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Kootenay Mail Mar 6, 1900

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 provincial library- J
:>1  ^
publishsd, rru'^iBJD^.-Yr _A_IsriD ZE^IR-IID-^"^"..
Vol. 7.���No. 9.
KEVELSTOKE..-B.' C, MAECIi 6,' 1900.,
$2.00 a Year.   .
^%(far$CS&&<$h(��h &&&?$!&& e&<&i$?*fo(&$?<& &&&&&&&&
$ THE,
[��  o
trjJ- vjun-c*=3Wii��m-i ��**ro��yi wea
Goods  arc
v arriving-, corn-
prising novelties in all lines, and are being
;   marked at,"prices tb sCiit all purses.
.L.   i!
$ tauL-n
*V ���    $. 'Ill tl
^%^<^^ ^^^^^^y^^^<^^
'".�� It is now time to order your' Spring Suit..    Spring     ��   '
" ' Goods, now  in.   ' We ,'will "make (hem up at this      .      '-
'".    .        c iinif at very reasonable pYice.s. '.
hi 'b:" VVlLoOSM; the tailor.
It is some time since 1 sent you any
news from Trout Luke, so I will commence about the'nrines.,
The Sunshine Ltd. or as it is locally
called the Gup never looked so well as'
'it, does at the- present time, this is the
voice of  lhe workmen and all interested in the development of the mine, and
district; this Lining the case il, is unfortunate  they should at this 'season of
the year lay olf men, when only a small
crew  of men are at work.   Six men, I
think, came down on Sunday last with
others to follow at an early date.    This,
cannot lie owing toTabor trouble as I
have   never 'hoard  of any here.    I do
not wish  to  criticise'. this   company's
'mode . of   woi kin-;, neither   is this intended   as   such,   hut   to   outsiders it'
seems, if'this property could be worked
constantly as it,.'deserves, it  would be
the   means   of   bringing   the   district
much more widelyjiofore,the public, as
nothing brings a district to the front so
quickly as a'^'dividend paying mine'or
mines,"   and   the    Sunshine   Limited
should,have ranked in this class for.the
past   two   year's' li'ad , it been wor ked,
that   is   worked   by   a   live-company.
Wh,y   or   wherefore     this    desultory
method of working  is'practiced is-beyond ordinary drctmprehensjon. though
Lhe company no doubt think they have
good  reasons  for   so doing, but-unfortunately British .Columbia as a whole
can't see it that way.        ' ' ���  u     .'..    .-,.
The Nettie L. has a great reputation
as an  oie producer, it  is'spoken or on
every hand as a good concern. Personally, I have not; seen thc mine for
some time, therefore cannot say practically'What'they have. The Nettie L.
���like the Cup is shipping small quanti-'
ties of ore, and they must have quite a
hundred tons 'at Thomson's Landing
and Arrowhead. ���' When they, commence stoping from the deep level it
should corne down the hill lively. Let
.her flicker I say. ���   , ' y   ,
.   The Rob Roy'is still'work ing some
. . ��   'i,
men,with  what results  I'cannot say,
good, I'hope.        '      ,,' ,        f****
��� The   Silver   Queen  is also   working
some   men, but I  have not the  least
t, i    '
idea what they are doing. These constitute the mines at work a.s far as I
remember! The Ethel'St. Elmo, and
other small fry have gone the way of
all flesh, died prematurely, young for
n winter's work.   *
There' are a few claim owners "doing
assessment work on various claims. 1
'wish them luck for the winter is pretty
tough for this kind of work unless they
are under cover.
^ , Is it possible 1 wonder to get a little
money spent to put the' wagon road.or'
better the sleigh road from 10-Mile*to
Ferguson',on the same basis as t tho
other part of the load, or between Ferguson and Thomson's Landing, that .2*
to cut the overhanging trees which is
such a-rmisance to the present users of
the road.*- -This road hasbeer\ irse-d for
all the ore shipped from the district of
any note, and  will  continue  the main
highway for the  ore outlet for a long
time to come..  It is all very,well in the
abstract to think of aerial tramways,
etc.,,etc., but Ihcy don't, grow on trees
neither can they he strung as  ������h.-'iplv ���
as the telephone wire in  thi':  di-triel,,;
therefore the road should be kept passable with as little inconvenience lo the
users of it as poss bio.     At the pi ijse'iit
time men are seen along the ro.-ul keeping it in "shape for the ore to be taken
over it, caused (-chiefly by overhanging
trees.     During   snowstorms  the snow'
lalls on the road  when  it is open making a hillock  on either side'of  a   kirire
tree, or clump/of trees and the r'uud i.-*
a see-saw of  pilch   holes for the whole
distance, making it impossible to,load
the horses as they might had the road
been even.    I might mention there are   ,
quite enough, hills  on  the road as the
constructor's   left   it   without    adding
hundreds per cent to it.   , The  cutting   ���
of the trees would help to  dry out the
road iii summer, which it greatly iH'pds   :
as it well doaway  with  pitcii lioles in
'winter. Tf the Mail can assist iu the ���
getting of this work, done now or later
it  will   render   the district a service.
The roads through  the  whole district ���
�� . - <     i it
.will require lots of attention during
the coining spring, and we look for-
(ward to a good big appropriation tor
this work.
Boer   srnypathizers  and   anti   ditto
have'rnet and "come  to-locking horns.,.
The Boers got the worst of-it.     You
sec we are strictly in it.   ���
��� b
Awe t
cas S ax's
uusr iw-jrgy^,nawflHw,i,w,w,va
�� Now is; tne Tims to Buy before the Spring |;
Price List is in,'force.
���' 4*
Dissolution of PartncFsIiip.
rfll-IE parhrorsliip heretofore existing- betweun
.t. ^\". K. Ci-iige and Hobort 11. JJnyiic, carrying on bii.siin^s nuclei' the Iinu mime nnd stylo
ot' Grogc ic- Jlnync. at Itevel-stoke, U. (J., has
this day been dissolved.
Dated this 2Gth Febi'irury, 1000. 7-1 rn.
g ���        '' ' -^
.       i*
Fancy and staple groceries^
the best.   Pickles of everyi
,  kind :    Mixed Pickles. Plain1;
.Pickles, Sweet. Pickles, Pic-
alillie, Chow Chow, Mustard!)
aud  Catsup, in   bottles, jars*
and   in   bulk.     All   of .thex
,    purest" and   best.     Lowest*
���      prices on these goods.
Don't- forget that our' prices^
on Crockery and  glassware
tire   lhe  lowest    quoted   inc
- .Will. Sail Soon.
Our correspondent with the Strath-
cona horse writes .from Ottawa (hat
the, force will, sail from Halifax on
March 15. Capt.' Pooley, Victoria,
has been made a lieutenant and will
have charge of the coast troops as well.,
as those from Revelstoke.
Gun Play. *
Saturday evening a drunken Finn
got very gay near tho Imperial bank
.and made a great display of an old
fashioned revolver. He declared his
intention of perforating "Kamloops"
but tlie gun missed lire.. Otherwise
"Ivam"-would not be able' to do any
more prospecting. Tlie Finn was disarmed and placed'under arrest, coming
before the S. M. Monday. Twenty
dollars ahd costs was  thc   assessment.,
Enemy is Massing ;
* ' ^ i
ifast of PaaMeteg
a-s.u *s*i^��'3\*.VJism.**a.it\txirjiZwtaiMX7E.T*
i\ (���*>,
i r4 A 3 i H M S*] Q g J
: ]i 9 V*J 5J s L i a tj J <J &
T"     "t *       *f ��      *f*      >t*      .f*-*      ^*        t * *
tf      iff       {'     -fv
Our stock of Men's Furnish-*;
ings and clothing U. complete and we cansell you an-t
outfit ot very reasonable^
prico.-*-. Paul's will be madi-s
a specialty. /
orris &
(Special lo the ilArr..)
.  'Paai.d'-j-ehg, ."\ I arch   5.-���Gen. Jou-
bert  is   in   a  strong   position  lu-tsix
miles east of   here, with' an   immense
ai'iny.       It' is' supposed   that   he'lias
withdrawn    the - besiey-ng    force . at ,
Ladysmith, leaving but a few;, hundred
men to defend the passes north of that
point and   is   concentrating  his troops
east of here to  oppose  Lord   Roberts.
Reports from Boer' sources claim that
his force   consists of over 7-J.000 men.
Loxuox, Mar. b'.-Sir Michael Hicks
Beach delivered the budget to-day announcing   ��5,000,000   surplus   fur. Inst
year apart from war expenditures.   To
meet these   loans   will   I>k>   ofiVied   iir
small amounts for popular subscription'.
