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Kootenay Mail Jun 13, 1903

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 I  I    I  I I  "    , I  )  '' READ BY.' ���������  v   5,000      ,  A PEOPLE.  h   i  ,     V      f  c i /  .^'TMM  A 'i I  Tpl0vinci  21      '  al l>ibv^y  THE HOTEL VICTORIA  ,   '       ' ill K, l.KASON'.  VICTORIA.        -      Ii. C.  Ainciii.in nnd Kuroi'iMii I'liin,  American l'.nn ?2HOmul Upward*  5;lC.itii Heated.       ' Sample room-..  ..VoL-tO.-No. 11.  i -  REVELSTOKE.,B. G, JUNE 13,- 1903.  $2.00 Per Year,  ,  TI A ^"i.**.,  (VM; ������r  \a\s    i i    liri������J ,M  i  f .   #  , c,  '. ,   l.-l  I t.       I  ,  I  .  ���������Siitn'sboi to T.iyloi Iiros>. & Geoige, Limited.  ���������   -     b  Calls  FIRES: I  From   Fred Robinson  and Lower* Town.,  VILLAGE   SEWLE-  Mi���������     ".���������:. MENT.   !  s Heavy Rubbers andy Overshoes'  A"A*J^ ;. ���������r-. '.;...'"''  BARGAINS  The town was st.utlcd ycsteidny  aftemoon bv tlio tooting of thcwhisllc'  at the Ficil. llobinson Lumber Co.'s  mill, followed'bv the 'linging of the  Ihe bell. No.' 1 anil the C. 1VK.  brigades quickly musteied, Siipt.1 Kil-  patnck, Mii&tei,Mechanic Temple and  Locomotive Foi cm nn Kobcrts actively  joining. Bucket biigades vvcic ,oi-  g.iniscd by citi/ens pending ninning  out the l-oso iccls Th'c brigades vvcie  biinilicipped owing to, the long line of  hose they had toriiun as the d-mcli  main to be laid 'acioss the ti.ick,'nnd  which was oiclcicd by the city foui  months ago, has not ,yct aimed and  no hydiants aic^ piovidcd ne,u the  mill in consequence. -The city clcik  was advised two dajs ago 'of thc'&liip  ment of the pipe, and as,soon as'I.ud  a lccuirciico of, the same" difliculty.at  the',cast end'of the town will be  avoided^  *     A  K    > A"   ,, '  The a l.i i ni was caused "by .1 violent  wind stoim spiinging up from the cast  liinl igniting, sawdust .iiid'di'y stumps  and^ogs aioiind the nullify tbestieam  ofsp.uks which' was-earned, along.  The falling of /the wind, accompanied  by some lain.1 assisted ,tlic ctl'orts of  tlic'buckct bngade.and thedaneei was  soon o'vci ,  '������    ,   ���������'  r Uouinc Bios anil-K Hovvson acted  with conimcndable * pioniptitudc in  getting the fiic eq'uipincnt on the  scene Mcssib. I3om no's ���������delivciy  wagon, in "charge of G. W. IJell, was  waiting in fiont of the sto'ie^whcn the  aliir.n was given, and was pioniptly  utilised to i nn the'hose iceP from the  fiic'hall, vvhile Mi Hqvvson had the  <:p.iie hose urn ,up       A  Siniultiincously with the'.ilaim fioii'  the',mill, another '.il.um was'i.iised in  the lower town. 'The chimney of the  Oiiental hotel took iiie nndrthes wind  e\tended the ihe to the loof of 2vo. 1  Cue hall and the old Mining Exchange  The 'water supply licic was rustTclass  and with its pionipt use by'No lbn-  gade'the fne was speedily suppressed  Me.intiniCiNo. 2 brigade was appealing  to No. 1 to come to 'thcii~iiid ^lt.'the  mill, the foimcr being unauaic of the  tioubleAit'the lower town This Cue  was suppicss>ediv\ithrmeiely> nominal  damage      .    .. 1      ' J "*  Great Improvements Being Effected  By Settlers.-, ,k  >      (   '        i  a i,  1 A trip ^through the villagje settlement on the north side of the track  shows the settlers ,thcie"'to \>c making rapid ��������� inipiovcmont in their  holdings. ���������, > A \  (Geo. Lnforme  Scnr.   has! a   fine  crop of  clover. <r llis gai deli'/looks  rfo rfo r$r> rfo rfo rvti "fo <$n tftn <������r> <$r> <^!> (^i^i^(^i^i^^f^^r^^i^f&f$?^i$',$������,  T   r,T   T   T   T    .......................     -  <>VM   ���������" '  ' v *���������'  I  ; -E; d. BOURN-E^-M-I  I Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes," Hats/Caps $  - '    ' READY-MADE- CLOTHING..     ' ^     'l |j  rfa  Big Horn Brand; B. C. Union Made'Overalls, Shirts,,etc..  Boys Suits/Boots, Hats and Caps.  REVELSTOKE STATION, B   C,  (^<^<^(^<^<^f^<^<^<^<^rito(^<^rito<^  ll C. .B'.'Huine & Go.li  ,LIMITED.  DEPARTMENT'STORE.  $5,00  Trimmed Hats  "Pop  Tin* pi lino inoliv, i.f .uKei twiner i-. to toll the pnl'lit vvli.it,  yuii li.ivo I" ^i 11 . il'vuM ii'.id our ads- path vvpi-k vvi'vvill tiy  iiiid kwp \ou pn-ii'd. Fiom linio to tinie we heir pi-nplu  ���������-.IV lln-v liiicl no iJim vv i' i,inicd such .i viuiedstoik Kveiy  d.iv llicii' is t-oiiH'tlimi; new- ,uldi-d lo iucIi di-pai tmi'iit. .  'Iln--i. Iiol d.ivi jmi will (hid this a cool pl.ii-e Lo spi'iid nn  liom oi two. You will find <i eoiiileous st.iH of clpil^, ,uid  don't Imv unlt'Sb vim wish. '  lji-lovv .uu --oiiii- < r lii" hull grade and aitisLie novellii's vvp  li.ivi' pi--L put into MiuU. Bdhi(. of Lhi<so <iic- taii'Iy seen in  sUii"! iHitucli. the utiHi..  VISITORS ARE WELCOME  DRY GOODS  LailiHb Ni't kvvi'.ii.   W-i'-liiriy Stm k--, Ail, SilUs and  li"lo������->.i���������=, Pc.ul  df   S"I    Silks    kill'   JIOMI'l-V.   W.lbll    Silk Gtovi"-, lllfrll I'lllllL Cm-  i       tain-., 'J..p s|i v Ciiit.iins Vt'lvct Pile C.npi't-.  MILLINERY  I'll I mi' ll.il>-, Lniidiin Round II,iK I.oi Fullci  II.it-, Flops, etc.  BOOTS AND SHOES  O\loids in Piili'iit V.iiups  Ii'iiMich .111rl iMilit.ny \\������i-\-  Bliu-hii's  two .mil  thii-i- -tup,  with  Ohina a,nd Glassware  i  I.iirii'RCs China in .'i o'i lnek li> i setts .mil i  (Jul (JInv.wan���������llie Ileal Tliiiif'���������inriit eh  ild  pi"i'i'-.  f! i n t  Impound Di licuii", II.mil- v <^ P  Wa I i'l -, (Jm���������.e A: Illin k well's I'hifrli  IIU'I 's   W'.lll-I      ll (������  -li Palent   Uotlleil  and   An tie  nnd (Jaiined  l<ipn in can Ni". < l| ii"-, Cluil iii'^ - ,i nil lt.-li-lics 11 urn India.  HARDWARE  Silvei Spiiniw, Tible Waie, l*'hil  Win e, Cutlei y, l-'ino Uiass ti;oiid-  Millinery and Dressmaking Parlors Second Floor  taaaitaai>ki<iqEBv������sigi^^  A BLOOD/ :     ^  t REVOLUTION.  King" and 'Queen "oh Servia," Their  Family and Ministers Mur-  .( ���������     t dersd by Militia. '-'  Uclgiadu, Juno 11 ���������A lmlit.uy icvo-  lution lnoke out licic last ni^lit The  lioupb, wno lcvoltud undci lcndciship  of jM.ijoi Angikovics, sunoui'dcd the  palace and iiss.issinated ICnig Alev.in-  rlei, lincen Diaga, the lattci'b sistci  and biothci. Xijodenia, rienner K.nk-  vitch, Ministcis Petiovitch and Tutloi-  ovitcli, Gcncial P7ivlojitcli5~the foiniei  ministci of win*, nnd some nicmbcis of  the ;oj,il guaid.i IPiinco" Kaingeoigc-  vitcli vva& pioclaimcd king. A new  govcinnicnt, was foinied  nortFWnd.  C. P. R., Hotel Damaged by Breaking of Reservoir.'-"   -  Tlie C. P. R.tllotel iind jaidAat  Noith llcnd has been supplied with  water fiom a reservoir on the  mountain behind the hotel. Owing  to the log jam in the stream being  canicd out the m-di of water was  fcogic.it the stiucture was canicd  down the mountain side and bioke  tlnough the hotel, the dining-room  of which was filled with debris and  the beautiful lawn attached to the  hotel waf- mined. The incident  scniod the occupants of the hotel  badly but no-one was hurt. Supt.  ]-5ea������iey arrived at North ]>end  ihurscliiy lo take steps to repair  the damage  well,with itsciops of0striivvbciiie>-  rhubarb,'and onion1--.   '       '���������        '  Y.J Kennedy 'has .eight aciea of  splendid'land-tWlncli he intencU  setting out in'fruitiliec-..  P. R.Petcrson has the best homestead in the rural districts lying  round Revelstoko.j His, bnildings  are'most com))lele, hisAancf'is well  cultivated and in a" year or two' he  will ha've one of the-most highly  improved village lots in the dislnct.  Dan Mcintosh is getting* his'lot  in shape to plant with friiit.treesA,  T. Skinner has one of the best  cultivated lots in' the settlement.  He has' sown out>;-a . quantity of  early onions. - The ^ seed-'was, imported from Australia 'and Jgives a  crop a month eailicr Ihan'Oanadian  seeds.- Mr. Skinner has 'a 'fiiie'lot  of pmairfiuils, including cm rants  'and gooseberries. Half an acie is  under- straw ben ics, -the variety  grown, being a hybiul' he^ raised  himself. ..Crops* are also grown_of  peas' and asparagus. Mr. Skinner  is having more hind cleared^up and  will'reserve a grove to* make it"a  pleasant spot for visitois/wlio wish  to go'out and take thc^iun of the  beny patch. Mi. Skinner- is a  breeder of .Belgian haic, of which  he has 15 to 20. 'lie took ,;up this  fancy five.years* ag'o" and'/inds the  hares do ivell here. -v _       ;.'  E. Pic.ncl has onc^ of-the neatest  homes in(.thc 'settlement. - HU lot  is well fenced -and cultivated.'' 'At  his poultry yard lie wintoied 130  fowls. ' i , r ^ ,' '  ' J. Maddpx, wliOj pmch.ibed fpur  aci'es from'E. Picaid, is -liaying'ln&  land cultivated witli a view to putting it under potatoes.- J)Sands is  doing the w oik, and has done neaily  all the cultivation in the settlement.  , IT. E. R. Smytho has-planted out  a large number of fruit trees. He  has a fine showing of stiawbenics  and other small' funis-, and 'his  poultry yaid is well stocked.  L. Benoit has a sjilundid ciop of  hay, and is making h'eic one of the  neatest homes in the settlement.  The new house elected by E  Biault, is ,a gieat impiovement to  the settlement.  J. Ma ley's gaulen on the, Big  Bend road is an >evei intetesting  spot for visitors. Numbeis of ladies  go out- and personally select then  pot plants and annuals fiom Mr.  Maley's stock. Man}- tomato plants  have been fcet out in the hot-house  and are already -fruiting well so  that citizens will ,soon be able to  get a supply of locally grown  tomatoes. He has also planted out  citrons and cucumbeis under glass.  Mr. Ma ley intends going in etiongly  for roses and cut floweis by next  season. His strawberry patch looks  splendid. He lias a large quantity  of early cabbage, celeiy and late  cauliflower planted out.  S. Smith is getting his lot on the  Bend icad cleat cd and cultivated  and is keeping two cows.  W. Hamilton intends going in  hugely for poultry.  FIRE VALLEY.  WATER SUPPLY.  City  Takes' Steps to Improve the  ���������J ,    ��������� System.  Mayor O'Biien has been'closely  investigating the question of water  supply for the city, and has had  his coat ofl climbing the mountains  behind the lcservoir. "As a result a  special meeting of council was called for last night. ��������� '"' >, ' ,.  Jf As the'iostiltof the Mayor's repoit  it was .decided to lepair the picsent  ic-civoii/if. it is leaking badly, and  lo lepair tin lovvci d.itn, and dams  <i't leseiyoir and on Long'o' creek.(  The flow of water,- will > also be  jneasuiodAit'point _of intake and  al-o at ii point 1000'feet liighcr'up  wheie Bievvery cieek flows along  bedrock., If there is ifound to be a  lo=s in the gravel lied1 at the lower  point a flume will be extended to  take,'in the laigor sticani and adaiii  l5u:ltslhfiorso as to make the most  of the supply available"1  -       >  The M.i^or ..al-o lccommdnded  building .auxili.ii.y lesefvoii 'wi'tli  capacity ' of,, 42,000 gallons lo be  ti'ed -solely forTne protection, but  decision on (his c was 'left over foi a  fuller meeting. These proposals  w'll gic-allv impiovc the watei supply,,and if theie is, loss by'peico-'  lation''as "now supposed the*plan  suggested by the Mayor'will give a  vyatei supply for the city sulhcicnt  for the next two^yeais and at(thc  low co-1 of lH,.500.   ,.-     ���������  ARROWHEAD,  From out own cono&Doiidont  '  ,{  Avatci   is   ovci    the   tiack   ill  I placed  bctvvcen   Wigvva a   iind  .The.  SCVCl.l  Kcvelitol e . .   '  \ * '  1 JIis .1 .Kellctt and family leave today foi Winnipeg and Southern Manitoba to visit iclatives niid willictiun  in Soptcii'lici "-^i=r���������i--j���������     '    '   >,  It is e\pcctcd today's, ti.mi wiM,,be  the' last ,Joi sonic^ tunc Ste.imcis  I-Cootonav and Kossland will make  ti ips to Revelstoke while lngli wntci  l;is's^ __       /"A , :''_ ;, A ^  ' '" i  June 12t,lA , '     > AA     "    .   ,\  ; we strike:  V'    '    >-  - T~ '    - ,  " i - -   - * , - -i ���������  A   Settlement   Arrived" "at��������� Local  , it  , Union Endorsed Terms.  Yesterday   Messi=. 'llalton   and  Biookes, of the U. B. R. E. anived  in the city to confer  with the local  division with a view,to settling the  strike. They met the local members  last night and the terms of  settlement     weie     endorsed       Messrs.  Ha Hon and Biookes left* this morning fo;   Calgaiy  and   Winnipeg to  meet the divisions ihcieand submit  the tei ms  of settlement.    If they  fall in the ngicement  between the  companv and the men will be finally  executed and the strike declared oft.  ,   Asked as to   the  terms the delegates sav   both *they   and the com  pany aic   hound   not   lo  disclose  them and  the   statements  of   the  coast papeio aic untitle.   They as-  suied us the term* were satisfactory  to both sides.  WE MINES.  u  COLUMBIA RIVER'IMPROVEMENT COMPANV.  Wc have lcceivcd n copy of the  Columbia Unci Improvement Co. lull  intioduceil by Mr. Gallihcr, 51 1'  The incoipoiatois are Jas. White, G.  McCoinnck nnd 1) J. Giant, of  Onllia, Out, Aichibald Alexander and  C. W McMillan, of Winnipeg The  capital is *50,000 in $100 sli.ue=, with  powci lo incie.ise to $200,000, and head  ollice is 'Winnipeg. The bill gives  powei to place booms on the Columbia nvei oi Anovv laker but such  buor.s shall not interfere with fiea  navigation by ste.imcis mul othci  ci.ift The comp.mj may erect booms,  slides, pieis oi dams on the livci  between Suipnse rapids nnd Anovv  lake or anj liibutary theieof, and may  levy toll on timber coming into its  possession at a schedule to be approved  by the goveinor-in-council.  