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Kootenay Mail Jul 15, 1899

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V0I./6.-N0. 12.
S2.00 a Year.
���^*^a/^/Vfc/fc^/fc>% '^^^^^^.'V^}v^^*^^,^^'v^%^^^^ -
Olt.iw.-r,   July   8.���Tin-   government
has decided ti])(iii ;in important ani'Mid-
mcni In ihe Intp-reoIonial-GrandTrunk
Railway agreement.which will cntii-i'Iy
1 '���.-iiD'. i* v. haievei-  appearance ot jn*-li-
fii itimi   there   iii.-iyli.-ivi>   been for llie
<���.���;.n-ilion criticism H1.-1I. tin- proposed
!  ������ years'   ien-e would   give   llu: Grand
'i'i link   and   its   American connections
pi.n-tii.d control nf the business of the
liiii'i'i'oloiii.il   for  th.it.  period   to   the
dp-' i i.'iu'iit (���!' all-(.',tn.idian coinjicLilor.*.
J.- ��.-:-. pointed out hist wv-'li, lliu real
s���������!,' cefrom which tho objection einnn-
Mi-'.'l   i.iid il'opt'ii   to considerable-  suspicion, Iml even th.it apparent, ground
for   o!>j--cl,ion---ninie   imaginary   tluin
ical���will   now In- icinoveik > Thc^pro-
po-i-d  amcudiueiil.  will   empower   lhe
government,  to   terminate  the freight,
'li.-iii-fi-i' ariang.'incuts at any tune hy
giving  twelvemonths.'   notice   to   the
' ri.iiij-.u.y. though il does  not give llie
�� nisi"   power  to   the  rail way.    It may
not he altogether  desirable   lo  u;iv..  a
yiivv;-niiie!ile"jii>-,vei-   to    terminate   an
'���ii r.-ii'.gemenl. which  has heeii -o generally wrognise.l   ay   greatly iii   the  ad-
' \.ullage of the  country,   inasmuch ,ns
il,   will "iiiw.-iy��  'e ive   a   weak govern-
.111'.'it   open    Iii   III-'   influence   of   the
ln'iln !-t at any lime coinpeting  inter-
e-: - ���ii.iy|id".-hv   to   up-et   t he arr.ingi;-'
nl'lit--,    t/ut'url u-.i.it:-ly   ('.I'.iadiau  par-
ae-ainst.  an   official   could   always   get.
the ear i-f (he 1 oiiiinissioncr, so zealous
lias he heeu iu his. ell'oits   to carry out
the   wishes ol  the   minister   for  clean
and   honi'-t  government.    No   one   is
aliow suspicion, and this is   somewhat
galling   to   those   ollicials   who   have
conscie'iilio-.i-|y pei-formed   (heir duty.
It is tinie for this to stop.   The officials
here, now are doing everything in their
power to'iarry  uuL  the   regulations,
and in the days that are gone the very
worst feature   was-'not  the  coiiuption
amongst  the  ollicials  hut .the dishonesty  of  the   community with   which
they  had   to' deal.   Tho-e  Americans
are so much used  to '-.harp practice' al.
home  that    lhey    cannot  understand
how a man  can , he a governnient offic:
ial   without   heing ^corrupt.    They are
the   worst   tn.idiers   to   oliicialdoii?   1
ever   came  across.   They  are   always
i.ii 'iiiary history contains
or   thp-   pernicious
instance-, or rl'ii' pernicious influence
oi' t h",lobby, ;ind the trend of l.'gishi-
tim should he 'to lessen its power
i.ithei than the reverse. However,
there is no- immediate danger, at least
wiilie (he present government is iif
,p iwi-1- and il is wiser to make a' partial
c.i::.\-s*sio:i ih 111 r\i\\ the risk of, having
th. entire agreement thrown out hy
the ,��i Lion of a too-susceplihle senate.
.    C.VCt. OKJ.- YOH  DOfSS.
_ '''l.e'manner in which the civil sei-
va:U- i;i I lie {Yukon haye heen relent-,
lessiy hounded   for   the last two years
';���* I' ."'V1'-'!-"!
-o: llii's or any. othei civilized . com-
rn-.iuiry.'and the comment uf'a ,corres*
p.indent in t h-' Toronto Glohe. writing
from D.uv.-u:i, May :27th, will comuicnd
it-elf lo all loveisof British fair play.
Til* writer <,iy.-: "The policy of the
-Vnggel paper,,secnis to' he to keep up
th.- agitation against, the officials as.
l-"-:;g as possible. To my mind , the
go'.vruuicni, will make a uiistaki; if
,-iu\- further noiice. i�� taken of these
alien iii-iligners. ' liver since Mr.
Ogilv ie came in, agitators of this class
have been'p indered,, to, so much so
th.st every oliici.il been placed almost
al the mercy of a damnable crowd of
blackmailers. An\ one ha ving a grudge
looking,for a 'graft,' and if they do not
get what they waiit they are sure that
someone else musl have'grafted' better
than themselves. As,I said befoiethe
olTicials are striving to do their duty
honestly. The head officials an.' simply
slaves. T!:ey have no office hours,
their, day's work is never done until
bed time, and X-ill this'' is done to s -rve
'the people. Yett.hp.'N'iigg.'t uiiligus
them. .NatnralhL-thav.dii.iiot iike"thi.s
eternal suspicio;,. Their lot is uot-
too many,, what, il, might be, but tln-y probably
,would not compl-iin iirnvided, they
knew 'that their elforls to serve the
governnient. and the people were up-,
preriaU'd."    -' ,
liXClilSDlNG liXl'iSCITATlONS. '
1 1    0       ���
Alt'lfoughicthi!   reduced   postal   rates
have only, been iu opi ration six mom lis
there are ah eady indications   not only
of the   benefits  accruing   to   the  community at.  large���which   weie   never
eriously   questioned���but also" of   the
a-curacy  of   the 'posbinastcr-geneiars
predictions   that, ,the  increase  in business which   would   follow   would   very
��� icxa-npled  in  the hjstorv, I ui;";���-,���" illy   reduce   the  threatened excels  of expendil ure  oyer  receipts,   if,
indeed,   it,_did   not   wipe   it   oul,   altogether.    The. Tr.rimto World,   a  Ihick-
und-Lhin   eons.-rvative   journal,    tlnis
refp'ts to the working of the new rates
1111 ler the caption "Two-cent Postage a
Success": . "It   will    'undoubtedly    be
found, after a-year or two of trial, that,
a two-cent rate, foi letters will produce
as large a revenue as the former threp-
ce.it-   rate.      The   receipts   und.'i    the
reduced   tariff have  already  exceeded
the estimate of the piistmaster-geneial
and    tlie ^probabilities   are   that   the
deficit caused by the reduction will he
completely wiped out' in the course of
a couple of years.
Pleasant Oddfellow, Ceremony���Alone
Outside the'Coast.
The Orange celebration drew so
much general attention that but, little
notice was taken of a most enjoyable
and historically interesting ' secret.-
society event which took place Saturday night.' It was thc joint installation of officers nf the two local Oddfellow lodges No',s 12 and 25 and was
the first event of the kind in the"
province outside ot Ihree coast cities.
The regular work of Selkirk lodge ovei",
H. Gordon, D. D. O. M.. organized his
grand lodge and proceeded to install
the following officers:���
���Selkirk Lodge. No. 12:���J. Palmer,
P. Ci., Noble Ciranil; JSp-rl. ' lliinhury,
Vice Grand: J, Mathie, Secretary; II.
Gordon, ��� Treasurer;' Jas." Hooley,
Warden: Win. Woodhouse, Conductor.,,
Revelstoke Lodge,' No. 2o:-P. I.
Moore, P. G., Noble Grand; T. J.
Graham. Vice Grand; A. 0. Thompson,
Secretary; Jas. I. Woodrow, Treasurer;
E. Waterson,. Warden; J. A., Stone,
Installation   ceremonies)    ove.r*    the
brelhr'p'n   proceeded   to    refresh    the
inner man as they were both tired and
hungry.    An excellent repast wjis- put
before  them   by   Bro.   \V. J. Lee)   and
with plenty of refreshments the hours
passed sociably   by.    A   full   toast" list,
was   gone, through.   Bro,   li.f' Gordon
responding   for   grand     lodge,     Bros.
Moore and Palmer for the local lodges,
visitors   by     Bros.   Mar shallsay, J-and
Tobin.    , Bros..  Malhii\'f   Stone    and
otheis all .spoke'in   suitable   way   to
(heir  ,toasts.     Bro.    T.    J.    Graham
responded for the city and Bro.   A.   0.
Thompson   for    sister    societies.      At
this stage Bro.   Hooley   told   a   .story
that caused-a  big  piece  of   the   river
hank ^to   cave   in,   so,gieat  was  the
amusement    created.      There    is ,110
jollier- cro\vd than Oddfellows,   and in
popular   phraseology   this  (was   " the
jollicst yet."   All  crowds, must separate,   however, and , so did   this, after
singing ' the    National - Anthem   and
toasting their next merry meeting.'
.,      .  ,A MINISTER SPEAKS.
Is Absolutely Opposed to Introduction
��� of Party Lines.        ��>
Hon. V. C Cotton, .minister "*of
finance and public works in theSeinliu
government, arrived on Xo. lr las',
night from (Julden where he had been
with F. C Gamble, engineer lo the
department, to look ovei-some demands
for public works. f
Asked as to the present trouble in
the cabinet, he said there war. nothing
new beyond what had appear i-d in the
papers and he did not care in discuss
the -matter publicly, lie would say,
however, that as the ijue.ition of parly
lines had heen mentioned I hat he was
absolutely and entirely opposed to any
intioduclii|ii of party lines inlo provincial 11 Hairs; believing provincial
interests best ser-vi d by keeping them
Speaking of general matter*- he said
his departments were doing nicely and
up-to-date. 'J'he revenue he thought it
likely, in -spite of, loss entailed by
abolition, ot ininci'n' license fees to
working miners, would be over $50,000
above whatjt was last, .year, lie also
pointed to the excellent standing (if
the province in London as evidenced
by the new loan.
