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Kootenay Mail Jul 21, 1894

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 !       I
Vol. 1.���No. 15.
$2.00 a Year.
To Miners and Prospectors.
II is our desire to liave the 3r.\ir. known far
and wide as a.rcliable A 1 mining paper. To
tin's end ive ask the help of all prospectors and
mining men who have the intercut of the North
.-Jtidint; of West Ivotitenny at heart. If'is in
your power to ffive us very material help by
sending in sera])- of mining news wliich would
otherwise remain niipuhlislicrt. Kvciyilein. no
matter how trivi.il it. may appear to you, will be
acceptable. If you haw no pen, write with a
pencil; if mi paper, ju^r lick it down on a piece
of birch bark. If \, on arc out of stamp's send it
all the same, we'll attend to lh.it. Not or mind
grammatical composil ions, flowing language, or
elegant li.in<l'��riling, jir-t send us the tacts;
we'll do the rest.   Wcaslri'     "
not exaggerate.'
I'only one thing:   JJo
Kcoten'ay juodg-e
No. 15 A.F.&A.M.
'1'he regul.i r i ncel i Tig.--
are held in the .Mns-
^^^^Vfc---.AIonday   in   c.-.ol.
vsiiuiiilh   at    S   p.   in.
-   Visiting   brethren
""-'I-^-'~"-:^- ~        cordially welcoined.  ���
_,    ,      C It. TKMl'M.;. .Si:cai;-r\itv.
Analytical Chemist and Assayep,
.- W. A. JOWETT:
���    r n NELSON,"B.'C.
Lardcau & Slocan Prospects Wanted.
.., a. McNeil;
Front, Street. Kevelstoke.     , '
I am now ollV'i iny 0 shavinsj tickets for
<��� $1.0(1;   Haircut, for 2.x-:     And
' " a bath for 2.5c.
A bill has passed the IT. S. senate
admitting Utah ay a state]
The Manitoba , Provincial Government will sink ' test wells throughout
that province (his summer.
' . -      a       >
Immigrants tire arriving at Montreal
daily from Europe, their destination
being the jSTojUiwest and British Columbia.       tt   " ,
Sir John Thompsonrecent lyannounced in 'Parliament that the Prohibition
Commission had already cost $100,000
and would cost more. ,'
W. Jl. Pcgram, of the stab*" of the
7 Sank of British Columbia, at A'aneou-
vcr, has been appointed to the management of the branch at'Kainloops.   '^
The 'Dominion Government has promised 'lo''appoint a'Commission to enquire into freiglit "rates charged the
wheat growers of .Manitoba and-the
Northwest, by the; C.P.R.
A despatch from.Pranlcfo'rt, Tvy., announced .that the State Treasury became bankrupt last-Saturday and 'payment was refused on all warrants, ft
is expected the, suspension will last
until October or November.
Eugene" E. Prendei-gasfc, 'who assassinated Mayor Carter JT. Uarrison, of
Chicago, at 'the close of the World's
Pair last October, paid .the death penalty'on the scaffold in the, city jail
Chicago,'on Friday l.'lth inst.
4 Sir. J. "W. Cockle has'received from
the   meteorological oilice at Toronto, a J prospects of other claims  which .have
Wonderful' talcs are current of the
richness of the Coolgardie gold  fields
in Western Australia, and particularly
of one mine in the district discovered
by two young adventurers named Bailey and Ford.   The former while pros-,
peeling found a -15 ounce nugget sticking out from a reef in a hig mountain
of quartz.-   _\'s   quickly  as possible   a
claim was slaked out, but, in   spite   of
all precautions, much valuable surface
stone was stolen before a proper guard
could he established. '       '
The monthly output from   the mine,
now amounts <o 2000 ounces.    From 30
,vlons of ore picked from a bulk  of MOO
tons, IS, 000 ounces of gold \vcre obtained, and the remainder of the  stone   is
expected to yield five to six ounces to
the ton.   Out of 0V50 tons of stone raised from���a depth of l.i feet, twelve toils
w-(pv picked, giving &500 ounces of smelted gold.   From   another   pail of the
mine, four tons selected out of 100 tons
of ore,  yielded   1G00  ounces of   gold.
Some of the other   returns of picked
stone were : Five  tons   from' 250 tons
for 2000 ounces : two tons from 70 tons
for 000 ounces, four tons for 1000 ounces
flJidjiSJiundred weight for S00   ounces.
Some~oT~(be surface is so rich   in  gold
that ounces can be picked out in a few
minutes.   Down. to   the 50-foot   level
only it is estimated   that   gokb to the
amount of -10,000 ounces is now in sight.
1f. is as yet too soon to speak about tin.
Van Home Talks of Proposed Improvements���When They'H'be Made.
In an  interview a few days ago, at
the Hotel Vancouver, Sir W. O. Van
ITorne, who had made the trip west via'
the Great Northern, stated that he was
on it tour of inspection, the ravages of
the floods being the special  subject of
inquiry.   Suohjiigh  watei   had been
almost unprecedented  and, might not
be again seen for a hundred years, but
his company were determined  to prevent a recurrence   of   such   an, inter-
rupiion in the future, and would spare;
no outlay in (heir endeavours. ' As yet
he had not seen   the  road; but he was
well satisfied with, the  efforts of the
company's officers.     So   far  the year
had been badly interrupted, strikes on
some roads, slides and floods oi^olhors,
had, with this great culmination, done
much to demoralize an'already much
shrunken  traffic. "The. results   were
And EVERY HOUR .thereafter. '   ,
Tinges   ,vUl foe held at station   to  meet, all
pas-it^  'f / 'r.n'n^. ,
. o
RisiseiiKor* .irriviiiK awl ic;x\ infj by train will
hiivo ]>rior 1 ifdit of seats."
Kiros ten  cents oaeh  way:   I-'iffecu  tickets
or 51.00.
��.      A. B. H. COCHRANE,
.SoliooU-liilriron's tickets will be issued at, U.'{
for Jjl.OD.
No ljiitfK.itfc f nrried in pa-ssciitfei- bus-.   Special
wagon fur b.iKK'iSf. *',
They'll Got at it Somehow.  ,
Advent nr.some gohl miners of Washington aiv in a great state over n discovery which, it is believed.'they will
be unable to utilize. It is the custom
(o raft logs through Snoipiahnie Falls'.
During the .shooting of some logs, re
Harness Repaired at. short notice.
-   ��� GUY  BARBER,
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
BUILDER.'        ��� ,
Will 'figure on- o./l kinds of
Buildings ,��� all kinds of Mouse,
Store and Office J^uruilure repaired or,, made to order; all
kinds of S/ioftivork in my Hue
neatly and promptly executed by
skilled and experienced hand.
-, will leave Revelstoke
,FOK     .
oops, Sashes k
.\i:i:.vr sok sixei:i�� sir.vr.NC^.MAcuixrs.
(3-eneral Blacksmitli.
set of instruments awl instructions t'e.
taking meteorological observations at
Kaslo.. A .similar set, of'instruments
has been forwaWleil to l!eai'].ake.
Kev.'Thos.Paton, of Oaud Prairie,
has secured lots at Midway for a
���church and parsonage, and will hold
regular services as soon as the building
can be occupied., Foiythe present, ser-
' vices are lield.in' the, large room at H.
P. P.ilmeiston's house. ��� JJr. Paton.was
pastor of the Presbyterian congregation
here for about two years.
Frank    Pierce;    U. ��� H.    coinmoreial
agent at \7ancoiner, has been recalled,
and   bis   place   will be filled by \V* F.
-Peterson,   of   Murray, "Xy., who is expected U). assume the duties of thcoflt'cc
at once.    lion.   V\r.   J3.   Roberts,   the
newly,  oppoi'nied   U. S.'consul at,\7ic-
tbria. it is expected will arrive'shortly.
The   cost, to   the  "llnited   States of
putting down  the strike in. the West,
is   ostinialerl >by   the.Cfovorninent olli-
cials at fully ,f?i;000.000.     11 may foot
up mote.  /The items' include telegraph
bills, 'deputy, m-\rshals' pay,'transport- '
aiion-'of  troops.     The   estimate 'for
marshals' pav  in Chicago alone is from
*100,000^0 "$200,000. and Congress in
;i few days' will be asked to ajmronriate
tiiis, as it is urgent.
The-   tn'il of (lie Savary Island ca*e,
in   which  .lluyh   Lynn stands charged
with the double murder of John Green
and'Thomas Taylor, will be resumed tit
a special as-iize in Vancouver on Tuesday.    The   ollicers1 ,aie ,1
up ih
iii linui for biie rria
The Lr S. cruiser irinncipolis made
her trial trip , over the Go\eminent
tiom-se oil' Cape Ann, ofl' Massachusetts
(o ofl' Cape Porpoise, Maine, and covered the round distance of S9.P-1- 'miles in
���'5 hours and -19 minutes, and at the
rate'of 2.">.05 knots an hour, breakiin'
been pegged out in   and  around-Coolgardie. ��� Very few of them   have  got
beyond the rudimentary stage of prospecting claims, although -reports have
been received of some valuable   finds,
among which may be cited  a reef carrying ton ounce's to ' the  ton, and   the1'
discovery of nuggets of .12 ounce weight
on a field-lo'iuilcs^distanl..    The   population of the place amounted to   about
l.")00 some weeks 'ago, but   since   then
has diminished in   consequence of the
terrible hardships that must he encountered there, owing to't lie  climate   and
scarcity'of water, which   in  the0 dry
season can only be procured at certain
points, and then has to be  paid  for.���
A7. J'. J'Jvcu'uuj fust.
Death of an Old Timer.
The funeral of-William 'Barker,'for
whom   the. town-of . Barkorville-, was.,
named,' took place on Friday,, 18th inst.,
from   the Old  Men's   Home, Victoria,.,
where for months he has lain seriously
ill.  The deceased was a native of Cornwall, and in   early  life a sailor.     ]fe
came to British Columbia in '5S, one of
the   shipmates   on   the   long journey
round being'the veteran Robert Ridley,'
who also shared with   him  the adventures and varying   fortunes  of life in1
the  mines.    In -partnership   with   the
late Bob Dexter. .Barker's  profits for a
few months ran into thousands of dollars a day, bid. so free,   was he with his
shot- the falls had imbedded in its end
a piece of quartz rock very rich in gold.
It is now believed that the rocks under
the cataract are rich in the precious
metal, hut the point, is how to get tit
them. '
being   felt everywhere. , They   would | cently, it was found that one log w|'iich
prevent the carrying on of many works '
which   should   liave   progressed   this
season.   The "Company were alive to
the importance of constructing a road
from the main line of the 0.��P. R. into
Cariboo and that would  be one of the
first important works undertaken in the
'ffuture..  The intention'was to build up
as far as Ba'rkerville." Then there were
the Nicola Valley and Chilliwack roads,
all important ones which'would liave
(o be built. British Columbia was the
only province in the Dominion in which
there would be another railway construction era, and as soon as the money
markets of the world ease up a'little
that period would arrive. The company had many inquiries from abroad
regarding this province. Speaking of
the Nakusp ��fc Slocan Railway he said
the Premier's scheme, was the only
business-Iike proposition made.'   l
Anecdotes .of the Late 'Chief Justice.
