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Kootenay Mail Jul 18, 1902

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Full Text

 I 3��-"��J-_.���-.l-.J,..
yREABBry  y.:.
'f-y, '.���:'.; .'���
'" Provintial Library'iyyy
Vol. 9,-No. 16.
ftEVELSTQM B. G., JUxL^ ,18. 1902.
i^S tX -^=755 fix-=Ni^ft* ^s^s
I^S^'&^^^i^^l^^^'-&^^|/;;| j,:
'���X ^VeXwisirtothankXyoii for coming'to otir
store .'ind peeking:1 in soiiianyv limes Xcltirim
the kin��>\ni
':\Vc.'write  \rou Xlb . c^nVe avi 1 Ii���;)TcX^ii" ��� >viiti.
duriiig'XtHe daytime; ;'XxXYoti ''/won't Havxc: v'to!
Hunt; for bunjiai's then,; but-X lor ;:13AR(jAINS^
v ---and X\'bii'll iind vtheni;��� ���������. X
Extensive, (Development  Work At-,
"_-��� tended With  Success;
&$< ,   ���
752  thaiu
X'X G e n e raj ;; M ere \) an t s ,y; xyy-i
Cii 11' a nd - Xi nsppct/; oil r'v lie wXs tpckX pf-X
XX yVXiVn'above liiaes .areyiip
..fc-. y.._ii .re- .-.s^j ���] i p ni.--:l >^'f 0 r,ev pu i*c li ii s= i n g"; c 1 ^c w li"'c r*ev-r"'--H'"" v\\T:tj:'"a"l s 6v'ca"i;ry: '"-^-^""'���-'vv''"': "���'
Trunks,'Valises, Sweat Pads, Oil Coats, Oil Hals,.Water*proorSheets, etc
'f$ v'vekly
pnicnts oi Fre.-h C roam pry
Our Teas apd Coi"fec
Butter, and I
tlio le;
ivu taking
Front Street,
Revelstoke, B. C.
X-'vXxFfcAyX", in in ing' "enterprises, ';������, have
beciv carried: "oii/inX/the westXwith
gi eater credit^ to.,.";, heir, '.'promoters
theV;.-ln)j}erial,;X JXJevelopmeiH
ConiiVany'sXprbjierlyX on. Fijli-v Greek
aiid known a-yih'e EyaX^ncl Cliolhi
gi'ouife.vv.;Jllie;X property .eomprises
eighteen c];ums and.fraclioiis,-vVand
cd'vpiX;,s;Jaii .''ivro.'iyOi :o0S, acres. X'1; -M'itli'.
hpX except ipir of tlievJiikertiie^vliole
Vrojierljy hits lK>.enV..Crpwn,;;graiitcii;
yy/A'LirgP a inbuilt XX of ..dcvelopmpniX
X.w.drk.li'itsX..'been ' ..done In*;ihe;Com-.
:pany:andr ..)jy4__c: London JXJ.XC.Avh 0s
haU the.prbperty under'l>oiid for 'a
���ti'ii'ie.-'./X TJieX work carried Xout'aiiider
theXVySuperinteirdenceyy:of yAiyXyiiiy
Clraceyyhitsproved; ;'X. amongst--the'.-
best;X most econpmicalX.and^effeeti ve,
iii; results jp'he/founXd'XinX JvoptGnay/
; U'i tli ".tbe X SXxcPpiXioiiy of,, :\ 25, f t.'of:
wbrkXydoneXon;rthe:X.]31ueXXJayy claim
of the Cliolla group, ���'������ development
ia^beeiiXepniined;to,tlie Eva group.
yy iy;:..'.':.. y... X y wcxiioxyi $y yX X .,, y .y.
-./V-Thp;, property-'yiXSy'.distant;yfromX
XCambornc two mj'lcs by XtraiI'.' X������ Tlie,
eam'p'is*at;an.Xplevfitic)n;6f .1 oOO feet
abdyevFislr.OrcPkt.VanU X. the /tipper
workings-are p003cPt;higlier.XXXV;!TheX
"th us forming piieofXthe lowest and
most conveniently situated'miiies in
this secXfipii;; X ;��� :i-hW^xx'iXy"y. "/-������
X'vv;XX:'XX'v X, y,X"X;, Piik pccuiVinsNCKsX/. .X! yX;
X: yfXhpXXVyOre;y:is'Xv/frceX .gold; 'and���; its
pecurrencbsfaXt the; Eya.fbrm avpro-
blenivpri whichVymining-XXXn^iiKliave,
ript-so.:fai;X,a sett]eclv:ybpinipiii;;;sornP
cpii tend ing . X t liat vv itX..l;ct>hsis'tvsi>: of' a
���series of\ypins;;XrunningXl:para]lelvto
lea eh other Avitlitcross courses, a gain,
traversing,Lexington Mountain'aiid
V"^-hers;%fiold;Xit';jg reallyX;;;.6ne,ybigX
v/x-yX^^p.-;.^^ XaXre strongly of ppiiiion
tiX-y; '-lie la tier; vie W'Xis corrects'XThe
���clev;;il;1 pmXpnf"wQXrkX'liaXsX-beseii'niaiuly
:^bn <kcui .iJifciiortliy West and .: sou til
easXt;Vpi 11 -Xsysteiii.- ,X: X: Tl'is is/realiy a;
Xsecpnclary;systein, 'as it: ��� cutsX:ytliat-
i- li ii 1 ri 11 g 'ti or t h ;e a .41 andsbutliV'westX'
aiid-ywliicli Xftnia'yXybeXy termed vvtlie,
Origi iia]^lpdcv;systenil XXVy.; yTH i sXX sXpc oil-;
^.'diirWis.really a large lode filling: -a'
' fissiiriX;. frbm ;S0tp 1*20 ft'ffii?: Xwidtli,
iir;a |iy X:part.Vof.XvVw;]iichV1Xbre'1, chutes
���niay'XbcjV:fdtind yto. Xexist, but:more
lpartiea]ar]yy--towaXrds..'tbp ' outlets
through which'have percolated the,
niiXherarwalers .*,vliich': have��� given
rise to.tiieXore deposits.-X;''   .<iiX: "X ','
���Xyy- ''iy    VUI'I'KI! WpilKiXGS.y ���''. Xy' ; '.���;���'
���"  Starring at the   summit;', of ������the:
sliow'ingittobeXa: secondary for-'
inaction ,Xand X the:: cross-course tlie
original   vein;;: forma tion v of' X; tlie
The  .secondary   vein 'on  lyliich
development is being done is tiiere,-
fore likely to carry   higher Xvalues
thahthat referred to risy theXcross-
eourse.Xv,,:Xy(vXX'X'X^v::; --y-i-y-'ii'yiyi;y-iyyy'yy:
;vX.XNp;;.2 crosscut isXruirXpO feet:frbnv
XNo. 1 for a distance bf/27-fL   with-'
out having encountered a wall:    It
is entirelj'X'in !vein���-irihtlor,;',' ihbstly
quartz V'-X'w'ith-.- scliisLV coining '��� ,'n
j;tpwarcls theface.- X-':'::-:yy_..yy;_.,yX;.:y
f��� ���'.���'��� -i6 ;'f.t.'.f 11 l-t'lrer- on'��� is  XNd.v o cross?,
jXctrt^VwliicH'traversesXXl-lft. of -solid
quartz aiultlion; 1^111s .into X. Schist.;
Both qnaI'tz a lid scliist arc strongly
iiii])regnaleclXwith; siilplnirets.'���;. liii-
'yontXl tjiis:crosscut the .wallchanges
jtsXdip'lp;,82'S;XX')\v.X and vtakes,tlie
appcfiraheeVofXa foo twill l.'.v X '-��� -' X :v��
- yi"xlyXJsoven feet��;furfher  is No. -J
crossci'i,t.' X ,,Tliis'lias been rXiin; 00 ft.
It;cut-aX;.boiJyy:pf:X:quarizXX'fpur fept-
wide ;whicli vassayed" ��� $4 X to ;,'$S;X v"A
driftowasf run on this ore body for
Xfi'f:feet,- Xslibwin"g iL��'cli]is 68XN.' E.
.Froin thp.facie;of,the drift...aX.,:cross-
cut'"wasX:Xrnii :'2pX.ieet.va:nd exXpbsed
"'a.n'o.tlieiv'weil dbfirieclXwall.;��� "y'-yXi'i'y
has ���be"eniy'-ruiij' at aii:X'eJeyation of
8280X.;feet'i:bh V'aygeriesX.Xofvsti-ingersit
SeventyXfeetXof work lias-beeir'done
;and; tlie'oreXvaverages VfromX';ityloyiQ,
$20 in value;X-yAbovedhcihoutli of
Free Gold Excitement.--PuskFrom
f/x and Camborne;
. :^Oii'"'XMondii'v*:X'soiiie Xsensatioii /was
Ciiti'sc'd-Jifc O61 nai>l i .yia 1 id C.;i in 1 ion ie by
the report tliiit rich  free.-niilliiig Vypl/I
liiul   been;������struck'; X:,qn"" Dog   Creek, a
tribtitiiryof, IsancyCrcek.;,.; \\*. 'XButler
Uriel several.���others;''",who   XI1 a]ij 1 ffVied 10
,he.:!it Coinaplix' tPPlc;; tlic/ArclicF"..to
Arrowlieiul aiid g6t!'.';Voff   iit.'.'-AVigVviiiii.X
'J.liev piisseiigersV:describe, these [ii'os-
j'iectors .-is sia'rtiiig: uj>, thc. I,si 111 (;,.'��� Crock'
U'Hil, 111,a rti 11 as'soon its they X got I ofl���
the tniin.;    At.'.GaiiihoriiXo'ii riisli: \vns
niiideVfor tlie tliviclehv':. way   of: S.-ihle
Creek wit!., tl.e.'i 11'teii fc.i'bn bl'X, roach ing
DogXth'oekfroiy tliatpoiiil. ���".. Siiinples
of (piiirtz.shown lis itrc rich' in gold. -V
: I.)ogt,Crec.'k,'���.011. which' thcis.rike -vim's
licen   lnaile '- leads."^iiprtliX'i'bw.ards; the
Illecillewnet divide.?, ���yy iy-y'X'
LiltpstXiieu-S'stiitXesX pi-pspecloi'shave
rejiii'iietl Xwi thoti t'������-.: silii kii.ig ���"���'any-thing
a iul believe- the 'specihiensX exhibited;
w,ere:got elsewhere:;���.::';. ,y:;y���yyyy'y iy,.
Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.
J\Ooins in Suites
and Cold Water
vit/i Baths
.1. C.
and 7oilcls attached, flowing J Ioi
inside Toilets on each floor, (las Lighted dud.
Steam Heated yViroygho.nl.
(IRpifNE, Proprietor       ,    '  (XjOLDtiN, B. C.      XXX
f?>i rti r?/i r$h pfa r$? (vX���) r&> t^> t$t> ^ & ^ <fc^(farfatfa&rfa(faffafarfaifafar$h($h
�� T   I    T
-?��� -?- ��� ���
l.ndii'.s. Mi.-
iv- Cior.iii'.
���es and Cl.ihlren'.s  l>niit.s and SI
Dealt r in I'.OO 1.-' and SI IOI
s Kt'i.yrsrriNcs, \iK.\m
mountain at anXelevnXtibn X;XofX 8,590,
Xf t. on the boundary' pf the Evaand:
XHXighland,Mary.;weX, fihdXv.'tlieVX lode
rias:Xat.bner,tuiic; 'stbodX/abovc'the
erOfl'ecl Xcoun try-.rock, and has been
broken off,.covering,tliesurfacclike
������&-. bliin.ket. X A drif.t;,was.'r,un oil this
overtjirbwancl revealed,vtbe fact'
that this was not vin ,'pla,ce'.*''"-'-XTlie
leacl V'lieroX;;' ;sliows'': vcbhsiderable
Xsulpl'iurcts'Avitli. visiblegolcl. v'X:; ,.;.'
: ! Tlie principalX:workX towards.tlie
'S'u 111 mit is-Xa riybpph -X cut,.' knowiiV' as
vNoi -vo,: a tan -. elevation .jot o,4l0 .ft.:
It liasXbeenrunX.for ;a ,widthXpf. 11;
ft. witlroiitXexposing the \vtSV; wall,
and is all in-ore.which :'.shows'.-'free'
gold aiiiXl assays :an Xaverage^'of...|7;.-:
.^ ,.: 5P::V,ton., XX; West ,of this is'another
���jj'-'lXcut; -showing : ore .. and;; making
' ""* tjie width "of,.the vei ii.:'' inn tt'er here',
j jt't-least'-lQ feet.. X.'Assays gave $20.
jforX first section 'of ;'K)';Xftv"*lp for
I next section of '20 ft. and\~$ayio-M
fa for filial section of 10 ft.:: , .Ooiieen-
^ I triites.from this.-point ;assayed $2,"
T.'l OoOper ton iirvgblcl. 'An, incline
T jsbaft.hasXbeensimk 50'ft.-X'-a't' this1
the/tunnel; is;aXn;expos'ure.Xof'XXqviartzi
rii nXeX X f eet ;'Xwi de van cl.-- ca r.ry.i ng.X$20 '-Xfi
ton/,inVgold.v X..  :?. '"  -XyiyXxiy:
'XyXyyiyy-yyyso.Vo^XtuXNIOIvvXXyXyyX '-'X
isVal/ XanX 'elevation   ofyS'lGO ;feet,
���winzpXbaS-beenXsuiik XoO fdet, onX the
wa ll^Xandvcpiinectecl \vitli No. 6 tmi-
nel.v. The values;wereXfroiTi'^oOX'td
$YBy.y'Fhpvwall is.^yel 1 Xxlefined: Xwi th;
aXstrike of Ny73sAV!XvGplU;is;p]ainXly
visible alpngv,thisVvXiv^lliX:yTherpXare
thrce,vfeet; :.of .X rich; pi"p:.;onv tlie y wall.
