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Kootenay Mail Jul 8, 1905

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Full Text

T ��***\   ' " ^    '      \'
% & ��   l*    k t v         '   -��\
' -m-v���* mvr-Tip*'**'- r^.��*-��-w-JTT='r-7iFg-���.Kpir��^-'v-w>f--ii -r nj-Z ^J^Ag^fff-ipil
1       ' rr       /        'T       l"1"        ?    <��� ���-      T     ~ J" . * itJj^*3S
*��� '
1 - i
1 s
v  ih
'    ��'
/*3> \
. A
, -; -  * NEW"
' ^SoWeniV^Positafds, i
Rich, Velvety ilte  CifHin vvilh 8
lovenng'of delicious Fiuit
l ill  tj>    , u.:.5..'W--yvy/      /
*u t
.*���   *. -S T ':
-   V
'fe A
-' p}]
r v-'tJ
iit i ���
��� Si ,i
f      AW
>T   i!
i�� '
,n  v
36;pieces'whitejarid black/Jap
1 ��.^u *
-i ->< -^    <-,** ffl  ,*; -'��   "p---' i ,j, -,-^^^w ,      ,,-*������<��� -."i,
Re^ular:priceT $100 per* yard,
1 * ���* V1-*- r.i^r.Tr pj~ \ y
y-4    --�����,������- -   "'t'Vj.i* r?
-t.\ Tr ^,Ui p tea nit. rfj**1'
30Q yards to *go;at;this Price: 4
p <*J
A <i
y: M.;C: a.
Meeting to Consider Establishment at Revelstoke.    A
' ; ' *"' 4 - ' j' ^,v ���*���
On Sunday afteinoon a largely-at^
tended and1 thoroughly'representative
nipeting was held at the city -hall^to
meet Mr. Parsons, one of 'the 'general
secretaries of_the 'Y ^51: C." A. organ-
lzing'vvork, and discuts the prospects
of establishing'1"* branch at Revelstoke.
'j Mr, Parsons * explained each local
association controlled its own'aftiurs;
"and each province - would- have an
organization composed of repiesenta-
tives.of the.ditteient* associations 'exercising, general adviboiy supervision
over Y M C 'A' affairs in that province, j In,, Ontaiio 'the, prowncial
executive emp'ojed two travelling
secietaries j'Then tliere was the _ ' t
, JjfihTrnsA'i-iONVL coimiTij-k, I
iepiesentmg Canada and, the States/
with lieadqii.iltei���* in Nevv^York ^.Tliat
committee employed -lOt-I-provincial
seeretanes., j     t�� - r    r   ' (       ,  ~
In this city theie were two questions
which weie involved",��Was tliere a
necesbity foi ain~ nistitution jfor.the
nioial-and soc'ial-advanceinent of-the
city >t ^rhey, had^ then ^public, school,
hospital fi arid chuiches Pf Did they
want,anything moieVFrom,a purely
busiiieis^standpoint ^Vas^bfimpoij
tan'ce to eveiy���emplcyei how his "inen
spent "their leisure hours. If tliey
took the majoiity.ofrtheriiien'mr their
citybetween the ages of 18 land 35
they were hying m'looining'or, bdard-
iugifhouses~av\ay, from ,honie.^,'J hi
question for the business * man * was;
were~tlie places'^,where a^man^'spent
his leisure ho^us likely to be ^helpful
to bun. so that 'si-vMnonths whence he
��.    s   Vl</
i -i
'mi, ��� .
i o
A. ' i.
; t
t' *
t        >>
Lwi'^'Vi If'you are,in the market for'a suit of-new
y CA* Clotlies.tsee our samples.; We have these
garments ma!de up 'by the best wholesale
p. tailors in Canada. ,   ' j    <-
Go. Ltd.
Rest, $3,000,000.
Cnpltal Anthorizod, $.1,000,000    Capital Paul Up, ��.! 000000
��� -1";i'SJ-   jjead Office, Tokonio, Ontakio.
SBrancliesIn tho Northwest Torntor-ps, Miuiitpbn,"Ontarip nud Quobeo.
(iind'the followinu poliitfl in   British  Coliinibm*    Crnnbrpok, Goidon,
V       Nolson, Rovolstoko, Trout Lake, Vmicouvor mid Victoria
*"!���' '    J >���}'>-' '   ~r	
D R WiliKlt, Vice Proiidout nud Qonornl MnnaRor.
T It MBElttiTT, Prosldout
W Mofj-at, Cbiof Inspector. -
K Hay, Asslstunt.Qonoriil Mnunuor
I'' Revelstoke- Branch, B. C���A General Banking Business Transacted
-���   i   Savings Dopartmont���Deposits Rocotvod and Intorodt Allowed.
| ,,     tl'J    fill. J-. ' ���'      '"���* '
I *   ���   ^Drafts sold avalliiblo tu all parts of Cnundii, Unttod Statoa nud Ruropo.
(Special attontlon ��lvoii to collections A. K fiiirps, Mnnnuor
would be V bettefrhan than" he was
today'{VIf he werVhot, the"man-'who
empldyedjliini'wasHhe losei i-^The
suggestion canie that'some v     'C^ \ \
, "ttCP    K^D  OF^AsjDLTJB     , ��"��� ]      {',
should,,be^established, and they would
ask.vvhat^vas the best kind'��r   J^   r'^
, ^Experience ^had_ deuionstratecT cer-j
tain"*things.'-;'?,Thiee'r'qiiarter8jlof fthe*
business '"men   of^Canadrf _andT; the*
States t.behevedt*thej'Y; Mc^CaA. jwas'
the bestu^BusineBs meVand corpora-'
tionsj vvere/^backinV^tfiis t "niov ementj-
and thV'men-whov^were   backing   it'
were'those i best posted" on i��it^    The
Grand Triiuk'had -Y. M.'C.IA..'Tooms
a't their divisional points.-.'   ifP%,     <
*saThejne\t question vvas,-! was ^'Hevelstoke largevenough(to maintain ^such
,an institution'.  Was'a'place like this
They should-liave a' building of say '44
feet by" 100 feet,   and'-two-or "three
storeys1 high,'s'o as to pfovide( social,
rea'ding, and gaming-iooms,  gymnasium, baths, and living rooms to let on
the'second and third floors     Twenty
'rooms to let would bring $150 a month
towards   the   maintenance.,     Could
Hevelstoke raise $10,000 to $15,000 for
such a.purpose?   Did  they'-think it
worth while fiom a business  point of
view to make this efiort'
-       i.     ���, AT BRANDON S
he laid this proposition befoie thirteen
business men of the city'and'told them
they would lequire $-50,000 to $35,000
for establishing such an institution
They told him it could not be done
Yet w hen they took the mattei up
they had raised'$55,000 and e\pected
to raise $10,000 moie  '*'-* '       <
*-     l ( u
Ile asked them to look at it this
wa\     They had 5l)0 men   who could
contiibute say $5,000 to $6,000   They
should get live more at $200,  making
anothei $1,000  / Among the *-conduc-
''tois and engmeerb they * iliould   get
.ten men who would give  them  $100
each   'Five of the nulls should  give
them $400 each. These amounts alone
hgured up  $11,500, and  he  believed
the   C P It   would give substantial
ahsistance���probably a site.     At Cal-
'gary-they   had   given   a   site   worth
$10,000    P   liunib alone gave them
I $5,000.
Another question was, provided
they, got such au institution could
they keep it going''
Mr. How son���What would that
AUi - Paisoiib���$3,500 to $4,000 a
jeai, 250 members at $10 a year
would give them $2,500 Then tlieie
should be a sustaining membership of
say 25 at $25 a yeai, and their doi-
mitorips should rent for $100 a month.
Mr Atkins believed they could
answei favoiably "all the questions
asked by Mi Parsons aud he believed
the money could be laised.     , r
Mr Howson believed if they could
not get a $15,000 building they should
get a $10,000 building,- and* if they
could not get that, get an* $8,000
building, but get a definite plan arid
stick to it, and they could succeed in
building up the institution.
Mr. Atkins kuew of two citi/ens
who ottered to give $500 each and of
another likely ���- to"'give- a similai
amount lie instanced what had been
successfully accomplished with the
hospital when they took it m hand.
In repl> to Mi. Parsons, as to
whether tlie railway men would be
likely to raise from $5,000 to $0,000,
Mr. Lions said the railway men 'on
this division were as generous as they
were anywhere As matters stood, foi
want of some place torgo, it was a case
of the >ouug men of our city staying
id their rooms or going to the saloons.
If the merits of the proposed ^lnBtitu-
tion were shown the men they would
havG no trouble in getting $lo'a} head
fiom'SK) per cent, of triein.'   ��J *"     -��
Air. Lyons���What salary is'�� usually
puid a conductor?      ,1.^,'^-    -   f.
Mr. Parsons���He should1- receive
about the same salary as the master
of your public schooj���say $1,500 a
Mr. Miller���Can you put up a building for $10,000',       ,       '
Supt Kilpatrick���You have got'to
make it attractive in order to draw
the men Theie is"an excellent open
ing, here foi an institution of this kind
provided you can get some enthusiasm
worked up. He advised starting without any debt'    '*      "       '   ^ ���'
Mr McPhadden thought they'sliould
never go into debt    ��� ' " '     \
'Mr Elson considered such 'an institution Ja necessity and believed
they'hnd the men here who could put
it ui5 * As a railway 'man himself he
knew what it was to go to a place
where the'meri had no home, and this
was the^schemp thej!needed'1 ^ ,,
v Mi Hunie'was m hearty sympathy
with it'and they 'rw<*re all ..agieed it
was'necessaiy from a business point
of view '' He believed''-the business
men'of the city could'make'no better
investment -His'past expeneucejof
the people of' Revelstoke was when
tliey wanted a'thing'they got it'" He
'advocated asceitaining the, cost''and
how fai the'lailwny'mentf|would'support it' Jf they could suppoit a*'hos-
pital and churches there was no leason'
why they could not support a(Y. M C
Af ' vHe< considered the< amount of
money lequiied could "be niised vvitli
very little difficulty (Cheers') ' "/
' ''Mi. Lawrence said "the attendance
.there that afternoon showed jwhethei
an institution of this kind was wanted '
He suggested-forming a'-'Y^M. Cr A'
and getting an estimate on a building
to meet its iequipments'-1 He uiged
-f&b'uildnig were elected'it* should be''
.       .1  .     r__ j *'_,.-_���;., j      'dj-     we)]
-   *' i  ;*>
ii   good J one
equipped. ,^>Pyl iLt^l'i
f It' was heie "suggested that as P
Burns proposed building an ariange-
ment'might' be made foi the use of a
part foi the pmpose^ ' ' ' . ��� i   i
yMirMcCaitei 'was glad-to see so
muclf' interest Jtaken' iii' the ,mattei
though'he'rwas "not so sanguine'- as
sonVe people of raising the money, "and
also felt some doubt 'about the mam
tenance The tbuilding would not
bothe\ them^so much, as^ the^ niaiuten-
ance^'^It,would take_'$4^000 ^ year^to
keep rt going, and that was a .lot of
money to raise by-voluntary subscnp-
tionr***--*- TheUbmldingJr would *<take
$20,000, andflie-di'd-not^hink'the city
was big enough toltand'Hhat'as well
^Hefsuggested _c"omii)gSto terms with
'Mr Burn's for'the use of a*.part'*of,,,his
,J     . .   lo     ^   It    ^..   11^    .i+*        lrV..     | ���*,   r
building meantime.^i^f^jy *   ~^>1 >JL
4Mr (LindparFconsidered the crowd
theie^that'daji a /guarantee^ oi the
success ofc.thec*<project ?>i*He opposed
leasing/a-building as itbatwwpuld ^kill(
it -���***��� He1opnsidered,it''w[as"',Jnpti, mipos-
8ibl'eJtO''raise'l'$12,000, which~ would be
sufficientyfor^ present^Jpurposes, V.nd
thefa get the'besttma'n * they could as
secre_tan-*^^V"-J-',-'^-r """^ ,, ,^ '
*/NMrvMcCarter.pointed out, by renting a^partfof *the Burns' block ..they,
would have no insurance or taxes to
pa^and^these wguld'be* a' heavy1* item"
of expehse'if they put up a building of
their owiT (" ����h* ' *l - > >
1 ;MrVLyons believed m having then
own (buildmg or none at all y ^
** Mr    Atkins * urged    having    also
grounds of then own ��� ',  '
^Mr. Sissons said if it was.mteiided
to put in a^stvimming^bath it ,would
be necessary to hive a basement s>
In reply to Supt Kilpatrick Mi
Paisons said no doubt the services
could be secuicd of an ofhcei of the
association to assist m working it up,
buthe counselled,against organising a
branch of the association^!! t hey had
piemises of their own  - , i.   -^ ���*   t
fKev. Mr. Woods made^aiT- admirable
addiess on the subject He said one
of the great needs of a town vvas a- Y
M.'C ,A^ '4JIt was not only a business
but a moral'and a spintnal'matter It
was impoitant to the Chnsti.ui
churches as to whethei tliey weie
going to hold the young men of, the
city oi not At present 'the only
amusement pi ovided for thctiHwas m
the bariooms of the hotels" Would it
do for th'eni to'allow that to continue?
It ""was vvitli -their young men .the
futuif of Canada lested The need
heie of.i Y M'C A 'was very gieat
A man's religion vvas a mattei of even
day life' and it was essential they
should provide clian amusements foi
their young men He did not see why
the maintenance iof a Y M - C A
would be a mattei of'veiy gieit ditli-
cultv With living (looms, to let,
meeting looms to rent tn the difteient
societies, and the membcibhip fees a
large income could be1 built up. It
was a matter for the chuiches to take
up and assist, and so, much, did Jtbe
chuiches in the east recognise the
necessity of this work they weie pro
vfding places of amusement foi then
young men A swimming bath w.is
aiyeBsential thing in a" city like tlna,
also a well equipped gymnasium,   "v  ���
Mi  Parsons���What do you think of
putting* this tiling to "the test?  ' Is nt
possible to raise tho funds for a-huild
ing' <     i, ,,,   -V/
Supt. Kilpatnctf 'said the ' propei
thingMto (dq now, was. tOiasceitain
whether they could raise enough
money for a building and, if they
could, get a man-like Mr. Parsons to
go round and explain the mattei and
ascertain the feelings of the people on
it He did not think it would attain
the objects for whicluit^was intended
without sufficient ground-for outside
amusements If such a site and building could be piovided he.did-not fear
the maintenance part of it. *' iv    f
Mr." Parsons said the 'citizens of
Hevelstoke had never considered/ so
'important a proposition as that placed
before them that day' '"They were all
intciested in maintaining a high
standaid of life in their midst and
nothing would have a greater influence
on that than the institution under
discussion. -      '
It was resolved that the' finance
committee n,appointed , at previous
Meeting be authorised to arrange for
l    !.! !  '  , ,     i 5   , "���     I'll  ) iii
the co operation of committees iepn.-
sentative of the vanous , branches of
the l ail way service, lunibeiing industry, etc , with a view to ascertaining
what suppoit the 'enterpiise would
meet with, and obtain the sei vices of a
man thoioughly'acquainted' with Y
M C A' work arid yiepoit, to i futnie
meeting.'   '        '"' ; "
$5,000 to tie Expended oh City
��� (Improvements.     .    -
Meeting last night. Pieseiit Aid
McLeod (chan), McC.uter, Abi.ihain-
son'XFoote, andpField -   '
f   i   i    it    t     t    i      i '      '
Tui�� Association tapplied  fo   have
watei laid on to leseive���Refencd to
Fne," Water and , Light Coniinittee to
lepoit.    ,, '  ' .      i i      , '   - i   .
