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Kootenay Mail Jul 13, 1900

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Vol. 7.���No. 48
$2.00 a Year.
r$>?^>��^jf^>f^>r$?r��>^> ��^<^r,i|?f^H^��^>'Kfei^^'^|��r^c,jfefSfr��f$> f^��^f^f^f^r^r?Wr*ifr>
X# ���
.Ladies Blouses���Special  offer in   new "and *|��
,.popular  goods, latest styles, regular prices tp
"���$[,   $2,   and   $2150,  :going  now   at   50c..; ff��
,'$1.50 and $1.95. . <f��
Ladies   Skirts-v~Crash    Linen,    Pique   and V
*  Duck,    regular price,   $1.50 $2.50, $3,75, ^"
$4.50. goino now at $ 1; 1.50, 2.75 and 3.50! ^
Men's Furnishings and Clothing���-All <J,
Wool   Tweed   Serge   and. Worsted Suits &'
from $4 to $17 ;   Men's* Balbriggan under- ^
wear suits $'i.   *   , t ���        ->   -      jjr,
Boots and Shoes���Reduced" for one day. <|>
We make a'.special offer of a splendid line <|i
of shoes/perfect   fitting, good,'new stock, <��y
PRICE $3.75.        , ,       ��� ���     *    |
We also carrv a choice stock of Carpets and*^
���   Linoleums, second  to  none in the city. ^
- Call and see us.' ,   .- >
re Troops
Wanted in China-
f-'liccial Lo the Kooti.nav Mail.
Loxoo.v, Juiy^T2.���The British admiral lias received the following despatch from, vice-Admiral Seymour'at
Tien   Tsin.,- dated* Julv   7:    ."The
"No Trouble to Show Goods.
��� -:'#-*
* <^t|j<|ji|jt|;>il;'4j(i^'lj &^w^w$^w<;$p<$i ^$$&^$^^<&vp
Chinese continue  fighting  aftei" shell-
ing the settlements. ���   They are extending their tines along the Lot Tain and
the canal to thenortheas-Jj and appear-1
ing in greater   force west'of   the. city.
Yesterday we bombarded the city and
immediate suburbs which stopped the
Chinese  gun, fire.   " Foi* some time today, French settlement, a station most
subject to attack, was the. scene of aii-
"other bombardment.   " I   am steadily
getting up more guns.-   'Ten thousand,
^troops   are here   now and more are re-
quiied, but  both   Russian and Japan-
ess troops expected;"    ���
The Journal and Advei liser, of N"ew
York, prints -a cable from Che Foo,
July 8th, via Shanghai,'July* 12th,
wliich says ;    "A courier arrived from
u 1
Sir Liobeit Hart,, director of Chinese
customs at Pekiu. The courier is'said
to ha\e brought the following message
from Sir Robert: X ' Close to good-bye,
near end'."   '    ���     ',  '
. Cue Foo, July ,9.���It is reported on
'good  authority. Unit Prince Tuan lias
The Chihe>c i*uns arc so masked that
the allies find grout dii)icull.y in lo. at-
ing th'-in.  ,
Yokohama, July 12.'--Though' no
decision,has yet. been announced it is
fcrl.iiii ihat Japan will send neatly
00,000 tioops lo China. 'J'hc pi ess
agree that the. despatch of so large a
force is an act of duty in the interests
;of humanity, but'asset t that in a largo
measure the responsibility for the,
troubles' rests upon Russi-i and Germany because of  their abitrai y action I
r .' J I
in China
Wounded Soldiers at Cape Town Praise
'   Canadians of the First'Continge'ht.-
.-  Ladies'
!  Belts I
The Fred Robinson
Lumber Co. Limited.
C.P.R. Watch Inspector,
Braying and delivering a specialty.
Teams always ready ' at shortest
notice. 'Contracts for jobbing
taken.    Agent  for   B. C. Oil-Co.
Robert Samson.
Get that Water Pipe Fixed.
On and after Ibis date our pi ices for
cut firewood will be as follows :
$1 per, cord at Mill
$2 ���.    "      delivered.
<   Prices Cut for Cash.
Fred Robinson,Managing Director
Wagons,  Delivery Rigs,
Buggies, Etc., ,
��� : o : ���
He'll do it for you.
Blacksinithmg- and  Woodwork
done on short notice.
Carriages    Built   to   Order.
For sewing machine supplies
o( all reputable makes apply to
representing-The Singer Mftg.
Co., MueKen-.ic .Ave.
First street near jMoisons IJank.
Board by thc week $4.50
Meals      - - 25c
Home made' Riead, (Jake> and Pies
for will'.- Open day and night. No
Chinese einployeil.
A.  COWEY.  Proprietor.
Edison Standard
���   ��� ' . : . Phonograph
with all (he lnft.-t. iinprovcnicnl*. will
take nii(l*ri-pi*oiluuc record��.. complete
iiicludiiig, Iteconler, Itcprodiicer, Ur-v-s
Horn. Suppliiri! Sliavin-j* ICtiifc*. Kar
Tube--', Cumcls Jlnir Iinir-li. Oil ('an, al-o
One-liiilt; dozen Itecord- and Ijook* of
PRICE   $25.00.
...GHAS d. AMAN...
-jgotie. insane.
'Wasui.votox, July 12.���A belated
cablegram was received ' at the na\y
department as follows : "Nagasaki,
Secretary of the Navy Department,
Washington, 1). C���-Taku, China,
Jul)* 2.���A runner from Pekin retorts
that the German troops have burnt
Tuan Liy-unen. The Chinese have
moved many field guns on the wall
commanding the , legations. The
Chinese subjects ha\e been ad-.ised to
leave the Legations. The ��� runner,
heard heavy firing in , Pekin after he
had left'the cily."
Ilo.vti ,Ko.V;.. J"'}' 'J-* -Quit-'t pic*
vaik; along the West river. ' Mission-
an'es are arriving at Wu Chow fiom
all parts. When some, of the missionaries left Fe ' King the Chinese' were
openly discussing lhe placing a price
upon the heads'of Christians.      �� .
SiiA>rr:n.u, July 12.���It is reported
that a Chinese merchant here has re
ceived a hitler from Pekin dated June
���150th siting that lhe legal ions had
been destroyed and all lhe foreigners
killed.      -
It is announced from good sources
that 20,000 liussians are marching on
Pekin from the nor th.
]*.\��is,   July   12.���Temps this even
ing announces  that  il is in a position
to ulHrm that,   no   European   telegram
has  been' received   from   Pekiu  since
that sent by Sir   Robert Hart, inspector   general   of   Chinese customs, despatched on Sunday, June 21th, declaring ihat   the.   situation was  desperate.
Continuing Temps says tho subsequent
silence is sinister.       If it   is   true the
legations are safe they could communicate with Europe.      Jf they cannot'il
is   because   the  Chinese  ha\e juggled
the dales arid the massacre really took
place as  announced   on- June ";0th or
July 1st.
The. Chinese have sacked and burned the new Chwang. The Chinese are
wrecking the Manchurian railway and
are pillaging the unprotected foreigners
on'the outskirts of Port Arthur.
Ciikj:  Foo,  July 8.���Tiie   artillery
in ^till
The following Idler from a l'evol-
stoke representative in the Slralheona
lioi-so was received this week' hy a
friend in town:   , - ,���
' 0;< Doako S. S. MAPi.iiarmiis, -
"      , JMay28Lli, ll'CU.
... .'
Dear Friend,���I i eceived- your welcome letter iii due course, hut, did not
like to'answei at-at. the lime it did not
look as though we were K��h-g t'o'see
any sei*vi(;(; and there was no other.
news in which'you would he inteiested.
We find a splendid voyage ' otit and a
Jons; Slay in Uaptf Town which, is' a'
very pretty place of J.  t-hould  say  ot),-'
000 inh'ahitants,  mostly   colored���some"
fairly light, others* wry   black.    I  ain.
not  pat'ticiilai-ly  fond- of  ihetn,   they,
haveatlavci all their own. ^ There has
been a'  big camp around   Capo, Town"
eversiueo our arrival, butoU-ost of  Iht*
regiments are being rno.ved   upj to  the
front now.   There'are a'Jot of Jjoei*
prisoners   kept'at   Ci ceppoint   camp.
They are in a larirc-* enclosure'and  well
guarded.    One was  killed* recently  in
an attempt to escape, hut  it does not
seem to have much effect on   the, rest.
They are a hard looking lot.
We are just sailing around Ihe
harbor at Dm ban tvliw-uwu arrived
this afternoon.' A\"e aie waiting for
orders and may go on lo LJeira to cut
oil'the Boer retreat. This is our iiis-L
chance to sec anything of actual war
although we have had plenty of "-guard
duty and patrols! . '   .
