-W^ri?5       ^^.^^i-^^^^K^J^'^^.^^.^-^.^-^.ki-^yS       &^&^&^&^&^&^&^&^J4^qj��-^
laepisa's &?eat
iyinway &       ���  '.. .: o OS AN, STEAMSHIPS
Navigation Company;
1 StT'->^ r= '""I
* 1 i'U>w
r.1      1 ��� 1
Itoyal Mail LIhcb, . ,, ^
Cheapest Route to the Old Couatry.
'|  _>    '    ALLAN^LIXE-I-'roin Portland     '     '
' N*'!iiiiditiii        ���* ��� M(ii''S
- 11
"' L'I
"    t'6
.8eao��ulo or Titiio-J?.wilio Standard Time' ,    . D0M^"^N WNK-l-'io.u Porti.ind.  s
Por-nnion   '    - ' .       < ;a j;;
���    ' "   IT
Opu'illil'.g K.i'.lo k. Sloe.in'ltaihvay,
Iniei'iiiilicjii.il N;i\ igation & TiMding <
,;'��� : Applos iivb';' .h'.'.s.fi!' liable'^toy brealcywheo
������; being, .cored,,if they 'are,'..���iietypeeled'���'until
;',:. af UH'w-ai'll. '���'-,i- ���' 'y'yl y,.'::.;': .'y, [���ykl''l''ky7'''7<'-7s
,.: Cheese''can4'l::R;'l:ei)t ;frdm :'nmld.ihg;yhy;;
'���':' tUbbin g,t'hc;:,cui; pal"tywitb; bnt;ter. -'Cliver ���'
. .with a wliUe- paper-'niid, keep, hi a-'dry
^yyplace,^;,y,,.yy|yy.���r-y77y^7i"'^f���;'���''������:-:: -;:'���
a When*j'ohsfingya''turkey; when .nearly:
' cooked; ���place' a.-Iightybi-fiwityprfper that
'.. Juts';beeiialMiitereil' riyerytho,;'..f(Wv.l;r"sb'that
, ' i.t.Avilj uot.beupine c;o.okejl:too��C(-owh;';,a,y:.y
y  IVfiity'ciiif.yj^iye.a;c]-eIieiobs': fjiiyoi- to .yn.ur*
gl 11 go rb 1'f-ti <l ,by. li in ng.;. i t , w i t. If ,111 ino nd s
... tiplit into In.ilvos, sci as not,to 'be heavy
enough   to  sink   to   the  bottom   of .'the'
1 dough whilOjCoolciiig.yy,    .'. '.���, ;,,    ' .-:'i-(
Chicken'feet are rich in gluten.and also
a Oecided iti.dilition to the flavor of cliick-
eu stock,' Koup or gravy. Wash'thorougU-
.'.'"#��-jS'ciVCr wUU; boiliaa wutgiv a��ti pftpr ft
, Our Shallow Solved.
Every person produces a shadow "picture upon the sensitive,plate afforded by
people whom he meets and even upon the
things among which he mov;s. To every
.human,, being the world outside is a huge,
-')iViri;.or;-;yrc.IJocti.njjy- b:iclcy-VoV-.liiijy:,-:"vv:!iity' hoy
hi 111 sel.C,; places ibu.f ore l)^k}'';^l:Sy^^77y-^
'):;Ay person1'r^ftiniiug'> from  tfii y-evcn.it.itf',
pariyy'coiiiptiii'iteda'tii ya!; pulicCin;)ti,
itnyilly-'lobiiui'g,;;fellow/was' .folloiyiiig
Tltey'ollicei'Liroved to liihi thutytho/cause
of 'liis  coinpi 1aiut  was  simply   his  ovvii
shadowyy,.>ay y  il: ,-'C:y. y-:.y'' >;;���: ,���'���'. y.i ;h
K, Fro wti';.- a t ��� the world, a nd it w i 11 'f rp wii
' ba|ck a t. yoiik.  S111 iIe; 'a t i ii-���i t w i 11'..'rol'u r.11
'iiintysniile,:and with goodyinteresti tool���
���Pilgi'itn.y-'-' '--y,-y . ' : ... .-".-.; y .������''.' y-. y" ���'-;' y'y'.v
;,.'���; "k y. Not All His Fanlt. *  -v >���' ��� y '..���.-..
