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Kootenay Mail May 6, 1899

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Jt '! \.-
,/->- ^
Vol. 6.���No. 8.
$2.00 a Year.
The   Empire ��� Group Go;-s io An English Syndicate..
O. D. Ii i.ir ;epo:-l- thi-- sveek the
putting through of ;i ca-h deal on the
s\"ell Knossn Empire g.oup in tin- Trout
Lake divi-ion. Tile j-mup i- composed
of the live full claim-, Revel.-t'oke,  Al-
 ^,iSJSs==- r���j^_.��to,is,���^^.-^l-*���....^ :,...    ,,v;l,,,ls   ���(��� (-,,,.(1,1,,,  creek,   a   (ribulaiy
of ihe Duncan l-is-ei. According to
mining report ' for 1S93, *'LIn- vein,
svhicli is ;i coin.id of lime and schist,
svill average fully 1 feel, and ou lhc
Allonez cl.iint shosv- a witli Ii of 7 feet.
Vjfy TIE "meeting last night  svas   vci'v   interestincj  chief]s-  on account of the
V  l*  \i , ' ,
P ' frill li about- 'llus appointment by the lieutenant-governor of his own
choice for police and license commissioners. The 'Mail regrets it cannot publish the important repoit on public-svorks as a request for it svas not' noticed.
The city' council'.-*  ivi--iii.ii-   me.-ling
raine i'i IV yesterday'even i ni,r.    The minute-, sseic I'.'iiil ."lid adopted.
T1IIC  MA 11.   UAH,
y     Cnuunonieadons   svere    read     fi om
���    II,   !\'.   Com-icr   le   pin chase of Is pe-
ssriler:      pulilic     svoiks,      con'itnitloc
.-���i-eiiui-tlnlagall).?.(.   buying one, ipiolinir
Yernqii ,ind   Calgary, ss ber.'7l he ilcrk.
supplied   hi--  own.      Fi oni-the sports
a, cnniinillee asking   lh.it   .Second  slrect
'be   levelled,, for  the _ tilth:    laid   over.
Finin   No. 1   lire   brigade   offering ap-
.    pli-ir.ccs   if   city   council   svould ,p;iy
del,is amounting lo !?2.")U and agree not
to remove appliance-- till an up to date
reiilt.il hall   be   piovided;  .referred to
lire, scalar and lighl   coinmillee.     Ap-
�� -   plications   from^E.   Julian   and J. C.
Hutchison for city scavenger;   licenses
weie  laid   over  on   sugge.-lion of the-
mayoi.      Ciiy   engineer's   request for
supplies,received   attention, and Fied.
Eraser's request for rce'oiisideiat ion  ot
council's action in reducing his account'
and d pointing:   out r that   in   Hossland
there  sver.-   12   polling   clerks   and   3
eonstablesemplosvd  oii   eleclion'day:
���Aid.   Hi osvn   thought   they, had  dealt
genet.m.-ly   "-ith   Mr.  FYu-er,   and   as
the cmiiK il had gone  into   llie, matter,
bett.'i Lu l.-t ,il   remain  as   iL  sva*-; -no
action   (if   ;inv   kind   ss is   taken.    R.
Tapping'-* account forienl.  of-lire hall
No.   li,  $22. sv.i--   i-e!'e:-ii'd   lo  .the  tire,
-svatei ur.d light committee. ,
KXPRK-S-'lOX   OK   Dl.-Ari-HOS'AL.
The reining,ot the provincial secretin,-,'-.- c. inn ��� 'iic.ilion,. u-garding -the
app.iim ni'iil of lieen-e aud ]Hilice com-
niUsioi.oi- according ,U> piovisions of
mu-.-iii-ip.i! ai-l <>rr.-i--ioncd, lot.s ofexcit ���;-
��� menl.    -Aid. -Wells opened the b,ill( by
inquiring if,  these   were* the1 saine as
-   i.-c.iiiiniei.d.'d  hy the city.    Clei k read
,' lesi.lulions and reported, no. Aid.
McKechuie ihought it .-Uange that the
'mvitiiiiii'ii; should-not consider their
recommend.', lious.     They   represented
''' the citizens and ssvie put there to sale-
guard tlicit interests. Thought they
would be remiss if  they didn't  expnss
'their disapproval in'some manner. It
ssas the principle of the thing lie
looked .it. .not at ihe appointments
th'.'UiM'lses. Aid. Mi Koehnie .moved,
Aid. Crage seconded, thnt ihe council
expres- it--Irons di-approval of the
action of Llie- govei nment in seLling
aside the svishe.- of  the    people as ex-
5   8 OU
��� i
��� Wii
���   cs
-  Ki
oi de,-(
entertained    and
mo! e   about   it.
pressed by their rent esent.ilives in the
cuunril, and that a 'copy be sent, etc.
Aid. C'rage under-uind the council
linked lo reeoinmen'd name.-, and if so
their i ecunimeiHlations should he
they .sliiMild knnss"
Aid. McKechuie ex-
])l.iined they had not been asked, but
it ssas evidently a common sense viesv
thai', 'ihey. --b.ouhl recommend, as hosv
did the gus eminent knosv s\ ho to appoint.- Aid. Graham Ihougbt th'ey had
gone outMik* their power. The act
gave thcni no aulhoi ily.to ri'c-oinii.iend.
' Aid. Brosvu svas mil ciincerned about
lo-ing ll.c ajipoinlment but it svas
principle he sva-. after, ll'e had bi en
insti ucJ'-cl l*y a minister of the gi v-
einmer.t that recommendations came
from council and sveie appointed from
thai. Thought it svas time lo assert,
peoples' i ights. If I here- svas a governing posver out.-ide lhc pcoph'��'
choice, should knosv it and should
st-ind .-boulder to t-houltb r to asHM-t
His svois'.iip thought it vei y svrong
for lho government not to accept I heir
Aid. Gr.ihim bluntly a.-ked if they
had ans coiiininnii'.-ifion or anything
to shosv inviling them to send r.'com-
uieiulat ion,-to bi-honor. Uu svas informed I here svas not, unil lie smiled a
smile that .-poke'more than all Aid.
IJnisvii'- burning eloquence iu'defence
of pi iuciplt' and public right.-.
The nioiion ss-,is put:
For--Ald. McKechuie, Urown and
C'r.ige���'?; against���Aid. Graham and
\VclN--i. Aid. Ivilpatiick. as one of
the nesv appointees did not. care lo
vote, and though it sva.- con-idered he
mighl, tlie uiayoi excused him.
Th.-liiiaiice coniiiiilli'e rcpoi ted not
yet r.-ads lo accept olfei of theSl.ind-
���iul P.ibl.-'iing t: .. H '!'-u-l adopl.-d.
'I'll.- public \s oi k- coi limit lee biougiil
il a r, poll advi-ing ivil.ini street
(-.idiiig ..nd. .-lump (Icaiir.g. Tlu-ic-
j'-i I svas accepted.
City (l-'ik lead   a  d"i l.iialion  a^ked
ti .-ign by ciiy  Milicitor .-bosving
cils'*- tiise-- by  ii^i-j.'im'iit lull lor
balance of incorporated'' year ssas
ijil'iii'i. This svas arranged so as lo Ik r-,
rosv llie ^-10:):) frosn Molsons JJ.itik.
Accounts as follows   svere  aicepj.'d
and oidered paid:
Aliriiliiiiiiioii Hros.       -
Angclu ('no	
C. K. riliasv	
Alc\. .Mrll.i'i,	
.Ia-. LUiu'i.liy	
K.l. rioinl       ......
Ciui.ul.i l)ni(.'& I'.idUCo.
t'Ycd Fi-..-ui-      -      *   "   * ,    -
All-in- & I'ainpli.'Il       ....
V. li. SVolU. -    -      -      -      -      :���'
('. J-:. Hliaw'	
Tol al	
'Several now  accounts   sveri
referred to finance'coinmitlee.
Aid. Graham intioduccd a 'comprehensive lire hy-lasv. It svas read ;i first
and second lime. Aid. Crage moved lo
lay by-lasy over till ail uiemhets had
been supplied svith a copy. He .-aid a-
thcie sveie ah-eady tsvo fiie bi'igades
making offers of materials it svas advisable ls> get lime to look into- the
svhole matter before going ��� inlo com-
"mittee. Aid. Wells seconded , the
motion and it can ied.
t      " INQUIlUIiS.
Aid.   Kilpalrick   sva n led   to     knosv.
svhere they could  gel   money to go on
svilh svoik.    Oily   .-olieilor   explained.'
