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Kootenay Mail Jun 18, 1898

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 i        S i  Jxi  J  .-������ f ? '���������  *: ":  - ,*  %r   f  ���������*��������� **���������  3  ���������^ /������^  Vol. 5.���������No. 9.  REVELSTOKE.  ,   3ST KOOTENAY,  B.C., JUNE V6, 1398.  82.00 a Year.-  THAT  CONVENTION  OF GOVERNMENT DELEGATES .IS A  ���������^PUBLIC LAUGHING STOCK.  No defense made���������No'1 Challenges accepted���������More Questions on delegates���������-Appears an organized  farce���������White is welcome, to such  a nomination.  Tli.it goverinbrnl convention ! never  beforo was seen siu'h ;nir impudent,  attempt lo gall tlit* public into accepting  '���������as serious what was  really  ridiculum-,  into taking as regular  what  was most  irregular. A bubble hursts at tlu* prick  oJ   a    needle,   tin*   convention   whicli  gave Mr. White  his  nomination   loses  its represen,faliveness( at lln* very first  "probe of f-ril iri-in. ���������  ���������   ' Uli-cillewac'l'--     representative ,   denounces puhlii ly I he  use, of his'limine'  as a delegate .i:i'.l says he was there by  '   iiiviialioii.   , ' ',  Albert Canyon's'delegate has not yet  found (.-mirage enough to to take up'  thi' (hallenge "that no peisbn whatsoever v. as delegated to represent Us  (Albeit Canyon) at said convention."  .Roger- ejus-, as everyone at all familiar wit h the country knows, i.s not  in t ti i-i riding'and , a., delegate from  t.hei o was out of place in nominating  a candidate I'm' this riding.    ,  Fergusti!t"s bi'legate sent a proxy to  G.' E. Ui oiran,  vet the statement of a  Ferguson   resident, "I   know of no one  having been  appointed   from   here for  ' that pmpo.-e (delegate) nor can I find,  'anyone in  this  town   who  attended a  / government meeting - to appoint such  delegate,-' though  a  a week   in   piint  is   still    left   iin.-iiisweii'd   b'v   G.     li.  i  Grognn. the political   lather of this 01-  gani/.rd f.if'c.     ��������� ,  As promised, too, inure lctteis challenging the authority otr othei delegate.-., are published this week.  Editor Kciotkxay Mail: ''   <*  Sir.--With regard loarlicle meiitiui:-  ed in Revelstoke Herald on 'government, convention" and dele'gal'i'S , al  same. The general impiession hern is  that Lhi^g'ivi'i iiniont delegate received  his older*--' fiom people in Revelstoke  as he received-none fiom bere;-neither  did they li.ive any political gathering  here other than for the opposition; nor  do I think there are enough suppoi (ers  here of the Turner government to hold  one. Yours faithfully,  o   i AXTI-TuliNERlTE.  ��������� Comaplix, June loth, '9S.  Will the Herald editoi .-ay that as a  citi/."ii with a mind of inv own that 1  am not to expect the method taken to  nominate candidates shall be in accordance with regular custom, decently  and iu 'order? Will he tell me al-o  thai it is'iione of my business?  Independent.  Revekloke, B. C., June 17, 'OS.  A  That,Commission's Report.  The condition.of things as revealed  hy (he Crow's Nest Pass railway commission is so discreditalih* as not fully  to he helieved or grasped hy those who  sitat home inrease.' It is ,.startling  reading the report of the'commission  audit is hoped the government will  not hesitate In sift the matters contained in it to the bottom. Contractors  have rights no doulit, but so too have  laborers and as the matti i has now  attracted so much attention it should  hu carried to a conclusion.  ," Feels Enthusiastic. . J  Mr, J. IT. Kellie leturned Tuesday  from a canvassing trip to Nakusp,  P>ur.*.on' City and File valley.' He  came hack most enthusiastic at tlie  ni-imict in which it is candidatuie  was received. He held a meeting'at  Burton City by request, and it was  \pi-y well 'attended. Mr. Kellie i.s a  sine winner.'      ., <t  Imperial'.Truck  Act in Force in  " -   B. 0,���������Introduced by J.  ellie in the Interests  or  I!',  idglnj.  died  OF THE ��������� LABOR CAUSE!  The struggle for ���������lahor-righls is an  inteiestinif study. Always the most  iiunieious- cl.i-s; workingmen- have  been heiotofore al-o the weake-l,  the re-ult partly of the lack of organization, the diversity of calling, and  restrictive laws upon tin* statute books.  Since theStat nteof Laborers was passed  in the liiiie'.'of' Edward" III. 'working-  men's wages'wiu  till* 1S25 .regulated  a story told in print since the fifteenth  century. A short review of the hi-tury  of the bills introdi.ction, passage and  intent may however iu- given. Il was  spoken 'of lirst hy the Trades aud  Labor Council of Rosslaiul during .Mr.  Kellie'.-: vi.-it theie l,i--t December and  he iill. once look up the, matter on his  return to "Victoria.', He could find no  precedents except the Imperial Act   of  hall   exceed   (hill and true \ .due'of '.lies im.'.  This act come.- inlo   foi re  on the I-t  ol  .July, 1 MS and  it-   effect   sbon'.d he  beneficial to a  large   number  of workmen all the piovince   over,    'it  i-  expected parlirul.ulv  to reach that class  of  employer d<;sning  more  than   the  profit which his woi kmen's toil brings  him and to  men   buffering  from   Mich  av.irieiousiiess on  the   | art of the employer     it     is   a, veritable     godsend.  It   should   al-o    h,i\e   an   .ippreciahle  effect on   trade,   e-pci i.i',Iy   within  tile  opi'i-.it ive /.one, a-, incrrh.-int s ami hot}.'!  keepers may freely   compete   with llie  company   stoic   and    warehouse, and  ' hoarding house for tin* trad-' and. patronage of ih" men.     Altogether  il   is  an act of which Air.   Kellie -houhl Ik*  proud, and il  ha*, alieady won for him  amongst ihe army 'of    toilers  of   our  land its many  friends and  suppoi ters  as has, amongst llie mine   owners  and  prospectors, his v,ell known  efTorlsoii  behalf of  Ihe miuiiiLC induct I y.  T7'  WAR ' NEWS  :ONCERNIXG THE   MOVEMENTS OF  OF OPPOSING' FORCES.  White's   ruse���������Kellie   gives   ei ase���������  Boliled up at Trout Lake City���������.  . Ea'llj Expected -Landing- reports  The battle by *an eye witness���������  Knyr;   r.'.,-ori:-:d   z:.i   diftated.  TWO LOVELY CHERRIES  o    I  Moulded Upon One Stem'by the Rev-  ���������   elsto'ke Contortionist.  * * *  .   -  *  Despite repeated expnsmes our contemporary is at, its dirty tricks  'again, smearing itself" with inky contradictions of its former." columns to  win a smile from the government it  i).ire denounced -o vehement ly.  '    BliFO ������K.  "Working miners should in jiiMicc  to a not particularly ovei-paid class of  men, be free fiom taxation on  their earnings. The wonder i������ how  such a,tax  cvei   came  lo be imposed."  ,"13utthe  fact-of the.  mat (er is dial'  the average prospector and miner does  not,want to see ih'S   tax   taken off (hi;  workinur miner at all."  ' '  -  by Jaw regardless of the workmenV 1S31 and that for many i e.isoiis was in-  will as to leims a'nd place of u ork. J applicable lo British Columbia because  Then, however, they1'were made free of the diif-rence in conditions and  to sell their laboi-lot he be-t'advantage, ' other c.-u^es. Nothing daunted, how-  to consult their own wishes as lo terms evei, Mr. Kellie secured the assi-tance  and place of work, and puton the saihe of Alt-. L. IL. Fullagar an old country  plane before tlie law as other classes, - lawyi-r about to take his examination  But a workingman i.s entitled not only, .here. Together they dialled the 'new  to choose for whom he will work and bill which - was introduced intp Ihe  for \\ hat wage but also to the. realiz-* legislature hy Mr. Kellie and chainpioii-  ition of the best icsults  of   Ins  laboi. , ed then''by him.    Copies were suhmit-  EijrTou Kootenay Al.vir.:  Dear Sir.���������I notice in the last issue  of your paper ,that most of the delegates who attended tlie convention for  the nomination of -i government candidate \wi'i-i' .self-appointed and had no  credentials fiom any meeting. J also  notice in lln: Herald's report that a  delegate, appealed from our locality.  Xow, I keep track of what trans-pires  in Lardeau Mining District and have  never be.u d of'a meeting- being called  to elect a delegate lo a government  convention in either Comaplix or  Thomson's Lauding, ,so ou>- delega'e  must have been sclf-5ippoitiled and Ihe  candidate selected by these delegates  represents, no one but themselves and  comes next thing lo being self-appointed loo. .Ml isc rou.. t  Thomson'- Landing, June Id, MS.  Convention! .nothing of the kind,  and nobody ha-a right to call it such,  not even the 'delegates.' Indeed lbe  only defense made of it is "none of  your or anybody else'.- business-." Mr.  While is welcome to his nomination,  w eh nine fo the means by which it was  obtained: it in as ci editable lo him to  accept it. from such an irregular and  unrepresentative meeting as it was  for if lo 1'11'er it- lo him. The ALur, is  proud lli.it the candidate it. supports  goes before the public with a regular  and repi I'ceutarive nouiiii.ilion. Vote  for Kellie and Kootenay.  More Cherries From Same Tree.  The premier himself has declared  for the repeal of (he working mineis'  license���������Herald, Dec. 11,'!J7. ���������    -  No. 23, Votes and Pioceedings of the  Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, Thursday, 17th, March, IS'JS.  The adjourned debate on Mr. Cotton's  motion, as follows      u  "That in the opinion of this House"  laborers in mines' should not. as such,  be r"cpiired to lake out "fiee miners'  licenses," o  was lesunied.     