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Kootenay Mail Mar 26, 1904

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 ,"    ll
'  \
������'"'    .-ll
V Ai
a t ;.j
"J   > .
- i        *J
'   !
)     "
J      </
,,   ' "  fl
'���' V'Vi
* A A V,
t '     ,       '    '���>
��� i  "      "
,  ��� i-'.,;>.
-,'VA,   ��
"     '-!.      *   /,��
-    -   ..--,-,-.
li-L c^.^^
V  .r-1*.      2 ���
v <;      A
j       -     y,
' '         i''i
i   .i,i
, 4 i;
. :   h
������     ���!
i    rf'l
1      .         Ml
l* ^
. ,i'i
Vol.10.-Nb. 52.
���UW '������'���v.' ^'x
It'AK # i' 1904
, ^
REVELSTOKE.'B, 4/MAltCH'.a<it--l904.'
$2.00 Per. Year.
A Fe\y Timely I Suggestions.
��^      I
Wc suggest'that nbw is 'Llie.prop.ci-- time to investi-
.gtite'the many lines of New, and''Seasonable Goods
wc- are'.Showing.      Good   Qualities   and', Low
,, Prices'consistent with,the same.     We rest'assured
���it will satisfy  you   thai   this-is''the  right   spot'r to*
' purchase your spring necessities.    Note these prices
r   ' i r     i       V . '     ,
"    on a lew of our , .   -   <
i ,. . ' ' i i
Fine Kangos ol Lidios Tuilnr-JUado Co-tiiiine-; ���     ( - - '
. ���>  .      Price* !(! 18.00 tl).$:i5.0tl. ,'   "'
'"-"        ' f special Value in Cloth .SIdrts(afc'.1*^.7f>. ���   '    ',
-   ���   ��� t, Lmlica'fiilj; .ind Muslin HIou-cJs Tfio.'to:1*10.00. --''."'   -,
:iee our SiiFci.il Otl'o? in Silk' 'Bloti-os, HoC'i'il.u Price ijUloO fo,  A
.   '__ -A- J ,  * 17.00, now % 10.00. ���       i   -  t
' ' ' '  , ��    . -     , ,
'    \\ e de-iic to diiect tlio -peeial .ilicntion of tlio Ladies. ' Our *
;l)ie-s Oooda in \'o!llo-, Kt.imoiiies (Ji-onadinc-, Brilliantino-,   ��� ,
Venetian-,  .-scotch   Tweeds,  .ind  I'm icy liloii-in^ mo most
'    .suitable for Stxliili Spi inn,, Cn-rumes.    l'i icc-i' iToni r-*>0o. to,-,
tr> +2..10 pei yatd. 'Applique-   Y.ik  I.aco and  Insoitioiis to-,    '
match .no among tlio I.i test arrivals. *'-' I
v in connection with -toie, wheie liust cU^ wotlc i? ynju.uiftjedi   '
Onr St(.X-k i- now coniiiloti'.'JN'ew Quills, Coiintoiiiiiiic-', ]..icc , ,
ii ml T*,pe-tiy Ciiitniua.T.ililo Co\ci��, L'lillcd "Muslin-, nuwtly
put iniu*stock rliia'weok. at piicJa to suit nil iiiu-sc-.    Mnko"*   ���"
;'    '      youi' --election wlnlu -lock in .ill linoa.it, complete.
���  ,   .   ������'.,
' Grand Trunk Pacific.
Oti.iwii, .\ltii-cli''20.���The Oiand
Trunk, J'acillc* delmte ' licgins Apiil
"nil.  ��� ' i . i      . ��
tlniiii."    The "iniiiibtci oideih iliem to
*-i     ' i ���      - '
avoid the eiitruiico of the h.iihoi when
liiieia   i'iiu'  due.    >  The/  ullieein   ,ue
imiiiivod'iit ihi' oidi'i'-s.   -
To' Continue in Office.  ' ,
- Ott.uvn, Mnrcli 2(i.��� Liint-Onvenioi
Foi get, of N. W'.AJ'.,' jji.uited ,-eeond
tenn. ' '      .'
Carpenters Threaten Strike.
/r Moniienl, M.ircli 2U.-f C.i'i penteia
und joiners tlne.iton atfike uulea-s thry
icceivo aihunee to 2.Veent-r an liom.
Preferential Tariff.
'.        ��� ��� i      ,        '
I,lOii.u-..i,J.\liiicli 2(i,��� Logini, nf Guni-
hei lntid, liiia'civen jKitiee i f nioiiou
tliut  piefeieutinl    'null   shoiiUL onlv
i C If n *
upply   lo   inipoi'tlilioiia tluoueh  Cnii-'
i       -*      . - . -- ��
nil i.i 11 -en i loi io. '<      , ,
We keep Folg-ers Celebrated
\Goldeii Gate, Mocha and
,'   -'Cambridge'Wins.
'-Putney, Mnich 25���Cum (nidge-won
the Clat iuiikmI boat niee today   f.oni
t i
Ovfoid liv ovei lom-Meiiirtha.   ' Oxfoid
' \ i* .' .��� , i        '
seemed outrowed.    v ,
. Petition For Railway.
Ottawa,  Jlurch   25���Petition' pic
suited   today   hy ''-Vanco-ucntes   fin
ir.coipor.itioii of  ihe  Waichouae  an
Alaska .Railway (Jompany.     ,"--(*
Abiolishing Harbor'Commission.
,,,^Moiiti'eal,   .M.'iiuli^ 2(i,���Suited   piv-
���* ^flMTIT m *it' jmib %!.-     ^
eminent i'oniein|d_,'u_<;n_ " alinliahinf;
Monti'eal hut hor.-, Coiumi-Mon n'ml
lepliciiifi hy cwuimission thiee ex-
peiieneed men1.        S ,,   -
���     "��� : ;��� " f-J,
, < Thirty .Miners.Imprisoned..
^-- ��� / *-      - -        *. ^     i-     .'
(    Hni/il.. Jnd .'M.neh 2.*) ��� The l-ie.il;-
inu of a, da'm   at. the   Kvcel-ioi- Clay'
wo:ks liuofled the mine and imp- i=on-
,i ...
ed thiitv nmieis. It is bclioml thev
have nil nei iihed.     ' ",''',
This is a  Loading Ui'.ind nudd-diouM-he tried hy eveivono
'thnt'likoh uood colVee.    In 1 'mid 2 Mh -ealed t'in-"nlA*>Uo.
'per lb.    \Yu have otboivv.-illies in (icillVc both u'lmle And
yronmrtlint lor freshness, ipinliiy ami piiue .in- luud to
'   ' honl.'    '
One-Million For Navigation.,.
-.Ottawa;    M.uch   20.���Fedei.il   gn\-
Cliiment    vole   one  ��iii111 j-uit - tu     aid
nnvigiilion thi-   year, , a   |nn tion of it
coming lo Huliah Ooluiiibi.i. -
-i. -.i	
*���;*      Kereros Defeated.,
i t   ,    -������      ������ - .     i
' Rpilm, M-iii'li 2*5���A 'loapatch fiom
* i
Somlinesi Afiiea iiiiiioiiiiee-:r a defeat
of tlie Ueipios ' with a lo-s of ,ten
kil.'nl       Tho   Genitalis 'lo-^t i.uci men
and had two wounded.    ���   '        i      u���
'j 1 i   . '    ��� i
'   .    !'   '"'j' ��l<-''lM yonv chimneys and slove pipo-j withoui' J   ,
tiouhle, or ektinyuish them wheii'Vin I'm-.   ,<    j,
��� '        -���         A'package should be in eveiy hou-e.
rm..."    ���    V-'-      ���' '   "'   '      ' ' ���   ���", '    '       ,  ���      *    .'        '
If Hay,"Oats," Wheat; Bran, Shorts.'Ohbp, "Feed
*'    . \{ &, Paints, Oil, Window Glass, etc.
I* -I
-,No Diving Under imers. ���
��� Paris, M.iioii. 2.*i ��� 0�� nitr to the
accident to the IJnti-h -iilnn nine
boat at Toi taiiioutli, J\I , Pellet.in, the
mini-tei of inaiino. ha-oideied coin-
m.Tndei at Chctboui-j; to di-.*.ontiuiie
the p acii-e ul .. waiting tin an i-.nl of
ocean   lineis  and   then   dtvin^ undei
i'  ,'Guilty of Murder/
St S< hfilii-tkjiip, (Juc , M.ni'li 2.">���'
Tlii'f.plnli. He'iinpei w i-tmii.-ht found
L'lii'tv nf the muidoi in Feb'uaiy*
lfl'12, of hi- biorhoi-in Lw \ntoinc
.Poplin, and sentenced to lip1 haneed
-lime 10t.li. --    -    -   - -   i.
*.**��.,- *.'-���- (j*.ii*.vt.
':-i^';, \-"i ;.���
7 Corbett Lost'in Lfist, Round:
San, ri.Mi--i-c >. M ncli. 'l'i ��� Youii"-
Coibptt. thp chamjii hi fe.itl,oi,weij;ht
oi the woild w.i-3 defeated toirgla by
-Iiiiiiuy    Unit,    thp    C.iliiiinii.i   li-jht-
wei^lit, aftei a sttlbboi u c..litest i.i the
' v
jl.i M niiiii of.,i 20-.(->uud cuiitost.   *,
. B. Hume ft Co.w-
', i ' ' i Samples
Mar. 29th,
1904. ,
W'e will be plea-ed to li.i\e any ot the'l-idie-
\isit our show looms .Mias \Y.iu\ li.t- le-
tunied imm the Ka-tein M.uket- uheie-lic
-|).ued ne'thei-time oi espen-e in iMtdieiiiig
logetlioi a stock -whieh ue miisidei complete.
All the Xew Shape- aie heie
Torpedo, Tricone, Automobile,
Shepherdess, Gainsborough, etc.
The Tiimnunjts. aie e-ipii-ire in colonne;
.���ml etleet. JMimo-te l.aee-. Yak l.aee. (Jinny
Laee. Punt and Flowei Designs in A]>]di<|iie.
Phiino-. Yeddah Stiaw etc. Amoiie the [i.itiein
hat- .ne -liown -oine \eiy elew-i cuiu-eits
A- usual vou will lliul din -took oi C'liikhen's
and Hebe II.ita and Knnncts well woith looking o\ei.
Tuesday Afternoon & Evening, Mar. 29th.
I Ri;i: HI^CJTMj -'Ihr lloiul-iolcOrdic-tiawill
reiulci* .1 -i-Icl! |iiii.'i un dm in-; the ovcnmi,'
I.adie- *   A\'e aie opening a lull hue of l'o\-'Cloihini: and W.i-li Miit-
Our JMJlliiiery  Opening" xv'ill take place on
-     -TUESDAY, MARCH  -cjrh.'and/pllou--
iny days.  ( This Department i.s  under the
niocinaifemeiit:   of  Mtss   Shook,   who   has.
jubi returned from the United States.     We
premise you our display in this Department
���tt'ill surpass   all previous efforts, and our
prices   will   suit .your   pocketbook.      We
jm'itc Every Lady in Rcvelstoke to visit
-   our Show Rooms
Tuesday Next, Mar. 29th, 19041
Dressmaking & Millinery Parlors Upstairs.
ii:!..'i:i>l()K'i:  J. U\.\   Tl .N.Ms  (l)UI.'l    ISilS.'
Tliouj.'.!   Revelstoke  has   giown  in , law n as lllustiated b^    the   abc\e en-
ponul.uinn and in coninieici.il 1111
poitance within .the past few yeais,
itsiuLial lite has sutleied. We ic-
ccntl\ imblislied cngi.uings illus-
ti.ilniE; the winter spoi t*/n* snow-
shoei i-_r and ski-ing for which the
city was f.iuioiis a few yeats  ago.  and
sjr.iMiig The engiawns: is fiom ,i
jjhoto kindly lent, us liy F. 13 Wells.
It l-to be hoped mtoiest" will be ic-
\i-.od in the social -ide of life, and
that Ileu-lstoke will again this bummer h.ue its lawn tennis club
icsiiscit ited.     It is just as ininoit.mt
h.id ,wel-oig.mised -nowslioc and ski that.i snowing city should h.uc its
clubs. In lSfliS l!e\plstoke also had a I social attiaetioiis as well 113 its com-
l.iwn  ie.*ni-   club   with   a   beatitiiul I meicial and industrial enterpi ises.
TCD ^flVEI TICO'^^"^  ^run'< Reduces Wages.
Lit I^UVlL I I LO       Political,     M.uch     2fi  ��� (ienci.il
r.inev Ho\(d Choeol.ites
i'.nicv lio\eil IV inline-.
r.inev l��..\o] Xincn.ipei-.
l""UHi.iill I'en-   .
Tine Limoee- China
Drugrg-ist* and Stationer,
M.nl onl'-r*. proniinly lilled. Ncxi Hnnio =
I'rt-icriiniiiii- Dl-pen-'.-d
Man.i^ei ll.us, ol Cii.md Tiunk, .an-
nounecs genenil icdiietion ol ein-
plo\ees over whole -ysteni. Reductions duo to heavy los-es sustained by
hea\\ snowatoi m-.uul coiis0(|uent loss
Well Again.
The in,my fiionds ol John Blount
willh-j plcisf-d |o le.iin that lie ti.it.
entnels* re( overeil liom his attack ot
i heimi.ilisni. Cb.iiiiboi lam'- Pain
Balm cuied linn -itter Ihe host dottoi-s
in th.'* tow n (.Mnnou. Ind) had tailed
to give ii-licf. The pionipt relii-t liom
p.im wliuli tint liniiiionl alloids is
.done woi lh in.uiy limes its tost. .Sold
bv all di uge-isls.
A   man   -who ueais  the   t'me-t cn.stom-in ide elotho-   to
the adoption ol    Keadv-lo-We.ii  (iarinent-   i-   eoinp.ii.i-
ti\ely an e.i-v matlei with lis, li.iiidliiiir as weilo the line��t
line ol clothing   -.Made in Oaniida," nanielv the
Vo\ which wo .no Sole Agents. In ( veiy u.u meni may be
-eon the "ait touches " oT the line cialt-niMn -oole\ci)y
OM'ici-ed that theio i- not a Ihing in fin- -t\ le-. in the
fabiie-, in the woi kniansliip nnd in the tit that uould
-ligne-l le.uly made.    An e\.i:nin itinn ol* our
Spring and Summer'Models
-will (oininec vou of lh"ii -up��"ioity.
Wo liii l'i aheadj letunded 100 ou-tomoi-th'-ii in mcj .
I        >\
i    ~K1
O .ft  .THE.KOOTEI^AY'ISIA.IL. ;.  i j j t r j   i     ,     ,      j  A  Q  yyf  ii .ir  A - >-.  -V'*   ,~t  ,A I   WAR PROGRE  Happenings of the Week With  ', Japanese and Russians.   ,  '   'St.   Pclorsbuig,,' March    lOAThe  .-   Government'&'_!" mite   infoim.-ition is  not completely it-assuring as   legmds  China's   .siiloei-ity    in     observing    a  neutral attitude", '   Societ  nil vices, in-  .I'dicate 1I1A at pie-*e'nt nt'least u powei-  ,'ful party in' the Chinese Government  is nhottinit the -Japanese. ,*,   Although  nt 'first  'lyluetunt  lo c.iedil   these re-  .'' poits,   tbe   Ku'ssiiii   authorities con-  \   tinue to icceivo cvidcnco", that 'Japan  "' As contemplating  landing 911 Chinese  -.iieutVar'territory   west   of   tho'Lino  * Stiver, ,1111(1 men me, being   held-cs'-  '    necially to nwait developments in that  <���������vdiiection,'  ,.'%'<��������� 1       ,,  i���������   Moreover the  l'hnpero'i's  naval  ex-  ,t    ports wl'io  lilivc  been   studying e.u-e-'  ,    fullyfthe pius-dc usAo   whet hei, Vice-,  < .esuliiiirtiI "Togo',  'licet' is, coaling and  Vw,   provisioning bcl'ween  itsAippejrances  ')   oil* Poit "A 1 Unit', ai'i o1 ���������bocoinitig ^moi u  rtoAucl moie convinced"   that it is "using^  y ns a base   some  fi)iiietT ( spot   on'   the,  '<-Climcse'coast/.   Aftei eucliAljsjippciu--.  1   anee'nbt 11 word'is heiud Sf-'the fieot-js  *- Awiiei-e?iboi]"ts unlilVilx -MOitppearance  ���������^A   calculation   of' tu^e  und  (usituico  " ' shows Miat it/iAquitS jmpossible foV  "'   the   fleeflol steam   to 'Nagasaki  or(  "'iriioshiimi, take on coal   and   iiniinu-  -   -nitiofi and]VcomcA,ba'ck._ Ail  is .'I130  /certain the   Japanese   w-Aships could  '1 ' n'oftaketon coaL'much less heavy pro  jectilcs, at sea in thef face of  the  pie-  . ' vailing lvtigh^weather.^'i" '  ,   ' <,, The idea tha'fthcy rnie^ nsinp Che-  -nuilpo   or -some rother, place on the  'Korean _coi"is.b for this,   p'urpose is ie!  ujected, as it is believe1U-th.1t jt\ such  weie'  the 'ease,'.,the. nunieious'seoiet  ."  coiiespondents "-and , socket agents   of  " the Kii'-si,ins,iii ICoie.i would certainly  have ieporte 1'the fact, a > *V  ' So liy a'pi-ocess  c>f eliminntion   the  '' llussiuns se'eni.compelled to arrive at  -' -the'conclusion that the vessel* of the  A 'Japan^o ^eet IVU,Kt ,,e" ������dilli"g thfru  buiVkeis in some inlet on' thc Chinese  '*    coast, either 011 the Gulf'of  Liaotung  or.t'heShantung Penm.-ul.i' so far fiom  poitsand inhabited  centies  that tin  '*' "correspondents are unable to get wind  Aof itA"  "V" ~ ""'-'" ~������"    ~   *"' " "~  1 Thc failure of the-.Tapaneso to nish  their opei a t'lons invokes a gie.u (lis  appointment as it gives the Russians  the time necessaiy '.to eo-nplete^then*  pieparations. A Japanese landing oh  the'Liaotung Peniiisu'a. to besiege  Poit Ailhui. would latbei be welcomed now, as it would not be a large  foiee, yet would weaken the fiontal  attack fiom Koiea ,  Jt wa������iepoited soon after   the'.Ta-  pane-e began their operations against  ���������Poit A1 thin   that they had seized one  ol" the Klhott Islands,   situated-in the  Koiean Gulf less than a hunched miles  .   east liy-noitli of Poit Aithur,  for  use  as a base, aud   the Tokyp correspondent of the London Times on Maich 7  cabled that a (Japanese'squadron took  possession of Ifaiyangtuo. one  oi   the  EII10U  Islands,   Februaiy   20. .   The  conespondent   a 1 sued    that   the  J a-,  '     panose found theie only stoies   of coal  and signahi g Hags, thiS .Russians h.lv-  ~ ing evacuated .the island Febiuary 23  at".   Petersbutg,    Mar;h    2J ���������The  -   Kovoe Viemya publishes prominently  a Paris  de-patch  deela.ing  itf- is  believed there that  .1  tiiple alliance between Japan,   China   .ind   Koiei  ha.-  roadstead to meet the,enemy.  ' "At 0 o'clock the enemy's battleships-opened lire on Li.iO;Tishin, alter  which they took u-i> a position behind  the rocky eminence'of Liao-Tishm,  and bombarded Port Arthiii."  '    -   ������,  A lat-r despatch'from' Viceroy Ale.y  eitl to the Kinperoi'.'siiys:, ��������� " < h  J."Accoiding'to a1 siipplQineiitai-y re-  poit'fionvLieiitenai.t-'Governoi Stoes-  -el! the enemy's1 licet _consihted of'six  battleships and, twelve'cruisers.''A bout  0. o'clock1 in the morning, tbc'f licet  divided, tlic"btit*tlc������liip.s iniii torpedo-  boa is taking the *i>ositioii������* between  hiao-Tishin and Gohibenaia Bm-,  (I'igecn . Bay), f while ��������� the- >��������� cruisers  formed up in two .'sections ;to'the  south'and southcast.of Poit Arthur.  "������U;9.20, the''.batt'le.-hip Hotvistm  opened lite over the crest of Lino'  Ti.-hin against < the enqiny's'battle-  ships, which /replied ,by Iii ing on the  t. iv'n. jreunwliile,.pinv th-et foinied  jn line in the oiiter.roadstoad. "  '���������A't about 11 o'clock in the morning, ihe cannonade sl.ickened, and the  Japanese fleet,, re-uniting/drew ott  'slowIv to thesouthAvest.-and'at 12.30  had di-J.ippe.ueil. .    ,        '  , -'JJuiing the bonibaidiuent^fivejsol-'  diersweie k'illed and nine wercwouud-  ed.i' -iJ)iie   soldier 'cn^ the shotc^wis  ���������' r   "   . ">    J <  ' T   ^ " ,   y    ���������*���������!������  br-jjsed," '        ���������- ^   1      . ,     ' 1 '  'iAii"otlioir telegram fiom . A'iceioy  Alexeietl* tprthe Eu.petoi_, gives, Viee'-  Admirai(Makarbtt*'s lopo/t as. follows, ���������  !'A'At'midnight. onf Mitich '2Jst, two.o't  the eileiiiyVtoipecUj)J'-Uo.itW.ippioiicliecl|  the' outei roadstea'd, but were dis-'  coveted 'by the seiiichlights pf^thc  battel ies^ and vyc_ro fired upon .. by the  foi ts,.and  by  the .gunboats BohV and  Otvahiny.      They   wore" obliged to ie-  r ���������*        -i   ' r ^   - r        '~ii  tne.- ��������� ,' t  "���������"A^sccond^attempt^ vvas   made  at. 4  o'clbckMn tlie moinin'g   by 'tluee vtoi-  pedo boats which* weie alspiepulsedJi*,  )At daybreak thiee detachnients'Aof  the Wemyi's   (leet."'"consisting of si.\  baUleshijis, si.\ .ai inoied^cniisei^, ii.\  second aiuP tbird-c'ass -cruiscis,' and  eight toipedd .boats, appipached trom  all titles.     AtJ o'clock oiir"squadrpn  comniencecl to leave the inner h.irboi,  the cruisers leading,'"itli   the vAskold'  flyitig^iny    tlag,   a'nd   thejiattlcships  following.' n The'.ene'my's^battlesbips"  appiOached Liao-Tishin and^liied  100  -helK from their' twelve-inch  giiirL.it  I'ort Artlu'ii,  and   100  shells,on   the  town. 1 .  'Om shell-', fired at a range of eighty  cable-, were well placed. ^   (   '  At aboift 10 p5isl"(ik, a Japanese  battleship was sti tick by *.iv,shell and  ictiied.  \Ye  lost   no  mei:  dm ing the bom-  baulment, which ceased at IL  o'clock,  when thc enemy's ships diew oil* with  out attacking our tleet " *  The following de-pateh has been received trom Viceioy AluNeieft", dated  Mukden' March 22nd  '���������General Mistchckow reports that  611 March L7th, o<M scouts* -ippi'oached  Anju and ob=eived op thaleft bank of  the Cheng-Cheng "River, opposite Anju  entrenchrrients made by tiieenem>.  Up to that date the enemy had not  appeared at Vonc-Pi������*t:  ; V , ''/yShoc Finish ,V/iar, Gcr/,."ci,L  1    i Tf ..'-.-'J'*'  > (        (I      ---Ji.,   ) f ,        \ r i r 1  Finis-hTs the ctrea-'o- /'��������� .r  ^est;par4'6f la'feiioe^',' [{  * w'ear is ilie; clearest .; /  ni  X difficult  shores ���������  IF  Jo^'Siatpr JSfo.oes���������pride-  11'  -/lbrandedbytfaeir-'m  W'w^ar;  t  ins  J o  1 !v -  ear a W emm^aiis  ;smo6th^sble.7jflexible  t J J -,        i- _ , *��������� *������ i * >���������       l   iA     1    J   ���������>       1   x r-H  '   A    ^  _A~qv  Foi- Men1 *\���������  $4.00  $5.00/  For Women   .,  Synopsis of Regulations for DisposaCof ;.  1   Minerals on Dominion Lands,In Man!--',  toba. tho  Northwest Territories and-  tho Yukon Torritopy. J j,  '*B  ->     4    ll  fJ*     1-  <  (7..  A '  v!  V-5-1  fi  ir 1- -  C. B; HUME &GG, REVE  'Aoents'ato'Grand'ForkV Hunter,  KcndrickiGb.1: ' Gambornc Agcnts^.B./E. Drew.&.Co.  >   & "      <���������    r '���������" t * >      ���������'      ,v '   ~- A, ,1, ���������?���������  J' A . - ~ . "*     ' <��������� ' ��������� V ~ c      ~ k������    i~'  ���������    V', ' ' ".     l1-   -     "   Ji   ���������      -     ' . '   '      1 ' , -v   ',-'-,   ' j   ) ., '   '"  Are inlcrcstca to know tho  PEOPLE* .LIVING 'IN . HOUSES ���������";  ,".       '    i . , '.       "���������������-'. ^    '.   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No further details legardinsf. the  action are available*  At 9 ii. 111. the Japanese bntt'osliip*.  having fired seveial shots nt.^Liao-  Tifhin nnd sheltoied bohind'the piom-  ontory. conimenoecl a bombaidment.  of Port-.Aithur.','  A correspondent of-thc Times nt  Tokyo, under,%yestciday's date, cable's  Ltlintjt is lumbredj-hnt the Japaeese  have succeeded in blocking the en-  ti.������nce to Port Arthur.  Jt is snv\ o������ed that there is one J:ip:| Sr_ V(iKl^hul.r .Vaich ^:"i ��������� Hi thc  uinese dhisiun  nt" Anju "and   the  ki-t attack un l\nt Aithur,  beginning  two   squsulions   of   th������   eueniy    had'  anivtd at J'ak-CJ>"li,   tno   Imndri-d o!.:  object   of the   MaKpiis   fto's  visit  to  Seoul.  Paris, Mutch 21 ���������According to the  St. Petersburg qi 1 respondent of thd  Matin, an ambassador of the Rus-tan  Impei ial family has deflated that the  mobilization of troops is proceeding  in Tuikiatan. The concentration 01  troops i- being effected on the railway  from M1.1v to ICtishka. a fiontici  forties- overlooking the P.unin. It  is alleged that Grand Puke Xicholaj  Nicolayvitch. genera I-in-chief of the  cavaiiy, vvill assume commiind of the  troop1- in Turkistan.  S't. Petersburg, Mutch -^^���������The Rm-  peroi ha-i receive'J the following telegram from A'icc-roy Alexeietl':  ���������'Lieutenant-General Stoe-sel report* that at midnight of March 21s������t  the Jaganese torpedo-boats were discovered by otir .'enrolllights. Our  gu.itd-.-hips nnd fort batteries opened  fire upon them, the firing lasting for  20 minutes.  '���������At f o'clock in the morning the  attack was renewed.  "At fi.30 o'clock in the morning  four of the enemy's ships appeared  from the south, followed by the whole  squadron of eleven ships nnd eight  toipedo-boats.   Our pquadron   left the  m.undef oi the fii.-t .umy  corn, '������-������ 1 wi,h optr.uim��������� |,v tl>,.|MHi0  |,0.,i- .m(|  Pnig-i sntr. t ^ j (J,h]u,��������� ,u-th a biimbai-dniijnt- bv iv ft lo  in consequence oi tbe t re, ort   tint j ^ ^ ,.,���������,...,.. d^V.Hch<-A t,,  the  :ind  shiMv    that   the  nn  damage,  aud  fhad onlv live vildieis   killefl   and  ten  tcro-sing th2  J'.ik-L'lirm   Kivei.      <>i*> j funded. , '      '  cavaliytound three  .Iip.uiese  S(iua.l-|     A],   rhfv   11|fl���������n|.ltl(,n    wU\cU     h.i������  ron= on the left bunk uf the mei. but   1(1<v.h(.(l ^ ivter-buig -lirnv-^ that the  our cavalry vvc-te di-p.itehcil for tne  purpose of pie\ent.iiie tlie ene-uy from  th2  i'.ik-Chrm   Rivei.      Om  Empei'-r liom V.n-eioy  Alexeietl*.  