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Kootenay Mail Jan 30, 1904

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Full Text

 ��� iv-       i i <   r
I  ?rovincial Libmjr
IS-'/,; �����'
^ Vol. 10.���No/44/
$2.00 Per Year.
Discount off on AIL Goods
,     For Fifteen,Days .
AtW.cT.Geopge's Store
Cook 'Stoves,; Ranges
and He at ers'
Stoves and   Ranges, for  Wood or, Coal in  Sizes 7. S, ��
9,   io.'at lrom> !j) 15.00 up.    '    ���
SKATES '��� �����
I Extra values in Skates and large variety to choose from
Twin lLune*- foi  Lumheiing, Fnini iiml Duty Woik.,  Single ll.unc���
""-,{01 K\pie.-s .iikI  Dnvintr, JToi.-e Mm ken, Whip*, "etc.
White and Granite ,Enamel Ware, Crockery and .Glass''- ��1    c,
'    '���;       ware.     Full stock of Groceries at'.'
1 J ' r-
Headquarters for Groceries
Stoves, Hardware, Harness; etc
We will continue our Dressmaking Bargains. We will
make any Iady^t street or walking skirt for $3.00. Some
of the ladies in town have availed themselves of this
oenuine bargain offer and are more than satisfied.   >
We ,11c -liowmsr I'm llii' pie-enl  -imii' new die��� ni.ilei i.il' Zehelmc in
,     dith'H'iit -h.ule- .1 line ('.iiiiel'- li.iii  finish, puneip.illy 111 two tone
I'tlect-, ill (>0 I'CIll'- )il'l  \.ud.   '
1 I c ������il(J���J itl 11   .')(') ill(llu-   .ill W1111I ,111(1 .111 |'M|,|    lll',l\\   Wi'HjIlt   .ill Ciiliil- ,it
SH cent-  pel  j.inl. l '-
Nmelty -uiiinii- in .ill oilm- with -now II.ike ellect. .~>(i .mil MO inche-
wide. .it if I H) pei \.ud.
Ifipley'- pirk' lini-h in  f.inov   die��� in.itcii.il'-   pi'i   \,ud. (>0 ccnt-
I'niili.-li lno.idcluth in  pl.iin I'ulm-  in .">(! inchc- wide .ind ,ill wool   the
lino-i, per ynid. if 100 <-
L.i(li("-'  while  linen collm-. pini.' ponu. pi>pp.\    the new Ulliiuwi ciill.n
���it   IT) cent'-,
ri.innele'tte emlnniden . .ill coloi-.md width-, .it K, 10 .ind loccnt-
Midnct Teck how niul -nine; lie-, to lie worn with Hie |iin<r pmii? coll.u.-
:it  "2") .ind M.'i (ent-.
Chin,i   -ilk-,   i")   ei'iit1-     hilkme    Kinhioideiy   Hoop-    I5i.iiii.tid   .mil
Aim-timm .mil Cmtieelli -ilks im   l.uicv noik
H. N 10URS1ER.
Km jlie. .il>"\e |iliuuiyi.iph m old-timeia t.iken' in I SO I wc .tie indebted
to J". M. Well- one ni tlie-e pinnocis .Me--is Well--, (JouiMei, AliKili.iinson
.inil J3.ill>oi h.i\e-t.i\e,d w uli ilie ciiv ^Ii ll.iijr lelf loi I��n��l.mtl sonic ye.us
,iso -Ah |\n kup is siold comnu-rimiei .u Kosil.md. .mil Mi Jowclt mo\ed to
Xi'Non Gn\ B.uher l-'one (il the ln^t oi the linns still in lm-ine���in the
cit\ to open 1 leu- li.iMiii! -t.nted in-.])if-onl jcm\oil\ liu-inos- lmn Icon \o.u-
.ijjo, .md -t.iVed with it" e\i'i -nice He ieino\ed to Molven/ie .nentie five
\e.iis .iiro .mil u.i- .ippoinlcd mliti.il riniekeepei loi the 0 J' R wlntli pnsitiou
he now holds Mi J3.nln'r Innlr .i neu jeweln stmo of hi= own List jt'.n on
mm ol the he-t liusine��� -lie- oi the t >wn, .md cuius one ol ihe linesb -toekfc
oi w.itchi- (lock-.ind jew eh \ to'he fi.und m the west.
^v -5ftr
:*. , -
Bar^a ins! -Bairgains!
- In stock-taking we   find goods  that we don't want to
carry over and we   put  them  on our table to clear ^.jj    " ''
less than manufacturer's prices,%       \,    "; . ,    ,    m        \\
250 ��/0 Discount
on All Dress Goods
Just   to   start   our   dressmaking   department.
"We li.ivc much ]ile.i-ure in leeonimondin^ -Mi- shook who h.i-
t.ikon cli.nge of our Die-Mii.tking ne]i.iuinent     All work yu.ii.intt'i'd.
Diy Goods iM'eieh.inL';, Hevel-toke, 13. 0.
pront vtri:i:t i\" w.   v n i>\vn:r.'X)\,> m;rLDi\d and e n   \\i:li,v stoki;
Millinery,and Dressmakin? Departments on Second Floor
The ijiuchille, Cluh wiil^ close its
-t.i-on thi-U',ii with .i Iciim xcmi lull
(ni ]"i id.tj c'.eiiiiifr I'eh. J*2th, in-te.id
of the u-iiiil iiiii-cjiicniilc
Mi-. W. .\ .Mm 11�� I.MM' .' \t'iv |ili'.i-
-.mt ciu-lui' p.uty l.i-t Mondny nftt'i-
noon. .\nioii��_'-t tho-c pu-ent wcie
noticed. .McmI.miiii's Ani.m. .\tkin-.
[jew;. Jl .1. Botiine l^olton Uiick.
Cijiu-ii'i' J Kdwiiid-. Flindr, Fied
Fi,i-ci. H.iirgen. Holten l.iiwience,
F B Lewi- .McC.iitei'. Scott. Sihkild.
C! it.! .^ntlicrl.inrl. .md Mdlle. Uiou n,
M.ny Kdw.ud- iind .-lpinhiig. .Mis Jll-
C.utei ;md Sc(>tt li.ul t(j cut im tlits
lii-t pii/e .i p.iii oi cut frl.i4- pejijier
.mil .-.ilt -pnnklei- which lell to .Mi-.
McC.uti'i Mi-. Buck took the -econd
l>ii/e. .i -otnenir te.i���.ji'kiii. while the
" hoohy pn/e <i pictty little chin.i
���loi;. went to .Mi-  t'oui-iei.
A complete Mock of Fcedei - on hiind.
Ako ,i j{ikhI <.tock of (lonifoiti, Nipples
.md othei Miji|>lii"> fm  infinite
Drugrg-Ist and Stationer,
Mail order-, promptlj filled. Next Hume'-.
ee Here!
Do You Want Any Groceries |
or Qents' Furnishings ?
Yes! Well, we thought so. We ctin supply you
in both with the very best at the lowest possible
Our Motto :
"Please "All."
" Defer nut  till  lo-moiiow   to  he  wi-e:
To-moi low'- -mi   to  thee  m.iv  nevei   li-e."
MACDONALD & MONTEiTH -.-,������- - * -(  ��������� n/ \i<, %   -irVi"������  -i'*-*!*1* ������������������'      J������ff- 'jf-tf*.      *icf^rv i , ' *u������  ���������3 .1.1-1* H-   -(_'_  '   ''   */  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  i. ������������������ ���������'  i    '..  ,, ,c  ������     *  h  11.  >>-  Ml       '  IF.*  I������".  V  77/������ LARDEAU.  ,   Silver      Cup,Mountain,���������Some of  '���������'   ��������� the Properties.    '  i >  l.UCKV .11 M.  ' 'Thi-. property  is located acinis the  -ridge'from   the   silver   Cup, 'and   has  ,beeii consideied one of Lhe richest dis-  ���������co*erieh in,the Lardeau.    It is. located  in" a'basin on' tlie"e.isterh slope, neai  the   .summit   of   the   divide   between  Trailt  Lake and, the south folk of the  J,iii(?cnu.    The (iiiai't/.ite dyke, which  we have referred to as being traceable  through  the country from  the north  foik 'of the Ijardeau Hiver to the head-;  'waters  of^Hight Mile  Creek'towards  the south end of Trout l.iikc, stands  out distinctly in this basin, and divi-  ���������ties tin; Silver Cuprpioperty'iioin the  , i niinenil   locations   to   the   west,  and  which n're said to show values mainly  .in   gold.    Indeed  .several   prospectors  '  who 'know   the  district   well  declare  this dyke is the dividing line between  ,'the gold and silver,oie������'of the locality.  The 'formation' west   of   the   dyke  appeals   to  be   mainly   mica   schists  - These schists.have a strike'of N". 32 E.  andWlips'fiS.    The development ������ork  on the Lucky, Jim 'consists, 'of ,.i sluitt  which was full of water at the'tiine ol  ������oui'vi������it, but was slii.tcd to he  12  ft  deep, also a tunnel, which was, howevei  filled   with  snow.   The lead is :1 ft 9  in. .wide wheie exposed in, the .shaft,  and   has   a   sti ike of 'almost due 'cast  "land wc*fc. with easteily dip.of���������(!p,dcg.  The lead   is slronnlv mineralised with  iron sulphurots.  The property consists of five claims,  ' the J-uely Jim. Von and 1, and Goi-  .'don Highl.indei, tno latter i tinning  'towaids tlip'Triune ground, Another  crossle.id outcrops 120 ycK .fiom 'the  -Li.iOky 'J'niJCil" tl'Hl inns p.uiiUel lp  it  <?rty  cropping heie, and it looks much like  that on the gold propei tics of Kish  Cieck.       '    '       .       \   ,  \ t:oi.iu:x cati:. ,  This property is owned by Dr.' Mil-  loy. K Morgan and J. Giant'. A huge  quartz -lead, from 00 to 120 It. wide,  outciops heie with a strike of N. 85  W.' It shows gold and galena on the  hanging wall- In an, open cut heie  J. Giant made, a lich strike of ruby  silver. ' Cross, veins aieseen on the  propei ty at inlciyals of rabout 200 ft.  and 'the mountain is seamed with  (iiiarliC   veins!,.   A  tunnel   CO   ft.   in\  ���������. 6 1  length has been run in graphitic  schist.      , (  Tin: ai.i'inu ' c  i-> a very promising property. ''A well-  defined load strikes N. 110 west through  the property. 'A shaft, 'sunk on it  sliows"the lead to,a width oMiso feet,  hut theie is oie on eitlier side, so that  the true width is not, known. It  looks to be u strong'lend. The shaft  is -10 ft.'wide, and a diift has been run  10 ft. The oie cairies gold, silver,  lead and'copper values, ,and ,though  tlibic is no solid paystie.ik tlieoie'is  abundantly-disseminated through the  (iuart/, and will make   an    ideal   con-  , i ... , -  'centr.iting proposition.  The pioperty is exceedingly well  situated, overlooking Tiout Lake,  liom which n good road could be  built and a. cable ' tramway ,w on Id  bring it'within tlnco miles of tr.ins-  poitation.   , ' '     ,  The gioiind is dry, .is it   it,  chained  by a ' precipice  running    parallel   lo  the   lead   a- shoit (listnicejiway, and  which  would   enable the  oie-lody.to  be developed at a depth ot  about  .ri00  It: by a tunnel 500 ft.   long      Tinibe;  and water powei  <uc .ibuiicLtut   in the  \ iciuity.   '. . t ,  . We are   informed the jr.iloiut Ciinit"?  ijiio a ton in goid .mil that llie (|tla!t/.  oie looks well hut, the piop-Ln(|   sulphurcts   will' average  JfJO   in  is   a  considei-ahle distance liom | sjoiji   .'pheie is a gooe.  cabin'   a  shoit  ;���������!..  timber, a:ul .ill a  basin 0,500 lo 7,'000  feet  above   sen-level,    [c is   cle.ii'   ut  snow only two to tlucc,months in the  year. ��������� 4  *   A depth   of  SO   ft.  cou'd be got by  tunnel but below'that woikwill h.i\e  to   be   done by sinking a shaft.    The  piopcity was bonded  foi > a huge sum  two yeais^ago, and with the niipioved  ' prospects- iiL"thetSiKci  Cup  and  the  ��������� development of the distnct it is again  sure to'at'tiact attention   on'account  ���������of the higlkvaluus said to be obr.iincd.  The   claim   was   disccneiod   by   J.  'Giant,   who   has   been   one   the most  successful prospcciois of this section  iMAUlT. GHOUL'.  The Mabel Group adjoins the Luck}  Jim giomul. l,t is owned by Messrs  Alorgan, O'Connoi, liwin and Lovett.'  and  consists of live claims.    A shaft  tlNtiincc fiom the shaft. _      '  '"The pitipcily GOlieiels of the Golden  Gate, owiled  by   Dis   Al illoy, J. Grant,  and  K  Moigan/the Alpine owned by  .Di   M illoy. li. Moig.in,..ind" H. Monio]  Dyinock li.ictioi.s, owned  by l)r. Mill-  voy and .1. .Dymock, and  the  [. X. U  l'raction', owned'by l)r  Milloy. "? , .,  i  x. I.  'the   I. ,X.   L   is essentially a.gold  piopeity ," The oie occurs in   thofiac-  tui'e fisiiiies in  the'schis't p.ualleling  one .mothoi,and which  foi m the summit   of the mountain.    T1u.dC appeal  to carry  high  values.    Samples   fiom  an-open   cut' meiaged   ���������I'^-l   in   gold.  K'ne and a half tons packed out'.mil  shipped to the Nelson smeltei   netted  ^;!2toi-$.")S.^0 pei ton ;n gold   Samples  sent to'the Trail and Nelsons nielteis  ive icsptciivelv Xu'.-on 2.T-! o/.s gold,  iias been sunk -15 it, and i* well tim- j Trail 2.Cb' o-t������ gold, 15 o^V. silver  beied.    The    vein    faults.    Owing   to       Oe\el'pment woik un  the  I. X. L,  GRAND TRUNK:,  Laurier Government Drove aj  Hard Bargain.  Dr. 'John FergiNnn, speaking at  Toronto on the Grand Trunk I'acilic  a few'days ago, contrasted sir Wilfiid  Lauriei's plan for another tr.i'nsconti-  nentnl railway with the scheme proposed by It. .L.' Borden, leader of the  opposition. If , Boiden.'s plan weii'  adopted, h'o's.iid, no new tei'iitoiy  would be opened up and the enterprise  as suggested by him'would cost, about  '$ 150,000,000. Sir Wilfiiil's Grand  Trunk Pacific project will only,en-1  tail obligations to the extent of $10,  ,000,000', while 'at the snne time'the  people will have assets .worth at least  $50,000,000. 'The' new road would  'open up the great west and b'liug in a  second energetic population * to the  now country. '" hooking at'Ijiuiier's  scheme in'comparison with the '.V,IV  K. and Uoidcii's'scheme, 1 think the  government made an extremely,, hard  bin gain and an'extremely foituiuite  one .for.the people of Canada,"    said  Dr. Ferguson 'J <   ,  " * ..  When Tour Appetite Fails ,  And it make- you dizzy to cveirthink  of eating, you need Fer'ro/.one, the  gieatest of appcti/.ing'tonios. It. huijtls  up the whole body, the. tn^te becomes  iiwaieol new flavors iii fuod-you never  not iced, before. A reli.-h and after-  satisfaction in eating is another result,  from Ferrozone which imprines the  digestion and converts 'everything  eaten into nourishment for the blood,  aiid brain and nerves. Ju-t oiic ferro-  ,/one tablet a'fter meal.-, ea-y to take  and pleasant." Try Feiii'izone. .Price  50c. at druggists.   '��������� "  lumber, 185,000 mil way tie- and 2,-  00"0,000 la'thes. "  A pulp mill'will -hmtly be'e-t.ib-  lished at Kamlonp-. '  There were two lumbermen he ���������('  last week from the .-(ate- looking over  soi'ne timber limit- with a .view U>  starting a mill in the coi nty. ''Ibey  were E. W. Belknap and I). L. Wiggins.'  of A.-hland, Wis!  The Okanagan Liimh"! , Comp my  aie taking out the old plant'i'if the  niill'iit 'ii'nderhv and aie putting'in a  double-cutting band saw "and"an entirely new plant, which i- being mainly  supplied by the Waterou- Engine Co..  of Brantford. Out.,"_ through their  British' Cohfinhia'' agent, Mr.'II. B.  Gilniour.     ''.',  ,    , '        *,   -a  CITY SCHOOLS.;  New Scale  of Salaries  for This  ���������'    Yea^-r-Anoiher  Teacher.  The   following   i-'the   new  salaries for the cilvis'chools :'  ' Principal.'  Division ,11  :J   ' " ----.111  r," 'iv  ;, " ������   v  " ��������� vir  : The'annual  scale ol  '��������� n  '.'..    '.$100.00 per n o.  -;..'. ...$.'70.00 i   ������������������    -  . !'. .    $ 1)0.00.' ,. ':  ;"..'...$ (10.00 -'r '���������     '"  '.'... '.$,55-00   ', L"'  ..'.   .$ 50.00      "     "  '.. .'.'   . :$ 55.00   -   "  increase  ol   salaries i-  $540.00V additional k'.ichi'r,'$(>00.00 :  milking a total,increase foi the year'ot  $1U0.00. >        1 '   ������  water  uc  weie unable to si-.-'the,  re-I consists ol  two   tunnel;  suits of the woik. but  theie  is .-omefone has been (lmw j:i."i Jt\_aiie  upper  the  splendid  oie on  (lit  dump.    A qu.in-' lower or Xo. 2 tunnel dnven '10 ft. be  tity was sacked   foi   shipment.    It   is j low.    No.  2  i-  in  30U   it.    Each   of  a high-giade galena. j those tunnels has been run on the ore  On the Black Diamond claim are '��������� body for the entiie distance. The _  two veins, one of which carries -p.ithic ! lead is 3.1 ft wide, strike- 12 di-g. E. of J  iron with gold values, and the other j X-, and dip- 70 cleg. E. T'.e upper I  shows a huge body of white quartz.' tunnel shovs 12'in. of high gr.utc ore;  Open cuts on the Mabel *ho������ a streak j on the hanging wail .-nd I .tons of ore,  of c.ubonates. which aie stated to nin from the upper imiv.. .-aniflcd np b.  $5.3   in   gold-    -Most   of the work ha-. $70 a ton in   -old  WE EVA.  1 ,        i  i      " \  Another' Lead' Struck^���������Assays of  $12  Gold to the  Ton."   *  News was'received this week oUth.e  -hiking of a new lea'd on the E\a  mine at Camborne, which is apparently a twin lead' In' the oiiginal one  on which work ha< been carried on at  the property. The lead' was\encoun-  \cfed while ciosseuUing some nushnnfs  fioni the No 2 vein at a distance of  .'J5 feet fiom it rio f.n the' (umiel is  in six feet on the 'new Jead and (heie  is -till no sign of the hanging wall.  An assay taken fiom the face ot the  lead gave lotuiiis' ol $12 lo the ton in  cold, (he ore being identical with that  oi the main lead The di-coyeiy of  thi- new'lead on the pioperty will he  good news to (he many local -haic-  lioklei-. (-specially in connection with  lheino-1 satisfactory showing.- being  made on th'1 lii-t lead, and the-tact  that the cle.in-up at the,mill foi this  month promise.- to he high de-pite  the short, -liutdown th.itocciuied early  in the month owing to an accident to  the Hume.  NAKUSP.  l  iere   l-  Jlrt  been d"i,e on the Viigmia  and  M.-bel j galena in the vein  From One Own Corip-poiulcnt.  ���������x   little!     \ croTf^wTr-" \wn   to   -Mr. and  ' Oiuneit1 la.-tweek.  nipped   I'.ith   a,     The   ' Vale-Columbia    hum her Co'r  claim    I'ho propei ty is one of the ino-t4;     Tho   pro, ert\   >���������   .0:01.^..   .-..w.   ������,  promising 111 the hardea'u.    A .tunnel .good camp, bl..ck=mi:h -hop Ac.    The' un;\ ,. to (.|,,-e  down on Satmday tor  has been diiven (>0 ft. but ha- not \ot! formation   1-   \-t\   hiokr-n,   and^ the; rep.ni.-. ���������  At the summit the foi- \ ground i.-r,i-ilj  '\orl.ed ''lit it v. fit r< -;     Tin   steamei   Ito-sland is laid up for  Hire -ubst!iniial.iiiiiln"-,iig. !the,-e-tfti  the winter.  ���������>f the tno-ii i     We  are   having   fine   weather.    An  snowfall, but  the   weather  cut the lead  ni.it 1011 is much broken.  ���������muRKVin BULMO.V I     Tli.s.\lpit..JKm.ip 1-011.  is on  the summit and i, owned by J  j Premising   i..i-iri.i 1.1-  to ne bad   in ,,������., mional  the   h.iidejiti  tod.iv. and can   be  ���������iiiidi-' keen- t'ne.  one of the ino-t .iceis-i'i'i' and c:oi!o-j .lame- Bulger, of Nel-011, was in  mir.illy woil-ed pir/peili's in the (lis 1 t������<wn 011 r-iindav and Monday looking  trict [after the laying up of the Ho���������land.  siiAi.it i:i...1 i     Then-   wiil   he   no  dance on Friday  The silver  Bell  Gi'l,(iit  th" h'.ul t n������i������ht. .1-   the   Halcyon    Hot   Springs  o''    Brown    in;',    ('oic-i-l-   of   threshold  theiramiti.il   ball   that   evening  id   (oiite   a   fi w   of   the folks intend  Liyinock    v  riu: i'U()vi������'i:i.t.  This wa-another of J Grant'- (!n-  Ci-ve:-if-, and has been rated as one of  the liche-t mineral hods in the  hardeau. The surface oiueropping-  wei'e niiieh dccompcvd .11.d carried  hisrh gold values. The location i-  made in 11 precipitous blutV, to which  nccts-1 is obtained up a steep slide  making the property a dillicult one to  work. It has been under bond to  Ymir partie-. wlio started to run a  long crosscut tunnel through 11 slide,  but as timber is scarce in the vicinity  the ground was not properly timbered  and has mostly c.ivcd in. Thequart/.ite  dyke has not yet been 1 cached, but  crossoutting it will prove a co-tciy  undertaking, and after this is done  there is still a long distance to drive  to cross-cut the ore body, which lies  at a dip of about 45 dcg. away from  the direction of the tunnel.  The ore body consists of five feet  of  ~������olid ore running from $20 to $11!) in  gold,     Ten tons shipped gave returns  of $140 a ton in gold.  RAINY LAKE.  There is a good deal of quartz 0111-  el.ums     (in   the   pioptrty   aie    time,  ledges,  varving  in  widlh  from '���������> to 15  ft.    The character of the '>re I- -ilver- ,  lead, carrying a good deal of grry cop-1  per,   which run-'  high   in silver.    Th",  galena carries $8 to $10 in gold.    (>c  velopment   work   conH-t������   of  ,v  shaft!  which   iJ   down   (!()  ft   and  llieru i< u  tunnel run for 200ft,  The shaft was stink on ? to 10 in. of  cleai. galena, of which five tons were  shipped, and after paying $51 a ton  for freight and treatment the retm-ns  gave a profit of $50 ,1 ton The tunnel is run to crosscut the main ledge  and it is estimated they have to run  up 5ft to reach the lead. The owners  surveyed the property this season with  a view to Crown-granting it.  going to it fiom here  .\',iku-p. J.iini.iiy 27,  'Mi.  About sixty men are employed at  the Arrowhead r.umber Co.'s plant at  St. Leon. '���������     ' ;.  OUR HOLIDAY  NUMBER.  More Compliments on it.  A correspondent writer.���������"I ncei-  v<d a copy of your holiday number  and I c.tii a-s(ire you I wa- very plea-  -k\ with it Your city should l>e  proud to have Hiiicd in it ������iich .1 holiday number, ft would he a credit to  the large-it city in I!   ('."  LUMBERING.  ..The   Columbia,   hiver1 lv;iiinber ; Co.  shipped' last  year   I.'{,500,(190  feet of  ALD. F00TE  ' f r 1 ,  Visits His Old Home.   ,  The' Pictou. (N\ S ) Advocate says.���������  "Win. Foote, eldest son ol Mr. David  ,W.   Foote,   is  home 'fiom   ihe  West,  c'omb.ining  a   business   tup  with   the  ploasuie of visiting' h's p.ivetils foi" n  few weeks.   -Mr. Foole  is  one'of ihe  leading men iii the 'piogie-sive <iown  of,Kevebtoke, British Coliinihi.i. -- lie  has' been   a   member   '.if' (he  council  theie foi   the past two yeais/and wa-  urgcd.tojiccept a nomiiiiitipn  lor the  ollice  of   Mayor  at  thc'clection  now  pending, but  this   he  declined/  Pic-  tonians will ^generally be'pleased   U\  learn that he has been vciy successful  in business in,lns.adopted homo..   He  is largely inteies'ted in-hnnb. 1 ing and  mining opeiations and came east as a  1 , - ."  icpiesentative ,01 a company 111 which  he is*a  shafcholder,   hav ing 'dealings  with   New-Yoik    paities.    He   says  Biitish Colubi.i'is the banner piovince  of the Dominion  in so far as  natuial  resources  are  concerned   but   it   h.-.s  been  badly governed  and is ovei'ui-  dened w ith debt."  NOBLE  SENTIMENT  Expressed by Sir Wilfrid Laurier  for Canada's Future.  .Sir Wilfrid haulier has done much  to unite the people ot Canada Speaking at the Canadian Ciub banquet he  expiessod the-e noble-eiilinients '" I  cannot hope that I shall see much of  thev(levelopment,which (he Indue bain-lore for my coimtiv but whenever  inv eyes -hall be closed to the light il  is my wish, nay, iL i- my hope, that  they -hall close upon a Canada united  in eveiy pai ticular element, cherishimi  the tiaditions ot Ihe past, and all  unitimz in cherishing still moie hope  for the future.''  He Deserved Pity  His sutl'eiing from sciatica wa- so  great, but -thanks to Nerviline he wa-  euit'd. " I suH'eied for three years from  sciatica." w rite.- E. S. Jenkins of I'oit-  laud, ''and no 1111111 ever-ulVei'l'd mine.  T -pent a small fortune on ditVerenl  icmedies but the only one with leal  merit was Net \ il inc. I 11-ed a few  bottle-of Xcnilinc and wa-perfectly  ciiii'd. 1 can recommend Nerviline as  a sinecure for sciatica ; it'.- evci'llonl  also for rheumatism and ncinaluia."  Try Xerviline, 25c.,oil all drtiggi-t-.  THE MINES.  The Copper Trust intends taking  up properties in British Columbia.  A. Mcintosh and F. B. Wells have  incorporated the Keystone Mines with  a capital of $50,000.  Say- the Tiout Lake Topic: There  are no le-i-< than three mining deals  pending which will involve 11 large  linn of money, a good p,nt of which  wilf be paid down. One of the-e deals  is on a FergiiMon piopeity, a in it her, a  Trout, hake property, and the third at  Poplar Creek.  ^BeriinerGrato^hona  No   Home  r  so'-Htiml>lci-a  tHatitneed-  bevwitHout  .' i  The Berliner Gram-o-phorie  ���������     '..'   '      ,(" * ���������.  $1.00'brings you. one. 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Under the withering fire, the man whose mount is unharmed  halts, and, risking everything, 'waits to get his comrade safely  mounterd behind him and carry him back to the Canadian  lines. It is a desperate deed, and one often performed but  seldom noticed. When, however, such an act is seen, the  reward dear to soldiers' hearts above every other is the  result.  This picture is from the brush of Mr. W. B. Wollen, an  artist famed for his war pictures, one whose work appears in  all the leading illustrated periodicals of the Empire. It is a  forceful subject from the hand of a strong man.  The Mail and Empire  has obtained the exclusive right for this pxture in Canada.  It is a perfect ten-color reproduction, and will be given Ff^EE  to readers under the following conditions: ���������  With The Weekly Mail and Empire  New and old subscriber* may secure one copy of the Artogravare on ordering  ONE YEAR'S subscription, payable in advance, mailed to any addreii in  Canada, Great Britain or United States for $1.00.  For samples ������f paper and further particulars, write to���������  CIKCULATION DEPARTMENT,  MAIL AND EMPIRE,  TORONTO. /  * >i  ,    'i  ft       J  ���������"--/I  i   "     ' !l  <s'_r/  fv.  ^j  1    0,    I  U  \\ \  S  THE KOOTENAY' MAIL  /l  1^, .HHH^-HH^  "Hr***-***  ri  #  Subscription; $2.00 Per Year  Published Weekly on Saturday by  The Kooteriay Mail PubIishing;Co.,Ltd.  *��������� ��������� - ," i- . .   .    ' ^ ���������   ''���������''".������������������'-  "     ' ' ' '-      .     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She was astounded beyond measure when she found,  herself in her sister's liouso,' ftut she  *  ^ -      - *  <f Copyright, 1902, by McClurc's Xew spoper *  Syndicate J,  4,,j...,.t..t...^.4-..<,<.,.,i,*-HHj������������5..i..^.^������{.+'| weQt, Biaonce gone she would sooner  Mr. Baxter was in a? particularly Vad ' 5l(vsae declared,, than return to a ty-'  temricr; not that tie was" ordinarily' in ' ran<- ���������      - / ,   ' '' ,  this condition. In fact, he, was in" the i ' But a free llfe Palle<i on her after ths  main as mild mannered' a man as-'?^r6t dny* Iv''man's faults were care-  could be fpund in a sunjrapr's fiar ' ���������"���������'������������������^ muSn,ne<i> hut the elfect was  '-WHO" r,'mi--'s i:e..r. gofts-iaui;r;nJ &/ ������W������* MtlHfuctoijr. Sometimes in her  best cow dies and his Hay is rained on, own room she ?ncd and. F-"0!1 herse,f  he may'well be excused,a slight exlii-'''!''ia'B0?-; ��������� '���������,:���������    '���������        ���������   ��������� '  bltion of Irritation. '���������   '���������    In'"Us  way  three  lHOilths pass6U.  Silas'.Allen,  driving by the'. Baxter ' Mrs* B(lJ-tcr's anxiety to kndW whfeth-  pla.ee. was not aware of these happen- |.er or not thc hired ������irl looked after  Jngs  and stopped',his  wagon   to'ex- . M_1/  B(liter's ��������� linen  grew dally  more  'change cheerful salutalionsovith the)  owner of thfcTarm.   rr" - -'- ���������**������������������  Of yarn  By ALICE/MACGOWAN  Syndicate  ��������� unbearable.  He was answered "n ,   ../J,,' ~iT"7 T "V" -'*-���������'"",  .with such gruffness that his eves twin'1 'ber'   The Bnxter Plnce, quite outside  '  ,���������'.���������,/  ���������'���������        :>     x <���������  f!  ,         7       '                      '                       '..-.'                       '���������                ,        n,      ,,         ',                   ������������������',.,  11  <   . P] W MA   HLilSH   h!l^   1 ������������4  is '  kled.  "What'ails Vou,  Lyman?','  he q'ue-  ���������MedV undaunted.  '"More goin's oii-in  ,the Woman's club?" '  "Don't Jgo ..talkin* of woman's clubs  to me, not this mornin', Si," growled  Baxter. ' "I've had troubles ' enough  ������vith the live stock- and the weather  |lth.out bein' reminded that my'wife's  set iior'mind on'niakin'.a.fool^of herself witii'a lot of other women."  It was a chilly night of late Septenv ���������  ;r."-'Thc Baxter place, quite oui  the town  limits,  looked desolate,  i seemed especially'so 4to'one woman  ��������� who climbed tho hill with short gasps  'and'stopped frequently to look about  her.' "I 'ain't goin' back',", she inur-  .mured, her careful' speech "deserting  'her.. "I'll just look inside and see as-  [ how he's comfortable."  '. Within, Mr. Baxter, sat before the  tkitchen stove and smoked a pipe in a  mournfully   meditative   fashion.   ' Hff  drew from harp and guitar, One or  two men were dancing with spurs on  till u ripped dress and a shrill feminine  protest excluded then) from the llOor.  'It was a ranch dance tit' Hilly ,Mot-  low's Bar'13 ranclihous'o, and-ilic la-  imh'Ii untiring, lnacod,'im>' inoiu *���������*  thought of the matter the bittoror she  waxed until McKnight was forbidden ,  the house. Mrs., Chubb declared that  she would rather hand Louise over to  a hors.0 thief tian to a brute like Oeu������  .McKiii'.-lit,' who would 'undoubtedly  bea.t wi" Hhiei; hr- (W(jul(l, go so far a������  to cnwllj   . ,.- 1 a little child���������and  before its own i.iuiiiur'b i-.ves!-  J^oor C'cne iln'-.i^Ji* of these thing"* as  he  loaned   aaaii   t  the' doorwiiy .nil*  looked' on *at  Hie  daric^  '.Now.   thfs'  doomiiy led to';;,,, ,.oonf"where^"hT*  ,..,    ���������������ren were flowed.   A yap and a   ,  -T. f fiJit'l)t hcnlllo among them attracted his  sheep   shearers  .attention. <-iml'  I  f. The dust rose irr choking clouds. The  feet of the dancers thudded a dull ac-  couii-uiiii'ieat  to   the , wailing   ninsie.  which   the   Me.xi"can   0������������������.-���������   ��������������������������������������������� ( iiwinuou ..������im - nupenreU^. lo   suggest  , something. Up slaneed atI"chiibb'Moi*  ' rison. AVhat if the plot which had just  j tlasjjed into his i.iiind offered not only,  | tt Solution or his and Louise's troubles^  I'but n'ehiince lo'get even with this' re-,'  ��������� rioul'cflblc matron and her ill t'finpored  dies who graced the Occasion/except ' F^Z who ".iKl ni!',,lu ^'"^ li{*  Lo.|l������!iilWrlioi. and MiM.wiiiu. for      - bU,,lt" CVUP -M,,ce sll,! n,,,,e t0 ,he  -.  "Whafs Mis'-Baxter been 'doin' late- I *1tMlat way and smoked'every even-  '���������ly, anyhow?'' chuckled Silas,-'undaunt-:'     ?' ,',������������������" ''/' /' '{. .  cd. ,IIe knew that hisold friend .would',   " r euess shes 'bout right," he mur-  wou  talk 'on- the 'subject, whatever other  troubles beset him. It amused Allen to  .hear of thor exceed ing, folly oC a.once  conservative and ��������� well balanced-woman. It was town'talk what the Woman's club had beeii doing, and Mrs.  Baxter.was a bright and shining light  therein. ' t    '   .  Baxter caught' at'the bait with'read-  Iness, but so far from being irritated  his face broke into smiles'"-"He put his'  *foot oii,the step of the wagon and took  an easy conversational attitude. '  '. *��������� "No, sir, we ain't h"ad no trouble for  two weeks." I had to give In about the  settin' room-after w e'd had ii, good  many worcK, but I put my foot down  'bout'any more sochr foolishness. 1'es,  sir, she turned'th.it settin' room upside '!  down, took out tlie /wax llowers and  the hair wreath that's been there since  .my grandmother's time. I says to her, ]  I says, 'Marthy, you may go a step too -  fur. If you ,try any more'of,,those  tricks,, somcthln' '11'happen! 1'6'u give  mo food I never expected lo insult my  stomach with, and you make-me-set in  a room all hxod up with what you call  art and sceh.foolishness, but not a step  further, Marthy,' says 1. So since then  ,we done pretty %well."      '  The   unapprociative   husband   of   a  progressive 'woman   walked  into  the  mured.' "I am an old fogy.-(lOh. y,es;'I  guess' she's right. AVho's there? Marthy!"��������� He,pushed back his chair and  gazed as at k ghost.    r.      , ' i"      '  "Lyman!".sobbed Marthy.   "Lyman,  11 didn't  mean  to  come 'in,  but you  looked so lonesome and I'm so lone-  I some, too, Lyman,'and if you'll forgive.  1, me"T       i\t      ;_''���������'       ���������'.-*'  ' '' Lyman put a shaking arm around  her, and-they, wept together in open  disregard of the unemotional creed of  their kind,    f     , ,       ' '-'-       . ' ������  > ."Lyman,- do , you   forgive  me? , I'U  leave; the'.club.   I will .never do anything new again." "'   ,   '        ,  ,,He   turned   her   round  gently   and'  pointed  to  the  stove.    There  stood, '  bright and'imposing, the drip  coffeo  pot.    "I've ,been  usin''it'every  day,  Marthy. since you went. I'did it]to try ,  .not to be an old fogy for^your sake.  You can do what you like, old woman.  ,'And, say, it makes great.ooffoo."���������' ~���������  Uiisnspeetei* Talent.  /Burns was living in the town'of Ayr  and. though still young, had attained  more than a local reputation as a poet. '  I'" One day ho was, passing through the,'  I'main street of the town and saw two-  , strangers sitting at one end of the'inn  ".window.   With idle curiosity he^stop-  I ped to look at them.  ���������  ,~ *  |.    Seeing Iiim'nnd thinking the rustic  !,might afford'them   some  amusement1  while they were waiting, the "strangers  called him in and asked  him to dine  with .them..   Burns  readily-'accepted  the invitation and proved a merry, en-  i tertaining'guest. ,  | When dinner was nearly finished, the  , strangers suggested that each tshould  try his hand at'verscmaking and that  ��������� tho one who failed to write a rhyme  j should pay for the dinner. They felt  ��������� secure in the challenge, believing that  I their rustic guest, would pay for the  | meal. The rhymes were written, and  Burns read the following:  ,    I, Johnny Peep, saw two sheep;  Two sheep saw me.       , *  Half a crown apiece will pay for their"  fleece,  And I, Johnny Peep, go free.  The strangers' astonishment was ;  groat, and they both exclaimed: "Who i  are you?   You must be-Robbio Burns!'  And Robbie Burns did not pay for '|  the dinner.  tor, thc'schoolteacher, were all married .women. Their,iniiueroiiH progeny  had been stowed In an adjoining room.  Mrs.'Billy, j'nvarc of wliitl'would he  expected, had made a bed of blankets  and comfortables ��������� along ,ono wall.  There the youngsters 'reposed, their  bare toes sticking out toward the beholder.*,'    ������������������        -   j.  .. ,        ���������  I'oor Gone McKnight leaned, against  a'doorcasing.and wafclfcd the dancers.  He was outcast from  the'.whole' fes-  'tivity, sinee'he'might not even speak,  to'Louise Morrison.   The   girl   looked  pale,  heavy eyed and unhappy. .Her  sister-in-law, Mrs.'Zack Morrison, who  rejoiced   in !the /singularly   felicitous-  nickname, of "Chubb," u,round,raced,-  tight skinned, red checked, black bendy  eyed woman, dancing in the same set  witli/Louiso^lcept'a sharp lookout that  McKnight,,. got    nowhere    near.,   her  charge.   She was bounding like a rubber ball tlirough tho figures.' her small  black eyes snapping with delight.   She  could afford to enjoy herself, for her.*  attitude toward McKnight and her intentions concerning her husband's sister were matters well known and clear-  Open M.I  I ' t'ene hurried'out to the conal, made'  certain'arrangements there, then slij)-  ^ped .back   mto^  the   children's   room,  where he proceeded to connect all those  bare and Mubby toes one with the oth-  or at good, liberal.distances by'n firm-  r \y attached line ol yam.   Hu first tried  'it  thoughtfully  and   doubled  it, after  ' doing so.  "I don't want to exactly jerk  | their toes out,", he muttered, "and yet  the   Lord   knows���������for  lie   made  Yin���������  that''twould, serve most of 'em about  right.'.'        ,. '      ''',���������*  i '-'     '   '      *  This done, he Vent back >to his post  at the doorway\inil gave a good strong',  "pull   on   Ins   end' of, the   yarn' string.  There, ensued  a   subdued-growling in  the room behind liiin winch waxed and i  gVew to n  series*of howls.'in  which  every species of juvenile voice .entreated for "Mommerl'V'Maw!" "Mammy!" '  Thc din, flowing like a tidal wave over  the 'music of the orchestra,'reached.the  ears-,"of Mrs. 'Chubb., She' pausodsin  her_ evolutions, flung-up her hen'd like  a warhorse that sniffs the battle and,  bounced, as,.Gene afterward,declared,'���������  j with one mighty bounce clean into the  ''  I middle of tlie-struggling juvenility in  ''     the next room.''. * ,\       ;, '���������     .;      .,  ,, ,.,,'.,, ^    ,���������,      I   ' "And I reckon,'-'/ he added always'in  y, understood   byt all   present.   The-    telIjn��������� (ho st(,       ���������thnt it ^s    ,umb  bachelor population of tho county, dis-    Unie'. 8he  bhould,git  thar,   for   them  porting itself in the dance and pretty . ^{m^ una was test.n.entIn. ench-ota-  much all either actual or potential suit-.  ors of, Louise, lent willing and valuable  assistance.    \        _ ."- '  ' jGeii<;~A'eIvnigIit*,was .the finest look-,  lug, best'hcarted and sweetest tempered six feet of masculinity on llio whole'  Packsaddlo range.   He was an inspired  THE  SALT   IN  THE  SEA.  "THAT'S A NEW COrFEEPOT," VODOHSjU'ED  'HIS WirE CALMLY.  I ,  house with an amount of self satisfaction rather remarkable, considering tho  troubles that the morning 'had brought  him.   '  Bteakfast tune was passed. His wife  bustled about to set warm food on tho  table while ho washed his hands. Her  merry eyes and firm mouth indicated  sweetness tempered with an appreciation of authority. She and her husband, a childless couple, hud lived together fifteen years.  "All riirht. old lady," annou.iji'eil Baxter. i'Bnng on the coffee." "flu ate his  cereal and the other "foolish vit-  tles" which had followed the advent  of tho Woman's club, and, depressed  by those, he meditated on the lame"  horse, tlie dead cow and the drenched  hay.  "Marthy," he began, and sat up very  straight, "what's that':" he demanded.  "That's a new coffeepot," vouchsafed his wife calmly. "It's called a  drip coffee pot. There was a paper at  the club told all "bout them."  Tlie  word  which  slipped  from  the  lips of Lyman Baxter, church member,  astonished   his  wife into  letting  her  spectacles fall.   "Lyman Baxter!"' she '  gasped  "Marthy, either me or that coffeepot  lea\os this house. Understand that.  My L'landmother's hair wreath I for-,  guv you. My miserable, God forsaken  food, 'hygienic food,'-" he sneered, "I  forguv .\ou. Hut a man's got a right to  decent coffee in li is own house. Don't  tell me that coffeepot's any good. I  know it ain't. Marthy, you got to stop, i  rieht there." I  "Lvmau!" cried his wife. i  Some    liitei-eNlin^    Oli^crvntioim    om  .     -      One  or   IViitnre's   WomleL-N.  The   \ciy   fact  that  tlie   watois'of  i oceans are salt*,  is a wonder within it-  ' selt.   That such is the case e\i'iybody  I knows, but why?   Kivcrs are not salt,  , neither, are some of lho  very ,largest  of inland seas., yet ono school of scien-  i lists will toll you that these same seas  (lakes;  aie the remains of what wa*  j oino a iiiinorsal ocean, that there was  j once an upheaval of tho land and that  'all the waters settled in basins except  that  which drained  oil.    If this  is a  fact, why aie those lakes or so.is now  In;:.!!?    Uoii't toll me. says an investigator, that it is heeaii'-i' tliuy have been  evaporating through I lie long centuries  and 'that   tho  vacancy   has  boon  supplied   by   fresh   water-,   from   rivers.  Gro.il   Salt  lake  is  no le.ss sully now  lli.-in It '\ns U.f'OO years ago anil prob-  ubl.i a greal deal nmiv mi.  Tr.e water of the  Caribbean  sea  Is  -donso-roiiipiiicd-wiiii   thai of the Atlantic In the vicinity of tlie Capo Verde  islands, Ihe proportion being eleven lo  tweniy-oiie.    Why  is this?    It Is certainly a fact that they are both of one  body of water. 'The variety of saline  matter found in all sea water is universally the same.    Theie is anolhur fact  which should  be mentioned while we  are classifying sea water���������that is this:  When the saltness of oceans is referred to, it must not be understood as'be-  ing the table salt of commerce (chloride of  sodium),   for   there are  many  other salts In the solution.   Expert liy-  drograplierfa   tell   us   that   there   are  enough of these various salts hold in  suspension in the waters of tlie oceans  lo cover the whole landed surface of  the globe to a dopfh of l.."00 feet���������iu  other words, that there is 00,000,000,-  000,000,000 tons so held im suspension!  The sea is salt by reason of the earth  washincs which are poured into "  BE   GAT]"   A   GOOD   STKONO   rUIiTj ON HIS  r,ND Ol' THE YAUN STllING.  