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Kootenay Mail Jun 26, 1900

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 ', [tiTl
^tjbIjXSs:ex> ttjesid-a.^ .ajcshd zFjaizD-AAy.
Vol., 7.-No. 41.
$2.00 a Year.
t&t&f&rfaf&tfatfarfa rtotfctfatfotdfatfo {^f^<$^f$��AtM*$*i tffli*tofl1bf^f$H>\tw\tfl��t*
| THE '~^��   *  ~"J~J~   "_TJ\ir JIT 4
Alarming Reports
A, From China.
, ' $ ���
, T
*��w ;
Ladies Blouses���Special offer in-new and w��
popular goods, latest styles, regular prices m
$r,   $2,   and   $2.50;  going   now  at   50c, a<��)
$1.50* and, $1.95.
Ladies  Skirts���Crash   Linen,   Pique   and ,
Duck, ^regular price; .$1.50- $2.59,��$3*~75; gr
, -,     $4*50>'goino now at, $1, 1.50, 2.75 and 3V5-0;  j
Men's Furnishings and Olothing-^AII ^
Wool  Tweed   Serge and   Worsted Suits'^
from $4 to $17 ^.-Men's-'Balbriggan under- Jk'
��� ' wear suits $1.        y.   ������ >   ������* y- " ' ��&
Boots, and Shoes���Reduced, for   one  day. ty
A We make.a special offer of a splendid line ty
0 ���u     ' of; shoes,, perfect  fitting! good, new stock, ty
PRICE $3.75:   a    *    , |
���We"also carry a choice stock of Carpets and ~ty
Linoleums, second  to  none. in the city. <j-,
- Call and see us.'
No Trouble to Show Goods,   f
ty^vpvpypu^upityiop vjpu^ty^v^^tytytyty tyf^^ty^tyf^iv^ivjpyp
Belts!  Belts! Belts!
Ladies' Belts-'"
Guv Barber
C.P.R. Watch Inspector.
Dray ing and delivering a specialty.
Teams always ready at shortest
notice. Contracts for jobbing
taken. ' AgenA for  J3. C. Oil Co.
(j ��**       i
Robert Samson.
Get that Water Pipe Fixed.
��� '.*5*)c-.'inl to Lhe "Mail.)        ' ,
Loxnqx,   June   26.���A     startling
���despatch'came  from New York to-day
to the , effect, that the Journal has received, n'-specitil   brought from Pekin
by   courier,  saying:   ' "Admiral Sey
mour's   force    has    been .'completely
wiped out."     The  London papers are
inclined to  believe that (he worst has
happened, to   the   legations   and   to
Admiral Seymour,-there being 300,000
,troops  around  Pekin.    It is believed,
that  the. allied  forces  attacked Tien
Tsin on Sunday.
, **     -      ^ \ *~
.The al-ied powers are rush ing, troops
to China. *,Ten thousand Iudirn troops
embarked at' Calcutta yesterday.
Fifty-two thousand Russians! and
fifteen thousand Japs have i>eenr ordered to the front. A Japanese
'.'',",. .i ,   ���, , - <-���
report states that all the allied force,
antered. Tien Tsin' on Saturday and,
proceeded to Pekin and that Admiral
Seymour had been ,captured.' Iii the.
attack -on Tien Tsin the Russians
alone Imd 150 men killed and 300
wounded. ,
London,. June 25.���At Canton, the
.Boxers are.' posting -.-inflammatory placards   of   which   the  following   is   a
sample -���*������- ^       v   .
~--> ' p    --���      - j��
" KilP'all Germans; French;'Amen-
cans aiid English.'   To ha\e peace prevail in the hearts of- the'people'all foreigner's should bo. driven   ont.      This
-end~can ^LeAat ttiined--*f in^ti- fe \vdays~tf,
hall would provide better quarters on-
less court house room could again be
Aid. Gordon thought fire, hall s-hmi'd
be used   for council  chamber sitae  it
ha*,   not   bee i   taken   tip   by  chief   of
police for offices and rooms for brigade.
Aid. Kilpatrick  said that tables imd
shelves, woiil'd   be   needed,   but   that
.lights weie not extra making a saving
of $11.30 per month on rent.    It might
be stated   tliat it  would " be a greater
distance for some of the aldermen lo
come to meetings  but  he bad walked
to court house1 and did not then or now
object to distance-
Mayor Smith explained  that he had
talked with the ptesidentof the board
of trade in   regard  to taking of their
furniture to fire hall and he asked that
the board be permitted to meet in hall.
Moved and seconded by Aid. Gordon'
and Kilpatt ick that the council meet
hereafter in the'upper room of the lire
hall, and that the mayor be instructed
to make arrangements for moving
offices.    , "->       ' '        *
Aid.; Abrahamson said that-fire insurance companies; condemn Revcl-
> j
stoke protection which ��� is an inadequate system. At present there is no
.chief and it would practically close the
hall if council moved in.
The. mayor said the alarm was not
complete but outside of that he did not
thiuk there was anything wiong.    '
Aid. Kilpatrick could not see what
bearing city council's moving into hall
would have on pi elect ion.*''
Aid. Abrahamson wiicl that when,
anything at.all is moved into hall it is
interfering with brigades.
The motion was put and carried,
Aid. Abrahamson dhsentinj*.
Laek Of Provisions
'Among Boers.
"   -(.Special to tlio *\Iaii_|
Loxdox, June w2(j.���Very little
newsy's coming from South Africa at
present. Loid Robeits is apparently
devoting all bis time endeavoring to
surround the Free Staters and clearing line of'  communication  before pur
suing Krugcr. ^_    '
A   few ,minor  engagements    have
occurred, the   Canadians   taking   part
in'one  and   losing several men, whose
names   have not yet been   forwarded.
The   diners  are< suffering- greatly   on
account of ' the.- inadequateness of   the,
,�� " '       ' ''
Tohoxto, June 23. ���Major Dent,'-of '
the Imperial arYny, who   was  sent out
to this country to purchase horses for
South Aft ica, has completed his work,
having purchased, 2,500 animals.
Tarte Will Go.
we unite, our strength."
. o i" ,
A larg^e range of ready-made
summer suites just opened up
twelve patterns to choose from,
all the latest, well - made and
neatly finished. Drop in and
compare!, prices before buying
cruisers  io  go'" to  China,
represents  an  additional 00,000
He'll do it for you.
that wc sell the celebrated
Coofc Prospector Shoe, no
other will ��*ive the comfort and
satisfaction, this we know from
long experience.
For sewing machine supplies
of all reputable makes apply to
-J. W." RENNET'S*,- .
representing The Singer Mftg.
Co.. MacKenzie Ave.
Special Attention given to
Prospectors Supplies;..
Remember   the    Place:
-.The British -Admiralty, has ordered
five; mere
This represents  an , audi
��� p \"* >���--..
tons, the crews aggregating 3,000. f %.
