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Kootenay Mail Mar 19, 1898

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 / ������-  ",l  V41  ft.  --3    lb<  .-&       ���������'--   /{.   .   ������������-���������<>,. ,.���������   >f������s    t.*,  n* v      n-&   1?.'2      ���������\    ' !       ''-a    i->~  1$  /^ ^^ <f>^%  0  ' ���������" 1   / **' '<    v'1 v '  ���������������������������;* 'Ji LK 5.xSfe- -.-v  ;-?HBHB XS  IS  ���������*  "i*^  ��������� J  Vol. 4.���������No. 48.  a?; L  ���������%r A  B. c..  ������S  i Q������i'*:  #  i.U'J  V  ear.  i  h  THE ISLAND REPUBLIC.  ANOTHER   INTERESTING COMMUNI-  ,    CATION FROM HAWAII.  Something of its Early History and  Present Day Politics���������The Cultivation of Sugar Cane���������The Land  Regulations.  (Special Correspondence.)  Honolulu, Hawaii, Mai oh 1 .--Sinet'  'my last letter 1 hav been  sitfhts.������������oIti|^  "and at the same time gathering  wh.it  information   1   could   concerning   the  islands,   their   people   and   prospects.  Tlie Hawaiian  archipelago lies in   tlie  North Pacific between Wand 30degi cos  . '  north  latitude  and  154-  west and 172  east   from   Greenwich.     Prior   In   its  .  discovery hy Capt.  Cook  in  177S  the  natives   were   i tiled   by   their   chiefs  much the same as the Noi Ih Amei ican  Indians-,     but     after    the   .uiival   ol  oteigners who brought fne aims and  taught their use-? the  moie' ambitious  chiefs  began   to   flush   their   weaker  rivals. This no doubt lead Kamek.imeka  to  undertake  the subiugation  of  the  island  of  Hawaii/ the  l.ugest of, the  group, which he accomplished in   17S5.  Continuing the war he finally succeeded   in   conquering all   his   rivals   and  bringing all the  islands  of the   group  under his rule, which  lasted   until'his  death in.lStf).    He proved  himself ,\n  intelligent and wise tuler, and it is said  the natives were better  off  then   than  they have ever been since.   A life-sized  statute of  him,   made in  England  in  3S54? in front ofAhe government buildings is univeisally admired,    taiualilo,  who succeeded the last of  th"   Lvame-  k.imeka King5; in 1S73. was elected  by  the peppl'e and resigned lint  one  year,  leaving no,heir.-.    His succes.sm, Kul.i-  "kana. was chosen bv thev legM.itm e  in  1S7-1  and   reigned   until   1SSX)   when   he'  died in California, w here he   had   gone  for his health.    He, in   tin n,   was  succeeded by his sister, faluiokalam,   who  reigned until deposed by a popular uprising in 1S93���������the details of which aie  still fre^h in public memory���������-when the  Republic of Hawaii w,i- founded.  The republican form of government  is believed to be well adapted to the  cosmopolitan^ population of these  islands. The present govei nnieut ma\  not be up to the iib'.-il but it is thought  it will answer its purpose until annexation to",the United States is accomplished. The action of oongiessis  watched with gie.it. interest heie, and  itisopenlydecIaredlh.it. should I hey  lie refused admission to the union, they  will offer t lieniseh es as a   l  COLONY TO GKEAT HHtTAIN.  But as'Ameiicans predomiii.ite, as far  as the white population goes, this  would take, time to biing about. A  trreat uianv ot the nati\ e������ do nut hesi-  til to to say theie will be another ie\o-  , lution unless thev seem e annex'.ition,  as they, or their leaders, aie willing to  be governed by the United Stales but  not by the Dole government, and it is  believed by many that President Dole  will 'not let urn unless annexation is  secured.  I h.ive ju������t leturned fiom a \isit to  the island of Maui. This is, tlie second  Largest island of the gioup. It has (wo  ; large mountains conni't ted bv a long  hogshack extending iiom Jvaliuliu on  the nort hern to M.ilaea on the soul hui n  .slime. East Maui, consi-ting of the  plain--, slopes and valleys ot Il.ile.ikala  (House of the Sun) 10,010 feet high,  comprise-, three-fourths of the entire  island and nearly all its arable land.  The mountains of West Maui while  not very high aie veiy broken and m-  ji( (-"stable. Some of the valleys ,m>  very beautiful, being completely lined  with flowers and ferns of the most  beautiful varieties. The mountain  peak.- are sharp and bare and.too steep  to allow any soil to accumulate.  Lnkitia. the former capital of tlie  island, is situated in a glove of <oeou-  liut, biead fiuit, t.iniaiind, mange and  other tiees whicli glow to the waLeis  edge, [n early Hawaiian history tin-  was the chief city in t hese islands, today it has not. eveii an hotel or place of  entertainment. YVailuku, on the windward side is the lenlie ot the planting  inteiests which skirt the base ot, the  mountains to the rear lor a distance of  10 miles. It has a court house, stoics,  churches etc. Lying between Iliku  and the mountains of West Maui aie  some 30,000 aci es of cane plantations;  several large mills ai e >un in connection  with them.  THIS CULTIVATION OITANK I  as en i ied on here is tat hei inletestmg. '  Steam plows ,n-r .successfully (>s( d |  There are two engines ,iml ten plow-;  to a .set; one engine pulls t he plows one \  plowed out and the seed placed in th"in  i.i a continuous iow i- cover "d to a  de])th of about three inches and the  ditches are then tilled with water ; t he  planting siM-nn lasting fiom Jum.- li!l  November. Ne.nlv .ill tlu> w iter ns-d  cm the slopes of Halcak.il.i Is.is to lu-  apphed .u tilicially and, .is it 1'is to be  brought foi several miles, is \ ei \ < \-  peiisive. Iriigiled cane produces 1'iom  (cvo to t hi ee Ions pel ace moie than  that watered mei ely by lain. liei^iiju,  commem esu- soon as the w eed- appeal  and is kept up until (he lane i- ei_,l '  oi nine months old. Culling coir-  mences liom VI to 20 tuoiilhs .liter  pi.inting. l?ailw ays ,u e in genei ,tl u-e  on the laige pl.nilatioiis lor li-iulnig  the cane to I he mills. The wildeiiu--.  of Koolau contains a loiest ^,t oln.is  (nal ive apple) Jiees i ovei ing ,in ai e.i of  fiom ."i to 10 miles wide and 20 miles  long. The ft ujt. is nice but oi no commercial \alue a-it lot- in .1 lew d.us  altc-r i ipening. .Much sheep and catlle  raisiiiiT is done on this island and soni"  co flee is also grow n but as jet is moie  or less of an expei hiK'iit ���������  THE Ct\LU)jJ.