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Kootenay Mail Mar 26, 1898

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 - i  .'-,-.��������� )  J ij\ C---" -,  <r  VoL 4.���������No. 49.  KEVELSTOKE, WEST KOOTEKA.Y,   B.C., MARCH   20, 1898.  $2.00 a Year.  DUMB AS AN OYSTER  IS THE PREMIER AS TO THE RIVER  BANK PROTECTION WORK.  Kellie-s Questions all Ruled Out���������The  Government Preserves an Unbro-  , " ken Silence on the Subject���������The  "Slocan News and its Reference to  'Mr. White.     -'   ' '  That Mip  mutter of the river hank  ���������,**. - improvement will not bear investiga-  . tion seems only too  evident  from  tlie  course pursued hy  thc government in  withholding all information  concerning it, and  thev seem  determined, as  fa;- |is they are able, to keep the public  completely in the dark as to  its scope,  cost and how provision has been  made  for the money now  lm|������ff -expended.  ' Mr. Kellie' has made an Jtonest effort  to have all  this information  given   to  the.public,   but the government, shel-  "tenng themselves behind  Mr. Speaker  ,    -and-,*the .technicalities of, the  Miles, of  order, have  blocked  his  every endeavor.    His questions as to why the provincial government refused , to co-ope-  .    rate with the Dominion, and neglected  to take advantage of, the $10,500appropriated for this work by the latter last.  year;. as to how the work here is  now  being done,'-it������ cost'and how -provision  has been made for it, were all ruled out  of   order   on   technical   grounds.    He  amended his questions so us  to,bring  them wit'hin the rules and again -submitted them but, for the -second  time,  they  have been   barred.   Now  this is  ' inforinatioirwhich tho public want, information   they  should' have and  for  which they have asked :' it is infnrnia-  '.   tion the government  are   possessed of,  ���������and which they  could   furnish   if they  so desired butcwhieh thev seem  deter-  mined U) withhold; even a ropros-enta-  S      ' - ,1* '  t.ive body like the Board of Trade have  been unable to  learn   their intentions  , and  plans with  regard  to -this work.  The silence of "tlfe"gov������*rnmentc can   be  open to .only, one, construction, thai    is,  it-Jser ves   their ,, purpose, whatever   it-  might be to  withhold  all  information  " 'on the subject. 'For,if, they have nolh-  "   ing to hide, i'M.hey"desire thi"'public to  know-all there is to  be-known on the  subject ;{in a  word,   if they  have'any  , intention o'f dealing honestly and fah-  ly with the public, why is it necessary  to block any and every.effort- to obtain'  information   that,   would  throw some,  Might udon their proceduie in the  mat-'  '   ter of this protection work ?  Ih the Slocan News of the 19th inst.,  (fiere appears an open letter from its  'publisher, D. K. Young, expl.inatory'of  an alleged interview with Mr. White,  which appeared in its issue of the 5th  inst., wheiein Mr. White was made to  say that he- expected to have a walkover  as the opponent of'Mr. Kellie.' To the  MAll/Mr". White repudiated the intoi-  view and expression** attributed to him  therein, and this, is how the editor  . of, the "News! explains it in his  issue of the 19(h.   He saws : "I was ah-  ij '  ' sent at the time Mr. White was iu the  city atid the Ne ws' reprosontati ve gailied his information from the over-zoal-  .ousnoss of some of Mr. White's friends',0  and knowing that Mr. White and 1 are  the best of personalr friends, he gave  publication .what he then and  still cniisido'-s reliable inforination, but  as I said before it came from his over-  zeahiiis admirers."  Now this is all right.as far as it goes,  and the Mail is quite content to let, the  scribe and the Q. U. determine between  theuiselyes, who is to be, believed, for  tbe reader will notice that, the News  man ''still considers it reliable information." But the writer of the letter iu  question goes ori to express the opinion that should Mi. White oppose Mr.  Kellie the latter would be badly snowed under. The .Mail does not know  whether eitliei of the gentlemen named will offer himself as a candidate in  this riding at the approaching election,  but what it- does know i.s that if Mr.  White's "over-zealous friends" succeed  in swelling his head to the point where  he believes he can have any kind of a  walk-over (except up sail creek) iu this  riding, as the representative ,of and  apologist for the Turner government���������  he will be most rudely undeceived when  the voles arc'.counted. And we are nl-  ;so convinced that if Ihe News man  knew as little about his paper business  as he evidently does of the political  sent.in'ient of this riding, be would soon  be looking for another job.  ���������with envy. But/with all its mock-  heroics, and its i -sumption of virtues  to which it has ever been a stranger,  it has convinced no one of the rectitude  of its course, neither has it succeeded  in minimizing the public oppiobrium  earned by its desertion of a cause it  believed just for the smiles of a gov-  eriin'ient which merits the condemnation of every honest elector. The sight  of its distorted features arid lishwife-  tones of his voice ���������seine-.* no one, niucli  less the'Mail, so we will continue our  little story of a .souvenir book.  Last week we mentioned the fact  that the Herald was dickering with  the government for a certain number  of copies of the book at. so much per  copy; this week we are able to give the  price- The following is taken from the  proceedings of,the legislature :  Mr. Kellie asked.���������(1) What, offer  was made to the executive council to  supply copies of "Diamond, Jubilee  Souvenir" of N<-rth0 Kootenay by, A.  Johnson? (2) Do the government'intend to'accept the offer made?     i  Premier Tinner replied.- (I) One  thousand copies lor $500. (2) Theexel-u-  tive is not aware that the proposed  publication Ins been issued and lias arrived at no decision regarding it.  Now,   we have  the   measuie  of our  oiiterprising(?) conlemporai y, and .$500  is just its size,   at   its  own   valuation,  too.- ' Is that the'price ot the principles  it once professed but since abandoned!'  Is th>t. just what it  is  worth   to it to  play   iu  Turner As Oil's back  yard   for  the next few   months, $500,.is that, all?  If that-is so���������and the   public can draw  its own  conclusion,   knowing the   circumstances     of      tlio     turnover���������the  Herald  and   its  hook   is  a most enterprising; enter prise indeed, but of a very  questionable character.    It really doe*  take enterprise  to 'obtain   $2 fm-what  you already offered to sell for $1.    Vet  this is the  Herald's  proposition   to its  friends,   the Tmner   government.    In  its   issue   of   May 20, ,'07 it. advert ised  this book at 25 cents  per single  copy,  and now proposes  to  sell   the government 1000 copies at 50 cent-s per copy���������  only an advance of 100 per cent, on the  regular price���������-Talk" of a rake-off, how  does, 100 per cent,  strjke  public.    But  this N piohahly what-the   Herald 'calls  "enterprise"; honest   men   will   be  inclined   to call'it by  another namiya  name whi'-h   is  not  generally .used in  reports of some cases  which  coine be-  foie our emu ts of justice.  *   Of course the deal'has not been eotn-  .pletcd   (anci~~-that's>   what   makes   the  Herald so hot, it  has  not yet got the  $500) for, according to Premier Turner,  as the publication  has   not-been issued  the, executive .have  arrived  at no decision regaiding it.    But   he didn't say  that it would be  if  the   Herald proved  obedient1 lo bis dictation   and supported  bis candidate,  did   In-?   But, then,  Premier Turner is a very reserved man  when it. comes to answering questions  and   be   probably wanted   to  leave his  heal ers   something   to   guess   at,   not  caring to tell il all at once.    His answer  iiKo goes to   prove   thai,   with   all   its  boasted enterprise Ihe   Hel'ald was unable to produce its hook until the happy  thought struck it to lap the  public till  for a "subscription," as it calls it.  As,,to   its  savage   alt-ark-  upon   Mr.  Kellie for asking  these  questions--the  answers to which have given the public  an insight   into   the   Herald's   mor/us  operandi���������it  is  entirely   unwarranted  since  thai gentleman   has   not, <so fails we can learn, expressed  au  opinion  is to whether its deal   is a good or bad  'one fiiim a public point, of  view; so far  he has merely   asked   for  information.  Willi regard   to copies  of  the Mail  purchased by thegovernment, to which  the Herald refers, we have   nothing to  hideoi tube ashamed   of.    They   contained legitimate write-ups descriptive  of the various camps  in   this .disU id,  which this paper went to  considerable  exp������m-e and labor obtain.    They were  original and were neither stolen "cut inly or hashed ovei* from others as   weie  sonievvrite-ups  of  Lhis  di.stt ict. vv Jiich  have appeared   elsewhere.    They were  reprinted  and  copies "sold   to the irov-  ernmenl   at, the  rcyitlar price  of five  cents per copy���������the' si   as  paid   by  the'general public, and not al UK) per  cent more than the regular, [nice as is  Ihe Herald's offer io th,. government.  Further, the purchase of these 2.50II  copies,by the government was followed  ,    THE ESTIMATES.  An Expenditure of Nearly $2,000,000  Provided Election Year.  Hon. Mr. Tuinei presented tlie  Estimates to the House Thursday.  Thev provide' for au expenditure of  $1,992,609.73. In the expenditures,  Education conies in for S2S0,622;  .Works and Buildings, SI 18,450;' G*o\-  ernnie.nt House, S3,050; Roads, Sireets  and 13ridges, s 137,200; Surveys, ������10,-  000; Miscellaneous, ������115,278."  For the Xoitli Riding of West- Root-'  enay, which includes' Rosslaud and  .Trail, ������50,000 has been provided in  the estimates to be divided as follows :  For Iliads, Streets; and Bridges, ������28,-  000; for roads in \ iciuity of Rosslaud  and Trail, 818,000 : Lardeau district,  83,000;'Fire-Valley, ������1,000; Pingston  Creek. ������500.  South Kootenay gets ������56,000; of  which ������40,000 is fir toad--, streets and  bridges.  .   '       The Townsite Question.  A report, comes to then Mail that  Hevelstoke's tciivnsite troubles are now  ended, A. S. r.u-well having, it is said,  accepted the set I lenient arrived' at  between the le'deral and provincial  governments without, wailing till the  end of Ihe yeai to do so. It, is lo be  hoped that this ma j'prove I rue and  that, this old-time dispute has been disposed of forever.  the Marking of. Posts.  '���������  The location of mineral claims will  piohahly'come nip for discussion (his  session and,when it. does the Rosslaud  Times would like the, members for  West. Kootenay to,remember one little  item that'has hit herto escaped notice,  namely, make il compulsory for the  writing on the No. 1 and No'. 2 posts to  he done on the face looking, towards  ihe claim being staked, i.e'., the inner  face. At present locators are using  each and any of the four,-faces on'a  post. When the direction of the  location line is not given���������and  it  very  DOYLE TO HANG  On Friday,' April 22nd, for Shooting-  Dennis Connors.  