There ssas much I a Ik   abiiul sshelher
street, svork svas to bedone by coiitiact
or day  labor.      Aid.   McKechuie, sv..-
out and out, and out "in   fas-or  of   c.'m-'
trading.     Aid.  Graham . though', 'big
jobs should be lei, in  small, seel ions   lo
gis-'e everyone a   chance   of_  impiovc-
nieiil.     Aid.      Blown 'favored   some-
Ihiug the 'same.      Aid.   Crage _ didn't
Ihiuk dayil.iboi-could be used on si'iiinp
pulling- successfully;     should    protect-
people   from - conl raclor.s     eiuployiiTg
,dhine'-e or other   cheap ' labor.      Aid.
Graham asked if   contracts   svere   entered into, should, clauses   lie   in-erted j
pi;otecling svages, hours,  etc."   11   svas !
unanimously  agreed   upon   that   contractors should not cut  the tatesset in
by-la sv.     Aid.   Graham  'ask'ed   about
cleaning out alleys for convenience of
On motion of Aid. Graham a reniuii'-
eiation for janitoi svas remanded . to
finance conimillee, '
] The group adjoins the   Wagner on the
mu -
i-sve-t and i-- reached fnnn Ten-
Mii", the U;i iiiind-of Ihe government
wagon' r.iad , by four mile.-, of good
pack trail. Some 7.3 feel of des-elup-
ineiiL svoi k In- been dope, -bosving up
good In,die- uf ore-"' The, am..mil of
the d",d svas -s:'! 1,00(1. The'osviiers
sveie Ale-.'-i-s. (}. D, and William Hoar,
IJobert and A!.-x Lauglilon. 'J'h.: nesv
osvners arc '.-one' I'Jugli-h syndic-lie
rcpr.'-ent.-d by Win. Ci.ickuay. C li.,
of Vancouver. O. D. Hoar hA's already received, instruction- to commence woi k on the property.
The Best Means to Expend Money In
���    Opening Big- Bend.   . ���
Tlie .Mail is*" authorized by one or
tss'o practical worUnginen acquainted
svith road- and river svork in Ibis
'di-trict, to say that the sum of $1000
to be spent in finishing Ex-Commis-
sionei( Sibbald's famous .svagon road to
the canyon of 'the Columbia' svould ' be
better'used if applied in (rail building.
They say that the expenditure of
J-ilOJO or .$.")000 more in 'the ' Columbia
c-inyon svill make it nasigable. for
btOii'iu-'rs at all Mages of 'svater, svhin
they'can sately nly .-iliove it, and Lhej-,
refer c(.nli'm].tuoii-ly to ,lhe $0,000
monument of election sva is a-, ' u;i-
neces.-ary expemlitui e.    "        . ���        Hobinso:
If I hi- opini'.n ,i, fori ecL it i- time to
call a halt and come to"souie sen.-ible
and unanimous J.lea on Big Bend
tianspOrtitlion improvement.. The'
public'should liejiint as anxious as tii'e
goveriiiuenl, and   is,   to  see. appi opri-
The Conditio.*, of Affuir* Needs'Looking-
The attention oi ils.-' .Mini-.i-i or
'Sujierinteiidenl of J'Jdiication, and tha
of the local tneiubei, is directed to lhc
condition of thing- at ll).^ K.-vel-loke
public school svith a hope that they
may see t heir is ay io providing additional facilities. Plans have been
prepared, it is m-.dei-lood, for the
.���.���ci! ion of a ne.v whig i a p.iiile ol
sealing a large nuiiib.-r of ihildn-n,
ss Inch svill in,a greal inen'sure relieve
, tbe ��� present crowded slale 'of the
room.-: but there, i.- greal need ,ak-o of-
an additional leacher���of even tsvo
teacher? for that, mailer. Heference
to the accompanying n-piu I foi- April
svill .-hosv ''thai, I be number of pupils
unending during 111 il inoiitb lolalled
7'J; .divided bv tbiee, liie number oi"
leacheii, (hi-give- over .10 ' pupils to
one teacher. Thi.-. i- too many iu a
e!as.- allogenic!-, :ii:,l \-.iili Iwoaddi-
tiniial (eacheis Ihe number svould bv a
TT^ilE iuterviesv belosv svas given a Mail reporter on Wednesday fi-au nien
. j[ 'just back from Canoe riser: There is considerable' talk about a in?it
up theie and if, there is any further information concerning this country I I.e
Mail will be pleased to publisli'it. Those favoring a Canoe river trail might
c ill a public mooting and get its opinion, besides stating their own information.
Appropriations are not large and the matter should be well discussed, pn.cuiing
practical prospectors and miners opin'cns as well as those of bu-iue-s men,
hole! keepers, doctors, lasvyers, etc., before going further iu the agitation.
.0(1   aveiage, being 31 lo   each.
a I ions u-ed  to   I ho.
iif.,t  ac.i antiige  in
Insurance Rates.'
the intere.-ls of lhc country, and, if the
opinio;] stilted is'iighi, ii, might be
svell id secure the expi'ii'l'il ure of this
vote in some ether direction, say, as
'sugge.-tccl. in trail-. Some are clamoi-
in* -loudly for a Canoe liver I rail, use
it up there, or h.-tl"r, in, opening Ihe
best c.-imps-in Big Bend: as tliig should
be regarded, the Mail thinks, as a Big'
Bend appropri.-itiou.
as the al tendance i-, il  i-,  not' all I hat
may be expected   in  a Utile   svhile, as
several Donald   f,imiiify-   nosv locating
here b;iv(,',e.\-p-re-*-ed Iheii;  intention of
sending their children   I o-school after
Ihe holidays.   Inde.'d. \\ il h I he piv-ici.t
f.-icilili-'s Ihcy caniKii   well   .-end lliem
before,    (he   leachcrs'  having    alincsi
more.than they can do. and   (he rooms
being svell cross ded.      On   Wednesday
there svere 00 sch'ol.n-   in   cue room.
Quoting  fnnn   the   annual   report for
the year lSfTj-l'O, the average   monthly
atlendance at   I fie   Rcvelsloke school
svas -IS, a no   the   average actual daily
attend.-inve 33.(11      The  contra-t svilh
the present figures speaks, as loudly as
anylhing can of tlie ss-onderft.l stiides
made'by Revclsloke  in   the   last fesv
yea is. ' ',..���'
" i*ls"isi:>.\ im.
Second Pi infer, -Sr. ���1-1, Guy Varnes;
2nd. Nellie  Bain:    ,'3,'d, Geitie Lassson.
Second     Pi-iini'.-,    .Jr. ��� 1--I,     Nellie
i'.dc J.K
:-Ji d,
Edilh Cooke.
- First . Pi imer���lbl, Ai-lhur t'aley:
2nd, Willie Ke; iiaghau: :ird. leimie
Ilyalt.      " '
'B Class-!-(, Lottie Ferris; 2nd,
Gertrude Den'i; 3-d, Jules P.-nin.
A Ol.e-.-'-Tsi. G.-oigi-Campbell; 2nd,
Conrad Anderson; b'rd, Harry Mont-
goiiierv. '    .
_.     niVIHIOX  !!.   ,
, Class .1���1 -I, M;ind ily.-i!l;,2nd, Pcail
RubhiMin; ,'>rd. JM.nv Kdsv.-irds. , "
Class   2-1-1,   An:
i.is.-��:i; ������ 2 id
Latest from Victoria.
' It is rumored (in certain un oflicial
(puirters) tlint the goscrmneut,, ssin'ch'
dated to appoint its osvn choice of
police and license coiiiniissionei.s fur
Reselsio/ce, are ii'iuch concerned and
A very important meeting svas to be    aLinued   at ��� the   disapproval    of    the
held yesterday at Vancouver, one that
Revelstoke is much interested in. It,
svas a meeting of the provincial hoaid
of fire nndersvriters svho design lo
centralize the business as much as possible. The plan is to make tsvo boaid--,
one for the island ,-it Victoria, one for
ihe mainland at, Vancouver and
betsveen them to appoint, an in-pector
to look after and apply late-, etc. It
is also thomrht. that a new schedule ,of
rates, may be en forced svhieh svill,
lower rates to inland tosvns like Revel-,
stoke sshere premiums are outrageously high.
the disapproval
Revelstoke city council, and though
the act allosvs them this power they
aie said to be -impressed svi'ih thpir
ovvii svickedness in the matter tu the
extent of considei ing a&kiug the oliice
boy to send in his .resignation to His
Honor, immediately. lion. Joe Martin, i', is said, is im-igiued to be in an
ccslacy of svoc bium-ht on by Aid.
iJrosvn's eloquent addiess, and i.s now
fully iiupresM-d svth the enormity of
his ofience in being a mernber of'a
government ibaL actually s\ill do sshal
it may do.     'J'he pieniier, kindly man.
souico lo  be
RobeitCaley; 3rd, Is'iiii Purpl
Class l--lst, Alice Ferris: 2nd, Benny
Biekey; 3rd, E.nmet Br.isvn.