C P K lequiiing moving of light
pole line on. account of lmpicvciuont
to yaid���Uefened to s.ime committee
with'powei to act        '   ���    i '
Eafatern'fiim quoting foi steel police
cells���Referred to .Works'Conrmittcc
withjnstinotions to nject cells nt,that
cost, 'A ,    tn ,      4     i   , ,,'
iGr M Spioat, asking1 city ,to pin
,chase Villa) lot 30_,at $250, -othcivvibC
loiurto ceineteiy^vould(be closed ���To(
be puichased ' >T ^ -' j, t�� ������ *--
<^H "-"Louglieed, stating ;Nam, Sing
ivouldjbuild iiicw laimdiy", aiid move
from prohibited/area���City^cleik to
asceitain, when_ this would be .'done,
anil that watei (to anothei l.iuiidiy in
;iestucted aiea be shut oil ln-atweek if
. *       1      .   1      .1     j J ^v
not moved ���*  >Jjlr    (v.    ^   ^     , ,
!   '    �����)        i'   \   PE1ITIONS. i?l'A   ^, ni'
l '�� II'Fiet/audi others objecting to,
'spoil from4 Kno-cr Church 'excavation
being dumped ion 'lane���Befeired/to1
police to take action._
. ltebidents of Fiis'ti'st. and Victor ra
'ioad disking these j streets, berf,i icled ���
,\y ork^asked^ fpr*|alreaily ^mainly^ piovided for in "works'estimates' 41 <
i C P Lindmark'et al asking cieek
by club be fi-ced ���Eefenedi 'tu>"woiks
committee,;,-,,  " t  i,�� L}).   .    ,   \
,   $   _i���   v,NMV  WOKK&.i' *       , y '
'n,Aid Foote con&ideied'^ the schedule
of woiks* should stand over foi i a fulL
meeting     ('M     '   M     /Md    '. <��� >������ \
Aid Abiahamson said if they delayed
too long these ,works would cost double
they could now be done for ii i^    j' ,
The Chairman and Aid Field"considered theestimates had been so carefully, gone'bver there,was nothing they
could vvell omit,"and the! woik should
be gone on,with.t('      ,,!<-.���,  '''���������        . s'
Resolved ,to, approved jthe schedule
with addition of sidewalk to north? and
south side of -Fourth!street, east -of
track. ,'^r'Ji tr Jf ' ", , V'1 *"P' '
" .The.-iMayor ^considere'd t the police
cells.couW.istand 'over another iyear
which would_reduce the'amoiuit to be
raised by taxesjby $2,000 ^ .i
Alb Abrahamson considered
puicha8e of school site east of McKen-
zie Ave could also.be left over anothei
year >, ,���, ��� > T i " . ' - i
��� Mr'^Floyd doubted ' whethei the
tmstees could let that stand over as
lots there were being rapidly taken up.
(Aid Field consideied the professional licenses provided foi !by the bylaws
should be collected / <
., 'oCOULAll DEMOSPRAaION'       '   '
Aid Abiiibanison produced a myste-
liousr parcel, and on its being opened
it was  found1 to  contain   big stones'
"That,"vsaid Aid. Abrahamson, " is
a sample of the condition in which
the fne hydiants aie, these stones
having been taken out of one, so that
in case 'of fire it could not have been
used "i s
Resolved the hie bngade'be requested to look aftei the ' hydrants m 'the
district of each'and tlubh . them' out at
least twice a month ' , '
. , )       -   *
ROAD 10 WHAK1.      j
'Al'd Abiahamson pointed out there
was no legal' road to tlie whaif as R
lilakemore Jiad bought lot nevt rivei,
and as no ngh"t ofway[ exists over it he
would' close it unless 'action weie
taken Aid McCaitei advised ^the
Dominion .government would not
allow access to the watei front to"be
blocked, and'he uigcd thc niiittei *bc
bioughtto then notice���Refeued to
Works Committee with powei to act
$2.00 Per, Year.
-i ,V
rfi*  h,
'r       i
1 * and ^Vegetables7'
^ -
��    J ' I'     - *  ; 'ii   -^  i-   >**, f t  > 7< ^���   /v��  *m ,j|.
.   �����.. ...*-��...,....-_     . ..^ i T    r.    ......   \<     h~-\t 1 vr.-lNf i (-_   r.-*,,
> ft
'ii   -. i^
. i,
_    f
f/jl   It
J'-..; t
f -- Mfc����{i 'ei'yi   ->**">  tit
'    'Agents foi McClaiv's Stoves.ahd Ranges.-i', " Arsri ,lw, *
I . I        1 f       f-rt'l**       il       iJ-    t    "II-  ll     -���W   rI*/rf*t       1j^b.'ltrJi
'A   ,
-1   . i
-*' J '"
"tl V
1 ii'
&    I
'UJ (I j
' "���>[
i/\ti"t i  'f(\
util-t      t
" 'far-mi'
iji.1    i- Msi
'.A>..  YX.llVvJ:
ll.    tt *     w-ttl-
[fi >      i*  r -
, t^s.<if.
A. i'fi       i . - *   .1*1*      ��� .i    -   -\'j A'rf.*-^,,i
/ > ^mountains���there is nothmcrdressier Pp '
���  ii-        '.. ' * ^--r.-j^.        *-*-^f     i,-M*  4r   i.
!��� ,r,and moie seryaceable. t-^t-,s��MJ��jt
-> <.-**j M
��Jr^ .    ,4 4    i,i
Hit '  f.
���)Ii:r f, t * ���   -   v y *  AAl\
Real/Irish Homespuns���light; .thin,"^!
h" *' stmch-*'-- ivdven'v expressly ' for .Fit-*-?*''
"UiP '   - ' ���" '���ix{"'t
l.v *.' i*v?   ^ i V** rt yj-��--'jt-',1
lvt'~ti%p yA~yi.A
",,, Inat means - tin commonly ivell ^made-i���"3^'
and exclusive patterns.
iJTjtvCl'. ]
Jl Xyljf-"-x .1|
M* I
l( ^
vCoats -aiid^Trousers^a pieces) -. . ,i. $12 up. A
AOutingtSuits'.7 .^7,' \ t      . fy   ^.   ?Biup.A
yi^-. i-ki-t|
'^    "thy*}
> a- ^ 3;
'���si.   vi&ihi
_    JJ w ^ <$<[
-0,   .A.&'iC
*- , nil*. T'       h~t.   J,,
K.       "    V XP*����l
ty     i��-i- **
I, f/uJl       '��.
^C'j" j* *-���-,--
A;-' Thtt trademark id��a-
every * genuine *f
r Fu-R^.garmenL T    �� RETORM
Violent Attack on Chief Bain.
, Chief IJain had another tough experience on Fnday night. Complaints
havo been made for some time of anno>-
ancc to women on Conmiiight Avenue
by f S. Dennett who hails from
Medicine Hat On Fnday night thc
man lepeatcd his annoyance to resi
dents 111 that vicinity and the mattei
was lepoitcd to the'ehref,who proceeded to rntoivicw hun, when Bennett
violently attacked hun, biting him on
the hand and ear. ' The "man, who is
a big, stiong fellow, was in the act of
choking the chief when assistance
Accused wis biought before Messrs
It OoidoiJ 'and W K. McLaughlin,
justices of the peace, last evening llu
pleaded he did not know Chief Ham
was a police othcei, as he vvas not in
uniform. A fine of $5 and costs on
each charge was imposed
It is hoped the local miigistntcs
will mete out to such cuses thc ex-
tremc'penalty of the law, and put a
stop to this kind of thing, which haB
been all too frequent in  thc city  of
late- a '    -A.    ������
to please customers is unknown at
;-���. - ��.      ,* '<-��� -T-fg*"
^        aj<f\v-sr��;   -    |i-��J-I
"vLbok fw.l^witjn   "
4 as fixed'by nutken.
f I   ..    ^^> ^      X yj-   *.J   ~  tL I^^U^ttJ.   ,1^ \
-   ^nP^
The only Fif-Refomi Wardrobe herei, it - ai    .,       ^__^ ,
J:aG. , Macdonald, Reyelstokel le
c      I   ���,        t 1 <- 1 �� . - V
��.  ,f ji -1
< *-   I
' "I.-
-iM   i>
Another Carload of Furnituie just arrived   ^Carpets, Linoleums,
(       Oilcloths, etc    Sewing Machines, Heint/man Pianos.       J5
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yu t ,
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dbly furnished with thc choicest the market ,��
rtffords.    Best Wines,  Liquors,���'& Cigars.',
Rates $ 1 a day.     Monthly rate.        . , t ���
J".    ALBEET      STOZSTE      bP^ROJP.
t liicorixirttcd bj Acl of Pnrli-imont, 1SS5 ,
IIKAD OFFICE, - , -        ,    MONTREAL.
Wm. AIuluon iMacphhiso.n, Pres. S. H. Evvino, Vice-Pres.
Jami-h ELLroT, General Manager.
Capita/ paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything tn  way of banking business transacted withoutun-
neces-jary delay, - ,
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
' ���  ���  ��� -i (
W. H. PRATT, Manager, -"   ** 'Revelstoke, B. C.
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Dominion Day Celebration  From our own correspondent  The  second   nnnnnl  celebration   of  Dominion Ltay held nt  Arrow he id on  Satuidny  was  without doubt  one  of  the most successful holiday gatheiinj-s  held in the  interior ot   this Province  On   Friday   the  lesidents.   and  nif-i-  chants of ,tlns town   pnteicd   with  a  will into the woik of piep.iiihg a fitting leception for their expected umiois  and;on the  38th   annneisary  of the  Confoderation'oMhis great and gloii-  ous   Dominion,'iwhen   the   sun  lose  hiiglif and fan   o'er the snow-capped  peaks in   the  distance,' and its  eaily  morning giandcm dispeised the mists  of davvn,'St'revealed* the' little, town  nestling between   the  mountains .md  the wateis of the lake, decked in gala  attne.    Looking at  the  town   fiom a  distance  it pie&ented  to the view an  endless vista of bunting, every building  being decoiated until its  architecture  was^lostjn'oiie gay muss of ied, white  and   b 1 uel   while   eveiy  window   pio-  ci.umod   the ^patnotism  of  oui noble  sons jUnd   daughters  ol";the   Empire.  Majestically in1 piedoiiiinance was the  (lag of the Dominion, the gentle biee/e  wafting ni'iits folds-the emblem of the  Motherland, the Cross of St. Andrew,  and the  flag that the  verdanc isle of  Errn keeps ever bnght, while at intervals^ the   Stais   and   Stripes  of   oui  cousins to the south of Ub demonstrated that^they too^weie  heart and bund  with us in our jubilation.  Om first visitois toairive were those  who joined the excursion on the S S  -'Revelstoke," the genial Captain  Forsland having piloted them <down  the t wateis* of the Columbia from  Revelstoke m an hour and fifty  minutes To the entrancing strains  of tbe Revelstoke Independent Bund,  the " Revelstoke " gracefully glided to  hei moorings alongside the "Rossland"  at 9 20'a. nr when hei passengers,  about 150 in all, disembaiked, and  were gieeted on shore by their many  fiiends and the membeis of the Reception Committee  The, Revelstoke  Band,   which , had  s  J. M. Scott,' LL.B. AV. I BriRRs  COTT&AND   BRIGGS  Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.  Ut\>      I  ������_"- Money to Loav '  Solicitors for Molsoxs B\nic  First Street.  Revelstoke, B.C.  Zh&lkootenuv riDatl  SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1905  TJie(faot that^ the  Laurier  government has increased the duty on  white'leaH from o to 30. per' cent-  will mean* the establishment of  large ^corroding'works in Canada  and a nevr_ market for the lead  products bf'the province.  A MISSED OPPORTUNITY.  ^Revelstoke missed a great chance  to'advertise the mineral resources  of' the surrounding district when  th'e opportunity oPhaving a visit  from the American Institute of  Mining Engineers vvas lost. This  city had the honoi of being placed  on the first list of visiting points,  but such utter indifference'vvas displayed ,here on.the matter that the  city w a's'"'stTtick "from the revised  tour*-and* other-parts of the pro-  vince^are.getting the benefit of the  great'advertising' opportunity this  city lost by its supineness  THE XUMBER' TARIFF.  ��������� "pTow that? it''is definitely announced^ the. tariff commission is to  'visit British~Columbia with a view  to*investigating' the 'conditions of  the lumber-industry, it is up to the  lumbermen to get their case in  good shape for presentation. With  a case properly presented 'there is  little doubt the lumbering interests  of*this province will receive the  utmost consideration. The work  the Laurier government ha������= done  and is doing for the mining industry of the province =hovvs they are  ever read) > to <help out this province as well a= other parts of  Canada when a proper ca*>e is  made out.  been specially engaged for the occasion  then proceeded to the canopied lloat  which, ,had been prepaied for' then  accomodation and was mooied by the  shady bank of the bay opposite the  town,,when the sweet- stiains of their  music gently undulated o'ei the placid  wateis of the lake and up to the  throng who were witnessing - the  athletic sports m the town above  ' At 1015 the'S S "Archer" aimed  with a large numbei of holiday seekeis  fiom Con.aphv,JBeaton and'suiiound-  lng towns, and jiot having suHicient  accomodation on the bout foi all then  passengers, the owrners> kindly "placed  at the disposal'of'the'crowd one of  their large barges which was fitted up  and decorated foi the occasion. '���������,  I Shortly after * the -arrival" of the  '^Aicher',' the morning train from the  noith ,was heard1 whistling in ithe  distance.* -This was a signal for the  Band"-*and',;those who had nheady  aimed to gather ���������>" at** the depot to*  Vielcon e the second detachment fiom  lievelstoke. ,  j The inteivals between the events  weieieridered pleasant b} the selections  of tbe Band and the holiday good-  fellowship which"vvas so prevalent in  the ciowd ,'Latei in the" day the  C P. E Co'e' steamei "Minto" arrived  bunging a numbei of pleasuie seekeis  fiom-Nakusp and othei lake points  It was evident the crew of the  "Minto" appreciated thespnitof the  celebiation, foi not a spar noi rail but  was hidden by festoons of eveigieens  and bunting L  Owing to the splendid anangements  of the viuious committees not a hitch  occurred in tho entire piogiamme  Tlie hostahies made special .u range-  men ts to en tei tain the laige influx of  visitois, and the wants ot the inner  man weie amply - attended to by  Messis Cameron, Calej, and Light-  bume. *  In the maiquee erected'neai the  Jmpeilal Bank of Canada, light refreshments including ice cieam and  the most tempting of strawbeines  wereseived bv the Ladies Aid of the  Episcopal Chinch  Boats were placed at the disposal of  the visitoit-, and in the afternoon the  calm waters of  the  lake   piesented   a  and Mathesnn. At the conclusion o  the dunce a dainty lunch \\in seivul  hy thi* Indies, iifteiwlii<.li the last of  the levrlleis uHided then liomew ml  way, having spent a day which  pioimses to live long in the mernoiie*!  of those piecent .is the most oiiectsalul  cell buitionyif its kind ,  Following is a piogiiiinniP of the  events ashoie and .illoal, all of which  weie keenly contested ���������  ' IliuiiiiiiLC liKiul jump, Itussell  VichoK (N".ikuBp) 1, A IJ Hogg 2  Hop, skip and jump, Rus-ell Nichol 1,  A U Jlogg'2. 100 y.-id-, t\x-A\, Ro^  Thomas 1, liussi II Nichola 2, veiy  do-e l ue Fit inan'n l.ieo, Con-.tuble  C'limplell I, R. A Uppi i (Revelstoke,)  2, veiy exciting lihish, se\e.i.il of,,the  boys caught liking Campbell's time  on thii event Sttii'ding long jump,  J Doug ill 1, M 11 Mclnlyie2 Running higli.jnmp,,R. lackbOii/l^iRiissel  NiclinK 2 V"aiilting,.Rentoii,''Nii liols,  a lie, biheved'ti'i have bi-en decided  Intel by othei meihods Tossing the  <.ibci, l^oiy McLennan (Revelstoke)!;  J 'McLean's - 1'iittingM lie shot^'M \R'  \Iclnt)ie 1,"R ".'A'. - Upper 2 Roys  single scull", John Pitblado 1, Rov  Tlinmas 2 Swimming nice 50 y.nds,  Cnitei 1, Fdwaids 2 ^winnnmg r.ice  lOOyaids, Caitei 1,Shallow 2 Billing  match, Vouibonnais 1, XV Haley 2  hog race, Vonibonnius 1, \V Haley 2  Ladies Miiglc sculls, Miss Lethbiidge  L, Miss Tingloy 2 Gieasy pole, D.iltou  Allen Cniioc -1nee^ (double) R. J1  Rilla'iil and W.'Parton. Lifeboat lace,  1st lu.it S 'S "Rossland" defeated  the town cicw, 2nd heat, S S " Roba-  luiid" defeated Big Bend'Lumbei CoS'  ciew Single sculls, Geo Boyd 1, XX  Pai ton 2 ' <  The thanks of the lesidents of  A now head aie couliallj- tendeied to  the following gciitlcmcn who so ably  udniinrstcrcd'the'ROiiirs of the Dominion Day cclebiation'on Situulay 'last  \V R. Reid, chaiiman of') lie celebration committee, E.'S Donison, secy-  treas. Reception committe-,' Messis.  