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Kootenay Mail May 4, 1900

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 Provincial Liut
Vol. 7.���No. 26.
. REVELSTOKE. R G, MAY 4, 1900.
$2.00 a Year.
TJ?k TUMP  C*rf-
Lfivino-   away  all   kinds' of, Dress Goods,  ^
Conservative Leader ��� '
at- MflveMioKB
>$, Shirt AVaists, Silks,   Satins, Hosiery, Men's 'and_Jjo_\:sl.J>..
,J^ Clothing-, Hats, Caps, Carpets, Oilcloths, etc., etc.
��� All Ave ask in return, is enough inoney to make you ,z.
,~  feel that you "haven! t [>'ot ahead   of- us, and we 'guarantee ,.:--.
j~ you will be satisfied1.     So will we.    * ������- ��� ' - 1,
^^vpW~P^P(%i'-P. -p-p-p-p^^^npip-^ -p-^-p-p-p^-p^-p-p
" Just Tell Thorn that Yoa Saw 'Me .and Tisey Will Know \hiMV
With One of .Wilson's Suits on, mado up the Very Best..   ������' .
Scotch Tweeds, Irish Tweeds and Worsteds of the Very Best "Around,
And more-than that We'll Tell You,' Your.Cloths are^ Made in Town;
77 That Wears.
/'Knives, Forks, Spoons,   the
c Best in the City at ' -   ,
-C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Wagons;^ Delivery  Rigs;
��� ' .' Buggies," Etc., ��� \"
jas. r
RATES    S2.50  fPER   DAY.
The Fred Robinson
��� Lumber' Co. ��� Limiie
1 ' i i
Black'smithing7 and '".Wboci work
done; on short notice.
.Carriages    Built   to    Order.
Oi) and after, t his (InIf our prices for
c.tt Firewood will he a.s I'ullosvs :
$1  per cord
$2  ���    "      delivered.
'    Prices Cue for Cash.   '���
Fred Robinson,Managing Director
A large range of ready made,
summer suites  just opened up-
twelve, patterns to choose from,
all-- the   latest, wej]   made and
neatly finished.      Drop  in and
compare   prices   befo
>re buvini'i-
* O
QTU-tr> ijo:
Tor   a   Few   Days
may  sec Samples from
The' Largest Stock in' Canada,
��� l Eastern Prices.
Cail at Once at Station
Restaurant and, see for
Get that Water Pipe Fixed.
that we sell the celebrated
Coote Prospector Shoe, no
other will give the comfort and
satisfaction, this we, know from
long experience.
Special Attention given to
Prospectors Supplies.
Remember   the    Place:
orris & Steed,
0:i Wednesday evening last" Mr.
Charles Wilson, Q. CI., lender of l.he
Conservative party in this Province,
^addressed Lhc electors of Revelstoke in
the Opeta House, on- the issues of the
prison I. campaign, and setfforLh his
reasons why the electorate should re-
t.iu'ii the Consei vafis-e party1 to posver.
.What effect hit. remarks had on his
audience will not be known untilthe.
9Lh da j' of June next.  ���
The local Liberal-Consc,rvaLive association  made   great   preparations for
"the occassion and had  the  City  band
parading  the    tosvn    previous" to the
"meeting, for the purpose, presumably, (
of gathering the people together.   The
meeting svas somewhat late   in, being
called to otder,  owing  to a  prolonged
session  of the Assize  Court' which is
being held here this sveek, and 'it svas
fully  half   past   eight   svhen Mr. McLaughlin, president of ihe Liboral-Con-
seiwative Association,  took the chair.
The audience svas fahly large; although
it could not be called as representative
as'the gathering, svhieh assembled Lo
hear, the Hon. Joseph" Mat-Lih 'expound
his views tsvo weeks ago.',
The first speakei of'the evening^'introduced by the chairman svas."Mr.
Thomas    Taylor,    the     Conservative
i ' *
nominee ,1'or this,- constituency. Mr.
Taylor,lnid not'very "much to say and
,it is hoped that befoi e long the electors
ot this city svill have another opportunity of hearing Mr. Taylor express his
viesv-- at more length on the questions
which are now agitating the minds of
the people.     ��� << > , ���        ' ,
Mr. Charles,-Wi!son svas  then   inLro;
"ducecl by the ch'airman-and he proceed--
ed in a careful and- methodical  way'to
explain tlie position of the  Conservative  party  in British  Columbia,    lie
stated that they svere a party svithout
funds, a party   svith  little or no press
support  and  a   party   which   had. no
affinity svith Iheprevions governments
of Ihe Province.    Ir. this connection he
paid our estemed contemporary a high
complement,,   slating   that   his   party
had'received a fairer measure of,support from the local Conservative organ
here in Revelstoke than probably'from
any other paper in the Province, at the
same time remarking that it svas not u
subsidized  support  svhicli   svas  being
Mi.   Wilson  then  devoted consider-
'abb* time to a criticism of the, Lieutenant'Coventor's action in calling upon
1 Ton., Joseph Martin Lo.form a government,'svhieh action.'he contended,'svas
a, violation  of   constitutional " usages,
and it svould lie tho duty of the  people,
to say whether I lu-y approved of such a
course. , It had been urged,  as the, on-
position to the present administration
svas  so great, that in , order   to completely   overwhelm , it   the    different
opposing fact ion1"-  should  unite ,to at-'
lain 'this end  but  Mr. Wilson svas of
the   opinion    that   lho    Conservative
party alf'iio sveie quite capable of dealing svilh this matter and he svas satisfied   that   then'    sv'-re    hundreds   of
Liberals svho would vole   for Ihe  Con-
horvtitis'es in preference to' any  candidate  svhieh   lhc  present   government
might bring forward, in order to show
their disapproval of the course,   svhicli
had bivu   i-ui'.'.ui'd   by lh" 1/ieiilcnatil-
' (invci nor.
The speaker then dealt ssiLli Ihe f-i.x-
L.'i'U act'i panned by (he fii-'iiiliit government svhieh   had   hi-jon  disallosvcd   bv
always be ineffactive as looking at it
from the standpoint of an alien labor
question svas one svhieh could only be
dealt svith by the federal authorities,
audjt svas to our Dominion ivpruota-
tii'es sve had to appeal if sve wanted
relief in this svav.    Lie  further  staled
uliiu g?J
By JiigiilantleFS.',
that the only relief the people ever got
in this matter was from the Conservative government,   svhieh  kind of government svas the  best conservator1 of,
the rights and privileges of labor.   Lit.
Wilson theie proceeded to  (ell his au-
dience-hos'v   he. if  given   the   posver,
svould,deal svith it not as ;i question of
alien    labor    but    as   a   question   of
property    and      civil   _ rights. '    For
instance svhen  any company ask  the
legislature   for   special   privileges   in-
.slead of j inserting, a claim  in the bill
stating that no  Chinese,qor Jjipane.se
be employed, etc.,  an/order-in-council
should be passed making-it lawful for
the Lieutenant-Governor  to grant certain privileges  to   the "said company
upon certain  conditions.    In  this way
a remedy; could  be obtained,  legally;
lawfully iind justly and   without'cot'i-
llicting svith the Tty?ilei\il  government.
Mr.'  Wilson   next took up tiie Conservative platform and announced that
so far as he svas concerned; at least, he
intended  to  give  tha   principles   laid
dosvn in 'that platform a  loyal  adherence,     This' platform,   he   said  with
probably, one  exception,   exhausts the'
subject's   svith   which   the  people are
at present corifionted, that one exception svas redistribution.     This  matter
,it had been expected,,-svould' be   remedied   by   the   late   government.      Up-
stated that  the present premier pro.
posed to give representation partly by
population  and  partly  by land.   The
only fair svay to reptesenb the people
is according  to  population,  except in
constituencies   .which   tire   constantly
growing,   take   this- constituency   for
example',  ."when "the"   representation
should  be  increased^ over   tli'ose  constituencies, svhieh   in   the   past  have
sliosvn no increase.
Speaking ot wagon road and trail
building, Mr. Wilson referred to the
Big Bend road and svas of the opinion
that svhen money was appropriated for
such purposes roads and trails should
be made that would be passable after
their ��� construction. If hesvete the
Lieutenant-Governor's advisor he
svoiild'-sce that at least somo of our requirements svere attended to. Nearlv
every scheme in the government plat-
fotm is "Borrow, ' borrow, borrow,"
which in other wotds simply means,
"Pay, pay, pay."
��� In dealing 'svith "the eight-hour law
Mr. Wilson explained that the Conservatives svere in sympathy svith and
endorsed the principles of the same,
lie slated that this question had nor
received ihe consideration which it
ss-as entitled to and the result ,svas disaster. Mr, Cotton says that llie eight-
hour law is purely a question of svages,
while Mr. Martin claims that the question has been piactically settled but
supposing it had not been, he svas prepared to submit, it lu the voice of Unpeople. ' ���
t (.S))oci.".I Lo lho 3r.sn..) i    . .
