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Kootenay Mail May 2, 1903

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Array pi  V "  v  \t,i  fl ���������ftaaW U"������*������*  l\->  ���������READ Br  5,000  '  Vol.'' 10.���������No. 5.  PEOPLE.  THE HOTEL VICTORIA,  K. K. iIkason; i  VIOTOKIA,    ;" - ' ' H. C.  American and Kuni|K..m l'l������".  '  Aiiicricaii Plan SZ'W and L'pwurds  '      Steam Heated. Sample room..  REVELSTOKE. B.,C, MAY 2, 1003.  $2.00 Per Year  Siict-t'ssiii toTriyloi 13ros. & George, Limited.  ' /' f  . '* -\      - ,"  " >. o , *-  ens  A I.ARG1-: LINE.01"  9  Men's. 'Heavy - Rubbers and .Overshoes  yy; BARGAINS IN  Me'fe Boots  ...    r,.,.'  DRY GOODS  W. J.  TERRIBLE  CATASTROPHE  Caused By Terrific Mountain Slide  -���������Worst In Western Canada.-  ' Vancouver, B.C., April '29, 2 p.m.  ���������At 4 a." in. today the most'-lerrible  mining disas'tcr/in , the'/.history of  western Ciinachi'occun-ecl at Frank',  Alberta. A fearful 'explosion occurred'in the Frank'coal mines.  The side of the, mountain svns blosvn  nut. livery man in and about-the  mine was, entombed. The loss of  lifo-is.bslimalcd nt lo,0. The valley  litis been blocked up nnd tlie.town  of-Frank' is being submerged by  diverted streams, adding horror on  horror to,the scene of,'devastation.1  There is 20 feet of water in tbe town,  which is reported ruined, ,'1'he  telegraph svircs are down. The C.  T. H. triick" is''destroyed for a mile  and a half. . "p1 ,    ."   .'  The cause 'is unknosyn, but it is  believed a'flosv of natural gas must  have'been struck and exploded in  the process of blasting "out coal.  Not a soul svbo is likely'tb know  anything about-it.is alive to tell the  tafe.'   '      -        3    , '  The mine is on.fire. , ,_. ���������-', L  /The wired* "arc also down in the  .vicinity of Arrosvhead.so that it is  impossible, to get further nesvs at  present: > ' .--.,-- ���������,-  -J'y its' awful characier, the disaster .has cast a gloom .over the  whole,of svestern Canada. '  LATER.  t      r  ($)  1  " r\tfl  PAIRS. -LADIES BOOTS AND; SHOES |  '       Si^  11. 2, 2.'.'. 3 and 3i,   ' Value., ������2.20 lo SllOO.-      _ ���������������  1  YQuiR CHOICE FOR $1.00  |  ^ .        '       SilA  1'   ������   2''. 3 and 3i,   "Vnluon, S2.20loSi:00.  r,Th --���������->���������-'>,-        .      . -  4  "E.3J; BOURNE'S Revelstoke|  Jjournc lh os. Old Stand.   ,  Station.    $,  <S2>  9  &JP &  3 c LIMITED.  A'-entsfor Giant Powder and Bcnnct Fuse.  BRUSHES,   BROOM   WHISK  WOODEN   WARE^  For House Cloaning;.   'Yon need them, sve have them.  '   Vancouver,'li! C, April 29, 4 p.m.  ,���������The cause of the'disaster   is  nosv  supposed lo be an earthquake.  The  whole  valley   below   the tosvn  for  "oyer a,mile  svidesvas  shaken  up  immediately after svhat appears to  lie a'volcanic 'eruption   look  place  oh   top "of "Turtle Mountain, .which  os-eflooks the  tosvn, throwing  million's of tons of,rock out and covering the mine entrance.  1 Tlie mine buildings -svere buried  hundreds of feet-'deep.  ,  All men employed about the mine  outside, svere,-instantly killed, and'  over twenty -miners  imprisoned iii  the mine svith little hope-of-rescue.  "Seven cottages- in   the tosvn svere  buricd-under rock.    Tlie loss'of life  is  estimated'at   over   100, mostly  women and children.      ��������� ,   " '  ��������� A'. Loilch,' his wife and four  children, are among'the dead.-1 His  Ihree girls escaped.  The mountain  is ",sliU   throwing  up rock.  [The above was   issued   by us as  extras on Wednesday.]  becoming  We are passing into stock every day new  Lace and  Tapestry   Curtains,  Curtain Muslin, Art Sateens,  and Art Muslins,  and sviii be -'lad of the chance to show you these goods.  SPECIAL SALE  Of Hosiery and Gloves  SATURDAY EVENING  A  Ladies' Kid Glove in Black and colors for $1.00  LIMITED.  Later news shows the occurrence  was not so had r.o first reported,  though 'still forming a terrible  chapter in the'history of Canadian  disasters. It svas caused by a rock  -lidesimilar to that svhicli occurred  at Arrowhead in;February, though  of vastly gieater dimensions, and  at a town of 1000 people.  On v. the occurrence  known the C. P. R. hurried special  trains svith .doctors, nurses and  hospital supplies from eastern and  western ends of Cross's ,Nest road.  Sir Wilfrid"Laurier had the Northwest Mounted Police despatched to  the spot to render all possible assistance, and the Northsvest territorial government took steps to  relieve distress, so that all that can  be done for the sufferers has received prompt attention.  All but'two of the miners got out  of the mine uninjured but many of  the dead aie buried under hundreds  of feet of rock from svhere they  must be allosved to lie.  There could 'have been no earthquake or volcanic eruption as reported or the delicate instruments  at the meteorological stations would  have recorded the fact.  Nine cottages svere destroyed and  buried be.-ides several in sdincks in  the neighborhood. Two ranches  wei-ealso'lnn-icd up and the inmates  all killed. It is impossible to yet  tell just how many svere killed.  About (>0 of the dead are said lo be  svomeu iind children.  There were 17 in the mine. Two  died from suffocation, but (ho other  lo worked their svay out. The  rescuing party above ground despaired "of saving the entombed  miners for tbe entrance svas blocked  by immense piles of broken rock.  The miners within, however, found  an exit svhere there svas less rock  and after cutting their svay through  30 feet of debris, timbering as they  went, all but tsvo emerged from the  mine uninjured. One of the imprisoned men svbo so miraculously  escaped death, svent home after  emerging from the mine and found  his house destroyed and his wife  and six children dead. There is  now plenty of air in the mine and  the insidesvqrkings are intact.  I The rock slide svas of sue.h di-  Niieiisions that the clouds of dust  I were taken for smoke and.the minor  slides coming down later were taken  for, inside explosions. The whole  east end of the mountain, extending  from the tipple,'east has gone out.  It-svas four thousand .four hundred  feet high and slid ' across the entire  valley. -The slide 'extended- from a  point within'200 fcef'oT thcFrank  station to a point one and one-half  .miles cast: .This tract is covered  with rocks of all,sizes.-,        ,    .  '"A special from Frank says it is  estimated the total number of .dead  is 95. - -���������  The Frank board of Ira de,.wired  as.follows:��������� ,-   '-    ������'  " We suffered from a , very large  rock'slide. There-are' very few injured; we can do nothing and want  ho hol|). I'leaso discourage anyone  from coming here."���������S, W. Chambers, president, Frank-' board of  trade.,  THE LEgTsTaTURE  Oliver withdrew his impeachment  motion.  ' Houston's petroleum bill provides  specially for location of mineral.oil  lands.   ri      7  ' .'  The government is considering  establishment of 'sanitarium for  consumptives;        3 ' ', '', -  SmitlvCu'rtis has a bill requiring  railway ^companies "to give ' free  passes'to members and judges. '. -.-  McPhillips' bill to stop ^animals'  being allowed to run at large in  cities or on" public roads svas do-,  fca'ted. ���������      !" -I "'.        ;  A" re=olution svas passed deploring  failure,of dominion government to  take action .to aid lead mining industry. ���������< ��������� ,' ' " ' '  . Tlie petition from" Camborne and  other points against' extension of  A'. &.K. charter svas presented by  Green.'  ��������� .        " - ���������    ', <  "Srnitlv'Curtis ..introduced bill to  stop-.- supreme court! .issuing - injunctions ' 'against 'railway construction' but svas defeated. > t ���������  -- -Provincial secretary stated the  lieutenant-governor' had signed  order in-council -cancelling ifiast  Kootenay grants to'C. P.'R.   ���������  1 Gilmour put up.big fight in favor  of hudgate's claims,,to Deadnian'a-  island", and on, his .motion a return  of the proposed 'leasS'sv'iilf ordered. -  < Hasvthorntbsvaite introduced bill  making employer liable to $1,000  penalty for' discharging employe'  because he belongs to a union, but  it svas rejected.  In giving evidence before the  committee on East Kootenay land  grants Hon. D. M. Fberts , refused  to give reason for cancelling grants  as it svould violate his oath of oflice.  ' Hon. \V. C. Wells gave evidence  Thursday before special committee  re East Kootenay lands. Pie produced memoranda intimating to C.  P. II. they had forfeited rights^but  government svould re-open matter  if company svould build from Midway to Spenco's Bridge svith running rights for Coast-Kootenay.  He produced Shaughncssy's reply  complaining of government forcing  hands of C. P. R. Taylor, partner  of Attorney-General Fberts, svas  active- "svith G.McL. Brosvn to secure East Kootenay lands.  THE STRIKE.  It is stated ' the company has  onlv three weeks supply of coal.  President Estes,.of thc-U.l'.U.l!".,  pa������sed through on Sunday on his  svay to the coast from Winnipeg.  President Estes reports everything solid at Calgary and Winnipeg and is assured these points svill  stay solid to end of strike.  The U. B. R. Ii. are more confident of victory than since the strike  began. Owing to tho men having  again gone out at Calgary the company svere obliged to refuse freight  at that point.  As showing how strongly pulilic  sympathy is with the U.'H. \LK.  in the present strike, at the rifle  club's shoot on Saturday svas a  man svbo has been doing scab work  here. Several members of the club  objected to his Inking pari in Ihe  match and tho ollicers svere obliged  to intimate to him that his absence  svas preferable to his company.  GIVE OUR SIDE A CHANCE  in nn article of today taken from  New York Herald headed "Unsiness  Men in Theatric-ills," "A Wise Women  is going to run in San Francisco.  Now svhy can't we have this company  stay one night with us? Tlicy suiely  must have n first class company to  contemplate an extended run in the  western metropolis. Such a company  would be ii relief from the Mo 2, '",  and sometimes! coin jinnies that wc  generally get.    Give us a chance.  CAMBORNE GROUP  Operations.i of ��������� Northwest 'Develop-  . ment Company.     '���������  The North svestern .Development  Company is the first to turn out  gold bricks in this section.c Its  property is the ' Camborne group.  The group consists of nine claims���������  the'Bonanza', Morning Star, Center  Star, livening Star, Red Fox, Walrus, Sea bioii,,Ki(lgo and Goldlinch.  The following are the directors,and  ollicers "of Iho.co'mjiaiiy, whose headquarters arc al Hancock, Mich.:  President, ���������A. J. Scotl; vice-presi-  denl", Judge Curtis; secretary,'M. K.  Goldswoi'ihy; treasurer, M. C. Get-  ehell; directors���������M. C. Gctehell,,.!.  T. Fisher, Dr.'W. II. Dodge,' I?. C;  .Mavsvorm,' C; D. Hanchette, H. Z.  Brock, G. S.'Mackenzie; auditors���������  Daniel Fisher, Hancock, IC. I'i bast,  hiuirium.' 'The company lield its  first annual meeting at1 Nelson,  .October .'list, when' President Scott  submitted the following report:���������'  ���������- ,.     i'iii-;.sii)i:.vr's iti.-roirr.       v --,  '"Thejjoinls on llie;Cainbbi-ne'gi-Qiip  have been jmiil regularly as. they, be:  cniiio due up to'clatc. Last June sve  ncfpiircd by ciislipurchiisc for tlie sum  of!)<2y,000 an adjoining:' claim'known  .is the ���������"Goldfinch1." The prosjiecling  work,.on' the'1 hitter claim '-.hows evidences "of remarkable-richness in gold  quartz. No development svbrk, however, bus been done.'by tlie nianagcr  tlitis f.ir. but'will be commenced immediately. Early lasj. June nn electrical power plant run by water power  wns 'established svhicli furnishes aii  excellent, convenient and economical  power for'running the stamp mill and  drills and lighting the location by  clectricitv. , '  ' ,"A LO-liead' "  1    STAMP .stiJ.r. .     -  niid aerial tram line 5,000 Icet long is  in course of erection. 'Work, however,  is much (Hayed by rain and-ihiiiass-  able roads,-making-it'almost impossible "to -get 'the , heavy pieces ' of  niiicliinery'in to the property,    r,   ..  '��������� During tlie jwsb summer tho company purchased an interest in a town-  site'adjoining tlie mine.' Tlie latter  purchase I now believe to havo.bcen  'a.,jiistaki:,  and woii Id recommend ihat.oiir  interest be (lisj)oscd of at the earliest  possible date. Jt is my belief that'the  ctVorts'of. the company should be confined "entirely to legitimate niinmg.  ' ;!'A'siuviiiill s\as 4-also ] erected , hist  summer by the ��������� comjinny for tlie purpose of supplying Hie' mine with its  needed timber and lumber. 'Thi-i has  been.a great convenience in erecting  tlie necessary buddings on the lecntion  besides tarnishing it at less than hah  tlie price for which lumber is sold'in  tlie distiict. "  1 "Tin: i-'i.vAxcns  ol* the comnany are in a healthy condition, which niiiy be seen by reference  to the treasurer's rcjiort. While the  completion'of the null and tram line  is much delayed for tlie reasons above  stilted, and foi in.iny other almost insurmountable1-obstacles which an undeveloped , district presents, still, by  ���������lanuaiy 13, 1903, the shareholders  may look forward to the successful and  profitable ojicriition of the mill on the  rich 'Goldfinch ' quartz."  M.S.NACii;it's   Ul'I'OKT.  H. Z. Brock, vho svas manager of  the property at the time, reported:  - '���������In the .light of current events it is  nccesn.ny to" make this rcjiort somewhat historical. When tho eastern  people took over the Northwestern  Development syndicate it was found  that" all the properlies showing any  value had been abandoned and that  tho coiiijiniiv held projierty on whicli  no work had been done" at all and  with no showiiur of -values. All  valuable properties mentioned in  prospectus  BOURNE'S  Ogllvie's Hungarian Flour  Graham Flour.  Whole Wheat Flour..-  Rolled Oats.  Corn Meal. ,   '  Bran. , ,        Shorts.  Feed '-���������  '. : Wheat.  BOURNE iBRQS.  *' ��������� ' '  "'   . Headquarters for Groceries"  '  -  ''    of Guaranteed Quality.'  -*''���������-        ���������  -������������������   t-^~-    ���������;-/   ;:     -  We have,just received a 'large  consignment ol  ^Sponges' ranging- in   prices-fr6nyi'5C.to $3.50. .,_  Call and inspect our stock and  get our  prices  before  buying  elsesvhere!    We can'save'you.  money  THE RED, GROSS DRUG STORE-  '7,'-,       ..     j. a.'MIMJ'K & CO. ''", ,    ' " ���������  (he  the  METAL MARKET.  II;  Cutijier���������New York, electrolytic  to 112; London, tiii 10s.  Lead���������New   York. $1.00   to  $1,05;  London, ������12 lis. 3d. to .CI2 12s. (id.  Silver���������New York, 50;}.  had m:i:x AnAxnoxi:i>.  " Jt was tbe pjiinion of the board of  dircctois that'active work should be  done ou the iiropei'ty held to deter-  mine if it contained any ore bodies,  anil of what value. I was instructed  to jnosiiect this projierty, not by  scratches and go|ihei- holes on surfiice,  but to go down (leej) and have work ol  some value when eoiii|>leteil.  ���������'Nut owning the Coldliuch f.