The company to have powei to  update tiiLra tclegiiipli, telephone,  i IlcIiic lijiht an 1 to e\piopilate land  tame a> i.nl\v.is\ companies  Ordinary Corn Cures are Dangerous  bee,iu<e Lhev inntiiin iiiid-, but, PuL-  ii,nn'- Painless Coin anil Wait Extract  Im i-eiilii.'lv M'jjelable in inniposiliim.  Ifi-fiisi. a -nli-niute fm- '���������PnlnnniV;  ll'- tbe im]\ sure, sale and painless  Lint1 tot Lin ns and waits.  pie-  Fiom our own corro-potulunl  C. \V. C.ildcr, of  Nelson,  has  empted a l.inch in the valley  Mi and Mis Sheivvood, of Nelson,  aic guests at the Edgcwooil MXiny  Ranch  Mi. and Mis. Winn, of Rossland,  have Icon in the valley loi a shoit  time as the guests of E J  Bangs.  Mis. Caimichael, who l,as been  visiting her mother in Rossland, ic-  tuincef home on Sunday.  F. C. Momson left for Monnshcc  mountain on the 4th  J. 13. Old lctuiiied fiom NcUon on  Sunday. Mis Old and son aic expected home this week fiom Revelstoke.  RAIL AND STEAMER  The stcamci Revelstoke* was unable  to leave for the Rend vcsteiday awing  to high water  C. P. R. Manager McNicoll, who is  now travelling tow aids the coast, savs  he is making a thorough inspection of  the company's system this tup  On the Liiulcau lailvvay the iion  budge o\ci the Laido livei was swept  out and othei damage done which will  piobably suspend tinflic for tlncc  weeks.  An instance of thcvngniics of the  pieient lailvvay t.uifV piescnled itself  this week when a local liini paid $1)00  a cnrlond loss on i loiisignnii'iit, fiom  the old counti.v than the i.itc cli.ugcil  fm the sanie coiiMgnnu'nl fiom  ICastein Canadian puints.  The easli'i n v lsitni- *o the Ciianbv  ininesaie woith $50,000,000  Mcssis Andievvs, Doiiiheity and  Rilcv left on a piospcctieg tup of  Shiibvvap disti ict  The Caniboi nc Jfincr sajs inihoic  has been ennounlcied in the Stockholm neai the Kv.i.  One of the Duliith slockhokleis m  the Revelstoke and i\rcCulloiigii Cieek  ll.vdiauhc anived this week on a visit  lo the piopeity  C Jfti^tead and W. 1,/spi, ot Rl-  wood, Indiana, two shaieholdeia in  the Wc&tcin Star, aic on a visit to the  company's piopei ly >  Managci Rlackvvoll of' the I\oilb-  wcstein, icpoits Inv inu located an  exceedingly nch li'dyc of quail/ below  the iccent stnkc ���������Mmei  II Howell and ,f Magec have gone  in lo Vcimillion cieek lo do assessment woik on the claims they and  othei Revelstoke p.utics hold theie.  The linal pivinent on the $50,000  bond on the Piovulence, G icon wood,  was made b> ^r.idileii Rios . Chicago.  Excepting initial pav inciib of $l2,.r)00,  the Piovidenee, fiom the piocecdsof  its oie, has met cost of development,  mining expenses ���������nd instalments of  piucliasc pi ice, and theie is a substantial hilancc in the licasuiy  Mr. Paine, the Boston copper  capitalist says he is confident that  mining in Bntish Columbia is only in  its infiincv, but the cliai.ictcr of the  oie is such that only economical  management and low niihvav clinigcs  could make such cntcipi iscs successful.  Comnienled on i.iihvay i.itcs, Mr.  Paine stated the load of which he is  picsident in Michigan hauls oie an  avci.igc distance of 17 miles for 15  cents per ton.  V  Ogilvie's Hungarian,Flour.  Graham Flour.  Whole'Whieat Flour:    ./  Rolled Oats.      ������:   ,  Corn Meal. ,  Bran. Shorts.,  Feed." ��������� '    Wheat.  . _���������";.���������������  A CLEARING  Ready-to-Wear Hats, Child's Saijofs,  ; ,i :\'    ��������� MUSLIN HATS 'AND .BONNETS? t" >'    <  ' TRIMMED- AND .UNTRIMMED MILLINERY.'  , Wi' make the pi ice on these vvaini.vvi'allipr goods at 25ctP.u.h up.  -LADIES-'SUMMER COSTUME?'^. -.  3'y Iii Chdiiibr.iy, Muslin, Pique?, etc., at Discount *Priccs. " > ^  '' ^ - ,'-(    " s^ -:' -��������� --.-'��������� Ar - -;; ft./'/, , i  . -   ' ladies and^Cliildren'LWhitewear -4<" ,  in best, styles, tiiuimi'd willi'Lice and Eiiihroidery, Hein^titcho'tl.  >,  ~-ij\f Special "Reduced "Prices.'-.'  - ~    -     - "     '  VA  Mad.  "   .������<  'LADIES-EMPRESS'SHOE^ J^TA  -Oxfouls, yiippuis," Lace and Button BouU.~A full iimge in stock.  l> r-  j - <5<<*Ai  1 i.^. J '  ^isses^and^hildren's'Tolftwear?-?'  id put in  These goods lii'inj; 1  selling pin-e&A  -  ^   vO-^  1'-'  W--  "���������I'r.  Openi'd and put in slot k 0 cas.-s nf llii'sp ni-vv suiumer and spimg <=tj-li's.  1.He in coming to hand, have  maiked  tliein at quick  We Are Agents for Butterick's, Patterns.  Special, Attention to Mail Orders. '    .     Write for Samples.  . REID & YOUNG,  BSSraSBHRSEE  DRY GOODS MKIIC HA NTS,  KEVELSrOKE. B. O.   ,  M. A. SMITH & CO,, Agents/Revelstoke, B.C.  'I'Iip local hi.uu li of the, socialist  oiyaiusition Ins doubled its sticngth  dm ing the past two weeks,  R. HOWSON &' CO:,  Furniture Dealers, House Furnishers and Undertakers  II.ivc just opened the largest stock  of Carpets in the city.  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British Columbia has arrived at  a new'stage in its political history  bv the adoption of 'party lines.  Whether the lesult will be for better  or worse time alone can show. .The  conservative party is in . power.  That is nothing new:. Though not  omspecificparty lines the conservative party has virtually been.in  power 'in this province for many  years with the exception -of the  period of the Semlin-Cotton government, which,was largely dominated  by the liberal   influence  of  Joseph  their desire to fall, into line with  this grand empire-building policy���������  the greatest the world has ever seen,  binding the British nittion' into one  harmonious whole, with a military,  naval, commercial, and educational  prowess which will maintain it as  the most powerful and .vigorous  nation on the face of the earth/ -  F. H. \\'i:ma.'  ���������>(  r.  i >,  A ���������' ,X  ��������� .r ', t r  a  ABYBY,McOAETglt,|NK||Aj]]  BAKHIfcTEIlS, SOLICITORS, KI'C.  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ALSO 80 acres unimpiov cd land near Salmon  Arm station, price Sl/X) on good term-.  LEWIS BROS. Beal Estate Agents  Zbe Iftootena^ flftail  SATURDAY, JUNE 13, l'J03.  fftops =houlcl he taken to give the  village settlers on the north title of  the track a proper system of ro.td'-  At pres-cnt there  i-   no   roaJ aloni;  the river hank.  The Columbia river i.- encioach-  ing rapidly Lehincl the vill.ifr,e  ,-ettlement on the north f-icle of the  track, anel the provincial government should take .-tep? to niotect  the bank before more damage i=  done.  A ju-'ticc of the peace i<- lequired  at Cariboo City or Burton. There  aie over 200 people: in that; vicinity,  and the want of some; one to take  declarations etc., eepeciallv in mining matter.-, has been much felt.  John llou-ton, M. IJ. 1'., intend"  running for Ymir at the coming  election* and we f-ugge-t he lake  bteps to have a justice appointee!  for that portion of the electorate.  REFORMS WANTED.  The &laff of the government  building-at Victoria needs thorough  reorganisation. From all pari1- of  the piovinco come complaints of  tho lax administration of department.0. The Camborne Minor relates an Instance of gio>-s negligence  in the Land- and W'oik-i Department. There is- a very strong feeling  throughout the province against the  unsatisfactory manner in which  public works  are carried on under  Martin. The province never had a  better'government than that, till  internal dissensions  brought  it(, to  "lief.* ' a > '  ...  ������ The conservative rulers of British  Columbia have left a bad record behind them. , Under the Turner  government one of the ministers,  Col. Baker, was a paity to the steal'  of three million acres of 13. G.  Southern land including the Crow s  Nest coalfields, worth scores of millions to the province and for which  not.onecent was paid the public  tieasury. Baker made, his fortune  out of the scandalous tiansaction  and went to England to Jive onAhe  proceeds. 'The. same, government  ai ranged the deal to���������give the C. I'.  R the balance of the East Koot-  enav coal anel oil lands, the grants  for vvhich have just been cancelled.  In the new conservative cabinet  aie two ministers who supported  that system .of public spoliation,  H. McBrido and A. B. McPhilhps.  Tho evidence at the land investigation showed McBrido was a  member of the cabinet when it was  pioposcd to hand over "these valu  able lands to the C. P. 1^ and he  supported the .scheme. The evidence also showed that Mcl'hilhns  visited ministcis personally and  ui������ed the handing over of these  grants to tlio, (.'. P. R., -Hut for the  stand'taken by Chief Commissioner  Wells it would have been done.  Will the electors consent to allow  the affairs of the country to icmiiin  ln'the.hands'of men who supported  the proposed spoliation of the public  e-tiite in the past? We do, not  believe thev will. If these men  would endolse such ,a tiansaction  two years ago, what evidence have  we of theii vhaving4, undergone a  change of heait such as would pie-  vent them putting thiough asimilai  ileal again .' The country demands  that its public affairs shall be in  the hands of men with a clean  lecoid, men who will woik for the  good'of the people instead of the  corpoiations. In the liberal party  Canada has found ,men to place in  powei at Ottawa whose 'administration has on the whole been most  beneficial to the country and a  gieat impiovement on that of their  picdecessois. ' Is it not reasonable  to expect that the parly who has  done so much foi the whole dominion ca-ri- do as 'much for the  .province if entilisted with the administration, of its affairs? We  think it is, and certainly, it would  not be much to its^credit if it could  not institute in British Columbia a  change for the better from the  existing state of affairs for vvhich  the conservative party has been  mainly responsible in the pa.-t.  UNITING THE EMPIRE.  Canada has icason to be proud  of having Sir Wilfrid Laurier at  the head of the government.  Highlv as he is appreciated by the  liberal party his splendid statesmanship is not fully realised. With  his foresight he was able" to see the-  advantages of a reciprocal trade  policy within the empire and laid  the corner stone on vvhich the  edifice of a new British nation is to  be eiccted. Chambeihun is the  foremost .-tate-,man of tho empire  toelav. He has taken up the policy  initiated bv Sir Wilfrid Laurier and  the hbei.il" .party of Canada, and  will stand or fall by it. In his  great speech at Birmingham he  said:���������  ' C.ni.ul.i li.ii boon tlio most foi war.!  in I'lidciivoinij: to iimti: therein pin- by  other nit.ini ol -tieiigllii'iiini,'our commercial lel.itions ,ni(l bv giving us  spcei.i! f.ivoi , .mil pici'oience If we  iippieci.ile tlii.s .iclion piopeily it  si-ems to me tli.it not only is itcoit.un  Unit, cvoiy other colonv ol the einpiie.  will iiccc-a-firily ,ui(l in due time follow  tliis eviniplf.  ".Vow-, vvli.it, li.it) dn.iil.'i done for us'  Lei mi- s.i>, however, before I come to  that that my policy which f wish to  niakc ole.ir to jou is not to foice our  colonics���������that is hopeless; they nic aa  inrlcpl iwlcnl ,is ������e ,ii'���������but to meet  L-vci>tliing they do fl t lit v see ,i u.iy  of rhiivving the einpiie together, let us  help them in that, even if they mny  not he picp.ucd lo join us in some  oilier vv,iv- from which vvt think the  s.inio H-siilt would br. achieved J3eit  let iii ho piep.ucd to ace opt every  indication on then pail of (his desire.  Let us show we appreciate it, nnd  believe me it will not be long liefoie  all will come into line "  Anstialia, New Zealand and  South Africa have already intimated  TUB U.'B. 11. B. STRIKE.  The investigation of the U. B. It.  B. strike at Vancouver has resulted  in the Chief  Justice censuring the  C. IVR. for wrong towards its employes. The evidence ,showed the  company had deliberately set itself  to kill the' U. B. It. E. on the ground  that it was a socialist organisation  detrimental to the road. We can  tell the C'. P. R. that half its'employes today'are socialists, or on  the high-way to socialism,, anel-if  an election took place tomorrow a  socialist candidate' would take  nearly'half the railway vole. What  is the matter ^vith socialism anyway? Statesmanship all over the  'vvoiklis travelling' rapidly in that  direction:- State owneiship of monopolies, one of the cardinal planks  of socialism, is advocated by^ both  liberals and conservatives'. Theie  is no more socialistic administrative  body than the London County  Council. ,     ���������< ,'  It is, therefore evident-? that the  company's objection, to the organisation on this score is absurd. But  what does the company's contention',  if sincere, amount'lo?" Simply this  ���������tliat it regards its employes as  seifs who'have no righfto think for  themselves. Turn a' thinker loose  and he shakes" the world.' , Turn ti  monopolist loose aud he shakes as  much of the world" as he caVfonce  in. The company'*- stand in lthis  matter , can only' ,mean that it is  afraid members of -the U. B. It. B.  arc a thinkers,' and that, these  thinkers will stop it from giabbing  'more of the people's assets. On its  ovvn^confession the C. P. R- would  support the revival of those dark  clays in '���������history''when 'our forefathers wercburned at the stake foi;  daring   to   sliieak' or   write   their  tlidughts. The company in these  days 'cannot very well erect slakes,  pile faguts'and give an exhibition of  a public bonfire of its employes, who  daie to think, but it can. dismiss  them from its employment, and can  blacklist them' so-, t'hey cannot get  employment on other load-, and,  owning as it does������'the monopolies  of transportation and vast areas of  the public estate, it .can lefuse the  means of subsistence tovtho less in-,  dependent, of its employes ^and  stiuve them into subjection. This  is the soit of tyranny that educates,  and spreads * the doctrines -of  socialism. The C.'P. RAs piobably  in this way the most active propagandist of "socialism in Canada to-day. Other evidence'showed beyond question that under Ma'nager  McNicoll the management of the  road is drifting into 'tvranny and  Shviockism which, if .continued,  must be attended with serious  strikes in the future, curtailment  of piivileges and imposition of  heavy taxation by the legislature.  