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Kootenay Mail Jul 4, 1902

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 '���������*/������������������%���������������������������  J <JP  'A^mhiiu.lPUbrAv:  Vol. 9.-Nor?i4.  EEVELSTOKE.., B; G.,; J (J LY % 1902.  PREMIER.  ��������� VP  'fm  4 ill! '  ?.?kl::  ?fs  7!-'  ���������������������������jlM'.f '���������  ������A  AVeAvish'td-tha'iik YOir'fbr cdmino-ztobui  -....���������-,-. ���������        ^    . , '���������-'.- ^,. ,.   70.:     . ���������������������������   I-    I-  limes durint!  ?I  ;, store a nc _  the?lon"i-niolHs  ,7.'/'    ���������.,    o ,   .,   .O...'  ��������� ,,7:\\'ey"\vi'ite .yoiiyVto  Vloi'inn-. the day; time.  king in so many  ���������PZit  i  tei.  3 81  come with your \vile;  You won't   have "to  A,^.H,i,!;='. iP.^-" I>������ rg iai^.V^h ci'v;;-(ji"i,i t'.':?. fr>i:-::- B A RG AINS'--  V?y a nd Vyot 1 '11 I) iid' t hem.   ;'.'. ��������� A'  ',/'.'��������� ?: '.',' P'y A Ay P  ?:<^yU^^Pl^csA vill Qui* ciistoniers anel the'  bur^ains'vou will find"are in ' "Ay;.V  .' A:;:'  \ADress,pGooysiMAAyA:!i  pDry^Gotids  Rihhdns^p^^  Man's {:iFp^Mn^0,  (Boots"(an^AShoesMAi  Cpf?tai^  Spsaks at the Canadian Dominion  y-yp--:,piDinner in,London.   A   a  A tinted.the days of -;Sir Jobn Mac-;  donald- .Canada   has,produced'j:o  sia^'������)7iii?approacliing:?Sir^'i]fred  I.aufier.'VXqt'onh* /is tho? Liberal  party *woud?(6������������������.own bini as.iis.leader. Inttthb'?late   elections   showed  ?tliatin:iny   cohservalives:so a^-pre-'  ciiited tlie ability Wd/integrity of.  Sir AVilfred that'they   were,proud'  enroll imuV^his baiiner./:/;He is-one  of, the ablest V orators 'of, 'the-day';  f'!?.  Chapman, Farmer, Ucfl'roii hii tl' Liv-  .-���������nigfftoii--;'-' ,������������������?���������'���������/���������' ��������� ������������������'���������'��������� p.-1  :,- Tandem canoe, .men A Messrs. Diamond a nd? Son Ies, /Coiiiaplix// Ladies:  Mrs. Fyfe and AVIiss Jennie AlcX:uigh-  ton-.1 .V?., , -' ���������'.   4       .'.;'������..y.  ���������' Single scull, consolation: AS. Peterson.^hohiaslleach. (j.eqrge Cliiipniiiny  .Greasy pole',? F. K Pitlihaiv. pi,  y 'Flit man's race, Capt-iin/VHoberlsoii:.  'p Tug of Win.'.'Arrowhead.-vs. Steamer  Eossl'md.   -Tie.-'. 7:7- '������������������:? ''���������'  4^ Children's; nicesV.irsljoi'C' ran during  intervals, '?���������'"���������' ;'���������'  7^T1^������V  L'ali'aiMV'iiisjject^ir  A V - Xl?^ ^^ A^^'^ V9 : P V1'*c'1 f1^!^- S ������ ^ c \y 11 ere. V A\\e ri 1 s <i car ry ��������� ? ?:  V V  !^ Tri^Oks, Vaiises,Svvent Pad's, Oil Coats, Oil Hats, Water-proof Shfeets-etc  '^,,4..y;.y 4..;4V7,77.-.,yv,: -P'p^PpPPPPPPpp'PyiPp-pP'' PPpp -..*/'?-A/ "-A-A-'v;-������������������-  Jll^Veekly-S^  ' "''    PPPipP :A--Q������iATeiis'-aiul^ofte^  ^-vMBRia  mmW^0^^&^^&^mm^&&m  'm-  M:-P  T^bas .united ���������/��������� in Vair;':indissolul)ie  bond tliedBritisli'^aiid^Frencii^races  'iiy, Canada. 