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Kootenay Mail Jul 4, 1903

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 I fe^-'-t ��� ���-, v ' , ;   -  *    A"-A   ''    -jV
I'T -
i-V '.
, 1-'���   .    '-
<- ,
-    ��� i -     '
" /    '.,
������'r\a\ Librae '
Mv A<^m
p - p %:M
kv -   '
��� ��� '��� '*f: l&^'K1 '7T'-N >.- .
/?��/?/? bv
, ���'.   PEOPLE.
i    t      l*       < v
-', &
&^   '
1   I,    ���
k. i: 1 KASON.
,   victoria.      -, .b. c.
.Viiierii-in nil I kuro) t.m l'b>��.
American I'.un ?2i*niid Upvinrds
��   fcle.uii Heated Sample rooms.
- ''Ai
t '    to i-i 1
- '     \   j   ''tl
I 1"+/    "i
-,    -*
V \;\- Vol.'10.-Nov.14v
<   i
REVELSTOKE.'Bv C.:|JULY-4, 11)03.
S2.00 Per Tear'
��� v;
Staple and [ Fancy Dry, Goods
' ..  'Ready-Made Clothing,
;Jen!s:Pupnishirigs;Hats;Caps, Boots, Shoes
LOur Geo. A. Slater "Inyictus-Boot" is a Daisy. , -Ask to see it
i   i.
Notice^a Few.of,Our Special Lines:
r:      . '     i  *        -1   ,     REGULAR
Suits in'grey'and mixed colors, $6.50,
Suits' in grey1 and mixed colois,  fo op,      ,
Suits in cirev and mixed colors.   1 i.oo,
.-Men's Rain Coats "....." '. .
. "ii . "���, �� ( I .
,*"Men s Rain Coats.. . .* -	
'"^Men's Tan'Boots. ��x'����,on> Willow Calf
yslMen's-Tan Boots,   >/'  -> Vici Kid..-.'
,-Men's1 Tan Boots,    v.'        Bov^Calf..
* Men's Black Boots;   ." ��� Donyola Kid,
Ladies'. Rain Goats!    1000,
3- Ladies'' Rain TCoats.1."'.-. . . .\',.<:'.V. :. .-   6 00,
" Ladies', Rain Coats. . . I '.'. . V.-. . . .A,:'. (  4' 75;
4 ����-1
2 50.-"'
'$4 50
, ' 7.50
' ,5.00
-2 50
2 00
1 7.00
"3 00
A /ine,assortment of Dress and
- .*'    ,.     Curtain - Muslins
Kindly-favor, us with your mail ordei.
.It-<,\\ill icceive prompt ^attention '
btil(c-s.oi tn T.ij lor Bros, it Geoige, Limited.
*.. V(^<^(^(^(^<^(^(^*^(^(^(^(^(^i^(^^(^fttrt(^(^r^
a ; & A:J ^A' I -y r<A \ A'A * v* - *.' *s T / -"*'��� j . ' <" a*^t /. * ; ;&,
T   '   EvJ.yBeURNE,   ���   T
i4f Kamloops���Revelstoke V/on First
,      t A-   '    ; ,     .       '    ,        j        1
'0/^ Fulton Cup Series.
���-    *   * r i. -
, The Knmloops iMusicnl iind Athletic
Association held its annua] celebration
on Dominion, Day and provided exceptionally good .itti actions by brmg-
inji fiom V.mcoiivci an aiiatcuf baseball tc.im of that city to play 11 local
nine and also aii.inging to have thc
fii st of the scries of lacrosse matches
for thc .Fulton cup���Kamloops vs.
Kuvclstoke���ph.yod on that 'elite' besides 1 liinnhei of other events In
the afternoon a huge g.itheung assembled at AlcMindiii P.nk to witness
tlio ilitleicnt''.ittractions, amongst the
liumbci boinir about- lifty' fiom Bevel-
stokevvho had gone down on themorn-
'nig special to chcei thc laciossc boys
to v lctoiy      ' ""       1       '     *
At 1 30the baseball match vviiscallcd
and .1 veiy good exhibition 'given,
though fiom the st.nt it was quite
evident tli.it thc home teum.ih.id met
one of too gie.it/ experience. Tliey
pluckily stood then* fgiound, howev'ei/
and played .1 seven innings game, the
scoic nt tho close standing 15-8 111
f.uoi of Vancouver'-AV. r H.-'-Ilunt,
fust bitsem.in of thc^ K.ini'loo~ps nine,
was unfoitun.ito in sccuii'm .1 hioken
nosc'fiom a foul which i.tn up Ins li.it
1 Then came the event of.thid.ij ���
the, l.iciosse match���Kamloops team
being well backed b> tlie,"citi/ens confident tb.it tbej weie .capable of holding thc,ciip won* bj* "them l.istjear,
vv-hilelteVelstokc boys had foi the fust
tinicJa f.mV lepies'ent.itiv'o following
equally cciV.nn of victoiv ,'\V Millci,
of the V.incouvci luseb.ill club, acted
asiefoiee, .111 cl J)i 'feutheilaiKl as tinie-
kceiici, the teams lining up as follows
KVMLOOI'S ��        "" '     A     1 lMLSIOIvr
Trimblo        '' "   Goal * * O.io
Hiirlli-j      * Poini 1      f r Hv.ilt
l'icki-i:iii���' "_('ovi r Poi nl * ���*       '    CokIiIiii
C.ilbiol. 1-1 Defence V\ lokon^
iMiK-Coiinicl. inil Dofi-m-u ]* Sodds
ll.ijntiin ini Di'fonci- Edwards
Groatnx Lcnlra '   Gr.iluim
S'D 'Viicdoii lUl"     Ird Homo   "        l   MpKillo
Nc-l-on     "      "    -   ind Hoiiiii iU D DodcU
UtoPliie    * ' "lot Homo "      Lai limn
-. .1,       ,
ball viii   thc
took'- pint
in   the
villc null Cnlbick
second      '  "i   "     -    1  -  ��� ���-
Of thc lievelstoke plnj-ers' it is need-
jess to'mnke -JiK-i.tion individually "as
the home in:d'those of. tlie.defence in
11 position to do so,,011^ up*- agood game)
the covorjioint', point-nnd'go.il-kcepei
having but little,'oppoituiiity. of dis-|
tii]guisliing( themselves _- Foi Kamloops; WcQueeiipNelson," J: -McDonald,
McPhec^Culbicl:, and liiiyr/tun, .1 nevv
lieeiiinei, did f;ood vv'oikV Gie,itn\-
being to tlie -fore, ns usual with Ins
wild throw8.       "V     -,      - \ir<'
Vernon linving chopped put r'oi ,the
contest tins season, leaving.- thc date
of July 13th blank, a nevv schedule for
the K.nnljops-licvelstdk'e matches will
have to be chawn .is thc diifoj)ieviou&-
ly ni ranged foi Kamloops to plaj heie
falls late in thc's'cr.sOn, Scplcmbei 7th
J McDonald
OuNiflt Homo
In<.ida Home
Tiold Cn.t.ilii
Kamloops 'seemed   thc
' f$l
.  !*>"'
���  ���$> *
X   1
facc-ofl(and'for a" few* minutes'ill looked
asjf thc teanis would piove to be evenly matched, but theAltevclstoke' boys
weie soon clown {to"-1 business and jn 8
minutes L.itliam'landed 'the' fust goal,
Trom our own Corrciiiundonl
daughter   wiis   boin^to Mi
More Juno 2(ith.     A \       ���
j  Quite .1 number of oui citi/cns.went
to Nelson foi thel-'nst    '- - - '
- Mrs.-W. Scott leturneci,, fiofn the
Springs much iinpiovc-d 111 health i
Mrs. Anthony has letuinecl fionf
Denve1J10sp1t.il and is iiiiichtrini]iio\cd
in li'cnlth      f ",. 1 ?, '    '     '
'Doniimoii JXiy vvas fittingly '"celeV
br.ited heie, and a good pVogr.im i.c of
sports wns successfully can ied out
v iFroin our own corrosixiiidciil   ' p >
''{Wallace Ludg.itc left foL V.incouvci
r.iesdav. 1 ,-'������'-".
J A T.ij Ioi  visited  ltcvclbtokc this
week. '   V,     .p., , \y       ^
James Ludgate iotuincd;'Jto  Anovv-
he.id Tuesday fioin Ontano.' 4?
C JFiasei's bridge gang is^heic living up tuintable anel budges damaged
Jjy high watci ���* '- -" -_ .
11 Thc DcKcvv mill icsu ncd opciaTions
Tuesday nftei being idle -two:weeks on
account'of watci flooding -the mn-
clnneiy. y        ' -        -   \..i    ;' '
Big' Horn Brand, B. C. Union Made Overalls, Shirts, etc.
;  ( Boys Suits, Boots,^Hats and Caps.
r'"   I; * ' *
"TT        w        ��        ��        �����        ���������������        w        *vVV*._..wT-..        ^-V"5ft*S-V*?-*j.
uvQ.rrt^A/. rtflJIKaj^MB- J^^WI^-!h--V!iaai^JWM^
If we knew just exactly what people would buy and
I   just what they would pay. we could do a very big business
in a small store.     But the only way to manage is to keep
1 store full of goods and adjust thc prices right
Strong* if we
honest in quality,
give it credit for
"ive vou the kind of ��oods
this. We sell nothing but what
ITirie if we say it is
being so. , We do the best we know to
you come for., Wc have all
kinds of goods tha't are fit to sell and try to display them
to best advantage Visitor j are t&elcome.
Always something nets* to look at
Dry Goods.
'Showing   new   Muslins  and   wash
weather.   ' Wash Silk Gloves.
i\ew Neck Wear. Ladies' Belts
Boots and Shoes
Headquarters for Union Made Goods.    Everything
from a special miner's boot to thc finest ladies' shoe.
. We make a specialty of high
ties and handle the Standard
class epicurean  novel-
World's Brands
Shelf and   Heavy
Contractor's Supplies.
Mining" Outfits
Men's Furnishings
New line of men's warm wi.uhei* Shiit*.   Suit lioius
Millinery and Dressmaking i
Second Floo
as also the second just bcfoie quaitei-
tuic w.is called. In this quarter Mc-
Phec ducoi.itcd' the fence for one
minute as the result of a nasty foul
check on Wickens
The second quaitei opened with 11
111-.l1.111d in 4 minute Latham again
sent the ball between thc posts, scoi-
mg the thiid goal foi Revelstoke while
Kamloops had not yet aiij thing to its
cicclit Fiom this on the usuiil lough
plav and slugging foi which Kamloops
tea-:i I*, noted vwi*> veiy cons[iicuous,
the new nicinbei-s pioving lobe(|intc
us clhcient 111 tins u-spect as then
oldei comi.ule'., and it is a mattei of
icgiet that nt tunes culls fiom the
1 opes weie hcaid cncouiiiging this
rufli.inisin Aftei 17 minutes piny in
this qii.n lei McQueen shot the liist
and onlv iroul for Kamloops while Cao,
who had begun to look on Ins position
as a snap, w.is out of Ins place
Dining the third qii.utei the ball
ti an I led up nnd down the field, lievelstoke making sevei.il shots on then
opponent*- goal hut Tumble vvas too
. 1 Ioi t to .11 tow ilieni p iv-.
Run-lMnlvi. 111 the final qu 11 lei Iiml
things ptellv i"i;-���h then own way,
Gi.iliiiin making the fourtligo.il in 11
iiiiiiute-v mil 1) Dodds the fifth a
in t ii ti t c-v 111 ui, le.iving lhe sioie a
vvitli. nv 11 fd*- Hr-v c-lstoke of 3 to 1
Milli-i ns K-fi-iee gave perfect s.itis-
f.i-'tiuii wiiliinit n tendenev' to f.ivoi
eitlici ti im, although hid he been
|iii-.��i-��(tl .>f nidio eve* tlu- lougbne^s
nl the K* mil mps pl.ijei-. winch i.s
s-.nki n cf l-v (li'inicuste*! nod i veil
-.niul   K iniliMip-. ii ii IK-. would peril-ps
Illl V <    II -11111 (1   111   111(11 C   hlCIII Illl g Spl-lls
Iiii -.iiiiii' i>f  I li 11   11- iiii      \�� il vv is lie .
si-nli in ( <l     tin       p II !K ip lilts    in     Inn
.  i-i > utli-l l     i in i mi nU'is   In   lr nix ni
��� ml ") in mute-   Tillable   .nil   linliii
l-ei ii; ull. ii(l-.io iu lhe liist   while Mel-
,s      -   y-         *        A   '        ���    V     .
v I I s t \
The school children have made ic-
Minkably good piogiess Aindci thc tuition of S..Shannon-" -< >- �� . " "
, Feigusoii-hadjiifclose ciilTa-'foi tnight
n'go, a. stjqng fpie'st fiieVstai tmg at the_
power house iijidithieiiteiiiiiglhc tow;ii"
Tiout Lakc'pcbple'came uji sto assist
in piotccting us.V y"'\ J '
i- The wntersupply foi -tho1 town 'put
niJiy^W.-VH.uPool.y.contniujJs "to- give
good rsutisi.iction Jf/has' a head of
140 feet, .ind'is dciived fiom a'spnng
or. the side of the' 'mountain "behind
the town _, ���        "    -\��             -        !
, The clcctnc light jil.int is woiking
vvell undei'the opeiation ot C. Wooden. The extension of thc pipe to the
saw-mill, and the lemoval of the dynamo theie, has lemedicd the foimcr
tiouble due to shoitage of powei
Mi. Smith, ol the him ol Smith iv?
Le Bnu, lias been eng.iged bj Mi
Forbes to superintend the constiuction
of the s.ivviinll which the Silvei Cup
company will put in at Five mile to
supplj' tinibci foi then mines and concent! ator.   > ,. ���
Smith nnd he Ban have in hand, foi
then sawmill all the oidc-sjoi tnnbei
thej can fill W.itei pown has been
substituted foi sipiini, ,t jn|io 7 im hos
at the top and (I'liichcs at the hotimii
lias been laid foi 2,000 fed, and above
that is a filmic 500 ft loin:. This pio-
v ides-powei* foi both mill and electiic
iglifpl.tn't ,     -
Rev. Mackinnoh's Address on Sab-
���     /     i i 11 r '        ,
1,  bath Observance. ���
i ��� , <.
lievelstoke has seldom-clone  itself
moie ciecht, than, on   Sunday evening
l,is( when it tinned  out so well to the
mass meeting in thc opein house. ,A'll
di-nomin itions  and  classes  weie vvell
lepiesentcd   and     manifested     gieat
mtcicst in   the'pioccedings.   At 8.'50
without nny   unnecessaiy   delay  the
meeting opened    The cluiu was occu
pied by  thc   picsidcnt 'of   the   local
hold's   D.ij    Alliance,   'Rev    XV.   C
Caldci     Seated on thc  platfoini weie.
Kevs.  C. Ladnci   and   C   Mnckinnon.
olliccis  of   the   Salvation  Ai'nij'.iand
thc choii composed  of  the Methodist
an I   lVshyteiiiin   choiis    Thc   pio-
cecdings opened with   the1! hymn "All
Hail tlicl'onci of Jcsus-Namc." Aftei
,ic,iding of   the   24th   Fsnlni . bv  the
chaiiman,   Rev '0.   Ladner"   led   in
pi.iyei     An anthem by  the ehou vvas
followed,by   tfic. intiodiiction   of  tho
spr-akei   of the evening, Rev. Cl.ncnce
Mnckinnon       The     laigc     audience
listened  with "gieafc ��� ititeiest. to-"the
earnest and  eloquent acldiess  of(Vthe
speakei on the claims 'and woik of the
Loid's'l) iy 'Alliance'-.   Mi   Mnckinnon
bi lefly  chew  a   p.uallol   between the
e\peiienco of 'Jciiisalcm undei Nche-
iin.ih tin ough thc 'ettorts of tradeis to
bieak clown the Sabbath andrthe light
foi 'the day of  lest lii'C.in.ida   , While
not advocating  the   Jcwisl^ Sabbath
with-n.ll ltSibiudening lestrictions imposed by the levvish'tcachcis Mi   Jlac-
kinnon held  foi 'tlie puncipleof  the
'day of l'est     lie" pointed out  that the
success and ^happiness  of 'the .nation
wc ue building depends 'on   the pies-
eivation of ^the day     The encioach-
nichts made on the day of* lest by thc
l.n gecoi poi ntions'and pleasine'seekeis
wns lefcucd *��� to'-with   thc  successful
combatting ot these,1 notably, thc shutting down of-thc gieat  maiuifactu1 ies,
the picventing of  Sunday .exclusions
fi om the lUnitccl -States   side  of  thc
Gieat lakes and' thc stopping  of  the
electiic cms in  \\ ltinipeg   /The value
of the cla>"of icsh to  the woikingman
was o-nph isi/ed, nnd   the' necessity of
uiiited'and patnoticaction invscciuing
this gieat  boon   foi    oui   land     Mi.
Mackinnon's  adehess "vvas  listened to
with gieat attention- thioughout,' his
many happy lllustiations and pleasant
sallies with the u-asoiinllleness of  his
speech   Lieing >,niucli   appieciatcd. "A
col lection P\\ as  taken. ' Ai mimbci   ol
names as^subscnbcis - lot-thc  Loid's
Daj-Alliance vwasJ handed " in   nucha
most^succcssfiil inceting, was  binught
to   ,i   close   by"   singing , tho   livmn
"Ncarci JfjCGod to( Thee,"--flh "v.ic-
kmnon pionouncing thc "benediction
Ogilvie's Hungarian Flour.
Graham Elour.
Whole. Wheat Flour. ;;   ���   ,
Rolled Oats.      , a
Corn Meal.1 ,;        *���'./'"
Bran. ^ Shorts.    >;n
Feed: V        Wheat.    <',
��� Itpi f
. i Kil
,', ft*.it
J. Ii-
' if
: ">i<s
> ^Headquarters.for Groceries
-of Guaranteed Quality: -
,*���- -
for-; -
r Colored/Muslins at 8c per yard*1,
f   Faiicv'Ciiloted Muslins suit,iiii.. fm Uit-sses, S
Shut W'aisLs.
I'Prints'at 7c per yard        *' i '���. "
.     A    Tin-scan, new di'sif^ns in,sin,ill cln-cks and* sli ip.-s,
,,    light gii-unds.  f ! i
Dress> Goods     ' ���
in dark
i - i
. v-i
' s r
r    I J.