���   Loxi'OX',   May   -J.-���The  telegraphic
'correspondence (dating to the publication  of   the Spion Kop despatches has -
been  submitted   to parliament.    Lord
Landsdosvnc   suggested   to Lord'Roberts   to   have "Ceiieral   Duller  send a,
narrative for publication instead of .his
oflicial   account' upon- which   Huberts''
had commented but DulJer's reply svas
"I  do not,at all like the ide;.  of   le-
svriting  despatch   for"publication and
i '        , , t
much prefer to leave it in the hanch'of
the   commander-in-chief..     Let'   him��
select   svhat ever   lie   thinks   proper."
Lansdosvne thereupon, made, from, the
oflicial   reourt   the'- selections   alreadv
j i t - ��i
published. -.       ... <
Thomas   Richards,   mr ' American, '
h.-is' been   anested in connection svith ������'
���s, *> i
the "Begesie ,factory   explosion-at Johannesburg. .- .        ; ���
Lord   Roberts , cables   froin   Bloem- t
fontein,   May   2.���General    Hamilton
yesterday   drove,   the   enemy   from   a-
strong position   they   ha'd  taken up at' "
Iloutenck "svith ' comparatively   small',
loss to us.      The  Doers  dispersed,' m v
several directions, leaving'26 prisoners
iu our handsr.includjng one.command-
ant and 1(3 other svounclad men.    fTlic'"
enemv admit  having 12 killed and -10
.ss-ounded yci'sterday, among-the fonue.r-
svas Lieut." Giiuther,' i\   German* ollicer,
and   among  the/'latter   M. MaximoiL- -7
'Russian   Commander  of   the Foreign \*
A  story   comes , from Thaba Nichu \
hosv 50 Gordon Highlanders surround-, ���
ed by 250   Doers made ;i grand charge
scattering the enemy   in till directions, "
killing   many.       Captain   Toss-so   svho '
commanded svas   bluidcd in botii eyes.
It   is announced   that,   the    British 7
have captured Brand fort.
��� Word svas rcjeised Ji"re this morning tb the effect that the town of
iSaudon has been coinpleU.'ly wiped
j out by fire. Tni:, .M.sn; iinniediafelv
j svired for p.-u tictilars but s.f> far none
have been received osving to the. fact
'ih.-it ,lho 'sullerers by the fire'have1
kept the svires hot telegraphing'their
relatives that 'llies* are safe.
Webb-Hodsdon Recital.
matter  of   referring  it lo   the
people,   Mr.   Wilson   claimed,   was a j tho Webb-J lodsdou iccita
ureal- mistake: itsiiuplv   means shirk- I
ing the, re>,-pon.--ihilil.y.    The Conservative  pai Ly, li'4  declared,  wi-uld boldly
fat't' th." issue, and the legislation   ss'ill
stand  iinl.il'the  peo])le iutfrcsU.'fl ask
for its tepeal or iiiodilii'.-ilion,     ^VI)ile
he  tleprec.-ilt'd   (be   mellioil   by ss hieli
llii-j leginlalion   was lirntij;lit aboiil, b.'
svas |irepai ed (o stand-liy il. j eil-n--.    in    <j',ui;ula    .i:.d    ile*    ^ ���.Mem
In foiiclusioii Mr. WiNoii!,|,tLed lb.it ! rtuii--, :md   lun-   idi-i    w i l I i Ihiltcriug
the success of the Conset-vati ve govern-    reception:-.       iJc    AS'i'll    'Mtllei-,    the
Accoiditi'T to the sale of tickets   for
lo be held
in the Methodist church to-night, a
scry large audience svili git-.-t the en-
lei'Laineis. Tiii>�� recital pro mine.-, in l.v
one of the richeM, tieats of i]\r>, season
both fi run a music.il ami literal".* .standpoint. Mi.v. ^'ebb and Mr. Hod-don
are im slraiigei". Lo (li<: ir>;iu-!'al public,
they   h.t' <���   .'i|>|.i;:,ii't!    in   ,tl| th-; larger
the Federal governtnent. Tilr. Wilson
then briefly, discussed the platform ol
the government, claiming that a great
deal of the good therein svas by no
means origmai and that a considerable
portion of it was taken from the Liberal-Conservative platform. Jn speaking of the anti-Chinese legislation
svhieh had been passed by the Seinlin
government , and disallosvcd by the
Dominon authorities and which the
present government proposed Lo te-
enact, Mr. Wilson said he sviif opposed to any such course because, he
claimed  that   :-��ucll   Is-gHIutiou   svoiild
incut in the coining election svas tlie
best means of having good government for many years to come.
The chairman then introduced Mi.
Livingstone of Vancouver, svho proceeded in a would-be humorous and
rather sarcastic manner to tell (he
people hosv bad a man the I Ion..Joseph
Martin svas "and a'll that sort of
thing." Fie took up a good deal of
valuable time in this svearisoine, though
to all appearances, to him at least, all
absorbing topic, and his remarks svere
not conducive* to the svelfare of the
party its represented by Mr. Charles
Wilson, but rather had a tendency to
have the opposite effect.
The meeting broke up svith a vote of
thanks fo Llie, chairman and cheers for
Mr. VuLuu h'-ici Mi'- T��}lor.
i.nnous Aniei ic.in orator, <-avs that
Miss Webb cannot be excelled in
tragedy. The late .Sir George A.
Kirkp.-iti ick took a great interest in
Miss Webb's svork. One. of the fain-
ous dramatists of the dav says that
Miss Webb's equal is found oulv
ainongst the most in illiant players on
the stagr. Mr. Hotlsfion comes of an
intensely musical family being the. son
of the famous tenor soloist of St.
Paul's O.'ithodral, London, England,
and 'mother Lo the favorite soloist in
Westminster A bl >���"���}', London, ,-ind
fully sustains the high reputation ot
bi*s t'.iuiilv. THE KOOTENAY MAIL  I.    ;  ���������Zbe TRootena^ flDail  ,     I'LTULISUTKU SiSJII-WEEKLY.  ���������AT���������  revelstoke, b.c.,  ;, ���������hy���������  12. If. asiII'BKLL,  l'ri;i.!sitj:n and I'Roi'i.'iirroi:.  Subscription   Pries,   $2.00   Per    Annum  -\I������VEI*-MS[.V<2    UA'J-IW   tin.-.!  i-.itifiii.  on   <ip"ili-  JOr. ritlNTINC! of ������.-.*cr.v jkinil at, most reason  able rates and .-.hoi'lcsi, notice.  ACCOUNT'S for job  printing  or arivcrtiaiiig  ])ityablo on llic lir.-l of cs-cry month.  COIinESPONIlENCE on all matters of local  ,       or i.ublic intci-ont invited and cart-fulls" con-  ���������     sidci-ed.   All comuiuiiicntioiis to the Editor  must be iiccom]).ii)ied by the name of the  ��������� writ or, not necoh.sarily for publicution, but  sis im c vitlenc'e of jjocxl fail li.  AiUlrcss  Tin; Kootexay M.ui.,  Revelstoke, B.C.  ���������   F1MDAY, MAY I, 1000.  Tins sveek   Llie   first  silting   of  an  assize court   in   Revelstoke   svas hr.ld,  there being but a light docket and the   public  expense,   if he  is returned _ to  posver.     If, anything svere necessary to  est citj". With such gross carelessness  rampant the necessity of eternal vigilance at the boundary Uva': becomes  apparent to evei yone.  "The outbreak of sinal.lpox at Winnipeg h;is rendered necessary prompt  measures, to prevent its introduction  from that place. The authorities there  have been asked to fumigate all mail  from that city destined for B, C points  and if they fail to do so I be B. C. gov-  ' eminent svill do s.d aL the bouiulitry.  It being beiieved that, the dise;tse sv.:s  inti'oduced'to "Winnipeg by ;i gentleman svho arrived from China on one of  the impresses, the rooms he occupied  al Vancouver, have'' been thoroughly  disinfected and those svith whom he  associated there closely svatche'd. The  car in svhicli he svent to Winnipeg has  also been taken out of service temporarily, yet strangely enough there has  been nothing fo indicate that he,svas  suffering fiom smallpox.' The original  diagnosis of the doctor (hat the man's  dealh did not result from smallpox  would  seem  to be  bourne out bv this  filCt.  ���������/"V?  <&&*  *.        iCootsrsay L-cdg-s  '���������  * _  ISTo. i-3 A.L\ & A.iVI.  ^*     -        '   *   "*    j'Jse regular meet i������f"-j  jyp*       .o'v I'l'li*. in flic 3.1aj-  5^ST5r-i'v-\^7*S       miic Tc.'iipk'.' lionri.f;  ^^iUyri')P-%'^=--'^-dl  on  the    third  SSfaS^'-^^-^-H '*���������&������-���������? 'd u v, ti,t y    in   uitc 11  ^���������iV\rt~s>-fiif'i)tli   at    ,S   p.   m.  r^S^p1-    Visit;;)?   brethren  ~  cordially sv e J corned.  J I. ���������!., Pi: ATT  K;;ci:������:-r.si'.Y.  Ii..;.riil.-M-iiiiieliiiKMu-o li';J.l  ii) .'!tli!*'"],,os\s' li'.ili clirv  !)'(,  'LifVTT  B  2W ju&������Lfi\  VI1GE    .SNIi    WELL     LJOITTED  ^H.SJII'l.l'  IJOOJliiJ.   Ifc-alc-d by ������  ^*>S i,ut  ;lir and  t-K'cirie  bells  and  iighl in os cry ,-oom.   Krce bus meet- all  'laiiif.  REASONABLE   RATES.       ,;'"  Xifjht (."rill Hooni in connection for the  \{ 8    -il f\ -���������,      A      K li  vf3**^  tl   J3~&    -'Slit <'Hll Iloom in conneetion for the  W'   H   4     J)      fi       'k     J  '������     1   ������  N%   ci'iiyoiisuKccor -AwA- arriving and de-  iW    , '������    ^*2si^     , tt        ^5i3V^    S      H. a H      a  pai'lmsb*, ni-^liL train-:.    Ilo-irly street  .0-Mfl V   &������PT-(Q %Vfp3pt������'fPZ  'Jbii.i     V.     i  S^hiW    i ti'Jl  titC.l'tjli   cur beisvceti hotel and station.  ���������; REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Mr: Wilson, Too.  Mr. Charles Wilson also proposes  tliat he svill build a .railsvay, from the  Coast to Kootenajviud operate it at the  -A' V -^ Vo ,'i i,~- --....    ........   ..mi \.,, i.������  tt>'ZrJ^������~~'-t{v,s~\ Tiii-i.-'iay  iiijfht, ai   ciiriji,  ^yc<Yc !&^'SZ?i&o'clock.   Vi-siling brothers  . *,--.: L>." '-j.-.,;-ev-   coriiiiiily u-elcoined.  T.J.GIJAIIa:.!. X.C.    E. A. I-:ETTIjE-SOX,Si:c  c.ises    not of    a serious    nature.    Jn  making  ils  address   to   the- presiding  justice the .grand   jury   brought   in   a  number of Tecoui'iiendatrons   for   gov-'  eminent improvements, and it is to be  hoped that   their, report-   svill   receive  ' the consideration due,Lo if   svhen   pro-  ,  .--enled at-headquarters'.'    Amongst the'  }J items asked for svere a registry of   the  supremo court.'   better jail   accomoda-  '(liou,a   first   class   hospital,   establishment of ;i  high   school,   imorovements  ��������� io court house grounds,' establishment  .1- .  of a land registry ciflice : improvements  in the court room being suggested by  his  svorship.   ^������~o-  settle Mr. Wilson's claim 'to' being a  pulilic leader, this has don't* it. He,  'cannot even 'claim to have credit for  originating- this colossal piece of humbug. A'e has simply follosved in "the  footsteps of that arch demagogue, Mr.  Joseph Martin. "Mr: Martin's vagaries are bad enough in his hands; they  .ue infinitely svorse in those of'an  imitator.  There, is not the slightest reason to  suppose that either Mr. Wilson or Mr.  Martin svill have'the privilege of prescribing the policy for the. next house,  and so sve are not likely to see Britsh  Columbia bankrupted by any such  scheme; but- it is alsvays timely to protest against anything that is plainly  intended simply as a bait to catch unwary voters. We enter the strongest  kind of ;i protest against any attempt  being made lo deceive the people of  the Fraser ris-er valley by the pretence  that the province svill construct a rail-  svay from the,Coast to Kootenay. The  thing is nonsensical iu 'the extreme.  Moreover,' if it could be carried out,  every, other enterprise in' the province  svould have to wait until this had been  completed nnd proved profitable, Mr.  Martin said he. had a Great" Uukosvn  svho'was ready.to put up aiiy amount  of inoney to further his scheme. Plus  Mr. Wilson another?���������Colonist,  K.U..I. C. JOIIN'SOX,  '     V. v..  C. SS". XilTVliKLL,  ii. a.  TROUT, LAKE CITY  Goitl Er.ngc Loilg-o,  ��������� No. 26,  Hull nt l-!- 'o'clock.  Visitiny: Kniglith in-  virod. "'  .7. W. CUO-SS, M.']>.,  C. C.  -   AV. WlXSOIf.  K. oi-'K.&S.  Q;Q-C^*0-<>O"<}<^^ q.  ���������9 '  V        ce-i    "PTTJ'rj   !Vi7  9 ^^^==v===T  O'   -   -   - ' "   "   '  Nev/ly Built.  , Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  The course adopted   by   those   svho  have taken up the, building  of a   road'  to tlie recreation ground'is a vcrv coni-  - i - --  t meifdable one. Continuing from  Douglas .street .-it'the nosv closed crossing the road svould run through one  occupied' and   tsvo unoccupied   blocks  o before connecting svith the  street   laid  out in the government plans, makiug'a  ,   much-shorter and ' cheaper   road   than  by follosving tlie lines as 'set  apart in  blocks,-the. osvner of  the  occupied lot  having consented to give the land .for  iise. as a   road;   from   here   an   almost  straight- line can'be had to the grounds  by    building'  to   T.    .Skinners.      The  adoption of   the.  old   crossing   under  uoalh the bridge  svould   necessitate, a  considerable cost first   in   building   an  approach  on   this   side  iind   again   in  making  connect ions   svith    the   point  -nosv-proposed for   the*   Douglas   street  ru-nl.     A portion of the grounds could  be easily cleared for  ball   games   or   a . co|,le  ���������,.lt  the,.tf HK,  ltl0,e upplic.mLs'  race track,'but  for   the   present   it  is , t'ui* svork than can be provided for.  proposed to-attend   to   the   matter ,of  load building and  for  this   purpose   a  subscription lisL is being circulated.  Ii. UOLDFCi!  - ANALYTJX'AL.CIIWjMiaT AX1)  At-SAYliiL  ' v , ,  Royal School oi" ISIinc.-f, London.  .Seven yeaiv <a ?,lorfa. Worivs. Sss-aiinea.  Bcven'.cciK years Chief Chemist fo., Wigan  Coal and Iron Co., Eni".  Late Chemist, and As-nyci-, "I Fall JMincs.'Lld.  Every dc^cript-ion ot :i.j-..iy and anislyl.iuiil  'svnrl" unilci-taUc'i.     '     v*  (Jliiinis c.vii.miiiof! nnd rcnortect upon.  , revels'l'oi;e, v.. o. '     i  >~XC*JXX1  tl '  (fundi    \a  O   Best Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars.  R. OALEY, PROP'R.  TA RVKY. & iicCAHTEK  , Printers Go Farming.  The Typcigiaphici'd L'uion of Nesv  York lias set an'example toother labor  organizations that could be, followed  svith advantage to the individual niem-  htjrs and the union as a body. A farm  has been secured svhere idle members  of the craft can svork iind' earn their  osvn maintenance. At present there,  are .'JI printers planting potatoes and  carrying on other agricultural operations.     So  popular  has  the  farm be-  Avwiil Mininsr Disaster.  j'.v.iiJiis'iT'-H.-*, aoLtcrrojirf, etc.  Oi-"i-"ici-.s :   JMou-oxf. Oi.VNj-;   l-Ji.ooc,   Rkvi-:i.-  ,  bTOlv'h,   !J. C.i  'oSioney to io.in. ' <  ptlices: Ileveh-iolce, Y>. C; Fori. Steele, 1!. C. '  Geo. S. IslcO.sKTHit.     -      .1. A. iLsi-yhy.    ,.  j{es-,clstbke, I*. C.    -a     EorL Steele, It C.  *   -, f , -  6  (!>-C^D-<>-0~0<)-0:0<><^0-a<>0<>'<>G<>-<>-0-0-0  D'TPM^ a't ��������� 'xrnnnT7  J. A. Stonu, Proprietor. /....������������������  Rales, $ L per day  w. GHOSa, M. 1).  auKGEOx ;ru the v. :���������. it., crrv health  OFi-"I('EK.  Otiiec: T;ij lor block, JMacken/.ie Avenue.  G-old,   Silver,  Lead,  and  GoT3T>e?' Ores  Free of Smallpox.  ;     Salt Lakk. Utah;   !May "1.���������A tcr-  \ ritiic explosion  m.-curred   t-.iu.iy in the  ; svinler quarters of the Pleasant Vulie.y  ".������������������* -    ' camp'-i coai   mine at  Schofield, on  the  Aftei severid montlisof the .--tricte--t ' Rio Grande & Western Railway, near  sttrveiilHiice over all of the .southern Coi ton. by which." according to reports,  portion of the province and the'larger , ostr 100"j>eopie"sverfi killed and mans  cities of Ihe Canadian Pacific coa-*!. Dr.  