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Kootenay Mail Jun 10, 1899

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 i    // ,   r  /t  Vol. 6.���������No. 8.  EEVELSTOKR WEST -KOOTENAY/ B.C., JUNE 10, 1899.  $2.00 a Year.  aC^CHiHD-0H>O<)<H><><>0<H><><><><rO<H>O^-p  T������llH Mail, in .giving  publicity to the matter below, clues so in tlin public  interest, ;md gives what'present information it. possesses.    The fuels" of  the mailer are loo apparent for present comment."    There is only one result to  the country it the lepresentations of this prospectus are incorrect or misleading.  1 Further information may be had next'we.ek. -   ,  Jiurron Mail: <>   -  ���������Sir,���������I enclose fur publication and  for information oi������lhc general pnlilic  th'������ so-called pt-o-.p.-'i-i u-s of the- Baston  and British Columbia Copper Mining  and Smelting Co!; originated and  filiated through the agency of William  Crosbie' anil George W. Beach, two  mail who resided a short time in Kevel-  not superior  to any copper produced  elsewhere. '  The'numerous .assays and mill tests  amply demonstrate the fact that one  hundred tons of average ore will produce at least twelve tons of metallic  copper-, at present prices, worth $4,200.  It is expected to work aliout 100 tons  tons per'cicy at Iirst, and to largely in-  stoke  The.   pi-o.-pectus  sets out .that" crease the amount.    It   can   he. mined,  they o\vn a group of copper mines, and  th.it then*, are 73'J,u"J.) tons of copper  ore in Might. At the,average assay  given and so-called mill tests made this  would give the inventing public to believe there were SSS.MIJ.OOO worth of  ore' in sight, by actual mu'asureuient.  One stands appalled at th.* unmitigated  gall and unflinching nerve displayed  by ��������� th  promoters   of   this    gigantic  deceptVm, probably .unparalleled in the j'il"d    "lost    profitable    industries,  in  iiistorv of mining.    You will,see in the ! America- One need only call attention  transported to the company's reduction  I works and treated for $.���������> per ton. Our  bv products will pav all expenses, leav-  ing the ingot copper pi educed net  profit] A profit of $1,200 per.day,  $1,500,000 a .year, and capable of great  increase in proportion as the plant is  enlarged, is entirely reasonable from  the beginning and absolutely assured.  Copper minuing is one of the sa'fest  and    most    profitable    industries,  in  ���������   face of the positive assertions made in  ��������� the prospectus of the enormous values,  thatthe.proinoters are offering stock at  ,   25 cents  on   the dollar.    I would also  point oiit.that they cl-iiin to have let-:i  contract,  for'the erection of a smelter  plant at Uevelstoke, and tli.it the company is   registered  in   the Province of"  British   'Columbia.     > Representations  made   iu   the   piospectus   of   the   ore  values, amount'of ore. in sight bv actual  measurement, e-oppi'i-  profits, etc., are  misleading in the extreme. Such representations will come back like a boomerang-'and  retard  the in vestment'of  capital.    The people of Kootenay can-  notatrord to allow such representations  to go unchallenged. Our.dislrict is rich  in miner,'!], probably ihe richest on the  continent,  and  Big  Bi*ncl has niining  ..-chums that warrant in vestmout,.of capital, 'hut   tli.;t'is .:u)' :-i'.-iaoi: wJiy such  idiotic and damaging statements should  lie made or lhe public misled.  ��������� ���������   Yours very truly,  !   J. M. KlilAAK.  ���������   ' '"     -  Prospectus  o  This corpoiation is formed under the  laws of I he Slate of Maine and registered in the Province of Bi llish Columbia,'Canada.  This romp-any o'wns the valuable  copper propeYties known as the Stand-  !ird Gioup of.eopper mines, consisting  of'seven full mining claims, containing  i approximately o73 actvs" of mineral  land, all located in the Revelstoke  mining district'of British Columbia,  Canada.   -  lunch  of these seven  properties arc  ' 1,500 by 1,;";(J0 feet in extent.  Title is absolutely perfect.  There are five di.-tiuet parallel copper  lodes iiinsiing 'through these claims;  the narrow est ledge averages 11 feet in  width and the widest, ledge at the  , Standard mine will run from 43 to 73  feet in width. There are about 3$  miles of copper lode matter on this  property owned by the company.  A large amount of money has already  been expended on development, work.  This wor-K has been carried on for the  past two ye'ais, and has been continued  up to date. Present development in  the. tunnels, shafts, cros.-cuts and  tViii/.es discloses several, huge veins of  mineral of great value in copper; reference to the work done is made to tin;  map accompanying this statement.    '  The. ore bodies have been thoroughly  sampled on Ihe surface, and iu the  different levels as the work has progressed, and the value of copper to the  ton of ore has been learned from lime  to time by assays and mill tests, and  you will notice by reference to these  assays, tabulated herewith, that lhe  veins.-ind lodes grow richer in copper  as depth is attained.  Results or Ahhaysj and Mill Tests.  .Sample  .< '<>j)|io;-:  ;i'.T lull!  .1-  No.  1 .  No.  0  No.  :t.  No.  i .  No.  0 .  No.  Ii.  No.  1 .  No.  8 .  No.  11 .  No. IU .  S 1.) R>  11 n.ii  17 (if,  it; (jn-  Kii in!  l.-.l !> l'  iii) 771  u ,vi;  63 II l!  (iS ill I  11CT  cent.  7.0  7.  S'..>  N.  IS.  7."),  lit  ���������J I.i)  It.  Gold   ' Silver  S 1 CO ; 3 3 CO  Trace j Truce  J 3.j ; Timco  1 (ij i 1 in  ���������1 -JO   j Tiaco  Trauu Trace  1 SO      i -in  Trncc   Trace  IN)   '   I 1*5  ���������1 lo   , Trace  -.-.line of the copper  -, copper   has been  per pound, but us  of    copper   today  f u nuiipul ing t he  in (lie a !