From Excellent  Loan  Placing in Lon-
,,        don,, England.
'.Remember the Twentieth.
'- ,    ,   '       e       ,'       .*J.
Don't forget the -gare'en par.ty on
Mrs. CoursierV lawn on Thurtdav,
July 20ih, ab 8!p.m.''   <       , '       h'Y
The brass bund will be. in attendance and there will be plenty of music
uFii --arieil nature, both vocal and
instrumental,' .piano, violin, banjo,
guitar, etc. The "Swiss" Minstrels"
will also favor tiie audience with a
number,uf vocal selections.
There will bo attractive, refreshment
booths presided over by, a number of
Hevelstoke's '"pretty girls, and the
ladies- in charge .of the affair , are
arranging for- a general good time.
The proceeds will he devoted to the
expenses of the   kindergarten   school.
In spite of all the -sensational c-rie.s of
'wreck and ruin by opposition papers
the province is Xstill in good standing
with the money'market and lhe eight-
hour law and the alien act have evidently not been the bogies sonio would
make it ajipe.ir. Tiie, gratifying ,-m-'
nounceiueiit'is now made that I he Pt.i',.
loan of $1,700,000 has been lalcT'ii up in
London, Knglaiid,1 at, ,a fraction over
90., or an increase of owr one per
cent, than ever before obtained.
Besides this, so ably has it been put on
that the cost of negotiation is now one
pei' cent, less than charged before.
This means, contrasting ,if'with previous loans, a saving of about '$30,000 er
$40,000 altogether. Theie is!still another saving in'the matter, that Turn-'
erites will note particularly, there was
no London trip expenses for a minister-. ' '   ���
To people from the civi!iy,,-d cciiliv
of, t lie 'e-isl it is generally a i-p-vi-l.il inn
lo note I ill' gl eat tolerant spil il of I be
we.-1, where a iiiMir is- a man if lie U
willing in toil and do his pi-opi-r -ban
iu pioneering. Huch an exhibition
might be seen Wednesday, when to a
-man, and a woman, loo, the city
turned out lo celebrate wilh Or.-pgc-
'mi'ii I bei?- Glorious' Twelfth. ,|| didn't
11iallerwh.it Iheii fait h or creed, there
was a union of hearts, bound together,
by   Ilio   Imlidav-reiui.-'iiig    spiiit   that,1
.1 n .        1 j
makes all young and (rvi1 again; and il 1
was pleasant to be able to' nole that [
not one unpleasant incident occurred !
to" mar the day's rejoicing, ���
The, brellneii   'nt , Xi/.   Hj.X-i   opened (
lodge  Tuesday   night   and 'it    wasn't 1
closed  till   Wednesday   evening   when j
the groups were photographed.     Thi-y |
met many  visitors   fiym   Eastern   and
Southern points at lhe depot  Tu.'sday ;
nighl and t-aw them lo   place-,  or" re.-t. >
The i;omniiltee also   met   Xo.   2   fi;om 1
lh'�� west Wednesday   11101 ning expect- j
ing, from  reports,   large  crowds   f' o 111 j
ICnmlnops and Salmon A nn.     If   they!
were disappointed   at   I he'absence   of
the    'I'll nlonps   brethren,1   and-  t bey
wei e, it was more than    made   up   hy
Ihe   m ignificerit' response <   made    by
Salmi u Arm and   neighborhood,   who
canie  one   hundred   stiong   ,-it  II a.m.
The gi.-in.l paiade pas.���.d processioeally
through thesl reels   beaded bv M. Petti piece, personating  King William llie
Third, of pious, glorious and imn'ior-taP
memory.   'Following   him   came   the;
beautiful banner of No. KioS, behind il.
walking its scarlet and .orange   tier.orated members' to the number   of about
(ifl.y. ' ���      ~,
Then came Salmon Aim's fife and
di'iim, ils fifty slalwar-fs and the well
known big Canadian ensign that iL
always walks under. "With music and
color1 the parade drew; much attention
and, concluding   its march at ibe. band
b-.iy w-'.is r.���:'!���.<-::'*.1. ' T.h.��� .-pp-eches
bec,i::ie the i.cc.i-ioiv1 of a Twelfth in,
lb.* we.-t "and. g'-neijilly, wr-re most
niodi'i'sitt* and H.lei-.-i'ni in toile.' The
band favor-d t he audience with' some
choice ->-|p-ct ions during proceedings,
and .1 vutenf thanks  to' the chair rruiii. '���
of No. ]<J."jS\ and
iiii-  p-ul of the
W. (.'. IJii-rrey,
to the 1.1 li":,  lcM.|-|iu
pi'Oceedui.'-' IO a c!o-e.
Til- spin ts followed, and 'the excl-
b'lit and iiiicr*,*��ting ]irograniinc . wan
not alone u ell executed, but spiritedly
conL.-sied.    The 100 aud 220 yards races
���ie well run'   Field making  a
" "A Record Surplus '���'     '  '
A statement of Canadian financed
for* 'the year ending June I'Oth has
been prepared by the department, and
it proves to be a record breaker. It-
shows that $5,S0S.0S1 more revenue
was leceived than for $1S0S,- which
'was itself the highest on record. The
revenue was above expenditure, by
$11,000,000. t
The citizens arc; general in their
thanks to llie city baud for its untiring e.Torts on the Twelfth. '
Carlson    of   Albert    Canyon
seveial     da\s    in. town    tli'is
' w Cl
J Iii
I ut  Calen.i Hay was  up for
.11.il   spent   a   li.\.v   days .-in
riiH-nian,   tlie   pliolograjjher,
;.iiu   taking   everybody's pic
Monday    fron
were in
the    lJih
low n..
U.   Ii
lis l.-K'k
^�����-.in   and    Mrs. Anderson
1>.    Alton
li.c   12 th
lit n.
V.v. -nd Mrs.
'i'LuiiM-n's' Laudii
IJevel'-loke this week.
and A.   E.> Kin
c,.:n .iie ii.tck frnin llu; Nettie L. Tl
���pi-.i'.< well of  tlie property.,
'\".   .Sjliinock.   niannge.r   of   J
A.   M.
,',  were,
was    in
Craig,    of
A'.l. T. Kilpatrick
uudier business at 1'rout
City, was in town ibis week.
Foil nd--Neai the Mail olliee on tlie
fii'lli ins!.,   pair   of   lady's   two-ljullon,
l Jwiier can recover
Our Latest Industry.
A visit to the new steam' laundry
building of Mcss,s. Jioardinan and
^Vllodhouse, is good evidence 'of the
owners intentions to,make a thorough
bid for the. laundry business of lhe
city and iicighboi hood. The building
is large aud thtirouglily equipped and
the business will be under the
experienced cue of, Lee Stanley, of
���Seattle, Wash.; who thoroughly understands it. The plant consists of an
eigbt-liorsi; power engine and boiier, a
washing machine, a starch dip tub, ,
shirt bosom ironers, collar and cuff
iruners, 50-inch steam mangle, gas
generator and fan. copper starch boiler-,
one hydro,extractor and steam drving
! room.
The proprietors are engaging iu ar.
enterprise very much needed iu Ilevel-
stoke and one which perhaps more
than any other will be-helpful to the
labor siaii'diud. They should, receive,
as they ceitainly merit-,.tire patronage
of the city and country.
1���   p^i
The River Eden.
.stand, cheei'.-i'w-ere'gi <*:..;!V)i- iht>l.'ii��"jm
King William's memory,,, t lie (Ji'der,
.and Visiting Biefbrcn. Then adjournment was' made to dinner, served in
Tapping's Hal! by tin* united Ladies'
Aid Societies of the Presbyterian and
Methodist churches: and fiom the en-'
comiuins passed ,upon il by everyone
(especially the preachers), it was descrying of considerable patronage, and
got it". Speeches by the Kevs, Thompson, Menzies, Powell (Fnilerley) and
���Pollock followed the dinner (the nearest way to men's hearts is by their
throats) and   the   mind   as well as the
struggle  for place in each.      The 'boys
under ]]> race went to Karl   Pettipiece/
while the  '���.���line   for    girls^ was   nicely
1 won bv Kinnia    Lcve-ijue.      Young- C.
j'Forrest   mull" a splendid   win in' boys
I under lo race, and .May Julian got the
tape Hist in the *-auie race forogirl-*.   In
tin- 10!) yards dash   Iv. 1). Johnson,   W.
I3oiiiieym.ui, and C. }]. Field lined  up',
and gelling off' fairly   well  put up an
exciling rda> light to lhe tape.     John-
son'won nicely, and close behind  IJon-t
neyinan a iul Field came in.     Th" -low
bicycle 1 ace was   taken' by   F.  Brown,
arid so. loo, was lhe quaiter mile.   The
fat niiMi's 1,iu-created considerable in-
tere-'t.    and   the   conl"<taiit.s were al
liln'i.r.ly .i,p;il.md.d.   R. A.'l'pper look,)',
the prize.     The 2in yards was another
line race between ' the  same   trio that   '
entered for the 100 yai ds.     The   rc-uk
was   the   same,   a   win   for*   Johnson.'  "
.The egg aud   spoon' race went to  W.