During the time we wen* a I the (Jape
we had a   look  at, the guns  captured
from (Iroii,]e.    The brush blocks-of- the
Ki'iipps    have    been    thrown'    away
rendering t hem unfit'" for* service   unijl
they can   got  m-w ones  put in.    The
pom-pom    has 'a   hole   in   the y water
jacket and si-veral hieaksin the shield
plate caused-hy the  British   fire.    We
also  had  sonic long   chaLs   with   (he
wounded who have come down   to   the
hospital.    They   alj   iridic   in   pi-.-ii-.ing
lhe Canadians of  the. firsl   contingent,
saying, (liluw'mc !) alter ue. were glad
to lie down those chaps .Kept  right on
singing up to within forty yards of (he
Boer, trenches  where   they   dug  Iiltle
pits with   their   bayonets   and forced
the enemy to get out.    The   Boers  are
very hittei* again-l the. Canadians  and
lancers who they call thc fellows with i
thc long slicks.   They blame (.he Canadians  for   the.   defeat   ol    (.'tonji*   al.
Paardchurg,   saying  I hey  could   have,
held   their   posiiion  until   they  could
get, a chance   lo  escape   if  it  had   not
been for I In* Canadians   pushing   llieui
out of (heir trenches.
1 like the climate here first rale.
Although il is now winter the weather
is like Canadian siiniint-i-, waim day--
and cool nights. (i We have not had
much i.iiu up (o the piesent.
"Buster-'-i.-. well and semis n-g.ud.-.
This is all 1 c.ni think of al, pivsenl bu'l
will try to send another' lettei 'snoii,
particularly if we manage to get, into
an engagement. Remember "tne lo
I remain your friend,
C'liOlidK A. Bowki.'s,
C .Sijii-idron. Slralhcona Hor-'o,
South African Field Foivi
Captnpa  '   ,
.  Men aiid Buns.
,        (S()Co'.ll to I 1,0 ."".Iaii.,)
'Lo.mki.v,   July 12. ��� The   war-   ollicc
ai)iioiiiic(?s tliat (jlonoral, Uuller reports,
ihat GOO prisoner*-,  who   had   been   re
leased   by the Boers   have at lived    at
. A squadron of Scots Creys, 90 men
of ihe Leinster regiment and two*
guns 'were captured bv the Buers at
Nil nil's Neck j tho casualties are not
known. Loirl .JLtoborts reports that
thc British are 'meeting wilh success
in other parts of South Af'r;ca. Ceueral
Mart haying given the "Boors a bad
bcathiir.     - " '
Acted irneonstitationally
(.Special lo Llie Mail.) ,,
Ottawa, July 12.���Iu the Senate
to-day Hon.'David Mills reviewed, tlie
whole position, of. ex-Lieut.-Governoi*
McJnties,' holding ihat Mclnues acted
unconstitutionally in several important
respects .during .his official .career^
towards Iris ad*, isers, and said tbat'if
he had taken the, 'advice of ' his old
friend, Mr. Scott, given to him confidentially, h'e would slill be'in ollice.      '
A Good Suggestion.
Secretary    Liberal   Ass-pci.rllo.i ��� V.tle-
Cariboo Kooteijp-i\-.
Sn;;r���At. a mealing of  the Salmon
Arm Liberal Association the following
was pawed unanimously:
Moved bv S. M.   McGuirc seconded
by   A.   Reid   that   in   view   of.  the
approaching    federal*   elections    that
in      the     interests     of      the      lib- '
eial    party of   Canada, be it  lesolved
wo the Salmon Arm associatibm-aie in
favor of a convention of delegates from
lhe different parts of this constituency
in th*; interests   of  the,   liberal   party,
and it fuither iesolv��d that this   association is in" favor of holding said    con* ,
\ention in lhe city of Uoveisioke orr or
about   Sept   10th   1000   and    further-'
inoie that our secretary be notified   to
forward a'copy   of   this   resolution   to
the secretary and. president of this constituency, you are requested lo   call ���-i
meeting of   your   association   and   lay
ibis matter before them. ;
Hours respectfully
A. 'B. Co-ir��ik,
S.diuou Ann  1.1. C. Julv Gth I'JOU.
Ileturn cr-rcket   match   C.   P.   It.
city   on   lire   rcercalinn   grounds
in |��roa-iCjs ut Titu I\in. j moriow .itu-r noon.
Loyally Celebrated  by Orangemen  at
Salmon Arm
The   special   liaiu   which  left    here
yesterday morning for* the Orange celebration at Salmon   Arm   wa.-> crowded
wilh llie brethren of Kcvclstoke Lodge
f>. O.    J>.   No.   Ki.xS  arid   (heir  fiieuds.
The (.'. I'. I\. shojio were shut down |..r
the d.i y and a Hum her ol, I lie employees
look advanlage of   tin*  holiday =to at-
tend    lite    deiiioii'-t.r.ilio!).    IXiifoiltm-
ateiy lhe ��eal her* was not wry. auspicious but init wil hstaiKling this a   most
i enjoy,ible linn.* was sp>-nt.    'J'he pi-inci-
pal   fealure of the day was  a  hasel>a)l
in.ilch la'twecn (hi*  cclcbi.-ilcd  Boston
Bloomer-, club and ,-���.   Revelstoke  nine.
The game was so ine w hat disappointing
owing to the inlerriiption by rain   and
1-oMiiled in favor of thv Bloomer- hy  a
score of 0 to 1, with I?  innings  pl-tyed.
A programme of athletic sport-: was,
also gone through, finishing up with  a.
j dance iu th.-* evening.    The Revest*.ke
contingent relumed   by   special   train
about midnight.    A    large   number of
vs.    vi-.iloi-.-w eie   pi'isent   from   Kanrlnops
to- | and the surrounding country, also  the
K.iinliii.-pj liidcpcnth nt Band.
' ;??
. \\
m THE KOOTENAY MAIL  Uhe ftootenas HDail  PUHLISIIED, SEMMYKKKXY.  ���������.AT���������. <  REVELSTOKE, B.C.,      ',  ���������BY"���������  ]{. 1!. OAlIPHKLl,.  I'UllMSlIKK AXl)  PKOI'KIKTOI-.  Subscription   Pries,   $2.00   Per    Annum  ADVKKTISIXt;   ItATE.S   ({tiot  cation.  appli  JQjJ PRINTING ofevcrykiiidiitrnont reason  able rates and shortest notice.  ACCOUNTS for.job. printing or advertising  payable on tlie first of every month.  COIlltESPONllENCK on all inallcrs of local  or public interest invited mid carefully .considered. All communications to the Editor  inui-t bo accompanied by the name of the  writer, liot. necessarily for publication, but  as an evidence of good faith.  ' Address  . , The KooTEXAY"J\r.Yj:.,  '     Revelstoke, R.C.  FRIDAY JULY Y.i, V.M). '  - , ,    THE POSTAL SERVICE.  o ' f  Increase of 'Correspondence Since Reduction of'Postal'Rates.  . i  The  consideration  ot  the  estimates  ' lhisseas;on has been marked liy Ihe nc-  I ion of the various niinislers   in ' rcp'ro-  ���������    <*���������   senling lo lhe house and to theeounl.r y  ,      detailed   statements   of** the   woik   of  their departments  with   the object of  placing   before  lhe electorate  concise  and  anl hentic   information   regarding  the condition   of public nlTairs..   Thus  (i     the minister of militia pointed out  the  vastly,   improved    condition     of    the  ccjuntry'.'--    defences,    the   modernized  'methods which were now in   operation  1 i.  developing the. national   home  guard,  and   the   greatly   augmente'd     results  which   wen.1   being obtained   fur   the  money expended.    Following him, tiie  -   ininislei-'of   railway  presented   an  at--,  count of his stewardship,   and  demon-  ��������� strated    how    greatly    transportation  f.-icil ties   had   been, advanced   during  the last,  four   years. <sHe   pointed  out,  the   remarkable   improvement  in   the  condition of (be   Intercolonial railway,'  'an improvement both, in   the  financial  position of the road and its  usefulness  ,    to the. country, an improvement which  'had made the .