y'Hor hea^l;rested on his shoulder, aqd
yhcry'IitUeliaiul lay confidingly in IiIk. . ;
1 a. ,'^Tclt meiiow-,, Alfred;"; said the. happy
yihaideri, ,i''l)bff you ever came to pick rhe'
a'biilfets'tlie giityou, wanted'to marry.", a '
������ yl'tWellf y i)prar? y-i'cpliou' '"tho.:.'ecstatic;
youiigyman Jn7a. 'gush of confidence, "it
"was uia\v that put nie up to it."���Chicago
yTribune.y<.y'.y���> ���.. ���":.-!:' ;V ��������� s"'VV. k ,,1..���: .,-���-        y,-.;
y-- '.'.:���:;' 'y.. ller Own Fattlt.     ,a
;, Mrs.   Dibbs���Mine.   Chic,   I  payyou
' more than Mrs. yllibbs,yaiid yet you put
;ni6rb's(:yle irito/her frocks.;   ���������'.-'< .'.��� '    ' ��� ;.'"���''
:; alilnie.  Chic���\Y.ei|;:yiIr3.' Dibbs,' that's'.
i'What'yon got, foriheihg so easy to please.
���Ihdjanapolis Journal.      '    y     ������..;���'���-
Q:alck Time I ���
u OJ vi     r^^J.^.  <i.i^*-*   .
Kfrecti vc fell. M., 1000.
Ka.3Xo ��Sj EIocn.ii 2l:iilv/ay
j P.irKi'iui
"1 SlUI'Lllt'lUl
' 'I'uni.^iun   ���
; Xiiiuiclian
! Cuinbroumri ��
C 'r ., ^ ^
-> j 1 V '
.'.   ii   ...J
,\   r��.
���}    ��!,�����.'��� ftp pq
."���ii     k'^.<}}'|C';    V.HertppQ
htm.v ' ������"���
.-:.-Oi;bt��.-JS.:--WJ!,'.. -.O.l'uu :��%���;���:��
is'IVst;eiV,'I.'}it'. 111 g17:;lJl('.' '>,;,.K>?1i.!V<''y
^.yD.a,iI^;y.:Sfaini3 ^-p '%f7
Vl':] ]'V\ itt'A'I'M^Tpkiv.'y-y:-y yy AVesty
Aii���������!��� '"V:..\.y, -���'.-���'/y .t,.yy .irnyo-.i'.t'tiy
""" i'or;'i's.'���'���]���;] y'yly
y.' arrive ;'llj.L'i'���-..
I'lii'senmj:' train for Sanilon and.wivy sUitions,
leaver Ka-.!o at M .l.ln.t  daily, lettirnhig, leave-)
Satl-loii uti 1.1.1 p 1:'.., iiiri'. iilg id lCrtslo 3.,11 p.m.'
rJu'.ei'i'.K.tloiir.i Kn.\ ig.uicii mid Tvad'oig
.. t\|ie),':i|iligiiil. !',(|i,iteiia;. .!.,;!nI',hIii,I Ul.ycr. ,  .,
��� ^.!'<V I Sri-IM.NaVS'fiSN Ai.f'ieti ^(/'i- tylisbt' loi; "^CJljOlla
���.lil.'li'ityiiii-'il.'ltifvt^.viie.i'ilpfiiijf.lii):: n-IJii'iioiir. k'iivi!M
Nl (li?.ill Uti .J,Hll ,,|i..lil.. eiiliiag i(f .���Hil,ilVi;!i'a, I- Hot,
lb;v. 'Abiiivnrtlv,aeml; ;i!I.'-.'ivity :-p'(ilril,s-;���v.cniuiiH.'IK
a. n'li ���>!.-���- I'V'iv .N.'.���fritiii In ������"arid'. I'rotu S]..iil<.iiiic;vat
!':ivi'.A'!lleiJ,ijliil.-.-,-.'---i,". :'''" "'V"-'VV-: .-'���<':V-ii.y.;;f ��� ���������
Lttri��ij-Brir.ieo.tt Jilyitiian
i>om Jlontreal.
