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Kootenay Mail Jul 12, 1901

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 Vol. 8.-N0. 14.  REVELSTOKE. B. C.JULY J2, 19C1.  $2^00 Per Year.  U  6fe'rp^e jj@a*i!:  ���������-v>***"���������**������ ~  ^^^^i^^i^^^f^������^^^  7/o/i  95  ������g������gM������Hg(J^WP-TTO������������������Mg<m(������^  Come and See Our Beautiful Display  - of Spring Merchandise.  ������  BEAUTIFUL WHITE GOODS.  Fancy   White    Muslins.  Laces,, Valancines, "etc.  AU-'over  1 SWISS & DIMITY MUSLINS.  I  A most beautiful assortment of these  fashionable goods ,in various colors at  ii, 17^3, 20, 25 and 30 cents.  I UNDER SKIRTS.  Mercerised Sateen  Skirts  in endless  colors���������All prices.    ���������  I EASTER .GLOVES.  IW.I  We sell  the famous' Perrin's Gloves  -���������Once worn always asked for.r  BOYS' BLOUSE SUITS.  Just  to  hand   the .finest.shipment,of  Boys' Blouse  Suits. ' These are the jpf  ' best made  in  Canada, and don't rip m  anywhere. , .......  I MEN'S CLOTHING.  . We have    just  ta  k  i  ll  i  opened up a large  range of beautiful Satin-lined, All-  wool Serge and Worsted- Suits, and  marked them away down. Call and  sec us before buying elsewhere. "  FW^  1  ytoKenziQ Avenue.  Contract Let for  Work to Nino  ''   '-'  Mile,   ���������"  Di-fi'iv leaving Revelslokc,Provincial  I'lngineci' Gamble 1 i*t it ciiiilriu't In Hi  Donnelly for completion of B.lg Dcnd  wagon riiiid in tiie Iie.'itl of I hi; caHyon,  VJ| appears that tenders hud been sent  in by Messrs. Donnelly nnd fvernaghiin  ti 1 tlie origi 1 il sp 'eili-'iili mi, hut, the  11 mount* vv'Ti- com-idei-ed-too high,and  Mr. Gamble, modilied llie wnrk nnd  iieci-|.ii-d 11 reduced figiuc. frniii Mr.  ])p niii-lly I'm-currying it mil. '  ''  (J(iin|i!������liil is- mnde thai, in f.-iii-iP'Si In  Mi-. Kim illinium In* should nlsti have  had nn oppiii liiniiy of ti'iick'i ing on  the iiiiiHiideil pi''>|-Hs.-il..  I,'. II. Due'; will he t! h enginci r in  chili'1?*, Yr. Gamble having highly  complimented him on the way in  wliic.i he In id out the i-oiid lust full.  Mr, Diinnelly, lin-s nli'eiidy hicrciwil  the force nf iin-n '1111 cl will push. Uu..  work,  SOCIAL AND PERSONAL  1  T. Taylor, Ji. P. P., was in llie cily  uli Monday.  Dr. Cross I'l-liiined Sunday froin  Winnipeg .nnd lias resumed his  practice.  Mr. nnd Mrs. Diilislieim vMl'ed the  Silver Cup last week, returning mi  Hiindiiv. i���������  C. J. Keiin-.etis I,as lefiiri i d finin  iS|)i>l;������ni' bringing his lirni her.'wii li hii.n.  They went tn the .St.iiidiu-d Basin  tti-dayi : - ���������' ��������� ' '   '/.������������������. ' .  ut'Port Eoingtnn, and leaves fur there  on Monday.       X ,  Di*. nnd  Mr-*.  McLean  left for   flp  ,Coiisb hy the special on  Wi dnesday,'  ,Dr. Cross Is looking after Dr. McLeiuiV-  pntirii'l-j iiK'itnliiiic,  The wt'ddingof A. C. Cummins, one  of tile best known men of-the Liu'denii,  wilh Miss D J. Diirrcll, nl' Trout Like,  was reli'lii-ated at Trout Like on Sunday last.-   .  E. A. Bradley, iilanagpr for Ihe Du-  (]in'������nc Mining Cuinpnny, arrived from  Smith ci'i'������k oil Sunday, and left on  Jloiidayvfui' llie cdiist to order miirliiii-  ei-y fi'i* ihe properly. Oapt, Hughes  remained at the camp.  . Me<srs. A. S. Putter, cf Pitt-huiy,  and V. Thrauc, of Chicago, jviuincd  mi Sunday from ihe Dig Bend, wh"iv  they had gone t.o j-t i- L-eit.iiiiiiiiil.il-  limits. On Mniiday lliey went to  Kaiiiloops lo examine il.e GI.ielTian  Group of claimsiind other in vejtinetit--,  On Tuesday Mr. Thrane left for Chic-a-  go, hut 31 r. Puller will lrmain for a  week or two.  Folice   Court.  On Wednesday, before J.D. Sibhald,  P.if,, C. Hoover was charged wilh  smashing windows in T. E. L. Taylor's  1joii������u leased by accused, nnd breaking  the door of Q. Granule's hiir.--e, Fines  were imposed which, wilh cost-',  ainoiinled to $0.5!) in one case, and  8IO.0O in Ihe other, ur in delault SO  days iinpi isonment.  On   TlHir-.rf.iy  J.   F.   McLco.l    was  chiirged    with     cnndiicting    bu-iii"^s  williout a. license,    fie  said   h"   had   a  license,    but.   the   evidence��������� si 1 owed lie  had written to tlie  cilycoiin'c-il asking  .,,.,.,        .   ,,  ��������� ���������   , 1 1 hat. license   he   Iranst'ened   to"  Mis.  B.-Ji. Campbell, hireiuan ol: tlie.MAIb    ��������� . ������������������ ...    . . ,    ,    :    ���������  ,���������" .      . ....  ,��������� ., .���������,  ,.,    '.      -,, .-,        , .   , 1 liriuvn,   winch   hud    bnen  done.    J he  ui.-igisl i-al.e ci'iisiilei-ed   this an alienipt  t.<! do the cily and Hned'ucctised $5 and  (.'(islH,'   with   older   (h.it.   he   lake  oiit  lieei'ise, oi'-iii dI'f.iult lo days iiopiiso.-i-  iiit'i/i.    ' X     v  of/ice,  left on   Wednesday'night una  Irip   lo   the   i-oiist - and   J'ligel, Siiiilul  .   ��������� ��������� ���������������������������   ��������� . ./:  .poinls.  ������������������.���������;.������������������ ���������,���������,���������;.������������������'������������������:.��������� fi';  Dr. AVilsoir. of Troul. La!;������',' has been  nppojljli'il giiyc|'ij!|jc||t. tjK'ilji'itJ t'ftj.Cl'r  Men Standing Finn.  The Road Will be Tied Up if Strike  "is Not Settled  LETTER  1'ROM TIIE  ORGANIZER.  Sir���������As I have had the pleasure  -Of-Vidting the City of Revelstoke-  during the past 21 hours, and conr  /erring with my brethern of E.'of  li. T. of A. during their session yesterday afternoon, and hearing the  telegrams read by the lota 1 secretary from the various parts of the  system, I feel confident that. Lam  stating nothing but the truth when  1 say that at no stage of the game  has the outlook been brighter than  at present for the strikers. From  Vancouver to Hope there is at present onfe patrol-train in charge of  Mr. Mcdonald, roadmnster. with 5  scabs; from Hope toLytton there is  another,-in charge of A. Munroe,  run with ,4 or 5 more; from there to'  Revelstoke, none.  Now, sir, as your paper is a widely circulated one, 1 wishto make-it  the means of placing a few questions before the general public, not  'that I have any wish to injure the  prospects of the C.P.I?. Co.' Xow,  on this^part of the road, during the  summer month?, there arc; on tlie  operating staff some 60 secions  with from 3 to 1 trackmen on each  or, on a rough calculation, 300men;  and almost that number of extra  gang men. The foremen on sec-  lions and extra gangs are constantly  jacked up by the various roadmast-  ers to rush matters for and during  tlie Imperial Limited schedule.  Now, if it takes this large number of men to keep the track in safe  condition, how long is this portion'  of road safe for travel while the operating force is represented by 10  or 12 sailors, coblers, shingle weaver?,, or whatever class of hobos the  if'5-a-day-and-board has, tempted  from the .free lunch counter.*'in  Seattle and 'Frisco? I am proud  to say that our local subdivisions  are completely organized, for during  our session news arrived from'the  outposts that the last batch of Eos-  ton ians had stampeded and would  soon add to the population of Revelstoke.  Now, why is- the C.P.R. Co. willing to hire the riffraff of the western  dumping grounds, and pay them  If5 per day and board,'" and* at the  same time refuse to grant a slight  advance m pay, and an agreement  to'thnt effect, to tried, skilful and  trustworthy trackmen who, in .come  case?, have held their positions since  the road has been constructed?  Why is it that some of cur local  officials) who Hot 1'olig ago were'  feted,'wined an,d dined by.representatives of this fair city* and who  had been considered .models of  truth, arc " tc-day earning a name  for an art th'at causcd'a certain man  in Revelstoke to remark that An-  anais Viould find himself a mere  novice if pitied against them.  It is reported of Mr. Duchesnay  that he said ihe committee was  composed of the most ignorant men  lie had ever met;, that when trying  to talk business to them in Montreal they just grabbed their hats  and,left the ofiico.  ThiS'happened. but not until Mr.  Spencer, a post master in prevarication when dealing with committees,  lost his head and told Chairman  Lenncn that "the d scetionmtn  did not have sand enough to strike."  and Mr, Duchesnay remarked that  ihe watchmen whom they represented were not trackmen but "a gang  of old cripples who could not gel  employment at any other class of  guilty  of 'man  liable   negligence ;  lght ei-  and - ci;l-  aslt'i-p at the  switch.'' Just get a copy of, rules!  Again, he sent out a report " 163  men at work on mountain division;"  counter report" from a disinterested  traveller, "'Not''one gang-at work  west of Winnipeg." Of course there  are the Seattle hobo cold-hand-out  ,iang of so-called bridgemen,,ll in  number,, guarded by almost an  equal number of constables, the'  now striking Bostonians, a carload  of Japs who enjoy being pulled  from one siding to another, to run  a bluff that don't work.      ������    ���������  These are cold facts, and we know  it.    Mr. Leonard  now reports that  men are returning to\work in' the  east.    Eut the men  out  west were  slower   to   suspend   and  are now  slower to resume  work.  .. Reports  reserved for the east do not give accounts of trains  hauled .one car at  'a time over certain "portions- of "bad  track to prevent the spilling of a  whole tram; that they  offer $200  bonus, and an increase of pay, to  section foremen to forget their manhood and assist them in adding to  the past and present  miseries suffered by the trackmen  of America.  ,   It is commonly supposed' that  railway laborers are,  as   a   rule,  strong in the'back and weak in the  head,'or high in the chest and low  in the forehead; but experience is a  sharp, H'dear, instructor, and we  are slowly awakening to the knowledge   of. our   worth in the labor  market, and are now out for a tithe  of our dues and mean lo have them.  I wish to take  this  opportunity  of thanking, on behalf of the trackmen, tlie citizens of' Revelstoke .for  their   manifestation   of    practical  sympathy :   first   tho   ladies   and  gentlemen who carried- out that excellent programme rendered at the  benefit concert last night, and also  the  ped their tools and quit right away.  