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Kootenay Mail Mar 28, 1903

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 ('    \.
(I  '  II
��f��>'vin��U\ UWrw?
(! f
r a
u    v'
ii   ' I
y % i
]���:. i:.'i.K.\sox.   .   , ���
���    'VICTORIA,       --      n. C. ,
Ani'.-iiiilii nnd Kuropuni I'iaii,
'       Ainuiicaii Plan $2.HQand 1,'jivuird-.
��Uum Heat eif.'      -  Sample roOni-i.   .
Vol; 9.���No. 52.
$2.00 Per Year
Our   Groceries arc all   sold   and   we
able  to !>"ivc our attention'lo  oilier
' '
dnake thc foi low in a* offers1       .   ���'   '.
a re
'        '     '������
T ,
nek i-0s
Men?sfr;Heayy;,; Rubbers,, and Overshoes'
rper, cent" Discount on,..
i-JLi     .
.Will.Last for a-;,ew(Days Longer. Only.
I      t*~      r        ' ' , ^ '.'   .* .      "���-'*""      '**���������.,     '��� o"'J -^ * *     i     -.
\Ai , ^ji_., This Fiill._ poii'fc |)ut''it,\if*&t!6o lute and"catch cold."_"' C ** j -'. " ,
Aiul-do not h'ny ,'i,choap,-slwdcly one,.';They never look vv'e!lN 'y. "V il'
Let ii�� makr* yoii|,i cu.it. that Will please youJ, We can do'il.     A   '   , ,
��.tr a ' 'a- .fashionable
c *3%V    V    t wngrv   ? ��� "3 - 5 * {*��.
.v,,.vTailor. -
' &     -A-        '- -' ' - ~a^- ~* 'A 'lLA'I: A: "{-'y'a'-A A ~��'"""(*)
I .."5"
VI       ^
YOUR GHOIGE FOR, $1.-00 '$
.   ,     ' Sizes,'LV, 2*21, 3 a'nd lhA   Values, ����'25 to'��l'fOO.
Ln ���
' '     fi.
n    r i
' ' i '        '
President Estes < Arrives���'-Monster
Meetinu Tonight.
, l'rcnidenl E&lc- arrived tbismorn-
iind with oilier speakers  will
a'public meeting al. Selkirk
Jail tonight.    Ifc i��, confident tof
victory for'the striker:--..,,
Vice-president Jones "of  the  U.
J3. H. 1<3. is expected ,daily to make
head-quarters   at   R^vclAokc^   find
Ovel.-on-, from  which  points'lie will
direct strike operations.        ''     ~~
.   The'Columbian says tb<3 C.'P.^li.1
is reduced to maniling<,the stfeamer
Louise with .Indians.        ', >     "   "
A   deputation, from   Itevejstoke,
machinists waited   on [the, helpers
���yesterday  asking  them ,10^0 back
to  work'but c-lhe  Jielper.^  replied
they  'wpukl    not   'scabAlike" the
machinists.   A committee lias^gonc
to'Vancouver  to'confer with machinists tho'rc(a& to the situation.\
,   On Wednesday  night an enter-
tainmcnt'.will be given"a,t,thc opera
house here ,in ,niil   of  the strikers.
An excollent'progranime lias  been
prepared ."and' a  crowded  house is
'anticipated.   ' >    ' '" < ,
The ca?e for 'proscculidn againsd
President IC^tu.-Aclosed1 at  Victoria
iTluu-sday nnd ca'se.adio'urncd.     ' -
*' Tli6htiiker.s had a.O. F.Mi.poUcc-
iiinn   afresle'd ,' at ���Vancouver "" for
Ijoinling a gun. rjfc was fined'410.
Public hidignatiOn was %o "great
over .Trrcsl of "'strikers,it t Winnipeg
fortilcavingl,C.-P. Li.  that Manitoba
legislature,, which c^vas  in session,
.immediately hiuende"d ' (he  law  so
thartJ union 'men  shall  be, exempt
fromjprbsecutiun .for  leaving  cni-
ployiiien't.*- t'T , ,,n    \j,   ,''. * ,'t
" Kelson strikers are  well satisfied,
with, 'the;_6_utlook,-and*-<say_ every-
'thing J.is*  favorable   lo '. an 1,'ea?rl,y
settlement.    Several 'local tear" r'o-
jiairers join'edlhc order/aiul'dthcrs
are cx'pccted'^l6''l'ollow.   ,    -,      t" ���'
, On   '.Sunday   ���*  Vice-Piesident
^Holmes of the L"*A.'M. arrived and
ordered   the   machinists 'who . are
"members"*of  thaborder and the U.
'li. R. J3. back to work >otiose their
charier.    Ahout**l'4  returned.to,the
shopsrthe test staying  with the.JJ.
]-5. li. JO. or Jeaving the'eiu^. ,j  J'c
��� 'A   nvell-known     authority,' '-on"
iiiiid'ni.-nirwlio  is~ in   no   way1" connected Vvith,-.U. 'li. li.' Ji.'infdrms us
'ehercLis  no doubt'tli'e,'machinists
w'-ho^Jiave"., rcl'urhed,&ito '.work 'arc
scabbing, as," having gone'-out with
Vtho U-. IJr'lt:.1D.;" the  b'nly'iiMii who,
can order them' back in accordance
,wi tlf u 11 ion ipri nci pies'; is * Presiden t
... -. '-'������� Ii       .1     -
I'^StOF.    " ���> , \
*. -Vix. lieddingAngcntAit Calgary,
hadrhis legljroken- in-'three'places'
'byAt scab dumping a Iruck-Jo'ad of
.baggage on
railway tinions'in the strike a'contemporary remarks i-1*
" Thei'(S is a, way open 16 the Railway
Hi'Olherhoorib'iiinro "mniiifoilly fnir"
thiin that coniiiiciided by ,tli6'.gi'cnL
��j>o*sLlo of,iititononiy;a way thai'would
bring thoiii honor and respect from
millions who arc watching I he.struggle
Let llieih say lo ihu great .corporation
that in its heart,.(���.corns' all coinbiii|i-
li'ons oMnbor: ."We.huvb organiice(l
11S'suited 'us best accenting to our
judginont; grant these our , fellow
workers an equal privilege,, or coiuil
on our hffttility as well,a*- (heirs.
This Would he7-iiiii!ii'lV'.-'(,ly 'fn'ii-,',' und
mnnilcslly effective.' Will tho ll'rolher-
hoods rise equal-to the oceasion?"'
lhe crews of IhcO. P.-l!. northern
steamer Princess JU.iy and 'Union
Steamship Co.V s'toiiineVs strtick'.'in
sympa'thy but \vero replaced.      ,'
Three nicii came lo Kevc!s(o'<e from,
Vancouver .is representing Ihe Allied
Mechanics at the flatter"]>lnco hut
without crcdentiala and attempted to
induce'the helpers "lo reluni'to wor.k*
with the1 iiincliinisth. ���The ' helpers
here have, however, ihiowi'i up, their,
charier with the Allied Jile'chimics and
arc staying solidly ,wilh thc-U. 15.. 1\
li. so the 'cil'ortsf'6f the vibilbrs'wcrc
minvtii liner
"sea men'
,   Lkmme Hies. Old Siund. ' 1
The tisiiiinicn'a application   to   lhe
Southern Paeilic for a 2D per cen't rite
An wages 'has  been   settled  by Jo per
-  cent being accoidcd freight bund***, and
12 per cent to passenger men.
Supt. Jame-un has taken charge of
the new division' from l.agg.m to
North Portal with C.tlg.iiy aavhe.ul-
quartcra. W. U. Howie.- has been appointed western freight ngunt'tlieie.
The capital of the t). I'. It. will be
iiK-ieased fiom $SI,*itJt).00tHo % 100,000,-
000 to linance the Atl.uitiu steauislii[i
-sia viee% "
Tbe 'J'uins-Caniul.t niilw.iy b.is
started survey of*-the I) U portion of
its ro.ul. M.i. Uill. C li. is in charge
woi king fiom'Port Simpson east.
Xo 2 u-.is dolajcd an hour luesd.iy
v by a snowshde at Cl.imwlli.im at same
place as the sleeper and clining car
was'throw 11 off two months a>,o.
Jim Hill i* in London ai'r.ingiiig an
agreement wit 11 Piosidoiit sili.iusrhiio-sy
as to business , butween the (J. P. U.
and U. N. K. in Boundary.
The summer service of the C. P. K.
is likely to be just the same as last
year so far as the tri-wcckly Imperial
Limited train is concerned. The tiain
will be put on .June 7 I'nuii Montieal
and .I line 13 at Vancouver.
Itissti.tcd Ljovernincut uill insi-l
on the Canadian Northern and Cli-i.nd
Trunk consolidating if they :ue to i.'''t
stale aid.
Scveial bundled Itnliiuis   Iiiim- liriai
sent out hcu' to   woik   on   |nuin: noiil
way but when I bi-y   get h"ii' I ht-\ Iiml
llicyr'-in gi'l nllii'i- v\oil; nl bell  1 w.i^i -
and mail.*, quil   lb anp nix       \l.oul
siueiily i-.inii. lo   IIc-m Uioki-the uliii 1
day lo woik  on   di*\ i.ilion of lhe li.ifl*.
al   Olnuw iili, 1111   to    ,1 \ (iitl    siiou*-lii|i-,
bill wIk-ii liii.iihnaMfi'  iNcwiiiaii   (-11111'. |
In round    tbi'iii   tip    on    Tiil-*-iI,i.\   bull 1       .
tteie iiiissinj;.
1 in 1.111
T.I).   lkiherls,   loi-oniot i\r   fiin'iiiaii 1 nn il.s
of   the   C. P. li.   shops,   was    h'Iimsi'iI I rh.111;
from ([iiaranlinc Monday, liy Dr. Cro-s I plant
city health olbcer, and lesiimed duty
'at the shops. < '
l' Noitherh Paeilic' will build ' 1000
miles ot railway in ilanitoba this'
_Tbe j^uropeaii liners may lm trans-
fcried to thc .Uislrnlian * line,, new
boals to be^uilt for Oiient trade. '
Three colonist ears"bf*.iriiig L2S men,
arrived ^at Vancouver la.-t week to
work lelining tbe. track on Paeilic
Close on lo a bundled mon aie at
woik on lhe brain-h nf llu; O. P. It ne-
tween 'JXeUou, and yiue.in Junction,
distanco of 12 miles The irieater
number a*ie un the new sleel bridge nt
the crossing of Kootenay liver.
The   (J  P. H     propise    building   a j
.hotel at  Slocan   Junction, a   popular j
lishinj; lesoit I
C. P It Atlantic steamers will run j
twice a .week between London iincl'
.M011l1c.il. 1
The tistiiimen's committee of -tin*
Paeilic division is, --till at Vancouver,
endeavoring to li-c their new schedule.
TIipj have had the , job in hand a
month Thc World has a sc.uo article
predicting a strike hut th^rc is little
doubt .111 amicable settlement vvill
made. A 20 pei cent use in w
asked,   ijnpt.   M.tipole  oll'ered
aires is
10 i.er
hini��. .     , v,j----v !*��� .
A speaker, stated at-lWinnipejr
tiiat 'tinec hundred cars'of merchandise that should have been unloaded ten days ago. were standing
un touched ""on the tracks.    -   ' *���
Winnipeg advices state 200 cars
'of sundries'-are being held at Bird's
Uill, 10 miles oi Winnipeg, as they
cannot be delivered and liat��Port-
ago yauls are congested.
Thirty-five French-Canadians
brought to Winnipeg to take the
strikers'*, places quit this week.
The labor editor of thc Colonist
says:��� ' ,' ,.- "
���; The United Brotherhood of Ttail-
"way Empbjees, if it has faults! in its
piesent light with tlie,,("'.. P. li. has
.1 just cause.1--H simply, demands 'the
risilit of nun to'join the union of tlicir
choice. This and nothing nfore. The
company denies 'the ,employees ^this^
right. Tbe life'of the society'depends^
on the i.-siic. It* thc men lose the
Urotherhood, as at(piescnt constituted.
j;oe.s down. Hut as sine as fate it.
will'iise ag.ii:':, pcihap-, in another'
i'o.'m. and the light will he fought over
in tbe future."      ,
Winnipeg Trades ' and Labor
Council resolved:���
���'Having heaid the cause of the
present iinsatist.ictoiv state of-'aff.iir*.
between the C. IVR. and thc U. li. R.
E., extends to the lattei its heaitiesfc
support, both moral aiidfiiiiiiici.il, and
further resolves that the council use
'its utmost endeavors to attain 11 satisfactory and honorable settlment of
the controveisy.*' >.
Speaking at thc U. li. li. J3.
meeting at Winnipeg, W. Buchanan,
claimed the C. P. Li. have adopted
the policy of keeping* down their
employees and cutting their wages
as low a? they can. "Six years
ago I think they tried to serve the
public.*' he said, "hut of late years
they have been doing the reverse.
L joined the   union   because   they
The C. P.'-K. had
who came from 'Montreal lor.Kmpross
boats but refused, to work on finding a
strike. They say ihey ,werc .informed
in the east there was no-strike afVccl-,
ing seamen,' , '/ <
,. .1. i\, Massey, second (vice-pre.sident
IJ*. 'IJ. 1{. K., says (lie strilrers Jmvc thp
fight practically won now. ;* V a; A
..JiManagcr JIcNicoll refused Iqseethe,
IL J!. I!. Ip.j^delegalion, ^slaliiig^,thoy
should have tCOhic accrcdi'tcd'lyfroiii.
���Supt'. Marpole, 'who savs he cannot see
VT\l. }l:l\i._ delegiitei;(i!l' (hey Vire
Vecognj/etr at "JM on (real. ,C. P.' IL
nutnagement'scems badly mixed*
The strike precipitated', a row between C. P. It: and City of^Vancouvor
as;thc C..P. It. placed tlicir specials in
chin go of street ends'iand'refused to
let*" citizens '"past,'' Aldermen * wanted
lo have the specials arrested. Ob tins
the World^rcmarks:', ':Of course,rlhc
r.itcp.iycrs and men who lfolp to huiHl
rti]) Vancouver, declined to%iget oiV the
city strcet'le'iicl, 'even at ui'ic"t5rcler of
thc (Corporation police."   ' ?'   "   ,
Seven Vancouver '?trikci'o\who^ ic-
tu'rned'to w ork lime issued a, stiitcn'icnt
tiiat the stiike was illegall.v call/ad and
a jCouiilqiv*.elateirieiit   is issued,byrthe
jy*.^'.-^* f.s t A/ *v /
TIiq return of.1)10' innchinistsjil thc
Revelstoke shops was at l*n.-f,t'rsupposed
to be 11 gain to the* ooinpany'iind'. loss
td'the strikers, Lut, it 'is jiiioviiigUthc
reverse.' Tbclhclpois rcmnin out. with
tho.rcsult" the .blacksmiths'tfircsVarc
unlit, and as it would be scabbing to,
do helpers work while the helpers1, are'
'J out/ both^blacksnijtbs and machinists
loniiiin truei (o "union p.rinciplbs in
'this rohpbet.*, TlieVrostilt is lhe hlack-
sniitiiS'and 'machinists 'aie1' in^the
shops, .with ' prnctically'nolhingJJtp'do
andidrawing.fiill pay.x. ^j._^i_' ^^
* On "Wednesday-app'rciilices'weie'or-'
dored to do helpers' work vvith* the reN-
sulC the*' shop cbniinittecv\viiited on
J^oremiin" Jipb'erts and announced.they
would tolerate no breach of Nunioii
principles in this respect
'      '     ' '    _1_   ';      !'    ,
' r
A    Well-Developedi, Mine ��� Three
Tunnels Driven.       ' A''
A properly on   which some, of  the
best development*  work in the district
has been done i.s  the. Oyster-Criterion
at   Camborne.     This ' "property ^was
selected by \V: li. Pool, nianager'of thc
Ophir- Lade Company   and altenvar'ds
purchased' by   Ihoin.     A' systematic
course of development was undertaken
under the. superintendence of .1/ Lade,
and   an   astonishing amount of 'work'
has been done in the short time since
tho;pi'operty wajs taken up. ' \  ''��� , ,
"Thiec  tunnels'  have   been   'driven.
1V0. J is"a   crosscut on   (he ' Rossland
claim,  "it was run   US  fceVand  the
vein  crosscut ,at   a   depth   of 80 ft.
Drifts were run' on   tho vein 280 I't.ito
the right a nci, 100 ft. lo .the left. - Ore,
'showing' free gold,   is exposed for' the
entire length otithc.se drifts, proving 11
continuous' ore    chute "170   feet   in
length���the J longest    ore   chute   yet
piov&d iii the Pish crcckjCiiinp. ',      ��� '
.Xo. 2 tunnel was  run   on   the Criterion claim , i\t about same elevation.
After running 137 foot the galena vein,
was crosscut,   and   the   tunnel   con-'
tinned'on   for   about "700 feet vvhen
what is supppsed  to  be   tlfti J'lva vein
\vas crosscut.;  This vein   is now being
developed hy'drifting, which it is proposed to extend 2;*i0 fl!     j, 1 '  -t
; Xo. 'I'luiincl is the niahi (uiinel on
the Criterion vein.    It was' i*un-8f>kft'.,
(lie vein crosscut, .'ind' pi;oved,to bo 22
ft. in^vvidth, and a'raise made through
the vein 16 th(' surface. ' This1 raise is
Wc have
-plenty o
and   want
to sell:it.
',,   Boneless Oodfish    ; ,. .    '
'Labrador Hdrrihg's;,      -
-Kippered Herring's       >j_��
;< -Bloaters , Jr \ I" -, -   ''���'
Salt ^ Salmon
.'* \ Smoked* Salmon��y    ^. :; ,
Smoked Halibut ;\    >
,..), Salt Mackerel ,,v V     '  -  ���a
.   , j >     -   - ,   ���"   ,   - .-  ; ,   ,,  /   /   -,f     ((,
V1  . Thc'abovci lines were secured .���5i3Cciallv'tTor��the 'n -"
Lenten trade.
Bourne BrdsS; Grocery Store
100 fli;
looks well
all   in  ore,   which
throughout.',    >"    ,      ' '    ,*(���'','.
-  The galena vein h, 2 ft.  at .the'stir-'
face,and- where crosscut -is 5 ftVvvide,
proving'that it, vvidcns'with depth'.' r
, A'tcn'drill compressor  will' slibrtly
be itisfiillcd-ancl a tciiJ stamp milPancl
tr.iiii/vnjj,erected.   The mill is already
on t tho   ground.    The 'mill, will   b"c<
operated'by  water power   from Poo
creek".'"*1_ ,A.,y.   'y.Ay.  y,^.     _i.,j_.
^ Everybody'.wishes/ the" Ophir-Lade
Compaiiyfsucccss in its ^vorl:, and the
indications , so
very' favoilible.
far  arc  reported to be
I Toil. Clifl'oid &iflon, minister of the
interior, has been delegated by tbe
dominion government to watch the
interests'of Canada in the fi.\ing"of
thc   boundary   betvvcen    British   and
M/ss Maclachlan Appears at Rev-
"     r ������"- elstoke A April 2nd. A' -A '-'
fl     " V"     \       '       ,    . r    , r--. - -r-
lliider the. auspices of the Rcvelstoke
l^icrosse' Club the concert-going
people of - Jtcvclstokc t will he'" given a
genuine treat��wlicn-thei-workPsf.l'ainou.'-'-
Scottish pTinia donna, Miss Je=sic X".
'Maclachlan,iwill 'appcaruiib tlidopera
house here -on {Thuisday, April 2nd."
During her present tour she. has"*.vvith
her Miss'Ahce J)can,J violinist, and Mr."
Robert IJitchanan Jr.f pianist, both
high-class artists.   1 *   ,-  . ' *_,    r~l}','
i\tiss-Maclachlan' is'ijustly termed
";rri'c;QiiceiV, pfSjScdtlish"Song.VAShe
is'a wholc���Ciitoi'laininciit in herself.
ILcr present, tour'- has*, been crowned
with gratifying success "and , wherever
she lms played a return'engagement
she met with bumper houses, and in
many, instances   crowds   had   to   be
r- -H 'I U     ' v , * ' *" **������.*'''
'*���;', Vt .vCAN^BEVStJPPliiED'A^V';
- i    ^     -���      *���*'       2 .'    l'    -_., .'^-���Jl\- J   �� y *y~ ^2 ��' - *-" '
- -  / -   <..  Oii'r Stock wus never io large nnd v'nJicd as Jitiiir'teCiiU.-iSdiXuttSot^iXSiT'^rV
*-,''    i (   ~-  1      - ""     Very Attractive nari;ii;ii*--;*-*^fv',*-j*t-'-J*V -. ���)   ��,{���, ,;.    *
"Opened and Put-in Stock"Forty Larffe. Case's'of New'Goods-Jhis Week'?-
1 ���- w    , 4*CF - --'      -     ^    I-*. ��:&%&? -IV***.!**.. !   .^   ^ r    |,*���V    1
���^"0?- f^-     ^  ,7*c     f- I
'A' 1...
turned   avvav.
This   fact    alone   is
mplc evidence of 'her popularity and
j-iowei'^ to please.' The largest caowd
that e\or thronged ' Massey Uiill in
Toronto was on the occasion of her
recent appearance there. As she le-
turns'lo Scotland atc tlie close of the
present tour it may be thc last op-
pbitunily for years nof ��� hearing this
talented lady. Owing,.to the od'orls
of'the local promoters the piiceof
reserved seats is $LJ Those intending
to go should scenic their scats early as
'there are over a hundred "already sold.
Tbe plan is now open at 'the Canada
Drug ifc Book store.''        r
; Dress Goods Selections���Just nrnv-c(l,Spi*ing*i��nnd   Summer  Holsery���In .
bv ox|)ix*��i 3.'t UrcixLuiiKtli" c-oinpri-iiigl ^tliis llptfof Kowl- ho call your nttcntioiv. ���
all tlml, isnovvest 111 l.'ionoli CuiiviLi Clotl>i/Oucnio-*ii;rj- wilt rivariinyUiiiic in itocK"
��SnovvllaUe. Nupper..' Hoincipun, ^Grena-jjviliis ^liteoii* ^Wii puaniiileo to sell, you -, I
th dines und  lai-trc*-.   Sec them nnrt uuikci ^oodstluif give satisfaction..   , i', ,f
-yoursiiilcclioii for a ��prmgco��tumq. -V-     B^u%eS:ls^;;(ee,i do^cn 'in all tho new ;
: Wash Goods-I'.ii?li=li Print-, in new dc-   *niul mo-L corroct ��tj lc<. Mu-lin in Tucked
sifiis.  liijlit,  (lark ,and   medium aluulto.]   nnd.Kmbroiderca and New;Stripes, color-,. |
_&l)ociiil_7cj>er_yivnl; vviurantcd 111-1 colors]   c,i eirocu-.    lilack Sateen and Lawn from '
Duck--.   Dnlkr Dcnini-  in   Indigo "Hint'. '----
Just the tliint; for linul woar."
IIO.V   r'l.il I'OKl)  SIl ION'
TheM,-il���, npanv ,,lav<d to :, change.) their attituclc  tovMitds the
fnirlv-codil hous,. 1.,-t niuht 'in spile men and 1 Have tound since that
ni in.ui.v ci.iinii-r aiii.u imn-. Th,- tin-only way of dealing with corp-
pl.iv [nu mi tin- bn.iiil* ind ilii-'"latiun that die.-, lo turn down a
���pin thii In (ui i n tin- ii-t- fmiu-bi'll iiiiiiin. 'I'hcy aie tryinir il now
tin* .luiiii'iu-i' with thi-ii ni.incv'- ui.iib . and they an- going to do'it For
1'ln  man.menu ni .iniKuiii. mI tint (bi>v i (I,,. ] ,-('fi.v-,  \e.n\- o'hlv a    man who
American tenitory in lhe Yukon
Mr. Sifton has lelt lor Hngl.ind with
the state papers on the subject
One of the best serviced lendered lhe
Dominion by Hon. Mr sSifton was the
suppicssion of eoriuiition in thc
Yukon, when he instructed Mr.
Ogilvic to put every ciookcd ollicial in
'.5'      ,,'. ,
Two   Trains Partially , Derailed-���
Track Blocked East and West.
,< .
Snovvslides this morning have blocked' tratlic east and west. Nc-.ir Cian-
vvilliain four cms an: lcportccl thrown
oil' ti.ick by a slide. '
t. At Albert Canyon tlio engine in
charge'of Engineer badiier and one
car were caught by a slide and thrown
oil' the (nick. Fireman Miles was
scalded and biought to hospital. Mc-
I'hee's show is attached, to this train
so could not appear today.
.No. 2 had  to  leturn   to   Kevelstoke
and is still in vaul.
5c cnclf up.-
Men's Fup��lshing*s��� 30 do/.en. Men's,",
Shirt**, in- white and colored, starched or '
soft front*. vvitli"orvvithoui Collars. .
TheseVirc TOOIck'HROS.' miikeJ 'One of
the bestmake"'or Shirt-} on'the market
todny.        *. ,<���    f"~~-\     ������(-*��� ���*   l    ,
Clothing*���.Men%"~ nn'djj Iioy-'    P.endy-to-
Wear Suiu=sSptin;;.Ove>co.Un. Odd t'linls
,^Vo c.vrrv ar good runsj-- both in p.iltern
andsizito. ^��bA   *'
*<> �����_:_ _jiu
IVIen-s AU-Wool-Suits-at
Boy's All-Wool Suits at
.. S2 00
Flannelette in White, Bluc.'Pink Stripe;
and checks, from .Ic per yard up. *
Whito .Quilts���Twelve  -doA'n -White
Honeycomb, Man-cll'i Satin  rinl-li-Heil
Spread*? from SI.00 up.   A ijood  ran-^e of
, Iled-spie.ids for Millie and double bed-j
Staple Department���Thi- departinenl
is bi-iiu full ol bargains. IToteNand Boanl-
Ing llou-ic- special price-, for qiiantiiie,-..;
Sheeting-., bleached and unbleached���  i
y        '     'SI SheeliiiK at 22c.
Pillow Cottons���nil width-���10 in. at 12}ce.. , . , . ,,       ...
nioir.i,..,i fniinnw   'iii in  u idp���ni "i ' iFootwoap -SolC.\i?ciiti' for I he celebrated
IJIc.ic.lied cotton*,���iu n. vv idc-al .c. America   maker-., Lilly - JJnickett ^and
Lanidnlc Ciinbiic���nil pner--. . t],e jjnr]ow* shoe Co.. an 1 several of thc
Victoria h.ivvns. Cro-s H.ir Mn-lin,  lMque-,'   noted Canadian makers.   Our variety i��
Kam-ook-,, etc.   A large variety. i  Urge.   Don t fail to Inspect the-e goods
Oup Grand' Millinery Opening Takes^ Place on April 3 and 4
' ...   A cordial invitation u-ctendeil
A c-oiili.il invitation attended to all to visit our show-100111.
��     KHVFXSTOKB. Ji. U. .
SVi.lllll  |l|,|\    III li
im I lirii  ii*tui n
.\i vi-., I'm |,imc |
,i;i!n    in 11
iiiuii tin*   i-
a    I'i.line
*.i*-t -
pi in
Yiiiniii .*��� iv - In  li i-   i .in|
'im nl- vv ith   I'.iul .lulm , u   f i>
"I*  (Iri'i iivv....il   -nn ,t( i-, in (,iU(
nf   A*-liiiiiln   .^nii'ltri  I'n '- ui'vv
'i- .1 ,-iu.ik (an yet a ]tosjtion on (lie
lnail. I i-iit'lil if 1 wai- a Micak."
A ii'ioil ileal of c*iii|)liii.**ib was laid
mi llu* fact thai the union really
"-tailed in Winnipeg in 1 SOS and
,iiti'i��!ini- alliliatud with other.-.
;n tin* \'*.i*-i at Vancouver   and San
Fl .IIiOIM ".
Itefcrrinpld the dtitv of the other
Snwyci* Tints have put in a new saw
and t ia veiling caiiiat;e for cutting
bolts at   the sash   and door   faetory.
