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Kootenay Mail Mar 20, 1897

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 ^������r^  J  Vol. 3.-No. 48.  REVKJ.STOKR  WKST JvOOTE.VAY.   13. C JMAI?CJI. 20. J SOT.  $2.00 a Year.  5ig  'ict.  s i-wii .is age goes Big Bend is  by  long   odds   ihe   oldest     mining-  Ciinip in   the  distihi,   tin-   lii-st  gold   disc ovt'i v   in   Wo-1    Kuot-  euny cm eming thci'o'in   1'(>.">.    In   that,  and ihe following   vc.ir.   thousands  til"  ''  pl.ii er niiiii'i-s i-.inii'   Iicuii   nil   pmts  nf  tin- lonliiieiil to Big IJfnil .mil maugu-  ,  i.ited inio nf tlnisi' " i u-la���������" loi-   which  (bat   .ig'   vvas.'fainotis.    til-eat   livalrv  existed bet ween Victoria .mil lJoi Hand  to supply the trade i f  tin    new   i-.-inip.  iinil the Seymour  Pas-   vVa-'lhe   tout'-  lor   the   home  city.    Fiom   Pui tl.inil,  the i out e was v ia Col v ilie up llu-A now  Lakes and Columbia, .mil ,t ste.imliu.it,  the Foi t v Xunv(-o (,dh d  from tho  lii-  tei iiiit.on.il p.u.illi'l) 111;1 lit st m  .ill  ll:e  intei un- of 15 <' . wa- limit .mil opeia led  to convey men to the s( cue of -the trohl  excitement.    On    hei    fii't    tup   liom  Poi-t Colville, she e.u lied S."> p.i .sengi i-s  .-tl. A'25  i'.ic-li., imd   $2'))   per   ton    was  i-ll.ll-ged foi- freight.    Tell ibi>s the. tup  took and tile boat tied up below   D.'.itli  Rapids on Apiilii, '������Vi.    On   thi'   banks  nl Guldslie.un al-o the lir-t to'vvii l'n  .ill  the distiii t (known !ii-sl  ,i>  Kii hy\ die)  was slatted mil Riunanus-a w null Inin-  od out   lumber  .'I   $12o   |)"i    I lious.nic!.'  Meanwhile-,men    weie   se.iic hing-   the  golden st* earns , ill ovei  Big   Bend   .ind  millinns wi'ie't.iki n out in nugget-and  dust.    Until was not lor long: tho base  of -up) lie- was f.u- ,ivv ,iy   .mil   h.-iid   lo  i e.u h, ptov isious w en I to famine pi ices,  the pl.ic ei-^diguei s   beii.g   impi ovideiit i  and c.ueless .mil hav inn irol vv li.il could I  be'inost  e.isih    had. loaddv    pi'l-iuuli il |  lliem-clv o-. thai lliei e VM-l eolliei C I eek  i- ,i -plendid opeu'v alley of Gj.OOO ac res  of  good   kind   in   ;i  climate    of   gic.,t  mildness.     Fion,    Itevelstoko   to   the  llioutb of Canoe IJivel   is but 00 miles--  a   small   thing  foi' a    railway, and  lo  " ' j Tote  .Jeiuu-  Cache  is  onlv   10.")   mile-.  ��������� - - -    - --       ��������� I With .1 mineral bell along this i ounliy  | .ind s-ucli ,-i body of good bind available  ] it is ea-y to-ci-ihe futiii e of Dig Tieud,  day will   be,   and   that    is   light    now.        It-hduhl al-o   be  stated   I bat Canoe  Willi the  great   influx;   of  people   this ,. Hjseris   navigable   fop many  miles, as  year  to   all    Konlenay,  the   Xcn lliei n j ,v,.ll n-, tlie uppei   Columbia." and   lom-  poition so longhiug-li'd will n    '"' j peleiit    Mine-yens    plan-   Ihe-   e ost    ol  lieMielofaiiditsiiehiuiiiei.il fields be i ,,,���������.���������jll}, ,,|] j|,j, <t,vtch ol liver at  lalke-il about. It would not -m P'"-<' i y^(i.(i'������). yUl.lKKi of wliieli w ill clcir il. tci  any ol llie.se e.ld pieispeiloi- w lio Ii.t\ c | J),..,, ],% U.,,,itl-,. .V,,w I'm- a ���������lioi t aril oil all t ho hills   e.l   Un;   Big Ueiid and    ,-ount of what mining has been done in  bene!'. Vit   the   pit-senl   winkings   lising    splendid   prospect.      Another .bonded.  who know what's, there-, to he-.it (li.it  within live \i-.iis flu* ela\s ol "(ill wet e  but a ell earn lo t lie inagiiilit cut lealily  lli.it the development ol'' i(sj(pi n (���������/,  Veins  will   biing   about.    Alieadv   the  ,t be count i y : '  i  iM.ACmi .Mi.vi.xn.  It w onl-1 ex enpv (<t<>   muili   space   to  eb-sci ihe I In- manv plac er i lainis of Kijj;  |)..n.inion'(b)iv.i.n>onl'h'.s  given   jf-l | Ih-nd out of which   goM   lias ,1 n  ol'-  attention lo t he impi ovcuionl ol navigation and Ibis session ( he' estimates  are expi i toil to contain an ,ippi opria-  tiou which will open the livei to  Dow iiie Ci eek, bunging a base of supplies 10 mile-Im t her into, Ihe coiinliy  and giving il cheap e oininuiiii-al ion  with I he fri eat I s-.ui-c mil inefilal ('. I\H.  A'si earner is e ei-tain to go' on 1 lie 1 iv er  tins, bib, and new (nils are (o be lni.lt  up tliiough iniueial bells lio-u the  iivi-r. A eliailei Im- ;i lailvvay has  been npplicdj'oi a lid vv ill, iI is expoi 11 tl,  be built w il bin 1 vv o ye.11 s. Tin's w ttitle]  be one of t he best paving; 1 o.ids in ,1 he  coun'.i-v .-ind would pn-allela mm'eial  belt in an eas\- "c-ouuli y loi- about as  long as, would be lecfuiied. All the  ti easuie-s of tin- Big Bend aie -liU in  leaeli ,iiid t be obji-cl of this art u le is  fi-anklv, to draw- men's ,11 tent ion'to  where il is and vvlial is theie.  win-nil-: it is and now huaciikij.  Tin- B,g ISeiid'mimiig'disi 1 u-t \ i-oper-  ly speakum lompi is(ii ,|M   thai   piu lion  of    I']as|    ,-incl    West    Ivooleuiv    King  to ran.    As thev  i-aiiu--  so   thev   v.enl, 1    1   ,.,,,,,,������ ., , \   .  1     ' ,..,:, 1 n<n lb ol tin- (' I'.H   man hoe   belueen  w it h a l-iisii, to s(eiie ot her held   \\ lie-i i- 1    . . r .,   . ,, . _  1 ' , { Ihe staiioi.s of {.iiildi-11,0 1 Ihe e-asl    anil  thev llu light   thev  (01 Id   do as   will.,.,       .      . ' .  ������������������             ^               ���������  ,                                 ,    .       Ke\ el.stoke  011   tlie   west.     11 ';u (11111 es  '1 bi-iis wa.s   ln.t   a   l.eetii'g. Visit,   then   , _,     "    r ,  ���������,.... .1.. ..  be.-iviest  impi ,-ssloils  on    the   (Olll.tiy's  t.u e but a little siu f.111 ��������� st ;  lit llillg.   >el  cluing enough lo denlou.st 1 at e tin- gi eat  1 .tout wealth of llu- t omit l v to a   later  pi'..I 1:-  \    t.|S| o<. ft  '   ,   I .   Hit-    1 . I   11'    1 I   ('     V, I      I      .lllll  ni,ih l',c bill - ,1 .. il is l.ao.vu 1 1 il-  1 I'souiies 1- 1 11.iii 1, .1 10 it- weslein  1 011ion 11 at lie I 11 om thi low 11 of Rev -  eKioke vv hit li is   its  11,ilm,il   and   onl\  its Maine ft 0111 Ll..- colli se o," lac v.!ojii n  bia   Rivii-   wliii li   Mow ing , 1101 th   Horn  Do  aid loi ab.iu1, 1 ))  in.It-., ������tiii lis smith-1 1\, soul iiw .11 ds a i.d is t 1 tisst-tb again  , , . 'vibe   C.  P. 1!    line   aL   Revelsloke   7a  U-elH'l .111011.        1 ! ev    but     woikiiI.    .no,     '.. . ,.,,  7 ��������� 1 uul   s    I iithei     v.e>l 1.11s     immeuse  ( ils!<'s|    ct   s|.,|Htil,    (il_!_   II- s   (,   \, I   I   t    111   .1 1 f,  , ,      ,     lilaigilnii  ai 1 .1 1-. mi.ii-i .ilised I hi ougli-  lev.   1 ,'.<i-s) ai'd    ie   ei    P'lii llt-il.    11.ih ed ,    ,'    .  "    '   ' ���������'       ) t _ . ()' I, but as sett  .'..I 'ill, or   -a s;t  t ,e\ toiittl not na.e, toe nie. one !,t-s  a'-'l (he 1 ii-li,ij'lai I ' ' 1 is Tin' | .\\\ and  t t ,ie- 101 ki-i haw- lh d Ilie- seem , ai'tl !be  si nit e, tne pump a id the ill it I. 1 lie pipeline and triants. the | u !x. tile dv 11.unite,  eh.11 ire anil the ami ha 1 c Mlc ceeded.  At live "pe-i'aliems 111   pl.-iceiing   \\ ennui  I estmieel 111  Bit-  Fh-l'd t ill \ (i.   about  t he t niii- *.f 1 ail \ ay 1 oiis( 1 111 Ho 1 bv t'.ii*  C  P. H , but the  lestili ,   weie   1 f   onlv  v.irymg ili-triei's  of  mikis-     In   '! 2  it  w ,is again 1 ev i.'ed and   Milu'   ilien    ba~  'been pushed, e~pei ia 11 \ 111 -i lew not able  instance's,    wilh   eininv    aatl>isii(   |i>.  Tin- n-ilili e ot t lie pi (-sent    pl.ueiillg   1*  eif  a most  li-viug   ( liaiai lei-  toiisi-tiim  ot tleepMiu-giim-, ������1  tlfi ins, and lii'inel-  inu and a l.ngi ami.mil of   palieuL  (oil  lias been put in 1,111 ��������� tin i-i-i ion by a   few  plucKV    oj'.eiatois   who   di-sene    huge  llil'il-lll'snl  sue 1 1 s^       ()tl.el's,    toti.    ;ni  I .lined, and Ihe anion lit of trold e\t rael-  ed would il it could be, ant he-ill ;c,illy  stated jiieseiil an enornious total. Only  a .shoi triij.-iilim 1 of some of tlie principal plac ei  fields t an lieivdie attempt eel.  Fiencli (heck, whiib inns into fiold-  'stieaui, w.islbe h.innei i 1 eek of 'Oiland  fiom lllen lo (be present time lias  yielded an imini'iisf aineiunt of money.  Tlie gloat plopei-t v on Fi em b Creek is  the Oonshlafii>:i owned by ,T. Sweeney  W. P.. MeCi-eaiv. Geo. Lafonne, P.  Ia-vi-stpie and A. Mom geois. This company ope" ales half a mile of Ch eek dig-  Lriugs and hive done a lot of heavy  woik. In llu- I is| |ev\ yeais the Con-,  solatio'i has av eraged , .^S a day pel  man. Though w 01 king oIT the channel  thisiM'.u ,^2()0.i week is (aken w ilh one  man in the face' of the diifl. Tins  average onl put has been v ei y large for  many yeais.md si ill gi.-ati'i t bintr-s are  expected as Ihe <>old is- <;c( t ing 1 0,11 -.it  A bo re f he Consolation is (be Little  Falls plarei- -,\bich''is n.vn.tl by Gils  Lund, 'A l'i win, F. Ilillon. and -A  Bowel). This also lias been a pay piop-  ei t v and i -,w ell opened tin. An offer  lias been made foi it ,-ind (wo otbei  lenses by S 111 Fi .mcisi o pal 1 ie-i.  jli'CiilIot h Oi eek is also a tiibutaiy'  ol fJoldsi 1 cam a ei] U not .1 long s| 1 cam.  It yielded a I 11 go amount of <roM in 1 li"  pioneer daVs and is now ln'iii'jf 1 u-urelv  v.oi-ked in its ol "or tliaimels. Tin-  piesenl   pi opei I ie-ol  note,11 e   the   ^^(������������������  fi)  fecL  behind   ,n\(\   17, pel cent, of the  bould(-i s pas-, ( biough sluii es.   A water  bead   ol    18.")   iuibes   is   in   use   and is  biougbt to the  winkings   in" 0..~>70 feet  hair the distance being  flume and half  pipe.      A    most    co'nple-te   plant,  is in  opei at ion and, on the  aullioi ily oi ihe  manager,    Fiol'is-or    X.tson,   a    mosl  salisfai tin y   ilean-up   was   nndt,-   last  biunmei'.    W01 k w ill soon be icsiiuied.  On I'lenib Clock, the   Fieiith Cie-k  Mining   Co.   have  2J.   inih-.s   ol  ground  ( ov ei ing l he 1 it li plat ei t la mis ('hie-ago,  Royal.     