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Kootenay Mail Jul 30, 1898

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Full Text

 ���Si i
"Vol. 5.���No. 15.
<-;j����� . ��_��� --/    ij     i Una
Seven feet dean ore at five hundred
feet depth���Great thing* for tins
section of Kootenay and- much
may follow it���Every . indication
of <a good' vein.  ���
The ni'ivs of tin*  Wayerley strike���
ot   so
.'it   im   foot
depth���-"was received i:i Ilevol-toke ;lih1
vicipity with unmeasured delight ;is it
is generally conceded that the success-
ful opeinliu:!   of   thi
is   and   associa
properties    opera
companies in L;iii(iu:i 1110,111*5 tin* closu
atti'iiticirof Ihe. Loudon mariiet tn the
ores and resouieos of. North Ivonti nay;
which,"Ihough equ,illy rich with those
1 of South Kooti'iiay, have heen hitherto
totally     ' neglected       liv-   ��� investor.-..
last year hy
and -staked li
men   wan just, \v,i
a',u mini
I on v.'!*v   1:0,os
'of    t In*
.ld.*.-t     ]
Lardeau who 11
nvei  I hi*- v.'i-v <
if     the
t in).-* ha,l walk-d
.11.'SI*    propel 1 li*
:e    high    111
���1   of  Mohawk   Oic.*k   an.l  sh-
. 1   >���>
Arrangements Y/h.ch 'Kay   Result   it
Opening this Property.
' Will Run a Lino Connect;",-? Two
Great L;
-Mr. P. Mi
Q. V,
���f Cak
vein of solid   i'Ic.ii*
in as- i*. .ol -,  avorajri
it    lhe
wa-! n, tin*. 11  ll
i bout
iu I
1 and a*;- 1 viir^ SI
!0 i;
A good trail has just l��:'c.i completed
to the prnperlies and th<* management,
i-i tn.-tlving arrangement-, lo open   them
up a.s spec
is  consistent  with
good management, and economy and
in the near future it i-i expected they
will r.-inU-
wilh  some  of  Wi
e'liay'.- be
Tho Carnis Creek Co.
irne-t  O.'t'cU   Cim-
rii   tli
nil in
nd    per-pi-
cacily   of   Mes*-*!'.--.   John   Grant    and
Grant-Govan   this , sect ion    was   siic-
-fullv *b
lit   to    capitalists    at-
tention, aifd the  delight   with   which
their company   Notation   was'locally
received   is   now   augmented   by  (he
success   attending   their operation  of
North Koeitenay properties. "There   is
simply   no   fru".-lion    about    it,     the
,     ��� 1 [i.
mineral po.���ibilities of this section  am
enormous, o
rei im*: a field   fi
ir  succo.-s-
'fill operation .-eldiini   equalled:  and  it.
Work is progressing steadily on   th
pfopel'ties ot   the   C
solidated Gold Mines  wilh   ver;
factory 1 e'sults.    The ore on 111.-:   Rn-e-
hoi y colit iliucs lo inei case in   value   as
(iie vein, is driven   upon.    Tlie -nnplc
taken from the  face  of  1.1 ie drift,  last,
wivkliyMf.   II.   Perry   Leake,   M. E ,'
assayed   $1\1 per  ton   iu  gold.   Jt, is
the intention of the, coin puny to crown'
grant, the Rosehery group  111 i-> season
aud   with" that   piiipri.-e   in   view   .Mr.
Francis'J; O'R.'illy, P. L. S.,   has" heen
employed   and   is   now    making    the
neces��ary    surveys.      This     property'
seems lo liave passed the  stage   where
it,can any longotbe termed a pios'pect,
and '\ve  can   now   look   forward   with
confidence to lhe day, not, far distant,
when il, will lie ranked wilh   tlie "great,
mines of Kootenav.
by I no
for Im
I lltei vie'.vee
v,  who  ha**-
ilior.t. 1(J  year-,   been   inl.'i-
l     U.  P. ll. entril
1 a--isiaul - went
Mr.   MeL'aii
'e-tcd   in   mining   niatle;
what   brought   Iiii
said   that
11   over   no',
ularlv wa*.
ne  little  di.'iicullie
eon Mr. Iv
enn.'dv ai
.��lad-lone mine:a
1 cl,
id himself re the
din, adjoining llie
L-iiitiiknud Maple Leaf, at llleuiie-
waet. These difficulties, he wa.- glad
to'say, had all  been   amicably  settled,
and   within    tiv
o   weeks
he h
���d t(
have parties in from   Salt LaksCily
.'X.'iniiiii1 the  piopei t;
Asked  as  ti
leei -, am
sunt h tu Ai'iiiiili.'.til In  loniiiii'titi'.siii'-
veyingn   preliminary   iim-  conn.*cl ing
ke   wilh   ICoolenav   lak
e, \ ia
a: mv 1:1   /'. 111
w as u- ���
Afrihani.-lan in "70, and
lhe ('
Li.i'il   II
:i 'HI.
secl 'tar
Lll iii.
���nt 1!
;vpl tan campaign o
teer, a
Ma: (p.:
uiii.la: v
11 ougii, tne 1
tu li
.���>��.:��� 1
Ij in-.lov. I., t ,n 11  '-roi ei no
is ,erai of (Jaaadn,   in   1'AA.
-l.-Ui' in   li:-*  Neiiii   We-t.  re- I t
lion 01
ici**,.";.   iie is a
m politic-
Trout, Lake  Cif
rile   pally   i-   1.
Vamped about halt a mile below Arrowhead, on'the noi t h, .'-hoi e of the
arm and t heir line runs 1 ound it to the
Trout Lake pass, keeping on the 1101 th
side of Sloli.irL  lake  and  on   In Tiout
Lake Oily,   i
Ti out lake !o
d   tl
ie  north  shoit
its font.
Tin nee   it,  v. iii
c.pwn   the  Lardeau   river  to Kuot-
iv lake
.Sui veymg parties are not.
certain   report-*
iihoittf     the' Juml.o, 1 put nl tlie lipid fur fun  and   the  res-nit
���1 pa 1 ty s 0
linn-, in Trout, lake
about its piohable  opertion   and   e, ec- I of t hi
lion of   coiiceuliatiiig  works, M,-. Mc- } will b"   watched   wit.), much   iulerest.
Caithv said:    I  don't. I;ke liooin meth- I it is nol unlikely that with   the  Gieal
dsand  1   will
jive  you   w
dial fact- I 1 North.*rn .--.stem -c'J!.ing an r\!.'ii.-ion
can, tru-limjr as vou  do   tli.it  an a!!gii*s=1si!iisU;ii,ratinii- in I3ril isli Co!uinbi,i  that
menu will turn out satisfarlarially.i
In Augusi..'07, [ sent, an agent over to
London, England, and - hi-- visit, resulted   in   a 'company   being formed
e   to   take   up   an   option on
1 hi
is with pleasure  th
Mr.   Grant-Govan,
.sec-Lion's opportunities has
floated a'genoral   prospecting  mult development company to  operate  there-
e   31 AIL  hears  that
fully  alive   to   thi-
sui-ce.-sfull v
in.1  The Mail, the pion
of North Moot
feck-   11
o   f'eat.s   for
the new ciunp.inv, and ivifh as  careful
,i *
management as ha.- charaetei i/.ed Mr.
Gr.-ihapi's .s*.iperiiit,'.'ir.k'iit*i.' of the
steps   have   been
Wa vet ley   (ultea'd;.
taken to ensuie it) could -afely predict
for it most*roseate result-..
Tiie strike in   the. Waverly  consists
of alt (iget her three veins, the i.u ^e.-t one
heing seven foot   throtigli.    Th
e   pro,-
pect of 500 feet of .-toping ground in ,1:1
ore hodv of this
s siz.* ami ol a valit", so
The Mail learns.iof qver SlOO'tn'- the
ton, is simply magnificent, and then of
ceuirse I here .is llu-'fui'tlier pro.-pect of
-till, increa.-ed depth being, obtained.,
Tlic'cirij body keefi? Ihecharactet found
ore ever packed into Tiout,  L
A Trial Shipment.
On Wednesday I lie-first  shipment, of
was tianspoi ted fiom tlie Ethel' by
Andy Davey on WednesiTay l.i-t. Almost oO sacks were shipped, part going
to Nelson and pait to fiverelt,. The
object of Ihe shipment islo ascertain
the value of the ore: if it proves'satis-
factory, this property which is only
two and a half inihs from Trout   Lake
Jninho. The company appotnti-d Mr.
Ciowell, of Victoria, to examine nnd
report on tiie mine as soon as peis-ihle
this year, but later decided Lo .-end out
oue of its principal directoi s( to co-op-
crate.', with Mr. Co well in the examination. If the propeily s-taud*-, that
inspection .satisfactorily it. will he
taken, up at once, and by .the agi cement the company has with me il will
operate t he mine 0.1 a largi; scale and
erect concentrating works to handle
the output. The Jnniho is not a'pros-
pect, hut "a well developed property,
m     m'v   opinion   oik*   of   inval
IheO. P. R. are   pn
���d   l(
a 111
proim-e  and   accea-a
S unle-i.p the Nort h   Fork   mad   from
Albert Oaiiynu and   lint   ju-^t.
dii-ide,fi-iiin lllecillew act.
over the
loin < ti ial
1 g"
i vera ire assav-
ave   heen se
City,   will
Trout, Lake Top
III'   win kiiu
To Start tho W'noix.
vMr.'O. T.   Port
of   .Spokane,
this week en   route -to
in tlie eat ly opeialion ol
if anything a little richer and  (leaner
in finality,'aud  the  vein   .shows' every
ion of contiiuiilv an
tl   st
The larg" outlay to whiih ll
erly Mine limited have h.-en in devcl-
" opmcnt,of t heir mine will now bcjusli-
fied, as nil who knew I ho properly and
its great sulfate indications thought it
the Wagnei g"oup at t,be head of Hall
creek, in Trout Luke division, in
wliich property he is * largely interested.    Hi:   i.s   iroing   in   lo' t,|,*nt the
season'- work 0:1 llu
t'p   iv li
icli ha.-
ilready been  well   opened   up   and do
into   a   pi onnsing    pioperly,
links that  but
a   little   v.
