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Kootenay Mail Mar 27, 1897

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Array Vol. 3.- -No. 49.
ili:VELSTOKM VrKST KOOTHXAY.   B.C., MARCH, 27. 181)7.
$2.00 a Year.
COIHK*, tlill!    I,m
bo   nude   fn��a!l Trout
Prolit Jj-alte Division.
IKK   many   oilier   mining 'ramps
now   known,   < hidlv   foi-   Un'ii
Tuusci- claim--; for .^:i5,0(hi, (hits getting j
inti-i csfs in l\\n of  the gteal   leads  of i
quart/, lead-, Tionl Lake mining llu- (,mi|i, tin- (licit. Noithorn and
division' wa*-, I11.-.L brought into ' Silver Cup. (In Scplcmbfi 2ol li the
notice thiough'its placer gold7~Ou the l.isl half. j*pl-2.."il��), ol Ihe bond on the
main river ol' 1 lit' e.iinp.- the L.inlc.iii, ' Silver Cup w a*- p.nd and (lnee week-,
11411s sfill exist w hi'-li shew 1 li.il it   was    I,
Lake point-,.' Siiiiuld the Galena 13.ty
.mil Kootenay Lake railway-; be built
lh>s sca-oii other ( enilet tion , will be
111.ide:.it th.is end, fiom Rosenheim on
Galena Hav . In tin division t he li.1 vi 1
I'lon'i Tiotit [..ike City .ind I'Vi giison i-
on i- ti.iil-s having a mileage of .'ii
iniies. \ i/. : To (iiiinor Cieek, (i mill's;'
iqi t hill ei eel., -~> miles ; fiom its mouth
to.\.hh<ilt (> roup. l.'J mile-: l'i 0111 S-niile
po-t 'lo Silv er Cup. ��� > miles : ai.d up I lie
North !\>i k  foi (j mile-.
fhe avenge assay fioin it-, last diip-
nieiil made las! winter being abonl
100 oz. silver, 10% topper and $20 in
gold per Ion. Th" 1 out en 11 ale-, w i.i go
li to 1. The average \alue of shipments
so f.u i--about $2o0 pei .ton." A shaft
has been extended to 00 l'i el thi- yeai,
aiid.i 100-loot (imnel to dip the oie-
hody i^l ���> dept h below (he shaft bol toni
of 100 feel is now being 1 un. If is now
almost in ledge under and may hit
(be ore bodv anv 'day. This pi opei I v
is 1 ertaiiflv one,o| ihe (h-l  1.ink and   is
to th
present    lime   cany   i-ihcl-  am
'J'tJI-:l-'0'll.i;CilJOt;J'is sifuafed In*l ween
the forks of the L-ude.iu Ri\er and is
about, six nub's distant liom Tiout
Like City:- ll is a'promising and ae-
(t-s-ilile "loiip <>f seven claims. Tlie
lead (.111 be dar-ed tuo miles v.uyiiiu
111  width   fiom   20  lo    10   feet    .im\   is
1 will
1 11 on.    A1 a
I a  depth
he.iv ily e.ippet
of XOIeel on the   .M.ivbee   some   n.ili\e
(upper spi.( linen-,
li.i\ e been   got.    Th
galena   co
llleiils    .11 e    not     vei v    11 i���_
\'i:ii.\i. l-'i:.viri:i:-, cKtu.'inY. p.rc.       opei.itcd bv Inmu  <V:  Kartell,  of   \';m- I  iboni  10 ounces in silvei / but   -go   well
tier woi k w a- In nuii 011 a
sleigh   load ,'   As in mos| of t he division-  of  \V>-st
eoiiver.    ll   is   Ciown   mauled.     The , m -gold
A bond ha,-   been   or   w ill   hi
worked many  Veni s   ago   Out    il    wa . f fiom (lalyiia 15.iv lo   llu*   folks   (>j   llu-] Koiiieiiay. I he piincipal   mount,
totally   abandoned   nil    the   pei ind   ol .Laideati.   111 I lie fii si w eek of December | Ti mil.   Lake   aie    the   Selkiiks.     'i
Free    Coinage,   owm
d    bv   lb
111:1 de on si line 'if I his gi nil p.
people,   .ul joining   the   Cup   i-   opemd
���net a 1 ,11 liv ily  biought   about   by   C. ' the Silver Gup 111 ule .mother shipment  j pi i in 1 pal livij is tin-' Lanh au   an
1   iisJsoinevvh.il    and' give-   indical ioti-    ul 1      ^
nsii'iiiiiou in lsS.">-S'ti.   Then the , to Taconia. oik'of 211 (oris, whirl
1   ",i ve ! foi k-   .1111
il    feeileif   which   flows   iuli
being a good propei I v.
.VOU I'll  I'OItlv Ol-' I.AItDlvAf.
0 1
ev ei al loci I ion- wei,. made  up
>k     1. ���
-iiiumrr,   t luel    auiongsl
ittention of  a lew    phu kv   piospeclor-    an   aveiage   rffurn   of   $170   pes    ion. 'Tumi  Lake   ihe    in   body   of  water
was t 11r.11
(1 to it and f 1 0111 that till   last    ThrGicil    Noilhcin   (omup'iucd   iivv-    abiml 20 mile- long bv one  and  a   hall1'"'
year has   been   worked   intermit ten) ly    Ind.ug   alsii   .r>d   haiOal
11 ge ( -i'1-igii-     w id
il b; on I be whole, av erage 1 e-til! s.   In 1 incut,  al    A 11 ow head   foi    ihe sm. lier.
Srx-in\i: avi> Toivsmi are fir-! and
cond    extensions  of  (he   Silver  Cup
\\w i'and have "real sin far eshewing..  They
Jioith-t .1-1 Aim and Tiout Lake is low, I "'"'���''   bonded   laM   Sep (ember   by  the
ll      bel u een
the fall oi '���.->."> Cn.is.   ll'ille.i   and    Win. j The Gi eai    Nm I
(Ireenw ood weiil   111   limiting  and   the    1|
n-i a   in*  w HI   a v ei agi
re I but   1.000  feel,   above   ihe   level   o
ITorr.c-Puvne Co. for ftTi.OOO and  hnvi
() (IIIIII  "���>  S]i\ (���
ami   !0   pel
wing   mmmiii   liie-e    1 vv o    vv 1111
I) i\v n-
.1. I.
1 ,-Illg-to!ie
I- M
cent. coppei   (othe.on.   ,S"veial   other
II.ide dm Ilie, I lie ("id ol  t he
ei sham j bonds w ci c 1
a'n.l .1. St011b 11 I w ent 1.1 ,ig iin I o w 01 k j vv inter season ol ."lid and I be poi I ion ol
the creek. Thev did not grl timeli and j "!)7 lip (o the pies-ut. noliblv 0.1 Ihe'
left the camp till *'''"". Thai ye.u t he I IJadshot. Net I ie L . J\f 11 be, Ann-i h au,
people vi ho went in went looking for.] Queen of the Mill*-. l?ig i<"-ive, Canyon
qua 1 lv.. and I iieii  11 lines  vvhich   should j,('i eek Gi oup ami ol hers.'   In Fi(bi 11 try
he    iviileillhel ed     Well-    ('has.     lEolMtl,
Thos. Downs, (,'h.is. Ku-s-.iter and Tin
too   Ihe    I loi ne-i'av ne   Co.   .idled    to
1 heir air".id v hea v v put 1 base- liv l-oiid-
A'l low Laki s.-ii d i-four miles  wesi   ,,f j been opened   up   to  a   limited   evlent.
Ou 1 be Sunshine a I vv o-foof u-i'iii! 1 it h
vv hit li ai e I he (kisiade,  I5ig   Five,   U
ime   and    olbei    gioiq
locations have remained unopened
wit 11 I in- ( �� 1 i-pt ion nl l'i lot Knob group
vv Ini'l. has ba<l   a   Kill-loot, limu.'l   11111.'
the lake.   F,
0111 t his point the drainage
i- all ea-i vai,1-. Ih-nti'smilh   t hi oimh Nil v>r-lend   ore   has   been    struck   that
the valley lo iCoote'iav. Lake. The
count 1 y genei all v is uvei lain by gi e.il
hands ot -dad/led rocks .ingitl.-u ly
iTirnliir in ������ 11II e and dip. These 1 nek1*,
hie'l v ( him 11 ii .,1 hi-(s and massive
Aideil.    Thev lot aled   tl.e  Silver   Cup I ing thi* Ti ne Kissine   (vv hu h  had   ben
;iud sevf-ial otheis. bin thinking   them
too   tar  awa
v   did    not    it
d    I hem.
Th"V lefl tbe i.imp nil ':d. and then,
1-t 1-isilci'-. and Aldiei's plai es h,,viug
been taken by   P. Walker  and   Liable
relinquished   by  the    Now el!   *'o.)  lor
:>V).000.on the KiMi of that  mo; I, 1     Follow iligulli.i I copies at    (he  pie-e-il  I  111
theiepoil thai the (I iv.it.   No. thern il-
si'lf h.is been sei ai ed   for $S 1.00 J bv a-i"
at e (
lime-t ine. The -dike is 1101 th-w e-t ci-
lv and th'* pi ilie: ] ial vi 1 ns ( on form wiih
the b aiding ji\ the 1 o(-k so sdongly
-eoi e   of   ( lainis   m   a
goes abonl SI57 to I h"   ton   wilh   soni.
Hold   and   coppei.      Tiiesp   pro'perf ie
is  ha-   e\po-.cd ;( Ii'itr   (
ne    vein    IS
un lies w uio a
I Vllig l."0 ouill es  iu
In Keystone Mountain Camp Was Mad*  .
This Week.
The first s.ih; to be made on KeysUui��
.Mountain was i oiisiutimated this week ���
b'y A. W. .Mcintosh when he disposed
of a (ju-irter interest in the Keystone ,
lo V. J J. Wells, im a good figuie. Me-
I nl o- li is die pioneer pi ospei-tor of
the camp���in fait, tin- Keystone wa.-.
Hit* (ii si claim s(���-iked tln-re���and as a.
1 esiilt, has interests iu beveial good locations nil both thii IvJ'-y.stoiie and Galeim
ledge- (the two big leads di<iovei-ed to
d.it e) on w Inch he vvill commence woik,:
a- soon as the t-e.ir.un opens, putting iu
hi* iji-si work on the Galena ledge.
The   facilities   for    getting   into, tile
camp ,-ue, as yet, veiy uieaj
���1.   A Ira B
1 some ii)i)l e   work    wi
ie   Iik��'Iv
w ill   no',   1).-   v o.n-ne.i
McDonald, went at it aiOiin.    Tlu-^ fttt. r i^nigli-h    syndicate.      This   ] p.|   i-   but
.I'li.iil into Ti out  Lake f-o.u   t he   A1 in | runioi- as yet ;i ml
at Thomson's Landing, disi ov ei ed   Ihe "for.
(deal   Norlhein   lead   on    which    thoy        To ao bar'
lo  '!)(), the  re-nil     ol   ail
-lak'dfom (l.inu-.   and   lehaated   the   ,(,li'-,u-i JviLv  is .well   manifo-led  i 1 I he
Silver C1111.    Coining oat  to llev elsloke    k
w hei e     I he     locations    ju 11
lliey 1 eeoided   the-e   piopeitie-   whit h-T-f.'rfi'fr-rrin ":)."5 to2i)-!   ,\\u\   the   lia.ishi-
.are tn-tl iy the ha 1 iei  pi opei ties oi the    h nm :'8 to SO, iii;i;ii
or   I tt ge   ngip i>
c tmj
111.  Mei'iw;
J. W. il.
It   i -.   flu-   intention   ol   ll
01 ne*
had been in t he ( aaiji a 'd 011 Se|)(eii.t)( 1     Pavm-Ci. to   op.-iite  a   iaibv.iv  fiom
that, g 1 mi!)-, of
line .11 e   located.    "!"
ti ne o\' t he lime-lone am
,1 - 011 I he dp ide b"l'
shippei s 1 Iii- year.
Other promising propei ties upon Ibis
gi on" and on which di velopm?*nf h.)s
been done .-ti e the ^roi ni n^c Star and
Krevv-ler it JMcAul.i v's whi< h   ire   \ ei-v
iii��h in irol.l.    A I rail vv i- 1 ist f
silv ei  w ith some ( opper.      .
Till-:   lioitv   J^iCDf.n,   on   (he 'Noilh
I-**��� 1 k. one o'l   llu-   main   ledge-,   has   115,
< Id locations on  il   and   seveia)   recent
ones.     The h ad  Is heavily i apped   with
ii on and is t i.c-cablc lor nnli
's.        Ill
III   flit
pal t it ulaHv !,!<> this irroup   fro m   111"   v tllev   of   1 !i
1 ��< Iiisl lout.u I  j South    Fork.      About   10   daims    ai
the   Ivu dean ' local ed on lhis le ul and s"'v eial ol hor-
1 eiiiaiu I 11 gefy iiudev eloped I ill  a   i.-iil-
w ay goes into t lie 1 01111I |-y.      ,
Oie' of Lhe bes I ol   Ihe new   locations
on this lork is the   Ilig   h'tve  in  .which
has been found
K'l   gl.UH (
.r'd I) mk.iii iiiver: onlhe   v.-e-l   sh'oie    about five, are lor aled back of it.'
of the 1 ike .'iul at it-fi otlheld ni.-itiou I     Tats  HvnsupT   (Jiton*   covers    five
V'.).- leads ai e   re- j , hum-   on   the   heudvvaf 01 s   of  Clai'i'-i'
bell   a'id  is a \ civ
is hi a siite and s'ai
inatkablv   -dong   and'iich   ^in   Tronl  Cn-ek   in   I
ii*   lime
some 111 il cop]
pn the snrl.it e. This properly has been
bonded lo an l'i ighsli syndicate foi a
big price.