The feelings of Superintendent Kilpatrick, who was in charge, may be  better imagined than- described.  Thus ended the gang of ' ninety  men which the company reported  they had at work on the mountain  division.  The only gangs of. men ait work  steadily on the mountain division  are a gang of Japs at Sieamous.  and two gangs of Seattle sailors at  Bear Creek.  The local strike committee received a telegram the beginning of  the week that the men were standing solidly together', as against the  company's statement that they are  returning to work. From personal  observation of the conduct of both  sides we have no hesitation in saying that,the telegrams sent out by  the men are a good deal more reliable than those issued by ,the company���������not a very creditable showing for tho'most powerful corporation in Canada.       -        ,   .  T. Taylor,. M. P. P., who left for  the coast on "Monday, promised to  interview the government in reference to the enforcement of the alien  labor law,  Hon. J. Ii. Turner passed through  the city on Sunday. T. J. Graham,  local secretary to the .Trackmen'.-  Union, interviewed .him about the  Meeting of Trustees  Question of Site Sail Unsettled.  Citizens ,who patronized, the  crowded audience showing the.deep  i-nterest taken , by Revelstokians in  the striking -trackmen  As- a nine-yet  'with a No. 2 shovel in the exalted  position of a sectionman is not exactly the best course, to 'obtain a  deep and abiding knowledge of the  English language. .1,therefore, have  not words'lo express my full gratefulness to the citizens of Revelstoke.  Thanking you in advance for your  valuable space, I am, etc.,  T. <i. McMa.namo.v,  'Organizer li. of R, T. of A.  Revelstoke, July 9, 1901.     ���������,  present difficulty and the wholesak-  importation of aliens by the company. Hon.' Mr, Turner said he  was not aware of the provisions of  the alien labor law but would see  the Attorney-General on the matter  on his return to Victoria.        ���������  Even "the Department of Labor  seems to be uncler the thumb of the  C. P. R, Stna'rt- Henderson, of  Ashcroft, who appeared for the men  in the recent case against the special  constables, wired the factsc to the  deputy minister for publication in  the Labor Journal. The deputy  minister refused ��������� to publish Mr.  Henderson's telegrams but gave  full publicity-to the company's side  companionship I of   the question.     No Minister of  Enginemc-li inform  us  getting   pretty  road   is  that the  for  rockv  want of repair.  Representatives of the various  railway unions left Winnipeg for  Montreal wilh a view to securing a  settlement of the strike, It was  expected by Revelstoke' men that  tho deputation would reach Montreal oli Tuesday, the Dili inst,,  and that a conference would be  held with tlie management of the  railway extending perhaps over  two days, and that, as a result, the  strike would be settled this week.  If not wc are informed there will be  a general strike over the whole road.  Members of the various organisations'inform US they are full of  admiration of tlip way in which the  trackmen have conducted the strike,  and are determined to go out if 11  the  ettlemoiu is  not  offuvd  work." Nice words of praise 101  men who have imperilled life and  limb during 20 years of faithful  service,  1 This humane superintendent took  the fourth man away from the safety switches on the Kicking Horse  grade on Dec. 1. 1900,'ancl up to  the time of (he strike these watch-:  men had been on continuous duty,'  ���������2-1 hours pcr.'diiy. 7 days per Week.  These men halve 'slept.'with'Their,  clothes ���������'-.pn night and day���������a few  hours at a time 'between trains���������for  '"the past six months. Iran accident  occu r'red, passengers. ki 1 led, coro-  H<-fs jp^utfi. Vepljct-i ".W������VcJiiflun.'  1 mi r  trackmen.  Kven the Chinamen are loyal to  ihe cuufc of the striker.-'. The other  day Superintendent Kilpatrick took  a gang of scabs to the Chinese couk  who worked for Jack Magee's gang  and the nh-uvcr lie got was characteristic, "I cook dinner for you  Tom Kilpatrick but not for your  sea lis.   Jack Magoe my boss."  Bridge Inspector Miller has had  a high old lime trying to educate  some .'cab sailors from Seattle inlo  becoming a bridge gang. The other  day olic of the men had a foot considerably injured and bad to lie up.  The inspector is said to have reported to his superior that he can't  get along with them at all.  Sunday was a tragic day at Tear  Crock, Tho company has been  dumping, off (here'. il-H . imported  aliens, where-they, wore, supposed to.  be -.fiiife'- from interference, nnd''unable to get a way from such an isolated ,pla'cei .But', a well-known  Italian trackman,, whose .orations,  seem to haveXiv magical effect on  the , imported Dagoes, got on tlie  hillside and delivered.one of his  telling ppvCt'littf.   Tb������ Da.pve's drap-  Labor who allows his department  to be administered in such a'lopsided way can be a success, or long  retain the confidence of the people.  The company brought two sjeek  special constables to Revelstoke on  Tuesday, whose mission seemed to  be a piece of impertinence on the  part both of the .company and the  men.- One of these hirelings went  to T. J. Graham, secretary to the  local lodge of the Trackmen's union,  aiid ordered him off the railway  platform, threatening to have him  arrested. Mr. Graham asked him  .to" produco his warrant, but of  course the special had not one, and  it was the game of impudent bluff  which is about, all" these specials  seems capable of.  At Calgary,' tho Herald of" that  city states,' the company ordered  the men out of the box cars though  they had not been paid, and this is  a cold raw nigh'. The mayor, however, arranged for the men to have  the use of" the skating rink to live  in. Much indignation is felt at  Calgary over the affair,  At Revelstoke, on Frithiy, the  men living in the company's shacks  were ordered out of them, and forbidden even to attend to their little  gardens permission to plant which  had been given them. There is  much indignation expressed here  over such mean conduct on the part  of the company's officials.  On Friday a 11 umber of Italians  quit work at Bear Creek and came  into Revelstoke. A small bridge  gang of 'blackleg.-', however, continues at work near Bear Creek.  A paragraph relating to the strike  situation which appeared in the  last issue of the cKootknay Mail  should have been credited to the  Sentinel instead of the A Iberian.  A correspondent remarks that the  Kootkxav   Mai 1,   and   the Inland  Sentinel arc probably the only, two  papers in the West that   are giving;  real support to tho strikers. !  The entertainment ot  Kamloops ; 1)1"-ml '"  in aid of the- strikers resulted in  $160.75 being handed to the relief  committee.  Manager McXicoll says that the  strike is practically dead so far as  the company is concerned. Residents in this sectionof the Dominion think .the strike is very much  alive, when they see scores of miles  of track without a  man at work on  it;    . :'   ���������':"  I [living   failed  tn ������ir,*njj>  with the  O. P. II. > fur  (hi;  lH)?|iit,il site select'rl  <"'V tli'-iii, owing to  the excessive prii 0  put on theii   l.iiul. the  silo   ct.iiiiniitlec"  uf   llie   lio.-',il,-il  s.ivv R. [[. M.-iyne, ,-is  represent ing' the    Smelter   company,  Mr.   Sibhald   act ing-   f.u* J.   A.  .Mara,'  and Judge Spi-oat, as   rr*pre.-.eiiting lliu  K.mvell towns-iii*.     The Smelter com-   .  puny 0'rered a ^.ite  un McKen/.ii* Ave.,  i'(ii)ipri--i!igntw(>   hlurks. for SI000, and  Mr.   Sihliald   offered   a   block of   fivu  intent ihe Hid  steamboat landing for  i3"j0.     The   coiiiiiiittce   decided to re- .  coiiiiiiencl   the  latter  to   the hospit- 1  '  trustees. , "  ���������  The Ti usIhos tiu?l on Wednesday (0  consider tin* matter, but could iiriiv o  at no docis-inn, some favoring the site  ri'i'u 111 mended and others wishing 11  site selected in ihe upper part of tho  town. It was understood that coni������  iiitinicati'iiis on llie inaItp*r should be  i'l'-opcni-i* with Ihe C. P. R., as it was  stited thev had 'oll'i-red 11 five lite, but  there was no ltil'oi million to t-how  where it was located. The site committee, were I'l-i)nested to asccitain  fin I her parlic-tilitts mid repni t to ll.e '  irusteef.  STRIKE^CONCERT,  Statement frjm i/13 Committee.  The committee desire to thank,  the koote.xay mail.' the  Revelstoke  .  Herald, and  the  business  men   p^f  Revelstoke for the spontaneous ard  liberal manner in which help was ':  accorded them  oii  the occasion cf  the concert Monday night.  The financial report, published  below, affords proof of the practical  sympathy felt by the citizens fcr  those for whom this was undertaken  at so short a notice. ���������  We also thank Mr. Jas. Taylorj  who took upon himself all work  connected with" arranging a - program, the liigh excellence of which  has never been surpassed in this  city. <  We are also grateful for the substantial aid given us by Mr. Daniel  Robinson, .who was so good as to  loan the piano for the occasion.  ���������Finally we are indebted and feel  grateful to the ladies and gentlemen  who took part in tho programme,  not forgetting the little Japanese  maidens who performed so chaim������ *  ingly,  With thanks for publishing this,  vours respectful!v, Tin-; Committee,  July Ochj lOOlV  '     I-'LN'AXCJAL   .-:?.���������.TEME.ST. ..  KlXEJPfS. '   '  Ticke'.s sold at store  and hotels.X ...  At,door .......  At Illecillewa'et.  For   strike  fund.,.,  $34'00  60 U5  ���������7 25  5 00  -157 20  Rent  Printing.  Ex press .  Sundries  ���������-ei  J.  J.  i:>:n: .���������nrruui:.  ,' $10 00  75  1(3 50  balance $11} 70  An HA HAM.-UN /   ,      ...  1. Wooohow \ Aud,l0M  o  One of the  first acts of  the next  (Co ti. t-I u li V M ��������� 0 ������        11  MINERS STRIKE.  Lq   Roi and   Kindred Properties  ClosoJ Down.  Yi'.-ti'i'ib'ty moiM'ir,- the min-i's em-  Ik* Le [foi. Le Hoi No. '2,  Itosslanil, Great Western, and Kootenay mines-went out on strike, the strike  having been decided on by an alinohb  tinanimoti- vote o: the men, their  object being to support the employes  of I he Nortbport sni'i-lter in their de-  iii.anilfor $3'u day aiid to adjust other  grievances. ���������������������������  Calgary Ex'nibit'nr, -,���������.  