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Kootenay Mail Jul 4, 1896

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 A> / ,  A  1P-P (i      ���������   pA.- C-  >'  /  I )  Vol.  o  -No. 11.  REVELSTOKE. WEST KOOTEX.W, B.C., JULY,   4. J SAG.  $2.00 a Year.  CANADA'S NATAL DAY.  REVELSTOKE CELEBRATES IT WITH  ^A CARNIVAL UF SPORTS  Extending Ovor Two Days���������A Long  -Programme Successfully 'Carried  Through--The Events and the  Winners of Them The Weather  was Perfect and E\ try one Enjoy-  i  ed Themselves.   ���������  ii  Tin-Dominion Day S.oil- held On  the 1-t and 2nd weie,ill hioiiL-ht off a-  advol li-l-ll  With  JH'lh.l|>- lilt'   CMCjll 11)11  of the baseball in.itch, 'i his il was impossible to do on .tcconnl o! I in-Don iid  team being m Joag dol.i.v, e.l hy wash  outs that |licv had al l.i-t. to (hen  ( hagi in. to i cl nt ;i home.  Thi- wi'.tihei \va- .si:n,.ly splendid,  and civiwd-- 01 ladio-> and gentlemen,  gill's and be\s Look advi'i.l ige of i(, to  ..ttend rho games. .V i>i...ncl -land  erected on Front HI 1 ect vv ?i h giaiciu!  shade uoe- lichind in ide a pK-a-.tiil  i'l.-n e fi oni vvhn h lo \ u-w tin-1.1((���������-���������.-md  spoil-., (lie.ti (...( vvasal-.i taken hy  propi-rty  owne:.-  on   Kiont' Hlici-t   t.i  ( U av oui   I lie  -.-ti eel, and   it  .ed  ( lean as .i new pin on I !><��������� a' t'-i nf.on   o!  '    iheJ'-t.    Flags flying Iiom the vai i.m-  pole-, .ind l.uiii--.  (li-.---.- . f-.ivt-   eoloni  and   btinhlm-���������  to  tin-   .scene   .-is   llu  - contestants tor tin- -j-oi tv-'appciivd.  The   (om'mitloe   in  .charge   of   ,the  Same.-- was a st i oug one >\ ho  attended  In all the detaiN of  ih.-  at langi-menl-  Willi eaieV.i'id   e.\eetiieil   ll.eir duties  withour    !iil(!i.     'i'he   o. Iy   draw bad.  M.i- the li.l'icity of co.lte lints,    wh.eh  ,\.a-. vei'y mat ked in some m i .c..eiii-,  -ii (hit d eliWM tug only   to   oyiiL't-     This  wa- canned hv tho iiioeks n -   t.lie   man.  line and sonlli  hraneli   whicii   [ji.'\e:it-  e.l several participants   f. i n   ariiviug  A l.e g" nuiiihei- ot   vi-il>".-   weie  al-u  iiii.e-le fo dime, ,i:ul their ah-eniv  w.is  ' niiK h i-eirrei ted.    I!, i.s  -t!4_e^!ed  that  ne\.i vi-.il (i>   V.)   it   w.ii M   he   lieiiei,  x  ])i-I-h.ips, to c cleiirate the Q   e.-l."-- hil-til-  da\,.t.- it   wo.ild   not  he  --.)   likely   lo  iiii.-i i-.iption    fio.'i   clhuaLic  ( i-    oilier  (a.t-e-. ,  Take.: all*in .ill. (lie ",'.v.i day.-, spoil-  s'������i'i." of a   most   e.ij >.-.i il -   (-h.i-.V, L-:  . Vsind    I  ive     li.-e P a     in >-:    ' \ abi.tbh-  relaxa! ion iru.ii   tii'-   oi-ihii.i*/   auiuiit  ol. im-itie---..   ,  -poll-,   wh  4.1  )   w el e  In   tin-  al*!*lel  called   oil'   We.l-.e-d.ev    .lUc'linn.l.    tl.e  billow ing were 1 lie wianei.s of e\ ent.s:  Iy the lf-0-j.iid-da-h (ha  hoy-, ti ldei  JO)   K. --Wood   wa.-,-    iii-r.     C,  W'oo.l  seioi.d, and Tom Allen tmtd.  ' The-amo race fui gnl- was   won   bv  Pe.il 1 Thoni])-oli,  -.vit!l   Aniiie   iioheii-  J s-i in second, and Vini. u No.! hey, ihiul  The KiO-yai d- open wa> won in l-xkI  .style hy'n. n. W.ill.n ���������- with ('. WiL-ou  it good second.  The I In ee-leirj-ed nu e, which eattsi d  niiieh .I'liit-eitii-i't. wa.- w o.i 'iy Smith  and Wi)-on, ('.: Ciaig and Vv'il.-on. K.  >S.. ���������*--( iisnl. * -  The l t'o fo:* men over ."i.3 found no  candidate-, l hei c .-pparenl ly'boiug no  onoovei th.l age ahull!, iu it then  w-iet lie*, did not i.e e to-ay-o.  'i'he .-landing long jump w ..- not w el!  (���������.'de-ted. J. Datt - w mini g ea-ilv with  0 leet D indie.-. 0. d.tin.-i .second with  S feci 1(1 inches.  Tti the .-landing high -jiniip. liie -aine  t hill-.-: o( etii i eel, .]. l.'ates u timing easil\  at 1 feet; G. Clatnei, -< (on'd  The i .mmng Din ti itinip was mot e  e\( iiing. and was won at/ o loot 2 in.  hy Date-, li.- ha\ini^ alieady won  two In -1-. the pi V/i' w citL to G. (iainei  who w.'.s i-i'ioud, Dales taking -eiotid  pti/.e.  The l'.oy-m.der 1('l .u e, hion<-iit oui  pioved himsc-li he-l man and won,in  tfOnd M vie;���������..Mien w,t- second, and  J. Rinnei, t hit d.  Thecal l:u e. atiotln'i- novelty, wait l-o won 1 >v Cra iif wiih lit.i-jei, ^<'( ond.  Tlie (ju.ii tei-'mill*, which is one of the  jiieUiest, for speed ,uj(] st.iying powei,  was won, aflei a ,f";(-nd l.it'e, hy ('.  Wilson, with D. I*]. Wallace a close  .second, and ���������. Allen I Iiiul.  The e^if and -]).kiii rac,i,- diew a lai.ife  field a.-id wa- won hy Sam Xeedham.  the only one w ho }������ol his ciftj in -alely.  The ( onsol 11 ion i,-n e -jfat hei (���������(! a'lar^e  nnniher ot" cut i ies and was well won  hy 15. It. ('.implied. Willi N. Cunphi'll  second, and D. ("tit rv I Iiii d.  The > it}f oi war was (he liisi event of  1 lie day, iind a inosl e>:cil nii������- one il  w.-is-, while il la-ted; ,lt was wo'i hy  the low er town tea in.  'l'lll'i'f-DAV. 71 *I.Y "2.M).  The - pc.t-Us on I hi- cl.ty   opened   Willi  an (.il--ii..nd i iiie shuolin;;   compel M ion  whii h A. 10. .MeCilliini \von, having y.  Uallc<r<i nd sec ond. ''       <  The U-niiis 'n,.-itches hci ween the  .'vletiojiohl an ,-unl fli'\ el-ioke : lulls  w ei i- al-o, ( o-ite-jl'-d in M-" forenoon.  In the J--V11I Ien-,e.i ���������= !-iii:.-,e-, W V.  (jtage, ."NI'i-Ll ojiolii.L'i, heat T. I4. ilata;,  Devel-loke; and in Ihe jj "illenien'-.  doiiii!e-,r(). II. f'-inplcind!!. \. D.-o.mi,'  .Metiopolila"!, lie,!! F.D. We'.i; .md T.  L. Ilaiir, Revelstoke. The ��������� iii-m- 1  donhles did not come oil".  The hicyc le race-, a new feat tn e- in  ilt-iil I ike s[������.iti-. wet ���������- h.-.in-rhi oil' in  th" aflei iiooii shortly al'tet Inncli Tin-  fit si, 1 ace. hest 1 hi-ee out of Ihe heats  of.1 (jna! I er-lnile each Ileal, hrotlL'hl  nut ! in i-e 1 'del -, J . Lyons, Iva-nloup- ;'  10. E.lwaids and IA 11. Fiel/., D -v- I-  .sti'l e. E.lwaul- win llu- fhsi. he t  easily, h-il L_\onsS\on I lie nest. Iliice  iiiii"i:iu. Th - fi'ial w.ts a good tai'e',  h. ing v.nii by aho-.il i \.irds ia ol  -el-olid-. CJ  'J'lu- I,"lies hicycle i.K-e was nexl, one  I.ip of o 1e-1p1.11 lee of a mile. Tl-.is wa-.  