priv.iti    information  Hu������sl.nii   -u-taiiit'd  Patients will hear of something  '   to their advantage, by writing  'to the Diabetic ' Institute, St.  -, Dunstan's Hill, London, E.O.    ,  N0TH1N  TO PAY  &m^B������3EmW8S8������������&$8^������Sm^mB&SI8BBBB&  oCoal.���������Coal lands'may bo purchased at <; if  110 per acie for sotti coal and $20 lor an- - _,  tluaeite. 1 Not moie than a20 acres can"  be,acquired "by onef���������lndivldual or com-  'pany." Royalty at tho,rate of ten eenta  por ton oC 2,000 pounds shall be collected'  on tho'gross output.      ,   .������������������.' ,< ,    ,   ,   ���������<  ��������� Quartz.���������Persons of eighteen years and-*       '  over and Joint stock companies.holding-  fieo miner's cortiIlcates,vmiiy obtain ontry '   (  for a mining location. -,(   l . *,���������  i A'vfreo miner's certmcate Is'granted for  ' j;,  one or moie years, not exceeding live, up- 't    .  on payment in' advance of $7.50 per annum for an, Individual, and fiom $50 to  $100 per annum for a'company, according  to capital. ,',������������������"     ,  iv      - , '  * Ajfrce miner having discovered mineral  In pln.ee, j limy locate a claim 1500x1500 feet  by marking out'the same vvith two legal  posts,   boaiIng .location' notices,   one   at     ,.,.  each end on tlio lino of tlio lode or, vein. ���������    .  ' ,Tlio claim shall bo iccoided within llf-  >     .1 ' .  teen days If located within ton'mlles of a   ,   -���������  mining  lecorder's  oMc,o,V one   additional ��������� >- ,  ilav   allowed   for ��������� ovciy ..additional   ton..     '  miles or fi action.'  Tlie fee lor lecoidlng      >     .-*���������  a claim is to.1        .. '  ,     ," 1 "' <       ,   j>,  -���������-At least viuO'must be expended-'on the      A  claim each year or paid'to tliovmining le-  coidor in lion thoioof. -\Vlion'$500 has. been  *   >$ t  expended or paid,' tho>locatorcmay, upon -���������  '%       1  having a,survey made, and upon comply-^      -  liiB.with   other'requirements, tpuichase      fl."'i ,  the land at $1.00v air-act c. ������   -  T       j, . r* ,y  J  Permission may bo granted by tho Min.1*  Ister of .tlie jlnterior    to   locnto-.jclaims^    j    ,-  containing iron'nnd mica, also copper, in   , '^   ���������, ���������  the lYitkon'Tetiltoiy, of anratea not ex- -*    '    ,  ceedlng lfcO acies.'   '���������.i.-ny    ������-i^-.     -   <i >       -n.������  r) The-pateut for a mining-location shall   ,'i     -  i*������)  .piovido lor llio piijnicnt ol a lo.v.illy of 2i por ... ,, , <. ,\  ceiitjOftlio'-.iilei ol tlio jaoduolsol lliolocalion. - 1 il> J \l\  5 PlaceiyMlntng, .Manitoba and tlieN.W.'. y r__ t',  T., excepting tho .Yukon Tenitory.��������� ,,. u ;  Placer' mining claims- geneially aio 100T _^ ,*; fJ  feet squaie; entiy -loo, $5, lonewablo -> d ri)  yearly ������On tho' North, Saskatchewan' i*> / , fj  Elver elainls'for eif her bar or boncli, tlie, j   "-,( , ���������*     U  'formei beingJOO feet long and extending;_- -_.. *_,y A,  between high and low water mark' The , i\ < -rJH,  latter includes bar diggin������s,.but extonds-f  back to tho base ot tlio hill 01 bank, but ,  not exceeding 1,000 foet.w ^Vhero 'steam  power is used, claims 200 foot wide may '  be obtained. ,    - r    -��������� T" -7  c*. Drodglngj In  the   ilvois/ot  Manitoba  .and'the Ni AV. T'," excepting tlie Yukon,"  Tc-riitory.���������A'fiee miner may obtain only  .two,leases of live miles'each for a teim>-  of twentypyeais, lonowabln In the������discre-  tiouxof the Minister of tho Intoilor. ,     >  _i>  The lessee's right is confined to tlie sub-    ' ���������  merged,beds 01   bais of tho nver bolov\-<      ������  low water maik, and sublcct to" tho iights--_  of all pei sons whojiave, or vvlio may 10- ���������      t!  eclvo  entiles Jfor  bai^ diggings  or bench  claims,   except   on     the-   Saskatchewan-      - "  -Hlver,  where'the1 lessf-i", may, ,diedge'-to    -- -  liigh water maik-on each alternate lease-   j-  .hold.-        ,-. ,   -v --    - -      a<  ,  The lessee shalPliave^ drodeo in oper- _ r,*j  ation within one season fiom.the date of"   ������-.-  the lease lor each-.live miles, but wheie-     1;  a person or company has .obtained moie    .   .  than-oiio,lease -one dredge for each tit-      f  teen    miles  -oi, - traction .is    sulllciont.  ltenlal,.'?10iporrannum tfoi feach mile of -    ic  ilvei 'leased.-. Rojalty iat"the late of two '   "j  and'a.halt por cent collected on the out- -  put atioi it exceeds $10,000.     i       ��������� ,  Diedging, in  the  Yukon Torrltoiy.���������Six-,  >V  t  ,leases of Ji'vo'miles each may bo gianted- .'^  to ,a fieo minct'lor a teim of, twenty"-V^r  yeaisr"also renewable."     ���������Mr" - "-*'-   "  the  our   detachment, without  it   of   .March   Ifltli.   two  they withdrew tow-.m!"   Anju.  on  arrival1 of  fight in?.  On the ni  de-pitch riders encottnteied a Japanese patiol between Kazan and  Chenchu. Tl e patrol opened li-c, but  our despatch lidci" escaped tinlmit.  AccoidniL'to a teport. :i 000 o' tbe  enemy's cavalry occupied Vong-I'ven.  on Miiich 19th '  jdefiiuU'i- ui I'< 111 Arthur hid taken  1-eiiou-ly t>������ lu'.ilt th'> coup uf tlje  sJap.ii.iH- t'TpLd" l('>.it- at the be-  ! L'iniuil-.'of tlie war and were inain-  1 fiiinui'-'a  -li.it p   liii-ik-oiit.    The "-.hi p-  :mi.-(-   rort"'do Ui.it-    i.ti  ci.'.i'icd -iK-akini: tcw.udi the b.uboi  ' undei ciiv-f oi daikne*"-. bur were  bliivnl nt!' by .1 hot tire    Thi- bicakjug  nt (I,iv pnvciH'd flirt hei turpi do boat  Antrai!' m< nt-, and the -fap.ine-f Ad-  , mnn)l>i'>utriir up   hi-   battleship-* and  'Pigeon Civ. to'-piotect 'he town.  When the, Iii -t ollicial despatchc-  v\ei'^ received, thc behet gained gi<nind  'that Vice. Ulnni.il JMakatoll had pul  to .-e.i. and that a naval light,had  taken place. Later advices established  fhe fact tli.it the Admiial had '���������imply  gone with the undamaged portion ol  his tleet to the nutei loads, vvheio he,  could nioto etl'ectivclv ntppoil the  batteiie-. and at the same time lake  atlvantage ol, any weakness which  might develop 111 the enemy's   attack.  London, JWnieh 2.1���������The Tokyo eor-  le-pondeiit of the "Time-" .-ay-   it   1-  rumoied thtit the Koiean Oovei nment  ,     1 vestordav. decided to open >'(iiigampho  twice di-<- 1 ��������� ��������� ' 01  t to foreign trade.  News fiom Xiu-t'liwang that a south  Avindi-  di->]ifi-ing  the  ic-u,-point--'to  the   imminence   of   elVeetiy    net ion  which,    it i-   piedieted,   will" at leii'-t  reveal the   c.uefully-laid ' jdan-  of the  the   "iiLandaid", St.  Material for   pontoon , bridge"   lns  been   placed   in   leadine---."  noithand  01 in���������-������-     The divi-ion of hii fket was ieamji.ugn  -otithof Anju.'* j for the puipu-f of iiiaking  ������ eroos-fne j     Accoiding   to  London, March 23��������� A despatch to uytm the barUu in the hope of de,-1 Petei-burg corieypondeiit, the I<ti>���������  Renter's Telegram Company, from St. j troy in <r the town and of damaging the j -inn Government h.i������- just piivatelv  Petersburg, says j Ku���������i.in  li-attle-duji-.      The   bombaid-1 inloriiied the Knipeior, that, since the  "Japanese torpedo-boat-. appeared , nn-nt of M.neh 0th -<howrd to the 1 outIneuk of war, |(.0,()0<) ttoop- have  off   Port   Arthur   a.t  midnight of tiic-j Ki'.��������� ian- th" advantage to tin- enemy j been forwnidcd to the Km   ICiist by the  I:  niirht   ot   Maioh   2ht-22nd, und   the J of tlie position  ort'   Lino-TUbm which | Hibei i,m i.iilwa.v,  ^o'-i   -hipi   took up      The Hoiud of Tinde wai ns the  mas-  aild      Vier-Admiral j t<-r.*< of I'n ititdi   -hip-   that   they   must  topjiud   or  sen 1 el ied  shore batteries and gn.irdslups shelled J Vicf-Admiial   T  tlicm    for    twenty     minutes'    ThcJ thn    morning,  Japanese   retreated   but    re-appeared  four hours la'.er, when   they met with  the same reception, when  they retired  again.  At 0 a. m., n, Japanese squadron of  two divisions, composed of four nnd  eleven ships lespectively, and accompanied by eight torpedo-boats, appear-  The'thn  Makaiofi' nought to riiiniimsr   thi-f ad- j not ic"i-<t  beim.  vantage bv   *���������'>   -.tatiotmig  tie  l������i ttle-1 by warship-* of eitlier of the bi-lligeieiit-  ship Itetvis.m tlmt her -thelU muld  leach the -fafiaiUNe batllesbip-i The  fact that the Uetvi-win w,h iHfd for  thi" pui po-<e proves the falsity of the  icpoit that her gieal glint bad Uen  icnioved and installed as a   batteiv at  for eontiabiiiifl-of-wnr.  The Daily Telegraph'" Seoul eone-  ponrleiit, under dnte ,of Miiieh 22nd,  reports the rising of a mob of Koieans  against Japane-e .-oldiers at Sunning,  'north   of  (ion-ail.    The Japanese dii-  noised the mob, killing live mon. and  wounding twenty. ,  TheUl.tily Uhninicle publishes an  uneonlirnied liimoi fiom Uhefoo and  Xitt-Chwang of the bonibaidmcnt* of  I'oit Aitliui on ivliiich l.'Uh   andJTth.  L  a nunibei t ol������ Euiopeans and niany  Chmese being killed. L     1  1 The f'Standnid*s" Shanghai conespondent -ay- that a recent aitival  liom Pint Arthur doi-laic; the Russians iccoveted iri'Japano-e loipedoe?  fiom the lini hoi, tine.xplodcd. becau-e.  in theii e.\citenieiit. the Japanese forgot towithdiaw the safety-pegs.  St. Peteisbuig, Match 22.���������The Jitis-  sian- are continuing propaiation- foi  a prospective siege of Poit Aithur by  rushing huge qiiantitie- of supplies to  that point. As many a- 40 ear*  loaded .with lui ley. chickens and otbei  foods, an ive theie daily.  Seoul. Match 22.���������Of 82 ICoiean-.  foi mei ly niilitaiy student- in Jit pun.  \\ ho aie accused of conspiiacy against  the life of the I-hnperor and the Ciown  Prince, for the purpose of crowning  Kuiwna, vv ho is now studying in Ain-  erien, tlnee have been executed and  the otbei- have been siimnioned tn  appear U-foie a sjiecinl tubulin!.  bhanghai. .Miiieh 22.���������A piocla-  iiiation ol the lebel lender. Yuan. who.  at the head of 1,000 0]>ium -muggier-,  leeently defeated a detachment of  Chine.-e tioops. -nys he has no intention of causing tiouble to the  Ohinese-or to the foreigners in China  but. lH?ing determined to eradicate the  false  foieign   1 digitm.   he   will   take  (Continued <m Paget))  Tlie   lessee's-light   is   confined-lo   tho*."  submeigod bed-01  bais'in  tlie lllvol'������be-,  lovv! low  water  mark,  that  boundary^to''  be fixed ^  its positloiHon the lstjilay of  August .in  the >ear ot  the dale of the  tease.    * ' ���������- '    ' 1        *. "     >.  -. Tlio lessee shall have one diedge In.op-  eiation williin two .veats fiom the date  ot ihe lease, and one >"diedge 101 each  live 'miles within six yeais fiom such,  date llent.il, $100 per mile for the llist  ye.ii,,aud $10upei mile for each bubse-s'  que nl iear Hojalty, same as placei mining. *       - l  Placer Mining in the Yukon Tenitory,  ���������Cieek, livei ,gulch and lull claims shall  not exceed 250 leet In length, ine.-isuied-  ,011 tho base line or geneial dhectlon ot  Ihe cieek or gulch, tlie width being tiom '  1,000 to.2,000 loot All otliet placei claims  slmll be '-'oO loot si|ii,uc. -  ClaJms ai C-nun ked by two legal posts,,  ono at each ond, bcaiing notices. ,-Entry  must be obtained within len days, it the '  claim  is within ten  miles ot  mining le-  coider's  ulllco.    One   extia   day  altuwe-3'  foi each additional ton miles 01 li action.  Tho peisoiijor companv staking a claim-  must hold a iree miners ccitiflcate. *   t  The discoveiei of a new mine Is eiitltlerl-  to a claim ot 1,000 loot 111 length,'and if ,  the pans  consists ot.two, 1,300 leet alto-  geUiet, on the output of which no loyalty   ,  shall bo chaiged,  the ic-M of the pauy  ,01 dinaiy claims only. - _  Entiy fee. $10    ltoyalty at tlie iate of  two and ono-halt pei   cent on  the value  'ol the gold shipped liom the Yukon Ter-  ,  litoiy to be paid to the Comptrollei  No fiee nuiici sliall icceive a giant of������  moie than one mining claim on each sep- .  eiate ilvei, cieek or gulch, 'out tlio same  miner ma} hold any number 01 claims  by purchase, and liee'mineis may woik  thou claims in parlnoiship by filing  notice and paying fee of $i A claim may  be abandoned, and another obtained on  tho same eicek, gulch ot livei, by giving  notice and paj ing a fee  AVoilc must be done on a claim each  .vear to tlio value ot at least $.'00.  A ceitilicate that woik has been done  must be obtained each jeai; it not. the  claim shall bo deemed to be abandoned,  and open lo occupation and entiy bi a  fiee miner,  Tlie boundaiies of a claim ma> be defined absolutely by having a smvey  made and publishing notices in the Vukon  Ollicial Gazette.  Petroleum.���������All unapptopriated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, tlie N01 th-w est  Teirltones and within the Yukon Terii-  toiy aie open to prospecting foi pctiol-  eum, and the minister may leseive foi  an individual 01 company having ma-  chineiy on the land to be piospeoted,  an area of C10 acies. Should the prospector discover oil in paying quantities,  'and satisfactory establish such dlscov- -  et-y, an aiea not exceeding (HO actcs, including tlie oil well and such otbei land ���������  as may be detei mined, will be sold to  the discoveiei at the rate of $1.00 an  acie, subject to im.ilty at -.uch rate as -  mav be specified by ordei-ui-counel!  Depaitment   of   the   lnteiior.   Oltawa,  hiiiai}. I!)i.il,  JAMES A. SMART  Deputy of the Minister of tlie lnteiior.  *fe  \~^\  ������*  m  l> r  i'.  t. 1  i  WRAPPING   PAPER  AND  PAPER BAGS.  Tlie Kootenay Mail has been  appointed agent for one of  the largest Canadian Paper  Mills.  Wrapping papers 111 rolls or  flat, and paper bags of nil  weights-ami si/es supplied to  order printed or unpiinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke. ..'!  1!     ,  ���������  *��������� LV -.jl^n'-lljJt-i.Ar i  *-..:...,.  ">  $H"**^hHHH������^^  NOTICE.  NOTICE i, liorel)} given th.a iliirti din*.,-ifler  (Lite 1 imciul to ,i|i,ilj to tlio Chief dimmi*-  ���������"loiierrifLjiKUand Wurl-foru'sj^ciiil been .  to cut and cirri iiwuy timber from rhe follow ing  dcscriixsl lauds -ituaic iibout utpltc nnd a half  mile- from the month of If.ilf W.iy Creek,' Uppei  Arrow Lake, H. ('.  Timber claim conimciiciiic nt Xo 1 po-t,  runiiiiigiilioiit twelve and a half mill-'more oi  le-.- from the mouth of H.ilf Wa} Crock, thence  v\caisOcli.ini?, tlic-nce north W chain-,,thence  e.i-lNlc'iaiii*., thence souili SO, chains in place  ol commencement. *  Dated this L'ltli tin) o'f Xo-,ember, A D , l!Xli  ('   J. .Mt-I'in.-HSO.vJ  .,  AN "INDIAN'S TEST.  NOTICE.  VfOTIGTJ ishereh} given (liiiitliirfj'riiit-i.-irtcr  1\ date 1 jnteiid to appl) lo the Cliief Cum*  mii-tiniiur or Lands and Works for a -poci.il  license in cut and carry away tunlj'-r from the  folliiwiiigdcscrilKKl land-, Miu.itciiboiii fourteen  and one eighth mile��������� more or It���������'-, from ihe  nioiitli of Waif Way Creek, Upper Anovv Lake-.  H. C.   ^  . ' ri      . -  .    -  TiiiiIjci i-liiini communcm*.' at po-i marked  " Xo I I'o-t," nliiiiil fourteen and 'one uielith  mile-moio or los from the moiiili of Half W������j  I'lCC'k, thence Klcliains norlli. tht'iici1' ICO r-li.tin-s  un-i, ihuncc 1(1 chain-, souili���������llioiirc 1W)chains  we-t fo place of commencement.      '   '  Dated tlii- iTilli dnv of Nov umber, A.D.. WOI.  "     '. ,     . , ''I'" DOHI1K.  .,       .NOTICE.  ���������fJOTK'K i- hereby given that thirty diij'*-, after  ** date I intend to apply lotlicCliiof Cnnimi-,-  ���������=i(pncr(if Lands and Work- for a'specia! Iiccn-e  to cut. iiudcanvawa} tmiller from tlio follow-mc  tlu-cribofl lands, situate about eight (SI unlet,  fiom the inniilh nf Half Way Creek, Uppei  Arrow Lake-, II. C. '  TinibiM claim cmiincneiii.*.- at po-t ma'iki-d  '���������'T. H. Xo. 1 I'o-t," about ciulit niilc-. more or  le--, riom llio moutli or Half Wat Creek-, Ihoiico  ca-t .S'l chains, thuiice mhuIi 80 chains thence  vve.-l SO chains, llienee norlli Ml chains to place  of commencement  - .     i  Dated llii-l'ltli da) of November. A   JI, I'KU.  '      ,*'        '"        1    A    It. STEWART  I  7*,  NOTICE.  Subscription,. $2.00 Per Year  Published Weekly"on Saturday by  AJOJ f( L i-. herebv frueii lh.it thirty davi artei  ���������L'-date 1 intend to applv.to   tliu Chief   Com-  inisiioncr of L-inds and   Wniks   for a   special  license incut* and carry atta} Umlicr fiom   Ihe  follntviiiu  tlc-cribcrt land.-, situate  about   nine  and -i.halr miles more or le��������� rrom the mouth  I of   Half Wat-Cieek. Upper Arrow- Lakos, 11 t;.  limber claim  commoacin*.' at a po-,1 marked  1    II  Xo. I,"' aboutniiie and a hair mile- more  or  Ic-s-  I nun   llio mouth  of Hair Wat'Oieek.  Iheuce 1(1 chain-snutli, thence  ltM chains e.ifct.'  thence 10 chains,  iioitii, thence 1(10 chttins tve-,t  In place of coinmcncemunt.    "  Dated this -Mrd day of Xovomber.'A. D , HUH  ' J...UcDOSAL,J> ,,  The Kootenay Mail-Publishing Co.',Ltd.  Dealers in  Prfntin  notice,-; ... '-*���������  "Vf OTICIC i- lii'rolit-uitoii tlrit thiilvd.it-artui  ������y dalu I intend lo appl} lo thu liner Com  mi���������lonor of Lands ami Works foi n-pucial  lirun-u locul and enrr.t attav timber rmm Ihu  lollottiuu (le-ciitiud land- -ilii.nc ahum c-lcen  ami a li.ill inilc: more ni le-s'lioin (he mnutli  or Hair Wat Cicclf. on the noith -ide ol ihu  cieek  ' ' "-,  TnnlMTcl.ii-ii c-omineiicui*.' at pn-t m.ukcd ' T  II No 1." alitnir eleven mei a hall mile*, mourn le*,- liom Ihu intuitu or Hair Wav Cieek  thence um th 10 chum-, ihoncc ea-t Iwi chiiiu-  rhunce -.until l<) chain-, iln-ncc west ICOchain-  10 plare or cniumcacc-uc-nt '    - '"  D.Uert Ihisl'lllida} of Xorcmlivi. V11  l"!-)  ���������J   .McMJLLVN  Will. ,F 1 e mi ii g,  , <* '      Whole-ale and I'et.iil  ���������';-MeatV.feeiiMt,..J:  I'ibh   and  'Game,-, in " Season  First St., Revelsto   ���������)  How-'He   DiNL-otcrt'd   'Mini   ������   While  'Mun Wiin u Cotvnrti.    ,  ��������� "The Indian litis n queer vvny of determining whether or not' ;i man is  game,' judging from nn experience I  had some years ago," said a man'who  once made an educational tour of the  west, "and the same little' experience  convinced uictliat tlio Indian's.system  of reasoning along this line is by no  means a bad one. ft      (  '.'"Stories had been told which brought  about a clash between the Indian nnd  ':! w.hite man.  The two men originally  had. nothing against.each other.   Tho.  Indian ,had a'bad reputation-that'is,'  ho iiml the reputation of boingli bad'  man,   a, desperate,   dangerous   fellow,  who woul(l(light a buzzsuvvat the drop  of a  hut.' The white man  who blew  into'  the   section ' had   in   some   way  sained a similar deputation.   IJc was  said to-be a dangerous eliiiracicr and a  man who'had never been whipped. Wo,  concluded.'(lini,. we', would have some'  fun.''Woi met the Indian and told him,  a long story,about his new rival and  reminded hini that .his laurels wero'in  danger and--succeeded in getting  his  pride stiried, and his Indian blood was  soon   up   to" the  lighting  point.    Soon  after this we met tlie white man, and  ���������we filled hini up with (lie same  kind '  ot talk.  IIo said he would lukc'earc of  the Indian all right "in.due time, and.  in short, would.make hini take'to the  woods. , Shortly   wo   met   the   Indian"  again and told him tlio desperate white  man was after his scalp, -,11c'smiled  and shook his head. ( >-   , '  ,"A-few,.days later we wore, talking  to.tho   white   man   -when   llio  Indian  camp up  to ,ioiu  the 'group.   He  hud  spottedxthe stranger nndrknew hini by  sight'   Without saying a-word to him  ho.walked up within arm's reach and  struck the white man lii'tho face with*  a rough, heavy glove.-He paused for a  few seconds and hit,him again. 'JJgli!',  he  exclaimed   as   he,wheeled  around  and, walked   away.,  Tlio   while, man  looked at tho Indian in ninn'zoment, but  'made no show of resentment.   Later in,  i-thc  day   when, we  asked, the  Indian  why it was that he did not ibllowSip*  the "insult with blows he told us the  white man was a cowatd.   In explaining how lie knew 'it he s.tid the man's  'jaw  dropped' .when he struck him  in'  the face,tho second time with tlie glove  and that this, with the Indian,' was an  unfailing sign of cowardice."-    ,  AT A  HORSE  AUCTION.  The    I'roc-i-etlliiKN   ������������   VIen oil    i.'rom  (lie   IIoi-wo'n   M.-icitliioiul.  Skipper was a police horso and the  pride of the mounted sijuad until he  acquired a spavin1 Then'lie was,.sent  to :i stiles stable. His experiences  there as 'told by 'Sewell' Ford in  "Horses Nine" were as follows:, .'  Skipper was led into a big- ring before a  lot of, men.    A 'mail on ti box  shouted out a   number and  began   to'  | ta I It very fast.    Skipper gathered' that  ' he  was  talking  about   him.    Skipper  lo.irn'ed'lhat he was still.'only six years  old .iml(that liet.li.-itl been owned'as a,  saddle'horse b\'a lady who wa's about  lo sail for Europe anil wah closing out  her stable.' This'was news to Skipper.  Tlie  man   talked   very   nicely  about  Skipper.  'Ho said lie was kind, gentle,  sound in wind and limb and was not  only'trained  lo the ,saddle, but would  work either single or double.   