\ t-sl.VNiJ.  The island of Kauai, t lie mo-,1   no:thr-  eilv  ot   the  laij  WORK OX THE  CANYON  V/i!i Cciiiinc-nce Hext ".Vcck and  Last  Unt:i Hi' n Water.  Domiieun J^iigiueei Rovw.is m town  thi-. <\ eel. inaki.~iT ariangemi'-r, s foi  woi-koriihc lanvon .u\0. ii������ei above  K.'.<-l-toke. liiigh iio-s will lia%e  c haige ( f (],(. ,\i,i K f.ind e"'j.ects to be-  alili to 1'iiijiloy ihi !>.��������� uangs of :ne:i.  It wdl l.e ahi'c.-i entbi'ly i nc k v. oik  and w ill i c'j'ii'ei < e at the upper end oi  I ne c .un on; w oi L i- .:l-o to be dune on  \2 iii'le and J7-imle uflle-. Oiii-uise  the i>pei at uuis. w huh uie icu the p,n-  po,e of impioMig n,'\ igatiou. will  uec e-s ii ily be go\ ei ned by I he stasje of  >v l( ei, but ll I- exp 'i ll d w ork Will etill-  luiiietM alioul Al.ij I-! Supplies aie  mil', being l.'iken up .mil v.'oi k will  pinhihlj in' c i/iiiieeia'ed 'J\ie������da\*. 'J hi'  en'Ti'ici lsevpeclici -.: lown to-day to  1.1%  oa!  I he dl-l.ills ol     %(nk to be clone.  A COPPER WIRE.  C.  P.  R.  Will Strmg  One   Between  Montreal and Vancouver.  A Letter Fioin',Wrang'el.  (Special Coi ifspondeucp )  ,ei    1^1 tec  I-  uailv  circular m foim and has ,ui aiea oi ~>'.h)  square miles, about one-thud ot v huh  is suitable lor agmultme tjeeloj,ists  ccinsidei1 it the oldest laud ol the group  and its depth ol soil and th" i minded,  we.ith"i-woi n appeal.nice of its  mount.mis seem to confirm the (lieoi v.  It is remarkable for' the great v.u lety,  laieness and beauty oi its mountain  fioia. ll isTiso~near the tempi-i at e /one  that the c liniale possesses many of its  characiei istics. A !<;%%��������� \aiicties of  mountain and fiuit tiees shed llieo  leaves; oi auge ,mil pe.n tiees blossom  in Febiuaij', while tig tiees bear !wo  cieps yeailj'.. The   li >d'-  winds   blow  %Vt:\NRr.i., Ansia, Feb.  sihly your ica'leis nia\ he  in  ii  ln'e  ku iwjng someihmg of tile tup heie  fiom Vaiici/ii\ ei   m,l  of   i lie   low u   itself  i  i lefi Yancoiiw l,   b\    tlie   Pak  sli.iui. at a (pi uiei to one' Wednesday  ���������J',.  A  uhich  .ill i U,������������ l������-pul'il'������'>  1 ', s Jo  heie    will'    moie   rec,ul m i', \ ,   had   o< -  < ..sion.dlv falls in   the   tinier    monlho  when     tin-    thei mo.nel ei    _s0metMi.es  chops  to  .".().    But   iL.l,cii'n.tle   is   Mn  finest and iieallhi'st,< and   n   c"t.li,'i\  mei its the name o! I he C<a: ecu I-Je    ll  ha- one   cenli ,il   peak   fi om'  the valleys i ailiaie.    Tli" hue I ,'\,il":  fall iu the islands   is  m   (he  \a!ie\   <  if inapepc,   it,   is   o,ei    ^00   teet    higt  l'heiea. e  s-m ,. JSii'.i'is, 'ii'iiiv all   <  which .lie ll.tM������.lliie mi   -lime clis|,nue    ;"LV.   l\l!3utMi  Til" hunk'    uedei-sfh wooded and t.iso | ''������������������,lli,i,1,,=   J.'J"  pate lies and am ieul iTi iss hats aie   oc  casionallv seen.    A'"iod u,.gg.iii   io,ul  has    been    made    neailj    aiouiid     the  island.' Th.'    Waimea   ^"alley   is    the  finest smhr J   h,;\e   e\e:    -een.     It   'i.i -  tin' finest   tiees   .ied   toh.ig"  on   tiiest  islands, and as t he nal i\ es  s,i\-:    ������������������y^e  Wairne i and die."     The  me-i   iropua"  iiuuiiiiig tlie 2ii(i mst and atter, a  \e'V slow passage iiiincil at Wiauge!  on Munclii% moiumgtjie 27i.li mst. at  10 o'clock Tlie sc.ciie dtu ing tljo un-  lo.alimr oi the 1ki.ii���������which is a big  one cu lying 2SG p issenners, about 20  lioisl^s, 50 dogs aim 'J; oi 0 o\ei: all  hound tm ilie now i.iiuous Yukon gold  fields���������liegu u s d< si i ipl'o'i , confusion  leigiung paiaiiK net  Mackenzie it M.inn, ,ilie t'ailw.n  contiacto's. lia%e uov. , bout 250 men  Leie, consistusg liiai 1I3 of e.iyniee! mg  p.uties They liiienrj. to p'oceed with  ihe consti iiction of the waggon load  at once .John JlcisS, of fi,ui\ it Hcjss,  ihe l he man lgoiiitut cif pat t c.f tlie  < or 11 vi Hon. ,  WmiiuIc is ,1 nLite ol   fiom   GOO   to  iiil!  ,h1.  in  ,' Id ho,.sts -],, s Joe 1. ���������> in %% !iicli ���������' unbliuu  1 ^  ot e.ei\ cic-li ipi 1.hi ������.���������������? -in day and  night, fiom the'iimoceiit game or chaw  .<<!,i'i to ihe moie waled oie"- of .t'aio  o.iw  ,lll(  ciuucl  1 p  esoy-  c 11  Hic������e   is  .c pal'.sn  1 , (jue li im.m   Catl!o>K   in s :ou .  t 'ntice, cnu't hi   ee   Mid g ml  Joiniictiiig leiioili   c ime   f'om   the  dist 1 11 l ol l he  IJ  on!   is   the  \alle\   ot  1 eg.11 tliiiL  the    coii'lilion" of  I lail.ilei ai.cl it is ri ul\  heaulniil.  Oil^  lemon, mange anil mango, the ;>a-s cm  \111e. floi atund.i. the llaiini.^ i.uti's  and magnolia %-aingaie tin' s(.e.)(>  liom tile iii'Miiit.iin to I in- s(. 1  shoie. Tiavellei - pionnmic" t'le \ ie\.  liom the ha 1 bur t'> be one o! ihe hiu -1  sights in the woild. A Luge 1 k e  pl.inl.il 10:1 1- sit,1 lied 1 si,.lit distance  tiomheie. Taking Kauai .ill aioe"i  it is .1 good plai e tol the selile,. (l-i  can get ai"%" 1 Inn if " 'nesiiid and it"oJ  agiuull 11.il ! did in nlciiU. :JuL the  gn\ ei nuient h,is hei etnfcn e gneti :uo-t  ot its atlent'on to the island of Hawaii  T; IK LX s ij 0 V us J'l c in . 1  11   MM III)  li.iiK All tin liui'.s g-iiiig noil 11 aie  le/al.i1 FClo'idil ei s m themselves; and  i'i������iaul\' pic'kiHl nith men, animals  <uk\ f eight. Tlie accommodation  I'lnaiil sum " cif the l.oats is simplv  j ihoiiiiuahie You can iiiiagnic how  j b..d the food w.'v when ( lei 200 ot  j ihe p.'ssengf *s .'! ,'<.'d one held an 111  1 d gn.itiou in "ciiig ..lie] 1'isislcd on  j l���������ii iii;t b"l lei (g> no 4  1 Angus Met Jon.ild, one lime of Hovels ul e, is '<..'��������� 1 .iiiipug" the \T'ci<ai,i  Silo m m p ���������'tnci-.hip 4 nh .ui.ithei  put; and lie -,in business >s A I  1 tAIiOLD i'.nnv N  1 he general de\'"lopiiient of Cin.ula  and the  e% ei   iuci easing   trade   whii h  the Yukon gold fields "n ive   t blown   at,  the   c-ounfij'1s   feet   his   in'-jiued    tne  C.in.idi<.ii  Paula-   Railw.1%'   Tclegrajih  <Conip,ii.y w il h ideas  of   .111   i-aiei pi ise  %%hii li a few % ears'ago v. ei e untfioiighl  oi.    