-.ystein not only  a   most- j  importi.'nt factor in tlie railway  world*  but also   ,-i   valuable  asset 'to   the  Do-  '. minion'   instead   of a  drain   upon   Uu  country as it, had been under  pieyious j ;l visit to the coast,  management.        - 'i    - __.   Then followed   the post master gen   J  aral with his repot t of  the  important  service under,his( control.    The' development of Canada's mail service   is so.  thoroughly recognized in   lhe  cotmtrv  at large,   anil   Jhe   individual    electoV j  , throughout tho Dominion basso   close j  a pergonal experience of  the   iinpuue- |  merits eft'ecleil. that   il   is   unneec*s..ry ,:  to dwell upon it-here, but.  it  is   worth  pointing oul that theie   improvements '���������  h ivl* not been made ,it. any aiigin-oli-d I  cost to (In.* count vv.    On   tin*   toutiarv  the.deficit left by the late governioc; t  is   being   steadily   wiped   out.   ;i!i<!   io  spile of   lhe  great  lvditrlKai   i.i   both,  domestic and imperial postal r.il>->. th" -  equilibrium   of   i-.-veni!"  .oul   ex* e.iCA-  tui'i* is being rapid!v r* i nvered. and instead of a   deficit   uf  ,i   million   and   a  quarter', v, hich   the   toi ies   propio-^ied -  would rvsull from these reductions.,the .  defieit hiit    year   i--  a  niei-.*   b.i-rat-'lh*.  It is win r Is noticing too.   (!������������'  \ h"������iom- *  enal increase of cirres-pondi-nce   which i  the    r. d, c d    iriipi rid    po^tag*    iu-  lirc.iiglit   about,   the   letmiii   .-no'i ing .'  that llie am mill of i o-Iage   ,'l   ii,e   n--1  ������ ducetl i ali". of t \\ .1   ci.li  f'lpi-il*-,   if  il  doe- nu| i:M.'i'L'il,  lhe  <llli(;Hlil    i-( il I". I ������������������<!  niivlei- (he ..Id fi\ e cetil. n!.-:   \\ hie Ii   of  cnui-e-   mean-     thai     lhe   '\o!iiiii>*    nf  C-i>rres|i(inc!e!iCe'ha.i   inci e.tseu   lad   per  cent.  One or t wo figures \yj|| fori her  iiin-  Irate   the   developmeul   of   lhe   po-i.i!  ���������-ei'vice.    Tile niroi b.*r cf p. *-r olfif e-   in  opei-alion    in    |,"->'.,*i;   was   !).|(i:!;   i:t    IS1 Hi.  1). 120.    The    niiiiiber   of  saving   hanks  ha*--   grown   fiom   T.m   lo   S".S, and   the  mi'iiber nf now accounts   eip-*noil   from  I_*i. Il_    lo    112,111.       The   number  of  money oi dot*   nllices   li.ii   growp   lioni  I,.'illJ to ].77'-\ ami I he <.m'>unt of mom-v ,  tiaiismitled by   th"in   fi-i.m   %V\,l)}i],&,<) '  In $11   I(j7,y07.    'i'he number of  ai-Ii'.-h's,  c.u i ied I l-.ri.ugli   liie   mad-,  has  grown  177.17s.inn  in   Hi';;  in 2:'.s.(;:il,:i'i(i,   ),, a !  ve.ir.     While dm in.,'   I.X'.i.l   ||it.   dcp.irl-  lllrlll   ( all led I he i:l,l i! -    l,t:>������.0Xj   nille-1  f,il I ht-r I li.Hl I In-y s*. e| e e\er ( ,ir I led   in I  any   pr**\ ion-*   \oai.    "I   lmpe,"  added I  obtained, not with a deficit of $300,000  a year as formerly but at a cost of $S3,-  102.5!) less than was used by the late  government in performing the, post  office service 'in 1S06.   r   '  It will be remembered that when tlie  reduced postal   rates  were announced,  it was objected   hy   tne tor-ics that the  wealthy, business interests alone would  he benefitted  and   that the  masses of  the   electorate   would-  pay   the   coit.  Upon this point IMi*. Mulock observed,  "In spite of  what  may  he said to the'  contrary, these cheapened  rales  have  brought the post offices nearer to  the  people, of Canada',  and  not merely  lo,  the hankers and   Ihe commercial  men  and the men who write to Uhini, Unrig  Kong, and Japan,���������the inas>es of   people   have   availed   themselves on   the  cheap rates, as oin he,found bv the re-  turns in   the   postma-ti-r geieral's  re-  porl.    You will ii nd   the sau.e sie.idy  growth in the (rural  post  offices   as   hi  the city   offices.    If   it   were  only   the  wealthy ihat    were   taking  ad vantage  of the extra   facilities   now  niy.-red   liy  "the post office  department,   we'would  find    an.   enormous    increase ' in    Ihe  cities a.nd we woul.l find  an   *.;:iormous  decrease in tiie  country.'   That  the case. -    -  The total revenues from the city offices' is   about,   one-third   of   the   loial  revenue's of lhe post office department,  and the increase keeps pace  fairly   between the one and  the  other,  so   that  froui the increase in the city 'po������l offices we can make an  estimate of  what  would be the increase in'lhe rural  districts.    It is an   entire error'fYr any  hou.   gentlemen   tc' assume  (hati'lhe  leduced rales has not been fully  taken  advantage of by   the   humblest people  as well as that class lor which my hou.  I'riendJ Mr. Foster ) thinks "we should  not, he so solicitous. * The post office  is  an institution for llie masses j  and   we,  are bringing  it   nearer* and   nearer'  to  tliein   every   day  by   chea] cuing  the  rates, increasing   lhe   | ost  offices,   ex-  tendmg   the j,faoililiei-..' In   no  bett*r  way  can   you   bring   it   within   their*  reach than to make it cheap and accessible to I lie poorest  in   the  land.    The  post office is intended for  lhe  poor as  well as for the i;ich, and the masses  of  the people'have recognized   our policy  of   giving   cheaper   postage 'and   have  profited by it to their-own   advantage  --.and <it no loss to lhe service itself."  An artist may draw and paint a  most beautiful picture, hut when,it  comes to forming a perfect letter he is  entirely 'out, of Hie race. 'About 47  years ago there were five well known  artists of this cily who were also ox-  perls at letleriug, th'*y having learned  and worked al this branch previously.  ���������Xew York Times.  is  not  it  Venice Wit lie til   Water.  Yen'ico without water*, .would hardly  he Venice at nil, hut we. are assured  (here is a" possibility (hat tire pielur-  escjtie Venice of today may become a'  city of tire past, aud eventually Venice  may bo walerlcss. -,,  According iu Professor Marinellf, lhe  regular increase' in the delta of the  river Po is such that in process of  time (liojiortlrorii Adriatic will he dry,  and Venice will no more,be upon the  sea. " The a mi mil surveys show Hint  tlie mean annual increase of lhe della  during''70 years has been three-lc-nilis  of a square mile.  An encroachment ( upon iho son of  llirpo-lernhs of a milt* in a, year' means  a large increase in a century. It appears Ihat the loial increase in six  centuries has been about IDS square  miles. The increase is con:inning, and  tlie<giilf of Venice Ms doomed to disappear.  * / '      -   '",  No immediate alarm need he felt, and  it. will  not ho necessary  to  hurry  off  to  Venice  to take a   farewell'look at,  the city iu its present p'iclurosqueness. '  Professor .Marinelli calculatcs-that b<$-  t.wceri 100 and 120 centuries will ellipse  before the enlircaiorthern Adriatic will  have hecomc dry land.���������Youth's Companion.     ���������'       ���������             ,        .        ,  ,) '   Hi.s ToiiMt.    ..  