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Kootenay Mail Jul 22, 1899

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 I    s  r'/t.-rviv-  ���������s_/  /,-  ^,x.G^'; ' '  Vol. 6.-N0. 13.  EEVELSTOKE. WEST KOOTENAY.  B.C., JULY  t~nJ,  ] 899.  $2.00 a Year.  ft^^^/^^/^^^^^^/^^^'^^^^^^/^^V^^^''^^'^/%^^/V^' ���������^y  i^v������k^i^^^.  v  CLEAR OFF THE TOWNSITE  V^^^W^W%^ J'^fc/^/iVvi T'/^.^^.ti^/^.'^k^^  "tv-3  '     Ottawa,    July    1.5.��������� Tim"' Montreal  IlL'r.ild   a   few days  ago published  ;i  remarkable   letter    fiom     Mr.   John  Hague,  i'ilitor of the Journal of Coin-  iiiciTi', put purling to give  the inside  history   of   tin- , prepn ration    of' the  '   gerrymander lull of 1SS2. , Mr. Hague  ' tells hnwyat the request of Sir John  A. McDonald, lie prepared 1111 electoral  map showing  the vote   in the various  constituencies    at.   the   two    previous  elections.    '"I1 was  informed," he says,  "that what the government wished to  effect   iviij   a   rearrangement,   of    the  electoral   districts   so  far as  possible  recognizing a' common   unit of 'representation. , This,, Ijnwevcr  was   lo   lie  made sufficiently  elastic  to allow the  grouping of   different,  sections  of the  districts so  as  to detach conservative  voters from places  wheie they were in  excess- of the needs for a majority, and  the attachment of such' voteis   to districts where  the  new accession would  turn Ihe scale at an  election   in favor  of a  conservative  candidate,  where a  'liberal; hail   hitherto     been   ietunied.  Electoial' districls  which   were   hopelessly  liberal   were,   if   possible, lo.be  abolished   or ' the    constituencies   so  arranged  as.-to   put,the liberal voters  , all   together  in one district, especially  ' wheierthey could be drawn away from  a district where they menacod the conservative candidate.  ', ' v .   ,  ' ,, HIVING THE GRITS.  "The , process- ,'was uftei wards called  "hiving," which is quite appropriate,  though while the work was being done  for the act of 1SS2, this word was never'  used. Aft.'r making -i colossal chait  I took each electoral district and its  surroundings in hand, and wrote upon  whatever upon which to base his  restless charges, but that In1 vva-  only fishing in the vague hope of  discovering something to make a fn.-s  about.  XOT APIlAin OV THIS LIGHT  t  The alacrity with which   Ihegnvern-  nient^accedi'd to the opposition request  foi an investigation   by the committee  on privileges and elections into alleged'  crookedness  in  the West   Huron and  Biockvillc bye-elections  rather a?(oji7  ished   the gentlemen on Mr. Speaker's  left.   I hough   by this   time  they ought  to Know thai   the government is pie-  pared to offer every facility for legitimate  investigalion , whenever   even a  sum bin uce of a cause  for such investigation   can  In.' found.    The opposition  has   worked   haul   at     investigations-  almost." from   the moment they retired  from   office,  but while   their'groping.-?  after something sensational have thus  far produced  absolutely nothing, they  have' cost, the  country a good  many  thousand    dollars    in    witness   fees,  travelling     expenses, '     stenographic  reports    and    other   court   expenses.  After' all   it is,   perhaps,   money   well  spent,'for it gives  the  country absolutely   unimpeachable   evidence   that  the    administration     is    clean    and  honest. , ',  DKATJI OP SENATOIl SAXFOTID. '   o( '  The'tragic death Senator Sanford by  drowning in Muskoka has called forth  wide .spread expressions of sympathy  and regict. Tho deceased gentleman  ,vyas particularly well liked in.t he" hulls  of legislatuie, inespectivi? of politics,  ,he was a favorite with; all with whom  he came iii^contaci".. Appointed to the,  senate   bv   Sir   John   A. "Macdonald.  Constant Source of Danger Found jn,  ^ Stumps  The fire wliich started Sunday on  the flat below the smelter threatened  at one time during Monday to be a  serious matter for the handsome residences of Mackenzie avenue.' The  wind freshening up; however, directed,  it more towards tho mill, and it was  quite a file that, night and part of  next day. Tuesday night it might,  easily have been as-ailed with chances  of exlingui-hment, as there was no  wind and it had ju-t then pretty  well burned out where it had raged.  On ��������� Wednesday (In; wind was ' vei y  fre.-h and slartid it up again and all  day it had lo be carefully watched'and  attended lo. , The breeze was, however, more, favorable' to the. town and  it blew" the blaze well to thesoulh  where all aiound thediinber seems lo  be on fire.  , The lesson of the fire has not been  lo-t'on some members of tne city  council, and it is quite likely that the  lownsite conipaniesvand cither owners  will be lvqui'-ed to stump and clear  the whole town, as the danger of.  'allowing them to stand wilh ii fierce  fireiaging is too-great fcjr citizens, to  take. The improvements of the  people and the corporations need prii-  tection.  >ach the number polled for each jiarty    though   he  was  prepaied  atall times  at the two previous  elections the total  number ofeleelors, with   the majority  in each "case.    I'colored   each  distiict  so as lo show at' a glance   it's political  coiiiplexii.n,    1 then   made a t iiorqugh  " study of the official returns of the two  last elections and look out' hundreds of  statistics'fot   comparison and leadjust-  ment.    .Some   of ,the   districts   wei e  ino������t difficult  lo alter so  as  to secure  the ,re.--iilis"  desired,    it.'was  said the  configural'ou of some  of these, represented nothing  on   earth,  in the heavens, or the waters  under   the heavens.  Quite true: they simply represented an  .effort JLu lix the boundaries of electoral  districts accoiding to two   rules; lirsl,  on the  principle  of equal   1eprosenta-  tion to equal numbers of voters; second-  on the principal that electoral districts  .should be arranged   to serve 1 he interests of the party in  power when   they  are  rearranged.    These  rules  do   not.  work well  together, hence  the highly  eccentric  shapes  of*-some   of the  districts on the charl I have constructed.  The gerrymander act, .is it was called,  was simply the chart I had constructed  expr/isced in legal language.   '  There is nothing particulai ly now in  this confession of Mr. Hague's, for it  has been piactically admitted .oftentimes that the pi inciples actuating the  frainersof the last two redistribution  bills were exactly-those suggested in  the above statements; it. K' how ever,  interesting   to have confirmation from  such a Veil informed 'source.  e  ANOTHER huhule huiipt.  to give an intelligent consideiation lo  current event--, he W'lis notvan indent  politician. Blessed with abundance of  Ibis world's ' gniid������ i'ls-iiss".'- :!--. ...'.g'.:  his own industry and integrity, he  g.i\'ti liberally to. such religious a nil  philanthropic piojucts as' commended  iheinselves tu his judgment. Though  an American by birth hi: was thoroughly Brit Mi '.in all his sympal hiets.  and within' Ihe four corners of the  Dominion there could not be found a  . more Iojal and whole-hearted Canadian than William Eli Sanford.  JKISII SEmj-'ISS IN THE WEST  The Globe's Ottawa correspondent,  states, "On Saturday next Mi. Charles  K. Devlin, the government immigration agent in Ireland, wiil sail for  Londonderry. Sir, De\lin has spent  the last two iiKuiths in the northwest.  In Ihe course of his journeyings. Mi.  Devlin met a number of Irish settlers  whom he had been instrumental in  sending to Canada. They expressed  themselves satisfied and con ten led.  and weic enthusiastic over their'pros'"  peels. ','A feeling prevails among  Irish-Canadians, m-IIIcis in Manitoba  ancl the Northwest," adds Mv. Devlin,  "that, a strong effort should be made  in Ireland to s"t I'm th the advantages  en'joyed by (heir countrymen already  reaping the lienefits of the change.''  The crop outlook, so far as Mr. D-'vlin  had been able lo ascertain, was decidedly favorable. He' will retuin lo  lieland more than ever favoralily impressed with Manitoba and   the. North-  ������������������   HAMMER.AND TONGS     ���������.  Another    Discussion   Over'  the- Old  * Bone".  The  board  of trade.ineetiug  called  hist Sat 111 day, at 3 p.m.,-to meet lion.  F. 0. Cotton, minister of public worksj  on, as the call read, "matters of public  interest,''  turned   out  to   be   another  "scrappy"   discussion    of.    that,    two  months old quai;rel, the canyon wagon  road which, as the president gave the  minister   lo   understand,    they . .were  going todiave anyhow.   As far us the  Mail could  see,   the meeting was arranged  seemingly lo  give some members of the  board  an   opportunity  to  exhibit their opposition  to Mr. Kellie'  and   "rub   it   in"   before   a  minister.'  Hon. Sh: Cotton was'no doubt properly  impressed   with " what1 ho   heard and  saw.     Nothing   new   bearing   on   the  subject of discussion came  up except,  pu.-Vi'^s:, -Mr, -Bourne's talk of a  local  syndicate     building .a   boat   anil   ap-  pioaching   Mr.   Kellie  about Ihe road  in. connection.     Incident  to   the   discussion   was .the  old   comparison   between' the   vested   inteiesls,    as    the  president called them, and the common  people, who beat  il   I wo  to one at Ihe  recent meeting  for trails.    A good description of Ihe meeting was given' by  a   business  man,   who  left early   and  who.  asked what  was going on, said;  "A  lot of  personalities and  political  animus.''  Having heard the. arguments, Hon.  Mr. Col ton offered the board to build  the road if it would put up forfeitable  security, acceptable to a baiik,r-'Miat a  continuous steamer service would re;  suit. Mr. Kellie endoised the proposal,  and with a vote of thauks to Hon. Mr.  Cotton, the meeting adjourned.  '      TO REFORM THE SENATE  Lauder's  Proposals  Suggest a Joint  Vote.  In the house of commons Monday  Sir Wilfrid Laurier gave notice of the  senate reform lesolution as follows:  "That an humble, adc/iess, be presented  to Her Majesty the Queen, setting  forth that 1 lie provisions of the .British Nditli America Act, 1S67,' respecting the powers of the senate of Canada  in making laws'.ire unsatisfactory and  should be brought more into harmony  with the. principles of popular govern-;  ment, and praying tliat'Jler Majesty  may he pleased--'to recommend -to the  Imperial Parliament a measure, bathe amendment of said act in such  Uernis as will effectually make provision as 1 follows: ,rf the ��������� house of com  nions passes any hill which', the senate  rejects, or fails to pass, or a mends in a  way not accepted by the house of  commons, that if the. house of commons at tlie* next following session  again passes sucli bill and the senate  .again rejects, or fails' to pass. 01  amends the same in a way not accepted  b\' the commons, the governor-general  may, by proclamation, convene one or  more joint sittings of the. members  of the two houses for '.ho further consideration of such bill or amendments,-  and the question"'whether, such bill or  amendments, shall 'pass shall be decided by a majority of members of I lie'  two houses-present and voting, and  the vole of any such joint sitting shall,  as respects such bill or amendments,  have the same, foice ,and effect as a  ���������j.'vote of the senate, under the existing  constitution. '  ���������     ��������� *  i>/?y������/%s&&&'������sei/&&&Ts, '&&'&������/&<&*&*& ���������sV'^^^vva^.'^^^ifc^-  '*������  The weeklv meeting of the cily 1  council came oil' last night, all being ,  present.   < ' j  The miuutes of previous meeting I  were read ane adopted.  A communication was  read   from S.  Nee'dham re railway crossing in Dung-"  lasslreel, and slating that,  it, "was the  wish of   many of   the, ratrpaycis on  that s||.4.,.|, t|,atone .should   be estab- ,  lished. '    . !  The city solicitor sugge-ted that Ihe  police in.-igi-lr.ile should be provided  with a cei tided copy of each bylaw'. ' '  Aid. G1aha.11 A-ked if all hotel  ���������h'cen-e-. had been lecelved by the clerk,  lo which the cleik answered that Field  ttijiuiike and II. A. Drown had nor  made any returns.  (Ald. Graham thought it unfair to the  othei hotels  that these two should lie  II'was slated   that,  the C.I'.R. had \ allowed to remain open.  TAKE BACK YOUR GOLD  No' Provision for   Revelstoke���������Board,  ��������� '    .       ������ Didn't Want It  The Dominion government's extra  supplementary estimates were brought  down by Hon". Mr. -Fielding on TueV-  day, Russiand gets $lo,0()0 for .public,  buildings; Nelson gets $15,000 for public buildings; Kamloops gel.s.$3,000 for  public buildings.      '    '  Revelstoke gets !  Why? Because the hoard of trade,  voted down a. resolution for central  offices 111 this c-i'^y.'-'Tis lime to turn,  llie- board down on Ibis as well as  other niatteis. -ReveKloke could.have  had a vote .fur the purpose a's weil as  other cities, if its. board would 'have  taken it. There's as good as' $8,000  lost to Revelstoke (his year.  Improved Affair;  Trout Lake City.  of the  of the  It   will   he, within   the  memory of    west.      His     recent     experience   will  many of vour readers that during the  last, si ssioii of pailiaiiii'Pt considerable  fuss 'was made  by Sii ' Ihbbert Topper  1 in the public accounts committee ovet  the    expenditure   o'C   certain    fedeial  moneys  for  ihe  pin poae of investigating fraud* in Manitoba  in connection  with the federal general election.    The  energetic ancl imaginative ex-minister  of justice  charged   all  sol ts ot tilings  in     connection     wilh     this    matter.  Cabinet     niinisteis    had     paid   their  private debts out of the  private  fund,  liberal candidates bad drawn on it for  their election expenses,   party workers  had made a good thing  for themselves  on   the  side  and,  in  fact,   the  public  moneys   had'  been   squandered   right  undieft.    Every  facility was given to  Sir   IJibbeit    Topper   to     piove     bis  dialers,   and   any  and   all   witnesses  whom he desired were summoned  before  the  committee.   