The Uie Matthew Liegbie, Chief -Justice of Brit ish   Columbia, was an uncommon man. lie'will probably be the
bestVemembcied   for _the. eour.igeous
part he played.in the oarryTiid  troublous   lif-  of  British   Columbia,   when
men's minds were fired by |,hc gold fever,    lie was appointed" Judge'of the
niain]anc"fof British   Columbia   as far
back as   IS."^.    Those   were   the   days
when on the whole'of (he Pacific slope
of North America shooting   was   pro-
��� miseuous and law uncared for.    Chinamen were looked upon" as   other  than
human, and   killing   t!ie:n ' was-   Utile
more than a pastime when   work   was
-slack'or when'John had a, good claim.
Judge   Begbie   went   up   to    Cariboo
amongst f hbj lawless crew and the men'
looked.forward to a bit'of sport,in  the
shape of judge-baiting, and many were
the boasts'and   schemes   got   it})   and
talked of.
But the judge wa",a ,big, bony  man, ���
and his whole atmosphere and carriage0
suggested courage and  determination.
He soon saw what was before  him   in
money that he saved nothing 'for his
."?'.I"""! 'IJ,'lS-V '"'.'"'"''"o i declining years.   To - Bill Barker" lie-
sinking  the  first
twenty or twenty-live witnesses | lonR.ed (,K, h()lim. (lf
'Hied ... tins ease. Superintendent [ s,,.ia ..',���.,������ l|lt. uauv()I1." :iml llt llIHJ
ussey w.llbedown fro... the u.tenor j tillu. his r&1.Lun|l Wjlj; Vounted bv the
tune ror the trial. ��� h ,...���,     ,.,
luindreds of thousands;.
The Cariboo Stage Robber.
ing or adjacent public' or private prop-
Sam Bagley, the Cariboo  stage  rob- j '"^ty, whereby damage shall be done or
KI'^'Fi^STOIvK, P..(J.     '
Repairs to Wagons, &c.
Shoeing a Sp(-cialty.
J. K. WILSON & co.;
(One door west of Courthouse.)
raici:s .MODiajAT.:.
all records and earning for the Cramp
Shipbuilding Oo. a piviniuin of ,^-f 02,-
HOO for excess above the specified speed
of 21 knots an hour.
tirastus AViman has been 'admitted
to bail in the sum of ^30,000. Wis
bondsman, Mr. I .road way Tvousn, at
one time, through some financial
trouble, occupied a cell in. the Tombs
prison; where W'iman has been incarcerated. Air.'Wiman secured the repeal of the Act under wliich Jiis old
friend was imprisoned. "Mr. ltouss has
since accumulated a fortune of millions
and now comes to the assistence of the
man who did him a like service vears
ber. who was arrested at Alkali Lake
by .special consrable ' Eagle, and sen-
fenced to ten years, imprisonment in
the New Westminster penitentiary;
was brought down on Saturday last by
Superintendent of Police Tlussey. Jle,
is an American citizen, -and has only
been in the country about a year. He
is a .splendidly built man, but his record is���&aid, to be bad. Jle states that
with bin.   it was   either   commit   (he
 Proposed Siiiliiib'.s from -Mont
.July 21
.lulv 2S
.Auk.  i
Saiinia    ...
.lulv 21
.lul.\ M
.Auk.  1
ciime he did or slaive
Daii M'cCiillivray r,in aw.iy: he only
at.teni])ted to walk, but was ordered lo
halt by Bagley, which be did. There
W(.;i-L' but a couple of bags'of gold dust
in the stage, valued at:$'.K). all ot which
he had in his possession when captured.
In the mail were lo registered letters
for Vancouver from men' working up
there who wore Sending down money
to their wives and families. These he
did not touch.��� World.
The Penalties for Starting Bush Fires.
: ,YTe copy the following-^two sections
of the-"Bush Fire; Act, 180<��" for the
information of, and as a warning to,
miners, prospectors and others who
may thereby avoid incurring-liability
for the penalties prescribed :
f 2. Every person who shall, between
the first day of May and the first day-
pi" November, make or s,tart a . fire in
the forest, or woods, for cooking or obtaining warmth, shall select a   locality
n the neighborhood-in which'  there is | Cariboo. ������ A Chinaman'had been killed
' by a while tough only a short time before his visit to  ,thc district.'   Begbie
swore, in some sort of ajury, and pas-sod the death sentence, to,be.carried Into execution next morning at daybreak.
No one thought   it   would be carried
out.   Many were the. murderous plots,
and rescue schemes discussed   during
that night, but the man was hung next
morning, and Begbie saw it done with
his Winchester   ready   for   usr> in   his
hands.    The   re.Milb   was   remarkable.
The toughs at once said that a country
where,a white man was hung for potting a   Chinaman   was 'no   kind of a
eountrv at all, and many of the  worst,
sort left.    But Begbie slung   up. many
a man in the gohl country at Cariboo.
���Many   (ales are fold  of the   do< ided
way in  which   the Mate  Chief Justice!
would say what he  thought.    A   little
while ago the .journalists of the  Province   came   under   his caustic notice.
Sometimes the jurymen serving under
him were   very  severely   dealt   with.
For example, in 1SS3 a man was charged in   Victoria   with   killing   another
man with a. "andliag, and in the fact; of
the judge's summing up. the jury's verdict was "Not/guilty."   Tbisg-iined for
them a very  pointed judicial  admoni-1
tion.    Raid the Chief Justice :
"Gentlemen   of the jury, mind, that
| is your verdii-i. not mine.  On \ ourcon-
Covernment, i science will rest the  siigm.i   of return-
Tin* Dominion Government brings
down in supplementary estimates, the
following appropriations for British
Columbia : ' "
Victoria' d'rdl hall and accessory building.-, .')i.")i'l',��.
,  Victoria ii<-w po.-t olliee, $:>f,(lfKJ. ,
, "Williams Head (piaranfine defenMon
building, $10.00(1.
British Columbia p/Mjitentiary. Nrw
Westminsle"!. i;et aining wall on'Colum-
bia sti-.-et, $li()D.   '
Protectiop of river banks at Golden,
���on the   Kicking   Horse river, tlie  local,
government contri bating an etpial smu
Ivooten.i,y Kast, river improvements
between Canal Flat and" Fort Steele,
$5,000. ,       ,      ,   ,
Columbia   river,   protection   of   the
bank at Revelstoko and vicinity to prevent erosion, ((he local government of
British Columbia contributing an equal
amount), (he expenditure to  be. made
on the settlement oHifio. $5,000.
Fraser rivei>, $5,000.
Asjhcroft-Harkerville (elegiapl.   line,
resetting the'jiole.--, $1,000.       <��        i��
' To a��si-:l    in ctbe   erection of a   new
building for girls at the Indian   school.
AlbermV $1,500. ,    ��� ".
For   the   erection  of an   Industrial'
school atLy(.|,on,'$5,000. '
For the maintenance of a hospital at
Lytton, under the auspices of the
Church of Fngland, $ 100.
For die erection  of a   new   building
for the industrial  school  at   Williams
Lake, $2,000.        ...
"For seed grain ior the indian   suifer-
ers by the.'Fraser river floods, $5()tt.    ,^
For judges' circuit allowances. $500     ,
additional.    -
For the purchase of,a drill hall at
New "\Vostiums!<r, $5,000.' ���   . -
the smallest quantity of vegetable matter, dead wood, branches, brushwood,
dry leaves or resinous trees.      ,
8.    Any person who shall, during the
months'of May,  June,  July, August,
September or 'October, ignite   in   the
open air, in any forest or woods, being
the property of any   other   person   or
the property of the Crown, any inflammable  niaierial, and   shall   leave   the
same before  it., he   thoroughly^ extinguished, and any damage  shah   result
therefrom : and any person' who  shall
ignite, or knowingly permit to be ignited, in the open air, upon his own land,
any inflammable   material, and   shall,
by reason of gross carelessness or negligence,   permit   any   /ire   originating
therefrom, to escape on to any adjoin
Never judge by appearances,' say.<
the QaAppclle J'rui/rcss.. A shabby
eoat'may covora newspaper proprietor,
while a man with a boiied' shirt, a.uti
carrying a.cane, may be, and often' is,
a deliiKii.ent subscriber.
tiin ber destroyed ; and whosoever unlawfully neglects or refuses to comply
with the requirements of this Aqt in
any manner whatsoever, shall, for every such offence, forfeit and pay a sum
of money not less than fifty dollars
and not exceeding one' hundred and
fifty dollars, with costs of prosecution,
to be recovered before any two. Jus-
i tiees of. the, Peace in a summary manner, and in default of payment thereof
fledenies tbatj shall be imprisoned for any period not
' exceeding six months.
11 is the duty  of every
"\rOTICF is berebv given, (.ha
��\     ting of the Coimfv Court will beholden at lievelstoke,  13.C,  on Thurs
dav,   the'Kith  day   of   August,   A.l>-
ISQI, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon.
J. KIRK UP.    ;
Registrar County Court,
lievelsfoke, June 7th, ISO!.'
".���ft, /JiJiciA fi:\s%
Steamer ARROW
Mondays-and Thupdays at 8 a.m.
���I'-oa ���
Hall's- Landing-,   [Thomson's   Landing.
Hot Spring's and  Nakusp.
Agent to enforce the Act.
An Immense Ledge.
Reports of the terrible black plague
now raging in China contain some tei-
rilile details. It is said ihat the di.-easu
is due solely to the  filth  in  which the
poorer Chinese  live  and  the  want of j boys and .Martin \Jlaurier were prospect
water.  The number of vases and deaths' J ing about 2 miles in a southerly direction
has  increased  day  by day.    The jiei
ceil (ago of inortahtv   ;'.-   about   tin   pe
1 An Incident of the Flood.
I Alii: Xl.l'KJON IlllvL',")
1.AK1'  .Sl-I.|;|{|(lU      Alii.   I
C.iliui i\\ ��.���}(). $(��), 5,7(1, S.HI and ii|iw.ii"ls.