> ancouver ��� ...      .      .     .    ^\p], 05
UKAVKU J.IXK-Froin St. John.
Air.wn      ��� l   i
bake rfiqierior   ���      ���      ���      ���   �� ���
l,nke Ontario
Montrose      ���>'	
I i.nke Huron     .....
j     Piw-tetigenlirkVleil throimh to .-ill  ;i:iris ,,r
(lir.-it Illll.'iill niirl lrclilllil.liliil.it ��.|n..H;ill\   liov'
r.iteN.lo nl I ii,u('< yf  iIicImhoiicui ..oniinciit.
���"IM-'ly to iienmil.- railniiy.or VIci..iiisln'piiigcii(.'i'.vv'
Mob -JS
A nl -t
"   11
"   is
- '<y
;n yitOai.KnoT ;���::���;,'
;.., ������,. -a y-y .^:yA';nf^VV'A,1U,!>^','^y>' ��������������</:: 7
1 ��.1 eiiuuM1' 'A\ hei'it'i "1 e i\ v ��,-H';. iv��i H ���'. > .-f/ji* ���;! .iird i.>. 11 n�� 1.
A.ry'friM'i' ill, S::*j'ii!in;'.,>y:iii*jii/siJa.5 ^. 'yy y--.'.y;.'-y .'��� y,-iy,.';
P-'a. ���������W" ���''t-i ���"'.���''���'.   ��� -.'' '���: ''���'������:.:. yy:.'-'-'- ���.',"'''.   ���"������������    '���'..'���;'.'.-������'���.���'���
ODlpj)'".!���.' St.uiii'.ii'i'.s'nill iii   wifii;ipii'l 'la.iiiiilig.s...in   biith;
BkUl'Iu''1 dii'eei.ioMf'.'a.ii'il 'lit.'i.itj'.ar j-'.1;.itm. .wiiani .sigiinlle'l.
'������:������..;:���'���        . " . y|   .'I'liiu��yi:.^ <��ui-.t,> 1 "ji.i!��� iut.-;i-ri.>i'yi 11:;.c'^.iitJ.AisLyij-i^i; they
'I'. 1' ii^.'.'.'.'i'!.(i,i u; 'fates.
���y :������������.���������-.:���-������. ;������..���        ncllcved.
; Sillieiis-^She is a finished artist.
Cynictis���Clad to hea.v it. 1 was afraid
she W118, goiug to sipg agaiu.���Philadelphia 'Record;-.: :.-,': -. .7
.;;;������'.'���>���������.���.���;.���. ���y.r'yiA'MJF-P-^ ;.--'!-'-���"-���-''���'���:.:'.."-"--.y ���'���' ���!.
JyQsSiaAXn Vi'ivdj��� IC1>UTI0N^VY;.,': -;"]'
i-is -Ai-iM-Vwlitiivit ,'!.'ii:-'y hVryrtllyjioiiits.iii Kootyj
:!!,ir. ���.���ijivkiii'i-'tfdioii.ii'.tiiin ,' a NaV'.i->k .'o'.'-.'i.ll. I
)oy.;l-M')i:: ':':.i'^\>V']iil.'-iUitii\ii-,;i%i.i.lv.;iiy nii.-t j
:-lus'7'->��-'VV ,:<���'.'��� :yV" 'V ��� a' y yy ' ��� ... y.':',!;
a ..���eri,ijir!-'i:'oii-i;'t. 1!ohso-iri fov Nelson ftoui'.e.- ).
:;y, Uakiya-ia 1 ti'lybi- iifiii.IV, , Ti'Mil.'rtt)*" j
���in^.i'iu:;'Cil i.i'iiiiK ii!j<..!.iiif.(,ii.i'.v ("oniitt'y. ���' ;-.j
tif.,l;c!��.--'inii.jif,.-..c.i'.ev, eii.ll 1
> 11
uti.Iy.ru 11, yitiffjrtiiat ion'.