by ' getting nn petitions among  members pledging to withdraw from  membership. Such men as Laurier,  Dorion, Doutre ' and La flu m me  fought these schemes, and insisted,,  on the right of the institute to be  its own judge of the literature to  be 'placed in the library. The  bishop said he was- the only judge,  and warned the.members ofAhcir  liability to excommunication.  Laurier' maintained the right of  independent 'thought, and, leplicd  to the bishop by issuing notice of a  lecture " Does religious profession  in Canada,entail civil death?"  The-institutealso resolved that the  education system controlled by the  priesthood was defective , and unsatisfactory, Laurier supporting the  resolution. The fight was carried  by these resolute liberal^ to , the  Pope at Rome.' ' ��������� '; '  tim: j.vstituti: kii,li:d. , ���������  TherPope .supported the Bishop,  but "tbe liberals would not be  downed. They issued a report of  lectures, one of which was given'by,  Mr.���������Dc6saulles,' in whiclvho said;  'JAVJiiit evil is' there, in it country  of mixed religious''opinions, in men  of mature 'mind' belonging Ao different ,Ch'iistian sects, giving one  another the kiss of peace on the  field of science? What! Is it not  permissible, when Protestants and  Catholics aie placed side by siele in  a country, in a-.city, for'them'to  pursue together their career of in-  'tellectual progress?"  . Ln the leport was Horace Grecly's  lecture in which that eminent man  said: " For the liberal, in the  century in |whicli we Jive, there is  but one country, A'10, World; but  one religion, love to God and man;  and'ooe,patriotism, to benefit and  elevate 'the 4 human _ family. We  have, *for adversaries, tyranny,  ignorance/superstition, anel ^every-  'thing which oppresses or degrades."  That wasfloo,much for-,i bigot  like Bishop Bourget, who immediately issued an edict forbidding  Catholics belonging' to the institute  or retaining, keeping, or leading  its'roports, and" thiealcning members with refusal of tho sacrament.  , Thus has ' the'' French-Canadian  wing of the liberal party fought for  that freedom of speech which is the  'God-given pi ivilcgc of every country  wheie liberty 'seeks, to take the  place of tyranny.      .     '    ,  -'   ' (To bii contlniieil I ,  ,       ;  sure lo bear on the -workers, drive  the women and'tchildren into the  factories Aind mines, put their  daughters in department stores  where they cannot earn enough to  support themselves, in fact he asks  for anarchy, for as he says they are  the law, and the press and the  chinch is subsidized. But, "Fair  Play".loses 'sight of one fact���������the  workers still have -the' ballot box to  go to. ! i     ' ������������������ ,   '  "Fair Play" had better conic out  of his trance, and1 instead of, turning his back on the future and  diving,into folk-lore, hundreds' of  years old he .should study the  economic problem's as they exist  today. Washington' Irving must  have written Rip Van Winkle immediately after attending an "at^  home',' given by the 'class to which  "Fair Play" belongs and intended  no 'doubt .-that', It. V. W's. 'ri.ile  (which' was rusty to 'say'the-least)  should he symbolical of their knowledge of economic questions as they  exist today. ���������   .        '        A  ."Fair Play's" letter reminds ine  ofAlii;following parable:' A farmer  one day hitched up hi?..., mule to a  cart, but .when he picked up ,thc  reins the mule' refused1''to move.  "What is" the matter," suid the  farmer.- "I want some oats," the  mule replied. - At (his the farmer  flew into ai rage and said, "Look  heic, youi father worked every day_  hauler than you' work, and all hc?  got was hay. 'Why' should you  have oats when", 'hay was ,good  enough for him."' " I know." said  the mule, '" but my  father was an  j; ' *   -A  ass.  Workers';   old   narly ' lines' are  represented <by   tlie   hay.   .Which  would j on   rather ������������������ be,  it ( mule or  "FairJBlay?"'     '       ', J ��������� "   >    ':  , '    !' > Youis etc',,  Faih'iih Pi,vy.  -   Revelstoke,.Juno 9.     .'   '  A "  Spring and Summer Suitings]  \f  We have on hand a comolete stock of Woolens and 'Tailor's. Tiim-'  miiiKb and will make up Suit's in Mr si claws .style to suit pui chaser.     "  'Give us a  trial and,we will assist you to complete your clieis m an  artistic and up-to-date manner.  Fashionable  ~^Tailor. >  GRADUATJ'AOF NEW YORK'S CUTTING SCHOOL-  M.: A.' Wilson,  The Mines Exchange  ,> *?**#    #.'A;. i '  ��������� ,  ���������    - A ��������� .,      LIMITED.   ' , '    ','"   x. "  MINING BROKERS AND FISCAL AGENTS. > a  MINES AND   MINING   INVESTMENTS  * 1 ^' l        l u  We liiiMiis.li reports on nil Uiiid.s of mi'tiillifi-'ious mines ami  prospects       ,. .  Lowest qiiotiilions on listed anil unlisted mining stocks.  '    '     '      t .OFFICIAL BHOKKKS J-'Olt TIIH      >  Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd  (liVA MINI-J.)  '"    'A,  NON-PKKSONAL LIABILITY  -   '    '        ,.   . aA    ' ;   DULUTIl, iMimi.        A        ���������   -CHICAGO, III.  OALUMliT. Mn-li.  'NliLSON,;H. C.  OAMBOItN'K, B.  V,.  Wholesale'ancl'Retail, -,: u  A      :       t - ,'   '      r '        '     '  a   .y.   Meat Merchants.  ^'1  WHY I AM  A LIBERAL  Another  the history  is the storv  (('nntinuol )  >'o. 2.  important chapter in  of Canadian liberal if tn  of the. battle between  church and Ftate. The liberals  foueht for domination by the people  vvhfle the conservative.-, tG retain  power, pandered to the sectionalism  and relisious prejudice^ of (iuebec.  Of this'.Mr. Willuon Fays: To Sir  John Macdonald. "in view of hi<=  Quebec alliances, there wa= clear  political gain in resisting the Brown  school of federali->i-."  I..VI iin.u'.-' st.vmj koii iikiii r.  Thou������?h Catholic by upbringing.  Laurier'- education in an English  school, and hi- intimacy with  Protectant families instilled in hint  that religion" toleration that ha=  made hi~m as much esteemed by  Protestants as by tho^c of hi- own  faith anel prepared him for the  stand he was to take in rc-i-ling  the encio.ichment of his mother  church on tbe liberties of tbe people.  In his lirot speech he urged the  duly of "holding within limits the  audacity of tbe powerful and relieving ' the wretchedne-.-.- of the  weak." and added: " I say it to  our glorv that race hatreds' are  finished on our Canadian ^oil.  There is no longer any family ln-rcj  but tho human family. Jtniatter^i  not the language the people s-peak  or the a I tarsi at which   tbeiy kneel."  In closing that .-peech he urg/.-d  "justice, the mo-it noble of all  human perfection-; patriotism, the  noblest of all human virtue.-; tne  union between the people-., the  secret of the future "  trrs I'lrirfT ,\r. v^-r Tin: < irt w n.  Laurier showed his delermiriation  to stand for liberalism and in defense of civil rights; by joining the  Canadian Institute, a li fern ry and  scientific .society of Montreal which  was tabooed by the Calholic Bishop  Bourget. The" prienthooi] tried to  cru-.li il, by .starting rival societies,  by excluding any but Catholics  from joining, refusing Protestant  papers to the leading-room, dunging the institute with circulating  immoral books nnd   iiloiiilnic, apd  CORRESPONDENCE  ,.  '>, -Fair Flay, Criticised:    ~'~  '.. c    '  ]ili(or Kooii.nav Jlvn.    -   , i,  Sii-.���������After-a careful perusal of  "Fair Play's" attempt at argument  I can only sces one or two points  worthy of notice. He says; that "a  little knowledge- is a dangerous  thing." Whose fault is it that the  majority of people* have only a  little knowledge? I do not think  that it is the workers fault. The  majority of 'us would like to have  some useful knowledge, but theie is  the critical point, what can bo  called useful knowledge? ��������� Bv that  I mean knowledge of use to everv-  dav .working people.* The only  knowledge taught in public schools,  vvhich by the way are condemned  by ���������' Fail- Play," is reactionary and  absolutely misleading. ''Fair Play"  is an exa'mple^of this system of  education.  He ciuotrs a text book for school  children called Collier's History of  Knuland for an authority. As a  collection of dates refening to  baiUc-?. butcheries, rapine, murder  anel illicit loves of degenerate kings  and nobles. Colhci's' history i.-  certainly to be commended, but to  call it a history of-' the Knglish  people is. a travesty so absurd that  no Siihe man would entertain it foi  a moment. A history, to be ft  hi.-tory. should not deal so'much  with individuals and their opinion*,  unless the.-e opinions influenced  the economic condition of that time  or the future, but should state the  conditions anel feeling- of the  people en masse existing at the  period under eliscus'-ion.  What do we c.irc whether Wat  Tvler was killed   by   a   king, noble  or mayor? The only fact here  woitb recording ir that a people y|i-  pre.-sed by tyranny and taxation  made a bid for liberty in the bert  wav they knew how. J suppo>-e  "Fair Play" would suppress all  labor trouble- in the; simc way that  Wat Tyler's bid for liberty w/lo  Biippres's-ed. ("Fair Play" inu.-t be  a lawver: vide Collier'.- history p.p.  S'i-87."; He is on a par with a  certain New -farecy comt, which in  a f.imou- railway ca-e jcjidcrr-d a  wrdiot baling their decirlon on n  precedent e-UblMn-d in icign of  Henry VJJJ.  The pity of it i-, in-lead of giving  children their knowledge of economic- <n .-cIi/joJ \sv allow bitter  exf������',-ifiice to be their U,!"M<'\,J,  Thi- ha- filled tho f������art)i with a  sullen proletariat, bur.-itirig with  cla-s hatred, who, instead of exerting their power in an intelligent  mariner, strike wilb a blind fury at  their n|iprcj-.or.-J.  The only ray of |i({hl ip ''Fair  Play's" effii'-ion h where he ftateb  I hat rf-spoiisihle di reel on of industry ������hould give these matli iM flicii  inaluic consideralion and that Ihey  have staunch fnendi in the pi ess  and chureli, TJ;is stnlcment should  show (ho workman on whicj) side  lii-j interests lie. " K.iir Piny'"'  cleaily implies that the industiial  baron's should   bring  greater   pres-  - Chamberlain's  ,Li3iA.iecii������SiB  Chamberlain's Cough' Remedy.  l'-of dough's, Colds., Pi,pnp finfl Whoop;  liig^Cougli    Pi ice 25 ceilts;'lfirgP &i^Q SQS:  i."  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Reed  -- -- -     ���������   * -   --1,  ������cHf<,>r������in;(V(i<>>  ASSOCIATE EDITORS 1  lion. Justin McCirtliy  Member of Unfilish  Parliament  Kossiter Johnson  Author and Litterateur  Albert Cilery Bergh  Lxprrt Collaborator^  Cd\vard ^jerctt Hale  Autijoi. cf " Tlij} Miir; Wil)i:  oulaGountry '  Jonathan P. Dulllver  U. S. Senator from lo������a  John 15. Gordon  Former U. S  Senator from  ' Georcia  Nathan HasUell Dole  '    t ^ssoci.ilo Editor      '  "Inltrnalional Library of  PamoJS Literature "  ' MaiMKer LeLtuie liure.u,  Author of "Eccentncitits  of Genius'  George AlacLcan Harper  Professor of Enidish Literature, PrincetuP University  Lorciiyo Scars  Professor of English Litcra-  ' turc Brown University  Edwin 1)1. IJftCpli  rorintr tditor "Bosion  Adverti'str"        ''  P. Ctinliffe Owen  Member Lchtonal Staff i  '"Nrv YorliTrihunc."  J. Walker McSpnifilen  Min.ir,nc Tdllor "Ed.tion  Roy.de" of Bdzacs Works  ,   Marcus [iLnjiuni'i  Editor, National Jluscum,  Wrsli'ni-lon, D. C.  "CIjiiIjiio. '1 i|t)c;-HtMld "  Wiliijni W, ftlntPP*  Member  Editoil.il   Staff  "Pi- 1 tdelphi.i Kvenini:  lolt-Braph"  Chump Clark  Member House of Rtprc-  srnl-lliil'S from MissoLrl  r<........ -  Clnrlc tltiwell  Editor  "/.Uinta Constitution"  John D. Morris and Company  Publisher^  Philadelphia, Penna  *J*JHO LIBRARY OF MODERN ELOQUENCE  j ������. J staiidf? vyithqut a peer. Nothing like it was  jggjig] cviratteinptecj'b'cfejre.   Jtditecl bypheM  ��������� tke'gre'atesl of Modern Leaclcis of Mpn, !  Ex-Speaker Thomas B. Reed, assisted by a corps  of editors famous wherever English is heard,  MODERN ELOQUENCE is the masterpiece  of one who has lived close to;those who have  made and are making the histoiy of our times.  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r ' I ^' ' * llp'SI I
?" ,.* *      <       (From photo by Judge Curtis.)"    ',       _,   -
5   '/lie ab6\o,engi.i\ing fchowb the pioneer sUrap"1 mill on Fi&h cieek.