The man  wanted lo know how'much'the goalie-'  men   were  willing   lo  pay   for u   bay  gelding of this description.  Some one on the outer edge of the  crowd s.tld, "Ten dollars." '  'At'lliis (lie man on the box grew  'quite indignant. Ho asked if the other  maiii-wouMn'Uiliko. a Ml tor mounted  liiirness'nnd it lap robe thrown in.  "l-'ifteen," s.nd another man*. ' ' '  Somebody   else   said   "Twenty,",  another man -aid 'p'tveiity-live," and still  'another  "Thirty'."    Then there'was n  lill oil.    The-inan on  tbe box'began to'  talk very fast indeed.  ��������� (  -  "Thutly,  Ihutty, Ihutty, tlintty!    Do  I hoar'the live?   Thutly, thutly; tlmt-,  ly, thutly.    Will you make it live?"-  "Thirty-five." said "a rod laced man  ttlio had pusliedjl.isj.wiiy to the 1'iont  and was looking.Skipper over slnirply.  The maiii'on the'box said '���������Tliutty-  ftve!'' a good many tunes and asked if  he ''heard i lorly." - Evidently lie did  not, for he stopped and said very slowly and distinctly, looking expectantly  around:' "Alb,you "nil done? 'Thirty-'  .five���������once; thirty:live ���������twice;' third���������  and last call���������sold for tf.i.3!"  When. Skipper-heard  this,  lie1" hung  his head.   When you have been a .yL'jO  blue, ribhoncr  and   tlie   iH'ide  of   the'  force, it is f-ad'to bb "knocked dowu"  for S-33. - " '  INSTINCT IS THE TEACHER.  THIEVES PETTY AND STUPID  Modern    Iiivenliuii    Hum    llrlti-u    Out  ,      tin-  friilly 'Kind.  "Tlie people who uow.idajs give the  detectives most trouble aie the members of that vast hoi do of petty thieves,  both wlitte and black, that inte������i every ,  great city," said one pf tlie inost efficient detectives of the Washington tle-  pnrlment. "'J'he days of mammoth burglaries, diamond jobberies and brilliant'thieving operations have passed,  perliaps"^never to return, and instead .'  of the really shrewd, calculating and  bold thiol of half a century ago we  have today a mob of pelly pilferers,  who are fur from possessing one-tenth  , psirt of the brain's and wit of tlie old  "time thief, but manage noverihelesb to ,  give the polico'a t.i������t deal of tionble.    '.  "Tlie piogress o'f invention  lia^-  put  thet.shrcwil  thief .ind   btirirlar out of  business. ���������.Say,   for   example,   a   tuau  steals .several  thousand  dollars. .'Very  well.   'J'he moment ho does so he realizes that in'order to retain Ins ill gotten     '  gains he must leave the scene of the  Clime,  realizing that   he  is  in  nowise   , (  prepared/to cope with  model nAletcc-  'tive and policejmet-hods.   Probably "bo-     ,  fore he leates (lie city telegrams and  telephone messages have preceded him  to the cities of ilie United .Stales and  Canada, and,lie is nabbed the,moment "'  he  readies  his destination,     i'.iu mi|>-  posing that he escapes sill these traps  and   reaches   some   foreign   couutiy��������� "  why,',110 isAiinply in  as  had a .plight   -  there, as lie was before-leaving home.  Nowadays  there  is  hardly   a   auvein-  ment or couutiy with'which tlio Tinted  Slates'lias not  enteied  into sin understanding, whereby ciimiiiuls aie e.tuglit.  "  and  returned, and wli.it  few and mr  . 4  distant states with which our govern-   "  ment Ii;is;failed to draw up any such  arrangement ciin.be tery easily managed in ease Uncle Sam wants, to get  any ol ins missim,' c-liildien back.   ,'  "The icMilt is that no really  bright  .'  or shrewd person would, think of un-   '  ilertak'ng u job of burglniy or stealing  in tins age.    Noiio but the despeiately  poor,'the degenei.iles, inoipliiiie'tisers,,  the s.-.'unierged tenth,-so lo speak, now-   ,  ailny' pr.icticotstcahngJ,   They'aie too  stupid to realize' (he danger of such a  course and plunge headlong info a ca-    ,  reer .dial   must, sooner-or ,l.*ite'r  land  ''  them   behind   tho   bars."��������� Washington  Post. "     '        '     "     ��������� ���������_n       '   ,  PICKINGS; FROM   FICTION.,-  Sons.cf  Loose  Leaf Accouni and Duplicate  Counter Check Systems '  .Agents for TengwelJ and Opalla  .l'cuented   Loose  Leaf Files,,  Ledgers and  Billing Systems  It's never too late to laugh,  the Morning."  < The next best Hung lo a somebody is  it* nobody iiif'ii gooil'sot.���������"A, Study In  Temptations"    " *  In life., iis well as racitu;. all the  ���������worst accidents happen at little ditches  nncl cut' down fences.���������'Tl.tin Tales  rrom the Hills." '       '   .' .-,l  One's paieutb aie a, necessity, ono'S  gr.'iiitlp.ireiits an- ornament, and one'-,  husb-ind's patents a nuisance.���������"A  Double Thread."        ���������. , ���������   ��������� ������" ,  The truest philosophy'is not to long  for(aiiytliing in .particular, but. to accept1 everj thing as it conies and find  out tho reason of its coming.���������"A Ro-  ni,"nee of Two. Worlds."-  Gin, ony man lias'sac inucklc laii'l  j that lie rtisna ken the I oik that sow an'  reap it, then ii'in pidgin" that he's ower  mtickle for the ituide o' the common-'  wealth.���������"Tlio D.i.-s ot Aulii Lang,  | S.t ii" " ,  ilis'roligion was of (he kind tli.it is  carried into evoiyd.iy lite. ��������� uot..riloak  to be iliiown aiound the soil begiimed  vestments of sh.idy businl'ss lite-to  hiile tliein on Sunday."���������"Ittehnru  II time."  How  ���������Phone No. 13'   '   P. 0. Box No. 70  prevents    roughness  sl--'n and chapping.,  Best for toiict'a.iicl nursery use. 035  /itCCRT TOllcT SOAP CO , Mfrs. KOflTICftt  -,T"r"iiTr~-"'-ir,i itTTj- r-*;1--!-fwTiri'.uiL*^_  -TEY  Proporeie-ji  of   Cellulose.  Cellulose itbsoihs w.i'.ei and by its  sttelling iirotides the soitest possible  obsfiuciion. On aciouni ol. us low  sjiecilic ni'.ivily. les, tnan that of cork,  it is valuable for hie belts and may bo  used in large iiu.ituities to keep a seriously damaged ship afloat 'Celllllo^e  coi'iprcsactl and packed in the cotter-  (l.im of st ship, to lot in a leak bell,  does not cunt any unpleasant odor and  does nol decay lor two or tinoe tears.  When peiietrated by a projectile it is  not ignited and docs not gtveoti any dis-  agteealile smoke, possessing in this-ie-  spect a gm.it adv,inl.ino over rubher,  armor If do. loose cellulose be ignited, it gives out win to smoke.  nt  ���������OW!  RESTAURS  First Street,  I-".i-t ot .\Iol-on-. Il.mk       -      Itevc-l-t'i'sc  For ytnii- m,-,-ils. 'Open tiny and niglii  .Meals i"ju .mil uptv.iitl.    Special vvueklt  i.iu-.s.    Giwnl st-i-t k e iru.-ii-.uite 'iT.  VODO  FU.MI.  Proprietor.  the - V������ nn ur. of. ,tlie   Fi-nllicred  Trilie* Are   ntlueitlt-tll   i   ,  U'here is a school of the woods, just1  nst much as there  is a  church' of the  woods or a  parliament ol"  tlie, woods  or a Society of United Chanties of tlie,  woods, and no moie.   Theie is nothing  in' the dealing ol   animals willi  their'  young1"thn 1,in  tlio remotestjW.-i.v   sug- -  ge-sts human insfiaction and discipline.  The joiina of all the wild cietitiues do  instinctively what their parents dojiud  did     They do not have to be l.ufglit;  (hey aro taught troai tlie jump, sa.ts a  writer in the'Atlantic  Monthly.'   The1  bird sings at the proper age and builds  its n.^st and'takes its appropriate food  without any  hint' at all  trom its par- \  cuts , .-The young ducks take ".to. the  "wilier ���������when'-lialchod .by a  duck and  dive and stalk insects and wash themselves just as their mothers did. Voting  chickens   and, young   tin keys   understand tiie various calls anil signals of  their mother the tirst time they liear or  see them.    At tlio hist alarm note they  squat; al a call (o tood they come on  (the first day as on tlie tenth    Tlie hab-,  its of cleanliness ol  the nestlings are'  established trom the lust hour ot their  lives.    When a bud conies to build its  first nest and to 10:11  its lust biood, it  knows  how   lo  pioceod  as  vvill as  it  does j cars later 01  as its p.uents did  belote it.    The tox is at raid ol a trap  Iietoro lie-h.is had any experience with  it," and   the   haie   thumps 'upon   the  ground  at  sigbt of anything   strange  anil   unusual^ whether   its   mates   bo  within iie.itmgor not.   No bud fetches  its voting lo il.vv    They liy instinctively  when their wings .tie strong' enough.  FIRST, OCCURRENCES.  Envelopes were first used in 1S30.  Tlie h''st steel pen was made in 1S30..-  Poslollices were first established in  1-JUl. V. \     ��������� '  Too first Inciter match was made in  .15:2-'...       -  Kerosene was first used for lighting  lit i������2i;    An  - The litst steamboat plied tlio Hudson  in 1SUT.       / r, _ s-    "    "������������������  Tlie hist balloon ascension was made  in 17Sa. ��������� '���������' '*"    *  Omnibuses , first  appeared   in   New  Voik iii-l.S.'"0. ' ..     . ,  i . *   it  'l'lie tu-st .locomotive was run in 'this  country in IS'-O.^   ���������  Tlie first watches were made at Nu-  reiiibeig in 1177.        - .  The first Lhiglish newspaper was  pubiislied in 1-jSS. |  rins'wore licst manufactured in this,  country, soon alter the war of 1S12.  Thc first 'complete sewing machine  .was patented by- Julias Ilovvo.CJr., >in  38IC ,       '  ,; *<��������� J  Sfied Potatoes for Sale  'L'lie i.illow ing \.n ii-iii��������� .ii -ceil |>i>tnli>' ������  may lie had I'l.un the uiiflei-ijtneil  Early Harvest  G-eni of Aroostook  Pat's Choice  Carman's No. ljfc 3  'flip iir-t-ii.iinert liiclilv rpennunci'ilo'l  Ori.-iii.il  -L-c I  from   D.ircli ,t Itiiutm. L'mrlijii  Sue thi'ir ''o-t-riiiiiti- c.il.'i!(it;iii--  BUSHEL, SI .50, SACK 100 LBS S2  '' i-li Willi (irrtt-r-. Will lip (luliturcil ,it  i:n(l,;rb\ -titinn p.ntl to HcM-1-toti- u,  -iiiiii .t. t-.i-.itli������r i-orrmt-. Siijiply limited  1*1 r-t ctmio. lir-i -ijrti-rt.  W. EL SON, En derby, B. C  Ili^lil.,   RecitiiiiK-ndcil. *,  It was fan limo in Selkirk, and Sail;  ily and his sweetheart weie vv,unlet nig  round, arm in aim. e'i.io> nu: ll-.e sights.  1'iesently thev espied a smart look-  imi pie shop, which they puunptly entered.  Sandy ordered one pie. sal down and  commenced to eat it  Meanwhile tlie nii-l looked shyly on.  "Is't line. .Sandy':" she timidly uM.cil.  "Aye. 'tis atvj'u' hue. .leiinie," he an-  svieied. "Ye should buy one!"���������("litis-  sow Times.  Dllll.'Fl'IIUC    ill    I'l'SIJCl'l.  r.itlle Alice alvvajs ������aid her prayers  roj.ul.irly .before going to' bed One  night, however, as slie lcsted her head  on tlio pillow she remarked, in a tjues-  tioning way:  '���������Jl.ltnniii, my pra.vcrs are so much  longer than the one iiuiso says in the  morning. Can't 1 say hers when I'm  tned.'"  "Does the -nurse pray in the nioin-  ingV" asked the mother with .-i puzzled  look.  ���������'Yes,'' said Alice sweetly. " "She says,  'I.oid. have  I  got  to get  upV"  The  Potato  Pltinler.  The potato planter ot today would  make a I.inner of a irener.-uion or so  a-^0 sit ui) and rub his eyes, it ic-  rimrcs that the potatoes be supplied,  but will do-all tlie rest of its own In-  .illative. It picks tlie potnto up anil  'looks it oyer, or seems to. cuts it into  i halves, entailers or any desiied number of p.ills, ^sep.miies ihe eyes and  removes tlio seed ends. It plants whole  I potatoes or parts iheieof as desiied as  | near together or as far apart :is the  j judgment ot the fanner on the driving  1 "eat suggests. Having dropped <A>y  i seed it covers ir, fertilizes-it. utcl-.-> i.r  , m Hke a child pur to bed and pre- j ati  j the next row 'with niatiieiii.iin. I ae-  I curacy.   ,  y.'licn I lie .Mnon Hud it lied 10llct-l.  Your grandniotliei or veieian aunt  can tell vou that when bos'- weie killed  In the wrong time of the moon the  (-Ikes ol" ham v.otikl shrivel up more  than half and Hitch would .ill Iry away,  leaving only small ci'.ickiiiurs Apples  or any kind of fiuit dried In Ihe wrong  time Wiis certain to mold or become  woimt and cider vinegar to refuse to  become sharp.  l.tN.-.l ttl Seven t y-il \ e.  liven at soveiil.t-livo l.is/t was a pianist whose powers lay beyond the  pale to which sober language or calm  criticism could reach or lie applied.  Enough that its greatest charm seemed  to me to lie in a perfectly d-iino touch  and in a lone moie r"inarl:able for ev-  qiiis-liely musical qualify than volume  or dynamic loree aided by a technhpte  Still incomparably brilliant and superb.  ���������Hermann Klein In Century.  Tlie   Oltlo'it   I.iliriirit-i.  Tiie oldest libraries of which we  have any certain knoivled.ro are tl use  brought in light by e\c:ivut:on-> among  tho r.uiiis ot tiie east. Amcng these  are tlie llnbylomsli books inscribed on  clay tablets, supposed to have been prepared for public itistitieiion .about ImO  IS. (J. it is said by Aristotle tiiat  Si rn bo was the lust known collector of  books and mnnu-cripis. This was  about the year .'"JO Ii. <J.  All     lllllHll-illltlll.  He���������"What would .vou call a "polite  fiction?"  She���������Why. if I should say to you.  "licnlly. Mr. -lones. I hope .vou aie nut  thinking of going so soon!''  'I'lStt    llllt-ll     |-'l)|-    'I'lltlt-.  Mrs. Nevvriche (who would like the  count for a son-in-law)���������If's (rue tlmt  Count d'i'd Ih-oiicl; is inclined (o he n  Utile���������or���������wild, bul he'll s.-lllc down,  yon know,   'lime wnr'.ts wonders.  (lolrox���������iso it do.'s, but I neter yet  he.iid of it bel'ng in (he miracle business.��������� Brooklyn l.ile.  Oni-   Common   Woe  "l!eg pardon, sir." -lein.-ii ked tlie man  who was hanging (o strap No. 1. "but  do .ton get oil" ill the next corner':''  "I don't see that it is ant of Vour  business," replied Ins fus-,y neighbor.  "Weil, tvi." admitted the mild gentleman, "but I was meif'ly i.oing to remark that I get olf there anil if you  will be so kind us to lift I'd like to take  that loot with tne!"-  \ot  iii  s:\ iii.���������-(.!>,,'.  May���������Miss I'assay has bec.i quite ill.  Is she likely to rot over.-'  [���������'ay���������She thinks so. she says she  has yoillli on hei  side.  May���������Well, if she b.'s it i.iust be on  tlio    inside.  Tin- ai-iim.  raletto���������lie Auhcr i.s the most egotistical chap I ever met:  r.nisher���������How's that?  1'alette���������Why. evety time lie paints a  landscape he imagines he liatteis na-  tuie.  Jlt'ct-ni it t-  ll-i'iii-l ntr.  "To hear that young clerk talk you  would think he owned the place."  "How's Hini:"  "Why, he never says a word against  his cmployeis."- THE KOOTENTA^; MAIL)
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tTbe ikootena^ rifeatl
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ADVKUTISING 1IATJCS ' on iijipllcalibn
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i,eciir�� booiI display. 'Sliinding .ulvcitmuig
iiiiitlLT ttillbceliiingcil Iwiceumonth ttitli-
ouL c.tli.i cliiuge For moie fiemicnl
nllciniions the time numpn-d' in niiiMiiif
same will be cli.irgcil ,U usual inlea. Ciisim!
iirii-crlislng will be leceitetl up to IU .1. in.
on .-3.iliudu.ts. ' -
, JOB PltiNTING promptly executed at reasonable rate-.
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v.iiice. '"���       -r- ','    ''
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public inteie-l.   Communications to lull-
tor   nnml   be  aei-oinpamud   by   name   of
", wi iter, not neces-nrily for publication, but
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Foi t Steele, B. C.
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-    - Bahristek, Solicitor, Etc.     .
First Street. -���-      Revelstoke', B.C.
Mining Enginkeii',
{Mom. American Institute Mining KiiKineers)
1 (Mem. Canadian Mining Institute)      > v
Examination of and reports on Mineial Pio*
; poi-Lies n Specialty.
By Lewis,Bros.
Vet there is mucli work for tlie
legislature lo do ,to' help on'the
poo vi nee and aid its development.
F,er instance the means at - present
taken to open'up the country hy
roads and trails are utterly,, inadequate. Here is a fine field for
statesmnnship.' As hit.,present
administered, the road and trail
moneys are for the most ,pai't employed as a conuption fund by.the
government of ,the day' 'with, the
result: that the^ public get little
beneficial results from r these^ e.v
penditures. The administration of
these funds should be'in the hands'
of a bonrtl of representatives selected
by the people of each riding. S,uch,
a 'board ' would be intimately
acquainted with' the requirements
of,the'district which'it represented,
and being directly responsible to
the electors would , be bound to
secure'the best lesults. A system
of county councils would'-piobably
be thc,best 'means of achieving this
object. .   -       ", ,   <\*_;,.,
In addition,to administcring'the
ordinary, government  grant/such
councils should have the  power to
. !        ��� rr 1
procure.-a special grant for a road
or bridge to cover the cost,of which
i ,   ' w
the, 'people 1 interested    would "be
willing to pay a -.special-*'rate to
cover interest,and sinking fund on
the special" appropriations. .This
would.secure first-class trunk" roa'ds
wherejequired, as the 'Camborne
road in this riding and the^White
Valley road in'the Oktinagan riding...    ^        , '      , **   ^    \     '*   ��� ,
To provide for such special grants
on the vote of the people "the government should establish a special
fund,. citlier by * borrowingj the
capital amountreqtiired-toesta'biish
the fund or by providing for it bv.
an annual grant from the general
revenue for a few 'years. As soon
as the system became established
llic'interest and sinking fund .paid
in by'the original, grantees would
soon piovide an annual fund of
sufficient magnitude- to cover the
demands for these special- grants
for any portions "of the' province.,
and good roads and trails would be"
provided almost everywhere.
Legislation' 'of-"this charactei
would be much more "beneficial to
the province than technical tinker
ing wilh .the laws, which benefit
nobody except the lawyers. Wheie
is the man who has the initiative
and courage to take up a public
spirited policy -of this character
and earring it through ?
form*.' Al&o'rcqnesting that two cells
be nl.ickl in'basement of' city ball to
nssibt pulice in petfornntnee of thotr
duties at nigbt, null tlmt 1111 outside
entrance be iiimlu to ��� same.���Culls > to
be eoiiBtiucteil under di'recti-.n 'of
police commissioners..      > ,
Alii. Lewis, chairman of /ire. witter,
and light committee, stated committee,
met ,mil, I'ocom mended 'tbntcity provide water supply from Biidge cicek
uncl that reservo'r be constructed ���
Committee empowered to ."'procure
estimate o.f cost of proposed system.
Alil.'Abrahiin<son reported on snow
serviceAmd asked tint, public works
committee be given additional giant
for -jnine���Further' appropriations of
$L50 made lor'use on snow service."'
ci:ni:uai.. -,
Aid. Field ingeil that four acid
receptacles be procured for chemical
engine of No. ri tire brigade ��� I'o be
orilctcd- from Albion Iron Works,
Victoria. ,   ,        "    '   "
. Aid. Fonte asked use of spare' 100111
in citv ball ' fur fireman's quarters.���
Granted. >��� ,
Council ' adjourned .after passing
accounts.   ---       '      * - " *o '
To Call Tlmrl-joniscti, Tlieodoi- Tollefren and
William'Allen or any pen-on or-persons m
tt-Iioin I hoy mar-linvo assigned' tlien- intere->l
in lliu Valhalla grouii'eoiisiMini; of Viking,
Valliiilla. Odin aud'Tlior iniucral claiui.i on
liiK creek-, situate on llio west side of. north
ni-iii of Upper Anovv Lake, Lunlcau JUnini?
Ditislon. Wcf-t Kootenay Hibtj-ict, Hiilisli
Coluiiibia:  '    ��� ,       ,'
You aie hereby notified that I, tlie under-
signed, have' expended for you the yum of SS'20
in lnlor, impi ofenienU and l-ecoi ding fees upon
'the said Viking, Valhalla, Odtn and Thor mineral claim*', under thc proviiion-sof thoMiuor.il
Act, and if within ninety d.iy-> from tlie date of
llii-i notice you fail or rofimu to coutiibule tlie
aforesaid cum, logctlicr with nil cosln of adt-er,-
Using, jour interest in,tlie'Miid mineral ol.-iiu--
ttill become the piopeity of the undei signed
,unrler M'clion 4,of the Act entitled '.'An Act to
Amend the Mineral Act,!'. l'JO).
Dated this 2nd day of December. 190.1.
'  . 11. HrSTARKKY. .
$   175
Ttio nory hoii-e. built l.i-c tear.
Ten Kiom-, .111 up-to-d.itc re-idencr.
fill feet fronuuc ou Vir-t -t     Part
('(.nt.me on McKenzie.nvenne. S
ronin- all modem convenience-.
Ttto tuts.
T"ine rf rooni  bou-e on Second -t
Lame ground-    K.i^y p.it-nent-
Buy .1 lame hou-i- and i.-rmind- on
Fourth =-t. including new carjiet-
and linoleum thrnuuhont and a
STUM kitchen r.m^e. Thi- 1- a
^n,ip. '
L.irso hou-e on Fir-r -treet -mne j fire alarms   which were
f ri n"u il 1111011-,    finelj    fini-hi-d
clicoiiuliout      Pare   c.ijh,   balance
011 nionthlt pajmenc*?
Will s-till bus a few choice lot- in
tlie Smeller.totMi'ita. The be-t
lott on the market
Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agents
ZEhelRootena^fl&ail ^z
SATURDAY, MARCFf  -2(i. 1904.
A 1' HOC! R KSis IV K PO LIC V.   '
British Columbia sadly needs
construction statesmanship. The
past session of the legislature saw a
vast waste of time and public expenditure in useless petty tinkering with the laws for the sake of
something to do. and to make the
people believe their representatives
were doing something. The only
real work they did was to raise the
burden on the taxpayers from fifty
to two hundred and fifty per cent.