Brown was very much in love with  pretty Miss Simpson and had told "her  so repeatedly, hut in vain. She did  not reciprocate.. Brown's friends knew  of''the affair, and whenever'. Brown  gave a- (oast Miss Simpson' was maile  the subject of it. One night, when  Brown aud his companions ,werc enjoying a Jiltle supper among themselves, one of the men said:  ��������� "Come, Brown, your usual loasf."' :  ���������o "^o," came llie reply. ;;r".Since I can't  make her Brown" I'll toast her no' longer."���������Loudon Answers. '    r    '  T"ARGK    AST)    WKLL    UOjnl  I SAMPJJK ROCHIS.   Heated!  ^������hot air and electric bells  , light in every room.   Free bus rneetsl  trains.        '  REASONABLE  RATES.  Xiylil (trill ,1'ooin in coiincc-lionfoi- .  coiivenie'i-e'ce.f giic-ts aiTiviii*,' iiiidl  l,';i:-iiiiK by nit-ht, r r,iiiiH. Hourly strl  ear between hotel ;oiel stitlioii.  V: PERKS PROPRIETOR  REVELSTOKE, B.  ABBAHAMSON' BROJ  PROFS.  Newly Imilt.        l''ir-.st-cla*|  '   in   every   respect:      A|  conveniences..  g������* sample i-ooms.     Fii  roof   safe."    'F^ec 'bi|  iiieets all trains.  Under same mauagenienj  \QDEEN'S HdTEi  v ,.     TROUT LAKE CITY  Si PER DAY  Newly Bu'.lt.  Lighted by Electricity  Throughout.  Miss Helen J.)unii has retui-iud   fi*i m  How Po.ii*>- Rcd-ieved Wild Ducks,  /Lieutenant It. EX Peary, the arctic  explorer, was horn in Maine. He pro-'  pared himself for entering Bowdoiu  college at F rye burg academy in Fryo-  burg, in ihe, western part of the state.  | Thc following story .of Peary's early  days "shows his method of ^overcoming  obstacles:  , One of his fellow towiKmeu while  out hunting one elay in' November discovered a flock of, ducks in a pond  -about two miles from the village. The  man wanted the birds, b^it knew no  way of getting them, even if his shot  were effective, for* hj had tio dog. and  there" was no boat in jho pond. On his  way home lie met Peary and told him  ahoni the ducks am]1 why he had not'  lired at ihem.  ������������������Now." said Peary, "let's go hack fo,  llie pond, and if r!*...- ducks are still  siicre I promise lo'roirieve all voir  kill."'    "' .  They refurned to thc pond; the ducks  .were  undisturbed.     The-weather  had  boon   cold   for   several   days,   ice   had  .formed around tin- shore of the pond,  and   iho  dur-k.s   wiv  bunched   out   in  open -wafer., hut .within rang..*.    Merrill  fired   and   killed   two. ���������   Without   more  ado ih;>n   if  Ik/ were about  to  lake a  'tip in tin' ohl swimming hole on a hut ]  July day   Peary   remmed   his  clothing.   '  hi.ike  ihe ice wilh  a  ln-av.v sii'-k and  ���������  swam   oul,   ph-ked   up   tin.*  dejyd   birds '  and   I .rough!   rh"in   to  land.���������Saturday |  Evening Post. ' - i  <du prcrevolulioiiary days there was  a woman " public .executioner iu Virginia. At that time death senterjeos  ^vei'cj'espitedjon.eon'dilion thatta criminal should pQi'form this ollicc.  . "Lady Butty," as she was afterward  called, was sentenced to death for murder. She offered instead to become  public execulioner find hold this office  for many years.  It is said that ou the-.scaffold she  oQiciated without a mask.���������Chicago  Times-Herald.'      -  Best Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars.  R* OALBY, PRGP?R,  <>0<X>;0<^C>Q-d^ <XX>-  j. A. "Stone; Proprietor  Rates, $i per clay."..'.  l Hard cued.' '  "How came a mai^ of your ability  and position iu sociciy ever to engage  .in counferfeitingV" lhe judge asked  him. ���������  -I wauled a light, easy way to make  money1 nt my own home, your-honor,"  answered the prisoner.  The judge lookethat.hiin sharply and  gave him the -full limit of the law.���������  Chicago Tribune.  Electric ligh'tedy furnace healed'  Newly'buill unci furnished.'. . .  " Finest  and   best supplied  bar  . . .r'm the city ..'   Cor. Front and Benson Streots, Revelstoke, B.C/'.  Fishermen in Holland kill ail fi.^h  as soon' as , they -are landed, while  French fishermen, on the contrary, allow them to die of asphyxiation.  Furniture and Undertaking,  j Repairing & Upholstering Don!  W?ii"hou������e iii miim-elion fur HloraRe of  f.-imily and oi her I'm nilnre,  trunks, etc., al muni iily' eu- other lale-J.      Agents for I?, lymond .Sew- ,"  ing Machine. '- '  REVELSTOKE STATIO^B.C  ^.trrs^mrs.-wjLjir  ���������3-  ���������-*^v=������s5^s=������_ 1  There are no .cm  of Cairo. A heavy  gives tho cily the aspect of Venice.  ers  in  tho slrcpfs  rain consequently  MetofiM'n, MeFeely &' Company, Limited,.  uAL  and   Tiling.  MAJIiSTfU   STKKli   UANOES  or  IJlale���������.-.n<l   Siieet,   Glas.*!  Wood     i\I--ii)lels,'   Gi a I J|  llol el   and    Family   ustl  'I'lif*  Siun   I'll in Ipr*..  Tho f|ii."l.-eii h.iu been a^-'l.t-il of s-'v;a  p.-lilltel-v liUlidl-i-d , uf i.tjes, '-W'ln.-h  h*K(-i* oi" tlie ,*ilp'!"l������.*t <\'! yon con-idi'i*  lhe haidiM vv iiin.-.t <li'h*-*,.ii to inalveV  11 , is hill ir.Hural |<- niaki1 iho iu-  ffuiry. I'nr [<> (he rio*. rce -*-<iiiic* paii<<*u-.  hit' |p'i!ii- :iie Jii.>i-f pj*i-|!|c.\int; ihan  otiie.i.',. It i.^ ui,.ist irciioiaily coitecded  by home experts that (he liornau capi-  nil letter ������������������Ji" jf, *iit. ,',!n<i difljeiiit.  Olh"rs will say ihat an "S" i.s \ei-y  ha id (������������������ make, aud many .strongly contend I;.,11, ibe (.���������li;ir,'ift<".r *'tv'" i.-; the  hard'.-i   and   iij-.',t   dirli--uir   <jf  miv   in  Ke   S:n ..-ii   :i   SJi i {];' 11*4.  'At a certain e-!e|li f.-ie-lor.v in Scotland  it whs (lie eti.stoii) to fine the workpeople  for turiiintc out' Imd work. One day .1  workman hioin;|il 11 piece of clnlli (0 be  "x.'iaiiiieil. and .(In* mann.u-er foural t\vf>  litlic hole*- about ,-in ir,e*li a pa it. He llieii  ���������-ip.iu-ed llie.--e lei lire man and denianele'il  - vliillin'-r-, lin,-. a *-i>iIiinl? fen- each link*.  "if; il a "-liillhi-; ("ui- eac-h hole?" asked  the man.  " Y( ���������-," ������-aii|  I hi' lii:>int<:e|'.  "At.'I i'- il 1 he >!u:ie I'm-l-very hole, biy  or liisli-V"  "Ve.--; eMKtly ilic sainc," said llie nian-  au'e;-  '"a'ell. llu 11. I'll sine a .-hillim*." Anil  n:.tllii-,' his Ihi^.'i- in ihe hull".- lip quickly  liiadi*   lhe   hi,,   inn1   one.��������� London   Air-  Miners5 and Mill Supplies.  Vancouver,  Branches'.'il Dawson Cily, Allin and Bennett.  British Columbia!  rnocafH������KE__tar]  THE B.. 0. ASSAY AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. (LIMITED)!  (L-ile Ma'cF.-ii-laiie <fct.'o.)  VANCOUVER,    B.  C.  We are- Maiiiil'.-ic-l urei-s and elireel. Import .-rs. nnd c.-ir-rva lartri' *-(o<-k oi  balances, I^iirioic-e'^. Kire Cl.iy ���������^.eKJ-iriyiiiifie and i-h-aelicai I!ook.-% Glasswarel  !Jlal in nu 1 itii'mIs At-in.*-:{->iie"onc-;i"is-,-]pd-,-i'ir(ii iierA-ssaver's and Miiwr'.s requirement']  Sole Adonis lor iMoro;;iii Criie-ible C'onirp.-inl, "Battersi'.-i, IJecUer- Sons' Dalf  nie-i*.-.. elc.      j  ('.-ii.-ihi-z-n.. iiiid full pari ieol.-ii-^ ������enl  nn -ipplif.-il ion.  Sut;/i ci (u:s.  il    ^ el \-   ������--������*.  Yrry  A fii-.in'-l- li.-ni a -eiy j'lL'aeiems iloj.  1*. Ilifli li" Iiul (p'iiuii'd to 'finiit III- slle.-p  a llii-y |----'.| llunm-h a pa 11 icul.i r  ^ofieii'il ;'-:|e, ; 1 *_*-. 111 j ( \\ Iir-Ii, a pile (.f  Sloiie*- Vi'.i' phice'd 1'or tlie tier's 11-e. As  e;..-ii -'ic-mi p,i-v.nj ilnoil-li, the do-; plaL'-  td '..,e of ihe ''(..ui'- asnle. One day. niaeli  to thp' f.n ,i:it"-- -.i!|ni-(>. |i,. found Hie d.