":������',Mtuw'ge". Kiwlo. I'.. <:'y
i.'��lJl;iU2i'i��S'-'i.;"/i.Ut <ii>- i -^\'i-V .-.v'^nvi'sWi;-.!.��/��. -. It'.W-
fiti; ���'.���infrr.-n.'i!i !(,ti.
;li f;-.-t..i'.(h;(.,<V.'4.   ������'���
'.'��� ������'���" 1. ���
ciV. Paj;:-. Aij'.slH-';.
-.,' IiVifCJfti Jjf.0,1.
������; aiti. p..Ajsoi'iti -'.
' Vanv.ouvtir-, friC.
\'Lf^.-ii'y B.'.',i'|Io;S'!.''; y ���" V; y -;���''.:.-.
���Is' ;'i;v":V.'i'tiiiK''.!.-'.liiu'i iv-i"tv.V:l !;i^\"ay
;y,-y -���''������������ -.-.y ������,-������ yi'.-'i'.vi;,Vii',/).''';v-,-y ya -y; 'yiv,.y
��� 'r'l7'i.^iy.ciy^j'^r-iAf'ii:\^ ^^vyJ-Vy .'.'���. .VV.
yy. ' Vy...--.. .-.- a ���'lUiitViiiiai'i'iy.-V y Vy:-':-y ::-y'''':
a: ��� .V; '.'>'2vc,ry;.7^.W,i'.r?.'y'.^*'".yj- ^.^y-
HfeU'i-'C!-:'. for Koi'liu'i'ii ���:���!-;i'a*:\��li. < "'iViinihla, ntivts
' ���|ti,i-vt!,-V'ict-��!,in|>m,fl'V:i>i'.Mi:i\rOv weekly.-'
ltt'te^. cU'a ia: itp.-'s.Kr.'li'.'ii !,���'���'��� :    '.-   :      ; ;
." ���'."'���;..: f';-H; HAKTril;    .'������;���;'
'.' '  Ociicuil rrt:v;iii|ii-:;.r'Agent,y y
;-.'���'������>���','    '��� ' ������''���:"y,iqrc.r.ta, n,a.
'' ].7Vy-' 'SySy./'lardeau^^-yyy^yy-y^
y (!Coiiiinciiciiig May. 1st, 1000/Stent her will run -"'
us follows, went her permitting :������;',���   ; " ��� y:
. I>eii ving Arrowlicad twice dully.for Coiniiiiliv
and 'riionison'.s Landing at 10k. lind 1.3k.''; -.-:
Uiavin^ Thoili.soii's I^indingfor Arrbwlie.-id
twice daily, at 7::��l iiiidlUk.. milking elo.^e coii-
neutioiis-.Witli.ull <:.. P. ft. trains and steamers.