-laim  and having 110 showing, it, mattered  little whei'e I began as all the ground  bail to be covered wilhin the year. To  do this jirosjiecting work I deemed it  advisable to put in  an- i:i,i.cTi:ie oirrrrr  as I hail to work some projierty more  than ,-i mile in length. Tlie first woik  was natiually done near the power  house and at jiresent has covered one-  third of the length of claims.  " When  Tin: (loi.i)i'iN('ii  was purchased and machinery authorized in July a new jiro'lem was  presented to me, viz.: that of deve!o|i-  ing the Goldlinch and getting it in  shape to produce. To do this, additional machinery had to be jirocured  and installed and arrangements made  to work a projierty at a distance of  one mile. Last November it was  understood that Ihe Goldfinch vein  had been traced the whole length ot  the property but today it has not  been traced 800 feet and that a I  the upper end The overburden  ,-ui..Us it3lillicult to locate the vein  and work svill have to be done by tunnel ling at considerable depth.'  Alb Departments Fiill-of, Ne>y .Goods  ������������������  (-..'.    Buy "When Ypu{Can,Get the'Best Clioice. t : ,1  ,  -   ~y'.',',���������{*' -'���������    /That ls^ Right Now,  >   "--   i   ^  Ladios Tailor-Made. Costumes..  " Tho-.oi.ie .til now .mil ityli-li. "I'rice.-  ' ' rroin SI I to '-'���������">��������� Tlio-eg.JOdsnrc l.tto in  comiiiKto'liniifl. SVo (,'ot ft snociiLl 'li-;-  ooiint from tlio liiiiniif.iottiroi-- on tln-  accoitnt. SS'c otlor tliom to yon at  -ipcciul jiricc-..  Roady-to-Woar Skirts  Knit ninge. t-l/'C-. M to  II.    I'ricc-. from  SI (Klit|).  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Corrc-poiidence  lnu-i rcftcli the 'ofllce by SVotlnc-d.iy even-  Address" ' '  ' The Kootenay'Mail,  'Phone No. 13.'   '      Revelstoke, B.C.  We request our numerous readers to  favor us with their assistance in  making- tho KOOTENAY MAIL the  , most valuable advertising- medl-  , urn In the < Kootenays by giving;  the preference, when making-pur-  ohoses to those firms who are  regular advertisers in the KOOTENAY MAIL.- ������  '  'A STAI'TLIXG FACT.  Investigation shosvs tbat'Brilain  is no longer the  financial power of  tbe svorld tbe mo they country once  svas.    Sir Edsvard   Vincent,  one of  tbe ablest financial authorities, lias  svritten a letter to tlie Times, pointing out  tbe  loss  in   British credit  evidenced by tbe fall in consols. ,!n  five years   tbe  consols'have fallen  21 percent., svhercas the largest fall  of any-foreign government security  is less' than  5  per cent.    In 1899  the   British   government, he  says,  could raise money at '2-J per cent.,  but if a war svere to break out nosv  it svould have to  pity-considerably  over  'J   per   cent,   for   any   large  amount. There has.bccn no similar  change in   the   financial  ability "of  France, Germany or Russia. Therefore, compared svith these countries,  Great Britain is financially 'sveaker  than she svas. ' ,  them by-Mr. Galliher, M. P., at request of the citizens.  OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYES.  (AV. J. Bryan says: ' "He is of the  highest service'to'his follows svbo  can give the highest ideals.' There  has been a losvering of' ideals in  -this country. Money is talked  about morning, noon and'' night.  Commercialism, is the curse of the  country to-day, and it has debauched our country.", Unfortunately Canada has borrosved too  much from the commercialism and  political system of tbe States.  With the large business it is nosv  doing here the Dominion Express  Co. should put in a telephone as it  svould be v great-convenience to  firms throughout the city doing  business-svith the express oflicc.  An Up-to-Bate Business.  CITY AGENTS.  i      ,  Copk-" of Tin: .Mad, iimy be obtained fioni  lho following city itgeiit-.:   . ^;  J. SV. Hi:.v\hrr.  AS ,'IJ.I UltCt) & llOUlf Co.  .,\ E. 11. SVkm-s,  H'  I'ARVEY,' McCJARTBll  ' '  AND PINKIIAM,  '    '    IIARRIUTEH8, SOLICITOUS,' ETC.  Omens :-, Momons   Hank   Hi.ook,   IlKvia,-  "   STOKK,  11, C.  ^ Money lo loan.     ,  Office.;. Hc-vcl-toke, H. C; Kort Steele, Jl. C.  o Gko. 8. McCakikk,  A. M.  Pl.XKIIAM,  ,  Ilex el-toko, H. C.  J. A. Hakviiv,    '  Kort Steele, Ji. V.  E MAISTHE tt SCOTT,  "T E MAISTHE tt  Bahhisters. Solicitous, Notaries  ,.    PuiiLic, Etc.  First Street.  Revelstoke, B.C.  "E  DWARD "A. IIAGOEN, ,  Mining Engineer,    ' -  (Mem: American Institute'Mining Engineer-)  (Mom. Canadian Mining Institute.)  .       , Revelstoke, 13. (J.  Examination of and reports on Mineral Pro-  a perties a Specially.   ,  T-rjILLIAJr A. BAUER,  ,   Dominion .t Provinciai, Land'  '   '    Surveyor.  curve}- of Mineral Claim-:, Timber liuilli- m.tl  Crown LnntR f  C.trc of J. D. Srim.u.D, HHvnr.sroivi:.' H.C.  There is strong  opinion prevailing among   those-who   get behind  the scenes that' to secure the harmony-that'should   prevail betsveen  the ,0.T. K.  nnd   its  employes at  ���������Montreal, a change svill have to bo  made in the management svhen the  shareholders   aro  acquainted svith  the  facts, as they should be by' tho  evidence taken in the  proposed en  quiry.    The general managcr-of the  street  railways   of  San   Francisco  was discharged as the result of the  investigation   of   the shareholders  into the late  strike   there, as they  found their interests svere unsafe iii  the hands of  the -man svbo wished  to  tyrannise os-cr   the   company's  employes in a manner  that svould  not bo tolerated  by frccf men.    The  sooner   the- C. P.!"/ shareholders  find  out  the  feeling  of   their employes  towards   General   Manager  McXicolI and act on'it  the'better  svill it be for their"interests as svell  as those of tbe public svbo are equal  sufferers.    The public sentiment of  Canada'svill condemn   any attempt  at the establishment  in   Canada of  the reign of   terror 'over  employes  svhich   the  anthracite commission  proved to  exist  in   the  anthracite  regions of the States.  THE STRIKE.  ���������T   A. K1RIC,  Dominion  H-  snd  Provinciai.'  Lanij Surveyor,  Revelstoke, B.C.    *  P "���������" RRY^LEAKE,     '    7  Mining Engineer und Metallurgist.  '    ,,. ,     ii'KciAtni.-: .  Elimination-   and Report- on Mining 'p'ron-  erne-. - -  Specification and  Conjunction of Mining Machinery.    ,  Test.* made of Ore- and Concentration for Clilor-  me and fjniiiflc Treatment.  Httlriiulic I'larit--.  Dcdfcirtl .McNeil Code.  XTbe Iftootena^ Mail  -SATURDAY, MAY 2, 1903.  A pleasing feature of the navai  demonstration at San Francisco on  the occasion of the visit of President  Boosevelt svill be the representation  of the British fleet. Hand in hand  Britain and the United States can  rule the svorld.       *  , Speaking at Victoria last week .).  li. Hobson, father of the Provincial  Miningt Association, predicted.great  'results to the province from the  svork to be accomplished by the  association and its various branches.  He svas in a position to say that  British Columbia possessed the  richest placer 'ground in the world.  "-Villi proper legislation, he said,  the placer properties svould vield  ?-50.000.000 per year.  The C. P. li'. have' not the slighest  excuse for prolonging  the present  strike.    The   men   have, a perfect  right'to be'allosved to organise, and  this the C. P. d". cannot- honorably  refuse.    The men are.not asking for  recognition   of  the U. li. K. I'~   or  for more wages, or belter conditions.  They have conceded the company's  objections to enrollment of oflicials,  general   superintendents,   superintendents and accounting staffs, and  members  of  international  unions.  The C. IVR.,declare, they  are  not  antagonistic   to    organisations- of.  their employes.    If they are sincere  in this there is no   longer any dispute' betss-een the company and the  men.    Why then does not the com-  pany acquaint the  men  svith  this  fact?    If this svere  done, President  Estes svould  call  off  the strike in'  two minutes.    The  present   inconvenience to the  public svould be at  an end.-   The company would have  returned to its  service some of the  most capable emj.loves it ever had.  and   everything   ssould   go   along  harmoniously as before.    Manager  McNicoIPs despotism  and   cussed-  ness alone stand  in   the svay of an  honorable and amicable settlement.  The sooner the C. P. 11. shareholders  size  up   Manager McNicoll's effect  on   I heir  intere-ts   the   better  for  them and for  the  interest1" of Canada.  Says tbe Kamloops ' Standard:���������  "One of tbe most up-to-date and coin-  j)lete business establislinicnts in tbe  interior pf It.'C. and one which deserves tbe.'svide patronage which it  abtitins, is tlnit.of D. C. McLaren, saddlery nnd,harness enijioriiin], of tin's  city. A rejirOsentntivo of tbe Standard lately visited Ibis establishment  and was .shown ' over tbe iliil'erent  departments by Mr, McLaren. It is  surprising what if large and varied'  stock i.s kept, and on examination  of the goods one easily sees tbe reason  of'tlio linn's s'uecess. Good, honest  work and value for money is in evidence on every side.  " D. C. McLaren's motto is, "small  profits and quick ^returns,'' and be  challenge:, competition, 'and is' pre-,  pared to figure against any-of the'  .Chicagoi and Toronto departmental  stores, and other 'eastern firms. Price  for price audi value' for value he will  lilI your orders. , '     '        '  '��������� 11 is a pity that'every merchant  in tli'e province does not carry out tlie  principles adopted by this establishment. If thes'-did \\o\ should hear no  more of the "departmental store evil."  Theie is ,no-need for the farmer to 1  send to Chicago for his team harness.  This firm .always carries a full line of  light and heavy double harness, hand  stitched, and at prices to conip'ire  with-any eastern firm. The same  with stock saddles, ladies'.and gents'  riding saddles,'from tlie good working  saddle to the ^norc c.x-pc'nsive fancy  article. Cowboys should see then-  stock of "diaiis" for ifS to -IIS, in  leather and fur of every description.  There aie whips galore, for l-iding.or  driving. And r es-ci-ything'vto make a  horse "get." In the 'svay. of- spurs,  from the dainty . English spur to tlie.  more ferocious and gaudy Mexican  weapon. The e.tablishmcnt, of couisc.  keeps a big stock of stable iei|iiisites,  such as brushes, curiy^combs,-harness  oils,,soap, etc., whilc'~a"*side line of  beau ti fully carved work, Indies (cither  belts, purses, gents body belts, cart-!  ridge belts, cigar and  is also carried.  '���������^Another important department   o  tlie establishment-is the leather wor  ers and   repairing   shop,   in    which a  stall"   of   'experienced     workmen    j'������  always on hand   to  execute rcp.iiis or  imike any  pnrticul.it* article  lcquircd  by the customer, and in which a large ji  portion ol" the goods-are manufacture'  "The trunk and valise dep.iitment is j  not to be forgotten, as it .contains the  Chamberlain's  Remedies,  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  _   l'or Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough.  Price 25 cents; large size 50c'  Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera  ,and .Diarrhoea Remedy.  For JSowel Complaints.    Price 35 cents.  Chamberlain's Pain Balm.  An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Hruiscs, Spiainsaiid Rheumatism.    Price 2.5 cents; large si/.c 50 ccnlsr  Chamberlain's Stomach and  - ,   ' Liver Tablets..    '  For Disorders of the.Stomach, Ivis-cr  and Bowels. , Price 25 cents.  Eyery one of these preparations  is guaranteed and ilnot fully satisfactory to the purchaser the  money will herefunded.  For' Sale.  750 shines iu Beatrice mine.' Will  sell whole t.r |mrt. For |mi'lii'tilar.i 'p-  |)ly at ollicfi of Kootenay Mail.'*  .NOTICE.-,  "VrOTICK ii, hereby given ' that, iipplieittion  J,\ will be made to Ihe Parliament of Ciuuida  at thopie-unl so���������ion I hei e.)f fin-an Act. inc.ii--,  porating the .Columbia Rivet- Improvement  Company. ���������  > I. To leon<.trncl, biiild,rinainlain and c<]..!;.  pier- and other work- .it in-' near the iioinl  wlicrcUie Columbia River enter- tho-upper  Arrow Lake in tlie Oistncl of. Kn-t Ivooteiiay,  Uriti-'ii, Columbia, .unU'-o 11-0 booms'111 connection therewith.   ,      ' .  ".'. To construct and maintain pieis, slide-,  tl.tin';, booms and such other Improvements on  the s.iul river above O'ppei Arrow,Lake, or  .uiy of its branches or any other river-or  ill-cams emjitying into -aid lake, .is may be  tcriiiired to taeilit.tte driving, rafting, collect  ing and soriing iiinlie'- or ������aw-log-, and 10 lew  and collect toll-- nnd dues, upon such -said  timber and logs. ��������� ���������  H. To acquire. o\wi and operate dredge-,  -cow-, barges and lug- for the purposes aforesaid, or any of '.heni and lo lernotc lock-,  dredge and remove sho.il-, bars nnd other impediments in tho Miiyol driving and protecting  said limber. >  ��������� Dated this IDLli clay of March, A. D.'.IHO.-'.' -  KERR, DAVIDSON, 1'ATKUSON & GRANT,  Solicitrjis for applicants, , '  iM Adelaide St. K, Toionlo.  D'AUCY  SCOTT,    >  ' Ottawa A.gcnt.     . '  "Slater" Oxfords  /  1  Summer - comfort in  fashion's latest , ajDprovecl  form���������. ^        ���������    ,  ���������  ���������Ligh'tness,  -4  >,%���������  "4  comfort'  grace   ��������� and,  ���������Patent Leatlier, Glazed  Kid, leather lined to-'make  a smooth interior; -        . ,  Made in Canada 40,Years.  $4.00 Per Pair.      ' ���������<*.  Sold in 15     Slater" Stores and 200 Agencies.  Use "Slater-Shoe Polish." ' Shines Easily.,    '  M2M   '' ', '     ',      ",'    / ,  SOLE AGENTS  C B. Hume & Co.  REVELSTOKE, B C.  Ill  .a'guahanteed.corb ;|YOD.PBOMISED YOUBSBLF AN OVBBCOAT  Fop all Forms of Kidney Disease. I-  Druggists   are  the   following  NOTICE.  TO DKLDCQUKNT CO-OSS'NKRS.    .  To Alow Smith, ,r. Riley, J O.I'ipor, .1. Picc.Uo,  - Ifred Jiicobson, .1. J. t.'olc and Jim  D,t\i.-,  or  to any person or pei-ons to w horn he or llicy  inay have tiansfetred his or their int-ire-t^'in  the I'oitl.iiidOliner.il Claim situated on  the  -oulh side of Cariboo Ci celt in Arrow Luke  Alining Divi-ion of SVcst Ivoolcnay:  You and each of you aie hoioby  noLified that  f! have expended four hundred and  ten doll,turn   labor nnd  linpiorcnicnl.-, upon  the,above  mentioned mineral claim. 111 order to  hold -aid  mineral claim under the piovi-1011- of the Mineral Act. and if  within .ninety days of the date  of tin-notice j011  fail or refuse 10 cnntiiliulc  your portion of such c\pen--f'e. together with nil  co-tbel a.lvcrti-iiig, your intcie-t in -aid claim  will    become   the piopcily of tho  subscribe!  . under-eclion I of an act entitled "An Act  to  Cigarette cases,   Amend the Mineral Act IilOO.'  (aigncil)"        -      M. K. ICING.  Ko-slantl, 15. C, !'ebiuary,7t h, IBffil. .    ,  We IliL' undersigned  fully prp|)iired to   give  guarantee svith   every   30 cent   bottle  rf Dr. PettiiigillS  Kiilney-Woi't- Tablet.