The   result  was  complete failuie to prove one solitary  allegation: but,   nothing  daunted, Sir  Ilibbert declined   that  if  the  matter  was   laid, over   till   Ibis    session,   he  would prove everything.   The   matter  was   laid   over   at   his   icquest.      All  manner  of  returns   were  piepaied at  eonsiih rable  cost, and   now, after the  'government . bad   put   every,  possible -  facility fat   his .disposal,  Sir   Ilibbert  abandons the  iuvest.igal.ioii.iind  prac  further qualify him for speaking from  personal knowledge of the great advantages Canada ofl'eisas a field for  settlement. ���������  1'KOHOUATION IN SIOIIT  Business is lushing on Parliament  Hill these da j s, and each twenty-four  bonis sees mine solid work accoin-  plibbed than was recorded in a whole  mouth at the beginning of the session.  With Ihe steady approach  railroads and the opening up  season Trout Lake is putting on a very  busy air. Most substantial progress  has been made toweids impioving the  appearance of ihe town already this  se.1-011. Sidewalks,, have been built  along the principal ..-streets anil two  new .-ticets have been opened up. The  steamer is now making regular trips  up and down the lake and the sawmill  has gcit in over 13(1.000 feet of logs and  will commence sawing in the course of  a few clays. These logs are in addition  to the 200,000 feet cut during the eaily  .spring. The Topic has been enlarged  to a six colum, four page'paper, ancl it.  is our intention to keep it fully abreast  of the times. A dairy will be opened  up here shortly as will also a restaurant. The ranches, contiguous to the  town are looking exceedingly well ancl  bountiful crops are expected.   Garden  The   Redistribution   Bill   has   passed j n-uck of all kinds will   be available in  through   the  house and is now before  the Senate.   Ali other important  gov-  Ihe   cour-e   of a  few   days,   anci   Ibis  beautifully situated mining (own be in  eminent measures are well advanced. ,' full possession of all ihe luxuries which  Private' business is being i.-ipidly | well conducted ranches can ��������� supply,  cleared off the oider  paper, and most j Several   new buildings,   both   business  important of all, perhaps, members on  both sides of the house are getting  sick and tired of the session and will  rejoice to hear the guns of prorogation booming. Another ten days  should suffice to wind up the business .  and, in fact, the eiul of next week will 1  find very few legislators iii then  seats.  Another Enterprising; Firm  The iSiii'ptiso Steam Laundry has  begun business am! tidily deserve tlie  best patronage, of our citizens, not  only for their, ability to do ihe best of  wcrk for-reasonable-prices, but fur the  fact   that ��������� tliay".employ ��������� nothing   but  Really iiJiiuitB that' he litiil tiy evictdjea i wHjie help hik! pay die best of wasps,  and residential, have been constructed  and more aie in contemplation. In  short we are on the verge of the biggest boom thepiovince has ever seen  and Trout Lake City is making eveiy  pieparation to meet il half way when  it comes. We have the scenery, we  have the mines, we. have, the piettiest  patdi of blue water in Canada and the  souls to appreciate it, and lastly we  have exposed lh������ best indications of  prosperity in West Kootenay and  are here on ihe ground floor to  see   that   it does not die of neglect.���������  Topic. ���������    .    .     \  ���������_���������������_���������������������������  '.. A rifle association and bugle band  are. being organised by...the Kootenay  rifle? at- Xejsuii,'.  As a   further indication of the pi os-  ent  satisfactory  state of Ihe   finances  of this  province,   it   is   interesting to  note'that our agent -general in London  was able to state, on   the stlength of a  ,cablegram     from     Finance     Minister  Cotton,     that,    notwithstanding    the  abolition of the 11101 tgage tax and the  tax on wage-worker.-  in   metalliferous  mines,   the   ic.di/.ed   and     estimated  p: ovincial revenue for the year ending  June, oOlh,1 will 'probably  exceed 81,-  500,000���������the largest ever received and  nearly double what it was  four years  ago." Things cannot be in such a had  way   after   all,   nolwithstanding    the  disaster  predicted   by   the "blue ruin'"  opposition pres������.    Asa mailer of fact,  all   that   was   required   lo   place   the  finances'of this  piovince  on   a  stable  basis   was'a. change  from the unbusinesslike   methods   that   characterized  rthe late Turner adminisl ratieii   to the  businesslike   methods  adopted   by the  present.   Semlin    adminisl r.-il ion.      In  saying this'we do   not wish lo give the.  impress on that   we   think there  is no  room   for   impi o\ emeiit.      A   greatly  improved  condition   of   affairs   exists  today,   and,  as  time goescon,   if the  S'inilin   government, slicks   resoluldy  to the business of adminislering all'.-iirs  in the interests of uhe   people,   instead  of in the interests of a limited number  of     monopolists,,     laiid-grabbets   and  charier-mongers,     the     impiovement  will    be   still, more marked.    There is  much yet to  be done, pal ticularly in  the   direction   of   legitimate   development of the resources of I he province,  No branch of the   public   service calls  more urgently for   businesslike consideration   (ban   that   of   the   land   and  t      1  works department. There is need of  reform of a radical nature in ordei to  bring this department into touch v. iih  the requirements of Ihe count 13".  That this will come in due course we  have no doubt. Rome was nol built in  a clay, and the icsulls of sixteen years  of incompetent administration cannot  be changed and put light in a few-  months.���������Inland Sentinel.  already-been written to in icgartl to a  crossing'en Front street, and it was  thought, an additional crossing on  Douglas stieet was not really required.  The matter nf i.-iilway crossings, however, vves in the hands of the public  vvoi ks committee.  The   rules   and   1 egiila'l ions   of   the  combined   fire, brigades were then read  and adopted aftei   some slight amuncl-  fiinenls had been made.  . ���������, Aid." Graham   introduced by-law No._  10, regarding noxious weeds.' This bylaw  provided  for the de'slruction and  the prevention of the growth of,weeds  and  required  the ratepayers  to assist'  in the good wcii k:    A penalty   not exceeding .$100  was  to   lie-inflicted   for  each infract inn of the by-law., .  Aid. Crage moved, seconded by Aid.  Wells, that consideration of I his bylaw be. deferred till next meeting. Aid.  Ciage explained that his object in making the motion was lo have the council  consider the question as to what' a  noxious weed really was.  Aid.   Graham   explained    that    file  weed,   which   was-mentioned   by Aid.  Crage, only giew  on. land   which  had  been but ued over.  ' The mayor spoke of the Canadian  thistle'which had already appeared in  town.      lie   thought   steps   should be  taken for its suppi ession.  .        I.  After further discussion, the names  of certain plants recognised as noxious  weeds, were 'inserted in the by-law,  which, in its amended state, was read  a thiid time and passed.  The'Sunday closing by-law. No. 18.-  was then finally passed and adopted.  It  was  moved   hy'Ald.  Mclvechnie,  j seconded   by   Aid.   i3rown,    that   the  ! Water,  Light  Ac  Power Co. be  asked  to   in.-lail   a   hydrant,, at   the'corner  of     Victoria     road     and     McKenzie.  avenue.' ' -   ���������  Aid. IJiown suggested that  the hydrant   now1 situated   opposite  Wilson's-  laiior  shop  should   be  moved  to   the  corner wheie the   hydrant  was asked  for. ,  Aid. Kilpatrick spoke of the impracticability of running a hose across the  track in case of fire.' He said the hyd-,  r.mis at I he Catholic chinch ancl the  Imperial bank wei e sufficient to pro-  .tect the block for which consideration  was asked. If the hydrant asked for  was installed it would lead to a good  deal more expenditui e for the benefit  of other districts which' weie in equal  need of protection.    '   ' ,','   <>',  .   The motion, however, was ultimately  cai1ied.  Mr. Law-son's application for the position of'i-ily auditor was accepted.  A motion was passed' asking the  police magistrate to make "qiiHrterly.  returns to the council.  The city clerk asked that an assistant  be appointed to help him in making up  I he assessment roll.     '  Aid. Crage asked that the chief ot  police be given authority to collect the  load lax.  Aid.' Kilpatrick .siiggesli-d'that-sonie-  thiug be done to keep down (he city  dust.    ' ,' '       ''  . After a lively.discussinn on the above ���������  and   other  adjourned.  little   matters,   the  council  The Garden Party  Consideiing iho weather, which was  not on its. best Ijehav'uur   at  all,   Mrs.'  Coiit-siei's garden   party in  aid  of the  kindergarten     may      be      called       a  decided success.   The,scene was a very  pietly one fioin the lop of the bill or  oilier place of vantuge, and   inside the  arrangements showed a close al tenliyu'  to detail.      The lavvir was   in splendid  condition, and the many flowers, trees,  bunting, and Chinese lanterns all cum  bined , to make a very   pielty   pictute.'  The attendance was  large  considei ing  the   went her, and it is safe to say that  Ask the Finance Committee    '  Lditoh' Mail: ,  Whyaie Revelstoke city debentures  of lio years interest bearing, when  ot her places, as Nel.-on, issue them at  the'sanu- interest for but 20 years. I  am mi financier, but, as I look at it, 25  (I he ii mil 1 er Of years) multiplied, by n  (the iuti'i est per year) is iqual to 125;  whereas 20 multiplied by 3 is but 100.  Nelson lecenlly sold gOO.IXKl'worth' of  3 per 1 cut. debenture.-, payable in 20  years, for S0L2UO. Revelstoke sells  $13,000 worth of b per cents, payable  in 23 years,   fur   ������13,000, which   to my  eveiy one present enjoyed the evening j mind   is equal   to  a discount of 3 per  thoroughly, as items ot interest and  entertainment were maintained  throughout. Outside, the band con  tributed in splendid style a nice  musical program, and inside the house  choice musical and vocal items were  given    bv    Mesdames    L.iwiencc   and  liaig, Nurse-Lucas, Miss   S01 ley, -Miss  cent.    Am   f   light, (u   will   some one  give me an explanation.  Revelstoke. 13. C, G. ROPER.  '    July 20th..ISM. ������   ���������    '     .  .Won't Wait for the Steamer  by II. J. ijuurne, Mayor Mould oilier-. Tliere are seven  in   the  group and .so, at  least,  '. T. Ed'.vai <l-\ with party, left  i\l. 'Curbetl, Mi.-s Spuiliug (on > the f 'uilav for Ground Ut,^; b.-u-in to do  violin) and .Messrs. Meldium', Saundeis a-ee-sment work on a group, of claims  ,-lnd Barber. Jlet'i eslnnenls of .coil'ee,  lea, lemonade and' ice cream weie to  be found in handsomely decoiated  bowers and. booths presided over by  Revelstoke beauty, and light amusement, such as grib bag, shouting gal-  lervf etc., also had its votaiie.i and enterprising managers. Mrs. Liwiem.-e,  Miss   M. Cirbcll,   Miss Austin  owned  Cany  claims  tliere   will   be  seven 'bundled   dollais  worth of work done there.  Donald     Mt-Iiito.-h,    with'    another  party, al-o leaves fur Ground Hog.   He.  I1.1-seeiired   llie contract  for the work  Misi.'ol  tlie Vancouver  syndicate and   will  l!i uce JLmi n  Ls 1.1c   creek.  1-   in  He    i  this  week-  show in"  iiieiaiid  s iiiinii's  Fori est, Miss Powell,  Mis- Denl, M"ss j do  work    r.-pie-entative   of  Joidan and Miss McCotiuell all helped ; a-se^moni--, or SLfelW.  Mrs, Cotirsier in attending to the com   ' '     ���������"  forls and enjoyment of ber guests, and  very well they did it, too. -Mis.  Couisier can cnngr-itulato herself on  tlie success of the evening all around  and had it been bettei weather the  spacious grounds woulil not have been  large enough, lo judge from the alien-  dance in such doiibtiul w wither as  Fi iday night.  eighteen  from  some  upon u.Jiiui be ha- been  ineiit.  1    The Chin i-li of  St    l'elr-i's   cbuic!  trom    his  doing  claims,  asst'sv  Kndancl   serv ice- at  1    lonioiiow    aie:    S  a.111., Jf.ilv   Communion:     11,    Matins  In the house of commons Wednesday afternoon, Sir Wilfred Laurier  announced I hat the government pio-  poseil to introduce a bill lo amend Ihe  Chinese Restriction Act, the object of  the measure lit ing to inci ease the poll  tax levied against Chinese cnteiing  the Dominion of Canada. The idea i-  general (hat the tax Will be raised lb  $250 and the bill will also slate, n'o  doubt*   the   proportion    returned    to  n,Q,      ::, '.'���������.' ���������  About the River  John D. Boyd, one of Big Bend's  pioneer s"tt lets and mail earlier, came  down Monday evening from his stepping place. As to the condition of the  river, he said the canyon was wild, but  that Nine .Mile lifflewas also boiling  and wheie a ceilain rock sli-iuk was a  sight lo see. People in town talking  about 11.mealing the riffle 01 canyon  could form ideas for themselves ingoing  out  now vv bile w .-iter was high.  and set 111.m: 2.'4'0. Sunday schod: 7.30,  Eveii-oiig (chulal) and sotllioii. All  aie ci ed iaby  D. D., vicar."  invited.      E. C.   Paget,  Th< vote i.i the Ottawa exlra estimates of $10,300 for pK-tection of liver  bank at Revelstoke. is received wilh  s.iti-fiictii.n. It .-how- that all a local  government bad lo do w a- to appi oach  Ottawa iugoi'd faith and without pie-  judici', tu obtain ivcogiiition. The  MAIL take- -onie, little credit lo itself  in ii���������loiiug the biokeu negotiations of  Hon. Mi. Tinner to thecoiiclu.-icuj that  It, was a . great opporj unity to see \ secured t he co-operation of the two  things as they really .were and much j -governments-, and ��������� re-iilte'd in the work  more practical than any amount of i last winter, for the Dominion's.share  h'euj'it'av-, ' ,-   j of,:which this, vote is presented.  mmmmmm������ THE KOOTENAY MAIL
,:'������ '    PUBLISIIKIKKVKItY SATURDAY ,;;.'. ,.'r
., REVELSTOKE, B^C '..'���''
���'.', '-1'.-/.. '   ,: .B^'lt. CUMPKKLL.:   | y :-  -.,'.���','  '���������
:'',-��� :Punusiiicii -and pitoi'itiKTcui..      -���   -
Subscription   Price,-   $2.00 ��� Per    Annum
'  v..  ������' ,:   *S"STKICTI.Y IN; AlVVAXCIv'Wil. ':-���;-./..