Liberal leader's commented on chancellor's   announcement    and   the   house
adopted the budget proposal.
Capetown, Mai-. 0.���A strong British
force, including Kimherly Light Horse
are marching northward from Kiriiber-
ley. it, is expected that the ero-,*Mng
of the Vnti! river wili be deputed at
Fourteen St reruns. ThiM fore:- will
relieve Mafeking mid at th.
time pas."-on to( Pretoria.
London, Mar. 0.- Chamberlain*., request for 2..-.00 additional Au-ir.iliair
bushmen is explained by Ih^ fart that
the war office reijnirvs Iheni for pursuit'
of the Roers since they pn/puse carrying on guerrilla warfare.
Osi'ON'J'EiN, March ���!.���Robert-,' ;ir my
occupies air advarrtageou*- jio^itinn.
ICelly-lveanys sixth division on the
right holds all the kopjes for five mil-'.,
south of the Modder- River'-. Tucker's
-seventh division in th<i centrii i��- immediately south of the i-i>.���<-!���, n��id Colvilh-.
with the ninth diviYltm on the nor *h
hiin.''. The cavnh;v n*.jd'-v Frer.<''.i,-m.
ported on b'l'tj fr-'H-', and niou.it-'d in-
fiinlty riv.Uor R'.'.ley Martin on ri^ht
front,    Thc '���(innii'v around consi**!--oL'
,   Smallpox at Nakusp.
Dr. McLean and Provincial Constable
McRae returned Saturday evening
from Nakusp where they went to investigate thu reported case of smallpox. ' The report was found to be cor-,'
reel, and the. wife of Ihe station' agent,
J as. McCullcy, has thc disease, in a
mild form. The doctor' and constable
vaccina ted everybody in Ihe place and
isolated the patient. It is believed
that the disease^ will not spread if ordinary precautions are taken.
Ward Two Election.
ft is expected that, at the next meeting of the city council an election for1
an aldcrnwin to fill the vacancy in trie
council caused Iry the resignation of
Dr. McKechnie will he ordered. It is
understood that the election will be
contested. One candidate is already
announced and it is believed that another one will make a try for a '-eat in
the   council,     Revelstoke    will   have
plenty of   elections this year.   Three     ���;-i-��� ,.   , .     ,*  , ,    .       -,
.   ,     ;. .     .  ,       -,     Wide gra-"\ plains broken only bv ridge
municipal elections, one provincial mill J,.-^- No*.lLo(i  kopje.-     The  m.iitr body
piobably 'a Dominion elc^'ou Jp
y <���'��*,,
Coursier's Old Stand-
L.-ai, <$/& ^/^'&&v.^/&*&%s��/i&' 4&��<@
Auditor Lawson has completed tho
audit of the city treasurer's books ami
lias found them correct. Ilo will place
his report before tlie council at the
next meeting of that, body, and it will
appear iu print next Tuesday.
of the enemy has taken up position on
fiat topped" hill north of river, five
miles beyond French, which to-day
took horse artillery and '.-h.-iled them.
Another force-J.000 strong iiokN isolal-
ed group of kopjes south of Modder
river in front of Briti.-h mounted infantry. Their position i=* >-u: r*-n,nded
on all sides by level plains and their-
po-ilion appeal's* to be precaiioits in
tbe p^tt?J)ie, THE KOOTENAY MAIL  ���������ftbe '(kootenay flliaf I  ��������� PUBLISHED semi-weekly.  ���������AT���������  R3VELSTOICE, B.C.,  ���������BY���������-  ,,      ]$. It. CAMPBELL,  Puhlisiier'AND Pkopkietoi*. n  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per   Annum  ADVERTISING   KATES   quot,      otr   appli-  v      cution.  :,<;?, P1UNTIXG of every kind at most reason  .   ,   able rate.** and shortent notice.  ACCOUNTS for job  printing  or advertising  puyuble on the first of every month.  COHKKHPOXnKNCE orr nil ��������� matters of local  or public intercut invited and carefully considered. All communication!- to tho Editor  rnii'-t be accompanied by the name of the  writer, mil necc.-fc-a.rily for publication, but-  ,   re* an evidence of good faith.  , c  Ad dress ,   0  Tni! ,Koote:cay Mail,  Jlevelstoke, B.C.  TUESDAY, MARCH, 0,   1000.  ' Till-: conservatives are worrying  themselves to death over, the possible  successor to Lieut.-Governor Mclnnes.  They say, it will be Hewitt Bosti'cl'.M.  V. This supposition mav be ' wliat  causes'tire worry.  continue it will be only a question of a  very short time when Canadians are  driven from the mines altogether. It  is supposed that this is being done bv  otdei of those mine owners who reside  across the sea and are only anxious for*  dividends*. It was this same class of  mine owners who a year or so ago  petitioned the Transvaal government  to repeal ,the laws protectirrg native  laborers, for-, it was claimed, there was  r  no reason why the Kaffir should be  allowed to earn ������23 per year toiling in  the'mines, and bigger dividends could  be paid if the protection of the labor  laws were removed. ' '  Tt is more than possible that trie  riven i. action''of the lieutenant-governor in dismisMni,' the Semlin ministry  'and oalIin������ in tlio'preserrt premier may  result in liis being relieved of his olViec.'  Mr.Semlin, speaking .in Victoria' Saturday said: " I do not see how the fed-  em]'authorities can very wel!', ignore  the extraordinary' manifestation  of disapproval made against  His Honour 'at , the proroga-'  , lion of the house on Thursday."  -Mr. Semlin certainly had \ery good  reasons, for speaking so, strongly, or he  would never have uttered tho --words  attributed to him. . r    "'  u There was a big ro-v  in the local'conservative Cilmp the other night. The  local conservative association contains  many good workers, aud activo party  men, and many able men besides, 'who  liaro a large, following. These ,mei.'  , finally' tired of seeing the organization  .controlled and r.un by, the pearrutters.  or'some of them, Mes-srs. 'Mclvechnie,  Orogon, Sibbald, et al., and' all to tiie  advantage of one of tho number. A  kick was made, a strong one, too, and  now .some noses are out of joint.  The 2d ail is very sorry to announce  that its ���������"���������'"���������Story or the. Session "was  abruptly discontinued last Thursday.  Headers will please  accept  apologies.  Tin*   Vancouver liberals, or   rather  the. executive of the. Vancouver liberal'  association,' has endorsed   Joseph Martin and offered   him the  leadership   of  "the party in this province,     h should,  in thi-i connection, be remembered ihatr  the Vancouver liberal association is not  the liberel party,- instead it  is   only a  very small section  of it,  and   for it   to  oiler thc leadership of the party to Mr.  Martin   without  even   consulting   tiie  libe.als in other parts of the  province  is a piece, of,arrogance  which   will receive     a      very      derseived'    rebuke  f"r   nowhere   but     in    Vancouver'   is  iln-iv -iny desire i,n the part of iibewd--  i'n iiitrnduoe pnrty   Hues.   , The   Van  en.'.i r liberal a������-sociation i'lnnipry dig  U'inu'a gsavp for itself.  .Hutton Insubordinate.  The   Union   controversy,   as    it,   is  called, was advanced another1 stage in  the house of commons  last week when  Col.   