ivoii ' In    Mis-   l-Id wa id-,   .Mis-   Graie  i'.i  lili-ni si-dii 1.   .Time IU see A.  'iiit-.lt t of t he hii yi le ��������� tees, i\<v the  Re\ el-!o,.e citth onlv, w t- one of tin ee  heat- s.inn- di-lance as heloie, aud  hroiight out fuiir lide'i-.  rl 10 i ..nd- won tin- fh--l heiit hy 1">  yard-. U Little second. D. Lirth- won  rl-e-ec.iiTd heat, h\ 2\ar.ls, I-I. iOdw .11 cK  -eio-id. 10. lOdw.nd- \\oii the tlind  tud final heal n-oni D. Little hy H  \ .ml- in .'D seconds.   ' ^ <  The.-e i ae.-s weie entirely new and  w ell tonght, 0:11, and ( realed lotisidei -  ,-ihIe interest which was only ((--tailed  hy tiie hei-e 1 acing. Dial. pu]iul.ii- .11  D.-itish    -lio-l    w.nch   i i'ii-   iK'-il   and  THE PUBLIC HEALTH  Endangered  by   Tramps   Polluting  a  Stream of Drinking Water.      r  Quite recent lv P tramps have heen  seen, while lying in Ihehtitsh near the  railway track, to wa-h (hejr fillhv  cl-'the- in the .-Lreatn which Hows low-aid-the Union Hotel. Thi-i-.1 nio-t  ,-ei ions ,-ili'air for tin- health and safely  ot tesideiits in this \icitiit\% \\I1TT n-t-'  lhe water from ( hi- -1 ream lor thinking   and    othei      dome-tic.   ptn poses.  Thei (- is ,i( health of'licc-i and stringetil  -���������aHilary regulations to he oheyed hy  t he peojile cil the town; (his matter is  i 0111111 ended to hi- notice hy the pcojile.  Plfi aulioil -holild he 1 ,-i ken lo prevent  a rei iim-nti- of ,-tu-h an null age.       ���������  Theco\ei -a(l!oiiled liv this ln-usli is  a -lauding in\ iltii 1011 lo a .Weaiy  ,N\' 1 ID.i in to s.-ek it- ujnhi .igeou- i-cl 1 eat'  an 1 gives him an ojiport unit \-'(which '  lie, alas, too open mi-se-) pi- cleansing  hinisell and hi- appaiel. The ht-iish  ought lo hec-t.t down and ttaiup- filed  011' on -hoi l noi ice.  From Down  River Points.,  rt     'lllUtll'ilHrlK.  cThe Nickle PI.*.Le has no-.v --'i\: feet of  ore in ( he we-t di if! which as-.,t\ s $70  in gold.. c  The O. K. was tiie second mine in(  Do-'-land lo make a shij-nieiif over lite  C. it W. Itailwav.  The ."i-drdl compri���������sen- [ilant was  stalled al lhe Clilr ' la-t week and  woike.l mo-i satisfactorily.  U*. A. Canijih.-ll, Ioi- AAIcssrs. j\I-,-  Luighiia ami T.hotne, has pmcha'sed  Tl'SO.'XlO.  t he'Norl lu-in Hell fo  The shall, on the (  it (!. is down  2"i  feet and show - ,1 -olid   hodyofmmer.il  (j feel hv 9.  In hi i-ti'ig, out- a site for the new  tunnel on the Jtunhn, a fine hody of  good grade   (;.l trt /. has   heen   exposed.  A s{-'ik" ol a leu-foot vein of tnineral,"  .-t-saying $12 in gold wiih 3 |>er cent.'  c ip.per, di.-is heen made on the Deer  P.uk.     t      - '  Ou (he St. Elmo the main vein is  heing ci os-cnt ahotit o2"5 feet from the  nioiilh ol Ihe main tunnel. I0ver\  dav's nn,]; -how- ,111 improvement..  An i 111101 t-iut-M'iki' has heen mnde  011 the Silvei inc. The oie l.ody wa-  dug out, here some lime ago hut it lias  limvl! feel of cue a- high as tiny in Ihe  camp. '  held  ,1-  it   ge  " a  U V  (Iocs,  on.!:  V  .111.1  ])'*iii was-ii-i; I*'. IJtown. .-(  \V. R-'.im), Ihi.-d.  Tin- 120-yauI- h.i-dl-- i.in- >\a- a not d  one. The lour who enteied ran in a  c lo-e h'nicli to lhe -ei nnd hindle  when- "xV.ill.ice fell ('. W'tl-on wm,  \\ ii 1. XV. iv. S nil I) a goo.I -"cond.  The i.e\i 1 vi nl w a- mo-l tt-lei c-t iim,  ( he ("hii auian's race. A.-oitl MM'iilt'i-  ed and ran for tlie taju' in gallant  Myl": Wd.i Chink g( 1 1:1 1 i��������� *-1_  The 4>ack t,iv v- ( M'l li ill.idle- I i'o 't  h;.;h n,h will i.'Ul'-M "I, an-1 v. 1- a-  .-uiiii-iag as the 'sac '< lace alvx i-, is.  \V. I\. Smith won, Willi ii S. \\'d-n-i,  who fell t wice. ,1 tali" seiond.  Pulling 111.- -hm. had hi.i tiuce  c-nti ie--, i( .ill*. , .ihlougli w fl I coilK-st-  c-ii. A), i!.ill'- '..'new it! iu o; .1. M.  Melli". .'1! It..");.I. !3ti!( hisiin :2J II  The p il" \aiiit w t- .111 cm 111 ot ni'lili  ii.l ei 1 -1 hul sit.l 'i-ed Ioi* wa..l oi  (oll'pct.l 'I-, iltle-wnil. \vi(h Game!  second I 1 pii.'-es I'-i- 01 dei \\a-  1 e\ i-r-cil. I h 11- n-\ ing Cum r I wo (ii-l-  .*ind 1 -xo -ccniid -.  'i'ln- Iiop, sjrp ,1-nl | miji \x.ts won h_\  A. 10. K ini.ial w illi ���������)-') I'. !) ; 10  I0dw.it ds, s"( nnd, ol 11. 7.  T.ie w lieel'ni iom i.iie v a.- won h-.  V.-. K. ..nil 11 II mil 1 good liel.l. will.  .11 ni Ed v. 11 ds, -ei 11,id, a ,1 t i'\ S .nuclei -,  thud  1 In uii I 11 ',.��������� : ice '.i a -1 a in i-t e ���������' 11 , ,;.  aiid     Dili K'sl uig     one.        Aildv      (  i.iIl;  li.iished    lhe   jn ogiainnie    in    v.o.iliv  maimei'.  The ^lony (under II hand-) 1 aula ought out IS slarlci- .uivl p.o'.e.i a  good race, M. Car!y's animal \vo:i Iiii-,  r'li'iiiing in the .-addle ag.iiir, 1). D iht.i-  sou's hor-e, .1. Riiigei, - iilei. -ceo   d.  In tlie (juai le -���������uiii- - lor hoi-..'-, I  1 idei s fated tlie slai lei. [| w as a .1 1 ,11-  ing iiiti- from stai I, to finish ,iii.l���������wa-  woii hy I<\ iM: Cat!,; '.- hoi e, \V. l-'le, 1-  mg, uder; .1..M. iv"lli 's hoi-e. Sin  ' C; ow le. up. h.-mg second. ' ������  Tin- l!iree-(|.i.ii lei mile co v-ho  w'.is ,111. it her Li ii 1 v go ������i one, an  '���������ollaied again hy' MeUa.t-,;  I .a lot me's hoi sc heing -eiond.  Thi- finished i he ohii 1.1I pi ogi a u.i; -,  .. id loo iiiucn pi.tise 1 iiii.c-l he ^iv-i ;i  ill.-( omniitlee fo thel'apjix wa\ I....I  eveivt' i .g was condu. ';-d. 'l Jie,  wot ked hard, and were well hacked up  hyc(he (iti/.eu- ..I lar^e, w.i-i,'-������  genei ou - conl 1 ihution- p.ut up a :i-i ul  j.ri^e.s of sitpei ior -ni-nl t th i-*e (j* air,  ol her low >��������� in the inci.r tor .-hiidai  event-. The plea-iu e ol t .1" tw o despot ! w .is ncit sua! i ed hy'auy uu-.-i-ml-  distni ham ".  1 iie  ,v ,1-  G.-o  G(.d  mi hroad I")  omimoii !  Ihe Yale-Cai'ilwo Returns.  Hul 111 ning () I.cei   I'e.usi-   on    Y\ c.  11 js.i.13  iiispcilel t'.(- li.'il 't ii.ixes   ,.11  il -cl.c-ed    Mr.     II  -L-'v!-    "',-, ie 1    I,'  i!i.i|oi l( \     of    .') -.3 '1 it ���������! e     vi 1 r       '.'  I  lij'-eled  1).ilvis   in!    ")!    -pilled.  '  total  votes cist v. etc."5 l")2,i.l I'-s-  !i.Jt of 1 iio-e on t lie  'is!-.  SI.OCAN*. ,     <r  Tin- lOnterpr's" is p.ic king out 10 Ions  of o'-e for ,1 siiielter t--t. ' '  The Slocan .Star is t urn ing out a hunt  50 tons oi com en 11 ate- .-i day.  Tin- Slocan Boy has again -taiticl  iij) w ii li 'Linen a!  w ork. >  Development work on- (In- Noi I hci 11  Dell is v ei y -.-il i-1-clorv. The men  hav<- 1 c-c;i iu three feet of .solid ore lot  tw .1 w eeks past.  Ai tales iiic-ii pot ating (he Nohle  F"iv e Consolidated .Mining and Smelling Co.'ha v e heen iiled with $1,200,000  eap.Lil. The I rust i-es are ,1. .Ak Guigan,  R. She! in,.ii and J.ts. D. .lone-. This  (ompai'v v. ii! take ov ei t in-Nohle Five  and D.'.idi'i.in pi op-ei ties.  UNUSUALLY  HIGH WATER  interrupts  Traffic  and   Causes   Considerable   Damage.  t  It was thought till .-i little while ago  t liat. (l.ingei fiom Hoods and   wasii-outs  was over foi  tin's vein, hut t he w eatiiei  for the past   two   weeks   has   been .so  exceed 1 nglyi vv at in that tiie cieeks  and'  liv eis liave li-en rapidly.     The C0I11111-  Di.i -it  lievel.stolie 1-ept tising    steadily  up to last 'J'ticsday.' when it was   vvitli-  ��������� n I (j inches of its 1891 ' mark,   which  vv as th(> highest for in my   veais.    The  vvaler vvas up to the top of   the   hrush  matt 1 ess, on lhe river  hank,   iind   neai.,  the hridge,'.both aboviand  below, was  eioding I lie h;mk.     .Mr. I'Y.iscr's house  on the wesl side of tlie liver was Hooded, a'lfl *jii \\rednesd.iv 11101 ning lie aud  In- familv had to move out.    The Hie  1 iile-v act, too,   lose   consldeiabl} , ' iind  hanked un   a   dangcioiis  jam   ag-iinst  the railway hiidge     On the main line,  east of heie, btidges weie taken out hy  the cK-ak-i   .-it   Albeit   Cnivon,   'J'wiu  liutlft and iSi\  .Mile Cieek,   and   ti.uiis  vv-eir-    dejayed    two    da\s       ^re.st,   of  lievelstoke,    the     lOagle     liver     vvas  li(-avily swollen,   and   between   Gtitlin  Ij.ike and Sic uuoiis  tlieio   wits   neatly  two feet of Wfitei ou   tlie   track.    Tlie  C1.'P. Ii , however,   met   all   the   dilli-  eulties vvitli giC-at eneigj, aud, .-is higli  water is now   abaiii-g   soiucvv h.it,    will  no doubt   he   soon   1 mining  en   time  a.g.ii-i. ,       A  On tlie s-Hit.li brancli 'the tliiid  hiidge t'io:ji lieie vvt-ntOut, one of the  .Montana Si-nig!) bridgt--,, .md0 trallic  is vet, suspended Tins diiliculty is inel  bv the fSir. X.ikusp coining uij tlio  'ivei t'i 1 tin -\i!ow!icid and ttau.sfji 1 ing  nissengeisat tliis piact''.'  Tho govei nnieait bndjjo acio-.s the  I ileciilevvaet vv.ts taken out, iind one  on the Pag Mend tiail about 11 miles'  ti om heie Tt is also 1 (-ported tii.it  se.ve.al places on the. Ann: Liude.iu  Ci!y, Jl,dl's Landing and othe s are  undei vvalei, mid t'lat if is up to the  It. It. depot .-it Ai iowIkm.I. The  hiidge on Fish Cieek is also said to b-  iu dangei.  W01 d his no!" vet been re--eivc-d of  the condition of tilings in lho Soutli  cbiiiitiv, hut no doubt thev aie as bad  )'f not, vvmse. Kiiole.iifLy Lake was on  the raise over a week aguaiid thioaten-  iiig tlie .lo.idiiig of tlie K. iv?- IS. \\. D.  depot and lake slioie ti ick.  tow.uds (he celebialion fund) yoi.r  fit-in ha-.ing tendeied onlv .-f>5' to 1 lie  fund, alter -ub-c i-ibing $10 to our col-  lectoi, you at e hereby debarred fiom  taking pail or winning anv of (he  prizes in (hi-year's sports. Tlii-iom-  -nitlee was ,ipf)oiuted and was given  lull poweis to act, at a public meeting  called for ( li.- pm pose."  Now, Mr. JOdilor, the statement thai  my firm subscribed, $10 and   letideied  $.-> is a dclibcinle  fal-ehood  and   must,  have heen made with   (he   intenlionof  reflect ing on me and allowing someone  (o lake   pi i'/.e-  thai   a   few of the com-  initlee wei e afraid I would   win, if not.  so, why   was, the   firm'not wiitlen  to  instead of .-iddi (-ssing me  only.    In relation   lo   tin*   powei s  conferred   mi   it  (oiniiiillee   by   a   jiulilic*   meet ing, I do  not   (pie-t.ion   their  rights  if  they act  within lhe liniilaiion, hut  their flower  does- noi   allow  th-.-ni  (he  privilege ol  d'-l'iii 1 uig  any one  iiom  open  -port-  advei Li.-ed   by   piogrannne,. unless   he  has commitled   some  ,ict,  olfeiisiv e- in  nature In (he   public  or disturhed the  'sports  by  any  act   ofi his.    The  only  right,   outside  "I"  this, lhe  committee  h,is is pi im ed on I he piograni'ne : "No  eompetitoi   allowed   to   vvi/i'inore I ban  two   first     and     two   second   prizes."  Sm ely this should   ha  e  heen   enough  to protect  .Mr. Hate-, Mi.  J.   IOdw.trds  aud   that,  ilk,   against    my- wonderful  powers.      I hit     they    made   up   their  minds (o act as   judges and   to convict  uie without giv ing ine a   chance to defend niv-elr.    Some  of the committee  1   ��������� j  look the only manly cour.-e open by  handing in their badge- and tefusing  to act. ,.Dad the town a few more with'  backbone enough to do this Revelstoke  would he largely the gainer.���������Youi  obedient, sei v.-iiit.      CllAS. M. KrKi.l).  FROM ALL QUARTERS.  NO TARIFF CHANGES TO  BE MADE  AT THE FIRST SESSION  Says the Globe���������Office Holders Who  were Neutral to be Secured in  Their Positions���������-Tupper, Not Yet  i 1  Resigned���������The Democrats Favor  Silvern-How the States Stand on  the Question.  GliM. < VL.  liuiliiiii - -.in  icing erected  tied   Dominion   Day  1 el'.isi's to clear the  i vv o l-r.c  at   ICa -lo.  Rossla ml c 1 iel.i-  111 gi eat. style.  Caji!. Fit/.-! uii1)-  Slocan Rivei  ! 1,1:1.  Last vv cc k ,i un tier wa- lnjui e-1 at ! he  lLill- mine-, and -tihsei-.-entlv died.  A -eveie -toi 111 hit Kaslo last week.  i-Yai- were ent.-iLaiiied ior.-ouieol the  buildings.  The woik of el-it ing the i-ight-oi-  w,i> of (he R-l ?vl Miitain Rcdwav is  pi ogr.-ssi-ig i api.lly.  Om  lecture on Hawaii.  1  Mi'. Ciovvlev A lectuteon Hawaii on  Thursday evening vvas most enjovable.  