II. I!. Slonev is lixing up an excelI-
cnt iiiaehiiK! shop nu Fiont sliccl,
opi>ositc the Conti-al lintel, and is
niahilif; a (-pceialily uf savvinill and
iithei iiiai-luneiy u-paiiing. lie lia*-
littcd up a liisl via*-.***, lathe, capable of
woi kiiuj to l-l()U()tli of an inch, and
(itted eoniplele for cm*.: and dini;ii:ia1
work and luniery. 'l'lie liitlievvill lake
piecci up (o '.'< ft. luii',' by 1*1 inches
diameter and is (i tied with top tes>t
and niiinciou-*, lciiiiisiles AIr. Ktouex
sliowelus sonic beautiful woi k done
by the machine, lb* piopo*-es adding
a gas engine and dyiiiinio.
l''ii��iii iiur own Cm ie*.]Kiudeul.
On 17th lhe dredge left for the
narrows, where she will begin work.
The mill blai ted this morning aftei
being closed down for a month for repair.
'l'lie wife of ,.Joc I'arker died ou the
���2.*)id and was buried on the 2-1 th, Rev.
C. li. Campbell conducting the service.
Know i.s going very fast this last few-
days and (hereLare some signs of
Ivev. Mr. (Ilassfoid, who is lo Iili (he
I'resbylci ian pulpit heie  after Kev. G.
I). Campbell leaves, was bete last week
looking over   the   Held.    It   is   under
stood he vvill make his home heie.
The train from Sandon has been delayed for (lie last two days on account
of a snowslide about ten miles fiom
II. Alibic intend.*! going to Xel.-on
today for a week's holiday. IJ. St-
Dinnis is relieving liim as c-lrik in V.
XV. .Ionian's Stoic.
March 25th.
Young Man !     Young- Woman!
Don't be content lo slave along nil of v-oin- life al Ilie -..une nkl tl.*-k
oi-counti-r-a iin-ie inacliine. CROW*! (iO l-'OKU'AKIJ! Don't
tool away your time on llipper'u���.    Dilu'L u.isli* yum  nigbl-.
, ' From Hard Work to Success
is but a ��ti'|) if you'll apply youi-elf and  work   a  little  uliilt*  eaeli day
now   to  iidv.iiirt'.  _\\*e tan m.iki* you pinlh i'.nt in any lini* yon w Nh
le.-nb siici i'~-lullv-by mail. .i-inn*!* Ill,in I.'iU.Mju of our  -tinlmit-  in   lin*
Slates and t;,in.id.i vv ill attest. , Thev an* om   leci'iiiiii'-ndation.    Wiiie
. Start
\Vv DO
���.L,--..   j    ill.-*    .Ill"    lllll       I ���'������.-I'UIIIl'-illl.tUtlll. >��   Mlt'1.1    (HICH
p.u tteiil.il s.    Diis'T   m:i,.\v.    Wc tan  pul  vuii   foiwaid   in any Ih.-iih Ii Uf
���iiieaB, iiii-c li.uu'c--, ai 11.1- science.
SCHAXTO.V, PA.       ' |
\V.  II.  ���McDOUOAT.r/Lncal Hepi esi-nliitive.
| P. 0. Box 130. Nelson, B. C. /' 1.1.  THE KOOTJBNAY[MAIL.  0'  ii ,  V      ���������'}  XEbje'lkobteha^nibail  ���������*'  i  'V   .rum.lSHEI"l'SATUKIMY.   '  . ' ��������� AT���������  KEVELSTOKE, B.C., ,  Subscription   Prlco,   $2.00   Por   Annum  ArI)VKRTI5IN*C UATKS on npiillciitlon  ChiuiKu: ill udvertKcineiiU mint ue In by  Tue.-diiy,,of vneli week to nuauru kockI ills-  '     plny.l < ,      . ���������       .  JOB PllIKTIXG promptly cccciitcd ut icaxoii-i  nblo rates.      ' .  ACCOUNTS lor 'priming ,uiid advertising  payable on1 first of month; .-iilnerlptkins  paynblc In udviuico. (.        ������������������  COHnF-SPOXIlkN'OK' invited on million*, ot  public lntorvxl. Conmiiiiiii-aUoii-, lo I'.di-  tor.' inu-t be iiceompniiiocl by niiino of.  ���������vriter. not ncccfwu-ily foi-)iiiblIentlon. but  ' ai evidence of (jood fuit|i. Correi-iiondoncu  iiui-l reach tbe olliee by Wednesday even-  Address .   '       <  / ���������" i   , The Kootenay Mail,'  Phone "No. 13. ���������  V    RovelsCqke, B.C.,'*  policy  respect  interest  lie would, support  if ho placed Uie  in the foreground.  in   this  public  STATU COAL  MlNKri.  Reports are going tlio round of  the press that thc New Zcialan'd  govcrriment pro|joses to ac(|uire,tlK'  coal mines of llio-cb'untry, This is  nothing how. (jonui years ago,  during the time of the- miners'  Strikes,before tlie operaIkm of the  arbitration and .conciliation law  which Ji'as ended st'rilces in that  country, the govcrniiiuiit'ownoihinil.  .equipped ti coal mine and 1 uul it  worked by tlio minor? with success'  under a'co-Oporalive system. There  is no necessity Jot tho 'government  of that country' buying coal mines)'  tis tho t people  retain ., ownership of  We nequest'oup numerous readers to  , favor'1 us with their assistance In  , " making the KOOTENAY MAIL the  most valuable advertising- medl-  1 ,'iim   In   the "Kootenays  by giving  ' ;    the'preference, when making- pur-  .  phases' ' to   those *cflr>ms  who   are  regular advertisers In the KOOTENAY MAIL. ' '      '" .  ' c  To (bo government, too, great  credit is due, as (lie, I Ion. Col. I'rior,  in? minister of mines, was prompt  to furnish the financial, assistance  necessary lo enable ' (be committee  lo proceed' immediately to Pernio  and enter ,on the' good work it has  so well accomplished.  mineral, 'lands  operators., ''  leasing    tboni ��������� to  .    ,   , CITV, AGENTS. '  Copic-, of Thk'Maii. may be obtained from  the following city agents: '     ,      ,       ,  '  '        /    . .1. W. HKN.NCTT. -is    -i  , AN ADA Duuti U Hooic Co.  .    ' F. 11. \Vi:i.i.k,  HARVEY, Mc'JARTRIl J . ���������.      '  ; ���������  ,AND PINKIIAM,  '   !'        BARUlSTliUS, SOLICITOUS, K'l'C    J  ",   Omens:' Mousoks  Hank   Ui.ock,   Hi:vi:i.-  . " STOKK, Ji. C.  ' Money to loan.        .   ,  ������Oniccol Revebtoke, 13. C.  .flKO. S. McClAinilH,  A. MFl'I.VKII.VM, !*-  ,  s      '  Hcvolnloke, B.  Kort Steele, 11. 0.  '  * ' .    ' '   "   "  J. A. IIai'cviiy,  C.    -    , Fort Steele, li. 0.  L  K MA I STUB & .SCOTT,  .)\ ii.  han-  , ..Baiucis'fuhs. Solicitous,f-.NoTAinks  ''V ,���������  - '    i  PuiiMC, Etc. '  , A   '    j ,  i - y        -. * -    ft -"---      _ ,   '-. *���������*'  'First Street., > "*'"'   -    Kevelstoke, 13.U.1  ,"i  1DWA11D A.'lIAGGISiV,  v  '   [     '  Mixing Enginhhk',  .'  (Mem. rAmorlcnn" lii-stlUito^JIiniiiff Knuineois)  u   ��������� t (Mom.,Canadian Mining Institute.)  .A"      A_ -Revelstoke, B.iO.'1    , >    ',  1 Examination of nnd reports on Mineral I'ro-  .-- ..   Y     i   perticsji Specialty.       >_.        A  WL<  LIAM" A.'BAUER,  ..Dominiox;;.c Pkovixciai. Daxi-  'Survey- of Mineral Cliiim*. Timber liurllis nnd  ,r      I     "    "~ ClO������*II   ljllUU. | I,  Care of J. D. Si'hiiai.d, Rr-viasTOiu:, -.B.C.  ''   t OLD '0A1MH00.,   ;  Tho'splendid work 'done by  Hobsonin developing tb'o'old <  nels of Cariboo is ' likely to load, to  grcat^activi'ty and 'the investment  of. large amounts of capital in Unit  part ^of'the province. i\I'r. Ilobson  is'.ti man of thorough geological  knowledge, and successful .experience in thc t'dcvelopineni and operation of 'the old gold-bearing channels of California., Mo'is enthusiastic about Cariboo, declares'.that  California is not, in it* with tins  country, and clinches'his argument  by :the figures 'showing the large  amount of gold ' he has taken out  during the short limb lie has been  operating. Mr. Ilobson is a splendid lypo-of mine, manager���������enter;  prising^ skilful and. generous, .lie  has the fullest .cpnlidOnce of the,  investors associated.witli hini.' _ \\',e  look forward fo seeing jjreat results  from liis-work in old Cariboo/,  In addition' to tho impetus which  lie has 'given to liydraulieing and  development of old"'channels, iM'r.  Ilobson has, "done,, much jn general,  for tlie development of the milling  resources' of- the province, having  made valuable, suggestions, for the  amendmqnt.of the mining la\vs,'ancl  I-The, HardwareiiiubMoliil Journal  Ifris^x forcible,articlo on lliepalron-  age ,of' eastern, clepartirient stores.  'It'Says: '���������There'is 'in crying evil  thatllie "retail 'trade of I lie CI rent  West,'particularly in, the smaller  towns, suffers from, and (that is the  conlinuocl"iiiid increasing praptico  of-people scn'diiijg lo certain Toronto  department, stores for goods. And  what'is there in'it? It is a craze  pure and simple." ' Patronise, the  stores of llio town .where you earn  yqu'r,'livelihood.. (Toronto' department stores contribute nothing to  you/" BtAloy.tl' to your own tow,n.  Takc.ii pride in it, and help it-to  a row.    . ,       '    ''',���������/ i  **    -5T  &    XT  fy    ijP  fh-    th    ih    *h    'h    ih    ih    ih    ih    Sh    ih    'h    a-    ih    'h    H     ih    ih    ih    ih ' ih     it.    Sji    ih    i������    ->    ih    ih    >h    ih    fh    ih    th    ih    ih    ih    lh    ih    i������    ih    ih    ih    &>    ih    ih    ih    *h    ih.     ihihZll-ihih'h?h&ih    *K  ,**  ���������ft*  '    REDUCE YOUR COST OF- MINING WITH     ���������   '  .     ,' ��������� '   i      ' ' i     ' ' ' ,     '  The Durkee Electric Rock Drill  POINTERS TO LARGE AND SMALL' MINING COMPANIES.'  Uses minimum power. ���������' (   | , ,,  Dooti maximum work , ,'      >.   ' ��������� <   ���������  ,Takes from '{ to 2,11. P. lo run (he* dilTifi'i'iil, si'/.c drills. ,     ',       '       ,  Koputr costs excci'd'uiKly small. - -       .    , '  JSspeciully dusiyni'd and adapted for ct-nnoinical vv-(ii-l*:.r    ���������  ' .SI,iiUi;s about six hundred lilovvs u iiiiii'utc.' ' '  Docs'sanit* aiiiount uf work as air drill of saint* si/.i;,.willi' one-tenth  ��������� tlie power.   . '      ' ' '     ' . '*,���������'''' '  Does not stick in the hole. " ,' ���������    >   "\ ���������' ' L ������; ' ' ',  No (.'xpensivu air or stoaui pipes to keep in repair. * ' /  (JosfsiilioiiL ony-lliird as niucli as other drills to install. ', ' , 1  No clct'tricily'iMiU'i'S drill. ,      '     ,'   ,    ,,   "'" i ,    ���������'  ,     ,,,   '  In fuel,it is a very Kiinple.st'roiifr.incclianical (k'vicav.'/ccVi'icd//.'/ (let niii-  Thcieforc the men behind the machine work without being shocked  It has three speeds regulated by a simple speed controller.  Stroke can be regulated 'from 2 to 5 inches.  ,        ,  . .     ' * i ��������� '.,.-���������  "An amendment of the," law is  urgciilly'required 'to prevent the C.  'P. II. or any other corporation'or  individual concern " employing  police. This po\yer has been grossly abused'both during llio trackmen's and II'. B. RAM. strikes. 'The  idea is borrowed, from" the corporation', law of '/the Uniled' States.  Neither, in Britain nor thc other  cojohies is such ' a power'tolerated.  The government is well able to  make, , police appointments and  maintain law and order, and such  power should_ not .bo delegated lo  subjects of'the state.       ' .  n I ' ' '.'.,!. "   ' Jf  Win those starling to mine on a small scale, and who cannot afford a steam plant, our drills and equipment aie without question the cheapest,' *%* '���������  smallest and most, compact plants on the mai ket. lu cases where the mine is isolated and fuel is very high, il. would'only he necessary," to install a e8# ",  small gasoline-electric engine and dynamo to genniati* tin; electricity to'deliver to the 2 11. J', motor that runs the "drill; to'l'urnish' incandescent  lights, ^L ,'   "      ������������������ - - ... i(iji ihu generator   \   ��������� ,' i  jIljS.  and power for fans to ventilate the mine.   Or   ��������� ������������������WlilTE  where a sli'iitn  plant is already installed, it'would requiru only a very small engine to i  TJS." '   "W"i3  OA.3NT  SHOW" ��������� .irotji-  A *g������'.,  ' *        , 101 BAST,BROADWAY,,.  ,** v  4������A  ''4������  THE WESTRENvELECTRiG DRILL COMPANY  BUTTE, MONTANA.  ;kirk,<  r ~; Dominion  ANO .PKOVlNCIAI. - '  '' ���������   -JjAnij Suhveyou,"'  Revklstoke, B.C. ������   !i - '  ���������Hi  PERRV LEAKE,   ;������    MiniiiK Engineer nnd Mctallurgi-jt.'  ~'J ji*.J  7,     si'kciai.tu:m '"-   ;,'     |0-'- ,  Examination^  null Huports on Minim;   Prop-'  crcies.,v   , r y     . ,,   "  Specification and Coi^ti-uction ot'iJliniiii; Jla-  ���������   -chincr}-. -    -'-        ������      , ~ -i , .    ,'  'Testa made of Ore.-- nnd Concentration forOilor-  , '���������- ine and Cyanide Treatment,.    - e  Hydraulic'PlaiiUr-.-  >,. >   ' ^ >       &    Bedford JlcNeil Code.  M'S!:  ISS EDWARDS,  TKAINEDcJtEDICAU AND SUH01CAL  -  I-"-       -   -'���������.'-NURSE. > i*   --~''   ,  v:       REVELSTOKE,* 13. C.< -  ^belkootena^flfcail  <ui-ii6n  SATURDAY, MARCH  28, 1903.  /The rule of the consei vati ve party  in England seems about to end as  thev are losina evcrv bve-election.  A The fact that Kainloops ppssesses  ��������� a proved copper mine in the'Iron  Mask should attract more attention  to the mineral, resources of that  section. *  -  1 In introducing the bill to raise  the poll tax on Chinese to .$500 Sir  Yi'ilfrid has redeemed'his pledge to  the -.vest to check the Chinese influx  for this tax will practically stop it.  being thc father of the Provincia  Mining Association* which has a  ready clono,so much to ad'vanco the1  mining, interests-of' the province  and which promises lo,have a successful career. .   i     >  The present".���������,rnihvii>y strike is  strengthening immensely the hands  of Joseph-Martin as a . prospective  leader in the battle' that is about tp  take plage between,the C.P. K.'and,  tho people of the \ province, r The  fight which -hd successfully put up  .for Manitoba against tho^C. \'. KV  is j vividly -recalled, -.and it ,.is  .aBtonishing 'liow 'pcop'le who have  recently oppos&d him now'remark'  he is thcA"nan of the hour. Those  who know,him best say there i's.not  money,enough in Qanada ;to buy  him/and that is thc_ man thalMs  wanted.    '   ,." ���������    ~ " * ~ryy ~   - y~ '  LIBERAL LEADER.  rn'placing tlie blame for the continuance uf tho^C. P. R. strike where  it .belongs, oir the shoulders of  .General, Manager" McNicoll,' ��������� thc  M.u'oTlias rendered a "public service.  A,man.\vho,will deliberately refuse  ���������all/rcasohablo "proposals for arbitration of a, dispute is������an enemy of,  the stale and the-' people. TnV'this  case (he, roma'rk of...President Wilson,of thc Trackmen's Union, aptly  applies when be said:" "Tho man  who refuses \to",arbilrate is trying to  get a'way, \vitli something, that doe's  n*bt,,b61ong'lo !iim."tr, * ,l" ' !'"A '"  'ANARCHV WN'JItGII   I'LACES.  ^ General' Manager. McNicoll has,  occupieds-his present position little  over two years.' Tn that, time' he  lias succeeded in' bringing' on two  disastrous strikes with 'the r company's employes. His -policy lias  caused - the loss of valuable Jives  and--property', it has^killod the  trade and commcrqe of .the country  for.many months. It lias brought'  about heavy .depreciation in the',  com'pany's'- fctock-, involving /the  shareholders in (losses' ani'ounting  lo many millions." It has degraded  the service, wa'sted Thc^jsoiuiiahy's  resources' in -employment of an  ju-mylof/tlie. Jovvest_"_^spccijnens of  humanity as "spotters," lhc~mosi  degrading occupation yet devised.  With'such a record does; not Mr.  McNicoll come pretty near being  an anarchist of the worst order? ,"���������  It is to be hoped the railway  commission to bc^, provider!1 for at  the present session of the Doniinion  parliament will cause an inve^ti,-,.  gallon to be made into Mr. Mc-'  Nicoll's management and publish a  statement of the facts to the people should be suppressed witlr' an iron  and the company's shareholders.)'hand. Fevnie ha,- unforumately  If thc company' cannot, make a t been given, to thisisori of, thing be-  better record, it is high time it j fore, Provincial Constable Barnes  stepped'down'and out, and that tlie j having been driven out of the town,  government .took over *a raihvav,(The people will support thegovern-  tlie just management of  which is'ment in exercising thc  mo=tstrin-  w A'.tourist association formed, in  Revelstoke'could -do much���������" to/co-.  operale.'wiUi lhe C.P.R. and J.duiisl  asso'ciations of .Nelso"n,',.Yaricouver  and;\'ictoria in .attracting'tourists  to'tlrc JI\rrow lakes ancl~~mo"unta'm  resorts. * Por instance a short summer tour<*froni\Spokane to Victoria  via Nelson, Arrow lakes. Revelstoke,  .Glacier/Golden. Windermere, Field.  Sicamons. Kamloops, North1 Bend,  Harrison lake, should prove a most  attractive- outing, and 'attract  thousands of tourists to this section.  Concerning Joseph Martin, Prof.  .Odium writes the .World: ' '  i "First���������The ground he lakes ..is  sound, strong and fair. '' In spite of  many conflicting interests,' the best  flense of theJ electorate in -British  Columbia must,and' will decide in  favor of,Mr. Martin's,position.' '..���������  ' Hecond-���������The serious part of this  problem'for tlio' Liberal party to  face is-tlio alternative lo tlie above.  If they arCjiiol. governed/by J Mr.  Martin's clear and reasonable dictum then they must fail in the first  contest on party, linos.  f\- ' >  V Today the Conservatives and Liberals are fairly���������inalched4n numbers','  and opportuniticsVln'such a general  election neither'party oiin' count on  a-united 'Jielp__ from ' the1 existing  government, nor on any, advantage  from past-history lo.rolicarso. _ ' ���������  ,,Hcnce Mr. Martin in. this scond  alternative"with liis following* can,  do,as he says.' ��������� lie can 'ensure/the  success ..of.- the* ..Conservatives and.  thus throw the-.Liberals into helpless confusion." r . ' ., '  1 Mr. Martin has.- llio -intelligence  and insight to sec fhat'hc holds hi  his hand failure for- the Liberals  who oppose liiin unless they < meet  his'demands.^.     ' * >    v "  ���������This is a/most marvellous stale 'A  affairsjand how one maifcaii so hold-  thc-Prior government on otic hand  and McBrido.'party at his mercy on  the other,- .must*- bo, proof of. iMiv.  iMar'tih'S'grcat ability^ and  powers^  of (placing eyil  over ..against " goocf  and one set of 'forces-  against* another with consummate tact.v"  Fearless as able, decisive as fear-,  less, quick as decisive'and-most expert in sclcctingfstrong" gouiid for  himself" while he forces liis lh'lcss  capable.opponen'ts into cdnfiision  and   marshy- places,- Mr.   Martin  lodav is thV],most"* p*rominc'nt" and   ,.."'a...''Cr.. ~.,iT.,    :., ~Ju,.':i:^i, -i"i^,l_'  "   POL/TICS.    .    '    ;;;,  Nelson refuses ,to   endorse , cull for  proposed ' provincial    convention dtt  Rcvelstoke. , ,.   i        '      ,  , SevernI-friciuWof T./hiyloiv M.J'. 1'.;  are urging liitii to "give , the Prior goy-  c'rnniciit a fair trial and to cease boin'g  'part of the tail to'Dick Mcllride's kite:  ', ,Thc  , iManufncturcrs'.   A's&ocia'tioiV  wished'to discuss .proposed changes,in  tn'ri ft" privately with doniinion cabinet.  '.Ministers rightly  refused' insisting on  representations being publicly made.  C. W, Sarul/foi'inerly of KniiiloojiV,  tells, ilie" l'rovvinco: " CoJ. 'Trior _,is  gaining-in'"sli'()ngt.h -and ^populurity'  'throughout the interior. , Tliu,, feeling  is'that he is- iij practical Jiiati/vvith a  good business liead" straight nnd'fair,  ���������iin'd -with, no'' entangling .alliiu/ces.'  Pooplo'say:t .'(.jive'A'rior ��������� a eliancc I'-  This feeling is so stroiig'tibnu't ICiuu-'  loops that pressure hits -bccn'brouglit.,  toVt;bear upon*. Fr.J'. Kultpti. M. L/A..,,  by ,'souiq of -liis oldest" friends and  wariiiosl.jStip'poVtei'l, LtV iiuhice liiin to  support the government at the forth-  coining session."  *   '-     iff  W       -    "*  <3������,  f.*  4*.  W  Not Giving Special Discounts, a   _    ,,:<  Not Running Business for Glory*  But Giving at all times Good Value, for,, ,;  '" ���������-   ',4 - Hard-Earned/Money.      !    ' ', v  -iM': 1AWREN������)E;  HARDWAREJ   /  a  " 4������-  ���������4*.  A,t'.'  ���������$*< ���������'  Vf^-*'',  **���������:  /iA  ^h^^N^^^w^^  DO YOU;.WANT;'$65  'per amonth, with;,  QUICK  ^ :  inotlier ,Pit-  gr.-idiiati:  at $05  '. (��������� If so li'iiim teh'graphy  v - 'J'liu 0,. I'.|R. fiVgagiid  1 *       man's  Ciilli'gb  pur lhonih.   >       "   <���������    ri "'  '" "  Gixid operators in-demand. '       ,  '-' -/ College spi-ciiilly litted with inslrii-.  ?J     ' nieiits.. '    _       -A    \ - 'A '  .Begin .-it/oiiec    Constant, pi-acticoJ  \' ' Fecsr^-IiIoiiLlily. ',*-'"' '  j '- 1 y ' ^i,     ^ i       c     t  Pitman's Business Xollege.  / ' Opposite HqtuL Vaneouvur.<.-  E,.  '������*>���������'  Furniture! Dealer,, Hbuse Furnisher, and ^Undertaker  'V,      * ,J;/". *J     ���������.-' ���������:", V '"���������' h-"  V       ,   '-   .. ,���������W;is justfoponcd the Hirg*cst"tstock fw ' .     "i r ���������  "  ~   :     b--v'r  ir*"* J v v'-'r *���������-"* ������������������. --1---1V--1' ''   ���������J'V' ,���������"   lA -  ,, ''-   ��������� ol'LarpctSijiV the city. ,    ...   '   .<A< rT    < -  ������   , . L l '    ' < *, 1      ��������� *,'     - '       '' 1       1        * r  ;    ���������'    '  4     ,'    , AV   -, .*������������������      yA.^ .   '',���������'.'��������� -       A*;  ILinoloums, Rugs,iToilet Ware'and. General House; Furnishings  ' M ������Iv UN V. Ui "A V UN UI  ' f < <  niSVICLSTOIvlil.  remarkable  umbia  man.  in  'British" Col-  Hucli an out race as that at Fernie  such an important factor to the  dominion, as securing industrial  and commercial peace and prosperity.    -  - ,  j'gent measure? to suppress violence  1 qf this character, and prevent mob  'rule patting a footing, in the province. To the credit of the miners',  I unions they aro as much incensed  ! a t .the outrage asAirc the public-  The measure oi self-government  to Ireland promise!! by . Premier  Balfour is practically a resuscitation  oi Gladstone's home-rule bill. For  the first "time 'there is<a tendency  on the part oi, the home govern-  ' ment to render Ireland a measure  of justice and so remove the Irish  question from politics.  There is a strong feeling among  the public and ninety per cent of  the employes that the executives of  the other railroad unions would do  a public service if they should take  steps to immediately end the U. li.  R. E. strike by insisting on the  company acceding the strikers the  right to organise. This is a bedrock principle of unionism which  every union man and every organisation is in duty bound lo support.  That portion oi the policy oi the  Prior government which propo.*-es  the acquisition of large estates and  their sub-division for settlement is  specially applicable to the Okanagan valley, where large estate." are  the curse of the country. Jf these  estates could be acquired by thc  state and subdivided as propo*-cd it  would mean making the Okanagan  the most populous and mo.-t pro.���������  perous rural settlement in the province. Price Ellison. M.P.P., is one  of the big land-owner.-. \vho=e estate  would be acquired and subdivided  under euch a policy and this is no  doubt the reason for bis new-fangled1  opposition to the government, whose  THE FERXIE STRIKK.  "To the Provincial Mininjr As.-oci-j      , ~   ation belongs thc honor  of  having, .   ���������^a3'-"' ^>u{ .V-Vbon  rendered one of the most*importan"t ]l������ apparently Mime  port that J  Vancouver  nwver  ,     har  .Smith' tbe position'of provincial  liberal leader, but there are other  liberals in thi:- province besid'-s the  junior   partner  ARBITRATION.  Sir   William  public services   on   record  in   the  history oi the province, namely *the  settlement   of   the   F,ernie   atrike.  The  promoters  o'f   the association  have reason  to;be   proud  of  that  result.   The Crow's Nest coal'mines  are an essential part   of  the industrial and   mining interests  of   the  province,' supplying   the   fuel  for  railways,    mining     plants,     and  smelters.    They arc* also a valuable  soure'e of revenue  to   the province,  which derives a royalty from every  ton'of ore mined.    The conciliation  committee   consisted    of     Messrs.  Flumcrfolt     ,(0ranby     smelter).  Keeier  (I*. 0. Copper (Jo.),   ("hnince  (Greenwood),     represent im     employers;  and   Messrs. Chris. Foley,  McAndrew (Sloqin mincrA union),  and   Seaman     (Rowland    mi tier.-'  union),   n presentiii^'   the   working  miners, with J. Keen,   prfsidct.t  of  tbe Miner.*?' Association,   as  chairman.    The settlement   was no easy  maker, a.-,   feeling   wa-.   bitter   un  both side.-.    That   it   took  l-l  days  to arrive  at a settlement   indicates  the dillictilty of   thejask.     