> iv '��������� I able  figured at 10 cents  tile market price  ranks from 17', to IS cents per pound,  far larger values ought to he considered;' ���������'   -'������������������"  ������������������������������������������������������  The quality., of��������� copper is excellent,  being pecqliiitly uutaUv, utiil. I'vju'ali if.  to prove this statement to the Calumet  and ' Hecla, Anaconda, Boston and  Montana, the Parrot, Osceola, Quincy,  Tamarack, "and the United Verde  copper mines. The. enormous dividends  "paid by these corporations and many  other, copper properties of ' immense  value is .well known. Enormous fortunes have been made by IJoston and  New Kntrland people in copper stocks.  The principal copper- stocks dealt in on  the Boston Market "have lisen ������100,-  000,000  in   value,  and  the  end   is not  One'tnay fully understand what. Ihe  enormous mineral- showing on the  properties owned by this company1  means when the fact is set forth that  the ores, of the. greatest of all of the  copper mines in America., averages not  over 4 to 5 per cent, in copper.     t  The history of these great corporations" and cthe millions of dividends  these*,' companies have paid, is well  known to'the; business world.  Contrast, these facts with the enormous ore bodies in the Standard .Group  of copper mines owned'by this comply* -/''.,  With permanent .veins and rich  lodes, as large as shown cm the map,  at a depth of a hundred feet, a general  sample of lhe"~oi-c. -body shows -an  average of copper of 23} vxper cent, to  the ton. In estimating the profits of,  I ho company as sjiowh ^previously we  have figured only on a basis of 12 per  cent, copper. '      ���������  Our Mr. George W. Beach, .the well  known mining'expert, of British Columbia, in his report to the directors of  this company,, makes the,following important, statement:  '"The Standard Group of copper  mines has every evidence of being a  magnificent copper proposition. The  geological formation of the Standard  Basin, where these mines are located,,  is an ideal one, and is a formation in  which mineral lodes carrying hieh percentages of value are usually found.  All veins are contact, that is, the cue  bodies are found in contact between  formations of different geological ages.  The _ ore. shutes are permanent, and  where sampled in the deeper levels  shows a higher percentage of copper  and gold values than on the surface.  "From actual measurement, I have  computed that there is 730,000 tons of'  copper ore in sight.  "There is another special advantage  that I desire to call your attention to,  and it. is this: that I" never- saw a mining property belter located for obtaining deep levels, and cutting (he ore  bodies at great depth by short tfrnnels.  With a smelter and reduction works  operating in conjunct ion with the  mines, as you contemplate, there is no  question but what your stockholders  will receive enormous dividends from  their investment in the shaies if the  company."  In the properties of this company,  we have every advantage that the  earth' can give us. Enormous veins,  rich iu copper ore at such a height that  the present generation could never  hope to win the millions of tons of  copper ore above water level-, any  quantity of water power'for mining  and nil oilier put piwes, estim ited t.-i  be 3,(XX) uiinei'.s im-lie-; at the Stambud  mine, ami unlimited qu.intit ie.- of limber for all pin posi s.  Copper h is a rc.i-.ly e,i-!i market.  The demand for c.ipp-.v i.- greatly m  excess of the supply.- Increased cost  of production in some localities, and  the probable decrease of oi es in others,  ���������makes it possible for this demand to  continue iiulefluU'jIy, 'stYico jmve fid'-\ $rhe)!u!'s;  v.-mced snine .") Id Ct cenU per pound in  the l-'st f.'W mouths, and lhe consumption of /-fipj..-r is im-i'i-.-Jsing at an  amazing rale,nil over ih" woilci.  A contract h:is been en.eiei] in'n by  the corporation for the erection of,a  smeller and reduction works, with a  c.ipacily of not more than 300 ton-* per  d.iv,' large enough for our own output  and that of the mines in the vicinity  of Revelstoke. This absolutely assures  large dividends on our entire capital,  leaving our own ingot copper surplus  profits. '  We pnheMl-Uingly stale that we can  produce  ingot   copper as'-'chi-ap if not  che.ipiT than any other copper   milling"  company in America.  Fin ther information as to'the company's properties. aiid operations may  be obtained at its"ofJicc.s in Boston,  where maps of the mines and specimens-'of Ihe oil" niciy be seen, and  every opportunity offeicd for the'full-  L*sl investigation, which i? cordially  invited. ' '  The shares  in this company are the  safest  and   best   paving    investment  'offered to the public today.  I/or the present, a limited number of  sli.-u es of "the capital slock of the corporation,' par f value, $10 per- share,  fully paid and nou-a^sessable, are  offered to the public for sale at" $2.30  per share, in order to raise* a fund for  additional machinery, smelting and reduction works. ,  < All checks should be made' payable  toGEOHoi-: W.FniixcjH, treasuierof the  company, 82, SS, St 1 liter national Trust  Company Building Milk and Devonshire streets, .Bosto.i, Mass.  The  following   statement,   obtained  diiect from   one of the owners of the  ''Standard claim,  was  published in the  ���������MAIL, April- 13.   ]S08:-';H.   P. Smith,  one of - the  owneis  of the. celebrated  Standard copper claim, returned Mon-,  day from.Standard basin.  He has been  up there developing the propi-.rfy with  his partners, Wilcox .v.   Iiuhmens, for  the last two and a half months, jind is  very pleased at the prospect presented.  Prior to September,- vyheir this season's  work was  started,   there  was a'forty-  five foot  tunnel'run   on the property,  'which  caught   the   lead,   or  lends,   as  there are  two. at  some slight-, depth.  Since1 then a shaft  has been  sunk for  fifty feet right behind- the bigger Oeod,  and when Mr. Smith left they were in  thirteen feet on a cross-cut at   the   bottom of.