rT��o olliei" mi IN aie now being built in" tlie vicinity    T}i> nqil] IMS &1-
j'Piiflv luineel at* I two gold biurkb of good dnnenbions f nd tti& oQnfidontly
Ii(,lie\cd. when the piqpeitji   i& developed  to fuiiii&b a f-teael> supply to
'the mill] the mine is^one that will pay good dividends
The pi'eilicions of tlie knokeus, that,
tliiAJig'lZdil) would novel in.iko a
irooil null-site, .is (lie Eddy coidd   ppt
fci* in.iilo to'liolei"" tYie Vlbgs b.ue ' t'ccn
pioicd (lining the lecent h gh water
to bci, f.ill.icious. The impio\cnicnts
which , the Kcclstokc LuiiibeACo
piiiclc dining tbtipiist season .ind* the
gtiohg booiils wbitjh i\eie"'pi]t in -li.ue
to the incandescent, litjlits f^o aic
|.imps Hip mnuiUeel foi iT&C as oticision
�� J-'UKLIII It  l.Ml'HOVI.Ml.M*-.'
Con&idci.iblc finthci   impio\emcnts
'aic piojcctcd at the  null.    The   C. P.
R'will putf.ni a thiougli   siding   anel
the company will nip\'c   x\\\   its bin I cling*, io the south 'Vicle 'of the   tiack,'
���',ips\\pcd l]iei|' pi'i|posp"acJtiiiubly .uul
Mhpp'pmpur.j Ai]p i.o\y   satisfied, they
.'pim h.inellp thep .Iocs   nt'   tll��   Ftlfl)'
Aid well as any   otlieiv company   opci-
'iiting on th*e Columbia, and befoic an-
otbei season coinciv.iioiinil the pie>=ont
boom-, will be extended to   t'-e, point,
of lock   which   m.uks   the   southcin
Hioiiiidnn of tho EdcU   thus   .ltloiding
,itioiiiiiiod.it|on   (pi  about   5,pp0, OQO
-teetpf logs Aw "the    piesent   lime
llieie i> o\pi,thice inillioh feet   ip the
bOQins logclliei witli.il.ugp .quiptity
\ In-Ill up on flip b.tnk- bpJund  the   mill
un ,1 iOcoiiO/ supply    Tnc   logs
in will 1 cep the mill 1 mining ful
iill'tlie penod 01 high   w���tei  is
vuiUNGMirsr or 1111 it am1
' 'llie logs aie can ice! fiom theiuei
o\e>i ,\n elc\ated inclined |iaiii\j'iy
nnd t|ic mill ]i.is been }.e I'.uigpjl
tjiiopghoiitW ni- tp piiablp thp ia��-
find m.iiuifiictiiicd mateual to bp |i,m-
dlcd with the le.i��t nmoiint of, 1 .bor
bans and di night pipes b.ue liecnput
111 foi the ieniov.il of the ���-','''.
and sawdust fiom the machines tbe
waste being elclncicd automatically
into the boileis anel the oiltniigs Pini'iptl
' Jp ||iq j-iijinci }.o.id.ipg "'stages lia\o
il'fsq'liecn'put jn with two   turntables,
- the loading U'ticka extending o\ei
1100, ft, The loading devices wcie
iiii.inged by R *J Stcwait, foieman
ofthcjaid, who has had extensive
cxpeiience in -lumbci ha\mg been
in the emploj of the LVnuhip, |^|i^ljp��
Cp gf Jjltjiiiloqa,. T'hf-r 'manner of
iVri'iingenieht allow's se\cn to eiglitcus
lobe .icconimoil.ited on the switches,
anil loaded simultaneous]1-. , T|)>j flay
t'cfoic p.m \\t\$ (ho e'dnipinj bad
loiulccl null shipped out si\ c.us of
lumbci each containing 21,500 ft
<    'im oui-por
of the mill  is it ni^ppt  aboi|t-(O.QOO
' In addition to impio.ii' iiiangem-
ent of the plant nnd j.itd l.ici|i(,|05, the
CPillIMiiy h'js, f{\ocl up an excellent ine
piotection s>stcni with gi.uilation
suppl\ of watei and hydiant-- at \,u-
u us points about the mill and lumber
piles, so that high presume pMn bo
iipnpd^on if ,i moment's) mil ue 111 <-ioo
pi' 'nWceai'ty' A spiinkling system 1
Ins also been fixed on the loof. |
nil. iM.\M' I
consists of twiii-ciiculai fc,n\i., edger,
sl.|b tablp, tn miners, lath boltci and
j.i'tb in.iclnne, thiee plancis, stickei
01 nioulding machine, shingle
m u bine, blowois, dynamo, iesiw^ foi
splitting thm liiiiihei, 75 b p enC'liie,
two boileis ol 10y ll P . hi ll P engine
fpi 'limping dynamo, 120 hghtilj n.inio,
a�� l/'p engine foiiunnmg plancis,
("loiikci engine foi lundlinjr log^,
tlcain nipgei, steum log kickei, with
twin engines Thefiunaees me self
feeding The plant was niauufactuied
In the Wateious Kngino Coinpmj
and supplied llnough the lhilish
Coliiinliiii .'gent, II B Cilmoui M 1\
1' of VancoiiM;;,
>||IL Dllll UIOKb
pie Missis C    I!     lluuie, C  V  land-
111,11k, It   D.im-, K  C. Manning,   K  M
Alliini, of Ki'\el-toke, mul   I)   K   Moll-
i>.on of of Toionto, Out , the in gmg
Diiidni being Mi O I'" Ia111l111.il k
K (' Manning is |n 111 fniiim.in, I-',
|). u,A|,|s el| ii'irii of Ihe engino imiiii
,hii| pi.nil, I Ainli-i-iin is iiigmci'i,
,1 M.ijli'ii, si Iiei, I.'I honison >..iw>ei
It  ,1   Stewiiit > ml foieman, A    V) ,!es
'sop accountant' nnd book-keeper
Mr: Miiiining was furmerly with the
Georgian   Miiy   and     I'Ycd    lUibinson
. Lumber Companies. The mill is
lighted   by   electricity.    In   nilditjoii
so as to give the ncccssaiy accom
modation on the noilh side foi laying tiacks and- stoi.ige 'of lumber
The company will alsopiobably obtain
a launch to facilitate, |i,jpdlipg Ipgs
in f,|ic 1^0]' ' ���/intone'wail'ls'bcing
ci'cctef^.it t|ie end oL t^c ^.w.istp ( pije
foi lpcatipgtlli_p buii I! "   -    ~i   "
The "'conip.iny'i'i'i' 11 la'ige ein;
ployei of.men laboi -Ao men aic now
employed .italic mill and tlicic weic
70 engaged theie foi ,soinc time this
se ison In addition'JO mp.11 aic employed 111 the company's lumbci camps
ul.rtig the inei
f.l NMiA|,
^yiulpAM| M-ipning was Inn h^
eastern tup ho visited a iiumbei of
leading nulls .indcpicked up the 'most
up-to date ideas on lumbci mg -
The eonipiny has a \ ilu.ible extent
of imibei along tbe Columbia, n\ei
and is tin lining out excellent mtin-
te11.1l We notiLCt| scjinp pup plp-u
w|nte pipe gi\|iige!Utfj of 27 b. ,-il pis
\ pi y' spi tablp for pcpiptpi wniK,- ,in(l
stoip pi ops s '
The ooiiip.ui)'ii'liooniB mo   siibstan-
tiallv put in consistino--"'   ^'.      ,n
full !-.~ *n ��   "'   htlcl's   ^
leer   rv��~^ .,.i11cscl to U inches    it   one
">'&.1 end and 20 inches at   the  othei   and
bound   togethei    with    \   inch   boom
chains     1|,e piling   is,   ,)0   feet   long
diiien lo a   depth of   23   ft    Glance
nnd sotting booms aie   also- aii.inged
foi "" ' .
We wish the eonipiny c\eiy success
in an cnteipiisc which   will do   niuch
for the up- building of Revplstoko,
"in Summer Time.    ,
Tones, and - Strengthens
' f   Invigorates > the
Every.Weak Organ and
(Wliole System.
1     ' ,, 1
Paint''*. OU'iy Uoiiipuunil has 'been
<,|H'iiall\ piepaii'd tot tlie lehef and
unit, of many .iilmenLs Unit ^.lOlic-t
woiiit-n, and m-ver finis lo give .1 new
and healthy tone to the fem.ik' m^ans;
it ii'iiiuii'i* lel.ixi'd deliility and 1111-
hc.illhy ���smc'lioii'*; it puiilii-s Lhf 'blood
nnd cst.ililislies ,1 pertect -inil \1g010u'.
Iii'iillh. Mi*.. Peiey S. Biowuiiig, ' uf
PiuM'iii hei, Man., wiilcsus follow--:���
Afu-i del iving-.iicli wondi-i ful good
ficnii tlie use ot Piiiiie'.-. Oli'iy, (Join
pound, I', uon>.idi'i it my duly tn let
siillcinif; women know, some'lliing
iibotit I he only medicine in the
win Id that can baiii-ll temiilo   tiouhlej
nnd give to ivc >n   lli.tb   he.ilth   .mil
stienglli thai makes it, ,1 plcasuie to
live., Isufleii'd Im a long dun. liom
falling of the womb, 11 legubu it ie-,,
nervousness and headache. JMy din toi
could not do much foi iii'-, "aud my le-
1,1 lives thought I \\iiiild,hi>(omc ,1 coin-
firmed iiiv.ilul. Hlv >-i-.lei iiidiucd me
at l,i-.1 lo 11 y P.iiiii^-Oleiy Com pi mud,
nnd I Ihiiiik God il w.i-. Iiiouglit lo my
notice. Aflei I he u>-e nl seven bottles
I .1111 a well iwoiii.in and as he.ilthy
us any oi my fii"ii(N. P.iine's (J-leiy
Compound is surely the leuiedy im
eveiy suk and suITei ing worn,111, .mil
I ici ommi'iid il wilh all my hem t."
Hon, C Wilson, K C \ has 1 cfused a
poitfolioand niay'iiin foi Caiiboo *\   '*
Gaiden, Dunsmuir, Gihnoic, Smith
'Cuiti*, JJickie, and Kidd-announce
then lelnement fiom politics     i
II G ' Mullei, pf> tlie Coldstieam
Hotel, Veinoiii may be the libeial
cinelidatc against Puce Jilhson
W' W , D. Mclnties is favouibly
spoken of in many qu.uteis as the
coming leadei of the liboial pnity,
HMi  Gpodepough oi'fMi( Johti'Keen
will   piob.ibly  opposo  Hoii   It  Giccn
foi Slocnn, and  will  poll a big-hbcial i
vote at Tiout Uakc.      '*    ," ���   .
In e\enf of T. Taylor. M P. P , ���be-
coimngi conscivatne candidate 'for
Re'ielstoke Aie will nif)\p Ins" home
fiom Tippt'^ivKP to Ho\ei&tQko dining
the ejeption, -J - -'-'
Mirny conseivatiics want C.'���F.
ilindiiiaik to allow his name to-be put
m nomination at the coming election
foi Jle\elstoke licling, and it isbehc\p(l
he would poll ,1 big Mite       t -, (
J, Tliuo Wilson, cliahman of tbe
eonsci\,iti\c committee, 1-5 mentioned
,ib a candidate foi the consei\ati\e
p.uty of Revelstoke His fi lends say^
he would score a big i ail way \ote
AVancomei nnin s,VJS ifoeMaitin
will up stlQ'igly siippoirel in tile coming elections in that" city as he is ic-
gaidccl as the one man who h.is the
cxpciicnce and foice of chaiactci to1
.cleanse the Augean stable $ Yipfoi^
' Many'fiipncjs. of C| >-S MoCutpi".
both llbqia]' aiifl^ pongpi\iiti\p, l),np
uigcil lum to bpcqnie'a c,ipc]jcV|tp ;\[
thp pHinmg plpctlflps, 'but >llP I1.1* 10-
fuspil, his huge- pi notice pi even ting
him fiom attending  to active politics.
