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Kootenay Mail Mar 15, 1901

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 -Vol. 7.-No. 49
$2.00 Per Year
Fiii'cu'porati'il byaclof P.-tiliariiont 1S5.J.
HEAD OFFICE      ������       - . -   , ���      MONTREAI
WM./MOLSON AI.U'J'UKH.SnX,   I'n-s.        S.  II.  Kwixo,  VicC-PlCS.
Jam'xh Kllicjt, General .Manager
PAID UP CAPITAL -   <-,   ���     -   '
RESERVE - - ,   , -
general li inking business Irnnsiu.to.l. .-luteri'sl allowed on ilc|)iisils: tit current rati.
J. D. MOLSQN, Manager. -   ��� ,    REVELSTOKE, B. C.
���Imperial Bank Of Canada
CAPITAL       -       $2,500,000.00. "
'REST       -       .        1.700,000.00.
I-I. S. HOWLAND, Prcs.' ''  T.'R. MERRITT, Vice-Pres.,
��� D. R. WTLK'I'K, General Manager:
Interest paid on deposits at higher, curi-i'iil. rules.     Lellersof credit issued
available iu.iill parts of th''-world."  General hanking business transacted.
offices and oilier works  in   connection
wiili tlie coal an'! cokeiiidustiyof the
company.  ���We   intend    to   build   at
.Feruie, Michel, and   at  anotlier  s.uit-
I able point, 7-0 coke o\ens, which   wi|-
I iu vol \ ci   an   expenditure   of   Si) 10,000
|i,;co OOO i lll|dcr ''''>. head alone.     \Ye will   1I101
,, n-n ono i 'mu: 1,0-��2 ovens, which  will   inrreast
^   ' ' our capacity fur coke;  product ion  frou.
nH'i' 4DO tons jii'i" (Jay, as nl pi cent,
to mine llian 1,000 tons pei day. O-n
expeudiluic will dlso include moie
lli'in a quiu lor of a million dollars on
iniutt improvement1"', ollice.'' and miners'
dwellings., These expenditures and
the extensive milling and coke-producing operation!- .that arc to follow
will create and maintain .two new
towns in the coal district   as   large  as
A. R.  13.  MEARN, Manager.
President Discusses the Proposed Railway
to the American Boundary.
The. Annual meeting of the Crow's Nest Pass Coal C .inpahy, Limited, was
bnld iu T. iron to, Friday,ahe first of M .we'll, 1901.    ,
The following repoi t was stil milted lo lhe shareholders: ���
The Directors li ive pleasure iii submitting to the Shareholders of the Coin-
puny thtiir.Annual Report, including stateinet.ts   of 'assets and liabilities as at
3l��t of December, 1000.
The net prufi's fur the u'ar, after .paying 'all expenses and all charges ol
: every kind al tho head--1 illicit and 'nines' -niuoii'iited to ,'-:? 141,0(5-1.10. ' Thi.-
amount has beeii derived fiom the vaiiotis' departineiils of lhe company's Liu.si
ness viz: The salt; of cml and coke, and from waterworks, house rental--,
general store, etc., etc. As no dividend was paid for the year on the company's capital, the above, sum has been carried forward to c.edit of Profit, and
Loss, miking a total sum at ctedit. of that account (including the amount al
ready there from the earnings of 1S93) -jf ��188,874.52. ���    .
' ��� The coal produced duiing 1900 amounted, to, 220,'408 tons. Of -.'.hi-
tonnage'114,003 tons weie sent to the' coinpaiu's coke, owns .at Fernie, and
produced 7."5,40G tons of coke, while the balance nf 100,39") tons weie di-poseo
of'as nieiclianlal.il' coal.
Dining lhe vear the company paid out in cash the sum of, 8S7 t,0S0.S-'>, o{
��� which ihe pay rolls amounted to 6119,0:37.09, lhe balance of 8101,9 13.74 having Ik en di-nursed for new coke ovens, addition to plant, and fur development
work at Ferine and Michel. ()'ie hundietl and ten (110) new coke ovens-were
built-in 1900, which'makes wi'li the. 202 in oper..t;on' at the end of 1899. n
total of 312 owns with'a capacity of over 40'J Ion- uf Coke per day., -
The luiiiilu'i nf men at'present in the cuiup.-.n\ 's employ is nliotit 500, and
this number will, of course, steadily increase as our mines are developed.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
ELLAS PiOUJCUy,      , , CEO. A. C('b\,
Managing Director. , lYesideut.
Toronto, (Jaiiad.i, 1st March, 1901.
Fernie which now owes its 'existence
to the works carried on liy this company.
There i- 1?prospective demand,' pro,
vided we obtain access   lu  the  American inaiket, as I shall hereafter  men
tion, for-1,000   to is   ot'  coal   per  day j
.within a year, an 1 in .three  years   we
expect to increase our output to about
0,000 tons  of  coal   per  day,   a   large
port ion p of  which   will   be  converted,
into coke in our ovens, and within five
years we expect to have  a   payroll   of
fully ^10,000 per day.   which   will  be
sufficient to maintain three  important
industrial centres in the coal  district.
All business men will at  once  1e.1l-
ize how important such a development'
will be   lo   the.  country, at  large,   as
mining camps are invariably extensive
consumers of supplies.     Not only .will
there  be   the 'direjt   employment    of
several  thousand   Canadian    winking
men, but a   new   and   most  extensile
demand will be created   for   the   products "rf  Canadian   factories   in    the
'east, and lhe food  supplies  from   the
western farms and cattle ranches.
ll is only fair to you, however, ��� to
state lhat the piesent demand of British Columbia for'coal and coke would'
not justify any such expendituies ai
we propose lo make. This is self
evident when 1 state that the piesenl
demand of,British Columbia"dues not'
exceed 1,000 tons'lif cod and coke, per
day, and we. cannot expect 1.this demand ,to increase iu the near, futtiie,
even under most favorable conditions,
so as lo juslify such expenditures.
In order that we 111 iv proceed with
this development,, it will be absolutely
i.rcessaty to secure access to lhe American nnrkets by a route : that will
put us in'a position . to successfully
compete with the coal and coke producers aheady in the field.    If, denied
What They Did at Vic-
Qovernment   Will   Gise  Revelstoke
and District Good Attention.
His worship themaynr. as representing the city, and Aid. Bourne,
McCarty'niid^Messi'H. (.1. S. Mc-
Curter nnl Jjindinni-k. as representing lhe ] Jon nl of Trade'and, J Joe pi-
tit] Commit Ut. report very satisfactory interviews v.itli thc 'government.,
���ri:i: no PiTAi..
1 *,
Thc deputation asked a grant of
iMUOO towards the building, and a
fair share of the annual grant given
for maintenance. The government
expressed themselves 'as favorable
to making these grants.
The'mayor also urged that a provincial giiol be built at Revelstoke,
but minister,- declined to give a
definite promise of this being carried
out. though promising .consideration.
addition lo lhat group. Thirteen
mineral claim* in all, anil ];>���> acres of
hind, aie now held by the company.
, "The exlenl and success of development work lhat i-- being clone nn "iir-
roiimiing proji'Tii<',-, log.'ilirr willi the
impi ovi'ineiil.- in ti.-iii-p<ii tat ion I'rtcili-
1 !e-. by ui".iii.s uf ro.1 !- and .-I .'.-i 111 In ml -
1 bat are iiutv bi ing iii'i'iiii!.;i il fui1, v. ill
giv-itiv aid iu at 1 net ing I lie nM-'iii imi
uf inve.-Uns to the-e rich. mines, and
we now anticipate bring able, in the
near future, lo sectiti) biinicieiil l'lnuis.
for full ili'Veloptneiit and placing; the
properly on a paying basis.   , ��� ���
"The work 'on No. 2 level of (bc^
Koseberrj* now consists of (17.") feet of
tunnel and reaches a depth of .'5UU feet
below the sin face. 911,000' shares -of
stock still remain In the treasury."
The report and balance tbeet were
adopted. '
The retjring dirc'V.lors weie ro-i-lected
as billows :������F. Mit.'.-irty, pi evident;
(J. II. Temple, vice-pre.-iili-nl : I. T.
Brewt-ler. secretiny-ticasurei: \\".
(Jowan, T. Kilpalrick.
Prince Mining And Development Co.
A Siraig!t Party VoiQ--l3tV.rnmcr.t
Have 32 Majority.
(By Telegraph.)
ll-'iMin Our S.K'ci.il t'orrc-])u,ii(U'iit.l
Financial Statement-���31st December, 1900.
-  ASSEJC   '
Mines Heal C-U'e, Plant, Dexelopmeni, etc., etc . .^L'yJGG.OHJ  Oo
Ci.sh iirj).ink..'. 8:57.r;0l  Si'
Accounts ltecci\,ib'.e  C7,00o -12 '       '
104.507 Or
s.:',:370..r2:3 G9
Capital Stuck. p-ii,l  up '
FltOl'IT AND  LOSS  Act'.li'NT :
|jal..nce at ciedil olst-Dec, 18i)9..:-7   17.S10   ll'
Addi-d in 1900 .\.  111,001  10
J3ills Payable....
Accounts Payable.
��l 21,790 72
:)f),t>o3   lo
2,000,000 00
Li.  K
F ha\e cx.iiiiiiicii the  above  stateine.iit  of  a,,sets  and  liabilities with iho
books and vouchers of lite company, and liud the same correct.
A ruuniim audit, his been inaiuUiiird   during   the yew, unci I ceitify that
the. books lire well and liuly l.ep1
Toronto, March 1,1. 1901.
In congratulating you upon lhe success of the last year's operations, it
may he worth while to refer lo the.
erroneous ideas that haw gone abroad
with rcgird to the uianagpinriit .ind
coutrol of the Crow's Nest Pass. Coal
Company. We aie, in e\e.ry rc-pee',
a Canadian enlerprii-e, wilh a large
inaj irity of Canadian stockht I,lets,
, mnier Canadian emit ml Mid ulwi i^t:
ment, and aie ^i\ in,l; enip!o>. iiient to a
great force, of labor on Canadian soil.
AVn are developing C-niada's natural
resources in one- of tlie most im
poilant au.l econoiiiii; mineral-", and
are building up an immense Canadian
industry, which is bringing   wealth   t.o
access to the, American markets, except hy roundabout routes, if dehiye i
-in our operations by legislative obstruction, if prevented in any way
from cutting down lhe cost (,f production to tlie n-n lowest .possible iiihi-
giu, out success in the field will be
proportionately cramped, and ii will
be c]uile impossible to undertake, tlie
development, now proposed.
Recognizing, therefore, the necessity of obtaining c*irecl aces- to the
adjacent nnrkets of lhe United Slate-,
a-i application has been made, to pai-
ti-.nieiit by five of your direclois foi
a charier to build a i ail way from tin-
coal fields to the. boundary, whcie it. is
intended !n connect w ii h it spur line
from Jennings on' the Great Nuilliein
Tliis is simply tin etf'ort lo si cinvan
enli'.ince, liy llic best possible route, t.
an almost unlimited inai ket ,1'or co.-il
and coke, when1 we inu't nu-'t lhe
keenest compel il ion. And witlioui
thi.s market any l.-n-fj-c developnieut ol
these British Columbia coal fields will
be practically impossible.
The fear has been  expressed iu soim
(|tia:lcis   that, the    e-tablishuieut   m
i railway cnnncclioii lietwoen lhe (..'row's
i im- I In
Canacliaii mining mid-uniting iintti-
ti ies of a supply of coal and coke, and
lhat I he company may create a shoi I,
age. in lhe Canadian supply lo benefit
American smelling inlerests. The-c
i"i-Mi--s aie griuuulic.-s. From geographical lep'ul.-, il appears thai Ilieie
are over 230,000 acres of coai land.-in
! the Crow's Nest counliy, containing a
,     TJIK CTtV SUIIOOl.s.
rl'hc n'Kiyor jnescnted the petition
from Kcvel.-tokc askingthat a higli
school be established in this city.