-IT      ^
, yfp $&�� I
��?" >lW(i^|
������ u^t^yp^-i^i
-' T^rtV^I
r.p/i.,1 ��~i��2|
i- Pi. a.K^I
' ^..vr-VLcjejfe,
* i-
--I n   llus Vdep.nliiic-nL  that'
From Our^Own CorrcspoiKloill
Oie Sandbeig paid us >i visit dining
thc week '       .
Dominion Day passed oil vcij quictlj
Too much lain foi any outdoor spoits
The gientci p.ut of Illecilliwaet people attended the conceit al Albeit
Cam on given hj Mi-*s Uiovvn June 2a,
and weie lughlj' cnteitamed Albeit
Canjon has a iccoid foi  hosjntaliH
Mis Andciion, piopiieticss of the
Windsoi hotel foi some-yeais, has sev-
eicd hei con-iection thciewith nnd
taken up her abode in Revelstoke She
has been a kind and obliging neighboi
nnd will be veiy much missed in llle-
The public school e\ainuiiition wns
held iu Illecilliwaet .school on Fiidny,
,lune 2(ith The childieu ncqintlcd
themselves very cieditably Aflei winds
a picnic wns held ou the school giounds
which vvas tliniouglily i-njoved by
voting iind old. Miss Gnlliths left for
Victoiia on thc following day Bcfoie
leaving she - was win ted upon by tho
childieu and picsc'htcd with n handsome v-terliiigsihercnid lcceiver, beiiu-
tifullv cuciavcd, with thc vvoids "To
Miss A XV Gnlliths, fiom thcchildion
of Illecilliwaet school, June, l'JOU," cut
thereon. Miss Giiluth,r* was taken
completely hy surpiisc but thanked
thein giaccfullv and hoped to find
them all ns kind nnd attentive dining
thc next year ns they had been the
The weekly club shoot for buttons
was held n catcidtij , 20 biidsatunlcnvvn
angles Following is the score Skene
10, McOoncll 1) Barbm 15, Aimstrong
J4, Leake 11, Cross 6, Suthciland (!.
C. 11 Skene wins the gold button
A team of live will go lo Golden lo
shoot foi the Cowan-lIoIlen-Dovvns
c up ou August 3rd and 4th. Golden
club is pnictisiiij haul so as to keep
the cup.
At the iegul.li meeting of city
council lasteve-iing there weie pieseiit
Majoi O'Hiicn, Aid. I runic, McLcod
an(l Law '
. raisin hi-OMii mi
Chill lj.iiiis weekly lepoitsof Im-
alaim inspeotioii���F'h-cl .
P 'Agien asking e\tonsion of time
on city hall contiact to July 20th,
ovv'ing to_ delay in getting lumbei ���
K\tension gi anted.
Loicl sD iv Alliance, invitation to
in iss nn (tin-:���Filed     r, -
I.i; i Wdixlmw s'niel.uj', I'm
\ i noi.i 1 Mining Association, .iskuii;
pi-i mission to use ie idmg loom building foi meetings���Gianteil
City of Ti.nl, invitation to Dominion
Dav spoits andollciing tianspoit.itioii
���Filed. ^
XV. A Galhhci, M. P , sratmg that
chcdgcvvill be used at Benton when
unable to noik at N.ntovvs, nlso ''ug-
gesting that, goveunrcnt be asked to
have Engineei Keefi-i icpoiton opening ol old i nci channel at Revelstoke
���Resolved to make lepiesintations to
govcinnient and hand co.ij of "line to
local libcial association
It Edw.uds calling nttetitiini to
falling av-nv of nvet bank helm en
school and l'u-shj tenan chinch ami
lccoinmcnding fencing, also io id. ic-
ii.ni.s ncoosaiy on Thud stu-et.���Ke-
fened to public woiks committee
IUII.II   VVOUIvS   AMI   Ill.C'llilf   1.1(1111.
In ibsi-i.ci- of public winks coin-
initlc-o the Major icpoitul that lock
woik foi lliiine (-(iiiid not huciiinplclcil
bcfoie Wi-diichdoy iic\l, but that flume
consti tictiou will he commenced Monday and lighlH should be on by cud of
Uppi-i watci woiks (Inin bus been
lepaiied, hut lowei dam hud to he ic-
pnncd second lime to nniko suitable
job Woik of lining Innk will stint
l.l VI ItAl.
Aid. McLcod lcpoiled tint tuicks
foi Ine biigade hnve ailived and will
bedehveicd soon as painted
Aid. lliiine biought up (|iieslion of
pound lcecpei. Dilliculty was said to
he in netting nnin to accept position.
���Public woiks committee instructed
to employ in nn to loiuid up loose
City clerk ��iud assessment had been
completed with exception of mailing
ji T hfc.> pii-c��'s Fancy Diess fjoiids ,it lot. ' Ri'^uhii 25c.       v<"r     i
^    -      Five Picii-All WooK'.u-hiiiei eat 3or, iu (limbic fold (ciiloit-d onlv)
-Tvni liiindii-d^j-.iwl'S'Biiirlisli Si>igHs .ii 30c ppi-jMid
.Six picci- Fani y Wnol Del.uni-s at 35K'   Ucgiil.n 50i, yi    ~K
Millinery Department.   ./" \,
'AVp have in.ukHil all gmids .it  puces
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Empress-Shoes for Women   *        / .
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I. A. SMITH & CO!, Agents, Hevelstoke, B, G.
Valuable Adiize to Rheumatics   ,
Eat iiidit spuriiiglv, and take veiv
little sugar. Avoid intoxicants, keep
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niul inn Freezer in 1, 2, H. 4, (i mill S ipnii I
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i/i- Av.-ini,., - REVELSTOKE, Bc|
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J* Jr'jwS <"*��������� I  -  - '������, }  THE K0O1WAY MAIL.  /, ������be lkootena\> fiDail  PUBLISHED  SATURDAY".  '    ,     i        --*T-"  '     iiEVELS-TOKS, B.C.,  r       Subscription 'Price,    S2.00   Per    Annum  ADVERTISING I'ATJ.*5 on ii|ipliuition  Changes in advoitiscnienls imi-,1 no in iiy  Tufcsilnv of each week lo mjuiic i--oort tii*  phi}.. Timber notice-., ^uno mlu iii Gu/i Lie,  '     ? j ioi each location  JOB PltlNTIJS'G pioinpllj executed al iclsuii  able raits.  ACCOUNTS   foi    ]iiluting   and    .uivi i Using  payable on.ln-.ti of inunlli,   Mib-cii|iuons  i       pavable in advance.  COUU'CSl'ONDl'N-CK invilul o-i iimltus of  __ public interest, Coiniminiciitions io Kill-  lor inij=t, be accompanied bv iiiiino ot  ���������vnlw, noi ncces.saril> foi imblualion but  as cv .deuce of good f.ulli. Uoi ie-|)ondciiLO  inurl icuch lhe ollice bj <VV ulnt'-d i> cven-  ,    _ mi '  Addret- >  Phoni  ,   Tui: KOOTK.NA-i  Mail,  No.' ]3 Revelstoke, HXi  We request our numerous r-oadors to  favor   us with theie,assistance in  .1 thoiougb knowledge of the lcquiie-  nicntb of tbe intciior. Dining his  icsiclencc at Kossl.uid ho vv.tb 'higlily,  e&fc3c-meclby nil who c-nie in' contact  vvitli him liis gie.it dc-siie is. to see  the Liberal p.uly c'onductcd in n niiiii-  ncr vvbicli vvill be .1 ciedit to the paity  and the province, with .1 clean,stiaight-  foivv.ud. progic&aivc lccoi'd. J He is of  the stuff oT which our public men  should bo made, and showed his spnit  of solf-saciilico by bea'imgnnns for his  conntiy in hci tinie of need wiih ci edit  to hiniboii ' and Canada,' his nicthei  I.i.'db. Thib ib the cl.f-s of men lequncd  to fiec the piovince fiom- the giip of  the gr.iftci and tho giabb'ing coi poiu-  lioiib.'���������"' '   '  r-,i  making- the KOOTENAY IVIAIIi tho  most valuable' advertising medium' in   tho  Kootenays  by fjlvinjr .  , the praferenco, when making- pur- U'lO-pectois   opi-i.Hin;-   in that bCCtlon  chases   to   thoso  firms who   are   hnve'stilleied niiicb kiss'fiom the vvi'illt  tieoigo Goldsmith and other ownois  of ci.iims on Boyd cieek lnive ot'eicd  t,htrwgo>*ci iiiiiont, if they will supply n  cable and two w heels, to fix n feiry  ovx-i Fish cieek .it,   their own expense.  minion and Province on condition  this road bliould be completed, and  the company should not be pei mi t-  ted to break faith with the public  any longer. 'The Great Northern  started to build this load, and was  willing to complete it without subsidy, but was blocked by the 0. P.-  R. The A. and R. appears to be  adopting the ' dog-in-the-manger  policy of neither building tbe load  itself nor allowing anyone else to  do so, a condition of things the government should lefuse to toleiate if  it ib to do its duty 'in protecting  the public interest.        ,      .  '   refi-ulap advertisers In tho KOOT-  ' ENAY MAIL.  ,     . . CITY AGKXTS.  . Copici of 'I'm:'Mam. may bi! ublnim d fiom  llie follow In-; cil.v iib'ciitj,:  , '    'J. \\\ Hll.NM.IT.        '  AV AIM   DllUll  .Vi  UllOl*  Uo. ,  ,        V. ll. Ww.i*.  i*.  M  'AllVUY, McOAltTER  A>TIJ lJh\KIIAM,  ' iiAi:iiibTi:iis,,'.-=oi.icrroii&, kic  OKKICKs :,   MoLSONtl    JlANIC    bl.OUIv,    Itl.VI.I/  slosh, H C.       4l      '  '-   Monc> lo loan, ' ,  O-llcct* Ilevel-vtoke, 1! C.: I-'oi l Stcelu, U U.  'v,:  Hi n S McOaiuich,  A    M.   PlS'KIIAM, r  iteveliioke. ll e  A. IIvuvi v,  l-'oit bli-iln, 11 e  of a jpiopei ciossiiig, and the piopos.il  ibongto which the goveininent should  Inivo no, hesitancy in'acceding. The  ovviiuibof lhe big galena piopeity theie  u-.uil io ship oie iind aio entitled to  iiny leasonable assistance from' lhe  govei nnieiit in pioviding.icce.ss to tliis  pioniising section of coiu-liy. -"  '  'i-t  1   E-MAISTKE & .SCOTT, ,   -  U    '' ,        .*'    ���������*     c ��������� 1  I)AKI'l������M-*l(S.   hOLICI'lOKb,   No'l AlilLs  Pcnii.ic, li'ic.  *.  L-'ll=L Slll't'l.  Uevt-lsUiki-, ii V  71D WARD  A. HAGGEN,   ;  '    '  Mining JEngineeh,  iMem" American Imticule JlinniK l'nn'incu-.)  (Mem  Canadian Mining; Iiislilutc I  , Ri:velstoke. B. C. 1  -examination of and lepoits oirMiiMinl 1'iu-  pertits a Specialty. . '  A tup   thiougli   tbe   L.iidean   ftit-  - ,        v.c*  nishes a slicing indication of the polil-  ciil tendencies of  tho people     Hveiy-  wheic  on'ei meets   fice evinession of n  deaiie to have .i thorough 'cleansing of  the government sen ice  fiom the cor-  i nption and jobbciy  th.it    h.is   giown  up ,ii ouiid it' * Tlio people want to sec  clean,   (-nrjgctic  govci nii'ient, and an  end pnl to coi poiation rulc.it Vietona  Ii is iccognisod the McKiido   government  is  simply a continuation-ot thc  old icgime th.it has been ln'powci'/foj,-  so   many   jeais   and   has jiiovcd tho  cniao^f the counti j-.   ' '    *���������   " ' ',  W!  1LLIAM   \   BAUER,  ui}  ii'������  Dominion ,t 1'i;ovi.nciai   L.v.n'ii  Sui.vi von  V ,  SiuiievsufM.iici.il Cl inn-, Tnnbci lieillii mid  . Cruvvn  l-ind������  C.llOOtl. D   SlllilVt II, III V 1 ISIOn.1      J', f'  PL'RRV LKAKH.     -  MinniK i'nsjineci and r\Icliilluigi-l  si" ci m in s        *  Inanimation-,  and Kepoits on lilinin-;   1'iop  ft  ertio.  i*.  lli  ��������� '-.  '"P  11-      ,'"  A   - *  xyp.  i,j. --^-.i  Spccificauon and  Coiisliuilion of ^Iinni'  clnnoi.v  ,Te-sU- made nf Oie-. and C'uiiccntiatinnfoi Cliloi-  inc.'-nd Cjanidc Ticalnienl t  n.vdrarlic I'laiil-    / , .  , -        ' Bcdfoid JfcNcil Code  "so,  Bargains in Real Estate.  ' "R1 ' 9Q0~1-"-,on   dvvellin^  nn Conn.inylil  l0i>   collate    .  looms,--lai^e  axciiui  ( onlaiin-i^ . loom  * '������5f i*;op,-i -   .  v^l^Viu , (f.udcn "ith -mall fiiiilm vanci v  .$1,300  -Conifoi table    -'-  lioii-eandJ  lots  and fenced  loiv,     l. loomed  ncwh   painted  Q 1   f)^f\���������' loomed cottage Willi ballnobi i  . Q13\J<J\J   lot./MUi)  $1,550-  -Lar^'e 2-stoi> hou-e. 11 looms all  nioocin (oiiveniciicc-    A t'e'i'inne  o baignin.        > ,  CBO  ClfiCi���������I'i'l.uiniil    biiilil-nj   on   I-list,  i^>������jf\J\J\J   ^tiCti, vplendid oppoiluiiil.v   Ioi  l i���������rhl pal t}, i;oo(l tei m=  Cf onn--���������t0:N   le-ulcnce,  vvell built, con-  y'jOVJU    -..uning Siooui-  ���������j���������listoiy  cottaice,   j   looms ard balli  room, near C iJ H shops  Cl  AAA���������2=torv   house. 7 room-, neai  ^Ic-  vpi,uuv   Ken^ie avenue  $950"  VCllll  ll'l  -l/.e.  THE NEW ERA  i ' <  The'installation,of a'concenhating and chloiidising plant for tieat-  ini-nt of the oies  of  the Silver Cup  nnd   Nettie   L rniines   means   that  mining in this  section   is   aliout'lo  unloi    on   a.   new;  Mage.    Hitherto  onlv   those   jjiopeities   which   had  lioclic-s of  clp.ui, * higli'-ni.ule,  blnp-  pmg-ore, oi" oie   which   could   be  clic. iily  h'andsoited   for  shinment,  could   be   piofitubly   operated, and  the laue qu.intitiefa   of   oie   mixed  with gangue had -to   be 'thioivn on  the dump-* as second-class-, to wait  a time when   means   of piofitablc  lioatnientYsifoiihl come    .That time  has arrived, and   with   it  the L.ii-  (U-.iu will entei on   a   nevv phase of  mining, wheie   huge, capital, laige  plant1-,   and    lhe'   best   technical  knowledge , will .place  the .mining  indiibtrv   on   .in   up-to-date   basis.  '1 lie gold   values   of   the .L.iideau  uies -rives   them   a   bit;  advantatrS  ovei   the  lovvei-giadc   oie.s  of  the  blocan and-othei    portions   of   the  piovince '  TROUT LAKE CITY.  The government ' should take  steps to put in substantial pro-'  tective work on the Lardeau-river  where it encroached- so rapidly on  Trout Lake City during high water,  placing $50,000 of '.property in  danger of being destroyed. Had  the work heen clone when Piovincial  Engineer Gamble was theie it could  have been carried out at very little  expense Now it will-cost a good  deal. 0.( U. N. Wilkie, l\ J;. B,,  advises tlie only effective way'now  is to divert the liver above thc  bridge, but whatever plan lie  adopted the work should be done  without delay.   ,   '    ,  Another work thai should have  attention''is Uie laying of sidewalks-.  The old sidewalks,are badly out of  repair, and the townspeople recently  put'in some nevv sidewalks at a  cost of $138, raised hy private sub-  sciiption. <> The government now  derive considerable taxation fiom  Tiout Lake City and 'the public  lequiienients should have as much  attention as in other, town������, wheie  the lesidents' are not called,on to  do iiny o'f these things out of their  own pockets.  Thc road to the steamboat landing should also be 'improved. At  piescnl it is in a disgraceful state  for traffic. . ' '"  Cl Qftfl���������- story  home  eontainiiift' S  loom-,  3>l,OUU   tellai-full-i/.e.  Cj  -jQA���������1> stoiv cottage, li looms, Ioi   KKlOu  C-5 find-- atorv   modem re-Mdence, 3 lot-, in  v**J,uvu   good lawn  CO Cfifl--- -*to"> ro-idcnce complete and up  4>J,3UU    io date, vvitli due t-ioiiiiiU  "XY/'Ei.iro piepaicd to loan mcno.v on mj of  ������\     theabove piopeuies on the monllih ie  pavment, plan ,  \\'I*hr.ve foi   s-ile ,m nnpiovcd fiiiin  neai  >\      the ciij. -lock, implement.., etc-    l'.ice  $-J,lji5    C.-u-h lcquiic-dSl (.Ul  A LSO SO acre- unimproved land ncn Salmon  XV.   Arm -union, price S'j"J on food teun-  LEWIS BROS.'Seal Estate Agents  ^he'lkooteiiav mail  <U. ilQ-J  ft.VTURU A V.JULY   I, 1903.  flicre u something wrong with the  mail -crvicc bciween Tiout l.nke und  K-.-vel-ioki A letti-i mailed in Trout  l.ik- osi .June Huh hail not icached  Kcvi-l-tok-c .Jiini- i'.'rd  UNJUST TAXATION  'J he methods of levving taxation  in the piovince are gio*-sly inequitable R. P liithet owns a huge  block of valuable land at Butte  Inlet which lie secured 'tlnough  '���������The Family Compact" while he  was a niembei of tbe legislature,  and fiom which he will realise an  immense sum on the completion of  the Canad-an Northern Railway to*  lhat point Vet on that land,  obtained b*, trickery similar to that  bv which' the C. P. K. ������ought to  obtain the Luge bfockb in East  Jvootenay, Mr. Rithet pays only  about five cents .