<) ��� %ir-''v.-: ADVERTISING RATES.   ��� ������:���������1
'������-, 'CONTKACT AfJ\TEItTISKJl'l-:XT.S-iVi?crto<lat
-  ������-���   the rate of S1.50 per column 'inch per ri'iontli..
���'���'���:.  ; Kor spaces of six-.coliijii.ri inches or '.-over ��1
���'.;���!���'.. ���;.'-. per inch per month.'.   . ���>   ������:.-,." V  '^..-���'';.-::���',��� ;.������������-.���;������'���
���'. ���; TnAXSIEXT;:^nVEKTlSKJI,FNTS; inc. -yuv-
������'��� :'���: ���.������lincfirstJii.sci'-Uoij. neper .lincciioli..snlisor,
1 .-:':"--.' queiif,  insertiqii.     Tlie, iiuiulji'r    of ��� Iiiies-
'���!.';���'/���������*.:;, reckoned by space ot-ciipieil, l"J lines to^ the
'��� '>,..'���/' inti\\.-   ��� ������;. ��� ''yi'":ti; -.'���"'' .:''������':������������ }r.������''.'.��� ���������������".   ������'-.'��� >:' ���,'"��� :"���,
> liKADIKG:-'NOTICES':lte licr line eaclf* in-,
, :,. ..-.- ���::?. scrtion, /unless '^oiit'ractciV: fo": by-., tlievltip
',*\?.. \:S:'. lines, i' :.'-.���'���.'.':--.���-'." .'.'.���-'���'���' ;'���;:���'���: '";.'/,, '���/':���;.'yf'i.:'";."-. r'_" ,-^ ...-";���-'���?;.!.' .
���-. '��� JOB PlUXTIXGof every kiwi nt nidsf/rcasbn-
:���:/-. .'.���.-,-' able.rates and shortest-'notice. .'/'���^���^���:������'"'., \',:
''' ACCOlJXTS/fol^bniriiithiff; oi-  advert tei.iig';-:
���''V--"V;   payable on the li rst. of every iiionlh.    ���;-, ���:-,{������
"���'���;�� COHUESPONDKNOE on '(ill matters. <>r local
-,- '    ,6r public interest invited and carefully-con-:
������':?   Kidcrcd.r-All coni'iininit-nl-ion.s tiUhehiliUii":
' '-   :     imi*E be accompanied by the name or: tin:
.:...,.,,:   writer.'iiotnc-ccsrianly for- publicatuni,���������but,-.
/',!,;..'.���;: nsan,evidence of gciodfailh.-;:   ;;-   . ���    y
���; < ��� :';:w;'>Addi-css-, ������' .'���'.',';^'"'"-:;,-:'    ; ^-y .';:>'':.'���.';���
i: :,���:,.. - ���,-���,':.���; Tim''Ko'oten'ay Mail. ;,! ,
':������:-:,::���<���::,:';:::,.;, .J.C' ;.;:....s:, : Revelstokc,;.B.C:'t;.:,
'REYEiJSXOKW;; J Uht; 22,: ISfli):
:-:::; .Tuii lierVilcl ^ivc;s ;.i\Li;:  KeJlie; ���more'
: ������v/Accordihg", to Its-version rf the: recent.
% Cotton tqai-flai^'Ai'iifife; inrctiii^ yitAvviiH
'-'c'U Orifi::-' local ^paifty^i^ythK-'j^afl-j-S
.^'necessary.; to'aj.boat, 'aiioLheTiy;kays;:it;;i>i..
Y;; liuti\wlieii.r|uesU^
'^"oii t; j :'t j i e.ifi :;.��i pfeiis 1< s;-; tl�� j ;o��y;;;cii'p t a j i l^.ft> I";-:
,;'Mapd':tai!uiig, of ibout' buildin^ineet'svtlie.
���V ' which is thenriictical^iitdvlar^es'tOne;:;
���v::r,.-:i.-:-��".:-,;-i!i-:...',;:-.):**;������:���: r-.'- \ v-:.":: ��� -r."",-;*,.;/-.^
::;-:unaniiiiously-;agi-ees' Bin:;;;expressing;-;!l.i-i
;Y-opinion vyagaihst,.'' tlie\ii-oacl^ prciduci's
7/y':w-haLteyer evidence is ':giycNi::ancle;ill 'thcii
��� i.-:. - is t er! 7\s'}: in (it, -: 11 el p: to '���] pro v;e'. i t s--; case. ���';;
^���''���Eativpciiteiii \'::'pf,;;tii'(Vi::,f;iiiiri:;:;'; s1l/jii\i'clV:'..s)lAyy��;:.;
;: "^sbiiie^-f inalier;^
v;;.c6iTect.ricss.y,aiid,,:' Hinb :;Mr:v,:GiiLtoir
synipatliy with' t lie,, people who.'are
trying io ilivide capital-r���oi" business���-
and labor by claiiiiing eveiythiiig f(ir
������'���one':side, as ji'i] this.., case.,'and; like soiiie'
\ve niiglit- iianieV in JieVelstpke. . We
believe in getting capital and .labor
,-to.r'egaril eacli oilier, with fairness and
sympa.t]iy,;and ' so .regulating/ thiugs as!
ito di'ci'east^tiTeopi'ivileges . of: One' aiid:
i ncreasp, t he. opport u ni ties' 'of' .tli'e/.bthe'r
'tili'thiiigs��:.ai:e -"liiiire. i'n equatioii than
at present .teucling!;;'.We' heed': not "go
int.^-pxairipie's/cif: riches :: aiicl';.':poverty
.increasing .side by side,, most thinking'
men ' are . stiuly i lig!, I he:-.;. rjue'8tioii| .for''
assuredly it is;-the,'bn>.;'bf-..'t.lie ,diiy.7 .:���:;
- ":.r.' '.'     '      wj-iami" ""    i" ^    '���   ���/'"        '-.-if '���.
'lie: .foolish^enough, to ;throwyout-;-'thei':
;r(Klislr:but;Oiv'���]��� bill.' ""kecHstrinution; is,
:'(listiiictly.vii'f-:"tJi'cjV: liar.ds-'. of ��� the . cpni-;
���'ii'ic.i'ns.',';:.qr;',' rep"i|ijsc'ii^
iliuysenii'te; tbrcivvs:'i,D; but,, an/aprjeal to
Tlie .ptiljlic,   generally^ ;:'Avjib "feel. the:
justice of .'tliis 'j'-bilhvin:.: restoring, dis-
tort:ed>*county bouik])n-ies,;^
feibiice��iir a niatlei^Ui^y^liave'let pass
���w'iii,'::'fiiid*-tliti',vc.Viuifi:ry'';,'f airly' vvithutV:
The CTiaiii'iei'^-i'ijsblj'tiiins djuiiiiishiiig
ular^vjllof tlie!:cdectbriite 'haveyciiiiie;
ihuu!i'thb'/ soon ^l;Tbci:;flags/(a re; lcioseiiing^
in   t he '���":'. wi'iV'.-1 lie' .c'ountrv"' will;':--.spealt:
aiiaiiiifoV". Laurier. iincV; lii;e'r;ilisni. ;;   ^'-
Kootenay Lodg-e
No. 15 A.F. & A.M.
The regular meeting
are held in the ZVIns-
txW���^TS       rnicTemjilc.Bouriie's
. c^^^*fe/tf4^^Monday   in   each
^gyy^fe>.'*'^-Nc^\ggj month   lit   8   j>.. m.
fe^gg^^IJ^->0~    VisitiiiK   brethren
e ,     ,-^fj-&.-=��i=&��� cordially welcomed.
':��� ���'���':������������    ...;.'.-    '   G. 8. FUNDI". Skchi:taky.
REVELSTOKE LODGE, t. O. O. F., No. 25.
'_yr^J^A^S He^ular mectiners are hold
r*!==5^S3^tea&<   i" Oddfcllowh' Ifall every
-^^&i^^ Thursday night at,  eight
*��s^r^*)��xt%Jl o'clock.   Visiting brothers
y:j?<&<' Alr-^Ss*'  ordially welcomed.
P. JldOlVlC. X. G. A. C. THOMPSON", Si:c.
Meet- every Salurday
eveiiiiiK in Oddfellows'
Hull at !> o'clock.
Visitint; brethren cordially invited to attend. l
.1. PALM1CH. X. (i.
I. O. F, No. 3101.     .
Meets in the Oddfellows
Hall on the second and
fourth Fridays of each
month. Visiting brethren   invited   to attend.
K.* I). J.' O. JOHN'SOX.
It. H.
'"'\ T.ii(i.;,.'M'ai!-;.''ahid;^
::HilVbeiH.^Tiippe.ivboni;ihg tOfthe'liead.bf"
'sliyitanistakeithere;.:: ���Tupper.filstopk
:<:nir citiidida'tes^houldU
; y e t:f ;d nibs, t'"eve ry: i 11 If iientii.il" paper yi 11 ���
;;tlii.v'c6'iiiit'i?y'',.-is.' outVyiigaiust^iuiy|::such
i coniliict. ''VTlm   iiflairs;'." in.--.-J3riti��sliu GJ<j1-''
..un.bia^ ioVw/iicli:; :Tu;ppcM'.;'bis ;vviiryybei-;
ieail-i.'is';. thustoliliblyitpyluuigyhb'
ill o.ver the couhtry.
Kij'e'p:partv-'oiit of���'ylpciilVaflairs
���]:Kiying::iviiiiei's:ithree.iuicl;-a lildf-dbliars
per .jday::'(ifvm'giitM-hbui'S;^
: s:aske^:^.tlie.'bne:'t hap-pi ac&
;i-^ build |tHeifi-oa^
I ���.y^ioieyleasoi^'1^10)^
:V^:-say^'Vis'kthe^:ct"uX'"of -tlie -, ciiinstiiiii.::|>:1;:.v.::\-;,V;ii3:.���7:'.- :":.;:^.-::,'���"*-:.������,'���;.L yy,}:'.Z
^���: ������backing afp-atid-deinonstnitiW^^
'   getting.4iuds;buiib-foi:V^
���: vnotiailsudHiublJles; "Yi��reV-is:.i.iic:li.-. n^.u:��:f ? ��.V?-V*>��.' !t^^r���!^.lP.!:^'';V'^������&I^^Z.t"���.tl^tU- ; ?f
^-:;i;pi.oy|-: it:;: right.;:at^^;^
I   .^ieas^^thau^tl.e'MA^vorl
"���"'rieverhave been talked --,6f "a't-'all ���'���if ���the'"
;V^.'iithe":M'A'iL'- H'ad':'"not ���coine out first; ancl
v. opposed; .continuing   this,  road   ���ti*-;[A
:���';..'''I'.'inatte.r.ro'f .'course.:: ^Piit flpor shut 'upc
' "-'.isfo'boat!; no road!���."'���..'��� :":   u   "i :i--'ii,'" '���;
Gold Rango Lodge,
K. of P., No. 26,
' Revelstoke, B.C.
Meets every Wednesday in Odd' Fellow*1
Hall ,nt S o'clock.
Visit'iig Knights in-
���    ' K. oi-"l{. &S.
!. Trained and experienced medical, surgical,
and obstetrical nurse. "Opeii'to engageincnts.
Address: Xuise Lucas, itevelsloke, H. U.
������W%M-ES: MURPHY, B. A.
';::,fv;;:'nAmiisTEH. solicitor, etc.
Ofticc: Gowun'lJlock, Revelstoke, B. C.
;i" 1'. 0. BoxilSIS.
'������--.'.; .;^-;!*;y;.'.,v      ���  officer.