The) e ni e sev ei al ol hei  most   piouiis-
i.ig Hi ('.tips and propel lies such   as   I he
])lack Ral
Sih'ei   T
Lake and can be I. a ed   in   n,os(   raises    ni-onii-ine    monp: il  is   now   nprilul    and ot hei--,   bnl   spate   will   nol
for   niles. and   sir lar  as   tested   shew
ided.    On tlie fJadshot 11 liiti .1 -lwiH    anv mention of thcni.    Lei it, sufCn e lo
g i.id v ..lues Tin* 01 e 111 iin d al dopi h | |,tls lieen -j-11k .1 boui TOO foot anil a loii'i ��� sav Ih.-ir Trout Lake swarms with good
i- both s(,.(.i ,,ii(i (iibe ualena vvil h j ���-1 o���vt ut t'inii"l ru" to tap t he lfdai* j mineial prii|iei I iei and 1 li.it the'Iingei-s
qirlo a lai'"i* percentage of gia\ copper j |*,;1< now . l<ul le.cheil it. Aboid 11*0 Ail bol h ll.tn'ls c.uuiol ( oiiul, 1 lie number
,tn:l a v ei v good
��� Ili'Vi lug oi UOI(
1.   Tin
ton-   of    n't*,   .n
ve; lginur 2fVI (iiiuii". in ' ()f pi o-pe( is I ha t w ill sikiii be mill'
t.K best lot.. tion- hav e so,|ai been in.itle 1 silve*-, TO pi r cent, lead  ai'd   miii'c  bis-    i^ .igie.it thstrifl   ind oie   that,  beloi,
(i,   "0,    >p.id ���  'his   iii ��� 1    locations,    the    t;u,   l-\nk-,   ,-.<\i\   beyond   if,   lo Oal-'na 1 nea r I he stimipil - ai out  fie-   beiglit   of    muth. a* c on the dump   re id v foi ship- 1 '07 vv ill hav e 1 losed   will   be  a-   widely
-I and Ci ow 11    Point      15
iv, tin   optyi   vvaier.   and    they   li i\ e | mi nniei    --l'i"'.       11
Silv ei    Cup    i-
UK-Ill .
bodv i-   1,
���id   this-, and lav oiablv   known   as  any    in    the
I.i a letter ol In- .1
I   -ti'iic Iiiiii'   ago   he ' 01,,,-ii-il ih.' 1 n nl. put    inhiidge-.    ni ule A">.70 )     leet      alcove'   -",1    level.    Gieal     will    lv*    a    \'[-\y   laige     -r.lnpp.er    w ith ' (Vie hi aled dlsl rii t ol We-I  Koolenay,
- 1 Vs t Hat   he   ma le   Ii
qaait;. in I b" 11 i \ 1--1 >u
is    !i -t, ��� 11 i,i    lo.
: 1    July   ���'���()   tiiat
nothnig    had   bt-.-n   d me   11   dial   line
s P
i*\"( epl  by the pa, t le- b-doi e mentioned
w lin    he   s iv s
sin v ev -  a  .(1
1 his pu  '10-0
iplictl   lor a t :iai in
loi   ! Noilhein o 000 leel. n.idshol   ihoul   the    ,1,
���bio 'ii.;il.
neir   intei e-is are, now  j s.i.ue .Is
Sii i ei  C'tl
11 at  I hi ���> w ill   be .iet es, ,1 \- foi   , ing 1 iain 1- -i 11
dow 11.    T
'I'l-ilpi "-      tip: V^j.ck Phivc; (iK.itTi*. -iho on       Bniiffinsr His' Workmon With Hun.
,e s .ow- 1 q,liner 'wieek.   but   on   the   olhei    side |
( ii rvmg o,e to ! h'-i
r sin,.lfer al fialeiia I f-i!' is ahuiit. five   feet   on   the   averai
- of   lh
,10.lid    be    calhd     tl.
Lud  au   (it    vv,
:>av, anil
ill    <>l t In- la 1 :
vv ill ') ��� a g,- . 1!  !) 1 ui   to i-,a 11 v I and  I lie pi ei ipitat ion of nioisl 1
liiiilv   1 i; h   ju o| i 1 Lie-'; gieat-'i thiin in   I
ith   end'
ot   th-
from the Did-hol. is  one   of  son e aire
ind great' nrcip:s
11 a so covers   In e
An Ottawa di spa I eh of  f he 21 111 says
lh.it   Colli 1 ai tor  Tompkins left   theie
On llu- H
Pi ince a I mind . u '
111   I    I irge   utiiiiber   of    woi kmeli    t(
Lirdeau then ,1 count 1 v .     IU;   tells   how     w'hie'i h we been id1 ��� 101  1 '<���'*. o   i-jmih 1   1 di-tru I. '  Tin* s( (-pel v  is cMpu-ile. Kind , h,,s been 1 un   iliouf 20) feet aiidVi shad  , build the 0 P.K. hotel at  Kevi i-lok(
be ini-sed t in* (rn at N n Ciei u I '.ul ani*
no I a    u 1.
ll    .-   1
MM   1 t'lf
that    .1! Tiout Lik   Cit% issnpei bly bea'ut lini    inoieloi
���t :   I In    V ehi    1-   I l-oin   11)
li 1 ..:e- a- -o
me 1-I   n,e   ui.e-t   ( ,.i,i 1 is  ol     1 jn., n ||| ..,0|  ,,.,.,  1, , \ ,. long to be w ul- 1 and should  b 11 to be iulh    a|.| 1 ei 1-    },, -j() inches iiu he-, w ide and
Loct.1 and Persoiinl Briefs.
i .ipoiiani e in 1 In- co, 1 .li . llu   j.i'k y
Cii.ipe'r Q'leeli -lll.l  M ill'l.' ' ' t
In ".12 the  (iiivei ti.aeat    built    a   !;ai
etl im .  IP
ll      lie    lie]).-  lllll
t he i lot i'"-P iv
as (h.. !<
I ted
The go
d tfidiid 111 the Lai th* ui  IV
hiirh gr id.-
u" ore  i-, mi t In* (lump
v,'f 1 and-win k w iiil   be   pushed   fmiliei   f his ���
;tl( 1     ki
low.u    as
Si or an It nl". a v neopl" a' e al-o 1:1.1 kl
ig    is slightly " i".i-t v.'\uot, sii'Ticient   how - j season      Aveiage  as-avs   li 0111 -sui nice
using   lloiteu's   line-   male   tin*    veai    'applu ation   lor  ,1    charier   lo   cotinei lA ever to inlet lei e   with   aiualga'p.it ion. | -l,,,w ing-     pn    Ihi-   pmpeity   aie   100
uc .    is ik'i sin
'^ his li uul which was
htrllv cut  Willi a chisel ,1 few (lav sago
befoieand ihi-let iu a iiiunbei  of pur-    Tumi Lai
e vv il !i   Kooie.iav
.lll'l 'The  whole   bed   of   Ihe    live!    am
I   its!
pirn e-   silv er.
mt.   lead all
-1 !     T
ni I mpei ial  I mnk hive s
itidi facili-
pecl.tus w hich led lo   the   discoveiy  ol     havethi-,   npiilli   put   Ih'eir   st.i v e\ 01 s ' bent lies imita n 1 o.usi*   and   fin*  gold, 1 sonie coj^pei.    Ol her (lainis  adjoining | "l
vs, ft 11  Iniidling  gold   dust,   lli.il, t
the Pool, ("'diner,   lioiqe,   Abbott   ,uul |(M.|.   d
iei  groups   which   aie   now    helping I verv easy to build.
hii-irthev dt'(l..ie i-    and   alluvial   deposits, oirnr  ;i!l   along ' |]1(. FJ|.,,-k Piii
the   Coi'tacl a nd ' ai e   111 a position    to    ([tiote   the   best
with  other.-   to   put   I lj,e   (.imp   in   the
' tin* m 1111 rivet and it- branches,   oll'ei- j Hiuh tirade,   good-looking-    |" opei I ie*-. 1 pi lues on' join   " ]i
a I irge n
front lank of West Kootenay *? inillei al     |   ,|x(l(j
lu'Do the ei isis in silver was felt in
Trout Lake a-elsew iiei e but, gav e new
lite to the J lacel t let '���-. ri.ui dioiigh lhe
opi'l .It'll is  VV el e ; 11  lllii    e    i'i,|.il,!l    tile
1 esiilts vv ei e ma!uly s.il,s!,,t (01 \ . Some
of the (lai ps'lhen loi a led on I iie 1 icek
() 1 Ihe whole, the   outlook    lor Tl out  ' w~  '" -"'"" I"H
es oppoi dimly for   bx-jAbonl  10   loi.lt
tons   weie   in.'1
le  in thc 1      T. P>rads!i
the C  V. It. fieigln
h-is been In iisln d out for a distance of
.���)', null's which is' only" a prospect or'*
tiai], lull, with some Work could hi*
made do duty, as far as il goe.-. as a
trunk 11 .ill for (he ramp. Fiom the
end of this trail two IA mile extension*
vvill be nece���ary befoi e much development woik tan be done heie.
'The Kos-laud .syndicate which has
several hxations jn Linnet nip, which
w ei e made near I he close of last season,
has detei mined to sl.-o-t tuirkiisMum
as possible lo pi'ove their properties.
Keytind   question   then*   will   he grejt't
activity on    l-vevstom*   .Mountain   thin
siiiiiinei.     Thirty-four  locations  \v��**ie
made last sea-on, and t here is no doubt
about fhe piospector giving it a good
share of his at (pillion dining the coining summer. , ��
Heinze's Big* Mortgage.,
A Piiille dispatch .-iimounces that
the Mont.ilia Ore I'm chasing (Jo. have*
mm tgaged t heir entire piopertie- for
^1,.*)0(),(K)0 and that the mortgage has
been lih-d in the auditor's ofiice'then*,
ll is made in favor of Rich.ltd Lacy, of
New Yoik. As: the Montana Ore
Purchasing Co. is practically owned hy
F. Aug. Ilein/.c and his brother the
filing ol diis 11101 tgage^is thought to
have great, significance regarding the
first named gentleman's future"operations m H. C As will bt* remembered
he 'made an unsuccessful effort his.t
winter to taise the nionev iu England
lor the extension of the Columbia &'
Western, uevei t.heless he announced
confidently that the road would be
built and il is now surmised that, it i.s
lor this purpose he has mortgaged his��,
Butte propr.'ty and Ihat.lie intend* to
put up the  neces-ary  capital   himself.
II thi--liould   piwc  true  it certainly
shows a wonderful faith in  the  future
dev ( lopiiient of this country.
div i-ton
loi '07,',.ud I he hit tu e. p-
th aulit inn.
igbboi-hootl   of   thi-  (ieek  last pro.s-' sheds,  V.-ncuu v ei, li is   been    piouiotod
the very In ighti'st   hue, and already
pkinciI'v. p:< n'i:uri::s.
uuibertif im 1,   have  gone   in.        'I'm-: Gli"3\T NOR !'1IU17.\.   one  of th
hei e is -t ill  ,1 I 11 ge   ,11 ea   to   b"   pi
ai lie-t   loiadoiis.   1-   now   one   ol   tin
p. t 1 eil. t hie
!v  0.1 t.'ie
iiu season
Tm: \Y.u.m:k (dioap. on   the' head-
������itei's of Ilealey Creek, has   li.pl   a lot
lo Ll
ie dial gc
of tli it
ctanp.inv s
dep.u liiient. at    It.'vel-iloki'
iei e    was  a. lug   1 union
t     M<
111c pi anil be
leading    nunc-.
situ tied,  wilh I of  development   work   done.     It   is on
t at  tire   \"io(t
011.1    liink. t lie oueii-
,-el e the   Si.   (ii'in ge
.11 kel. ("an von. Xlii.
Ifi-i iii-I ,    Yt How
el. I5i > 01, Sloik-
.ihn.   Two    Fi lend-.     !. ir lean     and
oth.-i-.     llll-
.11 ei  sLi-e tin  1-   nisepai ���
ably i;o!ineiled wilh lhe hCloiv and
growth of Trout Lake enabling as it
did many piospittois to make stake
enough to work and hold onto their
valuable quai I/, lot .11 ions llu ough that
pel iod ot quietude whith otiuried al
.-ind follow etl 1 he slnnip in *-i!\ i*i. I'll
1-y Int.   howtver,   the  (p.aiU  indiistiy
1 evi v ei
1 .\m\ in Ti out L
ikea.s elsevv Iiei e
renew eil    t enhdeia e     reliiiueil
we-1 and -1 nth shines   ol    I ruin    dal*
eight   olhe;
on   t he
dial   JN'oi Ihern | lhe   Dam.in   s|np,��% al the summit, ami ��� ston being a lieiuj'it to   tlie hi ass ba'ntl.