-, the only'remedy in the world that ,  positively   cores   nil   troubles,   arising  from weak kidnevs:��������� 1  ' "Aloney elieerfully returned if the  sufferer is not rulicved'and inipioved  nfter use of tine bottle. Three to six  bottles ell'eet atilonisbing and periiimi-  entci'iies. If not relieved and cured,  you waste no money.   '   , ' '      '  Canada Drug & Book Co..Revelstoke,  13. C.   ��������� . ,  3 .l."A. Millpr & Co.,- Revelstoke, 13. C.  ' Walter Bews, Revelstoke,, B., C.  This FulL' Don't jitit it oil too late and catch cold.  Ancl.-lo not buy a clieaj), shoddy one.   They never look well.  Let lis make you it coat that will jilense you.   .We can do it.  R. S. Wilson,  Fashionable  Tailor.  I;i) treat   und   best  toi ted   stock  trunks, valises,  suit ciiecs, etc., in th  city.    Taking   it  altogether the K'ain  loops"   ir.irncss     Emporiun)' is   well  uorthy of  tlie suppo)t it receives from  tlie surrounding "districts.    When you f  can buy a  stock   saddle  at   the  Mime!  price  nnd   ot*  better  woikmnnship in '  your own province, \shy send .tw.iy fori  it?    Keep your  money  in   your  own '  province   and   you   yourself   will   be  benefitted bv it."  The World triulifullv remarks:  ".Members of the legislature hnve a  right to expres- .some surprise'at  the lie.-itancy of hi- honor the  liemcntint-f-overnor in givintr his  iissem to the bill re.-pectint; the  Columbia t\r Western lanrl craiU,-  nnd cancellation thereof, which  pn=K-(l the house svith the approval  oi both .-ides and which undoubtedly expresses the, opinion of the  people trf this province.''  Warrant Ever/ Bottle.  If troubled with rhcnnnitisni, give,  ^naitibprlain.s P.iin Balm a trial!" Tn  will not cost you,.1 cent if it does ni-  good. One iipiilicntinn will relieve!  the pain. It also cine- .sprains anti j  bruises in one-third thf time r.-rjuir������d. J  by any other trontinent. Cuts, horns. ���������  frost bitus.quinsy. pains, in the side.inrl j  chest, glandular and other ; welling j  are   ouicklj*   cured    hv   applying     it. /  dominion government to assist the! StSK dSSuS"11 !  silver-lead     .industry.      Manager i ���������'   Cronin, of the St. Eugene, says:���������   I BUSINESS MEN IN THEATRICALS\  '���������[���������.astern   Canadians  are  a  lot   oil * i  Moscfop tBros.   .  "   Sanitary  Plumbing, Hot  Water & Steam" Heating.  t-  r Electric Wiring1 and Bell Work.  ' vPIPE, VAI.VK FITTINGS.. ,  Seeond Street, -Revelstoke.  tcarn By Mail.  Furniture Dealer, House Furnisher and  Undertaker  Has just opened the largest stock       . t    ,  of Carpets in the city. " . 3 .0  '  Linoleums, Rugs, Toiletware and General House'1 Furnishings  JIoKi-nzii! AVisxuis, -  '  -   JtEVISLSTOKH.       -''  "a chance for clever people!  Pitman's Business Courses  are known all over tlie  world.    '  course from Ten  Dollars.  J X DIGXAXT      MI NE-0 W XE R'S  opixrox.  Referring to  the  neglect  of  the;  REYEJrSTOKE  PHOTOGRAPH  STUDIO  ������������������>  ���������>  'is ophx kor nusrxKss  Pitman's Business College.  Opposite Hotel A-'iincouvur.  Business Chances and .  Choice Properties "    ^_  FOR SALE  CALL AXD SKR SAMPLES.  The Xcw York Herald of   .Way  s.iys-;    '-Iti strange i\bat   '-tridr---  Ict.ijre lui? miiilc fluring  tli<*   pan  Sth  the  fi ve  year-,   not   tf;   -peak    of   n    century.  ; littsinc-s men h.tvf now taken a.  hniifi  politicians, they have no regard for tbe  west and  our  needs   out   here, their  interest   evidently   ceases   when   the  Kockica aie reached   and  for  my part  IVe no   further   u-c   for  them.    ece.,  now, wc might a.-* well   be iinnexetl to ! j" 'hi* pie.'rind find it :t \cry profitable  China as bound up  \\ ith e.isteni Cm-! invt-.-tnient     Lawrence. IS.irrett,   tlur-  ad.i.    If  n e con lil   make a ileal with ' big hi- crrst'i'l struggle   throut-h nurri-  Chinii I'd favor it.    CIiiii-i would  give' berles-i dillioultifs wa- backed by some  11-it in:ii-k..-t for  our   lead  and .1 tariff 1 ui-Ihe solid bu-inr---.   iiilii of   Bo->ton.  Referring to the ('. l\ |{. lawyers  letter to the jire.-a the Voice i.iy.-:  " -An ntic-mj-t to muz.-lp the pre.-������ is  ti.-unlly the la&t resort of an autocrat, ifad such a thing occurred  in Hu.-.-iii or Germany! "svhere the  emperors are d< mi-god.- ami absolute monarch.-, sve could have under-  -���������tuod it: but the <3. P. II. must be  shosvn that iii this country freedom  of ?peec"n and the freedom of the  pre.-*:! cannot be challenged."  Arrangements   have   been   completed    betsveen     leading    Biitif-h  banking   house?   and   ,1" powerful  Xesv York   financial   group for introducing  an   international public  is-ue  of   developed   and   dividend  paying mining  properties   to   the  British    and    American   markets.  The object   of   (In- new corporation  svill   Im    to    make   a   recognized  market  for--'mines  in   Xew  York,  and thereby place mining securities  of   the United   .States  and Canada  on a corresponding level svith that  which they occupy in London.  wall to protect u.-< a-i high 11- t\c want-! Viol.i .\  .���������el.    There is no .-c-n.-e   in the way the , country  governnient hiiii treated us ami thrown  u.-flown.    We have  worked   tliet.inlV  (pn.-.tioii   up  and    hail    not   only  the  I \s hole pros inc.: but  Mitiiitoba autl thf  tei 11 lor if.*    behind    ti-.     Tbe   mattei  w.is cspl.lined fully tu the go\eminent,  they (.1111 not ������.iy  the   cs i.lc-nce wa-. not  lortheoniing and   in   '.rood time beforo  the budget   was    made   up   this  year.  I'm sick of the whole business and -co  no fins light  ahead   fur   thi- -.eclion of  the piovincc.    We have not  b'-en aide  to   get  s-iiiiple   jti.-tice   in    the   tariff  mutter.    We arc taxed  up to the neck  for tin benefit of   e.i-lein (Jnnnd.i and  pay through  Ihe  uo-e for running the  whole  dominion   yet   when we a-jk for  coo-itleration at the luincK of the government   ,1-   we  linvo  been   doing for  the pn-t   two  years   and   more we are  lii-t put of!1 with plan-oble exen-es a in'  fin.illv thrown aside."  en. who ha" electnlietl thif  tnd at pro-erit tiine i- the  talk of the entire >-.i������t 111 -'The Chri--  tinn," wa.-furni-he'l the w re���������.ny fund-  l.y .1 large [.Milling f-t.ili!i-liiiient.  in New Yoik. And now a leading  bii-in.��������� in. 111 of Chicago ii.)-- trtk'rrT  hold of th.- f:om"fly fart-e, ''A W.-f  Wiiiiinii," and having engaged an  e\tr,iord)ii.iiy good conipany will appear io all the pnncip'il citi''- 111 a  liip ain-f-.-s the continent Prior to  tb"ir run in San l-'ranei-o they will,  lake in -.oiiie of the minor towns .1 nrt ;  thus make the journey to ooa<-t with J  iiioie e,i������f.  Hi  I STAMP PHOTOS A SPECIALTY  W. B. FLEMING.  Of .srclitine Hat,  lOVKK   K'OOTKXAY 31AIL  OFI-'ICR  f     . _ , _     A. E. BENNISON  Baker and Confectioner  will open In* new ImIo-1'.V oil  M( ICen/ie r.M-nne it. ,. few rl.ty-  ..rifl tr.i-t- that hi- pn-l exp.-ri-  eri. >- in tin- rity <-v ill uu 111 3  f.tir -li,n .��������� nf pnlilii   p.iri.iii.iv;.'.  "A"I-'I'LL LINK OK  CA KESandCONECTIONERY  Home-Made Bread a Specialty  KiO-acre stocked farm and garden,  rich soil, well wateied, contiguous to  profitahlt: market.  Furnished hotel, 10 lied rooms, bar,  oilice, sitting rntini, dining room and  kitchen.  Villa lot of '.i 1-7 acres at Revelstoke,  cleared, neat house.   Terms easy.  Choice lot- fin- sale throughout the  cily.    For pi ices vnc. terms apply to  H. N.' COTJRSIER,  .Melvi'ii/.ii! A venti.'.  {-fa  4  -���������2=,  fs5  '.  Ji should  be easy for people who drink  delicious   Ulue Jtihhon  Tea to Sity something that will induce their friends to try it.  $500 in Cash Prizes  Twenty-five  cash   pi izes   will   hi:  awarded  in   order nf   those sending in the best, advertisement1* for Bine  Hilihon  First Prize....' '.  .$200.00  Second Prize    100.00  -    Third Prize L.      40.00  4th to 13th Prizes, $10 each. 100.00  14th to 25th Prizes, $5 each.   60.00  ���������it to  Ten.  $500.00  CONDITIONS:  Land For Sale.  lyOK SALK���������100 nercs  in  Seel ion .".  I' and (i. Township K."-, I'onr miles  noitli of Kairview, li, C. All agi'i-  ciillni.tl I.iikI, with a good young  fin li.iifl, autl an iilnindnnce of water.  I'.tit cash, I in lance in I years al, a  riMson.ilile ri.I.- ol interest, ni-liign'-  diiftif.n fur spot cash, l-'or pin I iculars  np|)ly to  .1. K. KODLVSON,  Kairi iew,  li. 0.  1st.    No  pinfessional  ad. writer, nor any one connected directly or  j,ja indirectly with the Blue Ribbon Tea Go. may compete.  3^ 2nd.    Advertisements  must  not  contain   moie  than 30 svords,-tiid  *}j "shorter ones are pieferable. , -  ^ Competitors should be ciref.il to write iianie and address plainly on  *(������> each ad. -   - -  ^ 3rd.    Cut,  the  labels off the  ends ol   the packet and enclose I heni  jfjs svith each hatch of advertisements.  ���������Ith. The competition closes June L 1!R):', and all competing advertisements'must, reach out; of the following addresses on or before that  date.  fir  ������sr  Blue Ribbon Tea Co., Winnipeg, Man.  Blue Ribbon Tea Co., Toronto, Oiu.  Blue Ribbon Tea Co.,,Vancouver, B. C.  3Lli.  one of the inaiu  ind afterwards  W'e suggest that step- '���������hotild be  taken by the people of KcveJstoke  to hiive the dominion government  send the dredge from the lake lo  cut a channel in the gravel bank  below ihe railway bridge here so as  to divert the current of the Columbia river from its encroachment on'  the river bank. It is almost certain  the government svould authorise'  this svork if properly represented to I late strike settlement..  ow -'hull I adsertise'.'"���������th.'its the  rpie-ition that worrie- not it few, and it  is the quc-tion we an- going to try  and an-wer. There are hiinilrrds of  ''Hows." en el i applicable to -onif individual ease, and there wn Why"  for every "How-,". The ' Hon-" i- in  the fs'oo'ii.NMV .Mai r.. The -Why" is  bpcau-e it is the best ami most widely  eirculattd paper in     North Kof.trn.iy  The smelters complain of the Crow's  .Vest Coal Co. having increased the  price of coke .10 cents a ton. The  Pioneer says : '��������� There seems to be no  jiistilieatioii for the hold-up on the  partf.'f the coal company as the price  of production has been decreased instead of  increased hv   the terms of the  The Mines Exchange  LIMITED.  MINING BROKERS AND FISCAL ACENTS.  MINES  AND   MINING   INVESTMENTS  pio-peels  tbe advei'tise-  indly con-  ,,-      No one (lerson shall be asvarded more  than   .  ,2, prizes-, hut the same advertisements may win a weekly  if;   a main pii/.e.  v "lb.    Hi case of a tie, decision  will  he  based  on  all  *5r ments submitted hyj.lie competitors in question.  V Air. II. M. K. Kvans, of the  Witini|>eg Telegi'itm,   has  Y'i" soiled to judge the advertisements and award the pi i/.es.  ������������������         All  advetlisemetiLs  that  fail   to  win  a   pri/.e, but   which aie good  ;,������> enoirgh   to   be accepted   for publication will   he paid  for at the rate of  JT .$1.00 each.  ?v Unless expressly retpiested to the  contrary,   we  svill  consider otu-  '7  selves al, liberty to publish the names of prize winneis.  *S* A   good  advertisement  should    be  truthful  and  contain  an  idea    .,  V brightly and foicibly expressed.    A bona lide signed letter with address  ���������>������.  "  " "   4  t^>  v^L. and tlate fmin one who has tested the tea is a good form.    An advertise-  ,yl^ merit, foi- an article of food should not associate with it, even by contrast,1  .'; any unpleasant idea.  The best, advertisement is the one that will induce  *%* the most people to try the article advertised.  Jr. '  4,       Seek your inspiration in a cup of Blue  -a  4������  Ribbon Tea and the money is yours.  We liirni-b i"poi I- on all kinrb  Lowest (pii.l.ittions 011 listed urn  of rrn-talliferoii'i mines nnd  inilisled mining slot ks.  'I IK  OKKICIAI. ISItOKKI'S KOK  Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd  NON-l'KR-SOiVAL LIACII.ITY.   (KVA MINK.)  DIJLb'TH. Mhm.  CALUAJliT, iUiel),  CIIICACO, III.;  N'KI.SON, li. C.  CAtMBORNK, Ii. C,  ^*MH?^M-*i--T%~f%%^  P. BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  j .   .   .   .   Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  <^^="Calgary- Alberta 1^1,
��� d
('..iitiiiii.-.l fnnn Kir-t Pauf. .
" J n Risking for    -
I stated that I here were 1.000 tons of
rock- in sight. It included rock in
binIV and the sand ' in gravel svhicli
��� contained free gold in good values and
which would have to be sent to the
. stiiinp'mill for treatment.    '���'���
"The value of the ore in sight was
determined by mill' test ��� which has
, been published. The rock' was' not
selected and the test svas a fair one to
the .shareholders. The 10 tons was.by
actual weight and not bv guess.
"To.work the Goldlinch by
as a road  would   cost   more  and   the
expense of'liauling would'be high." To
^vork this Irani good, rock can be sent,
'as, well as   poor.   'The high   trrade ore
.on sttiface,' together  with   rock   from
the tannic,!, would   provide a mill with'
.rock and' at the  same   lime 'pay  for
' expense   of   development-    ' When    I
asked  for   the slainp "mill   J   bad   in
mind the. hoisting of .supplies  on the
���'tramway to thcGoliUinch.
/'Till-: mii.i,' '      IJ-
��� is now being ciceled, a saw mill is cutting timber from  company  claims for
company     buildings.      This   mill,  is
given [lower  for  com puny   needs only
and its capacity  can   be  increased at-
aiiy  time  by  giving-- the   mill   more
power.   The  first,, lumber  brought to
,   tho claims cost $7S.0o  per thousand.
It is possible  now   lo   import  it  for
;$18.00 per ,1.000 and the company mill
can produce it,for one quarter of  that
amount.    If   it   is   advisable  for the
���  company 'to dispose-of  the  mill is a
matter1 of .judgment to be determined
.;liy the. directors.    The placing of -this
'saw mill on ther ground gave the coni-
*   pany a half interest in     !,        ���   -     ���
'..' . -, tiii:"tosvxsiti: -
-'of Goldlields. I am informed by our
attorney that-thc title of this property
' can be made perfectly good.
, ' ������ Machinery for the'power plant was
ordered from Portland - and San Fram
''ci.-co, .March J9.     ' -       '
,- "    fin: no.ui    i:
'had to be rep.iiied and^.l miles of new
'road built in order to haul machinery.
Tho'posver plant was in operation
June 5, and has- ken running continuously ever since. L'owc'r is t'ur-
..nished for three electric drills, lights
for tunnels, lights for., the camp and
light and power for the saw mill.
"���'On .June 13 the Goldfinch was purchased.    This is the  uppermost claim
'of tbe group iind contains the
3  .    r ox i.s*-on i: i-onv -
yet discovered  on   the  claims of high
values; and since'the  economical way
oi developing it svas by amacrinl train,
a request   wiisumade  for  a   sawmill,
!l stamp mill and aerial tram on Juls "2.
.This  lcqucst,   was   granted   and "the
necessary machinery for the,above was,
oidered July 17  from  the  Hammond
Manufacturing Company, of Portland.