The Chinese troops in the province
of Chi Li include,(50,000 auxiliaries
who have been drilled by Kussian und
Two thousand   three hundred Chin
ese   bodies tire < alleged   to have been*
cremated   "af   Taku   and   more   than
1,000  Chinese   are  said to have been
killed at Tien Tsin.    ..--'<*
Loxnox, June 23.���Special des
patches frp-n Shanghai, dated yester^
day at- 7:30 iu the evening, state that
Tien Tsin has been incessantly bombarded for the last three duys. The
entire British amd French settlements
have been destroyed. Hea\y casualties are reported. '
The Chinese number at least fifteen
thousand inside, the city. Their.emis-
saries crowd the foreign quarters and.
set fire to the buildings. The Chinese
guns are being worked steadily from'
the walls of the native citv.
Victokia,   June   22.���A    petition
Jias been   sent   to  Ottawa   by Colonel
McKay and every   member   of   "A "
Company,   3rd   K. C. It., asking to be
allowed to son e in China
-,    A.,FA& A. M. GRAND-LODGE  '
Elects Officers for the Ensuing Term���-
The A F &  A M  grand  lodge  con-
Mo.VTHEAii,   June    23.���La - Pre-sse,
Conservati\'e,   says   Hon.   Mr.  Tarte
will be< deposed from  the Laurier cab-'
inot., his position as Minister of Public."
Works   to   be   filled   by1 Hon.   M. K.
Ueruicr, the  new ..Minister of   Inland,
Revenue,*, who ..will ,be   succeeded   by t,
Hon.   Charles    Fitzptitrick,'   Solicitor
Ue.neral, Hon.   L. P. 13rodeur,.Deputy
Speaker, succeeding Fitzpiitrick.
Tiie Municipal Couneil
The city  conueit failed to meet Fi i
day evening for want of a quoium, but
a s-perial meeting- was called last nighfA
with Mayor Smith and Aid. Kilpatrick,
Abrahamson,   Newman   and   Gordon
The by-law to provide funds- for
street improvements was reconsidered
and finally passed.
Time of rental of the present offices
having almost expired the matter of
providing new quarters was taken up.
Aid. Newman did not see that council was doing right- by the city in pay-
ill,'-,'   tfU.o-J per mouth  rent wbi'u Jjrv
eluded j ts session in Vancouvei Friday
evening witii a grand   banquet at  the
rVancouver Hotel. Following is the list
"offofficers for the ensuing term: -
Kt. W.Bro. H. H..Watson, V.incou-
ver.-Grand M.iste'r. '
Rt. XV. Bro. F. McH. Young,  Nanai-
���tuo, -Depot j* Grand Mastei.   -
W. Bro. E. E.Chipmiin', ICasIo, Grand
Senior Warden.   .   , _' A1
W.Bro. Re.v. C.Ehsor Sharp, H-s<iui-
mtilti Grand Junior.Warden.
W. Bro, K: P. Flewelling, Kamloops,
;Gr;ind Chaplain. -, '
W. Bro. W* J. Qiiinliii, NeI.*>on, Grand
W.   Bio.   E.   Ii.   Eiskine.   Victoria
Grand Treasiirer.
W.Bro.-H.Salmon,.Victoiia, D. 1).
G. M. No. 1; W. Bro. F. Bowser, . Vancouver. D. D..G. AI.,. No.2;" W. Bro.
Leonard Norrjs,' ,0(111*0x-"D. D.> G. M.,
No. 3; W.JBrorMayoV JJiite,* Naiuiimo,
)D. D. G. Al., No. 5; W. Bir. Jno.
Hamilton, Nelson, D. D. G. Ai., No. 0;
W. Bro. H. J.' Ray trier, Rossland, D. D.
,G:M\. No, 7; W. Bro. G.'o. L. Abirrow,
(Jtiiiibrook, I). D. G. Al., No. 8; Grand
Tyler, Bro. Hoskin.
The Grand Master-elect then appointed lhe following brethren Lo fill
their respective offices: W. Bro. Gen.
Johnson, Nelson, "and W. Bro. T. J.
Armstrong, New Wc*-(miiislcr, Grand
Dcac-ons; W. Bib. Geo. Brine, New
Westminster, Grand Superintendent.'
of Works; W.Bro. Alaxwell Mttir, Victoria, Grand D. of O,; W. Bro. W. J.
Bowser, city, Grand Marshall; W. Bro.
D. Stephenson, Wellington, Giand
Sword Bearer; W. Bro. I. AI. Bernard,
Grand Standard Beaier.'.W. Bro. Geo.
Herring, Rossland, Grand Oicanis-t.
W. Bro. Tims. Jones^Nanainio, Grand
-pursuivant; . W. Bibs. W.' A. Rose,
Chilliwack; A. S. Black, Greenwood,
Win. Hogg, city; Chits.  A.  Procunier,
' Tin; weather behaved itself -r-iifiieieul-"""'
Ij* loiig on Saturday, to let the mariied '
men'meet and defeat the "-ingle tyics
at cricket. Although an interesting
game, this was not regarded as1 the
opening match of the season which has
yet lo come and which will be well
worth watching. In the firs-t innings
of -Saturday's mutch the single men
made a modest o0, yet lhe benedicts
could not pass it making 44. Perseverance told, however, and aided by.*-
the appreciative tipplauoe of admiring
spouses the second innings went all iu
favoi of the married men, who well
deserved tlieir victory of 11 runs. The
single men have challenged back fur
Saturday aiteruoon next, ftu ther particulars later. - ' '
Fort Steele; ('. T. Alallery,  K/imlncp*-,
aud Jno. G.
Brown, city, Grand  Slew-
A* Happy Gathering*.*
r- (
The pi city spot at the. foot of government hill was selected-by the children of the band "of hope as a fitting
place to invite their p-irents, friends,
and.little brother** and sisters. Here
, they all assembled .on .Saturday last,
laden with baskets filled, with- good
I things. While the children played
their many games, the, ladies, assisted
by the men, laid cloths on the grass
and prepared the feast. Fiee ice-'
creiuu aud lemonade were served, together with thecontciitsbf the baskets,
until till had said '""enough." After
their repast \oung and old joined iu to
play ball or swing or blind man's buff
until years weie forgotten and all wei(!
young together keeping up their merry
pace until about seven o'clock when u
tired but happy crowd might be seen
wending its way homeward.
For the first lime since  July  'iHi Llu;
passengers fiom the >ouLh were landed
The debate last evening at the ftp-
worth League meeting "Resolved that
the settled system of placing minister.**
is preferable to the itinerant" was decided in favor of the negative by a vole
oi ia tu y,
oil" the steamer at, Revcl.-toke on Friday evening- The evi nt of a steamer
coining tip the river is now so ran*
(bat a large number of the townspeople
turned out and lined the liaiik-< as the
boat came steaming up wilh her search
lights gleaming and made her way to
the landing by Hie Columbia bridge.
