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Kootenay Mail Jun 4, 1898

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 \J*  .Vol. 5.���������No. 7,  REVELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY.  B.C., JUNE 4,  1898.  S2.0C a Year.  rv  A  ANTI-TURNER MEETING  KOH DAY'S OPPOSITION RALLY WAS  A GRAND SUCCESS.  Strong condemnatory.resolutions passed  -- ��������� Organization, started ��������� Con-  ver.iion plan submitted for appro^ nl-'-Delegates elected.  The'oppn-iiion organizal Ion meeting  .Monday night, ron-idcring that il had  ljtit two day-' notice, ,\\ii-, nil immense  .-ucco.���������.      Jk'lore   tho   hull   opened   a  '   liil'ge Dumber (if  I'lli'/l'lls  hall   gilthelC'd  iiiul nl H. S."> tho Iiiiil was very  cniufnit-  ,-iiiiy   Iilled.      JVneecdiugs   well'   coni-  iiii-:iLac'il   with   tlie   appointment   of ',-t  chairman nuil Mr.   FA  Adair'was  the  unanimous selection.    Jn thanking the  '< meeting .Mi-. Adair said  th.iL lie Iind ;it  br-L   di-lei mined    lo    take   no   active  p.nt   in politics, hut   (in   anioiv ni.'it,llie  /Miisidi'i.itioii he thought it hi.- iluty to  '   tw his country nnd home niul hu would  lake hi-.-land that  night.     lie.hoped  ' lli.it everything would he conducted in  ,-is'opcn a manner as  possible.     Mr. *,J.  A. Smith v.as elected seci clary and tlie  .   i h.-iiriiiiiii   placed   the.   meeting in the  1 audience's hands.  '.Mi. Nettle took the door iiniue'di-  iiteiy. speaking lo'the following l-e.s-  uhition:  \VHiiHK.is, the Turner government,  li.ii Liiuhii'iy during lhe session just  closed, has been guilty ot'.ii gt;osS mis-  Use ot its power, perpetrating many in-  jimLiecs upon the taxpayers, of this  , .province, more p.-iiLiculni'ly upon West  Kootenay; iind  Vi hkiiuaS, its. geiV'iiil record iind  practices are Mich as tn forfeit the con-  lid'-iu-e .ind alien.-tte the support, ni' nil  w.-ll v. ishersof the, district and pro-  vi:.i e: Re it '  li'chot'redl Th.it. I his meeting of  "dec tors oi Revol-loke desiies loein-  ph.uically exprrs* its di-nppmvar of  theg"iu-i;il policy ol'" Lhe Tin ner gov-  crnuiont and will use every honc.-t en-  de,ivoi lo secure the (lection of a candidate pledged to oppose sCic-h gnvcru-  ni 'lit-  Thi- vws seconded by Mr. T. ,1- Oral-tamo and supported by- Me-.-i's. Ciuii'-  s;cf, McC.i'.lum, It. A."I3ro\Mi and At-  ki;.-. fMr'- Cnui.-ier's speech was em-,  iii"nllv pi-.-ictic.il and was very ^gene,!-  nn-ly .ipplifiideil as \wvc, too. the  other -pe.il:cis. At the request of the  meet ing Mr. ^Kellie said .i, few word.-,  only, as,he cnnsideied,. it the peoples'  meeting. He, too. go! a good iccep-  t:ni!.  The resolution was unanimously cmi-  r-ed.  On liioiio'.i of Mr. Smith ";i general  co.niv.iilee to consist ol the eh.lit iimii,  seet >'i.n y, iles-.: s. Downs, Comsier,  .Vet tie. Lund, Atkins.. (-'.* Wiison. L.iw-  reriee, l'i.-ig". "-J. P. Sutherland, and  D . .M1..L.U11 with power to add to  theii' miuibe:' he iippoinled iind  in-trurted. Lo ai range .it .is ea-.'ly ;i  date as possible tor a convention to  M'leifc   a   t-.nidid ite:   ;itid fill Lhei-, t hat  didn't *-ay even as nine!) as " by your  leave," I o the n-sl of the litling: the  nppo-ilion roinmiltee said, nit-r it till  it does meet gene!;d approval. The.-se  ;ii-e the facts ,-i'nd tin' Mail cannot help  their being so. In view of the' facts,  rind rcmcm'ufi iiigthnl '��������� mercy is twice,  blessed." oppositionists c,ni afford to  1 e magnanimous and n:;ike no i'urlher  enntra-f-.  The ililVe: oik e ol cril iri.-uis iiy ihe  papers olfbolh parties niiiy hdwcvei  be In i.-fly unli-iJ-.--=.-The M.V!I. gavo lingo-. i'!'i:!:ii'iii, meeting as it. iva-, -.aid  nothing incoi ieet ii(if iin Kind :' the Jler-  ,ild. in doling with the Opposition  iiii'i-Liiig. is b(i| h. Its very heading., to  Life :u tide���������t he Kellie Meeting��������� was  wrong���������it was (he public's meeting.  Those present'numbored more thnn To.  .They were counted 1:20 ;it one time and  (hey represented Lheejitii-e eoiiiiiiiini-  Ly. -Mi-. KeLtle, instead of at tacking  Hon. Mv. I'm ner'.-. pei-oinil eh.ii.-iclei-.  hojied no pei.ion.-ililies would he u-ecl.  A vijvy huge number remained in-  b I end of. a few to idl'i-t *;i committee  which didn't, appoint, delegates, (he  meeting did lh.it, subject, t.o the approval of the 1-et.L of tin1 i-idinu'. The committee was not n ciil, and 'dried one, as  i       '  it was open lo the meeting 'to "add to  its niimbej,'' and (ho meeting wits iiiv-  er "tvled.'' It was "wrapt in impene-  liable mvbterv" only heeaii.-se tiie llei-  ,-ild in.ni had left the meeting. Of the  peisoiiiil remarks about .Mr. Kelli.' iind  others no notice need be taken, but 'to  question their good taste. TJiere is hut  cue satisfaction in the Herald's method  id' critici-m, that the cause which il, so  iiidtisl.i'iou.sly labors to belittle must in-,  deed be in'good standing with th': peo-  Pie,.'       '      "'  the elei tois here pier-oiiL pl"dge their  h.v.i't'.osl MippurL and co-nper.ilio.i lo  ,������uch ( ominitteo in it- ell'orts to eai-iy  to a ,-iuc-i���������fiil i i-.-ue the w'i-hes ex-  pi'e:--e.l in the i esidiil ion.s ahe.idy  ;l(lo;.U"i.       ' '  'Jh!- ii'iitioii w.i*i al-o cai ried'ainl ,i  l, (���������".-���������* \\a- taken to allow theeoni-  llUliee*-   discus-    Ihe  coiiveiil ion   plan.  The l.K-el nig (-oiiiiiit; lo order the  eommitlee lepnrted l.-n orablv upon a  c-oi!'. en; ion, ha-i- of icpi e.-eiil.ition, (,'i  delegate.- to fir.-l, liiiiuli-i'd vote) - and L  to each slihs('(iili'iiL hiiiidie(l) niul dale  ���������j.loiid.iy. .lune Oth. Their pi.in snb-  ���������livt to .-ipiiroval ���������>[ ihe oig.-ini-/.,-it,i()ii--  in | Ii.- \ .-u ioiin parin of the riding, to be  c-ou-iilted w itlioul delay.  On motion lie: meeting .'tdopiod the  I epni t, and at iKp'.est of I he eh.-iir if if  \\.i,-i the pleasure of the ineoLiiig lo  elect their deje^ates now-, it responded  nliii iii.