lint the  committee has [done   its   work well |  in arranging   a   settlement   for I woi  years, and is entitled to lhe thanks j  of   the  government   and   people of  tlie   province     for     its   excellent  service.-.   Whatever prejudice-: were  created against Manager Tonkin or  tbe strikers will be forgotten in the  appreciation   that   follows   the fad  of   both sides   having   facilitated a  settlement  of   their' dil'lorcnecs   in  their own and the   public   interest.' Hloc.'ui, for 200,00(1 feet*.  New;:. "There  * truth tin the rc-  r. If. Henkler,' 'of  offered  ' Ralph  the    firm  INSURANCE  Independent and,. Combination' Com -  panies.  (Cfintribulcd.)  Perhaps the most absorbing thought  to the careful business man today is economy and security. Among all the  items of outlay there is perhaps none  more full by* the commercial world  than the purchase of adequate insurance, and the careful1 manager always  keeps well insured.  Un til a few years ago, all insurance  companies, foreign and c Canadian,  operating in 15.,C, were in open competition, and though mercantile profits  were then much in advance of those  now realized,, and lire appliances at a1  mitiinum of ejliciency, protection was  ottered and obtained at "less thanjialf  'the rates now fixed by these same  companies through their committee  known as the "Board Of TJifderwritcrs".  The-o identical companies flourished,  and inct-euscd'their profits very materially during the days,of competition,  but now that they have combined,  ike all other trusts, tlx-y endeavor  to  of }im  irt-ss upon the public tli.it they are  or  Wilson oc iienkler.    The  fact  that ��������� living   money, and consequently rates  Charles Wilson. K. C. is' leader of I must go higher.  the n'rovincial   conservative partv,!    As  result   of   these   changed   con-  does'nofent'itle   his   partner. J. F"l. t tlition.-* in reversed proportion.-, is   it  ���������Senkler. to nominate thc   leader of  the provincial libera 1 party."  l-iC.** tin  Mulock's    Amended  Bill.  .1011I.1   Xew-s   (Iiih   --uiiiniiir-  ii-bitinti'in hill      "(aider tie*  former hill,   in    tin    e.i-ie  nf FJ.iilway  liib.ir di-piiti -  th'i-'*'.\,i- .piu-.i-iiiii for  coiiipul-oij iiiliitiation and a -tanilintx  bo,ud of ������'bit nit or-, for   the dominion,  or for inch province,   who should h.i'.e  j power lo take evidence   in n ny   ditl'ei-  I enee which Cnne Iimok   tliun.     I'nder  1 the pre-ent   bill tbeie   i-   no   roercifiti  j e.veept us lo the (liking of tin-1 vidence,  which   11 compulsory,   and   provwion  i-i made    iuv 11    special    board   to    investigate i.ieh di-putc ,1-1   it 11 ay arise,  instead   v.if   .1   -funding   board     Any  dcei-iioii uriivid nt under, the   former  iii(',i->iiie uiis to be 1 nforced   by   si-veio  peiuill 11 -,;   11/ider  till;  new bill   llieeii-  fi'iiei iiienl is left to I la- eouit, of public  opinion  any wonder there lias sprung up  j anient; all cla-sCs who'lind it necessary  j to insure, a stionj;' prejuduce against  '. this attempt at obtaining undue  j earning*', and that our   best   bii-inr-.-s  men an; placing their in-iUranee witli  1 iudependi-nt compiinies which not  ionh -iu* ihe same' protection and  ,.-fCunty^t fairer r,i.t'-s but usually  i*-ettle promptly with little e\-peiiM'  ' attaeh'-d to :.fljiMtiiiejit.'  A-i nn .ipp.nent r;oi)-ei|!ience of t be  1 inrngcwi!! f.ifl" tbe year I'.lO'i-bow" an  j ii-to'ii-hlli'4 men.'Hi* in the bilsin'-i-  j done by the non-board coinpaiiie-i,.  emeoies.  Chamberlain's Coiigh Remedy..  l-'or Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooping Cough.  Price 25 cents; large size'soc.  1     - ' 1 ������ ;   Chamberlain's  Colic; Cholera'  and Diarrhoea Remedy.  ^  For Bowel Complaints.    Price 35 cents.  Chamberlain's Pain (Balm.  An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Spiaiusand Rheumatism.   Price 25 cents; large size 50 cents.  and  Chamberlain's Stomach  ^* Liver Tablets.  For   Disorders  of .the Stomach, Liver'  aud Bowels.    Pi ice 25 cents.,  Every one o������ these preparations  ,is guaranteed and ifnot fully sat=  isfactory to the   purchaser' the  money will be refunded.  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Monday  eveninj,' I Ik-/ pn-sented I heir linal bill  ton well lille/l bruise. The .street con-  eert-i bv the Iii," bund, lOKfther willi  the cAC'ellenr.e of the ore.heslr.i and elite, it,iiiiiiii nte were greatly appreciated.  This company Imui the icputation of  giving people \alne for their money in  the way of meritorious performances,  and dc-ersc the .success which they  inviu inble nicet with.���������JS'eepawa. Itcg-  islcr, iMarcJi 28-:i0.  READ IT THROUGH.,    '  'Twoulci  Spoil This Storv'to Tell It in  the Headlines.  'To use" an eighteenth century  phrase, this, is an "o'er true tale."  Having happened in a small Virginia  town in the wintei of .1002, it is a si01 y  very much of the present. Up to a'shoi t  time ago Mrs. John li. Iliiimon, ol*  Melfa Station, S'a., had no personal  knowledge of the rare curative properties of Ohainbei Iain's Cough Heniedy.  "Liu-l January," -she frays, "my lmliy  took dreadful cold and. at one lime I  feared she. would have pivoiiiiinni.i, but  one of my neighbors told me how this  remedy bad eureil her Huh* boy and I  liegan giving il lo my baby atouee  ,iiid it soon cuied her. I hearlly I hank  the mrLiiiil'aclures of (JliiiiiiheHain's  ���������f;oiigh Itemed v for placing so great, a  ciii-t- within my icac-h. I eannol, recommend it. Imi highly'oi say too mueh  111 IK favor. I hope all who read this  will try it and he'eniivinoed as I wa.-."  Km* sale^by all druggisls.  Well  Again.  The many   fiieiids   of   John    l!)oiinl  will be pleased Lo   leain   that,   he   has  entirely 1 eeovei eil     from hi-  attack uf  i-heiitiiiili-iii. ChaiiiberlainV     Tain  Ii,ihu cui'"d him iill"i'I he lieM dnclors  111,the low 11 (.Mom.11. Ind.) had failed  to give lelief, The prompt u-lieffrom  pain which this lininienl nlTords is  alone woi I h.m.inv time.- ils cot-1. Sold  by .ill di nggisls.  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Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  -^^s^Calgary, Alberta  /  is better than a Century Dictionary to  the otherwise.  Our words to you Unlay are:  llAVIi VOUK PlUXTI.VIl   '>!���������'   TIIK   JJliST  Style and Quality.   To hist ikitii  DIIDUII OK THIS  KOOTENAY MAIL. 1  Ciders by post have pioinnL attention  lli.  1 A,'  >       t  r x"   a  "������*"^��������� 1  **������������������������'������,.  v ,  '   I  *���������    jM  1  1     *      i   ' p  mena  maimmtB ���������&  > I  r'  (/���������; W.  'II.' ,*.  mtc  said  Let's,  scc-  % ���������      '     %  1 Boulter's lists I  * >��������� f  ;j;,;,<;,.;..j,.-j..;���������j..:..j,.:..:..:..:..:..:������:-<":">,>,>  >      '    '     ', "  L  "Boultei I' Boulterl you'vio piovcd'  - youiselt a man at lu&t Why. I i'n-  claic it's the best idea you've hart in  that head of,yoms tor yoaia You  cannot lmngino thc enormous possibilities which chance hus Uuovvn in  oui   way by your suggestion  "iTos,  1 enn,"    muttered   Boultoi,  laconically.*    '. ,      ,,r      '  '*  i      "But, my clcni, think oMt'     IIcio  you nie now, Janics Henry Boulter,  1  piovision mei chant and agent ,   foi  1   impoitcd eggs,    at tho ego of forty-  fivo   woith thousands und Uiousnnds  of pounds, with n. dauehtei  as  looking as hei "  '   ''Go   'on,    stow  it.'mis-.m,  * Boulter,    mitafiugly,      "you   don t  want to dwell sojmuch on her father's, good     look,;' (il*s uo fault    of  mine* " -=-    A, ���������     ,, '.'?   .,,���������  ������No.'duti.-,  it ain't,"  icpliod     Uio  Wtcr.   half,     good-natuicdly     but,  *-vou see, when     you*conies out Willi  '    that big    idea of yours about     advertising thcni Coionation seats, me  lieait gives asurt o' flutter like   and  I says,   'Wowed'if Boulter  ain't     a  genius, he oughtci  be prinumhnn I  ,    f "Not so much oi.it,'MaiUio  i work tho thing through again  mg as    how   for   'once you'vegiven.  ,w������y to niyJ superior wisdom,,     nnd  r    Boulter r  stuck    his    fat, ,bcjewelcd;  4luuidV ' info    his, waistcoat Poc-cots  ,   from which danglM'-a missive   gold  chain    adorned     with,' nn onoiinous  seal lai go enough to grace a.    company's dim ter,  and put on a    ,look  '��������� that   .would    'have tuincd Soiomon  'A', green with envy*    ��������� ,,  A     ���������.    .  -���������As you say,  my dear,"  be   writ  "    on   "here am 1, .James Ilcniy,Boultoi* J  with a largo     city   business, ,a  J   , good  banking, account,   a������������m*!g  '  '   ablo     daughter,     a  well-cstnbl shod  ���������        household,  n'nd a, huge P uco  staid-.  - ing  slap-bang-on   Coronation .loutc  Wouldn't it bo follv.to throw   away  -"such  u  ehnnce? MM.y.'this  splendid  view!-AlilcH wc'comm.ind'would bo o  '    -little value weio it not foirthc giand  tboucht 6t Jnmcs Henry, and it    is  i       simply  this , vWo   , stick a notice m  nil Alio, biff society and other papers  . lK*   SfcA./that  James;ilcniy  Boulter,' Esq /will   'avc;grcat plca-  -'   miioMn Plying at the command    of  . a few select    gentlemen of     society  ' "scats, at his residence for viewing the  .    Coronation'     pioccssion    ,      ���������cy ll  -come like'a'flock   -'o1 bees,  Martha,  mark mo if they don't,  when     tl.cy  sec thev* 'aven't got t6'plump  down  . Knw," > and then who knows  .     (Jit what  J, after  that yer'daughter  (might wear a coronet'     ~ '   . "���������*     -,-  i     "Oh'Lor'I Boulterr, didn't I say as  ���������ow vou alwa\s was a genius'"    exclaimed Mis'B . rapturously , ���������  - ���������Of course I am, or 'ow.-do /yei^  think *T could-'ave'got tcrgcther < a  fine Place 'like ' this" . as*;h.s>eyes  "mvclcd, ^rapidly round the surnptu-  oiislv-appoiivtod room -       ������  '     '-You  -ee,* Martha,* that ad* ' ,wilj  - Cbring a'lot of poor young lorJs and  '      SlkowiUi,   their     fuends down  < '    ' 'rrc for   *" the Coronation procession,  '  ��������� and   ������e'd be poor -f hnnds,     at fixing  - matte. s'up.iL wo couldn't make some  . arVangemcnt;-between a Noung aus-  toeiAV'an.1 our-Bessie      Don t    you  rrasp'it?" .and  he prodded her     at-  '     LtiLiatoly,!!! IbeWe^^ho^poke  onl v'" to  i on Hired up visions of the gailant  earl's paying attention to his daugli-  tei, ho even wont so far us to settle���������in his mind���������what amount Ho  should  bestow on hei   as a wedding  SVstony sllenco ensued dining ,tho  leiiuundei* of thormcul, after which  Boulter pompously sallied foi tli to  ic-nuaiigc the poi ti aits hi oils Una  hung in the hall - for ho had a  largo houwi and believed m, doing  things iff stylo. Without exception  Uioso had all been under tho auction-  cerls hammer, but it was Boulter s  idea t������J hang them In chronological  ordci, and giw'to each some littlo  bit of family history, of winch tho  following is a'sample.   '  "Now  you,"      ho said,  addicssmg  tho     poi ti ait of it "no, ai istocratio-  lookmg man     dicssed in the ration  of  the-301i/abothan period,  ',you aro  tho first baronet; Hir Thomas   Boulter, raised to that dignity by Quoen  Kii/abeth "    l"oor     Boulter   had let  his education slip so far  as to   > for-  KOt that'bin onets were lust cicatea  in tho reign of James I.; but that ho  would    oi com so lcgaidns   a    mere  detail.     So  '   on    along  tho lino ,ho  went    until '"tno baronetcy    became  c\tlnct" ��������� lino    phrase    that,      lie  thought - but he  did not endeavor  to show In what ielation he himself  stood,to his miiial anccstois.  'In  the  other  dcpaitments  of     tlio  Boulter    establishment things ' pio-  giessoil   'on  .a   niopoitionatc scale,  the "lamily plalo."  for, which  Bouj-  lui- had paid bclivocn two am    thico  hundred  pounds,  was bi ought down  fiom boxes  and chests, nnd put    in  such'.a condition,as'would heflt   its  meeting   with, au.eail       >.   .     1     ���������  .The- eventiul     day  diqw^quickty  ncai, and'.Boultoi's spuits lose.- o*r  coi-duigly,  r' even     to such  a degree  that in one particular cose,  when a  tr^elor'talled upon him, ho pioduc-  cd his cigar case and asked Uio tiav-  olei in oucstion ir to    ha\c a smoke.  Now,  that was a thing BoullerMiad  never been known .to do befoic  jt had -occuued to the.schcnei  that' poi hops 'one 'day iWOv.ild hat div  bo/aulhciont to ouablo the noble call  to make pi opei , advances to h s  daughtei' - by-tl.c-bye, tho thought  had novel stiuclc,lum that the titled  dignitary might be a inairiod ,innn-  so ho had (leteiniined, pioudol, the  visitor* fulfilled his expectations, to  noisuadc Mini to proionsr b'^ * V1,sal  so' with -that end in view ho had  commanded that, o\cry .preparation  IkS mado-'to' \cnsuie tho comfoit of  tho"distinguished company..,,,.        ������  ������y\    *.', .   in   . " /     ,  ,  ,A sumptuous dinner,was in pro-  giess'���������?,.llio -table-literally gioaned  under tho weight of thc viands, ���������and  bla?*od witli'tho magiuticoncc of^ tlie  costly plate and other valuable ������ up-  puilcnanceg   of   tho - least . The eai I  shook his head and smiled lm  soiry for that girl of bis, though.  She is' a bit of a spanker, sho is,  niKl no mistake. But let us bo o.T.  There 'is no room in tho burglary  business for sentiment uov.aduys."  ���������J^ondon Tit-Bits. ,f   ������������������������   Hon   <lic  I'ltxnl  Cnmt*.  a'lie nborisin.il blacks of Anslialla  hiue u queer tradition about the flood  They Miy that at one time tnerc W.is no  water on the c.ulli nt nil except In the  body of an Immense fiog, whei,e men  and women could not get at It. .TUcic.  was n groat council on the subject, and  It was found out that If the hog could  bo made to laugh tbe wateis would mn  out of his mouth and the1 di ought be  ended. ,        ;   ,    , ' .  So seveial animals wen* made to  dance and caiiei befoic the fiog to induce him lo hingh, but he did not e^en  smile, und so the waters lem.iined m  his body, alien some one happened to  think of tho fiticor contentions Into  'which thc eel could twist Itself, and it  was stialghtway hi ought hefoie tho  hog, and when the hog saw the wng  gllng lie laughed so loud tli.it the whole  earth trembled, and the wateis pouicd  out of his mouth In a great flood, in  which many people wei e ill ow ned.    ,  The black people were saved'from  drowning by tbe pelican. This thoughtful bad made a big canoe and ^ out  'with It nil nmong'tho'lslands that appealed' hero and there above.the sui-,  faco,of tho water 'and gatheied in the  black people and saved them.      *'  &  to  FF.lWlLlZKaS l'*OK WHEAT    '  iCnowlcdtfc    of onc'b     soil is,    no  doubt,      tho gi cutest question,      tho  user of commercial fcitili/er has    to  fanulian/e himself with to succeed in  getting tho     bust results fiom    its  application    But   to  use  a  commei-  cialr grade     icgnidless of its    constituents    and     its adaptability,    to  tho soil  on which it n to he    'used  would lesult in fulluie    This is   tho  season     some fnimcis    (j-ulk for and  othcis against the use of conuneicial  feitili/ei, wntes Mi'   13   r. Blown   '  Wo  used   to   aso  the Lugo portion  of om 'stable 'mnnuic on our    wheat  giounil, in fuel wo do at tho   piesent  time , but we us('d to think that    to  sow wheat  on soil wheie we did not  npply jnid.inaiiiiip wus n  wnsto    of  ���������eed,  hind     and l.ibpi     a'o-dny    we  cover om "wheat fields as far as tho  vuicl nianuie*'will g", taking care to  see   that  it  is  put  on   that poi tion  of    thc held int..    ^-licicat.in hunuis^  then when seeding time comes.,     sow  200  pounds   ol   lomr.ieicial   leitih/ei  to '* tho acic'on    tlio uncovoied poi7  tion or tho held   .."Wo always foitili.'c  om' wheat giouucl, and tlus.insuies a  goo'd catch     AVhcn it conies to covci-  ing tliis',f.eld  ugain  with  yaid. m.ui  -.idemtion, tho following mistmos  uio suggested . (J), -100 liounds  bran, 3 00 pounds Hour middlings,  J00 pounds cottonseed oi gluten  mtiil ; mix and feed seven to tight  quints daily ; (12), J00 pounds bran,  130 pounds corn unit coh inoul, 3 00  pounds 'cottonseed or gluten meal ;  nils- and feed seven, to eight quaits  daily ; (a), 100 ( pounds corn und  cob uietil, 1^5 pounds gluten feed ;  mix and feed live to six quaits  daily, pieferably nti.v.-il with coin  silage  Veiy satisfuctoiy und economic io-  sults.nio being obtained at tins  station with tho ' followmgt iiOO  pounds distilleis' di ied guiiiis, tGO  pounds coin mid cob meal, mix and  Iced five to"* six qunits dally : also  with 100'pounds distilleis* di ied  grains, "JOO pounds Hour middlings ,'  mix and fec.il six to eight quaits  daily "Dining ' theso tunes of high  feed prices it is inipoitunt to study j  tho suhject of economic leeding  NEW WASIITOR SCAJil'!  MI. KITCHENER AS HE IS  HE  IS A, HARD   MASTEK   AND  HARD   WORKER. <���������  Somo  Characteristics  o������ tho   Man  'of tho Soudan and South  Afuca.  "A Stall" Olucoi" writes in Blackwood's JIaga/ine for JXeembct. one  of those intimate sketches of men  and things which nie ch.iiactmistic  of jr.iga "Cainpalgnlag with Kitchener" is full of good things, and  isi ohvious-ly wiiWoiiiby an oljleer  who has enjoyed unique oppoituni-  ties foi studying the now Comraund-  er-in-Ohief in India. Ho ivsmembois  mixiting Vihcount'Kitchcnei in 1897  nnd asking'him when- The l^cnt ���������  the luonquest of the Houd.in���������was  duo to luippcn. "Thn teen months  hence," was the answer "Thnteen  months' That is, a long time  i*.ait" "Yes, it is," stud Kltchon-  (0i, "but lemembei that some of us  | havo been waiting for it for thutccn  SHOT D3AE ON HIGH SEAS  THE  STORY  OF   THE    MURDER.  OF MATE  NIXON.  The  Captain's Narrow Escape   ������������������  Piracy Was Their Ob- t  ject.  Further details of thc mutiny of  seamen board the J^oiccster Castle, followed by the shooting of  Nixon, thc second mate, rcve.il a  stoiy as striking n.s any ielated ib  fiction. The, following,statement ot  the alTair is given by C-iptain Peat-  tie, who has anivo.1 at Uuccnstown  with the vcstc.1 nnd a cargo of whcut  from San rrancisco.        , '  "On thc night of September 2,   a ,  %ery line night, though dark, with a  light' castei-iy-������'md ��������� wc were making Unco aJd a half knots under all '  sail.     The second officer had chargo  Lo/of tho    deck, and I  wus lying reud-'  ing befoic going    to   sleep  when     a  man called  Ernest Sears,  able   seaman,     American,   shipped , at    San   <���������._ ��������� m     and  and''his two friends had proved-m-ost  "   andr- 'affable companions,  'the delighted  do:  was  nn-  7 "Ves1  Boultoi,  that-T  n'eaily, took'my bicath away  think    kboi-t    it     Iinngino-om new  the* wife' of a lcnl live dook<u Oh,  UoultL. Aou'ie a mn.eH" ;At Wl,ich  .ulogislic remaik tbe wcll-to-KloW-  won"meichnnt.felt,highly ,oomph-  "mei.tcd.' and went to tho front of his  Un* in a h.gh'st'alc'of-satisfaot.on  to >Mipci intend vthc*.decorations ; -   *  "    H wasra great, a^worthy ^a noble  idea, thought Boulter;'and he determined   did- any gentlemani   of    -title  make his  nppcai ance.'jto-*dnz7leJiiin  by a display  of  his  woildly possessions.   Mon.llyv;die.-iPiing-that     tins  ^buldHaigcly ' ass.st-in^he acquisition*   of    a handle to his daughter s  name   ' "accoidingl:/, a few da^slat-  Vr.' the "ngrecMi'pon notice'was mscit-  el in the pap������s.���������nn<l although manv  sa.d iu'Ic' things, yet'Bou'.tor '  happv, especially as tie daring  noiircoment had,  through its attraction    laigely  incieaccd ;thc    oemind  foi  bacon, sugar, and eggs  Toi some *��������� time~Boultci nn\iously  awaited the leeult of his plan, fully  expecting to.be inundated by applications for thc free seats from many  of the "upper ton," but as day succeeded f'ay and no ncwsi of an'jparl's  oi n duke's proposedvaiiiv,il came,  .i Alespondcnt 'look settled on the  provision" merchant's face and it  "leallv seemed as if the Pfty ci more  pounds' which he had exrended in  ha-iinir his house decoiated had been  s.pent in vam  But at Instf ono morning, to Boul-  'tci 's unbounded joy and   delight,'- ho  v  espied      among       his       voluminous  coi i ospoiKloncc     'tl'c        distinguishing       maik       of    _a       scion       of  'ome     nob'e     house    "With     tiem-  bhng    hand    he    picked    up  the en-  xxjlope, glanced lepidlv'af-thc    cor-  *   onet on'the Hap, and hastily leached  forward foi  the aid of a knife,    but,  unfortunately, onlv succeeded in   upsetting  overplus  trou'-cis  a cup     oi  steaming coPec  "Well," put -fi Mrs_ Boultoi  ������������������that whafvou** think you  oi.ght  do when %ou get letteis fiom atisto-  crals''"  'Boulter took no notice, but went  on with his unpailiamcntary ejaculations till he staitcd again to attack  the all-impoitant missive, while Mic.s  Ecisio-and.Mrs B looked,orv with  undisguised happiness  "Oh' ma. won't it be glotioust?  Fancy my ha-ving that on my cai-  nagc "as - she pointed dramatically  to the emblazoned paper t  "Yes, it's only fancy at present,  giow led Boulter, without looking up  Aftoi some moments of breathless  silence, dunng which mothci and  daughter eyed each othei .with  glances of mingled appiehension and  fear, Boulter calmly folded tho paper, put it hack in Us envelope, and,  foicing himself to a steady lgnoi-  onco of tho mnttei, authoiitatncly  cilled for moio colTeo.  ."What is the news?" inquired Mis  Boulter ���������  ,  "My dear," replied Boultoi, fixing  ��������� hei with his eye, and inseitmg his  thumbs in the armholes of Ins wms-t-  coat, "the Wail of DaiUnoor will bo  heie on Filday, so see that everything "ih in lcndiiicss foi bis coming  JTc is bunging two ftiends, and his  letter seems to mdiuito that they  too cue mon of position, but��������� confound it, whv don't you g'^o mf  some moie tolTeo?" Awl haMiig dc-  lnpied himself thus Boultei f<'H Into a inpturous silence, fiom which  no amount of feimuine -intcvrficatton  could  dinw     him      Ho Vad  atTeiul^  charming  tho~formcr* regaling  Boulter,with glowingfdcsciiptipns of  thc'ancestral domain.^ dis-playing at,  the same time," the most inmilnu  knowledge > of - this f ellow-ai istocrats  and then doings " But nB* thoughts  unconsciously gave way to tho gieat  pageant "they, had that day witnessed���������thc CoronationTprocession. . ' \ J  "Afagnificent'"*i' muttered Boulter,  vigoiously . 'setting ' to woik on the  contents of his'plate    *     <" .   ' n '  "Ahem'   decidedly '.gi^and, Boultei,  old  fellow " <-'  -"i"       * w '  They weio quite on, familiar-terms  already.T'as-they should be,'-,.Boulter tho'ight -/ ��������� 'y * 'y-."Ki A  ��������� And so .events, piogrossod, tho pioccssion '"was discuss-cd and suggestions made, and ^11 ogicod for- tic  hundiedth 'tune tliatrit*lwas Fthc finest "thing of its kind'they, had' oyer  seen, until Mis Boulter/displayed a  decided wchnation'to lapse'into the  aims ,ofv-,Moipheu9,- when aajouin-  mentj was made, Miss Bessie slioitly  aiteiwai\ls being engaged in Paying  tho accompaniment --to a som-i winch  the "carl had been pressed to - srng  Thc imitation to stay'a da/ or so,  despite stnet laws of-ottiriuotle, had  beentwarmly lcceived.'nnd ere * the  dnvv,of* the "Coionation pioccssion  closed his Ioi>dship' and Jus fiiencla  ictiicd .to 'rest, hugely plca������-ed with  the tuin events had taken .    .  .Tho (full * glory of a two o clock  moon was etc 1 ing ' thiol gh the  blinds, i -casting '-'beams.of rnd-.iPt  lieht an oss tho di awing-ioom. when  a'bilent nguic entoied, bag in hniid  A second lately he wasiouied by an-  othci - Hj, ' ' * *���������> " " ' * ,, " i ,  *  "Is that     you^ ChaiUC"  incinred  the fit������t ,  ���������"Ycs, my boy '' It is I, the EacI  of "Dai tmoor " '      "'���������  "You'll soon be theie if you two  don't shut up vom confounded iow,"  muttered a third, asMie stole* into  tho 'loom with his boots* in * his  hands- , i       >'       **"      ,   '    ' ,  "Well,"1 chuc'sleJ the carl, softly,  "if this isu*t tl.e biggest bit of luck  1'vo c\cr had in my natuial, 1 don t  know'what is Heie that howling  ass of a Boulter swallows ,my \arn  about Uio caildom, ticts us as n  we wero lords, and then places   this  .' Time Tnblc**< hi Geocrnj������l������!e������. '  ��������� "1 never realized the value of time  'tables until I, got hold ot\ a clnss^of  bojs old enough to take nn interest in  geogiaphj," said a Kew^l'oik public  school teacher. "So far as the study of,  maps'goes,,I can get heitci icsults  from the u������-e of.timetables than fiom  all the geographies In the market. Maps  that, hiue teen piepared for the purpose of cul'Ivntmg the youthful mind  In the matter of locality are shunned  ns bugbeais by nil except the Ftudious  few. But Just set n'dozen'boys aiound  a pile of time tables nnd tell them to locate certain cities, lakesa and llveis,  and'thoy wlll���������woik* like boavcis and  come out letter perfect every time., Foi  most childien time tables nnd nccompn-  nj Ing maps nie a source of unfailing  Interest both **in and out of, school  ���������nouis. It Is tine tlmt.thls unoithodox  mctliod may gUeVthe boys cxagger-,  "ated'ldcas ns to ,the lmpoitnnco of certain -railroads," but J they seem to'get  enough "good out of the investigation  to countcinct such Impressions.'^   __ -  . *'     'A Rcanon  For^Convemlon.  V Old Moses; >ho,belonged'1 to Judge  j_r of Macon, Miss , ^'befo' the wall,"'  was" for many^years csc\toii, and a  devout' member of the rresbyteuan  church, sn������s naipcr's'-Jfonthly' Short-  ly'afte.* the war the,colorcd Methodists  o'f the community held a rousing meeting hi which Moses loudly piofcssed  coineision and''joined, the Methodist  chinch'.' ^ Some'-.days ;afterwaid the  judge me't hlm.and asked "How's this,  Mose">.wI hear"'you-have "joined the  Methodists l I thought'tl, brought you  up hotter,than that" -V��������� i '   >  ^rose took off^lus^T.t and solemnly  scratched his woolly pale as he replied.  "Yc=, sir, massa, dat's so���������a.it's so / De  Trcshjteilan pcbp'e"ii'ni"n "���������mighty'fine  people' nn"de Presbytei 1 iii chinch am  a hiiKhU,Dne,chuich.,but. mnssa/dpn't  you fink it am' powerful .dismal*** for a  nigHd V"        &-, ^ , j*j-*i. ; ������.,  ,, l'rancisco,    came to my room  .The lime and sulphni ticiHment foi iV���������*|    ; , ,.-ANTEn >     , nskcd me to come out, as a man had ,  tho   ���������dostiuctioi.    oi the Sun     dose IJOUbLh AUi  hawc        ,. faiie��������� f10m Uic fore-yard,nnd broken  ,calc     piovcd    moie s.itislactoiy  ml    "A     Stall     Olhcoi      attubutes tlie ])ia ]cr_     j  jm!112diaWly did  ns     re~  our     expeiimonts     than anv    other if., ft  of   oveicoming   apji.ucntly     in- qlHSSlc<li nncl on going into tho cab-  lemedv     wo tnecl.   We iisj'il it with  supci.iblo dilhcultics which  the   fan- ^ lf htod tl)e lainp so that I could  .mil without    salt in thc piopoiLion  ctai's,   oiliccis      pos-eswd  in such  a havo   .^    ta,j]e w ,ny  thc ,njured  of ono      pound , lime a.i.t    one-hall   ,���������������rkcd (deg.ee  in  Uic &oud-.in   cam-1      a Qn      %   0icn weIlt to thc ^^  pound sulphur'-to tho impr-iinl gal- paigu. voiy hugely to the u '^ndin^ door| Qn the polt slde> w,,clc  L, ii ,'wns annlied thioiighoat the seventy with which, he ticatod nu  wmto. and ca lv spnngSvc haso fa.I.uos, wheUiei h.gh'o. loiv, were  Uo'bOTt"'rosuRVrron Api.l,t.eat-' ��������� ,-sponsibte for them "A thing was  men wheie, Iho full p opoi t.ons orlc.������li it.hwl to ,be done, aud con-  we o u-cd w Uiout salt    "his   'wash  soc,uo..tIy,     it'was  done,   no  excuses  of/in many, sections  piev.ulcd  it' was  done,   no  foi   .in instant.  put out such,/ci ops "as aie suitable  to om , coiiMinlenco,  using it in  con-  ncction'with om  sta)jle,ninnuie to m-  suio a succcssiul  ciop,tlnoughout^a  field , Wc have     found liom    expen-  nicntiiig  ibn't  ������ no gi 11110101"commercial fcitili/ei   is equal-to a covering  of yarcUmanme,  yet 'when one     has  not enough\    of one' 1 \anety,  other  methods,have tosi bo brought ^ into  use r Last year on our wheat ground  wheioVe  used   the. commercial     fe_i-K  tili/cr, we obtained 75 per cent   of a  crop 'Where  we  used1 yard   manure,  OCpci  cent, Wheie liorinaiuno   'or  fertili/ci lor'any kind was used 1  not,  ovei      1."  pei   cent'of,a ciop , wns  ha"ixtstcd,    and     this was of - pool  qnnlitv * Now tho "question.comes_,to  us,  whether    01. not wc used'   good  uidgiiH'iit     111     covering*part'of,    a  Iield  with" one  kind"  nnd."linishing  it  with  anothci     What,I'mean '  by  this is, would ' it notrbeJbettei, ��������� to  get a     manure Vspieadoi; put what  manure 'wo- might1 have'���������,a_ll, over the  field,''then'dull a*".smaller,amount of  commercial fei tili/er, to',the acio/and  tovci  tho whole.field say,with about  JOO pounds poi  acie   "       "    (  '   i*rrj;raNc turnips  Manv *��������� of the ciucifeious plants  iiaie al< veiy pungent" pi inciple that  is unfavorable ''when feeding value is  considoied' 'Still,many ways can^be  devisecUto wbik'oft.a tuimp'oi cab-^  bage ciop'as feed whcn^all haxo been  disposed ������ of that can bojsold< foi  cash    If c^pllclt dnections aie gnen  thc   . scale:   Neithct  nu>    'affected  steam 'cookin/3  vided    /than  c(Tc(ti\c',  safe    .and  Ceoige IJ , Fibber (  ���������* T1^  trees 1101  ci ops  unploiod,'   beseeched,'  y      injunouslv and   with  ^Vi^  U e hlgl^t .n tie land'  JJ'1"^..0,1'!'  /.Vt^Z'ioi    anvwhPie      Kitchener    was a  easir to apply  BRITISH1 NlTr  TO'BE YOUNGI***' COMMANDING,  OFFICERS.  ti"l ~7~   'A*  ca-  to'  staff,  ada-'  ni.int to'such requesus   .  .     No gen-  eral'has over been more entirely   m-  depenilent of the help of those lmme-  . dintolv aiound  linn,   not ono of   his  tools'was* ui<licpensable, ,nor   oven a  do/en of them, thoii������h many did not  ic.ili/e the fact     'Ate you going to  bring' up Gcircinl A'.'for   thi-s   cainr  paign?.    I once asked himff    'No,   1  don't'  think    so,'  Kitchener jcplicd;  ho is doing'veiv     well where he Is,  Training iii Engincoimg, and   Ad-     ijvjiiu o      r     ditional*. Qualification ot   T    . ( btaft ho niwnys makes a  ,   *>    ,.*    /i  .Uiriceis.   ,   n      .j     ,       channel , ' ���������* ���������   _  For "������,ne Vcelfs past tVeieJiave       ' r ,BK"B TAPR OENBUAXB '  been ' 1 umoi s������   and icports" of wnsa-      Kitchener'    hated   channels,  hatoJ  tional" changes imminent in'the Bn-,any ytroight-w.ustcoat whichrhcunp-  tish-navy'.-Jtt-has luthciU) been the*- eicd'and confimod him, and heie is an.  piacticc    foi    -ofhcois    up to     com-   1IUjteuice  ' This     ������*uw   X., had been  rntik'to'bc-pioinotod   Jen-  veiy, well   biought  up,  and'lie liKea  SearaV  was standing, and nskcd him where"  the wounded man was He replied, -  'Just 'outside,' und'I told hlfn to,  tell the second mate to hi ing -him-  into tho cabin and putf him on * the  table Suddenly, W A: HoM������r able L( '  seamnn, also an A^meiican;' shipped-  at San Fi*ancisco, stepped into*' tho  cabin by tho starboard door,- ' got  between mc and my room door, and,  crying out, 'Now then, captain, (  lired at mc with a revolver. 'A bullet hit* mc on the left breast immediately over the heart * I attempted '  to close with him, and managed * to  hit him one, mit he fired again, hit- u  tin" mo on the muscle of the arai,  and" then using some heavy club, be-,-  gan to batter in my head. This ,  biought me to the deck,-where tho?  villain fired two-moie shots at < me, -  which lodged .111 my arjnpit and var ..."  fheted a bad grazing wound on the , v,  forearm. He then recommenced  sluicing at my head with his- aub.-'  Jufet tl.cn 1 Mr Nixon, tho second  mate, hearing thc noise, came to tM  port ,dooi"of,thc fore cabin, ���������*n'  llobbs fired at hini, nnd he fell j. instantly, the bullet having evidently,  piercod'his heart.        i������ -'��������� 1,   ,  '" ASSAILANTS VANISUEB.''      ������  Tho    steward   .and   another man  innndci'!  tncly'by selection, while only a cci  tarn    number of -commandeis     have  *? ..     1       J_        ......In.ll'n'l  ho issue a sciUed patteui dn ily order  whioh,A was anathema to .Kitchener,  -.*'''-  '������������������ '1  'i' I  nowjcanic on tlio scene, but by thisi ��������� ,  time my assailants had vanished, 1 i ^  w������s in a. bail -state,, as I had    ftro ^,  the revolver bullota..  -' was^sovcrely Cut -    I  "so '-weak from^-losa  been unpossibL  tain howev'er^ableUo,flag'ianl> -  foio Ins Uun-comos> ,       '      '   ',  Tho lirst  and  most'linpoit.mt  be-'cdan.ordci,*    ahd/X ,,fuli  of a new  1     'and      blissful, ,sentc  of  lmpoitciice,  Mlic arse  an--.  x"u= .-      ������F  luniicd olf to get it clulv copiedv .c-  thc    now , changes, will  be a coi tain   filSLcioI.v   duplicated,  sea ed   signed,  proportion - of promotions bv**Ioo- >lld dcUWd in, the good old stv e  tion from'captain's rank to, flag rank   Meanwhile,^Kitchcnei      strolls    out,  (admnals) V This will gac tl.e Bi^'.,nd   .accidentally  meets Bioadwoo  ,  rtish navy youngOL  commamlm-g    ofli- ]11S,      cavalrv       comin indor Oh,  ccis "a IWint in winch'it has of Ulti^jjioadwood,' sajs Kitchenc., m thn  ceis, a p������u _   ,      ,     , aim0st .'cricuitiiig draw  wounds - from r ^  and my -soalp' was severely Cut *  was. moreover, 'so ,-wcak froin^lc  ol blood-that the.mato L.ookycharao"^%\t J.% y  "of thb ship.'; He called -tbei-hocds , ^f.iA"-* J '"  aft./wheri.tliey^ept^the poop,-liop-'r ^ . X'l*"^  ine to catch-the.mutinocrs'when-day-; ^  ^^ l"?     ....  light camcrbu*tAgreatly,to'thes^*V-;^'Ar������^   "'  prise of all of us,1 about an'hour af-^ ������   y ^( ,   4  ter mudmght, a raft, with threo'men ;VjV^j.     ^  on" it,  was'observed  in the dnikncss ,.   ,--',*  ,   ,1,;  floating past the starboard'side   The ���������*.*       , -    }1   <   '   ...        nn,n       TTnhbs.i    tlie'      ���������    ~    is       >  -     -- -  . ���������     ,     ,    .,    .   ,rar5, fallen l'u.th-behind Oeim.iny      ,,ml    ������...������,  -  - t,--     ,        -     - .,,,  out wheip milk is disposed, ol that jeon\% a foim ,sjuch is of lib-Uhi<h some of his-subordinatescoi Id  none will,be taken when tnis class o ,������ ������^ impoltaricc coicoim. the onn.i- m,���������11(, to,tlicJifc ,'will >ou kindly  feed    'is* used,5-   such-\dii rUions had ���������-br ������������������ ���������----    '"���������"-*     -     -    ��������� -   ,.,,1.. ,mmli. 01  ���������nX  "is  to  opportunity in oui way of helping  ourselves to his valuables As 11 my  Johnny' .couldn't get the die ot a  coi onet made and Jia-ic a few,quiies  of note papei stamiicd with it' Oh'  this is spoit," and "mv loid" bin ied  Ins face in his hands, while his* sioos  shook with suppiesscd laughtci  "Come on,        Xhailic, its  entncly your ausgcstion that  we should take 'away a little of that silvei, so I suppose  we:had better   begin  collecting     it,  ch'>'..' ' ' *  "Of course ��������� of. couise, I, for one,  ne-i'ei' thought." the vacceptance 01  Boultei's invitation'would result 111  moie than thice fiee scats foi viewing the pioccssion, but since I^e  been obliged to giio up bank tleik-  ing it would be -1 civ sillj if I wasted a chance of iaiding myself in the  social y scale by Uio accjuisition 01  this woi Id's goods "  ���������evidently this logic met with  unaiumou-s appioval, 101 within Uio  houi quite a nice lot of pioperty i*a<i  been stowed away in thice lniioccnt-  looking Gladstones, and thice equ.il-  Iv innocent-looking gentlemen weie  icad.y to  stnit'fiom Boultei's.  "1 think we'd better wait a bit  longei, Chnille, it might look fisliy  if tin co ot us weie seen leading befoic it's fnnlv light. The back door  leads out into an alley 1 mining into Seymour street Jeffs can go by  that, you and T by tho fiont, I've  got the key "  In tho chill light of hn Octobcr  moining the noble eail and his companion let tlicmsohei out att Boulter's fiont door.  "Chinliol" said one, "have you enjoyed youisclf, because I have"  ���������T believe L have too," thc other  icplicd, then, pondeung a moment,  ho looked up and said, "I wonder  why Boultei  made   such   a fuss     of  "T don't Know: pcilmps lie would  do so M������ain if you went back in a  month's  lime."  came thc ans-wvi  "t ha-Mt*  110, wish   to fio   bnc<  my nnccstiiil domain again,"  ns  . .   -. , Tlie Slilllnlnli.i     T* J  *��������� ,'  "stiill.ilah"Vnot a mere-stick  picl.ed up toi ,a few p-nce or.cut .casually out of .the "coniinon\ hedge /.Like*-  (the Ai.ib mnio, it'giows to maturity  under the'fbsteiing.c.uo of its ownci. ~  Vrhe'shillalali, like the poet, \% -born,  -not?made. Like the*poet, toq,ilt is a  choice plant, and! IU. grow th tis slow.  ���������Vmong 10 000 blackthom shoots perhaps'not moie thnn'one Is destined to  he'tomo famous, but.one of the 10,000  appears of singular fitness. Asisaon as  discoiercd.it is m.uked and dedicated  for future" sei "vice.'.Everything that  lutein* hinder its de\elopment Is re*  moied. and. any oflshoot of-the main  stem is skillfully cut 'off., With constant^  care it giows thick and stiong upon a  bulbous loot that can be shaped into a  handle.              '  Cotth  nnd Tlielr^3111k.     ��������� .  A professor in Konigsberg university  Ins c\pcnmerto(l to determine the effects of \arious foods on the odor given off bv cow's mill: "Some cows give  alwajs, no matter wliat their food may  he a mi'k of stiong or disagreeable fla-  \oi which Is'.apt to cause digestive  tumbles Iu lain is the food changed-  \he flavor persists Thc taste of the  milk depends mm ccitain mcasuie on  the c'ow's food, but ui a degree moie  impoitant on'the pecuhaiities'of the  animal."*  i * ., Nol������le. i  Mother-You naughtyv boy! You've  been lighting'  Little Son���������Xo. molhei   '    *  " "IIow did yom clothes get torn and  yoiu face get sciatchedV"      %  " "I was to ing to keep a bad boy from  hurting a good little boy." -       ,  "That was noble Who,was the good'  httle boj ?! \ , \ "���������.'.*.'��������� -v  " "Me "      '  ',   SlKnlnf-; With  the  Cios������.  Signing with the cress was first piac-  ticcd by Chiistians to distinguish  themselics from tho pagans In ancient, times kings and nobles used the  sign-of the cross, whether they could  w l ite oi not, as a symbol tbat the person making it pledged himself by his  Christian faith to tho truth of the matter to which be affiled it  bottoi bo"adhcicd to  /Turnips /can be'-fed (so^,that , not  one customei m ,3,000 .would detect  ohj thing '' objectionable,-^but ",the  gicatest caio" mustjjc taken*" in |the  feeding'so as iiot',to( o\bifced ���������lt is.  necessary*; to"fecd^sorne giain'in the  case'of milch*" cows, but.in feeding  foi beef, mutton';" or poik the'giam  need not be used exclusively till the  last"lhiee weeks pnoi to marketing  Foi milch cows, put in chy in tho  bottom,of a tub,whatevei giainis to  be > fed. tA common *��������� buttci/tub ,is  best, because it is nnuow, acioss the  bottom Place tho cut tin nips - on  the*1 gi am,-and as .soon ^as tthe cow  is'milked dump this tub of feed '"in  her mange*. - '        ' " A  The cow is obliged to eat considei-  ablo of the gioin befoiC'manv ol thc  turnips aie taken into the stomach,,  and the thcoiy is that the pungent  punciple'is absoibod by the giain to  such an extent that.no haimful odor  oi .. taste is imparted to'the, milk  Occasionally thc taste of a 'peison  is so acute and delicate that thc  odoi V or fla\or of the most-common  and haimless feeds aie detected in  the milk i To such the odor of  Unnips would be detected at once,  but these cxtieine cases aie laic  Considcung ' the cost of jiroduction  theie is no moie profitable, ciop  ���������-���������-rown than tuinips if some of-them  can be turned into money audi the  rest util./od as feed  GOOD CHOI' OF VvlfEAT '  My vicld 'of wheat thc past season  was'990 bushels, machine mcasuie,  wiit"s Mi ircniv FUUei This o-ici-  run m wfight foui pounds * pei  bushel, making -3 056 bushels by  weight, or ,4*2!- bushels pei  fiom 25  acies  poitancc coicoiiis the en ,     ���������������������������.���������,      ..,,���������._���������-  , .-  .u anch  outho "-ctvice     Hith-  Uv!,a four squadions ..indfa couple oj  c.to'-theie ^havo.heen^two distinct I my3 and - push on fo. tv miles to  classes of^ofbeers- executives, aiid.,,^^.,^ the'Situation, and start m  classes o , pl,h  ���������,���������,���������  wll))tlE   h       nQ hoUl  . y Vciy,good,.sii. .says       OL    fCW  men*   on       ������.   *������������-      Hobbs,'   the   .   _  actual muidercr, Senrs, who^ lured mo  -,������ ,,  out of'mv room,  and another-jinan, y        ,  ���������shipped' at San   Francisco,  also-   an  American, named James Turnerr.The ��������� .-  mate'hove the vessel^ to, and* waited ~,,;  until daylight, when, no 'trace ,ot the t  raft being seen.Hhe ship was kept'on * <  her course t   I ha* c not* the sligntest   - m   '^  doubt that.Uie iaft, whicliwas made.-- ,.,,.  of onlv a few planks, and ,three_ corK        ,,  vcyhndeis,     take.! , fiom* tlie, foi wardj'   _   ,  lifel oat,'-went to pieces, that .mght, ,  ���������  and Jthe thiee were* drowned My ' ������ v .  wouiids weie/dressed by*n J 'Bren-^--^ .  " able seaman, who.had-some ex-  <-.*.  '\<  engineering ��������� , .,        ^    . ,,  "       navy Thee will  boMloutch-*ih.it Kitchcnei s >e.hal   outers,   arc.  to my, roomAand <x>, obtain the" lire;,;,  arras* ami other-weapons there'   ���������������*-  Bntish     -��������� . .,,-,���������  ants -(engmceunfeO as theie li.vio  hitheilo been'lieutenants (toipe'io)  Selected oflicels will specialize and  receive special p'ay for so .Coins, All  ofl.cQis\\whcUici joi thc.cngiiioeuiiH  oi executive side of the woik, ������il  p.isa-thiough the*same naval school  Theie will  be'a gieat gain in ,,'-im-        phcitv.-as thc lesult, and the gutv- lclwlto  nn������.P>T.of   thc  cngiiiecis   will    '"-.aiiiEUi,,       .  ui...;.-.-   "'wi���������ccianv  a' large coltrrc%olver  entncly. cl.lTe. ent \ipm   those hei c >c-^        ^        from Hobbs when he  and poor X   went bau-*-\to ms - -    - -.-.  -  tftCCl,       *M������      ,.-~~.       -" .       - .  tent, ,and thenceforth gaie hp the  ,.isu0jof thc daily oidci as a. hore;  hbSjtask "_,   "      ���������    '    i  I PLAYED A S UI"1E GAMI.  >��������� "With all his aloofness and ������ulf-suf-  hcicncv, ICitch^nci hud one excellent  the Soudan���������he lived "in  anceii.of thc cngiiiecis win '^'"^(i ono-moss with the whole of his-->ciy  automatically 1'icsumablv, thc .ov- ^^ -sta(Tf- ,���������.,!���������,,������ eight oi ,iune  istvr"- engmceis will' bcfoierhw. .bo;.JU0rl altogether and was nlwajs ac"  civon executive rank, n.3 weie tlie "���������������' | ccssiblo to infouiuit-on ami opinions  navigating  ofliccrs of  twentv     yeats I   f    u solLs      lrc was theieby placed  im close touch with that stiungc  un*  of  It is also posMblc that.tho oignni-.^ Will-oMhc-wisp,  the sou it  nation of tho Royal Mamies will be thc armVj which soin0 genc.als who  icmodellcd -' In 'the old days thc J]V(j |oQ ,mich apal<, fiom anil above  Marines weie roquiiod   to hold  down nevcr ^m with and ncv-  the mutinous  seamen,  and foi  .that   -    imdel'"staH'd���������to   their  own  reason  weie  studiously  kept     apart .,m<, tli0 aimj's"    At the saxno  fiom tne'icst of the cicw ,.   : time  ' no     man    ever kept his own  .In our modern navy, with the counsel hotter th.Tn kitchener  class of, seamen the nation now ob- i fi hting was afoot, there was  taints,    'such  a foico is unneccsniy I ie*^.agc of iinoimation  Small-.ums men and landing parlies ^ wns ncvci. %my mfoimation. to  can Uc sipplicd as well by tho sea- | k 0npe ^hcil the enemy threat-  men as by the maunos- The ���������-i-Ja- , our-jhio" of communications I  Simu������ has p. acticilly nothing ^'^ som? anxiety about our  to do on-boat d" ship, an J thus h^jWIICS which were laid  eneigv is wasted Tn .huge battle-, tQ ^Q as a gIO  shiptoi   cru.seis theie .ue two     oi ���������        do^rt; glistening in thc s in and  somctimes-cvemtHtcc M.iiinc ofhtois. meaning even to a dervish,  thus cooling then  hco's nnd *fictt n���������'.t -Js skyiry��������� a goo<i deal    Kitch-  when  never  because  foi  all     the  giound-line along  ed <���������   If  they" had  succeeded  in  thevi would have tmurdeioJ  everyone  who did not join them   .Mr    Nixon,  thc   oflicer,    killed,  was buried , .the  Jav ail6r his'.dealh   , Wc were some ,  tluee    hundred .miles  norUi  of ."Pit-  can n- Islands .when  it  all  baPP*^*?'   ^  anrl the levoUer used by Hobbs had    _  been- 'itolen from 'Mr- Z������von       v  The Leicester.Oas,tle is^owned     by  5f*e������s.s   Jovce <fc, Co , Liverpool^, ;and  'earned  a crew   ot  26'hands      Captain    Teattie    belongs      to ������*isley  Dicnnan Mils from Cork. v> Mr   Mi  on   Uie ajcond mute, was a nat ye of  Edinburgh, and was 24 jears of age  belonged    to    Illinois,  and  to    Idaho      The  three  men ,  Uieir     effects  avav c  The  twelve feet long bv     four  icet wide.   iThc* also  took a   we'ok s  piovisions    and  a  quantity  of     tobacco, a-i-J    water      Captain Feattie*  thinks that ������ the iaft did not ������rodt.#  up it mav.h.ue been carried5towards  the    South    Sea Islands 0r the, men^  may have been picked up by a pass-  ing -vessel  .        '-       i   >    .   - ,  c u^vA^'^A,fA  :,'   esv,  ,<JV������V.- i.x>,',/  which .,      *--������*.*c?������*������i*'i -  .'join-^'      '" KX'\l ^  , -this    **    , S *, -V \  :A*.s  rtff  .V  Hobbs  .Seal s  took all  raft was  ������,  an e  1 have as fine a set  of clovei  and timothy on'same held 1 with  as! ovei  saw giow    In addition,   If the-navy-  have a    moinuiolh     stack of stiavv  Hall  of  this  same   ground  pioduced  last season 7VG 2-^ .bushels oats .pel  acie    which  ovciiun in weight eight  pounds pei bushel,  oi  lf> bushels ,on  each 70 bushels, making an aveiage  of about     05 bushels - pei   acie    by  v. eight    As   soon as  the  oats  diligent  nin Last Visit.  Stranger   (to   small   boy)-Is   your  neighbor Jones at honie?^  Small Boy���������No, sir.   He went to Uie  cemetery this morning.  . "When will ho return?"  "He's gone to stay." ' ,  to  Too arcaa For Anything.  Delia���������What did you fall 'out about?  Celia���������Why, we hadn't been engaged  a week before he quit buying boxes and  biought mo candy in a paper bag.-   -"  Tho concierge of a very badly kept  house in Paris hung up at the foot  of tho st.ins n card inscribed as  follows "Pleas*.* wipe join feet on  the mat " A wag wrote undei-  ueath      "AS you come out "  was  hauled on the field, 1 hauowed it  with spung-tooth haiiow, woikmg  the sbatteied oats in Uio giound as  much as possible They came up  veiy thick A Tew davs befoic seeding to wheat I cioss-hauowed thc  field again with spung-tooth f then  ciossed thc last hnirovving with thc  drill, deslio-vmg all thc oats  I used 11 bushels good, clean seed  wheat pei ace. and six quails  timothy and 206 pounds bone fertilise LaM spung the latter part of  Miuch T put sit quuFls clovei seed  per ncio on -same giouiid. ��������� Thoro  ,n inactivity     In  the  lutiiie,    cithei t(j,d     m(, to  ude  down  thc Mamie foico will be lolcgated to , 1)ank and SAV  ��������� I felt 1  land duty oi  it will  lc nitoipoi ated , T   wcntj     amP   altcr  U.e   i est'of Uie pcisonncl     oi , ,   discovered a second wire cun-  - This change may,     how-    "- - laJ(]    ���������)l()cr  *Uic   hush   and  ovei,  ho'   postponed  till thc     otheis *>  have been tucd          '            *-  Mis   tickler - "Bid-you ever see  how all  Uie necessaries of life   have  gone J  up'"     "Wicklcr  ���������  "No,  haven't    all    gone    up  they  Well,   I  to .      ! should hkc to have you mention one  *'o.npiei,i j        hasn.t gone up   '     ' Cer-  I sedges  I back  I  As    1   wes about to  saw  a stcamei   pushing  ide  o'T,  FOR? THE CATS  nd asked the'young engineer  oflicer  ritOVJDIVG FORt THE -J.MS \ o^ J������^\  $������\X J^r-onol  m-  Thc     old.   I'alisuiiiAady who  left ',Ll���������cl,ons  riom_TCiUhenoi_   to lav    a  ������12 a v-eai"  her cat is no  tiling that hasn't gor  tamly.    My salary '\    .  Little Sammy had bcen,so naughty  that he was put in the i cellur for  punishment-*.   Theie--wat.  ilence    for^  loud  l ecent     ycai s  mental y     piovision    for  foi    tho'innintcnanco of,,.      (   hnc  0f nelegi aph  en  the  otner ���������    ^ hnrrel  t^p 0n  t the only old maid  in ,; of tlic ji,ic. and no one in tlie _  who has made testa- 'a|niv in,t the chief and this    youn0      Jfr   m.mW _ "i  a short while, and then came a  kicking . at tho dooi. and a Utile  voice b shouted "PaPa, you needn t  open the door,  but T'vc turned-    the  As^  but  Police Sergeant - "So you shot  tho dog-' Was he .wid"?" Constable  T'la'iagin ��������� "N*o. ������"*- but th' lcadj  he H.at owned byn vas_"  hor fcb^'oiiVccr had wind of thc matter  pots Much more elaborate provi- .wrancc wa.s made not���������doubly  sions vveic contained in thc will     of   tlo1j]v w)e.  an   old   lady.   Miss   Choi lotto     Rose,  _* r  ltnine,   who   died  some eight     yeas, q{      oscntlnB  ago      Spo gave hei   "deal   old white ,    1 ic oui c rU11 cnrried  puss Tit.ens"  and thice other     cats , K   B"^' -   \;      ,      Hoval.  st.  'to a lady fucni*, and d������^f., hc   ,UL^ 1-X*w        The gold is  given  to  pay  this  lady  is  very "little Wheat in this section of  the country this season lit for seed  This is on account of much continued rainy weather wc had I got  all mv wheat in the bain in line  shape btfnre the i amy weather commented Thc quality is fine T think  it will do foi seed wheat without  cleaning, but 1 piea-i* to clean it before seeding, ns t am moie Hum pai-  ticuhn  about seed ol any kind (  MTXTURL rOR HAIIIV C0"ttS  Hatch e>"pciinient.il station is ic-  ceiving many inquiiics lelative to the  most economic giain mivtuics foi  milk piocluctioii AU kinds ot giain  aie iclativelv high at piesent Taking feeding effect and cost into con-  executois ��������� ,���������, -- - ,  vcai foi the niiuiileiiaiice of each cat  so long as it should live "ayng  Riven scv'cial othei cats to othei  poisons on sunilni toi ms, she in-  ti ustod the leniiiindcr of hei puwies  to thc lady to whom "dear old rit-  iens" had been given, and dnectcd  her executor to pay this guaidmn  of hei pets ������150 a year for tlwdr  maintenance so long as any ol Uiom  should live, "but tins," ndded the  caicful testatrix, "is not to extend  to kittens af toi wauls born   4   Theie is a lady at list irsiding in  runs who icceivcs 52,500 a year  fiom one him of Chustmns card pub-  lis-hcis, meicly for thc puvilcgc of  having fust choice of all her designs   Th" new Aincucan IG inch gun is  dO feet long, and, without its carnage,  weighs 12G tons  hei  CI 2     a I.lames'  Palace*  to thc pooi.  Uie  ed  to  hear -the  was rather amus- ,,  children  gossipmg -  Mis.  thev  ���������f-lune  grow  tho  ���������  "IIow  long  'J ru desman  Mis-     Pcachblow      \aso  has   vom   bill  bvon imining?  J_ "Two months, ma am.  n���������d    I    hope���������"     Mrs   Peachblow  Vase ��������� "Only two montlis?  avv^y.     tnem      look     at anything  that is not old  antiques "  Take it  ny thing  f nm a collector of  man of brains?'  The  vei v  vei v.  know  MHIl")  l*ttcll,  about their little playmates  Blank - ' Tbe uttXc ^arb'    ,J,f  onlv keep    on,    how they will  in polite     society when Uicy  up1"  ������������������To what do yod attribute i  curative properties of your "puns*  askeil a visitor at a health resort  "Well " misweicd the pioprwtor.  thoughtfully, "1 sucsa the a^crtis-  mg I've done has had something to  do with it  Vorcman of 7h7Lochcd-in Jury  (impatiently) - "The icst o us aw  acieeJ, and you would see Uie case  ������s wc do if you had an ounce oi  brains" Obrtlnatc Juiur (ledcctiyc-  ,v) 1 "But that's just tne Uouble  I've got more than an ounce.  Suspicious Tad'oT^- ' There stand  i��������� that position, please and look  'trpichfat that notice while I ta>o  four measure." Customer read, the  Peims cash.  Viillionairc - "Is \ourJ..'>nd   wot.ce  co^arnCj?0^.      lea,  ^0^5^"^^  ,hn     Minion.ne    <^!j;^^������*^trWlotU     -"^  udi''  uist  'Co'vuoit  ��������� bb  1 ICll  Christ-  I  wish I  was that uch." \.uias letters. -fco:s?������2������r    *OoX0a.JC&O,DOL5.*O>22.    Oj?  cc  ������>,  ������&o*eoo������������������*������ oaoo������oos ������c^cexwssciisawHjaoeK? ������oeocoe������������s������>o������������������o������  OR BLINDFOLD ON'THE BRINK  OF PRECIPICES^-"^^  CHAPTER XJT,  It may ~N*.' Imagined , with' what  bit*a(hloss inteicst I listened lo Mr.  Montgomery \s story, for It is almost1  nojJIO'B to r email*, tlmt hi Judith  Stokes and her lather I iocoj.nl/od  the     Heve'-ord   Mi    Porter und     his  daughter, 'ihe evnils lekiled could  not have i-.-cuired veiy long heroic I  vv������s {.out as a lltt,le child to Tiibei-  nacle Ilou.se f But thi.s only connection of Jiitlith with Mr Kudwoll  wan sorrow hat |iti7/.ling, tor I had  'never (.cut i> him coino to Ihe hou**e  furUior Vix=k than nhoi.t eighteen  months bul*\o Licit It. Once vvhilo  tho narrative'was picicoerllng, I debate! wilh'ti . iny-i.ilf whether I  should ini'oim Mr Montgomery oT  tho* Identity of "Bill" .Stokes with  my lalo n-sslcr, but for vnnoi-s and  obvious reasons J decided in t tho  negative. '  But n"iiotl*cr vves net .so reticent  At the mention cf the re I hmr and  tho strange ejes, in tho girl, I miw  Josuih'?" fn'ce,'assume un ei.|iros&ion  of nioi.-c. livrclyi. interest, which giad-  uul'y-increased as the iiaiinlor pio-  cc-oJed c to ^escritc the peciill.iiilics  ,of his proteges, ''moie es| cciully fMi-  Slokc'i' love of open-air pienclung.  Mo dnro-d not haz/aid a'K-niuik until , tlio1" story wns ci.dcd, ns Mr  Montgomery's wrath , wns n thing  not to be .disro^ardc.l in Ins drunken  But the inslunt the last  wore spoken,   Josuih     bin st  STOEIES OF DUMB ANIMALS.  Eclating   How    Thoy  Unwittingly  ( Injuiod Thoir Ownor3.  A Belfast woman niunod Wutkliis.  wns sii.speetc.l of having stolen and  hidden 1:1 her house a quantity of  lewoliy valued nt ������200. Detectives  culled und made a thorough so.ucli,  but fulled to Und tho missing property, snys London Aiimwis.  .Just us they were leaving tho hist  loom, having given uji their tiiak in  dosp.ur, a cat which had been slt-j  ting with her kittens 111 4l basket, in  tie corner got up, .stretched hor*-olf  1 ml mewed. Ono of the olllceis  tu mo I   hack',   looked   into   tho basket  ���������������������������������������������:������������������:������������������;������������������:<  V '  ���������   Trixie  ..-..;..-..-..-..-..%.-..>.-..-..-..;.  Davenport's  Wooing  scanning      the advertisement  , b licit,  he   sjduinty  ullero(l_ un  ovclumiilioii  and thoie discovered iiiu'jow'elry"hidden    in      tlio  liny  winch  lormed   tho  soiiiulliiiig with  his  moci.''f)  W'ordw  out:  "I'll  foi felt my life, pi ofussor,  don't  know   wheie  lo   lay  my  h  ujxjri  him al. this moment "  '     "What' -   Bill     StoUs  *��������� and  daughter?"       *-        " 1  "'f'lio'    wry    siime.     Is ho  pvilh     Hlubby    binck   '.'hmr,  a  lurgc  1 mouth, no<-e twisted on one Hide, nnd  crook-ed. legs?"  "1 hut's tho mini."      ,r  . '"I lien It is, no other limn Old  Sriufllcs-J that Silas hns Just boiled  from. f iccogniMjd hnn 111 n 111111-  uto ��������� didn't you,  .Siliis/-'  i was now compelled to ooniVs  that I-did, ^ but much against "my  will, as f,f*6iesawj thntotlns disx-ov-  ery would bring to bght 'nil tiiat f  fao ardently desiiod to keep coucoal-  oi.  Mr'. Montgomery "did not evince   at.  the  nows the plcasuio or  the e^cite-  rncn t  Simile.  that   1, expected,   hut' a ,'quiet  of malignant satisfaction stole  ovvr his face as hejwent on smoking isevered  his    pipe'   ' lb*  ' meu'ly      ieinarkt>'l,,| loused  '"Ihen     lhe    T*(*v     Mi    Foi tor     will  have a  visiloi   nt*<t .Sunday tlmt he  Jittlo expects" v  Then ho added thoughtfully "What  a fool L must L have hcou 11 evei to  have had any suspicion ot this, after  all the stories jou have told mo of  that man und hi**; d.uightei' .' Hut,  to ,.> speuk tho liuth, I novci paid  (ci  them "  upon  you ^for     your  cued  Josiah  ,"'mused  tin* piores-  of surprise, and road  keen' iittuntuin.  ".lust cast jour nyc* over Unit,", ho  snid,      handing    my    tie sheet,  and  pointing wilh his I tiger to a particular , udvcrti**cii ei t      With the     utmost di'muy I lend the following.    '  "Absconded,   '    irom      ',l"nl.ei uncle'  I rouse,    nonr limy St. Kdmiirids,     11  ���������\ounn  iimn,      ninettoii joirs of  age,  about five feet 111110 in lijight,  .slightly  built,  dark  htur  and  iluik,    oyc*.,  siiiiul   ,   foil tin es,   veiy pule  complexion      When he left, ho wns diessc'd in  n  long,    cloiicfill.y-cut     iilpncn  coat,  hluck  wnisl-fo.it and  Uousjrs,  while  not kl Io,   and   loiv-i'iowu,   brend-bi im-  medl hut      Wlincu'i-   will   send   infoi-  niat 1011 .(.hut   will   lead  to   the 111 pie-  hcnsion of t.hc(siuiic to tho Jlevoionil  Air.  Porter,  sli-ill Le hutidsomoly    10-  wiu-ded.     N.   B���������Supposed  lo ' have  loft for  f.oudui      Should   this meat"  hisjujo,  no  further' pioccedirgs    will  lie  taken   against  hnn  ll   ho nt   once  lotuins: but  should he be approhon.l-  ed, he will be proceeded iiguinst'on it1  giavo cluu-ge,    'J'he police uro cm his  tn c':"' ' ���������*  The newspaper dropped'1 from my  linnd, and'I thought I 'hould have  fuiiiled. .Martha wns obliged to  biil,lu,) my face with cold walei to  luuoier mo.      ,  ' Tliuie's nn old villain for you'  But what     rii'cd .vou   four ��������� you've  nivvor done niiytliing "  .She slopped slid 'only, remembering for thn (list limn tlmt I hud  iiuioh to tear; and 'her toiiiiteiiiinco  fell  1 his* little soi'io was not lost       to  a mini J llu* sh������i;j eves of Mr. jMoiitgcniioi-y.' I  'aw   him  uuiotly   noting  it,   but    ho  made no leinni-lc,  .Josuih l.cgau to hector, and boast  whnt ho woiiid do il ho ivcio ui my  PI ure'. , >,  "Ves, you would make 1111 n-=.s of  youiself, - 110 doubt," snoeicd "the  profess-or." '  1 was* lo see Ohna 111'the nflor-  noon; nnd, foi the first time, 1 folt  loath to moot her. , That, 'advert ise-  meiit' ��������� which declared that these  people* had no 'intention of iclin-  (|iiishliiig their hold upon mo, and  weio even now struming^every net ve  to f,ot 1110 hack into (hen powoi, to-  gcthoi with,the thought ol the bond  thai   bound me  to luni  nnd  his,  and  cut's bed     .Tho cut ������ owner i.s   now  expiating,her ciunis in jaii.      ,  Another curious cufr* of an animal  unwittingly      delivering  its     master  up    to.    justu'o comes from Wcdne.s-  burv      An  ironworker of that   town  was cruel  enough   to  llnow   his   dog  down      a    disused    coal  pit flO feet  deep.       The    poor <*miturc'n 'moans  weie heard by pussers-hy, and one of  them iidinod William .Jeavons plucki-  ly  went  down  idul  rescind  tho     un-  foitun.uo ������ beust,  whhh  wn.s     badly  in lured.     Jt was, taken ,to   tl-o     police.station     and    well lool-cd 1 after  and  shortly  lecoveied      But,   as     it  I wiih not known lo whom it belonged,  I no    stops     could ho tnken  to punish  the poison responsible foi   the"   out-  ia"c , N  A week or two Inter the dog was  accompanying 4 one, of the policemen  through' the sticels) when, it, isud-  denly Km into u house unci began to  pluv wilhj.,tho children. , Thc othcer  entered, and the,inastor, of thohou.se  oonfos*-ed (lint tl e don belonged ��������� to  I in", and that I c I ad thrown it "down  the pit ric was at once urtestod  and veiy heavily lined  for .    1- ,  HIS BHUTAL CONIiUCT.  <  A hawker was  recently before    tho  Magistrate    ut     Nottingham    011  a.  charge of poaching.,  suspected  him  for a  mviii lubly railed  to  this oicu.sion,1,however,  they  hnd seemed his dog, cwInch wa.s brought'lu-  lo    court.    The     moment    the poor  faithful      beast    .saw*Its master     it  spuing out ot  the arms of  tho ' po-  Iiecmnii   ��������� and   lushed   tovvaiU     him.  Thc*  oviduiue  was  held   to   bo  ^complete and, the man wa.s lined.  A'most ciuious cube'of involuntary  damage clone by un annual comes  fiom ���������Wnrcostcishiio ��������� t Bui ing 11  heavy thunrlci storm last r August 'a  viihiublo horse got terubly fiighton-  ecl and, galloping up from the held  toward the faun, got wedged 111, its  blind       panic   '     between     a.     who  ���������;..:������:..>.:..:..>.;..;..;..^,;..:,.������.,:,.:..:,.:..:..:..:..;.  "Jhd you notice* how well and happy Mis, illajui looked?" .  'That riueslion ioso to tho1 lips of  nuiny of tho people of tliu vilhigo of  Waxtou us they wondud thoir way  I'.omoward fiom the rhiuch alter tho  iiionniig soivlco. ' '  _ '/Airs. JM11J01V",'queried a relative  irom another jmi t of the country,  tinning to Ins Mslci-in-law, who l.ail  niailo the lomaik, "Do you moan  that lady who has just passed its 111  tho ciiriingeV 'J ho girl ��������� 'j moan  the young wonum ��������� who Mit in tho  pew by'the Mt'o of that elderly, military looking gentleman with tlu  giuy<ihaii*V Why do you call hor  that?    She Isn't���������" :  "Ves, she is!" intcri upLoct the other.     ��������� Sko i.s his wue,  an(i a happier  couple you couldn't l.nu all over tho  e...sloinfcounties,  or aiiywhoio     else,  'I'lint's'tis'tino.as  iho gospel  you've  hoard  pieatlud      this   veiy  morning.  'Jhey suy it's curious how' they caiiio  toMie mairiod and  I'll tollf,.you what'  thoy siiy when wo'ie liming' dinner "  rJ ho good woman's brother'vvu.s not  thcionly. poison 'who' was surprised,  interested  and  moved  by the    'stoiy  of  tho mniruigc  of Toatuto  l O.uoii-  port and jUnior '  Jlutley, 'the (list n-  guished      olllccr,  now  oil  Uio reined  list, o'l" ,"'''        ��������� ' '.  Major iraitloy and J\Ir.' and Mis"  Bavtiiport' had been" friunils together  befoic the nuiriiuge of tho J\ivon-  ports, .so the iiiuijor was a welcome  visili.1* to tlio r, house whenever he  cliancod , lo ho 111 Jinghincl. During  tlio first two yo'ais of their mnirieil  I lie thoy  ���������<r>^iX|i>^i������iw  h in to slay wiUi you for a fortnight, I know tlmt tho manor is  not fur from (ho Davenport count'ry  house, and Unit you aro ulwayn mo-  hig them. Tlmt would throw Arthur Into hor society, nnd ho would  havo tho field almost to himsolf. At  the Hitiiio Hum, tho"fuel of Ins being  with you would add as a lecommcn-  cliition  with Miss  Oavenpcrt."  "J don't think 1 havo much inllli-  uiii'o over AIlsn Davenport,", protested Major   Hut icy. 1  "Oh, haven't you!" evohilmod tho  colonel. "Why, , Arthur ������.iy������ that  she thinks an nwlul Joi. of joii.  Those weio lus veiy words. Slio Is  always mentioning you 111 .some connection or other, nnd you could in-  (hionco hor more than her'own father, 'Tho nuijot,' she calls you, and  it's always something about tho'major, so  Arthur snys."  "J.Ot him comb lo'mo and stay ns  long us he likes'" he cried heartily.  "J mn always rendy lo do. a good  tin 11 to your son or to you for tho  sulsu of old times, Wnllis. f cnti-,  not guiiruntcc tho, 'results, of  course "  As Major JJullcy  wont    homo      ho  mused on this loqiicsi  ���������  "It will  1*0 bostrafter  ' 11  *fei&������^**fc^*Afe*>aafta.ii&j?s&������i|h  I About the -   I  I '   ....House-,I  ill,  .,���������     , ,     , , -  h>iw veiy little of hun,  1 ho koopors had   Iho young Jiouloiiunt  was 'iiwuy  long time    but'���������������������������"���������- *    *   ���������   ���������  caltii  hini.     On   ���������      on  active hcivire, but ho came to���������' see  them', immediately on his return.  J-iltllo Tiixlo wa*? then about,a your  old, and surprised _every one by holding out her bahy >iuiiis'-to* the o.licor  alter a short scrut'ny. From that  time they weio good friends, and. ns  she g 1 ow older4 her liking for thc olllccr appeared to'Increase., ,So con-  flduutuil did , they becoino' tlmt  ���������J'uxie, at tho ago of -tjneu, inform-,  ed hnn that sho would marry him  when sho wns old enough, winch sent  tho young oiheer into a lit of laughter, j, .������.    '    1  Trixie looked a little, hurt, so  Lieutonnnt Hutley smoothed Jus face  nnd stud gravely.,   "Very well,  little  fence and a bain containing a quuii- .woman',  1'11'imiiry you. ' Makcdinsto  much attention  "A   judgment  bad manners'"  "Lid     me see  eor      "Bury  St.   Kdmuu'ls is   about  a'siK-tUiilling    fru o  from L,ondon    ���������  go by the liastein Counties .SinI ion  <��������� 1 can  take the eaily  train on 'Run-  day morning, and got back at iiiglu,  I shall  have  plenty  of   tunc  to     do  my bus'itiLi-s  and 'his.  too "'���������'  i'"What  do you mean  to  do''"  ask-  ��������� ed Josiah  ���������"Never you mind,' 1 will tell vou  all about it"when I get back "  '"Oh, what a jolly icvenge it  be, for all he made us sutler  'bowl the*; old hypocrite out so  clean!" cried "Josiali, gleefullj "i'ou  can give mine and fcjilas' coinpli-  ments������������������"  "No,'no;  ffor Heaven's  sake,     do  will  to  mo  ,so  utter ly   from    her���������  up    a    tiain       of     pu nful  thoughts ������   ,"  XVhat was I doing'1 ��������� feeding a  mat! love foi 0110 woman, while an-  otl.ei coulcl 'claim 1110 us hor hus*-  hiind' How could it. all end, but  111 miseiy" U Oliua should leain to  love uio, and then discovci all, what  a monster she would   think  me'  In the-live of sui.li  impending dim-  gei, hut one rouisu was open* to me,  to see hei   loi   tho lust time,'bid hei,  adieu    and   then   fly   fi oni. her'ioipv-  er^    Yes;   r would da  it.'11 mv,heart  broke in   tho ehoi t ��������� ''J'hese thoughts  and  lesolulions   jmssetl   thiough Any  mii'd, In my bedioo.ni. as 7 vvlis pie-  piui'ig foi  my walk.     I felt  of cited,  and net veil  by  iiiiemliitl    eh-^ici ifice,  ami   fully piop.ued to cany it out  , I culled in'at Jllai tha'sAus  f .passed bv, for something 1 Ji,id li;ft there  Mi    Montgomeiy  was  pici>.ning    'to  go out js I entered, 'and ho pioposed  to  hear  me  compaii>   us  i.u   as  our  mads* lay together  X could mil decline his. proposition  without  appealing uncivil.  "Don't j on make* youiself uneasy  at out that advertisement," he said,  as we    wall.i'd   'along.      "It  is half  gas, especially that pai t about thc  .������ot*mention my name in any way' police Jfe must, sot *-omo value up-  "i exclaimed excitedly. on vou������   to make thls  flIw. ��������� Tlieie's  "Why not'" asked Mt- Moi.lgom- something moie in this than vou  cry, turning shaipiy rouj-1, and cast- know ofj ot tliooM. to tell," he adding .upon me one of his old sciutnu/- 1 e.|,    ^wL|,   a Muv, p    ,oo!c      ,.L  know.  I3ill Stokes so well, he wouldn't take  tity of tt hay and valuable agiicul  tui.il implements l^ightiling'stuiek  the fence and, -.passing thiough the  body, of the horse, killed ,it, aftei-  waid setting fiie to thc bam,, which  buincd untiilit was completely gutted and' 'all* its contents dcstioyed  beyond tho possibility-of recogni-,  tion      '     1 ri  Perhaps the most utter, linn ever  mllicted upon humuii' beings'by, domestic animals wa.s 111 Patagonia  four 01 five yeais ago A number of  Scotch riofl/jis cm ignited to north  Patagonia and began sheep fanning,  nt which they weio veiy "successful  'J hey biought out with them several  valuable, collits, and these for **,a  time did good work  l.ut one wintei one of'these funnels-, died suddenly. r His.clogs. Jjleft  without food, began to;-dovour bthe-  shoep They, 1 an away, utook to^ the  lulls, and became the progenitors of  .1 race of wild dogs which come  down 111 packs and kill tho sheep  by hundieds. .   a   ��������� , ,"���������  So'sei ions have' mallei s ..become  that a bounty of XL' a head is ollei-  ed for.these wild colhoa ( If they aie  not ���������* 'soon exteiminated. it is said  that the- -settlement..must1*be given  up. owing to the lavages of these  animals.     ,.  me one of his old sei utilising "glances.  J'Pecauso ��������� becaii'-c  "    t   could  not give  a reason.  "Why, what are jou nigh toned of  TTo can't hurt you now." said .lo-  siah, icontemptuously  . "Oh, please to promise that jou  ������������������will not'speak of me1" 1 pleaded  He did promise > But, somehow, I  put very, little faith in his keeping  his word. >  "When I was at oid Brown's, the  printer's," said .Josiah, "1 heaid a  good many things about our revei-  end pastor, who"* was not 111 veiy  good odor, except among his own  i-ect, in spite of his sanctimoniousness When he first came into, the  town, he was an open-air picacher,  wiih no chapel or congiegation, but  he managed to ingratiate himseh into the good graces of a bevy of old  women, and upon the death of the  minister of Little Dethlehcm, which |  happenid  about thc same time,     the ���������  thev  e'ders,  or   deacons,  or whatever  call themselves,  of the   chapel?    got  him  appointed.   , So he set     hnn-elf '  up as n  converted  cobbler,  and,     as'  converted     reprobates     of  all  kinds  were the  rage just  then,  he  dropped ',],fj  -into  a  tidy      thing,   moie especially,   '..jj  after he set up  that nuuerj-  for no-,c   body's children.     There was  .u good | jj   deal of scandal  about the goings on  alPthis lioiiblc without some very  good le.ihon lint as I sulci be-  loie, this day week, ihat he may be  advertised  for as  'Abscond, d ' "  Jt hud some chfliculty in shaking o(T  niy���������comp.iiiion, anil did not succeed  in'doing so until my attempts were  too palpable even to be ignoicd.  "I sec jou wish to set ud of me,"  he s.ud,r  at   last,      with a pcculinr  j laugh      "Well,   I suppose we all have  I oui   scciets,      and  oui   secret  visits,  oven tho most demure ot us   Humem-  ber 1110 to hei "  He waved his hand and left me. I  believe the hist was only a stray  shot ��������� a meie commonplace je-rf,  but my face must have uiimistakablv  told so keen an  thc tight mark  me, his ivav seemed for. n timij  be tho same as my own   fot  J  him  sti oiling  at some  distance  hind       At   lust,   howei or,   much  ENGLISH FORTUNES."  ?500,000 Left by Each  o������ 206 Per-  '   sons Who Died  During 1902.  . During the,piesent year 1206 persons have died leaving estates' valued  at over ������1011.000 each, the aggregate being ������oS,015.J 12. 'J'he average ago of these persons was" nearly  70 years; one-fourth of them were  SO or ovei, and six were over , 00.  The Chancellor 01 the Exchequer  1 eaped death duties amounting to  ������18,513,71d  For the most part this wealth has  been slowly^gained by people who  made careful investments during  their long lives Little trace could  be found of fortunes which had "been  quickly acquired bv  speculation  A further an.ilj-siv shows that  there were five estates of ovei' Cl,-  000,000, seventeen between S500.000  and ������1.000,000, twenty-four from  ������300,000 to * ������500,000; thirty of  from ������200.000 to ������.