I'his is t he sli el< hir.g of   a copper1  l"l.'Hiaph wis e ll 0111 the c it v   ol   .Monl-  1 e.d lo the citv of Vain ouvei. ami t bus  tlie 2'tii) u.i]e=: of Canadian   Leiiilorj--  fi om the At la nt ic sea hi i.i 1 d on t lie e.is)  I Lo the Pacilie cm1 f he %\ est���������w ill be 1 >ui-  ] nected liv.in unbioken b,iud of copn'M1.  j If v ill then be ]io-sib]e foi  Ihe opei alor  I to   sit    in    the    .Montreal     oflii e    <i<u]  Itiansiuit   me-sigeo   with     Vane oumm"  1 direct.  A lew ve.u-sagoii w as no mean feat  to woik a telegi.iph wue between  point.-, not mm c distant tlian'say Mtmf-  te.d juid Tmonfo, and undei ba'd  v. eat hei conditions e% en this disi.Miie  i os" w asfound.lnlic nil. ijel ter const rue Lion  esteci nup.oM'd tin-, lmwevei, ..nil the invention of automatic tepeatcis still  fin t her extended the w 01 king d 1st am e.  . Then (he next step was Ihe increase  in the si'-se ol* the lion %vii". This was  neci'ssTnj' in older (r e\tend the work-  ingdist.nice ami giaduallj' the si/e ������,i*  im 1 eascii ti 0111 HOI! to .".TO pounds per  mile. ,  li has long been knoivn   that  coppei  in place oi   11011   wire  would   lauHiale  1 p  rial lei s gieatly, li.it foi   % c,\r^  Ihe   e\-  ccssive 1 ost 01 ibis mi(i.i,il and Us  habihlj- 1.) cl.iiu ig ��������� pi evented its coming niLo general u-e X')\v, ho\%e������er,  the liglit coppe' w place of tlie he.i\y  il on w 11 e is necess.ii y 11 il is e.\pri fed  tiMONCi a \as( distime wit limit the  nei.'ssitv of h,i\ing 1 message 1 e-  I i.iiismitted at dif"i etit poi.if s.       c' ���������  ,T'ne w ii e to be u-ed will weigli Iji 0  pom.ids to the iiu'r and the total w ei������_,ht  oicoppii will he soniethmg like i"i()  to,is. The Domm.i.n \Vii.j aiaiiii-  t.mini.ig 4,\>mp.ri\ ol l^uhine li.uc  the 1 oil 11.11 t lo s.ii) ply ! he Wll e, so it Is  .111 al'-C'.iiiadi.iii euli 1 pi isc. Foi some  true past e ������pei imenl s 51.1 \ e been goi 'g  on at A-cCiil i'i)li.",e v. ilj,i the wiie  ..1,11 r.'i.ii Lr.r -d !)���������' ! l.e co'iip'M\ Vi s  is cine undei the iliieifiou of the  ofiiceisol theTehgi.il)1' Umupanj' in  Mildei 'to satislv theiiischi's that it  1 omes up lo the spec die alions called  lor ���������!��������� I he f onl 1.let. <  ,1 '.in piitucishipat Yaieouvc" ?li.  Fi.is'M'is not eiitnel% .1 sir.uigei to  J^i G. li.uhig % rated the pi o% nice with  the L.uu 1 m- ]' 1: ty in !)! '  Kasy limning^ neisi-less sewing  111 k bines M ( 'iiiii siei 's.        , o  A sfujiiiiig !in*ia\ oc-c-iiiied Sunclav  niglit in a shack at the station tenanted bv some Italians. it appeals that  111 the eonise of a fight litoauiii  Kucejiii sei lousiy cut'   "Maiianclo   i'.'ig  ,1  I'igiitl  nena   am!  1 < ill.in who iiitei posi-ii  in|uifd     auo'llicM  P.t 1 fieri 1     \i,  j aioncii  aii'-sted and appealed licfoie   the  s  ])eiic]ia,\    .M.i jjisiiate   Tiic-sd.i\     wlieu  the e.ise \\,is lemindcd foi one % cek  Thus Tijinpki'is, coiit'r.u toi for CI*.  li! ruil lings, passed iluoi.gii on his  w,i\ east last week. * lie stale, that  weak 011 the t cm nil 11 il station <���������' ''-r  I'lillici ;s ptogl essirg .me  in.iieii.il'- ue now cm ,thc gnmnd foi  the enlaigemCMit of the hotee. at l^ield,  (j).ici(M, Mc xe'sloke and ^s'uilli "livid,  lie evpp'.ts to complete ihe-e .ilter-  .11 ions liel'oi e the,) usl) of sunimei1 t, a%e!  1."gins  'AND MORS WIIL SE REQUIRED TO  FINISH THE WORK  On River Ba:ik���������The Board of Trr.de  Asks for Sufficient to Complete  the iuaiiies.vdig- -Plaits on   Coal  to be Consitieret  'Sy liie iioani.  it  .111-  lll.tt  i'Ji'i 'IUL  .fl:l\  \ .is I,"1 1 m   the  e\ei;ilig,      Pr<  f  'J he ten.  Ho ud of  I'i.1 !e  loom   Tinii m) 1  He u 11 in < he di ut  A 11 Uu.iUim.aMon w ,is  the }.iimsli" or >J;nes, 0>'!  g liehfig tli/1 bo.n.ls lesolu;  t h.it .1' l.iriug g.o'.ntJ "  Fiench L';c  or  the  bo'ltd  a.leut  u..i:ei,  liom  10-  isking  ������i.  e -CI U! I'd   im the  ijcil    Ji id    been  O'll-  f'er  ihe    '.r'i'(l  i'!.('   1'.  Pocket  Ooni'is  Fo'ding , 'L'ooth  Jhuslie,���������Jlilil.iiv liiiii1 linislies for  the Use of jjiospec'i.i s, Illinois, ind  otliois tia\elling���������MeDowoM, At! ms  it WiUM'ii, 'flic iJiugj;isis, llevelstoke  .St.Uion o  One ol the most mteiestnig pamphlets loejeMsed 1)^ the' M ml t'econtlv is  the C. P. 11. annual repoit for 1S97.  it is icplele \\ itlPfacts and'figmes ot  this ipr.it coi potation, ami when one  studies out the' details of lis business  is obtained a real idea of the ,si/e .mei  pe>%vei of such a concern. Although  onl\ 18 UMi, old Mne sNstem now  co\ois 7.G76 mile 1 of ui.id and thic������e  teanisjup lines. It lias assets of about  X-2-\ 5,000,000 and though some  thought at ils inception that, it was  tan'iisk\ .1 %1'nluie il is��������� now pawng  substauti.J du idenrls and its stock is  l.ii'ge]%   held >  of   les./ijiion  ilolsonJii Bank of Canada.  Tlie now   pi onuses   oC  Bml: of G  ieid\     10:  the Molvm's  11 ida will It friis'ied and  occu'p.nicx    15%    Apr 11   1st.  It is e\pei ted to bet'in wo. k on i he  ." \ ' 1 ii 3, ,.'ic! I''  and w 01 king by  I) ��������� usi d 10: Im 1-  ; and   Ihe   I',u iflc  The   I!ii  serial Bank.  ^  w i,e,  Iha\e   been   liiv-���������tigaiaig   the  l,ind I  ipic'stion.    Theie.ue tline'i'.us  t!.< I  government     land   c ,in   be   obtained. 1  ,ircvd% handMum  I'^tisl   the   h )n,i si.,id,   ol   whnii   ei"!it '  .u-i es ot I li" lii s(,-( J���������ss land is Hie liej'i  it is iei ti om sat isfa, toi).    Tliesici    i'  e known as the |uu 1 ha> <��������� h ,im. s\ si, , 1  iul) a'i es lr s mJ.iss land  e.pi   ne   !,<;,  p  nuclei 1 bio lieaumu'. 01 L!i") a< ies ������.e. 1 ,i,.-  e lass, (h"J ,ie r. > fc< si-i 1   .,s pasio; a1 ! in.',  en    12(1 J  acie'p   sei oiid 1 las-;    |0d   ,1.; -s  MlPleil p i-loial ,iiid   ague ilhu.ai   'a'll  An% pei.son ow ningless than ' hi   -l i!   el  amount mas .11 cjun e addll ioi,a! laii'l o'  t he kind held by limi, but hi 5 ae_.r eg.'le  holdings mils! nut be 111   i-Na--   if   111'  amounts si sled <iI)o% e.'   Oi   :t  ile-i.iag  addll 1011.1l land   ot   .ii'clh".   1 i is-.   me\  aicpme   il    ne coi i!mg    10    rue     ,,ii,'.i  esLablished bet-.se Ml 1 he% 11 1 Mi-   ' ���������- e-  XoW . t Ills 1,ju I ; , 1 iul out 111 !i|o(L-  aud is valie'd .111 oiuing lo H- 1 1 is ,1 ul  pio>:nmlj- lo ,1 gn\ ��������� rnmoiit Mad.  