-. inie ivii
gh Trout Lake (!il\-, and  district
He Resigns.
Pel lev.
Standard Basin Copper Ore.
Tiik   Mai
L  lias  ohlaini
���d   ti
ie   a>s,'\y
results made froni souk
111 ]110  pieces
of rock from the cut in tiie Standard
claim in ' Standard Basin. The assay
gives K-J.73 per cent in copper, which
at 10c pel- pound givosa' value of $2122.
Fifteen per cent, is a. big copper prop-,
erly   a
id   t
its ��� copper   s^t rike   1
n   J3i
Lend is conseejitently of great piomise.
The gold content.; are small but it is
theie.'ind from Ilic indications   it-mav
ie   exn"(
irger   quantity  and
with   depth   the   copper   per   (���outage
mav   also   increase
a    big
tiling in Slaudard B isin and Trip Mail
conliC'cnl Iv direi ts al tention Lo it. '
In Favor of the Defendant.
ease o
'Piiiciit   has-   been   giicti   111 the
f W.   M.    J
irown    vs.
lis was an action to liaie it
declared that I lie plaint ill' was u paltrier in tlio St. Leon (springs, on Arrow
lake, and was tried before ?.Ir.'.Jin-tico
Drake at (lie last a*-*i/x-s. ]lis T/^rd-
sliip has given iu favor of (lie. defend-
ant ��� Mr. (Jmdv���- u iih costs. Mr.
White, Q. C, for plainiil!'; Clias Wil-
Kon, Q. C, and \V. Jl. Wliiilalan for
fi; that 1
through llio M.YtL, Lo ami:
has resigned lhe position of consulting
engineer lo the
iled Gold Mines
of British Columbia, as his time is (00
fully occupied to he able In reach and
r.'ptut on llu
liv W. Th
His I
company s    vaiious
Coraaplix Doings.
do not get away with the htisincs-.
There are several chattels fiom bnlh
end-, 11011 h and .smith, running t hrough
Lhe,Trout, Ltike country and'it mav
yet, (.is it i- uiuliuilitedly a great camp
and an important railway field) he the
scene of.a railway' building bailie, as
great a.s occurred in the rflocan. A
short connecting link between Lhe
wafers of Kootenav lake and I he U.P.Ll.
pi i-*cs Ifi.UJJ ai-i e--.
pa pei s speak well '"
:nded  'o-<;
Ail ol   the
ite'con - ;
lie co:
and tlie eastern paper
cles in praise  of him.
a jipotu; incut
ive long art i-
ie   ne
01 noi-general    s.'.nulil-  prove    p ijiiil ir
-n    !-���*������ t,
i;-i\\3le prc-
J.-lI    L\ ��L'..\lJ.
!!   fi!
��� T.ha
idic-iiCe ir.oroughiy   appreciated
and ca|)ahle, and will, if i.s hoped, 1
to I be standald set by the succe-.-iu-.i
of able men who have occupied the
vice-regal office before hiui.
Local and Personal Briefs.
*'   '*
critic in -ui
'ill t
'.iiii-   i'.i-;o:!i
I .VIS-    lo    Uii
for   the
ii-> crili-
ci-'iii of t lie iiiii.iti'iii' in   ! :i"-it I :c;ll,   ell
���uliii;i ur vo'*,il efJ'o: t,
li iinicli 01
iv.-eL cii.irit ihi -"ne-
in ll'.e t-a-e of lln-
o.'l the trie!*:. Ill is morning hy N '���
liiii'de or   Jriennng s  was
.v. 11
ll IC
the    II
J iv o.v ii:
-���'I ii, g:'
:ce given liy
���    t'.ti,')    on
The (1
t   at   Ci
Lirt   was
crali.in   is  e r. it e
v   fl-i
1 i'i v sli.ii t
and    rathe
r  "unimpo:
main system would be a valuable  rai
way proposition.��� Dr. Dawson  -aw  it
long   ago���'ind   from vcerlain 'rumors
going about it is  not,  unlike
Iv   that
ittle while 11 ill see it
The Railway Shops
the ne .v
ep.-tir .-lion*
Wo rl
and r
stoke,   <
which will hen but
will   begin   a
m   Monday   an
led til! thi-v ar,
d    b
t Revel-
.i.ly   li.ii.dii'.I
O.-toher next,   I he
verv ,-u'a,;, 1:1:1 11
the 0. P. ll.   will' hav
'-lahlialied  at
I!ove!-!oke    raihyay ��� interests     (hat,
many a young, city  would  give.l.nge
Jt!<Jire'Li,oiin   left   for   tlio   west   samo
day. v
, T.'.I. Lfiidi 11111, agent for the  K
fnav Siuelting & Tradi
ng Ci
i. toivnsito
j the ei itic (at ie i-l a- leg ml-.   I he plav)
a- il wa- m i-t m '.\t iri 1 is an.l dj--''rv-
ing of >iu -r.inre.l p.- i:; ���.
To b-'gi>nvii,h. il the |ierformers were
was in Reielstoku for a few d.ivs   this
J-j'A. I),jn:ietr, local lii.inager fi.ir
the L. lr. IL itd.U.F, company, came
from   his 'Trout   J/ike  visit   <>���>
iviiiir lo tne.' large   uicieaco   111
8. Wilson's tailoring osl.ah
tent   ne
has decided to   go   out   of'the   ready-
niiide clothing. '        <>
J. D. Giuliani, nun-igor of the Wav,
crlv and all iff I companies armed  rro:-.i
llip COHS
t Tl
Hirsdav, wiieie lie   was   (Jo-
111 a law' c.isn.
The  Prospector   of   LiNooct,    pub
a maleut - in   hi-ti i inie ai L  t
ul   ti-t
not m   m it toi- o
icy   were
,*, ;m   the
cm 1 e an 1   iiic.'i
amid v lost ili"d.
i: 1, on.' o
f  lb.'  pr.
i.i   th ;  jip-
i^.'.r.nins  was
concei'i, p.-u t in which' the Revelstoke
Brass B.iul :is-ir.t,ed. .Sp.'.'iking candidly t he cdiiceri, nnmher- though all
good, were not beard to Ih?>1 effect on
account'of  the .���ico'i.st.ii*   iiroperties  of
the   hall.
���t   t!
lev   were    si\
.'('t   and
pleasing I'or all  th it.    The  duet, "The
Childten - llo.n
ll' II:*.   Hi
printer   tripn
cl 'D
wa-   vi rv   sweetlv   re:
d   Mr.  S Hinder^
n?   pi'-'ce
wcluiimii   ad'iiti'in   to   tli'1
was ive.l rec
.-] ^tyl
veJ, as
ivered   in
ganerallv i*?,.
S   e.xcn-ingf
and -lie got a i'1'ry synip.t thetic. encore,
The Wisconsin aiid Mich
(ixcur.-i0iii.str.   nuuihfi ing
;-ui   press
to which she ie
g.io.laud Mi. 1.
n.i.'d.  The glet?   \v':ia
in;.'- recitarions a!.-o,
Siflncv   M. JiiliiiMin   retui'ticfl
nirsdav   having   completed    thr
sniwv'uf   the   ILnntur   ati'l   Ti
���Jolmson    is    the.   iispre
.sontatiic "of   the   Canadian    Mutual
vflopineiit    ' Cn
Toronto I'.'liich owns   a   largo   interest
in the alien e claims.
0. D. .Scott left heie Friday f,
or the
Sunset gioup with Mr. Parr,   i). L. S.,
and two minors to start operations   on
the chini
The foi
Fish   Ci
omuic bioire away 0110 day last  week
infl is no iv se.veial uiil.-'s   lower  cloivn.
might he usi
now   lor
��� I-
wlifio   it   is   much   needed
leie seems to he hotli piospcclois auc
speculators going into that p
disti id almost flail v.    ���
Pack   hoises
irt of ll
tioniises an
d   1
ong  tax  exemptio.is   to
ohlain.    Indeed, citizens of Re
can   verv
a si*    ihcuiM1.
t iii-
cpiestion if they had pa���i,\ely a'-cep
lhe dale ->'t hy the lieu tei. ml-go vei 1101 ���
luiic'd'   tor   I hei
r    11,
���ction whether ihev would
mn itctiia
in,1 likoh
have paid isiore for the  in.slallat ion   of
t hese shops Ih.-m I hey now have P   The
1   of
0.   P.   R.
executii-e   is   comno-e(
men and, ol i.iiir.-c,
aie   111   god'
.d   (1
thf.B davs a
it C
C.   P.    V,
il ice 11 is
h'an   tal
locating the line,  hot ween   Arrowlic.i
and Kf.uto;
lay jjii.-i-: aro iicarnn
os. rJewinan.