;'.6rtiee': Taylor liloek, Mackenzie Avenue. '
' axai.yt1cal chemist and
''���;::-.;���".;,:.::':   ,    assayer. ���    '��
Uov.-ii School of Mines, Loudon. c
' ���Seven veiirs at, Morl'.i Works. Svvunseii.
j Seventeen   >car.-   Uliief   Chemist,  lo YVigan
Goalaiul Iron Co.. Kng. u
' .Late Cli'eiiiistiind As-aycr, Hall Mines, Ltd.
"-' Every��� description   of  as-ay   and  analytical
work u'lidertaken.       ���
;  Cliiinis examined and reiiortcd upon.'
'.:'��� IIEVELSTOICK. \\. (". . ���        �� li
1899 Directory
and Map of the
City of
The gateway to tho wonderfully
rich mineral district of North Kooti-
nav and Cunoe ri\i'r, the���uniily
lioiii't for the Big Bend. Trout Lake,
Lardeau. Illccillew.ict. Albeit C.in-
von. .Jordan Pass, and K.igle I'll--
districts. Husine-s men and bu-i-
ness liotise.s. 'J'he iiiime. (iciai]iation,
and residence of every mule resident
of the city.
Vol..III. 'May 1.
For   s;ile   at    nil
' " Bookstores.
Address:   R.   P.   PETTIPIECE,   Revelstoke, B.C.
8 1' ,  .
Books,  Photograph's,
English Tobacco, Pipes,
Cigars, Etc. '
Come  and   hear  Ihe  latent' snugs, dialogue-
orchestral selections, etc.. on the
Graphoiihone .it
Opposite the Station.
<> c
Dominion.and Provineial
Land Surveyors,
Surveyors of Jlincs, Mineral Claims and Crown
12 It
VANOOUVEH,   H. ('.,
Gold,   Silver,  Lead,   and
Copper Ores ,
K G. S., Ktc.
A>sny Odlees and iMet.illurgical Works,
Samiilinsj Works, 717-71!) render St reel.
Ls jirejiared to iiurehase the above elas-cs
of ores for Ihe ffollovving Knglish lioui.es
whom he represcnls, viz.: .
Vivian & Son.-, Swansea, Klliotls Mctiil Co.
Ltd.. Ilurryporl,' Soulh \Vales. Sniellers,
ltetlners, Desilverizer.-. Manufacturer.-.
Checking   smslter   pulps   a   specialty
Ignore ihe Rest
Something Nice .
In  the   end .you  will   find   it,   cheapest.
Furnish   your  larder  with  some  of   our
.'   nice, fresh groceries.
We have it, you want it.
(Joine and   lake a look   at, our. eunipleli
���     linn of staple and fancy .^rotei-ii's-, and
you will find what, you aie looking for.
"Good,  fiesh ptoduci!  always  on  hand at
lowest prices.
Afresh  consignment of cpnih honey just
anivecl.    Come and get some.     ���   .
'���-���:Vln ; aiisvye^"/ tb,,,;Mi". ^Bi'pvvn.   Miv,
,-Cotton said Ui'at   h�� had proiiiised.'.JM i\"[
���-.:,��� Ti'ii; 'Ui'ssIaiifi'Oi'l inei;bspeaks of v'*:tlie;
yi.iit.v-j;aisiti,sf ��� ;.iiifl'ii.s'i;r.y!!. as.;-.- one y'vyhicjr
:iiiiirht-; ������I.'ie,W-<;H'l't1 ya.'t-f-:d;'.y!:..iiv"i.vB;.-)'i .C-~.,':.:';.-T'ii.'-
'fc-.-'liv i fe vv oirlfj '��������������� ii a yv.' ii;,''." .he' .t-ftc ;'mo.u ri-"-<
la'iir'-'Snf'UlHS- ;:-"'Y   !���'' 7'. ;---,-^.--- -;.- -.-���   .���:-, .;i\y-: \
it Q. '(Zatlicart^^^^^-
F. Ahlin & Co.'s Old Stand
v  -,. ���   ��� .-. -������, ;    ......     '-W';���:.. c(��iirrrU;ii!:Ue'..riii.r'Ti-iiiir-Lakft'
Jvcllie   to.' expend'   the   anpropnatibn :-.,..,,: :���,'';:' "    ��.,   ���
������������ -/���-: ������,,���'������ , ������'.";,-'-,;���:���������;���,',"v.    ���������.'-������-'.���.���.���. '.   '->t,itv  .coiij,f��ti".porarv.   tlv��'
ihade for t;he vva^ii'ritroad ., on   trans  m
T'V|iie...on. i's
..,,..     . - -     -.������,-.   ���.,"������    ��������� ������������jiii.-..-"eu . ,..ii.... ,iihv)r<>vfcflv''.-;ir>Pttu:ance.'
the Ei"   Beiiil, .if  tlie ���;road.���.���������use't'Ava's- v    ���-..������..��� ...���,.   ������������'���   : '.   :^    ''',"���
.. ��� ,������..,',Pv, .,,.:���.'.���������.-: ...'������v.i...i,.-...;. ���  , ���..���.M.i.iv,,<.itii"nri!.r<w np.'.'ci: ^::aa-\is-y.:;,. ���. ,Y : ���;.   .
'.; ROt built.-'   :,    ���;:���:.;.���:���;.:,:   ...'���.,,,...:���.::.:.',;���'. -i.' ;'    "    ' '-'-���-   ���'���':/ ' '  Vj.'-/   '      ���<""'������'���<'���������*   .������-  "-
��� ���<-()!
"Mr.; Got ton .tlie[i;;saic:i": that.; if
.; board "'^could
;': "o'veriinienfc vsueh as
would., sat i.sfy 'a'
���";". 1 f,''j-'p'jiA-s.)t'l'f; '"'S-I .-llifr
'.li.-UM.'v''' M'SiilUtiMM��    :i'0"
:;(iiit. 'y.lliid .'the':
���'ii.- w-ag.iii    road";
Real Estate A��er(ts
i,iu-i>*n :ti.i'i- .-;hriV.'--i''io-.v���!.":��� ���   ���
J: iiev'er'v'
bank.or,any othe.- business i'listuiitiu'ii'..; .���' ���.-. ���      :,.:   -���- .-:-,���. -������zs.^u~~r.  : ���    '     .
" that" a'.U)oat.,'.c;ipabi<r.of ���fuiiVisiiiii^: a y ,- y^;,^���.J;'.,.ll,;, ;^,,', ."[{"'ia'i'l.'-: 1 > '-.vva.s\:.worth
continuous, servicevvduki .be-put ii:-i,.rliH:r j,,^^,,/^. ^{j^i,! .')V,r.'i :   -..,.".-,.��-.'   :;.: ;.:""."
rivei", .'lie'-''-.would   answer   .for'/it :'t;iia.t-;     ��� '::'���:   '���'������ ��� -i:;'y    ���  '��� ������ ��� ^ ���"_���  ;y' __ y
; tbe'rotid shoiikrio,/iiii^lied." ������������������ . y ,,y1',   '���. ',;..��� '���''<;,'-..r u!'���������.'."      .
';',AVk ptiblisiF these extracts finmi the j ������������< ������.'.;,
'Herald'- report'of the bo.i'rrl;.of tt>;iii-'s ;,
'recent meet-in:,' '.vitli 1 Ion. Mr.:d;tioii,���';
;,to. sh6,��v  how tliingistaml now oil- t,|i:s y
road arid trails,question. ', .11 a. pri-iiicr���',.
boat service is'.supplied   the  road wilh;-
'.be, built;," if, the road , 's'. not   built  the'-.
appropriation ��� will.-, be   .expended    on.
trails   in. Bit; Bend..     If the 'board ' of!
.trade-.does   not 'wn'ht   to, preve-tU   t'ne ���
Big.Beiid'canip-fi'oni'getting this trail':
work it vvili get a .move oil that s.tcarn- ;
'boat.,   'J'he season   is not   fin: all year :
Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.
Rest      -     ���      81,300,000.
���>-\r ".i . ':'" '���' -1
I.nfi--;. '.mode!* and   liio-S .ilnjiroyed
.'Till-: Colonist, protests' .a^ainsl party.
lines in jiroviiii.-iiil alt'aii;��, iiihI, lln'ulcs
what, B. C. wants is a' rcrii-.esentiitiv e
KOveriiment.:���that is, .one r'''prcseiitin,tf
business inteicsis. Business i ii Seres!,s
..are'aU'ri.LJlit,' but labor, about, seventy,"
.fivi" per ceii!.df l!ic- cotiidry, .should
suii'lv-lnivc.-iotiic: v'oice,    \\(\   have no
' ..-Tiii.-ii! o:u;.-".fo!' fuiiiily use. '..-.' -,
SCREEN DOORS   , ,    '     .   ,'.:
joiiI    ->i.'.'���(-f-.'i���   n.d.iu.stalile   ���'.viwloj.v;
��� with fiillls aii'.l ,-= jirii>i,r hiiLifes,.'
(iri!.-- ;    h'cu.r-.    ifiiriUiii     ^v.iinkii-!'.-
Vu'nhi.-r h>���-'..-, ri'i:',zk';-; ii.i\(|:J!t!(n^-.:
iiiid liitin^s 'alwiivs in stock.
r      H. S.��� HOWLAND,  President.       T.  R, MERRITT,  Vice-President.
.    ',, V:.' '      D.  R. WILKIE, General  Manager.
'.-V^ehcrai banking business transacted.   -Letters of credit issued,
^available in all parts of the world. -Gold dust and am a) yam
purchased. ��� Savings    Department,     Interest    allowed    at
''current rate.
���V", A, R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke   Branch
* *   A y>.Q
iiro   lull
tidars ?
jj 'J'hen  hold your order till   you see
H our line of .simples. ', They are all
[ij attractive,   and   some  of  them are
j] exceedingly  pretty.' . We can  give
'ffif*^.       V    you, better figures than' you can'yet
���*'*    '     l[   elsewliere.      See   what   we've 'got,
]    anyhow, and judye for yourselh'
<#�� W' ,
l ���e*��*aJ5=2-^���rw5fw�����iir���*J*^*rsr.-
���m ��T CWJWCLMlHauMW.1
���    "-^zl-^JOB  DEPARTMENT |
i. '       > \
��� a   ���
$J���k y?     Jswelep and Watchmaker
S^^WSSS^L'TN, "': M'titlals, jewels, and special de^iyns of
"*V   jewelry   made    to   order.       rNIaking''
presents and 'presentation    yoocLs   a
specialty. '
Larg-cst Stock in the Province,
"^MT^ '     .102 Cordova Street/ VANCOUVER
^Wf ' ' OITuial  Wal eh InHpec-lor for G. V. U.
L.irye.nevv line of    Inl.-.i'l,   Printer]   and    Plain
And Cork carpet.    Axmiiislor,   Wilton,   Jirus-
sels, Tapeslrv, and Vv'ool
GAEPETS  '     -. ,
Art Sipiari's.iiiKl Ru'irt-in latest patterns. Ifanil-
riome Wallpaper.--, and .1 ajiane.se mailings.
I'MiihlKlied 1'()-'.
Bend for Samples,'and   Prices'
,'339 Hastings Street,  Vancouver,  B.C.    ,
.     t ' Brnncli Slora: Nelson, B.C.
Mennan, Mm\f& Company, - Limited, ���" '
.Vancouver,     ,      - .   ��� .    .   . British Columbia,
'     . ���Wholesale���
J  .1
Mill .Supplies!
Miners' Supplies
J��L Wm are iii'.u!(']'.iai'ter.-. for photo Piippli.-s of all Kinds, holh amati-nr
^Sia^s. .u|Ci [iKifr^idual. C.-imetas, Uoilaks, [Hin.'-, plates, chi'iiiii-al-s, mounts
tripnds..ilevi:lo-piii�� ,-iiul printing out lily.    Catah'Kue  .'"id   Jiook   of
mstiui-lion 11 re
(   '    v
VAH00UV��i? AHD KAiiUlOOPo. :    ,    Bailey Bros. Co., Lt'd.
i A a 0 o I'T J1 A r' ii   f^ IT 13 T lil >\ n     9
.f^    (Tin
h    H B
B?   .
lleail Oniei'R. Tmriilo.    Factories, Polerhoro.
Jl8o'f?loal' Manafaeiarors' and ��� GontraGtors.  ���
Nelson   .      ������ H. C. Offices - Vancouver
B3LL I Uli'i!   m    (JUiaB     Vancouver,
i(l7-.-|!l!!-;,ll-.-|l.')  IIAKTINdS  W'ilir.r.T,
B. C.
-*    iK-aliT-ln    *
%��� :M.: Lawrence,
- Ii.i Dipf.irtlt'ff   In- act of P.m li.iineiil. IN-Vi.
UKADOI-'l-'ICl'   ( - - MOXTRKAL
, .Wm:' Mowon .MA(i'UKJiSi..v.  I'r<-��.       H.  If.  MwiNfi,  Yire-I'i es.
; F.  \V.OLt--KU-iTAS Tno.vfAS, OeueraLManager
PA I'D1 UP "CAPITAL    ������''):':" - /> ���   . .   '������  $2,000,000
RESERVE ��� ���;.   .>:,..... -  :;/ ::    'V .v-  -,     ���' ,.5'oo.P00
A "fiieral banlvin^'bii:-::noH.i tr.-uimctol.   Interest lillo'voi) on rlopo-iiu nt current ���nUc-s
J. D,TI0LS0N, .Manager,:      ::  .: REVELSTOKE, B.C
Furnlfclire,  Carpets,  Rugs,' Maos,
llinolcuni1.. 'OilciiUlu;. Window'   Blinds,   Baby   Carriages,    Etc.
