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Kootenay Mail Jul 15, 1905

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Array fx
J'i /'.'iucia! Library
V  ���
'      . NEW
. Souvenir Post. Cards
;- -  *     AT   -i v   ,.   '
^ Waiter Bfews'Drugstore;
' "������'/��� J S inn.-
? b-Sundaesf^Bews   b b
Kith. Velvety Ice  Ci-phii; vvilh ji
covl-iing of delicious Fruit.
Vol. 12.���No. 15
$i..oo vtrme
1, .p.
\t.,w.    *,
36 pieces white .and black Jap:
anese Wash Silks suitable for
dresses and blouses.
Regular price $1.00 per yard, ,*
To go at 60g
300 yards to go at this Price.
' ' �� I* V
r I X ' ', i"< ' 1
' 9.
t '-,
Mckenzie avenue.
; i\    -pi
-,  .    r        1    -'    '
Mail Vr,
Order -c-
. *. i ^'J.
.   ,Y;    LIMITED.,/-..,,   .",,
. ''-.Write*.'!
*'-    For-I
Swejt1 Clothing
If you arc in the market for q suit of new
Clothes, see our samples.    Wc have these
garments made up by  the 'best wholesale
��� tailors in Can.ida.
C. B. Hume & Co. Ltd.
Oiipitnl Authorirod, ��1,000,000,   O-ipiUl Paul Up, $.1000000.   Host, $:i,000,000.
Jleud Oflico, Toiionto, Ontakio.
"Ilnuiclioi in tlio North wost Torritorios, Mimitiibii, Onlnno mill Quebec.
^inl   tho followim? points in   Hntisli  ('olnmliin:    Criinbrook, Qolcion.
Nolsou, Rovolsloko, Trout Ijiiku, Viincouvor mid \iclorin.
, * ..���_	
T  Kr Mriiiirri  CTiioiilont. D. K. Wii.Kin, Vico-1'rc.iilont nnil General Miinnffor.
'   m*    K Hay, A.ssi.stiiiit.aoiionil MniuiKor.    W. Moffat, Clnof ln^poctor.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C���A General Banking Business Transacted g
S.iviui*H Dopiirtmoiit��� Uopiwits Kocohoil mill Intoroal AllowoH. g
Drafts sulil availiiblo in all parts ��f Canada, Unlloil Stale-, uinl Kuropo.
Biiocial atloutiiin Kivoii tu collection-,. A. '-��� l'mi'i-a, Miimtgor
f ' i
Revelstoke'Lumber ;Co's Mill
,   Burned -Down.    -, '*,
I yy* '
I '' ' '
Big Bend .Lumber Co's   Camp
Goes .Up/ in Smoke.
American. Mining  Co's  Flume
��� ���    Destroyed. -''J-'
On Tuesday shortly after llie Rev'el-
��tokc Lumber Company's mill stai-led
up nftcr, dinner hour, the engineer
went to oil /the nigger, and ns lie
looked mound he saw; a mass of -lliiine
shoot through the boiler house like a
dust explosion, 'nnd' ir;, two or throe
seconds the mill was enveloped in
llames. . Theie had been no other .sign
of lire about tlie, boiler room'before
'that, "y '       ' ��� '"'   'o
i' The fire spread with lightnin" .ra-
pidity, and several of the company's
employes escaped, with dilliculty. ���R.<
Davis'and Is.. Campbell were both considerably Churned. "Tlie whole -all'air
was so  sudden   the engincoi had not
r'      -- ^        Fl'y    .
probably cause the shut down of the
Ameiican Mining Co's operations for
the season.   , -',    . ,
Fred Fras'er, gold ' commissioner, rc-
ceived intimation tliatfoiest (ires weie
also 'burning 'in tlie^vicinity of Wigwam and Camborne and several bridges
had been binned out. '      ,   ,
A fire broke ou'- at Wigwam, and A.
McKae, as ' foi est �� rangci,"' promptly
took steps to isolate it and prevent its
spreading to the milling timber.
A fire on FishjCrcek -destroyed   the
llig   Mend   Lumber  Co's camp at Itfc-
ICuy's r.inch, oven 'the  accoiurt  hooks
heing  burned, so  rapidly did the lire
Vpread.   '  , '
���/' _y*   ' ���?
Howt Conductor, Bruce's, Train
'   Crew-Celebrated the 1.2th.""'
Conductor Bnic'c's train crew started in to celebrate the 12th of July in
great style'." They were ncai ing Cold-
en from Field us da}rliglit broke' when
soiiic ti-amps'.'wci-fi discovered Yin a
tra incur which lvas'piirt, of  Die'train
UrakemarijT.   Lawreiico  being  the
���Xin'*"''-   ''<������*-���*?'
j.yy.yiit ^ K.J.'!> i y^--,t , :;\.,
xr     >'    Jr j, *    V "Vf     ^*     ,ri    ^* ^      '   r
Purchases   Magnificent  Organ
for New Building.
Foundation Stone To Be Laid
With Public Ceremony.,,
The board of management of . Knox
Chinch have purchased what will he
one of the finest church organs in tlio
west, and the instrument will be Jiore
for'm'slaNation in the ��� new building
by lhe time it is   icady   for   opening,
'J'hc instrument is, listed at $1000,
18 sets of reeils, two sets pedal h.iss, 28
stops, two in i nun Is, live octaves,' and
is capable   of   producing   00!)   notes
Thc members .of  the congregation
sue delighted at having .seemed'such
u splendid instrument and give   l>. A.
.n ."it.
Law-son great credit for his sucei'ss  m
carrying out the negotiation".      '
'F.'C. Fromey-has most of thc block
readv for construction of the h.iscmcnt
of K-no.\' chinclr'and will   work  on Ml
in a few days.    Arrangements arc In -
iugniade for  having   the   foundation
stone of tiie church laid about the end
of ihe month, when a p iblic ceremony
wilbbe-'ai-ranged.'     / ���    * ' .   "
1 , J       '  .,      ' -a
��� Fireman Killed. Engineer
',    Seriously Injured.*'
A C.P.R.'engine lan-awny on the
-tccp track at Snndon yesterday. -Thc
liremiin Cockwell, was killed and
Knginccr Cnddcn seriously injured.
Cadilen is'son-in-l<iw of J. lionrne, of
Uevelstokc.,'..-"     - ,'    * Y 'i't     c
$2.00 Per Year.
Groceries, Fruits    x
and Vegetables
��� "a.
1     -,"       '        EEVELSTOKE.   . ,/'r
Agents for-JfcClary's Stoves and Eangcs.      'YY;    ,     -,',���
, i n-i-jru.*..-
" ,'���   View: from C. P. R. Track1.
even time to whistle the usual fire
alarm.-, .,-    L..t      '   -        X \"  ;
"/On "a 'phone' message' rea/ching(, the
company's office in 'the city Messrs.
Jessop and-'Howson went' to the railway "offices and the company promptly
placed.aga'soline motor 'car'at their
disposal and followed 'this with an engine, which took out eleven n,embers
of 2so. 2'fire biigade, a supply of.buck-
ets, etc.   , '
In a few minutes the buildings were
wiped out and the machinery on the
upper floor of the mill began to tumble
down as the beams gave way. Tlie
supply of logs wliich was stacked on
the river bank caught fire and burned
fiercely. The company's olliee was
scorched. The railway cais and the
large stock of lumber the mill had on
hand weie saved by the stieniious
efforts of the bucket brigade.
The mill, wliich was -valued at $40,-
000, was insured for $22,500, and tin-
company's loss is $1��',000 over that
amount.    iMucli sympathy is felt with ,
most powerful man of "thc bunch and
an enthusiastic Orangeman was.called.
on'"to open 'the celebration by ordering
the tramps off the train; '^Tliey said
they did not intend to go, where upon
'Lawrence went at one of-them who
pulled a,revolver aiid fired'but missed.
He then threw down theugun and
went at Lawrence ,when his cliiim
chipped in. Brakom.in 13eck went to
L.iwidice's assistance and a lively
melee ensued. Lawrence .pounded
the'biggest one and occasionly .gave
Beck lOh.ind with the other man while
Conductor Brucc's weight was utilsed
as a centic of gravity for when they
got him down the Conductor sat on
him while they pounded the other.
The tianips got enough and got off
at Golden wheie they we're arrested
The bigger man was so knocked about
that he was taken to the hospital and
the train crew were sent for to give
evidence nt Golden on Thursday.
When the nexthold-upgang is about
it is probable Conductor Brucc'a i-rew
will bo appointed  to   take charge  of
Japanese, .Seize Sakhalien Is-
'' land and Capture Guns.    ,
The Japanese/seized S.ikhalicn' Islands, i The Russians burned the
town and retired to positions- eight
miles north,where they resumed resistance. On July,8th the Russians
had retreated to a point 22��� miles north of ICorsakovsk..', ���The Japs captured two 12-centimeter guns, two. 11-
pouiiders and,an amount of ammunition. ' ' ,,
,.- '$��!% -The1 Man Who'
!^reformJ#��,   -' ' - =--        '
���m,^m  ��� Selects .Now ��� '���'
chooses his suniiiier'Suitsfrom complete
'stocks.    '-'--,      ' i     -,.'���-
������'���;,'.'���,    - *   -  ;-"-"
Every st3'le ��of distinction���every,
staple aiicl novelt}'���everj-Y'Fit-Refofjoi
imporlation���is' now being shown.     , '
���  *   *.     '* " ' -  r-    '* -, ,
IMany. patterns hr.ve r.o ,t".:ipl'cates
���onrtliis'sidc o'f the Atlantic���and cannot
be replaced when theseK'are gone.
',      i   .i, , -        ���  ,
It is   always   a- pleasure to, show
Fit-Reform garments, whether you buy;,
' or not.    ;       ' i   ,     -  - >
\,f.\   - ' '���'      ';   .     - '
-,, r   ��15, giS, $20 up.
f0iPft I x
the company in their loss, while about! tlie train carrying thc gold brick.-,
View from Columbia River.
70 men will be thrown out of employment. The directors have not yet
come to any decision about re-building
The insurances were distributed as
follows: W. A. Mori is, .fr.OOO; II. X.
Coursier, ifo.OOO; Sibhald & Kield,
fo,000; Rc\elstoke Insurance Agency,
$7,500. Mr. Cournier also held a policy
of $5,500 on thc manufactured lumber
At  a  meeting  of directors  of  the
company held last night the re-building of the mill was discussed,
im: nu: m:sv.
A messenger from the Big Bend reported a considerable length of flume
on the Amciiciin Hydraulic Company's
ground on French Creek had been destroyed by fiie. Fires were burning at
thc Kevel.-itoke Lumber Co's So. I
caiiiji at Canies Creek.
The damage on French   Creek   will
Proposed  Increase of  Honor-
anium.    ,
Ottawa, July II.���Hoth parties held
caucuses to consider the question of
increasing the sessional indemnity of
Senators and members from $1500 to
to $2500. The expression of opinion
of both gatherings was unanimous in
favor of the increase, mid thc members
are hopeful that, tho company will
introduce the neccssiiiy resolution.
The V. V. it E. bill passed the senate.
Clark's Delicious Pork and
Beans���always ready���always tasty���
always appreciated. Thc best food for
men who do things.    5c and 10c tins.
End of the Rebel War, Ship���
'Police Prefect Killed..
The rebel warship Kniiu I'otemkin
suiTeiidired to the Roumanian authorities, hut on the black Sea fleet sending to take charge of bei the rebels
i-pored the sea cocks and sunk lici.
M.ijor Gcncial Count ShuvalolV pie-
fect of police heie ai d formerly attached to the ministiy of thc mtcrioi,
was assassinated while receiving petitions One of the petitioners drew a
revolver and fired live times at the
prefect who fell dead.
Lawson Speaks in Kansas.
Ottawa, Kansas, July 10:���Many
thousand hcaid the speech of Thomas
\V. Lawson, author of "Frenzied Finance." Ilib leni.uk.s ciealed .i huge
sensation. Among other things-he
s.i id:
'.-"You ask inu hole���what will
become, of your foi tune? I answer.
It will have to go with the rcbt, foi
my foi tune, like all those other s made
from the people tlnoiigh the medium
of stock.*) ol* corporations and lnihth,
should go luck where they camp from.
1 have worked like ii dog, never knowingly wronged a man, woman or child
out of ii dollar. Vet I have done
nothing which would honestly entitle
me, mensural by the standard which
my iciiiedy would put into force, to
absolutely own over a million doll.us
for my lifetime's work. I have made
5,000,000 dollars in a single month's
work, and ns high as $2,000,000 in a
single day, and as the business of the
countiy is now done, I can icpent the
opoiation and honestly say to my
fellow countrymen and to my God, I
have not infringed any of the laws of
the hind in the making of it.
In saying this, and I asfert it with
the utmost conviction, you have the
Huiiicoof tho whole evil before you
It is an evil not of men but of method.
As I said in tho foreword of my story
" 1 take no issue with men; it is with
a principle J am concerned. The men
arc'niere individuals; it is the method
that is at fault."
Only'one Fit-Reform Wardrobe in thiVcity���
>i' '   ���
�� o I
J. G. Macdonald, Revelstoke.
Another Carload of Furniture just arrived.    Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc.    Sewing Machines, Heintzman PianoB.