' The effect on lievelstoke of the
new school act was also discussed,
thc deputation pointing out that
Revolstoke-would he unfairly, treated in tlie matter of buildings' if they
had to go as at .present. In other
cities now .chool, buildings hrd
been erected, ivhevcas in Kevolstoke
tlte building accommodation was
not nearly sullicient and this city
would be handicapjied with liaving
to provide'a now building at the
It was a]-;o pointed out that the
new act would work hardship ' to
Revelstoke in another way. With
tho present attendance the grant
would be HO a head, but when, the
average attendance inerea.ed, by
another eight pupils that they
would only receive a,grant of $15 ii
head, thus losing $5 a head. Ministers promised to give thote. views
The annual meeting of the company
was held on Wednesday when it.was
decided to increase the -number of
director's to six, Mr: Henry S. Scales, a
retired broker of Pendleton, Or., being
added to tlie bo.ud, which'now'sl.���inii-"
as follows i-���II. A. Brown, president:,.
T. Taylor, M.P.P., vice-president; .J.
M. .Scott, B.A., secie,larv--lreasui'M'; C.
J. Rumens, superintendent : il. P
.Smith, ll'. S. Scales. '     ''
.The ieport   and   haiar.ee sheet.'were
adopted as read.
The report slated  the company was'
on a sound financial basis, and treasury
stock found ready sale at 23 cents. It
is intended, to increase the working
fore* ,and to pu-h on development
with all ipeed.' Tlie hoard had secured
the land lying below, the 'present-tunnels lo provide.I uuiii'l sites Tor fiiluie'
(���l>��ralions, and.'he tympany was now
Ihi'.owiiii-of��� ten claims.
The d"velopni��nt work b is been
euiinenlly. saiL-ractorv, cousi.-tiug of
800 feet. Details of I h;' work .were also'
given a* they have already appeared
in our columns.'
Tiie expendiltwe lo'���datc has been
$17,000.     .'   % "
^/,r,i,    *-',UV-y-J  uj!NpsL coal   lield.s and lhe Great No
\\ OOD,  Iiea-uier. ,.. . ...   .
,  ,.', ,    ,      ern   radwav   -vstein   will dej rive
Tin: uivv.n iia::k.
The pvoU'Ction of the river hank
was discussed r-nd the 'deputatim
showed the matter demanded imm'c-
-diate attention'
'i lie chief commissioner promised
to send an olliccr lo report on it
with a view to tho work being put
in hand,a- ro;n as possible.
Uig Ik-nd tryn.-])or!ation ' was
more especially referred to by the
delegation from the Hoard of trade.
M.n'.stors assured the deputation
that the gran!, roc]nested f.*r' a
steamer had already been placed on
the estimates.
Tin: i-'.m:wi-:i,i. <;i;a\t.
The ma;'.'V : aw 'Mr. Harwell in
n.'gird lo granling a site for th"
ho pital and.rccreatic u ground, and
th it gentleman advised him hci was
in almo-t daily receipt, of titles to,
his land at Heve'.s'.oke. and would
exunf.iK' the land per.-onally when
in Ucycl-lnke and n:e what Ir.' could
(I'i 'ti the matter.    '
Largo ��� Reduction   of   the   Public
Debt. '
(By Telegraph.)  .
IKrom Our Special CoiTwpoii'l-Mit.)
Ottawa. Thursday.���Mr-"' Fielding's budget speech this afternoon
was largely ((notations from the
public accounts and trade returns
coupled with thc announcement,
that there, would he no tariff
changes this session.
The surplus hod year of $8.05-1.-
715 was. he said, flic largest in the
history of the country, and this
year's surplus he estimated would
i.e -W.MoO.OOO.
Taking into consideration all' lia-
V'Tc toTma, Last lr-'jiit���The debate
on the School hill was adjourned
ve-terdav lo alio'.'' reveral delc-
gallon-lo liuerview ihe government
before it pa.-i-od the second rending.-.
aiul today four municipalities���
Rossland! Vancouver. New Westminster and, Xanainio���had delegation.- here to protest again-t its
passage. '
This bill was not reached on the
order paper today.
Minister I'reiUicestate-- that Rcv-
eLtokewill receive $15-1 inure under .
the new bill than formerly.
Mr. Prentice informed the delegations that there would be no
material changes in the bill before
its final passage, and'inne .whatever
in its financial features.
���Yesterday the  premie", in  reply
to a question by Mclnnes. informed
the house that the government had ,
no intention" to  introduce  a  compulsory arbitration measure.   -
Very little wa* done iii the house
today, the time being taken up in
discussing a' resolution introduced
by Brown. New ' Westminster, providing for the immediate 'intrc-
duction and passage of ,a red if.-
tribunal measure.
L'ro-.vn. Curtis. Martin and Xeal
pr,c-sed the question, going into the
matter'thoroughly, until' Turner.
Kb'erls and McBride defended the
government's position.
Turner promised such a measure
after the' census is taken.
The resolution was defeated hy a
party vote of A'l to, 10. Taylor voting
with the majority. '""
��� The V. V.'ifc K. Co. presented a
petit ion-, protesting again-t a charter
beintr granted to the Coast-Kbotena v
Co. ���'" "  ���
.J am informed by a departmental
oflicer today that   a  sum   will   be'
placed in the estimates to   bonus   a
boat mi the Columbia   river  above   ���
Revelstoke for a'term, of years. The
amount is not learned.
Active   Development   Work   to be
Resumed. ���
sured, will constitute a mn-t important j supply of coal which is conceded hy all
factor in the Canadian industiial de
velopnient uf the futuic, utiles- qui
operations are lestricted bv a limited
market and inadequate i.dl \a\ facd
It affords nn great j. I -asure to an
nouiice that v. e. are. piep.ued to pro
(ccd   at   once   with   enlist i ucl ion
the Poujiuiw,'mi(J which,'.- ��-u fve!
llleill.it e i-A pencil line or .*.S.'i-i,000, nil'
we aheady h.ue iln's nicnev in tin
tie.isury of ihecianpany f..r.'tliis pin
pose. Tlii.s laige sum (lues not'includt
the. railway .projt-c:, to which' 1 ,wil
'refer'later, ..but "ill '���!����� devolVd ex-,
olusiveiy //lo   deveaipiueut-   work,'   lhe
building "of' coke   uveuy,
in us.
authorities lo be practically exhaust-
less, it heing esiinialed that there aie
in thi.- aiea, ^J.OO'.WJ.U'JU tons of coal.
Thi? would admit all output of ll),IKJ0
l.iii.- pei day, .illnrtiiiE 300 vvoi king
days per year for over 0,000 years.
T!ii?,i- eiiiircly indcpendt'iit of lhe
iinnn'iise coal  areas in Alberta and in
��� ���Iher pails of 15riti-h Unlumliia.
^\"e meal  prerenl (irepareil lo enter
into time contracts vvith the smellers
��� if lh-ilish (.'.'liniiliia In supply any
ipniililifs   of   coal  or  coKe tliey inaj
. ��� (j'iii e. lint -o far .i" I lie local siipph
is   concerned,, ils .safely  can   lie   ln'sl
(Continued on page tlu-cc.).:
Of S'nrohoUors of Carnos  Creek
Consolidate I Gold Mines
The annual inceliug of the shaie
holders of ihe ahnye was held at lhe
company's ofTice on Tuesday, (he vice-
pre-iilenl. Mr. Temple, pr-uidiiiR in
the ali-enc of the president.
The account.- w.-re presented for the
pasl v*".-i--, duly audited by Mi.J.M.
Doyle, and showed lhe total txpcmli-
1 ui-eoii ihe propei Iy to date to be
'J'in- report was as follow.-- ;������
[ratified fo Ik
result of inn
woi !��� dm iiiir ih,. sea sin confirms the
lielii-f in ihe high value of the company's propei lies.
" One claim, the ,Oi lando, has bi/en
itlded to lhe propffi.ies. This claiih
adjoins the ft^cberry ami U.sj. yaltutliji;
i\r.   J.   A*.   Ainistrong   last   week
.visited   the  Silver  Cup,   where a contract is in  hand.    Ho  is arraging to
resume   active   development  vvoi k on
this valuable pioperfy and from ten lo
bilitie-'. including  ox| endi'.iirc-'-on I fifteen men will be put on within a few
Mm iv   reni'iiii-wl   a I 'l,,.v*s'    'il,t'   fni'euian,   Ml.   McNeill, is
expected hack from Ihe east It day and
| will (1-,'ain have charge of the work.
200 tons cf Pi'vi'i' (,'np (iri. i�� now out
ready for shipment to ihe ��.iu��'lter and
capital account, there remained a
surplus' of ^700.000, which was
utilized to reduce the public del'!.
"��� Your directors   are
ib!e lo report   that   Ilic
i. o. r. ���
At l lie iiieelint,' of Coi.i'! Ml. Beirhie.
1. O. F., on .Monday, afler the husines.-
of the evening, the members iucbilgi d
in a debate, thesubject being "Whclh-
er it. is better In have loved and lost
than never to Iiav�� loved at all."
After listening I'i the craloiica! plvad-
ings on both -ides of lhe question the
meeting dei ided by a iiiajoiily nt two
to one to throw'in their decision with
lhat of lhe poet vvhen lie. said "Tis
better to have loved and lost I ban
never to have loved al all." At nej:t
meeting a progrcrisivc pedro party vviil
li*- h'-ld. '      i
s o. r.. 13 K.
A conibinal ion banquet by the lodges
of .Sons,T).itighters and Maids of IJng-
land will be held .-it Ibe   lodge room on
���Avriuk-ij.:..':: v ,._a",, ,���...' -y ,
i- expected lo give a net return of gt 1 ijf.l
n ton.
imperialInI\ EVA
i Visit (f M",   A.  F. Rosenberger.
i - ' 	
j     Mr   A. F.  K-jaiiiUrger,  of >"elsor.
I l.-i*l ivei'kc-x.iiiiiiiiil tlie work on the
Impel i.d and Lli. Mr Giacey being
unable lo leave owing to illoe.-s. Mr.
Kosenbcrger expresse- hunr-elf highly
plea-td vvith the i esiills of the development being done at lids pi"omisii)g
pi-o|ii'iiy a: d -l-ovvc-d Us a sample of
���quail/, siuclded with gold, which be
had taken from the-face, lonienate
at pieser.t employed at lhe mine.
.Mr. sj, .s. I^owler, the well-known
milling engineer has joined the directorate of this company and will he a
tuvyc: of;strvugtli to iht bc-ar^."'' "*.'
���"impag ���ymsB*vBamB*mar -
�����Va��rlptl��*a   TrlM.   >��.�����   ?tr   A*��**u��
Offlco: Taylor Mock, Mackenj-Ie Arenas.
Orrlet* :   Moi.so.ve  Bank  Block, , Rkvel-
btoke, B. (i.
Money to loan.
Offlco*: Hevolstokc. B. C; Fort.Steele,B. C.   ,
Gko. 5. McCaktkr. J. A.HiRvr.Tr
IteveUoke. ��. C. Fort Steele, H. C.
road*, thiiB 'giving them n better
railway tariff, till they could no
longer compete with the merchants
of these citicp. A hard fact like
that makes converts to railroad
M. SCOTT, B.A., M...B.
BARntBTKn.   Soucrroit,   Notahv
I'ciiLic, Etc.
McKrnzie Ave,   -   Revelatoltr, B. C.
Zbe Ikootena^ /H^ail
FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 1001.
For a license fee, of $5 a year,
and $2.50 for recording his assessment, a free miner caiv hold the1
mo.-t valuable prospect in British
Columbia against the world. Yet
'the calamity howlers ��� tell- us the
free miner is ruined hv taxation !
The unfortunate accident refer-;
red to iiintliis issuo is another, illustration of the necessity of a
, hospital for-Revelstoke. We trust
that a supremo effort will vet he
made by the people of this city to
secure for this' city such an institution.
We suggest to Mr. (ialliher, M.
P., that he make a supreme effort
to getc-.the difficulties cleared up in
regard to the .titles for thc land on
thc north'pide of. the C. P. R.. line
which is' held under '.'squatter's
right. , Either the Dominion should
give these settlers a titlc0. direct, or
it should require thc C. P. R. or
Mr. Farwcll to give them h title ut
the price which these settlers would
have paid the .Dominion. It is
only right,that men who' Acted in
good fait li, and have expended u
large sum in improvements, should
l��e honorably protectee! by the government from forfeiture' of their
rights or from the imposition of
being called upon to pay any price
which ��� townsitc speculators may
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car between hotel and htalion.
The merchants of Revelstoke
would confer a great' boo.n on their
employees by agreeing .unanimously
to close at <i p. in. beginning with
the spring months. If all would
.unite in'doing it there would he no
hardship to anyone, and the same
business would be done.