Largest and Sjchl assuricd slock on the B. C. Mainland.
^^171^1711)" 0iiSMI0ALllJmrGr,7LIl[TE3)^
(Lad: M,-u-I',arlane \- Co.)
0    VANCOUVER',        .-.       .'.       B. C.    .
Wi- ine rd.i'iul.n I ui.'i.s Mild direel, I niporl.'i h. and carry a l.ir^e sine!; of
li.il.inci's, l-'ni 11 lees. Fin- (May n-ood-. Srieutiii." ;ind Pr.-iet.ii-.il [loo'c-, (llasMvarr,
I'l.ilinuiii ��.iod-. V -id-.( 'heiiii'cals.ii id .ill ot her Ansa ycr'sn nil .Minei'.s ri'ipiiri'iiienlH
Si.h' A^.'iil- lor .Moil,'.-iii (.'ri'ieilile (.'niiipiiiil, 13atlerde.-i, Ileckcr Soiih' ISal-
inii'i'-, etc.
C.it.ihu.i.' and full part ieiilars ^<"iil mi applical ion.
it\    ��?i 3 [Js.    h n
fit*  hi
y w s
Largest and Eest
liquipped Hn'.el (in the Coabt
lively thing new and up-
Popular Prices. Free Bus,
i    Stephen Jones, Prop.
;,   :Gfi'R.rfH'AStiHCS'& CA1WBIA STS., VANGOUVEB, B.,0.. ..,:;,   ���
Thonmgl-lvi'I-'i'ii ('iiiss.1   All White Help.   Finest and Newest. Hotel in (he Oily
��� ' ���.   .. ��� *    ���'���-.' ������.     i��� ���     ��������� ���
-1 ;"<���
'V T"",,"/'l
isilov.-ii iu nontliwfcst Missouri, v.-hcn
,](t'i-'v-.';i-;.'jire'.l:, on, ii'iiil, the iii {Terences
i O'ri'i'.leil theu'jrth iind tlie sold 11 "were.
v imfunwit to; ine as tlie riiigs.'of Saturn.
-.vfiS- only-a  boy, 'paying :i! visit'- to  an
onielle,.who���'.- owned a. .ijuiirier Section f of
vyfrthleKs hihsiilds'iiithd'.extreihe "Corner
.cf^.ihf stale.''. Uiicl.e ".Tol'i'ii was a' mair;of'
(iivdiTH-i ion ������'.'iii f'tlie '��� r.eighlKirhobcl,'. as,.- he','
p'.v::-eiihv<i rfjii^jjcrs," '.it;-'Kt;-illhC)ii!-:6:- nriil.a
lot; '.il' fast- hoivf-sf. IJeskles, lie took ,�� ileep
.ii'-i'f.eiTv'f.yi'.'V'������eS'eiiy'.v{i'viy:il""6'f * religion that
���of;;i.u.jfred t.iiiwaijOiit'?',yhu$.as lvjsrtilarly.slid.'
ifff'tuto.ivprldJy.vyiiy-s-'v.-lieu tlieluectiiigs
hviikc"--up'. ,\''iVif jjal,' liijwus.; looked'-up to'
l;,r!fs^;j-ci;;hf r.;n;;:;H ;i.if?eaililij; lsiair' aiiil
h\:]:f.j'.-.ii ciyJy-peat oil ice with in" :J0  liiiles.
fciviftyfUi'ii: ' po-:i:dta e'e^wnsy ihe; center.
���::iu;oUif f vi'liieli.; llif eoiii.i'i'niiiify -revolved/
:;./,P)itvEefilexsfvere-ifsliii't'iess, iguoraril; audi
'.^'iik:3tfroih':.'il.eei"���'. h.ii nlii^i/y'<i;L";; i^;rviljlj/in^ ' iii
���"'tliefeonlif ^a^^^
' ]:Ii;ib^o;;vS..;IHJUi)ekv;I<)lin w;\h fiilledf .\'e\vs,;
'l vaveU-.l fifyff iii id" it: was'yuy1 iiluf.i.h after'
.Cioju-^ryr^in was:iireit:.:bef<:irp. l!:e:natives:
: wcri!:'ai"ou;;cd.
��� iilVi'.ii i"..:>, ���������'���'.���' ������.:' ���-."'���!
, 1'.
,"_| ���.'���;'   . .;'���:.
'������(, ":���'���������/':���':
G.f: fV-iueeiiU!;; ".v;:s.: called' .'at f!;f postofliee,
":^f Hf��;f(;fi ��.) 'j'y'rjv;s;J'":>,"!l.ii1 iVvfjj4'Vrevi*i.*.it3-""';'..'���'
;f:\ ��� .l.'j! \v:::v' ;v;f f :<:>:'; fcfi'Iayfat,;; I lie,;; postelTicc.-
.'....-.:��� !i,a,;fvuf���' liie.:.lieii!erftiy.?ii'e;biirtyf jlanUiiff
��� v(>:JC!v;-,H ; cornyitpf p!;dyi(!e;i]i|.i)i::!;l)re;ul-aiid;
f ;ydiif :y;; f i:t ilioy..cii{^ei"iy;;��j.i/.ciii (he exeuscr
f h>i",7iy,!iolic!ay.,J .Gns'ySJegi^'the'v.Gernian'
.-���- ��� P.V] Vy^y 0 Vj'/Sv 11'9 :<:! talked;'; i^fi'iolyjiltitxcifMow.
,';.])utelji"; Engiish , itiuiyfviUf gestiireSjVAvns
'feltoseu;'c'i'::ini::iii.: fHiu ineetiiigf vaH'licWl
'feil ii'-iVc'iI''!iiis^to .���;jij.t-c?iHi;:<pj'.lij-S duties--;. ile:
V-lviuVi'i'ci very clear'uikici'rlauiliiig"oi*''.Iw.hiit'-
fvyiVsy expeetcuf offhiififbutp hq'; thought a*
'ffipi'ifh; wf;i about the 'yiglit tiling^ and lib;;
-,.-.turuCdyIf oaf y^^X'i. f vi>f f:-:-;m''''f���y<:^!''.:'r
yyy';���'Bbcutleincns,;'/' said/lief;������'I'is;nq great;
:'. In'vtehf f 6r:; 'a" '���' pc.Iif ic;;al, abev" vi'is % no goiit"
fimicftfyci.'^ ;
���'.,."������ "i ���' '���������<>'%:'C
":,M i.i.;-
Uegmi;;<fus'.'.Sieger haf:some-.
If yiiijoyyffiieiitlifiiiui^^
:. --��������� blesA^lb'V.-e -iial",��6'7i;-r-i":i"7ig-onato: hut'der
;;;;;;:; ry\\'bero'two,6r''tlii"ec;!Aiiie
=';;;;y;-e?edy; ���together y :-:t 11 oii-kct rc>>>" J i'.t i ig --'birfprfc fl &*.. -ii!
;*yYEet of )'e^lutidns.;y;F6nbwung,this,honored
* K;deel aratio a s :\ tilia &��� rewuhded'Svuthygliticr-y;
'Cf iugv.refereiiees1 tOi^ilagna yCliai"ta,��';:"sa,;y
^'aveicothiugytlic encihy;vvitlr biqciiy Iuuids
"yrto^spitablef graves^ 'jaiMSdcteiiiriugthey?
'���'i y" ECfibbii rd' -awiiy .;:V,: ;v- y- .'y ��� y^-j;,^'.^'y}i;;;.ijy
'(iJ^i^W^ ^," rpHQ lli fci qi Is ��� ;;\yer^p^Ked;;witli;;;ay
��� y..:f,'i|.:gi"iKigUig;'a\s's6ii"^^^^
--yyapr.ointedy; to. 'secure^njupesypf yoliiiiteersy'
;:ysqulis,easily srir'red:;ta,niai-tial-a
:J ^^y^^thu^Movild;,c^ihtepiiCjUikciayiiigger':
;yycp;iiiniiueo wasyea'^,fasreyw
-yy^sigfibd'i he1; roily' and V proxies' were accepted :
:. ;;.(r ha:.r.e.I'or:the;'cirgiiiii/,;i^
;;.';--'-:i:'i'ilxirtaii.t", luattcr; iihd.Hi'hlTug )is ifcniayY
;%.ual ofriheySO-lireschii-badya.niuiie
yvBucSteif S^utsl'iHnp^R
^ :i:jp:Kli!'ls^wcve^6iiic-,,:/'ol!;^
;^; y gpyqlr ei'ccl j soi 1 ie tii i h g" ;i u':six;;syiiiibles*;tliat::
ieiv,riibo. jiioyenieu t^Ay^
;, j, pieces \vheu;Golbhel.:HpbsbiYeaiiiq;inhjllic"
";'.;;'.��� yh;fu!iily';tovp.apjn"t-'ytho';;-nn
;;Aias;':C]iibtecI ;'Eati'i6kj/.]-Ieiivjf''iviiil:vtHii;Biblo':.
^;iuid:;eoi;ipareii tlie^littlevSquii'dvof ;b;ick:-\
���V'-J.iwoq'ilshi.L'ii to the hosts cVf. Jos'uuriuiii-'iiiTcl'-i.;
.':,.y:.fecI';..hV--.;cl.e'cl.a.i;i.iigL,fhjft,'0tliq ;cbnip;iiiy,slic)uid���
!.;��� ;iatbvs; '���..���������.'������ ^''-^y;'/-'V'.;-v;y-.'^.y :-',;������''; "'>.y^;;y;.^vyi-v.:;;y
-fVirlhe:; dehtife t.!,Ve;iia!i!C;.w;is;;idopteil.y;and
.!:'.'^.j)us^i'io.uy;;.ri?ij:;iH;!:l' ,;>ii'ctr-ii'io-rv.-f'.\;^Plit;i:ei:wi,iro
;r";gcqd;rea;;6ii5,::biyei:,i<lvtlie; lii'iiiiC;:- -lJpstoh
]C diah Tefrirory iah'd/wasythqyiityqritejiuiit.;
V.iug'grdnnd1 of-/t.lio; .pioiioers.':'';!'. lfc"wiis.. far
i( euoug'!^; i-ciuQveci ;tq: pvcVvd'ii^.iiii'yi'hio'ii'ijjpr-.
vfronil-nftpi-opi'iatiiig tha'JniiineYis his'own;
���J.tijhu j;cb'it', shed a local color oh the organ i-;.
tr.'i'cat'iaiV.^K. ]'.:... ;r.^:::^ "--'���^'-"'���YC'"1.--''- '������-���V?'''''..
;v>t;:^dwvcahie ihe:?��i'.i .iinporiAhtyihattor'pl
;-��� e!iCiViW;;GiV:;;Ud^.-aiitt'"6nocii: ���ll,ie.'i'i,!'io.iii;ilios'
���.";'wo!i(K;.';eh>'p|-,viili;-oy.'h'C '^obeily^vvaiiteilyto
V hold bnice. ^Allvvcre-eagQi" to:serve where
.'.'���tsioy couid. cari^uyguiiy biib.;'."ii'.qlie vyanted
glory-; of., my -eoirnh'y' -or'conic lioioe.' a
corpse, with  a, lot: lubre'of  spread   en.sle.
cloiiueiice, of .'which   I. .'jki-.v.' h.a've  only ;i.
������'diiii" rec'bllckrtioh, bur which  ihe-ianetted
��� ire .very niiiirli and caused the lump in iny
throut to grow too big to swallow/   Ire-
.iiiieinliei"  now that.the sword bf^IJiinily'.'s.