Inli'i tnuili.Lli' s:��i: sii'i-uiKc.-jji).
rusiui'ifi-M Cikclcd   (IikihkIi   Ik .ill  ]i:n|s or
Oi-Ciil Hi-linn .ind.lri liind. .mil nl  s|n'i iiilJ\  !o\v
rules In ;i:] jiiii-i, nl Hn   Imii(i]|..|ui i mil i,H nl. '
Applj I >iii'.i"f il.hln.'iin lii]ii;i ..nil,n\ :\r'< in,ii>
11. T. BKEWSTEft, ARcnt, RcvelsLojcc.
or tt'i  l(om:i(T  Ki.iui.  ��� Ji-n.   I 'iis-mikci    \kciiI.
cent. A special burial gr. irnl h..s been
jnirch;ised, and the bodie-sare interred
with all speed. The natives do little
to help themselves, ,-ind confine their
efforts lo pa.radmg the streets night
and   day   carrying    josses,   firing   off
crackers and burning joss .slicks to pro- J and, as Ben described it, looked like a |
pitiate malignant deities of ihe pe.-li-. wagon road. Galena was seen (-topping !
leiice. At Canton, where the plague is | out in a number of places. The party!
raging   liercelv, 1 he   viceroy,  governor | slaked five   claims  on   this  ledge.    In
and all I ho public officials have publicly   olVered   sacrifice   lo   the evil spirits
hope of  .slaying   (he   lavages of
'A correspondent sends us the following:���-A story is going (lie rounds on
"Tom" Kitchen, the famous Opposition
-.talker, whose tdiigue wagged with such
rapidity, in the Opposition interests, in
town the other day, that the yarn will
not   come   amiss   to  the ''boys" of the
  ��� I North   Hiding.     It   seems   "Tom" and
Ben   Finnell,   the   three   Thompson j i,;s   ,.(mci,   wc|.(j   I1()t   Sl,ir(.rillf, (���,.,������ ;l
drought, chiriii" the recent overllow on
the J^rascr. lie was heroically working in three feet of water which unfortunately covered his farm trying to
save some fowls, etc. by placing them
on a raft. While so,engaged a relief
steamer with Col. Haker aboard, came
along. On sighting his old-time opponent "Tom" proceeded to wade towards
the steamer, while rapidly delivering
an argument on the Nakusp it Slocan,
Redistribution and the Parliament
Buildings. Wading along and'being
deeply interested   in his subject, he ac-
from.the Fisher .Maiden when one of
the. party���Hen Finnell -while following up a gulch found float and soon,
came upon'a ledge about five feet wide.
Following up the gulch be found more
ledges,'one of which was twelve feet
and the other ( wunty feet wide. The
main ledge extended for a long dislano
ing such a, disgraceful 'Verdic!,. iUany
repetitions of such conduct as yours
will make trial by jury u. horrible
farcoj and the city of Victoria a nest of
immorality and crime. (Jo; I have
not hing more to say lo you."
And then,   turning1 to   the  prisoner,
t he chief justice said :
"You are discharged.  'Co and   sand
)l" those jtirviiien ;  I hey de-
bag   SOU).'
serve if!"
I! igh'isl    I !o noes---World's
TO    AXl)    KiJO.y
All Eastern Points.
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iiiiL-Ml<i.JllailMilM��ft>MiL>miM��MIMl|lHWIMIMlMB^^ fir  1-4  v&ue l>.  TIIK.KuOTKN.AY -MAIL.  XTbe 1fcootena\> flDail  Saturday; julv 21, ism.   ,  Tiik worry is over, and nobody, perhaps, except the defeated candidates,  is sorry fur it. The present election*  will be remembered here chiefly for the  bitter feeling it engendered. Many  friendships have l)een severed; wounds  have been caused which will probably  never heal; hot words have pa-ssod between those who but a short, time ago  were the best of frj^nds. "'Tistrue,  'tLs pity, and pity^"is^'tis true." Hut  bow foolisli' was it, all., Whether the  "Outs" had gone in or the '"Ins" gone  "out would have teally, mattered very  little to the country. No doubt, the  men' composing the Opposition would  have done their best for the province,  and the Oovernuienf which has gone  triumphantly back to power can do no  more. A larger Opposition would have  been' of greater service to the country  than the miserably small one that will  watch the , Government for the next,  four years: it would have been safer,  too, for the country, had the Opposition  , won two or three, more seats. The  Government must not plume itself on  such a largo majority in the House and  attempt lo force such legislation' as'  would bo distasteful to the. Mainland.  ]t must be,very careful how it handles  that ISritish Pacific scheme. ' It is,,on  iuial, and any abuse of ,the trust, reposed in if by the Mainlandors whose  votes have placed it again in power will  lie visited by stern retribution at the  polls four years hence. 'Let the Government beware of getting a "swelled  head',' by the bigness of its majority.  The people of the Interior have, sent  them back to 'legislate for the whole  province because they had a policy and  ' the Opposition had none. But the  t people of the Interior will keep a strict.  ey������ mi their doings, and any trickery  or breaches of faith on the part of the  Government will surely be held up for  the people to see. Let the British  l-'aeittc alone, and don't spend too'much  on those buildings. Of .two evils,  though, it was belter to allow Victoria  to have the Parliament buildings than  .allow Vancouver to cut the province  in. two. r  Mit. BnowN may now be able to see  ��������� the result, of listening to every cock-  and-bull story brought to him b}' so-  ealled friends of his. ��������� The " snow"  which was to have hidden the' Government candidate., from sight has fallen  on Himself, while Xellie does not even  get a'touch of frost. Mr.'Brown has  himself to thank for the decisiveness  of. his defeat. From the very commencement of his candidature he began to hurl denunciations against his  . opponent, and invective, against the  Press, niore,_parlicuI -rly against this  paper. But- he did not, touch politics,  and thinking men began to say, "This  is not the kind of man to represent us."  When Mr. Brown began to insinuate  that the Press of the'district "was  ���������"���������bought up" bv the Government his  popularity began ton wane and his  chances of success grew slimmer, i  Mr. .,  will be pleased to know that our Spring Stock of  BSCKpaEXT  is now complete, and we are in a position to fill all orders at prices  ��������������� wliich CANNOT BE UNDERSOLD.    >  But before buying" give us a call and get our figures.  Tinware  Hardware  Ammunition  .     ,       '    .  :o:��������� ' n  WE HAVE ALSO A COMPLETE STOCK OF  Boots & Shoes 'Gents' Furnishings  -  "Dry Goods Ready-made Clothing  Window Blinds Room Paper  Flour (Ogilvie's Hungarian)  IN FACT, EVERYTHING YOU NEED.--THE PUREST-AND BEST.  Crockery  Stoves  Feed  .HI!  evelstoke  tation,  BRANGH STORE AT TROUT LAKE CITY.  have stated has been merely in rebuttal, of false,' statements. 'There are  other things in this connection which  would not tend to raise Mr. Brown in  public estimation, but we have said  enough to show that his insinuations  of .crookedness and double-dealing on  our part, are nothing more, than the  fabrications of his brain drof those whose  counsels guided "his every action, although it was generally thought f lie  was too old a campaigner to be led  away by anyone. He started out on a  course of misrepresentation, and he  had to keep it up to the end. The result���������oblivion.  LAJBDEAU NUGGETS.-  [FROM  OUI!   COKHKSPONDKXT.]  (Held occrftoin Inst, week.)  Thomson's Landing, July 10th.  Work has been suspended on the new  wagon road and on all trails in the Lar-  deau country. Messrs.,P. Ml Walker,  Lochy McDonald, Dave Ferguson, Dan  Savoy, James Koary, J. Knowles and  others arrived here last night from St.  David: They have repaired all "the  bridges and trails in the Lardeau Greek  countrv'and extended the South Fork  WEST KOOTENAY ELECTION.  Kellie and,Hume the People's;  Choice..   ������������������������J ..  Kellie Carries the North Riding with a  Majority of 92.  Hume's Majority in the South Riding  ���������    'is 158:  Tuesday last was polling"day in the  two ridings of West Kootcnay. -In  the North Riding the candidates were  J. M. Kellie (Govt.) and W. M. Brown  (Opp.). It was thought by most'people that the contest would be'a close  one, and' the large majority given for  Kellie came as a' great surprise. The  poll was not a large one, only 3GS  voters out of 002 using the franchise.  The Revelstoke vote was particularly  small, only 132'out" of 300 being recorded in the town. A number of  Revelstokians voted in other parts of  the riding, 21 of them at the Glacier..  All the bar-rooms were closed and the'  day'passed very quietly. The results  from three polling-stations on the main  line .of the C.P.R.���������the Glacier, Jjle-  cillewaet and Revelstoke���������were known  immediately after four o'clock-on Tuesday, but the final  count did not take  Nelson this week, that Mr. ][time's  candidacy must' not be looked upon as  a condemnation of the Government's  policy in southern Kootenay; as the  candidate was in full accord with- the  Government and would sit on the  Government side of the House';.that  the contest was strictly a personal one  between Messsrs. Hume and Jhichan-,  an. Tf this is true how are the committee going to accounbsfor Mr. "Hume  being brought out by John Houston,"  perhaps the most bitter opponent of  the Government in West Kootcnay ?  J lave they thrown the Tribune overboard 1 Mr. Hume certainly fought,  the election as an Oppositionist.  THE PESULT IN EAST YALe!  4  Por,r,iNU Pj,.vci5.      Vkhnon Oka ham  trail one and a-h.ilf miles.    Everyone  who has passed over these trails give ,      .- yesterday afternoon, on the  Mr. Walker's gangrgi oat credit, tor the    1    ...-���������'.   .       .-. . .     .'     .  well-planned  and  substantial   bridges  they have put in over the creeks,  The new wagon road  to Trout Lake.  Hi-own seemed   to' have, the idea  that j ui<i n<'tMuite reach Fool's cabin, and in . ^ foHowR .  