-500,000, forty  from   ������200,000  to  ������-'100,000,    fortj-  obseivoi   it had  hit   one*  of  from  ������150.000   to  ������200,000,  Kven after he  leit   nnd eight-v-nine of fiom ������100/100 to  ������150,000.  The death recently of Col.' Harry  ircCalmont, whoso estate probably  amounts to ������3.000 000, will he another haivcst for the Lord Ch.'tn-  celloi.  to  saw  be-  to  j my relief, T lost sight of him  j Had r looked through thov Telegraph that momnic 1 should' have  seen two other ndvn t icemen ts that,  concerned mo equally with the one r  lead      One ran' thus  the   / vhung i'liin  named S   who     leit T   I rouse,     near  fiJ  *sl     i: .  on  tho  .'11st of Au  lost,  ...       ,,        ,       ,,       IT        . .gust  Inst,    will    communicate     with  of himsef and  a arrs.   Ilumphnc's -  Mw.srs       Po  lc  ^    Ql|ick    foIlPlto���������  ono of  the  most   devout ,of  thc    sis- >No _ ,,rav,s  ,nn    hc vi���������      _ ,_  ters,' and  there  wus some suirv . 01 \lhinf! l0 ,,^ nf|v.intnK,. ������������������  a young    girl      that  I  never    could      T|uq     J(Ue|| ,���������.���������,,.���������t       uhl(l|l    ,(   ,  make head  nor  tail  of       llicn   iheic , hcc���������     lnscrtPf,  for  thrce  con.rt.utlV0  was a talk about a joung gentleman   dll���������  p,-t.viousiv,   was   obso.v.*-'!       bv  of good family, that used to ho seen , jMr    Montgomoiy  for  the  lir=t      timo  that     moin-ng,  and not pointed  out  to nie for certain ri"*sons of hi** own  The MXond   Was  coucned   in     thepc  terms  with Miss Judith. if I'd liavij jiiud  attention at the time, I could have  picked up heaps* of things about the  two,   but,       once,   out   of Tnbcrnnclu  feel  at all interested |   '.-,������,,������������������,,,   thls  Hou^c. 1 didn't  in the matter."  While we were .vet talking, old Mr.  '.Toiinincrs came down stans to go to  his morning's work , We hud <-at up  .the whole night. ft was ju*-t live  o'clock.  Spito of my new anxieties, I full  a9loop the moment my head touched  tho pillow, arid woke about five  hours* tifteiward with a splitting  headarli/*. the lcsult of thc late hours  and dissipation.  Martha had a good Jaugh nt my  miserable looks when I went to  broa.kfo.sl "Well, M.i-stoi Si'as. if  onybody had told mc such a thing,  I would not have believed it The  Jdoa of your sitting up all night,  drinking gin and water! Well, I  ���������shall believe anything aftoi   that "  Neither i\ft*    Montgoiroi v nor    Jo-!  Biah appeared ������-ntil much later   Thev  took Uio Telegraph between t hem and  d)scus.scrf     It    over   their lueakfast i  iWhilc  "Uw j}rote-=������tV7"  ������m juin-jaidlv ,'  morl tl'i 1 vi* ot tho  jvoiing nmn who dopos'tetl .-1 suit of  jdothfs with the ovner of rhi������.<* Cot-  t tagc, Mopporlon he will oblige bv  nt onre sending to. or calling por-  Isonallv upon J. II , lUorlcv's irolol,  Trafalgar Hqunro "  This     lust,      if    ob������ervod  by   Mr  Montgomery.      convoyod  no moaning  to hnn, as T had  fold Iho episode to  which it  rofoirorl only to   Martha  Hnd f scon nnd attended to thos/.  advertiscment-**, how chflciuni might  have been thc oafnstiopho of this  story1  (To  He Continued!  TIIKRE WA.S  NO HUKUY.  Tho "meonistcr" of a certain  Scotch pitn-*-h_wa.s walking one mi������-  tv night thiough a stieet in " the  village'when he fell into a deep hole  on the top 01 the w.u<.r pipe.** which  weio boim; ropanod.  'Iheii* w.i*~ ^10 ladder by winch he  could m.iki his escape, and he tegan  to shout   for  help  A Inbtnor passing heaid his cries,  and, looking down, asked who ho  was. , J  'Ine  minist'*!    told   him,   whtrcuponj  the laborer icrnarkcd  "Wiol,     wcel,   ve   noiyln,)    kick      up,  sich  a   noise        You'll   no'   hc  needed  afore      Saw bath,     an'    this  is    only I  '1 Inn sclav nn hi'"  'and grow up!"  ,. Tiie ycuiH went bv. Lieu tenant  Hal ley J boc.une captain'and majoi,  and ro,tuined with'his regiment to  the ohl .country He h'ad not hoard  much of the Davenports during J'his  stay 111' tho East/, and he was unable  to .trace' "1110111 at first,' hut ho at  length mei Mr and Mis. 1 Davenport  by accident on a Klime steamer dining a tour'on the continent  Tho meeting was a plens.mt, one  for both sides,' and when'cordial  greetings had 1 been exchanged ,tho ma-  jor, asked ",   ,  "And what about my little friend,  TriMo*" She is getting to be quite  a woman, now, and has foi gotten  mc,  I expect."        'a    ..    <.   ^  "She is studying (at a Get man  high school for'girls, nnd she will go  to ~a Parisian school to finish," 10-  plied her mother; with n -touch of  pride. "She is turned 13 now, you  know, major."  '  They spent a day" 01 two together,  seeing^ some ' ot thc sight's ot * the  Hlune district, and then'the 'major  returned'to'England A week later  he was olT (o Egypt,' to lemani-theic  for four years.      .       A      *-,*���������,    -   v  Those four yeais'made a'great  change jn Trixie , bhe was 19. and  a chatming specimen of budding womanhood. Sho had been presented  and was "out," and her fathei and  mother were anticipating with , thc  pleasant four . peculiar to such circumstances that'thou- lovely daughter would bo demanded oi thorn by  some eligible member'of Mho highest  societj-  "T shall not leave father "and you,  dear mamma1" declaicd Tii.vie, softly "t shall not marry at all, 1 believe." >  "Ah1" exclaimed her falhei, who  had enteied in tunc to ovei hear tho  last icmark. "Wait till Mr. Pight  comes, and then we shall see J 1 say,  what do< jou think''" .he continued,  addressing bolh-ladies "I've had a  letter from ITatlov-. He is giving up  his appointment and is coming back  to take up Di.s lesidence at Hatley  manor. .  So "Major Hatley came home, the  manor having, beenvsel in 01 dor for  mm and servants'engaged His first  visit vvas to the Davenports, wh'eie  he saw his former .small fi lend and  companion in the form of a beautiful  j oung wonijin, tall, giaceful, cliai ni-  ing.     *  'Vou ought to marry,   Dick,"  said  AD\ .Davenport  ono 'daj*,   while     discussing a cigar.     " That's a fine old  place of j'ouio, and it wants a   mistress to complete it.    I consKlei  that  you  are not keeping  up  the leputa-  lion of the manor, and are drpriving  some woman of a good husband     by  lemairiiiig     .single      Why    don't you*  look about lor onC"  j    Major     Hatley    was silent for     a  wh'le      When he s-pokr* his voici; had  ���������Just-ji  trifle-of sadness In il^? tone.   .  j    "I  daresay     jou     ar-,*   right,"    he  I said,  "but     tho diiliculty would     be*  to find a woman who vollld  t.d������e ine  j and whom i liked."  i    "Weil,  well,"    laughed Mi  tport.  "there is a wide field  Ijei-tfor,   and   j'ou  have  tlrno  ' to look, about."  J   The, Davenports and the major w.;nl  j to  London for  the winter,  but     tf<;  Davenports  n tin i:<*d   lo  I before     the rnajor went  I o     SCO  her sett led. n lie's 'a good lad, I  know, so I hope ho will, mnko her  happj'. I wonder whnt made., mc  say twos going back nnmodiatelyV  Still, ilvvlll bo ns woll u.s stojn ing  lieio. I can tpuL a-word 111 for  young-.Wullis before lie comes. Ah,'  mei Ho hasn't'giaylinlr 'nnd mus-  tatlu*!������i ' .,*.''"       ,   <  'lhe Pavoiiports. weto surprised and  jilensod to sec hun buck ourlioi ,thnn  intended, j ' Tuxio wclcomod^Wiim  waimly.Mind ,the mnjor, thought' ^ of  his^p'oiiiiso' ITow 'should ho introduce thp subjccjl ol young Walli&V I To  wondoi od If he could ,) o^rln the con-  ver*-cition fhy reminding" her, of , her  childish lemark ��������� ' * J '11 mairy you  whon I'm growed up!" ��������� and then  lend on to Arthur. " , .       1  "C have wondered of lalo," he  said, going ,boldly lo the subicct us  thoy walked side by side, "why j'ou  huvo not accepted some young'1'lel-  low for a husband. ; I nm sine that  you had a good .selection."   '  "1 don't,   wnnl .' omc .young follow  for a husband,   major," she replied,,  cpiotIng* his own words, , .' " '  "11 would bo bolter llimi some old'  man ��������� some man with giny Jinir ���������  would  i(   not'?,"  "I -��������� I 1 cully," she began, hesitating. Then, observing Unit his oyes  weio fixed on hers, she blushed pivt-  tilj'.- "Major," sho said, .simply, '"1  suppose it .would be icgarded'ns veiy  unwomanly, but I mn going to, do'  11" Mold ,you as a^child that. I  {would marry you when 1 wn.s big  enough, and 1 am still of lh.it opinion!" Slio held out'her hand "Do  vou think 1 am big enough'1 .yct?'V  Maior ITallcy" asked himselt if he  could, believe "the. evidence of his.oars  and ej;es ' ,11c leah/od.iwhat ho had  J.felt, but^md Irjed to liidc fiom himself, namely,filial he loved this gnl'  asVpassionatoly, as man .could lovo  Yet,'vCas il fun- to-her? - ,.f ' ," "  "J am gray huiiod, Trixie," he said  giayely, but taking her hand as if  ho feared sho would agree with him  and "draw away,   "and���������"  "I like it," icsponded Tumo "1*  have nol changed my mind since "I  was a utile girl." If j'ou think 1 am'  now 'j;rowed up,' then 1 nm1 ready "���������  -'J'he major felt rather ashamed' of  Ins ])ionusc ito Arthur..W.illis "not  having been kept,t but hc wioto  Frankly to Coloncl.-Wallis,. and *,* hiss  explanation wav ^accepted ���������'jiist as'  finnkly."   , .JJ~.   ,' , ,"*���������,,  Thus it c.tmc about'that Trixio'be-  canie "Mis Maio'r,'" and tho. 'union*  has been blessed -wjlh_ the greatest  happiness,    ii      ,, "*,     ,*      i,  MODEEN"TGtfN-"M:AKING*..--   v  : OAUJ-J OI������".IKONS.  ,       ;' '  Tho proper cnio of .smoolhing*iroMS  Ih homutliiiig which very'many houso-  koopoi.s neglect and'.nothing im iuoio  nuct'SMuy lo siuti-ss  in  doing     good  laundry     work    than  clean,  smooth  irons,    in   "doing  up"   of  (Ine     giu-  nionts   ' (hoy piny a most Important'  part,  for no matter  how  white   and  ilonr tho fabric     it tho 11 on,      with  which  tho finishing iouches "nro   put  011, is'i-ough and rusty, Iho unnnont  Miiemed irom     tlio rough and soiled  iron  they will  be a discredit' to  tliu  one  who  has      toiled  lu vain,      and  will not   louvo  (he ironing hoard  "a  thing  ol  bonuty;"  but -smutched  and  only  bo  lit for another  visit  to   the  tub.* When  there aro many .starched  clothes to he dono( up'every week, it  ih a  good plan     'to  wash' tho  irons'  ovory week before putting ihem  , up,  otherwise It will 1101 bo necessary lo  vvash  them     ho often,    Wnsh      thcni  '(lioioughly. with a-clotinJ nig,   water  and  soap 'and set  them  on  the  buck  of the. stovo.to  dry.    To clean  1 hem  when   rough   or  i listed "from  'dampness,   plnco a'handful >of coarse salt  .u|ion (n 'pnper-luid rub* the non ''on'  tlio   salt. 'Grcon   collar  boughs      aio  Julso giiod v,'to*������cloiUKtlieni.**'  Hub  tlio'  hot. non rapidly over 'iho cedar,', then  'put on  a'dry cloth..  Thls^will  leave  thorn .sin'oolh*;'; Irons, should not ���������**,' lie'  ko|)l  upon   tho  stovo  when   not    'in  use, as (Ms wilulnjure (ho temper of  thejron  f nor ,' should   thoy  bo  left  upon  the Move  when   cooking  i.s~being'done,  especially if .thoio In danger or  boiling over,  or, if something  is being^ *_fried.    Afler cleaning     tho  uons on-'iupupor (for uso when iron-  ,Ing),-havc ready for-the piiiposo     a  pad,' ninde.of bees' wav,  winppcd  iu  a thin pieco of'clolh.    Hub this over |  the fiico of Iho" non",   then  rub   tho  iron  on a clolh, nnd il w;ill be'clean  '"'d.���������li^moollii.*. J.Juiiving  a, beniitiful  polish   oiu starched  garineiits,   ir  tho  starch      lias   been   properly'cooked,'  Whilu ironing,  if tlio staich sticks  to  the iron, remove with  tho .blade of,a  knn'o hefoio placing il,'on thn llio or  theio will  be  ugly, brown", (lakes  and  .smears  left.upon   tho  clothes    lions  jn opei Jy,   cared     'for will'hist     for  generutions,' or thiough'neglect'  and  carelessness  they     will  soon' become  lough'and unfit for, use.    "  "'?  noAriosTio "Rinoi'viiis.  Slowed Celery���������Cut i-������u<iry in short  stulk.s, using only tho wlilto stnllcs.  Cook in Hulled , water ������.'ll lender.,  Mnko a sunn* of ono luL*Mi,pponluI of  Hour and two of butter, w.xl a pint  of ci'lury broth. Stir Mil it thickens,  fieiison wiih null ' and popper, 'pan.,  over the celery and airango icuuid  (hu dish Koiim hinull squares of wull-  browned toast.   Servo v.-*t*y hot,  Fried Parsnips���������Scrap** f'hein well ;  cut in hall lunglliwlsu���������hi -//iree slices,  if (ho roots aro lurg<c���������and jmrboil,,  (hem. - Uip caoii p|0(.0 |��������� bmUiii egg,  I lien in cracker cruiiil.s, and fry lu  hot fat, Tuk0 up on pap^r tlmt 'will  absorb tho fut ami ipuclcly Iranafdr  to a dish. fi  Lemon Tarts���������Ileal together tin co-  fourths of a pound * <,/ hut tor, and  threo-fourths of a pound of sugar,  then add the beaten yolkn of twelve  eggs, (ho jmVo of two Lugo loinon.s  and tho gralod rind of Uiroo. Jluko  In tail Hlicll'i lined with'-jull pusto.  I hose aio vwy dollc-ato and do-  IicIoum. 'Tho reclpo b'UJongod in 1111  old southern  funiily.  Icecijio    for JJiwui���������pai*o nina>   mo- ���������  diuin sii-oil  potatoes ami put  to  boil  in,three quarts ot wale.-*.' When soft  tuko  U���������.���������,  oui. in a <on������.v,illon  ;,jar '  unci  mnsh     thoroughly,   leaving   the   '  water al a boiling point'   Into   tho -  mushed potaio     stir otio quart'    of  silted  y flour,      one smell     teacup  or  Hugiir,' one-half      tonoiijiKil 'of "suit  ;'  mix (ogolhor,  thou poiii^c'cr, .slowly  .stlii'iiig;,UJ tho/llmo, tho '.hioo quarts ...  ol   Iioilinu  .water.    It   should' thicken  111   it tie;granules  . much like irilinilo  pudding,, Who,, v, lukewarm,".'add | uvo ���������  '  .yoiist qUkos 'which have boon sonking  forlsovoral^hour.s.^nefo.^'yonjcnow  i���������  il  tho*,iar will bojroundln,- fuij.   ,Sl,lr.-  down-onco and sol on, the"cellar Jiot-  tom,  covincd closely.'  Jn ,lho   morn-'    '  ing as curly us yr?u ph-nso lake three  bowlfuls  of* this yeast and  ono   ' of  wurni water, -  add,ono tahluspoonrul"  of sugar,   ono     of suit mid ono  lea-  , .  spoonful     of, melted'   lni-xi or butior. ���������'  Mi\* (o a slid dough and sot to rise, ' -  then mold it liito loaves, lotting each   *  double 'in si/o.   This  makes' a , vury  nicer velvety, ������mol������l,bi������nid, and is so,"  eii.sily 111(1(10,(1 novice Jiuod huvo,  no    >'  fear of fail uro. , ,    , u.    ,     '  rl'  EUROPE'S' GRANARY.  Groat   Possibilities   tn.  ��������� i1*    1        ������  Kfilo Dam. -  "tho     Now  .ECONOMIES.  Tho Most Powerful Weapons in tho  '   *   'World. '     *   "   ' ���������      '  *> V l r   -    ,r  During    tho    past    two ycuis    the  Putish  navy has   been   stiongthened  by tho addition    of wl new typo     of  gun,  which    will  uiidoubtodly ' go    a  long ,way towards ensuring the    supremacy of Cre.it'Iiritain  over ' the  seas'foi   many j-ears to como.     This  gun, is known as  the 12 inch     .steel  ancLwiie    gunf   and is not only'the  best, weapon  which 'the  Royal  Navy  has ever had,  but is far superior  to  any gun possessed     by    any- foieign  I'owei       Although     it only     weighs  fifty tons  the new gun will bo_  the  heaviest in the" sei vice, seeing that it  is taking the place of the  110, 100,  80-ton guns,  of which  no  more   aie  to  be made.     lVh.it-the new-.weapon  lacks in -weight.     however,  it-makes  up m power, being capable of tin owing shells a  distance of no* less than  twenty miles      No  .iccui.icy  of   aim  could,    of     com so,    be obtained  or  mainUrncd at this long distance, the  efiective range  being 16,000     yards,  or  between nine and ten miles      Al-  togelhei   thc"gim is 41  feet 111 length  and has the ama/.ing mu/zlo velocity  of 2,.'j(37    foct per second, the     pi o-  jectile  weighing 'S50   pounds       Finch  mnn-o'-war will  cm rv  four of   those  formidable  weapons,   and   when     (he  navy is supplied  thev  will  bo issued  to  the foils on  thc so.i fronts    A re  malleable  feature  icgarding .this gun  is ..ln.il tho  breech  mechanism  is    of  .1 veiy simple design   easilv taken to  pieces and  put (ogolhor again,     and  can bo *  WORKED 11Y ONE  -     '- HTCAI  ���������ASoveral ,.ycius <��������� ago,' nn exchange  published some letters-: from 'housewives showing how thoy 'econonii/ed/.  and, ,11 quolulion, fiom oliclis' as  valuable to-diiy us 'when' it was  printed.) She  writes   : , J,,     ,'  ';RxpcTiento has taught, 1110L that  gi ainilatecl" sugar X13 , cheajiost.'; -The,  best molasses is*us dear as-.sugar,  icing and fancy cakes aro 1o3cpensive.  Icings made with milk are cJheapest.  Jfake layer cukes 111 'dripping'pan and  divide* (ifteivuird.-i'Oood cookies keep  best 1'ies .uro cheaper, than pud-  clings .Clfa'ted pumpkiir, will ro'ok  .while mopining crust. -A tablespoon-  ful'of'coui stari'h. equals one ogg in  pumpkin pies Mock mince pies are  healthiest. 11 takes moie timo , .to  make   r knick-knacks'    than  .substan-  tlllls'. '   ,.<"   ,'       .     1'. ,1 ���������;.!;" ,-"  A ppt-i;oast .' is ,tho cheapest    beef  if cooking,   while .linking.   Puddings  .steamed houis take  too  much -fuel  ;  fuel iSjWorlh saving "Cheap food le-  qiiiung.long *-cooking is not,cheap"  Peas,   beans, '- aspni agifa ������and celci������.  cook  tender 'j.sooner'^vhen  a,    littfo  scidn is added.    Druggist's bi-'cuibon-  ,ate  ,^oJ soda is best', Potatoes keep  bread moist. ^Dampened coinmeal on'  a caipet pjevents  dust in sweeping  I make     my own  chesses and     find  papei .   patterns  a good" help    flood  muleunls,  quiol^   coloi s, tnnd modest  styles servo best,   and  do   not   need  fiequont' changing    In  lacf,   111   each  duty 3  liy to lomemher :  "Economy  is a virtue,"  but 'Taisimony' is     a  vice.'-'   -- '  l)aven-  for      ���������<;-  enough  ���������\Vhatf-is    undoubtedly  and  heaviest   gun  in  the  MAN.  Ihe bij  world  gesl,  has  l.ttelj' heon built  by  Uncle Sam,    at  the     United    States nrscnnl,  Watcr-  vlict, Now'york. j Its ini'igo'is Claim-"  ed  to  bo ono mile moie  man  tl.e 111  inch  st<el     and  wue gun  with  which  the    Uritish    navy is being supphed,  but it    is      nearly     thice  times the  weight      Altogether   the  new   Amcu-  ciu gun     woigliu I U'l   tons, is nearly  .���������jO fecu    long,    and hies a projectile  weighing no Ii scj than 2,,'570 pounds  Machinery     lo  the value of   C](iO.-  01(1 had to ho specially  built   in    \���������>  the    country ' dor    to     make Liiin gigantic weapon,  hark  lo    the' tli/* .Lc tual  making of which h.i.'i  t.ik-  -   ������ WALL  POCKETS.  ' To hang near the dressing ,table  have a few wall pockets nicely made  of In-own linen. A pocket lor the  brush and comb may bo squaro-coi-  nercd, nine by c'irIiI inches Divide  this po.-kct by "a stitching, leaving  one-thud lor the comb unci two-  thnds t for the buish ! bind the  pocket with velvet iihbon Decorate  tlie tronr with a -spiny of violets and  leaves Crochet thice ungs and  pinto at each coiner und one 111 the  contei acioss the top to hang it'by '  Tho ungs should be covered with  c rochet work tho shade of the 110-  bon Cardboaid is the foundation  lor till (hose pockets  A pocket for the*, whisk-bioom  should correspond with the hi ush  and lomb pocket It .should he  eight hy five and one-halt 1111 lies  Tho top and bottom should he neiu-  ly two inches above the lower edge  01  the case ,  A  pocket   for tho sei*-;  or>  may     ho  made in like munnoi Cut a piece of  ciidboiiHl ten inches long and thue  and one-hall' inches wide, tapering  one. end to ono and one-halt incho*.  Cut pieces 01 caidboaid eight Inches  long, lour inches wide at one,end,  and liyiei ing to correspond with.the  small" end oi the 'pitsteboard ''Cover  with linen and sow both pieces together Ilecoiati' with cmbioidorj*-  unci ribbon.  Tho'jatesl, stage or lhe upbuilding''   . "  of modern .   Kgypl,  which  wn.s" col(.'-, -   -  bratod   icceiilly  by tlio ceremony,   of,',  declining     (ho ���������*- 'giCat Nile" losurvou-/   ,  al    Assouan     open,.niifrks1 the   ,.011-'"  trance of that historic land'into''the'   ,-������.  uinks of  (hCgieat, pfoducois''of'iho'   1''  woild     fclf,. as ijnedictid,   the .work-  "  ing    of     the now 'water system will,", '  double tho pioductivenu'-s" of/riTcoun-     "  try whose,soil^neods only tickling 1,0    yJ  yield'A  harvest,  ' ,optimists 's*ay    'iti    ''  vvill   becoinc the 'giiuuiiy  ol  EuYope. *  /The corilitist    between  tlie.jneseiit   * '  possiljililies of{agiicullute''iii  , lower(,r"  "I'-gyPt and  those opened  out* by , tho  new dig mooting woik must, make llio   ,  clovclopment of  Egypt  in< the     nevl  few years'.tv matter of interest to the'  whole, world. ,* The.condition  hither-/'  to  has been ,111111 it never uiins  -',in'''  upper Jdgypi,  while, in "lower.  Egypt,  rain, is -a.negligible"quantity. ' , '1 lie  Egyptian ..'agi icuiturist in" the   most  laborious,, way tried 'to'insure/,'his  cro[>  by having    it watered at 'lcasx." ' "  once'in tin00'weeks ' This madoVthc  CMin'.cost, due.'lo the absence.of rain 'V  about;.?12    nno..,.icie    'The   Jarmcr,;  know'that ho could  not   expect rnmf *  in the months of; Apul, JM.iy,   .u.Iune  '^ ���������A'  and ,.July   ,  liis   h.u vest   timoy, was' *-c",,}  in Afiuchiaiwl April   , When the cropsi,   ! J  wore gatlieied 'the  land  Jiad "to; .lie   '���������  fallow, till' tlie^ne-vl^flood.VwIiicii "us^-"' Vi-1.  ually began  111 rAugus-l ,   -D   V, "'. \.       '' ,  'Novv*������  this has_ bocu*JUtci'od;,,,*ior"'-i/ '\  ubpvc*the'''dam lit"'Assouan1 Uicio.in.  a r'cscivoir   144"5   miles   long ���������    The,"   ,*���������;  uver    'will    ,.sometimes  be" drimmed    -    ,'  back  to  11 height      of   sixty-six, feet -  above   "the   present,level, .and     IhoJ-  quantity of water impounded will ho '  a thousand million "tons "J "When  tho  liver is using ,m 'Augu&t'I80 sluices' 1,  will   be opened,   and  the led a  walei V  containing,   the"1 . funiou<s  "fertilizer       ���������   c  known  as Nile mud  will-.pa.ss  fiecly-..^  thiough      When  tho Hood  is subsid-/- '  ing and tho water is^ clear   and whon    k  (he discharge of  tli',* Nile has ' fallen,'  lo  about 2,000  tons a second, .. tho  sluices will  be gra'dually. closed,  nnd      *    '  between r Dccembci ' and  Afai c*h' * the  lesoivon- will gradually fill up    "      .^  It was      ul  im   "At-lToino "   '���������The  young "inan     ,c.uno  in  and  made his *  way to tho Iiostess) giecting hei  and  apolbgi/ing     foi   his  latenc-c*.    "Aw-'  fully glad      to mic jou/jli    IJJnnk,"  saicl tho hostess      "So good of   you  to come.''"And     all  the wily,,   fiom  town,  too'   ' Hut when* is j'our bro-  Ihier?"    '"I am commishioned to tender, his 1 egrets      Vou see wo arc so  busy.'just now that it was, impossible for both "of us  to get awny,  and  ���������-o  we  tossed  up  to .sec* which  of us .,  should , c-ome "     "Jfovv nice'     Suchv  an ouginul      idea1      *\nel 'j-ou  won''"i. ."  "No," 's,ud   the you g man,  absent-  '  ly,   "I los-t." "     , *     - .    .'  * .'  a   '  Angiv rathrr-in-i.aw ��������� "UkIh'I  vou tell mo when .vou man ied my  daughter thai you weie worth .E'lo,-  000'" Son-in-Law ��������� "No, sir; I  i.iid that f could lay my hnnrl on  ���������������10,000, hut had T d������i;2 so I s'hould  now be m sraol "  qui'i'k iio\n;i.n<r  A little boy was lalo *i hy his parents to lhe the.itu* (o witneis the  perfoi inanct of a. d(imr<*lic ioin<cly,  cluriiiK one 01 the acts in which ('in  altercation takes place between the  suppo^-d man and wife  1 faving 111 rive.1 Iiiiiiii , his reothet  n<--ked limi lo I'll tho guc**,t how h"  liked   the plaj  "I liked it veiy well," lispivl (ho  child, looking up al his mother,  "but w-Ii.v i\n\ that lady arid gentleman qimirrl in Ihe piorence of so  many  people?     