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Kootenay Mail Mar 14, 1903

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Full Text

K, E. l.KASO.N*.
'      VICTORIA, -     ���B. 0.  -
American au 1 European Plan.
'   'American i'inil "S.MI and I'jward-
Sti-nm IK-iilctl.      '    riaiiiplt room*.
$2.00 Per Year
t ,'     ���'
it]i if
��� ;Our; Entire Stock of GROCERIES
I,    ,.
ays   (
inr-      ,'
nud     *    '
vi i.v        .i
mil   .,
nil"           '
, SO'',
' Will be Allowed*on ,
all Cash Purchases of ^
'' ' ./-These 'are-"'genuine -offers *asu,we ar.e.goin'g' \
- but "ofHhese"lines.;�� ,,'��� -^;-- Ai   ^ zi   - * --^
���} J f i   i. ,',       ' -���   " '    ",**','���'. ,
< .-,    '      ,i.'     ' ' - ;t , c-       '   "       .       ' i'
."i'i b    sy" Thi/ Fall. .".Don'bpiit-it olf LootliTte and catch ."cgjcl. A.,".'!:"., j  ,'" "^   '.
'    ''> And do not liny si'ehpnp' shoddy one/ They neverjobk^vellr      ,     ","y
V'-x-    "' Let u^iinke-you .C coat that will please you.., We caii tip ib/y   ""  "     tV-
?'; ir\. - 'fr s ."-i;i 7 it L ~VJ ��1 Fashionable
,�� /
*", ,<"4
* - <
r     * / ���,       *,"*"''     "' "-" '   -l"     '   *""���    ."~ -  ���'   '���''" t��]   , ���-{"'��� A- ' -
.  -A.tj,i���ltac..>~,i,\���^^   _^./^   -^t. ^LIMITED, uvu 4, t���.^-,.-.^,���!: - ^cw^,-: 7���u~_   ^^
Offices- OII[UAGO(JtU.,;"DULUTll', Minn.; CALUMET, Mich.; NELSON, B. 0.
"   ' ,'        -,- . '   '        ' J  ,' , CAMBORNE, B.C. "  .
\t    \   b^ZFIOI-AJL- 'BEOKEES' '* -   '
���   , '..'"' ^  FOR THE " ��� ""     .      '
Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd
-t , , ',    , NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY., '    , v   i
'-,'",' , (EVA MINE.)
For terms of payment and particulars apply to
P'        II. S. WALLACE,'Maxac-ek, .      -;     ' '   '   IL N. CO.URSIER, Agent,
. . , 'Cimhorae. B. C.    ' Bevelstoke, B. 0.
, Harmony in Furnishing;
You   have    no, trouble   if   you   wriLe  us  for
' samples (fiee) of
y .        Carpets; "Curtains, Wall Papers,
'''^-'c     -, ''.   'Upholstering'Materials,   '\
antl everything required. -
The greatest assortment of  up-to-
__j-^K^     date   Furniture   in   Western 'Canada
|l' 'W&jpmijffl'     displayed in our showrooms.
MKi u\j^J W$tfi7: ' Let ii.-. know your wants, iuul we will  do  the
Weiier Bros. S^Iis- Victoria.
'**.*"', J   '^L 'to    -   -   T   -   -   '   ' g,
' <*>
1  fi***.
Sizes, 1', '-', '2.1, ���'! and 'U,      Values, 82.25 to $-1.00.
*  TOUR CHOICE FOR $1.00  f
^ ,      l.ourne. liios. Old Sliintl. c^i
IE. J. BOURNE'S Rsl^�����ke|
6"~ ,1     l" r^ TDIPAI CONTRACTS OF ANY
Complete Installations Our Specialty-
Finest Class of Machinery   ....
i .
The Hinton Electric Co. Limited
Attempt 'at' Settlement   Failed-'���
.Company' Fights  U. B. R.E..
' (jn Saturday thc strike executive
pulilishecl r thc following letter in
the Vancouver papers:��� '   ,
United IJrothorliootl  of Kaihvay Eni-
��i   ployees. p ', ,
Vnncouyer, B.C., Mi'ncli7,'10O3.
E."A.'lfiigge'n,Esc]., Editor Kooti:.n*av
>'' MAfiJ���Cit.v. ^ ^ <> \- ,
''Dear, Sir,���Inasmuch lis you -sire
still trying't6,cfVQCjt/ nn 'ainicablesettlement 'of the' existing controversy between the United-Brotherhood of Jtail-
way 'Employees tiinl''the, Canadinn
Pacific railway/it'is properr that we,
sin.uld advise you of a decision just
nrrivc.tl at by the joint executive com-,
niittces of' all,the strikers in this,city,
which is to the ell'c'cL that, ns there is
no'iippai-ent desire upon the part'of
the management of 'the '0. 1'. JL to
conic* to a' fair settlement of the
trouble, but on thc other 'linncl,merely
nn, attempt" to delay '.proceedings in
hopes of importing men, to delay the
strike?, the joint executives have decided to extend Hie/strike still further,
involving other unions in, the nibvo-,
liientr *        % ,\ t
/Phe ot'tlors fiiiv the oxleiision of the
sfrikc'will be lield.tintil 2 p. in. for lhe4
purpose of lisce'i'tnining'if there is nny
possililc hope of .fair trentnio'nL.forJthe
strikers, nnd if nothing. doljniioVis
received frp'ni the C." IV K. .director
tlirough"'.yourself' by-; Hint hour-the
orders" as decided upch will'be issued.,
ji Thanking",you for lhe earnest,ed'orls,
vou liiive'nuiclti to bring about, an ami'
ciililc scttlcniciit, wl'iicli unfor'tunnlely
have been un.'ivaTuig-' ljecnu.se of ulhe
clcloriniiintionfof the 0. 1'/ It."to" include in the settlement J firms involving the deUruction of bur'cirganiziition.
' J remain, dear sir, '- ''- '"-' v L��� j['
'" y ' Yours very truly,, ,ti., ,
' * ". , Gi.'oitGi: J3sti:s, , "
*������-    -���     ���--j'- - Pi'esiclent-.-
/rhc C. I\ K. having refused terms
of'settlement,.propose-! a? above,
also by board'of trade committee,1
on Monday the U. B.R. E/txtpndccl"
stvikerbv calling*,out'-members at
Calgary arid Winnipeg;--\L -
'yThelC. l'.l\. ahnoimcc"'they ,aje_
prepared .to'Jfa'ndie 'freight at Vancouver but; teamsters tbereV-refuse
to_Jiandle ^h on-union wprk and
merchants signed an 'agreement to
suppcJi't'-non-tinion^labor.,''. In. view,
of ; thib-'thc "Trades-A and* J^'abor
-Gouncil'propos.e^to���call tcut"' eve,ry
union man^in, Vancouver and tie'
up the whole.city.'"    ������ >     '       -'
TheTstrikers have succeeded Lin*
shopping lhc'vcoar supply ',but the
cqmpa'ny -say ���'they,* have 'enough-
coal f6'r.three.moriths,on hand.," a'1
I ���An,effort-was'macle at Montreal
tofobtain recognition.by.a commit'-"
tee -l-qpresentingl" 'the*. strikers_.but
tliey"were informed"'they musf'first
communicate throush' departmental
beads."' ,  '   '"i  /t       -    - ���'
Vancouver City Council' tried its
band at a settlement .without-suc-
cess.     ���   >
, PresidentjEstes has asked the
differences Between tbe strikers and
company be settled by arbitration.
, Gen. Supt. Marpole gives the following statement to the Province:���
' " As ,"Mr. Estes has published his
;letter to JUr.'Uaggen (whose gorkl of-
'fices in lhe endeavor lie made to effect
a settlement is hereby gratefully
acknowledged) I desire ' to ask him
publicly now what reason he gave Mr.
Itaggen and another gentleman whose
name' is at picscnt suppressed ^ for
obvious reasons, for his ,declinatioh of
my oft'er twice made to refer the whole
dispute to the ai-bi'rntion of the heads
of the general organizations, comprising over uVo-thirds of the cmp]oyeesj
of tlii= company. The oflicials'of this"
division'were so,perfectly satisfied with
the justice and strength of the company's position* that ithey -made this
offer. Jt is up to Mr. Estes'to say
why he declined; we, challenge him
that he dares not give publicity to thc
reason he has already expressed to
people doubting the lioncty and integrity ot the organizations referred
to, in whom we believe the employees"
o.i strike have every confidence."'
- Supt. Marpole accuses Mr. Estes
of an unsavory record as yin agitator for self aggrandizement, and
justifies' refusal of recognition to
tbe brotherhood since such had
been denied by the Southern Pacific. Great "Northern, and Northern
Pacific railways, while- admission
for the U. IJ. K. E. lo thc American
Federation of Labor bad been re-
ftiaed by President Compers.
The C. P. H. has is.-ued an extract from the Trainmen'? Journal
condemning the U. IJ. H. E., also
an attack on Mr. E-tes and his
The strike executive has published a di'eniiied reply particularising
the achievement!' of lhe u'liion.
The local strike committee intends culling a public meeting to
explain lhe Munition.
The lievi'1-lokc machinist.0 deny
thev have broken their schedule
with the company by stoing oul,
anil ih'claiv they si ruck not as
members- of the lT. IJ. ll. E. bill in
svmpaihy with thai body, a course
in which I hey are fully justified by
tbe principles of unionism.
On Saturday two carloads of men
from the ea.-t  to   take the strikers
'places'were brought to Sicamous,
;hckl there' for two days,'and then
taken'to .Vancouver, ,where tliey
were used to replace the strikers.
*A dozen clerks we're discharged
at Montreal. The C. P. It. says the
reason is reduction of, staff, but
employees, say it is because they
belonged.tojh'o'U li. li. E. .   ' "" i
As Vancouver was, threatened by
Ai. H. E.  ex-
tug Czar from
' iii:im.v'to c:. v ji.
I'llittjr Kooi cnmV iUif/.*
.,'Sir,���A circular-, litis    ,    .
members of 'properly constittited and
recognized unions, and, on febrnqr of
sumo a'.rubber stamp; hits been'used
which -i-nys- ,: Statement' 'No. l."-y We
rcgrcVlhei Mareonrsystcm'1 ofywireless
telegraphy has" not yet, reached such
^pcVfecfio'ii'iind that we'do not,possess
the mouth of Gargun'nta which would
enable.u's,~lo cmit/ such" a rcsoimding ��������� ���I;
lnugh that would reverberiUc from one 'Gr'oshej
end of thc civili/ed world to the other;
then-indced , wotiid" our - enchinations
tickle thc oar''of "all persons in whom
thc facuHyyof miiitlifnl'iiess is well developed.'  }'.   ,l ^   ���       'y
> \\'lien ii'gig.intiC'corporation ' is rc-
du'e-ed to such straits of dii'.e'cxtrcniity
that'it would pit nior.ibcrs'' of one
orgaiyzation'-against ianother 'it may
be truly siiid that whom the go Is wish
tb desti'py they4 lirst make mud. 'For
such.' nii
a'coal famine, the.'U
ccutivc released  thc
embargo so shtrmighl' bring.'over a'
barge of'coal1.        ,, '     '      '",/    n,  e
The'most'pleasing news in regard
to  the r .strike  is  that  Mr. Whyfc,
assistant lo'general   inanagcr, islo
visit J Pacific   Division* lo" enquire
into causes  of   strike   and. adjust/
grievances.   'Mr/ Wbyle yis "well-;
known to be a fair official in'.whom
'employes have great confidence.  ^
���   Two men arc charged .with traiiv
rammoncl." \'( ,,    ,
��� Prior     offered *, his
ir.     in "'the''strike,
and tho strikers' accepted.    ; t���
i  The teamsters  afe/out, iii   sympathy a't Vancouver.,, *'  ,
Supt. Kilpittrick reports'littlo in-,
convenience lo the freight and passenger services here from the strike,
The relations,between tlie 'officials1
and employes herccontinu'cfrienH-
wrecking at
Hon.   Col
services'as nicd'iator
but wo shall iiihyays resent ipiy attempt to belittle ''our ell'orls townrds
tlieniiltiinalci goal���industrial ,union-
isni.i     , , "   ,,  '     ,
i' Wo know that we havo thc'lsyin-
I'mthy quel' support ol all"'who thoroughly understand unci appreciate lhe,
pVinciplesof unionism as'cvidenccd'by
the action^ of'various bodies of men
out&ido'of'riiilrpiiil service, ^'o might
add, for the bonelit of thosc'who do
not knouvthtit the U.""]5. K. E. is allili-
ntcil with the 'Wcstern__Fcdoriifcion of
IM'iners nnel',' the f American, Labor
Union,who do not, believe in allowing
themselves to bve made the, cat's paws
of old parly .-politicians, but 'have for
llioir't-logan "Vote as you strike."    ���
- j.J. TllOH.N'TOX,     -^
Excculive Coni.,    (T. Dunx,
'" ���  ��� Div. 97,      *,<(,Ciia:s.'Ci.aiiki:.- '-
U. B. oflt. E.    #io.-A. Kaktb'.-
>  , y       . v   '   (W.t'A.i Ciiamjibiis.
Jtevclstoke, March JiJtli'.        |f
"'"," r ,' i"- "
Four Men: Killed; at Nettie L.
vt i ' i      * i    '
' ��� Powder'. Gas.
i   y ���
' A serious'accident resulting in
the death bf,, four miners, at Uie
Nettie L.-ininc occurred��"oh SaluV.
day when'the night shift,were going
on"duty at -7 'o'clock. ' The clay
shift had quit at 4. \h m. and "fired
their'shots; and as/'Savagc, whose
duty' it wits', forgot lo turn oh
(lie'fiii'n the lo,wer working .were
icen,issued to, filled \vith-powder g.'isi and smplee."
Robert Slivagc'w;as tlie'first man to
descend'to his work", and ���..whoh_ at
lhe bollqm he was heard to'call for
help,rcry'ihg out "thatjic' was suffo-
eating. '���    '���*        'v ' -ij    *
��� 'George Groshey descended to his
rescue and succeeded in bringing
him i\\i to;ythe��� floor level,,when
...j^Jiey becamen* insensible and
! SaVagc's'body'.fdfopped back'.down
s "tlie"winze"a distance of 'about forty
leet. r_   ��� >t,    -       t^ ' n
'Allan C.iuldcS'r then rushed down
i(iinpar*illolcil exhibition, of
'n^sinine's'tnpiclit.y'''is ('certainly in'co
ceiVablc 'of.'nny1 save- ahf-'inm'alc'of
lunatic asylum.' J ~i, "-'," ^ * '
' Thc assertions made in thii diatiibc
have been-rcfutcd'sevornl time's'cluritig
the -"past-year ,iind: AvOoja ro , fnr.viUly .rcr
minded o7 the tactics so'ably/lopicted
by Ghnrles Dickens in .'the'-Eiitanswill
election: Wc'3havc'spoken to members
of thc B/'K.'T. twhoso experience in-'
eludes a 'thorough knowledge, of the
workings ;of lhe-"AMV. U.-'ancl 'tliey,
condemn m_-no unmcnsurcil terms the,
action,of 'the cditoriarylcpartmcntjDf
theii ' organ'vwlio,",whilstA-profcssiiig
brotlicrly^lovo,- permit^themselves'to
be used by 'a,'corporation -in O'der to
down nil organization,*! whose only
crime is that- of organizing.
^'e know, 'the sentiments of the
rank nnd file, and -if thc leaders did
not labor under a" delusion that they
arc able to sway tlieirinieinbcrs like so
many sheep they would refrain from
stooping to such dishonorable tactics;
yet it may result in a stampedeifrom
their ranks'which would deprive them
of the few loaves and (ishes they are so
anxious to retain.
Kccogriition of thc fact that trade
unionism must.lie ever onward in,its
efforts lb solve the economic problem
lesultccl in the'bii-lh of*rlhc U. IJ. of R.
E., and the' leaders of the old class
organizations, icali/ing. that thc
growth of this' sturdy infant would
mean their relegation to tho shelves
ot oblivion, resoit to vendetta tactics
of stabbing in the back, and were it
not for thc seriousness of this matter
we would say for a samplo"pf Simon
Pure liunior read and analyze the following quotation which this statement,
'evidently printed in ah yinfii' shop,
contains:��� "   ,
,','The Journal dislikes to take issue
with any organization of ,labor and in
this instance doe i not"feel Lhat il lias,
for the U. B: of U. JR. is not a labor
organization and acts exactly as if it
were inspired by corporation desire to
disrupt the labor movement as it
pertains to railways. Surely, the most
hostile corporation on earth could do
no more towards disruption than it
has endeavored to do."
To tho unpicjtidiced reader we
would ask this question. Docs it seem
natural that n grasping- greedy corporation would fight with such strenu-
Osity an organization which it i.s
claimed would do lhat which, both in
llic Trackmen's strike and in tho
present struggle, they would lileo to
see acc'oiiipli'-liod'. This certainly is a
Imonioriiiiir, but'there is one saving
clause that the native intelligence of
the rank and liie of lhe 15. It. T. feels
itself grossly insulted by their endeavoring to create (he impression
that tolhein the principles of unionism
resolve themselves into "our union
alone and the otheis be damned."'