Question of Water Supply Again
Tne .regnl.ir meeting of the city
council vv,i= held List evpninjr. Mayor
Brown presiding. Aid. Foote. Field.
Lewis. McLeod nnd Abr.ih.imson present.
T. W. Rain reporting inspection of
found working satisf.ictorily. Al.-o reporting
chimney fire at W. 1\"ii=on*s, Xo. 2
brigade being cn'lc-d out.���Filed
C. R. Mncdomiid. i-er^ret.iry Xo.' 2
Fire Brigade. Hiking that li=t of nctivc
members be increased to 25 nic-n vt ith
:i reserve of 5 adclitionnl.���Referred to
fire, water nnd light committee.
Rev. T \Y, Williamson asking use
of library building on first jind third
Tliuisd.iys of month for Baptist
���Granted fr.r period of tito
mon tils.
J. A. Dallas reporting test of hydrants .ill lieing found to work piopei-
ly except one at c-rticr of Fourth .it
and R.uhtny Ave.���Filed.
Canada General Electric Cn. ro
detention in shipping armature it ir��
School Board suggesting council
extend invitation for teachers' convention to be held in Revelstoke next
year.���Clerk instructed to forward
Robert Gordon explaining caine of
lights being out for short time on
evening.'of ai/d.���Filed.
Robert Gordon re- test of metre
.supplied by Mosctop Bro?.���Filed
pending fresh test.
l Kolicc  ComrpiBsionera  reporter! engaging TIio-h.   Sturdy   as   patrolman,
Fulne Amlilllon.    . ,
(Ambitioti is an excellent tiling, but
unless its object is" biglior (Ii.-iti to (it
one merely for society Mien it is nn-
.other'name for. foolish p'riile. No one
can happily shine in society whose
clinracter is'not'of the right sort.' Oth-
ervvise''tlie, sliine soon wears Tolf. .showing, the poor. niateriaJ -benonth^ it.
.There are some women who ciilerTiiilo
some kind of pliilantliropic .work sim-,
ply for the sake of tlio notoriety it will
give,them and .not for tlio lovo of it.-
'The 'highest ambition" of some mothers
is to" have their daughters .brilliant
Relies of society*who will capture rich
husbands. If their expectations; aro
not realized, thoy bocotiio hopelessly
disappointed., , If tlio daughters, had
been trained' In' those, gentle virtues
that were "overlooked 'for more sliovvy.'
accomplishments, thoy would undotibt-.
edly have proved themselves, more,
charming and agreeable companions
Unless a girl has a'pure, noble and de
lightl'ul character, then all her other
accomplishments., must, fail to bring
<jiicco=;s. '
��, " r. ,
overty Slot the Carwcot Creatueiin,
' Tliere'liiivo been a few great men in
the world's liis>tory who have fought
,their -way' to the top in"spite of poy-"
erty and drudgery, but none was ever
pi.it" there by virtue of it. In tho long
.rtiti tho "gieat' leaders in humatiiProg-
ress���tho^e,-who' have, lil;;e 'Lincoln,
,'riscn above their poverty���have ,boon"
(few Indeed. Tlie iact is that everywhere 'culture, .intelligence, character,
freedom, ethics..and ..everything; that:
goes to* make-for civilizatioiiVand'hu-'
man welfare have come into," existence'
and increased with thetcincreasctl production, dilfusion and habitual' consumption of'_wealth, and those who
failed to get tlie wealth, who failed tft
have the cultivating "influence of its
consumption, remained the drudges
and slavey >f the race. In proportion
as drudgery slackens and the conditions where '���every waking hour is tilled with struggle'' disappear civilization advances, and as it advances higher types'of clinracter, higher standards
of morals, broader altruism and juster
conceptions of life develop and become
the characteristics of society, and great
characters become so numerous as to
be commonplace by their voiy ..multiplication.���Clinton's.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
;;    BUTCHER. \
Retail Dealer, |n^ .������mrffBBg^- >     '
' ; MUTTON, Etc.
���    Fish and Game in Season. '
'   -       All oirteib promptly filled.
."Here's. Health.?,
' \
,... 1
is? ,
There i/health.and strength ./^i..
i:i every draught, cff'ij A  < ';';,. ,'^";<
xt contains in
Coi nor   DoiiKlns
imdlCiiig btreets.
In tnwn llian that, made
1    nt   Smith's 'B.iki;t'v,**iiii(l
' V- 1
r -. CakeS' of Every.,Kind
, , ', rAgents for the Olebrated     ,' (
-'   <���.        MONSOON TEAS.-
MclCen'/.ip*. Avenue, Kcyelstok^. -
Oppositi' Central Hotel; Kcvc's'tokc.
--LTiIhe 'nnrl   Gi'iii-jiiil uM.-ichine 'Work
,i-- Pi ii||l|-ill\   ,   f<'\l''Cllll'<l. '    .-
..s*. .?., "Awhcr" or $ 'S.  ','. J.anleav.
. Rniiniiig between Ariovvhe.id. Tlioniion'-
LiiikIiiiiciiiiiI Cninnphx. coniini-nciiiB Ocl. llth'
.yoi. n ill s,:ul i-! tolluvva (tveiulier pei iniltini;) ���
Leave* Ariotthcul   for   Tlioin-son't-  Lnndiii'li
ind C'oiiinpliv tttiee 1l.1ily.nt 10k. and 1.*>I��. .
IjCftte C'onniilix.ind Tlioin-on'i l,iiiidint; foi
Ariuttiiciul tvticed.iilj lit r.ljk. unit f.'.l.iU.
- j-.-VIiikint' elo-e connections   ttitli till C P. IV..
iriiiiii and boats.
" Tlio owners reserve tlie right to change time-
if sailing-, tviUiont notice -���    . ���'     ��      ;
J " ,        .' V. K01UNSON. '     '
ytj   '"--''-.     '^,   ��� '��� ll.inauing nnectoii.��
/.''Winff.-Chuny's .newly im-
; .ported .stock   of  Chinese
' .and -Japanese goods.
* 'The best assortment ever
landed   in   Revelstoke   of
useful     and-    ornamental
!��� Xot   Si-ltleil.
Tones���Does he love lier still?
.TohiHon���No: her father keeps him
on the jump nil tlie time.���Kausas City
Quite  Olipo-d-tei.
Student���What is pessimism?
Philosopher���The faith of cowards.
"Then what is optimism?"
- "The   faith   of   fools." ���New   York
A  Sate  Time  to  CroM.
"Well, vvell." saifl the old lady living
lnlati'l. when she hoard that her favorite criiniUon init going to,Europe, "it's
been .1 dry .summer, and the sen won't
be so deeo (is common."
Crncl   Pervcr-don.
.   She���Do you recall the day we wer��
He���f   wish   to   gracious  I   could!���
'Yonkera Stjtesraan. '
Ten service^
Bn-.Uremic Cli.ui-s
Ha ndkci chiefs
"    ' GOLD
Hotter lJot =
Uinlncll.i Stands
l.nncli ll.iskets
bnioking J.ick-ci-
Silk Goods.
FISH       **
Finest .-.took of candies and fruit in lottn.
Front Street.  Revelstoke
the .smallest A V^i
possible bulk all the'strengthening. ^
and stimulating properties o�� the   p^,
hnest   beet -and   is ���so ��� palatable, ' refreshing /��,
and' invigorating that thousands .are .getting  ����',
THE' BOVRIL' I-I ABIT���because they, hkij-it. Q1-.
���because it is the ideal cold weather beverage. '^
Warming���Nourishing���Stimulating. p,.
.iiiitiilAiiUuirii-oii, Sl.tXHUVK).   (.'apilal l'nid Up.-?.-) COO.IKK).   -ltu-1. W.lnO.tKXI.,     ,
���'    < -        Head Olliee, Toko.vto. O.vtakio. . ,   '
r    fL . -*���
lli.iuclio-5 in Lliti Nmf li\\o-L Toriilono.-, iMiiniliiliii. Ontaiio nnd Ijuehue-.  ' ';
tho lollottiiiK point-, in   l)riti-,li 'L'liliiniliiii:    (JiniiliiiHik,  I-'dikiisiui, lioUien, ,
Nulaon, Hotol-lnko,Tiont Ijiiko. Vniiciiiivonimil t ictnrm. ��� .    -
���   , 1 	
*   -    ,. ,��'���  ,    - -   ' r: z-  ,1     ','      -  <" '" -���'"     '   j    '
T  I?  Mritiitir Pio-idont.'   '   1). K. Wii.mi:. Vice-l'ie-idont unci Ociicral M.iii.njer.
.V*   i,,K rrtt, Ai-iM.iiilfliiiieral iM.intiKur.    \V. M01 r vr, ,1'liiul Jn-peutoi.'
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.A-A General Banking Business Transacted'
SatiiiK�� DeiMilinoi'il���Deposit'- lieceitcd and Inlurosl Alluvteil. ." 1 ' ,
,;'o-    r ^,    ' -,    / '  .    , __^  '.j'-.
Drafti- s-nld available in all part- (U Canada,'Unilod State- and llurnpe.'
Special attunlion i?ivon to collection-. ,<      .<  .      ���        1     A. 13. l'nii'i's, MnnuKcr., ;
��'.. I'VADAIll. X.G.
MocUeviMj- Tuesday
evening in ,Selkirk
Hull at. 8 o'clock.
Visitinpr brethren cordially invited to attend. . *
'j. MATHIK. Si:J.
Kootenay Lodge
The regular meetniK-
ui-elield in the Masonic .Temple. Odd
Fellow- Hull, on tlie
��� thiul .Monday In
each inontli atbp.m.
VisitniK broth ron
cordially, welcomed.
ritOt'UNIKll, Si citiyi'AitY.
To Trappers
1 ^ i   t,   * k < - "��� 'A' ��*v
Raw'Furs Bo'ughi-"    '
^ Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
, Exporter of Purs.
Standard remedy for Gleet,
Gonorrhcea and Runnings   fumyl
IN 40 HOURS.- Cures Kid- \nUUI J
ney and Bladder Troubles.
���.   .^J.   SAMSON     ;   ^
Painter,. Paperliaiiger,.' Signwriier
.   ,A-  KALSOiMINMNG   DONE. ���   .       ;
' Orilcts I'L'Ci'ivi'.prqinpt .-iltcnLion. '
Socoiul-sti'i-ut,  .   -     'REVEI'-STOKK ���
For Sale or Rent.    *.
TTilItST-CLASS HOTI-IL in On'tnl-oiiip,
,lj     li. O.   The I.iiKL'it. nnd only liisL--
il.iss" Iioiisl'  in, town." For p.ii tienlnrs -, -
ipply   tn-lloli'l  Ciiti'i-inn,   Cnmbointv-
J; Cruy. Barbei:
. -and .1 -
complete line
of the
Rogers Bros."
Tin* 31 .i.lci Mi'cli.unc- 1'nre Tar rfnap h"al-
nnd -ofli.ii- th" -kin, nhilo proimnlt- cli'nn-jtnj*;
11 of (frea-a-. oil. nut. pic Intnliialile for-me
clianic-. f.iruioi -. -port-'iiicn Krui- -.gn|,leof<
ri'cciptof Zi: fo:- po-t i^c. Albert Toilet Honi
Co., rn.iiinf.ictiirvr*-. Jtont.-c.tl.
The Best in the World
Mail in 15 Rcivnl Ciovvn Soap
Wr.ippet'-. and in return we
vvill mail ;i heautiful Pictnru
=i/e lGx'20 ; yc fer IH \Vr.i pjie��s
yottr choice'of over Wlbook*.
Drop ih n post curd n-iking
for .1 o.itnlogue of premiuni.-i
to bo had F'RKK for Royal
Grown Soap Wrappor-i.
must win^upon their
merits. The International
Dictionary has won a
greater distinction ' upon
its merits and is in more
general use than any other
work of its kind in the!
English language.
A. II. Snyre, T,r..D., !).��., of Oxford
University, ]^ii-^1iiikI, iiu- 1 eccntly fciml ol*
it: Tt Is nulecil 11 iimrrolou*-; woik; it is
(lillltiilt to coiicultc of 11 dictionary moie
e-vliini-itivc nnd eomplete. F.t-crytlim)? is
init ���not only vrliiit wo mifflit evpeet to
Iiml In inch n work, Init nlso what tew of
ns would evei Imve tlionirht ol looking l*or.
A stipplument to the nevvredition has,
broinrht it fully up to 'Into. 1 hate been
���i.'/uklnif throiiKli the hitter with 11 leeTuiK
ol nstniiisbinent sit it- o<>m|'A)lene��j, and
the umount (it liilxn- that lias been put
into It.
"A Te��lin Pronunciation" which iilloidi'nl
plc-iisiint and  ln��t rnetitt etenin(f's enter-
Illnitiiiled pamphlet nl-o free.
G. 6 C. MERR.IAM CO., Pubs,
dprlngflnld, Mass.
The Prince Mining  and Development Co., Limited Liability.
\XCT1I I' TSIin?rnY(lIM"N Il1.1ttl10.111nn.il
X\    nieetiiif,'    of   the   .-h.ueliolder-   of   Tin:
1'IIIM'I.  IVIIMM.   ,\tl)   Dl.t I.I (ll'tll.M   COMI'tNt.
Litiin.n Li t1111.il \. tvill be held .il the t'nin-
p.int'- olliee-. Fn-t-tieet. ItctcNtnku. I> (I .011
Wu(ine?(l.i>. the unit li <l.i> of M.ucli. A. I) , IHUI.
.it tho limn oT ttto o'clock' in the (iftoi 1111011. tor
the pnrpo^e.0.1 oleutiiiK ollieoi- foi .the en-niim
.tear and Tin all olhci pnrpo-i'- lelnliiiK to tho
ni.iii.ii;ciiienl ol the couip.ni.t.
It i- piopo-ed to .inieiid the bj-l.itt-li> 111-
crca-im; ihe iiiiinbei of dnectoii lo -roton
The tr.111.-lcr book of the company will be
clofcil dininc tlio foil 1 tern dm.- imiiirdi.iiuly
preceding s-iiclv aiuelinw
Haled al Itetcl-toke. II ('..tin- 17th (In) ol
Fobiiiuo, A. D , 11101-
' - ���- .Secieturj.
Mining & Legal Purposes
Transfers, Options, Povveis '
of Attorney, Statutory Declarations, Proxies, etc., can
Lie obtained at the
..Kootenay Mail Ofliee..
Knives, Forks,
.Spoons, etc.
ttvts caic-fuMy examined and
piopirlj filled to tlie bust grade
J^Rcpulrlnit. V /        VJ_y
Tlie Iciding mining   periodil;i1   of  tliu
woi Id, with thu.sitoim-tiit editorial M.itT of
* niiy technical puhlicatiuu.
Siihi-uripiioii   $5.00   a   jenr   (im.hulini;
U. S , Canadi in, Mcvicaii ptistigo J
S.unpltt co[t> fiue. Send ft��r lloolv. Cat dot;i:e.
The ENaiSEERiNfl and Mining Journal"
261 Croad Tv-ay, New York
Halcyon Hot Springs
Colds Are Dangerous.
Hnw'nflcii yon henr it rciiinrlscil:
'Tt'-i only 11 (.-old," mid n fi-tt- tiny- Inlet-
If-iirn that llu- irinn is 011 lii-^ buck ttilli
|iiiciiiii/iniii. This is of stii-li cuiiiiiiiiii
occnrifiit-c I hut/11 cold, liovvcvi'i-sli��lit,
"hniild nol In- disi-i'f;ni(li'd. (liinnilii-r-
Iniii'-i Clinch Ki'iiictly  cnuntfincta 111
     -....���.    - ny
The  Royal Soap Co.^t l��,-r��clt-ii-r-y  Uiw.uil   iinfiimonia.    It   111-
- ��� ��������� - - ���   ., or '  '     1 ���    ���*   a  ' w'}'1* t't'K'H "rttl   is   pli'iit,iinL  to  ttikf.
And placing ol* orders   for  police   uni-1 VaflCOUVei", O. L. Limited.   Kur smle liy nil di'tigni.sts. .        ..    _-���
c-yon in c* tin1 iiiobL viiriitivu in tb��'
world.' A pi'i-l'i't-l, nntninl ii'inijdy fot
nil Nlmvoiis nnd Blu-ciilttr diseiibi'*,
I/ivur, Kidney Jind Stoniiieli titlnii'iils
unit Mi'Ullir PoisnninK. A sure enic
for "Th.-it Tiled Feelinpr." Special
rates on' nil bonis and trains. Two
mails in rive and depmt every day.
Tclegi'iipb- communication . with nil
partH of the woild. An experienced
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu La fie, "B. C.   ,. ,   ,,-
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy;-
For Coughs, Colds, Croup ami Wliuop*-
iug Cough.  Price 25 cents;"large size 500--
Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera-
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.    Price 35 cent&i
Chamberlain's,Pain  Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Ilmises, Sprains.and Rheumatism.    Price 2'5 cents;" large size 50 cents.
Chamberlain's- Stomach.- and, ,,
" Liver Tablets A
For   Disorders of thc 'Stomach, Liver"'
and Bowels.   Price 25 cents. ,
>     1    ���    : 1       .     .
Every one of these preparations1
is guaranteed and i!n*ot"ftiIly satisfactory to fhe,'purchaser ; th-��;
money will he refunded.
" * 1
'- * I
���*. ,
' . r  \ffPn  i  las*  V  Ir''  i  ���������ll  I  Li  is? ,  ./, THE KOOTENAY m\ TV A  wf  ���������   i\  ,   Ji  if*  i''I  .'iri  11  ���������!'  ARROWHEAD.  ,      '<   'Frnni ourottiirorro-.iK>n(l������iil. '  'l     , C."Atvvooil,.iiiiinnger of tho' Ifimtei  Kendiiclc stoie, Ciraiul   Forks, put-i <I  ' through'A ri hit head on Tliitr.-day en  Ti'iitc to Keloun-i. on 'a bushics* trip. r  '  Hc\u Mr.   (ili^iford   held   Iih  l.mi  "service  on   ytindny;, evening.'    Al'tei  -April    1st. Ret.' ,Mf.    Ross   nill    h  stationed here.   "'- ���������    " '  tJi'vcr.il of our( citi/tmh, vvo'nt' U  JRevelstoke on'lThur-(lnyr"Uie 17th'ti  attend the St. Patrick 'Concert.     '���������'  The liotel now in coiuseof const ltie-  ition l>.v Mr..McCarthy, for Mr. \Y 0.  jLightliourne, on tlie lot'adjoining Mi.  .   Keu man's, is making, good progre*--.  The Big Bend Lumber Co. aie build-  i  jng;i tug to be used in their lumhei  J>u������ine*s. She will be 110 feet by il  fwt, ii nil kith poiierful'-ind fast.  II. Olter, vvho hns been in "Arrow  flieail nM winter, leave*, t'ltlay (Thin-  5d������y) for the (Uana'gnn Valley, vv lien  JiewillMook over the couutiy and il  satisfied take up land. ��������� We wish bin  J nek".', ' "'"> "- ' ' . , <-,"  ������ All.this week the Kn-'no-tn Medicine  ��������� Co.'have lieen amusing tlie''Arrovi-lii\-i<l  people with their-clever  peifoniinnce,'  si ml incidentally selling a gie.tt deal of  much "of the good thing.   They crack  '    (tlieir   preparations,, -thc^ H.tll ,,beir  ���������crowded nightly, the cntite'nbseiice of  ���������vulgarity or anything to  otlend per-  < ���������> initting Indie'i'iind their families to"lie  present. < Last iiiglit"thp',vote for the  most popiilnryoiinglady in Aiiowhe.ul  '-was decided and lesultcd   in a<.vietoiy  ���������   -Joi Miss E. Kennedy, eldebt daughter,  of Mi. Kennedy, the popular- foteinnh  ���������of the Anovvhead Liiinb'er Co.     Up t/<  noon  yeMjji day ff (Thursday)  the  voti  '    stood till iss ��������� Kennedy.' 2,430, -JI is-  MV  J'on.ild 2.HS0; so last night fhe-Arrovv  lieadjuinber men tuined- out, in'full  -.force'and  l>oiight   medicine  with  in  '.unanimity that  suggested.'they, weie  .in the last stage.--of pien'iatute dee.-y  <e.ich bottle bought entitling the hujn  \ in so many votes), aiid   w,e,veiituie,to'  Iirediet  that if this  medicine does nil  .that is claimed for it  Artovt head   ttill  3>e,noted,forthe purest blor-d'ed clenie--,  .<-omple\ioned people'in the Dominion.  This veiy n.itiual'desiie for the gi ent-  , tf-st blessing voucht.tvecl to mankind ot  itite part of the.Kennedy pnity tesultcd  an -.Miss 'Kennedy polling-1 :i   vote'ol  24,9S0, against (Miss_ McDonald ti.930J  itheicbv'vvinning the lady's pietty gold  "svatch  iiresented-Jiy .the Ivii-nc-t.i Co"  ������ -,   PETTIER THAN, PILLS.  The Grniiianlmn Hub Cared  Many m  ,   . Cue of Djrapeimia. i    ' j'"  William H. Evarta used to boast that  he had never,eveu looked into'ia" gymnasium, which was'his way of saying  that In his opinion gymnastics were all'  nonsense'., "People   siiy   to ' me,1 'Ur.  Evarts,'you're., hale,aud, hearty when  you   ought   to   he   thinking'' qf '"your  grave,* aud they wonder hoV I do It."  , Of 'course the secret of the haleness  and ,the heartiness was!'temperance���������  moderation,* says the^-NewiYork. News.  No man who goes to bed on a supper  of  mince  pie and  Welsh  rabbit, aud  wakes up "for 'a breakfast of sausage  and buckwheat cukes and then spends  most of the day twisting, from one* side  of,a, desk to the other can long'"avoid  the prescription of hot water thrice.a  day.r before , meals. - "Temperanee"   is  one of tlie words that are ridiculed until they impress themselves upon giddy,,  humanity with the effect of u branding  iron. ' ���������,.r~ A*        "  ' Some happy mortals' like' Mr. Evurls  have no use for a gymnasium, for tliey  Und gymnastic apparatus everywhere.  Tlie street Is their.half mile track; the  two^* lllghls of sleps-'or maybe ten  flights���������are' tlio lung developeri; 'tho  free nnd vigorous swing of tlio arms  and the throwing out of tlie chest tiro  as-good as parallel bars. J  There tiro men somewhat Intemperate in ^tlieir temperance, displaying too  Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal oJ  Mlnorals on Dominion Lands tn Manitoba, the ' Nortiwcst  Territories and  ���������, the Yukon Territory/. i  your knuckles when they ^ take, you by  the hand; they pound you on the back,  as it' a lishbone were ,stuck iu your  throat, and say, /'Brace'up, old man;  you'll be round shouldered if you don't  'take 'care." ��������� "     / ,'*���������-���������.  , But there Is this to be' snld,'in"'fav-or  of the gymnasium���������it' has cured many  accuse of dyspepsia antbto that extent,  has made the world sweeter.,  DOING <A g'REAT DEEDr*  HJefore t antU '"after-"ffie' .voting the  i .audience weie kept in roaii-of l.iuglitei  J>y the comic songs of Mr. "Campbell",  ."ballads by Mr. RieIiaid*-on. and son e  ������ery clev6i bilck and wing dancing by'  ���������tbej.ittcr'gentleman, the perfoim.ince  A'OJicKiding tvitb ,m amusing f.u'ci  ���������(entitled "Over the river. r Charlie.'  Joe Meliose. of A now head: .acted as  'stccomjianist, and proved litniself a  jiast master when at the piano.  CHURCHES.  KAIM'IST  The Rev. I., W. Willian son. o  Kainloops-. came in on Xo. 2 Tlnn-cLiy  jnorning and in the ovening held a  jneeting to talk over the .idvi������nbilit\  <if establishing a. Baptist, chinch in  .this city. The prospects seem blight  nnd the pioject will-be furthei con-  .sidered. ,     '  rRKSltYTEKIAS-.  Sunday,1    lilaicji     27., ��������� .Morning  Mibject',   "Faith."     Evening   subject  '���������Tlnee, night scenes from  the wotd of  ���������God."    ���������  flliss Rogets hits been appointed  -oigitnist of St Andrews church.  At a meeting of Presbytery held nt  Sic.iiiious on Tuesday. M.uch 22nd,  the lesignation of Rev. W. C- Cnldet  *\:w accepted to take etl'eet on the  Jirst Sunday,of June.  V. L. r.irr left   Thuiad.iy   night foi  .Armstrong wheie  he  will occupy the  pulpit of Iter. Duncan Campbell.   Mr.  . JMuiray,  who succeed-;  Mr. Pair.-will  sirrite on Fiiday, Aptil l?t.  Ho-jv Phillips UrookH1Sobered  Down  a Too Aapirlngr Youth.  "Wlieif Boston's great preuchef," Phillips Brooks, was a student at-college,  he decided to enter thc-'iiiiiiistry.'   Ilts  instructors  advised- him   against  this  step   UeL.lif-e- of" an   impediment"'in  speech.    ,"The professors  lmd  all <the  argument on  their'side," said tlie'famous clers.wiinn j ears after,* when by  patient elfor't he hud giimed conttol of  hi-?  voice.  ���������'btiAn.iUir.illy  i'-cottld  not  protest.'ifor, words I'atled iiie."     .   '���������-.   L  .   To this preacher's sttulj.,there came  one  day  a 'youtli.   phy&ie.tllj "/perfect,  ninbitiotis for honor nnd looUm-,' fbi"a  'short cut up (tin- road to'success,    tie  intimated  tli'.-tt he'wished .to do "some  gieat tiling hotter than it could be done  bj any one else    ' ' , '  Philhps-'Brooks w,rote rapidly iipon a  piece'of paper while Ids Visitor was  speaking sealed it liran envelope anil  then, suggested that theAiote be rend  when tlie man reachedJioiho.,, .The let-  terrreit(l: "Stand in the'inooiilight and  you twill cast a.shadow vNo man can-  cast a shadow just like it."  ;' '      <  Tlie.young ninnAoalizcd that the  preacher" had made" Ins honest ambition seem ridiculous, but made another  attempt. On the original letter he  wtote, "Possible, but I desire that the  deed I do be of benefit to my fellow  men."   , '  Back came the original'letter, with  these words added: "Then stand in the  sunlight and 'permjt the worknigman  to eat his lunch in your shadow."  titP?,?> .,"T.9?*J',lanUs, may bG Pi"chased at  nu pei acie for soft coul nnd $20 tor an-  t Iraclte Not more than 320, acres can  be acyulied by one individual or rcum-  paiiy.-.Royalty, at. the .rate .of ten ceTu.  per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be collec ed  on the sjioss output. ' -  yiiaitz.