.' The (Uvnersrusurve tlie fight to cliiinge liiiiy'.- '���
of;S;iiliiigs>w:illipiit uotici).;���:"��� :.;.-.'���;..���':';:.       ./!.:.-.a-.'..'���
'., -'.::vy'V:'V'i '-''v77y:wmy^77t7V]s'':
:-''a-.y-..",!iaa,va'-'-::; .-   <���','?���!���''���..:���:���'':<'. ''���  '��� Abil'iig'.'!". a :'<
������'���a;-':.'' '��������hNIKG '2>TOi?IEElt!��";"y yV;'S;
Surveyors of alirc.'--. Afine'/ri.; C'liiFiii^ ii.p��! ("voimi
;���"..���::���   ^'' "���-' .y;;';: ��� ���' J-iiifJ^y. - ���������������.''���''���
y' y :. vAiTCOUVKn. if:;cv'"��� ���������-��� 7: THE KOOTENAY MAIL  9  $  9  9  if  : #.  /A.  ���������V  .V"  if  9.  ���������<?���������'  If:.  a?  $���������  9  9  if:  SI-  IP  .9  it  5[  ft'  9  $  9  ft'  9  4.  ft'  ?.5*??'J#-^?������J  iisic  'J  f  of*  If you are thinking _  learning to play a vio- *  lin. banjo, guitar,' auto- |  harp, or any musical g  instrument, call and, see ^  our most complete stock |  Instruction   books   for all g  kept'   .oii \i  9  instruments  hand.  r #'  A   large    assortment    or j  sheet music,  folios, etc.-J  Will order  at the price }|,  registered     if    not   in |  the auspices of the Ladies Alid Society  of the Presbyterian church.  On Thursday May 2-lth. Kefresh-  ments ( in the form of ice cream cake  and lemonade ) will be served all day  in the Salvation army hall. A musical  service will be held in the evening pro  ceeds to go to the Self Denial Fund.  -J. E. Long is making extensive ivS-  provements to the Kootenay Brewery  by the addition of a new -cellar at the  back of his present building. He is  putting in new and larger vats and  hopes soon to be in a position to ineet  the demand for his beer, stout and ale..  ' stocl  I CanadaDpupBookCol  $" .'-     . st  ft' Revelstoke Station. ������ f(c  9   " .9  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  "The Deacon"' is progressing favorably,  0. \V. Field returned to Golden  last  R. li. C���������Members of the Revelstoke  Bicycle Club'aie requested to meet  near Tapping's Opera House al 0 a. in.,  2-ILh hist., to take part in the street  parade. The club colors for the present  season will be furnished to all who  attend. Bicyclists who do not belong,  to the club are invited to attend.���������H.  0. DlKK, Secretary.'  . ��������� e ���������  Grand  Celebration  At the-City of Revelstoke '  May 24th, 1900.  i ODbib h  ������tr)  PAINTS, OILS, GLASS I  ������i������  eve/bSn^rn?,?!16 fCarloa* ������f Painfc and Oil-tho largest shipment  f  tXJ'^V"s*t,n5,������.the.town of those goods.    Wo are now in a position  ������^>  _ IlipiJJCliU       ?  ��������� tn ������ni-..1K,\U.;.y,������:f ������������������.-���������������;������������������ ������*;���������"������.~������--goods.    We are now in a position fSS*  ff> on    S&iM,r^                                           White ^ad, Boiled and Raw JjL  <������ "li'iim       n l   I,', I,urn,t.u|,t* Y������������nsli,- Hard Oil Finish, etc.   All colors f  *** T ,? Wl i. ini  P.' ������1' dJ"fc     Msonline iii a variety of colors.     Coal '& '  W.   M.   LAWRENCE.  $5,00 IN PRIZES $50  y T.'W. Grahame, of th(f^ro^pectofs~  Exchange, Thomson's Landing, .returned Saturday evening from a visit  in the old country. . He was in London  when news'was received of the relief:  of Ladysmith and gives a vevy interesting account ,of the celebration. Mrs'.  