Prior,   the   somewhat   indiscreet  friend   of   the   ex-G.O.O., not content  with  having'-precipitaled a discussion  which  did   his client  very little good,  lepeated tiie  blunder by calling attention   to   further ' indiscretions   on the  part of the i-xTnraj.ir-RPner.il. and asked,  the  government for an   expression of  'opTnion thereon.    Sir Willird  Laurier  quickly gratified   the   curiosity of the  gallant  member- from  Victoria, 'B.C.,  ��������� by a concise but plain statement which  "included the following words : "General   Huttoii   has    insinuated   that.. his  differences  with   tbe government are  due to a desire on the part of the latter  to exercise improper, political, influence  on   the   militia .organizations   of   the  country.    I desire on   the   part (if the  government to say-that  there  is absolutely no foundation  for such a statement.    The cause of difference, between  the government and Gen. Hutton, were  not over any broad questions of general policy; the causes of difference were  that  Gen. Hutton   was 'insubordinate  and indiscreet, and deliberately ignored the authorityof  the minister in the  ���������administration of thi?department. Tlie'  government desires to state tliat while  it will at, all times   be prepared to give  the most careful   consideration', to any  representations which may he,made by  tiie of'iicet commanding   the   militia,,ft  must be distinctly understood thai any,  'such officer, on   accepting  the position  in  question, becomes from   that -time  an officer   in   the   employment of, and  subject   in   all ,respects 'Id the government of Canada;  and  that  he is to,be  regarded as the adviser, but not as en-  tilled   to   control   the   department of  militia.    The, government  is  responsible to the   parliament  and   people  of  Canada for  the Ann administration of  each and  every .branch   of the  public  service/and   would t be   derelict   to it.-*  duty if it was to per;mit any subordinate  official, under, any  circumstances,  to take upon  himself- to   disregard the  instructions  he may receive  from, the  constitutional chief of his department."  Koctsnay I-cdg-e  #S&? *  Ko. 15 A.F. (55 A.frl.,  *    The regular rricc!ir)g������  are held in lhe I-las---  onic'Temple, Bourne  rggJ.iK-iUh at ti p. in.  Visiting brethren  cordially vv clcunicrl.  If. J. i'KATT  Sr-CKi-TAHY.  REV3L-STOIIE LOSGB, I. O. O. F., No. 2D.  K'-gular rr-cetimff, arc held  T.J.GltAIiAM. X.G.   K. A. KETTLKSOX.Srx  SELXISlX LODGE, HO. 13, I. O. O. F.,  Meet*-, every Tnes-da*.  ijvriirn^intlddfollovv!-  nt    M   . o'el'iel,  vi Vi-rilins: hi'Mliron coi'  SSrt&'dmllv   iiivriis.l   to  al  lend. ' "' ,  G. \\". JJATHIE. Sr-:e.  Keeks Crsscsii  AKGE AND WELL LIGHTED  SAMPLE' ROOMS, Heated by  >-������ hot air- and electric bells and  light in every room. Free bus meets,sil  trains.  JOHN V.TPERKS, PROPRIETOR ���������  for the  and de-    y street  ear between hotel and station.  ��������� ������������������ ������������������ ��������� ��������� REVELSTOKE, B.C.  *   A,, k ')^?������l\������3>!  'b'f^f'"-'.'.. l-Sstej^i/i fourth Monday.-; oi each  ���������&wr*B.c%|s? i,ionth- v^i'������������ l,!-t--Lh-  N&- ���������������&>%?     ,.,.���������   invilcd  to  attend.  K. D. .7. C. JOHNSON,  . C. li.  CW.'MITCHELL,  '   It. li.  Gold Range Lodge,  ,, K. of P., No. 2S,  RcvclS'tolce.'S.C.  'fleets every Wrrtnes-  ' d.iv in Odd yellow**  Hull at,' S o'clock  Visiting Knights invited.  .7. AY. GROSS, M.D.  O. C.  AV.'VvrrN.*OK.  IC. orr-l'.&S.  ABEEAHAMSON BROS.  9-<>-0<><>C^O;<X)-aO-CKK^  H. HOLDIOH  AKArA-TJCAL  CTJIWriST AXT3'  A RS AT Eli.   '  Ttoval School of Mines., London.    ���������   ,   ' c  Seven yunrs at, Slorfa Work**, Svvaimea.  o  Seventeen   veers  Giucl-   Chemist to  Wigan  Coal and Iron Co.. JOug.      ,'  - Late Chemist aim A**-<'iyei\ InulMnn'.*-. Ltd.  Kvci'v decern,lion   of  a^ay. and  analytiea  work lnidcrtiikon. , '  Ci.-ihu.- (-N".!i!iiu,!l and rejiurted uiion.   .  KWVJOL'-'-'rl*:1.''. ]'. <...' ���������'      <   . -  TTARVP2Y & McOAIlTJSll    ,    .  X������-       -���������      ���������   ,  "   =-w   ~~:  HAimiF!T22RI3, SOl.lCI'i'OKS, 13TC.  Okkici:s :   jIolsoxs   Haxic Ur.ocic,   lli:vr:L-  stoko, li. C. ' i  rvioncv- to loan. >       ^  Ollieet;: RorelstoUe, 13. C.; Fort Steele, B. C.  Geo. S. JrcG.vRTi'.K. .L A- ILu'Vi-v,'  Itevol-*toke, li. C. Fort Steele, 11. C.  $1   PER,   DAY.J-i������c������fiSfc.'.  .1  IL'VI  I    \  Best Brands of  Winss, Liquors and  Cigars.' '  Newly Built.        '-     .,  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  99-9  R. OALBY, PROP'il.  ' '        i    '    '      ' '  i t . o  ^^O-O-C-O^O-O'-OvaO-C-O^K^O-O^^O^HC)*'  "'lit: twists   and   turns   one of   our  ���������'ili/ens i-i in..!"intj to secure -sorno  kind  of a iirimin.ition in the cr-minj,'cairui^n  w>iv.id be I.ru'diiblo   were they   not  al-  most pitiful.     Without   .standing witli  tin; !il;eral>-, iejected  bv  tho   coriserv,-i.-  !.:'.(���������>., cnmmitU'ij   ij^ariist   the   piesem  ;;-*|.verninent, and at   n������^f/,(-;']jearls   vvith  i ii'- 'ocal load.ns of   the C(������ti'������������=-i);irt\.  iie Mil! ivnntS't'^o to  the   it-'i'-laruif j  ^    v.iM,n-  ll'i^ ne.-ct   atleuipf;   to   seenro   suppoii  :-i!l be watched v, A\, ij;!e;fst aufl some  ;iir.u"':"ionf. I  As Others See Us.  0 Talking,of snialipox. What a bonanza the Chinatown t of Revel>toke  won Id be. Everything -<o ready for it  and ?nch a nice combination too. Kpv-  elstoke will be the next place of visitation of thic- dreadful disease if a Miit  ..tbifi Chinese joint is ail that is necfied.  ��������� Ferguson Kagle,  - WANTED, by a hidj, bachelors'  .���������nendinL- t<> do Charge.", moderate,  Apply at Mail Oiiic������. -U-tf  ft&fy* *?%**:& "irC?\  J.  W. CROSS, M.-D.  sui:gj:on to tub c. r. u., ciiy msAi/ni  o*o-i-*rci3it.  Oflice: Taylor Block, SlncheriKie Avemie..  G-oId,   Silver,  Lead, (and  , Gopp.sr Ores-  ��������� W. PBLLBW HABVBY,  ,    ���������      F. G. S.. Ktc. ,  '    , Ah'-a.y Ofiiocsand -Metallsirgicnl^N'orks.  VAXCOUVKI^. IJ. C.  Sarnpling 'Work-*, 717-71!J Pen tier Street. ,  Is prepared  10   pun hase   the   rilrove   clause'*  oi  ore������.for i'n.  following  Knglish house-  v.'horn lie reT*.events. vi>;.:  Vivian & S������ ,-J, Swansea,  Elliotts Pdctiil Co.  Ltd.. Ji'.rrvport.   South   ^\'al������������������������,  Siiieltei-s.  HcSn i"., D'esilverizer-s, -Mnirur'.xctirr'ers..     -  ChaoJ'ir-g    smelter    pulpa   a   specials*.  17TvTrP A T ������������������'���������  ���������JLAXa% X-XjLXJ ������������������  ��������� '   F  J. A. Stone, Proprietor..... :  Rates, $i per day ,  Electric lighted, furnace heated  " Newly built and' furnished. . . .  Finest  and  best  supplied  bar  o  in the city  Cor. Front and Benson Streets, Revelstoke, B. C.  