Mr. Marpole is trying his utmost lo
play one organization against anoiher,
iintf we do   mo^t  sincerely   hope, and
lirmlv believe
-Ihut bis ell'orls will be
in vain. A peniniil of this ciivulnr
clearly denionsi'ulcs llic sagacity
exercised by Pres. Ueorgc. Estes in his
refusal lo allow grand lodge ollicers of
other railroad oiyani/alions lo sellle
Ibis mutter. Thc history of the Trackmen's -tnke is slill giceu in thc
memory of all mcl had it nol been for
Ibeaction of ilic western organizations
tin' icsiilts would have been altogether
(lilVeient. We lia\e no light with any
other organi/nlion as  an organisation I
tho"laddeiy(ancl pn ^rcacihingythe
bottom called.but for.'help, and',Pat
Crilley,-shift boss ,and brother of
the superintendent, ,,went ydow'h' to
share Cauldcr's fate. BarclayCril-.
.ey went clown'and .actually,reached
his brother/but the,,gas drove,him
up- to the "level* more, dead than
alive.!, '        '''..' ',-".'   ��� ���
\'di.-Bates, a".Cape Breton miner of
great'experience, was first to think
of luhiuig"onytho"air and made an
at tempt''wilh' a-Yope"i,/jLle*securi;"iU]r
body "wi tb ' the line.-and -.bore it' to
tho^ladder foot. The -men*t above
"rais'cdcPaddy ',Cr'illey ^o the^lovel.
Bates .'partly jStistaining^ him .from
the -.'ladder.1 f"SixtJs times,-VBatcs
came up wi tii tbe body, of a'rescued
comrade, anclisix''times wept "down
risking.deathtriThe.sixth* and/hist,
man having' been,, carried up
Bates collapsed, ^nd' Jack.Sivecny^
descended cto sec if any hiorc re-"
mainetl in' the! mine. Bates had
to "go down again and bring'out
Sweeny. ' Bates came out of his
���experience uninjured. ,"'
The names of tbe dead arc-':���
���Pat Crilley, shift boss. t
Allan Caulder.        _       '.   \
'"' Ed. Cognan. , .
_  Robert Savage.
<Two men, Kels Johnson and Otto
'Bloom, are under thc doctor's'care,
and are expected to recover, y
An inquest was held by Dr. New-'
combe.        v     .   ~ ',
'.The,disaster was evidently due to
white damp, a deadly gas givenoff^
by dynamite explosion, and * which*
had evidently not been cleared from
the workings by'the operation of
thc air compressor.'' A
The government mines inspector
went in-yestcrelayc to enquire into
the cause of the disaster. ,
Request of Vancouver Boilermakers
Union Granted. '
All members of ,thc boilcnnaking
I rude in Vancouver aid'working a nine
hour day commencing last week, the
request of the union that that be the
limit of a day's work having been
granted by the omploycis. The boiler-
makers will not have a half-holiday on
Saturday,'but will work their full nine
hours, as do the moulders who weie
recently granted a nine-hour clay.
The pay of tbe boilcrinakers icmains
lhe same as when they'woikecl ten
It is worthy ol* note Hint Ihe executive of the Hoilei'smakoi-'s International Association has decided that
eight hours .shall constitute 'a day's
work on and after .lime 1, IDOll. It is
not 1 bought that the order will be enforced generally, but lhat the demand
for eight hours will be made in a iiinn-
licr of cities throughout the continent
lo'lest lhe feeling of the emphycrs.
The machinists employed in Vancouver shops have notilled the employers thai commencing April I they
wish a nine-hour tiny at ten hour's pay
and a half-holiday on Saturday.
Stamps weie running on ore at the
NorlhuesL Development company's
mill at Goldlields this week. The two
(uniiels being run to develop the tiolcl-
lielcls oie lodes are in 100 and MO feet
\ye have
plenty of
' i
,;'  Boneless Codfish -
,  , ' Labrador Herrings ���;.'���:".".'
V, ''-Kippered.Herring'S;L '<.   ;' ,,
;,Bloaters,       '['>* \ ' "" ' '���  '"
' '���;', Salt Salmon I    ^'i("'    , /-"���;<
y Smoked B^linon     :      ,  .
-   ,'l,l'Smoked^Halibu-b\<     ��� V ,
' '--"SaitJMackerel,  ���,���'': 'l .,;
'  - ", ' ���' i   Z   :  '        y       i  ' /1.    ' '  '     -   '
���' '* 'The above'-line's were secured si^ciallv/or the'
,   iLcnten trade'!" *       '   ''./''   "-��� " ' /   ,     '1,
\ Bourne rBnbs. ^Grocery :;StordM-
l      ���'     ' 'K '��� c',    ;"   ' r   ������ A   ' '    'yy? '   y      '-.  '      '" [''"I'Z", ����$ '.    - ���r. .
'1:   [akS^lng'^dlelne. ^t^^X���  ' '
r     im\y ', in'   es l\fe blf-od lu.t ir. M,o,tl,r,ro..ghlv cleanses t ,Hivgr,       ,
<?��� ki lnJvs and l,i,wH.ls,'leSiVrng tl.-?. who e sy^tem piM   ��'��!..��^:, -  -
I      dition, thus'enabling yciu to throw oil Midi complaint.- t.incl_ cl.t-    ^
: W^eZX���$������ this medicine to d^ VlKtl>e clai,,',* ">
I    ,_.fo/it... Price. $L00 per'bott-l'-'iO L'i^I^J'l.^^ ei!
���   kTHE   'RED ���CKO-S^*'i>'Ry&
J/.A. Mille'r.;&;>;'Oo.
Chemists .'and.
Stationers. .'.
>l-(' ,
' i
' '���,'"�� ',. |
��� <t ���
J '':
'>y vi^i
'' j -.
.Evepy5 Day Brings .JIts ^Ne^.Goods^AIlyUi'tdtthe
H-i'^.L'  fop Notch-for* Style and'-PatternPrJ':-!^-':
, i	
SILK WAISTS -^ ' t^Ax- i !.\,'('
"l-*liiiii"solitl colors, h\m stitchcd.'Silk" ''
'mouMrtfor ���" ��� ���; ��3-50
>. t     TH     >,,        1- *     "&-    ' *
WASHING SILKS,-    .,       ..      ,.'.��������-,.
��� Onlv a-fow'o(Uls"aiul-eii(l!>-jleft_o��_ ,-x_
;tlio��e Waslifnir Silks, in atnpco.mm     - ;
checks, al, i)ur yard . ..i..-. .....��..-33C
MUSLIN-'SKIRTS,. *       i      "
' A fow'novelLics to liantl 'in Tancii_
firiuc awl "Huilin (-kill-., feet; llicin,
botoi-c llicy arc picked up. >
CLOTH-SKIRTS         f, ,   - -
Our stock in these good* never wnS
as complete mid vniiel a- at the   ,
.present,   prices.   Our   price-   raiitji'
[rom.. S3"0S to S15.00,
-Ladie-,' Wliitcwear direct from the be~t
'    liiiuiiirnctiiriiit! e^tablishmenu- in   Ka'-l-
crn C.iiuvd.i.   Night  Clowns,  Combination Suits trimmed with Lace ami  l-.ni-
broidenes; Prices to Suit Evcryliody
-corsets-        ,. -   ,   - ; ': u    __  ���
,'~Your attention i-.*directed to tlio'Sn-
.....    ,.r^���. .....   t.tn   n.,,1    I t,,^hl\"nnrl
diaii Cors-eta-
'    l-'reiieli Cor*eU.T.y c^gu.irantcc-cverj-";
pair!to lit.,;     ", e.'iZ,���   ,,   .'*.,      '    '
FOOTWEAR   ' ." ' ,''"'"
Sole-AKent" for tlie celebrated  Amcri-
-   cin   makers,!.!!!}-   Brackctt   nnd/H'0 ",
Harlow Shoe Co.,- an i  several ot .the ,J
not."d Canadian makcro.   Our vanc-ty
i, lir^-e.   I),on't f-iil to   inspect   these
good-.,        ' j-.
\\> hn ve ni veil '-pecinl attention to this
line'of coeds and !in\-e ^elected the ue-t
material, and if durability, quality and
strength has an.Mhiii|-, to do ��\ilh the
make up of' a shoe, iveit-kyou to look
over lhe-e. .
���Just the Shoe Yoa Wnnt
for Your Boys.V
A^ --
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-  ,   .��� -, -
- ^y^.
Millinery and Dress Goods
A beautiful range of the-c goods ���re on thc way and are expected every (lay.
Our milliner}- display thi-> year will fa^e\-cel lhat of previous year-.
Wiui: I-UOM JIi=3 Iliu��i:i.i.: Lc't la-C.Monday for Re\e!-tol,e.'
��S2?5S?^^F'r��rr,''#i:'JoA " <--"��-"---^gi^a-'--'-tt:^-^!**g��"MM��^B'*a
Direct from the  GROWER, to the
Young Man !     Young Woman!
Don't lie content to sl.ilv ii'iOlii: nil ��'f >"(Uii'life nt tin- "<aiiie old (l.'?k
iirccniiitef- a nii-ie inacliinc. (HiilW! (.(1 FOR \\ A RD 1 Don L
fool uw.'tv viuic lime on llippt'*'*''-.    I'.ui'i u.i-te >'"'.n   (ii}"1"""-
From Hard Work to Success
litlle  uliile  c.icli  (lav.    .Start
is lull ir ��-��� ���>���> ir voii'llapplvyotiiM-ll" .did mil', a litlle uliile c.icli il.iy..Start
i in ii7lv.ii.;-.-. We,an make >t.n pn.lit I'nl in \s\ Im;-you .wi-h )) <; P"
l,.-if.|, sii-c-tKsl'tillv l.v mail, a-iil.ne 111 iii I.Vi.tMHi ,,f om- simlei.N in Hie I niled
SPiLos nnd ('aii,i(la will .iltc-l. Thev .ue out to.-oii.(Herniation. \\nle,-,l once
fur particular'.. Do*At dki.v*.. We can put you foi waul m any Inancli of
lupines:., media nit-.-, ai I or -ciclit ���'.
W.  II. .Me-DOL'GALL Local Repiescntative,
P. 0. Box 1W. Ni'bon, B. C. '''I 'u:'h!- ���-',';(,' ".".-
.iy.. ,.,'.���(��� ,.
;   A'A'7^
' ���'���;���,���'.(>,"
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-Z'yl  >A7:/1>UBUSHK1)'SA'J;UH1JAY.A,777 vy
vf ���'���. ������:''-' ''��� fr''R E V E LS T O KB): B. C. ���;'/,'' .,���'��� Z;':':,
A ySubseriptlori '������'.��� Erioo';'"! S2.0011 Per (Annum
: ADVKnTISlNG:A]'!ATKS: 7: but ^npiilieiitioic
;; ��� /,, AChanijc-jjiii :ad\-erti>eaieiit-s iiuist,Ati(.-vlii.by
.���������. '���������'������'Tuesd'iyi. of each week to seeiiro 'go'ci'l'dln''
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';yu3vPHiXTiKC^irbiniitly;exeeiiied al, i-eusoii'-;
',,'{'.;;���':'able;.riit��j";-;,��;-;;'���; .;).;';.", '7777?'; y;-';yyy;-.y ������<: ';���:.
lAGCOUNTS: ioi'fipriiitiiiK7 aiiiV v'advci'tisiiiK
.,';,'..:���; payable oiiyitrse of iiioiitli'-,'siib.serl|iUons
yVvvliayable,lit'advance;AyA>--.. ;'���':'.LjAvv.L .'A
.���'?.-.,���''. iiublieSiiHere.=t,.77C'oiiiiiinhicai,ioiis to,Kill-:
,','������:'';'/��� ior:,1iiiast,',7;be..iiccoiiiimiile'l.pbj- name of
("writer, not riocessarily for publication, but
������,,���:'.'.-:hS'evidence of gcrtiil' fitltli.���'.���..Cor'ro'siioiitlciico
'.'������'������' must reach the" 'b'fllcu'by'WcdiiuS'iliiy'evoii-
;Ay.iiiK. L1'A'A7''A;vA7,y:AyyA,, Ay
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Siich a tribunal i.s'iVol'y tiioi'e'fpre, iii!
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^.fe'chaises.r.to'-'S those7?flpn'is'7\vho,;,{aPo;
tif Copies'? of"'The^
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IffPN^tf Giving
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TlH^vsiiibkiji :'qr-;i:Stba.iiivAaiiel3i;'siiiOkq;
inixbdi;\viiibliL,we  saiui7ivashPl;:bfitliiit
  ....... ������ .    ,(v ��� -
laviiii rliiiiiiiil i'iriaiilyi'ebfiiiibr^-vyH07 ajiy
i I! e;iii" P li^lAc:i:7qqb.e v e i;^ f r.'i^
TlieiicbmpanAy'^yei'ieiv also.7 n
i Reyelstqke iinvi-tKe^ strike'is alcbni-i
:.:plicate-li'i''i:.phei.-i' 'ATheiA Jilachinists:
; Union Kas' ti contract', wi th 'thelcbm-
7pany.:and;that7unioniais abodyhrisi
i no iquarrehivith the C. IP. Ri.lAit ees
, thie.local memljers. had also joined
,illei {]:. iB. Ai: i;E.v. tliey''iel. ti icom peilletl
iv to stay hy tlie prpersibf.- i ts oiiicia Is.
��� This:ciohiplicnitedi.])osi,tip'n .lias hail
.'.much toi do, wi th creatiiigi hard feel-
'incrs.d tiring thbitiikeias Mr. Mar-
"poleiiegarelsi it as'delibcralCvhreach
of .contract on the part of   thema-
chiiiists: aiid haturaily" 'asks   what
is the value ofa schedule and con1
tract with an'-'organisation if il is lo1
be ; brok'.-ii ��� witiibtit   regard   to its
i tonus? '��� -.." Z ���'���     ���':'������ "" -.'.
011; l-persbRa^ity vpii; bificiialsvafiocts ideaii
i^ybclirtt. Mriy^tirn
niaiiAa^yVanicqUyor.-cgpining ?hPwsS'i"
tliei. 7, co in j)a;n y*s7.; se r y a ii ts., A a iid
tiieii of iA'ancqiuyerLLw'.tly'iyl'iomiVe;!
ii'iTiie Tcbbipahy-libld; that ih 0 head-j
v'Ljifi i-trel >/ii>: Ibe h'
"V;-.yA' COMI'AKIHON.    " ' '" :���'
. GeiioralMaiiager .\[c.\*icoli's conduct is (iisgrace'ful in coiiiparisein
with-Uiitt -it tiicistrikiiigcm]ilbyi'cs.
tvho withtliow the only part,nf-tlicii
���embargo' within their control at
,.Mr. Mar|��ole's re'()uest to facilitate a'
settlement. They placed ���their case
tiiireseryedly iii the hands of'aii
impartial..-body like the hoard of
trade of .Vancouver, trusting only
for justice. Mr. .Marjiole would not
accept this, hut offered to submit
the dispute to a'committee of'the
other railway organizations, who it
is well known have llicir own
troubles with the company. The
trainmen   have   had  a  committee
union.iaSv i t i iisf vi tali ���������'' to ;; theicom-'.! "      '
pa'ny'g';;. i.nterestsy.t;ha';t;-i. its yofheials |
shou.ld"stanci inci.ep.endeiitly"bet\veqn!
employes.-.on, piieihandiancl theieom-j
ipaiiyiioilihei io.ther.7LvThcA:sirikersi
cbntend"'.'ivMri- TurnbullAiisii-nbtiyi
responsible   ofHcial.   ahelylias iris.
muph right.toijoih.as tiniexitraigahgi
���fpiremaiiy. wiipseiright'to, membership7 lis iiipi ^questioned7 'lAiibther
case .to which  exception- wits taken
.was   .Miss"Gqcie, rine.  qf i' the 'most
trusted arid capable" sliorthaiiuiand.
typc-wrilersA in   - the A company's
service; and .who was ".private'Sbcrn-
tary to-,G...Mcih.B rown. the coin pa ny's.
political .agent:   fen'   some   years.:
Kxcoption wa-i also   taken to,clerks
in theollices of [ lliestiperiiiteiident
and ���'local   stipbrintoiidonl joining
the,,uiiion, on the  ground .they had
'J'lii'c.l-b' P!,rt'oi7the7,iiiqiiiitaiiii-;bw;iiigitb;tlio
'': vfriitziiig.kiiilv.i)xpal>siQnibf;;
........                 Min'lALlastedi ftii7:lftiiiyt:iii\-e vioiAs'ei'bii,
_ ja.f.|-'y?i.ijH.;l'i)piv^
ciiai-gb-,i,at': ���V;irilkiijve;r^
eKiii) iZfU i qeiisiiyy t iiq. ��� pfqii aibilftyyof Jii'30��ihioffrb{S teps'i; its;' lies t * ZfcZZiOti l.cl;
beihs'able to ivbrkviamibablylwitlii""    '
IK i:o I ii-IP in'ei Iii'(! id -��� fI bl cl e i i \B liiliSfssjapfWi
ZZ piiihife'tbiiiilyiylSsily
��� iiiy i:fi in ^'Pi i i(> bi;6cl:d! 61 elfiTii-LB ii n77;A4ivy;AAy;7y %
?i s;'i 1 ii s:. ei 1 ic'.-i p ~ i'i i a'tlii';��� ;;i 11 yifiG ic"'ii.s.-l t%;S l';i..li 1 v
p.'vyyyvygSy v|y I:sAy&vij^ijij^q'i,^^': Q_yy
lyjiiss r��|i��ii;bbii 10s$k
,._^,......  ._ "ZZMZZlZZZZZiZ-Z'^-ZMZ
IpIiiSPy Mo jli\\la )Si'ii ji <i! SiSyyiecl pni-|ii
...... ;��lp^i,]pS^i':i:c^^li^*iJ
\ n'cl||Ii|S jpnibrsif i,o.l  t
f ExlraJS jiecial eniid ���ZfSy^Zff:
^ZifyS^ liii cj HiVu iji;(3 ual iiy "Ifflsis&Slyj
I Sf.plf lEbblSa 1 cUlVyKJ'liiglijiy&l gtq.lioAN\M no/La ii cl,f S ji i ;;i ii j'Oe) n i| iii. 11 >'!J?bh 1 ij ly (b ZZSM
ABVater i^iSteaMT Healing
easleA^iri   the;
eveiitlofSettlement, iy
future in the
Theories   as  to), theZ Cause--]'do
ii;ii7i;i iyiA.ZExpansion.yZz:-yyZzpy
������,'.iA- ieiorrespondent;  .writes
theories are rife as ito'tilie cause eif
:t 11 (Kay hist ;,!is ;.i.wc,-.;;cqiiI.:l.:;;:'.stii.nj.i)le-;.o.t".