Grahame and family; caine up from the'  Landing and met him Uovo returning  home yesterday morning. ^ y  iiiwJ 'I0SW  to Revelstoke yesterday,  S. Robb came,down from the Consolation mine Saturday.  < Mrs. L). Lyttle, of Kaniloops. came  in this inoruing on . a, visit to her  parents. ���������  ��������� Programme of. Sports.  The sports committee met last evening but did not complete arrangements.  0   , Appropriations were made as follows :  IL Floyd, of Ferguson, was a visitor    Baseball, $20;  tug-of-war, $25 : prizes  } for best float, $25.--* The general committee adjourned and the afternoon  sport committee, met to arrange a programme and'other business, such a8  appointing starteis, judges \ and' a'  treasurer. J. Ringer and E. ila-rshall-  say wero appointed starters ;'T. Bain,  rJ?: Kilpatriek and J.'B. Smith, judges;  t and J. B. Smith, treasurer: The foi  IiVeving programme of ' sports was  arranged, amounts of prices wi" Lie set  to-night:    ,  Baseball       match���������" Dent's"  "Wigwam,"' commencing    1    p  sharp.   ��������� ' . -  Football. match���������Trout-'  Revelstoke,  2 p.' m.^  Boys race under1G years  Boys mce under 12 years  Girls race under 1G,years,  Girls race under 12 years,  100 yard dash, open  Standing broad jump.  Runningbiyoad jmnp.I.....  Hop, step and jump.  220 yard race.  440 yard race.  1 mile raee.  Football, Bicycle Bacos,  Caledonian (3-anies, <  ��������� Patriqtia^SDeeclies,  Grand.. Street;    Parade,  Revelstoke   C'ity   Band  'jfi ������(tendance  T^r^W.a'?' Paints' ������ils' Glass' agent for Hamilton Powder Co fy  ' ^ i ' ' t i     ' ^  ,To conclude in the evening  '     with a  MCERT & BALL.  T." KTLPATHICK, '(Jbnii mnn ;     .  B. K.. CAMPBELL, Secretary.  'GOD SAVE TIIK QUKBN.'  Hewitt Biistock, M. T. catiie in from  t i , . ,  Uie-webt yebtcrday and went down  to  LVmmplix.  Ralph Smith, J. 1J. Hawtiiornwaite  and Win.' Woodman left for the south  Suudayniorning going to Nelson.  George. Laiorrne returned Saturday  night from, the Okanagan with his  pack horses and will soon be ready for  the trail.  Lake  vs.  in.  vs.  ( ' NOTICLv.  ���������     .  '      *      ' i  "VryTlcrci!* hereby tfivcii Unit al the cxpira-  .il ,1'iW) Pi- .'*" 'bt.Xs from thi-^ (Into tlie bead  office or iirjiK'jifii) i-liicuol' Ijiif-inc^^t' the lJrown'  jicar Aliijing iiiul llryclojMiicnl, <'ohiikiii.v Liini-  Lui Kialiilil.y: M-ill lie i,')i,ui^w| i"i-nin lionald, IJ.  C��������� U) Jfcve/^loke. li. ('.  Ijdtwi ^7ti) A)������il, jyiui, y,   '     ',  (IKO, 7. iicC'AI.'TKK,  ,   ,       (folicllorfoi,llie(;oiii!>iiiiy,  # New and stylish wash silks in three and a half vard len'gths,no  &  ^ t wo alike at 50c, 75c, nod 81, call and s.'e them. W  GRASH SKIRTS^^^       ' "   ' ���������" . "W  Mi       "      }V? h"V m'1 JilK' "frC|,'as,i������skil'ls -w,,ich woSvaiit to clear so have''' f?  HUN reduced the price from $3.50 to $!.��������� ��������� ��������� (  ���������-       l,J"',���������v,-  ^  1 WRAPPERS AND BLOUSES. '    1  ^ ������' >V       3l(lAK,l'fi]!'KT-L.ai:li;Wt: an" scini,S Wrappers at 75c. and Blouses wfe  ji. at 50c.    btyhsh and nice assiirtment'left, call and seo them.    '      jSK '  "TPT"cs"iirr t  -O JLOJtdL I  -PISH I  THE.  