-itiv elv. Twelve iiiuiies weie put,  in uoiiiination ai'd on ii ballot .Mi-.-srs.  Adair, Atkins, Cowan, C'our.-ier,  CJi'owIe, Dihmis. Ginliaine aud Xeltlii  were eU't ted. The delegates weie not.  inked to pledge thenibelves to ,-iiiy candidate.  On motion .1. U. I'o yd was elected a  iJig i'< iu! delegate, and as it ollered  th-4 committee's plan, they weie on  mol ion in-li ueled to amend or make  ,-iny o'h--r .-in .'iligeuienl- to secure the  eo-oj.ei.'.lion and meet, the requirements of Lhe whide riding.  On   motion   the   meeting  iitl iourned.  WORK OF   THE  SALVATION ARMY'  Miss Eva Booth at tlie Local Barracks  Thursday Night.  ' T I  The Salvation Army barracks could  not hold the. people u ho were anxious  to see and heai-fMisa Eva Booth, Tliuro-  day niu-ht. and inaiiv c-oi.ld not. iind  standing room.  ���������itiss 1-jooLh, Io'ider of the Sahatio'n  Army in.Ciuiiula', and ,-tafl', consi-ling  ot'3i.'i.i- FiediM'ic-h, Adjt. .Stanyon and  Jlliisigh Walsh, are retuining to 'J'o-  ronto fi mil Skaguay, where they di:,-  patchf'd n parly of of'licer- ;uid nurses  over the passes to t-ai ry the hlooci  final (ho banner into the goldlields of  the t'cir iioi Ih. Their coming was al-  niosL iitiaiiiiouneed, tin.' Hovelsli.ke  olTieers having but a few hom-a notice  of l.heit intention of -lopping beie,  bat" a. big meeting was hi ranged (or  Lheni. ,  ' .  .Major Fiederiih entertained the  crow (I w ith a very humoioiiS description ol Ihe 11 ip lo Skaguay and i elm n,  keeping the audience in a roar ot  'laughter lor ovei half nil hour. The I  v.iudeviiie -tage cei-tainly losi a feioi--  iLe when this good-looking Gorman  left, it and donned the uniform of the.  Salvationist,. lie liui-iu-d with a ie-  que.-t. lor finids'lo help defray the expenses of tlie Klondyko paity. Th!-.  was libel.illy,respipid.'d \o, and a well  filled l.unhntume was sent Lo the p!���������l-  I'orm. i< i  'L'!ie  major   was    l.-llowed    bv.   .M;���������  BLOCK  LOT  1  li  1  .      I  1',  ,'}  I  or  '       1  S-0  p   2  1-2  2  3  , 2  -Ir  2  .5  2  'Ai  .* .���������������  *  o  1  3  2w  ,.H0W TO GET DEEDS  By Holders'of  F2r\vell Agreements--  A Full List   .,  .Mr. A. S. Fai-well, founde, of Itevel-  s(.oke. a-, in town Monday. Jn answer  tn ;i Mail, i-epn���������eutat ive he .-aid any  per-iitn holding ni- conveyance- or  agi ecnii'iit - can get.,' I I'liniiiioii gianl-  by fuvw Hiding them to H. .S. Mason,  ;il loi ncy-geneial'.-i depm t ineiil, ^^i(���������-  toria. J>. ('. They -siiould be -euL in  b-foie lhe end ol lhe year Lo be recognized under the term- of the agicement, between the two government's.  The M.V1J. under.-tood .Mr. F.n well to  say that (he reconveyance would be  made'without charge or fee.  Following i- a li-t. of those -till hokU  ing Fiirwel! conveyances or agreements-:  nami: oi-'iioi.ni:u  .MnrLin Angel  John Shu art/.,  George O Shaw  Malcolm K Ho.-s  \\T.iniani ('(/wan  ^\7  fM  JJi-own  and Adam  fCell Fergu'-on  Gu-tavus Ulin WiighL    ���������  William lioper Hull        (i  Willi.iin John Green      , ���������'  Joh'i Stone   c ,  Benjamin IJen-on -  2 w I John Fred Hume  0 2 e \ James Laughliu  -i       John L;indery a'ncl LaisB  Lai-ooii  Fi-iint-i.- Kelly  lliram    Biggie    find   William Ooiinell  s J;unes Laughlin  Oh as Barrett' 0    ,  Peter Peter-on  4   B O Government  i  John Abiahaiiisoh ,  ' Ed win d L Sw'riin  Nels Haiu-on  Albert Mc('a:-i on -  Allen 11 Sleu-iiiL '  John Madden '        '  *  . Herbert H.-niiblin  William Fianklin Muri'ay  Theodore Sebring  Ilo'mer Allen ��������� 'r  Thoiua-J Lance  Jnnies Gordon and  James  'McDonald  3"      J   F Hume,  T   II   Dobson  J \V .Mt-Nuity   ' ���������  -i      .OhailesP Miller     .     ' ,  5        Snm H Wei'laui  (i ,     IiolandD Blair  7       John Kit kiip  .S \\'"illiani Gli.irles Bos*  i)       M'   F   Teelzel   and   W 11  Not ris  lid ward Oia wfoi d  Duncan -MeGillivrav  John Ciiinstou  Pi li Leuiou  Sidney W Lobb  Ellen'Swift  10       John Ail-Ion  1       Dellv Miiii'.iv  -1        W }i Hull  4-       Delia .Mtlchell  o  ���������la  3������  5  3  o '���������  3  6  3  7  i  1-2  i  3  7  2  7  3-0  S  1  S-  3  S  -1  S  o  S  i  8  S  8  JO  9  '"1  y  2  0  0  9  9  i)  9  9  9  9  10  10 2  l()3-l-."i  10 8  10  11  ��������� 1  12  ���������   ALTERED HIS INTENTION  Regarding a Long Established Custom  on Government Works. r.  Did the bright idea ,oi igiiiate with  JohnDiinkwatei-Sibhald then? 11 lh������  Hei-l"! (and i- il not tin1 ofih-ial oigau?)  ge'l-il, right il looks a'-, though il did.  "In coiisefjiience/' say- lhe' Dodger,  "of the advice of the depart ment nol  to.-illei im old e-tiibii-iled cu.-toiii, 1 he  gold commi-sioni'i- h;i-decided to .-liter  hise intent ion' not to -upplv lool-tn  ���������paitie- working under coiiiiMct on the  i-o.-id- .-ind li.-iils in this di-t i-icl."'  t-'i oil) thi-it. seems evident thai tile  intention of making workm"n ^liuy  their own tools wa- Mr. Sibbald's own  and that he did nol decide Lo ah'er il  until (he advice of the department  was l'L'i-eived. No oilier const rut I ion  .-ei'ins possible, if if was, (|1(. ."\J.\JL,  would only be (tin p,lea-ed to give Mr.  Sibbald the honeljL."  Why il was nee.���������arv to .-liter an old  e-t.-iblished cu-toiiii i- something that,  should be explained. Was (he gold  coi'iiinissioner afraid of his men's or  hi- fo: emeu's carefulness? So i;ir as  (he MAIL''know-, ;1iid it. h.-is1 niany  readei'S aiiiong the workingmen of this  disLi'K't, they are careful and diligent  and it is glad t'o see that Mr. Sibbald.  even if, not until the advice was received, DKCIWCDTOALTKKII I.S INTI'JXTIOX  There are many other way?, for government economy oilier I him the "inter.-:  t':'\n"to make men supply their own  tools and way- every worlsingninn  on   government   work   know.',  how to  at"   .Monday's   op-  A spe.ikei  was tell-  DO MINORITIES  RULE  IF    GOVERNMENT    FORCES   FIRST  ' MUNICIPAL   ELECTION.  for those   i,ear him  position meeting.  