(lie -shaft,:! nrl  bad gone I hi-niurb  thirty-eight inches of beautiful copper  ore. 'Assays have not, yet .betfn obtain! d of 'this ore, but. Mr. Smith says  it has much improved wilLi depth and  is of much better quality than near  the surface."  On the 22nd:of that inrinth<llie above  information was .supplemented by.,the  following from lh<i other owners: ",\V.  II. Wilcox and C. J. Unmans came,  down from Standard Basin Tuesday.  They report a widening in the lead  i on the Standard-claim of'eighl inches  since their partner, II. P. Smith, came  down last week,'-making in all a lead  about four feet ���������\vide of copper ore.  The property will be worked again  shortly and the owners have every  confidence of good results."'    <        .  I'ron^ that  to  this,   to   the   best of.  knowledge, or as far as can   he ascertained,   no   further   development  has,  been i'one-.nVd   the   above may reasonably be taken a- the latest informal ion  of lhe condition of I he pioperly on the '  word ut the men .who own it.  llnw consistent it is with the claims  and statements of the prospectus may  be left to th-' public. They can appreciate how far a properly with a 15-foot  tunnel, 30-foot shaft and-1-foot lead at  bottom will'justify a prospectus that  makes one of the general managers  speak of 750,000 tons of cue in --ight by  actual me.i-ureiiienl, that' is -selling  'stock to raise funds for additional machinery, smelling and reduction works;  that speaks of expecting to treat 100,  ton=. per day, at first: of the different  lev. Is, of depth, of ore shales, byproducts, etc.; and; having mentioned  the Hecla, Calumet, Anaconda, Boston  and Montana, P.u.i-ot, Tamarack and  other great copper mines, their dividends, ore values and histories, asks to  "contrast these facts with the enoi-  nioiis ore bodies in the Standard group  of cupper mines owned by this company," upon which, according to repot t of J. M. Scott, barrister, who put  the deal through. $3,000 has been paid  on a $03,000 bond. The public can form  its own conclusions as far as the Mail  is t-nncei tied: but at any rate, it is its  duty to give them an opportunity of  doing so.- Ed.  Win Into High School.  Principal Sullivan leeeived word  this imnij'ng from ill minister of  education announcing the success of  Misses Jennie Fi'i i is, Fi.-iui-es Deal,  and ,.\] ei.-i- Ilr-iii'sl Ilivis. in hisji  school cut i.im-c examimii inns. The  pii'liy i ei | ilic-iles ai-i-iimpaiiied Ihe  letter. 'J'hes-- wen-all that wrote for  examination with consent of Mr. Sullivan, though!! wool hers, MissFva Lang  and Master Harold Clark made excel-  lent'showiugs. Mr. Sullivan deserves  congratulations on his success v\ith his,  ANOTHER STEAMBOAT OFFER.  Would Build Right Here, and Put in  Engines to Suit.  ���������.l t '  The Board of Trade" Council met  Thursday. The following letter re Big  Bend steamer was read from Mr. Phil-  by, who had corresponded prior to Mr.  Genelle's offer-:  Boahd ofThade, Revelstoke, B. C:  Gentlemen,���������We take pleasure' to  wiite thi-i.lel ter to you in order to iisk  if you will please hand lhis lumber-  bill to the lumber men in Revelstoke,  as we have decided to build the steamer  at Revelstoke, that is, if we can get  any good place to build it. So, if you  please, you will oblige! us very much if  you will hand this bill to your lumber  men and see what they can furnish us  the above lumber for. and lay it down  where we' build the boat. We will  leave the location to you,' as you are  there rind you can pick a place to suit  tit build the boat yourselves, and just  as soon a������ you can get these figures  please mail to us at'onee. so we can see  what it will cost us. As we sent you  word in our- last letter that we were  going to build the boat 16x50 feet, but  we have now decided.to build  it   l(Jx(51  i o  feet, we would like to ' hear from you  in answer to our last letter, as vve  would like to know about what speed  the Columbia river runs and when at a  good stage of water, as that is our  main point, to gefour engines strong  enough.r   ' ' '  ,"! Let us hear from you as early as you  t'fin'. >  '' Yours truly,  , S. Philuy-Stauue & Co.  Great Falls, Mont., May 31, 1899.  The secretary reported that Mr.  Kellie, 'M.P.P., wished him to say that  the wagonroad would'not be built; the  president said he had beeui informed by  ��������� the executive council-that it would be  built. The. secretary was instructed to  wire for answer to message to Hon.  Cotton, of May 2Gth, re Geuiclle's  steamer and wagonroad oit'er. ,A. P.  Cummins, P.L.S., reported he could  not arrange to, complete map till fall.  He. offered approximate figures of  speed of river. Philby's letter- was ordered replied to.  ,AJ������S  C><><>-0<>OH>OH>0<><K^  J|U"IJ������  city  council held its usual weekly meeting   last   nigh',   and   had the  Proceedings go veiy much  smoother than  at first,  beer, passed, meetings, do ��������� not   now  last  till  usual  ittendaiKC.  and the big list of by-laws liav i  after midnight.  y   CONTEMPLATING SHIPPING .  Silver Shield,.,on Keystone),May Open  "     '   the-Ball ,   ���������  It. is very encouraging, amidst all  'the excitement over .Big Bend load or  trails discussion, to hear that the  question deserves all tKe attention it is  getting, as already the first ore shipment from the,camp is beihgarranged.  The claim .from which it is hoped to  ship is the Silver Shield, Keystone  Mountain, owned by Messrs. Wood-  row and Mcintosh,' who have been  steadily opening it up for some time  past' with a view to shipping. They  have already three tons out and contemplate making & twentj ton shipment. The questions considered now  are*, transportation and1' tieatnient  They think the cheapest way is to  pack to the river and boat direct lo  ���������Trail, feeling-sure the "Company" will  given good rate to encourage further  ore getting. As to tieatnient, it is a  question if the snielter will make a  special i tin ot twenty tons. However,  if. the smelter is purchasing ore it will  give them value, probably, on tests or  assays. The lowest assay of the Silver  Shield ore, so far, is reported to be $75  per ton silver-lead.  