anclXa.saiiipliiigXgaye $63.. X:V : .v:X..X-XXX':
XX:X!;1 Outside thisvpaysf reak^Xtliere isvay
Xwhidi'giveX values X'pfVlf 2;to. $3<;atonv
A prosscuXt of 32.fe'ethXaSyijepnyruh
frpmytheXXfacepf X;tliby;rtuiiriel;X.���^;TJiis
tunhelwiXtsVy,d.riyenX:; iii:^XaVy<face,X oJE
q uartzV;; expoXseclvson; vtlioXsicleJof: the
mpun tain vf or:25; 'fectyVXin; Avidtb iyXA
saXm'pling' acfossX the'enXtireXfacP ga've
valuesVPfX$13-50,iVto'y,$15X; pervXtoh.v
sThifj'XXexpbsiireX'Xha^bPen 'traced; up;
aXlent'to'avverticalXextentbf 100 feet
'Vi.lvetX.Xwilt-'"ihstal a :cdnceii-
TlieXiiewmine tax in; tlio
:'���::������ v ���*>.'..���:
is;J.0,'ricr Qeiit.;.v,;:yvy;;;VV'-:';,--:; X;X;::
y-.);;. JJcKcii/ieX; liiisV, resigned XV'tlie
liiaiiiigeinent ofXthe'XLc; Jioi. V 'X"i'XXi'.i.i..i
���������'-. Zhie mining   promises, tpv bccpiiio'a
If You
the Best
?av\ :Purest Scifictccl vTea:;that; hidney can bny,
packed to retain .X itsXnaturalaroniriLX and X flavor;
, I. ������-   .!.;    y ;    ���    .,..       '  ,...(";���(���,.-.     j''." '���   -".'������,���. ���'. '    " i? ;-' '��� ���.   ���     ��� y '���' X-'X.
i-cX)LlXJlding:.'._.U'ticles,y'X^eiy'X'Vy'.'X-i'vX:;:;:''X''���;:/.:X ."X"'./'''''''-;'-'-":^'':-:' .> !X::X
.'I'hcyXcomc in  ppundaii;
Xpcrfcjctly ptirc^. X1:.:^
eaded Xpackiig-es,
One Pound MakesyOver 200:��� Cups,1
viritliisti'V'Xtlian here
nipre Xiiiiportant
tbXfdre.v.-:; :XV'sXv:;:XV:'XXX' .:v\..X'X-"':'X "V:;V.vv.'.v;:-y.';'y;XXX..
yAinpricaiiv, liiiriiiig .eiiterprisesVpaid
i'.^!'}j-;{jp('i;o!)j)','':'.iri divideiuls'l'oiythe;, past
balfXyeiiiv:X'V:'X-:.1-;VVy r.-:XXvv..-;:.v;y:.V::Vy-,.^.y ----.'
:, vTlit! Giu-iics 'Ci-eelcv/cbiiipiihy.pi'onose
to.get-ptit'a ti'iiil.shijiiiieiit'of'.'o.rc:.lo'r,
th'e;_snielter.X:X'X.,i;''';v,'iv:.,:yXXv' "XyXVy':.'.:;';\X'>:'X
"VVFy]i,u;aiee:is,!;:ei'cctiiig' cahinXs at tlie
X'aiTaiige'Xto riiwhide-
Nt!. fillOCEKIES. Klc
r^ '^r'' <^? r$? rJ?T' ''J^L"1 ���'^T' ���'^15? ^^ riir* "^i10^* c^1 r^1 '^r> *^T' c^1 "^r* '^T' c$? '^T' ^i1 '^ ^^ *^> ^t1 r^r* r^ ^i*
<*??���;'point, the;.sampling; of wliich gave
Xcw'v   built.
modern convenience.'
in every respect.      A!
Large Sample  Dooms.
Rates SI.GO per Day Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout   Lake,  under ^sanu:   management
<vrt A fS'f) r-to r$f) iS��"i ci
**jTtB-jTv*-*t*iirj^:iit- \i nc��_i_i_i.WTri___��*_
-|b     Is Nov/ Open for Business     -X   The Best House in Town.
Well Furnished    -    Good Table.
Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS ar.d CIGARS kept in Stock.
W. HAMILTON, Proprietor.
(*$h v& t$n nto t$h r$n r!fr> rfo r$n do r$n f$i tfa &n r$) r$n ntn rfr> ^t? Atn $n $n $n SfrS rfo $n rfa
a mrr\-KT  ^ I ^lo/SO in gold..   , From the bottom
S1ATION'^,;of thesbaft a crosseiit \yas nm'  .1-1
"" ft.; N. 20; \Y. X \\rhpelbarvow.Siim-
ples showed that.a ft.carried values
of if 7.20, 0 ft.,* 10.80, and 20 ft.
.fro,in,!i!S'.to -fi. Selected sainjiles
ran ashigb as $101. :'
.-.Suli'ilnirets sliow strongly in this
erossiXi.ut.fur 14 ft. from the "bottom:
of the shaft.���' Tlie. next ten, feet is
soljd qtinrtz wel 1 nlirie.rit 1 isc'd.. From
.that point to the face' the 'ground
eoii.-'.i.s.ts of ' scli.ist.' with qiiai*tz
stringer.'*.1;- -"��� ���;       .'-.���-��� '-,: ���',..:'������
Xli.fi TPNNKl.. 'y
.'rbis 'tuiiiicl'is'.below Xo. 3. cut oil
j.tliC'same vein.   ' It.has been driven
i 300 ft. on the foolw.all' of thevein'.
jX'J'his wall is welt defined, being'ah,
[ nipst verticil 1. and carrying a gouge
(indicative   of   extensive fissiiring
4* ! Samplps here .showed  values'"of ,!f(i
f?V|to fy, for ii distance of -10 ft, failing
,^, j then to'$'-!,.then   to' $3  aiid again
' rl.-ino to ?U, -and;'at times Xto   $40.
Fifly feet from tlie porta] tlie- first
crosscut has   been run 30 ft. showing 15 ft, solid quartz., a ' mixture
of quartz and   schist   for   another
eleyeii feet, so that it   width   of .26
It, 6f vein .matter .'if*.here, exposed.
, ..Itist'bclow this  erdssci'i't.  a cross
course eqme:-iii,'   apd    is,cut bv lhe,
vein ou which the 'tunnel   is 'nui,
y,;y-yyyyyyyyxo. d tussul.���">.:������; . -Vv;;-;���,;.���
3,110'Xfeet ahd:gives;;a verticakdepth
,oh tlip;pre;body-ofv,325'feet;: :X;Tlierc
are : sever ,1 luindrecrtbnS'Of pre oir
the;'dtiiri]),' mainly of two grades
fi-onV^lStb425-andX$7 tXp $lo.-jNTr.
Gracey, the/'manager, estimates the
dunipvwill ,a\:erage;$15'"per ton.X '
yvJso;:3 (Xunnel .has X been run X300
feet, ancl X' exposed a. chute of orb'
which averaged.. $30 a ton;Xy When
fair SO vfeet aV'Xwall.wpllydefined
aiid .slibwing good gold'.was struck
and followed,;1 An,upraise was.a'un
to.cpniiectwith:the winze frbm the
upper tunnel. :Assaysv,taken out;iri
the course of; the wprkraXn:$92.:Xv'XA:
cross .;cu.tX,i'un." atrXl 10 feet, slibwsXxa
'widtliVof-lOfeet of:ore,yyX:y'������'���.:;'Vy'y'-
;Xv, OiieVhundi'ed;.and forty'feetXfur-X
.th'er iii a winze is0being.sunkon. the
.\yall aiid y-waXs down X67,feet at;the:
'tinip ofXpur yisity The-lowest values
;ohtained frdm Xthis winze were $32
per-'tbn.v.v'v";.Xv:"". y.Xi-' X' -y.'-i'yi:\
i���'���'.The'-;-work'-''done���,.in- this tunnel
provesau ore chute.; of; 60 feet, in
.loriglh.'.by:.a'.: yidth of1 hrec feet. 'At
tlie end of chute X the yalties:; rait
:down;(Q^3,;biit,at 120.feet another
cl.)ulc{ appears;.'to. 'coine in' as, (lie
values.again .rise (p from $7-.to $1'4.
Twenty feet averaged $19 .and an-
other'20 feet averaged $20...    ,',-.'
, No. 3 tunnel-is estimated, (0 give'
an average width of 2,2 feet of ore
of an Yiverage va hie,of $.10. ' ','��� ���
:���-,���'.Xo.;2 cross cut-in this tmiiiel has
been run at 17p feet froinvmouth of
.tunnel. ''���        .,;���.',        . '.':,���'.'",,'
���  .-.     A' ���'ItK.MAIlkAni.K   WAf.h.
The wall'referred to is a most remarkable feature of the property.
It-is, that .of nil extensive fissure
well defined; and can be traced for
325 feet above aiid l,000feet below
No. 3 tunnel. Where exposed, it
shows gold.-.  ���
, .'It will be seen, from the. above
that 'the' property' has every prospect of proving'.a large and valuable
lniiie: The mining- facilitips nrp
unsurpassed���abujidai-ico of water
power, convenience; to ' transpprta-
iioii, abundance of fuelaricl ii large
area of mineralised ground, the exposures on which; show values that'
cannot be mistaken even by the
naked eye. .' ��� ,-.
We wish Mr., Graccy and tlieJni:
jjerial Development company the
success the}' deserve in their enter-
The new process, of refilling by
elcctricily nt the Tntjl cmpljer iss'li
gtent sii(.-!'e;ij: , iiiniiiig out lenil of a
purity l.iihe.io i.iikiiown. The success of the 'I'l'ail'Siiielter in tX..is mutter j vestments
ought to luive   1.   good .affect   on
silver-lciKl industiy uf Kooteuay,
lieiitrico lira!Xwill
Xirpxt,\vi 11 terVyyy.yyXX-y y'y/���>��������� ���yXyx?:
���VVX; C op per" a iul I end ,"s how a f ti r 111 e r tl rcip
1 nili 11s stati0110ry. yXXVyX.'. v.,.-;,   ���;;,;���:���;;;������.;:..
^BevPXCiXiiuiepliaSsSpi-Jffh.isX tliircl iutbr-
estXi'Ltiie^niiueFractipii/toXG/ Wobdr'
i-pw:;:iiiul JXv xS^tlicrla iul yX-v v^;;.-,y y>v ���;;,:. vv
X; J; XX Swpnspny bf V CiuibjY ;ManV, Jiiis"
l>iircliasbcL the SilveryQuccn^ oiiXXLbsf
creek,- S.vE.dvootc]nti..y.;-;.';,:;;;,: ixyyyyyyyj.
'���';vJ.'BlcLci,.iiVii'ii.:".:;JIVi XXlCX isXcip^niiig aiv:
assay,PllicpyVat'':;,Qa 111 bPnio.Vabd; Capt.
Da vey X XM. VE'.' will 'a I so set tie; th pre; y ������ \
;,:,;-XMl\,XI?iiimcr,-iiiinihg -expert, Xweiit'tpX
theX13eii(.td.iy;i Tiies(lay's;:'boat"; tpv'iiiy
' ve s t i y sVi c' 'so it 1 Q'igo I d -1^6 pp e i;; v i> i';6j. j t;r t- i oSXiT-
,-'Ulie Tigcy-.I'borii 1(11.1 ,'���''bet-wpeii-VSi.cop'
iiiictX:Wikl.:Jlbrge;,creeks.\yill; shortly v be
Quieted"to; tli'a-'shipping Xmiiies pf S. XE.;
Kppten'ay.V:,;,:-,'..:���'. ������',':;''.������ XXXivV ;'"'���,;:;:���,-;' iy
...A ;copper .property.'>l.bwingy';red.
bx ide.Xii 1 id' .''eppper glance,, Vis..: being
developectiiear Spuzzti i.i. vXyThe'v. vein.,
is sev'eii'.l'eet wide, v ,y    y1"'^  XXX',,;
: The . .p'uquense' Mining.". GonVpany
have ,'completed-:"tlie'piXirclinse of the
Surprise claim. pny.Smith .Creek from.
CV;HansoiiXaii(l others.''��������� ."yyy    '���;. .:;
X,;���, The.XITighlandcr .niinc.,'iit-.Ainsworth,
is to bcViOpe'rated.V iictively, iiiid intiles
used' for"���luiiiling X the; cars'vfrbnl'.. the
to.; face the portal of the tun nol.'���,���'���
Thc.iiiill:piiX-:tlic'Steiii\y'ii'uler at Fair-
viewjs' rti 1111 ing 42;: stamps, crush i ng
IQO.tons 11. (Iiiy.c,:;The: iii.ineVlias: sbiin-'
proved tlia fc, 33, feefc.,'of ore' wi IJ run'; $ 1.0
ii toil, 'and a:strike .has.been niade of
orei'iiiiiiing $90; .-'.���������".������..     "������"',!.���-.>""..-;..' ;>
'W..vi3lakeniore XM.'E.,^.thinks -.if the
strike is not iiii media tely'settjed,' the
C0111 Creek ni hies' liiay be closed \ a nd
towirbf l:\'i'oie,riiiiied,.lis, the iiiiiibu'iis
so.batUy shiiken' iii' by tlie '-'recoilfc c\*-
plpsipivit.iiiayXciivein. ���';"���;'      .0  . ;' ,,
..':,.' "'.: "''. ;���    ���   .' .'��� ',-   '      '.v''-' -. -'-- .'��� ;.
���y .lohi)'. XIIeii<lersoii,yn. ; well knowi!1
prosp'ectoi- pi' : (XIolden,".;.'reppi;ils'-:.prospects'gpoil for.iiiiiiing.ii'i that secti.011.
Se\"eriXil-(leals:li;i've lately goiiethrpugli
there aiiii 0. X. .Nylin,'of the Laborers
Go-opera f ive Assoeia tion of ."IC'n iii loops,
ii nd-.���.who' is.' also interested iiiUhe
Liirdeau.ii'roposes'stiirl.iiig a \'ulcan
sinp|ter there.,   ' ;,,;"���  . ������
In   iitli.lition; to. Xtlie    copper-gold
property ,011 Caiiyoii   Greek  n'i.'iii,"(.!pl-
.tlci'i," the ... Lnh' .'(.���.�����   Coperative' ;' As-1
socintion   have   bonded the   group of J
silver-lead   claiins 'on.   lee-' h'ivei'  in I
whicl.,0. I).Hoar,  G.,!''..,. Wells/  AL-I
Dai mi rd .iiiid   others .are   interested, i
.'J'he ��� .'company'' are   erecting: n   large
'three'storey . building ; in    Kcvclstokc
and (.ipldeii.l'oi' ollices nnd wjll biiild  a
A'lileiiii   smelter.;;: AVbi-k   has   been.j.
sliti'ted on the '.Canyon 'Creek prop/i'fcy;:
���Messrs. Kisher', of iMii'in.enpolis, and.'