r.scWi litf.ile>: Lover :,irocl<s. Llogkt :SnPiv7: in id
j ice to gpt.anyivherei awayvi'roiii vivliat
j 'Scicin nii .iibVtis .'���: tq.L hq :������-. 11 leAhegi hhiiiglpf,
j the;,liiia:li destrtiet-ipnivof, 'itiihrgsALlh
{���sbhe-riijictv.itv'ivi'is   ilievnibstiawliiltex-
.j>criency;"btiiv:my: .liie^aiyLexpcrieqc'e.
nqthii)g7.e;<>ulettompt hie'..t,pVrci'/cjat.yj-L- y
aTrdayyiiftqr ;.oaiv7reiurii;7L;The srhoke
I kt'pt tiseendiiig.iiluring -the; tiinevwe
ihndvi.iti'tindy'r: observation''' anil tlie;
' riinililirvg , ivaS aii'tib!<AvfroriiAtiit;(: to.
j tinie'. It' fjtiibt^d' down", as iii-rh't.ap-
Maiiv   , , ���
" til"".' I'"'01
big slide at  Arroivhea(l:L'l',M"l1aiis,thei: :Th.r l^v..ifr.:MeCalli:.Lwill.vfeai'i n.e
most acceptable   is7 that,   of   ice. exl j-""���''�� :lH ^������^'nwtii- amHtgre**
paiision. iiA^v.iTlinc-tolhiKtheir^mitj^'fl^^v^'^^  -J??'-"'��' '"}h* ^r
1 ���     - - - ' '���i.il-.-ion,,     . F.-ti'.esrfOiV   Dav.-soii,   01 ..the
iyly iplo:btdfccli;|.fc
1^ ip'an siirjali u 1 csi; g;i\ie
iy;::l iiivI:Jie:viiye-cciitv[ij,a
T H c; l fiiifii 1 ^iibo ttl eylsi xtiyo/ceii tsyico n'ta i n sitiisiii jip I y Z io i* '-'a 'iy cai;:ti;Cu7i;
tlifiivs lux
wa tor and
night, iuul
11 itht anil
:tilied,', everyCrcvice:  v.'ith
l-'riday   heii-.i;  ii   very  eShl
vli-et-ziiig nifirc and'.incireiill.
until   late  diil.urtlav inorii-
ing," tin
ex |ia nil'
ee/.itig i
1;  ivater tr
the   fare   of.   ill''
M'al.fjr Hiitii jit
access to   the 'company
correspondence.'.     ,-..      .'���;,
There is   therefore  evidence : tlie
,coiii]i.aiiy discriminated against the
union and (|iiesliiined   lhe   right'of
(;iiiploycs to join,    This led  io ihe
J trouble.    The iiniiiii in.-isted it hail
'! as much right   lo   organise  as any
I other and called  a   strike to .-(iciire
j recognition   of   that   right.  ., Tbe
! piihlit; must  also   admit that right
j a.iid  slieuild' support   tlie   men   in
I maintaining it. (The people of Vancouver have- taken,  that  stiind and
every   union   connected    with    the
city   has called on   its  members in
maintenance   of   the   right Of   the
striking employes.    The  Board   of
Trade   has,   after' careful   enquiry,
iel!" in'tf��
;   fit,(lit;---   of
tiii'.l   the
niai-.y li./ilii.''-
ilanrl ft. recti,
liioiintalii   tt)'.v,-tril   tlie
LLIa��t ittiverlialaiieet!   a.i.'.l
i lake.    If tliiH'l.e'u'iie   th
inu.-tl, have    been ��� many
paini'111' very gre.al,   ...
An ilher   jihaiic   lhat   ha,-'   t-.v.iV-i.^til
LLhe in'iiid-i nf  I ie- Arrinylii.'.'iil |.ei.|.li: is;
Why   wax,it   thai   iiniii.'liai'eiv .af;t-i-
the Itioillil.iin fell ililt. I lie lake' I be
water t'ee.'tled i'li.iii the sIkhi' ni. Arrowhead? ~hould it r.ot rather have
riso'nV One' seemiiigly siitisfneitiry ex-
pliiiialion is this: The face of the
iiioilntain fell sideivjiys into the water,
and away from Amur head, consequently the water Would gather around the
place of commotion, and for the tilne
being leave the vicinity of .Arrowhead.
This -may have caused the receding
���' The freight shed at the deep, water
landing near liealon was almost  over-
shows.n ii
bottom, .po'sibh
the uplift,Ho the
iii iront'
trke-il sit
failed 'to-  (il.taiti
of   the peak. -.vlVieli
7isif|en(;e ot tii1
.shore. '   :'���'
l We have n
j,',M-.t'rioii.v j.iat'i
'jiiu a'liiiir.ili.''-
j tlen.-'ftl fnfi(.ni).
i |.;.ten(s and ..-',
(This liti,
i',-('���(I - friitit, iMaii'iii-. -t
attorneysi Montreal,'
.'������ e.'iu.peiidiu.iii .01 -(teni-'
iiiati'iii on the Hubj.-e-l, 01"
i.v'.'i'y'lay -tvit/i^tieal'dat.a.
iti'k.' i-iititle'l ���; 1 iiveul),.ii,"
is.jii-;! tlie I'l'tiper size -for the vest/
pot-k.-l, b.jtind in iiaiidsotiie'.eeiiuioid
c/.vers, antl t'.onl.ains not, only blank
paL'es for meiiiora'idii, but 2H patjcH. of
inle.'rostiriff pt'iiitieti iiiatter iiit'luding a
.surprising , amount, of- useful information. '���..,'
I.'owlaiid I iri It a in,1 patent,, all nriiey.
Vancouver, i-eports: W. W. I.aer, of
Niinaiino, received this week an allowance in the !'. S. on an iuipr'ovcil
typewriter carriage eipcratiiig inech-
fin���'Arpt 1/it.ioh With/ Jj'hiversity - or ToaoNTO. Z)
'('������   F. 'H. TORRINGTON,";iMusicaiiDiroctbr.,' '���' -,
i; i'ilvXA^i 1 NATroNS--Miiiiiilbbai-Uie.i Territories ,an(li British .'iGoIumbiai .Inly,'
j !X)3y ������ i;i:: ;'������% ;i'7; i -. '.yyy^z, ;A yy;';,: Lviii 'Zyy Zz, z
.Send I'f'i- (.laleiidar aiid Syllabus,1 :   7
LiLi;J2ai]di;l I:,eiiil)i'(il<e.St.,"Toi'ohl.(). c-
iy ^$5G;7iRBTODvi7��Ai
'.'.IJaO reward Will ImV piiiil .Tor Isiich.'in-
riiriiiation lis" will lead Ll.o,: the pei'siin,
who Wi'dte'the letter iippeai-iiig' in I he
issii.ror I lie" K ool.eiiiiy :i\la il (it t'eb. 7( li
.signed'���������Robert Tapping, wilhoiiI, his
authority.'"";.,' 'vKOpTI;:.V.A V-'M All',.'   :
For All Fopnrs of Kidney/ Disease
LUi', the iiutlei'.",igiit-il l.li iig^ist*, are
fully' (irepaietl It. jtive lhe jtilluwing
guiiranl'-e wll I.i' r-v,.|.,- "'I ('���������il'"'hottie of
Jlr-l'i-ltiiueiU's Kidniy-W'oi I. Tablet.-.,
lli"Holy remedy an llic wmld lliat
pt.-,i!i'.'i'ly ���cili.i'H alt troubles aii.-ing
l'romM-e,ikioi-.;tli7."a-fil kiilneVs: ���'���'   .
I'Money 'etieei fully' i.-l iinu (I if lie'
slill't'i-er is not, relieved "111111 improved
aft...I- use of iini! buttle, 7Three In si,v
lioftl.''s elli.'t-l .���isloni.'jhing and ������ pei infill-
enti cures. If not lelievi'd a ml ( ui'i'd
you waste no iiioney."
('anada lliiiik itDrtig ('o. 1,1.(1.,
Iteveisl.ol-e, B. 0.
.i. A. Jliller d-Vo., lilruggisls,
Uvvelstoke.  U, (-'.
\Viill:i'i- Uews, Druggist.
.'"',",.. Ucvelsl.uk.i-, B. C
: .yT I r6'ii ;cT 1 iseirL. 11�� ^/Jt tl .y crtl si "iif^-y tio fiMii s ;i' o rf
, ilhey .ICqin'uNiy^jUvuiy io prgctirie baivi
Ligaiiis ill J.Ibus-iKL;ind I.ti'jil;JistjiL(>.Al ;.L7;-; y
A.LiAIaii'jvaiihaii has st'euiod iaiynliiiibleLi
L ^,1 ii* i;t?;.> IH i' -l^; '��� > tl v.t;r Li i> i 11 jr;' i 11,':' Ll Tcy.;'; :i:L A-1-; ;-"jI!l>'-;: - ^
At The; cost,;.is': low7, anil   the1;-ret ma is7
: promptiaiid.siitisl'actory..7 A;v: ,7AvL-vAvy
^Wholesale aMdi Retail yT   ^^^i 7  i' i   r
Head < Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage :
i        1     1 y^^^^Oalgary, Alberta;
is bo tier ��� I Iiiiii a (Jenlury  I Jictiniiii i-y lo
'Iiiu otherwise.
Our wurils to you today are:
llA.vi.-   VOUI! .Pltl.NTI.NU   CII''   Tl IK   BlCST
.Stvi.i-: anii iQuAi.i'i'Y.   To "tii-rr iiotii
OltOKll OK Till':
Orders by post have pioinpt attention I      I,
ll    j
ll      I,      I
,       e i
<���     fi
(     f,'
1   ���<&? ', i'     *' * : i
Z?eai7' of J. Li ml say T--The Funeral
A deep gloom   ha&   boon  ca.st  over
this .small coniiiniiiily  by the death of
.In 11108 hiiitlsuy.'   Mr. Lindsay had not
b'ticn ii'woll mini  for govern I years but
1,    ' was iistially, until quite ' recently, able
to so,about  his work.   About   threo
^    weeks ago he, had  an ' acute atlack of
r  *    illness   which   confined   liiin.'to   his
���   "    room, caused him gionl siilVoring and
dually   tciriiiinalccl'his  earthly ox'it't-
onco on'Tliiirscliiy week.
i        The lalo Mr.   hindsay   was  boin   in
y  lOdinbiirgli,   Suollmid,   in'   1802,   and
'   '' iiliout I'wqnly years ago 'ciunq to Ciin-
'     / aila, where hq has  resided almost, con-
.slanlly kiuce.    Ho  was  conned oil for
thu gieajer purl, qf this lime with rail-r
.  ' ,wiiyc work.    About   IhreO'1 yours ago,
fJ    failing health ,conipollod  him to sook
liyliloi" employment   and, ho   set  up
geiienil .store-kee'iiiug lie're.!    .      "'
llo'was a iiiiin  of  slerling qualities,
.and commanded " tlio   respect, of   tite"
,,'enliro eomniunily,    lie' was  nufrriod
,, i��.  in Winnipeg,   .-unio   years   ago,   lo a
'J,  daugliler of  Win, ICirhy, now ii 'rbsi:
'  '   'dent of Ibis place, and   is survived by
his wife and two children, a son and a
,      (lniigluqr,   for. whom ,\ tlio    deepen t
'o, sympathy is  now tfelt   in   their soro
'   '   boioiiveiuonl,. <""       '  '        '
,      ''.Mr., I.indsay evils' correspoiitlciib ,of
tho Koori.'XAV Mail for^Kiro'Valley'
y    and did much to promote tlielntorosts
'i     ol (ho district.   .     ,<���        t    4      , '
' 0 , tiii: rusKiiAir ^   * ���,/
took,places Sunday  morning 'and was
attended by almost  every   person in
r (ho,ociiiiiiiunit,yv.   Service/, was held'lit
the house, iiful ,nUo'lib  tho grnvo! bv
''yliov. C."0; Ciiinph(-lli-H.<ri., qtir, Presbyterian iiiiniiter. \ .The, text' si'de'ctcd
.for exposition was:'  ," Theq worev llic
,-'disciples   uliid,, when , thoy .saw Hho
. .'   Lord.!'��� (.lolmrXX.'-'2U.)( ^ \      y
��� Z   After   dbserihiiit". tjie'   incident   to
' which i.reference   is 'made   in   those
," ','words,' namely,   tlio sudden  mid .unexpected  nppeip'iliice of (ho -Lord, in
, cfhe mid^b'of the diseiploS'oii tho inorp-
!���> ing of thc rc.<urrectioii,' Mi'i'Ciiinpboll
,r  ' di^ciissecL Ihoyoasona^for'tlii$''gronl
"  gladness felt by Ulie .disciples,   There,
we're at, least   throes/ reasons���lieen use
'',-_-tho reSiirreclioh wiis/o them tho!most
. cony hieing .probt .possible' that'Jesus
1     waswhiii lie hud, claimed Jo  be, the
*   Son of God; secondly, the resurrect ion"
J "'wis to^tjicni' tho ���assiirnnco/that the
, wOi'k .lestis had   tindortakeir ,011 ,their
,r   hehalf ho had'Successi'iilly ticconiplUli-
"V-etl, nncl-whei'rlie sa ill; its'Jie did oiH.lic
cross',"''"it'is linishcd''  ho  ppintoeltqa
',reality in which,thoy^niight conlidcnt-
,ly' tnisl;   and   thirdly,'',because ,tlio
ji-esurruction was the  hope of their ini-
' inbrtalily.    Jestis ' hiniself   had   said:
/'   7-l'ecauso I live ye shall live nlso,"'and
"��� being vitally, united to Tlini, ''Joined
A   to" llio   Lord   fine  spirit," as^'St.' Paul
,,say*, they would   sharp, with lliin the
- '   cit'iual life cl* which 110 .\vii-.,m.i infoat-
ly ihe possessor^ud indoeirtho source'
- ��� 1 accoi'iliiii:  to  His' own uvoitl. ''"1 have
- - power lo'l.iy ditiyni myrli��o and l-have
' ^  p(tuer"l<i   take* ii,   up   agai-i." whioh
u,i- ,u-i il'n.d '_'���>' 'his   ti'iiihi|ili,int
and ever wclconio play " Uncle Tom's
Cabin " here on March 3rd,,in'opera
house, Iq a largo atidionco." Tlio performance was all that could be'clq'sirod
under circumstances of play on a small
Stage. ' , '' >
Finni tnir awn ciiri'ii-poiHluiit.'      '
A. Purvis has rcttirncd ' from his
visit tq the coast.
1 , MiicJIillnii'   llros.   and   Tnylqr' are
putting up a mill in Arrowhead.    ,
, The Sten 11101"Archer was laid up for
a few dnys but is liuikitig its,run now.
Mr. 'and Airs. Ourrio, 'of 'Salmon
'Arm, wore guests of Mr/, and Mrs.
JJoiioyini for a1 few days,'   , , .
Miss iMny K'CllctL is visiting Mr,s, A.
.Mcliao, of'Ilovolsloke, for a'fow weeks,
nnd will nttond school while in Up vol*
stoke. - ,'',.'',
Uev, Mr. tllassford'arrived on Tues-
day'nnd will "in rfutiiro 'fill tho pulpit
of 'llio' Prcsbyt'oria 11 "'church,  residing
hero poi'inanoiitly.'r' '      ,    ,
,,, ' 11
1 Alrs.il. T.'iVcivnnin left Tuesday for
tiuAppcllo, Assafi to visit her parents.,
Airs. .Newman's .father 'is very ill and
nob.oxpoctod to recover.   . ,'   '   ,     .' '
,'Uov.'K. C. W. AIcOoll,, AI*. \,, preiiCh-
ocl hero Sunday evening. r Air. .McVoll
nnd family were on their way to Trout,
I'/ti ke but wore obliged tos'htny over as'
tho s.'s. Archer watt'not running.',
(-, Six men started work -Thursdny on
the Jaidgate millsito, olonring brush,
ctc.!'��� Ono car of lumber nrrivcct,AIoii-
"dny to be used on construction of hi'ill.