Oregon: . Delays due 'to transportation
- caused the deHvery  of   the machinery
���to be a month"late.-- On Septembei 27
t.ho.sawmill,was started, cutting about
' 5,000 feet a day.,- , <
'������The   stamp   "ii"  ^ :i.i"��tl    tramway
machinery is not all deiivocd yet. the
balance being scitteied along the road
fiom Coinapli.vto the mine.  '
���'��� The '
1 suiii'Aci: svonK.
consists of about 25 acres of clearing
of heavy timbei for the 'tram line: 10
nciPs.of clearing* for camp and stamp
mill site and grading for stamp mill
'and four mortiir block foundations. -
������ The buildings consist of a power
bouse l)-2x50, ollice 10x20, blacksmith
shop llixlli, bunk house 24x30 and
powder house 12.\I2.
'���Three miles   of   copper  wiie  ha-
been sluing   for   the  power and-liglit.
before mentioned.
XO.   1  'lU.N.N'l.'l.
on the lower end of the property, the
quart/, showing on the hog back does
not show up well. The tunnel, was
driven'acioss the formation 105 feet,
and exposed small stringers only. At
7;") feet from the mouth I drove iu 30
feet to the left on a, small stringer;
then cioss-cutted again 12 feet tn the
left,and 35 feet to the right. This revealed nothing.
'��� xo 2 Tii.vxiir.
was started about 500 feet above Xo. 1,
just below the Menbiniek creek vein,
'i drose acio-s the formation 230 feet
to the small stringers exposed in N'o.
I. But the Menbiniek cieek vein was
not encountered, thus proving that it
is nothing more than a big bowlder.
The object of Xo. 2 was to determine
the lock ledges toward Xo. 1. There
is a quart/, bed 300 feet in extent
which wa.-claimed to be a vein and
has been called the Menhinick caek
vein. We have been under it and over
it and cveiv\\here except back of it
and I am convinced that it in nothing
bill a bowlder.
"xo. 3 tun ski,
was stinted just under the upper end
of Menhinick creek vein and has been
driven 03 feel. -Some quartz bus been
encountered, gi-ing values of $2 per
ton. but the lormaiiun is very irregular
and points to a change in the
character of the ground.
" xo. -I Tt-xxi:i.
was stalled about 000 feet above No. 3
tunnel. It was driven 57 feet, the
liist-li) feel through a vein. It was
then drifted on the banging wall 75
feel. ''1'lie aveiage .sample across the
vein gave $3.20 per ton.
" rut: .south sun: tii.n*xi:i.
is located on the south side of Menhinick creek. Befoielhe power plant
went into eoluniis-ion the waler was
all inn Ibiough the overllmv Hume.
Thi- washed out about 25,000 yaitls of
gravel fiom Ihe bed nick and exposed
some quart/, stringers, I Iheiefore
hail a drill stalled lo exploit' this
south hogback. The tunnel isinl.'IS
feel. The samples show an average
on Ihe vein ol .fi'i.SO per ton in value.
When in -IS feel a crosscut svns driven
30 fuel, to the left. Al 'M feel across-
cut was ..pencil and is now in 25 feet.
"Oirl.be. Goldfinch .several hundred
feel of stripping   has   been 'done, us
assessment work, but nqthing ncsv has
been found. '
."There is,in all up to 'date about
750 feet of tunnels on the lower properties. These tunnels are all workable, and if it is deemed advisable to
use them at any time in the future for
any purpose svliatsoever, they will be
found plenty large enough.",     ,
Thefoll'osving financial statement
svas submitted to date of meeting:���
For mining properties.
For incoiporation	
Sold at 50 cents .".
Sold at'.1*1	
Kcniaining in treasury
' 00,271
J i, 075,00
8.0-10 00
8,313 00
2-1,500 00
1,201 00
1,717 00
2,'123 00
11,552 00
l'-l,()0S 00
-10,31)7 80
'     .Tbtal.: *],UOp1000
[I'liiNoii'Ai. -iti:.ms i:xi'i:xsi;: "-".'3
Camborne group. $2S,250 00
Camborne development... .
Oyster 'group  and dcvolop-
, incut ,..,
Klectric plant and buildings
Goldfinch claim	
Stamp mill'.,'.	
Tramway ."	
Commissions on .slock sales
Ollice expense at Hancock
an.I   Xolson     including
traveling expense.......
Cash on band, including de-
posits', currency, demand
notes, 'checks, etc	
,  - ,,     '       Till" s.ssvmiu, ,
is, the'first mill' of' its kind run in
the district by electricity. Jt is
fitted ss'-ith travelling carriage, saw-
bench" planer svith moulding appliances., and c'dgcr. , It. Perry, svas
mill foreman during the time the
mill svas run to supply timberJor
buildings, etc.,, biit-.shiit dosvn end
'of January. _ <  ,
-   '        \ Till-:   01 TICK'S
are located in a subs'tantiaL.tsvo
storey building, and' include assay,
oflice, and apartments for superintendent, clerks, . draftsman, - also
sleeping rooms for staff. -
.,   Till-:   MILL
is a Hammond self-contained mill
in steel frame, svith two batteries.of
live-stamps each. The posver is
electricity, thefmill being operated
by ii Ncsv ' England motor of 110
volts and running, S50 revolutions.
The'mill'"is very- complete, includ--
ing Blake rock breaker .iind'aulo-
matic ore feeder. -The rock breaker
will be operated by an independent
motor.      -���   ,       y '        ��� ,i
Further improvements are contemplated at  the  camp, to include
nesv   bunk   house    and
house.' , .,
<   fJl*.\"KUAI.1
��� The drills used at the mine arc
the Dui-kee Electric, and they have
proved .a great success. Tsvo are
being used in development svork at
the Goldfinch. A .cable tram svay
brings the ore .from the Goldfinch
to themilband is-said to svork svell.
J. Freeman is in charge of the
'' GOLD   lil'ilCKS.
tio far only one battery of five
stamps has been run, and tsvo gold
bricks have been produced. The
last lot.of 'ore put through yielded
if 17.50 in gold per ton. If the mine
can keep up anything like that
record it will prove one of the
richest and most profitable gold
mines of the svest.
We have to- thank Judge Curtis
for his kindness' in shosving our
representative over the property,
and svith the Northsvestern all success in its enterprise.
American Consul in
Canada Says He Knows of
Remarkable, Cures';  ...
- ;   '��� .Wrought by
Paine's Celery Compound
The Great Spring Medicine.
Tin- claim that Paine's celery
Compound is the. only honest medicine
in the world for the cure of i heitma-
tism, neuralgia, nervous and blood
diseases, is fully 'borne out bs- the
-.tiling and convincing letters of
testimony received constantly by the
proprietors of - the popular medicine
Nothing else has , ever possessed anything like the power ol IJ.iine's ' Celery
.Compound' to restore a healthy nervous
tone to the 'enthc hotly and - to
thioiighly cleanse lb.- blood, making
it impossible for rheumatism, neuralgia and other troubles to find a lodgement - in the system. Ministcts,
professional men generally, nesv*-,
paper men, public ollici.ils'iind all brain
workers, men whose daily outlay of
vitality, because of hard trying, anxious work, is excessive find renewed
nerve strengh anil vitality, in Fame's
Celery Compound, Geneutl Win. \V.
Henry, American Consul in'the cily
of Quebec says: ���   '        , '
"--Il gives me great pleasure to.indorsc
Paine's Celery Compound, both on
account of the results obtained from
personal use of the lemedy and knowledge of tbe remarkable cures it has
preformed. I believe it has no equal
in curing'diseases of the nervous system and building up those who are
weak and out. of health. It has cured
several fi iends of inine nf',"i ht'tiuinlNin
in its worst forms and 1 have 'no
hesitancy in lecouiineinling it to all
alTlicled svith that disease."
Kootenay Lodge
No.'lSA.F. 6c A.m.
The rcgulurnif-f-tiiiKi
arc held in the 31ns-
onie Temple, itouriic
'���yfefflS<S)liiil|iiii��<')Tife��=. H'dl.  on  the   thin'
"eggSTpL~iWgftv-^afe.^Monday   in  c.u i
_      ^n*.   -^3OO^52jm01lt,i,   at,   jj  j,.  ii,
��r-   VUitliiK   brethroi
coidiiilly woleomeil,
GOliOON". Sr.cuinMitv.
Meets every Tue-.l.iy
evenine; in Sclkhk
Hull nt S o'clock.,
Visltiiii? brethren cordially invited to at-
'    ���      ' tend.
.1. OUTHKTT. N. G.  ; J. MATHIK. Six-.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants
Roses, Rliododendrons', etc.
Tons of Home Grosvn and Imported
f   .- Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
,1'or .Spring Planting. '
Harmony in Furnishing.
no   trouble   if   you'write  us
samples (fiee) of
Carpets, Curtains, Wall, Papers,
Upholstering Materials,
and eveiylhing required.
The greatest assortment' of  up-to-
date   Furniture   in   Western   Canada
displayed in our showrooms.
- i ,
Let us know yonr wants and we will'do  the
Weiler Bros.
piim m nWI?nQ l'"1'I!,lll:"' Wedding'
UUI r-LUYYMO Chui'ch Decoialion-
____________ Funeral De.-igns,
'    I3I5H SUPFLIliS, -      '/
'  F11U1T DASK13TS,   "     , '
Ciit.tlotfiio l-'rec.      Eastern Price-or be-s.
300'J   Westminster -"Roiul,"Van'-couvei
.' W'hiti: Lanoit O.vi.v.
Laliati,^ president of Cherry Creek
company, from 13.,If. Kvaris,-t>t. 'l'aul
stating he bad'' sold 75,000 shares of
stock in the' 'company -'at 25 cents
per share. It has been decided "the
price of the .stock "shall 'be'-increased to liftv cents.     The   cause of
rise was the striking of the
)u the main tunnel.���News.
Commander-Lead Struck In No. 4
An important strike has' been
made in -No. 4 tunnel, Standard
Basin. Two men employed on the
property svho came in Wednesday
reported the ncsvs. Tsvo years ago
an open cut made on the Commander claim revealed a strong
body of ore, svhicli svas opened sufficiently to shosv there svas seven
feet in width, and the footsvall hud
not been reached.
Several months ago a start svas
made to extend No. -i tunnel under
this orc-chutc lo prove whether the
ore body svent down. To do this it
was necessary to drive 370 feet.
Within a short distance of the point
expected the lead has been struck
shosving a,fine body of ore. This
lead is in a diorite dyke, svith every
prospect of permanence. The ore
is a pyrrhotite carrying good values
in copper svith gold and silver.
The IVmcc Mining and Development Company are to be congrau-
laled on their success in proving up
a body of ore svhicli should give
considerable value lo the property
as No. -I tunnel is 200 ft. helosv the
Commander outcrop and gives-a
depth of 275 ft. on tbe lead.
Good  News   From   Cherry  Crrek
Company's Property.
At the pioperly of the Cherry Creek
Mining company in Moiiashce mountains, Ihe lead in Ihe main tunnel
has widened out from two and one-
half feet lo live feet. The tunnel
is in I nl) feel, mid has been in ore
since its cnniiiienit'ineiit, the value.-
riiiining fnnn if20 to $(i00 the average
oil! being between $10 and ^-'lO to tin-
A  iulegrmii   was   received   by   Dr.
Y. W. Godsall, svho has just return"
ed from a trip to New Zealand, has
taken up sonic stock in the Ophir-Lade
on account of the promising prospects
���of the Oyster-Criterion.
J3. C. Riblet will shortly begin installation of Irani for the Eva. J.AV.
Cline. of San Francisco, svill start
erection of stamp mill next week. ..I.
Knox, an experienced miningenginecr.
of Houghton, Mich., has been appointed to take chin go of^mining operations
on the Eva. ��� .
������'-The Payne employs 80 men.' The
Miner says thc-milling machinery has
been greatly remodelled by Foreman
Little during the past winter to save
all the zinc and .the result iiow is more
than up to expectations. L'racticaljy
all the zinc ia saved with no additional
expense or tax on the machinery. The
productJ turned out is almost entirely
zinc ore.
H. F.
STONEX,     '
Opiiosilc Central Hotel, Ite-el-tokc.
Lathe and   Genei.il Mat-bine Wink
Pi inaptly    lixcculcd.
Bricklayer and Stonemason
Jas. I. Woodrow,
; :    BUTCHER. ;
'       t*
Retail Dealer 'n> ^rrrrrrrr^??^'
.   ''*��� .MUTTON, Etc.
Fish and Game in-Season.
,' All orders promptly filled.     ,
REVELSTOKE, B. C, andichig""^^
Complete,, Installations Our Specialty .  ���
3    Finest Class of Machinery,   .    ...  3
The Hint on- Electric Co. Limited
'   ."HEADLIGHT," 500s.   ,,
"K.sGLR," 100.- and 200s.
1      lJ 'i
Are the best that ,can-be-bought.
Don't experiment svith other and inferior brands.
For, Manitoba,Hhe   Northwest  Terri-
'   tories and the  Railway Belt in -
British Columbia.
I.e.'i=c--- roi'cntziiip imrpo-e- are i--ncd for a
term of iwonty-oric year-, mill llie rental i-.u
tlie l.-ttcof two ceni-.tn ,tore pc-r aniiiiiii, payable lialfyt'tily in .-ulv.-incc-. ,
iljtntl- nieliitlc.l in a f;r.��/iri)- k-a-c may he
witliilrami for liome-tead enn-y, -ale orrr.til'
way piirpi.-t'-. but no lui.uil i- eli.tifre.l on -ncli
lniul- fiom tin* flnto upon '.tliit-li tlicynre with-
tlniwafroin the lea-e.
A l.^-eoof tfrn*-iiirr].ni.I- i- not eniiiled tb \h(-
hay llieieon, litn lu- inn*'.' ti)ioi. n-,.plication to
the ac'L'in of lioiiiinion l^niil-i oljtt.iii c.icli >e..i-
tlie lli-i iKti-init lo cut or. Iii- li-n-uliolfl wlnti-
evet-, qunnticy of liny lie may-require for In-
cwn ti-e. free of din;-, tlie ilej.arlineiii ic-frviiiu
the right lu i-.--tif permit- to otlier .i]ip!ie,iiiu-.
.Spplienlion-   for   t-razhu' len-e- -liotiltl be.
made lo the Secret.try, I)ep.irlmcni  of llie In
terior. Ottima. '
1'. O. KKYKS.
Seeretitty. Dcparlmt-nt of llie buerioi-.
S. .V.   ������ Arc'icr''
or, .n'. .s".   '' /.arrieuuJ,,
lli.nr.inp betwet-ii .Snowhcntl. Tlioin-Oii'r
l.amlinK anil Comnpliv. foiiimenclm- Oct. lull.
1801. will rail a- tollow--) (weather pgrmlttiti)*!:  ������
Leave  -Srrowhead   for Thoin-on'-  I-'.ntlin(t ���
and (-oin.-i)ili\ twice daily at ink. and 15k.
��� Leave ConmplW nnfl Tlim-i-on'- I.iikUiib lor ,
Arrowliea.l twice daily ut 7.15k. and li.l.'ik.
Miiknif: elo-e coiinecliou^i with all O. P. 1!.
train- ami boat-. ,.    "       , '      '    ,
Tho owner- reserve the rifthlto change tiine-
of -.tiliiiK- w ithout iiolief.
THK Kl'.r.Ii I'.OlilXSOX hUMHKll CO..LTD.
,   V. ROWX50X. -
1     , Mann^iim Diiecior, i
Halcyon Hot Springs
*Sa. n ita, rixx m.
rnUE MEDICAL WATEUS 'of ll.il-'
X. cyon ine the most cur.ilivu in the
woild. A perCticl, nattual remedy -foi
all. Nei vims and Musenlar. (lise.is.'':,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic' PoisoninK- A sni-e cure
for "That Tiied Fcelinp;'" Spetial
rates on all boats and tr,iins.u Two
mails ai rive and depail every day.
Telegraph communication with aii
parts of the woild. An expei ien'ced
'mass.inger. ,_ 'y
Halcyon Hot Springs
. ,     Arrobu LaHc 3. C. -'
Dry Fir and Birch
Cut by machiiiciy tt) icijiiired si/.e.
All orders It-n at \V. M. La wi eniv'.-
orthe Kootenay Mail ollii u will it-c.-ive
prompt attention.
I>. O. box Mil.
All line- of M.i-on work undertaken.
I'J-tlin.iU--given for l.uiltliiiK^. ete,
A Warning !