It now,transpires that Jim  Hill,
���of the Great Northern, holds 30 per
cent, stock in the Crows Nest Coal
Company, and that this stock was
transferred to 'him as a business proposition on   a jsuaranleed
��� purchase of ihe output of the mines
of (5000 tons a day. ' The directors
of the coal company  say   they  are
' prepared to enter into any contract
required by the government to sup-
, ]>ly British Columbia wants in
preference to shipments over the
Great Northern.
We congratulate the minister of
railways and canals, Hon. A. 0.
Blair, on the fair spirit which' lie
showed to the labor members and
delegates from the Federated Tyades
and Labor Council, in acceding to
their request to establish .what is
practically a board of conciliation
and arbitration to settle the difficulties between the official* of' the
Intercolonial, on-the one hand, and
the employees on the other. This
is thc thin end of the wedge for tlie
establishment by law of hoards of
conciliation and arbitration
throughout the Dominion.That i.s
the true way to settle labor difficulties/and when it is .generaliy
adopted, industrial crisis caused by
strikes and lock-outs will become, a
thing of the past.
A free sample of delicious SALADA Tea sent on
receipt of postal mentioning which you drink-
Black, Mixed, or Green Tea/ Address "SALADA,"
Toronto or Montreal.
,'Thk Crows Nest Coal Company
now pays the' government of this
province a revenue of $100 a day
royalty on coal. This,is a revenue
that will steadily increase, and the
province owes it to F. C. Cotton,
who as chief commissioner of lands
and  works, made it a condition of
the  issue  of  a   patent to the com- ! .        . ... . ,       4 ,
1 .   I taxation which   would   ��ret   at   the
panv   that   thev    agreed   to   this ! , ~ . \        .    .
1     \ " i ���        -'   I unearned   increment   value oi   toe
royalty  clause, thus   rescutntr   tor : ,      c ,,      ,' ,    ,
,' ; property of the absentee,   and   tnat
the   province   cbnsiderabJe  benefit:        ,,  ' . .   .
1   , , , ,    ,     ,     would encourage   improvement   bv
from   these   valuable   coal    lands ..       . ..  "      ,,   .   "
,-.,',. ... ,     i exempting  from   taxation   all   im-
which had been   practically  stolen t ,        ,   ., ,. , .
1 ��� ��� provementH as buildings, mnchinerv,
from the people by   a  former gov- ��� -
LOCAL TAXATION.   ���     '
The system of taxation of thc
province could stand amendment
with much advantage to the public
interest. .Here in Revelstoke we
have had absentee townsitc owners
as the Smelter Company, ""J. 'A.
Mara," and A. S. Farwell falling
over one another in their efforts to
secure a big hold on the town.
Neither the syndicate iior these individuals have put forth any effort to
advance the interests of the town.
That ha? heen' left to tlie people
here, who have been called  to  pay
excessive prices for their lots. The where theymake that wealth.
people coming into Revelstoke and : These men will go to the govern-
adding to its population arc in-1 ment and will ask them to make
creasing the value of these proper- [ roads and trail- for their benefit,
tie?���not the absentee owners. Now ;���'��iid when ihey arc asked to con-
we should like to see  a.  system   of
contend that, while the system of
levying the tax is capable, of improvement, the principle of such a
tax is just. The mines of British
Columbia have made millions for
investors. 'The Le Koi deal for
instance put soniiMiiillions into the
pockets of the English promoters.'.
Now under the system ' of taxation
hitherto pursued, those, who have
benefitted so immensely by investment in thc mineral wealth of
British Columbia have not paid
their fair share of the taxation of
the country.
Though the- taxation derived
from mines forms the largest source
of the.income of'the government,
that income has, mainly been derived from prospectors and others
who take out miners licenses, antl
record claims and .assessments, and
not from the  more wealthy  mine-
���* '      .'    .
owners.    Who will  say  that   it  is
just that the pioneers, and prospectors who open up the'country
should bear the burden of taxation,
and that the capitalists who' suc-
ceed them are to escape almost,
scot-free ? Yet that, is what certain
gentlemen" who come from other
parts to exploit the mineral resources of tho country have the
audacity, to ask.
It is pretty certain, that the men
who marie so much .money ^nut of
the Le Roi had not in thc aggregate contribute:! more than $5000
to the revenue of the province, Yet
under .the system oi taxation in
vogue in England they would have
to pay in taxation some two and a
"half to five per cent, of the income
they derived from that transaction,
as against the miserable.pittan.ee
they were required to contribute to
the trear-ury of the country from
which they derived their wealth.
The person- who derive these
benefits ought to expect. an;.l should
contribute a fair share of their
profits to thc revenue of the country
taxed for what is s|ont in the tni-
plovnicut of labor, and if the cost
of mining, freight ing and Miiolting
were deducted, and llic lax levied
on the pro.its. it would be a perfectly legitimate tax.   '   , ���
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-    .. .     _     ''-'���"A'.=.^--7^
j and plant, confining taxation Solely
j to the unimproved value.    That   i,��
Mu.' McCarthy.   M. I'.,  proposes;
in the C'onin.on? a   most iniquitous j taxation,    it lias   tne  approva
H\v I the best, .-tate financier.-.    It.  is
cxperinunt, having   been   attended
amendment to the criminal code
namely lo make, breach of copyright a criminal offence. It is
froijuent lv very diiiicull to-ay what
is copvritrht and the effect of the
bill will be to place   thc   public  at j foreign townsitc owners
the mercy of un-crtipulolis  per.-on.-
wht.i may set up a   claim   of  copyright.    U'e hope the   liberal   party ! Jl:^i,Y' to ,tl"' l,rMP
will I urn down any
imposition,   ::s   tin     ,
"damages   is   ample   safeguard    of   and one that, wlien understoo(
copyright interests.
i sound, just and equitable form of
It has   the   approval   of
with successful   result-wherever   it
ha< been Iried.    Of  cour-*'  it   will
rai-e a ho.-1 of calamity howlers   in
who   want
J to reap   all   the   benefit.- -and   miv
Hut in common
who live   in   a
neb legislative i ,,i,.vi <,'1,1 aiv adding to   its   wealth.
civil    law   of i we say that it i-   the   right  s\>teni
{ nothing in return.
Thk , Rossland Miner thinks
the (rreat'Northern should be allowed to build into British Colurobin. So do w(-, if the Dominion
j.iirliamenl will ��ei: that, there ,are
proper ^afcgimrds in the charter lo
prevent the <"ireat Norlbt-ro coryi-
T*Aition from throttling the mining
and erxe'dling iudustrio.-' of tin?
provinccat tbe call of the American
.Smelter Trust. The business men
of Revelstoke know to their cost the
advantages derived by Nelson''and
P^rf l*p'4 fna ^nn-sctjhj > ci?ricap
the people, will be demanded in
substitution of the existing principle
of taxation, by which improvement^ and the employment of labor
are taxed���that is the worker i-
taxed Io feed (''Jie drone, who i-( in
realitva iiM-ie-* burden on th" corn-
munitv. :
a Tii ere has been-, a good deal ol
discussion of late regarding tin.'
mineral tax, and the Calgary
Herald in particular has been rnak-
iftgti cn?ac|o .^fiinHt jt.   ^ow. n-o'^O^ai) or eomjv-inr, ought to . liy
tnbuu- io thi-i revenue in order that
: this may be done they cry "Oh you
are   r-carinsr   away    capital/'    \\'e
venture to .-ay there arc   few   pallor" the world where the government
(l(>es more in   promote   the   mining
industry mid get- le��� revenue'from
.if in proportion than i- the ea-e   in
tlri-, provinee.   'Ihe Cal'_-.irv Ilerah
ii^lailce- Ontario a
inorr- fayorable  miiiiii
but in ihi- lite If. r.tld
iL'iiora)'.1 ������ of i1-   - nl'it
j the wt'Ici" wa- I'-ii'jitlv   mi   <h|t;tr;o
,' exaiiiin'ii-.'   i    ininiii-;   pr ipcr;y.   he
; heard   ni.-in",    ii;:m ii'j'   mi n   < Xj.i"'*--
i, their w i-b' f hat tb'   -y -I i-ti i   of   tha'
'province -hoiild   !..���   brought   lhoi'e'
��� into line w;"i. < ha: in   liriti-h   ('n\-
iinibia.ii ik 1 tle--,-^ , \ i'iii.-t.iiicr--uf co-t
lo   which   I hoy   bad   Ik ( n    out , : n
ac<)Uinii'_'    niinera'    riuht-      v. \Z\<'\\
wnuld'bc regard'-d  ,\-   .i   '_'ro--   ini-
po-ition in Hrin-h I'oini'iiii.i.
Thou we   aiv   lold   what   ceit.-iiii
English L'enlienieii whohav..   c (;a
to Pievei��!oke -ay about tlie -y-ti-in
of taxatir.ii in   thi-   jn-ivinee.     Yet'
thr-'c -am'   'ji-iAJ''iii�� :i forget   to  ii|!