Cuius of'Colnnibiis, Ohio,; who. are
.largely, interested., in the Trfune and
Vulcan sinelter nt fergusun, arrived
this week. They will romaiii��� at
t'ergiisou to see the blowing iii of the
Miielter and arrange foi' active develop-;
merit of thcTrii.inoV mine' nnd other
properties in which they nre interesti'd.
They express their delennii.nfioii tP
have these properties opcnited under
I bo liesfcndvnntages in flic, interest of
the stock-lipldcrs. . "'���
Tlie News says,: A. F. JJoscnbergcr
'returned to Nelson, afler it prolonged
trip through the states. Mr. Kosen-
berger snys that the quietness in mining circles is not conlined to British
Coluinhia, but in general through' the
.mining.regions of the west. ( lie says
tjiat afler visiting the mining camps
from XMcxico, north to Nelson, he was
more than ever impressed that- nowhere are there ���better and safer iii-.
.1 mining   tliiin   in   the
yyy it
';������ ������"-/ "*S :
One Block from C PR Depot
and Steamboat.Wharves.
Re-furnished and Re-modolle
'": RatC8..'S1.50 to $2 per day
XX   ,'ornei: Granville &. Hastings'Streets, : X
R.vbpWSWELL,  Proprietor^   :X-X-X' X - ;     ���      ^Vancouver,:
b: c.
ablyX iurnishedXAvitly Xtheychoicest the:Xmarkec;:
MbjlthlyXratG.';:'   ;;'lX;';v:X';y V'
:;X   RatesX$i a;day. '
The idace.whe'rc'ybti.-spei-d-'al! you'r, li.iV'ihav. bca's-; pretty as any
in the land if.vuii will oidy ,'niake, it.so.; Thei'C are   furniture stores
.V.andfii rh it. lire stores.   '.Here-wi-.sell good, honest f urn it lire, at' reason -
"a.lile-prices.V ���W'pguiiniiil.'ee .saiisfiie:ion.V   If %-bn-,;L>iiy ittiytliinjr liore,
'and it.  isn't just as' repi-i'.sciitedV we waiit y'oii to ������ponfc and,tell   us:!
A\'e u-ill'inake it riuht..  ': :     '...'���        ���..-'   ,   '���' .-���''���  ,
A       i;rili)LSTKlMX(;;: rit'TLKI-; KIIAMING and IJNDERTAKIXt;
6<><>0-OH>0-0-0-GO-6-O- CKK>-OHD^<H><>-<><><>6-9
Complete, Installations Our Specialty
Finest Class of Machinery   .   .   .   .���
The Hint on Electric Co. Limited
(,��ver lbO sails have came into
few months. Wc en n't'help noticim
good and some very bad. but .VO.VK
Give.US n trial.
town froin eastern houses in the past
them���its our business.    Some verv
AKE E'lUAL to our .$20 to'$2.5 suits.
see this,
and  'that capitalists' wil
"'Ira THE KOOTENAY MAIL  %  ���������:":!}c'iRootena\>flDaU  1TW--31IKD  FRIDAY.  ���������AT���������  KEVELSTOKE.B.C,  T.cr:p:ion   Price,   $2.00   Per   Annum  ...YKY k McGAKTBR,  t i.  i:\imisTKIl.S SOLICITOUS, ETC.        ,  .... :   .Aloi.sos_i  Basic   JJi.ock,   Hkvi':l*  sioivi:, n. C. ,  n \ io loan. , ���������     ,    _, ,���������  . -, la -. i.-1-ioke, R C: 'Fort Steele, H. 0.  for .settlement of disputes. Jt remarks: "The sentiment in favor  of "cnuino, impartial arbitration is  rapidly spreading throughout the  United States and Canada, and  every time a 1 .bor dispute portend-  in^ serious results'is submitted to a  board of arbitration tlie public  gives u sigh of relief, thankfulness  and approval."  .-. Jli.C'Ai.Ti:K.  K'.^.'-lul-e, li. C.  J. A. IIakvkv,  Fort Steele, 15. C.  MAISTJIK A: SCOTT,  .'.n-. Solicitous, Not.yhi._s  I'uulic, Etc.  ���������tlVcl.  Revelstoke, B.C.  '|;D\V \KD A. IIAGGE.V,  Ij    .MlNI.S'O   K.NCIXKUK,  .'���������  ,,i.  Aai'iK.iii Institute Jlin'iiiB Kiiifiiicer-)  ..II. n  I'.inieli.ni-Milling Institute.  i;i:vi-:i.������T(iKK. 13. C.  ' ,. ,i i.vi. o! .-md i-ejioi'ls on Mineral I'm*  ,    iicrlie*. ii .Specially.  .1.1.\M   A.   IJAUER.  "'I'.IOV   .{.' J'KOVINCI.M,   I.A.VII  Sn:vi:voi:. ,      "  "I M.ui i.il Cliiinis,'I'iiiilierllenli'Uind  I'lliHIl   U'llllls.  ,"  1   11. Mllll.\l.l>. l.'liVKI.srOICIi.   UM.  KUIK,  DOWNIE CREEK.  \X  A.  I !���������' 'If  . !K.\  \.\ll    I'ltflVIXCIAI.  I.AMI   Sl'UVICYOIt,  lii:vi-:i.sTOKii, B.C. '  be Ikootena^ Mail  XF:IU:I.)AYvX;IULY'18,;1902.  *X"x./XX'^XXiffitf'X!;ii'ivt ^'Oposcs'tci^ 'go ;'in;/, for;'.; n ii  /iii'ifiixiyei.. systoiiV yofV. taxation^ iby.i'e-,  dud ngaaxationVpii'iin'provpinent.s..  to  y--yX'yy  Vv'n nof their valued ".TliatXis a  seu'.sil.'ile/sclienie.'v The, usual system of  taxatiijnii/fyVpeiiaity oh: the. iihprbv-  nfecnizOii iiiiii letsofV,the..;drone aiid  XyitCuiiaCor, who licinelitlloX'viVstly" shai'cholders,reiip. tlie.bcheiiL'/.XAs  water nPwc.r,is. usecl ;at:'Revelstoke.';  THE WATER AND LKillTDEAL  Referring to tlio proposed acquisition oi the 'water and light  supply of this city the Kamloops  Sentinel remarks:  "This is a good move  for  Revelstoke to make: there is nothing like  municipal ownership of all   public | Uirbed  utilities, and il is' pleasant fo   hear  of it not her   of   the   interior towns  falling   inlo , line.       The   works  originally   viU   #90.000.   nnd   the  property has been valued   by   Col.  Traccy." of  Vancouver, .at M'J.OOO.  .Some of the works   appear   to   be.  judging   from   Engineer     Smith's  report, in not   lhe   very   best condition, and   will   need   additional  expenditure immediiUcJV; find   this  fact will no doubt be considered by  thc C.'ty when arranging   a   price.  .Still il'is not'."iec   to  t-ti.-'ldc over  trilling detail* and   as   Nili   r-W**  mean, business   the   deal   will no  doubt soon be-closed. vdxamlpops  has ..never regretted: act-ui ri ng /'the  wat(5r-'-arid��������� light, franchises./XX/ This  year the, cost of water was vrediiped;  five per/Xcent.X anci/a/'v further'/, rpX";  duction in water, and v ]jght rat es;is  expected/next year,Xaii'dthis is, onl)':  made possible because';the cityXruns  it/and-theraiejiiiyerSjXvinSXtead- of  -by the:.work/of;others.::  ;;';-Tbx^iV iiglieiin. Synod atXVictoriazlias  ;;iiiaj-kbU ;i'X.ieu- ei'a:in;X ;chiii-chX 'govprii-X  , ' i n e i.it I .i.y X ti ip; iul hi i ss i oil -Of lad ics to ������������������ the  /ytrjtvy'.;.-. This/is' hs it should be. / XyThc  ;.lady/mi/hitier's, of:a; cphgTCgation 'arcus  ���������lii-ulpits strength, and it liasXbeen/a���������  - re) ieX.;.;:of::.' 1;,; i l-bni-isinV,/ which"-.-. X/recpiircd  /tb'v';n'X;n'iydo': the, ^lrudgery /without'  Vsiiaj-iiigVi He honor aiid'responsibilfcy of  Veiwii'pii ivoi'Jv.,:���������;,/Vvv :y-y.'-yy-'������������������:'-:V '������������������.' //.. ���������/;  :,:/;; V'i'l iy. i in k e i'i i igV. wi tl iy thpXV; 1 icon si tig/  ;��������� iri,ww rlftiijias bcoirgoingon from, time,  -/XXtu ;ti:.ii.o/!.!;:s;pi.la;ccct this "cla/-sXyof 'degis:  X.y%uPii;/iii}:C/state/of ;h;uddle. /yyTlie.'  /'iiVneniliiient'jiasscd la,st..-session, makes  V'X^/pn.'Vf*'^  ^v"'JjJH"r--V'-*<U-V'_^'"t.l,r^'f"v^Vx-1 iceii"sc:v"sl.isi il '';''.is^uG..'tt>'  ;..;.;tii.ViXi!ie,:;.;,w;lu)scX:��������� iianip/: is,/':not on the  y.A:ui';-&(ti.fsL;;,A\''oiiiciiX:ai-cy'iiofc eligible to  VTpfve t-iyii;- names placed on 'the, voters'  ���������/lisi; iiii;{e';%uihot,'hcild '.hotel-'licenses..'.  /���������IVIu'i'e/at;^ ii,ista.iieesXwhcreX sucli.iegis-  ./bajrm wilbihiliet gross Xhardslnps aiid  ��������� :-C:i'U0i.V\Ti������ll<;v'.'   ..' :,;���������-'/. ,: , ,.;..''        '   ':���������'  the-cost ofX water and: liirht-'to / co'n-  sumers.shPuldX be considerably Jess,  th a n a t x Ka m 1 oops. -;; ,'R e'y e Is t oke i s'  to be'congratulated on the Xinovc; it  isvtXa.kihgV'''''X''/;:v.X;/';/.XXX:XX-/:X;'/X'xXX'XX,;X''  'X;/TRXAIIi-TaCANOE IX!Xl\'ERX.y X  yThe; Dunsmuir .government; has  ���������notytrcXatcd/'lvevelstpkeX''fairly dnX  regard. to/t.]ie'cxtciisipii;pf,XytheXX.Rig  Bend tfail'^oXcoiihect/.^vithvXCanbe'  :Rivcr.V;,XlX)urihg last/sesXs.ipndistinct  XprpmisPs^vei'P-niaXdp'byV inihitters  that.this: vwPrk;; 'should/diccarriecl  out, but now.it apiiears the' libvern-  .:.-���������,-.- ..' ������������������ ; :���������.-���������,..���������,   '"   ��������� !��������� ' ���������     -."���������"' '������������������ '*- !,:'.-   o      ���������: -���������  ���������'. .'������������������   i  ment refuse XtoX'sahctipn: it:Vy.;,Tberc  js no iii'brC'Vactivc jic>iiit toXXtheXiiprth  Xthan. Big:RehdVfhisX:seiiXspii; andthpX  aXctivityXXthefc!/ is/X/iir/Vi'ts1 iiifivncyv  Revelstoke residents, eon'trib ii ted" ;'a  large sum of,money to.X lniild;,,'aXnd  mil aX,steamer,;tho city contriLuted  ������a C|U,ota, 'ilip. governhient- con l'i;aeted  tOyiirovidc'-a/suhsidy..-.'..'.. TliisXeiiter-  pf ythp ;Xproblem, for   Pri^ v,]^s. ja V.^V ;tl^/Xgpvp:niment  rsoiis/injured.in'y niiiWl m:my .'thousands .of..dollars whicli,  ��������� :-."��������������������������� ���������.'.���������'��������� ���������... yy. ������������������������������������     _:i ���������_��������� _   __._..__.v���������-������������������_n ������������������.:.������������������;���������   i.-.,..,;,'i..,....'  yyX'yy '.'S^idi.i.i'ni  .���������priivi'Wii'g-fo.r.pei,'  ���������ihg/'anil, rail.rb;idin'g-,is to be XfouiVcl; in  the naiii.inn'l pensicm'systcin in use in  S'jijie.i-.i ri!/'.-. Austraiiiiii 'colonies'.' A  luuiyiial >>>teiu is; thej.best, but ;if that  '���������-.n/i/ytXy '.(/ljgaiiizcci,.,. our 'statesmen  yLou/o -ievise a ���������',Xmethod  of prpviiiing  yyyy, yyyly.funds.;, froin'.'..the. indus-  ~y.Xy ���������.���������.���������;r.;':"ei.'t''e<L- '.'.-Industries '" wliicli  cV'^iy-iUvi./.yoX.iri aining .. 'X:i ii d i ii j ci r i ii tj  X:yy-s W;.!nbei;i   'of . -their.,,-;;;employes  yinyyy]..-; 'r.ijuircd  toiiiake pVovisioii  X1::/ rlv::'i."-.'.--.i.Mi'iiirciiancc. .and of those  ���������rn -.on', t-heni;' :;������������������������������������������������������ : ��������� '��������������������������� X '  Its Copper Gold Prospects.  (Contri uutcd)  The following is a description of  thc mineral locations . on Downie  (.'reek. Rig Rend :  The Pinieel and Canada mineral  claims are located on south slope of  Lake View Mountain about "21  miles to the north of Downie Creek,  and almost 9 miles from the Columbia River. These claims lie  between the head , Boulder Creek  and Canyon Creek. There are  other claim? located on this same  lead by Carnes Creek Co. and  E. McRean.  The formation is granite and  schist, and is traversed by lime  dykes. It appears fo be undis-  iy later erruplive occurences,  and holds, its courso with [jreat  .strength and regularity on the  .surface, dipping to the north al  about *lo degrees.  . Tin: .minimal vki.v-.  There are (hreedi.-linul veins oir  tbe.se claims. The main vein is  about 'JO feet wide, running about  norlh-wc>t by south-eiist for the  full 'length of these cj:|iins 'apt!  extending to tlie north-west four or  live miles, and fo the south-east for  about the same distance. The two  other /veins are about ,300 feet to  thp p.nr.h of the main vein. These  veins . arp HGjr; fi to 10 feet in  width. Tlie 'No." 3 vpi/i ir *;bflut  Ihe f-a;p,p dMancp to the north .of  ihd Mvoip'i yt-ifj ���������){}[} aliQut the sajne  width.   !,i......   .y::; :      .',...,...-,..  ..;,...,.  '������������������'������������������yX i: XyX'X',(ii^.OGX.Xyyy:X 'iii:i.^l}  ; /The foot-walLpf the;main/yei^y-  granites'-oil tlie/ south/ Xsklc''.ofXX,thc'  jead, and'it:isti;aversed-oil:ihe:high  Side byXa ilimp clyke; v Ou the'iiorth  side'Pf tliq'X'lime'.rs;schisL/XX'XBetween  thelast twq-veinsi:thp.;/characterX df;  the. prC''isXchiefly di ironXantl copper  ;pVritpSi,XXiind;alsQ,,spincV' suljXihurets.  