Gold      Hill,     lloiidm.ts    ,\i\d  Xugget.    'The main body ol   ibegiavel  heie is contained on   (he-  ft mi   southerly c lainis', it   is  about   two   miles   long  w ith an aveiage widt b of  hall   of unhand is liom III to 1(H) feet, high.    A test  pit sunk fl) lei I did 110I   icaili   betliot k  and I be good gravel ,t onteiil s  are'esli-  niattd at 2(),()0().(!()O   cubit    yaiiK    This  eouipmv   has   now    pail'of a   plant at  Revel-.oke and as   soon   ;is the 1 ivei- is  open it, and nun e on  the   way, is lo Input in lo the amount ol ."^lO.OO'J. ������  On the south si'le of tlit^-aaihu^i.cj'1;  1 In* Sloncleigli .Mining Co. llave- coiilio!  of tin-Ti uc; Blue. Faitli.ivcii, iincl Bell  iiighain" I>t\ 'claims with a two miles  fumtage on t lies ci eelc Tlie\. loo. 1).ive  an cum ninus body-of giavel of a good  aveiage    value Thev     h.ivo       oiost  favoiable conditions foi h'\ di in.ilie.ing  and vvill vvoilc conjointlv with the pie-  vious coin]), un in bunging vvalet.  Thev' intend 'to nisi.tll an expensive  p'anl Ibis siiiiiiiiei. Olliei hveliaulii,  veliiuiesaie: Thc-'Opliu Bediock- Flunie  Co at,ctho moiiili of iMcCuiloc-!i have,  in the Ophii, what, is coiisirlei od hy  niciiiv to he one.of the' finest claims 111  gioupis tin- Bella gioup .sei nied1' by  .AIi(',tlluiu tt Polls and 'wlmh lliey  purpose putting in woik upon this  season. 0  Then- an- many oilier claims hen*  wmlli not ii ing but space will not  allow. T'leie.ue few eamps that have  a bet ter fill 111 e than Gi oiiud I log, and  a number of stamps will (hop there  this year. bVvv camps, il any, have  had in so shoi l a t ime as this so many  bonils ami sales niatb-.   '  IvKY.sl'OXK .MoiJNPAIX c.linp is not as  well opened as the pi ev ions one, bill,  11 0111 I he iudical ions, its location and  1 he opinions of expel ts w ho have looked it ovei, when it is 11 vvill be one of  absorbing iiiteie-st, and exe ih-iueiit.  The main I'ealiueof iiit i*l est hei e is a  huge ledge which ei ofis out at intervals  lor sev eu miles ami lor I vv o miles il is  liatetl thiough a hue of schist, and  (pi.utzto lormnl ion. T.icie i.s an  11011 tapping to (his ledge, lully KM)  leet in uidlli beneath, which w hi'n  shot oil a streak ol solid 01 e chielly a  steel galena   is loiind.    The  smlait-   is  SUPT.   ABBOTT    RESIGNS.  Asst.   Supt.   Marpole   Will   Probably  Succeed   Him.  1    The announcement that Mr. II. Ali-  holt, Supl. <if the. Pacific division of  the O. P. Hi. h.'is resigned his ])Ositio;i  is l-egict fully it-reived by his maiiy  fiiends in this Ifrovinci-. Counec-te-d  w;it h the load sii>i-e its inception, and  in the position which he ha- just, left,  siiue 1SS.">, lit,- has exhibited much  fointesy, c.-ueaiid keen sense of duty,  lie vvas ut all limes most .'ic-ressi I il ?���������  and a good citizen much lespeoU-d.  His probable successor js .Mr. II. M.11-  peili-vvilh William Ihi\viiieasas-,istuiit.  The Lexington Group.  1 A not her gioup of Lai clc.ui piiiperUc-.  h.-is beeiijbonded lliis,W"������'k. Thi* lime,  il is (hi- Lexington. -The claim-bonded iii-e.four in number: the Lexington  (T. Downing), Banner VB. Kamey). Index   ((i. D. Bole),   .Jimibo  (A.   k.   Kin-  raid). oTIiey an- located   on  Lexi.igtou  an o\-i(li/.ed galena i-uiiiiiug very   high.    Oieek,    which  flows   into   Fish   River  tlio e 011 nl v\. Thiough some litigation  it, unfoi Hi natch, lemaiiis idle. On  Smith Cieek, the DC. .cn\ United  Slates Co. hive as ringed to lake up  scveial \ci\ pioiiusilig leaseholils and  woik them as a hrrhoJt Hume pioposi-  lioh? Thev, ton, intend lo put in an  extensive plant shoith in tlie im-  inedi.it'.' v 1 c 11111 \ of lo-velsUike leases  for bench lauds have also been applied  ful h\ [M.i'Uieal pailu-s, and the pio's-  'pe'tt of then- being u inked is good.  The outlook fm lndiauln tug in the  Big Bend is as Imbue stated, most  pioiiusilig ami the best pi oof 'is the  ]) i\ alieadv obtained ami (he eagerness  Oulloc h Ci. ek   Ttrinel   Oo.'s   oi opejjA^ with v\ Inch leases .11 (;   being   .ui|tiiied  the Last. Oh.nice,  the  XV.ith   Si.11   and '"  Shllbeii.-icatl e      Oil    (he   Lts(    f'haiKe.  opeialed bv 1 loi al company, a. huge  anioupt. of w01 k has b'-en' done his -  (-.it l inn and tunneling fo: the old  channel.    About 200 feet of   work   was  supply point.    Al  this p|,iiedaih tram j {]()1���������. ,riKv,.fU.  ,lU(1   .,���������lll|)s   ],,ni.   been  CMliniitlon   1     lo   be   bad   to   (be   <-M, j (���������;(  i||#    Thlspiope.lv   well exemplifies  wes; .mds,,���������i!, ., iid all supplies),,,^ he j , |���������. ,, jaK of s11( ], mining but it   i-   now  (islim    (.111    he     obtained.      Slailiug    u itbin me is,,,-,. ,1,1,. 1 each it   is   said   ol  l'i 0111 Ivev ei-1 oke a good pa< k   tial   billows   the   Ooluinbii   lo   (jioldsii im n,   a  (ilslaiu e ol 02 iinh's.    'Ibeiivei   Is   now  being  opened    up    to   navigation   and  soiue in vv   It,ills   aie   lo    be   adeied    to  those all eatl\   (������������������.l-tiilg.     The    |iiiiii|alc  slopping    pi a es    .ilci'ig    Ihe    (lad    aie  C.unts    Oieek,    2o    nub's;    BomI's.    I,'.)  miles;   Iiiiwnie  (Ju-ek,    II    uiili--:   a.id  Gohlstt earn.  L 1I0'ine's ranch, Ol uill'-s.  Ahov c Gold ill ea Ti t be: e a 1 e al pi i���������cnl  no 1 amps liul ev ei y p; osp'-ci ol -ev ei al  I bis v eai. > '  ciKVHu.vi. r:.\'i ("i:i-:s.  The   dividing   line   belween   the dis-  liictsol I'i.tsi and  West   Knoteiiav also  divides   the    Big    Bend, and   il   ,s onlv  a di-toM-iv vviiieh mav be ol ex'tia  oidin.11% 1 u lines- II is 10 be hoped  so Fin 11 \ e.u - 1 he pi ('sent managei,  John S iii'tlei son, has slink to this  ilaiui and his pes se\ crane e will \ el,  have a icwaid ' Laigepav v-as taken  out ol M ( Cbill 111 li Creek highei up and  it is ni Un- old 1 hannel sninevv hei e.  Ad.j.iii.ing Ihe L 1st Ch-iuc e i- t he r7oi 111  Star (Gn- Liuitl and (jeoige Lilorme,  ow iieis.) On I his-t 1 iiui a tunm-l 1 tins  below the < lee', bed foi Rll!) 'feel and  ( 1 0---1 lit I lllg loi the old ihlllliel I-- 111  piogii'ss. Tin- i- a valuable ptopeilv  and niiieh is hoped foi it The S'ltibe 1-  acadie 1-also a claiin ot -o-ne piomi-e  but little   has j el  been il ��������� me, but  >t  is to  vvilb Ilie   wesleiit   pin lion" this   has |,, | bo w orked I bis \ e.u   by .Messrs.   Adan  deal      Th.)   dividing   line   gives  to llu-    and Ml Dial laid  woiking   cieek   and   ln-i 1 h    diggings  w it h small meaiis, and, 111   the   fate  ol  tnaiiv level st's. have managed to diaw  a  huge  amount ���������'< I    tin-   pine   \i-llow  met tl fiom the   stieauis    i-id   (haninls  of   Big Bend.    Sleulilv     lleiwevir.   hv-  il 1.1 uhi  milling is -upei seding 01 di 11.11 v  hand jiiining aiyl lea e-  an-   now   held  on all I he pi im ipal 1 iceks.    A goo 1 b. -  ginning was made last  vearaud tapital  i,. so lai gelv seeking 111I01 mat ion about  the gi.'.it gi.ivel depo-il-il i- ( onliili-nt-  1\  expet led tl: it vv illllii live ye.u s theie           - " -��������� ";  will be m'oie livdiaulie    milling   in   the llhese   cie.-Ks   pl.u.-i   gold   anil uimei al I ho-vev ei and a   good   deal   ol   pay   ha-  Bend li an 1.1 ,m\ ither |:o!-lio!!-of   lilt-    has been and   is   It.   be   lotuid.    On the j1"  obtained.     Met ent . lainis are ( he  Columbia      it-t-11      auufei'ou-    giavel- I 11 iddeii Ti easiu e anil fhgllole.  cue 111   in   bai-   t ov eied by Ingii  w.-iei.J     On Camp Ci eek I In- I mpei ial. Sen il e  giavel- on   bed 1 in k   above   low  w alt 1, \ a I'd  Unique .11 e good piojierlie-  p 11 ily  it- piiniipal all 1 act ion. which   will   no , -"I sonic al>v ays roveied by w.ilei ami , ope'iul, and on Smith Cieek a   1 hei  ,-,,,,1,1    b(.    ij,,.     basis     o|      ils     futuie    s���������me   11,   benches   .-iik|    ten.ue,.      "J'l,,. , of 1 1 liln- ai e lli-hl of gi eat pi omi-e.  p.u L the vv estei ii.-lo| e oi" (heSelkiik-,  and llu' easleiu side ol the Gold  liange with, beivveeii. ihe mam valley.  Along      this     valley   a    smie���������uii,  nf  G(>lds(i cam. fed l\ the stieauis alieadv im-iit ici'irtl. is a lalhei din'Kull  -tie,un to woik being of great -i/e and  running    vei v   high   in     the     -im-hii,  lli-ams    bed   the   livei   and 111 ai.tl u.i , Se\ ei il 1 lalin- ha \ e he-'-n  w 01 i.ed   hei e  Pi ov uite.  Theie 1-still  .mot! ei    feature  ahou!  Big Bend, pei ha j's it   -Ii.mhl   he   calhtl  gn-at'ies-,   it  is   its   iich   ij 11,tit/,   lead-,  Att'-ilion to (jiiiii I'/,   milling   i-  of   bill  b/iielii's   11-e   pi    -utie--ive   li . . at e- to IiVKiV.'J'.K'.ViXlx:  lb'" h'-iyhl <d MM)  I   tiom   livei    h-vel \      Theie i-a ment  fuluie   loi  hxeliaulic  l-eiei I date in Big Bend foi    in   '.'I   hut  j and .11 "   ncl    always   rout itiuotis.    'I he , mi|llllt? iu , |���������.   [>������������������   B,.,,,].,,-  ,,i,,i,g (he  ' tn'oul.uv sl.e.iiiis aie sb.u!   an I    th.-u     ,���������,,),, 1 !m 1  ai'd 11,o-t   ol    il -  |, jhut.il il-s  giavil de.'osil- ,,ie   lai g. I v am il. 1 ..11.; ,  ,,,.   M,]t.l](b,|   giavel   be:,t l.t-  dl  great  they  aie   Lipid   and    i������lit   and t he ( s.,],,,-.    Th- bouldei vn e gene, .,!lv not  "'lh'1   - '"fs11   "'   iiiiilstm.mei.    The;!illuri.   i||1(1   ,,,,,,.    |s   ,,1,,,,,.,   aiienliie  movemenl in (piail/ hissnfai ,b velop- , ill)M.|,((. (lf -(,.,,,..,,)." ���������-, ,,,|C" gold is  etlu leu liolahh- i.llt.|- such as the the e-Xe epl .on and w h.tl )- gi'l i- w oi I ll  Gioutid Hog Be-Ill. K.-v-lolie .Miami-; _,,������������������,, .tjl.-, .-.') p.*i ouiue. Walei .an In-  am,   Caines   Cieek.   etc..   and   t htn.gh ! (1bi,,iiied undei    anv dcsueil   bead   ,nu\  (lllleienl rhaiat teil-l a-   belong In eat h     ;10t.(1 ,���������,,_ jn ,,������������������,  A.,*,.-. I e c ed   Ial.  yet, goiu'ialh, Ihe veins m 1 he .Big Hydi aulic iiiiniog dili.-is li eVm ipi.u (/  Bend cut the f f >i in.it i������iii noiih 10 nvmng 111 many w.i.