Total daily atti ndance, S7I;   average
dails. 10. -
Total actual atlendance, S13; average
daily, 11.      ''   -
DIVISION   I.       -    '
Class ."j-1-1. lOsa Lang; -2nd, Harold
Clark; 3rd, Edilh Frasei.
Cla-s   l-]--t,   El vie   Lol'ssold;   2nd,
Bessie Lasv.-on; '.'.rd, En est Han-on:
���  Cl,iss3���1st, G-orge P,-lti|!iece;   2nd,
"Onto Forres;,; 3id, Ancil Miilier.
Enrolled on regi-ier--, 2')i.
Pupils atlending in A; rd, 170.
A. JSl'LLjV.sx. Pi incipal.
,,     J\iis.s.J. Ev.vxs, 1st A-s't.
Ai'iiiS A. S.iriTir. 2nd Ass'l.
       -<t^ .   _, - ���
A Real Live Soda Fountain.
Tsvo feet of snosv reporhd at
Kamloops on Monday. Great climate
for a.'sanitarium.
Prank   Lewis   has   been    appointed
.general   manager for the Federal   Life j tlie  eflect
in We-,t Kootenay.
Conductor Wr... Ross, of the Naku'-p
it Slocan road, spent, sevpiaj days iu
tosvn this sveek   roturning   south   this
is ) ep-it ted fi om the saiin
os ei come svilh giief at the light placed
upon his acf- by tlie alflermanic 11 io.
svho hase dis.ipprosed of his actions in
selecting men he might svithout -interference select, and he is prostrate at,
council   intet ferine.
(. tilt
to   do   so.
quite   under
heing inviti't!
Hon. Mr Cot ton 'cannot
stand svhy, if the dissenting aldermen
don't object- to the appointees tliey
should object to the "piinciple" of llie
W. Cuwmi is  hack    from    Lardeau. I S'^'eniment doing as it'is   empowercf
He-says tiie  people   on   the   Arm aie
audit  the   appointments  suit,-svii it's
hopeful   of   seeing   con"-lruction  woik , lllL' vow- ' .7,"cnei'���"���'���ess he is   reported
it this end also. '        ' !ls s'J-t-��i,tiL'|l��  l"   fits   of   puliation
-ind   svill   probably base to buy a new
begin at tins eucl also
The   B. C.   Gazette   contains
sveel"    the   announcement   of   (I.e up-,
poiiitineut of Aid. Wells   aud    A.  C. i
Thompson  as    license   cumniissinners,
aud   of   Aid. Kilpaliic/.-   and    W.  C.
Dickey as police commissioners for lh':
city of Rcselstuke.
��� The eighth synod of the T'tc-.l'vteri.in
church    in   British    Columbia  met in
C.di'arv   on   HVdnesday.      Five   Presbyteries were reptesented.    The Kain
loops    Piesl
-et of books,   basing  spoiled   the.  old
ones ss ith tears.
Theie i- terrible, con-dei nation at
thpassfitl nesss 'and llie ofiice boy's
re.-igunlion may be expected huurls-.
A Serious Accident.
The accident svhieh   occurred   Men
day morning at Arrosvhead to   Geon-e
Foiicrault.  br.ikem-iii   oit   the   Arrow-
oops ljesl))tery representatives aie. . head branch, while suppr.spri to be
{is-. Fiesv, kelson; Menzies (A.), j coup.iing hose 'ueisseen coaches, is of a
Casioj   Menzies (T ),'Rcselstoke. ' mo-t '-eiious   ch.ir.ictei   accoidin"   lo
Mes-is,   Blade    and    McLennan, of
the Windsor ' hotel, Trout   L,i/lv City,
sveie in tnsvu Tliiiraday.     Islr. MeLen
nan aiillidi i/.es the  statement   that  lie
his    bought  out   Mr.   Black    and    in
t lie latest ace. .nuts.     JI i'-'-i j.i n-   1
bioken .in I l:x
fractured in a in
thought cause I
ses oral scalp uound-
-I    the
lone   is
-ner t {j.iL   may   it   is
mine-,-;   lie   su.'leied
le   is   impios-
fiituie ssill inn   this  popular and   (ir-t    ing as svell a-; e.in be expected   ac;-or !-
class In.u-e   him-oif,      Mr. McLemrsu    ing to inquiries   made   yes'.eidav   and
knosv- his business, and   guests  at the    ss hen ssell enough svii! be   lemosvd   tu
that j Windsor m is* be sine of esery coiiifoit ��� Montie.il,    ssh-ie    i-'s   ho
���""���'' . I bpeciulist lieul.iieut,
:ie   ii,
���auq alteijlj'Jii,
The iced soda drink- that weie so
accep-table through the beat of last,
summer are once more on lap at
Auian's store, but to keep up svith the
prngt ess of the city -Mr.'Anian has
lound il necessary to put up a much
superior drink, and lo to tint end has
installed a plant at considerable expense for the manufacture of his own
sod.i sva lei from liquid gas, .svhieh he
impoi Is from the east,' in strong iron
tanks under the high pressure of 2,000
lbs. to the square inch, and by means
of 'an atii omat ic rcgu'a ling guag" and
high pressure tubes can drasv oil' Ihe
liquid Irom the.tank into a cylinder
'in the form of gas, tlie cylinder being
under a pre���ure of IV) lb.,, to Ihe
.-q-.Mi'i- i:ich. The cs Under i- I lien
attached by a tube leading to the
coolers in the box of the fountain,
svhieh svill aisvays be Kept svell ice.17
Mr. Anian is to li.- p:ai-cd fur liis
entei-p:-i.-e, and no doubt the public
svill thoroughly appi eei.ife his cITorls.
 -�����-    .   . ���
An OIFer to the City.
At-the meeting of liie brigade No. 1
on Monday, ollicers were elected as
follosv.s: A. Mcibie. chief; ,|. Sliasv,
assistant chief: .1.'A. Slone. secretary;
Chas. Abrah,unson,"l'��t engineer: ].. li. I
Philpol, 2nd engineer: Wenlv Bmylhe
and J. BI in,l, lu-ei: nnd ladd-'i; IJ.
D.mil,ir, ho-..' cajitain.
A resolution sva- p,is-c 1 offering fo
turnover f:> Ihe corporation the appliance-! of tile brigade, valued at
$\"2,~)'M, if the city svoul-l agree to pay
oil" a small outstanding balance and
not len.ove auylhiug fiom there till a
ceiitial haii to be propjrly equipp.'d is
������^"es! sve came dosvn today," said
Fred. Osvei's, Cha--. P. Price, and
Archibald Slesvarl,'just in, weaiy and
rough, from their seven days'joiu-ney
froiu Ihe much talked of Tete Jaune
Cache excitement.       ,.
"What .-iboiit'the gold strikes? Any
exeilemeiit up there-'" ' ,
,-'There is more excilcnicnfc down
hei e,- sve guess," they said dejectedly,
and being pn-ssed for particulars they
dei ided tbat the last muned/Stesvart,
should explain. - His story iu suhstance
is as follosvs: ,  , ,
lie  svent   up   svilh  Jai k   Evans   on
snosvshoes  in March.  l They  svent  to
Starvation cabin first and  then on to-
Sssdft    Current,   reaching     there   on
March 2!Jth.     The  climate since they
left svas <:old, snosv or svind every day,'
and   svhile   I here (hey did not see  the
sun.   The feed   svas good  but only in
patches,   and, thirty   horses svintered
theie  pretty svell.     They found seven
people-in all at  the  diggings, a��parly
of  three  Mr. Stesvart had sent in" be-
, fore, Price, Es'ans, Owen and himself.
Healing of the reported richness of the
creek, boss-started he  could   net   say,
be tried 10 get   to   bed-rock  on Swift
Current', and every one svorking, they
sent il down 32 feet tin ough   big  boulder.-, liui, didn't, gel,  to   bed-rock, however, svater coining in-on them, and no
better colors svere obtained than could
lie bad on must any  stream.      Out of
crevices it svas 'said 2~> cent5; an hour
svas got, but he had not, seen it.     lie
sasv   no gold   there,  and   hadn't,oven
held    a   claim.      He   considered   if,~ ,i
shame to send people up  there, as the
stream i.s impossible   to   prospect, the
digging-- being too deep'a ml water too
high in il during   the svorking --i ason,
and boulders being  big.      He and the
others left I here six days ago, leaving |
in there Captain Percy Reginald Neill, {
l.ile of (lie British army.and a mining
expert,   and     Messrs.'  .Taekeon    and
McLaughlin.      Evans  svas   gardening
there and svould tiap in svint.-r.     llal-
liday and tsvo Frenchmen svere coining
out short of grid-and  svere  very hard
up, and  he thought something would
have to be sent to them.    He sasv very
little  feed   on   Canoe   river, and, only
enough for small outfits.