Ijlocks of fust-ilass agi e ulilll .1! 'a '('  lying on 1 o.ul, .-|il0 pel ,n;i: th" m-xl  tiei ol bh'i-ks, s/,s, per ,ui������: all ot.iii  blocks, yt! )iei ,11 1 e: w !ide all '. he ith ���������  elas-ies 111,1   down   to   al.n  -i     ���������.   >u.u'  Tm������   populai    banking     institution,  il-eAdy u"!l estabh-h.-d in i{e\i isiok",  s abi,,i������ 1o . 'til .1 1 m ge  ad litioa   to   its  pllie.s.    The   build-  1 1 ..'iiplete w ill be neal 1%- -I ct\  ���������Vet loii'f .ind of   I lie same w -nth   .is   at  pi 'si iif. ihe   tdditimi   lai iiiu   on   Fiist  S'leel.     it  %>'!! be oi   sj^,,.   i, ifjjiii'iit   to  allow the.'uldli 00   il Ipi c e eioi e 1 ooiiis,  '.a* .it'll e -    ,.: e    \1u1t    ci"   'he  g-euind  lie) 11   and   two   ki.ee   100.es   overhead  The pew   \ 'Hi!    .s   10   lie   ,1    rh.oiouglll,  peifeit one being   s i.ei   lmeil  and   8\0  ir.sia.'     it  is  ��������� m (imaging   !vi   -et-   the  I.   !".al   33 111'.    so    s,i(,s|. 'd    Willi     it's  location,   ,\i\d   .1   'Mile  whiie   mi\    -.a-  s| ill in! In "    i.'p     '      aeiiLs.  An'C'./j.t'.l'i Poiutcis.  This land is given on ,1  21  ll.IV  the rent lo   lie S  per cent   e>f   the  a;  pi iseel yalue, w hu-.'i in 1 ,|se of fn-t-e la-s  agi leultural laud u  "ntl   \.u\-   tio.n    ���������)  10 b() cents pel   acre   ptv .imiiumi.     Tie  lessee niav at    un   luii"  eil.i   ')   1 c 1 -  anil bcloi e I lie end o. ^i j , .1 - pm re  the land al   the  .ippii-u!   \,ihe    ",   !?(..  sjS and .r,IO, ace 01 ding Im   til"   l m ms   of  his  agi cement.   p:o\ie!\i   lie   '.,1-   n-  dnced to 1 ulniaiiou 2~- , e, ee.it   o-   his  holding.    In e.is,. ot   tnifiituie  <>i   sir-  lelidci tlie hind is 1 e-appi i .eel    :���������,<!   tli.-:  value   or    all     imp! m enii nt-,      \. )l"U  1 ei ei\ eel 1>\- 1 he um ei nrient Hi m   n< \%  tenanls, paiil to t besui > eni'ei Uigli .-1 e.  Taking til's .-yst; in all aioui.d   J   think  it a MM j   tavoi.ibic- one roi   the   liueiid-  ing plantei. and it is iniuh in i.io'i.  ,  11 allows him the Use ei all lit- c..[ it .1  loi t he h: st t in ae \, ,'i s. w 1 u 11 ,1 e 11. ���������  baldest      Land i- u , i, 1-1,,^ ,n   value.  I   will   ni'VI    \1-1t   1 !i<    la 11 ms   cn'"<e  disttitt-   o:    iiilo.    Pun i,    Ivo.i 1     .la'  Kohala on I he  i-i ��������� ml  m   i I 1 ,���������   r.    ,,e  also take ,1 t 1 ip to ! iv> Ivu . ,i : Vo'.t    ,1  a :i.if imci  mg l-i'  '.e:e i  v huh \ ' 1 i. 1   1  ��������� ! ira w .ud.  y*\   1' 1  iii i'l-^'s C  eiay  J'he Sm  1 .st i'i;:'\l  ��������� I un "i 1   ;  i i"ii   1: e uov  .'1 J'! ng i lie '  .1  lo  ,' 1 apidlj   pu  ila-l-  k    at  1-  K.lji .'..ick  i'. i:.  Upel mteiideut  IU    tow 11    1 "sic I-  left  foi    'Jmii'ipliic  Tim.   1   11 go,  pi HI'  Ip.lllj  Pat...I  s  in"  ���������t !  the south bo'iiai  1  ill  1, iii  > 1 .  ���������Id  fie  on  li.\ cd sl>\ ei al ho.ii -    a  ^ifecoss ,! ,,    c '-. 1 d     b\  Lii' ckmg 0111   l In :c]ge  e't heie.  'J'.'lC p'ilji'.c J 1 ill ' 1   '  wailing Tor m  engei   w,  li aiisj'cr  a    huge  0   miles  fi   st  ind  aliil  lllli".  Aittiovi 'ii:  is    ele-  li'-lllg  1 oc k  1.01 th  sLlll,  Ai).  .'li-.h ]>"|  in el   hie   v ei \    am e( 1 1',    n  1  way   and   the other  pulls  them   b.u k I Li mpeiat 111 e is mMiliei   i<.o  wmih  again;   (he   giouud   being   loo   suit   tn ' t"������ "l|(1. >'"ei e 1-n.  i,l\   iI.mv-.i !m  ,11,.,,.     ,|       1    ,       , 1 blow tug and takin, -t ail  ,,ni,i.d   n  illlenv     the   use   ol    nation    engines.    i|;i|,a   ,()    ,i(>!|       ,, pU   ...^   ,m      iu]  Theii'.ue Hm' 10-illfh plow, in a   gang, | t he.se isl.uais :     ������������������ Ni,  alien   ! ird   ,u  each   set    plowing   from   eight    lo    terii the woihl lie  ins  di ep.  Mnn,_'   1 ',  ucies  per   dny.    The   gi omul   is   then ' lul , l"1'   'V"   ll"i   ������ "'���������   !l"  "!"'     '  ,. 1 ,       '   , ,   , , ,        1 1 otilcl  so   longii r 1\    and    1 r-< .   .' , .  Iho.oughly    pulv.'.l/.eel   by   Md.ival.M-,    1]||1Mt      U|(i>      ...f,.,, n<      ���������.,;  1111(1 c-hiiiu diags.    The leve'l ehti lies .11 e , | hioilgh h ul a 1,1 ������������������! im- a- 1!, 1, -> i-  ��������� io-.e  1 an  ���������e l   1  - Ms  ,  \j\ ue :  : 11 In 1  e.l. t  111 r ���������  '      l,|e  un , ln,l   it  , but    11    ii'-  lis    l>,lllll%  new  Ime 1 ot hi I "    ' ''  llav e'    it    e 0 upie leei  inidsiu'iimei.    !.  v.ih  lies- bi'i w ei'ii t ii" Ike  co 1st evchi-iv el%, ami vvi'l   h 1. e  aulu-  matie- 1 cpeatei s al Foil  Viiham, Onl.,  and b.\'it (;u:ien"i, N. W.T.    Tlie u 11 e  vm'iI be win keel itu|)!e\,   v i/.,   t ������'ei   niiv  s.igi's ti ansmiLli d at the s.i uc  time   in  oppos'le dr 1 etions.     <���������  Al ]"i>sent ^Ioniieal winks eili 'it  ivtlh NVmnipey with icpeateisa! Kau-  !)';i > aiidl'\ut William, ,md ..d nir.s-  sage^ to the- coast aie icceived and  re-' km,'���������mil ted at Winnipeg. Willi  1 he new unf Vaiicmiu'i will be to all  prat tical ]im pose0 ,,s n mi JMcmlieal as  Oltaw.i is.  Some ielea ol the cxleni of Ill's "uler-  prisi'iau be gained when it is i oiisiclei-  eePthai    (he   coppei    wile   usi d   in   tin1  const 1 uelio'i will 1 eisl Mimefhing like a  I cj 11.it ler eii ,1 motion doll,u s.  y. 1. .'a me j Ken I. the .Monti eat siipe r-  mti'iidei't .if t he v.'.madia.1 Picifu i?.nl-  w a%- 1 'e 11!]),.11% s Uli'^, iph gives soine  liitcri sling d"lails ie.>ai hug ihe eon-  stiueiion oi Ihe line. :'\>i instance,  the slim t piec es ol w ,, e v. !i;c h will be  Uoceltotie (he leiegiaph wue Lo i he  iostii M01 s w dl iiave a loial weight ol  v\ tons. Allowing two inches <l.n k  bet w een r.le h | ole, loi, ol com -e, it 's  impossil le to draw ,1 line pe-ilecilj  si 1 .light w il! add lciiir miles o| vv 11 >��������� lo  the' line' bet v en Moiitieal aiiil \'.in-  couvei. Leaving a small bundle eif  W'ire Willi C u ll Illl email fm 1 epall s W ill  ll-e up '20 null's ol <opp.>u wi'e. The  joint- w Iiie h il is uei 1-, 1: \ lo ii'.n.e at  the end of e.ii h bundle w ill i.