Business is rushhig in Arrowhcnd.'
I^KlIkwa.   ;
|il('lile).-on- r(il(| ft.r Ic'iinintiii -t(iclf)..,.��,
I��"i Cliifl.iiii- r.ii~(itl nl Vic tuicli ,,, .,   ..
(WiiiiIi iiitiru 111 llit'.v |i|(i pure lirctl.i
Iiiitnlialt.r mill limtitlcl  ?'.',"i.(��i, wear and
leiir L'.'. par real t/IV. '	
I'I,'K�� Mild an the niurlicl     .,,	
(Na iiccmliii Kept <.f fro'n 0 Ui ID (.,�����- n-t-.l
, In Hit' limc-i.. i'\ury 1I11M <-
'i'tiuqci- ,r    , , !,, iill
heaving a credit balance of ijsllll, 10 fgr
labor or profit, which over  you cure to
cull it,
nnd   six
lions loi'l   from "over
Peuliclon,���Kob. 2.111
,"j.   b.  1J.MITII,
$25,000,01)0 wiir.be (..xpended r in
cMonaion of gi'Voi'iiiiiC'iiL .railways' of
O1rauge,l,'roe Slate mul'Trnnsviil.      u,
Kootomiy LoclK'u
No, 15A.F. & A.M.
iiiu held III Ilia "Miih-
' anil! Tonipki, Hoiirne
?^.t=a||ii|l, on  llio   Ihlnl
��Ortv-^ sc-. ^fj-JltiiKliiJ'' III  oat '���
-���^^=7?5>-~wN^\--%��iiionlli  nl,   s p.  n.
���*r*!K:~'A 5 -    VMIiilK .lil'dllirt'i,
cordially ivuluoinud.
__���_ ,���, ii _,
I __^53r���>^^' ' AICUtH (IVCI'y 'J'lKlhtlllV
>>f^7^\~*Wif^>^ (ivonliiK In Si;lltlrl{
#L 'S?L PI1 ^V Hall' ill, S o'oloolf.
' '^^^srsS^S. MVlsltlim' liriitliruii (air-
SssS^ ,   ^5^V(llnlly,liiv!tu(l to at-
i ,       ' leii'l.      '   '
'Do Your Kiiiiiey's Perform Their
,i      ��� .
. ,���    .* Functions ? '' "    '
fine's Celery Cpmpqund
Is the World's Spring Remedy
*> i <i       '    ;
>   for all Kidney andjBlad- y '
,   "   '        der Troubles.   "' '    i
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Greenhouse and' Hardy Plants
1    Rose's, nhoclodendr'ons, etc,'=i
' Tons of Home Grown and Imported^
'Garden,, Field and Flower Scedii
���- ' ,   l'oi Kpriiis I'lnniinu'.,   -      , '
I'tti' 1 Iii 11.-, Weddings
iiil't'li Oi'i'iiial iiui.s
t'ljiioral ),)o-Ip;iifi.'
i i.-uin fiom I lie teinilt.y ,     ,    ?        tf  ,.
"   Nut'uitliotit,  ie.i?(ni,   therefore,t has>
the rcstirroetion of Jesils  Christ from'
the'dead been,made th'c, pivotal pointy
. of the cried of'".the tCliristinn churclu,
It was l.y tho faithful proclamation of
the resurrection 'that jhc ^church,was
i(irst'"enllecl   into" being' and has.siiico
.boon.maintained in existence."-Of the
original < band -of >'witnosscs'-St.n Paul
L mny bo~tn keira�� a tj"pe;"uncl-'t\vo facts
of cardinal importance'lie ever thrust
into vt!io forefront���Jesus';diOd 'and
Jesus rpso'ngiiiii.. ���     ''.'--
- Tho now testament has ^bgcn called
'".tlio book of joy/' because it was
wiilten under the influence and 'illuminating power of these facts', and
Christ ianity, of  which 'the 'iiew'test;^
\        Fi'iiiii'(in*i inviri'tn-i't'sptjiKlaiil,
The roads   are   itlso^.siill'eriiig, nnd
after fetich good'ones  it'is 'fell'iill the
more. /'    u ' '"' '  "
o . ^
, Our poatniiister tsrirnppylonco'iuciro.
Cause'���n ilaiiglitoi' an .tlio 'Itli'micl all
doing well.-; ' " J ' , " _���- i
, ��� \V(3,\veTo4)lud*li^viSil^l3yr''"lTisiiceLor
Goidon on tlie'fith insl.,'iincl he gave,
great words for,our school nml,lonelier.
, The winter proving so long, nil llio
liny is being used >iip,_both Inat.yenr's
and Unit of any previous'* ones ,which
liad'bceirkciitlroverf    , ;   '""     '   *
'Our woatlior is awful if it is is oeir's.
Jloro'likely.it's wluit others,have'noL
had anil, really loft' over. > VVclJ, any
,wny,i it's 'very V|ucer���anything, but
spring-like, -sind- iis*~chiingoiible "its, a'
chnnieleon.'    ,''     / ,���-*     "" i , "     '',
We had a ,'very enjoyable social at
our scliool-hoiisc, given 'by tho bridge
cri5w. ylly tho tattcndanccAand the
length of duration ' it Ti"night be supposed they did not eount'on any more
th'is winter. ThGy have'been taken
up to Sicamous and, so wo, arc quiet
around the sinir once more.    '   ' ,,   "'.
i'i   '* i'
ment is",'the early recoid, is the
religion of gladness. ,Its keynote is
"'rejoice evermore.'1 even death cannot
rob those" who' know' Christ fin the
power of I ris'ro.-uiTcetion of this joy.
They are "as sorrowful yet till ways rejoicing" because' nothing can separate
.tlioni ' from tho living, risen and
glorified \Lord 'who is himself the
fountain head of all their joy and the
inspiration and crown of their real
life. - "    "*
1'iniii/nir own ciiiio-iioiidonl
Dr. Alaclvc'c is in townf" .
. riMrs. ' JMorrisoii   is    on -,a
ioltlen. ��
James' Jlowdcn', spent   Stuiday   in
Golden.'        t �� ' '?''."!,      t
i ti - ���
r.iCainpbcll is  spending some lioli-
duvs at 'UanlV.*1-   -       -,        ',,��������"
^ S. Lunc had returned- home nflcr'an
extended vacjition."   %i*        ^"-    ' *-*
Snow-shocmg is line ������inilienvcr now
nnd tho young people seem tooiijoy.it.
Messrs. ' Alltini * and Linclinark, of'
Kcvclstokc, were in 'town on business
lastrwcck. '       * '      . '   c **
,\V. il. Campbell, ,who has been1
visiting his brother,T\ Ciunpbell, left
Monday for-Katilt. "    ���     !
��� The young folks "of the town enjoy
the Saturday night entertainments
very much. These consist of dancing
anil games till 11.30.
'' Unless' your kidney.- properly iuul
regularly pert'tii'iii'tlie'ii'' liiuelious, I lie'
.���iL'cuuiul.'itiiMia id' jiiuii'liitl iiiii,i ci in In in
yii'iii'blootl will act like' li, iiuUiin n|iuii
tlie ni'i'viiiiau��yaieiu, llns;e you iit'iid-
aclif,' vyrti^o, ptillluess tu'idi.'r the e.ve.si
or di'o'iisieiil te'iideueitjs 't Have you
i'evei' adiuetiiui's with elulls, and n dry
skip? Is I ho urine high colored, sometimes scanty 'in '(luautil'y, souietiiiH's
bloody iuul iuul/'' Any ol these symptoms, are true i\(|rniiigs of kidney
''disc-use,      ���       . < ' y      'i
To-clny, a miiltiliule'cif mei^ and
wonifii "sull'i'i'iug, I'i'diu viiiiinis I'ul'ins
uf* kidney, iillVetion^,, ciidurlii^ pnius
and mind aguny, an,, Ihrdugh the use
of I'ainu'.s (Jylery Uiiiu|iuuiul ylluiinnt-
ing 'iinu bid iiiiiUiniisunous tiuati'iiiils
I'fuiii llio bkiocl." Wlaik mid able,physicians are preseriliing' Taine's Uelery
Uiiiupmiiiil ��� I'lii'l* their patients.0 N'i
othei "medicine, in I lie world i�� so
���dre.tiglv iiichnwd hv tin.' best peopliyil'
thi'liinil., .Mrs. li*. <J. ���Jliiini|(iiil,.Vnii.
eouvei, 11'. (Jr,,.wi'iti'a about her, blessed
e.\-pei'iene'e->T\vitli 1 '(iin'-i (Jelci'jv Compound; she snyoi        ��� ';',"-<,    \
"l''or live yi-dia' kidney nnd urinary
'irouhles made life a misery I'm" uie,
lii'l'ore.eoming lu'ie I was irenled-by,
two doctors: l)olli<*ftiilecl to cine nie,-
iiud ,miy (Siill'ei'nfgs." inei;ii{ised. "1 waa
advised by n friend (ej try'^Paine's Celery CunipHund. ^AlCcr'nse nt ;i|ii' 'see-
one bottk' lexperiencdiln happy, I'hnntfo
J eould si>c and feel that your wouelei-
l'ul inediciiie'wns duing its w.oi k",\vell.
After using eight bullies I am l'reeyli'oin
all sympoms ol' ihe, old trouble.-',1' and
IVelt thai I am a ui'"\\v 'pe'i'J-ou ' I'aiiiu's
Celery Coiii])ound is truly it hlc-s-ing id,
those tildit'U'd with kidney conipla'iui.-.*'
ACl.'iCI/r/riJIIA'l,  I.MPLliiMKNT.S, ,
��� DKI-: SlJPPhHOS,   ���,,"''
,,    '      .      Vl.'LMT HAKKKTK,     .
A   "        '   '' ' ..FIOK'TlblZI'IHS.
1�� south'America and Attstralia pastttrc is'abundant and
oxen of the finest quality arc plentiful.   Bovril is prepared from <
these; oxen and the supply is so considerable 'as to enable thc
manufacturers.to'useUic best materials at a nominal cost,   It
is prepared'by a special process, which ensures the retention of
Ciili|logno rjroe,
- ,      '"i    	
Hii'ilt.'i'ii Pi'Iboi or l,o���,
J. .HEfslRt
.'JOU'J  Wostrtiiiistoi', Koacl,   Vaiieouv'er
,'   Ift   '      \YlllTI*f Jy'AllOII O.NI.V,'   ',,,,,
��� ���> Jpl
Jas;-I. Woodr
;        l'l.aii t.nr o\mi C'crro-poiideiil. t
S. \V.i[ker is iniown from Burton.
Mrs. VZ. LMcOougald is iu ioivn from
The worst slorm of the winter came
la.-t night and is silicon.
1>. StDinnis was home for a clay this
week and returned to Kobson.   ,
The ladies of the town intend giving
a social and dar.ee on the 17th.
Everything  is   being  done  by   the
ladies to make the dance on the 17th
a success.
Jlrs. Capt. Dougal ' is improving
nicely since her accident resulting in
a broken lib.
j\lr. Mclvcssic and son arrived here
on the'Ith to build two tugs for thc
Vale-Coluni' i i Lumber Co.
Engine -103 was oil' the track three
times on the run between here and
Kosebery, eau��ed by broken rails.
.1. Ilapt.st, who has been here for
four years, loll on Sunday ' for the
coa.-t, where he will make his homo.
II. Thompson, (if the Yale-Columbia
'Lumber Co.. has gone to Kobson lo
wtiik in the mill there, fin- a week or
I wo.
Capt. K'ane and crew were trying
the dipper (in dredge on Tuesday close
tu the sboio and it ,-eenied to be working O.JC,
llev ('. I). Campbell conducled
M'lviei, nun nii/g and evening, in the
I'lenbylei i.ni chinch. Afler the im-
pi-iiM'inents wore completed tlie church
look-i much heller.
Tiuioi iik' very busy round lhe C. 1'.
K.heicat   piisenl,,   as   theie   lire   so
n in ny ears   of   coke   and conljiassing
Ihioiigh.    The tug Columbia   was
up   nnd    the   s. s.   Knsslaud    is
(handling two lunges every day.
'    The Wilson Company  gavo that old
Ktlitia- Koo'iex.w Mail :' ��� ^
Sir,���A number'of readers of jour
valuable paper 'have ,mnde ^enepiiiry
regarding prices of my 'fowl���thc
famous '' Golden J3utl' Orpington " and
tho " Golden UiifV J.eghorn " breeds.
It might bo interesting^" to' some j3
your readers^ to ' lead something
practical ancl'niithcntie regarding the
poultry-business. AVe are almost
weary of hearing and.rentUng of the
old question "docs poultry pay?"
1 am often laughed at because'1
sometimes pay "long prices" for good
birds, and a good many of my friends
think " it's his fad or hobby " and pass
on to other games of amusement for
themselves. Therefore. Iyhought last
spring I would keep a little book on a
certain number of common fowl and
see if the figures in tlie fall would
settle thc argument. J was not disappointed in this and for thiSji'eason
I am seemingly bold enough to'show
you tho little balance sheet and'if you
"think it will interest n portion of your
readers you may print it. 1 might
say that, in addition - to the number
of biiels raised there, were also small
flocks of ducks and geese, besides the
breeding pens, that were fed out of the
chicken's expense account, and no
mention made of it for fear of showing
too great a credit side for so few hens
and cause some "doubtful Thomas" to
put in a queery. '
Again, while 1 am breeding exclusively "Golden Bull's'1 of the two
greatest strains and most popular
biids of the day, 1 want your readers
lo understand that tlie experiment
was made with hens uf nearly all
breeds and color, nearly all past 1
year old���II. I'. Koek with Hrown Leghorn and'111.iok .Minnrea eios's nin.-tlv.
Apiil 1st I took
.".ii p.1,.1  In Mil.   h.'.illln.   wia.rtiii-   lit'n- ,
nt ".*.('. tMit-li     .  .  * UK'
I'liu'liii-ftl -jtrny |iitnt|i antl  in-ct-t   il,'*-
luiji'i ��� ������ ��� 'l*'
I'lirt'L.tM'tl (new-lilt.i.tll TliDn.lir.'tl llalU T, '���".
r.-.'.l (ftirn oliati^t' t.\t'r aiiiniuit
|.it-l.i.il ii|.|.          .. a "J*.
I'lirt-liu-t'tl ii.riilMtnr ami lirinuler   .. I.'.*. Ol
Tut ill Dr   "Us l"i
O.'l   111 cmilliTS. '
50 lions oil lituul (old ;U>ck) til Wc. i'uch..f 'io U3
Tlie Diani'oiid'Dye'Mt'it!aii(ll Rug
-, Pattei'ris ^Oojiibiiie' Beauty -
,.������  :; jnd.'Simplicity.' -', .-'
.'-Tiii- iitt'ii-a-iiig^leinand I'.n". the .Ilia
iiliind IJ vi' ���'Mai   auil.Iiug   P,.IIerii.-,'i'
i lie ,-ii'iiiiLr(;st indie-ili'in Mil" l heiri'iiiip-,
ul.irllv..   .The   r.i-'vimiliug  ait ol   Alai
antl   Rug* inaUiiif;'  i-,'now"-l'ieiill jval.t-d
liv woinen of all clashes ol'-dc-iel y.it The
'Diamond Dye .Mat' nncFKug   IVintiis
coinbiiiebeatily aiul sjiiijdicil JT.   IVflcr
seei.i Jiig'^iiiu.' of (lliei-e." pifl ti1nis,"''iin,vi
lady can  e.-isilj-,','linish it and, produce,;
a'valuable and attractive   roiini* oinn-
nientA-Tlie'niaiiulac:!ures "of."tlii' 'cel-
'ebrated 'Diamond'T'yes will^  send'Ho
any a.ddre'SS" by *"niml,��"fi'c'e of   cnsl,*a
'iimv   D\;e   Hook ."^samples   plylollyed
colors antrsheetsii'l' designs *l'o"|t order;
ing Mat and'Kug patlerns.    yendyour^
noKt   ollice   address   to   The , Wells &"
Richai-dstin Go.. Limited, *2(J(L5lountain
SI., Montreal,.P.QV      y *.,   \   .