When   vou   and   papa  manor. It was during this extr.i|en .ibruil four jours In spite of its  sojourn in I.omfon that an incident Jf-nniinoiis hulk* and weight, however,  happened which had the edecr. <i/ ( the gun hi as easily handled as the  I changing tie* course nf two lii'i-t. t lightest /ie|<| pic**i' 'Iho hrereji-  j'lluj rnajor mot old Crtloro-I Hilf[������, j |,|ock weigh*, one Ion but, i*. *<i cor,-  whi, hud hoin his siijk rlor nlh'01    al,tu\isl mat  11 c-lnlcl loiild opi rato lhe  md   the  hitt. r  i aid  hoy,  Mlw,  good  quarrels you nlwaj's  clooia :\ml windows so  he.-n   you "  ilnic   all  is no one  tho  can  Last  year   7;J8,<100   copies   i  Hible in   Japanese weie tu ruin Led  Japan.  lhe  111  'one     I irno   111   Jndi.i  Jp<-k'-d  n   fiivor .  ' I l'i  I1I05  (hi*.,   old   follow,"  the coloml,    l.'iinilinrlj-.     ".My  Arthur,   is quito ui  lovo  with  Uratifrij IJ,].,, nporl.     Jfc'n      a  hid,  and ho will  havo :i  fair   amount1  of morioy    wh'n  his  iiiirle die*)��������� hi*������  gieul-uiii le, I should mh, .    Vou know  uli   about       I hn I     nlT,������ir,       f fa Hoy;   11  ought  lo come   lo me.  but   f   ralhei  oiu'iided the old boy, .md he's   going  to  give  it lo Ailhiir.     H'a .-ill     II,(  'nine      Woll.  Ait Inn   wouldn't   In     ni  had   111.11 cIt   Im   Miss   Mmruptut     Hut  he      wauls 11   good     oppm tiiml \,  he  (oiil'ln I     get   .1    leal      fan-      (linmo  anionic all      the lillowi who ciowded  .ihout hei       That 1,  vihv  (  i���������llln    |0  vri'i  "So"  he  con! iniied       "I    thought  vc'ii  if jou  would invite  I vviulrl   isk  iii.ichlneiy which opens It aiul swin^i  it ch'ar,    -In  fan,  ini'iy p..i 1   m   lhe  gun   is   Mull     an  iicoiirately  us     the  woi lei ut a vc.-itth ,  In  .1(1(111 Ion  to  the fact  that     this  gun  is    laid     to post (.is the loiigoi������t  riuige    of any  w<;npon   in   the  woild,  it   is chinned  Ifi.tr  a shot   fired    from  il   into  tho  all   would  to.-ch  rm    1 lc-  vntiori    of     nerii'Iy     six  mileii       The  guilds!    height  reached by ������ Kiupji  shell  in  Its flight  wa.s 11   little     over  foil!   mile'.       Thc  ir,ll//Ie  veleicily     ofj  tho Ainciiiiiii gun  is i!,!IOO fool      |frl  second, and  the pioieetile,  hnckid by 1  ."iTb      pound*,     of s*nuikeJi*������s  poivihi,.'  will     penetrate iienrij* A"  inches     01.  ��������� 11 fl   .ll the UUl/Vle       As   a   matter e.f .  nut. nothing  in  the Inn* of defen-ivo   eiupt.o'i   keep:i,<  minor    hns     yet toon  invented   that |f*on<   tho outsid,.  will stop one of the gun's pio.iee til. s | il is   livainiini  1  ut a distance of five miles lone.  ITIE HOME    IJOCTOK.  ,,151 own -sugar   hlojis (ho bleeding  of  ������  "' esh wound '  For indigestion liy thc beaten  wliitx* of an ega m ������ wineglassful of  e old  watei   dneitlv  nitei   lno.'ils.  A iiiivtme 01 iijiial p.u ts 01* swoot  oil and iimttiii* ol lodnu. is said to  ] tolievi* toi'i', and bunion*  I Heaelai he, toothache, b.ickaohe 01  1 most anj lomt aeho will b(- lolii.vodi  1 liv Ivnting tlu Im thin dii|.-h!,y willi  1 the shoi', on.  I 3:..<.iiit':o li.i - i.S'00 loui.d (., 1 *,<-. an  ; eVeVIJi iM'ictneclj 'iin* Inbn,. Apply il  lo Iho Inn 11" and lay on anj' hoR  blank paper. 'J'he mucilage soothes  the p.un, while the paper evdudus  the air  l-'oi n stiff nock, pains in tlie  (best, etc, vvr.iiu sonic sucet oil  rind rub on tlioioughly with Die  hands', then cover with sheet wadding, (he shinj- a|dt. out Wear it  until you toil coimoi table  A   treatment     highly  itcoi'iiiioi-il,..!  Little    Jack- ���������  "What"    did  papa  mean by sa.ving that ho was captain-,  of hlnsi slnp-v"  iHr.i ��������� "Oh, 1 that   is  only  his way  of  sajn.g Lh.it  ho     19  thc head ol the house "���������, Latl'e, Jack  ������������������."Then-.if pa.-is  the captain,    what,  aio you"?" * Ma" ���������'   Well.  I  suppose  1  ma     the,1   pilot "    Little .lack ���������  ;'Ohw yes; ^luU-thun J' must ho   ,th('t-  roinpasa'"       Ala ���������     The     compa-=s!  Why . the   oomp.i.ss''"      Little Jack  ���������"Why,   thc^ captain   and  pilot     are  always   * boAing   the compass,,    vou  know."' .     ,   *.  ' , , .    -      1  K doct. ._uot always do to agree;  with one's friends The other iiav a  friend was telling mo of .some silly  thing ho had done, and said. "You  know what 11 silly fool I am?" All  innocently i ansvvoied "Yes," and he  1 ofuied to continue lus stoiy any  fui thi'r  'I say, .unit ie, uncle said this  iiio'-ning that thoio wasn't anothci  woman like vou in llio woild " "Ah,  tin: clear, good Mlow, did he lu.illy,  IVeddj''" ",Yes; an-,1 ho s.urj it.was  a jolly good job, too"'  by .* soontil'i lii.ign/uic foi poison-  )0g fi 0111 ivy is to wot a slice of  Imam vvnh watt 1, dust it with common   \wi* lung      sod.i      and   apply  to  the    biecul  II.il' un bom  said   lo  l'i.  a  wet  nt  s'-.ie  Miss Mug ��������� "J don't undei stand  how your ti-ster failed to.find 111c .it  the station. You sulci j-ou would describe me to hor." Infaluolcd Lover (who sees :i good deal 111010 in  Mi*-)*) Mug thnu othei folks can) ���������  "Yes, I told hei to look foi a beautiful girl, with the face of a Madonna  and tho four, of a. sylph Jl's queer  she nnssi d s-011 "  Magistia***  .ne  here  again  been  11 ied and  for-   stealing.'  .ledge. it  tu.ils and  dis Irfu."  ��������� "Hasuis, i see you  7  believe j-ou hav-ft  convictod seven timo-j  I?a--tuv    -    "STcp,  seems to  bo ni.tUn* but  temptatiojyi witl  rue     m /'."*  S~7  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  ti  CAMBORNE.  , ii  v,     A i Story of Progress In the' Fish  ,   Creek Mining'1 Centre.  1    Giimbomo  will  probably bo tlio  ,'    busiest point  in  tlio   province lliis  , season.      Within   llio   ,pusL, fow  months lots.liavc doubled in- price'  Andy Craig  is, iirrnngmg to put  p on   two   stitgcs ' from    Uuiitqn"  in  nhtidipntion of Lmllic dcniunds, and  :).' Jiranford  it  Co.   will ��������� probably  . ,   also run u stagu ,froni 'same' point.  .    AMesM's. ,Magco   ife   McKenzie   \vill  'run a stage from Comaplix.  ,   Willi  the   influx  of  population  ono of   the   most,   urgent requirc-  '    mints of the town  will be a school,  .' and this   the gov urn ment will pro-  " vide for  in  llio estimates  nl, the  ���������-   coining session. '  The prospects of Camborne hilly  ���������   justify  '>Coi'y   Alcnhinick's    prog-  ' nosliuiilions   wlien^ he ' originally  located the (ownsilo some years ago  -, as a,position likuly'jto  be tvecntro  . ��������� ��������� of great -"miiioi-til  wealth, and commanding the extensive <territory of  Fish   crook     and   its   tributaries,  i   'Willi  onci stamp mill  already  in  operation and two more to boercct-  , od and  put in  operation   shortly,  there is no other new  camp in (he  province  so  promising as a,centre  '- of '*��������� porn union I   and   remunerative  enterprise.  IIUIMll.Vf! AMI I.VIMJ.-Tltl.U, ACTIVITY  " 'iu'wlml strikes (he visitor-most as  ��������� tho following list of cslablishmcnts  '/. ;complelotl, during past season, or in  coin.su of completion will show:���������  with' overy comfort and  ullciUion,  and wo wish Mr. JCnnest llio success  ho deserves in his enterprise,   -  > To Iiu uoiilluued.  <l. Lmli*, I'l'-Milcucc .' , ,..'.'.:..$   l,."i()0  ,,    ,'Ij, li. Mock, rii-ldenciv...'. 1,(110  ���������I. McDowell, liii-.ini*-' lilocl;..'. "...J    '.'.noo  ',(!, K.Skiili'-.. hii-iiic*. hlnck '.'.....     I..W  II. S.'W'iilliicy, liiiiianlow: ',.     1..VXI  ,'    II. li. Iliovv, -ti)ri)oiiliirp>iii(!iit ,. .,       ."(������)  c     (I. hoiiiiiii. Iiiisimw. blue!*: '' 'i,iw  <l. A. Um nudi, !o**i(luiiei*.-. .' '...     l,"nXl  'fl, huiiiiiii, Hoooiilinn lliitul ^���������     'i.Ml  ���������   .1. Kiiniist, ('rlturlmi lintel '..     7.IXX)  ' *,\l. Iliicliiiniiii, ('(ii.iiiiitiiui  lliiji'l, Kitten-   '  -   'inn.., ,      '.'.(XXI  A. .M.Cl'nii.'. Miihlu....' .'        ~(i(X)  P. S. Hill r, lihrc*femilli*.|i<i|i.,   ^    -.'(XI  1*. S. Umr, litiu<u.T....d         KXI  (1. It. Nuitlicy, linu-u '.....'     IIX)  JI. M.'DiicliiT.lv. liiiii-e J.'.       'HOO  t>~  llnkoi & [.('iiiuii, vvork-lioii....'.  '    -.'1X1  .1, Olsiiii/stiibli:    '_   .'KXI  Tom'iimIi) Co., hlnck ..'.      2,."i(Xl  -������������������'Kieil Itiibin-on Lumber Co , .-iiwmill.,,,. ' l(),(XXI  Iti'v, .fni. Onti'iiiii, rc-Iclcnci*..'....'.      1,5(10  r    Noilhwii't Dci-rlopiiieiit Co.', iliinin mill.  iiml power lioii-i* nt (iiildllelil.......   .Ti.OOO  Cnliiiiint nnd l>. (1.-.lump mill     .'10,000  ,       (i. Sumner, lo-idonco....'      I.TM  Ojiliir-Lnili: Co.. *-iiim|i mill unci trniii.t..   HO.OUl  I : < - --___  Tot n I - **i:i"i,txio  ��������� ��������� That is a record for a young town  thai will lake some beating,  'raking  the buildings  in '''detail  , th<J   I     "���������'   A A  ClilTlvItlOX   1IOTKI., ,\      o,  ...built and   owned   by- J. '"nnost, is  the largest in llio town, being SO ft.  in length   by  72 ft." iii   width."   Il  Has-been j\ycll  said  no   town of its  age in   the "province  has  been fo.  .well Vind   substantially"  built',as  Cainborne.    Thc Criterion Hotel is  a -striking   instance   of   this   and  - would do credit to > an   older town.  The building, is' two  storeys high",  . (with mansard   roof "over, the main  whig- allowing three  floors in that  ���������   'part. 'The bar is 20x2-1 ft. -.Behind  , is the billiard room, 16x20 ft. Over  the bar-room '-Tare  eight bed-rooms,  each" to   accommodate   two   beds.  -The'floor between is deadened, with  air space.. The attic  overhead can  also be  used  lo accommodate another 16 beds.    Off  the' bar-is the  baggage-room.  The front portion of the main  building is occupied by the olliee,  22 ft. square, vyilh private room bc-  " hind. ' Off llio'passage is a washroom and barber's shop. A' passage  leads from the olliee to the dining-  room, which- is . 24x26 ft. To the  left is a private parlor 10x10 ft.  ��������� supplied with piano.  On the first floor is a nice ladies'  ' parlor, and twelve bed-rooms. On  thc second floor are thirteen bedrooms. The hotel thus contains 36  bed-rooms, and with the attic gives  a hou.-e with accommodation for  60 beds.  The Criterion is furnished iii  fi rat-class st.slc. even the windows  being provided with lace ciutains.  There are chimneys to four bod-  rooms, two on each floor,'so that  the upper floors can be thoroughly  . heated as requited." Air. En nest  ' proposes, however, to instal a  furnace for heating purposes.* The  upper floor* are provided with fire  escape at back ol* building.' A  verandah and balcony'-will be added lo front and side.  Thc Criterion Hotel occupies an  excellent site, 100x150 ft. on corner  of Kenneth and Lexington avenues.  Considerable external improvements have been made. A well  has been sunk, fitted with force  pump, and a lire hose supplied on  reel running on-wheels. A frostproof store-house bus been built of  rows of logs filled between with  earth, and Ibis is divided into two  purls, one for liquois and the other  for hotel stores. A ' two-storey  laundry, ISx'JO ft,, has been built'  -half the ground floor being used for  laundry and lhe other half for  biilh-i'ooin. The iipftiiirs portion  is u������i'd u* a drying room. Tin; bar  is pioiided with out* of the hi'.-t  ea,-li ii'iiifiiT.-. lunik*, anil a fluid.-, a  perfci't ciiuck on lhe takings. Mr.  Kiiiiest, is having lhe Criterion lilted up with oli'clrio bulls, and a  handsome mineral cabinet will exhibit tu visiloi.- sumpL's of the froo-  gold and oilier charactoiislie ores  of KMi creek, The Criterion is the  favoiile hotel of Cainborne, where  travellers can  depend   on   meeting  NEW INDUSTRY.  Turner, Beeton & Co's'. Up-to-date  , Clothing Factory.  pi io of tho nio&t important industries conducted in tho west today is  the clothing factory recently ,started  hy Turner, llcoton it Co. ut Victoria.  Tho factory is ono of which Urilisli  Columbia may bo iprotid, and' its  products should bo worn hy every  iiiiioiriuini and every ijupporter of fair  labor conditions in tho province.  Thos. Wulkor is iirchnrgo of tho  factory, w'hoi'c tho stall' of employes  I'liniliersJH���������including twocullors������������������.'12  machine girls, and boy to work buttoning machine. The,factory is woll  lighted, ventilated a iul honteil. A  special feature of lhe fucloiy's output  consists of overalls. Thoio is no better  overall on the market, and the .waiters  aprons, plasterers coat*, etc. can not bo  beaten,. Tbe buttoning and rivctiing  arc well dono, llio puiiliugs being  made specially strong by binding with  double orossbaiuls. Other branches uf  nunuifacture are shirts nnd uikIoi--  clotbing. ' ,Tho best of material i*>  used, and the product is of quality and  workmanship such ns should satisfy  the most fastidious.,. , "   "   " '    -A  The overall Jackets made by'the  firm have the advantage that they are  cut with only one seain.  As shewing the rapid, growth of the'  business, it started on June 2nd, with  12 machines. J!y the following "month  eight inoro'iinicliines were added. ' Jn  November last another ten machines  were ad.led,'making .'10 machine.*! in  all now at work in ilie factory. Those  include two butlon-hojo machine.*- and  two noodle machines.. The machines  iu;o operated by electric power. '  A'Tui-iior, J3coton it Co. aro I he . first  linn in Caiiiidirto introduce an eight-  hour day into the .giii-mont-niiiking  business. Their * factory is conducted under the garment-makers'  union rules, and on the ino^t up-to-  diitc principles. , They, have'the disadvantage that they have to compete  with Chinese labor so largely employed  in Victoria, but hope to do so successfully.       -^  The important, business thus established by Turner, JJccton it Co. on a  progressive basis,' so fniiv to 'its employes, calls for the hearty support  unci patronage of every railway man,  every miner, and every supporter'of  union labor and of fair conditions in  the country'iind wc hope to soothe  firm have that success in their enterprise winch they deserve. - , i  JO. .1. Bourno has arranged to carry  !i full supply of the linn's'product in  Kevelstoke. -A , t 1 ,  ,'riio trade 'mark of the firm's pio-  ducts is the 13ig Jloyn brand.  term,or there should bosomc certainty  of renown!, in order thai they may be  able to uio thoiu in business a������ sonic  sort of security,  Indignation lias boon' expressed at  Vancouver agnin.il tlio C. J'. K. for  refusing to Mipply cium for lumber  destined to the United .-states, the* railway company having, intimated its  intention to supply ears for tho North*,  west in first place."  ... ,     . '*��������� .  v ancCHiver lumbermen  aro moving  to have the timber laws of the province altered lo niako it binding, on  government to renew tlie special  license Irom year to year for a space  of 12 venrs and not. do more than  double the license.  . .1. A. Taylor cvpects to havo the  DeK'cw mill, opposite "Arrowhead in  operation hy A pi il liith. His com;  puny bus secured a millsito at thc end  of the C. I'. K. spur,, east of Arrow-  bead, and a splendid double bnud-siiw  mill will bo orqetod there in time for  next season's operations.  Kootenay Lodge  No. 15A.F. ic A.M.  Tlie regular iiK;olliiK<i  are held In tlio Mux*  niiloTtiiiiiilo, Iloiinio  Hull, on tho tlih'il  Monday In oiiuli  month lit 8 p. in.  AMmIIIiii; lirot lii-dii  cordially welcomed.  (���������tOHDON. Shouktauv.  SPUING TIREDNESS  ,Is Caused, by Unhealthy Action of  the Liver and Kidneys Assisted' liy Starved Blood and  '-���������ii:Poop Circulation. -  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 13. J. O. O. F.  Afoot m ovorj* Tiiohdity  ovouiiiK In Selkirk  Hull at 8 o'clock.  VlrillhiK brut hroii cordially Invited to at*  tOll'l.  .1. OUTHKTT, N. G.   . J. AtATIIIK. 8i:c.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Greenhouse-and Hardy Plants -  Roses, Rhododendrons, etc.  Tons of Home Grown( and Imported  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  0 J  for Spring Planting.  ���������*������  I  Paine's Celery Compound  Nourishes the Life Stream and  -   Strengthens  Evei;y''Organ   ���������  of the Body:  CUT FLOWERS ,,>l'D,llls-W!,,,(,!nKS  Church Dt'crii lit ions!  Funfi'iil' Du.-iKiis.  AGRICULTURAL IMPLI3MRNTS,  13131*3 SUPPLIES. a  FltUlT BASKETS,     .  '-     ', FKRTILIZIiRS  CatuloKiio Kroo.      Kaitoi-n'l'i-lcos or hoss.  "OUTRAGES.  ,   ' -,    ' *     ��������� ' i     ' ���������  Masked Mob^ Creates Disgraceful  - Scene at FernieS  .  '���������*,���������' <     . >*       CI  On Friday a masked ' mob of  over 400 men' went up to'-No..! Coal  Creek iMines, four miles from' Ferine,'  and'conipcllcd 'linll-ii.-tloy.cn workmen,  ut the points of revolvers, who were in  charge of the fans of thc closed mines,  to leave Pernio,1 unci drovCthcin down.  tlieC. P.' R. track. The mob Went to  house of Mino'"'8iiporiiitonclcnfciTJ)onccii  and insulted him'and liis wife, Wiring  sliots in the air to intimidate thoin,  Donccn recognized one as J. \V.  Morrison", and he was arrested.  They drove the men from thc boilers  and fans unci forcibly entered houses,  taking men fiom theirbeds and threatening women. They drove tiie men a  distance of eight miles with clubs and  stones. Some of the men were seriously injured and their lived were  threatened if, they returned. Three  arrests were made and special police  sworn' in under authority from the  attorney-general.  Later news says the First reports  were grossly*exaggerated.  , The great, virtues of' Panic's Ccli'ry  Compound arc abundantly manifcsti'd  in tliu spring. Mi ,is''u mi'-clk-ino t-oin-  pnund spi>eially to brace tin* nerves, to  sustain lioint action, to cleanse the  ,blood nnd keep ihe slniuiu-li livei and  kidncy-j in vigorous hc.'ill.li.     ''      ,<    ,  In Ijn- s-pi-iiigliiiiL* lhe ('flVcts of the  win lei''.-, work, the woriies of liii.-inuss,  iHiiiselmlil fill cSjiincI scrci'i.* changes of  temperature all conduce to weakened  nnd inlliiined net ves] iiisnmiii,/. poverty  of the lilooil, dt*>niiiKi-d ilisgestion, liver  a ml'kidneys in hud condition; in tluui-  biiiult. of cases i-ehiiiiiiitisn'i nnd'-neiir-  i-iilgia coiiiini'iift' lliier horrible tortut-  e-!. Paine's Celery Compound used  three or four times a clay foi the next  four ",'wi'i'ks, vvill fjiiiclciy make new.  nerve libre, pine rich blood, will, be-  slow sound health and Ioiir years of  lift'. Mrs. S. Slicdrick. M.igog,- Que.,  guilefully writes as I'ollwsrv *  "For u'timc 1 sulTered severely from  riervoiiMii'ss and peculiar feelings of  1'iiintness: I ft'lt''ull used up and my  nppi'lilc was very poor. After using  P.iine'-- Celery Compound for u time,  all feelings ot nervousne&s were completely banished,, 1 am renewed in  strength and goneiii! vigor, I' eat'tuid  sleep well and am perfectly icstored to  sound health.".    ���������  300!)  M. J. HENRY,  Westminster Road,  Vancouver  White Laiiok Only.  She invalid  Requires nourishment in a concentrated, palatable and easily  digestible form. Bovril should therefore form one of thc  chief items on the diet list of evcry^invalidj as it is thc  embodiment of all these qualities.  Bovril is not merely a stimulant to prop tip thc flagging  ' spirits tor the passing hour.   It is a highly nourishing food,  containing all thc strength-giving properties of the best lean  beef in the most palatable and easily digestible form.  Bovril is JLiquid  lafe.  E. B. EDDY'S  Jas. I. Woodrow,  BUTCHER.  Retail Dealer \n^^mmasgas^  ��������� BEEF,   ?ORK,  '������������������'      >     MUTTON, Etc:  Fish and Game in Season.  ,     *,'"     All onlorM promptly llllail."    ,   .     '  DC1/CI OTfll/C     R.  O      Coriior   Donglnb  FilVlLOIU^C,  D. .Ii,, juxiKhiKbti-ouu  .t*  The World's Favorites for Over  Twenty-five Years." ���������'  For over tiventy-five years the  Diamond Dyes have "been the chosen  ,uid pop.nl.it Dyes nil over the,civilized  world. , DiiiiiHiiid Dyt," nsei'b never .suffer fiiihiresnr'disiippoiiiliiuMiUi in thier  woik; they rfuiekly and e.-isily, get the  exjiet colors I hey require,1 and thus save  time andjiioney.. ,'1'lie Dinmond Dye  ^lufc :incl Kiiff P.-itlerns iirO'populiir  from tbu'Atl.intic to the Pacific- . the  (k:.sifrns'are .artisticallv colored oiVrhe  ,bebt .Scotch Uessiari and are ready for  hooking. Send yoiu full address 4to  The Wells'fc Hichardson Co., Limited,  200 Moiintain St., Montreal, P. Q.    -  /'KING  KDWAHD" KJOOi'.  "IIMADLIGIIT," 500s.  *;]'3aCjILK,"HX)siiii'(I2(W.s.  "VIOTOIlfA,"  .   '"���������JjITTLISUOMIOT.",   *'* -  i  1   . i  FOR  SALE   EVERYWHERE.  Are the best that can be bought.  Don't experiment'with other and  inferior brands.  GBAZINC REGULATIONS  Foi; Manitoba, the Northwest Territories and the Railway Belt in ,  ', British' Columbia.  I.oii-c-- feu-KnuhiK purpose**, nro lii-iied for n  lonn of i wc-iit.v-ono > c-iir--, nnd tlio rental ts at  Hie rntcicif iho conli nn norc per niinimi, pny*  nhlc li.ilf-rc.irly In nch'nnce. ,  IjukI-. Iilcliiiloil In n ki-ii/Iiik lc.-u.ft iiinj*, Ik"  wlilwlriiwn f.u- hntiie-.ie.nl entry, i-nlo or mil*  ������uy iiui-priM*., bin no luntul In chiu-Kod on micli  liuiiln fium ilw (Into ii|K>n vilileli limy uro wilh-  ilniwn fiom the.lun-u.'  A Iu-ku of ki'ii'-'Iiik liind-i I-, not entitled to Ilie  hay (hereon, lint lie miiy, upon njiiillciitloii lo  llio ii(?em of Dominion uuulft, olimm eueli venr  llio lli-r-t permit to cm on lil������ lensehold whnt-  ever (|iiiinllty of Imy lie miiy rt-(|iilro for liii*.  own u������u, free of line-, tliode|mrlti|entroi,ei'vhiK  Ihu rlchl to i~.uo permit.* to oilier nppllciinti!.  Applications for Kra/.hiK leiues hliould be  nmde lo tlio Secrulnry. Dcpnrinieni'of the In'  terlor, Otlnu'n. . iJ=-  1'. G. KKYES.   ,   ,  Secretary, Department of the Interior.  TIME  S. S.   "Archer"  ' I ' A   H-ST i H !  or S. S,   " Lardcau.'  ItiinnhiK between Arrow lioiul. Thomson's  hrindliiKanil C'oiiuipllv, coinincncInK Oct. IHh,  10**1. will sail n-i followi (wealher ponniltiiiK):    .  heave Arrowhead for Tlioint-oifif landing  and C'oini\|ill\- twice dally al 10k. and 151c.  Leave Coinaplix and Tlioin*-on'*< lJindiiiK for  Arrowhead twice dally al 7.1-5k, and 12.15k.  MakhiK olo������o connections with all C. 1**. It.*  traiiii and boats. ,  Tlio owners rciorvo tho rlKhtlo change'time1 ���������  of failiiiKs without notice!    , r  TIIK KItKI) KOlll.VSON LUMHKIt CO. LTD.  >.    ' ' I-'. KOHIKSON.   ." -  ,      . .MiuinKlnK Director,  Halcyon Hot Spring'\s  i'   -SanUaritim.  miJE MEDICAL WATERS of l������al-  X cyon aie the most curat ivu in the  world. i^A perfect, imtuial remedy5for  all Neivous and Muscular disease's,  Liver,.Kidney and, Stomach ailments  and .Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure  for "Tliab "Tired I FcelinR." .Special  rates on all bouts 'and trams., Two  mails'ai rive and depait every day.  Telegraph "communication with all  parts ot the world. An experienced  iiiiissanger. ' ' ; -  Ha ley, ori Ho 1 Springs  '   l      ~Arroto Laks. B. C  UJSIIONHOTEL  ' y.     ��������� '   -d. LAUGHTON, Proprietor,' j���������  REVELSTOKE, B. c!   ",  This hotel is now open for thn accoimnodatioii of 'the traveiling  public.*. -It is the'most conveniuntly bituated hotel in the t-itj;, heiiig  at the corner of Fiist Street and 0uiiiiuiik1>I> Avenue, in thn' heait of ���������  the IniMiKiss portion of thu.city, convenient lo railway .station and  post otTice.     ,  , , .    , , l  - First Class 'Accommodation and Tablo.       . '" ^  '. '   Best Brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.  KK><KK>0:-b-0<>H  c>  BOARDS OF TRADE  Resolutions  Passed by Associated  , Meeting at Fernie.  