^  ti.\ i!.���������' p. Ui ���������k a Hum' 111 halI", anil '<ni  hh.  Limb  & JLJLJLa  MOLSONS   BANK,  liif-orpiirafed  by art of Parliament lSoo.  HHAD Ob'FICI  w  i\l6NTRL.AL1  .Molsiin .Mai-i'iimiishn.  Vri'.i.       S. Ii.  Kwixt;, Vice-Pie:-.  .Ja.mios Ulu.it, (Jeneral Manager  .-If 1 oiuiiiii-,' the Hoc U  he loiind  Iheie  Ik 1 11   --.ii  ad-liiion   in   ihe  ni-'ht   uf n  -ah*  haf  b'-giiin-jr  .Mr.  iMiiloek   il    will   b" k'r.ii il'yin-<  Im !  Iron, ���������j-i'iilli'inen fippoMiLion. at any i-ile I  iL will In* ������(r,it,iC_, in^ in llu-   l.ix   piyei-i  ffC.inad.i to know Ihat I hi-   i/icrc i-ed |  -ci vice* ri'pr e.-enl in jr.    piob.rbly   an   in-  ( r i*n������-|. of'!') pi'r eonl in addil imuil   piKl  oflicc fatililii-* to 1 he public,   ha,   Inen  lire entire alphabet.    I'm.-ikally *-p  iiitr. fill of lhe-f  l"it<'i*s :n'c .-onn.'-,'  difiiciilt.   nj 1 f 1   to   Hi"   ."-ouri  lhey are not easily inr.sterct  Il has fi-cqueiilly bcoir supposed Ihat  an arlisl f>f ability 011 ne--(-oiiiil of his  ���������vrre'il liilei) I in flrawimr would of  course naturally make a j*ood siirn  painter, but tho "cvpfi-iiutMit has been  fried and given up with unsatisfactory  res 11 lis.  '} lie*   r,n \   ,\ ? 1-���������!-.  ,*ii.-. Miu-r ~'l rll 11:t* llie worst, doc*  I for. N my husband's condition serl*  1 oris'/  : Doclnr-There lino eau.'-e for alarm,  madam. He is now out of danger, al-  U1 o(1 _:11 siilTeriii^ ficuu-ly from ciilarjjc-  iiietil of lhe ccrehn| ������������������ lands.  .Mrs. Mixer���������f.ul. tloclor, how do yotl  suppose it was bromrht on?  Doctor- On a tray probably.���������Chlca-  PAI1)  VV CAPITAL  Rl.SI'RVM  if.'iiiii.d liankiii;; .Mi--ii!.;.ss ti'iuisictcl.  J. D. MQLSON, Manager,  $2,  170,000'j  -    ���������       - i,S50',oooi  InliTot ailovicel on ilcposith at current rates.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.J  There coiiic- a I inn* now and then when every centleman feels lhen.>ed fif an  exceptionally st vji-,h and well-pul.-lo-rel lior suit of e-Iolhes. The occa-iorr  may be a weihlimr. a reception, a journey or some other important  fiiee iio'n. Thai is tire lime to -ivnid a chance fit. Thai, is the lime  ,i!m\ e all oilier-, lo jrive I he order lo me.  R. S. WILSON, The  ������������* '""S THEXKOOTENAYnMAIL.  youir-r prodlyy was tyl ho named William Allison .Jones.    ' :   ,        , -  It  was too t-o'od   to  keep,  and  they  told the siory lo f>eii;:ior Edmunds of  Vermont.    That, M.-i-ely old ffuiilloniaii  melted sulJicienlly to siniliri.s-l.vnrodiico  a letter o.r similar pur-port. -Then there  ensued   a   coiiipnrNon    of- senatorial  notes, shov.-in.-.-Uiai the youthful Marv-  ' lander had h-ccri f.-.-hiy loaded with distinguished U-iiues  from .Justin ��������� Morrill  Jones   to   Don   Caincron  .lories.     That  Marykiiid  iirfarn  received  no birthday  preseirt.-Milwaukee  Wisconsin.  .staying  , ' ConCllfillK.  When the 'nrairon called upon, the  bride of (hr-oe months, she discovered  her in rears.  , _���������    .."Why,   my   derir,  'what  is   tho,,mat-  ,i   ter?" she cried.  "I want to die!    I want to die!" sob-  -   bed the bride.".  "There,   dear,   (hero!     What   is   the  matter'.-" , '  "Il's-il's-  Harry!"   t-uhhed   the   cirl'  wildly. ���������    , '    ' f "  "Has he been .���������;bii.s:nj> you?"  "i\'o-o-o,  huii-'oh. de,*]i*.  what shall I  do?"     y ���������    - n.  "What orr earth is the matter, dear"'"  "lie-he���������oh,  i ca-i't tell you!"     '-  "Vou   m:;.<r. .  ii,.!s   i;l,   i)[^u  out late-ni.^hiftv"     t .  ".\o-,o-o!" . '  s    '"lias In; heen drhrkinu?"  , .,   VXo-o-o!'.' ''  - ',  ".   "Then what ih th.. u-i-tor?"  "He���������he doesn't love me'any more!'!  The matron-drew;t he'sobbing girl to  her- side.       " -  r    "Now   tell, me rill,  dear.'--'she  whiskered. , v  "When-'whcn he, c-c:nne home'last  inghl, ht>'didn"i k-k-kiss lire!" she sobbed.       *���������"      '        ���������     .  ���������"M.v. dear." said , n,,*^ mairun, "you'll"  get over ihai. v.-1.-,.*, ny husband came  home last night, he <lid kiss me, nud-I  have heeu woutlerihg ever since what  he has been u\) fo."-Detroit, Free  Press.  cass, .Availing for the catastrophe. I  "look off all my clothes, and we waited  and wailed for some ,two hours, the,  natives recognizing ,tho captain - nnd  telling him plainly they would cat him  at last. ,   *  'Tho  strain   on  our  nerves   may' bo  imagined.    At last the captain's save  way.,', "Goodby. <J , old fellow," ho  said. "Those beasts will have me in  I lie, ovens at once. You may es.cn pe���������  you are thin. If you see niy old girl  ng.'iin. toll her I was thinking of her  at tho last."' This'was said with a  gulp and' ,'i quiver in the voice. Hut  'ust then -tho two boats came 'round  Iho point, having at last heard* our  stern guns, and wo wore saved.-  "AmorigUho Man Eaters," bv John.  'Gaggin. ' .   ,  How TI:e.v En*."  The editor of Life ami Reauly, a  British organ on hy-iene and diet,"succeeded inrelieitii..-. from ,a tV\V popular  writers replies' on the subject of diet  which ihey find most conducive to  good work.  row. ~"i a in afraid 1  on the subject of diet.  ���������'Iiii'isr   ihat   would   be  1   Where It Rains Frogs.  Every   once   in  awhile   stories   aro  brought out about extraordinary showers of iish, of  bloody  snow,  etc.,   tho  latest thing being of n ship ,'captain far  ont on the Atlantic whoj-an into a dust  shower so heavy lie had to set his crow  shoveling   the   dust^from   tho' decks  when,tho weight began to get danger,  ous.   To this bo there added a tale,:" ���������  '��������� It rains .frogs  in Arizona.    The old  timers believe there is no douLjt of it,  though they cannot explain whence the.  frogs wero originally "lifiod."    But this  much is straight-lot there he n  sum-  rnor rain along tho lino of the'southern  Pacific  in  soutluu-.-lcrri, Arizona,  and  behold "thp  next   morning every  little  .pool has a myriad of lit tie lean green  frogs with marvelous croaking powers.  They don't wait for uightfall like their  more civilized brothers elsewhere, but  ��������� keep up the music by day as by uight.  Thoy   live, where   water  comes   oulv  about otico a year'.    They  can't  live  over the interim under .the suu baked  black rocks.    They assuredly  haven't  hopped  from   Hie  Color-ado river,  and  they are all of a size to boot:   If thoy  didn't come from the ground or froin  the river, they must have come from  the skies."     '  And that's w'<at the ' rias^vamnors  firmly believe.  ������_������������4  "������������������'ie -5  ���������$4f -  u������_ O  . ��������� We  have, .always ��������� faeeii'" noted  1       ��������� ��������� ' c ( *��������� ,  ���������fine, quality of ouri-work-that's *' why we  are. always busy. ..' Cheap; and inferior  printing- costs the saiiie as' good printing-,  therefore  why*.not'get-the.  ' -, ' .  - , "  prices are always reasonable!  >. ( f ' '  i '     *        * r 1      ' j i  of fine printing', write or callXon Us at 'onc^  we are never too busy to attend to all orders.!II  ���������best.  ur  If in need  - ^*ir4 , M  "^**a������ifi      ;L  't    4���������. ������Z.