At the Nelson Assizes' on Tuesday,  j. Doyle, alias Sullivan, who shut, and  killed Dennis Connors at Kuskononk  on February "13, was sentenced by  Judge Trving t<j be hanged ou Apiil  22nd, next.  Tlie evidence showed   that   Connors  was    sitting   in    Eiickson's    hotel   at  Ixuskonook shortly after 1] o'clock on>  the night of   the   murder.    Doyle   ap-  pioached him'and pulling out a   pistol  said:    "Dig   up   or   I'll   shoot,   you."  Connors evidently thought that  Ooyle  was joking  for   ho   replied   smilingly :  "Fiie away."    Doyle pulled   the   nigger and Connors fell dead  at   his  feet  with a bullet through his-bieast.    The  nuiiderer escaped hut was cuptutcd   a  few days aftei vvailis neai the boundary  line   by    the- mounted    police. ,  The  prisoner set up a plea   of  self-defence,  saying lie thought. Connots was 'about  to pull  a   weapoi.   to   shoot   when   lie  himself fired,'  hut.   there   was   no  eu-'  deuce whatever ' to   support   tin's   plea  and   the  jury   returned 'a   veidict  of  wilful inurdei and the Judge sentenced  him lo he hanged on Friday, April 22.  1 ', Tn charging ilia   grand   jury   Judge  Irving defined tlie crime of murder   as  such when '.he offender means to cause  death, or bodily injury likely to   cause,  death. oThe onus of pioving that, the  ciime'was   committed   in   self defence  rests with the, prisoner. - The court appointed   ,J.    A.    Akeinan    to   defend  Doyle, and   W. A. Macdonald,   Q.'G,  and A. M. Johnston appeared  for   the.  Crown. . ' D <  seldom is .given on (he No. 2 post ���������the  prevailing style .i.s most confusing,  say.-, the Times. 'Let u> have a ruin  thai, all shall follow, and the finding.or  l.he ground 'staked will be rendered  much easier'than now.1' If the"outer  face of, the. post, he/more' convenient,-  let it, be the outer face, only let us have  uniformity. ,,  Football Challenge Cup. -  The,following are the rules and regulations governing I he JM.iil.ii) Football  Challenge Oup competition :���������  1. All clubs aie eligible from any district east of the Cascades  and   west  of  the Rockies in the counties of Yale and  Kootenay. 0  2. The districts sliall, be divided up  as follows: (1) Ashciott. and stn i entitling di&tiict. (2) Kainloops, Nicola and  Giand Piairie. [li) Spalhimcheen and  Okanagan. (il) Rcvelstoke and Donald.  3. Matches shall lie played in groups  as follows: (1) Ashciofi, KamJoops,  Nicola and' Grand Prairie. (2' Spal-  lumcheeii and Okanagan. (3) Revelstoke and Donald.     ��������� '  1. ,The group winners shall be ascertained by myalls of pre liminai y contests  between the respective dulls iu the  seveial groups. Such preliminary contests shall be concluded not later' Ih.-n  ���������ihe 31st, October in each ye.u.  '). 'the winner 'of each gioup ,������hall  play one match during the,season wiih  the winners of the other gioups. Jf  any match shall have taken place  pre\ ions to the conclusion of the pie-  limin.iry contests, this match shall he  considered as satisfying the conditions  of t his clause.  0. The championship shall he decided  fi om wins,*tiui diavv games���������I wo points  tor a win and one for a draw game.  The same plan shall be followed in  deciding the gi oup winners.  7. Tbe club si-oiing the gieat est  number (it points in the contest between  the iri oup wimifis shall be declined Ihe  chain [lion club. In ihe event of I wo or  more clubs being equal the Kainloops  Football C'otiiiiiitti-c may decide -the  winner or ordci another mulch or  matches- to be phi v i il.  ��������� S. All maiciie-shall he played'under  the International Rules, and no man  may play tor mine than one club in  any of the groups.  '.). Kach   club may   piovide  its  own  Story;of,a Souvenir Book.���������Continued.  That the Maij.'k reference to Ihe  "Diamond Jubilee .Souvenir" i f North  Kootenay hint somebody pietly badly  was quite evident from the antics of  the Herald on Wednesday. Because  we had the audacity (o lei, the public  iplo its little "dicker" wilh the Turner  government, it completely lost, its  temper aud in its frenzy used such  ���������beautiful language," or what il. terms  ���������"vigorous Knglish," as should make  rw!;j  thi'. Arizona  Kicker  turn  green  hv im change  of   political pi inciple on ! ,- ,   -,   .,- ,   ,  the part of the Mail: in this ,...J���������.,.t it I -'������"������'������������'' '"I " -���������>������������������������ f������mpcl.ng club-  is the same now as it. was (hen nnd as : c;'.,11"1 "If",". "I"!1.1 " '������������������'������������������'*''���������' . -h" ������'ii|;  it.will be in |,he future: it has alwavs A"":" "' ',u' K*"''l"l'x <-luh shall  stood out for clean, holiest, and ccou'o- I '''VoA'.'m'    . .-   . :      , ,    ,,  ,    ,,   .,  ���������nim! govermuenl. and no ���������VniM.lera. ' 10*( i,;t' W'""'K ,'*'1,"1 ?h" ' ,I,"U1 ' "  lion" can induce il to accept ��������� brief for /*"!'<������" one year, and shall have t h.  --���������>.- --  i.-.i! ' I piivilegeof having l be loud   game   loi  in   tlieii    own  town  ...i/_.,...  i.n    . iii- i      II- Tbe Cup shall   become   Ihe  prop-  ..wv.li ,t Go. propose. Ii..](iu.!! a ; (.,.LV ���������, lh(i (i|'>t (,,|lh ���������.,,���������  ���������,���������,������������������   ���������������������������,   ',,  clearing sale, all during April, of sho,,. . tlitee limes, i,ot, ni-cess.u-ily in miw-v  worn   goods   to  make   room   for   new j sion.  designs. ' o      i , 1--    All clubs intending  to  compete  AT   .     1? ..,,.. I for th-Cup-.ball notify   the   sietetarv  Ji. A. litown is in Victoria. J le , of I he Kainloops ClubAiot later lhaii  makes no sect ot of the nature of his j I h" 8Nt day of August iu each year,  mission to the capital; it is to eudeavoi - ,ivi' i-*-**'������"' "ccomprinving such notice,  t,i li.ii-i.  l?,i,r\  l<\.... i . .' a c .1     .and  moiievs   -jo   leccived   shall   be   ex-  to have Lied lMase,*,emoved   ron, the; pi.ntll.(I in   v���������,vUVmit  suitable  Commission ot   the.   Peace.      1 lie  (hill- I toes to each   member  of  Ihe  what it believes to hen w ron if cause, a , ;��������� ,, ,        i  cause det-rimenial   to  the public weal. - !������������������������''''������  >*1''"*  I������l������>"������-cl  H. IL. *  meiuen-  wi lining  cully, it seems, arises from a conviction ; team  for assault,   lecentlv   tecorded   bv   the'      13- Before commencing a match   the  J. P. against Mi. B.ovvn. * ! *-*;ll"',il1 (l1 '��������������������������������������� ti-.im ^.Imll hand to   Ihe  ������ ' reteiee am! captain of opposing team a  A larg-ft coiiirregation tinned  out    to ' list of   names   nf  the   inembeis  of   his  welcome His Lordship Bishop Douten- i t,'',l!"1I,    ,  will.it theCatliolic  cliu.ci.   last   Sun-    .:,./, ii'!      I   .' !   '''"'"   "'"    'i"  , ��������� , .       , .  , linnuislied iiiloi s,  ;iik|   every   inember  d.-i} morning vv heie, afte, hiuh mass, a | ���������f ��������� ������ompeii.ig team shallAvear the  conyi.itnlatory addiess vva.s pi csenied I colors of his club. Each club shall  to him ou behalf  of   the   coii"ri'".-iti',iu    >i,'l"l in  at   um-* a dc������ciiption   of   ils  to which lie ma'de a suitable .eplv In [ l",1,|,1" " '" '''-', -,",",,,;L".->' "{ Uk> K-u.iloops  ,t      ,p, .,      , ,     ,     T1.'  -,       .     ' bio lo avoid confusion,  thealten.oonat. .1   o,|ot-k   His   L���������<i-,     ,5. All>.  |J(1|.M1II  ()|,ivillt, Inu.t ,,,. ���������  ship    adiiunisieied   the   s.u i.mieni    <it j honn fi'le membc-r of | lie club for which  confirmation lo a number   of   cluldien ' ���������"' i- playing, fm- a   pei iod  of  al   least  afteruhicli l,e pcfoimi-d the ocem.mv I OIV' "'A'",1* !" i'"' '''A' I ���������l-J-VJuw-  i.* ij , I     ' ii,. , , ,���������   I       "*���������   Ivich    (Ollipelnie-   c lib   sh.i  ut blessing ihe ncn  hell tm  the clmicli.    its own expenses.  VanHorhe would Shut Out Competitors.  The application of D. C. Oorbin foi a  railway charter enabling hini   to  build  ii,ito the Kettle Rivei; country is  exciting great interest.    TlieTA P. II. is  opposing   the   application   with   all    its  might and   Sir Win.   Van   Home  has  appeared befoi.-thc railway committee  of t'he ,commons' in   opposition * to   it.  Evidently tlicpiesident of the C. R. 11.  considers it necessai y to arouse popular  interest in the matter for he writes the  Toronto Globe a long letter explaining  the attitude  of his'company. towards  Corbiirs enterprise and'claiming  this  whole province as tbe teiritorv   of 'the,  C.  P.  It.    fn   his hcpmmunicatio:i   be  icueats  the   arguments   uiged   before  tho commons Loinniittee and adds:���������  " "Tbe     wind     "competition"     has  cli.-ii ins, and  "monopoly."  has   leirors  for the unthinking w hich  oveinde all  aigiliuellls, bill |,ei-nut me to point out,  that    when    it    became    nucess-ny    to  buiiil the Oiow's Nesi i.iilway, tin government, quit My discov ered that   lln-re  was but on.- effective way to make the  inteieslsof   ihe  country   permanently  secure, in tbe mining disti ids. and that  was to have a  line   built   and   worked  by the Canadian Pacific  company.    It  followed from  this  that  the  teiTitory  beyond   that   reached   by   the  Crow's  Nest railway, must' also   be. developed  by tho   lines  of the  Canadian   Pacific  company,   and   to guaid   against   the  effects usually attributed to monopoly,  the  government   look   great   cue   Lo  piovide   for   tbe   absolute   control   of  tales, not only on the Clow's Nest railway, but on all lines owned oi  controlled   now,   or   in   the   futur������,   liy   Ihe  Canadian Pacific company   in   British  Columbia, soul li of  its main   line,  and  not only-in local rales, but'in   through  rales   between   I������as|ef-u   Canada   and  thai    district,   and    thev    even'    weiit  farther and prov ideil  for   the  right,  lo  i;iant running powers to other railways  wit li the public interests so vv oil seemed  that  the question  of   competition   or  monopoly should have lit t le weight   in  the question of Coi bin's charter.  Wisely or not, the LL r. it. was created   for  (lie   purpose   of developing   the  gieat  west of Canada,  and' of1 leaching out  for trade  beyond  the  interest of  the  country at large.    Knormous siuns of  public and   private  money   have  yone  into ii, and it has become the greatest  commercial arm of  the   Dominion.    It  cannot efficient ly serve Ihe purpose for  which it was created if its  strength  is  sapped   continually  for  private  ends.  To b'c potent, it, must  be  kept strong,  every line permit ted I o enter Canadian  territory from the south   is a   woa-.ou  iu the hands of tin1 compel ilors of  ihe  Canadian Par.lie, and we hayc at.  this  I iin** an illiist ration of* I be use made of  them."  The Clobe'.s cmimienl upon llu-  position assumed by Ihe company is  significeni ; it says :���������  "To admit the principle of the claim  put foi th on behalf of the Canadian  Pacific lini. would lie to tie British Co),  niiibia up for all lime to one railway  -yslein. Ontario would not tolerate  such a position. We all remember the  outcry in .Manitoba over Ihe monopoly  established ,-is a ics-ull of a definite  baigain and terminaiiug al a specified  lime, ll would be a . sei ions assertion  of aut horily for I he ol her pi ovinces lo  foi ce this coudil ion ou British Columbia by refusing lo allow an American  company to build a railway across Ihe  border."  