At tlie meeting of thc Associated  boards nt Kcrnic resolutions vvcic passed urging: Prevention of forest lircs;  public park in Kootenay, nnd experimental orchard; propagation of lisli in  Kootenay; endorsing bilver-lciul mine  owncis; uxtending time to enrn bonus  on lead refining; commission lo "investigate compulbory iiibitration in-  New Zciilnnd; tourist travel in Kootenay; doniinion government promptly  investigating labor troubles antl'inak-  ing facts public; daily mail on Ci'ow'.-  Nest; oxeinpting-diamond drill-, from  duty; opening ICust Kootenay lcsorvcs  for settlement: against bonuses foi  triiiiscontiiicntiil lines; assistance, for  local roads; better couit facilities in  East. Kootenay; asking the government to lease coal lands.  Uosslniul is to bo the next p'ace of  meet iii".  ECCS������ FOR HATCHING  From Purebred Golden Buff  Orpingtons $3.00 for 13  Fiom Purebred Golden liuft  Leghorns.. ��������� ...$2.50 tor 13  Only a few t.'nc-keiels left.  100 egg incubator and brooder for  ������iilo cheap--made by Geo. II Stall],  Quincy,  III,  ' % S. L  SMITH,  I-'enlicton, Ii. U.  LUMBERING.  v\*. Cihv.-iii will sliirt up  liis mil  Troul liiki  by April Nt.  I). Li. I i'i*. in will rtisli eon.-lruction  of his mill al A new head as mioii a.-  fciiow is iiilliciently goin'.  Thi' Nm Ihui-sl giivcinii'i nt niiil ('  I'. I!, nie urging a gnn-iiiiiient in-  vesligiil i(m into tlio alleged lumber  ciimbine in 1*. Li.  A (li-piitiitiou nf K.-ist ICootenay .sawmill ini'ii will interview government  and nine Ihe desirability of changing  the act governing the granting of  timber licenses, that instead nf licen-e.-  lieing given for a year only, as nt  piesent, willi no i'iovi-,ion for leiiowitl,  lliev sliiill   be   granted   for   a   lunger  THE CITY EXPRESS  ,E. W: B. Paget, Prop.  ' JL-iompt delivery of.parcels, baggage,  etc., to any part of .the City. ,* '*  Any Kind of Transferring  Undertaken.  J All orders left .at R. M. Siiiy^he's  Tobacco Store, or by Telephone, iSo": 7  will receive prompt attention.  SEE  Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese  and Japanese goods.  The best assortment ever,  landed in' Revelstoke of  useful     and     ornamental  REVELSTOKE, B. ,C.  Newly  built*.  ABRAHAMSONBBROS..1PROPRIETOHS. *���������'  ll A -," '*��������� , I  First-class in every^respect.     All modern conveniences.  . ',   A .. '   J   Largo, Sample Rooms". '        *'   ,- ^  .     ,-, -..,   --^ 'Rat.es $150 per Day    ���������-'���������'"''  Special Weekly Rates'.- A-'   ���������  Queen's Hdtelj Trout,, Lakej under same  management.  ntrt  articles:  Tea scrvicus  I'l.itos  liiuikiiln  Cane Ch.iii's  HnndkcrclncN  Klowcr Pots  Uinbrulln SlimiK  Lunch Hiiskcl1*,  Smoking Jacket!.  Silk Goods.  GOLD FISH  Finc-^L stock of candies and fruit in tow-n.  Front Street, Revelstoke  UNION    ������������������  ..CIGAR FACTORY..  BRA N DS^- '"UlUaj^.  ''Our Special" &. "The Union.',  H. A. BROWN RROP.  REVELSTOKE,     -     -    B. ,C  (*������  ���������f|>  HOTEL   LARDEAU  ' COMAPLIX   The Best House in'^Town.    -    Well Furnished - -    Good Table  Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.  W. HAMILTON, Proprietor.  (fa  \\������>  f$?  f$?  f$?  f$?  '($>  ($>  (to<faifaifatfa<to<fa(fa<fa(to(toefa(torto(fa<fa  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  ,     ' ��������� /  Royal Mail Linos.      j '  ,   Choapost Routo to tho.Old Country/  AU/AN l.I.N'K- I'Vom Si. John. ���������   ,  I'rolorlnii..,,'.,.. ' '.  I*'u>.. -'S  N'iiiiiIiIIhii    '...ai March 7  I'ai'iriiiui '  ..March 11  Ionian,   i .' Marcli'JI  Corintliinn  : Mnruti -*S  "UOJIISlOXJilSK-Kroii'i lloiton..  .Morion -,- ', Keb. 21  y,       IJKAVlCIt I.IN'K-Ki-oni St. John.  Uiku CIiiiiiiiiIiiIii  .'  . .l*'ub. 'Ji  Ijiku OnUiilo,,..., :...., Miircli  V.l  hiiku Krie .,, , ..March '.M <  WMITK STAR MNK-Kroin'.VJw York.  t'edrto '��������� Kelj. 'Jo ,  Collie .Mmcli I  Oceanic ���������..:.....' Maich 11  Germanic.......,..'  ;..'.... March IS ~  ^'vdriu .".."....'......j. i Jliu-oh 2.i  I'ns-cnKcrs tlckclt'd LliroiiKli"lo nil purls ol  Grunt, lii'italn and Ireland, mid uthpcclallv low  ratc-i lo nil parts of llio Knroiiean continent.  Apply lo nunrcsl railway oi- rl-cnnibliip agent or  to    '    ,  T.  W. BRADSHAW,  ARont. 'Rovolatoko.  W. P. F. CUM MINGS. Pacific Affont.   '  WRAPPING   PAPER" AND.  PAPER, BAGS.  ' \  Tlio ICootenay Mnil liuri.becn  uppoiiitcd   agent for oiie\aof-  the largest, Canadian   Paper  Mills.  Wrapjiing papers in  rolls or  Hat,   aiul   paper  bags   of all  'weights and sizes supplied to '\  'order printed,or imprinted.  i,   -'    '< <*       i  - .  Kootenay,, Ma/7, Revelstoke.  ii,"  Does Your*Food Distress You?.  ORIENTAL   HOTEL  "ably furnished ,with  lhe choicest thc market A  affords.      Best   Wines,. Liquors, & Cigars.  Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.  J".      ALBERT.'STOITE,      PEOl  Trademarks  and Copyrights  obtained in nil countries.  PATENTS  ' obtained in nil c  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent Attorney  Mechanical    Kngincoi-    and     Dranghthiimii  Hank  of I). N. A. HiiIldiiiKH. Ha'-linK'- Street  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A  postcard  will seenro nn ovoniiiK appoint  incnl for those who cannot, call during the day  One Block from1 C P R Depot  and Stoamboat Wharves  Ro furnished and Bs-modclcd  Rates $1.50 to $2 per day  Are you nervous?      ,,  Do voir feel older than you used to?  Is your appetite poor? "*.   .   *  Is your toiiKiie coated, vvith ji slimy,  yellowish fur?  Do you have dizzy spells?  Have you a had taste in the nio.ith?   -  Does your food come up after eutinp;  vvith a sour taste?   <  Have you a sensation of fullness aftei  eating?  Do you have heartburn? "  Do you belch gas or wind?  Do you have excessive thirst?  Do you notice black specks before the  eyes?  Do yon have p.iin oi oppiession around  "lhe heart?  Does your he.nt palpitate or beat ir-  ,   regularly?  Do you have unpleasant dreams?  Are you constipated?  Do your limbs tremble or vibrate?  Are you restless at night?  Name  .-   Age Occupation ���������   Street number   Town State   If you have any or all of'the above  symptoms you piohahly have Dyspepsia. Kill in the above blank, send to  us, and we vvill mail you a free trial of  PIS PS I KOLA TABLBTS-iinqiiPslion-  ably the, surest and safest Dyspepsia  cure known���������together with oui little  honk���������"Advice to Dyspeptic***-." Regular size Pepsikola Tahlets-, 2o cents-, by  mail, or of yoiu druggist.  AGENTS WANTED.  .     K  Hotel Leland  Corner Granville & Hastings Streets,  R. DOWSWELL,  Proprietor, - Vancouver,  * THE LAXAKOLA COMPANY,  ���������Io Vi-mky Stkkkt N1SW YOKK  B.  C.  To Trappers  Raw Furs Bought  Cash Prices Paia  Fo    3B���������    lRT]EaXf2!dS9  Exporter of Purs.'  Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.  QUEEN'S HOTEL  Rooms in Suites ivilh Hal lis and   Toiiels attached, flowing Hot  and Cold Water, Inside Toilets on each floor. Gas Lighted and  Steam Heated Throughout.  J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       ���������        GOLDEN, B. C.  IMMSMiD!  Standard remedy lor Gleet,  Gonorrhcea and Runnings  IN 48 HOURS. Cures Kidney and Bladder Troubles.  RUDY  UEENS HOTEL  COMAPLIX  J. H. YOUNG,  Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines, Liquors' and Cigars.  Travellers to  Fish Creek will find excellent  accommodation  at this Hotel.  Cook's Cotton Boot Compound  Is FaccoE=(nlly uei*<1 monthly byorer  10,000I^idie-. Sale.elTDctual. LadlesRSk  ^ your druggist for Cook'f Coitoo Boot Compound. Take no other, as all Mixtures, pills and  Imitations aro dnnRcroas. I'rlot*. No. 1, SI per  box; >'o. 8, io degrees stronRcr, J3 per box. Vo.  I or 2, mailed on receipt ot price and two *-cen������  Btamps. Tho Cook Cnmpnny Windsor. Onl.  EB^Nos. l and 2 sold and recommended by all  tetponslble Druggists in Canada,  N'o. I .ind N'o. 2 nrc -olil nt I rout ljikc bv K.  T. Abe}, ami ia Howl-toko liy \V. Hew*.. J*. A.  .Miller -t Co. anil Ciiuiil.i Unit; &��������� Hook Co.  Druggistt..  Wood's KioBpTiocHno,  The Great Enrjlish Remedy.  Sold and recommended by all  druggists In Canada. Onlv-reliable medicine discovered. Six  rickaqcs ffucrantecd to cure ail  Wealrncs*. all effects of abaM  &r excess, Mental Worry. Excessive use of Tobacco. Opium or Stirauianis. Mailed on receipt  ot price, one paclcage {1, six, $5. Oi* trill iXcasc  ttt icili cure. Pamphlets free to anv address.  The Wood Company, Windsor, Qat������  Wood's PiiosrnoniNK is .-old in Hcvel&toko  by C.in.ul.i l)i ug fc Hook Co.. J. A. Miller & Co.  and W. Ue-.v-nii'l by Frank IT. A bey at. Trout,  L6kC, Druggist���������������. -n-r.-.T ���������:'���������"���������  ^&;mmm^MML.[  ���������''��������������������������� iT*i'--,V*'.i.  ���������iiAy.^yA.  AAAli  A-AAtf  J iassorlniciuiopeiie  ii *;;���������' >:::: i !i.Al-;. A A:: Ji* >���������*'.������!'r  VAAjso:!^  |e vcryyiliist ifii nie jit;V  'VAuitl,V:See*j,tlicni?;VVj:AV  Cfor  Call  PPLVCEOlIViOffl  ���������Ti^yBfe^*^^^^b^-:  \ .|;IM'ail iisiifi l-joyiil Crown���������.Soap.'���������*,..*'.;'  A ^ V XVi'ii pj>ors,t ji' nt) Ti;i * re in rn'. avoV;^-- -..;���������  >:.n*V.willJiniiilJii:J.liC!Miitifv|] ^IMetiii'tAIAI  VI jVsize 10x20|'cirVfaiJ.25 '\Vi-n pliei's! J, *'Ai  : i}-"*5 "^J;.,vbu i**;c! Ii'o.ioo' .ot 'c> voi;-;;JI 00: boo ks;cJ;-:"fe?  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Third street...which .'has   been.bit;to 'J.! *,  able evei),ipgjAva* spoilt at.t,ho'!iOineVpf  .liis J!.l>rbt.hei-,.*.;;.M.r.. i-*rankij^tcDc-well,  '���������.1 Vi:i 5 r ii i: c t ^t>''iV - Jir VA'A I r ���������>. :-:-tS I ti'P'o-v^P i 1 ,,\y i 11: '.s t:*ri y't-.  linsiiiessJiuiCiiniborne-iiisieheniist and  druggist; -AA;;*-; AA- A'; iAV,:i*:--; JjV*:;-'A-;:-  '-'.'-.A- nieetihjr. ofereilitbi-siiii -tiieViis'sitjii- * ������������������; ���������'���������*.������������������-- .*,* t *> *.*. ,i., ������������������������������������;,*i-,;���������., i; ,,,;,,i��������� >.,,  ��������������������������������������������� " ���������'������������������;������������������ --^-.'r ���������'������������������������������������- i* ... r i i ,*i SUM'S to i-ciilv to. the: ���������a.ttaeU'inaf.lepii,  eil. esta,ti:;)i .^iostis .iV.vht.ee'Jvvas, licdd !*,i .* i ;,i :*.���������_:..ii-f/���������  Afondav.' ''I'lii-- statement  ���������;*.  Ivrtiiilboiisis Jtc/bftVpbi'gratulatcidJon  having it " proA-'ei.i J iii iiie ;i!ii Vtbb Ji-en  ^^ask^JJGlipt."���������Ai���������gaUJyeIJp)���������ts:J:"Gl���������eVilt  siblit.-Pj-")00 tbiisVtiigh grade .pro.Agriiss  yii-iiiti |G'X)|)0OJ^i;;;*:,- J; V;v; iAV ^ a yyyA;.  ::��������� Tlie Gcililei.iJBoardJof TradeJwill lake  the  assignee "silOwedi .ai deficit, ol:j  ���������ThoJ foilowins; ivcrb the:seeiiied !  vj-ei-ifdifbrs: J VGA ^;J AIeG������rter^V'f 1,700'A  Shiiw. C.J\ It. despatcher. ;Tbe liOiiscp|0|^,!IK |;a,,k.^2.7i)0V ICi*!i*?. 'iioiinlas'  is-SOx-lO ft.J'(.)ii.tlie grpund floor !ire:;!,(t y-^; ^|.lJOO;fAb'VjreGarter!representri  liarloi- J'lxlfi ft., dining roein M,xh������ ;t..| intcaIl irieeured.ci-.cditors.  Tli.- us^iiee!  ���������'���������"(*-.'��������� *V-, j'ttie*LaljiJrei-s'vCo-Operative^Jiiiing'vV������-,  subiiiitied .,-.y ��������� Amu.m t,,ic editor iit ViJron'Ore, of-  Vl.-il i...'l       ..'���������!���������    -     ' - ...  shpeiningj:!Mic!i: yy'yy :'   *;:;i  '.*��������� %T,Y,;,������-:   ^  vvliiise;;iiiinie;Vis AoJall-.Gaiiada;  AV; AVVjii liiriiseliiilUivvip-d^tJ'ijii:.:!;  ARROMEADa  .!.sf*ii.*vi:i*....liiill. .l3xio:.ft..,j;u.,vf; injithutV't  kitchen   I 1 ft  yest.ibti1e-.nJv 13'ft., pantry !!2.v<* ft;.' On  the lir.sl. iloor will be two' bcdi-noms.  I-l x 12 ft., one bod room', 12s I")' ft J, .aiid a  bathroom IHIedtip; in. <-.<>.iii[ dorr: styb-:  The house will be henied by hot wat'/iv  11. I.onglieed has piit. a, iiiiiiii!  fn iii I*'On:, tlie ''In i i Iili iig. creel id. la'siifa'H*  for -WJ liews's drug ,stori,\ .'���������'.'I'lnV'sleel  i-he'-t ing for the woi'-li- wasiiiip"rtr*'f by  W.'M. biiwi-'-nei'.    ������������������' .      .        *.'..*.*' ...  .1.��������� Wliili*   is   ereeling   a.   limisii-.oii  ... ... .lini streei;*   It is 20 li-i-l.   wid'-by  a   , rC-c-eptioii    will      be       tendered 1 ff.,.t. h  loital  tciii-liers  e .delivered by  Irnst'-eS, nnd a  iven   bv   I.'. I'*..  the     visitors     hy  when   addresses   will  the mayor and selmo  stercopl icon address  Gosnell. '":*'  We regret to learn of the death of  Mrs. W. J{. Jteid at Kedhuids,. California, on Sunday l.-ist. I'lcef-nscd was  advised to go .to ' California, several  inoiiths ago, on account of her health,  but did not benefit from the change.  ���������Mrs. Iteid was daughter of C. Ijrown,  C. 1Mb .engineer of this city and was  2-i years of age.    rfhe" leaves a child.  feet loin.', mn! is a storrty and a hall in  hbigh!*  Moor.  \\*. Abriihiiiiisoii  to erect, several.hiii  iving    fun!���������   rooms;, "m: cueli  roe.-* lo Ti'.iiit. I.;11*.-  diii''K.  toii-ealisit .t.he-'liaiiiiic'e'.i.  ni tli", stock. ALes^rs, : oonrie* am! J  l.awreiiee were .appointed* supervisorsi  4  Ay<THE^M.lNESr  Tlie Mel'he'e cnmpiinv played ilnei*  night.*- this week lo cmivded houses.  tliCr plays, hei I it.'. '-'(Iliiy a Kiii'liier'.-:  D.-Ulglit.er,',' "Saved l-'roni the Sea,"'  nnd "The .Two Orphan.-*." The. band,  under jjreat dilliciillies, inn relied the  streets every day, although the, iher-  irioiiieler registered 20 below /'-ro.���������  Free 1'i-ess, Winnipeg.    March 28-I'iO,  '��������������������������� C'-i|i|n'*r .iuis ri-i'-n to. II;;.-.  ' Tliuli pay .lia"   ln*.-*n '.-tr-ick on .Ii'.-ai'  erci.ik,* Kloiidiki'. ';,'   ..        .   ',  i. J'aldwiii has. been a],ip.'iiiit..'*d:.night*  sliifl  bo*s at the -N-I lie I,: . j'-.*- ^  Kiigliidiiiii'd l-'i-eiii-li eripiinj li.-i.-1-i.'i-ii  seoniVd lo'. opera 1-..I la* ^i'dz'-e. .  The (Irdiv'i* Nik'.' Coal '!.ilTi|iaiiy  iii;id- ii profit of ii"l"I.,2SS for past yp;irJ  * A burly, fit I.S 'imdies of solid liigh-  grndc on; h;i,-, been o|ieiii-d oii fhe 01-  I" wa.     ...  .Sliiiiifieiils from Sandon "for pasl*  Week: SloVnui Htai', ,8i! tons; il'ltyne,  ii.'l Ions; Until, 21 Ions; total tons, 127.  'Tim Vjilc.ii.il smelter,for the I laborers'  Co-o|lenitive arrived at Golden last  Week iiml is being pint in the building.  It i.s to be hoped it. -will jiot repeal* the  '" ���������'���������. ' ���������': Fn.ir. imr ."virii i,:(irr;..;ixiri(!.*-iil. *  "!-'*''.7'.'.*'JJToiiiy'lias cOrriplet-Iyi'recovered.  from his reiveiit  iii.tip^S. Ay      '';'  i J Mrs! GiTvNeivman returned   Iioine  j today fi-oiii <7a>Sppell'i, Ass.i.,  !     Two e;i;> of matei'iii.i have arrived ,to  'be 11si-.'I laying   t.iack' on   the l.i.algiit  ��������� niiil Hppr. ��������� ;��������� * :! \ ���������,"*;���������  ���������  ; J   \fr.Taylor   Marl.r-i\ '*. men    lo    v.ork  | Kr.-r'tirrg nut logs l''"':   *'��������� irt saw iriih   .at  G'alena IV.int.   .' *.   ' ; V -.'.'���������'���������  . t'oi-yMeiibi'-'ick has *bcr-n visit irig  Airowii"'!'! Iia- i'>ast two weeks 'ajjd  will i'.'iii'ii.I" (Jairilioni.e shriiilly,  Miss Cin-iy 'if Siilmoii Ann,' arriverl  this mfii-iiiirg and will lake rhnr.ue "I"  An-i'iwbead public seliool lis '.enclii-i'.  . The. Tiliy ton stamp mill for Ilie  Kva mine i?,'I aire nnd- will be sbi|iped  lo Camborne- soon ns nn vigiil ion fi'|n*lis  lo Ileal on.        ' , .  'Capf. .Inlinstoir has snceecdi.-d iii  opening a. channel between' Arrowhead  and Gomapli.v, and in future, H. 3,  Archer will make .close eon nee. lions  with train iiiid'boiil.s.J The Archer  arrived this morning.     March 2(ith.  !;! ^.i;V.J,JV'A\Miii/;A!iAbi';AiiiiN:,".;*i:!JVJv.*  jR'efel������ok|^  i Ji...   in li ts   iiiie'Cina 11<_*<-1 .:  iwSketcliing.:  Entor'ahiiiicnt.:,'..   ���������;;  FUN v WITH iTH E PENCIL a  'r::-7.-liiiproiiijii'ii* Garliinns,.Miucilals.'.  V -A:in;���������'��������� I'rosi* t'H'b A7|".':s|'. JI,.Iuiniii,  J   V 1'iiliiOM,   liin-lesrpieJ.aniliSpng.  DRIVERS IDE  i;i.!NURSERIES  Ac'RA J^Ti fOft.K.S. ZJ. c.  MARTIN Vlf Ulllt I-;i;I.,!r T'l-oiirii'lor  "���������JJCpMI'f.kTi.; ASSOIITMKNTOI.V  i      '**,* HomeGrotson  j...*        AccllmctilsecL  Fruit and  Ornamental T5rceJ>  JJi'J.tiV'roiUKiJi nqu KNTiPOtdvyxKiis^V:;;^'!  ^ToiAloxJSiiiii.liJ.lJ'ltiloyAKb.l'ipoivJlVi'icbato,*  '������������������',. Ii'rcd .liic'obsoni.l. -,l.-,t'olu;iiiul .liinllavi.-i, ���������-ioi*'.  ���������ild iliiy'..iidi-sbii dr. iici-sbns to.'.wli'om-lio or liicy.  f niay.liiivo transfoi'i'ddiiis or,Llicir;inL'a-osts in  - IlicPortliinil Al iiioi-al iCJUi itn :HiLiiiit,o(l- on il lie  .; soiiLb:Siilo;-Uil'ft'ai-ibob,Ci'dok in Aitoh-lliiiki;,  ���������jJUiiiiiiK-ii!vision of ..West'ICoo'|6imy:*;*:i''i;"ri*?-"-v':''i  * Von and u.-i'dli uf ymiiirii lidroby .noti Hod .that.  I.liavo o.\-|icndud foiirlinndrcil anil '..l.cii; ilollnrs  in 'labor, Mini   iniprovoniuntJiupon; tliO'iibovo  iii(inl.ibnod,iiiinoriU.olaini.iii;ordortoibolil wiiil  ininural claiiniiiidor tliu '.provlsioiiH of lliui Min-  driil.A(;t.;aiid ifivviLlini- ninety days of. tlid (Into  of.thi������ notico .ybiiiliul-bi-irdfiisoil.b.cdiitribnto  yoini portion.of sii(:iroN-|iciisi's.,tot'ollii!r willi all  crisis cf lulverlisiinfj-'yuitr iiiloi-esl. in.saiil *uliiini  vvHI;: liocoini!; tlio proporty of tlio; snliscrilior  ii"nddirsdbti(in *l rofaieaot. * entitled r,' 'An -iA.ctv to"  .'Anidiiil tlio:Jlinoi-iil Abt:I!IUO.i-'i:i.j iiiii*;:;  *'i  1V;VV;������! AAisi������iicd i ;iAJ'i;ir 0Sr Vjiciic i x g J|  ..;-.;'.]!6ssiiiiui;'.ll.;.0., t'ebriiaryjTlliJ1 l!W:rj:JJJi;;,i:ii  ;?;Sitiiii.l.dii;oii;i,lid wosl/siiluiiflfArrowijiakdebji-jyifi^x  'iiosltb;-llib.;iNiikii'ti|)'!!.l.iiwiiKl|.c'iandiiibbiitl.i.lirodii-.^iSJfS?  iiiid^oiib-iiiilf'inlloHTifrniii-Uliu^  v*al!i)y;;?slo]iiiiK*-i- Lovviii-il,: I\los(|itit.b jbrbolcVTcoiri-S^  111eiiuiiik at n".poiii!/iibiint;l.dn oliaiiis;oast.;of:llie;is;Vf;iSp  'soiil.liivesl.?:d(ii-iiei'i'of;M,lniboi-aloeiil.o(li5Jliiruli'a;'3itsSs?  iI!lO:i;iind;i-iiniiiii|<6fi'oinra-:iiosl;-;iiiai-kodj"S.;^^f;Shi*#.  I Iiii-low's 511 OrLlici isl. ibiirn or, "/:'i!0',bliiiinS"jS(iiitli,;;.;piSe,*ir<Jr  l.llonoeiS(lioliaiiiSJ,Wdst;*,Uidiii:u"SOioliains;iiortlii^s.^JSias '  tliuiioe;S0iioliainssdiist*to;p(iiiit'fof;jeoinnidiioo*y5S^^;3-v  "inuiii;s;*M:������3*-*'--y.v*;S.r^e^i;v;^^  .tf^akiisp^JIardliii^liiiasiffiWiiSJ-i^rqg  ilVilltSsiivSISlliS^  ������M"~  ������������������illiBpliifi  rn 1 K'i'iTNO''it'it*f]*;iiimi!fu^  ;;l;'*X'intend-Ibiipplyjto.tlie IIoiiorablo:tlie;(!liicf;S������j������^<p!|  Coininissioiiei-jOf Lands and A\'oi'ks:fora spoeiivtj;j's^S*  lioun'sujio .but and '.curry^C wiiy;tinil)Oi- .1 fi-oni"iU.lioS.IiSSiij  :rollo.w[iiK'.i'(lcHbrtb"ccl"i'lnii'ilH''sl(.iiaU.Hl7;6iiUlioXvv'c^^^'.^^S'^K  sidejj)fvt.lic*:Uiiiiui*������An-q\VaIakos;;(ipp6sitdi^a*jy^;3V"^  kiis|i;;aii(l..;,b"eKihniiiK.;iit;?"^  Giinollo's nortlioiist-coi-ncr,"iiboiit;ilftbdn.oliiiiiis''i:5*'f:Ka  froiii;;tlioJ^sliore;;aiidiriiiiiiinK.AvoSti*lu;cliiiiiiSii.i!^fc*;;5;y  tliuiiba~soiilli-ir>ll'uliiiliis{.LIiviic'o'chsbr'l(l''cliiiiiis^M^'������''ii  tlioiiue;:nbi-tli.:.l(iU,;cliiiins to )ioiiit,bf coiiinienco-;':}1!^:':;;*.;  'hidiit;iJjO:;?fvrr*r*:'p":5;;'K������?'P;s::-;������*ir-*r-..K  6-.-.*Diitc"(l'tlils':9lluliiy,;br^  ?Si;A!A&:!3V;Air!ftVi;Klft:Kijo  vNOTICEl  rnAlvli:;NOTI(:ic!i!lmlJtliii-ty'daySart'ei-;diilb;ti  ���������;*J.*. rintendi,o iiji'ply'.to Hid Cliief Coiniiiissioiior;  or-'������j������ticl!<i-*'iiiiil:"\voi'ksTnr''iicniitsF([oii'.ito''.'cul."tiii(lv-  biirryawiiy linibor fi-diiilliofullowiii������ desei-ilicd;:  luiiils sitn.-it'e dn.M.oHiiiiito eredk,: Arrow.lake:;:  Colli.iidiibiiiK iit iii post 'plan ted ioiiitlibiiiirtli;  bank ;of::'AIos(|iiito*,oreek-.closo to tlio.falls iiiidi. .  about ton,miles froin;wlioi-d'tlibi'Most'iiilto creek.'v^fefe  oiiiptius into tlio (,'oliimblii i-iveiV'tlieiiee'enstSO'Vi*;,';;'.;.';  tcliiiIns;U'.lioiiuo^'sbutli^'clmlii������.*tlioiic������'..wcs't''M\W^,-'S  uliiiin.s.-tlidnedJibrtli ;SO;,cliains to place.bf coin-.s  \mui\t:<3mci\iy:'-:syy.::y;:,y':y--:,iAyyiy,y}yy^yy:  'i Dated tliisliilb day of;li'eliriiai-y,T!lli:ii?^;;;j;J5i  :y;Ayy;]0y:yyy:AyyyyyA^.:^;'rii\y  ���������VJfeV.:  ���������;*b:*  NOTICED  Av;i'vA!!;j'FewvVBoxeiS!.-;;pf A^iA  A Ay i JAppIes -Left jV;aiid;VA, A  iC;:;;;Wni;*!!be!;;V.s6ld^  ������������������AA;i*Cpsti"! -$1 vper!;::l!)px;; jj j:!  Potatoes, - best;quVality,;i  ;VVAV.vat^$l!iperV^  V!".! Seenrci? these Bnrgnihs.'���������';..- V '  Taylor Bros; <& Georfc  IilJlliKD.  rpAICK'NOTieKiliiit thirty days aflordiitcil ii;  J. ���������iateiidioanjily to Ilie Chief Coiiiinissionbrs ;:  "of TJaiid.s~aiid Works for-".pernussioii to out ai'dpT*  carry away.tiinbei- from tho.followingdoseribod ���������','  :lands situate on jrosi|iiitn;: creek:,CoinnidiieiiiB';;'  at ivjiost planlcdaboiititeii-clinins vfroiniiwost;:*;;  bank of Mosriuito creek and about, twelve miles "ii  'from themonth Where: it empties, iiifo the. (.'ol-.ii.!  ;iinibia"."rivor, ::tlicnoe" east" *I0. cliains,-thence^;-;  south llll). cliiiins,''.thdiicewcst'.l():chiiins;'t.hbiicc ii,:  uorfhlli() chains to pliicdoCebmnioiieeineiit. ^y Ay:.  y Dated tliis'aith'day ofJifeliriiivryJiliinil.-Sirii'siVVt;  J;.;':;^. ;;;i:*-iJi"J'-Jii,i:ii?:;i: iiJ!*ii>';iii;y!iJ.i(;.viK\VlN.;;;-;ivi-:  TO  IN'JIilJYING KJtOM ()t;R;.Nf;it.SI31iy  iMAIMv  TillS  ADVANTAGI'"*  You Jean   Plant within 48   hours from  the disging of the trees.  ':-, WRITE FOT? LIST.  ntertainment  IN A 11) ���������ui'' TIIK  ".,'..' ''*  . .'���������''���������  Striking Railway Employes  OPERA HOUSE  ,  - * " *i *    *    * ���������*   .*  Wednesday, April 1st  ADMISSION SOiAtn any' |i.-nt of the  hoiise; children half-price...'  NOTICE,  rpAlv lO.NOi'lCl'; that I hirtydays after datii vve:;  I     intend lo apply, to llie.ironoriible tlie Cliief  t.'oniiiiissioner of Liinds and Works at Victoria.!  ti.C.. for a;sr.ccialiiceiiso: toieiit ;and carry  ���������:  away timber from tlie following described lauds  Coiniiicncinft at'a post marked  "The Yiilo^Col-i:  iiuthia  Lumber  Company's north west; corner  ,  post.','  situated  iihont cialit 'miles  frbnrthn  mouth of McDonald creek oii the .Upper Arrow ;;  Lake, thence"'running cast IM)-chains, thenoc *.';  soiitli 10 obains/f.licncc west-Kill chains, tlicnce  north 10 chains to place of eoiniueacenicnt, con-  tatniiiK 010 acres'more or less. ."':���������'/��������� }  Nakusp, ICC.',*March llil.li, 1U0:I.;^ ii,  ; i; AV;-i  Tin.; Yai.k-Coi.u.miii.v LL-Miii'-.n Co.vI.tii. . ,i(  NOTICE;  rilA KI-: NOi'lOK that thirty days afler dato f  .1. intend to miply to the Cliief Coiiiinissioner  of Lands and Works for a Special liocnso loent  and carry away tinibur from thefollowini?lands  CoininenchiK al a post marked '���������'.!. II. llrolet's ^  NW corner,", situated on the east side of the-  C'olninbiiv river nd.ioinins Htirton City lownsil.o  on   lhe south  and   running: soulh   10 chains,  thence east SO chains, thence north   10  chains,  llioncu westSOIn lhe point of cnmincnccnieiil.  eoveiiiig   lhe '-pre-emption  of one Aiikiih McLeod, which was afterwards abandoned by him  Hated this llll.li day of Kubriuiry.'IMKI.  .1. li. Dllfll.KT.  C|."UTI|.'I<JAT1C OK nU'ROVICMHNTS.  NOTICE,  lli'iineraiul lnla Mineriil Claims, siliialo in the  *.l-tiiilviiii Jliniiig Division of West Koiilcnay  Dislrici.     ��������� ' - ,...;'.  Wliei-i; locati'd: On I.exlimU'ii creek. '    .'  TAICI-: NOi'ltMC Ihal. I. Win. 10. lleveroiix,  net iii); ii**; aiteiit. for Win. I!. Clark, l-iee Minor's Cei-tilieiile Xo. IUi7tl.'ll, intenil, sixty  days from the dale hereof, in apply to flic  Mining Itccorder forii Cerlillcate of Iiuprovo-  inentsfor lhe pin-poso of obtaining a Crown  Grant of the iibovc claiin.  And further take notice  that action, under  section 37.' niui-.t be comiiicnced before the issu-  (inco of such Certificate of improvements.  Dated this Oth day of Jaimai-y, l!Ki:i.  -''-Villi. E. DKVKFIEUX. 1'.' h S.


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