On Sundav the S. S. Rossland made
the record trip fiom Arrowhead to
Revelstoke coveting the distance in
one minute short of three hours, thu-;
beating the lime of her .*>i-<ter boat, the
Kootenay, by about, two hour-: and
tyt* miuulc'-i THE KOOTENAY MATT.  Zhe 1Rooteha*2 flftail  '     PUHLISHKD SEMI-WEKKLY. '  --AT���������,  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  ���������BY���������  li. 11. CAMVUVAjU  I'l'iiUbitiiii axij I'lcori-iuioii.  Subscription   Price,   $2.00   Per   Annum  ADVEltTISINO HATES I'uol on' application. - ''  JOB l'RINTlXG of every kind almost reason  ' able rales and .shortot notice.    ,  ACCOUNTS for job' printing or advertising  payable on the fh'.*>t of every montli.  COKItKSrOXlJEN'CK on all matters of local  or public interest invited and carefully considered. All communications to the Editor  must be accompanied by the name of the  writer, not necessarily for publication, but  as an evidence of good faith.  Address  Tiik "Kootenay Mail,  Uevelstoke, B.C.  TUESDAY' JUNE 26\ 1000.  for their* extraordinary conduct in giv-  ing in to the resolution to censure the  man they swore to'faithfully serve, he  might have gained a little in public  esteem.   But he lost that chance.  Sir Henri July was swotn in as Lieutenant-Governor- in his place to day,  and Mr. M. E. Bernier takes his place  as Minister of Inland Revenue. Both  were sworn in. to the office to-day.  Chief Justice McColl will,act as" Ad-  tuinii-trator until Sir Henri Jbly arrives.  In the House aud Senate the appointments'were given out.  The elt-clion ,in St. Hyacinthe will  take place on July 11th/ Mr.' Bernier  is not likely to be opposed. '  Kootenay Lodge  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  The regular meetings  arc held in tlie Masonic Temple. Bourne  Hall, on the third  M ond ay in ' each  month at 8 p. in.  VisitiiiK brethren  cordially welcomed.  H. J. PRATT  SsciiKTAKY.  House to Meet July 19th.  -The   i^overn-  ,  i; THE NEW,GOVERNOR   .  A Short  Biography  of  Sir  Joly   de  Lotbiniere.   -  Hon    Sir   Henri   G'ustave   Joly  de  ���������Loibiniere, K. C. M. 0., Q��������� C,   l->.   C.  ������ L., L h D., P.' C.   (Portnetf), ��������� sou   of  the late Gaspard-Pierre (iustare Joly,  *   a Hugenot,' ' native,  of" Prance,   and  Julie Christine Chartier de Lotbiniere,  /{rand daughter of the later.M-irquisTde'  .,    Lotbiniere..    Born in Prance,' L>ec.   fi,'  ,.   J 821), and educated there:    Coming to  Canada, was called to the Quebec  bar,  , ,1855; Q:   C.,'<]87S.    Elected to  Canadian   assembly   at  general  elections,  1S61, for Lotbiniere.    Took prominent.  ,   part in debates on confederation, acting  with .Dorion, Holton, Huntington and  other liberal'leaders.     fu the first elee-  ���������  lion to house   of  commons, ' ISG7,   re-  ���������   turned by 'acclamation   fjr   Lotbiniere  ,v    and   also   to    (Quebec   assembly.    JJe-  n' inainud a, ine.mber (if both these   bodies  until 1S7'J, when   dual   representation  being abolished,' he   remained Jn   the  A local legislature*.     Led the   opposition.  ���������' until M.irch,1 187S,when   Lt.-Govern.ir  Lctellier dismissed   his   ministers  and  called upon Mr. Joly to form a government, which he did. >  Resigned premiership 1S79, and acted again as leader of  ,    . the opposition until   1883.     Remained  in the assembly until.November, 18S5,  when he .resigned   his-seat  in   consequence of iheRicI agitation, of    which  J     he. dissaproved.    ��������� lie appeared  in   political life at the   Dominion liberal  convention, Ottawa,   189-3,   of   which   he  ���������*   was vice-chairman.    Stood for present  scat at general election,' 189G, aud was  elected.    Entered the new Laurior administration at Ottawa, July L3, 1S9G,  as    controller     of     inland     revenue.  Sworn of the Queen's privy council for  , ' Canada, J une -SO, 1897, and  called   to  the cabinet as'minister of inland  revenue.    Declined his seat in   the.   senate  in 1874 and again in   1S77.    He   was  offered, a portfolio in the latter year by  the premier of'Canada,   but  declined. I  AY*sis made, a* Knight Commander of the !  Order of St. Michael and   St. 'George, ���������  May, 1895.    Is an Hon. I). C.   L., "of j  Queen's   University,, Kingston,   IS94. '  Has always .taken an active, interest in  forestry, aiaJin 188-j was elected  vice-  presideno  of   the 'American   Forest rv  congress at Huston."    Is the author   of  much valuable literature   on   the   subject. < Has   been a   member    of    the  council' of   agriculture,    province    of  Quebec, and'of   various   other' agricultural ancl   fruit  growing  association-?.  Has been vice-president of the Imperial Federation League in   Canada.    Jn  188S was "authorized by the Ipiri.ilatur"  to add his muthei 's name, de JjOtbinieiv '  to lhat of Joly.     In September,   1896",  was   entrusted    with   the.   diplomatic i  mission of couduuting Li Jfting Chang,  '\iceroy    of    China,    through  Canada. ;  "A/as made a member  of   tlie   imperial  order of the Double Dragon   in   recognition of this service.     .Married,   18r>f>,  Margaretta Josepha, daughter   of   tlie  late    Hammond   (Jowan,   Quebec.     A  member of the chut ch of Kngland.  Sir Henri Joly is well jkno'vn and  popular win]] main l>riti*-hColuinbian������.  lie. has alwn\- *-lnj������ n an iuteiOst in the  doxelopuionl and pi-ugn;*,*1 nf ihis p;ov-  iiu'o and is in ten-,*-led in mining prop-  <���������: tie*- in the Liilooct district. Sir  IJciiti i \ iii led British Columbia last  year and spent, -wci'al day.--in A'  \ tr <uid Y'ietot ia.  'Yictoiha. cJune 22.  inent today decided i to pvoi'o'gue the  legislature until July'19th. The writs  for the other bv elections are wuitiii"  to be signed. .Premier Duusmuir today was notified that Lieutenant-  Governor Joly would leave,Ottawa for  Victoria on "Monday. Chief Justice  McColl,will come over from Vancouver  oh Monday to act as administrator  until Sir Henri Joly arrives,- ���������*  Mr. R. E. Gosnell, of Greenwood,  has,been appointed secretary to (he  premier.       , "     '    ' *  Among the vagrant .rumors now  afloat'regarding the political situation  is one to the effect that ex-Governor  Mclnnes has expressed the determination to contest the commons0 at the  general elections vacated by'the resignation of his son, W. \V. 13. Mclnnes,  AI.:P.'P. ,;��������� '*    -   , ,  ������I>remier Duusmuir will offer for������ reelection in,South Nariaimo, a technical  point, in the conditions under which he  assumed oflice rendering this step desirable, though this is probably the  first occasion iu Canada when a president of the council has gone back to  his constituents for re-election.'  ���������  REVELSTOKE LODGE.I. 6. O.F.. No. 2*5.  Regular meetings are held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  Thursday night at ci^ht,  o'clock. Visiting brothers  cordially welcomed.  T.J.GIiAHAM. N.G.   E. A. KKTTLKSOX.Sec  SELKIRK'LODGE, NO. 12, Z. O. O. F.  ,       AiBa>. ,_'        Meet*- every Tuesday  ^^^^^~ff^^%.    eveniiiyr in Oddfellows'  nr        rK  ' r������f  ^"*\HalI    at    b   o'clock.  ft   ^y^^^'^Sh*.    ][)Vii-itiiiK brethren eor-  ^5385*^ ^^^dially  invited  to at-  .    tend.  13. HANIJUItV, N'. G.  '        XV. MATHIK, Six-.  light'in every room. Free bus meet-; all  trains.    "' ���������  REASONABLE RATES.  Night Grill Hoot)) in connection for the  convenience of guests arriving and departing by night trains. Hourly fetrcct  ear between hotel and station.  JOHN V.: PERKS PROPRIETOR..:"....... .,..:.. REVELSTOKE, B C  THE CENTRAL HOTEL  COURT MT. BEGBIE  I. O. F, No. 3161A  Meets iii the Oddfellows  Flail on the -.second and  fourth Mondays of each  month. Visiting brethren   invited  to attend.  K. D. J. C.-JOTIN'SOX,  C. It.  Printers' not Bad Men.  C. XV. MITCHELL,  It. s.  ABRAHAMSON BROS.  PROP'S.  Newly built.    ,  First-class  in   every   respect.   ,A!1  modern conveniences.  Laige sample rooms. , Fire  ���������   proof   safe.      Free' 'bus  meets all trains.  Gold Range Lodge,.  K. of P., No. 26,  Revelstoke, B.C.  Meets every Wednesday in Odd Fellows'  Hall at 8 o'eloek.  Visiting Knights in-  vited.      *  J. XV. CROSS, M.D.,  c c  A   W. WINSOK,'  K. ok It. & S.  Q������ -       ���������'  Under same rmimifrenienl':  QUEEN'S HOTEL,  i   TROUT LAKE CITY  !^><><>-0-0^b<H>0-^  $1 PER DAY:  Newly Built.'  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  ?#*  '  THE GITY HOTEL  ;A:  li. HOLDICIJ  ��������� ������������������  AM)  A, printing office is usually considered a rather tougb place and tlie   newspaper   worker   a   tniglity, bad    man.  ���������Statistics however,   do   not   bear  out  that^idea?    Of 3.S00   convicts, iti . the  state penitentiary of Texas there is not-  a   printer  or   newspaper'man,   while  there are ministers,   doctors,   bankers,  barbers,   "photographers,    barkeepers,  cooks and mem bets of other professions  and callings.    The ptinter gets  a   bad  name because the nature  of   liis  business teaches him to detest  shams ' and  he scorns the hypocrite.���������Ex.    ,  ��������� ANALYTICAL UHKM1ST  ASSAYBH.  Itoyal School of Mines, London.  -   Seven years at Morfa Works, Swansea.  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There  is but one opinion expressed neiv on  tin' f-ubjiict, and that is lhat. it was  well desetved. [fad he dismissed Hon.  Messi'--.  Uiiii=iiuiiir, 'lui'Jt^i' ancj Iibtii't> I pt-J'iaJ cji.iuct'l';-*.  tin; I"'tiipci"or and reform li-adcr.    t'online to America.  K waug Sui - 'i'lie young KuipcKir.  Fan Kwel- -Foreign devil.  Fn���������A prefecture.  C'liiblai    (Governor   t'ennal,   usually  superintending two pro\ inti"--.  L'buu   Ubi  -Tin:   Irfiieral   Council *������f  .State.  Chung Tang���������-A   grand  secretary of  State, of whom th-'re are six.  Futai���������fJoviTiior of a province.  flui    A club or association.  Ifsiang-  A village.  H-sien- -A district.  Nei Ko- Grand sccivtarittt  and im-  Eumbep Co.  ��������� (Limited Liability.) ,  Manufacturers and Dealers in al! Kinds of  Also shingles,*mouldings, base,boards,'  casings, finishing, lumber^ extra wide  clear pine and_cedar. 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fio flows ni-'lo\e alon-*- your life, O friend.
A whispered song, with neither break nor eat*, '
Outbrcathcd where-cr >our dear footsteps ten*.
Albeit -oil li=tcn not, are not aware i
Of any music throbbing on( life air,
Still my full heart goes singing to you there.
Contend although the wij- he lonf U,n"i
And closed forever from the moon ��nd sun,
With emerald dusks ��nd opal dawns ill one.
Content, content, if heaven but grant this m**4,
That you may dtiiik in any hour of need. '
r���Grace Dcnio Litchfield in Ccnturr.
How It  Was Worded   to' TtlUth*
Truth and Satisfy the French
People. <-���
���������       Oi)v/ri(iht,ISSO.bu Ervin }rardma:u      *
, "What time is it. captain?" asked tlie
Focrot.uy o�� the iiupciiiil cabinet, -M.
' '-Ti *
'"Half j .ist-lh'   In an hour nt the Tprj
"   latest we should lia'vp fini-slied," misvrer-
cd Castu*; me, rtibljiii'.'Jiis hands.    "This
cold is dreadful.    Through evcrj cre-riee
',   the frost enters."
���'  "Two  sentinels  have  frozen  to  death
,    already," said the third'man iu the room, i
Castellane put down,thupen and threw
[���" i.'fio big logs into the immense stove.    A
, third he'dropped to listen at the wooden
wall.    "Who is making, that noise next
"" door?-" he asked. ���      -   '
"The king of Naples, who has mored
���his  headquarters  there,"   replied   M.  At"
' Narbouno*.'   "He  is' raving .because the
emperor, wouldn't   take   him   along   to'
'Paris."    , ��� , f
Castellane once no re dipped' the quill
.'ulo the ink.    "Nnrbonne. ���approved' has
-your approval.' has  iAuo't?"    The .courtier-  merely   groaned.     "[ ' haven't   the
heart   to  object.     Do   what   you   please,
-write what you  please, invent what yoa
,  please.'   I don't want to see the draft at
all.    Give uie the thing when it" is ready
it'id I will pass it.    Oil. my head.'    f liar*
i    the fever, I do believe." ,    '"'
Napoleon  had  left  the army at, Smor-
gon'i at lU'p.''tn..- an hour before this con-
Tersation.     Recognizing   that   the' army
was lost, lie had determined to hasten' to
Hranee  to  proeino another.    In ' his kig
sled   were   Dnr.y,   LuuriMoii   and   a   few
1   minor lights whom he needed absolutely.'