ing of a .s] 2,000 jail :.L Vci non (u here  there   ai"   but.  a   couple   ol <i:ii:uIi-o(]  people)",!lid in  in Huo'ibio   whisper  the.  captain"   iiuiui'od.        ������������������J.iils!     (Sie.it  I a   , 1  ���������Scott.' ,-ii e \b.e\ building   them   ilnjig-.-  3 i-t '/   -Th.-it docs i'r: them."  Ii.isv rimniii,/, noiseless  sewing   ma- '  chines al < '.imsicr's. o  ��������� The L-nlicV Aid of I lie I'resh'. leri.in ���������  chiitcli ioleiid hold in-.; a novelty' (.oi-in! |  in their dun eli 'in tiie evening of Tuos- '  d-iv, June I lt!i. Tlie iota e-iliiucnts \  ,\vill he served on the Uin-nj.e.ui pi,i;i>|  and   as   th(!   ariMiigeiiieiil1;   aie   aboil.. ,  perfected the |ieo;jhi nlay 'expect a Veiy 'week .-mo since lhe .people decided iu  enjoyable time. A ( good programme , open0 meeiing, when a-ked to -et a  will lie given.       ,      ��������� '< dale for the lir-t municipal eleLtidn. lo  'Splendid, snapshot nhor.o- oi' ,lhe j l",,!,l" ������r" ���������' 'il! their plea-ine. Tm-  Queen's Jih'tlid.iv -poits h, be had at ! ^.nvrn'mciitorgan u-ed.iiio-r. uncalled-  JI. M, Smvflie's store. Tlunl f?i. . (5-2t j '''"' language lo that meeting*and iv-  ���������rCipt. Shoit, tt-h., has been in com- ! * m,l������^ "f ils ''"^i"1"' '''^1 H>"  in.-i.Klof ll.e.Sl,. Kootenav, is U !jP j ^"'���������"���������'nneiit, to fi^ (.he dale for the fi.-r.  iransfeiied l.'������ I'm t Wran-ly vvline  he I l''������n������-'P-'I election at- as ea, Iy a date as  ]ios-ib]e -ayiug it --aw no  reason   why  Hevei-ioke-hoiild not be incorporated  They do���������People asked to set a ante--  Tlie.yv.-ish i: postponed"till'fun'her  3)leasurcd--Execu!ive should comply'  ���������   with their wishes.  c t  Vi'ho is running I hi.- town's nlfair-;  surely   nut 'the   penpb-?,    It   i-  only   a  ������.i  10  1  Another Disillusionment.  And -tiil lliey conic! The news is  now LhaL Alderm.in McQueen, of V.-in-  eoiirer (fil.y,, will (;ontes( Biehinond  con-tiiuciicy against .Mi-. Ividd, (he Opposition sitting member, a,-an independent,. Govei nuieiiL candidate. Al the  Lib.'i a] f pin enl ion, Aldei man M< Queen  Ilie    lleiaid   -iioi.ld    know,   made   the  Booth.1    Tiie   li.sl,  app",:i.-i:i'( e   of   I'm  couiuiL���������inner k.l-   very di-apj'-ouil i'ur. ' ",-1 >-tir'i ing speeeh ol all   in   iavwi  i-jhgiil.ol   (iguie,   pi..in   fe i'uivd. not, ,ir,i  i'H pi epo--si--siii;:.     Bui    thi-,'   was   fur- '  i'ot ten when she  conmieiiccd   K.'icll (1f ' Hkely but, thai  he wi  ! of V  i  inti odiii ing p.n I y lines lOlo the coming  provincial elect ions, and   il   is' mil   mini ge  i he I'.lihu e  ot the convention lo'.whi')!, his-  -ugges-  i p'.-isou f.iv  hi-   present, <andi-  Loeal and Personal Briefs.  J. M. Kellie, M.P.P., letninpd hoinn  ���������Sunday morning.  j   Geo. J. Atkins got iu   frpm   Froncli  Ci e.ck last, nighl.  ^'oi-k  on   tlio   liver   hank   stopped  mi 1 ��������� ' - lli  1 hiirsday evening.    '  'J'lio new s.i'sli and door factory  Tnn'Iding is,nearly completed.  .Rev. ,S.  .T.   Thompson' ,-iiul    family  arrived this week-from Vernon.' '  F.'C. F.nupiiP!', of Nakusp, was,'in  town S.iiiiirday on oflieial'businoss.  Gilbt'i-t Nort'iey lius heen pi.omotprl  li.-'the pusiliiin tif steward ,on the Sir.  Lylton.  Andy Craig, J. J. LangslnfT and S.  fSntIioi l.-inrl iiiadfi.i Imrrier! call to tmwi  ���������S .it m clay.  o ������������������  Hon. J. IL. Tinner expects to ho ~in  lievel-tuke ,-ibouL the I3tliot June.- ���������  Hoi aid. ��������� .i  .1. J. Foley, of Arrowhead, and J.  Hark lev, of Halcyon Springs, were iu  town 'Tuesday.  'F. L. (iwillnni.'nr   Rovelstokc,   says  i a Vieton'a dispatch, was admit led ,-is a  solicilor o'i ^'orlnesrlav.  English Lemon ICali or .Sherbet ���������  Tlie McDnweli, Atkins, Watson Co..  McCuty lilock, lidvelst.ike ���������Stittion.  o  The fine new Tayl(;r Dl'iclc i.s rapidly  itpproachiii" completion iind tiie giounrl  floor will sliortly Iu; ready for occupancy.  'J'ho tn iriinge fever has broken out.  ���������SevenI    taws  ,h-i\o    been   chronicled  will/lake cli.ii������e ot the new steel  steameis licit Ine C. P. I!, will run  between Foi t Wrangle and Gienora.  He will h'; succeeded on tiie Kootenay  by Capt. Wliiiiiiote, and C:int. McLennan, funnel Iv male on the LytLon,  vvill assume command of Lha, boat.  J)r. I'. JMaUiison will be ai ' Jiis  dental oflice Jirvelstoke Station on  June 17th and lemaiu t.v.o week's.      o  Tiie well known fact's of t'le'Liiidley '  l.ioiijii.1 ate again seen on* tho sheets.  Liudley is as fat. ;md funny ;us ever,  Jjf.vis still suiilii', ,\i>.(] is alas "a villain  still;" Maishis'slill a sof'tone ���������,'on"anc!a  hard hiisiuess one '���������off"; and Chapman,  thu favorite of the " gods," is1 also a  favorite with ,llie oidinary mortals  who sit in reserved seats, Tlie ladies  of the troupe who played hero last fall  are all leturueu."  AV. A Diinpf, ])iov inci.il laud surveyor, is conducting ��������� a survey trip  into the ll:g bond .'it an early date,  and patties, wishing their surveys  made for nss������swuenis on niinei-.-i!  claims should wiite him piomptly to  (lie foliowing addicss: W. A. JJauei'.  filJ Il.uitinys .stiec^t, Vancoiivei,  IV C.       '"^~    ' ' " 5-It  The Opposition's Railway Policy. t' '���������,  The   members, of,,  the - opposition  niadi'-a great i-ecoi-d in railway legi.--  laiion thi- session. They made a  faiily successhil light against the  Turner government's policy of granting purely speculative lail way, ebai-  iers, bv w hich dill'eienl -ei'lions of the  province were placed   at  Hie   nieicvof    (.-oinpulsion, wor.-e."  huntri v chatter spet-ulalori;.     As the  lesull of .heii light  they cut clown the  within   the   next   foi might. , fXcuv   if  " (���������. ,  comes out with the  statement that  it  has iL on good authority tli.it tin;   date  for the fii-t municipal election is', fixed,  by lhe executive, nomination day  vvill  probably he lhe loth  and  Lhe election.  on the 22nd.      ���������'        ' ,f ,  "What does "good aiittiority"' me.-in ?  Our contemporary i.s   the government-'  organ and   in   government   organs   as  that   phrase   is   used   it   suggests-   ac-'    .  quiiinliiin-e with the fact, and  it. gives  good enough ground to infer  that, the  executive has really fixed a date.    If it  should be so (and it  scms   not to be'  unlikely) the people   m   view'(if their  'public   (.xpressinn   nnd   the    Herald's  mgent contradiction have indeed cause    ,  to ask themselves again  "do  w'e run  the affaiis of this to.vn  or does ,some  clique or small minority do so?"  The Mail.mistake-   the feeling and *  temper (if the people rtfuReyrls-toke Oil'  this mnlti'-i   if  they  do   not.   vvi-h   in-   '  corporal ion delayed  and "if  they ���������\vi!I    ,  passively submit   to  -ee  their expres-  "sionsTTif o])inion   ignored.    It is  nonsense to talk about lhe1 people'sf,inconsistency or'irre-olution iind going back  on what, has  been   clone.    If  they, see  cause they an: wise to delay and  their  wishes an- in  const it ntional  countries  paramount and -hniikl rule.    A bill  of ,  incoi poralion ha-,been passed 'tis true, ^  but w hat. of that. Lhe day of  its effect '  i-not yeL and as  the   people wish   its  postponement,   to   set   a   date   foi-   it v  against their expressed wishes, i- if mit.  Ti-- a serious matter this  for  Revelstoke if public meetings duly called and'  few weeks and   other,  the i "������!> ;l  d.u-v.  Lhe woik she is engaged in. thi  lii'titg of fallen iimn.n.ity an'd  lescueof the-ubmi'ig ������������������!   tenth   from a  'fearful-tale of povei'.y uud -in. 1'eiv 1 Cannot, I he Il-i-al I Iind op;,oi I iiiiity  spenk.-i-- ciin hold .-in 'audii'iice a- <=be ' 'n ���������J'" to again tell u- thai the issue is  did. receiving the clo-e attention of all. ' a na! ionnl one and that conservatives  She spoke of Ihe progte-sof tlie ai-iuy -kould be c.-iutiou- thai ihevdonol put  woi k ,\m\ lhe need ei' more workers in I he|iroviiiccingril hand-. Uoesu' il vein t he Canadian We-'.    Al iheilo-eot    i^l'y it-part y line arg ents.-i- well as  her���������d(lresss|u. m.-ule ������������������ c.-unest, ;liKi ' Mr. Seinh;.'.-<.r 11.m. Mr. Turnei'sli*11.-r  loiiching pl.-a to h,lr heal el-s to ivt urn did. hot h of v.'hh h -aid Ihe issue was  to Lhe fold, do God'- will here anil re- ! vvhel her or no tin- public wen- sal is|jed  ceive the Chrislain's rewind. , with th" pi escut adminisl ral ion  of af-  In   conversation   willi   tiie   co:nini��������� ' fair-.    I fa1- the pi ophel lo-t his mil n 1 le i  sionei' she expressed satisfaction   with I oi did he never have one?  lhe woi k of  the local  eoi p.-.   which   r  very successful under  the direction of  lime   limit,  in  all  i.iilwnv  chartets to ' representatively artended'are   to , have  something like a reasonable   lino,  for f t heir voices diowned bv other uiinority  the construction of the   road-,   and   h) | ,ut^K'''  ... ',.,-..  .   , ,- -    , ,   ,, ,i/o  uiinoiities rule   in   Revelstoki*?  each and eveiy instance  mse! leda se-    T,u. MaHj !jopf.h 1|(,rj ,,Ilt  ^!lml,a  iL ,)t,  cui-ity      clause     in       the       charters M |1llt   i,|,,.  executive   o^'iliis   Province  of   a     certain     enforce-, a date   for  this   fh.-t   election  I again-: t he public meeting'- (the only  oui- called for the pm po-e)  rec^iiest'to  ( ,10-rpone it. it will indeed look as they  charterers.    Thev akin caused I he ant i-    dul  Chinese and Japanese clause   to   be h-,-  sei Led into  all   railway   charter.-,  and  forced the govei iiiuent Lo in-ei'l. a -im- i      , ,       _.    (il.u clause into lh(> .ssj.O'ld.OOi) i.iilwavj^ Tiie^Heiald in annniiiK'ing i that  loan ,-icL, bv which any company n-j'HI.n. Mr. Turner will shortly 'visit  (���������riving financial aid Ironi" the   govei n- I  lor   tne   periorin.ince  aiiiounl ot  vv.ork at once, as a   guarantee of good  faith on   die part  of lhe;  The Premier's Visit. *  IfeveMoU" take-   tin;   onpm tunity   to  during I lie pas  ,ii e i ep.irted.  Fr"..i: lime juice. Large hut lies,  fiOc. per hut lie ��������� The' Meilovvell,  Atkins, Watson Co.. iWcCirty lllock.  Revelstoke Stat ion.^ ,_ ,   o   '  The ll.irrv Lindlev Co. c-.-mr1   in   (ei  |  a ficmht  Tliiii-sd.iv   nigiil.     The   com   !  pa n v charged Hauv (op   notch   pi ices j  on his stock of jokes   i.iling   th( m������ as  first-clii-s niiitier.  C.ijil. Roman, of Trout.   Lil:e   C!tv,  j  was in town   this   week.     He   expects  his 11a��������� v.-  steamer  will   be,   iiiniiiug   on  Trout Luke by July  1st   which   Trout | ,,  Lake City is going to ci'lobrnlo. '-  The c.nivciilioii for nominal ion of,-in  pposiiion    candid.He   lo   coiile.il.   the j (  ment sh ill  be deb.ii'i ed   fiom   employ-j  ,),l|,.t!l 'se   nj-u-li   ll'.eir !  fill  Thi-  coniuit  ing tJhine-e  c tin���������t: net ion  who will not.  voik.    I-  ni'i e .\\\ ciector '  iroi.i a former sabid opj-o-iiiou paper is  mo.'e lo iti:'-:i:i:e still a,id di-gusls  -... v lh-i(   i !ii ���������  j-, a t hange  for the I'e'.ler? - Nel-on Tribune.  011  FliVOrilbS.  iiai-iy n!it(i,'i.y Co. opened at Vip-  ping'.', Theatre !as| night wiib'tnat Imr  old drania--i\iay Ulos-om. Tn-nig'-.l  will' be   piodiiceil- !n   the   ('.n-iliou- a  u itn its mciinsistt'iit  ��������� i ecoid. * ti is not long  i heard   hliis   leek-eating.  ing    -iav e    u-il    lis    of  me  ,<U  The Daily Dies.  In al leiidain e, eufhiisiasiu and method, the opposition meeting was in significant, contrast to the Government  one of h'l-iday last. There whs hut a  sc'.i e al I he govei iiinent meet ing, ov er  a hiiiidi ed at Ihe Opposition one. (he  Iii si (in point ol I i.ne) w as leai'l'iilly fu-  neieal, without -taleiueiil of govern  ment policy, record, or reason forsiip-  poil. '' \'"'1"- petleiliy pel fuia lory  (.hioughiMil., (iff second was aiiiiualed,  e.-iriie.