, I'o the parties w ho ,u;e in tin' habit,
of tnking wood from iny wood yaid-
at. night, without authority,.! beg to
warii I hem of the ctniM-fpionces should
I catch then, at it.
\V    FLKMIXli.
CRA.JWD ro"RK.s: 3. c.
MARTLV  BU'KHELL,    -   Proprietor.
Home-Grobun  '
Fruit and
Ornamental Urees
You can   Plant within 48   hours from
the clisging of the trees.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of-paicels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
' Any Kind of Transferring
- - Undertaken..
All ..nleia left at It. M. Smyl he's
Tobacco Store, or by .Telephone, No. 7
will rece.i\e. prompt altrntitni.
d. LAUGHTON, Proprietor,   ,
Ins hotel is now open for the 'accommodation of  the travelling
"public.-   Itis the mosl, t onveniently situated hotel in Ihe oils*, being
.it the corner of FiisL Street aiitl,Coi)iiatighl,-A venue, iu tin- heaiLof
I he business portion'of  the city, convenient to  railway station nnd
po-l. olTice.'     ' 6 ,-     " ;     ���
First Class Accommodation and .Tabic. ,    . ,
.,.        . ���    .     Best, Brands of Wines, Liquors  and Cigars.,
Kirst-class in every respect.- -    All modem convonieiiccs.
-       Largo Biimple Rooms.
' Rates SI 50 per Day     - Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel,  Trout   Lake,  under   same   management.
Win"- Chuno-'s ncsvlv im-
��3 ��> ���',
ported   stock   of  Chinese
and Japanese goods.
The best assortment ever1
landed   in   Revelstoke ^of
<^^ r?fri (<fr�� e?fr> *^^�� r^�� r^? r5^�� ^ff�� r!fr> ^$7 <^5? r^�� rlfr�� .^5r�� ^fr�� .-^fr^ r^��'r?fr�� r?fr�� r;fr�� rfr> r^fr? r$T* r$r* t^T* C$7 ^$7 ^^��
 ._ .. .   ft-*
Good Table <&>
<^<^i^f^<^<^<^'^<^Qt*irito(^<^f'^<^^ -
The Best House in Town.     -     Well Furnished\
Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.
W. HAklLTON, Proprietor.
ably furnished svith, the choicest the market
affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a day.     Monthly rate.
J\      ALBEET      STOITE,      PBOI
^       - Royal Mail Lines.  '
��� Cheapest Route to the OldCountry.
f     ALLAN''I.IXE-Krom Si. John.
Pretorian  '.  KeLis,
N'Miniilian ' -.  '. .'..TMureli 7
Parisian  ': ......March li
Ionian :  \'.. ..MmcliJI
Corinlhi.tn -..ilarcli I-S
UO.MI.VION'iLISK���Kroin Ho'iton. ���,     ,
Morion..' ' ' .^Kc-b. 21
JiKAS'Klt LIN*!-:���from St. John. *
Lake eii'itmplain -:.., Keb. 27 ���
Lake Oniiino '. March ,].'!
Luke Ki-ic, i 'March if.
-, SS'IIITK STAlUl.INI-:���1-Voiii New .York.   .-.,
Cerlric Kcb. 2j
Celtic: .,' ;...Slarch I
Oceanic...-. ...-  -.". March 11
Germanic : .-.March!!;',
Ccdric. ." -. March 2j
Pa���criBcr= itckelod tli'rouKh lo all liarts of
Gieat lirilain and Ireland, and at -jjocially lo��
rnte-to nil iiaru-, of Ihe European coiilincnl.
Apply to neurcat railway or -teainship n;-eiit or
10 ' -r, '  .     -   -       '
T.  W. BRADSHAW, :ABont,  Revelstoke.
VS. P. F.-CUM MINGS, Pacific Agent.    ���
The Kootenay Mail ha.- been
appointed   agent   for  one   of,
the  largest   Canadian , Paper
MilU.   ", ^        -        r-    ;
Wrapping  papers in   rolls or'
'Hat.   and, paper' bag.-   of  all
weights and size.- supplied to
'Older printed \ii- imprinted.
Kootenay  Mail. Revelstoke.
-73373--7333 iSHIP TfOURtv.:
Tea -ervice-
( nne Chairs
l-'lnwcr I'til-
Linliielin ISliiiiil-.
Lunch Ilit-kct-i
Sniokiii)' 'luul.ei-
Silk (iotiiN.
SVe can supply yon with a fir-l-class
loose leaf day book and ledger system
which i- better than those jou send
east for and i- much less in piicc. Patronize home industry and send us
your orders fur counter hooks, loose
ieaI day books and ledgers and requisite.- therefor.
Sample.- and prices on application.
' Revelstoke.
I have -lait.'d a permanent Wood
V.inl on Thinl stieet. With my past
experience I hope to be in a position
to s.tti-fv all r.-f|uii.'iiiei)ts of customers. Mill and cord wood supplied in
any lengths at, reduced prices for cash.
l-'ine-t -luck of ciinilic- and fruit in town.
Front Street, Revelstoko
and Copyrights
count ri.:-.
I obtained in nil c
Registered Patent Attorney
Mechanical     KiiKineer    and      I)riiiit"ht-iniiii,
biinl-  of  I). N*. A. HinldiiiK-. Iln-tiii);- Sheet
A  postcard will secure an uvuniiiK .i|i|iiilnl
iiient for tho-c who c.tniiot call ilnniiK I he day
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.    B.    WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
One Block from CPU Depot
and Steamboat Wharves
Ro furnished and Ho-moit-doil
Rates SI.50 to $2 per day
"���'3-v; ^^���'S��HM^H;S^'BC^JC*:'^377
DRY    tfiiliiflfct,^
: ���^^.Yr^9z^i^''^^?^^Vi*^r.i-^
MA^siaiPMkiTir.cormNCE yourself
77ii'v 1- YOL'Ji l'a)"-r.
YOU .-Itoitlit *nji]Kirt it.
One way to do that i.- tt. p.ttroni/.e
the lirnis whose ndvei lis-eiii'.-nt- app.-ar
in thi-- paper. In oideiing mention
the Kooticn.sv Mail.
Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,
R. DOWSWELL,   Proprietor, - Vancouver,
B. C.
Standard remed) lor Gleet,
Gonorrhea anil Runnings
IN 48 HOURS. Cures Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.
A'oon/s in Suites zvt/li Baths and   Toilets attached, jloioiiig I lot
and Cold Water, ///side Toilets on cadi Jloor, Gas Lighted a/td
Steam  Heated Throughout.
J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       -        GOLDEN, B. C.
CHIEF YOUNG,      -       -       -      Proprietor..
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Ciyars.
Travellers  to   l*"ish Creek svill find excellent accommodation
at this Motel.
Cook's Cotton Root Compound
Is -ncccF^tully ueo.1 monthly by over
. 10.000Ladies. Snfe.efteotu.il. Ladles ask
_ your druggist for Cook'- Cottoa Knot Cota-
poniid. take no other, as al! Mixtures, pills and
imitations are dan(-froasv Frier, No. l.Hper
bor-.No. 2,10dc(*ree-, stronper,?3per bos. Ko,
1 or 2, mailed on receipt of price and IwoS-ecns
Stamps. Tho Cook Coinp-iny Windsor, Ont.
R&'"l>'os. 1 and 2 sold and recommended by all
responsible Druggists in Canada.
No. 1 and No. J are -old al 1 rn-.n l,ike b\ K.
T. .Sbc>, and al Itcicl-lokc by SV, Hew-. .1. A.
Miller .v: Co. and Can.-i.l.i Iirti^ S Hook Co.
"SLJ-ST' Wood's Piiosphoaine,
T/iC Crcnt ZTnr/t.'t/t L'cniecl'/.
-  ��� - -   ��� *iy a
  _.   . Six
fjeknget trioraiilcrt to cure  all
SSfftknoV-. all ciTpcts of abuse
BT'SeS'iSfi     Sold and reromrafnded hy all
SS/yi'i    J) drutrpistsin Canada. Only rell-
��� - -^    *' able uiedlcrie di-cove-ed.   Six
oreices3. Mental SVorry, Kices-lvc useofTo-
Utcco. Opium or Stimulants. Mailed on receipt
of price, one 7>ackape tl. six. ?o.  One irillrfease.
tizwUicurc.   I'amphteld free to any ri-ldress.
Itto WooU Coiuiiany, Windsor, Out.
SS'onn'- I'lif.-i'iirjiiiM: 1- .-..lil in Itt-icl-tokr
by Cina.l.i Ijnit-K l����i- t'o.,.1. A. MillvricCo.
and SV. liews and by Krankl'l1. A bey al Trout
Lake, DmggisU. !'.T3"
?m.,r,':r--i -'������������������< ;���---.
^'..:3 7-.(-3 .',.....,-'.'.
3a7g3vto77ili-;;3a-iKl73iSi i*s3Ji73G ;-?-M cJ^cbcl ^its
vy^-v-daughter; 3y.iM
I ip|i|SfP|il Pp- ft:
" 'dyy. vy:^- ^Vi.v3.33iifev
iiMY 737.3
''.-���.:^;:-,- ���-:,:j,-!-.-1
pfiiiffrcPf B k K if vm7s'^TupS ffyTPctcr's
3iSW3lelun-cl i pWK evelVfokppB? 7Cp36rv
pppTqun |ei:pJ qlimUEplSrtlBri^i'^viv'of,
3gawp:Ber.ryVi) is rip of 3Li n.ia33<Jhiffi
B bu-' RNKppiipTR eyel s to k e^33y 6 V i3iS3;!A pi -it
ypiid :Mrs I iJv3Bon rii pa ged.:;19}yeitrs3
ppiiTlip m ay 6Pwi 11 jCfi 1 I-ilipubl icgiicetiiigi
I33I cptlipl 11 lijfo^oiisi d era pvl i brary3for]
IPjTpypM il jei;3lfeiipiiniiter3ofStlic7city]
333$3K3:H an) W
|37B aylGoiysjcii 1 ji 1 py es33��3737��3y p��3f pfI;
*~ \vai73^\x-3r^ri7iTclffi
;3 this weekpyMrs^Sm ith -realised' abon 1-.
^i33 3Ityis'iVi-dppsed:tp31)ave7a3'shaniMigh3
_   31st,Mii33;\\;hicl)33he
3s t ok en re; i ii y i ted;; to; take; pa i; 13,. :3 33 333
;33 &m plain tsvari37^
^eingyallowed>;t'63wand(?r7thi-pugh the,
., ;c i t-y Sides troyi n g 3 3 J pep p 1 e 's 33 3, ga rd e lis.3
yiYVheirparpthp^pPihil 3 y'i hd ';; -pound-"
717^3P;3'R3y:^gent;:-;MpPre,7 pp.Grirlin
3Jiake3had3;;ih3 7"npicasii 11 tv experieiice
3��lipqtlip daip'ip:bi-(pking tiiroiiglithe
3jee3v\vhil(3;;crpssiiig3;the,:lakc'wiiei) oiit
SKinwid 3and-3Haggeii3-.Ttransfer.y of;
v:.:']icc*'iisQ.l-;'-.syii'ji3:-gra-ii t-e<l.-3.; tp'v-r'.L.Gyefl*ii_6: .;��S:-:.
3-3--0pTiiestltiy yJ 3Bo 11 i;lfep;'"e'c'c$fc -son!
3Yesterday. "Rep C3p. ^'rocii'ijier^rcon:.
7ch iirch ;and ;t he. grasp;. 33.33     y-v3: ���"'���":
i3;-Fred3Bradle:y,7wli63bi'^.:bee)i .work-:
'���ing.at the7Eyii;y \vas  brought p 11, from.
y&unlprhpMondap suffering  from;a
broken; leg. 3 The; mishup ysya s caused
vhv =1 ippi'ng on the lloor of the" Criterion
, Hotel,33 v3'3v- .%>7v;^ '73i-7p3'77:' p-3:
creek the t'u'roi .bvery-tO liiarten.v 'J.
ViCiglily broogbtin 21 martenand has
' 20\beaver yet in 'camp,-this fine catch
'being mullein a month's   trapping on
������ili(.\.J6rdai-'.".:- ���-. ��� '.:.��������� 7-   v. . y
3\M>i-��'r'ii.v I Aulgate intend' rtmnihg a
. .'��� telephone .wire from Itevelstok.:- to the
inill oflices at .-Virowhead so they cati
he in constant, com li) u mention .with
the ci,ty. Tbe company's ^phone will
-be operated through the- telephone'
e.vchinige at thi.s entl.    y     '"
'll'0 dredge on l.'nner Arrow lake/in
(.���harge.cf Capt. Kane, has done good
work. -At .Siiiid island, above flurton,
a cnt'hn? been made :-*00 feet'long,- 00
feet wide, and, four, feet deep, thus.
giving a channel S feet - deep at lowest
water. Tlie channel at Two-I'eacon
bar, Burton, will next be deepened.
Complaints .ire miid'c'iibotit'C. I'. It.
engioes whistling when pit aging hospital. Engine 07-1 is particularly a
nuisance-in "this ������ inspect. When the
ji'resent. 7-ite of the 'hospital was decided on the C.T. If. promised engines
.would cease whistling there so as to
annoy patients as little as possible.
C. .1. .Martin, of Beaver, brought in
a nice lot of fur this sveek, mostly
martin, and disposed of it to I-'. 13.
SS'ells, svbo. he says, is the most satisfactory man to do business with in the
fur trade- he has- met. Mr. Martin
also had a line sample of gold from his
placer ground at mouth of '2uni-tz
J. AW Bengough gave one of his celebrated pencil sketching entertainments
at Selkirk hall Thursday evening, lie
gave clever sketches of the /ilaskaj
boundary rjuestion, Sir Wilfred I.aurier
and raising the Chinese noil tax, .1, W.
Bennett lecturing a capitalist on socialism,   Aid.    McCarty    riding  a fat
st.eci- to-the city.; council,; labellc'd'.f'ii'b-
A tki 11 s3;csa 111 iiiing 3 tliey; baggage;(Pf ;a
^Ciin-y;Natipiii:3i.y-,'33: 77333'337;3:;'333-y".3-
OfvGblilenpK6r'thwc'st7;Kootbnay  will
li;eadquiii-tci-s3it3KeyelStoke7333.33" 3;77
���3;: Ait i'i isifriii t-occu r red' i nvpii r'rc'ii^ort^'of-
7 3Tl)c;'C!n;rayirniiinoi-3Gp^
i si si-l>cc:Vi---''i'i I "i"i' i i'i g v-'ii'fc3>tl i e3vpi>qr it/^lipusc-
iiil3,:svcek^ii'tul3 furnisliiMp gpodVeiitor-;
i)0fc"-pliiyeil litstli-iight'.was,piii-ticuIar-3
r *>V?f S^:^!C!'jVi li.i i^^^.an^U^|c lite riw.l3jf.i4
viy0ip{is-jilcii iii 7tl!c3^
.,' tbbacco7g rowers 3sbc i jigj! preyen teikscl 13
mg33;t;libii33 pi-6diict;p3 tb
fit'c tbries3333!*77'i33;33p73;P 7733p3;33;
v'::'^-A'.'-^��'i i'56o t'i 'i 1 t^'yi'.o f };'(.ij<^i.r!ti ��p C iS.^".1;'*,^ P^^.V"'! ^v
;gi-ii 11 i--' f ron)3Fr'a h k*a sk i iigvfoi-|rel ief 73711'
AVa's^l ecifletlvlo iiskv the3e|t.i7potuicil3tb3
'tb'Grtfl viiP^PQ^''113:'''^b'''')li7 ^bffjtl1^ ��^'^7
���cpimci i"'-tp.i.votc3ii'sVrii'i/i.- b.ii t--'Jil i%-;p.MIripi i ���'
coi) 'si(lercdVtiib in ii tter^Pn e^foiffiri vit I e:
^e'i-n 0 n 3||*;|l3 3||p;3;3
|3lyi ;3a>3W i iMiiirptii���^
^CMstyMycd iiesdfty3!ij333^
v;33nJM-7Kpi i'isjjefi|^lii^l^'f!^^<f{^
Ton}ininingjbiisiiicss33i#; .37,,..777,3.!.-...3.