Tlie   others   corroborated   Stewart's
story in tlie main, Price saying that
though he had'been through the country there for tsvo years he had not
siruch il. rich yet. He thought 'Ssvift,
Current a most, .difficult stream to
svork, as Ihe water is loo high and
slorn'iy lo handle and-protect svorkings
besides. The country did not present
as good indication-*, Osveu thought, as
did dial on the Columbia, ,-mil.lh".v
declared (he general rock up ther.. fo
b.- a mica schist. They had no indie.i-
1 ions svhen they quit there that they
svere near bed-rock. They shipped
their boat to Golden aud left for (here
next day. This is the first uesvs coming dosvn fliis season from this Canoe
river excitement, .-mil it must be said
that it is anylhing but satisfactory.
said, no! Asked ifMr. Kellie hall been
informed that the subject' svould be
taken up tonight, the president' also
said, no! It svas decided i hat the'
council should invite Mr. Kelh'c to
meet/it and discuss the matter ssith
him at next meeting.
The  question  of  making  represent- .
a lions to  the  C. P. R.  asking  for' in-,
formation   re   Lardeau   railsvay    construction   fi om   Revelstoke   end    sv,i--s
then brought up and piovoked a  most
interesting  discussion   that  developed
into useful suggeslion'and explanation
re C. P. R.'  freight  rales  and   general   (
Kootenay policy. ��� '
The meeting adjourned   (o   meet  in'
ten   days   to'  discuss    the    proposed
amen'dnient to the'hy-I.isvs.
Government To, Interfere.
There svas an -interesting  discussion.
at,Ottasva on Tuesday  over  ex tens-ion
of  time   for   tlie   B. C. .Southern    and
Fort Steele   branch  railsvays.    Hesvitt
Bostock,   M.'P.,'wanted   a   restriction
imposed granting a station   to  Movie.
The minister of  railsvays  agreed  that
railsvays, particularly out svest, seemed
to show less regard  I ban" they   should
to town's rights along their  lines  and
said with respect to the particular case
in question   that  lliougbthe  C.P.R.
claimed topographical   burners   in   lo-
'caling a station at Movie  the   deputy
minister of railways reported differently.      Recognizing   ihe    unsati.-factqry
condilion of affairs svith regard  lo  (be
location   of s'talion��,   Hon.   Mr.   Blair
said he  proposed   to   introduce   legislation this sesgion  amending-the  rail--
svay act so that the railsvay committee
of the privy council may have absolute
posver to settle -ill dispute ��� concerning'
the subject. ''
Getting1 Their Reward.
The .clepai Im.'nt of public svorks,
Oltassa', have sent. ,Mr. Win. Henderson lo proceed lo Rossland and Nekon
to scctue sites suitable for public
building-,. This svould indicate, ob
serves llie N.'!-on Tribune, lliat the
mis-ion.iry svork done by Ihe delegates
who svent lo Ol'l.tsva last, year, backed
by (he unce.i-ing < IVorls of Mr. Bostock, M. P., lias borne fruit. Revel-
stoke is about Ihe only Kootenay city
(hat, lias not requested a public building. Even Kamloop--, (he .so-called
inland capital, is lo have one.
d The Mining Report.
The'minister of mines' repoit for
1S9S is svithout doubt the most complete and thorough volume of the
kind yet produced and reflects great
credit on Mr.'-Hume 'and his 'departmental assistants. It is svell illu-trat-
ed, the statistics simple, the map-, aie
useful, and Ihe style of the reading
matier is concise and explicit. The
product of the year is placed at $10,r
OOO.Sfil. an advance of about half a
million ot\ the preeceeding year, but
nevet Iheless'the indiist ryastcadiiy progressed in development and equipment. For lsOO Hon. Mr. Hume,
should confidently look ""forward, if silver keeps up and Atlin materialize-, Lo
a splendid story of svealtli, ��s -Rossland, Boundary Creek ai,d0 other
camps are doing svell. The report , i.s
sold int 5!) cents and is good value for.
the money as a,svork, of inference and
of local interest.
For the Country Hotelkeeper.
t Tho Board of Trade.
A special general meeting of the
boird of (rule look place Thutsday
evening. The council submitted a
i I'Milul ion asking for a monthly -perial
meeting. There svas considerable
debate and lhc mot ion (o introduce a
by-law lo Ihe effect slated svas carried
by !) voles lo fi.
The president said hesvished to bring
up tii.- Canoe liser tiail mailer and
expected Mi. Kellie, M. P. P. there,
bill be svasn't. Asked if Mr. Kellie
had been requested   to   be  pii-srtit  to
According to "an act respecting
liquor licenses" pas-ed last ses-ion.
svhieh svas to rami- into fine Apiil 1-t
and -apply to Ibo.-e portions of- Ihe
province not situate ss ithbi die limits
of any municipal its-, iur.il boiel-
keepets, it would seem, mu-t '���bu-lle"'
to comply ssith its provision-and keep
their license-.
Sec. 12 of I he  net   -ay-:   "Every application shall be in foi'm   ol   Schedule
B hereto, and st,eh application -ball be
{ sen!  lo Ihe liuance minister, at,ciiy of
I Vi< loii.i, along   ssiih   (be   sum  often
I dollars, so that it may leach him on or
i before   Ihe loth day of May or Xovem-
j hei."     As die
I on   .June 30!h
J lapse'   if   -the
other- of   i hiss ilh.
The nesv act is a very -tii:i;j
apparently woikable one, !Un\
to be enfoiced lhere i- no dm.
according lo il- osvn psovisiu!)-.
iicen-e- i--ued .ill expiie
.���ninl   appear to
.-ilios"   icguladon    ,t\id
act   a:c   not   complitd
������nt  and
if   it   is
to  lost:
The. Ijoiiu'iiion hotel, Vict.ni.i
be still furllier enlarL'e.J. *
tori;i    Times.       R���;��.���( nt iv  i:   h
beautifully    decorated    i;om    t.,o
bottom, an-l  Mr.
���.-ir-  Vic-
nosv   thi*   nio-t
and best ai ranged house ..;i l!i<-   eo.i
.Some splendid   fresco   ssork    i;.--s also
uijjlit fuv i\vi purpose, ibv prysidvnt ^-i l^ti \u tl-e but tocurMiuiirt
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Driiminqud County railsvay and Pacitf  cjihleresolutions svould be taken up.*1  Ot-hei'giivei-iinientjuisinesstq be introduced svould be senat e reform resolutions, a reclisti ibillion bill,and cet tain  resolutions in'/��������� respect 7 to ��������� railsvays  svhieh means-'railsvay subsidies 'and  suppleuietitary estiinates^v:; ;:: \3:,v 3'v;'.  ''All' these vnintters would lie yinii 0-  diicetl before tlie: business nil sv  on   the  ; -. '���������  ��������� .���������'/-��������� .,   -���������������������������,,-,    .���������������������������������������������,������������������'���������, ��������� ������������������  ; .,���������-������������������' /���������-.  order papi'i',ss-i)uld be disposed csf.3 33 ���������  :,'/.'/''���������<';-���������;��������� ������������������.'';' ' ''' '   rm r*   ��������� '���������'V; ' -.'������������������' -J.'..  -/THE-'LONG! SUFFERING3JEACHER.! '  -3_": ���������; ^-"VS^ ii. "p.ii lil i.^sl i'*" i i'i<i/- i i'.������ fi-i'r'i'i'i rx fcioj-x-' /������r it? *jj'i"t-cli"  ;iiig 3ywift:" Ouri;eii;t77excit::e!]ient 73'at:  7'xacl]y';svli'lit7iKVsv(!rtli3td 6,ui3 read(irs  .,,beluri:?n'g;:i^  ,ne,ws3!" d'i '-i Ti i-s'7c?!s cit-1; 1 ii ro 11 i-,; i^������.. -'ii r* t7':'-;>v 0"). 1".  i'o;u''i'i fi ed I ):e i Kyoi ie i.'7'*:i t7yj.s3.li no sv'ii -'t I16;  !!ii;il(ei*,for!;ill7c.ince!niecl3is.7|iei3m  VavHI:ybe! consers'cd"77������*>iV3"*-Iletter vkii\iu*ii;  !^i'y e!:.i' L"i"i'-Vv>-s-3i'i t>);-V>i"(:'<i.-!: 3* ;.'> * V>V7'.-.:/-4 '.'i vi.Li \ -7-1 ^l? !"!''-l'- -1'7;"vn,TJ  3.|7'ser ve; a I v'y titv -;:i!e*-7e'. 