Smyth'e. and the wheelbarrow 'race to
K. Forrest.     The,  running   hop.  step ���
.and   jump   fell   to Boniieyinan' with a
very good, jump.    Kirl Pel lipiece took
the nick   race   fiom   a   big   field, and
.Scotland Pr'estoncapLiuvd   tlie. three-,
legged   ever,!.,     A.-call for supper was
po-tpon.'d till the tug   of  war    contest  .
came off.    It. was gamely struggled for
by a team'of   seven   captained   by J.
Allan :uid a team of eight liy D.Alton. __
A foul occifri'vng on "the"  first p'nl,  although, Allan's   men   had the best of
it, il was  deeieed   to_   pull   again, and
hereafter-   ,1   fine   pull,    Alton's jnen
won amidst 110 Utile "xcit'ement.
Supper followed, and-those who did '
not go home were, again attended to
by the united Ladies'Aid societies,
and again lliey earned the commendation of all''their guests. A ball followed in the evening that'was hugely
enjoyed by all participating, and
which hro-.ighi - lo a successful and'
agrcj-able conr-Iusion one of the most''
enjoyable holidays yet held in town.
'^*&Wb/&^>^/&fyQ/&?l> '^^-^^^fc^rV^^ti^^^V^^tt/ft/a^'
ling al this olliee.
i'i ow n km giovcs.
sai r.e by ca
The/ --erv ice's in the Methodist
chilli; tomorrow at the usual 'hours.
Til"   sjhiect   in ' the1 morning  is  ''Su-
The ��� cily fathers held their weekly
confab last night. Present: The, mayor
in lhe chair and, Aid. Crage, Graham,
Kilpatrick, JIcKechnii'i and Wells.
'Communications were, read from
IL XV. Edwards re. the garbage
rluinped on the i-iyer bank near his
residence; from Hon. C. A. Senilin,
provincial secretary, granting tlie city
council the use of a room in the court
bouse till further notice; from the
at tor-ney general speaking of charges
for the up-keep of prisoners incarcerated in the. Hevelstoke jail, payability
me    L'lve,1' ai   night "Lessons from
Life of Gideon."     Shoit.   sermons
order for 1 he d
A Bridge Gone.
I'rrder   the   heading   " A   bungling
p-avo of work " the Herald tells of  tlie.
1 iiecillewru't bi idgi
being washed   out.
Jt'ii liad had a   fe .v   drift    bolls    last
y.ii- it i-* said that    the   bridge,   would
the corporation to the provincial   gov-
' -��� j erninent:   from   the   Water. Light le
In fiwn this week from Illecillewaet ��� Pl)Wt,,. Cn. in lV]r.in\ U) payment of
Mr. Tims. Richardson; of lhe Maple j rill,.t.t U���hii nm\ hydrants: 'from
L-al Hotel of that place, who, with , -_.-,..,������. 13.,,-nard applying for the posi-
Charles Dundee, is interested, in the I , -������ ()f fl���.eill.in (1��� the sLVeet work.
River Kden, speaks delightedly of Ih- j Mi., Kdw ards' letter was fyled, as
prospect-on this promising pi operty. I ���..ls Uu. ppn-i.u-i,,! secrelary's com-
Situaled seven miles fron, the C.P.R. } ,]nlnk..ltion. Tlu, ;lUo.ney general's
mam line at the head of Fi,h Creek. | ,,,U(1|. -p.^vokea ft discussion as to
next, 1.0 the. famous. Dunvegan, the ! wln-tht-t the city should build and con-
claim is easy of access and in good j tr0* it^own lock-up, or as an alterna-
developine.pt. work J ,;..,,"" ar,angH   with     the     provincial
Tenders forth^ debentures issued by
the city were then- opened. The
Canada Life Assurance Co., atllamil-
t'on, and the local branch of the JMoI-
sons bank were 'the only lenileri-is,
and both offered to take the debentures al. their par value. O.i the
'motion of ivid. Graham, seconded by
Aid. Crage, the offer of the Mol&ons
bank was accepted.
The public works commit(ee reported ��� on the pi ice of implements
required by the city police.
By-law Xo. 18, regarding .Sunday
closing, was read' a first' and second
time. This by-law provided for Unclosing of bar rooms in Ihe cily fiom
12 o'clock Saturday night, till ."��� o'clock
on Monday morning.
The meeting then discussed Ihe
question as to whether the council
could close up any street or lane, and
dispose of tho giound thereby put out,
of use as a thoroughfare. 'J'he city
solicitor gave it as his opinion that
they could close up any street, they
wished, but, that such ground could
not be sold. /
Still More Ore Found   on   the   Adair
Down from Latof-tTTc-Creek KdAdaii*.
interviewed,   tells of anal her excellent
find   on   the Adair group.    Tb'5 strike
was   made   by   Mr.   Haird, "of   Oxbow,
who is taking gieat interest' in lhe d.*-
velopnu-nl   of  the   properly,  -lie   ��n*
climbing   llie   hill   near   lhi\t>yi<rk .-ind
diggi.ig in his pick   to   pull  himself up
he   lifted   out   a.   nice   little  chunk   of
ore. This led lo search, which revealed
a'good ore body vvilh   eighteen   inches
of clear arsenical iron.    As' this find i.-
011   the   hanging   wall   (which   ha- not
been found) side, .Mr. Adair thinks now-
thai the lead is wider  lban   In'at  liist
thought,   and   if   thr- find   locales Unhanging wail the lead is six!y-four* feet-
in   vvi'dth'.     'J'he   work    is   pio-jre���ing
nicely in the  tunnel, though   the  101k
is very hard.    On   lhe  Sib   the   tunnel
was in 7,*j feel and on .Monday a second
shift   was  added    to   ihe   I'on-.-.     Tbi-
11,e,ins   that   by some   lime in .September the main lead will be lapped at I be
respectable depl li of 17.") feel.    All who
have  -.1*1*11   the.   showing   011   I he Ada 11
group   speak, il   i-.-aid.   in the highet-t
terms of il.
Tin- .Mail also learns Ihat th ��� li.iil
Work on L.-iforuie Creek is progressing
nicely. F10111 the cm.���ing it
up sonic four mile.- e-t.ibli-hed 1
hide grade.
���, The Politreal Situation.
^Ve are in a position tn state that
tHere is no truth in tiie rumor circulated by a Vicloiia contemporary to the
efVi-ct-lnail as a if*sull of a coalition
arrangenipjnt, practically completed,
ihe piesen! provincial government will
not i.iih be veiy birgely reconstituted,
but also, when 1 ecorisiiiuted,. adopt a
complete ciiange of policy iu regaid to
labor and r.iili.ibou legislation. '
l>iilis.h Columbians who take  an in-
��� tnlligeut .interest in provincial politics
may rest .-i^uicrl   that Mr. .Senilin and'
.his   J(py.-i!   colleagues   will   do noihing
, tli.it is hasty, ill-co.-isiriered,, unconstitutional ui  c, a necessary.
1 V\ e have, iheii-foie. every confidence
that the ul: nn,ile outcome of the present lemporaiy diiiiculiy will be satis-
t.ictoi-\    l��j   those   who   support a safe,
'vet pioj-re>si\e nrnviiK-ial policy.
JbU uuiil tin* retuiii from the north
ot L:eu(eii.int-( b.vei nor Mel nues en-
.".'oii s   him   in   i.ik-e   -ucii action as  he
dceius ad v i-.idle   in the case, it  wil
pn!i- i
!i i'"i- 13iiiis|i C''ii;!:nbi,ius to distrust
I 111r;j_-" 1 uiuni.-i as 10 nevv
-.-. coiiib!i,.-itio'iis and new
!i i!i 'V ui iv he.u d ty by
Ad-. < 1 tiser.
Va!��'Xs Mt-mbei
is now
n a i a vv
The     particular   street   under   con-
rap!U1 os over the vvoi
location.     Recent
showed   the   ledge   to   widen   out   to , s()Vemin-nt for the use of the present,   sideration was  that  near   II. N. Com
twelve feet between walls and carryiiur [ i.uijding for that purpose,
m-.! of splendid  value.   A recent assay I     It   wns   I1K)V(.d   by  Aid. Crage, see-
by Mr. Holdich of what  Mr.  Richaid- , omlt.d   l)V   Aid. Wells,   that   the city-
son sajs was a fair sample of the ledge. ! cl,irk wrjLe  the attorney general  usk-
to     going   into j matter, gave  $11S to the  ton,   almost j jng iiial, the corporation   be given the
as the   J It-raid j equally divided  in value  between  th��l ! conlrol of thu Inck-up-   Curried,
maintains   that  wli.it . silvei   nnd   lhe  lead.    There are four j     A motion was put mid carried   lliu I
the city assume tlio 'responsibility-of
paying for lli*.v hydrants ami street
lights li-yw March 1st. 1800,.
s.\Nj)m   Mai
\y.i't.i.'iinii'(!-\viis-w;<-ll ciotif, but if didir.l
suy thai, the roiid.'was in' the ' i'iglit'. or
UK:>iu'^ pluciV,      v;   .'"  '. .v.
m.mi at work and they will now ptob*
ublyXbe kept going, riirht along us the
showing is considered by the owner-i to-
wunrtut further wuflki   X
sier's residence, running fiom Front
street down lo the river. M\. Coursier,
who was present, staled that he held a
petition signed by nearly all the residents in that vicinity, asking that this
street should be closed up.
Thc council   then   went   into   cum-
tnittiie of the whole on by-law   No. IS,
Ufioti'which.they spent the,. rt'Stpf the
The Tribune's View.