Tlie ieclurer dwelt, on the ancient  religion iiiidrl raditions of th s intete-t-  iug brancli of the I'olyuesian 1 ace, iind  their c-onveision to clu isli.inity.  'J he devotion and giand achievements of the, early ^missionaries wa-*  contrasted with tlie woiklliue-s of  their piogenv which numbered siver.il  liuii'lteds, btn not one of whom fi llovv-  ed the pulpit a- a vocatio 1.  The ov oil blow of tlie constitutional  govo: anient in l.?9-"3 was graphically  (lepicied, an 1 the charnlet o; Queen  Lihotik.ilaiii v indic'ited.  I'he volcano otVKilauca: the lava  Hows ��������� the, ancient temples: the doit!)  of Captain Cook; the lloi .1 of tliis  puadiso of tlie Pacilic: and, above all.  tiie liilitite paid to the gem-i.-us  cliatacter of lhis smiplo and primitive  people combined to foi in a v ,11 ted iin.l  oxiccdingh intc 1 esting  lectin e.  About 100 lantern slides wire used  in iiluslifitioti.  Mi. Ciovviey spe iks vvithoi.t notes  and at the light moment suits the  jiictute tc tiie woid, thus instmeting  ear ,ind eve.  Mr. Tapping- Apologizes.  .Mr. Win. Pearee, C.-ilgary.  Dear Sir,���������I beg leave to oiler an  apology for ex|)res-ing myself in such  loud tones, on the station jil.tt form,  concerning (he goveriinii-iil and their  surveys A-yottiire noi to he jiei sonally  -blamed you may have considered me  unkind toi-the attitude I took on the  morning of J tine ]!)l h.      .Votirs etc.,  R. Tappino.  li  1 ii  HI ei  II g -st 1!)-Uiailee l-ulll-  panic- do,ng husine-s in ihe piovince  ha- vv i; inh ,1 wti iiom IJ1.--I i-i.i.  The di-puK* ov ei the Fi-.hei Maiden  1 j claim iii the Sloe ,111 V, a- -el I led Iccellt-  - ' ly hv Judge W.ilkem.  Altet  a laj'-e oT SOdaV-! i.ti IV Siege's  i ei tifi. .lie   '..as  amended   lo coverthe  O.i Wodne-  IL-vci-ioke a  ll.ll ���������w hi< ii 1  fipjic.i aiiu-  A New HoiL-e.  v a - opened  1,1 v toe  111 W        h  i|'-.��������� I'he     Coiil  a er -dlt to t he   to'-, ii   1 .  its    h.ii    iiioiii   on     in-  ground floor is neal.lv  huj plfiii'i." fhlci  uj).    The bar it-"ll 1- a   t-jilendid   piec-  |  of work,   heing  d'-.-igtu-d   hv    Mr.   -Mi   j  Lean, ot   lb!-   tow 1, ,a id   c\.ecui -d   m  Nevv  We-imin-tci.    It l-o! !J. C. (.''dai 1  in   a   i-'i eiich    iimii.ii-.i iii'   -I-!"    vv tl  Coiiiilhiiii   coin iii-.-.   and    i.ulo-es  i h-ll l-Ii ],1 ||.- g!,.-- 7\ ij 1,-et. iiac.v (  the bar ai'- 1 n nioi lahle caul 100:11  dining 11 1 n and kiichi :i. Tii" ilimm.' )  I oil 11 's uiii, ji-l ope 1, hat will Hi a leu  davs. I'pst iit-s ti" 10 1 c-v i' ������������������! con-  wit ha ind- p.nloi ,di well Inr !-' ��������� il  I in oii'jrhotii. (1i1e-.t-.1i t hi- '1011- - vv II  he -in e 0! ( om foi 1 and at'".it a in, 1- 11  1- I he ml t ul ion ���������>! !  p: opt ie to,, to 1 1111 it  hotel.  Tne l> il  i - -t 01 ked  Will t in-    ch-' - 1 -'  Wiih-,    hcpini-,    an.1    ii_i!-.   a.  j.l I'-liled ov el   le.   .).!��������� k   I '1 1 ..-  lap- .      Till-   cidel     wa-    made    nuclei  -ec. 101 of (he A( t ol 'Ai.  .Ml   the   town-   in   South   Koolcuav  .  t it.it    ha 1 e    been     ( el'-hi iting   (|ueel)"-  "hithda-! and D-nuiuion   l>a\ will s"iid  ontiiigenls to Trail for the lib.  Wale!  is 1 i-tng 1 apidl-.  in   Ivooteiiav  ind   An.)..   Ide-.     T.n-  track   of  the  IC.i-lo it Sloi.ui Hv . on   the   lake   front  - u.\ eied, ami lhe d-'jiol is flooded.  Iio���������l in i |ieoi !���������- ale i K-o poialing  asiock (\chinge. The Miner, loo, is  li How iiitr-111!. Tne onlv 11.ing left u-i-  ni( 01 jiorit -d i- tin- lo.vn ilseli, and  . hat will -non  ha open.  S union had a v <���������:���������%��������� iriirow e-i.i|'''  .".���������0111 Hi e 1 i-t -v i-i-ls. Woik train-Iiom  the Z"A ������c S. K;,. w.-ic -eiil lo aid the  ���������icople.    Ao ait   li I'I   colds   nl   In ewood  vii    h.lined,   .Mid   tin-   1C.   i\:   S. 11 .till  A ,I-S'll,'   O'.t.  "1 ick    Y 1.in di  as   a    iir-1 1 1 1 ���������  i-  Meb'il Q-iotations.  Vevv   York. J-ine .j(J  I'.ai   -d\ es    .  (' I'UK-I   ( 1'lokei s pin e)  Leid  r.s:  .! MM.  C O^ilSSP OMDE SCfl.  'l'lic I'M't'.i'i -iniiet lieic- ;)(4ii-iljlcli)i-tli(-o;iiiii()iis  C\|)l*(-s-( '1 liv cm PL-].nn li 11I-  j  KllII'O-l  ICoo'l i".NAY .M.vii^:  Sir���������In else a mi-coi)s( 1 uction -should  1 e jilac ed upon mv position Iiy the ails  of tl.e celely alioil committee, I take  libel ly ol giv ing a few lacls lluougli  your pajici. Wlnle ah-enl down liver,  Messr-. Allen and Vandal), who weie  collecl ing for a Ls( ol ,1 uly ceh-biiition,  called on in.', pal l-iei, M". Mcurke, w ho  -ubsc-i ibed .'Jio, and onlv $5. Thev -aid  they would tml down "-Ml), ex(.citing  tne to giv e the othei .$.") on my 1 el urn.  Mefore I knew nnvlhing ot (hi- 1 n-el  Mi. Yaud.ill in the post nttice 1 vv o days  be!01 o the -poi is ; he a-red n.e (o 1 011-  tiihufe. I told him ".s( e Mr. Dotiike,  what he doe, will he atit-lacl 01 y to  me." Soiiii-lunc on foiei.oon ol .July 1  Mc--! -. Van da 11 .ind (' iduian came inlo cum holel. Mi. Yard.ill -aid lo Milium kc *' I have come lol IbeS-Moi  I he spot (s." Mr. Pxim ke 1 eplied -'What  f!"-)? i mil v pi omised vou live (going  lo the (ill to gel it)." Ilolh Oadlliaii  and V.ind.ill liieu cxi laiuied ������������������You  pronii -ed "til"," ..'id D an ke 1 eplymg "1  did no!,'* Ih'-v holh Icli the I o 1.11  .\ il lung mm e w.is s nd I 0 me t ill I 1 e-  ceived a lett -r, 2') nii-nilcs h loie the  -])OI t-    -lal'ied.   Signed    hv      i\'. (1    P I -  Ion, 1 Ion. Secy., (he gt-l, ( I   vv hi( !i i-a  I il'ovvs :  " I a ,11 in-l 1 tn 1 t'.l   hv    I he Comaull'-e  I" adv I  e'vo'i I .1.1 >   (.-.���������' il"   all !'���������" i.lliel  a e) linn- in i.1.1 ii 11 1 > e giv en .>-(! cm cil 1    June, .i-ii'i 1 '.)j.  At tiie twin' sliaft in Pittslon,,  Pennsylvania, bv an explosion, 100  miiieis weie entombed 011 Sunday.  Mesides the families'nf the" Illinois.  Kivvd-oL' people.ue blocked mound  r'ie mouth of the sliaft. It is believed  the 111011 iite all dead. Tlie icscuing  p.u ty aie hard at work.  