-l aii.d- withal good-nal iired, and  there, was a licnrt.y sinip to the whole  .pi-in-i,'ediogS.' "The Tiii'iiei'il.es' .cinn-eii?  tion  rcsuluLions Jlxitig representation  dipt. R.'iiley and Lieut. Meredith. R  is (he inteiiLion to i-vtcini the work in  the mining camps ot British Columbia.  .Miss Booth al.-o .-aid some very n ice  things about Revelstoke and if- people.  The parly went oast on Xo. '2 Fiitl.ty  morning. I  The campaign not loimally opened  ���������yet one govei nmi'iit oigan gives up  the ghost as n daily and .suh-ides'.-igain  into its pristine weekly condition. Tin- I minion I Jay.  Revelstoke Hiding of West Kootenav  is to he held at tlie Cowan Rlo'-k,  Monday evening at S:.')0 o'clock.  In view of the local   contests   to   he  hold on Dominion Day. the Xo. ]  Fire  lit igade intend hav ing a   practice   run  I every Monday   and   Thursday   dining  j this month.    Xo.. 1 must win   on   Do-  omedy drama pai lly, oi Igin-ii ing with  I I Ian y Liudlc',' hhn-i'lf a nd in which I:-  will b" -eel! I o   ,-niiiisiui,   adv.Ullage  as  nin-y.  The i ("iiipa ii v v, il! b<- be) e for a week  ploilucing tlleir be-L --I'-elio.-i-. froi.i  leil- every ii..-! of |.'!av- aiiii giving  dill'el-i'llt speciallie- oveiv uigli','  Judging fiom the opening night the  engageinent piMimses to be ,-i highly  siicce���������fill and enterl.lining one in  evei y re-peel.  Couldn't Say-  Can We Take It Up.  Hon. Sec. Revelstoke F- C.  lo tin  Dear Sir.���������lli-the intention of the  Donald Football Club to hold a fool hall  (out mi ment on the Donald grounds on  July J-l.  The pi e-emv of your cl.ib a- a competitor will be heaitdy weh oin-'d. | no; know ih.-i  Kotitenaiiiii. of Ka-lo, at one (ime a  weekly new-paper, standing up sliu-  dily i'ov Kootenny'- interest and the  (ippo-itioii suddenly bciame a daily  journal and a government organ-a  siuinltiinimis tr.ui-forni ilion not nn-  couniion in ICoolenay in I he-c days of  .Meii'ie .May. Xovv it i et urns to its  former weeklv shape, and mav we not.  I hope that t hi- outw.-u d ami visible sign  : is an indii-iitioii of an inwaid and s|iir-  ] itnal opno-il ion gr.ue? While we do  we  conscientiously say  Sir.  I le  w.  and  A gold   nieil.il   will   be   pte-ented  eiK h u i em her of i he v. in ii ing team.  Inv it.il ion- hav e been sent   to   iv'.iiii-  loop-.      A'ernmi,      l-'mlerby.      Reaver.  (' iiiuioi e.       I'.iiy.i  lo    tn'at we lejoici-nioie  c-ver  one i elurii-  i ing prodigal than over the  ninety and  Gulden.  Mil   ad*  alg.nv    CilV.  Ifiirh  Fin  Riv e:  liidiisti.ial Sf hool anftl. liuw   River * In  dust rial School.       ": \ :  Reipiesiing  the  favour Jof an. early  rep.'i'y, 1, am. Deni-'Sir. Ytuirs truly.      - I  G.  \\'.\!,LAC:*K,  nine ju.-l jomnal- that went, not  a-liay. yei we mn-t adiuil that the  days of mir.'.cle- aie nol ovei. Mnn-  diine inei;ccniiry' folks, may,-nee.some  connection between' such an incident  ;ind the collapse of.the govei'nmenl'.s1  ! railw;iy policy.     I'erish   the*-:  thought!  yliou. See, Donald F. C. ! ���������News-Advertiser,  J. Minikin, late stewaid of the  LvLlou, iinived in lown ^esienbi'  vvill lie joined on Sunday by  Dvson, steuai'l of .the Kootenay,  go west to take positions on the Yukon  slcainci s.  Seemingly 'the peisons most willed  ;it the lesull of Monday's op]iosition  meeting aie those of the 1 lei.dd clique.  They should seek a Doc.-leaf to alleviate the sling of the nettle, it's  nuich bet tei-than While vim-gar and  I'i own paper.  Capt. Williams, of lhe Sir. Columbia,  vvlio had built ill, Ariou head and was  ifgaided as one of the settled citizens  theie. has been nolilied of his tiansi'er  to    tin; * Cw.'s     ste.lilir.l      oil    .Ok'il Ililg.lU  Lake. Capt; 'Willi-oius passed*through,  here Tuesday.to take .over his new  command;' ���������  men  and cringing  ago since we  wnrd-swallow-  " antiquated  >(is m \(wiit> ,-t'. Vieton'a" " the  t.uni'y coinj.su t. ' iu ������������������ wjioiu the people  have, long lost confidence'' and who  foi ce on the people "flagitious  ine.isutes wjtii -��������� cynicaj 'iinpudence."  We heaid wiitj ln!k of goveriiiir-  geucralsjv ef;oof l.'.ilway liiils, of impeiicll-  iiients, "iliity vvoik,"and per.sonaliiies  \i\('   ''old     vvoiuan"' "applied    to    Mr.  Tlllll'-i's     -elf.      Xovv,    this     sycopllailt  sheet arluiin-s Mr. Turiiei's pluck and  em rg\ in coming -n far on a pulin'cal  turn. A iieuei acquaint,nice vviih  hiiii it s-i\ - wijl dispel our small  suspicions against hi- government ,-,nd  the ('11 eI _'/ he "il 1SprT\:s~ i11 cil:llffiig ~to  Revol-toku for our suffiages is a  --. miiol of lii.it which litis alvviivs  characiei i.:ed ins adininistraliou in the  pi-t.     He    is    no    politician   but   an  Mr. M,r<wcll. nieinbci   of p.u li.iui'-nl    '"!' -t    ir-Mitieniau    whe-e   desiie   fm  for Rut i ai d in I he Ci uadian eo.iiinoiis,  I iii-oii;;!)    Ri-vel-iok-1   'i'li'-sihn  pa-sei  afleruooii. Interviewed bv lie- I'l.WU  as to hii inleiilioil lo ink" a p.u I ill  piovim ial politic-, he said, \ es, it whs  likely lie' would. A-i.ed .-is lovvhat  part he intended In pl-iv, be -,-ud he  couldn't say ju-l yet, h'- prefei i ed to  wait and -ee his fi iend ���������: but vou vvill  soon know, h-' said, ,-:- I may be bat k  hoi e again in a shin l v. bile.  Mi. Maxwell took a vigoi-.iii- stand  again-!, the Davie go, ,-ril'iienl ai lb"  last eh-cl ion.  I  Gilding- defined Go!  c.'ii   be  b  ;. ui"  t>  As f ii- a- c.'ii  batik ma! tre.ss , ci.itniniies. to do ���������just  whnf.it vvns intended to'do," and the repairing on a,somewhat extensive scale  with .a.number of lucn euiploy'ed, cou-  Capfc. Kidd itiacle ltiuch ; aniusemeiit'J tintted till Thiu'silay.  a i'li* e sju nigs   iiom   patriotic   motives,  not fiian anylliing llice i.- in it.  Wiril geniTiiic non-eji-e!      It is renl-  Iv Inn!   to   like  th<- i I'-rald seriniisly.  What i oui age i- needed   by   linn.   M"i.  TuiiS'-: in a-Kiuir for  our   vol.-,   unless  b:s i-.m-i' i^ -o li.ol a-  lo.