Tin- merchants, of Xi-Non are beginning to i ealizi; I h.U boards ot ii-.ide". a>
conslitutp'd ;il piesent. are of little
benefit to thr-ui, and I hey are sei ioiisly
Lhinking of withdrawing fiom the
locril board and organi/ing ;i t-lwiinb.-i
of'couiinerce or merchants' association,
the membership of which will be
restricted to merchant.-. Unard- cf
ti'itdc. are: now little ,more than political clubs , without: -influence,--Nelson
Tribune.. X
he: ������!.
'. .1. i) -in.-. .M.l
in t>-*.\!l today
s,i,iil I: ��� v.,-,- hei
I'.   for North Vale.
Seen  liy the .Majl
-imply on business
.,;!���'  u'-o.l   in   K niiloop;,-' <aid
t-i-f buiMiiu,'  going on aud the
\y   improving every day.    The
am   i:i   m,iir:iiii. .-nt   condition
ig to I :i,' le-.i yy rains, and  in  spite
ie ' it e .-e,i-o:i   ci op- promi-e to he
bay crop
..r tl
w-.-il ui) to I li.'average.    'J'h
will !>.- uuu.-u.illy heavy and   the cattle
aie all in splendid condition."
A-k(d if he had anything to say on
ihe |i"i.l...\i .-itii.,tio:3 be said: "No!"
li- was ii.il di**'.'ii--iii*; it. He did not
.ns'kip.'.t.' a ^p'liei.il election.
'     lU;n. Mr.'Cut to?- went out. in
i at tht; Ille.'viii����'aet. road '.cduyi
; .;'���   PUBLISH KlT K V Kit Y5ATUI tilAVV ','X
���>X  >REVEIpSTOKE,B.C..;  '���,.;:''." X
;.���'��������� '������'; ���.;������;;:..��� ��� ��� ��� yyy:'y.uy_ :��� .,���.',::"������������'',. '���-.:""��� yy.
yy-i'yi-.. f -:   iVyi!V..OAMi'i:Kbb;Xv .���-VX''.vX,,X
X      X X.'  Vl'CW.ISIIHlCASll, 1,'KOI'UIUTOH.';X ,,,,'' ''���
^Subscription; ���'Price, .���/ $2.00'.,, Per y Annum
���Vy' '; ;,V yJi^sTlUCTl.V IX '.\i')VAN(V;ii:.'ftjV:..y^:' .;
-. CONTRACT Al')Vki:TirtKAlKNTS:-i'iisi;i-i'i;if'-|t ���
, ���'��� ���������'��� ���'.''!lit'.rnte of '��1.30 per i-oliniin iiii-.li per month.:
... V.Koi-spaces of si^'cpbihiii .inelicsi'or, ovei-.sl
���yy. Tier inch per nioiitli.":.: ���.'.,,'?    '.; ���'.'���:������ .,;������,', ".'V,'-',
'X.Tl{AX\TsikN*TXi\'V)Vki;TlSKMi':Nri;.S ��� lliiYVneiv
'.'lino liivtii'is'iSi-lioii, :���"'*���':' |K'-r ���liniJ- Ciii:Ir.siibsi)-f
���; ���.'.���.���"quciit- inKi-Hiim.   ��� .'JJlic.ynainliOi- .-. of./ Jiih-.s,
::-'yf   rec-koiKirt liy space oi.x-niiietl,. l-',,liiic.s lb .llie.'.
':'''���'.'.'X-iricii'.'-'V;,,':.'���;:;,; ��� y'y y yy X"Yv:v y" 'X yyVAy'-'Yv'
VVjtKAWlNG;NOTICKS-:i0e.V'i'.tr' liiiiYeaclr in*,
.,.��� ''.���;, sorlloii,., unless  cciivtjr.cled  for ti.v" tho Jjlll
;-.-".;,l..::;':lin6'S.'.,',"'i".'.;' :.:?���..��� ���',;,-.', XV'V.v. ;"X: V'y :���,���.,���'. -v:���"
YlOll PRINTING1 of gvot-yldiid almost;i-oiison-,
"'"'���'':������' iiblc'3-;ite.siiiiii slioi-tesl, iicUec;';;.':"��� .:. ; ;' ,.;y
or .'radical ideas. :'AVhen the}' left'the
��� hedges',aiid .rut.rj of Yset tied 'scenes Vbe
hind to piobeei-V '.tlie.Avest ..theyX. cut
avvayop,i|i'tiy-al���������'���prejudices��� as well as
p'ther'y'iicsv'.'aiid , as^ tlie;y': hadX-to' 2om-
nienceXto Hoe .their own, new. rovv, they
biig.-iu iifeo to do. VtlieirXVovvn; thinking.'1
ia'ppli'ciitibu'Xiu;' |lie: Country'V who ,can'/,
si)ft;1y;.bc^|.i'-iistedvwitli   its: affairs with
���'outi';i.n;tii(>,duciii'g'XpbH't'icri.l party Vcries 'to1'
'iiill.'iiiieVp.-issibns -and "ci-eate,'difrei-eiices'
that, arc not necessary' in   local affairs.1
iX-^'-WjiViiifiWii*^; ������'':of-'vX':.-t'li'��.fi-'. .uii��.xpedtedv-:;;,in''.
polities,' vvbich-atX^Wiiys'yisX't rulev our,
xoiiteiujioiw-y (c-onfidentiallyit ;lias. a.
gi-eatX iiutioi'i'XofX''itself*as,,;,a political':
.mirror) seriously. remarks :rtha��X''oecas-"
AGCOUNtsVfpr ,iol.Vpviiiiinw:' or; ailvcrtisiny I".';,:";'.:'-.., n.: W. j./i-svo'vV.*'r- -'-"i H����'���' ini'-.vitiil>leiV'silso''-
y.: .'payable piiMie.lirstiilX vyei-y. nioiitli., .'"..;:.; :, yJmy.W'y ,"V \y ���)'.,'.���''M?';-/:1'1 '-yH. ;v;- ,*l,���^.
oriniblic inlc-i-i-st. iiiviii'il iiiiii ciu'cfully etiii- i yy-' ..,.}:������������.,,:������;;���'!���' "  .���;...:  ,,,   y-y ���������:, ......
"'������ir. iniwt. in-, lii-c-oi ill iioi ii-.d b v. till: .iiuliii: 'of tlie '",-���, !i,'..' ; ��� '<-'���''. V-'."-- ���",'.���" . ���. .':���;.: ���'.,:.���.
���V.-'-^-'.,wWicV; ,'i^
..;:���- ��� ;as an eylflmivo of gpo.l {aUh.yyy..y,.-y,,;��� .j .,(lssi-,-,;,i^Xliijw to;Xivi)i'd: tlie: uuiivoid-
i-- ��� ���-".- '-AildK'SX - - '������������. ���������;.., :���%. -...���,..., ���.:::..���..':..-: ���.������.���. ������.,.���.. j';.' y'-ry -.���������: ���:-. ���; ',;:. ,.-.,���;:..-,.,��� '���:���������'���;,' ���>'"��� 'y. ���'���.' ���������������" ���'���:������ ���'���
:;yVyX   V V TlIK. l<00'l-KX.\yV; ^lAlb. ;i^
LVuulcd'':XliciX>ar6 '.'..'nb't; fairjiv. the; pplitX
iciil gaiiieyancl apanei-X thiitXcahXniiikb1'
lie X;i:iiev it jibleypccaiX'biit'- occasionally"
has .loVi.;big;a.i''eiiicliy
win id er VV tl ie  ' 1 i e r a hL'';,Suid';;'; tl u;X pea ii ii t;
"="'""" i i^'.jr 1 uiAXfi-'i.iVfri';.' * X-.-:^o':': ^-V-i c^-'r-^-^fl|"? -'"-'''.pv*^i V*^~'.
;':;'':; X' '���:[ 1899 /;; i)ire ct bry    :
and Map of tlie
'���'���' VV-- v'i'lic;,' gatovvay'-to.tlio  wbnilurfullj*
-,. l-icli'iii'iiioriil ilisti-iiifc of North Koole-
.-���''. ���;������ .' im}*..Viihd,:-Ciii)ois,v'i'ivci:,.,-tliij'.i..,s��p*ilyV
. '^^-IiMlit.for.tlio'HiKlieiiil, Tvoiit; Lakoi
���V   :'������': Liu-itijaii.', Illocillovvael, Alljort Can*
: yon,, .ImiliUi  Pass, .-mil  Kn-'lc': Pass
yy ���   .;ilist,i-k:l.s^;:   Hnsiiios.s men hnil laisi-
7';���-'.'.-���.-' noss lioiis&.'V.'i'lib'name, oi-.oupat.ion;
}���'������'���','���:.   anil 'resilience of e.voi-.v.iniilo resident
���,'. / Vy of,'tlic. cit>yy;.y;y V'XX -'���������;.,���'"'?'������ .yy'- [yy':
X '���':��� XXXx X ;Xv o "L.Xn 0 M :\ \-;-' 1X ;X XX 'iyi '��� X,'-:'Xvy
���-':-���,; ,V..y.yl''oi-V:/s!iloV,.atV:'all-V: ���V''':',V:V...v.;:Vy VV
���V v':,'y..,. .';'������������ ,;������ Poofetoros.y;,,y-'V "'y-.r-y'i^'!:--.;.
R. :P;; PETTI PIECE^ :Reyel.
:X:';M;ii-:\'KLs'rdKi^ .iuijv
'y^^0^^^jW^^^^fi��,:    ViJ'l yV.V;;TI
���X':t\v*bX';biindred,";,;uid JXeir ye^tr��:Vag(i' . to,
.;.������ ,I*roi nstVa 'h t":Vri��� l_i i^u j r V .Vl'i i |"1 X; t,!(f i1:.-1 i.:l i?.?:��� M IVsVi)f.:
'^England'i-'l '' vvi 11:""'Y'ha'i"i'i taiir:";'.'"ii'nrd:';' t he:
XXQi-anjjift'ni;iiiXw 1 id"'"'d.o'eK;vn'ol;",';;;!idop0 llie:
i 's imes .pri ifSi pleVy-wl|;o;'vis Xylie'? -;- '������ 'J'licii.c:
y wits ,ridU n tQlei^
Xviiotliin.g'yXQfV^tl.iejXb'A'Ai'V' lUX��">:?:���::the
;.���'bulge" " bit  tlie
s\ always-out;'X.