The regular meeting of the city  council was held last 'evening with  Mayor McCarthy and Aid. Kilpatrick,  Brown, Wells-, McKechnie, Cr.ige, and  Graham present.'  Minnies of hist regular  meeting and  that,   of     special    meeting   lead   and  . adopted.  Communications,wore ri'ceived (rem  J. K. Stracbaii, city clerk, Nelson, extending invitation to Revelstoke' city  council to attend celebration at, Nelson  on June'IJ0t.li, July 1st and Srd; from  Revelstoke Water. Light A; Power  Co., stating intention of company to  extend mains'nt a cost of $10,000, and  asking if city wished (ci purchase  stock to this'ainouiit ;' from A. C.  Thompson, on behalf of I. O. O. F:  lodge*, offering the council a lease of  the lower part of the hall-for live  years at the. rate of $330, per jiniiuni,  council to complete room suitable to  its use and pay for same; from W. S.  Gore re information as to surveys;  from the office of the minister of the  interior'on the park question: Several  letters with regard to the grading of.  .various streets were also read.    -  The'comniunical.ion of the I. O. 0. F.  was referred to the public works committee. The.- clerk was instructed to  write thanking the Nelson council for  their invitation. The letter of the 'R.  W. L., & P. Co. was referred to the  finance committee. ,  The finance committee leporl.ed  having seen -the proprietors of the  .local newspapers for prices of .printing  "by-law's and debentures, but would  leave   nrecommendation     to   council.  gisteie d plans and field notes, of Revelstoke and Far-well: -that $10 hecv������nt lo  the Departme'iit of the Interior fit Ottawa to  pay  for   patent   of   the land  granted to the city of Revelstoke* for ,i  public;  park:   that the city solicitor be  instructed tei draw   up   the ;igre*eui<-nt  between   Ihe   C.   P.   R. 'Co.   ami. lhe  city regarding the street leading lo the  station :     that   King   street,   between  Douglas   and   George streets,  George  street    between.,  King   and   Hanson  streets, and   Hanson   street   between  Geeage ancl>Douglas streets, be cleared  anil  leveh'd fit'for vehicles to pass (approximate cost, $00); , that Lhe putting  in  of   a   cedar   drain (2 ft. !) in. x 2 ft.  0 in.), starling at a .point, on   Second  street between   Campbell   avenue and  Comiiiught    avenue,   lhence   easterly  along Second stivet tei Mclvenzie avenue, thence northerly along McKraizie  a'venue to Victor ia   road, thence   easterly  along   yictoiia   road   to a point  near   the   0. P. 11. water'tank, he adopted:     The   committeeJTalso   recorn-   '  mended the expenditinv or $50 on the   ���������  mattressing    opposite   O.   It.   Allen's  brewery as being needed   for lhe pro-  'li'ction of l he,river- lank'furlher down  as we-ll as of Mr. Allen's properly,'and  not necessarily as a precedent.  This   report   was   adopted   without;  discussion. ���������        ,   . '<���������  The fire, water, and light  committee  recommended   the,   installation of   sjx  ,  additional hydrants.    Adopted.    .������'  By-laws   13   and    13    were     finally  passed.    ' ' ���������  ..Aid.   Kilpatrick  raised the question.   '  as  lo  whether  lhe  city could .collect  licence  fees  for the  past six months.  A jeiint  tender'from   the '-Hevelstoke j The general opinion seemed to be that-  Herald and   the Kootenay Mail (or A,\lKy L.ou\a m)L. ��������� ; '   ;  publishing and - print ing by-laws was; xiie disposal of garbage next- occu-  read, also tender-- on debentures from pi(Vj t[(e i-omicil's attention, and a discussion emsued as to whether scavengers should, be hired or licensed. It  was mentioned that, three applications'  hpd   been   received    for   suclv-   work.  ��������� ReveNtoke Herald  (Jjtf.j)   arid ���������>Kootj-:-  n.vyMail ($82)'.   .  A motion accepting the Mail's   ten-  dot for printing debentures was unani  mcuisly carried, while the'question'of Finally a motion calling for tenders-  printing or publishing lhe; by-laws was for the position of city .scavenger was"  referred hack to the'finance commiltee   ^passed. '   , ,  A recjnest  hy-A. McRae "for the ex-  for further consideration,  The public works committee's report  penses attendant  on   the   up-kei-p  of  recommended   that   the   city procure   a'prisoner was then acceded to. after  certified cop?es of the five different re- ' which the council adjourned.  The semi-annual election of officers  of Selkirk Lodge No. 12t I. 0. 0. F.,  took place at its regular' session in  Oddfellow'Hall, Saturday night. The  officers elected were: JN. G., J. Palmer;  ���������V.' G., ��������� Ii. A. I-Iiuihury- Sec, D."  'Mathie; Treas., 11. Gordon.  W. H Caldwell, secretary of the  .Donald Gun Club, has determined that  Donald has not- seen the last of its  celebrations. The terms of the Gun  Club provide that the cup shall be  fired for at Donald and Mr. Caldwell  refuses to hand it over for competition  cm any other- conditions, consequently  the next cup match will again have to  be fired at, Donald.    Golilen era.  D. R. Young and 11. Ii. Dixon of  ,the Kootenay Mining Standard were  in town Thursday taking lejcal views  and securing information fur their  July special number which promises to  bo n daisy. ��������� JNo charge, says Mr.  Young,    is    being    maile     for     these  vvav   to   assist  legitimate   one  the  of  pictures, the only  enterprise is I ho  purchasing copies. ���������  A Dominion Day picnic excursion is  being arraegeil for by il:o M_i*.ilmdist  church Sunday school commiltee, who  have*, also invited trie I'resbyteri.