cattleman and had come up rapidly  from cow puncher, wagon boss, ranch  boss, to have a nice bunch of cattle  and a good ranch of his own. When "  lovely Louise Morrison, then only seventeen years old, 'came out to stay  with her-brother'Zack'on "his Texas i  ranch, the Open M., she became at once  in that community of eligible bachelorhood a belle and tho possessor of  many desirable suitors. Gene, whose  ranch, the Lazy PC., adjoined the Open  M., soon made it plain I hat she had Ills  heart, and the girl, artless and impulsive and wilh no vestige of the coquette  in her makeup, allowed it lo appear as  plainly Unit her own was gi\on to  Gene In exchange.  The disappointed  swains  took their  defeat as ticconies men, and all would  now have gone well for the lovers had  it not boon for Mrs. (,'litilih's only and  adored offspring, lleaurcgurd, a youth  of some four summers, and, as Pack-  ,  saddle declared to a mini, "lho ornoriest  brat that ever dragged ills lariat lound  over the Texas ranluuiille." /''ho seem-  '  lngly   favorable   fact   of   propinquity  '  was  what  probably  procured   Gene's  downfall,   for,"   waxing   familiar  with  the  young  man's  personality,   not  to  say his anatomy, Beauregard proceed- j  ed to practice upon him the methods  pursued toward his mother, his cat and  |  his toys. !  Mrs. Cliubb's darling had apparently  decided in his Infantile mind to destroy McKnight. Tlie process having  gone about as far as was safe���������and  much further than was comfortable���������  and no remonstrance being offered by  the sweetly smiling Mrs. Chubb, McKnight firmly but kindly restrained  the young cannibal from thc actual  demolition of his features. ,  It was enough���������it was more than  enough. Mrs. Chubb never forgave this  Klit^litintf   behavkir   fnwop/l   imp   .������iia������������.  er's heads off air simultaneous."  ' Tins was the last of his actual pb-  .scrvations. As he ,turned toward the  ballroom to find what chance the diversion gave him with 'Louise' be ' met  Billy Motlow's wife, and tliej-p'ouse'of  Nick Do.Ue both charging toward the t  children's room with, fury written upon  their countenances. r,      ',  Fleeing silently. Gene found 'Louise  near'the ,outside door. With one sob  she'was in his arms in .the Reinii'tu-li-  nos's. "Now's our chance, sweetheart'."  ho wlii<*pcic(lsin llio,;little car ho had  just ardently kissed, and with her hand  in his they escaped unobseived toward  thc corral. ,     ,    "���������.,, ''  And back, in "the court ofothe children*' tho fight -raged awfully. The  men,'great, easy going chaps in clumping'' cowboy boots, stood back in foolish helplessness while their wives  polled, jerked, thrust and -sciearned  v,������i(h shrill voices and blazing eyes.'  Children wore snatched and clawed  Viack and forth ("along .with the exchange of much bitter icpioach and invective), inquiied of, violently'rejected,  theS'arn weaving in and out and.round  and through; the youngsters splitting  the air at every jerk, until some  woman a little saner than the others  discovered its existence.and displayed  i it to tlie onlookers.  A sudden pause of amazement followed, this revelation, and upon this  abnipt stillness burst a very full, explanation of both its authorship and  its purpose, for there flashed across  the lighted space outside the windows  a stream of galloping ponies, followed  and driven by a mounted man and a  girl, Gene swinging his lariat and  whooping joyously and Louise lending  a willing hand and voice to thc work.  And Zack Morrison's foghorn tones  wcie lifted: "Thar, now! Gene Mc-  Knight's done skipped with Lou while  you all was a-foolin' here over thi������  trick of his'u on, ,the young tins.  Stampeded the ponies too! They ain't  a hoof left to chase 'em on, an' I'm  glad of it!"  LonB People Arc Seliloni   Fur..  Some persons arc born with a normal tendency to become fat, others  with a tendency to leatino������s. It is the  same among the lower animals. Tlie  hog is a sort of machine for transforming the odds and ends of food into fat.  but tlie farmer knows bofoioljainl that  a little pig with long legs ami snout  will work i)(t the fat as fast as it can  bo made. So a long legged person seldom Inclines to obesity.  A (limine  I3|ileiipli.  Tlie following epitaph is fnuin a monument In a cemetery In Nework, X. J.:  Here lies tho body of  John Ulndc,  AkciI  IG  That clieny tree of lindens fruit  Bc'Kiiiled him up too high;  The branch did bri'.ik ami down he fell  And broke lil.f neck and died.  Also throo infant children.  Fittinic.  Mother���������I wonder what we can do  will: Johnny? lie has such a way of  cxaggeraf ing everything. He i-< always-  making a mountain out of u molehill.  Father���������I think, my dear, we bad better make him an auctioneer.  Congenial  Spirits.  Fritilla���������Was your dinner a social  success?  Clorinda���������Yes, indeed. You see, I  was careful to invite only people who  have the same kind of nervous pros-  tK-St:*- WjI        rii   " ���������   Jtr  jr.jrJJ.1  -r"*- -1"���������  ���������'.I"*-" "*  t t   **,'>'    I      t  ,(    ,' , . J���������    ,_   -L^- J������LJJ_  ������o,'.-L^4uis^auai  V (  THE KO'OTENPAY MAIL.  r      rUBUSKKl)   SATURDAY.  ���������AT���������  "���������   ',' REVELSTOKE. B.C.,  Subscription   Price.   $2.00   Per    Annum  I:  ���������i   ������������������  ADVERTISING     UA'J'KS     on     application  Changes in .-.Landing advertisements must  'be in by 9 a. in. Thursday of each week to  . secnie (,'ood display.   Standing advertising  '" matter will be changed twice a month without   exti.i   eluigc       For,more  tiuquent  '   ���������     altoratioiiH tlie Lime occupied  tn making  '  same "ill be ohui god at usual rates. Casual  1     ailvL-i li-niK will be recencd up to 10 a.m.  on Sat unlays.  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We request our numerous readers to  t favor us with their assistance In  making- theKOOTENAY MAIL, the  most valuable advertising- medium in the Kootenays by giving  ���������,���������* the preference, when maktng purchases 'to those firms who are  regular advertisers in the KOOTKNAY MAIL.  -Complaints'are made that" no  mail for the Big( Bend' goes this  month. This is gross .negligence  on the part of the postal authorities  as. with the number of men now  in the Bend, a mail should go once  a'month at all events'.  To'their eternal discredit the  socialist and'.labor members voted  with the government 'against' an  amendment of the electoral bill to  re-open the Fernie ballot-box investigation and,insure justice. Yet  these are the .men -who said they  were going in for clean politics.  CITY AGENTS.  Copies of TUB m*'!.. I'uvy ''<* obtained fiom  tho [olloniiigcily agents: ,   .  '     J.,V>\ BKiwrnTT. ,���������  Cainaua DltUQ & HOOK'CO.      ���������     ���������  -    V-'. 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Surely  a company which has such a', philanthropic interest in the northwest  settler might be expected rather to  lower its rprices or; eyen-giveit  away', ��������� as that would assist the  settler'to. a' much greater'_ extent  than'cheaper lumber.  composing it shall be free from' interference by political parties so  long as they do their.duty. That  is the liberal policy. - We remember how Hon. F. J. Fulton," during  last election raved at Salmon Arm  as to the wrong of discharging  civil servants because , of their  political, opinions, and pointed to  Capt'. Nash as ,an instance of the  wrong done in this respect. - Capt.  Naeh was at'that, very time such  an active partisan that he was  secretary of Mr. Fulton's committee.  Now Fulton is president oftherMc-  Bride cabinet that has adopted the  policy of discharging every civil  servant down to ollice clerk who is  not of the same political stripe as  itself. 'The people iof, Xamloops  may call their member "Honest  John", but after the declaration we  have heard from his own lips 'and  the policy adopted by the cabinet  of which he is'president we can  only conclude that 'Knmloops is  represented by the biggo������t',political  humbug in the province.       " * " A  immigration has "been' practically  stopped, we fail to see where the  monev will come from.'  H  AKVKY, McOARTER  -AND PINKIIAM,  ���������HARRISTKKS, SOLICITORS, ETC.  Oi'Ficna :    Molso.n'5   Bavk   Block.   Ri:vi:l-  ' STOIC K, B. C. < ���������  Money to loan. ' . \, ���������   '  Offices: Hcvelstoke, I? C: Fort Steele, B. C.  ,' Gko. S. McG.iuti'k,  A. At. I'ixkiiam,  Revelstoke, B. C.  ���������J. A. Haihev,     *.  Fort Steele, B. C.  JOHN   MANNING   SCOTT,   B. A'.,  "���������L. L. B.(     ' ,-.'���������,  '��������� Baukister, Solicitor,1' Etc.'   ,j  Piist/Slii'et. ,.  " _    .ReVot&toke, B.C;  -E  DWARD A. UAGGEN,  Mining Engixkek,  (Mem.  Aincuciui Institute" Mining Knginecis]  (Mem. Canadian Mining Institute.)  Revelstoke, B. O.  Examination of and lcpoits on  Muicial Propei ties a Specialty.  HPIiKRY leake;  aiming'Engineer and Metalluigist. *  smciALi'ins:  Kxamination-.and Ueports on Mining   Piop-  crties.  Spccificition and Construction of Mining Ma-  chineij. ^ l  Tests made of Oics and ConcentrationI'orC'hlor-  ��������� i me and Onnide Tieatnienl.  Ilvdraulio riant.-.  Bedford McNeil Code.  I  I  Our conservative friends are  nevcrtircd shouting , what friends  they, are of labor,,and point to the  alliance of Premier   McBrido witii  the  socialist   member  in ��������� proof of  ^        i > .  the fact. Well ������liere is> the testimony of A. B. Lowe, the ' well  known vice-president of the Maintenance of ,Way organisation who  says : "The conservatives promised us an increase on the eve of  an election and broke it the   morn;  in:c after it was over.. The,liberal  ^  3   "   ���������  ' '.      - > i ,  partv, who probablv. were, not to'o  strongly" indebted ' to many, of oiir  men, have kept their promise;, and  three  times  raised, our   wages   as  conditions warranted."    ', ~"  ON SALE  By Lewis Bros.  It is not the sign or yet the acl-  . vertisiMiicnt tluilsells the piopeity. lmt tlio man'behind them  Iiotli. .md nnlohh lie knovs lii~  I'lisiiu-ss both the sign artd the  ad. iniiy lie iisulo*.-.  ������������������  (i " i  GETTING THEIR DESERTS.*  ,   T. Tnylor.'M. P. P., used to whine  that the reason he was  so unsuccessful in his representations" of the  requirements of his district at Victoria was that he was in opposition.  Now'that' he-is  government,whip  Revelstoke* had some hope that he  would redeem the promises he had  given of securing grantS'for a tramway past Death Rapids,.a, provincial gaol building at Revelstoke to  replace the present warren, ample  appropriations for opening up the  district by roads and trails, and,'a  special grant for a high school .at  ttovoletnke.   .The effect seems however, to "be the��������� reverse." The esti-  'mates   for0 Revelstoke   Riding  for  roads #and  trails   have   been   cut  clown to little more than half the  rvotes   of    foimer   years,   there   is  no   provision    in    the    estimates  f o'r    the     tramway,    provincial  gaol   or    high   'school,   and" the  district will be in a worse position  as regards roads and trails than it  has ever been.    Then the tax bills  are from thirty to eighty, per cent,  higher   than   ever   before.    Serves  Revelstoke   right.   The people get  what the}- vote for every time, and  they  are   assuredly getting   it   in  this case.  PEANUT POLITICS. ���������  . ,' i  British ;Columbia has had bad  government, but no, government  descended to the peanut politics to  which the McBride government.is  descending. Their one policy is to  secure the spoils of office and every  public servant down��������� to" ihe1 charwoman and -office ���������' boy,-, whose  uncles, cousins or aunts dare deny  that Premier McBride and his "out-  fitl are   heaven-born   statesmen,  .     i ,  must 'go to make  room' for 'some  i '.  useless  heeler.    A. gentleman who  is [much in touch with government  oflices in different parts of the province informs us that since the advent of  the  McBride (government  he has been impressed with the deterioration'"in ,'the 'civil   service.  Wherever     possible ..officialst are  being  fired or forced to'resign   to  rnake way for  these  heelers,   with  the result the public 'service is being ruined,and the government offices, instead, of  being places where  the public, business  is' transacted,  are reckoned as V'means. of providing billets at 'the public expense  for  political partisans  utterly  incapable,, of performing.,the public  duties required of'them.  - Aid.'Williams suggests foriVan-  couver the same' ideas of civic taxation a's were recently put forward  in.the mail by r'edueingvthe taxation on improvements and putting  it on the speculative values of, real  estate.- . - ' ,  ..IMPERIAL BANK OP. CANADA  Capital Authorized, 84,<XX),(XX> * Capital Paid Up,'������.! 000,000.   ltosl, 1-2,(i.-|().(XX).'  1 . i      ',( ' i ,'   '   ���������     .  $ /    JHeiul Ofiice, Toronto, Oxt.uiio.  1        Branches in'the Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec^  And  the following points in   British   Ccilumbui:    Cninbrook,  I'ofgusnn, Gome:  ' Nelson, Re\olstol.e, Trout Lake. Vancouver ami Victoria.  T. R. MuniuTr, President ,        D. R. Wii.kik, Vice-President and Ciuni'r.il .Manager.  , E Hay, Assistant General Manager.    W MorrAi, Chief Inspector.  Revelstoke Branch, B. C.���������A'General Banking Business Transacted  Savings Department���������neposits'Reccived and Interest Allowed, i,     >  Drafts sold available in all parts ol Cauadii. United States mid lairope.    -    ,,  Special attention given to collections *   ' " A.M. I'll I I'l's, Manager,  Oui f'Xpenence m tilt* real estate  busiiH-.s enalilos ii- to make  quick anil pidlit.ili'e s.ilns fur  vdii, and it uill lie tn youi in-  li-rc-t tn ciiii-ult li*. We can  sine Jim iiioney.   o   Win-li inn ll.ive pmpei ty tn .-ell,  tent. (���������M.'lianue or buy, put it in  our hand.-. We lire sole agents  Lor llif ehoiei'st ie-identi.il  pinpi-rty in the city��������� iie-Mii'1'  tei- Lminsite.  LCT TI110 PEOPLE JUDGE.  Referring to  British  Columbia,  in his annual' addiess the  general  manager of the Bank of Commerce  said :     "'Now   that  the finances of  the province has  been   put upon a  sound basis,  and   the   speculative  featuies   of   mining   have   passed  away, we can but hope for a  cessation of    labor   trouble;,   and  that we'may see a .growing desire  on the. part of the politician to  work together for the province, in  order that this great ^section of  Canada may have it? fair chance."  Now this' is very nice coming  from the head of the institution to  which Premier McBride has pawned  the   province,  and   who  prepared I*","'"!! ��������� ��������� i  1 . , . ,     .'    ,      which requires opening,up  in, the  the terms ot the pawn ticket m the < . ,    i.oririn  .    , I most urgent way,  gets  only *b000  shape 'Oi   the   present outrageous   . ,"       ,   ,    -,  , -    ,.       ,        , ,       ,    -, lor roads and   trail;  taxation, but (he people who have-  to comt)lv wili the term.- of that  pawn ticket and have to pay for it  will take a .-lightlv different   view  SCANDALOUS ACTS.-, '     "  The career of' the McBride government since.it came into power  has been a history of ".scandal and  corruption." The'supplementary es-,  timates reveal th.c~la.rgc.amount of  unauthorised^ expenditures which  wore incurrcd^during the late elections to purchase the constituencies.  The Fernie scandal is one of the  worst political scandals that. has  occurred in Canadian electoral chicanery, and brands the men now in  control  of  the "government   as   a  AN', INCAPABLE CAB "NET.  ' The estimates brought down by  the McBride government show the  utter incompetence cf these gentlemen to handle, the affairs of the  province. Although they have increased the taxation from thirl}'  to eighty per cent they have reduced the grants for public works  by little short of 50 percent. For  instance   the    Revelstoke  Riding.  from General Manager Walker,  LEWIS BROS.  Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agents  HKVKLSTOKI  I',, c  Hbelftootena^iiOail  SATL/ROAV, JANUARY  30, 100-1.  "Ve regretted to see defeated in  the legislature the motion to extend the franchise to women. A  woman has as much moral right to  the fraenhise as a man.  The election laws of tho province  should be such that the poorest man  can afford to run for parliament,  but the McBride-socialist combina-l elevated to a position  where those  C. P. R. AND LUMBERING.  TheC. K.   P.   h   getting   badly  fchown.up over   its   humbug about  proiioaing to start lumber  mill.- to  reduce the price  of   lumber.      We  have just  seen   a   statement  of a  prairie   shipment   of   lumber     in  which half   the   landed   co-t   conflicted of (J. I'. R. freight.      The  C.  P. R. nays with if own mills it can  supply   the   northweft   settler   at  half the present  prices   of lumber.  It   the   C.   P.    II.   will cut off its-  exorbitant  freight   rates  the B. 0.  lumbermen will be able to do  that  too, and be glad of the chance, and  the C. P, R.  won't need   to   worry  about establishing   lumber  mills.  It has such a tender heart  for the  northwest settler the   management  should   have    no    hesitation     in  accepting    this   way   of   securing  cheaper lumber for the   northwest.  against  $14,-  000   which   has   been   the   usual  grant for some years.    This meatus  handicapping the mining,  lumbering,  and   ranching  industries   for  want of outlets.      The government  admit their utter incompetence  for  they state they intend   appointing  a   commission     to    go   into   the  finance? of the province and advise  them   what  to   do   as   they don't  know themselves.      Vet this is the  work   they   are   paid   for   by the  people   and   which they   assumed  the responsibility  of  carrying  out  when   they sought election.      We  notice the government  take   credit  for   .*200.00")  in   the  estimates for  the coming \ear  as revenue  from  head tax on Chinese but as Chinese  THE CIVIL SERVICE.  Every well-wisher of his country  wants   to    see   the   civil    service  ROYAL CROWN SOAP  The Best in the World  Mail us 15 Royal Crown Hoap  Wruppcrij, and in return we  will mail a beautiful Picture  rti'/.e Kix20 ; or for 25 Wrapper.-!  your choice of over lOOhonkri.  Drop us n, poHt card itHking  for a catalogue of premiums  to be had FKKE for Royal  Crown Soap VVrapimr.H.  AddreHii  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B. C. Limited.  band   of tricksters, reckless of the  first principles of public honor.  Then we find a member of parliament drawing   salary   both   as  road overseer and member, and instead , of      his     being    required  to    resign    and    go1   before     his  constituents, as has hitherto been  clone in every similar case, the McBride government'cooly brings in a  bill to wbitewashJiim regardless of  the strict laws of the province specially devised to prevent this kind  of   thing.    When   some   members  and'supporteis of the,Semlin-Cot-  ton government-found   they   were  amenable to  the  law, their  firms  having  received government   payments    without   their   knowledge,  they   resigned   in   a   clean,  manly  way, and went before their constituents.    But the McBride government is  afraid   that  if it allowed  the Lillooot constituency to be reopened the opposition  might win,  and   that would   mean   the disappearance of the government majority and its loss of ollice.  Rather than   take such chances  the government is prepared to sacrifice the public honor in the hope  that, with the socialist vote, it can  carry through a corrupt measure to  keep it in power.    