-Peisons of eighteen'years and  over and 'joint stock companies holdlnu  fiee miners certificates may obtain enti-v  tor a mlnhie location.'- <     >  A fiee n.inet's.certincate Is granted foi  one or moie years, not exceedliiB* live, upon payment in advance.of J7.D0 per annum for an individual, and fiom $30 to  Jltw per annum for a company, according  to capital.-' n  ���������A fiee m'ner having discovered mineral  r. place, may locnie a'claim 15o0.\.l.",0o tc-t  bt miirkiiiK* out the same with two legal  P"sis, boating location notices, one at  eiicli end on the line of tlie lode or vein,  ilie claim slmll be lecotded within 111-  teen days if located within ten miles of a  mining lecoulors olliee, one iidditioniii  <U,v - ullotvcd for ptei-y uddltloiuil lei,  miles oi fniptlon. The fee for recoidlne"  'i  claim is fo.       '  At  Iciioi  oiW) must be1 expended "on  tin  elnlm each yeai or paid to the mining re,  coidei In lieu theieof. When J5U0 has been'  expended or paid,' the locator may,  upon  Inivlng n suive.t  miule,.and upon complv.  in*   vv-.tli   otliei    lequlienieius,   puieiiakc  the- land at f 1 00 an acie.  <  'Pel mission may be gi an ted bt-4liei.Mln.  later of  the  lnteiior    to    locate  ���������claim-  coiualnlng lion and mica, .ilso coppei   In  the Yukon Ton I tory, of aiiaiea not exceeding HO nicies. '���������  ,The patent for a mining location shall  piotide nn ihu imjiiienioi a iu.miIm ,.t .'1 ,���������  Plneor Mining, Manitoba and the N \V.  I., excepting the Yukon Tenltoit,-  I lacer mining claims geneiallv-aie'luu  w.e.,,v*'ll'ne; ^KJ^*'������- "men-able  r>?.'JiJ'i .������������ 'he North Saskatchewan  Rh-ei claims foi either bar or bench, the  joi mor being 100 feet long and extending  between high'and low water mailc The  i,V���������������rf 7 ud?s bar diSS'nes, but extends  back to the base of the hill or bank, bu,  nol.exceeding 1,000 feet. Wlieie steam  power is used, claims 200t>feet wide mat  be  obtained.   -      ' ���������**'        r ,  n,,^.?^',,'" ������* '���������ivbrs'-of' Manltobu  , p, VN-;-' I-, excepting the Yukon  leultoij ���������A.ftee mlnei   may obtain onlv  For a Disordered Stomach.  "I hnvo linen houblnd for eoniP time  with  in(!igp--tion   and  c,,,.,. M,.���������,���������(.h,'  says Mis. .\Siinih   W.   Cmlis. of   7J(.(.,  jMiiss., "nnd Imvc   boon   t.'ikinsj Ohiiin-  heiliiin'-i Siomnch iind   Wv-er TiililfU  which hnvc  hi'lpi'd.uw   veiy  niucli mi  Hint, novv I can   cut  mnny things tbiil  befoie I r-onld not."; If vnu hnvp anv  ,ti'nuh|i>'with  y'oiit' o'loinnt-h  why nol  'take th"=--'Tiibl('ls and   g^t well?   Foi J  sab' by nil diugpi������ls. '  ���������-  | Did yoti ever.stop  to .think that  ti  WEILER"  Stand;   fm- g(,odj  1   leliublo gi.iKls ?  A  'to  and  experienced oru.-mizatibn ciuibles  us/  .west'iit   styles   iioutble. for   cffc-ctiy<-nefs   f.i:'cl  high   furiiisliiny    cjufi'lities,'  at-prices    no   'hiyfu  than  ihe ordinary,,kind." ��������� ' <  ier  Tondern f,r a. Lieons-j'to Cut Timbor on  Dominion J.nnds in r������-o Province '  (   ,,   of British Columbia. "  FURNITUBE,  CARPETS,  CURTAINS/WALL" PAPERS,!  Complete House Furnishings  .     ' Write for lu.-gc ilitiMr.-itcd ,c,.tnloguo-it i.,'fu-o and intoicstin--  WEILER BROS.,        '��������� VJCTORIA, B;fi  S. ii..(l|l, Tiimi-liliiil, ].'mi!f..|i. \v,m of tiie lit],  MiTldnn. cniiriiiniiiKiin ill-en of (! m|iiiii-- ,���������i|c"  IlKMC Ol" I. --.\ '        . i , null.--,  Tin. ii (,'nlnt'npc nivlci- tv lilcli a Ih-ot^i. tvlll |���������.  is-Micd, iii.ii print..(I tiii-m-. ot t.-nd,.,- ���������,���������| ,.nv<,i  ope. limy bi'������������������litnliwd nl till- H.*|.���������,iMI...U ,������������������ Tit  tliu ntlli'e of the ( lovvn 'I Imlipr ^kciiI hi New  W c-tiiihu-li-r. !  l-.iich lemlci- nuiet Im iipirnimnlcd In- nn  iil-ci'pti.'i clii'qun on ii ol iii't. nil ImmI, i��������� fnvnin-  ot llu- tii'iuit nf ,iimiwor o' Um- Inii'i-nr. r���������r  Uic iiiiiiniiii of tin- bomi- ������ hiuh ihu iippliuiini is  pri'l-nii'i-l ti, nn j lorn l'r.-n--('. ' ' '  >o U'lidei by Ickvinph will lippiilintnlned  PKRLKY tt. KEVirs, ,   -  ncpnitinon' of thn In/cr'ni-. ' Secr',|nrJ'-  nu,i..t.   I-' i,-m������������������ v JCi l,, |'|i| n       -  ,  E. B, EDDY'S  (S^vdZOISIE!  KURTZ & [,0'S CIGAES  The Best on tlia Market.  '.  '���������rCINfl   KIUVAUD" Hini,.  "iiKADi.'ic; irr,".-,(Hu.  "KaCiIiIC'IIK), iiml 2(H),'. ,   '>  "vk'jto'kia."  ���������"lA'YTLK CO.MKT."     ,  FOR   SALE   EVERYWHERE  ^���������S?*  ^2-  v.     i  All Ilappeiifi In a Second.'  A second is the smallest division ot  time in general use, and when ivu consider that in one year there are about  31,ojS,000 of these periods it would  certainly seem as if it was enough for"  all practical purposes. But, after all,  a good deal can happen'iu the fraction  of a second.  A light- wave, for Instance, passes  through a distance of' about lSO.OOO  miles in this length of time. A current  of electricity has probably an even  greater speed. The-,earth in itself  moves in its orbit at'a rate of about  twenty miles a second.   " ���������    '  A tuning fork of the French standard  vibrates ST0 times per second to produce the note A on the treble staff.  La Grippe Coming Again. *  Tne doctors believe another epidemic of Grippe is here,' and already  ���������ninny nie buffering. The medical  men aie not .afraid of Grippe since  (l^t.irrho/one was introduced, and  ���������claim that no one n-ill ever catch thih  ���������disease who inhales the fragrant healing vapor of Catarrho/.jne a fett tin cs  ���������daily. Ciitarrhozone kills the Gripj e  germ and prevents it spreading  thrjugh the system. "Lust .winter I  3i.nl nn attack of Grippe*'-writes C. P.  Mackinnon, of St. John's.' "I bought  ���������Ciitai ihozone and got relief in short  -time. I found Catarrho^one better  4bun anything else* and 'was "c'ured'by  tiairg it," Catanhozone prevents and  ���������cures Grippe, cplds.iind catarrh.   Two  , v..������l.���������"   * ! i     ������l  itn." ._:  Slay nnd December.  Our great-grandfathets had a way of  announcing marriage ceremonies which  would hardly find favor nowadays.  The folloiv ing cases iu point have been  unearthed:  "On Aug. 22, 17S2, at Bath, Captain  Hamilton, nged twenty-eight, married  Mrs. Momsoii, an nged lady of eighty-  six, but possessing rank and much  wealth."  "Robert Judge of Cooksborough, Ireland, aged ninety-five, to Miss Annie  Nugent, aged fifteen. Robert Judge  was an ollicer tu King William's army  and was wounded 'in the nose."  OddltieJi of  Lotc  He���������I don't know how it is, but I've  noticed it is the girl who puzzles all  the other girls "what he could have  seen in her" who is the first to get married.  ' She���������--And It is the man that tho girls  Bay the^y wouldn't have' if ho were the  last man on earth 'yrho has his pick of  all the pretty girls .jjiVVtowii. , ,  tvto leases or five miles each tin .i leim  o������ ttventv jeais, lenevvablp in the d.scre  tion   of  the'Minister of  the, lnteiior  1 he lessee's light is conhned to the sub-  nieiged beds oi bais ot tlie liver belovt  low ttatei maik, and subioet to tlie il^ht-  of all pei sons ttho have; oi vtho may io-  ceive,entries toi bai diet'lneb oi bench,  claims, except on the Saskatchewan  Rivei, wheie the le*w������ ma> dieilfe to  high water maik on each alternate lease-  hold    -- . ' .  .  The lessee shall have a diedue in opei  anon within one season iioni the date oi  the lease toi each rn������ miles, but wheie  a pei son or company , has obtained mon  than one lea.e one diedf*. foi each fifteen miles oi hacn.lii ,1*. sutheipm  Rental, ������10 per .annum for each mile of  mei if.i������!-ci Kuja.ii .a nit- lacu Sl i..,  and a half pel'cent collected on the output .mer it e\Lted<? Slu.uuu   - -  Dieduuif,' in  theaYukon  Tenitory ���������Six  leases ot live miles" each may be'granted  10   a   Hei-   miiiei    101, a.ieim   ui   nventi  ieais, also renewable. , ,  Tne   li-������ee s   light   is   confined   to   tlie  I =iibineiged bed or bais In the river below lott tvatet maik,, that boundary to  be fixed by its'position on the 1st day ol  August in the year of the date of the  lease.    . . >      __ 4 ��������� j       ��������� ���������--   ,  The lessee shall have one diedgo in.op-  eiation���������withm tvto jears fiom'.ihe date  ofi the lease, and one dredge foi each  five miles ttithln six years fiom such  date Rental, JlOO'per mile for the lust  v-ear, and *10.per mile for-each-subsequent j ear. Rojattj, same as placer mining -    -  Placer Mining in the Yukon Tenitory.  ���������Cieek, nvei ,gulch and hill claims shall  not exceed Jju leet in length, meaauied  on,the base line 01 general dnection ol  tho creek or gulch, the width being tiom  1.U00 to 2,000 leot. All other placei claims  -li.ul be .'.XI leet -.nunc.  Cla?ms are maiked by two legal posts,  one at each end, beat ing notices. lSntrt  must be obtained within ten davs. if the  claim is ttithin ten miles of mining le-  corder s ,ofHce. One extra day allotted  foi  each additional ten miles or fraction.  The person 01 companj staking a claim  must hold a fiee miner's ceitificate  'The discoveiei of a new mine Is entitled  to a claim of 1,000 leet in length, and if  the party consists of two, l,5uj feet altogether, on the output of which no royalty  shall be charged, the lest of the'paiiy  oidiuaiy claims onl\.      ,  Entry fee, S10. Royalty1 at the rate of  two and one-half per cent on the value  ot the gold shipped fromithe Yukon Ter-  II toi j   to be paid to the Compti otter  Xo fiee miner shall receive a giant of  moie than one mining claim on each sep-  etate river, cieek or gulch, but the same  miner mat hold any number of claims  by purchase, and fiee miners may work  their claims in partneiship bv tiling  notice and pajing fee of $2 A claim mas  be abandoned, and another obtained on  the same creek, gulch,or uter, bj giving  notice  and  paying a  fee.  IVoik must be done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $^00  A ceitificate that woik has been done  must be obtained each 5 ear, If not, the  claim shall be deemed "to be abandoned,  and open to occupation and entiy by a  fiee miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices in the Yukon  Official  Gazette.  Petioleum���������All unappropriated Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the K01 th-west  Teuitories and within the Yukon Tenitory are open to prospecting for peti oleum, and the 'minister may reserve foi  an individual or company having machinery on the land to be piospecled,  an area of C40 acies Should the pros-  pectoi discovei oil in pa>ing quantities,  and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an aiea not exceeding ifio acies, including the oil well and such other land  as may be determined, ttill be sold to  the* discoveiei- at.the.iate of $100 jh  acie, subject to loyalty at such late as  may be specified by order-in-council  Depaitment of the Interior, Ottawa,  bi iinry. 1501,  JAJIES A. SMART  '   Deputy of the Minister of the Interior.  %'���������  - KURTZ'S OTCX -,     '-'  KURTZ'S PIONEER A.      ' ;  ..  li'-jIiTZ"'5! SPANISH Dr.ORSOM*  1- 1 c     ,*.  at-p Buin'd- thit r.-in't"h" liMiitpn.  made nv rviny r-.Anon.  'Are the. best that" can be bought.  **���������     j; 1 '   '   ff    r ' ( j "   '     1  .Don't experiment with'other and .inferior bra nek  O*1 * ������   1   t 1, ������������������   1. 1    r >f "  WOOD VARD  '         -    - <-    .,  I linvi> sl.irlpd ,i poiinnneii1 Wood  Yard mi Tinifl -iti^Mi \\ 11I1 mvrp,i������t  expfi'i('ncp^I'linpp"t('> l>i������in',i pu-iuon  Co s.m-fv all t-i'ipni.-iiii'iil- nl (nj-tmii.  pi"5 ~ Miir_!in"d (uulit'oiif),. .-in.plied ' in  ."iii}-"l(>ngih������ at ri-diicMfl  |..i'-". f..i',c,i<.ii-  ���������^i<*> &&*%&(| <$ -^"������* if r| ������* tf.rt f* ������ ������$ ^ r?'rf-������< A r{'f% 4 ^, & ������ '  *   HOTEL: ^R^O*  A COMAPLIX  AAAJAJ::  **������  $,'The Best House in Town. -- .Well Furnished, -' .Good Table r*,  I, , ' Best Brands of WINES,SPIRITS and CIGARS kepi in Stock. ������.  |  '."'������. ,    W.. HAMILTON. Proprietor;       '/   '   f  e there difTer from our -  1 inhaliitarits, can'onl v be'guessed by  comparison with animal nature on this  small sphere of ours. More miportai t  to us is a, knowledge of qurselves.-;  "'Know Thyself" was an old "Greek-  thought. How to take care of one's  own body is not so simple as some think;  the "tinman niorhnnism is a wonjeiiui  thing and requires watchtug.      ,  One man who 1 a-? done  more to teach  the Amencnn people how to caie'foi their  bodies t ia 1 a'r.io-l iny other, is Di   R. V.  Pi(.icc, oi" BufTalo, N. Y , the Ai thoi of the  "Common   Sense   M'.-dic-.l  Ailt .sfr "     ZZ".  "sit-s-   It i-, not the -qu.r.iti'.v of the food  eaten which produces strensrtli and health  (for some people can keep strong; on .11 erj  meagre diet), but it is hew nine'',  food i-j  absoibcd and a-==i-uil.it(.-fl by the blood au-3  cairkd to nourish every oigan of the body.  It is, therefore, tit-lly*iicccssar3-   for ilie  body thatthj   stoi. ach   be  in a Le.illhj  state.    If disease of the --toninch, or tth-t is  called "stomach trout le." prevents proper  nutrition then the heart, liver, lungs, an-d  kidnejs do not pet proper food���������they are  net fed on rich  red blood, and in consequence, begin to show signs of distress  Outwardly these   six'is   may be   pun rile 1  ard eruptions 011 skin, pale face, sleepiesn  nights, tired, languid feeli-.-gs or, by ic-v-r-i  of, the ncrtesnol being fed on pure blood,  they become   -starved,  and  ve   receive   .-������  n-crm <g 111 ths  pain  wc  call   neuralgia.*  Rheumatism, too, is .1 blood disease. ' After  y������ars of  practice   and   study   Dr   Pic-c*  found that an Alterative Extract, which hi  named "Dr  Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery," made fiom the extracts of several  plants, inv-tr'ably piodnced a tonic effect  upon the sjstem."   It helped tlie process of  absorption of the hcilthy elements in the  food and  increased the red corpuscles of  the. blood, as well as* eliminated the poisons  from the system  Business is business. No time for headaches Constipation causes them. Doctor  Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cure them by curing the cause.   Laxative and mild. ..  REVELSTOKE, E.;C. .  ABRAHAMSON    BROS.,. PROPRIETORS.       * -J'  First-class in"e.very, respect. -...All modern conveniences. "���������  'Large Sample  Rooms. ,-- - ��������� _���������  ,   Rates SI.50 per Day    '    ,_.        Special Weekly Rates.        , " '  Queen's Hotel, .Trout   Lake,'- Cinder   same   management.  ORIENTAL   HOTEL  ably furnished with the choicest the market  ,    affords.       Best   Wines,   Liquors, & Cigars.  Rates $1 a day A   Monthly rate.  J".    .^LBIEIRT      STOITE.      PROI  Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences  "'.QUEEN'S HOTEL'-'*'.;-  Rooms in Suites-ivith Baths and   Toilets attached, floivino Hot,  and Cold Water, Inside Toilets on each floor, Gas Li������hied ana  .   *    Steam Heated Throughout.  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       =  ^   .GOLDEN, B. C.  UEENS H  HENRY'S NURSERIES  3010 Wi'stmiiistei   Ko.id.  months  25c.  treatment   $1.00;" trial   si/e  ii]:'  ' Imperative.  Sclioolmnster���������Now, 'Jones, give me  a sentence, nnd then we will see if wo  can chnnge it to the imperative Sorm.  Pupil���������The hone draws the wagon.  -. Schoolmaster���������Now put it In the im-  Iterative. . ^"  PupU-Ge������ upI-ChuffiB,-;J_JESiS  .���������\/>~7  WRAPPING   PAPER   AND  PAPER BAGS.  The Kootenay Mail has: been  appointed   agent  for  one   of  the  largest  Canadian' taper!  Mills.  Wrapping  papers in   rolls or  , flat,   and  paper  bags   of all  weights and sizes supplied to  order printed or imprinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke.  Thousands of Fruit and  Ornamental Trees!  Rhododendrons, Roses,  'Gicunhou&c and J fitidy Plants.  COMAPLIX  , CHIEF YOUNG,      -       -       -     Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Travellers  to  Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this Hotel.  Hnmo-Grovvii and Imported  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  ' For Spiing Planting.  Eastern prices or less-..       White labor.  DAVE ORR, Proprietor  The best Dollar 11 Day House  in the town.  fii'si  Biiniil- of Winc������,  Spirits  .iiiil Ciujus.  FERTILIZERS.- '  Bee Hives and Supplies.  Cut Flower.- und Designs.  Catalogue free.  M. J. HENRY,  Vancouvkk, B. C.'  P. BURNS & CO.  WholesaleCand Retail  ...   Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  -���������^^ffisD^Qalgary, Alberta  v  11, H   *-������..-.--    P    t  r       i      '    r  u .'Lyv-o.'^v^ -"--"r '     ""I'-"  MALAKWA.  T  '     'j    '  -,      "  -, \H  -  'c .  ���������    '       Fioin ouroivii C<>riu*iK)iidoiil.i.'  The robins  and   nieailovv   larks arc  with ns once more.  -   The biiow is going fast, and if wc get  'two or'three   vvui m, dav-b  everything  will ho gonc'in the shape of-ioaiis.  Mrs.  Scott   le'luriu'd    from   Revel-  stoke" with   Master  Walter  Scott on  ' "Wednesday. ' Wc are gl.ul to -s.iy he i*>  recovering fi ���������;���������! liis'lniins  as well as  ���������can be ex pec, ������������������������������������! (  School Iii-pM-lnr Ciordon   was- hcio  Tuesday and give������ areat. prais   to   the  ' jittoiidiineo and piolicioncy of scholars,  which 'speaks   well   for',our  teacher,  ]\Irs..l'C.   lliitchibiiii       lie   aiho   re-  "liiarked on, Ihu  homo-like  appearance  of the school and geni-ial aspect.  FIRE" VALLEY,  From Our,Own I'oni'cipoiidiMit.  ;.uM. Cnniiichiiel''returned   from Nel-  hun ini'this lmiining'b lioat.  (  - It is utul-ji'aitiod thai (lie Kdgevvood  Dairy (.'ompany ate ofYor'mg .their well  htoeketl ranch for silo. ��������� ,     ,  Mr! Hangs, who ; won I*  lo   lvos.slaiiil  .on   Sunday,   reiurned f this   morning  sicoompiiniec! hy .Mi.iMnilin   uf, Ross-  liind. , , ('  Mr. Tomlin-on. off Shiran, nianagor  of (licAightiiing   I'ciik   Mining Com-  ,jia,ny, is.in' tlie  valley   Ihe  guofct  of  ;*\Vm. Caltler.    '.  .IMr. .mil JNIis. U. .llnangTjliave.gone,  to'l-level-toku to he'ncai tlieii relalive,  " Miss Timiley. who is in the hospital  ��������� tlicientndergoing .ui operation for ap-  ' pendicili-. ' Mis- Tmgley's/ many  "-fi-icnds wi-Ii h'cr.a speedy icoovery.  M,ucii_:23iil.     "* , -     ���������  '". '      ^~  : --V r  ������7 O  LEI  ,   r  .   '".riillll   OlO-'^Owll   (.'llllO������|ll>ll(ll!llt.  ���������      IT.   I1'.   Wilniot, -vmis   in    town   -last  . week.        ' .      ,, ,  ' JMis.s ...McDonald, of. Arm-Irony,  spent ii few day-, inl,im\n> tins week,  the gtie-trof Mr.-. A. K Roliurts.- '  W. II..McCoiinick marie .-ulK-iim*  l.iip to Anowlie.Hroii, Ira tin day last,  rettirmng ag.-u'n on Mondav's ti.tin.  ICnfiei hy's   popul.ition   continues to  ���������steadily increase..e.ver>\*week bi'mgiiig  ,lio.sli arrivals, while various industries  siry springing up "ii every side.    ,    - _  .A-'iiisV-ryinan. wife oi Fi.tncis Pyninn,  Uie town jeweller, cainc in  on Fud.iy.  It'  is'the   intention   of   .Mr. and .Mr*.  Pyiiiau'tVi'roBidc heie iieinnnienUy  -'-- F. W. A\ Imerb (J    V. ,  cuino  in   on  FViclay'to  in-pect   the   woik   which U  liemg dyne, on die liver bank  and lott  iig.un i'oi Golden on f-atiiiilav-. ii.nn  ���������*\\ II lhilcliisi.nl li.i- leased liis  eoniniodi()ti-"'iieiv wjirlc r-ln������p to be u.-('d  a-a liu'niluie stoie while the upper  Mory will, we iiiidei.-t.iiul���������he lilted tip  for .t Indue moni  i;',[ Tion-on ol Veinnn and Tho-;.  IJell, m Anii-tioiis:. weie in town cm  Thin-day l.t.-t. having bii-inc��������� in connexion willi an niiporiant ile.ilnhoiu  to be in tow n.   ,  'L'lie taunt   "f   leu-imv and   .ipiv.il  was held nt  Kmleiby on Thnr-day last.  lletny C f������li.iw aetinu a- ju'dtie. There  .vv.eie veiy lew appeal.- trom the a-=i\���������-  ' men is ot the di-ttiet .isse-sm.  Jlou-e-s aie .-till at a premium.  .ilih'High 5-evei.tl new dwelliiit;-hn\e  been elected dtriiug the wintei. the ir-  rcpieJsihlr In'.me liuntei  secuie- them l"'ioie tt" v  Ccmiplete 1.  ���������Seven 1 c.il'.o.t 1- "  aviived    tor  'tin    OUai.. t,ai.    Lmul "r  Co*-  null Here,  and   the   work of  in-I  stalling    die    l lant    ��������� -    g' "'-'   <tlie.i,l  dlv     Tli Lonipany i \| ect to h.r.'���������,  li . uuiiiiiu   oidn   bv  tl.e ������������������"it  coal to Xeweastle" into a cocked hat*.  This week liW firm is shipping two  cars of Okanngnn polatecs to Ontario.  ''The llu nk of Montreal are opening  a brunch olliee hereunder the management of Mr. McClintock,of Vernon  olliee, '  .lames Wright is building a large  seven room dwelling on his llosedale  property. The house is to be in the  old Colonial style.  > Walter Trucsdale, of Deep Creek,  was in town 'tlie o^hcr day purchasing  supplies. ,' Ite, thinks Deep Creek  pioperty vvill be in gieat demand for  siiminei-resorts. ( ,      '  T.'W. Fletcher h.ls purchased the  Wood's pioperty' adjoining tho town  and .will subdivide it and soli for  residential propeiiy'. He has a number of applications alioady.  1 . Armstrong lias ono urunb advantage  owl- it's'tioighboi-o in die fact that all  her institutions ,siich as the Hour  mill, creamery, farmois excliange, etc.,  aie owned hy the people and operated  for tlie people. No i^'no man or one  linn can dictate in any wtiy'-iih lo  what shall or shall'i ot ho.i Another  happy fact is tlint if a forwaul movement is proposed dm people are united  and always have pushed their undertaking to a .successful end.  