\-: ihe oie i-  south,   ant!    Ihe   mam     leads    of   Ihe    g..nel and 11 isall in sight :   Hi-all 011  <"11"^    lu'1    -������'iH li-i .1-1    and      1101 Hi-    ibedi.mpwilhoii!  ling and epn -I ion-  wes(.     The laige  lead-   ale ol liniueiis,.    ,,f 11 eat nielli  in . d not   be 1 o|.-iib-i eil a-  -i/a-wilh huge   no 1   rapping-    .1- tli.tr    t|K. ,blV'-ie  bel w een I h.-"i un" ol I he  oil Kivslone Mollalal'i -a>.,l -< Hie ^j u ,.| ,., g,,l,l pt 1 s .11,1 and I ne ( o-t ol  stand 10  leet    i\,:ir    I hove    I ll'" u'l .Mllld.  , ���������   ^J.,,,^ ,|   ,- net 1    pi..111.     .Much oil he  wanting   i-.iln',nl\   Kugll-h 1 aptt .1 ha- !  --11 ' he   pi ei ion- n,el,i|-     I01.11.I.   Hid ^,��������� , ,.^   ,,,    l.v d, a uhi lhg   1-   111   gelling  l.ugelv,  niM-sit.i.    Then-is   not   111   I lie , ������'x <"i x    I'diiatiou    ol   a    g< ml   niuiei al j |llV(���������,,],],.   ,,,, ,1,-, |ll|h   ^U( h   a- n 1 t dtim j tlout-011 I lu^   gioup    Ibis   summer  am  w bo!    h-ugl h ol I he e oiinli x  sin b a I 11 ll  | c'-mip is p, mm 111.     \\ al-i    i-   exl;emel_\   1 (,,,,,, , ,.,,,,-nl, pb 111 \   ol  wa'.ei, b vv and     |,,|1.    Otbei   bonded piopei ties <M).   | |l(  10 1 lainis v\ ei e lot a lei it hei e. It is s il  to -;iv t hei e|ot e. I hough snincl liing was  done in this ilii eoi ion helm e thai x ear.  (hat il be-gi - (he hisiorv of tin- pail  of the mining indii-tiv. in ''.!."> ihe  liumbei of local ions intiei-ed lo oulv  III), but in '.'li, the past \e.11, gievv to 125  ol \\ Jut ha tiumbei have been alieadv  sohl and bonded and several opened lo  con-i b-i able ex tell I. I'] \ ei y I lung done  so la 1 h 1- (b'i.10,1 11.1 led I lie value and  stiengl a oi I he leads and 1 onsalei able  excitement has' billowed. This 1, nol  (onfiie.l to tin- lin.il si 1 t ion but is  gem-i il all ov ei ICoOt elia V .111(1 a bilge  i'llllIX ol llli'll is 1 --peiled (Ills veal.  .M illt-V   too il    is   expelled    will    not    be  (j-.;.\ii '���������/, juMvo,  'o r  O'linr.x'U licit. Basix.   h ing   belv\een  rienih and jMiCullocb ClieK, was last  \e.r well slaked and scveial (lainis  wei e opened. Theoie is fi ei'-iuilling.  Ihe im mat u\ 1 a micac i-uu - slate w hich  the veins iul at 1 lghl ,angles.1, A hoiil  filly 1 1 1 i in- ,11 e now hie it e.l in Gi omul  Hog, ol which the following doseive  nienlion.  The Oi phaii Boy, on Baiielt Cieek,  is (he most developed pi opt 11 v m the  Basin and olleis a good example ol  what the 1 est will be. Work wasconi-  iiienceil on this , 1,inn on Oct S, 'P(i, and  c onlinued to this month, with S men  working. Tw o I uniiel-hav e been run.  No 1 which ciosscuts Ihe lead al an  angle of .ia has got both wall- twenty-  live, leet ap.uli and well delined. 01  this lead :i'ue leet 1-splendid liee-mill-  mg ipiai I/, and along (he tool wall is a  I vv o foot s( 1 eak ol oiesjinil.il to Tiai)  oies hut nioi e i.ipabie of t oncenl 1 at ion.  Xuinber one I tinncl is in 12! lee-t and  liumbei" t w i). a himdied 01 moie feel  below , was m 7.S feet w hen an at t id ent  suspended vv 01 k. Then-is now about  100!) (on- o I 01 e on I he dun 1;) a v crag ing  IplM pel ton. Then' .tie lolll (lislinel  lead-, on this claim and a sf.uupmill  will he pill  up I hei e t hi-, ,] ime.  The Oh- Bull is al-o one of the best  t lainis in t his c amp anil is on one of  I lie main lead-. It -how,-, a lout feel  lead and lice gold mav be seen in I he  tut wilh I lie naked e\ e. A 20-fool  s.alt is dow 11 and a miiiII null is on  the ground. This propetly wilh the  C 0 D. Bosebery. Big Bend Belle.  Golden lllll and 0 K ,11 e I otided lo Ilie  London and B.C. Alliance Synduat ,  of London, I'higland. and vvill he well  developed this sinninei. The CO I)  has a Iwo-lool lead of v ei y 1 ich looking  'pi.11 I/, and ait open (ill 12 bel di'i p  shews it up. Then-are I hi ee leads on  Ihe C () I). The Big Bend B.-lle is lie-  inn I 1|i-i 11 extension ol ihe Oh- Bull,  and the Golden 11 ill lies lo Ihe sf u li  on same lead. The Golden Kagb- is another promising piuperty bonded h\  t his same s\ ndicale.  The VautotiM'i  and (do-ler ale   two  ol a gi oup of   11 ( la 11 ns  ow ,ied   by   I he  V.iikc u x 01 s\ ndu al e and fi I   I lies.-  base been pill into a compiuv. The  Big Bend Gold iM inlog Co. These two  claims bav e had woiU done on Ibeln  ,\\\(] show good leads 110,11 one lo t hi < e  feel vv nlc ol li e( -nulling tpiai'l'/. ol ,i\\  tveiage   value ol   $10.     Woik   will    li  The x-ein a-, f.u as kno_vvn is jihiniL 10  feet w ide assaying tpl I in gold, 10 'o/..  silv er, and 70% lead :,ot hei- and lowest  it-says gave ,$2.."i() in gold, 70 ounces  silver and good load peic eiitage. This  lead now (arries about 15 claims the  -111 lace -hewing- of which an- alt ex-  cell -ut. Assessment woik' has been  done on the .Snowbird, Heather and  other claims belonging lo A. W. Ale-  Iiitosh, Abiali.mison Bios, and others,  and ���������) Iiosslandfsyndii ate expe( t to do  ( oiisidei able woik thij> spring. Thirty  lour claims wei e located in this tamp  last season and as ( he  lulls all  mound  contain   mi nol .11    in   gieat   uuanfil ics  1      ij  theie will lie a   big   rush   (bis   season.  The camp lie- live miles west of Boyd'.s  i.inch vvhuh is four miles south ol  Dow Hie Oieek. 11 is supposed t he  gieat lead on Keystone 1- the iii.-iui  lead of the count 1 y and anoulciop of  (hat on Ihe head of Sotilli Koike of  Dow nic vv hich iinisN. W. A mineral  belt ofc oiinty is liark of this ami the  Gov eminent liileud piil'ting in a frail  up Downie Creek to tap'il. Keystone  is iindoiihtidly one of the big camps of  Dig Bend.-  OVisxRs Ckj:ioiC ,i iiiup, but HO'tnik-s  l'i tun Itevelstoke. is 01,e of great  pi oinise. The leading group hei is is  (lie propoity of I he Oarnes (Ji eek (J011-  solitl tied Co., olhi-es ,-il llev c|s(oke, and  is i o'.iiposed ol i he Hosehei-j , .Salisbury,  ilouiestake, Aiseuic and two otbei  elainis. "'I he "Ilo-i hei ,x cariies the  highest giade ol 01 e and has a six to  seven tool ledge. The 01 c is a kbit! of  .11 seno-pvi ite and is pi onounced by  expei ts to be ot a iharac ter capable of  c \ .milling on the ground at a cost of  .'j2'50 to I per ton. Tie .-tveiage gold  value of the die is about $10. This  gi oup giv osev "i-y indication of developing 1 1I0 valuable mines. A large  amount ol woik has been alieadv put  in un lh"se claims. There me  "ight otbei claims of some ineiit but  xel undeveloped on ibis neck. A  shaft down 20 feet on one of these undeveloped pi opei ties giv es $2S in gold  tiom 11 small but .sliong lead. Giay  copper is aho found at the head ol this  ( reek - ,-md a- a camp il piesents  feat ill es of accessibility elc. whirl)  must biing it to the J1011I. Theie.  is but one obstacle' to navigation  between Ihe moul'.i ol this tieek and  ( he C. P. \i 111.1111 I i in'.a ml t ha I is being  1 leal ed out by the Dominion authorities.  .IDKDA.V, l-V.-ih.  Ill tills pass, vvhiih inns 111 a nnilli-  ,vvoslei Iv (liiecllon anil ahotil. 1 2 inilfs  fiom liifvelsloke, two stio^ig p.u Jlcl  leads have been found 1 uniiing thiough  one giou|) of claims On the Wild  Goose an open cut and .'ia foot shaft  have been put 01 and shows solii"  inmei a  ibout 11 miles from its mouth,'and  have a huge showing of galena. They  at e cisj* of ac( i-ss alid likely to prove'  mines. '1'he pin chaser is J. K. Boss, of  Spokane, who lias ah.-ady largely in-^  vesled iir I his division. The lei ins. i^i  the bond call Im- a 10 pel-,cent, deposit  and t he balance in a year. The price  of each property i.s $5,OIK), or $20,(XX)  fur the gioup. ' ''  , '     The Mystery Solved.  'The innii/.L K. Pulton, slabbed Wed-   ,  ne-idav morning bv ono 10. Evan-, being  |)i onounced out of  danger  on   Fiiday,  both were tried hy J. D. Graham,   Sli-  'petldi.-iry JI.-igistr.-ile.    Full oil got, foui  monl lis for ci eating  a (list ui-lianc on  * i  t lie streets, and 13v.ins six for unlawfully wounding. It is just as well to  say here I hat this class of people ate  not wanted here and will do wrll to  keep away as the magistrate has ex-  pi essed his intention of inflicting full  penalties' in all siich cases, and in doing  this he vv ill have Ihe support and ap-  pi'ov'al of the townspeople. In Evan's  possession weie found 10 pairs of gold"  rinmied spect.ules of a pattern r made  by Laurance, of Montreal, which arc  being held at the Govei niiient office.  Getting" Ready for Business.  J. A. Mage-.', manager of the Kool-  eii.-iy Lumber ' Company's mill at  Lai di-au is in town. lie s.-ty.s the mill  is 1 unning full time and there i.s now a.  million feet of lumber in the yaid. all  of very good quality. A, scow HixOO,  capable of e.u ry ing.SO, 000 feet of linn her,  i- almost completed and work is proceeding on the tug boat. When the  Aim is open everx thing vvill lie in  ic.idiness foi .1 big se.isou'n business.  Local and Personal" Briefs.    i  Chaihe Wilson .11 lived fioiii' his  clown river trip late last week. ' ] Le  vvill again toot his own horn in the  hand.  J). W. Oleiidcnan, of thft1 Chicago  Ri'rord, hy his cud. was in town this  week- looking for infix 111.itit>u for n  vv 1 ile-up  A very sei ions outbie.ik of fits-  (smmions) tonic place in town this  week, and the only thing that seemed  to curb it via-, icpo.iteil doses of 8t.  P.u lick's Oil!.  We notice for stylish mado coats no  outside In east pocket is to he worn  this summer. (Jail tit Wilson's and  sec the the latest 111 fashions.'       ,        '*  .J. M. Kelhe is 011 the older paper  with a motion to (piasii (Jorbin's land  giant. Too I.IU'. There is no0 use  locking the stable dooi after the hoi so.  is stolen.  Dei iv   Leake   and   E.    L.    Kinman  2   feet    wide    and    cai iv ing j |lilx (. .,,���������,<. np   ,��������� (;, ,mt"s  .,iml], ,���������, t|1(J  gold       Suiiace assays horn the p.uallel I Si;(lth  K)1|1.   ,,,"   |,)(W1I���������.   C. eek to look  1.1 1 .,. ..  . 1.    vvu.l  / '  _��������� 1   :..   