And Ilawthoni-  thwaite,  Williams  and   Davidson,  who   boasted   on   the  platform   of  their desire for clean government,  will show they are as bad 'as   the  worst of them   when   it  comes to  placing their personal love for ollice  before the public inteiest and good  government.    As a leading citizen  remarked to us tho other clay, the  next  thing we shall find the McBride government doing will bo to  bring a bill to excuse a supporter  for murder.  tive farms and orchards, and mineral wealth, there is'a great future  before that section of the country.  But it wants a.chance.' At present  the country is largely tied up by  land monopolists. While the McBride government, has taken good  care to raise the taxes on the workers, small .'farmers, merchants,  lumbering arid other industries,  there.is one class'it-especially favors and that is 'the Jiind'monopolist. - Mr/Mcl"nnes pointed out one  instance' where''practically, 'two  million acres of, land escapes .'taxation,'and it will continue "to be so  under the' ^McBride- government  who'are the .direct representatives  of land monopolies'.  In the old land- one, of the'greatest curses of the country has long  been "recognised" as found in land  monopoly.- In British Columbia it  is no better. This province wants  a vigorous policy* to secure the opening.up of the country and there is  no'better policy having in view  that effect than a progressive' land  and income tax, whereby, the holders of large'estates shall be obliged.to pay the bulk of the taxation  of the country, subdivide their es-  tates, or turn them over to the government on> an equitable; basis of  compensation;to be opened for settlement. If the people of the Oka-  nagaii valley understood .the importance of 'this question to them  they'would no longer return to represent them a land monopolist like  Price-Ellison, 'whose "interests' "arc  antagonistic to those o^ the masses  of the people.  ' -  The clay of awakening is not far  off," 'when the importance of a  change of policy in tqe direction  suggested'will be lecognised, a new  and up-to-date government will be  demanded, and the Okanagan will  be i������presented by a man of vigorous ideas whose interests arc those  of the mass of the people. Mr.  Sterling, who unsuccessfully contested the seat last' election, appears to" be such a man, and (he  sooner'either he. or'a man of his  calibre, is entrusted with the legislative interests of Okanagan the  better will it be for that' district  and its people.    ,.  NOTICE.   .  VTOTHJE is hereby Riien 'that, ;tl) days aflcr"  1> date, I intend lo apply to tho Him. tho'  Chief Conitnissionei gf bands iiml Works fern '  special licuiisoti) cut and cany awny timber"  from tiio following described lands, vu.:~        f.  No. l���������CiiiniueiicinVatn post iilmituil-uii thi"  riirht li.uikof (ho Columbia Rher, 'ilxml. half a  mile about  Surprise  "lipids, and marked " B,  Wlis's nortli-\vi)stcnrn(frpr)sl,'"tlieuco.south  Ml'  chains, lliencc east Ml chains, thence north.1(1   .  chains, I hence west 1WI cVains to point of com  mencement.  1.1  No. 2���������Commencing at, a .pusl planted 10"  chains e.i&t of II Hllis'.s iinrtli-wesl corner post,  and marked '"It. I'llis's soiali-oast corner jxisl,''  thence north .SI) chains, thence Must SDcliaiiis,  I hence south SI) chains, thence east SO chains to  place of-comiiiencemeiit. ,   ,  Noiember LSf.li, l!HB. ,   U. 10LLTS. i  '/  -.       NOTICE.   , :,.  "VfOTICB N tio'r*������l������  kiwmi  that, Wlriiiys ukm'   '  XS    cliitc, I intend toupply to tho lUmornMe *  tho Clnof ConimiiHiouor ot Lands and Woiks ���������  /Toi a -.pccial liuonso tocuiti mid.cnirrj away utti-  Imji from Lhu lollmuiitf (l.-M:rilMfl Tamls: , i  No. 1���������Comiuencintf ntn po^t, planted on PorU'^ ~  iiku Trad moi Surprise Itnpid-, about ono- tf  foinUi nnlo from tho-out h ond ot il.and marl;t'd\ ;;  "Adam Hall's noi(h-\\o-.t cornor piM," ihonco . *  -oath 10 oluin**, U-onoo naM HtO chain-, thonce \  north 10chum-., Ihonco wo-t WA) chain-, to places m,  of commencement. * , ,  - No. li���������(Jommonoiiitf at a po-.( planted on tho  loft bank* ol tho Colombia   Hi\or, hc������ado Junius  Gihnoiirs noith-east ucoinei   po->l, -about   ton  miles,   below   'Hmpri-o    Rapids," and   muikodl  "Adam Kail's south-oust conioi   po-t," thonco ^  west ht)_ chain--, Lhonco noilh bOi'limn-, rhonce -  oast SO ("mains, tliouco south M) chains to place  of commencement.    ' j  No\ember IS, 11KU .      ADAM  HALL*.   *"  NOTICE.      ;-���������  "VTOTICK 1-* hoioby Ki\m\ that nHorWdays  J_\     intend to appKito tho Ilouoiublo (ho (Ilno> ,  rommissmncr of Lands and \Yoi Ks for a special  licouso (o cut and ciury away timber fiom the*-  following described lands, via :  ' No" I���������Commoneiiir^nt  a   post planlrd'-ahout *  12 chains east trom lio.nl of Surprise KapUI--Ton'  Columbia   Itivor,  marked ''J.is Kllis\  north-  -  \\Os( coiner po-t," thonce e.isl SOehain-?, thonco-  ^outh 80 chains, thonco^wo-t M) chains, thoiico -���������  uoitb SO chains to pluco ot coinmencoinoiit. ^   ��������� ^  No\ond)oi IS. 1'HJi.        ' .! \S   1CLL1S.  A/most Every Woman  Is incliiied to luiliil mil coiistiput inn  mid should uso Dr. llaniillbii's 1'ills ni  Mandrake n n il lliilleniiil 1which  clciinsf the system and iL'Hiilate tho  stoiiiucli iiml IkiwcIs. I'"nr mild und  sun; it'lief uso only Dr. Iliiinillini's  bills.    Price 25c.  . NOTICE/ ,/'   -  -1 s s  VTO'I'ICH is- lieieby (,'iieii  dial, :������l clnii ntlor  1^    (lute, I intend to applv toithe Ifononihhi  IhuCliiof ('oinmissi not Land and Woiks lor -  a special license lo cut,and  cum* away timber '  Tioni I he follow ui^ described lands, w/.: "    '  ,  No. 1���������CommoiieiiiK ill' a  post planted about  10 chains west of Olivia   Itobiusou's nor! Ii-c.isl.,'  coiner prist on  Canoe  ltivci. alinul  1'/. miles  from where it empties into tho Columbia' Itivoi. -  and marked ",I,is   ttuxtiiu's snulli-wesl cciiuui   '  post," tliouco east  M) chains, .lliencc ninth  SO ���������  cluijiis, (hence west SO eliiiuis, I hence south SO  cliains io point ol coitimi'iicetiieiil.  No.'2���������I'omiiKMHjiui; nl   a uusl'plnnled on the -  west iiank ol the Coluiiilna Unei, at'the mouth  of Malnnoi Creek, and  inaikril "Jas. ltu.\lon'.s  ikii tti-uast coinoi post," thence west  I I chains,-  Ihoneesonlh Mid chains, (hence u.isl   ID cliniiis.  llieuee noi th 1U0 chains lo  place of eoniinence- -  muni.  Nin-einbei IS. I'N)), .US. HUXTOX.  NOTICE.  NUTICI-' is lieieby kiiuii  ih.il. .11) da>������ idler "  date. 1 lnlond  lo applv |o the llonoi-iililo  the ("hief Commissioner ol  Lands and Woiks  loi ii specuil license lo cut and cany nwav Inn- -  bin from Ihe lollowuu; di'sciibed lands, vi/.. ���������      t,  No. I���������Coininciieiiii,'id n post planted on the '  left bankol tho Columbia Hiier, about 12 niilos  liuluw   Sutpiiso  HapuK .md   nia.-Led  "Ci.  A.  .loidun's south-east corner post," ihonce sotI(Ji  III chums, thence east ili(l chains, thence  noiib.  id chains, tiience wust IllOcliaiiis.  No. '1���������Commencing at  a post planted on I he  ���������  lofl bankol the Columbia Itmu, aboul IJ miles -  below sjui pi is(. Hnpids, and innil.rd "ti. A .loidun's soiith-iMsi   eoiiier post," thence noi lb II)  chaiiK, llieneo west tUD chains, thence south 10 '  cliuiiH. tliuuce east Kj(I chains lo place ol commencement.  Nmenibur IS, UK)I. (i, ,\. .JORDAN.  u  .fvl  ki  SPORTS.  '���������OOTIIAI.I..  New South Wales invites British  Coluinhia lo send ii'footljull team next  yunr to the Antipodes ami this will  prol-ulily ho done.  iiockcv.   ,  The hockey mutch liotAveon Kosa-  Ihml and'Vernon was plnyed nt the  hitter town Wednesday night nnd was  uploiidiclly fought and a clean game.  Each end scored five goals so the  mutch resulted in a draw, Tho rink  was crowded and the visitors were  hospitahly entertained by the Vernon  boys.  NOTICE.  "\TOTICK  is lieieby irivon  Hint  liiiilv du\= -  ]_>    afterdate I intend lo upnlv lo  (he Chief '  Commissioner oL Lands and Works for n special  lici'iis-o in oui   mid  em iy nw.i> timber liom the ���������  lollowine; described lands, vi/:  Couiiiieiuiini; at a posl luai ked "A. Cicnullo'M  soiilb-ivesi  uoinur post,"ia (he fool, of Upper '  Allow  Lake on  the oasL side rununi(r mM SO '  clinins-, llioiico noitIt SH uliauis, HieiiLi'wesi y) ���������  chains nioiu or less to lake shore, then in a  souther!) direction SO chains nioie or less, lol-  hminn (he liank ol Hie Columbia nver fo poinl  of eoiiiiiienceinenl.  '     A. (IKNKIJiK.  Nakusp, I). C, niceinber 101 h^ lllli.'I.  .    SAMSON & PAULSON,  PaintePS,Paperlia!igcrs,Sipwi'iters..  KA^SOMININd   DON15.  Oi'dci's I'ccivi' piompt aili'iilinii.  Second sLi'fot,       -       RI-JVKLSTOKE-  OKANACSAN VALLKV.  The Okanagan Valley hii8 well  been deHcribed as the paradife of  Britiah Columbia. With a splendid climate, a fertile soil, produc-  ^������i:MM)l  Standard remody for Oloel,  Gonorrhooa and Runnings  IN 48 HOURS. Cures Kid-  nay ind Bladder Troubles.  J, Guy Barber  JEWELRY  DIAMONDS  WATCHES  For Sale or Rent.  '|7IIK8T-CLASS HOTKL in Onmlioi in-,  JJ ii. O. The largest and only Hi������t-  class house in town. For particulars  iipply to Hotel Criterion, Camborne,  B, C. -���������.,.'  and a  complete line  of the  GENUINE  "1847  Rogers Bros.'*  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  Eye������ cnrefully cznnilned tjifl  properly Rued to the btil gmde  offrlas^ca. ������������������*^  cRd  m ,, ll
A '
Rosstand  'Meets  Revel stoke . and
'     ''" Wins by. 8 to 3.     .!   -
'There (��.i�� "��" good gate to see the
Kossl.-md-Revelstoke hockey game hTst
night in the local link. ' The visitors f
came in front Vernon on Friday morning iiiid nfter'taking in'tlis nind-up
of the bonsp'iel in the/afternooo were
well rested for the e\enii'ig contest!
About"8:15 the two 'teama , appealed
stud   Dr.   Sutherland   set  - them ' iii
'Weary Willie," Hoiviirth, captain
of the Itosslnnders, is a. printer em-
)>loyed on flte World. ���<��� Despite his
joculiti title there is^ nothing'slow,
about Captain IIowaTth. '    ' '
The visitors spoke'highly of Refeiee
Sutherland's fair decisions during the
game.   , . ,  . i
. The   home   elub   cleared
nicely by the game.,
There is :in invit.itit n awaiting
rtctelstoke from Vernon and o:ir boys
will probably try is.sues therein about
two weeks
, _^��� . ........ uww V.JU... . 11     .    U   .<   I,      ���� \.*.��\0. ,
motion.     The <p.tce'v.as fast fiom'tho   ;,The 'ladies     liockev'
start aml'tlie spectators were.deiighted
with   the   showing   the   home  team
made   in   the   first half which closed
" with a'scor'e of '4 to 2,iii "favor   of the
' Sissl.titd boys.. " , >v ',
"j   ��� On   changing.,ends    tiling's /grew
wanner and the visitors by line team
tv-prk kept  the   puck ,well   in   hand.
Bcvelatokc added , one  to   their, scbie
���and tlieltosaland hoys got 'four  ninic
i   making the'scoie',8 to 3.
All of the visitors played a   dashing
game, back forw.nd and defence, 'r Tay-
Jor in go-.il/HoodeenteV, and Howaith
right -v.ing7 were especially brilliant.   ''
' For Iceielstoke Benson^vas a   tower
of sttength, scoi'.ngia   goal  by a long
shot almost 'ilie  length  of' the, rink.'
Consideiiiig that the home  team   had
' iieiei before pl,i\cd together and  that
none of the   pl,i\eis   had- had    ni'tioh
practice this year   the  result is not a
great disappointment. , '.
���Uiider.the direction of 'Manager H;
J)ick=on ' the ' Kossl.md - team' -is
scheduled for thiec more'games.' So
far..Vernon has been met .anil   the re-
tea ni have
accepted th.-- invitation to "attend the
Itosslitnd carnival and will leave for
there on Feb. 10th.
Recovery of the, Bodies��� Funeral
'  at Kamloops. , ' .
suit 5 to 5. Kevelstoke S to 3. " Tonight,theie will be. a name' at Silvei-
Jtin. Monday at .N'elson.an'd Tuesday
the l'mal game with Vhoenis. ' , ', > ���
, ���The team as it appealed on our i ink
was as follows ."   " .    ,    '" '     '.
' A. G. Lnyton.-goal; .7. Donahue,
point: K. Pnweis, cmer point: Koy
Clothier, roiei: \V. U.   Hood, cci.tre;
A. VV. Grietaon. liuht wmg,-anil   \V.
llow.iith. li'lt''win"g. '<
"The Revclstoke'lii'it up'was:    ,
'    Wiekens, goal;   Uenson"   point; II.
. SIcC.tnn,   cover 'point; ' W. - Barber,
centre: J.^AHenri over;- Uz-Bcws; right
wing; .1. >!.' Graham, left wing.'
, 'The" boiliesof Engineer Ladner and
Fiiem.in Aimslie were found on 'Mon-,
day. The former had been severely
bruised about, the head and was found
under the engine. Aimslie hud both
legs btoke'ii and was' found uncle1! a,
box car. '    ' '    *   ,    <- .
The 'sad eveijt cast quite n gloom
over the town and much 'sympathy
was felt for Mr. and Mrs."Ladner and
family in their sad bereavement.    -������
On Tuesday.,1 the. bodies.; arrived 'in
Rcvclst.oke ' )and. that of' Engineei
Ladner was taken to the 'residence "of
his paientSiwhere service wasiield by
Rev. J.' Turner.
The bodies were taken > on to'Kani-
loops.Wednesday for interment, the
C.'P.B. kindly., providing a, special
train fiee of charge to accommodate
friends. A . large 'number of Masons
and K. bH^'s went overdo attend the
funeial of Bro. Ladner.-     .
The Kamloops, Sentinel contains
the following account, of the funeral ���<
"The Mas'onic oider, of which he
was a lespected member, took .charge
of theii late Bro. Ladner, conveying iff
lo theit [odge. room,' where at 2:30 in
the afternoon the 'impressive'funeral
ceremony of the oider Was -'ably'co'ii'-'
'ducted   by.W.   j\I.,  It. yv. Bro. C. S
Stevens, with W. Bro. J. M. Harper as
master of ceremoims..   The first pan
of the service   ended,  the   body  was
taken to the Methodist  Church   with"
that iof   Fireman  Aimslie, and theie
separate sei vices   were   held, over em h
one by Kvv. A. F. Hetheringtoij.''   Th.
JJev--. J. Tnrn.;r, .J. C. Stewart .and   I.
W; Wj)liani.-on   t.M.k   p.nt  in the her
vice.    The church   was  crowded, and
"outside were hundred*of sympathise!*���'
and friends im.ible to obtain admission. -
.   " Leavjng%the, church   the   funeral
cortege  pioceeded    to    the  eennteiv
he.idedi by the It. M 14. band, ns.siMcd,
by   ihe iiieinbt-rs^of   the   Keyelstokf
band. ,2fext cinie the Masonic bretli-
ren followed by the hearse containing
tho'Uxlv   of   J.   L-tdner,    the   chie"f
mourneis Rev. C.4 II.  Ladner; W. Ladner, and'.Mrs. .}. McRay'close   behind '
Tlie,;'nall-beareisf were   R.   Bunt,'T.'
Sweeney,    .Allan'  McNab,    'Geoiee
Urown'.A. E. Walker,  and  J.' Callm,
all 'Masons and ,nll   locomotive   er.gi-
neera. !<' 'r - ' '    ' "
,,''Tn next' order came  the j, body of'
Fireinan Aimslie, and'the Brotherhood
of    Locomotive" Firemen,   who   .had
charge of his icrtiiu'iis, the Odd, Fellows,
K'nights of Pythias, and other,societies
and.orgiiiiisationsV and   the':jgencr.il<i
public following.,behind.    Arrived at
the giave,<the interment, of  Fireman
-Aimslie tookjilace, Rev. ,T. C. Stewait
conducting  the, ceiemony, and- then
Engineer Ladder's.body 'was consigned to.,the   ground, R.^v. Bro. Stevens,
conducting the service of the Masonic,
oider another stage,'after -which Ret.
A. E. Jletherington,said a few woids'
and all was oiei." The service at' the.
grave was veiy impressive. , The M.-i
-ono returned in a body,to ��� their ledge
room   where  the   fuiicral .ceiemonial
was concluded and the lodge closed."
'���The funeral'was'S-eiy  largely  at
tended   and  fioni two 'o'clock to lmll'-
pist four every place of business was
ciosed.   Theie( weie ,many  beautihd
lh nil ofVerings', the caskets,being al
"���o'r, hidden  beneath-wreaths, cn.s.cs
,���:'(! r.tliorLfloral emblems."
"       ' Bonaparte and the Violets.
Bonaparte having on Ins departure
for  the, island  of  Elba   promised  his
conridontial  friends  to' return   in   the
violet  season,   his   adherents, adopted
the above simple flower as a rallying
sijnial.   "Corporal Violet" became their
favoiite  toast,   and   each   was  distinguished by a gold ring with'a  violet
in   enamel   and   the   motto,' ,','Elle" re-
pnraitni, nil printenips!"'' (It 'will  appear, again in spring.)    As soon as it
became generally  known that he had.
landed.at  Frcjtis  a rimiilitude of the
women of Pans were seen  with'bas-
'"kets full of'these flower.s. which were
;purclinst!d   and   worn   by' his   friends
without   exciting  the, least  .suspicion.'
It was customary on meeting any one
thus decorated to'ask, "Ainie/. vons la
vloletteV" , (Do   you   like   the   violet?)
whe.n,'if they answered,  "Oni"  (yes),
it was certain  the .party-was   not a'
confederate.   ' But  If   ,tho    reply  was
"Eh  bien"  (well)  they   recognized 'an
adherent and completed the sentence,'
"EIIo reparaitr.i au printenips!"
Preth HreiikiT For ILlKlitnlnff.   "
In the "Annalen der Physik" there is
a paper by IIerr.Walter on the genesis
'of lightning hi which, he shows,-that
.lightning flashes are preceded by minor
flashes, which, as it were, feel the way
and. mark the course  for the  inajoty
flash'or flashes.  Something of the kind'
is also observed in electric sparks. The
path, 'once marked, is utilized for fur-
'ther discharges; hence photographs of
lightning taken with-a'nioviiig camera
, may show more than one flash.   One
picture shows three main flashes at.intervals of .0177 and  .04S9 parts of a
"second.between.   Of course to the eye
they seemed one  flash:   Another picture showed Ave flashes lasting^'nito2
gether a quarter of a second. Although
signs of an alternating'discharge were'
seen on one picture, it may bo taken
for granted'that as"a rule lightning is a
series of continuous  discharges  from
cloud to earth.
-and'Has, Been for Over 40 Years
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-\ THE SILVER   CUP.   *
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, Output of the Mine From Discovery to Date���A  Valuable "Table for
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The foilowing-  tabic show*  the  output  ol'  the  Silver   Cup mine fio'm
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���' Jiicnts- z- .     , . ,
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July .10, ISK
55oiir'b.sr   1. ISIS
N��>t Weight
~  Hi-.       .
-. ImHI
lVl>ru.ir> -1.110)
, .\pril II. WHI
.���ipril r.. IJK.1
&uti-e u, nxc
AtuB-xt b!,icm
Ximn-i .i>. iia:
\tiKi��-t Ji im i
:js.->i 1
4? wr,
,    l"'.t. "i21
1 l,l!(i">
107.-, 10
1<M>. lol
ilS UN
|>S 0!��1
i i."i.:i'Hi
l.T. .'17
7(i, I'll
1112 IXXI
111.MX I
O/.- |>r.
-. >
:u c
Ozs. i>r Toiv
I'll. 1(1
i!i7 .e
ai7 ��t
���JOt :ti
3)2 (14
111 I -1(1
' 22."i
lilll 20
11.1 U
l'.IS 2
221 2
2 Hi .4
177 2
til :.
,l.Vi 2
LSI! li
118 2
1S2 1
17(1 2    .
j>oi cent.
27 I
22 '*
2'l 2ri
31 .!
6't 2
32 S
.52 2
32 1
32 4
32.      '
per cont
Value, * ,
'l'J 0
13 7,
11 7
13 !)
It -1
3,2!>2 17
S.9UI 17
1,9 B. 1(1
4.1S1 53
3,7(X) i>n
3.6S4 2S
.7,807 US
S,b22 3<l
ti.l.ll 39
(i,12ti 17
.7,<i4l 13
4,11)0 30
l.Uili 11
.'���,3119. IU
.'),2.1.( 31
t ."i.tt'iS .77 L,
ti.UI2 31
7.SWI 39
4,911..7(3 .
3,7b3 2.1
7,'.K>7 78
4,133 32
,   Th�� Story of Irt/ih Poplin.  '       H
- The" story of Irish popUnrls a curious
one. Lady Carew was to be presented
-at the'court of Louis'rhilippe.";'Slio"
took with her to Paris a* length of irish,
poplin, which was then first being
made' In Belfast. It was of a creamy
white,1 embroidered all over with little
dots and sprigs of gold. Lady Carew
took it to a Parisian dressmaker, and
the modiste went into ecstasies over it.
On her way up the stairs to the reception rooms at the. Tuilenes Lady
Carew felt a pull at her dress. Afraid
of pickpockets, .she turned quickly. "I
beg a thousand pardons," said a splcn
didly *essed woman who stood beliind
her, "but would you tell me what your
dress is made of? I never saw anything so exquisite in my life."