WAmm  ml  ' Newly Opened  I!sw3y Opened  Pumishscl and Supplied  A FIRST CLASS HOU3E  C>*OC^a9"0<>0--G^  I - /'      -   -   _"������������������ THE  c/  (Limited Liability.)     i * c  lanufacturers and Dealers in all Kinds of  00  \mr 'Sl .dress  CITY OF  Public Notice as to Vaccination,  I  Ji  A  SNOWAIil  REVELSTOKE  i.   CA ������V1  ���������5!':  'I'.W.r.V. is it'll, 'ii nlhiei, hi 1:.-ii rv nr  liii.-iiH-.s nv.in in tin1 Slocan or Rua-sl-mr-  rniniii^' di-tricf/' wliri cuiridt. i/r. v ic-<  -(1:1-, iind ^ccd iva������cin^, tnn, why tb.  ,\li"n Lnbcr Law -dinuM b.- ciil'i������rccfl  Tiie milling crirnjj.-inics arc impcrtin;  linndreds of Finns nnd Nliivoninn- intr  ihi-c  distnets nnd  if   it i-4-rdlovvcd to  i- hcivby -fiv.-n that itli- per-onp  lhe jlmiCd of the Cilyof Ilevcl-  'inkf ,t>i,r, liiivc not, been -,uecc'*-fiill.v v-iccin-  iled wiiVini <"���������;''���������;! yc.!,r-i prror' to the rliito of thi-*  iiiilifrnron-Mirnv.i //JrthrVidi ''"-nf- v/ilhru rtevf-n  iliiv-rfrdinlliodntc ill Miv i*'4'rt't: lo \>o M\r,r'n-  aUW hy '-r/ine nvdieirl i)!n''.r,ir!,io,ocf, *'i)'i '���������'"!)  reraon'in lhe  -'ily niuM, protfrrn a f-M-r.*'-;.-,:--  I  ^at, li   ������ (i   u  I.  ,"''*f  Lrb* 'Ay::.  A> -y   '��������� ';���������;���������  ~A/yyZ0  i"   **    - f.  \  i  i  . t,  S,  .A,  b\>  LA-UNUr  A^ I In- TJiitisli  .- nj,!' c in ;i r- y i u  Hnnlb Ahici it-  iiovv nn (if-Mii'di  t/ict, * 'i cur ,--u-  pi'ci/nicy in lb'-  Jjunndry bn.siriCK^'  in I!"V"lstnke i^  .���������-li(i'.-.':i by (Iir; f,ic 1  ���������b;iL V, il  ll/'. Vt;  $)lj  -    Also shingles, mouldings, base boards,  casings, linishing   lumber, extra  wide  clear pine and cedar.   ' Long  dimension   timber  cut   fo   order.    A  larire  assortment of season ' lumber kept on  ' .  hand in the yard and sheds at Revel-'  stoke by the pioneer lumber dealer of  Kootenay   who also has had considet-      ���������   ,  able   experience   in    eastern   Canada  which   enables   him  to cater for what  the buiklev requires.    You will always  find him readv for business.  Prices Flight.     Terms Strictly Cash.     Leave Your Qrdep,  iT?x*rjmrsu>rsmm *v,t.-x.v  ���������>lll'l"llS     ,'l!;r  ./���������ll  5- . B. Tapping, Agont, Hflyalstoke^B.C.  >OOOK> OO-fj-OO- O-O-O-v'-^O-O^-^O-O-CKr-O-O-O-  ������nrKrr-^r���������r^r^rj^t--rr/r*7'-.rr.-.v -.'jr.-  T f a'vr-.jtsrrniisii -  -r.-j-������=rt-*-'  -iir'ir'*< Sovi Omw  Jfori'-o ejeh d.ij ljctwj'������;3  i in.,-inii 1 p.m.     Tho-ic nblo ro jmy  u>JI h<-  ���������han'cd fit thc rule or".'/) oi'iit* oimU  Any p������r-(rin who fnil*( fo n\,i>y  IIiIj noh  >i*-.|ir. will Incur rhe iicnttllici Irnpovd  I,  (i.'.-illh Aril.  I);it".l tliUWIh Kebnuii'V. lfKA  ,-'- l.e  \ ihe  A. X. SMITH,  AT.-i.vor of the City of TlcvcNtokc.  L  i ���������" ' i  >zr.:A  &A  t to-) r fi. i'fjiitu \'ni  .':',') iiiCii't'. i'/iven-  -i "biii.ci' ,ind \\ i  will curl mv.'ii li,  c;ivi' vou ��������� il i**l','ii  linn in liinndrv  wi.il;.  Vinil ���������( I ('-[reel lllllv,  G--  CZA  KJ>'  SIOGh-A-ISr  IMmHi-QW    a   00     Furniture and Undertaking,  HUM\3Wi   Ql  U'Jc, Repairing & Upholstering Don  W'.n 1'iK.n ���������  Irr.'il;   , .���������!���������  in *"--ni;,i'( 111- >. i  I ci- -incase <A'' fnniily mid other t'lir-nif itva,  . nl nn ni lily ci ci:}::-r- :;tic-*..      A;;ents for Itnyinond Sew-;  111!  ,i :,;;n  KDS"V"EIZjSTOE:2E3 SrI7-A-TI01^r5B.O.  ll  V.I THE KOOTEJf AY 1LML  l  c.ir  il  JJjDH  .oLi\  THE  PRINTER  BOY,  Btoiv a. Great Amei'lenn Made a Start  "' ���������  In the City oS London.  '��������� Iri' the year 1725 an American boy  about 10 years old found himself in London, where he was under the necessity  of earning his liread.   <.'  He was not like many young men in  these days, who wandeiy about seeking  work and who are "willing to do anything," because they know how to do  nothing, but he had learned how to do  something; and knew just where to go to  . find 'something to do. So Ire wont  straight to"a printing oflice-and inquired  whether he could get employment.  "Where are you from?" inquired the  foreman.' .  '.'America," was the answer.  .   '   "Ah," said the 1'oroman, "from Amcri-  ' ca! ' A  lad   from   America  seeking employment   ns  n   primer!     Well,   do  you  -really   understand   the  art  of.. printing?  Can you set type?*' '   " '     tj  The young man stopped to one of'the  eases and in a brief space set up the following passage from the lirst chapter of  John: a  "Nnthanael said unto him, Can there  any good thing come out of, Nazareth?  Philip'saith unto him, Come and see."  ,., It was done so quickly, so accurately  and administered a delicate reproof so  appropriately arid powerfully that it nt  once gave him influence' and standing  rwith all in tho oflice. ' ^ j '  /   He worked diligently at his trade,'rc-  , fused   to. drink   beer' and   strong  drink,  saved  his1 money,   returned  to  America,  became a printer, publisher, author, post-  ��������� master   general,,   member   of   congress,  signer of the  Declaration  of  Independence, embassador to royal courts and tinal-  -Iy died'in ' Philadelphia   April  17,'1790,  at the age of 84. full of years and honors,  and   there are  rrow  more than  lfrO  ' counties, towns and villages in 'America  named after that same printer boy, Ben-  ' jamin" Franklin,   the , author   of   "Poor  Richard's Almanac."���������Exchange.  posa, ana, having taken this precaution,  the prudf������-+ animal proceeded to look for  tho slip- ..rs-  < welded  to Deatli."  Tohnnie-^-Mamma, what makes the  plants so dead?  Mamma���������Dry weather and poor soil, I  suppose, dear.  Johnnie���������I guess those ants crawling  over 'em tickled 'em to death.  S00 PACIFIC'LIKE  Energetic "Woo-lpeclcer.  The pretty  little woodpecker' of California  is an  energetic worker.    It  will  carry nn acorn a distance of 30 miles to  '(store it away from sight.'  '     n  , How  They  V*7r������to.  ' Japanese children write better 'with  the left hand, while with the right hand  they can turn out 10 per cent more work  in a given *,iinc.  Goine to  the  Mill.  Roger bus a prancing pony;  Hides he at his will.  He is dashing down the pathway,  *>   Going: to tho mill.     ,    ' "'  There's a sack upon his shoulderj  It will hold his stuff. ,  There's a penny in hia pocket;,  Thnt,will buy enough.     y  *^r.^  ���������^���������fctV'^  -"^i*.  They must cross a rushing- river. '  u    When they reach the brink,  Roger stops to test his pony  And to lot him drink.  Passing through a mighty forest,  Once they meet a bear.  Though the pony kicks and plungOB,  , ' Roffer docs not care.  Women, Wlio Worlc anil I'lny.,  The   recreations'of   hardworking   women are so few and far between that tho  gleaner who goes out to find what- their  favorite amusements''are is apt to come  back with a small sheaf of information.  