going to tlie hospital with a severe  gash in his hip which was caused befalling through a window dining the  couise of tlie scrap.  Bob Willi,ims made a flying trip to  the J'cnd last week. Here-staked the  three claims above the Consolation,  the leases of which had been cancelled.  Ladies" look out for spiiug dress  goods trimmings at Coursier's. o  Columbian Condition Powders for  Horses. 30c. per packet, -i for.S-1.00 ���������  McDowell, Atkins -.t "Watson, The  Iph-uggists, Jtevelstoke Station.     ,* o  Mr.-and Mis. F. W. Lain^ vvill leave  for Ontaiin early next week. Mr.  Laing goes east ou private business  and while there will arrange for the  shipment of a heaise for the undertaking depailment of Ji. Uowson Si  Co. Mr. Liiing is .severing his connection with the firm and the business  ''will in" fut-iuc be can ied on by Mr.  Uowson.    ' ������  Conductor E. l*"icli-irdson"s westbound special, engine G-^l, Driver L.  King, sti tick a mud slide one mi'e  west, of Poi-t ilaney ,at 21:5f5 o'clock  Tuesday, derailing the engine and  eight cats of fi eight. Fireman A.  Hepburn fwa's killed. The engineer  and other train hands escaped without  injury. Damage to rolljng stock is  not serious.  Large   assortment ^i ^-ladies'    and  chilrli en's footwear at'Coursier's. o  Mr. and Mrs. R. Uowson' returned  fiom Chicago Tuesday. It ,is, about,  two and a half yea.-.s since he left,heie  and was joined by his wife and family  who followed about eight months  afterwards. Mr. Howson wilFaotively  lesunic; his business connections hero.  Their loturn to1 ���������Revelstoke will, bo  welcomed bv a large number of fi lends.  Geo. Laforine returned fiom the,.  Bend Wednesday. He reports ' the  (Consolation in pay again. , There aro  five men at work, and thoy have at  last got. through tbe, slide iii which  they have been working since last fall.  Evei ytliing looks most,, promising for a  good yield*of the yellow stiifi* between  this and June. He, staked i'Jie Npitli  Si.ar,-on , AjcCulloch, Creek, 'when..up  there. .   ' . *     -  ���������  f.  KELCIE'S   TRUCK ACT  DESIGNED TO MAKE   WAGES /AY-  ABLE IN CASH.  It Sounds the Death Knell of Company  Boarding-houses and Stores-,-and  its Adoption - Means Their Aboli-  - tion���������A Synopsis of the Bill.  'Death-of .Mrs/Steed.  After a lingering illness,of thn most  painful nature,'rfjsulling  frohi   cancor,  which she bore with the 'utmost 'fortitude,   Mrs.    Stood,    wife    of   Thomas  Steed, passed to the great majority on  "Wednesday   morning   last.    .The   deceased lady has been a resident of Revelstoke  for   about   five   years,   having  come here to lier husband   from   Citp-  more, Cut., and during that   time   her  many estimable qualities ,in<\ christian  virtues   havf   made   hosts   of   friends  who were over ready during   her   long  and   painful    illness,    the.    last,   three'  monl lis of which had confined   her   to  bed, to do   what   was   possible   to   nlj  lev i.ite   her   suffering, 'their   heartfelt'  sympathy   and   the   sympathy   of   the  whole   community   goes   out   to    tlie  husband in   his  sad   bereavement,   to  their   one    child . which    is   now   left  motherless, and also to her sister, Miss  Beaton,.who has   boon   in   attendance  upon her for more than a \e,ti.  The. funeral took place yesterday  afternoon from tlie family icsidonce on  Front, tstieet, and was largely at tended:  many and beautiful were the floral  11 Unites. The bin ial service-was conducted by Rev. P. D. TVIuir, of the  Piesbyterian church of which deceased  was an active member, assisted ,by  Rev..J. A.' Wood, of the Methodist  Tlie pall i-carets were Messrs.  Mori i.s, Ldw.irds, McRae;  ind Reid.  One of the most important nieasiiroft-  hiought  before  the legislature at   its  present session is a bill known as "The   ,  Tiuck Act,   1898,"  introduced  by Mr.  Kellie, the lepresetitatiye of this  rid- -  ing.    It is designed   to do away   wifHi-  'couipany bouding-houses  and  stores*;  to  compel   the  payment of  wages' in  lawful   coin   and ensure  to, employes   ,  perfect liberty jn spending  it without  dictation o fiom    employers   or   their  .agents.    The truck system v/as one of  the'many abuses  which   tin;'government was pledged at the  last election .,  to remedy but up  to date  they'ha've  -  'done iiothing.to redeem that promise.  It remains  to  be seen   whether  they  will   do   so .now   by  supporting   Miv  Kellie's bill, thereby giving it the force??  of law.   The following is a synopsis of  the. pi incipal features of the bill:���������    .-",  It-provides that the wages of workmen shall be payable ill lawful  money  of Canada am**, not otherwise, and  any,  contract for the payment  of anyparfc  of such wages in anything else, or that'  ���������  provides how a whole  or any part of  wages due or to  become due shall  be  paid o,ut, is illegal and void, as  is also  any payment made to workmen by an  employer by the delivering  to  him  of  goods.    It shall   be   unlawful   for   an '"  omplovei to charge a workman pound-     ,  age, discount or interest on  advances  made before the regular pay  day and  ino deduclioiis shairbe  made  fiom  a'  workman's- wages  for the  sharpening   '  or repairing of tools, except' by agree-"  '  ment,-not forming the conditions of''  'hiring. . ���������=?-������������������=*=������������������^=v*--ak^.-_ .<  i   In. any action, brought for the   re-   '  coyery pf wages of a workman   no se,t  off   shall' be' allowed   on. account ,of  goods':deIivered,'to* 4&uch  workman  at   ;  ,miy  shop or, warehouse"1 kept  by  tlie.?  employer.   ISTo employer shall haveibr   .  be   . entitled ',to " maintain   impaction   -  agaip.st any  workman'  formally goods'  sold,   delivered   or   supplied   to "Vuch"4",  workman or for goods supplied-;under  the diioction or oider.of tho  employer  oi- his agent, nor can any othftr  person  supplying goods to the wprkman under  their order or direction sue such workman for goods so supplied.  '"Nothing in the act shall bo construed  lo prevent anv employer or his agent  fiom supplying or contracting ��������� to .  supply vvorkmen vvith medicine or  medical attendance, or fuel, 'materials,  ools or implement^ to be used by such    -  church  Vi aser,  llolto.ii  A Very Painful Shooting Accident.  Local and Personal Briefs.  II   pay  Kasy running, noiseless sewing  machines at ('oursici.'s. i,  Percy Walton, foimcrlv dining cai  conductor, has joined the stall' of  Jlotel llovelsloke. Jle and Mis.  Walton   will i eside heie in futiito.  A light occuiiod   Wednesday   niglit  liotvveeii     Constable     Rage    and     Ike.  Thompson, of  Tioiil    Lake,    vvliicl)    io-  1 silked iu Thiiiupsoii being fined >>") and  " costs fm disoidorlv coiiducl, and   Page  A very sad and painful shooting  accident occuned in the ofiice of the  Bcvelsioke Sawmill Wednesday afternoon whoieby Miss Maud Robinson,  daughter of Fred Robinson, the pro-  pi ielor, lost her foot. It appeals thai  A. ('. Skene, a young man tint lecontly  ai rived fiom Kuglaud, had been out  sliootiiig snowbiids and, enteiing the  oflico, was in ilie acl of shaking the  snow from his clothe-, when his gun, a  liiiuiinerloss one, was accidentally discharged. Miss Wiihiiivm, who is her  fal her's book-keeper, was seated at a  desk and the contents of the gun  lodged in her left ankle shat teiiug it  so badly that, I It. M.illo*.-li found it  necessary to amputate the foot about  an inch above the ankle. 'J'he young  lad\ was veiy popular amongst a large  eiiele uf fi iends mid veiy general  sympathy is felt foi her and the  iauiily ; I hat uiisi'm tunes never conic  singlv  seems |o be true In this  case   at  least, for it  is les*. than a fortnight  ago j a line not eNn--i!i'iu iS-'yi: loi   tlie scumd  that  her bioih").  lb. Robinson, at'iei  a \ ������������������*"��������� ''������������������'.��������� ���������' -n''s.*fp:.-ni otb-nce. impr |sIMI.  i -n i:,  i        i i-ii i no'iil  lor   no;   iii.-ic   (ban   six   motilbs  Ion-.' illness  died ----(j was iuiiic-l   heie. .       ,        , '      ,...!.    ������������������" >���������">  ���������,.     ,, ,' .        ���������,,.,,,��������� ,   i -ind a line ������-! uoi I'-ss than y^> or   moie  I ho Mail leai ns  that Miss liuiniiMiiis} ii,,,,, <;,--ik).  It - li.ill be I hf duty nf  the ins.ia.fini s  oil!.-- to   enforce   tne   piovisioiis   of  I  workman at his  trade  or  occupation;"  but whore deductions are "made from  wages for such  service  the  employer,  'at least once every year, shall   make  a  correct account of tlie same and submit  it to two andilors appointed 'hy   ihe  workmen.    An employer shall also   blent it led to advance to a workman' any '  money   contributed'  by- him   to   any  I'riendlv aid  society'nnd  also, for" his  relief iii' sickness.    Xor shall the act be  construed to  lender  invalid  anAcoii-  tract for the payment of wages" in   the  notes of the  chattered   banks  of Canada, and up io  ]*-,t_.luly,   1IXXJ,   in   the;  gold orsilver coin-of the United -States.  Section   10   of   ihe   act   is-   directed  against compain  stores* and   boarding  houses, it reads :    " Xo employer shall,  directly or indirectly, by himself or his  agent, impose as  a  condition,   express  or implied, in or for  the employment  of any workman, any terms as  to  the  place   al   which,   or   the   manner    iu.  which, or the pei so,,   vvith   whom  any  win kin.in is t<> hoard, lodge, MihsjM, or  reside, or as to the place at  whieh.'or  the  manner  iii   which,   or  the person  with whom any  wages or' portion  of  wages paid lo the workman  aie or  is   ,  to be expended, and no employer shall,  by liim-elf or  his agent,  dismiss'any  woi kman from ��������� his  employment from  or on account of the place at which, or  the miinuei   in   which.   ������u-  the   pei son  with whom such workman may board,  lodge, -nbsi'st. or | eside. or li-.nii  or  ori  account of the place  -it   which,   or in  I he maiinei   in   vvhiili.   or   the   pei son  with whom  any   waye~   or   portion   (if   '  wage- paid   by   the   employer-  to  such  woi km.oi an- or is expended, or fail   to  be expended."  Yl.e pen.iliics fm- infractions ,,f {i,,,  law as pi ov ided iu sc( tion 17 ai e : For  lliefii-t ofle'ii e, impi isnmncut for one  month, wilh oi  without haul ialior and  condition is as wed as cm be e.\peeled,  though she is siill'etiug fiom seven-  piost rat ion brought on by the gieat  shock of I be accident and subsequent  opei at ion.  J Ringer, who uas in the ollioo at  tlieliii.e, hud a vei\ iiiuiow escape  ��������� I i .tl I sei Iocs    ll.lllll.    ilie    s|nil     pissing  t hiough hi^ coal.  t lie ai t.  O  J'\m'i\  H'ii-cs    and    Cattle   the   best  loilK    .Vie!    bi'iorj    puiifiei-    Columbian  Coiidiii'iii Povvfleis.- McUowel). Atk'ins  it Watson, The Ih u;."_'ists. ]loi c'stoktt  Slatjoit. o }\\(IK ���>.
Zherikootennv flhntl
J'l.'JJU-iHKo'l-'VKIjY SATI'I.'D.W
���.vi- --
-\T!v'IXS -.V SMITH.
I'l'lll Isai.Ks   IM,   I'cneiOCTOUs.
Subscription   Price,   $2.00    Per    Annum
Xci' .sTiai-ii.y' i\   vowNca: ""���J.