\n acre taxation  while it is pioposed to tax the  stiugghng piospectoi, who is  endeavoiing to open up the coun-  tiy, -30 cento an acre on the mineral  chuniB he hold- It is time vve had  men at the helm of state in this  piovince who will not fear to amend  the laws so that the rich man shall  pay his fair slum of taxation a^  well as thesmall f.umei, pio-pcctor.  oi miner.  'THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  One of the best evidences of'value  of the Koori:.y\Y M.vir. as  a   public  journal is the extraoidinary demand  foi the paper.in the  mining camps  of the'west.    Prom,all  qua iters we  leceive the highest compliments on  the chaiiicter of _ the paper vve'pub-  h������h a&'onc   thai,   hikes -a   fearles1-  independent .stand,   is   fieo-fiom  petty,   objectionable   pei<-on.ililies',  biimful   of  teise comment  audio-,  liable    infoimation ,-.<No������ wildcat  mining schemes   or   bogus townsite  boosting finds place, in our column1;  The  mining  infoimation   given   is  such as the  most  consei vative ex-  peit going  ovei   the-same  giound  cannot fail to r-ncloise.    The   Maii,  has thus come to be'iecognised by  mining investois as   an- authout\,'  and as doing much to  improve the  standaid .of,>" western, -jouin.'ilisni.  We thank our .subsciibert- for theit  kindly expiessions   of . eiicoiinige-  ment, and   ti list   to   deseive   these  compliments  oven   moie so in the  future than  in the past.    The sub-  sciibeis h<*t  of  the  M.vn, is one of  wliichL iiny   newspaper   might,   he  piouci and apart fiom   its   value to  us it cannot  fail  to   prove of great  value in bunging new and incieas-  incr, business to our advertiseis  dencc,befoic the labor commission.  ^Ve are,told by local socialists that  Mr. Dales's evidence was only one  man's expression-and docs not  represent the movement,-but as  editor'of thc.Western'Sociahst Mr.  Bales occupies the position of  teacher of important doctrines, and  his utterances are entitled to more  than ordinaiy attention. lie said:  "I would not consider any injustice  worked Jf the , Canadian Pacific  Riulway'wcie expropriated without  the owners being in any manner  recompensed." The Chief Justice  pointed out that thercu,are in Holland a,number of people of small  means owning C. P. It. stock, and  asked if it'would be just to deprive  them of that stock without remuneration. Witness, thought it right  to do so. .'  Now the  promulgation ' of. any  such doctrine cannot be  classed as  anything else than lepudiation, and  vvill, be     resented'  by   the .l.'uge  majority of thc people.-   Wc admit  theie are  instances*  wheie"lepudi-  alioirmay   be justified;  as?in  the  Ciise of the cancellation of the Easl  Kootenay hind grunts   to   the G. P.  It.,  where  these'grants   woiotap-  paionfly obtained   by. trickery  on  the pint of   the  company's- agents.'  yuch cases n re, how ever, exceptional^  While we contend the state has the  right'to oxpropriato  any  properly,  'government ownership of   which is  in the public, 'interest, vve also contend fair compensation   should  be  avvardeiUtho ovvneis theieof.    Any  other poi icy would   be  a  gio������s-in-  justice,"aiid   would   strike  uti the  foundation of  society as'at pieseiit,  constituted, and' at   tho lecognised  lights of piopeity., .Such  teaching  sis tli.itv expoused* by -Mi.' Dales is  little  above  the 'doctiine -of,' th'e  anaichi&t, and' no  true,,cili/.en   or  man   endowed   witbV the -sense  of  icspon-sibililv will siippoilanaichy.  Tine 'socialism _is   the   iev;ei'-c  of  .inaichy, but such  teachings would  emphasise ^analogy    rather   than  diveisity.    -   '  Il i- st itid an eilort will be iniide by  the   railway    brolheilidod-   to have a  special lejiri-ciitiiliiij of   tin    intcii.'-t-  o.' railv. iv cniiilovi t -   m tin in d in iif.v t ' l i  '. . " ' w 1  ]iiomiiii.iI | iili.i.-iient (Jniii lii-lit,  loo. 'llu i.nlv.a-i (.niplov (.(- fm in ;i  huge and ini'iniiiiiit scction of tin- peo  p'u of the jiro. line and 'ire a-, much  entitled to icpic.-ent.-ition ns any other  portion of thr- coiniiiiiniiy.  CillO.SS  HltKACir OF F.UTlf  Theie i- very ^tinnc feeling at  Trout Like and Ferguson over thc  way in which the people are being  treated bv the A and In. Railway,  ll i- --l.itul theie is still 100,000 of  time rbecks out for construction  i which   a io  still   unpaid, and  I'ii inid Mc I'.i n't- ev idcntlv hclii.vca  tl.i- I (-l wav to win an elietion im to  biibcll-i pco'ili, .mil that wall thcii  ov. n money Ore of his lirst nets as  pKliiKi vv I, lo niai ij tieblc the i.ile  foi his ov- n constituency of Deudnc*,  This, In- hopes vvill give him ample  public funds for the uii-cli.T-e of vott-  Wu hope that in tin inteie-t ol pmilv  of u'ovcriiiiicnt the people of Deivdnev  will shu.v they .ue not a ineic pine h.i'--  iblu (i niiiiodit} U the bid of the pie-  niiei/but have some of that m.-iiily independence iv Inch has been the pi ide  of lltn-sli citi/ensliip  \\r-liould liki icvii II in Mc Jf.ug  one of lb( l.il-iial candid itcs at the  coininii c li-clioii foi Vancouver Mi.  Mclf.ug hiiiU fiom Koolcnay, and bus  even  amoiiuli ch ducted lor board, and  letiiinicl in trust by the company,  have not been turned over to the  p.uty entitled to them. Thi- has  inflicted gp.at haid-liip on Imimiioss  men bc-tvvccii Trout f.akc and Ni 1-  -on who cashed the time check;  TIkh the tvmg up of the strainer  Victoiia at Trout Like, owing to  the "-hutting down of lhe Lirdc.ui  lnilwiiy, h:i- been :i gnat inconvenience lo tlie business people of  Tioul Lake City and to those operating iri'nitig and logging camps  along the hike. The conduct of the  company -hows a gro**s disregaid  of llio public uileiest, and i- one of  tin In si gnevaiKes the mil way  ooiiiini*--!oiiois. should lake in hand  and deal with. Then tho extension  of the mud to connect with Arrowhead, and ������������������() afford winter trans-  poil.ttion to Tiout Lake and Ferguson, and connection with Gambol no, is iL niiittci that should be  pu-diccl to completion and the government should in-ist on its being  done. Thc: company gol iH chartoi  and libeial subsidies  fiom the Uo-  CLEAN   OUT  THE   TRAITORS.  The   sooner   the    liberal   pait\  reads out of its   membeiship  men  who  are   meie   tools   of   political  tricksters-  the   better   vvill it be for  the party and   the   piovince.    Tiii-^  remark is prompted bv ihe position  in which Thomas Gifford. formerly  member    for     New   Westminster,  reeks to place the porty at the coming   election.    Knowing   the   con-  =;er\iUi\es  have   no  chance  of  securing  the   Westminster  seat in a\  atraight party   fight.   Premier Mc--  Bride K putting up Gifford   as  an;  ���������'independent liberal."     Certainly |  Gifford   ha-   been   associated   with  the liberal  party, but  since his re-  turn^ for   Westminster   he  proved  him-elf to be morel}'  a   tool of McBride, who  had   only   to  pull   the  string-'  and   Gifford   danced to the  puppet   show.     Now    parly   lines  have been   declined. Giflorcl is still  willing to  act   the   part of Premier  McBride'-   puppet,   thus   bringing  down on his head  thc  contempt of  over}- adii.irei of manlinc"5* and independence.      Men    of     Gifford'.** j  -.lamp are a danger   to  any  piiity.i  They aie leady  to  sell thoir party i  to the bid of   the fl.itti r< r.    Gifford j  has n heady shown his treachery to,  the liberal   party   and   should   1>0|  ejected   from   it������  councils by those  DOWN WITH POLITICAL, COR-  "      ItUPTlON.'     ���������  * '  i n ������     i        '  We hope there is no  tiuth in'the  icpoits th.it the  Grand Tiunk will  furnish the campaign i fund foi-the  libeials, and  the   C. P. It.   th.it toi  the conseivatives   in   the, coining  piovincial     campaign.      Speaking  ioi the liberals we   hope  the} will  not accept a cent'fionf any coi poiation, but wi'll5- sp.ue 'no   elloit lo  put up  a  clean   fight,   taking  Ior  their v.-Jtchwoid the   best mteiests  of the piovince.    What-this   piovince wants <is ��������� honest govemment,  fiee fiom the chicaneiy of  coijioi-  ations, and vve tiust  the paity as a  whole   will   demand" this   ot   the'  leadeis.-   The   McBride   mini&tiy,  .which now'claims  to'J repiesenl^the  conservative part} in the piovince',  is aheady up to  the neck with tbe  C   P.' It.- as -shown  by   the fact lhat  thc scheme to  hand  over the East  Kootenay land giants   to  the 0. P.  It  had no slrongei suppoiterin the  Dunsmuir cabinet  than   McBude,  and no more active factotum among  membcii  of   the   house than Hon.  A. G McBhilhps.  CONSERVATIVE 'PLATFORM.  1 Vdoplcd al llcvilsioko, Septoinboi litli'l'Kli)  ' 1 Thai. Ilus lonvonlion runHnm-. tho policv  of tho party in imi((������ra of prov inciul loads and  trails, tho ovviicr-,hii> and control of riiilvvavs  and tho dovelopinont of die aKncnltiiral re-our-  cc- of lho prnvinco as Inn! down in the plnlfoini  adniiti-il in Octnhor, IS'HI which is us follows:  "Tonctivilv aid in thecoiistniclioiif/if (rails  Ihroniilionl lliu undeveloped portions-of tho  prov nice and tlio ImildiiiK of. tho pronviiicinl  triinl. loads of public necessitj. " '  "To adopt Ilie pnnciiiles of Kovornnienlownership ol r.ulviajs in so inr as the circumstances  of llio piovince will admit, and lhe adoption  of tho principle Hint no lioinin should he granted  io an*, r.ulvvuv conipany which does not kivo  lho Kovornnicnl of tho pioviuco control of rates  over lino-, Ixiniisud^loKi-llior with tho lho option  of purchase  "To nctmilv assist by stale mil in I ltd  dovclopinoiilof (lie aKricultiii.il resources'of  tin- province ,t  2 Thai in tho meant lino and until llio rnilw.ij  policv above setlmth can > bo accomplished  a 1,'eueral railwiiv net bo pus-i-d, Klvliil,' frc-edoiu  to constiuct raihvajs *iindcr ccrl-iin approvud  ro^ulaiions, aualoKoiis to llio system that has  resulted in such exlousivo rmlwii) conslruction  in tho United Slates, with so much ndvuntUKO  to trado and   coininorco  .'I , Thntlrx-iicouriiKe thc nun in,,' induslrv, tlio  taxation of iniitalltforciiis ininos should bo on  the basis of^a peiceiita^e on lhe net pioflls  I. 'J'liul tho Kovi-inini-iit ownership of lole-  phouu sjstein should Im broiiKlit about as a IIlit  slop in tho aciiuisiiion of public uliltios < ���������.  ,-).! That a poll ion of i-vorv coal nroa bcroaftci  lo be dispo-td of should lie ro������crvud fiom alio  or lease, -o thai stiito owned mines mnv he  easilj iiccessiblii, if tlieii opunition hi'coiui'-  nec(*9-,iuv oi advisable-        ' ' , ,  ' b. 'I'lial in the'-pulp laud luii-o- piovision  should bo iiiikU. for lofoiestiui' and that slop-,  should bo (liken for tlio f-uni'i.il pre-ei vatioii  ol foresls liv KiiardiiiK iikiiiii-I (Iid waslcfiil  destruction of liniber      . ,  7. Tliaf lliu. I('ki-Iii(iiii) mid Kovernuiont  of (ho prov lue-i' should pctscvore lit the olloils  lo seeuio lliu exclusion or A-iatic Inboi. ; ,  , ,H Thai lliu niallcr of better li-rnis iu lhe wa)  oT subsidy and nppnipiinf lolls fnrrthe piovince  should hu v lKnrniisI-, pie���������ed upon the Dominion Koveiiiiuent      ,  (I ' That lliu silvi'i-loiiil iiiilusliusi of lho  piovince bo fo^feicd and ,oiieouiai,'i'(l b\ the  imposition of ' increased customs duties ou  lead-and load products imported lute Camilla,  and' dint' the (,'oiiseivative uicinhois of lhe  Dominion House bo ciir������cd lo support auj  motion introduced lot such a puiposo-       7  1(1. /I'liaf as induiliial disputes ulinns! iin.ui-  ably 'ic-ult in uieat lo-s and lnjuiv uotli  (o tho pailies (Incutv concciued aud ^to the  public, h'Kislnliou should ho pite-,ed lo piovidc  mc ins foi nn ainicnblo adjiisfiuent of such  disputes between, cmplovcis and eiiiplnvees  p 11. That it is advi-ahle to foslci lho in.iuulac  (mo ol the i av\ pioducts of the prov inee vv,','ini  die pioviuco as fai a- piacluablu' l)\ mi mis  ol luxation on (he - ud law product-, -uhjicl  to rebate ol the same in whole oi put when  luanufiK tured in llrihsli Columbia  Slil��������� Shoe Advertising  the first pair  Short talks by the Slater Shoe ad man, No. 2.  'i - ���������       ,'   i , ' :  i, Advertising may induce a man or worn' i  i to tuy the first pair of "Slater Shoes" but if l! -  first pair he a failure no amount of advcrtisl'- ���������  will induce the disappointed wearer to buy .  second pair."'' ���������'        ���������    -.    ,      v > "'    ���������,  u If every man and woman in Canada boog','  - a pair of "Slater Shoes'' through advertising a: J  ceased wearing���������or buying, them)after the fi'.' '  purchase, thc entire Canadian market for "SLi. v f  Shoes" would be exhausted in less than two y'c'  -   ,  ' Yetthe gale's of "Slater Shoes "have gc  on increasing for many years.  - <;,  .The same people have   been buying   ,'' -  "Slater Shoe" year after year   and  constr.:   ,  ' advertising is making new wearers every seasc:i  'proving.that.it is as-good a  shoe as if   '  makers claim it to,be.  -< ~       >p  - '  Oiodyear welted. *' Made in Canada 40 years.  ','       l:or men $4.00'and $5.50.'' ,    y   '' ,  ,    For woV * T3.r-0 and $5.00.-        '"  ^HT5JJfp������v,'  i'&AiPAS.&3$&������S?,  CONSERVATIVE CONVENTIONS.  - v. '      .       -  The Ivooii:-n*vv Mvir. and Family  Herald anil Weeklyvfit.u will be supplied foi balance of* 1903 foi $1 30,  togethei with two pictuics "I'uiity"  and "Alone."  Chamberlain's.  Al n mcLlint'ol (liPOXOculiMMir ilio Pun mi uii  CoiiM'M. itivo V^uci il ion, licit! at Yjiihoiimji,  (he pi o\ nice nih dindrtl mlo (i\(- di\i-ious  Un orfMiii/idon jiiii po-iii-* PThu' Kootciun-  Iioii3Kl,ir\ (Imsion is nitdu up uf lliu lollowm^  pirn inciul clucLiou di-ili icU Jlu^oNiuko,  Colmnbii, Fi i u" Cniiibiool-. Yimt, IvaUo  SlnL.ui, Cii t .vi i i <���������������������������>, (iiftMiunod, 1 lio ci(\ nl  [{ri*sl.iiul tind lhe Uil> ol NcUon *AL tiic^nno  meet iiik the Following ic^ohitioiis wimc .]<!<>pt< d.  