Tlie v arious 11 ish so -ieties iu Eastern  Canada have appointed tlie following  as delegates to tlie Iiish National Convention t'> be held in Dublin, in  ,-Vpteinbot : Aichbishnp Walsh, Sir  I-'i.ink Smith. .Eugene. O'Keofe. Tlioniiis  Long and Re\ . d^allicr liv.m.  When \ ui get hot, get .1   cold   bath  it Morgan's !  Tlie Yale ck-vv at, Henley are in  good f'tin, and aie. expected to make  a goo I 1 .ue. Dr. .McDowell, of Toronto, who will, compete with Hon.  Riipei t Ciuiness for tho Diamond sculls,  is doing well and unpioviiig in style.  Send in your oider fm a home cigar  11 C.   Roiihuick    it   Co,    K.inilo ips  Ti ey m .ke    tlie    ceiebialed    luteiior,  la   Mnicn.i   ,-iiid   Pi ide   of   Kiimlooj/s  -igar. v ,       *  'Jin; Miitish JLoitsoof C inininns sat  all Tuesday niglit considei uig the  Agiicuituial Land Hating Mi'l, which  is designed to le-st-ii tlie rates of  tax it ion on .1g1icult111.il land, ,>i\(\ vv its  still sitting at 5 a.m. ne\t tnui ning.  Tlie foiniai pi es"iil,.li.in of the  piesidiMili.il noinin.it ion vvas 111 ide lo  Win" McKinley on Monday hist. In  rophing lie dealt in genei alii ies onlv.  A goid cigar aft ei diun-T --what  luxuiv ' Ibiy from M n-tliwick .ind  you vvill smoke no oliicis. Cider  e.u-lv. f  Tlie Llnilel Si iles coin t of appeals  ii,is decided tlt.it the Pans award in  in llc.s pcilaining to sealing in  Melu ing Sea must lie upheld.  A dts|),ileli ft om Muiuw.no says that  tbiotiier of J)i. .Jameson lias been  iiiiudeied by the Maslionas.  The Deceased Wife's Sister Mill has  > Kissed I lie committee stage iu the  i louse of Lotds.  1-aile Alton, of Panama canal fame,  '1,1s been sentenced in Palis to G years  it li.u(1 labor.  You gel, a good smoke when you  btiv .111 Intel ior, La Moiena 01 Pi ide  .if Kamloops cigai. *  Pii:vr.i,si't'ici: Fui.n'i run. lAvcioitv  (Jiowiev iV Co. silpplv dc.iicls and stolC-  'a-epeis vvitli bedding, couches, bed  lounge-, spnng beds, etc., at liniues  iielovv uu|i(ii leis. Send foi pticolist.  )pposlle Cential  Motel,  Uevelstoko.  NOTIOH  vjOl'lfl.   I-  Mi:i;l.ilV   (ilVKN thai .10 (tn -  \     fi-oin (till- ! inti'ii'l   ,i;i].h m���������' tn tin-CIik I  t'n iiinis-iDii'-i 0   1.111 !-anil W'm-i,-  for ���������*' rims-  idii 1 1 .lit   .ml cam   .1vv.1v   tiiii.ui   I111111   I'ii*  iIIovviiik (lesci-ihcil   land-,  silu.iliil    on    1 1-I1  '11   I., Iii. I  .1 1 ('ni-nl v. NYM Ivo-ileii.e.  C 1111111  11    ut   -'I   niilli-vv '-I   Liuiii'i* of  Curv  Mciilicnii'. s im- iiiplioii I'.iini. ii.'.ir h.iKkr.u  ilv.l 1^11 1; 11 Ml'! J1 1 ia 11-, w-l '1 1 l-'l.lllis.  iiii h Ki'l i ', 1111.. 1 .i-l 'i)< !i.i 11-, inn 111 1 111 cli.iin-  I > -I i- liii-r lKiii-t.    (' ul.1111111'4; tin 1 ,i< ii-i. -  " " M. h   fAUi;.       lt-il  Toronto, July 'A.���������A careful analysis  of (he vote gives a Liberal majority uf  21 ovr .-ill |)ar(ies.  The (Hobo announces ofiicially that-  lho. ,t.u ill'will not be revised during  the shoit summer session uf jiailia-  ineut, but vvill" toiiiiiiii iiiialtered till  the early pail of next year. The  intervening |)cri(-d will be occupied by  .���������in inipiiry into tiie condition- of industry. 1  It savs, also, thiit: To adopt-the  sjioils svstoni iind discharge, ciuj^ldycc.-.  on account of Conset vative leanings  would be a violation of the principle  to which Liberals have al ways .-id hei ed.  Eveiy capable servant of the Co*.eminent, who hits faithfully done his,  duty, and maintained political neutrality consistent with his position,  'will doubtless find his position secure.  ���������Winnipeg .Ittlv 2,���������J. A. Maedonald.  ii-       . it 1  Liberal, was tn-dav declared elected for  Selkirk by a majoiity of 1.  N. I'\ Davin,   Conservative,   wns  d(-  cl{ired"eletted for   West  Assiniboia by '  .-i majoi ity of o.  pttavvit, .July 2.���������Sit Ch.-i's. Tiip|H-r  had .111 interview with Lord Aberdeen  to-day. He said there was nothing Uj  announce. This pro ha hi y means that  until the |)oriod for, holditig recount*  el,t|)se,s he will remain in office. __  There will he fvl men in the next  IIou.se quite new to |)arliauientai*y life.,  No official announcement, has boeu  made resjiocting the Liherid cahinet.  The Liberal candidate in Algoma, A- ',  E. Dynieet, has been elected.  , Mini-tot- Dickey was he.tten in Cumberland by I.").-) votes. He says la- will  never contest it again. His opponent,  Logan, is but 27 years old, and will he  jirohahly the younge-t member in the  iiext IIott.se.  On Tuesday - next the Democratic  National Convention meetsat, Chicago,  Krom jiresent indications the silver  men-will control it, and ,nominate a1  jaesidcntial ticket. The gold^ men,  failing to stem the silver tide, will  eithei have to acquiesce or withdraw.-  The ro-|)oelivc sttength of tho gold and  silvei wings of the Deinnciattc party i-������  as follows:  For silver,���������Al.-ibiiina, 22 : Arkansas,  1(5; California, IS; Colorado, S: Geotgia,  2(i; Idaho, (i; Illinois, 2S ; Indiana, M0 ;  Iowa, 20 ; Kansas, 20: Kentucky. 211:  Loiiis.ina, 1(5; Mis-,t-siji|)i. KS: Missouri,  'M ; Molilalia, (1 : Nelnaska, 10: Noitli  Carolina, 22 ; North Dakota, 0 ; .Ohio,  1(5; Oregon, S; South Carolin.-i, IS: Ten-  iie'ssc-(>, 21; Texas,:-{(); Utiih, (>: Virginia,  21; Washington, S; We.-t Virginia, 12;  Wyoiuing, (i ; Arizon.-i, 2 ; Indian Territory, 2: Nevv  Mexico 2: Oklahoma, 2.  Foi\goId,���������Connecticut. 12; Delaware  (5; Maine, 12; Maryland, 10; M.u-.saehu-  -.ots. :!()'; Michigan. 2S : Minnesota,, IS ;  New Hauijishire, 8 ; Nevv Jeisey, 2() ,*  New Yen k. 72 ; Pennsyl vania. (>t ;  lUiode Island, S; South Dakota, S: Vermont, S;L Wisconsin. 21.  , Total delegates for silver, 502 ; for  gold, !J8-t. lOight delegate- tiom Florida and tw o from Di&l rict of Columbia  are in doubt,.  Pound. ���������A n'fle, on the. shooting  grounds, July 2nd. Owner e.tn recover same In, identifviifg it iind [laying foi- tlii-s notice.  NOTICE.  \7OTlCi: IS IIKUKHY OIVKN tli.it tlurtr  1> cl.ij- altci d.ito I intend ,i|ii)lyiiij; 10 the  lion, t'luei roiiiim���������inner of I^ukIs, and Works  toi-pel mi���������ion to cut and i-.u-i-v avi.v}- timl>er  fiom the followniKde-ii'i-ihed land- Minuted on  l-'i-li Civi'k, LmlcMii C'ouiily, Wc-t Kootcimy :  (Viiniiii-iii-inK al -onth-vve-t coiner of Kale  .