-ui  church Sunday school to co-operate  will) them. Childien under 1 I years  of age will he c-u-iied fiee, while the  ''grown-ups" will have as cheap a rale  as can he arranged for. The excursion will start off at 8 a.m.1, returning  about 7 p.m. The city .hand will discourse their  sweetest  music   for   the  benefit; of ths cxcui'-iontfitv ..  ALL THE SAME DEA'DMAN'S ISLAND'  ���������Great Excitement Over Road or Trails  ������������������'  Question.  All sorts of rumors about the wagon  road and tr.ail question are flying this  week, and excitement' is very keen  about it. Talk of Headman's Island!  it is not in 11V Mr. I1....I. Bourne is said  lo have stated 'that be had receive-d a  telegram from Hon. P. H nine, thai, the  road would be built; J. M. Kellie,  M.P.P., just back from Victoria.where  he'saw the ministers, says emphatically the road will not be built. Other  advices1 received by_ the Mail, and  coming from a direct source, say lh.it  Gonelle's steamboat, proposition wa.->  "off" long ago. Inquiry of Board of  Trade secretary Shaw, a few hours before going to iiiess elicited the fact  that no reply had been received by the j  boaid lo their messages lo lion. Mr. \  Cotton., If Genelle'n proposition is  "off," it would seem to be good sense  lo assist the other "steamboat-mail's  proposal, which doeo not impose conditions-, and put the road money on  gooil trails to feed bin honl running  froin Hevelsloke.  ���������a retraction   and  apology in   the  next  issue of your newspaper.  Yours n uly,  J. M. Scott.  ", The Mail has no hesitation in declaring absence, in the'article objected to,  of anv intention on  its p irt to cast in-,  sinualions on thy  professional reputations kof Di-s.   Jeffs and   Cross,   and is  perfectly willing by sayi.igso to remove  any such   impression   from  either  the  doctors'  minds- or   the   public's..    We  were  not at iribnt iug dehi v to'anyone  and   not thinking of   U.-s.  Jeffs   and  Crocs in the* matter,  hut gathered and  gave   the   item   in   an   ordinary   news  way, without prejudice or intention lo  injure   anyone.    W-* should  also   say'  that  the  i-i-peirt  in   question  was  not.  made   by  nurse   Lucas,  but  was contained   in. a  letter  to  one of the Bro- '"  therhood    'of       R-iilway     Trainmen  e-harged    with   care   and   removal   ci.  Foucr.iulr, by another member of that  j order who   went with   ihe   Uie patient  lo' Montreal.      If   there   is   anytning  erroneous about  the ite-m we willingly  relr.icl it.  WHAT THEY ASK FOR.  Apology   Tor a News   Item  Week's Mali.  ��������� 1 n   Last  iiUITOl'  KoOTKNAY MAIL:  Ij.'.ir Sii, ���������Drs. Jeffs and Cross have  instructed on- to wiite you d"m Hiding  that you publish a:) ample apology for  a certain arlii'l'' w!iii-!i app ��������� ir. ii t!i-  issue- of th.* Ko>t:;vay M\:l. do -d  JuneUrd, ami which e i-ii s an in .in i i-  Lion on their p:-ofe."in.ial e-!i ua :'e \  The article complain.".! of i< a- f >!-  low.s: "Nurse' Loc.is i etnr.ied Toe- I iv  from Montreal, vvli.-r ��������� s'l" h i I g i i ��������� i i  alten.l ine-e- em G ��������� '.'^ ��������� F.i.ier.i.ili. S l ���������  reyoil.s th it spt'ei ������������������>-l - c1" i-i.l.v r.-s'ev-  atioaeif 111-' patient's sight a- hop-i.-.s  owing to the length of lini' which  elapsed before his arrival there.''  This throws an insinuation on the  professional reputation of the attend-  rjM't physigiaoBlWr**,Vtiui tljuy detUHlld '  .Howls, This ?   .  1     The popular  firm of Ja-. Gill it Co..  i have put in an improved li-iliemal cash  'register,   the   most   cemiplele  machine  ��������� in i.le.     An   eric i   is  .���������endere-il   impos-  [ e;  '  I sible. as the inae-hine   show's   the  iituu-  i her of times   it,   has   been  opened   and  i what it was- opened for-:    It is a  total-  , ad.'h'i-, and. a: night, gives lire nunihei-  ' of   sales during  the   day.   number of  , custom"!-.-   in   store,   amount   cash   re-  ' eehej.   i ec-i'i veil, i.-i   aei-Diinr,   amount  . paid out.    It tells   ihe proprietor what  line- his siorv,- i* opene'il in lhe> morn-  , ing, and   what   time   it   was   closed at  night.    Mr. Gill.!* mo-t e'lithi.siastic in  his pi.iis.-sof lire i egisjer, and savs it  is :; '.rr/-at sneer.-s.  Ail 'Foi e-te: -. aii*  at   11  ') ��������� c i: i ���������,. ��������� i.-.  1 Sih   C.:'.0 p  m .  l������eyli:i' No.   -J ! 'i 1    vv i  j'.-iei-s    chili ci!    for  services ot   the   urde:1.     A  viuitioii   is   .exlei.ded.    t������j     visiting  Forester?.    Kevelstoke City Band will  funjish Hivsic'-^r \\]<f P'V'ide.;   ���������  re i 'f.tcd te.   meet  i! ,   S.melay.   Jui c  i.-:i   C .u:i   Mount  p uai.'e   to   8*.  ie     armiveisiiiy  A   special   in.  , a-. �����������"���
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cordially welcomed.
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B/ H. CAMl'JJKLL, V���: fK. D.''.'J;."C. JOHNSON,
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'A'l\'h0,}[:r}ij})O' Ol'l' ;il"K')l"ii ; ll.Otict;. - ' :  GaiTl- !
i-;    fJSooks,  Photographs, ii
.- - English"' Tobacco,  Pipes,
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.bi-olicst.ral 'selections, etc., on the y' ,'.
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Quotes Gamble on Wagon Road-^-Refers
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though the  lands   with iii   the railway
beltJin/Uiat/jirpvinc/e a lid; all Yiiiiherals
therein,' except the   precious'i metal?,
belong, to the Dominion, arid although
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i/ln fact, th.o/frig'itiiprospect ina'cos ;vic^ Esao-
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''/'Twill  happen'/In ; a '.million iyeai-aifrora
i-'Y',f-,'hovy;'yfy.f',-",Yi'f"//:i ���'*���;' . '���'���;'���,.:'./. -f .iiry/f'i i/f/.*//",--
'Tis-','lli;evviBO'i sale];-''there'll :come-;,  'lay
i   When taxes���.wori'-i.-.-iic-c-riie?;'-:-.1':
'-.,...:.-.'.'."���. .fees, v,..'-/' "."'.^"i ��� i;Y-Yf '" 'i;:--''���'-'��� y ���".:./..:' ,.