'\\Xvi'jC:i-.c*" X;llie''VMXir/Jisaid'V'i!'ally ineii ;ai;e'
' 1 i.i rsy .'aii, d V; i i'r \W b iii t.X con iiec tic ri y.y This
: ;coj;ti1n!is;oniy'(!o^k ba-Xj-cuyselfr gentle:
::���;���:.'������'-;':.'& "'������ "!'���:.'.'-���-!<���'.���;���.;.'.:��� y'f'y ���'������.'���   '       ...������������
X-1. h"!v b1';, tu: i> i.T vKSis,s> i i ^ fe'y'i'i iai gi|i fi oiri i i t'-K'po |n' t^
.,,.....,,       ,. , ���   .,.  ... tlirty call foj-iX,e(litdn;d"refei-eiice.:X";\Ve'
i-ipd.^iirimded^^ ���������^::.\yy::.y';yyy;:.::^>.y:-ryy 7y?y,:���{������;.
y^yyyi-yy'y-'-y^y ������; ��� :��� y --.;  V ''-y.'-y '���:��y--1.^ y.y- t;ro"ipei;t;'':ouT; ���profession:;; and yourselves
-���--���y- ���!'������- -abused   bv-; fneuds; and"- toes.: tor: vJiis   -��� ���'-.������'; ������:��� :'\"��, ",���,;-- -y ���'--���'. y-^y ������.^���:y-yy. -y:-'--..- -.y^y::
'"" :toy'',;niu'ch ti).i-f:to':-t, upon'Our.-conteni
���po'r.'b.-.y. vvitli:V;-|.|i;;:
coarse V inethpds: etiir
:YiV'':V;;::'::V.':;y':.:v:.-o'.. /.<���.'���': :���?���': tyy*--,   ;":���;: V'r- '-.-���.,' ��������: ,y.,y.r,plove<
���syV'V tairi ".'���' Ins vriglitytp; fi-eelvx worship ; by; ''..y:^,,     ,,- ,-...,���.-.,��� -.;...,     , ,,...,,���,,..������..���.���,.���.������,..,���
��� ; V:'V: V/;:;<!��� ^y-vv    ::'���":. -"::,',;.'   V '���'���'��� ���-'������-'on'Kviv ch;unpion;ot;,t.he;ylioi poilor^Ijut.
:thiit i-ule'::as.long' as:be could, biitytliat. ���   .s.-v'��� :���*y::i' --'.,y.y>y,. yy-yy-yA.:,:.:: ���yy.-.yy"y
  ' ,vve:bacl,Vatllel���y;b(^:tll;^t.,vvltllXg|���acO'alld;
iii.i h iii;I'STXt Ii:iii','���".��� K bixii-isliy ad VijcaIe uf :���'������ a;
��� boastfill ���:.fo:'vv.;���.'.���''.:������'���. :i:V:VVX;V':.^S'XV'iX':i:y yyyif.
;.cl id* yVhotVXpi-eyeh
;S3ineMiberty of yCoiiscieiiceVtpVio^iei-s.of
;: in ;*;sb iii.e what w fa iiii ticrilXXXtmifi^-XX.^iifV
XSv he h y th i;b.u g! i' op press i o i v ,iti if ^Xtyri'ih,|i\^
y'Wiyare ubwyyKffceivXiiig.Vcpnsideni^le:
iVdyBi-tisiii^XX'froiiiXVi/uiV: X^i'Uleiif^
v;'i: tbc'i'al I ehtiiinVas.: t he ;niiis;(-,l
f the, editor
w=: s^i/^^xXs' f f X(b ������'^U ^
vSX VVv"'.,:, ���yX'V v"V 'X dealer ix yyy yyyy y;-yyy
MilixGo^rs; Saddi^Pack^
x XX XDriyi^M
��� Kootenay Lodg-e
Nb.'15A.F.& A.MX
*V,y'.:'.'  ������;������'���    :   "' :'   ���' ."���...(!'.���
*���. 'I'lit! regular iiieoting
aro.lielil in tlio Jlas-
oiiioTi',iii] ile, lion i-iio'.--
 Hall,   oil   tlio.'.tliird
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S�� ruQiil.li ; at,   8   i'. .in.
;, Visiting ''���}> rot lire ir
, coriliiilly.Avulcbiiicd: .
VO.iS. KLINOTv Skchktakv. -X-;
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." in Odilfollinvs'ili.-ill ovbi-y.
l-s^-slj^',S��s.Thursday iiii;lit ul,  biKlif
i&^~3sS&$ o'clock.   Visitiny Iji-otlioi-ti.
.orilially^yelopnibdy   ' ���)���;';;
t. j.VG'it?yiri\M;:,Si:o:;
SELKIKK LbBGE/ifO. 16,���'I. O.X6. R
Jloci.sV'ivory-Sn't linlay
HiillV .nf Xs: -o'clock.
Visiting lj'i-cflii-bncoi'1
g/diall.v invited to at-
IohpI;-;': '"" ^yy-y-yy
XX'X.I.'oX.F; NoX3i6lXX;Xv/
Jloofsill tlie.Oddfollow^s:
illall on tin',;������.��� second'iVu'iil
foi!.i-il'i;'!J,'i-iiliiys ;:0f. oiiolf
iiioii'fh.. ..Visit ing tirct \\-
i-oiiV invitedX IpV atteiidX
Gold Range Lodge,
yyyyiK.fbf -i>.,;:-NoX;26,,;
X �� :���'���' Rovclstokoi B.C.
Alny'; iii;?'Odd:,'li't'l lows'-
''Hull- ���"'���lit'.,- ySyJo'clook.-
: .Visiting: KniglilSi iii-';
Xyyitod. ,yyy--:-y -!ii.yy ���:'-���!���
������.���������:���   .���.���".������..���".-;������:..,.'���:���   "...W.Y.'V.
Burveybr''of���: Mio-liTciassvMeats ���
All (irdersvin:nlir lin'e will beXjnioniptly
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S!uesVit;;is';iioty tlie;;v(;r
;ry; best of taste.V
yywljichyfirsly,.founti^-it,.a^placeyl)as.VcoiiicXiX:yXl;-.v.XyX' X    X X'"!^-'- XXX. :X'XXXX.XXXX-XXXX
:X;X'%3^ ^'^X'.'-^^11'^^
X creed,: ofV libei!tyX;X:.ci'vil:Vaiid ^rebgiuiis;' |\"vy X X "'; 'XvX ;i'X- X ()X':':-v y, v Vr^-77-':''"- ,������ X'V\XX ' "��-<��< iy
Xv  :  iv'';";.-; v: ,,.     ���';:,: v'.!'V:'V.- ! XX,: -'Xi Xi'"   i ;V Hen ioi- SV-ciiiul���1st: May Jji.iilay.'������'���'���''.���'������������
v.:. and".-, ihedioinivot  the:; bra-ve, 'anu. tlie -.-���;.���: ���.,:������? Vl ���������-���: ��� y       y .; :?.,��,- ;>-'������-   'y
y'y.yy'y'-yy  -'"'*: ? ���������"":���: "y:.\ - -''y VX'iV'i'.".   'V \:f ��� ^ ���!, V  ,1 ii ii ioi' SeC(iiul-*lst:hnc;Uoiu-sier. ���   ;V
y free.;;. ���Intellectual;-.��.��*���'" //^.-e n ^ f S>�� ^=.-Or^��i_-i: - |"-_V.. -: s3Xs i k i��; ,I=. .vJ'l.r.li tA t^-xi^i'm-cl iVi'^='\ -���/! ^ t ^"- i^ i-��>^ * * *
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J Prop.
put ,,.,.....
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..porter;or vtoleration,: as���,..-p.erstfcatio.U'is v,r,: r '��� .r. , .c,-.���'���������,-. ..v. ;���=,,." (;kV
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altogetlier   foreign .-to:. 'it ���?���'..; pnncip'lHs.' !"'t;Mia: Vi^ S.iiiii'h:     -^ y XX   ��� X XvVVX'.'X XXX XX;
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Bdiiiliiion ahel
y ;yy;. V'.MINING:ENGINEERS,':: yy-.y>yy-
���ui-vbvoi'a of Mines,iiliiici-alGlaiinb'iiiid'Ci-o'vvii
,v'; -::'���,.; . y-":. VW .-..Laiuls,-*'Xi:'V';V'X:VVXX;:V":'X:'V
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X'-Trained iiiiiiXcxi'icTii:n'ued'"ini:dic.-vl, ;.siii-|;iL'al,:
iuid-oljstet.i-ie-iJ.luii-.sB.'rVOiicii .toX'c,ngageineiii.,--V,
, Addi-ess;, Niu-Ke^huciiH.'Kcveliit.okc, :li.;(J;-.'-; v."