Fagan,   secretory   of    the   provinciai  , W.  PSLLBW 1ARYEY,  !���������'. G. S., T.Le.  A>-.<))��������� Olliec-mill JSlet liturgical Works,'  VAXCOUVE/e, I!. C.  Siiinplmj-- V.rork.,, 717-710 I'onrtor f-Jtreet.  I Is prepared  tn   n;ii-f.hase   the   iibovo   eliisse*-  of  ore- for t!''. ioUowiiip,'  Eiigli.-h  hou-je^  svliom.l.e ror-.enen!s. vi::.:  Vivian & Hr.r.~, Sw.in&en, Elliot Is- lAJatal Co.  Ltd., ll'.frjiw!'!,,   SoiUii   Wales,   Smelters,  Ueiin ri, Dr-.ilverizei-s, Manunieturers.  ChecP-ras   smelter   pulps   a   specialty  9  Eleclric lighted, furnace heated '  Newly built and furnished ....  Finest and  best  supplied   bar  . . . .in the ciiv'   Cor. Front and Benson Streets, ;ReveIstoke, B. C.  Q"O-G*0'QHDH>'O*<^am^  6  THE  6 T '  ���������    I'  6  &$.(  1 boai d'of lienlth, iiiabie to niinoiui'.'e a  clean bill of hea'tLb for tin': Province.  Mondav ;i notification u>i that 'eiiVct  sv.-is di^p.iti-lied to'.-ill l.he b mIiIi oii-  1'i'is isf llie iii'ovin.-e. in (hi-, r.'porl  Di. l-'.igan st't^ loiib that though t ltete  have been eleven cu-es in id I.at live different point-", il'uie of the '"��������� Slave been  filial .-ind the ptovine" is rjovs- eoin-  pletly free of sinnilpow 'i'lte.-.' r..-.-*-  svere (li--! ribuled as f"!!oss -: .'-.'ej jh:  tli'-'ticl, I: i!">-'l.iiiil. .'i: .Velv.u i'H.\,:!,  Naku--|). 1: <ii .onI  l-'tirk-. "1.  .N'oss* Lli-tt. by the riix'id ij.i.i ran'iue  .mil prer.i id ioiia i v mci'iiiv- of iii.--  io..-I dia-lic kio.i. ili-e.i-,.' 13 - * ��������� or.>ii ���������  siiiinpeil fill. lb" Dominion gosern-i  ineiit ss ill be a-ked (o undertiike the!  - svoi U of phu iug 111 sii i"#li i Li iii * ollicer^ on  t lie hound,u-y in pi .'vent Ihe introdiie-'  I ii<u of furl iier di.-oafc from the '-owtii. ,  Xol.witlisliiiig l.h" -[.-ouri:-e to svhieh the ���������  ate of Wii-htngton and par I. of fd.iiio  injured.    It is reported that 0-0'bodies j  h-is e ai ready bee!)  recovered. !  The cxplo'-iou is attributed to the;  bi'js'iu./ uji of a number 'of keg- of  i'la-ling p'-svdf'r. Hverything possible  i-- Lei;)-; ij.iui- to lelieie the "tifreriug  itini ii'-c-ei lain' * lie- number f.f rleay.  Among the dead 1 i bodies ha'-O Iit-Ji  identified.  I.itic -\ -].(-.-j.i! fifiiii Si Jiofii'ifJ  ftt.He-- posiliselv thnt theie hase been  1."." ilea i li.if.'ies L'iken otii ������.f th"  i'!ea an'. \.i!!c-'. ffi'.i ii.iu.' '���������>... I  Th")-- ssen* :.'')') mi'ii 11, '.mil, in i,!i--  t wo in;t*>'-, i.uui'.er-  mai/ider of the nine  Soda F  is ,i<;ani running.  Iced Drinks, Always On  ! 1,11 VI  l.'-i/in'r.  *���������' /���������-".���������',"��������� ,'. I'h-i-rij, /'. /,< iifijtir  o     ^  7IV?d.3TOKE  I I        , '.-, ' I'l      f'     >"     'I*.  i alio '.;.     I ue I-"  ' X d  V" -J- 'V>i\  i , an*  (ji'.id.      I'lie ���������  v  ������   L*.������ci'$l  ���������i   t" ���������> ���������- r/< i" 11'< f/  espi'r-l'i  ���������ipp  HI  t. antl l<>   \i is <;  ll'l S >'   o.., Ut'l'f'.J   ,  >���������:<tended    to J  ; i)  -(���������  Tu I'bpecl Tlia Orphan boy.  \Y. U. 7ii!-l ������. !���������'. Hal-Ion, M. A. ;  .Milehcll, aiid )''. ('. Whitney arrived in I  tosvn Tue-d.iv from .Spokane and left I  have been subjected for the I,Hi, Jess; yesterday again for an in^p������-"'iif>n tour '  inonf lis. ,;ilinosr. ciiiniiiiil laxity st ilf| of I lie mining camps in Ih'g liend. Mr. J  evisi-, ,'in'iong I lu- authorities except ino* j Whitney, svho h svell knoivn heie in I  in the case of Lh" larger cities of Spn- ' '-onneclion svilh (he Oiphnii ,'Joy com- j  kiMie, Seattle iind T-iniiiiii, Anlheiiti- ' pany. ������.iys he itill bos- gi e-il cudideiu-e  filled ("He.s have been reported sviiete > in that property ;i m! that if it sho-.v-* up  men f-ufVer ing fiom sinallpox svere M.o the sal i--|ac'f ion of hi-, partners  placed on bo.i'd(.i r e<)S\-<i"tJ li\iiit ,ihd , arr/in^i'un'nl- ssill be mude lo lako it  Li.ilj-.poflt il  i-A-ll)'- di'.-tn.m.'r to ti/k- ileal- i O'-e".  '*-.A-V  11  i'/'1:' '  j iiootenay Liin .  (t.iu.iled Liability.)  Ptlanufaclurers and beaters in all Kinds of  t  P.  />'  ->*..s'  )��������� ���������.  $v������5/'-'^  AZ������  work  . OIVSIUG A TRIAL  0330. B- HOa-AN, Prop.  Phone.   ������i3,  Also shingles, mouldings, base boards,  casings', finish ing  lumber, extra   wide ���������    ''  clear pine", and cedar. Long dimension timber cut to order. A laiye  assortment of season lumber kept on '  hand in ihe yard and sheds at Revel-  sioke by .the pioneer lumber dealer of  ��������� Koolenay who j'iiso has had considct-  Jible" experience in eastern Canada,  which, enables him to cater for what  llie builder requires. You will always  find him readv for business.  Pricey Right.     Terms Strictly.Cash.     Leave Your Order.  *������ k-Z-������ VJ^������������-������",T������--*^:ouT--mT*SJ������-fr������*'  I Yapping, Apol; Bcvolstoko,-B.C.- ��������� ?  6.0-0-C-0-0-00-G"0-C-<3:0.-0-CH>-0<)-0-.(>0-0<>-<K><>-6  yfiiiVOOIf   ih '0������1     Furniture and Undertaking,  SIU ������V U V n   CC   U U - j Repairing & Upholstering Done  Wiiiehou-i" in fonneetiou for Hlnr.-ige of fann'lv and other ftirniluro,  i rim1- ., etc.. ;i( mi nllily or other rates.     Agents for Raymond Sesv-   ���������  ing Machine. THE KOOTENAY MAIL
OOO   'A=  ,      ,
OOO .'A' Story Showing- How
OOO   Art Is One Tiling:  ���
o��o  And Its Rendition Quite
ooo- Another.
^���(Tic.v  iviil   learn  tnoir line;-   Imt?  rr-_..*,
noon.    We must give "life" play.",
J sasv there svus nothing to bo do:)'.'
and left llie place, brooding revenue."
Iioss"cvcr,rin the evening I felt I imisl
bo present. ' I had made tip my rr.inU nut
to i,ro, but I could not stay at home.
The house wis svell filled. .Many ol
my friends and acquaintances had come.
The performance-began' and ended as I
expected���it ss-;i<- an utter failure, and
even tliongh tlio, curtain fell amid loud
applause I knesv for that I'only had to
thank the ignorance of the audience and
the, resounding, brazen hands of ih.v
friends, svho crowned llicir good nattircd
efforts by enthusiastically calling me before the curtain.
The hour of revenge and, triumph had
come. I almost lost both', 'for I did not
-know the curtain had been raised, and sc
stepped with unexpected9 suddenness before the 'public. This confused me. I
.looked at the people stupidly and said,
''Good evening!"        ��� ' t
,"C'ood  evening," replied itbc astonish-''
'��� ed audience svith one voice.    But by this
time I  had  regained my self possession
and went on quickly:    ���
"Ladies and Gentlemen���Flattering a��
your appreciation is. and gladly as I
would take it to myself, I must regretfully decline to accept your praise, svhicli
'belongs entirely to the performers svhc
by their interpretation have 'completely
metamorphosed my play.-whether to its
advantage or disadvantage I do uot venture to, decide."
A loiig pause.    Then amid the In tighten
,of the  entire audience Ihe curtain   fell
- and I found it advisable to retire quickly
from the congratulations of: the com pany.
who hastened toward me from the wings
Involuntarily I thought of; Schiller 'when
lie.   left   the   theater  sifter  ihe   first   pot-;,
formuuee of "AYnllenstein" and  mother*
' lifted   up   their  children   to  see   the   famous poet.-. ,1 also sasv something lifted ���
hut'   it    svas    not    children.���Translatec
.From the German For Short Stories.
There ate ilircc lemons 1 would write,
���'Jliree word? a=> witli a golden pen, t.