The New Opera House.   ���
The repni'i i- em-renl (hat a local
company is about io be f.uuieil fur ihe
purpose of erecting a brick   block lo be
and itlro.ady   the   townsite   people   an;
ig enquiries   about   town   lots  its
as   an   op-'i.i  house  and concert
tlicv iejali.se this is the coming town o
North Artow L-
Goinff to"'the Do-xs.
ill.   T
ha I.I
ie  site  seiecl
ia- iiceu
according  to
��� Tijk Mail,'
is the vacant corner   near  tl
The   .Mail's  Ott;
wi ires under ih ���  ah
wa   corif-ponelent
<��� T
ie tiaele
tuins fm  tho fiscal 1
_ car en
lieen ��� f ompleicd
fling J line
iri-e   brewery,     almost   <ippo-ile    tiie
Cowan lilo
he obtained lal
Furl her particul.ti.- will
Our "Tommies.
.'iOih.   Ii.nc
fm eshadiitved a i',-.i"k
a must giiilin ing   one
of  trade   a-   c hum it el   with    IHO
and 1S9
:o, 1 ho story is
'J'he incieasi.
I    I-
! ..I
��� 10,000,000,
/   11 as a wa y
thf id of any prcx i.uis year.      The iu
.ease   in   exports   of   1S9S nwr !S9i
Captain Tavlor  has  now  cninplei.ed 1 '*>
;2L7*23,G7S,   ane)     the   increase of
ard'.'il   lo   Coloni'I   Pet.
H.    imports for  ill
��   same   pei lod   l*. .*-
O. ('., the service toll ofthe Revel-to!,
3:5.").]71'    While  tl
inciease   11, the
they can net, a bonus or lax-exeinplion
lor putt ing I heir -lions ,iv!iere they for
a long l ime intended to put (hem on
ciin.-ideial imi of p.atis uf inch- own it
is in be expected I hat they would try.
The men in a huriy, who waniid a
municipal election bclore a provincial
one, got turned down, however, and
the-hops c.iine ju-t as the (J, P. U
intended they should municipality or
no municipality. .
An Anglo-Saxon Penny Postagj Rate.
'iie.ils of good v.'or!
iv 1 iles
the   M.ii
cm re-pom
often hiicome far uioic extensive
their promoters originally anticipated,
and I Im-. w u Iind, (hat although lhe'
fniperial penny po��lage hnnn   was only
ded tei
1 da v- ago. I hei e 1- ah eail v
oi   incl.iil
a st 1 Dili; movement iu fa', in'
g the Unit eel St
in   111
lOvetil- dei chip   rapidly  the-e  day-;  il
is onlv a vo.tr  sna-i
tangible .'Ind eoiiei ele  fur.11   lo   impel-
i.iti-.ni in ils highest sen-", only  a year
tlii-oUL?h Tuesday_ for  the   coast,
!3,'U ty incltided that   famous 'JJ.td
.lOiornor Peck of Wisconsin.
ex G
Mrs.   Coursier's
; irdfii   pirtv   wil
1  on
.hursflav  eieiuti!.
nl Mi-isiKno'Vil-'il, lumigii   her  elocn-
I tioun'-y -.-ti ie,   po-.-  and.    ge*-iiire   are.
a!! goo.!, ivas inl he-i'rd at all   iowardd
the ecu tie and 1 ear of Lhe hall. )
After an interval  of 2(3   minutes  for
-hmenls   t!,-.e   'ciirUiin     rose    on
juk; will he 111  at tend, inc, and   good
prograniiiies both nido'ii', and   ou
.1.     R'.'l'resliiiients
win he ,s;:.-ie,
id  '1
1')    ]),UI1S    wi
spaind io 11r1kfi.it a   complete   sjecess
Tickets will he for.sale 0:1 Mondd\
1 . imi !;up came  in   lrom
lately   retinned,   in
steid.ty    11101 ning.       J le
the Canadian
louto. to the Yukon which lie si\s is
 oale at all and now ahu'ist de-
set ted lo   nil,it    it    was   siiine   mndhs
1 el ri
,t M;
a commi'dietta   in
one   act.    Til"   oh.'ir.irU
from   which
t.he piece get- it.- n nil,' .was* taken hy
.Mi-. At !<.in.-o,i i.i a u-i.-iniier-which
made a sen-a tion a minigst tiieaiidieuce.
as well as in tne Oiinto.i tatiidv  circle
and won for ber-:lr gem
the i
xccllenc.'and   natuialne.ss  01   her
acting iu a   very   ciiiuult   to
ow-er too. wa- ca]
���apir-il. and -Mi. Siiaw
in t hi- part. dl*. ide.l  t!
ago 011  iicioniit   ur   lack   ,ut   tr.iu-p 11-    .. .(r| ,
latiou.    Outfits he lepot Is  are  selling
t lieie at, less than   they   cost   iu    \'a*i   I
coiner, :itifl ClenoraS popul.ilioi1  some I
���  honors of  ih\!
n-o:i.     Di-spite
.11 t m 1.11,11 1 -' alt* opt   Lo   picture
pii'i-r   wtlii
te  and   wretch'
he 1 iM'ii cd I be en I ire sympathy of Lhe
As   liilith    (.'linion,    Mrs.
2000  ii  couple    of   months
arn i\a- vi v
oo.l indeed and tic tod
rods now.
dwindled   down    to
The 1-
alleipd ;
as    11r1.11 v
rpsh^ t(u inn chin ch a
md re]
il'ter 1
j t,he du il pa: t. of doiiful daughter, and
j alTccI ionat.' wife very cleverly, 'depict-
! ing t he st rii.r<:u; of the  newlv   mairied
"'"'���s'l 1���.|
ween tin1   1
ind   new   mlluenci
laiierl was ic-opcnc
\l r.
on l
i As Mi
inevw oo..
tie   widow
I iionijjson pi each-
lei. Mr. Meuzies,
ed in the foi enoon,  1
the [mstor ot' the chinch, in  the   eieti
ing.    The'  mm mens   were   appiopriaU-
to the occasion  and   weie   listcnu.l   to
ivith atteiilioii hy  laigc congiegations.
The choir also i-f-iifieied   special   music
ins leu no one   ia  doubt   that,  the
object  of
-ea:v.i -v, a
s 'N
1 ���  pi'O.-.'CU..1
d it
witn  an  oarnettr.
I';l cuing
mill    services:
M r.-.
CllOl US,
.lefts     and
!>tiet [
tremeiy 1!
but pee it
feel.'d      ti
ii'en   e:.
sLre-sim;  to Xo. 1   co'.dd   he
it iv:
it verv much a
il      h
(.'nikei,   Wiio   wa-   e-icell'Mill1,
h   Our   Sii
at.'.i bv Mi. IV.itt.   who
ilear enun-
lo      and
Vail iind
cluii us,
\\ in initr
Cl.lt i.l'l   it'
ea -v .-i il
��� ut.
pri'-enco 1- very
I-   lli.-tloi.Mll'
. nthem    w ii n    -olo,
.1 in1.! 0.1 11
ad*.aulatre.', of.
��� leil's,    " \ Juilic
aiith'.'iu   with
I .at
(1      11
III   I fi lil'O   IV
.liv  ii:i:i;
since   the
came an aceompl
tmiliiatiou of tin-empiie he- |."Thf  fotindali m   of   the   .
1 lili.*.
t,i,'  11
i.i,    ci cditahlv
iv  in.
1 fact.
iXiiV even
lhe ,1:1-
t li:
lit- of   I hat   iiioveiiienl
1 tjin   foieiioul.    M1S.    L'l
the organ, in the   cvenin'
11   t
e*  av.'kwa
too circnniM'i'ihed   and "Anglo Saxon-
dom"' is lhe new term (L
-u't approve   the  term   iu   cnum
tion willi the United Slates and (ileal
fotiipany of ll.tC. rid.-. Ai rangem 'lit- i t-u-luiiis leienua is  a   sii'i-ianli il   one    iiiiinogeneini- ehai acler of I hel'or.iici'
Our Mines in the East.
The newspaper-* of Toronto are n^ain
paying con��iderah]e attention to lh"
mines of_\Vc.-l Kootenay, and (he
people of (biit city seem to be adding
extensively to (heir already large holdings of fvoolenay mining .-locks. To-
i'on(voniaiis have elosely ivalched the
progie-s of (|h> (leve]o|ini.'iif (.1 this
rli-lricl, and forseeiug a rising niirket
arc prepai ing In take ;idi anlagc  of il,
A Lardeau Bond.
'Twas ever lbti-1 On lhe llli in-l.
the Ijiirdeau iniuei'iil claims L'dmond
and Reatriee owjii'dby Uouchei Rros.
aiul Fiauk' Ptilliuer were bmifled by
Geo. F. Reers.of Nelsi.ti,' f(ii':;$iril),()W
tlie first paynii'iit of .which falls due on
'S'pteuiher ]s|. These .claims were
cl'.*-'(.'0vered ahiiul, .the end df J;v\i>  of
1111   allianee   on    accimu:,
Ol      III"
peci.iiar I 1 lh it i-
1 t::g person in a
pifhidi'd mi the, allsfiicu o
legal ir   ot gani-,1.'
f   Mr.   Ahlm
iirssi  I ea
>l .0,
Ll-I   I.
it least
ie    I'lriicn    11,
'dr.   L-
icry bandsoiiieli docorateel   and
much iiniiroied liv the aiteratim
iiuaiuli    the   pail,   w a-.
-pl.'tHlullv tl,! ",l a
'J Uli'i' the   butler.
tl!   it   M'as
11  received
bv   l!i<
ipprei 11:.,
L.d\p;\n Napping".