-e up erne  mile ol v. i 1 ,  .Mi. Kent slates that b\ eoinmene ",g  woik on .\piil 1st. v.il.i li'itnmg lo  intei fi 1 e, t hi Ime should ni' m w orki'ig  oidei b\ .June 1 J'he w ot K oi e em-  sliriLii 1 v\ ill ( omiiu uc e al tin- .M1111I-  i''.il end.  Mi J Dinliam Mcilson, aeciiuiit.iii'. at  (>'tawa, ii..s been appeiuilc;d man.igci  feu (he liove'stoke hi,inch and Zsfi. C  It Rue mi, of tue To'iiiito-bi.uich, inado  ici ovnl.int Kc;sides tlien tie.w building lie:e thv- '..nil: is electing a f'\e-  sl.i-e",, hipah |ir 111 \rancoiiv or winch  will be m i.iuainont to thai cits. ?.li.  If Ijo' ke<Miotl is m.i i.ig'ji of the V.in-  couvei hi.mch > and al,o iiispuctor of  blanches 111 55. 0 and N W\ T. Mr.  II 11 Wilson fm m.111% ye..is manager  at Tieulon, Out, and foi the past si\:  monl lis managei atCalgaij. has been  ippomlod manager of the Vicloii.i  hi ancli.  The Story of ,1 Souvenir Book.  In ii'plv to .1 cpu'stiem b\ ?,Ir. Kellie  as lei whethei the govei imuMif h..d  pan 1 li.iscd a mibhcal ion in ."Cm I h Koot-  .v, 1 In  Pi  emii'i  it'  ,1  The geiv -  eiiiinent has col, pun based .111% such  public alicin as is ie!e. red to .A 11 offi'i  liom Mi. ,\. Johii'Oii1 to supply a  e ei lain numhei oi 1 1 pies 01 .1 pi ope scd  Diaiiioud Jubilee Souvirn 01 J>7 in t l"i  Kooten.ij  is unci'1  e oiisalei ation."  tuveiiir book  feud, .it dvi) to lii'ii ai'ei  mi-Mone-i   1. fu-e<l to 1 ���������*.���������  .icknow lodging   ive erpt  C 1!    ijiker   si,v.;.     '��������� 1    consider     ire  goi'i eoiaiii's-i Mier  wis   fully   jn-tif'cd  ill dee lining to Il'eeive from  \eiui   Ij.i.lld  a ccijiv of 1 c-s')!uriu!i r.'feiied to. and  if"ioiv L'fonii an\ opinion 011 the  mei its of tlie <as.> in % sei: ] >hail  evitainly wail ihe.t gentleilLi'is lepoit  on the whole question."   ' '  O11 nio'itiii it w.is dt'cicJed to icquest  the eoinnuttc'P <ni mine- and nuinu-  fictuii'sto viil'ect mineial sireciineiis  'from the mines of camps tnbiifarv to  Ueve'stoke with ;i vew tei havm������ tlicm  [iiop^-ilv eiisiil.iveil 111 a cabinet at the  st iimn here. t  The in.ittei of fi eight intes cm coal  was brought tip and after vinip cli':-  ciis^on the ooimmttie 011 fi eight, and <  Li.'ihspoi lalui'i v,is asked to make a  tcpoit upon t.h'question and if nos.sible  to asecM lam what iclieffif ,1113, could  h" had fiom the ])iesent cli.ti g"o. 1  'J'he   o! :iiiiiuiii   called   aliention   to  (he work on the liver haul,   licie   and  'said he;   had   ber-Mi   1:1:01 uied    that   it  would  tequiie   soii!������ibmg   like  .^.jOOO '  n.oie  thin was .A piesent availaiilo   to  complete the   work   now   engaged   in.  '  !n the discussion   winch   followed   the  uiembei -, weie <-r,()>pivhat al a los^ how  lo eie.d   v. Kb   the   mat tei - because,   as  *et, the liu.iid has, had   no   ofhci.il'  in-  fotmalum either as to the ������cojjo ejf the  v. 01 k or the amount   of   the   appropri-  ation thetti'oi.    irow-eiei. the 'Fullvw-  uig leioluiioii %wi������. fid.ipU'i] ������������������  ,t-i , C Ci  '��������� \) ueivas tnes  b'nuf   are   criven   tcj  ,1        .    . .   , ^i  uu.iiMsiaucl that the sum  nnptooiialed  in  piejvmcial gov erniaent is m^yihcient  to can \ i.i't the work   of   m it Leasing,,  upon    v. hic'h    the   engineers   are     at  niesent engig.'il.   be   it   resolved-  that  the piov-.nci il goveinmenc be iisked  to  aprjMjpiiate.Lii additional sum sii'iieient  to roiiiplete tins wi,-,k."  The attention of the public werks  coinumtee was directt'd to the visit (1f ,  Mi. Ro\. I'onunion cngujeer, and it  v.as suggested that ihoy meet hiin on  his iel 11, n and discuss- with him the  n.iiuicof li.s wo'!: her- and such other  matters is m iv seem pertinent  The qn.ii reik meeting ;u which new  membeis w ill b" elected will be held  on j iiu-sd i\. .Vprd "th  fi  Local and Per-ional Dnci's.  Kied l^iasei lelm iiC-d Tm sd.iy  Pc'iitiolon vi-cie he veuit   I ei    jHiieliasi  teams    lor    the    WiM'iley    (Jo ile  socuioel  la mules and 11  hoi-,"-  Funk (Jato, ,1 biot her of Aithtii,  )iassed lliiough Wednosdav iiioiniu^  beiun'l foi   I'lngluid  vvh"i(.    he    goes    1 1  Tin , Diamond Jubilee -  is I he hook   the  Ibi'ald   Vv.is   biagging]  ami bo,isium   abeu.l   last   summei.    In j  lis  then ovi'i v   is-ue   :',    plumi d   and .  spi ead itself lik ��������� .1 ])",,( 011. 111 I be, sun, j  and   ils  ,11 I ive   ceiips   01    editots   ,i]\<\ j  ,is isuint     cd.leiis      was      ev,'!\ ivheie: '  some posieg i.i pu lui es as luru,. s with  "shovels"  in   then    hands     ,nd   some  posing as milling ami sun ll mg evpei I-.  e!<  . ' te .     'v\'e looked no   in   - il -ti.-e   at.  I b ��������� gi eat o:il ei pi,-(. (if om   cmiiempi -  i.nv     and     said    mil lung 1   we   weie  siiieken dumb w.ili ani.t/.'Mnent.  Plldegeolh beloi" a fill, howovei,  and illauglilj s,)!!!! belol e lies.1 ruet ion;  theloWU-lli boo>!l illttetlel om. 11< ���������  C ike- " as dough. 1 be Jubilee o'.u of 'IT  saw il e los ���������, yet I lie souvemi book  i|<p.'.ll I'll Lot Till souveUil' .dllce  fin ke; i d and v\i el o'l'. and the boo!,  iii Ihe I fei ild ohii e was iie.ciie! in  black 'eiiids benn ! with ei.'pe. F>u  sviup 11 hv s,i|nIi u e si ill s,.jd 11 oi bing  Put, pi e-!o, 1 0 iii"e      Tlie   Ii'ci.dd  now   ,1   g uid>    'I'm ii ���������!    but 1' 1 flv    ot  Temporarily Interred.'  TI." iouiaiiis of   l)r, K   J.   Robinson  veie tempo! lliiv intiM'ed ;it* the   J^ev-  el-tuke    cmietei \    last   Rimd-iV.     Tlio  lii.ilj,  v. .s embaliiio.i ami 11   is-   tlio   in-  lentii.n of ilie  iciiti.e,, io   leumie   it  cei'i" tie ii'Ki'h l.uel nail I,is mother  I :n the f ire'1% vault, m accoid'hi.e with  j the wisn oi d"cea-ed   ilid   his   fi lends.  I The funeiel heir- -\,is iaigeiv atteuded-  j the n'.tegc   go.-igioSi   Peiei's chinch,  I vvheie Piev.   I-1   A. I'oi.l lead    the    (list  1 pait of the burial -civ-ite and the cliuir  I rend'Me ,J" ( wo   lu.,ms.   theece   to   tlio  ini-  ........    1     :. .-    . 1 *        ,  P  c eiiii'tc'i % "hi',eli!'c soh'imi and  a e s-i\ e iuiuM ,1 I'tfsof the Aii'dic.en  1 hatch v. i-ie 1 .fic'u'i'd Tlie p dine.1.!"!, weie ])[. Mcl.'ii'. YV\ Winte,  li ''��������� I '" Ikc.st,... P M-CiitV, 11.  