The  motion   was  negatived on the following division:  Yeas ��������� Messrs. Sword, Kennedy,  Huiiie, Forsler, AlacPheison, Vedder,  Seinlin, Cotton, Graham, Kellie, Hig-  gins-11.  Nays��������� Messrs. Huff, Smith., Multei,.  Tcjkxeii, ��������� Mai tin, Ilithet, Adam--,  Stoddard, Walkein, Pooley, Ebei rs  Bryden, lingers, Hunter, Braden, McGregor���������1(5.  The Poor White Man.  Mr. White said at Kamloops the  other day thai from his experience he  would ju-t as soon bclievcan Indian as  many while men he had met.  Who wants to be a white man now-  n-d.iy.-:j Hon- (>. li. Atariin's best,  workman was a Chinaman and Air.  While would just as soon take (he  word of an Indian, if this kind of  thing goes on, soon the only good  white man will be a dead one; they all  t-penk well of | he dead.  Tell Him.  J'hiiroii Kooviway A!am-:  Dear Sir, ��������� The lleiahl editor slates  hedoe-n'l cue ( wo sliaws whether t lie  government convention rati Is Kellie  supporters ur not, it wasn't got up to  pic.ise lhei|). What about llio.se people  who are independent, who like to'hear  '.(.111(1 st'ii \vhal bolli sides my utid <}o?  A Commandable Custom.  The practice, which is yearly becoming more general,   of mat king  the   vc  eurring     anniversaries     of      national  events,   by    au     appropriate   demonstration,  simple in   ch.iractet   but   effective   teaching,  is cine  that should  receive   every  encouragement.     In  a ,  youiie- country like Canada  il  is most  desirable   that   the   rising generation |  should    be   thoroughly    grounded   in I  those   great    incident.-   of    the     past}  which have  coutiolh-d   lbe  destiny of  llieir kind and  the  fortunes of it- peo- '  pic* and (hat they should also be taught I  the Ii"s--oiib derived  from   IhcYtudyofj  the lives   of   those   great  lives in out !  His wages ai e not alone to be measured  by the money, he'earns but'by" what  that mo.ney will buy him. Thn.-, if he  continues to work'for an unchanged  wai^e but food and 'clothing co-t him  nunc than before, his.wagfs are really  les- by I be amount of (he incn-ase in  food and clothes: and to equalize I hings,  be must work longer and harder or eat  and wear less or, perhaps, do all four.  As (heliist right, the freedom of choice,  w,is not got till 1S25* lbe ^econd, the  realiz.-fl ion of the best results of labor,  was notcibtained till 18:-il wlitjn llie  celebrated truck act came into ioice.  By requiriiiga-j it do,e.s that the laborer  shall bepaidat'itsnoiiiinal price���������money  ���������Ihe'real pi ice, conifoi 1-, lonveniences  and necessaries of life'��������� -wvi-? &ei:ili,c;d) .  afavLhe-employee may (hen-buy as un-  resliainedly as hesells liis l/il*oi;,~all,-the  fruits (.if iL in whatever is . most  recjuisite lo his comfort.".  The Ti uck Act introduced by Mr. J.  Al. Kellie. the opposition candidate for  this">idirig, into the legislative assembly of t his in ovince and-which with  i ��������� . . i  Ihe assistance of the opposition   party  and a few  government  supporters  he  had (he pleasure of pulling  upon   the  statute  book   of   British   (.lolumhi.i   i.s  Ihe application of-.the principle, of  the  Imperial Act (if-1S;,J1.    consistenr with  the conditions prevailing in, (his province1,    It is to  the  winking classes of  this country one of the most important,  hills pasaed hy the legislature   i.u   that,  while    piotecting    them     from     the,  rajiacity of an"avaiicions employer, n't  secures  them   also  fieedom  ro  spend  the money, (he sweat  of  their  brows  earn in the  manner  they   think   best.  It i-- a cliai Ut of liberty,  to   llie  Workman     and  iii:.   Kellie  rlesei ves.    well  from   the. great  iaboi-   interest   for bis  i efi'oi [-on its Jieh.-iir.    How   bis   ell'oi Is  are   appleci.ited   by    (hi-    leco^uiy.ed  . champions of   the  labor  cause   in   the  district which he up lo recently   repie-  scn(ed so well, is made Known   by   the  following   letier   in   a   manner   more  forcible  than   any  other   word*,  could  make il :���������  J. M. Kki.uk. M.P.P.,   .  Deal Sir, ��������� Our Tiades Council at  its  la-t i egul.ir meeting pa-.-ed  a   vole  of  (hank- to  you and  iii-inietcd   me  to  acquaint youcw il h t hat < fact.    Tu   connection l hen-wit h'lrt me say   that   our  friend-  appieciale   lull\   the   y.ilue  ol  your j.i-1 \ ice-   in   the  matt"!-  of yjur i submit il I o I w o auditoi  Ti uck Act,and   othei   legi-lai ion,  and ' the woi koieii.    It  was  we-iucer.'lv trust thai t he culniiiiat ibu jsiveand.   perhaps,   stringent,  of   your ('Hoi!-,   in   coiijuni-t inn   wi'.h'as   at     jjr-L      intioduced,  ted to (he labor orgauiza t ions through  'the country for approval or revision.  So slrin<4>*nt was the bill in its provisions however that' the 'R'issland  men thought it might not pass' as  (Ji'iifled so- they made ceil.iin i-i'com-  lnendal ions restrictive of the scope of  Ihe liiil. Mi;. Kellie adopted them with  other suggestions made by mcnibei's  aiul other- friendly lo the ineasure-and  alone he made every ' amendment' to  the bill till, he passed it through the  house in its present shape.       ^  On (he'second reading of the bill Hie  government wanted Mi. Kellie lo refer  'it to a select' committee of the hou-e  claiming it would save t iiin' and put' it  jn shape to become legislation. Secure  in the righteou-ne.-.s of his'cause and  the friendship of the well disposed Mi1.  Kellie said, "No! 1 will stand or fall by  I lie bill." The attempt, nmrsual  enough, to refer it' lo a select committee wa- rightly regarded in the  house .-is an attempt to shelve it, and if  it had evei been referred, it would  probably have been emasculated lo'  woi thlessness or perhaps killed outright. The allorney-general'.s designs  did not carry, howevei, being defeated  by 'a vote of 13 to 11, a number of Mv.  Kcllie's old colleagues having agreed  lo carry it through.  The original   bill   provide,]   that  the  wages of workmen shall   be payable iu  lawful .money  of Canada,   not ,olhei-  wise, and contracts for  pari   payment  in anything   el.-e   it,   declared   illegal.  Li   actions for  icroyery of  wages  no  set oil'  for  goods  supplied   fiom   the  employers shop or w .irehouse^shall   be  allowed   nor  can   action   for  goods  so  -applied be maintained.    No employer  under t be bill   could   impose   any   condition upon employees as.lo   the   place  al which, or t he mauip'r  iii   which,   or  the pei-oii with whom,  any   woi km,in  ,i-lo board, lodge,   suli-i-i, or reside; or  as lo place al, or manner in or persons  with whom any   wages  or   pint ion" oi  wages paid lo   I hi; workman   are. or is  (o be expended.'    Nothing' in   ihe  act  prevented an employer I'i onusupplying  or   co nl i act ing   lo     supp'y    wnikmeu  with medicine.-, or medical al lend, i. ice.  fuel, mad-rials, tool-, or implement s to  be used  by such  workmen ill his trade  or oecup-tl ion,   but   where   deductions  are made for such   the  employer nriil  ul.'ike a   coi reel, account  of same and  . appointed by  i   ioniprelu'11-  me.tstu-e  but       to  lia\e  and  o  fiom  ,   ' Local find Personal Briefs.  (Juy Barber is outPlo-day.  Ailsizesjn garden luise al Coursier'*..  Tom Home has left for tlie North  Fork of the L.ude.iu. , -  The Waver'ey.lJunijiany   now  over GO men employed. ���������  A choice lot ol' summer   skills  blouses at. Coursier's.  '.Mr. and .Mis.   Munis   armed  Nelson Tuesday evening.  H.iw- you seen those new hat sashes  at Coursiei's. o  ��������� Jlugh McPlier.so'n, 'of Tiout Lake  City, was in town Thursday.  Another accident   has   oc-cur.'ed   to  iho H. W, L. & V. Co/s flun'ie.  5 i  Auiiiu for. photo views of llevelstokii  and the Kootenay eouutiy. '   ' ,    o  1. T. Lh'ewster lias gone had; to tlie  J-ioSt-beiyafter a slim l stay   in   town.  Mrs. J. L. Sn'iilli and children left  Monday for a   \isit   to   London,',Out.  I      VVlieio isJ. M. K-llic, iM.P.P.J Gel  ling ready ,to take his-seat at VicLoiia!  Tlie    Fic'W'ing    family .Ji.is   left fur  .Eiigl.'ind. ' Mr. Frewing i.s, still line.  , Sawyer Bios, it Manning si.ii.ted up  their sash and dooi faclmy Monday.  " Ld A.hur and iMr. -Walsli paid "a,  \isitMu the Apair'gi-iHi'p last  Wednes-  doy-     . '   7 " - ." '  J>enlist    3I.it liison   is   b;:cl;   at'his  olli"f.* in llie Canada   J)nig\t JiOok Co.  block.  IL H. Wilson's sniIs aie made to  suit, the, figures, tho weather, and tlie  purse.      ��������� o  '���������   J.   Alliert   S(one   is   back from Ids  \isit to the 17 ().*   0.   F. ,gi and  meetiir.'.  Tlie luinber for Mr. F.d'iV ni'w icsi-  dence is now on tlie giound on couit  liouse hill. '  J)r. 11. Maihison will be at his dental  oliice Knudstoku Station uiitil, ,ihe  27lh iust. - o  There will be an   election   on   June  251h fiir a sc!  Alu.iliamsuii'K place.  Tapping's   new l opp,  gressing.     It i--i  be finished, this year.  See !>. >���������>. Wilson's new sloi'  syilings. lamest, iiiosl st\iish, nen  anrl  i easoua'.ile in pi ice.  ,\i]mir.i(li)h- Kellie -ailed ves-'erday  moining for Trout Lake CFly to  "lint 11- up1' B-nnba-tic Wiiile, who,  while issuing cli dleiig--��������� iriton", had  silently .stolen aw.-iy'wiihoii! .irianging,  date,-.  L.vnon.