Id iracings of denial li's'ii
-   Upon llie lieiiiii of inc*i:
Il.ive hope!   ,'J"iiou:rii tloutls caviioit I'our.il
Ami Ol.stsiuis hitlc- her face" iii scout,
, Put thou the shallow tt.iin thy brow���     '
Xo night bin h.is ils m-mi.-,
Il.ive f.iith! SViieie'et tli.v IjtirU bo ill him,
'J'lie calm's* ili-.pr..i,'the it-mpest's i.iirtli,
Know tlits���Oo.l ,ililts th'; hosts of lie.i\eu,
The iiilinbilnntb of i-arlli. '
- r      , '
Ilnvc lo\c!   -Not k've rtlouc for one   -~=^r^
Hilt in.ni "a--, niiin lliy 1-iollier call,
Anti Fc-alti.-r lite tlie cirelin-j itin
Thy charities on all.
Thus gi-a-,c ihet; woiJs iipt.n lliy soul���
Hope, faith and lo\o���.uu! thou shalt (ir.tl
Strength when life's singer mail-Jest lull,
Light when thou else sseit blunt.
|    -        '   ELOPEMENT. *2f|
The Bride 'vVr.ii tccl a Romance.   <���>
sv?--r t\      She Ii*ou:id a Romance, but
!j>4>fi^i'.t^3> , She Looked For.
frvz %���<(*&&& ��� ' >
A young woman came very quietly
from the side doorof the handsome house
nnd stepped softly dosvn the stone walk
and through the gutcsvay. Itc was a
rlottdy evening,.and her movements svere
hidden by the shadows. She svalkod to
the nearest street corner and svas immediately joined by a young man svhose
urm she took ns they passed along. ,
"Did  I keep you svaiting long,  Fred?"
-.lie Asked.    "It Hcenit'il -i-uiti* impossible,
to get a svay svithout being observed."
���"Xo." saitl the yo'tng ni.-m: "the svaiting was" nothing. Mill svhy is it ncces-
fitry IhiU you should resort Co all this'*���
Jn�� svas going to say "nonsense," ��� but
wisely chocked himself���"this mystery."
/���It is necessary.. 1 tell yuu, Fred. 1
can't receive yon at luiinc, ami then; is
no other svay. I have told you niany
limes that my father s\-oiild never coii-
M'nt to give you my hand. Il might be
different if mother svere alive, but nosv it
is more than likely that father svould forbid you.the lion-fe."
"That isn't pic-*-iblp." ��aid the young
num. *'I iii'i the sou of his oldest friend.
Ho has cser professed a leg.nd tor me.
Surely thorn is'tiothiui* ill my conduct
th.u could iirejudice him. I am poor, but
tny   prospects  are  excellent,  aiid" ���
"J tell you. Fred, he inieiids me for
higher game. Xo striiggl'��ig architect is
good enough for liis daughter. But Iia
shall not icai' us apart."
���'Of course not." said Fred hastily.
"But. really. Flsie. I don't .like this sort
of thing.     It seems''���
She ilrosv her hand from his urm.  (|
"Don't like itV" she echoed.
"Of course I like it." lie tpiickly asserted.  "At least 1 like you, which Is a greut
deal mdVc to the point."
,The girl look his mud nu.-iin.
r ,
"Let me tell you. *-rcu, near.' she softly said, "that if it svtisu't for this very
sort of thing, this secrecy, tho opposition
of my father, the romance of it all,
very likely I shouldn't love you half as
much. The more papa slights you the
more determined I am to be yours. Funny, isn't itV"  '
���'Delightfully funny," said the young
man, and then they ssvitched away fi,om
the subject aud, pursued their secret half
hour stroll. ,
'When they "'returned to ;,he handsome
home, the young s\ ennui, after a tender
though brief patting svilh the young man,
re-entered the iide door svith a most elaborate effort to be both cautious and noiseless^ .-
The young man walked assay softly
chuckling. (
- "This floes seem like such a sentimental
farce," he murmured, "and yet I must
play my part through to the drop of the
curtain. I can't imperil my happiness
.nosv after svaiting for it since boyhood.
I think she loved me all the time', hut it
has taken :i very ingenious scheme to
bring her to a realizing sense of my attractions and general worlliincss. Dear
little bundle of romance.' Well, I mustn't,
forget to,, lake precious good care that
some romance is introduced and retained
in our married life," -'   ���
The   secret   meetings   were   continued,
and Elsie assured her lover that the opposition of hcr'father to him svas becoming more and more marked.
���"Why. Fred," she cried one evening,
"papa said he believed you svere a mercenary youth and that you had a deceit-c
ful face. Why, I felt like risiug fight up
and defending,.vou before all the world
and then telling papa that though he
thrcsv me into prison 1 svould never,
never, never wed any one but ydij!< But I'
didn't."        -       /     ,    '   ��'\    -
"That svas wise," said 'Fred.   "It isn't
quite time for that." ��� ' ,.
There ss;as,a moment's silence.    ���
"I toll you' what it is, Fred," said the f
young girl, svilh a little catching in her'
throat, "the only thing,focus-to do is to'
elope"." ,
I',red svas not startled.  ���>
' "It's  the   very   thing  1' was  about  to
suggest,"'he quickly said.   -"What night
, do you prefer?"       .
-"You dear boy!" cried Elsie, affectionately  patting his' arm.  - "There "is somo
romance in you after'all."-
"Thank you,"' said Fred stolidly.
"What night?" -     *'    ���    ,
"I want to'wear my lovely new traveling suit," said Elsie, "and it svill not he
finished until Thursday. o Then I must
go dosvn to tho Friday bargain sales and
eat "ii few tilings that 1 need."
"Xot a rope-ladder?" laughed Fred.
"No." said Elsie, svith an echoing gurgle. "Fancy a bargain sale svith an'advertisement something like ,this: 'A' full
and choice lino of rope ladders, for elopement uses. Gome early, before the stock
is picked over. Only one rope ladder
svill be sold to,, each customer.' EIosv's
that?" '
"Very amusing." said the young- man,
"But you haven't .decided on the event-
nil day." s t   i
"Well, suppose sve say a week, from
'"That   suits   me,"   replied   the   young
man.   "What aro your plans V-
"I' have them laid out," -replied the
young girl eagerly. "My new street suit
svill bo finished, Wednesday. It's the
loveliest thing you , ever laid eyes ,ou.
Mine? Siuinnerson never gave me such a
lit before."      '
"I'm afraid we'll soon have to give up
lime. Summersou," said the young man
"Do you really think so, dear?''
"Yes. love.'   Marrying a poor but hon-
�����*��� vo'uuk architect is a pretty sure cure
'or the fits you mention. Of course sve
can't count for certain on your father's
forgiveness."    ��� ._!���������..
"Oh, yes sve can! He'll welcome us
.back svilh open arms."
"I'm pretty sure 'sve wonlt deserve it.,
But go on."
"Well,'I'll put ou my nesv dress and go
" over to Marne Ilolliday's in the afternoon, l'lbmanage to smuggle over' a Iqjt
.of things in a paper parcel, and you must
come up svith a uess- traveling bag, 'and
we'll puck thorn* all in that. Then you
can order the carriage to call for us at 7
o'clock, and we'll take the train over to
Gruigsville and bo married there."
'.'And you prefer'this svay to being married comfortably-at home?"-   .
"Don't talk nonsense, dear. You know
I couldn't be married comfortably at
home, ;tt least not'tn you���unless you dirf-
guided yourself and married me under
nn assumed name. Wouldn't that be romantic?"
"One romance at it time, dear."
The days passed rapidly, especially th��
ever to be remembered Thursday.
Tt svas not  a pleasant day.    The sky
svas o'crc.'ist  and   bite  in   the  afternoon
��� a dreary di-i:-/-l.'. set iu.    It svas anything
but an auspicious bride's day.
I''reil ciinio over early ssith (he nesv
Iras filing bag. ssh'tch sva? spi-cdi'ly parked
under the I'lietnlly direction of ."slits Hoi-
liday, svho svas an c\pert in the paekin-3
line, as svell as a very discreet and close
Apnea's Groat ���
-Tpans-ContoBtal Route
*".7 -w t_ t r ~i . r ' ��� i . ������ l -i ��r -i r ^* i ^ 1-L        . 1_        _"L        _1 _l- _1_ ^1_ ~L 1_        _ ._
-> -J-       -/���
-j.   -a-     j-
Quick Time!
G-ood* Service!
uiuoo :.'--ii
'1' ZED
Medium in
0s8ai] to ��� Oeeao
Ticlcets Is^neil Through   and  Hag-^age
Checketl to Desfiiiiition.    '
Daily Trains
J-:.i>t ' t        UJCVKLb'l'UKK    ' W'c-t
t-.-.'tl leave  '   ' , leave 17.30
to .i:;u i-"i;o.s; icootk.s'ay i-oints.
S.H) leave
arrive 1(5.1.5
(rwvnvtNrMur'itiMi ariv**��T-i*^'i
Leave ^Vrrosvheiul daily for all  ]ioints in Kootenay. making eonneulion    '  K:iku--k for all
55" points on Nakusp  &   Slocan   railsvay  and
Sloc-in Lake!