Dealer ln^���aaaatSZiZP^    r    ''"'
*: ^    BBBF,' . PORK,
UfFish "arid Game in Season!' *
!.'   t ,   . ^UIWK'l'ellfoilll'llj-llllull.   ,J "    '
revelstoke: b; C.'isss'la.fea
��� ^
,','', .  '���Ilr&bl,
(                      1
.     "I'IaGLK,
' 100-niu
.     '/N'lOTOIflA',;' y
t   '
" '      ''LITTLI'
ft'),             u       ,
v     S.   ri        .'if,
re:   '
,  Are,the-best,that caii'be'bouglit. v:'.7'
/'   ' J'   ,'\ ,   \ i ,       ' ,y     - y, '.      ," -      '*   '
Don't cxperitneiu 'with other and {inferior brancls.-.'- *��� \
' Mahitoba, the,' Northwest  Territories and ihe Railway Belt in
,   British Columbia.    '! -
I.cii-05 for (jr/i/hiK iku-do-oi, niPNuncd for a
crni  <.f l��fiU\.oiip yearn, rtiirl tilt rental li nt
,iV -";il>;/jC l,iu,* ('-.'ill-nn aero ]ior unniiiii, pay- -
ijlilu l.air vwnlj Inatlvnnee. ''
l-iini-.iiiiiliidtjl in a pft/Jiift'lctihC may lio     ,
\Ut|nlia.iii for hifii|('-i.;(���l entry, wile or rail-    '
wn>; inn |i(i.i>,, l,n| no reiila) u uliai-KCtl on such ,
liiiitl-. finin tin; <lf,K. ujkiii ^ Itlcli tliey are with- ,",
tliawa fuiiii \Uv !iim',
A li .'���(.(. of Kiii"iii�� lamls I, (ml (vmitleO lo tlio
in} t|n it-uii, Ian )i, ,rt,|t ���,���,,, npirlimlion lo
I imiL'uilt of lioii.iiiieii Lrniil,, obmln cuuli vpur,
llio lli,-t iifliiili to em o|i lil- Iwi-oliold wliat-
.-vc-r (|iiaiulty of liny lie may rttnilio for lilft
ow n ii-e, fi-Cfi of (li)c-. llic ('.(.���l.nrttnciil ic.-orvliiK
UiejiKH in i-Mie noriiill- looilu'rapplicnnl.s.
.\]ip Itattlonh   nn-  Kvir/.iny. Icn-es ��)ionlt]  be
inailt-lol lOi-ieiiilary, licrj.trliia'iit of llio.iii ?
tiirlor, Ol in via, Vi,     ,      , ,  ���
<    \, '        c '!'. O. I-CEVK?,,       i��
,    " Recroliiry, Dcpirtmcnt of llio Jntcrlor.i,
,.% S.-fAnhtr" o^SZS,   ��'Lardhiu^ Z
i       '        J~     '       ,        ,.*,
niiitnliii-'between   Arrow bond,t- Tlionison'��
.andlifennil C'oiiuiplK-,,t-oiiiiiii.|iciii({ Ool. lltli,   -
1!WI. m ill -all a, lollop (wonthcr porniitUnn):
Ll-avf. Arrow bead  for, Thomsun'x  ljindiiiR ,,
(ind C*oin,-ipli\ tHlot! dully at H)k. and 1.1k.i     ,
I,-;nv�� Comajiliv and Tboni-onV,lj\ii(liiii; for
Arrowbdnul twi^i; dftily.u, 7.15k. and I2.t5k.    _   , .,
'  Mukli'iK ulu-u coiiii'sclion*  witb  nn'C. 1'. It,
irajiwiind boart--. ��� ,   . t    ,,
'I'l.ii owners rc-crvo lli'o rlKlit to oliniiKC" time.-    ,
ot^alllii},". wlihon). noUce.       .  "' ,  ,
'1'IIK Kltnfi'HOHINSOX'LU-MIIKItCO. L'fl'. ,
,'     ,  '    F.'UOHINSO.N'.  ��� '"   ,
*,, i -MnntiKlnK nircctor,-"-
(  , v
'Z ,
Haley- o n^Ho t "Sp rings
-/ah Havium.
J_ cyon mi! tin- iniibl cimtiivu, in ilie
world. 4'A pi'i'l't'Cl, natuinl iiunt'dy 'lor
nil N'ci viiiia- and Mu-cular 'dist-iiht's,
Li\"(.'i',,Ki(lnt'y<'and Slouiat'li 'ailuicnl j-
and. Alcliillif I'nis'oniiifj.'^A ^urt'-curc
fin' "Thai, Tii-.'d Pi-(Minpr-," <��� ^iiccinl
niti'H on, all ,"liua|s�� and trains. Two
innil-,*nl 1,'ii-t' wind ' (lt'|i.-i|'i i',(-.;ry ''(lay.
T,i-li'Kr.ipli (���(iiiiliiunicfil Inn �����'illi nil
parls OL I hi','vvoi Id. L'\u cxpi'l i.'lici'd
uia-'.aiiLfi'i'.      ������,    ��', , 'f       X     "���
',        V      r"   '   - '    t* y^ ��� ��� f   ^ ^
Haley Gin-Hpi Springy?
��� * v    y '-       . '    '     f -
J-   Arrato.LaKe, 3, C,     f
^J^ LAUGHTON, Proprietor,
: -; "REVELSf OKE, :R gT 7;-
Thih linU'I'is now open for the', nc'C'iiiiiinddatioii of < tlie^l ravt'llin^
1 Z rpulilic. 1 It is l.lia'ino.sl. coinynienlly bituntcil lioU'ljn tlu^cily,1 lii'infr Jt Q
: ', nl, I lie corner of l^iis't SI reel and CuiiiuiukIiI, A vi'iuiV, in tlm heaiL of JL
,  liii' liiii-itiiiss iMirtion.of iliulcily, ennvenient lo  railway s-latimi and  j'.'V
^po'-l. ulllei'..
First Class Aoocmmodatlon and Tabic
��� t   ~      * "   ' (C7      BbsfBranOs of Wines," Liqi'i
;���."';���   /:AA':A
uors r.nU  Cigr.rs.        A
/A -'.   -\|��>.      A'V
<--   '        Itoynl Mail Lines. ,'!>    "
Choapost Routo to tho Old Country.,' ,
(yl      AI.IiAN MNK-hVomSt. .'olili.^ ' "���      ''
I'rt'toi'liui. .,..; r.....'....". '...?.....'. I*(jl.. 2S
'Niitiilillmi' ...vv."...,'.    ,.,.,,.Slnrolr,"
I'lirWIuil...',  ���..'.,- ,,....Miu'cb II
Idiilim.     ,..,., ;.,<-,..,.,,,,,,,.,,,. .Marclr.'l
C'iirliilliluii..,.0t., ��,���-^ni..-��,...,1.-i:-.JI(irfb '.'3
'    liO.\llNIOX;UNi:-J''rt!iii llo^tgn; f',
Mvt'ion..,;,. J .,   .',,: ,'.,,,,';   ..,.,,',.',.. Kcb. 21 '
"t -cJillAVKll, l,'|XK_|-ioiilSt?Jollll. \  '*   *"
Ijiku C'lnuaiilalii .!. I....Z... :. ..,,: .A'ub.yX
djiku fmiarlu, ���i,\e{,i,..'!,...,->..',. ,;..Marob   l.'l ;
l.iiko ICrio , ,'l1...',..,;....,, ���Murdi'l'O"
WHIT'-! STA'lt'l.lNl'-froni Xcw York. <"  ��.,
Cudrlg...-Z,...."..'���.. .....Kub. 2.5 ' N
Celtic ' . . Mnrcb I
Oceanic ,..r.,,,, Zl,,.���..\,,y,*Z.vtMarch ll1 '",'
Clcrmiwlo.,.,..-'�����.:.". : ;.. .Mnrcb IS-     "'
C'cdi-Ic,.,',..,....,..���........,.,^.,...i.Miircli 2j ;���;; i
vl'ii^-cnier-Uckutod tbrouKb^lo lill irarts oI'_��� J
Clrcat'llrllaiii and Irulaiai.and at,.ipcclally, low,'{'
rntusto njl*pacta of tlio European continent,,"     '
Apply to nearest/ railway or M "(unship ftKCnt, or',<r��� .
W   i        l.A   ,        J^Y     *,    ' '���>"      i   Ml, \ ,    -    r
,T. -W^BRADSHJVW.' ARont.r RovnlstoUo.r r  u
���W.~PZF~ CUMMINGST' Pac'l ncTAffen t?J" 'yy,
.*   i -A
vi  To
- a , - ,.*"*..
'���E. W. B. Paget," Rrop.
..    IS .    ,,'.    - ���   f        -   * ���
.jX-ioinpt tlulivcryJof parcels,, li.ijjjjtige,
Btc.rtb'ari\''part of'the-Cil.y." "-'   'if -
" ' "  "      -ai~     t^J^ jj���'-
-ir-   =-'
\'' Any Kind of ^ Tpansrerring' ���
';  "u yUndei^Jken.      ' v
(.'*iVIP orders > left at ll. al. Sinytlie'.s
Tobacco Store, or,liy Teicplione, No. 7
will reo-he prompt, attention.1
rOO-a-OrO-O *0-<H>-CK>0-CK>0-CK>aO-0^-0-0^0 O~0
Nowiv'. 1-ui it.
ABRAHAMSON��BROS.,*;PROPRIETORS.   *       .'-,     /'",     ",
Kirst-clnss'iif every "respect. '   All moderifconveniqnce?.
,  , , r . ... Larffc Sainplc.tRooms.1  "      -_ "H. -
L    - i    ,--c     Rates'$1.50,per Day,-n  "-   '-  Special^Weekly^RateSj,
Queen's- HotelrTro'ut^ LaKe/^undc
i"- samct.-iTianaycnient.
(p e$h tfa rib ($�� <$> rj&j rfa tfa ^> itih r$- r$> rfa $��> rfo i$�� ,>$> dp ���&> rfa tin .^)*$i-$)$)^)^��
Winy Chung's newly unreported 'slock   of  Chinese
and, Japanese goods.    ' ;
'   Thc best, assortment ever
'' landed   in   Revelstoke  of
useful^    and     ornamcnlak
articles: '
���'"lower I'ol-,.
Unibic'll.i bliintls
lanttili llaskuK
"ijinojciiii; .l.icl.tMs
v Silk LlooiK
Ton -urvlw.   *"
C'ano (Jb.iiis
!��� O'CLIJ  KISll
Kinu-l block of ctndlo- and fi-aiLin town.
A     \ Front Street,  Revelstoke"
For ili^t-c   J5 leather writ
' Vancouver, B/C."   l
Hriti-b Columbia At?cai-- for tbo cclobr.ilod
-PENETANG" Sole LcaLlicr, Cut Soles and
Heel Piece-.
Hiirne-.- Leather-, llridlc. Saddle and Skirling Leather-. Laco uud L'tligo Jjcidbcr-, Upper Leather-of all kind-.
Manufacturer- of Clo-cd Uppci) of all
Slioc'iaaker-' Too!- mid Finding-. Saddlery
liaiduar..'. Hide- nut! Oil-. "
Tho lliou-antl I'cerikin- Wanted.
Cntalo^-uc-.u d prii-e li-t-oiinpplicnlion.
c$h *
The Best House in Town.   ��� -    Well Furnished'   -    Good Table rjh
BestB7afd^WWE$7SP/RiTS and CIGARS kept in Stock.     J
x W.-HAMILTON, Proprietor.     -   ~: l    f
ably furnished  with  thc choicest' the market
affords.  *   Best   Wines,   Liquors,  -S: Cigars. -
Rates $i a day.    'Monthly rale.   - '
"Our Special" & "The'Union.',
REVELSTOKE,     -     -    B. .G
���ai n (i-li-i?r.i|iliy.
Tlie ('. I'. I>. iMi^.i^i'd .iihiIIki-
man'-   fii|li'i;i>   Ki.tilu.iti' nt
p.-I ni'M'.th.
tioixl ii|.i'ia:t,i s in (It'inantl.
IVillcm'-|"'( ialh fillftl ivllli in-liu-
11,'1,'in ,il iii.c.'.    f'tiii-lanl. praclict,1.
l-'t-t'-- .Mtiullily.
Pitman's Business College.
Opposite J Intel  Vancouvur
PA   I   fc.i\   !   O    and Copyrights
ohliiined in all counlrit'-i.
i Regislorecl Patent  Attorney1
Mechanical     Kn(,'iii'XT    and      IIi-iiiikIiI-iiiiui,
Hank  of  11. X. A. ilillldliiK-. Ila-tlii|;-i Street
'venlnic appoint
.111 rl UK llic day
Oiic'Elook ii-om C P K. Depot
and Stcaniljoat Wharves
Ko furnished and R3-ai5d2l3.1
'   Rates $1.00 to $0 per day
',, PAPER.BAGS/y ^
,- 'I'lio Kdcilcnny Mail has liCen.
appointoil'n^enf <for  ono ,;of
tlio! largest  Citnailian 'Paper-
, .Mjllsi...'      ,        ���     y w ii   ��,
'a Wrapping  pnjiC-rs, in   Tollsor
ilat,   iuul   paper  bags 'qf all
'J^weiglitb and si/.cs"supplied to
' oitloi'ipi'i'itc'il oiyunnriiited.   'f
! ... .,.1-tn    ,  -  ,  _ J   . ^,    ^
J(dotenay zMail,'Bevelstoke.-
''D&K'Yoiip-rFoiid -Distress You ?^
,   ���.- ��� '1   -^ " j      *   (
'Arc \*nn nf'i'vou1*?    '   ' '" '
iJo'yoti'fiA'l Md^i'.tlian yoirnsbd to?'f"-+u
Is your iippoLile pooi*;' " , '" -
Is your Uiiikuc coated  within, slimy,
yellowish tut?  ..      '    ��� ui <f '    '
'Do. you liayi; dizzy spells? y " y
Have you iiJkuI ta&Lis in the nio.ith? ^ '
Doft. your "food "come ii|) after eating
with ii s(jiir taste? "     ,    '   t'    < '
Iliu-oyou ,-i seiib-ation of fnliiies.= afler',
eating?       ,
Do you have heartburn?
Do you belch gas or.wind?1    '   ,     *>
Do you have excessive thirst?;���yr-rj=a
Do, you not ice  black specks before the
Do von have pain en oppiession around ,
"the heart?     J  ' ,     ���
Dues your heat t palpitate ,or  beat ir-
' I   regul.uly? '     , .
Do you hgvc.iiiipliMM-.nt dreams? ��� ���
Areyou constipated?
Do your limh- tremble W vibrate?     '   ��
Ai-e.you re-lle.-s at night? ,.  ���"
Name   '
Age "..�� Occupation  v y..'. '
Street number.  .' -
Town 7 ,..;. .State ... "...
If you have any or all of theA-ibove
symptoms you probably have Dyspep-  *
sia.   Fill in th,''above blatik.'^eiid to*
u-, and ue will mail van a free-trial ot -
ably the suic���t and  safi-^t.  Dyspepsbi
cure know n���togeibei" with om little
book���"Advice to Dyspeptic-."    Regular -ize P.'p-ikola  Tablets,'So cents, by "'
mail, or oi yout druggist. '
-'o Veskv Stkket    .      .SEW YORK
'        Corner'Granville &. Hastings Streets, t ,    '    j
DOWSWELL,  Proprietor, ' ' -    '     '     Vancouver,   B. C. j
Standard remod) lor Gleet,
Gonorrhoea and Runninas
N 48 HOURS. > Cures Kit
ney and Qladder Troubles.
dust Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.
J2���4 sL~4
Cook's Cotton Eoot Compound
^ Ii succe5?fall- nsfd monthli? by over
k7��10.000 Ladle-. Sftfe.efTectual. La(.lesai)c
^ your druggist for Cook's Ccllon Root Compound. Tako no other, ns nil JHiturcs. pills and
imitations arc dangerous. I'rlte, No. 1, It per
' bor;>'o. 3,l0dei;rics stronger.fSfer box. No.
1 or2,mnilecion receipt ot pri.'e and two8-cent
Bt.-imi��.    'Iiiu Cook OomiKinj Wind?or, Onl.
A pn-lt-ii-il  will -et'iiio an
inuiiL for tlio-o M ho uaiiniit (,-nll
Raw Furs Bought -
Cash Prices Paict
Exporter of Furs,
Rooms in Suites with Hat lis.  and  V'oi'r/s al (at lied, Jioxcim; Ih
i /���   I ,   ,i'   , /���/'/'���//' I     ii /���       I :   I i    J :     fS~'X03. l and 2noldand fecoia mended by ail
and Cold ll'ir/er, Inside I ot lets on each Jtoor, das Ltgltlcii aiui tc-ponsiWeDrufBiauia Canada.
Si ca in  I lea led Tlmrurfnwl.
J. C. GRUENI:, Propriclor,       ���        GOLDEN, 13. C
, ,\>i, 1 ami Nn J.no -t.l-i .it I nml Lake bv K.
, 'i \l,, j, itntl tii lit M'l-ltil.o liy \V. Ho��k, j. j\,
, Mill, r .'c Co. and Can.id i I'mc & Hook Co.
I Hr.i^i-t-.
H. YOUNG,        -       -       -       Proprietor.
ids of Wines, Liquors and Ciyars.
"^^ "Wood's PhoBplodino,
Ihr Grail Enqluh Uanabj.
Wj��     "	
vSc'jy-^ri. "biP iiH'dlci.i" discovered. Stx
v VMT���- "oli vwct'i7w iflicranierd to cure all
lornis ot ^etunt Weiikiic-ia, nil clTccts of r.buso
oreice-3. Mental Worry. Tixc^lvp use of Tobacco. Opium or Stimulants. Mailed on receipt
of prlco, oue packarre f 1. six. ?5. One icill]jUast.
lie Kill cure. Pamphlets free to any jddress.
Tlio Yy'ooiI Corujiany, Windsor, Oat-
T 11       .    ./-.     I.'.",.K  ! ',.,,, .1-  ..-.'11  n.,^I  >.vi-/.11r.nt    ���,.,.,���,i���.,.,i .iinu'    Worm'- I'lKi-rntiiiiNK i- Mild iii llcvcl-tokc
I ravcllcrs  to   I'isn Uicck will Una excellent  .icuniiniotlauon h> v$<nAl]Ai,rWr.& ij������kCo..i..\..iiiiici-icco.