���������Soirid< of heavy cannonading have been heard at Thomson's  Landing. (. '.  I.ATKST,- SKAT  OF'WAK.  Titoor Laick,  June   IS.���������(Special   to  Kootknv.y   31 \ir.l~- Kelli.-N   im-.-tirg  las-1 night wa- a  gieat  siu-ce-s.      HalL'  was full.    Great -ir-pri-e to Mr; White  and friend--.    While   was-  badly    con'- '  I'used.and'l hoi ougiiiy di-comli(ted.  Political Pointers.  It i-, now i-eport"d that ihe Citizin  lickel. (he only regul.-u- attempt lo  made Lo opi.o-e (h-. opposition p-nly  candidates, has gone to p'n-ces.  t .1. C. Hrown is .-o sure of el"ctio:i in'  West'oiiiister City that, he has-* ar-  'r.inged a <-tumping tour and is now Hi"  to Cariboo'. v ' '      -  No Change.      ���������"    '  .l/r.Sbau c;li ness\, vic-e-jii esiden t, of t lie  C.V. II.,   .staled    while   in   Vancouver  that  these   v.miid  likely   be no change  in   the.   present   tunc   table  iu use. on '  the main line. "Theie need be n<, fear,  therefoie,  stoke.  Oi  n;  hi   trains   at 11 eve-1-  u scliool irustee to   fill   Ch.is.  ���������a   hulls.: is pio  c'Xfiecled   that it will  ^Still Thera'Arj Otheis.   '  ' .Sir.\W TJIOMPdON".  On   Wednesday   evening   al S..30 p.'  in.,    in   Si     Peter's   dmich.   'Hoc   F.  Ford    united   in   mai ria-^e   Mr.  John  Shaw, an o!cl and esteemed iesident"of,  this town, . to   Miss   Julia   Thompson,'  also of  llcelstoke   but   late   i.i    Cal-  ���������gaiy.        -\Iiss    Sebu.-i     Turnross    w,-.s  bridesmaid  aud J.   Albert.   Stone was  best   m-iii. *    The   ceir-in'ony   w,-.s   witnessed by a nuiid'ei-of   the   fi Sends if  tlie contracting   pu'ties   who   heartily  enngratiilaled iliein -il ihe. close of the  service.     Mrs.   C. Ahralmmsun h'eld a  icceptioji    in  dier   residence   for   the  odgo j newly married   couple, and ������ ith music,  aud rei'i.eshiuents a   \ei\- pleasant evening was .spent.     Luter a   iarge   num-  berof town-p--.-iji!e.   ni-isily   bachelo.-s,   '  visited Mr. and   Mis.   Shaw   at,  tluir  own    home    ai,.)   CDinrr.iUilate.J   them  iic.irli!)' in   tli.j   in.imier   custom.u y to  lloNeisifki" ii ii-iiehr.'s."'   Mr.   Siiaw" re-  sporide 1 feeiiligiy.      The   M.ui.   offers,'  its best    wislie-   i'it   a   happy  future.  Tuesday's Social  The novelty  .���������id  the   Presby-  ot[  j terian ,i iiurch Tucsd.i\ evening   was   a  l a  Ci eat s'jeces-  in.  lii uce  "ir.i  rue  1'  <-1: i c  Hen  r,  me   aie  doing assessnienl work  ou   t!i*-   Noiihl  Foi k of llie Illecillewaet -   |  i lii* concert items weie  euiei taming, and the  e, \.'!li-.-il -,\ ,|- yei y ill-  pile I. ' c-" in d ' much  ���������* >���������; i lie ' -Vu! S K-ietv  lheir   eliorts  Good      workmen     only    at   1!.    S.  Wikon's tailor simp.     Collies   tinned.  ouL neatly as well as (jaickly. o  I'ew Mr. Winchester will pieac.li at !  luoi-iiiii'i and evening   sei \ ice-   in   llie  Frcsbv lei i.m  cliiiich tuiii'ii :* >w.  Uh e.. !'"ie!'i's In other, fiom Km;- .  kind, has been a m'sI'o^ licic l'o, .i ;  week and is n.ev at (.'I m >. ii!i un.  'J'Ik; lialluliij.th  m."eti:iu.'i   ;.t the Sal  mon I  no*.el bill of i.Ac,  t;eniie,i-l\-    c i.njii  i.iu.    Th-'   \���������li-i  d(*s; ; \ es u'trat cicdit  fu  in m iking tiie aii'iir lbe success it was.  ���������Vbout iii'-' v....s,t!ie pr.a'iis realized   for  lbe clniltll  /'  11. Jl  v alion Arnr,  i irl ad; i I bis week ba>  been  iciy eulei (.lining,  In'iielici.  Hid  lo-gi a  v. 111 I  ti i.m  Hi M-..  'i'il  Two    ,.s  "li    e.iii  i'i iinil Mi,   the  ic. /-. ��������� ���������  hi- ,Ki.  i i  i'il!-. vi-I-ii.kc   foe  J,lie-     -Jl-'.      Te.it     i."  !- ;. - d- !C(.'j,'[;.\-.������y,M.M  iii.in 11;.''* -*;- 11   :i!"  s'     v. eu'r   ,.od   o.. ���������  eiiable  ihi-   piper)  pini  on!  u  wet  ���������!,  ciurc.i  oliice.  C 1.1'. l!lll"S.  lis.      Tn-*  trihiited lo tin  nappy   lesiil'.  am!  of   le|  ,1.  -:ls'  kiting  moie   lili-'ity   and   fieedom   (o  t hose u ho obey   the  di\ ine   injunction  of eating bi cad in   the  sweat of  their  face-.  dil'liculty of I ranspoi I  COIIipct il ive   Stol i',-,    e  \\'e| e made v.  ���������it ion, absence ol  c, auieiidmeuls  liol   deslrov-  history   which   have  been  devoted  to .        . ,��������� .     , -,,-,���������,���������,.  tlieir   country's   service Thus   the ' ,'l������''l������,(''*"'  ('11"'1'  ,l",|lt'--'   "'"   .pis-tily Unit   conditions   pievailing   in   pari sol  growing custom  of   flying  Urn  school ! >^f T.?"i"if. .^ ���������'".'   U*V" |,,,IJ" ' nrilNh tJ"1,",,ia-sl',,h  ���������<-<v������'oteness,  house Hag, not only on public holidays !  but  nn   other   national   anniver.-arie-1  and decorating the giaves of the. mini-j ' ."     .      .        '. .     ., "    (  liy'.** heroes whether of why or of  peace, .should be in every way encouraged. The memory of the'great de-j In com ln.-iou w e ,ne happy Lo say  parted is a national heritage ami never ' l!)!i1 >'" !i'1*L' i'''(l-''uied your pled-ge-  has that truth been better exemplified \ given to a commit tee. from o.u- Trade's  than in the universal he mage paid to ! Council dm ing your \ i.-il lo our cily,  Iho memory  of  the  empire's  sri-eate-a ! a,1(*   '"   (,Vl,|lL   (,r   1'"'"'   enfering   the  well a I tended,  The gloi ions 1 ^iId will be celei i.iied  ! e  I  empire s  commoner who.-e nioita! leiuain- weie '���������  laid to rest in the inaiiselum   ten  days !  ago.   So   too   iu   Canada   the   (ribute  paid to th" memory  of otic (if the D<������ '  minion's gi eatesl sons  on   the-evinth'  anniversary last  .Monday  of hi- death |  wa-, liltinsraiid protiei.     Piobablv Ie���������  than half the p"op!e of Canada agi eed <  wiih Ihe policy of   Sir John   A.   .Mac-  Donald dining   his  leign   .-^-  pnmier,  politic.d   .-irena   in   the    forth-coming  campaign'yon will havcouv .-ynipathy  and best w i.-he.- for sin ces.--.  Yotiis ti ul,v,  Jami:.-> WjLKi-,  Ciiaii man.   committee   on    legislation  Trades and Labor Council.  Ko-si.nal, L. C, M iv 22, JS.Jfa7  Sp.ue .vili   nnl   lice   permit   .ill   ac-  coiull  of   thecail-es   uhii-i)   led    to   Ihe  , ing the pi inciple, ma<'e it eii'-cl i\ e and  j su'lable to lbe country conditions.  Chief   ,-iinoiigsl.   tlie-e   amendments  w-as   the    restriction   of    the  scope of  I clauses ,'J t,o '.)   iuciu-ive,   l,ho-e   ilea line;  i  I wiih   p.-iymeiit   of     wages   iu   lawful  nKiney, boa rdiughuiiscsand |iurcli,iseof  goods from employers, |(, iucorpm-aled  cities and towns, oi within three miles  thereof; outside of '(li.it sphere employers may pay wages in bank note.-,  chripies on any charlered bank having  au   oflice   iu   Jji-itish   Columbia, or in  oilier negotiable instiuinenl, providing always, that such cheipie- oi in-  sl i uments ,-ire paid   al   par   \alue  and  (Ida year al Salmon Ann in  .Mtfuiiie's  glow.        k'audoop.j    ,uid      IloicNtoko,  lodges w ill at tend.  Quail bullies of puie   lime juiie f"i i  oOc al   The    Mci)owe!l-.Vl kins Wa!-.in  Co.,   The    Di ugLTists,    JhC.utv   b!  ck, i  I b;\ "Isloke Station. o  New si mi-I; of picpucd fouls fm  infants ami invalids at Tin- Mcllov.eil-  At Ions-Watson Co., The i)i iiult'-Is.  McCaily block, He\ekt'il.e Station.    '',  Don't forget'i'i out   Like   Cn_\'s   en'  lei laiiimeiit     Dominioii   D.iy;   an   e\  cursioii   sliollld    be   ai ranged.       Ti..u  I.i  co  l.f .  (he   prette  Lake City is one of   I'  cat inns iu the count' j.,  The Metliodisi   L idies   Aid  will hold a st i au bci i v fe .1 iv al  fs iuet\  on    the  not othei wise. Then, loo, (hough ciu-  but even the , niost, opposed to his I iuti;'bducliou'of this :i'm|ioi l.-Mit act iii to p ploy ers outside such' zone', may in c.'cr-  inet.hoils concede bis right to .rank as a j Briii.-h Colum.liia suilice it shortly to I tain cases, as; on railway const, ruction  gn.'iit and devoted son of I in* Dominion ! say itwas the same old story of Work- J and ���������repair, contract to supply a wtirk-  ati.l pay hoimrge to. his niemory ac- j men cci'iiipelled to e.il. clothe, -leep and j man wiih board and lodging, no de-  coi'diiigly, ���������..'  :   a* ? ,. | huv.at'lhe premitcf of .the (.'mployer,   duiliotis in res'pect of any goods, board  pal sonag" gi minds i,i'M    !'i id.i\    even  ing,   2 lib    iust.     Nn   e.'loil     will    be  spared to m ike tIn-> a gienl -ucee--.  Sei i.ices in ihe Methodist (-lunch to  morrow 'will be. held at I be usual  hours.. Morn ing subject'���������"Cleansing..;.  Tn llu: evening the. ��������� |.iasioip will 'commence a M'ins <>f -unions on tbe  '' Fallible.; of I lie Piodigil b m. '  il u ::  o.u."  A  iil'i.e > .' :  il.'.j.  i'i en:-  id mi:; D-.  T. J. r. .  M.-s   II;-  Iheth.."  d"p Me.'e >:  ji.u.id ��������� in ���������'  di*. e.-.i.  bletiueu ,i  le.pie-ie.i  Il.lu-o:. ,-,  Hevekto.  Fue.lei'-  Tbe     ],.  L'iv i-ig an  in Tapii:-.  r.ir     '_' '  i .\  n, <:  J-'i i.it  a.  ���������'i    <.:'  e  l "ii   llll.'.  ."���������'('I     Will  and   if  the fiic  li I'.'e   to  r,y-! euiei  d    hex-  r  .ia  'im.-d    lieie    Muii-  I .   I.   1 i Crj w ,i- e'ejied  in im n k.    \ i.-e pres-  M   '.\'   imi".   ������������������������������������  lei.ir,-; Mrs.  ��������� -ii. -.* t'" is-ue,--;  co!k<.tor-,  -M'.- ���������. Fv.i-is   au-l   Jy->u is.  i '.f Couit Mi.   Degiiie,   Tn-  < b i":    of    Foiester'-.    will  '���������'.  