Tic.els f./t* iiii; V"������ xliil.itimi will be  on si; e at Tlevcla'.okii Julv Ct'i to ]'. th,  gOOfl    lOll'll)!!)   .up   tJ   Jul;'   }5t!i. fl}  ;?? $'.' fur ro'tj^d/U'i';''  .'���������..���������'. ���������'       ."'"������������������'. -J  r THE KOOTZLXAY MAIL  cC������  (TbClkOOtCnaVflDail   ^i'1^ ���������������<'einnal  from  one end  i-u^hki. kvkky K.unAV. "^country   '-<  the  olher.   ,'i he  ���������AT-  It"V  ub;sriyl;3.i   Pries, 'f.2.03   Por   Annum  ���������.WiVK'lTfcii.VU   l.'A';j-.:5   quoted   on   application.  J'.'ii Pl'JXTlXG of every kind at mont reason  able mum anil -hort-M uotiuc  ���������ACCOL'XT.-i for job uniiting or ndvrrtNin*;  payable on the lir-l of cvory nioiitli; -.lib  ^'.���������niilijn-. lii),iblc.-.li-i'.-tly in advance.  COUKErfi'OXDEXCK  invited on nil  in.liters  mnngrtints whom the company are  bringing in are amongst the lowest  class and which will yet give more  or le.-s trouble in the country. The  j'coplo are heginning to realize that  it is tlie C.P.R. and not the goveru-  i ment that runs the country, aiid  the result will be the return to  both the dominion  and   provincial  1'.  ct iouiior|iiiii!i.;iiitui'L-.i.  ah .���������oitiuiimicn-1 piU'^anients at future elections of a  lion-, lo  llie Edilipi- iiiu-l be-  .ia otii'ianit'd I ,.iMl. . ,,;    i,���������-   i   , , ,  byiliu name nt   lliu vnit-i-. not i,(-(.-i-.U,,nlv  | t-l.lx- Oi    JOgltlatOrS    WllO   lllUSt pi'O-  for    |piililk-.i"pii.    iml    i-  .111   c-viilon. i-   ui     ������������������,,,,���������.,    ,1,  rge mining  -'.".diaitii. coi.-a.j.dii.KniTinnMr.Xu.-h the   "ouniv  itiem.-clves  openly at war  olli'.-q i.y'ru'.;f>ii.i>. evvnni).; in oitier In llim a.,: ,Vi<li    fl,,,';,,;^.,,..;,,    ..,....���������   v ���������������������������������������������    1 ���������   1  l>law!,,i:i;iliuiU--itMss.;il:.Jl- tlio ..M-V11-- ������:tcr" [ ^H\vth(y 'gjgi'.l.ltlC,   lllOllOj;!" wluch  ���������������������������a jifears, loX'i'ia ve. i ts. rcmbrscie- 6 .grip  ;o11.X'f 1 tc .'th r oa;l 'vbfXv.-'tlie C; ��������� natii:: n:  iiii! ten.X J'yXits vprescnt- policy .the:  coiiipanyTs layingy.p foi- itself, scrX-;  i;ous'trt)uble;in the';iuture.������X;X,V;X >>'  .,-������������������������������������. 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The Nelson iMiner'.says : ' 'f The.  tecent tiMtisfeis of v alu.ibie propel ties  that have taken place in the Fish riv '  er can.p in the L.ideau has caused a  nniiiberof prospectois to head in that,  (iiiection fiom various point-,."  II. P. Smith cune down from the  Stand.iid D.isiu on Monday and  bi'jbuglit, wiih   him   soine.   mnmiificeDt.  Specimens of copper":ore '��������� frolii tlie jii-o-  perfy.-'.'irid: ;vv Inch.: .are   at'   Mr. Scoli's  Xiiiii:o'y X:X'?';;'": ''';XX'XV'X-X": HA-i X.'" 0ii'iAy,i  v Tlie,: Cahaili;i!ii,;,iPacii'icr;,lt;iil'vvay iitX  'p|'������s'pri| is;:buNi|yX;engage(i';:itiv',pi-(ispect-  iiigilie-iioir depiisiis ipf- Goal livei- ii;  ihe'iieighbiiiliniiij-of [\ ilchener: ': T Ji i -  ;isbe!ioved tobc iii connection wit IP the  re lit i cry: to; be establislied at IKelsoiil.XXv  v '���������'W;;'p;'Ti������wl.';iiiifbonded,Tin-eiJoOlQOO.  llifiwLadti.^gibupi^'ciiiisisiiog: i,f fiy/  daiiiis-7-ii)e'F,iiJii(lalitin;. 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NoTAiiY"Xj.'strikc^will da more;- than fiftv, years'-" -A"'V--'���������-������������������- .."-"'������������������.  ,            .. ... .,   . .. !v of education, to 'educate 'the' people-S;J,0001 ;p^'tM'1'  ..: Mckenzie -Ave;,-.- "UevelsliikcvT^ O.X. V.. ^'u   V i:     :   v XyV, 4 .- ������������������''-. ','������������������- ������������������. ������������������}��������� ��������� y irr'^p,-cotisis  i:iAA   y-y   \yfiy.y^  X;X . ;"y\: ������: .,""'"-"���������- . ~~~~~r~~y:' V,Ucing Jeon trolled- by-large ���������cbrpdraviis ais!/iiurifei-ous,.atid  t IVle vein is -siiitl.  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See  EiJ!,No.v72^;XX;v;;;,-;x'x;X :v'X:^.X'X'X'X.";���������.'.  From Vancotivbi' foXevv AVustuiin.-toi*, follow,  insihc son th bank ol'.ilib Fno-ct- river in I'liiHi-  WMck'to l-Ippo;-folio win-,' tho Coqnelinllii and'  CJoldwater,; l'ivci's, lliciieo:'along the Ottor river  fqitfij.itiietliin -wli.il ilieTuliinieen Hlvci'.vvhoi'c:  ^^o,,can^ Pocket Cutlery:    GEM  1b.Al,;Ji..I- X (KAZ01JSv>" :"-:vVv'''XvXvV/ ;��������� ^;:y;..������������������;::-;y.;.:;i,;;y<"  Qt^y^S^-^M^ W$ !���������% ft?.;: P.^.r^PP.11 cJ e n c e.  ||r| "squares,  IgGrS,  IiiFGLEUMS,  Hall papers,  Ihrtains, etc., etc;  vv���������VyX'XX'Everytln^ or elaborate style.  ���������Write; for bur_;QorCatal6guc:-^frce  XCpmpIctc Furnishers,  Victoria, B. C.  vXXNO'^,.K."W.-C.';BLOi3KXNiSLSON. B. C.  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Midi:!- aiid Snie!!:^ cmi-  Mouse, o<;vupie!iVtiy:Mrs. ilHiiue-' ' "" "'' "'  T.IIK ;enterta:h;iiyivt. helil.iii, the  Ppe'raXho.oj-e' on  Monday, in.aid.of  thy, ������������������ii'iktrrXwaXXauXcniphaiic dein  wj'h universal pi;  d-'6f theieeiiiip; th  thanieiv-l::ivb I'iaht'Oii-'''.the:"r-.fide.  ���������yjhd arexalso dealersvin Grocieries,-^Hardware, Tinware, Leather'  Gloods.xGipckerjv Glassware,xClothing,;Men's Furnisliings, etc,  ; JTront Str^ E. G.  NOTICE.  The ������a!e of  X ediiin'e.tely- deal myed by i'i re i h is.' morn-.  ie--'inipe!'ii3l- ������i:onp ��������� ���������.inu'X^upii.osud to   liavo oiiyinnicd froni'  ��������� i~!i'hnil p niilhon "dollar-i': is.n. sreut   u'di'-i'i'iXtivr*- .iiuvi'pipp,   'Mijut of the  Xl" llie    GanilldniP-i ���������''lll'n','urf*,ail(* sloc-U   wa^'  saved.     T  iid'^rtiienieii  niilr.'in^ u-as  o-.v.-if'd liy U, S. Tlio  cunp as'^iree-niilling't: ,id localitv i . 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Rates $i.a day.    Monthly rate.'  ^iLBE^T :  STOITE,    IFIROIF.  ubitanti.il companies or,  ������a*.,n-:.in ihe.Jnu.iiV.r.-. -m v;t rnny j Trf.mjwf*!l ��������� in inn   on   ,Doii"ias Manr!   :V"ld   .".������. ��������� .IM;   Ala8toduu.:p!-f-p<:rty on: t>:red. be -pr.titlcd lo ohulii Crow, Ki-antiof  expect: to ?oc   the iaetivc   develop* ���������. AlV.KK-arw.,, ^,,1,1 yiHiUf iJiOC.pSo ] tnm ^������^,\     '    X    '��������� ��������� ] ]!!&Sltt^yTK  '       '  " KIVoil,  llrr.vh!  Wholesale and Retail  ment,' of.   the   lni]ieri;i.l   ;ind    Ey;i  .jiii*lied iDi'Av.'ird   under ���������t'hu'ir direc-  I'ivii.    ������������������'��������� ,'.   ���������   .'���������������������������:' '���������   ':������������������; ���������������������������:"':'"'"  fpii; May     This, Hplf:nil iii   sliotvinq vva.o |     An., i in pot taut, . .if i ike of .antjnioiiinl I  .niadfi'w illi a 2 10 stump   mill',, in opcin- j'-silvf.')-'orii'.i.-) I'cp.oi (nil..lYom-ili-j Alincivd-'j  ..nioiil.li.    Tho j Kin.y   jiropcriy   on Toby, Caeek, Win- ;  lion  hut. lM   days of   tin;  fi-  '.viiic-i payiini'itviiiay- he i'ii-i/Io it-i to  flll-fl"'  3l������t. (Jayof, l);-c(-nii,('i', .||):ji  .Ti'.'tnI)-'-Il>-'; (���������cut-' ri--r ii'irc on or hofoi-c-tlio  otlirrn .'100 SI a nip   rail ' 28 dnvs..  dcriiicnMJisiiii.'f..  .' . I:    ,���������'".:'   .��������� :  Tin: .'ieticn of the Doniinion gov-  erniri(.nt in j;ei-n)ilting the C.I'M.  to inipo.i't.LO lm'.eh alien.labor yvilh-  l������ut Ottcmpfinix  (o. e.qfQl'Cf 'the Iw.w-  Ali>:l!  t(.|,l, o5,l I'i ion's-of   oni'u-nre'erii'i!i('cl."[ '' -Hn-.w. exeiteiiifii'i'tdnw  been canned iii |  yii'ldii'.^. ������')-;, (LOO, vviih    },)^   tuns of    (own ��������� liy rppm-ts of  fliscov ('rics of 'frco  niilliri'���������* ^,Ul (in, iho; .mountain smith ,/if  ili.eXC. 1.v'H,. line, and ca.sr, of . l!r:vi;|.  stoke.      Wo   have   not   been   ahlcto  siil|ilif!i'ii'fM savr.fl, of the. value of>'.'! (���������.  8-''0; The omj j*avfi an avf'i-a������(i of l^.tlfj  |)(-r Ion, The'^iiism expenses of openi-  ���������iull for I Ji-J,iHVHtlj-WK|������^ |'7,810,   :  vU^in'(py :niiUitNiH<j UitmlhWm <m  ;'T'v<2.'it.y*ilv(! fffii'^ ,|..f,r iicrc f.n.ijr bc/oro Iho  .I0f,!i da,-,- of June, I'M;-,.  , ''.'md the rciri.-iialn^-.V ���������  .-"/'. vi.iiit,y.fic(j c/aiiy iiBf aii',. 'on /ii-'Wi.r'i-. i,|,*.  .'ll-l. .(In;/ .of .Dc'K'iiilic,', Ki'L', .i.ii'lvvll.hX.iit.  atiy I a iti-if'!- pi.yaeiii, of liiteront or urmiiy  orinten.-.Ht.' ���������  '   ' " u'' X.i(k)UP���������  ,T).!|iiily C'oiiuiil^lriiK-i'iif Ltin.l-i & Work.*,'  Ln\\ !���������< mid, Work* I'f'i'in-iiiiciit,,,   '   '  ' \'i^rli|,.y!.i'',(i^/;iiiv'l|^i,   , :;.jij-jt.,  erchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Gold Storage:  '^P*^^^,.-4fl?srta. THE KOOTENAY MAIL
+        Kootenay Lodge
No. 15A.F.&A.M.
Ml ���       ���       __
*   Thercgularincutiiig--
s��*      arc held in Ihe Mas-
\/2/    *
ai^y '   'c-TK  >TN '     onic Temple. Ilournu
c^3^S|^apS-.Mon(Iay   in  each
tea��gj^^^5^iiJf=-    Visiting   brethren
""^-p-���"^i��� cordially vvulcomod.
o. s: mc::aiitkii. skckktaky.
A Scautiful Engraving of
<" ssrr
For Only 10 Cents.
All over the world thr-se )jia ai-c= will be f-old
'None knew her bin to love her: None n.iiucd
Regular Meeting.
At the regular meeting, held on
Kooralarnioetincr.-i are held
in O.l'lfcllow.s' Hall every
starting 'June   ioth   will  make the
run from coast to coast in
.ours.  ,
Cheap rales now in effect to the
For rates, ticket.--, nnd full information apply
A g r.t,
A. G. P. A.,
Vancouver.   -
Roy*-.l Mail Limo.
Cheapest liouto to tho Old Country.
ALLAN LINE- From .Montreal.
I'arisiim July Oil)
Anilrtil an        ���        - - ,   ��� V>' l-'lt-i
Coriiilliitin    I      *      -      ���      ���'    ���      ���"    "Will
Tuiii.-iiini      ......        "    -j/cli
DOMINION" LINE-Eror.i I'ortlar.'d.
Donilnion',      ���        - J.ulyCth
t'aiiibroiiinn      ���      ��� "   lotli
Vniieoiivui ��� ���       Ati-f.-tlrd
.    DOMINION L-I.VE-1'Voni Eo.<ton.'   '
C'omiiinnwoalili July 3rJ
N'utv lOiiglaad , '���     ' '��� c "   I'th
C'oiniijonwealth "   31st
UHAVKU LINE-From Montreal.
'���'"'ST^^it$&3o'elo'.'k. "Visitin-; brothers
' -���������...'-^.j'^P^ cnrdi.illy welcomed.
Meet1-: overy Tuesday
evening in Oddfellows'
.Hall at 8 o'clock.
IVi-dt.iiiK brethren cor-
'dially invited to 'attend.
A. E. KINCA ID, N. i>. J. MATHIE, Si:c.
LOYAL     ORANGE   LODG3   NO.    1053.
liesulnr meetings are held in
tho Oddfellow's Hull on the
Third Friday of each month, al.