; Ijane, hiul-Vho . scabbard.; aiid  was 'rather
..lbiiga'nd;uh;c()iiil'ortai)le, besides having a
: tendency; to. gouge libl'es ,: in the side.-; of
;;iny..i)]6\y'-'.'iiia're.';'':.. ;:,>/"..<;;:'.'..,;.!' ���;/'- y'''"-:''-'��� "";'v,i . '
..The giithcring atthe ������'i.uill wits perhaps
the  nipst   unique ;iiiiiitaj"y! organization
that ever  assfiinbled:;   Of  the :. 15, all were
"nnnoci biit two.   Rilles wereih the iniijor'-
ity, .but ah qcea.sibnal corn : kiiifebr.hqrse
.pistol exposed the poverty of our resources.-'
: As-',to unifdi'iiV,'there was .nil a'ttiiipr/save
'il feather in;the,liat and a,/Severe;-hattoii-
ih'g up,of.coat's, as-> ibeeaihe' mi!itaryygeiitle'
���;..iiien'i.-''; Ijii.ke::,Si3irii:li',\voi'o''������iv.stiff ;,cli;ipeiiu,>
.vyith:,a.dlO>vei"ypb:upqn   lit; the ';si(!p: that'
y hail been^haililcdydPwh; ill.his. fainjlwsiivce,
- they Seiniiiblo. war. ;,,.AVc,; wore hideeii a Fid-'
;st;i!X'tj'av;iiy. J-.'..;.-.' /��-: iffS^jl:r ,^';' :"^:l':!F'/:'.;''-' '"���'������
'���'C/Aj-hro'was..built.-;'on theybiniks1 ef.Sugar-
creek '.'-iii"' a' hu'uk xh'eitered froin thq;raw
;Aprily..'Sv'i.iul'J,/������''Captai.ii;'. Sieger,; Uiarih'hcd'
yVvitli a.si.'nso.'pl'diis'v,-eighty respbhsibility,fi;
' vyanted ���tp]josti a picket pii'-ihcHy'iiidyihlifl-y
���'��� toppyer!o!)kii]g;tlie;inili,i:,but.4i;c aiithbr;!-''
.ty.cii: -jheycapfihh. was:uqt ryetfiillycst:!^-'
frpiaitifanceship 'cbnidyiio't; be;set aside hi "til
Viii'.y', aiid hoAvas still, 'pill led-'tUiK-Y.;i; yv;; v;'"'
;>:'Tlie':glitter ;Uidghiiiiqiir;Of; I^I.ObdyAvnr;-1
gatbered'arqiiiyil thccahiiifirewas iicpenili'oY
ytq'; their linUti'irysihils," hut.Cdbii.ig'picket ���;
iduly;oii;U hleakdiilhttderwaS'cpufe-ihibtheiY
; (.hihg^yLukeV Bniilli 'had"!hls .; g'un i'likcn-:
aparfi'aiid'was cleaning -ity'-fio"". he cbultln't-
.g(il;;.Olii-lnanPehillelbn, being <;opserva-;
���'���;Iiye, was'ehqsen-a^cook'; ;A1 ��� Hollidiiy was-;
'.cloiiiiiii'jj;_:. il.s'li ��� tiiut;.: h'd."/.liiitV"'eini'^'ht*.frpiiiY'
"Sugars creek.;.: .yliieli'y.liiul  his ej-ciis-p, thid^
yet reached'the hcigh'tpf.cpiiuiir.Ufl. *Y;" '-'
���,;,���''. llelairniHlitq'iije'as iii last :resort.-/.;i was ;
ychargeil.vyiththe.iiiiportanee;, of/the trust,
'hinil rfeltiiglovyingehtiuisiasni,as tsttiipY
ypeiht^ie. svvord of ;buiiily?s'.'Liiiio';.'l.o'':'iiiy.sUld''''
and: fqllo\ycdV;thb>:Wii)tain,;;up.thc;hnU3li
ywas, jiosted,iitythP.cpriicr'p.f.v'h.^srqiib fenced
���.under a^big/bak tree; ;;,The character and*
anibtint!of;ins't;i:iictibii.;l!;g'bt;fro]]i.thp capv
S hiih!;wiuild'faiyb-;tawM
;dicryand4lis,for vnio'ylywas dazedyaiKl'dieip-,,
;''.'wlii.sporcciv;:'iiSwa'tcinybrcl-;; in .y niy car :tliiit"''
?ispunjd'alydikp Y'gcyyachteiieh'M.'-: ^yhy^this;
cabalistic'y wprdyth'at '.-iio i/persphyijutirthe:
cfiptaiii' cohhi by;iiiiy;pbssibihlyjiiHikc: use'���;
��;tjieyba;k trep, watching'tlie gatherj iig shad-;;;
yowsi'tliiit^engtliencd ris.y daylight.'becainci
-darkness, ;iijd;;-listeiicditbthP3
coarse jests thai;;llbated;';tip;frpinj.the;.c!inip
;belqvv.:;;Tliohail:'i!Hipi^was dcilgihg.behihd^
��� coming riiihigBoston ihoui'itain,ygriin hhch;
spectei"likei';stoqd ihiykly sehtiheledagaihsfc
ttary ferypr;bbzed:6ut:-71'was ;only it Ijby,/;
iphysicallyyAycal;";;;but with;''stropgainingN
'Hir/ybcciiiii'o.l/ii.;1 burden:- to'ihyyiiiiagiuativc/
hiindi'aiidy thb^chirp'qfythe^h
orthpyhoqtiugyof'hn 'pwll;panip;as:!i;.reliefi';
So ;'^oplp^HhC;wbbils vyithahvlhg-things^
:;; JlJK;lfp.)'|u.^:iyndcnri!iblyj':,;ry luiii'ii; bii'tl case"
-��� relieving, tbp;,;;schtii^
'tovcbrn juicC;;;I'wallccil;;OT
���:< drive awiiy/[tlie'y clii 11 j; hii t ":tho sworil;'was'���
Xcurlpd;up inHiibyfciicc corner,- d'ejtcrinmcdr
.;,'cis;eycr,' though^ tb,; kcepjra^shia-p-lbo'kbutS
ii;h'act-npypr;felcpfc but'o^ajicdJ'^'Iii'teh^iiiiiV
' utes'l:;wa's'sbund';aslpcp:';Sy,.;;^;;,:��';y��!i:;:':.;V.',;
; y 1::Git up, kijlj:;iiiuV:.'ildii'b vmake; a noise
Iprii'lciv/tlmn'���[: a,; imiskceter, 'or'.-fI'lhcut;ybr;
wizoii';"';V :',.'^���''^i^.:---^.:..^""^^^'--f-���:'^':..:'J.*'';������"���;;:^'���"������> v^.
��� AND-
Exporters and Smporfers.
200 to 208 First Ayi. No.  ;
f ^ W rite f o r CI ?cu I a r��::
Martin'are iiiKh:.'.iiiiii;;w'iiiitcii:,'.t,!ie';''iliii"k''''-:skih's.
are -in,'demand. ;> Kor.large dark skins I will pay
hi^hpi-ic-i'Si and .other colors 'ftcconliiiffly: those
vsliipiiing to i.ne cini rely oil lair treatment nnd
���.���prompt returns;.;.I;; will -l-cihain .at .Winnipeg
;.unlil Amrust lotfi.' and if- all goes well 1 will re-
tiu-ii iii'>T3Venibei".;;.; Those of my friends iincl
others cliiihging their places of .business please
nolifV inc?*s=i??=~teKr;;,-Sf;;';K.�� :':,-s;";-"���' ; ,���;;.''. ;-;��� ���;���,.-.
;p. b. box ocj.
3y"'���^i'J'ipf faiiiily iiiid otherfuHiitiirc, trunks,';
������?';.; -V;';; 'J,-.etc'., ntnibiithlyjbi" other rates^Sj^y;.
.Agciits forJtayiiiond Sewiiig-Machines.vyy;;;;/;;;;'
;; - i;;; x; n;!Re v el s t b k ej Stati 6 m;' B ".&! v
:'As:.carload^;pP:;;: '-;��;y^;;;;;a.
(>O-O^OHD^^0-<>" 0<^<y*^QX^C~tt
light, el
etc,:,) j ust receiy ed,.���:,,by'';-
[Bracksniith'iiiff.vl.iiid ?;wc
dbnejon^liqrt -; nqtiGe.;'*
T) ray i n g S: aficl-; ���;', cJ el i y^cri n^,
���,V:-i!���!��'������'i-;���". ;-,..-;.:���:���,>';;:.::M-.: r,.,..,,'.;.-.';*!'l,,ji ".[:
:^Si^]btice.Tfnr'C6h tract s;:
:,;ht;.; shortest;
'���tdr'A ji>,i)biii��
_ ||||lpc!ali^!|{;;
, tiikeih^^eht i?for ? B:;; G. rOil;:;Co;
-a'rranired ���?:tbr:'
... y--:.-,:-....'::::; *-��'';..::. ii'ii:'.;' ���-. :,,/*?. v.-.^y';jv :'P ���'���"-'���-'^i
..';'Cplohcl'ii"ii,lftqh %y:iji the'.piloyai.iiiig choice,';
' but hei'lei-liived, lis he had, to .tend tq.the
^.;;'pp:;fb��ie.o e.iul-' look ^lifter his.dlqrises; .be^
X?'-5ides^\yh6 wqulil fun the; still?'ypMiis j:Vst;
���. yarguineiicAya's' a���.ssliHijier'o.r,'- iiiid the cplo-
'^iSsi's yhaippywas ; dropped .insl;:ihtei4;>;Al
; yllblliOhy^UhHyeiiyhe'd boyfoeibiti^cotmt-;
���.;'; ing'np-iiis ;''deaily:,\'r��iiikees1?tp.;ii)'ykjd.ut for.
������''i'tUe !iyi\;K,ujid;jAike Sinitli-wouhln^t hiko
.'���'��� D\.'plai-eyr.hi'-;'C' there was lib cilahce. to draw..
;': ilijC'id eh aitabplitionist...   Old .nian'Pen-
v d|eU)ii .was;, suggest eel.   but diCrsaiihJip!
���'��� ���",. wciu'lil.'.iia.vp ���enough, to dp \o iii tend.to his.
,' by.;n  busiupi-s; and������"keepj.,his'pbwder;(h"y;>.
������..���'���'Ci.iis. !;ieger was 'urged -tb take-.fhq'pl-.i'ee.';'
llei;ll:!A.>'e*hr!isei'yiee'in the low countries ;
; 'iiiid ; iineW'hpw' to  set a .squiiclron in Ihe ���
;vhehl. . tins v.-as.-iiipdestiibut .ilie^shiolder-;
:' iiig.JIre' ci'f 'military  enthusiasm' hi Mils
";.'UVoSs;t:!;iKl liceh" rekindled^ and he,accept--
cd.:'.That lie e->itldii't;vyrite ;l,'higli.sh vVas.
''���''; bi'.' si'.Ki.h 'eonserpiencc, for ho' could  draw.
.;, boauiii'ul iuetures-withy pen .nnd���hilt, arid
'���'���'���:whei'i it eaino' to"tiggeriii";iie'was vvPn-
'���" ikrful.'",' ' ;������    ���".'".: '���;      ''v.y ''a  ���..''.;���'"���.,-'������
���,.'     Prk'(,'.;vs-as theii.ii'iustofingliisarmyalong .
��� the Uxni'lWi and...lled J'Jlliot,' a free roVer,
;: hi inched to neither..sidp. with his gang of:
:. I'o'.igh riders was.' depredat.1 ng. I lie.property
���-���"' of..fneiicltincl'1'fie alike iibout.tlie' heailwa-
'tei's.of' the'White , river,   . The feeliiigwas,,
'largely with1; ,'the .south, biit there was. a
leaven  of., the   "uhrightebus", seatlered
''through the Ozark's iind about Bald.Knob
.tliat' stood  by; tlie.  north. \ So ; far   the-.
: "Xeek,.". hs'that phi 'corner of the wprhV
,;��� wascalied, had been, outside the higlivvriy ,.
of iuiiitary lUivr.euvcrs, but war Was' now'
' e-i the ve.vv.doors', anil the.military genius
���;. rtnd;..tr;iinin'g of  CajilTiiiV Sieger a'rnso' to
tlie peeasioii.    Gordon's 'mill 'was the fecal'
point on Sugar creek about which revolved
.. tlii: comnuinity for 40 miles around,.-,��� To
��� protect' this iiiill'-'frbhi the' hiamudiug'El-.'
; iio.t was a military necessity, and ..to this
, tnsk.Cii.ptaiii  Sieger ;'sct himseli' at once:
live company was divided  into platoons,'.;.
', ftiiil.it'full  to niy lot, tq go with .the.first,
��� clehU! to theyinilh I'.lilid iio gun.Lhutmy
tiiicJi} loani-'tL mo a horse and gave liio.u
Bvvonl,; sayin'vf tha1; it lmd:found Dritish
blood nt .humly's Lane; had flashed to the
1'i'oi'it: nt ��� i.!es��eii rte. la' Piilihitj iitiil lie con-
;'|uved uip; to parry it ���.with Iwuor '.tg tho
;lpw grbvyh..'h.iul:\ scpiupil; to pomb;: from;;
mairlS.feeti high;," I vvas'a, prisbher-iYvthp:
hands of tlie. enemy, takPn'Svliilp: -asleep
. on^dtity.';\.y^.'y"':"yy'\t},:;',|;,'.'V;,';,'";'';':/' ��������� Upi
<���:���';: Sly ciipthr wiis; johfed.', by "a ; dozen1"com-,
I panipiis,y;ill:;heiivil};; arnied, siu'd they: par:!
\Ieyed-for tcn'ihhuites^i-'v:;.;:���>'���;:'::::-':':i':''.y::-w/-'
y^"AYlmr is'youall'sycahip?" IiWiis lisked.
. :^ JSIy niilitary glory vviis.; gone; :the;s\yord
:'.of Lundy's/ lanp fprgbttph,' and,; I was. re-
iVealedlb myself its fi cbwiirdlyiyniiserpblo .
vvretch, trembling; with fear,.'but'-.I-.'^luah-'".
���'ytigcihtp. direct .Chptniii Elliot', unci his iiifeiiV
to.our.sluinheriiig ejuiip.'..'. '.Phe^itfacklwas
,a siu'ihlsbVandy equipletelyvsiicftcssfiip l"
;i"eii\iiniljev^even "how;? the? cpqlness' yvith '
i wliichIhb;captives, accepted ;the;sit.uationV:,'
j There: Avas iibriip'c'6i;;'.iipi',; heartburnings'
:ih tlie.���'iiieiJHiig':iotVt-,he parties; aiicl I bcgiiuy;
;to.t;ike;.couragc! i-:,.-;^'- :-:'���,':;,j<:';* ,:'.:-!;:;--;:;: ;'���'."���
:'.;;'.'kqiip; ca]iioinot!;:fe
I,reckon yriu'ye go'tfl us. irNbw,'.Avliaty.'tirbo
; Iii ten'minutes it; would ;hayp;: becnlm- '
ppssil.ilp .to tell eaptbi's^from captiv-cs,; and.
"the fratei'hi/.'atioirwas'complete: y.Caiitain':.