Berthier, cried    bi>cau'st*/"tlie   emperor
went, without   him.A Mnrat   swore ;*nd
������raved.'   Nevertheless, they  were left be- -
biud. A.        ^    ",'.'_        ,,-'''
, Toward midnight a second sleigh, loaded   with   neeessaiies 'of life  and   fodder.'.,
was to follow  under.the protection of a'
' mounted 'guard.,    N.-rpolcoti   had   hhd 'no
time even  to tinis.li the bulletin���bulletin
No.  20���lhe last   to the  Fi'eheh'arniy'in
Russia.''   YVIW'ii   going'away.-, he  almost
threw the paper into the faee of the chief
of cabinet.'   "Finish  it. quick.     Let  tho
courier  bring  it''to* 'Vilua  for my .signs,
ture." ~      t. . -,,
Moiinier began again. "No. no. it won't
do. We can't say that The emperor "up
proves' of the condition of the army
.Reflect, we-have been losing ���_\(')0O r.ien
daily (lining the past week' by frost
"Hut."  pleaded   CuMcllane.   "the   word
is needed, to sustain  the. fiction tluit-tlie,
emperor   still   is   with   us.     Neither, t!ie-
artny nor Furope must know that he��� h.t5
gone ahead." -   *     i
."Of course ih,;t is the principal thing.'
but    'appiovcs*- is   too   Mrotig. -    Better,,
leave'out the wln'le sentence and sulMi-
tote 'The enemy Ikib suffered grent losses.* "-.... *     -
entered the- stable mnMor's quart��*?>. ~r.e
raa against two central*, a chaniberlnin
and an Italian duke, who were fighting
savagely over the leg of a dog' which
they had'roasted between them. They
blackguarded.and threatened eaeh ofher
like loafers. '' 3
Through a crowd of household  troops
and serrant* wearing th* imperial livery
Casteliaa*. j��*d�� his way into-the inner
court. -"The sled that  was to fallow his
majesty's train was about to be harnessed.  ' Hundreds of ragged, shivering soldiers  and   officers   looked   on.   seemingly
without   realizing   what   it   meant.     All
they cared for was to be as near to the
fires  as   possible.     Castellan.*   examined
the faces about him and at last stoml still
before a  man of some 40 years of age '
,who sa't, in a corner brooding.   Touching
his shoulder, he said politely, "Major I)u-
fresne.  I  have tho honor toowishyou '��
goo>J evening."   ���    ��� " ���
The person addressed raised a pair ��f
tired eyes.   "Ah, it's you. captain?"
���"Y011 remember oui   little^affair in the
Moscow theaterV"      , -
"Where   you   insisted
3**WML'-*WHMpWHW*WMMHH^&Hfr *��->r H
o ir,
+ 9   i~
( "i TT
up'tti   taking   a
4*9. &
4*$ &*
4*9 t-fc
-V? A
4*9 ���=:*.
-*��� *~
4* $&'
T   ^J,   rsr
place  that   rightfully   belonged   n��   jm���  i ^-v"   *;
perfectly.^     You   said.   I, believe,   tliat   I j   v�� "iT
ought to feel honored to give way fi his J "^'.r A-
"Immeuse   losses!"   cried   M.   de   Nar-
bonne.       ���   ' . '"
" 'Immense losses by the- cold and by
,"ou'r bullets. -The pursuit on the part .of
lhe Cossacks is weak.,' "
Here   Castellane  took "out   his  wntoh
"It's past 12.    Am' I right, gentlemen V"
""i believe so." ,-*,'"���'- -   ���
"And .it's-the Gth of December?"
t "Well, yes." . '      ,
'* "Then.,;you will have to excuse me* for
nn hour.!'' The captain fastened his fur
pelisse about his throat and ran out despite the others' protest. ,  ,
The village of ^mor-jnttl'tvim A small
place, and the postolllec, wl'i-re the,
French had established headquarters,
Was its only building deserving the name.
-There, were a lot of fusel dispensaries,
but their proprietors had fled, as nobody,
either native or foreigner, paid for tilings
and as the French were known to destroy
what they could not'eat or drink or carry-,
Castellane was going to the'near uta-
blcs tj find a gentleman with whom he,
had an affair of honor. "I-iirbleu!" he
murmured as' he waded through ths
mow. "One has to get up early in-this
confounded Russia to find his man slire.
Delay might mean that Jack Front carries him off without seconds or witnesses."
As he said this he stumbled over something, and when he turned out to th*
right there was another impediment in
the road���two bodies, frozen stiff, giant
Weslph.'iliiiii elia��seurs. who o��ep had belonged to bis own brigade.
In-the center of the-yard burned a big
file. A group of eight grenadieis sat
around it. Castellane, looking closer,
saw that only three of them were alive.
The faces of the rest had the appearance
of yellow marble. They had been dead
for hours probably, without their comrades noticing it. They v.ere, loo busy
keeping life in their own bodies.
Ten paces farther the carcass of a
horse was lying. One of Cnsteilaut*'*
friends, a colonel iu the bodyguard*, and
a private of cuirassiers were trying to
erip off a nii-en of it,     When th�� em."-in
' majesty's favorite/   Foi\��hat  lealleil you
a Simpleton." ,   ,
"And I returned the c'uiipliiiient with
.interest, if I sin n.it- mistaken. So we
arranged a meeting for'next morning,
but as immediately afterward you were
sent into the interior to Mar--h.il Victor
we agreed to postpone the duel for two
months���this night. Now I admit that
"Pray,  captain,  where one's- honor is
concerned   ' surrounding     circumstances
cannot1 possibly be of the least moment,"
fBaid the major with fine spirit and an ef-
.fort to draw himself up to his full height.
\"Let.us" go," he'added.    "There must
be a suitable'spot behind the building."
Castellane -nodded and went aheadl
He was about to say sometjing.concern-
, lug the necessity of haring seconds when
a great noise arrested his-attention. la
front of the imperial sled appeared the
courier, swearing'and lamenting "that- his
, majesty's baggage.had been rifled. "They
killed one of my men," he cried, "and I
am responsible for it. Ah, the Polish
scoundrel! Lead is too good for him'."
Meanwhile th* thief was marched forward' between two grenadiers. ��� He turned outtobe a sublieutenant of the Le-,
gio�� of th* Vistula,' and immediately'
great crowds of curious officers and'ool-'
diera Surrounded him'. Ercn his grac��
Aleraader'Berthier, priuc* of Neufcha-
tel, came nu-tiiag out. "
"Poor  davll,"   said   Castellane.   "they'r
will,pines him against the wall, aud then
ffoodby.    It's a pity, though.    I "am eur*
hunger drore him-to tlie',act."' '���'-
, Dufresn*  said   nothing.'but   stared "at
the culprit with 'wiuVopen eyes.
/'Don't shoot ��� me,"- cried the Pole. - "I
have something'to tell,   most   important'
Information.     I   will  confess  all.    Only
give me a hearing."   ��� ,       '    *
He was hustled Into the house, tlif
courier following. At that moiueut Pi-,
fresne touched the captain's arm. "By
my soul, all is lost." '  .
"But, major,., what is this to you?"
Castellane lowered his roice after looking into ^Dufresne's i face, * which told
more than .words'. "Impossible," he cried
at'last.- "This'wretch' is lying. Pray t��"i'
me that he is. and I will believe you."   "
"No, no; he,is telling the truth." whispered the major. "I perxuaded him to
rob the sled in order to get us a meal,
just one meal, and now hewill confess
all. I am lost. My honor is" gone.',',
1 "But you, a major of the guards. I
can't grasp it."  "
VMan," cried the elder officer, "if yott
hadn't been traveling in the ��� marshal's
equipage yon would know what it means
.to t hunger��� to starve for days, weeks,
months. Ton are an, adjutant and never
hare been-wantii.g for bread:"' , * '
"Even if I had I wouldn't have tamed
- thief." l
' "How do you brow?" ctiei.'tho major,'���
seizing Castellane by the arm', with hunger and madness staring *nt of his eyen.