S p. in. shnrp. Visiting brethren cordially in vitod.
TII03. STEED, \Y. M.,
W, G. LIItNEY, Kcc. Sec.
t I. O. F, No. 3161.     ,
Meet* in the Oddfe lovvs
Hall on the second and
fourth Mondays of each
month. Visiting brethren   invited  to attend.
K. D. J. 0. JOHNSON,
U. S.
hcrbutti.-irai.M:." There'arc ten millionii-eoiiic Friday  nie;ht. there   were  pre.-eni:
in Ine L inti-d Mate-, and t.iii-ui.i who will ckcIi .... ���    ,; '    . ,' , ,,   V-,   1
wiint.one oi iiice iie.iiiiiiiii inL-tiiri--. Tin-v .-������.������ 1 lie .-ui vnr. Aldermen jleCartv, 31c-
l'ull .-���;'.",  I'JVL'.i.   No c\-|H-n-.> ha- bee:! -r-'iieo r,lr���l    ]>',-.,,,.,..,    V.,��*!-,    ���',..., 1-.-,*,-,,-,-..,
ai.dliie]iietnro is well w.-ribv nf a h.uuNoine rJ.;t0J' LUlillie, -\Ci-Je. ^DiaLani.-Oil,
frame.   Agent.-; can --ell UK! a day.    Siimnk- by-
Ma'.!, ]io>t fj.iid. I.e.   - ,
1 dozen iiietere-!, Toe., --ell ior?l.-J.O. pvofa 4.1e.
oil picture--            .?.'< Oj    "      itf.Ki    -    S2y.li
11.0      "                  W.00     ������      Sl!i.(,ii   *���     55.00 i
l'etter order 100.-it once and -trike while t'he |
Iroii is Ho5. The tlnu- to Sell pond-:- when !
tho people want them.    Thcv ���,���.-,* at tlipjin now. .
P.O. So;: CIS. Dept.CS 1,"
Attack of; Boyal Canadians at
L ike L'Ji.iliiphii:)
Luke .Meguntiu
11 Lake Superior ���
Lake Ontario
July 5th
"  Rilli
" nub
"   SGtli
Aug. L'nd
I'.issoinrers ticketed througls to all parts of
Gro.it Britain and Ireland, and at .specially low
rates to nil parts of the European continent.
Apply to nearest railway or steam-ship agent or
T.  W. BILADSKAW. Agent. Itevo'.stolco.
���   '    S. S. " Lardeau,"
Tluiinliig between Arrowhead and Thomson's
''Landing commencing Jane to, lllja, will sail as
follows (weather permitting):
.Leave Arrowhead for Thomson's Lauding
and I'ouinplix iu 7k. daily.
' 'ijoavo Thonison'-i Landing and Coinaplix for
Arrowhead'nt 17k. daily, connecting with all
('. P. H, traiii'-and boatn.   .,.- -
The owner* reserve the right to chango timos
of wiilings without notice.
Managing Director,
Thc present K a time when war pictures arc
in greater demand than ever. The conduct of
the Uritish '-oliliers nn the battlefield ha- won
the plaudits of admiring nations. Vi'ebave
of great expense published tour large, beautiful
pictures, size L'Ux-Jt. on henvy, Miper.'inc, calendered puper. A picture that, will commend
itself and rieud a tapill lo the heart of every
true Canadian is thc one ended A'tncl: ef
��� Royal Canadians at Pa^rdetierg, there are
llt'-nilly hundreds of ligares on l his piolure.
tho mountains or kopjees sirelehing out into
the -llstunee are t*vvarmi>-g with men, while
lioro nnd there a prostrate figure speaks only
too well of the Loer rijli-inen. It whs on this
hattlefleld ihe gallant Major Arnold nut-
death tiiifiinchingiy. It is only loo true thm.
many of those gallant hem-is that'beat so high
when the clioerilig thousands bade them
God speed as I hey -ailed from Ciinadii's shore-
now lie .--till forever in Intiely kimvc-s on the
other hide of the world under African skies,
To overy Canadian heart, is. every Cusia-
dinn homo, the deids of their, brave snldier
hoys spank vvilh an irresistible tlirill of
PatriotifiEi and prldo. Gordon Highlanders at tho Battlo of Bal:nont. Cliarging
tho Boor Guao as SlRiulslaosts, aad t2io
Charsfo of Gonersil Frcnoh'is Cavalry or.
the Kctroiitlag Genoral Crozsjc's Arm->-.
Thopo are all siirrinj; pietm-ee and cannot lail
to commend "ihemselveb to any ono who will
examine them. Tlii-v"aie. K2J33 HOT SELL-
EH3I Agents com money. HI? profits.
Enormous success, ric agent sold i;S in one
dny. Sample and terns ^5 cents (none free);
four for (IU cent--; SI. 51' po -dozen ; 2d for $2.75;
50 for ?5 i ID.) for SL1.j>. Write today for a
dozen and make money.
C. ]}. McDonald askins: recon-
sitleraiion of luuiJ^iaiul on Victoria
Road and .McKenxie Ave! as it \v;if-
not blocking any right-of-way.
Council could not consent but
would give use of city lot on Mc-
Ktnzie Ave", for stnnd. '
���J. Ii. Kobertr-ron asking thai, as
he had built a sidewalk to Queen's-
lioiel, the city should put in a road
crossing to connect with it. Ke-,
queft granted.
Provincial secretary, stating appointment of licence commissioner,'
Box 513, Bopt. C3I D,
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
i'l'onipt delivery of pn reels, baggage,
etc., to any purl of the Cily.
..* Any Kind of Transferring
All ni'tlers left al IX. M. Smyllie's
.Tobncce Stme, or liy. Telephone, No. 7
will recci\e prompt itttrtition. .
Buy Only Union-Made Shoes.
There Season Of It.
There isn't ono 'reason ��� there are
dozens why our' work is better
than   any   other   'laundering   .works.
; Come in and see how' wc
do it. See our machinery,
, nicely and exactly adapted
to every need. Our soaps,,
too, of the best, long tried
and proven good.'
Events, of World Wide
! An.Opportunity for KOOTENAY
MAIL Readers to keep posted
during this Period of- Excite*
-��� This sffiinp used hv tlio JOHN M"c*
PHEUSOX CO,,..Limited,'of Hamilton, the.only Uiiiun Factory in Cutiiidti
Rubber Stamps.'
Oi'-lci'.-! fr{> IJiililicv Prunips s"iit. In'to tlio
Oflicc nf ilif KonTr.NAY Mail, ltoVol-sloko, L��.
C, will bu lillcd witii despatch.
Gunsmith and
Lawrence's  Hardware Store,
All classes of repair  and machinist
Work jp\"07npVly tiUadtftJ W.
��� .; OFFERED,
]!}��� ii vorj'-saliaf.-ialoiT clu'jblnjr iirrangc-
mont with thiit "Bi-op.t Kiimlly N'cwspapui'tlio
l-'iunlly Ilcralrl and AVockly Stur of Montreal
wo arc enabled toollurto new Hubscnbcrs the
blBKOl v��luu cv'ri'heard of.
- Tho b.iluiicc b�� thin year pvomlncs (lie ino.-.t
startling events, and every pormn shouKl Ueep
po---to 1.   Hero Im thc opporlunity:
Fop the Small Sum of -$1.25 wo will
send you until January 1st,' 1932,
Tho Eoohoay Mail,    '
Tlio Family Herald & Weekly Star
nnd tho I'uinlly Herald's two j;rcat
pi-oinliini piuUivcp,
"Christ in tie Temple"
& "HoiD3 from tlie Wap.'
Size 16x22.? .���     r
Ono of, tho nio>t   beautiful  pictures in
colors.   Upon a background'of Puro Solid
Gold resu tho Family  Record in the
.���ilmpe of a  handsome  volume with Gold
Claspo tipon il cushion of crimson velvets
with  a beautiful cold tr.csel.    On the |
j piigcii. under diiiVrcnt hciirliii[--, are spaces 4
in wliit-li to write the name nnd date of j
birth.    On cither aide in a beautiful scroll 0
on which to record iiiiut!ukcs and dcatin-.
On  top of  thc picture' are    tho    wordi,
���'Family Roooni," in the richest ietliTine;
known 10 the priiiLci'V art. .Under thic are
>;pacc��  for t'nthor'-i  and inulliurV picture-*.
In the lower part of tlio picture is a beautiful homo noens.     lie dosr old graad-
parents,.-the-biiu^Bomc, ciclv/art hus-
oaad. mid liai>>*y ycuag wife, the loving a
-iaughtcr and  ua'uy boy���the idolized B
Srandclitld���are all irathei-ed around the J
lull!.', while Ki'iimlinMiL-r vends a [lurtii-.n of ]
God'a Holy  Word.    A   truly  beautiful g
scene,   Underneath'arc tho vords, '"Gcd"
Blcsa Our Family."    Around Huh i.ieturu
iiro ciwht spaeeM rnr iihotojtrnptisof othei'
incmburs of thc fnitiily, eneh .ipaec eiielosin-j
<i Kcin lluwcr piece.   Kl^ewhere on iho pic-
uiVc aro M-iilici-i il ereei��iiii,r 1 nice, initNund B
IlIIIW    (II V    fV,(H��,WtlVt     w*��l�� ('���������(*�� ���    l*l*.(-|      ���'hlt-l-.lL'lll
bliissnnigiu rich confus.|on, tho whole, resting on. and thrown intn bold relief by thc
Kui'tfeoii*1 biicliKi'oi-.i'.d of Solid Gold which
producca a picture of daezilug l)sr.uty,
Apryyo-^OW IS YOUi! TIMK. Our
HUCni I 0 1'i'BUliir jirlce li o'l cents, but. in g
,uiy ono i'. ho rti.'iiuR llii'i ud\t, wu will hui.cI 5
j niie for -.'i5 cRnif. (iiir price to itKcnta Ofui'
!t; 50 for &3! 10!) for &II..1!). 1\ e pnyul)
harffcs nnd return nmncy for unsold pic*
uros. N. 11. .lack.ioii, J-'ilinore Cily, IjoukIiI
:17o Sll.'.ji aol.i them for hall'price, L'5 eent.-
encli. in 5 dnysi inalviiis SJ.'.uJ clear profit.
Can you do belter! ��� y,.
TVc liavc 5,OC0   fcst'inoniuls and want
. Copt, C3i 3, P. O. Bex, 513,"
��� '   CHICAGO, ILL.
111 place of ox-Aid.,,Newman, will
bo intended -to.
From Chief of Police, pointing
out that thistles were growing over
city nnd on C.P.R. right-of-way.
Copy of letter referred'to C.P.K.
superintendent., J. D. Sibhald, C.P.
K. land agent, and provincial government, as government property
outside the city limits was affected.
The committee recommended .the
building of boundary fence between
city lots and Peterson's,
The,by-law to liorrow $3,00.0
from Moison's Bank was finally
Aldermen Nettle' and Abraham-
son draw attention 'to the fact that
requisites authorised for 'No. 1 fire
brigade had not been-provided, but
tho city clerk said he had no instructions'to order them,,; To-be
attended,to,    " <;
The mayor euic! ho would like to
have the opinion of the council regarding: the purchase of a block for
city purposes, but the matter was
not further ducusped.
Aldermen  JMcCiirty and. Taylor
were   appointed   a " committee   to
value thc tents, blankets, etc., used-
at the suspect station) the mayor to
sell the same accordingly.    ,
Aid, Taylor , suggested that a
meeting be held with the waterworks company to decide, one way
or another, whether the deal was to
be closed. Thc debentures-had not
been sold, but ..an arrangement
might be made with the company
to take them over.
, The mayor was,,of opinion, that
the'matter should be brought to a
head-at once,  ��
. Aid. Bourne suggested that the
city burrow, say, by 5 pur cent of the
ynluc of thc .debentures from the
bank and turn that over to the
company, and"-pay the balance
when the debentures are sold."
Aid, Nettle considered-the proposals should come frcm thc company.
The matter then dropped.