Athletic' men   are   usually   engaged   in  some more lucrative business than' riding  on    bicycles,   swimming   for   prizes   or  swinging'on horizontal bars, but, women  who are great golfers or riders or walkers usually devote most of their time to  these pursuits.   On the other hand, worn-'  en who work hard at sewing or bookkeeping, writing, acting, painting or studying  the   intricacies  of  law  or 'medicine  are  very-apt, to merely rest when they have  a respite from their professional labors.  'John   Strange 'Winter,  the novelist, has  compiled a list of i clever women, all  of  whom work hard-and manage to find time  'for a variety of other things besides.  She  herself declares' she finds her  "greatest  distraction   in  attending the sales,'of a  French auction room."  Among'the clever  women who play as well as work is Sarah   Bernhardt,   who loves painting and  sculpture and cycling."  In summer she delights in'fishing "and ,boating, nnd sometimes when,particularly energetic goes in  ,for tennis an'd cliff scaling,    lime, Sarah'  also tries her hand at literature and has  written   some  charming  sketches  about  tho sea and the fisher folk who live near  her summer,homo.  ��������� Ellen Terry is not athletic. r She says  rehearsals and performances provide her  with all the| exercise she cares to take,  so sli������ spends her infrequent 'leisure  hours driving, reading jand yachting.  Ada Reknn-is a great reader and lores  travel: Mary, Anderson Navarro riden a  great deal and is fond of singing, music,  cards and reading aioud; ilrs. Kendal  read.*, but not newspaper criticisms;  ,01ga Nethersole is devoted fo dogs, rides  a bicycle, plays golf aud,studies bot.iny;  Mrs. Browu-Potter'grows flowers; Cissie  Loftus,swims, cycles and collects autographs and photographs; Maude Adama  rides horseback and is an amateur farmer; Amelia Ban- plays the organ aud cultivates a flower garden.  America's .tat  lip-  Tpans-OontiBenia] Route  , ,  Quick Time!  Good Service!  Erst Glass and Tourist Sleepers"  I"   THE-  *,,    it  ?.!ail  Through  From  Ticki-t," r.*--*iu'd Through  Checked to De-si intiMon.  ,   ':'i)aily Trains  \ i-etklstoke'      .  mm i  ���������   - ���������   t  i-,-l,B.-ifjft-������g-o  East  ' i  S.20 leave   ,  r - o  ' pro am> kkom Kocnr.r  -,.10 Icavo  n. '    West  lwivc 17.30  POINTS.        '",  arrive 1C.15  The publisher of the  Kootenay  has decided to g-ivc its  readers two issues  "  TO-������w������Ti������*������ii������dft������mi������������Jmi������ro^ro.t,,,TO>J>Jlt>|M>j||iii  of  the   paper_instead of one.     Hereafter  ���������MVAlU rMMM)l*L-������htW>ltM  and  ������1  ' ;  '*fi  ".9  r;  ���������-i  the   Matl 'will   be   issued  Friday,  and  subscribers  Tt  uesqav  will  receive  the  'two paper.-; for tne price of one.  tofore the Mail will b  tt ii-nwiMirmr-ii ih'h���������ii i n-nufhT-iMnr-rirw:!  ncr  ie Best-Loca  .r-i  >.<'���������  *,-*  ���������',-', STEAMERS  ' ROSSLA'NDi-mdlKOOTENAY''   .  A '   (  Leave Arrowhead daily for all point* in Kootenay, making connection ,     Nakuak for all  '   'points on Nnkusp  &  Slocan  railway1 and"  Sloo'i n Lake.       ��������� . '���������(?'"  Close connection at Robson for Nelson Kooto-  nay Lako and River joints, Trail. Rossland and rill points in Boundary Country.  For full' lnformrrtion, Sticko'ts.'fmaps, etc., call  published  cover provincial news thoroughly.  Advertising: Rates  ussnjnuAuoj  on or address  " ,    <?  W. BRADS HAW  Agent, Revelstoke. ���������  Or to  W. F AXDKRSON,'     ,  ������Trav. Pass. Agent,  Nelson. B.C.  E. J. COYLH,,      -  A. G. P; Agent.  Vancouver,' B.C.  Then they ace a tiny lasala  With a heavy loud;  Taking her upon tlie pony,  ,   Helps her on her roiid.  When at last'the mill he rcachc*  Willi Ilia hag of corn,  lie's brought home upon n gallop  Uy thc dinner horn.  ���������ilai'sarot Lee in Cincinnati  Commercial  une. i  Trib-  Cotvb Tlrnt Wear Spcetnclea.  As a rule, humnii beings are the only  anirnnl*- that require the ns!-if?tnnce oi  meolianica! appliances 'to improve their  sight, but there have been a few cases in,  our country of horses having been provided with spectacles to assist their failing;  riaioii. In Russia, however, it is custom-  (iry to put spectacles on the cows that  foam the great steppes, where the unow  lies white for six months at a time. Tho  cattle feed upon tho grass that po}ces  through or lies under tho light snow, and  they have to he supplied with smoked  'glasses to keep from becoming blinded by  the dazzling whiteness of tho plains. It  Is said that 50,000 old grandmother cows  wear spectacles half of the year in  llussia,  Fault Finding:. *  '  A mistress who is always finding fault  with her servants for this, that or the  other thing or,   as  they  themselves express it, "always driving and nagging at  them,"   will   never   keep   a   really  good  servant, even if~sE6^i^foi'riuiate���������eno'iigb"  to engage one.    If a maid  neglects her  work, forgets an. order or makes a mis-  ' take,  it is of course necessary to notice  the neglect, to point out the mistakes she  has made.    There is no necessity, howev-.  er, to do this angrily, hastily or sharply,  for  there   may   be  extenuating   circumstances   the   servant' has' to   plead   and  which when heard will disarm our wrath,  and to lose one's temper and speak sharply  unnecessarily  does  not  add   to  one's  dignity,  nor does it raise the respect a  servant ought to feel for her mistress, for  it is not easy to really respect a person  who has no control over either the temper or tongue.   Like one's grown up children, servants cannot bear to be found  fault with before other people, whether  -these'others are members of the family,  strangers or their own fellow domestics,  and if we think of the matter fairly we  can understand this dislike and see that  it is quite natural.  We ourselves do not like to be taken to  task in public or have any little mistake  we may have made remarked upon or  called attention to. Servants have just  the same ^feelings, for they are'not children riny more than i.s the mistress���������in  fact, they are often older then the latter.  A wise mistress, who wants to have and  to keep good servants, should herself do  any fault finding that may be required  nnd never, if possible to help it, deputo  tho task to any. one, not even a daughter,  especially if the latter is young and has  not had much if any experience of housekeeping, for servants, particularly elder  women, resent being corrected by a deputy.���������Lady Claire in Lady.  Kootenay Railway &     '���������  ���������: ' -. ' ��������� Navigation Company  Limited. *",  Operating Kaslo & Slocan Railway,  -International Navigation & Trading  Company.  