A dozen times that evening Lady Carew had a similar experience, and the
result was one of the most extraordinary crazes for poplin that ever was
experienced for any new fabuc. One
Irish firm sold ��2-1,000 worth of the material within a year, and three large
P.elfast houses are said to have founded their present large fortunes on Irish
Had   No'Money  lo_ Klnrn.     "
"I worked',for John Vr Hockofeller
once," says a Doston landscape gardener.    "One  morning   I   was 'out  in  the,
ground  doing "some   work- among  the
plants and flowers,'and as 1 worked 1,
smoked.'   Pretty   soon   the   old    mam
strolled-out  that  way  and  when   he
came up to .where I was sakl_in.1n_o��joi-
way, 'I,never Ii'ail'any"money to burn '_
I.didn't tumble, for a  second, aiid ho
stood there looking at inc.  '1 have ma'n-
'aged  to put away  a  few dollars.'  he
continued,' 'but I never had any money
to burn.' ��It-caii'ie  to  me all  at once
what ho meant, and I threw .the cigar
away.   Next   morning  when, he  came
around   there  f wasn't smoking.   ,IIe
came up with a smile on'his' face'and
said7 'Well," the stove isn't going,, to-
day.'-'v' '     .   .     ' ^_r-' ,   t , -
���'   Ilnrd   to ' Aiihwci*.      '      *-
A 'Chicago dentist tellsithis stoi-y:-.
"Some years ago a young woman re-,
ccntly from the Emerald,Isle calledlat
my office to have some dental work
done. 1 examined her teeth and found
that a'mong them was one so badly
wasted that it was not worth filling. I
told , her this.' 'now long,' she .asked,
'do you think it would'last if. it were
filled?" r'I have no idea,' I replied. 'Not
very long anyway.' 'Well, 'how long
do5 you think?' she persisted. 'I cannot say,' I returned. 'I would not
guarantee it for any length of time.'
Still anxious and determined to secure a favorable and definite answer,
nhe asked, 'Will it last longer than you
think it will?'"
<f��r|>-r|'(*<$e|'r|:r*��f r| f| r| r| rg <$ r| <�� ft 'rf >��� ��$ e$ et rt/,��$ ff rif rfr��|*-
;'��� COMAPLIX \	
rfi  The Best House in Town.
f$���� -
Well Furnished
Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS.kept in Stock.
/ , ���     W. HAMILTON, Proprietor.,.^
Good Table t^y
*r$> '
f$��f|?,^>'$)   fg> <g>r|?^f|?(^^r$i^f^f^^f!^<$��^f^n^e^^-^
i v  ,<l
Newly  built.      First-class in every respect/     AU modern conu'iiiences.'
is     Large Sample Rooms. - ���. <���'
Rates $1.50 per Day      -��� Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under
same '-nijiiirioement.
^^,lr 2, istn
Jlllll) .'.���>. !*)��'
.Inl) 3d, l*..*
SuptiMiilx-M. 1*H
.llliic. lSJll
>'ul)rii,ir>' ���
, ir*w
April 11. 1IKW
.^pi-il 111, 1W1
<tu��twl 2��. 1902
.l,inu,ir> J'l, PKXt
l,u>u:irr 2li. KHW
4,iiirfir>- at. linn
Fulini.iry 2.HKH
|.'iii>rii.ip>   l.F.W
H'Dbni.inr T, 1913
Mo 2. imm
Mar II. 1903
Mny :��. 1IK��
^iiiut   I, (W
Ui Wl
211,01 (
IK) (117
20, rn
1 07
.17 ,
117 .7
.  i:��l ."���
83 9
It', 8
lilt .7
201 0
207 8
119 t
I.V) 7
178 li
117 2
177 I
.�������� 3
10 0
2.7 t
21. S
27. T
.)���) .>
2.1 .<���
22. ii
1.7 3
10 7
H .7
11 4
II 4
3.278. (W
1,781 07
W7 17
l.iil.'l (1.1
1..710 .71
.7.827 84
.7,701 3.7
3..791) 9*
2,312 8-7
2,211 71
1.7. II 40
1,831 31
1,1184 02
3,(i7'l II
8,. (17 VI
Tobacco Worth Itn Weight In Sll-rcr.
In England .the first pipes used appear to have been made of clay, with
narrow bowls and contracted mouths.
Then' as the habit grew stronger and
tobacco    became   cheaper    something
more   capacious   would   be   icquii-etl
These are the pipes which  under the
name of "fairy pipes" are sometimes
dug  up  and  preserved  as  Interesting
relies  of  the   past.    Aubrey., writing
about 1CS0. says: "The English people
Orst had silver, pipes, but the ordinary
sort   made   use   of  walnut   shell   and
strawe.   I have heard my grandfather
say  that one  pipe  was  handed   from
man to man round the table.    Within
these thirty-five years 'twas scandalous
for a divine to take tobacco.   It was
then  sold for its  wnyte in  silver.    I
have heard some of our old yeoman
neighbours say that when they went
to market they culled out their biggest
shillings to lay in the scales against tobacco.  Now tiie customers of It are the
ere.'itest his majesty hath."
Tlicorjr and   Practice.
Hero is a good story from the collection of a German school inspector. The
pupils were being examined -on the
subject of personal hyglono. A boy
was asked, "What have you to do in
order lo . keep your teeth , sound and
white?" "Clean them," was the prompt
reply. "When ought you to clean
them?" "Morning, noon and mglir."
'"What are they to bo cleaned with?"
"With a toothbrush.',; "Very good.
Have you a toothbrush?" "No, sir."
"lias your father a toothbrush?" "No,
sir." "Has your mother a toothbrush?"
"No, sir." "But how do you know
about the use of toothbrushes?" "We
sell them, sir."
ably furnished with  the choicest the market
.affords.       Best   Wines,   Liquors, & Cigars.
Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rater
Just Remodelled and Refurnished with all Modern Conveniences.
Rooms in Suites wUk Bat.       >nd   Toilets attached, flotviiig f-fo(
and Cold Water, Inside 7o..\ts on each Jlooi\ Gas Lighted anct
Steam Healed. Throughout.
J.,C. GREENE, Proprietor,       =        GOLDEN, B. C.
TUU make* a. total weight, of 4Ml,iWJ U*, vmltiwl a.t *;m',7.'i!i;i8.
Ankles nn<l   Kockinic Chairs.
An Investigator has discovered that
ff'Amcriean women are shorter than
Englishwomen their limbs nre alleged
to be more symmetrical and their ankles are more graceful. The use of the
rocking chair, to which all Americans
nre addicted, is said to he responsible
for this. To keep the chair in motion
continually repeated pushes with the
toe iniwt be given. This process makes
the Instep high, the calf round and full
and produces n delicate and slender anile by keeping from It accumulation
7t flesh."
Axfroloi;?' and  War.
It has been stated on what is said to
be good authority that a representative
of the Prussian government asked of a
French astrologer the proper time to
pick a quarrel with Franco. After
carefully comparing horoscopes of high
officials ho answered thnt any hour in
the afternoon as near as possible mid-,
Wiiy between the 0th and Mth of July,
1870. On the Ilth of July. William
snubbed Renedettl. the French emissary, and on the 12fh friendly relations
"Now, witness," said the lawyer,
"you say that your hearing is good?"
"Yes, sir."
"How good? Give me an Illustration.
Can you hear my watch tick?"
"No, sir. It's three days since I saw
you going Into the pawnshop, and the
watch must have run down by this
Best brands of Wines
Travellers  to  Fish C
at this Hotel.
jtiors and Cigars,
will find excellent  accommodation
Oamborne Hotel
The average man (r so helpless in
Picking out what belongs to him that it
Is a constant surprise to his wife tli��t
be doesn't apiteor is her clothes. -
AUMsou Globe.
A Brlgrht  Student.
At a medical college some students
wore being questioned in anatomy, and
ono of them was asked, "What muscles
have their origin in the popliteal
space?" The bright student promptly
replied, "Well, there's that one wltb
the durned long name, and I don't remember the other two."
The best Dollar 11 Day llouxe
in the town.
DAVE OUR,  l-Yopr'u-tor.
Biainl. i>f Wint".,
null   Oil,''!':?.
It Isn't what a man has, but what h*
doe* with It, that counts.���Comfort.
Wholesale and Retail
.   .   .   .   Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:
<^^B��^Calgary, Alberta
.���iijii". ���" t'j  ,-. �����; V
,. *u '^-^t^j-'C-^
.'..'. -.->:>J.
��* "-i1<''J '�� iJLil'���l-"-
- .���...�� �� J c_i.ia..,. nLLSrl' .'I'-'-'i ���#iW..,
TV '
I1'/ *
II >   '
Hi \"
From our nwn CorrosiKjiidenl.
L. C. Morrison and   M. 'Carmichael
have retui ncd fioni rheir  tiip   to   tlie
���const. r   i
Mr. and   Mrs.   .Ionian   and    family
paid a short visit to  their  ranch ��� last
week.   .' '
Miss Robinson, of Murley, is staying
in tlie valley, tho guest of Mis. E. J.
JBaiiL'> v ��� .
Theie are si\ lugging camps  in   the
valley now     fi  Urmlerick li is already
taken out over a million  feet   of   limber. '
Jan.''27th, 1901.'   ,   ',
, MALAKWA.    '
...   .
From our own Correspondent..^,	
Thos. L, Wohsey is finishing  up. liis
new hou -ol ��� ';
.(.Wo are pleased to say that D.Loftus
is once more able to bo about.' ' '
The weatheris  keeping   very   mild
and is causing a lot of sickness.   . (
,   Mrb. Baynes has been very sick with
jVlioum'atic fever, but is slowly  gaining'
.strength again. *
'-'it is not often you hea- or see  Jack
Oil Lantern's   in   the   winter.      But
theie was one to be seen on ..onr   road
.to tlie school house not long  ago and
Iby moie than  one   lieison.      It   was
*   e       -'     ' * '
quite   plain   to see  next  day wlieie it
, aide'-tracked   6ft   'the road,    showing
a good broad  and deep path for about
twenty feet away a.'d then stopped.
,   , Froin Our OuiiTorrCsiwiiKlent .,
, The   F.niiieis'   creameiy   is , doing
weil and likely to succeed        ,
-���G. Hell   it   Co   .intend'  building   a
lianclso.ne biiek'stoie tliis spring
A s.i-h and door factory'is to be
���established here and will giye employment to from 2o te 30 hands.   .
i The   Okan.isriiii    Lumber  Company
���will put   in   a"n   electric  light  plant
which will ,ilso(bc utilised for lighting
tho town '(    .,
'   "  The Columbia Flour Mills Company
have increased,< tlicir   capital to $100,-
O00 and vwll double the   output of tho
mill, thui5iC.iriyii.tr on  heie one of<thc
laigesi   floui-nnlling   'cnteiprises , in
Bntisli Coliimbia. v
The Okanagan*'" Lumber Co.1' who*
puriihased S. C Smith's i mill, aie putting ii. a [M'lnt capable of turning out
���00,000 li. a day. They have an unlimited .-upply of logs on the Spalhini-
���ohCs'ii ii\ui and in 'the Mabel lake
country "This indtistiy is, untlcr the
m in.igcmcnt of Mr. Halo, becoming
one oi the toicmosti lumbering enterprises in thc pro\ nice.
Jkhidoibv seems to he on the eve of a
boom. New businesses aie being
ac.n ted. and new buildings iroing up
;ill iound Houses ,uc .it .i pienmnn.
A new stoic has been opened by J. C.
"Mete,ill, tonneil.v of Manitoba, who
Las put in a splendid stock of gro-
cei ie1-. piousioiis and hirnitnre. R.
V. Hi ad ley. also fiom Manitoba, is
buildine; a new stoic and will open
with a-lull stock of h.irdwaie. He
has just puich.ised a nice residence
This section of the Okanairan valley i governMi��*-t
is   \erv   foi tile   indeed     Fiuit   tii-es!     The'Ni-r
David refused to-'diink the water because it had been biought at the risk
of precious lives. ''
The divisions * wore : (1) Thc sa-
ciedncss of life. Modem thought and
action takes a careless view of life ;
note the awful carnage of modern
warfi.re ; the gieed ' for gain which
allows.a Cliicago theatie horror, or a
Clnllam'disaster/ Human life is sacred
because of its possibilities. "Only a
child," but he may become a Shakes-
pcaie, Napoleon, Moffat or Gladstone.
Let the breath of ambition urge you
on to a nobler life. The highest sa-
ciedncss of life comes from the fact
,th.it Christ lived a babe, a boy, - a
youth, a'man. (2) Because sacred
life is to be preserved and used.' Wliat-t
ever injures or causes ,w.icte of life is
evil. , Illustrations we're given from
war, murder, _ poison, ,drink traflicl
-The state responsible for the state, and
cich individual, as paitof the state,
shines responsibility:, (3) Highest'
and noblest use of life (to serve God.
Those that rank highest aie Christian
���Gladstone, an 'eminent Christian.
'J he highest possibility of our lives is
to be like Christ. All make impression
on society for good or ill. That i .llu-
ence lives after our death. _ The great
reformers -have left, their impression on
the woild. Above all Christ lias influenced histgry. He lives and icign"1*;
willyou let Him   influence your life''
i     Stomach Troubles   ""
A disordered stomach may cause no
end of . tiouble.i When, the stomach
fails to pei formats functions the bowels become deranged, 'the' liver and
kidneys congested, causing" numerous'
diseases, tlie most t.ital ot which are
painless and theiefiue are more to be
(headed. The important thing is to
ri'stoie the stomach' and liver to, a
healthy condition, and fcr this purpose no better preparation can be used
than Chamberlain's' Stomach and
Liver Tablets.. For sale by\-ill Drug
gists. ,
welfare of east Kooten'iiy and the practical 'efforts he has made whenever
possible to advance r those interests
have won fo'r him 'the- warm support
of the residents in those parts, a
support which is by no', means con-
lined to liberals. The feeling prevails
that the conservative .party'is ho->e-
lessly out of the running in the coming campaign, despite .isuinc lurid
claims of eastern'to'iy papers, and .the
majority of east' Kootenay people believe that their interests'can best be
served at this juncture (by an "active
worker like Mr. Gallihcr, vvitlr a heat
on tlie government side of tlie  house.
M BRIDE     ^
t      j    /   ,,   r
Continues, to, Drive Capital
Out of Province.
The Great ���\Vest Assurance Co. (if
Winnipeg has issued the following
'circular to its clients in Ii. C.:���" We
wrote you',recently about the payment
of.tli'c installments due on your niort-
i - .
gage and'may now add, that if the
government of'British Columbia-is going to enforce tlie payment of the tax
un inteiest, our only course will be to
insist upon,the payment ofi.ill installments i.is ,they (licconie due. Yours
truly, .1 'IE?.Brock, Great'West Assurance Co" ,
Their object is evidently to take in
what loans'they havcioutstaiidiiig in
this province as soon as possible' in order to place 'them in other provinces
where tlieic.is no tn^ on"interest.   *   ~
Courage is a Matter
. or tlie Blood.'
pood   red
blood :i
ai.ia fin'~ n i
'..cat uuil'
pior. ni-i''
The debt of, the  province  is  placed
at between $11,000 and -1*12,000      ,
John Houston s.iys^ tlie McBiidc
government has placed ,the province
in thc hands of thc pawnbroker., , <���
Mayor Bui rill, of Gi.ind Folks is
the conservative, nominee for Y.ile-
C.inboo, not W. T. Shatfoid, as stated
m last issue.
. S.i)s Titith ��� "We should like to
do that but Haw thornthwiiite won't
lotus," is a 'favorite reply of I he
government to suppoitcis who uige
somoipolicy upon it.
lo is nndeistord tiie socialists
have practically decided to put" a
candidate in the field for Kootenay
seat in thc Dominion elections. Theie
will thus again be a three-coineicd
ITon. Tatlow may resign as provincial tieasurer and run inr the
dominion seat for Vancouver. V. C
Cotton will become finance minister.
T. W. Patterson said :
���'If it weie not fur thc- policy adopted
by t'ne Dominion Government, in
settling the .Northwest Territories
there would not be any mills at woik
inBiiii-h diiii'i-liii The pre viiii--
b-is   nurcli    to    think   t'lo   I)n:tiiiiioi> .
Ti item ��� s n ,   ,,;   \\ .    \
W.   C.   Wells Severely Scores the
*'      Government"
Speaking/, of (tho conduct -of the
govern men t in thef.'Fernie ballot-box
scaiKlat-.Nf'r.-uvils'said: "British Columbia had been singularly free'from-
such, occurienccs. In soine of the
older provinces they had heaid a great
deal about it- Going into tho histoiy
of' thc paity'wlio coriuollcd the
ttoveriinicnt. he sai 1 that, in the older
piirts of thc^ Dominion it was known
astheToiy p.uty. , This becominir
obnoxious'they hiid adopted the name
Conservative. Later, in oider to act
'as a kind ot deodori/.eiV^Li'icrnl was
prefixed to this (I. mgbter.) ���- He
soon lioiied to sec the government of
this piLivincc in ' tlie hands of tl e
Liberal p.uty This was one ol ll.c
most disgi.iccjul thingsth.it had laKen
place in connection with elections in
the province.
To Trappers ��
* J^i% wiS
Aiieiiua means ilim-   ^*^*^3j^*^^fiI$/
1.1-j.s of b'.Ouii,    It is       ^��tr^  .-anS''
common in men and       -^^^^m'
yoiiu<��  women .and   all ^*��H��wr
tlmsc who woik iuue'.\r.s,
'wi.o do not'gtt cri(ii",!l Olitili.-.- ..i. ..nJ
good oxyjrei. in Ilisii hit js. There art. to'
.,many white blood corpu-clcs in suc'i ("��'/���".
and there is often a peculiar soutui m ine
heart, called n liiurmn'r, in eases of aii'.iiii.i.
This heart minium Is'caused > I) > tliimii'ss
of the blood passii g tlnoiigli the heart.
The murmur of anemia di-appenrs when
the blood regains its natutal coiiMSteiicy
and richness , It is not ,lir.ut dihease.
Sometimes people smTcr intense p.nn over
the heart, wliicli is not heart disease, hut
caused bj the Moiii.ic.ii. Ii i.s tlie occasion
of iiiucli anxiety, alarm and ���-iiiTcriiiir. for
. which its vrclini is depeiulenl upon icflex
disturbances fromJtlie stomach caused by
indigestion. In Hie tame way many had
coughs are dependent upon.llie.se reflex
disturbances of what is cil'ed I'le.piieu'nio-
jtastric nerve. To ciuich the blood and
increase the red blood corpuscles thereby
feeding the neives on rich,red blood and
doing away with nervous irritability, take
Dr. Pierce's Golden- Medical* Discovery,
which promotes digestion s.iid assimilation
of food so tiiat'the blood "gets itb piopet
supply of nourishment fiom the stomach.-
Oct. as near to nature's way as you can.' A
medicine made cntirelyL"of botanical ex-""
tracts and which does not contain alcohol is
thc safest.. ' Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical
Discovery contains no alcohol or narcotics.
Dr. Pierce's'Pleasant Pellets arer the
best liver pills, i       . ��� ' _
3010 Westminster".'Roiid.
Fruit and Ornamental Trees
Rhododendrons, Roses,
Holland. French   TDTYT DQ
and Japan      ���P.Uli.Pb
Garden, Field and Flower Seeds
i   ��� -
'    ��� .    ALWAYS IN STOCK.'
cut flowers ^si^^r
Bee' Hives and Supplies,
- '   l-IS'RTILIZERS/-
ft > o
' Vancouver, B. C.
i     , ��� ' '' ��� i
The Best on tha Market. -"-,
I       Oppo��iUi Central Hotel, Hcvclntokc.'
LiUbe and  Gener.-il Machine Work .
' '      Promptlv   JUxpeiiti'tl.
S.'S.   !'Archer" or'S. S.   " Lardean.'
Riiniiiiiu  lietwecn   Arrowhead.   Thomson'*
IjiindiiiK and Coniaplix, comnieiioini,' Oct. 14th.
1901. nill mill as follows (weather pcrimttini;) :#
,-Ijeavo  Arrowhead  for  Tlionihon's  I^indiiilt '
mid Oonmpllx twice daily aL 10k. and 15k,
i Leave Coniaplix arid Thonii-on'K IjuidiiiB for '
Ariowhead twice daily al 7.15k. and 12,45k.  ,
Staking cIoho conncctioiiR  with nil C. P. R.
trains and hoats.        '' ^
. Tho owners'reserve tho rlKhtto elian o timet;
of vnllings without notice. ,    '    -
i    "   *       '       ' '    r. KOMN80N, '
KlanaKinir Director.
,' KURTZ'S, PIONI3KR _    \    .
mV Branili th.it, ('ali'l he bi'aton.
To Pail Thurbioriiben,  Theodor TolleNon and
William  Allen or any iioi-=on or nci-hons to
whom thev mav liavo .issiirnul their inteiest
in the Valhalla tfioun consistitif; of ..ViLini;,
Valhalla Odin and' Thor,mineral claims on
Hifr.cieek, siiuate on Uio west,side of nnith
arm of Upper Annw  Lake, Laidoau  Minim?
Division.   West,Kootenay   Histuct,  Rritisli
Columbia:       .    ,' ''
You ine h'eieliy notified that  I. the   under-
<!iitneii.*havo evriiendcd for you the Mini of SS2U
in In' o'\ iiiipiovoinents-niiil rocou'iiiMT fees upon
llio snid Vikinir, Vnlhall.i, Odin and Thnr "vlni-
cial claiin-5. under the provisions of llieMiueial
Act, and if within nniel> dnvs from tlie date of
this notice von fail or rcluor- to coiitiibute the
nfnrusinil sum, toKOther vutli all eosU of advei-
iiKinir, jour inteiest in tlie said mineial el.unis
will  become the pioperty of the undersigned
under section I of,the Acl entitled "An  Act to
.Amend tlie Mincinl Act.,' 1900.