Trout Luke UTininus of  ilu- bianeli'.���
Tin* Git'.-iI Nuitlii'i ir lias htai ted tlie
i-onsti uctioii nt' iiii luam-h Lo c-uiiiu't-t
with tlie Crow's ZS'e.sl c-o.ilfiehls. Tlie
Upper Col ti in liia'Navigation Company
of Gulden will placu' their ^Learner
Xoriii Star on the rouLe along the
Kuote.nay River, having taken ihe
CO:itr;iei lo pmvidu .-.upplieM.
The Guillen Era, reinaiks: "Ilnii.
\V. U. AVells, when in town this week,
was asked liy our n'preventative w h.-it
was iikely to lie done in llie mailer of
i-.iilw.iy ������on.-inirlitin.iit the eo.-if,t, and
infoi'ined him (h.u ������rrji<ji-iiieii!.- will
lik.'ly he made wilh' Lhe'' (J. R It. io
Von^trnct. thc iiropo-etl lines. Also
that. Ihri ^overnineiiL conleniplaled
put l.iii}j a force of sin veyors to work to
determine if a icasilile ] oute c-nuld hi*
found over the Hope Mountain--. If
such a route is found airan^einenls
will In* made lo have lhe line limit, hy
the O. P. K. al an early date, thus giving lhe desired connection lieLwecn
(he coast, and lhe inlerior."
Story of lis Gold Production.
What   Ma/   be   Expected  in  the
Fi ture.
A Big ��� Company Will be ai the
Opera House on Aug. 12th.
"Every^seasim sonielbin^ new" seems
to lie I lie iiiulto of Richards it Prinze's���
iii-r minstrel ii^u're-julior,' that appeals
at the opera liuux1: on All-,', l'illi.
This season it linn grown to niiun-
ino'tii propuftiuiis nnd presents n hill
of features never eY'ualipd I.y anv sim-
ilar organiit.ition in America.
���Blight, bridle nmeliy runs through
llie proKraiiiuifi and the. big varied ads
are ho cleverly blended and stnjiij,' to-
g.Mher that it forms a most enjoyable
,e\ening'-j (Jiiteituii)iii(.'iit. l'ifly popular colored minstrel and vuude\il!e eu-
terlainers nil! included in its ruster.
anion-,' whom are Kid Liiii^ford, Did;
Tliomas, and James Moure, tiie cleverest of 'end men; the Alabama quar
telle, llie Ilousely Bids,, i!ih lug
inMciiy net, tlm Black Watch Drill,
Shields the kiui; of iie.-ialisls, u stn'k,
high" novel niui eliiliiii.itc In.si pint
seuing eriliiled thp. lU-nlin of the Mikado, introducing the entire company
in hiillianl Japaue.'-ii costuuies, uud is
decided iiinovaliu.'i iu.iiiinslrelsy.
, The al tractive street parade takes
place at 2.30 p.m., - Two brass hands
aie, carried by the compa'ny fur llm-
parade,' '
Retail Dealer \r\^^ac2aS22^>-
Fish and Game in Season.
All orders promptly filled.
REVELSTOKE, B. 0., .cffi3��
���     ft Dazzks the World
lyu piscovety in medicine bus ever
ci'i'iiled one (jii.-ulcr of the excitement,
tli.it. Im-. been caused liy Dr. 'Kiti'^'a
New DiM-overy for (/misumpiinn. It's
.severest '.esls have hi'en on hopeless
victims of Coii-iimpiion, Pueiimoiiin,
lleiimrihiifj", Pieiui.-y ami Bronchitis,
thousands ,of w horn t il has resioied lo
perfect heailii. For Coui-hs, Colds,
Asthma, Croup, ll.-iy Fever, Hoarse
nes.'i nud Whoopin-j- Clinch il. is lhe
ciuickol, surest cure in I In* woi Id.' Ii
is sold I.y the Canada Dnifj* & Book
Co. who guarantee sal isfaclioti orie-
fiind nioiiiy. Laiui' hollies C0c. ami
$j.OO.   Ti in 1 hollies free.
- At the Pt-eshyteiinn, church on Sunday eveniim- the ineinliers of thelova
Oi'.-riifji.' lod^e attended in piocesMon,
thvre, heiiiH-i large atteiidance, Iti*v.'
\V. Caliler* pieaclied a neriiion appro-
prinlc to the occasion, dealing with lhe
Bieslivteiiau doctrine of elect inn, and
reviewinir the evenls which lend to the
H.NlHl'lisliriient of the Ofinijj;t> institution. II. Cook, lender of the choii,
sung the sulo Evening Blessings.
A liirgii liiiinbei of .Orangemen left
Revelstoke on Wednesday night for
the,, demonstration at. Viinrouver today. Bro. McCrinn wns conductor and
tiie. hand played tho procession to the
There lias been no greater or more
reliable authority on the mineral re-
s'ouice.sof Bn'iisii Columbia than the
late Sir O. .M. Dawson. Looking ovi r
his work on the mineral wealth or
British' iCulumbia, publi<iiecJ by the
Dominion government in 1 SfciS, >\e
lind the, following remarks ou tJ.'��
plucer gold resources of the Big Bend :
FHKN'CH  CUl'lilv.
��� Tributary   of  Gold   Creek,  'J mi'ts.
from its nioulli,.and   00 miles north of
Revelstoke.  'Discovered  1S65, and in ,
that, \c-iryielded at least 632,000.    In
1S66 (he Big IVud   excitement occurred, and this creek is reported  to have
produced gold to the value.of 6100.0CO.
In   this  year  and   lhe next 4, G, and
even 12 ozs. to lire bund a day, was obtained on some claims, i.n'd
was  found.     French   Creek   was the
richest, in the. Big Bend district.'
Lower part of v alley all deep ground,
which lias never been hoitonied. The
creek was entirely abandoned for a .
number of years, hul was resumed iu
lSi>��\ alien,!ion ��� being chiefly' turned
to lhe unexplored, deep' ground, with
prun'iising indications. Creek and hill
claims, however, still being worked
with some success. Mr. G.rM. Spioat
estimates that this creek ami its tribu-
taiics affords about 2.r> miles of mining
ground. A company at woik in ]SSS
did very well iuwards the uulumii'
when they'lost tho.pays.treak.
McCullough Cheek.      -,*,  ,
A Iribulury of Gold   Creek, 4-miles
.lower duwn than ihe ' lust.    Reported
as short'cieek, about  4 miles only in
length.    History'like  ihui of, French
.Cieek, and as in lhe ease of that creek
said li: have, yielded about 6100,000 in
1S6G.    Yielded .$100  per dny to the
hand in  souie  claims   in  early years,
and   nuggets   and   rough   gold   with
She Didn't We-nr a Mask.
But her bi'.-iu(y was completely hidden hy sores, lilotches and pimples till
she used BurUi-n's Arnica Salve. Then
I hey vanished as will all Eiuptiims,
Fever Sure*), Boils, Ulcers, CHl'lnnicles
and Felons from its use. Infallilile for
Cuts, Corns, Burns Scalds and Piles.
Cure guaranteed. 23e. at' tho Canada
Drug it Book Si ore.
Is I lin! nol *|- Jrtil v.'il.i*** ? Kiih, :��� pit'iuro alone
is wni'ili dfiiiljli! tliciiidiicy. 'i'iii'- nircr i- open
utily Id July ,'1KI a�� (lie -ii|.|i!.\ uf |iiriiiiv*' \-
liniitoil iui'1 ''.iiiiinl lie pr.iiiii^c.l nftcr l',.it date.
To any nl' nin- pr. -nil '.nh-.'i ili.>i.- \\f cii'.Vr llio
Kiinrly lli'i-.'iiil mi,! Wi'i'Uy Star until .'iiiiii.it-}
tnt, 1!K)_>, iti(iliiiliii-< (i,o two Univjrc;', for t.U-c
Baker, CoafectioDer^
Caterer, Etc,
Choice  Groceries.
Graham Bread,
Wedding Cake a Specialty
M.iil  nnl.*is   prti'iipilv ,-ind
carefully al tended In,
p, o, to ise, mimi, s,o,
The engineer- l.ave PL-tried out to
survey ll.e all-Ciiiadian roulu lo ll.c
Vukou Iroin Kitiniai. river.
The clt'ii'iing of lhe right, of:vvav of
the V. V. and E, rail way has been
licgtiu al Grand l''oikf.
itX'is t-epniird thai, ihe C. P. U. will
l.'l. some of (hi'ii kuowsIii.-i! work hy
coiili.-ii-l Nils seiisolt,
Ivngineer Guvetl's engine, No, G7-I, ia
(lie winner of lhe fuel ivrurd award I'm-
June hi'lurcn Pievel.-tol;!! and Ivan,*
loops/n. Wiiiicrs lieing IIiviikiii.
Taking advaniagi' of,lhe retluccd
rales, .alioiit 100 passengers left Ileve>
Moke for the coai't hy lhe special on
The divisional engineer of the C. I\
"., Mr. J. G. .Sullivan, is advertising
for lender-.- for I he,building of a cut-off
fiom Field io Otieilail.
G. A. C.iiIm).), rniilr.-irlnr' for lhe
Laid.-aii I.ranch, has about j��U0 men on
the giound and ex peel*! anoLlierfiO from
Xel-on. The fiisl, ]() mil. s of lhe
grade i-< now f.iiily well covered. He
has run iu a wagon road from IIowmm'
Id llie N'C'ond crossing of lire Lardo,
from      which      it      will   I   he    c-rni-
The euterliiiiuuent in aid of the
church held laM week resulted in a
sum of $M() being provided.
The church is being fenced in as the
result of 1 In* fund provided at there-
cent enlerlaininent. =.
CIll'l.tH (.V I'.-NCLANl).
II. Floyd has been re-appoint ed
organist a I Si. Peter's church.
The picnic in conni c-iion vvilh Si.
Peter's Church Sunihiy st-huol wii1* held
at the Canyon on Hiilurday and was a
veiy siieei'Msfiil nH'iiir; four rigs being
supplied to take the children and their
friends to lhe ground-1.
The -Ladies Aid met on .Monday and
decided t;i have (lie chinch painted
oiil.-idi.. and kalsmtiiiu'il inside. The
Mtciely will also pinvidu the chinch
vvilh a coiiiiiiiiiilini table and improved
pulpit, accommodation,
Deafness, Noi92s in the Head, &c,
positively cured by 11A RLE Y'S EA.LI
LOTIOX. Tliis new Keniedy goes
right to the actual seat of the rli-ease.
and has effected Mich remarkable cui-es
libit Ibe greatest hope is held out lo all
suff.'i'eis, no inal Lei- how bad or longstanding the case may he. One bottle,
will euro aiiy culinary case, and will
he sent securely packed nnd post-paid,
with full directions and testimonials
upon icceipt of $1.00 Older diiecl
from Jamkh E. IIaiii.KV, IMSUickdalc
Road, .SuulU  ^iiUjbi'tlli {.lOil^Olii ]5,va-
iiuntt�� attached found on it.
Surface diggings worked out and
deep ground found very difficult and
full'of boulders, '"Woik lesumrd in
ISSGand has been continued to date,
companies driving tunnels for deep
ground wilh goud ���prospects. A bedrock flume ci nipany obluined u considerable amount of coarse gold in 1SS8
on the 'owe:* part of the. creik.
flows into Columbia river from the
the east, 35 miles above Revelstoke.
A large stream but appears never to
liuvo been 'systematically prospected.
Moderately good ray said to have hern
found at oho place S or 10-miles up itr
iii 1SC7.
'East'side of Culumbia river. Discovered 1865. This creek , is 6 miles
long to its forks and each of the branches is supposed to be about lhe same
length. A canyon i\ quarter mile
from the mouth] wide gravel batiks below canyon, nanow above it. Mining
on bar,1- in early yeura, the old valley
not having been fullovved owing tu
vvaier.    Coarse gold,
F-jr a time below the. canyon eui'li-
ing.t were 6lo a day, Work ie.new.cd
in 1880 in several places, one company
making 88 to 810 a day to the man on
an average,. Bedrock conjectured lo ���
be. froni.-iO to 70 feet deep, ?\Vmk
difficulty on, account of floods, Citek
considered promising mining ground
and the benches suitable foi hydniuiic
A large stream joining the Columbia
from the west opposite Gold Creek.