CAREFUL ATTENTQN,  Nomination day falls on Saturday  when it will be definitely' known the  number of aspirants for political  honor s. ������  A. N. Smith received Satu rday a car-  ' load of flour, rolled oats, rolled wheat,  etc., in all 41,700 lbs., from the Ogilvie  Milling Co., Winnipeg.  P. Moore was in town for a couple of  days returning to  Rogers Pass where  ,  he is in charge, of the  wofk  of removing the building-- to the new site. ���������  Three legged race.  Putting shot. '  Sack race.      ,     0  Fab man's race, 200 lbs. or over.  Chinamen's race.  One mile bicycle race. ,     "'  Half-mile bicycle race.  ,Quarter-mile bicycle race.  Quarter-mile bicycle   race for ladies.  T(i:;-of-war~-C. P. R. shops   vs. All  Have a  look  at tho samples of  wall    Comers  paper just; opened tit the Canada Drug  & Book'Co.V, 'they are very pretty and  prices reasonable. tf  \'l. U Hutchinson, one of the fren  gold proposition discovered neat Coma-  plix last year, was in town for a couple  of days the. latter part ot the week.  An adjourned meeting of llie general commit tee i.i called for this evening  ai >i o'clock. ,Tbe. afternoon sports  committee, wi'l meet at 7:30 and prepare a report. ��������� "' ,'  'VANCOUVER.  RATES   S2.5CT PER    DAY!'    /y  > ii ������ t  Wagons,  Delivery  Rigs,  ���������   ' Buggies,  Etc./  JAS. MCMAHON'S  Fresh, Cod, 'Halibut,  Salmon,  Etc.,  Smoked  * ' Fish & Kippers a Specialty.  ���������           Family.. Grocers; and Produce Merchants.  E B  Second   Street,  FIRE.& LIFE; INSURANCE AGENTS, ���������'"  ' -������&������*^N.0TARIES. PUBLIC,, ETC.  FIRST   STB.EET,   REVELSTOKTil. A  sssesmssisz  THE SPRING- STYLES  ���������:o  Blacksmithino- and Woodwork  o  ' done on short notice. ���������*  Carriages    Built' to    Order.  are beauties. The Spring' will be here, before you  know it and you. will be uncomfortable with your  heavy winter suit. Pick our your pattern now and  have your Spring Suit in time.  New Spring Styles in Woolens.  .First Street, Revelstoke.  All  veiling members:  of   the   Independent, Order-of   Kurtihters   are   re-J  iMiesled tn niei-i with.Con rtMt. Jiegbie  ���������il !' ii'clork Thin .-day  morning to take  |j;irl in the parade.  NOTICE.  i LL OltANflKMKN are reipiesU-rl  j\ Io meet at the. lodge mtmi'tit 8  o'clock a. in. on 'J'hursda.y, May 2-lth,  to take part in the societies parade.  VNiting 'Metbreu e-tiecialiv invited.  T. STKKD, \V. (;. JJIItNKV,  o  W. M. It. S. pro lein.  Your Pocket-book  tuny ho low hut, nobody ves it. but.  If your cI(,'(Ii'>h (ire -.!iaJibyt, thai  ,.-etl II-) it, nobody w.uii-. Uikniiw' you.  Ludiuftor (leiilh Tailor .\Jiido Clotbu.^  repaired anil denned in tfuoil .style.  Call or .-'end post cord.  Samuel   Needham, Douglas  St.  KMablislied  i:> yens.   ���������  *      Strictly CnSoti hiibor Srli'ip.  .%uui*-������,~i'.J-t>i~i:j,'.,!(,^*.')^t*.rjA.yiiU'ji;rx)������fixs  ("h.I(1 fringe Lodge, K. of P. will  parade from the lodge room with the  proce.s.-mn Thursday morning. All  mernb'-r-. of flu- order an- rerjtie.sted to  meet at the |ndgk. room aLS:.'V)  o'clock.  A meeting oi the congregalion of the  Pi.-: byti-ri,in chnrcli will beheld after  pi-aver meeting Vi'edne^diiy evening to  <li:-eu-> the luatter of building a mam-e  .-mil to (>xtend a .call. A large attendance is requested.  W. J. I fa flier. ;i. wi.-M known uews-  I'-ipei- in;in in the CJkHiingaii ;ind b'ouud-  tny (Ji.-lt id.