I Th il cuincitlioiis Un iioiiininlui^ c.uidid-  ,ilo> lot moinbiM-i of tlio legislative' .i^cinbh  be madti up ,(>! dck^.ilos clxwn .is follows  (.i) lncit\ <lcLfoi.it ilislncts, one doli'^.itc  Toi <-v.m\ (illj .md li.iclion of fift\ \o(()s polled  it the j))o\uk i.il uii ction hold in 1U(X), .nul if tbe  ci(\ is divided into v.itds, tlid piopoitton of  delegatus Ioi (micImv.ikI ^hullbu bt^td on tbe  vole ftolled tn e toll w ud nt the last zmunicip.d  election ,f /- t  (b) Jn oilier ( lectoial districts, one delojjato  foreveo ''ft\ 01 li iction ol liftv Sotes polled  .it tbe pioviiili 11 eluLlion lield in 1'KX),- the did  elates to be appoitioncd to polling place-, oi as  iiuTii Iheielo as will be fan to the voti i& oT the  dilleient lieiKliborliood-  r 1 The election bold of delegate-, siiall bo al  public meet tiirT-, held al a de-ir;u.i(ed central  pi il(> in each polling division, or in each ward  in citv ol< cloral dislriLU, if the citv 1-. divided  into WiiuU Al such public mi etiu^a, r onh  1 hoio Cwho ph due thiiiiT-Llves to vote for Ttiie  caud'dateoi candid ite-. ������-el( eti tt at the nDni-  uiat m^Loiivr ntinn shall be entitled to a votu  foi delegate-       t <*  * J Two weeks notice *-l������.ill * be, A,'iveii oC the  public meetihk** aL vvbicli delegate*, aie to be  elected, nominatingcoinentions thall be held iu  cit\ elcctoial dNliicts two dnjs after tbe d.\\  on which dele^al^Ofa aio elected and ui othei  cl* clout di-itncti* seven day-, aTtei All iiom*  inatioiis thiou^liout the* j)rov nice to* be made  aL a ilerjt^nat( d central place iu oach elcctotil  (li^tnc t  and on the^ame d ij  I All node* ������ of the date of 'public meetings  for the election of delegates to nominating  conventioiib, lho iippoLtiounicnt of delegate-*,  and the jdace and date ol nciiiiiii������i(iii#r icouven-  tioiis u. -eveial rlecforal di-tricts *>hall be pie  pandnv the niembei of the executive of., tlio  division in wIulIi tlio 'doctoral disti ict^ me situate, and issued ovei tbe naine-vof f lie pio-adenl  and bcerotari oT the Piovincial Consei vative  Association  -   "    r ,'    ^ 0        f - SOLE AGENTS:        ,, - '     - '������   ,    *-  PI Bi; HUME1 \& OQ., Limited,;::  .." '.     ]        '' " "']tKVELSTOKE,'B."o.   ' ' A\A\     '"'   "   V  Spring and Slimmer Suitings.  -  'i     We.li'avt-on hiiiiil a eoniplele-=U)ck ol Woolens and' TailoiV Trim-   '���������  ���������    iniiiKhiiiul will iniiki-up Suits unlii-st cln-!S slyle to t-uit puteliiiser.  ,-  'Give  us a'tniil and vve will u-*!-it.t. you lo coinpli-t;) your diets in an  .lltKlK  1111(1 lip Lll-cl.lU'  MlliniiCT.      "��������� it 'r. -     i     '      fi-    .,     '  M.7-A. Wilson,- ^^le  -     '     -    GUADUATIS OK'NKW YOItlC'S GUTTING SCIJOOf.   '.  '      ,  DAVE OKK, Piopncloi,,  The lii-ht Dollar a Day House   - ,        y-... ��������� ,   Bi-sL^Jii.mils ofvWiiii"  -*  "'' in the town.' " v   - ', ,. *   '   "'* "   "   ' - nnd Cif^aif..  Spiiils  '.Th'e.4;Mlnes;  Cv-'  A incclinKof tho pinv inciul executive will lie  held al Vancouver withm a month, and the date  for holding district noiniiMliiiLT convention-, will  then be fixed JOHN HOUSTON.  Frcsidcnlcif the Provincial  Conserv atn o As-ociation  NoNon, June 8th, 10W  Kootenay .Lodge  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy/  For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Wnoop-  ing Cough    Trice 25 cents; large size 50c.  Chamberlain's  Colic, Cholera  and Diarrhoea Remedy.  For Bov,-.l Complaints.   Price 35 cents.  Chamberlain's Pain Balm.  An antiseptic liniment especially valuable for Cuts, Bruises, Sprains and Rheumatism     Price 25 cents; large .si/e 50 cents.  'IhciLgiihu meetings  aie held 111 the Masonic Temple. Jioui ue  Hull, on the I hull  Monday 111 each  month.nt 8 p in.  Visjituip; lire th 1 en  ��������� ., coiduilly welcomed.  H.,GORDON  Si.cki.iahy.  '.'( \A      '  A ,    LIMITED.  py " ( --   MINING BROKERS AND FISCAL AGENTS.    ' '*--,--  MINES'AND ' MfNiNGVlNVESTMENTS  ,:< -    L ' - - ' - ' - -V ���������  1 ^ e lui nisli ii-pni is on .ill kinds of iiielallileioti>.tiiineb and .piospecls  "Lowest quotations on listed and unhsti'd mining'-toeks. t       .  v     ' t OFFICIAL 13UOKJ3KS FOR TIIE V   ,*  Calumet & British Columbia Gold Mines Ltd  V - . '  NON-PERSONAL LIABILITY. JI5V-A MINK.)  DULUTII, Minn.  CALUMI3T, Mich.  OIUGAGO, 111.;  NIOLSON, B. U.  CAMBORNE, B. 0/  Coronation Hotel,  Camborne,  ,r. ii  SMITH-,  1'ioiniiiloi  First Class'"Accommodalion   for 'Travellers.-  Chamberlain's Stomach and  Liver Tablets.  Tor -Disorders of the Stomach, Liver  and HowlIs    Price 25 eerts.  Every one o! these preparations  is guaranteed and ii not fully satisfactory to the purchaser the  mono:' will he refunded.  - SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  1 ^���������Js5=srts>_^ "* Mects ������v i'i J Tuesday  cveniiiB in Selknk  Hall at ������ o'clock.  Visiting in ctlu en 001-  diiilly. invited to at-  tui-I.  '      VJ. MATH IE. Sl.0  J. OUTHI/IT, N. O  THIS IS NOT EGOTISM.  ^ t     ���������.,���������,.���������,���������. ��������� ,  .,,���������,.        XVv lirii.-v c vve   know   oui   Inisiiu-f.s.  'i   " ���������  1 V    '      .1 A'   '"'i'i    11 Om   lnisini-ss  i-i   in   ln-Jp   vou do vimi  who vv i������li to tee th.- imrtv condnoted j ,ul.ln,.s.    w.* supply up-to-date l.us,-  on  clean   jirinciplf-, and its t*>cut-, m<.  clicon nrihlottecl by di������.liono  ..-     II.!'.my      .111(1       UK tlldlls  lit!  hOCrALL-M.  1  growth of vocialiatic --cnti-l  inenL is gieat nnd jjoveimnent ���������  own'-r&lnp of public utilities' is now  utmost universally recognised as a  (lesir.'ible nctiievonient But UK-  progress oi cocifilisiri Vs largely  cle[iondent on its leaders. So long  as they recognise the evolutionary  development, of government, as  iccitc-d in the constitutional histories of the past, and regard IIk-  education of the people nnd common iiisticc a& factors in then  teaching, so long vvill they m.'ike  mho progress. Hut immediately  revolutionary methods are adopted  the move merit will suffer. It wax,  therefoie, Willi c-oii'ddf-rabJosiirpii.se  that vve ic-ad lhe lcvoitilionarv pio-  Iiosals of lOditor Dales, of the  Wesiorn  Hocialint, in   giving   o\i-  ivin^r del ices anil how to Uii  ���������iiKiin-v-  tln-iri.  Al  TKsovvi:r,r. loosk-i.ijai' r.r:r>r,nn.  Loose Li-,if i-'ik-s nnd L>-dj<i-i-i with  filing",-p-( Lilly tilled, printed, peilor-  ni������ (I and fiiiin li-'d to mm iiny "i j li-nl  bind.-I  ?*?*  i -* ym  ������-"'������������������(  3-SP>. \V  ���������fA  3IG HORN  DRAND  Wholesale and Retail  .   .   .   Meat Merchants.  Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:  <^^SBB^Oalgary, Alberta  nrnisTCntD  Union  Overalls,  Made   Shirts, etc  wi-; MANt;KA(;runi-:__  Slifil-1. f'ookh'    A pimii   iiml  OvpihIK ("lipH.  Ill 11I111 I'niiU, CiuijoiiIuih' Apions,  Twnd I'luith, WiilturV ApioiH,  I'otloii.nl" I'lint", I'iUiiIlih'mill  I'litntir-  .luiiipi ni, 01s' (iioi.ilK  riloiiH>-4, .Mmklimw C'o.iIh,  KiiK'niniV .Im-kLli.. ."MiicKlniivv l',iiit-(,  Wnllt-iV liukiU, I'm |> iiillns,  llurlif i-xMuckcl-i, riiiiiiiiiK"-- ''HKi*������  C'liiitliitin Jaikfli, Hor-io llliuikets,  .MN1I0111'liuiiK I Ijii- TcnW  di-rwtn-, V.lu , tit-, elu  Neatly and  Expeditiously  Executed at  The Kootenay  Mail Office.  itxamnLfxrcTJBtm^icy^? .^<ttt*^JMiMSHiuj*rwa������MLiM^-ti -������  LEMING[LeapnByMaiL-  Pitman's Business Courses  PiEVEIxSTOKE  PHOTOGRAPHER  STAMP PHOTOS  A   SPECIALTY.  Kootenay Mail Publishing- Co Limited,  KliVELbTOKK, ii. (J.  l'Ntnlili-ili((i 1S4.J    Incorporated I������i2  TURNER, BEETON & CO.  i.i.Mr ri:n,  WHOLESALE MERCHANTS,  Wiiiilimi-K".. Wlmrf SI 11 ut  J'ni lnr>, I lliistlun Slii't-I,  VKJTOItfA, B. V,.  are known ail over liie  world.  Full course from Ten Dollars.  Oyer Kootenay  Mail Office  MERCHANTS.  Wci.in supply you vvitli a lii'sl-cl.ibs  loobis k-.tf day hook and h-dgci' sysium  which is licili-i- than thosi- you &i-nd  i-iist for and is much lu.ss in puce. Pali oni/.e hoiiic indiistiy and send us  your ordeis- lor coiuiti-r hooks, loosi-  leal day hooks and ledgers mid m'ijuis-  itps thrii'fni-.  Haiiiplt-s iind iiiici's-on .ipphi.ilion.  TIIM KOOTKNAY MAIL.  Hevelstoke.  Pitman's Business College.  Opposite- Hotel Vancouver  Jas. I. Woodrow,  BUTCHER.  Retail  Dealer In^^aaaaag^..  BEEF,    PORK,  MUTTON, Etc.  Fish and Game in Season.  All oidcrspioinpllj llllcd.  REVELSTOKE,- B. C, SJSg-gMC I> <- .<  \   Y - I  &*>  1 f   I ' -   "-   I  -    ,,      (   *   -  -I .  tl ',   , I -  Tiilfi fcOOTENAYMAIL  ��������� 'tp ���������    - p-'itpPyawSMi  ��������� a    y Pp ^y.iWMi  ,/fv -   -'/ra���������  . Ja-\a,,.. , -tAfA&k\  i  ���������   Ki    11 "���������yM'ft'ii\  -   I      ���������"' ��������� "v-f'l  . v V h B  ~ty.Vl  TROUT LAKE MINES  Notes  i  From   Various  Oi  Camps  In  11  the   Neighborhood.  '    There is .i good  doul of activity  , iabout.Trout Lake, nnd people here  .    conf-icler  the'outlook  better  than  evei before,  fj *        ' j  ,  On Tenderfoot  creek, two miles  '  , below Geiurd, the  Lardeau Vf.lley  --s^-Jilines Co., of Spokane, are pushing  development, undei superintendence  of J. Rutherford, on the J.-L.'group,  1 i where they  arc said   to be getting  ore running about $20 in gold.  , - ' G.Bter.d and'associatcs-aie pushing development 'on   tbe Ethel and  j- Lucky Boy.      A        ,''',"  , c   Messis. ,Vei������*choyle  iind partners-  aie determined to make a mine out  <   of the Kathleen on Tiout cieek,-as  they have  been   pushing  develop-  ��������� me lit' all   winter.    W. Ji. Pool had  . an option'on this pioperty for some  time. ' Lt   lies "on   the   lime dyke  which'ci0s5.es the   mountains south  / of Tiout,Lake.,        i  ��������� ���������  Hugh   Blown,  foreman   for  thc  iMountiiin Lion Company, has been  hustling things  at  tlio  American,  wlieie he* lias  done  1.S00  feet  of  ,development, and has btruck'a fine  - body of oie,  two  feet  wide, and of  high grn'clc.        "' " ,    '  The Bed/o,  on (Canyon cieek, at  '" llio foot of the lake,  is  leporled to  '    be turning,out well.     '    '   ' ,  (^ J. W'.^Westf.iU'expects  to  make  '-. sonio deals  on  piopcities   he  sub-  niitted in the'east cluijng his visit  , tbc-ie in the'winter month*.   ,  _ A local syndicate -is' doing work  on thc   Willow   Giouscr under  the  supeivision- of  Mi. Wcstfall."  The  "  lead has been stiippeiUfor^ between  .    500 and,GOO feet, and . tbe'property  is lcportcd tp be looking well.      <-  .Of 1-1   piopcities  lefencd  lo  in  Lhe annual icpoit of  the  Minister  '��������� "of Mines dealing vvitli ,this,i-,eclion  seven   weie   handled    by   Messis.  W'es'lf.ill it Co , showing   this   liim  to bc-ldoiiig"good   woik  in   the dc-  v velopiiient, of the niiueial rcsouiccs  of this, section/ - -   , -.;��������� ���������>  \An, lmpoilant featuie  of Tiout  . Lake oies is then high values.   Oie'  fiom -tlie;. Copper  Chief, adjoining  the Bullied   Giousc, and  in   which'  I het locator,M.lMatheson, still holds  A half inteiest,  has .given, assays..as  high as  2.930"0/.s.  silvei-per Ion..  Pviholtile deposits von. the Copper  , Chief, limning   parallel 'with   the  lime dyke, assay $6   to'$14 in gold,  So/s silverlind 2\ per cent copper.  - , Messis. Westiall it Co. ,h.ivc a  splendid collection of "oie samples  chainctPiistic  of   the  district, and  -���������in inspection of it will'affoicl valu-  a'blc infoimation 'to "visitors'to this  '. distnct'. \ "     -*''       "-       "*   '- -C *  .Tiout,   Lake   mining    men   ate  *��������� showing their  enterprise -alielcU'as  *..vvell- us >.ifc - libmc.-o.F.T/Jilliptt-is  ?   one of 'the* 'principal^ptomotcis of  the Noi tbwestjCoal and Coke Sv\ ncli-  c.iju wh'o h ive "talten  up  extensive  co.i 1 .11 eas 30, nn Ies west of McLcod  English   capitalists   have   become  in tei "eled   and     aie.  putting -up  mone.\ for" development  and opei-  ation'of* the  property ' One seam  0: coal on the company's land is 30  feet in width.  Work hu1- been piosecuted all  win tei on lhe. Mane Manila pi'op-  (iilvonCuijoii creek, at the foot  of the lake' two mile.-, fiom tbe  Laideau lailway This is another  of Judge Millei's flotations. A  shipment made fiom the property  ,k������t fall leahsed' !M)4, mostly silvei -  Wne and other native silver was  found on this pioperty. Development work consists of two tunnels  mn on the lead, besides suifacc  openings': The .upper drift has  been run 190 ft .and ls'oOft, veitic-  * ally below tbe outcrop. Fiom,this  dii'ft was mined tbe oie shipped  Tlie second drift is 100 ft lowei.  A piopeity that mav tuin out  well 1-- the Klondyke group, located  below the Ethel ' The gioup is  owned bv D. Giaham, J5 Baillie,  . N Lav, F. Jacob'*, and E Fowler,  and con-*ists of the Northern Belle,  Klondike, and Centu bt.u claims.  Theic'i?  .1   foot  of   high-grade ore  through the mountain on this property and is probably tho,souice of  the extensive mineralisation on that  mountain. Eight tons of ore were  shipped and icturned $102 per ton.  The property is now owned by  Messrs. Livingston, Matheson, F.  C Elliott, and Oie Peterson.,  1        (To liu coiitiiiinil  FERGUSON MINES.  showing, and between tince and  fo..i tons havo ibecn sacked leacly  for shipmenl.  J. St.iubei's properties on Has-  kirr-. creek are under bond ;o .Vts*-is.  Wo-.tf.ill and Co. who have an.ingecl  with ca-*tei 11 parties lo have them  examined   with   a   view   to^ taking  I Ill-Ill up.  On the Unfiled Grouse the lead  is slated lo have been shipped for  1,100 ft., showing oie all the way,  .mil seventl open cuts have been  inn. Then i-'.il-o o0 ft. of tunnel-  nn; The oie chute is fiom font  inches to a foot wide, and has  a*.<*ii\od up lo 3,000 o/*- --ilvei. It  is Mated lli-it a poiphjiy clvke cuts  A GUARANTEED CUBE  Fop all Forms of Kidney Disease.  Wi- lhe undctsigned Diuggists mi-  hilly picpaicd In give the IoIIiivmiir  jfiiri'i. ml re wiih i-vi-iy riOci-nl liotllc  ( f L)t. PelluiK'H,^ Kidiii'y-Woil. T11I1-  lcls, tlie diilv iciiiedv in the vvoild Hint  posilivily cuii's all trouhles iiiisiiig  finin weak kidnevs;���������  "iMoni-y ( Ih-cihilly ii-tuini-dif the  siiillctei is not lelieved and impioved  iilLer use of one liotlle. 'J'litec In six  lioltles i-irecl astonishing mid pctinan-  I'lil, ( Hies. Ili.i-I lelit-vi'd mill (tned,  you waste 110 money.  ('.Hindu Diugifc Hook Co.,Hevelstoke,  13. (J.  .1. A. Miller Ac O.i., Uevelstoke, It. (1.  Walter Jievvs, Bevelatoke,   Ii.  (J.  / Progress of Various Camps.  A Rossland - syndicate is doing  woik on the Mobecan group on  Gainer creek. They have run cioss-  tunnel at a depth ot .130 ft. below  thc outcrop. At 200 feet it intersected tbe lead, on which they have  now drifted, over; 100 ft. 'ibe  icsult bf this woik h.i-^ been to  ''prove up a body .of concentrating  ore from tlnee to eight feet wide for  a distance of 90 ft. The oie is  silver-lead, ��������� running '$6 to $8 in  gold. Tbe syndicate look-up the  propei ty last 'summer, and have  had it continuously under development. ' The suifacc showing gave  assays of fi'om ifSO to -1-140 in gold.  