will be slightly increased for .some,portions  of the paper and will. be 'made  ���������MauiBMmMrnnHEn  .application".  Known on  ���������usiness  issues  will find the' Mail "with its two  weekly the best advertising medium in the,  Kootenays, and circulation'.'considered its'  rates will'be the lowest.  0<r  v;  ���������\-  ������.  it-  si  ���������������  %:  if:  *;��������� (  if-  s-  ."3  .<?*���������  .'���������?  Schedule of Time���������PaeiflcvStan������lard Time  o }:ffectiVc Feb. 1st; 1900.  Kaslo & Slocan Railway  PftSSCTiger train for Sandon and way stations  leaves Ka-*lo at 8 a.m.; daily, returning, leaves  Sandon at 1.15 p.m., arriving at lOislo 3.55 p.m.  International Nr.vigat'on and Trading  ' Company  Operating on Kootenay Lake and River.  S.S. Inti-kn-attonal IcavcR Kaslo for Nelson  at G,a.m. daily except Sunday; returning, leaves  Nelson at 1.30 p.m.. calling at^ Halfour, 1 ilot  Bay, Ainsworth, end all-way p'oiirts; connects  with S. F. & N. train to and from Spokane, at  Five Mile Point.  Z<ardo-D*i-*ican Division  S     AMER  ALBKRTA.    ' '  Steam or Albert a leaves Kaslo for Lardo and  Argonta at 8:30 p.m'. Wednesdays. , -  * . i-.  Job Printing  The job .printing department will in the  5ij������^i^j������iitheipast,receive close attention,  r , "  ^ncl_every effort' will  be made to'keep the  '   " ���������w,~*������������������" ������������������-i���������i"*Miiii""*M i ������������������-ui.in-a iiiitMiM-kt.m.inii������wtnrmnuraaiw������������"���������anu^us'a  quality ofk the work turned out up to tlie  standaxd_setjb������y the office, viz., the best in  the   Province.  3?  9.  <?-  $.  , c'.-i,  S>  S>.  '3  $ ���������  <(':  .V  if-  Si  A*'-  -\-  if  .It  A Dos- Tlmt Thonelit.  A collie was in thc habit of f^-*' '  liis master's room sJ;'** ^    --.coinff  irnvth'"-- ' -i.i������������rwi cap, keys or  ". _.������������-ne was f-cut for. One day, sent  op thoiusual errand, lie did not reappear.  His mtiKlt-r followed aii'l found that the  door of the hediooin had blown to and  that tlio doj? was a prisoner. Some d.'iyn  later he- was ar/niir told to fetcli hoiuu-  thi^g, and, as I ho wind was high, liii  inn 'iei, rrfLcr a few minutes' delay, follow ������J him. rie found him in thc act of  fixinj the door firmly back with the doormat* which he had rolled up (or tht* cm--  5LiIn.cn on TJinc������.  A vertical line is nn upright ont,  Th? \v.-iy we looh when vro walk or run.  The liorironlnl'-i a ,2.--y line;  It lies down flat, though it rain or shine.  SteomerB call afc principal landings in   both  direction**, and nt other points when signalled.  Tickets sold to all points in Canada and the  United States.  To  nscei'lain   rales   and -full   information,  addros**:  WOr.KRT IRVING,  S tf . IWr.iiiiKOr, Kaslo, li. C.  OCEAIf STEAMSHIPS  Kioyr.l J-vtail Lhu-.p.  Chcapo-Jt IT-outo to tJ:o Ol-t Country.  UEAVKR LlXK-yroin St. John.  Montro������c       -       -, - Feb. 7.  Ar.-.ivn  "14  Monterey  "21  I .sil*-* Superior   ---.... "23  Lake Ontario   -      '      .... Jliir. (������.  Ttlontrosfi  "13  DOMINION LINK-From Halifax.  Air h v^  inTTiT^i  Vancouver -  Dominion  ('ambrouian  Vancouver  ALLAN 1.  Parisian    ���������  Numid'in  ���������.roniiRii ���������      ������  .''���������0U^on-l,l\  I'ftvNJan -      h  r/.i"cnD.Civ Li..kr:!C(l   Feb. 17  *  , ���������      Mar,?,,  "  in   ������������������'   21  Is'E-From Inland  -      -      F'ab. 10  .      -      -      - "   21  "   21   Knr. 7.  -      - "   10  tl;rout,'ii  lo all parts of  Groat Bi it/.in.and Iri'land. and at specially low  rate.** in all parts of the iSuropeun oontiiicnt.  Applv t,o nearest railway or Ftoamship <-������Kcnt or  to  ?. T,v. arv-vussAW, Acont. ���������aovciatoiio.  Thii line which seems to be tumbling dovm  Is called olili>]U"; i-"s .1 citcis clon'n.  So lliis iviy -snd til's C'iiv and this way, ?:a1  Time Unc-i are dr.iwn by cs, one. two,  three.  ���������K. M. Wlii'tler in Cincinr.Jti Commercial Triburtf.  PPBB"11  uli  J.i-0  rias been  'c-opcncrl.  want a t-oo;l meal  9  -FRONT  STREET,  fnino in whenever yon  ,,     Incorporated by act of Parliament ]8:j5.  HEAD OFFICE      '        -���������     /   ,   .    ,     'MONTREAL  WM. Molson Maotheusox, Pres.       S.fll. Fayixg, Vice-Prcs.  P. Wolferstan Tiiomas, General Maoager  PAID UP CAPITAL ' .''.."  RFSFRVF . '  i\..co������-.ivv iy, - - . 1,500,000  -,Konera! hanking brrsirrcss iransactcl.   Interest alJowod on deposits at current rate*.  $2,000,000  J. D. MOLSON, Manapp,  REVELSTOKE, B.  Mf'ra'-*ii-r*iic{(**rri'igOTfliM-iir.'a^  Highest Cash Pricft i?a:ii for       |j  ������.      AH .'Cii'pmcnt-i are examined by 111  I   soon n*- (W.y anivu.   Proiiipt rctnrrirt ���������!.--  sirred.   Price"* nro too   biu'li  to wn.-rmit  huldiriK goods  for any Ichr-Ui   of tjmi'.  :h     1   .ii      ] i cp posted un tlio returns  you get from  I      * G-.VA BALOV/l2,T,  I   P. O. Ii:-- 0 At-on'. for .Um. Ui'.mr.n  ^ t      IVir.uilios, Mr.3i.  S^a^JXKS/B57.������*sa^������'2^*t������JRS^^  CITY  SCAVENGER  Orders  stables  left  will  ..il  11 i \  KtVC  c****.     S^H  OP-2N   NIGHT  Rebulch'^ce,  AND  DAY.  ���������    Fr'aprietqr,  DniyiiiK and delivering n specially.  Teanrs always ready at shortest  notice. Contracts for jobbing  taken.    A������������*nt. for  B. C. Oil Co.  Samson.  Robert  speedy attention.  W.FLE3fflNGL~  kWkCACf^il^.  B  BAUEB fe ASHOEOFf,'  lofflliiloa and Provineiol  Land Supvejors, ������  IttlNIKG ENGINEERS.  Surveyors of Mines, Jlincral Claim.** and Crown  Landt.',  VANCOUVER,   B. C, THE KOOTENAY MAIL  aiMAr-Miig* ���������<~~-fm  ?: Liebig's Extract of Meat.)  .v.  ������ Johnson's Fluid Beef,  'V:  | Masquras-Beef Jelly.  9.  id:  ������.  f:  I.  i'Z  >������.  '<?  .V.  <!���������:  S?  /(-  3>.  $  9.  <$  .V  ���������ft  ���������o-  '<S  ti  I  ti  &  I  These are some'of the |*  verv best nourishments .������?  pronounced by the medi- V  cal profession, and you |  can   <^ct   them   fresh " and j|  good at the   o-  tft:  ���������\  .9.  . -'v  if  "DgftBookCo I  9!  If'  r^'^^'^^'"^^,^py-4^ft''J^5V^r5b''fe-������>i'������ir^)  Revelstoke Station.  MARRIED.  Li;wis-Powi-:ll.���������On Salunity, March  '    -TicJ.   by' Rev.: T.   Mcjnzies  in   St.  Andrew's Presbyterian Church.  ���������   .Frank B. Le.wis and   Bertha Powell,  both of Revelstoke.       ,   , <  LOCAL ANB'.PBHSONAL BRIEFS  W. 'A. Morris left, for trV coast, Saturday evening on a hnsinoss visit.  ���������"W. C. Wells   returned   to  his home  i.i IV'scr from the coast to-day.  Letters- coming from the Canadian  troop's serving in South Afri-;a, addressed to their" friends in this country,  the postage on which is cither wholly  unpaid or insutlicieriLly paid, may be  delivered to the addresses without collection of the deficient- postage, the  consent of the Imperial Government-  and of Cape Colony to this arrangement having beeu obtained.  