TliXischaraotcr ofXbreXXcan bc'X"found  on ;t 1 i c X P i iii ee 1 a nd / Ca n a d Ay chtini s;  i]t;,/di;ffcrenty])]a.XcesX; fprXX/thp cfull  lengfhXof. these, plainis./-/ XThe bXreisX  about /theX'XsaniPv.';charaptcr'X;p(ii;all:  three leads/ 'Assays of/the orp'gayp  $4.15' in;.gold and/7 per cent,copper,  ^S'LOO:gold ancl/1.2/per;ccntXPopper.  This is 'one'ef/v'':'-/ :XX y\y<,.y-i'���������'...:i;X  ���������;..;-  - THEJ!i::ST:SL;i!FACli.silO\VIXGS'' XXX':..';  i ii: the B i gvRc hefcop n ti-y^iin 'c'i ,pn ci of;  tlie largest'cle'posits,of this character  [Ouiicl'ih/tlie-counfry.vvvvv;/::/;;^ ;;:;/������������������  ///These .claims -'.art;exclusively a  tunne^lyprop;PsXitipiL;vXV;VTb,pre' is" a  good ��������� Xfehanee' Xfor-'aXiramwaj' fronr  t li p. ;���������' ��������� c 1 n i in S' v;t p v;XD'pw n i p; XG i'eelc, X a;  dista nee of X.-ab'du t���������'" two;iiiid aXhalf '���������  m i I es/ X'V '.'��������� Th'erp;'-."��������� is.X"X'.'pi eh t)'"X; vbfygood  tihi her :f or/.ini hi ng'/ pn rppse's,'X:and  also X abiiiidati.ee j;of" .'-ivat'e.r- al I. tlieX  yenr rpulib,, also good V:\yatcrypOWCi"'?  A;gpod trail" and -wagoii V;i;p;i'(l caiv  bcXcoiistructedXv--'Xy-'X';'; / X'/;/;,:��������� ;X���������;;"/,;;  ������-\^-|;. ;=."JL--:". :.-T;ri,-"'"."v >-,-_-::' lo ii i>..-.i?o i'i.i ic.W" -\-._";:-:v ^.v"'-������-.-*= ?^L":: - -.  // About oneXini leip.the yiiortli'o-of  4 his lead, there;a re two; moreyleads.  , [ ...'''.The., first,, half /mile ;tpy ,tlie liortl  THE TRACKMEN.  Open Letter From President Wilson  to the Public.  President Wilson of thc B. R. T.  of A. has issued an open letter to  the public in which he states he  has never heen offered any bribe or  position by the C. P. R. or any  other company.  The , minimum wage for section  foreman and section men on the  eastern division of the C. P.K. was  lixed by Chancellor I3oyd who acted  as third arbitral or in the C. I', JL  division. 'J'he wages of all lnainten-  ence-of-way men on the remainder of  the system was lixed byXMr. P. I'. (Jute-  1'iis (the comii.iiiy's arbitr.itor), and  myself.  After reaching an agreement AIr. I)  McXicolI, second vice-piesidcnt and  general niaiiager, met us, reviewed  the work ai-d reipie.sted us to make  two slight, changes in the tenn-* of  sett lenient; his request was' complied  with. 1 then requested him to confer  a favor upon the maiutenance-of-way  men on his mud, which favor was  gninled.  The relations between the C.' P. P.  ollicialh and the Jh-olhcihood of Railway Trackmen are perfectly harmonious. We nre at peace with all  railway eonp.uiies .(Hi fl|e .Vorlli  American eoiiijimni and I inn proud  of it.  The attempt made last ir-ui.iinor by  unscrupulous men todepi'iveme of my  liberty and an opportunity to support  my family hy inisii-dng thcuc'Ourls of  Cana-.li!, fcj] fo (he ground and I feel  perleclly 'safp injiong iho Canadian  p.eo'ple.' The sinnl) Tlegree of sticces.*,  \y[j jpjv'j |jiul;in,,pu);' e(l'prfs,tp..iiiiprove  (���������jie .���������.������������������i-'ia'jni'fii'ii'j'iic^rOi^ii'ijy. X iiipniii' thp  Xl'oniihioii ofXGiinii^iKV isXiiivgei^'dqPXtp  ���������;:v:-,;.:.    ;".���������;*'���������������; CitiiadiaiiX ;j)eople.iir  laii-ness.-.oi   *-y 'y-yy .y-y;X.. ',v/nnv  general, .,aniohg;whom, J ha.Ve/..//.���������.  friends'thatvXfi(iiiXJiistly;pvi-oudvpf.:'^,  '-������������������:-' :   '-".Yours veryvtrulyj/yV  'V,; v -.v./, ,;.;*/John VT, "W'ih-son.     yX'"'.  Xy��������� y :' XPresideift/: I.!;, It; T.-Xof'.-A;������������������> /������. :'/;  Will hbrobewsGr? Addition to  TROUT LAKE CITY  -^  ���������  ���������  p  T  >  J      '  V.i  !';  1  r  i  !  j  n  1  1  ���������J  *r-l-  "-  --J  -  .0  I  t  ,<.  i.  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'TliiB']ea'd,Vil''r.i;i'iis/-.'itii;t'hXe-''samXc'.di,rpXc'1;  tion V noXrtl'^west   ,'by. Xsputh-eastX  rhubarb, tiuriiipsJXX.'/OatsXare'grown- lor  feed for:theXhorses, vtwb/ppV'Whjchlire  ���������employed cm ,'fche fnr.ii.i V;A/co\v isalso  kept'., :iiul/ about ;V50 iibi.iltry'l/X/VVVo  chickens ]iavc..bcclvi'ai-cd tJiis; seiisbn,.  ToiitetocsXi'ipcn ivell'/iind/ give a'yield  lis lnueh'.as 'forty,.tpin planXti:/;'; y ��������� X" ^ ,;/���������  ./Xhe/buildiligsXiCQ!is;ist: pfi/dwelljiigi  lioulti'yVlioiisCv'blncl.siiiikl)^.shop, aiid  alarge stable ciiiXmbl.eXV or/ncecinoi i6di>-  (Xiiig('eight teamSyi'VTho; house is,v a  favorite stopping plncP: fpr/ travellers.  l.bi)ie-ii)adcV:/vi'efi'es|ni)pii;ts/X,and: lu'cials  bciii'gM.i's'pcnsccl.'.'.;.;/:-'.:;:,'' yXyyiXii'i'iXy..iy:'.  ���������y The XXfariii: is - iii'; the-, heartof the  canipS:'bf,;; Fishy; Greek/ii iid ytl.erefoi'p:  most favorably ���������situated; to ii; market. ���������;.���������;  X.Thpji.r'bper.ty- is fpr/siile, jM/r.* Xllainil  (lesiring to move for' the benefit of. his1  fainily;aiii'd this iitl'erds a rare" bppor--  ttinity for a -'r'alicli.ing' invcst-m'pnt. ;  t^.aLmk,* wata'y.ggg!-  ,!,:-.(,  X^.X^;i\;;,ViXiXXlNGXRO^IA^CE..X  ,-.  'P/iyii Xt/rook is a: tCQuntry   of ex*  :'ViJ;-ut .liiineral -'prospects.1'."������������������ The  XhX yi ibeX prospects is now'.being  e.sted/aiHl:.nX short time wilt prove  hoVfyonomic value of the freel;gold.  e:-|M-.*iis;v'The merits of the camp.  ���������yy y-'b-i Pnough 'foi; anything, ������������������ and  v 'y-yyyyy^avy to /publish .false  ;���������/:-��������� yx:'y) yyn-i it,. or .unduly boom  Xy-y, yy'Xy which can-only result  '���������;.:-;:-';:ip''!;::ii(;;n.i-n the end. Every  :'���������-.���������;'";.;,!i.p'is ;i ��������� fertile 'ground ;,for  i-���������������������������������������������.-'''<���������"��������� :y'ii'-i'-!' aXud.the iiiining/hum-  '���������":;,���������:.. yiiy..PiVii,'Creek is'no- exception.  i'>���������*������������������������������������' 'iiy.yyhy the Engineering and  'iXr/'/v,, -b-Hrnal   an advertisement  X yy' :Xw2.r\'<i) .  Colt!   :   Mines/  "-������������������iy        The 'company's property  ���������' ������������������;���������:-���������-X;���������;'���������, lie,,- Ciiin.borne group  ���������':������������������;���������/���������.; ".!>..'.>.' be a capital property.  u*- yX/;.ii'..l.ic'reads in the advpr-  y :ih-;i- that it has enough- ore to  '���������X''y.y.������������������:��������� l^fi-stamp mill for three  !-:,:.:������������������;/-' w.- .-ay the ��������� statement is  :isi������������������:i.:iis;;;; iuid likely to do much  ;Xvi',;'ii" i; rl.ould be permitted to  :'i.-.-���������'. "<������������������ X;!,!iout'- criticism. If the  o!ii{,i:i:;v !,','-an.- it has enough rock  XI :'.::. ���������. r.iiii ihat length of time  v ii';'���������!���������'!! 'ii-riuite it. but if it means,  - ���������..:'.'.:.! inference, ' that the,'prop-  viy ;ir,:'r il~i y\t).()()() ton'sofpay ore  )yX.y'yi    ',}:,'-i\   we  sav it is a gross  mile, north VthercX is/a/large r.  .alfva  they, would Vptlierwise   ha ve been.;! lead withX: an   iron' capping;, fco'h  callpdXoh'tolbiiilcl'a Iroad 'into the 1 tai ning-galena/and : some   copper |  BigBentl country,  the, steampr.X.is comparatively v'alpe  less,until.a- trail; eqnnecis. the eno  of" the present'Xtrail.';.' with;Canoe  River thus /giving ������������������'access'; to. the  .valuable: '-'mica -X. deposits���������..������������������.,'rej.ibr.fed'  there,X asXyeirXitsthP; -"ti"inb"ov-.' Jim its  and tlie ranchiiig.-'c.o'u'ntrv and'Xmiea  ,,'     .... ifroiiia Co.i-i-cspoiidcnt.)  ;',.������-  riie, ; .Kortliwes!erir     Development  '���������Tlie AvorXk of 1 pyrites. ��������� -This.loncl is about -10 feet ���������Syndicatpi/Jins/bought, an interest.in  ''      '"   i:  "  '"! wide/X;1 ���������'���������Tite-fQrtn'atiP'n/.c.onsi'Sts.b'f a Hhe town site and. is: erecting-' a-saw  sxdiist'f(l>i)t'wairh'iKl-'''ltme':-Xlhim  wallrliivnin^in'thesarnedirectibmU^aiiipiiiill/' Onepower clrid will be  ���������,,;���������-,i/ ",,j���������.'.i i",. ..-,;,. rK tXX'    ���������.'���������-'.' put in nttlieblutrnenr.f Camborne to  ne-riirw e.-i i'\ s-outtireasi.... ���������       . ������������������������������������ "'-,.,,.,.���������, ���������   ,���������.,-��������� y ,-,,.-,.  baud tbewagon road toGoldhels. -....,  .  .EightyXliveVlolishave been   sold " ii.l-  I'-oiuiy here.: -One hotel bf,^2x()5,',thi;ee  stoi-eys is.iinderVcoiistruction::; '���������/'..  r'l'e.i ;cottaeesare,to>ybb' /erected.  Eggs for  Hatching, from IP  ixWiWiXi !������������������' :1,1 Bred: Pou 1 try-x'XyiX^y'  '; "Frbiii 1 SXX���������C;XXlXIirowiiXXXXand,/ S tiVVhlie:  .Leghol'iis/ IL/XiX'V Pbcks,A\'hite;AVya,n-Xi  'dottcsvand^rekiiuXDiicks-ljiLOO:^^  1.3 lieii, Ji/di'ielc eggs; /X^tock;/'for-sale'  'atvIbw:.,pnces/.;;/;K//Vy vv',7/':;':y ���������;/:.;..  ;X; 1,200/Egg- TnciiliXafbi';  iindXBrooder  fbi'X sale,Xcheiip. X'v; v;X;,/'::;;XXV;:',-X;;/v Xiiiyi'y  The B;G, Poultry; Yards, Venipn/  '������;'���������;'��������� SiliUiiteil���������'-.'dnVytho X banks "of ���������:y  "yy ;Shiis\vapX:yLakc,  otic  .of - fliCv-arls  ',yy.Xlnrgeiifc':ali'd !:liibsfc',; bc'tiutXifuly;  '.-':.  lakes X: iiiy XBritishX iColiiinbia.."  /���������-V   ForXy'tei'iiiS:; iiiiiXI" / particnliirs /;.-.-;  :V,'.'^,v: ;:vpply/to''/:y:yV..'!.-::.:: ���������;i;:.;:-;;_;...;:/:'-;-'-/y;-/;;.!;yy:.',;/..  jaB guiletto;i reveLstdke.  ICouldnTcatch /iJinyXllSliXsoX/LingXas lie'/VX  ,danglcddiis::liiie;:in.,Xbis;inollier's:;])aib/XX'  ArPuViiiiist iisli ,\ylierp; (Xhp lishnri^'iindyX;  /youViiiust /ii'ilvoiH-ise Xwhere t.hp^/readersX'/.  y'!Vro',X:;X;'V.;";;V iXyy.yX^.^XyXiy'yXy'yy^yyi  Xy. X Tliff XK0 pT'lS XA 'm l AIL col ijnis ii ro v X :���������  - tlie.Xiiibst/extbiisiyelyX.read X:;aiiy.eiiisii!gy'  'cPlui'nns. iii'-XNorXth (.Kootenay. XV livery-V'  .body./'whp���������'������������������; ii'X Xan'A'bpdylXyiVi'ends'/; tlio ; ���������  /KOOTEXN'.VA'V^All:^XyyXX y'yi'yXyXyi  y Aclvci'tisp y^ur :'btii5inessvvv in" the;/:  ;.KObTENAt'MAlXlVaiidXyoti'wiljlliiul '-X  ctli'cXVi;cXsults,:prbiiipt !in.dVsn:tisXf;yXctory;;;:X/  v'Siuldlo iiiid puck liorscs. for sale oi- liii-o.:  Ki'oiglit deliver}', uii(lui;t.ul.uii ,to uny-iiiu-t.of Lliii  ii'isli.Oi'cck Ci'uniis;- 'X   'X "���������-. '  J'yAyMageeJ 5Proprietor.;  :^^0^p$^BB^pp&^^m������0gy  IV  deposits in the'.'"iieiiilii/burhobd   of;  Tete.Jaulie'Cache.; ' It-is not credit-;  iible to the government X'Xthat   tiio.y i  should go'XbackXo'nan  unclertakingV  to��������� wliich they X \verev pledged', aitd X  which X is ��������� aftpt l-aH^oi ;Xh<>; great:  magnitude. '/   ,Thp-X;'money,:-ws-  actually voted lasP,session   for,.this.;  work .and  it, is VtheX -cl'uty. of tiie  government to keeiv faith with -Vibe .  people ofXthis district, in   carryini;/  out a work of so much   publhvvim-  portance;' ',/;���������        ; -. ���������'/ .  ���������;���������.''"��������� Thisiarge lead is'.'X also t hi versed  M'lv'Xii- Hilii'-1 ���������dj'ke-' on :the:..luin<X:ing  ���������'���������w;'t'l.i.',.X.;.:.XX..Tl.ib?i;,'. lime.'...dykes; yaryj'.ii  si;tP.frn:r: ^.T1;.-' lb"?011!'-^;*'v' ---Xyy .-.  y 'Xy\y ���������sf-P".ii.i������( pfvXcountry/has no;| tlie'coiupa.iiy nssppii as.tbe- tirnijcr is  iraii io iu 'iiVid'Yitis ab'.d\i't/,,'9X; .iniiteVI ready,; and v;.,; .boin^Lijig hpuse at,the  qiorlh-efist'ir'Xfth the' head ."'of steamViaineXotSOxtiO./tliree/storeys, :yi: large  K,v,/.'