B   Choicest Materials in Stock and Workmanship Guaranteed
��� 7iv.ni.-ll
;tbly furnished with the choicest the market
affords. Best Wines, Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $ i a day.     Monthly rate.
J".    .^LBIEIRiT      STOGIE      IFIROIP.
I'lioiioraled bj Act of I'arlinmoiil, 18-Vi.
Wm. Moi.s<iN Mvci'iikksos, Pres. S. II. Ewinr, Vice-Pres.
.Kmks Elliot, General Manager-. ,
Capita/ paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Every thing in  way of banking business transacted , without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvelstoke, B. C.
-V ry/  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  ,^be1Rootena������fll>aii  ���������    I'UHMSHKI)   SATURDAY. ,      ,  ' . ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  1       SUBSCRIPTION    RATES.     ''  Incluiing portage lo Kngl.inil, United Slate,  .    ,        and Canada.  Bv the year lihroni;li po-.toftlceJ    ?.' Mi  Half       '* *���������   ' -      l.ii  Quarter " '* '"      'l"i  Including Chri-tniiu. Mail jdc (-\tni.  ADVERTISING   RATES.  Measurement-.-  N'onpariel [12  linen make one  ���������   inch).     Preferred   position-,   ii  per  cent.  ' ,     additional.   Hirlh-. Murriaf-e-i and Death-..  Xc.   each   insertion.     All   adverti-enienU  Mibject. to the approval of the management.  Wanted and'Condcn-ed Adierti-emeiil.-.: ���������  Agent*- Wanted. Hi-l|i Wauled, Situation-,  wanted.     Situation-     Vacant,     Teachei-,  Wanted. Mechanics Wanted.  10 words or  le.v 2."<c. each additional  word two cent.-..  ���������Changes in otandinc adverti-einenU, inu-,1  be in by 9 a. m. Thursday of each week lo  I     secure good di-play.   Standing advertising  . matter will be changed twice a month wilh-  .'out   extra    charge   (,-Kor   inoic   frequent  , alterations the 'time occupied   in making  *������me will be charged at usual rates.  JOB PRINTING promptly executed at, reaM)ii7  .    able rateo.   ,r ''  TERMS-CaMi.  ranee.    "  even po, has it not' heen, found a  (k"-iral>le thing for, the country to  ilis(uil) this monopoly in oilier provinces. The whole of tho Oon.-iir-  vniive party, wild the excepiion of  one nioiiihcr, allowed itself to he  lobbied into a position of opposition  lo this hill nniP'in favor of mon-,  npoly. Every ��������� trick was resorted  lo to defeat the bill."  '  Subscriptions payable in ud  UOl'.KKriPONDKNCK invited on mutters of  public interest. Communications to Editor mu-t be accompanied by name 'of  writer, not necet^arily for publication, but  at- evidence of good faith. Correspondence  .   should be brief.-   ,   . .  D  We request our numerous readers to  favor us with their assistance In  making the KOOTENAY MAIL the  ' most valuable advertising-medium  ,.' ' in   the   Kootenays  byr giving-   tho  preference    when    making    purchases    to   those   firms   who   aro  .   regular advertisers In  the' KOOT  .ENAY MAIL.  "r. morkison; ;     ���������.  '   DENTIST.  -., '     Or kick : '  THE   NKW   LAWI'.KNUK   l'LOCIC.  -���������   "i ii-   McKenzic Avenue.'  T7DWARD A. HAGCJBN.  '      Mining Engineer,  (Mem.. American institute Min ng Engineer-)  ' (Mem. Canadian Mining ' . titute.)     *'  '  i   J Revelstoke, B. O.  Examination of ana reports ou Mineral Properties a Specialty. ,  .TTUGH    S.   CAYLEY.  Barrister and Solicitor.  OFFICE���������Corner'of First Street and  ,,'Boyle-Avenue, Revelstoke, B.-C.  HARVEY-, McOARTER  ;   AND PINKHAM,  <   BARRISTERS, SOLICITORS, ETC.  OKKICR8 I     M0L8O.V8    BANK    BLOCK,     IlKVKI.-  BTOKK,  13. C. ',     ,  Money to loan. i "   '  Offices: Reveldtoke, B. C; Kort Steele, B. C.  Geo. S. McCartek,  A. -M.  PlXKHAM,  f.  Re\ eUoke. B. C.  J. A. Hakvey,  Kort Steele,. B. C.  J. MvScott, LL.B. *        W. I. Brigg-.  QCOTT   AND   BRIGGS ���������     >   ,  "-Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.    ,  /     " ,Money to Loan '   ( ���������  , Solicitor-; rmi Molson.s Bank  i ' y        .,  First Street. .      Revelstoke,,B.C.  XEbe .IKootena^flftail  SATURDAY,' JULY l������,"190o.  A DESERVED ThIBUTE. .  The Phoenix Pioneer (Conserva-  "tive) says: " With few exceptions  in this province, Duncan Ross and  his fellow.members at Ottawa are  commended for the lfight made  there in behalf of railway competition in southern British Columbia.  The fight has attracted the attention  of the press of the entire Dominion,  and the course of Mr. Ross is commended generally. Every step of  the Great Northern into this tield  has been blocked in 'every conceivable manner by Canada's greatest  corporation, and to win over such  a formidable opponent is- no small  accomplishment, even though the  winner is a Liberal."  GROSS NEGLIGENCE.'  The destruction wrought by  foxest fires on provincial limits  within the. past iew clays is the  strongest commentary on the incapacity of theMcBride government.  The government have been warned  again and again of late by the  lumbermen and others of the  necessity oi vigorous action being  taken to protect provincial limits  against destruction by lire, as has  been- successfully done by the  Dominion government. Bin the  advice has been unheeded, so indifferent are the iroveniiiieiil to the  . .   K.  preservation   ot   one  oi   the   most  valuable assets the province has in  its timber wealth.  THE  RAILWAY  LOBP.Y.  .'J'he Voice remark;-: "How potent  and   dangerou? i.**   the lobbying   of  the corporation lawyer.-   ut Ottawa  has    been    demonstrated    in    the  narrow K-ueuk   with which   the V.  V. it E. mil way bill escaped defeat.  This is what   is known   as the .Jim  Jlill road.    U is   anxious to   build  into British Columbia wilh its own  money. This is, of court e, a ,-trange  offer   to   make   to   Canadians,   lo  want to   build   a   railway   for   the  development  of   the   country, eic,  without , dipping   the  corporation  hand deep  into  the   public  chest.  The introduction of the rontl would  necessarily disturb the C.i'.Ii. monopoly  in   British   Columbia,   but  ���������' THE EDDY .MILL.  In connection with tho lami-ni-  able (ire which demolished the Big  Eddy Mill 'this week, we cannot  hut hope the Revelstoke Lumber  Co. will soon be operating another  plant in our* midst.' It may bo  interesting to record the fact of,the  company's incorporation, in 1901,  with a nominal capital of $20,000,  which has since been increased to  $100,000. The company possesses a  convenient mill site .at the' Big  Eddy',"and for its capacity tho mill  was as up-to-date as any in this  province, and their manufactures  were always in great demand'in  the Northwest and Manitoba. ''  During the four years of lhe  company's operations they have  paid out something approximating  $200,000 in wages alone, and so  long as their mill nnd'camps are,  shut down the various stores and  tradespeople in " Revelstoke. will  suffer," along with the company  itself. '    ���������      ,,.,... c  The company '.has ��������� acquired, we  believe, some '15 or 50 square mile*-  of timber on the Columbia River,  and negotiations have been in pro-  dress for, some months   for, the sale  O i.  of the' whole, property to eastern  capitalist's, who propose to considerably augment the industry, by  adding factories to the mill for the  manufacture of articles in 'which  lumber is necessary. Whether'or  not these negotiations .are success*  ful we cannot .but hope 'the Big  Eddv Mill will soon' be rebuilt and  entering upon another prosperous  era, and that the shareholders, who  are mostly local men, will be able  lo recuperate themselves for the  serious loss they have suffered dur-������  irig this week.  "'    CITY SURROUNDINGS.'  While the  people' of  Revelstoke  are to  the fore in ,many   respects  they are very ' backward'in   taking  advantage   of   and   pushing   the  attractions, of their city and   district.    On Mount Victoria, directly  north   of the city, is   sonic of  the  finest 'scenery to   be  found  in the  mountains,   and   that   within   two  hours walk of   McKenzie   Ave.    A  magnificent view   can be  obtained  of   the ' surrounding   scenery,  the  surface  of  the  country   is. .like  a  prairie with its grassy slopes interspersed with pretty trees, and three  or four  hourSjWalk  beyond is  the  glacier,   where    Eight-mile    creek  takes its source.      Now we think a  scenic resort of this kind should be  made accessible to the citizens and  visitors   of    Revelstoke.     A    trail  could be constructed  at a  post of  about   $S00   on    a   grade   which  would make the climb an easy one,  or  would1 be accessible  for  those  wishing to ascend the mountain on  horse-back.     Such   an   attraction  would be worth  much  to the city.  The raising of the necessary funds  should not  be  a   dillicult   matter.  The Dominion and Provincial governments, the city, and the people  might   be  expected   to  contribute  each a quarter of the   co������t. and we  believe if   someone \\ ho   could give  attention   to   it  would   take   it   in  hand the idea could lie succe������<-fully  carried   out.      This    done,    other  more distant resorts, as Mt. Begbic,  Eagle' Pas-i and   other  interesting  scenic and fishing   resorts couid be  opened out by trails   later on, nnd  would   assist   greatly   in    making  Revelstoke   an   attractive  city   to  live   in,   as   well   as   a   Mecca   of  tourists.  TO CORRESPONDENTS.  Oitizii.w���������While, we , iiiipn'fi-'t''   "'  i . pi*  good tiling 3*i.ii ������.ay of u^, we doiibi  tlie wih-liini iif.[iiil)IL-.liini; yoiirlettt-i  Alllniii������li���������llie K.-v.,iMi\ adder in i>  lie tlio wriii'i-of the let ter signed 'T.e-  'sliyieiiiiii," you inn-,!, letiieniW'i- lli.it  li*.'lias:isiiiiicli"rijjlit to use'n nom-ile-  pliimi'iiis iinynne.clt-e or to eritioisi1  ns ns we iTilicise oilier.-.. Even if il  were tun-.Unit lie .is seeking Id  create anion-*- the citizens generally  the ili-coid you sny lie lias brought  iil)0iit.0iii his own church it would be  ill-ailvised to pulilii-h brondc.'st your  , statement:* concerning this or the  methuils you claim were pursued.  Yut I'aiiiiot innke ii bilk piiihefroni  a'sow's enr, or pioniot.e<liariiinny h}  publishing such letters, however  much your criticism - may 'he, - deserved.��������� Ed. Iv. M.      ���������   .       '���������   - -  ON SHORE AND AFLOAT.  ' Seven conductors have been nnleieil  dismissed at Winnipeg hy the 0. 1'.' H.  management. . .   -  Xl'lie 0% I'. H. inay use clectrie. power  at Medicine Hat,- natural gas being  used to uenenit'e it. '  The C. I*. K. iinnoinicc-j a vi������nr pus  policy of settlement and exploration  for Vancouver Island.'  Engineer L-injr, 'of 'Saskatoon, nud  Fireman >\\\. l'.iri-ott, 'of-AIoojO J iw,  injured in the Pilot Butte collision,  both died. ' '" '  , ,F. Julian is,making good pnigress  ivitb the cut he is carry ing through  for the C. 1'. It. at Green*1 Slide , Ile  has Twenty-four nien'einployed.  Next inonilTtlie CM*. K., lionis to  bring the editors of all the piiucipul  agricultural 'journals in the United  Stales on ;i trip through the west.^  A representative of Jviilm Loeb, the  great,-New.York 'banking,,liousc,'is in  the   Bo^tndary  .for    the   purpose   of  financing the Midway-Venion railway.  . .-        *      - ,  The Nelson News bays: Mr. It. Ilnin-  bridge,'resident  C. V. li: engineer   for  Kootenay district, lias   been pioniotcd  to   the  post   of   assistant, divisional  engineer at Vancouver.    ���������    '     -.  , We have it  on good   authority that  the C. 1'. It.   is finding the money for  building   the   Golden���������Forte'.1 Steele  road, and the work 'will  certainly   be  proceeded will) to a linish.  The' C: 1'. K.  will   probably   utilise  the splendid electric-power oiiiiipine.pt  of the   Kootenay   Power  Company to  substitute electric   motois   for .bte.im  on its boundary and Itossland lines.  1 V   *  The C. P. It. business shows an increase of $1,218,000 for eleven months  of the year,'or nearly 10 per cent, on  last yt'iu|n increase over thc.s.uiic  period, bill is still $(I0U,..(>() behind lhe  business for l'.HW.' ,.  Delegates i from the Trackmen's  Union of the ueMi-in line- of i h-  C. P. l\ have been in consultation  with Willi nn W'byle, St conil vice-  president,   for feveial   d.usin   ipgaul  to the schedule for tht' next year.  t  S. C. Smith, of Vei non. con Iii in.- our  recent -tatement tb.it the. G. 1'. i! will  build fiom aiiiiiiuerlaiid to IVnlict -n.  but adds that Ibis line wi 1 be part>f  a through line from .Midway, via !Vn-  ticton, Sniiinierliind, .Siiiiiiknmeeii anil  Nicola t>. Sp'-nee'.- Rridgi*.  D. McXieoll, vice-president oi il.e  C. P. It., spent Tiresd.ty night in  Revelstoke. leaung Widmsd,iy morning by special train. He wa- accompanied by Gen. Supt. Mar-xile, who  met liim here, .md >-'upt Kitp.it: ick  accompanied him over in- divi-ion  from Laggan.  The daring atfcemiit. of a ���������f-in-'le  rubber lo hold Up the oci-ii|..int- <.i a  Pu 11 man -deeper w.m frustrated by  Pullman Conductor I lea ley of tlie  Xorthern Pacific iriiin, who discovered  the man in the vestibule at Sand  Point. Idaho. He grappled with the  highw.i' man. wIipi -hot him llii..og|i  hi-< c< >,i t iml him! lent him alm.irit  in-ensible. 'llu- r.dibri* I ben leaped  fiom the Ham.  JULY J2TH  Celebration at Armstrong.  . The celebration of 12l.li-of July at  Armstrong bioiight. tige'lhor about  0,000 people from dill'eient parts of thc  valley. The special t, am run ' from  Revelstoke took three coaches of visitors, the local Orangemen he'ngaccompanied bytbe band. They returned  at 7 a. m. next day. "  , Kelowna defeated Kamloops nt lacrosse 8 to 4. Enderby defeated Armstrong at baseball by 11 to 10. The  Orange Order defeated All Comers in  tng-of-war contest. Vernon won the  firemen's 'races. , ,    -  About .ri0 went on an excursion in  the afternoon by steamer ltevclstoke  to nti island half way .between Revelstoke arid Arrowhead, which the Navigation Company intend fixing up as a  pleasure resort or Coney Island.  Nothing  Better  Could be said of any, Piano than the  .  Word* Contained In the Letter   ,  Below from JHr, A. T.  Hunter/Regina.       <   -  lJIr. Hunter- Is the Manager of the  Rugina Roller Mill' Co., and a musical  enthusiast. Not long ago, after considering all the different makes, he purchased  a New Scale Williams Piano and his  letter is eloquent as the result. ' .  '���������' t l>eg to slate that the New Scale Wflllanu  riiuio you sold me ffireft me entire safirfwHoi*:  Hi tone is beautifully mellow, it* action Is  excellent and it stays in tone loocer tkaa ttmy  piano X h*vc e\er heard.**  ' '   ' Youra tmhfj^ : . , .  ^ y A. T. Sum in,  . , '  Mgr. The &e-pna Roller Mills Co.  Kegiaa, N.-W.T.    ,     , .      ,.,  Call and. see the  New Scale Williams, <.  Canada's foremost  Piano, at the local  warerooms, or write  for free descriptive  booklets.   '   , ,"  Lewis  Bros., Revelstoke.  : v ^&;i}t&kEM&Qift&^^ 'ii  ���������r\-.y  y y.:'yyz6o.r2i2y?Ffn������^yA\iEyN<i;Fi*'Hyy :���������'.''���������<������������������'y  ���������M mNEAPOpX^iW^yfy ^S'Q'TAX;  wi?riTE.i|rAX>i^|-KXj^  Xship   UJiHlNL/ULLXl   Tb>XPS}cesXAnU ship again   '  SHIP. AGAIN.  pTD.  LAWRENCE HARDWARE CO.  ,,      ' JlEA'UQUAItTISltS  IN   KOOTKJT.AV J'OIt  '    Paints, Oils, .General Hardware, Sporting -Goods, r ���������  Saw Mill Supplies, All, Lines of .Granite and,, ;.       ,-  -', Tinware, .Plumbing and Tinsmithin'o;. .,  Reipair Work Dpne & Estimates Given  MAII/OItDIOlta "RKUKI VK  I'ROMCT ANiKCAHBFU  ��������� i-  ���������    *  I?\iiir Jtui^m-. Ovor Stoion.'" '.������!���������  ATTKNTJOjN  ^'PHONEj.35. "'    '  DAWN OF  I'.. 0.  (Jue oi tin- excur.-ioni.-U with lhe  I'resK    representatives     lust     wei-k  writes   tlio   Coloni.-i:   '' f   think   I  voice the   opinion of   all   tin:   men  when I say we luivc liecu .-urprisi-d  ���������nlmos't startlefl���������at tin: extent of  its;    po.ssilii lilies.     Wo    have    ln-en  travelling through  a   region  wlicm  opportunity   is,  spelled wilh   large  cap������.     We   holievc, wilh   CJn iiiida'.-  distinguished    I'lciiiicr,    (lint    lin  twentieth   century i.-   lo In:   indeed  the century   of  Canada.     W'i-Iiiim:  seen   the hegiririing.**   of ihat   great  riiovernent   in which resourcuH and  men are brought logcihcr,'-'  C H. 1'ipIIp-h, pie.-ident of hie  Kootr-iiay Contnil Kailway, says: "All  ii-ct-ssary prepa.-al ions have now l.ee:i  coniph-tid fur imim-ili.-iii- coriinu-iicc.  n Hi nt of wi.rk on i lit; Knot enay Cent nil.  As ,-oon in the -uivey plans are avnil-  nh'e, wliii-h will 1 if iii.sidi- |m-o ..r llin-i;  days, i'(piiliai-t- vmII he let for gr..ding.  Wi.rk will i-oiiiiMi-iiee on the (IpiIiIcip  end of the lint;, anil will li.i pusiied a<  rniiiilly a-* ].os>ihiip. The ri.nd won d  he i-ipiistiiicti il hy the IContcnay  (yi-ntial Kiiilu-ii) Co.,and the Ciiinidiau  i'aciliu wi.uld have noihing to dn wuh  its coii.-ti-iiction."  NOTICE.'.   ������������������'  Board of  Railway Commissioners for  r     ���������       ��������� -. Canada.        ��������� *      '  Tlio Hoard of  Jtailw.ij- Coinnii-.sionei'.s   for  I'.iniiila will hold sittings n^ follows:-  ~U Kort William, Out., on I lie Till duv of Sep-  reinber. liW.5;     .    .- .  '   At Winnipeg, Mini., on the lllh day of Scp-  (eniboi-. 1IW5J '. . ,  At New Westniin-itur. H.C. on llie lillh day  of September, 1!W,5.  "   Notice of the spi-ciflo places and hours of -,it-  nnif at these points will bi> given Inter.  llie Board will not sit at other , points in  AVeaturi) faniitlii unless for the 'purpose" of  liuarin*; conipl-iiiil-; which shall have been formally made to it in wriliiig.nnd dulv -.orved  upon railway companies, or oilier parlies inter-  i-sted, in siiflleent lime io have become ripe for  iH-nrint; uder the General  Rules of the Iloiird,  'Attention is culled to the following provisions  of the rules:"  '       _    ���������     i '  "3 Every proceediiiK before the Board  ,4' under this Act shall be commenced by an  "application made to it, which shall be in  "writing and signed ,by the applicant or his  ".-olicitor; or in llie ease of a corporate body or  "company being thcapplIciinUs, shall be signed  "liy their manager, ruci-etiiry or   solicitor.    Il,  ���������shall contain a cleai and concise statement of  "ilie faet-s, the grounds ol application,the sec*  "lain of the Acl under which llie same is made  ' and the ii.'itin-e ol the (iiilui-  appliid   for,   or  Ihe relief or n-nit'dy lo uhich lhe ajiplicmt  '���������.liiiins io be cmnleil. It, shall hu divided inlo  "IMiat-inphs, each of \\ Inch, as nearly as possi-  "hle. shall lit-conllned to a distinct porlior of  "tin; subject, mid every pn a-jji-aph shall he  'iiiimlx lvil i.oiisLuiiti\uly. Iisliall bepiuloi-si-d  'with I In- name antl address of the applic.-iiil,  'or if theie be u solicitor acting for Iiiiii in the  '���������mutter, with the n.iuii- ami adilrt-ss of such  "-"lieitor. ,  "The application, so'wriiien and signed as  ���������\tlorcs.iid.  shall  be lefl. wilh or maili-d lo the  Secretary of llie llo.ud. together wuh a copy  "of any douiimciil, or copies of any maps, plans  "prollles. .md hunk* ot n-fen-nce as miuiivd  'under lhe piovi-ions of llie Acl. hi) rcfeircd lo  'iht'iein. or which may be UM-ful in u\plaiumg  *'(pr siipporLin^ lhe -.line."  Tho couipl.iinaiil must lime the .application  -er veil on the nppo-ite p.u ly, who is allowed  It n days from service of Ihe application lo  uiswer it, and lhe applie.mt is allowed four  il.ij- from receipt of the answer lo reply to it.  Ten days nut ice of hearing iiiu-l he given,  unless for sp.-ci.xl ren-ons lhe Board shall Older  .itlierwise.  Dated at Ollnwa this '.'ind day of Juno, VM.\  A. D. rAltTW'llIOlIT,  M0 , i-eerelary. B. It. G.  Chatham  Incubators Hatch; Spring  '    ,    Eggs into Fall .Dpllarsv,..  Hay nnd Juno are tho best months to start in.   June hatched chicks gron like weeds during  the oarly summer and many of the risks of the bubincss are a\ oided if you start now.  .  '-. Every chick you.'can mnturo  and market in October is worth  SOconts, it not more. Thencit tbreo  months arc tho right,ones in which  to gel, started in the chiclcen-raising  ,   business.   Thcro's good money in it  and the women folks nnd children  sjbiiii do all the work that needs to bo  done in ubout one-half hour daily.  '4     Tho way to make poultry pay is  to get "broiler" chick's of "uniform  ' bi/e and weight ready fcr tho market when prices are highest', and tho  only way this can bo dono is with a.  '   a good Incubator.   Tho ono that is  f sure and never-fnlllrig is the CHAT-,  HAM.   If tho egg ib fori ile tho chick  , ia sure to bo hatched every time by a  No Cash to Pay ,  Until Fall, 1905.  VIOTICE IS'IIKItKllV IHVKN that thirty  1 l day- after dale we intiTid lo apply lo the  Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lands  and Work? for a special license to cut and  carry away timber fiom the- following de-  -*iib<-pl lands Min.u. il on l-'ish Crei-k, VVe-t  Ivfiotenay distriet:���������  Comineciciu-^ .it I-C.Hi-ott's N\ K. corner posl,  ihr-ntc wc-stNl chain-.", huiicc north yj chains.  t������i-t sn chains, -ouLli "s^chain- lo point of coin-  mpTiceim^iU  I50WMA.V Lt'.MBKft CO. r/I'D.  I- iled ibis Jliih d,iy ,,( June, Ill.i.j.       i lOu.iglJ  USE  Royal  Crown  Archer  linker han   been   appointed  general for Europe for the 0. I'. K.  ,\iip| mivp- \\'i-;ip|.i'i- fp.r I'i ciiiiiiiii-.  l!iiV,\ I. CI.'U A N .-'!i.\l' has no ><i|iiiil  on lhe iniirkei. Ili-.-p us a cnnl and  tve will iti.iil.yoii ii cii.iuloj,'!!!' illiirtlnii -  ing lhe henutifiil premiuimi wo olt'ei-.  Tlie Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, IJ. C.  Li mi led  OU'LL NOT have  another word lo say  regarding- the time  your boots iast if the next  pair vou buv are  1 * *  LECKIE BOOTS  This footwear is ending-  llie argument for eastern-  macie boot.s every day.  They are strictly western;  made by men who know  western conditions from  years of experience, and  manufacture boots to meet  these conditions.  Your sue is' wailing for  you at your dealer's.  J. LECKIE Co.11"  aiani;ka(;ti;u|p;i(..s,  VANCOUVER, B. C.  '   So sure are we of results that wo tako chances on your success before wo get our  _, money for tho machine.     ��������� ' l" y ,  , We' will ship you a Chatham Incubator', freight prepaid,  ( and give you two years-to pay for it.   Nothing'to pay until  November, 1905.'  Tho Chatham Incubator paya for Itself overy  hatch, and if you got started now, which you  should, the Juno hatched chick's will havo a" mar-  ' ket value of 60o. each by October, thus enabliiiR  you to pay for the Incubator without using one  cent of nionoy not earned by the inachino itself. .   '  Our beautiful'and complete hook, "How to  ' -Make Jlonoy Out of Chicks," tolls tho wholo story.  No poultry raiser can afford to bo without It. It's  Flti:K.   Send,for it SOB". '  THE MANSON CAMPBELL CO., Limited  Dcpt. 2*20      '     CHATHAn.ONr'.      ���������  r>i-.tt!lmtiiiK WnrchotHCi at'Montreal, Que.,  Jlrnndoii. Man ; e.iliriuy, Alta.j New WoHlniinsler,  il.C, anil Halifax, N.S.  ,    Fnctorie.-, at Chatham, Ont., and Detroit, Mich.  .llsti Manul'ii'-liu-crs or (he  faiiioiis <liMlliain  rannln^ Mills iiimI ttlinllinm larni .scales.  Kootenay Lodg-e No. 15A.F, &A.M.  The regular ineet-  iiiBf are held in the  Mai-onic Temple'  jdill'VllownHoll, on  the third Monday in  each .month al 8  p.m. Vihitiiigbreth-  ren 'cordially ^'el-  eomed.'p,  C. A. J'KOCUNIKIt, SBCitin-.iitv.  *���������!  SELKIRK LODGE. NO   12.1. O. O. F.  Meets every Tuesday  evening in Solkiik  Hall at li o'clock.  Visiting brethren cor-.  dially invited to attend. ,  \V. W. FOSTER, N.G.    '   ' 'J. MATHIE. Sue  r Hod Hsmj [JX'Kiee mceN msuoikI anil   fourlli  Tiie.sday-, of'e.u-li  nionth; While Uo-,e Degree  meets 'ihird Tue-^ilay nf each uiiartei*, in Odd  fellows Hall,  ,Vi-.iling hiclbiTii welcome.  JAS. I.AVOODHOW.  ,   '     -���������     "t'l-i-.-idcnl.     !, , '  ,     J.    SAMSO'N"  Painter, Paperhangcp, Signwriter  ' ,     KAI.SOAllNIN({    DON15.  -    Oi-ili't'-.-. ivci'ivc pi-iiinpl  (iltciitioii.  Second" Mivet,'  ' ,-,     ItJSVISLSTOKE  W. A. McDonald  ,   l'LASTJSJlBJl'it mtlCKL'AyJSK  ' ., -JlRyKJ.STOIvE    X  The only fii-st-cjnss plnt,tci'er in town.  Let me know your rcquircnicnts.    A  Ciirlond' of J^inie jtibt imported.  A Car-  loitd of Brick under order. "  The Best Ice Cream  i      if   ' i        ' '   r f   - i  '���������-      Jn the City-is to be had nt -     ' '���������'  WAH CHUNG'S  RESTAURANT, FRONT.STREET  GOOSEBERRIES' '���������'.  "'������������������ BLACK CURRANTS   [  '", RED-'CURRANTS.."-'  THE CITY EXPRESS  ..    E. W..B. Paget, Prop.  - Prompt delivery of parcels, bagguge, '  etc.; to any part of the City.    ' .-   '.'" '  X Any Kind of Transferring/;  - ;^ Undeptalien.  "'   P  'tELEIMIONE NO. 7.    -  '"'  P. BURNS & CO.  Wholesale and Retail  .   .   .   .   Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage :  <^^BB^'Calgary, Alberta  PATENTS  ' nbtjliiierl in nil p.n  Trademarks  and Copyright!  obtained ill all countries.  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  '  Registered Patent Attorney  >   Mechanical Attorney and Kiiglncor..  Hoom H, Jp'nlrllcldllilock, Urnnville st., near P.O  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A postcard  will secure an evening appoint ,  ment. for those who cannot call din-in-* tho day.  WOOD YARD  1 have stiii-teil a permanent Wood  Yard' on Third street. With my past  experience i hope to he in a position  to satisfy all i-eqiiiieinents of customers. Dry c-or-dwood kept in stock and"  supplied in any lengths at reduced  prices for rush.  , It. SAMSON,  Haley-on Hot Springs  ~Ta. n itarizi m.  Under the new iiiaiiiif>;eini>nt ot*  Marry   McIntdsii,   lloll'inan   House  !   Kossland.  rpriE MEDICAL WATEItS'of iral-  jL cyon are the most curative in the  world. A perfect, natural remedy for  all Nervous and Muscular diseases,  Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments  and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure  for "That Tired Feelinp." Special  rates on all boats and trains. ��������� Two,  mails arrive anil depart; every clay.  Telegr-a h communication ��������� with nil  marts of the world. c"  Tiorms���������$J2  to  $IS per week.    For  I'lii-thi.'i- |i,rr-ticulars apply to  IIAKUV jMoINTOSII  Halcyon Hot Springs  Arrotu LaKc. 3. C.  REVELSTOKE, B. C.  ABRAHAMS-ON    BROS.,    PROPRIETORS.  Newly limit.      Kirnt-c:l-a.u.H in every respect.     /Ml inodorn conveniences.  Large SiLiri|ili!  Itcioins.  R.'itos $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.  Queen's Hotel.  Troi.lt Lake.  wmU-.r   siimc   in;inntftim������n  ELGIN OR  WALTHAM  4-OZ   SOLID   SILVEHINE   CASE.  $6.50  I)ii������i nnil i!nin|i [ii-rmr. Iltu-il with the very \������������\  M-w-ii ,iiPH..|lii| Kluin or U'lilihiiiu miiveiiiciil.  -Ii-iip ������ind and -cl. and iilfoliilely miaranlced for  IIi-i' J'-nr . Al*(i u heaiitirul cliain wilh each  ������n|i.|i rur Hie nu\l Wiilay-. All cmiiplete. M .VI.  .-���������'i i.-lui! Ik lielluvini;. I'm Ilili out mid -<c.'iid it to lit.  "fill ymir inline, l'<i������t (irilcc and Kxprc' Olliee  mlriri-.-px, nnd wc will -i-iid the Watch and Chain  , .. Kp J'oh for exainiiiiitiun.    If yon  lli.d  it as  repre-  Heiil.i!d, pay n-jeril. lliu miioiuit, and express clini-*e������,ii*,d Watch and Chain are your.--. If you  jv ������li to-iiivii piiyliiu i.lionxpreri-1 cliiirKUHHOiirl.iii llii-ritllniiioiiiit. aiid we will forward to you  Uiimli anil Chain l,y mufl. all ohnrxe.-i |ini|irild. Ir you order C.O.Ii. a depo-lt of .00 ccntH Is re-  i|iiiriiil iiH a iiml.l.iir (if kooiI faith, which anioiuil will be deiluclcd from your bill. Order at unco  iih tbN oiler may not appear iiKalu.    When writing iiientlon (his |pii|ier.  E. WAGNER & CO., 163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.  It should be borne ia miad that  every c������ld weakens the longs, lowers the vitality and prejarea Oie  system for the more serious diseases, unon>; which are the two  greatest destrovers *f hoaaaa life, J  pneumonia and ctrastuaptloa.  Chamberlain's  Cough Remedy  has won its jreat popularity by hs  grompt enrca of this most common  ailment. It aida expectoration, relieve* the lnnfs and opens the  secretions, effecting a speedy and  permanent core. It counteracts  any tendency toward ptunmoeia.  Price 85c Largo Slse 5������c.  -i'  /?;/  c  r  r  is  j  r ���������  i  I  i  i  i:  '���������i  i  c  *  i<  i  ���������  i  .c  > ���������  ��������� .-.-  0  ^  (  k:  Ji  A  ���������  J3  tl  Tir-.'.z-wiiFuiKefmtqigiixii^rwmzr- SM
> ?;'
Made from Grapes
a. poxirvd ca.n
25 Cents
a. half-pound can
Al al! grocers
. For fifty years Dr. Price's
Cream Baking Powder has
been the standard. It is
the greatest aid to perfect
household cookery.,   -'
With least labor and
trouble it makes' all'hot-'
breads, biscuit and .cake
of finest'flavor; light; appetizing and wholesome.'
Orange Parade. .
On Sunday evening the members of
the local Orange lodge to tlie number
of between 20 and 30 paraded in regalia
to St. Andrew's Church for service.
The Union Jack, the banner of the
lodge, and orange colors decked the
church, while on the <platform were
orange lilies and the choir,wore orange
ribbon.       - ,
��� The,musical part of tlie service was
conducted by the junior choir, led,t>y
II. Cook, assisted by W.JJ.Humphreys,
who alsoi sang beautifully the solo
"Xliest in'tlie Lord."'
-      .-,,", ' REPORT. ' " '     -    .
*        The' Director's! beg to'submit- to the Shiireholdcrs their Thirtieth' Anniinl
i  Report and B:ilance(Sh'eet of the affairs of.the Hank ns on the 31st M:i"y,"1905,
��� giving the result, of'the business of the' Bunk' for the yeni'i-which ended that
I'ay. ' "    .        ,     ,' ,' . ,   ''   i -, ,',
Out of the net profits of the'year, after making full provision for all bad
.and doubtful debts and for the usual contributions to the Pension arid Guarantee funds:     <���"���>"',-        J ' '   i   "
'<���<     (a) Dividends have been paid at the rate  of 10 per-cent:  per'annum,
-.     -            amounting to $300,000.                ���".",' . ���     , --
(b) Bank Premises Account has been credited with $25,0-11.73.     - .   ���
-(c) Rest Account litis been increased by $150,000. t
(d)v'Profit.and Loss Account 'has been increased by $35,909.49. i
.   'Branches of the.Bnnk'liavc been opened during _the year at Arrowhead,
B.C.; Balgonie, N.W.T.;  Broadview, N.W.T.;  and in Toronto at St/Lawrence
Market.   Branches are being opened at New Liskeard, Ont., and at tlie Upper
Bridge, Niagara Falls, Ont.              ��l    ���'���-..    .-     v, i           ���            yy,   ���_
"��� The authority given at the annual meeting in 1903 to increase the capital
stock by $1,500,000, of'which' $500,000 was issued thafyear, has been further
availed of by the'.issue of the remaining $1,000,000, which 'will- be -allotted to
shareholders at a premium of 100 per cent., in the proportion of one share'for
each three shares held on June 30th, of this year.   The additional capital,will
enable the Bank to keep pace with the'development of the country, to accept
a share of the new business which will be the result thereof, besides adding to
the total  amount of -the notes of the Bank authorised to be placed-in circulation. ' ������ '           ',     .      ���-         '                 i                 1
Mr. J.-iA.-M. Aikins, K.C., and Mr. Wm. Whyte, a vice-presidentvof ,the
Canadian Pacific Rail way, haye�� been .appointed to and have accepted the
positions of local directors at Winnipeg.       , (��� .��"~ '
' A bylaw will be" submitted for ,your'approval changing the'date of the
Annual Meeting from the third Wednesday in June to fourth" Wednesday in
May, which your'directors think will bi a'->more convenient date.      '\"y
. The Head Office and Branches of the Bank"-have been carefully inspected
during tlie year, and your-Directors desire  to express their "satisfaction" with
the faithfufand efficient manner in which the Staff performed their duties.
"  '   " .     , "'      ���''''��� T. R. MRRRITT, President, r
Si, Andrew's t'ichbylci-ian Church.
Balance at credit of account
31st May, 1904, brought
forward : $1-10,606.56
Profit for year ended 31st i
May, 1905, after deducting charges of management and interest due
depositors and after making full provision for all
25,0-41.73 bad and doubtful debts
and for rebates on bills
17G.51G05      under discount 510,95122
Dividend No. 59 ,,     '    -
���5 p. c. (p iiii  1st'" '*������
Dec, 1904) $150,000.00'
Dividend No. 00
5 p. c. (piivuble
1st June, 1905) $150,000X10 . -
Transferred toRestAccouut 150,000.00
Written off Bank Premises
and Furniture Account
Balance of Account carried
Balance at credit of Account, 31st of May 1904 .' $2,S50,000 00
Transferred from Profit and Loss Accounts        150,000 00
$3,000,000 00
Notes of Bank in circulation _
Deposits not bearing interest  $4,347,290 05
Deposits bearing interest (including interest  accrued to date)...: ���_  19,629,678 12
$2,571,577 00
$23,976,968 17
155,232 78
Deposits by other Banks in Canada, ".
Capital Stock (raid up) .-  32M2 92
Total liabilities to the public '��� ���  20,70.1,7 r / 95
Rest Account .'  $3,000,000 00
Dividend No. 60(payable Ut June, 1905)0 per cent    150,000 00
Rebate on Bills discounted      ' 65,231 64
Balance of Profit and Loss Account carried forward    176,516 05
 $3,391,747 C8
$33,095,525 64
Gold and Silver Coin X ?     ^.MO 61
Dominion Government Notes     3,634,<I00 00
  $4,401,000 Ot
Deposit with Dominion Government for security of note circulation   1*15,000 00
Notes of and Cheques on other Banks  1'y?J'i,-o o��
Balance due from other Banks in Canada.  ,yhx ?���
Balance due from Agents in the United Kingdom  ~H'^ '},
Balance due from Agents in Foreign Countries  J,.*��.J7,2L / JI
$7,628,170 31
Dominion and Provincial Government Securities.$  451,402 09
Canadian  Municipal   Securities and   British   or
Foreign, or Colonial  Public Securities, other
than Canadian    1,501,291 44
Railway and other Bonds, Debentures nnd stocks.  l,'J09,50S Id
$3,362,161 08
Call and Short Loans on Stocks and Bonds in Canada     2,685,555 85
Other Current Loans, Disc lints and Advances	
Overdue Debts (loss provided for	
Real Estate (other than Biv ik promises)	
Mortgages on Real Estate sold by the Bank	
Bank premises, including Safes, Vaults and Office Furnituro at
Head Office and Branches	
Other Assets not included under foregoing heads	
18,573,718 81
700,000 00
Toronto, Juno'ilt-fc, 1905.