It is undeistood T Tiylorf M. P. P.,
will be the "standaid''bearer- in the
llo\clstokc nding at1 the cp,ip,ng
election ftl; T.^ioAis pibbably the
stiopgpst man the p.uty could uin in
the distiict as be seemed .1 big
niajoiny when lunnipg pu t}icfe,tiaiglit
cons,enati\p tjckpt ffji lic^cWtohc last
John Keen of Kaslo, who has done
such splendid seiwco for the P10
-uncial Mining Association of which
he is piesident, and who lan ,'% pqn,-
beiv.itnu candidiitp ]i(,(, p](;ct'on. has
decided to, 'iiioi\ 'P his lot wpli the
libpia'ls 'at 'thp cqippig- jprnint-'-'l
elections. l|e (leplajeg hp G-lPIIOt Mip-
ppit (Ip pon?pi\ilM<0 pU'iy ini ut
p,-esiJiit oongtitutod uud"' x~
McUiWoo- ** siniply  m(Mnb plilci|lg
i'n powei at Victon.i the old ciowd of
giafteis who tned to gi\c awayEa^t
Kootenay coal and oil lands to the C
P II, and who have been lesponsiblc
foi the disgiaecfiil state of allansso
long existing at Victoiia
Anathei saw mill is to boputiii.it
Cam bo: no
ThcTiout Like siwiuill his been
shutdown till the watei 111 tho lake
O M Cl.uk has gone'to K'ault to
take cluigo of the saws nt the Columbia Knei   I-umbei  Co'^i null theie ���
The boom in timbei limits is o\ei
foi the (Picscnt Kepiesentatnc
lumbci men infoini us theie is piactic-
ally no tale foi timbei limits
As lesult ol" tho carpenteis stiike ut
Oulg.uy the piesident intimated the
caipentcis weic picpaicd to light the
so-called lumbci combine if nccossiuy
When asked how this could be done
heicpliccl, "By the union tiaimnen
lofuslng to handle lumbci between
Calgaiy and Laggan "
The Niuigation Co, C P R and
local lumbci companies bine objected
stiongly to tho 'Columbia Jti\ei
Iviiliibci' Impio\cment Bill as at
pioscnt di.iwn, and p.u ticul.uly
agunst the clauses gninir contiol of
side stieams and coiistiuction of
pieiP and booms which may mtcifeie
w ith navigation
Fop all Forms of Kidney Disease.
We the undr 1 signed Diuggists aie
fully piop ued lo gne the lollowinir
guii.intee Willi f".ei\ 30 tent bottle
��� I Oi l��elliiu��iH\ Kiilni-v Woil T.ili-
|,i- I he mill 11.iiied\ m I In- woi Id that
|mi-IIimIV lines .ill tumbles ailsing
I mm weiik kiilni \ s. -
"Monev ilieritully n tin ned if Ihe
-ulleiei is not I ebeveil and impmxeil
ill i iimmiI line bollle '1 hue to s|\
hull I, s i IVci I astonishing and peim.in-
iMil tines || m't leben-d and lined,
you w .-isle no money.
(J.iiiiubi Drug & Hook Ci...ltevel.s|oke,
B. U,
.1. A. Miller & (A.,  Hevelsluke, 13: U.
\Viillei- Itews, Iti-velsttike,   13.  O.
Too Great a Risk.
In almost eveiy neighhoihood someone has died from ,\n attatk ot colic oi
cholei.i nioihus, often before medicine
could he. pi oc ni ed oi ,i,phvei�� Mil smu-
niimc-d A leli.ible lemedv foi these
diseases should he kept, al hand. "The
i i-k is ton gie it foi anynjie to take.
Ghainhei Iain's (lulu , Chnlcio and Di '-
tihoea Reined} has undoubtedly saved
the li\ es nl ii>iii ������ people and leheved
uioie pain and sufiei ing than .inj othei
niediime m use. It i.in ah\a\s he
depended upon Foi sale by all diug-
gists.                ,	
rniin our own Corrc->|xin<leiit
M  Culm visited Bc.ucr Tuesday    .
ThcBe.nei mill has staited and is
doing well
M's Coinish ha-j letiuned fiom bci
\isit in the cast
Mis Campbell has gone to tho
pianie foi "a \isit i
Miss Sadie McCiillum left foi K.im-
loops to take a position".
Rev Mi Campbell held moining
and evening semce hist Sunday
The \omig people of Bc.uei pie-
scnted Miss'Sadie McCallum with a
handsome toilet cise at" the f.uewell
puty gnen also by the ladies of
Editor Ivooil s i\ Mui,
Sir,��� Ulow me to use join columns
for the pin pose of expicssing my high
appieciation of the kindness I have
lcccned at the hands of the people of
l!ca\ei A�� I bine not time ut my
disposal to personally thank my
fi lends I take aehantage of thus
publicly expiosing my thanks for the
f.uewell p.u ly and I beautiful piesent
and then hearty good wishes foi my
w el fa ie
T shall always be pleased to hen
fiom any of my fi tends in Beaiei, and
11list that they will succeed as well as
I hope to do in the new field of laboi I
have chosen
Youis Li nl Vi
.���5inn. McCau.i m
If it's a bilious nlUick. take Ghnnihei--
luiii's .Slomaehnnd IJver Tublet.s nnd a
(piiek recovery is i-erUiin,    For sale by
S Mc.Mahon has icci i\(d msti lie I-
ioiis fiom J Laughtoii ,lo b'nld a new
bus foi.the^Union Hotel,
J)i W J, Cllli'y, the' new dentist of
Revols'toke/foiineily of 'N'anainin, has
hud a United Stiiles patentngianted
foi a poitable bed lie has patented
scvcinl othei dciices,
'       METAL MARKET.    ,     >
^Coppci���Now*Ybik, elcctiolytic Id
to 14"^; London, jEGO
rj Lead���New   Yoik. $4 30   to iklSo,
London, JEll lis 3d. to Xll 12s Gel
"��� SiKci���New Yoi k, 53 \
Coppci was wciik'ei but load steady
dm ing the week, Silver chopped a
cent nn onnoo, r\ ,
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Greenhouse and Hardy Plants ���
Roses, Rhododendrons, etc;       '
Tons of Home Grown and Imported
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
, ' tnrypring JfUutiiifr.
CUT FLOWERS 1,'l"B""-r'w,tlf,,nKS
Chinch DeccialKJii:
Fllllt'l'll IV-igns.
o B'l5|5 SUPPLIES,   "' 4
'   Cat ilogui. l''ioo.      Kibti.ni Pncc-oi Less1
I V        .""
."IM; J-HENRY, ,-:
auO'J-Westmin&tci   Ito.id,   Vancouiei
Wiiiti; Laiiok Om.y.
Hcileyon<Hot Springs
mui! Medicaj, Waters of ir.ii
I iyt',,1 me llie innt-t'i malive in the
U'Oild. ' A perfeil, ti.il in,il leinedy fm
all Ni'Mons and i\liisiii|a| ��� d|di,||i|.s,
Liver, Kidney ,|ii(| glnill it'll iiiliiK'Ui-
���mil 'MH'IIIk J.'iM-.niiliiK. A"-, ,..,,,���
f.���   "That T.i'cd  K-; ;   .,    -^ ��;;,,
"���?������"���   ""    .....ils   and  Tla.ns.Tw,!
..his   .il live   and   deput  eveiv    da\
Telegiaph   ,(omiuunn alum     with    all
paitsol the   win hi     An   ixpen-ncid
mass mgei.
Halcyon Hot Springs
,   Arroiv LaRe, S, C.
E. W.kB. Paget, Prop.
Piompt, dell\i"i\ of paicels, baggage;
etc, lo any pul of the Ciiy
Any Kind ol' Transferring
, Undertaken.
All in dels left1 at R M Snnllie's
Tobacco Stoic, oi by Telephone, No 7
will leceiw piiiiupt iiltrntiou
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods.
The best assoitment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and orii.inient.il
Plow 11  I'ills
Unibiullii blimils
laincli 11 iskcts
*.|iiokliiK J acids
Sill, Goods
Tea son icls
PliUi s
Cane Clidiis
Kuicslstock of cimiliis nml flint in inwn
Frcnt Street, Revelstoke
Fine Upholstered Furniture.
r\Ve have an exceptional
stylish i.tnge of Parlor Furniture���all 'of which is upholstered by ourselves.
You can choose'your own
cover when desired'
Samples mailed.
���        We   have ' made    Home
Furnishing a life study. '
Weiler Bros. .SK' Victoria,^. C.
Complete Installation's Our Specialty *       ', '
s' -i    Finest Class of Machinery ���.."'.'.
The Hinton Electric Co. Limited
_ "KJNGtl EDWARD" ](XX)s.
���7   ������niiADLlGHT," 500s.
; ^'liAGLR/'JOOs ami 200s.   ^
"VJCTOUIA," ���     ��
'���lATrLE COMJST."^  "
Are the best Lthat can be bought.   .
Don'tvexperiment with other and .inferior brands.
^'   ~   USE   EDDT'S*' 'l   '  -
O    -
J. LAUGHTON, Proprietor, '
,    REVELSTbKE, B.C."'���
,   >.TIiia Imiel is niiw iipiMi fur t)u* 'iiccoiinnoilation ot  Ihe li.iiellutg
pul>lu.    Il is llie inns) I oiu eniently situated hotel in the eily, li.-inp;
al llieioinei {it FlibtMueet anil Coniiau^ht Avenne,tin the iieaitof
Ihe |),is,nii.i.ii portion of  the eity, con\cnient lo  niiluiiy station anil
)*    post oITice.    n   ,      P       .      Jr J- , L" '   '
First Class Accommodation anil Table. j.        * * i
S ���      . * ���'- '     ���      >        Best Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars,
Nuw'y   luult       Fiif.t-cl.ifes in e\ei\ lespect.      A\l moelern con\eiiiejnce-s
L.ugc bam pic Ilooint. ' "
Rates $1 50 per Day Special Weekly Rates, i
Queen's Hotel, Trout   Lake, ainder  same   management
4? '���        ,*.* <&���
$'  ��������� COMAPLIX , -"- I
fa The Best /', ouse in Town. - Well Furnished - Good Table fa
fn Best Brands of WINES, SPIR1TS and CIGARS kept in Stock. ��
| W. HAMILTON, Proprietor. ^
fa i$�� f$�� fsih i*fr> f$> <$> "i> <$> rst? <$t> <$t> <$��� <��t> ^fc tfa(fa(fa<&<&<fa^^^&tfa^<$hrfjr>
ably furnished with the choicest the market
affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $i a day.     Monthly rate.
CT.      ALBEBT      STOIDTIE,      PEOI
�� obtained in all count]io
Registered Patent Attorney
Moclminuil     KnKincor    and     DiiuikIiIsiiiiui,
Hank  ot II. N. A. Uuildings. Hustings- falitut
A postcard lull secure tin cvcmiiK appoint
ment foi Ihoso tt ho LiinuoL t ill uiiiiiik Hie ilaj
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
P.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences
For Manitoba, the, Northwest  Terri-
tones and the, Railway Belt in
British Columbia.
J ci-e- foi snuiiiu purpq-e-, am ls-ncd foi ,i
term of lucnlt-oncjcn^, and the nntnl i-.ul
llii- niit of luo cent- .in acre per iiiiiiuin, i,,ij-
ablc li ilf )c irh in nd\.ipcc. r
Ijind-i included in n irm/mi: lane in.iy lie
wilh(lra��-i for home-lead entrj, sale or rail
��aj iiiirno-c-,, bill no itnl.il ii cliarh'id on sucli
land-, fim i tho natc upon ��Inch the} lire v.illi
dnivin from the ka-o f,
A le���iLOf Ki-a/niK lands is not entitled to the
Iinj (liiTinn, but hi in,i>, upon npjilicalion to
tlio .-lrCC-it of Dominirin l^uid-. obtain each \c.ir
tho Hi-I iicnnit, to cut on In- li.iiel)Old whair
cicr quantit} ,of Imj he ma) require for blown ii-c, fnoof due-., the department rcscrvniK
the rifrht lo iv>iie pcriiut.s to other appliciul-,.
Atiplications for gniznie; lca<-ea -hould be
made lo HieSecri.tflr3,'lJopartinenf, of the In
tenor, Ottawa. ,
' ,    1'. G KEYKS,    ''
'.     Socrctniv, Depart ment of the Intorioi. '
'rt ���'
l' i
. Ais> i
/     I'l
,S'. -S'1- " A > chcr ", or S. .SV   " ten dean.' '' - A l
1 ' * �����!,!���
ut   a,'
y     ...
Iii,lining  between   Airovheud,   Thomson >   '
LiudniK and Coinaph-c, coniniLiicing Oct. liili,,
1001   will sail aq follow- (we.ilhcr peimittiiiKl
Ijiuc   Arrowhead   for 'Ihomson'ri   l^andmi,
an<l < oin.iplix twicedaih at 10k. and ljk"-i. ,
LcmcCnniaplix nnd 1 honiion'^ Ijiiuling for
Arrowhead twice dailj nt 7.1ok and 12 lok
-llnkiiiK clo^e connection*   with", all C. I*. 1! v
trams and boat* '_
Tho ow ner- re=e'r\ c the rife-ht to chan c lime-
ofsiilin;;, without notice. " r   ,      '
TIIK KIIKII HOR1NSOX LUMBElt CO VTD."-       t"-,-i*i-      ,���
r  " .    v t k noHixsox,  "      "    "' *A5^|
,      -     '       "    '\IanagiiiB DneelorA    &,*,!,   '-vM
 -��-_-���     *.*<***.l,-V^-^l
Jhe Revelstoke Navigation .Co. Ltd >/;\$.g\
T >  - . *   ���/,     V A I
r ���*���      "��� ft \rt   uJ   ���>��� i    '*> "���isffl
i- A^j>9J
''      ' (Diu'lllf' blMSOIl Of hlfchrW<ltPl-.)^' _      ;-.     j_-3-<|
i.. .    '     i ' ^ <. .    ; A-ja--!
SPJSCJI'AL TRIPS will lie made be-" ',' \i[\4\
tivpi'ii il.ite-, nt iH-^iil,u ���s.iilinif .when-A ��� 4 iv*^'-"(fl
evi'i liusiiiff-, olfeicd w.ii lanu sami'. ,, ' t ' !\"rl
<        ^ A       *      : A  '   '���> A��'-'
Tin- Cniiipiiiy ir��i'ii-f ihe light, to 1 ������"',-- f,Si
cli.inni' uiiiu 111111 d t\.s of inline; uilli^. ,1 ,��^!
oul- imtice.
Royal Mall Lines. ( ; ~i
, Cheapest Route to the Old Country. ,     ,
"AIjL'VN* MNK-Kiom'lloiilrcil '     (
Tunibcan v *. .     JI.i\ 2.1��
Parisian       , . ....   Mnj Ml
Picloriiin . . -.   June ti. ,
'    4DOMINION' MVK-Krom Jfontrea! ->,- -
Dominion -I , .        *".'    ->      '  Mn\ .M
Soulhwatk ..        JIai M,
Canada     . '.    ..  *      .-    .June 11
DOMINION LIN'i:���Krom I!o=l'on
Ma>flowor               .                 . J "Ma\ 21'
(.oiniiionweilth                        '      .    ~     June 4
New hnsland.  June 11
I1EAVER UNK-hrom JIontrc.il.