?:,y.-w];rX.f..-   r������vi'Prifi^.'X/-,'V\-lii^li'';i='l store-'30x.50."t\vo.l-st-oriips,"'tl.ircc���������p.rivnto   %,,   ':,    /   i nouses.yeottage.!or.Jt.;l;.,pervy .24x30.  t'A'O'storeys: one barber shop������������������'��������� I(3x20.,  frtiitstiiiulaud stored(?x2-J-,.Visible for  :.t.f;!i-liprses..   ;' .-������������������':.���������'������������������,;���������. '���������..:'. .'.";���������. ''.!';  X Two lots have .been purchased for.'a,  'brewery,'-, but do not know if tlieynre  binkliiig tiiisspniincr ::or iic't. .'the  ���������c.-oniiianv will clear ina.in street. ������������������   '\y :  o ���������ni.iips-,n  >eve;sioKC  BIG BEND PLACERS  Ri.turnyof Excursionists.:  \  ' .I'l.'^ibt)  liilC  -: i.>ii ;Fri(  ' M/.:..'..i.l.!i  j u v  ;.--l!g;il..U,:  ���������Me  \\. li:  ../ii l h'  \V"������;-M.s ;Xg;)t.  !;;-!.' -lb   lie!  ;,'H.,lil.>:-.t- !1if. (lieJ i'iiii;  .a;."'! ���������',L'airi]> .'(.-reeks..  ��������� '���������|i!:'i(.-.'-f'. ;;jii'fKf'"Cis.  ;' ���������.>���������(./������������������';.i-ri ' jri'r*������������i'i������f T: c.'iv'  Ktl  1"'1U  !��������� XcmeiiV   Advocate   sup-  i-nrictmcnt��������� of  arbitration  S. SyREVELSTOKE.  Makes Big Bend Lively.    '  - Tbr bij'iietu of ������������������ tl'i'e '''steamer, dte'.'ei-.  stijke.'jn'opeiiin'g Pp ibe    I'i.u'.- flXeud i.-  beofiiiiing ��������� .apparent'.' '    'Mi   iy-';.   , I'i'i p..  there was iig.Vin-a '.^���������'���������hm.I   pa's.-eiigcrjis!,:  ijiul big   I'.n-igiif. ' \\". l-'li-iiiingV- tbaiii.-;  having   been ..hauling   i'n-igb(. foili';  landing���������'' nearly   all    .M'.:i'la,y  ��������� iiigl.-!.;  The boat  .i'.o;v   .i.-.oines-  1,0 lhe 'i.i' mile,  point.,biit alter nexi..week it is inii.tid-j  e<l,   if' .vn'tei:   will;, adni.it, to r'un her j'l'i i.hn  regularly to and froin li-'-velsfoki;.  . The entire trip is inade;\yiflicii n.-e  of a line ���������except at Xi'ii.c yMiie and  Sixteen .Mile rapid.-, .where .101)0 i'ci.-I  .of line is run nut. .''���������''���������  .Li'urilieriiig is beciaiiing.'f"':''':'bir,'.' !y,  active, several good si/.ed'.c;iiups .l"-'-ii.g  '.n.fw.ork and huge jbles 'of, I<igr.- mt  various points li-pin. 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us,   Captain   Beau
"Will   you   .ioln
mont ?" I asked:
"I've been hunting fo' yo' nil fo'
days," replied the captain, looking at
Jack. "Now I've found yo', I'm not
likely to part with yo'! Together we
can whip tin? guerrillas."
"Not a dozen of lliem. Besides, we've
had enough of that."
"What are you going to do with the
horses'." asked Helen.
"Mount (lie ladies," suggested the
"Thank yo'," observed Jack,  "hut  1
don't care to ride nn a l.nrse with Lis
iiiis-i' pointing lo China and his mil nt
' llie stars." v
"No one could ride a horse ovei- such
ii route," said I. 'TH take care of tlie
I tethered lliem in the little pocket
we were leaving, knowing iluii ihey
were less likely io lieiray our wlieio-
iil.ntits lo our enemies there Ihat) if I
tlirilcd  lliem loose.
"They'll starve." .lack remonstrated.
"I can't help it.'.'
"They shall no|!"
"Come, we have no time to lose."
I'.iu .hick set aliout collecting what
little grass was to he had anil piling it
before lliem. The captain, seeing her
dclerininaiion. was soon on his knees
'gailiering grass and throwing'it in her
"1 i'ope the delay will not cost i:s our
lives,"' | grumbled. "Now. <";11:_rc;. I
want you io go off to the right j ���-! as'
far as you can and siill keep ire in,
sight. Buck, yon go to lhe left and tlo
llie same, but keep close, Toi- ii won't
tip for us to call lo'each oilier."
"Jack can make all sons o' noises-
rais, an owls an birds���so yo' can't tell
Vm," Buck \o':;i.leered.
"(loud!     \"'.-  iray   have eec.isic'-' to
use her.    Vi.n gills keep behind   .noi.t
I lie   Sii.'ii1   il..-lance   as   our   C.iukeis.
' When we gel ^o lhe creek, (J'a.-.-er.is to
work down it on Vho right liauU. Buck
on  lhe lefi.  while  1  keen as near llie
.cieeli as pe'-si'.le.   Captain P.eauuioiit,
'' will you net is rear guard'."
"Willi e'tiisu" , sir."
"IL''i' go le sleep," remarked Jack,
"nnd be lef .lelii::.!."
"Not wi.,1 ye.*.i in fron'." said i!u> cap*
lain, ioiiking at her repronelifully.
I u.-ive (he order to move. Makinga's
1:11V n-jis" as pe.-silile. l:eep'iii:T caeli
tillie:1 in *:���:!.t. c.'.fepl ��� ccc.i.-sloanliy
when  the lives and  miderlinihli'wero
too thick, we proceeded fo tlie brow of
the plateau. Descending, we sqoii
Struck ihe crock and, under' covr-r nf
the trees, proceeded downward in open
, order, walking rapidly, keeping a sharp
lookout ahead and on the Hanks. We
aad not gone far before an owl hooted
behind me, and so natural was the cry
that, had I not been expecting it. I should
never have suspected it to have come
from the throat of, Jaqucline. Turning, I saw both, girls pointing .upward.
On the very edge of the declivity and
not far from where we had begun our
descent a man was looking down from
the plateau. We were so protected
that he could not see us, for, besides
being among the 'trees, we were ii)
comparative shadow, while the mail
above stood out boldly in the light. He
did not look like a guerrilla, but we
hurried on. ���
Discovering a" great advantage hi
Jack's signals, I called in the flankers'
ami tlie rearguard and arranged with
them that Jack was to travel w'i.ii me
ns trim.peter. The' hoot .of an owl
would mean "hide." k woodpecker's
rapping "rally on the center," the notes
of a tlinish "lake a hack track," a lien's
cackling   "push    forward   in    haste."
. These signals ibcing perfectly under-
p'loocl, wo opened again and advanced
like a central sun and satellites.
We had made the principal part of
the descent, when, coming to a convenient spot, I ordered a halt for rest, feeling a confidence that I had not felt
since my abduction���a confidence I
should not have yielded to, for we were
yet far from safety.. The place of,our
halt was a delightful anglp in the
stream wo were following. Jack strolled away in search of wild flowers and
was soon joined .by Captain Beau mont,
whoso' infatuation prevented liim from
thinking of aught else, even our common danger. Buck' stretched himself
under a short mountain oak, clasped
his hands under his head, threw one
leg over tlio bent knee of'the other and
looked straight up into the branches.
Helen and I were thus left alone. We
s.'it down on tlio hank of the creek in
vi-w of the I alibiing stream. Taking
a slender stick in her hand, Helen began to tlirii��li lhe water. I saw that
she was troubled, and I knew the
cause. 'J'he barrier between us, which
In n moment of intense excitement had
faded out of sight, now loomed up
again as ominously as ever. We sat
without speaking. Jack and, the captain were chatting briskly, every now
and again speaking loud enough for us
to hear some word that told of the captain's onihralhncnt. The silence between Helen and myself grew painful.
I could say nothing lo break the spell.
I could but mutely express what I felt
llc'ic-hing out, I took her hand and
drew her to me.'X,
���: A sl!?t!- ", ..',.'      /      1   ' ��� ' '"
Looking upward (bthe plateau', I s.iflf
a 'horseman dashing pff; to the", spup
north'of us, whose ridge led to'the level
ground we were approach itig. It.W-js
plain thai: we bad been discovered, that
the shot was a signal, a ivl the horseman
. was going 16 head tie c'i'l'. ,
The trouble bad r.ll come from Buck.,
1 have no ..doubt we should have given
the guerrillas ihe slip had It not bceu.
for bis folly.    There are ,certain idiosyncrasies in boy.s Ihat arc as natural
moment Buck encountered an incident
that called out one of these idiosyncrasies. Gazing into the branches of the
tree under which lie lay, he espied a
bird's nest. Unluckily, be noticed that
a rock wliich admitted of a gradual ascent stood directly under the tree.
Climbing the rock, ho made his way
among the branches and, leaning far
out where the bright sun could shine
directly on' him, grasped for the treasure. Our enemy, who was at tlie time
watching from the plateau, discovered
Calling tho parly together, I gave the
order to push forward; not that there,,
seemed to be any object In doing so,
for wo must expect to meet our pursuers, but wc could not go back and
could not stay where wo were. Besides, motion would lend to pull together the faculties of the party, overy
one of whom was appalled at this relapse into the frightful dangers thoy
had so long endured, though Captain
Beaumont showed only irritation at
having his tcto-a-tele with Jack interrupted.
Wc had not gone far before we struck
a path running parallel with the creek,
which led us to a hamlet on a road
leading north nnd south. There wore
but half a dozen houst'S in (lie place,
including a small country store and a
blacksmith shop. Before entering the
tow'n we consulted as to what we
should do.1
,   "Get horses," I .proposed, "if there Is
"Or a horse and wagon." said Helen.
"I reckon we belter hide," wan I.uck'i
proposition.   ,
Oitr enemy, ivatchlnr/ \rom Lhe plateau,
discovered him.
"Lei's gel clothes," suggested .Kick,
"and dress up like village people."   ���
I looked at Helen. Jack's proposition appeared lo strike her with the
, same force it struck me. Of all thing."}
the guerrillas would expect us |o (1.P,
disguising ourselves ipid going about
the (own as if we belonged there would
be ihe lust.
"Done!" I said as we entered the
place. ".Scatter. Tell the people tho
guerrillas are after us, and they'll help
us. We'll have from 10 to 13 minutes
to prepare."
shake of the head.   I put my head out
to see and, recognizing one of them,"
drew back and began to blow my bellows as if my life depended on it.   And
it did.    Presently one of the outlaws
rode up to the shop.
"Hello, thar!" he shouted.
"Waal," I replied, still blowing and
keeping my face turned from him.
"Seen a man, two women, a boy an
a nigger go through the town?"
"Hain't seen no one."
"Sho' nuff."
lie rode off, but I knew the storm
had not yet blown over.' I went on
working the bellows, and it was well
I did so, for presently more of tlie band
rode into town, and one of the horses-
having lost a shoe, its rider dismounted
in front of the shop and told me to put
it on.
This was something I bad not counted on. I knew no more about horse-'
shoeing than about knitting, but 1 put
a bold face on lhe matter and wcDt to
wo rlc.
"What the ��� yo' doin?" yelled the
man. "Air yo' goin ter put that shoe
on with nary triinmin?'*'>
"Don't yo' s'poso I know my business?" I cried, bristling. "I was only
fit tin it."   ���
Willi that I seized a knife andbegaii
to et:t. But I was too excited to pare
tlie hoof even if I bad been an expert,
and in another moment ibe man yelled
again, "Kf yo' cut that critter's hoof
off, I'll brain yo'!"
"Here, Sandy," I cried to the blacksmith, within, "come shoo this man's
critter. He thinks he knows more'n i
do about shoein."
The blacksmith finished' the job,
while I, pretending to be greatly irritated, was glad to escape into bis
dwelling bouse. Going to a front window and dropping a curtain so that I
could look into the road without being
soeiC I took a view of; the situation.