"How does any confounded glutton know?
Tou hare dined well today as  always.
Your clothes, I see, are of the best. Night
and day you hnTp had a warm stove at
your elbow.    Ah.  this wnr has" been  a
pleasure party for such'as you.    But look
at me.   Forty nights Itharp tolled on the
frozen ground, trying to Ktitl -deep, while
hunger gnawed   my * vltsIs.     Hare you
ever stuffed yotti* month with snow until
your litis huTiie'l?    I did it to get something Into my stomach.    Once 1 lived for
three days on the leather of my helmet,
chewed to rags.    We have fought buttles
for a  mouthful of horse carcass.    I  tell
you, captain. I helped three of my men to
hnng theim-clrec on  one   and   the  same
tree nt Orcha,  and  when   I   handed  the
rope.to the last one 1 said: '(Joodby. children.     You., are. better off than   we  living.'"
Dufrcsne leaned his-,hi*nd sgsinst the
wall. The talking, the- reminiscences,
proved too much for him. **        "' -
Castellane could say. nothing.    Fie had.
forgotten   about   the   quarrel   and   the
bloody errand  on  which  he  was  bound.
-'Safe this poor fellow, save him," hie
hesrt'kept repeating.
>   "This  morning," continued   the  major
after, a pause, ��� "I  learned of the emper-
' orV-flbjht and that a sled  full of provisions was to be M>t!i after him.    I went
to the stables and looked on **hile it was
being loaded.    What quantities of winr.
bread, coffee, meat and all sorts of good
tbingrij    Then the devil took possession
of inc..   I confided in the Pole, but he is a
b!ocklicB_o\ and   allowed   himself   to   b*
caught. '"'^ffia^tet|ij��? i'j up."
Castelia\ie.i^j��fgcd his newly found
friend not to}jJespair. "I will go and
talk .with the'courier. 1 will offer him a
large sum. No doubt thing's onn be arranged." Hut even as lie turned to go
the -loot* of the- posthoii&e opened, end
Berthicr's adjutant, the courier and yev-
w if:   -.
I* ��T��r
(p A-
������'- ��5-
J.,9 >
.' if- Ti--
^i -���*���
" X'9 'r
4*9 ^
T2*.** ^"
^���rf' {--i-1
*l& ���
i* #?��,
��� I*
We  hayfe always been noted for the
fine quality qf our work-*that?s why we
I -j   ( o
are  always busy.      Cheap  and  inferior
��� *, * i-
printing costs the same as good printing-,
therefore  why not get the best       Our
* - ��.-* *. '-.     , ,,���-   -     ' ~       ,",'      '"' .        ��� ' - -
prices are always reasonable.     If in need
of fine printing, write or call onus at once,
��� * i   u   ,.'   ���   . ... '     ,   ��� p. * i
,.' '^it-ft .'���
��       ��       ��
-t* ���''*'   r'      "
'  *- ���ZfS'
;��� .t'Jr
, 4*$&
' 4��9.&
*?*   *<?>
'���^���li 9 ii-Zi
���'4*!t& .
,, 9.*v*
���f    o. "*���
4  flf*"*
^��-& '
:;       ft
4* ��4*
we are never too busy to attend to all orders.44:
4*9 &
Kootenay Railway &5
Navigation (Jompany
Operating KumIo &Sloetin ltnilnay,
" International Navigation & '1'radiny
t Conipiiny.    , ���' '
To   ST.   PAUL,
Wednesday and Sunday
��� And   Every   Friday
To     MONTREAL     and
! Boyal Mail Lines.
Cliaapes!; Routo to the Old Country,
.     ALLAN LINK- From Montreal -
Tunisian ........      ,huie20
j .V1'.""!'"-'' *   ' "      ���      -      - '   July?
j (.oriiitliiau    J      --.-,���   - - ��   j(
* I-,ai"i>isin    -      -      -      -        -     .       .    -c   "   -i- ,
j TuniMnn'   ... .       Au,_ *{
Sohedule of Time���Pacific Standard Time
Effective Feb. 1st, 1000.
Kaslo & Siocan Railway ,
,L '(
Pa-.-jcnaror train for Bnndon and way station-;
leaves KaslontSa.nl.; daily, ict urn in;?, leaves
Sundon at l.lo p.m., arriving at Ka.slo 'I..55 p.m.
{International Navigation and Trading
Opcr.itiii}? on lvootcnay L.ike and Uiver.
S..4*. Tntkkxationai. Iciive*. lCn*,lo for N'cl-nii
at ii a.m. rtjiily excel)!, "Sunday; rcl iirniii^, leave-*
NeNon ;it, *i.:*0 p.m.. culling? at 1'alfour, I Hot
Hay. A ins worth, rod all way point.*,; connect-;
with S. K. Sz S. train to and from .Spokane, at
Klvc Mile Point.
Z-nrdo-Duncan Division
AAlKi:   ALIHCIt'lA.
DOMINION* LINK-From "Monucal.
Vancouver -
Jly. r
""  ".'t
���'   ".'">
BKAVEU LIN*E-,Froni J[0ntmil.
Lake Cliaiuplain
Luke "Meganlie  ���
Lake Superior
Lake Ontario
Ltisitania     -    ��� ���
���      ���      ���      July !
��� -      -      -   11
"    Its
-      -,    -      ��� "   ���.'5
��� .   -       ��� 'AUK. I;
P.'i-Neni.'ei-.stielu'tcd throu-h to all parts'of
(treat Hriliiui and Ireland, and al .-pceinllv low
rate-, to nil pail-,- of the European continent.
Apply to neare-t railway or .-leam-.liin iii?cnt or
T.  W. BRADSHAW,  Agent.  Rovelstokc.
tjtf'iimrr Allii'iia lca\c*- lva.-.lo for
,Ai"KO��iln at t*:;"ii |).m. \\'ediic-<la\s.
!.,irdo and
passing* Revelstoke as follows :
Eastbound 4;45,
Westbound 21:34,
Pamphlets fiiriii*-hi->c1 free
A. G. P. A., Agent,
StUtiiiHTn ell! at priiici|)al  laudini?*,   in   holh
direction.*., and at, other point*- when  signalli'd.
Tickets sold to all points in  Canada and the
United States. '
To   ascertain   rates   and    full    information,
Manager, Kaslo, 1J. C.
Vancouver, *5,C
Canadian Pacific Navigation Co. L'd
Steamer** for Wnuijiol. .liineau and Skagway
Every Wcdnosciay at S p. m.       u
and Vancouver
Every Thursday at 2p, m,
Steamers for Northern "Untish  Coliiiiiliin ports
leave Victorin and Vancouver weekly.
IJntf"*, <>lc, on application to '
denural J'.iibensCr A���-<>!��� t.