���J'ONTK.UT ADVKI.'TISHMKXT.-. in-n-itcil ;i(
lilt* r.ilo ol %l..-jil )icr (-0I1111111 iiiuii ])i'i* nn-iilJi.
i-'ejr-sjiiie c-s of ,-K- loliiinii mciies ��r moi* ���?!
ixa* ini-li ncl- nniiali.. '
TItAN'SIKXT   ADVlvirriHlC.MKX'i'S   I0e.    per
line tli'sl lii-crtioii. .")<. ,)(*r line >-:u-!i  s-.ib-e-
<|ii(-iil   in���i.i"iion.     Tin-   iiiiiiilici-   of   iiiics
l-Cl-k.MK'lI 1>>  s]JIU(J OC(-ll]li(-(l.   1- line.   1(1   i.'u-
ItKAillXfi    NOTK'KS   Hie.  jic-r  line cin-li  in-
,   -c-rt inn,   iinU-ss  ((iiiii-.ictcd   fo-- by I lie Jim
JOB I'ltlNTIXf! cf every kinil-it most i-c.isun-
nbio rales anil shone.! noiicc.
,\('<-'<H,"XT.-s for juli -print iiiK 01* adveilisiiiK
linyalik' on rliclh'si of ovci-v aioiilli.
rOHItKSI'OXDUXf'K on all ni.Ut.-rs-(if local
or public intcii-si invili-.l .ui-J cai-cfull.v con-
sidi-icil. Allcoiiiiiiiina-iilion.s Iodic 1-Mitoi-
11111-1 be ui-i-oini allied hy die naiiii* of tlie
writ ci*. not necessarily for publication, lint
as 1111 cvideiiL'u of food failli. - ,
Tin; Kootiona'y Mail,
ihe^lory 01 blood-lot ling never appealed to our inlleiiled pen clil.ige. of
vanity. War i- to 'lie drcided, at. all
time* and avoided when po-silile, but
when il does come I'M it be with
eipiililu itiin by Ilie industrial into csts
of ihe �� omit ry. There aie some who
b.-lieVe f bat the mining imlusiiy would
luolil tlu-iiugh a war, with Spain, iu
that a deimmd for silver would be
ci eal ed I hat would pennit that metal
lo' be again mined at' a reasonable
ma 1 gin.
We cannot shale this coucl :i-ic>,|
Revelstoke, B.O.
KKVKi.STOKI'I,  MA IK Ml 2li, !M'S.
A ijksoi.UTION having for its object
the abolition of the., present tax on
woikintr Illinois leceived its quint us in
!l , " 1
the legiiJatuio last week by tlie voles
of tho. government. Mr. Cotton moved
"That in ihe opinion of this House
, laborers iii'inines should nol, as such,
]>c reijuiiod to take out fiee miners
licenses.'* This was negatived by a
���vote of 10 to ,'] 1, on the following
For tlie resolution.��� Messrs. Seinlin,
Sword, 11 nine, Kellie, Kennedy, TUg-
gins, Cotton, Graham, Forstfcr, M,-u>
plierson, , Vodder���-,11.
* .Against the resolution.���Messts.
Tinner, Martin, Poolovy El-crls. find*.
Smith, Mutier, Ttithet, Adams, Stod-
���dait, Walkem, P>radon,' Rodgers, i>ry-
,' den, -Mc-Oiegor, Hunter���IU.
"SVorking miners can see for thoin-
sei ves'wheie, the government stand on
this question. The division'list i.s more
���'���eloquent than words. It discovers
them in tho, very front opposing this
reform; a .reform' which thoy, themselves, havo piomised time and time
again within tlie past six years���aJ'ie-
form to 'which the government was
absolutely pledged in '94. JJut now,
wlie.11 asked to redeem' their promises,
to fulfil pledges given at ,-the last elec-
��� tion, it is found that they are not only
.unprepared to do so but thai they 10-
pudiiite" them' pnlirely.J'anrl the very"
abuse thoy were pledged to abolish
they now, vote to perpetuate.    <'
That cthis tax upon every,man who
works in a mine for days' wages (except in coal 111
our iipmiim silver hat-more to Iom--
than to -LT.'iin through the foi tunes of
war. A l.ugei volume of money,
which the exigencies of (he war would
in,-ik(' neces��ary, would not lead to the
coinage of silver to meet the situation
but to an is.siie of paper money which
would displace silver for years lo come.
Whether an issue of paper money
would be in the form of greenbacks or
national bank notes would, of course,
depend upon the temper of congress.
The silver men, wedded to metallic
money as I li'ey are. would hardly place
themselves iu opposition to a greenback i.ssiic should it be deemed necessary to meet the condil ions of war in
t hat , way. Greenbacks would prove
t he compi omise between the advocates
of silvei on the one hand and the
champions of national bank' notes on
the other.
In (ho end a successfully 'conducted
waii with the volume of currency
largely incieased and business,booming
as tbe result-of a, larger por capita
circulation, would prove detrimental
to lh" free coinage issue in that the
tempoiary prosperity thereby brought
about would be heralded as one of the
first ,fruits of, the gold standard. A
full stomach is the enemy of foresight,"
aud thc American voter recks not of
thi),fut ure if the present is embellished,
with ' pleasant < dreams. He would'
��� awaken to the necessity of bimetallism
again only when the country reaped
another clearing-house panic, and
showed him'the mistake of accepting
a full meal for a permanent, grubstake.
In I vv o diioctions. perhaps, t lieoniin-
ing industry would profit, from a .wai.
There would undoubtedly be r'udarger
demand for copper for electrical appliances, and the self-evident demand
for lead would st imulate I be pioduction
of that metal. This would have a good
effect upon our silver-lead mines foi
the I ime.being and bring into renewed
activity those districts thai produce
large percentages, of load.��� Western
^lining World.
him dead with a reyolver I shall probably be banged by the neck- Not that
the law expects a man l-o be calm and
cool and colleet'-'d in all circumstances.
Hy no means. If thc said bin lv ruffian
iiishesat. me with ' clenched tists. evidently meaning mischief, and I hit
dim 011 tie* back of the ear with a
heavy stick, I may kill him. But I
sliall not be hanged foi- that. I had "a
right to use the .-tick, and iu thc'circumstances I ;im not supposed lo be
cool enough to aim for a spot not likely
lo be fatal. Again, self-defence must
not develop into revenge. Thus, if'I
am threatened witli a knife, and by
the timely display of a pistol 1 frighten
my assailant so iliat he runs away, i
must not shoot after him! If I do so,
1 am just as liable as though he never
threatened me, because I shoot at him,
not 'in self-defence, hut. by way of
punishment 01 revenge.���The Family
JgeVelstoke -' Hospital.
iMat.-M-nity ward in conneclioti.
Vaccine kept on hand  ....
At a recent banquet in New Orleans
one of'the speakers referred to tho
Klondyke. country as follows: "A
man told me who had wintered a't
Klondyke seven years that il was so
cold in .January that they froze the
flames of their candles and sold them
for strawberrii s. He said they kept
their (ires over night by putting (hem
out iu the air aud letting them freeze
and I hen thawed them out in the morning. He said he had'seeii smoke freeze
in the chimney until the lire'wouldn't
draw, and the reason (hat nights wer-e
so long in that, country was that the
dark got frozen so hard the daylight
couldn't thaw ils way through in less
than six'inonlh.s." ���       ���'
"Dra. McKechnie aud Jeffs,  - . Attendants.
Barrister,* Solicitor, Etc.
Mary Public.
Olliee in Smith Jllock, I'iu iliu A\cniu-,
Barrister, Solicitor, lite.
Ori-'ici-: Cowan Hmick, ,
l\ 0. Hon IDS.
Mining"- Brokers. ,
.    VICTORIA, B. C.
,ln medicine quality i.s everything, you can't shake off sickness
with stale or'impure Drug's. ' '    ,
We handle nothing" but the best quality of Drugs and chemicals
In all the toilet ai tides and   Drug"   sundries "we  have  a.'Jarge
supply.       '',''
Always receiving new and fresh materials. '"^
Everything* kept up to date at '       ~="
TSie   Canada Crag and Book Co.,  Limited,,
.    REVELSTOKE, STATION,-B. C.    ,   .
j r*
Mines and Mining" Stocks.'
A    McNEIL,
Groceries,   Provisions,, Fruit   and   Confectionery,
* Cigars, Tobaccos etc.
Importers Scandinavian Produce.,
1 ' '
Mail orders promptly attended to.
Goods delivered at any part of town.
First Street, 'Revelstoke Station.'
QR. MALLOCH,   ���
Physician and Surgeon.
Al oflio�� in Imililiii" formei-lv occiipud
. liy  Ui-. .McLcnn 011   Friday,   S;it-
ni-day and Sunday. L
C P. R.'s Big Projects. ���
' 'Whili' in Now York Sir William
Van Mm n'c'is 11*|ioi*l<*cl U> liavy made
the folio*,** im; st.iti-mcnt in au interview : '
Tin* CJ. P. II..expects- at aiM'.-irly date
to Im i I tl three   ln'ir   ocean   liners  alinut
the   size   of   the   Teutonic,   and' place
them on Ihe route hei ween   Vancouver
and Yokohama.    When t hey a 1 e ready
iucs) i'n unjust is i,'oner.il-j it i.-the inl eni ion to   utilize   (he  hoat-
Iher   imliistiy in : Imw ������iiniiiini h.'t worn , iIu-m*'port-   fm- |
la-s-eiiij-er and fi eight  .service   het\v*-en !
JA Hutehison & Co.,
'.   (Opposite Government Olliee,)
Groceries, Feed, Fruit, ahvavs
, fresh and full stock.
Shoi>t<> Accounts.       \ .,
' Front Strfii't, Hnvolstoke.
Haircut, 25c;   Balh, 50c; Six Shaving
" '        Tickets for SI.00.
rpHO.MAS BROS. &. GRANT, ��� . , ���
������ TAILORS ���-	
Man it fete hirers    and    Miners
Outfitters     .   , -   ;
9l! (loviirnnu'iit iii.,
1        and SO .Johnston St.,   '
VicrotciA, 1). C.
We ciiri'v but (ino line, of Good-, Tlie Hcsl.
Sti-i-iiKlli iiml Durability uro our Siiouinltics.
<%J> 4
���'i     A*.--
vv .   ,\JT.'-   JL��>����\
1 o
Painter and. Decorator.
Graining, Carriage Painting and  Paper
Hanging. r
Repairing Neatly &. Promptly Executed.
mkbesi; O
irdilteft arid .Builder. ���- -'
f-. you .coniemplatis' Miiig and want'a flpst-elass
design, edmpatible with the -'smallest.
and see me, ���;'
���A L L ��� \V O R K   ,.G'U A R A N T E'E D:.
OW'AHD WH^T, *^.-
(A.--so<*;.ito of liu.Mil School (il ?.!in< s
., London, l-.tujlund.)
Mining   Engineer,    Analytical    Chcmisi
, and' Aosaycx".        ' '    ,
Projuirliu!-. cxinniiicd uiul ruporlod on. ,'
^'K^v ukna'ioi:. 11. c.
in 110 o
lv admitlo'ij
', ��� o - 1       ���     I -I
the provniOe   is   siieli ' a   tn.v   uvieil un 1 _.     , ,   ,      ,     ,.        ..., ,      . _, _,      ....
1 \\ aiienucei-and Atistr.-ilt.-i.     \\ hen  Luis j McKonzio Avenue,
those on.tc.-t��ocl iii it, and tin* \y.\ viii�� of I i;. (lnIR1 ;l ,*.|sl   ,im>   U.U1   lu,  (..t.ihli.shed
it on workoi-s in   tin's   one   industry is J het.wecMi     Quebec    .ind   ,11,-ilifax   audi '	
wholly indc/feiu-ilile.     Tlie   exaction  of 1 1.iwrpnul, i-ediu-intr th.' time of pn^i-.'.. ]
JVon.evory man   v, ho   ��.���ks | '" ��i.'l'^-   The (': P. H.   will   U* .ahle ,     J_   R_   HULL   &   CO.
lo till-..* ;t p, 1 s.-en'.'ei- at  Kilston   Station.
SM) a yp.ii r
in a mine for tlie liiivileye of heiu*^ :i,   , . , ���  .	