The Presbyterian church was filled  Satur,day..by..lh(.)Peianxioii.s to \vili**'*?s  the marriage of Miss Berton Powell to  Fiank 13. ' Le\v,is.' Chris. McDonald  supported die .-4T00m, Gertrude Dent'  and Irilie Carruther-. were tin- maids  of liorioi-nnd !1. J'\. Coursier gave the  bride away. Tbe couple left, for the  coast on-the o'.vniu.:*; train. ,C)n th.-ii-  return they will make their home in  tlie Nelile residence.  E. R. Atkins, private secretary to ex-  Premier Semlin, returned froni.Victoria  SuiUlay. ' ,  A company of volunteers" has been'  .organized at 'Trail, called the Trail  Creek Rifles.       ' ���������  Oie Sandberg ' and"Mr?. Sand berg  came down frou'i tbe Canyon Frida}*  and are stopping at the Central.    -  Castle hall should be filled with  knights Wedne.sdav evening-, when an  esqui're will attempt to win his spur's.  . Tiie 0. P. R. will start- the steam  shovel at work across I lie, bridge as  soon as tbe outfit can be got in readiness. l   ���������  31 rs. -\V. 31 Lawrence returned home  Sunday ruorning after a fort night's  visit with 31r's. 6. T. Mallery, Kamloops  R. F. Green, ex-M. P. P., for Slocan.  passed through Revelstoke yesterday  nioi-ning. He re;'orts������that J. M. Kellie  wi1! be home in a few cbivs.  Ja-vMcMahon aud family and A W  Mcintosh of Revelstoke, .purpos? moving into this place shortly. Mr. S. McMahon will take over ,his brother's  blacksmith shop r at that place, while-  Messrs.  McMahon and'  Mcintosh will  ���������coramenoe development   woak in earnest on property they are  interested in,  ���������a couple of miles up   the north fork.���������  Ferguson Eagle.  Tlio' HaniiM OonnsiL  ' ' All the member:- of tbe council wei e  present,; at the last meeting, except.  Aid.',Patrick : a big batch of business  was done and iro long winded speeches  were made.- ������������������    ���������    . ,  Among several unimportant- commu-  nieations wns tbe i-esignation0of Aid.,  MeKoclrnie. io'take effect March 7th.  Tb'e resignation was accepted.'  , The public works and property committee reported that, they had inspecred  the fireball which had been reported,  comple'te by the contractor, and-.fonnd  that it had' been {inished-'jU'cording-'io'  plans and specifications, with the exceptions' of a-' very few details. ��������� The  committee-- recommended the . acceptance of the building. The report, was  adopted. ��������� -  The council approved ilie election of  Aset. Chief Mc-Ua.e, fire' lii-igade No. 3.  and J. T. Campbell. assistant- ehref for'  No. 2 brigade. Both to ser-ve without,  .salaries.' , No action was taken towards  the appointment, of a chief.  The mayor and Irea-orer were  authorized to issue a cheque for- $5,000,  less fjUOO, to W. .A.Nettie, lire ball con-  trac-L-r. The 3100 to' be held 30 days.  I',-, was moved by Aid. Peterson and'  seconded by Aid. Abraham*-".!, i bat a  committee be. appointed' Do mt-i'view  the O. P-II. and insist, upon tire company   giving   the   city  a Yro:-������ing  on  George Wnol-u-y, Lucy M'-Carthy.  - 'First     Pinner.���������Agnes    Ilj.-u-kberg,  Fraoke Burke,'Al'-xaurtei' Mcltae.  B. Prime;-. 3J.--ggie Nealqn, Tanuis  Patrick, Dai.vy Mathew5*.  -^     R.,E. Glovei*.  bitisic:-: v.  Cla������s IV.--R.hct--, Johnson, Eddie  Hyatt, Z"lia Graiilt.  Class III'.���������Doris Bennett, .Cva Doyle,  Jennie jCerna^rhan. , <    '  Class IJ:���������Eirie^t Mc?*Iahnn, Leonard  Woonhouse.'Gbai'lie Williams.  Class r.--Vvillie'Pic;-,rd, Regie Vv*ool-  sey, 3Lar-y Langridge.  ,   ���������      c A. X.' Kun.\T{.  A call was cirvulnli d in Af-h-voft  Sarur-flay i!s|-.i'i'-;o'D"iiiii^ SJurphy, bar-  I'isl.ei' to acc.'jiL nomin.ition j\)i" W. st  Yale as an ami-Martin candidate, .it  being under*-! ood I bat Hon. C. A. Semlin had 'decided to withdraw enlii ely  from political life. The call,was signed  by nearly all of the voters,' and iir.  Mm pby informed Uie committee that  he would accept a nomination coming  as this d-d. iir. Mm pby is a native-  born British Columbian and iias built'  'up au extensive practice in this.seetion  during bis, throe yerir*"' residence in  Ashcroft." He would' poll a large vote,  in this section. Mr. ilurphy is a graduate, of Ottawa University of the  class oi'!������2 and,is thirty year.': ('>f{ ,-igp.  'lie is a brother of Jas. Murphy, barrister, late of Revelstoke.  i %  **_>   'JL >i  V.-. J. > .  7-.TOTIUI-3 is lrorcby ;vivcn I but D. Strur.iici' is  ���������1% no longer connected witli'llic Tnturiiritioii-  nl I'roll.-.'i-h.'KKl o! I'larlwr.y lji-jIfiRiii.ur iir any  M.iy, a-id fur; north.) Intia'ii.il'ui-.-.n'rot.hc-i'hoo'l  ol 'Kaitwav Uriclivoinorr will n.-il, b<; vtsii.m^iblu  foi- any debts lie rn.iy conl.r.ioL in iU rriuric niior  this ilaic.  TtlOS. Clbl.^-il'lK, 31n������ter,  DANJKb |i"UASKn. Secy.,  < -        Division JjOtlgo No. 1. .>  January 23l.h, 1900.  P&^OZp^p^^A^^  OTT"P  ^ l>   i_- -1- i  '^5  jy*   H ;jss  Is to, sell High 'Quality Goods at Low Prices. *������*  !���������*&<*  (\,^  Is lo Buy High Quality'Goods at Low Prices; f������>  ���������������'   ;  OUR BUSINESS IS-FOR-YQUR fHTEREST." '  f  0.? '  4.  1    Vfl  ' r ���������  I. .MWHEIOI, HsMwaps. and' TinsfflitMnji. |  ���������   Gumd'/'s   Stoves   and    Furnaces.,  6'   f>  l/X\ ' ' ' t\7'*/1  ^���������ilikii^ -wAiSli I3tk������ii\  Fi  3.   E.   DREW, fv'ianager.  f'ff  ?���������'  fit :\\ i eznrrarxa -WAzas* J.xM'K.-CeTrcxjusrta < ' , ' t\ A/J  m- , The balance of.'our,winter stock of Felt Hats to be'^  i^V sold at one, price, vi;-:., '7,5c.    Those'who-call early on        W  |i  ���������" Moiiday'Moniiiig'-N'ext - .'':������'  ^0'vVi^ g'et ^^ best choice. ,,; Don't miss, this opportunity.as ^p  ^ such seldom happens 'in this town. ��������� There are several-^  ^ $2.50 hats amongst the above,'nothing-lower than $i".50 W  ^originally:    ��������� .,, , ���������'        ' . '     .'-���������'.','   '".' #  "V ^' 'vs.* ���������<^^���������^���������^r.^^''^^^���������''^���������^%���������^���������������������������^^^^?���������^���������^^^^^^������  "C     TELEPHONE 36.  < '    .      -    '. '���������'   ������������������     ",  P.,0.'BOX 86.'  1     _'    ~��������� JEWELLER.  C.P.R. VV-iici-i'inspector.,  i l ������  M'utoho!-, Cloul:<-, ovcryl.hinj'- in tiro line.  .Specialty���������Watch .Hcpairing.  ,  BICYCLE'S, A-renVfamous "Cleveland"  All Work Girr.r.irWt-eJ.  Your Pockci^book , ^ ������������������ ������  may be br.v Inn, nobody 'wcx ii, hue  if yinrr c'lUhe** ;;io .*-li;iblLjy Unit  s'-ll!(..= i!, riiiNyiy w.inls to Isnow yon.'  L.u lies or Gf-nl-' Tiiilur l-.l-ido Cloliu-s  rcrnii'Oil Mild ck'������i*.!):l in ^noil style.  Cull or !-:cr.cl post (.-urtl.  Sannue!' Needham, Douglas  St.  T"*t.ibli-l!L'il n yciii--'.  1       .Strictly Union J.nbov Sliop.  If yon wan I to get ful,  p-^ A \l M k ������h }������ ���������    hi L1"^ i 'i>4   :  Second 'Street,  ,   Family, Grocers, ��������� and, Produce' Merchants.   :.  1 <j 1 ,     i *  1* cvsexsjs ^������.T^i*jc=r-f������i-^-3c=m=Tnir a " f ,  1 j ,  "      c ' d ' '',  A Fresh   Stock   of   All   Goods   Required for. Family Use,  cctk/j i-~-ur*ri|  <    ;-:3IG .INDUCEMENTS -FOR  CASH/.  "  '(,   CAREFUL ATTENT ON. ,      I"   PROMPT   DELIVEBV.'  I ' ',..-'��������� '���������' '        ' ��������� , ,     '��������� -'  ORAGE--& IVIAYN  Douglft^trv.n:,u-(-r-their Ivu-fc.r-itlu.uL    p   '���������    ]r T ^ T\\VC^\T\  ^\c<\\\  delay.    f'-nnnnitU-i'   to   liavo  pr.v.-.-r to j JiiilA JL.Oilg 3 JUulliL ubULll  Hev. 3Ion/.ies ha.** received a call to  St. Andrew's church. Cornox, and will  probably -ic-cppt. Tho 'Kamloops pres-  hytcry will iiuh'L this week to *consider  the call.  R. L. Johnston came across the ire  from the L-nuiing Saturr!ay with -tbe  mail. The ice wa*- rr.;t snrV for a'team  **-o he was roiiipclit (1 tn wall: and carry  the mail.  The I-Vr^UMin Eji^'h' has finally r^.icK-  i-d I hi*- fifj'ici-. Tii'- paper i-* a ln-itrhl  Miie, nix] when i!s������- JM.\ir_ man w;i^  ti-.rou^h wilh it it lookt-d as if .-onipone  h.nl heen ('nltiiic< piitlerns frmj; it,  spcnr-" lP������>al a-j^rstarK'p if nect->.,**5ai'j-. j  Thi-; motion w c.rrri-'d and Aid-*. |  Perer-on, Ahrah:i;n<on and Milpalriek j  wer^nfiiind for the c-omirii!tr-i\  rcpniurnciKlcd by ll'C r.iaiiiCal  profi ---ion. Gi'ilcrs lefV \'d|!'. ,Vr.  r'.iKi'l'' ("irr'--5" o: by n'nil wnl  lravo ijroinpl ultcation. Oocii.-i  rloliv'. r-uvl I'roc  ,-ere natnt d .or the c-omiri>!.r-i\ .   ,   ���������   ���������: ^t:^   r^^fjfj OTPA--" OT/1 Ti1^-"!  The mavor   was  ���������t;*r,horiy.._-d !;������ eiy.-ct.! 'J. {".ALUA':, h:AfCLdliJ&i\ OitMiUii.  $l.-">0n   ui-ut-aru:  avenue uv������ hall.  -,r.."  i9  i ' <  T re mayor wa** rt.rec*wl  tn si-h een- | vlfifiSSo    C������ *    t\kl-lA^Allq  tracr wiih R. Gfi-d'in   for--, fi:r::ace  i'or  tire hall for iyl'YA        ��������� , j  \V. A. Nettie wa-* instructed to onild ���������  necpss-ary l-rdd-:--, transoms. e-Lc. at j  the fireball ;it a c-r-.i of 84"-. - j <-/���������������������-.���������!.  /���������;/'  "Quaker" ,  Fr^w  PUBLIC SCHOOL  fc-'i^iich Tobaccos,  Cigars,   Etc.  ^.������������������r;^   /(>/'  '* Quaker'  ���������p T *0 *i"*!  JL I XJ. v.-*/  LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS, '-..'.  y:\ ' .-fSs^-^NOTARIES PUBLIC, ETC.  ' * -      *  \V<-  are  mrw   through  slook   faking mul our Spring  ,'  stoek is ercpcfled  daily.     In order to inake room for  r.;in;e we aro oll'ei'ing i.>roat baiqains  RcfcJato"*;** G������t*rc  KoS-ivtySIor.'!:  For   tlie' Hext  Two ^W'eeks. ',  Postoffioo  J  BRA.Q   ESTABLISHED IBS  Or.-,       ViCTOR!A,������B.C.  ^X1**'>"r--.7^-'r  ^;> :'������L'"r  February Report Sho-.vs Usual Atten-j ^mzzz*"--- phonographs.  d.i iC'j-  . ("nn.--. Turni'o=s arrd family will leave  ji.-veS-toke about the 1st of .May.' Mr.  Turinn-^ i-*, now i-n^n^ed in building a  l;,ir;r (,n hi-i raur-ii n'eai- I'laly's hotel on  ihe Trout Lake waggon road, and will  >;iove his entire ranch outfit lo that  pi.ue a-* soon as possible.  roe  Fire  IJrigarliV No. 1 hold a  mr;e.lin������  svliicli wa.s   chielly   devoted to kick-in-.1;  ahout the firo   alarm  .system, which, it  i     claimed, has   h":>    hurried   out.   lv*  orosAuiii e,lr-cf,i-i(- wires.       Shutters  nn  C'n*t.'inl!v  fall'ny   in the, hall, still ;i<  alarm is "ivrn.  A larfjft j'lart}- went south Friday  intending to go into the Landing or  Trout Lake- City. They ha\e. not got  their, yet. When (hoy reached Arrowhead thev found the ice too soft I"  ������. ro--s   in  safety,   and    went  un   tothe  F.'Howhig i-   tie' rep'il-i, uf   ill  -it.ki^  i-clio'il-*-��������� !''i!   i-'ebr narv   .-i)i(  rr'aim--**)!' l-Uj-ii- in t ii ��������� <  :-ivi������i'/:; i.  C.'hv--- V., Sr.--r;e'*sie  Lnwsou,   Fdrni  Knowlrori: Jfa������'o!d ('lark.  Cla-i   V".   Jr.   -Flora    1'aiiner,   Ldna  Nield, <-h---.  Dent.  Chi*.-. IV. -i'earl liohin-.on, .".fary Kd-  wr'rd-, ilil !.r Ih.bb'*.  . v! IIM..T  f')i   ..f.t'.*-'. \'.  !)ivh[,).\- n.   .  Reniur   in.���������-Crace  .So:.-i"--;,, i^icd  f*i'-  quhai-l, Winnie D.-ini^.'is.  J-inior'   Jf:.--]>erev     I)ii::;j',     .',"(���������;;;���������.'  v"'- , J-'/13Jl\C%  cTjII-  jrijei'iii'  merit : i u  ii"^:AAZ7iAAtfA  Tuned1  .^0"O;Vr  --M-1  id Hi Y>i   vX  hf k) A  m - *  i&Jr    k<.*' Jit)      V**i  -V^!:i  ���������r-%fa'  -  \- "\ ^   '*\  '���������:-��������� i  h  !;i>prove your :  ���������Genter' Tables, '  Extension Tables,.  Side Boards/, ���������  Chairs &��������� Furniture  nl'all kinds. M:\ny carloads of neweai  guilds 1'ireived hel'iirn tiie advance in  priies.    We manufacture  Store, Bank  Sl Office  Fixtures  of hardwood��������� Send plans for estimates  ;rc and you will be surprised at ihe increase in business.  ./. Ol v'.v'O'.. ,  /   ! .'  Daniel  jirniee  O  I'.in.'irii.  Second    i'e.rdi .".     if.ir-i'd . 1 J... : ii'-.-e.  E idle Colareli, 'Raymond Fia^-er.  A. S-.'r;-.!.  nrv..iiox in.  iS'-cond Header -'(Jor .inn 1* v'no. Ilio'i-e,  Gertie i.aWiorr, ('\\:\rU<' 'i'or <T,o'-.  Fir-if.  Jf,i-ader'.���������-?-hi/gie   n.i:,iel-,  -)o.'  Nealon, (/tiy Varnej.  (i. R. Mrr.r..'.i.o.  '' DTVr.-iflA'   IV.  Recorrd i'rtmei'.-   'I'huimi^ Vv lli.in .'>n  f  "1        o .1  ',  ������������������������ \ /���������������������������' ��������� I  'J, V i.r   ���������\ ���������*  ���������'-' '     r  A;t;:;;;::;; IlsFcoIy & Oeipgny, Liniitpd,  "'nia-^j: i-5-spnWARn ,-",o'"ds"oet'Gte'  Ol-'.i/  ;;A-Vr.L&������     i:-ifr-bdiLJlBf\!ffftStiP������   S    Wood    Mantels,   Grate-  Tiling,  ;.;A,.;-;ST!C   STi^iOL   T;AT-TGFS   for   IjoJH   and   Family"      e  '���������>U "'V '���������'?'??'  "���������', "i,i / J.'", "'~'\     '"N  J i.^-....���������j..r.   ./J, i.  ' t ,..    .  *-,.  and Mill ^iDpiies..  A"  /^'^li  Britisla Columbia,  ,,;, Dawson Citv, Aliin and Hennett.  -7^--TZZzrcrzz xzxr^7?rpr..aix**nri. -. -u-t-^i, .i,,.]...^  -ings, wlie.re   they   ai'a still enjoying J .Tennie Hyatt, CJcrliiKlc Dent.  iheiusnlvc's.  Second   Pr'itrrer.  A,���������Alexin,'-.   IJain  'iii? il. I ASSAY AHS CJIGHIJaL S!!??^ CO, (LIMITED).  11, He MaeF.iilane & Co.)  / .'-'. i\ L/ O U v rz n,     L).   O.  nl'a'-l i'i ei ��������� ami   diii-;-(    ��������� mpm-i .>;��������� , and .car-ry a   large   stock   of  Wi-;,:.''  J'llirii'is.  I "i,r .i.ii'c-.  i".ii-('|..y  i "i i' . i.i"ii   -i 'ii-l , A'-iiL I irein.r  ,  - ������������������ ih'   ,'. ',   ii! -   !i>.-  .V'>; -^.i :i   (  .'t'lee  , rl.".  Calalogue and full particular:* sent on application  r d-. Scii-ntifie aiid Praetica! Books, GliisBvrare,  ,iud all ot iiei-.v���������-ayer'sfrnd Miner's rerpiirenienftf*  icible Compaut, i'.ttter'jea, Becker Sons' Eul-  it  .it  ' L  I


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