\).  II. W ILK IK, General
$33,095,525 64
Ma nngcr.
Rosslanil   lacrosse
playing Revelstoke.  ������
Miss Davis, of Pasadena, Gal.,  won
the tennis championship fur Britain. ,
The Tennis Club has now a niom-
bei-ship of 40. A blue clay top is now
being placed on the cinders, which
will tiuiko one of the best courts in tho
province. The club is now challenging the lower town players.
���Rev. Bro. Calder chose as the' text
for his special sermon ���" For the word
of- God is quick and powerful,- and
sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing even to the'dividing .asunder
of Wul and'spirit'/arid of the pints and
marrow, and is ,n discerner of the
thoughts and intents of the heart."
(Heb. iv, 12.) He said of the order it
was stated there was was nothing lo
iustify'its existence/as it was like holding up a red rag before a bull, that it
was as a disturber of tlie peace, and an
organisation they would be,, better
without. If these statement's were
true he would be willing to drop .'out
of it,'and that it should'cease to exist.
The Word stated that wherever light
came, there was -'disturbance���JeBtis,
the man of peace,- said he came not to--
bring peace but a sword. There never
could and never- would be -peace 'till
right and-truth prevailed. -^So long as
the Orange order held fast-'tothis
principle there would ;be disturbance
wherever-it -came into-contact- with
wrong practices.  J '.,    '''
They  were'face" to face' today with
'' l   A SERIOUS MIPriCUl.TV".       '" '
They all felt in 1896, when the school
difficulty was settled,-there was nothing but peace and harmony before
them, and Canada could now go on
with the work of nation building. In
speaking that night he wished to show
where he stood personally. lie wns a
Conservative politically. That was
born in him. But in 1896 he turned
his back on bis party to stand by
Laurierand the cause he was advocat-
ing. Laurier was one of the greatest
men Canada had produced, and being,
a Frenchman and a Catholic they felt
that there was a man who was going
down to history for X the noble
stand 'he took in defence of
justice and right. Laurier was a man
of great ability, but he was not free
from the influence of the church to
which he belonged, and a time in his
life would come when the fires' had
burned low, when he had to face the
last issue, and when the system under
which he lived was understood they
could not be surprised he had turned
his back on his policy of 1896.
Ilad'the mutter of the schools for
the Northwest been sprung before the
election it would have been more
honest, as many Conservatives who
had voted for then^ because they had
given the. country good government
would not have done so. The country
had been well governed under Laurier
���there was no gainsaying that���and
the government wns handsomely sus
tained. It had been stated before the
elections the Territories were to be
made into provinces, but not a hint
that anything would be done in school
matters, and the members of parliament were placed in a position where
they hail to go back to the country, or
do what they had done���swing into
was unniistakeably devised to fusion
separate schools on the Northwest in
their most ofVensive character, and to
place the church of Rome in an impregnable position for all time. The
bill as lirought down was too strong,
and the countiy was brought face to
face with a grave crisis. There must
be a coin promise, and so the amendment which Laurier had clearly stated
was , along the lines laid down by
Clifford Sifton, tnciint the schools
would be ns they were in the Territories today���the national schools and
the separate snhools, which were
ceparate  only  in 'name���the   same
curriculum, the same text books, the
same school government, except that
from 3-30 to 4 p.m. the representative
of any church had the right to go into
the schools to teach the doctrines of
his church.    ' ',
JIaultain had taken issue that the
amendment wns nothing more nor less
than the bill in its original form and
ment thc fastening of separate schools
on the Territories.   ' ' ,
,The principles of
demanded there should be the fullest
liberty' and that every man should
have the right,to worship God according to his conscience, but there should
be no special legislation for any particular class. Haul tain said the bill
committed the Territories to separate
schools for all time, and that was why
the Orange order opposed this'legisla-
tion. Jf it were.a matter of the
church of Koine claiming separate
schools for tmii ing her children in
then- own tenets they would not be so
severe upon them,'as there would lie
no if.ote objection tj that than theie
would be-to liim going into'the school
to tench , the shorter catechism. But
they knew what Rome was���that she
built hei-fa'elf on her, privileges as a
right. It was the open door toadva-ice
finther and'further,'as she hud done
iu Ontario, where the day wns not fur
distant, when there would'be a breaking up'of tlio,pie.-ent position.
tiii: policy "or. kojii: ,\
was to weaken the public schools nnd
then clef-troy ihciii.< Wherever Rome
could do so she started the parochial
school to weaken the public schools
and then 'destiby them. Rome was
ifor.separate schools>,iiot to educate her
children in her doctrine,'but to draw
'from the public purse to indoctrinate
this country in the tenets of Rome.
' ���  _       *    y        i       -       -      ^ i\
'As Orangemen they"got along with
their Catholic fellow-citi/.ens,. but it
was when the'.priest-interfered that
,the trouble came.' Why,, was .the
���Roman Catholic 'afraid of'", public
schools? /In Halifax the Catholics
had separate schools granted them,1
though they weie,not legally -entitled
to them. In ordinary school subjects
the tuition was the same, but it was
when they came to history tlie difference arose. >The Catholic church
wished to warp history. The'-' great
bug-bear of Home'* was history. A'
Catholic writer objected to the separate school system in Ontario because
he said it fostered suspicion, and he
considered it would have - been better
for the Protestant minority in Quebec
to * have X given in and' accepted, the
French Canadian'-schpol than to'have
forced the separate school t system on
Ontario.   -    ; , _-      -_    ' _ '"' ~;
As regarded the .... ���>>���,.�����
ATTiTtmi: or "oi{"ANGi;jn:N*
to Roman Catholics, they would never
find an 'Orangeman say an unkind
word of a Catholic on account of his
religion. They never said anything
unkind of .Mohamedans? Were the
rights of their Catholic fellow-citizens
endangered none would be' rendy
quicker to defend them than the
Orangemen. They were bound to
respect everyone in his religion,'even
the Hottentot. Catholics weie understanding their order better and recognising it was not organised to attack
their religion but to hold for those
imperishable principles for which their
fathers had - suffered. He held the
remedy for the difficulties that threatened the relations between the two
races was the distribution of the word
of God in- Quebec and the enlightenment of'her people.
He had some sympathy with tiiosc
who charged-in the past thc Orange
organisation with being what itshould
not be. lie felt they had erred in
many things. He urged them to conduct themselves ns men at their coming celebration and to take the word
of God ns their' ritual, and follow its
precepts, when' their organisation
would become a power for good. (
wife is  a
fex��es% ndtHing
but the best Hour is good enough for her.  There can be
' no greater extravagance than the use of inferior floui T
' <    .        ���'
" __       Winchester Springs, Feb. 27th, 05.  , ;
"I read about Royal Household Flour which is puri-
fied by ele&ricit)'.    L-also read about the woman paying '���""���*
freight 25 miles before she would be without it.    Royal
Household was not sold in our town, I was asking, about ,, '-<���.,
it and my grocer told me, to wait,a day of two and he'   ,
would.'get some,-and I am glad I did so. <My wife is al   ���'
good baker* and made good bread out of other flours, but , '
what she has now made out of Royal Hpuseholdis so far-,.  -.,.
ahead that I would be. willing, to' pay- freight fifty-.miles   ;,,,
instead of twenty-five, rather, than go without it' There
is no flour 'just as good" as Royal Household.". "y
���,,.,,.    ,, .(Signed) JOHN HENDERSON, v;'
r ' , i -t i .   ' p .  f .-,.,' * K
* , i' ' " -���.'"'-- ���"
,'   ,Now, is there a single woman in.the whole country who, after,reading what ���.
Mr. Henderson says, will not at once send'for'the Royal Household recipes and give,
Royal Household Flour a trial.  , Mention this paper and address   \       '��� '  ,"   - " ;,X 'y
W-"   --.MONTREAL.    ������; "-/  '   ,    -.';-'"    "-
'       , ' i i
:    JrfU4V> Os A4Hr77U07ls fJ fty/^{f  OyQC-
^iCe^fi^iA f&4/.
1    DRIFTS.
Rich gold has been struck on Willow
River, 100 miles east of White Horse.
Among the passengers on the
steamer Alandiix from Nome was Nels
Petersen", who left Seattle lust fall
absolutely penniless and has leturncd
a millionaire. Peterson got a lay on
a bench claim and cleaned up $1,250,-
The Hunk of Montreal at Vancouver
received a brick of Cariboo gold valii��.'d
about |25,000, made on thc Cariboo
Consolidated Company's mine nt
Bullion. The mine ritii only about,
one month this season; and most of
the time with but one shift. A rock
tunnel is being rushed.
.]. K. JJottorll", secrotary-trciiMii-or of
thc JClwood Tin workers Mining Company and president of the American
Mining Company, arrived Sunday with
several investors to see the properties
in which they were interested. The
party took in Fish Creek, paying special attention to the Silver .Dollar during the early part of the week, and on
Friday left for the Hend accompanied
hy Mr. Bradley, the company's inn ringer, to see bhe French Creek hydraulic
ground which they arc operating.
W A 'N T E D
sawyers, $2.80 per day; 15 mi'ii
for btis-h work, $2.10 per day; 10 men
for- yard work, $2.10 per day and up;
tfii-1 for housework, good place; waitress fur.���restaurant. BROWN'S EMPLOYMENT OFFICE.
WANTED   KNOWN���Rooms   to
rent.   Apply Mrs. R. Tapping.
The number,of lumbermen in the
city Tuesday suggested there was
something doing, but they all denied
there was anything' unusual on- the
The selling association of the Mountain Lumbermen's Association will
probably appoint Mr. Cuddy, formerly
salesman for the Big Bend Lumber Co.,
us their,manager.
J t is stated the United States government proposes to take the duty otV
Canadian lumber entering the States,
nnd American lumbcrmcivare pouring
into Canada to take up timber in view
of this. The' Province says; "The
admission of lumber free to the United
States would mean a long period of
wonderful prosperity to the whole
coast'of British Columbia as well ns to
the interior."
Royal Mail Linos.
Choapost Route to thc Old Country.
AIjLAN LINK���From Montreal.
Virginian Juno 2.1
Tunisian lime .SO
Victoi-iini Inly 7
Havni'iun I nly 11
CAN. IJA(J. ATLANTIC S. S.-I<'ioni Monti-unl
Moil I i'0-.o I u nc '21
Ijiki; Miuliif'an    July 1
Mount Temple :-. .Inly 11
_ DOMINION LINK���Kioiu Mont real.
ICeiisiiiKlon limclM
(Lunula Iul} 1
.Sonllnviiril lulj h
Dominion July 1,'p
A.MKUKIAN LINK���Kroin New York.
I'liil.uk'lphi.i luncL'l
St. 1'iiul Inly I
New York Inly 8
SI. Louis Inly l.'p
WHU'K S'J'All LINK���Krom New York.
Teutonic Mine 'J I
Oceanic Inly .1
Majestic Inly VI
(Vili-ic Inly 111
CUNAHIt LINK-Kiom New Yolk.
ICI ninii , Iiiiii:'.'I
Ciimpiiiiiit Inly 1
thnlii-iii luly.S
ljiconia Inly II
PuHHOiiKui'rt tlokeled tliroiiKli to all piu-tH ot
Great Hi-ltalii anil Ireland, anil ut Hpeeially low
ruled to all partH of the Kuiupean continent.
Apply to nearest railway or HteuniHlilp a��cnl, oi
lo ,
T.   W. BRADSHAW. Agont,  Reveltitoko
W. P. F  CUMMIN OS.   Pacific   Aft* ont
Mr.  Guffey   Here To   Resume
Mr. Guffey, attorney for the Duqu:
csne Mining Company of 0 Pittsburg,'
who own claims on Smith Creek,
arrived in the city this week with the
intention of resuming operations on
tlio company's property. Mr. Guffey
intends to spend some time in the
district. The 'Duqucsnc Coinnany
h.ive in ranged with Pittsburg capitalists to put up the balance of the
money necessary to prove their
Tlie Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd
(Dui-iiiK season of high will or)
Leave Ekiht-Milk Landinii each
Leave La  I'okth eni-li
SPECIAL TRIPS will lie iirndi- between dates of regtil.-u siiliiiK whenever business olVet-eil warrants sniiie.
Thc Company reserve, the r-i-;hl, to
change time and .days of sniliiig without notice.
Master. Purser
We luivc :t full line of lliu choicest
p.'ittcnip, offering a large choice
in this inexpensive hut
durable material.
20C. tO 50C. Per Yard
36 inches wide.
Substantial reductions on full roll
purchases. SA.MI'LKS FKEK.
Oriental  Effects.
���I ft x 7ft iM.OO
7ft x Oft * 10.00
.'Iff x Oft *'2..r>0
Oft x !)ft $8.00
9ft xflft HM2.00
Wc a No carry
J a pan ('so Cotton  KugH
Who and White.