i'-'i "i's ihiiicii   for   Sun-  >'~     s..t \;   (. _\1|     NiM'ting  .��������� inv ited in ..'t'-nd and aie  to i-e ,  C's  ���������  L;a-  to i!i '.u-;i  i'"-.rt c!i imbei- Cover  '���������y.   ������.:50   pm.    The  1) uri w ill e..-oi i the  -:'i I  II' ittc  liii'in'iit  "i. -ii-'.    Tl������  ni.' [ ai i   ii  -.; ai z   inv  club  mi   ihe   2Sih  i.'ueiHt  l.  idies and  \f   b"en   as-  soino    time  li"iO ;e.u '.i   '  1  ���������d'lllous'y    M'il  p.'-l -m a ��������� |..e : I, I )'.'rf'.iim luce i.s expected.. Then1 wid'hea. concert pro-  .trnnm..iie;bct-'i!-e ij;e jAny and .adaiue  afterwai'ds'...: 1 be'. photos of tlif; per-'  foiiru, >*id oi u i \h. mil ii o*i ���������Slon-.  d.ij. PAGE -2.  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  Zhe Ifcootena? flfoatl  ' PUUUSHKD KVERY SATURDAY  ���������AT���������  ', REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  ���������HY��������� i  ,     .   ATKINS & IWMPHKLL'.  I'l'ai.r3]!!'.!!.- AXI1  PuO!'KIi:ToaP.  SuT3S3i-:;3tioii   Pries,   S2.00    Per    Annum  Z5T STivICTJ.Y  IN   ADVANCi; 'Ei  ADVERTISING RATES.  CONTRACT AUVERTIisKMKXTS iriscncii nt  I'll- raio of ?l.r">0 per column incli per nuiiuli.  ' rorsjMce-of si\ coluiiin indies or over 51  ��������� licrincli per inonlli. . "  TK'.WSIKN'T AllVEltTISEMEXT.'S 10c. per  .line lirst insertion, nc. per lino e.-teli sub^c-  qiu-nr insertion. The number of lines  reckoned by -pace occupied. V- lines to (lie  inch.  KKAIHXG XOTICKS l"e. per line each in-  s������rtion, unless coiHraelcd for by tlie 100  lines.  J011 l'l'IXTIN'G of cvpi-.v kin'rl at most rea-ou-  nblc rates and -liorte=t notice. ,  ACCOUNT.- for job printing or n'lvcrrl,iii|j  1',-oable on tin; lirsl of evei-v month.  COrilMCf.i'ONIIKN'C'E on all matters of local  ' or iniblic inlcrc-r invhed and e.u-efully ron-  ���������sidered.    AH eoinnmnieulions to the l-Mipir  mii-t be .-ic^oiiipiuiicd b,^ the naine.of the  ,, cwi-iLe;-. not neee���������arily for publication, bill  'n- nn evidence of i,-ood faith.  A(](llT-������  Tiu-: Kootknay Mail.  Revelstoke, CO.  lilCYELSTOKE, JUNE IS,  l&.'S.  (jkA^y^y^S/%. '*a/$/������*/\V$/*&'&-1  J?  wineial Elections  (Mr. White's) hesitation to accept."  It is only a few days ago (May 31st)  since it announced that as far as it  could asce'itain "the only gentleman'  who has signified any intention of  coining forward to solicit the nomination was W. 'White, Q. Cf It is a  matter of indifference to the Mail  .whether the government candidate  "solicited1' the nomination or "hesitated to accept" it, but for correctness  sake which is it, Herald. If he  solicited it he did not hesitate surely,  and if he accepted it hesitatingly he  ��������� was not' soliciting it.. ' Really it is  difficult to know our contemporary's  mind for any, even a short, period 'of  time.    Does it know it,' itself.  HENDERSON   BROS.  SUCCESSORS TO     ��������� '  LAjSTGLEY & HENDERSON BEOS.  Wholesale   Druggists,.  '    '-     (Established IMS.)  "*������anazzz^-*- Victoria   and    Vancouver.  ��������� B. C.  We carry the largest slock of Chemicals, Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet  Articles, Etc., in Briti-h Columbia.      ,������������������!,.  Parties in, or contemplating opening in business, will find it to their ad-f  vantage to place their orders with us. . ,  To the Electors of Kcrchloka Riling of Went Kootenay.  I beg leave lo express my'  'lib-inks to,, thi* electors of this  riding for the honor 'done ineF iu  nominating me as the op'pos:lion  candidate; and I assure them that  if ejected I will endeavor to rep  resent   tliein    and    further    the  I |  interests of   the.   district   lo   the  very .best of my .-ibilitv.  .Meanwhile I will-make it. my  business to pes-tonally visit llie  different partsiof the riding and  'consult the .people; and I will ���������  lose no oppoi tuiiity of discussing  with them tho,political issues of  I he day.  Again thanking you,   1   remain,)  Faithfully yours.    '  ������ ������'   ��������� -]-  M- .KULUIR ������  As the government convention was  ari'anged solely lo get Mr. White's  consent to run, the irregularities ad-  'milted are of no consequence. If  anyone can produce a government supporter who i.s dissatisfied 'with Mr.  White's nomination or who hud any  other candidate in his mind that lie  wauled to see come, out 'the. irregu-  huities attending Mr. White's nomination will be worth cackling about,-  says the Herald.  The Mail challenges Chas. V. Lind-  marii*ti'ir������iiy that he didn't have any  other candidate in ,liis ,mind that' he.  wanted to see come out, .and we challenge, him further to cbnv that lie'  made efforts'in that party's behalf  looking towards his 'nomination. '"Now,  Mr. landmark !  Incorporated hv act of Parliament 1855.  HEAD OFFICE  , "-        .      -   . ,       MONTREAL  W.M. MOLSOX Macpherson, Pies.       S. II. Ewixg, Vice-Pros.  V.  WoLFEitSTANT Thomas, General Manager '  PAID UP CAPITAL       ' - $2,000,000  RESERVE1/      '. .-- - - f       1.500,000  A general banking business transacted.   Interest allowed on deposits at current rate.  J. D. MOLSON, Manager,     '      - * REVELSTOKE,,B. C.  ���������    Groceries, Provisions,   Dry Goods and  0 Clothing, Cigars and Tobaccos.  Importers   of  Scandinavian   Produce.  OUR SPECIALTIES���������Norway K K K Sail, lleiring,   Anchovies,   Gothenburg  .     Sausage, and, EskilM una Razors. ,       ,   ��������� .  Write for prices.     Mail orders  promptly at tended , to.   Goods delivered  free  loany pari of town. ' ' ,;  First Street, Revelstoke Station.  SEASONABLE GOODS I  Hire's Root Beer.        Lime Juice.        Lithia Watei;!  Eno's Fruit Salt. '     ..  Fowler's Extract Strawberry.  Chloride of Lime.     . ' Insect Powder.  Fine toilet waters and toilet soap. "  ,       Orders hy mail receive prompt attention.  CANADA DRUG and BOOK CO., Limited,  ���������  '     RevelstoKe Station, B. C.  CE  ABRAHAMSON UHOS., Pjiowiietohs. '  First-class Table   ���������   Good Beds  -V  Pire-propf Safe  Telephone , ���������   'Bus Meets all Trains  Tin-: government candidate, with-  draws the assertion that he was the  choice of a convention hy delegates  representing the various parts of the  rifling, and'jio'w^coiues forward at the  desire of the supporters of the government in this riding. Score one for the  .Mail on that convention.  So the government convention   win  arranged solely to give, .Mr. White   au  ' opportunity to accept  the   nomination  'and anyone ohjecling lo   the   "iriegu-  larities''   attending   the   way    it    was  done can���������do'tlie oiner thing; it's none  ��������� of their business anyhow. Il, was all  arranged, we are given to understand..  long before..the convention met, and  if  . such usua].and. useful details as holding meetings in llie vaiious divisions  of the riding to appoint delegates (thus  securing a .free, expression of public  opinion) were dispensed wiih, what  business is it of anyone*-, anyhow )   ,  The eflrontery of ��������� tliis defeu'ea of a  sham'and bogus cum cation is brazen  in the exticme.     Especially so when it  ���������is remembered that not-long ago (May  HQ'Ai) this same paper���������tlio" Herald��������� Kjune 11th,  .    ' ; .��������� |  when   announcing   the    intention    of  holding this convention sa\l :    On the,  government side in this riding at  this ;  election theie will be no Iiugger-nugger'.j  hole-iu-coi ner business   with the whole I  tiling cut   and   dried   bv half a dozen i  " It is'a pretty good index of wliat is  going to happen to the government on  July 9th that they cannot get straight  supporteis out in Vancouver Citv, that  <, * .  thev have to rum an independent in  Westminster City and tliat in Victoria  City a man like lv. P. Pitliet has  dropped oil' their tiekc t.  ' Why It Is Upset,       ���������.   ,  ,, We were nuclei the impression that  the. Rosslahd Miner was advocating  the cause of the government in the ap-'  proaching provincial elections, hut  from the editorial iii its last issue we  are tempted,to think that it must really he voicing the, views of the opposition electors of the Boundary Creek  district. ** Such unaffected sympathy  on the part, of an opposing , journal  must he a solace to the souls of'Mr.  Bogle's supporters, provided they are  as liroken-heai'ted as the Rossland Mi-  ner would have' us believe. There is,  however, one gleam of light for the  supporters *of Mr. James Martin, at  any rale, in this unfortunate affair,  and that is I hat if Mr. Martin were not  :i very strong candidate the Rossland  Miner would not be so upset at his  no mi nation.���������Nelson Miner.  ReVelstoke * -Hospital.  Maternity ward in connection'.'  Vaccine kepton hand i  '.    .    .,  Drs. McKcclmic and Joffs,  ���������   Attendants.  QR. MALLOCH,       ,  Physician and Surgeon.  McKonzio Avenue,  Revelstoke B. C.  JAMES MURPHY,  B. A.,  FRANK 'VANDALL, Pkoi'kietok.  levelstoke, B.C.���������  Best Table in Town, Well" Fopiiislied Booms,  -'     Choieest Wines, Liquors ami* Cigars,     \  v   . Everything Strictly .  Terms $2 per, day  Kamloops Be'cr on Draught  ���������   , Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  OFi'icii C-o^-ax Block,     ���������   .  Ox a par with" Mr. While's appeal  to llie electors uf the .Northwest Hiding of Kootenay was the putting of  Ivoltcis Pass una the list of this dis-  11 id's polling places. The Northwest  Hiding has ghen place   to   the   Ivcvel-  stoko    lvidinii   and    lvoycrs    Pass    is  sti uck oft" the list.'  