It. .1 Parks, -Thom.wWat'-on, Geoige  W.itbon." 'Judges (aquatic) Messrs'1!!'  K. Roultb'ee'^'E 'S. Den);on,/W. R:  Reid, Thom.is Watson, '(Caledonian)  Messib E. rS '"Denison, XV R: Reid,  George Newman, Glib Bakei,and R J  Paiks, and to many,ijadiesi and gen-  clemeu. who rassisted ini making the  day a pleasant one'for all,present.  '      . C. P. R. ,   f  \ , l *  * -f ~. . . * . t  Gets'Bunches'of Bouquets From  ' -   Tourists.^  Load  Hawkesijs    "I  have   never  known sucha company, as the- Cana--  di-vn Pacific Railway.     Tthe"travelling  is'ajuxuiy.   Everyone i;.ii^the \vhole,  line is civil, kind  and ^willing  to  do  everything to add    to  one's   comfoit  As to/the jounipy acio*-s  the  Rockies  it was siipuib.  The sceneiy is wondei-  fuland the weather was grand, i  * ^Wiiting tp_a   fnend  Lorcb  llawke  says "Eveiy, one in Can.id p was- goodness itself, and 1  should   like  to'add  how much I  adiniied , the , vvondeiful  management of the Canadian   Pacific  Railway.    Mi    Men ill, the Wisconsin  Capitalist-said r "I think you _,;have ,a  wonderful "countiy  ,   *,The��������� ^scenery  along the lino of the C. P  -U. lis . un-  dniibtedly> the  hnest  m < the   .,woild.'  Tlie^-iimch-valued  sceneiy -   of   Switzerland, is not comparable with it for a  moment.    Last  yeai a small,pai ty of  which I was a niembei, paid.a visit to  Swit/eilurid     stopping   at   Luceinie.  In the paity weie a number  of  ladies  and they went into niptuies  ovei   the  majesty of the mountains.     I thought  it was pretty good butnotlnilg tb coin-  pale with thc   mountain   scenery   of  Western Amenca although then.l had  not been oii the Canadian side -of the  line and finally I got nettled and' said  to them , This sceneiy,does not begin  to compute with that   of   the .Rocky  mountains. ^ Vou   ladies  should study  > oui own coiu'itiy befoie l going   into  ecstacres  ovei ' Swrt/erland. /   'They'  thought! was  only  bluflmg  at  the  time but since then, have acknowledge  that I was light.      -^       r i    ,     - " ,  Why, the famous mountain sceneiy  ofjEuiope^s not to be compared for a  moment foi giandem aiid magnificence  fwitlr-. that ,ofs the Canadian Rockies  'which! have just seen for the , first  time.' There is no.,questioiiiin Amy  imnd that it the hnest lii-the'world."  ?���������$���������$'!?������  1&JJ:  ;xAcpmmmMmsxmmAA  Kootenav  Lod*ce No.  15 A F, & A M.  (  The regular meet-  tiitjr- are held in tlie  Maf-omo ������������������ Temple'  Jdd Fellows Hall, on  the third Moniluj in  bach ' month nl i  p.ui'-Visllinijhieth  reu    coidially   wel  LOllK'd.   ,, -'"-1  C. A.*PROCUNI]?R, Sl-CIIMAHV.  C CAy ^M:^%^X<i^^.^^^MM^ X-A'ACPXPy  yAy^;A,i?Mm,e^  ::-;.--���������      ���������'/X'Xiioi.og.2-ti:.;- miR-s-Si^iAVe;yfrcr- r<t;h---'.:''.:--- A' <: '���������;.A-.-'. y  >M:i i^N EA?PiO'b[:3iS;:;;!A?y y  ; wRi;Tfc|?t;c^j(r (H A^;j^  ���������:i$mpA)$:.vp$CI$\^^  SELKIRK LODGE. NO  12.-I. O. O. F.  Meets every Tuc-dd-  ' ov ening^f in *' Selkirk  kHall    at   8    o'clock:  "Viaiting brethren cor-  dinlly invited  to attend,  j  yy"'.  ,-', J.MATHIE. Sho  W.' W? FOSTER, N.G,  I  POLITICAL  LAWRENCE-HARDWARE Ct): LTD/f  V       '  1JEAD(^uXrTERS  IN' KOOTENAY1 FOR1  o1   '   Paint's, Oils, General1 Hardware, Sporting* Goods/ "   \  \.t Saw Mill Supplies, All Lines of Granitejand   At"-  -  I ^ , L   *��������� | I -! | ,   ^ (  ^   l-  - Tinware, Plumbing and Tinsmithing. ,    "' ���������   , ^ s  Repair Worjk Done & Estimates Given  -MAIL ORDERS RECEIVE'PROMPT AND CAREFUL ATTENTION "  11* t i i    11      -       . i j-.,.. . -  1 Four Rooini Ovor Store To Lot  .1 'PHONE   35  M   r  i  li  - 'I . I..*-.  ' Red Rhso'Degree meeUsvsecond and fourth  ruosdiiVR of tucli nioiilli, White Roio Dcgreo  iiicels'lhnd Tuesday of each qiimtui, in OddJ  I't  ineeus "l   fellows Ilnll, ���������'Vi-.ttrng/brtthion' wefcoine  JAS'I. WOODROVV,"'     f-  c,      t'le.sulc-iil.  rt,  At  I   '  i.  ���������' t   Ui  :yAj; ''��������� s'iMjw;:,; \a  PAn^pV^Pa^Hiai^r/fj^gni^iiter^ -('  P'P' ^KALSOMINlNfi^riONR.   "' -*������ - ���������  Tl  *      -  1/     -.      ������  '  '   if '-.  ARROWHEAD  A Wafming-to Mothers.  Too much care cannot be ii������ed with  small children during the hot weather  of     the     summer   months   to guard  against bowel   troubles.    As a rule  it  is only  necessarv   to   give the child a  dose   of-' castor1 oil   to   correct   any  - disorder of the bont-ls    Do not use anv  substitute, bu^give   the old fashioned  castor "oil, and sie that it is    fre-h   as  rancid oil nauseates mid has a tendencv  to gripe     If this 'docs not check   tlie  bowels     g'^c^   Chamberlain's     Colic,  Colera,    and   'Diarrhoea Remedy   and  then   a   dose of castor  oil,   and   the  disease maybe checked   in   its incipi  t-ncy and nil danger avoidi-d    The ens  tor'oil  and this remedy should be procured at once and kept'ready foi   riiHl-  snt use as soon   hs thc-first liidica'ion  of fen j bowel trouble'appears!    This is  the  most succe?fiful treatment known  and may-be relied upon with    implicit  confidence  even   in   cases  of   chol ra  infantum   ' For gale by all druggists  The Largest and Best Selection  of Cigars, Pipes and Tobaccos in town  pi Brpvvn'a Cigar Store,  carnival; appeaiance. Besides the  hoitsof theC P R , the S S "Revel  stoke," the boats of the Big Bend  Lunibei Co and the Anowbead I,umber Co all lying at anchor and guy  with bunting, the lake was thickly  dotted with smaller craft in which the  bright summer costumes of the fan  six made a pleasing contrast against  the sombre back ground of the mountains  Nor weie the joung folks foigotten  Captain McKiIlop, in chaige of the  Arrowhead Lumber Compmy, kindly  placed the bo.it and Ins -ei vices at the  disposal of the little ones, and many  trips wpre rnadt out on the lako, c.icli  time bearing a happy throng of  children.  A*- nil things must have an end, no  matter how pleasant they be, so must  the memorable fir<t give wny to the  shades of evening Those w ho journeyed on the "Arrowhead Limited" lift  amid a cheering thiong which  assembled, at the station at four  o'clock, whilst those who prcfeired to  enjoy the scenery of the river at sunset left on the " Revelstoke " about  mv The bandinen, who travelled by  boat, played patriotic unci appiopnatc  selections ns they steamed out into  the lake preparatory to the long clirnli  up the river, and to bid tl.ein (!od-  f-poul the residents of the town nnd  our guests from the -outh, who rc-  n-iiiiied until thc following day, were  lined alorlg the shore, which foi the  time were hidden by Hit waving riiiiis  of color.  In the cool of thc ueniriga social  dance was given bv Messrs Chapman  aud   Newman in   their hall, at  in   their hall, at   which               v  ������i  about thirty couples enjoyed the m-i/y I the jurscncc of a number of  Mr  ���������      Kiom our own coiresprndent  \i chdeacon Heer, of X isln, wis'1 in  'Aiiowhead Sundayand conductid the  morning and evening!sen ices' in the  Episcopal Church The-'Aichdeacon  comphnieiited the niembei-> of the  church .-upon the excellent piogiess  being made in this town, and puticu-  hily commondel the goi d work: of the  LadiestAid towards the suppoit'of the  Chinch.   *     i     x '    i     < i  Rev. All. Johnsoii/of Cannioie, Alta>,  is expected to nirive this v\eek to fill  the vacancy which will be caused by  the leaving.ofjthe Rev. H A Solly,  who is 'aboui to pay a visit to his  home-in the Old Country,  ��������� AAstraw beny festival is annouced  for Friday-evening, 7tn inst/inHhe  basemenfof the Piesbyten m Chinch"  -15Ie< tne light has lately been r installed in <,ihe 'City ''llote- 'heie, tbe  powei being furnished fiom the plant  of the Hig Wend l-umbei Co "   -  As tho lesult of an accident   which  occuned iu the Big rBend  mill jester-  diiy iifteinoon Thos. Wiitson, s.uvjer  is in the hospital with a bioken  leg    '  The sale is   it-ported* of   the   three  lots adjoining the   Imperial   Bank oi  Canada, owned,by XVin  F   Ogikie, to  H   E   Wains,   diuggiat,   of. Kclnw mi  and it is known that R J. Billiard h is  in preparation* the plans   of  a   hind  some two-stoiej   building,   which   Mi  -\A alha ptopose*. to eicct on   lln&  \ile  The lowei  Hikh   is  designed   to   meet  the requiiements of a  lirst cla������s drug  store while tlie upper st'-u-y will comprise a   comf���������itable   suite   ot   living  looms , '  The displiy of fireworks on the  night of the 1st came as a surpri-e to  many of our iesidents, ,is the committee not bavin ; been able U) be sure oi  the services of the Hamilton people,  had omitted tbih number fr<m* the  piogramme Lack������of sp ire prolnlnis  us fiom giving as vivid a description  as a Coast paper might'indulge in,  however the displays both from the  town and the R S. Minto were very  ci editable, and pulled oH on time,  from which fact Vancouver might  take a pom tei "* '  Rev K. A Solly spent Wednesday  'and Thursday in t- wn bidding fnie-  v\eJI to Ins Hock ere hi- dcpirtme foi  home Mr Solly left Thin-il iy aftei-  noon, a number of Ini ji iiis'biiuicrs  being as-enibled at the station to bid  him lion voyige. En rouff to Mont  ie.il, whence Mr Solly, sails on the  2(5th, he will spend a ft w d iy visiting  fi lends in   Manitoba  A nlimner of joung people enjoyed  nn exclusion to  Halcyon on   Uedne--  day evening.   The Arrowhead Lumhei  Coinpuiy very couiteoiisly   pined nt  their disposil the S  S   13londe, which  with   one   of   the   company's   lurgis  alongside left   tbe   C  P  R    wharf nt  ught o'clock      The deck   having  already bi - n  piepnnd  for   thc   purjKisr-,  diinurig   was   enjoyed   until   ilalycon  was leached     Heie* a coidial welcome-  was extended  to   all   by    the   genial  m,iiiagu,   Hany   Mcintosh,  and   the  moonlight trippers found that preparation-*   for   their  reception   hid   t>eoii  vfry thoughtfully attended   to      Additional music was furnished   by   the  houue and  indulged   in   until  a   lute  hour   in   the  cnpicious   hall   of    thc  sanitarium       Hhoitly after   midnight  thc   visitors   weio   escorted    to    flic  (lining mom, where an ppiciirpiin feist  had bein spiead foi then reficslimcnl  Dancing   was   lesumcd   nftei   s ifipcr  and c illumed until   lhe   prr-p o'd iv,  when    flu     luippy    (ouplis   iftuinid  Thi   iwathcr   wns   cxciedinglv   calm  anil  tin    Inki-    trip   a    very   pleasant  featuie of tbe excursion,   the  sijnrisc  as mcii fiom  the-   hike  nn   the homr-  wiud trip being pnrticuliii ly  inagiiifi-  cent, but whisper  this'littci   softly.  Bisidcs   the  party'from  Arrowhcid,  Alc-  ; 'The'autonomy bills foi thVNortli-  iwest'havefinnlly passed the Commons."  j The^ Lauiiei government ihas declined foi(fieedom ,of .constiuction of  the V. V. and E. l.ulway in ('British  Columbia    ,   , ������"'  p,  \ Npthing;';:Betteri:;  Coaldbe scId,of "any Picno'tbaritW  ' Word* Omtatoeil la ttw Letter ;  , Below from 'JHtr. A.,T. -,,  >   .,  ~*     Houtet't-ltoclu&..'<   ^      -���������'  1      i-       . \      11.   **-1  ''Mr. Hunter "is tbe 'Maas������er'-ofi tlie'  Regina' Roller IMiliyOoCi iaod a musical'  "enthusiast. Not loagBgo, after consider-'  ing all the different majtea^ he pareb������������ed  a New Scale Williams Piaoo and-his'  letter is eloqnent as the leoolt.^ P !)*��������� j  " Iibetr'to state that tin Xeir'Scate Wifflami  Pnno yon sold me (tret mc entire aetb&cdoo;  it-i tone is bcantftuiv m&iorn, ,ft������ ������eBoii fa  exce.lentaad it stays n tan* tarns* than, aa*  piano I have ever heard." ^^  i Tears t  j       l *''.A.'   4 Kgr Ttta Begin*  I - ��������� i ..   *^-   ,... ..      .. Vfv  ,CalI and see the^  New Scale Williams, r.;  Canada's 'foremost  Piano, i at ��������� the local  warerootus, or write  for free descriptive  booklets,  Lewis Bios, Revelstoke  /   i������  '\  rl  Chatham :jncubatons .Hatch Spring  .    !       Eggs ;into-Fall   Dollars; A'A" A\  .V '������' -,       -t L      .* -   *-       y    '   'V  r May and Jnns are tho beet months'to start In \ Juno hatched clucks grow like wcedB during s -  tho early summsr and many of the risks ot tho business are avoided il j ou'start now.  AA*-**.  "THE  LECKIE  BOOT"  FOR BOYS  Evory"chick   you   caii*t mnturo  and market in _ October^is^ worth Y  .-iOoents, if not more   Tho next throb  months arc the right ones in which  to got started in'tlio chicken raising *-. f  vbusincss ',There'Higodd,nionoj-,in ItJl  and tho womon* folks and cliildron^  'can do all tho work that needs to bo  done in about one half hour diuly ���������  y   The way tV-tnako"poultry pay ls-������ '^  to got "broiler'^chicks of uniform jr'  size and* weight ready for the mdr  "ketwhen prices are highest, and tlio '' (  -only way this can bo done is with a  '  a good Incubator    Tho ono tliatjs"  anre and nover failing is"tho CIIAT-J,^  HAM. r If thoji'gg is fertile the chick V -  V ������s sure to bo hatched every time bj a **>u  ���������v-4. i.    ^ -���������i'-.f   ^"ii.���������,-*"i    i'       i  *    '   -  i.    ������rj ������       .  K ALSOMINlNG *; DONE.  k"1*-Orders re'ee-ive p'rolript'attention?  Second street,,./  - *     -t -- 't n . i  REVELSTOKE  :Ji  9.'  >*    -,/'*  t&K     .  m A;.McD6haldi  ������������������  plasterer.  Leti me know your lequiiemerits., AH'���������  Carload of Lime just imported."A Caiv',  ��������� ^vViloadfofJRnck under^order. '* '   ~ I'  ; !: i'y.L.V?- j-,-���������"/<:r ^ ^'^- "-   t  4  i, t-  A-A ',  I  *#4t+ * (^���������rf<*-].������  The B^sf Ice Gfeanil  ������������������������ V'.ln'the City is'to\be had at - v~    "  J      '- - J*"      I      l���������     l<       i..       '-_   ^       ,*'v-  RESTAURANT, FRONlCsTREErt 5  1    ^     *" -   f     ���������-     iJ^\ o t ������^ A, n-    e^j \if r <" f  1 ^     So sure are'we of results that we'tako chances on your'succesa boforo wo got our " V  ,    money for tho machine.''i    'itu ������   I T  r      7. ���������. -  , ,-  ��������� We will ship you-at Chatham Incubator, frosght prepaid,   ,  /and give you two years to pay for itr"NotKiiig"to.pay until���������  ^-njfovember, 1905i- '*( V     f*  "n ry >w  ���������U (; The Chatham Incubator pays for its'elf every '\  '^hatoh.'iond if you'get startod now,'^hii.h_"}ou,^I15  ,u  should, the June hatched chicks vvill "liave'VBia'p"'1  L-" tyb pluo of 60c i eachtby^October,"thu8'eimbliiig t t  j*..youto '"'y-**,1' tl*e Incubator.without^usingsoue  . t \ oent of money not earned bj j'tlio machine itsolf.   - -J"i  "'   ('''Our^bcautifuFand complete book," ", Uow, to ���������>  i:^Mako Money Outof Chicks," to Is th'e v\hblo'story.. "*  y No poultry raiser can afford toLbe without it.  STRAWBERRIES;^  A' $2.25'W S2.'60 a. Cratfe^'1^ " *  Fi esh-picked fiuifdelive-red'day J foi- ,   '  lowiiig-oider.iv     -������W    /���������    y    A ,!--��������� - *  ���������a vi-     . c y,  *tA ���������"' yV^v \    ,  ��������� i   Jy  Ins  ing  -'        -��������� cav  - .    lim  ..        taki  y .  -- viev  i} fror  '  ���������"���������    "     The  '-> ^r*  "������  mer  'A is t(  <��������� vvhe  ** fuit  A ;���������* <������ ;T  Vr Wltl  " "At    men  A Pi , coo<  ,{,_-    ACbiB  /,' y    !tacco  i C,1,'  > !  i*i:t.E  Jit's  Sotid-for it'.\0*l>  THE MA'JSON^ CAMPBELL CO., Limited  r Dept 226   ���������> ���������    CHA.THAn,'ONr.     -  -     i Distiibuting Wirehouses at1 Montronl, Que,  Biandon Man , Cahnu), Alta , Ne������ (V\ Cbtiimister,  31 C , and HahfaY,1 \ S  Factoncs at Chatham, Ont, and Detroit Mich  Also Jlnnufaclnrors of the famous Chitlmm  ranulni; Hills nnd Clialliam l'uriu 1< alps.  R  ������:������(ItHPBESS  -^-E:-Wv-k-PagetrProp:7TV -\  j i  r Trademarks     M*-  PATENTS  *        .      obtained in all c  ROWLAND BRITTAIN, v  Registered Patent Attorney        A  t Mechanical Attoniej and Engineer.'      "T  Room 3, FairlloldlBloekl Grain dlo at.1, near P.O }'  -     .    , VANCOUVER,-B.   C. uy  A postcard will seouio an cv cning appoint >  ment- for thoto v\ ho cannot call during tho day,  ���������and Copyrights V-  countries.      '    " ���������".  ���������** i  V1  is a great Boot for that  " harum-scarum " son of  yours.  It is made of all leather  and the best of findings,  to stand hard knocks.',  ' Yet it is a graceful Boot,  too, as Boys' -Boots go.  Just as well made and  of as honest leather as  our Men's Boots.  Tell your .shoe dealer  that you want "THI-:  LliCKIK BOOT" and  look for the trade mark  on the sole.  Wholesale and Retail        >     V  .   .   .   Meat Merchants.  Head' Office, .Abattoir' and Cold Storage :  '"\\  1      '   '     '    ,/   ";l ;T<^sss^Calgaryr Alberta  Make Sewing'- Easy.  The woman, who docs her own sewing and embroidery, should insist  on having Belding's .Silks    They sew smoothlv, easily���������because they are yi  free of kinks and knots     Thej won't break���������because they are all pure,',*  tough silk, evenly tv-.isted and'spoolcd    >  WOOD YARD  -i.  - 1 have started a- permanent Wood^,  Sard on Thud street. With my past -  experience I hope to he in a position^'  to satisfy alii requirements of custom-tr*  ers. 'Diy cordvvood! kept in stock and[- '  supplied in any lengths at reducedi-*  prices for cash.     \ '        y   r j- -  A     ,i A -. R. SAMSON,  Hea  ^. ot  ing  ,y     ��������� .fina.r  >��������� *     i eurp  A A   "   thel  A >'       The"  { was;  ' age  , eight  v the'i  of $3  the-  $7i,2  $600,  expei  leavn  dolla  He  "for tl  the I  Th  Britii  will t  Tai  oats (  fead,  30 pe  oil, ni  cent.  -53.  Spool Silks  W%h  rii  l7A^M  M  Manufactured by  J. LECKIE Co.Ltd  VANCOUVER. B. C.  ^Ue*������  ^.^a������.  , are the result of  40 years experience in making  embroidery and  ��������� sewing silks.  Whentyou buy  Helding'-*, you  j-cl the best silks  for hand and  machine work  At all dealers.  Halcyon Hot Springs'������-  ^Sanitarium.  Under the new management of   -^ 'r  Harry  McIntosh]   Hoffman 2Housef.  ������������������ j      '-.Rossland., -'   - r  USE  Crown  wult/.  and lively  two-step, the   niutio| Jnlo'sh's guests lidded   to the enjoy-  being furnished by  Messrs. Geo. Uoyd merit ot" all.  'And save Wrapper* for f'roiniurrih-.  ROYAL CROWN SOAI-* |���������l8 no tff,,m|  on the irmrkot Drop us n' cnnl nird  wc will m.ul yotl ft ciiUloguc illustnt-  mg the bcautifiil picininms wc olfci*  ,    The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B. C. Limited  REVELSTOKE/ B. C.  ABRAHAMSON- BROS,   PROPRIETORS  Newly built.     KirHt-cliiH*" in every ref-jiect.     All modern conveniences  Largo Sample Hooiiih.  "Rates SI SOper Day, Special Weekly Rates '  Queen's Hotel, Trout'Lake, under  same   managemen  THE MEDICAL" WATERS of Hal- ';  cyonare the most curative in the*--  world.   A'perfeet, natural remedy for *  .ill   Nervous t**and  Muscular   diseases,-  Liver, Krdney^and ^Stomach ailments, v  and Metallic Poisoning.   A sure cure*-,  for   "That  Tired  Feeling."     SpecialV  1 ates on   all   boats'and trams.   Twoi  mails   arrive and depart every   day.,  Telegr.i h   communication'   with   all  marts ot the world.        - ?  Terms���������$12 , to $lSfp<Jr rweek.   For"''  further particulars Ripply to  1    - hARRy'Mcintosh  Halcyon Hot Springs^  Arroba LPaKcP 3. <57  ELGIN OR WALTHAM  $6.50  cmuim  eUEBER  DaUmi-t dniri|i|-ioor llttnl with tliu very bf-ht  Ktvtii -.-wtllul Liclil or Waltluim movement,  ntun wind (inn -ct.iiiifliibHolutoly guaranteed for  ll\e Stir-- AUo 11 beautiful chain with cioh  nnlch for tlio next K-rlajg All complete,'������j (X)  >u-iii|- K litll-M iiik Cut UiIh oi.tand send It to us  with lour iinme, I'ost Offlce and Kxprcus Oftlco  ncldrcm. and wo will send thc Watch and Chain  to j on for examination^ If jon Hud 'it as repro  ' It sbooli be torae la tuiadrthat'  every c������M weaiteoa the hango^ hrv-  ,e������ tbe vit������B^?aafi prcpaaea fite  ���������yoten for tbe (mow aerioos di>-  eue������,' among-ffilck "������re"tb������1 tu*  greatest destroycia ���������{ bmeuan-life,  pneumonia and eonmuaptioa.  VUHUUf &  s  your I  .(-* thN ollt-r may not appear again.   When w ritlng mention this papor!  E. WAGNER & CO., 163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.  Cough Remedy,  ha* won itajreat popularity by ha  I  prompt cures vt 'this moat coouneu /-{  ailment.   It ������4da ezpectontiaa, tc-  U*ve������  thc  hmga and  opeas tbe  secrotioaa,. cSccUng-- a apttdy'aMi  p������nnaaeat ear*.     R ooaatetsdai |  aay tendency toward pamatgoia..  '-- Prtc*25cr'I^������-Si*tf5etfb **  IHSHMHlL  -ii i ���������  Expl  ~.    Ap  the  Philac  BigB  '   propoi  - ing so  The  pal tie  ion au  spentr  tains i  results  is und  and hi  * places  Mount  Spillin  Kootei  are' no  Morns  e/iir  It IS  made  Silver  Th'e  Creek j  cleanic  12th.  Mr. (  lurgist  the mil  bia bj  advant  over A  says. "  orate s  mines,  from %i  to brin,  at a coe  the roai  phcatec  exist in  For  orders v ,    -   'i  , i  '      :i ; ��������� AW  /     " < K *   '  ,7 O     .������  THE KO0TEHFAY MAIL  f!'-'Ji*  '��������� /'  ' ������,  CREAM  BAKING POWDER  i  ?,   -  1 i  ' l'  ri   i  < ,   i        rt,  cents  a plcwitt&'rean'  t       -J ; I    J    ij rt1*''  25 \centsJ'Wrfialf\^oandl?can   ; *'  '  \ r-f ;.,.;,/���������   ^-AT/ALL GROCERS^<>A\A '' '  '{ "���������      KfrAi  A A   A>A-\)     v -f,      i.^.   'J        ,s  ;     _- -Dr. Price's Cream Baking Fowdeisis -made from-M,,  ,', v .pure Creani-of^Mtar^  't! '' combines the highfest leavening strength with! the  greatest 'purity and "healthfulness.  - ,    ' f A-^mptfxx���������e^ C^m [Bakin'g^Po^d'er isitK^fiiort*'  ������- ^economical^to use; because'-it goes farther injeaven-  Ai t i ���������   ingiandansures'perfectjtwhblesqmeJfobd.^   hc^AjpAn  5      Uf 'r       _     1    ' ' . * '  Om SHORE AND AFLOAT.  5 1 Brakesmah^Beasleyfwas seriously  injured lust'week- at Donald "and was  taken-,to'G,oldeii'riHospital.' His back'  was broken.'t,, . '������  \ GieatiNorthern and--Northern Pacific telegraph operators ' have called a  stiike for today, unless their demands  nre gi an ted. -  The Rteamer Revelstoke lias as 'yet  been unable to^get back to th'e Bend  after coming ,"dovvn'i for the,, excursion  to Arrowhead-on- Saturday,'ovving to  high i water.   , r i   ,,,, ,   -, ,_ ,.���������, ^ , ,  'Another -head-on - collision ^occurred  oni'the'Cl-'P.1 R. Thursday "at-Pilot  Butte, 350 miles west''of Winnipeg.  Engineer Lang, Fireman Parrtett, and  Brakeman-y Morrow ' being ' severely  injured.,' . 1   .. -   -'  (fl i���������      pi.fi. ,  I U.it   -v i  CHURCHES.  KAMLOOPS'/.SPORTS.'\  f       / '  ���������f y  ,It{Saves Money and Saves Health  *^i T������ i  .. -      v      I  -     i   * K  "   '��������� -������������������������- 3  IHEGREATfGAVE  i*  . v" ���������*  -���������A" 5  /-J 1*-  ^  ,. * i  ' -f   v 7'.  ���������,       , T **  Oh  *  tA  !).-.  \V~  "���������, Subject 'of ^Illustrated -Lecture?  ' - 'lAby-VVl-SrAyres, M. E.:   H  .    "V The firsts address" at^tho ]?Ameiican  ,   -     Institute of Mining Engineers'! meet-1  '     ,   ing i.t^Victoria' was <byvHV?-S.'5Ayre8;  ' ������'    'M.*-E.l(of Banff, on, the Deutschman  '     fc   cavesj ..>-,'{���������/   i  v       )T ,"-*'"  |r    ff  "  -ii- i^iThe lecture;nvasJ'-illustfatedr!>vvith  - ������    limelight views,; in] vvhich-photograph's  ,-^ ^  taken by Mr'*Ayres "were ^used.^j/The  views included mouutain scenes'taken-  from< the 'neighborhood.-! oL!the1?' caves?  '"     The preliminary survey vvas'made  by  .j Mrl AyreBfoi}the"tDottiin;on7g4'ern-  ������  ment' eaify this ye.ir.     His  intention'  -'. is to visit,thejplaccra������;am.iu_August,"  , <���������  when- water ' is ' low er,-^ and " make   a  ,   ** fuither exploitation.*-; ',-v ������������������-.,���������������  -   'i    'The addiess and views we're followed  -,irvvith   tho "greatest   interests by y, the  ^" t    members|.of theitmstituteyji On' ������the  , coaclusion loathe*address;'^  ' \ of Dr.tRaynidnd,ial,v*ote1of-  s accorded Mr.'Ayres.  ��������� T'  U'51  NAKUSP.  f-51;  ������ 1  !������r  on motion  thank's ,was  LIBERAL RULE  -  1  1   ^  ^-?i  1  AA{  v     x  v  "^ 1  ^  ���������r   r  .1 ���������>.  ,^i  >������������������  fjU   I'  >-.  I-|   \r  *���������-.  V   "'"'J  *  '\   ������  K1  f  -  .  -,* j  i  1      J  - v!  ?w   .  Scores Biggest Surplus'im  ��������� r   i '- '/'History of Canada."15  :  ' Heavy^lncrease in Lead Duties.  A_   P   ,>. Ottawa,'July 6��������� Hon. W. S. Field-'  1'*,���������,'_ ing reviewed) the'past'^year from 'the'  j-   A" financial standpoint, show ing the 1904  * ��������� --     i. surplus-was $15,056,984,y'faf and away'  ^   -   the krgestjiri^thejtiistory^of ^Canada!  The'rief'suifplus for-the "eight" years  ^ -y^AP was if56,437,U76,~-and the factual aver-  A     <   age  surp j use!)./^54,654.-j^Dunngf the  -    ,  ,eight!3eajs  ilieri. ������.is^only^ailded*^o  the'mttllK-.Tlp.hr. .-k*>(,X  '.-JS'nr nn~ ii.iprn.cn>  , Krom Our Own*'rorrcsponrtcnt. *  .J'Ai!-pleasiiig\eveiit-' took -place''on  board the Steamer1 Minto on July 1st,  i-lieu'thc employes of the N.ikusp and  Slocan railway presented P. J."Gallagher, roadmastei,heiel for_a,numbei ,of  years, 5vvitli)aibaridsbriie|sterhng "silver;  tea service.-1 if.^J.^Bdwards^in.Wslijo/t;  speech, spoke of-tlfe'iegret everjone  felt at the lcmoval 'of "Mr. Gallagher,  but wi������hed himteveiy -success in his  new home. ?Mr. Gallagher,i who .was  taken completely by mrpriso, thanked  the oiiiployes7forftlieii haii'dsdine'gift  1M1 Galljghei leaves here'-^to"1 tA,ke  charge of,a boundary section of..the  road \Li?A '\ J"'-A':\ '"- ,',  nv������Everybo'dy-'went'lto fArrowhead' fo'r  July 1st and lepoits a pleasant' time'  IN.ikusp got her shaierof the -sports,  'Russell Nichol winning most~of the  ljumping events, W. J. Mclntyre 1st in  putting the.Bhot andi,2nd in,standing  broad-]ump,.Roy,'Th'oni'as/1st in v'thf  1100 yard'dash and"t2nd in-, the boys]  Isingle scull race. -' V^ ,- * */ " "^  ",Mr and Mis E. JH/Baird aie visiting friends"in Nelsoiiiytts aie also Mrs.  D. T Bulger andtfamilyrC^alOCiJ  ,  The tug- Yale   took- a^ jolly   little  party dovvn|the, lake1 to^F G-.-lFau-  qmer's ranch at Fire Valley on- Sunday. .8n,rJf.l/W',:j.-(,lr*>..; %  'Engineer Fred^Atkiusoh and conductor- Chas JBrett.- are away on f a  holiday.i *, ���������' ��������� , ,\', ,t, { T{' ' ?; 'y V  i- -T. G. Thompson,^'who has,, been on  'the Coast for some time, arrived home  Jlast-week'.    Ar - ���������>*',    ">  Revelstokef"Teams\i"iCarry\Off  ll1 HononsJn.Lacrosse'.and f  t'A. 't\   S Baseball.'." ���������] X. A,'  "*f_.   I ii ��������� '    (. *    ���������  t '    l .| h   i i        '  Hevelstoke was so victoiious atJ-Cam-  loops on'Dominion D<iy, the_,"Se?i"tenel  calls' it Revelstoke'Day. -   The1 K-.' M  & A'. A. celebration ofithe Fust was a  great sucessJoi.rthe -Revelstoke.teams  ' The lacrosse match was-a good game  The home' team foVgotjthe coiiibinat'-  lon which theKevelstokeis lemembered  tb//their,*'advaiiUge.1",| Hadj5'not^the  Revelstoke goal' ke'eper ibeen' a '..good  man the scoie^vvould* likely have''been  leveised, for,tinie,aftei -time jhe^/vvas  shot at fronijClose^quarteis Jand  just  saved th'e^acoie by a l'apid.play., \ But  in1-spite of all.he couldidoy-twoi shots'  miss'his stick'and Ianded^m the'.goal  net. j. -For Kamloops jW.-JinKerr. did  his duty and stopped many .fast shots,  but^somehovv jfive[bfj:tHem'"'got^pa8t  liim and .w'hen.;time- was\called> the  score 'stood'5-2-in favor of'Re'velstoke?  Th'erifcthei basej ballj.Legan'1!lying  around'lntgreatifstyle," but^too' lively  t^suit^thejlocal players.'j'^Tlie game  was well contested.buttiagainL-Revels-  stoke-had^the' iipper^and arid 'at/the  finish.the scoreVslbotlVRe'velstoke<9,'  Kamloops 2   'Two Revelstoke players  vvoh'the lacrosse' baH'jthrbW/^Turnb'ull  first,- Latham>secondf -fcThe, baseball  throwinguwas!a^clo8e competition1, "G.'  Lapointe.beating  alRevelstoke .man,  Scott,,by-a^fewjinches;);*-^T^Munn and  R.J-Ball ujmade (..jsome,. - good ,throws.  *     j-r      ^ v Sll ���������   J   i       -"        ' ���������   r}'f -1--  1 ' *j,  J..   .t'i,;*   >t '."-a ������  '     -   ��������� ', I *    1   I '  ' K.vox Chukcii���������Services Sunday at  U'a.im.  and  7.30 p.m.  at the  high  school building on Second stieet  Rev  Mr-Woods will preach. Sunday school  will also be'held there at 2 30 p'm  ' At)Kno\ church on Sunday evening  Rev.'t Mr. AVood  preached a splendid  seimon'on the text,. "The   righteous  shall'fiounsh  like'the   palm   tree"  During the service a trio, "God of the  Morning," vvas 'sung  by  Mis   W.' M.  Lawrence,   Messrs.-W. M.  Lawience  and'G.'R. Clark.      '       i  , - The contract for the construction of  the basement of the nc*v Knox'church  building has been let to E. C. Fromey.  The basement will be t constructed of  cement blocks,'which'will give-it   a  handsomely finished^ appearance, and  well suited to the requnements of an  up-to-date chuich.'   <>i    .   ,-'-.  St' ^Andrew's' (Ohuroh ��������� Moi ning  seiyicella in, 'evening service 7.30v  1 Mi.Tiiomsr���������Rev.C. H. M.-iSuthei-  land.williconduct services nt, 11 a. m.  and,(7 30 p.) m.* n'Moining subject,  "Waiting upon God,'' evening subject,  "Working with-God.'.i.r,   \  ' ���������  "Sr. PinLRS^Thtrd'Sunday after  Tiinity. ,Holy com m tin ion at 8 a.'m.  Regular, services' at 11 a. 'm. and' 7 30  p m ������������������*'      ��������� - > 'i        -"' *'        A  I      li      i r> -  <t     (     ��������� \   i , i  '< i    '     " ' ���������   ,-   *'  '  '���������'-���������     'V ,    ,  Leonard cleanableRefngeiatois and  White Mountain Free/eis'aie the best.  ���������Bourne Bros..,    ' -     t  t   >���������  < i  i -  yJAnA  IT 't'i *? tr&.  -    '   '}/ A  >Wij- /UtA^t������aJii-es  -Jifl Aa  i" 11  ff^tnt, Jeg-A    " "J kc������Jl> <tf 4*irtL Act, .'iAd*, de^^^^l''  ���������TAA'$^������iM*4y  A*'Ml AdA&At'' ,  V^ ������HHHM������Myi ~t -mUMi HI!,. *^ S \ ^ i ^ _y    _ _ ������      *  ' Xj) '   X.t, H'/ i    l~<    ���������  iy  ..ui-^  5  r J J  ' ������  ( f  %  ft-il  >J  iiiiriMVIl-  i*  in ii  i i  L*s-  maa,  3 ���������"' wife  iif.vVs������Mi);tiin<j���������'It|3  " is-.-a,"  ^pr  \ji *-���������  !*���������*   V     .  ^  i  TT,-  ,1>������  f       ^ i  the'pifbtic debt *^(*b,232,'or an average  of ^34,UU0 jbr each ^ear^ Revenue for  the-j t-jii ~ending 'I uuer 30 vvould, he"  $7i,2o0,00O, an,. incie.iao^ 'of- about  ijieOO.UOi1 over"the previous \Ai.P Tlie*  expendituie he placed^������16^62,250,000,  leaving'a surplus of aboutfnine million  dollars.^- C   -\r,'l^     -^ "^-''\  Hon'TMi'Tielding makes provision  for the return of Amencan silvei to  the United States. -  The 'tarntit commrssron--^v\ ill visit  British Columbia, and the revision  Will be on the sanie lines as last yeai^  Tanft-changes are i Duty bn-iolled  oats 60 cents pei bundled, j Dry white  fead, now 5 pei cent, is increased to  30 per.cent.pand white .lead ground in  oil, now������S5 per. cent, is made 35 per  cent. ,  THErBANfc  -������������������-  TBOTANISTS  Exploring the* Selkirk Range���������  ,^tVisiting-'Big,Bend.vri  'n A pafty>fof bot mrsts, representing  the Medico-Chu mgical ' College " of  Philadelphia, has been .camped on the  Big Bend Road during the week, and  proposes ,visiting the Big Bend, spending some time at Grounds Hog ''Basin.  The party is one of thirteen similai  pai ties making a thorough investigation^ and^ report on flora. The party, has  spehtr86ine time in the'Selkirk'Mo'uii-  tains and are much, pleased with the  results of their researches^-.This party  is under'direction of Dr Chas H.Shaw,  and has-been'icamped among other,  places on the Selknks aV'Pranie  Mountain, on the north folk of the  Spillimacheen 'Rivei,T*in"N6ith 'EaBt  Kootenay and at Howser Lake They  are' now doing the Big Bend H. A.  Morris will act aB guide. .  . i -'-. -I- ! }i f.,1 ������ .  )' The Band celebrated the' holidays by,  giving a-dramatic enteitainment> at  the'JOpera -House1 on*'Tuesday.' The  piece .chosen "was * Carlson's "Moie  sinned againsfthat sinning "l There  wasa fan ly good" honse. .The Band,  under the-leadership'of E. Edwards,  conducted the orchestral -pait of -the  programme, playing* some fine ' selections    >  1 Speciahsceneiy''had been piepared  by F. Tweedale for the presentation  and looked well The chaiacteis taken  weie G. Knapp 'as Squire Hilton, G.  ���������U Claik as Mnimaduke Hiltor;'F.  Tneedale as Belhaven the land agent,  H Shaidlow as Major Lookout, R. H.  Sawyer' as Teddy O'Neil, the comic  charactei of-the piece, J Ringer/the  leader of the luflian gang, ,J. Allan'as  Capt. de Bal/ac, A Lumb as J Jemi-  son.andS. HilherJ W/'BuckJand J1  Armstiong -as the smugglers The  two characters that stood*out in the  performance ��������� were'H ������������������ Shard low, who  played ' splendidly the part ������of the  Majoi, irand H Sawyer, who .is  thoioughly at- home on the stage,  especially in comic situation, and the  woik of those,two gentlemen was  paiticulaiiadinired - .*.  A dancefwas afterwards held. , ,,  ' R Gordon, on behalf of the Band,  thanked the audience and expressed  the appieciation of the'band for the  subscriptions given Lthpm towards  theii new unifoim.  MINING iMATCERS  11 .        t  It is reported a -strike of ore was  made in the low level tunnel at the  Silver Cup. *  The 'Revelstoke'and McCullough  Creek - Hydraulic Company intend  cleaning up at.the "mine on about the  12th.   r r   ,,   v      - ,  Mr. Goodalej'the well-known-metallurgist of Butte, puts a good ,word for  the mining interests of British Columbia by pointing out1 thc natuial  advantages this province possesses  over American mining camps. He  says. " Nature has not been so considerate at 'Butte.' The values in"our  mines, of .couise, aie higher, running  from $9.36 to'!j>12.85 per ton.-We havo  to bring our lime for llux fifty, miles  at a cost of $J per ton, and what with  the roasting process, havo'more conij  plicated problems'to deal 'with1 than  exist in 'the Boundary.'    ,  For  your I0E supply^ leaVe your  orders with J. 0. Hutchison.'  GRIP AND PASSWORD.  i K. oi- P ���������The ofliceis of Gold Range  Lodge weie installed on Wednesday as  fellows C C, S. McDonald, V. C,  E. W B. Paget, Pre., -J. Mathie, M. of  \V., A. E. Kmcaid; K. of R. and S ,  G. H *Brock, M. of F., H A. Brown,  M. of E , E Bmndge, M at A., W.  Heniy, I G., D A. McDonald, 0. G.,  J. B. Scott.  A visit is expected on the 25th from  theG 0.  11 O O. F.���������The officers of Selkirk  Lodge were installed on Tuesday evening, the ofliceis being N. G, J. R  Palmer, V. G., J. 1. Woodrovv, Spc, J.  M.ithie, Tieas, A. E. Kincaid. A  liiuquet vvas afterwards held to celebrate the lirst installation since the  union of the two lodges.  L." O L.���������Members of the local  Orange'Lodge will hold a church par-  adej'bn Sunday evening to St. Andrew's  chuich,"when 'Rev. W*-C. Calder will  preach a special sermon . for the  occasion.  Rathiione SisrERS ���������The following  officers were installed Wednesday  P!C, Mrs H A Brown, M. E. C,  Mis. Bennett, P. S., Mrs. Gordon;  Junior, Mrs. Ainsley; M. of T., Mrs.  Somes, M. of R and 0., Mrs. S McDonald, M. of F., Mrs..Cooke.  1 . ' r~ ��������� if,  ��������� A littlo forethought may save ycu  no end of trouble . Anyone who  makes it a rule to keep Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Remedy at hand knows this to be a fact  Ifor gale by all druggiiti.  j ''''Vi^THEv-HOLIDAY.^^^ v-      i   " <    .,      -i  j    .    <>       'i-*i..Xi **��������� i- Ji '-a   V,    ,v   7 --.  iDominiomDaypjBsed off quietly and  many citizens left townrto> spend .the  day. ,->vA.,_ party '^ent^o ,\the'r cave,' at  ���������Ross^eak. rtSt 'Peters-Sunday'School  andithe'Methodist chons heldi picnics  on,the^Bend,Roadf'.and tliere were'several private picnic'parties.c^'" ,     , -j  !   The Band's, excursion to-Arrowhead  ; ,,>j v>   -'itt.'ii'   j, .1 .j . .  .<���������!    < t  was well patronised.<j Ablaigemumber.  went'by steameVand tram -to r attend  the'sports* at Arrowhead. e>*" ^ ,' - /*',"  * 'BT.IPETER'S sunday'school picnioA  , ,Our beautiful, jsweetrjsmelling Big  Bend Canyon,*-always full'bf, life "'and  sound of murmuring leaves and riish-  ing waters, at this time of year, had  other noises to echo around on Dominion'Day, as/for many miles up,'~signs  were not'wanting to,'prove it to be the  favonte place for rpicnics., ,Ofv the  many parties enjoying picnic pleasures,  none had a more delightful time than  the,Scholars and teachers'of St Peters  Sunday School, with their 'relatives  and friends, 'i Six  well-filled  vehicles  r       .. t i ,   _,  made a bright show w hen leaving the  Rectory, at 10 o'clock/and for an hour,  laughter, high spirits and--song added  to the pleasures of ,-tne drive to the  stopping place, about three miles from  the city.V The fun of preparing lunch  gave'appetite for that 'meal- as evid;  enced by the quantity of-.'good -.things  consumed.' ,j The usual iacing(and  jumping competitions called forth the  best efforts of the boys and girls, and  the six competitors in the Ladies race  gave an exhibition of speed surpiising  to all Towards evening, tiredchild-  ren returning with gay -posies of -wild  flowers, and ' mineral specimens, and  with wonderful stories .of racing''after  elusive squnrelsj and other.vv'ild things,  gave subject foi nch jokes and fun.  The Rector with others,, riding in  the last bus, had the unusual sight bf  a large brown bear crossing the road-  v-.y not more than fifty yards behind  them, and only about two and half  miles from the City. Of coaise not  even the camera was get-at-sble for a  snap shot. '  THE GAME LAWS.  Suggestions    for     Desirable  Amendments.  .  A correspondent-suggests," regarding  the close season for beaver, that the  best way would be to close certain  streams for say five years at a time,  and punish severely anyone.- taking  beaver on these closed creeks He  states that plan has been adopted with  success iu the east, and he considers  the universal close season or the suggestion recently made in our columns  of a license fee to lie grave mistakes.  '" It is pointed out to''us that the wolverine is the most destructive animal  to game,_jetno special steps are taken  by the government to secure its suppression. A , correspondent" declares  it to be ten times worse than the coyote and considers a hlieral bounty  should be offered for destruction of  wolverine,    -   , *.���������*-*.-*  i-i   ���������-   ������   i (j .    [Synopsis of Regulations for Disposing, of  \yi Minor'ateon'Dbminlon Lands in'Man!  * tobcC.' tho <Northwest 'Territories'and  -i tho Yukon Territory. , ���������J, ,iM r  1  ,\^u ���������'*!       / - r t vi  Coal���������Coal lands may. be,purchased at  ao per. acre for'soft coalj,and'$<J0 tor anthracite. Not more than 320 acres car-  be acquired by one individual' or company .Royalty at the irate of Untcents  per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be, collected  on the gross output    ,   .        ,       ,,  Quartz ���������Persons -of eighteen years and  iover and joint, stock companies aalaing  tree miner's certificates may obtain entry  for a mining location.*,. ���������'   ij -    i-i'-o  A free miner's certificate Is granted foi  jne or more years; not exceeding five,' up  on payment in advance of %1 60 .per i an .  >num for an.individual,,and from $50 to  ���������HOO-per annum for a company, accordln-j  ito,capital. tt ff , i ... '  i   .,   ^     it   ',  A. free miner having, discovered mineral  in place, may locate a clalm'lSOOxlSOO feel  ���������by. marking out theTsame |With two,legal  -posts, - bearing location<,notices,'* one al  ,each)end on tho line'of the- lode*orrvein  -The claim shall be recorded w'Uila,fifteen days if located within ten ,, lies of a'  I mining recorder's office, 'one badlUonal  idays allowed fort every additional~ ten  .miles or fraction. .The.fee for recording  acclaim,Is }{*. ,        j *-* .  . 'At least $100 must be-expended-on'the  claim! each year or paid to t be i mining're-'  corder in lieu thereof. When,$500 has been  expended or paid, the locator may, upon  having a survey made, and upon comply  Ing .witliyother requirements, t-urchase  the land at $1.00 an acre -   *\ '  i Permission may be granted by tlte-'Uln--  tster of the Interior to locaU CJiJme  containing iron and mica,'also a ppoi^ln  the Yukon Territory, of,anlare������r*oi. ix-.  ���������ceedlng 160���������'acres." , > ^ '  ���������The patent for a-mining locaU.-ntBhal)  provide for the payment of a royalty of 2i������pei  cent of the sales of the products of the locatio n  i-Placer Mining,-Manitoba and theiN.W.  T4 ?? excepting-1, tthe : Yukon ������ Territory.���������  Placer .mining, claims generally, are ,100  feet square; entry 'fee,'; $6, renewable  yearly. On the.- North Saskatchewan  River clairoe for either bar or. bench, the  former, being -100 feet long nnd extending  between-high.and lowiwater-mark .The  latter includes bar diggings,'but extends  back to the'base of the hill'or bail*,'but'  not exceeding,-1,000 -feet, i Where Btea---  power is used, claims 2001 feet wldo maj  be obtained.' '     *- * .    *.  Dredging>in the'rivers of'.Mao.^bland the N. W. T, excepting the "X^kor,  Territory.���������A free miner may obtain only  two leases of five miles eachifor a,term  of twenty years, renewable tn the discretion of the Minister of the Interior "^  The lessee's right is confined to tiie submerged beds or bars of the river below  tow water mark, and subject to the rights*  of all persons who have, or who may le-  ceive entries for bar diggings or bench  claims, .except on , the Saskatchewan'  River, where the lessee may dredge to  high water mark on each alternate leasehold. , i      _ t  The lessee i shall have a dredge" in operation within one season from the date ot  the lease for teach^ flv������i miles, but where  a pei son or company < has obtoinea mure  than one lease one dredge for each fifteen J miles or fraction is sutoleat  Rental, $10 per annum,for each JflUe ol  river leased Royalty,at the rate of two  and a half per cent collected'on toe output after it exceeds $10,000  Dredging in the Yukon Territory���������Six  leases of five miles each may-be granted!  