Close coniiection at. Itobson   for, XeNon Ivooto
- nay Lako and River points, 'Trail. Ross-
land and all points in Boundary Country.
For full   liiforiniitio'ii, tickets, [maps, etc., call
on or address       c
-    , T. W. BRADSIIAW
' ' ,   , Agent, Revelstoke.
Or to
W. l-'-AXDKRSOy'.
Trav. Pii"--*. Agent.
-Nelson. ��.(.;.
A. G. r. Agent,
V.incous'er, B.C.
Rootena|. Railway ;& ���
,    !,    Navigation, Company
Oilcrating K.i.-.lo & Slocan Ruilsvay,'
liilernationiil Navigation & Trading
Com puny.      '
Schedule of Time���Pacific Standard Time
Ktl'ective Fish. 1st, !!HI0. *
g g Kaslo & Slocan Railway
l'li-s-enucr train for Sanrto)i tinil voiy stations
leaves Kaslo at S a.in.; daily, let.urning, leaves
Sundon at 1.1.-5 p.m., arriving at, Kaslo .''..w, ii.in.
fi International Navigation and Trading
-   Operating on Kootenay Luke and River.
S.y. iNTKiiN.s'i'iON.si. lcave-f ICaslo for Nelson
at (1 a.m. daily except Sunday: returning, leaves
NcNon at -I.HO p.m.. ealJing at Balfour, Pilot
Has-, Ainsworth, <*ml all s\ay points; connects
svith S. !���'. & N. train to and from Spokane, at
Five Mile Point.      -       " -
Lardo-Duncan Division
. All Kit  ALBKRTA.
Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lardo and
Argcnta at S:IJU p.m. Wedncsdiiys.
Steamers call at principal landings in both
directions, and at other points svhen signalled.
- Tickets sold to all points in Canada and the
United State-*. ,
To  ascertain  rates   and   full   information,
S If       ' 3     Manager, Kaslo, B. C.
Royal Mail Lines.
Cheapest Route to tiic Old Country. t
ALLAN LINE-From Portland
Niimi.liaii      * Jleh 2S
Pni-isiiiii    -                                    * Al;'
Linireiitiau    I  \\
Tiini-iiin   -      -   '  -      *      -  -   *
N ainiflii'.ii     - * '    '-"'
U<��?.11M(.'N  LINK--I'Yuin I'tu't i.ind.
Dfiitiinie:) - *       A pi   V.i
1 'aniliroiji jii
'A '
'"*   s
The   Best  Adve _
',.       ,     ��� '    .. .'
tlie Kobtenavs. ���  There is no better
Yiray for merchants to -reach the
pvibiic than through the columns
is the   Best Equipped ih the Dis-
trict aiid Complete" in Every Par-
, ticular.     Conimercial   Printing   a
Specialty., ,      .   ��� '     . ,
'  ?&
-We are handling a very choice, line,
of, Calendars , for 1901, .many of
them original in design and
thoroughly Canadian. In addition
to this we'have also'made-a care-
ful   selections from the   English,
*��� ' '        ' ' L
German and American markets.
Send in your order without fur-
ther delay.
av ivtai
*f-    *t-    I*    *    *f     t,      fr     ir    ir    -i?    It    ���(-     r*    1-     r��-     f-     tr     r-     -ir     ft:    -Cr     <'    1"    -Cr    *fr     y>    *fr
Incorporated by act of
HEAD OFFICE   ���    :   ��� -"'    -
W^r. Molson Macpkerson, Pres.
Pin lia ni en 11855.
'      -    ' MONTREAL
S.fH. Esving, Vice-Pres.,
F. Wolferstax Thomas, Geneml Mainiger
PAID UP CAPITAL'       ' "   -��� -    ��� ���     $2,600,000
RESERVE -. -v, - -"      1,500.000
Koiicral banking business tr.'tns.iclo.l.   Interest ullosvcd on deposits at cm rent rates.
J. D. MOLSON, Manager,      *    - REVELSTOKE, B. C.
l'"iiini  IWiiiil i-fiil.
mouthed .person svho svas generally understood to have been in love and dis-
rrejiiptl.--- at T n'(.l-jvl: t!*'- cu ���.!;;����* ,t*
rived, and after .t Isnrnt cxehango" ol
kisses the would be bride broke asvaj'
from Miss Holliday and svas tenderly
handed into the carriage by Fred, and
they were soon on their svay to the railsvay station. When they reached the
platform, Frcil sot out to see if the coast
svas clear. ' lie came back almost immediately.
"We can't stop here, dear," he svhis-
pored. "There is a detective on tlie platform.. I svondcr if your father suspicion-
ed your purpose".'"
"Well, svhat are sve to do?M
"Drive  over   to  the  up  tosvn  station
The train isn't due for K5 minute? yet,
ntul it *-;o'3i tore tea piiyuits lop/ "*,'���
(To b# continued.)
V;itt..fmv"r ���
LINE    r'roiii **M. .lului.
.Sr-.wa       ..'..--.'    .Meli -i-S
I^tke Superior Apl I
Jjike Ontiirio   ''   ]\
Lake Huron      ...-���- "   -_'.i
f.i��� "ii-.'.-)-- lifl.eli-.I  (Iiujii^Ii  In all .parts nl- I
(jie.ii ("riiain am! li l-I.mi.J. an.l .o ,.|...-<-i.illy  linv  j
r.iif- lo all  par'-   el   llie   I'.iiini'iMn   .-ontliictil    |
Apply to Dtaie^-t rail-.Sii> ui :H..iiiisl)ipayuit"ur
T. \V. BR.A.r>3HA"sV. Agent. R.evelstols:o.
Canadian Paoifio Navigation Co. L'd
Steamers for Wi-ansel. .Inncau and Skagss-ny
li'ttve Vicloi'i.s
Every V/ednosday at 3 p. m.
and Vancouver
Every Thursday at 2 p. m.       j
Ptenmer* for Northern   I'.ril.i.si) Cohnnhin i)oii<i
le;ive Vjeioi'iii and Vancouver sveeklv.
Rate.-, etc., on implication to
C. S. JiAXTKlt.
{'oycial JJa-.-De:ie*;r Aijcut.
Yicrorui, T*. C.
Highest Cosh Pric?. P.iid for
All s-Iii'ihiiciiI^ ii re I'S.uuiiif.l b> me .it.
miiiii as i lies -iiti ve. I'roiiini i'.'t urn'- .1 .-
siircd. Priees arc too hi'Oi lo w.iriMiil.
holding goods for any lengtli ol (ime.
Yon --Imtiltl keep posted 011 the returns
"yon gel, from'
I* O. Ii"j\ t'lJI A ���.-������ii 1 lor .la . I'lli",iji
Wmshipus. JV!u��,
Teams nlsvays   ie;u]y
.Atrc*nt.  for
ii  sj)P,cialty.
at   shortest
for  jobbing
��5. C. Oil Co.
Robert Samsoxi.
(.'>!''It*io k:f(. al my
suiblcs w ill ha\ e
speedy attention.
W. PLEMINa.-^-^r*^
Dominion and Provincial
Surveyors ol" Minns, Mineral ("laim^ iind Croivn
,| I.innN.
\"a:;cuuv"];k, b. c.