-tein-li   iii our  no-: nl-. Are the p.-upb- i.>:idci,iVc-i that  ti'-.-c-ri ,u ijii.unl.iuec with their pi en i ier  i- tiecih-.j. hi    i- it beeau-e   they   never  ��������� "��������� hiui only at eb-ition   times;   .-unl   is  it    ei.eigy    foi    him    to coine to Revcl-  -tcke lo   M-k   a   favor  of us.     Too,   if  ' to   l:'-I    vo'e-   i-,   (llt.  cau-e   of  hi-   i<n-  , eiarv. anditlh.il i-t he-ymbol by which  ��������� In-   adunuisii.it jou   is,   oh.-irai-tei iz.-d,  i the   j idu-   exclamation    that   this o|(l  genileni" i- no |',oht iciaii si-em-'-onn-  vvh.i! t iieal r it .illy farfetched. A- to his  desire tei oliir-c being meiely   p.ilriotic  'Hi!    <ei   loiu-e   gin'-   without   saying;  a>l oi'l  j'i e'lii-l - ai e  tll.it   -o   we   don't  ;, sec jn-t how Hon. .Mi-. Turner is ahead.  jof hi- (���������oiiloiiipoi-aries  in   that  partic-!  j u!.-i:-;tnd vviili ihis it i.s s.-if^ . to sav  he-  ! would agree.    As  to his being -,\n hoii-  j est gentleman: oh! dear, when tiid. yoiu  see a dishonest gentleuitin, <j. .'���f
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We ofiveiyoufi:' ii ::'.,P"i ';*.��������� ':fi'f' .:' ,...:    ff..;,'.".;.:  X:ii'-x'': x-"basy; .terms:''������������������ ��������� ���������:-Yfi\-%  ' lf"vJ f "-' ;���������������������������"' '���������'*''? ���������������������������'fi ��������� rs ���������   " 0 ���������'���������   '   .-''f  ���������    Win'onicj J";n .. i. a'.. 0   -���������  yy-j. pl\jam?m{3rpWr b;  .  ���������r,     ..���������.,,,. .      .   ,���������-,,. .., ,. ..,,., ,  I.^a'rdealifYthefn'e\\YGeinre.of'aty^  'htipviilpaav^  the *nbrtli^ an|''IspiitM y:^  jiltS'':Glini^  .jf.i'":':cf.f' fY::''i4'i';*f" ''if."'-..:,Y":ff'. .i'"Tiina"?^1fiv-c.d'',\viUt!nf.her.border5;.y.':  f j It'liasipleiit^, of -r^^iAidiiig:j,;|.,.-������������������ ^gh^ ;tJ-is^ftef^hcl :sftri;::of;^h.c'!;'f^  tiiifb:sr";;aiidf������������������'.a;-'.;sawmill;:-.^isrrict. a:;ef.all i'"ihatf cpL;ld:fbXy:p  in-QpsraijIoii" pf bvldii2g,f c^|I!'e  ' P'";-''���������'���������'fpuki��������� ';>'rbv->.tX fofyfi>v]^o;;fe"f  and' yooci;   treatment.  Apply ioS^as-s^l^  Calif  on    us   .-.early  rri  1"-  Resid  ent'  Agent,  IfU-  :,        : REVELSTGKE, B. G.  pWIDBfjM:,ifif  '   ., '    Attorney in Fact,  ���������:���������i.y���������'y.^:.VI���������NSWQRTHl:;B,..Ci:  ff      NAKUSP* a:ici   i^Otyy'B^AY  i.i.  Leave Ai-i-owlVc-aclf (laily,:flir'a!! poinls in 'i.".oot-  ���������'..   ciiay,'fmakii;;- 'connection at;, Xukusp, for  fall points (in Xukiisj)'and .Slocan ,!!;,-. and  Slocan Lake.  f.   ���������'.,.'".   ���������  .,. ���������''" ",  ' ���������'",' f '���������  lose eonneotion at-Robiibi'i ,for Nel.-wi,  Kaslo,  fZ'. BalCoiii-,'l'licit.l?ay, Trail, i.Uwsland, N'oi'th-  ,,  ])0!'lfand allpQinUsoiith*. .   '. .  1'VfuU iiifDrinatioii,'tiolrcts,' niiins, cte., coll  ,    ' * .   , ,     *o       . . ���������."> '.  ,  on oi".ul(ii-es> '  . . ,  ������������������ *  "''.-��������� ,  T. W. BRADSHAV/,'.'���������  A sent, Itcvelstokc.  Oiy'to    :     f '"-���������".    -���������     ���������      "    .    '      - "  :,'.��������� '  W. Ji1, AXpKKS&X, Y, . k. ,t. COViX, f ,  '���������'Trav. Puss. Assent.     ,.f IJist.-l?asft.-'Aijpnt,  .  Xelsoii,15.(.'i': Vriiicouvei'l i'.C.  Golurpbiaf���������:& Western' Ryv  Tin:o Table Xo. li. To (akocllect July ff. 1SD7.  .  ' iJaily riet-.vecn Ti'iiil .and Kostilaiid,  Xo. (i prissengti- leaves lal-slnnd   -   -   7:CC a.nt  .   tJonneci.B .with utchinor at.Trail.  .No.':} passciifjer leaves��������� Trail   -. -   -   o:I5 n.oi;  ���������" CbilneclK with Il(!i! Moaiilnii'i fur Spokane.  No. i pnssenge'i-lea v;w l!or*:daiid   -   -     1!   a.m.  1 Connects, vvitb C'.l'.lt. .stean'ici'S-for '.. a-tli;  No."i pussi'iiiKCir leaves Trnil    -    -.    - l-.'::iO';.i.ni.  '   Connects vyith C.l'.it. stuainors from noi-tii. ,'  No. -1 pa^soiigiir learesUosslnnd   -   -   SMJ p.m.  Connects vvitb Uo'cl Mountain for '-ipokaiie.  No. 5 '.passenger leaves Trail .���������-> -   -   n-..J,*i.p.in.  Connects vvitb steamer Lyfton ni, Trail.   ,  ''���������General Offices':.-      :yi\ V. GUTKJjIUS,  Tr.u.l, 33t '...-,.   .gpngraliiupt  -*-.OlJ  Tv^'i/irt*-!' f-v"-"i ���������'*?. <--?''i: -  * y-v :.-- .--i  fprpcyctpf;! :pront^b:c.an<lni'pJd-  t^/j..-.,J^. ,(_Lo  .incrsynnir  jil'-'C    'tV* * .t'i'lCV  "���������,'.'���������!-' '  .u'ket; ������������������.������������������; exisiS'",",.  ''o::i^/.;ri'cj: 'i. ilh'c-',  Hie in  '.GQutionallygobcl trout" "fii-rnoaru&oct a!io;-������s  ���������fiQW^,-: -:  '' ���������>���������"������������������-��������� Y,i' yi ifp'eK'ty.f ifyPiyXP   X.,yi"y,y ������������������  ie..aceo;v.;r..ocu.i;LK>f-,';n'cK:ct.eV'  :,',.���������ro.'rt'.officc,.  It has a Gvowii grant, pu?:|; -rppci notcis,. sir  ^ bhasers of lots tli'iis-ob-- i'"<--o"clinf'- office  butcher  Mamiri'g'.' an.  clear title'x-  tthop  a'bsbliitely] :'and n?a������>", p^^'fesjcjciicesf f  lM.nicii.ng-. foperationf arcf in;  :ssi.anci the'establish-'''  5itvviiiij"J '���������' vvil] fend  still, hioreftofenhance. the .im-:  mediate growth: of this frisiilg  ���������'���������tdwn'i     :��������� y ':":, 'X'i.P.     ' .; ...   iif'  ifullprogres:  ���������nenz of the  iff." :. 'PBIOIS ''iQ^f'ILOTsS ;���������''::;,.  Inside; .$ iDo; payable,$33.53. clown, $33.^111 vmdnths.f$33:3:3-  i.     -: .   in 6'months. -;     f" f ... ', :y:'y      " X  Corners; $-i 50; payable $50 do.wn;,i$5oiin,3 .nionths;.'-.'.$5b-:in   6  .-.'. .:'.'. months. .;,     \ >.' . f'���������       'y.':."    if '".'  f    (These prices are for;a short time only.)  ...";'���������  .  T. L. HA i(fv Rkvelstoke, .General Agent. *;:  'y  .'...,'���������'  HUGH;:i\lcPH'ER^P-\yT^ PAGE -L  THE KOOTENAY' MAIL.  ������s^ j.        Kootenay Lodg-e  Sf'-^"    ^    r/?T*  NO-15A.P. 6sA.;������T.  >v^     yyf.l *    *   Tlie regular inci (nar  *V%f fif.'Vy���������T'       asvluld in ll'.c Jtn-.-  r6r'-'!i.V'.    .<0       ' ni'-1 ��������� iiipU-.lioni-iH- -  <5:-:^~7^.