Dated this 2nd day of December. 11KO -
* 7 1 *
��   E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
" Piniiipt delivery of parcels,' Imggiiige,
(jtc, to any par.t of the,City.      ,   ���
<* i ',
���   Any Kind of Transferring ���
Undertaken. ,
All orders., left at R.- M. Sniythe's
Tohaccc Store,'or by Telcplione, No. 7
will receive prompt, altrntion. ,
,   o ' Royal Mall Linos.
Cheapest Route to tho Old Country.
"ALLAN LINK.1        ' r       '   \   ,
Krom Si. John, Halifax, Porlland, New,York.   ,
Tunisian Dee. 1!>
l'lirlHlaii.  ,..' .','. "...Dec. 28
I'retorliui .: v.'.,./'. Tan. 2
llaviiilan .* '. ' Jan.ill
*' ;       . DOMINION LINK.'
Canada -...'. ���. "Jan. 2
Dominion    ,<... Jan. 23
CAN. I��AC.'ATLANTIC s! sl-Kroni Montreal
I.iiko Manitoba   ...'. Dec. 26
ijiUi Cliainjilttin Tnii.il
Ijiko ICrie" -.    . .". * Jim. IB
.     AMKIirOAN LINE���Krom" New York.
St. I^iuih . ' Dee. 2.1'
NevvYoik .., :.Dec. 3(1
, iWHrfK STAlt LINK���Kroui New York.
Teutonic. '     '". Dec. 23
Arabic,    ' Dec. 25
Geiinanic .. .   .' -.. .r ��� . Dee. .'KJ
'"' CUNAHD LINK-Kiom New Yoik.     o '
Um'bri.i "  . .     .     .'.... Dec. 13
Lueania.  .     ".  . '! Tan. 2
Klrnriii Tun. 2
1 voi nia      Jan. 9
riihHCNiccrh ticket ed throutrh l�� all pait�� of
Great Jtntiiin and Ireland, and at specially low
rates to all parts of tlic'Kuiopean continent.
Apply to nearest railway or steamship agent or
to 'i i. t ' s
T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agont.  RcvelBtotcr.
���W. P. P. CUMMINGS. Paoilic Affent.. .
Deer ��������.*,/--"l^\Birds,
��� \ ;VJ ^Mounted'.'
B. C.
R,aw Furs Bought
1   Cash Prices Paia
Exporter of Purs.
Jas. I. Woodrow,
,;     BUTCHER.:
Retail Dealer Ins ^nrnxgi*-
. ' i
Fjsh and Game jn'Season.
Ail oiderspioiupth filled.
f^ ATrjKITQ        Trademarks
l���^M   I   LIN   I   O     anil Copyrights
f    �� obtained in .ill coiiuttics.
' ' i i ���       ', '
Registered Patent Attorney
* .< ' , ''
���]    Mechanical Attorney mid Engineer.   ..
Itooni X Kaii flcldllllouk, ('iMiivillest.. near I'.O
A  postenid  ��ill secuie an evening ,i|ipoiul
nient foi iIiojc who c.innot cull during lho da>
I  I I L       UVR First Street;
Kiiht of .Molsous Dank (   -      Itcvelsloke. -
For your ini'.'ils. ^ Opun d.iy und niKl'L
Meals"25c .md upwind.    Spcci.il wouUly'
I'.ites.    Good service giiar.mteod. s   t
.YODO.'FU.TII,  Propiietor.
'i Winy Chunaf's newly"'inw,
. ,,ported' stock "of Chinese"
'   and Japanese goods.
'Fhc' best assortment-,ever
in ' Revelstoke   of
ful     and .   ornamental
Place Your Orders
Willi   u^i   in   lime
���for   CHRISTMAS
Tea services
Plates      ������*
Cane Chans
II,uulkei chiefs
Khmer 1'oIk
Uinbicll.i Stands
Lunch Haskets
SiiiokiiiK J.iekels
Silk Goods.
Christmas Groceries:
Corner   Douirl.i-
and ICintf (.treofs,
fi    ',l'
Kootenay Lode-p
No. 15 A.F. & A..YI.
. 'i.ilhht'i
M   I'
-iniituiu in four or rive ye.irs. und fruit-
.growin^ is likely to be  .in important
puisnit in this section.   Applus, pe.ir*
pltinis and .ipiicots do  well     Xo lrri-
:,Mti',ii   i/  needed.    In thirteen   ye.ir=
���o\peiiei'ce it h.iS been found th.it the
r.iinf.ill is ample,  and 'tlie  market is
u llmiited  ua bnvcrs   t'ro'ii the Xorth-
vv^��t picl'M* th��   likiin.ii*: in iitiit.    The
ilmn.i'nl   i-  <.'ic itei    than   tin    .supply
and    vv.ll   en..tunic   -o.    >pi'fi.il    attention i-   paid   to   the  cultivation of i f.un.s   ,i-tli'
s-tr.iwliprric- j <.'nv.'riimi'iu
���_'ou(l   li-hin^, .'"I'lio     only   lmpe   for   thii   piovituv. [
���"ndelhy is an I wis thnt they had ,i ui-e   jtovi lUiir-nt
We li.tvt- i;i)i d roads
:ind jio.iii huntint,', .md
ideal place for .i home Hit pnij^iess
<<i tlli' (il��tnct i- due lo a iiitin.il
growth and \v>i tn any attempt to
Loom the'pl.ict. I'roperticy are being
���subdivide I ,n icipiired.
W.ilt.-r Tiiie-diilo, who i-, conducting,' ,i iimI ('.state tiiHine-x heie, is kept
bu-y .iiin'.veinif,' ciK-niiii- ,n to the
uiillouk ol the district and termi on
vi Inch land can 'ne pinelia-ed.
T.'ieic are three  chinches here.    At
the    .Methodist   church     on   Sunday
night lie'-. A. F.. Itoberts   took  for ins
subject   " The   riacrednes-f   of   Life."
Text, 'I Samuel i'.i,  I."i-17.    The   incident upon which   the   thoughts of thc
Mormon weie based  was   that in which
thc thiee heroes of David's bodyguard
secured a drink of water from the well
of   Bethlehem   when   tli.it  town   vvaH
garrisoned   by   the    Philistines,   and
p.iini j
in,in,'and, considering his experience, i
none but those ,vho are captious v.ill j
find t'uilt wish ,v i it he had done ���
while in the holis? or vrith what lie ,
lux secured for Kootenay in the w.iv
oi new public wjrka and incic
mail facilities!
Speaking   in    tlie    I.emsi.,| ure   let
week C. W. \fiinro snid people   in ,ln-
distnet would )t.i\r> ro   iiii.iiiduri   their ,
re-iilt   of   th-   McKn.Jc i
( yislutruit,  and    jdde I
'.'ni,ti in.
i.l in ii,.
II.,VI-   il.l.l
VI .-
"' -��-#-' <x.
Iliud .Monday
cncli month nl,* p.in
Visinnir hrethi eu
cordiaily vm I(.oined.
C .1. ITSOClTS'IKIt. SiicaiTAitv.
Mcciu every Tii<si|h\
evemnif in S"lkirk
Hall at B o'eloett.
jV'isitir,^ iu-etliieii mr
'dially invited to ni
i: Ainif; v.r; .1. MATfinc. ��ie
atOtt.iw-a   who    helpid   iLn-m out    ul\
I he -* 1 f11 itioii. othervi i��e Iiojk h ��,   jritn
which the picntice b.i'iiU   of   thc j/i<   ,
sent government had thrown it "
' The consei-y.i live p.uty in   Vict.tn.i
h badly divided.      The   must influential   porfon   of   the   party  will  111,1 f
: follow   .Melbide    in local  p(iliiic�� and '
tht're is no power on earth   can   riuikej
them do so        Tliey   say   lie li.it> rimde '
an alliance disastnuis to  t.'ie censerv   ,
utivo   party   and    pii-jcd     leg.-lation '
disastrous   to   the  country   and that!
they   prefei    to   hold   aloof from anv
recognition of   the    .Mcl'ride   government   us   iepre=Ciitntive   of the conservative party."���Truth.
VV. A. (i.illihor has' been through
east Kootenay. On ail hands he met
with the kindliest reception. iris
keen interest   in   all   t/iafc afl'ectH thc
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whoop,
mg Cough    Trice 25 cents; large si/.c 50c.
Chamberlain's   Colic, Cholera
and Diarrhoea Remedy.
For Bowel Complaints.    Price 35 cents.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm.
An antiseptic liniment especially valuable/or Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism     Price 25 cent.!; Iar#e si/.e 50 cents.
S.v.v Mill' Machinery
Uoorl Woiknig* Rijicliineiy
Machinery for all purposes
All of very best makes.
Tl neilson & co.,
602 Main St.. Winnipeg,
We lielieve ��'i    kncivv   ouc  business.
Olll-   business    i��   (<i    111 -1 f>   you   <|i> yum
liusinei-s. VVi- siipplv ii|i-lo-diile iiu-i.
liens 111...1111 mill met liinls.���iniiney-
siiving del ices and hnw to use | heio.'
Agents for  the  Celebrated
Kmest stock of eaiidies and fuut in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
AlclCun'/.ii' Avenue,  ItevelsLoke.
Hcilcy-on Hot Springs
^fan itart-am.
1III1 AIliUIHAI, WATIillS ol Halcyon aie the must, curative in the
win Id. A perleel, nat oral r.emedy for
all Ni'ivnus, and Muscular discuses,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
tor "That, Tired Rceliutr." Special
rates mi nil boats and train1". Two
mails ,11 live and depml ewiy day.
Telegiiijih communication with all
parts ol (lie world. An experienced
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv LaKc.  3, C.
TK.vnwi'i.i, i.ooii:-i.i;ai.- i,p:nr;i';n.
L'lfisr^ leif h'ilcs and Ledgeit. with
filings spe( i.illy inled, pi-infed, pei fi.|.
aled and |i'iiichi'd 10 (.nil any st \ I,-ol
I have (.tin 1 ed a iiei'iiiaiietit, Wood
Yard on Tliiid strvel,. Willi niv past
expei ience I hope to lie in a position
In sal |s| y ii|| i'.'(|llll .'llicllls nf custom,
ers Mill mid coiilwond supplied in
any leugl lis al, reduced pi ices for cash-
Chamberlain's Stomach and
Liver Tablets.
For   Disorders of th'- Stomach, Liver
und Bowels.    Price 25 cents.
Every one of these preparations
is guaranteed and if not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the
money wilJ he refunded.
TK.VfiWKI.r, ���MlANIKKK   KIM*.
Kootenay Mail Publishing Co. 'Limited
KfiVKLSTO   K, Ti. O.
' 1  1 OK	
Mining & Legal Purposes
Transfers, Options, Powers
of Attorney, Statutory Declinations, Proxies, etc., can
he obtained at the
(..Kootenay Mail Offe.
Don't be !*.:itii*.ficd to wrr.*!:
aloni? in thc same old way
for low washes. AVc enn
help you .carvc out a successful career. Tho;ir.m;ds
have increased th'cir salaries
by following our plan. \\"c
can train you in spare ihr.c,
and at small cost, for any
of the followiii"; positions:
Mechanical, Electrical, steam, Civil, cr
Mining Engineer;   electrician;  Surveyor;
/Irchitect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Sten-'
ographcr;  Teacher;   Show-Card  Writer;
Window Dresser; or M 1,'rlfer.
Write TODAY, wtntlnc \ThlrIi part-
tlou iutcrests yon, to
Correspondence    Schools
Box 799, SCRANT0N. FA.
on lira, o.\ 0111 local nrruEUEsTiTirn.-
Uov 41.-5. Nelson, 13. C.
* 1
in THE KOOTENAY. MAIL.'  'i*  That   Mr.^ This' or 'Mr. That  sends  East for "his  ,   clothing, 'his dry goods or his groceries, ��������� and at the ,  ��������� same'time send East' for 'your requirements in the  i r <��������� i* ,,      ,  Printer'if Trade  '   '       ; '_ r, .'      '  Working   Printers 'are, paid -good wages atkl their  trade forms a considerable,item...in   the   commercial  . world of-the city.'Sj ~ T    .-'''    ,  '    Shop   Keepers!   be   loyal   to  your city  in ' small  '. matters���������get   your, printing "done   in   Revelstoke. '[  Remember that because an Eastern traveler sellino-  < dryr goods  or, groceries,   carrying 'a Vside'line" of '  office supplies, ' the' product ' of 'cheap.labor, and  therefore offers 'to   cut/.'prices,"it is not always the  best business policy to let such printing-orders pass"  your-own   fellow   townsmen. ^' 'Don't * neglect' the '  chance of aiding in the building up'of the city.'*    ''' <  ��������� RE MEM B ER,' "ALSO, , 'that ' strictly * 'first-class  work.,and promptness and'thorough*, satisfaction 'to ;  all patrons   are , the   salient*, features   of the   work  done in The'  - - -.'"-"    !-    '       'V      -   -    -  CASH EL CAUGHT.  '   Desperate Fight Between' Police  ' and Condemned h'.an.     t  'i .  C.ilg.i.-.-. N \V. T., .Inn 24���������Ki nest  Cashel, the I'liiideiiineil inuiderei, who  made null a daring escape from.the  poliee liai lacks' guard ���������iniid here, was  capliiied this afternoon by the Mounted I'll I ice aluiiit si<c miles north-east,  nf Calgnty.     , "      \   ' '  r Ci������he/ ������.mu' ihe pnlice n chiise fur  ���������15 dav.s, aiiil during th.it time has not  been mine than si\- miles away from'  tin* city, ni .!:���������>��������� one time.' The poliee  learned of his supposed vv hereabout a  two weeks ago, and liuvcbccn quietly  watching until today, when his capture was effected." ,. ,, ,,  i, To-dny,it ,v\,is ascei t.iinqd for 'it certainty that Cnshel  vviis hiding in'the  house of'n innn  named  l'itiuan.    Tlie  < 'r     '     ' '  house was surrounded and the mounted poliee piucecded 'to capture their  of  11 a iiisiKii till ion   uiid  1'. I������.,r*ii|t.  W .Whvte       .  W. Cross) father of Dr. Cms,, has  been promised to assistant to Seeni d  Viee-Picsideiit Whytenf (be'p.   p.   ft,  .\'e\t simiriH'tthe C.  I'   I.',   will   fill  in between the   piers   and   fill   tu> ('���������  gulch at    Snowbank   so   'that    fii<"ni.  ������.|i(l(". will not tnjuie the lu'id...e '  llWeiriin: 'a the pioniplitiule will  vvhieh tliof! I-Ml stall had the tiiu-t  npei'ed nftei the slide' at SnowLiiil.  Con 'Supf. *.'.n pole said : -'Thei ,,,,  a   splendid    lot,   ef 'fellows,"  mi id be.  Pitt an  a flpemltlii-Irt.  How tiki Pitt' spend his income and:  get into debt? During the greater part  of libs life, after lie had come to man's  estate, he .was in office, and 1ns income  was about ������10,000 per annum. He did  not entertain, lie'.did not gamble.Vhe  neithei limited-nor^.shot, and yet at  the end of, seventeen years oV this income of ������10,000 per, annum/lie was  hopelessly in debt. 'That he was careless Is very possible. Still, .considering  that Ins income was'equal to. ������20,000-  per 'iniiniin now-; bow, in the name oC  wonder did he spend'it?  ^This Is rill the more mysterious, ,ns  lie appears never to have paid his  "and it is owing ,to   their go'_*d   wm I. I tradesmen.' I have often seen it stated  J} l  Synopsis of Regulations  for Disposal of  Minerals on Dominion Lands in Manl-  tot)a. the  Northwest  Territories and  - the Yukon Territory.  Coal ���������Coal lands may be purchased at  HO per aeie toi son coal and $1Q toi an-  tliiacite. Xot mote thin 3J0 acies can  be aciiuued bv one individual oi com-  panv. lto\alt.\ at the late of ten cents  person ol" 2,000 pounds shall be collected  on the gioss output  Quar ti ��������� I'eisoi'b ot eighteen years and  over and joint slock companies holding  free miners certificates may obtain entiy  for a. mining location.  A fice muiei s ceitmcate is granted for  one or moio je.u.s, nut exceeding live, upon payment m advance of 57 30 per an-  - xium foi an individual, and fiom ?!>0 to  J100 per annum 101 a company, accoullng  to capital    ' '  A fice miner liaving discoveted mineral  Jn place, may ocate a claim 150O.\1300 feet  fcy maikuig'out tlie same with two legal  posts, beanr? location notices, one at  each end on tne lino ol the lode or vein.  The claim snail be recorded within hf-  loen dnvs ir located,vvitlim ten miles of a  minnig tecoiooi's ofhee, one additional  dav- allowed loi evei.v additional ten  miles oi fiact'on. The fee foi recoidlmr  a claim Is {5.  At least 1.100 must bo expended on tho  claim each icai oi paid to the mining ie-  cordei in lieu theieof Whon'1300 has been  expended oi paid, tlie locatoi may, upon  having a -si'.ivcv nude, and upon compiling with otiiei requirements, puichaso  the lard at Jl 00 an acie '  , Peimission may be gianted by the Minister of llio Intel loi to locate claims  containing; lion and mica, also coppoi, in  the Yukon Tciiltoiy, ot an aiea not exceeding R0 acres.  The patent lot a mining location snail  piovlde for the payment of royalty on the  sales rrot o::coi ding live per cent.  Placer Mining, Manitoba and tho r*.W.  T., excepting the JTukon Territory ���������  Placer lrinl".-: claims generally are 100  " feet sou \ entiy teo, J5, renewable  yearly. On llio Noith Saskiitchcwaii  River claims foi either bar oi bench, the  former being 100 feet long and extending  Iietween high ni'd low water mark, llio  latter Includes bai diggings, but extends  back to the base or the hill or bank, bin  not exceeding 1,000 foot Where steam  power Is used, claims -'00 feet wide may  be  obtained.  Dredging la the rivers of Manitoba  and the N. W. T., excepting the Yukon  Territory��������� A fice miner may obtain only  two leases of live miles each for a term  of twenty years, renewable In the discretion  of the  Minister of tho  Interior.  The lessee's light is confined to the submerged beds or bins of the liver below  low water mark, and subject to the rights  of all pei sons who have, or who may re-  , eeive entnes for bar diggings or bench  claims, except on the Saskatchewan  River, wiiaio the lessee may dredge to  7ilpii water maik on each alternate leasehold.  The Ic^-ce shall have a dredge In operation within one season fiom tlie date of  the lens-c for cacli five miles, but wlieie  fl pei son or company lias obtained more  than one lease one drcdire for each fifteen miles oi fraction fs sufficient  Rental. Jin per annum for eaclr mile of  . river lenieil Royalty at the rate of two  and a half Per cent collected on the output after it excecdi 00,000.  Dredging In tho Yukon Tor rltory ���������Six  Teases of five rnlloi each may be granted  fo a free miner for a term of twenty  j ears, also renewable.  low low water mark, that boundaiy to  be fixed by its position on the'1st day of  August in the j ear of the date of ,the  lease J       '     ' -u  The lessee sliallrliave one dredge in operation within two yeais'fiom the date  of the lease, and one diedge foi cacli  live miles within six jeaas fiom such  date ' Rental, $100 per mile foi the Hist  >eai, and ������10 per mile for each subsequent year. Royalty, same as placer mining. ' '.  Placer Mining In the Yukon Terntoiy.  ���������Cieek, liver ,gulch and lull claims shall  not exceed J50 feet in length,' measured  on the base line oi general dhection ot  the cieek oi gulch, the width being Horn  1,000 to 2,O00..feet. -All other placer elarms  shall be 200 feet square  Claims are marked by two legal posts,  one at each end, bearing notices Entry  must bo obtained within ten days, if the  claim is within ten miles of mining 10-  corder s office One extra da> allowed  for each additional ten miles oi fraction  The pei son or company staking a claim  must hold a fioo minei's ceitificate.  The discoveiei of a new mine is entitled  to a claim ot 1,000 leet in length, and if  the pai ty consists of two, 1,300 feet altogether, on the output of which no royalty  shall be cliaiged. tho rest of tho paity  oidtnaiy cjaims only.  Entry fee, $10.' Rojalty at the rate of  two and one-half pel cent on the value  ol the gold shipped fiom the Yukon Ter-  iltoiy to be paid to the Comptioller  No'fiec miner shall lecelve a giant of  more than one mining claim on each sep-  erate ri\er, cieek or gulch, but the same  miner may hold <any number of claims  by pui chase, and fieo miners may woik  then - claims in partnership b> filing  notice and paying fee of $2 A claim rna>  bo abandoned, and another obtained on  the same cieek, gulch or nver, by giving  notice and  paying a lee  Woik 'must bo done on a claim each  year to tho value of at least' 5200  A ceitificate that woik has been done  must be obtained each yeai; if not, thi  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned  Cashel was game to the lust and did  not give up without u struggle.  Uoiibt.iMc Biggs found his man  crouched in one coinei of the cellar  T5f Pitman's house. He held a light tn  the coinei wheieupon Cashel fired a  revolver, the bullet gia/.ing the"constable'!* head.- Another shot also f.