1 nd the mint al iou- ,i;e dial   the w hole    lead on I laid Mountain.   11 was bonded
mm 11 ned  loi
thv 1-1011    w ill    lie   eag ".
mineial   and   thai    capitalists    v. il
eagei iv   *-t'i ill e   gooil   |
I   pi oi'iet lie-.    Tin
w it h lh" li ill-ide lo I he pi cent o.v iiei ���
in  !.'.). and vv ot
ha - 1
���ecu   stead,Iv  linr-
div ismn   nt
-etls   no booming,   its
sued to I lw* pi est nt tin:.* vv lit n 11 hit**
poi led sold at a big iigtti i-toan Fngll-1:
i s mines. ii��� dumps ami pro-pet I-all | .-_., ntht ate It was opemd by'.. ( 1 is-
speak foi   it better   t ba n an v I lung "lse. A ut vv hic'n   Iul   llu*   lead   in .Ml feel and
inticli   inipiovetl   | i opei t v    as i' '���iill'i'i--
now li 0111 I.n k ol  11.111 spm 1 at ion lai ih-
d lo d-'sci ibr thcni   is (he [an pose ot     tlist h s tl a    1-1. ot    vein.     Tunnels  and j lies.    It   is   undei    bond   I o a Spokane
shew- a lai ge outcrop. The ledge lias
b"en tapped at good depth and a 21-
ilit li vein giving good sil\ep valuer
has been disil i-ed. Should the L.n do-
Duncan   lailwav   go   in   this   ,.. ill   he,*.
was   a   v ci v
siici essitil   ail'at
sociiilh and lin,mei.illy.
unent ot 111.1
I'lnnei v .11 1 iveti
tliis.n iicl<
di il ts   nav e   iieen   in iv en    1
mil   inn   lor    sv iidicale lor a I.n ge sum.       ~_._-..-j_._
r.oc vrn.'N' or disi uiur.
I about   000  feet   and   Ihe   le 1 ', w lin h l-
TheTioiit   Lake mining tliv i-:nii. ,1- it  .about  10 feet   wide,   t.q ped   loi   depth.
TflK Aiuvvi l' Gi;ot;i>.   al  o   neai  this
suinniit. on t his  -id-. 1 omia i-e-   -even
Tlnnsdav for tlie leg linleipiise
bievwrj. Il is e\pet tetl dial t bo plant
will be wliollv installed .\\v.\ in opei-
ation bv  (he Iii st of May.
10y.1I Canatli in,
v, v\ as
A sample fiom tlie It
Sim  I! ill s el,inn 11 e.u  (Jalena 15,1
lifted del". L
M.I'Ji.  tins wee
is now (.11
led. ( 0111111PIK t-al tiieea ,let u ' About  l(V) toils of in e .11 e   on the dump    t ],,,,,,..     Al.uge  amoiint    t'l   wolkb.P
botuitliiv   of   West    Kootenay   distiitt  , .mil -iiiiii1 is   now    being   lorwauletl   lo
-id 1 hence runs w
-t   alo.14   I In- sunt li
in-'i er.     1 ne   in e   o'l    tins  1 I nm
I he   lllei illev, act   div 1-
lt     cirrie,  a   e;i Ml    jn eeelitage     ( I     gi-tv
been put  in heie and a lout: funnel 111
to caich t he ore bodv      Like the   W.Mt
I'm  au opinion .ind lie piouoiinied it as
t tuning l'i 0111 a (1 ue (issui e.
Dave Miciuiifi cinic   in   last     night.
From the River.
The new steamer now being built at
Nakusp t vvill   he   launched   in    about
two weeks.     In  general   design  it   re-
semh!es=tlu�� Nakusp, with which it will
.iltein.iti*    bet.vveen      Anovvlipnd    and
Itohson     It vvill btvlSO feet, long and
."52 feet m tlie beam, 11ml will he called
the  Kootenav.
*>    '
A 'coiiiinenceinent   has not vet l**��eti
made on the new. fast boat which is to
make the daily tnund dip between
Arrowhead and ltobson, hut hftr
machinery hits been oideietl and when
a stall is made the work vvill be rushed
tin ougli.
Tlie  water   in   the.   river   has   risen
1 ei  an inch and steamboat   men hope
iv ig.it imi   h.i.s   been    impeded
consideiahlv owing to low  water.
1 li.it it is the beginning of   the   spr
1 lse.
i mn I he e is
I..    II
e lepi esenf s a Scolt |i-
Capt. Tump    i-i    t
temporarily    reliev
I ilai el -i v ei 1 lot 1 be most pmi a hand lined, cm epl toi an ot t ,|sion,il efloi I. and
'1 he nil v i-i on . 01 ue W ell lo 1 lie fl out Is .1
gi eat si[\ i-r camp. In VI t the (Sovein-
lneiit const mil d a v\ aggon 1 oad liom
the Ai 111 to Sf.iul at I'- Lake and in "-.'."i
finished tl I0T1011I Lake. In*!1.') a gt.otl
deal   of   pi ospi t t ing   began   and   snnit
dev eliipnienl  w.isd ou I lie pi in( ip.ll
piopi 1 ties. That veal theie were 7a.
Ha i ins 1 i*i oitled and US 11 au-l'ei -.among I
tiled  tii-lel's   being   soiiie   veiy   hcavv   }
lilt 11 I.i; lis -ouill   hoiuidi d   I v   I aid.HI     r op'*ei   in 1 a-e--alvml 20 pel  cel.l.    Tl
lo  ils   jttut t it'll    wilh    11
lot ia   Inn*. , av e. age ,i--,ij .
bow ev er.   i-  l."i() 1 um I"
iii'i- il '-��� 'i<'" h.ud lo 1 each I or dev Hop-    F,Mi,|,sh sMidie.ue opei,-ting iii lhe Slo- ' ing Cant  (hue,   who   is   laid' up witk
1 lient purpose- and is nol  to the loi e as | L.t,,    .l|K| ||ils |IC,(,|,  lSs tin  walei con- i 1 lienni.ilism.
��� 11111 h   as   ol hei -
It    has    been    slml
dtiwn for   siiine   lime,   but,   100   leet   of
w hi k ;li.i -
been   done.     11    is -aid I o
I hei e if got'- ea-t waul  along lhe nol th    silv ei. ID per (end 1 upper and   limn !?2
line el the Aiiiswii.th   division   it. L.n-    to   SI.")  in   gold.    This   is   ,1   w nut'erlul
dean    Idv.-r:    tlienie     1101 th-e.i  I      11  [  piopeitv .ind il a r.iilw a> vv ei e in .1 ould j ;,,   bund   to   the   1 loi ne-Pa v ne Co. .11 d
daVel-again   lo   the ea-t    homilaiv  of  J 1 e a  lai ife pi odiu er.
the tb-li u t (cio-sing   Duiiian   H,ver,,t        Tli]-: I!j{i)Aiivu:\v. under bo id t 1  th
stilling his pi mt i]
11 eil  \\ 1 mg 1 etin ned liom   Sandon \
usdav.      lie  si\s   dines   .110   hum- 1
111:1 V  be vvolked Ihi- year.
miiig in the Sun'ess
V. .nu
I also that
111: Il'ii.y Mtisys (!i,"it*i*,   lhe   pmp.   ;,���*.
a    niniibe,    ol     ihal    buigs   sut-eessrul
mess men ale aiiangiug   to opeiad
Its Flotation Was Opposed. '
It is s.iid that considerable opposition
fiom pal lie- in bol h IL C. and London
w ,is e\pei lent ed by   the   proiuolei-   of
1 point including lh- south w., i,*i -ned-     Mo, .p.-Pa v lie Co . i-.oiolh--l .lev elope,! ^ ,., , N ���, die Laid.. .Milling and  Develop- j ,��� die T1...1I   Like (.and 1 v" this season.     ",1.'' (.;"1'1 ^'^ ,"*"   B* ('* Lt<!*   ,'"   l[u'"
��� 1  il.ill .'.id   La-! cieek-)   wlucJl    o   loi-    * 1,) 1-i I V on the G1 eal  N'oi Ihi 1 11  I'-dge, ] m,.|,|   ('.).,   ,,n   tl,,.    w'esl    foil
to   point   of  coinmenceiiieiil.     It ,   \ i.mipl
1.1- ivi'ti el et
ll   stink     [),
in    lhe 1       |,(
not allow   volliselves   lo le lolled
lllCilll.   have   been   opened    up   sonie-     ���      |
ivas  at    Iii st   included   la   die l..u d.-au    aboi.l 12 I tr.,-1 on I lie 01  ��� a.itl   a   lit'inel 1 u l,,,|,    Tip* lead is abui.t   'A')  leet   wid
"' I and i- i-ui-,-1 ul al    a   depth   of    III   feel.
in  bv  e.iSleiu  Iravelleis.    ()ur l.illol nig | |.:,a.i
(Vol I s to (loaf t be company iu London;
mt a cable   this   week   -tales    it    waK
I) \ 1 sit 111 w inch   was   csl.ihii-he 1 1
ae .'-ill .  ���.  C.i.i    >\ as   hoiided
ill Septetlibei to I). M 1 11 iili v I ay, T.
Fail ell and others ol Yautoiivci loi
S2a,0.��): the til eat   Noith-'iu   and   llill-
, 1:111  iu ,M 11 eh *. I
ill   It-ell*.      lis     II
'.\<a   t leil e.l a if, \ 1- 0 1
i(-ii     boundaries    weie
ill !V en lnl" 1.1 1
oi e  i-   of    s.,|t
.lb   about    12)
I.    T
endi I
il  loi II.M  of   tl
nn ih: v    .. ud    v erv   ,  1
I  looks like a good  ptoptilv  and   will
I 1 ade cannot  lie t oiiipeted   wilh,   nut  it
\ on do w ml  a t heip suit
s-ful vv hen   placed  on   the
e *. 1 ' i   11
al.iei li.     In* full her developed Ihi-  v
1 all   ami e\-
soii -     lead v m ide*
iham,e,l lo (ip- piesenl one- on lJ.--.em-    Cm-pl  1 *.hle ore   1-  abea.ly   0.1   diuup I      On Mali   Cieek and   on    I In*    Di
tie    were    taken   over   by   Hugh   .Mt
hei Ol 11. '0"), foi   lhe   heuelit  of |no-pe(-
lois   and im hides  all   aiea   of.iboul2::
whii Is w ill aveiage abonl 01   ov er S100 i ;lhi,\,-   if,   about   s|\|y   handon-   wen
aminiO    il.   S.    Wi
lliev     iiie    t-t|iia!     lo    c.stt'l 11    oiileietl
ier-011    and
ISeltles     for     a
sq 11.111'
d   ol
per   ton.    Th"   oie    bodv     1-   ol    gieat
1  >' 1- ���" , width, .111.! 11 1- a
valuable   pi op-
Ill, ule    la-I    season     and     r op-idera hie
1 p< o-pei I i,ig   will    be    don.-    ll.eie    (lu
ll.   .M��(J
iitclit'on and
.1. C   C
.iul)' ied
-f c
il  I
1 os ,   1111 ml 111 e  (le.ilei s     ,-
Montana millit mi Oil   21,(1  ul   Si2.1)00
l'i lie    I-'lo. UI ('    vv ent     I o    I he
Tiout    L ike   I'll V ,   11
111 iii.t, aud 11 is most
It-s.-iit    -tipjilv
.I'llllv    liKiited
Now ell    Co..   ol    June,in.    Alaska,     in
Nov cube: foi   .\->2-U'i'O     The  sellets  in
.*tly    On tin* Phillip-lung. Oi I Sonoma  1 ^(.,,|.
intl Ti ne I-"|ssiu ". opei -ii t tl bv t lie-.i me ,       Dnvn    lhe    s|
i ompaiiv. .1 fan   .1.111 nun    of   woik   li'i^. , ((1 vv ,11 < 1-- 11
if   Vcuitili    and    liusslaud    .iliiverl    I
ope    o
>l    ol    ll
I     Mealy     Cieek
t-   lake   lies   die
low n v e-l   1 l,i\ .
Mt. Mi C itch
���b of
i liese (lan-.p l ions w ei e
Walkei    and   Downs,   the  eatly   pro���
jieCtoi -.
L.isf ve.-tr, bow ever, was one ol still
prealer intei st m '1'itail Lake .-intl
sevt-i.tl   events   oiciui.'d    wlncli    liavt
loi   lhe pill pose.   Allot'iei   place 1 I  no
is Kei-gu-.in (init lour miles In.in '1 lout     heen done and is it.   1 'tinned   I bis j   -^ ,,,,., j(.iin>  _,   j,. ,,j,,.- 1 -^   ,,f   some   mei 11 |
Lnkel ll\) vvhlih.  I) a   l.ilelvesMhh-il-     j,  .,,,..     ���)'!,,. Old So 10,11a  li.i-  ,1   ( 1 ,.-t ul     ,,,,,] |,i 1 el v    bontleti.     A   Hail    la-   been |
in fi   it.,   tapping   the   ledge,    au 1    I be | (.ut  |, ���,,, | lie lake and a (pi ml il y of 01 e '
lei   visiung   liusslaud, will    letmn    lo
iToiollt.-.   wheie  ue is   lliiiillug   the    Dig
Si.n Colli ,y C
���l  C
e I, is gi ow III'
bnl ll fil.it .'s ,u-i- 111   o
l.i-t.    Wi et.ly   mads n
,iei atp'ti   and hot el
.eal.c am I
iniiket iln-ie. This company is the
one pioiuoted lv C.ipl. .lohn Giant,
w ell know 11 in this vicinity, antl .Air.