'It would haully be fair, to the  growers, of the Okaniigiin country  tiibutury Lo Armstrong il we did not  make mention of'their organi/.ation������������������  The Armstrong Farmer's 'Exchange,  Limited. Organized ih August IflU:(,  after many attenipts with a. membership of only SO- (and so\ne of them  only mentioned their connection with  itinvvhispofs),itnow has am cm bet ship  of over DO! all growets. The'oigani/.i-  tion is compact, its menibcrs are  loval. It is run on business ptinciples,  =iv days in the, week, and in that  lOape'ct .difl'eis fiom many siniilar  oiganizations -that have 'existed foi  biief pciiods." Dining the first five  monthsiof its c'.\istcnce in spite of hot  "competition" it managed to ship 01  cars of products of tlie farms and  orch.uds ' Instead of losses as predicted by those singtiliuly dcsiious of  its downfall, die business showed a'  profit of.'-rl per cent, on money invested. ' The'business is cat tied o-i by  ,i secretiny," who not only sells the  goods'" but attends to '--cveiy - othoi  detail'of tlie business. ' The orgam/.a-  tion b.ns live dtrectois : W. Marshall,  'D.'Kouis T. Hay. D. Graham and C.  Uro/.ier. People who'piodicted failure  ���������mil other dlie ttoitblcs havo, dining  tbe past "IO days.'had 'the'old , saying  thrust homo that "he laughs best who  laughs last'*' as' thc lixeh.in'tie is  piaciicaliy the whole thing, shtppinir.  as lar .ia oidmary vision goes, all the  produce Xeaily all .-Inptrients aie of  fotiicuo each, moii'ly toi Manitoba  ooints, '-imply niixing in a cat  occasionally tor Vancouver or Kootenay points just to keep their hand  in.  Every Child's Health Demands  The use of a laxative ricc.i-ioti.illy.  For a mild, .-aie .ni'l ceit.un reliel n-e  Dr. Hamilton'- L'i!!= of Mandrake and  Butternut r*ptx-<-.l"ly      suited     tn  ohildien. * Let your cluMien tise only  Dr. Hau.iltonV Pill-     Price 2~������:.  Hmvhr. *  THE GOLDFINCH.  i < '  A. F. Rosenberger Says it Will  Make a Mine.  '  (CiimboriiG.Minor.)  The examination of thc GoUirmch  by A. V. Rosenberger has proven quite  favorable.,,' Mr. Rosenberger says that  he ibsati.siied tiiat .the Goldfinch has  the making of a mine, and 'a rich one  at that'.  ' jt will requireconsiderable development worlA'to put the property in  good shape to permit of continuous  ore shippingVo die stampniill, and to  attain this st.ige'ti force of men will be  put at wo: k ou the property as soon  iis practicable. '  Therj has l/een considerable /work,  done ou ,ihu, Goldlincli - in the past,  but the woik was executed in a manner dint, ii of no material -benelit towards tho development of the property.  I'lve gold laieks iiggregniing, about  $1-2,000, linvo boon gotten from oie  taken from the Goldfinch, but. as thc  t.re was'procured from surface strip-  pine o- tliu.U'iid, the woik performed  was of little of no use to thc future 'of  the pioperty. "'       ���������  The woik that 'will be conducted  this summer will be development of  the property. When this m accomplished,' die Goldfinch will be in a  posiiion to send ore continuously to  tho'inill.'and" take its iiirhtful place  as a- producer of bullion, with the  other woi king mines of the Camborne  cuinp. m h       c������ '  MR. ROSS APPROVES  " Of the New Scale Williams'Piano  ii'ieiit hi* noAheoii advi-sad of this^  engagement,   but   evidently    ixpects  llC-VV'S.   - ��������� i ,       ,  St. Peters uru, March 21���������M.ijor-  Gener.il Pdtig telegraphs Iron'i Mukden  under today's date as fo'low-i :  "Theie is absolutely no trnth'in the  repoit |iubiisbed ,in Knglantl to die  efVect that- die J ipane-.ii li ive cro���������ed  'the'Tn Tung' pas.- (JO miles tiom Hiii  Client;), ,or   that   they   li.ive- bud en ,  "iiir'einen'ts   witli  the   Ru-si.in-,   while  i-i- . ,,  the st.itemc it that the way lo die  MuiilV I'a-s (Molieiiling Pas-), vvjieie  ii sti'oiig' Ru-sian ' (jeiachiiiept ' i-  ullegid"o be stationed, is op n to the  .Inpaiie-e, i-j also puie inveiii um.  "To the Mime c.iiti goiv ' I clung tbe  repoit- piibli-beil in London ii-. vv --  papeis fiimi Jap.iiu">e soiiice- "I an  engagement, .iflleged to h ive ,uk.'n  place.jit Port "-Aiihiir, March, -111  (Mnii'li IS), in which n Kn-;i.i'n battle  -hip wa- -aid to :',..vo beenAle.sir. yed,  .did of the encounter Ait Chy. ue  Syong (on theYalii 'rivei),in vvhi h  the l!ii-s'ans' were reported to have  lost (JUD iiien killed or wounded. '* ,  ' The Hon.', G. W. Ross, Premier of,  the Ontario Government, who, besides  bis eminent qualities of statesmanship,  possesses a keen artistic musical sense,  has placed the stamp of his approval on  the New Scale Williams Piano by pur-  . chasing cne from the Toronto-JWare-  rooms of R. S.-Williams & Sons.'  The New Scale, Style 20, was the one  'selected,  and ,the' Williams Piano Co.  -are'to be cougratulated on the honor  conferred omthem.   ',  The New Scale Williams,, Style 20.  may be seen at the local warerooms of '  pthe local Agents of this celebrated piano.  ���������-Pianos  kept 111 stock by Lewis Bios.  STARTLING REPORT.      ',  It's When,You Have Toothache  ,' That'the power of Nei viline quickly  makes itself felt. ��������� Any aching tooth  can he lelivied by Nerviline in a fevv  moments by filling die cavity with  'lulling soaked in JXcrViliiie. ��������� A"good  plan is to rub the gums with Nerv'-ilii'io  also. There is'nt n singie icniedy that  has 'one fourth (he .pain-relieving  power of Nerviline 'which' acts like  magic- Nerviline kills die imi 11 outright and piovonts ii froin reluming.  You ci 11'(..beat Nerviline for toothache  or neuralgia; it's the - best jini.1   cure  ma.le. ~ Price"25c.'  ������ '  "'Kainloops  instances of  iiuait.iLly  :ue   fairly  F.-cniOn.-O-f.  (--���������������rr^-i>-riil^rit  ���������   =ric-.\   s:orn:  The. follovMiigi from  Sentinel l-s'.onc 01 the  evagtreiateil iitmbis wjiich arc '"often  '^pi'e.td in connection villi l.tilvvay,  acci ;cnrs:       . - ������������������       ' ^  "Another Li. V M. train runaway in  tbe mountains near Bear Cieek th.is  lesulted in 'the probable death (of .111  employe. ' The engine, it i< icpoi ted,  was not in pioper woiking older and  when itstatted foeetavvav could nol  be controlled , The I'n email, a man  named Sinclair, jumped as the tiain  wa< going at a leu iiie .-peed and although the hole where he stiucl. the  snow was found, not a trace ot hii'n has*  been-een. It is supposed he plunged  into the river nnd vv.i- drowned.''  The   above   doubtless   icieio to tin  mi-hap   ot   Sat unlay   last   in   which  Kngineer Dod-1 and  Kiiem.m   Sincl.ui  vv^re p.utieip.int.-. ^ fhe engine after ..  1 nn of iOvei.il mile-, was  ditched,   but  without mjiuy to either  of  thc ciew  ,'fhe lirein.in jumped, but without  anv  J-ennui ie-nit-,   and   has   since .been  '.pending a holiday in'Itevelstoke.  rieU'iicrv h.ivi'  /iRi!'"r   t"ri  ;   ;. -   'niii   u"l ,  .111   the  J-t T 1  ���������d    f-'.m'ht)(i,)0  lapiiliy  the mil  of Mav.  ARiST  ivj���������.  'in    V,  ,(.',-    i 1-j  17th  "  tree   .it-  -i\  inii-  rmin niipn. nl ..iri-;.micl.-1.  Joe MeDoniilil.  eontinctor.   In  house-   to   complete    btloiemiil  n"ier.  Mc--i-. Holtby.iiid McPher-011 h ive  purehn-eil Mr Kii.ipp'- -toie and  rentrd hi- vvor*< -hi.p.  \Y. .1. \roi-'ioii'_', p'umber ������������������ ml  hardware incifl ant 1- biiiul'iig a l.uge  htoi'-'iii  K'm'w.iv   AV'IIIK'  It, i- reported th it Mr. Klb-on will  not acept the le uler-hin of the  COI1-"! vntive pa  tv w lien  Diekv die- I-'eno/one  iii\i*;oi,ile-   die    ' "d> ,    di -  Me���������rs Fi-hei aii'l .--age reil e-tate 1 *w.|op- new -treil-_lh and iii.ik'"i Im  and in-ur.irif'e agents, are enntem- , M,,ith living Keno/oin h tin- -011 oi*  plating opening a blanch olliee ���������'"> , tonic I lirit build- up it give- ..tie a  Knderby. 1 ic-eiveoi* neive  foice   and   c-t.i'.Ii-h'-  Miinager Jackson of the I-'armer-, j ^uf)| iir-iilthy condition-' that -ickne--  Exch'inge i-t certainly a ru-cler. Ife 1 |t u,iknow 11 Let, every .vonian tt-0  lias knocked  the  old   saying  "taking j j.'ciro/.onc.   Price 30c.  We  tcd-iy.  The Y:i!f-'**oi,n.i .a  pany  i<   hii'-y   rep-m  exi-ect to  -^',.-^   up  .  1 AptTI..,  \      Mav have    1, i-      ie: irr  Miiil-m 'in .-vi it ("4 ;,,- -i-t  l.'-t iii-iii'ii in I :- iv ii nir>j.  M.-Ki ��������� .-k  ll.c \'n dull" (*:.'i ��������� ii. M '  il 1111 . il ' he -1 -(-.ill on rl,(  . i-i-  iii-iii. h     Ti "���������'���������    vv 1-   a  I(   1   ll   O.IS  March 2-2'nf.  Every Woman in Poor Health  ll 1- ,11 awl 11 -ti..<_"_!" Lot- t.> .1-.  all 1 i.n!- .a woi 1 \, 11.ii-1 ( iir������ ' 1! ' tl h  in-- nt -leeji. p"" 11.}.'-it.' aii'ltiml  ikmvi- Ifei only de-i:" i-,'"i tno'..  -tieueth mil I" ti 1 he (lib T!ii-  1 \aetK w hat ( on.' - lion, u-u-g i-eil"-  / nn- the giiate-t tome-tv k'.v vioiiien  1,111 po���������ibly u-e Fei in/oil' mak"-  tlle blooil ting!'' and glow i"l ll.c  i heck-gri-w    10-v,    the   eve-    1.light  'WAR' PROGRESS.  K'o-il nen -1 tr.i-n P.iLrc-'l  r ,11  . I!"  ii'"i    m "e,h  'n!     d -tn y  'mi    ���������>:'   loietgn  .en ih 'ii .-*(!'ciall  I,..  we-tem  the   niriatia.li  oiiiitrii'r.     Tin  v   c iiidemiis the  1 Cutbo'ie-.  1     -*t.    i''.-i'T-<!i[irg.    Mi1-!')!  ^���������aii'ii.T.t that Car.t un Ir  ��������� Man.-  I .i.cr n  '   U.d  -  l'i ��������� The  ill    of the  iri.i'i i'ooiin:->i.iri.it m'i vice wa-  .    -11 i.'i. inly   court-in irtiallcd  1-   :ue.a . I'ei.      Tin  a- a -p.  h id -o'd  ii-ith    the  1.1 Li' nt  ���������V.. I   .itii "  '  di- M.I  " 'I   tl.lt    Ml  I'll ii-|i'.i'li.ti in 1 ' rne.'-.o'i  ipj.'r'' n.i '.-.'" ���������< (O'liirt oen'  1 ' i;<v|'ii.i l-Ak i- tt)i. v. l.o .V.h iiiilitar,.  ,. attai'.-e if lie .i i;> i'm -��������� './ad'n-* le n-  ...in.! in v. 1- -li-rn'--' 1! tio-'i lh������ .ir ny  .'Hi- La* 'low b<'-if air'-te!, ,iiul ,i  awaiting trial.  TiiK,' '\ March 2-1 ��������� \ -peeii] dei-  patch trorn Meji .-iy-. li.i J iptnert'  lb et mail������' another n'.tack on I'ort  \rtbur ^-fiircli 22 bombaided tin- <-\\,\  .1 Ftil its defence- and fought a furiou-i  engagement with the lin-i-iian, fh-et  out-ndc th" harbor, de-i'royuig one  Ku-'-'i.iii battlc-'bip. .Seven .fajiarit ti  casualties .tie reported. There i-i 1 o  information concor-iing the Japanese  Meet's condition.      The Navy Depart-  CUNARDlM.  Important   Concessions   from  Hungarian Government.  (Now  Yen i.'jdiii 1111I oT C.'iiiiiiii'i-ce.  Modi  .'lid )  '���������Adviceo icccivcil 'byt'ie Oceanic  last evening'contain e.vpl.inadous ol  the ciiiient'wai fate which makes the  situation much c;e.ner. It appears  that the Cimaid "line is making 4expensive ariaie.-eiiients, for cootinentiij  as well asi JMediteiraneaii bu-inesi  Thev Liveipool 'Daily' Post of - Feb.  2:hd, contains the lollowing account  of an'j'mpoi taut conce.-sion .-.btaui'd  fi-o'n'i the Ifiing.iriaii >i.iovei iimeiit by  ihe Ciuiaid Company .���������-'It is^eport. d  that die Ctinard 'Company have-oh-  l,lined from thc liungarian govermci t  an. iinpoi taut concession, with icg.iid  to the carrying 'of emigrant tralhc  frt.11 lh.it cpuntiy to the Unit.d  States. By reason of the concession  granted, it is slated that the Ciuiiiid  line have now a complete monopoly  of tho thud-class emigiant trallic  from IFungary to thc United Stales,  die emigration agents theie sending  all such pa&scngeis by die Cuinud  steamers. The Cuinud .Company, it  is said, can please itself whether it  gives to the Gci man lines any ol the  business, as the German lines e.u,nol  now book iliingaiian p.issengeis. i'he  amoui.t ot the Ciuinid C'mip'ny -tib-  sifly is thoiuht to be about i.Stl.OOt) n  vear, and it is believed thai fmn 01  live iteamen will be 'plated 011 tin  Uuliteii.iiie.iii sei v ice. Fiom Hun  ,'.ny the cmiui.itiou lo the Unn d  State- is veiy huge We un lerstaud  ohat aboei. two je.u(s ago th g vein-  ment ol lliieg.iiy otleied cei i.iiii con-  oesjioiis and a stibsidv to auothei  Liveipool line ol iteae-cis ii thev  w-b"ld put 011 a sei v ice nf steamer1-  from Ilungaiv to the United Stales  Tl," overdue-. Iiouwei, .lid not come  to anything. Since then there has  neon 11 large inciease in continental  .-migration "  READ IT THROUGH.    -  'Twould   Spoil  This  Story  to  Teii It In the Headlines.  To iiie.111 eighteenth cent 111 y pln-.i-e,  thn i-- an "o'.-r true tale.'' Ilnving  h ippein'il in ^1 mi ml I Viigini 1 tow 11 in  the iv inter of 1!).')2, it i- ;i -icu-j'vcrv  much of the pl-.--.eiil. Up (o ,1 iliorl  time ago Mrs. John 10. Ilariuoii, of  .Melf.i Stat ion. V.i., had no per-011.1l  I knowledge of the Lire curat ive piep-  j ei I ie-ol'diaiiihei lain'i Cough R'.-medy.  " Lnii -I iiiiiiii y," slie -ays "my habv  look 1 dreadful cold and at, one I line 1  feared -he would have pneiiinoiii.-i, bill  one of my neighbor- |o|<! me how thi:-  leinedy bud cuied her little boy mid I  begun giv ing it lo my baby sil once  and il. 10011 cured lier. I hearlilj  (hank Ihe iii.inul'ocl in-ei-.i of Chaiiib"r-  l.tin's Cougli/ Remedy for placing so  gre.il 11 cine within my reuch. I cannot, recommend il, Inn highly or wty  (00 much in its f.ivor. I hope ������i]| who  lead this vvill liy it, and lie convinced  ml wa.-."    Fiji iiih: liy nil diuggi-tts.  MOTIOK ISirHUB'iY 0[VI1X that WI lih  ^ aiuir .lulu I Intend Ui ami ly lo tho (-IW  (JoiiiinU-ioiiui- of UiicIh und W'orki/",,';  mis-Ion Ki iiiiieliin'ii Ml iierus nf liiml t-itimti  (I..HII il. IHllLH ioiillic.t-1, of Uio villau'-i of  .vi'iovvliend 011 Uio Hlioni of Upper Aitov, iMk-.  (sniiiiiii-ii,'iiib'ii( upo-t iilaiiloiliilioiil '"VI,"-" JS  -hiiiiIi-wl-M of tin, C. IV 11- eiiblo "'������''������'  ��������� ���������iiirl.i,l VV. It. Ui'iilty'i Noitli-vv<-t, (<"'"<������������������;  I'n-l- Uii-n ObOiitli -.'(IcIiiiiii-'tiUionuu ''lilt  .Iiiiiiii-: IIicik-c ni.rlh ,Hi i-hnrn lum; Uimilo  'iiIiiiik --lioiii linu to po|..t.of ,;oiitnii;ii('i'iiioiil.  .    ��������� l���������������to,l sum "'������"^; JI^-ri-Y. '"  THIS IS NOT'EGOTISM.  We helieve vvr' know   our'Ini" mysi.  One   liu-inei-������   i-*'lo'help  yu do vom  ..iisiin-i.i.    We   iiipplV ii|i-lo-(bile hu-i-  .--.-    iiie.iiH     jillil ^  met hod-. - niolie V  ov ing devices ntul how t<i ii-e Ih.'iii. .  ;     TKSOWKM. M)08I5;I.ISAK  LKIldKlt.  1     o   - ,   '     ,'~ .t.l ,  i.ohm''* l)"nf    K1I1'"' "ml   L-'ilirer- with  iIIii'l'.- -P -einllv inli'il.  pi-inti'il. p"i I'm-  ,I.-,i nu.I   puiiehed to suit, any style ol'  .���������under. ( ,       ,    ,'      '  1, ,'n  .NOTICE.  To r-u'rl .Tlim-liionihon. Thi-odor Tollefi-cii aiid .  , Wlllliiiii Alfun or nny pc^on or jwj-koiis to  whom thoy mav hav-o iiwhiRnej. J hour lnf<'ro������l:  ' in llio Viilliulla Broun.cuiihlstlUB of  yiktnif,  ' Vnlhiilln. Odin and Thor iiiiiioral cluiuiH on  IllK vifuU, siliiulo on iho vvostHhlu of norlli  ii-Mi of Ui'iii'r Arrow Janice. Ijiudcau AJIiiiiiK  ihl-io.V. VVcst   ICooloiwiy   lllbtrict,,Uriti������n  ' Youaio'licriihy nnlllloil'that I,' tho unilcr-  HiJn. d, luu e uv-pundul for yon I lip kiiiii of ������h20  in lai or. iinpiovoini'iits and n-i-ou'liiK fees iinon  ll 0 r.,.1.1' VlRiiiK. Viilhiilhi. O, 111 and Thor Mineral claim.-., under Lliu piovihionsof ihoMii oral  A������t, and if wlihin ninety ilays from tho 1 aloof  I Iiih- iiolico vou mil or I'cfiiM; to conlributo Uio  ifoi-e-Hid slim. HWlhi-r with all coHtsof mlver-  'Isinit. youi-liiii'i-osi in the Mild nilneral c 11I1115  will I'ccdinc iho pi-opuily of ihu iinilvrhlKiinl  iinilor hcotlon lof Iho Acl. i-ntltlixl "An Act to  Ani-Jiid llio.Minyriil  Vol,, I1KJI.1     ' 1   .  Ilutul this -'ml day of llccomhoi, 1!KU.,  ,''-,", JI. II. STAUKEY.  .TEXtlW'ELI, TltANSE'ian.I'.'Jl.K.  Kootenay Mail Publishing Co. Limited  '    i'UHVBLSTO'"!!!," 13.' V.    v  ���������!*  ~ Scarecrows*  The term" is almo-t a liiibiioine', novv-n.  'days. tKor the "ccnliirjr-livinjf crow" h.i*  been hclioolcd by experience. The scaie-  'crovv do-n't bcare him. Investig-atinpr 01111-  tholo(rii.ts i-.iy that'lie can tell a gun from a.  btick and cm count up to beven. Evidently  ' v ''the crowi'h.is  piosicstcd from  the iRiioianee of  Iiih iinccstiy.  The ciow is in  pome, things iii  advance of the  Im 111:111 family,.  There are .scare-  c 1 o vv s which'  scared c_-o u r  praiidfatliers,  'and Hvhicli aro  'just ab fearsome  to us. , In spite  of the fact that  some scientific  111 vestiRiitors  say. ^'.T h e r e ' 3  lKitliiiifT to be  nf 1 ai (1 'of.'T A  sc.ireeiovv can't  hint you," tlie  bulk of men and  women still believe, the scare-  ciovv is a power-'  fill and deblioy-  inj? /etibh. .  Tliis altitude  ii most marked in relation to ceitain forms  of disease." In diseases of the lungs und  lespii.itory organs, for instance, (it is ihe  'custom lo asbiime tlia't there is no cute for '  the'eough, no help'for the liemoiihage, no  licaluiK foi the luiins. The bcarectow, Con-,  mm fit ton, is set up, often talcing the form  of some uiexpeiieuceil and unskillful practitioner who denies hope or help to the  victim of disease.  .  Yet tlie lecordi go to show that stubborn  roughs have been cured, that persistent  liemoiiliages have been stopped, aud that  weak lungs have been made strong by  tlie use of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical  Discoveiy. ' ���������  TESTiMONY JALKS.  All,the claims in the' woild foi the curative vntiies of a medicine will not equal  one testimony to the actual fact of cure.  Thousands of lestimoifials like the following have been icceived from persons cured  of lung "lioiibles,"bionchitis; hemoirhage,  obstinate coughs, etc., by "Golden Medic.il  Di-co\erv."  "I v.as veiy sick indeed," writes Mrs. Mollis  T.icoli-, ol 1 elton, Kent Co. Delnvi-iie, "and  bur r.unilv doctor taid I liad consumption. I  llioiight f must die soon, for 1 felt so an fully  baa " Had a bad cough, spit blood was very  slioit of liieith; 111 fact, could li.irilly get my  I1K..1U1 at all -oiiiuluuis I had 11.1111s in my  chest and light lung, also had dyspepsia,  llcfoie I took \our 'Golden Medical Uibcov.  civ ' and ' 1'le- iVaut  l'ellels' I vv.ib so  ^\ e a 1c r could  not -weep a 100111,  and now 1 can do  a siu-ill vv.islmig. I  v,ruke(l 111 the canning factoiv this  fall, and I lee-1 tike-  n new pel 1-011 I  thaute the good  J.oul. and also Ur.  1'i^-ice foi making  tin- good medicine.  I believe that the  I.oid and vour medicine have- -aved my  II Ie 1 was sick over  two vc.-ti- I took  thuteeu bottles of  Hie ' r.oldeu Medical IDibCOVOly' .'ind  four v-Ial- of Doctoi  Tierce's relicts ������  Tlic-ic is no al"  coliol in "Golden  Medical Discoveiy" and it is cn-  tiicly fiee fiom  ti pin 111, cocaine,  and all otliti narcotics.  Sometimes 'a  dealer will offer  a substitute for  the "Discovery,"  claiming it lo be  '"just as good."  Tlie substitute  pays Iii 111 moie  profit, that's why.  1'rotcct \oursclf  fiom uustiiipiil-  ous (1 c a 1 e 1 s by  insisting 011 Dr. Tierce's Golden Medical  Discovei v.  31 GENTS' WORTH  Of knowledge wouldn't amotinl to much,  you'd think l!ul for just 31 cents invested  in one-cent slimps (to pay expense of mailing only), vou can obtain knowledge which  it lias takcii IHmdieds of je.us and millions  of money to acquire. Di. Pierce's Common  Sense Medical Adviser covers the field of  medicine and hjgiene from the day of  Galen to tlie present hour. The 100S pages  of this great work aie full of facts vital toj  human health and happiness. The bookj  is given away, being sent entirely free on,  leceipt of stamps to pay expense of customs and mailing only. Send 31 one-cent  (.V tamps for the book in paper coveis or 5c  ���������i'-unps for the cloth bound book. AddreM  8pc K. V. l'icice, Buffalo, N, Y.  Jas. I. Woodrow,  ,      BUTCHER.      ,  , i  '        ' .   ' .1 .      .  Retail Dealer '"-^ ,���������nTtrmxfr^   , ,���������'  ' BEEP,   PORK,  MUTTON, Etc.  < . . . '   '       ,1  t Fish and Game in Season. - '  All oi'ilci-h promptly llllotl.  -   - '  " ��������� "  REVELSTOKE, B. C, ,amVKinKhtVL���������������<".,  NO' BETTEB BREAD  .  , ,    A *        " ���������  !'     In town llian  lliiit. niaile ���������   '   ,  '-'  .' nt". Smith'-   Bnkt'i'V,  and, ,  Cakes of Every Kind ; ,  ���������' A ������ '' '  ''������������������ Acrents foi-'lho (Ji'li'liraLeil  ,'<������������������. 1  MONSOON TIOAS."*'      -    --  M.A.SMJTH;&CO:(  "'  ,IMcIvi'ii7.io Aveniii', ltcyel'-lnl-:,'.  --    s H   B' ST0NEX >   '  MACHINIST' And gunsmith  -   Opposite Conti.tl Hold, llovclsloko.  'LiKIip and   Gt'iiemil iMncliinc Work  jPininpllv    ICxi'dilcd. ','  TIME*  TABLE  S.S.   "Archer."'.or S. SA"Lurdccm.  Running  lictwocn   Anovvhead,   Thoinson'8  Landing and Coiniiphv. c-oiiiinonciiig Oct. Mill,  liKll. will sail at, lolluws (vveatliei |iuiinitting):  ��������� l.cavo  Anovv head-for  Thoiunon'i IjiikUiib  and Conintilix twice daily at, l(lk. and lak. ���������  ��������� 'I.i'.ivo Coui'iiilix and l'lioni-on's Landing for  "Aii-ohIioikI twice daily al 7.1 jk. and 12 45k.  Making dose connect ions  with all C. P. It.  ti-inns and hoalA.      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A. il..Ml.-.cf, I.T'.1>., D.l)., of Ovfoul  Uiiim.>i-iI,v% England. !i j icrcnlly said of  it- IL n indeed 11 nun volous woik; >t is  f-Jd'fiu-iilt lo c.iK-oivp ol' a di.-tionary moie  Hov-liniislivc 11 1 1 eo.-ip'e'te'. i:\ciythmj; n  Sin 11���������ik'iI only v,lial v.-u plight c\-pcct to  a li 1 nl 111 s'lcli a w-oilc, Inn. nlso wliat tow oC  t| us v.