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:XX;:-X::; 'yii-% X:"! y X?;a isy A -V iiii. 'y iii 'i"{yy,yiyiiikiy
t'Royal'Sjuliool of Jlincsi'Loiidoin���;.}'���':'���: ; yy-" .?������ ���'
?:"SoVen: years ii'tAlorfn, \VorksV Svviuisoiw :*yy;;
K-VSeventeen: yeiii-s,. CliiePV: Clieinist,' LoyWigiinX
:(;6al iindli-oivG'o.,' Kng. :': ''���:.���'���' ;;:i;::V;x'',,,.;���;.-;::;,'(;.
iiJaiitu:(Jlieinistiind'Assii.:yoi-.;Hall;Alines, htdif
-< Every' dos6i-ipiidn!V.'6,f.y.issay -'uiiil'-.anii.lytjeiiI
"vvoi-lftiindei-takeii."viyy'yiry.;:::.'::::'V:;;v yV.yX'i;;..
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'.Vivian & Soils,..'Svvaiiscn. 'Klliot.ts. isrotaV Co::
VJ Ijtil.,1.Hiii-i-ypbrl'. South' AVales. Sinoltevs,
i.,. .. Ittiflnor*),' Desilv;ei-iiiei-s.. J\Ianufne,li.iii-o,i-s. ',>;;:.
Checking;   smraltor: pulps- a'   ap'ooiaity.,.-
'Bra'yiivg VX'and.Xdeliyeriiig: av ���specialty^
'     V'Teanis iilvvaysii-eady1 ;at: sliortesl;
���'���. ' "���������-.'���'...������'��� ���:��� '������ ��� y l '������      : .-,. . ':'.  .���'.���;,:   ���'..���:- .;���������     :;��� *-. ���'<
X^..;X'.iibticei;X;;.',. Contracts Xfbr ;vjobbiiig;
X;:;X:^take^vXXAWf.nt. Xfor VJ3X C^pib Gci.v
,X. inen,-X-eyenX in; ilXevelstqi;e,":it   isXyaid )V
'X'V\vnq;Vvvith -pretences ;tiied ucaiiofiyijiy
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Xaction,' is a;d;u.ige.i:otis .deinag.tgiic who
'- Xfails.correctly.to iiitei-pi'et.\th.a:;nressageX
'"  of -tlie order,  or   bus   but .sip'pedV'at; Xv
y.Vwell";of'.'knowledge-of'''wliich,'. he-slwiiid .
'���' have heai-tily ipiaiied:jiistuauXX'S.^X10'1 ";l-
.y ;niairxsliquld' 'hold Xbis ���; peiiceX'Xji'stX Jic-y
tempt other ]ieiipie:tvi;iVii-ak it:;   vv ' :
....,,    . ,.h.  _ ^ i_^._.____     ~-"~  ~~~   V"T~. ���   ''��� ,<J-V''' ���'
:(������': V'' WiK.feet- aliii'ost sure ,'tlia't. the'riv is tib.
���.'foiindatibn..f.>'r i:epin-ts of -.'��� 'iy'-.'.i'iiiiirui
. iCOalitionv with, ibe opposition,   wi.tii, a..-
��� recast:ot .recenr p:-iigreVsiv:o"!eg'is;:it_i.->j!.y
,t ���..A.'.'iian: dbcni't ..'g^h'eraliy .ally 'hhiisi'liX
'���y to   a   beaten : oj'ip ):u-i)- Vriryh i;;e .,!!)���' '���'
Xpi'ize of.'victory���'���' with ������iiiiii.'- ���,. *J"ir;��� ���;"Xi-
,  not .vv hat   pi'j;iiipLsa ���coiite.-.t.." TurniM--
: ism   is   wiiijjpei.   biiit'.'.'n; -why  -ii'iulil
X-.vve   coalesce ' .villi   it.' : .'.I'ii,',r'<^imisl.''be.'.
no truce with   ���1"uri'iei:i'sin,-"ii-ir-.v\: iviu---
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i I'i'fa i:'i. i'.V'ii^n. a i;,u : K;Yi hiei;nX
"''i'iiii-,<'' I/i.v\;i:i;��i<.'e'..,.aijd;
,..'''��� ������'��� - "... ���������-. '-.Y V ��� ��� ��� v,o'
ivFrst.Glass.    All White Tlelp'.'   FinestXand Nevvest. Hotei'.i.
��� S^TSS3:$2;xEEEX"B
f.iprie~-lve.s r.rt;   in  tlie: iiii,ijont.'y
iii - British." Colin.nbbt"   imil  ,.tbey   will
.carry   a   pn.i^n*3siva, ��� -p u t y. to-  vic'tury
'���������'.a^ain.''   )Va hope, too, tii.it tln-ie is, in
' what 'opposit-ib i   p.ipV-rs call U\h 1:pi:f;--
en a   crisis,"'  no : cb m:;;: of. ii.ii.r.i:l i .-in _''
.: pHi-tv.liin-s  into provi'ncial aft airs.- T'he..
yr'i"'y'..<<f    .������'.'..���    ���...      ��� ���-;  ���
���    western  . sp'.r-.t '   is     in
politics, as'.in  c!i ir.icter,
) "il  i.-!t t
iirl.il ./;���;  aii.
. want its legislature. . tu'rue I iutoi a j
nursery r'or' (.': ta w.i po!iU'.-iaus.' The f
men 'if this'con-i try i-annit, b'- kepi, in |
line by.the shake 'if a ��� ��� ^���reii.t ���' Hi in'- j
liand, the-kis>.in,^ of a babyX-ieh��:������'.k ,oi X
, by conversaziones and r'o!l.c:ill-j.   T'lii-y ,
tldnk' for,   llieiir-ielves ���.'and.'   as a, rule.
think   well;    for ��� vvh'.jAvi'r   you ��� li- i
progress or" act-iyliv it i'.i. aluxisl ci-rtnin ���
that there, will.. ai-io be met |iro^re<>,ive j
- -V-A.-'N:G'OU.\*E Ry;>B. XG.
     , ,   ..     u.tiyyy";y~. y ::��� :i-i:: ���:���<:���.y--:'..yy
'tj^.r-a )V y\.L>!*;lha ! il -i Vii-..   -    ���' .���;,������.'.' ���   :X X'-'X'     'I
���'X'.-.O'lii'.-et.'. l.iX.ssi.i'iss��� I si,- Leon .-: C]o'.iirsier ]
.aud !'l''V,H;iiivay;.XXi?idXt>'icarX;VhrahXiiii-J
:so'iiD;i:Ki,<'"ii>.rH'V '.S:insth',;.,3:'f:i ;Kriu*st ,\k--,:
'���AiahXriXXXvXx'XXxX'v'.X X"'rXX;'xX':XX'' '' '-''-f
;X;t-iXVsiiXA'VV-;it'-iid!:ia:-~Wt'; 'All..:J-tv A!)i-.i-v 	
Tiavns6!i.:2Xd .liiaiiivBi-o:wnX3rd; lyirthvX Thoroughly Frst.Class.V All White Help:'; FiiH-st and Nevvest Hotel iirl.he OUy
Xlet'!i'S,ibiia!dV:iti>XpVi.i:g'las;Th!j!iipSii:'iX ���"���
,V,, Writ i iijr -VIVt���',":};i|.iiei;' :'Ln\y rente,."2ii'd.
'���.iv;U,h'b'W!.:'Si}il->a id,'" -:!:;d X Aii��ert..:A'liia-'
..SiiiOiiiii.-' V-Syi  '���!;
��� i-)''i'.i.:_d,.i-.-."i''lro!n{i.~
��� -.   X ;rr<i':"i'X"-Ai;:rKN;Vi)!Xi-'AHTAfi-;'N-r. ��� ���
.'���S-"-t-,ir;'y,lT..;!-^-r,l''rni-'i.i'.'ai   AViirkX... l-i
'!-};���;..-.''v'.'.-yp'r'.-i'T. iySiid ..���F..p;i.). Sohyay,   :ji-d
VTbiZi-i \\'riii'hi .'.:l.!'li;.A'hiii'-; .Mid'c'.-iiii/   ; "
���hilvi'meuiat.i':'  Ci-ts ��'���'-'- Jsf A'rtnie  AI c 11 -
- \ a'i-.'i.'.aii.ij    i.i'-o'tl .' < '������'triyier;    2nd V'OsCiir'
AJji-aji.tiii'soii, :i,!'d"(y''i;iiiie',H-uitii.
' Jriiiio':-.   t'U.^ss.     r.'raXl.i!-al..   Work;���1st
: fviii.li'h'i'n  'HXb'iab:!.   ii'rid.y.J.'ii'ii'es.X'.Lavv..
lii'iice,'2nd -Krn'e.sl. .Mc.M.-iho;i i\yi<\ ijoiitfr
-i:is'Tho.iiipson.' Vl'.'d -M.ir.ii-1 I'lirti'i-; aiid
'AlbertXA.iir.'-iham��on'. lib   l'',hiin .Bi-ovvr'.,
lieul.iir 'A'iison.. aiid AVal'li'l'f-e Kr,ISel'. .
.     lli'Hioral'ile'    Mention-���Col.or    '\N""rk
an J     Di';ivvi:.i,^--!'b'ie    Coni-sier.     May
Ho;nl.ay,..l',iii/.el \\"i-i^ht,. Leo S'n'hyay.y   ���'
' Seieiiee .Wei k.���Annie .Uiilvain,-Leon
(:oiiisb'i-.',' '''Kriic.-'!-' vMcMiihon,'' Albert.
Alir.-ili'/inisVii'i'.  , X     ' ��� ' ���������������    .' ���.'
nhi-t r.ii,.i'.i'..!Jr~ J.-uiiesX' r.invi'eiir.-e, .f'b-ic
C.:i!ir.--ii.-!', Aiiui'e MulviiiriKathic'eii .Stb-
b.-ilil.  ''':..'���' ��� <yX. ���
''   Artistic--    I-);>siitiis -C'haii.ic;    Smitbi'
Liie  (\inr.-ier.' May   P.oulay,   L'-o���Hob'
v.- ��� i v. y .''���'-   '
339' rtasbogs 'Street,, Vanco.uvcC,' ,B. C.