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"7 'i':"!;.!;-"'  bl<;a3y!;intl/ii3ht, dclivcrvyrigs,  eLc-'i'-iust received .(liv"-/- ,'��������� -77--:  u  as;  McMahoii,  7BiHck>niiiibiir3 anci: ��������� wood work'  !done,on3sJT:)ri;- 'notice.'.-./- :Ca'rri-  :?i3[es built to order.7,  -d3R7HU!7y:'&7GOv  ieliffi  ^urveyorsdfldDigh^cIas^M  Allj()i'ders,,in pur linewilbbe. prbuiptly  7'���������'��������������������������� atf:epde((l;td.3 33. 77    .���������.-'���������y^'\.'.-\ryyyy  No-wHsaily..  <P  I   >������*&������^i������  1  .n and' Wine  ������  An excellent spring' tonic. 0 A   fresh   supply  just received at    , ',','-'    '    f\  i) f . -o  \muh   IJyiyy   m,   ui3i$t\ uu i  $  -fa.  tzZe'ZPte^ii viru^^co^iA'*^ >  ;ead  'lie JSootenay Mail  t  i nmuq  .Manufi-iclui in,-<    . ,  Jewels? anil '��������� Watshmeker.  Medals, jesvel:*,, and special designs, of  jewel i;v    made    to    order. M;ikiip>3  present's ,;tnd'   prcsentauon gc-yds   a  specialty. .    ,     "  tt   ''      '  ������,ai-G'C2t Etcolr. in tlio Pro-.'ino~>,  M GQ000VA ST.,'    -  '��������� VANCOUVER.  ,   Oi'iicial   W'alch I nspector for CI. P. U.  v^r'-niro p  V   \^-9    Sma fi      ft 3   foona ^=2^       3  Fruit, vegetables, canned goods, salt and   dried   fi!,b-  anchovies,' etc. ' * , ' ,  i i i . i  iciandinavian'Produce -' -  ���������  <  of all kinds.     Mens clothing.  IEV  ^ZETZL-IIEsr .-&G ' GO.  M     2^y- ttf f\   ���������   fe.tert       a,e  In every style and price.     There is  no need for you to  send east for your calendars   and   advertising   novelties \\;hen, you   can   get   them   in' Revelstoke   at    5,  'eastern, prices, or even less. ,. ���������    %  .--i^vjva   >n������x- i*;������-j,.*]-.    /rzr.  **$$ fhf.  ootenav Mail  li H-oowt  ,-^s^i^^^'^^ys/C'y-;y^ysv''-v?>^^''^^ ^'~%^-^s^io/7s^^^^ '^r^i  COWAN-HOLTEM-DOWNS-C0. '  -    '      Wholesale dealer^ in * '  . ���������   ' Wines, Liquors -and Cigars,  Affcnls  foi" lhc   Karn  Pianos, cind    remember Karn  is  Kinsj  A large stock of -  ,; ' Bicyclea \,      -  Office, .Cowan Block, - '   ,- Revelsboke  liaiBB.."  en'y   plants,' .Mnd'.'ri  sve aie daily ctcvelopiig and -arr*'^tTfO^t, j plants n\ Ji. f*'*| ���������!'���������*''>"fi  (3-oM./ ;Silver, -yLeadr and  :'"^:   'Copper Ores' ,3  .3   .   ���������������������������:   . .    1-'.'G..H:. Klc.     ������       ,'.*'  ;'.      /3  -3 v\;ji..,y (-.ifilc'-s nn.l Mctallnrffi'-a-l Work--, ���������''  .., 3 . ;, -'     vaSCOUWa;.; n.3o..;        -.'���������.  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' *'     '      , .'''���������!���������'  Oiiookiwg   gmoHor   pufpa   a   /���������jjpoclalty  PuMiBliod Annually.���������***oasG&������ . 3  '���������.'���������-. 'n,e'ia)3;est.-aii'd nsdst  i:d,i"nplel.o-.cli-.  - ���������'.������������������..'���������rectory .yet published' for British  ...  '/'Colombia,    v Contains :over ��������� 1000  *.3.piij<e.s of all (he lat.'St.:inrorma7tiou.  Price7,,$5^  To.be (ibtaiiied fi iim. liie, direcfory  ofTlces, Victoria., the agents, or.  ' - RO, Box 385,;���������'���������'  Victoria^:-������i.: B.C.:-  17  m  Incorporated bv act of P.*u liament ISoo. v  HEAD OFFICE    ,       -":      *        - MONTREAL  V.'.sr. 3I01-SOX i\I.sc:i']ii-;)?soN,-Pri"*.       8. II. 1'svixo, Vice-Pres.  1<\  WOLFKitST.vN TuO.si.SS, General .Manager  PAID-UP CAPITAL '     - -    -   .        $2,000,000  RESERVE - 1.500,000  A Kciieral baiikiiiK lawiiiess traiisaclu.l.   InlorOht allosvcd oa (icposits at current nil cm.  J. D. MOLSON, Manager, - REVELSTOKE, B...C.  VT  J. ALBERT STONE, rnopiiiEToii.    '  Cor. Front & Benson Sts,       -       Revelstoke, B. C.  $1 Per Daj  Kewlv built and furnished,     Furnace heated.     Electric liHitct  FineBt, Best Supplied' iSar.-yin Oi  .3 ������   fl  few* '���:'������<&���'
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.7.   gentle "voice 'sbbincd ' to   fill -   I'rofessor -
/Haniill svitli.surprise.,.',- lie lnokcil .af'lior
i   aiid looked'at her again   in "a  svoiuleriiig
',','. svay, as if lib did not ijiute. believe his eyes'
.   Sadie, conscious of liis gaze,   could  nob
suppress a feeling of satis'fiictioniiiiittract-,
��� ��� it.gr' So much .'attention- .from, thisyalislin-
- giiishcillooking. gentleman, and  svlibiv, a
, liftlc; later,   her 'mother  excused   herself���
'������ andlcft Sadie svith .her.father to en'tortiiiii
7 their giiest she ss'as. s-'ery careful   that hor
language   shbukl  deserve    119; criticism
��� Bhe felt the professor's eye3  resting upon
her more than o.ncosvit'li   svhat  seemed to
her increasing approbation, ./-.
...     SVhcn thoy  svoro gathered , around the ���
table!- spread  svith- snosvy   di.uiiask,  and
ilcekcd. svith  'the   daintiest  china    nnd
'���������'   shiniest silver,' Kai'lio   found .'herself  pii-y-
'.Ir.ti.the othi'i! girl's,  .ssdio  cot.Id   not  have
"'���    .Professor -Haniill at  their-   houses.    Sho
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able���altogether, she-: reflected, o'ye.rything  j
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:, '.-At that instant sJre3.sv:;s3s!'ai;'.;c-i- from ������
, her reverie -by ���.lier.iisoThir'i'"sy'v.o;ee'. ���', ���'���" : 3 37 j
-... 3'Jiut'sbi'jously, Pi-(if.-s7yr',Ii:i'-iib.!,3' sbe':;
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.rJI.y-Jiib.iinless'ypii stop, v-dear^ckikl,,-you;.
SS/'ii'bo'taikine I hat svay at my .ago' ybur-
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driver, Ilosyes-cr, h'ccilless of tlib hint, kept-
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'���drive faster than ibis!-:, 3' .3 :33
3 7"It..can't  -ho altirie',-: sir,';' .replied the
driver:    ''' Ye sve, if svl-klriyes fayfrr svctc
hail Up afore the  beak, and ,s\*e gets fined. .
So s'.'e.has to he careful.,'' .    ���-..".  -���'������/';.
He did npt alterhis pace nnd neiUierdid-
,tlio '.'beak"'catch .bis train.���London Tit-
tfits.: -' ���.��� i ������;��� :;,3 ,.33:-'. "-   - "3..-'7.3 ' 3
Toreinlor'Karnt'ii ^OO.OOOVn' Year.
'���"���A suci'essf-.il -tore:.-id or p.ublishcd ���'his- re-"
ceipfs a sliort time .ago'. ���   liiiring.tlic oov-3
rida��� 'seasc.n he took part in .C-1, Ijghls and:
'killed 11,'j bid Is!,    Ill - ii'cl/pri'.iit.sva-. >i:'"ri.-
O'O'O, and tlip.'eij'ly 'ii.jurh/i :h'ii:Mi��tai��eil3
svere a.brttisepn liis foot and irrather bail
syou'iid in the leg.
'The risk:-' run are of bp'.irse'"grca:;,'btit-
the incii are ?���) extrii'>t;din.:;'r:'y .airlic.' Iha.b
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Soaicliin.-s one.svill be-������badly gui-t-<l...biit .1
.ss-ei.-k or isvoiif hospittil svii! generally; set
hbi! on liis leg-.again,        ;'��� *'"-'���".
.    'I'liese'iii. n. oi'i'-n 'utiviba';*.'- d .'and   p.-o-,
ci.vlilig   Troiii   the'-  l-bvesi    clasivsi   -afo
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E. J7edYLK,. ':"L: 3, 33.'7 ''.:.3,i,,3'��; '7.3:3;3;::333
3:i'W:7'i'3v'District Passbagbr Agciit/Yaiibous^;
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Addres^, Kiirsc'LuciVS;Uc'vclsfoke, H. e/3.3-3,
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!3:!!yIl��asohabIe Rates
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Pe-tervBarhhardt, /3- vir"   :  Prop;
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���  .For .!0:day!>.3only, 3 -These- are, snaps.and the
-���'! chance ,inay;not comei'round again... ;-;       ;., 3.3.