The lead is well deliiied. The  gentlemen forming tho syndicate  aie Mayor - IX-.in'c, Dr. Monow,  Messrs.' C. M. Oliver- and W. F.  Lingle, of Rossland, and J. C. Murray, of JTrout'' Lake. ^Fronf the  woik so far done the owners believe  they have a veiy valuable property  and intend pushing development  work as.i.ipidly as'possible. 'J.'0.  Muiiay, ot Tiout Lake, is looking  after the property -on behalf of the  syndicate.' ,    . , '  ' The Guinea-Gold, one of the companies 'oiganised  by  Judge Miller,  is,woiking on the lower tunnel.    A  shipment of ore was made last fall  fiom^tho  upper .tunnel   and gave  returns of  .1-103.20 per  ton. mostly  silver values. ��������� The   ore 1--  silver-  lead. /The^upp'cr   tunnel   gives a  .veitic.il  depth  of. 115 ft., and has  been j un * 130 feet    For  80  feet it  shows up a body of' 01c fiom <*ix to  18 inches in,width.    The new tunnel is'bein'g'iun ,at  a  point S5 ft.  low cil and will give a total vertical  depth of 200 ft.    It has" di=closed-a  stiingei-.of ore for"30 ft:   The wall  is   well'defined.rt A  raise ^will _be  made   to   the jiippcr   tunnel      C.  Sharp is in charge of thc woik. The  propei ty is located - on ,0^ Gold  cieek, .a ^tributary* .of   tlie 'Little  West Foi������of the Duncan livei, and  atana'ltrtude'ofr-.OOOft."     'r     -  ���������  Tlie Old Gold-Quait/ and Placer  Co., which opeiates  on  the side of  the gulch opposite the Guinea-Gold,  wfll be vvoiking again shoitly/   On'  jLliiss .pioperty' two 'feet   of   solid  galena has been  stiuck at a depth  of 75 ft.^ and  a  shipment ran over  $100 person . The phncipal values  aio in silver,-but the  oie can ies $5  to $6 in gold,rsomc.of^the ore being  a grey copper?   Jn addition' to*tvvo  feet o'f solid  galena,   the,,oie body  carnes two   or   thice-feet ,of-con-  centialion ore     Development"work  consists of a tunnel  inn at a depth  of 75 ft   fiom .the outcrop and foi  100 ft, 30 ft.  of  which  is'in  01c  Another   tunnel   is   being   11111 at  a noi nt 150 feet  lowei,  and   is in  300 ft.   This   tunnel   wili'givc.a  depth of 225 ft. on  the lead, which  should not be far fiom the piesent  face of the tunnel     The cutciop on  lhis property shows  a  body of oie  of which  it  is  estimated theie are  100-tons in sight. -   ,  "The Prim lose adjoins the Guinea-  Gold, and is being developed light  along. Exceptionally high gold  and silver values aie being obtained,  assajs running up to $84 Jn gold  and 900 silver. A tunnel is being  dnvenata depth of 75 to SO ft.  below the outciop, and is now in  SO ft This tunnel' has c.xpo'-eil  about seven inches of clean ore. a  peculiar featuie of which' is that  these high silvei and gold values  ceciii in white 11 on sulphuicls. Mr.  Sharp is also in cbaigc of the woik  on this piopeity.  On McDonald cieek Judge Miljci  lias opened up on the Golden JCra  nn oie body 1 tinning up to IS inches  in width and ol high guide It  can ies silver and copnci in thc  foim of bornile. Oie is-exposed  foi 200 ft. Newman Tin lor will  leave for thc piopeity shoitly to do  moie development iv 01k.  J. A. McCrossan has .11 ranged to  get the Triune in shape. Several  nestles of the who tramway were  knocked out by slides and have to  be icpl.tced, and thc cabins are  gone. Woik will be resinned in  the mine as soon 11s possible. A.  Dodd, who I1** a capable- man, has  been engaged as foteman SO tons  of cue taken out last fall ieali*-ed  IvJSG a ton Mt. McGiossan is  doing bis utmost lo have theTnune  placed in .1 .good position. We  liopcthe 111.13   succeed.  I ni addition to the concentrating  plant to be installed for the Silvei  Cup and Nettie L "mines .1 chloiid-  ising plant will be addiitl foi extraction of the gold and silvei  value- fiom the conccntiate** Thc  sccond-chf-h dump', of lhe Silvei  Cup foi instance will avenge -19 in  gold, 8 o/s sIh(>i) 10 pei cent /mc,  and ") pel c 1 lit lead, so that Im concent ration good, v;tlues in gold and  -*ilvoi will be obtained and bv  cblotidising the lcin.iindei lhe e\-  ti.K lion will piohably he So pei  cent of lhe total gold and silvei  content*- of the oie 200 tons of  salt have been oideied foi lhe  ohloiidiMiig planl  II C:i 1 let iind Low Thompson  aie doing  woik un   tlieii propcil}  at Five Mile, near Ferguson, nnd  itisrepoited to be "looking well.  J. C. Jvirkpatrick is interested with  them in this property. They hold  eight claims here. There is already  .1 nice showing of ore on the Jumbo,  one of the group. '  themJnes,  A vvoiking bond is being iin.niged  on the Sti.ithconii gioup, pwncd by  Coiy Menhinick, and located west of  the Goldfinch This is 11 pioinising  piopoilv. ~  , ]-\ C. drcen, 1'. ,Jv.' S.",~~hiis gone to  I-'eiguson to suney tho Nettie Lueiiul  tiiini line and the extension t to , connect the G11.1 anil Nettie L ti,1111s with  the concentrator site.       *       ',    <  The' Oplnr-Liicle Jlining syndicntc  piuposo leinoving then olliees fiom  Feignsou'to Ciiiiiboinc, wheie a h uid-  sonie building- wil I be elected* fot tho  accommodation of thc starl.     i    '  Theie inc women of giit in thc mining camps of the west.' Mis. Jovvett,  off Ti on t Luke, is in the mountains  poi-jonally supeiintending the assessment ivoik 011 her' claims 611 Tiout  cieek      >        ' 1, ' - , -    '  0. Alt wood, M JO, consulting engi-  neei to llio Client ^Western unci Silvei  Cup, visited tlio piopcities last week.  As it 1 call It it hits been decided to put  in a eoncentiatoi to handle the,01 cs of  both iniiies, -        K  ,/ C. Jluslcd, 'of'Ehvood, Jnd,, one of  the sh.neholdcis in the I2hvoocl T111-  woikeis company, ris pnying nn o\-  tended visit to * l-'isli Cieek with his  -neiihow and is'slaying at the Coppci--  JJoll.n Cllll'll). *      '   ,'  ,W. Watson," uiulei whom Geoigc  Goldsmith' of lie.iton vvoiked ,nt the  Notth St.11 in JOust JCooten.iy, siiys  Gcotge is one of Ihe most intelligent  .md lcliablc piospectois 111 thocountiy  and evpects to see ' him Ji.ive a big  stake one'of these days  A. G. Stieet, the,null man-ipcr foi  the Ophii-Lndc 'conipnny'h mill ut  Camboinc,(comc& highly lccommended  HoAv.is foirnoily in the employ of the  War Ji.iglc comp.iny,.it Rossland, and  has had extensive milling expenence  in Jchiho and othei stales  At Ci.mbiook, last, week, <F J  Jiyion, the mining engineer, puicli.iscd  fiom John Shenvool live claims 011  Pcriy , cieek* foi a, consideration, of  $12,000, payments 'to be 111 ado in full  by"July 25th., Jt is n gold piopeity  vvitli ii I.ugc vein and high values, u  Evan it-Hunter' of l-]eigiisoii, Mie  doing much''to inteiest capital in mining piopcities in the Laule.iu. They  uie ni.iknig peisonal inspection of pib-  ^lei tics submitted to them; and have  then ,o\vn^.sampling clone and assays  made     TheV.havo seveial 'deals undei  w-iy*     <(    , -    ���������   y  The ovv nuis.'of the Silver iCup and  Nettie Jv mines aie-showing gieat  entmpiisc /1'hey .tie impoiting con-  con,ti,iting mill' saw mill plants winch  will weigh 500 tons, the site'foi the  new buildings' .it il-'ive Mile is being  got leady and oideis have been sent  to Nelson to' engage *50 men foi "the  company's opciations.        , V  -.  ' The fieo'gold excitement on Kapid  cieek is levivecl, iind piospectois aio  iigaui heading in iiumbeis foi that  poin't"1, Hand c.us and ..my othei  means ol tianspoitntion is welcomed  to get ovei the l.nhv.iy ti.iclc while the  li,11ns aie laid ott Some of the ,1 idlest oie hea id of is lepoitcd to have  been stiuck at the head of Bapul cicck  liugh Biow 11, ni.inagei of the Mountain Jjion Mining company, will 10-  sunio*vvoik 0:1 tlie Mountain Jjion  claims on tho Duncan divide nc\t  week1 Mi. lliown iiiiivcd 111 Tiout  J^.ike Tuesday, bunging the news of a  sti ike of two feet of high gi.uleoicon  thc Ainciicin Tins will be good news  to the owning companv, who have developed thc piopeity 111 thc'niost bona  lido liiiiu-ici  One of the best featmes of mining  in tbe Jj.11dc.u1 now is that companies  operating theie aie bunging,in men 01  technical education and liist class  pi.ictic-.il mining expenence Men of  that stamp will do much to eliminate  ihe wasted i-nei^y of the past and will  achieve the best lesttlts to be got fiom  thc piopcities opeiated This vvill be  11 big help to the countiv. and lo tho  liitioduction of fiesh capital ,        .  The gold beaimg oies of Fish cieek  will not piovc stnctly fice milling,and  an ellicient v sjstcm of v.nineis will be  necess.ny to savea good 111 tio of values  Piob.-bl} about 50 ]iei cent of the  values can be saved on plates fiom the  /ones fiom which tne milling oie will  be diawn for the piosct t, and as depth  is attained the gold healing sulplmtets  will become moie in cvidercc so that  the conccnti.ttes must lcpiesent a  l.ugc propoition of thcvalues  1 One of the c\tiaoidinniy mining 10-  niances that co .K-fiom thc La 1 den 11  is that of a Coppci Mountain syndicate  compo-cd of Nelson and Vnncouvei  men, vv ho bold 27 claims on Copper  Mount,1111, staked two clninis wide .s  one claim did not give sulhcient vv tilth  to covci the ledge, which is churned to  be 2,000 feet vv ide Thcovvneis claim  to have coppe- oie consisting of boin-  ito and chalcopvi ltc, ovei this huge  ,110.1 and sav then nssavs 11111 up to 01  pei cent coppei They onlv want 11  million dollats cash for "the biggest  tiling 111 Bnti'h Columbia "  s I  Theie aie tlnee pioinising gioups of  claims located on Ho.vd cieek. These  aie owned by J. J.eskc, G Goldsmith,  -1. Koveiean and G. Johnson. On the  Scout gioup clevelopnient has been  can ied on toi four jeais A tunnel is  in 4.7 feet iind still in caiImitates,  which run ovei $13 111 gold On the  Caiiici gioup 1 here incfioni 10 to 45  leet of nie, and on one of thc claims  theie is 25 feet of c.n bonatcs The oie,  which i~ u.iIl-ii.i, has been tiaced on  the sin Cue foi J,000 feet. This is s.i-d  10 bii one of the biggest showings of  g ilona vet di-coveied 111 Jiiitish Columbia, aud Ihcowncis cliiiin to have  $100 000 wnitli 111 sight. G. Goldsmith  b.,s let a ( ntincr foi a liuinel on this  propei tv to .1. N Scott at $12 50 pei  foot fm tin- lust 200 feet The owneis  intend sending out .1 ti 1 il shipment of  100 ton- of oie this season if I bc-v (an  ai i.inge liaiispoitatiou.  His Last Hope Realized.  [I*i0111 (lie .-juilliiol, Gcliu, Mom J  III the (list opening ot Oklahoma  to sctlleis in 1SSII, tin- editor el this  paper was anion*; the many shekel*.  iiiU-r Ioi tune vv 110 iiiimIi- llu- 'ug'iiin.  one line day m Apnl. Dining li  traveling about, and nllei winds hi  Lamping upon ins daim, In- eiuotui-  ti'i-i-d miicli 1111J vv-iiler, which, logetlu-i  with severe heat, guvu him a vi-iy  i5������veic dial rhoi-a vv hieh it sei-ined ai-  inost. impussibli- lo (-hi-c.lv, and along  in .Tiine the ease lii-eauie so had he had  expecli-d lo die. One day one ot his  neigboi-i lu-(Mi(,'lil, liiiu one suinll' bottle  of (Jbit in hei Iain's Coin-, Uholeni' and  JJiiirihoea Jti'in'-ily iif a lust hope.  A big dose wiis ^iven bun while he was  roll ing a bou tun gi iiinid in 141 en 1. agony,  and in .i> lew minutes the dnse was  icpt-iited. The good i-ll'eu ol lhe nied-  icnif wa-. s(n"in miiiied and within  1111 hour the palieul was 'akin-; his liist  sound sleep lot 11 Im linghl. That one  little bottle vvoi Iwd a eoinph-ie (111 e  and lie (���������.���������miot but feel gi.ili-lul Thc  si-asdii fm liovvel disoideis lii-ing nl  blind siig(������i.s|s lhis item Fur -nir  by .ill di uggists.  Fine Upholstered Furniture.  Wc   have  an exceptional 1  'stylish uinyc of Parlor I;uini-|  Uicc���������all of  which   is   uphols-  .tcrcd by ourselves.  You can choose your own  cover when desired. ���������  Samples mailed,  i       We   have   made    Home  Furnishinq a life.study.,  i,V   ."  ���������COMPLETE  FURNISHERS  . v.  HENRY'S NURSERIES  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Greenhouse and Hardy Plants,  Roses, Rhododendron's, etc.  ' '  ' Tons of Home Grown and Imported  'Garden,'Field and Flower Seeds,  ,' lor Spi-hip*- Plant ing. ,  PUT E'lftWIi'BQ! loi-Ualls, .Weddings  l/Ul  i?LUVYMO Church JDeem a I ions  Funeral Designs.  AGRICULTURAL  UMJ'LEMl-JNTS,  ..BISB'SUPPJ.IliS, .    t  FJ1U1T 13ASJC1DTS/  v' FJ^RTILIZIiky  ,c-'  Oiit.iloguo Fice.      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'  .v l^--( i. of prni/iiiK l.iml-. is not entitled *o the  Illl)   Illdl'llll, llllt 111-  III'IV,   11)1011   IlpllllLlltlOll   to  tlie ni-int of iJoinliiio-i l.iiniU,'olitiiiii cncli vciir.  llio Misi puunit to cut on his lenscliolil whatever qiiniitiiy: of hnj* ho mnj require foi hii-  own 11-f, free of due.-. lliedupnitiiK-iitrcwn Inu  tin- ilirla to is-,iic ncimits to oilier nppllc.iiils. ���������-  Aiiplliiition-. foi Kra/lii-,' Icai-i-i should be  innde in lhe .-"I'domr.v, IJepiirtinciif ofJthe In  tutor, Ottawa.    .     , i  '}������. O.KKYKS,  SocreUiry, Ilonf-itinent of the lntcilor.   '  TIOVnE -   TA:BLB  S. S.   ���������'Archer" 'or S. S.!'���������"'LardcauP .  ' - .  .   ��������� 1 i,, r  rtiiniilnK li<-tv\ccii'r".VrrovvlW',i(l, Tlioni'mi >  Uuidli'ij iviut CoiiuipMv*. coiiiiiieni'iiii,' Oct. mil,  Hull, will sn|| ,1, fo!Ioivi.(wi;iiilier ponnlllliiKI: l  1.1-iivo Airovvhcad tor 'Iliniiiso'n'-i ljiiidiiif,  mill C'oiniinlW tvviu- dull} nt ink. und 15k.  Leave Coin-iplK- ivml thoiii-un'rl Uindln*; tor  Ariovvhciul twice dally at i.lji:. und 12 15k.  MiikiiiK clo-o'connect Ions vvitli nil C. P. It.  Irnliiinndbonu. , . ,  'I'licovviii-r-ici-crv-o thc rlfdillo chnn o timet-  of Kiilinf-s vvithoia notice  TII); 1'JlKI) ItOllINSO.V I.UMIiKllCO.jl.Tl).  ,r, r. nonixsoN,  Mnn.isiii;,' Director,  %F  \ >  '4>,r  .-/  >[Al  T!io"RoY8lSiOkc Navigation Co.-, Ltd  'TIMEI TABLE-\r  (Duiii'k season of hi-;li   vv'.ili-i*-.)  Halcyon Hot'Springs  If emit a riii rn..  rpHE JIEDICAL WATI5RS ot Ifil-  I- Cjon .11 (��������� tin- must i iilalivi; in tin-  vviiild., A pi'i-fi-i I, n.iliii.il ii'incdy im  all Nt'iviiiis and Alu-iular .diseases,  Liver. Ividnuv and Slninach ailini-nls  and jMetallif Puisoninif A sure ctue  foi "Thai. Tned Feelmsr." Spi'lMl  I.lies on all liii.lts iind ur.uns.1 Two  mails ai live and depnt ovei v day.  Telegi.iph t oinnimiii.il ion > with all  pails cil the vvoi 111. An expei lenced  ni.iss.inger , .   r  Halcyon Hot Springs  Arrota JLafCc. "B, C.  9"(><K><>-0<h'*o<>^  J.'LAUGHTON,  Proprietor, , , -  ��������� c   REVELSTOKE, B./C. ' ,  ��������� - ^    ���������'. I-   .  This liolel is now- open Inr the  ac i oinitiocl.ttiqii of the tiavellin^  pulilic.    