Si.eger;" b vei'coi i ie by. tbb'ileep a diii i ntp,' the!
corn juiee,'.y."!s' dimly ciinseiousytliat 'sbiiity.''
tliii.ig had happened,,but as- itAvas.w'holly
iii .theliiio o'C..niilitiiryju.'ineuvers he,was,
s.atislied.'1.' .A bi'ief .cniife'rence ''resulted hi ���
\th}5 ���'��� coiiiplete" ainalgtiniation. 'of f the-.-.'two .-
i.forces. ���': Tlie Ilojit&n -Moiiii.tain Regulatbrs :
"went out ofliusiness'tind became a^jiart of
.Captain Elliot's cqmiiiand,' wliich was be
ing,",' l'eiu'uiti'd.for '-Price/s   army. ..' Next
inpi'iiuiga sort of inspection was.held and
thevy.lie.'it aiid tares sifted.     I  fell aiiiong
the tares.. ��� Ue.ele' .lolin's horse:was einhis-
cateil as ale'gitiiuare prize of war, and-tho
sword of lainily.'s Laiie fell .to  tho  lot of
niy personal. enptpi1.  .;.;';,":' "    ;.���-.'.���'"""
���   Foiir days were sppiit nt: the inili,;gath-
.ei'ing,;snpp'lie:i. and recruits.:'.Meantime'
the setllers rapidly divided.;  Uncle .lohn
''nibveil his negroes ami horses into the-tor-,
ritory.'luid I wasleft vvithput: a; rallying
point.   In ' this cirergeii'ey Captain-Elliot
generously '.eaiiie to niy'relief with a^soro
bnc.keil iiiiile aiid ii rojie bridle, nniU was
directed toward ihe li^rih star. '    ;l,
IlecaJlitig the incidents of 35 years ago,-
they coine heforcine fresh as .the happenings of yesterday. , 1 recall that when, 1
'ilonneihasuit of blue in an Iowa regiment
���the fact was always uppermost in my ininil
that I had a narrow escape from being ii-
Confederate soldier and being swept down
iii the -maelstrom of. the lost cause.-���St,
I^ouis P.emiblio.      '"' ', -."���',
fil jgArd e'rys;; a ii, $2 .;2;5:y''pei^coi'dp:
Orderoileftyat house-orfby:niail:
wil I* bes promptly; at tended; tp^yV
y^Ihe ;;'vX6btena v';'^
fat ten t i 6'11 f iof 0 i-'cl er^'i. ;aV itHyxl e 1 i v e 1;}% \ 0 fi| ;l I
a Nie':"
afdriipe^a if0 on H V K 60 tef'
Q J? - .^^'��mr.S\
.:.'���-'. }
; .Qjibratiiilr iv;is-o':&.;Slocah;i:ail.vi-af-. ; if::f
..'-..-;. hilei-iiai:oi;:t!;No^-ii;ati6!i&..T-eailiiig :v  k:-.
..���;���:,;;-Upmpaiiy..- ��� ���-;.'';.-.. .���;..;;f./','.:' .���:f ::'������'��� -f '���;.;,':..!,' ���,:
Scaoaiilb;'biy;Tirnc���Pacific Staiidiird'Time
;'.'.'';���::'���'-.'-.'f .;.'..;>:KI!e!:live..I.ii|ie 19.flOf'''.;v-->;.":;-' :y.:;f
':;.",,;.;;���,;;' Kasio.& Slocan:Bailyray   ���'-,..V-'.-, .:if
1'i.i.ssuiispi". irain for .Siniiloii alul way ilations,
ly. ictui-nin^j.leiivcs J
gut, JCiisIii-,3.,-w ii.iii. .
l'eav��.s:'ICii>'liVi'iL-.S:aaiii;: daily, ictil
Sandon at l.l-i p.ni.;,-iin-"n-iii
(���clearing Fiftli Street,* Orion
Avenue^ -and Mc Arthur*
;, l v[;''     _  -.-,.,
Prices and terms for lots
^ ays','across, ������':������������ >;������
the Continent'r^ , <
;by:"the>f- ^'\-::.::.f-
.���^-Imperial Limited";:
.;, Intsrnrvioaal Navtg.vilca rind Trading 2
';;;,.y,.'";:-- ,;:i3oapany.;:7'/v:;.i;S.-'',   ;-;;..���
''-. ��� y-Operating rin Kiiofenay l^ikcrvntl lliverl      :
,S. .S.',i>'T;-[:N.\TiON.vi. leaves Kitslb foi- Xelsbir
ul'-ii ii;iii."il;iilyvexe{(|)t Sunday: reuirnin^, leaves ,
���N'vJkoii;' at, 1..".0 .p.,.|]i:. Cvilling at J.'iilfouV.-*,! ilet"';���
���l.'ay. .yiiis-.viii-fii.-'.-iiil. ailvv.-ii- lirinia^eoiinectS'
vvitli -.tjiaiiii'-.-:- .-\ihs:-|;\ ;l'i .-iiidifi-bin, lionnerV
l-'oi-i-y.:. Itliiho: iilso.u-itli Si' K.!& N. inuiV to: aiid;:
.frpi!.irfiiuki".ii'.;.,.:iI;l''iA'e Mile ifnlat:���'���'.���....,,"���';"���". \I'' ��� ���'
' ;.S. ri.; AijV.kUta'' !'���>��'v.es  Nel.Joii  l\r.-, lioiiiiei-'s
l-'eiTy.'Tiics:l:i:y.>.aiid.; Siitar.-ays'at 7 a.nv;. 'inc.iH- '<
iiiir-sien;ii'."i" !iite;-tiiH!iin:d:froi:i  Kaslo' iitil'ilnl,
I'-fiyi.'retiipniiK.-. leaves Poiinw'-^KoiTy-ai'T a.ni.
.v,V<-dil'u.s(liiy-i'. l-'ridays and .Sundays.���MiiineeUing.
v.'ilVi   ,-l'jaiiier  Jnu-ieiuiCi-.al and;   frir   ICaslo..,-
I.a:-ip>..:i!u!li.\rgl>ii:a.'   .1 liixxt i.-oinic-eli'nis'iii.ailc
ai:i!i.iiim:i-'- l-Vn-y, wit hl.i rent Northern Rail\vn v..
tV.U" ii!i]iiii!ils cli^:. an.-1-.vcsi..-'-. .'���   ",..������������   ..,'.
Newly Opened
Furnished and Supplied
1, iftiAN, Prop,;
on these new streets can be
obtained on application.
-Tin ;f.x3';23V ami  liss.i yccitiippcd
train oros'jin^tlio co:ili^;rtt.
Trains : leaving  tho Paoiflc  Ccnrjt
Tucpsiayfi.'Thuradaya anil Stit'li: ���
; days, ccniuoS p.t Fort WiHIs.m
���'���"..with tin ynlr^'.cl I.alr.o Bloasiici-c .
';.   Manitoba, Alijoria'i'.'aa'il'.i-'AKia-
bc.sj^, acrosa tho Greiit  iixhca.
For, full .'-liartipularri   r.fi   to  thr.c,
raics, and for oopier; pZ C. P. R,.     '
���'��� yiiJilipatlbnii, apply to ,      .. ;
,        ���   . '-.    .T: W. 'B!!.Ai)J5lIA\V,
|-.    ^t';;:eK"!"'Ili!i-|-|
I anil ' ���Anse'iiiii  at
i : >".l,i-aiiii;r....\'|!iv-i-|:i.
';��� At^ciila.ill'S ii'.'iii.;.-
���Sunoan Division-
iii.<>it.';lleaves Knslo for iLniilo
i'.U'r i��.iii.. W'tHliiesduys  and
illi:(.-..-'.i'inl'-. and.
Tlek.is-ol.t u,
l.'liil<-(!.Sl;;t.;-s., :
' 'ru'it-cvl'iiii'i'1
a.-,l..!r..-s-:   ..:..���
s \.i .'>,.:,. ;,'
leave.- Kasle'Tof I^iivlouiid,
uiulavs.   ;��� ,    .W ,.   ';, .', -.;'������  >'
u.lH-iiK-ip.-.l.laiiiliiiK's hi bcitli
iilieri'miu'ts. whi-ii signalled!
i. jHiliit* in Canada ajul.ihc
i,s   and   fall    .information,
i;iiiiK!:T iitviNo. -
..;,    Milling. Kaslo. H. f'.;.
;e.('tntad.r,   ���
:������: 11 iii-oii -���',
���teyalMail Lin';s;    ..'".!���'
^Io"ito to the 'Old. Country.
;! N" !���!��� Kroiii Montrchli"'
';..-.-���..��������� ���   ',���.':.��� "������"���':r(
. hike :
my "U
uiii'.-' i,if stciimei"' nut yi-t aiiii'jiiiiccd.'
IJOMINION' LINK-i'l-oni Montreai^ -f   -
- '.' -"    -      '��� ������June .1
I Dominion
j Heotninuu  ,-,
Or to.
I'liss, Agent,
Nelson, U.o'.
K. .1. COVLK,,
A. 0. I\ Agent, '������'���
Vancouver, Il.C.
Al.LA.NM;iXK-rVo!il'j!oiitrei,i'l. '\
l.aitvtutiitu ...���/,.'....;:'.:  juiv j:
.XiiniUiinii, ���      -.-.-���   .''- -.-����� ." -,   ..,' IJ
' Oaliforiiinii���'������    -     -'   ���' ::���'"':-''.  ���.���'���:   ���  .'jn
Tiiiiiui -     -   ' -    ,-     - ������ -:  . - f - -   ,,   ->~
I'a.^-eiiirc-!-; tieireted''throiiKh to all parts of
(Jrei.it Hrilain utitl Ireland, and at spee.iullv low,:
nue-i to .all parts of the Kuropean continent,.