arrival   of   Laforme's   pack train   from  Pig   Bend,   bringing   down   the   ballot  boxes from French, Downieand Carnes  ! creeks,   There were 15 polling stations,  Court House, "Revelstoke���������lleturn-  i mgnfiicer. J. D. Graham:, election clerk,  i A. V>. Co;hrane; poll clerk, T. Cadman.,  the more he abused the Press the more j order to miike it of service tor packing  popular he would  become, bill wo ven- j purposes a .short piece  of-trail  had to I  tare to make the assertion that W. M. 'I be constructed to  oonn.-ct it with tin  Prown is nut half as popular today as ; old trail near Pool's. ^ j      (}(>veriimeiit'Ofiice,Nakusp;���������Return  he was before he came out as a ca'ndi- j     It is lv'ally a  pity that according to , .^ OJHt;CI.j-Q p,  Hinitheriiigale.  date.   'It was one  of the,  most foolish j your interview  with  Mr.   R.  H.  I-ee, j     ']]|f,ciill.waet.���������A. C. MeArthur. .  things a candidate could  have utte.'ed, j Thomson's landing L- so isolated that .      T)ie (;i,u.jCI._pl. W. 'Northey.  jiiulf it" should   serve   as   a   moial   to'jheliadto comuienc.>  the Trout pike,      }-f,dl:s Lauding���������W. S. Phipps.  others,   if  not   to Mr., Provvn :  "Don't    wagon' roiicl  at, the  place  where   the j      Thomson's   handing���������W.   J).   -Arn^  go out of your  way to antagonize   the v Fish Creek bridge once sioixl for a few  Press.",    And    not   only   were   these j days,  and  when-  tin- country for  li  charges   fooli.-di,   but   they  were  ;ibso- j miles turned into a lake Mi. deep on an  lutely untrue.   Speaking for this paper   average.'   No doubt Mr. Lee has  been  we will say that had   Mr. JJrown been j badly troubled about Thom.-ou's l,and-  ' anvone else he would eertainlyhave had i ing, but he  need   not   worry   over thi.-,  the treatment in'its column.- which he ���������' matter for I can  .-i.--.-ure  Into   that- the  tins   so   fond ' of ' declaring' on   public ' grades are  all  right, and   tnat.   if  he  latforms  that,   he htvl received.     Mr. i comes around au-ain in a few w.-ek- Mr.  strong.  Trout Dike-- A. Craig.  Hot Springs,-���������Uobt. Sanderson'.  Fire Vallev-���������George Bangs..  '    Trout Creek--S. Walker.'  Thomson will sive him ������ les-.oii in topography, for  liio.-t   of  tise people  J'.rown   thought lie was playing a winning curd,in .-nooring at the Mam., and oojrr.iphy, for  nio.-t   of  tise people berk-  however mad we felt at  times   we  le"; ' consider that.   Mr. Lee'.- to������n>giMphieal  him  play it to the end.     From  first t> t knowledge. i> Main-what deii.-.ii-:>i_'  in  ' gottiliR the grade up the. bench behind  Jy i-ii-  re.'lill  l.ust Mr. P.rown's tiiado.- again-.! th s  paper h.tve beoii utterly without cause,  hi.- charge* 'without, foundation, and  hi* hostility .such that uy editors-out.  'A 100 would liave gone over to the  ntliei .side and woi'koil fur hisdefe.it.  " Nnw lh.it the election is over we  i'.^niioi lx' eharged with trying to in  j.ne Mr. i e-own's eban ���������!���������> if, we Male  a (>-w facts i nneerning' liis ��������� jdalfoiin  (h'liuuciatioiis of ibis p.iper.' Mefore  <.niiing'oiit a.-, a candidate lie eharL'erl  ib>. Mail rep.u-'.er with being biased  ;.g.iinsi him and wmiid not. give him a  lair lepnri. Tii" tep.ii'ter was changed,  bin still Mr. I'-piwu kept reiierating liis  ������-;i.'irges in public. Ti ue, he must get  tip an election cry of some kind, but  In- ciiimo ji niost unfortunate one for  him. That suppressed meeting was a  perfect  Robson-��������� George Thomas.  Trail Creek -K. S. Topping.  French Greek- -A. H.   Holdicb.  JViwnie Creek -Win, Maekoii/.ie.  Canie.s Cie<>k-  Von. Viokers.  RESULT OF THE   POJ.L.  JCelliuHrnwn SiiTtl  t y,   s  :t    n  Thom.-onV 1 e :-probably like i  man who va.- going t<> ioid ������  - Iie'w.inted "a good run .it :l."  . ' ('oii-ulorable (|i-cu.moii is ������eing on  Jicre over a pioposition that, na- been  liroiigbt forward lo incorporate I'he  Lardeau and Trout, Lake milling divisions as a'tniinic .j'.dil y. so rbaf iboy can  borrow (he money reipun-d lo com-  iileto the wagon loads in et-s-ary to de-  velo|) the country  Mr. Murphy, iitai.ager for the Jtho-k  i Prince Mining Co., and hi.-. wilV, ariiv-  ] ed yesterday at Thomson's and left, on  . horseback for Trout Dike < "if y and the  ' Black Prince mine. Mrs. Murphy has  ' the hoiiorof being the-second lady to  ' visit. Trout, Lake City, and she express-  i ed herself as highly plca.scd with the  scenery at Thomson's and Trout, Lake,  who   conducts   the   dining  1'OI.UNf.   i-'I.-.KKH.  H--velstoke '.  lfot Spi irtg-   .  .   .  in-ei!)e������a--t  l-'ire   Vaili-y  X.lkllsp  (il,icier     '      ,     ...  Hal!'- L.ii������d-lig.  I Iioi.i-hi'-. {..-nidiii1  Rub-.   >i           Trout   Lake     ���������  * 'i ���������.'- - J ���������'.���������!��������� >k  Ti-i.ii! Cr ��������� 1.  ( 'fll'iie- ( V."'k.  Do'Viin   I 'reel.   .  Fm neb < i ������-i L  i.)  r.t  1  (i  ������i  1  0  2S  'SJ.  2  ���������jo  i  H  1  ��������� in  1  I  !  n  0  ;;  Mara..'   lOnderby'...'...  Doej) Creek...  Armstrong...,.  Okanagan  Vernon '.;  .White Valley.  Blue Springs..  Kolowna   Penvoulin   "15'  <tl  7  25  10  Jj3-  42  5>  12  SI  2SL  o  3d  7'  12  121  17  ��������� 2  20  H5  353  71  l' w , M,ajorily for Graham...  ,, There are eight   polling  stations   in  this riding yet to be heard from,  Full returns are" now in from East  Kootcnay, as follows: Baker, 213;  ;Schou, 10.5 ; majority for Col. Baker, 70.  MEMBERS ELECTED.  ���������J- Tho following li-it shows the candidates who  have bcun I'utiirnuil \x\\ todatc, thu lli'.st four  being    elceted   by   uccluiu.ition.      M   niciiiiK  'Ministoi-inl, O 0])|)osiLion.   >    ,  C'ONSTITGKNCV.   HuritEPESTATIVi:.      Af.  IJavio .  ."VI utter  Coivicliiin...' '..   IJavio  1  ,1  Esquimau,     ITitftjinK  1       Pooley  I  Oiiriboo     Adams    l  lionet's     1  Kitchen  0  ] Iiintei-  1  l-'oi-ntev  0  Sword  0  Maker  i  Kellie  1  Hume  0  Prentice\ ... 0  Smith  1  McGruKor  1  JJryden  I  Walken  1  Jvenneily  (I  K'iild     0  Williams..    . 0  AlcPlicrsnn... 0  Ootlnn  I)  liithet  I       ,,'1'iiniei-  1   "IMniekeii.. . 1       Mi-aden  1   Uiiolh  1       Kbai-t-!'  ���������.l       (ii-.Uiain  0       lU.u-tin........ t      Hemlin  ()  NOMINATIONS. "   ���������  (.'ANIIIDATi:. JI.      '   I  .   Irving  1   ���������  .   O.ilhy  1   ��������� ���������  The returns In ilniy nivelhe (invuininciit  HP it-, and ' lie Oiijmiil ion I-.  Chilli whack   Comox    Delta   Dowdnoy   ICooten.iy I'l   West Kuoleiuiy, X.  \\*esl, Koolennv, S. ���������  billooel K   I,ilionet, W   Naniiinin Oily   NrfiiaiiiniN   Nanaimo S   New Westminslur.  Itieliin'ind   Vanoomer   Vieioriii Oily .  Viot, ,n.i N.  Vieloria S .  Yale V, ....  YaleX ..  Yale W..,  OOXS'I'I'i'l'I'.S'CV.  Oii���������iar   O.  I)  0  II  (I  ()  11  1,  0  I  1  II  (I  I  I  0  I)  0  II  1  I  1  0  (1  (I  0  (I ,.  (I  I  (I  1  I)  t  '.r>  .. aft  ���������I, Mi  the  the  godsend   to  him,   as he c uld,  place.it liefore t-iie public in  the.   light! Ml.^." y,.,,  that he desire/1 without fear <A co.d, a- \ ^ of ('hp Qi|V(ii|lji ,,,,���������.,_ VVJ1S ,.,���������,  Miction out had we published ,t tl������o , fSrBt wolimn to (:omi. to Trout Lake,  ground woulrI hav������ been cut away , ^ mow js ra ���������v ,iis;lpi)���������,irillg olT  from   under    his   teet,   as    the. ft   was I   ^ h t ^ ;md (M pi.0WH.c:U���������.H  nothing whatever in it that w<'>i>lf' ' s;ly that the ja-esont season will be one  " lKiom " his candidature. The columns | of the host for prospecting that has ev-  of this riaper were open to  Mr. Brown j or boon experienced in the country.  ,��������� 1,���������.���������!������hp,���������,vu,|���������s h, ���������h������.,.���������, hiK! ,,������ii,i;,-,������i; ^.^^"X  /.wn  signature,   but,  ho.  would   "^ f'������ i i(;iRt;c] i,v mar.v of the elecUn-s here '  That,     lie wanted the e/litor to father '  ;i\\   thr  bad been paired into his ear  <wted  parties.     Most, papers would in-line towards tho man  who advertised  in   its  columns.    Mr.  Brown   ignored. *-   the Mail, and lowaids the last the i The niaiiageroft.be SJoc.ni  MaII- iennrcfl Mr. lb-own. lie has ' sa \'s he has enough eone<-i,i r.uii," ore  inis-ed lio opjiorluiiily of sneering al ' in sight lo keep a two hiii.dn-ri ton  1.))C M.WI.'n in-lojiendenee, and what  y.t- , concentrator going three .mmr-.  217  .Majoiit.v   for  KelJie  "At- hot li  Kiilisori and Tr.oi < "l-  DepOl V     J{el lll'lliog      <>Pie. I-     il-ei  wrong (|niik}  b.i!lot   iorios. hem  vote-*   rei iit'dod   at    bol !i  neee^-arilv  oomi  Mr. ,K"ihe  i���������./[   a  !���������i������i' loimiiifee,  with Mr. H. A. Blown as i-L.hiiiiin,  and t^. liiis * oDiiiiiitt o i-, due tin ("���������.-  celiei'lt, or^amillion on I lie lm,,'i moeiil.  Narrow Escape of a .Winnipcger  frorn-'Drowniiig *  IN THE  COLUMBIA' KIVJiR.   ���������  Mr.   D.'M.  Kiley, of Winnipeg,  a'very   uiipleasaiil, e.\|iei ien.-e  al  xpei io  rdhiir  I    at     ikiI h     I>l.i> e-   wei I-  d!< fl as -pfii'ed Vol.es.  side.  and  slide  Mi. Ili'own !i,id no eiiioiiottee  no oi gallic, ti.,ii, li.it hi things  along iii .i i>app\-gw-it)cky fashion.  pers inally canvassing the men on  rumors and trivialities wliich ! tfovernm'ent work for their votes,  nto his ear bv inter- ; th" Opposil.ioii candidat/' asked  voU-s personally, Uwy consider  Kelli". showed bad U:t,U> in adopting  this course.  for  the  As  no  Mr.  Fn the .South Ft id ing J. Fied Hume  re]ireseiite''l the Oppo'd'ioii, and fr' <).  Buchanan the Government. ��������� .Mr.  