e. li'ini'i" ind t ll rimple Theie  .vet ' i !in%  he an;'.1] iiie.i! mbutes  15.  'ai :j'\'\  Hole.  1-  lit  A  dieel basking bl i gill IJ  ill gov e, linn nl,-ll      v est.  genel ns>'t J '('lie     souvellll       ll ili������ I-  line If!  1 oil- (le.  1I1011. Ill.il   I-,   .1   t    ii.illl  nimiiic t 01  cop . ,    ne,   and    I hev    w ill  !v  ���������iii  ���������iul-  01  (.< '  w  W  1  o. \   1  '!. 1\  fli-'.i  ���������I ..I'  -if 1  Ill's  ,1  now    pi'i1  iblv     be    paid    I'm     n\      the  pulilli \ inoliev.     il  ,s n,is_v  |o be in'   1  plying    ���������, nh    a    j nMi'1'i.i    *    n"diii'-r  (1 lends behind   o .e.   .ii'd   the   i'etild'-  | e it"i pt isc ni> I m mug 'I'm "a 1  I e is v -i %  i , 1 , .  1 e o'nuw in! 1 nil .     \\e   ' ��������� ,1 m '    11 n.it   its  I ov 11   ailmi    mil   till    in   I His   ���������������������������lit ,im  li'en be,  ol e 11 pit s ' de u.  ' i >l IV i s '., ill e  all iv< ed hion al 'i 1  Im'lnsi , v 's   nut   1 he  (|e,|s|iii    bo\    will    In     em) tied    lo:     ill  I lisi (1 to '  IL'I, |s in.  I i   I.I'ti \  1 e   . ,<    il  \ ���������   I . 1.  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(rfoceries^ Prd^sions" -Friiit
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.//Best ^00:a day Bouse in the' City;'/
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:R'a'kery-S;:' ���/^'���;//1'';/
>; f     Bread/.ctnci Confectionery.
w '//v F'/ee'delivery Every Day. .
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'c;U)dieh/te at. tlie ..ii/ex't; eleotioii/'    AVe.,
'/reidly   lhonght   Mr.    Wiiliaiu1  White,
.Queen's   ��� G'/iinsellniv    luul    a; "hei.ter.
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)-..,���'.;/'"://:r:"''   '���.'  ;.' .W'jnnip'.t^,';Man'.|
Very ; ruly'yours, ',
' ��������� .������������ O; O.Hf^:HAx:\^,"'
/Pri'.-iih'iit l\;islo Board Of-Trad
Abnlicatloi; to Farlianient.
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First-class -Table ��� V   (yood Beds >; Fire--propf Safe
Telerjhone .���*   'Biis Meets all Trains.        :" '
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j     (.���iiiii.'iillM.'Miin1!! 1st, t,-'.!��.;. .     ; Iii I
Cut Rates/for Spot Cash..
Call and sec iis, We can fix you.
���'"'   Rovol.stoko   iStation,   E.C
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titsi  EjauEt
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-1 V* i -'
(By Lady Cook, nee Teniie-see C. Clallin.)
The; iii.sl. i-miseiem-J aet'iif a bnman
being is to play. No soemer floes the
liabe eibserve and reeogni,p tlinn it
begins to lie mirthful. As il grows it
developes tliis innate ))i-oc-livity by all
sorts <>f merry tricks anil gambols.
Anil it-* heiiltliiiiess of ininel and body
depends as much 'upon it,'- exercise of
playfuliii'-ss as upon its daily food. Nor
is this pec-uliat'ito children' alone. All
aniui.il*> are, moie or ,l"ss> gifted with
the same instinct,. Tlie newly-born
gnat, sports at, once in the sunlight.
The young wh.-ilephiys with its mother.
"' The fry of fishes .hunt and frolic in
feheiaR Tile 'Hedged biidlings chase
each other through their leafy bowers,
anil things of lower life that ultimately
become fixed in unc'sput, like .sponges,
pass tlnbugh a period of play and free
roving. The most cruelly carnivorous
are as playful as those that live solely
- on herbs and finit.s. Lions and tigers,
bears and wolves.' are sportive as
lambs. In all, whatever lime is left
after rest' rind food-procuring, is ile-
' voted to play.' For this is .Nature1*
chief metheid of developing the faculties
and bodies of all young creatures, and
of utilizing their pleasures for their
.   hilercMs. - ,
'   As they, grow  older  their   sport   is
modified by the dominant instincts  of'
their race  or  species.    They   begin   te>
learn lheir life-work,   but  they do  so
playfully.    E\ ery animal is schooled in"
its own   Kiiideigaiien,  and learns  to
woik tluough ga.nus.    Man is the only
nun' wlio inflicts upon his progeny haul
and dreary ,wm'k,> disassociated  from
eiijoyuient.'Those who are not familiar
with the'ways.of animals,   sometimes
think these pursue their various courses
fiom   instinct alone���without   having
been taught.   Nothing of   the suit.    It
is true that some of those low .in   the
scale of being   may  do  so,   but   when
-   we get to the,birds and   mammals   we
shall find that they have been carefully
instructed   by .their .parents,  and' by
. mock contests with each other.    Birds
, teach their young lo know their natural
enemies, bow to avoid danger, how   to
fly, and how tei procure their  food. . ,if
' we take domestic poultry, with   which
we aie, perhaps, mo��t familiar, we find
the mother lien encouraging her little
ones lo romp over hei,  showing  them
how   to   peck   up   by    placing    small
particles ,ot',fooil   before   them,    and
taking them into all sortsof out-nf-the-
way places in search  of , seeds,| worms
and insects.    She instructs,them in the
��� art of   cleansing   themselves   by   dry
,/earth baths, and of securing themselves
hy'ronstmy high up   when   their  little
limiislu-e; stioug enough,  jti tlie meantime those of the same biood  learn   to j
use beak'���"a iul  spur  by  sparring  with
each other, at first, playfully, and later
with'savage deligfit.    Those who   have
noticed a cat romping with her kitten.-,
know how the feline family  make  the
games of theii young  insl niuient.-il   in
learning the right methods of catching
their prey.    With all, play is a  means
of instruction in   the future  duties  of
their lives.     ',       '        ' '
When they become adults,', they indulge in it as- a recreation and as, l raining for possible combats. Sheep play
at butting, oxen at goiing. horses at
biting and kicking, and dogs at wen lying. Turn a few old woi n-out cab
horsei. to graze, and'at the end of'a
week or so they will be tricky as "colls,
and flinging their rheumatic limbs in
all directions. Man is a many-sided
animal, and requires recreation to a
greater degree than any others. His
jiowersof i eflection induce ilco-pcindisncy
as well as hope. He is oppressed with
cares, and often beirne down by much
labour. His nerves are too frequently
overstrung ��� with woik and worry.