Jft x 12ft $10.00
:i full line of
VTOTKIK \- ]iiti-I)V i;i\.p-n Lhnt. :w il.iy*. .iltor
1} ilatp.*, wo imp-mi to appb tit (he Cluol rorn-
uii-.--iniip>r of I.iiiipN and Works, for a .pcci.il
licnup-u tn cut .mil carrj iiw.ij,* timber from tlio
fullou iiii; dc-crilicd IiiihI-p hi Wc-l Kfxiteuay
ilisl.rict:��� ���
Commencing nt'n porfl marked"!!. D. L. Co";
noi-lliwustcorncr-plantcd on tlieuiiHl side of Kish
Itlvnr, about tlircunnil a linlfmlles from Benton
on tlie (Jninboi'iiu rimil, tlicncc ciul SO chain.-.
Ilium:*! Houth SO chains, thence west SO chain.-,
thence noi-tli SO chaiiiH to the place of commencement.
Unteil this aird day of June, 100.5.
X> days after date I intend to apply to lh2
Chief Commissioner of Lands and \\ orks for &
special licence to out and carry awav timber
from - tho followini; described lands "in West
Kootenay. district. :���
Number One.
Commencing al a posl planted near, Boyd'e
ranch on the Columbia river and marked "Big
Beiiil LumberiConipanyV* South-west corner
po-t, ' thence north lO'i chain-, thence cast M
chain-, thence =ouih 160 chains, ihencc west 40
chains to point of commencement.
Number Two.
Commencing at a post planted near Boyd's
nmeh about one-half mile from the Columbia
river and marked '-Big Bead Lumber Com*
p.inj a -.ouih-w-esl corner po-t," ihence cast SO
chain-, ilieuce north SO chaiin. thence west
SO chain-, ihence s-outh SO chum-, to poini of
commencement. ��
' Number Three.
Commencing at a posl planted on thc Key*
stone trail near Boyd's ranch, about, thrcc-
(piarter, of a mile from the Columbia river and
marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's south-
we��l corner post," thence north 1G0 chaini
thence eiu-,110 chair,--, ihence-omh 100,chains .
thence we-i 10 chains to point of commence
Number Four.
Commencing nta po-,1 planted aboutonc-half
mile west of the west bank* of Columbia river
on the west boundary of John Nelson's ranch,
nnd ltiprkcd "Big Bend Lumber Company's
p-outli east corner po-t," thence north 100 chains
ihence west 10 chains, thence south 160 chains
thence ea.-t 10 chains to poinl of commence* .
ment. i
, The Master Meehnnios Pure Tar Soap heals
and Mjficnt the hkin, while promptly cleansing
nof greo.-e, oil, rust, etc Invaluable for me;
chanic--, farmers, sportsmen. Free sample of
receipt of 2c. for postage. Albert Toilet Soap
Co., manufacturer-). Montreal.
Garden, Field and Flowep Seeds
110U.*-I-: AND HAKDY PLANTS    .
for Spring pliintinp;.
Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, etc
Eastern prices or less.    White  labor.
CnUiloKiie free.
Buy Direct���Save Agent's Commission
9010 ^Vestniinstur Koiid
VANCOUVER,        - B. C.
The lJL".t Oluy in Okiinngan Vnlley,
Wi'll-lmrnt Bricks in .lnrfre or .iiimll
i|iiiiiitilies at r-i'iusorinhle prices.
(XJOjelT Bnderby, B. O.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F    B.   WELLS,
  ��� ���  : .    ���-     '   , -i   -     , t   i
Exporter of Piirs.
T I ^M^tJJiJr^ftW&^t-tfj^^ Hlii S^l-p^^tfAii-J-rjrtVijiLVL^^pWrtoj*^*^^^^^,*.*  -^ M ��������� -. J     .  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  Spring  ���������    CONVEY  A  WARNING  'that, certain ailments:genernl,  0 debility,  dys'>epsia,  rheuma  tism, 'liver  complaint,   ,etc,  need attention.  i There  isn't anything  better  than  a   bottle, of' our  own  Tonic  Hypophosphites  Made of the best'drugs and  carefully compounded..  Oiily$l for a Big Bottle  canada drug ;&  ���������bookco:  Local and General.  i ���������    ���������,"   ' , F. Corsan's residence on Second  street is quarantined by- scarlet fever'.  ��������� 600'c Japanese are being imported  from Honolulu to Vancouver.  ���������It X , I  G.-Lux, J. Croft, and \V. Deverenux  Miave' been elected school trustees for  rtBeaton. ,        (, .-.,,.. c  ,  f A terrible thunderstorm was'experienced in   Winnipeg on ' Wednesday, a  church being shattered by lightening.  ',    Swedish ofliceis are leaving' British  Columbia for  home,   in  case  of  war  with Norway.,.    _'_         ���������     :  The trouble between   Germany  and  France   has  been   settled   by  France  joining the Moroccan conference-  Vancouver is erecting a Y.' M. C. A  p   building 50ft,by 50ft. The gymnasium  alone will cost $^,500 to equip.  ��������� The Northern Bank, with a  capita1  of .$2,000,000,' is  being .organised  at  ', Winnipeg with J. II. Aslulown������as> president.   ..-'-*.. ���������'..'������������������'  The Herald has issued a creditable  illustrated supplement describing the  cave and its surroundings at .Ross  Peak. '.'" , '-,",.'  11 t 'Guard Hutcherson, of the provincial  jail at..���������Westminster,' shot, and , it is  believed fatally wounded, an escaping  prisoner named Peterson. (,  Mr. Pearce, assistant C. P. R.'-land  commissioner, uao in the city Saturday, arranging for further sub-divisions  oi the company'siliinds. ,  ,,St. Peter's Rectory is to he enlarged  being;<about doubled in size,, and  tenders are now being called for the  work.   ., .   ������  ,, Felix Copp, a half-breed, has been  arrested or. a charge of murdering  David Walker on Harrison Kiver sixteen months ago.  At Bisley marvellous shooting was  made by Sergt. Kerr, of Toronto, who  made a possible at 200 yards and then  twelve bull's eyes and an inner.  B. A. Upper is urging the Dominion  hatchery to liberate a lot of trout in  the Tumwata, and it is hoped this will  be done.  The party of. botanists under Dr.  Shaw,'who have been camped on the  Big Bend Bond, have found a new  variety of spleenwort fern in this  section. ���������  D."-R.-Young, of Rossland fame, has  broughtout acompany to sub-dividcthe  whole of the big ranches near Vernon  and reduce the price of land, lie is  also :arranging the formation of a  water, light and power company "to  utilize the Shuswnpf.ill- for an electric  tramway to Lumby and u tramway,  light and power service for Vernon.  The 'American,' Press exctusionist.s  went down the Ariow Lakes Kiindiy.  The sconeiy (iiit-lludsrine'd tho Hudson (hey declared; the wealth'of lorest  and mine surprised them.  ||Mr. Gill, fornietjy of Uovolstoke,  wns arrested at Kiko, but p?e,iped -mil  got across the boundary into Montana,  wbiii'e he was nt-ain anestcil' and  brought back to Cranbiook.  - Mr. Sansoni, curator of the pink  'museum, Man IV. captured a 2(i pound  trout nt. Devil's, Lake. The lisli is .'l.l  .'Sin long and 22.V inches round t.hc  thickest part. ,  ,���������The ', insurance companies 'acted  promptly in adjusting the loss by lire  at the Big Kddy Mill, and Mr. ,Lips-  cornbe, of tlie Westirn, was in the city  this week to deal with the matter.  ��������� As the result of a drunken, brawl n  man' named. Seaforth shot li is two  companions/ li. iMacdonnM, and I'L  Wood, on Shusw.ip-' Lake. The  wounded men icached B'cainous weakened from loss of blood and after much  haidship. ,   ,'" " <  ���������On Siituidity night there wa3 it'  narrow escape from (ire in Mrs.  George's'Dry .Goods Stoio. A large  lamp evplodod, but someone had the  presence of,'mind to t ke it up and  throw it outside. ,  , JO. Adair reports great success with  his stump buriier  at the  coast.'   Two  , .  * ,. fp        . , \y  stumps, one a (ir 0ft-lin bigli unci ������7ft.  in (linmcter, the other a cedar, 7ft 'lin  high and Jilt in diameter, were each  burned out'to 3ft in the ground in 40  hours, and the trial.favorably,impressed those who siiw it. t  Tl e committee entrus.ed wilh investigation of the prospects of starting  a.Y. M. C. A. for Revelstoke have  arranged for an -organising secretary,  Mr. Irwin, to be licrc next week, when  they will get to 'active work. We are  assured ..that,, exceptionally libeial  promises of support arc being given,  especially.a'mong railway nie'n.  '  Mr. Whyte, of the C. P. U.,, says:  ���������' This is going to be 'the greatest year  in the history of the west. Mr. Peters,  .itir' assistant general freight' ageiit,  put the crop at 90,000,000 bushels., U  go cvcn'liighc' and think a fair estimate would' be, J00,0-j0,000.tbushels.  Why,Xtiie're are" over U,000,000\i<:res  under cultivation. In I!K)2 the aver-  age yield was 25 bushel* to the ncie."  We are indebted to F. 1'. Ward \-  Co., San Francisco, fpr a copy 'of the  latest, addition, to daily journalism.  This is the Mid-Ocean Daily News, a-  24-page newspaper, .containing two  pages ol'wireless telegraphic news, ten  psgea^of editorials, ship news, smoke  room ' gossip arid general reading  matter, and twelve pages of advertisements.  '   F. M. W Ike-, i-  JimiioMin,  genera  hn'f olei k   in   It  R  I   -upei-iiit' ndent  of  Western Division ofi.i!. 1'. It. h.i*. resigned to :,c'ci'|it< Ibe p -Mii.pii.nf Inrsi-,  ness manager oi, the Cilg.iry lleiald.  ' linn. ,1; Cusiig.iii i.s to lu appointed  to the senate. (Jppstig.m owes hi*, pult-  lie, career id .1. McGinn is., of Ite.vel-  htoke,,wlio hud a liani 11ii������ oversn-.w  lo bring hini out. for the'electiiin as  iho result of ivhii-h ho lii.st eutored  public life.  'The mayor ipturned fruni 111������=; Oltan-  agan, .Saturday, and left' Monday for  the ride meeting at Calgary' lie was  accompanied on his Ok.-iiingan trip-by  bis broiliei, IL S. Brown, tho Scotch  publisher, who report's thoy had some  coiid fishing on I heir trip. ���������  Social & Personal.  Toys, Toys  *  Wu t������Vi'a bunch of mechanical toy*,  which we will eli'iif nut at any old  price, ,i- wc do not intend handling  thrMii any mitre. You eaii gel, toy-  from 10c to .Vie, -o eiiuie along enrly.  Pictures  We have a big new stock coming in  next week, and would like lo clem*  present slui k to make room for- them,  Uorne now nnil buy pictures  AT HALF PRICE.  These are bargains  and,  ns  in the  past, we always do as we advertise.  Drug Company.  B. R. Atkins is on'n-holiday'tripjo  the coast. '' "'  Mrs. McRury has gone to the coast  for two weeks.  Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Coursicr are on  a sketching tour at Arrow Lakes.  Mi's.  R.   ljaughton   is  olV on a few-  weeks visit to friends in Kamloops.  v Miss Adiiir has been appointed Deaconess  of  the   Methodist  church   at  Winnipeg.  T. J. WadmanJ secretary to the Machinists, is laid up at the hospital with  appendicitis.  ,1. McMahon. formerly school trustee for Revelstoke, has been elected  school trustee for Endcrby.    y  Editor Wilhelrn, of the Coast Magazine, spent a few days in the city . this  week.  The family of G. MiCormick, of the  Kamloops Lumber Co., are taking up  their residence at Enderby.  Mrs. B. A. Law-on, accompanied by  her daughter, left Wednesday for the  coast on an extended visit.  A. K. I'hipps, manager of the Impel iul Bank, who 1ms la-en away for a  week, returned last evening.  'Mr. and Mrs. .1. Caley left Tuesday  on a three months trip to Ireland,  slopping oil'at Guelph en route.  J|l������. W. Bole, M. I'.. of Winnipeg,  pn.-sL-d thruiigh last week in company  with the parly of eastern newspaper  men.  Mrs. W. M. Lawrence had a-visit  this week from Mrs. Johnston and .Mrs.  Waddell, two Winnipeg l-ulies en route  to I'ortl.md.  Mrs. Coursicr intimates to her  friends that being away on a holiday  trip she will not be nt hoir.i: as usual  on  Tuesday next.  