1 - ,, j London. .-ind  laud   1111,11..it   1 oUoli.uiiii 1  ���
lowed to do sue!) work'is so manifestly ; nil!^)lU' tran.-tVi rin- him to.-inv  01 li>-r ��� tttt- A0C!Q'i0       '    * /q       p0iQii
unfair that the wonder   is  lo find, any- j HlK-.    This Sir   Willi.uii   ,.-.v-/it   wil'A   W ^Ox.eS&LGp     ana      r^ei^U
one opposwi"   its   <i!i(dit ion. lull t hi�� i*^ In-,ilil<> lo do 1-y l!Hni.
the Position' tiikeii   hv the Tunior tp,\- !'    One o!* tlu-iieu-   -i.-.-ui'.e.-v.��� wliic-h   ure
,     .           ��*.       ,               .     ',-       ,1 heitiic hn'llt 111   'I'oi-oiUo   for  ^e^vi^���e   un
���eniniPiit.     It is no*, the  lensu or   their ; ;                  .
" .-    ' Teshii   I.alsi*.   m   Cdi-.m-i tu-n   with   tlu-
blundeis.   and  it   will   he rememljei ed e (,   {A R _ i;. ���,,���.������ ;,, Wliy v, n,,.,.,,,..,
by    the    mine   worki'is- of   Kootenay '��� iiemsr e-mu.-ycs-l in -ection-.   t-i  l��'   pm
when tli^y get  an   opportunity  at the j toiretlu-i on ,ii-r'.val  at   iii** la!s-.   Th-
'ballot box to ptonouiice   npi<n llu- U'>v, , l'*;'"-!""*' ,�����'"'��� ''>* '��������'������ i"'-qMii.-^i\ <���...-���:
, '1 t wo for th" en-fine--:, one f.i.  I)*.-* lioil-*r.
���eriiineiit's ivciiitl. 1 ; ,
  ! ;lll(l tiller l( r the hull:, .-tin!   ,t   tolvi'   ol
, , . ��� t u ent v-t u (1 men fi om the Pol-on   In.11
IfHXKlt   A'   Uo.   say    thai  ��� worumif'
���' Worts--,      loeonto.     ,11-i-oiiip.ir.!--      tne
iniiiPi-: iiiu-t and shall   he taxed Sopor . ,>(Mt _   a,,a   ���in   M.lll]fl(]   hf.,.  ,u   'r.--lin
year for tlie privilege of  liein^ al!o��f,d     Lake. v ,
to woik.     The   miners   will    t-e   lieu d -     The ncu   ho.il   w'll   In-  of  lli"  Inl f���t
,' appro\ ed -t \ ie i-f -i,.-! n-u hi-ef|-t - ni 1 |i<-
I'nilow i.'ilj   diiiicii-sums :       LetiL'th.     1 l'i
from iiljoiit ne\t J urn-;.
Purveyors of Hiyh-class Meats
All irtfl"!"- in onr line will be  promptly
���<ti ended 1.0.
li' you want your bicycles re-
" /Front St., -Revelstoke,   ���
lAUND & DUFAULT,.        -       '- -       PROPRIETORS.
** -^ *��j
ft* v.? Hi    w ���"    -i ts? S-.V:-1
FRED. M. WELLS,'Mine Examiner.
Analytical Chemist and Assayer,
-\��s.-iy- of every \.irioly uf 111i1101-i.1l.
Aimlyt-is  of  milk,   wulcr, or other niiileriiiN
ii.sod for food.
Prompt Result a/ Prompt Cash.
IT   H.  HEAPS & CO.,
Machinery, Brokers,
.'idli Cordova KIitoI.
Best $1 a day house in town.      White labour only.
' "V      .     r       t * �� _^__  ' ���    l  ���*
1 1 * ���? "
The bar is' supplied with,the best'brands of wines,   liquors  and
Cigars.     '��� n .
��� \'   , ."      j. V. PERKS,'.Manager.'
.J*. ALHICWTKTONIO, ritot'tunToii
lie Biolng Ress Is teisticd^witli the best the
Market, affords.
! FOR SALE--A ipMiifity of ||(rht, sucoml h.-ilid
I       . Slcfl I!.iii-.
-j*���K ,.���,,.,.,.,,.,,<j,i,���l,il^ aa:a-AAAaI::AaA:::A:A.-p^ w���� ��>��� to *�� ^-
lii-iiu ll }��-l'-, .mil   ^ .!<-.-! ' .r   .. 1 , ,        - .,
'i7.-i.ii-.  s.,,,,. i,,,,,. enay Mail .old  stand,   opposite
/if ]>:iper- w!id .-in*, tr.iitui- In their own    ..n-l c*. iin.I. 1 -
jiriii-.-iplt-'s ;    vslin     v.-ni-i>     1*\ pm-rii i<- il ( *-ti >.k;.   .11:1!' .1
'i��.iM.i.Ji..r < 1........^ f... f-i- s,���,,-, Coupsiep's, where they will he'
-CI V II  1'  .11-1'  1|('|\-1    IH'.llill'^    IMI'ljlIcIIi.n      ,1
put in
i�� \<u:
illlisk--     t'l    -."Hill Cil'l      iilll/CIl      f-nt'ililtl'l \.  ,
anfi "-'j "ii.     Then' i.j ii" 'i"Lf   k'ccncr in '
v..*liiiu^ -ii ":!i'=r. th.111 th.- <"U!-.: in- Ax- ; -,,-,���,,���,,._ ,,l(| Ulli -,���. 1(1( v.,,i<|c,l 1., V ,���-
fdiKicr   <>t    lln-iiv. iny   ��|iiik-n    iluiii    ill.'1 ,,.i!\u  111 .1 -holt 1 inn*.
\       . . . . v 1 ,  __��,* ���,        . _
MOlli   111   I lie J,rl,i��N  IliHI-'"   I    I."   '''I'"   l.t'ttci   ,
nt pointing 0,1. mot.--,   in   11..-,.>- t j, ���A Th,  Law of ScIf-LH-fonuO.      *
tin- one   wi.lli   11   N..V*  iou'   ���"    I"-   "��'i   j      'I'll- ii-,'ht ..)* s.-li'-d.-1,.,���-,. i,   I y  Nfuu   '  I\��IW      i'Ur     llOtSCC
optli,-.       "Ji- -I I '\U'J" I lit**.   I'll!   !'   I*,  Irul*. !  o|i|   vM ll "*l ���> fl"'( i !I ������(! In   he    lliln-1 i-nt    ,11
juifl ll��' .il"\'' I'i'.m llu' JJ.miI'I ^"i-1" ! ",!l ""���" l,v   ","   liu   ."'"  "'���������������������"    >'""���.'
.    - , 1   , ! 1 hi-.*., --n.il iir.il 1 mil'.-." -it i- .ill \ "i-y %-. .-ll
tii-(i\c it.     It 1*. exlU'it.cly  -ni   t"   -'������,   ,        . ���     11     .,"   ,
I ��� I  I1.1l  lli'-v .lie net  I i-rnj/iil/i (1  lis   tin- I.i��
Jlfi.iM   L-j -l (ir  of i i-l.t u-.'i-   ""l'K'"< i ���,(,,,.,,", j.,,',.,-,,,.    n. i- iii- l.iw   il..,1   ..
Linn -it tin* iiiiiti\.-.   nf   nl in-! *i when it ! hliin   *,,,,y   (l,.|'..,--il   niiii-i'lt',   iii-,   tyirV,
JUllllil-iv     fl'i'- i-''S      |ICO|llc       to       (li--|H'IIM
will)   tl'cin.     I-'iil.i*.<   fluii'i  <j,n. Hciiilil
Bieatl and Confoclioncry.
Free Delivery Every Day.
.Gold Hill Hotel
' FRANK  VANDALL, Pkopriktok.
1 1
--���ReveIstoke, B���Q.-���-
rc[>r''sf:iuijm   Jriscph     ! 'il-*
I'��L">1 ol fVfryiliino ''oin<>*.
Best Table in Town, Weil Furnished Booms,
��� Choieest Wines, Lipors and Cigars,
'Everything Strietly First-Class.
Terms $2 per day. Kumloops Hccr on Draught
AHHAIIA-MKON  l��IU)S., pHOi'Hii'.roitH.
,\1k. ,('ii'iTiV'.-i   ic-nlii! ion      rccf-iwd
the Isiiyk-'i'it lil/r-v    I'liiin    llif   Tiiinci
��ii\<'iiiiiicnt, -nifl   tin-   Tutu"!   :<i>\ciii-
jiK'iil v.-i'I just ;is ��iiicl\  ,'/'"!    in k'ncil-:
nut l'l"|ll     the    Hi'-ll     ".\linlli    I ])j*i l"-iolll
iimi  wj'/jlfl Ji-.m* hciiclitc/l,
int-"ii(l tO'trriVfJ  ;is   hf-rf,iotor-f
Wining I nil us try and War.
Sinretli" .S|i;<i)isl)-Aiii'-i i';in (."inji.i-
t:.\l inns give pl/Jiu'i-e <>( '.'-'ir tl i> dl* rl-
i,\ Ik ��-.! ilit if��� upon /-!)i' mining i mi In-In
. itiuiy -.veil !n* i-i.ii-i.li-i.-.l. 'A'c.iIm net.
^!i,-ir.' Ilie .-ii;i|i.-titi' for si i il'i' l-li"' I'-iiA'"-'
il .U'l') );>~l<'h>)lU>' niVi'iilis (il'in.-uiy, hikI'
(iillil.  oi   -.."i v.-uii,   t'l-ini   iiliv-ii'.il   .i<r-
<_'l C'.*-i(iM .       I l<>  lll.l V  <ll-i>  1''||i'l     liV    I'ot I-i-
,i tne ililc .it I.kI-. upuii In-- pi'-p'-iiy.
W'lu'ii vim hi Vmi: wit'c, < lnld i-i
"���rv.iiil I-. .it l.irki'il. or I In '-.il '-iii-rl with |
viol,-,K-c in -udi -i in,nine, ,,.,���..,,.������ !  I ho-.c lavonntf nv:  with
.ilily In lii'lii-vc  th.il    ".inli'iKi-   i-  .iIk-ui  ', I
to    In-    ii-,cil,   sun   iiirty   rc-'isl   llit*  ,ig- I [
^ITs-nr,     -A,ill    .1 .    the     lir-t     Hindi-    (it  i
i e-i-.| -inc," i~ ���> ei y mI'I '-ii I ii  .ill.iik,   yim
m.iy l.iw fullv IhIIhiV   ! Ii<-   ,nU h i-   -^ivi-ii
liy ,ni did pi i/.c lichi cr I ii /i   pupil,   i.e.,
"eel    in   tin-   lii-il    -.vliiick."     Kilt   irll-
i|e|.-;n c    |rill--l     III-    lll,i(|e| .lie.       |(      lllll-l
ijol  he   lot illy   ili-p.-i.jioi I inii'-il    In   Ilie
-ill-ick.       Km     in-I.Mi'.-,    il    ,i    linlkii,^ I   ^- o'l'/CK IS IIKI; KI1Y   (fl VKV   II,m!   ilil.n
man, of St.    Pmil,    \"W    V'ork >
;iiul  London,  luvjnnrl wish to -RUSSELL   &   HEROD,   Prop's,
inform   \rv   i-kii.M1-    .iik!    tli'- '   "
!)uL!if   ijrc.ncrriWy   that    f    do:;''1 \\'C l)?lVe<l
First-class Table   *��   Good Beds   ���   Fire-proof Safe
Telephone   +   'Bus Meets all Trains.
beyelstokb;   db_.c^
Cr(K)(\ S'-pp'y of . . .
I no*>c lavorinc* nv.  with   -.hip    w - }   ' '   ���     	
AIM-tAIIA.AIKON   I!]{()S., J'iioi'hiktoks.
urns assured.     Writf for firicj-
list \o (A \Y. PiALinVIX,
VV'innijjf'L;,  Man.
Everything new and Pirst-class in all Respects.