.   .1,:..  I I���i. 1 aiid W. ilcu-.mtl l.j  Frank IT. Abey at Trout
;tt this Hotel. ( I ukc,uriigei-i-.
I :.^;7A:iu7
; ;''   ':��������
.���;/' --"y>,
191^. :rt....1,.,.,.,
Liy7;: a fr'|i f'yydti*i:\vpu !d;y c urc^v'tliat
S 77M 77/ ��� C h es t7 i�� e cW bo It I e;.. 6 f- % Z:
'.d:i 'i'i %:
W��s��;#fi'Mt^f ^sj^eciall ^vsti'ong.
'���:';���; i^tV.'-.V'' ���.���'���' iji -
Z.^76*>4A & GENERAL
5��iSATroii;geiiitii is v;n:rc^iieiiig7/i)iiid6LSIoi
777'.7-:-.::'-..������������."���-v'-*'.w::'''-7.-.'��.-.���,..�� i ivsr-'rf,v,v y11)6:
USE^*>ssm^Zyz:>.' z'z<:i,
The Best ;in ythe^ ;^rbrld.
.���''''..''.���A.jfii'ir.us 15^rioyn'i''';Crowii,-St)iViv|'''^y;
7 7,' yWpip|icir'-')7aJHl',;iri7.roturii wej-y���',
a 7;:willVinnil a:-'l-ctiM('i'fiil;t'ricturoy ;A-
:aa: si-* il5x2q; or'rdi'.25'>\'ru'ppd
yZ-Z���b'rop' vis!a; "post xiird L.ifsl-iij&? ,,::
-f':,1^" --.If bi1-t it'!' ciiLtiil ctgucv.' ci f:!--pr'6 n'i i ti'ij i's >r:'-::";'^'
'vf^;.>'t,b'.^.l)p 'hiiyV'^?-l^3J3^fPrtJ:3*^��tliiv'-/'V^
LA.-:: :.vA (l(j poSS'Li'vLLALy.'LLv; Ay7/ ,Ay '7;v;A.''7y"
I sgpy ,/f A|s7^y.vaivieeli iijp'of LitHcYAJ Jord;^)iiy& A1- ���
I'PSvflpsSgji] iS nccpis/bdii veliccl :f6t"^uesclay^M lire: lu
I Is > I? AvA#vl?f'7 Ky el y ^
"Kt ysliMaySiii i tli-'ffi h'sii rliiicei\vasy!ii3]50Q
1 s^S7pIifeevel^
J Sf 7iJ|y';pi|yy ^;prkH
aa^aFaaS claiiitvge;*
-2 '������--: MyZ's reachecUa; blizzarctsuclras.has'iiot-beeii!
y 7A y'LSiAvv'sidewalk^
vvAfvLLAyA'^i^nditureAbf 7 $200,000.ll Mr.7Marpole
;; 7 777&7L'?7ya]sb'inibrniikis'$li0.00Pj;A
v:'L;A Ml!;,;v:;":b\v,uheLAdirectbrs,:':iors7expc!iditurc;at
;A7:A;'Ly7A7y:^j:j^^|v^il'^ L,j.ibdrvLLtrpiibles:L:he'::lias
���'7:KA;7:ysyL;7r^cciv.';CiA 77telegraphic:7AitdyicesL'ifi;bhy
ZyMti^Z vvLthcsc ;6x peiid i 111 rcsZyyZ ZftZyZZZZZyZy
M-ZZ A: XL# JLf Lv;Ea rl vA i nA A pri 1 J7Key7;Mi-7:\Vhitc^oi,
LlaL ZzZy'ZZZ') .Monie^issibiisJipr^
yZZyZyAyvO: Herdnian,LD:iLJ):,^uperinteiideiit _of
A a A' IZ' - '7v y; Torpii to/LLwliere 7they .LAviU:7iiicet;jprs.
y AL-?A.L; Ly7L gu tlierla'iVd'ai^^^
Zp'ZZ^Z '���[[., y voverLfneans of 7 co-operation ancliuiion
7"7 L.7 ';:;:'''L,',"-.bet..wceiv'''tlie :.iSl&t'iiOdists';L and *Pr'esli'y^
vLLMLALyL7; ���.������'���'��� i'te'ri'aiis :-'6iV, h'briic .^!n isisiirj.n!:-Jiclds-Ji-f ---i-tev.
"v .yyyLAvv. '.A|r,:\yj!jt^7^agVi1y, the7 city'last-weck
Zr'Zy-yy'yZZy ;on;]rii,ivnvLto Salmon7-\nm.:''���'���:' -���
' pppil y d li i.ly .^L; ^.'- ^'!L^y vv:'^j?; ���'v;S ;"S^K^ ^-! :;T^S".-'^
s,tiii*tccl Vit'tloldcnZfZZ':0ZZZZ^,Zry)iZ-:Zy:
'SvibitKciinL-sityp} SiiiOiioyLli^^iiisiiHiig
L L'^l.bvtbyVLAiO;; ij'bVi li'l'iini y-$Zi ��$/ii$$)}[i.
.loiii'ii 11^/ k, i Vi tl s^b ,^jij/r tiJKSi'ii" n.d;; s ni i'd \* ife.s". ;;y?^.
; 'y-V- i;csi iLyG h ocoi ii tbs^^l'o ro i i lLbjsL;yHb|it
7iV I'n kp^ii tllp.u'i ia tl'ijo-I j>.i.,;ii ir^'Y ^ tl,i> -l ji^y*-r!Qp/^ ���?
���fitrig i jig-'I by di s pbs(||'P f;JE|i ni i r gsilpra; ji C
66blc6^7;;4\ L l nee tiiig^if'^^cc' i torsviss ;iiiii 11 -;
yLrtii'rii vc 11 iimvvv] st t i ii gL7,K by biMbkb'SS! jj.;
; Titii i; r t Vi oiyH jb^t;7y 11 ccbii Vi i d it L ipii 7^ iv ty5y 11 ip
-S'Bbuiiieli'lirp^ALxi i'a w^iliiii^loiri^b:
""t 1 iitj. i "iv^""^ x ec 11 oil ii.^: i;-sX"6^dlc--^fo i?.V.r( Vs. I��y;:^ ��:'^'il -I:
il< i ii tl s ���pii Si i 1 cy 'IpMJi^liSujliiV?^f^i}y^
Wil iVps -:: AC" f vS; 111 ci'S Hi K S7 f 3 c i id y 771 i 1 i I i gi't 11
Lciii iii'1 sy!)0c7;eiicl ii;'ar(71 li ii/Gti i ii'icl iivjl) riig
^^piljglptii'gcjf rbihll Jeiiibii'9fSJ|iibk^
���?S'i i esc rybi'yfoii rLscfiieiicl arA^i-iiersAfbi^
AMkZA} 11 % 't'lie?LLrepresciiiii tiypvv ofy;the:
^Sii'iii 1 pi CS. ZM$M ^sl^^lSpSiffiiS^aiS
;'t iie;"G'cn ira itLloftJ.l ;f bus7Tp"Gi!ce^Pii|t(i;
iiA";gbpdLAlibtc 1 !jf ?;Kbrixhit niSbtif y|3 rm
liLALfFlJba ii tifu if 1 iiiofofil i��li'c^l|iii'scs;L
-iiCyvcSt^ty \^Zw^SZ0f��W^fB0^i:-0^
y&VV) ieii' y oitSviin t: Jo^ct" ib|Oii rii Ljpi-ii c;
ZBzh ry yal I Siiri glSSI^I^iilPllli'iil^^
juidjMyu bn ii'iyStbiit^gii^
lICoo tciiii yZ B i;c\vbi-y ZZyW cl c rsLtnlilrcssed?
v to!?J 'y6l:LlioXv2'i -3 <'v.j 117 beyclolivercci,fi;c%
- s t p'.r cyi ff iy p u i"7b\y n .itbiv I f '!Z y*| y"i jZMyy Zyt
ii-Z^Zlli c ii) ii so'i 1 i'nt i cl y M^l i II i a iii ,s'p 1 i-a I ei
TiigLaboii tiPi5QP^S<V* coii thi^lialtbcchy
:"lctyfc'iS^>\*":Mv*3HF"6pt;^t^i i lcl^
,1m kc?r)s ypyoivycia pa, lil ii y ofy 1 i bid 1 ji gy ;5^Q:
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;B.l'Ii'f!j) '9^l��p^}iZiMiy&:i^zffW''Wz.
tyVS '1 i'- i'i 1 osiii iyijiii'f teriipo 1 rf i'. i# y-H PI*
ij iiriitbn lert'a i iiccl ;LL^P:7i��l i.i Id reivyit Lit;
|iix! I i ii 1 i iiiTi'yLA (Iti^i t; i 11 gvA I e|stiii 5 yii fe ^h p
tlib iiclii 1 t^bla^SNsMiiclV
";A.'Ovvihgv:to,':tJie' storniAVednesday's
,77X0. 2 Tivas iiiiie hours late,and No "I.; 23
.liours.Iate in reaching lievelstpkc'.',
L'Al Minneapolis  syndicate   jirpppscs
'���' constri.iCting .ii monorail line up tho
Duncan Valley, to make available its
timber aiid mineral, resources..' I'ower
to.operate the li lie will be. derived. I'rom.
mountain streams crossed iii its course,
���A 'plcnsinc leatnix- of the U. 13. It. K.
���'. strike.and olio illustrating' the icspctct
. iit-.il esteenvineiiv liiivc. for. an  ollicial
7 who treatsLtlieiii , iaii'ly.  was   thc^.re-
' (-iiest v from:' Supt. Downie's' statV at
Nelson, on being called otit:'toj>e al-
'iowecl to remain till, th/'ir su.penn-,
tendentcould communicate with Vancouver. J11 view of tlio strained
position, at Vancouver, however, the
strike, executive had to  insist on their
��� orders being fulfilled also ai Nelson,
to the regret of both .Supt.'Doiviiie
and his staff who have worked;'so
harmoniously together,
I..0. V.
High Count idclcgiUes will be elected at-<,next regular meeting of
Count Mt. Jicgbie, 3.' O. F., 23rd inst,,
when a large ittendance is desired.
',-':Regular ' lneeling^-lieldv.lasttnighly
������Z\ 7ALCO Kit KS VOS DE XC K.AL, -^^LvLy;
:���.; vl>cttersrb:suppiyiii>'A sliiideLiree^fpr
:Nurscries;7J;^ lijiiWebster���I'ti^wsSv lie -
cidedvtb let'nia'tterL,piAplantii
stand-pyerL: ;t-jllAiiextyi)rt>etiiig-tp"Con";
tb:properties7 fi'bnt'i 11 g.-streets, benefit-'
77;7i*ire, Brigade 3o:'W2 L-,:siibinittii*i-i-:-,by.r"'
'la\\-s;fbr;pnnting;v7"Keferi:e(tLta F.;-\V'.
it'L.'-!c'6iiiiiiit.tqc.1';--���;',,,..���'. ��� 7'LL..7-;,;y-7L;A,,..7L
LWill'iiinis"~ JMacliinery J'CoLL, pffnriug
large safoviorusale!--Furthei" ,particulars required, A:7 A: .v,y ;-'., Zr.yZ.ly'y,y
7 .O-iM.-SproaJtre taxes bty portion.of
i'arwell.tojvnsitc. L ���}? L;L ,Ll' 7 ��� y ���' ���/���:
';':', Cliie'i',' liaiii ��� reporting ": firn:' alarm
system ;ivorkiiig;saiisfactprily.'.:7
���A 1(1.' Fbote i-C|iorted ;hiiving,,seen Fv
B; f.ewis re land i'oi" rocrc-atioii ���ground
on Mek'cnzic'avenue.L, .7 7.7;
..":.'���..,. .-..'.tax; sai.k.vvvA': y.7. '.���::.���������."..
AIdM-aw'smotion   re   tax, s-ib was
ordered: to.stand.1 over, till.: next.nicely
'''����-.,:������.'".-'-' z "7-''.'. a;';"
, crrv mii.k-rf,ri*i.'uv.',���������_
It,was ro.-olvci.l to7order: a Ilabcock
milk tester for   testing, .the   city.milk
supply., '������      y- " "
. :     ST. I'KTKKS.. ,    ��� ���
On fir.-1 and   tliii<l   Kuii'lays '.(lu'.r'ing
l.i.'iiti-ii   .-.fiiSiii Ci'lelii'iitioii    (<f  Holy
Coiiiiiniliioii   will   be lieltl at ^ and II
a. 111 at St. I'eters Church.  ,
, .   .MK-riioiiisT. : .
At the Methodist,  churc
day   evening   the   subject
" An Outraged Conscience'
Ltl ici;vpibi.es|br;-Wii' rhiiigmgLj;!
pli'nfCOirnoctipii;S?wi tl'iys tluivf i tiii jMypy
iiiii d A i s%: libwScarryi iigLfci i i'tpA eti;bctyiiii'
'e I abo ra tc slp'l it 11 iy for it lib y sti bs t i 1111 ioi i ���
."ji U"'�� 11 -i'tl'i 6 i ri i iri pB'r tit fitVs t'a t.i 0 "i isltt 1 i i sjsi cl 0
i'luii^OOOYigiVtsSsiljciiip: provided* At
crivitl iSlmkc m\ th' ii|3,ddQ v;;ljglib��ipl.aii:l,:
fbi'l^ii' iicb ii vc!i?s ;ii ewv) uiteliSii'evffaCtors.
i iilf 11 ie Aiirojeb tiki S nb^Siiij prove nibnt,?
��� �� tes i:i��i' p I iti'-i t^i.s''':t*'o ii i'jj >i? ii'i s ifciil J. picl #lft;b "g'p p'^::-
I'tal liitibn'jpf iitliiiPfiir^cx t^uling-^lebtrib:
iitlsSvst^mfiJwi I l;a)bMi!yx,pSxcbcc];
$.75;0'bp.;JsyiV j Llipiiy:IiM.11,ic|;sii.b\y|isalij>o,iiy
H n ai-ySvp't-kvpibspdetiii g5thb:cb,iiyeiiibntiL
"iiipvii TgLy ibp ti| y SoyM^zM !^li|f^MM-:
-.p ,|N|w^Si'l^e^
-ATOTICK is .lioriiliy u'lvcn ,tlmt;.'thirty, days
7l> -. aftar (Into J intend (oiiiiiko aii|iliontit)ii lo
i.lio C3lilof 06iiiin|HHlanoi'i;oC;, Luials and t\\ orks
for a special Ilcmiso 1,6 out, and cany away lim-.
bor fi'Oiiit.lio following.(luBprlburt. Iiiiiuh':;- v ��� y
Sltiia'tod oil ilio ivi'st Kldii "of Arrow litlco, aiid
.iidiirly oliiiOKilo llio Naloisp, ttnvasltn, nntl'on a
dlvldo liolw'ooiiiArrbw'liiIco and -Jlowiiilto uruolc
alionl.llii'co,inllcHfroiii: tlio ,l(iko.,s(idi'o, coin-
iiibiiolaKLat a linsl,L,iiuii'l(0iIA'.S..'.l,'7lIai'lo\v,,l
tlaaico hoiiI.Ii SOclialiis, tlioil'c'dw'ohl, WI olialiiH,
tlaincoiioi'tli 1^0 (iliiilan, tlionou oiwt SO ol|iiins to
iioliitdl'ooiiuiionci'iiiuiil',. A'7. .'.'.''-'y',,.'���'���?.-.',7', :A7
LLNiikiisiiVjMarbii Il,vlli0:i;ty ZZ- J7'':777*,:,:::.��::;'::.
"' LAvLyA:LL;v74v,v7!S;^l.7lfAII.I.Q\\r^L
, Sltiintfid.bii l.ho'wiilit sltUi of Arrow,, lako op-,
liniiitdi lliovNnl(iiS|i,i.o'v>'iiKll,(,'::iiiid7aliiiiit Uinja
and oiio-liiiir7iiillos7fi'(iiirt,li(V.liik().sli(ii'o:lii,ii
I'lViiiKiliiK at/ii ii(il|il,iilionl, tun ulinins oiiHtofllic
'still tii west,lOoi'iitirvdfT tl in lior, located.. Miii-divV
lll(i:i,vllii6"i'nnnlii|,' frtnii 7a post, aiiii'kcil ,7',S. .1.
Iliu'low'H"iioi'l,licii��l,'(ioi'ii(iiv!' '��()��� dlmliiH" hoiiI.Ii,'
Uicnco'LSO clialas .w(isl,,J,ln;iico SOLolialiw norl.li,:
tlioacif'Sd.;bluiiiiH'Pust, lb iioli.it.'op 'coiniiioniso'i
rn'AICI'l NO'I'IOK l)ial. l,liii'l,.vLdiiysiin,(ir,(lato,I
' lv- liii:uiid:i,iiiippl.Vt():tlib'lloiioi'alilol.lio,t;ii c .