'and ,has?,uiVi i&d;/the, nation?, as/it,has?:; he ver?'been -before.?  .His political opponents have sought  /lotiri^  pn,in7orga!nisihg;, aiid //despatching;  ..tho .Ca had fanycbn ti hge'n ts?f or Soil tii'  -Af rica'? Pkre, a??.conipiete?yebuI ta 1'��������� of-'  ���������Suclyv cba'i-ges:;:^^^  /tyiritidian/:^  /domon/Tuesclay ,/Si r i-AVilf reAlaip  .A'H :wasVGariada?s ^pride'.tO!lje:t]ie33  iu-sy;iir.dpyotioiy.to?the?Mothiia  iThe?cploines?came?tp;her'assi:^  hbfcVbccatise? Great'i:; j3rit'ai if needed  hi3lp7tb?;light-]:erAo)vii2batt]es^  ;iiy?;prder'Vtb:7 pi'pvcv benceforth '"the"  uiirtN-pf^iiel^rnpirei"'  The Foot. Ball Mdicli--Boys  Too  A 'Tired to Dance. A  ;    Part of the Kevelstoke foot, bath  team went down to Trout "Take oii  tlielst to play against the Lake and  Furguson team^V ?Thebovs arrived-  there atJSVclock and started plfiv-  ing at 1!) o'clock.  ./Revelstoke'' was  five men  shy andyhad to get'soine^  of the band boys to riiake ; up  the  eleven.; tlie  team -being G. Knapp.  goal. Schneider and McGuire;' backs  Ringer, K.DoddViiKlHillicrlialfs,  W:, Smyth; Ci'Clioyce. A.- Arinqnd,  ?N. Hillier and E.?Edwards fonvards'  Revelstoke,    soph A/aficr ? starting,  scored? ,through?'<Hil]ier!4,iinil,?bnce  ^������������������Y A A '��������� ^Armond?.'jus'ii'Pbefore  ,halfdime.   The ground\yasYbdwd  ?that?the boys?fdund4?thcmselvcsYin?  mucl. holes -most of i--thc  time: ���������������������������dn  the:;sccoiKl half ,{Trout Lake-syored  .^r0"gli'G\Un"'iin������S?and.Bailev!:?thb?  rc^i!ke!'^g'������^''?-^^  ?��������� QuUe?a4cro\vd :'-t6.6lcA?in: the'dance  ie]d;iiiYbe;i)e\y;0dc!:4Fe]Jpws):]ialI);  whicli'vwa's -nicely7decorated:-'with  flags/ivhd; flowers?; VMt^ofYliefoo t-  ba Hers AvereVtbo: ii red ,tb ,!l ake'.'i ii' tl i e '  VbiYliavingdjeenoiviliesiage nearly  The Early Gold Discoveries -Redol-  p lections ot a Pioneer.  '    '     '-,���������;.-'   .   ' ' 'i1.-       ���������/;.������������������:.��������� '       ;-,.    ... .     :-��������� ,y- ���������   y       "    '���������   >'���������-������������������  ;,?'?G]]iiUing.wit]i?\els;7;'i)pma^  of -tlie pi oncers* of the Big Bend gpl d  discoveries in ?tlic sixties,''lie saidai  the? discovery of VFrench? Creek she,  took out !f457? from? three pahs of  dirt. Four meiutoqkVout JfJS.OOO  ion thehalf-breedclaiiivat tlie head  !,pf..the?Canybh.?74<, V??..?.?.???V:?'?':?Y4:  |���������?V\s sliowing th.e;hardsliips:'bf (hose  tiiiVes, and theydifficiiUv of getting  sii]5])]iei5;Vlio ji-icked (jh 'liis back Va-  sack of '.'flour- from? 'KamiOQpvf ? to  Frthch Crcfck. ? Owing to tlie shortage of food?the men had often:to'.'live  on roots find ferns.?" W'heri Ladner's  l������ac!r train ihadeythe first 'trip; from  Kati'loops 1 l.ieir food siipj)] y consist-  ed*of 1,500 lbs oi ricfe and 150 lbs of  {\our.