Tin; governmeiit'candidate lias di;-  cided after a. week's appeal not to woo  the electors uf the North-West Riding  of Kootenay any longer, fie. has  soui-lit him out-another constituency,'  thU time the- Revelstoke Hiding uf  West Kooienav.    Clever man !  His' Invitation.  Eijitor Kootexav Ma'il:  Si.',--As it is the wish of thf\electors  tliat public questions .should be, dis-.  'cussed between us on the, platform, T  lieieby extend an invitation to Mr.  Kellie to meet me at all' my meetings  in this riding," of which full notice will  he. given as soon as dates can be, arranged. Yours'trulv,  '     ' W. Viiim  ��������� ALBERT-CANYON.  P. 0. Box 10S.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  ' o  ^RTHUR.G. M. SPRAGGE,  I* " z- * (  Barrister, Solicitor, Eto.  %  Oliieu in Smith Dlock, Puciflc Avenue, '  UKVKhSTOKK STATION", H. C.  AURAirAHlSON' I3K0S., Phoi'iiiktohs.  o        Everything new- and First=class in all Respects.      ;   . ,  Tlie House is stocked With the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market  TROUT^LAKE   CITT    B.C.  OMENTA!  u  J. A1-P.KHTST0.NI3. Phoimsietoh.  Ouk   contemporary    head-    a    jom;  I ai tide on tlie gOverrfineut, "ronieiiti'iii"''  ������������������ Much   Ado   About    Nothing.     Tn'*  only time our conteinpoiarv   i-.  correal  ih *-eemiii;ilv when it du"--n't ni'-an it.  political li.-eki'i.     The   man,  wlioc\cr i  Iv* i-,   ib.it   runs   on   ihe  sivl*-1 >vil! be the free  and   open   choice  of ilifuhoie   gu-.ermuent   siipp-at   (ii .  lbi> cun^i i' Hi'iiey. ' v |  N'i !iu'_"_"-i- iiu^lT1'!-��������� lio'.c-iii-ihe-c'ii-  ii'-r woi':: Oh' im! only tie- thinu' ai-  r.iUL'rd lnnr_'bcfuii' ih" ( uii". 1'iilion. Xw  liole-iu oi : iii'i- ij'i^iiit���������^ u.t!i ' In- '.Oinl..  ibiiii.' uii "'-'! '���������' 'f rl ''j'  jioiiiiv.! Ii'-el'-i-: N<ii!ifu.  o:dv t!i<- i..ii)\<.-ntion iui.H.,.r"d -i'!"!y  toL'lW'Mr.  While    the opp.'u tlinit V lie  i\i   a (!i./eii  O  ii.,e     I h a.  l i- tai.-'-n.  Th  njipi ii I unit'  li"  e "Ii re ami f .pen cteaci  Business is lui>k in this lively camp.  The Wavi-rly Mines Co. have, about 10  or oO men opening up their wagon road  and have now eight -l-horse learns busy  takintr supplies up to mines, hesides  about 2o pack mule--. ,    . ', -   A.  ,,. . , ,       ,,      ,      ,     1     The-ame company are  putting  in.a  Uc   require   from    the   Pve\el-stoke i , , ,     .,       ,   .,-,.  1 , ,- large winelio'.i~e   and  other  buildings  Herald, at it*, wry cat Host opportunity. , f,���������., ,jll? ;,tronimodation of their sup-  explanation and , apoiogy for an piii-, which th^y. expect lo connect  editoiial lefening'to it-  contemporary    with the railroad by a  narrow  guage,  which appeared uncier* the\puLiisiiei= '<>!1<1.  .    .     .            .   .         , Twelve inc.i <��������� horses arrived  for the  announcement I1I..U-. iss-ur ot taturu.i.v. .   .              ,.           , ,.           . . ,  ' .iiuning co. ihis  week, making  a total  1 nf r.i-ai-lv 1.1 ��������� working by the   company  - at pi "-t>nf. ' ,  .Seve;;il   hundred   tons of machinery  isi-vpc i ed -oon for t heir sawmill, cnii-  (���������eiilr.itoi-and hi'i-ting pur|)0*-c*������.'  i     A new ,-uldjtidti to tlit-li���������I of bn*-i;ies>  , men is .Mr. Fi ed. Forre-t, ��������������� hi* has  left  fui- Vanc-ouvi-r t'> pnrcha-e <-upplie-. for  a general store, which h" will   conduct  al   th"   mile--,   at,  an  early date.    This  will be ,' crieai  convenience to the min-  , ,   , ,        i  ei���������and   lo  (.1 her-, ,(iid   i le-ie   i>  every  likelihood   I bat he v\ ill make a --m cess  of hi-, v>-nt ure.  , . Tiie < '.in.uii.in   Pacific   fbiilway   ('<i.,  ' ft (itCiiiziux    i be   glowing   imp'.i (.nice  of (hi- point, .ni- making t,|.,ny ,,|i .j,,.  t ic ������ii*- - puftiii': io .i Imitf-i.li'ijr   jo-i l������--  l.i'V l!..- -t li .<io. Jeii���������'ll. M.i'.i^- ill'- " ^"'  -OU," lll.l(l|.-(l- of feel fo ! I.'" -o'ltl.,  ,111(1   p'-l b.'l jl-  -I   -j   10   I'i!- I i.e Ci"!.*. '-I'l"lli e  of I be or no ir ' oiii|.-i ny.  Phot oyi ,lpb V   i"   I he Ol 11''I   of   f i,i.   il  , y  in th'-v .iv of iimu-'-meiil-. Ah [Jie  k''l'. Iliicbf o|a-l.i'o! .i! lb" -:.i'"e;, b,;\-  illg bad .i,/iio in-i I un eril, ,ii,i! t.ij..'.  ailVl llin'-f fl oru l.ind^c.ipe ','ie-,v, lo the  loving     .-ItlHild)'    of     eii'J-.lged     ff.-ipli...  Ft i- und'T-t'"! h" i- -d-" lio'.k"'! for ,i  wedding (I.iv, aiul \ve u, iy e-<p"i i 'o  find iv-o harid-'nii" jiicfme-, ;ii    no  di--  "'oiTir  \\\\\ lift J^*w_  FRED. M. WELLS, Mine Examiner.  A    'H. flOLDIOFi;  Analytical -Chemist and Assayer,  NELSON,   B. C.    ,  Tlie iJoditer ������,i\-s iht'te'-'   no   reritii'i  * - </ (.1  ivern'neiu ! fund on the  go'.ei imient   -;<Je   in   thii  riding.     The f)nf!._'"i   wdi kn'j'.v a-, well  ai anybody.  'Tnii i- the'1'ir-.t lime wr- h.ive found  it unsafe to cdl a North Kontt-uaiaii a  white man,  Thar K-miloops Meetinp;. ,  Mi. .Mo tin-   i.ii'eiim.r  .it   Kamlo. p-  Oll    S, It III ll. IS     l.l-t     lllllieil    mil     In    ll" ,i  i.iiiili.ii k for   lln-   (nmmr���������uui"i.      Mi.  J)e.l!|i',     the     i.ppii-llloiil-l      < .1 u'\id.i I",  (.ipiuied tin- ,ui<ii"ii( e-- -ym|i.ilb\  ,ii i In- -i.ii I and had thing- all |ii-ct;\  mm h hi-own ,.\ ay.    Mailin  i- .ti j.i.'l  ,1- .lefi'.lt.ed -ill e,l(i\ .  As-.iys. of every variety of minora!.  .Analysis  of  milk,   water, or other nmlorials  used for food.  Prompt Results.   ' Prompt Cash.  The Dining Room is furnished with the best the  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES/ LIQUORS AND CIGARS.,'  - Front St., Revelstoke  LUND. & DUFAULT,  )  PROPRIETORS.  Best $1 a day house in town. ". "White labour only  [T   H.  HEAPS & CO./  Machinery Ih-okcrs,  ,'iM Coi-dovii Sli-ecb  wvNCouvrcn, ii.e.  The bar is supplied with (.he best brands of wines,  liquors  and  -     JVV. PE'RKS, Manaukk.  Cigars.  Subscribe for the Kootenay Mail.  FOR SALE   A (luiinliiy of I'^lit. fiifond Imnd  -t".l0i:niu.  ���������     Push It Along.  .  On Mond.iy e\ enin^c I.-1-.I  .-it   .-���������   |.r,l''ir-  i meel i11lc of I lie eil i/ein of   Troul    L.ike  nf llie uiiole ;_'o-> ei mi.enl -iifiport i'i  tiii^ con-tiiiii'iu-y." "^"e-! the fdioii.c-  fit fi nifel inq fit ;i few self ;ipr.</iiilc<l  dcic^iilf"-,     iii'-iti-d     fiif'iidi    'if    ili(  "ini".   ;iud    (itiicr-    not     rntit,!(*iJ    t'i  "��������� .       '   . ..    ��������� ('it v it  u-as (li'flded to Celclil-'ile I he 1-t,  bf'coii.trited ill nil.     And if !liopul;lic-| <)f J||)y j|(,i.(._    A s,I.(,I,f;���������.���������l.|.iI1L,   ,.,���������;;.    ,���������,���������(, ,i,,y in ii  .ert.,i,,   h..u-e!,������,i(l   ,.,.>}.  dont !ik(! tin- ������';iv it h;is done iIibv Oiin j |llin(,(.   U.,IM   .,p|)>lln(,.,|   ilM,l   tlnee   of i tied "IJ-foi" ,i,id "After."  do tli.''   other   tiling.'.    The   |ieo]i!c:   do | them detriiled olt' to get,. Hiili-.f-riijl inn-'. ,     hi maLter-(,   |ioliiii.il,   i''u-c<   i-i   > ,t,-  not like tlif wnv il  u;is done ;uid   I hey I The solicitors were very inrres-fii! ,md \ ������iflf im !������!��������������� iul"i <���������������������������.'. fvim ed  in   th"  e,,m.  ..i. ;,... .....I A,    ilw.   ,,tl.f"i ��������� in '"ic ufl-erncrui r.iised o\er $2'>0,   nnd ' in-/ "lei tion, ;ind it is t.hd'i'.-hl Mr. K'-l-  .l(l\l(,e find (io    (lit,    oinei  | .      c-  il. in expected th.it iii ;i   very   few  d.-iyn, lie u ill v,u ry t ne fn-lfl  ������������������,;~:i \-.     \v|,ei,||.  hi!    i)    feeling   f.f  fiplidsji |,,|,  difficult  COSMOPOLITAN HOTEL  KAMLOOPS, B.C.  \'><:A of ^Vf.-rythin^ .^oiny.  RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prop's.  will t.ilu.- llie ;i<i\ n;e mik  thim,'--vote fm  Mr. -J. M. Kellie.   who  not cmlv irjt his luiniimition   le^'uhulv  l.hii "uni will'hc swelled  to  over  three i ci-I hit. \vil  himdied   drill.irs.      A    pro^i.immf:   of    tn I h'- f<overniiieril. or nut it i-  hy the people's will   thiough   |iropei ly    ^}>,-,f th     crmM-.tim<    of ' athletic    nnd  eleuted deh-'Mtes but wiio st;uids for ;i  party' lluit. believes   in . .consulting' the  people's voice and wishes. ���������  ������  '��������� On .Mmidiiy, defending' the guven;-  ment " convimtiii'ii," our., cotitemprirury  .said of the nominees, ��������� " the  only���������; liitcli  (..���������  Uiaf'wuHpit'all likely to .occur in   tho  pfo^'tamine  wit1*   in   tliiit   y'jathjmiui'1*   otit early next week.��������� Topic, June \),  K(|ii;il ic sjior-lM, hfii-sc-rrir-in^ .-Hid <i football match, will he uiadc out and published in ii, few1 days. ���������Be.sifle" it is  expected fhiil, an cxi.-ur.sion on the lake  in tiuMiew steamer will he one of the  chief aftiiu-tions,Und in the evening a.  gtimcl hull will hif. ^-iveii ��������� under the  auspices fif (he Kin; Brigade. Bills',  with the programme of. sports will  he  to ,ny at this d.ifc, hut Mr. Kc||ii.\  pcixonalil v is ceifainly in f.i vour, he  hejng very jifipul'ir , I hi oiighoiit the  e.'iinp. /hid (lie government a. ciiiidi-  date' liej.t.cr known than , the one clio-  si'ii, Ihey woulfl hi'ive iIoik? heller in  this vicinity. . A, .\  it is .highly desirable that ji polling  station be established here iisac-onveii-  ieiicu to the-iO oi 50��������� voters! in the district.  W.   G.  BIRNEY  Painter and Decorator.  