I . '  the   woik   done.      1 hev  left Mi.n-  i.iiue al set lion as Big Bend   and   non>-     I1'1 "Idol  lint olleis s n !��������� -ple.ulid  oppoi lui.itie- I ruuniiv    with   -tub   a   vvaiei-ht  might   oe   nnigined   1,1,1 |X]||ili]   boiild  1-  :i .id  ���������nil  tailing   e,a -. |is.      '1 li. ��������� c   t om lit 11 us .11,  Beavei,  Moll, Magm-I. .-(i.,   which   aie  bondt-.l lo the B   C.  I'lxpbn .11 u m ('o.. ol  edge above the Wild (louse give is 1 in  gold. Theie .ue moie leads 111 the  Jeii 11 in Pass and a goo,I deal of pms-  pc-tting vvill be done   theie   this   \e.11.  day  "L'ncle   Gt'orge"    Baldwin,    the   fur  buvei-iinci iill-'iound spin t   was in town  Ils pio.xinuly to the i.illvvav is a gi e.u f Li,,s w,.(.k M, li^hJ^i,, fMUS , |���������. l���������.sL  allia.-tioii. I'p to the present only j )1Mr(.s f(���������. fm s and makes no ek-Iav 011  about ten loialions hav.- been made | _),; IIM, |)ts. Sec his c .1 d in this issue.  "''"'��������� V,  Sieele,    iieasiuei    of    tin-    Ibex  Mining Co. eif the Sloe.iu. vva.s in town  Tuos'l.iv abd left apioltv souvenir of  his   pi ope ily.     I )cv elopnii-nt   is   being  01 iii:k   1 ii.tn.s  Theie aie   ui.inv olhei    pl.ues  in t he  lend  wilh p!e>nl\  ol gnod    iiiineial bill  In IliiCpiospei (in 01 mt 1 wilh modeiale !  Ihe timbi 1   i- h, ,e   jeibap-   tbebeMiii     ,,;]   m   ,;���������    ]{,,,,!     ,,,,,)     ,,1,,,.x      ,,,,, I .   London,    Lnglantl,    loi-   a    l.uge   smn.  Wesi   K..,,i,n.iv   ind   M'H-i-h   .;  Il.uk    g,���������,ig l,..ni o 1.. d 11 nl- pi 1   ( ulm    vai d ��������� Thest'-   loo   v ill    be    laigelv   developed  ���������IIm1   ul,lh   -I "'���������  "'ll   ln'  I'   '"I"   k   "l     i  . be washed.,I  .,  , i,,|,i. '  (Ills veil.     Theie- |s.i,s,,,,   'loi a I   svntli-  soiii,   tetlii. lb.,ug!l hlti,    ol    llu-   lis! ()���������.,,,     ,1,^1,, ,   .,,.,,    Smith  ('in k     t-ate ������.w lung Ilie Shaimoek.  M.unni. .ill,  Al the'iiioiii h of-Ciinor..'I!i.v er.. at tin'-. : ami t ho Columbia.' oi'i the��������� purl li'. sitle of ]��������� l-'air.vievv.. ' A ra hiaii.    .Maple    Leaf  and  about.'.'When  l.io'si'   ol her . |i|;u-e.s   a re I  I end' of. I i e-   (,'u'| 1.111 bin,   is   ;,  'v.-ilh-y of ' t be'i-rei-k..! In- ('olmii'bia' Mydia''ulir Co'."-  Belt her vvhicli   pi;i ,| liise    lo ' do"'a    l'nii-j  well iilli'-d .(.ial. I lu-ir'iiioder.li c openings j 12,l������lo .-n-i'e.s.ol' gi'md^  ,-igi.i. ulluia I   land. \ are "j "-rat ing llir--e  li-a-.c. ,-i .veriiig .'!(i' I "a i'dou m. nf work on 'their -, ery valti.-i ble i-      [ |ugh  ,M c'l'hersoij   was' .in   lovvii' t his V vviiod  wcm'-c vvitii hi in   en iniilr   lo Ne*  passed  inlo'   ready-.hands,    Big   Bend's I and IVinli lliere up .to Tele.leune t'iichr j'.'iirri.-.-.    'i]hey   have    Hi   :|e.-(   .ul'  'gr.-i.vej 1 ela iuis.     The 'A labia 11 'of I his group 'is a | vyi.-,d<, ; ] J't'ljvcl". ''...-      .  means.     Though 1 ho' k  I  ill   ol    ill 11 it-1.11  11  11 1 > lor lai k ol  pi 0|.ei   11 a u-poi Ial inn  ami    ,,lv ei 1 l-eiueli.   bee 1  pa-,si   I    bv    lor  ; pliiccs easie-l'. reached -,-i.lid , itioi'e   t;i l|t.etl  rem lining    vet     niiloiii bed.       I )ovv me I pushed   011    the   Ibex    vv it h .such sat is-  C'teek aspiendid   mi.ieial   couiiti v   vv ill | b'c torv   icsiills that    the  stock vv ill. 011  shoillv   he   1 poned    h\  I i.ul to piiispec- j Api il  1st, lid advanced 20 per cent,  bus      Above    Smn L    Cieek    and   up|       Dave   I'Vi g'lson. Im d   of   the manor  (Janoe liivei   huge bodies   ut iuuiei.il 'lt    l'"'    l!('VN     '"^"     ������hii li    beais   hit  gold and silvci -ate known lo exist j name ,v\u\ which was ihiisteiicd m  and some panics iulc'id pi ospet I mg , ' hi1- "thee, a' I in d fi 0111 J^in jib; V.dlcv,  theie (his siiinuicr. <v)iiail/ mining ( hit., Tuesdav night. .Mi Kei gus.ni  li is un 1\ pisl begun anil eveiv thing is ' l������!-"������ "i-i-n aiound the tonnes ot U.hW  vet lo he had 1 casou thlv hut signs | in ' he east and is of the opinion I hat  theie .in- I li.it il vv ill not 1 e loi long as ' a 1 u ge iiuioi ci of people will anive  as a Ial ge liiniioei ol piospeclie s .uiel1'"''4' tins siiiiiiiiei. J le- Is no doubt  1 apllahsts ,11 e 1111 mug   (hen   at lenl ion , <"'" '('1'  lo il, and   now    (nil    ������������������ 1 j���������, 1 11   is in llu- li     ���������'���������    Ixukwood,   one    of   the   olei  cminti v and being made theie, ll vv ill I tlin'.-is 111 I llenllew act and latch of  be bill 1 s'l ul (lute Imill when alien- | Solilh Sloc.i. 1. w.c in oliire this week-  lion is nine given Big l!i ud epi.u t/. , ���������<" mule this tow u a pleasant call,  heloit- it will be an acliveand vvealthv , I I c Is a line fellow anil de-eives the.  mining (.-.-nup.   -   , > ' ' ,revv';irrl of   his   eiitei prise.     \\ . .1. antj  Mrs.  Ix irk wood .-mi'!   Mis-   A lnui Kill,' PAGE %  THE KOOTENAY .MAIL.  ������be IKootenas flfcail  , PUHUSHKl' KVKUY SATUItUAY  - VT--  REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  -1SY���������  ATICIXH & SMITH.  I'l-HMSHCIl-!   \ND   I'liOI'lilUTOIt-.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annum  .Ti-" KtlOCTI.V IX   ,VI)V vnci: "-S  L. JOHNSON,  Kkvklstokk .Station', li.C.  ADVERTISING RATES.  C'ONTlt.MT AIIVKUTISKMKN'T.S uisciicel al  the rate of $I..Vi jk-i- column uu-li jici month.  FeirA|w< c-s eif s-i\- column itiulii-s or over ������1  tier inch l������-r moi-lli. o  TKAXSIKN'T   Ain'KI,"nsKMI-:N"T.SJl(l1..    pea-  , line lii-st insert ion, .'.(-. nc-r lino c.u-li  Mili-i'-  einotil    inseji-lion.     The   liiinilici-   of    lines  '    n-ckeincel liy spati-eii-i-iiiiictl. 12 hue���������  lo  tlie  inch.  ItKAlMNC";    NOTICKS   Kic.  l.i-r  line (<(cli   in-  ' soi-tion.   unless  conli-acle-il   for liy ilie  Km  lines.  JOH PltlNTIX'C of ovct-v kind at most rcwin-  .ililc rati-and shortest not ire.  .ACCOCN'r.-s.  for jot)   ill-nil ni};  or   itelvi-rti-iiiK  liavalilt- on the- lil'sl of evcrj nioiitli.  tt'OI.'It'KSI'CiNliKXCK on nil (nailers of local    i.ig  and   the   vctir's   business   shows a I  amount   of energy   they display in developing trade routes;.  It is also cheering to those who  know the local s'l.ualion thorougly to  see that the  company   is  alive   to   the j Haircut and shave 50c.  fact that   it   i- still, with   poss'.s>i<m of j ���������     mm,   Comfortable Parlors.  the ('. A: IC. X. Co. boats-, a; a great, tlis- | Opposite Drug Store.  atl vantage in com pet ing with A merican j ��������������������������� o   lines   into   Ivootenay' and   it   speaks of  having  tliiec-f  railway   ron'oc-c-tious of  ' " i  Its OW I).  The itio������t important feature of Unreport is the reference to tin- necessity  for tin- Let lib-idge-Nelson ' road and  the slaleiiTeiTi i- conci-ely made that  -lep- have already been t-ikt-ll towards  the ( oininencenient of the road in the  Spring. It is also expected tliatrtlii>  government, vv ill i e;ison;ibly nssi.-t tliem  in thi-matter. The financial position  of (he company  is  seemingly flourish- j  C.E. SHAW,  ' ,    Rkvklstoki-:,  B.C.   '  Real Estate, Mines and Insurance.  Agent for Ferguson townsite.  or public inli-ri st inv heel anil cm-full v^ enn-  .sitlL-rcel. ..\fl (-(.iiitiinnictitioiis to (lit;1 I-Milor  must be iii-utiiii|iiuii('tl I'.v lite- tiiiinc of tln-  vvi-iti'f. not iii'cje-ssaril.v for publication, bill  jis im i-viilcnoc of Kliod f.iitl). '  Aileb-css  Tine KocriKNAV '.Mail.  'Bevelstoke, B.C.  -in phis of $I,7iK>,772.  Granby  Rubber Boots  and Shoes : :  wear like iron.  REVKLSTOIvrc, -MABCir 2(1. I SOT.  fx I ho past tlnee weeks, mining  ieoinp;ini������s to the niiiiihor of 120 with  cm aggregate capitalization of .$100,-,  000,000 have hee'n registered.' This  brings the total capitalization of com  panics'in J>. C! to the" sum of $(500,  000,000.' We will all ho lich when  ibis amuuiiti jiays dividends. This is  ������u niuch ft county of 'magnificent  figure'! as of magnificent, distances, .-ind  there are as many ciphers amongst the  fi"ures as there are miles in the dis-  'tuners. Yet. all these companies do  business, probably because distance  1,encjs cHiohautnieiit to the view.  H'lrnum would have clone well in 15.0.  Take Notice.  .Mails fur all points sont h (B.(^.) now-  close at Hevelstoki- Station P. O. al  I p.m. on Monday. Wednesday and  Fiiday. This applies Lo 1st class matter  only, i.e. letters and postcai els. Net  registered nmil dispatched. This mail  closes al I p.in. punctually, vvlW-ther  s-oulb train is on time or not.  THE DIPLOCK BOOK >  '!      AND STATIONERY GO., LTD.  Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and  . .' Stationers . .  ���������>..-,i-i>n> VANCOUVER,   B.C"  Stuck to His Feet.  The London correspondend, of the  Jlossl.-md jMiner speak ing of a lecture  given hy Prof. Odium on the resources  and principal featuiesof B. (J., says:  "The professors maps���������drawn and  coloied by himself, picsun)ably--vvi-ro  both instructive and ,-iinusing. In the  diagram sbowiug the "rainfall in dif-  feient pails of the province, ceitain  numbers such as To-oO and 12-20 were  (o   be   observed,    which' the   lecturer  o  "gravely i stated to mean the average  annual rainfall in feel ! The'ch.-iiriuait,  the Hon. Forbes Vernon,' smilingly  suggested inches, but the professeu  gravely stuck In his'feet. ,ln London,  where it has rained almost continuously since last Scpleinbei, with brief  intervals for fog or snow, tin- sadness  t f k lch a dampness can be properly appreciated. The slides shewing specimens of B. C!. lumber weie received  with mteresl and pos .ibly some people  went, bom" under the impression that  the in.-ignil ud-'of the timber was due  to the abnormal laiufnll.        ' '  Tn its issue of .December 2,  '9G,'   the  'Vancouver World said :'   "It is to   be  Imped the proper authorities will   give  "i\ccf} to the conditions existing to   tho  jiortli of Vind in the vicinity  of   lvViol-  ���������stolce ; as they now stand they are   in-  /leed  a   public   disgrace.    