~2?viN\y.i":-iiii"iitli    at    8   p.   in.  ���������"^^rSSV^T^fjS^S"-5-    Vis-tint;   lii-et hi-cii  ^-^.jraiii^ cordially uuliomert.  W. !���������'. C15AUK. t5i:oi:'.T.Uiv.  TT"^?"    T2  a-U  WATCHMAKER, AND JEWELLER  Watches, Clocks  l!ep.iii:mc a Specialty.  (MM!. Watch ln-],ei tor. Kcv el-lokc, J}. {'.  R.EVEL3T0i:2 1.03503, I. O. O. F., No. 23.  ^���������i.-'-v'-o-    '    Ke.-OiI.u-i.ieeiinuyi ,r-e lield  ''   '    ^'^'yX'^Sl-y^-i   iii (ii'i'ltrli.)i.-s' .ir.i'.l every  ,������    .,   r*'V.iJ1|S,3;.*?3^ Tlru-d,i>   liiKlit ,n   clKlii'  v ''��������� S^fSr^^x^-trsM o'eloi k.   Vi-atiiitc'iirotliois  "S^^^S^ ordlaUy welcomed.   .  w. j. i.kic. >:.g.  t. .i. c;::ah.\;.j. six.  COURT MT. SEGS7.E  , I. O. 2\, :-7o. 0161.  wht&f n-'11   invited   to"'attend.  -i?ii.-SCOTT, C. it.  J. b. SMITH, U.S.  Tooth' Brush, ���������  Extravagance   .  CITY  BAKERY,���������..  i  ��������� ,.    Bread and Confectionary.  Free Delivery Every Day.  McOAGUB BROS.  177 ���������-M'Sii  Maki: voukskli-' as comfortable  as possible and enjoy life. You  can do this by selecting from our  large stock of complete  ���������  2--HOUSE FURNISHINGS-  W- =  0  "���������fiJl"  urA������*fs   ~=  Handsome catalogue containing  'nearly 500 illustrations mailed  free on application. \  spna.  Stone-  & Brick Work.  1 - "  All work done in a ileal ;i:iil  vvorkniauliKe manner,'and Iiy  oxpci ii'iii-rd mechanic-;, only.  Only liri-itrcli'iss'material iwil.  'Ebliinatci at shorti't-t notice.  S. 0; Fromey,'- RcvelstokG, E.C.  LUXURY���������  aim bros  '^_?o<i  VICTORIA,   B. C.  (Est.iWtehcd 13C2.)  Largest stock west of Toronto.  livery  ilings, 'Gapes and Dress Goods.'  All Nev.-,  Just Opened up at ' .     '  t <  ^^^H. N. OOXJRSIER'S.  Lies   in   tbe   purchase   of        PlaSteFGr,  ���������the cheapest ones.    I oolh  brushes are to cleanse the  teeth and save dental bills.  1 1  ���������   Oi.tr brushes at 25c would  cost   von   double   that   at  some other  stores, but we  advise the purchase of the'  kind we guarantee. Those  'at'35c and jOC will last  long and do just what they  should while they 'last;  ,and remember 'if one of  them proves defective return,it and "et a new one.  General jd  Lime for Sale  ',   llewMo/5-cvi;. 0.  ���������W. .Pfewinff & 'Sons.  Plain and Ornamental  ������.'������.   AtylirJ Ou^. aJlig ������   -  Stone  ������r  ick  ,     , THE    ��������� .  McDowell,-Atkins, Walsqn Co.  (Limited) ,  ��������� '��������� -   -tlbc \2Dru0Otet������5"--  IilcCavty's BIocl:, .?.cvcZ3fcoii:2 Station, B.C.  (!.   K   C'lMl'i'lS.  Mini.  "  Work:'  MARRIED.  fLiTTl.r.-.ADAli: ���������At residence of the  bride's parent's, .on .Monday, .May  :!0lh, I iy liow.l. A. Wood," David  liittk- to .M.iIjc!' Ada;r, both , of  UevelM/ilce.  ,   Second St., K.tsl. Knglisli (Jiuirc-li,  REVfil.STOivK,' -     ' B. L\  The Quaker Bath Cabinet  BTJ"JS4~' B.A.IST:- ���������"  apanese Goods arid - 'Novelties- =  , ' JIN" ^TAMU-R'A, ','''���������, ���������  '"    '" ��������� 72 Cordova Street,  VANCOUVER,    B. C.   l> 1  ,   '   Over 8,000 Different Ai'tiGles.^SSs^^  P.O. Box 150. Mail Orders promptly attended to.  T. I, HAiU.   "        " ,'    ,      " :"'"  \\~YrCRAGk.  . *  ���������    EMG 4" GRAGE," . ' -  ���������   "    , REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Notaries Public, Mining' arid   Real Estate Brokers and general  Commission Agents. _   Fire, Life and'Accident Insurance.  RejiiChPiiialivos'of the Kootenay SiiiH.lunq and Trading .Syndiciilo.',      '.  ''''"'        , ' -\,������!Ciit.s for I'.cvolstoko and Ti out Lake. City tovvnsites  KODAKS    AND;-* KODAK ^SUPPUES  .mpe  Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.  '     ,^esb   r   - ,'   -       $1,200,000.''  HEAD OFFICE,    -.   -   "-    TORONTO.  H. S. HOWLAND,  President.       T. R.  M ERR ITT, Vice-President. '  D. ,R. WILKiE,  General  Manager., '       '    "  A general banking business transacted.:���������Letters of credit issued,  available in all parts of the world.-vGold dust and amalgam  purchased.���������Savings K Department, Interest allowed* at  'current rate'.' ,  ,    ' ,   '   A. RJ B. HEARN, Mariagfer Revelstoke Branch.  \T  Films! Plates, Printing Papers, Chemicals, and Photo 'materials  '.     '���������  of all kinds.. .  ifcii-Bo  <?J  Siilo Aguiit Ua'i)ii',lioiit Kootoaa.v  Imh- I lie Kiiiioii-,   '  "������n     i n  ^fM-.i_a_  Quaker:~ Bath rMillet  J. R. HULL 8c CO."  \J.\ckson- C.\o-"At St. il.aincs" Cliurch,  Yaiifouvcr. on .June 1st, .l^'.'S, l'\;  the l!ev. II. '(I. Kiciincs-Ulintoii.  .Iiihn 1 lerbei t, eidi'sl Min of C.tpt.  .liilin .Jiiclcsoti, "'I'lto lla'vv tliornex,"  Vjcloiiii P.u 1c, Waiei tree., Livcr-  ])oi)l,.Ei)i,d,iiid, UP llalin' Clin\st������>.  oldest riaunhU'i of tlie late Angel" i  (H;ui, of f.iverpool and \'i:nic-e, and J  Mrs. C.io, Zuiui Villa, lli'.itli'y I  .\ venue,   N'iincotr.er.  "Wholesale   ' and   P^etail  BIJTCHSBS.  , t  Pur\'e\'ors of I ligh-class Meals  ' REVELSTOKE, B.C.  Films developed and Print-! made in any style.    .Mail orders promptly at tended to.  B-A-IIiIEre  BEOS.   OO.y LTD.,   Photo   Stock   ZJoalor-s  ��������� -        r .'   '���������  Wholesale and Rclai I BOOKSFLfJi RS aud ST A TJ ONERS  VANCOUVER ,-and    Ka\MLOOPS,    B. C.  Groceries,  Men's Furnishirig's,  .1.  !���������:. -W. JIACi-WKJjAXI-:. (Juin.-i-.il .-\r.m.i|,'cr.     .1UIIN 0. XOItHOJI. K.JI., Supl'. .Alininy D(..p(.  i i .7. W. .(JATiil'lOX. Secret a ry-ri-ciiMiror     '  1%  0   IRflA  General Founders, Engineers. Boilermakers/  -uHJIVlrAI  -'^=^m^y  "J  IMaiiufactui-ei-s  '     of  '    .  i All order-, in our line vvill lie  proniplly  ;Utended lo.  I  )$     find    Piunnn  '1 he finest stock of goods in all the 'above, lines in this seed on  REPAIRING  Don,- t,;i -mm Mi-ill'.- *  Bicvcles for Hire.  ���������LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS, ryHe  .!. O. Piper is in   towii   ii^.iin   fiom , ���������<,,  Trout Lalce. City.  J. I). (Jialiani -m>t. bad:   Widiusd.iy !  from luS Calmuy tiip.  ^A*.  