.\ci oriling to l!ie  \"a:ici'iii er   \*.'oi Id
a ii-'.i . i��'i
are being made   wilh   Mr.  Tapping  to j of $ 1 .P.:**'i.���_'<'..">, it,   is   north    1 eineiiihei
coiuplele hi- in'W opera   hollse   fm-   ��� |���. | iilg ��� hat the dlllies    haw.'    Iieeil coil-ill-
use of the company a- a dt ill   li.ili   and    "r,.hii    1 cdtit'fd.   mainly   (hiougli   1 li<- | sin^-li-  step   in   (lie   march  olpr.i^'.
armory.    The full strength of 111.* com- ' n|.etaliuns   ,,f    die   \<; f'ei fill i.'i I   t.u il!'. | L.,,, i,,,,.,. .^re.ilrr eff.-cl in  b, ingi ig tli       ���        ,(   .u
pany is-la ,-tll ranks; being.'! oHIcm-...'!    This 1,-ater figu'e dues   nut iiicltule Hie J ,.,���.,. |,,K,,||���.,. n,,.,M (|n-imi\ er.-.il ad,ip- , h,,,:j j,, ;,'(,���'( pli.-r-on.   Mi-tin,  f!,.-",i'.)    i.i',.t.'u.'',t"
sergciinl-', '.) corpocil-, J bugler mid :��"> , 1'eweipts from ihe Yukon, uhicli, v.lien j ,],,��� w-nliiii its limits of a   penny   po*-	
populalton, su a   si ill   broader  lerm   1,1
'  1
iieees-ary--l':ij) lo  cinijiiie   with.      ''>o | (],���   (j^ppn-iiimi   party   member-hip   1-
(livlib d   I rl v.i en Il.e  I'.'n  I". (b t.:l   pal*
lie.  a-  follow-:    Libel :il--.MciC"cl,iii",
nit !���_'.' be given
.1 '.   Tne evening
a   .
:  1;
A Business Change.
ifcc-i*.r-.l, will put it well over tin
.^.OOO.OOO mark J^oily ne'llions iu-
ciea.-e in triule in one yar   and   ''the
  j counlrv is   going   to   tiie   fli us   under
The M.WL takes pba-uro in ,,:i- |i|)PI...|' IU|,r*' With the inuiiorliil
pouncing that Mr. (',. F. Cutti- the; M.intalini ue would he inclined to go
popular   manager   of  The   McDowell. 1 (;, l|1(1   ...i,..,,.,;,-,,,,   l1()ii'.w,.w s"   if  lhe
Atkins,    Wat-fin   (.'o.   drug  -tore   hi-
11 ip can of.'   wiccoi)i|dished    under   such
purchased      that      company':,      lo.al    (l(.lMllit;i*_-ri���i,s conditions,
business and   -Lock   in   trade  and   will  _,	
hereafter conduei ii, in hi- own b.-iiair j Unregistered Voters.
iu    hand-miii!   new   quarter**    ia     lhe | 	
Taylor Block,   .Mrlveir/.i.*   Av.-nue.    It        All re-ideul-of ihi-   riding epialilied
is not neces-aiy to  a.-k   for  paiioat.fe    to vote but not  regi-ter.-d   mi ihe   pio-
for .Mr.   Curtis,   lhe  i-xce Ih-nce of   hi*- ��� vincial viae: - li-l, -hmihl lo-e no  time
stock and   his  11,1:1   liu-hie���  .p, liiti".- ; j,, gi-uing  (heir  names  placed   tliere.
litge rate, and, a- 11;i'- lieen milver-ally
.-ul mil led in the old country the pic--
-ure brought Id hear by our government was liic chief iuMiii'iicc t li.it won
the I'iclorv.
will   merit   reioguit ion.    II.
Th.-   pio.im'ia
lilieal    siltiiiliou    i-
a-si-taiit   ('(lining   from   the  ea-i   and ; iM-tm-bed,  a.-ul   however   di-nsjieeahle
will   adopt    a     thorough     -y-lun     of 1 ,-ni.il her election may be to liii-ine��� iu-
presci'iptioii checking, as employed   in ��� (et.-.-ts il is nut, perhaps, unlikely ihat.
all liirgi!, cities, t-iUiciiig mistake*; to   a \ \i n'layhave to come.   .IL .slimtld not, be
juiniiiiujai.    Hi' ivill also c'airy  a   coin- ! f(,i,*g.iiteny.either  that   lhe'   provincial
p.lel.(-:  line ; of  '-lat iunery,. hook-,'and : ]i-L is iiow the basis. i:,r the ' Doiiiiuioii
���n,,*sJ;;;'��f. '��;��,1,,.1i!.'-"<-"--';-Ml'-.-   l--��'-{i��:;.V,iI,-!fi.*mchis't. and',,   provincial   voter  I,,-
occupy h.'.S ne-W pt-eintsi'?. whn-h will be.; ���    ,       ,   ' ;-.-.-������
very   central Mnld   conivniunth- dis- ! ''""It'"i ;t f,,(!l'1'"1 ,v"'u'��' lf 1,1M nilll)''   '���**,
.pined, nexj week,,: ' ���' ���'��� i legislcr^d proviijc'mlly. ���-.
Card of Thankj.
'J'he Dram ilic Club i.'esiie to ihauk
the hand for their kind setiicef-i at (Ik
enlci (aiiiiiieiil on Thursday e veiling j
last, idso Mi. Kd win .Is, of tin! Victoria, I
for pio'. iding the litis fur u-e of li.itiii;
1!. lloMsoii iV Co., das. (Jd! .V (ai. I'm*
fin nil Die and cm talus for use on
stage, and I he ladies and gentlemen
who so willingly assist ed to make the
ei cuing such ii .success.
Marlin (Jiime-), Minim, Poi'-ii r, Kidd,
1),Mile and Ke|lie--H). Cui-ei'Vii I i ve- -
Neil, llelge.-on, K'inchaiil, llmue,
(Ir.-en, I'reiilirc. Ti-d'tll. Collon and
.Semlin-!).    Tola! V).
This World'statement i- noticeahl'
for nol liing moie Ihan il- incidental
adnil-sinii of goi "rnineiil defeat, giving ,'is ii, do,., ;i -traighl, oppo-ih-'ii ���
tola! of J') wilh Cas-iar unheaid li mi
and I wo iu(lep"i)df ids 1 el 111 tied.
The New Postal Notes.
lulu, ��� I"-.:
(*!u!i v, ;n !.
.. - g n ���:��� d opinion
i :. ,' v> a- i he nio-t
1 . v i!;-1 :n .lie iMii e;-.
. i! -. el-If'k-', a.id
���- !".'  ih1.'   I>. .1111 i.ic
*" , v. it'll iiitciect.
Dis.'iU';.:;...! Advice.
The (n i in' ��� lA ' '. ' ',' Jot:: nal. (Inde-
P 1, I.'i.' (" a - ' *. itii' ��� i 1 a j cent h*ad-
n. 1   1.
'... '(11 '..
,i,,'.   1 , , ,.
���   .1.'  u 1
1 ."  L. iii-li   Coluni-
i ,.<!    hi-   govcrn-
l. 1  ,: ii id meet, the
The New Governor-Ganeral. \.
Thi' T'airl of Miiilo's iippoiiilmimt as
governor-genera! of Canada has been'
.approved by ihe Queen. He w'lis liorii
in IS'15 and enfeied, the H/ots Guards
Oi'/iciids of lhe inonev older hi nu h
at Ollaua Iiiim' (onijileled ariamre-
inents for lhe e-lah!i-!imeiii of ihe
po-lal uole-y-ti'iii. and wilhiu 1 l��".*.
day-Hnee  deiiomi nat ions   will   he   on
hand.    Tlmre will he I.'i depot, ii:i.it im.-*    i��'-N^...i V.i ��� .. *��� ���.*.' *.-��������� |Mtr.mage
allogellu-r,: rangiii'g from twenty cent.s.   ���^,:.1
1,1-   ��� ���,'.  '. -.,;!! happen.  It
,. 1 !...���.!!. '. ; . ���: ,1   : :!. H -uppoi-t-
,,*-..  1 ^ -������  i ;    .'  ie "n!> 'i -. aud   is
.: I-11 1 . fi, i' . .i \ 11 !."> ' J :n I lie '^I'lier.d
t ;���-, i;. ���, -.. t,'. W ,1 I i, 1' i- th" be.-t .1
ci..! 1 I...1.' ,' 1  .a d     .*. in, !i '."ne,   to   the
.-.:i -o. ������>��� re-illt.
thi? self,.respect
and ili-cem-y !-.��� resylgn ,-it uin-e, Any ff
hi*, sioit.:.-���'���!<���: - Aviii'i' v,-'i!iie  responsible
.to five-dollars. Imi, <iwiug:yto   deliiy   in'':' ' "^p-] ":'-;;' ;>' ' j"
.priniii'iir ihem i.l.;.i's"-inipbssibIe.,(o  is-H.
all at the same lime.    Tiie couimj.-'.-ioii , ���������!" ���s"i ......
will   hedne'cent en   ..rdei-s  up  tf.   10   goivi-nm.-:.!. ai:/. y^AiiAt 01   the.sdvte
cents, two cents op to. $2.a0 and ihiXPAp^' P^x^- xAn y .grabber*' do
in 1807. ,'1-Ib served  with  the Turkish I ceiil^ tip to ^lj. . ������' '   ��� I !'l"li,la u pM'.in-.-v...