I Il.f1i.lll   I'llll.-    l!   IIK'   Wit ll  -I    kllil'l-     I     III.IV
shi ii -1 Iii in..   I! nl it* he nn is ill, iiie i, 11-re.
Iv  uilll  hi;- lists   i-|c||i-||i.'(|    (illd    f;sli(i(il.
'> il'iv-i ,ild r dull ( -.-. ill ii|i|il,l le I lie yl Iiu n
ri n*y M,i,��Ih( i-iit.i! (if tin' Nm-lli Itidln-^ nf WchI,
K'ocliMiiiy fur it. .Imp!/ IIi-ciiho fur tlio town of
H-mm-illx, It.C.   ���'���       I '  : VV.  I'lMCIO.
(���;��inii|,lix, iVIiimli IM., I8IIB. " I'M
Cut Kaics for Spot Cash. ��� The House is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in 'the Market
Call and see us, We can fix yoti.'
TROUT   -ZjJ^ABZAEI   (3X1?^    B.C.
Rovelstoko   Station,   B.C
Subscribe for the Kootenay Mail.
.'. m THE KOOTEXAV MAIL  ?A CE  Jdlerjess.  (By I^-idy Cook, nee Tennessee C. Claflin.)  It is -xnniewhat Miigiilsir that idleness  :iiid   gentility   should    he     popul.-ulv  synonymous. "The biitcher. tho baker,  the   candlestick-maker,"    and     other  tradesman, as well as the upper ranks  of business men, geneially look forward  to the'day���������the   happy   day   as   they  fondly dream���������when  they shall  have  made   enough   money to retire  from  . work and can enjoy   their otittm cum  'dignilafc.   There is some! hiiig natural  about this. They are then self-pensioned.   They  have  earned  the, light    to  repose.   They have fought the battle  of life and  come off victorious  in   a  pecuniary   sense,    Whether  they can  cast aside  their old   habits-  with  ease  lind find enjoyment in new one.,is for  '  theit;'o\vii   consideration   only.   Anyhow,   they are entitled,to  make  the  experiment.    And were the  matter  to  rest'here, little or.no  mischief would  ensue.     ���������    ���������.  Unfortunately, however, the success  of the parents usually begets a particu-  <s      lar  ambition   in fthe'   minds    of    the  '   children.   The daughters desire  to  be  ladies, the sons to be gentlemen.   This  of   course,   would   be  praiseworthy  if  connected   with ,somn   useful   career.  When,   however, .as  is  too often  the  ''  case; it means  simply  to live  an   idle  life,   squatting lazily - upon   the  hard-  "    earned fortunes; of thi^ir fathers, it  beT  comes a  calamity for   all   concerned.  But Wjhen it also leads them also to.be  ashamed  of their origin,  and  of the,  ,' honest'   methods-   by,   which   , their  affluence has lieeti1 secured,,it  is little  short of depravity���������mean,  despicable,  repulsive.       ' '        .     '  .Sucli false views of life unci of what  ;is .'becoming,'' must    needs     lead     to  - ��������� disaster.  Because to makeup for want  - of birth or breeding,   they  launch  out  ���������into vulgar extravagance,  endeavo'ui-  - ing to dazzle where they cannot con-  '- vince.    Yachts,   racers,   and   hounds,  -expensive establishments, gambling  and voluptuous living, are a few of the  . means by which the carefully gathered  *��������� well 1th of successful merchants oi pro-  : fes.sional men is dissipated by then  '; ' heirs. Very few of these care to walk  i   in' the -steps of   their   fathers,   or   to  - engage in the occupations which made  i   them   rich.    And   probably   the   iirst  lessons in wild expenditure on the part-  of thetti prodigal' sons  were learnt, atom*' Universities,   where,   for   a   long  period, generations of vain  or*" weak-  minded  youth   have   been   hopelessly  corrupted.  '   "It" is'sad' to"ieflect' how   often   the  methods  by. which  a successful   man  '    endeavours to advance the position  of  his children'become the means of their  ruin.    He reflects,   it.may  be, on'  his  own   scanty  education - or other disadvantages in 'early  life,   and   determines that his"sons shall  fare  better.  They   shall ,go  to some  great. Public  School,   or  to Oxford   or   Cambridge.  They shall learn all that may he learnt  in   these homes ol the * Muses.   They  .shall mix with gentlemen  and  noblemen,   make   superioi    acquaintances,  and catch their tone.   And, .that they  niaynot.be  prejudiced   by  his status,  he supplies them   most  liberally   with  pocket-money,   and   encourages  them  to shine in the display of wealth. After  a long course, during  which  parental  hopes  have  been   excited,   they  often  return to the old roof with only a  thin  veneer of-scholastic requirements, hut  '��������� deeply   engrained  with   all   the   vices  ,   which, it is  well  known,   these' seminaries are able to teach.    Tln-ir  ostentation while there is secretly ridiculed  by tlieit companions, their   mora Is are  ruined, and they come  back' with appetites whet ted for [.rofligacy, despising  business, averse to  useful  occupation,  and impatient of their familyand hcune  surroundings.      ���������  In I hose cases, however, where these  evils have been minimized or even  avoided, wheie they have really  studied, and their habits and conduct  have been fairly decent, they are still  as averse as the former to the occupations of their parents, and are occasionally prompted to endeavour to  distinguish themselves in fashionable  society. This i.s often very diflicull.  NevertheleM-s youth, money, and perseverance, can accomplish much in  time. And if they succeed, what, i.s the  result? A more reputable mode of  squandering than that of others, but a  lite of greater u.selessness. And the  mistakes of both classes arise thiough  the fault of the parents.  For all true education, begins nt  home. Correct habits and thoughts  must not only originate there, but  must there be quickened into activity  and be trained to steady discipline. As  the tree is, so are ils fiuits ; and as the  home is, so -are its children. In an  atmosphere of honor' thev will he  honorable���������surrounded by deceit they  will be deceitful. Where wealth is  worshipped they will bow also. Where  idleness in tolerated they will despise  work. It i.s worse than vain���������it is  criminal���������to send youths wilh unformed or badly formed characters into  great schools and colleges, and expect  them to .profit by the experience.  Nothing less than deeply rooted sentiments of purity, and habits strong  from daily use and correct, from conviction, can enable I hem to escape the  contamination inseparable from these  establishments.  The devout Anselm said that:  " Idlc-  . I jess is the sepulchre of ii. living man."  his own household."   Poveitv  He who does nnthiiifz is nothing: he is  engulfed, swallowed up and obliterated  by the tenure- of hi.-  existence.    He is j iudu--ti iou-*; idle from compulsion  woisv off than if he had never been, for  he neglects the opportunities' which  God and his- age have given him. The  old prove! lis say: " Idlenc-s and li.st-  are sworn friends" ; " Idle men are the  devil's playfellows" ; ���������'' Idleness is th������  greatest prodigality in the world."  The moralists, from .Solomon to 'Dr.  Watts have not only vented their  strictures on idleness, but on  sluggish-  as well.    To be dilatoi-v or perfunctorv  i ��������� -  is to be p.-irtiall.v idle. To be improvident is the s;i!ne. We are invited to  consult Nut nre and imitate her foresight. And "Whatsoever thy "hand  findetli to do," said the Preacher, "do  it with thy might."  Idle and addle have the s.mie. meaning, and, with all, are derived from the  same word, which signified to he sick,  corrupt, void. An idle person is ,;n  ailing perso.i, sick iii bodj- and-* mind,  corrupt,in morals, void of under.-la tiding. An idle life is an addled lify,  noxious, unproductive, and dead to all  goodness. Yet this is.I he life which so  many covet and others are proud to  possess, and that is the individual wlio  is allowed- precedence over the in-,  dustrious!  "Natuie fits all her children with  something to do," said" the poet, and  truly then* is so iniich to be done in  this world,��������� physic-ally, mentally,  inorally���������that it befits none lo he' itl 1 v.  .There am Augean stables to be  cleansed, ancient,and mighty wrongs  to be rectified, grave abuses'to be redressed, an'd dense clouds of ignorance  to bo dispelled. The world mourns  from want, and misery, and crime, and  " the diii k places of ( be earth are full  of cruelty." Power and injustice  trample upon, the" weak 'and the innocent. -\Natjon is arming against  nation, and " a man's foes are they   of  t  .......,,���������.      ^ y prays in  I vain for its daily   bread.    We  see   the  ind  the wicked ciiininal from want of  knowledge. Our boa-ted brntherhocd  is a poetic dream. Each fights for liU  own hand,' regaidless of others, and  the end no man ran foresee.  "So many worlds'!������oinucli to do,  '        ������  So li tile done, -uuli thing-, to lie."   ,  Surely humanity requires the best  efforts of all its members. This is no  place for idlers or lovers of false  gentility. There is work to be done,  -serious, patient, and persistent woik,  not the service of' the slave, but the  cheerful labour of the free man, full of  ]oving-kiiidiies������. The world i.s still  young, and noble .duties lie before it.  As it grows wiser it will grow 'happier,  until love supplants selfishness and becomes the universal law of its being.  As Tennyson sweetly sang to the Great  Worker:��������� '       , ,  Our little sy.-tc-tn-. have liieir dny ; ''  They hsive their day and i-ea-e io lie :  Thoy are hut broken light-, of Thee,  - And Thou, O Lord, an more than thc-y. '  ���������Wc have hut fallli : we cannot know ;  Kor knowledge is pf tliini;-; we .-ee ;'  And yet we ti-u'-t it comci from Thee.  A beam in darkness ; !cL-it grow.  Let knowledge grow from more to more,  But more of reverence in us dwell,  That mind and -siul, according well,  Jfay make one mii-ic ns before.  J^M    IC_|._J...  LIMITED LIABILITY.  COMAPLIX, B.C.  i-flTiTf m ���������  ale kinds of, ^   ROUGH AWB DRESSED'LUMBER.  At the Company's Store is carried a bull Stock of General  Merchandise:    Miners'Supplies and Outfits ai. close j-ates.,      * ���������  P.O. AmtoAvmcAD.  TKLEOnAPH TO COMAPLIX.'  The 'Company's S.S. " LARDEAU " connects with all C.P.R. trains and'' steanieis, and makes daily  Irip.s between Arrowhead and Coinaplix and'Thnnisrui's Landing. Communication is thus e.;tahli>hed with  all points iu the Lardc'.-iu, Trout liike and Fish Creek disti icl.s. ' - j  ,       The Company's tug "ARCHER" is ready to enter ind* towing and freighting contract's. ,,  ; The Townsite of COMAPLIX is now on the market, and lots are selling rapidly. Coinaplix is the outfit ting point and headquarters fort he Lai dean and Fish Creek,district,*-, nowlieing Opened up. I r occupies a  splendid situation, high and di'y, on the N. 10. arm of Upper Arrow; Lake, eiyht miles from Arrowhead,, and  has'deep watei for ver-sels all the year round. 