-ould ever have tliouglit ol looking loi.  y A -iipplcuioiil 10 tlio now edition hn*-  ^Inoi.'.-.l-l l: lully 1..1 to iln'o. 1 have been  aiiKiKln-y tlui>iiLr>> tl.e latlci with a Iccling  ������i>f n>t(, il-hincit nl it-' i'i>Mipli'loiiP->. niiil  I llio 1111101111I (1* Ial or that. I1113 l-ron put  -������ rito it. >  I        LET US SEND YOU FREE  Sj " ATcal in Piomincmtion" v tiirh .-iroidsa  U ph'.iMnl  iii.d  iii-liiielive ovi'inng.. c.-itoi--  ^ lamuicni.  *" lllusii.itcil pamphlet ii'-olKO.  G. O C. MERRIAM CO., Pubs..  & ibprirmticltl, Mass.  JSMBawgiiBiaaflasBiijgBHECgsEgtBgiBiBPaBWi  M  'fl  Colds Are Dangerous.  I low nf ten vim lwar ib rcinarkctl:  "li'- only a c-nld," anil a fvvv day*; later  lc.n-ii III.II tin- man i-j on lii-< l).K-k witli  pnciiiniuii.i. This is of sii'.-h cnintnim  ncciii 1 ence that a cold, however slight,  ���������"���������liniild nol hi' ilisi'i'KAMU'd. (Jliamher-  lain's Coujjh Ri-'inody countciacts any  tendency luivaid piiPiinionia. It - always- c-ttres and is plp.1sa.11t to take.  For wile by all druggists.  ���������u  i  HI ��������� M* T  W'  4  \ Jh'Q  ���������IS.  THE KOOTEXAY MATL  V  The Pn-tnion-i   nnd   Hcnltli.     <  "Tlio passion'?' effect on the hoalth"ls  not sufilcleiitly regarded," says a physician in the Philadelphia Record.  "The passion which is best for the  health is avarice. It keeps one'cool,  encourages regular and industrious  liahils, loads to "abstemiousness and  makes against all excess. Anil hence  the avaricious, the misers, live to a  great age. Tho inisers'of history'were  all noted for their longevity, llagc is  very bad for, one. The passion causca  an irregular, intermittent, boating of'  the heart, and the Intermittency In,  time iiiny becoinc.chronic. Hatred creates fever. 'If wo hate, wc grow lean.  This hot passion cats ns like' a Maine.  Fear is bad for the nerves,-the heart  11 lid the brain, and therefore wc should  never permit ourselves to be afraid.  Hut the strangest effects of all have,  been caused*-by the passion of grief.  The medical books recoid cases where, ,  coming suddenly'in a violent shock, it  has caused a loss of blood from the  lungs ,in one person, paralysis of the  tongue iu another and a failure of sight  or temporary blindness in a third."  Itovr ISnirlnnil  Drnnlc In  1512.  This lb lion uar'turelatheia inutiuged  In n.lluiki v.hen'tea and c'o.Tee were  unknown and1 beer was the common  beverage of the Englishman '   In  the  i Northumberland Household Hook, commenced in 151 a. tt " have an exhaustive  account of the domestic economy of the  'great Percy family, and Iiiuii it we  learn. that at , bro.-ikl.isi. which was  served ut 7 o'clock In tne morning, the  call and countess hud a quart ol beer  und aijuaU of  \,.ne  betvve.'ii   lliein;  ',lwo sons, ".My Loi do Percy and .Mals-  MtiNlirnoill   I'incilNhloii.  As a rival to tlie radish,' tomato, ap  pic and tiny pumpkin, which, fashioned  of silk, appear on milady's dres-lug table as piiiciismoiis, the uiiishiooin has  made ils debut. This is the quaintest  and most captivating of all these 're  piodiicllons ami ir It is^killi'iill.v made  looks as if truly n woodland tiophy.  It'ls comiiosod of cream eoloied silk,  the lop or umbrella -.timed willi cot-  Ion, lo make' It suitable lo st.ek pins  Into. The iiiushiooin is tinted skillful-  ly in water colors, a shade of, biownlsli  ter Percy."  n_ pnttlo  (two  .pmrisi  of    y(.|Uw Mnf. ���������,,,.,,;   T,H. ,msl, ()1- ���������K>  beer,r,und two children In, the,"Ntircy"    ,*|uc.���������shlon   consists   of   several   tiny  "Throe  Sheet*  In   the .Wlnil."  ^tJiLiviiat-vv-i^tlie origin of the phrase  for drunkenness.  ���������Ihreo slieet������~in-tli'e   r,Chionic-lo,  windV" n landsman asked a sailor thei  (nursery) h quart of beer. Por dinner,  nt 10 o'clock, lay lofd'and lady hud a  gallon of beer and'a pottle of wine, the  two boys ft'quart of beer and the younger children u polllo 01 beer.' At supper, at 4 o'clock, the earl and countess  shared a pottle .of beer and n pottle of  wine;<���������.the childien- also had���������their allowance. l'"or "livery," which was  served iu the bedroom between 8 and  O'o'clo k In the 'evening, the pareiils  'were.'supplied with a gallon of beer  and a quart uf wine and each pair of  childien with 'a pottle of beer. Suicly  there could In this case have been no  "drinking'  bcttvo-jn ��������� meals." ��������� Loudon  other day. "Well.".said the sailor.1 "I'll  explain 'that inattei to'you.,' Tlie two  lower corners of a ship's'sail are-held  L  BulKTiirlnn  Wedalnu* Custom*.  A eu.ious wedding cusioin watch ex-  isls in  n-.i'Airia is the sAning of the  cushions of sill; to suggest the fungous  growth from which the innslirooi.v  spli'igs. The "uiiihiclhi" is supported  on a slender stalk of wire,covered with  white silk. . '4 lf  ,  1 i A   Clever ^uscKUHtliiit.   ������j ' j  A hose attachment supplying twon- '  (y-llve Inches bl small rubber pipe to  (be kitchen sink' faucet nml^cndiug in  ii conimon spray no/.zle-'w 'I be lotind  a great assistance to cleanly disliwash-  lng.( The foice ol the stream poni*-  Iralcs corners and seams of tinware  not easily reached by the usual nielli-  ,ods and does it so'well that'the most,,  Indifferent maid will welcome the service.' It is in the coiners mid seams of  cooking utensils that bits of tood sonic-  ti.nes remain to decompose and perhaps produce ptomaine poisoning.   ' -  HoNi-mnry. /    '  ,'   In. the south of Km ope the rosemary  has long had magic properties ascribed  'to it. The Spanish indies tisod'to wear  it lis an antidote against ttic e\II(eye,J,  and tho Portuguese called it  the elliif  planl and dedicated  it to tlie'fairies.  The  idea  of  the  antidote  may ' have-  ' been due to a confusion of tho nnnie-  witli'tbat of the Virgin: but. as u matter of fact, the rosinariiiii-a is frequent-,"  ly mentioned by'old Latin writers, 'including. Horace and Ovid.'  'The name-  .  came from  the loudness of the plant  ' for tlie seashoie.  where it often gets  ' sprinkled witli'the "ios," or dew of the  jion���������that is to say, hea spray.   Another  ."cause ol'(.'onl'tisloli  perhaps  was that  the leaves of tlie plant  somewhat rc-  ' soluble those ol  the Juniper, wl   . ' In  iiieilliuviil times was lield sacod to the*  - Virgin Mary.      \  ���������*���������'  taut 'by, two ropes   one called a  tack t bridegroom on the \t edd.ng day  I  ;Have it new and-up'-to-dare   .  *',������������������.,        ,     ' - .,     ���������   ,  .'���������Get good paper'and workmanship,-by steam power,  Get your" Printinaf done from "A' ,-,-���������'��������� ���������'      - '���������v    .  '     A ���������     A *      A t     ,'-',--     ,  Hew Type  v . ' *    .  r i      ���������    >        \. , " ' j . *  ^c       ,on New Presses        ,   \  .   '      *���������       fi"  .i > i>  ���������JM"o matter what class of printing  you rcqitiie we can (lo**ir~for you  ,   Loose leaf accounting system-* a' specialty     -, '  mid another culled a sheet' The tack  is aluajs kept vcry_light. but the sheet  is loosened accoiding to the wind.-and  the looser the'sheet is tho more fieely  the sail swings'* If the sail is quite  free, its sheet is s:nd to be "in the'  I wind.' Now. stipposo'that all tliree of  a ship's'sails weie quite' lice. They  would then (ly about very crazily, and  I O' *  the ship, would ivubble The course of ",  the ship would be a zigzag one. and the  ; reason for this would'be that she had  'three sheets in thc wind.'. That.A  guess, is whj a man. when ho zigzags  in his course, is said to be 'three b'hoots ���������  in the wind' 'also!' A<     ' c  .9  The Kootenay Mail Publishing Co..  -    \ ' XA*       '" Limited-   rA,"      /' .     ' ~  V ''���������'REVELSTOKE"; B'.-:C.   <'\{"-<,  ggsggswmsswBss  T       ,.-      ^^ '  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.   (  Prompt delivery of paicels, baggage,  ,etc, to any part of the City.  o  Any Kind of Transferring,  ���������  ��������� , Undertaken.  *-        L i   ,  All, orders left at Rt M. Smjlhe'b  Tobacci> Stote, oi l������y Telep'none, No 7  -will receive pnunpt niu ntinn.  DATFMTQ Trademark-  L���������>t\   I   LIN   I   O     and Copyrights  * ubt.-niiLii in all uiiinti it ..  -ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent  Attorney  An Iriiti Duel.       5  The annals of thc Emerald, Isle bristle with incidents of duelins: in winch  Irish humor, if not at all tunes' Irish  bravery, is conspicuous On 'one occasion SirMonah I!.irriinrton'foimlit a  duel with a'barnMer named JlcXally.  The lattei had'oiie lej; shorter thin the  other, nnd' because it was Ins habit  [when in-.i Inn r.v to take two thumping,  steps with the short lef; to bring up tlie  'space made bv the lontr one hcrfw aq  nicKnained "One Pound ,Two." Mc.Wil-  'ly could i;et no one ol his bar to fiyht  hiin,tand so he challenged Ilairington, '  who uood nattireilly e\ch:inircd shots  in the Ph(i'iii\ park        .  ;    ..      ,j.~~  The baronet hit his^opponent-. in tho  braces, then called the'"gallows," and  feared ho had killed linn.    When the  While the barber is engaged upon his  face a "dancing crowd ot boys and girls  suriouiid\,lhe biidc'tjiuoin. When lns.i  hair has hi'sui r it. a; e pieces,are carefully collected b> borne ot the girls, to  be - prcserw'd "Un one of the bride's  chests.- f ,fi ' < ��������� , -:",-'  , Alter tliu. barber has finished ,.his,  ���������woik he recei'-es a^mall "-white linen  cloth as a' present,* "and each person  gives him" a trifling (sum of_ money.  Then tbe bridegroom kisses the hand of*-  eaili'gnl. washes I- ������ fac-e.and dons his  wedding dress, winch must be hrsl ac-  cuiatcli weighed tbiee times by a lad.  x-These" s'i--n'r>*'cuitn'i's are, ������aid to  date back to pre-Christian days, but  thty aie s'-...l'b'.i.ct'o obbcrved, especially in country districts.  Why  llnn-i  Ymiiiu* M.-n Pull.  'it Is the l'iiiiltriiud tlie c-.uise of the  failure'ol    so   ui.ui.y   lu-igin. ,'c-upnhle t  young men that, being put Into'a certain worUdav'i-ur. (hey niak" no oflort  to climb oi ov^oti eravvl out of'it.   They  do not seek the work that1 Is,not'.ton-    .  tine and go beyond  the' leiuis of  the  bond >ln seiiich of adiht'oti'l labor \\\  order vo utlract'" the appioving  notice  of their employer's:'I hey do not go to '  thelr^posls bel ore or reui.ilu at Ltliem.  alter'the fixed hour: thev aie content <  to do enough, and no mo'-e than enough.-.'  to earn.tiieir hiie.   TheMife of the siv-  'erage clei k  is generall.v* genteel, easy.,  Cle.inly.     lie  need   ii'U  soil  h:s  h-uid-������  or his clothes  and ln<- uinbiti';n !��������������� sat-' |  islicd .with these pleasant condit.ons.  *,    r      p it  A Hint  to  IIouic DreNMlllllUcrn.  A Jitllo niotlior,  whose home duties  1 aro   nunierous   and   onerous  as  well,  ���������y stives herself much time by a practical  bit of forethought which all ;mothers  Willi giowing daughters aro sure to appreciate. In milking her little girl's  dresses she takes a largo tu'ckrin the  under side of the hem,f and when the  small gown is crawling up to the knees,  Insteitd'of ripping out the hein'nnd going to*"all the trouble of putting it' iu fc'cstion of poetry is held to be fatal to  again, she'has only to cut the slitcheA  success   'It is 'probable "that in .-inoth.  ^    -,   ,Sa<l  Stnfc- of Poetry.  For sough tlie=use of po.;t;,v h.i"������ for^  some tune been abandoned  ,-iihI word".-  any sort of words, have been employed  instead.' .With patiioiic songs .'inv.sug-  " In   the  tuck  lengthened.  and   the 'little   irock  is  '-    Forty   Itililm  iiMlnntP.'  The Bible, p'ublu itious ot the <^^ford  ��������� TJniversi'.y 1'iess'i ave b'-i'ii issi ed for . their original size or something like it,  '    Slirmilceii FlnnncH..   *?  It is possible to; wash flannels without shrinking theiu. but the aveiage  laundiess does not know the process  Thorefoic, it is, worth while to know  how to leslore shrunken g.umonts to  or ten .vears some iiieiuher ol   parha-  "ment will introdiKo a shoi t hill making .  I,the  pioiluction  of   an.v   othertsoit   of"  poohl a  eriiiiinal ollense. and itMs not  impossible tiiat llio,;nonibei of 'latha-,  mont will be a publisher. ,   t?  ^ i  300 yeais and cm-be published In 150  iangtiages and d.alcc-LS Oidets for  "300.UC0 Bibles aie iifit" cnuiinoii ' An  .order lor hall a million copies can. accoiding , to the (.'.'I .io.i' .\i.i��������� i-?iiie.'. be  rcjiuily filled. On an aveiage Irom llnr-  ,ty to lorty Hibles nie lurnNiied'every "improvement,  "lninuie: ,Theie aie 110 dilteient edi- ,.*", l "  tions of'the Oxford, Bibles in liluglish,  var.ving liom ine iiiagniticeiiftolio edition for pulpit use to the ������������������liulh.int" Bi-  ble,"the smallest editionjif the Scriptures in the. world.-*. The largest folio  Bible printed in Oxford measures 19  by.' 12 inches, and no erratum' has as  Try laying tho nrliclc to be rostoted on  the lion.ng boaid and lay on it "a piece  of choesecloth v^liich has been vviung  out of cold water. Tress with a hot  iron .until the cheesecloth is peitectly  dr.v.   Tbe garment will bhow a niaikcd  Hfcn   Kciicilt, but  Do  Not  Copy.  Grant"���������It   is  e.isici   to  sa.v   a   good  thing than to do .rgood thing.  llenileison ��������� Vet v tine. I'ut when  you say a good thing you me Mattered  b.v pel'.mis right and lelt making u-u  ol it as n n weie then own. but vou  have lew copyists when jou do a good,  ���������deed - , r  result, was made  known,  one of  the , yet been found in it.    The "Brilliant  Text liiblo" measures 3% by 2% inches  and is three-fourths of an inch thick.  seconds shouted, "Mac, you arc the  only rogue I ever knew'who was saved  by the gallows."   .  Slaughter  Hon'-tc Byprotlncti.      r  ���������vli--.li.i-iii.il .\i ki ami I'lif-ii-ii--)      ,        Some ot the  uses of  bjpioducts of  Romii.������, Kim id-ill Him K. Hi fin iili-si   in u i*o   slaughtered anim.tls- The blood is used  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.     ' (for   the   production'  ot   albumen,   tho  A  post.nrd t.ill Mtiiic an evriunKappoint j bones   for Jcnito   handles.. toothbrush  ment for tho-ii' vim cannot rail nuiing I he rt.n    handles,   cIlCSSUlCIl.  etc.;  the  lloins-for  =-  *-= ���������  combs, backs of brushes, largo buttons,  H\A/        JTWA/A nnC' .etc.; the hoofs for buttons, ornaments  .    ' VV.      .tUWAHUO, 'nnd tertihzeis.   NeaVs foot oil, extract-'  , ed fiom tho feet has a high coinmcr-  | pial value. The fat is used for gijeer-  nrrn urano nmnn |><IIHIln iu ancl butterin Gelatin, glue, pep-  Uhtn    HtAUO,    DjIiUO,   AnJIVIALo|sin   and   other   aiticlcs   aro   obtained  J from   slaughtered   cattle   and   sheep.  I The value of such atticlcs made evcrv  Revelstoke, ' -    - . B. C. 'y0i,r reprcsonts mn,,J' n,,,,,ous of do1'  TAXIDERMIST.  lars.  Don't be satisfied to work  along: in the same old way  u for low- wages. We can  | help you carve out a suc-  t cessful career. Thousands  have increased their salaries  "j by following- our plan. We  cai train you in spare time,  and at small cost, for any  of the following; positions:  Mechanical, Electrical, Steam, Cirll, or  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Surreyor;  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Sfen-  Dsraolier; Teac&er; Sfiov-Card Writer;  niiufji; Dresser; or Ad Writer.  Writo TOI>AT. etnttner which posl-  I tion IntorcaU you. to  INTERNATIONAL  Correspondence '   Schools  Box 799. SCHANTON. PA.  OB CALL OS OCIl LOCAL UKl-UKSEiriTITBl  S. H. KRUGER,  (Box 415, Nelaoii. B.  %  ENGINES.  Saw Mill Machinery  Wood Working- Machinery  Machinery for all purpose's  All of very best makes.  Tl heilson & co.,  C02 Main St., Winnipeg,  Children  mul   Gro^ih,  Tbe year of greatest s row tli in boys  is tlio seventeenth; in girls, tlie fourteenths While gills roach full height  in their fifteenth year, they acquiic full  weight at tlie ago of twenty. Uo.ts aro  stronger than gnls from Ijirth to tho  eleventh jour; then girls become stipe  rior physically to the seventeenth year,  when the tables are again tin noil and  remain so. From November to April  children grovi very little and gam no  weight; fi om April to July they gain  in height, but lose m weight, a nil fiom  July lo November thoy increase gieatly  in weight, but not in height.  '��������� Stocking;*-).  I How many readeis are familiar with  the history and origin of the most common articles they daily use? Wo oat,  drinU, wear without thinking whence  or wherefore. Stockings were lcnovi u  among'the Romans more ,than l.SOO  years ago, as is proved by paintings  found in the ruins of Pompeii. 'Thoy  were considered more ornamental than ,  useful. In the colder climate ol northern  llurop������ they became a necessity, and  the lii.iinil'actnre of them became a  recognized employment in"the twelltb  century, v> ben thoy were fashioned  cliielij of cloth. An the reign' of Edwin ti II. they assumed a rct-emblance  to those now worn. ' At the courts of i  Spain and Italy they wore fashioned of  siik and were made enormously large.  i        .   ~ ^ A Door Stop.  Much,damage may bo done to a wall  p.tpei .or e\en to Uio wall itself Ly"lhe  banging o'f a door baiulli' or key against  it."1 An oa������j dewco for pt^enling tins,'  and a homemade one, is "to take- an  empty-spool, to'pad tlio top willi* some  wadding anil to cover it all with some  matciial as nearly matching the c-.ir-  pot in color as possible, then rpass a  bi.ims' headed nail thiough the spool  and driie it into the door a lew inches  tioiii the wall or whore you wish the  door to stop.  ������.  IJciIroom   Wliidoiri.  Everj bedroom window .should be  provided villi a dark green shade to  keep out' tho early morning sunlight  It nocd not be a hea\y holland -shade,  which keeps out air its well as lisht.  Side ciirl.uiib of dark cheesecloth hung  11om a' rod uiidi-iiio.ilh the while shade  aie sott and linn enough to dr.nv out  ol suhl against tlie window 11,1:110 aiul  aie elloc-tual m dealing a dun. religious light, conduc-i\e to slumber.  Got Ilia Numbers RiRlit.  A certain lawyer, who is now a very  able judge, was, when he first came to  the bar, a very blundering speaker,  says routli. On one occasion, when ho  wns, irj mg a case of replevin, involving  a right of property to a lot of hogs, he  said, "Gentlemen of the jury, there  were just tn\ only-four hogs in that  dn^o ��������� j*ust twenty-four, gentlemen ���������  exactly twice as many as are in that  jury bos!" The effect can be imagined.  k CooUinqr n Stealc.  There is a right and uion? way to  cook beefsteak. Tho wrong w aj is to  put it in a cold pan and cook it loi  some time on ono sade, thus permitting  the juice to escape. Tho light \\a\ is  to put it in a pan containing a little  boiling tat and to* tut n it at the end ot  a minute or so, thus sealing both sides  and retaining till juice.  I A   Good' L.ii������u3.!i. I.icn^e.       _,  A moii-nralili' nisi, un col Diesf-uro of  uiii-d was tlio iidw'iituie ot a c-eit.uu  lJosiuiitii'is at tlie,uiiii'<it a popul.ii ii|>-  /tisiii'ii'in*J'.uis. wii'ii'tlip people took  possession ol - tin* VinleriPs The(iheio  of the incident sauclj in led upon tln������  tiiooo ih.it a liom cMtise is better than  none and 'lOiiictniii's better than a bettor one woiinl lie .       \  rie w is an mi|ttisitive pei son. and ie-  gaidloss ol the dinger he |'.i������ti'iu>il t"  the Tuileiies at uiiiluiuht to =ee what  was going on At .tin* gati*. be wa-.  stoiiped li.". two levolutionists of 61111.  ,11011^ apptMjjMji.0. "Whj -do. you not  wear "ii ?oi Uficlt* citi/enV. _Wliote is  your cock ide.!" tliej   asked  A mob uaihcieil about lnhi a'-'l de-  mantled licicely. ���������'Citi/en. where.. i-������  yom coi k.nle?"  Desimgieih took oft his hat, turned it  around a .tl aiound. looked at it on ail  sides .ind-then said m a tone of mild ,  oiuppse.  "Citi/ens. it is str.insc. von s^trangel  I must ha\e left It ou nu nubtcau."   '  A mother's mind Is e\er on her children. If she is noble <.'iol*i*������*piajm1.7  for tliein; if she is .-1111111110115, ������he i->  Bc-licmiiiK for 1li'-m.���������Sr-hoolui.ister.  #  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal Mull Linos.  Cheapest Route to thc Old Country.  ALLAN LINU  l-'ioin St. John, Halifax, Poitl.ind, New York  l-Yetoriiin      l-'eb. S  Ijinri.-iiti.iii      Keb. 1.1  Ionian      l-'cb. S2  biuilian      Fob.-27  lS.uun.ui     51.ir. a  DOMINION UN'K���������l-'rom Poitkuiil.  r.iiindn  .Keb. 0  Doininion  . .Keb 27  CnniuU     Mnr. IJ  CAN. PAC. ATLANTIC 3. S.-Fiom St. John  Lake Manitoba     I'eb. C  Lake ('liiiiiipliun Keb. JO  IjiloKno  ���������      >.     M.ir. o  WH1TR STAR LINE���������Fiom New Yoik.  Majestic   Feb 3  Ocunnic        Feb. 10  I'eltie       Feb. 17  Ceilnc       I'eb. 21  Mnjoatic Mnr.2  CUNAKD LINE���������From New York.  Etrnriii J<',b   ������  Uinbnn t ,.y  IviTiiin         J.^-^9  Cumi'iinm  ���������    ������������������     ���������        ,?      i  Etrliria Mnr-a  PnRHenpcra ticketed lhrotiK>< to all pans o(  Great Ilntain and Ireland, and at specially low  rates to nil purls of tlie European continent  Apply to nearest railway or hteanis-lnpagent oi  to  T.  W. BRADSHAW. Agont, Bovelstoki  W. P. F. CUMMIKGS.   Paolflo Agent.  3Iennini?i of Several Nnmes.  Asia means nioinini; or east; Europe,  evening or west; Ausiialia moans lyini;  to or in the south; hence we may consider that those names moan eastern  land, western land and southern land.  