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i'Vi-.i'-,-;-'<.l and fesred.   and ; even   th-J- larger: I   m      m     Jf\     \.   /J &>     (] &"-^*n
n'ess-:-pf.e.:r.-of Madrid aive;'.r.eiul. t-iygivo,/-p% -^[j-   ff\%   ��� \g "\)\.<i\ f~*'
nothing but pia!.-e to ihc-'.u. i-r-.k/r pi in-  i   G %fi. ',t Jr^^^\     .{������'      tt   %% ;]
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77' Not the;'.vfake3;!^oId;liriclc7svl)i,ch/ 3
7:3:7 ypu have  n.113 heard ,3,so3'Uiucli36rv.
!7;7-but!a brick lil'ade!of7clay3^vl1!ich, isir.
v-'worth its^sveight in3.gd]c].3'-33-;- .--o/.;
7.7 - 7Itlismatlci;h;ere,in;)-our;riw
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?:7:,'3Cm'lhe3inni;ketv and: iu77use.:.7See33
33v-3duV:samp|es3 liefpWoi'dering. ./':,: -::3;
Revelstokey7 Brick! Co. 7
!. 200 to 208 First/Ave. ,No. .
tea 1
Shipments Solicited.        '
Write for,:Cl?culaP.
Ban-istcr, Solicitor. Etc. / ;
.  ���. ���   0 '    '   '. . . ':���.'-'
OFincii: (k)sv.sx Block,   -y
FRED. M. VyELLSjiiMiNE Examiner.
P. O. Box 1SG.
Highest cash prices pa iii 'for rasy/ftirs.
:/.   Apply to    '.-.. ���'���'.   y ��� Y:   :   3-'-
-7^ FurBuyer,
'.;:.""���:'-,- ���; -V;:';:: WINH!PEG;^r���4ANifOBA '���:
A ,ent foi- M. Axelrad,&' 'Co-..  Lbndon.,
England. ,    ��� . ,      '���'' . ,
Sniall or hircrecoiisigiiment-promptly
at t.-lded lo and' ebetpi'ys.-uf bv ri-
3 turn   mail.,'    Storekeepers   please
. flop ajid see cutr prices, :      /���
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v/i'v. 337 7'33'3 Successor toflip^iUcDVA'. S\". Go. : ;;:;���.   /
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]''3.iv 3.7" ^vliiclivivieet'soiy- the 39 fly all. Victoria/:
3- ;73'^3:7'Hivll(3ftv:T:hiii.*s'da.v'-.:!'ii^ei:n'(Vi-)ib'. .333     ;.v3
Kootenay Lodge     -w
~0~'     .^o. 15 A.F. & A.M.
-.���'!    "      *     '���' "'      - '
,*.-.'* y'l'.ht- i-.;Kii'lfir iiic'.-tiiig
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t'r'fe^i'333^3'3^-:-c''>^:?',. S'i-iting: brclJire.n
^Tf-ri-'i"-.-���-.- "'3'-:'. cordially sveleoiijed., .
.."���' "7 3-   'yqivSiFLINl/r; g'iicitis'r'.yjiY.
' JIBVE-LSTOKS .7^03aE, X.7O.G. ,F./Ho. 25..
,'���''������ 3-r/ ,-H\S 3. 'Hbgukir ii'ieetiiigs are.held
-3^inS3/l:S^^ io. Oddf'ol!b,Ws'3Hali:every
'j3//v::->'/i;>.il:3-?'3^i>-; Tlnn-ikO' iiight al;' eight:
iY^-^?rd^^<iii^~S o'-L'lobk: .Visitiiig hrothe.rs
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3\(:^p.'l,3.7^||^|/vl'��,'l'fb3 Fridays-3 of' wufh-:
::..vi^'L.B;C,^^3- voc-ntiiv; VisidiVgr iji-etli-:;
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. 'i'.:-3.-WATCHI3AKIS2l;AHI>.^EWEL��EEl33':i 7
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,.|i^:rtf'''ivi'-idd:'s\,''i?-b'i.i.''ii'-)fi(a'itVi;''l-iitin;':^ .hours
sv��(-Ulv, 3i������.pVS'i.ii'iaiilh.-.'   HptHii'iil t^ro.s: to -lam-:
kies./'A-!divsr;::-/-  . 3'-". -,"' .      3 33 :,y'-.-y. ���:: ���..
/...//,,//^:-' / -S-nsS-STKr:!,-!'".-'-'.-*: ������-: ���''���S:-:3- -':
.  /'3/-3Slc;!Ci-!;zikAvciii'..!,30])P3^iylo
- AVe are h'eadquar'fers for photo supplies of all kinds, both'amateur
���."."and 'professional. Oaiiieias, kodaks, HI his, plates, ehemipalsj inoiints
,3:   liipods, deyelo|iing nnd printingoiitlils.;  Catalogue and   book of
"���'\ ������ '���;:. Y':'-- '.'���:'��� "ins tt net ion free.'-   y: '..'--..'��� '..''3-...i-,  - - y,' 3..  ���'.���':���:.  ������ ':'���.:,        7/,>:. 7-3 7- if'3 3- /' '3'.
:-',:,. '33''7:''33:-'. 37,.3-y HefidiOffices,lTor6iito.37Factories,3Pef.e^
N0lspii!' ,f .',.-���' Yr:i"yy\ '���:''/ B.'-; G.;i!Offi^s3:, |"!7;;3.'7' ;337-73::".' ] 73! Yahcoiiver
333!'3 -3!3 i;3-3,'5O7-50^|ll-513 .HASTINGS;STnkET,37:3^3:
���f /Dealers in.������'+ 3
'i>; v.v :���:���:-.���.
e3--' Sio-J's'
Dry 3 Goods73;G;r6eenes,:v-H
l!.iholeuhis. Oilcl6tlhs;3Wind6w , Blinds,;! Baby 3Carriages;Y Etc.
L3iirtfest aiid best -asspftedystbcll iontheiB/iG
Tlii-ii-ougliiv-Fi'st Class. ':���; A113 White HcIp33Fihest tiiidNesvest I-Idt'el in theCity
3��rs3:et'c;:3 y-Aippiv'cytt3./3337:!,33:3'7;!-373,33
3:'7^/4/i:/G3}1 V: W"'1"7-|
v/yW :W/'   /-i&   P'R   -P
/3;:VW/v:W ���-:   M    M-vS-fa.V.fc-j
���'.3-;',..-- "   3   -    ;^>^aV!>";i^'
K-vjsV-3 ���;:���/:������ 3-3 .--���, 3. /v/y.yy.3'
*-v��Z,<8i., ,..,������'���. -. ���  3-������/..,.���.;,,; ;..-3.VV.
7.|77 -i:N o:\y-33i s3:!!t h ei /ti-iii, e 3,y ��� o f^t'lie
33:3::7^3year3;\sdTeh3!33.3'. 33733'!3iy: 3';33'333
���''.���'", ������:.��� '"���',*-'f/     .-..'���' -,   '*:'-
-; j-ta S t33;-7'!:;tiifc;ie|:^'G,cl ^y-cl 3 - 3 b^cL Ll't 1 fu:
��� i:a n tr<2!: 'i ii'-3;3!7:3:3!: 3. -:3i 333i7' 73333/ 3.3vi -33 ;73
���'--��>/ :,3-
"���.-:-.':.'.'!"!:,,;-.'.';'*-.- /ii-;;,:/.-".-"v;r'3' :i-.'.."/;'. ;--;/���-; fjity'--  7-
'"���/'i'7- 3.3/3:73::33Z:3J3:EALEii:iy3";3333v3/3333733yy
!33v 7"y ���7>73!/4;i'We7,'H.ave3-su
!,!3:v3:;:337'''77 3';.-kIhd j7 th^besti^'an d ^it; pirices^^hatLyMn't-. be! 77 -v-^i/;^:;!/:",.;.^:/
.37:!'33.3:33;'':37',3,3'vn'ialched'ih"Re\'elKtol<:e.3:3 i.7//''3':'7T' ���/7'/y;-.3-337y3!'^73/,3v33:!
^i^D d'ii't ���������forget-^
'y/.-:/:/' "(,.->:i//.,:.J?iv.y:'/r-.,,- ..,.,-./���,-' '::->���/ " ,���",'���/'='���������'- /"'... -..-   .;.,:���.;;-*:'-/- -.���.���;':'���, ��� 0-..ryw yy
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.;/, 3/3' v7733;!^up'pl ies'Vi ;^peci;il tyi3; <.:<'' y^yii;5^;;!;.-.-'/,;-^:^^'^!^''
^.iV^^^^'^S -333/
1 ��� -e^SZBntt^^i-^ajjjjj^^.;. -,;!j. -
337^amter:aiiclf De cor atpr:7}
Grc-iiriing, Cai^riaige Painting;an'd;3lj?dp.en.