I^ike Jlnuitubi .           .           -     Maj 21
Lake t'hiiiiiplnin .    ,                      .       Miinel
L.ikeEiie .                        *     June 11
AMI.IMCAN IjINK���From New York <
Pt. I.oui=   .- .                              . . Maj 20   v
Now \ ork ...               Ma> 20   .
Phil.ulLlphi u June G
<   A\ Uin" SPAU I lNi:-l-ioiiiNew York" t
Gcruinine, .   . .    ' Mnj 2U
M.ijc-I'    . Maj 27
Celtic , - - Ma\ 2fl
Oecmie   . - J unci
C'UN MID IjIM" -Kroiu New York
Ktruria .... - JIa} 2*i
Crtinp-ini.i ���        ���     Maj MI
liiiibiia . r. June 0
-CUXAHI) DINT, ��� Krom Boston
Hernia -   Ma> ll
liltom.i.        " ��� Ma> IS
(-axoiu.i ��� J une 2 ,
Iicrnia ���      June 10
Ponsciijiers tiekolcd  tliroiiKh  to all  parts of.
Great Hntixin and Ireland, and at speciallf low
ratc��to,ail parts of  the Kuropean continent.
Appl} lo ne.ire-t railwaj or-leain-lup agent or ,
to ��
T.  W. BRASSHAW,  Agent,  Revelstoke.
W. P  F. CUMMINGS, Pacific Agent,
. 4 >' I
-A,    ',->,���* I
'��� Jfil
��� .���; iJv
>. -'   \i I
, 5. 4. tB
-i Jr> l ���
ftoouti in Siit/cs ivil/i Balks and   'J'oiicls altai hetf. flowing //o/
and Cold Water, Inside Toilets on each flooi. Ca.s Lighted and
Steam J feat id Throughout.
J. C. GREENE, Proprietor,       -        GOLDEN, B. C.
Best brands of Wines, Lic[tiors and Cigars.
Travellers to   Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation
at this Hotel.
YV<> lw\ i> liri'fi appiiinti-il nj<i-iils fin
IiMiiitiH Hi ili-.li, Uantidi in ,iiid Aiiii'ii-
inii   (inns  .mil   ( in olli'i a si'li'tlioii uf
f'.lll'llllllis   I,H     1(101    suill    ,1-.   lllStll>U>l
lll>l(IM.'  lll'l'll  lllTl'lI'll   III   Ill's   (list I III
Iti'Si'i'vc vein' ordi'i-s |n>ndiiig n cull
id' hup ivp'ii'si'iiliilive" Willi siiiiijilHs.
The Kootenay Mail Pub. Co. Ltd,.
ttlSVULSTOKE   li. V.
I hue sl.u-li'd ,i pcMiiiini'iit Wood
Yiinl on Tliinl siici'l. With inv p.ist
I'Xpi'i'iciie-i' I hripo lo nc in ii pnsitiiiii
In .iiitisfyiill i-,'riiiiiiMiii>iils ol' f-iisloin-
cis. Mill nnd i-iii-dwridd s-tipjilii'd in
liny lnngllisi.it. reduced prices for wish.
__  PoaiaL
N3-7I3 its 3St*l \Ci
Th: \-i -? n'-.i������ p^-ioc'lcsl cf tho
wo-ld. -J-ith ihs liic-ce-i ccuo-.al s-aff
of a-./ tec --teal pub 'caiion
Sjbic-lp Im S5 CO a ytir (IncUdine
U  S   O.iicili-1 Mertcai psita^:.)
7hj Joir'iAL a-d Pac fic C^mst
Mi-er to��c-bcr. So 00.
Ss-irl* copies f-cc. Cena for Book
The E-ioi'iEipniccp-11' mi o journal
261 Broadwa/, Ueu Yor*
��� ��vnr,nan-^��9v*
Standard rencdy lor Gleet,
Gonorrhoea and Runnings  /uinv ]
IN 48 HOURS.    Cures Kid- WULII j
neyand Bladder Troubles.
.;!:VA''-:A '.'.���*V?=rL...r'".-J'-." .'A3-:.- ��.���::.. ����������
":'��� A-iv; ^ipi>ri*;i2;'Fiji
#;?A; A' fcll;='-:v!;.^i^;?��5S ^W^l
iMAKE ���SHIPMENT, W^^E^Olte^yrl
i i
{ t
ff (
' 1
f f
_  i
Big assortment opened.
Also Instruction for
every Instrument. Call
and see them.
All the Latest Songs
REVELSTOKE.      ���
\Yi u.i a.m=;-\V Lists���At   C.ilg.uj
"  'lltli, JJuheit  Wlntfoiel   ttilliains,
of Reiekstoke, B C , to  Lama Ada
( Webb, of ijuttolk, England
Bu.DiiY-U.MW.N��� U K.inilooiib, Tliuiis-
d.iy.Jiiiic 11, Alficd Lduaid lialdiy
to Miso  Glad}*,   Emily   UniMii, bv
the Re\ '1   \\\>V]lliamsoii'
... )
June 24th���Aiitonia Doloica
July 1st���Willing Woikeis      <
Constable G IE Aston is, appointed
chief license mspectot ioi Golcicn.
The  dominion  government will m-
st tute, n system of penny sa\ ings banks
:      The Fiascr iivei   is  using   but still
20 inches lower than   last  \c.ii's)ngh
A son ofjt. \V. Patmoie, foimcily of
Ke-.elstoke, fell into Wimleiincie lake
and naiiowh escaped diounmg
The 'socialists luic seemed a
splendid speakei inRe\B 1? Wilson,
ss ,who will iieldicss a meeting in Reicl-
i  *  j,The-demand  foi building lime is so
_, great that Capt. Sandeison has oieleis
,foij;Si\ oi seien cat loads moie than he
can supply.     '      ���>      . ,
i We legiet'to le.iin of the death of
Mis. T K I'll ie, of Galena one of the
most, highly esteemed jesident* oi
East JCootenai. ' '
Owing to the  mciease   in   customs
t business at Keielstoke, the depm tment
will be asked to add to the start' by the
appointment of a landing w.ntei
The shoitage of lumbci   in   the  dis
'ti ict is   gieatly   hampcung'  building
opt-i.ttioiia     E\en the constitution oi
ihe big sawmill at Aiiowhcad is gie.ith
eiel.ueel foi want of lumbci
The dam at ihe powei house has
been giving some anxiety to tlie.ni.noi
and aldeimen Owing to high watei
the top of the dam was canied auaj
and the steel cable bioken The dam
was only sa\ed by the substantial
props lecently put in.
The Uppei Columbia Xa.ug.it ion
Compaiv, ~ are giung the school
chilehen a fiee tup to Coluiiibiu lake
We suggest that ir the steameis ui-i to
Reielstoke dining high watei the C
P. It. gi\e the school chilclicn of Ke\-
elstoke a fiee tup to Auow lakes.
'An Ameiican usitoi.who st.i\cd off
at Halcyon Spimgs on his tup up the
lake, speak** in glowing terms of the
virtues of the wateis and accommodation theie He thinks n the attiac-
tions of JJale\on wcte known in the
eastern states thousands of people
from there would he giad to \isit llal-
The homes of Keiclstokc ne\ci
looked sowej! as the.\ do now Iii the
west end of the city the homes and
grounds of Re\. C. Ladner, Messis B
A Eawson. T. Downs, W, A. Mom?,
J. A. stone, W. AbiahiimsOn. C.
Molten .I.J' riutliciland, Jl. X Coiu-
sicr look particularly well Mr. Stone
finds his iiint, uce* doing well, his
cherry tree-, bearing la-t .-ea-on and
promising a good crop this *ca-.on.
On examination of Dis. Cross anil
Sutherland, J Yates was committed
to Wcstminstei iT3)lum.
On Tnuisclay tho Columbia livci nt
ltc\clstoku had ii��eii'lo within siv:
feet c-f high watei inaik. '
Claude Ryder had one of his knees
so sosciely cut on Tuesday by slipping
on a piece of bioken glass he had to
be canicd home. J)r. Graham was
called in to attend lo the iiijui>-.
.1. E. Eong, of the , J-Cootenuy
JJicwciy, has 'pinchased tho gicatci
poition of C. I' It paieel between the
Ineweiy and the tiaclA and intends
eflecting gi'cat lmpiovcnicnts theieon.
At Mobcily List week John O'Biicn,
a iivei diiici foi the Columbia Itiver
,Lumbci Co , was diowned in the Coluiiibiu, and a *son of' B. Miller'was
drowned   in     the     Kickinghoise   at
W. G. Watson, who is in chargo of
Boyd's much in thet Big, Bend, came
in Sunday and icpoits the much looking well. ���He leckous this'ranch one
of the best fanning piopeities to be
found in the distiict.
The Coliinibi i, Itnei JmpiovenierH
Bill, in cli.uge of Auliiy Mou'ison, M.
1', was opposed in^committee 'and has
not \ot gone thiough The Minister
of Justice said hoicseivid jin isdiction
of the nie.isiue as inteifeung with
Dominion nyhts r
Al'ho Culumbia u\ei at Revelstoke is
up to within' 2 feet !) inches of the
high flood inaik of lS'M, and stilj using Serial aciosof eliif'.wood is piled
up at the Eddy boom The hank
abo\o I McMahon's shingle null is
being l.ipidly undeiinii'Cil
A man named Xeilson, whosniashcil
I he windows of P It J'eteison's house
in Febiu.ii j last, was In ought befoie
Messis Goidon and McLaughlin, .J '&
P. on Monilav and sentenced to si\
months lmpiisonmont at Kaniloops
gaol, wlntliei he was taken by Constable L'ppci on/Pucsd.n^
C "I South, J V, "well-known as
seeietaiy lo the Consei \atnc association of B C, v.is attested at Y.m-
cou\ci on a cli.uge of indecent assault
on a gn 1 undei 14 Much sympathy
is lolt with him ^as he is hiirhlv
esiceimd and it is believed theie is no
loundation foi the cli.uge. u
The locomotive and a caTof fish at-
tichcd to tlie eastbound oxpiess wen t
tl lough a tie-stle cast of Hat Pottage
c.uly Wednesday moining, taking
JCiigini'Ci \V .lohn-on and W. Knott,
his I'neniaiiA to~ vvnlciy gia\es The
locomotive is buiied in 60 feet of
wa'lei, and may not be lccoveicel
(., 0' .-shields, eelitoi of Kccication,
leaves Donald on his tup up Columbia
anil Canoe vallc.vs thiough tiackless
ii'itinns lo the 'loitir.ind west He
takis with him seventeen pack hoises,
a packet, a, guide and cook, and c\-
pcets to be away about tincc months.
Mis object is to ti.uel uncNploied tei
ntoiv, secuie photogiaphs of ifew
scenes and w lid animals i    ,
' The lecieation giound on the not th
side of the tiack will one daj loim a
valuable isset to the city It consists
of ."it acies, the most ol which is level
land easii.v cleucd Theie aic two
natui.il ten aces on the cast side which
could be utilised foi buildings, gtiincl-
stintl etc We have again to ui��C
that the cm let the laud on nn in:-
pioicment lease so that, it nun bo got
ic.ul) ioi use at a futuie tunc
The poion.ition hotel at Camboine
has again been the scene of distiuLv
anee. Shenil Tav Ioi entcied undei
wau.int, and the foinier ownei. M
Biicli.ui.iii, also entcied undei plea oi
bie.ich of covenant on the pait of the
puichasci, J II tSniith An ,i=siult
was alleged and Smith laid mfoi inn
tion against Bnchanin who was commit ted foi tnal b> Justices Diew and
Thomson V C Elliott pppeaicd for
riii'it'i and G ri McCnitei i"oi,Buch-in-
an Anothei assault was alleged between Buchanan and at.othei p.uty.
TliDluimei is stated to have used a
un anel the lattc; ,\n a\c
The Best-in the -World.
Mail us' 15 lloy.il Crown Soap
Wrappeis, and in return we      ,
will mail a./beautiful Pictmc
si/o 16v20 ; or for 25 Wrappeis
- your choice of over 100 books.'
Drop us a  post caret asking
for a catalogue of premiums
to be had  FJlEE^for Royal   ,
Crown Soap Wiappcis. ,
���"    Address
Tlie Royal Soap Co.,
Vancouver, B.C. r     ' Limited.
Social and Personal
to  have   your
ks  and  cider at
C   JJ
Go to W. Smytlie's
wheel lepaiicd. ''     ���   ,
Ice cieain", soft diinl
the (3ity Bakery. '
You   can save 'money by
with M. X. Couisici.     '        '
Jj.ie.osso   shoes,   new----lock,
Hume it Co , Limited '     '   ,
.I.,Guiletto  olleis   b.ug.un   sale
potatoes at 50c. to 75c pei sack.
'  lte.nl  C   Ji. Jliune's  ad\t.  on* 'iiist
page iind test the puces quoted.
A meeting of tho ci icket club will
be held m Xo 2 Ine hall at 8 p in
Monday.        ,   '    ni
Pei una���jou can get it at the Canada J)iug ie Book', Co���the giciit
catanh cine
, Visitois to Camboine ^should take
A Ci.ug's stage fiom Beaton * CJeuck-
est loute, best sen ice - - 'L '
The A)op.u tment of the' Intciior
inv ites tencleis in oui columns today
ioi timbei bci th Xo 353      ,       _   _,
Leave join oielcis foi pics of any
kind���meat,'ni nice or hint���at the
City Bakciy.���A Hi Bennison-,-
.Getvoiu picscuptions filled .it the
Canada Ding it Book Co The puicst
ol dings jiiiraccuiately dispensed ���
Sec that "youi piinting beais the
iinion'label The JCoorL.vvv M.ui is
the only,union punting olhccmXoith
Kootenay . ,      '-
Travelleis visitnig Revelstoke will
find the>? best aecomodation lit the
Ccntial Hotel, Abiahamson .Bios o '
A new   lot of   fi.tnicd   pictuTes, all
How fo Beautify the Complexion.