Hume wa- eJeeU'd by a ma jot it-, of lf>M  The latesl reports from Soiithein  Kooleuay K'v'' '-be resailu from   eji-vi-n  hug p!a< '���������  of the thirteen pf  shrnving    Hiime   Vf-\ Uiiehanaii  majorit.v rif  I."51   for   Hume.    TJx  small jiolling stations- yet  the co-nil  C.   a  I wo  lo  be    heard  Star  unfit, mnteriallv    i-lian;;e    ihe,  Irom (  figures.  11   1- '���������-.aid I bal  Mr   I fiiuo'  int'iii inc'i l he  I'n iiii' r, v< lo-  ', I  llfllllll 11"  i In    \ 'i    .  h.-d  (ho  wharf here whilsl boarding I he st e.-mior  noluinbia for .N'el.son. f)n arris ing at  the.wharf, about one o'clock on Friday  inornitig la-.l. (!apt. Ooj-o alighled from  (lie "l>u-i (ii -I and jumped on a scow  moored l.h'-ee oi- biiir feet from the  wharf. Morser A iiderson crossed nexl,  and lln-ii Mr. Hiley followed, hut ill the  dim light anil having his hands full, he  mi-look the flowing stream for land  and stepped into I ho riser, lie sank  several led, outdid not lose his head.  Fleeing him-eif Iroiii his biii'deli ho  struck tail, might and main against the  currenf, and finally nwhc ! one of the  pile>. where he was immediately seized  by (.'apt. ffore and several others- and  hauled aboard. It was a wry close  call; had i.heciirrciil carried him under  the whaif or under (he wnw il. would  liave bei-n ioipos-iihle for liim to have  gfif, oo!.  Inning an  ioteiviev.  willi   Air. Kiley  on lii-i relinn be   'poke   in   the bii/hest  lerni-i    oi'    I lie     Kool emi_\     and    Sloi-au  |  rounlrv.    Ifesay-:;   "l>e-pj(e   tbegoii-  eral di-pre-sion of  trade. Hie   unsellled i  state   (if  silver, niid   I he   roecnt Hoods, j  (he   di-ifriel,  (iiiii|mrr������   IVivoiably wiihj  any   ol her  aloiig   the   line, and   FIe\(l-i  /lUil.i , oi, ,i( i on n I  oi   its loi-aliou "U I he j  main   line   nf   tie- <'. I'. It , is hound lo I  lie I hf'   fhiel    ill   li|b|i|in'4   poinl  ������d   the  dislrif I. u liii ii   -.'.ill   ensiii.ii  a study.  I., i nv\! 11." I ' i  ��������� -If you want to reach the People in the North  '    Riding'of West Kootenay '  _a_:d"v*:e:r,tjl"s:e]    msr  The ^Kootenay ������������������*��������� Mail.  ,   , WE   DO  JOB PRINTING IN FIRST-CLASS STYLE  AND AT   HONEST  PRICES.  / . ,  GOLD. AND SILVER EXTRACTION.  THE CASSEL GOLD EXTRACTING COMPANY (LIMITED) OF' GLASGOW  (The MacAi'thur-Foprest Cyanide Process)  Is prepured lo negol.i.ite with ."\lino-o\vner.s nnd oLhui-s for the Extraction of the  nbove J\le.t:ds from the most Refractory Oven, and  to Treat and ,'-  Report on Samples, up to one (on in weight, seiit to its  EXPERIMENTAL' WORKS, VANCOUVER, B.C,-  All coniiiiunU'ntions lo be luWiv.sscil l(i Uie Sitpuriiitcmloiit��������� '  W. PELLEW HARVEY, Assay and Mining Offices, Vancouver.  (AH'kinds of Analytical Assay and Mining- Work undertaken.)  Revelstoke Lumber' Co.  Manufacturers of all kinds of  ROUGH & GLEAR FINISHING LUMBER.  . MOULDIjStGS OF ALL KLNDS, .  SHINGLES   AND    LATHS:  *,:   BUTCHERS, . .:  WHOLiBSALB AND RETAIL   ,  OBVEYORi OF HIGH-GLASS MEATS.  :o:-  VELSTOKE, B.C.  :o:  ALL ORDERS IN' OUR LINE WILL BE PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO.  OLUM  OUSE.  ���������:o:���������:o:  CENTRALLY   LOCATED.   :o:���������:o:   FIRST-CLASS TABLE AND  ROOMS.  .    BiUiard and Pool Tables in first-class order.,  ' ,    TELEPHONE AND FIRE-PROOF SAFE. ,!,. .   .  n  -:o:���������:o:  Saniplo  lUioin  for  Coinme.rei.-il  Travellors.      Every "Convenience   for   Guests.  BROWN & CLARK, Proprietors,    i  THE CENTRAL HOTEL  I ' C v  aTjUAILAAKSON    i;i!CJS.. Pitoi-iCTOiss.     ' ,    .   c  First-class1' Table.' ���������    Good. Beds.'  'Telephone.     ���������' -:  BUMawwmBPWKFT.f r iaeantSTae?3W! *w<  REVELSTOKE  STATION,  B.C.  Conveniently situated between Railroad Depot and Steamboat Landing.   '"  Best Table in the Interior.  firk-proof   kafs. . . free   'bus.  Strictly. Fiusi-Class. R.-vm-:.s, $1.50 anij $2.00 i'-kr Dav.  H. AV/BRO\VN,:PropV..  Stockholm House, mm  JOHN STONE, I'ltoi-iiir/roit.  The Dining Room is furnished with the best the  Market affords.  t '  x (I X  THE BAR IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  IDZRIlSriK  ALLEN'S  LAGER  IT ADVERTISES-ITSELF.    ,  REV EL ST O K E   BREWERY.  VI <y  THE XOOTEXAY MAIL.  PAGE 3.  ZEIR,  ALSO  FULL  STOCK  OF  TAILORING AND DRESSMAKING DONE IN LATEST STYLES  H,   N.   COURSIER  LOCAL ITEMS.  Several men h.ive left Revelstoke to,  Avork on the Nakusp &" Slocan Railway.  Doe.ring it Marstraiul's Iced Lager on  draught lit the. Uniou Jtotel. <  The tramway from theSivei King to  'Nelson will shortly he commenced.     ^  Scythes, Raked and I Lay Forks at II  N. Coursier's.  <���������    F. Armstrong of Stoney Greek paid  a living visit to  Revelstoke  last,vMon-  . unv.  . ...  '' PThe Lyltou has resumed her. trips on  the river, after being laid up for two  months.  The Marion. Uapt. Sanderson; came  , up and left again for down rivet points  last Monday.' <.    ,       \     t  Beautiful fresh Dairy and Creamery  Butter at H. X. Coursier's.  Miss Annie Green left on Wednesday's train for Donald where she will  spend the summer.'       '',  Services will be held in the Presbyterian church to-morrow at- l.'M p.m.  Rev. C. T.  Baylis,   pastor.     ' ,    ���������  c F. McC;������rty, the butcher, received on  Wednesday another ear load of prime  eastern beef cattle. '  Lake of tlie-Woods Huiig.u ian flour  is the best in the nuuket. A fresh car  at li. A'. Coursier's.  ��������� .Miss Lottie Willi*, of Oraigellachie,  is in town for the benefit of her health.  Sheds the guest of .Mr. and .Mrs. Tap-  ping.  I. O.'O. F.���������Regular  meeting ovory  . Thursday night at.eight o'clock in Odd-  \ fellow,'s If,ill.    Visiting .brethren  cordially invited. '  ,  .Mrs. anil .Miss Maud ItaLherly arrived in town on Monday by the rsfeanier  Lyt.ton from Nakusp, where they had  been residing for the past, month.  Bourne  Bros,  have just, received   a  "  line assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables, consisting of pears, plums, apples, apricots, peaches,   tomatoes   and  cucumbers.  A petition was circulated   at   Thom-  . sou's-Lauding regarding the cutting of  wages.'and was signed by a large niiin-  0 ber of residents of both shades of politics. ' '  A large party of Raymond excursionists passed through lie re on Wednesday. They had been stopping at  the Gfaciei1 aiid are bound for Alaska.  Mr. C. Simonds is in charge.  Mr. F. LoOasto has inttoduced a now  entorpriso in the shape of Medical Luke  salt baths.     This  i������ a most excellent  remedy for rheumatism, skin diseases,  . chilblains, &c.  i Rev. C. A. Proounicr will conduct  i-ervico.s in the Methodist Church at  ]0:'>0.-i.m. and ?::!<> p.m. Sunday school  at 2tfi> in tho church. C. Liudmark, superintendent.  The Columbia brought up 20 tons of  ore from the Lo Roi mine, Trail Creek,  List Monday. It was forwarded to the  (Taconia smelter. The. rate over the  C. P. R. is $10 a ton.  Lake of the Woods Flour with less  trouble will make more sweet, white  Broad than any flour in the market.  Rev. Waller Ross, of Donald, was  the guest of Rev. O. T. Baylis on Monday and Tuesday. Jfe gave an address  to the Union Christian Lndoavor in the  Presbyterian Church on Monday night.  A thunderstorm passed over from  the southwest on Thursday evening,  ���������which cleared the atmosphere of a  great deal of its sultriness, but the rain  ���������which fell was scarcely enough to lay  the dust.  The Ledge says that the Premier  made the statement at Nakusp that  the'C. P. R. had given him every assurance that the N. Ac K. Railway would  lie extended txi the head of Upper Arrow Lake and connect with the Revelstoke Ac A. L, Ry.  Tha Hon. Theo. Davie came up on  the .-.I,i". Columbia Thursday evening,  looking as if be bad eoj.iyed the bustle  of eleel inneoring in Southern Kooto-  niiy. lie left for the coast yesterday  morning, on (he train which had been  held here nil night on account of bush  /ires fui-lher west.  To   cIimi"    oul.    siiumiei     Millinery,  Ladies' II,its are being   now Olferrd  ;i,l  gro.nly reduced figures at   II. N, Com  sier's.'  Mr. T. Livingston Ilaig has received  the appointment of Customs Officer for  Revelstoke, from the Dominion, Government, i  A party here proposes to, hire the  steamer Columbia for an excursion to  Northport on Tuesday week. ' Particulars in next issue.  The opening services in connection  with the new Presbyterian Church'will  take place on Sunday,,the 2'Jth inst.  The dedicatory, sermon will be preached by Rev. .1. Knox Wright, B. A.J  B. D.\ of Enderby. On' the following,  Monday evening, a tea meeting will be  held, followed by addresses and a fine  musical 'programme.  Mr. D. W. Riley, of the 'Winnipeg  Commercial, has been a visitor to West  Kootenay for the past two weeks. He  has visited the. lower country, returning heiv on the Columbia Thursday, lie  says tliere is no town in West Route-  nay that has the advantages and requisites for becoming a huge city (.hat  Revelstoke has. lie says K.-islo is looking like a big graveyard.  AC. P. 11. workman,'an Italian, had  his left leg cut clean off just below the  knee on Thursday afternoon at the. 13th  crossing, by engine No. IW-I. lie. tried  to get on the engine, which was attached to a work train, and missing his  footing fell under the wheels.,, lie was  brought to Revelstoke and attended to'  by Dr.\McLean. Yesterday morning  he, was taken to Donald hospital.  'Morgan David appeared before 'mag- !  istraies Fraser ancl Bourne, at Revelstoke,' Police Court yesterday, on a  charge of assaulting Sir. V. W. Laing,1---  s "hoqf'reaeher. After hearing evidence  on both sides, the magistrates dismissed the case. The quarrel 'arose ostensibly about Mime pigs, but really it was  the outcome of an old feud born of  election bitterness, some two or three  mouths ago.  