-Pi ppyPiPpP.P:,p-,lpy'ppPpi-p;PppiipPpi  VMcCiilloch. Creek w'as'ji'bt- tli-sc'6v-;  cred till aftcr?ytheviusli. to- French-  Creek. /Al^emars'liadgone^dowii-'y  tbe pack^raiiiib'getsohic grub and  was/cai-ryihg iii a.sack.'.bf rice. AHis  mate:\viis with him, and tliey stopped^  at7j\IcGullocliVCreckVto;7cook?spme  ricc.VvThey.?had  nb??iiteiisilsv?an'd  0%  ps, WafpeA^  A^ooi^^ASh60AAA=-;  'I'he^evlai'ge /stocks ,ai-e iofj^rcAAA6iApApi:pAA.  PAPpipr."; 2'Must4b^/'sold,7quickAV?:'Ay A'pPP AA: AA  Regatta'Panel[pAquaticp SpQCtsy-Tlie  ���������' p'P"-p A.APwinners.---:"y-  an'd.acqualic /sports.  PP Ay  took-  fegatta  ditstiRemodellAdpanARefuriM^^  3;:47pi3T?  ���������   ,'.7y\;3--3.   ,,,.._.    .   ,.......,  .y. ���������    ���������    ���������������������������....,.���������   , v .   ..y .���������.-.,-    ..-���������;.,,..   .y    ���������   ".  ��������� ..,. . ApSAiAWilijAAih  iinrfiiAp/dAfafeAAA'dAAA  A-y;/'.;|-?A    iyP,PpySlC(ii)lyIpPl^ 4 4 4?;;;??'.' 77:  ;C./.QRCENEf Pro[jrietorj:.7V?A.:;;./-  ' lAoins  y .j;  <&,  A.A.AP.A...~p...AAaAa_PPA -.���������'" ������������������ ��������� ������������������������������������ p-PA���������'/,. P A-'-,;p--:        :'���������.'.. -t&>  $f)'f)AfrLff^  ^i/pjy-.tj! Ultp   .ij]]  -   ���������       ������������������"������������������'���������       "��������� ������������������     ..    ������������������'     ���������������������������'��������������������������� >   ���������������������������-���������'  -*-  y&  (h  ��������� *r  ' i'in.-  ���������:.$}  Wi  ipfa  :-'<J'."  ���������5"  ���������'.���������$.���������:  Ay..  -,-'-'rt ?  jrii.-VAj-anee-fi-oni,;  'ifixe?",������������������'/forysale/7ai;? l^s'/thnn-ZiVCtuai ..cost.'  *>-  ifl'-  '"<&>'  *s-    .... '*  ^���������a.Usv'rTrnmJ:.8-:rnir.Sirni-;.5,NII^NVS:K^^  , '   ^ ./y ^iAiHvCMAlTIIINaVGUOCEHll^VlC^rKlc"-?    . 4   ^-  RE^ELSTOKE STATION: |  il'mp IJpwardsi  .jpSftSi  tiO(-:i?i;r-.?n.r!Os  OLD   STAND..  "1 *J. 0 rim '"���������I cri N,**. ri  ,      , place/;on44tlie ���������;-;27th.';.,':--The  Vweather,"threatehing.'in tlie, m01/ninA  1 turned put'fin^/ahdVnQt'tdo .warrn!  and/iirompthyonythe arrival of the  steamofy Rossland ,frohr the South.  witli Vyii-itors ,/from/Burlon ..Cit\%  Na'kuspVand;BLa:(Jon,and Halcvoii  3Hp;t?;Si)i;ings.; The progrV-nir'was  commenced-?and ; carried .to a sue-'  cessfu/1/finishvby??i9.'b'clock. great-  credit beingduelherhembers'of theV  .committee.and; 'Captain /Robertson  ���������"���������fl H-K.y /.Livingston..:.resiiectively  chaii-mah7an(i:-.;.secretary/   also the:1  ���������rQfcrec\-:;''Jpseph,''/-'':.Joh'n=6n'.Afoi- their'  efforts .in this //connection /'/A; A pp. ?'/..  ./,VThe''-Frcd 'Robinson Lumber coinX  j?)any ran anr;excursipn;from Coma-  .plix/and Tliomsons,-Lancting���������' it.bev  ing necessary to'./ usfc^both .'tho stea-  niers .AArcher^V ay^,.i/LaVdeau" to'  accombdalo'f Jie'e.xcursionists.