Tu haveasott. smiioth skin, fiee fiom
empi kuis ,itul pinipli'--, tliH lilond mii'-t
In-lii'.illhy and pine. l-Vi i ho/nif in-
\ igiii all", enleebli'd blood, and cb*an-
ses il nt all I in pin i ties anel poisons- it.
brums cnlot lo tlie lips and cheeks,
hi-lli.uu y to the eye--, whiten- the
tec-lli and sweetens "the bt-.'.ith. Xo.i'dent.i
loan, coinp.iies with Fen ho/one in
i.ipul action and p"t in.inent icsiilt-.
Tiy it PiicejOt. at di ujjgist^, oi- Po'-
son it Co., Kingston, Out.
sizes and puces   beautiful   >;oods, just
opened at Canada Drug <t-Book Co
Resene join calendar oieieis for
1901 till the lcpieso'ntativc of the
Kootenay MaiP calls to show jououi
cWhj epnil east Ioi join loose-leaf
daj book and lcdgei fillings,' when the
wink cin'bc done as well at the JCoor-
i.vvv Jil.vir, olhce'' ���'
A\" tSmj the is ag'cnt foi the Cleveland, Genelipi, Massej-llauis^Ranililei
and the famous Ilejslop bicji/les i See'
lnni when >ou want a"w heel '        >���
'Two moie l.ugc stoies maj open in
Revelstoke, the paities negotiating for
sites foi the pin pose being leading
Rossland anel Okui.igan meichants
When you come toRcvclstokcli.nl
the Ccntial Hotel bus totakejouto
,i good hotel Aliialiamson JJios
I'i ops '
S McMahon has impoited a stock
oi moivcis lakes, kniie gundeisete.
made by the Dcciing Machinciy Co,
ioi whom he is agent.
.All kinds of Cleveland fittines intl
Dunloptvics at \\ Snfj thc-'s bicjele
lepau shop Hambler bicjele if tO, one
of the Cleveland wheels
When you want to get to Caniboine
in speed and com foi t, 1 )ok out  foi   A
Ciam's  stage lino when   landing   at
Bouine Bios have purchased the
watehouse built on second stieetby
Taylor Bros i George Limited.
Lewis Bios weie instiuiiient.il in putting the deal through.
R  Ifowron l-airanging  to  comeit
tho  north   half   ot   In-,   store into  a
'carpet -howroom, ami intends puttintr
in a splendid   stock  01   cupels,   of  all
kinds, linoleums, etc.
Dr Cmrj, dent'-t.   has  gunn   on   a]
months vi'it to   Larde.iu points     On j
his leturn to lieveJ-tok'1  he  will open
rooin< in   tin:
Miss Fostei is on a visit to
T. Taylor,  M. P. P.,  spent
in the city.'
E. L. Kinm.iu   letuined  fiom
couver Monday      r
E. A. Biadlcv   returned  fiom
couver yesteiday. '
'   E.fFciguson  spent  scvcial  dajs
the city this week.
Miss Duncan  left  Monday
foi hoi home in Ta'com.i. >
T. E. L. Taylor, foimcily of Revelstoke, is in,New Zealand.' >    >
J.-J).'Sibbald  is evpectcd  in  ftoni
the Bend about the J5th.
i   Mis. J. U. Doyle will be "at  homo"
Thiid sticet, after June 22nd.''"
' A.-Vye,  who   is, now   lesiding   at
Field, paid the city,a \isit this week
AV.cCowan icturned fiom the south
Satuiday, having visited Laidcau and
Nelson. ,  ' ���   , ���
Mr. and.. Mis r J. P. Kenncdj, of
Jllecilliwact, we'te visitois to the city
Tuesday.        i   > ,   '
Theoiloic'A.ud^ite icaniej 'in < fiom
Aiiowhcad yesteidiiy"and lotuins to-
inonow. '
-,i Miss Dill, of K.unloops, is spending
a few days'- m the city the guest of
Mis B. R. Campbell.       ,  ,
Mr Johnson, sccict.uy to thellai-
bor�� Liniibc?! Co, J>iiiutcd, letuined
>esteiday from Comapliv.
rThe Willing Woikeis have sccuied
thcSelkuk Hall foi thou , ba/aar anel
enteitainni'ent on July 1st
'ivhss Valentine letuined Satuiday
fiom Vancouici wheie she spent two
weeks as the guest of M'Ss JJiinn
\ �� '* ii
J3 B^Alkins,customs olhcei, having
gone on a tup to the coast, J \\ .
Bennett has  been  acting in his stead
J. A Stone's little boy has iccovcieel
fiom his'altack of pneumonia Mcs-
elamc&'Stoni* and Moinson. and Miss
Roman left foi Sweden toclav
At the Epwoilh League on Monday
J J. Shaw load a, papei.. on "Happiness" "Photo was a laige attendance     A musical evening will be hold
Monday night , J
i < " -     i.
Mi's lieun anel Mis. Atkinson came
in this moining on delayed Nod fiom
Poitagc  la   t'l.uiic'  'Tlicy   will spend
some tunc with Mis   Buck and   othei
old fi lends m the citj.
Mi. and Mis W Sibbald, of Onion
J;.ike, X. W. T , aie the guests of Mis
J. I) Sibbald , They intend spending
a few weeks at���Jlalcjon 'Spin,gs Ioi
the benefit of Mis W Sibbald'& health
On Satuiday a inatinee v was held at
the opei.i House, at which , Fiio
chilehen lopcatcd the Al.ij polo dance
W. Fleming, photogiaphci kmeily attended with his phonogi.iph, horn
which selection's weie given Theie
weie also.skut dances by^ Fiances
Lawson aiul iccit.ilions_ by Mabel
Buck. The chilehen weie afteiw.uel
legaled with ice cicam and candies by
MesdamCs Blown and Aman
From Railway Employes to Mr. andi
Mrs. T. Kilpatrick.
Mr and Mis. Kilpatiick have ie-
ceiveel handsome 'piescnts subscribed
among the l.ulway employes as, follows ���
.Ji'ioiri'Supeiintendout's Oflice Staff:
iJaigc vase with steiling silver applique and filigree -       f
I'loiii'Tiackmcn Laige cabinet of
steiling silver plate, one of the best
and most complete lni.nufactuicd. Jt
contains fish and 'fiuit, 'sets, and accompanying the chest weie several
beautiful evtias, including bicael tray
and knife, ciumb tray and scoop, and
cut glass sets. iOn each piece weie
cngiavcel the initials of the lccipients,
and the chest boie the following in-
scuption. "J'lesentcd to Mi. and Mis.
Thomas Kilpatiick on their maniage,
Apnl 22nd,'1003, by "the Tiackmcn of
the Shuswap and iMountain section's
of the Canadian Pacific: Railway, as a
token of icspect and good wishes.".
' The most appiopiiate gilt of all, and
one specially appieciated by Mi. Kilpatiick as coining fiom the blanch of
the sci v ice with which hest.utcd l.iil-
loading, and over which' ho 'was in-
spoctoiJor some ye.us Opnoi" to ,1ns
piomotion to-the position of supciin
tendent, was a splendid silvei tea and
collec seivice, insciibcd > "Piescntcd
to Mr. and Mis T. Kilpatiick-by the'
Biidgo and J3uildmg' Depait'iicnt of
the Mountain nnd Shuswap ^Division
of the Canadian PacilicRailway, 1903."
cl foi wull cilabliblicdlioiii-c in ti few couiilicx,
cilliiig on lolnil nii.1 chants and agents. Local
tcrnloiy. Snlui) 51021 u join and ij-vpcnscs,
pnjable $10 70 a \\ ci-k in cash nnd cxpunscs advanced. Position poim.monl. HnsuichS silt:
cc-.sful nnd liisliinir KiilIosq self iiddresscd
em elope. SUind.ird Itouse, .Uj C'a\ton Ulilg ,
For Sale.
Several interests in silvei-lead properties. Foi paiticulius apply at oflice
of the Kootenay Mail.
���    For Sale
r,    , 'i ^
TWO Residences on Mclvon/.io Avenue, wilT
modeln lii.piovcinents, $2,,100. eucli, on easy
teims ��� ,t
TWO Residences' on Tlnid' Sheet oust, very
eoiivonient for iiiilway men, ?l,t,UU  each
i      easy tonus. ^ , ,
ONK Hehidcnco on 1'iiht SLiecl, ciibt, cnsli l'o
qtined ?jU0, bubjecL to inoiItjiigc. ,
Applj io ,   , ��� r
,   "   _    -of-: '
For Sale.
750 shares in Beatiice mine. Will,
'sell whole or part. ,For pat t'.ei.lai-s p-
ply at office ot Kootjsxay Mail. ."
"7-R00MED HOUSE, with bath, in
I first class locality. /Terms $750.00
cash,'balance $15.00 pet- month. Apply-
"   '   KOOTENAY MAIf^
Ten to twelve tons of Potatoes.
Puce unassorted, 50c, per sack.
Puce resorted, 75c per sack.    ,     '
Second Stieet,        ���        Ruvelstuke.
Lightning Remedy for Cramps.
Some people have ciainps pietl.y 'ol-
ti'ii, others only now and again. But
when j'oii do have them ���itsa nng'ily
quick lehel \ou want. J^olson's Nei-
\ihne is isbiiie as deith to i-eheve
Clamps in five sec undo���it's liislantan-
eoiis. lust a lew ' (Imps in sw 'eteiu'il
walei .mil the pain 's gone. J3uj' a
bottle ot Neiviline to-.liy and keep it,
handy. Nei v ihne is ,i ciiminon household necessilj- and only costs 25 cent^.
IJR c IIAMlL'KIN'b    -'jl.VMJHAK'n"    I'll.Ls
cujie coNs>rir.vTK>N, . .      ' t
The Best Liniment.
"J have deuved gieat benefit liom
the use ot OhamberlainV Pain Balm
ten iheiiiii.itisin and lumbago," sajs
Mi.s. Anna Ilagelgans of Tuckaho.N'.
J. "My hn^bantl used if for a spi anied
hack and was also cjiucklj' lclieved.
Intact it is the best, t.unilj* hnunent
I haveevei used. I would not llnnk
of being without it. I have lecom-
iiiendeel it lo ninny and they always
-peak veiy highly of Hand uTec-Iaie its
mei it*, ai f wondei till." Fot sale by all
chuggisls , i
s. sTTeveTstoke.
nn. ii vMii.'io.s s
v in:
l'lf.f.-   cl'isi:   nnvri-
V:,m\ our own Corn-
1 lake ha* te.ii lied last vc.u ���
inaik and is -nil ii-ing.
Ilobb*, iieiirlit cliccki i for
has   inouil   hi*   family
O   I'
To a Lady of Good Taste
Tlieiu   is  nn pel fiiine-o agi ee-
nl'l<* and acceptable as Ihe new
Czarina Violettes
and Lorna
It Im* the ti al, i.up, elusive, yet
pe|s|*teilt, odor of the blossom
('all and sample il. ���   |'
Pond'- it
It. hue,
���Sloe in.
L. .f.
coa-t foi
how thev started.
1). ,-*t Den ills his sectiii d a posit ion
wr.h the nloc.iii-Ont.il io lainibii Co at
Sloe in  i* book-keepei
Tin: 11,un fiom Saiifloii d,<\ not
,u i in licic list week on account of
washout in ir Tlurc I'Oiks
Mi. JIcKi-��ock has the sirond tug
foi tin v, .ile-Coliiiuiii.i i.umbei Co
well hii��li i   way   so   that   high   water
Louj;heed block-
above W. IJew^'s dm/ -tore
Oco Laiorme left for the Jjend tin
week with a-wcll-ccjuipprd j��ack ii.nn i
to operate lroni the boat landing JJe |
pnrch.i-fd a lot of lioi-es in Ok.inag.in
valley foi (he -eiison s im*ines-
I The Rom 1-toki Wine and .-pint
I Co till-1 week iiceived a cat lu.nl of
I brandies iind whiskifS direct fiom
' Scot! mil and Prince They al-o im-
1 poi ted a cai load of lie whiskies dm c t
, 11oin Toronto   <
I. (I   M.icdonnlil, of   the ik-iv linn of
Passenger List. .
June 5th, noi th bound
Carncs Cieek���Lee Gcoige
Dowmc���M Hyatt, 13 Hicks, W.
Lu-ance, R Pei chic, T Hamilton. A.
Ltidholin, J Xilson, X. Hall, Gus
Andeison I). Mcrntosh, J Smith, T
Pope, .1 Reigbley, K Bennci, (J
Shannon \V. Livingston, J. Sweeney,
C  0. Flyiin. Alec   McHae, A" Hanson
Uoyd���\V. G   Watson
Gamp 1���Joe Andeison,  JO.  Andeison  A. W'cslerbuig, J    Miukinson, 10
I Markiiison, J  Sutherland,  Cole   Lud-
| holm, M  U. OHon, Xela konillee
Return ��� ,
J. Ueiehley  l>. Mcintosh, J   fanuth,
iJow me '
I. .-Sutherland, K Andc-ison. G
lAndeiion, K J. I.u'lliolin, A Wcatei-
1 buig, M (���  Olson, Oiiniii 1
Warts Removed v/ithout Pain.
Goin   arid
Kdwaids ot Slocan, pi*sed
hcie Monday on his way to
fhes  weie  st.uted  along the
on Tue-d.iv     ft'is not known
,\f icdonal
Monteitb,   leaves   tud.iv
w ill do t hem no hai
ffloscrop Bros.
Sanitary Plumbing, Hot
Water & Steam Heating.
Pipe Valve Fittings,
Red Cross Drug Store
j. a. Milium & co. ''.'.
Electric Lamps, Door Bells and
Electric Fixtures ^ Put'in.
foi the eoi-,t to make piucha-cs of the
stock ol genii fui-ni><hiiig-> and
gioocuex ior the opening of thnr in w
-toie on fust -titel
A M Gi ug still conduct- the feed,
liuiyand freighting sta bl�� u at Ileaton,
and his s uldle hoi^s and light and
heavj comevances f<,i hire at all
tmios ffis d.ulj st.ige I'm Guldficlev
and CaiiibniiK1 miets the sleamb,
on its  ,iim 1 and depiituie
When in ihe e.Hl It, How-on rook a
full coulee, at the Mii-*,icliu*ctti College of Embalming and was awar led
the diplomi of the college 'llie
subjects he took up and paired elimination in weie .iii.itoins, phvsiolotry,
snnitaiy science anil .luatoinif a I conditions
Putnam*., Painles
Exti-acto'-ii,-\ci fails to ii-iiifive W
Coi ii-, oi Liiiiions  witboiit.   pain
hours,     ficfiisi" ii substitute   Ioi     '
nam's", it's ||)(. Ir,s|,
in -i\
1'iii.sin ri.ui is.