u-    lhat ��� in    Eiurland    thev    (a n't
n-cei'-rj pa;, ire ut   of  ,i   -uin   of   .f J0
.���ji'jd   over    without     .itt.jehiiig
Vj���'':v1 ]i  ; + j���**������>)*���   j'1'] tl"-,'. j'.'i j.   ,jf
a bank ' bcqij'- ,,r draft v, iih'iui  the ���
Siilne a].peii(la!j-,'-. :
The  only   thing   thai    i-    wrong,
with the two per cent,   tax,- is   lhat
the cost of mining i!? .not exempted.;
To llic Editor of the Koctknav Maii, :
Sin,���Wn make'(lie following proposal to tiio readers of the Kootenay
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A.STOXK, l-'.S.  ii. n. c 01-1;.~;j-^i:. u.6.  SELKIItlC LCDGE, MO. 12, X. O. O. F.  ^__��������� t-t=-^. J!'"(N ov.jry Tuesday  /<sx. '<       /r'fS**^   (������������������.PiiltwinOddfc-llowh'  /IT    yl W     ^SHii'.l    nt    &    o'clock.  li   ^yy2 "'s^    jlVi-ilin^ brethren cor-  VfeT5-;      . *<^/(|i,i!l.v  iniilcd   to  at-  tin I.  A. i:. IClXCAK). N. <*. .1. MATH IK, Six.  Si:cci"t-1'ii1 oi'eialiiin nf the mines on \ iiiirtiinitc. io .-Inm! out of tie ivnr .-ind  a large scale \\ mild be iiiipoM-ibli-if iiiir :' lit the good fori tine in.  I'i tier o;-.! ���������T ! ill ni  mice anil -trine while thc j ., ..,.i...( ... ...   i:.,,:,^,,,   llni.J, cIiiiii  .-,-, ic. -u-rt-.     ti... ,: ii .........I   .-   ...l..... I n.ai ".i'L w .--I'.-11iii.ied to  jjiuiMi L.OHIU1-  LOYAZi  OZIAWG23    JJODG-Fi    NO.    16GJ.  lie::.)!.!!' in .illn;:- ice held ill  the Ul.lUlow'.- li.iil on the  Third i'.-idayol ciu'li !!"ji>Lb~!-l=  S 11. in. -hep. Visiting hi-clh-  ri'ii ("ir Ii.illy in \ ilc.l.  TIHI.-. STKI'1>. W. Jl.  W.'U. JllltXICV, lice. Sec.  .1. J'lxtr;:::,  G. It.  Jm  M. I). .1. ('. .lOilXriOX,  K. .-'.  Go7sl n=u-r:  Lodge  K. of P.  Ko.* 2G,  RcvclGloiis, B.C.  Ji. cl-    (.vary   Wed;  r.i'-d.iv in  (l.ldi'elliiw.s'  l.illi.'it S o'ulncl*.  yi-itin-,'  ICniijIu- in-  \ited.  liira.ii'ia:. C'.C.  I"'. \Y. JlAC.CINHOI'.  IC. or. I!. &S.  Tlu'in'oei.l i- it  l.iin '  v, Inn unv |ii.:tiire- are  in in Ciller dciii.-ind  I hen c\e.-.   'I'hc i.-iiiidni-t of  llic r.i'ili.-.!i ���������"���������lilici--mi  I lie hiLtlli-licld Ii.l-. won  tliD iilac'tita ef iii-liiiii-in;: ii.iiioii-,:,  \\'chn\r:  (jfj.'.i'e:il (--.pcii-i- puljli^liedl'iiiir lai'K''. livnntifiil  piennes, si/.i: "Jlix'jt. mi  iienvv. -.iipci'lino, cilc-n-  ijt-rcd   p.ipd-.    A   pietiirc  llmi, will cniiiiiic-nd  ithclt  ,-uiil miihI .1 tilpill In tho heint ol' every  truo  C.-niiiili.-iii  i-tliu(i;i(   culled  Attaclc of  KcyclC::n?ciir.;:ac.t; Pa.irclcl)8i'g. I here are  lit rally h uml red-, nf tit^nrcs on  lliis picture,  llic mountains or kopjeeh .-t retell in;; out,into  the disl.int-ii are swuruiirjf   with men. while  her..' and thero u pro-tiutc liginc speaks only  ton well of, the liner "ilk-men.    It wiih on this  hntilelicM  th-j gallam rinjor Arnold met.  death  unflinchingly.    It is only 'loo true llint-  liiiuiy of (hone j.;ull.iiil liuirls that heiit--o lii^h  wIkji   ihe_cU-;eri:i^   (iict;cc:i-is  hade them,  \icC 3iiocu n- ih(.j -".tiled froin c.ui,ui,i'.- hlinrui  now li" j- Li 11  l'(!i-(;\t;r in  lnnel.v crme.- on tho  (ithcr side  of  lhe   world under Afric.in ikies.  To every Ciinadleu Iicr.x-t. i:i overy Can?.-  tl'uta home, the deed- ol  their la-.ix u v.ldier  hoys  speak'������if h  an   inv.'-.-tilile    thrill  of  Patriotism c:icl pride.   Gordon Highlanders .it tho S;i,������ic of Holaiont,. (Jliarglng  thc Eo:r Guns at Elaadslangte, ana the  Cliargo ot  General  Fyeneli's Cavalry on  tho Ketrc.it'n-s  General  Cronjc's Army.  Thceare nil Mirriii^? piettiret. and eamioM'iiil  lo   (jonnnor.d   tlicnisulven to air.- one who will  'X.-iniine tiieni.   'I hey uie. 5lEli HOT SELL-  ERa!    A^i'iit^    coin     money.     Hiy  protils.  ICnni-inr.iis .-necc.-s.    die ;c;c!il sold f.S in one  liny.   .Sample and terms 25 eenN (none frucl:'  four for ti1) eenl--; $1.50 per dozen ; 'i"i for S2.7.-I;  ���������jfl for S*>;   1(10 for $X.t\     Write to-day tor,a  dozen and make money. ,  HOME NOVELTY. MFC. COMPANY,  Box 513, D3iJt. C31 D,  CHiGAOO, ILL.  BaiTOQgcerr rjrj:-. ywkini* ymMi**:*:. ������J������ ejaiw-t: u.  Well Laundered.  Xo matter wlial ihsErjusoiv,  you, ot" course, want your linen ! I  wcil   l;.it:iJcrcJ.     You   want  it \  c.i:efully    wad!:etl��������� clean,' and;?  vou want it properly iror-ud.   _    \ I  "    ' '��������� ' %  Our ationlton  insures nice , t  loc  P-r  Our ]iui*c water  and \\vsi. soap nieaii long life to  yoi'.'r gai'i'i.e-Ut.  P. EUKEF,. Proprietor.  Euy  OIH  t   ^ r. r*T>  Kado Slices.  i  ?fctgj]  Soot a- shoe  1 workers mm  ^^>  i i  Iron is Hoi.    The  time lo sell iroo.Ni- when |  the peoplo ".nil iheni.    'rhiy'w.uit ilicin now. i Itin iiiiii   il   wi iv Mibject, tii the lliift ua-  HOME.NOVELTY MFOTGORflPANY,' "Z vv<1 ,mv" vx^ianevd t!'" ,',hl  '       P. O. Box S1G, Eop:. C3i. Willi  nil   immense  c-oal  and rokinj?  CHICAGO, : : ILL. .' indu>ti-y   in    (i|iei-.-it.inii,   liiriiiu^-"ui-   .���������       . ; . j 1'n'iin >i\'   Lo  leu t!i(iiis.iinl UiiiP of  r-dal  Jjlani,     nP ' ])������-;-1    'Pe������n'r;o-iD   rl \ * (li|V. l!|,( Hi'iLish  C'l.luinl.ia smelter.*  Aiiaeii ���������. oi lioydi UtiiiHuiaiis tit j lww iM ���������,,,,,,,l011 t.lfHld vUwv ,,own,,,.  Plf'l,floV'' 1 ' I ii|ii'U   up  without   iml.ii-e, as often   as  rd(UULsJtlM- they, tiii.tclit   IVvl     inelined,   ami   the  i-liaiiLfe woiilil not Ik? fell. Tin? ymel-  lers now in o|i(-ralion on Ihtr Cainiilian,  si-.lt*: only reqiiiK.' aliouL 300 tons of  coke pei day. If "wo are ri'stric-tcd as  to market������, tliore will lie lii������!ii;r initial  cost. ri~k of suspension through accidents", diliiciilty in "-('curing l.-ihor, and  in niei'tiiig' any variation in tin* demand.  Although tli.Mv is an iinmniisc area  of coal in the Crow's Nest, count i y that  is of the he������t. (piality fur coking, wi;  .should not harlior the delusion lhat  this district has all the coking coal on  the continent. Theie will he competition from iheexi.-ling'ioiirces of e-upply  ���������fi tun L'okedah'. on' I'tigct. .Sound,  Pennsylvania, We>L Virginia, Utah  and ;Colorado. Tlu-ri? aie itUii iin-  niense coal 'deposits in ilontana.  Washington, and olhei places, which  inii}' prove, when tested, tc he.ot good  coking (jnalitv. .  Tu enter and hold thi^.niaiket, which  nieaii.i fiom ."),(XX) to b,()(K> funs of coal  per day, the Crow's Nest Pass Coal  company niii^fc have the he������t railway  facilities availalih', and that is why it  is alisoltitely necosary lo build the  proposed spur. .  There is hardly any indiialry so uni-  vi-rsally bciieficial to a countiy as coal  mining and coke making fin; export  Hade. The coiil and coke niy both  I r.iught to the. last ,-tage of perfection  hefote being shipped out. All labor is  "���������Np'eiidi'd on llicni iu the countiy, and.  this is nothing furLher lo be done wilh  theni.'except to consume tliein." iS'ot so  with lugs iiot so with lumber, not so  with pulp, wilh wheal, with wool, and  wilh many olh^r products exported.  Every dollar that co-nes into thu conull y in ret iu n for coal or coke expoits  makes tlie country just that much  richer. The farmer, lhe rancher, Ihe  miller, lhe merchant and the nianiifac-  ' Hirer will all profit. Theie will also be  an enormous direct revenue to the  Drili.-h Columbia government from the  royalty. That government is now de-  ii\inga revenue of about $1U;).00 a day  from our present operations.  In addition to" the, development of  illie coal and coke industry'tin-' | ropos-  eul railway will open up n prospect, and  an a-suied prospect of sun king development, which wi 1 piove, from a pub-  li.- standpoint of the vi ry gieatest  iiupni lance. The sueet-.-* of thu smelling indiislry depends upon I lie , ability  to assemble the vaiioii-* materi.ils  essential lu pi'tilitiible smelling al the  lowest possible co-t, Mud' if th" pro-  piixed line of lailwny i-; liuiil, coiinect-  ing lhe CinwV N.-.-t lii-lds wilh ihe  Ann l'iciin railw.iy systein-'. the balance  of advantage will be decidedly in I'-ivot'-  Size 16x22.  One of the ino-L beaulifnl ldeturcs in  oolors. L'lKin a biiukgi'oiiiHl of Pcra Solid [  Gold ruMs'thu Family, Record in ihe  sliniio of n hiindi-onie vuliiino wilh Gold  Clasps upon a cushion of crimson velvet  with u liesiiiltful cold tuessl. On lhe  li.iycs, under difl'eront heuding-:, arc apnees  iu which to 'write llio name and dale of  % birth. On either side i-a hcsiuliful scroll  ;J on which to record miiiTi.iifi:-. and dent lis.  On top of the picture are lhe word-,  " Family Rsoord," in Lhe richest lettering  known lo the printer'.- url.    I'nder this nic  t-jj.iet's for lather'- and mother's picture-'  In tin- lower purl oi tlio iiicturc is abPau-  tit'iil home soen2. . he doar o'd grand-  p.-rants, llic liandsomc, stalwai-t bv.s-  oand. nnd happy yonng wile, the loir'ng  fiT/ughlcr mil   oaby  uoy-Hie idol:s;cl  grandollUfi���������are nil  K.itlicrcd around the |  tiihle, while guiii'lliitl.oi' lends a itorliou ol ,  God's Holy  V/ci-d.     A   truly   lieiiiitit'nl  ���������scene.   Ibidoi'iii'.uli arc  the  word-, "God;  Sloas Our PamUy."    Around 'hi-- jiktinv g  .ire eii<hi ���������'iiauL's Kir iilioto^i-.tiili!* ot i.Lherg  iiiuiubers or the liuully, ench -1..1.A' en.-losing E  n jfcin ('niwer piece.    ICIsewliero on the ]iic-g  g Un-enrc sciUtcnd el"oc])iii^ \iiic  a b!o>tinins in rich coiifiiMon. tlio, wh'ilc rc-t-1  iui������- un, iind llirown into bo'd relief by 1 lie  'loVr.-.'inis liiickKi'iitiiul ol  Eollcl Gold which ]  [jioiltici - a iiicturc ot t*aez;i:i3 beauty.  IPntlTQ N'f>^'  s  vor;  iMK,    On i  HU������..r,!l SO   i'cj,-ul.u' P'i'-c i"'1' (.(."ill-, bill li ,  nny diic who sundi- thi-. .nhl.   we will -end i  iini! l't)l".'.i eei.l-.    (Mir   pricO  K>  .-I'Jrciils 11 for B ;  SI;  .Ml for $.-.:' lilt) for f'j.*.n.     We pnynllg     \ QUT   POCKCt-bOCl'  r!i.irp>-".ml  ivLiiiii  nioncy Kir .in ti.d pi..- g  tore-. X. C .Ir.eh'cin. l"'ili:io:c City. hoiU'hl  37.3 "'11.7.-'. s il.I llicm for hull price. :'." cent.-  eiieh. in ."i days, niiihiiio s'.'i_'..5J clear prolll.  ('.-ui you do l-j'iter.'  We  Inivc   "i,ri",(l    tL-st'nioiila*.;  your.--.  'UlJ     V.illil  Aiul:o-,:  H1ME NOVELTY MFG.C3MPAHY  ���������p^,���������t.     rn,_  tj    ft    Q    2;,.    511.  "    GHiOAOO, ILL  *:  mav below Imf nobody ������c(s it. Iml  .if jour clothe^ ,-trc sh.-ibhy th.il  I- | s.-it'lesit. imbodv w,uit< loicnow you.  I ��������� ].it<lie.-or Gent-'I nilor Made Cl"t Iks  uj.-iind  (Hid  cleaned in yood -Ijlc.  Call or send po-t c.u'd. .  i   Samuel   Needham, Douglcis St.  I 1 K^t.ili'Nlicrf   i:> yc;i-<.  f I Slriuly Union l.abor rihop.  li  .>.������������������������.���������.   ���������mtii-g  Tngir  ���������SEZJi  *������6\sfr&&>  This-.lump ������-otl bv llio,JOHN .\Ic-  PJlHi'.iL'ON CO., Liiniici', of Jfiiii.il.  