A" word   to  ihe wise should be" Millioient.     But,   if  wisdom  is   liick-ihg   .-mot her   ce,nir������o   is i j,,,]���������,.    W;,lk.-iii   when   lie   tried .the  open and that is a  mighty   one  (ho voice of the people."  Tn February, this  same   paper   savs , .  ! ilcciilcil.    The   matter   was   carried   to I  ,,he Government, have nothing .-it all ... j,^, SllI1|1>|IK, 0,ml wh\, Il<IVl. mm.  ,,,.. ���������  flo with the river hank at,   Kevelstoke. j ci(](.(] uith ;l fll|j |)(l|u.|, ,i,r,(  t|���������.  verbal  He Is In On It.  The interesting Monitor 0M ine suit'  which was appealed fioiu Judge  AV.-dketu's ruling was 11 ied lest week  before- t he Kupra'ino ('our! a neb decided  in favor of (lie plaiuLil1', Well.-. In  this case Wells claimed a  half   interest  in the Monitor near Three Forks on the j,;-^.^  thcv  CHn    afford" tO    sLea]  gionnd that  Pctl v s.-ud iMietliscovered j  anything Well-should on account, ol a j  previous   understanding  " be in'on it." ' DCincr CililtJITt.  . 0. S. DOUGLAS,  Real Estate and Mining Broker,  139 Cordova St., VANCOUVER, B.C.  ��������� f. MATHEWS,  Real Estate and Mining Broker  , ��������� 319 Cordova St.,  VANCOUVER, B.C.  Mining stocks .-mil properties bought  and sold on commission. Correspondence solicited. ,       .  doering & marstrand ,  Brewing Company,  .. VANCOUVER, B.C.     .  Alexandra Lager and Porter,.in    Kegs  and  Itobtlos.     Alvvavs- icdiable.  \f\l   B. McKECHNIE,  PHYSICIAN and SURGEON,  REVELSTOKE . .'. . B.C.  OFFICE in It. Samson V house (ucxl I'itsbyt������r-  ..   i.tti Church),    ('.ill- by Toleiilie.no or Telc-  Ki"i|'b promptly .itlL-ndi-il ui.   Ollicc boiu-s:  !l::{il lo llfit.ti)., l::Ml to I ami 7 to S ji.iii.  QHAS. R. CARLYON, ''  Barrister-at-Law, Solicitor  and Notary Public.  jr-H-OKJVICK:   JI All. liiTnani^, Itevolsl okc, H. C.  JAS.  McMAHON,  General Blacksmith & Woodworker  ��������� to-   -    ��������� '  Ive'-pairs to 'Wagons.    Tools Sharpened.  SIIOiCINti   A   S. KCIAI.TV.  '   ���������       a. McNeil,  BARBER SHOP AND BATH ROOM,  Front Street, liavulsluk'f:.  MAPLE LEAF HOTEL,  ILLECILLEWAET, B.C.  The Pioneer Hotel of the Pioneer  camp of "West Kootenay.  Good rooms, newly furnished.     - Best table in town.  Choicest- Liquors and Cigars.'    Commercial Room.  ,1IES-"-^ T. RICHARDSON, PROp.  ^^Gold Hill Hotel  FRANK VAN DALE. Proimuktok.  -���������Revelstoke, B.C.���������  Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving  Tickets for $1.00. ���������  The Staff of Life  is Breads'  The better the bread the better  the staff.  '  A. N. SMITH,  "  Baker and Confectioner,  Ricvklstokic Station.  Any One  . _ ������������������' Requiring Wood  Can Uuy it. Cheaper fiom  W..' FLEAriING;  GUY   BARBER,  WATCHMAICER AND JEWELLER  Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.  -     REVELSTOKE, B. C. "  J. R. HULL & CO.  it and take'the chances of  Wholesale    and   Retail  BTJTCHEKS.  Purveyors of H igii-class Meats.  RSVSL3TOKB, B.C.  All oi-clcr^ in cstir line will he pi-cinipt.ly  .���������itt.endeil t,t).       ' s ���������  THE   REVELSTOKE   PHARMACY.  fc'UR  FALL STOCK consisting of  Patent   Medi-  Drugg-ist's  Best Table in Town, Well Furnished Booms,  Choicest Wines,, Liquors and"Cigars^"  Everything Strictly First-Class.  Terms $2 per day. . K am loops Beer on Draught  Dt  it.   1^; in.ttlei-iit   Nelson   decided   thnt    Wells i  ni.- inte.-oi IDraying a Specialty  h.-td .-in   interest    lint  o  could   nol   he   di-lined   it   vv.-is   left    nn-  At Lowest Prices.  and is astonished ut the .1/eli/  for   mil:- I .-mieeiiient vvas hindinir ;intl lh.-tt Well.-, i nnQMODflT T'T A M   UnTf?!  yes.in.-uchathinu. , i> ontiilcl  to   ,.   l...lf   i..ter<-r.   in    the , UUOlllUrUiil I AlV'HU 1 ElU  KAMLOOPS,B.O'.'  xv  Oli!,the pomps and vanities of   this : ,n,M"- "'"Il'l?  1 '       eriv.  nnw    it    \ .iltl.tlile   pio  wicked world, in what c-urioiis L-h.iiinels  /if conlrarHction do tliov   inn.     Whioh '      Oin-iiie  th-   month  of i.iiinu-y  the  of these two opinions would the World ' ,1,ini" nf Lil"   L'm"1' Sr',t,'v  P'-"llllt-"li  ... ... .    .       . :-5),."j(X).(XX)   pound-   nf   c-oiip'-r:   loieiifii  wish the public tn believe H is   mihi'ip , -    .   ., .>l(1  1 ,      , iiiines    proline oil    O.OeO    ton-   <���������!    1.2W  )n. . ' l     ! pottnd-      K-vport   --f   coppi-r   Imm   tin-   *���������  r.S.  ,din inir    .T.iieii.iiy   .iniotinl'-d'   Lo  TilK nevv - vviiter,   clauses 'liill   i-   mi    p.7U)tdn-.  first leadiiiLj ii seiMiiiiiffly  f;iir   iiio.istiio       p,n, |y urll .nith-niie ���������i.-d   i-.tn-pn:t  jlesiioied to protect ilie interests of tlie,    from   th-   v\e-t   thai .   lit-    No: ihe-;-.'i  pnhlic in one eif, the girat   natui.il   ail-  vant.-iLjes .-ind   rights   with   which   the  fount v is lilt'ssed.     It  Best of everything !>oing.  RUSSELL   &   HEROD,'Prop's.  P.u ifi.-anel  (ii-f.it   Ne������iM'"i-!i   lt.t'lvv.iv-  aie   heinir   c oiisoltfl.itetl        The���������-    two  lint���������     '���������onli-tjl      f'orh'iit'-      i-o;ivl     frorii  t-ouniy is oiesseo.      it is a   <-'"'|",,|,f'"- ' Spokane-   to 'I?..-hin.l.   .ind ' ir   i-witi,    rejii "-cot ',n  sivo nioasure co\ oiin^' loo seorions and    tln-in that th" C.I'.R   \\: 1 i  li.tv-ti.oni-   New    Yml.  CASH FOE, RAW FURS  I5ALIAVIN. X.unloops, B.C.  'o-c-|ih LTihnanti. Wt. H.iul.  and    London,     Knifl.inrl.  jts voi-v l.ii'iio scope nnikos it nil lw  unwieddy iinrf hiird to digest. Tt i- to  hr hopr-d the me.-isuie will hn viell do-  liatod and made as coinprehensihle -.s  it isroinprohensivesoth.it iiny minei-  in.-iv construe irs hearings oir~Iiis on n  Hiring without bein.C cli-owneii in its  ^e;a of clauses.  'J'he (Jovernineiil i- hit hy hit sieal-  }n<j all the Opfiosition tlniiider and  jii-ikinL' the i.ilktiil of e-oalition <-,i-iei  iif accoiiiplisliini-nt. First the opposition to land bonusim:, next the re-  (nisKioii of inin-r's licc-n-i-s. now tlie  pintectioil of water lights.  There die still a few little in.itti-r.s  the (iovorniiioiit mi^'ht, fix tiji such as  proper ir-piesentatioii, etc.  1-     flnf for    the    -oiltiol   ' of    Kfi'iteiMV'-v Uiv���������    -l    lair    .Hid    -epi.no    assoitmellt,  tr.nle.    Tin-' ain.ik'iiiDMiion   iililn-twu and ..il')Vi-<. full viiln.-   for   al!   kind- of  lines iiKiv.tffoMl tin-in -niiie.nlehlion.il uivi-iurs.   Shipments Solicited.   Prompt,  -tren^lh    in    eonip'-tiiijf    ..ij^aiii-t    tin- I''  u   ii- asStiierl.  ('annilian line-      Truth- lirvirtr. '       - ���������    -  cines, urugs,  Sundries , and 'I'oilet "Articles  has, just been'received and may  be 'had at the lowest prices.  Kull. line of Stationery qand  Cigars always on,hand. ,-  THE .kvaSME   PHAR1VSA0Y.  F. HeCarty-  I Wholesale and Retail J  i'/.-BUTCHBri.. :  o riBAr.KK IX  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught  Horses.  Revelstoke Station, B.u.  GOLUMBjA   HOUSE,  ====-Revelstoke, B. C.=   --' n   -���������  -.. _-  ' _ p  i..���������-ii������.,.i.... *  Largest Hotel in Town,    ;  '  Centrally Located, Best Accommodation;  Free Bus,  Bates $1 pep day.  HROVVN  &; CLARK,  Proprietors.   ,     -  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars,   Draught Beer always.oiv tap.  LEON HOT SPRINGS,  Upper Arrow Lake, B.C.  Under same  Management  ���������j-.-ii-i-.'  IB.   ZLiZE^IKlJEn,   nvciE.  .    I I ' f 1   ��������� J  Mining ^Engineer and Metallurgist  -REVELSTOKE AND GOLDEN B.C.--  Assays'on Mi and Silver. ���������"'"';; ;.       :"  ' Analysis, of All Metals made at lowest patos.  Prompt   and   Oniroc-t.   Kesulls   Gu;ii-iiiiU''(!(l.     Jieports nmdi! on properties,  etc.     Give nn- a call.  Stockholm House. WBM  J. AMJKUT STUMK, Puoimmktou.  ASSAYS-  N.  MA  ( 'llll)|j.lllli  USE '  of t!i3 Registration of. KOOTENAY  a Foreign Company. ��������� ikioifie"1  - At!  I'.n-t IV.. .mil   Aiiienilnu' A'-i-. I  J. A. MacFaflane, F.C.S.,  Assayer and Mining Engineer,  62 T, HASTIXCS s-r.,  VANCOUVER,   IJ.C.  All nss.iys iind analytical work done in  duplicate,   willi  Scrupulous personal circ and (lisoatcli.  ���������.������-.ii-rjiii  Stondiii^h Mminj? Company (?ov'-\gru.  I 1 (fNti-ri-iI I In- -'-in! '1 n of l-'i-l-niMi;.. \-V!  r   IIKItKHV CKIITIKY 1l1.it   I  li.or  'I-i- d.iv  1     rrui-l'-rcil   tin    ' "tuii-li- irh   .Miiiiiil;   ''inn  zktct:r,:e ��������� p h. heaps & co.,  '   L���������.        ,',iii; Coiiliiv .1 St.. ami I'uivell St.,  -   va\(Xji;vick,' li.c.  Miiicn iinil   Mining  111} ' (l-'oi"i-n,'io. uiwli'i  sin-  ������������������('(iinp.iiiii -   Ai  l1 ni I V..   "i!i -fi^ti.Uioiiuf Km ciKM ('.jii 11> OIK -. '  .  .owl A nnynliiit,' Ai I-  'I'lii-In ml <illl> ���������> ni tin -.111! fniiifiiio' 1- -sr 11-  , ,itnl :il .Milw.inkd-. Hi rln- .-it.<l<- (if \v i-i-iin- 11  ,  I    M  A.  I     'I'ln'(ili[i-( n fur ului li tin-('iiiiii'uny  i- ' ii.ili  1 1.->It* il lire ���������  'I'll    pllll I1.1-'',     i"liiii-'-.    ������|i< r.it'.    i--c Il.tllK'  1   ll'llfl. Ill'ii'l ������.IK������-.   -i-II, I' .l-"'.    .Ill'l.     Willi     lll'll"-.  I iiiiiii-i.i1^   nr  l.ui'U  1 niil.iiliirii;  nv  id|ili'--i il   l(>  ' cont.1111. 11111K ^  i.i.ii' -.i'-. 'I' p'l-io' "'��������� .1 iirin 1 m -  , 1 s.iikN m-jf'-ivcl-. .ni'l K'l"'1'-''^  In i-iuau" 111 11 e  1'lie repdl-l of tin- p.i-l  v-e.ir - lin.ini l.il ] niiniiife-Ipiihiih-���������-..  .mil  In (lewlnji  .uul   '.p'n'li-  ,���������it^ of 'he c.i'.n.-isi'-iM ii,,s.ju-.i ! '"."1*.."."f:!il..km,|-,.-,'".,r.1..,.0,.'V,^.l.:5''..'.'.'.���������.*".'','���������.l!"'::  ic oniv   rdviii.c   r'.-mem    u-r  tii fliii;i.-,fs  p.'p;in 'I    and  ' '(iHLflr-i. lA>KI-. .un  o!   the    liuiLJ  solrl fini\' 'it  The CP.R. Annual Report.  I mi  tin   hii-ini-1  of   |iiiri li.i- nii,   it. 1 t  lit,',   "ll  lieeil    i'-Mied.       It    ii   ca flllilll v-   wnllcii  1 -I rur 1111^;.   op' nil inj-C .m>l    ni.iiiil.niiiii/, 'I.1111-  .,   ,, ." 