-(.���������olf- timber cl.iiin. tlience vve-L 10 chiiins-;  iicirt.li IJ' chain-,; c.i-l in uli.iiiis: ,-oulli IJu  cliiiin-, to -L.ii tniff point. coiitniiiint;4!v(] acre.-. _  Al-o commeiioinif nortli-e.ust corner of ,J. \\\  Tlioiii-on'- pre eiiipiion elaini near l^inleiiii  Cilv. tlience cast 111 chain-: -mull !W cli.iin-;  we-t IH chain-: not Lli !)���������) cliiiin- to -tartini: point.  Al-o c-oiniiiinciiii; ahonl oiich.iins from month  of Hik I'r.'i-k. o.i-l hank, near l4.ircleau Cit.v:  tlience north rJohiiin-: Cii-t i) chains;-oath it)  ih iiii-, m--I (il ihiiin-. containing ll>J acre-.  In ,iil U-iiii.ii.ic- 11101c oi* le--.  It. SCOTT. D-im-lt  Vaiieouvi,!-, June lli. ItSKi.  NOTICE  NOTR'K i- licrchv }.'iveu tluit '.VI diiys from  i-l.Ue lintrniliipplyinsio tho Chief Coui-  1111���������inner of Uiin!- and Work- fm- perm's.-ion  tn cut and cairv ������������.i} tinihoi from lhe following d.-i ri'ii'd l.ind-' -'"I (ted " K1-I1 Creek,  I^r.ilr.111 Count;. U'c-t lvootc liar:  C,,iiiini-nciii!r opposite U mile po-t.ci.-t Iwink,  lliciic-.- ea-t -'> chain-, north 20 (.li.uns. en-t JO  cli,. 11-, north ()hi-li.iiii-. vvc-l i 1 chain-, -outh 0  1 ham-.   Containing Sifl .un--.  Al-o lomiiunuin; -outh west comer A. .1.  --Kitt's tunher claim, tinnec en-l l!0 chain-,  -outh ti 1 chains, we-t I'i chain.-, north 2.1 chains,  vvc-t -J'l cli.i.n-, noitli ID chain-. Conlaiimirf  :!Jil acre-.  A,-0 uiiiiiiiicnciiii,' l'������ chain- ahove Oi-e-Jlile  hiidge. l-"i-!i Cu-ck. Iheiic- ("1 t 11 chain-. nortU  .11 chain-. ������e-t IDdiain- lli.'n.T-'-nitli aloni; tbe  liver liank t-  -la-lincr point,   .l-'uacic-.  In all l-KH.u-ic - inoie 01 les-  .I1111- .I-i. lolli. I'.lIIL.'JIiltX.       11-lt mAViEiA
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'���'yi,..i.iiai,v,eiously   vivid ��� imiigiuallioii.    I : which' \yiis  ptished   o!f-.���' ;it; ouce),  and j :      '.     By Tivo  '^acAt-t!::>n--Yates
Avid tell'-'yon  oiu-Vof .iny\.experience's-, ))au,id a siio-yer offsjiy-ai-swe  made  our j:      ���' \<^^p""!^"^j��:.:"'"
sii:d vou vvill see thai.'   it- lai;es ,.-i '��� nuin ? ost-a'pe..'  I left (iie   lio.v  ,-it- ii   villager's |. 'y.    ������ P .       '"A A V y? A'?' ",.'      V- '-
-'"-���       t '���,'���'���'      -      ��� A . 4    { :-.-.   f ,-.-. ^ -���>!   i ..,->;,:    i- v ,t*1/-4; r��'.T    f i\
���V ���Who lias -lieen   tiiere', tov get/tile ii-i.ie, where')'I k'n.evv l-.e/v/ould ia-   well' treat- j   l 'A <-'^;!-"-*V"?)VAC,- a       /       ~A        '"'
H-.iiig (iiit'ol'   (-veil   the, lyiigiii.esl.  i'uj ven-ll, ed,  and soon ; ('turned to iVnierii-ii.' '      '' ' ''"''       '
.(..lire. ��� ��� a
���"'1    h.-i'l   pe.-'ie'traloti.'   fai*,l her    (.!.
'! lisui.il tlial  ye.-ir, iijidha vii.ig   inel,   vvilii    lyen.l'tt]i-.st airs.
lnucl.1 siicc-ess was on   iu.y   W;iy 'to   liie i'     ,'*.l vyy-lil olhe hole! clerk a nd a -Iced:-? : /" >^v g^ Q_? D.lgCOT't"
'coiistV vvheit om-d.i.v w-.'(,-a:ii!'unex|ii.'et-- )'    ���'���'\Vhal..i.s't h;i(. goiiiieman^ niime l-1   \ AA y ���-   , ,
��� ?  '4? ���-.' I.-   Iiisiinn-jo and linlna BrokeK
A'Tli--^ ���'''f!vbyi'^d-3---'"-P'pp(o,a6'Q:-..
'���'. Tror.tod ."n-.I?Itaporio(lo^'���.'���!���
3i-'or lcir.-iiliiinr': (jnril (if t,lic7 Coiliiniiiy's  stcrtni-
i.'-;s (in Ivilolciiay Lake apply lo -tliepin-scr on
,h(!(ii-cl. y'A" ! '; '���.���..'���'"', A ??y P A "���'. ?"'!���"?!���-'v?*
: ��� I7ur full iiii.oniKitioii.iivi 10 licki'ts, .t-ntcs. etc.,
iipply p.i ���("..Mtiii/l.^c-.i-clary, NiMtdin.' 'H'l'',.',. y;
A HA'pCEiAN: ^E-AMSHiPS,t;''-'j-s
V':' I*-!?';'?'  ROYAl-liWAlL LINES.'���''..';' -''AAA
C:iE4'vl>3S'i'' r'ou,';-j Eo-tlso'! Oij) COUNTRY.
���-���' P.PP. :���'"-'���'��� "'*-; (7Vk3,A\ I'lilNK.   !):y;?'- ':V V /V
���-. ���1,'aicisi-an," I'i4- in liiilifnx..:.' .���!.... Ajiril'lS ;'
?M-iN(!c)UA.\\ *���. .Aliiiiti-ca!. /.'.:; I .,7;.;Uii.y -.'
??cl ,   ?<> V*J)omixiiivc, iiixi-:.-.ii-A..'..    ?
Sc.'i'('S-.l,V,v7!'roiii li'.'.lil.i'N'....... ,.;vV))i-i! ii
A'A.vcoi; t'liu, li-. i iii.\! on Iron I....... AI j
.4 .'���'!.; 4 "i 4'i!i':?vvi'7:! i.mS; k) 4 ���? . "��� "'':;���'
���!?4' :(!"i'oin S.!.,.l;ihii, NT. II.). . ���.-������   '
;    1 AK44f''vt-.M:lo'!.;,.-.4.. /...���'.'. '.,.. ApriM.eA
J a-'!::-: Hueriuoif. ,..4.7.. ,.../..:..?'. pii I -���"'  a
7 Cii'jiii Ji'i aiid.iip'.va.'ii-:,    liit.::i-i!i..'dial.;! .?,-'!l.
.'.���..������-'<l.';,.    .-.Si/.!!ivii'.;,'i.!,ii!.i!oivv<.'sl.i-iii;?ti;   .    . I'?.;!
.   !'a-;son;;-<,'i"-. (.ii.-ki'lcd  iliroiiitli..-in.-..'ill; parl's (if
'.���real, Mr.il.ii.: 11 niii'l li-eliiii'.!. iiiul at spKcialiyl'lovv''
i-.-i.lcs (.11 all pai-l.s'jil' Ilic Kiii-op(.-i*.iici.iit.iiicnl,.   ;,
;. Apply t6ii:,'ii.:-c--lsl,i(ii.ii]sl)i)iiiri-.'iilvv!i.y.-i.K(.'iit,,t!()
.'I. .T/BiaHV/qTSS. Agtaiit, Kevclstolcc,
Or   to )AV.!iJ.,t.v.-.t' '-'Stitt,   General    ' Aj,rc-i'.V
\Viiiiii;)C.*si/   .      '" ,: ���"���������'������������.'���. .   "'!-'���.??���,
���   '?       4       .4 MAIN   |,i\*';; -j-KAINS. . A,      ���
l-iist Bound (No. -J) iii-rivi-s ilailv-."......:.'.l:l.ii aaii,
W-'ust, I ,"���   ' (Nc.l)   :.������;..       ������:..'..:;.i^a pan
,. Atuiovv iv.v'ci.; i.t!':.v'j*(;-ii '!'!:..viNsi  .
..\n-ivc?i'n!'.--.(la.VS.'l'liinstl:iys.Hnlainliiys.:i:.'lfl ]ian
I Depart Sundays. Tiics-iiiys. i'lvii-.y.days. ..ISM) ji.ii'i
b%- ��� MiHM'U twnia^plWAW^kM'
I ncorporated) 1893;)
ifezS* P&P
,,y���-..-;y   ,7.v... '.-..P   ".';)....'4' y-   .' rMCOHF.dnATrD-.'-?. ���
���AA    ' '   HAiM HOUSE: 200-212 FirstAvcV North. MINNEAPOLIS. M
, Coolco.t Bozcinriri Sts.
. U.vfCA.^'C.l'IlJE:^:  ������'���-"'
CHICAGO, ILL;!   41.     V!CT0R!JV,!s.iC:     1 WINNIPEG/MAN.
V." "������;������).-' - A ���'(' ' 7 nr; ���vyiu-rrst./   iik ,2"'t.KinprSt.7;
im A,t.r>".
i;!*v;.:i,sto:c:.; i-.o..
i. 1,-.:, ' ii,    ni.,1   .-'fi',1   ,iu,ii,ii-i[   in   ...in  1 11 >.. ������,       .j..     nil      '.. ,       t-   /-   C       (- (��� ��� -".'.' '-��� '���-"    *���-������-.