I-! 1 11 est Grant-Gov an. who spent some
dine in lliidsli Columbia |,i���t year
wiih his mining engineer. Gi.ini-
.111 is cm pei led lo ,ti 1 ive in Ih it ish
Cohiiiitiia eai ly n.-\i nion'h. ami vvill
at om e iiiaiigut ate an ai-tive dev elo|-
liiefit ol the toiiipaiiy's several pio|-
eitie-. imong-l t he pi incipal of which
111* -ti 1 .mi's, group ou   the  North   Fink
,1( (.ti.lllll.ul.il '.on 1
to be had .it eai h
1  ige ol   lhe 01 i* 1- ] I")   o/..   s|
he,,    (i
'** ' '"   "-till II- ' ���, ,,���. Hh-dlL^vaet.
)    li)    golt
itoiv niMt ni:u, i:k .
rnn.l   L ike   < '111   is
. oppi-l ami
Tine    Pi-sijie   ha-   had   unit b   siiil.u
1   pel    I on.    The 1 ,i
vvoith   abonl    I-filOi)   pel    Ion   is    mi    lhe.  .1
huisdav lio'n   liit-li    liispe.-tlou   o
The v fill hei e i- .11 mill   10 lo   1 ���
w ide ,1 nd -hew .s -igus of nnprovc.
d     fiom    wo. k tlo-ie, i he 011'o'ltci oppuig 011  tne    mend
ie w o
1 k on t lie Gi .int   claims   on    (In
um I ii foi le of   t li"   I 'lei 11 lew 'el
\v ei e   ,u*i iniii) 111 ie I    b\    S intl \
Ik \
helpe I gieallv  lo atlveiti ..*   lie   .amp.     ]?eve]-loke    on    t ii am    liiieot   die    "-ni face 50 111 00   |.-el   acl o--.    'I'Ip-   has,      (),, ('.my,,,, Ci eek on ( be   vv t- I    si
'J'he III-I   was the slupmeni  ol   two   l.n-     CI' 11       hot ll fl o.n  east and \i est -   .i.-si
101 e     ,1
beell sf: 0 peti ant
1   aboiii    aOO   ton-   |1ul  1 ()j   (
u* lake a
hiuil  1 1   11 lie-   fi om   Ti out
load- ol 01 e 11 om I tie Silv ei  ( 'up
liv   me   C.P.I*   hi.imh   hue   to   Allow-    ""    l'"'  dump.    Olhei   claun-  01   I bis    , j<lUl. (.,(>   ,,   M, ���   |,.,w]   ,,|   RO(���i   ,,,,,,  11,. ||ii(i a , |,,u(. , ,[| ,������. (|,IX   | ,s,    u(
Consolation Still In Pay.
'haloid  leliabie   place"   on    Flench
id fi und cwi'\tllllig (). K. es'ept  the ' Cieek   flu*  Consol-vt ton. Is sfdl III   [).iv_
1   ii 0111    l Ik:   l>ig    I'euc!
iei    placei s   may   have
deii'li o!  snnvv   w hit h was 1 oiiskIci ao.e
Ins i- t he w 01 (
is    up    li-iin    t . iieii.t     I' iv       11,1-  v. t
was   ol    e\tieiii(
Iv    high    glade.      The     head.   2"!   nilie
p-.K e     s|.-.im .|     in
led   i-t   tl
S'v.-r  li leen   aid   i^nH, ' was foiintl   l.i-l   I.ill   and   eighl   cl.iin
Out  ui'liliei ent  In.
noNt 1110-I iiioiiieniou-  ot , ui 1 ei'ce   w..--
Li iilmg.   10   miles.   ,,���] i,v     epoii   \
!���    !, 01 dni.11 v t.i'e-.'i.-g   v 01 , has
iled.    A -.1 uph
ill 01.- 11 0111   one  ol
I hi* 111, 101I111 I  ol  the  Llll'ioel. I'lasi 1     an e\i t U.-lU    wag.0.1    Ion!
been dii'ie. 1" ei v t lung   gomg   to  pi ov i   |t
J{iv ei and ( ,11 1 boo Gold h'.e'tU I' 1.  (lor    11:
lo    I-. . gll-O.I.    it    is   pun    11
lhe vv ealtb ol  11
I t in
-ui-late shew ings w .-ul I Tu oiinie*
1 ev if v  t In' I Im ue
lie Co )  ,i'.\il    l   u*     I ill I iiei    ov er
l.-ign   10.1.
A1 m .ind  bioke tluoiigli iheue    Piping exhaustible.        Foi'iveais    thev    liavt-,
alone   it    w ,.s    Willi   1 ou-nlei able   tlifli- iiet-'i t iklug t hi-v ellovi  si till out of thix
c.ilt   Ik    ev I' if -It d   Innisi-ll    lioiii    tie- el.iiiii and    it    apjietts   p,    \,t-    getting
1-    rioiii.il!        Till: MtA-i:': C.-.'!ia- lhe  til-lint lion ' said have also been bonded    The loi in-    ,,.v   wateis'.uid  1 elm neti to A1 1. >w heel 1 u-a.'i  a- die gold   gets   i.i.nser.     .lack
I silvei and M) '. lead      Tl
P'se ( I.IIIUs it    1-
lle    st, I 1
ed    io    ( 11 ss
Nol I
1 e.isi     n|-   1 he
but    the    pay
in-ol.it imi   seems   almost   l't-
liondi ig   11
v   1 lii-ni   o|   llu-   Ibo.nlv i."\,     points   ni    the   south    .t   1- it ach'-d bv     of heing'l he Iii -I s'.u; per oi   lhe  lainp.    ation here is gi,mile and si,i(c.
Old   .Sonoma   and   i'iidlipsbnrg   ilauiis.t   P.U.    boat-   to   An ow IpmiI.    theme    ll i--it 11,11 etl mi f In-Stmt h I'*oi k ol   I h
|,,i a stun ol ..-i'la.iiOO     This w.p, in  .lulv     -i-,-'   a-    liel'nii      11.ent 1. ni-'ii.       I'min     L r tie.in. upon .. -1 long   had   about   -'0
and abonl I li > cud ol A ugu
Scveial locations have been made ,ih     ll(,|
ahmg tin* -.holes  (ri    Timil     I .,ke    la  I
to ilia vv   out       11 ippllv   le* e-t  tped Willi     SweeiK'V   .111 r I  foui   lu.'ll  have     been
not ning w in -e t ban ,1 1 old b it li
w ul k   t ai-, e   ill   vv lute- .1,11
lla \ t   i m' I'
HIV    li'   111
,|   ||| ev   look       \pi 11    out     I he-e     t I .1 Ills   ,1 Ild    bt ,11 s   1.1     f i-i 1   vv ule w 11 11 .1  ', em o'   ( !-   11   01 e .1 bold      -HIIIIIH'I   .1 Ild  I 111 .11 l'i  lll.l V   I .e  "   vv ill Till     I >ol I HIP HI    p 11 I l.l 11 lent     W as
auothci   bond   on   the   Sunshine   ,itn\     \i 1 ow 11e.pl  vvill   inn
.un   tin!'.
(i feel  Hill
:e   1-    \ . I 1     I
It ll.     Ir*    I.i! ed t 111 - -1 inn, -l .   Must  |<n ,i| iu||s 1  v ( ued  l,.st  'I Inn s(j p
1 ie 1 ii up- ii i\ i* iuii ri om
t III o'l_'l'.|J
i   so     f.u     tl'.-J
The  w (���"!;���,*>
'10J  lu   .jtjjrf
inter. VAGK ti-  Tl I K KOOTENAY MAIL.  Zbe 1Rootena\> flfcail  Pl'HI.ISHKI) KVKIIY SATLMJDAY  ���������AT���������  "REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  ���������HV���������  - ''    ATKINS .X- SMITH.      "  '  l-VllMSIIKHS AVI)  I'UOl'UIKTOKS.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annum  XcT STIIICTI.Y   IX   ADVAXCI-: *'.>* i  ADVERTISING RATES.  '.'OXTIi-MT ADVKKTI.SK.MKNTS iii-ciii-d at  tin* rate of S1..V1 jil*i* coliiinn inch per month  ' Knrsiiacr;-< of .-i.\ (-(iliiiiia inclii-s or over SI  per inch per month.  TKANSIKXT AltVKIITISKMKXTS Kk-. jut  line firi-t insertion. .V. por line i-acl)  -uli-i--  ' , cjiifiit insert ion. Tin- niiiuhur of lines  reckoin-<l liy spiici* occnpii-ti. li line-1 lo the  inch. ' ,    .  IlKAIUNfi i XflTICKS Kii\ per line r.-trh- in-  -ertion. unless conti-iu-ti-d for hy the KHi  linen. r . .   . '  JOU IMMXTIXU of every kind nt most rcii-tin-  ahle rate- ami shortest notice.  ACt'Ol'XT.S for job print in-,' or iutvui-UMiiK  luiviihle on Ihe llrst of every month.  'C'Oltli'KSI'OXMKNCK on nil matters of local  or public intcreM invited und earefullv eon-  xiflcri'd. All i-oiiiiiiunieatioiis to the Ktlitor  niii.st liciieeoiiipjiiiied hy the iiuiiu* of the  vvrlU-r, not m-iT-i-iu-ily for publication, bill  as an evidence of kikmI fait h.  Addres-  Tiik Kootknay .Mail.  Uevel.sloke. B.C.    ,  many honest men anil meritorious  claims and incorporations .is elsewhere,  ���������ind the public will, if they look into  the matter find it so.- ,  Officers of the Kaslo Union.  The o'Ticer.s of the Kootenay uiinei's  union leceiitly foi med at Kaslo are II.  Ii. CroH.sdailc, of tin* Hall .Mines, piesi-  ilenl with I he following vice-presidents:  (h-orgc Alexander and Scott .McDonald  for the Ainsvvorth 'milling division;  John t<\ Mi'-Ciuigan and XV. K. *-M.inn,  for the Slocan mining division; T. G.  I'roetei, for the (icat-* River division,  and "Frank Ki.-tidier for the Nelson  division;'.). It. Kobertson, of Nelson,  treasurer, and John Keen, secretary.  w.  A. NETTLE.  Carpenter and Contractor.  Plans   and   Estimates   Prepared.  REVELSTOKE STATION,  B.C.  P_Ujohnson7  J1EVKI.ST0KE Station, J'.C.   ii��������� -        '  Haircut and shave 50c.   -������*������������~���������-  ���������toy-. Comfortable Parlors.  Opposite Drug Store.  QESHAWTV     "  Rl-A'KLSTOKl-:,   UC.   ^ n   Real Estate, Mines and Insurance.  Agent for Ferguson townsite.  Granby  Rubber Boots  and Shoes : :  wear like iron.  UKVKI-STOKK, MARCH 27,  )������>".  ���������    Fitz Retires From the Ring*.  '  Ft zsi in iiu ins   has   reiterated   his  in-   tent ion   of   leaving  the   ring.   ,"l   do j _.._   _|n| _ '���������   nnny  this,"  he  says, "in  eoniplianee with a j THE   DlPLUGK   DUUiV  request made hy my wife   before I met '    | *rin 0TATM1ICDV Ofl     I Tn  Corb.lt. on Wednesday.     She exacted ��������� Af'-iU olAIIUNtnY IU., LIU.  a piomise that, win or lose, my last j Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and  battle  would  he  fought,    aiid   that i ,'   . . Stationers . .'  promise I intend   to keep.    I am conli- j VANCOUVER,'    B.C.  dent, in my ability loout-elass any man ; ~J_ "   _   _        iu the world, and would  appear again) " "  in the ring to'-uiorrovv   were   it   not foi 0.   fc>. jJ UU Cx I IA Q-,   i  that one reason."    He has notified Cor- ',  s^AA^tiAA:;:^ ,A:���������:*;;; | Heal Estate and Mining Broker,  and will not. even give boxing or span-- i . ' -  ing   exhibition's' in    the   future.      His |        133 Cordova St.. VANCOUVER. B.C.      ,  winnings on the 17th total .$.'������,(KHJ.  Wb. McKechnie,  (M.I*.., M.D.C.M.l    ,  PHYSICIAN and SIMEON,  REVRLSTQKK. . . . B.C.  OF KICK near Union IIiilcl. Calls liy Telc-  plumi* or Ti-li*};i"i|ili promptly jittewleil tt).  Oltit-u hour-..- !l::dl to 11 a.m., l:������l Io I ;inil  7 In S ]i.in. ��������� '  Tiik lfos.sland Miner in its news  coininns and editorial lust week , goos  for what, it calls, the Oiplian ' 1W  svviinlle. Tn diiKcrihiTig how F. C.  Whitney, the first secretary of tlie  company, placed shares' on the Ross-  land market which the. company have  iidvei tised as forgeries and refused- to  .accept. ' Tt says Whitney told a very  interesting story about the   mine   au(i=  this story   was   corroborated   bv   each  ���������'   ti *  succeeding issue of the Kootenay  Mail. ' Under these circumstances  Mr. Whitney had no trouble in disposing of his stock'. Some 40,000  shares were sold altogether in Rowland,  principally <m tlie stiength of lhe published   interviews   with   Mi-    Haskins  and Mr. Whitney   iu   the   Revelstoke  . i  paper.  This is a   most" scandalously ��������� unfaii i  Grant Govan's Company.  