11! (.ni.ils, (lili-ln>-,   ������ ii'-i u,i\~,  ni r\ f >ii -.  :,'.ii'-i  jnwlfioi".   ml-"  -ill   Hie   merits   anil   ���������������<��������� fiioio -.   |.i"-u���������\,    -Iiiims,     tnnin-I-      ������.ht  lliei'il������of   it--   ll.llion.il    tiilfle.      M  in ev- . !n.i.ii-.|>.|>f-',i"."liii)ii\. Iioildnui.li.il IKkui-  ' _ . #, -inl.il'lc,    iiiws-.ui     or    1 oip.i-ni' ill     lor     Hie  (l-emelv   gl-.-ilif J'illK  lo   Hiitl--ll    ('0I11111- j utili/ntion of u.iti r for tin- pin (".-.c of hnli.iiili.  tll.-il    the  (leveloii- ! I>l:|.''f r "onuii,'. f.r ol li. rw .m .  Abey's Pharmacy  ,   .  REVELSTOKE STATION.  Prescript,ons D'Sp'ifisecJ Da/.'or Might.  MACHINERY :������Z  Pio^pj-i I inii DrilN,  -.11V    .Villi    M.li-lillW'l l     Kll I     S.'IWr-, KlllJIIIls.  lioilci-.    W'.ll'-C    U'llirU.   i>h-. -J-.1I -lllll  Thi Cyanide Process..  The lining Room is furnished with the best ihe  Market aMs,,  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED .WITH THE CHOICEST   \   WINES, LIQUORS/AND;������IGARS._  THE CENTRAL' HOTEL  AHKAHAaISON  MHOS., PifoenncToits.       '    '���������    .'  First-class Table   +   G-ood Beds   ���������   Fire-proof Safe  Telephone   ���������   'Bus Meets all Trains.  THE   QUEEN'S   HOTEL  AlillAIIAMSON . UltOS.,  Pikhmjiktoks.  Iiiani io see I' "���������!'��������� fe'  levelop-  To do .1 r>��������� 1 p'Tl'oi iii i-wrj   ;i'I   ;n>'l   rliio^   nol  1 1      ..I. .1   1 1... 1.  ... ��������� .^  1..    ......... ~ ....  j 1 lent  of tr.lde heie III the   pi-ov Hid- h.i- . lien in -mi" idol. Iml win. li  ni.i.e  I"    iic-c-.u-v. , ) yfi^fi  ' ,       1 1     ���������    1 !���������   1       profiir, OTf Mi'.luiil for fli'--ii'"i-nr pioMl    '���������'  ,  ? .Vr Jt-S  t������l'i-.illv   |c-.--'-tlo< I    Hie   -lii'inK.i^e vv hien | tlni I'niiiii.iio. nol im iiti-i-lciil   uilli   I.iw  .oi'I 1 >   JF&  vi 011 Id I1.1 vi* ('(-ciii-i ed   vv il limit, it. hv t lw  .shoi t.itce In the vvlio,(I  ci op.  In  III      pUIMII.IIi' ���������      'if    l!������    plll-pOvl-.    ,Hill     Ol.ll'lls,     In,    )  iiiii.Ii.i-i-,   .iii|tiiii,   Iiold,   -.ell.  ri nl.   iimi Ij?hi*i , I  (  i\ pnllii 1 .i|i\ or olln-i ������ i-<-   ).���������' 111 r 11���������    .uul   rlispn-..  .. .     1     , ,.      ��������� of .ill kiiul-i of 11 .il o< pi-i-on.il prnpf-rl .   .ni'l   In!  p.lialilV   l-oilliect.i-d, , loo,    MIC. the , ,,x,.r,.N(, .,.,1 |,���������n-(.,-.s ���������,nil   fnuicliiKCK   niciil-nl. .In,-!  i'liliire of lliis|l'roviiiei-;iii(l l.hr fiiiaiu-iai! M'<-  lniHiiu-s.   pni-po^H.   .mil    olije-,:!^-  licroin  ���������   ' ' .spccillc'l. or nny ol. I li'-rn.  The. i.:(ipilnl sto'.'k'of.IlK! siu'fl f Vinipaii}' i-: on'-  iniliion dolliirs, , dli-irlcil .Into om-. I1.111I1I1 ci  l.llOIISIIIIll oIllll-rH Of III'! I'llll" vii I uc of l.oi 1 'lolln.rs  '���������ii.'f.li.  'fiveil noil' i- my IkiikI and will of (illlrc, nl.  V'ii-loi-i.-i., I'lOVinVc ;iif Hi-iMhIi ,1'olilMiliin. llrW  :,'_'ikI rlnv of l-'i-lii-u.-ii-.v, IS!!7. .'���������''.���������  '  li���������-/|.   . . S. V. YVOOTTfN'.  1,'lr   - I.'i-ifi.-li'-.'ir of Joinl Slorl; f.oiii,piiiii'>.  i'iii"|!l-'-;veiii<-iil of thei-oiid. The (/'. P. If..  ���������ji.-llia^i-liient. us well as t lie.' count,ry  ���������jfeliel'iilly. vvill "(je'eiill'v.. l.'-nefil. Iiyllw  /lev i-li-pniciit cf l.his pi-fiviin-e no'l tin-  ;illUi(lllt ot' lieiiefil I hey l-eeeive will, lie  ,)}} l\  iri'e.iil. J.l.ie''sil--e   ill'-    nil  l-opn ��������� 1 if / lie  rHIRTY-c;frl/f:'NTH  Vv-'AR,     4.    4.    4.'  -���������������    4-    WORLD-'/yiDF. CIRCULATION.;  Twenty Paees; Weekly; illustrated,  |ND|opFN������'.p!X_ToMl*'lM'l  Mj^.'..-  TlfR'KE nqiLA;^ f>:'i .V;,.VK. >-0STFArD:  MINING AND WWW PRESS,  ������20 Market Gi:,   Gam Thancisco.Cal.  REFRACTORY GOLD A SILVER ORES  Truatoil ami Iloporteil on  Fiy The   MacArtlinr-Forrest  iliin-'-l  ('i.oiiiliitlmi,!  Oy The.   M.icArthur-Yat(;S  1 \niiil Mi.1 I'ciii .111 I f y.ini'liii ion.)  I'Ol:  I'.vl.'TK'ri.AI.'S  The Cassel (iold Fixlraclinjc Co.,  (Limited.)  W. P(;llt;y/-H;ii'vcy. F.C.S.. Supt.,  Vancouver, 13. C  tv \ i-.i .-in;' in .iii ii- in .mi im - :s.! urn  QEQ.  D. SCOTT, ���������'  InsiiPHnce and .'Mining'Broker;  ,l!,f. .Miinnttdi'' I.o'i'l'ii'i .t.' Liiii'-ii-iliire . l.lfu  Asmiii-iiiic'! fo. Miuimti'i-' V'lincnn.vcrMlniii'.r  ltiircii.ii. Stock In all Itollablo Companies  for n.-ilo. .    ���������!      ���������--���������"���������I-'-..  "30n Cordova St..  .Vancouver. B.C.  Everything new and First-class in ali Respects.  The House is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market  K.  J.   KKRR,   Proprietor.   ,  First-class Table.    -   -   Comfortable Booms.  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Rates $1 and $2 per day.  CLOSE TO DEPOT AND BOATS.  9  ������  !&  J������   SPBCIAIiT-Y-. THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  PAGE 3.  ���������    TO PROTECT THE WATER.  The Government Bring Down a Comprehensive Water Bill."  The ,Wii(i-i- Cl.-msi'.s CoiiMiIidiition  Act, 1S97, . is tin- .short title of a  very long I>i 11 of -i'.i pages and 155 sections which has ,jiist lict-n intioduced  liv tin* lion. AUnrney-Gener.-il. Its  inl-'iit is to confirm to the Grown all  unrecorded   water   anil   water  powers  ��������� and to con?('li(l;i((* and ain.-nd t Ik-l.ivv  relating to the acquisition of water  rights for , .-ill put poses. H.i fifr, it is,  with the Trading  Companies' Act, the  ��������� inos-t iinpoitant measure hniught.  '' before , the House. Following is a  '     sinniiiai-y of its provisions':  'Pail. Ono di-rliires all unrecorded,  witter to lx* vested in the Crown and  that no riirhl. lo iicriii.-incnl divci-sion  ,iir exclusive' water rights .shall lie  acquired otherwise lli.-m tinder direct  legislative .-iiitlforiiy.      (  Part     Two   'provides     that     every  '    privilege  imili-r  this  part   of  th<- Act  shall   lie  conditional   upon  t lie i-e.-i-iui-  '    a hie use of the water acquired,    livery  holder of a   water  right   lecord   shall  take all reasonuhle   uu-ans for working  the   water   granted   and     if    wilfully  wasred may he c.-iiicelli'd or reduced hv  'the  Gold   Connnissioner.    Application  must he made  with   thirty days notice  '   to   the   (idld     Ciimiuissiouer   'of  th'-,  district and   may  coyer  oidinary  do-  ,   iiii-stici  agric-dltn/.-il,   milling, ' milling  and concentrating use's.  ���������  Part Three deals with the  siipplviug  of  water  to   incorporated   and ' unin-  corpoiated localities, cities and   towns.  It. gives municipalities rights to record  unrecorded water suhject  lo  approval  of Lieut .-Governor and of expiopriatii li  ovei recorded water foi-a proper household   supply.   Other  applications  for  water required liy*a inunicipality   may  lie stayed until the  a'ppliiation   of  the  inunicipality is decided upon.   A inunicipality need not confine it-application  to as   much   as  is   neccs-ary   hut.   can  anticipate      expansion.      Waterworks  companies   may   with   consent. ,of    a  municipality   construct,   systems    and  upon   obtaining a ' certificate   from   a  judge .may   do   mi   in   unincorporated  localities their rights to   he   suhject   to  expropriation if the  locality   is  iii'tln  >   future   incoi pornted.    Upon .expropriation --I company is.''to he paid, t he total  ( costs of the work-, a sum   sufficient.  ti"  '  make theii profits up (o 15 per cent   on  actual paid up capital lor the time tin-  plant is  i.i operation and a bonus of Ul-  l>erii'iit upon tin-cost, of cons' met iu:<  The profits of aw.-tlei-  i-ompauy > inn- ,  not exceed ������0 ] er eei.t in -any one yeai  Part Four deal- vv il li'-.-ill-cLis-a-s oi  coinpanies (eXi'-biMvV 'of waterworks)  wliii de-iie to olitain water records for  motive power,, irrig.-il.iou, hvilr.iulii  mining, ti-amways, telegraphs and  electric lightii'g systems. A "Special  1 mode of incorporation is requited foi,  this class, of companies, and the object  of tin- incoipo'-ation must he resli-icled  to those spcc.ilicd. The water right  and the amount ,of capital in 1 hi so  ciises is'set 1-y ihe Lienl.-Govi'-rnor-in-  council. Within miiiiii ipalit.ies , these  concerns uui-t comply wilh the bylaws. Twelve mouth- is the maxiini m  period allowed any company to com-  nience vvork. '.All charg'-s of these  companies have to he siiluiiit (c,i to (In*  Lieut .-Gov ei-nor-in-i ouncil      foi       ap-  {HOV.'ll.       '   '   -        ,  Part. Five governs procedure of <*x-  |ii-opi ial ion and provides that, no  record or privilege of any municipality  shall he taken by any other municipality without the piopriatory municipality's consent- and authority of the  Ijieuteiiaiit-Govi-riior-in council. Also  that the records or privileges of any  company shall not lie purchased hyan-  othi-i company,without, the consent of  the same order. All municipalities and  companies are empowered to  give  aid  hy way of bonuses etc. to any company and an- authorised to take shares  etc. ,in such companies under conditions.  Part Six deals principally with regulations of the act and the repeal of  former acts hut provides that the  Lieut.-Govet nor-in-coiincil mav reserve  c  unri'coided water for Grown purposes  subject to acquisition by public hut  without compensation. AH down  l eserves of water,'shall specilially declare Ihe terms and conditions upon  which icservcd,water shall he available  and acquired from the Grown. Powers  arc also given toy appoint wafer commissioners, and a scale of foes may be  established and provi.siou made fo'i col- I  lection.- The act is'made to cou-c in  force .Tune 1-t, 1S07.  The following acts and parts  of'acts  aie repealed : ' j  Sections 5!) to 7!),   both   inclusive,   of]  the ".Mineral Act, ISDO." |  .Section 51 and sections 5(5 to 7S,   both  .inclusive, of   the " Placer .Mining   Act,  1S91:"  ..Section   2   of   the' " Placer   ."Mining  Aini'iiilmenl. Acl, ISM."  