���   Branch Store: Nelson, B.C. '  .'
, \ Y:)urX;l iiitfXGll;samp]t;
S^'X^^ X',xX Y j! XX'X,ai ti-at t i v e
^���^^���v::;:,'.'J: VX',V:;;-'-X...Vvv-vi';t;]/::':::;;X-1::y;VV XJ''''Xv'v'X^' '"';,'-:::=--.X\'V:rXX';V;.;-V,::-V--.v^-Xv:"-''^;?,''"X'-v.'
%"g^V:V^v:J ';:,:.';;exGeedint>'l\^x.pretty.v;...a\'VeocaiVs tnves-
XXX an y lib wxitii tl v j ti cl oy- (o i=vy o ti'rsel (X ���XBXX ;X -��� X
... - j:,-..' yy.:. ���. y. ��� .;.- &y<i. ���.   ,-.'  .y-.J-: ��� X-, ��� *���*.;- ���;���'"-��� X-   '���'.'*''". i? ��� i'.-':  u..'��u-'-   ��� ���< "���''���' ' '���' i'"-.
' IiiiiiiiMiix
xx; ii
y ������:��� -f' i'hc-oi-pi:ir;ited bv iictV'bf-V'L'ai liamiiiit 1855.
-y       ������Y'Wsi'i "M'aiisbxVAlAGpiii3i!SON.Xt:Mies.;XvxXS.,:XllX;I'.MY :
v.y ���������Y'Y; -XV ^Y'v:':YvXo"'XAr-vX^^c?:,-*'iri=1{S'1'Y^^-..T,r��^'r*\s'' Geiii'i'Jil^AJh.nn^^iXXY:���'Y:Yi:.yb\.-EyXy'v* ������: :;,XXr'y
���-'���;���'.   ��� >' ������'������!. v..--      .'.-     ' - '; '.' .-������    -.*���      ���'-' -i- ,-,-.-.���, v. }'���-.   .'..." ���-'.' -   .'V ���*���.'  .', ������:'.'.'' '.; '������������������.,'   ' \.   -\j   -,>'' . if   -.,.' '-.i'
.), :,   A 'genera! baukiiig 1 j'u si ii iiss'V trtViiKac Lo ^.-'.;:'-I t�� Iciest, iilip.wcii'qii 'ileiipsitsXiit'ciiii-iJiit nilps. X: X   X;Y
 ^y^'jL^y   ...
Go,r...;v-5^oiLt' &: xBenspix:��fe
'.;.- V.':'.y  -;-'" -:���': ;���""'V-i y-. -i'VXvXX'1. y<J^aB3sSai-;--''S--���iiaH2^^*- v-y V X'."-,:;;;':*; .:.'-:. ''���'������������. v'.'.X'VV"   X ''.y.'V
������  i '.-������   'y
'X'Y X:, yY:.;.X XX. X"''Y'Y> ^as����=-. ,
Electric-lighted XX
' ���'-' '   ' ���'^<il *
;J6'X"X  v''V'A:'X;Y^''';iY-X-v:'-Y;YY::,^yY: ������...*;��� ;���?���? y,if \xf^:
$1 PER DAYl-^affl^
'��� y_.����.^
Best Brands of,
' Wiries,.���...'..    '-'���'..'.,
:    Liqiioi-s and'.:
Cigars'   ���'.
Ignore the Rest
Get s-s-���a-2ZZ222g>-
lir tb��'Xebd   you .will   find   it',cheapest.
'Fiu-nishX .yiiur  larde.r  witlr.siiinc ot" our
nice, fresh groceries. ,V ���-,===-     ;'    ���
���We have it, you wahl it..;   y.-jy'i , y
Come' and'hike a' look, at .'our, complete
.line of staple and fancy groceries, arid ���
���. ���.' yini vvillHud vvluit-yiiiYni' rooking for.'
Ooodi fresh  pibduri'  idvynys: oil b.uid .at
lowest prices.'
A fri'Kh ��� C.'iiii��ji^i]ii.ieiii of comb honey Just'
���X      ai'ii.vcd.  . (..'pine n'ntl Ycctsoim-.
Newly Built���
Lighted by'
',.v ���iiiVf'.n 'tlim F.'tlu'.'iiiKlcr-'!'
i -I-;!.m:. liiiv'ie |iiii'��:!iuS(:(| (Ik,- Ijiihiikjj- r.r j
C, !I:i!i.;;' Co.. Imi'-lier:-, ui' Ft��,-vi/lntokc. ' All :
I'-iiiuii-li'.viiiu' In iaiil ,li,v .1. U.'IIilll & C".> '.
\ el :;-iii:.-���ij'.,.'.;i'"ii '���'-'iii ljtvco!li;';ti.!'li"iiriit   (iuld j
jr.. AhUn. U Co.'.s  Old Stand
}.hiving-   ���..an-imged/'   for- the   .seasons   .cut'   of
FJRE\\rOOP from the  Revelstoke Mill/L will
fill orders at $2,25 per cdrcl^X
I!. c
��� ������  .I.A.-V 1.1 wooimow.
.Jui!'; B'ltji, l-'fi'i.
-���A i u.  D.
Orders icft at house or by mail
w\\\ be promptly ait'ended to. THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  A SATIN SLIPPEIl.  , Leon   Mini   his  bi-iilo v,-eii;  sealeil  in  a  coin] anmeiil   I.y  ilieinselves.    They  had  L'ivn the (.-or.il-letor  a   fee  and   promised  '��������� thi'ni.sclve-s soiiludo en their wedding jour-  '    Hey.        '  "All al'iiiird !"' slioulcd tlio conductor.  Jit--! as tin; train was atiout to niovi; an  elderly man .-pr.-ini? nn (lie slcp ami entered llie i-oirijiar-iuient. rJ'hc dour .-.laniined,  (he 1-ell .sinifk, and ihe train moved  away. Althoiiidi annoyed by tho inlru-  sinn. tl'i; ynunu; coujilu continued their  i-oiivei.-ation in KnjilUh, when they woro  iul i-ri-rrpd it by I heir fellow traveler, in a  . Jiiui-li he'lir Kn-jlisli than their own.  "Mon--ietir," said ho dryly, -'if you have  any seerets lo relate I would advi-o you  not To do so hcl'orc- me iii'Kii^lisli, as I am  I'onM-r.-.-.nl wilh that 'larifrua^e. . I am  sony to intrude, opon you,- but this is thc  only I'onijiiirt merit I could tind jilaco in.  'However. 1 will try to fin to sleep."  And lie, fail lifully tried' to  do   so.    I3ut  l\)<  elliftils  wCri'r.iii   vain, and   finally ho  i'       drew a lino!: lioni his valise  and bu-^.m to  read.    When In; pluniiod  into his sack, ho  drew iherefrom a   Inrpco  roll  of  Dank of  Kn-dauil 'nolo, arid .-hovvinjr them lo l.eon  linked ii he cmild,clianw'c theiir at tin; next  town.    Leon' rejilicd that; it was proh.-ihlo  lie could di,' so, as  iln; road was much fix;-  ijuenlcil hy KnjrlisJi travelers.  ' When   ll'.ey leiiehed   the next town, the  Kiif^lislmian  di-M-ended   first.    After liim  c.-ime l.eoji, who endeavored to conceal his  ,   wil'e'.-s ;inl;le.s as .-.lie descended' the steps.  Such ni'e'.viiiiiifrlmsliriiuls. Suddenly there  darieii from the .--roup of loungers on tho  platl'iii-m a youn^ rii-m of pi'i:uli;ii"iippcar*  ,    anee.    lie \vii������  Millovv nnd  unshaven, hi.s  oyc- were hlearcdaiid bloodshot, hi.s cloth*  iii'i was .shabby lo  llu;  his-t  decree    His  once   blaek   coal was   buttoned  closely lo  llie chin, probably to conceal the hick of a  ,     shir'.'    He  aihaiu-ed   toward  tliQ  elderly  Kij-.;lj-l]in;m.    '��������� Uncle." said  ho humbly.  "Is   ihat  you:'''   said  thc other  angrily.  "L'CioiT!    I don't want to  havo any tiling  fto do with you.-'  ��������� '-Come, uncle." said tho other, with a  mixture of menace arid humility, "don't  be so hard on a man.'''  i lie sc.izcij I he elder's arm and led liim  asido. After some moments',, conversation  the uncle.-ccinod toroUcn and opening hi.s  valise gavo ihe ether sonic bank notes.,  Thc nephew devoured the - remaining roll  with his eye-;, -mil after a curt word of  thanks dir-yppeared in-ilio"crowd.  Leon and his bride enteral t he hotel and  were .-huvvn lo ihe best room in it. Tlmir  Fintu* as a newly married couple procured  them that honor. - The walls -were covered  with p-ipor representing scenes around  Naples. Unfortunately ccrtan idle travcl-  '. ci',-3 had added mustaches to all the female  faces and pines to nil thc male, so the ef-_^  feet was ion certain extent lost. Tho room  Y was'called thc "blue room," the furniture  bavins: once,been of that color.  Loyn   ordered  dinner  lo   he  served   in  ., their room. . The dillicnlly in procuring it  excited  his wonder-, and on   ini|uiring lie  found that ollicers of tho Fifty-second hussar.-;, were  miv ing a dinner to  their  comrades of,the Sixty-firsfc chasseurs that very  evening: hence the confusion. To his horror ho found that the banquet was spread  in  iliqf, room   immediately adjoining' the  blue  chamber.    However,   there  was' no  help for ir.    The. host swore by all' tlie  rgods  that  thc  ollicers were  thc   quietest  men he ever savv'in his  life; that, excepting the chasseurs,   there  were' no   more  ,   lamblike  individuals  in thc service than  the   liu<sar-sj   and,   beside*,, they   always  '  rose from the'table before midnight.  As Leon, somewhat, troubled 'in mind,  ��������� returned to the blue chamber'he noticed  that his English fellow traveler occupied  thc room on the other side. The door was  open, and through it he saw thc Briton  sen ted before a bottle and glass and contemplating llie ceiling.  "Well, it makes no difference, after all,'  said   he to  himself.    "The  Englishman  will soon  be tipsy aud tlie ollicers will bo  gor.c by midnight." ��������� '  When he entered the bluechnniber Leon  looked to bolts and bars. On tlie ollicers'  Side there was no door, but a very thin  partition. '  The young couple had a mediocre dinner, which they would have enjoyed moro  had it noc been for the talk of their military neighbors. Tlie conversation of those  gentlemen had nothing whatever to do  with tactics, strategy or thc art of war in  any way. On. the contrary, it consisted of  highly seasoned stories. And such stories!  They were followed-by roars of laughter,  and even our friends of the blue room  found it diflicnlt. at times to preserve tlleir  ��������� grrivity. ^ ���������  lint the stories grew broader, tho laughter grew louder. Although he was not  prudish. Leon .thought the situation rather  eijiharrassimr for his bride', nud, sending  for the landlord, he requested him to heg  tlie gentlemen not to,make so much noise,  as there was an invalid lady in the next  room. 