Mrs. .1. Simmons and family, formerly of Revelstoke now of Nelson, were  guests of Mr. arid Mrs. Willis Arm-p'  strong this week.  Dr. Chipperficld has entered into  partnership with Dr. Vercertbrugglien,  of Kamloops, and will move to that  town.  Mr. Perry, bend muster of the Kamloops high school, and Miss Keii.b,wlio  came all the way from Moncton, N.I!.,  for the ceremony, were married at  Victoria.  DRAMATIC CLUB.  The, Pi'.imaticcliili are now haul at  work on a''well known comedy wliich  is to be produced early in September,  full-particulars of which will be given  later. 'TI13 Dramatic iclub have only  been in existence a little over a year  and (luring this time have given quite  a-nunilier of very creditable performances of standn'id plays. Coiisideinblo  e'.\penso has been undergone this  spring-in' securing books,and manuscripts of well-known plays for production this fali, some of,which we enumerate: "Sweet L-ivender.", comedy by  A. W. I'inero; "Serf," a Russian' story  of love and romance; ��������� "lit itish liom,"  drai'ua;'-'Plot and I'assion," di.una;  "Lady Gle incarty,".drama; '.'Life's IL-  vengf," drama;', "Meg's diversion,"  comedy; "The Circus Girl," or Aiabiiui  Nights; "Tune and the Hour," drain,i;  "Marble Hen it/' drama. ,  There are some of the best, 'known  rplays which may be seemed for amateur pin poses, and if thc -ierfor ruance-  given by the club heretofoie can,be  used as a criterion,'the supporters of  the club may look for quite a iiumbir  |)lea*-iiig>eiiieri.iinniei.ts  ARROWHEAD  Theodore Ludg.ito li-ft'on'-Ttiesl  an extended visit to Seattle.-'  -l-'i-otn our own coi respondent.  Mrs.'  day for  Rev. Mr. Allen, of Nakusp, willcini-  duct services in, the I'l-esbyterian  Church to-morrow.  < X        ' ,        ,'  -Mr. and'Mrs. W.'B. W.-  Armstrong  returned on Monday  from  a   visit to  Calgary.     '     '��������� ���������  -Mivl. C. Schornierlioi-n of the Kootenay Shingle Co. was in town on  Thursday.        - -   . < '���������  Mr.'Baker has charge of the C. P. 11,  townsite at Cn'inbiook, and is intc'rcst-  ���������d in sever.il local industries.   -   '"  "Y-.IIjdc Baker, of pGranbrookyivilli-  a pa ity of friends, was in Arrowhead  this week looking over the mills  here  Mrs. John Arnisliong of I'.ury  Sound, ami Mr. J.'E. T...\i nstmng of  Uiscolti'sing, Out. , are ti.e gue.-ts of  Mr. and Mrj. W. B. W. Armstrong  The new machinery for, the S. ri.  Kootenay went south to Nakusp on  Tuesday and it i, expected this boat  will goon her summer schedule again  on Saturday.  The fact however that ho als>> n-p.  resents considerable English capital  believed to be looking for investment  in the Kootenay.-: add.- particular  significance to this vi-.it.  , Thos \\ alsoii who w.i~ injured in  an accidental tin; Big Rend TrtTU-on  the 7tb inst L- piogres.-ing favorably,  though he h.is -everal weeks to 'spencl  in the Hospital yet.  The Washington correspondenls  passed through Arrowhead on Sunday last. Judging from stray ren:-  aiks dropped by them, our town made  a very favourable irripresMon^up -n the  di.-l iiigiii-lh (I w liieis,  A KlO-font, lionlintr Allr;\ will >.iifin  fnrni-h iinorlip'i-pl(,-is,int form of recreation iu Arrowhead. The building,  which is beiiiir elected by .Mr. Matltori,  is nearly completed mid t lie equipment j  i.-p expected to arrive in the cmir-i- of a  f"W  d:i is  Arrowhead fur the l-'n-'-t Armstrong  for lhe 'Iwi-lfili W'i-driP������d.iy p.i>p.(-d '  very <|iiielly in lo-vn, only a few of;  the (liange coliir- U-i'm; in evidence, i  .Some of our rt'iident- joined the p-xeur-'  sion from |{(".p|������tnki> and repoit hiui^ j  ing spent a very enjoyable time at  A mist rung.  Il is reported that Mr*. Harry Macintosh, of the Halcyon Hot Springs  Sariit.p.iuiii, will shortly cither build  or purchase a pleasure 1 umeli to I*-  [������������������it on the Lake for ||,e afi-niiiod.ilion  Business Locals.  When you want JOK tell Hutchison  and you will get. it in quick order.  Bathing suits at .1. G. Macdon'ald's.  ,,15.11-gains iu toys at the Red Cross.  Cut prices in go-enrts at llnwson's.  Firstclnss supply of I OK. may be  bad from .1. C. Hutchison.   ,  S. McMabon's reputation as a build-  ei of vehicles is bringing liim considerable 'business from outside points.  He has just ,completed two logging  trucks to' the order of a customer nt  Kamloops. Mr. JlcMahon is also  working up,a good business in buggies  and implements,, and among other  local orders-he bus filled is a trotting  speeder for F. McCarty.        '     ',  K.'A. Bradley has taken offices in  Ihe Lawrence block.  Pictures at' half .price at the Red  Cross.-   ,, , ,  ���������See the Raymond sewing machine  at llowsoifs Furniluie Store', cheap  for cash': ',.  Pri'vate'funds.to loan on real estate  security, :Apply to Scott-and Briggs,  Barristers,'Bevelatokc, B. C.. ,  Red Cross bargains are always the  real thing.- ���������  Wcp.'have rpceivcdi the .Desharats  Newspaper Directory' for 1901-5 published by the enterprising advertising  agency of Montreal,1 who are now located in their new ollicc's in the Sovereign Bank building, one of the finest  of the late additions to Montreal's lino  olliee buildings. Advertisers will find  the publication a useful and complete  book of reference.  ' r       ���������     ,        '  < See II. Howsbn & Co for a large assortment of cat pets, Moor oils, matting,'  'etc.      5   .'  Want to rent a piano.' Apply to J.  G. Macdoriald. ���������   -   ,-  'Madame,Bayla, n'scientific palmist  of great repute, late graduate of the  Occulfc,-College of- India and France,  will be' in Revelstoke for one week  only, beginning Monday, July 17th,,  and will stop at the Central Hotel.  Everyone sliould have their hand read  by this rnmarkably gifted lady.'"   -  The Calgary 'Brewing Co. Ltd., will  establish ' bottling works nnd, cold  storage plant in Vancouver. '.'*���������'  R. IT.-,Trueman has ' arrived from  Vancouver and will he personally in  attendance at his- studio here till  Tuesday July -17th. .*.'.*    -��������� y  ���������Family, Herald and ' Weekly Star  and'Kootenay Mail all to end of '1905  'or ijil.50. Send.in your..subscription,  as soon as possible,,and g' t. the ,best  newspaper value ever ottered.'1' Address  T1x?,Kooit,nayMati, Revelstoke, B.C.  "Miss 'Agnes' lleline,' late of' the  Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd., -Vancouvei,  is taking charge of Mrs. George's  dressmaking department. She is a  thoroughly capable and experienced  dressmaker, so the public' may be sure  f.hat any" work given to Miss -Helme  will be executed-in the most,'modern  and approved fashion. ,���������    '.       ,  NAKUSP.  ,   A Warning to Mothers.. ;  Too much care caniiot be used with  small children during the .hot weather  of ��������� the summer vnionths .to guard  against bowel I roubles. ,As a rule it  is only necessary to give the child a  dose of castor oil to correct any  disoider Of the bowels. Do not use any  -ubstitute but'give the old fashioned  castor oil, and see that it is fiesh, as  r.mcid oil nauseates ami has a tendencv  to gripe. Iftthis docs not check thc  bowel- give Chamberlain's - Coiic,  Colera, and Diarrhoea Remedy and  then a dose of castor oil, and the  disease maybe checked in its'incipi-  ency and all danger avoided. The elisor oil and th's rented3''should be procured at once and kept ready for instant use as soon as tlie first indication  of any bowel trouble appeals. This is  ibe. mo������t successful treatment, known  and may be relied upon with implicit,  confidence e\en in cases of chol-ia  infantum.    For tale by all druggists.  Prom O.nr Own I'orK'Siioiulont.  E. If. Bourne, of Bevelstoke, was in  town for a few days.     ',  Mrs. Thos. Dunne and "children, of  Nelson, are visiting Mrs. D. T. Bulger.  Mrs. G. L. Sliarpe, of Eiiderb'y,, is  visiting Mrd. L. E. McDougald.  ���������  Mrs. Thomas McNaught, of Halcyon,  is spending a week with Mrs. L. J.  Edwards.   ���������    ���������   .   > '     ' '���������      '  Conductor Charles, Brett arrived  home Tuesday .from his. trip to the  Coast. ' '       -, ' . ~']���������        ,1  ' Mr! and Mrs, F. W. .Toulan and  family have left on a trip 'to Seattle  and Portland.      ��������� ,      '  Mrs.'(Capt.) Dotigal left Tuesday,on  a trip to Tacoma and Seattle, and  while away will visit Portland fair.'  Mr. and' Mrs. Robt. Morrison and  family,'who have resided here for the  last two years, have removed to Van-  couver.  - ' ' ���������  Mrs. Thos. McNaught,, of Halcyon,  and Mrs. Walter Scott, of Nakusp,  expect to leave shortly on a trip' to  Scotland. ,', y  ���������'  The Ladies Aid of the Presbyterian  . i, .' ,. i  Church gave an  ice cream  social  in  Lclaud House, which Mrs. E.'McDougald kindly,placed at their disposal.  , H. 15. Smith, who has been employed on the Tug, Columbia, has <leftfor  a trip cast, and will arrange to be in  London", Ont., for the ���������, old.' boys'  nMinion.       ."���������,    - ��������� '     .    ' ���������<   .  It was 'quite-evident' on Sunday,  when tlie^Steniner Rossland steamed  into port here with the Stars and  Stripes floating in-the brec/.e, that she  had oil board the U.S'. press correspondents of Washington, D. C. ', -"  ' ,On Sunday evening the people of  Nakusp were treated to a magnificent  sight���������a bush fire had been.raging all  day along the line of railway in Jull  view of. the,town, .and at night tlie  illumination caused by' the (lames  shooting up to the top of the trees iwas  grand. The C. P. It. have had'a big  gang of 'men trying to stop the (ire,  but the high windspf the last few days  have fanned the (lames , until- it .-is  beyond control.                  ��������� , ,   j- i',"  .  Sunday Dinners.  ���������'   "    "���������' >   <��������� -     ,  A specialty will lie made of Sunday  dinners nt the Union Hotel; Price 50c.  -.     -MRt?. McICITTltlCK. ,  ,   ,   YODO FUJI  ,  bus reopnned u  RESTAURANT  ���������'���������'-���������'���������".'p ,'oii MuKeii7.it"A.viMi'ue.p '���������'.-       '  Open Day and Night. First-Class Service  / ].77tc X  Clocks! Clocks!  8-Dayi Half ITou'i-   Strike,   for  !)M.OO only.     Limited  Number.  J. Guy Barber  Richard R. Copeland  JOBBING CARPENTER  ,  '   AND OABINIOTiMAIvER" ���������  Mantles., .Shelving, Ely Screens, ot'  Jobbing .Promptly Attended To  Third Street East,      ',,      Revelstoke  ,        - - Pl-itc1 '  *  PALMISTRY  HERE  ONE  WEEK  ONLY  CHURCHES., ;  -i .'���������      . - -  St. Phtek's.���������Fourth Sunday after'  Trinity. . Holy Communion;at_8 a-, m.  Usual services at,11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.  - St. Andrew's Church.���������Services at  11 a.m.'.and 7.30 p.m.       ' '...'-' v  Knox Church.���������-The Ladies'Auxiliary are meeting with great success in  their organisation, four new members  having joined at Monday meeting.'  Row Mi. Lang will conduct sei vices  ,on Sunday at the high school luiilding  at ll,i a.m. and 7.30 p.m. Sunday  school at 2.30 p.m.     . ,-',-.  Mr.Tiiodist.���������The Methodist Chut eh,  is ever to the fore -in a movement to  popularise the church and next Sunday, as Rev. C. H. M. Sutherland'is  away on a' holiday trip, his place will  be taken by ladies. At the morning  service Miss Atkinson will'give'a papei  on "Spiritual culture," and at the  evening service Miss Adair will give  an address. R. Howson will be in  charge of the services.  