,When":.debtors ii 11 'will pay. Iheir';c!,cb,ts..'*'is
iii '   invini:toitbe'y nni'et.uo, ��� '���",.'���!..'.'���'"���',;',' ,���'/'"���.'/ .���',.:'
i'An'd.'"vvn'tor piv'os' \yill r.ever,:ney~r:��\^c:s5'. i
iU'he:i,/riyalr,ies will..; ne'er invade. ti1/! .!'cS/f
"'-.   ���":'.ulat'ioii .clipir,...,' ������ ���'/.--,-��� .c.i,.''-.���;,���.:  ���';':   ,('/..'"
v.Wlie'.n. ���pi-i.in'':'ii;l,es'won't geiiprato a-re*v������".���.';
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���/���'.'.'��� ���''::'.items'' .vvll,lT;,ti*iviisiiii;b:: ;.y. fy/// ii'f ','''"���''
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/���:'.'. Yfi.,' '.���.'��� ���' Y i... i��� B.ost'bn'.,CouV ter.   i
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i/f i,/ fi i. reii-itii i c^i-ii'l iet we'fen ii' 11 o tc 1 ii:i; i'i'i'd.i;
"kI.I .yifA>Ii ���rMPOR.TANT;; CHANGE-..':'. 'i .,>
���'���.���;.-Mada''''i.ii''; Dominion ;'��� Land -Prices' on
y���;'i i ';,;.: -.,; Raii.wayi B5lt:    y; i '���'���'"
V.','..'Tl.ir' following' is the ceuitenLs <if, the
, .oi-'der-iil-ceiuiicil .n-liii i:ig   lo, t hej-i-iliic-
!���' tii'iiof liu'-pi-ie-i-o,f la.iidsf in'l.hc railvvny"
. i hell.    I'll'1 C'haiige.'is'a.iiiieist /useful'one
���"ami nif*ri.l.sv:gi*neral .-ippreci.-it ioi.i.
"; '.'All laiiels eiif   the;YDo!iiiiu.i)n which
'liiaiy.ihe*'for.side froui t-inu'' tei ti rue within
.t/he./railwiiy/ bi-lt ..eoiitaiuihg-1 ii i nerd Is
/'..vVithin'.tliei* liieaiiing of 't].n'-;'Miiieral'.act'-
'(!'!.';��� C.),:ji('.tb(ii tig   Indian   le.-vrvey or
'...s'H.tii.'iiie.iits..- ,o;-i pc.i ti his'   th'ere'of, .and
iioj, I'lViiig/i'jiider'l.ice;!^.'- or   lou-^o fri'iui
' .i'luf.'.DiuuiiViiin ', goveriiitient, -s-hall , be
bp'i'ii* fi)   piiiT.li'.-ise'., ��������� hi'.. Ilie/ proyinci.-il
: goversii'iieutf .-it. itlie, price . eif ",$.">/��� pen
acriv"'.tha'l from tiin.; t otimi', since: lhe
��� piissi.ng'Of thai, b.-der, it. 'has   been rer
'.'���'pi->'so;ite'd .tlia't.! lie* pr-ic-e.* is.an exee's.'iive*
' nneto ch.-n-ge for such   laneW-, and that
'amongst oilier coinmtinicatiu'iis.Io 11mt
effect vv.iiicl),ai-e,'o:i..'(i-l.;' iii  the Deparl,-
"nn'-n-t eif  the   Interior is a'eop'yyof the
.���di'spiit'ch iif, the ' JlOflr ''���' Jlarcb, IS.il,' .of
Mi's Honor the Lieut.-Governor tif Brit-
jeh "Qui t,i in bin, mul  of a tenoH of a,
//;/ '���.;.:/���'������''.'���������'Koi>t-;iU'i-'-.;'Wor��ir������..-/",:Y/,;,.";;
.''i Y'.\Vh:il) aire\'ypii '/going'', to elo v-ithi tlidi.'
silvcriiiioiuiteel roveilycriofiiiiinc?".askeci.
theiilifllgtlid .1 i'l.isjj j'ji iiil.-'"-'.".i. ..,'''Y'Y' 'i'Yiii     //;,���,
/;'"l'aiii goiiig to'lisu/it-ito drivOvthej weilt
froii'v tliivcli"Jpri'';.repliccrtiioei!ergctie\yiio:
i/\y;liea-eViipop 'siio' ioo.k i.it to- the:, nearest;'
pawirsliop i/and -got $;2;; en it.-i,C!iic:i.t;oy
'I'rib.ii.iio.. f,'v; '��� ;,''f- i/'y-:-..///"��� ."���'. ' //'Vi/i'i:, Y'i ''.'���
. -' ��� r ���'������ '���' . "�������� I in lira i! < I c*:il. ,.>���,'���,.���'. '.',''.,'...-/.
// .i'i'T-inVafrnicl,"y'.��iiiii;i.lIie.;.)invTi./��� witii. th'v'i
���heavy ��old waffdi cliain,, "itli;:ti.our firibuO'.
the inventor,'will inuv'-eir,succeed.'���'.'���������..'"'.,.
'..,,���'"Biililie.i'ij.Very cliiyoranel indlisti'.Io.us':/:10
- f"i\"u1s;,: liiit he iiirsis'ts on/gutting his. laa
chineiso that;, i,t.will vvork . herory.i.'.utt'iii.?.
inc'pi'it stock on the' nuirkct."���Waslitiig"
tori. Still1.   '.,.    '".:;���,. ���.',;,//   .'.'/' ',:/���/" /',';"',/.'  '.'.'."'-'".'.' '-'.
y The   IiiiaiMblc*'-ijlnnj f
f, .The 'man, who' never/miil-ios 'hi Is tattoo  ���   ...
As never popular; /   i1'       ,   '
11 iss e-iirseVl Infailibil.ity    . '.    '.',.'
i i   To friendship, is a bar.   .''������ . -
���It's.maddening, when ihir.gs so*-.yro'n3, '
'I'ohear h.!m calmly :>:.iy.   ��� ���',;.'������
"Yoii.yihigyht. have .tiiiown. you't -botch, U.
iv,-hc;iv ,'   ������������ .. ���-'.'    :���'.���'��� '      '������''������".
Veil went to'work that way!",   ..      ..  ���
.   ' '.'',''.' ';...',���'''���������.!���
.. T-lie man who 'never.makes mistakes  , y,
la mini..'!oils, alas!, ���  ' ,Y'
His cliicli delighl is'to admire
.  i' His'iinngo in the 'glass. ' ,-'��� Y'
For i lib sir .who try.,, hut fall, hollas."-',.'
No sympathy at/all.,,. y i       [
And everyhody scowls at him "    '      '. ',
Arid hopes,lo see him fall.        '      .,,
The man who never rriakoe mistake'.
IS ,-i confounded, boi-ii-!;
Y'He never would'he: in.lsscd'f-J we.