'Sections 3!) Lo 52,   both   inclusive,   of  the "Land'A(���������t..���������,  , Section 9 of the " Land  Act  Amendment Act, 1891." ',  "An Act providing for the cleclion  and defining the duties of Water Viewers," being chapter 'one hundred and  seventeen of thf'7 Consolidated Acts,  1SSS." ' . ' ���������  "The Water Privileges Acl, 1S02." ,  -.Provided that such repeal shall nol.  affect any rights acquired, ��������� or any,  liabilities or penalties incurred, or any  act or thing done tinder any of tin-said-  Acts or purls of Acts. <  eastern Ontario, and the expenses of  living are coi lespondingly higher. The  low cost, of production is very siig-  ���������gi-stive to owner.- of free milling properties- in Canada.���������Ex.  The Big Strikers Ended. K  The great minei-s strike at. Leadville  was, brought to a close la-L week mainly through the^-efforts of Eiigeiie V.  Debs, the man whom the lailroads  h.ive ostracized, and Tingh-y .S., Wood.  The strike has cost the camp $J,U0O,OM,  an immense sum truly, beside what  'the various   miners'   unions  and other  labor organizations   have  contributed,  - '/  the a mounts of ��������� which hoik* know except the leaders, of the, strike. It.has  been a long, haul .sirusjgle and, while  the ordinaiy citizen condemns* a strike  as involving mon- or less trouble all  around, sympathy has, been very  strongly with the men of Leadville who  only a-ked for $3 per day upon which  to exist, and support their families  where the cost of living is greater  than in almost,-my other west ern cjiinp.  Altogether the Leadville strike has  been a 'very sad affair and its effects  are likely to   be  felt   for some yeais to  '.(line..  IMPERIAL  BREWERY  ���������Kamloops, B.C.���������  Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.  All orders promptly filled.  B. Wkjikkkiiy. .   .    Proprietor  TO.  I BY.  isvii.y. erost.  MONXIXJ.SUC.  State Ores,:  ampling*  Ksiii'jli-liod  IN! I.  .\ tfeiiuml ore market,  Lni-Ke-l works ill Colorado  Modern mills an I m.udiin-  L-i-y ul Jlcnvcr, Jd.ilio Springs, mid Klaelc H.iwk.  Ore sold on comyctitive bids. Wril c for our  l-ufc-rciicu liouk. Addict State Ore Sampling  Co., JD^nver, CoL   (JoM Hullioii IjoukIh.  THE 'KOOTENAY LUMBER CO., Lm L  LARDBAU, B.C.  Manufacturers of  Shingles, Roug\h and Dressed  " Pine, Cedar and Fir Lumber.  Wide,  GRADED STOCK:-  Well seasoned    -    -    -    Clear Cedar,  Clear Cedar and  Pine for liar and Counter Tops.  Extra-long', dimensions a specialty.  P.O. ARROWHEAD, B.C.  THK  BEST ANt* CHEAPESTROUTE  TO   AN I;  Fl.'OVI  Jack, San ils is, always |iie|iiire<l to do  te,;iniiuLf nun' hauling of .-ill kinds .it.  slim-tost notice. See, hini about your  winter wood. , *  A. NETTLE,  Satisfactory Mining Test on Le"Roi Ore;  The result of tin- milling test upon  the low grade ore of tin- Le Hoi. while  not so f.-tni-iful as indicated in the  Spokane Review, i> more than nullifying to the management of Ihe mine.  Ten iinil one-half tons of the ore were  ���������selected from the dump of (he Le Hoi  for tiny test, I he average value of which  was $1(5 a ton.- The oie-was cniicen-  Lrated 0 lo 1. There was saved on the  plates'a gold and silver value of $(i7!S.">,  imd the gross value of the conci-iit rales  was $i:i.S2, so that Go per cent of the1  VJilii'-s were saved. The c-oncentrates  averaged'1.OS ounce,-* g'1-1. 2"2 'ounces  silver,',' ai.d 2.V per M-ent.0 in ��������� co; -  pei-. The t.-iiling-. ass.-iyed .$5 in all  values. The management estimates  t.hat.-lhe dump fiom which the ore. was  il.en will average $10 per tun. If  .'.rtlier (est- d -inonsl rate the practic-  .ihililyof this nuule of (real irent. it  ���������vill nieaii a great deal lo I lie l.e Roi us  veil _ as ��������� l he oi.lu-i properties in t he  ��������� li-*lriet. a-~ it. -nlve-- I lie prolilein of  1,1 e.-it incut for, (he low-guide silicloils-.  iivi itic ores.- Nelson Tribune.  w.  Carpenter and Contractor.  Plans   and   Es:imalcs   Prepared.  ',    REVELSTOKE STATION,  B.C.  .' ' (i  WANTED   AT  ONOK. ��������� AOTIVI5  Agents  fur   each   county.     No  All Eastern Points;  ��������� Tliroiissli Klrsl C'In.---s Sleeping t'nr^ami Tourist  rilccpniK C.il'i L'i St. r.ml. Mijiitrc.il.inil Toi-eiitd  VVillKllll. cIlilllKC       " - I  REVELSTOKE'TIME TABLE.  risk.    Ole.-u- $li>()() to ,$2500 a ye.-n  lin-  close stamp for full particulars, or 25c.  for $1 sample. ��������� I3ig Hapids jMini-r.il  Water 'Co.. Big llapids. .Mich.  NOTICE  ALL l'KIJSON'.S ovriiiK or hulcbu-d lo ihe arc  ���������'(���������(liiusLcil to luko milieu llmt, ii< l am  Ifdin^out nf business 1 i-ciinii-e nil such debts to  lie ]).u'(l on or before Miu-uli 1st. ;  '  W.'FLRMIXG.  SKuvclstol-e. H. ('.. Kcli. U(h. 1������17., .     '  MAIL CONTRACT.  Tin- ,S;iI)I;t Ril.'i cop| er mine-:, neat-  Silver ('.ily. New .Mexico, aie again  . eporled -iild. The price t his ' time is  stated at $1,5(X>,()00, and the London  ISxplnration t'o. is named as the buyer.  Cheap Gold Production.  .The 'Alaska-Mexican, mine slm\\-<  wonderfully cheap production of fi ee-  niilling on- of .very low grade. In  September the bullion shipped amounted to $21,259, and the (ire milled  12,0!X5 Ions���������-an average of -I'M tons a  day. One hundred and I vveiit.y-niiu-  tons (if-sulphur'ets, or one per cent nf  the ore milled was treahd, a: d the  bullion from this amounted to $5,M7I.  The vvii king expenses ol" (I.e. mine  were $17,017, and the profit for the  month, $1,211/ The average vield was  only $1 01 pei- ton on ( iv milled, hut  Ll'.e average cost was only $l.'ll per  ton. Miners' wages are $.'j..")0, per day  in   Aliiska,   ag.iiu-i    $1,25    in     --nut.li-  QK.\LE1).TI-:NI)I-;i:s. .xldressed 'to tin- I'o-t-'  O in.istei- t'riiui-iil, will bo i-ecc-ived nl Ottiiwn  until noon on l(i!(!i .\pi-il for the euiiveyanee of  IfcV M.ijcsty's Jlail-., 'on n. iiroposei! coiitl-.lcl..  lor four yur.rs sL-iiii-iuoiitlily euoli way. ln-tweun  Hilf Head,and H^ieUtokr troin tlie 1������(. llay"  next..- , '  ' l'l-inted notices b<iul.iiniiig furl her infiii-iii-  ution as Him ndilion-- ot in-ojiosed eommt-t. limy  be si-en nail blank loi-nis of Tender may be obtained .it Ilie 1'osl, (Mice of Kevol.stoke and, at  this olliee.    ' ,  K. H. KLBTC'IlBIt,  1'ost Olliee Inspect or. .  I'osl Ofliou Inspector'-; Olliee,  Victoria.' H.L'.. "������tli M.u-uli. liSili. IT-SI.  Private Eill Notice;  "VyOTK'K i> lieri-liyiriveii that application will  L\     be inailt- to tlie P.irliiiiiient of Cannda, at  its next   su-^ion,  lor an .Vet  lo incorporate .i  company f> cnnsLriiet, ei|uiji. o]ienile and in.-iin-  tuin a ii.indtird or imrnnv-f-aia,'!; railway from  a point at or near tliu bead of Galena or Thumb  ���������  Hay, on tlio Upper Arrow Lake, in tliu  DKlriot  j of Went, ICoot'-nay. in  tlie  I'l-ovin^e of British  Columbia, to a point at or n.-ar tlie !-'orks of (lie  I Lar.leaii Creek, in I bo s.ud.disti-id. with power  ; to build a lira ne! i line from a point on the main  was ' line i'fs.u'1 railvv-n.v about IS mile-, fi-.an (Jalena  |  Hay to Trout ijike. and tn extend Ilie .said r.iil-  ,  way oi-build branch lines thereof up either or  I both the north and south bram-lics ol   ilie l.ar-  ! (h-.iu Creek tor u ilisinucc of ten miles on eitlier  j br.iuuli. an 1 ������ils > to build a branch from a ]ioint,  I cm Ihe main line <>l  said  rail way aboul S miles  I from Galena Hay for a distant-c of i!0 miles up  j  I-'i.sli IMver:  and with  fmther power to build,  eipiip. opi.-care and maintain tcli-Kinpb .mil telephone lines, and to build wharves and docks in  1 conncLliin with the said railway:   and for all  - other   usual,   neeessary  or   incidental   rights  ' power.-' and privileges.  ! n.itcd this 2elli day of January. A. 11. Ufl7.  \     ..VcI'im.LN'S, WtlOTTOy & HAIiXAIlll.  of Hoard of Trade ISuildim;. ,  i ���������  , - liastion .Street, Victoria. 11.0.  l.'-9l '     Holieilor-i for the Applicant-;.  Atlantie lOvpress arrives   !l:I,jilai)y.  racitic " "        lll:-i*i   "  Alll'.OW  L.VK1-.  MltANCll   Tkvins  Arrive I.i::*),  Tuesdays, Thursdays-. Saturdays  Leave   1(1::MI,   Sunday.s,  Tuesdays.  Thursdays.  Trains on   Arrow l^ike   Branch  coiiiu-i-t  Arrowhead with C. & K. Cos -jri:AMi:it Naiccsi-  "W CLOSE    CONNECTIONS  -���������To and From   Rbssla'nd, Trail Creek,'Nelson,  Kaslo, Ainsworth. Pilot Bay,  ' Naku'sp,- New   Denver,,  '." Three I7orks, Sandon  . ���������and-'���������'  ALL POINTS IN SOUTH KOOTENAY  ' ,   ,        ,  For full information as to,rates, etc.,  applv to  I.  T.   lin-vvotrr,  Agenl, Hevelstoko..,  GI-'.O. Mi:U HW0WN.  District I'ass-mi^er A|?ent. Viuicouver, II. C.  STEAMER- LARDSAU  0 Mods All Trains at  '      --ARRO'WHHAD-'    l  1 Goins Direct To  Lardeau and  Thomsons Landing,  Fish Greek and'  Trout Lake.  For further in format ion as to freight rales,  etc.. apply to  MENHINICK BROS.. LardoauICity  Columbia & Kootenay _  Steam Navigation Co/jEm  CANADIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC CO.  (Li.Miriin.)  Capital, $1,500,000., Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,  ,Locomotives, Coal Cutters, liceiproentin^ Drills,   liotary Drills.' Reduction .ind'  ..    I.ii^liliii<;,Apparatus. ' '  jyyj/*^������'T-/^kOO    l^illiei-of J)ireet Curii.-nl. oi' Tli ion Phase Tv|-os, Suitable  IVIv^  I  v/flO    for any makn'of Fan, Pump, J loist or CrlfiSiifIrr=:!:=:=a;,=i=:r-  J5leetri('.-il Tiaiisiiiissoii of Power, hy our Three Plia.sft'.Svst������ni, suc-cossfullv  , .ii '���������'ill ���������* ������  operated up In r>0 miles. - , '   H. C. BRANCH  OFFICES   Granville Street-  -VANCOUVER  Kootenay District-  s���������  TJ������  -NELSON  2-r-l-mii  o  Establish Yourself in  The fast growing centre of North  PASSENGERS FOR  Hall's Landing,      l ���������  Hot Springs,  Nakusp, Three Forks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  .Kootenay Lake Points,  Trail   Creek;  Rossland,  , Northport and Spokane  --.SHOULD TAKK  THK���������  STEAMER NAIOJSP  J.i-.ivort jVrrosvlio.ul, fur Nukiisp  nml   Itolison.  .Mundii.vs Wi-diiesd.i.vsiiiiil l-'i-iiliiy-iit 7 p.m.  