Graining, Carriage Painting and Paper  .7 ; ��������� Hanging.  DEALKk    IN    WALr>    PAPERS;  Architect and Buildefc  iiiildinif and waul a first -class design, comp;  .-mallet cost, call and see me  A L L    \\' 0 R K    G U A R A N T E E D  If you conleinpl.-ife huildinif and waul .-i first -class design. coiiip;il iahle with Ihe  .-m.ille.st cost, call ;ind see me  RlcIConzlo Avpnuo,  REVELSTOKE 8TATZ0N.  ^_   SPBOIALTYp  IRootena^ TIDatl '*' * * "Iftevelstohe, B.C. THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  PAGE 3  A GOVERNMENT ORGAN  WHAT IT SAID OF THE   GOVERNMENT BEFORE  ITS 'FLOP.  Had no use for the Turner ministry  i f  then--Family compact ��������� Antiqu-  .    atcd methods in favor of charter-  mongers and speculators���������Talks  of impeachment. 0  When people think of the fulsome  flattery of Mr. Turner, 'the approval  ��������� of his policy' and r the support now  given' his cause hy the. I'fivelstoke  Herald they inu'st" be astonished to  find that ,t lie,'!, following opinions are  ��������� pxliiict.s from' the. 'columns of that  self same paper. Strange as it may  seem it is so.  One pl.-ink of the platfoim which will  sweep this province at I he next election  will he lln* repeal of every act wherehy  the' family compact and its musters  have hene/iltcd at the expense, of tin*  people of thi.- province, and it, will he'  exceedingly advi.-ahle foi investors  who may he inclined to put 'money into any project������ in this province on tho  sfiengthof concessions made hy the  present government, to wait' and see  wnethei ihey survive the fire lest at  , the next elect ion. * * ������ The sooner  the Pike?, Rilhe'l?, lleinze'sl ct' hoc  ejenus omnc, re< ognize' this fact llie  sooner they will pei haps release the  'prt).-e!it.inini>lry from ils dirty work  and let. the province commence a  new  'era, of   decent    administration.     The  ��������� i  piej-ent farce heing en.-n.ted at Victoria  is not only di.-^raceful hut useless. The  , mini.-try  aie  wallowing   in_ mud   for  ��������� ' nothing.���������31.iv f>, '07.  It seems to the   Herald  that,  with'a  '   government    prepared   to' set    piihlic  opinion   at'  defiance   from   hehind  its  majority in the house, it only   remains  'to   thi-    PioviiK-c   to    summon -the  >    federal  government  to  it.- aid.    It  is  quite apparent that the Victoria family  compart   have   aiftlacity    emmgh     to  carry out their criminal projects to the  la-t.      Thai,   one   hy   one    their    adherent- sicken  of, the   dirty   hiisiuesV.  and t in it against Ihem doe?  not ad'ect  tlieir equanimity'in   the.  least.    Their  own speaket   at   List' denounces   them  and is answei-i-d   with   un.-ili.-i--hed   i f-  frontery   hy  the  gang.   Every news-  'jtaperin Kitolenav except one  pap-fed  , sheet,   ;ind, every  newspaper  on   the  , whole mainland except two, unite in���������.-i  flioi-u.- of  vain   prote.-i,   hut* their de-  iniiiciiitiims   trouhle .ihcin   not.    They  ��������� lie toohii-y lo'.-itlend to trilles of that  ���������description.���������.May o,'.07. -   ,  As lo the inemheis of the government and their supporters, it is high  lime an example \vas made. The temptation to squander the magnificent resources of tin*- province for unworthy  ends, i-- heconiing too great to he coin-  halted hy I he'dread of mere expulsion  from office. We shall not get a good  government, till a more drastic remedy  is provided,.and we' have it to our hand.  An impeachment of the present government for hetrayal of the puhlic  trust will re-to're a uiuch needed sense  * of personal re-ponsihilily to our piihlic men, and provide a" day of, reckon-'  ing for the anticipation of defaulteis,  .instead of that,complete .impunity to  wnich they are no doubt looking for-  , ward, etc.���������May 22,'07.''  Our liheral friend-; want too sure a  thing altogether' when they ask to  he lin hy calling a ministry which is  doomed to defeat, conservativc'olc. ,  The'cryihg m>ed of this province i-i a  clean iind capahle adminisl ration, etc.  ���������May20ih. 1S07.*  But if (the disti id) has epiite made  up its mind that it ha-had .ill it wants  of the government hy the family compact ul. Victoria, as the compact will  ���������'fi:id to its coot when the day of reckoning comes, and it lias also made up  its mind that thi.- province cannot afford to allow ii >et of men in whom Unpeople have long lost confidence,' to fiddle away under the shelter of a parliamentary majoiit.y, (he re.-om-ces of the  country for Ihe henefit of chart ei-monger., aud railway promoters. Tin1 Oov-  eriior-d'.'iiiT.il iu Council will lie petitioned to veto llie-c concc.-'.sinns, iind if  I he const il nl ion of the Dominion docs  n >l aH'oid any relief, u e .-hall send representative* to the'ncxf provincial leg-  is'atme pledged to repeal them, etc.���������  Jirii; 2nd, '07.  It is time thai (!u* prevailing dissat-  isfa -lion with ihe policy and measures  of the present, provincial government  ton-: ������oine organi/.ed shape. All over  the province the feelings of discontent  and indignation entertained hy (he people ai e finding utterance in the local  press, etc.  Our people want to bee in power at  Victoria an honest 'and cffeclivc uil-  ininistr.itioii, in (ouch with their ideas  and hent on developing the magnificent resources nf the province for the  henelll of Ihe whole, people, and not  for the adv.inf-ige ot one particular  district and a, lit lie clique of friends  and satellite-, el c.--June 5, 1SIJ7.  What this province wants to see in  power is a reform party hent on sweeping out of .existence (he whole corrupt,  iintiuiinls'd and cas\V*going\sysleu). of  doinjg hiisiness at present in vogue at  /.Victoria; and  on  replacing.it  hy an  honest  and ' husines's-liko   iidmiiii.stia-  li......rr.M.-....fr:i:..,.i V^\ ,.;.;-,.1..l,'  heen riliiquitelongeijonghfoi I he h.-io-  fit of it little clique at Victoria, it i������  high lime it wa-administered foi the  heuefitof the people.���������July 11, '97.  The people of this province want to  see it run, not in the interest of cliques,  charter-mongers, schemers and monopolists, hut foi the advantage of thehaid-  working masses, miners, lahorer.--, farmers, store-keepers, and all men whose  work, whether of head or hand, produces and handlesihe wealth of the country, etc.���������July 2V97.  Theie are iiuunurs of a shuille iu llie  piovineial c'ahinet. The coiiimis.sioner  of Lands and Works and the Provincial .Secretary are said to he aliout lo  retire and two other government supporters lo take their places. Tliey may  as well save (heniselves. The people  ,do not care two stiaws which of them  is Provincial Secretary or Commissioner of Puhlic Works. What ( hey want  is to get rid of I hem find all their ways  and works.��������� .Inly 23, 1S07.  J.   Kerna.gliaii^3^-^^'  ,  Contractor and Builder,  Ofii ;c ami Workshop  Oppos-ite Court House,  KEVELSTOXE,   B.  C. ���������<*  Plan-, specifications and estimates given on  application.  Tlie largc.-tr -tot-k in the district of Doors, "Window.-, Brackets, Turnings, Jlouldings, Uasc  Ci sings. Kiln Dried Flooring, Ceiling and  Jn-Sde Finish i, now on hand, and'will be  sold at prices never before quoted.  A.Times' Slate.' '    , '  ' The report that' Mr. James Duns-  'iijiiii', says the Victoria Time.*,( will he  the government candidate r in CJoinox,  receives geneial credence in that constituency. 'Now, iu the event of the  government heing sustained the new  cahinet might he as follows: Premier  find minister of finance, ITnn. J. II.  Turner; president of the council, Ur.  .T.iines Dunsiiniir; attorney-genera],  lion. 0. E. Pooley, AI. P. P. for Esquimau, t solicitor fort he Dunsmuirs ; chief  t'oiiiiiiissiont-r of lauds and works,"Air.  Joseph Hunter, government candidate'  for Carihoo, superintendent of Dun's-  inuir's l.-land ' railway; niitiister of  mines, Air. John Bryilen', 31. P. P. for,  North Nanaimo, inanaging'director of  the Dunsmuirs'Iron works: minister  of education, Dr. W. W. Walkein, AI.  P. P. for'South Nanaimo, siugenn of  the Dimsmuirs' colliery and the editor  of the Dunsmuirs' Wellington organ.  A-HEW INDUSTRY!  Sash aiid Doors  ( .  Alanufactnred in Revelbtoke.  o  Doors, sa.-hcs, mouldings, turnings, baltiKtcrc,  band.-.i'.viiii,', bracket work,- frpnls- etc.  All tho litest maciilnsry.  Dry Iclln on tlio prcsilscs.  SAWTBR & MANNING  Near A. Macdonald & To.'- warehouse.  The Quaker Bath Cabinet  Ghas. J. Aman,  Sole Ajjcnt throughout Kootenay  'For tlie Famous   ,    ���������  Quaker: Bath: Cabinet  '     V  gAAA/IV/  Fred Robinson, Proprietor.  tougii. an  Jresseo.,  Lath, Shingles, .Mouldings, ^'inishings ''  OUT BATES FOR SI  1A SF  Raw Fur Notice.  I  Fresh and,new.  Direct from  We-  growers.  THE UNDERSIGNED,  representing- Joseph Ull-  man, of St. Paul, New York  and London,, England, wish to  inform'MV friends and the  public generally that I don't  intend to travel as' heretofore.  Those favoring me with ship  ments of Raw Furs can rely on  fair-treatment and prompt,, returns assured. Write for price  list to G. VV. BALDWIN;  /Winnipeg, Man.  I p.A\  carry   tlie   largest  assortment f,f  garden se(������ds in tlie proyinco.  Write for our   Illustrated ��������� Catalogue.  J. R. HULL & CO.  Wholesale    and   Retail  i ' '  BTJTOHEES.' ,  Purveyors of High-class Meats  ' i ������  ,   REVELSTOKE, B.C.'  All orders in our line will bi* promptly  attended to. r  - '*' ��������� 'TO RENT.  