For a large glass of Doering' Ac, Mar-  ftr.iud's Lager call at the Union Hotel.  Bush fires are devastating the mountains for miles along the- C. P. R. between Sicamousand Revelstoke. Trains  have had to dash through the fiery belt  at full speed, and in some cases have  been delayed considerably. Thursday's  west-bound train was held here till ten  o'clock yesterday morning on account  of fire on the track, the station at  Criiiliu Lake being badly scotched. All  the passes are full of smoke, which obscures the sun, but does not seem to  lessen the heat much.  Mi". P. R. Peterson celebrated his  birthday lastSaturday by an "at home",  which wa������ held in the large hall, and'  attended by about 80 of his friends and  acquaintances: Music, dancing, songs,  speeches (not political), with intervals  devoted to wine and cigars, filled the  programme until midnight, after which  there was a quiet "spread " of stiaw-  borries and cream. JS\v. Peterson entertained bis guests in royal style, and  the majority of them expressed the  wish that he would celebrate his birthday four times a year or oftener.  Last Saturday morning, while Mr.  Thomas Kilpntrick, C. P. li. bridge superintendent, was coming west i'roin  kossj Peak on his velocipede, he exploded a torpedo on the rail^and received  a nasty wound in the lower part of the  leg. He managed to reach a gang of  workmen further on and was taken to  lllecillewaet, whence he went to the  Glacier by train. The wound which is  very much like a bullet hole was examined by the doctor, and Mr. Kilpatrick  has progressed so well that "  to come to Revelstoke and  vole on Tuesday.  won for her great .applause and a  hearty encore in each ot her solos. Mr.  Franklin Ward's, rendition of the  "Mocking Bird " on the violin wash  very artistic performance, and won for  hini an enthusiastic recall. ,Miss Florence M. Ward, pianist and accompanist,  Was accurate throughout, and her two  solos received grand recognition from  the audience. 1 \  Of course, most of the audience went  tfi hear Sim Fax himself,'for wherever  that gentleman has appeared he has  always proved the centre of attraction.  He was encored time, and again, and  kept the audience in.continual laughter  with his humorous selections. 'In -his  pathetic recitation of "The Little Hero.'  which was enthusiastically encored,  Mr. Fax showed himself a master of  pathos as well as humor. He was generous in his, responses to numerous  encores. One of the. best numbers' of  the. evening was the A. B. C. trio by  Messrs. Fax, Ward and Miss Stevenson,  which was rendered in an ^inimitable  manner. ^Should this company at any  time revisit' Kovelstoke, "they are'" assured of a good house.   .      ���������    ,.  OUR MINERAL WEALTH.  i "-       ������ i  HOW BEST TO DEVELOP IT.*'  The New Gold Fields at Trout  Cpeek  VISITED-BY OUR CORRESPONDENT.  lie was able  record   his  Sim Fax Entertainment.  The Sim Fax company of entertainers  drew a full house last T'uesday evening  at Peterson's- Hall. Those who were  fortunate enough to hear this talented  company of artistes at their last appearance here were again present to  enjoy a treat which does not come this  way more than once a year. Of course  the day was most favorable for a large  audience, it being election day and all  the barrooms wort' closed. This caused  quite u number to seek amusement  elsewliere, and no doubt some of i hem  found it .sitting before (hat past m.isi-er  in the art of creating mirth ���������Sim Fax.  His olVorts lo produce a fir.-i-i'ln.ss  entertainment were ably seconded by  Miss M. Trongloss Stevenson, who possesses a pure, richnopi-.iuo \oiee. whi. li  !< Your correspondent visited this now  famous field, and had the pleasure of  washing in ten minutes Ho cents of the  precious metal. Trout Creek empties  into the Columbia" about2-i miles below  Nakusp. and is easily reached by the  C. Ac K. S. N. Co.'s boats, by ,the little  steamer Arrow, or low, boats supplied  at Nakusp. ,  The new' town of Burton City���������so  named after the first settler, Mr."It. S.  Burton���������is situated on the east bank of  the Columbia, at. the mouth of Trout  Creek, Five miles up this creek is the  first placer claim, known as the '��������� Dominion," belonging lb the Goat Canyon Mining-Co., Messrs. Dully and"  JMackay, two well known mining and  businessmen, being largely interested  and are on the ground directing' the  work of the company. From this point  up to a distance of twelve miles . ninny  claims are staked. Six miles from Goat  Canyon is the discoverer's claim, staked by the oldest prospector in all the  =Kootenays, a man who h'rstVisiled the  West Kootenay rivers in lSGo, and who  for the last ten years has visited periodically the dilferent streams running  into TrouL Creek ; a man wiio.se activity will put many of our younger prospector*, in the shade, in (he porlorni-  inice of the duties pertaining to prospoc-  iug life. This veteran is Nelson l)e-  niers, who has just turned the" 07 mile-  post of life, and whose memory is as,  fresh and green as it was 'SO year's ago.  But I am wandering. Mr. Demer.s lias  promised to supply many missing links  in the early history of this district,  more especially Big Bend. _ i  Your correspondent was credibly informed that about 200 mining licenses  had been issued since thn excitement  commenced at Trout Creek, and during my stay with that old-time host,  Hugh Madden, I saw enough to con-  vine*'me that it. is a live camp. .Men  coming in for supplies and men going  out with provisions of from (50 to 100  lbs. with that, "get there" air wliich  gives confidence to visitors and investors alike. The man who visits this  Creek and leaves without a favorable  impression of its hidden wealth must  be a man who has just left his prairie  farm. During my stay, three pack horses were brought in for use of the different companies, and they Avere at  once .started over the new trail to the  mines.  The Nakusp mining Co., with a membership of fourteen, has been formed  to work placer claims on tho upper part  of Cariboo Creek.  I was somewhat surprised (usee this  mining camp going alvad with a vim  which is genorallyVonuY.od lo the coin-  try south,of us. ' J understand #1200  bas been appropriated to this settlement for trails. 1 would ad/No any  who are wauling to find good filings in  tin's world, to pay a visit to this camp.  As i he water becomes lower rit her  gold ground will be reached.  j-1 (food claim will itself develop into a  mine, providing its existence can, be  placed, from a reliable source, before  the attention of capitalists.1  First,���������A1 Department of Alines,'at  Victoria.  ii Let the Minister of Mines be a practical miner, and hold ,but the single  poi tfolio. The mines arcs our greatest  wealth-producers,"and are only in their  .pioneer stages of development,gentlo-  men who deal in boom-town lots to the  contrary notwithstanding. Let him  ccle.ar his office of all red-tape methods  and put it in a position so as .to be in  touch with the development of the  mining^districts by senii-aunual visits  to the camps himself. ..Let him have a,  deputy, a practical prospector and ge-'  ologist^'a combination not very hard to  find. This deputy to be continually  travelling from camp to camp and reporting thereon.  Second,���������Let there be at least six  government assayers located throughout the country, one at each of the following places: Victoria, Vancouver,  Kamloops, Nelson, New Denver and  Revelstoke, whose salaries would be  $500 a year, enough to assure them of  a living. Let the/maximum price.of an  assay be but one dollar, exclusive of a  general analysis ;,theassayer to receive  for his own,use all moneys for the as-  says, so that if he wishes to "make anything, he will have to be the servant  of the miners, not 'their master. In  case of the discovery of a new camp,  the assiiyer could go and make a general report on the same, to the Deoart-  meiit, giving the returns of. the assays,  foimafion, the geography of the district and how to reach ft. ' With cheap  assays, the miners will be bettor able  to size up a prospect. "  It is very difficult, especially on re-  fraclory gold ores, for a prospector to  satisfy himself of the value of a ledge  _by one or two assays, itsometimes taking twenty and even'thirty before one  is satisfied sufficiently to proceed with  development. This 'number of assays  cripples a miner in a serious pIaeo,'liis  pocket book, and very materially affects the development of his discovery.  Tin m>,���������Regular reports in pamphlet form, issued by the Department  of Mines, giving a clear, reliable report  from their own officials of, we will say,  for example, a new camp; the formation, size and trend of the. lodes, character and value of ore's, with a general  description of the geography of the  c.-iinp. This report to be sent to the  press and elsew here.  Fouhtij,���������The cost:  Minister of Mines '  $2,000  Travelling expenses     1,000'  Deputy Minister ���������     1,200  Travelling expenses.:     1,800  Six assayers. $500     8,000  With expenses     l,(KK)  Regular reports     1,000  which would unquestionably call Ihe  attention of investors (o the-camp's existence, with the result" that the Prospector and Province press the bid ton.  the Press and Capital will do the rest.  '  ' M1NKR.'���������  BIRTHS.  Total .$11.000  An investment the province would find  to its advantage.  