mmmmimmmmmmmmmmMimmMmmm�� THE KOOTENAY MAIL  US1C  9  9  /f-  9  9  (t  9  --?-"  9  $  9  9.  9  <('-  9  $  9  id:  ���������\  9  ���������-?���������  9  It  9/  ((<:  9  %  ]f you are thinking" of |  learning" to play a vio"- g  lin, banjo, guitar, auto- |  harp, or any .musical -|  ' insLrument, call and see .-)���������  our most complete stock |J  W  Instruction 'books   for all ikon }{  instruments  hand.   -.  cept  A   large    assortment    of  9  9.  sheet music, folios, etc. J-  .Will order  at the price ijf  registered '   if    not  stock.  CanadaDpug&BookCo I  Revelstoke Station.  in |  .9  '"���������  ���������\  9  9  ���������<?���������  9  I  rH'khK'&fc^&^fr>&&'&K^&^&,&l*>  "LOCAL AP PERSONAL BRIEFS  .John PeltipiecoVenl- east yesterday.  ;   S.   Sulhorland,, of    Ferguson,  is   in  tosvn. , ....  T. Taylor svent into Trout-Lake thi.-  uiorning. ',   ,     -  W. rJ.'pool svent down to the*  Nettie  , * i ,       t  L. 'veslerdav.  Andresv   Pctforson,, of   Trout'  Lake,  came up Tuesday.  AI. Grady ciiine up from .SiK'erton on  ^Tuesday afternoon, x '    ,   '  1 Mr. and 'Mrs. J. P. Kennedy, 'of, lib-;  cilless-aet, are spending a fesv days in  t'isvn.,, '' 7        /.  Mrs. W. 13. '"Nichobon and children  left yesterday for aVisit lo Thomson's-  Landing.        ,  '��������� -  from the svest Wednesday  turn to Nelson.  on   his ro-  Kev. .S. J,  Thompson  returned   this  "morning from the district meeting at  Latnloops.    JU-v.- Westnian   isas   also  on the tram returning to Golden.'  Concentrated Lemonade, one. small1  tin makes three gallons'of beautiful  lemonade, kept at Canada Drug A:  Book Company.  Fruit' growers read this. Berry  plum and tipple boxes. The B. C. Mfg.  Co', of Nesv Westminster are nosv in  full operation and prepared to supply  all kinds of fruit boxes in their season.  Prices on application. ,  Last evening ��������� the -members of the  Methodist choir assembled al tbe residence of Mrs.-DenI the occasion being  a'presentation of a silver shaving set  loMt'. 10'. L. Cresvdson, one of their,  number, upon his leas"ing in a fesv days  foi his homo in Nesv Brunssvick.    ,  Have a  look, at the samples of  wall'  paper just opened at the. Canada Drug  & Book Co.'s, they are very pretty and  prices'reasonable.     ' ' tt7  Fun Salk.���������Oii'Tth May and during  the sveek, some useful, furniluiy,  crockery, stoves, qtinker*-vapor bath,  etc. Can bo seen "at Mrs. Corbett's  resilience, First, sfteel, fourth house  frotn'Jinperial'Bank.   '      -> ''23.-21  '���������*   .  The performance 'to Tie" given'by the  members of the city hand assisted by  some of their lady friends on the evening of the 24-th nf May,- promises to  be a huge, success. The,, play is a live  act comedy entitled ''The Deacon,"'  and is" most amusing fiom start to  ,tinish. (.Rehearsals? are ' being 'held  almost'nightly and svith such combined efi'ott and'' bard svork the result,  should piove gratifying .to tlib management.   <  .Ifilin D. .Sullivan, chief engineei of  the Columbia -.V: Western, svns iu tosvn  vesterdav. '     ���������   .  Win, Kirby, male, iind A. Forbes,  stesvard, of (lies. s. 'Minto svere in  losvinlast ev/nini;-.  1{. .1. Ilutchings.'the svell knosvn saddler of C.-ilgarv. ssas in town Wedne.--  M. M. Buchanan, of Carn>js Cieek,  came in Wednesday evening, die says  that the lire which is binning north of  heie is iit 19-Mile, aiid' that .lames  Ila'thesvay was forced by the beat to  desert his cabin after removing svhat  'powder' and other things be bad in  store and i> nosy at *' Wild Bills.'" Tlie  cress- svhieh left here svith a boat load  of supplies a lew days ago svas passed  about tsvo miles above the cinyoii and  sveie milking-poor he.ulsvay osving to  the ss-aler raising so fast; they sent  dosvn for tsvo more-men.  Sprin  day evening.  The' pile driver cresv is engaged driving1 piles for tbe nesv elevated coal  chute iu the 0. P. It. v.-irds.  Uev. Calder svtll conduct, '-ervices in  the J'resbyteriitii'c.iui cb morning and  evening ou .Sundav.  Assizes '���������'  ��������� At Revelstoke.  I'ure   Montserrnt   Lime   Juice, large  supply leceived at the Canada Drug ������fc \,c  Book Company. <-      ���������  ��������� -  Sands* Mc.-R.ie came up from Tiout  Lake City on Tuesday and is doing  police duty at the court  LA. Ye rex. of Vancouvet, pa-^ed  through Revelstoke yesterday morning on his sv.'ty to (Treensvoori,  Win. Kirkup returned I'iipmIhj* after  a tsvo venrs absence in   Chicagr  ss-ill spend the Miinnier in   tin's dNt'-irl  (t. i*'. McC-irter of the Grand Forks  Gazette spent the hist tsvo days in tosvn  mi his return from the Vernon a-siz '-���������  , Hire'.- iimJ Wilnim'.-* Root J>-rr e\-  Ir.ict: huge -upplii.-s mi baud ,-it C.-Uia-  ri.t Drug tt Book Company.  Cou-t.iblu  Djvit t.^s*. bo li..-. beei: do-  in*.* relief duty on the  ptos iuu.il oL.iiT  h'.re.   left.   Wcflni--;.d.'!y  Trail.  The first sitting of the Assize Couri.  in Revelstoke sva.-, held on Wednesday  and Thm-diy of this sveek', the presiding judge being His Fl.mor P. 3E.  frvinr?., -   s  The first case galled syju, that of O.-cai  Legcr for iirson. The defendant pleaded not guilty, iind the jury returned a  verdict of not guilty. ' , '  Jn tVe case or Regma vs. Van Du-en, ,  for theft-from   poison of   FiankAppi-j  i-cost, the  defendant enteted a  plea ol !  ! notgtnltv.    The jtn-v aftei listening to i  j the   evidence   letired, but   could   not1  ] agree.    They were   discharged   cind  a i  '��������� nesv jury being empanelled brought in  a   verdict of   not  guilty.    -Mr. A. Mi- '  fntyi'",,   of     Kamloops.    Mppcand    a- \  prosecuting uttoi-ney,'and J'^. P. \). .\~~. .  <->.('., ot   ^'anci.-ns-er, ,-i:. t-oii:ls(-'l  ' n  the \  def.-iic-. ^ '  In   the  second    Van   Du-en cm - - t in- \  defendant  iva--  li.bei.itei) on b,)il o; ;..-  oivn engni/t.uic''   to  .-ipoe.ir ill 'lie next  .i.-'si^i's,  On the opening of the i or.rl Mie!  fri-iiiul Jury presented the h.Mossing i  address, coM.lining ,i number of re- '  cfiniuiend.ilifin-, to i fis Ifonoj Justic--;  rrving:  To urr; ffo.v. Mk. Jl".--'i'ici: Ins im..  I'ltv-iflill.-'  jllflg" .if, I.'"', el-.tnk-' ,  spl lllg .Ijslf*.'.-.  I--'-1 I.  f*>u,���������The   gi.iuij   puors   suimnon. d '  inoniing   for ,' for tbe-snring -i.. i.';. -;t 1-. ���������'.������������������A-' jkt- Lcj  } ! tObipreiMto y:������u thi-:!* r.itioti:i.L:.-:3 lliat ._  , Revblstoku has lif.eii chosen  ac otie  of ;  Jess serious inline than' might, be  expected in a tiisliiei the population of  svhieh i.s ib,t<i<' up veiy hu-gely of  foreigners, and'your jurors point svith  pleasure to the iasv abiding, inclinations  of the people of tlie 'district its evidenced bv tbe s-inall number, of cases  of a serious natuse on the docket.  Your .'in-oi s are of the opinion thai  the time has arrived svhen further and  belter  jail   accommodation  should   be  furnished   bv   the   provincial   cjovejn-  > ", -        ��������� I  meiit^af Revelstoke. The, present!  premises are old and wholly itnsuited  to the need-* of the place and must be  unhealthy. The province is nosv put  to a,lot of needless expense in trans-  pnrling'|)i is-oneis li.'.-ind from the jail  at'Kaniloops osving to the' lack of accommodation at this place. ''  , Your/jurors ai cotilso of opinion thai  some steps should be Liken by the government in conjunction svith the city  of Kevelstoke and the C. R. IL for the  establishment .-it Revelstoke of'a first-  class hospital. Many bundled men a reemployed in diingeroti-- work in llie  dis-ti ict tributary to Res-clsloke and  accidents are ' colli inually, occurring  iind such air'" institution ss'ould' be  of great benefit to the public: and be  the means of saving life.  Your jurors ni e grateful fo your lordship for (be instruction, and  assistance  - ii   t  given them in lho performance of their  comparatively light duties and trust  (hat yoiir lordship svill long be- spared  to Mil llie honorable position to' svhicli  you have been called.  