Tu 1S80 lo white miners here making
fiom 62 to Sll.'iO a day to the man.
The cieek is 25 miles long and considered piomiMiig. Fair ,wn��cs made
here iu 18i\S. A company putting in
a long Hump,
Joins Columbia river 8 miles above ,
lust, Co-irs"'gold. ]n early years ?8
a day to the hand uiade by four men
for lhe whole season. Mr. Sprout ie-
inaiks lliat tlif'iii imp, including ihii
and Smith creek, nine large creeks on
ihe west ,-ide ami tlneo on the east
uf ihu Cu'uiiibi.t,
A tribul.ny of C'liioe   liver gino good
���pay for a tuiisun some years ii^'o,
Willi a gold vii-hl s-ucb as that above,
indicated ii is evident that it is only a
matter of sufficient capital and iui��
pioved mentis of hnndiina the ground
to sectiie a imiewnl r;f the ii*;|* r-*-!d
yields of the past from lhe Big Bend .
count i1 v.
Tt is time that the various tabor organizations of Itttvcktoke. met and at*
ranged   for  the   proper celebration Oj
^^mm^wm^^m^^^M^M^^mw^^^^^^^^^^^^^m^^s^m^^m^mmm THE KOOTENAY MAIL.,  t"       T  ������: i������vu   js. fUAjj-jg)    i f till -    y  *?ufvcaaAP������ ci:sm c" thihr rcvccn  i '1 "irj aS  ������  1  .*?  %        :  .9.   O  if  .9  .V  if-  then try, our own  ARSAPARILLA I  .''���������'  .9.  .V  I,-  .9  If-  V.  I*  V.  I*-*  .V  preparations in a com-  buution cf drugs hav-  in-^aitcrn.'.tivt:. Tonic,  Stimulant and Lax-  ativj ac'.i.m. It con-  1 nr.s tiiosC ,, Di'ii'j.--  wiiich tho medical  ��������� profession recommend  - ��������� in f Skin Diseases.  Scrofula A ft"jctious.  J V;;pc?p.-ia, L i vet" com -  j)!a:nts, lilmutiiaiiinii,  c'.c.  S! psr bollls  -New &. Strong.  ������,  they learned that he had got out hy j recognized ami there seems no grounds  the lii-t ii-.-iin on the advice of a C. P. j for ^fusing to receive the trackmen's  It. ollii-i.il., Tiie men propo.-e u, hi ing | union on the same hasii. ]{  iiim l.,ii'k.  I i.i ,  : ������������������".iiuiu    nut   ili������  Tin* enit ri).iiiin-iii held or, Monday  night in aid of llie sli ike fund wan one  i)f the most successful given in !\evel-  .-toke. An excellent programme compiled hy J. Tavlor was presented, and  included conti iliul ions liy theorches-  li-.-i. >on<j-s hy iMc-dames D.-n!, Luvvre-  nee, Mi.-^Siiep'pai-d.J. \V. Bennett and  U. Cook, duel hy Mis. Wilkes and J.  Taylor, recitation^ hy Mi=.s Eduar,  Me-'is. B"iiu.-'ll, iliiris, trio hy Mis.  .\JhG"'gnr, Miss-  Savage and J. Taylor,  isi*.     Jjecfiguition  rr-i ni'inslii|)  he! ween  ilio ci'ii.p'iny   ami    men    oo    ;i   more  l>iisinc.sviik**   basis   and   would   lessen  fi  &  r.  '6  Lil2,*"Zc~ i!.p.S:;L'ic,  tiv.iu i ic...  Gold /.Ic-dai, Midwinter 'Fl\'.?  ,A\'i'.A  Rtilcln-;  Powders '<-.'>i.r.-.i:ih-.';  ttla::i.   Tlir;' art* ir-.'-rioin to l.t-yjfli  ��������� Rc/jlsloke  Stat.cn  .V  'ti  .9  yyy-yi^ i  U;<l'.vdhKTTr -On SiiiVtlii v, J111 ,v 7i h, i,h</  '���������'���������; ;,;Xwil'e;i)f;AXBriintlrel.l.:;i.f ;t ,soii.;Vy ���������'  :X)K;i:;AJ-;s:--'Pnn'Siiiiii(lay', .T.iii.vXtJ'H'i'Xih'e  X'X'''iivXvvif.!X',;.o^  !XyXu(la-tig'hl'er.-; ;VV;''Xi;V;..-'.,yVX  VXXX'X'".VyXV':'i  X"XCiivV? BX ;t!,,X'"ii Siiiidiiy,.July;.7tl)X'  X   l|)()],yiit7;ii.;in.,Xat 'the piirsonagei  iy' X by;vKev.,'-S.v: J;VGreeii.:;AvVC.;.:Giilii-  X vXiiiiiVs XofX:^^l'ghspnX:'BXt!.f:to,,,Miss;  XX 'Bei th'iii'VJiiiie'Biirrel'i of,Trout-Lake  ..o-...v >;.','.-#-,. yy "-.- 'yyy-:;: :���������:������������������'-y.:...y-.���������'���������������������������--yy..:,y.\���������-,-  y'y Oi jv,:y y������������������:������������������:���������;���������:y.: :yy y.yyyy;y, ^yy,  ::'yr  ! ur.-ri.ni dance and piano miIii liy M'i.-s  j Gai vin, ciu iie) .-oln hy II. \V. O.imp-  i hell, fan dance I.y ihe yulitig l.ulii*--.  ,j who nave ii, ai. .-ill" G.itholie chmch  J ei:l.-il.-iii:metit 1;.M week. Several  item-, wen' le'-.it-lily encored. Greal  I credil is t)\\f io II. \V. 1-Jdwnn!.--. who  i ' hall, I'm- v.i'iui n,'|ia������  s.'cu.-ed ihe'eon- ^ ���������.������������������ , |u,   IIIllV.j���������., ^.j^-it.  io   (I'lgaiii/.injr  S . "���������������������������'"��������� '���������''  l������>i.'iii!j,'   a  diop  ������������������"���������mid ;���������],..,..������������������.-.,.,��������� t .,nil   who .spared no  i ' "!l"'1 'M'('"< ''*v r' r |1,L' ���������s!il-1*''-" .   j eli'o.l lo M-c-ine ilr-siicccs.-, as wil nested  :| I     'J'iie'iiiiinii   and non-union ininer.sal j hy Ihe haiiiNi-me  surplus available for  ;.-    /-| 1    t-j T>      1   TI     i'   '''l',,'"',d,'i   G.il.'n.ido,   had   a     pilihed    lhe fund.      '      ��������� ,  i    USflHWUiW&JJOOKuO  iv',,",l"l'i"   Uhiv'h   th'Vt'' "'('"  ki������7-"���������������������������������,     A  co.i.emplihle piece of ,-onibicl on  n J.    ,J|r''1 wom.(l.*.l. . ; (heia.itoflho companyVnffici.-ils was  ,,))      .Tliy .iiidi.-ins   fought   (he   Japanese i exposed   in   I he eiiy tho ot her day.  .A  6". jyfislici'.'ili'ii  at SlcveMon  a-, a i-eMilt nf j man wilh a .-.'vag pi esented   hiiii>elf In  Xtlie.yli-.li.'i'iii.'ii'-.   !-l i ik.*, and 'iL is f,aid    tin;   sti ikers. and   sought.'  their con'i-  ���������'..lireai'iiia ������ ill he empliiyei1, ,   .,    l deuce ;ii d  coinpiissipn , w it h tlie story  XJtidge  Spionli    is   u. g.ili.ili.ig wilh    ��������� ���������������������������'''- h(J  liad   la'eii  luought in lo woik  thi-i-iiyX i-.-ium il   foi's-deio ihi-ciiyal , "Uliie liMfk. hut /hiding the posiiion  Vtviiiiciil .pi ice of a !>!i i k 11' il.e Fai well I he   had   declined   lo dp so.    lie   was  eslaii'adjoining St. I'eteiX, Chinch for ; i'"vvever, very   hard ,uji   ]].. sriii), and  iiiiuiii-il.iiil building*.  The Duke of Cornwall wil! pie.-ent  inedals, tu members of Canadian cou-  .liiigenl's, except Stiaihcona lIor<e, lit  y.ijiciiiiver on OA\ l?l, and Calgary on  Bepl;;2yi'l).  V TOvTHE'DKAR-A  rich  lady,   rid  of liel' Deafness and Noisciin the Head  Xli.'i'/iDtvNicholson'.-- Ai lieial Dar Driiius,  gavev $25,CCO to  hi.s In'sliiute, so that  deaf'people unable to procuae the Ear  , Di ui'n's iii.'iy, ha ve them free.     Adilr.'ss  ���������Nb.XS()l: The Nicholson   Institute^ 7S0  Eiglilli Avenue, New Yoik.  X; '.'XA'bfJ'ie iiiceling of lhe cily council on  Friday eveniug.Ald. Bourne urged that j (,,lt-"i" <'"nneclion with lhe tiackmen's  'tlieXi.fee,nt   railway c.i'.ssimr  ,���������, vi(.. | slriki-, U nhont 3000. .      ��������� ,"  loi-ia Hoad was not'safe for irafiic.   He I     All the Band' hotels, except, the Sani-  ;consiilt'red   .McKenzie avenue fofilpalh j l-niu -el'used   accoiiiniod.il.ion lo the  slio.nli,l::lie  eonl iniied acros*. the track ; G. Is. It. special constables. '        .  ind a jiioiiei-cio-sing made tin re. j     J. D. Tuvvi  "y.DiyU irgs'ss; denlisl, Brown UloekA  , Xl'X.)ii.sXviv!';--At)ieo^  apply toXl.tX; I lX.:IvI';iv''ne,.- R^'vejoliike:), X<;_  Xv'A; liieX;at,f Aiusu-tiri h   th'sli-iijetl Dr.  'Uehi-y's stiii-i'. VyVV;   ::-.>y .y:y[,y-y/  asked fi'i- fiuids to ri.s-.isi him. Thi'-e  were provided. Judge, of the'-nrpi ise  of ihe men when they next found him  in eonliden.tial consu'ialion wilh a  high oOh-ial of lhe company, "whose  spy he evidenlly. vvas. , Such is llie  way tiie sitikitig foi omen and trackmen are rewarded for I heir years of  loyal service to the company.  ��������� The great demand,for men fur lhe  Manitoba wheat harvest, renders ike  supply of men for the G. P. K. t'o take  place of the 'sti ikers a practical'im-  pnssibility. ' 0  11. is slated  thai, the number of men  ^ .,. i.,. i....'iiley���������iis<islaiit to Mr. Mar-  'VAs.'ihe m.-ivor is di-tjiialilied from 'f pole, informed the Province ihat. Wed-  siil.ing'iis  liceiisin;*; coumii-sioni r ow- ��������� nesday   last   was   the   last day'vv hen  ,KiTgusbii?; will, celcbi 'I'i.lu '"��������� Liibor Day j i,i)g XtbXhis;   being   interested  in holel    -Inkers might go  back and lakelheii  ace:  iii great;slA le; y   .y'X ',yyi-i-y.,''": "V-.: X,"':Xy:;|:;'.l"'l:il?)'^1>'X: flll('   "-1   *^''b  New man   litis  '"iV'/i^i'.ii.ipi'tiyt''iiiv*iiY;;;.hi'"������������������'i>iVj*IVr'X>ri:;''ii:-";tXcVrV->"-!���������'��������� ^!.K^,'t;f'-?;���������'!"*  ' i<v li',|,"-s'i,g commitlei- ' Orificialis brought   lo'Nelson, under  'il?br('i;t','t   '������������������'-���������������������������'���������i'' "f  "f  in-H'ad of j the picii'xt, thai Ihey were i-eipured  |o  ;ihree!:nieinbi'is.   The dillicully of mak'-j h.. put on   railway timsli net ii  X.XX jiorted ahioiigdieA elstpke'inci-ii-haiils  .'������������������ yyyyThe; federal y go veil line i, tj'vvi I heeiid  XX'XGa'iiadiiiji.ti'oops. lp;llit' king's corinia-���������  '-:'������������������ ^JXtionV;; -v. *.:���������',; xX;X X XVX', iX;; X- ^ ���������; X^'yX-^vvXx'':'t^v; ^;'-'X ���������'  :X':X;V jA; nveXiiews|-jipi'iy}isV:het'i'er thr*ri; a.  *; X'Xdead dog; :y G(��������� t. >^imiX;iitlvi vt'istMi:cut;itr  .4 llie KOOTKXAY M.VII,y  MXGiiid vXliifs let;ili^coiitmei  urn wm k--,  -Irtick as soon 'as they found I hey were  nqiiired'to take the places of thesirik-'  ing I rack men.  A nmiiberof men arrived at Viclnria  ^!!^!-!^',!*ff,ls   '"   lh!' !"nv '"w>>r'in "I :'. from   Porlhiiid.   having  been engaged  , rr*: ;j<'!''!,y'''''-''   Vl llil'h   -"-b'.  JonIiu.-i   Davids J k,   woi k' on lhe C, P. R. under repre-  "   ,la Yon liehaircf   Ihe  government   v. ill sell , >���������,',, ,|,,(i,ul.s   i hal, I he st Hke was sel 1 led.  ing tJie'Cily ilcen-ing couiinissiim eli'ec-  ' live liaslifcn   refei red  to city solicilot  vMcQai-terlo solve.  V-���������A.rMivgt'od  opportunity  is  oIT'eivd '  ���������-���������'������������������.������������������ lioielrrr^ ".     "���������:"���������     ' ������������������������������������*   "'������������������"��������� ua-NyKiMWi^i-iui'ii.  '���������������������������"��������� '���������;\Vi,'*Yiie���������' ������������������|,r"viv.v"l)'; nXw X- v- '���������������������������(:���������'':'���������- :���������- -������������������   !,>.:������ I,'ll"(-1 ;l!- IVim-n.n  on \\ edo.-sday    When il���������. ,.���������.��������� Tonnd lhe true posiiion  > i  il ' ill 11   I'i   IM  ii    XJ\  11 \ I 1 .        .-,.'���������-. '   .-  , ���������   'i , '��������� .  -. f -, ���������   ���������    .        - mi   i ,. ,   .  fiyy.,-; ty,..y:.:.y:..yy,r yy ,:.... y.yyyyyyy:yy-yy: ;next.y 1'al'l iculars w ill tie  toimd'in our , ���������f affairs ihev decid. (1   to leturn.  .The  V ���������.,;. Ulurcily, odcrs l-nv^lcva^.mnt,Qv^::^,,^.i,|j|;,K c olumus. ' , Wll{.f.s on-,,,d lht,m ���������.,.,,, &2 % per dav  the. danger of deseruclivo conflicts.  A writer in the Globe says: ''The  sdike of tlie C.P.It. trackmen is justifiable if ov p.- a strike is so. 'J'he men  are peaceably disposed and resort to no  illegitimate means to obtain their  demands/'  Si\s the A'l.ice,: " AVhen men, subject lo li.ud work and responsibility,  aie sir.king fui the light to deal with  a jaiweiful eoiporaiiim as an oiganizi  lion, and for sj .jO prv (jay, in I his  wc-tein countiy, there is not a man  inoan.ono'tiglr to waul it to go forth  that be has nn sympalliy for llieni ���������  except of course that lie is paid for it  and it is part of bis business to do so,  and there, vei'y fe,w nf tlinn."  lhe Aslicnift .Journal remaiks:  ,"Sjd lo ri-htc ihe edict has gone forth  that tiie -pec-ial coustnliles on the  i at I road must now ��������� i-ct down to woik  vvilh the prosaic pick and shovel.  The   Sentinel  .says:       "Organized'  labor   was   never   engaged   in a nunc  important   struggle   than     this    now  being so adiiiiiably and braycly waged  by I be 0. P. U. trackmen."  "Jl is because of lhe admirable restraint shown by tin" sli ikers on the  one hand, and llie rb-lianco cf tlie law  of lhe laud hy (lie railroad cm poialion  in the impoitaiii.ii of aliens and con-  tract laborer..- to take I heir place thai  public sympathy should be inanifesdd  in favor of lhe men in nn iinmi-.takable  iminnei and, nunc |>;ii'ticu!urly, at ihis  juncture, that ail la hoi oigauizations  should rally lo (he support of ,the  Track men's U.iiun."--Sentinel. ~~~  Says the Sentinel: "On all the  givat 0. P. 11. system-'wilh,millions of  debars worth of | ropeiLy practically  unprotected, and the lives of thousands  at lhe. mercy of lawless men, not a  single charge ot a serious naluiM has  been refolded.' Men who conduct a  stiuggk* for a living wage in (his manner cannot fail to win public lespect  and xyiiipathy.'1'  The Itossland Aliiier reiioris that llie  tracklueiK bet w'en Rossland and Nelson have gone ont on *,lrike,uo that the  company is daily lw-ing more than il  gains.  The , Winuipeg Voire i euiarks :--  "During I Im eighteen 'days which the  sliiuehas bet-n running it is perfect Iv  safe Io assert   Ihat   the.  G.  P. It. track  has   snli'eri'd    much   more   than   the  I rackmeii." ,  The Tiibtme says;- I'Oue of (he  men present at the meeting at Winnipeg of the' vaiinus railway brotherhoods to send a depulalion lo Montreal  was beard to declare I ha I. there was a  slrong feeling ihat the mission would  be successful .and Ihat a satisfactory  settlement would he made "  a^j!W>jss������rm*xrs������!4x*������'i������jsvr*.nr ���������k~jjb  ST<  RWggl  >SEESZ=SS23SIE  ...   . -.. ���������r^  323ESB  ts&^sss^^essiaz^is^r'knn^-eitissastsi  PAINTS, OILS, VARNISHESXAND BRUSHES.  Minerrj Octagon Steel, only Jessop's best kept.    Picks,   Shovels,   Barrows  Single and Double Bitted Axes, Cross Cut Saw's.  Builders' Supplies���������Nails,1 Building Paper, Ljcks aiid Hinges.   ���������  HARDWARE OW, W. M. Lawrenee, Revelstoke  Carpel.'-, Linoleums, Floor   i  Cloth*-, Blinds, Wall Paper.&c   ��������� ,.,i   ,  ., -    rr-TI   Second     Hand    Furniture  Bought and Sofa.    Warehouse for Storage of Furniture at monthly rules.  /������rt for Pianos, Organs,'and   Cwirg Kachin s.     ,  .IB.   BIQ177"S01^~.  ."SPECJATNOTICE'I  Spring '& S^EQniep Goods to Harid  Extra strong Serges for pants at $5, made to order.  First-class Spring'Suitings from $20 to $28.  lo'  So   WILSOMo THE- TAILOR,  LIMITED.  "   Wholesale-Hardware, Ship Chandlery and  ��������� Mining Supplies.  Hardware Department, 8-10-12 Cordova Street  ��������� ���������    '     Ship Chandlery Department, ,8-10 Water Slree  9,  Onb Blook from' OPB Dapot  and Steamboat Wiiarvos  Iwc-rurnlshotl and Re-modelled  Rates $1.50 to $2 per day  Corner Granville & Hastings Streets0, * -  - ��������� ������  R. DOWSVVELL,, Proprietor, - Vancouver,   B. C  tihtnkets and ..Icnls ou 'aj'plicliiioir iii  tiie'Mayiii, :\V.'B;-invi),pIv;i[.   X r       ^  ."The .Ii]ii-;lc iays: ��������� ���������'^''iiiMvfortMiian  ���������: 1'Vs "seijt'.-l.it-y In the school ii'usiep.-t, ; luit llie lepivsrntalivu of the com pun y  TX.J. .Gialiain, who is on a \i.-it. lolhe ' would not'give ia written enntract. t'o  eoast', will   inlerview   Uu;   Mini.-ter ot     that  tlTicl.   eviilenlly  seeking thus to  made the alien lalior law  5  Shi  ,X yWilh it'^aii^id''^.^0 it ci;i>vm^Hi wiljJjV j J-3,1 n'rat ion uI Vitioiia   in reyard to llu  .: X:11.1'!^11 :,;,'���������^!:liXU";t^)?i:Ui^V^.}rP^^ii,i������-^,f ^'^'"���������Ui,1|  9ti-, ol l.uiid. '     The co������rP,.ny has yet to explain how  Xv/ \|:h;ls "ycy\ "yyi-. '���������;:'XX.;X;V.....::VXXy''.'X'������������������   : iuKfat Bm-.'Nu.ke fioin the tcraiit piu-    it, c;in   a Hold   to   pay   ii������.'le*������s   sen lis.  v.: A.v>S. ^Farwi'll -has  t-oonX ili.;al::,tlic,r \'id.'d'at laslsessiini of pa; M.iiii'-u;. -whom  it  is  trying to get lo take the  ;:i,,ySlocan hospital for ithree: wi.. ks,  'n it j rylieveNtoKe   i>, likelv  ti, I,e mad" lhe    pl.ues of the sti ikers, $5aday when it  ��������� "has lKi.wstifiicieiitly.i.eceiyed tu bt-Vn Irlv- | phiiiltforXt i^<*  establishment, of a new-   c.ir.m.r  afford'to  pay first-class 1 rack-  y:viO|i-etnrii lo Nel-imiyV '   ��������� ^V    ^X'^^Xi-'-Avf wjdii^t i'y- 'employiuHr, ;tnt.i;t   X'a)   men.    mei'i Si-"j per day.   '  . . /If is slated the JJaiijlolm wheaf^crop X'The v liecessaiy ai iv.ugemenls ar-* i-.nt Xiie I'li'seiveis hy No. 1 had some  ���������v '//.is';, tlie reit .Jii. -10'..'years rind . J5.000 to V (-onvpletid, and we ,';-,��������� r<- pi-'-leti to f;n- (>n ihe pMiic-f" iLie other day. ("'i'leipiilly upon ihe recognition hy the  '.:..��������� K0,(W.0,''ii.:eii will.^iiloXXrr.q'iiirc-d to;ij(ii;ve.ft,XXy\viLl'i!itikr;'''j;������i l:fi;i-i:s' f< r the prm-ent, While the tuin w,is held pendiiv re- ' compiiny of llm men ns nn organized  XXX't:,XXX '''''������������������iyi'ii'y "' "'''' iyy'-y'i' XV'v;'X::X::TI)i;;i!i;j:n-uiiH-i' i f .tii,!; an iiidu.-iiy to ^yu. .., ||,,, u,,^^ 0necf lhe passeiigers | 1,fl"Vi wilh reasonahle cnncessioiii iu  yy '7 -j'Th tv'. ecv'i������iVii :.l 1'i'y. i: f* X:t Ji t|v -J^c'iV cl V-'tfi-c- oni -xT-' ^-^y .^X*?1 ?. '"^ S'^'. !,in!J{ ' h' <*v*-:-������j-l::i:.-i L������ri. \M-nt lo lhe compain's official and said j ''"P"'* '������ eoiuliiinns i f employment  y   lliend^tiie ViuqiiificiUioii of lhe;;ciu-o;ia- :  -: ���������������������������Th^; ��������� Cesf Hear.-No    -j.".; i.i   ;-T!;e    there weie   ,i numlier of nieii'on hnani i nn'} Wl]" y' ���������    '  The   only   ohsliirle  In he removed is  Prospective   Victory  for the Men.  A special telegram to the New*Ad-  verliser i-; asfolio-.vs :  Montreal, July 0.���������Both sides art-  gelling lii'ed. of 'lhe li-aekmeirs strike  on the Canadian Pacific Kailwav. Evidence to'-ihiy points lo a sell lenient  within   a   week, which   will   he hased  Vancouver Engineering-Wo'rk's,,  Iron  Founders,  Boiler   Makers  and   Machinists,  " Successorsto ARMSTRONG fit MORRISON.  ���������\Voli.ivc Iho most complete MACHINE SHOP and FOUNDRY equipment west of Toronto  for thc manufacture of ���������' - ��������� , ,  Hydraulic Giants, Riveted Steel Pipe. Grizzlies, Riffles, Ore Cars,'        ^  Ore Buckets, Steel Wheelbarrows, Stationary, Mar ine and Logging  Engines, Steam Pumps,  Marine Repairs, Sheet Iron and Steel  ��������� Work,  ��������� ��������� "'  Wo l:ave in slock for immcdinlc delivery I50ILRKS. KNOINKfc-'. PL'JIIS, ORIO CAItS.  WIIKIChHAItHOU-Sinifl MINING'nnd SAW.Ntlhh MAHIIN13KY of every dcsnriplInn ; also  IJOILKK TURKS, WUOUGIIT IIION PH'E and FITTINGS and KNGINKKUS' BHASS GOODS  iindSLPPhlKS. , , '   ,  Correspondence solicited nnd carefully attended to. X .    u  OFFICE AND WORKS-Foot of'Heatley Avenue  Vancouver, B. 0.  "lii'iroitUi Xn^V "risked V fqr by; ilVifl^i'ir'l'aii''y.I.K'id.'i.ii \\'.< "i-!d ' < f "V1, Ki^t.:!: Avenue,  CaLlloIicV. ..::.,'.,      ..;. ,������������������',.���������. ���������'���������-. ,V.:, :XiS"evvVY'.':l:k,.(.i'l.:.iill-   a di-c:i; li.'!: i.f'.i  v\ ho   were JiTikiiT'   f'.i   a  ,;..!) and |ier  'i  h-ip.-J   tney   could  t   wi.rk   wilh I he ' '    ���������"       ' "'' Plvcl|,(l   when  ne^ol iations  On 'Ti'.es'dn v: I hi': (it-el  fan" ,-ui'  :���������Ri'i'nai kai'le   Co  '!'    Dfa!':ie-  ..id  ; .1 \  ! ������������������ t arr !��������� d r ut^  ioi.. .:;-.!    \^. l.-'eh is  11.Mi'Pi,'i.r  V. iih   j.C V sf'lil-     lie"    I'l.iMV i J.-.i T } :>-���������-������( ;;  sier-li'in;'���������������������������lhi'-:r r,-b,\ e-1"- :���������   '..,-��������� ]J'i.'or .  ,'' iilarui Tor a '(ire in 'iiu emjiiy hoiise oil ' 'lli-'i'^Noire" u !,ii I  '.; XTi,ii:d^l.;XTIic ;(ii-e;ii;Kl,'hXi;\vi'ver-beeii ;X;it ;'he' pali.-i.i-- '.  ''yy ex\ih^v.islird,VlH'i'ure t-lie bi'i^tide colikf ;, .snid;''.'il'1' i'.11-: '���������>���������'. ( "  ;.���������'.   Kel'th.i'.l'i\;XX    XX:r '''X X'/i   V XX- v X   ���������"',.".  -. ���������'��������� X Tiie:  Viiijci-uvVi''. A\'i-r''ir j jihlish,X:i  ':,y'i-uinoi:lo'ii;u'.i,tf<a-t;lha^^ii-.vU ^.:d ���������:.   ' ., ;:,- i,i.!\-;,i-  .:;... Wiir'sho.iifly i':erire frou'i   the ���������pps.il ioii-'i.-f'', ! rink is   mj.^t   ! 'o'! ���������' i.v" li.i-' -f-..-- n  ��������� " Preiiiief, (ind ihat he will, be-uccee'di'i.; ,'wilh   il,-X va; !:���������'v   tf   -:ii,m!  funis 'hii'  . ������������������'hyXMri'.Titri'i.ci.;   :&    V'X '.;���������,! ",;       X;"'Vloyl������y,'J'''.���������    A.i."-u-l.   Ih"   iii.i-i    n-  :: X '.Tiie .GoldenXjiitiil'lv;fi./oll'iiil (dull jlilsXi   "!'1! k"il|"1,X^"u'"   "'���������''   l!l"    ! " A "   "'  "'(diailengedX IviimioiVps   t'o :a , gumeXiitX': Ad'i.iii'ral'D.'W >-v  .n:d .M ., bleh-'ar! Mar-  V;   ite'velsUike' ijii I/iIiovDay.   X It is pn;-: v-/-"l'>i[i' V"'1'* u '''"'' "!' ''N l(' ���������' hi-i-.''.i nl'  ..V   posed thai VllieXliHVelXpl.uk-' rl'ilb pay ex* X'X1' '''''f-'X''1'1 I i"1--1'-'  i'1 '!- i^hl ,.! -.\\r-  ��������� p.-lisfeof !iiHh,U'a;iiiuiii|.' heiv. ���������';',     ���������.'"'_' X u i! L11 h\*\, Cnim .������.   '  ���������;���������."; .il...ii. ;G. ���������.'���������jit'ioii; vjimi-'ter 'ii'4 ['he In-  were liioken oil'.' Jf a disinicrested  p.-nly pave-r the way to a fmlher con-  I'eivnce, this dillicully will be speedily  sellled.    This infdi'inaiion conies from  IhH  i- SI0 a day-prel I v ! "l,M *"''��������� fl" hi;t'> ^i<!es.  ���������*m.trk"pl  lit"  w'.-i^.    "l'ii !    -^i i>i-. 11 ***��������� 1,   July 10.���������The eouimiilce  i-otni air.-. '��������� Ci l'lainly," said lh������ ofli-  ii.il. ���������'\',"i),lt, w.i-^es nve you pa3-in-;,"  a-ki d t.i.' oilier. "A dollar aniiour  .-ju-l l;i.'.\.'" leplied iheoilici.il. "AtlO  ie.: i - a it.iv  *.H   p.>-."  rf'p.-ui-l���������emym,il.--.-aiid'lr'iyoli km.������-.''��������� "i'l'<'i'il^d at, lhe mecl iiiR of I he Bro-  I{.*iui-''i'.^ ih- wii^' ?.i:d, "Weil we ,'lhp.i-hood of Liicomolive Engineers,  have 'h-i-irh'd to -o lo woik if vou'll I F'1'.''"'n' Triickmen and lhe Order- ol  ..ii��������� ih..- j.ay."    "Ju-t -,-el lo woik.a'nd'i R;ii!u';1.v Conduclors  and 'iVIcjj-i-apliers  !,,,, i held at,   Winnipeg 0:1  July all) to en-  The Minisler of Mines has gin tiled  exi fnption from nssessnient (0 the following KmT'1-.toki- niemhers nf the  Canadian contingents ; N. T. Lui ton,  (Jr. A. Bowers, J. S. Graves, 0. C. IJni*-  lis, J. G. Skene, A. Swinluirn.  In Llie course of Monday's enlei lain-  meiil a iileasnnt 1 creinony wns the pn'-.  Henlallon-byCiipt. Tayltu- lo Tioopers  Bower1-, Kyie and Lewis of lhe gifis  from lhe citizens in recognition of I heir  seryices'. to their country in South  Africa. Spoiling riiles,weie presented  lo Troopers Bowers and Lewis and a  watch lo Tiooper Eyre, the presentation taking place amid ringing cheers  from lhe audience.  g" nnd   M'c  my supei tor a>-|o Uiini !  'X...  sud tin-  dea\oi-lo   bring alioul-.-i sel.llement of  TU  ���������11  li/iior. is .coining'. v> 1 sl,'l.l)ii.- ;i!fni die.g I  pel pie  w'h'o'   hav'e' giji'Aiiiiii's w i.i j| I be  .'Dixpril.l.'i.l'rciiL   of   llie- liilei ilii-V  ������������������(   gond  ���������'" i.ppprlimil.y  of having them .-idjip-ied. '  .The citstciiis .ri-lli'i ns' for I'e\ r-Uioki''- j  'i'lst'iiioiithtiie a fi;i 1 her rui'Vi-dii'iai i'o'n  '���������i,'''. an'��������� iiii;.i't.i'.-i?itii?n|-, in ��������� liu'������in'i.i's;'..Ciih-���������. . i,,r''r>    r>  /->-,.   i- ���������'������������������-. '     ,..���������.���������    ,.     ������������������' , ���������'  115S-L .,.1 -. . J.',  lull)'''. 0.1. P r 'At.iu:;    in mg ci,��������� lecti-i  1 i  nioi"   ..-in   he   doni  nil,...-,     ".'.'t'.   I,,,.. f.   a   -I-ai'^lit  Iiaigitiii I   '"'    ���������>.���������"..---   .-���������. n.r, .-1 n-   01 1 in* cu y.  !ii-i." "W. 'i, ���������.-h.u ilu yi.iMMiii?"iThl'Uii'i g(1,ul ,Vflson '" 'x'lffvu lh������'y  a-k-d ih-. IT!-i.il. "A d. I! ii'ji mii'iili-.' i|,i,Vl' fdr-uly Lad an interview wilh  1---I 1I.-.1 il,������ . ii,.i ,11,d iho cio-.vd I Ml U'-'X'''"'! "1'oiilhe whole matter  !.ii.^l.-'!, ������'!..;..(!,.���������'.nici,,! |1I(,k,.d 1,ind   i'''   llu'  Ml'iko'     -Sillier Mr. McNicoJI  nor ih*   i.ieinhei".   of   the   coinmlitee  .li I-  M"i|-n;.' ]��������� 'ji-  r-"e| ,  g ml-  "("*-?] 0''  Cl  :;-" m-e 'ii il   Al| I'!-."!'. l'.i!-.> w.tt ||-.,.d ]  Imui 1 ,i.*ip I ,' ���������������������������"-' ''iui < i.>-i- im  I'i ,1 ",--��������� g.i..' ,.\ (j,,\ |,.|i i         ������������������     f"-   l".. l'  '���������   ;.'   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Experiment till you  find the uniformly g-ood  make of zk-ot��������� lhe sh;* pt}  uzt and tvidlh yco need.  Then Elide   to   it���������  don't speculate.  You'll know it always  fcy   the   Tfl.ikcrs'    price-  stamped on the sole���������  ''The Slater Shoe"  'ijooflywr Wflfwl"  0. B. HUME.'���������&,GO,  It is only by careful study  the druggist becomes ji factor  in the struggle for licalih and  hajjpincss.  Our reputation has been won  by   studying  where to buy -  and what to buy.  We maintain that reputa.  tinn by careful attention to perfect filling of prcscrijjlions and  lowest price-;.  George F./Curtis,  ,y    "The Druggist,"  Snccia'/iov to ���������Tlie JIciD. A. W. Co,  Tlie Bevelstoko Hospital Sasiety   Annual General Meeting.  rpHI'i first ninu'ial f-oncrnl incctiiif,' of iho Itov-  .L clhtoko Hospital Sut-k-lv will Iju hulil ut thy  l-'iro Hall, Soi-oiid Street, ttovclsioku un Jlon*  day thc 5th Am-ust, Itlnl. at the Jitnu-of fi'Klit  p. 111. for tlio purpuscof t-lccting Trustees lur ���������  lliu cii.Miiii-; year and ffciiuriil bum hush.  All pci'bOiitr who have Kiib-icribwl J.i.CO'or up*  wttrdK lownrdu tho tuiids of tlio Society ni-o  entitled to bo pi-efciit nnd vote on nil mutt urn  brought, buforo the nioeting and all mtcli uro  inviiud lo be piesenl,  II. U, ATKIN'H,,-  Itevolalokc, I!. C,        - r 'Seerelnry,  July lih, 11101,  Help Wanted.  Ono Ironcr, and one General  Laundress for Revelstoke Steam  Laundry. Good wages to proficient help.  Revelstoke Steam Laundry Co.  GUY BARBER,  Watches, Clocks,  Jewellery and( Silverware.  'Engagement Eings a Specialty,  CM WATCH INSPECTOR.  Revelstoke 'Station, B.C.  g^������tg3i jum wutomwiiti*iib}JtiMin,  Coppopalioj'o/ tiie lay. oi Be?-  !/W!lU������  NOT1CK.  The city .\i.u, for s-iilcu iMiiu.lit v of lilnrikcls,  ciitii, elc. Apply to 'His \\'ors!ui) lhe .Mayor,  ���������V. jllVU'11,'Jltiij.  ^V,  B9lp ^?jvl Afcfttisl, ���������fR'gy'swrtfK.MTATWK^i-O'  Ci p. mw>, %  ���������. C'ifj' Cltirki


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