Tlie guerrillas were scattered about the
town, some riding around tlie houses
limiting for us, others sitting oni their
horses, (iiiestioniiig the Inhabitants as
to our whereabouts. Captain Kingokl
was iu command. A negro boy was
playing "hopscotch" on the>sidewalk.
The captain called tchim:
"Yo' boy thar, didn't yo' see anybody
go this way awhile ago?;!        ���
"Two women an a boy 'bout big 's
me?" . ,      i
"Yes."   '' " - ,
"An a while man an a colored man?"
"I'.es.    Whirl, way did they go?"
"Dey's gwine right 'long dar."   And
ho. pointed lo a path leading across tlie
road west wa i-d.      '
"Here, you," cried tbe captain to two
men who wore watering their horses
nt a'wooden trough iu front of the
shop, "strike out on that path."
The  men darted  away,  leaving  tbe
captain alone in tlie road.   A lillle old
woman came,out of a house opposite
and   began  to guy  him   in  a  cracked
voice, poking fun at him for not being
able to'catch a party of women.    She
��� ���liked so familiarly��� With him that 1
began to suspect   she   knew   him.    I
trembled lor lear she would betray us.
"Vou uiirf ain't, worth a persimmon,"
she said.    "With   them  critters'  legs
under yer, yer orter  to catch   women
folks easy-"
.'���'We'll catch 'em easy enough. They
have gone along thar.'' pointing to the
path his men were lust- dashing into.
(To be continued.)  " -
Certificate of Improvements.
,   NOTICE.,
"Si. I.awrence,""St. Louis," "Columbiii" and
'Ladoniu" mining claim-, -iinatc in ilic licwl-
toke Alining Divi-ion of Wc-l  Kootenay DU-
' trict.
i    Where-located: On Wild Goo-c Clock, a trib-
lit.-irv of Jordan ci'cclc.
f    TAKK NOTICK lli.U 1. F. Mc('.u-t.v. l-\ AI   ".
I No. 07211 for iny=clf and agent foi- 'J'iioin.i-, Kil-
I li.itrick, i'\ M. C. No. fi71!!.'(. Tlioina-, Ilownio. I-'.
I -M. ('. No. o7-'fi.'l. C. H. Hume. F. M. (.. No. ��7I S,
C'tia-. J-". landmark, J-". JI. C. No. (n-JI-U. C. .M.
I Kr.i-ui-. F. .V. C, No. C7181 and James Koiglilcy,
K. JI, C. No. C7201, intend, -i\ty day- from tlio
', date hereof, to apply lo  the .Mining liocordcr
j for a Certificate of Iniprov,-incut-, for tlie iinr-'
' po-c of obtaining a Crown Grant of tlie above
And further take notice that action, under
Section !17, mn-t be commenced before the i-.su-
nr.ee of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated thi- thirtieth day of June, A. D. W02.
S. S.   "Archer"
or S. S.   " Lardciui."
Kootenay Lodge
���p.       N0.15A.F.&A.M.
*   The regular meetings
aic held in the Mas-
month   at.    8  p.   m.
VUiling   brethren
cordi.illy welcomed.
GOUDOX   Si-Cl.i-T.utv.
^Jj^^,**\^>   -  onic Temple, H
Eii_SF?i;.lJiSx-"^��Tc^-== Hall,  on   tin;
^SiS^^^^JIonday   in
Yzs-J��\rs! Regular meetings are held
Running between Arrowhead, Tliom-onV
l.andingand Comapli\, commencing Ocl. lllli
!!W1. will sail as follows (weather permitting!:
I.oavo Arrowhead for Thomson's Jjinding
and Coinaplix twice daily at 10k. and 1,3k.
Leave Cum-iplix and Thomson's Landing for
Arrowhead twice daily at 7.IJk. and li.l.Jk.
.Making close connections with uIlC. J*. It.
trains and boats.
Tlie owners reserve the right to change lime--
of sailing.-, without notice.
o Jlanaging Director,
The Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd.
(During season of high water.)
Leave Eight-Mile I.aiiilin;
t eaci
it (i
.   .Screen  Droors. A.i.jii-tabli   Hcro'ii Wimto
Screen Wire, Kcfrigerara-. Ice (.'nam Fn
er��, Garden 1 lose. ,\'(>/.'zle-. Spray-. (' i;ipim-_'-.
Lawn XMouers. Water Cui'ler.-. W,it<-r l"il,t' i.-.-
L-oal Oil  Stoves, one and two hurueis.    .    .
W.   M.   LAWR
\l   Tinware
Lea\e La
I'orte each'
Ell I DAY at
SI'ECJALTKIPS will he 'made hc-
tweeii dales of regular sailing whenever
hii.sincss clVered warrants snine.
The Company reserve' thc right, to
change time and days of sailing without notice.
It. S. WILSON, N.G.   .1. A. STONK, I!, fc K.S.
��� ,' .Meets every Tuesday
'^ntfiX   ^i^fi^S*!^    evening     in   Selkirk
Iftf)    .   (OT   ^ ]Iu]|    !l(, .8    o'clock.
Visit im; lire! lii-en cordially  invited  to  attend.
A, SAXTON, N. G. .1. MAT.IIlK. Sue.
Gold Range Lodge
K.O.P. No 26
1 Revelstoke, B. C.
Jleets every Wed
ne-day in Oddfellows
Hull at S o'clock.
A'i-iliiiK Knight
fi. JIcDliN.M.I
a. o.
Wl.NSOK,  Is.   01'
Safer than a Bank
"'���'Amlier" Plug Smoking Tobacco
is winning on its merit?..
"'��� Havo yuti tried it'?"
"Save       the    Tacrs,    thev    arc
cnAPT 10It XX.
A >f..PQUl.l!.\I>K.
HAT ho'came of the other's I
did not attempt lo discover.
I    made   straight   for   Hip
blacksmith shop-and found
ti tanitli pi his forge.
"Jly good man," l said, "I'm followed
hy guerrillas. They'll be in the town
In a few minutes. Can't you give me
your clothes and let nic take your place
at I lie forge V
lie stood with his hand on the handle oi' the hollows looking at mo while
what J said was slowly making its way
thrmisli his skull.
"Weel, noo,'-' he said nl last.
"Scoteli-I knew it." I'll be taken before I can make him understand." Then
to liim, ''Do you want to save tne froin
death hy guerrillas'."'
"Certain, inon."
"Then lake off Unit apron and give it
to me at once.   Not a moment to lose'."
At this juncture lhe desperate position I was in entered his brain, and ho
worked rpiickly enough once lie realized what was wanted. I saw a woq|*
,011 shirt, well liejrriinei], Jiangim,' on a
nail ami. seizin*: il, put it on. Then I
look the smith's apron, rolled up my
sleeves, smeared my arms with cinders
and .limited into a bit of broken mirror
resting against the weotien wall lo observe I ho effect. I was dKiippnhiteil to
see Ihat my face belied my calling.
"Your razor!" I exclaimed to the
He went through a door leading from
the shop lo his dwelling and returned
with a razor, soap and hot water. In
five minutes I had shorn my heard,
leaving a dark stubble; then, seizing a
handful of coke, rubbed out every refined lineament. Taking another look
at myself, I was pleased to see that my
own ������mother would not it now mo. Seizing the handle of the bellows,-1 began
to blow vigorously, y. ���      '..;..
"Weel, weel," "laughed ' tlio bfacU'r
smith, "yo. malt' a. better lo'ltin ���smitli
than geentleinon."   . ' > ������
'"Pliiyyour own part well," I replied,
"and I have something nice.'.for you at
the end of tlie performance.".
It was fully :i") minutes' after we
"���eaclied tlie hamlet before there were
. .'y signs of tlio guerrillas, and then
I! '0 or four rode into the town and
as: .'I for our parly.. Had the.v seen
us. >T-.liich way had-wc gone', aiid'oth-'
ei*(|;'    ii nis..which lhe few people!they
Sanitary  Plumbing, Hot
Water &, Steam Heating
Second Street, Revelstoke
Do You Want to Brighten and
Adorn Your Homes ?
When you invest
money in .jewelry
your wi-,c. You
have your value
.-nfo and sure if
you buy jewelry
here, and fjet llie
most artistic results thrown in,
' See our stock of
Ladies Watches &
Cliain I.rooeho--.
Clocks, Manicure
Seta. Cut Glass. &
Fancy Sterling Silverware at
Ii. W
'    J'urser
Royal Mail Lines.
Cheapest Route to thc Old Country.'
ALLAN LINK-From Montreal.
Tunisian , July 11)
I'l-elorian "   ai
Sumidcan        ���        ��� ...    Aug. '2
���    DOMINION LINK-Kioin Monlrei'.l.
Dominion Auj;"-
Kroin Portland.
Californian Inly I:!
Coloiiiiin -       -     Auk-
,     llEAVKIt LINIC-Kroin Montreal.
Lake Manilob.i      - luiyll
Lake McGinn io   -  ' "   '.'I
Lake L'liiiniiiliiiii "Ill
Lake Ontario   -      -      -      -   ��� ���      ���       Aug."
Passengers ticketed through to all parts of
Great. Urilain and Ireland, and at, specially low
rales lo all juris of the Jiin'opciiii continent.
Apply to nearest railway or steamship agent or
T.  W. BRADSHAW.  Agent,  Revelstoke.
Wholesale and Retail
.   .   .   Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:
o        <^^s=^Cal.o:ary, Alberta-
Camborne has been called the
Rosslancl of the Lardeau.
' Trains leave
Sun.  Wed.
and Eri.
��� M.inv' believe that   Camborne h.i.s   a \ir
i J
future than anv'ininiivi' cami? in ihe West.
-  4:35
Alon. Wed.
and Sat.
J...Guy Barber's
Carries.'all   Classes of  Passengers.
81^ Hours to Montreal.
'���Ou'r Special" & "The Union.
B. G.
You do. Then get the ten pictures by the world's famous artists
which will be sent vou, together
with thc KOOTENAV MAIL and
Weekly K'roe Press,for a year on
receipt uf ^.75.    Address '
Pitman s
Opposite Hotel Vancouver,
MISS E.   RICHARDS,   Principal.
Short h.iwl, Typi-HTit'iii;, Hciikke. pin-.'. Tele*
Krnpliy ''"i'l Areliilcclnri'l D.-.iwIiik. (1 rutin-
ale- f'nini tlii-L-cillc^e.-eciire he-l ii|i|iniiitiiiunls.
Inclii-ivi' trriii-. for boiinlri*., 5.'!1! per nirniili.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
Retail Dealer \n^~vaaJas^^>'
Fish and Game in Season.
.Ml urdei's jn-nnijidy filled.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
X-iumpL dulivory of parcels, buggn.m',
etc., to any pint of the City.
Any Kind of- Transferring
All orders left at R. M. Sinylliu's
Tobficco Store, or by Telephone, No. 7
will receive prompt attention.
C. Outhett, A.R.C.Sc.
Analytical Chemist, Provincial Assnycr
St. P.u-i.   -       -       -       -' Daily.
-  Tuesdays it .Saturdays.
-   .   -      Thursdays.
(via  Imperial Limited)
Wednesdays it Fridays.
,   ���Thosc who are wise find'can si/c
thiny-" arc ycttiiiL!' in on th.e Cirmiin
arc getting"
iiji ;
1 FI
Some   of  the  best lots .have filn-ady
snapped up.     Don't yon want one?
hi. en
'Twill Make Money,for You -While You're,,
���   Sleeping.
H. S.
WALLACE, MANAGER   --    -   '-   ���-    -" CAMBORNE. B.C.
Foi-full inforiiintion and piu-ticuliirs
upply to nearest ngcnt.
,\\'e want a! once Irii^twortliy men and
women in every locality, local or travel I inn, to
inli-otluee n ni'w iliscovory and keep our --how
eili-fN and adverti.-.iiiK inallei- lucked up in
conspicuous place.-i l.ln-outjliout lhe lowirand
country. Slowly employment, year round:
coninii-Mon or .-alai-y, $65 per Month and
Expenses, not lo evcecd Si'.')!) per day.
Write 1'or particulars: I'o.itollice Jlo\-'.'KIT,
International Medicine Co. London, Out.
ever, and
finish is more popular  this'   year   than
has won its popularity by its durability
prelty tints', and the easy' <modc   of mixing   ana
applying. ,
tip   m
beautiful   shades   and   Whito.
Ask'your dealer for a color card  .or send direct to
McLennan, ���McFely  "&  Co., Ltd.,
W'HOLKSAJ.E A   KKTAJI. .MI-il('l!.\.\TS.
122 Cordova Street      -      Vancouver.
B. C.
I'cr ll'-*t-el.i��*i leather write
B. C. Leather Co.
Vancouver, B. C.
Hrill-li f'oluuiljia Agents for the celebrated
, "PENETAXG" Sole I.tatlier. Cut Sole.-and
1 Heel Pice-.
irarne��� l.cnlliu--, Hridle. h'addlc and Skirt-
iiii,' l.eatiie;--.  I..n-i- and   h-ui.ijo  I.eatlier-, U]i-
per Li-.itliei-! of all kind--.
, , Jlainifactiini*.-.  of   Closed     Uppoi-d   of-    nil
! descriptions.   , ���,   ,        ���
;��� . Sliocniakcrs' Tools and   Finding, Saddlery
j.llard ware,'Hides and Oils;
|   ���T-wo.iIioiiwiikI li.per.-ikinn Wanted.    ���    '      .'
Cnl a'.ogin;- iu d jirii;'.- li.-ts on application.
! Colli"....
! .Silver..
i Lend. ...
Golil IIIH
$ r
Vancouver, B. C.
Mill Tests '       Smelter-Tests
Up to 4000 lbs.
j Checking Smelter Pulps a Specialty
Have You n Doubtful Piece ol Rock?
We'll Tell You what  it is
Comfortable '���*����������� Beautiful
Furnished Homes
arc ninilc i><>.~>it>l��_* w u Ji \,
cliixi-iiiir li'i'in mil" l.-ir-^i"
(lukii'ii .-iiul Vh tiii���I j ().il
loyV .-'upi'i-li C.ii-p-t-i- iiin
l-'.nji-h I.iuolmim.- "iUo i'
WiiiTtli.it \\i-.'.r-���--1M7 I!i
'i?\\'V.s mill Kdi;1i-Ik I ..ii
L'arui-   Illn-tr.'li il' (
Ui"' -li    i^,jii'li.-t-   hy
.iii'1   Miiii'd  .-KH-k.