ANIXK.KOOJI irOUijI-: wltli hatli room,  . toilets, liol and cold water, elect ric li^liled  aiul" furnace licaled. Newly linislied and .in  Kood loealion.   Aiinly al tliis ollice for tenn������.  THE NELSON DRUG & SEED CO.,  VANCOUVER,   B. C.  Application ftp -Liquor' License.-  ATOTICK IS HKItKHY GIVEN' that thirty  1> days after date I, the undersigned, intend  to apply to the Stipendiary ^Ingiatrnte for  N'orth Itidintt of West. Kootenay for a license  to t,cll liquor by retail at. my hotel situated nn  the .South Fork of tlie Lardeau, known as llie  Ten Mile House. ���������  Dated Miiy 27th.'ISO--.  ASA IIILLMAN*,  G-lt  Dissolution of- Partnership.  IS   ITHRKHY   GTVKN'   that  the  Wholesale and Retail  ..BUTCHER...  DEALER IX    ���������  J_> partnership heretofore existing between  Gust Lund and l'etev Uufault, doiiif? biisinehs  ai t,he "Mining K^changc." Hovolstokc. .under  the firm mime of Lund Jc.Duf.iiill, lius this day  bocn dissolved by nuitnal consent. GiKt, Lund  will eontiiiuc to carry ,on tbe bi^inchS.'and will  rcceiv.i all accounts owiiiK lo the late firm, and  n'-aiimcsall liabilities. ��������� '    '���������  SiOT,r,rifGu.-;T lun'p.    (  !-"B"ctlil>. DUFAULT.  Witness:   J. V. I'erk.s.       ., ' t-lt  GEKTRAL, DRT, LEVEL,  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught  /���������Horses.    '���������  evelstoke'Station, B.  Plans g,nd specifications' prepared  ���������..   in India ink or   lueFp-rint   ���������  ing"s.  If you desire an artistic home with'all modern   conveniences  call and see Maclean who can design you one in any  '-style: Queen Anne, Colonial, Swiss, or any other style  1   you prefer. ,   ^ t ���������  1.1 t  Interiors and* interior decorations are -his specialties. Store  Decorations, Bank Fixtures, Motel Fixtures,',; Hall  shewing- ' pannclled dadoes,, frescoes, ��������� etc.: ���������Artistic  Screens, Verandahs, Stairway's, etc. can be got out.to  suit the market. ��������� ��������� ' "~~  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  VtSXSSSKCSHZSii&iSKZ  R:  H. TRUE MAN   & CO.,  PHOTOGUAPHER3,  Vancouver,,. ���������i - , B. C.  As in the past, S years wo will ooi (inu'o to  make Kovclsluko one ol our prinuijMl eall.'iiK  )>oints. Lookout for our iu'ri\al notiees and  secure good work. C. J.'Aman is intent to'i-our  C. L>. It! and Kcner.il H. C. views. -'--'Ct  ���������f\;  Buy lots from us,  melting  rading  We have   the   finest   property���������business and  residential��������� in  REVELSTOKE,  one of the most  solid,   progressive and' prosperous towns in West Kootenay'.  <(  (<  Shortest unrt quickest. i,piiU'  ,  To Yukon and Klondike  Goldflelds  Eastern and  European Points "  Pacific Coast, Gliina,  Japan and Australia  Tourist ciiihi'iiii dailj and arc inodkls of foin-  forr. ' ^IaKtiilli'cnl.-.leeiii.i!,' and diniiiK cars nn  nil trains. Vic'ccls issued ilu-ouuli and liajj;-  Kaw olieok.ed t,n dehtinnliiiii.  Daily trains li-om ItcveKtoke -H.istlio-.iiid,  7.tl a.m.    Wuslliiuiiiil, .VJ'I |i.i;i.  Cimnretion.s willi IConlcuny points���������Leave  lievelstoke 8.110 a.m. An-iu lloveKtol.o at,  l.������lli. in.  l-'or infoi'iiiation, time e.irds, maps and  tiekets apply lo .,   ,  T. W. JIIIADSTTAW,  Affunt, Hevelstoke, or  W. R ANDKIt.SON,  TrnvtilliiiK Passenger -\fjent. N'el-ion,  K.J. COVLK.  IliHtrlut PnriiUiiKer Aki'iiI, Viinuoiivi'r.  Tlie  present   centre- and future  headquarters for . '- '  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ROUT   LAKE   CITY  is reached'by 'rail  from  Revelstoke   to   Arrowhead. sS  miles ; thence  by steamer, io miles, to Thomson's   Lnndin-ir; 'and    a' short  'Si  It is the centre of the La:  ���������i--.ii i  Istage of   12 miles;   the'entire  j journey occupying only 6 hours  through magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  ( \\ ell-known mining promoters and* capitalists already  I :have their .representatives on  the ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to say that before another six months Trout  Lakk City will be a bustling  centre of business aiid the prin-  deau mining district.  We give you  and  good  EASY   TERMS  treatment.        Call   on    us  early.  Apply to  T. Xj.   HAIG,  ��������� ��������� Resident Agent,  REVELSTOKE,  B��������� C  T. J". LENEB^J"  a , Attorney in Fact  -:AI  nswortii, d. c;  The - Canadian - Paeifle  Steamship Co/s  -STEAl.IErk���������������  nOSSLANS   a:*.cl   KOOTENAV  Leave Arrowliead daily for all point-, in ICool-  enay. imiiMiik eoiiiircllon nl Nakusp for  all points on Xaku>-p and Slocan l.'.v. and  Slncn.ii Lake.  Close conncetion nt liuI'Min for KcImiii,  Iv.islo,  llnlfour. Pilot liny. Trail, l!o--s! 1,  North-  Iio: t iind all jiolnls south.  Kor flill iiifoviiialion, tirlieU. maps tie., call  on or luldrcs-i  T. W. BRADSHAW,  ' .\tf<-'Mt. KeveMokc.  Or to  W. R ANDKHSON', K. J, COVI.R.  Trav. Pass. .Sgeiil,,      i  DWL I'ns^. Atfcnt,  N'els-in, JJ.C. ViineiiuvtT, ]i,(;.  Columbia & Western'Ry.  Time Table No. (i. To take ell'ott July .'!. lt'J".  Daily r.i-lv.-oen Trail nnd Ho.���������land.  No. G pa-neiiHOi-leaver I!o������sIand   -   -   7:'iU ii.m.  ConiH-els wiih -itciiniei-at Trail.  No. 3 passenger leaves TiaM   -   -   -   S:I.i a.m.  Connects ������ith I'ed Moiinlain for Spokane.  No. 'l passeiiKer leaves Kossland   -   -     II   a.m.  Connects with C.I'.I!, steamers for . irtli.  No. 1 passeiigor leaves Trail' -    -    ��������� 'l'-':.'i(J p.m.  Connects witli C.rM(.,.sleaniers from north.  No. i pas-senser leaves I'ohsIiukI   -   -   .'Will p.m.  Connects with Hod Mountain for Spokane.  No. 0 passenger leaves Trail    -   ���������   ���������   5:4.i p.in.  C'onncct.s with steamev ijj'tti  the north and south.  Its climate is superb.  It has plenty of buildingi  timber and a sawmill-  in operation providing*  lumber at  reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake affords 'exceptionally good trout  fishing.  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely  clear title.  j j cipai io\\ n in this treasure-laden  .���������  , .., .    i i Lardeau, the nav: centre cf at-  it .will have railways &o,;miclion   for lhc  besc  mini]]g  j enterprise, '.skill ,and capital  j which   Hriiish   Columbia .-has  magnetized within her borders.  The climate and r.oij of the  disirict are ail 'that could be  ' desired by therancher,gardener  or fruit grower for 'whose  .'products,,-! profitable ant! rapid-  i     ��������� '  iv  mcre.i.'.i.-ig   i:rul:et    exists  ;e  sportsmen  wlin.st  to  nei^hborheod ,'i-fords  plcni}'.  1 he .'.cc^r.ir.odaiion ir.clutles  ^cod hole!:;, store;;, j:osi office.  tne  me in  .1.  record ini;' omce.  butcner  sr.op  ���������' main- private residences.  General Offices:  J .   .i, li. .  ton at Trail  IV P. GUTIflUUS,  t  a-Kl  1 ;i;:,amy operatior.s arc in  full proy:-e-.s. and the establishment of the sawmill will tend  more  to enhance   the  im-  i-tn!  med  tow I  late Lfrowth  of this  .-3  nsino-  O  3PS.ZCJUS   CDF   LOTS.  Inside, $ioo; payable $33.33 down. $33.33 in s months. $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150;,payable $50 down. $50 in .3 months,   $50   in   6  . months.    . .',��������������������������� "   ; ?;..':' 7    '  '���������'������������������ (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. L. HAIG, Revelstokk,' Gencral'Agent.-':". v    |  Hugh M-rurit^ox t. . . \ '.  z..- r; J '��� fi ��� - -���-'�����-
,j-_-    1-wJ-AiW *<Vf*b)lJ-      -JJ    ,��-   Jt   f
v        Kootenay Lodge
>/��?     No. 15A.F. &A.J
* -i^ *
*   * /Die regular inceiins
7"       arc held in llie Jl.is-
( nicTemple'.Hourne'-
c^���iCS^-X.^ ^TN (iiicToniple.Hourne -
^-���&'-tS!"^S\"--'5iV''-==.niill, on the third
��^S^ati^J&^:- Monday in each
���S^SS^-^SvsksSiiion'li   at. S  .).'���   ">���
Visitnn;   in-elhren
eordiall.v weieoined.
W. F. C'KAGE. rii.cui.TAUV.
HE VEL3T3H.E LODOE, I. O. O. F.. No. 23.
Watches, Clocks
JtepairinK"' Specialty.     ,
t'.r.li. Watch inspei-lor. ltovel-loke, B. C.
eMOrir^flfTtifftt ���
, \v..,. i;kk. x.cj.
T. J. OliAUAM. Six.
X. O. F,No. 3i61
'/ J 2??f\1 /?.:r^I �� M'-c." i'l *l,c Oddfellow's
f \%^-yO>'S-^f, tll.-.ll on the seoond and
( \W"->)%s~-%m\ ffouith Fridays or- each
\ i^'-tii^^/'-lii /month. Visiting hi-elh-
\ d^lf/sTL.-'S'Sfc 4/ ren   inviled   to  attend.
J. ]?. SCOTT. C. 11.
J. L. SMITH", U.S.
For Baby
And 'mother we have   ev-
.  erv'thincr  that  is neeeded.
'    - The health   and   even the
life of, an   infant   is   often
dependent upon the freshness   and    purity   of the
���   foods and drugs   purchased at, the pharmacy.     We
.,    make a .special   feature of
'meeting'   the ' demands of
- this   kind   of trade,   and
carry ah ainusually choice
,���  '   stock   of articles   needed
bv babies and   mothers in
the first daws   of   infancy.
r r ^ -J
We, moreover, fully guarantee everything we sell.
Anything that is" not sat-
* ' isfactory may be returned
and money cheerfully refunded.
Bread and Confectionery.'
Free Delivery Every Day.
~^r \ ^J^M
Make yourself as comfortable
as possible and enjoy life. You
can do this by selecting from our
large stock of complete
Handsome' catalogue  containing
^��NjN=-^    nearly   500   illustrations   mailed
free on application. ���
*3o��*. (EetabUslica 1862.)
Lar est stock west of Toronto.
Veiling's, Capes and Dress Goods.
AU *New,  Just Opened up at     '" p
L f
Seasonable Goods
Lawn Mowers,   Ice
Cream Freezers,'
-    Rubber Hose, Lawn
Rakes. Garden Hoes
Builders' Hardware
A Specialty. All the ^
latest   novelties    in.