HcdiiHo'-to but initl curry 11 way,l.liiilici'ili'oiii,tlio
ftillowiiij,' (lcHui'llictl laiitlssil.iiiitdd on'tlio west
slilo,of tliof'Upiibi'LAiTbw-vliikcH;:opposlU^Nil-
kiisp,".aii(l,liCKliiiiliiB at'v'a.,posti.naii'kcd'.''.l<w..
tlanblki'K'n'ortlioiiSl, corncr/'uboiif llltuon cliains
from l,lns7 kIioi'o,-and :'riiiinlii|- wosUIOc in ns,
tlioiicoStniili Illll t)liaiilH,'tliuiico bnsLvlbv.caaiiiS.'
tlioiicb'noi'tli7l(ill;.cliaiiis,l,Viiioliitrof <.'oiiniioiicc-
v'^VtoflV LI'i tH'"!'!!;!! ^iliVy-: of" li rui"-'*;! i'.1? I.SKW.-V.;??^'^:? '-'-a^ ?
7TS'; aftbiv'dn tbi Inlbiidi.o apply;, to, Uio -Honor-:
alilo ilio'.'(.:iii(ilLiC(iiiiiiilssloiiui'.,.ol'.ii.lJaiitlHc!iiitl-.
Works for a"'sp6olnl:;lieunsot tb' cntSaiitl; carry
ii'v'nv-l.liiilibiM'roiiiIllllaci-bS tiKllindS'fllt.iaitctl.oil
'Jlollbiiiild ('rookaiiiliiiiiro pai'ticiilai'ly,dcHcrili-.
iR'KiiiiiiiiKat'aiiostiiiiirkcdLVX Uurnai-f-;tsoiiLli-
^vOstcoi'iici',", ran nl n'BHIioiiiio uasl; Sue alius,
lllbncoiibi'l.li SO chaiiis,- tliciibu'twcst LBU ;'clni.liis,
soutli'SOblialiis to potiil,:oi:coiiiiiibiicoiiiunl���:7;;y;
, w:'zZzzZmZZzZZZzztZyym Z o km a i i^Zty
���Tenclers^for al License LtoLC^
V ���onLDoiiiitVib'n'Ll^hd
,hA;vinco bfjBritisl^^
CiKAiil'I'iTIWBKIIS ntlilrbsKCd���'to/t'liii-l'I'lini'; vrv v ;y-'
1*5 ���-lior ami J\liii(.'H'Hriiiicli,7J)(i|ilii'|,iiionl, of, .tho' Lv ...������'-,;���;-;,!,'.���-������
lntbrlor, and marked (in llio onvbliipo, "'I'uiidor. /,, .,',,,: r.:,
ifor.'l'iriilioi". Uui'l,lr->.'o.':i:!*i." will ^10 i-c'aiilvod at,-',-v7., -L;L ?,'-,��������������� 1
tills l)opiii'l,iii(;iil, until noon oiiAVodiKistlay, tlio"���;��;-y,y":���'-.���'���': ;���:
Sl.li'Aiii'il, 11111:1,:for'a :lluciisct(i,.ciil,,''lliiilioi';oaA:'7,L:7s77vL;7;A.]
llorlll No.'',!i:i"i."-,'b(iihpi'lKliig,',t.|ioso jioi-tloas lying":".,r:v'-:v::!;;:y,;::.".j
Norlliand 'Wcsl, nl7'SliiiHwap.iliiiko. liud,Soy- ,L ' vy''.;,:,,7'  :'!.'
inourAnii of, 'saino,'tofLTii\viislii|iHvai7ail(l7ilrA7LL;LAs A'A77
I'iiiiKb'S.alsii ilniHuportlbiiHlying I'.am.nolLHIin.L-yyy':,'yy;:������* �����'
HWiip Ijiikc of TowiiKlilp/liil.'aiitl North (|iini-|,oi\ ,, ������.>;���.',-
'of.'J.nxviiHlilp aa.lii Itiuigii.Ui'iuKl tlie., \\r(iol,.(|iiar,:i>7,..:.: v7:;it
lor (if,'l'owilsl(lp:Kl,:.ltaiigoL7i7allW'bsl,of(Itli 7- ,;A Lv?7
iMui'l(lliiii,,'(iont,iuiiiligail iii'oabl'alionl, 2-1 Hi|iiai'b1v:7,.'A',.   ',7
iiilleHV:iiiore1()r:ieHH,,v777y.,(ysyv.;;,,.y yyyy---,ZyZ'Z'JZZZA
-' Thu regulations niuloiMVliluli a lloenso.wlll lio . (,,..:.:':,,.'.
iHKi'ic(l,-,-ii,lH(ivi>i'liH()<l! fornivOf-toiiilor^aiuU'oii-vM'vvfA-y.y.
volopo, nniy IJOMjIiLiilned.al,,thisvllcpai'tniinil, or,, j,"' 7 ,.,,.,
nl, fhcvollleb ol'.'the Clrown,'J'tiiilair Agolit. at .���i7-'',,7: A
NOW.\\^!Stnlliisl,ur.A7vvv.,:.;vy:!.:,7jy.y..,v,,iv,,;>:': ^
,  t'lueli lender iniist lio/accoiiipiinlodi.hyaii 110.777 . 7; .v'1.,;.
c'oiitcd elnit|iio on'a cluii-kii-ed liiiiiklii favbin'ofL'fivvyv ,v.
tills: 1 )<))>ul,y ofLi.lioIVIIiiirttoi'i ol'.l.liolill(ji-ior,.foiV^Li-'ls-;;7-:;:,;:-.;.:,
iiioii.iii(aiiit.'of'lhe7ljbiiiis:wlileli,|,lio ap|illcaiit,lsLfe7i7f'':i:.,L:L:L
v No tender liy'tClegl'lipll WlllllO Olltei'l,alll(ld.:7:777;7,7:v:,i,:f?A
: % ZzyZZ-Z:, ZyZ.ML WWilj lW:(! ZiZKVKSZZ;tZMZ'0:;(
iibpiirtiiVbiitol''the Inii)rl()i'r57;;L:7iA::Av
7777,ptt.iiW''i: V('.!ir'M'vl'>'vr?'tlV.1J,',')-LvA 7;yPL7 7
yiiiiy.K (ifiuiLiiatii'Ll*
I  ,,,..,,,  ., v. . .y.-l'l .l.llltl. Iiillt l>, .H.,,nini,ti ,uit.,...t
L'i-.:lntoii(l to iipply,.l,(i'l,lib,(llilcf (.'oiiiinlssloiKji',.,,	
el'1'Tjiiiitliuuid W'oi-ks I'tir iieriiiissltni' toLoiil.'iind 7v M'vr
carry ii'wiiy tlmlibr.from I ho followiiig (lcsci'llietli7&7y7:
CoiiiaioiieliigiitLiiLiibHtiilaiil.ctl ion-;-J,lio niirl,li77y.y7
:biiiik7tif,?i\1(iS(tiillo orcckLohise tti Iini fiills^uwtjvs.svv
.'alioiil,1 lun miles fi'��in,wlioi-bl,libAlo'siiuitncrooky,'7 LL
'bliallis,;: l.lieiiobysiiiiiliiSOLtiliaiiisiLtlieiicoiivcslliSOvLfflWKA:
blialiisr'lhenco iioi-th7iS():;bhaiiisl,(),placo,ol';coiiKLyyr7v:
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AV'bi'kS'l'br'Siieeliil lleciiSuLI,ociil,'iiii(l:cai-ry((Wiiy..
tlni liof ��jii fJ UlJicji-fS! Af>l' v.ljincl "hiiriiivlutl v.oii .;-:flIC:,;
lltiniihl ei'Ouk;1iil,7thb,;lowcr;oiiil bl .Ulllier'Arrow
'creek mid'i'liiiiiliig lliunceeasl.Sll.ehaliis.vlliuiieo.
iioi'tlrsirclinliisMlieneb wcsL:��S(l chalas.f'tlionc.o,
south SU chains lo'lioliitofconiiiieiicciiieiil.ftesgi
|i>iajc usivji i(:cgiyeh.::isiii|uw;^
L lLAiiilciid to'ajiiilyit(i7thb Chib(,C;piinnis^i(aier���
aiid carry awiiyLtimher fi-biiVtlibfo! owinghiiids^
;���:.'" Coniiiiuii'oliiB-atii!Tibstviiiiii,kbd'.;..l.vp.-; IJ ro lots;
:bii!7t.lib7"SOHtli^ni(UriiiiiilngLsoatliyilt c iams,v
'thence east SO chains,'.thbncc.vnorth;,V),i elnilns,',
bl,htMiceLwbstSOIbllib:piiintbf eoiiiiiiciieoiiuiiiU'.r.i.
'Lobdi-���;wliioli:'.wns'-aftui" Wards abandoned liyliin.i.;
::.'.LT;vV?iiVu'i��t.'i i��"p^oC:Llil;v;��jKi\".����Sy.i 1 L"."i.,*iS.li<-'l<l!l
<A\ 1 * i iiteres tiiclSi rcii 1 i v i ted f��6\ ii t te 11 cl ;^g
stntid/;L\v;i 1 k;' ,itci^ |iiVrf^.111. J' 1 ii 1 ticls.y 1)ovv;7
"Vi ii 1 ��� t, e s S* i'r"' i" t^P" ��">'d i i c t:-;; Llic- i t is c�� I ^,cs: p rci jii- *
Ll)��frig:': prison ti;S
TridiiWFrbiii';'l:15:; tin:^
I esson si S0A7 l:'o r L f ti r the r.vri'i 11 f o r 111:1 lion
AfThis;' includes7hotblyfurriishedyalso
|iri yate house A situated L 6ii{ the'L! hi nil ,-:
i'riiiijCffiii-tl-yi: ���M-'Pot"-yioiiselB'i7elc'.A.'-Gpo;cl,
Malisons.for sfdling:>CT^
LvL'AE LL.L :A AA ZZy y.ZyZZiP:ti)\ 1 inpn'LA'rmL
y (^bp^erAliai:nsCii;ib, l-l^CKilbtA; lWltb*
; z: .Ray nib h d; A)\ en 'has-sta: riZZdlwii |.h i a g
A; The".fiayiie^isvfer*^in��'a;^ii.icy'*^st^
in ji' J.pmi on ;y. LiZy Hoi .yhii^Ariscrri;v|2^0:
Assays b-V'brt^tiikeiiLtrpii'i'LtlieAp
Ain7\tvhi^ii'iie'7is-ihterestbd oiyrhcLiiorth
' 3zSmBZ&& Si:-tllENMSfOBi90l
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.gpic! oii7tiib:;l"i';iser\bars.v v^l'liev-Lyi-Ui:! I
dredge s'aves if K500 a;day.::.:AVcoiivpii ny Ll
is: being  orgaivizcU'at'vl.ytton:to'biiikt
;aii'pthcr'dr(.dge'to:cost ^lOOJJOOy; Ly7.
'���'���': Tlie livi iiiiii I: nieeting.:: ot the77prince
Mininir'": anilLippvclppiiieiit   cpnipahy
^vas:niel(l'Ayeciricsday.vL\V;:i\I. Tirpwii
was' electedvprosidpiiK j">d   lHimbc-r of
, d i r,ectors red 11 cccl ���; to'.'fi ye, A; If: Wi 1'���"x
"rctiriiii?. ���.'.'��� "������" ������-'���'' L.A'A    ,;'" "L: 'L.V'. yy' yy y
LaelHig'asLaKCiitLfoi-AVniAliAClark 7;l'rec.v"> >;
'norV^tilicatejvNo-LSOlliilWl^fiatciii K;vsixty
diiys*froiiiv: the-datev hereof,,,to,:;ap|ily.t.o,Uie
i:-J an',i^'ne(iOr.lcr:fora7vCert I eatq oCIiinirovev
VGriint'-of tlio above elaiiii.:i^A;Ai;LA��:y:.vA.;g7
jS7A7ndvfnrllier:;tiike.inol,ice7l latactio i,:(i i;1m,
:'sectibii:i7i7iniint bb'coni nieiicetl, lieCoi-e.Uie.ihsii-
Saneo of sachiCei-tilleittb of:liiiprpvoinciits.y:pa
7i"nibdora jiinirbvcmenL^aMO; each,^
"L'LL'ciisyioniisLLLv. ;.7L 7vA'-v777yLv7;;:v7 ;?:;.yvyvv
^ONio LReside"nbc-fla7-Fii-stLSti-oetLcnst,Lcash;re:
;7?y::nbired .?o00,' subjeetro .inort|^iBO.^is.����is:;i
Apply 10 'v;.7:;,vv:v'ivL:7,v'-.'V\v.VV >-v :v vVVV ,":..;;::;;,,,,..,.
yAVt-'lii'ivt^l'ji'.f-n ap|ioirited,,ag(tn(s7���������f()ti'
���:ic-i"*tVl-i i if?.-J31 'i"tlift= 1 >V" fJ*cTyii tl I��i rr ysi'iycl .^-A. t H'e iri-r
Caiii lii-iiisLiiuVi ''���������'cjin\olier a.-selecr,i('n:bf
Calendars vfoi7 i^'M'stith '���' ;is'-'"liiis;neyVr.
li(-f(iri-,la;i;ii oliyrcd iii this 'district;"-:7,:
lii'servevyo'iii' ordyraLpfMidihgy'R .call,
of out- rypresentatiyt; with saui|5les: y7,
The Ko6t^nayvMan:Pul).v(^
5>L7.:L ii'-lti,-({':i -..._. ,.���,:���.;.,..     -     -   .���.������������f-.M.--....---.-.-.-...    .... :u.., ;:..-.-,:
'()r.-Vl'iiiii(lH>iiii(l',.-\V,(irlfN.'f(Mv,|ioriiilSHl('in;l,ii biit.uril :;L*A
ill; 11 .|iofll,Miliinle(l:iihbul,Lteir:bliiilii��v|i'oiii7;\vi,(i|,7;v',:5j!
liiuili of 'Jlo'sipillrioi'.oolt aii(l;iihbiil,;l.w'tilv(i,iiiiltisya,.v:
"rrOllllllOIIIOllltlvWhOI-tvil.ACMiptftlri7 iiti,o;t Iuir^l5:;i��yjy
soulli Illll'chiilnS.'.fheiieeyvo.il.lirelialiiSrlhcii.cev,;;'.;;
iiorthLlllll (ihalas'lO'lilncb ol':;��<> 11 j 11ui 11 oo 1 nu 111���    J   ^ '
vniitcirtiiiHiaith'''       '"''"    '"
;i-< t ti ii mAuo t iij < Vi t yL 0 r" Y>" v 1 y rViii V-y V^ 11 ni:i a i;j ^ ^ a*; :^
'ilvSe iifi.tardiiin iiiiitciiiiMtiniiiiiyitiitho;, i(iiita'-ii.yyy?:r��
'^f'OTiaiO^istiibi'oijyLigi veil iii iii (;|tiili-i,y7(lii,yii
yNjiCafter (InibT Inienil tb a.liplJVto:l,ho7iloiioi"-:
W'oi-lts fbi'Lspecial license to cat liud cmTy.a.wa.NV
Uinhei-a'i-oiii (llunci-cs orslaiitlvsil,ualC(l::Oii::;-il,c,
LDoimld Gi-celCal.'thevlowereiid bl, UppOr.Arnnv
liikc'aiidLiiibrb piii-llctihu-ly.ticsci-Ibedns lollqw.v
AboiiL six niilesiip lhe ci-eek'.coiiiniciieiiig at a
���i-uiiniiigl.lieiiceciistSU bliainS.vlheiiccLiKirthvitO
chains ,lo:pbiiit,:of;eoiiuiieiieeineiil*7!4Ayva:;:7!v,5
ZjsyyirZy'ZZd'tZZZZz^MZZZZZ^ZD 1 tpi..iOT, '0
Cbiiiaiciiciiig5ial,i7a'7posl;*,'iiliuil.c(l%aboiiC eight
��� 1 lib ii cc 111011 Wr^'ng'^V^fe^^
'   iilSlll7
iCS'('after tlat'eLI iiilend aiipl.V|!,iig to the Ilpiioi'
'ahlevthbiChicf ;Cbiiiiiiis.sioiieiy:ol',!i..LiiiidH7 ant
�� ZyZyiZZZ ? icCQNi 1vJ^CA^'IO^yj^yKvfeAL
A' CoiiiiViciitji 11 tc7nt7 nSiVostL77jiln 11 l.iiil v;two iii iIcH
nio'ro- oi-vlosSAcnslvor-Uio live inilo,post 0117the
Nakusp iiiiii Slbciiii'i-ailway.v'soiitliwcstciii'iici-.
:niai'kcd:.'"II.:K.'!:i(ii(l:riiaiiiiig:aheiicei1nprl,hy 0
ehaiiis," theiiceeaslvIlill'Lcliaiiis, tlicncc soiitli'lfi
'ohaiiis;:.thence\yest:lli(| chains to plitce, of vcoiii;
: Jjocntcd the 10th tlay of Kehrinu-y, lllO.l.v::-.���,.:,,
:-mi 1
    \\ iini, ,a\tioi.iaiiiy,-iii -11 iiiiiiit'iiii.'iii'^.'v.-.^:-,,-. = ������.,
one'mllo'soiitli uf'-JMowiVillii liikb'liiitl'hbgliiiiiiigyyyvy;-:
iit'iivpoKlLiaai'kod^'I'.UIiiiilN's iioi'theast'coi'iKir qyy.pyy;y
ruiinliig iliuiice south SII7'cliiiiiis,;|,heiiecvwcsUi{y,yZZS-'isy
���cliaiiis, thciicbiibi-llrSltfchaliiSVithtilicevOlisl/vaiTjjvy^a^vr;
'yiffZySZIPMZZMmyhZ3mM\iZ i i i o,u I'xTyjjfgjsPS
'I'lCKas^libreliyvLglveiiBtliiitv thirty vdaysS;
^ ... .lifter date I iiiteiidftonpiily-lo tlicvlfbiior-'?,
vSlwiiimu:...   ...,,->., .^..'Mvy.���,,...,>,"������; ,���,,.-"-;,-; ��-;���.-,,;.��� ;-���'���
: west'SO cliniiiKj'l.lieiice 'iiorl.h y.SO; chains, ���; tlicncc:
v.v....v;o,i w.l..v;.,u'v i I,',,,,,,i, L.,,".il ITStl i-. 1 fiitliii:
LI1IO vvlUCViailUl, t,.tll II lilt nstt'.'u.,iV.,;-..'��.'��.��.-.."" ,V^V;V',,,Vpv,^.,v,v.|
\Vbi-ks7for ?piii-tiiissioii Ltojiciil,:and.carry away,sa*L'ijiv;7':;;;"!