3i|iVn v3; iitbreiti i jg3 ;Vvc''ddi i'i g j^oniefjol!';
itiie'^iisKi n'^fe\^ji^s^gS>Sj^SsKS
77;M r^lJ'ciiseSiciiy&ltpiii^
ji iilbpnii ec;t ipir; wi Ui1jiVmijiing^e||S^S
I^My^0j(\W'fW^^^B': l.e3i1:efcu'i-ne;d[3
l/Iuci-dayyf i'0ir3t 1 iciplibiieym ppi);,tr i p7tb;
|1;M i-s pp^'a r ci73|iJiiTei* tii iiie(ii#;v331argb
3yisl)7bii)3,l,pnppy"''gctu3 _._
33p\'3ylrw i n; \ ofv the; ArrpwheailJ aiii).ber:
TKe7BQst;in the3^orld;
33;vy:, Wrappprs/.'jViind v. ihT, rcttirip sylepy.:?;.
i.3,'.3'i.svill-,iiiai.l..'a 'beaiiti(iil,'3P.ipturc3:3S
;.3y;size lGx20,.;3br'foi'325!Wnippei-s33333
' 3.;33y6ur ciipicb,bf;ovcr;100,bpoksK3yv;;
y'Yy':-DrbY> .;7iis7 a3post3 card tasking p-, 3,
?: ';3. fbr'.a. batalogueybfv premiums ;-333
33 37tb3bp:.;liad3'F;EEE;3:fbr'p?pyal3333,;
;;3 33A(ldi-css3 331-Si 7 7 ;33!33'37:3 7,3y73y-33; cfy
33Seo3Cii3KKtiuic7 G br. 's 3bl iiii i prcjo 13- ii d:
JKSced^tiitoS; ;5063j^
whebrreiiai retl 3p73333;3333333p33y 33
stbckT-^M ip 3K3;Ti!'i)|ii.n^;3p37p37p3;v^
3;3Ybii'ciiii7ge tyMpiisbbiiv, tea'3 fi-0n pM;;
"Aj; Sj ii Vi M i.7;'<fe"3 Gp33f ** P y 6! **;9 ?f 9'-,S^���!>i"?%->i^.'|S;
Sel k 1 i-k!hiil I;' is'ii d ve r tiscd ;'f oi-p^plpp
%7iI3'73ii ^-^Gi^ssnili n3p 1 ii�� s'p rbcp i yed3;v 11 i s3
SylAVpyi-Mbrrisiisyjoi 11 iiigv-tljc'vsitii'ljbf;
Oil r rii t,liprs3ii ii^jdiiuglitcliiV|pEiVgI tin (11
; |y T1 ib 33sti\ 1I7 7o f 33 ^ bP^v^ii ppiyiii te iido ii b ^
pi!'bc3;liSyep prescn tiad
.'iCiipafcrickpsyith'       3,
v ;pvfarc\Pll:daiipb3vas3.gi.vctVyiiv3.Sely:
33ln;ii letter icpeived :in;7thc ycity.?this
���is gettiiig3ilbiigUii-st7rate.73?373;':7733737
777r.: Duniie isbi-gaiiiziiig:ay;playj3-Not:
S ucli y a/Eooi" !a s THe fEopksp7 tpybe.g i ven
;5Iti"yi:;251h;inviiid'pf St;;.Peter'sTcl 111 rch/
A-feature of;thc..,eiitci-taiiimeiit3wi 11 .be
a; ilitypole diincepy; tlieypiil(lreii7v:3 33
tlie^teacherpconvention3 hereiV; 3.TliP
principal, A7-E7;Miller3feave;7u"p;eyery
'-���'���-"������'������ ������  -: Vhcyj visiting
tciii jbpiii pe ti t ipii 7js
'Git i'i bbbsTriid i iig- G<;pHppp3pfp;pp1
337Bi-6ni63Qiiih iiic;;2opat PlicJC'imidp
���f i'lippi tiic3|bpsp|accoii) pd ivtio'iigiityfKfclic'
��� Central vHptekMbntlum^
pfvfsi tois7tpj|Gii^iii libr iie37siibuld3takC;
373]ipa3ypybur|bi-d(S;p fpr3pies:;3bffaiiy;
��� k iii d-piiiprit^ii ii i 11 cc Sor 3'f r ii i tp^ii t'^ tl j c;
��� 11 p ii sc li b I (I3ii*ii iepbit ni'i^3i:pfl ii ^ ? *?psp7ipp333
^���CMteiiitjpMiti I33*ii! '^-'^tp7shbw3j.!pm piir;
'Ciiiii oo'riic;*JiWxt^\s^'ck^
bo ligli P f ipiiilP-yp:. Dii rrii gli 3ii n (1;3 wi 1J.
,'c 1 o tb i 11 g;3b ye iii 11 s ,ket p.-��� 7pi'7!-3 3- '33733 ::;�� 'j
V; f\\':7Siiiytlieyis; iigentyfory- tlie ^Clevp;
la lid 30 e ii (1 ibh pf assby 3lfa i'ri s;-R'fi'iivbler"
:77u.ilT. Tiuehiiiiiyivi11'bc 111.hisystudio
Have;:yoilr :si11i 11 gsvhpsyyw 11 ilefyoit .can':
getv'the' best:y;;3y^3''7 3-l:-3; 337 3;37-- :'y ?-Yy--:
rlvWheivypii';;conie;'. tp;Reyelstoke.hail
tlie3Cdii tral3Hdtel 7 bits;;.tp\takciyo\rtc-;
a.3>ood 7hotel.;;3.;.iSi-rahan-spn.y3.Brps
i 3;Y'Y'-i'- From <)nr''o\vn'corrpsj)Oiiileiit,3''y:  3,37
'���'3'M'rPitii'd3Mrs Mprrci left for Siciinious.
bp3tlib327tl.ipyf7;:333J3;- ^ 333,3333 33 vby'
77j3AS;Tiii)'br;Ieft-fbr Ctilgar^niipwilk
iiotilje ;back.fbr. t^yb' sYeeks.;.3.i',*; 733 3373
3Tho'itwb'piib-ili-iycrs3aic fey31 j;iying7
: pilppfpp tlibyliudgivtc^M ill;vtrjibk:v 3;;33pv
;'s tbrbpibcc ptpd7ii;; ppsi t ioii'-^itli/'yi^K
J'Jiviii^gstbiip its plorkv33'7777,73!?3;r3-3;i3
I?r i ii cess 1% 1 iiy!p337|3Pp;33i37p;3p33
v rrop;si33"-'- yH7y77 Y'\ .77-73 3.7v rl. 37v;' 37 7.3 '"33
ipP'firmf'ofgeneral, mevcha;ntsf is;;;inr
niiuuto^pfyhisy tiine^tP._
ivoiid ei-fuliy;;1iiiiprbvecl.::in;3healt:h^anp3y^
wilksiiprtly resume :-hep:dutipafc3tlie;J.pp^pgh^
ofthePibst,; successful Tteacliei-s-iiYphe; .���-'33.PP7ipV Koditcks.; for
\vest.:, y Miss ,Smith7i-etuniediTliu)-sd:)p
7'������'--Tlib; following have'bpen velectetl pf-
licersy'pi1 they;Epwo'rthv.I.eague;for the
..ciis'ii'itig'year':7'l'reside,n��..Miss A/Shiith
'(re-elected) 3.:lirst3vice,, president,-  \Y.
'Bews: second;-Jfrsy 13. Cainpbell; third;,;.   rar.^,;iL.|<r(i
iSliss Latlner; ��� fourth; i^lrs.,, W.y .Hews; i ppp'" 7.3 fv
secretary, Wpp;J.efeaux^';,(re-elected)';'' 'J',u J"'
treasurer. J'.-.I... 8Ii:uy.: 7    7''    -     3'
A. 3C.ibsaii, oi
friends; of   Mr,
of  the news of-
the. following
onl^7 ^lp)0:
2p:inchep?-quan3 hpi
ipS tiy :Cariada::'DrUgv.^:;
leasyyto; 7wprk.	
7Book Cp:-'v!:'.'3;3 '":;'; ;-Vv;-73!'y'vyV;
h-'; Wlieii yoii wnnt;to'get:to--Cam'borhb;
| iiPspeed aiiil C(jiT)fort7i:i6k oiitvf'Sry'Ay
Iiiie ;wifeh 3:ia'iiil ing y at
: ..I. I";' flume 7iiiid YJ.
Nelson, wliOi.are:   old
Kilpatrick, ion receipt
���liis. marriage,  sent  i)tV
telegram to the bridegroom 3 ���'��� Mearty
congratttiatioiis.77 M^ay'yoii.be dad and
her'the   mither .jtist   live, and -'forty
veai's tpi-itiierv Cbxl liless Tom.  (Bgd.) r
l-'re.i   antj   Jolin.'-'    Only   the:, names!
incut iinie.
'.'. ;3rruthis3riigh,ty,';'- especially tyjieri
it. Ipbnis.np in, an'at tractive .advertwe-
iiifPti aiid tha pad vertisemeu 13 jipears
iii tlie.l-.'ooTK.VAvM.sri'.. . v i ; y . ;
''7'TI.ie, naviga.-.ion com.pa ny caH tenders
for lease of- Boytl's ranch, I{ig3lJeiul.'
This;is otic of itiie best investments of-.'
fering in -.tlie-district, as the Big Iputl
tvi!l:b(�� alitisy.pointytiiis.lseasony,.vi v;
Will thei.erson 'who   took from' f he
were signetl 'to-the'telegrani; desk
but a few hour.-), later came a' reply
which'-' reads as 'follows ��� ."��� Messrs.
Hume and .Gibson. Family 'thanks
yo.ii-- :foi-. .���.congratulations., . (-^gd.)
1'om..1'' 3 . ,y    rv  .''"'���"'���
Saturday last was'first shoot of the
season. A -good number of members
turned out'. The. weather was dull
hut shooting svas distinctly good for a
first dav. ;,     ���       ���'-.:     3
Dr. Carruthers carried on" Hie honors
and the association is losing a. good
shot when he leaves for the old country. Below, are tlie six , best scores
aiid Printer
with enclosures
ptlice.; ; vv ;'
P...Ruins.'A-, Coi'ysh.ippc
gary within past week, '.il.-v.
'for Klondike, IOOO/ho
I)r: C.-irn.ll.
li.A. biiwi.i
T. Iliiin ....
A. K. i'l.ij.p:
A. .Slcli.i.!..
I'. Il-illon..
'Ml y<l.-
....   ::o
ii, ('apt.
.710 yd,
��� in
���'  ' 21
��� -' 17   .
no. I
Just What You Need,
(���hfiiiibcrlains .Sl.ouia.cli ��� and Liver
Tablets are just what, you need ..svhen
eoristipntcd; when yon have no appetite
and I'e.-l dull al'l-er eating and wake
up with a bad taste in your mouth.
They will improve your appetite,
cleanse autl invigorate your stomach
and give you a relish for your food.
Kor sale by all diuggists.
post .ollice.; a-, copy oi, the
'' kindly return sa'ine.
to '���KooTK.VAY.'-.'M'.sir,'
I   from. Cal'-
trs of cattle
for Australia,
| a.nd two carloads .dressed beef for Koot-
| ciiay points. .   ,   .        3-   . - -.   .
I ��� 3f. Ma ley (Iraws attention to his large
| stock   of   flowering plants for sale, in-
| eluding annual and    pot    plants   a rid
vegetables, fist.and prices of which svill.
bc��otind in our  advertising  'columns.
The Canada Drug ife Rook. .Go.  have
it lot of-o'dfl lots of wiil.l  paper, suitable
for small bed room's, kitchen, etc.,which
they   wili-scir for   sic. a single r.olUo
make room for new paper.    Don't miss
this chance.
A.7M. Craig still conducts the feed,
livery and freighting stables at IScatoii,
and Iris saddle horses anil light
heavy''��� conveyances for hire at
times. Mis daily stage for Goldiiole.s
and Camborne meets the steiimboat,
on its itiivel and departure.
".lust out of a bandbox.", 7 Thatptho
way you'll look if we do your tailoring.
And you'll continue.to look pint- way
for along time, because we make suits
so careful I v thai- they hold their shape
well, mill "do not need frequent prcss-
iii".    .See Grossman the Art Tailor.
Ppp3 l-ioiiv o�� Mpnpy^
Siinil-iPpn3his;i-aiich at3J';dgewpod3;373
|pii^abifTlioiii psbii 7��f fiNelsoiipslii^iiii
Pi tiifiis ;ilii(l ipal ways ipyejcbme-yisitpr
[spends, ii^<^.ti
si K)vci-ltoTviii 1 pipllpid ge|if nnpl sin osvj
3f roiii yii e r p3|Jp3Vpi3^
ISTliPfobtbiii l7l>bj^prc|i apd33aPyprlp
^mlvyej(|)bPp;tbWiipkp;it7gbpd!sl^ i 'tip
|tiilipso ii mi fi-py^^
: 11 a 1 p Sa t u rd iiypp en i ii g|; by7j\ r i sscs';pp
SDciiyiiiid i Sfeotpwa s-:s\;pi-tiip;b'pP;l!i!;gcr;
iit t&iy aliccpin^��
;cii jp>-ed3iai:|r^fciiaiidi^i^
Tpiiiuljtlipyi 1 litgegjnidifgiii-deii ing3lp|
vpHessrslBciii tpiiplHi ijniaiipili'Hkeiy
���f iiiisp taki ng, pipi tii mbpgfpipl) eyA njop;
'i;(!sidenPe^tipaiilii n^lpSB n^gziepatg
-g] tidy tp7statb;*is; bii tjp f :diuigcn333|333
'q tiiries3syi 113a. 7yi c wiitbysecu ri ii gi.tlic'.is.Plc;
depptiifoi;Ttlie' surroundingppuniti-y3333^
:37 Ai P^idebtsilipeiareid isgus.tcdp-iLI.):
itlibypiiial 13apiirbpi-ia tiibiipiga i iVv-vp ��5(1;
if or tlii si'r idi ii g, i iip 1) ich ;sp: miichisli pi Id.
':be7;d0np7in 3 p.ipyidiiijgptrunkvppadsv
itihink i��:s 11pit.!d7receiye;33-tli'c whole .ap-!
3jirppriatipn.7'-;33v: ;33i;'73y33y.iy3-33ii3:y33,;'
'son :bf 3M p^iindv iris. yA'v tb vi r yGowing:
:passed:a3Ppaftcr'a7shbrt;illticss33 Tip:
\P s3iiea r lyppearsioldripf pvbrig h t ia ii tl,
pepitliiijs i'elatives,and' school iii ates;
pareiits3iyhicpwapattendcdi bpnprly
. 'e.'y'c r y.:3 i-esi'd b i i <?-'('pjf^t I ip:-:;;y. i 1.1 ii.KP V ^'i^iis iii P>.
^einelcrpvhasy yetyibepiiyilpityPufc
peftton.-t.1ie.,bpdyAyrii^; taken 3tb-vBcycl-.
stoke forinte)-iii;ent.j~;33y3. ;y;333 Zr^.
of'Rheumatism.; ,t
1; farmv" near: 7h ere
:���; A .Farmer;,Cured.
;*'A; niniijVlivihgron 'a
caiiie in a short time
do'tibledtipwilhri'lieuuiiitisrii.-:f hand
deel ihim 3;iv iif)ttle:3bf yChambei'lain's;
Pain '.Balm and told hirii to .u.seit.fre.ely
arid, ify-not satisfied y after yttsingViDlie
need riot:.pay:a:'cerit ; for it,": says C.. I.'..
���':nrty-dLMv.7o^-L-'atteiis-.^ril!sj'-^T:;.,.yi '.. "A^
few days later hii walked into tin.'"-'store
as st ia itih i iiis a: stri ng arid 3lia tilled hie
a dfillrir.-saving, 'give iritiin other hot-'
tl.,'3ofvChf'iiiiberl'-iur's Pain . Biilnt.' -yl
waritit fit the house iill.the-.tirri" for it,
t-iired.me.*:" 3'For sale! by.all druggists.
:-;Vv. '-,, . .��� :. 1. p.'-;K.- ���'*., : ' . '-'-,--���
At'Gotirty.Mt: Begbiei Mo:;day'evening ; il'ie .. )iieriibf-r.- took farewell of. Dr.
fJiiVriithers, with, kiiid, wishes . for liis
future i-ticcess.; .-The following, resolu-'
tiiin.wiis pit.-sed and ordered'to be i-e-
cortl.jd -iiilhe minutes:     '...'-,..  ���-���;
SVfii'ffti-,.ft--ic(;ftiii-inricf:-i iia'-vi- .'.'ri-.-.i i.nnn....(���-
r.iK il.i. ili-j.-.-.r'nri- ii.'lir.-.-.t liriOiin <if i>r...l. V.