to a free miner for a term, of twenty  years, also,renewable. ,   *  The lessee's right is confined' to ' the  submerged , bed on bars in, the river be-,  low low i water mark,-that boundary to  be fixed by Its position on the 1st day of  August in the year of the date-ofi the  lease.,., I -  The lessee shall have one dredge in op-  of the lease, and one < dredge for' each  eration within, two. years from the date  Ave miles within six- years fiom'-such  date ��������� Rental, $100 per mile for the first  >ear, and $10 per mile > for each subsequent year Royalty, same as placer mining.  Placer Mining in the Yukon Territory  ���������Creek, river ,gulch and hill claims shall  not exceed 250 feet in length/, measureo  on the base line or geneial direction o  the creek or gulch, the width being r**������-i  ,1,000 to 2,000 feet All other placer claim*,  shall be 250 feet square. P i  Claims are marked byjiwo legal posts  one at each end, bearing notices Entry  must be obtained within ten days. If the  claim is within ten miles of mining re -  corder's office One extra day allowe, (  for each additional ten miles or fraction-  The person or company staking a claim  must hold a free miner's certificate  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled  to a claim of 1,000 feet in length, and if  the party consists of two, 1,500 feet alto  gether, on the output of which, no royalty  shall be charged, the rest of the party  ordinary claims only.  Entry fee, $10    Royalty at tho rate of  two and one-half per cent on the volv  of the gold shipped from the Yukon Tn <  rltory to be paid to the Comptroller      ,  * No free miner shall receive a grant *  more than one mining claim on each se*)  erate river, creek or gulch, but the sam������  miner may  hold any number oficlatai  by purchase, and free miners may work  their 'claims   ii.   partnership   by   filing  notice and paying fee of $2.   A claim may  be abandoned,  and another obtained on  the same creek, gulch or river, by giving  notice and paying a' fee '  Work must be done on a claim each  year to the value of at least $200  A certificate that work has been duae  must be obtained each year; if not, ttit  claim shall be deemed to be abandoned  and open to occupation and entry by a  free miner.  The boundaries of a claim may be loaned absolutely by having a sur/t}  mode and publishing notices In the Yukon  Official- Gazette . ,  Petroleum ���������All unapproprlatefl >Dam'oi  Ion Lands in Manitoba,  the' North-weir*  Territories and within tho Yukon Terr!  tory are open ^prospecting .for, t"*trot  eum, and the minister 'mayjrexin. foi  an individual or company   hfclng   ihn-  chinery  on  the  land  to   be   nrospooted.  an area of 640 acres - Shonli, the prospector discover oil in paying quantities  and satisfactorily establish such disco?  ery, an area not exceeding 640'acres, in  eluding the oil well and such other Ian*  as may be determined, will be Bold to  the  discoverer at the i rate of  $100, an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate as  may be specified by order-ln-councll  Department ��������� of  the'Interior,   OtUwfl  W. W. GOBY,  y TtWtii oj &��������� Ktalater ct ti������'n������ta$������r.  ,������f-  BteBBafflB8g3g^'.3gaBB3SZ^  ���������'  ,i -      9 '^ but the best flour  i     - - i  no greater. exlrav  vt is &ock1 enough' for her. -There can bes    -i    j, ., . <=  iv dgance -���������< than ��������� the < use - of -inferior ^fldiin-* ^ &' U Hh,  -' O It I  'd -'i  ..    Mi  J     .4  'IB  lV*ii  tii  *  to -..  3 i r\  :V^itj^d[my}gro&f,toLI m^to,wayl.'a/dayior-tro'^Ke'M^  ,, would*get'some,!and.'hm' glad' Ldid'.'sp: i-'l-My-wife^a^fJ  Ui  ,,'i  ^  rx.  JKjtf, |  rPA  ���������w*   **'t������l(,il  '  ' r't\  ''���������^wl  'C9I  A- ^ '  t.i v ^  '���������?f  '  ���������' {"$?!  " --v   .fV ���������'-,eil  *!'7    Pi   -VIS I  py ^ iy,A\  M  ',- ^"tj'-"  r:  1 I ?l "������  I ���������Jt'l  t  ��������� (Signed?' ?JOHN'.HENDERS������N.;-;r;:-3  ''M '' S A**    l'   - >T    *. *   ,A      t       W-^'w     K  $  _ " t- Mow, is there a,s.ngic womanjn the whole'^country ������who, after 'reading 'what " \ v;  Mr.^Henderson'says.'wilijnot'r-c once se-id-for the Royal ^Household recipes, and-give. '',t 'Ai  Royai<Household Flouiia trial, iMention this paper,arid address '   ���������   ��������� **  --    -  v���������   ���������������  LyicTUbuRsmills co^MiiMiTEbi,  :a}ja  ;   ;"%THE'0(QIL  ',     -' P\* ' ' o-     J- ,-  t<   I'i.t11       I   vv ,       (!V'       .,  r -   '���������'A "   1', i > v- ;  hi  i '*.  i:iyifON.XREAL.:  i   /v/ v I  -, fl *-.  . V '"���������"  et Ky  *��������� X*^  ^  - -liJ'A  '. ii_Jx t-bj\  V & I us*  .   - JZIUI  1*<l   "I-  ." I','  ' S vV,l  i tC*~-\  ���������"���������Sft."*-.  -" viif  VVing Chung's������newly������ im-  * ported stock of Chinese  , and Japanese goods.*   '_,  The best assortment������ever,,  'landed in Revelstoke of  ^useful    and     ornamental'  ������<>*; 4A  ,M  ���������VTOT1CE IS HEREBY GIVEN'th'at thirty'  ,h,,-n Jb llitcr d(,t������.l intend to apply to tha  Chief Commissioner; ot l^nds and Works for fc -  ?E?���������nH;Icei-lf to cuf nnd carr>  awoy timber  &S?<ffiS^i'lTlb^ land8?n W^i  t' Number One. t -.- *<   ,       ,'    s,  rnnSS,^c,nf1D,8:?t'-vPost P'antcd near Bojd'g  ranch on thcLolumbid rner and>.inar]-ed'"Bi-r  ���������^<l- i,unber Company s SouthTeitCornel  ppit,   thence north 1G0. chains, thence-'eStfo  cb������nSVoh���������C���������V,?,mh 160 chaln8- ihence^tlo  cuains io point of commencement.  V^r/wl  T %-. 1    * I  A\  trticles.  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'- i --   i  st������?oV���������������,?clng ���������"���������J- a?11 Pouted on the Keystone trail   near  Bojd's ranch,'about three-  m4k^-iR,^nn"Ie^m the ColnmtaameiSSd  marked   Big Bend Lumber Company������, south-  tht"ncoC^nreinP?St' lllenco 'north 180 chains  t enco ca.,t ip chains, thence south 160 chains  thence westio chains*to point,of fcSmmcnSe  menu       . p    .    .  .j f      . >..   v   \\i v*  - Number Four.  mS ������ ������tnnf Vf at a p.������.st P,Iaatcd aboutone half  and  marked  "Bit  south cast corner i~ ,���������,  *m.lyx ���������orlu sal cam.  hen^ "������S5 i0i^DS- thfnce *wtt lanSSS! I  men" lns toP������int0.'commence^���������'  9^9JJ Io' '     BIG BENd'lUMBEr'cO^ &d'X ,   " i* "*      v >\J      * "> a       * S*^ I  Tlie Mooter Mechanic s Pare1 Tar Soap heals *  and softens thesldn, while i promptly cleSnsinS''  iw ?.rea?se' oJ' rust"<-t������ &^a]uab1e for mel-  SS n?Nn/'������'n,,en- "Port81"*- Kree sample of,  receipt of 2c. for postage. l-Albert -Todet Soap  Co. manufacturers. Montreal. y        PP    ���������  i-*l  't  v  The Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd  * ,TIME TABLE"  (DiitiiiR si-.ison of hifrh w.itc-i)  3ft x 6ft .1-2 50  6ft x-9ft $8 00  9ftx 9ft 1-12 00  We also carry  4ft x 7ft ���������? 100  7ft x Oft $10 00  9ft x I2ft *16.00  a full line of  Jj.p:inc������c Cotton Hugs in  IMue and White  HEM'S NUfiSERIES'-  NEW CROP <. \, "  HOMK GltOlVN AND IMPORTED     *--   '  Garden/ Field and flower,-Seeds'..'  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FORSLAND,  Master,  SWANSON,  Purser  zet  CTOKIA.BC  "VrOTICl* is liorotij priTon that. ������ d.iys after  J_> ciuto, we iiitoncl to applj to tho l met Com  mis-.ionor ot Liiiida and Works fora������pecial  liconso to enl and cum awaj timber from tho  following described lands in Woit Kootona)  district ���������  Commencing at a poit marked "B. B. L Co's  north wcatcorner planted on the cast side of Fish  Kiv cr, about three and n half miles from Beaton  on tho Camborne rnad, thence east 80 chain*.,  thence south 80 chain*, thence west 80 chains  thence north 80 chains to the place of com  menccment* - ,  Dated this 23rd day of June. 1905. ,  BIG BEND LUMBER CO., LIMITED.  BRICKS! BRICKS!  The Bi-st Clay in Okanagan Valley,  Well burnt Bricks in large or small  quantities at reasonable prices.  ENDERBY BRICK & TILE CO.,  009jel7 ,    Enderby, B. C.  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The death of SecreUiy Uay on July  1 threw the States into mourning.    ,.*  ���������*    The electric light will be tinned on  in about three* iveeks.,",  rA * ,       .,  ,      The eastern press exclusion passed  through    Thursday    and     e.xpiesied  '   themselves delighted with   the moiiii-  11   tain seenery.S <        * \  1     Mr/Cruick'shank", of the-education  'department, supenised  tlie_e\amin.i-  jjtion  of  teachers at," Hevelstoke  this  "jtteek, ���������theA candidates   being   Aliases  Grant and Atkinson     -    *   , '<    ' ,j  I -- .    .    fr .  Referring to a recent aiticle^on the  cshut down o���������������the,Silyer'>Ciip mill, wc  have  to say tlie  infoimation i\as   not  obtained from-Mi^   Bennett, but from  . otlier sources"������'vihose'reliability   theie  ,   nal no leason to*doubt ������   '      >  _ >������������������'  .    -Tlie report "of _Mr Ayies, M*. E , on  'thej Ross  Peak^cave*-, winch we pub-  hslied in last' week'a'issue/is' being ex-'  ' tensnely niade,use*'of' by oui contein-  ' poranes, several-papers haying lepub-  li-died copious e.xtiacts theicfroin.^r  y   The names  of i Leon  Coursici,-j-.ee>  "So'lou'ny,'and May  Anthony -\ere7_by  ������ome mistake/omittecWiom amongst  'tlie hstof the successful candidates in  the*thebrt-tical junior examination in  i   last i-*sue, all of  whom   took  a  good  place: "~  A'  Rich.ird tMelvill'e''**as  aire'sted' on  Thursday on a  charge of  lmining a  skin game in town, and  was  sent by  /E. Gordon, J. l\,.to a tei m-of lnipna-  onment irnKamioops jail.   'The prisoner will be'taken to his destination  -   tonight in charge of Constable Terry.  The���������infant^cJiildj3f,Mr._and Mis. R  "A Howsori me*tTith**n.rbad accident'-on  ' Vi'ednesdaj.   He,was playing ,011 Mc-  Ken/ie  asenue   when   W   Jfettipiece  was coming along on a,hoise, and not  noticing the child iode rnei Iimi. The  little fellows feet weie tenibly biuised  and it will be about two weeks befoie  he can get around again.  On Sunday morning Chief Bain had  a desperate encounter withji lunatic  whom he was arresting at the 'Union  Hotel "The man had tlne.itened to  murder a waitiess, and Chief nam  concluded' the best thing to do was  to shut him up as soon as possible  The man proved desperate, and" but  for the assistance of the bai tender, A  Mcl.eod, things would have gone haul  with the chief The man was committed to the asjluni at Westnnnstei  DRAWING  CONTEST.  The Black Cat. dinning contest  instituted by C. B Hume and Co Limited in connection with their Black  Cat brand of goods, attiacted much  attention among the joung^ folks of  the'city and between twenty and thirtv  entries were sent in. 'Jhe pn/e wns  carried off by Erie Couitwr, whose entry displaved a splendid conception of  the subject, and showed Mastei Eric  has got the advertising idea allnght  His entry-was so meritoiious that  itjis being sent on to the manufactui-  ers of thejBlack Cat goods Miss Lily  Pettipeiece got'the pri/e for the girls  entrj.and her-subject was so funin  that a neighbouring business man  said that when lie wanted a food  laugh he went round to &ee it while it  was in "tbe window ' '  We have always made a  . specially nf Pei-fuuics, and  we now have om- of the  bi-.st s*i*leel������*el stocks in the  country.        ....  (Palmers)  Garland of Roses  Fleur de-Armour  Violette Merveille.  These arv three exquisite  odors, two ot which -ire entirely nevv in town. Von  need only to have one smell  to he'convinced of thc  tjualiiv.     Smells are free.  Di Cio������i,has gone to Winnipeg Joi  a dip.       ���������      '   n '  Aid Lewis is on a business tiip to  I lie Coast. f ,  ,   J. Giiihnm ii in the city on a.shoit  visit fiom Calgaiy.  Di. Rutliei land hns returned from a  I up to his old home. -'  , Mr. and Mr-*. Siimnei, of Cnniboine,  weie msitois'to the city this week.  G Lemlike i etui nod Tuewl.iy fiom  Ins holiday tiip to the Poitl.md Imposition       ,    v.^ " I     '".  The "Willing Workeis of St. Andiews  chinch will hold an ice cream festival  on the 18th. - a r  XV. C Ricardo, managei, of 'Coldstream laneh, left Satin day for the  old countiy.   -   ,    -   - -      ������- -  H. P. Smith, of the Prince Mining  and Development Co., ih veiy ill at  Coloiado Spiings. "' t  , K W. Calhoun, of Boundniy Ray,  NTew Westminster, has been appointed  inana'/ei of the lliuper much.  '-Mi. and Mis. Toiiilinsonrleft Wednesday on a visit to Mia. Ciaig and  Miss Lily'Vali-ntinc at Tiout Lake.  Mrs. .1. M. Scott leaves tomorrow  for the'east, intending to meet Mi  ScOtt'_������t Tin ou to on his ictum from  Missouri.  Messis. W. Pettipicce and Peckhani  a'n'd Misses Pettipieco and Pcckhain  this week foimed a liding party to  vihit Lafoime c-ieek.  William living Ihiggs, of Revelstoke,'hamster nnd solicitor, is appointed a notaiy public f6i the province of British Columbia. (  J ^ris. .1. M. Scott has leceivcd a  budget of iilioti-j taken by Dr. Dela-  matei of Rich Hill, Mo., on his recent  visit to the Standaid mine.      o  St.'Andiew'h Sunday school child'  'ten and fm-nds held a picnic at the  old rccie.ition grounds on Thuisday of  last week and a most, enjoyable day  was'spent. ��������� '  *. J. W Bennett lias been appointed  11 ii v el ling iepiesent.it.ive foi 0. K.  limned Co.. Limited, nnd will take  the loutejoinipily looked after by Mr.  Lindmaik. ,  , On Satuiday. the St. Peteis. Chinch  Sunday'School'lield a most successful  picnic on the Big Bend Road. ' Theie  was'a large attendance and nil heaitily  enjoyed themselves  ���������A/Mi. and Mis. F B Wells nnd r'.T. I.  Wood row left foi the Bend ou hoises  Wednesday, it being, then 'intention  to examine some mining interests  they have in that section  The*serum and junior chons of the  Methodist Cbuieh held a picnic on  the Big Bend Road on S.ituiday nnd  but foi the unfoitunate,incidents connected with it, proved very enjoyable  S H. Bowman, of the Bowman  Lumbei Company, is at picsent in  Washington, where he owns two mills.  One of them was lecentlydestioyed by  fire, delaying his leturn to Revelstoke.  R. S. Brown, publishei, of Kilmarnock, Scotland, and brothei of HjcjA.  ^Brow'n,"*mayoi'AoI,the.city, is,here on a  few weeks visit. Mr." Brown' is"1 publishei of the latest edition of Bums,  called the "People'sTEdition."  