Asia is a Greek i\oid; I-Iuiope is a He-  brow Moid; Atistialia Is a Latin woul.  Tbe origin of the word Africa is uncertain. Some conjecture that it is a Semitic word meaning "Land of Wanderers."  Rhinoceroses Willi Two IIoriiN.  Several species of rhinoceroses, now  extinct and only found in a fossil state,  used to exist which hud no horns at  all. The name, moaning as it does  "horned nose." is rather a misnomer in  their case. Several kinds of rhinoceroses  in Africa have two horns, one behind  the other, but the c.stinct rhinoceros,  known as the dyceruthciimn, had a  pair of horns on its nose bide by side.  A DanpreronN Practice.  A common and d.tngeVous piactice is  to throw outer garments on. the bed.  Considering that thoy, come in contact  with all soils of undesirable objects,  this is inimical to daintiness il to nothing else Clothirg woi n dui ing the day  should be removed from the bedioon  at night.  UnnlTected.  Miss Speitz���������Of course, no one could  truthfully speak of her as pretty.  Mr. Lovett��������� Well���������er��������� perhaps not,  but she has such a quiet, unaffected  manner.  Miss Speitz���������l*cs, but it has taken  her several y.ears to acquire it.-  LooklilK  PIoilHlint.  Mrs. Clmgwaler���������So that's the photograph you had taken the other day. Is  It? I'd like to know why you can't  look as pleasant as Unit when you tiro  in the house  Mr. Chugwater��������� Well, it may be that  the photographer tried lo bring out my  pleasant expression, and you don't.  Inflamed, weak nnd son" eyes, pimples and catin Hi may nil lie "passed  on" by the use of Ihe family towi'i  Tlio individual towel is a hygienic necessity.  There are now twenty-nine women  of title in Kngland who were Aineii-  can girls, including four duchesses and  tvto countesses.  Tlie Ccnciiti of the Cravat.  Oavats date from tilt Incursion ot  (bo Croats into French tenitory during the Thirty Yeats' wir. The  V'rench termed these invaders "Cra-  v.tleg." ami a freak of fashion made  neck  SOU'  AaklnK a Good Deal.  "ITow about Ibe rent of this house of  yours. Flitter? Doesn't the landlord  ask a good deal for it?"  Flitter���������Yes; be often asks five and  ������Ix times a month for it.���������New Yorker.  ll  T  A  Danipcuer.  Visitor���������Is Miss Rankin in?  Servant���������Yes, sir.  Visitor���������Is she engaged?  Servant���������Yes, sir, but the gentleman  ain't here tills evening, sir.   Come In.  Proof  Positive.  Miss Charcoal���������I tell yo\ MIz' John-  sing, dese heah patent medicines hain't  no 'count at all. I'ze been usin' dis  lily balm face bleach fo' a yeah now,  an' St 'fected me none.  "v-That  lli- Thomrht.  Tom���������Do you think your cousin Julia would marry me if I asked her?  Jack���������Well, I have always considered  her a sensible sort of girl; stili, she  Btlfiht .   .._    their   somewhat   clumsy  popular about lfiTC.  The fancy must have spread very  rapidly, for we llnd lace cravats will*  broad ends hangivg in front icpl,icing  the wide collars of tbe cavaliets during  the earlier stages of the civil war iu  England. Charles II. made white cravats a part of the uniform of his Life  and Dragoon guards.  The palmy period of the oravnt was  early in the eighteenth century, when  these articles were made of the very  Guest lace and were so expensive that  even the richest of fashionable young  men could not afford to have more than  two of Oieni iu their wardrobe*.  j l'Irt*\iiip: Cards  In   Hits-tin.  In Russia the manul.uuiiT of playing caids is an imperial monopoly. Tn  ISIS 1-1.000 packs were is-ned dailv.  but the demand wa* so much in oxco>s  , of this thiit a petition was. addre-s-ed  to the czar ptajing for a suit moie  liberal supply. Among th" cud devotees tlie Russian soldioi-'are conspicuous. 1 hoj- eormionly- carr.v packs in  llieir pockets, but when tiieie is an .  actual call to arms and thej picp.ira  themselves for the battlefield they  make it it point to get nil of all their  i cauls. This is due to a supoi-utioii  amounting to conviction, which leads  ��������� belli to believe (hat to retain them  upon their persons at such a time  would be to court gtave disaster.  . T������o  Te\t*-i.  Two stories aie told in Il.vper's Mag-  i nzine ot  iiiniisteis' stumbling on icvts  ol a liunioioii- per-oii.il application.  One was a veiy joiinu' uiiui-K'i-, having  chinge   of   In-   lust   c'ltiuh   and  pleaching a  series of seinxjus on   the  life and   iitteianies of Si.   Paul.    The  last one of these was given iu-t befote  taking   his   leave,  and  iliiniig  his   ab-  fieiice he expected to take unto himself  n   wife,   his   eiigtuonieiit   hating   been  announced.     After   turning   out   tlie  loaves   ol   the   P.ible   thoughtfully   be-  said, "I int'to jour atteiiiion this evening to these winds of the him' apostle,  ���������I an; leiidy now to be offered up ' "  Tlio other minister was a ttldotver  who had remarried within a tear after  his fust wife's death. Mis fuends and  congieg.ition thought Iiiiii very expeditious, nnd on the ne\t Sunday, tvhen  ��������� hi-j text was announced, they could  scarcely control t!ieinsell-es. He rose  in his place In his pulpl and said. "My  | beloved brethren, you will find my text  in the seventeenth verse of the fourth  chapter  of   Second   Coiintliians,   'Our  j light a miction, it hich ia lor the moment.* " . .  _ THE, KOOTENAY MAIL.  a Cough  Medicines  /        t  ' AU Kinds, All 'Sizes  -    Just opened at the   ���������  CANADA DRUG &  BOOK CO.  REVELSTOKE  B.C.  BORN.   .     -;  2"**i:i:r>iiA>i���������At   Rcvelstoke, on ."March  Noeclhnni, a  1.3th, the  wife   of   ti  son.-       ��������� ��������� '  S I'rooi.iOY���������At   l-!i'\*el-toko,-'oii ' JMarcli  IHfh,  the  wiic of J<\ Ii. Hooloy. a  '   son.   '      '      '   ���������  Coiis-ox���������At   Uovclstiikc, .un  JMarcli  Kith, tlie wife of T. Corson, .Vson.  Li:wis���������At, Revelstoke,on "March 2:3rd,  flic wife uf V. 11. Lewis,a daughter.'  It.  M. Sihythe, tre.ts-  bcis, sccictary  urer. , ,     '  Those.whose names aro not already  on the provincial voters' list should  not ovei ldolc the fact that unless'thoy  H'gister by .Monday next, the 28t.li instant, they will be debarred from exercising (he franchise/should an election occur," for a period of 'six months,  when the next court of ,'revision is  held in Septum lier. r      1  , As thc result of tlio t railway accident at Moose .Jaw..on the Kith inst.,  death has claimed "Mi. II. Mediums, of  KiUiilnnp.-, who paused through lK������-*el-  stoke last Suiidiiy niorniiig. Kimi-  loops Sentinel says: "Kobcrt II. "Mediums, of the Colonial Hotel, died at  tho hospital hot ween 3 and -I o'clock  this morning (Friday), aged -tC yearn.  The iiqws was 'so unexpected that his  friends can scarcely .reali'/.e.it is true.  That he was not. well they knew, for  ho had been liadly, .-hiVkeii'iip in the  railway accident near Moose .law two  weeks ago; and his "death was diiectly  dtie to an injury then received.' In  that accident Jiis hand was hurt,  and a few days ago' it lieciinic worse  iiml it liccaiiio nccoi-Wy for hini to go  to the hospital, blood poisoning having  set in and to this he succumbed." .   '"  Business Locals.  Local and General.  Rink     opened *. for  new, building vester-  Thc liiipcria  htisinoss in -the  day morning.      '..._-  Thc fio-ty night- of the past week  htve'.'igain biought thecurleis out and  i\ mini her of games-havVbecn played  :U tlio rink..       '���������  ' A. number "of 'tlie  bachelors of -the  ' cito met in Xo. 2   fire  hall  Thursday  evening when it tins decided to give u  lv.ll on April l-Ith.  Thc westbound p.i-Ss-ongei   has'been  Into cvciy night,  this-week, the delay  being cau-ed   chiefly by stoinis on the  * pi.iirio itnd-in the eastern piovinees.  A special convention of Gold Range  Lodge, Knights of 1'ythi.i.-, will -be  held tlii- evening, to, receive Giiind  Chancellor C. V. >'oleon. of New  Denver.  A mateinent ha- been started liy  (ho store clerks to -ecure the clo-mg  of business hiiu-e* at (> p. in., excepting Satuulays. The city council ni.iy  ' be asked to pass a by-law piotiding  for same. -        ,  Wc regret the en or in our last i-siie  which caused con-ideiableexplanation  on the pint,of Mc-si<. Macdonald it  Moiuoith thiough their adtertiscnient  being made to toad 'every lOot. ca<h  purchaser" instead of eveiy 10th c.i-h  [Hit chaser.  -A meeting to rc-oruMiiise the intermediate lacro-sc club -.\as- held at H.  jM. Smythe's-stote on Thuisday e\on-  ing Thc following otliceis were  elected: A. McRae, president; T). C.  JMeKJen/io. vice-president:  \Y  and _ovei'y-  You're Sal  CI   C   0  Easter presents at Bews'J)rng Store.  Kcvclstokc and. Trout; Lake1 eity  lots for sale.    II. N. Coursier.    . *.  Macdonald At , Monteith's lor ths  latest stylo in gent's furnishings.  The St. ikon Hot Springs has 'been  ii*  opened  und is  now ready to accomodate visitots,  Smoked glasses at the Canada Drug  & Book Co's.   ' >   't%'    '   '    '  , For sale, cheap, second-hand-base  burner coal stove. Apply at Kooii^jfAY  Mail olliee.*-, .        ���������*��������� '        , ,  Read C. li. Iluine it Co's advt. on  first'page of this issue.       , ,  ' Large stock of baby Go Carts at R.  Kowson it Co's furniture store.  Kodak   films,' Cameras  thir-g you need for-finishing  pictmes  at Canada Drug it Book, Co. ���������**  1 /travellers, visiting  Rev.elstoke will  find   the   best   accomodation at   the  Central Hotel. Abrahamson  Bros, o  Easter caidsat Bows'Drug'Storo.  Swan Carlson has taken over \\\  I'"*lemiiig's wood husine������s.������      -    -.  ."When you come to Rcvelstoke hail  the Central Hotel bus .to take you to  a good hotel. Abrahamson Bros.c  Props.'  For fie.-h tomatoes, asparagus and  cauliflower go to Macdonald it Monteith's.  Wall .paper any price, any pattern  yon like at Canada Drug it   Book   Co.  Comerin and see our new rubbei  mass.ige , lollei���������lino for the complexion���������reasonable in price���������at the  Red Cross Drug store.  You will always find an attendant  at our electric fitting', and plumbing  shops. * We supply the best assortment of electric fittings in the city.  Moscrop Bros.  Easter [perfumes at Beits' Drug  Store. ' *  C. 13. Hume it Co's Millinery opening Tne.-d.iy afternoon and evening  March 2'Jth.  W. J. George is jio--v showing a com_  plete range of LidSe-*  fine  collar- and  , neckwear in- chitfon lace and silk  C In in - i . , , , .. - , .   I just to hand by express   this  week in  time for the Easter trade.  i  Our prescription  department is   tip!  to date.      Bring   us   tint, .next  prescription���������t\e deliver   tory   promptly.]  Red Cro-=s Drug Store. * I  Dr. Cinry.<li>nti-*t, will be at .-iilnion  Arm about twelw day- beginning  Thin-day, March 2 Ith, on a piofi-sion-  :ll tl-lt  .-'to our window for the latest  uotcltie- in pompadour comln, hair  l.i-teiici.-, side c-oiiib-, etc.. Red Cro���������  1 >i ug .Store  M.iciloii.ild A- M<.n:.-itb'-= -Ml--' -till  l-iiiitiniu's. Come along, tour mum \  ii lefunded if yo-i a e tie' l<Hh en-  tomer.  Notwithstandmi: the  (pi ii tors (iiiy   Hiirber   i-*  j^i,uul    bu-ine-'s    m    th  Wive hini a c.lll, lie u ill  p ice and quality.  ... '  Social & Personal,  Art. Hyatt is back from his eastern  trip. ,    ' -  J. Black, of Ferguson, was in the  city Thursday. ' ���������'  Mrs. Macdonald left, this morning  '011,11. .visit to Saiidon.  R. Steiss has joined 'the.stii'Y'of the  mill at Trout Lake,.,  A social dance was given in Selkirk  hall "Wednesday evening. "���������   . t  Miss Lottie Turnbtill left .Sunday  morning on a visit'to her sister in the  Yukon. (      ��������� ' '  ,   '   t '  M rs..T., Cleary - returned to "Washington this, week after a visit (o her  diuighter/JMrs. A. .lohnson. <    ,  'A coming attraction 'will be the  Peak Sisters from Alaska, which appear  at the opera house shortly."-  Miss May Riddell, formerly of' Reid  it Young's millinery' department, was  married at Owen Sound, on March  8th,,to Robert Mo Howell, C. E.  Aid. \\". A. Foote returned on' (he  delayed train Wednesday morning  after a'thrco months visit to the east  The social last Tuesday evening at  the Salvation Army barracks was well  a'itended considering counter attractions.'.. A, neat little program, con-  sistingi of vocal/ and instrumental  solos and duets, interspersed^ with  recitations by the children and gramophone, selections was given, making  thc otoning'nn enjoyable one for all  present. ,.   _ (,      .,  THE RAWEI'S IN REVELSTOKE  'On Sunday'morning nf the Methodise'church thc Rev. Rawei preached  a very impressive .sermon', taking by  way of text "The meeting 'of the  woman   of   Samaria  *at ,.thc -well by  Jesus."      During,  his   discourse   this  < -       ...       . '* -  talented   Maori1 dwelt   on- .the;great  love   of/Jesu-,  tind"incide"fitallv said  that today things were ditVerent'- both  with pastor", and   people," that," (here  was a great  tendency  in   iliis 'age to  pa-s by on the* other side and > neglect  onr poorer   hreihien.   and    in   ,a very  nice way he   pointed .out .our'duty. to  poor fallen   liiinianily"and  especially  icspecling the   social   evil.     .Sunday  evening he occupied the.pulpit, of  the  Piesbyteriiin church. .' '    -  ', -On   Monday  evening _at  thc  same  church the-.rev.   gentleman   and  .his  wife/Airs. Fline Rawci, and' their two  children   gave  lccitala  illustrative of  M.iorio   life   and    customs,   and was  ��������������������������� *���������  tine    an   inteie-ting-ubject   as   Mr.  R.iwoi wont) on  describing  the   lovely  scenery as  each   picture was   thi own  on the screen and every now and again  broke   out   into   Ming   in   his native  tongue, and   his   sweet musical voice  wa-a treat to listen to.     His   wife,  a  typical   Maori > lady,   with   deep   ev-  piessivc eyes  and   it   beautiful   voice.  dressed in  native costume,   also   look  thc   platform     and     described     the  beauties of lier countiv and   charmed  i  the audience with her -ong.  Rev. Rawei gate iccitals in the  Presbytoiian church on Tuesday and  Wednesday and so great was the in-  tere-st manifested that, Rawei con-  -enu-d to give a special night in the  Opera House. This' was also well  attended.  When ton Ii.i-.i- a pie-cri|itioii In nil  biini: it In !'' N '' "ill 'Hi it with th''  br.-t of ding- and keep a in mil ol :t.  ro t hat yon cm haw it (i)lid again  even if you lo-i- the lulfle. We tike  groat <-iue in bol h t he filling nml lilein^;  of prr-ci iptioiis.  f'.S   -li.i ve tun -i-'-ii '������iir in--.*.  Itiililif-r .tl.i-TiL'i-  It'llll-r, til- \    ll'-l|l till)  ' Iilllllll-XION -.Villi'I<-r  RED CROSS  DRUCr STORE  J. A. IJl.TKIMtl.  -iVorts in ntbi r  -till   douii; a  >  optical   lit)"  -i.itisfv- vou fn  ATHLETIC  ASSOCIATION.  Steps   Taken to   Organise.���������  Forty-two Members Enrolled Last Night.  A public meeting \-..i-ln-id in Selkirk  11,ill l.i-t i-wini.g to con-uior prosjicct-  i.f i.iir.iin-nig an athletic ;i-s-<������*f:i.ition  T   W-jnlm.ni ��������������� i-npiei! iIm- i-h.n'r.  Aitci -mil' ili-eii���������inii I! wa- decided  to fiiri-i ai, a--'.ci.iti.in mi -miliar line-  ,.- tin- l\ unioi/ji- Mn-ieil and Allili-lie  \--i-f4i.iti .i pro-*, id'1 a gviiina-iiim well  . ij.i.ppi-d w ith tin- mi (-������������������-.Iry ajipliaii'-e-,  Kastt1! isiteir.it hind .ind iiiillif.'t^  ii'-nii|._'s an  tlii  onl'i '.:'   the day      ('..  | Moscrop Bros.  and fitted with'baths etc. The gymnasium will,be under the care of R.  Jones, who i.s an experienced instructor  in physical culture, and w-ill.ln; conducted,on strictly moial lines, liidies  ifnd children being especially invited  to join.  ''' ' ,   ''  The new organization slarts out  with a membership of -12 enrolled at  lastnight's meeting, and as it. is an  ob*,ect in which all onr citizens slibuld  take an interest there rwill doubtles-  bea very large membership by' tin  i ime arrangements a re completed. Tin  membership  fee  i.s $1.00  per iii-mib  The following olliccia wore, eloctul:  T. Wad man, secretary; T. . W. Rain,  treasurer; and aiiexfcutive coni[iosid  of Mi-i-ms. Kiiiciiiil, Alluiii, ll.ilten  Lyons and Trimble. A pit'sident will  be selected at next meeting ..wdieu the  Oi-gahi/.ation will also be'tuuiied.  To "the executive' is assigned the  duty of securing suitable quarters,  and their success will' bcreported at a  meeting.iii Selkirk' hull, next Wednesday evening. J A   ,  LATE WAR NEWS  '    fi      ' i*  ���������  Japanese Land,.8000-Men at  Chenampo���������Total Force in   ,  ���������  Korea now 98.000. ^  i "*  Rome, Murcli 25.���������A telcgi'iim frr.in  Chefqo siiys'the Japanese l.iiided eight  thousand men , at Chenampo^ last  Tuesday and that the total Japanese  force in Korea is now 98,000. *      <  London,'March 25.���������The Daily/Telegraph publishes tl'ulcspatch from its  Tokyo correspondent, under yester-  day's date,'winch says :      ������ (  "On the night of Marcli 22nd, the  Japanese Ihct renewedJthe attempt to  bottle up Port Arthur. Sixteen warships escorted seven nierchsnt  steam-  ���������      *���������' '  i rs to the motitli  of,"the  harbor, and  i- ,- ���������  under cover of the bombardment,'the  steamers ran iu and were sunk in the.  desired 'positions. . Three thousand  Japanese- oflieeis and blue-jackets  yoluntceied for the duty. -An ollicial  i;epqrt is expected this evening.*'  t.7Seoul,,March 21��������� A party of forty  well armed Cossacks attacked a detachment of Korean  troops in   Noith-  c       i '     - '��������� . ���������  eastern Korea, northeast of Wo.nsan  After more than an hour's figh.ting  the Cossacks were repulsed with a loss  of thirty five killed. The five sui-  vivors' succeeded , in making their  escape. The Korean loss was 17 killed  and 20 scriou&lj1- wounded.  REMOVED.  Imperial Bank of Canada has ro  moved into new oflices, cor. McKenzie  Avenue and First Street.   '  LOST.  1 'Somewhere between Opera  House and Catholic Church on  r 7th March, a reputation.  Finder please return, for sweet  charity's .s t'-c :. t)  JOSE I'M  MF.LROSE,  ' Arrowhead.  N(  OTIOK Iri irnilKHY til\'IO\' tint (il il.ivs  lifter (I ne I inlciiil n> nniilv In tliu Ulncl  C'oiiiini���������ioiiui- of I^.itnl-. .in I Wnrli- uw |iur-  mi-sioii to pinuliiisv S'l nure- of Unit -minimi  iibout. ->i inilc- snuiho.i-t ol tlio villiiKu of  Aruiwliuiul on tliu shoiu of U|i|iei- Arrow bake.  coiinnuiiciiiK -it a iw-t in irkwl Ai-cliili.tlil  JtcMill in"- N'mtli cn-t. I'oim-r l*ci-t:-llioiiuo  south ������i ulinin-: iliuiic:'* we-t I" clniins : iIh-iil-c  notili io shore linu; tlii-iu-i; iilonn -huru line lo  point, of uoiiiinuMi cnioiii.  I Mti (I 2111 li I-VIm-ii ii.v. IIHII.  AHCHIMtb'l .Mu.MlliLAN.  FOR SALE.  ' f-,000 SI1AKKS in liKATIUCK  if IN K. Any reasonable filler accepted  fm nl! or p.tit.     Apply  Kooti.xav .Mail.  .    WANTED  W  A N T K D.-t;ONTKAC;TOItS I.n  Wiitci Lugs by |{ig Itcnd laiiiiber  lad.. Ai lotvlii-ad, II. (/.  |{ Miuiii'it I'1! and Ib-i'l -s "Sii'iiigi  uniki' iinnouiici mi nt- fm Tin-day |  i.h.-2!lth.  U'-������ arc showing a line new line of  chatelaine b.ig-f .i\n'i bund ���������( itoli'd-.  I'liey aro very fisliioiniblu at pie^dnt.  Itid Crtfs Drug Store.  \V. It. Mega iv, of Vernon, bus purchased K. Ji. Wood's general sfire .it  Lumby. Mr. Wootl will renuiin nl  Lumby for ������ time to look after Iih  lumbering interests.  Sanitary Plumbing. Hot  Water & StcamjHeating.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  Electric Lamps, Door Bells and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures ?A"J! Put In.  WOOD.  Flavinjr taken over the wood  business of W. Fleming' I am  prepared to fill orders for Dry  Cedar, Fir, and Hemlock.  Orders left at \V. Fleming's  Meal Market will receive  : prompt attention.  W. M. LAWRENCE,  PEALGH'iN SHKLI"* AMI) MKAVY  UAHDWAliE.  Get  Your  pring  Union-Made at Ji  ������     *1   '  -^ . 1  -   --    .11  ttj < '���������  McKKN'/lE.AJVKNUK, - NEXT TAYLOR BLOCK.,       ,-  The. only place in'town you can get'it.'  ' ' '      ***  Sale  of  Carpet Remnants  Many dainty designs-to select from. If you want a  small square for your parlor or drawing roon], we still  have some in pretty and tasteful colorings.'   *   ���������  R. HQWSON & CO.,  Undertakers and-Embalmers. Picture Framing  ;  *'   A  e/fc&jtAv /tyiTZiS Jr-tiM/  M. A. SMITH 1 CO., Agents, Bevelstoke, B.C.  Neatly and      j^ Kootenay  Expeditiously  Executed at   Mail Office.  i\  i  i  A  i'l  .i  i  THE HOTEL VICTORIA  ic. i-:. i.kaso.v,  VIOTOUIA, -       II. O.  Aiiici'li'.-in an I KuropV'in I'liin,  .\nii'i lean I'liin ?2.il().mil Lf|iwiu-<1-*.  SlOlllll   Ht'.ltCll. ^.Llllplo I'OOlllr-.      I  Second Street, Revelstoke| SWAN CARLSON.  Tlie Revelstoke Business College  Day'and Evening Classes in'the  Library Building.  Pi,tclii-.nl     iii-luiclicin     i->     given    in  Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic  Penmanship,  Correspondence,  Shorthand, Typewriting  and English,  ���������uul other siilijeas can he arranged for  UNfON. CAFE  Giiorii-nw ������t Viiifi'iit, Props.  Kh-l nl' linpi-i in| IJ.ink  Finest Cafe in ltevelstokc '  Open All Day and Night  Revelstoke.... .  ,  Dairy���������*=^\  ('. A. REVELL, Promietor  Orders received for milk, cream  and fresh butter  Customers can rely on having on their  requirements filled daily  !������  I''  '���������H  ii11  7*1  ^"'V'l |muu#i-


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