-.'���   i , ';Ana,vi���g?.���,iished -his  "i-eiiiiii-kahle?! AA l ^A?,-UWJ, I'.C.S.^Upu .;���   Close for the wc,i.-. ......4.....;,... A... :M,
��� ban ! siorv, ill vfriend ( excused   iiiinseif.and V-^-i ���-,..';������;,������ vt ii ���'),.- ,,, ' A LUU    -''   "".,,.',��� |"-" "        sa11l.li/.S111... Tius./Tlnir.. -.:.::!i.i p.n
..-  i- ���?,.'���'. .'     ',   ���    ?.       ��� ' ..- j <.--���. rv.v-t.. ing-.nn .lit-!!1in.nv..i(>..  ;     .       ���,--*""1     ' ." ,-'   .-���  ���" . ��� . I,'..;y. Sl.iitlc.n.; ,..S:.".!.i iilin.'. H:*i.p.n
' i-dly upon ;i-Zulu   v-iil.-ige.    'r.lti-'jieoj'le 1      -- ��� Siuit Ti,' he. .replied.- /' ,?..
���wi-t-e in gi-i-at exeii eurTil. iiu 1 iin;ii 1|. cl        ,*'' W'hi'i is. In-?'.
hy euri(.is-t y," (iiidie.'ited I'v ! lie'   1 urued y    " ' Iiy* i--(lie   steward   nf   tiie? house.
,<-o!-ner nf   his   ii.ioiilli,   I hou :h I,   I ).    ��� .1, was tlie a iisvv'.'i-.
i.'l-loV'-'d iii;.' l.i'lls iitiil-,-1- 1.1  lihl'l' a ���id'-eiill  ;       '���������������'I h'U   iie !il;is liei-n a-  grl-ai    i.l a v.'-!'.-r
1Ui.1i'of, ui )��� men 1.0 i.iscerla iii I he   (ii use. I li;i.-i-he noi I*-' I'yisilyii.
H.C..'M.:i!ii:��.'(-y 'h'lii-inn fc I..-<iis.-niliivi* Life
I \.,---;i*.i!ti-C-i ">. , M-'n',i-; .'-���!������ V:iii,-oiive!--.'Mil;-'1, ���
i !!:ir.;;i!. StojU in ;iii jLwjli.'s^o C;!iw;iiil')S
; ,;Qt n-P.c.   y       ��� ���     . 1    .:������'.!���!:;.
,,   oPPJ Coi'aova.St.',   ������.Vancouver. B.C.     i?
IDnc fro: 11 t'lfi vv;:k-,......:. ..;;    .... .-|ll:0!l a.In
('i.i.--!..'.. .7 7. , i"-:l'i p.in
siiniili. il'.i:i.,-rr!iiirs...S!i.l ...'i'.U'i it.i.n.
l;..-v. .S|iii.Uii|...... pi ii.in.,,olio 11.111
���       . ���   RI'V1.*,I.ST!)
("iw.i fori,lie.-.v-.l.sl....
TATION- T'.l).
).....'.....,"..'. .lili'ii'.i'n
"  ' '  "���" '   ������ (ii-i.:..    ... ' ...   '. ?:  .'..'. .!i;iKi ii..in
"'���   . s".il.!i. 'I'D.'.. 'l'ii!irs.,'Sri[,..,.l:WI:i.ni
���"'     :'"' ���'  .'.Hi vci.-ipki!..' ria.ni..'I:'"i par
'���].: froi ii'tl'ic ���.v.-.-il :..;:.,.....!.. .!)::!!i':i.iii
I-  '��� :-;c--I :,,....;?      ...'.-.. 7 -. 1-1'vi.l'.!
."   '       "          s.,:iii,.VVi.,|., l-'ri .. ,\f..ii.,.!):;'.. a..,'!'
"   .    " ���l.;-.'Vi.'!--;l!i;k'..' !l:;;:n.l!i., lila p.n   j
���pierc^. ...
Ikodteita^ii "flbait'. >. .=)?���=: 1Re\?el6toke,.V3S.(L pacf: i.  Pi IK KOOTKXAY A! AIL  f. Kootenay Lodg-e  tPfP*  No.lSA.F. &A.M.  tf>   ������    *    * Tlie regular nici'tiiiK  <---z?r jive- hold in the ^I.i->-  J --y oiiieTciiipU-.Hoiirne -  -".*';*>; "CV":f:':~ H-dL   ������n    llio   tliinl  ��������� -^-.'���������"���������L.Z'.-t    '-&.=- MoikJ.i.v    in    cacli  ������-'/.!������.- v?V  "���������---- inanlli    al    h   p.   m.  ������-r"-V*".���������V-?svJi"'" Vi-itini,'    ln-cliii-c-,11  -^���������-���������i-l. - eordiiillv vvclc omcil.  ii. K. S.1I VTIIK. -Si:ci:i-.t.\kv.'  Gold Hill Hotel  -yg^^k  FRANK  VANDAI'.L. 1:  liOl'UIKTOK  REVEIiSTOXE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  cordially wi-Iijoincd.  C. MX DM AI My; SM.     K. 0. I.KWIH. Si c.  Ttoya.1 Orange X.odgc No. 1C58.  - ��������� n T**i i  I'cgnlar ini-i-tin^s an-In-ld in  lliu Odd Follow-:" Ii.ill on the  .-rcond iiii-i foiii-llr Wi-dnii-day-.-  of mcli inontli at 7:''u il in.  Vi-.il in-.; lire!hron art! c.'i-(lia!l>  inv ilCd.  T4STKKI).   J. I. W'OODKOW,  V.'.M. Iter. Scry.  BORN.  SQUAKl-:nitH!'!S.--At, lieveKtoke, .June  30lli,.to the wife of ,J. C. Si-jiare-  briggs, a daughter. ���������  LOCAL, AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  Mrs. Hugh Mrowti left for the coast  On ji visit Wednesday.        ��������� '  "'    A part of ii hi-idge Ciime   dow'n   the  ',  river Monday.  Dr." Watts, Secretary of the ' Provincial JJoard of .Health, was in town  to-day.  The river is   cutting   iu   aliove   tho  bridge   mid    hoLween   it   and' Allen's  lirewory. ; '       '    ,  Dr. McLean is  putting   up   a   inost  .   substantial   rustic   fence   around    his  place.' 1  Ilev. Father Peytavin will celebrate  'mass in the Catholic church" at, 10:.'50  , a.i'ii. to morrow.  Presbyterian   church;    Service    to  morrow evening .-it 7:^0 ;   Mr. (leddos.  ,  missionary.       , , ,    ������������������  Services itf usual hours; morning and  livening, in the  Methodist   church   tomorrow.     Ilev. ,J. A. Wood, pastor.  '  Chinch    of   .England :    Services 'at.  , the usual  hours   in   the anew    church  building to-morrow ;   Ho v. F. Yolland.  Hugh    Brown's    addition    is     now  covered.in and floors laid.    lie expects  to be able to use it in a month.  '��������� The Gold Hill hotel  .opened   up   on  the 1st.     It has   the   finest   and   best  ,,, designed bar ih the Lnterior.  -     R. C.  Campbell-Johnson,   the   well-  known assityer  and   mining   engineer,  was in town Wednesday.  A'   Robinson's mill   shut   down   Thursday for .want. of   logs   occasioned   by  iloocls.  -  For fruit or confectionei v go to doe  Moigan's place next, to the Columbia  .House. ,   '  Mrs. R. Howson left. Inn" Thursday  to join her husband in Chicago.. She  ���������was accompanied 'by her children.  C. Armstrong and.].'' Lyons, of  Kamloops, aie taking in the town.  They aio welcome.  Judge. Wtilkeni   armed    vo-tordav  .and goes south   to   Kelson.     Mr.   Me-|  Neili, hiirris'fer, is,vvitli him. j  ���������^-Hevelstoke, B.C.  ILuuiiiOs  Best TaMe in Town, Weil Fiirnisiied  .' ��������� ������ Ghaioest Wines, Liquors anil Cigars,   ���������" -  '    ,  , Everything; Strictly First-OIass.  Terms $2 per daj7". ,      .Kamloops Beer on Draught  fit   psnwuci   r^ii  13*  ~   pr=^i   ~-������=^   ^.%    ft  ������ A  K  ������  OIR, ���������"  %  pjFp^PTI  O R ��������� WIL L   PROM OT E ' A, CO MP A N Y  TO    BUY   'OB*' WORK   TEEm.  1 -    (Established 18S7)  ". A A *>- '  - - - Wholesale and Retail Dealers    ���������  In Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, and "Shoes, Carpets, Stoves, Hardware, Paints,  ���������    , Oils,, G-iass, Doors, Windows, Miners Supplies.       "'���������  X^W^c carry the largest "and most c'ompu:Lc slock in lhis section.  '     URANCINCS'at NliW DliiS'V'KR. and NAKUSP.  