'J ho host entered the banqueting  room, and his request was followed hy a  roar of dissent. Finally one voice provrJled  over thc others and cried:  "What sort of a woman is she?"  ������   "Well, gentlemen." replied the host, "I  fion't know* for  sure, but 1   think   she's a  bride and that  they're  on   their wedding  lour."'  "A bride!" roared the revelers. "Bring  her in. Fetch 'cur both' here. Wo want  to drink to the bride and talk-lo the hus-  b.ind." p  '  Our friends in Ihe blue room trembled.  They feared an assault would be made  But the same voice prevailed over the din,  nnd il was e\ idemly t hat of a superior  ollicer. lb; lectured them mi their lack of  courtesy, and there was comparative quiet  for a-.vhile. But from the muflled laughter that broke out from time to time Leon  and his bride had an ioea that they vrcii  Mill the topic.  , Suddenly there wns a roar from the left  hand room, "(.uu-song." shouted the Englishman, -'gimme another hoi lie o' pori."  The port was brought, and the Englishman giew quiet. Finally the ollicers, having drunk all they could carry and some  of iheni more, departed after having joined in a parting toast to the bride.  Quiet at last reigned over thc hotel. Tho  night was clear, tho moon shining brightly. Leon and his bride looked out from  the window aud inhaled thc fragrance  borno from the flowers In the garden he-  low. Suddenly Leon's gnze fell upon u  irxni who v.-as sauntering amid tho shrubbery, lie walked with his head bent  down, n cigar in his mouth and his lunula  thrust into his pockets. As ho turned tho  moonlight fell upon his face. It was tho  Englishman's dissolute nephew.  The night wore on. Leon and his brido  Juid utmost forgotten their English neighbor, when they heard a strange sound in  his room. It wits thnfc of thc fall of somo  heavy body. Mingled with this thefro vnsi  tt peculiar crushing, grating sound, fob  lowed by a stifled cry. Silence. i.Thon  there were two or threo muttered oulha,  find -iileiiec ngalii,  Tho   young   couple   shuddered.     What  could il nieaii?    Leon tried lo reassure his  'trembling cynijaiuiuii, but  he was iuier-  nipte.T by ::.-;, eat:'.'.on** o;ening if ;'.*  next door. Ii w.-is spjftly closed rgr.in. ..; d  then .clow and npparonrly c.ueful fi.ni-u] s  were heard in tlie hall. They were lo-t in  tho distance. Tlrev ceased. Again all w::-j  Still  Soonlhe young bride was sleeping calmly. Bur. not, so Leon. In spite of himself  thc sinister face of the Englishman's  nephew returned to hi.s recollect ions.  There was' hatred, lie thought, in iho  glance east up.pii lhe uncle by the youmr  man when he left him. And then that rell  of bank notes iu rhe valUc, rnnd that  dull, heavy sound but now. like the fall  of'a body upon the floor���������tho cry���������the  curses. Such was the train of thought  that ra'n through Leon's mind.  Mechanically he lixed his eyes upon tho  door which communicated with the Englishman's room. There was a little space  between thc bottom of the do v.* and the  flooring. .'Biifby the dim light, falling  from^tho partially turned down gas he  could see something forcing its way under  the door. It seemed at first like a knife  blade, for the i;dge was thin and reflected  back'(ho light. It moved slowly toward  a little blue satin slipper, which had been  thrown carelessly ncai'the door.  "What can it be:-'' thought Leon'. "Ii  it a knife? No, for it, has divided into two  parts, And now it divides again.' and yet  again. What can it' be? It issome liquid."  The thing,, slowly crawled toward tho  little blue slipper. It encircled its hetl.  It stained its,front, It.was a liquid. It  was a liquid of strange and unmistakable  color���������the color of blood.  For a long time Leon lay and g.-i;:ed  upon the stained slipper and the r'oddNh  Ftream which encircled it. lie pictured to  himself the corpse lying in the next room;  its discovery the following morning; tho  door opening into the room, of which tlio  holts were on his side;,, the"blood stained  slipper. Those things passed through his  mind, aiid a cold sweat started oul upon  him. Ho nt tempted to rise nnd hide tho  slipper.. As he did so his wife awoke and  started with affright as she felt his icy  hand.  "What Is Ihe matter?" she cried:  Leon explained to her the terrible situation in wliich they were placed.    He arcso  rind attempted to remove the telltale stains  from the slipper, but it was useless.  Day was breaking. Already tho servants  were moving around the hotel. ' In'a few  hours''the crime would be discovered,' and  the ollicers of the law would be upon them.  "Alas," said Lcon,0"our only hope is  this. AtGo'clock the train leaves for Far-  is. If tho Englishman's body is not discovered before that time, we are safe. Wo  will take the train and lose ourselves in  the great cily.    There we shall he safe."  His weeping bride flung herself upon  his bosom. She felt almost ns though sho  had committed tlie dcc\l.  ~"Butf'i;hcro yet remained two mortal hours  before tho train'left. At each step in tho  corridor,they trembled with affright. They  made their preparations'for departure.  ���������Leon's bride wished to burn the'bloody  slipper, but he restrained her and concealed it on his person. ���������  Seven o'clock sounded. The hotel was  alive again with'bust ling servants. Leon  forced his wife to take a cup of coffee, although she declared that her parched  throat refused to swallow ' Then they do-  ' scended to the waiting ro'im, and Leon  demanded his bill. The host presented it  , and begged hi.s pardon for the noise of iho  previous evening Leon assured liim'that  they had passed a very quiet night.  "Well, I'm glad of it,',' said the hort.  "However, your neighbor on theJoftdidn't  disturb you much, I'll bo bound He's  sleeping like a dead man yet." ' ,  Leon'shuddered His wife 'grasped his  -arm convulsively.   -  "He's an English milord,"continued  tho host. "We've got another Englishman  here, too, who paid his bilhand left this  morning. He gave mc an English hank  note.. I hope it's good. Look at it What  do you think?"  i  He showed  Leon a bank note.   On  ono  eornor of it thcie'was a reddish stain.  "In seems to he a good one," said Leon,  wilh forced calmness. "How long beforo  the train goes?", ���������  "Half nn hour yet," replied (ho host.  At this moment a waiter entered. '-Gimme some brandy nnd soda, quick, for tho  English milord," he remarked, "and send  up a chambermaid^vith a mop. lie dropped a bottle of port'on the floor last night,  and thc,rdom is flooded." ,   '  To the amazement of both landlord and  ���������waiter, Leon rind his wife sat down and  laughed until they cried.  "Order us a. good breakfast," raid lie to,  tho landlord. "Wo don't go until the 2  o'clock train."���������Prosper Meriir.ee  S/   ii  irviQ  a  w/  p.      r  *-������ ���������    -   ������  V.   i-v   '   r*     r -;   *.   E  SOO PACIFIC  Lits������  Fred Robinson, Proprietor.  Rough' and Dressed  days' across  the-Continent  by the,  ."Imperial Limited"  REFRIGERATORS  I .at est  models nnil   must improved  styles.  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C.  0F_  ���������^^ur."i"^S  e   Kf)otenav  Mail   Job   Printing  epartnient endeavors,  by prompt  attention  to orders and delivery-of-  work when promised, to' prove Lhat  there   are  exceptions  evei'i  io   this  avc   the   most  rule.      We   ha  full  v  equipped-, job,office in North Koote  an  d  our  -#--  customers   know   it.  .Ciipi  trs  ������u  6-<><><>-6<hC^-o<hO<H>'D-o<Hy<^^  in  UFPLY'C3.  B: C.  THE B.'C. ASSAY AND- CHEMICAL  ���������   -      '(L'-ili: M.irFru lane <T:  VANCOUVER,  Wi'iti-f Matint'ai-tiiri'i-s and direc-t. Tuijiort-  n.-ilani.-i'S, Fin-iiai-i-'S, Fin: (Jl.iy -jfnuds. S.-ientilie  Plaliiiinn snnds, Aeid.-.Olieiiiii-a'l-niiil allutiu-i A  Sole Agents  lor .Muig.iii  ('rui-ihlo  C'iiiii|i.-iri*.. 'M Uterse.-i.   H.?eker .Sons' Bal-  anees, etc-.  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