(.'.lrnaii".--, M. D. rr'.urr r.l.y-iciari to IVnirl Ml.
licyl.ii' fur tin' yinh t.-xii s-(-nr��, and .
.''.prlic Bardeaii3railwii'y7:rcbpciie'd:ycs-;
i %' Bnikc'in a ii;3Dpipiibe7- si i ppcd7 u hder
'tlip cars- aiid;:liad3l)is';' lieaid. decapitated
773a7 E;;,kilicaid3 ietiiiiiep3this33week
^bibeibrmiglPlbflievclsibke to
33\P-i(V|''Fop(e: .ipafcyWpl^bu^liisJicbtp
73 7 j \ ip lyppv iifi ii 1 i tlipy j'l.l 3 prbeced vi 111 ������
33;M i-s7i\I ppBipth3iiap3sbid;;73tbeppti
,l)ti s iii ess; blpclptlippppp; 3p37p7;333
3Ppi^M cCiirtiiSpiiii s7i'al|bii typpinpleted^
<ti i c; i-fis.id .0 li cei;. f 0 r 3 M'rsl AV, i ilhuiisp^i^i11}
7Secoii(ij s t r op ppvT 1 ibspli 11 i I d i ii g7i p20x 24.7
iT li a tywel fikiiiiwpSit ti pping'plat'eijiplp
AJO'l'lbKisliercby ��� (,-ivcii. llitilv.thirfy .lays
LL\3vfr0in datoi Intciitl to''niiply-:t;b.itho';({hle��
Coniinlssioiier of.Lands and:SSrorks for iv specinl
license to cut itndcaiTy away timber from tho'
following-'!: describbd. laiids vsitiialed'"about", tiJ-.
miles iibo\:olli(; Mbtitlrcrcek.;;:i33 :3 37- -! v'-rv
:,(.'oninienclngiili:ii,po.st niiii-kefty','.13vllyittts.
'Initial iiosty-pliinte'd oii-tlib eiistlmnkyot!. Col-;
.tiinbin river nnd runnink cast Wlclinins, thence
souths!) chains,, tbctiea .west' SOy ehainsv theiieo
north SO chains lo'pliteo of eoiiiiiioiiceiiient.iiMMJ]
,v])iited-Alarch'2j(.li;,l!)0:i.:;,,.:'.v��,y/: y.--;.,,;::':':.V
:;,,-;. ft:..-., .y.yv.;:,r-y.-; ;���:������ *yux's*.!v3-Uv]TYA'r'r.��;y
J'l'ICI'/'iiK'niurebyii-ivti'n-t.liiil.- thirty .lays
.artc'ivilatii'l iiil.cuil l.oaii|ily;tfi:l.lio C'hicf
id SVorkSforasi.eelal
tit'lsoii's-liorthtvcst. corhei-poSl,. - i,iieiicc.ci.��b cw
'chnins',.tlieiiiio.'soiitirso:.cliiiins,! tlici)co!'wost':.80
chtiiiis; thence'iioi'lli SO 'chain's Uiptiiiil/.bly'coin-
iiimieeiiient.'1..;, ,.	
: 'f^f ^O7!* ���'< ^ i-- ^-T^Tt V > ri j 1 iy 3 w i vb fi 3;��I ��� f i *'J:"(. IV i t- ip3 i 1 j ^y >;;
,'L>V-;-i(riur;'liilo',.i;iliit..'n<l;:t'ii'--ii|ii.ly;l(i thisChiel
(.'limi'iilsrtliin'fir.iif, biintls.iiii.l .SS'urks fur a Special
Ucdiisi) iii'tMilVniidyciii-ryyiiwiiyyliinb.ii-.fn.in th.)
-rc.llo\vii(w;tlf)j-cril)u.��li.lfiM.��l: 35yi;;-;4v;-33'3:'rtiii33^3J.;jv;;3yyy;.i;
���;v,(.!f'iii)iiifjiiciii'Kii(.''ii;i'.iisi.;:i'iiiiHf'|-!tl. 'Jiiiiiuij.-Mhrtlii's.
bank i.r l,iii(,'.-slfi'ii-cn!iikf.filioHt-,-sf)v'uiili!fjii'niiliw:
up I'i-.i.ii it.sf3,tii<>ti111, iliijiicooaSl.SOclinius, ll.eiie.i.
si.titiiSllcliiiTiis tiVitliulpoiiiC-iif cfiniiaiiiic.ili.Hiiiit..';
y!' (;. 'li'iiiiioi'ic i iiii "ii i. ti lii.St: liiiii'lio. I J ii i.ibsiM ni'ii n 's
V()ii,lli-\viist;c'.'.>ria!'r;';,pliiiituil':f.ii.-;.t;h!)gi)iist, lilink.i.l:
PiiiKsii.ii'cn.-oli- .alioiitA eii;lileen- iiiil.:s^r.-..ni ill
:ia(.iil,h,:thenc();'cii.sl.';��0'.ehiiiiis,,. |.hi!iic.iyu(.rl.h SII
cliiiiiis,;'llieiicu ;\vbsl.;-.S(l.chaiiis.itliiui.a). si.iith hll
ciin ins Iii llie i.i.iiil.iif ci.aiiiiiincen..M.t.v;;.:S.Jl;R;V;sv
iTiiUiitcil this^ll,li.tliiy:or;Aliir.;h,.MHi:ii!yS��y;&r��;a:i
p,Ki?M;: vi;;;;;y.m23;:33.vC;v;yj,3l:A M.;i��: MA liTl.N;1:; y
'(ii.....".. issi.i.i.ir'iil'.ijii.i.ls.aii. IAS', irl.-sl'i.r; a,special;
liciaisiV tii'cut'aii.l1 iia rr.v 'awiiy ��� tinilior I rtii.n the
's.'.iti,h-w-'csl/ci.i-iie'i-,;iilai.l.)il ..li:llie:east ba.ilc'.tiP
1'iiiir'sf.ii. (iruek:iili.iiil..(in.-i'......niles;..ip,:rr<i... its
'clii'i iiis,;t.iri)iic(!;:'5.Vlil.h:;S()ictia ins;;: I liencoywostW.
-I'tiii'Ksfo'ii .c'rcelr::iil)i.iit3sixl<;.iii;-:i.iiles::|-i-.a..-its..
iii(ii.l.l.'3ili(!i.ce;easl.yK(l cl.iii.isVJtlreiicev.mrl. i;S0
<il in i i is," 11' encits v WfjSil..? SO 3 t;l it 111. s,,;-, tben cfV sit >u 111 ;feO
ol i ri i i is t (> il ><i i >o i 111-! < > f. a(>i ii ii Vol icoi ii oi i l..'Vi;.;s ���:. y. vn,: V?J
rj3\'U! ..J si ft (jr iiii t.Vj l.-iti t <si i<l, I o'ti i >i >l>-.v.t<i .>.t.lnj..:i.< ^li i<sr<
;(:iM.iiiiL��,i(.i.e.-'i.l':biiiiilsraii(l'SS,i.rl('S r.i.-.,-i:specia|:
?-33.0i'VMiiiitiiiciiiK tf(;'ii'7l*>^
iiiiil'os'i'i|.'-rrViiii':ils.-.mi>"nt-li,'-'t.h'ini'cb;;iciist.;iiO chains,;
i,l.<;iicosfViit.liV;S0v(ili!ihiS,!3.t;iii)MCij'Vw.iMti..S<) cli.iins,;
;\v.iiMl-J..i.iis3r..oi-l,li-wuSl.yc(:ii-i.e.-,5i.l,aat^<l .oii.-Utui
reasl.!l)iink ..ri'iiiirSii... c.-eekyal.ii.il. (il'l...;..'i.nlqs.
.'.rrf'ii'ii'SiUs'.vini.'iit.l'f tli��iic'c'i'��it,sl,'!!��):;oliiiin'Sjsl.liuiicoj
.!iiii.-|,li-SII'clia iiis.ttill.ii,"pi >i lil.'Vor-* coi n iii encia.ieiit:..
iTICK is irei-el.vKivoirihat thirty days after
ilatol iiitend ton iii.lv to the.;.U1. ief: (.'(..in-.
... issioiier: of'.Lniid-i'andTSS'oi-ks for {.'a special:
license, lo c.it. .mid carry invay liniber from the'
fiillowiii!,'described lantls sii.iiate'tiii'IheySoiiili-
we.-t.'baiik ii'f ';th.;C.il.nubiariver, lutii-antlone-
half miles i.libvu SS'ooil river. yVVy VH. ,v yyy.yy:;,
Vfl.'ominehciiiKat.a.post.iiiark..-d-"(/.'��� Js.��� I romoy s
nortlnvesl, corner pnst;" tlioiicc'soutli Sit chains,'
rlience east.SO chains, thunco north SO.clinins,
tlioiice west .SOcl.i.ins to poin'tnf cfi.iiiiiuiicciiie.it
;a)ale(l April.Ilt.li.l!Ki:i..vv:;vjv:vy.:y.,y..;,V;q;:' --
'-v'3:3v' 3;.3;,:3.y-;v3v-y yHyrii. iii-n.oMEVv
IM. dnle 1 "intend Ho npi-lyli. Ili.vCl.i.or C.)...-
.i.issi(.iier .il' Lands iind SS'orks������.Tor u -spucinl
liconseMuciitinul carry;away tin.hoi-- froiu.-Jl.o
roll.iwiiik-describ-jfl-- lands situate i.tl,tli..vsimtli
Jinnk of tlfc.('..la.i.biii riv.:r.',oiitv';iii,ilo,liuli>.wi.ld
G.)Idsl,reni..:'"V,yy;;,-. i;-y-;;'v y:;;;.-':; -v-Vy-vr.- vy
.-'.;.('biiinicnciiiK at a i-t.sl. u..-irl.-ed."(.v.l--:l' ri.iiioy.K
iinrllieasl. e.inier i'lust," l.hei.ee-wcst SI)..; i.ii.iis,
iltuiicn''-south S) cliains, tlu.-nce' 'east SO chains,
thence "north SO "chains :(.>"-:i;.>ii.l."-or:c..>i..iii.,'.iicur.
incit. : " '���--.;;-.;-:-���- ;-;-:;v-y!y;--;1--,--y--,;-'--'-vvyr';y-v': ���' y:
v:Dated:A|.i-il llthrli'Oii.-vyy V--v--.;;yyy;rvy;?f->v?
:-\-T:6tl('.l-;'isii..-i-..'l)v iii veil ti.al thirty tlnys lirier.
XN"" dale I intend.tn apply It. ihe (ll.ier.C......
���missioii.tr  ..r   Iji.inls.i.i.d   works   fur, a speciiil,
license lo cut iiii.l curry, away  limb.;.-   from  the
r.illowiiiK described lands, sii...nl.; on .tin: south
bunk of ll..;C..l..n.l.ia river, iit.i.airoui- mid .....;-
iia If miles abov.i SS'ood rive.-.   ;    V    ���3,, '. '
V (���oiiiiiieiiciiiKalnpiisliiiiii-koil "M.S. I:r.....ey,s
northeast, corner pus!,"I hence south SO ehauis,
tl.ei.ci-. west,DO chnins,. Ih.-nce iiorll.'.SO el.nu.s,
thence.-ast SO chains lo poinl i.f laiiniiiniicuiiiunt.
Dated April I till, I'.KW... ' ""���   "-'V-v   '
3:';y,-:3     :3'y.33     :-. m.s. kuomios-.',, 3
J; GuyBarber
ami a3
..-r.mplelc line
of tlie
'//y-ljfcs-a -.
vii--,v ,ncli -
of I!r���rli..T
1,'i-Hliil |ir"-
wiili  innrii
-ii- aooi.nl.
... ion   and
, tin-' brel-rifrri of (.'....rl
l"|i.'i.-t..ro ;..- a Kr"r.l .|o-s
Cnrr..Hits'  cnrelul '.it
'lie-.; tie-r-fori-. !>'; it       :   ''   v
.  that   tl.'i  re-i^fi.-.ii.-n  of  iimw.iirt
J. (������.'('i.i-rtitl.c'r-, M-. D.;  f/'y i-i.ci.ived
rear.;!,  ari'l'witri '>'--'. wist
GENUINE        3 pj '���: /jfj^i
\ I '���<��'��� fjl
/��� a, ii,���i /���/
tor M*
wi-lfar.-r ���.-.-licri-vi-r'((.c.-in-i-l. nnd-that a bitter of
credeii'-i'iibe h-h.i..I (/. I.iin with tin-liopi'tii.-.l
future i-v'-nt- ..my I'-rel to.it* ..llim.-.li- n-r'nn. to
tl.e r.ourt. of i--'uanee.'V ,'       '���     ������
, . I. O. O. I-'.
(")n '.Sunday evening members of Itov-
elstoko and .Selkirk lodges I.O. (.). !���',
iriustered for "parade at Methodist
church, when Kov. (',.piidnor preached
an able sermon specially suited, to the
occasioii. Ife spoke in high terms of
the objects of t.he Oddfellows' friendly
society. During .(.he service Airs. Cr'ocl-
iDii.n-sung beautifully " Ife's'.liist, the
.saiiie'Todiiy," and the. choir rendered
the anthem "There. IsaCil.y lluill. bv
(let votiiT Jol
iMAii, Ollice.
I'rinling done at the
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Porks, i
5poons, etc.
Kyi h cfirefully .-MHiiiut-.I  anil
properly lined tf- tin: bent arrule .,
of k1ii��'-',h.      ' ,_ f*    ^).
tfc-pulrli.)-. V���^        ���-.
r ,V.\ PKIM KNGIOI) (;A KI.M<;N"rKI.{.S
' Vi and fiamers waiil.i.'fl on mill work
ill, Arrowhead. Address W. f'- 1 aid-
gate, vSirowhead, I>. ('���
'fjlOR SA I,I1:.���House and lot with
J' " runiitiire. Apply ICihiTI-:nay
Ma it. .ollice foi- particulars.
iSoUNU���An umbrella in Selkirk
,' hall: owner can have same (on
('���ailing at Koolenay 'Mail ollice and
paying cost of this advertisement.
;l>i:.?<lnle:J:;iiiteiid\to; ii|.plyri.i^I.hei;llo.!'{r.ihli;
tlie, (ill ief- (.'..iii iiiissioi.ervbl'vi-iii lids; ii in l~,\\.irks
fbi-Vpeniiissii'ii -iifi." .eiityiiiidVci.i-ry.iiwaytiiiiber
i'roni ihi; foil..willed.;S(;nlied:l!iiids.:'tyjvvr-.,ii'V;
N.V1C.'���'L'o'nior,'*,-pliinl.;d ii() chnins rr.iiu" fi.VI. lliir-.
low's'-.J^-'SS".'.;c.)i-n.;r ''post,ilirst location;,.... a <li-
vide .(iiiposite)Nakusp" and VriiiiniiiK;,,\vesi,i;i-ly.
(town ncre.-.kitbyllos.inilt.ccr'eol.-.vwest.y'sidey'.iif
U|.|iei-'Arrow IiiI;i;-,:l hence;w..'Sl...li;ticlinins,l bene.!
north 10 chains; thence.nasi ; UU)yehains,' theiice
south 10 chains lii'.iioiiit'.if-ci.ii'iaiijnctjiiifsiil;.-';--
Diiteil nt Xnknsp this 15th.Iiiy of April; I'.)!):!.:;;
rnXici-: NO'rtqi'Uimtitii^^
yl;. intend-to a)i'|ily,lo.l.li(i-Ciiiof.-ttoniiiitiislohi!r'y'-:T':.'-'i.'-..',^ti
bf.'Ltintls ahd.SS'orks for a special litionso;to cut V -vy;'! ���;;fff
descrlbcd.litnds: Y: "vy-.ViVjsV..- .-',.���:���.-..;'3'3:!;!���:-.-:Uy 3v;':'--''��.���'''/1>
..."Ctiin'moncintr lit ii post, marked:'l-'raiik Case's,
sotitli-oast corner, planted on thonortli. bank of
I'liigstoiiibreek,;:about .twentv-oiio :inilcs,:u|i
from its liionth, thence.-west:H); ehiiinsi tlieiiee'
north SO chains,-, tlieiiee eastiSOyohiiiiis,' tbtjneb
sonlli 80 chains to lho point of coiiinieiiceiiicnt.