Yoiu; juroi ������ are als-n of the opinion  that osving fo the large nlleudaucc nt  the public school here', and the Jack of  room in the school building for leaching Ihe higher branches,'iind feeling  that I hi} districts adjoining Revelstoke  need il. Your jurors svould   re'conuneiitl  ' " ,1 * *      '        .      ,  the establishing and maintaining of'.a  high school ,-it Kesel.siokc.  Your jurois svould also respectfully  draw youi niton'im> to the condition  in svhieh (he grounds surioiinding the  court bouse"';ii e in and' svould ret om-  tuend that, some improvements * be  made on same; such as levelling, seeding svith };i'ii'ss seed, and "the- planting  Octrees, etc. ;  Your citizens svould also respectfully  drasv your attention to the" fact (hat  .the citizen's of Revelstoke and district  are put to a gi eat deal of unnecessai y  -inconvenience - and expense in connection'svil h ..( he. registration of hind  titles, and your jurors respectfully ask  that ;i land regisli v office be established at Revelstoke.- '- .    ������  All of svhieh   is' respectfully submitted.  '     - W. M. Buowx,  Foreman,  The judge suggestctl a separate,  entrance into the body of the cotnt  room so that the petit- ji'.rois and (he  public could pass in iind out of the  court loom svilboul causing a blockade  in the hallway svould be a ,gt;eat, convenience.  ���������   - ��������� XOTlCF.  "V* OTIt'l-" i* heivb.s -,isen that ;il the c.Npii'ii-  i\ lioii of '.'.') dajs- inn'u Ihi-, date the head  (il'iice in- principal }-Ia:-t!ul Inisinessof the llross n  llc.-u-."Sliiiiiijt'iinfl nesolop;iii..il (.'omp.iny ijiini-  tefl Liabiiits, tvil! he changed from Don.ild, B.  C. tf) ll������v������i-i������)Ue. I*. C. " -  Dated '-'7th April. 1'JDIJ.  - r;i-:.'j. ;������������������. "���������' (.'AitTioi;, ���������  .���������solieiloi-forllieCoiiii'iiny,  "*���������        f        *r-        -j- v        ���������*���������       ���������*..        *.      "w"      v      "���������!������"      "'**'     *v        V"       f        **       "i.���������        *r        f        *r        *r        **���������      "-r*      5r-       ���������������    i "���������*    ~~Jr      "5?    "y     '  ������������������j"- ./list received Oiie Carload of i'.iint and Oil-���������the largest slnptniMil  rjp evei  brcughr, into the tosvn of these goods.      We  are   nosv in a position  fswJ  f2j, to supply everything in I he paint line." White  Lead, Boiled  and Raw   XI  ���������v- Oil,   Turpentine,   Furniture  Varnish,   Hard  Oil Finish, etc.    All colors yW,  ���������V'7i> grii'.ind i'u oil, Japan, or dry.      Kalsomine in a sviriet.y of  colors.   , (,'oiil ij������i  X Tar. V.'liitiiig. Piaster and Cement, Knnmels in Jill shades. Jiist received   a.  ^ ,-t consigimit'iil of Start ell Tools. , Q ���������'.'$'���������  (p  ip  4������  Mj?tr. mu������9Mjinuafl'^]u������"MMi  IV!.   LAWRENCE.  (Ufa  Hardware, Paints, Oils, Glass, agent-for Hamilton,Po'A'der Co ^  c^** ������!������* i %j t$J i������i,45?* <\ f':wp^^%^^<^^'^^^^^^^^^,^^^^^-$*  ^'J^fe''v-^'^"-?^fe5^>^''-^:^^:^;:^^!!^'^^^^^'^'^^  iTIiP IaA^M'MA?A A-  u-mexir vujumm  'B  Wi; wil! oll'er .-it cut prices beginning on   Wednesday  morning  # LADES'"'. WRAf  g-iW Ltnf  r  m  ERS\ ���������  in   print  and  fine good, fast ss-asning colors, your choice svhile  t in*v last for " '' . - '    '  $1. REGULAR $2.50 & $4 I;  W'e have a very nice line of ������ ���������     ���������' ' \W-������  USES -���������,'        ' "     -'       ' m  ���������- ^ ' .K  svhieh svill bD reduced,.your-choice for ���������    -'     -' WW  $1,'REGULAR 2.75 & 3.501  ������'()>''      .- ��������� - -    ,    -     . ���������   - - W/  ���������^^^���������/^���������^^���������/���������^^���������^^^���������-^-la^^'-^^^^^^^^/^-^^^j^^i^*'  iwi/*-ss;*^v;^/ %��������� ^r* ^s* ^ ^s- '*^- ^- ^, <i������- *^i' ^i.* ,=:^- *"^*,^* ^^'^-^-'^^^^^^ss  pPkiN !  T"*������  iTISSII  <  Fresh' Cod,   Halibut,  Salmon,   Ht,c.,. Smoked  ' Fish &' Kippers a, Specialty.'  mCi_IA������a'CrjJ'-.RJ?&l������1lat R-.19 2*KCCr'"f"*J*i  Family. Grocers, and Procluee Merchants.  '"3-  ������AVAu  7,     , "Second   Street,  CAREFUL ATTENTOM.  iul -li.im ii n*wiii io������i iiii m i hiiw  PROMPT- DELIVERY.  'TII^T?]  T=3  Ji_*������  S. 3- '"Lardeau."  Cd.iii '-ti'iii'.:   *ia.t i -.. t-.ii'i, * tcanii.'!- is ill I'm)  ,.,-, Ifillosvs. r,e,i(li'-r l)"i-r.ii! ill'.'-  l.e.i - i."U- .. rrov ie "I i -' i' i fl.'iij I i.r ('niirii.iix  il.'l 'riii.ni'.iii; - i...iiiini ; .t1 ii-lv. Milt l-".l>.  I. ).)s-i')if 'I'll'.- - - ������11"-   I..uifliii!{ .fo-  An-!  FIRE; & /LIFE INSURANCE- AGENTS; 7 '   ���������'   '"  ���������   ', ,.  ^^^^vNOTARIES PUBLIC, ETC.  FIRST' STRB1BT,.   SEV-BLSTOKB. 7  fM'"SPRlN(FsYHyE������r^~^~  i arc beauties. The Spring" will 'be here'" before you  know it and you will be uncomfortable with your  heavy winter suit. Pick our(,your pattern now and  have your Spring-Suit'in time.-  New Spring Styles in Woolens.  v.  IB  i]'irst Street, Revelstoke.  rip  1 VICIJ 11 I      -  necti ai- -  ' "l  ' li'.'. )!'  oi's.-itiiiv.r ���������  ii'.-K)  * -1 *. -.- - l-OII-  --.. .lan-r-!.  ) I."';,, i-i.iklii-  I) .. 1 ('. 1'. ii, I ..mis  ,- in  - i-i''-I ;������������������ ������������������ l;," ; i,;lil to ol:iilir-iu [lint  .j.i.  I'll   ll'ltiei'.  i". l.'OJiLVMiN.    -  .M.'iiuirfor.  Your Pockfci-i)(;.'jk ���������  'K   -,   i,--  1 ,-.-.-   h-u iiehody s'f>i>>. it, lint  ii    . fun   f If,1 l-f -i    me    s|iji!ii>v   llial,  ��������� I. P   ji   nn1-.-..'!* M.inl- lo l-iiois-yo.i.  "'   !.-ifIi. -1 i- (i. >.i-. Tiiiltir .Al.itlt: Cloiliis  !>,.:)���������- .1   ,i!,-|  eh .tiii-d in f,;no.l style.  <   111 or ������.-ii I j.-i-l .'-tid.  S'.tm'i:fjl   Ner-riii.-un, Dowrr.'.io  Si.  and Piece Goods in  TAPESTRIES, SILKS, ARMURESi/MUSLINS,  MADRAS, BOBBINET, Etc, '  The  nenle.'-il, and   preltiest goods  in these lines \Ve  have yet received.  Write for Samples and Prices  Free to any Address.  Weiier  tiros*, Victoria, B.C.  Largest Furnishers West of Toronto."  .i.ii '], -i i -��������� ��������� - ���������  '. '.'.v. Liibui  MeLsnEan, MeFeely & Company, limited,  ftmiibiiiL lAnDwAi  J'ltLte   aud  Sheet  (.iUms  K    AWioii    3J;iuleh-,   Grate  U  Jtiixiei. A. 3Li"ck, of Fi-rgtisoD, was a  viaitor lo Ke.velotoke Wednesday evening   returning     home    the   follosving  tbe points for  fbe  lu-iding  >if .-.ilfing-. '  of the courts (if .t.-v--ue in Koot"ii.iy iind -  (hey trtiyt that, the selection   h.i-   been  tnade   a    permanent    one  and   that ,i    ( (.(.jrj^try of the snpienie court s/ill .-non     f j  ,\lex. Liic.'i'J. the ('oniervnlivo or-I be established here in compliance ssit.bl  ganizer l'<tr the province,- svas in tosvn I the retptesl made foi- I lie same nt|  Wednesday  attending  ClriH. WilsonV , various I ime.-. in recent years.  is next to Godliness."  meeting.  J. Jlodrick  Jloberl.-on,   president  of  the yiQcan Mines Association, came in  Voui .jurors viesv svith s;iti-.f,ieh'oii  also the laet (hat. the cti.se.s brought  before the court at lbs -jilting ajnl  aiibixiit-teci to th������ ^rand jury arc of ei.  V'ii '        Wrltll       \  Ol  W/rk d'jii'*  c( (iiiomicai  card to  scavenger  in a ("lean and  wav    send   a  FRANK SAUNDERS,  Revelstoke Station.  j and   Tiling.       ."MAJEbTIO   STEEL   RANGES   for   Hotel   and   Family   use  |       'Miners3 and Mill Supplies.  Vancouver, - - British Columbia,-  jJr.'inches iif I);isvson t.'ity. At.lin nnd Jlennett.  THE B. C. ASSAY AND CHEMICAL SUPPLlT������.7MITED).  (Late IMiicF.'irlane it Go.)  VANCOUVER,    B.  C.  We are Manufacturers and  direct. Importers, and   carry a   large stock of  ' I'alance,, Kumaces Fire Clny goods. Scientific nndcPracticai Books, GJayssvare,  ! Piaf inum good-. A eids.Gheinicals and iill <i I her A ssayer's a nd ^liner's requirements  j       Sole Agents for iloigan Crucible Compant, 'Latt'eraea, Beck'eY Sons' Balances, etc. .     , . .  Catalogue and full -particulars B'enfc on applicJatidn.


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