I'm nil hit. ('ro��.--
K'.-^-. Scutcli   and
")(> yd'.
">r< >-.','
,'iirt;,-   I lhi-
nf t'liiir^i1.
1..I. _'iu   u
Furnishers to all Classes.       Victoria, B. C.
GuKl, Si I vet ""d Copper	
Control nss-.iys; Conipluti' iiiinlysis i'i!
Ores,  Con Is, etc., Concentration   and
Amalgamation tests.
gjSF"Results-  of iissiys  liy   return   of
Jnlund  Assay Ollicc,  Kaniloops  13. 0.
treai Daily .Herald,-and. picture.of
King Edward'will be mailed to new
Hiibjcrilieis for lhe liahince 'of 1902
for -i'l.oO. , 'Address'
to 'tin-in aji for.a thick lo swim or arob-'
in to liy.' Uiifqrtuiiate!^, "t. ��i critical I ineL .-���'-"i.idi.-tl to witli a grunt or u   KOOTENAY    MAIL,    ReYelsMe,
The nio.st cninplelc Health Resort on
the eonl incut ot North America. Situ-
ated midst 'scenery-unrivalled for (-ran-
dcur. .JjOiilinn. Fishing, Excursions,
Skating and. Shooting, liesidcnt I'hy-
,-ician and Xurse. 't'elegraiihie coin*
muiiieatioilwitli all parts of the v.'-oi-ld.
two mails arrive and deii.art every day.
lis hatlis cure all nervous and muscular
diseases: its wiitm-s heal all Ridney,
l.ivei-aiid Stomach ailments, and ellin
inate all inetalic poisons from'llie system. Us waters cannot be surpassed
for their healing virtues.       ;-.
Special   Winter Terms :
Per Week,
$12  to $15
^Cook's Cotton Root Compound
3\ Ifl BiiccpSHfully nseil monthly by over
'IO.OOOIwkIIch. Sftfe.eirectunl. I.at'iesnsk
F" X^ your druggist for Cook's Colloa Root Compound. Titku no other, us nil MlxturcH. iiillnand
imitationsnrn dnngcrous. I>rlnn,No. 1, finer
box; No. 2,10 degrees Rtront*<>r,).'i p(.r box. No,
1 or 2, mailed an receiptor jirlee nnd twotl-cnnt
Btninps. Tlio Cook Company WlndHor, Ont.'
CPZ-Nos. 1 nnd 2 soldnnd reeoinmcuded by all
rcBpoiisIWc Drufe'glata In Cauuda.
No. 1 and No. fare -old at I rout Lake bv I-'-
'I'. Ahcy. and al KcvcMnkc hy \\\ Hew>, (I. I-'.
Curtis, and Canada llrug^c lli.uk Co. Di-uggisls
U/ifon.   After,
Wood's Phosptoaine,
1 have I ice i i faking
lioljicd nic woiiderfnlly. I
to jtivi" vigor to (lie en! ire
l.-ikinir lln^ Taluili-s I fri-l -
Kipans Talitile.- iny tin* liy.
do iml know any way ;h<\ ���
swtcin.    1 had a -m't   t>i" i in
iii' t
piriti:d and
llilM'  11"1
Iiiiik they
e a tonic.
a ri'
odd I'
or a j,M'!ii>i-,-tl litiil(l-ui
!h.  -
I in-y .-
'i.il!   .-
i-i in 11
'J'he five-cent jiacket   is
f;tmilv Ixittk:, si.vtv cents,
(>i'(!;ii.'!i \
ur an
ctjiitains a .sunniv 'my a
The Great Unr/Ush Remedy.
Sold nnd recoinmended liy all
druggist!) In. Canada. Onlv rell-
nblo medicine discovered. Six
__._._ .. _ imckagcs r/ti&rantecd to cure all
forms of Scxunl Weiiknc'ss, nil effects of abuse
or excess, Mental Worry, -Excessive use of Tobacco, Opium or Stlinu)nnt8. Mailed on receipt
of price, one package $1, six, .$5: One will please,
sixwillcure. Pamphlets free to nny address.
Ilio Wood Co_m>uny, Windsor, OaU
Wood's Piio.si'iioiun'i: is snld in Hevelstokc
byCnnada Iii-ug. & Hook Co.. (���'. K. Curi.is. and
\V. Hews, ami uy Frank 'IV Ahcy nt"l'rout Lake,
Standard remedy for Gleet,
Gonorrhaia and Runnings
IN 48 HOURS. Cures Kid-'
noy nnd Bladder Troubles.
one in each tc-.v:: to ride and e:cii;Liit .': ..-.;.:;....- .^oi model
bicycle of o;:r niniiufactv.rc.    YOU ChII KAKE $10 TO
550 A WEEK besides having a v/iicei to lide for yourself.
High Graclo (t>3^a
Guaianlcecl cpSiL?
500 Secotid Hand-'WheeSsg^' �����,
taken in'trade by our Chicago 'retail stores, ap-^i.    ll
tnauy good as new....  -"
Wc ship  any bicycle GIM   APPROVAL  to
anyone,without- a cent deposit in advance and allow
10.DAYS'FREEXtRUU'  Yo"late
Ssq    absolutely
no risk in ordering from us, as you do. not need to pay
a cent if the bicycle does not suit you.
RA UflT DIIV a wheel miii.'i'yon li.-.-.c- v.-ritltn for our
This liberal o2er has never been equaled and is a guarantee of
the quality of our wheels. ���'���
a reliable person in each town to distribute catalogues for us ih
bicycle.    Write today for free catalogue aiid our special offer.
rBj. THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  ONLY  EfTakee a I)elieiotls"Drittfc  J; ;^       Of  =������ ;;>;:.''.;," Revelstdke B.;C. y  yLOCM&MNERAt  'iy X: X;;EX'i'dyl\itchencr ''hadXliX'iiiagninccnt;,  yy y^iyyoXiiy if oyc.yyyi y .:'���������' ���������..."��������� '.Ei ���������'t.' ���������  .'���������'.: X y K;:';l>upont of   the Climax returned  ��������� 'Eony/Kaniloops..Saturday;"'    ''-':���������' "���������Xi  yy ' 'E.Pbrty lnilliOit'slieepi died froin .:���������' tlie ���������  ���������;���������':.'���������..ili'inijrh'iy;in,^nstralia;this your.'X:;;  ���������.������������������;������������������    - Sir Thoiiia.*  " another try nt tlio .AniericaCup.  .... i :; XMt'XMnlioii Jjr6s.']jitn ited arc sideling a  y.yd tying house to their, shingle in ill. ������������������������������������.������������������-������������������!>  ,   ; yX .I.y If.������������������-.'���������Veiling Us   conducting -the  yX' yQiieen's hotel at Goiriaplix in pcrsdu. X<'^  Y' yy. 'y'Xsaiishuiy'.. has-resigned'theXlX'reinier-  ;.'<?������������������������������������ ri-l'iiii'ii-rid is Succeeded: bv;.Av .(.'Half .uE;  The C.Xr.Xlt..having granted a(recrc-  aiion ground, at a-meeting'held:on  Tuesday night itAyas resolved '.-to form  the -XKevelstoke -Athletic " association.  Thefollowing: ollicers were, appointed:  General Superintendenty XM'jiri.iolc. J.'.  IJurns' and Thomas ��������� Taylor,'AEP. I'.,  piiiriiiiV:.']',-, Kilpatrick, honorary presj,-  ;deiii^ (J.' B. XMc-CiirtOrX, honorary vice  president: AI. .1. X.OMinen. president;.  'G'hin't .Hall,'A.'���������.!'. Metfonell,A,;!McPac  'vice/presidents;:!;;' A.. Lawson, sectc-y  tary-tre'astu'er;! T. ,K: l..d\iykir;'G:!n::  Hume andjXJ. JI v XTeinine. trustees;,/,':  , The' weather this week w;ts.:ex-  ecrabl.e. ��������� Starting/in;\vith oneof the  worstwinds ���������'.'experienced in this (lis-,  ���������.'trick-.and' ���������amounting to a'cyclohc,'on .  JJ0i)(layXiiighi:a terriiXicihiinderstoriiv  folknyc'd ftii Tuesday. iXlje.lightning  crackling through ' tiaEhpu'ses in the  city l%'-t).i(:i..iiiotliuiii-;Of the/lcle-phone  a nd'electric lighting1 wires." ,A portion  of the:towii. was iii'darkhess; Tiiesdiiy  owing to the damage tloh.e'--;tlie- electric Xwil'il'ig: :':';..  ,'  XXEy..-.y.:y:-, ,y y'EyyX,  "���������' Infori'iiiition.tohaniEregarding;the'  high, school, ' entrance.; exuminatipii1  shows',that ainongyHeyClstpke..'Xciindi-'  da(es,:were iici-fail u ivsVlja lever :i ir ihe  following'subjeets:���������XKeiidingi writing,  'dictation/spelling, English; l.i'terii l-u're.'  XCanadiair/'liistEry, /Egeography, X ami  di-;i wing.yyOoniparing,.; I he. P1'*:'!*1'1'^1,1  of passesX and inarms with ot lief schools  KevelstokeXdiii fairly;W,eilyCi:uisideri!it!;  the?; irregular,; ..atfeiuhiiico,; owingr/to  sicknpSSy ' X ...>;.. yyy .y-y.y;:. y yyyy  ���������   The- local ;lae;i:p^o. XJK)ys;.;say \yliei);  they ..iindci'EolEto jilii>-:' V^-rXiion IJVoy';  did' not: reckon 'tliey'were 'going. I o  tackle aii all��������� British'Golu-iubia'chtim-  pion-team.; -.The Xcws Ad vertisi!*!1 tells  hbw^twp- leading-'; coiist7players 'rushed  ,,. .    .        . . . .   .       to'flie rescue tii'VeriiiMii/iindlvelowna  Lipton. intends having |.-rtn(i;. Jv.-inilpp'ji.s ; were i))^0 .repuiriid, to,  coil t-ribute, their; qtioiii'to thy visitor's.!  USE-^^SS^^' '-'������������������yy'  ROYAL CROWl SOAP  The Best in, the World.  Yy X'Mail-usX-lii Koyal, Crowii'Soap.  .\Vrappers,X and hi   return   we'.'.'..  ���������       will 'jjiii.il a beantifiil  Picture 7  .;..   size ,ilG.\20j,,G-1io'r.25 Wrappers'.',  youl'1'choice,of over 100 books.. -.'-.'  ;  IX'rop.'XiE a   post, card askingX .yy."-  ���������Yy'. for a1' eatalogueX.of',/premiums ���������.E:  .'-.''��������� .-Xi o hy. h ad ���������' FI I E'E ' for !��������� Ji oval, * .';  ������������������-���������"<'������������������,.Oro',wii<i?oii]i ^"rappers., 77 .'.-.  .X;-:.'XXi\ddre'ss'.','V.,,.'''X.y,,-Xy ��������� y",X ':.,.������������������'���������'���������  ;'   The Royal Soap Co.,  Yancotiver, B.C.:       :. Limited.  THE  Procession,  Speeches, Sports and  x ���������',,Entertainwent.   '.���������'.  ��������� yTlHy.i Boor' .losses hi;the'^!U\ wpreH,  7yO;kilJed.y'ai)d;32,O0p hiadaprisoXner.s.  ,yXX';XXivahilodi)sX;-will;:,followXXtlie exanijile  BUSINESS LOCALS.  CloMo lyXSchnidefifprasctof harness.  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'  ' I\liss; Grant has,, becrf appointed to  the vacancy in tlie city schools.    ,  '..^Jn and Airs. F. XIJ.XLewis   returned  .from Toronto the.wrd of last week..   '  ' J: A.'Caiheron, of the Hotel Lardeau at'..;'Goiiiaplix, spen't two days in  town, this week. '-YiXy': y"-:    .;', ���������-' ���������':  . V-Mi''." Wilson. principalXof Kevelstoke  public school, .iiiid Mrs. Wilson, arc  cainpingat Enderby.:..'       ���������'���������.���������'���������. 'yy. '...���������';..',  " . Tlie, friends ol Airs. Gco.^ Batho of  Fergiison will; regret'to. learn that'slie  has .been lying very ill wit!|.pneumonia:  "..Ki -.Howsoiivis'iit Toronto. . While  there he;iiietXAy,XX. SmilXh, 'who is; wi*  are.glad tp Ie:irn,!riii]'irpving'in health,  ' Gapt. .Miller aiiil'Lieut. JMcGor'niick  liave en(eredpnXXtlieii-duties as. ollicers  oftheXSalvatibii Army'in'; XKeyeistoke.  "���������.,;.(.',/]{.' Tweeddale, , formerly of the.  Imperial Bank at XKevelstoke aiid late  of FergusoiijX" has   leff-'  for,  XM.issou'la,  Polity  :.;X';.,���������X.,X.:';'   .-.; "..Y"'i;   y.Y:    iy-y  altering the-'track, so   ns io clear,the '  flood waters   of tlie Bow which so seriously iutc-fered' with' tratl'ic recently.'  Mr. XJIcJienry'Will 1>'6 "!iecoiii]ianietl by,'.  General .Manager XMeXXico'lJ.  ; A  hcaufiftil 'new G.' XT'. .!!. din'(-r ihe:  "Warwick.", will   be   jilaced'   on   the  Imperial JJmifcdtrain.      Th't; ;car is  now   being'  lihished' iii.   ih-.yO...P. 11..  shops.at, Jlochehri/a:,,;   ; It   has'   ihe :  standard ranges, cojiper co\-eJ'(,-il (aides'  and can seat thirty ..(..tests.    'A special,  feature of the car is "Unit the. tables are  set directly in front of large'windows.  Thp trial trip of .tlie first 'electro- '  gasoline motor ear opeiatcil oil tlio '  edntinent took :"place ' liist'-iveclc at  Montreal.;;-it'is an English idcif taken '.'���������  by the Canadian 'Paciiic for ihe pur-' ':  ppse of showing' to better, advaluage" i<  the niagnilicciitXscenery, of'the' Xl.tucky, .  