Ion, tho only Union Factory in Caiiaila  HE CITY EXPRESS  C. W. B. Paget, Pror,  J,.,,-     U      1\J~~Jl*~~���������.      \     Fi-.-inipt ilelivoiv of parcels, liajrg.'i^1,  as. L Woodrow5 \ ^,, .uL v,n ������t .iJ ci.y.  BUTCHER.       ���������    Any Kind of Transferping  Retail Dealer In-  Undertaken.  BEEP    PORK     Ali ,,|,,,,,rs !eft !" ]L M'Sm\iiii-'<  MUTTON, Etc!'' T",;;"t"' ���������St,,,f*'w Uy T,,,e"h"P' Nl" '  i will receive prompt attrntion.  For Sale  A carlo'ul jusl opened up :tl  Fish and Game in Season.  All ci-(k-:-p:-cr.!i;tiy tilled.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Corner   Donjr'.s.  nnd Kin--' -irci-t-  -4-75 '^���������'^���������c^.'-C'^l'C '���������^'���������4^'<L^''4^i4S-^!<0>yi:<i  ������������������IP  NOT I CI:  , $   Patronize Home Industry  1 5>       7^  ; .';-: AND SMOKE  li  ; v  Revelstoke  Baker and Confociionpr.  tv ott 1'i.it  tin-   ' Ann  N'TI'L  1.- ':���������.!���������( ii^" in-t-ii i'i.it  tin-     Ann-.'" : r~.               ���������      * si %  _   bend .iu'l   K.ink-nay   Unil-.-i.    t e;;ii.,in", i "J Wrtp/'������. rg | |    fl(Y<2f*C  ������ill .iliplyto the Leu'i-Witne  .\--einbly of the y- ^J%J\r VId\ VIK^I *^������  I'rov incc of Uriti-h ('.i!i:inli;.i. .it il.-  no\l  -c-- '..         A                                        *ZZ3  Bread   Delivered  Daily.  -ion. fur ;in A'-t In Amen 1  -ylion   lu.nn-li\e. \?  \ of 1 lit'  "Arrowhiiid <ind    ICin.li m,i\    ):.ul������.i}  i -,-  1 l'.iin;illiv Act. 1SN" hi-iie,' C:l|>. (7   of  t'.i--   .-'l.tt- I .V  j nlc- of Hrili-h Coliiiiibin of l:-.'!\ l.>  eMeiidmi.' /'���������  lhe I inie iin'iitioin'il ill llio -<i'd -rilioii_f.il" lhe |  UNION LAEOR.  Notice to Subscribers.  The iiropriclor of .the Kootcsav-.Maii. re  auqjISKubijei-ihcrH lo udvlsn liinipf any (m-fri-  >rit}' ill th'.' ',KU*. crv of ���������.h'vir j.iipctf.     ,  nnplelion  of.he railway ,,mlK,ri^l > ^'I ^  BeVClSiOke   Cig8P   Mfg.    CO. ^ . J  btlllt hv the sitld Act, A ���������__��������� ���������.'���������������������������,' I ��������� ������    -   ���������     . ������     ���������...       "    ���������',.  Jlntednt Vieltuiii. II. C. l-'ehninry U'th, 10.11.    .V. ���������   '-,   ;'   '    ,. >   '"��������� ���������  ���������     ��������� ..*  & Revelstoke^ Station. . :_>/  K0'J!<:::;iV-0S i; MOi'KUTSO.V. U, .      A   :���������������������������     '���������,   .      .  ���������,.- ;.        ,tf  Iii order ,t.o illustrate wli'nL I have  Miid. |ieiiiiit me to point out how t-uit-  .-ilile ;i |.I.u-e, l,qeriiic or some other  point, ,-irij iccnl llieieto, would lie foi-  the esl.-ilili-liuient of ;i smellin^ indus-  liy. 'J'here vveli.ivc the coke, without  liny L-linr^e for hunting, while to carry  il lo iimy smell ing point t-otilli of the  line would inynlve ji li.-itiling rhnrge,  ns well as an Auiei ictui duty of CD  cents per ton. . ,  'The limestone- reiiiiired it.'to 'lie  found at l'Yrnio, with ' no expense except the cost oT rpiiirrying; '  The   lead   ores of   Southern'Brit isli  Columbia are  now seeking a market,  which is almost, iinpossihle'for Iheni to  (ind, and   those   adjacent   to  the coal  fields could,'nl a tiilling cost for transportation, he laid  down  at Fernie, or  sonic   oilier   convenient  point.     The  dry  ores  necessary  to make workable  and prolil.-ible mixtures and blend-are  not at pi-e.-eiit to be olituiiied in Uri't ish  Columbia, but. are to be found through  lhe  adjiceiit  mining Slates along Ihe  lines   and   conn'ei-lions   of   lhe   Great  Noithern   and   Northern   Pacific 'railways': and the ore ears taking the coal  and coke  from   lhe mines at Fernie to  supply   the   railways  i.-nd established  indu.-lrie.s   in   the.-e St.-iles, instead of  coining  back  empty, would, at a low  cost   f.-r   (ran������sporlat.ioi!,   bring   back  these   dry   ( ivs    to   such   a   smelter.  There  in  no point south of Ihe boundary   line   where   a'  .illiciting industry  could   so  easily  or   so    profitably   he  established.  , If a smelling indii-try were (-sl.'ib-  lisheil south of the line Iheie ivnuKl  he, as above, mentioned, the cost of  transportation of the coke to the'site  of the smelt ing industry; the duly on  this cole enteiing the United States,  the cost of transpoi ling lhe lead ores  fiom Brllish Columbia lo the site of  the proposed smelter, and the American duty on tlie lead ores entering lhe  United States which, upon lhe quality of ore found jn some of the best  mines in Uritish Columbia would probably be about $:).00 per Ion.  Si in pi j' on the item of transportation  there would be the --erious handicap of  the ore  ear-  bringing dovvn'the coke  and  oie  from  .British   Columbia   tn a  _ . t. .      .  smelter on tlie Aiiieiican side being  compelled to return empty, and this  would necei-sariiy entail a proportionately higlnr freight rale.  Not the least important factor in the  situation   is the  fear in ,lhe minds of  Amei ic.in  capitalists interested iu the  .. .  mining i-idustry ;.f the west lhat. an  export duty may be. put upon ores by  tin1 Canadian drovei-iiuieiii', and this,  would clippie any'siiflliiig industry  e;labli-hid on the American side dependent upon Canadian ores as its  ifinnve of .-iij p!v. '  Tii.it this i< ititt simplv llieovy, lui'  lhe mature judgment (if practical  -iiii'itiug men, i.- evidenced by the f-ict  that we have the most po.-il ive nssur.  unci's fiuin it, smelling "man of large  capital and expel ience ��������� I hat if we  would" obtain lhe proposed i ail way  c.iiiiieci inn 'he .������ ill at once i oninieiice  lhe erect ion of a Luge smelting plant  in I������riii--h C.iluuihi.i adj icent, t.o the  coal li.-Id.-: and we ha ve assurances  <--(-;i l-c������'U le-s tl--fii.il i- I'i on i ot hers of lhe  csl.-ilili-iimeiil.' "I' lliree'or l'ouriiKie  smelting iinhist i ie ' at other suitable  puini-; in Southern IJiili.-h Culiiiulii.-i,  pr nid'-d lhe proposed road is built.  Tl)-' ju iKp.ecl. I here fore, for Soul le rn  Puiii-li ('..liiml.i.i uoiild appear in be  exceedingly blight. Once the charier  for'ihe railway is assured, the con-  sliiictiou i\'. lhe cuke ovens, the build-  in ir of 'li" liouie- for t he miner.-', and  tin' viiiu.il estiiblishiuciil of two new  111 \\ 11u in Soul hern IJ fi I i-h Columbia,  uill await only the opening ( f the  1 S"ason. S.-arce uiore lion* will elapse,  I from tin' (n-ui-Miice-i we now have,  j befoiH nunc Mian one I rge smelting  i.'.dii-liy will be put under way, and  hundred-of llnuiiawU nf dollar-will  he inv-'.-ii d io developing this inipoi-  tniil. indii-lry in lhat country.  Willi improved Ir insporlalioii facilities, as well as lhe improved smelling  facilities, which would be secured, a  smelter muld secure freight charges  and give i.ites I'm t real ineiil IhaL are  now iuipiis-ibi.'.  It ii hardly necc^ary I" dwell al  length on the resultant, benefits to  mining anil oiler enterprises inBiit-  i-li Columbia. These benefits arc self-  evident.  In every lead mine I here are m.isses  ol ore thai, will not pay at the preient  rate for treatment: in eveiy camp  there are propositions and mines just  trio lean to tempt operators or investors. Kvery dollar taken off the  charge for treatment means thousands  of tons nior." of ore available, and  l-t'opurtinnately swells the pay rolls of  (/vi fy. ci)inf.   JJ'<''���������"?)'  d'-MM   ������f '!��������� e'dlil'--  '.yasi organized in 1879 and now has  a munbershiii oi v.j-ward.s of 40,000,,  dii-tril ultd in tvery province of thu  i l)on:"n'nn. ������o v hli'ij  itJ ������} ������.rat:c ri^  T!*.(- ,-i i'uAy -;!ve? ]i ���������  nieiiil r v.-  -n   politic?-  belosl, thioligh the   failuie  to  secuie | ���������f .4.',(JiJ.-tl .001).-j'I..")()() (>1" -*2.0Cft, tl C  adcpiate. means    of    t i-������ii!-ik>i f mil >n. | Jatt������-r .-uui loin^tl.c liuiit   ofi   auv  There are rival   projeets soul h   of  t be j Hf(l        -,���������{,,.       jirwl,imnr...      paval.lc  boundary.    I.nmeiiM! coal  areas 111 the 1 ,n���������nil,l v i,', :.,JVa,i(,., are :i- fol'low- ���������  States of   AVaihington   and   Montana 1 JJ(;Uv(li,ntIui     (Jn       0n      Qn  are in   procets  of develop'ment, and if j    a���������PS ()r  tin;   parties   int rested   in   these  pro- I ^ " .,-.  perlies mice secuie possession and con- ' .^ .    ..(.  %) I < I I}.")  J") to'II)     -  10 K   lo    -  I trol of tlie nrirkel    in   these Slates for _  coal and coke 1 fear the co.il   and coke  (if British Columbia,  will  stand a very  poor chance, of   ever   taking   it   from  Iheni.  ��������� The piomoters of this 1 ail way ask  no caih bonus or land grant of any  kind; I bey simply desire the oppoi-  tunity of expending their own money  to construct a railway which will ,be of  great public benefit.  Wc now have a pro.-pecl. ol building  up ,a cily, as large as Unite in llic  Crow's Nest coal distiicl; and I cannot think impossible that either tlie  parliament of Canada or the ,!egis-,  inline uf British Columbia will place  any barrier in the way of the indus-  liinl development of out" country,'or  will adopt a course which may delay  lhat development., half a cent ury. ..I,  therefore,   look    forward   with   confi  On  .*>J!lO', Kl.'XO $].,XU S3XU  .00     .ii:i   ' .ni    si.2i)  ;. io    ��������� m     aw  -   1 :;ii  .1.") .7.';    .$l.(L*i l.|()  ..VI       .������.-,      l.-Ji ] 7(1  _..") si (ni _ i.:a) 1 00  AfuT pavin-.' tijiwart!-* of una niil-  lion .-ind Iln'i^ijp.ai'K-i'- in (leu1 li  claiin-. the Oi'derliad a t tirplu.-' in  the in-urance dejiartintiit of ?!.-  001.000 ut HkmihI .,/ hnu'urv   "  deuce lo a cliarter being granted : and  this being done, the, development  which I have outlined will be al once  proceeded with; but uulessilhe cha.-ter  is granted tlie development, outlined  cannot be liudei taken.  The president, moved the adoption of  the repoit, which wa-- seconded by  Mr. Jairray, the lirst vice-presiib nl of  the company. ,  . Mr. Elias 'Kogers, managing director, gave an inteiesling address, detailing the 'past yeai's operations of  llie.cotnpany. The usual formal resolutions, were adopted aud'all tlie uieiii  beis of' the hoard were re-elected foi  the ensuing year'.  How a Cousin cf Mr. H. A. Brown's  Met Death in South Africa.   ,  The Scotsman publishes*   tho following regarding the death iii South  Africa qf' Sergt.-Kerr.  ;t  cousin'  of  Mr. Ii. A. Brown of this city:���������  " ''Our obitr.itry of the"26th contained the announcement of the  death  of Sergt. Jamcs"Allan'Kerr.-son   of  Dr. Kerr, Royal Terrace (late  Her  Majesty's    Chief     Inspector      of  Schools.)    Mr.  Kerr, who   was  in  his twenty-sixth 'year had been  for  a short  time administrator   of   a.  coffee plantation in Brazil; but  on  an appeal being made,for additional  inch for the front in South  'Africa-  ih the beginning of  last  year, "he  immediately put his services'at the,  disposal of his country and joined  the 70th squadron  of the Scottish  Sharpshooters   nine   months   ago,  first as corporal and afterwards nn  sjrgeant.    