33   Hanging/
-7 ''i';*"1.*..1, v:..'' '7!'.-/ ���'     *.-:'vi.
3;;'3:-33;-:' /vyKEVEIiSTOKE'STATION;
^-i^-^^gTiTiTTi.. '^^-'j .,.rmrr-~~--y^.;
,   -,        , v   ��� ������     ,   , '--2- ��� '��� .,
'������' ���:''.'' :.''���; Mr; .7) a tiieis. ..7L;'i.s\* reiu-e, .'��� < 'f/thei ,La sy
.3/ ���: re-iice:- "Hai'-ti ss-*"ire-y.Coi'l 7>eI- oil,;Ijiv^t-li'p'i-''
''''���'.'.';,,'oFl lie >J,be'ai':. iikrdsvare :.mf rylianK: ���sy'iisl'-/,,,.,. '': ���",������.���������,::,, '.-. ��� .*��� 3 3 ��� > '733''37":' 3:
,.:-y3in:Res e;stola7\\,cf!nesdiiy'iiiidieft 3fo'7:J 7 -7''3:3.,7; , 33':..:/������.'37 '���;','���.-., ��� 3-7-"'-
''!'73'"-fc!]e-:east nexfci'diiy3'737i3v3"'y
- 3 7K:sers.3 17 Q. y He, ' ,'s i j j d. /.-. ,b i'o. t. ti e i-%3; ctf j 3/3 33 ,,3k::;/3'....'7i-v3- v 3i*:r,3v'3::,v,,.#.7o' ?
��� v.Jiake'U.ru'pni'ti.'. aiev ihe : only ; ones re -v. ,- ���:,/../,/ ������:������.;���������;..,.   ���:��� . ���-...;:'.;.,...-,-- ������ ���������.���.���-. - ;
V -���:-"a-   : :..'..-,.,: .3,. .,..,-:.;��� /  ....y-v.-,,   ,���.-.   ���.-,    -���,-!,��������������������� " '   '/-���( if %t I   --S'fi. i tiCS.'      - ���-'
"niaiii'iii-qfo.r. tl.-e:.iaini sy.. ;,
.i-,v;s'.,e.��, aiso
"snd*-v ,^3>rrie33nai3>s: i'ii.7
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'���' 7'31;icld33Ki33:j'ii(:,,. |?iij ygrounds :3l7h*7ii-sdHay .3-qj-. i..,-nn;33^i3. 0;,ij;. 7!773'.7:
: ������������ ���tf-iv'en.iii.g "ifexti: '^^'iKvcoiiipttn y 3uni:foriii33^^^ ^'jlHUt 3,031^3 3iy3 3333
.y^di'as" Iie7'yi's!ijpp(.yl:,frijni7(3)tt;yss'aii:'3.7.vi:':'vp_, : .7' ���.,337-3',3 7  'v-.'/ifv''37 '' ' ���
k'ii'i'.svn', rail ss:ayo:i!'d a..-t.'ks -iir-d'he syest,: j .. 33 ���.���'���; :Y'-y.."Y v"' ���' '''.7^3.    , 7 ...���'
;/'rjas3/rie;;- .'i-as-t' 'i.s ��� 3dV,,lei-3Ue3.i''|r.3 .i'llii*:!.'
-37'Piicii-icy'3n';,i/i/ii fjf th<3 C'/l^flJyf.vj'he^i
7 ''.C'<ibi!ir&: or.si--: .cr){Vvenl,i,.i!i;3sy'liic!:i':y,t;lb(!*i;3;| ,
,ab3l7(->r7.u/.y.iv! v 'Tl|.li'.3 ���': 3- 73v:!0,,:3;    3;.   3''
7'"'-.3 Kin!.' i3'Ol'ro-iztes7':iiiid!.'AV.! }.[33'133ss;i 'ji,
���������.'.���. i-e.wci;':31 si-vt.3 tb(3ir 'd'is.tiiilxtilishe;!77fe!k,,'A'' 3'
���. ' e>j.ii:'ilry'uai.ii,;'::i.''i;;t'tr3 7 -1*!r'pi;yri''iSj.,,:.''V.yjyji";;��� ',|,j3
'"������'.. ji'a-'-in 7-;3 S'br3,ui/Si: 7 iiery^tb' iib'iy -'i-astfv''
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'���.-���.���-���.'iiYd-ii'n':','i-,',:.':r'i.-.i:*���'.'J.^.''!-!3 '���[>��� ������'W:r.-.yA\3';!.'s.:')ny7
C\:$'��^;(^M i-7-.f 33!ie7!c.3k;ii.;i iv.7 ���:
''���'���.a'!io:;r .''.''��� ;",',:���' ';'������-.-: U-ifd! :i.'t-<::    t!i�� ���'���' '''.Mtt'iiiirb:
'��� ��� -,, .  .-.-.    .   ',-"',���/    .,.-.    ���..'.:���-.,        ���.:.���������../..:���
Jv!iil/y'ti:/tr3ill.  I^'oril ' 3;o;l-v,    to;   .;-(;--i-l';  ���
' y.'Tiii'-.' l>* tf'ti  ',-*/> ;!���;(.'.*' a v ili.'-r.,"   t is    said,/
,.-. 'a.s-ei- /:-;i,i:-- 3i?3-3:;<: iTiyj/iii'-j- ��� :.*.iu-. Ij'.i'ij i- ";s j'K.j y: ;./"'.'.��./'.. /./'"; ���,--.: ������������,���:���',���,���������. -���������' .v-'-   --/3
!'!ik,33!.!!;,.31,;:^c;ip/;e>:3:ei,t- t.i- change 7'3 .! x- /-'i^eidi'Uip^iViaiiager;/-' 773
/���������!s3.,, ���; iii ill ;-,i.k'e-.-,i;-.-sva.tef7'   ...," -3 7; ! -nuA ?u"hv :- 7:'-' ' n^QvMAi-f-fMp:;
,3  fl,!.,.-, yy,; ,,! 1,;: :/l'il--U^ ,t'!n  by  !��� red. .;  .-3T;.-          : " :    ' ; ... '. .... './,,, 3- 3'/:'; a./.
-'��� Ovrei: ti ���-in  (3'Z!i-3   i.iyi-3'. mi   AVV/lni        "���" ��� ���������	
//nn ;,3a:3-.y/.;ry:<3 fine-
veiit "blv jinen "shfrts3.
3/3ji;H' /V;3;7_3 t:h7i3,7]il3iV7.
-'i);i .,'���;; belt/i'777g!o:ves'7::
;3e*yV3;v3,h(-v)/!d nt.a..k'e3
���vv-. yiur si3'i'.e ��� f>r7)3it---
.'7.pp7"!;:3" :!'.'���!��� ���:3!,077'!'3-7"-!";
���'.'���'S^'-3 ���'"���' -': ���'; .-';������':' ' v :.--:'3,v.: -yv:
3 My /, 37 :.7Bon^ii"ancl
7.If?|377.-:���,,, '-'.'3"3'3:,v-fW:-'y-
���Wy, 3'3 3:Dressed ���;33
��� !��=S-1/. ���-��� ��� ���'���'.   : .-���/ -  .'.    - -�����������-'��������������� / '
-������led--" :  -.: ��� yy, -v: ;. \- ��� /,3.
T'  )'.  " '���':'  '.'I* .        <!..  .' 3r-v'-'- ��� ��� ..'
il-? <��i  "*l"-  ^' IT--."-"--j ; '�����?-<���; ��~~ rg SXt <3 4��
il;A*:-w3W- p-u-.-baveyl "bv  (���'.'��� V, ' W.-iis; in ! T^f U'F \  0;'! ifl'tfr '���'���'���'���'���' 77 '
^^.VM:iU^r:.* 'C7!;rk }'!;i,,,,3y;-C.,7i flrt ��Ld1 U^-t:-:*-- .''   "  !
-���';;.);,... i.id''",---'('.'..������ ..The lot lneLuo'c-.i-l-i     -���"..������     ,     .. -  -..,..      .-.':���������    ������'������".     :.   .
3.,,u7..,i.'aoii 3,-3-   sv:3l ;,:���', b/-.vi.-AI i7,"i .0Tf A '%*\     '    '' '-ft'lHI ill 0��
y.-7y:--v>:..3-J/V:3 ,--'3i/- '<'33&I ��14^1^01113
li'y.l. -is f; .i >, ��� \f< ti'K
���evyrv.-  s;si!3/!Ci:;'''in  .'Dt.i-t.