*    fl   ���������*��������� a  ' !?$*&  "T'I:^- 'i  _ij?.t^  4*Sf-tL  ti &  *  f.*f:^  4*.V*^  ,=; if y-������T  Hall' Came v  have uci Iheorie:  If   I    kiiew,fj>n  . worth iolliis������. I  wauId..-j,vail myself of  Its advantages,  \w\iv* a constant mar-'  . tyr to all the troubles that attend diet"  Mr Za'iigwiir.s answer-was brief and  epigram ma lie,   ������������������Unfortunately, I  have  never ealen to,work, but always worked to eal."  "John Oliver Ilobhes" confessed that  she "tried* vegetarian ism for two years,  but now finds that, on iho whokv tlie  ordinary diet of tiro country is the  best."  Mine.' Sarah Grand said she never  drank milk. \'l never forget the .horrible cow," she added in explanation.  Marie Corolli answered characteris-  . tidily with a, quotation from "Hamlet:" "I eat the air. promise crammed.  Yontcannot feed capons so."  Tool,:  fl   Away   From  (he Jury.  There are' any number of stories to  be printed about Judge Caldwell, but  here is one thai is said to be typical:  lie was hearing an argument whereby  nn altoriioy for an insurance company  was niiompring. to evade payment of  Insurance on a purely technical ground.  Judge Caldwell inlerrupted him. "hot  me umh'i-stand voir, lirothor Todd,'! ho  said lo the attorney.  , issued V  "Yes/' was tne reply.  "And the premium-* were paid?"  "Yes."  "And it was not set on fire?"  "Xo."  "Brother Todd." said Judge Caldwell, "you' c:\\\ sit down. The jury  will return a verdict for the plaintiff."'  ���������Indiauapolis Sun.  cents. This was considerable for ihom,  aud, being so unfortunate as to have  no "craps," it required much serious  deliberation to arrive at just the best  plan for spending it."   ,  Finally one suggested that l hey  place their little capital in a pool and  then, each in turn, guess what' was  good to eat, the host guesser to take  all of the money.  This plan mot with hearty approval,  as each one had ideas on'ihat subject'  aud (he 4-j cents was soon in a pile'  Then tho first one guessed.  "Possum, sweet . inters an watermelon," ho said.  At this the'secou'd one reached down'  aud began picking up.'his nickels, but  the third stopped  him  with: "IIol" on  dare!  Let dat money 'lone!"  To which  the second replied:  "You think I'xa golu to guess agains*  that fool nigger when  he's-done said  j  all dsr is good ter eat?" ' I  The  Stupid Tiling.  "Do you think the short est route to a  man's heart is through his stomach?"  asked Miss Gabby as she prepared lo  exhibit her skill with the chafing dish  to young Dr. Powers.  "Oh, dear, no!" exclaimed the voim���������  "The poh'cv Wa~I-,')!-,VSit',ai1,  sr-*lling  "  wi,,,,������'������-:  ������m������  me pone. ^a_^.aUOUSU,,ss,oP nis sulKlI.-0l. knowledge,  "The shortest way to the heart is by  way of an iucision through the left  suhclavial section of the thoracic paric-  ties."  I  Thus is cold science wresting Cupid's  Weapons one by one from the hands  of the fair sex.���������Baltimore American.  DAILY TOURIST  CARS  To   ST.    PAUL,  Wednesctey  ar'd -Surety  To TORONTO,  And   Every  Friday  Kootenay. Railway & ���������  ,'   l      Navigation Oompny  biniitcel. ;  p|Kji-;itiiicf ICa^lo & KloL-jiii Ij.iilwiiv, .  IiiU'i-natioiial Nfivig-iition & Traeliii.*- '  Company. I  Schedule of Time-Pacific Standard Time '  Effective Keb. Nt. 1!)0().  Kaslo & Slocan Railway  l'.tsv!L'M}*-c'r train for Sni,slijii ami hmV Mation.s  leave.-, Kaslo at 8 a.m.; daily, iul iiniii'i-,', le,i\e*,  .-3.ui.lon at I.Ij ]).m., arriving at ICuslo :uj -i in  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Jloym Kail Lines.  ,    Cheapest Route to the Old Country.     '   -^hAN MXK-Kroin Mcntl-cnl  I IIIIIKMIl    -  -V-iiiiiiliaii      ' - ���������     -      -      -      .June 30  Ci'i-inUimn    "-.''������������������      J'������y7  I'iii'i'.inii  : "...'"   "        ;; 1-  Tunisian    "'.,.' . "  Aug  "OJIIN-ION MXK_I.-,*oinMonirenl.   '  Vancouver -  Jlv.  21  . i  i lloiniiiion  ! C'aiiibrorirui  hK-WKl- hl.VK-Krom il out real.  ���������26  Ijitcrnational Navigation end Trading  Company  Operating on ICootenny La.ko'an:! IJiver.  8.S. rN-i'KKNATIO.VAI. ii'.'l*, es IC;w!i. I-.;-- Xi.Koil  al (i a.m. daily oxe-cpt Sunday; i-oluniiiijf, leave-  .NcNiiii at I.W li.in.. c-.illiiif;- al, Pairniir, i Hot  I.HJ. Ain-iwurlli. mil all  nay  points; connects I  r.*1"'-?.- '" ;^,'S- trili" '-u, ���������""���������   fM" ���������"-.peA.-iiie, ut '  I' i\e Jhle Point.  I.a'ke ('ii.'unp.'aiii  J.aUe i"\legaiiLie  I.iikc .Superior  Lake Ontiirio  htisilaiiiii  '      Julvi  "   II  "   1,S  " ���������>.!  -   Auk. V  T.   W. BEADSHAW,  ASent.  Revelstoke.  To  and  D/jilomtri*}*  ".Tes'^ouc  word," said  Tu   (lie J'u'lpit.  ,_, Undo Roams  from the pulpit as iho collection was  .hout lo ho taken; "dar's hecu a mighty  Bight oh chicken stoaliu 'hout hero'lately. Now, don' any yoi: ni.^ars dat  help steal dem chirkciis p,.: ntillin iu de  'lection hox. Tx.c not .uoin hah any you  'Hffracin do jrood l.awd dat way, *uo-  bowr'-IJariJcr's Lhizar,  A r������rt������.e Thousht.  A teacher of music iu oue of the public schools of the south desired to impress the pupils with the meaning of  tho signs "f" and "ff" fn a soug thoy  were a hout to sing. After explaining  Ihat "f" meant forte lie .said, "Now,  children, if T means forte, what does  "ft" mean?"  Silence reigned Tor a moment, and  then he was asionished to hear ft hricrht  little fellow showi:  "Kij,,lll,v:"-4\t..\v Upi-lucoU,  MONTREAL  BOSTON,  passing Revelstoke as follows  Eastbound 4:45,  Westbound 21:34,  Lardo-D;incan Division  '      - .\MICU   ALIlEh'TA.  Sli'anii'i-.\lln:r(a leaves Kaclei fen-  Lardo anil  -\i--;i-iil,i.itS:.-)0 )i.m. M'eihiestliijs.  Stcnincrseall .-il. prineipal, landings in hoi h  dn-eetions. and at oilier poults when -sijjn.illed  Tickets sold to all points in Canada and the  bniled Slates.  To iisoerltihi rate- an'd full iiifoi-nmtion,  aeldre-js:   ���������  ItOHKliT HIVING,  TIME  T.  ABLE  S tf  ^Manager, Kaslo, J!. C.  S. S. "Lardeau."  K'nii-mj'-h.-tUL-in Arn.-.'iu-.-id and T]wnw������,\  ^T,L&^lA "������������"-������> '--"^ina*  A.TO.'L������i,'li7lk   /j*n.'ji������"P'������uI ComatfK-for  cVl" iKinsXHld'l,^^' ������"'"c.-fin_   with all  o.:'a^^^!^^^.^!,ll,J^'^^'''-  ���������nn*: j*'J!I*:d nomxso.v i.L-aim*;i:co. ltd.  V. ItOHINSo.V.  IMan.iyin-,' ]>ire-jtor,  a  IMPERIAL   LIMITED.  P.i.iiphlpts |'iir-ni.-.hi*d fi-i^i-  A. G. P. A ,  Vivic'-Huer, CCI.  VV. SRADSHAW,  Agent,  n&ybl6lok&,  Canadian Pacifie Navigation Co. L'd  ALASKA   ROUTS.  Stciunci-.s for- W'r.iiifffl, Juncati and Sk.igwiiv  leave Victoria  Every Wednesday at G p. 111.  and Vancouver  Every Thursday at 2 p. m.  Slfiiniers for Norlliern  Hritish Columbia ports-  leave Victoria and Vancouver wecklv.  I.'ntfB. I'lr*.. on appliciiiion lo  >'   ^. U.\NTl-'l'.  (JuiLid! riLyniftf,:* .-.f,-.;.1.  ,     Victoria, B.C  BAUEB & ASHCEOPT,  , Dominion and Provincial  ii  ana bnpveyoFS  kik:i;g ekgikieees,  )  j Sum-.vov-.of Jihrcs, :.HnimlClJiim������i*.i������l Crcwn  I Ij."nd .  VAXfOL'TEii,   B,l,  WTK:  wmm^mmm  WtegGtom THE KOOTENAY MAIL  9  | Photographic  if  | Supplies  9.  !1       Wo have just opened ;i liii'^e  If*'   fahipmuut of  9  9 Cameras,  <?