In the   districts   where  Portuguese was spoken he was .also  serviceable as an  interpreter.    The  Sharpshooters arrived at  Stabborts  Farm, about mid-way between Khrl-  berley and Boshof, oil the  Hth  of  December,' from   the    north.   . A  patrol was sent put in search of.  a  Boer laager believed, to bo in. thc  neighhorhood, but failed to locate  it.   '1 hereafter another patrol  was  sent-out under Sergeant Kerr.    He  had ten  men  with  him  and  two  native     scouts     mounted,     Some  hours later two men- of  the ' patrol  galloped i'n. saying lhat  they   had  been fired on,liy a strong._parfcv. of  Boers concealed  in  a   kopje,  that  bullets  were spinning all   around  a:-i.  all of which i.- inve.-te.'l in gih-  edged M'(-p.ri;ic> in Cmi-ida. or is wn  (li:|osif in the ! e.-t nicnetury inst:-  itiiii.n-c of (he country.' 'Xot ' :i  dollar of the moneys collected f< r  the in.-iirancii fund is or has bctn'  used for the expense of niana������*t-  nicnr. The death rate per J,0G<jrof  inember.-hip in IMS was -I..ri(5 and  forIMS). 4.4;-!. and since the organization of the society, ihe average  death rate has been only -1.92.  The Sick   and   Funeral    Benefit  Branch is a   very  popular  dep.-ir'-  ment and upwards of'22,0.00 of tl c  members-oi' the sweiety a re-*'participating in ihis feature'of  i ] vc   .ml(.r.  The benefits are -f.'i.OO j.er week -for  tlie fir=t iw(>'week<  of  illness,  and  ifo.OOj.er week for the ftil'lbwiiig ten  weeks, altogether tfoii.OO during anv  one year, besides a   funeral   benefit  of -toO.pO.    Jn ea.-eof ecntinued illness. .*r'o(> is. pa id each year   in   sick"  benefits.    The fees, monthly in advance, are as follows:���������  Between 18 and 2-5 years.. .2o cents  2o and o0 yea rs.. .80 cents  "'      -'j0 and oo years.. .:jo cents  , "'       oo and 40 years.. .40 cents   ���������  40 and 4o years. . .4-3 eenis  - During the year 1900 ' over  .fBM,-,  000 were   paid . out   in : sick ' and  funeral 'benefit?,  and  $19-5.000  in  death benefits.    All physically and  morally qualified   males,   between  the ages of 18 and ,45 years, who  arc not disqualified on  aceount  of  occupation     are'   - accepted   ,  for  membership.    -  For further particulars enquire  of any of thc officers .or members of  the Order, or address.  , R.'Elliott. H." 0. R.; Ingcrsoll.  Out.; Thos. White, High' Secretary,  Bhi'n'tford, Ont.; Ernst'Oartimg, S.  0., Brantford. Out.  $25,00.0   Our Grand   $25,000  Ornithological Coolest.  Soinct'.iiiijj entirely" new and ii.tcrc=fni.  Kuitcl wlmL you in-e to do. ' Vou iimv get $Hw  Uiti-eoiite-c is tuscc wliociui iiuike llic laivcut  list of iiii!im< (or kinds) of bird.- from the follow-  nijf li,-t of lettei'i: , "   '  W D O O O C C K Q U L I .A P R TA R I OQ  ESPNIE UVEBRDIMWADOHTL  , We will i-ecogni.-e u������. ,-i bird anything bclonc-  ing to tlie fciitlicrcd tribe, whether it be ;i Hen  Crow, singer or imy other kind. Vou c;in ui-c  any letter iw many limes to make a name as it,  appear.-: lii.tlic liac of k-tteivabove; for itibUnuo .  Woodcock.' Plover. Snow Hird, elc. To any  lieraoiii who om make a list of 25 or morcdirft r-  (lit miinrs of birds wc will give absolutily  l'Uht. a beautiful rnze value SLOW or less.  .BIG PRIZES AWARDED DAILY.  When you havu made out jour list (i:iout (ho^  hue on the. botioui of  thi- aih t. and i,,nd i *  with a .-unnpc-d   \ddiv������cd envelope, stamp vt  your country will t!���������, tlion if you iir- r.wmxlLit  a prize you win if you de;irc Ket thepriwbr  Ivrw','!!'6' it "Jh-w.bcr ,l������ ���������������'������������ ^ o.man'h  \S (1.(1,1, \\ c ������lmll award a prize lo even- ner-  -nn who KCiid-- the imniooi 2,5 Iliids an'd onr  irilt.- will be a- fullou?: Kor the. bc-t li-t, received each day. a eiold Waich ; for the ������econd  beM yolution each day a beautiful Imported  lea fcet ; lor the .-eieii next bc-t .-olution.seac-h  (liij, a Konruli i;akih Diamond and Uuljv ltinir'  forihoncNt be-t. ..iolution. a Gold Piece: and  ("''," oll>crcoi"������"cct-oliitioi>-. Hrizis of Good  \ (line. I he-e prize- will !>,. torwanlcd dnilv.  you wi I not have to wait a Ion- time in inner-  unity betiire vou know the re-ull. There ii no  clement, of   lottery in our plan, it makes no  them, nnd that Sergeant Kerr had  given them (he-order lo turn nnd  .lice for safety, remaining himself to  ihe last lo see that till his men got  away. Sergeant Kerr was wounded.  On the 'ioth of January-'canie thc  alarming news that he had undergone an operation, and that his  condition was serious; and later on  cniiic tho announcement of his  death. Thus came to an end the  short- career of-a gentle, noble,  brave -young gentleman, beloved by  his comrades abroad as he was ,hy  all his conipiininlK at home. His  Colonel wrote  everyone  fellow lit  is brave.     It was his care to see hi,- ! !'!!;;''T'r.Vii'Vi-J.,"'''",,'-",'l..!,t' i������'i������<:������i"iorV.in-  !    ',?.?��������� L! Vi'i. ^'^   ������ "������M������ t.i all  f, lend-.  Gold Watch or jf������second bc-t the beautiful  Jen her. and *o on. We (.-naiiiHtrcthnt we will  awiird ynu a prize. '||���������.1C i-ab<olutelv no  oppoi-tuniiy lor deception on our part��������� we c.ii-  not iilloril it. Wc want lo ������i t l,ii(.<������,VKMveil  saiiMlcd Mib������cnbers and for that reason wc  (ion t w.mt you-to -end any money until rou  know o\a. fly i\hat ini/.c you have gained bv  niHwcrin^ the puzzl,-.     A-   -oon after l )i ni  cjieli day n-- lio-.-itile.'llie cxiiminer- will fiidj'd  lhe. h-t- in the ho.-t of their abiiitv and will  designate tin. prize. We will wrilc to vou at  oiiee notifying you what prize ha- been award-  ed you. then it you are -ati-lled, vou caiMcnrt  yum- hub-enpl on to 'J'iik W(im.in*������ Wohi i>  aiKl.Mmi* iiri/.<; uillgoliy returt, of mall Jar-  riiigo pind. <i a per-on of narrow Idea. It  -cciii.   n.!i.o-i>,ie ii���������,(   ,M..   .h���������tl)(1   b,;���������hk. t���������  wrote:���������" I- rhoulrt     l.ke   .'"S.l.l.f";'!',',' i-"vu,V r"rcr- '���������!"��������� ������i- hnvp n,o  , i niii.li>.   In inn-,  i,���������d    ivniiiiiiii.il.    wc   know  u to know  what   a  ga.l.jit   uw������ iy ������;ll,a v,c "r" 'i"ii't',������ii-i if ������n can  e is. and as judicious as  he \ ������p/^^^^^^-i  He   that  le<  I   lo   his    belli;.  men   nile  wounded; and he achieved lhe  object for vyhich the patrol-was sent  out. which was of great importance  to tis. mid which a too-cautim:.-  inan might not have been able to  go!." In anolher part ot his letter  llic Colonel says:���������"Kvery day , I  miss him. lie was the best sergeant I had in .the squadron, and  thero was no one. cither ofhVer or  man, whom I could wor.-c have  ri'fii'cl. ^'ht'iicier any -].'ecial  patrol or other important work hud  to lie done, Sergeant' Kerr was always the man to be chosen."  The Canadian Order of Foresters.  :' This purely Canadihll  fraternal.  bOnt'VOl.oiit  and insuran^'i soviety  tli'Tclij hinlihiii- up oui-eirciilaiion -till further.  }\ e lire vMilmg ro ,p*.|,d ������������ZS.fK*i i��������� i]^ coiHc-t  in building up a Ing -iili.i-rlprlori li������t. aivi when  Ihi.MimiU'y i~ -jiuih we r.-erve the right io  publi-hit ii..tilk-(iiion that the cnnlc-t lift.."ii I  (i-coiH.n.ied. lion't delay until it i-kk, late  I lie coiil i-i u.,| i-oniinue until .Inly Kt. ijMl.  (���������I in Sc|.u-i"i...i". I!'.I.   Aim bird', name found  in the diction,ini- accepted.  WHO   WE   ARE  'I'm: W.ijian'-. Would i- a thoroughly reliable concern, v t: are 'noun in do c\(ntlv a������  wea'hciti-c. A-i...iur rcli.ilnliiv \\<- refer ������<i  (inv   Ad"-it>iiiu'_ Aircnt or  bu-inc.-s  irao of  L'Jll'J'JII 01   .Si!".'    lOlk.  X.lMK   ..     .  STHI'.IVT   ..  Tnw.v .   ..'  ., .('oivriiv.  S. Il.-l!e careful and prc-ray your letter .5c. ns  y we do not re/.-civc underpaid letters Addresn:  TJn ." Wcaiaa'9 ��������� World." 'Br9attor.il, li������a- ,  dVri, W, Enclanti.  iiiiiimuiJuijiBaiimii|.������jiiiMHiMa������HMMMIIIIIIUI18^^ HE KOOTENAY'MAIL  9  I  I  9.  5  0     0  Maypole Soap will dye  any shade. Won't wash  out. Do not ostain the  hands, and can be used on  all kinds of cloth, gloves,  handkerchiefs, ribbons,  etc.  I  J Sold in 15c,  Cakes,, |  fi 5  provided for the 1400-cell battery at  Donald. -���������--��������� - (  It is stated that part of the present  northwest territory is to be added to  Manitoba, and a new province created  to he known as Alberta, with capital'  at Calgary.  R. H. Mayne, agent for the Smelter  Townsito, reports that business is looking up in town lots, lie'has just sold  two and has negotiations under way  for the sale of others.  Tickets for Monday night's entertainment in aid of the suuTei-ers liy the.  Cumberland mini" disaster may lie  obtained   and   seats   reserved  at the  r;  Canada Drug and Book .Store.  %  9  %  9  $  and all colors kept on  hand at the  Canada Drug & Book Go |  Revelstoke' Station  '    4',  9 6'  ft'iirft'i^'-fe^j'^ft'fer^'feft'feft'ferft'ferft'feHft  BIRTH.  i   ��������� r  Porta.���������At   Ilevclste-ke,    on    March  11th, the wife of A. Porta of a. soa.  F. H. Corsan was charged before  Police Magistrate Sibbald on .Wednesday with a breach of thc hyla.vsin  allowing his cesspit to overflow. He  was ordered to remedy the matter  within three days.  Mr. Shaw, city clerk, paid over this  morning to Mrs. Terrenoir half the  receipts of Professor Payne's entertainment List night amounting to $24,  also $5 forwarded Jto the mayor by a  charitable ludy of the city.  LOCAL & GENERAL.  The Imperial  Limited will start on  June 10th.  A maker of  homes is It. llowson's  Furniture Store.  Foreman Temple gives us (lie satisfactory news that the C. P. K. shops  are steadily increasing their staff.  One .second-hand sideboard, 1 kitchen  table, I small cook stove, at It. How-  son's, cheap for cash.  T. J. Graham, secretary of the school  trustees, has received a letter from the  education department acknowledging  receipt of the petition for a high school  for Revelstoke and stating that the  matter will receive attention.  On Monday a car got a.jvay from the  top of the elevated incline which supplies the coal bunkers at Revelstoke  Station, and came full tear1 dow(n to  lhe main track, where it ran off, as the  points were open., Little damage was  dune.  AL a meeting of No. 2-tire brigade on  Tuesday night it was decided to have  another'At Home on April 10th.  . Every carpet with which we supply  you is a hid for the next order. R.  Howson's Furniture Store.  The C.P.R. traffic in both passenger  and freight departments shows a big  increase.  ���������Money spent at HowsoiiVFurnilure  Store comes back smilingly in the  shape of comfortable and happy homes.  It. li. Tnieiiian will beat hi.