House   Furnishings
,= Japanese Goods and Novelties =
72 Cordova Street,
',  Over 6,000 Different Articles. **""���
P.O. Box 150.���Mail Orders promptly attended to.
l- McDowell, Atkins, Watson Co.
,    - ���Ubc 2)ruooists-���
Mccarty's Block,'Revelstoke Station,'B.C.
,ti..|''   Cia.'TlS.  ?,l(,i{.
SiiaW-Tiio.mi'.son'. --In Kl. Peter's
chirfrcli, Ucvelslokc, liy the Kev. Kurd,
2.Jr. J oii 11 Sh.iw to ��� Miss *" Juliii
Tliompsoii,   liolli'of llcwlhUike, l>.,C.
Politics    is    iniu-ll    l)''->ttOI-   tll.'lll   lll(*
J3 isv i-iuiniiijr, uoi-ii'li'.-.-. sowing   m,-i-
cliines ,-it (.'"iii'Mci-V.      , 0
A.   Johnson,   M"tli(;, Jlor.ild,    wont
west Tlmf'.-flay c.\u 11 inlj.
Tlie Fruit Season
,. Is beginning and every-
thing in the market fresh
and sound   may be had of
Hutchison & Go.
Front St., Revelstoke.
-HAICr �� GRAGE, '
Notaries Public, Mining1 and, Real Estate Brokers and general
Commission Agents,    a Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.
,*�� ~* - .- .^- -/*-
lloprusc'iit.ilives uf tlui Kootenuy Smelt in*,' iiiKlJTrfirliiifX Syndiciilf.   '
Agents for I'ovcjlstoke iitid Trout Lake City townsitcs
kodakL-And   kodak  supplies
Films, Plates, Printing Papers, Chemicals and Photo materials
of all kinds.      . .   '
Films dovolopocl nnd.Prints iii'idoin any stylo.   Mail orders ])rr)ui|itly iittonclwl to.
BAILEY"   BEOSi . O.O.,   3LT3D.,
. ,  Photo   Stock   Dealers  ^
Wholesale and-Retail BOOKSELLERS and ST A Tf ONERS
Done on uh(irt iiiitii-c.
Bicycles for Hire.
Du.ilui-.s in   "B51 ' ^Ei.' 'd
Fi'ssh Fruit now to, hand,
("iir.ir-. IoImil-o-. i-iKJio'-l'i'.-. -nil
(irniU-. crc.mi Midii, icu (.rcini.
('(line 111.   lieu-llie Ki'^pliui'lioiic.
Thim Street.
Splendid    riuigft   of    wonion s     aiu. .
d,iiT::'r"::;:^':r"-:;��� m���; ..W. Frewing & Sons.;
PI.lin and Ornamental
Stone and Brick
Work.       .  .  	
Second St,,'E,i.-r Engli.-h Church.       1
mi 1 ;md the new businoss ib wull
under woi^h.    > '
Scientific books on prospecting, nini-
in^', ininiiift aiid ii<*��i\ iny fit Ch.ih. J.
Ainair'n. o
Premier Turner will bo well received.
Evervponpo-iilioiiist in town should try
und l.'P. present.
See Chas. J. Aman for musical in-
RlruiiiPiil.s,'stiiii��,'s, etc. ^Joulh oiEfiui*.
in all keys by Hurner. o
Thos. ICilpiitiitk has mitlioiizcd the
use. of hi-; imine as a member of Mr
Kellie'.-, campaign coinmittco.
Coin--ioi- is'oii'ciiny a '���plendid r.inyi*
of dres-s irood*. at, low ,prii;(;s. , o
Gin- barber is' leported imioli belter j
and it i*- hoped to see   him at his place ! Limfe    FOi*   Sale
au'aiii soon.     J Ie   is  bein^ cued for at ;
Mr.    and    Mr*?.   'J\'inple\    hospitable '*
home. ���       , 1
Miv? lloUii.-ou was   able,   to   ��o out 1 StOne
ful- a dii\e Tbilisi,iv and   her   appe.ir-j ^ ttt- i
.-U.ce  Wll,  H'O-iwd    Mill.     Unfeigned  do- ���   &    jgriCk        VVOrK,
li^'bt bv her   nuinerou-.   lVu'iuK.       Siie
.)i.,i , AiMwmk   (lone   in a ne.il ami
J. K. W. JIACKA'ULAKE. General jrniiafrVi-.     JOTlNpO. NOKHOM, E.JI., Kii])l. Jlining Dopt.
" '.     J. \V. CAJIPION, Sccrolary-Trcii'.iircr
Impepial Bank of Canada
Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.
���    Rest      -     -      $1,200,000.
H. S. HOWLAND,-. President.       T. R. MERRITT, Vice-President.
D. R. WILKIE, General Manager.
'A' general banking'business transacted.���Letters of credit issued,
.  available in-all parts of the world.���Gold dust and amalgam
purchased.���Savings   Department,    .Interest    allowed '-at
current-rale. >
*   ��� A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke Branch.
Dry Goods,
1   e    ' . ��� v *
Men's Furnishings,
������, Hardware. .
;WE"="HAVE:="'IT' - IN -STOCK.
'General Founders, Engineers, Boilermaker;
Sniiing,     Mill-
in}*;,     Hoibtinjc
;iud   Pumping-
4sf"   jM.'icliiiierv.
i-    - ;4
Slumps,      Oi'On
Air    Oomiires-
/      sors. o
The finest stock.of goods in all the above lines in this sccti en
P. 0. Eox, 754.   Cable Address, "Cove."   ABC Codo Used.
C.H. Archibald
General Mason I && kinds of iron and sheet metal
work.   Mining*-work and tools.
Pipe fitting-and roofing".
Klonkike  Outfitters. .
.-:���r~r-���������������������>���������r-���������>������'���; ;:"_ -\ "������ " .
leLennan, MeFeely & Ca. Limited,
_"-.'..., Vancouver B. G.
Wo Iifivo nn immense stock of minors' mill 'pmsppctor.s'- supplies, 'picks,
sliovels, sold pans, puck straps .-uicl saddles, dn^ liurness and sleighs,
..tents, river  boats,  steel  sto\es,   utensils, snow shoes, rides, etc., etc.
Write us for iitlHi��raphe(Uniap containing full information.    Goods bought in
Vancouvei-go inlo Klondike free.    If bought  in   the United Stales'
will be taxed 30 per cent. duty. .-/
n.*w-i-io/,-c, ij. c.,i
�� oi km, hi hi-." in, in tier, ,u id liy
cxiM-i i,-oi ��� il inc'-l'..iiiics only.
Olllv fit'��� r r r |;i-~ Ml.iii'l'i.ll H~c(t.
K-liin.ili'-.it --Iiiii (e*.(  nolicc
'W'iii lii'- ii inin^'   leconler p!e,i-(. in,-
tity the 15. (.'.   Mining.'   11c\ i.-\v,   Lon
don, Vaiis} uul. lh.it lii->   otliee  ar. I Jc\ -
**"a: I::.',',;r���.;?.i,,,7',',",*::;,?'"::J. E. C. Fnnmy.  'Revelstoke, B.C. ;
the to'.* n   when   .ill   tlse   othei    plai.e-,      -   -   ��� r-=
ll,ef,!k'd- " "R. HOV/SON & CO '
Revelstoke   Station  B. C.
Capital, $1,500,000/ Head Offices, Toronto, Ont.
Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,
Hoists, Pumps, P-lowers, Fans, Wasting Apparatus, Dynamos for Lighting and
Power, Motors for all Purposes.
Electrical 'transmission of power'.successfully operated up to 50
NELSON     '      .
Itr.uicli Ollico-. in IfrilKli Cnliiinlii.i.
Aie\"ii lj.Lid-lieadefl? li -> olit.iin |
ii pli.implct giving lull p u licul.irs ol-',;
JJr. White'- New Hair (JiTiwcr from i
the agi-iit-., The ��� .McDowell-.\i/-in.s- '
AVatvm Co. The lmii.'gist*.. .M'C.utv ;
Jilock,   P.cveiStoLe Sl;itioli. o
The First Shot.
Furniture and
Repairing nnd Upholstering Done, j
W.irclion-u-in  f'tiiriff.lioii tm ~ior.i^'!
of liiiml.v . 1 nd ol lier fm-jiil in 0. triitik-,
  I >( Ic. ,il iiioii'IiI.'(>r ntlicr r.itc-.
Opposition Rally at Victoria j .\-,"-''i-'"ri:,m,���,iscwi���^M���.i���-���i,
Skating Rink,   Monday  night. . Revelstoke Station. B.C.
F. C. Cotton,   M. P. I.,   Van-!	
couver. J.  M.  Keilie,   the   op-,! '['()   RJpXT.
position candidate, and others
will add res.*) the electors upon
the issues of the campaign,
Dry Good.-.. I)ress Goods, Mouses, Ready-Made
Clothing, I>oOts and Shoes. Groceries,- Flour
and Feed.     IFiVflware, Tinware, Ftc.
4 NfVK J;00M Ifor-'K wiiii Im 1 li mom,
J \ Im If I-. In>l ,iiirl col'l ii.-ilcr. ''Ii'( 11 if liK'lilf'fl
iinfl fui 11,ifo licilcd. .Vculv flnNliel ,'iikI 1:1
j.<(ni(l lfi( nIi'ni.    .\ji|ilj nl tin-, (ifllff for Ifi-iiiJ.
notice. Application for Liquor License.
4  IH'HJ.I''   .MKKTIS'f;   will  \,i;  h<-\,\  in  llie I ril A IvK VOTK'K 'I'llAT /,   llif;  imilcisignal.
\_   t-din-t li"H-a Jin  JIuikI.i}   fj-.eninH' al   i'.'.Vl      \      llilcnd lo .ijiplv ,'!i| <Ijiy-( after  (Into  In  (ii(
Freight - and - Oartag-e - Agents,
Thomson's, Trout Lake and Ferguson.
The best equipped stables in the district.     Saddle
horses always ready.
to mm-kIci- I'"- ft'lvisiljilil.v  of po-ljioiiiii'^ tin
:.-nort,-urraiiKWl I'-i 1"; liuld on  J-iuniiiiion  Dny,
���   till a Inter'flute.' h* sporte nro boliii; held on Unit
'dale, i" various iid/joining town*. 1 .        (   p1
J.lovclrtokc','JuiiuISlli, "    ' ���  Ifoii.-Sec,
���<lil)fii(liiir> miiKi-ilr.itc for 11k; North IMrlliiK of
Wont Kootenny for Imuiinu to noil lirjurji- ul. the
Ilf-lhivievv Hotel, Stobart Lake, 'l'roiib /.tike
DlhU'lct, J3.tr.
K. .\. n\:u..
���Stoborf Uiko. Juno J.'tli, 18!)J, V ll
Merchant Tailor, Clothier and General Outfitter,
I     - .. . ._
Fall   and   winter   suitings,   Overcoating's.        Good' stock   and
stylish make. ���      Order niades and ready mades, 7
.szeiielj thb aooDa
WIkiIc'suIl' dealers in
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Agents for   the  Karn  Pianos, and   remember Karn is King".
A large stock of  *
Cleveland and Brantford
Office, Cowan Block,. - Revelstoke.


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