A.   Jowctt.   ol   NeK-on,   li.issed'i . ��������� >  tl,numh this week -oiu.uvvest.' !W:l'   ^.WW '" -     ^ P. O. Bos, 73*.   CaKo Address, "Cove.-  ABO Codo Used.  ,Indue I'ol'lli iiirivcd    luosdav   rrom ' .lr:;i';-:   - rr.in, .-(..!.-.   n.r (ipjn. |    V  Cblli50\JLvQ������ *  (liC'M.lUh to prcide at   Collil! v"   Colli t  '' Coa..- in. bcirrhcsnpnoj.i.onc. , ? ', ���������  Mttiiiu-. \   *'    ,R. M, SMYTHS. . ;  ,  '--  ' "���������   ���������-  - ^~  I). ,!'.iaiili-.v,-iire   is   now    witii    the              .           .             'I'liira-:fi(t. . PPVPI STfikT "*���������<-  Covv-.-in-iloiten Lv.u-ii^ Co. in   jiliitv     "' ' ' -"���������'   "     X~    ~������-oiviv~  !5S  bta  Klonkike  Outfitter!  Meleooaii, IcEeely k Co. Limited,  , Vancouver,' B. 0. .  HKVjEI.-TOKF,, li. C.  M r.  I.ee i i-siuiuhI.  .1.1-. Isi-iiiK-dy hit*-- pin eh i^-eil (leojtfe  Liil'ni nie- lioir-e iind lot-- on eoMier or  I )..iit:!.i-- and  Kini^ Stieets.  s^Ep) ^.^ ^^P5  9   _          >. rf  = .   f    Jjr <       ���������     y . ���������  .I.   Stuart    ^ ali"������   h;is   i.'d'ivcd    the    $    \~\ J3 V'ff T&J C\ J'p1 -"-"^s^vSii-rf      A   "? 1    T     ��������� T        '    'j������?    ������ *       -i" -3 ������. -   ,        m  ..ppoMii iomin.-ition  tor  South' > **^^u''^ ^ ?; Ail kiB.a.5 ot iron. and sheeL metal  "work.   Mining' "work and tools.  Pipe fitting1 and roofing".  Wo have   ;in   iuin  incuse.   MloL-k   of    iniuei-v . .-liicI    prospectors'   supplies,     pioks,  shovel^ j.ol(l p.-ui-i, p.-idc str.ip.s and .saddle?,) dot; lianu-ss  and   sleighs,  touts, river .boats,  stool  .stoves,   utensils; snow shoes, rides, etc., etc.  1 '  Write, ns for lithographed map containing full informalion. Goods .bought iir  Vancouvei- go into, Klondike fiee. If bought in the United Slalea  will  bo tiixed ,'30 per, cent. duty. ���������  Victor;'.-:,  lion.  I'. .M. Kbei t>. -leai.  .Miv.   Abi-.ihaiiisiiii    le.on-.ijued    her    f.      i '5 ���������$% C 7Yit 1 ^ h I t\ {T  private rcidci.v ..., Tl.urvl.iy.    h I,,,   %     *5 iiiSlu.i j Li 5 Siig  9"  (LI.M1TK1).  .ui HIy y  U-.'i) .-iio~t ci-iiii'oii.ibiy ie-.u i.uigeci  .1.'   -V.    .M'agiv.   of'('(iiii.-ipii.v.   Noah ^)  Aiii.iii.iiis-'on    .'inci    C'H'f-    I10i11.u1.   of <j?  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O. -  Capital,  $1,500,000. Head Offices; Toronto1, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,     '  Hoists, Pumps, Ulowei.s, Pans.  I'.l.-isl ing Appaiatus, 1 lynaiuos for -Light ing and  Power, JMotoi-.s for all Purpose.. . ;'  Electrical transmission of power siicccs.sfully operated up to  50  -   miles hy our THREE' PHASE TRAHSMISSiON SYSTEM   ���������  NELSON        .  J'li-niicH Olllci"! ill Hvilisli Cnliiiiiliiii.  VANCOUVER  j\..i.f-.; i.ir.'lf 'i  i 1 Wiy-i ^  ^ * f^ TV  $  >&  Builders' Hardware        J' GEOH&E T, 1EWMAI ^^^  A Sjjeci'iitv. .\il the ^  1 .    .        '������������������ ���������        ��������� <>[  latest   nov.-iLK's      ;n ������ ,  .-       . . . P  t i.:i-n;s|-|ii!;^-. ^  Uiii  ������ W  J I  E  ^1  I [')!'*���������'  '!!)(���������  llo.mi of 'J'l'id'1 h.M i(-c(-!V'l   ii" v w  il.il ice oi' a --(���������;   i|,ilc for   lil-ti    liitlliK'lp t! & ���������                           ���������     .,,,__,,,.__   ^  el-clion. tl,ou'_di ihe h-itf-r-r-ndin-  lie- ^ U?    \U\    I   A U;/*"J L af f '��������� L   f  .edition of the, ,������������������ (,,!), ,1    und, I J W . iVl . Lft W H 111 U L   J  its iiu-ipi'."-, ������,i-,  fin vv ,u dec)   on   Tlluri- '1*. '                                            \  MINERS' SUPPLIES.  1)"\   f.-'.'Ki,   j jp --, Ciood ,, ironies. Read)'-Made-  X.'/J it.v   j(,(,i.,   a!.']   ->l)(i' \.      yroccries,   i'"loui  ->j>i'."  (iiiv  ia-l  r'il-"    ;   ".   a.    ^ , REVELSTOKE STA��������� - ���������  .Mrs. Tl).)ii)].w,i,  K.  L. 'I'.p.Ioi-   vicni    <i^-V">V'&/^<&/'k '���������Sy^.<iy^y^v^>^^'U^ I  A'T'������T������/rfc',![^7llP'5^/?  west u���������Til(-d..v (venin- to.Utr-nd the ' , , -������*.* * *> W JU.t/������*Uj  ] lard.wr'-.   1 iiiv.;tr<'. i;.tc.  JlSc   %jr.  niiiri iat,"'of her si-,(cr M i-,s   Itali.i   ' ",io  to Mr. ���������'. -Fti'-k-oii of  Vancouver.     The  l-'-l ( IIIOIIV   Cillll"  oli'   OII      W('dl|(sd;,v     at      -y,, -r-,. -j        /-j  St.     Iiunes,    Viincouvcr,^   i,���������d      Mis     ^    ^M[    ^gggQJJ  liivior   was   in   hopes   oi   firri'int.'   m ,  time. ' ! r  ! 1  Fire Brigade No. 1.  tiling in the niarlcel   fresh  i and sound  Jiiav i^e had'of  i , ���������*���������.,.-'���������  i ii.\uTit'-i-:    i-:vi-:uv    mr.niAY    and j ������������������r.     ,     .,   .    '   '       n     *-*���������  1      Tliiii'sihiv- nt 7.IJ0 ii.ni.���������iint.il'l'iii-tlicriiolia:. .    S-f 1|T f-.r* H 1 CSOTS    /fV".   f  iO  A full attendance of I'nciitli'crs is rcfinostc-d.       '   Jt-r*- &-*��������� WV/AJ.A������JV>J.JI.   ������i-JW . '������������������*' v/.  , hecdnnin, flI1ci n-r-rj.'.ImWi Tailor, Glothiei* and General OutfiUep,  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. 0.  '  Hy urdci-,  \V. 0. PAXTOX,  Iliai, rjijc.-Ti-'.'iis.  Front St., Revelstoke.  I'"all  -and. .���������winter   siiilin^s, ..(.)vercoa.iiiii;"s.        Good   stock   and  ''��������� -:    . stylish make.    .    Order-.mad.es and ' rekdy. mades.     ���������',  ������������������  :, f ��������� ���������'���������..'���������- ��������� ssic,..;''dDjE3:'E ���������' G-ooiiis.f''f':  Freight -and -'Cartage - Agents,  Thomson's, Trout Lake and Ferguson.  The best equipped stables,in the district.    _ Saddle  horses always ready. '  Wliolesulc dcnlei's in  Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  Agents  for   the   Karn  Pianos, and   remember  Karn is  Kino-.  u  A laro'e stock of  .Cleveland and Brantford  ;;.;Bicy;cles;/,'':';,;;'^''.\Vy':'  Office, Cowan Block, ji .. Reyelstoke.  A  |i"*v ��������� fc*rr- ������������������-* ������


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