m PAGE 2.  THE KOOTENAY. MAIL.  .XTbe 1Rpoteiia\> fj&ail  3'UBLISHKD KVKISY .SATURDAY  " ���������AT���������,  REVE-.STOKE, B.C.,  ���������HY���������  ATKIXS & CA MI-HELL,  PCBLISllliKS AND  l'l'.OI'HIi:TOHS.  Subscription' Price, ' $2.00   Per    Annum  ' jf3" STJUCTI.Y  I-\*   ADVAXCi: ~'2i.  ADVERTISING RATSS.  COXTKACT AD'vKlt'J'ISKJIKNTrf inserted at  tlio rate; of Sl.aO ]ier eohnini inch iiei* month.  Korspacesof fix column ir.i;!ie=-uv-ovcr ������1  por inch per month.  TrAn'SJKXT ADVJiKTISEMKNTS 10c. per  line lirsl in.-i-rlion, nc. tier line oneli siili-se-  quent, inscrlinn. Tlio number ol- lines  reckoned by .-puce occupied, li linos to the  UKADIXG   NOTICES. 10c. per lino each in-  ,     scrtion,   unk'-.-  conlr.iilul  for by the UK)  lines. , .   ,  JOH PRINTING of every kind nl'mo-l reasonable rules and hliorli--l"ii(itice.  ACCOUNTS for job   priutim?  or  iidi-orti-,ing  1-livable on tho lir-t of every'montli.  COl'Jt'ESl'OXDKNCK on nil uinucr.- of local  or public inlerc-t in\ ilod and carofuli.v con-  uSidorcd.   All ooinmiinioiilion- lo the Eiiitof  miisi be ucoonipiiniod by llio name of the  writer, nol ncce.--,-ii-ily foi- iiubhoation, bul  '   ns nn evidence of tfoodfailli. ,  Addrc-s  Tin! Kootisnay Mail,  KeveUoke, li.U.  11KVJSLSTOKB, JULY HO, 1SUS.  o  It i.s lo be hoped thai the repoi is of  ���������an   early conclusion   of   the   Spanish-  Ainericaii   war     are ,   correct.      Tlie  Spaniaids .should iccognize  their   posi-  ' tion hy thi*- time; tlie. Uniled States  arc too many and too much for them  and they ail no lime of the contest,  were anything like as .ii-erl and now-  erftil ,'is their conquer eis. Rp-iin's attitude throughout was one of unreadi  ness and, lassitude and appeared based  upon the idea of an liurupcuii inter-  venliun, V.'iiicli   did   not   come, chiefly  "' perhaps on accoutiL of (.real Britain's  firm attitude. .Spanish piide is ii  rccogiiizjd'qu.'ilily and once in it was  expected her sailors and soldiers v. cm Id  fight well, and tliey did; better even  than could be expected, in the unfavorable-circumstances under which they  fought. They have. " iindicated 'the  national , pride   .sulliciently    and    the  (���������continuance of the 'struggle 'is noii^  merely '.suicide not''braver)'.' Peace  should be sued for  now 'and  Theie   i.s  , no reason to think thai other than  most magnanimous tci lis will bo offered    by    the   victorious   Americans,  , who have fought   the   whole  with eminent regard for humanity.  pretended that there i.s an abundance  of ore of such grade as. to maintain a  large plant, but there is every indication that such will prove to be theca.se.  Once transportation is had development will he pushed and plants will  follow. Ores will he treated, both hy  -���������anelling fur matte and hy previous  concentration. There are very clean  o'-es of mixed pyrites, chielly pyriti'  and chalcopyiite, that will carry S lo  12 per cent copper and low silica;  others of low pyrites and gangue, that  will form an excellent slag. Should  the coal, cm development," prove to be  of good coking quality and in sufficient  quantity, a plant with, huge capacity  will treat ore a.s cheaply .-is anywhere  on the continent. Even bringing in  coke al'a cost of $12 pel Ion laid down,  there is no hesitation in stating tli.it a  500-ton plant, two fhrnnces. u-ing  .-team power, will smelt at a cost, not,  (o exceed $2.7.) per ton of ore. This,  of course, will liroduci; unit te the grade,  of which will depend on Lhe degree of  concent nil ion.��������� Weekly Leader. .,  Ontario: in (his case the immigrants  do not appear to'have done well, but  the)* are now ananging (o move out  to the prairie, where, under more favorable conditions, (here is no reason  to fear that they will do worse than  their coinpaii iots.  Such then is (he leporfc of (he  inspector, as published in the Conservative organ. It is now in ordei for  (he traducers , of these people' to  show that lliosf now arriving are in  any way worse than Lhe first arrivals,  who are doing so well.    '  Much'has been made ,of the allegations (hat the government is paying.,  (hese Galicians .$.j a head, as an inducement, (o come inlo the country.  This is'absolutely false. The govern-  - ment is not and never has been paying  $5 or five cents to the Galicians nor to  any other immigrants. , "What has  heen done for'the la-t 20 years was lo  pay ihe agents of the Emopean -loam-  ship companies .a ������3 bonus foi every,  immigrant brought inlo the country,  Mine Fatality at the Silyer King.'  , i (  .John Oliver, "a miner employed at  Silver King, mine, lo.-L 'his life lasl  week ina peculiar maimer. He, in a  huriy to get through wit h the woik on  hand, went into theriniine tunnel too  soon after the previous shol, found'the  gas loo filing, so lie and his mate  named llarrin attempted to retrace  their step.-, but both fell overcome by  the fumes. The miners candle in the  hands of Olii er did not go out when he  fell uncon-'cioi.s, but, set, fire to his  clothes. He was found by the next  shift, going on. Di.Fdrin was notified  and left'about 10 p. m., but (he pool  fellow died before the doctoi arrived.  The lemaiiis will be senl-cu-l lo Iron  ^Mountain, Mich,, where he leaves a  family to mourn his loss.  struggle  ,    ,.   GALICIAN IMMIGRATION.  A Eew Facts ancl Figures of Interest  About It. '    ��������� .���������  t '       i t (  Willi a pei.-istency worthy of a heller cause, a,section of the conservative  pi ess is pounding away ill t lie department ('f the interior on account of the  number of Galicians who'are coming  inlo the country. These paper*-, declare with more regard to the pictttre.--  .o'ucuo'iS than lo lhe accuracy of theii  statements,- that I hese 'people are thu.  scum of the earth if not a little worse;  'thai Ihey are bejng driven from their  own country by the, authorities;' that  Ihe government is paying them $5 a  head to come to (Janada; that'they are  bringing moral, menial'and physical  disease with them; that already other  set I lets iu the .-eelion where (hey are  lucated'ar'e.complaining of their' lawlessness ' anil    l.t'/anes.-   and   that it   i-  *' '  only ii question of t hue   belore minder  and   ar-am.   robbery  and   rapine, with  every   other   known   form   of lawlessness,    ancient' and   modern,     will    be  rampant   in    eveiy    place   wheie .the-  Galician- are locat'-d. :  Carefully collated and placed consecutively in coldtype, thi- siring of  i*harg"s and pi ophe-ic- looUs mi absin d  and   pivpo-terou>,      that,    many   will'  deterniiniiiing the   undoubted   loyalty ' doubt i> half-of them uc-eei er jttte'i ed [  of the.-whole of   the "meinbeis-elect   u, | heiore: but the fact i-that, is not .m,-  , ���������,, . i*       ��������� ' halt th" non-en-"  tii.it   ha.-   he.'ii  pub-  the party.     Ihere   is   no  di-union. no; ,     .. . ,     -    ...   '    .  1       * .       ' lishi'd.    Now U hat a: e toe facts.-     \\ e ,  disloyalty, and every moie llie   beaten . ^ .��������� qu;mi f[fi,n t|u, M|l[,   uul   ,.;,������������������-,,,, _  The   recent   caucus", cf    opposition  members elect     and    supporters    was  titnely'and   useful.    ,Tl  sen ed   to   in  trud'uee to each other men   fresh   willi  election memories   from  all   out   the  province iind the'ad vantage   iu   securing a discussion   cm   mailers   political  'and general was very great  indeed.  It'  was very useful in obtaining conceited  and determined action in   maiteis , re-  luting to the pi'escnt political situation  which is of   such    a   character   th'at  every move must be  met, even'" aniici  pated, and   it   was useful "above all in ,  hot neither (he immigrants nor the  companies themselves have received  one cent. Even this grant, inaugurated hy their predecessoi s, has been  stopped by the government in the case  of the Galicians, and no doubt those  papers that have so persistently published! he mis-statements will as i eadily  give publicity to Ihis correction now  thai it  is brought lo (heir notice.,,  Another misconception that is likely  (o   arise   from   the   persistence   wilh  which   the Galicians   have   been   .signalled out'for reprobatioiris that none  but the Galicians have- been coining in  this'h-ason.    