NEW BARBER SHOP  ���������"     'J: O. Morgan will open his   ,  "'-"...',''      new,Barber Shop,       c ,'*  ��������� ,  FIRST, STREET  On Monday, May lstX/'OId Customers  and new can depend on receiving the  best'attention. ' "...  E:J.Boupne  . ?,, * __ ,y s  Boots and Shoes,       . / ,  .Men's Furnishings,  - Ready-Made Clothing...  FIRST STREET,  WEST.  ANI1KKW  STKNSTHOM,  AilininNtniliii''-.  In llie' null or ol  (l'-pitieH-ri, nnil  rn*l lie mill tin- (if I Im "Olllcinl  , 'Act.-";     o '  . NOTICK IS IIKUn-HYfllVKN thai by onlur  of His Honor J. II. Korln. County .liul|*c. iluluil  llu-'Kli-il day'of .iiinu. ISKK. tleoi-Re Smith Mc  Cni'tcr, Olllceil Adiiiinistuiloi- for that part of  ICoolciiiiy (Jniniiri-cil within llm ltuvolsloko  Electoral Uistrict,'Inw buen iti-nntcil lettoisof  iiilininiitration, lo lulmliiNlor till and ^liifciiliir  lhe (--.Into of Anilnnv Stonstioiii.tlccc.'iicil, in-  lost ul c.       r '  "And further take nolice thai nil claims upon  ihCSUld Cs IL* l* lllll-t'lMJ hClll, in lo lliu bind Ad-  uiini-.ti.itor, nl hisollip.1-, Iiiipi-i-nil U.inl: Illoclc,  lleiulsloke, H. i;., within ltd ilajs frain the dale  hurt of, lifter which all piocwiN will be distributed'.unmif* the pai'lii's l.iulully thineiinlo  enlilleil.  (!KOIUIK SMITH JlcCAHTKIt,  (llllei.il A(lniiiii-.li;ilor:  ll.ili-d lhe 27t,li day ol .1,11111', I'Jili.- HSI.ij-i-'  Bevfilstoke Bestaupaiit  ]\Irs. H. J. nanbury/Mnnagress.  First-Class Table.     ' '  Private DiningBoxes.  Liirno DiiiiiiKroom for       u  ,  , liuni|iiuts, Supiiem, etc.  j Furnished Rooms To Let.'     ,  FIRST STREET, BEVELSTOKE  JUST INSIST  "  ' ' ' r  THAT Vour.Milk Is Pure  THAT Voir Milk Is Clean]  THAT Yoi",J^i,k Is,Free  I lin. 1 0f Preservatives  and You Will Order It Prom  Till?'  ft*  A POST CARD ADDRRSSED  'TO' US' WILL-ENSURE A  ' PROMPT  CALL FROM,OUR  Xdriver, y   ''  . :'   " -y' t  L        1 , ~p l t-     r  ALL MILK DKLIVKREI) ISOTTLEI) '  . T. A. LEWIS, Proprietor.  GENTRAL HOTEL  Madame Bayla  v      THE  CAVE   C. Dcuclisnian coniplains thc Dominion governnient will not give liim  title to thc cave be discovered nor, for  a site for a hotel to, establish which he  arranged with an, American company  provided he could get the necessary  concessions. We understand the government purpose to reserve the cave for  public use.  A. O. Wheeler of the topographical  survey, is in the district to make 11  thorough exploration and leport."  There is another cave on the same  range to the south.  An oid prospector in the Selkirk's  informs us the cave at Itops Peak was  known M years ago, but in those days  no particular interest attached to it.  Ki.1 nee**, celebrated scientific and psy-  e bi'- palnfi������t, know all over Kiu-<p[ic  .ind America, patroni/.ed by royalty  .mil peerMj*-!*, will give readings of the  hfiinl af the Central Hotel one week,  b.-KHiiiirijr Monday July Ihel'th, \(,  on'- xbr.irlrl miss tin* p-ppporturiity of  -ps[ 1 rt.umrifj aboul all Ihat per I a ins In  llip-ii wp'llfate .iiirl happiness. ] 11 your-  Ii.iikI 1-,   unlleri   I.he   hj**fory   of  your  MENACE TQ BRITAIN.  Paris, July 11.���������Ceriiiany is reported  to linve a secret treaty with the Stiltim  of Morocco for the construction of two  fori- which will directly menace Cib-  r.iltnr. The .Sultan will be nn-ventt-d  .from carrying out bis dangerous  larg.iin.  NOTICE IS IlKltKllV (llVKN Hint thii-ty  -��������� da.v.sallci-datL* I niliaiil Idiiiiplj lo lhe  t;hiiif Ciiniiiiissioiiiii* ol Liinils and Works font  s|n-ia,il liiMiiiso lo oul. nnd carry away linilior  110111 the rollowinif ik'-ji-i-ibud Innils ill West  Kooiun.iy ilistnol :��������� '  Niuiihoi- One.  C'oninieiicin^ nt .1 jiost iiiiii ked Win. t.ow.-in's  imilli'-ot, cdiiiui- iic)st,"iinil pl.inlcil atapoinl  Iho nidi"* north of lhe live anil-li.ilf-inilu post  on. lio\ui'iiinuiil. Iiiiii, lo Kik I.uiIku. I'm-jsloii  Cieek, tlicnco 1101 Hi Nlilinliis, llionc-o o.isl. Sli  i-liiLins, llnnioo soulh SO chains, Ihenoo went Sli  oh.mis to tho place ol' cciuiiioDeeiiient.  - NunilM-i- Two.  1'('oninii'iirinK.it a |iosl iniu-kcd "Win. Cowan'-, southwest coi-iici- iio^t,"mid iilanli-d at a  point 0110 mile norl h ol' Iho luciud ii-hall niilo  post on (loMji-nnioiit mill lo Hi|{ Lcd^u, I'liu}*-  tou Check, llioncc noi-th SO chains, lliouci-cist.  Sli chains. Ihcin-c south SI)oh,nils, llioncc west  SO i li.iins to the place ol coniiuciiccinoiil.  ... - ���������, u Niniitiui- Thii-0.  roinincncin|?al a liosl iii.iiI.liI "Wm. flow-  nil's soul licast i-oinci- pnsl.'iind iil.inli'd at u  point one nulo noi-lh of the livu and-.i-h.-iir-inilc  post, on (ioveriiint'iit, li-.ul In Hi|? Iji-dtfC Ihcnco  1101II1 IIKI chains, Ihcnco w<-s| III chains, thence  soutli IIHIcli.litis, tlicnco i-nsl III eh.litis to llie  pi.ice ol coniiiii'iiccincipl.l  N u 111 l������i*r l-'nin-.  p Coniin'ciiciiiK at 11 post 111,11 ked "Win. (Jow-  .Hi's fsouthwcsl,  corner nn������l���������"iiiid"]il.iiituil al a  lioiul :t2Lliains we.sl ol lhe sis-atid ouc-qii.n-toi-  iiiile post on l.'oiei niiienl ti.iil   lo   Hit?   I.ciIkc,  I'liiHston llroek, Ihence inn-Ill 10 chains, IIh-iilc  east,- 1 i'J> chains. Ilii-nce soulh III chain-, Ihence  west Hill chains In the pi.ice ori-ouiinciii-uinciil.  Nuinhci- Flic.  C'nniineiiciiiKiiln post iit.ii ked  "U". Ciowan's  noi'lhwcsl coi-nei- posi," ami plan led at, a point  'in chains   c.isl   ol   Iho  sK-iind a quai-lcr-milc  post on Llnvei-iin I, trail lo lliir; 1,cpI-jl-, l'in(,'s-  Ion Clerk, I In-nee soul li IUi chains, Iheiicc e.isl  III chains. Ihence uoi-lli 100 eluiiiis, thonec wcsl  Indiums lo the place of coniiiii'iicuniciit.  , Niiiiilier Tiv.  I'oiuini'iiciiiK at :i post linn ked "Win. (low  .til's iioilhc.isl, coi-nei- pipsl," nud planted al. a  point one mile anil I'll chains c.i-l ol Iho siv.uid  one (|iiiiilci- iiiilc|>os| oiitimei'iiiucul I rail lo Hik  Leilgi*. I'niifsifin Ci-eck, IhctiK- wes| In chains  IhetiLC south lOOch.litis, thence c,i-l III chains  Ihcuii- mil 111 IIVl eh.'iiits lo the place of ("ont  ineticcitienl.  Nttuilii'i- Seven.  Coiniui-iiciiiK.-il :i post  nun-kid   "Win.   (!ow-  nn's iini'lhwi'sl t-ntui't-   pnsl," and   pliinled   ill  -.ante poiul .w Nunthei- IJ, Iheiici- east III chains,  Ihcncesiiulh ll^i cli.iiii-i, liieucc  w'c-,1 in chains,  Ihi-ucc   not lit   ll'pU   chain-,   lo llie plnco of loiii-  iiicnei inuiil.  Dali-il ihis'.'.'plh day of .lime, HKi.l.  !H7 Ijlll   . WM. (iOWAN. I.ocatoi-.  Owing to thc large increase  in  our Lakery Business wc have been   <  obliged to do nway wilh  all   old-'"  'time   methods   and   jnstal   new"  '  rnachincry   of   the .latest   . type,  which place's us' iii'Vi  position  to, ;  cope with anyrlike.conccrn in-the   *  piovinco.'       .   " ,'.        .      -.    ,   ."���������  Calland Inspect Oiir: Goods.   ,  A Swell Assortment to Choose   ;  t - 4 i  From; Satisfaction Guaranteed.  H0BS0N  &  BELL  When You "Want  Jtfight or day,   ������������������  Ring up Tel. No.;'27  Stand at Union Hotel  J. M. McCallum.  a  of hi- kiicmIm and the ���������ui,ie,(���������i, panic ' '!,F*V   wi'"! yJ'" ''",!   .^'"i*3"'"  'V   ' | lie !    wh.it, yipii m.iy  lie;   Shown   by  wlio an making this delightful report  the rende/votis of Mhrtrf, eveur-Mnni.  This looks good to Arrowhead, Mae'  The cooling sliouem ol Tbur-day  c.iiiic iis a pleasant cliaiige after tlie  hot spe.ll and served temporarily to  dispel the heavy smoke from neigli-  bouiiiig bush fir������"j which for the p,i.-t  week lias hidden thc Hurrouinlii g  hutdscapc 'rinis far the- timber in  the immediate vicinity of our town  has escaped the ravages of the devouring element.  you m.iy  I le- mimlerful scieru-e nf palmistry so  pnif tired I.y M.irlame I'.tyln.  The elite of Kni/liirid, (fer rriimy, Rus-  sin, fl.ily, nnd other Kiiropcan r-ouri-  t.ries .treslill speaking of ber stinngc  reve|atioii������.    Sliaiige.   wonderful, Iml,  II ii". No rrifiM.er vvbal rnnybe yiPiir  hope, fear' or- ambition, consult thin  wonderfully gifted I'syehist Palmist,  the only one in I bis country that ha-,  professionally appealed before llu-  scientists and medical I'aeull ies of  Kurnpe. Vrjur life rend from cradle lo  grave. Husiriess, inni-riage, success,  health, wealth, etc.  I lours, 10 ii.in, to II p.m.  Ilnr charges are very i-i-anoiuible.  IteirietnbiT, one week only.  ORCHARD AND GARDEN.  J, Mnly bus a remarkable growth of  peas al bis garden on the Ilig llend  Itoad, vines being over seven feet high  ami loaded with pods, Mr. Maly has  also some remarkably fine specimens  of Storm King nnd Countess of Aberdeen  fuchsias.  LABORS CALL.  The Trades and Labor Council has  applird lo the .Dominion government  for n nine hour day on public works.  The report of the New York Labor  Department .-shown a heavy falling oil'  in union membership as the result t-f  recent, strikes. Although '.)'.) new  unions were organised 165 were die-  solved.  mAICK NnTIl'K Unit llilitv iluvs after dale  I we In I ���������������������������it I In apply lo Ine llnnorablo Iho  Chii-I <'niiiiiiis*ioiici- ol IjiihIs and Works for n  special license lo cut mid curry away limber  li oni lhe follow ln|* described land- : ('oinineno-  inensliiK al the snuihonst,coi-nei- post, of lot Slk'l.  nhuiil two mill's cast of Allow Luke and about,  four inili"< inii'lli of Nakilsp, al a post marked  Yiili-C'oliitnhia Lumber ('otnp.iny's southeast.  (oriici- posl: riuiiifiiK llicnee e.isl Hill chains,  Ihcnco not lit III chains, thence wot IIKI chains,  and thence -.onlli IU chains lo point of commencement.   .  vai,i-:coi,i;miiia li;.miii-:ii companv,  II'I'piiS UAIITKIJ.  Loeal. Agent   Wanted  ATONCRI'-Oil f \  Canada's Greatest Nurseries'-  li'or-  lhe*-towii   of   ltevelstoke    .'"���������  and      suii-ouniling     t-ounti-y,    f,'  which will be reserved   for the      , .  right man.     .Start, now at the  best selling season,' and handle  oni-  NliW .SPHCIALTIKS on      >  LIBIiltAL   TKItMS. ��������� Write      ,  for-   pai-lieul.-ii's,  and  send  '2oc  lor out' baiidsome  Aluminum   Pocket   Microsropc,  (a lillle irem) useful to  Kannei's iu e\aininiiiK seeds and |*i-ains,  (licli.inlisls      '��������� liees for insects,  pJnidenci-s        " iilanls for insects.  Ti .icliei-s and Seholni-s in M.udj in-; liolanv. and  Kvct-yliody in a hundred ilillereiil. ways."  STONE & WELLITGTON  I'-ontliill Niir>cries lover S(K) aci-cs|  TORONTO - -       ONTARIO  ic:  Persons retpuiriog n  supply of ice can  depend  on gellinir;  it promptly   from  IpUltC  Wm. Fleming-,  Wlioles.ilc anil Kctail  Meat Merchant.  Fish   and   Game   in X.Season  First St., Revelstoke.  Jas. I. Woodrow,  .   BUTCHER.  Retail Dealer In^^aaaa^*-  BEEF,   PORK,  MUTTON, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season.   ���������  All orders promptly filled.  REVELSTOKE, B. C, SS^SSSi:  ALBERTA EMPLOYMENT AGENCY  Licensed. Refj-isieied.  CALGARY, ALTA.  Olio. MuLkan,    -   iMiinaner.  TiS  ed on short notice.  Olliee: Uoom 5, Burns Block.  wm   P" ������"Box 8W,'(?a,8������y' Alta.


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