11 has good Hotel lircoiiiiiiodation, telegraph mid telephone;  connect ions, and daily mails. , " '..'<'"  1    _��������� ���������' ' ., R. TAPPING,'Agent for RevelstoKe.  Application to Parliament.*  ' 1 PPLICATIOX' WILL liK MAIM-:'to the  XI. Parliament of Canada nl its- next session  for nn Act lo incorporate a Company wilh  (lower to construct, maintain and oiierate by  any motive power u sliuuliud or narrow gauge  railway from some point nt or near Arrowhead,  Arrow Lake, Jiritisli Columbia, by the' most  feasible route via Trout Lake or Duncan ilivoi  to home point at or near the north end of  Kootenay Lake it. ��������� the Kootenay District,  viitli branehcs of ' any 'length ; with power  also to construct, maintain und operate thc  necessary bridges over navigable river--, and  neee*--.iry ways, ferries, roads and other works.  Dated at Ottawa thi.s^-ttii day of December,  1897.' '      -  "  ,       A.'VEIJGUSOX.      ���������  '  .'IS-tO-'Jt Solicitor for the applicants.  .jjj���������*.*.  .    ;. HENDERSONV  BROSV  , SUCCESSORS TO  LANTJLEY ���������& HENDERSON BEOS.  - "Wholesale   Druggists, \ ��������� ��������� ',  ' . (Established 1S5S.) . ." ' . ���������'  p ' A ^~-zzb&z&- Victoria    and    Vancouver, . B. C.  "        We c.tiry the largest stock of Chemicals, Drugs, Patent- Medicines, Toilet.  Articles, Etc., in Brit i.-h Columbia. ,       , "  R-irties in,'or i-otit'eniplating opening in business, will find it to their advantage to place their orders wilh us.   .  Bsss^sism  The  present   centre  and future  headquarters for  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH-COLUMBIA.  tesaie ana Mail  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack',  Driving and Draught  Horses. < ,       '    .  Revelstoke'Station, B.C.  ROUT   CAKE   CITY  . is reached  by rail  from  Revelstoke   to   Arrowhead, 2S  miles ; thence  by steamer, io miles, to Thomson's  Landing";   and   a   'short  stage of   12 miles;   the   entire  journey occupying only 6 hours  through  magnificent mountain  and lake scenery. *  , Well-known mining promoters and capitalists already  have their representatives ��������� o-i  the -ground, ' and it; is no  boomer's 'dream to say that before another six months Trout  Lake Citv will be a bustlino-  i i O  It is the centre of the Lar- centre of bu.siness^and the prin-  deail mining district.        cipal'town in this treasure-laden  Lardeau, the new centre of at-  It Will have railways to traction for. the best mining  the north and south.        enterprise,    skill   and    capital  Its climate is superb. ,'    I whl'ch !Brifish. , Columbia   has  .    ��������� -   , '       ; magnetized within her borders.  It has plenty of building ,'    the climate and soil of the  timber and   a   sawmill ; district are all   that   could   be  in operation providing j desired by therancher.gardener  lumber at   reasonable 'or  ,fruu   grower /or   whose  ,, , , products a profitable and rapid-  prices-on the spot. ,iy  increasing   market   exists;  Its lake affords ex-ji whilst to the sportsmen the  ceptionally good trout ji neighborhood affords game in  ���������fishing. I.^p-  ' '    .    .   .   ,  CT . !       I he accommodation includes  It has a crown grant, pur-1 good hotels, stores, post office,  chasers of lots thus OD- .recording office,   butcher   shop  ANT)  mJis i.nhnlb  TH K  BEST'AND CHEAPESTROUTE  ' FROM MLSTOKE .  To all Points East and .West.  ians ana speciiicatioiis prepared  izi.India'Ink or'Blue-print ���������    ��������� "'  ,  ���������   - ��������� _ Drawing's.' ,      .- v- \  If you desire an artistic home*/ with (all modern   conveniences  call and see Maclean who carv^lesign you one in any '  u style: gjueen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any; other-style  '  t   you prefer.'' ���������   c u   * "',-.'  ' '.       '. ���������' * '  Interiors  and   interior decorations  are ��������� his specialties.'   Store  Decorations, Bank'Fixtures,' Hotel . Fixtures ;'Hall   .  shewing   pannclled, dadoes,    frescoes,   etc.;   Artistic  Screens, 'Verandahs. Stairways, etc: can be got out to  , sfiit the market-.    -. . ������������������ ������������������ ' , A-���������  SATISFACTION. GUARANTEED.  ooten'ay Smelting  THROUGH TICKETS TO '  Vancouvi'i-, Winnipeg, St. Paul,   Oliii--  af^o, Montreal, *J,cit,c������ii(b, New York.  First-class dining and' sleeping  cars on all trains.    ���������  WIOIW HKVKLSTOICK  KloKnnlly uphoNtered Tourisl Sleeping Curs to'  'St.1 Paul daily; fo Toronto "Mondays; to  ironfi-cnl Tiicsdny, PiHin-d.xy, Sunday; to  l'ori,land, j\lnino, I'lUIny^; to J?oston  Tliiir.idays. . -   ~,     ���������  l'urcliii^e tickcls fo your destination nml havo  yoiirba'KKaifculicckud through.  Foi' full inforinnf ion nslo i-.ifcs, time, otc, ap-  ljly io nu-ai-y.st-C.I'.U. Agcjnt, lo .  T. \\r. JUtAll.SIlAW, Audit. ItcvcMoke,  Oi-to   flJ.CtiyiX  Pinti-iot I'.issoiiBOi' Afft'iil, Viincouvor.   KLONDIKE ��������� ,  Co.  Ltd.  A number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  Thi-onf,'h Liolccls to WniiiKcl, Jiuirnii, Sitka,  SkiiKway, Jlyvii.'l'yninild Uai-lioi- l.aiuliiifr and  Jliiinui UliBsioii. Kiill mJoi'iiinlioii iis to rales  and routps furiiihliucl nnd berths ruMirvuil call  on oriMldrcs-i  T. \Y. IIKADSIlAW,  A^t'iil, Kci'ulKtoko, or  \Y. V. AXDKI'KOX.     '  TimvoIIIhk I'a^t'iiifur AKonf, N'clion,  K J. COYIjK,  llislriol. I'as-icnKur Ah't-nf, V.-ux-ouvor.  Tlie - -Canadian - Pacific  Steamship Co.'s  The central pointof  NORTH KOOTENAY.  taming an   absolutely  clear title.  I and many private residences.  i ' Building operations are in  Ifull progress, and the establish-  Iment of the sawmill will'tend  i still more  to enhance the  im-  i -  i mediate growth  of this  rising  ' town.  i  PEICES   OF   LOTS.  Inside, $100; payable $33.33 down, $35.33 in ���������? months, $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150; payable $50 down. $50 in 3 months,   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a shcrt time only.)  T. L. HA1G, Rkvi-lstokk, General Agent.   *  HUGH McPHKRSOiV.;Trout Lake Gitv, Resident Agent.  --STBAKSHS--  NAKUSP   und   KOOTENAY  Ia'uvo Ai-niwhcad ilnlly fur nil poinls In Knul-  01111 y, milking' i-niiiii'glluii nl Nnkusp for  all point" on Xakin.p iind'Sloc-nii Jty. and  Slocnii l>nki;.  Iomo coiiiiccIImii nl Itolison for NcImiii, ICn-lo,  ILilluiir. I'llol l*u.V, Ti.iil. lto,-,land, Norlh-  port and all point *. .-uiilli.  i-'or full  iiil'orniiitlon, liiikcN,  mu|H,  etc..  call  on or iiddru-*-.  T. W. ERADSHAW,  AKl'llt.  Iil'VulhlolfCJ.  EjAlSY  rrr  ehr:m:s.  Or to  W. K, AKDJCItSO.V,  Trav. I'ass A^cnl,  XcNoii. II.C.  K. .1. COYLK,.  Hi-it. I'd'-'s. Affcul.  Vancouver. H.U.  Columbia & Western Ry./;  Tllnc T.ibloXo. II.  Tolnkc ullVcl. .July ������,  IM>7.  IJ.iily Hi-livui 11 TimII and l(i>-.-l.'md.  So. li pii-hOiiKi-r U'������i v c-f llosslund   -   -   7:00 a.m.  Coiiucctt "ilh -lU-iuiK-r .it Trnil.  No. -I pas-K-niicr luuis Tinil   -   -   -   S:l.������ a.in.  Coinii'uls willi l.'i.-d .Aliiiiiiiuiii for Spokane  No. - p.i--*%riii;iT lc'i\ <"- i.'o-M-I.iud    -   -     II   ii.m.  Conuui-f-. uilh ('. IMt. hlrMiiici s for north.  No. I pns-< iiKcr li-.'ivos Trail    -    ���������    - K':.'lli p.m.  ���������fiitiiice'lf. wilh (MM!. -,loiini'-rs from norlii.  No. I pn-ciiMiKiT !i .n<"S !{o-.<-liiud    -    -   .'KOli p.m.  Coniii-cls uilh l.'(.d .Moiiiilniii for Sjiokanc.  No. ."> im���������i.iik't It-ayi >> Trnil     ���������   -   -   .*i.-l-"i p.m.,  (onnocts wit li sU'iiiikm- l.ylton nt Trnil.  Gi-iKinil.Olii.'-oiA Ii'. I>. (iUTIOlJlUH.  Trail, It. 0. ' Oom-t.il riupl.  'own o  ing  IS   I-H-RI^HY GIVI'A\  lira all parties indebted  to The Kooienay Ih'itish Columbia .Smelting and  Syndicate in resjiect of the purcha.^e   of  lands   in   the  I Revelsiokc are-required within 60 days from the date  hereof to make payment to me or to 'he Iinpcna  elstoke of ali moneys clue in respect of saic  will be issued.     Unless said payment*; ai"<  hereinbefore mentioned the p'urcha.wr v  Rev-  ill  iiank at  I lands when deeils  made within the time  be deemed to   be   in  fault and the agreements for sale wii! be cancelled.  T. J. LKNDRL'M.  Agent and .Attorney in fact for the Kootenay 13. C. Smelting and Trading Syndicate,  Dated at Ainsworih ibis <Sth day of December,   1897.  o  T. L. HAIG,  I '  Resident Agent,  RHVJ*LSTOKH. B.C.  T.   J,  LENDRUM,  Attorney in fact,  \JXSW0RTH, B.C.  t-TiSriTESl!  ���������as! TAGK 4.
Kootenay Lodgrc
<'-'f*��    ^    */?Vr     No. 15A.F.& A.M.
���%,.    ^'//     '    *    *   Tho i-��-;;iiIarim.,etinK
^���X     -tj - !->��� iin-, lmlfl   in   till-   Mru-
are held in the Mas
���e&a-*-iI-i.'��.    >T"\ '     oiiK-Teiiiple.Koui-iio'.-
--^J^iS^^^l^-^W^-"^1.   <J-<   Uio   third
'      *^^^Sffl^ fcO-.-JIoiid.iy   in   ouch
���jS^"OV-^&'-��sg. lnomii   al    ,S   p., in.
��^-^-5UT"V?0~    V^ilmy;   ljfcl Iirt'ii
""-=;--��---''��� ��-������ coidi.illy wcli-oim-d.
"W. k\ CKACiK, .Si:l-ki:tai:v.
^EVE&STOKE LODGE, I, O. O. F., No. 23.
^zn&?ii.n; Hwd-ir mwtiiiir-i aro hold
AJi/a^'.'.'  ., j
"=>- I ' h  A���, f-'*'--*--   i
W. .J. LEE. N.G.
T. .1. GKAKAM. Six.
The Greatest T
Make yourself as comfortable
as possible and enjoy life. You
can do this by selecting from our,
large stock of complete
liandsome catalogue containing
nearly 500 illustrations mailed
free on application.   ,
' o.
ing   in   any   drug   store   is
quality.' Without quality in
��� appliance.-!,  the   best   drugs
and -skill   in   compounding
. are lessened in value.  With-
���-��� out   quality   in   drugs   the?
finest appliances   and   skill
. are 'of no   avail. ,v  Without
quality in' skjll all appliances
'  and pure drugs arc   utterly
useless,    J3ui with a   com-
.   bination of quality in,.equipments, quality in drugs,-and
- quality in skill the ideal
drug store is attained.   The
.'.greatest thing iir any  drug
,    store is quality.-   Our phar-
.macy.is fitted with   modern J
' and' complete appliances.
Wc buy the freshest, purest,
'best drugs and chemicals to
��� be obtained "at any price in
.any market. - For 'those
seeking the highest medical
efficicne'v there'is a distinct
Advantage in having prescriptions filled here. '    A A
VV Cii^EviV.       Ofl\HjO*��9 (Established 1802.]
Largest stock west of Toronto.
For   Miners,   Contractors,   Carpenters   and  Agriculturists.
rnberial Bank of Canada
Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.