I   , T. MATHEWS,  1 Real Estate and Minim"** Broker  ,The Knglish company  organized   by,| , 319 Cordova St.I  (Irant. (Jovan   is   known   as   Ihe ' Gold j < '. VANCOUVER, B.C.'  Fields of British Coluinbi.-i. limited.   It j     Mining stocks and propcrl ie-. bought,  hasa capital of ������'>IX),0!,!).   The dii eel'ors | and sohl nn   coiiiiuission.    Correspond-  arethe Bight, Hon.  the  Karl of IWcx, '  the Right. Hon. the   Karl   of  Huntingdon, (.'ol.   Henry   Fludver,  Col., Thus.  Henry   Anstey,' Kriicst' G'r.-int-Govan,  aild Alex.-indet .Matheson. Tlieadvism y |  board for CCanada   is  composed   of  t!e|  Hon. Chas.   K.   Piioley,   Hon.   I).   \V. !  Higgins,    and     David     R.     Kerr     of  Victoria.  The company has been   organized   lo  take over a  large  number Cf  mini  g {  .claims.. 13,-i.ish Columbia, covering in j ^g   fo  ^  np^j-J ' ",  all about. H,(.(K) acies.    Several  ot   these, r  To be leaders hi making low prices  but we challenge a comparison of  our goods to those sold by any ci impel it or, feeling confident that the  vert'licl. (pialily .-mdr, finish vvill be  decidedly favorable to us.  WILSON,Taiior,  Opp. G.I'.R. water tank.  1 ence -solicited.  i7  doerihg & marstrand  Brewing Company,  ' VANCOUVER. I1C.  t- i   .,,��������� I, mm  Alexandra L'iger and Porter, in    Kegs  "  and lioltles.     Always reliable.  are at. Al'nert.'Canyon .-intl some iu the J  neighborhood of Russia nd. Six hundred I  and forty acres co-isist of die ('iiiiiic '  'valley, property siluated in die Si nil- ',  kameen'district', and are pliicergniiinil. ,  A most elaborate prospectus has been  'issued by the company. A fealuie  (.consists of cii-eTully prepared maps of ,  all I he mining properties to be taken ,'  over bv t he cniniinnv.  Commiiula'ole Enterprise.  ���������itatoiiu*iit wliich would to ninny people i     The /'/��������� m/inv .Mining Map  pamphlet.  imply that theie was some   complicity ! I-'1*- J'^1- l"''*1 -eived and   is such  an  between this paper -ind Whitney so as j ''���������   .'  lo allow him tn dispose of foiled slock.  Such an inference i.s entirely false. This  lent production that il deserves"  The i-onlenUs includes maps  of B.C., (small-ds-ic). a colored map -ol  I he mining tli visions ol* South Kooii-uay  paper knew untiling of Mr. Whitney's j and two lar^e supplementary map-, of  operations in Russiaud: it never  inter- j Trail Ci-t^'k and Toad Mountain camps.  ,,,.,, '",        ....     .,'.,,,       Iu a foot in Ie it is le.n ned   that   a   map!  viewed linu hut once,   to   get   a   stall-j ..... ,   ,.      . '   '  . of Slocan is in print .mi1 that i-verv .  nientof theallausof lhe company ������������ j !>l.l.,r.,ll ���������r IU*. u*i|| |,,'. S..1.1.-.1 nil Ih'.-i  ih������  ..������...<>������������������:��������� I     mee.tin.r    and     this     was ��������� W|1I1U. -^ i-ovcretl.'   p.-odiu iug   when   all  pasted  together   the   largest   and   ln--l ,  The Staff of Life  ! ������������������"���������   is Bread. ���������'���������  i ���������  ���������''The better the,bread the better  the staff.  CHAS. R. CARLYON,  Bappistep-at-Law, Solicitor  and Notary Public.  tUrabyiilK:   Mail building IScvcKlokc, H. C.  i  JAS. McMAHON,  Ganepal Blacksmith & ^oodwopkep  Repairs to AV'agons.    Tools .Sharpened.'  shokint;   A   S. KCIAI.TY.  ' A. McNEIL,  BARBER SHOP AND BATH ROOM,  , i      ,     - i.  Front. Street, Revelstoke.  Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving  ; Tickets for $1.00.  ,GUY   BARBER, r  WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER  Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.  i .    .        ' *    i (  l* REVELSTOKE. B. C. f  J, R. HULL & CO.  Wholesale    and   Retail  Purveyors of High-class Meats.'  REVELSTOKE, B.0-.  *A1I orders in cur line will be promptly  . attended to.  MAPLE LEAF HOTEL,  ILLECILLEWAET, B.C.  The Pioneer Hotel of the Pioneer  camp of West Kootenay.  Good rooms, newly furnished.     -      -      -      Best table in town.  Choicest Liquors and Cigars.    Commercial Room.  RATES $1 TO $2.  T. RICHARDSON, P������������.  Gold Hill Hotel  FRANK .VAN DA I-L, Pkoi-riktok. ,  -���������Revelstoke, B.C.--f���������  Best Table in Town, Well Furnished Rooms,  Choieest Wines, Liquors and Cigars,  Everything Strictly First-Class.  0 ~ " \ I "~ ' '" '  Terms $2 per'day.  Kainloops ,I">eer,on .Draught  the. ."���������cneral    nicctiii!'   and    this    was ;  n     , i  published     December     l'ith.       What ;  .st'ateinents-   this   paper   has   made   re j  the      eoiiipany     have     been    on    the ,  authority of its i.HiePis, and   what   has,  lw?������u nail I about the property has  come ,  Always in the ordinary e .urse of iii'������-. '  ]t   lias   l.inx   I'ee'-  siiriuise 1,   before'  Mi.      Haskins       letiirn       from     >San  Francisco, that there was forced  stork  on the market,   ,*nM   tbe   Mail   inter-  yiowed some, of the din^;t(>rs as to what  would be done,   in   tlie   matter.     The*v ^  were'not ablfi t-i j^ive   an   ex]>latiatioii  until Haskins   leturned.  , When   th.it i  map ot" the country ever piihli-died. It.  i.-. a iri'imd i-ntei pri.-e and will be in the  hands of this hou.-.,* ,i l.irue siiere-s-.  M nch valualih* inforniniioii i.- iriven  iu the pit-sent pamphlet! ���������.���������overinir li-t^  of   trold    eoiiiini������-.ioni*i-,     miriiii-ir     n*-  Aorde--. .-e.-iie ot* m-ord ,f.-.--. H..uth   'i']1Hn xhcv am  afford to   steal j  A. N. SMITH,  Baker and Confectioner,  Ri-:\*i-:i.si"oki-: Station!  Any One     <  Requiring Wood  Cm   I lu y if. Cheaper from  '������������������ ,W. FLEMING  F. MeGapty  i' Wholssale and Retail i  v .. BUTCHER ... ;  -   ' Dis.vr.uic ix '  Milk Cows; Saddle,.Pack,  Driving and Draught  Horses. s������  Revelstoke Station, B.C.  ASSAYS.  ������������������COLUMBIA'������������������HOUSE,-:  Revelstoke, B. 0.^=^==^  Largest Hotel in Town,  Centpally Located, Best Accommodation;  :    ; Free Bus,  Rates $1 w day.  IIROWN  & CLARK.   Proprietors.,     '.  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,   Draught Beer always on tap.  Upper Arrow Lake, B.C.  Under same  Management  LEON HOT SPRINGS,  ,-.'-.M-l-.'  ip. h:e.ajk::e, 3stL.ttr  Mining Engineer and Metallurgist  REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.C.-  Assays on Bold ami Sife ,.  Analysis of All Metals mado at lowest rates.  ������ ���������. lYmiipl-   and   Oorrect.   Results ��������� (luaninteed.     Uepnris undo on properties,  et.e.     ('ive nn* ii cull. >-  Stockholm House. BBB  J. A. MaeFarlane, F.C.S.,  Assayer and Mining Engineer,  6.2 ^   IIASTINCS ST., '  YANCOUVLR.  IJ. C.  K( oteiniy'eenlrt > .-ind nnitf-: .il-n .-in  orijrili.il .ind ii*.efnl teleu;r.i| Iiie cipher  nn-li'dinif minilier-. |'i i'-e-, [i.-iy- and  iii*-,i<.nreineni.-.'i- cl>iiipiJ������-ii. .-mtl .( .-.hoi i  Miiiim.-try of tin* .nhioiif !.u\ - I~ ! -  (���������!il(li-(i. It, eoiK-inil*������������������ w ith .-in ind**.\ lo  iulvei ti-er-.if -.vliieli th*-i<* .in* ;> l;n-*_"*  inn,ilx-r of r.*l"i;ili|i- ho'n-e-..  it and take the chances  of | All ussays and analytical work done in  duplicate   with  Scrupulous personal care and dis'.iatch.  being caught.  Dpaying a Spacialty  '    ,    At Lowest Prices.  .t i> ;i ni(i*.t coniin elifii*-iv-e|iiil.]'n*atiiiii  "eiitlt'iiien arrived lie was interviewed, I ;i||d t|)(, i[|ly f*.ll(,Mo u��������������������������� f(1|111[1   wilI)   j,  iiut as lie was then unahlt to say -.*. hat ' f,.,,,,, ;l |, ���������.,,���������] jH,int of \-,-.y i^. ih-n il  would he 'Line (he wa-, takini; legal dof.-not im-lnd*- Norlli Koott-naj. A  ;idvioe), or whatste])- w.,ul-l he.   taken , siil'-^|������������''i''    |-.f..i|*lilet     (--.v.-nn-    U.i>  -erti   li W< nil! lie.ill i*(pi.i'!v    -iicce-.^fiil  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPSi B.C.  -.'-.���������.1-lL'lll  pnlilieati- n in file hand--   of   lin-   I'n,  nice Pnlili-hinif L'i .  So. :v.{.  iilxiut reorgani/ation so  :i*<   to   }>r teet  tlioie wlii   had  bought   treasuiy    ->L..ck  .at the iisue price,   the   interview   wiii I  held i',vfi' till full j articular*-  e  ul-',   he  obtained.    A. far as Whitney g e- the > Certificate   Of   til8   HegistPatl'Oil    Of  InMine.vs is :, swindlr, .-.nd it has aCW,- g   y^gj        0ompany4       *  ed thee injuiiiy s standing    badly.     It ������  was as much a surprise ��������� ; Lhe .Mail ns c.iiiiimui  to to the M'ni''r thai the c mp.-.ny ie-  jiiidiated Whitney'** vile, Uit. tins  inaii<i"ei.ieiit [irobably know v. hat ihev  ;ire. ,-il.oiit. .Morally it would be letter  perhaps if thev pr .li-cted tin* purchaser  ni this si  ck. ���������  J > Ll t, just novr it is   our   own    a flair**  which    intere.-.!    u*    most.      W<*     aie  icst. (if  everything going.  Ait  I'n,I  IV.,ui<l   Ai.li inline Ail'  Stoneleigh Mfning Company (Foreign)  l'i (fi-ii-i*i il llu* -"-J.nl il.e. i>." K.-ln i-.ir-.. l-!i;.  I   SIKItKUV CKIl'I'IKV lii.i|   I   li.oi-  lin-  ilii*.  I     i-i*ai-l i-p il   I Ik*   " -"tniii 'i*i,"li  ll-'iirciunl. miller llu-* '��������� ('inii|i imi -   Ail,  RUSSELL   &   HEROD,   Prop's.  CASH FOR RAW PURS  W   l: W.l'WiX, K nnloop-,  I;*,'  c,  l-li-pil   Ilie   "-^Iiiiii'i*i,"li   Millinif    I'um  I IV'., ���������'lii'.^i-li-.iliDa i/f Korcijfn ('uniii.'iii!.  mill Auii'iiiliii'/ Ai I  Tlie In .ul nilii i- nf iin.* -nd   Cdiiiii'ii'    i-  -ml  ,mil,it .Miliv.L.ikri-. in llu- ���������-.!. lie  "f   W i-i*i>M-iii.  I*. .-*. A.  Tin* niiiccl- Tin- ������Iiwli i.n' ( niii'Miit   i- i.-:.iU-  li-iii-d .n-i- :  .    '. . . Tn     mrrli.i-i*.    .ii iimrc.    ihk-i.-Ii-.   i-m li.ui^r.  naturally    jeal< ik   ol   our   lepul.ation.    ;���������,lil. m.n-l-,'.e,'i-.-i-ll. l'-������-'-. .-.ii<l  mini-.v   mini-.  ,.,.**      ...       , .    . i      i   ,     l I mini i.i!