,|. ".Slioulel never see him itiora.   ��� '.'���������    '
The. feeling at his fiineral
Vv'chiUI be tellef-sincere, ','"   .
And no one on l)is wecel gr-.vwn gi-avo.'f
'���'���"Would ever shed, a tear!     / ,.  /-.
���So'aiervlile Journal.   ���
;��� ..-! .-.':-.��� .-.���  ���v-,-.;.':
i'YY/��� lihfe/;/Iv.ep.tei
/���iif' lOeparti^
'i/^^fit/t e;iTtti p.ii���' y t Q {;Vf<oi i^d( *g;i-��i -| ;;^ui;cli^tt el j;^^ e'r.\^_o,f! ^y
;/Cr/,/A\H31: Iviwh el Vi]3ro nns^
yy; ' r;u! e;i/iY;Y A^e//Y^^
'if ^eq iii pped :��� job pfficei i fe North Kppite-/
'������ ��� i������,yiVav, .i/all,cFiiiOLi r i-i ctislomers //khoi\vy-. it;
Best'of evervthino"/o"oih'cj;"
'���.���   ,:.,..'t ,:,y."-.:.fs,;0      ., s3 ���
Peter Biarnhardt
Block :6-iiLpisi i 7,Yi8i.iii9,Y20.. ���������: f:. .- y,      .,.' /'"',
Block/;/1 i���Lots \i,.;.2,,5, 6z'7,,..8,-;-./13,'ii4,,'i 15, .16\
,'-        11        O 1   ' 1 -i     '..O.I    '       ' ��� .'   "      '..   -'''.������'      ;,' .. ���''  ���;-.
.......    _),__,  -,_���),   -^..1(,. .- ���'',.���:.���;''������''.,,-���''���'.,'"','���"���;'
BlQck:l,2��� LotS   I.;2,  3, ';4,   5, (Si/pi   lp,   J I,:I 2Y-
i Block a3���-L.o.ts 5. ��<������'/', S. %���
I -2, '��� 1
. 1 s;.."2b,
'/.;���. ''.'    I9,;2p, :,.,'    '/,,,     .'-../ i",.//.Y  f/Y^V'; '.:������ .���'.���, /.ii-   "' /
������- .Block 14���Lots iy 2, 3, 6. 7, S.-g.- /.     ;��� ' "������../���'.���', ���'.'''   ;
; YBbck 15----.Lpts 6. ///i 8. :"..;.- i;:   iVi. "'���.:" .*,'������"'��� :' ,'i.  ' -   '    '
������   This-list iis 'subject to: alteraupniand sale; uy private treaty.
Apply1, for ..prices, prior tei date, of sale./, ''������',.��� .";/:'���;.   '.' ��� ;
11 igli'esii; ca sli':pri Ces. p;ifi d fe >i-Yra'.vy:/;'f ii rsi.
i iApilly/to/y   y.Y"': VV.;,��.:'/���,'f/i,.:   .-/���/'��� f'-y
::������        ;;Y,idf,ur���
;Agonl for'..y. A.xelr.-id \; '(."'(.��'.';'���/ liondeiii,, :
'/','', /, I-higlaiiiil../'���'. i. ,!-v'-���.���-���'������..,'/ i :."/;///���,;""',": '���..
Siiiallior: larije, c(uisi^ni'i;ii'nts.prc:ii:pi]y:::
;-/���': al't.'n'eh'dylp and lylKi/oe-is. \:\ liv i c-.i,/
"fy:-ituni,,:ilaiii; //Ht'ia..-)I;V.���;';'!>; .j;h;a;'e/'"-
���"'"'���, is-.hiji ..aiiil.-.seiv'c.iiii- '|'.':i:.i:vs.- . , ,-y '���    .��� /':,: ''yf "'������/
Xenrt,' '  ,
Lady -(Interviewing   hou.-r/.-iinld)���Vv'hj
did ybti leave your l.-istfkic-c? '      ,   ,
Ilousciuiiiel���Bci-.-iuse liaisler kisscdnio,
inuiii.    '���������'
���Xiidy���'And yoii didn't like.It.��� ch?   '
Hous-cniui!.!���0!i. rdiein't in'.nclir. i-iiirn,
but the liiistrcss ci'.ihi'i l:.!:c it. ��� I.arkf? '���','
.Sxp��3BBte5fls. aBBd Biwpoii��iors.'
to 208 F.B*st0Ave.'No.-'.'���
, V -���MINN.'
���1" l'.;i;li  ;:::;!   vi.nlVY:' ii.e, i]n\ )���   ���
.-lie P  (l.il .:'!.().'��� ii'(���.;��� !.'.:y:fd.!-,!/,-.;.;!,- 1 .-,-!]
' liig.'f p!;:.:< >. ;.ne'. .''il'.e r.'.-.ifif -��� i:i:i'nl'..!i!-L-:;��': t	
isliippii:;:,;.) i :),-.��� e::;i;�� :-'i.:I'-.; Y':: ;;,:;���  <;;. :>:'��:;/ ii;  fmt
preiinj't i-< liiii...-. ���   I   ui!!   ;-.-:i fir.   :;   \\ ;,.. :y,n '���
uiiiil y\i ;.;i>t la!.. ..-mil !i" ai: .;j.,..-.: .w.-::'l w IU ���;'(���..
iiilicr.  i'1'!m'm- 0.':'icy .i't-:�� m:> i
"'p'r.'ir;*, cf A>y:-:i:cK:- :'\.
corn in
,otliiM-s,i:liHl!g:r;r 111:,
P.O. ]>c:: Xi
j ; '�� ! ; <
!H-i t'^X-r-i'^:
���: \i!!-!-''-";?*TrC\   '  ""  *. 'V
Shipments Solicited.
'   Write for? Circular.
/".'   l\\\V**' *  * *���*��!'/.*4   'H.A
'..Barrister, Solicitor, Ltc.'
/ '��� '.
.6l'i:'K'.'!:.   COVVA.V  Ht.dOIC,     '     .