Leisure, consequently, is necessary to
health, and recreation during it that
he may restore, his vigour. When
these are not possessed, he becomes
discontented, sullen, morose, vicious;
, and loses elasticity of mind and body.
Should he have no lational means of
enjoyment, he flies from hard labour
to reckless, debauch. The overstrained
mind and body crave for wild excitement, anil intemperance and immorality are the readiest, at hand.
This iiniialmal mode of life wrecks the
individual and deteriorates his offspring, for it is impossible; lliriLlic.il! by
children should be produced by those
who lead an unwholesome' existence!.
It, is idle to preach godliness and
morality to those who are thus overwrought. They want leisure, time for
thought and enjoyment. And above
' all, they want insti iictioii in the besl
modes of recreation. Leisure, to those
who are not used lo it, and who do not
know what to do with it, is a very
doubtful privilege, and likely to he-put
to evil uses.
It is necessary, then, that our natural
love of play should have fuller- and
wiser developnienl in ;youth, and that
school-* should he as composite' as the
pupils, 'j'he word "school" in iginally
meant a state of ea��e, :i place of leisure
ji'id retii einenl. from work, and mil a
wen ks|x,p for forcing young biains to
their utmost power-. Our youth have
so much to k-arn in ,-i In iei period thai
they have no lime lei think. Hole anil
eramming lake the place ol i efleet ion.
(Jm 11 pet il ive i'Xa m illations are eh'sl i e lying individuality, anil reducing all to
the' same dead level. No moie uu-
philosophie- mode was ever de\ imci! by
educational cpi,-ickei\, anel in   lime   ��,
mivv nva
1  the  Chinese,   who  by  long   and in play-time will  enjoy  more  ie.il
ills ilm iug the  la-t  few  yeai>
ages of competitive examiuaf ionshave | and rational pleasures.
become menlallv and morally ,��l imted \     \W know all Ibis will not be just yet,
and   stereotyped   to   the    <aine    dnil j but it  will  come.    Our   sanitary   im-
The .school should be a place for' play,
and for mental and manual work'
combined. Bodily exercises and game-;
should be as carefully taught as
d the  fingi'i-s  and   brains
have   mciva^i-u
'eraminar, an
trained    together.
book-learning might be taught in turn
and   schools be   made  delightful   and
useful.    As it is, children attend'them
for   years   and     learn    comparatively
nothing,    because   they   are  .pedantic
prisons where they are3 immured without interest or healthy excitement.   .If
we except cricket and  football,   which
<Jo not suit  every   one-,   can   only   be
,played   at    certain     times,     and    are
dangerous in themselves,  there  is  absolutely     nothing     to     inteiest     the
��� majority   of   children.    .Many   oT   the
rich schools, it is true, have woikshops,
but the schools for the   middle classes
and poor should have I hem  also.    The
power of obsei vatiein is so rare becau-'c
in the training of Hie  young it   is  so
seldo'in exeicised.    If schools,  included
play and   manual   work  as   important
parts of their curriculum;   observation
and  intelligence  would   be  quickened
all around, ami the pupils  would  soon
find what they weie most  fit for.    All
this should apply e'qually  to girls  as
well as boys.   None should be excluded
from want of fees,   for  the icost could
lie- home as that of the Board School is
now.    In a few years   it Would   be  10-
t'urnecl to the nation   forty-fold   by  an
increase   of    health,     happiness    and
prosperity.    The adults who shall have
been hi ought np under  this  course  of
compound instruction  will   know   how
to uiake the best use of such leisure, as
they may lie'able to command.1 In the
time for work they will   be   more   contented and  more,  intelligent workers,
must soon follow. It, would be absurd
to suppose that the present irrational
and high-pressure sy~tem of education
can continue for ever. , Weak   chests,
cri-owing    insanity,
will spi-ak for themselves, ami compel
us ro better methods. For, assuredly,
education to be complete must
recognise tlie  wants of a  progressive
an   early   Father   of
ui-ch, writing at the end of the 2nd
century, said, "For what other employment is seemly for a wise and
perfect man, than to spent and be glad
in the endurance of what is good, holding festival with" God."' We thus<see
that rei-i-i-ation may be sanctified to
sacred purpo.-es as well as to secular;
that it may lie an act of true worship
as well as of 'personal enjoyment. It
is not foi- nothing that man is a laughing animal, nor is wholesome mil Hi
inferior to grave demeanour. Work
is good. Play is good also. Both are
necessary to' e(inip]e^Uv^h.e=sycr_n](l-be
perfect man. Let all our faculties,
then, be fail ly indulged. Let, there b"
a tiine for work and a time for play, so
that imcIi be a help to each and a foil
to Iiie; evils eif the other.
Colored and ' Smoked, Glasses
-    from  25c.  to
Spectacles  to  suit., all sight-
At the Company's Store is carried
Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies
P.O. AmtirwiiKAD.
The Company's S.S. " LARDEAU " connects with all O.P.I?,.' trains anil steamejs, and imikes daily
trips betwi'en Arrowhead and Comaplix and Thomson's Lauding, ('omiimnii-.itiou is thus ������ -laiilisiieil with
all points in the Larde.iu, Trout Lake and Fish Creek elisti ie-is..,'
The 'Company's tug '-ARCHER" is ready to en't er into towing and freighting conti.ic-ts.
The Townsite of COMAPLIX is now on the market and lots are st'lling.i'apidly. Oomaplix :.- the outfitting point ami hcad<|ii.-irlcrs for the Lai dean and Fish Creek elistriet�� now being opened ��;>.��� It oi-c'upie;-, ,i
splendid situation, high anel di v. on' (lie N. 12. arm of Upper Arrow Lake, eiccbl, mil"- fi.'cn Arrmi head, and
has deep watei for vessels all tlio year round,
connections,' and daily mails.
Jt has good Ikitel accommodation,'teh-graph .mei   telephone
=>     ' R. TAPPIN.G, Agent for RevelsiOKe.
Opposite the'Station.  ''
,���    HENDERSON   BROS.   '
(,<      ,      .      '     SjUC'CKSSORS'TO
Wholesale . Druggists^
, ' ' , (Established 1SJS.)
'<��� '' ���^-wcaza22Z3^ Victoria   and    Vancouver,    B. C.
We carry the largest stock of Chemicals, Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet,
Articles, I��u-,, in British Columbia.        ���<
Parlies in. or contemplating opening in business,1 will find it to their advantage to' place their orders with us.
momravjjiiJPa*��ga��pmv.igsaro����g^ "'"""-'''* -,w��w���
i '        '
Hnraiaa (Sra^Jv    ^*SSS:&.    8!        3 taspiza
���    (Opposite Government Office,)
Groceries, Feed, Fruit, always
' ,    fresh and full stock.
Slicrt   Accounts.
Jim*;  g  ' fi H R   '    3     V V���*   ^"*��
a   v8   "t in*?
1 i * r
'Wholesale and Retai
''; .''butcM. .
( l)H.\.M3It IX
Milk Govt?-?.; Saddle, Pack',
' Driving and Draught
���    Horses. "' .'
bieYeistoiie b
The   present   centre   and future
headquarters for  '������
It is the centre of the Lar-
deau mining district.
It will have railways to
the north and south.
Its climate is superb.