Let mo illustrate, before 1 close, how  this plan will operate lo benefit the miner and province at large. One great  fact which seems to be generally overlooked is the extremely short season  for prospecting, seldom exceeding, on  the. nighcr levels, three months. So  that if, during this short period, you>  are not. able to interest capital, the  claim is tied up foi\auother year.  In reliable advertising lies the great  secret of quick development.  When the Department gives a report  of the facts, the cry of " wild-cat" ca'ii-  not be raised, and capitalists will go  and investigate. Suppose, for instance,  I inn a prospector, with none ioo much  money, (there are but few of, us who  are any other way) ; 1 make a strike;  through cheap assaying I enn find out  what I have discovered; the assay or  goes- back with me to the claim, reports  the result to the Deputy-minister of  mines, who, if i(. is worth it, eoniesand  investigates, making a general report  of the facts, which sha.lI be published  by Oi" Department. The pro-s of the  province, interested in il s dcvelopmonl,  would   widely   .".dvoi l i--e   Ihe    ronori.  '   \G0LD DUST AT   LARDEAU. ���������  Bed-roek Reached on the South Fork  and Bullion Coming Out.        - ���������  A strike was made a few days ago on  the south fork of Lardeau Creolvwhicli  is of great' importance to the Trout  Lake.camp. During last.whitor betvveen  seven and eight, thousand dollars in  coarse gold and nuggets was sot lived  hy about ,twenty miners, using  gold pan and shovel only. 'This  taken'fr'om off a false bed-rock, a  four feet from the surface. This  bed-rock was composed of a'cemented  glacier sediment. .Many an argument  occurred' amongst the miners as to  whether.the sediment was "formed pro-  yiousto or after the run of gold. It  remained for plucky, Joe JJisette to  solve the.problem. A small winn-dam,  .a shaft, and three hundred dollars in  'nuggets cleaned from the solid bed-'  ,rock���������six good feet below the sediment���������was the result of his singL'-  handed operations. The creek is fifteen  miles in length, and gold has been  found more or less its full length. - The.  regular excitement of claiin-locating  ancl claim-jumping is in full bla-t.  Wing-dams, pumps and whe.els of a  substantial character are unde'r construction. -We are expecting lo hoar  of splendid results.  \t Kevelstoke Station, July  wife of Mi: Geo. Burton, o'f :  Buirrox.���������  J5th. the  a.son.    , v  Busyos.���������At Reveistok/" Station, .luly  lOtji, the wife of Mr. J. Biinyon.-ol' a1'  dai'iy/hler. ,'       " ' '���������> V  the  was  tout  la'ise j  - i  ,    ,    ' Death of Div Brown.  Dr. C.'K C. Brown, a "dentist   well  known   throughout   ihe> Mainland,.of  British Columbia, died at his residence,  Fourth street, New  Westminster, last.  Monday, altera longand trying illness.,.  Two  years ago "[Dr.,Brown  sull'ered ii  stroke' of   paralysis,     and    later   was  ������.ff!iet.ed   with,   heart    disease-   wJuc!>  latter  was responsible,  lor Jiis njeath.  Dr. Brown came  to the   Province tun  .years-ago.'and, until   his  health' broke  down   had a' large and   remunerative  pr.ntice, exlending from Westminster"  to" Kootenay and "Cariboo.    He  was a  native of Durham, Quebec, and51 years  of age.    In temperance matters lie was  an ardent arid sincere worker, and was  a loading member of the Olivet Baptist  Church,    lie was  well   known  and respected in ReVelstoke for his amiable,  disposition. Dr. Brown held the respect  of all who knew  him. and' much  syu)-*  pathy will be felt' for Mrs. Brown and  the other ��������� members" of the  family in  their sad  bereavement.    -'Vlw  funeral  took place on Thursday afternoon at 2-.  o'clock,   from , the.    family ' residence.  Fourth street, to'Olivet Bapti.stchurch,  and thence to the Oddfellows'cemetery  atSapporton. Bev. .1. II. IJostolliciatetL  -THE RICHEST MINING CAMP IN THE  PROVINCE.  ���������  Tiior.trsox (Tji.vii. C'Hauic) July 17.  Sin,���������Perhaps a few lines from this  part of the country "may be of interest  ���������to some of your readers, more especially as this place is now a portion of  the Kevelstoke division of West. Kootenay. t  Trail Creek is known all over the  country as the foundation of a great  mining camp, such mines as theO. K.  and Le Roi being situated here. The  latter in working full force, now with  new machinery. Mr. Blue, of Kettle,  Falls, has bought the old machinery  which he  will   utilize  in ii sawmill  at  A Good Thing-" on the May Bee.  Thomp.iou. Tiie,-0. K. wii  quantities of ore as soon a:  road is'completed.  There has'been a great d  menthere lately over the  a frec-inilling quart/,  led  rush set in at once.  About 101) locations have  on the ua ,v strike,  ship lari  the   u-a^c  i   o! exc.te-  dNeovery of  jre, and a, big  been  E. A. CrockeLI, who has been doing  assessment work on the M <���������;������' Roe claim,  one of the Poo! group, near Trout Lake,  writes to his partner, W. li. Pool, who  is in Rovelsloke, as follows: '��������� I have,  been up on the lull and completed our  work and had the same recorded. They  (the claims) are looking' belter the  more they are evened up. The May  lice is a beauty. 1 ran a'cut.below  where Jim liobortson worked last year,  when he thought he had dug all the  ore out. After 1 -had gone through  six, fe'etcoi' slate 1 .struck the ledge and  galena at the same time. T drove five  feet further in the ledge and was oil  ore all the way. The hole is something  lover  1(J f'e/'t in. .and  show.s   four  good  I ,sll'!liUelr> of g.deii.l f.l Oil!   top   10  bOutulll  laiisjgiey   c Lrh.mato.s; ihe. reek   is not.  decayed, hut lis eieah s'.u!:'.'      The Po.il  group is siMiiitod,nu the Lardeau river,  miles   of    the   wagon  N.-K.  2\v\n   to   Trout  mud j  an 1 all of them aiv  The boys say there  discovered, as Spo-  turning out, lo he an  citeinent.  ated   near  bv   Messrs.  pinning out rich,  will lie a h,������t more  kane Mountain is  immense body of mitvial.  The opening of th" ii"\v hotel at  Thompson also caused considerable ex-  It is a fine house and is sit lithe mines. 11 is being run  Stewart Ac Lvuoli, late of  the Trail Creek Morcant ile Co. They  ate both well up in the hotel business,  are well and favorably known to every  body within a very large ,radio-., and  are hound to make a succos-i of it. i'be  towi.i of Thompson is growing fas,'. It  hasjiow three stores, a fine hotel and  about 50 cabins, with several hundred  prospectors camping in the immediate  vicinity, and everyone of (h"io .  with his prospect ; over |(K)  having been recorded lately.  Mr. Shannon, of Wa-iela, h.ir some  line-looking ore in his claims, lie will  have a large force of men al work  before, long, and Will ship several car-  load.-, of ore {.> f ho s-.nel! ������������������!��������� thi   fill.  A largo number of men <o"." w .; .r.i r:^  on the Gov'eriinv- il w.igon road to the  famous ���������). K. mine.  The   Thouips-on  ahead,*   .-.old   aUm  si .o'.i.i^,   f: u-   I lava i.'i  inlercst of their money.  PRfiKI1  slied  aims  and within four  load   J'ioiji  the  L'ike.  I owie  ,1.10  ile   ('<  loi"-s, and  igars  on  have  are  the  ICTOR.  Banish the Canada Thistle.  The law which makes it a punishable  offence lo permit Canada thistles to  grow wesi of the Cascades, should be  made to apply lo the whole province,  and especially lo that part of it which  is penetrated by the O. P. R. Merchandise of certain classes and household  goods are often packed in straw, which  carries Ihe seeds of this pestiferous  thistle info R. C.  I������.\ainplc������ of i( are to be seen in Revelstoke. Alo:,gshe road f.'o'ii [ I tunc  <fc Co.'s si ore to tii" elation ibis vig. r-  ous and undesirable weed is now in radiant, hlossom, and just ready to send  its pestilent seed on every liree/.e to  other gardens and farms both near and  far. The only safety is in their ex(ec-  initiation by cutting the:n down and  burning i hem before they ripen siiJl;-  ciently to fill tno air with their delefe- ,  ri'-iin ihi-.t.lodowii.  N'.'.-ii" l !ii" -. ivlter. .It (he sjeaii'-'io it  ,! i-i i ,��������� i-.i.iy ddi-.i,l.n-ie i- als i a < oh-..y  u\' I'.iis had tins.!". \\'e ;:ope ���������<-.������������������������  iiiciiis v.lil be taken ,.; uli,v to clc.-Loy  (hem before th. i;- vi'd.s (;-.ke \\ing-> on  the %v i,n 1 s of West. Kootenay. Let  I hci.i o:.ce get ; fooling ben . and our  rau,'i:< i s uiiti. g.irdcia rs will have th(-  biggosl (hiiig on t heir baud ��������� that Ihuy  ever had to i-iekl,-.  i - TBh KOOTENAY 3JAJJL  THINGS SAID AND DONE ABOUT  TOWN.  [������Y   DIOGEN'ES.J  I se" Mr. Sutherland has wiiiten a  very honest and straightforward, r<-ply  to my criticisms osi the athletic ^7torts.  But lie is wrong 10 say that 1.' or any  one in Hie town, am jealous of his taking so many first prizes. Ii.-uher we  are ail i>io,ud to kunw that Me have  amongst, us such an all-round athlete  as he is, and 1 for one was wry i$lud to  see one of '-our boys'' cany oil Ihe  honors. 1 only wished Io,point out  that he Liid himself open to'thecluirgf'  of having something lo do with thein-  equality of (he prizes, by hiking pari  in the drawing up of the progi.inmic,  as lie was to be a compel it or. .Asfor (lie  The natural terminus of the wagon  road about to be constructedfrom  Arrow Lake to Trout Lake City,  thereby tapping; the famous Lardeau mining' district.  BUY EVANSPORT LOTS, because they are for sale at'such  moderate prices that>\vhen the rise in their value (which musi  come) iak'c:s place, the profit on your investment,will be pro-  '   portionatcly yreal. ^ , ,  boy.s'race, the bov that did not rim s,i\s,'   .,. .w    :vt/"\\\,'    1 ���������.���������'.