-. "I"  lioi'l- (-(iiiliiiiini     mi- -ii|i.in-i.i|   to  which the Miiwi'm at Lark l<   ealculal (-I ; ,,iiu..in. mine-, miiici..!-. (Ii-jin-ii- m* .uiritei mii-  ������������������.iiiiI- in' *^i*.i ". i-I-. lini! xi-n('I''t"^ In i n-^.i^i- in IInto itijurft.      Hie .Wi/t'-r IL-':ir interview-    lllillillK ; .ti-iax���������'- I  In ili'wlnp ,'n-l  ..in nn-  r.i   ' iniiiin of .ill Ivinil-.. .mil I" i-i),;.e,'i' in .irul   i .n-rv  repi esi������nl lr-:i  New Volk.  I'm-*, a f.u i  .Hill .llio'.'.*. full \ .i unlaw fill -. Siiipni'-ii! ���������  I .-I III II- .i-.su11 (I  ��������� i-i pli I  I'm.inn. St   1' ml,  lli'l      'lAfi'loll KlILfbllld.  ,(iid   -|ii,n e   .(--���������.! i iin'iil.  .1  ,H  ilieited.  k'l.'l*. ot  l'i oiiipt  'l'lie Min'-r it-'jlf interview  ei\ Whitney at e.ven greater length  than the MaII. and gave full publicity  to hi.-, -statenienlK. We. did not d as  linich. 'I'liin being mi. we expect our  <'onteinporary to do us the justice of  removing any misconstruction  might, lie pbiwd   on  the  M.VJ1..  which  ils   icfeicnces   lo  ni Ilie Ixi-iin��������� nf |ni<'i-li.i������iii--,. en i linu'. ii.n  -ti-ni-liiiK, (i;i.'i'..liiiK -'ii'l iii.n.il.iilillu' .I.iiim  i ,'iii.iIs. diti.-lu'-,' M-.ile -������.���������������>-. it���������*rvmr-. x.ilc-.  Iliiinivi, i-.i(-i:-hmv-(. -Iniii-. 1 iiiiii. J���������. Hiir.-i'*  in.nn-. ii.n-, ni..i-lii.i.-1-y. Iidililiii-,'-.'mil MM un >���������  -iiit.-ilili:, iH'i'i ���������,..l\, in* i onv i-iui'iil for tin  ill ili/.ilinn of -.-. .ill r for 1 iii-ntirpov ol In ilr.snln  p.'.H-i i- mining, or ollicrvv I-l* '  To (In .mil ;i< rfiii ni evci'i ."-l .uul lliii'K' not  lici-ciii .oi'rilli il. 1ml -..-lii-'li in.'.v lie ni..*.**'-.irj  in ojici'. or c-<t.('(li"iil. for t Iii! ���������*i*. i--- oi- fii olit ot  i.lii-('oiiiii.iio'. nol im on-ii-ti-iit n\iIIi t.i\(. .init  in rmisiiiiiire of ii- |nir|.o-c- <ui(l oii|i'i I-. lo  .nn clin-.c. ,i:,.iirr. Iin'fl. -'*ll. rcnl. mofli,'ii^( .  li) p. tlicdi c. (n- otlii-i-wi-i Ji.ouill- .uul ill-]io-, ���������  oi nil kmil-i d' i-.-ii' ne |H-I -ol'./il ijiopci I \. iiml In  (--<( i (;i-c .'"I po'.v ri'- .uul IniiK.lii-c- in.-iili nt lo  III.- l-n-iiii--. pi'i-nos* -. .ni'l iiini'it- lificiii  , -p. i ilii il. or .oi) o,   I ilCIK.  ,Tln* (*!ipil.n.l -it'o.-k of l.lii! sniil.f-oin|inii,v i."  ope  , iiiillion   (I.illJi.i-.-,   illvidi-il,    iiiln    ohi.    IiiiiiiIi*i.iI  IllCol'por- j tlioii-iiiid nluu*i:*< of lhe par vnliti.' nf Um, ilolliirs  ... *   , .   . .*      i 1*1 I   I * j    i   I'IK-ll.. ,'���������,'.*  jltloliK III this sej;tj../j.      J). ��������� slit iul.* I    not ������������������    (jjven undei* iny liiuid and  seal of oflico. nl  ,     ,���������'���������',,. -ii I      i ,  i1 V'ii-I.'ii'ia.   I'K.viii.:.; of  licili-li   ('oliiinliia.   this  ���������/lo w������. .-ind the.; ��������� MtnAr   will -no   (luihi. ! 27���������,| ,|ilV0f |.-(.|���������.Mm.v. iwi7. <���������  ''���������',��������� (iJ.S.'j S. V. VVflOTTOX.*  17-11 liV^irsf.nir nt .loiiil. .Slock ('omjniui..*n.  It     might     als/i  . he.   said    thai    tl  ie  Miin-r,i attack, though purelv in I he  interest, of ���������i/iV'-MUT1* is caiitulaiefl . m  injun; otJwr   pr*oj^rLi������s   and  msiv mt, as t.ju'iH nn- hi this  district   ;is%  USB  KOOTENAY"  e:off  _KV_ LJ _tu_tij  The finlv .n-liaM'-   rcni'-'ly   for  Coughs. (Voir Is and  o\'  thc   lungs.      1'r  finl\ ;.'  EH. HEAPS &. CO.,  Mi t'oi-dma .St:, and Powell St..  VANCOUVKK,   I5.C.  MACHINERY. r35^?  i I'l-o-pucliii^ Drills,.  Saw Mill MacliiiHa-y .nil Saws. Kn^iuc-.  Iloilci--,   Water  Whuols.  clc. 2-.")l-:iiii  I Ths Cyanide Process0.  REFRACTORY GOLD & SILVER ORES  Treated and Roportod on  By The  MacArthur-Forrest  <-    (liiri'i'i (-yniiidatioii.l  By The  MacArthur-Yates  (Amnion nm I inn and Cyaiiiiljit ion.)  i-'in: |'.\i:ti("1'i���������\i:s    - i  The Casscl Gold Extracting Co., \  iLimltcd.l j  VV. Pellew-Harvey, F.C.S., Supt..        |  Vancouver', BX'.   j  ff-t*' \i-.i) in-/ m all il- lir.ini'lii'-. .'l-^-IIni i  QEO.  D. SCOTT,   '  Insurance and Mining Broker.  11/'. MiKi.i.'iT I...ii.I..ii ,v Ijiniii-liiri; l.ifc  V j^im-.iii.^i' ( a. Maii.r^.'i' V'ancoiivi-r .Vtiiiin^  liiiri-.iii. .Stock In all Reliable Companion  for Bale. ������-.'i\-l'������  30o Cordova St.,    Vancouver, B.C.  .1. ALLUCUT STONL-:, I'iioimiiktoi.*.  The Dining Room is furnish.d with the best the  ,    Market aSuffe.  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.    -  THE CENTRAL  HOTEL  in i ,  AliHAHAMSON'I'.IIOS.,  PiioiM.'in-o.us.  First-class Table   +   Good Beds   ���������  Pire-proof Safe  Telephone   ���������   'Bus Meets all Trains..  .REVEIiSTOKE,      ZB,C  THE   QUEEN'S   HOTEL  AliliAIIAMSON   IJ150S.,  Pi:(.iMin:Tni(s.  Everything new and First-class in all Respects.  The Hoiisg is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market  trout h,-A.k:e oity, :b_c  ,o'(l  ?thirty-^f.venth year.  ��������� ���������"������������������!  IA  j.   KF.RR.   Proprietor.  First-class Table.    -   -   Comfortable Rooms.  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Rates $1 and $2 per day.  CLOSE TO DEPOT AND BOATS.  ���������A'bey's Pharmacy  RtVELSTGKE STATION.  Prescriptions Dispensed  D.iy or, Night.  ���������   WORLD-WIDE CIRCULATION.  Twenty Pa^es; Weekly; Illustrated.  In.oispcnsaolf. to Mining Men.  THREE DOLLAKS PER YEAR,-POSTPAID.  SAMPie COPIC9 FHf.f.  , MINING AND SCIENTIFIC PRESS,  220 Market St;,   San Francisco, Cal  A   SPECIALTY".  tioofenas Mail'���������.? * * IRepelstoRe, B.C.  BE TIT* *���������*��������� m "���������I*l"ll������ ^-jfc-** rfv ���������!  m TIIE KOOTEXAY MAIL.  PAGE  The Missouri's Source.  An explorer s.iys that the Missouri's  vonrce is sib. tin; crc������t of the Rockies,  S,(MX)ieet Jiliove M**u level,-j.ist within  the bmiml.-uy of .Mon'rana. , The st renin  is t'.vo feet wide .-uid two inches deep,  its water coming from melted snow.  The source is 4,221 miles from the Gulf  of Mexico ;iik1 2,!H.-> mile.*- from its confluence with the Mississippi, making  the river the longest unbroken current  iu the world.  Ontario Nickel Mines.  The grea;-. nickel tield in the Sudbury  country, ~m>^-i<>iii pa rati veiy quiet at,  piescnt. The Canadian Copper-Co.  (Copp* r (Iii!*) a few miles from .Sudbury, employs in the mine itself siliotrt  -101) men. A depth of l,������:*::i feet in this  vast body of nickelifd-ous ore has been  attained. We have reason'to believe,  savs tbe ('allodiaii Minn; tbe byproducts ut" this successful. American  con.pany swell a good deal Ihe very  large dividends of l lie company.' Last  yeai iib.uU $12(MJ!H)of gold is said to  iiav.; lieen extiactcd in tin* process of.  obtaining nickel, and other metals  have added lo the receipts' of this  vet itable bonanza. The a Hairs 'of the  company are kept rigidly quiet. The  final processes, completed down east iu  the Stales, an* repuled lo be very successful, but whether lhe dividends paid  Why, vou're crazy man!    You'll  have/  togetimtof here."    "Well,"  said   the!  earl, "if you work ten minutes   longer j  with that screw loose there,  the   boiler  c-erWiinly will explode." , The  engineer  looked at the. screw ^indicated   by  his  rough visitor. He jumped '������t the screw,  and fastened   it  as soon  as  he  could.  "Why didn't you ' say'that  soonur?"  he   demanded."     "Why   should     I?'"  answered  Lord   Rosso.    "1, never  yet  have had an opportunity to seea boiler  explode!"���������Kx.  *     ,        ]  Saving up Money.  If the savings of the people maybe  taken as indicating the condition of  the country, last, year cannot be considered as a veiy bad one Tor Canada.  We have heard a good deal abouL hard  times during the past year, but, uot-  witli standing this, the Canadian  people managed to increase their ca-.h  surplus on hand by about $1<),00'U*1):).  This rei-tainlv does not look like a very  bad year.  The total deposits, including (hose in '  savings and loan companies, at. the end  of last year were S'iSO.IKIO.OO'.), (his being  an   increase   of    about.   $l(J,������X)l),l.,lit)   as  staled.      * ' '-  This vast sum represents the surplus  cash savings of our people,3 and it i-  certainly a "very respectable stun, in  proportion to population, for the  people of this "country .���������Ex.  Increasing Size and Capacity.  are twenty per cent as sunn* people are  led'to believe, or forty per cent, ami  a  little over, is mainly the concern of the. j  shareholders. Tlie ind n>t iv con tributes j    ,'fhc ,:l(>j,l i,K*reasi* in the size of rail-  to the prosperity of Sudbury  and  the 1j ,.,,���������,! ,..M.S and loei-nuitives   would*- lead  regicu thereabout, and incident-ally to  the Dominion- The prolil* go-s to  A ill-erica ns ln-causo Canadians did not  undeistaud at the time theopixirtunity  open for tliein,-<*r lieean-e^lliose who  didiiinderstaiid had not,the capital.  " Power From Ocean Waves.-  ' There seems to be :io limit to lhe  auibiti n ol engineers,' inveutois and  piAmoters.. Having' " harni'ssed "  Niagara, it is now proposed to (Mtrform  ;i similar'olliee for the I'acitic' ocean",  A California inventor lias,devised a  wave motor by which, il i** claimed,-  ,|'i(i,wer c-.ui be developed and traiisiiiit-  led ck-clruallv at slight cost. 'l'lie  details of the -tlieine .ut* not given in  the press dis|..-itches which announce  th'*. successful public Jest if the contrivance near l.������'S Angeles last Week,  but il   is  claimed   that   ilAi*  provided  one to believe that within 20 years we  sliall witness cars of KKJ tons capacity,  and locomotives of 200 tons weight, lu  1S7."> the railroad freight. . car had a  capacity-of It) tons only, which luio  been increased to 40 tons, and the locomotive, weighed ���������{."> tons, "which has  beeii'increased'Lo 100 tons. In llu1 davs  of'KM..n cars and 15-ton engine.-, the  steel track was also light as small as.  .iVpouiid iron rails being used. To-day  70-pound steel rails are common, and  on some roads iKJ-pt und rails are' used.  This tendency toward largeness, and  nianiinoth construct ion a^s the "e::n;oniy  of concentration" is going on in e\ery  industry- The Great Eastern was condemned yea is ago because, it was  though', to be loo big to. *v������;r be serviceable in competition with lighter vessels!, yet "a contract has just been let by  the White Star*.,liue fer the building of  a vessel which calls for a'boat   70.">  feel  To Prevent Gaol Breaking*.  A water-tube gaol is one of the latest  achievements of ingenuity. It is no  longer necessary to make ihe prison  bars so heavy and so hard that cutting  through them becomes vci y difficult:  but, instead, they arc made simply of  pipes, forming pari of a high-pressure  water system. Should any, of th"se  pipes be severr-d, the water would  escape and quickly give warning of the  break.  ' ��������� i   The annual Oxford and Cambridge  boat race, will take place next Saturday. April 3rd.  The Nova Scotia legislature has been  dissolved. ,' The ������������������lections will take  place on April'20th.  Tommy���������I.wonder why the winds is,  spelled in such fnnnv ways?  Jimmy���������Cause they was made, in  thefiist. place, by the .schoolteachers,  and they made'em thai way mi's they  would have to be, hired lo teach how  to spell 'em. ,   0  .Jack Sands is always prepared to flu  teaming anu' hauling of all kinds at  shortest notice.     See liim   about, vour  i       - ' *  winter wood. , ,  WANTED AT OXtJK. ��������� ACTIVE,'  Agents for each county. No  risk. Clear $1200 lo iji2.*)(K* a year. ' Eu-  close stamp*fur full particulars, or 2.V.  for���������$i sample.���������Big Rapids Mineral  Wafer Co., Big Rapids, Mich.  IMPERIAL  BE3WBRY  ���������Kainloops, B.C.���������  Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.  All orders promptly filled.  B. Weiikfkitz .   .. .Proprietor  ���������. s. n.ui.v. rre-t.  .1 os. M < ix x IN u. sec.  State Ore:;  Sampling-  Works  K-tahli-hcd  IJ-WI.  A Ki-iit*i-iil  ore  market  Unrest work-: in Colorado  Moiloi-n millsan ��������� iimcliin- ,  crv at Denver. Idaho .Springs, anil HJaek Ilawlc.  Ore sold on competitive bids. \\ ntu for our  reference book. Address State Ore Sampling  Co., Denver, CoL   Cold Hullion umi|?lit.  TIIK  NOTICE  VIA. 1MCKS0NS nwiii!{or indebted to me are  requested <o take notice tint as I am  Kointf oat.of biislnc��������������������������� I require all such debt.-, to  lie paid on or be'lore "MarclM-l.  V\ . I- I.KM IN <������.  lievelslokc. IJ. I'.. Keb. Iltli, 1SI7.  NOTICE.  with an .-uilom.itic  regulator  thai   re-    ,������������������.,'\ll.^.-) rt.t., i,,,,^.,-  (han   the  Orcat  nu.ves   the   chief   olijection   lha.    li.Ts    ,,   '  .   . ... i iJ.ISIj.  ill.  heeli niiseil lo inachiiies, of I "us-- class  hitherto inlioiliu-ed. Parvin ^Vright,  the inventor, claims thai   "iluring  tin*  .iniiiiinum wave iuoven:ent. he Wi'l lie  a Me to d.'Veloji nla* lnuse power on  e eiVfoul. of oce.-MJ l'i''-Jit.-'ge llsetl,'* anil  l..ie ci>-t <if,sle.i<ly pi.wer at I lie coast,  will he SlO'lx-r .���������miiiiiii." A Jiract ical  ���������uul ecol!��������� )i'ilicaI .-U'lviii'geiuelit of this  kind would l������������ welcomed tiV power  consumers, .ind it "remains to lie seen  whelhcr the piescnt scheme will meet,  the lequiremeiits or pi-ove  unequal   to  cthe exacting demands of comoieicial  Use. ��������� '  Waiting for an Explosion.  S. Ucliida. Japanese  <���������������������������< n-ul   at   New  Y n-k; s.iys:    "lam  aiithoi ised losay  i t.tt.-it. .:ur country   will   not.  dispose ,,,f  silver, eve i, aft t r slie --'iiall  lia   e adn.il-  , cd   the  gold   --tand.-ird.'.-s aii ti-e avail-  al.le .s .ock of silv el  is" to he coined into  ' subsidiary coins.-  Wheii tin* Union Kicjfjc was huilt.  ! the coiipany paid $1M> a ton , for its  | iron rails.- delivered at. Omaha. It  liar just purchased :"*0,<XX) Ions of steel  ! rails, to'he. deliveied at Omaha, for  ' ijil.S per ton.  ;     The  Fre.ich   minister  of  war lately  ' oiVered a prize for the .swiftest,  hini in    ', a flight  fiom   Perigueiix   to   I'ars���������810  l^.i-d liossc. ,tvlio "huilt lhe faiiioiis i miles. There were 271(1 entries and  t-lescope thai, hears his name, was an ! the winner did the disl.-ince. iu 7 hours  expel I'media ne. anil   was a No  some-'   and .'11 minutes.  what careless -ihoiit his .lres������. Ou' oiie The SdieuecUdy locomotive ..works  occasion the earl was liM.kiiig   thiough >re huililing engines   for  the Northern  Iheciigin om ufa large mani.factory.     Pacilic railroad which will,   it > claim-  Uesildd-nly heciiiin* much interested ed. he the largest ever construcled.  in soul.-thing he saw. and looked ap- Asome of Miea* f.-atuiesare : Cylindeis.  prehensiM*/ The engineer came up. j 2*5 hy 'A\ inches, MO inches stroke; hoil-  -Well,What's it|)?" he growled. -"What, , i-va, 72 indies in diameter at the small-  ;ii e yoii shaking your head and looking I est. ring next to the smoke lo.-c:fivc  at voiir watch'for? What'have you j driving wli<*els on each side; working  got to lind fault Willi?" "Gil." answer- weight, 1(1(1 tons. Th" fire-l.ox sheets  ed l>ird'Hos.-e. "-I'm not /hiding any ! 12:5*; inches hy 73;! inches, anil half an  fault. I'm just waiting, till, tlie boiler | inch thick., had to he made in two  explodes."    "Till the holier explodes? ' pieces with a lap joint.  xtoTK'K IS HKUEHY* UIVKX that sixty  'IN davs niter dale L intoii.l to an'ily in tliu  Chief Coiiuuissioiiur of him N ini'l W.orks, for  iierinissien to purchase ono luimlred and sixty  acres more or less oMand silualed iilioul. eleven  miles above CiirncsCi-ock on ilie east bank of  the Columbia ISiversuid sidjoiniiiK on Uie wwt  -ide the pre-einiition of A. \V. MeTiito*.h.  A. \\. SIcIN lOhll.   ���������  March ������ii*d. 1������)7. ������������->t'  BY.  THE KOOTENAY LUMBER CO., LTB L  LARDEAU, B.C.  i       ' tl i  Manufacturers of ���������      .   ' ���������>  Shingles, itough and Dressed  Pine, Cedar and Fir Lumber.  a '         [  i  GRADED STOCK:  \Yell  seasoned    -    -    -    Clear Cedar,  .   Witfe.  Clear Cedar and   Pine for  Bar and Counter Tops.  Kxtra long* dimensions At specialty:   ���������  P.O. ARROWHEAD, B.C.  MAIL CONTRACT.  OKAI.KH TI'.NUICI'.-1.. addressed lot lie l'o-*;!-  K> nia.-tcr (Smei-al. will be received at Ottawa  niilil noon on llil.li April for lhe eunve.\anci* of  Her Xlnk-tvV. MioN'. on a ]i|-o]ioscil conrr.u-t,  for four* vi'i-Jrnsuini-.iioiitlily each way. between  Hijr   Heii'd  and  l::*vd.*.liikc  Irom   the  1st  .Alay  Printed notii-es eonlahiiii},' farther information a-, lo eoiidition-- ot proiio-sed coiit.mut. may,  be-.een and blank tonus of Tender may be obtained nt' llu: I'nM Ctlii-e of  licvel.-toke and  at  i  I  Hits ollk-e  K. II. KI.KTCHK1!.,  -     , ._ ,       l'o*.t Olliee in^iiuctor.   (  Post' Olliee Iif-.iiL*i-toi*"s Olliee', --'   ' '  " Victoria. H.C.. ">lb Miireh. 1J>!)7. .      L-M  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  .     '        T<������   AN I>   KKOM  f All Eastern Points.   p  TliroiiKli l'"ii'-l CIas.*.Slee)iint,'Ca^and Touriht  .Slueinni? Cm'** to St. I'.uil. MontrealandToroiilo  wilhonl i-.li.nitfe.  .     .     -      y  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  Allanlie Kx|>res-arrive^   '.1:15daily.  ��������� I'.i.-itlc " ",     ' l,i:--'������   " c  AlUtOW   I.AKK  Hlt.\SOII   TllAINH  Arrive I.I:*!. Tiie-.ita.v-. Thnr>day>. Satnrdiiy-  l.iMve   l(i:������i,- SiiikW-.  Tne-day.-. Thiir.-da\-.  'Trains on  Arrow Ijike  llraneh  roiineet  Arrowhead with C.& IC. Co's Srkami:it Nakv-i*  milking  CLOSE    CONNECTIONS   To and Prom ���������  Rosslantl. Trail .Creek. Nelson.  ������ Kaslo. Ainsworth. Pilot Hay,  .   Nakusp/ New   Denver. <;  ,   Three Forks,,Sandon  ��������� ,, -    ���������-and���������  ALL POINTS IN SOUTH KOOTENAY  ���������      '    ' ' A \  For full information as Ui rat-cs, i*t(-.,  aiuilv t-o '  I.' T.   IJrowstiT,  Agent, Rcvelstoke. ,  UKO. Jl������L UliOWX.  DisMiel l'as-cii}*;i.i*..\Kriil. Vancouver. B.C.  STEAMER LARDEAU  Meets AU Trains at  '    ��������� ARROWHKAD-;-  Going Direct To  Lardeau and  Thomsons Landing  Pish Creek and  Trout Lake.  l-'oi- further in format ion a- to  freight rates,  ete.. nplily to "  MENHINICK BROS��������� LardeauJClty  CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.  . , , -    (LIMITKI).) .  .>   ���������  Capital, 81,500,000. ,   '        ���������    Head Offices,* Toronto, OnL  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,  Locomotives. Coal Cuttns, H,.l*i,..o,;at.in- I)rillN'   IJutary Drills, l'.������lu������tioii Ami  Lidiliii" Aiijiaratus.   .-, ' , . .  . . _"       "--:L    Kitli������r of Direct Ourient, or Tliiws  PIium'   I v|������-s, huitiihle  IVIU I UKO    for any make, of K.-iu, Pump, H.������Nl. ������.r LViisIut.  :,   ���������EW-ti-icil T.ansn.isson'of Power, l,y otirTl.m*, Pli.-w.*? .System, snoces-fi.Ilr  ojierAted up to TiO miles.    ' ���������,-.;,,   ^I.I-,^,.<-  ,   ,       IB. C. BRANCH OI;MCKS----  Granville Street-VANCOUVER        ��������� Kootenay Dist.-ict-NELSON   WIEtlETIE]    TTS���������' -    -'-"W-"  Private Bill Notiee.  VTOTICK is herein-^iveii LliaL apiilicaLion will  jjS be made to t,lrj I'.irli.uneiil, of Canada, at,  il.s next, se.���������ion. for an Acl lu ineorporate a  conipanv lo oiiiis!i*!:i*l. i-(|iii|i, ojierate and maintain a -t'aniliiiil or ii.iiTiiw-K-niKu railway from  a lioint at, or iionr.tlio head nf (ialena or I liiiinli  llav on the Ujiiiui* Arrow l������ike, in lhe Distnet  of U'e-l ICootenay. in tliu I'rorince of Iti-ilisli  Coluinbi.i. to a lioint. at or near the Forks of the  Lardeau Creek, in llu* -aid ili-lriet. ������illi ]i(>wer  to builil a br.ineii line trom a iioiul. on lhe main  line of-aid railway about Kl miles from (ialena  Iiav to Trout Ijike. mill to uxlenil the said r.ul-  ! way or build bnineli lines thereof up either or  liol'h the noi-rli and -otilli br.inehe.