It has plenty of building
timber and a sawmill
in operation providing
lumber at reasonable
prices on the spot.
lbs lake aftords exceptionally good trout
It has a crown grant, pur-1 i o-ood hotels, stores, post office,
Chasers OI lots thus ob-f1 recording office, butcher shop
taining an   absolutely! ;anc1l1m,an>" Privalc residences^
nlaa.v+,:fla ji     Building  operations   are_ in
!; hill progress, and the establish-
Jmcnt of the sawmill will tend
11 still more  to enhance  the  im-
l-i mediate growth  of this  rising
, is reached bv rail from
' Revelstokc to Arrowhead, 2S miles ; thence
by steamer," 10 miles, to Thomson's Landing; and a short
stage of 12 miles; the entire
journey occupying only 6 hours
through- magnificent mountain
and lake scenery.
Well-known mining promoters and capitalists already
have their representatives on
the ground, and it is no
boomer's dream to sav that-be-
fore another six months Tkout
Lake Citv will be a bustling
centre oi business and the prin-'
cipal town in this treasure-laden
Lardeau, the new centre of attraction for the best mining
enterprise, skill and capital
'which British . Columbia has
magnetized within her borders.
! The climate and soil of'the
'district, are all that could be
'desired by therancher,gardener
,or fruit grower for whose
t products a profitable and rapidly increasing market exists ;
'whilst to the sportsmen the
neighborhood affords game in
The accommodation includes
���'     FROM REVEL-STOKE    .,
To all Points;East and  West.
Viinccmvor, Winnipeg, St. Punl,   Chic-
:ii>-o, Moiili'viil, Toronto, New York.
Firsl-c/ass dining- and sleeping
cars on all trains.
Throujjli Tourist, car- to St. IViul daily.' to
Toronto every lUomlny, IVloiilrc.il and Huston every Thursday, and Moiitre.il and
Poi-lliind Fridays.
Pin-chase tickets to your destination  and  have
"' your liassatfo eliec.lii'd ilmmKli.
For'full iiilorm.itioti ,is to i-aLcs, time, (Ue., a]i-
nly to nearest C.l'.h'. A yen I. lo
T. W. HI :.V] IS! I AW, Aui'iit. licvolsioke,
Or to   V, J. UOYIiH. ������   o
' District I'dhSuiiBor Aicont, Vancouver.
��t fsri^i k wu: j r>^r%.tr.
wr��*i-j Mrreiair^i
ijis- and. "speeiiiGatidns .prepared
\ ���   iii' India, Ink or Blueprint
��� ''*',     <   'Drawing's.   ���" . -
If you,'desire an artistic Home with, all modern   conveniences-
.   " call and see Maclean who can design you, one in any '
,  '       ' style: Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss,'or anv other style
���   ., you prefer'    ,,' ' , ���
eriors  and   interior decorations arc'his   specialties.    Store ���
,    ' Decorations, -Bank   Fixtures,   Hotel   Fixtures :-.. Mali
shewing   pannellcd   dadoes,  '.frescoes,   etc.;   Artist'ic
'    ,     Screens, Verandahs, Stairways, etc. can be got-out' to'
'Suit the market. ''    '  -���
enay Smelting;
paamfir uo8
T 4- C
clear title.
i i
Inside, $ioo: payable $3^.3$ down, $33.33 in 3 months, $33.33
in 6 months.
Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $50 in 3 months.   $50   in   6
(These prices are for a sliort time only.)
T. L. ll.-Mti. Ri'vi:lstc)Ki-:. General Agent.
HUGH McTHHRSOX. Tuoi;t Laki: Citv, Resident Agent.
Tliroiifjli tickets ly AVi-.iiiycl, .liuin.Hi, Sitka.
Skua way, ]>y��i. 1'yr.xnii I llarlior l.undiiiK and
Tlnincs ili^sion. K11II liil'oi-inaliii.i as to rates
mid routes furnislicil mill hertlis i-e.sorved call
on or fiddress ,    -
Ayent, UevoKloke, or
W. K CAU.-sOy,
Travelling I'.-is-oi.tfer Agent, Nelson,
llisti-iet l'.is-uiiKer .-'.Kcnl, Vancouver.
;5 -
aaian - Paeifle
Steamship Co/s
Leave Arroivlicad daily lor all iinlnls in Ivoot-
I'li.iy,  inaUinu- eoiiiH'ction at  Nnkus|)   for
all points on  Nakusp and Sloc.in   liy.  and
Sloi'.in Lake,
lose eonncclioii at Itolison  for N'cNoii,  Kaslo,
Uiilfniir. i'ilol H.iy. Tmil,  Kos-,l,iud,  Xorlli-
|ioi'l him! all lioinls south.
Kor full inform, it ion, tickets, inaii.s,  etc.,  call
"   on or add 1 ess '
AKi'iit, IN-.-elsloke.
Or to
W. K. CAIWON,     ,       K .r. COVIiK..
T1.1v. I'ass. Al'imiI, Jiist. I'.iss. Ai;i'iit.
Nelson, H.C. Viincciiivi-r, H.(J.
A.huiiiber'of lots centrally located.
in their Townsite'
Ewiiii-i 3aiKOj ''ItissV
The central Dointof ���
H   H
Columbia & Western Ry:
Time Talilc No. (i. To lake eli'cel .liily.'t. I.V.17.
Daily lleUvi'i-ii 'frail and ILossiand.
NO. (i ]..ISsC1IKCI- ll'IIM'S liossl.lllll     .     -     z*! 11.111,
Connects willi hleaincr at Trail.
No. :i |i,iss(��u(.i'i'  IcaM's Trail   -   -   -   .S:l"i a.ni.
Colonels Willi licil Mouiilain for Spokane.
No. a passf iii^ur Iciivi"-1 I'o^sl.ind   -   -     11   a.m.
(.'oiinci'ts willi I'.l'.l.'. sleami'i-s for north.
No. 1 l),iss|.|,)i(;r I'-.ives'frail     -    -     - V.':Hil ij.iii.
CJoniiccls willi CM'.!!, sleami'i-s fiom norlli.
No. I ii.issen^i.r Ii-.iie.s HossImikI   -   -   li'.on p.m.
C-onniels willi Ked .Mounl.-iui foi-.Spok.ine.
No. ~i iM'-seii^.-r leaves  Tr.iil     -   -   -   .'i:l.'i p.in.
t'omircls \Mtli sti'.mu-i- l.illonnl Trail.
ID ��� A.S"V  r~nTrrp?.~i\/TR.
pi   IS   I-H'Rf'HVY   C/I\'I-:.\"   ili.u  ai! partis iudebicd
to The Kooienav Hritlsii 1c'iii.iri>i (
Syiiclicate in respect ni ihi. piirch, ���  ������<-.;"   i;i,.ij--   ji,   i\ii:
1" I
Trad in
Town of Revelhtoke are recp.iired uiihm 0. ���   !:\s Ircin V.\>:  virile
hereof to make pa\ ment to me or i<> the Imperial i)u!:k ,u Revelstokc of all moneys due in resprc'. ,>;  s.^ici   ianil'-
will be issued.     Unless said payniei.i .
hereinbefore mentioned the: purer-'-��� ���- ������-- '>'��� 1 >   .I.���m-..--!
fault and the a,^reeinents for bale
i lee-, is
vi.-.riV wiin;i! me uriie
lo   oe
KM >Rl'?-.
Agent and
enay Ii. C. Smelting and Trading Syndic,u<;.
Dated at Ainsworth tins Sin dav oi" i )eu mi-
ior ii
Cleiii'i.il C)ili( i-
'J mil, f'.. C. ,
I'. (M'TKI.IL'S.
CJeneial Supt.
c-nt Ageiu,
<1':vi-:lst(;ki:, h.c.
T      i      T ]7 -��� ��� r> n r:: .y
1.    J.    lJ-*L'iUL\Utii,
lituni.-y ii'i
Ms\V(JRT .-M,  ���������mi$M&  /iM^%9WrM^MM^iM^  ���������J.*a*-"15as  ��������� i t?.-. ^���������  ' ��������� .Kootenay L,cclg-e  *?^:*������������������ No!.-i5 AlF.'&!A.K������.  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