The engagement is announced of  Miss Anna Holmes, eldest daughtei of  Colonel Holmes, DOC, and Mil  Holmes, Yiotoiia, lo Mi R M. Mar  pole, general snpenntendent ol the  I' icilic division of the C P. It  On Monday J.M Scott w.is called  to Colorado Spiings on business cou-  riected'with the I'niiee Mining and  Development Company and will probably visit points in Missouri wheie  the company h.i-* stock-holders beinie  Ins letuin  The News savs Mi-s Mabel Shook  of Revel-toke, fonnerlj one of Vei-  non's popul.ii young ladies, came in  on Satuiday to take in the celebration, remaining ovei Sundnj, and  acting vei} acceptably as neeompaniH  at the band conceit  On Satuidav Messis Hoinell, W  Bews Copeland, Telfei, XV ' A. Mac  (lonakl, Thornton, Block, and 'XV. A  Sm>the visited thecaveat Ross Pe.ik  and letmned Sunda} The day befoie  then visit Mi. Deutclinian had shot a  ������n//ly bear and bant] net ted them on  bear meat  The union picnic of the-Methodist  and Ivtiox church Sunday schools was  held at Albeit Canyon Tuesday aiid  was largely attended Jt was a complete success, all heartily enjojing  themselves The thanks of the visitois  i*o viiit to 1<* Pnic-'t and Mi and Mis  ICelly for then geneious etloits to  make the picnic an enjoyable one.  Tbe Ladies' Auxilnny of thc Caiho-  lir church gave a successful social on  Wednesday at the church gionuds  The band was in attendance. Srraw-  beines and cie.im, -ce cream, cake,  candies, etc , weie piovided and theie  was a large attendance, about t-01)  being realised. Mesdames F. McCarty,  I). McCarthy, J. H. Robinson, Ilobsou  and White had charge of the arrangements.  Mrs. Jerome Mercier and the Rev.  Alec. Mercier, hon. treasurers iu Eng  land for Xew Westminster and Kootenay diocese, left Liverpool June iti  per S. S. Canada and are holding 0.  T.'s and Mothers' I'nion meetings in  Quebec, Ottawa. Toronto, Winnipeg,  and Calgary. They may at Golden,  B. C, by invi.tation of Rev. C. F.  .Yales, and inspect the Indinii' girls'  tchool at Yale, 15. C. They are due at  See House, New Westminster, July  12th.  mal puce for paitie-i wi-hiin; tn (hive  on the, 11. ick, and the Ineiy sial.les  will nn doubt piolecl I In mselvCt. ,m  this diii-ciinn, thus giMi'S then'c-uh-  loinei*- ihe iidvaiiliige ol Ibe dine  lhis will ceitainlv be nn nd\iinla(*o  to the public at large  The DiieetuM who have gone to all  this tumble al greit iiieonveninee  and cost to themselves should certainly  have the Hwnpitlij ��������������������������������������� suppoit oi t lie  com m unity .        ' r-  DEATH OF  MISS   VALENTINE  , On" .Sunday the sad -news was  leeeived.by Mis' /ionilmsoii of the  death nt Poi Hand of her i-istci, Miss  li.nlh Ynleiitine, who has hern connected with tl-e Ciiindn Ding Co's.^  stoie heie fm seveinl >cnis/ Mit-s  Yiiientme���������left'a feiv.weeks ngo, to  visit'bei home in I'oitlaud and see the  pvlnbit ion,but eontiacled typhoid fevei  which pioved fatal Much sympathy  is felt with Mis. Tonilmson, and her  sisteis at Tiout Lake, Mis. Cinig and  Miss Lily Valentine, iu their hcieavo-  incnt. Misb Valentine was one of the  most highly esteemed young ladies of  the city. '  ACCIDENTS.  The picnic on' Satuiday of thesenioi  and ju'nioi ohoiis of the Methodist  Chinch hud its tii*gieal"8ide. Mrs C  If M.feuthoiland slipped and sustained a compound   fi.ictuio Jof  the leg.  W. W. Lofcaux'slipped while ciots-  ing a log at the'falls nn eight, mile  c-ieek and felfnito the sietlimg pooj  below, wheie foi some timt he was; in  great dangei of d"i owning-as no assistance could be got to lmn.V lie mining  ed to hang on to a ledge-���������of lock till  he could gcVbut, but foi a tune it was  feared the niiid, mail of watci would  sweep him'ovei the falls below        ',  REVOLUTIONARY  the  3  Conditions" Still  Exist in  ' Land of the Czar.  1    { -        *r.    l < r  Theciewof the ,crack wiishipiof  the Baltic fleet, the Iviua/ Potenikin,  still holds'the mnsteiy ,J Th'e Baltic  fleet, undei Admiral Kiutrei,1-w.is in-  stiucted to binlc "the ship, and sui-  rounded it foi that purpose, but tbe  idmiral found he could n,"t depend on  Ins men to liie against then fellow  maiines and be hud to sail bick to his  post at Seb.istoool, leaving the insiii  get.t ship .it hei freedom. * Anothei  wiuship loined her, but its ciew subsequently sunendeied. t .ulmiial  Iviugei, finding the mutinous condi-  1,1011 of his men, dismantled a niimbei  of his ships, diew the-'lues and dis-  chaiged the'crews  The " Kuiii/ Totemkin'   sailed   -foi  Thodosia'and  Akkeiman,   wheie she  held   up   the   town," tlueaiening ;to  bonibnid it if supplies were not grant  ed.   They, were  . ,,.   ,*    ^^'  "Late news says the Kniiu Potemkin  litis been blown up, nnd another lepoit  ���������iajs she is hornbaiding'! beodusin, that  the town is luiiniug, and -mother  torpedo boat has joined the unoluiiun-  ists \A thud ippiutsajs two toipn-,0  boats attacked the iebi 1 wnrilup and  weie sunk by her \  The Black ������*e i squadion has heen  again despitched to desfioj the war  ���������.hip  Annichy reigns in Guinea, which is  on thc veige ot revolt ;  vfter ,disli'ihnting the ioii of honor,  piesented to'each * pupil avsuitable  pieseiit as a lewaid.foi good conduct  dining the teim.  To add to,then delight.John Doubt,  nf.Lauiie, put in mi appearance,  loaded (dowi. with oiniige.% candies  and sncli .delicacies( as appeal to the  heait  (oi stomach)  of the  small boy  .Ijist befoie tbe nnival of(nnmber 97  the tiustees and some'others interested  in the vvoiking iof-the school- called  >-pon Miss Gi illitlis and piesented her  with -an nddiess and a handsome  tiavelling ea.-u as.n small token of the.  esteem in which she is held Although  taken completely by c.snipnse <she  lesponded most giacefully.. / .      ���������  Thcnnnual school'inciting was'held  qii the SMth and wns one of the most  enthusiastic evei r held here. P. XV.  Mooney was ie-elected uiu tiustee-by  acclamation. .      J   ,       >    > r,. l!  A leview of tho woiki done duiing  tlie .yeiii slioncd most satisfactory  iesults,' and a vote of thanks was  tcndcied 'the ttustees foi the careful  attention given thc woik of the school  ably responded to by Mr. Peteison.  Speeches weie mnde by Messrs^Vinet,  Doubt,- Foibes, Holland, Smith and  others, all of which gave (evidence of  tho gold feeling , pi evading and the  inteiest taken in tlie welfaie of the  r-chool.' Mi.'Doubt and Mr. Vin'ot displaced then usual generosity by pie-  sonting the ^school with a-beautiful  set of maps, which are 'highly, appie-  cintcd.'     ',   ' ���������*��������� s ,i   ,  .  . - (,    j.     ft  Business Locals,  i  When yoii-.want ICE tell Hutchison  nnd you wilfgeMt in ejuick order.  , Pancy Jnpanese napkins, new shipment opened at the Canada Drug Store  Youi ciedit isrgooerfor-house furnishings at Howson's.  "i Always the'Same ' " J  iAi,_  PP. ,      ,e. .   ,  ^;W!A.HNT*EQD:  JiLP   WANTED���������AT- ONOE-12  mi wyers,  $2 'Hi per- elaj ;  lo nien  H        Joif |ni*-li, woik, $2,310 per-day; 10 men  tor- yai d(win k, !)i2 10 per* day -mil un;  gnl Ini houseivoik, good place; vvail-  i ess lor lesl-Hiimnl. BROWN'S iEM-  PLOYMENT, O F1J10E.     J A-A"  "-   i  THE WAR.  President Roosevelt Arranging  '    an Armistice.  '   ,  The ]*e.ice ..lenipotentnine- f.ii  Riis*-u have armed it Washington,  a.nil Piesident Roo.-e\*-lt has l-een liu-i  endeavoring to arrange an armistice  with Jtpin, pending the re=uli*, of the  negotiations  Japan is nVitfng a loan of ������l50|i"UO -  000 at 1\ iier cent * /     ;  LUMBERING.  Selling  Association  *   Formed/  to    be  .Drug Company.  Frici-s as Ipw as quality will peipjit  TURF  ASSOCIATION.  Tho Revelstoke Turf association are  to be congratulated upon the energy  and uphill work they have linen doing  this past year in arranging for a track.  They have at laat seen their way  clear to complete thc Arrangements  laid out. It is not in itself as a track  that the advantages will,be to Revelstoke but it will give the city a drive  such as vve have been looking for for  years. Wc are informed that the association will issue permits at a nomi-  Mi. Sine, secretary treasurer of Ihe  Bow in m Lumbei t'l.inp mv, net Mi  I.uidin.'ii k, iii.iii igrr -if the I4t-\t l**if������ki*  Lumber Coiiipiny. attended the nuet-  msr nl the Moiinrain l.umbei nii>n'������  Association nt Giilgarj, this week. '11k  only bnsiiie-s of irnport.iiKefli.il Ciiine  up for coiisidei it inn w.i- the ortr.in-  lsation of a "filing a<-,( .flat ion to  undei take the marketing of the cm r.f  thc nulls opi rated bv iii'-uihi r-. of the  association.  There are thirty-four mills whew  principal output is shipped to Manitoba and tlie Territorie*-, arid all but  three of i bese joined in.the pool, which  is to go into etl'ect. immediately  The/plan is the result, of a  decision  on the part of a m>ij->rity of the mills  that, sonic such arran-pment. is neccs  sary  to   provide   a������ainst   citting   of  prices in competition.  In the budget elnbiuc W.A Galliher,  M. V , again urged "the cliims of the  lumbermen to protective duty.  , Good'gopds iiA ..  ! ' Yesterday,'sToday,' Tomofiow.o Let  us piove it "to ybu. BROWN'I CIGAR  STORE & POOL ROOM. r " ,; ,-,  v Pirstelass'Jsupply of ICE-^nay be  bad fiom J. C Hutchison. ,- y .i , f  ��������� Govern ts at^cut pi ices' at Howson's  Furnituie Stoie.   ' * ���������-      '���������'  '���������" >���������    ������!'���������=  Waterman fountain pons���������^thevery  best makes���������nllf,styles of points.1' See  them at the'.CaiiHela Ding Stoie.     +  Finishing ,done for , amateuis ( on  sliort notice'at^R'iH! Tiuernan's studio  Revelstoke, ;B C,* ,   r<-(-,J '., t r fi  -;-"*  Everybody. Knows/ ' ' f  ' -McConkey's 'best chocolates m lib.  and Mb boxes 'oiily./0Caniid.i'Dr,iig'<S-  Book-Co-'aie agents foi'these. A fresh  supply jusfopened. ������ j,\\A 4 P.'Al  ( Private funds' to loan on l pal'estate  security, Apply to'Scott and, Briggs,  BairisterS) Revelsfoke/B. C. ���������-      !>  "Tnsect powder���������the stiongest kind���������  it, will kill the'flies and'dnve/mosqui-  toes out of the,house",AThe. Canada  Drug <fc--BooklCo..keep it. -*������������������> u-'y^ >'  y THE SHOEITe'r.; YOU,���������SMOKE  OUR CIGARS'THE ,'LONGER- YOU  ENJOY.THEM.t ^BROWN'S 'CIGAR;  STORE." ; I ' <��������� n ^ Xy"u P -'.  ' Family Herald1 aiid, WeeUly. Star  and Kootenay MniPall to end of 1905  or $1 50. "/Send in your, subscription'  as soon as':possil)le nnd,g������t lhe-best  newspnpei value c\ei otteied "���������> Address  The Kootln-ayMaii, Revelstoke, B-C.  ' See Ilowon i. Cti foi a large assortment of squaies, ings, carpets, ��������� Linoleums, etc.! ��������� , t ���������  The Red Cioss Ding Compnny has  been "incorporated with a capital of  ���������flO/lOO- The following aie the dnect-  ois G S McOnrtei.A M Pinkham,  G D Beattie, T. E L Tajloi nnd Di.  Cro-s.  Pool, Pool., Pool     -  Poof 1-* the-IOns of (ian.es.and the  game* of kings Our tables .ue the  best make. A' trial - will convince  Five cents a cue, at BROWN'* CIGA R  STORE & POOLROOM  Mi=s Agnes Holme, late of the  nrvpdale-Ste\en=on Ltd, Vancouvei,  is "taking chaige of Mis Geoige's  dressmaking department She is a  thoroughly c.ipable-and expeuenced  dressmaker, so the public may be sine  that any work given to Miss rieJme  will be executed in the most modem  and approved fashion.  You Don't Have To Be a Ball  Player  to make a short stop. A short, stop at  Brown's Cigm Store, will convince  yon that our goods are good.  W. Clark Provides Variety.  Clark's Ready cooked ti-lv Poi k inel  Beans, juicy Lunch Tongue, tenelei,  tai=ty Corned Beef, etc , etc, all appe  liBing,  whole-senile. i  No Piper Ever Piped a Pipe  like aiii of our piper. This is no pipe  dream You're- lemking foi n pipe Re  WIM>���������BKOWiV'f pipes me right, the  prices, too.  .  ILLECILLEWAET.  from our own corrcipoii'lcnt,.  Mrs, Orcor of  Albert Canyon spent  a few days   in town   Inst,  week1,   he.ing  tho guest of her son   fo-eman   VV.   If".  Smith.  ��������� Extensive improvements are being  made here by the C. P.,FI. under tho  supervision of Foremen Holland ami  Peterson.  rnAKE N'OTICK thnl Ihirty davh aft<-r Male  I wi: iitt'.-ritl (o iii-rily lo tin: fliinoralili* (Ik*  Chinf I'oniiiiNiloncr of I^indx and Works for u  sticclnl llc������ns<; to cm and carry nwiiy tiinlxir  from the following d'veribed lunds: ('omriH-rie-  mnncln-f at lhe lonthc-.'i^t corner |Ki-I. of lot Wi.  nhont two mites ca������t of Arrow Lake .'ind tilwiit  four mill*-- north of Nakn-p. nl a po������t rnnrkt-el  Yalc-Cohimtifn Lumber I'oiujhio'k Koiillieai,*.  corner post; running thonco c������-t ICO cli.-ifns,  theneo north lOchni'as. thenco went If/1 ohainn,  and thenco south 10 chnlny to point of commencement.  VAf.K-COI.t.-MBIA M'imER CrjMJ'A.Vy.  ���������JKiaH, X.IMITKD.  'Synopsis of Regulations lor Disposing of  y Minerals on Dominion Lands In Manl  |1( toba. tho Nortliwost  Territories, and  j."tho Yulioni Territory.      ,   y-   rj(l     ,  Ac A ACA ��������� ��������� '.   i (���������,,."  ���������  Coal ���������Coal lands may be purchased at  110 pei acre for soft coal and UU for an-'  tin actte Not more than 320 acres can'  be uccjulred by one. individual or company Royalty at the rate.:of ten cents  per ton of 2,000 pounds shall be, collected  on the gross output -*'  ' *���������  '    *    V -  Quartz���������Persons of .eighteen yeurs and  over and joint stock companies Raiding-  tree miner's certificates may obtain entry  for a mlntnsr location. ... i  A free .miner's certificate Is granted for  mo or more years.-not'exceedlnB'tlve, up-  , on pa*, ment In advance of J7 CO per annum for an Individual, (-'and from |C0 to  (100 per annum for a company, according  to capital.' i' -���������'-** >   i ti ,      r  -i  , A free minor.having discovered mineral  tn place, may locate a claim UDOOxl&OO foot  by marking out the same i with two legal  posts, bearing location iiottcetr, one at  each ond on the line of thejoda or vein  The claim shall be rocorded within llf-  teen days if located within ten ���������', tie* of a  mining recorder's foUlce, one - ftdltlonal  day allowed for every additional ton  miles or fraction.' Tho fee for recording  t claim la tS. ��������� , '/ , J -n <''���������! w u-  - At least |100 must be expended, on,the  claim ouch jear or paid to tae'mliilng recorder In lieu thereof. When VM0 has been  exponded or paid, tho locator may, upon  having a survey made, and upon complying with other requirements, J.l-rchase  tho land at $1.00 on acre. i., i j        .   -  Permission may be granted by the minister of the anterior to locati Ch ims  containing Iron and mica., also at K>������, in  i the Yukon. Territory, of an;are*(<,ot.sx-f  ceedlng 160 acres. .,- .  1 The patent'for'aljmlnlng'locatli-u shalli  pio\ Ide for tho payment, of a'lojalty of 24 per  ceiiL-or ine huIch of tho l loducts ottho locution  - 'Placer Iii ning, Manitoba and tbe N."W.  <r, i excepting' the i.Yukon Territory.���������'  1 Placer, mining claims .gener������lly , are 100  I feet  square;   entry  > feo, .. $6,, renewable  yearly.   - On -��������� the *��������� North'- Saskatchewan  .River claims, for either bar or.bench,,the  former being 100 feet'long and extending  between high and low,water mark.   The  , latter includes bar digging*, but extends  (back to the, base of the hill or bonk, but  not exceeding 1,000 feet.    Where' iteo.ii  ;power!.Is used, claims 200.feet,wide- may  be obtained..  r.,,M,'        '       -"   .      ;��������� - ���������  .; Di edging'in the rivers of -Marutobo  and'the N.< W. 'T., lexceptlng the-Y-Ocon  Territory.���������A free miner may-obtain only,  J two leases of five miles each for a term  of twenty years, renewable In the'discretion of the'Minister iof .the'Interior.  , The lessee's right is confined to t'je submerged beds or bars of the river below  ,low water mark, and subject to tbe rights  of all persons who have, or .who may receive entiles'for bar diggings or bench  'claims, except ,on the - Saskatchewan  tRlver, where the1 lessee may'dredge to  high water mark on each alternate leasehold - - .-.' ,  1 The lessee shall have a dredge in operation .within one .season from;the date ot  the lease for, each five miles, but where  a' person or company has obtained more  than one lease ono dredge for each flf-.  teen -miles' or fraction' is \ sufficient1  .Rental, $10 per annum for each mile.of  river leased.' Royalty at the rate of two  and a half'per cent collected on* tbe output after it exceeds $10,000.    ,  Dredging In the Yukon Territory ��������� SI*  leases of five miles each may be granted  ito  a free  miner fori a  term  of * *-  years,' also i enewable. ������-. - ���������    ' i,.-,  The lessee's1"right li confined to.the  submerged! bed or bars-In'the river-below low water mark, that boundary to  be fixed by Its position "onUhe 1st day ol  'August in the year, of. the date of .'the  lease.   -* M * y. * ^ *       *   **i  The lessee shall, have one dredge in op-  of the lease, and one dredge for each  eration. within. two years-from-the date  five mites .within six years from.such  date Rental, J100 per mile for the tiist  j ear, and, $10 .per mile foi each, subsequent year Royalty, "same as placer mln  Ing. , \ .iii -| ,j Mnrt v  i Placei Mining In the Yukon Territory '  ���������Creek, river .gulch and hill claims shall  not exceed 250 feet in length, measuit-u  on" the base line or general' direction o-  the cieek or"gulch, .the width being fr'-i,  1,000 to 2,000 feet All other placei claim*,  shall be 250 feetsqmue. -' '  Claims are marked by two legal posts,  one at each end, beating notices .Entry  must be obtained within ten daja, if the  claim is within ten miles of mining ie  corder's office One extra day allow*1, '  for each additional ten miles or fraction  ��������� The person or company staking a claim  must hold a free miner's certificate   4  The discoverer of a new mine is entitled  to a claim of 1,000 feet'In length, and II  the paity consists of two, 1,600 feet ullo  gethfei, on the output of which no royalty  shall be charged, the rest of the par ty  ordinary claims only '  > Entry "fee, $10 Royalty at tho rate of  two and one-half pei cent ou the valu .  of the gold shipped from the Yukon T������i >  ritory to be paid to the Comptroller.  - No free miner shall receive a arant e  more than one mining claim on each sea  erate river, creek or gulch, but the saint  miner may hold any number of. claim*  by purchase, and free miners rrTay woih.  their claims in ' partnership by filing  notice and paying fee of $2 A claim may  be abandoned, and another obtained on  tlie same creek, gulch oi river, by giving  notice and paying a fee  . Work must be done on a claim ,e/-,ch  year to the value of at least $200  A'certlflcate that woik has been duae  must be obtained each ycai; ,lf not, (llu  claim shall be deemed lo be abandoned  and open to occupation and entry by a  free miner  The boundaries of a.claim may be to-  fined  absolutely    by  having    a    surz-jj,  made and publishing notices In the Yukon  Official Gazette ' ,.,  Pe-tioleum ���������All unnppioprlated Dom n  Ion   Lands   in  Manitoba    the  No. Ih svmi  Tenltorles and within  lhe  Yukon Tent  Uny aio open  to prospecting for p. tr-i  eum, and  the minister may  re������er������..   (o\  -in   Individual  or company    hn-!ng    j-j  olnneiy   on   the   land   to   be   .omnpaoteA.  an  men of WO acies    Shout-,  tho prji������  pectoj  discover oil  In paying quantities  and  satisfactorily establish such disco*  ciy, in area not exceeding CIO acres, in  eluding the oil well and such other lan4  nn   may  bo   detennined,   will   be  sold   tc  the   discoverer  at  the  rate  of  $100   an  acre, subject to royalty at such rate a*  may tie specified by order-ln-councll  Department   of   the  Interior,   Ottawa  -,    .r.w. W. COltY,  Driiiily of tbe Minister of the Iutei-.^r.  Sunday (Dinners.  I v^  *.   -- * ^        -* ,        (  A specialty vvill be,made 'of  Sunday  diuneis at the Union Hotel. Price 50c.  .  ,     '^'AyvMRS.-MoKITTRIOK.^  "-.,   YODO FUJI  ..  '     '  has reopened a  RESTAURANT  fa g   T-'ibnlMclCenzie"Avenue.i.!   'i\  Open Day^nd-NighV.'First-Class Service  ���������\   * ' i"        157tc '      ,   '-  ���������O iK  Clocks'Clocks!  (/ 8-Day", Half' Hour, Strike,   for  MOO brily.    Limited* Number}  J. Gtiy; Barber!  Richard R: Copeland  JOBBING^ARPENTBIlLi.',  ,     ''AND 0ABIN15TMAKB11    'A  Mantles,*- Shelving, Fly Sereens, et  ,- : J-  ,     -        v.  11- i . i     i ejj  Jobbing Promptly, Attended To  Third Street East,  ' ivy i' Hevelstoke  !)12tc ,     ,yt', ',-   ,}\  A"  h      l    U'.^    !fj  ' i'   l.'  V i ���������  NEWBARBERSHOP  '-.ii'V'n' r   1-**^     ( 'v *i*    i   *---'' "ft*  -<t;( pJ. O. Morgan,will opeifihi-- j1-  newBarbe'r- Shop,1  FIRST;;SJREEI  tn  >>    ,������'!  1    ���������'���������     I.'      Y i "     '���������        I   -u-     b f i>    -' ft   ' ,  On Monday, May 1st. Old Customers  and new can depcnd.,011 ,receiving'the  best attention/   ,     ,,',,,  i .     ;i    n:  ���������r  ,ff.'  ';   ^.'.  E;J;B0u;Me  ' ll' jl '.,    .,        I    J   I    I'll   i     ���������,_       ', ,    ff  .  ���������7Boots,and Shoes, j, a  , JuMeh's (Furnishings, j ''  ; "3Ready'*-Made?Cl6thirig.  1 .       .    *  . i      i' r   * - ...  Bfevelstoke JBestanpant  1      Fi      ''I   $1J9 i I f'V       ���������rf* 1 f  <---Mr8.JH.lJ, HaiiDuiy.JVlamigiess.'''   ,  First-Class Table.' '       y >  P  "'A       Private Dining^Boxes.  1    Largo Djningrooin for Ut''(.   t  i    J_5-  J*  IJlKiiqiiets, Suppers, otq,*-j.,a_,   r  Furnisfietf Rooms t-TorL'et.  ,PIRST ,STBEET,PBEVELSTOKE���������  ,tj-4*&+j ���������  *������S"-tf-^ i  Xiji  f*UUST INSIST  fA'i-tpA.J 'zArAjt^ ,_  -  fYour Milkrls Pure'1  ,/KlT/ii,/ 'ilitMA  YourMilkfls Clean  ';Your:MiilcIsFree  fe.of s Preservatives ',  aiid'You WHfOrder It From  >i i  THAT  THAT  THE  A POST CARD ADDRESSED''  JH/T05'US AWILL"'-INSURE '-'A *  PROMPT/OXLL-'FROM OURr;  I'  I    IT"'U '  V DRIVER.'' ^ ���������  1      J *     t        A*    ���������*     *     '''"i   ^i'--|-,  WALL MFLK'DELIVEKED^BOTTL'CDl1  Ji -; .jf ".'���������'ii S ~'t,->i<<*i".~,', \>\'.*;>i'\  \ "T.-'A."LEWIS, Proprietor:-''  It ���������>;  ft.  ,\.  f.twentjr      *    /'    .     '-        '- '  ���������X>& FIRST STREET,^  AUPA^'An  WEST.  ���������,'j-  i  >iii  In  .iSTKNSTROM,  f-r  deeeaseil, and  Tii thc matter of the  "Oflk-ial- Adniiiiislintoi''.  ' NOTIfKIS H10Kn,BYOIVENthat byoielei  of Ui-iIIoiioi J. II ���������Koiiii, County Judge dated  the -Mid day.of June. l'Kl'i GuoigeSmith Mo  Cattei, Odlcial Adiniiiistl.iloi foi Hint purl of  ICooleiinj'i Compiinu* \\iLlim the lievelstoke  Eltctoi u Distiict, Im-, heon giiinted letteihof  adiuinistriition, to iidimnistor all and singulai  the estate of Andiow Slciisliom, idcceaicd, -n  tctute > '        ,'       ,        ��������� '  And fmlhcr lake notice that all claims upon  the said es a'c must ho bcnl in to tho said Ait  inimstialoi, at Ins ollice, Impel ml Bank Block,  Revelstoke, H. U , within 10 ilajs Iiom lhe dale  hcieof, aflei ������Imh all piocccds Mill ho distuh  iiIl-(1 amoiiK the puliis lawfully IhcKunto  untitled.  ,      ,     OKOUGE SMITH McCARTElt,  Ofltciul Adininisti iLoi.  Dated the 27th rlaj of .Tunc, 1<I03 * <ISlij22  >   "pwingito^the'ilaigolincreaseV ih  *- our3 Bakery 'JBu&inesa v\ e iiaveibeen  .oGliged'tCelo away with  all 'old-^  - time( methods "ami    instill' ne)v 4 '  npich'inery xjof Jthejilalesfi'typo,-"  'which placeSjaia-in jui.position to.   -1  . cope witli"nny-hice concei'n'in the  n  rp^o,viiice.;; U-'if'bOiiVi'-Jflj -VVflrH  '" '- -    ' ' *  '''if s-t ,".-f������t*,uia.-."i.,i   ,t, .u--'  CaH and'Inspect Our Goods.rV'-v  From';" Satisfaction-^ Guaranteed/  H0BS0NA&X. BELt?  j-  -i i  On the 23rd the  was closed for thc  anel the children  'nippy appearance  Fllccillewait school  summer holielays,  presented a very  envirig to the' fuel,  Hint their teacher, Miss Griffiths, had,  Corporation of the, City  , of Revelstoke.  TFCNDERS are rcepiested for grueling Htrei-ts nnd laying .sidewalks. Fii.it,  of work can be seen at City Clerk's  office. r  Tender.-* to reach the undersigned bv  noon, Thursday the 13th Inst.     I  ,11.. FLOYD  July 8tn, 1005.  City Clerk.  -VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that tluitj  IS lias's aft ci date 1 intend toappl} lo thc  duel1 I omiiussionei of Lands and Woiks for a  special license tocul and uiii) a������aj Innboi  Iiom the following (lcsciibed, lands in West  Koolennj (listnet ���������    , ! ,  ,i Numbei One.  Commencing nt a post niin ked Wm Gowan's  noifhwest coinei piM," and planted al a point  two miles noi th ol the llio and half mile post  on*" Government trail, to Big Ledge, Pingston  Creek, thence noilh 81)chains, thence east.SI  (hams, thence south SO chains, thtnee \\cM SO  (.hams to (lie place of (cmmcnccnicnt. >'  J. . ),'     .-   .(    Numbei Tho   >. ���������  Commencing .it a. post mai ked "Win. Gow  an s soutInvest   coinei   post,'--and plantod.it a  point one mile noi I li of t nc live and a half mile  post on Go-cinin'-nl tiail to Iiig Ledge, 1'iiigr-  tou Cieek, lliencc noi th 80 chains, thence east,  W)chillis thence  south bUchains, thence we-st  SO chains lo I he place of commencement.    - /  Nmiihci Tin co.  Comim ncinff at a post   nun ked   "Wm Gow  ans soullu.isl  (oinci   post,   and  plant.dal a  point one mile noilh of the live and .i half mile  posl on Go\(*inineul 11ail lo Big Ledge, 1 hence  uoi th 1W)chains, thence  west 40 chains, lliencc  sout li 1I>0< hams, tlience cast JO  chains to ihe  place of commencement t   ' )  r        - Nunihoi Foui.,  e'onuiieiicing at a post mai ked "Win. Gow  nns  Aouthwost  coi net post,'and planted at a  point 'Udiiuiih wisl of the sis and om- quaitci  null- posl on (ioiciiiiiicnl hail   to  Big   [.edge,  l'ingsloii ( ii'i k, thenu noilh III ch tins, thiucc  (H--I   loll i liiiuis, tin ncc south III chains, tliouco  west IM) chains Io I lie place tor commencement  ^' Niinilici  l-'iic.  (* ointue-nciii'^ al a post maikod "W Gowau'H  nnithwi st (oiiii-i post,    and planted at<i point  li) cli.iins  i.isl   ol   the-  si-c and aquaitci mile  post, on Got ci mill-lit 11 nil to Big Ledge, Pings  Ion Cm ( k, llu ncc soiuh h,u chains, thence cast  III i hams, thi ncc uoi ill IdJ chains, thence west  In (hams lo lho place of commencement.  Number Ti\.  Commencing  lit  a yiosl niaikod "Wm.'Gow  an s noillicasl coinci post,' and planted   at a  point one mlto and ltd chains cast of the slvand  oiic-i|iiai'tci- mile posl oiiGoiciiuiiciittiiulloBig  l.cdgc. l'ingsloii   deck, I hence west 10 chains  lliencc mjiiiIi ICO.chaiiiH, Lliencc  cast 10 chains  thence   not th   IIUI chains Io the place of Com  IllCUCCIIICIlt.  Number ye\en.  Coiiimciicing at a post, niai-ked "Win. Gow-  an's noi thwesl coi nci- post,," and* plaiilud at  sumo pnlnl as Niinilici-(., thenco cast lOeiiaiiiH,  lliencc Miiitli KiO chains, thonco west 1(1 chalps,  llicuce north KiO chainn lo thc place of commencement.  Diilcd thiH������Jth day of June, lOftS.  !)87-.jy31 ,      ' WAt. GO WAN. Locator.  When You Want    *' r \'l  ' Night bi day,' '  -    ; '.-  ��������� . Ring up Tei. No. 27  -'   '������������������'    . ��������� -    ,r'' ���������'' -'  . >\       t   ,.   -. i *    'i i ���������  Stand at' Union Hotel  > m  J. M. McCallluml  Local" %%C 'Wanted  'ATO,NgEFOE-*3fmafy,f)  Canada's GreatestfNurseries"  .For Ihe .town ��������� of   Revelstoke* ' "  and      .suiiounding^i country,      r-  which wi[l be reserved  for thc^  , i<-  Mght^inan. ,\Start now"at.the '    *'  besL>8elliiigse<ibon, iind'hlinclle    '' 'i  -oui -NEW SPECIALITIES on-'i'1* '  LJBERALt TERMS. -"Write"   ,'������i  ' tor  pai tic-ulai s, iimtl  ten- om handsome i  send11  j    i  i-i,  Aluminum ^'Pocket' Micros'pope;^k  (a little (rem) useful to  Fanners in e\ainimng Hecdb and grains, .  Orchardists   *" " ,        tiet-h foi nibccts,    ',  Giudcnoii        "       ' plant*) foi msedtH.  'I'cichors and Scliohus in htudj ing bofanj,  K\oijhcKl-. m a hunched dllteiont ways.  and  'STONE &r.WELLIT"GTON,-  Fonthil  -  TORONTO  Foothill Niirfone-fl [over 800 acres].    . , ONTARIO  ���������\\  /I  IG  Fer.sons reepiiriiifr a supply of ice can  depend  on gettinir it promptly  from  "w. ^n-EnyiiiiTGr-  OWtc  Wm. Fleming,  Whdlusalo and Itotail  Meat fflrtant.  JHSa    la  BUTCHER.   . '  Retail Dealer Inx jtw^������ *      r     j  -     - ��������� BEEF,,; PORK,  MJJTTON,;' Etc.,  Fish and Game in Season.  ' AU orders promptly filled.', - ,f  nbVhLolUKb,   D.   G.,   andKfng staJotS  THE       '-      ' -"  ALBERTA EMPLOYMENT- AGENCY  Licensed.,-   i'     ^-'Register ed., ������ A  CALGARY, ALTA. 5  Geo. McLean, '��������� -   Manfii;er.'5  Fish   and   Game   in    Season  First St., Revelstoke.  Hc  ESTIO HELP, RANCH-HANDS,  TEAMSTERS & LABORERS furnished on short notice.  Office: Room 5, BurnsBIock.  P. 0. Box 846, Calgary, AlU,


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