'<��� <&, ur,^. e,>rv  ,'^rs/r
V*. *v. Ot
l\ O..I30".\-108,
gj^ :,n��j
FREp. m, WELLS, mine Examiner,
: f�� 3 ��s>
"\ef^<8igji&r. "if ^
/ .'///i /Ailiirgei'assoilnient of/the
;; ���; ji'iiest"/; \ypven;:'/iCanadian'
,yi ':'���;/,' .HahiVnpcksii ��� I/i /at/ ������.���'/prices1
ii'/,;'';/���//rangin'^'froni'if.;/;.���..-;.���������",/'; ���'���������'��� {l
/Gradlelianinioclvs;, AyitliYnips
'i.:i'. /;': ������ '-.;���.���" 'i���!'.:/ .;-.���/.../.,.,;:.. '���./'/' '<'.:.��� ;'./.���';���/;.//;;
;Yi:v./;/.(/[into sliielcls;/���''$.2.'50v<,.-;--'-:
/.,' "���'//;Successorlio'ri|p;jI(il).'-Ai'A\J.','Go;;'���������-.���:/'���;��� ���'���
Tayloi^BlE, Egilsioke-'Station.
:S-/)M\KK:~ij-i;\ti; Ciiiuaplix, Friday, June
''������'���"'''''"i.\ 1899. ahei wife* eif (ieo^.Woinuer,
������   ���.-',.-   ���;���':��� ' "O" ���  . ' ���'.' ������ "!   ,'���'���'  , ������������"���;; :.-��� ,
':.'' ���'   / Ol. a K01>.Y,-  !.v ,     '.���/.'.���''������ ., :./.,���.���'.'������'.',.*.��� ,' ��� ,"
:.���.;,'. i,Y- ^1 .-';0i*':irf]y- vif...��Sn.yt��i-itV��n /'Av.'is  in   town
y;/;./''���/'Yi-./iloiidji.yiiii;'-'"/'/;f-/Y::i/ /���///-..'y/'"���/'y';i/-.'//-: YY'/Y'iy'./y,*
ii/Y:/|i/; i^
Yif;:Y'Yytovvn/\\/efJnto : '���'/';'///',/;/.
Yiiiy/yf i i;/ l^ieiripVnl kili- it lies fipiii l=ot*Y saciul/  nox ti
: f...?- ,,f ^hui-srlay evening.' i'/Y/if/'y/'i.-ii/'";/'///;//y"
;'//Y'/^y/f.'YY/i ^iicitioii'-'f^;Vlpiy/ciif/'ih .tis/i/i/^Lt/ / G.i;a^��(:r;::s^
iii;-'/;;':/; iyM ayn (i'.s.^jiex tfW'iid 11 esclii'v/i :/;/���//;fi//iiiiy;j/i:
���/ '''��� ���;..'';///;'/ */' J;| "'P:;*;;''K em ie*Hy '/ of p /I I loci 1 Ie wsic t /is '
':/ i:Jg'i iii:/ I: i/v i si t iirigiiKeiyc 1 hi.iii ke l/tl. 11 i slivvteel-r.///'/.//y/;|^//'
';�� y'%. [?0:--<;J-/ '*&; jb-"JD.;..iVri..i^:"--',n '���<-��� t ii'i io'et/I |."; '������ T! Iii" iri-sci >i'5"'; -
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i.f y/Y;:-/fi-ouii'Svyedc-iiioc^yHip^i^
///iiii/yf '"Wcdiiesclay'/froiiii Alia'Al^iiiig/itripftQ tlie
:.Y/Y/��/;://iCoiiistYi-Yy'';'.' ///.:-;;/i//;-'/yif; !::yfif^f.��� i-Y/:i-i-i':y'f"i ^ f/f' :;.i
'i/ii/iY Y'/w^P^-ij'if-,./.'/': y'' i.i.i'i'ii/ i;/f/i'ii''^'i;i////if'''-'ii'""''-'/;''''
/;f//?/Yii//il'i;yyMci?!ii;is(('r /iycyt/ui-'ri(;cl'y; ;AJ-i"i/icliij-f-j'sf 1 ay/'
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'/,^:rY/:Y'(i'iye.vvistage;,vvrtl^on for/Craig it/Jiijliniaii..
H/y ii/iYiipf'Tlio:iiyon^s-'/Ii,;n
fYy'ii./i'/i.yNeilson beiajilyof/trade/ lias;*/call eel-- a-
;Yi;i;//,:i/ispeciai -/moot nig. /"/t:(3//;d ihcuss; . / tl io^/.; new;/
/T/,y;/;/i:"/i;""ifeclerji/l''r��.*c/!,iA'ti;i,.liu*.irpii/'/ljij.lVf ;//Y/-^_;''/.yyi.y:'i:.. ;./*/y.-./i'/
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/��� ���: /ii i/iii/of i Al i|e/,p irb 1 i eii;c Ii Xi c ;'j. V ^y'iil 1 / /1 Ati/'fi 1' t^l d y/ /:A A�� X' t./
i'if/iiys/'iy/w'eeilv/'icoiu 111 ei i ci ii i gfli*. lei iiiiliiyi ��� Y; sym i i/; >Y 'i;
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���/ " iy. ���-.- ..s.tii'rte'c! i]C*xAi/vvi*ek;(pre)l)al)ly.y f //, |f'���'./-,///
iYii'i'iiii-i/^l'essrs/ i\\?'i!ci)X'!i��'nclyl,iiyiiieiis/ret.iiriir;
- /iy'*.��� -Sd:-/'t o;'Jjij^''/ilf��ciif...".-tJi"is'.Sv��-s.lt= r.i"c->--.ci.b-''a.sis.o'ss-'
,/ '���'//','. iiieh'.t\-vviii:k'./b'h..^oiiA('v"df-;th
,///,/'���'/';/���V'ji'Jelciilfi! lefi/^N'eeliicsday / 'Horning
/'-/.��� if' tin '��� a;'I prospecting' trip iii tei   l^tiun clary
:;//;///ciiuiip-yi'/iiTe/vviiLiilieY/gonci 'fcira/feiw'
"���: ������'.������ /..months. ''   ' iff/'/' '' i,f//yi:        i.        ii- '" ������: ���;.
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Popular Prices; YiFree/|us|;;i
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Miners' Supplies
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/p. p, / dressmaking;-/  ;'//
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Bourne Bros.
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Tpout Xake City


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