���juri^.- .;:; Jut -
'C.'i ''f'-i'm : '.,-''od:i 3 d, inks'   ii(3 ' (,!!:,ts.    .',. '
L-Vinaii'-.-,'.: 3   ..' ���' ���'....'������ - ���'      7 .   i     ������''�� 3 7-
7'   A;d.'-J':d..-,(".'.-,.ii;i.-r,-oi"-, A'ci'iii.o,')," speiii. !
:   Tiuirs',',-;'..- in'/'.sMi  Vim    his.   ya.s3 borne I
.-> ���  , '        ' ��� 3    ' .^.      ,       i        . i      - . ��� ,   :
' Tl'o'ia-.'!    \ ���;���!.-��� .! - - ��� .'-uui. I'c.'iv. ���     I .' ���    1-.    a.
'' ifiam-'li^;. i:i;ii<^r,ih*:tji(-/Kbiglits:;.dfi7. ��� l-i/\'3U; i/i'//'I'/./:;!' '1-Va'Ving
6 J'7r, ;.-;;���. - ;-17' I ciii--;' 'riiii-.;.er fit 'the    I tide/
��� ��� pe.'i..i--i.i! ''���.'':���?.!��� i ���'������!': F,.-i'(,-'l:(!rs ��� court, 'at
lA'ci/.���-n aii-i'ivi I ,-.-s-(-;ral of bis brel.-1'in.'U
in i b'v r ��� i..i'di;i;s duiiiiy bis st rv here..-.
lus'/ciyi/','. 7i.ik:j.   gave3
7  ' .
svas ���3\vi"i3i.-l: -A/:,* ��� '���'>������ janantef-d.
..-'��� IS
'"���73    .! 33. Shiii vle,s/-dathi 'and
������,>'��� ' '���        ���-.',��� ��� ���. ��� ���
3':3  : ��� 3 3J\It''Lildings/7;'3 373-/33,:
Long'-ditnensioi") "timber  cut
7'   7 to'order,- aiid,-.clear
-; 7-        7(:ed:i,r ,fyifish.i-irg.3luin'3
'���'.'!';,-,.''      bv.-r a. speciaity'.'""!''.- 3
:A)l7orde';^ ; pro'n)]jtiy 7 fltled.;
.73' T firms cash]; /.';;' '
vGiiir. !Hpme!! Eurriishiiigs
337y- 3;3w;i 113^1 ease! ^c^iLiyy; i n 3;! e y eiry/ r e -:
:33/i:yqu3:ai"e: sure733tp77
7 3.3 :';:i-' Wi t-iv:-. t h e'-;.;q li alf ty ���' d'f-;.'t fi e.7 p:6'dd s -
v^vplease-- us ��������� befdrey bei ri^;ta]<;eti
3i:!3;3 oti r] prices!];; \V i 1 l!]7hi!b!i^33!than!
3;'3ecqiiqiiiy yYi'M Gt3,us;!^u,bniii:3ia3
7y333fesv/3prqpis3 ^tpj^sti hstantiate'
y'i/that] stateinen t.7;3-;3 'r-.y,^:.^ 7:77-3^3.'!
-   tingham]! laceii1:curtains,/: ?o
3 inchesvwide, #iiiiyards3 lo.hg^
:- 3 ///^.:y.'3-:/ ,'���/.- ..-^""v/v.,. .yy,:. ������ -.,..,-   c?.-,
y pur:regular3:price ^1725,3 on
3 '������ sale' riext week]7.-.'!!". '7��:;'Xi'.z,c:
i     ���  '��� ---'i- ; '-'b  -  '     ,.���-.-���     ���    . i   *J      .
���^i'lylaiid^y1-!^,^^^-^ 7;'xi7.^ iai^yincKes/
3 imounted 33 on73g-ood :  sprins
y.ii'irolleirsi. 7;3cbmplete:i ff-regular
7;/]pnce7 7pe:;3y' Oik- sale. . /7. 25c
'!!;::3;|!]i!:333377:i ':3' 'ti&iili^
y!!] 7 33i^ailablq37iny^
iLargeaiesyyliiie bf 3-linl;iid;33PriiitRd ^hiid3;:di?la-'h73
And Gorlc cai'pe(33,,-;A;x:i 11 in'^l,er,34^\yill'pii;''"il/i'i'^v
selsj: Tapes! 1 *y / - V ii n"d /A \r < >3 * 1 /yy 7333] 3373773333^y3::.!!:. 733 73 3'/3 ] 7 333:; :773:
sdii'i'i/\ Va 1,1 pa pei-sf ti 1 il 'Kin) i.'V'.i.esi-'i'i! i -'i.t-t i i lgs!'::;:]/]:]'3|-,
p RO/y\R-'i7
v3;>^-<:3i/: ;-3; 3;v ���" 3f my:
i -'yi>
l %?':
J 3:,; UxuBsa Bcm^l
|33^ :3E(]jiippe<b:yllo3el](^i3i
'3:3y';3:li-.3;v'!Evei y,i:hiiig37n.esy3,3'*i'iid,'3iiiJr3p37;333y'3:;3';3
f/.-y-: td;(la|ii33-'-y3:3-]y33;:]?;7'":'7'']:7'33. '4;'->';J'if��'���y\
.'*���;;.f..' .:3C3. ;������''-��� ..*-,:.y..,:' ���:������:"-,-' ':-37- '--.V,". -^-777/a .' -      i':-':lii .    3' / , ,���"���'���,";-:"
Mill;Supplies!! 3
a.'Ui/n.;,-'���>..-,.���.,.!������ -worK. trv 1
a' white, iivan :.-, ��� ii;r ;t' svli.il-'i i
Mj'ifl 'see. die dii'lcreuce.     '   ' . i
-'        ���     ' ������ V. ������..,!
Miners Wanted.:
rnWO'OQOJi y.iiXi-'J:.^ SVAX'ri'31' forTaiiKiia
J.   Jiii;..;, Ail,i��;n eaiiyuii,"   ",       .. ���' i
- !���   TT '���    1   '    -f)
1   U ��� HO -yjiri'T     y'r  ���
;{A8SWioi(-.''^'.'* ���������.''������ :.'"
;>���  lidi yu-/*...^.*iuijiiOtuiUi.
7     li
J  I:
!l GQ!! R6IIS33 ^alliPaper,!
3 3 conventional"aiid::set3figure
7-.fi-pattenns].'..only7; :a'.tew.] iii each
]< pattern3m7ai variety,3of3coif
-333prs]!fpr bedropm]kitchen and
7::3ha!lJ; per dptiblci3ro] 1 .;i,./. 7 ..5c
ibO] yfrds]:]ieavy body
3;3Brussels7fcarpeti3 in a coiiiy
:3piete:rg.nge of ne.\y'Co 1 orings'
iii'suitablei ifpriparlpr,   dining
33* robmfbedrooiri or" hall, reg-
]-, i'iular'price1 was-yppc-a.yard;
i i-oin sale,lnext- week! . .'. 7'.*60c
180 yards English Tap-
���..tstry-'carpets','. light, dark and
.medium shades,-,all this sea-
/-isons.goods;   regular   prices.
���'-'.6.5c to.3y5c;!on sale..,]3 .3.50c
12   Only Hemp   Carpet
j squares, 2,^ x-3 yards, svith
i ,- loM'n'ch.i interwoven, borders
j , and / fringed "-ends': regular
j]    prieti "$4;i'on'-.;sale.' 7. ���/ 777].$3'
.'riieri-'is oik: ,thing ,sve- svisb to om-
|-,lia.si/e: The rlu'iip and inferior -rug
fi r.rl -:fjii.'irc (Joes riot ^cf a shosving in.
our sliiel". fyiiv fjiialities are perfectly
relia.biu and you don't run any lisk ill
boyiii^froni'iis, \Ve KiiMianlee' 'satisfaction (>.*' lnon.-y - refunded, What,
better -protection, would j-ou wish?
;:'v��'!! Miners-^SuppIies]
!h;E ]r7ELSTp 'EE^^C!^
Notaries.: Public;i3Mihihg
:7::i7 7Gpmiiiissipn33Agent^
:'-��'3.37 l.7'!37:'S.ole!!^gents-foi,7Sm
Give us iiycill and ss-e-ss-ill iiloasc you/ Sat.i.jfacfioii Kiiarr.ntcKd
or money rjfund(j,<l. -vJIail orders li'roii'iptly'allciiiU'il to. :
'    ,\.y... y-..;o. v.:...-.'./...: 3 - :/'/..-.. ���     '.-���'.,-- --..   ��� 3 .v^v .y-. ���';-���":..-���::.
$M&��&&W'^wi'fcl<A *���''������ *r--3';'3:i-3.:3,*?rt;yi'/K3yiyS:-,..!;5;ff;/;-j|   ��� .   ���   ���    ' 3:3 3     .-     .   ..
lueen's Hotel,
Tpoiii'ieke City


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