3itiialetl:iii;\\'esl, Kooteiiiiyaoiiyl.he^veStjaiaiikyKvM
west' SO cliiiiiiK;'l.lience 'iiorl.h sSOLcliaiiiS.vitliciiccyrgvy.yffvgy,!
feNiiiuis|)�� ll^Cy t'eli;7i:;tliVjll)l��J|f|gAii^
,J��^ E7ari,ei7dit|:b;i:inl^ii(lJlt)iVpply7l,o:i.he7lIonoi--:!:;y|5::7;y:Bv^
ii wnv lim hot- ri-oiirllibrbllowiiig.vlantls'sll.iiatciUiKSvasvvMv
Son's ���'iiOi-thcastActiraerviiautliiiriiiiniiiK,.Ilicnce^'ij^Kyysjiivy
:ciisl,Uli07cliaiiisyi.lic'iieo liorlliJIOCliain
of ebiiiiiieiicciiiciit:8'L,:yS:��fe7St'S;S|^;li|'|'^
y:iyyy:7Estimal.es given Cotybuildiiirs, eto,;
y;:: 7:Hi re" wpotly- i n^iy^^^^tiLy;-
:ctlt7t di req ti i reel :lci n g t h s.-;, vQj-cl e rs,
on ,>im-
will    !>(���;
��� i-
Lead is rising Irapidly in l-ondon,
heing nearly X1-1 per ton, and silver
has gone .up to 'I8ic. .Several li. G.
mines will now resume, including the
St. Kugeiu:'. Lead i.s now' higher than
for two years.
;"'���'     T/Zy^  YOIZU. (J<'/r:r: ., '���:.
��� o'    ' }'O0'Z>ihii>i/.(l '.Mfppiii't il. '';���������':-.';
Vine 'way tii do lhat is "If. putnuiizi-
(In- lh'in.'*'."\vii(is(.''iirU"(.,i-liirtrii��'.ntsfi|ip'.,nr-
ill lllis paper. In LOrdvt'iiVg ifi<!iili".ih
the K(K)"|-i-:nav Mail.      .
Mining & Legal Purposes
... Transfer;', Options, Towers,,
of Attorney, Statutory 'Dec-
larations,������ T'-roxicis,'etc:., can
be olilained at Uie
..Kootenay Mail Office.,
��� caii jtipjily vou with a fir-il -'class
)"af .day book and ledger system
uincti is hi'tl'-r t nun i.lios^ y.nu Lh/'ihI
i-asi, t*t.r ai.tl j-.' iiiiicli less, in piiCc' I'a-
t,i()iii/.e ; .riotnt.' iiKlu-lry'v-'iiid si-nd Lus
y.nir iirdei-s I'm' t:titiiit..|-' Ik.t.ks,, loose
leaf ijhiy.iiookx.iVnrl l"ilgcn< find' re(piis-
i'.t-s thi-refoi',   ' . v    ���      :     A   .,.-���,
vSiitiijil.-M aiitl pricti-i; on appliration. .,
. Lllcvcl^l/.kt'.
rpMK KOOTl'INAY' MAIL; .101!
1 ri'intiog Department, in ('(piipped
with the I.i lest and hcsl. macliineiy.
and . ,*i liir^'t a-Jsiirtinent, (if Fash i( mat ih'
l.yptt Faces., We solicit, orders I'm all
Uinils olv |M'iuiin>---.|'in. juli heing too
larg(! anil inilie Inn suiiill. (Jai-cliil attention is<<ivi'ii all WiirU, and siitisl'ac-
litni Kii.irantt'cd. 'A trial (inlet will
convince yon llial if pay.s lo have your
printing done al, tlie Kootenay Mail
ofl'ice, lieveliitoke.
'is as .well 'worth a
.vlirilas nn nr.t/gallery..: Thb...lewclci
:ind : ailvcrv.Sinitli '
Art i.s one of.1 thu
oldcsl.aiKl llnest; Its
iirudiiclicins aintiiig
l.iie iiitxl'cx'iiiiHilc.
7lfi-nt.li llnngs ,nre
iibl, hiIIfIIc they are
flilllo Vlilno.   ':���
J. Guy Barbers
"" ^ "o
Dry Fir and Birch
Cut hy uiachiiieiy Id i(;c|itii(���("
i'Coiiiiiicncing 7al.; ii- jiost:; planted,-;two:mileS;
inorc or less eastof the 11 vc mile M'ost,; 'on..: the,
inarkcd '-'IJ. C. l.",itnd:riiiiiiiiig llicncc .west Kill
chains,: thenco :north HI chaiiis,;l,licncc eusl, 1I.U
e) ahis. Lhenee'sbalh yill.bhii'hsto pliCcooLcoai:,:
nieiiccincnl.A: -7 7;i .vv :v ,.-.'-���. ;���..;,;,;.��� ���-'���'���-',���:��� :7-L;:,:.:,:.
::'Located llie.lUth'day'ol. |,'chruai-y,:l!lli.)..;:-.:.;,:.
���': L'7L..7LB7Ly7'.'A- 777:,' v,-;v,::;;;. :n,ZC. JIlW IK.''".Ti\V1'
ii.lilc.'llie '(,: in ci = ta,tun in is.sioncr..Loiv..jjiLi.ii.i ,���:...... ,Ri..
AVorks-fin-iii,.^siieclalvllc-ciisbLlbvciit'iiiid carryhj;
awaytiniber frtnii l.he.following'deSci-ibciIilandv:.7
..si(,u(il,C(i::west'Of Iliilcybn Springs,IIpiii)i-,Arr,o\v,y;
lake;' aboutsix 'chains east, of.lake shore:; -v'7 v7;,.���-���;
y ���,;- vZZyt'v' I ns;r Aide ATip^,0t^ft-'?!v:A
Vybiiinieiibiiigiii/a |iosliiiiirUetlL"A.iireMillaii''::.;:
planted ;at::stiiilliwcstcc()i-niti-, .thencti.: i'.'.isl,',7l(l.'7r
uhiiins, tlieiiccnorlli 1110 cliaiiisj.lhence west III -���
chains, lhciJcb;sbiith'IliOehiiins.Iqplaeb of coui-y
inenccmciit. S:r'Av:7'-7:r7.tf,7L77vViL-:'7'7:'S!vvAvKLLAL7
7; Uiilctl this 27tli diiyof Kcbriiary; 1!I(W. yyyyyy
Z-'yZZZyy-zzzzz -yy, a i tci i y.';,ji cji i lAiAK^yy
'tl AyvAASKQO!''^
-:iCoiiiineneiiigal/iip()Sl;iiiarkc(r''i\;i\leJlilliiii ZZt'i���)
iilaiiLciliOii'ri'hoiinis.Ileaeli'sSoiilh |ii-e-eiiipl,iony>:,! ,
-linu'iiiiil iili6iib-oiioViiillo"'-Oiit-t,i'or'-.Ouloiiii-- Hl^^���%:,"-'.".^;-:.���"-.:,
'Upper Ari'ow.. lakc.Hioi-tliLof UigLoreek.iior.th-.-vvr;-..
rwest-co'riior post; llicncu south ,|(l,cliiiiii.s,thbnce ,7 vv,
east Kid chains,- l.heiiec ii(irlh...l(l .c.liiiins. llience ivAvv;
west Hill chains to place of eoiiiiiieiiceiiicnl. 7v;:i ,;.,,:���.
A Dated this-1th dny of JMlu-cli, lIKB.yjvy:777;:77 ALL
ivL-vATO -IJlifjI J-ftUEN'IVGfJvO\\*NK113.LAaA:
To Alex.-Sniii,h,:.li���Ililiiy," JLO.l'ipciviLl'iccatp,
::;:|.'i'C(l".Iircbbsoii;'.l.7,l:7(;olo:aiid:.liav, Diivis.yoi-;
-lo-liny, person or pei-Jions to whom ho Or.lhey
LLiaay have ti-aiisl'ci-rcil histir their-int'iroslsiii
the Poi-l.lantlMiiici-al Claiiiisituatetl; on , tlio
AiUiiiingDivisionLof-AV.ost Koo'loiiiiy: yv!*..:::.;,
,''.You and each of you are liiircliyL nolillctl that
lli.-ive expcnded/oiir huntli-cd iind;t;cu dollars
iii labor and iiuiirovcineiits upon.-;thcvabove
'mentioned miiici-nl claiin.'in 'order to: hold'siiid
'miiicriil claim under thc-provisions of the JMin-
ionil Act, ii.ud if .within ninety days of the (late
of this notice ytiiivfiiil or refuse to. eouli-iiutc
your, portion of such'oxpbiiscs.'togollior.witn all
cosls c f ad vci-tising.' your, inloresl iii sad claim
will'Mjccoino the property of the subscribci-
under section I of iiiiact. entilled: ''An Act vto.
'Amend the M moral :Act' 11)00.", r < Z 7 ;���; v y.
Zy. ������ L;.7y,;(Signed)7y';A:;'7.'.:Jf.':E;;KING.";������
7itossliuid,:II.L(;;i Kebi-iiaryi'thLilipS. LA.7?7 L,
' All orders left, at. W. M. r.awri'iico's
orl.he Kootenay Mail ollice will receive
prompt attention.     '���','..   ���
\~X~ For hatehing; Cook's Oiiginntor
Kl,rai'n;!ii-'UO Fiir i.'lifirstL prize" winners
'Vieloi ia;. show, $��.0U. ALocUley Jones.
���Mount Toi n lie, 'Victoria. .7. ,7..:L.,.;.,,:'..
NTKD.���Twi'iiiy lirst-class ciir-'
piiili'is. .Apply to .LA. Ker-
hahiin, Laggan.A   ������������.���
A NTK'D KXQ\VN��� Kivn; roomed
louse,aiid Fin'nisheH'rooins near
station to let. Applyjlp It. Tupping.'..:
i\T1':I).TO'.S1':LL-Two houses
and lots at rising town ol' (Jani-
hornci c.-ieh propeily will let For $ I a a
liionfh: price, on eilch property $o(JU.
|.'or partii'iilaisapply al.pMc.e of Koot-
emiy Mail. .   ���
\ VTAXT TO M'ni'.L���bin.'"of the Iiest
\V     liolcls  in   Kootcnav; i?(��id man
can cleai S5.IKK) a year. For parl.ieiilnrs
applv lit ollice of iCooteiiay Mail.
IJccouie inileiieiideiil and lie yoiir own
IiO.SS. A Hew- mail oi'der lilisiness,
can- he (-(iiidiicfcd hy anyone, any-
where; $l."i l(i.:$:iD per week easily.
I'nrlose stamp For' particulars 'of <nu-
niarvellously successliil plaii, lid.
Leonard,,Dundas, Oiit.
v I i Vsi-ciliy7 fei von ,,i. I isii.'v 1,11 i i-t.\v'<tiiy s v
J .itiLoml vlo iipplyto J,licj-.I [oinoi-jj
'zL.y, '''^'lifter {l(ll,C'I'.,iriLi:iiir:iu ni'j"^   IA' l,ll,J ���'1"1 ���"���-"���.-;:,���;.,--'���=
nbli^liu  ('hiul'^^niinisxioiioi^
i\r,...i.:,.-Ci,,   ;, i.��..,;./.tn 1.1 t/./inJ/i.' I n:.,niit'.Snt''fl'r>:ii,rv?5-i:,.i--."
Get your Job Printing done at the
Mail Ollice. .   ,.
uTICJ 10.:is hereby: Kiveii*-.tliiU,-Lthirty daysivryv;.
^ .LLiiftcr dato I inleiitl.to apply-to l.ht!7lloiioi--:.77.:;v:7v.
Works fbriispceial license .to'., out Land:, ci-ri-y:77,7 ;���;:
Viwiivtiiiihei-'froiii: thq; following (leseribeil, laud Tyv7":;
oii UppcrAn-owl.akc: 7y-:.yy,'- A-,"7::vvLAf :A:Z~--isl..\~
y,:��� V-tv 'zt'-. Z :W KS'll: L'pci A ti 0^. --Z: ZZyZ ZZZ y ��� 'Ly
:: Conimeheing al, ii 7 post 7i)!(inie<iL oil ;thc.tCiVal LAALL 77
:bank of>ICbos-i<ii-N'tix ci-eck,-siiufliwesl':eoriieiv-:v-, 77
iiiai-ketl''\\r.\\r. I''.";ciglit'ecn niiles inorti (irj-Ic'ss:-;-...'.;;?:-.
from its mouth, antl ni 1111 ing'thenco;. north;'IIKl 7:vvv
chains: thenee east  1(1 :ch;uiis. theiict.' south:i(iO.;;.7v .,
chains, llience west: JO chains to7:iilacc:,ot;��� cony v.;vv;7
iiiencement.7''7 y>''yy -x:y~ yy-y-y.y'J-:':, i .'���*:���;*,������������.;-' yy. $-���'
, , Located llic !)th day olMfobriinry.:l!Kl.l., ."L;.77t.:77 v;.7;
777A,;'7"v.7,7 ..7::',v.:,.v;,77iv,L\\V^\r.:it'l;ASKlt.:,v>;:vv....:
yyy y- ZZ--: SKtJONDLLOCJATION'.Kv' "L:7 7 Z'^ZZiZ:
vConiincneiiig no post planted ontho.easl'bank ;,
of   Koos-Iva-Nox". creek, Lsbuth west': corner  ,;r
iiiiirke(l:"\VAV. K.'-'-aiid sixteen ���; inilesmoro or v. v ...;:
loss from its 'month';; aiid running thenco. north    v
100 chains, tlicncc east,.-10 chains.. Iheiice.soiith ������:.'.:���:;
T(I0 chains, llience west;7lb,Lcliiiiiis,:7t,o::-p!iico;iof :yy
cbmineiiceniotit.77   '7;A',   ,: ,   ;vA:.L7i   : 7:7:..:
..Located the iltli day of 1'ybruary, HlO.t.    .;:  ., v^..; .���.,,
:py.L:,,LvA:L'7.;;.7 ���:;;. ���:..;7L:, w���\\r. j.'nASKI.t'.'t.'-,vA
AL'L7'v;v;.::.,TinTtr)7i,6cATi6N.yvy Ay    l:y.'.;.7
"ConiniciicingHi, aposl. planted  (in  llio cast,    ��� <���
bank of ICoos-lva-NTox creek, soiithwcsl, corner  >
iiiarkeil "It.T." and ton miles mora or less from :.-,'..
;ts moiilli,'.iui'd running thciiee nortiriliO chains. ���
llienco oast 1(1 chains, llienco south  llill.cliaiiis,, ���".
tlicnce7wcstr7H) "clinins; to pliice of coinmence-     ������-;.
-. l.oeitted the lOtli day of .l'cbriiary, HlOli. ��� ; .7
���������'���-'..-':.." -..'A"-.-''- 'ROHKU'r TA YI.OU.
v      &L '; KOUIITK'LOCATION.7''-u ���
CdiiiiiiL'iicing at a  posl nlunleil'Oii  the east      '   .
bank of Ivtios-I'a-Xox ereck, sniithwest corner.,
iiiarkeil "It.'l'." aitio miles iniii-e or less I'l'iiin Ms
month, running thenee-iiorl.il St) chains, thence
east ��11 chains, thenee soulli siO chains, thencu   ,
west H) chains lb place (if ciiinnu'.nceiiK'iil.
Lotiiitcd the Kith tiny of I'Vbi-uiu-y, llHlll.       .  v
Z'"*    .       UOIIKIIT TAVLOIt.
v ' ':     KII-'TII  .I'lOKATION'."'-..)     .',.;
��� Commencing lit 11 |inst |iliinlcd (inthe east
blink of Kons-ICii-Xiix ereek, font Invest enrner
iniirkcil ".I.WAV." live miles inure or less from
its 1111111I.I1 nnd"running tinmen unrlli Hi chains
llience wist W) chains, llience. snnlh SH chains;
thenee west 91 chains Id  plact!  nf  coiniiiciu'cl
'    i.t.niti'd lhe Illll tiny afl-'clii-iiary.l!ili:t
��� j. w,  WATHOX.'    '
A. Warning !
To the parties who are  in   the  haliit
of hiking  wood  fronrniy wood yaids -
nt nit-lit without autlioi-ily,   I   hci?   In
warn' theni of the fonsetpienci'sislnmld
I catch them at it.
���       , - \V  Flemino.


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