The latter  letinns   made'  ('up   in   llie, immigration   department  show   (hat  the casov is far   (illi<'r1wise.  Froni .7;iiiiiar,y ]sl, to ' May oOth, 10,111  immigrants have to rived in   Winnipeg  foi, de-l illations  in, Gamma;' of  these  only 2,:;07 Mere Galicians,   while' 2,301  were   English,   Irish   'or   Scotch'and  2,020, from   the' United   Slates.',  The  total immigrants for  the  fi\e   months  more than quadrupled that of the same  period last year and is moie than eight,  times that of ISI'CJ, but   the  number'of  Galicians is  actually  HI  pel   cent less  than it. was in 1S'J7.  The gieal increase  is in the  Anglo-Saxons,   of  whom   (he  arrivals were IJ times as  numerous ,as  they were'up to the end of -May.   1807.  The number of entries for free homesteads is also a good indication   of  the  calibie  of   the, innnigrnils, 'and   here  too   these   much     maligned   Galicians  show  up  well.'   Jn   1S07" 338  look  up  homesteads as againsl 3G3 Engli.sh and  101 from   (he   United  Slates,-out of a,  total of 2.-JC0 entries.    This  year-up, to  May cOlh, the Galicians have made 23!)  entries .-is against 170  in  English  and  200    from   lhe United States.'   .Indued  therefote, by   llie  latest and   most   reliable return.-  if"the  Galicians'are  so  shiftless   and   la ivies-, what  must 'the  I,English ;ind Uniled Stales iminigi ants  i be ? '      '  Seasonable Goods  ;  'Lawn, Mowers,   Ice  Cream Freezers,,,  ,    Rubber Hose, Lawn'  i  Rakes,Garden Hoes  Builders' Hardware  1 A Specialty. All the  latest novelties in  House   Furnishings  BY THE CANADA DRUG  and BOOK COX^ss^  M.LAW  | REVELSTOKE STATION *  The Quaker Bath Cabinet  ias.  Prices From 15 Gents up.  This is a rare opportunity to get reading matter  for  your  hojidays. ', ,        ~_^���������^=-        -  ���������     ���������      '    -       ABRAHAMSON BROS., PnoriiiKTons.  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I in'!''   air   'XL   laioilii���������   W I."  hail p'.i f li i*���������'���������<! lot-. ,i^ii f.i. in - a '. .'i1 lyiiij.' ,  .so ,ni ('���������* per .a mill*.    They a: >��������� ,i h.ippy (  ,1'ifl   rcul''III''il    (if.'|j! *.     o'.VIiitil.'    ito( ll  ('(illll'ol l.llib* Ii'ili.o-i, ( 0't.ll(l"'ll'"l-  .i.il'h--., hoi-i'-. (-..iiii*. pit;-.(I'd ponliiy,  ,111(1  ,1  f.r"o(l  Slipplv of 1,11*111 lllipil'llil'iil -.  Th-'i .��������� ai .��������� I'oni   -imilar .-"I < i<-nejril -   to  if  -nr\  [ raoing company  W". ha-.'c:   the   finest   property--business  and  I'l'.'.l'.l'T.L, li  ]J\'  REVELSTOKE,  o  on'1 of tip'  most  soiid,   pn^'ressive  f)C'rii'j. lowii';, in W'e^t Kootcnay.  ancl  pros-  1I-, in llie iii-i-^hlioi'hofid of   Winnip1  with   l."������  lo  *Jil  iia\e   in   li",ir!;.'  't llf'il'jOW 11   f.ll'lll**  I 11,'it   I lic-r   -*'-t i  tillllll'1-.    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The  JUSTICE DRAKE'S DECISION ON  LOCAL MINING CASE.   '  Sunshine and ^Cunningham and  MeGuire ��������� Story of the Case  Contained in the Judge's Decision  ���������Question of Establishing Trust  in Mineral Claim.  Saturday Mi: Justice D:-age gave his  judgment in the milling action 'of  the  ' Sunshine' Limited vs. Cunningham  and .MeGuire and the cross-action. The  facts are fully set out in the judgment,  >   which is as follows:  Tin-company above mentioned aie  ��������� llu-ViVx-neis of the Silver Cup mineral  claim, and a group of claims called the  Sunshine group' adjoining. Between  the Silver Cup and the Huron there  existed, although not known but, suspected, ;i fiaction of land 'untaken up  on   which   the   company    had   erected  ( I licit* buildings. The defendant MeGuire wa- the gcneial manager of lhe  company's mines, and the defendant  Cunningham was foreman of the niin-  ''ing operations. On the 12th of July  Mr. Wat den, a mining engineei, engaged by' the company, arrived? and  according to his evidence he was instructed by MeGuire to see if there  was any fraction lying to the west of  the Silve;"Oiip and il* so to have it,  staked out. for the company. Having  received these instructions he saw the  , other defendant. Cunningham and they  ''went' r.p   to   the   place together and  staked out 'lhe Gold Hug asli   fraction.  ���������ti      <  (The evidence I refer to later on.)  Warden had no , niine,r.s license ana  and could nol therefore locale the  claim in his own name, and Cunning-  ham's name was used. . It appears to  ' be the practice, though not required  by the act, to place on the ])o-.ls(ithe  number of the, mining licem-e of the  petson locating,, and this appaiently  was one reason why Cunningham'*-,  name was used, as hi* had his license  with him. I* may heie slate that 1  give full credence to. this account*'of  the (inns-action in preference to that of  Cuiiniiigh.-iitiV. Oil the lath'of July,  Cunningham, who had been notified  that llio services of foreman would not  out.    MeGuire denies thi-*, lint Exhibit  "Jl" uiateii.illy weaken** llii-i a-wcrtion,  as he there  Miuge.-a-.  to   McNeill  that  Warden should Iind this out.    He due*;  not   say   (hat   he   had    so   fh-trucled  Warden,   hut  he   was   writing   to  the  head manager, and,if he was  then unaware of Warden's action he piomptly  drew McNeill's attention   to  the fraction.    Cunningham when spoken to by  WaVden   said   thu    same,   should   he  staked out at once in case any one got  an inkling of  the  matU-r and  got   in  ahead.    They  then   went  up   the. hill,  and Warden took his l.-ihoivr wil li hi in,  and the ground was located  and Cunningham's name was pnt   on   thi.'  po.-l  as he had a  miner'.*-  licei.*���������*(���������.    Warden  candiclly  admits .that  there   was  not,  any statement made that, Cunningham  was merely staking for  the  company,  beyond what he had stated at the outset, but he says the whole  trend of the  conversation   was   iu   that, duvcli-'.n.  Both  Fnm-11 ami   Dunn, 'directors of  the   company,    insti'iicted    defendant  MeGuire to stake the fraction  for the  company if any mineral was  found   in  il, and,it apparently was in   pur-ma nee  of these instructions that McGitii i", instructed   Warden, tu   gel,    lhe   claim  taken up.    Cunningham   denies   Warden'.-, statement and says lie staked on  his  own   account, and  a*-ked   Warden  to assist, him a.s a  friend.    I   have  already   .stated   my   opinion    that   this  witnes-'s evidence does not impress me,  and I( think the fact that after his discharge was given,' he should, on   the  lath of July,  come  hack  and  restake  th" claim, and alter  the post*;,   appar-  ently under'the belief that by so doing  he could avoid any claim the company  hiid and hold it independently of I hem,  i.s strong corrob.-Uive  evidence,, of  the  cm rectness   of .Warden's . testimony.  None   of  the cases cited  are  exactly  like   tin*   present.     The   'majority  of  tbelli are  cases  where  land   lias   been  u I  conveyed for a particular object, not  expressed in the' conveyance, and  ,-ind where lhe pi.until! had a primary  interest iu the land which the defendant, by setting up the statute sought  to avoid. ^ Here the  plaintilfs , had   no  I^cVelstoi������c_-_-Hospita 1.  MaU'rirt v ward in cunnei '.:.*,*].  Vaccine kept on h.uid ....  i    Drs, McKcohaio and Jeffs,  -  Aiteadaate.  QR. MALLOCH,  &<, if3   v.  H  a  V  il    ^^T/^VD^'i?  RS2=33  ���������>c=r.-3  -=-   Physician and Surgeon.  ������i3iiDi>2:o Avea'-ie,  liDvolstoli^ S. C.  JAMES MURPHY,  B. A.,  Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.  Oi-tick Cow.vs Block,  REVELSTOKI, D. C.  P. 0. 13:>x Ifl?.   ' '  ifr-ecl JJobiiison, Proprietor.  a   i  lioiis'li and Dressed'  n  H 9  U %J- ML Bfl  K  .Lath, Shingles, Mouldings, Finishings  V.  rr. riOLDicii  UT BATES ��������� FOR SFO^  i>>aj &  Analytical Chemist and' Assayer,  NELSON,   B. C.  Assays of every variety of ininciv.l.' >  Analysis  of milk,   water, or other materials  used for food.      , , ������  Prompt Results. Prompt Cr.s*a.  in  1*  LVieuarcv  U)T  Wholasala and Retail  ���������BUTCHER'...  ii    il  rioif-tiir  .,   n   XIC2L-&.Z  ..W. Frewing & -Sons..  