I.i-avc-h   liolmon   for   Xiil.u-p, '-\iTovvlie.ii!   (mil  CiiiiiUliiui I'.-u-ilio Hiiilwjiy iiniiils  (e.i-l   iiml  vvusDon  Tiiciiluys,  'I'lnn-Mliiys .ind  S.itui--  ilnys nt S:!i() p.m.  lloiinoul ion i-. iiinrtu ut  1!ii1i--iih  with  t". & Iv.  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CHKAPEST route to Uio OLD COUNTRY.  Illl.MINION'  LINK.  V.vsenrvKic, ii'iini Ilalilnv".  . ..Jl.iruli'Ju  Scots vi ax,        " "     \pril.'l  I.AItKAIIOIl " " \pril   I"  ALLAN   I.INI-:.  (Iw-uiii ll.ilil'a-c.)  l.Ai'itllNTiAN .M.-n-<-li27  1'AltlSIAX \|ll'il Id      .  Mo.Vlidl.lAN.     (..  "    -'I  IIKAVKI!   I.IN'K.  (I'Vntii Si. .Inlin, N.I I.I  I/AKl'. W'iNSli'Wi Mai-cli 17  . L.vicr llruoN       "    21  l,AU-i:Si;i-|-.ui(ii!        "    HI  I.AUK OXTAI(K) \pril II  Caliin .-fill and upwards.   Iiitci-nicdiato HM).  Stuci'.-i^l'iil. Iinvi-st nili-s.  I'.isst-iiKUi-s licKcleil   lliriiiii;li   In nil   parts nl  (ii-cnt lli-iliiin and Ireland, ami at .specially low  rates In all parts (if tlio I-Jui-npi-ii.il cinil incnl.  Apply (ani-arusl sleain-dii pur rail vvnyiiKCiit.tii  I. T. BREWSTER, Agent, Rcvolstolcc.  Or   to   William    Sti'it.   Geiuanl     Atiri '..  Winnipeg.  Cut   This   Out.  MAIS   LINK 'I It.VINS.  ICust lidiuid (Nn. 21 iirrii-i-i daily    !l:l."in.in  Wu.st    ���������'      IN". II       " "     l:-r>p.m  AllltOVV   l.AKK   IIILVNCII  TltAIN������.  Ai-i-ivc'riiusdays.Tliiii'sdays,Salurda.\s.:t.-:ifl p.in  liopai-t Snndiiys, TiKXiliiys, Tlnnsilnyh.  I:;!tl ji.in  Sole Ag'ent.  MAILS.  lSKVKI.^TOKK   P.O.  I'laiu fm- tin: west ::::i<lp.m  cast  .   N::i(i ii.m  eolith. Sim., Tin- , Thiii-.. ..'l-.tltl p.m  Itcv. Station       <:'.V) a.m.. :\:M) p.in  Diiufriiin tliu "'(-si  HWHin.m  ci|s|   ..  .">: 1.1 p.in  south. Till-., Tluirs., Sal   ..1:1.1 p.m  '��������� "        I!ov. Sl.-il ion.    .   Ilia.in., .1:1.1 p.m  iii:vi:i.sToici:station p.o.  Clnsi! foi-lln; west ' I:(������i n.ii'  cast      ..       .!l:iKia.in  irnilli. Tin;., Tlmrs., Snt. !I:IHI ii.ni  IlcicNloUc    ..        !l ii.in.. l:IHl p.m  line from tliu vvdsl ��������� ....; !!::������!.ami  ���������    ���������  '���������-        east '....' ,   ;.l:l.1p.m  ������������������ ���������',    '  ' S-Hllll.  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Kootenay Lodg-3  *��������� J*     ���������-  No.i5A.F.&'A.M  "'"' ""~"''.-:;vff.  *A * -Tlii/i-e^iilar'aieutin^1.;  jp*S '���������'" arc held' in'tlie M.-is-  ()nii-.'r(-iiiple.Hounii  [,; <.  yy'\ '%y '/������������������;���������. :'i������k~i-'���������";. ,"���������.-��������� aTA .    oiiioTiMiipkUiom-iiiiV  -v"V ���������.,������������������-. ���������>��������� ��������� V '" '���������':'cv^iSnR);Si<-\RS=i=S- '11;l11- : on,   tluOliiinl'  [<: ';,..: ���������;.'���������..   :,,; ���������     .'.*r������������������^���������f'A/yi^. "y^\i>. \5?a������ month   at'.S ...p.   ni.<  Jj������������"SU������".���������-,, Vas'iliiiK/ bVi-flu-'on'  ',";,,;., .,������������������ (aii-dially'ivc-li'Dinod.  H: 'li: S^l'V'rifKPSicciiKf a.iAv  j:l  Oil  "V  '���������(��������� LzfcJ- HD'Hfc O-\AZ/ fi.: 3 "rt  ',i:  i ;REVELST OKE LODGE, I. O. O. Fi, No. 25.  ���������'i-s.'Siif:* .vji. v ���������:.������������������; Ito^ulai- uivctiiiris areliold  ;r.>\;.HTON:>:;-x:Ei.;'  T/.l; GKAlIHM.'Siic'  ; m V ���������! : Loyal Orange Lo'dgs'No. 1G5S. :  v3feS<' ;'Ar.l'i.-gi'il,-i!-;iiii,-(^iiiH:s  iii-c hold   in.  .i������������ai^y !   t!j(... ()(|(i,:. lAdlows- liaison' Uic/  '"������������������',  scr-Dild an.I foil rill \\ri;i 111 (j.sduy*s  fify ('a -ih ''������������������liionl li.'/.it   7.-30   p.iil,;  '^'iyiliii'/liritjlii-i-ji.ai-c i-iii-iliiilly  . invited.'.'-     ';-''  .  .���������" ���������' .:���������'��������� ".'���������   -'  S2������?.:'f"-1T; S/rKtfO.   .1. I. \V()OI)l;OW.  yy.y.yiyy" .,' 'W;M..V. // Roc Sooya;/  n<A  |RE^Eg|[EOt:lJp:M  v^viVV^^'^^-l'i'iiu'k VIl(li]t.(^iVisi'iu;|lt(>vynXl.liiK.:vv(i(!lcV;:  ['^AAAA: VV VV:Th(-/ioC>u^  VV;w;,VVV ���������l><0"'lition. :.;,;.;// ;' AAAV'-sAaA;''AAV VA/':.  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V' .'V''x ������������������' -y-A' -y-''[ ' '���������������������������."'  auK!������^ft^M^it;i������i������y!:ow  ;V:V'Oa]l::Ea!^'i!u!vAjoM|pli;V|'  To be leaders in luakin-r lovy;.prices  but-wet-hallengi- ;i .(���������<'! ii;pai-isi mi if  decidcil! v favorable l.o' us.    ,:  fA\:'/.AAlAy}l/yA^  :Aa$^A'^  -���������Plan of Orffaiiization  to1  WILSON, Tailor, : V     ^ :.-  "' 0'i������|>. (/.P.U- water tank. j. ���������  ���������n  v: -IMPERIAL   BANK; OF  GAHAD^.|      ,   f  PIh  st  'Capital Authorized, .-32,000,000.  Capital Paid-up,  -; -   -      1,963,600   "  Rest, -   -    -    -    -:  ���������- ,r       1,156,800:  '���������''" WhoKrsaji- and R(Vt;ii^ hH;a;t:n; ,iji   ��������� ..���������'.,.: ",'V ���������.- - . ���������', V'V;(. ]  Miners',   Contractors', :Blacfe3mit'l:i ; and    ',        \  '���������"'.'. '''��������� .y'':        . :v,'T,:r.'',.;. .;:���������'-.������������������".' vShiD Ob and. ler^v Supplies,.:  ..:',;;    ':������������������  .-''.'.    ;-' V ..   '.-"' ���������' -A I''" '*' ebuvjilrl'e lb:''"' -I'^-v ������������������'.������������������': '���������! ���������'���������'"   :'...'       .;" '.'..!  .ant]'.-.' Heavy-   J-L:A Ri) \V,VRK;V;   *-::A\U.^:K:^-AaA  Head Office,  -V : -    TOR0NT0.'|   "'������������������.;. ��������� ���������        '-V-  ���������;V^:,'v'V'i;'\-"';>UE3^.  . V^v;Can>.'n;U:rsr,. VTV^i!^;:".^:; ;:  D.-R. V/ILKIE, General Manager.. S=S'..     ':���������''   -,,','     ,''    .'..     '  i' .'   ' / ,      '.' r ���������'      "    ,��������� V ��������� ���������        i'     ���������'. ,,"���������.--,.'- .''I' ���������.      '. ' .���������    ''    '.    i  '        j essoji s  Steels,������������������.( )rt:,. t..-;-irs,';,.��������� t >re  :n.rii:K:-;. :!;,lc.    .   ���������; .   *    '.   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Wi-]|in|L'loii .SI...find Iwndi.-i- Ijiiic \ ���������' tl,-���������  O'oi'.oN'l-o- YoiiK'- mid .'aioon Sin. .Hi-mioli.  I Yon������(: and I'.loor .Sl-s. I'.raiioli.'  V, iii;AS<:i!ics\issoiAni-wksT:  ���������  ni-aiidon, Man. I'i)'rlii(i(i I.a 'I'l-aii-if. ''Man,  fn^-ai-v. .V'lhcrla. I'rince .\Ilierl. Sii.sk.'  ..K.liiiniil.oii. Alia.    Wiilniiicf,'. Mini.'   ,  ,       iiitlTISII COLUMIllAy  Vnin.-oii.'. or.       .-.'.. ���������  .  '.fjj.  nniADv Qd.f%fx :i.,-i ;  VICTORIA, VANCOUVER,  KAMLOCP?, V  :V:-:V'V;vy.v'-'i^.rixiy-/;'.dcvc1oix\;qlif^    f4|d.!,6pc;ivitc';;-'r.lTc^:.Qrphan Glamv;asVsitua;ted;:^  '"vd>o,u<: five: nrijt-iTrotn';(,:/o!d;vSu;c:ain: upV, K^  lno!fly:,kno\vii.as ;Barrfci;i;,Gi"c;ckv >indv about-': '6 5   miles north from Revelstoke,,. BiC.r in'  v'     ;   V.;.  ,! i:1'ie:co'i(inti'\'V kiiriwir'asV tlie VHio-V^liend V of ihe : Columbia Jviver ;��������� with power; to dqallv- ,���������;". V;'  thhij^v iistially'V'witliin'ihe^'aXipe of'ininino- coinpairies:   '\A AA; ,'������������������{''.";:: AA   -:.A- '���������������������������-.���������';���������'    '^  ,: '���������'���������"'' :-;^������.'  . ,V'o     (VV;i-]V)i'i:aV. Slock .seven'. h 11 ncl rt;d;thpii^.and (700,000) shai^s-, VparV vakie of Vone ������������������ dollar A ���������',. [ : V'-'V 'A  ($1 j(;;icli'i .Ixillyjiaid V a nclV-no'n-assessable.'',.'; VV,-;.-- V; ;V:  ' :. - ���������, .;';.' '"���������,:,-; V'V:' ���������'���������������������������;. .���������', 'V'V     ,;'''     ," V'V V ���������    A'. ';'V  ''. :,   'J'l-eHH^ryVSti^ck,. two   hundred  thousand  (aoo'jQOo)  shares'!'.to' be,sold to pay;.'for (, ,   ' ,;.. ;A  i (ieVi'l'jjiinent [)ui'jV(');>(:!> oii.ly.'��������� .:;;,''���������   ���������'���������. ,;'  ;': ���������".,'"���������;���������.''.':';; A: .-,;���������; ���������;     ,'',''''''''."''.,.���������'  :;   '"V.;V;    VV  ..VH'lvijvCb'nijiaiiyVwii! (lo ' 'a Vxhorou^h,. strictly. -legitimate; ni iii ing; business, and vvill   ���������" V; ,',..''   ';  'push, .d^^e-ppj'n'eh't.tif thcOrphaii Hby .withallVjiossible; dispatch.,;.'    V ;;;, ;   ' ;V{ VV'"'   ;: ���������      .. ;':.:.:  ; r!"lie-Orphan Boy -being a IVree .Mi]ling and'.Cyanide prbjierty it 'does awaVVwith' -V, .   ���������; V  ,;aij 'VxDeiise of slifjiping on: U:A\^- treated^or/ s'inclted  outsid,eV;    'l:he  surface, shp'wings   '   '  .. . /.,; '  now-':pres(.;i"it,.':'''being.������������������'of'��������� sucl't,'a-'Vliigh. ��������� grade, /guarantee 'excellent': results, 'aiid- steadiJy^V'    , ;A--:y\;  "increasing stock values, as development progresses.      /   ' V-  ';,,;;.-   ' . .'���������'������������������'.".'  ['',',." /.,'���������        .'.''' ';.  /'' "J'lirecV'.a'ssaVsV-Vfrorn ,svirfic6.returns were respectively ;$6.50, $ 10.0O and $140.00.   :; "���������/   Vv , V;  A\ lain .test re<;ei.ii'iy made'shows $^9.20. /, V,    -���������'. ������������������'/' , ���������   - '''-   '    .V     V    '" .''���������.- "���������/, ������������������ '      VV''^'.  A li'mite'd, nuniber of.'Ivr:ea.siij-y Shares will, be-disjjosed ��������� of at   1 5-^qents Vper  share  for first- cash requirc'inents, subject tosulvance without notice.. .      '' . ������������������ .'.. ���������' '��������� ,./,, ���������,   ;V.  ��������� a  'Aj*"'"A All kinds of V\cyi'icijll.iii'.;il  f iirrilfMii/;;!1/ J'low'.  .' AGENTS ; . , ,  l.:i\\>i<s,Ksn.. L!fiWI'rf'i:iinI%-.'l.t(lV   Nkw Yhiik, ]  .Haul:.of Minitri nl. .   .       '���������..���������'���������. !  A Konoral b*r.n!r.inft. biisincas tranHactcd. j,  EonOa and dbhoaturcHbouglitanclsold. '  Canadian; and   American   V\ a//'>ns:  ].;. Ci   at  jiric.cs. t.fi siiil   l.j'ie   tinv--,.  Ifsi'TM'--.  ���������:;l.ari/e;  ildC  /v. r. e, kearn, Ma.-,.r<*r, Re/r:isiokc;. i Agents for Massey-PIarris Bicyclofi.  .;������������������;������������������'    GiJ3S0ni?T!0M3 FOR STOCK WILL 13E RECEIVED, BY;    ; ;  ��������� ^'IJ^aSIII^lorEl^-BSOli;   '������������������': -; /���������  ���������:\'y:':':^^  '-v'A\>':' tuV'-'aiid  IV.uginecr's Report sent  on  aj)j;!ica.iion  to Secretary-Treasurer or Manager


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