It is the inosl ('oiivi-iiietitly siLniiti'd luitt'l in the titv, heiiifj-  at thetoiiH-i ol Fust, Sti eel and Ooii-iaiiglit-.,Avi'iine, in tin- hi-.u t ot  l In-luisiness piu-tion of the city, convenient tn  i.ulvvay station .ind\  post ollice    ; '    *<���������- - - '     >  *������ 6  -- - , 'v ,        -       . -  . x  *  F:rst Class Accommodation and Tabic, Q  ' ,  -   ','      5 -    ' ,      Boat Brands of^ Wmcs, Liquors and Cigars.   -     A  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  Piumpti deli veiy of puicels, hui;g.i<,'(*,  etc, to .my p.itt of tlio Ctt) it      t   ,  Any Kind of Transferring  .  Undertaken.   . v  All onlcis left ill. K M'binvl lie's,  Toh.iL-n- Slnio, oi,liy Telephone!, No 7  will leceiie pninipt .ll trillion  REVELSTOKE, B. p.  , ABRAHAMSONiBROS ," PROPRIETORS , , ^  Newly   InnlL       Fir&t-chiss in eveiy lesjiect.      All modem coineniuncef*  ' , t   Laige Sani[)le Rooms.  Rates SI 50 per Day Special Weekly Rates  Queen's Hotel, Trout  Lake, under same  h������Htt*.VUWirj fatttLWiK.'JBBSSOS  i * j      -'  ,. Lc.ive'Ki^lit ^Iili-'L.inilin-; each **   '  TUESDAY- AXD FRIDAY .il-.G 'a.'m ���������  -.        < / * _ -  _. Iji-.ivc L,i Forte,e.l( ll r.     ^ . .-  TUJil&D'AY VAND J-'RIDAY at, 2 n) m .  " * ' ,       ,      -    '  SPISUIAL TRIJ'S will'l,e,v made' be-  Ivveen dates of le^nl.u 'sailmifL\vhen-  ever Inisun--, pllei ed -vaiianlj. siiine'.  The Coiiijiany 11 sei n. t.he u-;liLto.  th.iiii;e mile .iiici (lav <-'of sailmi; with-.',  out llotiLC.        '-    ,    " ������������������ ' ���������- ,       r.  A. FOR^LAIsD,"1" CD JJAUHJCK,'    ,  <-       jMaster.  ,   ��������� .    I'm-ser.    ' ' }  'y, > "iv.  "a1U  \,   v..  "Jl   J.   .  . -''SI  11'\\\\  p ��������� m  ii  i -   ,  h vl  .   '    P%A"\  i     - r >-<^ i  , v ���������������   PAtA  > t'Pl        * -* *i fit 1  , ,.. 'U^i.i^fmil  ������������������t?.A/W4&  i     ".'       V  T,  -, A Ami  aa '^An  ~A,\im  aam  ������������������ ?������*-,rt--- r  -:Ab*������\  7. -i is* I  ., 4*1  ~      'l    c    ?l  V'  maiici������emeiu  ^.������tmj'MLuii<M.������j.ll>������^.JJliluu.j.nj������auiuir. uii'J>������������.ui.u.Mli������i������.uua.BjlMlll.aj -r>  s I  ^^^t^t^^t^f^^^^f^^^e^i^^^t^f^r^^^^^^^^i^  t$h  ������$������  (fa  (fa  (fa  (fa  (fa  (fa  HOTEL   LARDEAU   COMAPLIX ry   The Best House in Town.    -    Well Furnished  Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.  / - -W. HAMILTON, Proprietor  (fa.  (fa  \fa   (fa  ��������� f$i  '    (fa  Good Table rfa  (fa  r$i  (fa  (fa  SEE  Wing Chung's newly imported   stock   of  Chinese  and Japanese goods.  The best assortment ever  landed   in   Revelstoke  of  useful  articles-  Ten. su-\ lets  Plates  lla.-ki'K  Cane Glial! 5  HaiHlktlLlllufs  md  ornamentril  I'lull U   I'llts  Uinlnilla Sl.inils  I.iiiilIi l!.i-l.i Is  Sinokini; ,lni la ts  Sill. Goods  GOLD FISH  1'iiicstslock ofciinilies niul fiulb in (uvmi  Front Street, Revelstoke  LM^ A "TPI^" K IT Cy        Trademarks  LJt\   I   UlIN   I   O     and  CopyriEhts  ��������� nbUiinul in all LOiinliics.  ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent Attorney  MlcIiiiiuuiI    Engineer     nnd     Diiiuglitsinuii,  Hunk  of  II  N. A. HuilchiiBS. Hustings Stieut1  VANCOUVER,   B.   C.  A postcard will scuiuc .in cvciiiiik .i-ipuint  niunt Coi those v\ho ciinnot call ruiiiii(j tin. d.ij  Raw Furs Bought  Cash Prices Paid  ffo fa(fa(fa<fa(fa($p ^p(^(^(fa(^(faifa^(fa(^(fae^^^(far^rfa(farfa(fa^h,fa  ORIENTAL   HOTE  J".  ably furnished with  the choicest the market  affords,       Best   Wines,   Liquors,  Rates $t a day.     Monthly rate.  ALBEET      STOISTE,    'PROI  & Cigars  OOHAN STEAMSHIPS  -  ,    '���������     ..Royal Mail Lines. /'J  Cheapest Route to the Old Country.     .���������'  ALLAN UXE-Viom Jrontreal. \  Tuiii=eaii .���������.-.*        '    . M.iv >i  Parisian   '      .   ,     >.'..     '.. -... .   'Jluv $)  I'iciorian.,     Juno o  .   .DOMINION- JAN*H-Krom .Montreal. . -   v  nonunion      ������.   . .'1.    . .i   .   .Maj 2.1-  S*oiilhvv.irk * .. .   .Mav Su -  C'.uiftda   i.   ������      .   ' Jun*el3  A       DOMINION LIN-K-i-i-ioin Hoston.  Mav flower  '     *-.       jrnvCl  Coiiiiiionwealth   * *       : .* .    ..June 1  Now Knglnnd ..   ...*..'       "?���������    "..June 11  vBKAVEIl I.ixn���������Krom Montreal.*' >���������' ;*  U-ike Manitcib-i        ',.   .        * - .Mar 21  1-ike C;imiii]ihun   ... '     .June 4  Lake Kne '. . . . ...   Ju-ie 11  * '  AMKUK-AN LINII-Kroin New* York.     V  *-t   I.onis  *vt,i\ 20  Nevv lorlc     .   .        . Mm --3  Philiidclplna . ... JureO  WIIirE STAR I.TNE-From New* York."  Germanic        . .      -jrnv 20  Mftje-I  "  . .     Mav 27  Ccl.ie . .   Mav ill  Occan.i.   * .     . .Juno J  CbNAltD LIN?; -Kro-n New York  ntrim.i        ... . ...Mn\ 23  r.iinp-inia       . . . May 30  L-'mbna      -.     . . June (>  Cb'N.Vlin LINK��������� r.-o.n llo-lon.  Jvcrnia ..... .        ..Mav 10  l-llonia         . M,i\ ai  =-a\oni.i.. . ....   Jui'ioi  Ivcrnia   JuiielG  I'as.-cnue^ ticketed Ihromtli to all'pins of  tircal Iii nam aiul Ireland and at spcciullv low  nitesto all pait.5 of lhe Kiiropcnn contincnl.  Applj io iiciui-st liilwaj or su unship agent, or  t0 v        -  T.  IV. BEADSHAW,   Agent,   Rovelstoke.  W. P. F. CUMMINCS. Pacific Ag-ont  ������������������  _.  >;,'-'. ^ I  ^^-i^rii  :; tf P-,K'M  1   i -j*-?,i i  - - ,--'-���������-.. > ^*-r  ���������*���������    ,ij. "-.u*?;  ,     >*.. iftT, iSfi  .     A-  ���������-,s-t"-  '*' I'M&i***-  *t i������~ .     -M.'arV  is, -  .f.A-vV-l  -Pi-H<\  \ <A?m  ���������' ������v   - . !'  '^1  pA\  Sjgo. i^rv.r ntcr  E^S-ldsS'f,-a'{Jf*3R-",?ia-;n "!5i? *^������VS.iSJ'!Sffi5lL5i55  Qoacsa aaa n as x. c a a ga a b rase a ^a. sdgt on a ejaca  a:? ���������  ii3������=S  Now in iis iith \ ;ir  Tho lei-ii-i: r-lni-ij pjrlsdlcoi of ilin  world with il-s siro-cc-t ecitorial s aff  cf a-i/ jee i.ucal p-l-'icatlon.  SAic-lp*lcr 55 00 a >sa- (i-c'.u-'In'  U_S , Cs-sdla-.. Weilcan PD:taCJ )  Tn- Journal End Pac.-'IC Coast  Mi*-*Ey loesthcr ������6 00.  Sanpls cop'sc, frcd. Send fcr Doot  CataloiTJe  The ELciiiEEPi'ioard i.','i:i'.c Joar.-.Ai,  v 261 EroaCAsy, New Yo-i.  Just  Remodelled and Refurnished  with all Modern Conveniences.  'S HO'I  Rooiils iii Suilcs voi lit Bat In  and   Toi ids allathal, jloioing Hoi  and Cold Water, Ins'idc Toilets on each Jloor, Gas I lAitcd and  Sham Hcati.it Throughout.  J. C. GREIfNK, Proprietor,       .        GOLDEN, 15. C.  KM  B*������  ��������� ������  ���������;���������  ��������� a  l.n  ���������ca  ���������'���������  >-o  BCJ  ������;���������  ���������s-.-'nisv-';'. ~ "  in:  ���������?"  Sofl  p  ��������� ���������BHHa������|3i  ma'mmm an s������ o dcfofej*!  mmm  Standard remedy lor Gleet,  Gonorrhcca and Runnings  IN 48 HOURS. Cures Kidney and Bladder Troubles.  i  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNG,      -       -       -     Proprietor  Best brands of Wines, Liquois and Ciyai.s.  Travellers   to  I'ish Creek will find excellent  at this Hotel.  accommodation  JSm     9  ,fli>.  Exporter of Purs.  CALENDARS FOR 1904  Wc ll iv-i- li -I'll .i|i|i(inili il   ,ii;i-iil������   fm  |i-.i(1iiif> [ti ilisli. (!.ui iiImii  .iikI   Aiin'ii-  (   III     III    lis      Mill     (   III   dill'!   .1   s,.|..( I Km   (if  Cull-mini*.   I"i   11)01   sin Ii   as li.isni-vi-i  lie 11 ui' 11.-i-ii uir. 11 >i I in I his i]i-.| i ii |.  Ili'sci i c v mn   oidi'is   pi-niliiif;  a  call  nl uiii i i'i ii i'sciiI il i v i< Willi s,ini|ili s  The Kootciiay Mail Piib. Co. Ltd,.  UKVJiLSTOKIS   ii. u.  I have sl.iiii-il ,i |ii-i in incut Win il  Y.ml nn Tliiul sLii'i-i Willi inv past  c\|ii-i ii-nci- 1 luipo In In- in a p(i-*iti(in  In siii i-fv all   i ,.(|inii infills  nl  i iislom-  I'l s        Mill      111(1    (.in (l'Minll     -tlppllld     in  anv  ieMollis it i film 11!  pi ii i s Tin ( ash,  H. SAMSON. A  i   '  -���������'".  'V?-V.  - ,4-   '������������������  . t -        11'    .  'l .'    ,  1       I     1,1     '  \4    t  'I  '  THEf&OOTENAY? MAIL.  ' ^  We have a large assbrt-  ihe  ment of  erican    and  makes of  best Am  Canadian  "Ladies and Gent's Parses  . Card .Cases and -  - Chatelaine Bags ,  witli f-omc (linieulty, luit the icimiin-  mg nine oii n nift. nniiovvly ebcnpcd  bc-iiijC' upset nt (ilifVcrunl times, and  found it liniil to make tt lnndin������ at  McMnlion'b ciunp, failiiij; vvliicli tliey  would luivo bc-eii; curried into Death  nipids. Tim risk wa.*- considered too  Kie.it and both bout andji in ft. were  -ibiiiirioiiccl,, the p.uly vvnlking from  llieic down. '  <A11   the   newest  on hand at"the  astyles  v  Mr*'-  CANADA DRUG  AND BOOK CO.*���������  ',",    REVELSTOKE,  LOCAL & GENERAL  A:, *  | C  VA  v,.  "       , n<iu Ciodfic-y, tlie fiiinoiii biiiiihiin^ter  'i. yf the Gienmlier Gunrci->, died ,.I tine 110  V������    at London of pin'.ilyii--.  " It/'lfow-oon liiis pmchased a block of  land nt the   upper  end   of   Mckreii/.io  ,   iivcnuc for ievidential puiposes,      " , ���������.  Cni'l ii. Olscn. n seniiimi on   tbe old  . -cup deicndei Columbia, while in it0!ace  , was washed   fiom   lier deck  and was  L c< drowned.     '  -  'V Today tbeUnitc-d   States cclcbintes  flic 128 iiniiivets.uy of the Decl.uation  >*Cif Lndepcndence of, tne tbiitcon Anioi-  ican colonies. , ��������� -  The lower tovvn band stand vv.tsco ..-  pie ted today a'nd ii piogiuinmc vvill bo  lendeied there by the bund this even-  * ing     This   being  the 4th of July the  i --band vvill be under diicction of Diiiiu-  nier.Coiley.'  '   II.,A. Itiovvn, oflicei  commanding o  - No. 5 company it M Jl is looking'up  new recrui ts'itnd niviie; thoscdc-siiou.s  of.ioining to attend at Miecigar fiictoiy  * betvveen'U and S p  in. this and   Mon-  p chiyVevening for Ciiiolnient.  i ' Owing to lain' dm ing inclining of  >'     Domii'ion Day the choii of  the Moih-  a odist church weie unable to make thcii  picnic excur.sion to Albeit Canyon, hut  ... instead diove to the Columbia Can)on  " in the.afternoon and theie enjoyed  ��������� ",  themselves-for it time.       c  On recommendation of T. Taylor,'of  *H -Troi.it  Lake,   II. Mcl'heison has been  * appbititecl superintendent of io.kU and  < itr.iilsfdr thc J.aideau, and T. Jlovvns,  . *?of fith'e  Enteipiise  IJievving company,  has been appointed supei intondont foi  .y Kcvelstoke and I3n,r*J3eiid*  tt i-   Engineer Ed.lloskci is at pic/ent an  inmate of the Koval "Inland hospital,  - suffering fiom a hactuied leg, sustained  fi (by a ulFdovvn the shaft of tlio Goidon  mine at Ha'ipei's camp last .Sunday.  ,The'" patient is making satisfactoiy  piogress���������Kiiniloops Sentinel.  ,s The Mail stall weie iccipients ot  some of the linest sti.ivvbeines both in  flavor and si/.e ever seen ii: tliis citv,  and some early potatoes which vvc-ie  very,Luge ior this time ot yeai. The  thanks of the staff is tendeicd the  grower and giver, Farmer Tapping  i The fiist. baseball match held m  Hevelstoke ioi some time took place in  < . thc form 'of it ptactice game on Domiii-  lan Day between teams captained bv  E. S. Jackson and E. Schmder 'Those  who witnessed the game say it was a  swift one.* and that the boys weie well  exercised; the ie&ult being a scon- ot  40 to 22 in f.ivoi of thc orher fellows  An Upper Anow Like settlei wiite������  complaining th.it two Colvillc Indians  are killing deer in that neigiiboiliood  and selling the venison, the mono*,  thus   obtained,   bemir    used   to   buy  .-   i��������� ti.':    -_. ,     .!.���������.  Asthma Can be cured  Thousands uf testimonials conclusively plow Hint Asthma can be perni-  iiiii-iiily ctii-cd bv iuliiihiiK Gutiiiiho/-  iiiii-. a vc^i-lable antiseptic tlial des-  linyh At once the serins ciiusing I Iu*  (INi-iisi-s. (jiiinn iio/diu-p-ivi's iiniucd-  inlc   relict   to   the   dislicssing   (ough  1111(1     sllllocillilip;       SIMISIltilMIs,       lllllkl's  In fill hiiiK easy nnd m-^iiIiii- and iii.-airi-s  iindistiii'lii-d .sli-cp. Uiil.u rho/.one  ciiii's Asiiiinii ihnt docloi-s nre un-  iililf I'Vi-ii tu iclii-vi'and cnii cute you.  The Ciitai-i'bo'/.mic inhale is inndi- of  hai'd t-ulibi'i',.Ills into 'lliu vot pocket,  cnii In- used at. work, iu church, in the  slreet, In bed���������any pi ice���������at any lime.  Two'' months tn-iilincut (ijjiiiii'iinteed),  pi ice $1.(10; li'inl hiy.e 2."n-. DniKgistHf  m'N. U. Pnlsiin As Co., Kingston.   Out.  THY    Hit.    IIA.1! 11/roN'S    - MANIIHAKi:  i-ii.i.s'.'    '  USE^xa82E!&>  ROYAL CROWN SOAP  The Best,in the World.  Mail us 15 ltoyal Crown Soap  Wrappers, and ,in return we  will mn il a beautiful  Picture   ,  si/.c 10x20 ; or for 25 Wrappers  your choice of over 100 books.  , Drop us a post card asking  , for������������������ n catalogue of premiums  to be' had  FltEE  for, Royal  ,*> Crown Soaji Wrappcis.     .       -   .  Address ' *  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B.C.        ' . Limited.  Social and Personal  vviiisky. lie fnithei states theie,.ue  several families icsidinj*: along the lake  who are sometimes without'a male  protector, and points out that these  Indians when undei the influence of  liquor are a dangerous class to have  .".round.  Mark Hyatt's lo-.-ging cicw leturnod  from the Iii-4 Bend this week being unable 10 get supplies at the camp owing  to high water. While coming down  the river they had excitinge\peiiences  coming through Goidon rapids. I'our  oi  ilie men   111 a boat passed thiough  Miss Atkinson went wt-st'on No. I  Thursday.     .        <  J.A. Leslie letiirned from Aimstioiig  this week. -  W. A Moiris went out to Ducks  last evening,  Mrs. I.e. Maistie went, east om Wednesday to Banff. , ,  , Joe Dunn   came   in   fiom   (Junius  Oieck on nioudii'y,  "Mrs. .1.- llectoi, of   iWiktisp,   v 111 led  the city this week. '   -  Mis. McKimion, of Sandon, is visiting friends in town. '  I.. T. Cltite, inspector, of customs  was in llio cilyrSunday.  II Mcl'hcisou, of, Tiout Lake City,  w.is in Ilia city Monday.       ,'   -   ',,  ,Miss I'. Smith, of Si.j Leon tSpiings,  was iu the city yestcuhiy   1    *      .-  Ilaiold Cliiike left for-Nelson e.uly  this week to lecupeiiite. t  Miss Temple is visiting witl. Mrs.  W  If. F.lson ni* ICn 111 loops. '      "  J. Jl. Kellie icluincd' Sa'tiuday  evening Iiom a v isib to castei 11   cities?  ICililoi :,'alis of the,Western Cl.uion  w.is, in the citv iCstoid.iy.cn ionic to  Winnipeg.* ,.   . t  I) O I-'orbes, M !������',., stipoiinienclcnt  of the Nettie L and Silvei Cup, visited  the city this week  A W Mcfiilosb cauic^dovv.-ii fiom  (lit- Bend Sunday nnd took a tup  west on'Wednesday.      *  J. I!. Macken/ie, Angus McKay and  Jas.!iLittle,.of Comapliv, wcto visitois  to the city this vveck  it. ,i.r Hdw.nds, btation agent at  Slocan City, was 111 thc��������� city Wednesday on his letiirn fiom the const.'