- of tho Iaiv-  deau Creek for a distam-eof ten miles on eilher  braneh anil also lo build a braneh mini a point  mi the main line of said railway about S miles  from Calcn.i lUv fiir a ili-tjuieu of in miles un  Kish lliver: and with furllier power to build,  wiiii?! operate anil iii.iintaiii tuleKi-sipli and lele-  iilione line--, an.I to build wliarve.- and doek- in  eoiineelion'with the said railway: and for all  other usual, necessary or incidental ns-fht-  powers and |irivilejrus., .'���������  Haled thi.- iSth day of January, A.I). 1S!)7.  .-Wcl*m..MI'.S. WOOTTON & BAUN'A IM).  of Hoard of Trade Htiilriing.  Hast ion Street. Victoria. H.C.  li-'.lt  Solicit or- for lhe Applicants.  " ^^he Sick Man  Columbia & Kootenay  Steam Navigation Go. JI  PASS7.NGERS FOR  Hall's L;*nAA:>",  ,    Hoi .A_,."*i'i^".s,  N*.A:.-.sp,Three .Forks  Nelson, and Sloca.ii Point's,  Kootenay Lake Points,  Trail   Creek,   Rossland,  Northport'and Spokane  -SHIrtH.I������ TAKE TIIK���������     ' '"  STEAMER  NAKUSP  Leaves  Arrowhead  for  N'aku-p enii(l   Itob-on.  llondavs, WecliK'sdaysaiul l-'i-idaysat < p.m.  Leaves- l.'o'.i-on   for Nakusp.   Arrowhead   anil  Canadian Pacific Itailway point-  (ca-1  anil  west) on  Ti'i.-.-day.s,  Thursday.- and  Salur-  il.iys ill. Si:������) li.ni; -  Ciinneeliiin i.- main*, al Itohsoii  with ,1 . -S. \.  li'y for NeKon and all point- on Kootenay  lake  and   wilh  steamer  ���������'Lytton"  for Trail   and  Norlhport.  l-'orloe.-il lime cm'of lhe Company's .-(earners nn lvnoleiii-y l-.'ke apply to the pur-eron  board., . ....  l-'ni-fiil) iiM.viiirliaii a-- .ii lii-ki-t.-. rale-, etc..  ap]i!y toT. A'l v.i,- Seei-el.*^. Nelson.   IH'.  I  .of Leatherhouse  ,.3 <>  Being a modest little book vliicli recounts the discovery, by Messrs. 7'ootfricnd  and Proudfoot, of  a certain   party v/lio   lives   i:i   a  fine  hous= but   i.j   much  ni  need of a bath.  Mr. Footfriciidlir.slcft.tis a few copies free for  quick distribution, to folks who arc too poor to pay  $6.00 for a pair of $3.50  shoes.  If you. are qualified,   ,_  please call, or write, aud get  one from������������������  Slater  Shoe  r4*U>P  '^X-J.  ...April :t  ...April 17  .March i7  ...April I"  ..      "   il  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  ROYAL MAIL LINES.  '.  CHEAPEST route to the OI.D COUNTRY.  ���������    liOMINION  LINK.  V.\Ni*ofVi:ic. from Halifax March in  Scot--MAN. " "    ..  *"U"*A  a.Ian link.'  (From HiilifiLV.Ii  L.U'IM.NTI \S   I'AICISIAX   MilNiail.l.iN   inCAVKi:  LINK.  (I*'i*iiiii Si: John. N.IS.I  L.mci: WisNii'Wi  March 17  I.AKI*. IIi.-iion        '     '->  I.Ai:i:Si'i'i:iu<iii     .    .*���������  L\ki: O.viaiuo \pril ll  C.ihiii i?lll and ii|iw,irds.    Inlerincdiatc $ItU.  St cerate ai. lowe-t rates.  Tiis-enKi-l-.- tickelcd   iIii-oiikIi  lo all   parls of  Ureal Itritain and Ireland, and al specially low  i-ites to all pari.- of the Kiiroptan colli ini-nl.  Apply toncare-t -leaiii-hiporrailwayanenl.lo  I. T. BREWSTER. Agent, Revelatolto.  f)r   I-i   Wii.i.iam    Srrrr.   Ceneral     Ak<-*i.'.  WiunipeK.  , Cut   This   Out.,'  MAIN   LINT. TltAISH.  Kasl Ilouiiil (No. il arrive- daily ������:l.}a.ni  \\-u.-l    "      (N<>. 1>      ** '*     4:Ani.ni  AUICIIW   I.1KK  IIICANCII TUAINS.  Arrive Tue-days.Thiir-da\-.Sal uiday-:t::wi ji.tn  Depart .Sunday.-, Tuesday-, I hursdays..4:.������i p.m  H. N. COURSIER.  "M AILS.  KKVKI.STOKi:   I'.O.  Cln-c. for Ihe we-t   *   i*ii-l     .,011th. Sun.. Tne . I bur.  I.'ov. Slation....S::iila.m.,  Hue from the west   <���������:���������--���������(   Miut.li. Tin*.. Thui-s.. Sat.  1,'ov. Station.    .. lUn.iii.  Ur.VKI.-STOI-.-K STATION   IM).  Clli-c for the west   1:11-1      ������������������     .   *���������      : south. Tiie.. Thurs.. Sal.  .'*,     .'  Kevclsloke..;....!��������� 11.111.  line from the west J.1...'   east    .....  sniilh.AVcd.. |.'n��������� Mon..  l/cvclsl.iike...���������,'. .'.I'.'.'Mii.in.  .:v:.vi  .S::������i  .:!::wi  , :!::������i  IIIMKI  ..->:l.'i  .."���������:l."i  , .">:l."i  p.m  a.in  p.m  p.m  a.in  p.iu  p.m  p.m  .LINI  .!l:(Ki  :!l:iKl  l:<Xl  .Ji:������i  .1:l"i  ,ii-:ei  , t.i/i  ii.m  a.in  .-1.111  p.m  a. m  11.111  a.ui  p.m  Establish Yourself in  The fast growing centre of North  BUY LOTS AT ONCE  If you intend to purchase, as your  field of clioice diminishes daily.  For Lots Apply to  Sole Agent.  o:r  OR   WILL   PROMOTE A COMPANY  TO   BUY    OR   WORK   THEM.  Will undertake to handle Honds of Electric. Steam or  Morse Car Railways, or Municipal Honds. and Build Water  Works.     Address full particulars  Manhattan Investors and Securities Company, Ltd.,  .17 ami* 19   Broadway,  New York Citv.  ���������WSS* ,'.* ��������."������'-'������
���"AA*'Ai AA'VAA' ,.h Kootuhay Xiocig-e
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J Loyal Orange Lodge Kb. 1053.
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c   (A'HV.   - .MlCNlirxii'-K.' J" ot"*   'A.nnAau.      a^C"'     '    T^Si A*"".* :-*W ?/, ' Si'l
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;ind; Ili'iiii-Mi-HiiAusoN; <.it".l.'ii;)iit-'l'..-i.k'i*.-'-:.- * .    ������ ',.''...-'���.���*������',,''...       .'.;
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<*OTltni(ft    ivill ' lie   H-.V.1 ri [I'll, to' it)i-ll.l '. llUilil,'-V>"''������������'"    *   ' '..  , ;-.*'"..-���������''��������� ���'".��� >,    J   ..'.."*'���,    *",       .;.'*      .. ". .'���     ���    ������":'���' ��� J.
'ijiily.-'."'.* ; ��� ' '!.-- ^i1  :*.���������������~~"���. . ;_���_ ��� ���������,������-���'. ,..'. .   .' '(.,'.''. ;���;���>������������-���.���_���..,........     .   .���;���;  ��� ____���...
"r'""rT":        A'" "aA~AA~ JAav      '���"���";" AJ.AAV- ������:":  . '.rgp-V-V." <v y-v "^y . -: ;   '|py ' jjr .,r >K 't':^   Aj '*{^; * '������ ' fl.f\' ' '''
"^ER^'-A RAHK . OKjOAHAOft. - ��� ���    *' |;-:ri.|J^cr:V liVIVJlAJ,[^V ^. C^UA*:V A
A 'A ."��� ���'*''. ���-.' 'A v;A\A!Voiv-;;,VV:An.,fAiA-in!.i; rAAiA-rs; i'.i^v" "a a;*,-' ; UV"! f
'AMiiiers'i*; OontraetbrsV' Blacksmith Vandv A* , A ;a
,'a.    , *., '   a':. v-A;.:'*v ������*.*: -, ���.,';.���./v.-*'Ship- Ghaiidlary vKuppIi^s.A
!*.-.' A.''... ''..-.��� *..,'..,������ ��� .*V!-i> a i.i.iinpii-ii'Jii'ia; ..A'    --  ' -V .' , V ������'��� ���'������'.'*' ,.'������
i- ShAir....,aiH:l ', HAaivv. a IA -:\ R[)AA'K A,; A .: '   ;��� a'a"jV :, ;:  ;\.A.* A
M   -    **;��i��*3n*   */Tv*    ���**V.
-k..1   K'H ^.y   -.';->"
"f'T'ir'.-y.- '-���'. !*��� ���'���;,i;' :'*': '���: lii'jA'-'' a- ;-a "A';':'--o
v.ti-10,.: ,C AJil UJit- 'dj'J Ol J
'|j:.A CP-f^.^
i^iV/t-^-5-.-, wl-;.V����'*:-sV��i. fc'U *.*;.,:���      A.
nH^k ,. n-^sr JB.JJ1-J
Canital A-ithorizad,    - * S'2,000,000
. . Capital Paid-up A-   -   -A   I,'960,60b"
A*  Rest,.-   -   ^ .*.. ������'.. ". ,.     J'i,l50,B00   ;
.*.-������ d:p.ector.3 : 'l       ';
H. S. HOWIAN'D,*   .'-;..'    -       Pi-osl.clont.
, T. It.-MEaRITT,  .- -     -   ��� Vico-Prcsidcpt.
Wnii.im Kanisay. Hu;;h Ryan.-'Roncrt
. JiifJ'ray.   T. Sutherland StaynorJ ,
Head OfRce,'   -: ''A  TORONf O.
.*.';'   ' D.R.V/1L.CJE, ��� diVneV.-il M.in.-ignr.
."���    BJtAXt/llI'lS'/A' ".OA'TA-lfiO":
.A     -     .A'", ";i:  A'-A... .    '.   *!*: -*,'*p.-f'-;-l'4tl"   " A "'A-1.   S��,t.**'S V'' '�����'.-     ���"'���' "'"   :*'.-"-      ��' ������.-���      -'->��� ���'"   nn' -   o: ira ' ���   ��� A'    V
Fol,"pricGS,-.^ifd partidu!ars:app;ly:'to:':   v. A.y; 'a.jaa vc
���������"' '      ������ ' a'  . A'* a;. ��� *��� .v    -i-i--  A     ���    '��� * ��^'/��        ������ >        '     A*:  '"A ��� . n _#'V ���.'-'���' ' i - '���
.A.AV-; AVAAAVAV-A A.A-VV A'-A :A.1-.-;-- L.A;��~iAI^i,-��� a ;:���-. a v--
A :l A" ' AA   *V':'A VVj ''  .'���   ,: ':��� .'���'''': V AQRi,:;i.| list;itc:V/\^cnr,jAi A
:A -A  .:'. V'V'' VV ..A'*,A': '������A-;-   *:v; ���'.'   .;'. '::a-.  ':'     ������*'!'' k'cvclsio.ke-* B.C.;
.*:.-..-.,; r:i'r..t^rritt-iaxrjirt ;t;k-.-f-r<j^*o-TV-rr-7-"^r>r.!i-T-i*---rr��y-.ii.i. u .....-���.-^-^-^m^j^.jn.r..
.���':'Ks.-��;x. l-'crpis.^nalt.,. fn!.'M'.s'oll.  .Vim/inu  l-Vill-i.'.] '   ' ���
'��� 'I'ort (.'rJIboi-ii... I,'iit I'orl'ii^o. HI.. ('itl.liiinin*.-*, : ��� ���
S.-oilt. Kl.(f. ' Mui'.ii.-,. i-i.'Tiioniits,,-  W'clldnd. \ Wril.c J'or ������Inrorm.atlosi.
���'���'U'oodstiiul;, .*      j   '         -
. j'f'or. U'ulIiiiKloi'i St: aiid l.i-!ii.di;rl,��iii! j
TdliONTrj'. Vi.iik'- iiihI. Qii'*!*l! .-'Is. I'.i-iiiicIi; ,!
I VoiiKc'iiiid l'.|o.,r.-;ts. I!:*iin.;li. I
niiA.xf.ir.h'Aix A'ajir.ii'-wvsrt A
Jiniiidon.   Man.       1 *<.i-t"tC'*-  .1-iAl'rnirio.   Man.-i
*  Ca'^-ai-y.   A'lhi!i-lii.'      I'riiK*.-   Aliicrl.   Aisk. i
Kdirioii'lon. Alia.    Winnipeg.-Mali. J
,     A   ./i/irJ'ISIIC()l:i:M;IUA : V;
Vain-onvur.     . -        .'���-������-.    Itcvidrlokc..
!   A'.  '   :' '   VV.i  '.*,/..  ;    ,."* '������'���; '' . l^^y^A^-y     ��� ' (J.-fi rp'f .;'l"*il..';
[ }v.;ss'i"}|)'s: Stf,Als, * .On A C;i!-A*  A);-;-. S;i:-A<s, jIAtc. : \:
A     .;���:���' a f'r.A'riv^i.AAs, Ahi'IaAa lii'jy. ������-,-
ij. ;</;-���;.
f^    ODSAD ���5''*nAA..i'Tir)-
Wholesale Dealers vin;:���^,'
All kinds ol ,-\oricii!i;.ir.ii  I nipk-Mi/.-ids, ['jo.vv.s
������".'��� AGENTS:' ��� ���'.];., *.,      . .'.    .,'"'.
��� I.omVun'. Km;.. Lloyd's Haul*:. I.l.d.   ��:w Voi:i>. ! ' ...' f ,'?l.h;if li','1 il   aiU.1    A III'. :l*i<''l II . \\ Al'^i ��11S.
. Iiiuii: iif .Montriial. I ' :     '.'r>
A-gca3���i ���bunuinfflnisiaoBK r.ra:,��.abtft��l. i    , ���',        , . l''   f-   ^ A\,vU:<^   U>   AIM *'l ll'-   lAlVA,
Boacls antl cioticiitur-OK oOUKalanilKOHi. A
a. Ft. b. hearn; Manager, Rovoistoke, I Agents for Massey-HamB Bicycles;
I .'ll't'f )WS, .")'���('( If -i
I .-irvAA. <r,l< ul:   ri i
,.;,! A.|-aPQ- U/lh'JPQ.���'QPiPfTQ'-AM'n -'01/5ARQ


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