������������������ ,   ���������  9  J, Kodaks,  J Chemicals,  ft ��������� ,. .  V; pl-iles, films nnd everything re-  9 quired for th,.! amntcui* plroto-  $. ��������� g'ruplis. Call' and csee them.  p. Everything new arid up.to date  .9 at tliL1  .(<��������� ' '    ���������  I CanadaMg&BookCo  ."5!  I.  9.  i  Revelstoke Station.  *?���������  9  9  $  9  .1  I  %  9  I  $  BORN.  I?iN(iKi.*���������Al, Ilttvolstnke,  on   Wedm s  day, July llt.li, 3.WO, the wife of J. A.  Kingei of a tlaufthtei*.  LOCAL AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  J. D. Boyd is down from the Bend.  purchase a general lire alarm for* tho  city ; about .$200 has already been subscribed.  ' Mrs. Courv-ier and family have returned froili the cast and will ;eside at  Lire Haig residence. Mrs. Coursier  will lu.* at home to her- friends on and  after Tuesday July-21th.  The three Harvey Bios., of Thoin-  son'sLanding, came irp I'roin the soutli  Wednesday afternoon and accompanied the picnic party from here to  Salmon Arm.  Principal Edward B. Paul of the  Victoria' High school, _ \yho has been  conducting the teachers' examinations  at, Nelsrtn,- was in town Wednesday on  his return home. , '  Captain Taylor requests as,many as  possible of those'who intend competing  for the trophy ih the rifle competition  to turn up to-morrow afternoon that,  all may have an opportunity of win  ning the prize.  y  ' The lie v. Div Paget, has been oft'erod,  rind has decided to accept, the position  of Rector of the Pro-.Cathedral of tho  Redeemer in Calgary, X. JW. T. Dr.  Paget expects to leave Revelstoke for  his new field of labor -towards the end  Of August.' " ' a  C. T. Chapman, nf St'.   Leon,   wa-i  in  town last evening.  11. Jngrani, tif Nakusp. r-egiston.'d  at  t he Victoria yesterday.  Asst'. P. O. Inspector Gr-eenlield was  iii lowrr Wednesday.      ��������� , r ,  ���������    Robt. 13ullick|' of   Nelson,   registered  1 at tlie Revelstoke on Tuesday evening.  C.'Carey and  Miss  CarCy,  of  Ivield,  wei'e in town'Tuesday.  Geo.   Jlell,'of I'hiderliy  and1 Nelson.  was in' town last evening.  T. U. Morris, of Rogers Pass,    wis   a'  visitor i.o   RevolslLike on' Wed no-.day.  Furnished room? to luf. Apply Li>  J. C. , Hutchison, opposite Salvation  Arnrg barracks. o  Miss Mav McLean, of Kamloo;>s. is  spending a few days in town the guest  of her sister Mrs. .1. McLoud.  M.'M. Buchanan, of Carnes Creek,  oatn'o.up tVom St- Leon Springs, yesterday.' He says he has taken ovei- the  management of the hotel and springs  and will at. all times be ready to accommodate visitor's to that popular* resort.  Mrs. Buchanan is expected down from'  the Bpnd in a few days and will5,join  her* husband ..at tire springs. ,Thc*  hotel at Carnes will be kept open.  notes show a strengthening, for last  month. Balances-due from foreign  countries are larger tharrin April, but  are still below what, they were a year  ago. Trade loans show ejuite. a substantial iuci-eisc, "other liabilities."'  show a considerable increase compared  with April, but is somewhat less than  it wu.-- a year- ago]  AVe"r-oxaa - i������:m������<*.  "My dear," H"?'"* tJio extravagant  young wife.-'TTJ *:- 'everal things'I,,  want to talk to you at,  at."'  "Ah, that's a relief!" exclaimed the  lnisbaud.  " "What is'.'" , ,  "To be assured that you've got the  things you want to talk about. You  generally discourse upon things you  need."���������Philadelphia Press."  A young man seems to be willing to  "make almost any sacrifice for thc girl  he lovfcs except to' go home early and  save hoi- from a scolding next morning.���������Atchison Globe.'   ���������  When one woman has a secret to tell  another, it always makes her mad lo  discover that the other.knew it first.���������  Chicago News.' .    ><   ,  Kootenay Lodgre  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  II. J.  Tlio regular meetings  lire lie'lcl in (lie Masonic Temple. Hoiirno  Hall, on the third  JI o'u(Iay in each  month at 8 p. m.  Visiting b let In* en  cordially welcomed.  PIIATT Si:ciiii*r.\j{Y.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25,  -t*-V  Regular meetings are held  in Oddfellows' Hall every  ^Jc^'^^S^i^i^lnu-sday night al, eight'  ^S^^^Jp^wyfe-a. o'clock.   Visiting br  ^i^4*e$������SP'--y cordially welcomed  ' Actiirg Sergeant Alfred .Stringer", of  Str-athcona's Horse is report>d to have  been capturj-ed by theBoei-s neai-Stand-  er-ton on July .5th. 'Stringer joined the  St rathcona Horse-in Kamloops and is  well known here having lived for some  time in the city.  '���������o  F. McCarty returned M-onday evening'from tin Parks .claim irr the Big  Bend and, speaks very highly of the-  results obtained in the recent workings.  One clean-up. has been made.since our  last report from there'and this Mr. McCarty says was ver-y good considerirg  that they, are not yet in proper shape.  He will return in a few days and ex--  pec-Is to sink about four feet yet before  striking good pay.  T.J.GIIAHA'M. X.G.   K A. ICKTTI,KSOX,Skc  SELKIRK LODGE, IfO. 12, I. O. OL F.  Meets every Tuesday  evening iupddl'ollows"  Hall at S. o'clock.  .1 Visiting-brethren cor*'  filially invited to at-  Icnd. ���������  11. HAXUUKY, X. 0.   \>      W: JIATMHC, Sec.  li. II. ATIClXy,"  C. 11.  COURT MT. BEGBIE  I, O. F, No. 346L  Meet* in the Oddfellows  Hall on the second and  fourth Mondays of each  month. Visiting brethren   invited   to attend.  1      ii  C. W. MITCHELL,  It. S.  Mr. and Mrs. I). Alton came in from  Field \Vednesday evening to atlorrd  the celebration at Salmon Arm.  The (.'. I\ R. are grading the load'j  which runs undt^r Lhe bridge, on both |  sides ot the track. j  The s. s. Rossland inade her last trip'J  of the season from Arrowhead to Key- :  el-stoke vesterdav. ' ;  A.  Si". Peter's chuirh .*er������"iivs on Sun- ,  day will be as usuil. conducted by the '  Rev. Dr. Paget. ' '  .   The ambulance subscription fund ha-- i  reached the $100 mark.    This is exc-I.us- j  ivu- of the C. P. R- list which is iilaii bo- ;  , ing lihi'iallv Mib-sci'ibeil to.  Thc ladies Bo.-ton   bloomer  club ar- ;  lived in their private tar la.-t  ������������������veiling,  proceeding south this morning to   Xel- ���������  -on when* t.hev meet the local nine. ���������  A Lift for Canadian Securities.  The   minister   of   finance  lias   been  officially notified thai the. inrpori.il lord  chancellor   has    taken   the    necessary  steps to amend the law' su  that   English trustees can   invest   irr   Canadian  securities. ���������   The     a-imis-sion     of     the  securities of Canada into    the  English  trustee list called for- legislative, action  by  both   the   imperial   and   Canadian  parliaments     The   Dominion    parliament, has already passed an act, at the  .instance,  of     Mr.     Fielding    making  specific provision   for   the   inscription  ;:nd transfer of Canadian stock  in   the  United fvingdom.    The bill which the  lord chancellor has just laid before the  house of lords makes   certain   change;  in the colonial stock act so as   to   give  e.'tect   to   the   Canadian   law.    Of������ its  passage through both house.s there can  he no manner af doubt,  since   the 'bill | Orrici:s  is introduce"! ns a government measure, j  The tories tried to secure this boon for !  