Plain and Ornamental  1     be reqniced  any  luiigei.on   that day  . "'alleicd the No. 2 po.-t, and  cut oil? the  writing on Nop. ] and 2 posts, ancl .rewrote the particulars required '.by   tli������-r>  act, and on the 21st of July he recorded  the claim in'his own .name and 'subsequently he's-old halt' to MeGuire. '  ��������� A great part of the  liiiildinij-s  of the  company aiv on this claim, now known  as the Gold I3.ig. and some  portion   of  the waste dump from the  workings of  ihe  'company   on    Ihe     Silver    Cup  have   fallen   on   the Gold   Bug.   The  plaintiff company's contention   is  that  in staking outthc Gold Bug Cunniiig-  -*   ham did mi as an agent of I he company,  and that it, was a fraud on his  part  to  treat the clain'i  as  his'own. after  the  instructions he  had  received   through  Warden.    The defendant's'answer  to  that is -section oO of  the  Gold   Mining  Act iind the Statute of Frauds.    Here  ���������the only document in writing is a letter  diiled August 2t, ]SOT, leturnin'g a   bill  of sale of (life  claim   sent to  Cunningham by i\lr. (Jubhard. the solicitor  of  the  company;   and   iu  (hat  lettei   he  seems to admit that some negotiations'  were pending about the. claim, hut he  refused to execute the  hill (if sale  enclosed  for  the   present.   This   is   nol  ; such  a document  as, will  satisfy   the  statute.    A trusU-niay be created without writing, but it, must be  manifested  by some writing that there, was such a  trust.'   (Foster vs."'Male, 3 Vos-OUO.) Hi  inv opinion no trust can he established  .fiom this letter.'   To render a writing  available   it'must  be   certain   in   its  nature and object.    (Morton   vs.  Tew-  iii t, 2 Y.  it U. SO.)   Then   if   no  trust  can   he. proved   to   comply   with   the  statute, the company contend that the  defendant Cunningham is not entitled  1  to  set up  the statute of frauds   as  a  shield to protect himself  from   (he  effects of his 'own  fraudulent act.   The  - authorities in support of such  a  proposition are iiiiineroti?, and ;i re collect ed  in re Duke of Marlborough,  1801, 2 ch  1UH.    In Rochefoucauld   vs.   Uonstead,  1 eh.. 1807,  at, p. 2U0,  Lindley,  L.   1.,  summarises the law in this way: "It. is  established' by r a  series of cases  that  llio statute of frauds does  not  prevent  the proof of a fraud.    It is a fraud on  the pari of a person (o whom  land  is  conveyed as a trustee, and   .vho knows  it was so  conveyed, to deny tin;  trust  and  claim   the   land   himself.    Consequently, notwithstanding tlie  statute  it is compel cut for a  person  claiming  land conveyed to another, to prove by  pai nl  that   it was ������o  conveyed   upon  ti list foi that claiinanl,  and'lhat   the  guarantee, knowing I he facts, in denying  the   ti'tt-sl,   and   relying  upon   the  torin   of conveyance  and   the statute  '���������in order   to   keep   lhe  land   himself.'  Applying this exposition of the principles of equity (o   the  exihling  circum-  hlaiices il is necessary for (he plaintiffs  to show that  Otiniiinghani located   llie  claim for  (be  company  and   at,  their  request.   'J'he evidence on this point is  as follows:    Warden says thut in   consequence of.instructions  from ' (he  defendant MeGuire lie saw Cunningham  and told him there was ii possibility of  the   camp    site   .being   'on  unslaked  gt'tmiul, (hkI, if ao to sec it \vtid -Ktakt'tl  such primary interest.    The  land   was  not theirs and they could   only   obtain  iin interest under the Mineral Act   and  there was no necessity for the claim to  be't.-iken up iu  any  other  name  than  that  of   the   com pa 113*.     But,   in   my  opinion (he  principle  on  which   these  cases have been decided i.s equally  applicable ,iii   the.   present    imp    The  ,slaiute   declares   that  (here   must   he  some writing signe'U by the paity .who  declared the (rust, iind  the.  court   will  take hold of acknowledgements by   recitals in  deeds, affidavits,  and   haters,  in order to  establish, the   trust: and [  can Iind no case  win?re  the  trust and  the inanifi station of it hoth^ being   by  paiol were held valid.  Cunningham,   when     he   made  the  affidavit iu order, to obtain the  recoid,  knew that the .buildings  of  the  Sunshine company  were  on   I he land, yet  'swore (hat, there were no buildings  on  the fground,   and   was   content,'as  lit'  says, with a-^verlial   explanation   from  the recorder1 and   that   the ,recorder  said'it. did not. matter.    Under the circumstances,   as   Cunningham   has  no  right, under section'12 lo take up  land  on which buildings aie erected, the defendants , Cunningham   and   McGuite  are entitled to succeed to' this, extent,'  the Gold  Bn������ fraction must he limited  to tlie ground outside of  the  land   occupied   by   the   Sunshine    company's)  buildings,  and   tlie curtilage   thereof,  and the  record   must   be   altered-accordingly.   'They  are also' entitled lo  an injunction to restrain the deposit of  waste upon tlie lands of the Gold Bug.  Tliey are not entitled to 11113'  damages  for none have been proved.    The   Sunshine coinpiiii3r, as against'the  owners  of tin; Gold   Hug,  are entitled   to pos-  sessioiMif all the buildings which  were  erected pi im* t'o the record of the  Gold  Bug claim, together with the curtilage  therein.    Tii.i  Sunshine company   are  entitled to the  costs of  the  action  of  Cunningham vs.  the Sunshine  up  to  the trial, lis their actioii'Iwas   for   trespass in not removing the,buildings and  for limber cut in which] I hey   fail, ,-in'd  Cunningham and .Mi-Guire are entitled  to Lhe costs of lhe act ion  of  the  Sunshine  against   themselves,    including  the trial, one sel of costs  to   be Set oil'  against the ouber.  M. \V. Tyrwhitt Drake, J., .Mr. A. E.  Mi-Phillips, counsel for the Sunshine  company, limiLcd. * .Mr. XV. White,  Q. C, counsel for the defendants Cunningham and MeGuire.  asToering^ -  Stone-and, Bri'cl  DE.VU2K IN  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  Driving and Draught  Horses.-'      ��������� "  Revelstoke Station,  -A.   SPECIALTY^  Ifcoptenatf tffrail = =* =* IRevelstof  lfft-<������  *X������������.'������--*a/������  Second St., East English Church,  LtEVJSLSTOKE,',        '   - 'B. C  AND  ,FRED. m.,WELLS, Mine.Examiner  J. R. HULL & OO.  Wholesale    and,   Retail  BUTCHERS.  Purveyors of High-class Meats  .* REVELSTOKE, B.C.  All orders in cur line will be promptly  attended to.  <(  a  (MO I no  i nyr  PAbsrSb, Lint  Shortest and, quickest loule <���������  To Yukon and Klondike  G-oldfields      .  Eastern and  European Points   ������     .  Pacific Ooasb, Ohina,'  Japan and Australia  Tourist, Cars  hw Bevelstoke  Daily to Rt. Paul: daily cxcupl. M*ciltic-:liiy to  Kn.slci'ii'iioiiu*'.   "Rlucia.v? nail iliniiii; cus 011  all  tvalns.    Ticket-* t.-aicd  tlnvatyli ;eu!  h;ig-  tjil;.rc clicolC'-d 1,0 clor.1 inal inn.  Daily   trains  from   Itovulsl'-.k'j ���������-Si'illjoiiml,  7.1!) ii. 111.   Wcsl-bonnd. .'i.*.M pan.  I   ' Coniicctiuiis  willi   lCoitciiay points���������Ijctvo  ��������� liovulstnko  S.ti'J a.m.     A.'-ivu   Kovolstoko ,il  1.3t! p. 111. , .  Ifor iiu'oi'innlion, rule-*, tinis c.i'.'.U, map.- And  ticket*, apply 1,0     ���������  ��������� T. W.JJItADSTiAW,  .\gunt, lluvolstokc, oi*  W. l'\ ANDl-IRSON'.  , Ti-avullins I'.ss-en^ei* Agtnl, Ncl'.on,  E. J. COYLK,       -      ,  Dibtviu'. P,*.-*scnjrci,.A;,?cnl, Viincniivo".  The ��������� present, centre, and future  headquarters' for  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA."  The Fruit Season  MB  iaoaaian  Is beginning and everything in the market fresh  and sound ' may be had of  hison Sz Go.  Front St., Revelstoke.  Ijirtauloill  iJ  - raemo  CoVs  -rj'r-s.iriZ33'3-  R033I.AN0   nnd   KOOTSNAY  Mvo Amnvliond il.iily for all points iii Ivnol-  cn.iy, ni.iUiiis  r.  All work  done  in a neat and  workm.'inlik aiiiiei', and hy  expi'i'ienci'd mechanics onlv.  Only lirslrelays material tt-eil.  Estimates at, sluirtest notice.  E, C. Fromey,   Revelstoke, B.C,  The Crow's Nest Railway.  