Rest       -      -       $1,200,000.
-    -    -    TORONTO.
H. S. HOWLAND,  President.       T.  R. M ERR ITT,, Vice-President.
, '    D. R. WILKIE", General Manager. '      <
A general banking business transacted.��� Letters of credit issued,
available in all parts of the world.���Gold dust and amalgam
purchased.���Savings    Department,     Interest    allowed    at
���>    current rate.
A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch.
PicksA'shovels, spades,   forks,   hoes,  axes,   wedges,- crowbars; .hammers and tools- of- every
.description. ' ������ .,.^*.,J-,.
Drill steel; round, fiat, band and Norway"iron; saws, files, rasps, etc. ���        '_ '
Dynamite caps, fuse. , �� ' * , ���','',.,.'
Doors,, windows, building paper, paints and varnishes. -' ; ' '   '
Double oven French ranges for hotels, cooking and heating stoves, granite and tinware. ', ���"
<     BOURNE   BROS.,
,������_', Hardware Merchants,        *
' ��� '   . ��� '      <       /        Revelstoke Station, B. C.
.)..    " '     THE ' |
McDowell; Atkins/Watson Co.
��     (Limited)
;, ���--U\k rZDruflflists��� 'V
JfficCarty's Bloplc, Rcvelst'oko Station, E.G.
G. 1��   CURTIS, :.l(in.
(       JWH I I       ���*���������    lt ��� ���*��������� M*^ |     III ,       ! .,*���*.*.���     I ���
t Couksiku.���A I. Kcvelstdko, <��ii Friday,
^Tsuoli 25, tin; wifi-'.c.f 11. JN.
Cou.fjsior nf a (|iiu��Iitcr.;'
IR. S.- "W1I
fetal Tailor, Glothiep and Ssneral Outfitter,
Fall   and   winter  suitings,   Overcoatings.        Good   stock   and
stylish make. Order mades and  ready mades.
  0 , ' /, i ( \�� '
MeLennaii McFeely*& Co.,'Limited,
-    ���' VANCOUVER,   B. C. '.      "A". Arf">'
We have an immense stock of miner's and prospect-
,'  or?s supplies, picks,'shovels, gold pans, pack ''''
.."    straps and saddles, dog harness "and   ���'    .'
��� ���  sleig*hs, tents* river boats, '.''"/.<-.���   ' -
steel stoves, utensils, snow "shoes, rifles, etc;/etc.
Write us for lithographed map   containing ftill   information..  Goods  bought ,in  Vancouver ��� go
,   free into Klondike.     If bought in U. S. will be taxed 30 per cent duty. - ���     ,* .1
Stkkd.���At Hpvelstako,   on   AVednPS-
.,*��� day, Miirch   23,   Jpssii- .Flon'iico,
wiin 1 if Thus. Su-'ed, iigptl X'3 yt:.u<.
1 t *! ' (
Freight and Cartage'Agents,'   ' \.
-. ��� Thomson's, -Tront Lake and Ferguson.
' <. ~"T~"    **""" '' '   "'               .   "" i'1
The best equipped stables iii the district.    .Saddle
horses always ready. �� '   ' l -���.   . "
''iK-'ik'    I"
'������1, '.-'' -.
pospsqtors and Tray oilers . Call" and See
.1. K. W. JLVCKAUIjANK, Goiioi-iil MiuiiiKor.
JOHN 0. XOIJIIOM. K.-JI.���Sii|iL "Mining Ilupl.
' .1. .W."C.\ .111'ION, Scci-ol.ii-y-Ti-cHsi'n-or
;   v^i���-^toral, "Foandsps: Engineers, - -Beilepmaksrs and
,    H. N. Couisici-  is   prppniin^   for   11
grand spring iiiilliiipry'opc'uiiiig. (1
.   Thp 0. P. R. siuii.,',1 will he ligh'tpd
hy olpctricity in tin: mj.u fuliiio.    'I'liis--
S.-i ii'niucli iK.'cddd iinpruvpiiipnl.
Look cuit- for'bargains in furm'tuie.
II. Jinwson it Cu. will sell during
Apn'l .;i,t gi-pa-tly reduced pricps. o
Jiih.    Durgin    was    taken     to     ilie
.'Jidspita!    Wednesday   sufiering    timii
, frozen    feet.     He    had    them    fiiizen
while walking  fiom   Anowlie.ad   Sun-j
dny night.
The old 'Stockholm   IJou^e ' was   dp-i-p   ���     11 aw
iiiolished this,week and woik   i-J   lieiiiLi
pushed   on ' the    new ' Iiiiildinu.     Mi'.1
fitone expects to lip, doing   business   ill  i
the old nreiiiiKe.s by Monday. -     c'
1 . ^ 1
Columbian   Condition   Powdi'-r-.   fur '
Well   assorted   stock   of   Miners
Supplies,' Provisions, Furnishings &c.
Full Line  of Boots and  Shoes  always. on  hand.
Manufacturers of---' '
MarineA, Sawmill.
Cannery and Hydra-
ulic Machinery." River
and Marbor- IDredgcs,
Ditching* Machinery,
Water Wheels.
Keep in stock a full I, '[
supply of Engineers'
and Mill Supplies,
Pipe and Fittings.
Brass Goods, Steam
Fittings,1 Etc.
i**i'.' '-*?'
Manuhibtupops of--.   ���
. 1 n
A'l I classes'of mach i ne-
I^^JViit^VW-^ii   Ore Concentrators, Ore
$mffl*M^W��-l    h ccdcrs> 'Air  Comprcs-
3    sors.     /     -    ���    ���    ��� 1   ,
j       ' Reeves'. Wood   Split'
I     Pulleys. t '
. Correspondence solicited. Estimates furnished.    ��
P.O. Drawer, 754
Cable Address: "Cov'e"
A.li.O. codu used.
Jlor.se.-; and  Cattle purify the bl-.od   \otaries"Public. Mining and   Real Estate Brokers and o-cnera
^ndremuw. all  humours.- M A)ou dl, ;    r     L*-iPimissiou A-ents.       Fire. LiiA and Accident Insurance
A'kmis   -,*>:, Watson.    Llio    Dru^ists. ��� -
j^evelstoke .Station. '   o   ,' "l>ipiire>-"iit,uiu-^ "f the Kr-mi-n-iV Smciiin" and Tiadin.' .SVndi'-ate.
1 '
Tho Itulifin .sta,bhin^ rase wn^   .iijv<I : \.ft,. .
All kinds of iron and sheet metal work,
���in thp policti court, this w.ppk, (Ju
Monday, ni^nella, \1I10' was eui. \wli
fined.��0 and cost-, for a-.-ault, and,   on ''
j'ti--. I'St'.kt- .iii'l 'Tr*i��ut  Lai-:'- City townsite.s
. ^.i~ -J.^i.*^.^-t-^-a*"r.*ij-\..i. jj��
j Fipefitting1-. and roofing1. =
Mining' -i^rork and tools.
Tuesday,   Kaiondi,   , lu, did-'the/.-ur-    0 \ f\ fl| E E Q j   H/CDV    ETCCfl   ?<   QA|   E   QTAR!   l^
tin,; was fined *'>0 and costs  tor   that   J-JUJ^LLSl   L1 V t P \,\ , If L L U   %L   OftlL   OlhULLO
���Win. Viekei-. is up ti<��ni Tioiit l.-;ke
���Citv t,hi>. week.     As .aiinoumed   vuno
tini" .-i'��'o Mr. \"icl<eis ha- lesL'tied   r.ln-
���j;o.-.iti(m   ot'   Mining    liccoirli-:-    ila-i,-.
'The ii.-iiii" nf hi> -^iiei'e.s^oi has  nor   \<-t
ROBT. GORDON, Revelstoke Station, B. 0.
Don't Hoid for Traveler.
.. Ship and.- Save. His Expanses
been m.-tdf pu'ilie. but il  \<, ii! li!:i-i_\   bo ��� <i,,nd fipi'.di'; ���.���.areli'iii-i's n\A rjiiii-k di-pit'-h      K.-r-'afl ml-.i ti--ii i-m about,   trans     Kul". ���PWcoB.   Correct Soloction,
"i hos.   1 aj. lor. y po'-l,it i'i,-i ui- J i.tu lin ir in  l���iid<-.iii and Tioul   l.ak'' i'-'i!1!'
Ropos and Tags Furnisliod Free.
Card  of Thfinic^.
Mr. 'I'lio-, >;n-'i lii'-ir'��� *.i I'-a-l-M- I-.- '-i.-'
riru > i<: and l,i .n t.'i ���; ;!, ml-.- ... .i.i I' .<���.- k��� t.��� ���
/:n-i"i- -.���. !.ic. tiini i-.-11'i ii   Ha- I ii,' .<:,i!   *.*>.ijrni
Th'JlTl VjI
) ���> i .aiidin-^-.
fe^::^r,f:A.^        POlADIAN HWtih}   IA FPTDjP. pn
,!,.d>....fc >i- .H>n,.i- .^-i-rTir���"UftHnu Ml? uLnLWAl  LLlu I nty uu.
111,111)   l-\-|lf< --lOll^ lit >, ll,]. i|'l>   Ii'ia.l    I,Ml,I Mi.I   r .    i.r,-IfI. .
kind-iriiiid*. i.p'ia In ,��� onl .in. !��� <l< ,11. , . i I.I M I I 1.1 '. ���
  - .- -   Capital, Si,500s000. H-arJ Offices. Toronto, Ont
Mmi    and    Sinoke/i    Glasses       Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,
from  2oc.   to  ,$i.flfl.
t HIDES,  -  PELTS,   -   WOOL,
Wpile for Circular giving latest Market Prices.
Hoi.is. iJu 1111 >���-,  I'.lov/i'i -..  !'*.ius.  liLi-rm^ A\\\ -u-ii us   I >���. nrnno- iui   f.:/iii ii/_' .: i,, I
F'nwi'i.   \liiini-' for all I'm p.'���''-..
Tipf.CutCW'S   Lt;   Stll!    ,'ll
-     UL
U'ftr'f'.'il LiMn'.inisiion ol no ait   ,;irl.i��,sHiliv oiji'r?.��tcn \\u  to   "o
I * i I i
JAS. MeMlLLAN &��� CO. Inc.
200-212 :FIRST   AVE.   NORTH,
 ''���'���"������'���"�������� �����������,������������ i.f,,!.,,..!,!. Vancouver the CO Vv A N ��� ri
'QiHSo j, Aman'Sj/'F-LsoN
. - j ���	
Opposite thc Station. I
.AdilitiD!) to  Imperial ^ Bank  of XjJta   "-��-   '''i-^n^j  ^^^^^
Gallia Biiiidliie, F.i!v:��istoke.   '      Wholesale Boots and Shoes,
fF>-^:^ .        13 & 15 Cordova St., VANOOUYER, B.C..,
...ii'l-Hriiiii't.'i HiiiiI:'ljiVil'llii'.:*iip to. .\!ni'i:|i.*.'(i.  'lw.. [..-,. .' ' .���    ���   '', ���    ,   .' . '*.��� ���*., ���    'V|
,(.l)l(.*:-i,;.-.tiil liiiiil:/ Ti,i<.-'Io-.v-.-mI ur :,i>y. I-under I v."!*' ' l(.S  IjiC  DiJSl  III10 f)/     111 Il.Cf S   tlllf.l    j.ll OS(X:(. KM  -S    1'O01S    111    lllC
,ji,i; ii.-y.'-^iii'iiy in.(..i)i>t'*d. i>    ,    ���' i    w   '!-.-'   r '        i V-    ' '
.  J '���.'..!.;;!!. iiKAii.v. Ai<!.v.'. j..      ������ I rovnia;,     VV rite lor ,s;li!1j>Ios. j
-.Wholesale Seaic-rs m^*A.
VA:      AeE^BXjSTOISIElAS.G;   .


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