many years, but witlmut  success,   and !  il  was not until public confidence   was i  established under liberal rule that   the !  imperial authorities consented to   take  a step which  means   so   much   lo   the  IJorninirm.  Goldt ilangc Lodge,  K. of P., No. 26,  RovelBtoke, B.C.  I\leetn every Wedncs-  elay in Oddfellows'  Hall at 8 o'clock.  Visatintj ICnights invited.  J. W.' CUOS8, JM.D..  c c  "\y, w in so u,'  K. or,* It. & S.  JI. UOLDICIL  ANALYTICAL CIJKJUfciT ANJ>'  ASS AY Jilt.  lloynl School of Mines. London.  .Seven years at Morhi Works, Bwiinsca.-    '���������  .SovciuXcen   years   Ohicf   Uheinint  to  Wigan  Coal and Iron Co., Kntj.  Late Chemist and As-ayor, Hall Mines, Ltd.  ,  Every de-cription  of assay  and  analytical  work undertaken. " '  Claim-, examined and reported upon.  ItEVKLSTOKK, li. C. - '        1  IP  ARVEY & jMcUAUTEH  ���������_i.-  IIAKItlrrTKltS, HOLIC'tTOltS,  li'I'C.  .  Moi,so\tj   1\.\sk   Block,   Ui-v.  ,   ' stokk, M. (;.  Mont'V lo ii'.in. ' l  Ollice;'--: Ite-vcl-loke, li. C; l''ort Steele, li. C.'  Or:o. .-fc McO.wn-.'-i*, ,.'. A. Haiivkv,  li'.'w-l-iokc, li. 0. Kort rtteelc. H. C.  J.  \V. CROSS, M. D.  CITY lliiALTIF  .SCJtfJKo.V TO TIIIC C. 1*.  K.  (iI'-FlCKIt.  I*!!!.-.-: 'I.i ���������.'',)! lilu.-l;, Mai;kr'ii/.ie Aveniie.  T'hii--. Cille-pie. John \\". M.-n-itt. I..  Stewart aiid I >. h't-ascr. of <.'l.-ii-ii-i-.  came in Wednesday evening and .joiu-  eel the pie-Hie parly rie.vl  tuoriiiiig.  A Hibscriplion dance will he held in  Ih.- Oddfellow-, hall I his evening, tii'dei  I he iii.-iii,ig!'iii"i-,l e^l soine of lhe b.u he-  lui*.  . ."\Ii--> ,Mi Uoii^.il, ( . I1. K. o|)ci,ilor,  ,u i i\ i'd troin t-.d-^ary ou Wednesday  evening, to relieve II. (.'. Dier who has  gone ea--t for a couple of month-1.  Win. Mt-hlrnii) mad" a flying visit lo  Rcwl.-loki* Wediienflay evening com-  ing in em No. 1 and returning to Cal*  gary on Xo. 2 tin*   following   inoriiing.  A -iihscription li'-f is Icing < iictilated  for  the  puipo.-/  ol   i.riaing   money to  Tho Banks Siiow up Wei!.  The   nionlhlv   olii<:ial   stat^rrnmb   of  the chartered banks of the    Dnmirrioir.  for Mav, is worth  perusin*.'.     riwrioie  circulation for" tr.at rrron'h i- .-il'2,.^.)l"i.-.  000 as against s.57,000,000   last   year:  thc largest ani'Uitit of notes in  crrcul.i-  lionatTany   time   of   the   month    v.-,is  ���������r'l'',^'0(J,0U0 <ji" --'h', lO'i/jUOU' morn than j  tie- greatt.st a year ago,  ami   >"-JOO,000 ���������  UK,re    than    tin;    hrghcs.L    iciclied    in,  April.    This is a remarkable   j-howirri; I  for-   May.     The   public:   deposits   li.u e |  begun to  show   a   marked   expan-ion. I  Tho figures showing the   paid-up   capital and tho rest or   reiser*, e   funds   are  larger,   and   the   statement,   for  Jnuf  will show'a still further increase, as   it  will include additions made   at  recent  annual   meetings,   which   are   not   included in the cur-rent, statement.    The  lifc.uliug-, uinltr --.petit,   nyii   Doiiiipiuii  REVELSTOKE  l.-eu:  ol  '"SS  p.  Work  . "GIVE US ATRIAL'  i  BXJ.KBR,   Proprietor.  Hhonti   4U,  j Goods for the Season.        |  ifo .  "SVe  would  call vour attention'to the following goods at our usu  al.fSfc  ^,' reasonable i������ ices:       " ,.        , f^>  ������s^>   Oil S(uvcti,'.onc dud ttco burner*; l'"j'r'uje.rutui's <iivl /<���������'��������� Crcom /Vf<.'.V7>-; ffo  (fa   ��������� tiKi'wn Duvi'tUH'l \Vinfhiii:-i : (>'<itcti.iii::i:d ))'//���������" X<U'n<<j. ���������       fflf^  <J Eveiything1, for the Lawn ^-==sass> #  ,*_^ ,'   ' ', '        Jf'HC'J������\ 6'f-V/Vw, Kiteta*, //our (ind Sjirai/?.    _?  t$j   STAR ELLS TOOLS. '     ' '   ������ (^t  I W.   M. ���������   LAV\/RENCE, T  fy .   Hardware and Tinsmithing. ' qfa  C^^(^W(^W^W(^Wi^U^^(^C^  _ETIS_E_: I  ,F  Fresh 'Cod,  Halibut, Salmon,  Etc.,  Smoked  Fish & Iviouers.a Specialty.-  l ,   ' o J "    '  Family, Grocers, and Produce. Merchants:  Second   Street,  CAREFUL ATTENTON.  'J  PROMPT   DELIVERY.  MAYN ,  ,FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE-AGENTS, '     ",  : -   . ���������  '^^b^xNOTARIES'.' public, etc.  "FIBST   STREET,   REVELSTOKE.  DRESS~: WELL_-^r^:  Loid Chesterfield was undoubtedly   light   when   he declared hi.s'  '    * belief that most people formed some opinion of a man's sen.se and  s 'character from his dress.    The, inclination to dress well is shown  by   tlio'  number' who  come here to be clothed.    They come hero  because ,>f our ability to give thorn   the   correct  arid  proper gar-  f.'    .      ���������<  .        ments.   -They   get. the-   bessti qualities ; the   best tfiniirririgs * thc  best work;-the best, fit that's lo bh had.    Tliey get exclusiveness.  J".   ZB.  ORE] ss^E^osr%  McKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.:  Our Assortment of  ^;" CARPETS,,  ^     LINOLEUMS,  STRAW MATTING^  WALL PAPERS,  DRAPERY GOODS,  Etc., is the Largest in the West-  Samples Free on Request.  Victoria, B.C.  THE.  Badminton Hotel  VANCOUVER.  RATES    $2.50    PER    DAY,  WAH   CHANG,  ij'ha u*:u ix "  Fancy Goods, Japanese and  Chinese   'Novelties   and ' Silk  Goods, Bamboo Work, Ruttan  Chairs, and Crockery Ware,   '  ALSO  ];rtiits and Confectionery.  Opposite Ihe Post OfTicc,  Front St. Revelstoke, B.C.  Your Pocket-book  iiiiij* bo low lint nobodv sees it, but, ,  it"  .vom*/c!otlios    arc    shabby   that,  settles it, nobody, wnnts to know yon.  ^ Ladies or Gents -Tailor Mudo Clotlies  * repaired and cleaned in good stvlc.  Call or hcnd poi-t card.  Samuel   Needha.m, Douglas  St.  '���������   I'^tablKhcd   l.'l yciii-.i.  ytrielly Union' Labor .Sliop.  " Cleanliness  is next to Godliness."  I  Mi/;hcbl C.ioh Price Pai.l f jr  .11 you vvanL your scavenger  work done in a clean and  economical way send a  card to  FRANK SAUNDERS,  Revelstoke Station.  CKUTinCATK  OK TMIMtOVIOMKNTS.  All sliipmeiit-' fire cx.'iniine.l by mc up  '���������mm .'!���������< tli'.'.v arrive. Proni])t rot urns iis-  siircd. Prices iiro too biRli to wnrrnnt  holding fooils for any length of time.  Vou "hould keep posted on the returns  you jeet from  G. W  BALDWIN,  P. O. I.ox P."] Ai?ent for Jns. Ullinan  Winnipog, Man.  Nofi'. r  Alii-*.., All:-'- I'lMetinii. ISuij.-n-:.i lulu,-. C'ruwn  I'oinl. Gltiueevter, L,ii-t t'h.m-je nijiieral  ������*laiins, -it.uated in the KcvelMoko ^lininj;  J)lvWon of WV...,t Kootenay District. Where  located :   On Ground Hog Basin.  Take notice that 1, William A. Unuor, :igcnt  for D. H. Wilson, free miner's certificate Xo. li  in$:i. Frank Young, free miner's cortifiatc Xo.  Jt JI78-"), .1. IT. Hoarfi. free miner's certificate Xo.  U i.y,)U>. intend, sixty da-s from t he date hereof,  to apply to thc Alining Kecordor for a Certificate of Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of thc above claims.  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, nni-t be commenced beforu the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvement'-.  Dated tlii-j IJth day of June. 100O.  WlbLUid A. UAVElt.  gesemBBirttaiiiffiiEs^aBatfa^  IBI^tuiiWtMtMlllHIM^tl^^


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