������ studio  in' Revelstoke till Monday evening  next. Call and have your photographs  taken brfoie he leaves.  Wednesday afternoon tho Mayor and  Mr. McCarter. were hunting up all the  information they could get referring to  the resources of the Big Bend with a  view to pionioling the efforts,that, arc  now being made to definitely open up  this section of country of so much  importance lo Revelstoke.  .TO -TIIK DEAF.���������A ' rich lady  cured of her Deafness and Noises in  the Head by Dr. Nicholson's Artificial  Ear Drum*, gave ������25,000 to his Institute, so that deaf people unable to  procure tin: Ear Drums may have theni  free. Address No. S91 The Nicholson  Institute, 780 Eighth 'Avenue, New  Yoi k.  THE BIG BEND  Subsidy Assured.  C. P. Railway Company May Put  On a Steamer. .  With reference to thc opening of  the Big-Bend Mr. McCartor told the  Board of Trade yesterday that wa?  specially in the hands of Hon. W:  C. Wells', and that gentleman had  arranged to place a sum "on the  estimates with a view tn giving a  subsidy of $2.f)0U a year for three  years towards -a steamboat to rim  on thc upper'ri yer. and he would  see, that a steamer suited to the  traffic .was provided, even if it  should require a larger grant than  that proposed, and the government  would alf-o see that it was, in the  hands of someone who would make  a success nf the scheme.  .Mr. Wells had suggested to them  that they might see the representatives of the C. P. R. on the'subject,  and Messrs. C>. McL. Brown. Marpole and,Capt.,Troup seemed favorably impressed with the,idea. Mr.  Marpole suggested building,a boat  120 feet in "length with powerful  machinery and substantial .upper  deck works, so that the. boat could  be used in Ihe lake trade when she'  could not run during thc winter  months on the upper river, and in  that' case it would"be in the company's interest to spend a few  thousand dollars extra in providing  such a boat. It is proposed to  build the hull of the boat here, trkc  it up the"river and put iii the machinery at, the head of the canyon  so ;is to have her ready for traffic  by June 1st if possible. "  On Wednesday Mr. McCartor re-'  ceived intimation from Mr. Duchcs-  nay that President riliaugnessy was  in' favor of, taking the matter  up provided the information supplied as to the prospects (if opening  up thc district were satisfactory,  and that, information (fis now  being forwarded.  host "Teddy" surpassed even his usual  generous self on this occasion. Speeches  and toasts were the order of the evening. Space, will not permit of a detailed account but , special mention  should be made of the following ,as  heing nioiL ably rendered : " Oiy  Guests,", proposed by S. Anderson and  ably responded to by J I. LeBrash'  "The Ladies," by W. Lampnt responded to by "Bob" Sanderson in such  a witty and logical strain as to fairly  "take down the house;-'"Our Host  and Hostess," by Billy Magee. responded to by ' Eel. Harrington. Duiing  the evening snugs were' rendered by.  several present, vvhich were heartily  applauded, but the hit of the. evening  was that sung hv Billy Ma gee .entitled  "If 1 Was in Ireland and Molly Wilh  Aiv."    A   vote.  of. thanks   was   given  i      ( O  .Mr. and ,, Mis. llatringtoii for the  generous treat men I received,, and after  singing "Aula Lang Syne" the party  dispersed having li-id a most enjoyable  time.  Our population has increased considerably during the last week,, Mrs,  Nicholson, of Golden, her four charm-,  ing daughters and our; son ��������� having  taken up their abode' iu our midst  Mrs. Nicholson,is a siller of Mrs. Harrington of this place. '  Swan Anderson visited wilh friends  in Rogers Pass a few days ago., Wc  me'pleased to see him recovering so  rapidly from his illness.    ,  A. L. Stewart has returned from a  business trip,to Revelstoke. Ho its  laying in a fine stock of spring goods.  E Olson and two daughters, of  Albert- Canyon, paid us a flying visit  liisl'week. He reports business at- the.  Canyon fairly good.  "THE   LEADING   STORE."  TAYLOR  To ihe Ladies  GEORGE.  We have just opened up a large choice slock or Dry ('ootid  which is the best and only new stock in, the city. The  latest, styles and newest patterns that can be purchased.  (Jail and see us. It is a pleasure to show such excellent  goods and it will be a pleasure for you to buy them.  Taylor <Sc George, McKenzie Ave.  estion:  Floor'  world.  Var-  Var-  Some Pointers.  Advantages of City Municipal Ownership of Water and Light  Franchises.  Cold water Kalsominc in delicate shades.  Paints���������"Iroilite" best floor paint in the  Mouse Paints all colors Fnamel.s.; Stain;  nishes. Paint Brushes. Kalsominc Brushes  nish Brushes.  Ask to see our Adjustable Clothes Dryer, only $1.  W. At LAWRBNC^^n--^  ' The Canada Drug and Book Company have joined the telephone exchange. Orders phoned will hare  prompt attention.  ��������� You'd follow Lord Bobs iu war  because he wins. If you want to win  in' business follow the Kootexay  Mail with your advertising.  Tlie members of tlie delegation who  writ tou Victoria speak in especially  high Lei ms of Uie way in . which they  were received by Hon. ,W. C. Wells,  chief Commissioner of lands and  works, and if the policy which is outlined by the chief commissioner is  c.-uried out Mr. Wells will piovejlu-  greatest benefactor lhat KeveNtoke  lias ever had. ���������  Provincial    Engineer   Gamble   will  arrive    in    Revelstoke   tomorrow   to ',  arrange for the repair of the   inattrass ���������  work of the rivet bank. i  'We regret to learn that. Alex. McGregor, one of the most, popular C. P.  K. employer*!, and who has been foi  some years foreman of the bridge  gKiig, had Ins right arm broken by a  compound fracture when repairing a  bridge in the Kickinghorse canyon on  Saturday.     Th"   fracture  was set  by j ^.jM[^ ,,n(] (jamiihets.    The little  Dr.  Cross and Mr.  McGregor is doing  'well.   The  accident  was  caused  by a  stone rolling from above and  catching  him or. the arm.  . '  Boy has Both Legs ��������� Taken off by  Passenger Train.  A sad accident occurred on Tuesday morning's No. '1 after leaving  Revelstoke. when a boy named  Emil Terrenoir fell off the train,  part ('if which pa-sed over his legs.  The little fellow was not missed for  a time, when an engine was suit  back for him in in Allurt Cariym.  Pie had crawled a considerable distance along thc track when noticed  by sonic, of the company's employes, lie was'brought to Revelstoke. where every attention was  shown him. Both legs had, to be  amputated above the knee by C. P.  R.  Sumeon   Cro-s assisted by Drs.  Constable    Upper    as   inspector  of  ���������licenses,   has   received   a   number  of  SHIPMENTS  applications   for   licenses for  Selkirk    '^Q(je  Qur;ng  the   Week  by Revef-  n.nd other points in the Lardeau. ,     ,.      ,  stoke Merchants.  Tlie footpaths are all the better for a j  run over' by the street plough, as i  .recommended by Aid. Abraharnson at ;  the last meeting of the City Council,     j  fellow lies  at  Mr.   Plumer's and is  doing well.  The  mother  and two other children were on  the   train at the time  ��������� and re'timed   y-iMi the unfortunate  | lad.  ; '  The .family' are  in   indigent cir-  ! eimistance? the husband and father  having died .-ome time ago and left  them unprovided for. - The family  were ������<>in<j to friends in Pennsylvania.  C. Baines, formerly nf Donald, and  who ha<3 considerable milling interests  i:i that district, has linughL a faiui at  Nolch Hill, and intend- si'tlliii',' iheie.  J. Keraagliaii iel iirned from tin-  coast yesterday morning. He does not  expect the result of the tendering for  Lhe Field hotel to be know n till next  week.  The Gazette contains notice of application to apply fur titles for the following lands : (.'. Tiirnro"-', loL Kit"; S.  biilTiuan,  lot ."j,1SS; J. J.   Voting, lot  The- Win hi fayi of the HcveiVtoke  delegation : "Tho Hio'iur-i-ic of I lit?  delegate! ami tli.c fun c of their arguments were iirir-lisw-t.ibb; exiept by  way of acquiescence."  R. How>')ir--Kcrgu-on. Th(>iii.-<rii'>-'  j Landing.  !     H. G. I'ar.-on���������Thom-on''  L-nd-  '��������� ing. Comaplix. Halcyon.  i      W     M.    Lawreii<( ���������Arrowhead.  1   L' '  I rergusnn.  Reid iv Young���������Arrowhead. \'i r-  i giison. Sioniiioti!-. 1 rieeilli w;ict, AI-  ', bert Canyon.  Bourne bro-.���������Uhirier. Halcyon  springs, Nakurp, St. Lion r'pring.-.  Arrowhead. Okanagaii Landing.  ('.. li. Hume ������ (>.���������Criiigelbichi".  Trout Lake Comaplix, Arrowhead,  Albert Canyon. 11 loci lb-wad. .-'allium Aim. Notch Hill, Tappui Hd-  ii)'_'. Crillin Lake.  Professor Payne.  j , Pnifi-sw 1- P.iyti-- ii ivc a very succ"-  ! <(:\\ M'l-ics of hypnotic eiitei tairimenls  , al, the npr-ra ii'iitv. K''\ eNtoke. thi-  j week. Th" I'lf.fe.-tur gave hi- audierii e  I fitr ikiiur ilbi-i.i.it inii4- of ii},|)ii'i(ic  j po'.vei. Oil Tu���������il.iy "lie ol hi-Mil.j'cL-  ; WH-. pi,ii |'(l tor -I-ep. in ','ie--Miian'-  window   ami   l.ept   i-i   'It-it   -t.'t..'lill  On Wednesday the poll, takes  place on the by-law as to whether  or not the city shall purchase the  water and light franchises. Here,  are some pointers/on the desirability of voting for the by-law :   .  .    NKW   Wi:S'J'MIN'STI-:i!.  This .city derives a revenue of  l?7o.000 from its .water service and  gives lower rates,', than any other  city in tho province.    '  V.'I.N'XJPKii.  Says'the Monetary Times :' "Upholders of municipal and government ownership of public service  will glean pleasure from (he report  upon the electric street lighting of  Winnipeg,'" which inaugurated a  municipal system early last year.  According to this report, the cost  per light has been less than lUi  cents, The year preceding the cost  was -lo cents per light per night.  In addition to the enormous reduction in the cost, the light furni'hed  has Ucn greatly improved.''  i'Kvi;.\Ti': & F.xi'nxi'iTL'ni'. of thi; it.  w. r.. & v. (,'O.M I'A NY.  The following is the statement of  receipts "and expenditure of the  Water and Light Company as read  by Aid, Nettle at. last meeting.of  the city council showing the financial gain to thi1 fity from the pur-  chaseof the property :  I.'Kl'I'M'TS.  WA'iia; i.icirr  Ii   in-.),,  eiiljii!,'Atr,'. .')!, III.W   SI,.3!) 1.7j S-\'>75.lil  No\. Wl. im     l,.*>fil,".'0 2,7ln.!l.i  i-'uij.'_������;, mot    i.:Vj:i.i.3   L,,������i:i.e::i  Tutiil foi'iiiiie iiioiitli-SI,7I'i.7iJ   SS.llil.oil  loxi'KxniTnti-:,  KneAiris  Am,'. Ill, IJHit) SIO:  :i mo-, i mill)  T.ioil  Nov. :i'i. iiii'i  I'cli. -d-i. mm  ,,:>i;  I l!l.'.'l  .'illl.lil  'iini fur 11"iii- inoiillis Slllll.Oli  'I .j':il'ii-.'i-i|il-   for!) iiKiiitlin   Wiilcr    ~I,l;<lil  I'M'llillg,   Wle'll   lie  Wic     I e|||! I". Cd  i) pel ii hoii-c and au- < k.-ned lie r-  '   Half   lhe   I'.l'OCCeil-    i.f    tie-    C|il  ment on Thur-day  nigid.  