On Satuiday night the special tiani
with niombeis ol UmGciict.il Asseinblj''
of the Piesbytcuan chuicii aiuveelat
P.iiifl', vibeic the visitois ��pcnt bun-
day Leaving UanfV Monday moining
they spent thiee bonis at Glaeici, and
also tlnee bonis iit Revelstoke, wheie
a meeting was held on the lailway
pl.itfoun ycvcial songs weie sung
and s[>cccbe's made bj twb of the
nunisleis One of them said the
scenciv *of the G P Jt -w���s inucli
giandei than ho' had seen on tho
Noithcin Pacific oi Gieat Noithein
Among the visitois weie Rev Macintosh, of Toionto, biothci-in-law of
\V Cowan of this citj , Rev ^[cKin-
non, of Halifax, cousin 'of Mis Kilpatiick, Re\ MoRae, uncle of "Postmaster McRac, Robt Kilgoui, of
Toionto, uncle of JI K Jjivingstone
of Aiiowhcad, Rc\ J)i Waulen, Toionto; Rev. l)t Iiijce, Winnipeg, model ator gcneial assciibly, and Hon
Colin II  Campbell of Winnipeg
Mr Tmi conducted services at
Picsbytciian chinch hcicSunti.iy. and
Rev Mi Glassfoid , will-take the
sci I'ices tomouow
Rev."Mr. McKinnon, cousin of Mis
Kilpatiick, will conduct seivice in
Revelstoke on the 2Sth.
Rc\. C. Pioruniei and II. N Com-
sici icpicsented Jtevclstokc at the
session ol the diocesan synod at'Nelson. Mi Comsier speaks in high
tcimsof the adniitustiativc ability of
J]ishop Uait who conducted the business The Revelstoke delegate, extended to the synod a heaitj imitation
to hold the next session at kevclstoke,
andtthis will piobabl\ be accepted
- ,," ,    i       i
Jje.ives RevelstoKe for I3o.it IrandniR
at 0:.i0 p. m;JMondcirs and Thiusciajs,
meetinir steainer on ictuin tup
i. lE^JE-ilEV $1.00
, 25 lbs baggage fiee.   <*
Intending   p,-is<;engeis   should  leave
wind at J^leniinir's Slabh-  oi   ring'up
phiiin' Nei.  S  when  the stage will call
lor tliein.      t ''        '       !
. Hiiving;taken over the fire:
wood ,supply of1 the Harbor,
LumbeVr Cc.'s mill, orders left
at the niill;at,W, ,M. -Lawrence
or by ringing vup phone No. 8
will have prompt attention:
��� / W. :FLEMING.
Revelstoke. Grows' Fast' -
^      <      Ar
We grow   faster,'having,'iidded   ,
to oui J3akery and Confectionery
business full hiieslf)l,l i    (. ,  '���
i ,       s     r "'
Groceries' and Camp Suppliesr
Agents foil" llie
^    'MONSOON,
Celebi,��ted >
thas:" .,
Tenders for a License to Cut Timber on
Dominion Lands in the Province
. of British Columbia.     ' -
SIOAI.ICD TKNDlORS .uldictsijil to Llio Timbei anil Almcs Hiancli Uop it (incut of the
lutuiioi .mil in.iiKotl on llio cn\clo|K-^*''I'un-
iloi for'l iniliui UoilliNo '131,' will bu icconuil
at, tins llciuilnionl until noon on WuIiicmI.iv,
tin, 1 iLh day of .Inly1 n"\l, foi a license to cut,
liinljtn on lleilliNo lii, coni|iiisinK llie West,
halt of Scclion 'i7. nnd llie ibontli West, quiulci
'of section ,11 in 'lowii'-lupiiJ, ]{<ing<> I, A\ c-l of
the l,lli jMcutliiin, coiiCLiiiing an mca of 7,i
siluaie null's, moi c oi lc-,-, ,        ,
The icrfiiliitiuns uniloi which u lici 11-.0 will
hu 1-.-111.1j, al-o minlcil foun of lendei mul en
\ clone, 11113 be ohliunul ut this lleputnicnl, 01
at, llie oilice of tho Ciown '1'inibji jiVgeni.il
New Wc-lnunstei <> ^ >
K.ich tcnilei inu-,1 he .itcompaniul \n .111 nc
cejilLil clicque on 11 dimluetl bunl, 111 f ivout
of Ihe Depuu of the Miiustii of tin- Inleiior,
foi tlieiiuiounl of the bonus winch (lie appli
cant is picpaiod Lo ]i,iy foi a lituiisi'
No leniloi bj Leletjiaph i\ill bo cntcita.ncil.
jtulkv g jcnvi'is.
Derailment ot (ho Iiileiior. - '
.OllRua, June-'nil, I'llll
M. a: SMITH & CO.;
'   I *     ,       ' ' ' '
> "/Vic I oiia Uoaa, Ke\ elstolce. ~��
���. : % j ..
Ladies,'Boys and_Men'st   "
Boots and Shoes
>       .I _ .
0 Sen my asscn tment of  tho best,       :
^   baiejains ever ottered  in   the    *
eity in these lines.
s  '  '    "���*     *^.T. GUlLlSTTO,      A
.Second stieet,        -1    /Jtevelstoke.
Baker and Confectioner
li.ii opened his. new   bakeiy on
McKen/ae avenue   and    tmst*.
that his past e\pfuenci' in the    ,
city  will  mi'i-it'.i i..,r bh<ut>  of
jnibhc patronage. t
Home-Made Bread a Specialty
A    -    ,' *      *  * ���
I"""!'"'pot" and pi,inline; out.* ' ""���
'   FLORIST AND GARDEN]^,,     - ...
,.- '   '     -jtliVKIA'lOKK.  c,    ' M
.Supplies     the Jolluwing:     California
Poppy,   Nastiutiiiui.   Asteis,   .Slocks,
(Jolcopois, ^Laikspiu, -Candyluli.   J^e-
lunias,   Di.intlius,    iMaii^old?,    J'hlox    '
Dtuniinondi, .Verbenas,   P.insies,   (J.11- -
I'i ices, 25c a dozen; lai^er cju.intilies
al 1 educed rates.    '        r
P.ins.ie��, Cat nations, Chi vsantbeuuis
23c to 30c, per do/en.
Geranium-., 12 vaiielies; Mu-.k, Culeus,r
Double Petunias, Heliotrope, Fuchsias
Salvias, Vi'ilien.ih.   Puces lioni 15c up.
Oeleiy, Eaily and Lale OabbaRe,- Tci-
nialoi's, Oauhfl.iwei, K.nly-.ind Late,
Red Cabbage.    Pi ice 23c per dozen.
Orders by Mail Promptly Attended To
An Aggravating Cough Cured.
A customer ot ours who had been
sulb-rin<r from a seieie cough Ini sit
months, bought, tun bottles ol Chain-
beilaui'- Cough Remedy lioinus.ind
was-etiLnely cuii-d bv one anil a bnlf
bottles ot it. H gives pei li-cl satisl.lt.-
lion with inn tiatle.���IIa*. m*-., Pauic-
llll & Co., Luh'mIIi', Ala. li'oi sale by
all di uggists.
The Day of Miracles not Past
Second Street, Revelstoke
ATnionto "Slin" icpotter inv.-sti.
giited the en^e of Mi. Geo. Warnei,
and found lb it aft'T thirteen yenrs of
almost total deifn"-ii. he hurl Iiei 11
cured by inhiiling (Jntai t-ho/one.
This proves Hint wherr* C.ilni r ho/onc
lieiil iiiein H eiuployf rl, impaiied heiir-
mg and dciilness e, 111 be r in eel. Cit-
nrrho/r,neJal\v,'iys In mgs C|iik k leliel,
iind is warranted togi.ve lusting sati->-
I'nction. y\ll sulferei's fi'oin Impii.ired
llenring, Deafness, llend Noises nnd
Ringing in 1 the Kin's an' nil vised to
inlmli! Oiitiifi'ho'/.oiK! find deiivu the
greiit honelit il, ix nip/ilili; of iilfoi-diiig.
Price $1.00, siiinll si/,|. 23c, .Druggists,
or N, C. Poison & tin., Kingston, Orit.
D11. Hamilton's Pn,r,H  riuiu-:  Co.v-
M i-riNtr.
About 110 iji��'ni'n-r-3 of Kootenay
Lodge A. I ��t A. M. atttnrlr.il service;
at .St. Pete 13 chinch holiday ovciung
The i,car, Rev. C A Piocunioi, made
-pi-cial I'Kience :n coii'se of his
*eriuon to ihe boiu-lits or lln; craft
(, I ispi-oial pn n *-lonal and ieie--jion.il
b)inn*M(,, sung by th' chon
Oo!d   (''iiiimi-"<i',i]er   Pia-ri   au Dis-
Li let Dcpu'y Grand   Ma*t'-r  of   I h" A
K. ik A   if. pud  in   otlicial M-it to the
K.lllllor,; - lodge 'J tn -d 1;.
K oi i-
The"^foll'y,'nig haw bun 'Iiclirl
oilier 1, of Gold !! 1 rigr- lodgi foi r nsn-
iiigtciin ft I owt, Is (J , I!. Hone,
V. C (, dork," I'l-M , I* AiihIic, M.
\V , It Ilofiglas, K ol It and ,S., If. A.
lirown, AI P , V. Oiinidge, M, K, L.
Paget, ,M A , Ii Uw-011, I. (��� ;.) W.
Jiciinr-H, 0 (/
Th,11-, YOUR !>��/��!,
VOW bh'iuld bit)>)>(�� 1 il
One way Io do that, is to palioni/.e
Ihe lb ins u hose .ulvei li-.eme'iils,i|ipi',it
in Ibis paper. In niileiing iiicntHin
(he Koothvay iMAir,.
and fi
complete hue
of the
Rogers Bros.'*
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
1'its c in fully (.-Miniiiicd nml
IpiopciH fittnl lo the licst frrnde
ofgLissts ��� (      *)
F,n,       (^>W4
I Repairing.
Hay, Horses,
and Fat Hogs
.Some 15 01 20 tons ot good Timothy
and upland hay, not pu>s-.ed, at .^13 pel
ton al the stai k.
Fifl V fat hogs at (ie- pet lb. Iivo weight
Twelve, or moie horses. Some saddle
hoise--, and others for general puipose.
Apply to
has opened in 1,.
Fiel/.'s Rtiilding,
First Street, near Tosloflice.
Tbr folloiving ,ik    tin    seoir-i
Satiirdav     Weather    fine
w rv
little wind:
Myik nr/l yds
I'/.ii yd
���>. 'I'i.LiiI
H. It. Kii,ii(,x    :i:i        a:i
II, A. IjIiwmhi (cnpll.    ,'il          2il
���    .  71
II-A; llmwti.,:     .'Ill          .'I'l
' 7.'l
,\. K. I'lilpiM.;     'il          i'i
T.Slniirl     'Si          11
W. Iliillcv..     Ill           II
T. II. Iliiknr     -!li           II
!���'. II. lliMirni),',     ^1            II
T. J)(iwn.< ���   ,.          I'l
Git (��� me ;i li ml nml you u ill
Hud tbr>| I e in u\\ e \ 011 fir <-L
rliisM ivoikm.iii-'liip nf niodi'i-
11 tr- pi ices.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail  DcalDr \n^_^ajnEZ&>-
Fish and Game in Season.
All orders promptly tilled.
We tan supply vou with a lirsl-class
loose leu I day book and ledgei system
w Inch is heller than those you send
east foi and is much less in puce. l~>a-
lioin/.e home indiistiy and send us
Mini oideis Ioi inmitei books, loose
leal daj, books and ledgeis ,mil icijuis
lies I Iiei i>lii|..
Samples and pi ices on applltal lull.
rilAICi; NOTICK U111L Unity dajsiiflci (Intel
1 liiLeiiit 10 npph In the Ilnnoiiililu tliu Clilcf
C'oiiiiiii^^iuiiui ol l���iiidsiii)d Woiks fur 11-.picml
Iili use to cut and ciui-i nwny linilici- fiom llie
follOHine; (lcsciibed Imidi sitiiuLeil In Knst
ICoolciiny Distiict, 1! C'.:
CoinincnciiiK nt a po*t plnnlcd on Llie east
linnI, of Ciinou Unci, about '21 miles up li0111
Llie inoulli, mid nun ked Edimmil Na^lu'- sontli-
\\Lst loinei-. tlienci- east 11,0 cliams. llwnuo
noitli lileliain*, ilicncc went 11,0chains, llieneu
south 10 chains lo ihe place of beginning
UaLcil lln*-Jiul daj of Mm. lilOl
1V01 k
U.   Lud-
Jlj   and fiameio wanted on mill wink
at Aiiowhend.    Addie>-s\V.
gnle, Ai lowbcnd, ii. C
M \il. olTice for particiilais
TTlOIl   KAIJ5.��� House   and   lot   willi
Jj     fiiiiiiLiue.       Apply     ICuuj'LNAy
Comer   JJoiikIiis
unit King streels
Tho Kootenay Jllnil has been
appointed ngent foi one of
the l.ngtst Ganiidian J'appi
Wriiliping   piipi't-.s 111   rolls or
hit, null   pnper  bugs   of  nil
weights nnd sizes supplied to
order printed or imprinted.
Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke.
WANTI5D TO SELL���Two houses
and lots at rising town ot Gambol nc; each piopeity will let lor $I3,i
month: price on ench proper I v $500
For pail ir ul.ii supply nt office of Kootenay Mail
WANT TO SFILL-Onc of the best
hotel.-, in Koolenav; good mail
cancleiit $5,000 a vear. Foi pat I ictilni-.
appli at office of Kooteniiv Mail.
VNT TO SKLL-Umveisiiy   ed
il.inn of .Shiikespe.-ire .villi illus-
lions nnd notes.   Price $22 in'i-u-i-iiis
niunelv $2 cnsl) iind $2 per 'month. Apply ut Kooleniiy Mail.
rANTED���The   peison; w-ho   bor-
Statnti's of British Golumbiu,
library of the lCootenuy Muil
return sunit1.
fiom the
office to


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