VtotOl'UJ-, Ji, Q,
TljytE     TABLE
S. S- " Lardeau."
I ���'ii n ii in1; i-i-lwri n .\,-r��iH head .ind TIkiIm ~>>n'-
Landin-.-' (.I'limicin-iii'.' .tune l����, I'tui, ��i 11-ail a.--
fullowi (wciillier pennittiiip) ;
Leave Arrow ln-iid for '1 lioiu-on'-, Unidiii-?
and Coui.ipli\ at 7k. daily.
Lciivc riiom-ou's Landing and ('oni,tpli.x for
AiTouhead .it lSk. d.iily. connect ing withal!
C P. It. tram-, anil boats.
Tlio owners rc-ervc the right lo change lime--
of silling- without, notice.
Managing Director.
Dominion and Tpovineial
Land Surveyors,
Surveyors of Mines'. .Mineral Cl-iim* and Crown
YANCOirYDlv,   D. U. ���������THE KOOtMAY MAIL  Photographic  Supplies I  XVe have just opened a large' ���������������  shipment of     ��������� ' :������J  9  9  $  9  9  .*������  9  S  IF  9  'IF  if  .9.  I  Cameras,  1  A union' picnic of the Methodist and  Presbyterian Sunday schools of the  city will he held on the' gun- club  grounds on Monday! July 2nd.  The ico cream, strawberries, cream,  cake and lemonade will be very seasonable to-night on the Methodist  parsonage grounds. Be Mire and  come.'  Kodaks,  *  ������     Chemicals, ������  plates, films and 'everything re- $  quired for the amateur photo: 9.  graphs.     Call   and   see    them. 2j,  *:   Everything  new and up to date ������??  9.   at the , '        9  I *���������'���������'���������-��������� "|  I CanadaBpug&BookCoI  *.' , ������'   "   ' .    ,   9.  ��������� A meeting of the members and adherents of the Presbyterian church  was held in the church last, Friday  evening when a unanimous call was  extended to Rev. W, C. Calder.  I  %  9ii  Revelstoke Station.  I  9  S. F. Ralston and M.'A. Mitchell .returned from the south this week mid  will again visit the Big Bend district.,  They were unfortunate again this time'  being delayed by high water which, it  is thought will haye taken out some of  the small budges on the.trail.  when the address by the pupils to Mr.  Fritchard Morgan will be read to  gether with compositions W Lord  Roberts and General Baden-Powell.  Drills will-be performed by the children of the junior-divisions. llolls of  honor for proficiency, regularity and  deportment will be awarded. The  teachers extend an invitation to all  interested in tlie school work to be  present during these exercises which  take place in - the 'morning only.  School re-opens iu six weeks time.  THE  Badminton Hotel  VANCOUVER.  RATES   ������2.50    PER    DAY. "'<     ~  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BHIEFS  ,"    Rooms lo let, with or without boaid.  Apply at this office. ���������������  I J. J. Foley came up from Arrowhead  on the Rossland's first trip.'  The band of hope meetings will be  discontinued   until after the holidays.  Alec Cummins,' the Ferguson  merchant, has been in  town  for  the  past  *** *ii  , few days.  ,'Mrs. Wilks, principal of the kindergarten has made arrangements lo give  an entertainment in the conservative  club rooms on Thursday afternoon,  being the closing of the summer term.  A'programme will be rendered by the,  lii Lit* folks commencing at 2 o'clock.  Parent's and friends and those; interested in the work are invited to attend;  1 Miss Helen Dunn left- Sunday evening for Vancouver whei e she will spend  her vacation.   ,    ' "������.'.,  The programme for the Nelson carnival to be held on Monday and Tuesday  next is to hand.   -  Rev. G. J. Patterson will occupy the  ptilpit of  the Presbyterian church for  lhe next two Sundays.  Mademoiselle Trebelli's- concert in  the opera bouse last night was fairly  well attended. Mile. Trebelli posesses  a charming soprano voice which she  'manages with consummate skill and to  the great delight of her audience, who  accorded her several , well deserved  encores. The accompaniments were  played by Ml Eugene Bernstein in a  faultless style, his pianoforte selections  also received, an ovation. Mr. A.  Matthews, Revelstoke's famous violin-,  ist,'rendered several selections in his  usual artistic ' style, receiving, well  merited applause. - Altogether it was  one of the most enjoyable entertain*  in ents ever given in Revelstoke.  Wagons, Delivery  Rigs,  Buggies, Etc.,  X     *     *     *      ���������    ^    ���������     ������"������-������     .      ,     .    T7T7    TTTTTVTTTT   V^rr  %        Goods for the Season.  ���������sr��������� We would call your attention to the following goods at our usual  r!P������  reasonable puces :   ' *  ew������  Od Stoves, one and two burner* ;. HefrUjero torts and Ice Cream Freezers; ^  tfa '   Screen Doors and 'Windows ; Galvanized Wire jSrettin<j.  f������ Everything for the Lawn^���������������nass^  <f������  STARELLS TOOLS.  <$������,..'.. ^''Hardware.and Tinsmithing.  # ty$<$ty4(ty<$tytyty<$tydp($> <%ttytytytyty tytytytp'tytyty'^t  Mviccrs, Sickle*, Shears, Hose and K]>rays.m  LAWRENCE,  BAZAAR  ���������: at :-  AY". (*. Birney and Law Wilkinson  left this morning to do assesment work  on their claims near Golden.  The aluminum chimes with   the Eg-  beits Specialty Co. at the opera house'  , Saturday evening June 30lh.  Daye and .Andrew Ferguson ,>have  been in'town for the past few days returning, to Ferguson t.hiscmorning.  22<*  jir  18*  10"  io'  Nelson defeated Spokane in baseball  Saturday 14 to 10; the. score following  day being in favor of Spokane   i) to S.  31 r, R. A. Janes, ,of Calgary,  father  of Mrs. S.  L.  Saunders,   was  in   town  >yesterday on his way  home from   the  coast.  The ladies conducting the band of  hope wish to thank those who assisted  in providing enjoyments for tlie  children.  The C. P. R. will sell round trip  tickets from Revelstoke .to any point  on June 30, July 1 and  turn up to July 4.  2, good to re-  '"'" ;   ������������������ Rifle Shooting.,  , The following were the scores made  at the regular i rifle practice of ,No. 5  .Conipanj*, R. M. It. held on Saturday  afternoon ; distance 500 yards,'highest  possible 28:���������  Private T. D. Picard  Capt. T. E. L. Taylor <  Private R. A. Skene  K. Doclcl  "       J. E. Taylor .  "       B. Temple  Corporal-J..E. McLean  Private J. D. McLennan  -lo*  '     "*   , H. McDonald  'A    J. Savage  ^Private L. A. Fietz  ' Private T. Carey  \V. Siuythe    '  Sergt. J. Ringer  Private C, Norris-  " '     J. Outhett  K. W. B. Paget  "       E. Watersbn  * Huir-c.ve. ���������' -    ,  Every member of Neva Company,  R. M. R. will have a fair chance to  win a prize. Prize -shooting starts on  Saturday next June 30th at p. in.  Don't miss the shoot and lose a score.  Prizes'for -men who have, not yet;  praticedp A ��������� i  Thompson E. J:.*. Taylor,    i  JAS. MCMAHON'S  ���������:o:��������� c  Blacksmithiii" and Woodwork  l < o t  done on short notice.  Carriages   Built -to    Order.  Your Pocket-book ,  muy be low but*iiobudy sees il, but  if  your dollies' -arc   j-lmbby  that  ���������   ��������� settles it. nobody wants to know you.  '' , .Ladies or Gents Tailor Made Clothes  , repaired and cleaned in good style.  Call or send post card.  Samuel  Needham, Douglas St.  ���������-��������� ���������    . ���������-, * "      &  ' Established 13 years.  Strictly Union Labor Hliop. ,  ���������"Highest Cash Price Paid far  ^ Ladies Costumesv>*oa^^>  ji(h .       50-inch , Homespun,  all .wool, (he  newest goods for Ladies t\fj/r  Mi'     '   '     -    Cos!limes   in   dark   and light grey, daik and light fawn. XW  VM ��������� ,     Call and see them. ...,.- , ' W  # New Muslins^������ss^^> M  ^ ' ' N(My spotted,muslin for ladiessiimii'ierdrcssik Choice goods. W  w Ladies Summer Vests>ass^^> '..A /-'   #,���������  W     <,���������     '     ���������  )Ye   hllvti  tt"vp|,y  "ifo-'linc  of   these just arrived.   Price W  #      '     ' 15c. to 50c.     , io ' -    \-        m  M Ladies HosierySi������az^^> - >���������     ..'.,-        -*|S  M New-ladies cotton'.hose, fast black, prices 15c to 35c. M\})'-  M ,      GALL AND SEE  THESE GOODS. :    ' m  ^'/���������^���������^^���������^���������^r^-T^-^,^'^^^^^'*^*^'^*^"^:^*^*^*{^*^^^!  1 All shipment*! are examined by me as  oon as-they arrive.   Prompt returns as-,  mired.'i Prices are too  high  to warrant  15  13  12  11  0  S  8  7"  lioldiriu goods for any length of time.  You should keep posted on., the returns  you get from   %',,��������� -     ...   -  G. W BALDWIN,  P. O." Box QUI Agent for Jas. Ullnian  Winnipeg, Man.  '^rSHI,;;, PISH!  Fresh. Caclj. Halibut; Salmon,  Etc.,' Smoked  ���������.���������������������������'��������� /Fish & Kippers a Specialty.-', '  '    ,- '  ���������'   ���������       ������������������" "������i  a Family.Grocers, and Produce Merchants.  SAVAGE BROS,,  Second   Street,  CAREFUL ATTENTON.  PROMPT  DELIVERY.  " Cleanliness  .   ,is next to G-odliness."  ���������>  If -you ' want your   scavenger  '.work done  in a clean and  economical   way   send   a  .   card to;,       , '     ,  FRANK SAUNDERS, ���������**���������*.  Revelstoke Station.  The Fred Robinson  . Lumber Go. Limited  H.   MAYNE,  ���������FIRE &, LIFE INSURANCE, AGENTS,..:   ���������  '     ".,-' ,���������'-^W^k NOTARIES' PUBLIC, ETC.  FIRST   STREET,   REVELSTOKE.  THE SPRING STYLES  arc   beauties.    The  Spring' will  be here before you  !     know  it  and  you   will. Be  uncomfortable with ..your  "heavy  winter suit.      Pick; our your pattern now and  ,    L    : ' have your Spring. ������uit in time. , /     ;  New Spring Styles in Woolens.  o:r:e!Ss:maa_is]a  Pirsfi Street, Revelstoke.  cr: ab.  On and after this date our prices for  cut firewood will Im as follows : '   ,  Large yaiiely of  Kloiid'i and  Toilet  watt-i-s."  perfumes and   sachet   powder  alwav.-j lies-h   and   >l.i-oiig   at   Canada  ltev>,I--t(jki;.  Public Schools Closing Examination.!  Closing examinations   ui the public  Drug iV l*ook Co  i schools will  j ini,' when   the  firing the lii tic ones Lo hear Lhe  sweet iiuinie presented by Egberts  Specialty Co., a high class and novel  enteatainnienf.  be held on FridHViriiorn-  variou-i studies will be  briefly summarized. A short entertainment   follows     the   examinations j  $1  per cord at Mill  $2   "'"      delivered.  Prices Cut for Cash.  ��������� Fred Robinson,Managing Director  Take comfort in the hoi weather, and  gel a hammock, you can get them al!  price.** and sizes at the Canada Drug it  Book Cii.'a Revelstoke.  Try our concentrated lemonade powder, a small tin makes 2 gallons of de-  liciou*-. ioinonade, at the, Canada Druj*  A: Hook Co.'s Kcvel.-tokc.   '  Now and Then.  There comes a lime now and then when every gentleman fpels the need of an  exceptionally stylish and well-put-together suit of clothes. The occasion  may be a wedding, a reception, a jmirm*y or* .some other im|)ortant  fmiclion. That is the time to avoid a chance fit. Tliat is the time  above all others, lo give the order to me.  R. S. WILSON, The Tailor.  Passengers from llu: south report  that the. water in lhe Columbia at  Noilhjjoit is about{ eight feet lower  than the usual spring rise.  Our Assortment of  CARPETS,  LINOLEUMS,  STRAW MATTINGS  WALL PAPERS,  DRAPERY GOODS,  \     Etc., is the Largest in the West.  Samples Free on Request.  FOS., Victoria, B.C.  Egberts Specialty Co., at the opera  house .Saturday evening June 30th a  high class musical entertainment introducing the latest musical novelty the  aluminum chiiiics. Tickets on sale at  CV-nadu 13ook fc plug C'u.  THE   MOLSONS   BANK,  '     Incorporated by act of Parliament 18o3. <,i'--i-.\  HEAD OFFICE -  ,    ���������       -   ..        iMONTJiUAL  W.it. Mulsu>- Macphbbsiw, Prw.       S. H. Va\i:;o, \'icc-Prerf.  J auks Elliot, General Manager  PAID UP CAPITAL - '- -$2,^0,000  RESERVE - - - ,1,850,000  general bankin-; bii.-iincss Iransacln.l.   JntorcKl. ullowed on (lcpo.-.ilh al currciil rales.  J. J). MOI/SON, Manager, - BEYBlSTOKB/k C,  Mennan, MeFeely & Company, limited,  Plate  aud Sheet  Glass  _    Wood . JVfantels/ Giale  and   Tiling.    * MAJKSTIU   STJiRl,   RANGES   for   Hold   and   Family   use  Miners' and Mill Supplies.  British Columbia,  Vancouver,  Bi-anche^at Dawson City, Atlin and Bemiel  I. B.. (J, ;ASSAY AND CHEMICAL-. SUPPLY CO. (LIMITED).  . ,     . (tia'te MaeFarlane & Co'.')    ������������������  vVANCO-lJ-.V.ER,.  b: c.  VI  ID  011  C'tiUlj-^ue Mid fuU pauitula't'ii ^C-ut.o-qfapuJjc-iUout


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