-, n.i.s.in town fur a. shoit  time {-jijnd.iy on hi.s \vny lb rough to  Vernon where lie expects to Bpeud the  next, two months.  Miss Isabel T. Ken, medallist of  Monlton college, Toronto, reciter'and  dramatic reader will appear in liovel-  ilokr- on the eveijingof June 12th utitlc-t'  Tondops for a. License to Cut Timber  on Dominion Lands In the Prov-      !  Inee of British Columbia. !  i  0.'-:.\I.KM TKS'DKIJN, .i.ldn-.. -1 rotlej ���������u..I������".r- |  I) -i'4ii(;d i'nd iiiiirkp'l on tbcuii vdofiu "Vender  for 'I iinbiir Ilerlh '������\T," to be epi.'ned on the Istb  day of June next. Mill be received ni tbw  IiepiirtiiiciiU until noon on Morday. the 18th  day ol' .1 line Hchi. for ,i. licciwo to cut, timber on  Horf.h Xo. -J.'!.'), eotiiprisini; t,he N'orlh luilf  of Section I'r. tin: .Sout.li hulf and Xorth-  W(.i*t ((iiiii'tcr of Section 20; tho .South  half of Hfction -Jl, ihe South hnlf of  Section 'Jl'. Sect Inn* M, '.'.I. -Mi, 'Si and tlie WimI  luilf of Section ���������*!), in T<>M,-jnhiiJ 2.1. Itan^c ���������>$  A\'c-f. of the.ith Meridini), in the mi id J'roxfnce.  coiit.iiiiiny >in tii'oi of (i.7-5.1'iu.iro imliw, more or  v ������������������-. i  'I lie rcifuli'tiou-- uii'Irr'vljfcli a licru.-.e v, III bo  i-^itd in.iy be olilMiucd fiU thni IiepHrtiiicnt er  fit the oIHk of ibo Ci-u->su 'limber AgaM at  Xev/I'/cflmiiibter.  Knell lender must he iiecomp.-mlcd liyim nc-  cejited cheque on a clmrtentd bunk in favour of  the Deputy of the Minister of the. Interior, for  then mount of t.hr bonus which the tippllciuit is'  prepared lo pay for <i. license.  No tender by tolcKniph will be ontertnincd.  I-VIC.  id for-  Highest Gas  aw' Mjrs  .Ml -lil|itt|i;iil������ ij'i |. ,,unified by III" ii>  soon m> iliey'iri'iu . I'loiuol roturns ns-  -.(ll'i'.'l. Price, a:'.-!..) Jia'l. (u w>i"i nut,  holdiiii,' food- '���������', ���������,,!.. Jiii'/ih >if liine.  V.,:i -iio'ii'.l la i \i ..,-, i if i I lie ret iii'ii-.  >oti '_'< f from  G. V/  BATiDV/JN,  J'  n. JJo\ :>.,| >;,'.-iii ior.I.e. (  llliuin  Winnipeg, Mar.. ''  Ensxaai5RmvM������>si:rc^23ariE!atS3RJESB  Our Asgpr^ipen^ pf .    .  CARPETS,  LINOLEUMS,  STRAW MATTINGS  WALLPAPERS,  DRAPERY GOODS,  Etc., is (he Largest in the West.  Samples Free on Request.  I., Victoria, B������,  ������*���������������-*���������_- ^VT���������������������'^Ci!������y������j^S53STl^v?lVv^''iy  <r Cleanliness  is next to Gocllinoss."  IIIH  If  you   w,uit   )<iur  .icavciigcr  f'ICULKY a  Depart merit of (he Interior,  im.ivm, 7lli :>fuy, I'M.  ICKVKri,  Secretary,  lfl-21  work clone m a i;:!eui> find  'cconomiraj way stiul fi  curd to  McLennan, IcFeeiy & Company, limited,  Plate   mid. Sheet  Glass  .   ,   Wood    Mantels,   Grata  Tiling.      MAJESTIC  STBBL  BANGRS   for   Hotel   and  Family   (Ha  Miners' and Mil! Supplies.  Vancouver, - -        , British Columbia,  IJi'.iiichcb at I ������,nv������uij City, ^tlin and Bennett..  ^'������2'..hiii..u.wW.'������ .������.m..m.jJ.;iMmiaaCTBBHglijLnimn>������1 iunj^j^jiuij.Liii.iHJi������|n������i.|ipj|ijiiiiij n.uLiiii l'i  THK B. 0. ASSAY AM CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. (LIMITED).  (Late MacFurlane & Co.)  VANQOUVER,    B. Q.  FRANK SAUNDHR<  Revelstoke Station.  ance*, ete.  Catalogue aad full particulaw >t*nt oti application,


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