���������������        1     1   . rr 1 t  flu'" other-, siarto'd ai the word -two" i li^ *   JNOW, because it is not intended to oner these Lots at,  while ho wished to start, fair and wait-'      their present low price for long, and  you may as well benefit  by the rise in prices.  Lots from $25 to $100.   6'  T. I.. HAIG-, Bevelstoke, B.C. _  TIIOSI'j WJIO'USRD  TANGLEFOOT FLY TAPER  For the Fly Pest last year will lie glad to' learn that it can be  Procured again this Season at ���������  THE    REVELSTOKE   PHARMACY.  ed for  the   word "go."    lie   says   he j  would have gone  on   after   them  '.mil i  won the race, but,he thought   thai, a-  the si art er said i< was not fair, the boy  would be brought back.  > My little story regarding a caucus  . meet ing at .Mr. llaig's office brings  forth a letter from that gentleman denying I bat hisiolTiee is a (hiveriiiiienl  oilier or t ha I. he is now a (lo\ eminent.  olficia!.t As .Mr. Maigsays "my latv office of collector of \ole-.," I presume  1 his services as a Omviiiiin nl. oli'icial  ended some days before that meeting  was held. Therefore I ho charge of.jiold-j  ing a |iolitical meet iiig in a (ioveriimenf  oflice falls to the ground. ' ,  i ���������* *  At a meeting of business men  held  here last -Wednesday, the subjects of  having a Gold Commissioner appointed  for Kovelstoke and .public buildings  erected, were discussed with the t'reni-  1 ier. Mr. Davie said : "As to public  buildings, the conditions now are different from what obtained a. year ago.  This is now a separate electoral district, and consequently will require an  administration distinct and separate  from ,NrcI.->oii,'including that of Gold  Commissioner. While not exactly promising the appointment of a Commissioner or'the erection of p?ihlic buildings, the Premier led us to believe (hat  '" now Kevolsloko is the1 chief town'of an  electoral district, these necessary ad-  ju'iicts'will be forthcoming. 11 remains  lo bo .seen whether it was merely a  "sop" to influence the votingor whether the Premier mount the (Joverninent  would at last recogni/.e the standing of  ibis (own,'and return (o it thai, importance which ought never'fo have been  transferred to Nelson. Hid, will there  be uny<fiui(. from (he Premier's promises ,"' a f Ier Ihe election is over i*" ���������      ' (l  c fn the matter of the river hank, 1  lhink we may congratulate ourselves  ' on something being done very ,soon.  Mr. .Mara said the other flay I hat the-  Dominion Government wduld do their  share of (he work, provided the Province would contribute. In the supplementary estimates issued   at   Ottawa  . last. Thursday, thesnm/if $o000 is appropriated for the river bank at Hovel-  f-toke "on condition thai the Province  gives a like amount.",   Mr. Ilavie said  I last' Wednesday I hat tho Provincial  Government "were prepared (o assist,  ' the Dominion Government inaiiycoin-  irohonsivo scheme,   so that there is no  S-^IT_,3^3������i3r?,    <fe  ELLS.  POST-OFFICE STORE.  Gents' Furnishings,  ^tent  And TOILET ARTICLES of every deseription.  Till] SKA SON POK  ������ J  T   BEER  ' Is- again at band.   '23 vi-  niakes ."> gallons.  NEW STOCK OF PEEFUMES, SOAPS, .TOOTH AND HAIR BRUSHES, ETC.  tTX!.'HAIG,  - ���������'    NOTARY   PUBLIC   -   -   REVELSTOKE,  B.C.   '  Mining and Real Estate Broker and General Oom-  " mission Agent. , ��������� ,  Specialty  t  DEALERS II  ERAL MERCHANDISE,  i > j *  FIRE,  LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  ���������Representative of theiKootenay Smelting & Trading1 Syndicate.   :o: . '  ,   ' AGENT FOR THE FOLLOWING TOWNSTTES :  TROUT LAKE .CITY, EVANSPORT,' KASLO CITY .AHD' NAKUSP,  TH  I  von  '   nrohensive sche  hitch ,'Liivwiu're,  one iiUle delay,"and that is. i |j������- expenditure is to ho made on the settlement  of the title. As this same ">ei tloiiient  ha--, be"n jogging nlonji I'm" six or eight  years it will. pei-h,-i]is, be best 'nol loi  .������������������bout mil il ware out nl" I he wood,        j  " I  Speaking ot Ihe (ownsiteilispiite, the !  Preiniei-  said    Fai"\\oil's   c.-ise.   ha\ing'  1 i  -gone llirougli all the om is of Canada. '  would come hcl'iirc the   l'rivy  Council  next   November, and ho expected ' this |  bete noirrni' ouis would belaid al  rest i  by   the   ilis(    of (he  new   \car.    This;  seems loo good lo  be   true.    If I   nu's. !  lake not. FarweJI in,-i\- legally be uiven  i ... ,  1 "another cli.-iuce to appeal by that .ni-  giisf, body, iiisiiad of a decision for or  against. I (1,i;ik our people ouglil to  be alive to JLhis. and address ,-. mrinori-  al lo t he I'v'w \ Co unci 1 .-.tul ing i hat I he  life of t he town depend- on ,i decision  ,nno v. ay hi- l be ol !n;r. and pet il ion l liem  in>l lo allow- aiuil her apjie.d. There i- '���������  plei;i\ of time to gel up such ,i ineiiio-  rial b<>iweeii now-.-ind Xjovcnd er. Once  .iroo'il from I {lis incubus t he lOvn would  go a head. Will oui leading men take  i hi- | Iiing up ?    .Vol h ing shun Id be |,.fi  lllldone'tjl-li   would tend   tn    s(.(|],.    |IU.  ,   dispute,niiv, ."iini l'i>i ever.  , H"ii."irding ih" estabiisluneut of a '  huspiml. lb." i'i"e|iiiei" said ' w sh.tiidd  1.lk" I he it'll i;it iv e i'l I lie' in.lt t el. ^et  t lie nio-vi-ieeiii <.w!l s| ,|, [ eil. and then  bring it I" ' in1 ( mi\ ci niiir-lil >.-l I i-n( inn.  "\\" I) * ���������!J be had no dnii'ii i; fiiin'i/ rririvf  liiri'iidile fin .,'// ittl",n.       \>lhe   olllel"  low li'in t In-   ri,lui_r. lb \ < I duke   mighi  eert.iinh to li.iw i hii^iiii d.    Tin   sub's ,  f.-ci -I'liuld li" |.ik, n up w hi ij>   it    w.is  u,i-oi.pe.|   i.nn-   ..\ i.r i"iii"bl inoi.l lis ,i'���������'o. ,  and u ben t h<-sub.i-i i|>i mil   Ji-I    is full, ,|  1 !)���������" --il" cliuscii. the icroimd i le.iri-d, u).  ficei - .-lei t"d. el"., et e.. call   ihi>  1'iein  lel-'.s at I "lit iol, I o I be words he   lit 11-led l  here a   Week    bejoi-e    I lie   elect ion,  with  I he reasonable hope  that    ids    (I'lii-rii-  iiienl will   iln   ihe   right    I hint.'   \>v lis. |  'j>mi't'lel (he  hospital   projecl   die   for' ���������  want of a lit I le energy. [  . i  -   - I  W. COWAN  AJD^EZRTlS'ZIUCEisrT  WHOLESALE LIQUORS.  o  o o  o, o  o o  o o o' o  o  o O  O O  O  O O C) o  o o  o o  o  o O  O O  o o  o  o o  o o  We have a-complete-stock of PAINTS, ready  mixed'and ground in oil.' Dry Paints. White Lead  in 12 1-2; 25 and 50 lb; Irons. Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil. Walnut; Oak? Cherry and Mahogany  Staiiis. Fireproof Faint for Roofs, &c. Carriag-e,  Furniture and Elastic'O&k"Varnish. . Copal, Japan  Dryers, &c, &c.  :o:���������:o:  WISD'OW &LASS ANY SIZE UE TO: 36x48.  T"  FUSE AND CAPS  ~CT...^".^n.T.T^      f l  JOWETT STEEL, BAR AND FLAT IRON ALL SIZES.  EEYELSTOES,     B.O.  .i> i> o 11 ij ii o i) ii  o <i o (i t\ (i o o ii ii o 11 n o  ���������RANK  ,5   W.  BEEF, PORK," MUTTON, ETC.  R  ���������-:������  X  .FISH jV-N'B OYSTERS J������v SEAS0>r.Jte4B������������.  e ������������!  i&ti  JOM.TJ     J J  ^rt'(."I-;.SSOK   TO     ���������    '  :HE WESTERN MILLING COT. (LTD.)  i    i s -. ������������������  i &������  A'  . \  $������#  ^������������������'������������������ii^.- ���������.  i.rj**.-   .;���������  .rtx\  .���������  ^-. ...  x.  E.-E'VS  .CSTTi  BHAL3R IN  :&  i   i -i  ': i  ' ;>  'I  -i I  I i   l  (;.\T-������  l-fvl-.i) \V  11 \ \  i< u r i r>���������  u.\f :c iv  IU"I 'f i-.u  \]'r..\T I'J.i.-,  J'OT \']'oi;s  and \'f-;c.r:T.\!;i.f-:s ������,t .t:j  ' < ).\'I'S  l..\L  w  1ST  goaiieaa  i t.  I-.IIKI  GROCERIES^- -���������' KINDS.  ���������YOUH CUSTOM SOLICITED.  Spoiffhs W,������,jfon Company  IK^W/teWafcWWUlH.WWJM.UtJTMWWWflJC'W  Tile Jil-e'-ieiil ilroulli i-.  I lie longest we I Affont for   Watcroun XlnRinc Company  li.'ivi- li.'id fur j-en is, ;iikI I In- f ri'iiieiulniis i  hr.it iiiiikcs it ;ill | lie liarfier lo lie.-ir.  Ill  Ik., ii.-e,, ,ivh- \m i��������� ..he -huderi���������nm< j -  Jf you wanfc to roach the People in the North  (lie week,     l-.vei vl hiiif,' ii eovci eil willii '  ������]u.-t.    AN'iihtlie ('oliimlii.-i  ru^hiiiL,' hy  irie    (own    ;iiid    nimi'-ioii^   iiiouiil.'iiii '  .stiv.ilil.- poiirilie;'(|o\.. li I'k.Iii I he lie'i^lil^.  .���������ill .iriiiiiiil IK, il i.s imi bud   I lull elollies  ."llnl liiereh,i!l(llse slmilld l;r- spoiled mid  flllil,     flowers    ;|||d    M"^e|,lllile.s   lil'filK".  "siinfl'ed"  mil   of i--k i-lfiw'r   li\   lhe;ill   ]  j)ei-\-;idllie   rliisl.      Tie-   next    iiiij.i-ne- '  liient    v. e   ii.||   j    i ude.-ivor    In   ;;e|    i ���������.   .1  w .'iter sy-l i-i'i.      I.  nii'/lil   in  I   lull'     .!( li ,  .-i wry (,vpeii������i\v iimIi 11 iLiiij.'.  I'-ii'mid  .lhink'   ."f;2.0(K)r.iie-iii,  (,, ^i-.-e  us ;i in.-iiii  a'|i������ll������    l',ll..|il   .'Si reel, .wilil     I >;i 11' ;l    < It tV.' "II  i  ifiv/fr.-iiii"-:,' ;  Riding of West Kootenay  ADVERTISE      IN  The ���������:��������� Kootenay *:* Mail.  BECAUSE it is the metropolis of a district whose  !    mines,   besides  being*  fabulously- rich in Silver,  ca,rry a   larger percentage  of GOLD 'than any  silver-lead mines on the American continent.  BECAUSE nearly all the mines are within a 12-mile  radius of the townsite, and the routes to them all  . converge in Trout Lake City.  BECAUSE during- last winter several of the Lardeau  mines were being steadily developed in spite of  the slump in silver, and large quantities of GOLD  were taken out of Lardeau Creek within the limits  of the townsite.  Price of Lots   Corners, $150;   Insides, $100.  \v  \)()  o? ^nn ots  r  \   'J ') II. ASHBY & Co., Xaslo, o  "IT  AMD AT   HONEST   P'RJC  ���������,/r.o.  a* S s������l  //.  n ibmf&et n*siai siSfca  &0I  ,JL  tSi������  9


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