ILIEZEJIR ,&o     \fXJ   ELLS,  r<  - nl  Furnishings,. -D-rusrs-" Fancy  Will undertake Lo handle." Bo-k1s of Rlectric,' .Steam or  Horse Car Railways, or Municipal Bonds, and Build Water  Works.     Address full particulars , ' t   ,  Manhattan investors and Securities Company, Ui,  17 and   19  Broadway,   New York "City.  :.HOWSO.N'&���������0.:"---  ' Dealers in ������ .-1    ������ '  Furniture,  Doors,  Sashes," Blinds  ���������    -   '      and Oofiins.  ;.  Agents for Haymow! .Sewing Machine, .Maiuil'auturei-.s Life I nsuraneo Society,.  Union Fire' Insuiaiice Co., J'tov iuci.il Ihiildin^* and Loan Asssociation,  Oikj.vn's iind Piaxos."    ' ' ''   ''-  AnopPAOQ   0 m ri   ������  i cfjC\ 100  'UDcUuLiiJVb  'CkiUM; \jlk*djl������>t  ���������  ��������� ���������   .        . o  "A thin!  of b^i(iv Tl!l^-y,forcvcV^'Vl,l"u^'' ��������� ' ���������  V-1    M���������*'-*���������*���������* $-j    when it is papered wit'i artistic  wall paper.     Fullest and freshest line in town-at Gilker 6V Wells,  '' r ' ' '  T OFFICE STORE'   , ������������������-7   REVELSTOKE, B.O.  r.i ,' iiriiii ^.-mmwcs������������������g  'If you want'to reach the Peopler"in the "'North Riding' of West' Kootenay  O 1 . ' t ������ '  ,   ���������, '    r:  you should'   "   " ���������  .    ' ���������    ,''   - ���������  JOL vie^ii- ii.-.  cooooooooccoo  ' HUTCHISON .'BROS'.  Produce Merchants . . Rs v elstoke  ������ Consignments solicited of "'Produce, Provisions,  Flour, Feed,  Butter, Cheese, Fy^'s. etc., etc.      . - -  , ������������ L             -    ^  ' I ' '  ���������Retail ' Dealers���������  In   Flour.   Feed   and   Vegetables   of all kinds.',   All Fruits in  Season. ���������   Nuts, Candies, Tobacco, Cigars, etc., etc.  BED-ROOK PRICES. GOODS PROMPTLY DELIVERED.  Give us'a sample order and you will never go back on us.  %*M  IF   YOU   WANT  o  'You can g-et it done^at the "Mail" Office  il  -3 [^  Tom Downs iind   partv .left    Fridav i .   -. .  to fix up the.clam.-iges done on the  Uig \  *^������ ^-^8          '   ������     AfiUVA.    ^  -Jiend trail hy the recent hi-h water.      j       , _,.���������._,    jTp A TiTN^1      ^ A TT   AT?  ���������������������������'.   Fla<i poles, are the latest, rage.    Thej   , i- -TUll    JUilj jtXJ_^������������M Of      JL Xi.i.JLJ w������sj.  Coluniiiiii jmt one in some   little   time!  . iitrn alio now the Central has   i'ul  iillit.  ���������!������'^j Spring Stock Just Arrived,  Call Early and Avoid Rash.  QIRPATn '*J?/   PFAQC  OlpDnLU    Q������ ��������� i   LHOlj.  Mr.  .McAithur,    Dominion   (h.vein-  nient   .surveyor,    is.   heie     and     vvill  V.oundnet    ii   siirv eyin-_r   party   Ih*' vv i-.-ii  here and the hound,uy line.  Senator ilcTiinis and his son.   mem  ;"   her for Viineouvei- Island,   ariived   on  .No.   2 '^'ednesdiiy   on   their   way   to  Ottii wa. .! __i>m_> o v  i     Jl.  McCutchenn. the Yai.-Carihoo vv a, \ WHOLESALE        COMMISSION      MbROHANTS.  horse, arrived in town Piiesdav on   liis, ��������� , s  w;iv to Rowland.     He vvill   iittend   to.| , <-....  his"iuisine..s.s duties again. j ~ -���������RevelsuOice   ,Station ���������  ,   A. 15. Dipiock anJ   C.   F.    Do-ring. j l        ...      .  .    _ . .     ' '  tii  Vancouver,   iind   Capt.   Irvimr.   of; ��������� "  "   " ,    "     *"  Victoria,    iirrived    I'lein      the   ' south j ' ',.  '���������"���������"--���������-v. I Lots of Butter, Eg,g,s,  Trains h.-ive heen veiy irie������nlai ai! j  through the week  on   account   of   th- j f~\' ^^X.X. ^^ r*\ ^      ���������     ^  e.\t M-melv high waler oce.'i-ioiiin'g wa-h ,'       - \-/igflii OUi/'^-Oj UAgJiti v������   .  ' This (.thi-e notes whh pie.-,',;,,,. Hj.,t j Heizideer Milk and Cream  the new potato season    is   here   a-_'.un. j,  Tt w,,s t'avoi.-d this week liv .Mi-. T.ip   j /     \ "TVT" ~U~J~     A     "?\1       J     >���������  jiiii-i,     vMtli     some    splendid    samples' *���������J -J���������N ' _JLT-J CZPt LAS    _J /_  giown in lier o.vn ground. I ������������������ ' ;  Attention is a^ki-d to lhe new ,idvt. :  of the Miinliiit liin hivi-v-idi - iind,  iSecuiities   Co.      It    vou    h.ive   a    uuuil i  proposition write them ,..,,1 explain    it    Capita!)   $1,500,000.  thoiiitii_'hly.  No. 2 on  Fiid.-iv was composed of \2  cars, many of I li'eni sieejiet-,. conl.lining  ;i iiuiii'ir-r of timri-.ts fiom    (.'liinii    and  the. east.     They   laid   ovet    at     I'eve!  stoke.  W. Vir-kers left (>n Tlmisday  to   in  <piiie inlo the amniint of d.image  done  hv floods to |-;incli(-.-., lniflgcHand  piop  eitv in iind aiound  Hall's Laiiding nnd  L;u dean.  iT  IE  ������  UNH A? IfiW IN PPIPF aq m km pm  o  o o  o  o  o  o o o  o o, o o  o  o  o  o  o o o  o  O O  O  O' o  Q o,o  o  o  o  o o o  o o  RE\ ELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY, B:  n  Kj.i  aiffi?=-  <SJ3B������"S>  CANADIAN' GENERAL ELEGTRIC CO.  \t\i hi  He.id Olfices, Toronto, Or,{.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,  f.oroniotiv es.  Coal Citfeps.   Kei-ipio'  11 111 -_r  I'ill.-.   If-it,-i*,   llii!!--.   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Lo.vr. --On June .''Otli. ;t ^old nu^iret  pin    hei ween     Hull's .slauyhtei    lioiiv,(-  jind lowei  lovvn.     I-'inder will he, suit  ah!r- levviiided hy I et miiiii^' il  lo   .J.  I  "Wool 11 ovv.  ..\ WOHLD'S FAH! At .Joe -Jo,-.  ji.-irior. h'or L'i'nts who want ;i -.h.iv inn  sliiiiiip'ioinji oi seii t'o.-mi, hoi and < ol i  Jiiith. lohiie.eo, ei^iil.s iind ei-^iielles ol  all kinds, frniL nr ei.nM^-t lonerv,  <ilat.ion(;rv and so for! li ; next door to  ;jje CoJiJJiii-iii   Jinieh    .). AP M(ii:c.\.v.  ���������>.... j. -j'^tf-.-.  ������*ia������      ofm  J_..  NOTARY   I--MI.I''        -    KKVHiyiOKiV   f; (.  Mining and Ileal Estate Broker arid General Oom-  TOirision Agent. ,  rlRt,  LirE  i\t'D ACCIDENT  INSURANOE.  Ucpreseri'ativc'.or.'Uift Koot'cuny SnioJf.-mfr *. Tra-dinK-  AC'l-IXT j;'Oj';Vl KulAi' LA K.K (VTY ? .!���������: VA N'SlVillT. KASLO lV NAki SI  I 1  v  I 4*%  ii a a  NORTHEY C  .'l.Steanx and -Power.  POUONT  N


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