w.-iv  of Mi ". 'Jen iioir.  to die  ���������l-t.lill-  in aid  I'i-kiI  (J.'.-iiiiI 1'it.il r.'cjipt-i  ���������i'. ii-.-- fin- iiiiei inonll:-  'l-olitr il.Y lllllL' IlKjIlLll-  o  (ii"..v. i;.\.  Si.ais.lL'  , 17  fir.ri.nii  *i.li 'i,.V.I  S 1,7I3.7U  S,llil..30  SL'.SSO.ill  1,'fl.i.ei)  ?. S,57I.CI  Discusses   the   Great    Norihern-  .   Crows Nest.Railway Charter.,  On Saturday night a special  meeting,of members of the Board  of Trade was called to consider tin  invitation of the Associated Beiards  to unite wilh them in having the  hoard represented.on the delegation  to thc coast to urge the Crows Nest  and Great Northern .railway and  other matters.  In the absence of the president.  Mr. IT.'iggen. vice-presie!ent. occupied the. chair.  The. invitation was fully  discussed but, as   it   was .understood   that  the object was specially to urge the  extension from the Great  Northern  to   connect   with   the Crows (Nosl  coal fields (he members of the board  generally, expressed   the    opinion  that they could not'well fake action  in regard'to a proposal that   might  have serious effects on   the   mining  and smelling industry nf the Koot-  cnays. unless hedged iu   by   proper  safe-guards on the part of the go\-  ernment, and in the absence of  information   which    should     satisfy-  members as to what the effect of the  scheme was likely to be   the   board  ressolved to decline  the  invitation,  or to take any action in 'the matter,  ft was con-ielered that the question  was one on which   the  government  should obtain   the  fullest   information before granting the charter in  order to prevent tlie coal and   e'eike  supply   heing   diverted  alsdutely  from the British Columbia smelter;,,  Messrs.   Molson. ' Sibbahl.   D'ownie  and Shaw speaking in that strain.   ,  Mr. .Ii.  A. .Brown  proposed  an  amendment   to  support   the  delegation e>f the .associated -boards in  urging the granting of thc  charter,  and he pointed out that the" Revelstoke'hoard had till along been   ael-  voeating a connecting line with thc  Great Northern, having  eve'ii   gone  so far ns to communicate- with   Mr.  Hill asking him  lo   nn   a   branch  line into   Revelstoke  and   the   Big  Iknd.      Now    when     the y Great  Northern wished to  run   a   branch  line north they were practically oj -  posing it. '  Tlie amendment lapsed for   want  of a seconder.  The chairman and Messrs. Molson, .Sibbahl and Downie were appointed a coniniitt(.e to meet the'  delegation from Rossland on (heir  arrival ,aii(l'ac(piaint them with the  views of (he board.  On .Sunday Mcsi-rs. Jack.-on. secretary of the iosoeiated boards.  Oliver, of Rossland. Kerr and Rei.-s  of Greenwood, arrived   in   the  citv  railways in (he province hut uiging  ihaL full investigation be made of the  effect on the mining ��������� and" smelting  industries before granting the Crow's  Next chui(er; that as a .condition of  the extension'of char tor for the A. and  'K. the company be required tocguaran-  tee. the building the road from- Arrowhead south within IS months; and'lhat  Ihejlioard opposed the granting of  ���������ca.-,h subsidies to private railways, and  Lhat railways be built, owned and  operated by the government'.  . Jlr. McCarter reported the result of  the vi*il.of the delegation to Victoria  for which lhe delegates were accorded  a hearty vote of thanks.  Night was Her Terror.  "I would cough , nearly all night  long," writes Mrs. Chris. Applegate, of  Alexandria, Inii., "and could hardly  get any sleep.. I had consumption &������  had'that, if I, walked a block I would  cough frightrully and spit hlood,'b-������t,  wlien all other medicines failed, llir-r..  $J.()() bottles of Dr. King's New Discovery wholly cured me and I gained  oS pounds." It'sabsolutelyguaranteed  to cure Coughs, Colds. La Grippe,'  Bronchitis nnd all Throat and ,Lung  Troubles. I'liceoUc and $1.00. Trial  bottles free at Canada Drug and Book  Store. ,  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL.  Mr. Linduiark returned yesterday  from the wet-L.  Mrs. A. MeUregoi' will again, take up  her residence in Revelstoke shortly.  D. J. McDonald, one of the most  obliging of the' Dominion land officer.--,  a-rived al Revel-toke on Monday.  A meeting of'those interesled in (he  hospital will be held on Thursday  night lo hand- over mailers Lo the  1 e ���������nianenl, committee recently appointed.  Mr. D.T. Forbes of Mob,,!,'* B���������,ik,  Calgary,' arrived in the city on Sunday, ���������  and assumed his'new duties as accoun-  lanl of Molson's IJ.ink here on Monday  morning. ,  II. P. Smith, who is heavily interested in IhePiiuce Company, arrived to  attend the meeting, having been on a  tiip east and back by way of Oregon,  to which place he returns lo-moir-ow'  morning, but will again visit Uevel-  SLoke in June, when he iulends going  Lo the mine.  Mr. W. McDonald, accountanL of lhe  Impei ial bank, has been promoted to  the position of accountanL of the Ed- '  inontoii branch of the bank. Mr.  I learn has not. yet been advised of his  successor. Mr. McDonald will bt-  tnucii missed iu the city where he has  Iliade so niiny friends., By his departure lhe hockey club loses ils best  player.    .  .Striiy'fravellers last Friday had their'  Oil their way   to   the   coast   Oil   the J curiosity greatly aroused by (lie stream  of ladies, gentlemen and children who  kept Mrs. Urtj'iliaiL'.-. door-hell so busy  lU'tweeii   |In;   hour,-   of  .'}   and (J, and  ILLECILLEWAET.  business above referred to and wor^  met hy representatives of the local  hoard. Mr. Oliver stated thc Rossland and Trail hoards e>f trade teiok  the same view,as the Revelstoke  lieiartl hut were voted clown.  again to lhe evening..  g,.Wanted.--Smart men and women U-  represenL ns in all di.it KcLs. ft nod  wage? and steady employment. Write  H. Cameron, room Hi, T.iuhVld blo-.-k.  VuiH'OUver, H. C.  Mr. Wihon, .superintendent of <\ 1*.  It. telegraph'", was in Revelst.oki; or,  Satuiday aid informed n.������ thai lhe  staff at Donald will be moved to Ceil  den as sooji iii the new station i������ built  .Ifoei'ry fo that accomodation  can hr  CURLING.  In  Mr. ..'-   duy  Ba.ilx.1 *.  rlu.p  i?   a !  handsome    trophy   pn-senlcd   to   the,  lot.il   curling   club  by  Uie'iiianager of '���������  the K |iiit.il>|i;  Life,  for  which  Li wis j  Bros, are agent-. for   this   city.   The j  trophy i-i a beauty and a credit both to j  the   club 'and  tin- giver,     ll. will   be  awarded during the next, week fur one  of the male-lies- played  during Ihe pus I  season.    On one side the cup biars lb"  inscription :--"I*n'sente(l by  If. Alb'n-  btirg,   .Manager Imputable  Life  As-u;^  ancc Society of I'liit.cd States,   lo  the  Reveisloke   Coiling  f :itib," and on I In-  other t-idt-   "Fipiitable  Life  Challenge  Cup."   The cup   is   prettily   t-rt ,,with  iiirlinj? slopcf and brpomj'.  'J he L.-'mi !���������;  niU'.li flii  J'|,o   ?���������fi    ..  ���������\i\:> f  ":i!i'r  for    i  t'.o-.r-    d ll ������,     \)'}\  ll :  -)...ltll|e      li  ting of the --k.it>-���������  the: merr"y chirp  nouncing llic glad '..'di1.'.;  etlleij    nor  tin-    -'ni-i'jh      7 lie  h.ii   gi'."n   v.1 ay   to  of    id"    bird-.,    .'into.it   'pring  ���������i.  7'lir: bridge bo\ -,  rno'. ed U, tlii; cm',  pleasant,   lime  many    fiieiid-:  '���������I'"-  -.villle      1,  beliii.d  letL   ii-,  'J'h-.s  '���������ie,    .i ii' J  1 belli,  IlinilV "(iid  hf'.'l'l ��������� ,'inolig    the    fair  "Oh   Willie,  lecv  Me mi-"! ;,...i| '   I ','  the faiont.e -.(ing of a I. lea-.t one )-  lady of   our   lo'.v n.     Rcfore   ihc'ir  o"ing  ii.. I   a  li'l't, |  also!  -ICX.   '  now ���������'  un;  d(  parturp. a f.irewell barapiet. uas eiwn  tlieni at tji������ MuVcharrts Hotel "'which  ���������vuji iitlcx'irjfj'd' pucft'g'il    Our  i     J. IJ. Cies.-iiiaii    ixpeels   to  open up  , Iii-' -pring good- iie\l. week.  The Ki'vi'1-.loki' Cigar Mauufiicluring  t'ouiii.iny ha\e j 11 -1 leceived a large  co:isigiitii.'iit of leaf which ii said lo  be lie; ( lioicc-t \'( t. (lejivcred n'j Ihe  f.utoiy.  When ni.iii.igi'VUai r s was at  Kail.limp-    last,    week    lie    look     large  ni'iler-- hr I he firm's mil put.  li. V. ('in I i-: ha- been making a very  a,t Inclive aiiverij ,eineii(, of \)\\ Mc-  K('ll/,.e'-l K Igli.sll. C(iu<li b.il-.-im, ol  uimli lie   Ii.i^   :i(>|i| a gi-n-s  iluring  the  I i-i live is k-������.    ';!(  ii v, i >'l b a biir'l of  /old," and the window i- impregnated  W it li t Ic' ili/1i( a 11\ e -yellow,  Mi-hiM   K!i"|iiiil    and    flcll ai e in re-  e.-i|il,   of    Lle'ii     ii"W    .-Jiling    goods of  !  u I.K li I hey \i ill l.e   triakil'K   an  nl I III'- j  t i ve di-ipl,i v' iii a few ili.y-.  M'.;,-(- r-y Mint is fc Sieed have jnM  opened up ii niiiguifie i-nl Mock of  spring   clnlhing --nil-,   p.ml-",   shins,  Those who were  fortunate enough to have been  within  , saw a merry ������i;ene, heard  the friendly  (hi Monday,  Mr.   Henderson,  nf j jingle of the |.-,K-u|, mingled with a  Feinic. who is one of (he   delegates j busy   hum   of    voices.     Home-made  found  of   (h"    asfoeinled    boards    to    tho   candy,   temptingly -dis-| laved,  gf'ijlUiJ  etc.,    lll������.U    U vCI/llSlglltllt'llt  .dim''?. "���������",  jliitei:  (."(���������1,1-1, paS'-etl through Revelstoke.  He said that the. Crows: Xcst Co;i]  ('oiiipuiiy were willing to he bound  in any way lo provide a full ,-upply  of coal for the British Columbia  smellers and market provided they  got their charier for thc railway,  and that the reason they wove i-o  anxious (o have connection with  lhe (in ;af Northern was (hat Rritish  I'olumliia coiild not nearly lake  lhe company'- coal output and a  inaikct had to bo found clsewhci'"  foi' the r-urplu.-.  At a meeting of (he council nf the  board on Thursday resolutions were  passedju favyr U free nud uiJp.'Ptrittec{  leadysale. The " Willing Workers"  wish to (haul- Mrs. Unpihait and  lhose who so kindly assisted her in  making "the tea" such a success. The  societyisto.be congratulated on having realized the sum of ������1o.  Firewood.  Having obtained the; contract with  the F. Robinson Lumber Company lo  handle their ouiptit of firewood, I am  prepared to supply same at. $2 a load,  cash on delivery. Orders should he  left at mv vanJ or at llie mill.  K KAMSQJ7,  ������H������H������MUIMUIlfflBll8^^  JWC  .���������/r i-w'lrt'-i "f>.-*&lfi-4.������ ���������xf'.'Sr iMmt?ti���������.-rfiim.* ^1 ���������,V"i1r������**C Vfciii.'.^"*5.-.ii'-i-..*JrJ������"l*. . >-'.\a.i;iis������A-i i3*������������ii.> i������r*i  'S-. il^i-vi.v'1  tro^Tl-AK. i>."*v,-f -(.��������������� ri-VAli>,*Mf A i\3w ���������lH������������..'^^vl*Sfl''������i  ������-r  wOTa#


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