Mou.ntai.ns ip the vieinityX of lXlanll'.  The trial trip was. inade- expediti.orisly.,-.;  '-K., Jv.; ..Gariiahaii; lias  .Gulgar.v to-jake (he, position  in i\lbison's Bank,. Mr.  arrived from  ofteiler  'orlies   being  inana'geivduriiigJIr, M clleth'salisence.  Railroad WatcheJ. v^x      ���������  X "' ���������, AValtliani iiikl'''E.igii.i.VHitiii]i-.-'  . 7,'deh;aiid  ILaniil(piii;i7; aiiil 21.-,������������������'  ...';���������_. '���������'. ,".'..��������� je\<-els.     -.Vanguard. .-.;.'.;Iyljj;iii.���������  :...- Veritas,'Crescent 'tii:.,.. Failicr.'  .'./ Time,.G. P. .li;;Siii'(-ial,X'li,X\V?vX;   vj  '(...',   Yy '-,.;. ]:!a'yiii'oiid.-'A|i]ile.('Y"n .���������Traeey-,--!'  -   ���������'���������;���������',   ��������� XI81. Special. ;;,Heiid-,fpWp'i'.ico'sv-',  ,;X:. y'xiYTTLETON,^S.yjy.  Watch .Specialists.;'A'ajicoiiver,' .ll/i-.G.  .',,, W- Xelspn; oM-he G.i'P/K-X, and Aliss,  Bcolt wereinarriedX at XJCaniloops last  Week and were'(lie'rccii)ients'ol'flniany  presents..���������'���������'���������.. ,Tliej^, went, to Vancouver  for theiflibiicvniobn. ,    7 <��������������������������� '"���������''  ���������������������������.-'��������� ���������,'--;'.1-'��������� '���������'���������;,���������'-, ���������-���������''"��������� ���������.���������.!> ��������� ..���������������������������'' ';���������'���������: ;,';,,:-,���������������������������'���������':,. ,���������'"-���������.;:--;:  'yXGapt.Xaiid'Mrs, ;XMoedeft..y.tliisX7 week  pn;a,friircast;XfdrX, Xthe; /beneiit'of (he  eaptaiii's/lieaIth.��������� ���������;: His placeXinXphiirge  of l-lie colli'iii.isjsiiri:it,storqsX- is:; fi 1 lctl by  Mr. XM'cKXiiy; of'������������������Vit'i'icbXiivcrl,"': ���������;,'' -Y:,yy y',  7 -XR. ;XAIXeyellany;wlK)X;.represcntedXthe\  local.; -'''cp'rpsy���������."'()[,;' Xltpeky XMbiiiitiiiii  ijajigers with .tlie, Oarbiiiifioi^cpiifin-'  'geiit.iretunieihyesterday nioriiing, aiid  speaks fn.XliiglrtiM'iiis orXytlie waj'^/in  which ;Xflie;;.co!p|iials.;.;,were;Xfrcated;in  l/Oll'doii.      -;.'X'y, ������������������X;,'... yy":y-: Yy.;;-. 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C-.ijil!..':i-l aftei- j'ayiiig all Jiabilities.'  ..'Ai! '.'iiterjirisiiig 'citizen talks of;  in.j. ri iiie; a carload ;ol young ladies  v.i-i; a view .to breaking up the' ranks  - ;'���������' his b;ueholor friends, wliom lie  pel; '7:- n/i'i' altogether too numerous.  Tr.'.y !-,ir.������!i;ii ion.   will take place on  'A'a.'.'i*'   -th-    .Alt     gnosis ; have . left  i;-'r--*:i;:X^'!ia:ii'..  Palace.    iM'iss,;, Strathy,  .::��������� i '.in.ii'li,"'n.'   wa.- killed, at the Corou-  a'ti--!!. b.i/iii'ar   by decorations    falling  y,   ' .-.-*.,,������������������  T.ii' -i���������;.-(*!.ped' convict- Ti'itcey has el-  vidi.-'d the vigilance 'oi the Washington  p"ii'.''- iin'l escaped by freight, triiin!  i'.e'.-.'.-e getting' away he. was hard  ;',':���������! *���������'.*������������������-''..��������� and. 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X'.Mi',, Vriljicr'  left.I'or thccoast.on iMonday.'������������������"'���������;���������..���������'  -' 'J'lie "gasoline,motor car; to.be oper-  y'ipA by' jhe'p,y''P. XR. at the X^iifipnal  Iii rl;; lie,t w/cpi/ } )���������{.;; 11' an d. In'e Id. wil I sea f  Ft persons a iul ''riins'25'.'l6'';}.0;ni'ijeij air  hour.- . '��������� 7:;/ ' > '    "  .���������'������������������"���������'���������'''." v ''���������  ijent i|i|i  tlie.low'ea'i oi-'iuiy ten.de  liy order,  Depiirlnieiil.ofl'iililie Wort  Ottiiwii,-ind .Inly lfliL'./  FK,ion./CiivLix.\s,;.  Seei-e'i.'U-y.  ^x;;;AHNUALi.n,E^gL:lEEl.^.  ;7;The'annual general meet ing oi7 the, .���������.;.  ReyelstpKe Hospital  7,"'." 7X '���������yy 'X will' 'be liiil'd ii li X '< :r ";'";���������';"���������; X  ���������;��������� X-;;'X' X;:;:XXE1X jtlC: '71E\ lily'" No; %y yi^Yy  /Monday, i/L"ugiist 4, x: I9()g:  at.S p.-iu.', 'fprtbe;piu-p(ise ol' eieefihgX  '.ti'ti'stees I'oi: 'the  I'lisiihig, year, aifd.'/of-  generiil business!" ' '���������/'���������:��������� ,';',���������'.;     "::="*      .-'"'".-"  iq. All- iK'i-soiis who  lui ve .siibsei'iht'd -$5  ���������oi-' Xupwards; tbwai-ds  tjie .i'liiuts uf'.Iho'  sociely-are en titled to: he! pivsenl.. aiidX  vote oil. all niatli-i'sbi'iuighl lioi'm-e the 7  I'iidetingi'aiid .a'lfstich'a iiiiii viietltc) be  preseuf.',-','"'' "���������-'/���������:"��������� r:-, '.,,.A-;'-';  v i' "7  . 'yX:'']::���������(''" y. h. it. AfK'ikBfE'7'.'-. 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Hi. n ess.  .'iiiid a  to nsle  'Adair.  l')'iii;-','.i  "��������� " ..pi'iy.'jjfin.i'A.i.'Ani::.'        ���������-.:. > ' j  (in Sunday nienibcrs  ii(/'|-'|i;!(.'d   par-  iide |d Pii.-obyfei'iiin clinrcdi when   .tev.j  lb-'', ('alder prejiche'l it' i-ci-ii'vuii.oh'the  aiiiis and i.ibje'ets of I'li/'.'Vij'di'T.   and ���������the  Xfrue    iii.'Hil)'".i-l '.,whi(di /. le.-'ultei.l   Iropi  ���������following Iheii-   ('Cachings,.;   - lie. coii-  leiided ,'MliXe' '.Orange   wa/tbe    .pniy  (..'in's'li.-in Instil tifcion a.s was, evidenced'  by its rii unI and orguiii/.iit ion:  Ay strong''-choir   rendered '���������  inty-.y /'ti.in'ler   tlie   leadei'shiii  The W,  ^,,reet  sjiceiiil  -of   IE  ('  yyy X> ''.oa.'t.'/if; 'rc-pjivcion, '���������'  ciiii i'rn'iu); I'e.feri'.'ai-!(/ -I.in': hiy  :'."��������� 0'iiiotrv. !'h;id  ,i  "!l  11  '.;. I'.c.  Highest Honors, V/orld's Fair  Gold   Medol,  Midwinter Pair  Avoid   I!:il<Injf   'r<rw<l������:rs .coiiliiii'lii^  JliuiU.    Xllt-y iUO JlljlllidllS   1(>  In;,llll  ,'l!,li  ! I  oca I e    i'"t'ia'r!;y  ' ;--|'''.i'-'  ,, a., beginning, ihis'is v-ry   * ��������� i i * ��������� < j f; r; ��������� ir j i s v".  ; bill, the coece-siolis (di-eiely g.iin'-'il.-.-.i-i-  : h.ul trilling v.-hen ciUMparc d ' -io v.djii!  i may   y<-|.   be   .gu.iii/:i-|    if   our   0,      p.  I'i'ei hern wil- on Iy see .((,-��������� ii   ! Iial,   | ic-ir  o:;g(ini/:il ion is' k"]>!.- - iihii'.-l- and  ; strengthened. . li'onr -liiiie to "I iim- y,'  i,l.li.-i.|. lli".v will at'n 11 fini'-s be ready   t.i'  enforce, new demands orfo; resist   any!;  i.-illeiiip!    lo  . red uei.i'  wages   orc-ui'la il :  I'llvileges." ���������    ' '   .  ��������� ,\e:/c;-,ha  ��������� ji/rniis Ve;: 1  ili.--lX','. I.h'.-': i)je  i.-iii- : pro',  r .  <;.f '������������������'(!lark;  I' iii'-Te'i-ei.iiXii ;���������  jn i.);;aiE"-i;-n"i i  rea.-e,���������,������'jiifiii- ���������'  j a  ii.:  ;'���������;, '.'IE:; rei';rr'-.,'l .in euio:/;"!.,i'  /'. ���������},<: si-litiiiXielit's (:E ���������e-va ll.  ������������������cl- !1v';-ir''\V'ilfrc| l.a yyy.  ^iiaheriiig :-:ej i.'ii-a I'������������������'I I <;���������;���������.-ing  n;; li.o-nal anfhcl'i'i aiid gi.vi.u  iii-'-rri ii.iid'ii. l-iger I'or t f������.iij  'lair.'. '  I'tnees-ion was rehirnv-d  ma reic'd  lo the low.ei'' I'o.Wn  iliegjlii'.iiids where the Hporls   ^'<-rc.  i ���������  '  Uo'fii:  I'li;.  lie  otirnal. says'after,  paying -A per 7 cent ,pn j.'retei.'red and  a per.(.-(.'tit on common stock tlie C'l 1 .  K. will; j)i|ye.!i' surplus .of' over. Jp5,000',  000 this year, .        ���������  '.'.yVtrk onthe'C.XP.]!. (iinnel at thp  hoop, in the' G.'ow's -Vest pass',-'-has  been eoni|ileted.,' |t is .'100 I'pet. jjr  leiigtji iind' lhe consti'iiction cost! in  the iielghboi'hood of ^230.000.   ���������.  P. \\y .'jMooney, the' well-known  station agent at Illecillewaet and.MXrs'.  Mooney.are on ii holiday trip to Kholt  lo .visit .Mr.. JMooiiey'.S; brothers. A.  \V'. Slinrji is  relieving at-illecillewaet.  _.   Suiif.    Prady   of, western' C.'.-.P. P.  ,,:..:'- -���������     ,7    ',."!'..,      ,-, j division    '.vill'li;.''   transferred   to Fort  .\iver( sseijicnis under     bis uciiiling,,! ,,..,,.        ,*���������'���������'  ���������"   'iy       ;.���������'.���������  ��������� ���������  ,,.,, ���������    , ���������7'\\ illianr to iissume ; charge oi inviijio/)  i.-i "' iiii ��������� hr,h'-i   at one (���������'���������nf I'-cr woitl   ,   , .    ���������    ;,   ,, ..���������������������������,j-1  ' '     .". ������������������v.i.'      --.."  1 ,���������    ��������� i ��������� ; bei ween. I'orf William and \\ innepeg.  '���������i,sh wHIi.'m'ei-.'. ;. y .-.,, |), |-(drg(,es io'Winiiipo-g.iis. ter-  iiiinal siijiei'intendppt,  ��������� ���������W/oi'k is.miw   very   active outhe G.'  ,P.   li. ea,-;f  .of   R.evelsloke.    A' steam  Kin. .Velsoir.l'X G.,| shovel is   at work at .Hear  Creek, urn  Iial"!- i f'il.C'r ai Cediir. Gi'eek, .and iinotbcr at  l0 | Ross .Peak., .120  lo   JIJO rnen aie en-  WANTED  zziat*."2tzxa * i;3 ������.*vsxiw.  '.'��������� -''Bitter k patience^  , but its'frtiifc is sweet,"  y   LiconvcnieAt;    is  -waiting;,,. j:utx bztlyr  order by 'iVi.:';L\ tinw  .aGceptfsubsu:/;-:;;', ....  ������������������..-.- Get the chp-3 yo.i  knovv1")"-  ������*TTf      Ot' '<        C"-'' '     ''���������'"  m  "dopAy^iYXYyl"'  ^=5fc*riffKi.--^,  wi-rl:  .���������\d'dr.  W  X\XTI71)X���������'Mechiiiiical  and 'Elec-  liii al    l-Xi.cini-cas   alwayii    hiive  : support voiirsi'-ifwliili-   lea'niing.  ,-  h"c.'.<. I  ,\ >.T t!fi-<-.Vo|.(ii^'WOliiei( in '  ��������� iii;e   i-'ooiiis; ���������'���������'le.-irii  at.  liome  in a i  .: (;.a.'!i  L'ood iwiU'Cs.1-  -Gull on or write  I'i. Mi'l.ioo.'all   ViEoii, P. ('.  \V  .'aged on the suowsheds.  The,hew G.  P. It. eneineer-in-chief;  G. B. HUMB& 00;   : ������������������'���������-  Sole Locai Agents,  ���������n  Trademarks  ���������        v . ... -. ���������   S?     "l'1'' Copyrights  * .oljtiiiiit'(| in ail. tonal;-ie:...  '" ;ill''X  W'ANTKP��������� Unit -I.   pi upiiel pr/;,' jto; Mr.   Mel J'enry, will 'visit the  Rockies'  ;-.nd",|o '   \ V      ed,   ri-i-tei^   ai   tl'a; Kooienay j I"' asceiilaii'i (lie cpsl of building a lin  PATENl  ��������� .obtained in  ROWLAND BRlTTAiN,  Registered Patent Altorney    ,  Mcclifinical     Kiig-inci.'i-    ..-iiul      hrn'ailiMiiiHi,  JiitiiJc'of   B. X. A. itiiililiiiKs; JliKlin;;^ Shci;|,  ,    VANCOUVER,   B. ��������� C.  Midi (./lier. h'evelslokt".  |i^ ' avoid   the  , ������������������.,       ,.   ...   I, ...���������-.       A   iKislcuril   will sot* 11 ro mi ��������� rvi'iiinj.: ii|ip;.int  lllll    ill   I ICip iljlU   jij^ut. foi'tliuse wlio cauiiut c-ull (.ii.iriiig.tli'.- .lay,  \


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