r Apply to licarcsl riill way or ?tc��ni6hip iigcnt or ���
���'i T. \V. BRADSHAW, Agent,  ReveUtelt��, . THE KOOTEtfAY MAIL  OWNEY'S CHOCOLATE  "Xamo  on   every   pieee.  Larjre bottles of   West India Lime Juice    ���������  at 50c. per.bottle.'   r i  Montserrat Lime Juice  and mineral waters.  . ......  ;eo. f. curtis-^*^  "THE DRUGGIST"   ,    '  Successor to the McD. A. W. Co.  Revelstoke Station, B. C.  I Although the work i.s now completed  I some time, si-vi'i-a] men who worked  on e;overiiiiK'iit, trail woik at Isaac  Creek are compelled to .stay in town to  await payment of their wages. This  is not right: (h,_> government should  set a good example to the the public in  mailers of'this kind and a man should  have his money as soon as it coming to  him. Certainly he should not he compelled to Mt around for 11 week and eat  his head oil wait ing for it. The department of public works should take  a pointer and get, up a .system to propel ly meet nil it undei takes.  Tho Leading Store... ,  " NO   BLUSTER, NO   FUSS, JUST  BUSINESS;  THAT'S ALL."  O U R^-Dacsns^&-  ������, LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS   r,  J. J). Boyd   returned "Wednesday to  Big Bend.  W. Cowan returned Monday from a  Tiout Lake visit.  The American editors went, through  Monday night. , ' ���������  ' Mr.    Macinuster,   the    /lour   agent,  left Tuesday for the south.  The white nian'.s laundry wagon was  ��������� out on the streets (his week.  J. Neilson p-.turned from die Bend  Wednesday. -��������� He went up again yesterday.        ',,   ,  Always look- fur thoJatest hooks at  the.'Canada Drug it Book Co. Limited,  Revelstoke Station. '   '    ()  Walter L. Main's circus is coining  to Revelstoke. ,'It. is said to ho a big  ' show'. c >'  ,F. B: Wells.is applying, fur a lease  of a mile of placer,ground on French  creek.  , 'W. W. 13. Tunes, M. P., went  . through to Nanaiino on Monday from  ��������� Ottawa.      ' ,   ' "  R. G.   Gosnell    has    purchased  and  will himself conduct   the   Greenwood'  Miner.     -    '    ���������       c  B.   R.   Campbell^   proprietor of the.  Mail, left   Monday for a   week's   visit I  to the coast.      '.   , , -.   I  "^ Mrs. Wm. Lawrences is back from  Vancouver, having thoroughly enjoyed  her vacation. ,  ������Miss Annie Corbett left Wednesday j  morning on a iiM't' to Mrs. Ed winds, I  Albert Canyun. f , j  '" Try Doan's Kidney Pills, kept', ut-ihe j  Canada Drug it J look Co.; Limited, I  Revelstoke Station. ' -��������� '  Ed., Adair" has again   yone   back  to i  TER  VE-  [������ooteijaj  Ltd. J,ty.  of this wyek has caused a gooil deal of  talk, luil il lias'he.-ii not liing compared  with what we have in store for  MO.\i')AV, TURSDAY, and WED-  NK5DAV cif xuxT wrkic; Watch  our windows on Mondaymorning for  c -iterion.  ',   ...James fiill'ft Co.  T.IE TAYLOR BLOCK,  MACKENZIE AVE.  Manufacturers ancl  dealers in all kinds  of  Rough and  Dressed  ������  ISO  Well,     we      thought      it  would   be,   and   'provided  for  ii  by procuring- some  special     valves      in    hot  weather        underclothing-,'  osuc,h   as   vests,   skirts--in  fact   all   kinds   of   underwear.   And the low prices  we,'are   offering-   them at  will    more   than    surprise  voti.  -   There's    good    reason  why'we should  keep talk-  Shinjles,, lath   and  Mouldings.  Long- dimension timber "cut  to order, and, clear  cedar finishinp-'liim-  ber a specialty. "\  All  orders  promptly   filled.  Terms cash.  R: Tapping-,  1 r  Agent,  Revelstoke.  ing about  the  reductions  made   in  certain   kinds of  'prints, muslins, organdies,  piques,    fancy   ginghams,  etc.,   for   thev   are   awav  bo:lo\v anvihing shown  ihe citw  il' t wo. : Kry  papeis "' vl'  Milliner}' is going very  quickly at the reduced  prices. Ail trimmed goods  at just half price at  W. MKi.muwi,. Manaeer.  ^tiseS?  1 fc������    A   ���������i   3  Liiforme   creek.      J To expects to come  in'next >veek some lime. <  Hon.'" GeoVgo Forbes Vernon, -e.v  ag'ent:ger,eral for JJ. C. in- London,  was in  Revelstoke'Thursday.  There were about. 300 tourists on a,  special >on Thursday. Their tiainj  pulled out, here with 'lS cars in it. !  , Capt. Gore came, up on a flyin_. v isit I  last Saturday evening. j]c spoke '  about visiting the canyon and rifller       !  Col.   Kitson   and   Lt.-Col.    Lee,'de-|  fence commissioners, aie now in Kootenay and will be here in a day or tw(  Some beautiful colored tissue p  just  opened   at  the Canada   Drug   A- ���������  '   Book   Co,   Limited,   Revelstoke  St.- '' CaSll    O'EZaaf  The   Vandcrbilt paity    wili    pass  through   here   next week.    They  ,ue  out   on   a   hunting trip   around   the  world.  Gold Commissioner Coursier returned Thursday fioni a visit, to Fiie  Valley, wheie he went on 'government  business.  _ C:  A.    Lett,    insurance   agent, of  Vancouver, was  in   town   .Monday in-  ranging for his syndicates woik in  Big Bend.  ' W. A. _ Bauer, P. J,. S.. u ho has  done consideiaiile survey woik in Biir  Bend; was in tuvv'n Mond.-iw Jle will  go into Trout Lake later.  Mr. and .Mis. J. P. Kenncdv at '  the delated  . visited \'ietm ia and  Vancouver, and enjoyed their nip  very much. They left for Jlleeiilewaet  on Thursday.  Aid. Kilp.-itiiek and A. E. Kiia.u'd.  who are inleie>t("d  in t!i������' (!rVat  Wcr-  'ern Mines Co... an: nuid   to   he jile.i-cd  with the (ippe.ir.iiici! of the   N'/ftie  L  and the showing they saw   th"iv <ui  a '  recent visit.  J.is. Me.M.iliou relurned Sitiinhi\  from the Surpi ise on the noil 11 r'mk <i'i  the Lardeau. Jle pm. ;,, a 1,,';, ,,p,.,,  cut and had in si"ht,   a    niei  HOTEL VICTORIA  REVELSTOKE" .,'���������"  in  iYl-  axd  RESTAURANT  ....OPEN ALL XIGHT....  *$*  J. V. PERKS, Proprietor,  9  ������omei  'that's "to  your  interest!  If you  intend    buying- in  the next few months anything in the way, of stoves,  ranges, orhousehold goods,  it   will certainly  pay  you  to buy now.      Each   day  we  receive   notices   from  manufacturers of a further  advance in prices.    Up to  th_e_ present__.time   every  ��������� piece   of    material     that  enters  into  the   construction of stoves, ranges, etc.,  has raised very materially.  - We  are, fortunate in having  on   hand   by far  the  largest    stock   we-   have  ever carried, all bought at  ', the old scale of low prices.  We. have   not   advanced-  prices, but it  is  a  matter  of  time   until we will  be  .compelled   lo.      You  are  ' welcome to come and look  whether  you' buy or not.  SOME RANGE POINTERS  In-choosing a range here  ''," you do not have to take  c Hobson's' choice. * We  show you the leading lines  of Canada, in all ���������si/:c.s.  We have not advancec  the prices of these ranges,  but'^you can make no mistake by placing < yoin-  order at once. '',  . These ranges are made  by the McClary Manufacturing Co!, the largest1  and one "of the" oldest  stove'foundries in Canada.  Thousands are being used  and arc giving ' entire  satisfaction.  $30.00  tNEVER  f  #  $  | CANADA  :ORGET  That the largest  supply of   (S$)  ,<!^  DRUG & BOOK CO., LD. f  REVELSTOKE,STATION f������  RHOJOCRAPHICJOODS  in  Revelstoke. ._  "  are  kept  at  the  MAIL ORDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO  44^44y wwwwwwww 4,4'#4'#^4' <$>%>$><$>4i<fy ^4  -    Ge^^ciJ,,Mercl7a^t9;y  Dry Goods.   Groceries, .Hardware.   Tinware,   Powder,   Fuse.  Ktc.    Miners and Prospectors Outfits a Specialty.   ' ���������   * 0,     '  m  mm i uu s  'III  ���������Q  FRUXTJATtS  O  Q  JELLY JARS  Q  O  BUTTER CROCKS  '������  O  B3AN POTG ���������  ������  O  ' STONI3 'JUGS  ������  DINNER SETS  CHAMBER SETS  TEA SETS  WATER SETS  BROWN EARTHENWARE  11' so, m. M(,n i��������� & Sh-cfl, tln-.v vnn supply you.' \ye alhf, c;i7iJ7Wui li< ots  ,'uhI .h.H.s iVoni tli- lu'M tiwikcis, clolhin- hats, nips, neckwi-nr, ihicUt-  vvc.-ii", hnsicry, m r.-icLeviM-.vlhhiKiK'1-l.-iiniiifjioa Hrst Hiiss B..MiiM-iihslcire.  '. '    " ' " ^fc^MOBBIS & STEED.  Remember- ihe plaeo���������-Coui>siep"s Old Stand.  45.00  50.00  Nn. S KfinliMiny  Nci. 0���������lS-?-(l h'oli',  with hfjrh ohelf.  No. 0-22-0 hell",  with hitrh sliclf:  We also carrv in stock  i - </  McClary's hot air! furnaces. Prices obtainable  on application.  The Great  STEAM  3^-LAUNDRY  <������J- "Ji .-  ���������/  rived   8und;iv ni"ht  on  No.  2.      Tl������'v  villi  l,o  I 11 j ; y  F. MeCarty  i Wholesale and Retail \  \ .'. BUTCHER. , I  ABRAHAfVJSON BROS.,  . ., prop's:  -Newly built. . ���������KJt-M, chis-s  in ev-(.|-y i-csppcl. :A1I  iiuiclnriicoiivonichccs...  lj."ii!(o Siiniplu rooms.'    I'iro  ' proof   ������flfo.        Fro,,  lj���������Stf  in cots nil li'-a'in'.s.  s.-iinc n ."ina.-'uni nl:  QUEEN'S HOTEI,  TROUT LAKE CITY  BOURNE  BROS.  ^''lill^   IK'Xf Uf'l-k  N't f.'iiiu'.-sr; will  i f ".'iiplo', I'd, ai.rj  iiii- 'A'.ik :iirii������vi  <>i!t will !,<���������' i he  lil.'-^t in I he '"it v  '������!"'���������   V.\   ,"t   tri.-il.  )ii:ai.i-;k i,v  CHEAP FIRE WOl  tier  for    I  BOARDiVIAN & W00DH0USE  Notice io Prd-emptops of Land  >^' < i'\ !���������' I-: i- In   - \i\ ���������'i,, i, i )i.n ,,!! j,r. -i ii,|iifn .'  .1     u. |i'i ���������( !i i.  i - .,r Ci'ii'.mi i.iinij rrum  uliiijii '  illl'   |...l". Il.l-I- TillII|<-\    ' I In,lining   ���������lllp.llil   llll rilll j|  l.iiuli i-. .,\ i -.li., . ,i|.i- n m:In it in niiihi. fun |M\  in' ot   '.;'  -������'!i   l..ii.in. ... ihiji i!k :���������   ,mi!i iiidri'-r  ,,    Illl l"l ill!,   if     lll\    1-    l|i|C,   H-|l llln     tU(.)\c     ni'llltll-  V cln' nt ! fi'iim r>ii. H.hr in iIih ii i"h i . f.iilin^ wliii-li rhf-ir  cle>.r    [fiilc-na.       Alto"(.i|;r-r l.c In-;   "������." ''"'"'i'1-, ,",���������<������'���������''"' "}���������'  "'"'"niinif -uH! Innrl, ���������  reet ot work done ,       > tiun Ji^di" iiic -i...u.i .\.i,- '    "    ;  tt m      ���������   ,       i ,     ��������� i '���������'��������� ''MiTKii-eoTrny. i  xlarrv .vioi ns ha-i   liroii^ht  in   '-onif | ' "i' ' f'"iii"ii.'"''i,iii-i- of f���������imi, ;md Wo:-k-<  splendid samples of  coppr,-   oi.s f,o���������, i '''^^''{ft "V.Th'hTm. n i i  the   Francis  on    .Stiinri.ud    Ihisin,  on :  which he. has just thme hi-t .-issfs^mci.t   j  The Francis is mi tin: ^.uno If.irl a-, ihe |  Stniidni-d, (Hid is .s-n'd to   hi-   ,i    pionn^   I VirncKi- ]���������. ,-������ I.v  ci-.m  tIi.it  I. Hie iiikIi-- '  \n<t   nl-iim '   '      "-11"1    Inn'  )i'i:. Ii.i-wl   !ln-   liii^mm. i,f  A        ll-lllllc:/M,,r.        \   It-...   I. II. I ��������� P '1    I '>  .III ��������� '>!' Ill','    Ol    .111(1     II'.      J.   (J.   IfllH   ,<.-   (V, \.   1  A   haiHt.soi.K'   Altnr-talilc,   Or.idir.fi,    i;m,|-i,^, !���������.,���������-1, v ,11 i, ', oil,., tod ,-u,d   p-.iij I  and CrpdfMu-o of cedar have thi-, week    '"'"'"  Notic  Send   your   order  Milk Cows; Saddle,'Pack,-j-Wood to  Driving and Draught j       n-nriT������  T\(\���������na���������  Hovses. = s I; FRED ROBINSON  Revelstoke Station, B.C. |;u ,hc *'���������������������'!������ omcc.  c j      I le will deliver at  J. I. WOODROW  Butcher !  Purveyor of Migh-class Meats  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,  All rirdi-i"-. in nnr line ^'ill he firoinptly  ."itfciirli'i-l to.  'ire  'J  ,    J. ALBERT STONE, FuopiUKToit.  Gov. Front & Benson Sts,     '-,   ' Revelstoke, B. O.  O (  Eaies,     .     - ���������-    ;      ".     '    . ^ pBp Bay.  i I..  Newly built ar.d furnished.   ' I-urnacc heated."    Electric lfo-hted  Finest, Best Stipplied Bar in City  '6 '   '    '    f  " 6  $1 PER DAY_  j a Cord, in Short Lengths, or  i        S1.50  P BcgI Br.uitlo oT  9 V/ill'-!,  9       Liquors and  p       Cigar o  'J -ft-  + 4-  Newly Built���������  Lighted by  Electricity  'Throughout  ���������f-f  X R. OALEY, PROP'R,   I  j ' '  (^ ' u  0<H)<K)'0<><>0<v(KKHKK><KkH>OK^  to   those  hauling. ���������  wh  o   do   their   own  been placed   in   St. trior's    cliiirch  in  memory of tho late llriv. if J-'ord, and  will he u.sed for thp. first time'on' Sun  day.    The   w(.m,1< ' lin.H   hcen   skilfully  fxci'tited 11\- John Til, Wood.       '  hy inc.  I.'. \-c|.|cl.(. li   c  i.s-. f. v.\'f)ODi:ow.  .Miin- rs.itii. t jw.\.  . Offices. to.-Reht'  {��������� rnWf) l.'ir^'o iifllci:..-nn Kirst -street cuit.   Aiinlv  I  .1.;' t.'i"ii(fc & Jl.-iyiic.       -        ' ������������������.--.'  WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER  Watches, Clocks  .',  -.'���������  HqpnlrlnfraSpcclalt}'.  ,C.t',ft. U'atcli'���������Inspector,        IJyvc-lkokc, li, V,  CHUBB & BOOTH  I    House Painters  1    Decorators and  Carriage Painters  W.' dn work  payment*.  iulf do.vn, and inoiilhly  VIO I Un  JOHN V. PERKS, PSBPRIETOB,  1 lentctl hy  hot air;  ch-clric  hidls,  mid Iiw|)(, ,",, ,,vt,,.y ,.(���������������������������. ].,,.,,,,  and well lighted ������hiji|)Ic i-ooins  Reasonable Rates  Free lins nicels all trains; hoiirlv  sliectciir liftvvoi'ii hotel anil  ..station.  ������rrrj*;?-jr**^,77~  REVELSTOKE, B. 0.  CHUBB ,&BOOTH,  All.wort giii'iiniiL'.'cd.   f        ��������� {       ;  ���������()ti    a   crowded : sli/eeL��������� wouldn't  . o.NC'il^aiithifof the inteiesfc aniontr  >h������l!,H.,s:tl,at) the Mi-ices H.S, WILSON ,fs quoting on Keady-m-tdt  ��������� e-li-liiing dry doi.il;;,.'..  ,,'     '    ���������   ���������


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