<i-  led"iuul iBiggs letired fiom the'cellar  as he was unarmed. '  Proem nig n revolver, Biggs returned  to the cell.u but was met on the dark  staiis bv C.'ishe! and", fuither shots  weie exchanged, only'one taking effect, as it lodged in Caslfel's heel." "  Th������*'niuideier*Vetiirned to the cellar  corner and the police letired outside/  when it was decided to/     ''<        -���������  "���������  .,   , ������������������'_   nun:* thi: ijujxdixg '   '  Cashel called out he would kill hnn-.  self and meiely wanted to leave a letter for his niothei. He'l'ned seveial  shots, but the'police would stand no  bluffing-and warned him out of the  building. i      .    n  'Cashel' finally emerged���������witlr"his  hands in the air and was soon?placed  nuclei an est. -  T He said he had complete knowledge  of everything that.vvas happening and  did not want to leave the country until his biother was released, i  that no great delay occurred.  , S.. 1/ irnngeifoid,e who has linen  muster mechanic of tho C. I'.'li m  Calgary for some time, has been promoted to'the position of'superintend-  entof the J car shops at Winnipeg  Mr. Iiungcrford 'will be succeeded m  Calgary by S. Phipps,''who for the  past year has beeii'locoinolico fo't'eninn  at Medicine Hut.''- '  Mr, Wm. Cross, assistant to the.second vice-president of the C. P.  11,  is  now.  engaged' in ��������� working    out  lie  details of the plans for the  fittings' of  the new 'shops 'at  Winnipeg. , bThe  ilnniense'-erecting .shop, will   have in  stayed   machinery,, of- the most improved     and    heaviest* pattern     fm,  undeitaking  all   kinds   of locomntui'  icpiiijs.    'Mr    Cross, states  that, tin  conti.ict for the   building of the fnm  additional   shops   which   includes   ������  passenger' or   shop   nnd   the powei'  i r i i   '  housp, has-been'.lwiiidcd to the  Manitoba Const! notion   Company  that England ought to be( proud of one-  of her greatest statesmen having died. '  poor. '<Neither Pitt nor Kn^land  Iintt  reason to be proud of a statesman, enjoying an ample ofliclnl /iie'onie. dying-  hmvily.Iu  debt and'milking tire payment of his tradesmen's,bills dependent  on   parliament   voting   a   sum   to.,  meet the liability.���������London Truth.  Catarrhal ,Deafn-ss"is- Caused  t "��������� i i  By ii thicken ing. of the lining mein  How Slii-rlilau  Pnlil  u Debt.  'No one knew, better the r|iower po������-   ������  Bessed by a really polished eniuplinient  than Sheridan, and on.iiiininii.r.iblo'nc- '  caslons during that rather sioimy the-    '  ntrleal iiiiinajteinent ol  his did die e.\-.  trleato ' himself   fiom   a   ililllculty   hymen ns of one.   A good IiWtanee is the-'  following: An  Kiii-'hsli  nobleman who,. ,  .afteritlic imiiiner of other of his peers;,  had-married a beautiful actress ouee>  applied '���������with '. iiuicli   dignity   in 'J the   '  greenroonr to'.Mr. Shej-idan lor tho^nr-  reurs'of her salaiy and vovved that he-'  would'not stir till they weie paid.' "My  denr lord," s.mi the impecunious Irian-   ���������  ager, "this is too bad.   You have taken  from   us   the   biichtest  jewel   in   the  ���������world, and  .vou  now iprairel   with, u������������.  for the.-little dustishe has let t behind'  licr."/riie nobleman immediately burst-  put laughing.',and over a bottle of wine-j;  the debt was canceled.���������London Stand-'  ard.      ' .. ,    ,     ,  hrane  of the middle ear owing to pin-     .,   ">������ ���������'",'������e riiBinii i������ AiiTe.  iAii.r,������t< ;.,ii ,/���������,���������",I:        t '-.���������    ,  >,'    ,AII good old ehleis love their engines:  longed   inllainmatioi,   from   catarrhal '���������'���������d coineS^boliev e in'tlie.n.^lTo all or_  genus      Tlie  only-cine   is   fiagivinl,   us assistants and 'prentices thev  were    ���������  I,���������. !...'._      /-I.1.....1.       '  , , . _.i    .!..     .' , -    ,,...������     .,'    '       <��������� "  WRAPPING   PAPER   AND  PAPER BAGS.  The Kootenay Mail has been  appointed 'agent for one of  the laigeot Canadian Paper  Mills.  Wrapping  papers in   rolls oi ,  Hat,   and   paper  bags   of  all '  weights and si/.es supplied to  oidei printed or unpiinted.  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke.  NOTICE.    , ��������� \ -  JJOTK'Ers licrubj giicn that tlurtj d.ivs after  -.n.iir'i? i ,"t!''l*i *?;',!'"1,' to tlieCliiorLoiiiinia-  ?\?l ?, *f f"uids '"1(l Worko for ���������' special license  to cut ami c.irr> ,,������,��������� tm.bor from tho following  de-enbed lands situated m We������t Kooten.ij :  .. * No 1 ���������"  ...������������������-'"'���������{'"'"I'li^iiiiiiico west 40 i  nieii't   ' cli.iuia to point ofcomi  'J*=.  nieiicc-  ConiineiiciiiK at a po5t plnn'ted "oil the cist  bank, or PuiBstou Cruek, about JJ mile, up  rroini its inoutli. theuec west -10 chains, tlience  north luflc ..im-. llieiice cist 40 cliai": l!S  south 110 chains to point or commencement   I  JNO   McKAGUK  The Mauler Jlcehaiiics Pure Tur Soap heals  nnd noflcni ffie Hfcfn. irhile pmmpfI.T cleanRing  It of (froiiiu. oil. rust, etc.   Iiimliiabfc for rne-  L.   chnnlcH, fnrmfr^. srinrt^mcrr,   Krec <.-������mpleon  The   !eis|.e'H   right   Is   confined   to   thff | receiptor 2c. for pontine.   'Alhert Toilet Soap  tnlymevgmi bed or bars In  the river br-   Co.. inni>iif������������tiircT������, Moitlrc-al.  NOTICE.  "VrOTICi-: is liercli} given tlmt thirtj dajs  X> after dmc I intend to npjilv to the Chief  Commissioner of Lninla.ind Woiksforatpeuiiil  license lo ciilnrid ciuij awnj tiinbur fiom llio  follow ing ik'hci ibi d luiids-. vi/.:  Sluitiug at a post marked "A. Plant'*, southwest coiner post," s,iniitcd on the cnhl hide of  Miner Arrow Lake, about three links north of  Nnkii-p riinning thence to cliaiiw east, llienco  north hficlmliih, tlience west SO clmiim moie or  !(��������������������� to lake nlioru, tlience i-oulli SOchaiiih moiu  or lc-i., following lake bhoie to point of coin-  IIICIICCIIICIIL  A. TLA NT.  Sukusp, Ii, (J.. December 21bt, 1IK),I.  and open   to  occupation and  entiy by a ' D.,ted tlie2lth div or December 1<~(U  fieo miner. ' ���������  The boundaiies of a claim may bo defined absolutely by having a survey  made and publishing notices in the Yukon  Official  Gazette.  1 ll>draulic Mining, Yukon Territory.��������� '  Locations suitable for hydraulic mining,  liaving a frontage of fiom one to five  miles, and a deptli of one mile or moie.  may be leased for twenty yeais, piovided  the giound lias been prospected by the  applicant or his agent; Is found to be unsuitable for placer mining; and does not  include within Its boundaries any mining  claims already granted A lental of $150  for each mile of fi outage,, ruid royalty at  tlie late of two and one-half pei cent on  (lie value of the gold shipped fiom the  Ten I toi y uro cliaiged. Opemtions must  ho commenced within one jear from tlie  date of the lease, and not less than $5,000  must bo expended annually. The lease  excludes all base metals, quartz and coal,  and provides for the withdrawal of unop-  orated land for agricultural or building  purposes. .  Petioleum.���������All unappropriated Dominion Lands In Manitoba, the North-west  Tenltorlcs and within tlie Y'ukon Territory aie open to piospectltig for petroleum, and tho minister may reserve for  an individual or company having machinery on the land to be prospected,  an area of fi-10 acres. Should the prospector discover oil In paying quantities,  and satisfactorily establish such discovery, an area not exceeding (310 acies. Including the ofl well and such other land  as may bo determined, will be =old to  the discoverer at the rate of J1.00 an  acie, subject to royalty at such rate as  may be specified by onler-ln-coirncll.  Department of the Interior, Ottawa,,  Sept., 1903.  JAMES'A   SMART  Deputy of the Minister of the Intel lor.  I  L * Dislocated Her Shoulder.  ^Mrs. Johanna Soderholm, of Fergus  Falls, *Miiin., fell and dislocated her  shoulder She had a surgeon get it  back in place nsi soon as, possible, hut!  it was quite soie and pained her very  much. Her son mentioned that he  had seen Chamberlain's Pain J3,ilm advertised for sprains and she asked him  to buv her i bottle of it, winch he did.  It quickly iclieved her and enabled her  to sleep which she had nob done for  several days. For sale by all Druggists.  healing   Catari ho/one,  one', which   it,  can led by the air  jou   bieathe to the  lomotest pails of the  throat and c.u  it reaches tliesouico.nl the tiouble and  ouics'deafness   permanently   .   lives v  siincrerjroin nnpaiied   hearing should  use Cataiiho-'one  which   bus  etleuted.  ninny  vvoiideilul   euies.    You  smiplv  bieathe its healing medicated vapor.���������  veiy easy   and pleasant < *Do this'antl  >our heaiing will be iestoied.,Cat.nih-  (������/one* novel   fails-;'it   is guaianleed  Two   months'   tieatmeut   foi $ 1 00 al  'dmi-gists.  ' I " ���������     r.  not the mere  machines* that they lip-   -  pear to the outsider, but*quite Imuran.!"  ..Every noise,tlic.\\. made, every motion,  every trie!; they liadwe know and had*  the icasoii for it   Kipling speaks of the- ^ ,'  inarinc  engine rs  the  most  sensitive    .'  tlnng'man  evei   invented.   There's a,���������  sort of cold, lifeless, though adiimable,  '  precision in a telescope i.nd a  line, regard for detnils in a jihouosraph. butr,  the maiine eiiifinc is alive; it strains.     ���������  and Iabots despeiately. it groans-witbi'  rheuiiiatisin in its joints, screams with'  the,pain  pi   tialit   beaiin^s   sta'^nersi       '  'and pluiiites Sigiiiiist the oncoiuiucr '.cms.  gets out ot bre itli an'il' i 1111% "i\\ ay ^v ith "  itself.    treinbhiigVhUe    a" Cuslncneil  borse.���������lien jam in' liiooks 111 Sciibner's-���������  RAIL AND STEAMER  The C. P. R. shops   at   Nelson   aie  being 'enl.ngcd.'  The C.  P.   R.   intend building new  shops at Calgary.  The Midway and Vetnon tailway  is  taking piacticuble shape.  A.   E    Sharp,   has   been appointed  station agent at Beai Cieek.       <*  1 Supt.   Buiy    may   be appointed C  *    *    "   *     CroCP- ".'*"'   '  .  The peculiar cough'which indicates  cr-onp, is usually well "knovvn to tin  mothers of croupy children. " No tine,  should be lost, in the treatment-of it  and for this purpose no medicine has  received more universal approval than  Chamber Iain's Cough^Reinedy. Sold  by all Dr uggist-..  ������v"/|  -'.v.  INSURANCE.  NOTICE.  "VJ OTICE i������ herein civen tluittliirlydavsiiririr  i.1 date I inteiid to iipiily to the Ciller ('oiii-  nnssioner or Lands and Works for 11 special  licen-u to cut and carr> awii> tiinlior from the  rollowiiiK described lands, viz:  Stiirtincat a post marked "Ciirolnio JI. Simons ������outli-0!ist corner |K)st," planted at tlie  iiorth-ensi corner or the "K. ami Si" Kailw.iy  block- No, ISO, situated cut the west bank of the  Upper Arrow Lake, running north 1(0 chums,  thence west 40 chains, thence south IG0 chains,  thence cist 10 chains to point of commencement  CAROLINE M   SVMON'b  Arrowhead, B. ('., January II. liXH,  NOTICE.  "VrOTICK is hcrebj kucii thai thirtj ditvn  X> afterdate I intend to apply to the Chief  ('ommissioner or Lands and Worki fora spuci.il  hcen-c; to cut mid carry away timber from the  following de-scribed lands, \i/. :  Starting at a post m.irkod ''John Vicars'  north-east cnnier post.*' situated on Coliunliiti  river, west sine, o|>|x)sitc Burton fit), ruiuiiiift  tlirnce40chains wrst. tliouco south 1������) chains  on to bank ot, mcr, tlience following tho blink  ot mer first in an oastorly direction, Ihenco in  a northerly direction to point of commencement. JOHN VICARS  NrLusp. B. C-, Decomber SI, l!Wi.  ' The   iiie   insuianco   autlioiitie*   ol  Eastern   Canada   aie  enmhatting the  impic&sinn  that iiie insurance in  the  Dominion   is a   veiy pinlitablo entei-  pi'i-o    The   liisiiiancc and  Financial  Chionicle   points  out the companies  sin plus  of  piemimns ovei   losses an'tl  expenses for the past 10 veais anfouii-  led  only   to, ���������-r70'J,-tU2.    The whole 01  this amount accouling to the same .111-  thonty   was practically 11101 tg.igcd lo  puiMdean iineai ned piemiuin fund mi  that 111 leahty the fi 10 companies d,d  noteain one cent' of profits in the ti-  dinaiv coinmeicial serine between IS'.)?  and 1002     The total losses fm the ten  yea is amounted   to .V)2.L8f).������<i!).    Tin  total   geneial  evpenses   foi   the  sune  pei ind leached the sum of .f.25 010,!)'.)'.!  Km   the ten yen is theieloie the total  expendiluio was lp77,7!)(i,S(iS     The ((-  l-i 1 pieniiiims iiinounled tn .fi7S flfil ,:-i:.0  caving a^total excels in  ten ve.irs of  premium  income over losses  and  o*  pc*U!>e>'*.*r7(il,<l(i2, '���������>'��������� Ivss than one pi  cent.    These liguies, it   is  contended  give  a   fairly effective  answer  to   the  complaints that 1110 fiequenlly lie.ud  a bout excessive liie insurance late.s.  ' "   "   Glaring:  Effronrery.  Uncle''Absalom A-lrby 'was , mucin  given to rctaihiiir old and backno.vecl  jokes. An acquaintance of'lns. tlimk-  Ing to cine linn of his piactice. 6ue day  gave him a copy of ".foe .Miller's .lest  Book." with the lemark that be ������������������might,  hud something new in it " v   .  The next time lie met the old centle-  man he asked him.,"\Vell. unclc^wliat  do you think of that book,I gave .voir  the other day?" t  . 'T don't know who that 'eie'.loe Miller is." lndiiriinntlj icspondcd Cnele  Absalom, "but I do know he's a thief.  He's f?ot hold 01 a lot of my best'stories and printed 'em, cons.irn him!"  v First   Census1   Wn?s.        (  The original schedules of the first  census are now contained in nventy-  six* Jiound volumes, jireseiveil in the  interior department For the most  part the hemlines of the schedules  were written 111 by hand Indeed, up  to and including 18*20 the assistant  maishals generally Used such paper as  they happened to have. 1 tiling it. writing in the headings and binding the  sheets together tlieni=elves In ������onie ,  cases meicli.iills' account paper was  used, amb now and then the siliedule*  weie bound inside ot a news-paper ���������  \V. II. Morii.iin in Onturj1  ffiss*   Stsairc  NOW IN ITS 39th YEAR  Tlie Jr-icinif. mining prriodir.il or the  wnrlrl, with die .slrr>ng<v.t eiiituiial st iir of  any tcclinic.il pdhltc ition.  ��������� Stiiiscription   $5.00   .1 year   (incliitiiii^  U. S , C.in.iili in, iMcxldn pu^tngc J  Sample copy free. Send for Hook Catalogue.  Tne Enoineerinu and Mining: Journal  261 tttUwtj, New Yerk  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  This preparation is intended espi-n  ally for coughs, colds, croup, whoopim  cough and   influenza,    ft  has  becoiii  famous for its cures of these diseiisi-  over   a   large   part  of   the   civili/n1  world.   The niott Haltering te.stimon-  inls   have   been   received,   giving   in-  counts of i,ts good  works; of the ngg  nivating and persistent coughs it Im  cured; of severe colds that have  yielded  promptly  to its soolbing eftVris.  and of the diingeious attacks-ot cioui  it' has cured, often saving the  life nf  the child.     The    extensive   tisv   nl it  for whooping cough, has shown li.nl  it robs that disease of all dangemn-  resulis. It is especially prized by m..  thers beeiiuse it contains nothing inju  rious and there is nob the lea������t dang. 1  in giving it even to babies. It al������������j s  cures and cures quickly. Sold by all  Druggists.  U������o   V<������i:r  0;.;iiirllinll Ie...  Today is the Miie to pin sue fortune-  The hour nt hairl is die one lo make  use ol and the chances vvitlim our-  grasji���������fhose we siiould sei/.e "To-  niorrow" is uevei heie. and putting ofT  the good Ave may have for a (juesti'in-  nble fiitme is not tlie best wisdom.  Therefore, use today1' No the k.ijdness  before you, the duty tnairst .vou. and  tomorrow will take e-ire of it������'*!!".  Tiirnliiir Ittist   to Clinnl  Atl% nitrtiire.  A Hessinii lieutenant of the name of  Ltldwig von Siegeu noticed the ellect  of the dew upon his gun barrel, which  iiad become runted from the dampness.  Some time after he experimented upon ���������  the discovery and obtained what Is  now known ns ine/./otlnto. In th" year  IIH3 lie engraved n portrait of I'rincesa  Amelia of Hesse by its application.,  Then  the CIiiino  Ilcftnn.  "Please let me |iass," said the tramp,  "so that I may s-ipafe to your mistress.  I'm hungry, my trousers are begiiirnip;  to fray, and I'm eager to cot a little  help."  "And I." Interrr.pted the bulldog, in {���������  ting Into ,'iition. "am hungry and en.r>'r  for the r-ay."  I.������ntl   l*rof(-������ploMff:  Uncle Iteulien >-ajs: -| want to g*n ,.���������  old wldotit grovvin' c.vnical. but 1 neb-  ber hear a man begin to talk "1 out I Is  conscience an' bis duty vvidout lookia'  to see how much cotton he has mix.si  wld de wool." ���������������������������������   "-.n   '  l .. i /��������� i    - . *rf    >.- ������ aft-'j.wW-C r������������v-f'fi   1" r^TI "  i *���������       lV'i    - * *-    ���������    y"*--rnl?J(1Vt ^-n'1!   V,  i,       r    .       ,   A    ,P\  l"       I..UU-      .JlrAl.*.    1*       !><-*-*!*��������� * <������B*li *���������--Ultilft  l(,ri.1l,ljil t'i-*-   jl't'-Jiiitjl  !' '!  'I  11 ,,'  u '-  I  !*3 ���������  '3  sv  ft'  1 *,-t  nt"  I ft*.  I  >"  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  Qoiigh  ���������Me'di erne's  ���������'"  AH Kinds, All Sizes  i     r  "  Just opened at  thc   ���������  CANADA DRUG &|  ;,BOOK CO.  REVELSTOKE, 'V   B. C.  vvA's passed thanking the brother foi  hi> many valuable suggestions and  expressing"the plensuio "of  the  lodge  and   its  .satisfaction" at  Id's  presence.  i  .Mr. Duff spent Satuidny in the city  going west on Xo. 1 talcing in the various lodges' on his way to the Coast.  During his stay in" town Mr. Dutf wa*  the guest of Uev. \V. C.'Gilder.     <  LOCAL & GENERAL.  ��������� ���������.l. Doran, a   miner, Jvvas   killed1 in a  sjiKivvslidc   near ri.indon lecently.  ,  At Calgaiy buuspiei Revelstoke beat  Edmonton 1-1 to U lor the Consolation  Cup. ' - ��������� i     "<  *  C. Iibldor, formerlv of Salmon Arm,  , I us   been, fined .''iT.'r'foi  wife .it Victo'ria.  A train,nf coal cars got awav at  Uniryi and Clashed (hiotigh the fcians-  fer slip doing $10,000 damage.  Tins wintei   js   the  most, severe c.v-  peiieiu-erl in the east, the Uiornio'nieter  (-/0 degrees below/ok; in   Ihe  piovincc  <il  Quebec,    i  A S Bartnn ni the IJoisSovain Sun,  vVlni is im ,,i visit to the coast, s-ays  niaiiv .Manilohiiiis 'will settle in this  pinvince, prelerring- tho Xicola and  Clkaiiag.in valleys.. '  Thanks in  the  ett'oi t* nf Aicliibald  ^AlcMillan, pic'sident o'fthe Arrovvli'ead  f. Lumbei 'Co . a postofheu has been established  at,' si   Looii.'M   Grady will  113 pnstiiiiistei.'  ' i  The childien of the public school  . \vcre������entcrtajncdaJiy our theatrical  visitois���������The Whites���������lii'.thc opera  hnusevesteid.iyafternoon About 100  enjoyed Ui'e clevei slight-of haiul pei-  loimiineqo and veiinilorjuial efforts  i.n an Imiii anrl a half and afterivards  .veicseivecl wth cake by'thc young  ladies of the hockey club  Thcanutinlbonspiel of the Kootenay  Culling Associhtion held in this city  dining the past week was brought to  it successful tcrminttion this morning.  We weie unable to proemc  a detailed  BUSINESS LOCALS.  Order your' hard  coal   from* IT. N.  Coursier. '  ,  Kor Sale ��������� \   souvenir heater,  coal  burner.    Apply to I?, ft. Campbell.  10 pur cent "discount <>tf-all nickle  plated, ware .'it'Lawrence's. ������ ���������  Jv'ead   C.   II. 'i I nine  ti   Co.'s advertisement,on the lirst page.   '.,'  'Hews' keeps high igradc chneolatc������.  Spalding hockey sticks' at \V. M,  L:iwi cube's. r '  ">V,hen you come?'to Revelstoke hail  the Central Hotel bus to take you to  a good 'hotel. Ahrahiimson Hrns.  Trops.       i      ���������   '  Artists  materials of  all kinds kept  at John   K. Woods,/-don't'' let  this op-  poitiinity slip.    Vour eiedit is good.  The Kontemiy Mail Publishing  Company offer for "ale platen press,  lever p'iper cutter,, and Aemewiie  stapling machines       .   '       ' n *'      'I'sS  About thc only  establishment < 1 i.iI  makes  money   wiiimtit   advertising is  the mint."Adveitise in the Kooti:\vv  Man. anil make a mint nf ynitr   hii-i  i. ess.  make a mint nf  vnitr  at the Canada Drug Al  Hook Co.    ,  Travellers   visiting   Revelstoke will  Unci   the   best   accomodation at   the  Cential Hotel. Ahrahiimson   llms. o-  C.iscara Quinine Tablets break uii a  cold.    Soid at Hews' Ding Store.  'Tiiieman's stndin -nnw ojien. and  will be till uii thcr not ice. under cum -  .]ietcnt management.  Thc St. Leon Hot Springs lias been  opened^ and is now icaily to accomo-  dafo'visitois.'   . < ,  I    25, per cent''discount   alhiiiiinitni  ssaulting his   wa'ie at Law rence's. '"        -  I "        r>  "You can'cine   that  cold   in   a Jfuw  'days with   Svrup  af   Linseed  Licorice  and   Chloindine,   get   it   at. tho -lied  Cibs's Drug Stoic.  For ,sale, cheap, second hand   base-'  burner coal stove. Apply at Koon:y.\v  JM.vir, oflice.  '��������� ��������� ,  K  Try our cough  mixture it is only ii)  cents a bottle and  excellent fm a cold  Canada Di tig and Honk Co ���������  Don't'forget   vve    make   " lno������c-le.if  binders and covers for all kinds ol loose  s'lcctSj'and looscslicets for anv kind of  cover.    Weaic headnuarteis foi everv-  -' , ,l  tiling  in a loose-leaf wav.���������K'ootenav,  s- **.        *  Mail ollice. \t  ,'���������. Witch   Hii'/el , Cie.iin    for   chaiiped  and lough skin-T*2.;ic. a   bottle at  the  Red Cioss Drug Sune. N      - *  Dr.  Ctiny, Dentist, will   be  out, of  town lor about throe weeks bfsrinnm"'  it ���������* ^"  about thc lOtli of Fcbiii.tiw, rrhu&eie-  Social aiici Personal  I*. Agien leaves fnr ^Vancouver (hi-  eveniiig        " ,    (    o  It. Ciu'ley, of Nelson, is on a visit to  his |iaieiits. , ,        c'" '  Miss Dure has been ilppointcd Im'ok  keeper fur Mns'i-rop Urns.     ,  i  U. It. Ilimr. nf I he (;<ildcu ���������jt'iir,  ncciniiji niicd the cm leis tbia week.  Mis .1. Kdwards.' lelt fur Vaiiconver  (in'j'liiirsiliiy to'joiii-hcr husband.      >  Dr. Ciirriithot's, intends to 'practise  in Lnndi'ii'i Kngl.iiid, ji������ as iiu eye sjie-  cialisL , ,_ v      -,'"������,  T. II. Leeniing has left the Ivain-  lt.ops Sentinel to start, h.irdwuie  biisini'ss fm hiniseli'.  ������ Rev. If. Reel, nf ICaslo, litis, been  .ippiiiiited arch deacon Im lieu' iliocesC  Ol  ICnnteiiay. '  Ml and Mis. RlU-lii", of Saodul)','  weie nil ,i,visit to Mi..-ind .Mis. li. S.  Jaeksnii  this! week." '".'    '*    .   .  Miss Mclntyie, who'has  been   on  a  Mis., li.   I) i'i is, ic-  LATEST      ,  TELEGRAMS.  visit to Iii r sister,  turned tn dandnn  1 hills  ���������I.V-  The' death is aiiiiounucd.it Mon-  tical of Mis. Waul, mother ol li E.  Wai'd. foiineily 01 .Molson's Hank  here.      ,'_  The   dance   given   Irs    the"' Indies  hockey club on Tliuisday evening was  l.ugelv ni tended and jnoved   a success  ,*   v    '      ^ '      ���������<  in eveiy uspect,   rMusic was [iiovided  by tiie new suing oichestra.  CITY COUNCIL  The regillai    ineett-ig -of   the   city  council was held'ni lhecouncirch.ini-  'ber last evening \lavot   Brown   in the  ch iir, l Aid     Field.    Lewis,  McCaitei.  McLeod aiiil.Alir.ihanison piesont.  (j()i;i!,i:si'o\-i)ij.xci.. ���������,*    ', .   '  Chief    Hain    icpnitiiig   sati^factoiy  as soon  quiiing In- sei vices plea so "ca  as possible. '  Spalding hockey sticks eiidoised bv  Victorias ol Winnipeg and .Shamrocks  of Montreal, at Lawienec ~.  View r.ooks of I'.iiusli Columbia  mountain ^ivncrv. only Toe each at  Canada Drug it Hnnk Co Revelstoke  H. C.        ' .  A   sale   has   been   made dining the  account ol   the  vaiiotis competitions   week by the C. B. Hume it   <Jo    Ltd..  for this issue but the full results wil  appeal in our next.  ���������GRIP AND PASSWORD.    4  ������������������" I.. O   I..  I. O. L. U'.'iH cieatly enjoyed the  pie-ence mi Fitday evening the 22nd.  jn-t nt P.iothet Tli'in-iis A. Dutf j,|r.n  grand nigani-ei ot the I. O. A. of Hri-j .r-|  tisli Ameiica. and geni'iai agent of the  Change Mutual Bcui'iit s iciety. A  good attendance was in evidence and  all pv.-eni enjoved the woik of initiation as conducted by liio ])uH'. A  .-ulist.iiiti.il lunch piMvided by Mr.  Dickey was highly appieciated.  Tiiioiighout   thc ' evei.iug   the  vi-itor  to A. d. Fi.iser, of Camberne. of thfeii  business at that place. Mr. Fra-er  will take possession on February L-t.  All tiie latest maga/ini's a~ they aie  published  you   wili   iiml   at   the   Red  woi king of ,liie a la im.��������� Filed  , Geo. S. McC.uter, 'dated Jan I lib.  tendeiing h.s lcsignalion, as city  solicitor ���������Accepted and died.'  T. II. Dunne a-king increase of  salaiy as night elecli iclan at poivi'i  house���������Laid over intil ne\t meitiiiu.  S A .lacks'iti. tiavelling salesman  of cluthing. complaimng of 'being  charged a .f.")0 tav while otReis in  similar lines only pay trader's license  of .|5���������Received and filed.  ll.'Fluvd. seuictaiy boaii! ol tiadc,  asking assi-taiice of council in scorning location of proposed i.iiliv.i',  -t.uion <it a site on south side of Hack.  ��������� Mayoi appointed to cooperate with  bo.'id of trade deputation in waiting  ujioii Mr. White.  Canada Cmc'ial   Klectilc   Cninpanv  London,' Jnn. 2!(.��������� Daily (Sraphic.  claim1' to be able to atlirni Russia's  draft of her reply has heon handed to  .Japanese minister, at Si. Petersburg,  who has transmitted its contents to  Tokio whence it will be conveyed to  friendly powers. Reply is said to bu  courteous but it refuses'iin uiicompro-  niiMiig'tcnns the guaranteeing nf integrity and independence of .China upon which .lapan insisted ' in her last  note. 1 '  I'm is. Jan. ,2!).���������It is said' Russia  will not answer Japan until she't'eels  reasonably assured ,t lint her answer  will not have theelfect of precipitating  hostilities. Ollicials here a re .gratified  at apparently authoritative statement  that .Inpan does not intend fortifying  Straits of Korea, They say "it will  remove one of the main obstacles, lo n  peaceful settlement. St. Petersbuig  authorities here say the Hussian icply  to Japan's Miote. will not be tiansniil-  ted to Japan until nexi week.  Washington. Jan, 2!)���������The Slate department was informed today Unit, the  Hritish einbitss.idoi at" St. Pelerburg"  consideied Ih'e'Kiissia'ii reply fo Japan  satisfactory.  Merlin, Jan. 2!J.���������Fight girls belonging to a ooiiking school Darmstadt aie  dead and three others are dying from  poisoning which lestilled from partaking ol a dish made of canned 'beans  and meat..   <        ���������       ' .  London, Jan. 2!)���������A detective-inspector of twenty-live ye..is service has  been dismissed fiom't he London police service' foi leeching bribes fiom  bookmakers. '. ���������     ' ',     ' ���������   ;  St. IVtersbu'ig, Jan 20'���������An admii-  al inlliiential in< the councils of the  om | in e' in toi viewed said . " Fnormous  loss nl coinineice Jhat Japan "has sustained is (he icsiill ni the mobilisation  i ' -  ol- steamships   foi   transport ,service.  < i       .      ,  This prnhablv accounts for the inipa-  i ���������  - i    i  Hence Japan is displaying ovei the delay ol the Russian icply. but (his reply  goes to Tokio next week, and wil! be  sojuonciliatory that vve do not loiesee  other- ilian-a peaceful settlen-epi, of  t ho piesent^difficulties  44HMHS ������^������M^^'H^-^*i'4,H^^*^^^^^  SKATES!       SKATES!  As skating' is about to,commence we have placed in stock thc famous  Boker's Hockey Skates  in eight different kinds at'' reduced prices. We have all sizes in each , I  of these, .so are sure to'satisfy you. "Do not fail to avail yourself of <  this oppoitunity. , ' ' ' ' ',,'"-.I  We. have Hockey Sticks for forwaid and defense players, made of. second  ��������� growth elm, which cannot bu beaten in Canada.    Come and examine '\  our stock before purchasing. '.  W.   M.   LAWRENCE  FOIt   UAltDWAKK  ' OV ALL���������IC1NI)S.  ,t^^^4'^*^MW,*^*,*^-^*,*f*^^  f.v'.E-d; :b5uMe; "���������"!;.  fn Boots, Shoes, Men's .Furnishings,      ., ;#*  |I- -Clothing,-'Hats, Caps', etc., etc. rV  f Carss' Famous Mackinaws, German Socks, Mitts, etc. *f  ���������t  '���������1  Canadian Rubber Company's,Rubbers and Overshoes. #  z ' Bargains in Boy's Winter Suits and Overcoats.  istrt  REVELSTOKE STATION^ B. C.  rfr>  We Don't Want  i|;    (Vi1  Your trade unless0you want p"ood eoods, well tailored  and cut with a ^perfect'"style. ,     <'' '[ '\r  UNION MADE'and-at living prices ,  Fashionable  Tailor.  -McKENZIE'AVIfiNUB,--,     "-' " .'NISXT TAYLOR BLOCK. ,-   ,    -  The only pl.ico in  town you csm got it.  M. A. Wilson,  WANTED  WA NTK D���������Si\- Ki.Ufrh Ca'rpen't eri*  Mia; Hend Lumber Co.. Limited,  Ai low head   II  C  WANTKI)���������An expenenced   wait  ie=s.    Apply Columbia House,  Gulden.  re delay a' two d.i.vs by Dominion l-.\-  Cros^ Drtitr "rtore. ,  ' j press   Company   m    foi vrardimr    niw  A   prize  will   bu   giten for the best j pirto for d\ n.inio.���������Evpree'j Company  i to be a.-ked to  expla'n   delay   which  For Sale.  At. S.i In mil Arm.' Kit) Ar tes Fruit and  Sim k Land: ~A) ati"Js cleared. Apply  in A. S. IIEN'RV. iMission (Jity'. li. (_).  FURNITURE  1 ' u i '    ' *    .   ' ���������   '      *    .[���������  For the best and nicest Xmas goods call ..and see R. -H.  ItIow_soii & .Go's large, assortment of fancy Rockers,  Center Tables, Couches, Chilian Cabinets^ Ladies Scc-t  retarys. etc. .   ' '*",**'        '' "     '     *  r: howson & do., V  Undertakers and Enibalmers.'1 -> , ' Picture Framing.  "-- il  FOR   SALE  At a b.utrain, Ill.aOO .share*. Prince  Minnie; Co Addie>������ ii T liiown,  bov 7. l'endletiin, Oi . V  S. A.  old   time  costume  .it   tlie- 'Md  Folks  Tea.    AdniJs-nm .   Adult-   .~)'V.   enil-  "ic  r^siiirt - be <!eiiv-,il from . oit-  | tinuoiis adviiiaiiii''-fiiimt. ."��������� iivci- ���������  limated. s.iv.s the Nat.on.ii Duiker  carry your continuous, advertising in  the K'ooitv'.v M������ir. to ^et the1  le'-ult'*  meant in^s ,,i .-j:IOU revenue to city.  It. Gi rdnii, rc'iliiriciuu loi ileeliicil  sii..plii-.-.-7-Laid t.vei urn i! coniinil teis  lor ned.  n..M.i:.vi.  -V    loan    by-law   .���������iiithori/.itij;    'the  . I borrowinsr of .fS 500 to  meet,   etitrent  I experiditme     vvj.s-      ttitioduced      and  Revelstoke * School Board.  i The Trustees- de-iie tenders, tot the  supply nf o.\eiei.se books, school ������ta-  tioneiy. etc , to the cttv .schools  Quantities ������ample.s. forms of (eiidei.  ��������� md all | arliculais cm be obtained  i'li m the nude: signed. In vv hum (endei.s  aie t.. be -sent In  Febni.iry Sth.  II. KLOVD.  .lauuaiy '!'���������'>. lilOJ. t'ecietarv  z4 ajstv-ti^ja <UMjJti)-rms #al^C/  >    .   ;.     .    ��������� /  M. A. SMITH .ft CO., Agents���������:Bevelstoke, B. C.  ;.ive   many valuable   hints  .is   to  the  .ink ni the oidei.    Leioie   tin  !.���������-(*!   a   tinanmiHiis   vote  of  Von will nlwav, find   an   atiendant ��������� ������"'���������*!ved three reading,,  it our electric littin<:   and    jilunibin^ |     Moved, by   Aid.   Field  -hop-;.       W't     -ujil>lv     th'- 1 ��������� st n.sj.nrt-  , I  nient   of  electric   liitin  NOT ORNAMENTAL  BUT USEFUL  the  b.ivi  ai  ILivi' you ii  j>,iin or ,in  Ti v a Imt vvaii'i bottle  Tne cinaiivi powi'i nf hot u.itei  u-id in this in,inner is almos|  in i a i i- ,i I . Tool hachc. ciraehc  pain- in tin' ehe-t. back oi stomach  di-appcii   in   a  ti'w minutes.  Have You  '   1,l("-'������'l.\rr.sernp D,m=  tl':!nk-j     -I'leseii^Moils   .n-  "    " j (b-livei   to jui\   pint  ot  | (ho-s [)rii'_- Nmi' '  !     (biidon    ,'tid    .-liii<:(>i     ii  mora!   Hotel    i'    Fei������'ii-on  i  solved [i.iituer-itip  For Sale���������I'l.uio in ir/md (oinlition  Apply at ulhce of ICoot'.vw   \lvit  Fleet fa' l i in f is. s 11, n|,.. mid iiMiin ���������  in !ai>;e v.iii.'ty at M������"<,rn,i Mioi  Cle.iliince s,i|e of fiiriiitiiie -ti!!  hi  lie City Council is piepared lo ie-  scctmdeil by   eeive    teiidei-*    for   the   i-iipplyine;  ol  \ Id.'Abr.ihanison, that government be  .seventy-live  ( 7;"> ) eiirds   of   wood,   Iir  ti the ei;v tasked to appoint J. M. Scott as,  p >iiee  and   liemlick. in  fom font lengths, to  I magistrate   of   thi.s. city at a h.ilaiy of   be deliveied at (he Power Mouse, piled  ail   -jiiri.ilitv    we  t-W a ve.ii c j foi nic.i-tiiiim   wlieie  diiu'led   by  the  thi' town    l:<(|i     Aiiieiidiiieiit    moved    by   Aid1   ."if e-1 ma natter.  C.utei, -i eondt-d   by   Aid    Lewis   thiitj     Tendei - tn icarh I he uixlci sijjned by  CITY OF REVELSTOKE.  t  Indigestion ?  appointment   ol    a  be ..nd  over   until a  cl.tef   of  jiriMent  Liver tiouble, con-tip.itinn. etc ,'  t'-e a loiii.l.nri syiin<{(. w\[l\  warm water. Vim will j;et ,ilmn������t  in-taut lelief. Hi/.es ��������� Two to  foill   (plaits, from   one  dollar  up.  RED CROSS  DRUG STORE  .1. A. HWKUAV.  I'. S.��������� [*'-('  Fuc de Quinine ( I'iniiud )  lot the hail.  toe   <|||< .[Jon     iii  police iita./l-ti.ite  u-Jiorl  I i   oniaiiii d   lioiii   the  police   .n    to    vvli"t!ii.(    thc  irr.nu. '. ( nts  hi     ^i'i',e   i.i.'i-f.n'tioti  to tlie pni'i..' ,n,.f |.  ,    .  in'|ii.i.|>.  Alneiiio      nt |. .1    .mi (Milled.  A. .1 I'ti ,.vr '.is riu.irrled contract  ;<u "ii;.[i' > nt^ from I'I to T.inml o  wood to tie delivere I at power h'iuue,  'ihe Mavni named the following  st indium coioiniltees which were  r.on-  Sanitary   Plumbing, Hot ium<d nv ti.ecouncii-  Water & Steam Heating.!   ������������������������-���������"'-"---���������*-��������������������������� A'cCirtcr, A-br.u.am-  Oll, .Ml Li . ''. j  Public   woi/:���������A'<l      Abranam"on j  Field, Footf  File, water and   imht���������Aid    Lewi  Mcl.e.d, Field.  Moscrop Bros.  Mill I.  FLOYD,  City Clerk  li |i. iii. mi Friday, .Ian. i',)  II  Jan. -ii. MIDI  NOTICE."  V'D'llt i: i- liiirliv Kiwii Unit ililrij dins  i> .tfi.-r ilnle I Inn ml tn upjily tn I In' flnet  I niniiitr-ioiii r nf 1. mils null VV in ksfm ji s|i(.( i il  ln'cnxf lo i nl mid imii i .iwiiv liuilicr fiom I lie  riillnwili.; de rillii'd l.tnd-, vi/ '  '"t iriiiu nl ,i |i'n( in.ir'ail ' Jnlni YirMis"  nerlli-" i.i ( nriicr posi." -itn,itfd on ('olii,iiln,i  rn<-r, vo.-i -i.le '>|i|iri.iti' lliirKm Cit\. riniiiinu  lln'iH'c liirh.nii-vii"L tliiMii'i- sinitli Hiil di.iiiis  mi l.i linik i.f nil", ilii'iiri;   fellouiiiK  (In. IiiiiiI.  ] fit" rm-r llr.I 11 i-.i-tcrl}   ilirivlinn, tlii'iice in  i   ii'.rijicrlj  diri'i*,!! n  In  luinii   nf   r'dinniriiec-  I iiiont .loriS Vlf'AIIS.  J     N iloi.p   II (   . DiTiiiiilinr II. ItKlI.  BLACKSMITH and  (lordon's Block, Second St.  .���������J     '      ^I  t .-Pi  Neatly and    The Kootenay  Expeditiously  Executed at  Mai! Office.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  i  NOTICE.  THE HOTEL VICTORIA  IC. 10. I.KASOX,  VICTORIA. -    '   ii. 0.  AiiimV.iii mid '''iikiih'iiii J'Ihii,  .Aiiiuiicun I 'In ii SIM (1 and U|iwinds.  "-"leiiiii lloulcd. Siiiniilc Hiunis.  Electric Lamps, Door Bells and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures %n% Put In."  Second Street, Revelstoke  N  ln'ridiy itiii-ii Unit lliirli iln>siirtcr  I   mtiiiiil In ii|i|ih to tlii> ( liu-r (Vim-  t/rj( i  li.l'l'   ,   ' ifil-s|nii**r nf Liindrf .md V'erks fnr ;i speciriJ  I lifciiiii lo i nt mid rurrj imni tnnliiir fmin tin)  i followillL: d"'('rlli* d |m,.N   w/;  Starting nt n iwi-1.  iniir'cd  " ('.irnlnie M.S>-  ,.     ,        .      . i   .      ,      , inom*-.ontli n.i.L corner  i.n^t," plmiti'd  nt  tlin  Ilealtli. hy-law-i, and   tr,i(le   IlceriJe-i . ������������������rUi '-mi  ronn-r or the "K   .md S " rtniluiiy  i ,#l    r.v,./    1t,.r',...^������    I,.     . I lilook No, MH, ^itmited on llio ivi..| li.mli of tliu  ,\l(l    foote, McOillter,  LCWH i vWr,r Arrow r.iilry. niimiiiK north  mi cliiiins.  Ile*iii.n wist I'lr-IimiN. lfii*n'''i -ontli Ui) rlillitis.  ttienrn ijfut I'I cJiiiIim lo jmillt of roiniiiC'llCll-  mniit.i  CAHOLJ.Vi: M   KV.MONS.  A .special mcetiiif' to reconsider tin  loan iiy-biw had been called for Monthly evening nc.it.  ArrowIiq id, I), C. ./urinary II, IWI,  The Revelstoke Business College  Day and livenitig Classes in thc  Library (j uii ding.  Fi'act ieii 1     inst Miction     is    given    in  Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic  Penmanship,   Correspondence,  Shorthand, Typewriting  and English,  and other subjects cm be arranged for  UK I ON   CAFE  Ododrovv & Vincent, Pi-ops.  Kast, of Impci in) J3,mk  Finest Cnfe in  Hcvelstoke  Open All Day ancl Night  Reji/elstoke  Dairy ^-���������i  ('   A    RKVKLL, Proprietor  Orders received for milk, cre'im  and fresh butter  Ciifetouicrs can rely on having on their  requirements filled daily  .���������"IB  ft  ���������'"'I


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