/,->.Coii>iiiVahoiii'ir.'uti�����.'pnsl.:inarkcd:':i''rii,nk Case's!,, .
sbulli-easticoriier, l.lantedyoii tlib north bank ofV^v
I'lngstoii creek iibotitil'Wontyniilc.stiii.froni it's-y.Vy
motith,'.theneoirwest SOychains,';thence north 80 yf
"chiiius; thence east,!8(),ohiiins1-,.;i.lien(;'o;soiith 80y:;-'
'(,liiifh"s.Lo'ltii!"i>61iit.:drvCbtiitiiuii(sumunt.v-"'Vr, ���",iv/:-.,':3'-iW':-.-
VVllivted this-iiiid day brrlltirchVl!K)rV;Kfts3*Ty";;:K
'ii.>.-.firtei-fliite i Intend to initke iijipllcatioii toy
lho Chief Coininls.sioiier j of; ijiniils iind,! SS'orks;
for ii ''special license to oiiL fiiiti cur ry, liwdj-,' tini-3
her from tl io follovvliiKflusbi'lbetlliiiidsriyaiV;!;::,..:
:���'���! Cointiioiieiniciiity'a'i piistaiiiiii'ktid VTIioinits;
;wost.v liitnk;>;of. l'lnKsloiiycrcekyaboiil-jHlxteeii-.:
ehul ns;1 tlieiieo west: .SO.iClialnSitlieiice north 80,
chains,' thtiiioti east. Wl>cliains ;to-.i.olnl..of fibui-''
Saviixo'ssoiilh'tiast eiiniei-,'planted on the.west
biilil- of I'iiiKKl.oiiercek aboiityslN-lecirinllesup,
fronilts iaiiiil,li,'3thonco north 80 chains,' theneo
west. SO eliiilns,; l.boiica c'sinitli; SUycliains, tliotico-
eiisl. SO chiiiiis'to lho point iifjaiuiniunccniOiita:.-.,
;,-.-,I)alcfli:tlilHi22iiflfliiy.fif *>Iiirclu.l!lli:i.v:N";.;Vvyv
i-;i5:y3;V3'v Ssv ��-��:? rti-Sy/v:-!'! IOJI AS: SA S^S a K:;F
Coin iii Isslbner of lj.ii.lsaiid.,SS'brks"fbr ii. specials
llcciiso to:ciil,iiii.l:ciii'i-y;i.:way;l.iiiil)oivifi;oin;l.lib(:
Jollowmgcdesonbett b.ntls ,:.3335Spf5B3jlSr!;33P?
'llriiry'snorfh-i'.'iistj'coi'iierjipliinfcd.oii.tlic west-
't,liencb:wesl.SO -chains,';tlieiiciivnortliHtlchalus,vb
'l.lienco f!iuit:ill)'6liaiii'H.tii'tliu'.lioiiit'or.'ctiii)iiioi)cu-S.-.
ImiiU- ofy I Mugs ton- creek- about}fourteen miles,.:
iip- I'rtini Jitsvinoiil.liKllieiico.iwest;;^^^80.ycliain.s.ys;
tlioiieoHoiil.livSfrvcliaiiiKilir vt.lieyipoiiityjfir^coiii^vjv
y ly.viiiten(lito:a.|.plyU.o;thi! Chief Commissioner::
of: Lands lini! SVorks I'm-' pcrniissionHb'.'.ciili-iiiiil'.!
vpoiniiencinKVitnipostinnrluid iA;?^SV?l)riii-y!s?;
nbrth-bast corneWtpl.tntcd oii.,tliu;;!w-est,-,bank oft
chains; tlieiiee3,northyS(l?chains;y.llience;Ciisl,.8().v
'chains tii tho point, of eoiniiiuiieeiiiciit.^S.-Af-gVVyv;^
"sotitli-oiuitcoriiu'i-, pliint,ed;onythc:west:b!iiik:i.f:;:
chains, ;tlieiico::eastr SO ;cliiiiiis;::;tlienec-sou th;SI)v
ciiains to,the point otcbhinicncenient/vra-yjViajvv
'r ii a ici-: *>; 6'f i c k 'that; ti li ii^'daj'sVirtbrifiapi;
.if-.Dinds?niid:SS'oi-ks.foi-:permission;to cutiir.l ...
went bitiik..of..Kingston:-.creek..iiboutytuii:iniles
thence sou tii'-: SC ycliiiihs,-:���lliiiii'cc. bast, SO chains.;,
! hi ui i ci- ��� i iu 11 t.K.t 3.;-:: i;- ;rp;,;;?-;#( '-i.^Vi; ?;:- ii... .^-tfi i5;^?^;r":!3:fff-st:-j��*j3
AYbTICK is'li(.-rel)ykivciil.liii(.tliii't..vda.vs;artei-.
!:]V\7,..dale :.l..i.lie.iilyli.: lipplyjoylhellonor.-ilili-
ihe ('liiel'Co.nniissi.'.nei .if; Lands' and; SWirks
Tor' iicr.uissib.iV to cat yiiii.l curry awnyTiuib.;.-
fi-on. the .tolli. wing described, hinds:" :, ...\.y;,:;,.:���:.
- .Coniiiieneing n(..-.* post ...nrked, "A. btewnr. s
N! I'l.' eonier.'Vph'.i.ietl al.o.ii. oneiiiileTrbiii the
wi.-sl. side iof; Upper Arrow la I;.;, nil.I.;t wo liiijes
ii'.'i'rl li of-Niik-uSp ti.wnsil6,'.f.ii n .-'divide 'opposite;
Nnknsp. iind I'liiiiiing wiisl.srly down a brei.-k In
M.isi.tiiio ei'e.ik.tlien.;.; s.ii.Iii; II) chai.is,;! hence
wesl.V.lliO cliniiis.-lliiaic.; uiirl.h,l()xl.nins.:|.liei,i.-ii.
.-nstlliOehains'lo pluciiofcon..<i<.'i..c..M>i.into- yy
.'iDaleil atXiikusplhis l'".ll.:d.-iy.(..i'A|..-il,:.liH��,V
y!yv!:;;:.y:;iv337vy33;33; ,.'.'3..!v;!3'.''S.'i.S'Ivl-:syA'It'IVy3-;
ll'IC is hereby given tlint. thirty duysafl.or
dali; I 'intoiifl- li.ilpplylo the Chiur.l'o.n-
inissioi.erof 3 Ijandsyaii.l,: SVorks for a special
license to cut and curry- away Jinilier from the
rollmviiigdescrilicil liinds.siliuite.on tl.u'Soath-y
west bank i'.rMl.b (.'olinubin river, two and on..--'
tin I fini Itis above SVood river.yVyv V" , " v ,', v ,'yv
. .(.'o.uiiieneing ill a,post....nrked 1-iSI. S. Froiiiey s
iiorlhenst coiner posl.,'' Ihene.i .west SO chnins.;
Ihi-nee soull. SO chiiius; thence east SO chnins,
tli.ii ieii mirth SO'ciin ins (o ypoint of eonniiunce-
ineul.v.... .,.,:.',���:-.;,,:':: V.V-v,. ;..y .'-.',',.;.;: ..yy��� ^.<
;y|)nlc.t,Spril.llll.,ll|0:i.'-v 3 3  .VyV.y,; :,..:': ;.:,
v....vv..y.-:r���''������������,-."��� ;-v;,:'-.;ji..'s..-:',i;-'no.sn-:Y:' 3;
VTOTICK is hei-.-by given that thirty flaysriflor.
1\-- ilrtlf! I ������ int .'in I lo inn ken |.|il ieul ion to the
llonoi-.ibli! Ihe-Chief (.'oin.nissiouer id lainils
ami SS'orksTor in-ruiissioiilo em. and carry awny
li.uher froin the following d.-'scribi.-.l lands:    -
Co lenciiigul a   po-il   niurkcl  ."II.   ( ook s
noi-l liou.-l corner," planl.-d about oii.iu.ile froiu
lli.fwiisl side t.l" Cpii.-i- Arrow Ink.-, on n divide
running we-lerly down u ere.-k to .SIos.|i..ilo
creel.-, and two miles i.orl I. of Nnl.'ii,-]- lownsil...
llienei- ,-outh SOchnins, th.-ui-.i Ih.-nee west SO
chains, Ih.-nee norlh.SO el.iiins. llienco east SO
chiiiiisiophii-.-of fi.ui....inceuienl.
I luted nl. Nakusp this Iltli liny i.r April, 1110:1.
i    , "������".'    IT. COOKi"
VtO'ril.'K is hereby given that thirty dn.ys
IN, al'lerdiile I inlend to.itpply to the Chief
(.���'oinniissionei- of Lands anil SS orks for a special
license lo cut and curry iiwny timber, from .the
following described lands situate two miles below old Coldstream on the south bunk of the
Columbia river, -     ���
Ct lencingnl, it post -marked --SS . ].!. Robertson's southeast cni-nci-pnsl," theneo west 80
chains, thence south SO chains, llience enstSO
chains, thence at.rtli.S0 chnins to point of commencement. ,
Dated April Iltli, ltlOH.
,   SS'.lt: nOHRKTSON'.
linniicr,  loin,  Alice.  Aluia No. 2. and Mother
bnilc Mineral Claims..situate iu the Lardeau
Mining Division of SS'-ist. Ivonlenay District..
SVhere located: On the divide between Lexington and 1'not creeks..
.TAKI" NO'I'ICK that. I. S\"in. K. Devereux.
acting it.i .agent, for Win. IJ. Chirk. I'Vee Miner's CcrtillcateXo. ISli7!.:it, and SV. If. .lackson.
l-'rceMiner's CerlillcaieXo.OVi'.IIO. intend.sixty
da v.-after the date hereof, to apply to the
Mining Iteeorder for Certllleutes of Iinprovc-
inenti for the purpose of obtaining Crown
Grant- of thcnbiive claims. '
And further take notice  tlint action, under
scetion .'!7. mii.il he eoinmi-nced before tbe issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated Ihls 2nd day'of April. ItKW.
rromiliitc I:'iiil.eiitl3t6yiij.iily/lo:ilif!jUhiefv
Coiiiiiiissionerof Ijinds and Avorks for liTspebiiil t;
license to'ciitiind carry'away,-tiinber.fi'pni the
following ttescribed land: .Vv-yVy Wi - ^K-yyy; V.V,
V .Coinniencing atii |iost,marked 0. M.-Syiiions.,
iiorfh-east'eornei'vphtntcd atii'��� point ubniitone,
nnd it iiair niiles: nor(,h-\veSt;:of llobertSantler-:,.;,.
son's.Iinie kllniuiil iilioiitiincinilcvw'est'.-of, fhei,-.;
thenefi west. SO cluiiiis.. Ibeiicuynorth ;SOvelinins, yyy
,t.lieiicb'cii.41,i;o chains to the point of cuinnieiice-,;-;:
.llieilt.'yV,.yV,.;';-;;��� Vyv.y:;-y;:~;-:;:.r;vn:y-;y'. ;;:VV';y; y:.y-Cigicy;.
tv l)a.tedythis 2ltli'(liiy-of lliirch, l!i;W. --V'- -V y,3v:
;V'.y:y:'y-::.vL.v.;.V;V.;,;;-.-,,-?;yi.yy(,v M. SYMONSW.v."iy.
yVtO'l'ICK :,-frf-licri!l>.v:.:Kivoii;';l'liiU'Vaiiir|.yv"ttays.:.-.v.---.^
1\ -.-..I'lcr ilulcT intend to 'apply I... t.he llonor- :;,;.-y
ahieytliuK'Chief"(.'oniinissioiierbfy.Lands iind". y���y
iiwaj-ytiiuberyrroiii-'lhosrolloivingvileserihed^ ;;;
yiiCoiniiiencinir litiiiiost"tnitrkcily';'-'!!. .Ultick'sVV^-V;
sbuth-east corner, iniin ted at a lioiiit.iiboiit-:bne;::;:*!,y
iiiitl-.a- liiilf-iniles. Avcst.yof-, Robert Sanderson's. :y: -q
Arrow-: lake,'..hcncc;iiortli:.SO, chains,yfliencc ,;,;:
west SO chains;"thence 'south SS0 chiiins-,:tlience,y:s "y
east SO bhittns tothe point ptv.eoiniiiencoinent.;:;y. -y
"V; ;.:;y   ';,;.'V: :y:::V,vt,:.v:|,-KANIv'II.; l)LAClwv;:\
'VfOi'ICK Is" hereby .given ylliiil,: thirl,-,- diiy*,;
J>t   -afleiVditto 1 intend .to aiiply. to l.lio Chief
Cbiaiiiissionerof Limits iind SVorks for n special-
license to cut and carry away tiniber.from the
following deseribed lniid:';:,':>:; *:
: ��� (,'oinniencingata. posl.'.sitiiated ou south 'niiltiV-
Sl... Leon creek; 'Arrow lake, about two 'nillcs-
froin ino'ulh of creek,  initt'ked "M. M. :eoi-..";:
running east iliO chains, along east lino or M.
(1 railv's location; llience south III chains, tlieiiee
���westillO chains, thoncc iiortli 10 ohniiiK to plnouy
of coniinenceinent.     ,  -,;.      "���-;���������'        .���:
'���i;-7, i 7'.   SKCOND LOCATION.-     33,3; ""
Coinnieiieingatii n'ost, placed on north side
of "St. Leon creek,   Arrow  lake,  about sefea
miles from  mouth  of  creel.-,  and   riiriniiig SO
chnins west, l.lienco SO ijliains north.thenceSOy
chains eitsl.ythoncc SO chnins sonlli to place of
commencement.. ;- '"' - ���;'        ������,.        ' '    -   '.'
������VTOTK'K   is: hereby, given   thnt .thirty i n.ys
1> ' an.ir dale I intend   to apply toil..) t.liiof-
Co.iiniissionorof Lainls mid SSorksfora spucinl
iieense to cut and curry n way '.timber from the
following described, land:
3 . ���..,..FIRST LOCATION.  3  3'���������-
Comn.eiiciiigal.il post placed on north'side of,
south fork of St.' Leon creek. Arrow lake, alioul.
KXI'vds. from trappers cabin, nail nlioiit eight
miles rriiiiriiiniii.il "f creek, riinniug south IliO
chnins, thence east 10 chains, thence north 11.0
chnins. thence west III chnins to; place of com-
lnenceiiicnt. ' '���-' , 3      7
('oniiiiciicingat.il post" planted on soiilliside
or St. lifiori creek, Arrow lake, about nine niiliw
rroin mouth ��r creek, and running'1lfl clinjiis
east, thence 10chnins 110rl.l1, thence Kill chums
west,:t.h..-iice IO .chains south lo pl'jcc'f.f cimi-
niencemont, ..'.-���
Dated this 27t.l. (lay oi March,.I'.KB.
���m. McMillan.
rpAKK NOTICE that 111) days after date we in-
1     toad  to apply to   His  Honour thn   Lieu-
ii-iiiinl. Governor iu Coiuicil under Sec. 7 of The
Rivers and Streams Act   IS'.KI. C.   Ci, S.   17, to
clean  obstructions,, li.iul.lers,  log jams, snugs,
elc, irom  Ihe bed   and  bunks   oi   I' isli  creek.
S\-e.-l Kootenay. Tin... ils source to  mouth 1111.1
to make such other improvements as- nitty, ho
necessary for the driving of logs. In const runt,
sorting Ix.on.s al ils ...01.(I., also lo collect tolls
as Ihe judge of .the County Court ...ay fix.
BB ���;f|f|l^;
';".'--- '
.y----:^vi_WB vi-v-.y-^v-y-;
---------1 -'ii*.?      ;,':-i-'y'j'73.'-: 1
,-.--.. ;yy;;-
l_______l ;:v.----!.y'^-:vvs''v 1
u. t.'.-.:';.'A-v {
-H------1 .-:..
^^^H 'yiip-(!i^f>rp'
".'"'.'.-.. ���-''.,..
H_HH_  .*!...:.::J:...\.. t
���HO <.;?isi- sw,Si
_^H .v.:.- -
: t'.v-p ���.:,;. ���
____��� .-���������-;l-y,i--:
;xkv, ;���.':���!'<
H-__ ;-���-,'���.!':
B_| 333
H| :-3:'3'7.
V:;-3i;3:3'!"3 IW
BH ;;;V.-;/
31373 JH
'737" 1^)33
i .'|7.i_H
Bhi :v;":-y
I-"*-. !>3'


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