-  -II. Caitcr, of Keiguson. came in end  ol 11st week to meet Mia. Cutter, who  ii-ttii ned Iiom .1 visit to Washington  , W. C. Wells-"of l'allisei, Tlio!..  O'lii icn and'U 10 Kostei.of Golden,  weie 111 the city Ibis week and went  south. '      o  J A Dallas was. visited Wednesday  evening by his uiothei \vlio spent a  dav while en loute fioni Ciaubiook to  the coast  Dan and Alex Mcl.eod and Dan  Nicholson left this- moining ou a two  mouths visit to their old l.oines in  Nova Scotia  l.ev iMcKechnie, uncle of Mis. A  E  Kiucaid,    and    Mis.  Mcl-Ceelinie  left  vesieid.iv tin   An on head   enroute   10  Wolseley, Assa  Miss Spuiling left last evening to  join Mis and Miss McLean lor a  months visit at R. K. McLean's  i.uich at Gi.tnd I*in 11 ie  James McConnack ,11 rived in to.vn  this week iiom Sandon. lie is greatly  lnipicssed with the city, and letuined  to tlic-Sdvet Citv this niornin-r  BUSINESS LOCALS.  , r     ���������(' "ii  Go to W. Smythe's to have your  wheel lepaired.  Ice cream, soft drinks and cider at  tho City Ilakcry.  You can save money by'insuring!  with If. N?Coursier.  Head C. B. Hume k Go's. adyt. on  first page of this issue;  Sticky and poisonous lly paper fresh  at. Canada Drugv.-?* Book company.  Tondeis fori limber berlhs No. !3.r-5  and .'ifiO are culled for in this issue.  Dr. W. J. Curry ictiitned this week  from a business trip, through the Lar-  den 11.        * ' 1  The St. Leon Hot Springs lias been  opened and is now leady to'aceoiuo-  duli-' visitors,      '     c '       ���������    "  -Visitois to/Camboiiic should   take  A. Cniig's stage fioin lio.iton.     tjuiok-  est route, best service.  ' I)R   W. J. CURKY, i   '  Resident Dentist,  , . Ollice in T.iyloi Dlucl*.  Leave your oideis-foi pies ol'any  kind���������nient^ ininec or fiuit���������at tho  Cily Bakeiy.���������A. 10. Iicnnispii. 0- '-,-  Tnivelleis visiting Revelstoke vvill  Iind the .best accomodation1 at the  Central Hotel. Abr.ihainsoii Bios,   o  WILLING WORKERS  Bazaar and Entertainment a Grand  Success.  1  Tlic,bii/.anr'niid entertaininout of St,'  Andiew's Willing Workers on Wednesday last vva's a complete' success financially and otherwise, Quito a number  visited the hall during the afternoon  and were much interested' in the display of useful and fmcy articles, ice  ctcain and btrawbetiies weie served  iind a number of ai tides weredisposod  of. The sale was continued during  the "early purl of the evening,' the  entertainment beginning, at 8,110. A  very nice 'progiamnio was submitted  and enjoyed by the large' audience  assembled. A. 10. Miller, principal of  our public'bchool, acted 11s chairman  'und opened the proceedings with an  interesting patriotic addicss. The  patriotic choruses by tho junior choir  were , grr-iitly' enjoyed.' Mr.' Iluniph-  leys in his recitations and .singing added gicatly to thc interest and success  of the evening. A featuie'of the programme gicatly enjoyed by" the  audience; and particularly by the Willing Woi'kcts, was the instrumental  duel hy the Misses Ciildor who fotMhe  last year have been "under llio tuition  of Miss Kenner. Mrs. Wilkes sang  sweetly "Tho Mountain Lad,',' and "tho  duel by Messrs. Jossup iind Cooke was  well rendered. The "solos 'by 'Mrs.  Jessup and Mr. Cooke were much ap-  pieciated. ' The pioceedings weie  brought .to a close by lho singing of  the Niiti 01 lit I Anlbeni.   ,'  him when he found he was seen picking up what vvas left and returning il  to its owner after all the excitement.  Gical Scott vvas not in il thai lime.  Our school closed, In'bl week and  qui 1,0 a few tinned out to hear "the  closing exeicises, , Gieat improvement  was noticed by'one apd all in all the  childieu, winch rellects great'credit  on oui' tcacbet, Miss H, T. Aiebibald.  Tlio" honor roll for deportment vvas  won by Master 10, G. J. Baynos. This  is his second one for deportment,  having gained one" in' tho Kamloops  school. The honor 1 ol 1 for proficiency  was won by iMiislcr'D.'L,-W. liaynes,-  Master Thos. B. Bayiics being thc  vvinner for punctuality tind.regulaiity.'  Then there weio two pii/.es' given by  thc teacher ,for neatness in work,  Muster 10. G, J, Bayucs gaining tho  first and Master I'. Scott the second.  After Ibe exeicises ,vvero ' over theie  was a vote' of thanks' tendered the  teacher by the paients for the very  creditable manner she had brought  .the children on. The .children then  came forward wilh^iin, address and  picsont for thcii-'teacher after which'  they dispeiscd for tlieii holidays vvitli  good wishes for all. 'v  An Aggravating Cough Cured.  , A customer y,f oui-h who bad ln-t-n  stitl'eriiif? Irani a st-voio cough lor six  iiiiuil lis, bought two bottles of Ubain-  berlain's Cough Kcnif-dy iiom us and  was uiilii-i-lyi cured by one and 11 half  bottles of it. It nivcb'perfect Fiiliafac-  tion with mn- tiach-.���������IIaynks, Pahic'  isit <fc Co., Eini-villi-, Ala.' Kor sale by  all druggists,  CAMBORNE:  The Ladies Aid   ol"   the   Methodist  chinch will hold .1 siiawbenv  and ice  Reserve youi calendat ouk-is foi  1901 till1 the lopiesentative ot thc  Kootenay Mail calls to show you our  samples.'   * , *       >  When you come to Kcvelstoke hail  the Central Hotel bus to take you to  a goodnhotel. Ahrah.unsoii' Bros  Props. ' , ,  The strongest make of insect powder  ���������just she thing to drive out mosc'iii-  tjes iiom the house. Sold at the Canada Dtug A: Book Co. ,      _ -1  'When you want to get to Citinboinc  in speed and comfort, bole out for A.  Craig's stage linCf when landing at  Beaton '"- ���������-  c-   (J  The properties of thc Jjillooet, t'laser  River and Cariboo Goldtields, Limited,  aie advei tised foi'sale in this issue, the  company being in liquidation.   -  To complete your bath 100111 vve have  some beautiful sponge0, bath gloves,  bath biushes and Im I li so.ips.'sli.impoo  for thc hair, etc The Canada Diug'A:  Book Co. ,      V  'A. M Cuiig still conducts the feed,  livery and.fioighting stables at Beaton,  and his saddle boises and _hght and  heavy conveyances for hue at all  times His daily stage for'Goldlieles  and Caniboine meets the steamboat  on its  aiivcl and dcpaituic.  Nn 111,111 in- wniii,in will lii-sit.iiy lo  speal* vvell nf Uli.iiiibfi-I.iiii's Stiiiiiacll  and Liver Tablets aftei mil" dying  thi'in. Thev always prodnuea ple.i^.int  nun i-inent of the bowel-, iinpiuve the  appetite and srieiigtlu-n Lhe digestion.  For sale by nil druggists.  BEATON.  Trom our own corrosiiondcn:.  The Scour, group is expected to be  sold shortly and a large :'mount of  work done on it thi.- summer.  * Since the rain the gardens aimuid  the tovvn are looking vvell. and wc expect a large yield oi pot.itoe--- and other  vegetables    * <���������  2iT.   Beaton's 'strawberrv   garden is  cieani social  on   lhe   pa.so.iage lawn   free for al, nnd h )s u^ng Ul(, ���������1!:,  nevt Lucsday commencing  at 4 p m.  crs to their utmost 13 keep the berriSs  from spoiling.  Ciui nevv storek-eepc-r, D T. Bail, bus  got his,new store opened at la-t. He  is doing a. large business and b.is opened  up one o������ the best selected stocks of  goods ever biought into this part of  the cotin try  The water in the lake is now-rapidly  falling. The high water did no d.image at Beaton, as the townsite and  ranches belonging to Messrs Benton  and Thomson are consiJeiably above  the high water 111.uk of 1801.  Oui village school closed the 2''ilh,  The children were examined m their  ordinary   studies' in the forenoon.    In  i'linii out own Cmii's|iuix!(!iit 4 . y  ' Kred C.'IOHioil was in town Sunday  and Monday. *��������� ,' "  I1'. C. Green, dominion and' provincial land sufveyor is iu town,, ,  ''Tne  new   icsiaiiraiit   on    iCeunelb  stieet  and ,:idjoining  the Impeiiahis  now open for business.  If.11 pei1 & Mcniison. who have stables  at Comaplix iind'Ciimbonio, aie doing  <i lot of packing to the mining camps.  Thc O'pir-Lnde Mining syndicate expect' to ,1mvo then* oHice moved fiom,  .{������������������eiguson heie w'ilhiiMhe ne\t tlnee  nionths. , 1  Thc fing^eollection of 010 samples at  (be townsite company's ollice i- a  sotiico of gi'eiil inteiest to visitois to  the town..  The Imperial hotel ,,on Kennelli  stieet ,is ncaring ,-.completion. ' The  woik so far clone is cicditablo, the in-  tenoi looks vvell  The ' Noi th'westci 11 Development  syndicate at Goldlields aie .running  their mill legulailyV No doubt lhe  clean up' will be a good one for the  time 1 un. . 1 1   '  A committee has been foi nicer and  ine busili engaged looking up a iccie."-.-  tion giound for the town. When the  site is selected it is lho intention to  cleai and.gel il toady foi spoils to bo  held on labor day , *       ���������','':",  Al the Oplur-Liide'mill. (he lot.iin  ing wall is now coinplctc,-also the bed  for the new cbiiipressor plant C.u*  pcntcis ine now busy fi.iu-mg tinibci  lor the building, which 111 a shoit tune  vvill be undei way. Work on the flume1  is piogtessi'ng.  W. M Rolici ts, foi mei ly of Uobeits'  Ranch. Nelson, who is opening the  Goldfinch hotel at Goldlields, is electing a nice building 30.\32 feet Thc  house will have eleven rooms, and if  conducted in the same style as "the  Robeits Ranch, vvill prove a popul,11  resort Mr. liobeits has bought thice  lots fiom the Goldlields  Townsite Co.  Diamond Bios, have moved thcii  stock fiom Goldfields to C.tmboi no and  arc now doing business in thc Ontiam  building. The stoic is large iind convenient. "vYork on the F.v.x mill is pio-  grc***sing rapidly. In a shoit time the  1001 oi the main building will be on,  when the machinciy vvill be put in  place. The woik so far clone is most  creditable to all concerned. The aei ial  tramway from the mine is under con-  stuiction and wilt bo got leady as soon  as possible The work or, the flume is  ;n a forward state.  Judgment Has   Been Delivered,, ���������  by thousands upon ��������� thousands thai  the only cine lor corns iind win-is I but.  acts without/pain iu ^1 hours is Pul-  naiu's," it's the best. .  LIBERAL ASSOCIATION. >  A ineeling of llu- above associalioii  vvill'be held in lhe i-oom-*, Samson's  building,' Second si reel,' at, S p.m.,  Tuesday, Jinn-2,'!.  II. COOICIO, Seert-taiy.  For Sale.  .Several interests iu silvei-lend prop,  erties. For particulars apply at ollice  of tlio Kootenay Mail.  MAIL CONTRACT.  SI-'AI.I"-* TION 1)ICRS. iirtrtii'Mul (d lho Post-  iiiiiMui CJeiii'iiil, will Im ii-uuiv-ulul. Olliivvii  until Noun, (in Kiuliiv, lliu-'lli AiikusI, <<"' tliu  cuiivoyi-nuuor Ills AliiJihty's'SInlls, ion 11 pro-  ]iOM'd C4'oiili 111.L for Ioni- \euis, ,is ici|uliul uioli  vvuy, lirtwuisn ItuvulsioKu 1'iwt (llllci! und can-  mil.in (I'uuillu I (all way .-.lallon, Iiom 1.1 ie Int  ijuiilcinliur nu-ct.  I'llnli-il not let's coiii iiiiini; liiilliui- Infoi million a.--lo conilll Inns ol' iii(i|������iMil C'oiiliuul may  Im M'un and blank Toi ins ul Ti iiilur limy I e olv  I.until ul the I'usl Ollluc (if HuvclsliiUuiinil ,U  tliu oIIIlu ul lliu I'usl (Jllltu InsiiLiilni. "  VV. II IKJIIAIAN,  -   J I'flnl   Ollice lnsiictlor,  I'(IS|   OlllciS  Ills|l(llluiVOIII(-(','-  Viuiciiiivur, II. c;, ihlli Jiiiiu, I!)IS.    ,     'if  . :  For Sale  TWO Hiihldoncon on 1M0K011/.I0 Avunaii,  wit  <  , inodoi'ii iiiiiii-ovoinoiilM, jj.iKio cuuli, un I'liny  1   Ioiiiih.  TWO Itusiilunu-H on Thiol Stii-ol  c-UKt; voiy  uoiiviiiileiit for uillvviiy limn, ?l,t(Kl uuoli  (limy loi'iiio.--r-rr~-,  ONK Hchldi neu on  l-'list SIi-loI. uiihI, .l-uhIi iu-  (lullud $.'>(H), Hiilijcctlu muilKiiKu.  Apiilyio > ,        ,  JIAIIVKY, McOAUTKIl ii' IMNKIIAM,  BARGAIN SALE  POtATOES  ���������   '   a '. <'     -  ,  Ten to Ivvelvi-tons ol I-'olaloes. f  ,   Price unassorted, 50e per .sack.  I'i'iai* ii-soi led, T.'ie per sack..  " J    '   '" .1. GUILCTTO,    -  Second Stieel,    - Hevelstoke,  .  NOTICE.   '' ,  ATOTICJH Ik lioi-oliy Klvun tlliil, tlilrly i1ii\h  X> iiftordiitu I liilond to uiiply lo lliu Cliluf  CJoiiiinlHSlonor of Lui'dH und W01 lis for 11 Hpccliil  IIcoiiru to out and curry avviiy Llmbuivfiom tho  lollonlngdoHcrllKMUiuidti;  -        \        ���������  CoiiiiuoiieliiK nt a jiohI nciu- Lickls cabin, nc-iir  tho heiul ot'jiinukiii Creole In I-'iio Vulloy,  iniu'kud ,".lo"i-iili t OoiioIIo'h HoiitheiiKt. uornoi-  post," l-iiiiiiiiiK north 80 clmlim, thonoo wcstSI  olinliiR,*llioncortOiitli KU oliiilnii,- Ihciico uiist El)  ulmiiiH. iiioioorloHH, to iiolntof eoiiiiiionouiiiont  NakiiHp, 11. C. Juno 2,lrd, I WW.      t  JOSUI'H OKNELLK.'  (JliltTIKICATU   (||N fMI'llOVJSMIiNTS.".  -, .J  ���������. a, notice:     %   -  ���������vleiulow  (Jiioeii  anil  Mouiilnlii 'M ' Mliii.-nil  (liilnii-.Hlluiito  in tho Arrow Lnko AIIiiIiik  nivialon of,West Koiitoiiuy DlHtrlcl. .  Wlmro low-ted!  On,Granite Mountain, at tho  hend of.Mlnural Crcok.  TAICIO NO'llOK thatl.KoniiolhTi. Htu-not,  (iilfent for ���������jinjtli Oui Hh. Khi., Kree MIiiui-'h CJui-  tllieatp No. H/,>;il7, und L. WIIIIiiihh, K������i,; Fieu  Mlnei'K Cei'llllciito 'No.  J1.WJ8S.)', Fieo Mlnei-'w  C-jil lleii 0 No. Il7.ri:i2, inlond, hixly days Irani  the dm0 he;oof, tuiipply to UioMIiiIiik Jtuooidur  foi-iiUiilllleiiroof linpioviiiiionlti, for Lho pur.  Uiwoof obLninliiif n. Ciuwn Ouml  of iho iibovo  uliiliu. .,.-  And fiuthor lula- notleu thai, notion, under  heuLloii ,h, niiiHl ho coniiiiunoud boforu lho Isbii-  auto of hiioIi (,'01 Llllcnio ol Improvement--.  Diited thin Heeund diiy of July, A. 11. WO.'.'  '_     A.    J{Kt*NKT1f U I1UKNKT, I', h. S.  CKItTI I'MCATI-^iTi-' IMlTfoVKAnwrsT".  For' Sale.  ,7,->0 shiiie.s'in Ile.ilriie nunc. Will  sell whole or pail.' , Km- |iiii'lici;lars (p.  ply at ollice ot ICoothna v Mail.  LILL00ET. FRASER-RIVER &.CARI-  1   BOO C"I.D FIELDS, LIMITED.  1 In  Liquidation. .  Your ill usifii-st-s will retiind youi -i  1111 nn-v ll Vim ,ue net sail-li������d 11ft ei nsirit;  Ob.imliei lam's Colic, Cbulcia , and I  Diai 1 luiea Keiiii-ily. Jtis .-vervvvlieie  adinitted to lie the 1110-t -.iui'.'>-fnl 1 e-  iiic-dv 111 the use lot* liyvvel complaints  and the only one that, never tail-*. It  is plea-ant, s-afe' and reliable.  GRIP AND PASSWORD.  UJMER  INGESTIONS  VI 1-iO.VIf  A if-20,000 Masonic temple is to ! e  ciectid at ^foosejaw  r o. 1,  If .I. I'v ke. bmh cliii-f l.ingci for IJ.  C . was in the citv Tuesday evening  while on his ri ttu 11 fiom a business  tup to the l.aidt'iiu  K'. oi-  p.  In-liilliilii'ii of oHieer.1 will bo held  Wedii'Tilny evening next. ;i number of  the (illicer.s elect iin I members being  unable to attend this week.  List of Proportion to Be Sold by Prlvato  ������* Tend or. Pursuant to tlio Directions  of tlio Liquidators.  -    y . ,     |    0  ; Trout Lalco Mining Division    *  'Al.rifA CillOUl- (heller known ns -'llioul-  view/ (Jiniip1),' (.nnipiiMiitf !l Ciovvn irian'cd  uiliiciiil lIiiiiiis, in Itiiclinniil < lniiiis,*-|,iliiiiti.(l  nn Client Noi I Ik-mi liniil il iln, above l-Vi ^iisim,  I! C; ,'tu^i-llioi with two blocks of land, uiimoly:  Lot Illl, HiliMlcil 111st, vve-,1 of l''eu,'iisoii lovvii-  site, and lot '-'I 111. sit mil ul about '2 miles noilli-  ciisieilv fiiiin l-'i iKiisun oii^the Noi th f-'oi I. of  Ijin den" liver, at, the foot'of Client Noi then)  mi'tintiiiii.  LANDS silii,iled on Galena Kay, Uppei Allow Lake. - Tin co blocks of land conipiisiuj,', in  all, about (fill acio.  Rossland Camp.  The "CITV OK SPOKANK" and "NOIl'lH  isTAIt" mineral-, cluims, lo^ethci vvitli the  biiildniKs and eiiiiipnient tlicieou.      "*-   - '     '  ���������    _ Boundary District.      y  Tlio "NIOTA" uiineiiil clniiii.'Ciovvu Kiiiuli-d.  sitiuiled in what i������ known as --IIioivh'h Unnip."  anil llio,*(-UKI-;.VOKIbl>AIll':&"iiiiiieiiilelaiiii,  (Jiiivvii limited, Mlu.ited m what is known as  " C'cuti.il Camp." ��������� -  _    __  Illccillewaot Mining Division.  The JiANAHK OIIOUP, coiiiprisiii-f l5  Ciovvn o'liinleil uiineiiil (J.iinis, or fiactional  claiius. situated on the main hue of the Canadian I'acillo rnilw.i}, nciu   Illecillevvael, i!. ('.  ParlicsdcsniiiK lo put m a ti-ndei-foi anyone  oi more ol lhe above nienlioiiLil piopcities  should have I hen un^ineei on I he giound and  examinations made without dcl.i).  I'mllior paiticul.us niul conditions of sale  and foi ins of leiidci (which aie to be sent in  iiothiter tbnn tho . l,-)(h August, 1-10,1.) in.iv be  obUnncd mails of lho Liqiiid-iloi-., ('oIlet'e'Hill  Uhambcia, College Hill, London, K 0��������� mid J.  V. Aunsiiong. Revelstoke, Uutish Colunibiii.   t  Dated l'lth June, IB0J.  "   for sale:  y-HOpMIiD IIOUSK.'wiih butb,  I lirst, class locality. Tei ms $7."i(  cash, balance $1.-1.00 pei inu'nlh.  Ap  "      "   KOOTIONAY MAIL.  ;���������        'J NOTICLy,   '    ,  l'lirlliuiil Mliiornl Cliiiin, slliinio in  ihe Arum'  Luke |V|inl���������KnivM(in ���������r Wl)>| k.m.i,.,,,^ jjH. -,  Irict. i     o  Wlii-ru   loenled:  On CiiiIIkmi Clock,   iiIhiiiI .111  . mlliis fniin lliu iniiulli,  TAKI'* NOTICi:thnt I, Kiiuiielh L', Ilurnot, or  tusshind, (������������������,.���������( f,,,, Mr. j|, B.'Klnn, Special  I-ren Minoi's Lienuse No. rillfi, iMsiied nl Hoss-  '���������'���������'Ji'.'.'i","*- w\< mu<> 1''l<lu Mliim'HOrtlllciiln No. '  IImiIJ. hili-iiil, sixlv.diiss rrom I lie (lulu luiiiiiif.  lo apply lo the iMiiiiiik ftueoidei foi a Cmlillcnlii  of Inipiiivoniont-i, Ioi lhe puiiHiso (if ohlaluiiiK  a Crown (niinl of Ihu alinvo cliiiin.  And   fuillioi   lake nolieo thiit   aeliiiu, under  hw-tiiiii ill, limit bu (-(iiniiKiueed Imfuru Ihu issu- .  iiuec of sueh Cortillciilii of tniiiiovoinculs,  Hilled this Iw-enly-lirih diiy'ol  .Imio, A, 1), IKI'I,   l  < , 'KBNN75TII Ij. IIUIINIfJ', J'. L. H,  Ladies, Boys and Men's *  ,  Boots and Shoes  j.   i    '. . -I .���������, *  See my nshoi tincnt of  lliu best     '  bargains (evci- olVuiedMn   the  /city in thesa- lines. +  '    ,   * '   ' .I.-OUlijI?TTO,  .Second si i ei l,   ���������-' -        Ili-velsto'kc.  has opened in L. A.  Fn-t'/.'s Bmldini*;,  First Street, near Postodice.  IG.BEND STAGE  Leaves Itevel-li.ke. for Boat Lauding  at (i:!10 p. in. Miiii'ilnvs and Thuisii.iys,  ineeting steiiiuei on letiiin lib'.  '���������PABB,' $1?:00"������  ' 2j lbs baggage free.   ;  ' Intending passengers should leave  vvoicl at Flemintr's Stable ot ring up  phone No S when . the stage vvill call  lor lliem.  W. PLISS1ING.'  Tenders for a License to Cut Timber' -  on Dominion Lands Yn .the Pro-  .     , vince of British Columbia,'.'' .'  * ' I  QKAIjl-:i) TKNJJMIIS iiddii-sm-d to'tho Tln/-  O' bci-nnd iVIines liianeh, Ilcpiiitiiiunt ol  the  Inlei ioi, and marked on lho envelope  "Tender  fiirTiniber llmih   No  :i,"i," vvill be iceinved at,  I liiis lli-iiiii-liiKint until noon on VV'ednesdav, lhe  '."Mh .luiv, I'lll.t, Im* a IlLOiiselo cut llinber oi  lleilh  No. ill), in Township 'At,  Itangc il, Went .  of Un- hlli .jMi-i-idiim, South of the C. I'. Hail-   ���������  way Uighl  ot  Way and moro pailieul.uly do'  hcubed as lollovvs: Hiaitiin;at  a point  on'the ,  Houlh boundai-y of the Jlighl of Way of the C.  P.  liallvvav 11   milts ICasl, of Clan VV'illlam Sla--  tion, theiiLO I'.astcily iilonu-1 he South boundniy  ot wild HlghLol -Way II tulles indiiecl diblimco -.  vvitli iiitrplh ol I ul a mile, nieiisuied'at i-IbIii,- "  angleh   lo   tho  KunciiU   iic.iiiiik  of mud Soul li    i  biniiid.u-v nfJllKlii of Way liouting the. Inn th,'  eontu g an iLiua of l'jl -,(|iiinu miles, more oi-  less,   f . t      . - ,     .i.  , Tlio leguhitioiis under which it liicn'so will be  issued, also pi int oil  loini of lendoi ,and  in  vclope, may hi- nlitiuiiuil ul tlnx Dcpai-tmcnl or .  at thc olllee of the Ciown Tunbcr Agent at  Nevv VVcslinuistcr. ,       ,���������      , ���������   i.   - *     '  I'.'ach tender nm-,1 be actompanied  bv an ac-    i  copied chequooiia chiuli'ied bank in favour of '  '  lhe llcpulj of lhe JlinKtor of Ihe Interior, for '  Iheiiniouiil, or the bonus vvliicli tho aiiplieiinl IsJ  piep.ued lo pay for a license.   -*    '  No leiidci- by telcgiaph will be eiiterliuncd.  i   ' P.y     , pioi.'licy G. icioyks,  i * '    ' V "'"  -  i   Kciei elm y.  Depaitiiicnl of the Intel ior, '   '���������  OlliiHii, Jiiuu>l.illi, l!)fl.l l    .    *"    ,  Pimples. Blotches and Skin   Eruptions  c '  How uiisigliLly, soiiietiiiics even  di~giistiiig unit ci-i tiinily very inoitity-  ing to thc sufleiei. They an- nii'iefy  .iii evidi-iit-f of imptu c, poisoned blood,  and loweied viiality ot the elementary  organs, which can In-(jiuekly changed  hy taking FeriM/.nue a fret inea(s.  Fei ro/.one cli-.in-jcs the blood of nil  poisons .md eiiiplion-, makes it rich  iu red ( orpin I.-- Lhat' manifest themselves in n hi-altby uiddy complexion.  To h ive a pun-, suit skin and good  complexion -iinply use Ferio/.oiie ief*-.  ul.iilv.   I'iic' .Vie. pel bo-vr, or six boxe-i  nit.   ham i i.i n v'-    manuka ia:  MALAKWA.  VVANTKD-l-'AITIfl-'L'L I'KltSON TO TI.'AV-  cl foi well e-iibli*hcd hoii.e in a fi>w eoiititie-.. i'.,        ,,      . .  c.illim,'un retail m,.rehanl-i and  af,'.-nt.-.    Liirul    "-0    I'-XC.Hinge,   Ioi  territory.   f*.il.try Sl'r.'l a y.'.ir and c-cpen-es,  pa>;ibli- 3l!t.*0 a week in e.Lih .mil e\piai-ei ad-  vancr'l.     l-nsit.ion  permanent,,     fhisiness sue-  c;rr���������-,fnl   niul   rushiii'.'.     Kiieloui;   ������elf .uldri'm..||  I'livrlnpi;.   Slaiiil.Li'l rioim-,  iil.j ('iixlon  Hldg.,  ('liic.-il^o.  Moscrop Bros.  Sanitary Plumbing, Hot  Water & Steam Heating.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  The  A COOL PLACE  A NICE DRINK  are what you find at the  RED'CROSS  SUDA AND ICE  CREAM  PARLOR  Electric Lamps, Door Kclls and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures ������,fn;J" Put In.  the afternoon they entertained a l.ir--e | ff" S2-^.!'. ���������'��������� '-' ������Ku'is|>, ot- .V. (J. I'oKon  audience  vvitli   son*:-,  recitations and Ilt c;t'- '"���������'"Kstoii. f>nt,  dialogues    They then spent the even- \    T"v  ing picnicking in the park. j '*"���������"'���������������������������'  The travelini* ��������� public i- certainly,  going through heuton thi.s summer.!  Messrs. Fullmer k Andei-.-oii, who have j  the two hotels- under one management. [  have often a hard time providing their]  guo.st.-i with rooms.    If tlie.y   come   to j     Mi-S  il good iK'llill'C tliey  certainly never go away disappointed  Ooorgo   Goldsmith   desires  it to be  distinctly tinilerstood   that iie i.s inter-1  From oiKfiviu (Vrre-pr-iidcni.  A ret n bald   kit  \u   .Sunday tor  e.-.ted in no property on 1'oyd creek.  The Scout group is opposite the i'.'>-  mile post and on tho cast side of the  Fish creek slope of Goal mountain,  and the big showing now known as the  Carrier group, is opposite tho Iii-mile  post on Goldsmith creek, a tributary  of Fish creek and also on Goat rnoun-  ta i n,  No. 5 Company R. M. R  J. A. JIIL.LKU 6c CO.  Second Street, Revelstoke-1  NOTICE.  All those vvliii intend jiiiriing Xo. ij  Company It. ,M. If. vvill plc.-ise cull for  I lie purpose of enrolment, nl. lhe Union  Gig.-ii- Kite-lory on the niglil.s of fciiil ur-  (Iny, July Ith, and iMonday, July filli,  bctvveen I.he hour" nf (! iind H p. m.  H. A. fiUOWN,  O/ficer Couimanding.  New W'u-tmiiiiter.  The wi itln :��������� i.-; all that can be dc-  .-ir.-d for giov. ing ti.irpose,--.  Mr. Tu re i.ni.ii in on Monday and  gave Us a -i r.jee iu bis n-iiiii style. >  Miss Lin i Jubiison.. ->i.st--r to Mis.  Krick Kri>*!.sriii,- came . in Tbursd.-iy  morning frciu. Tacoma to spend it few  ive'-ks.  There s.eerrn to be a large number of  humming birds which nre not wanted  hero. They arc too familiar with  their bites and songs.  The hay crop which   is,  \k ready to   cut,  and   the  soon be humming, which vvi  noise in I bis valley.  Our annual school nicciiii/ 'ms held  Monday. It, liriilin >mi\ Mr-. J. ff.  W'olsey were elected as I riii-lecs in  place of (J, Anderson and .1. if. W'olsey.  One of our settlers was -.eon practising for the eiilitbumpinii procession  the day before the First, and it was  rather a sorrowful look   he  cast about  extra heavy  mowers will  ill be a new  TAILOR and CLOTHIER  Give me a tiial and jou vvill  Iind thol. I can give you first  class vvoi kmuiisinp at modei-  atc pi-ices. v  A. E. BENNISON  Baker and Confeetioner  hits ripened Ins new haUery on  McKenzic nvenue and trusts  that bis pasl expi-iienrii- in the  cilv vvill niei-il^.i lair slini e of  puhlic piilioiinge, '  (    A   li-ULI. IjINK OF  CAKES and CONFECTIONERY  Home-Miidi) Bread a Specialty  SAMSON & PAULSON,  Painters, Pfiperliangers, Signwriters  KAI.SOM1NI.NO   DON 1,0.  Ol'rlei-i i.���������(-.'ive pi-dllipl   lltlelltioll.  .Se.-.iiid si, i,       '.        I'KVKIjSTOKK  FIREWOOD  Having taken over the firewood supply 'of the Harbor  Lumbc'r Cc.'s mill, orders left  at the mill! at W, M. Lawrence  or by ringing- up phone No. 8  will have prompt attention.    " '  W. FLEMING.  Revelstoke Grows^ Fast  We glow- Lister, having added  to our I3.ikery.ind Conle-_tioni-ry  business lull lines of  Groceries and Camp Supplies  Tenders for a License to Cut; Timber on  Doniihion" Lands in the.Province "������������������'  of British Columbia.3 ',      -v\  QhAIjHJ) TKNJJURS'iuliliosscd' lo tho Tim- . *  IO   bin* und i-vtiuos niiiucli Dopiiiliiioiitur tlio  Ink-uor ami  iiiiirkvd un   tlio miielouc -���������.Ti.ii-  cler foi Timber Hortli No mil," vvill bu icccivod     '  nt tins Jlopailiiient until noon on Wednesday, '    '  tlioaitli July, intl-l, torn Iiciinso lo cultlinboi-  on  Hmtli   No    inii,   in   1'uvvnslilps  ii nnd''I  ItiuiK'i 1. West nf   the  (llli   Jloiidmn   and   d0.  HLiiliud iw follows CoinmanciiiK  ul   lliu   inlui-  suclion of tlio boutlioin boundniy of tlio (;. V.  ltinlwiiy Rij-hfol Way vvillillio l-'iistiiru boundniy ot Sect mn IJ2, Township > i,  ]{iiiiko  I, West,  of I ho (illl niuiidiiin, tlicuci- Soulli iCasLJl inilu's;  lliuncu Noi lli Lust .11 miles; tlience N'oriii \\ ckI,    '  1 inilu, iiioicoi Ies-*. co I lie Southern  boundniy  nf tlie'C.  I*   Itiulvvii)   Hiulil ol   VV'uy, llioncu  Wettoilv follovvnii? lho snid South liouiidiu-v of a  Itiglil ol Win, lo point ol  eoniinenoiment, ox-    ���������  iludiiiK   Iheiefioui   'I'linber  JlciUi (il. nnd lhe  Noi lb { of Ibu Noitli Kiist | uf Surlloutll, Town-  slnp-_M, IliuiKo 1,   West, ot   ihe on,   aitiidliiii.'  eontuininK nn men or ll sqnnio null's, moie or  less.       , '  The icKUluliuiis iiudei- which u lici-nso will  bo is-iud, al-u printed foi in of Ieiidet-nnd envelope, mil} beoblinned nt chm Dopiu tinunl, or  nt tin- olllco'-of (lie Ciown Timbji jVgenl.it  New Wo-lnnnslor  Knob lender must bo uecoinpiinied   by nn 110-  topted eheiiuo on 'u olmitoiod bank in fnvoui  or llio Dopuls of lho MunsLei- of  tin-  Interior,  lortheuniounl ol the bonus vhiob  llio uppli- '  l.iiiI is pii'piued lo pay fom Ikuiisp.  No tendoi by Lelegrupli will bo cntoilninul.  PKItLKY G. KEVKS.  '      ,   .  ,' - Seui'lniy.  Dep.u Uncut of tho interior, -  Ottiivvu/.iuno l,i|]i, IWU.  -A Hi-nth inr  lhe  (Jelebi ated  -  MONSOON T1SAS.  M.A. SMITH&GO.  Victoria Kond, lievelstoke  WANTED  /-���������IIAMUKRMAIi;)    wiinled.  \J    lo Hotel Uevels-toke.  Apply  -IJlXPIilRIKNOKD CAUPIiNTJSRS  111 and fi.iniei-a wiintud on mill woik  iit Aiiovvhead. Addic-bs \V. G. Lud-  g.ite, Ai rovvbeacl, Ii. O.  171011    HA Lit!���������A   Champion   Kaiiffe.  1     Apply   lo   j\lis - W..J. Leeul tear  ol AIoi'k.iii'm Ilarber shop.  J. Guy Barber  "|70U .SALlC-lOUiicri-sofliiiid ndjiic-  .V cut to i-iiilvv'iiv 'station: nlin live  Kond cows.- Address' II. U. Fnibci-,  yulnmn Arm, B. O.  DIAMONDS  JO. WATICKSON.  Bricklayer and Stonemason  r. o. ii(>\ nn.  I1I-:VKI.<3T0KK. II. C.  All  Unci or Atnion woi'l: iindci'liikou.  !''-.(inulles ^iven for biiililin^^, r.lr.  H. B. STONEX,     ���������'  MACHINIST  AND   GUNSMITH,  (JpposiUi Cenli-nl Ilolel, r.eveI.-itoko.  IjiilIin unci   General iMuchinc- Work  I'roinptly   Jixccuied.  WATCHES  and a  complete line  of the  GENUINE  I7I0R SAMS-A first class livci-y  nnd  7     fi-ei^bliiiK liusiness.. Apply'ofllce  ol Kool.eiiay iMnil.  WANTKO���������Piirchn.sei-   for' f*-cn\'i'il  store in ij;tovvin-j; I own.'    Apply  olllee ICooIenay Mnil.  WANT TO SliLL-Tvvonl Mm best  hold iiivi.-htuieiiis in Kootenny.  Fm* pin I iculiii-s apply to Kootenny  Mail ollice, Kevelslokc.  w  Fish Creek  i-iiiiy  ANT   TO    SELL���������Interests    in  -,'old-heai iiifj ininernl   claims on  Apply lo office of  Koot-  Muil.  Rogers Bros."  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  Kycs c.-irefullj- e-enmined aiut  pioptrly fitted to the best grade  of gliisses.       ^~-s   p... Cft^)  Repairing. \ S       V J  WANTED ICNOWN-fiai-her "i-e-  (pin-injr firt-t class (ipeninjr to  si ii rl. business can leiu-n of one by np-  plyin-f nl. Kootenay iMnil ollice.   WANTUD TO HELL^-Two houses  nnd lols.-it i-i.s-in-r town nf Cain-  I ii ini e; each pn-petly vvill lei, fur $15 n,.  ilionlli: Jil'ice mi each- pniperl.y $5UU.  For pnrliculiii-s apply it I. ollice of Konl-  enay Mnil..  "VT^ANT TO SELL-University   ed  \y      it.inn oT Sliiiki-spenie ,vitb illus-  tii.lions and notes.   Price $22 on terms  namely .*jl2ciisli ami ,$2 per month. Apply at Kootenay Mutl.


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