Work on the construction' of the  Crow's Nest Pass railway, between  iMaclcod, N. W. T., and Kootenay lake  is progressiue- rapidly, and the indications are Unit the mad will be completed to Kuskonook early in the  autumn. Track laying has hecii/t'cnui-  pleted l'l fun ilacleod Wesl wai d lo Elk  River crossing, a distance of 111 inile-  IVoni lhe fonner place and 13S milch  from Ivooten.iy lake. It will thus he  noted, says the Ho-jsland .Miner, that  the line is supplied wilh steel a little  ovet half of (he entire distance. Between Kttskonook .-ind Movie lake the  woik of clearing, grading -uul pivpai-,  ing for the .tracklayeis is well ii cl -!  vaiiced. It is said that, contt acts have  been made to deliver unlitokon carload  lota iii JCootenay overt.li's route by the  itiitUlle ol'ncxl October,  R. HOWSON & CO   Furniture-and  Undertaking.  Repairing and Upholstering Done.  __ 'Wjvrelioii'sc' in connect ion for -.toniKo  of family .-iiiil 01 tierfiirnit nrc. trmiUs,  etc., at jjionllily oi' otli<-i* rates.  -\gcnt.*. for I'-tyniond Sewing .'Mii-.-liinf.'S-.  Revelstoke Station. B.C.  unniiculioii ct Xiikii*.,*. for  all points on Kuku-s]) and yioc.e.i l.y. and  Slocnn Lille. >  Closo coanection at Robson for Kelson, lunlo,  Iin 1 foiir. Pilot li.iy. Trail, Uo.^land, Xortli-  port iind all points south.  l*'oi* full inforniiilinn, Liok-.'(s,  inapsi, t'tc, cali i  on ot- iiddros--  T. W. BRADSKAVV, '  A^ctit, iiuvclstoUo,  Or to  \V. K. ANDKIWON', K. .1. (JOYI.K,.  'I'l-iiv. I'll*.,. j\;;:;nt, t).'nl. I'.i&s. /.Ken!,  Nol .iin, II.C. Vancouver, 11.0,  Columbia & Western Ry.  Time Table. No. li.   .'"n la!<e ell'oel, Nov. ->2 IS!).'.  Il.iily liclweeil T-.iil ami ilo���������lnnd.  wcs'ruot'.vii. i:.\M*iior.vii,  Nn. .'1 No. .1 Nn. I. No. '-��������� No. I Nn. (I  1.5:1:5 ., il:iii...)!i')ii.*if)N.. .���������.'ilHll .. Ill.Ti  I7:0'J Hull) '.'1:1.5.,.. I'l.'AII, .. .):���������:���������',) !J:,5.1 1:1:1,5  1,5:1.5 'JJ.'in. l!t)rf-i|j.\NI)..l lllll,|-.';in 111.  Nh'h I und - eonicel willi O.IMI. iniiln line  iteiiinor*. and Lr.iiii-i lo and Irani Nclioil nl  Uol.-i.in.  Sn'* ,'1 uiid I are loeal trilins between  Tr.iil  lUIll HOn-illtllll,  Sij'h ,5,'iiid (Inreloe il triiln-. Ii.'l ween Trail uinl  Itobsoii. No. 1; eoiinueti \vil.!i (ciiii No. I from  liii.-.land.  Ocnornl O/Il.-t,.: I-'. P. (lUTKhllTS,  Ti'.iil   H. O, (ii'llenil .-jinil,  NTAGES  It is the centre of the Lardeau mining district.  It will have' railways to  the north and south.  Its climate is superb. ���������  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmili  in operation providing  lumber at reasonable  prices on'the spot.  Its    lake    aiiords    ex-  ROUT LA'KE CITY  .is reached bv rail from  Revelstoke to Arrowhead, 28 ��������� miles ; thence  by steamer, io miles', to Thomson's Landing; and a short  stage of 12 miles; the entire  journey occupying only 6 hours  through magnificent mountain  and lake scenery.  Well-known mining promoters and capitalists already  have their representatives on"  the ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to say that before another six"months Trout  Lake Citv will be a bustling-  centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden,  Lardeau, ihe new centre of attraction for the best mining  enterprise, skill and capital  which British' Columbia has  magnetized within her ..borders.'  Th  disti  climate  ,11  ceptipnally good trout!:1'lCl^'hbo,'I'ooc' a'i'*Ji'd:> .U'.'.me  fishing. j  It has 'a crown grant, pur-.  chasers of lots thus ob-;'  tainiiig an absolutely!  clear title.  J.  Kernaghan/--^  Contractor and Builder,  Ollleo and Wurk-iliap  0|>|io-.ilo Court I louse,  REVEL.STOKB.   2.  C��������� -4  J'lnii--.   s-jivilk-iilioiiM   and   usIIiiiiiicm  (;ivenoii  i.ppllCill k n.  Tito litrgesl stuck in llio dii.lriel ol Mnwa, Win-  iIowh, Hraeliel'., Tnrniii'^. Mouldings, Ha-e  CiiHingti. ICiln  Dried  l''!oor,ii',',  Ceiling and  ii-ado l-'inisli i-i nou- on  liiui-l, and  will  lie  sold atpriuci neve1' before (|iiot"(l.  md soil of the  net arei a!I   that   could   be  desired by therancher.gardencr  ;or   fruit   grower    for    whose  ; products a profitable ar.d rapid-'  ,ly' increasing   market   exists;  whilst to   the   sportsmen   the  ^.uiie in  , plenty.     ,  '1 he accommodation includes  good hotels, stores, posi office,  recording ofike, butcher shop  and many private residences.  Building operations are in  full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill wil! tend  still more to enhance the immediate growth of this rising  town.  PEOPLE INTENDING TO BUILD  Should sec l.ctnbkc Urn-., before lolling  colli:-'iel. All v,ork done in ;i work-  ninnlike manner. K^liin.tles ;,'iven and  ji'iin.s ]-.rc]),irc(l on short notice.  Lembke Bros.;  Contractors  and   Builders,  nr.ST ST.,  '        UEVELSTOKIv STATICS'.  '������=02sas>  Cycle Depot.  I'lini]!-*. Liiii|H. Mud fiiinids, Tire,  (inner .mil imlcrl Valvc*������, B.iskcl  Cirriei*-. L.td'n-s' Skirl Holders, J'i-  c.U'Ic l''i.\lnro of nil kinds.  <^BE^REPAlRiNU  Ooile on ���������'liorl not ice.".  Dicycies for Hire.  R. M. BMYTHB,  ���������   ,       ' Third Street.  ,     ' UUVIiLSTOKE, U, V,  00  PBIOES   O^1   LOTS.  Inside, $100; payable $33.33 down, $33.33 in 3 months, $33.3  in 6 months,  Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $30 in 3 months,   $30  months.  (These prices are for a short time only.)  T. L. HAIG, Rkviclstokk, General Agent.  HUGH McPHERSON, Trout yLAiavCirv, Resident Agent.  ih   6  Subscribe for the Kootenay". Mail, ���-,;. i''.:"��-
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fioiil,.AIbet'U Canyon Thursday.         ,     a,   :   '  ...*.���.'.                    ,- ���    '       .:,.-���,     ,Tv .,���,,.,..���' ,.,.    ,-:,: --���'' ,-n    P ���/'   ���"...'��� '���'���-..;',' ^ '��� ���     ���������:'|-,   >.",  ,���
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tion ot the   railway   shops,  Mr.   .(..i-ohs;-i        ���,���.,,          .   y      ������.,.;.                 :..'     ,.,:'-   '.. ' :,,,'-. -i ,.'. ,:" '���''.-'���'.-��� '      ':   ���         ;���������������   '-.:;..-'���/
the coriipii'ny'.H   doetor, ' svill   bavc   bis'.' ".QJo C^l'l      Ci''TTi /"i      "^"s'Y~s���="���-"J��C? i
hriii'.ntiartei'H   here   iind    the   com pan v. ;. .'            ��� ���    ,                                      ��� ,.     .���     ���,.--.������.���*
will, probiibly, have theil' own   liosji'it:,
here also. '      , ��� ,--^=   ���,
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Ui)t:r:;��� ���titAicA' i):V,iiMiiij;s.  I i!->-;i!Vr-.  1,.,11.;,: <.-;���-������'
hand:..-! -i in-.-r.���Iinu'kf.l \: t.fk. Xt.ui-��� f.ir..       ''������'
iy.,;"',; *, .K,����iiiLSTOKE];..iBTAT.IG^,'��� B.yG.; ;y,i;yy ��� Pi
till   and   vPnA/lpxiiPn/p,; (p'<.:fcoAUnpx. i������'������.:. Good   .stock   and
V'V   XIXK  UfiOM   lioi'riK  uii.h  Itnl.hroaio. i An tho. latest ms.ch5::c.y,y
A\_   l.iil..-t,s, hot, a in I eoltl iviil.or; elv-l rie'liithte.l
sliyiisi). ma:!.:e.yy -.: P)a]ac !"jia.(.l''���',s and ready -mades. ���
������'-" i" :S'3SDI] ���Pip/PPPE') : cioOID'S, P]'pP.
ami   I'nriiiice ��� healed;   Nev.ly  lini-ih.'.-d   uiid   ill
KoodylocfUioti. "Apply ai t.l.i-i oHlce i...r term,*.
ISS SORLKY,;���>*.
��� '"'..   ���    X/i:y .Inlln'on iiici v:~cim'in-.i:-::
' ^jAi^ar'it^)^' .'���.'',.���'    ,
Ni.-iir A. Miinlniiiihl ?f ('.,.���.������ -.v.-'.r'. h.','w:\ ���..
Tr^itrw*^. r.yatnrt > *,mw*n*g ��M*ttw 11 v��� ��"-*i��
The best iquippedystablesiht
���       horses always ready.. v;y.:yy::.yy::ii-:^'a,:Cy.y-, ^-yy-..:y/-^^y^yAyi'y;':':yvo'.y:''y
Klonkike Outfitter.
ITahcouver B. 0
We'.liiive  li'tiyyiiiiiiioiise. .stock' "of   m'iiiei'^'. ������iiiirl" prospectoivs'    supplies,'',"'.picks,-;'"(
shove|s,y gold'pans, pack,straps aiid iswlillps, dog liaiiiess.;aiid  .slei'gbs,"   ..
", teiitw,,river  boiiin,  tdeel  stoves,:, ulonyils, ,kii<ju'" sIk'jos- -rifles', etc.,. etc' y:i'
Wrileyus.f()r.litbogrii'].!i('d map. con tain ing'-full  infornialioii.    Gwi'dsbouglit hit:/
, - y Viii)e(iii,vei- g(i i.iito IClbndike free. :��� ill bought, in   tlie United;Stales /���
pi- will 'be' tiixed y'O ])er,cent. duty.     .,-   "      ''.���""'' '-.'';';; :i  ,.:���.".'   :,:,y*iiy:i
'HENDERSON''.;.'BF^QS.;y;'a ���,
ANAIJIA.N '���utNtKAL:-tttu S


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