-: ��������� 7 A-  /" 'Tlie Halcyon  'Hot?-.Springs''San-  itariuin .NapthaV. iaunch?'���������I.pius-  seeker"'in.charge of;Capi'aiivTliein,/  and diavitig-:-on '-hoard /.i\hinaLrer  McXiiuglit'Oi the Sahitivriaim. wHli  'k parly-pf guests, /arrived.eiirlv/in  the idiiy -, and A rendered''.; valuable;  assistance:in,,, keeping   the 'course  clear.'?/.,-'     /���������'/���������?''"   ' .;/''".?V ?'/,'/ '/���������' V  ,-: Jas. 7Kii'riiier   kindly   placed Ins  speedy latincli'"Idle /Hour" .at.llie  disposal of- /tlie   comniiUecVfor.'tlie  . fi ve; hours, .biityiMr//���������*;���������? was, Vsech  Mying a'reai/gb^^  r/^^Cbpys'put1  lvolel? and Vwprc/ wcH/seeiraf ier(3an'd;  enjoyed 4themselves��������� ?��������� verv ?.V/iriiich/'  Tlie. hotels/ were: f nil/ uji*to"the/-'rdof'.'���������  ,,bU't/?M'.rs|.;.J"ow.e������t  ifobt' ball; boys V';?Kai;ly? next?? .-mbrh^'  -ing-tlie.team;(starfc,d/for;/?hqme-/?^  A,���������PA^ing/?ra111 er badV'afte 17/tlib  ;?lpng3ride,7lnftVeverything?VwentAbff,  :well:abd the/;bo:y|.had::f  AAiMEpASiAA  AWAXAAAPwwAAAypAAPiAw  ;iifc,G.ql(llieldsy.tiiis?.spring?3'is pi-ovingii  ;gi-e:itJjoon/:to/t.heVFiili;Creekcbuiihy.  Jt?'en:ihlcd:;tJ-o?'po\vei-|3.pIiint?for :-tlie  eiimbQi-nc.gi-oiip?to31,,b6- got/in/ liiueh  better thaiVqLlicrwise/cduld?iiiVvebceii  done.,?1?'.  'P-A'P'-yP* Pp-A'-pA ������������������'���������' 'P-? ���������������������������'-'��������� '���������  ^rT!)iK:.\o,iUli\^  .Ciite??'iirc, iiiTiihging'to talc'6- a ii ?in-  tercst?in Goldiiclcls, i-cqiiiriiig pbrt.ioiis  "of tlie/]!iiHl(foi-'t.lieii-,7biiildiiigs.3 They-  propose c .to yciit? out theblufi' opposite1  '.GiiniVio'nie-.-;,. :iii.d-.':'-.-.-c"a"rry-;v /tlio yvvagon  road (lii-ecfc ?to?ythc? iii'iilsitQ without  crossing th'c.j-ivei-  tbc pii]y?plah?pf cppking?was';tQ"put  /the,/ricpyin//a ,i)icce:/of?cedar :bark,r  moisteh/it/aiid tlien,;put fhot;'stones;  in tilbsufiicieutly cooked?;tq eat. A A  .V;?AVhi,le??/doing/:rthisy]iii;iiiateJtook  ;tbc:shoye/l;.^niil-,;tui*ncil;;!^  gntyel;Vwbehvlie/pickPd/ujM/nuggets  of go-d'worth:frbmAfii0/td|20!??;His'  part/ber/concealed-the-'fa^  him,dnitwhen/they;got4to French  /Creek;the;camp/gpt"to kiibiv/it, and  ;next. morning/jtlie?:,r������ush to'kcCtil-:  /loch7Ci'cek tookpla^cb:/;// Vy/A .7/:?'  7 3In,those/daysvtliey ncve'i'istopi&d  to ?wo'rkAanythiiig���������:: less; thaiv$20 a  AA* PQr;?ma'nyyFor ';ihsiahcei-,m;iiat  iw6uld,;iipw.:'be cohsidered/good/gokl  'was/got7pn,(/jpldstream^b^  daysyit ���������\vas?not3 cbhsidercd"?gbO(l:  enbugli:and?.was; passed /oyerA'The'  ,pl cl ;/,t i m er s/; / prospected/: 'tlio.-/ creek s?  4fr6nr?;;'Goldst.ream/TPACanoeV rivci-  ;anil;.got?gp/!d' i n/s6 vcral; creeks V';/;He:  cpnsi dcrs74hey'cpui^  ?tk^/Big?:Bend well?!worthAprospect���������  iiig;?.ari',^'':.,reckbn's':M.t������w  cpuiVtry-when-opened? vrip to ti-a  :pbrta,tipn/-/ahd /.placed -bn;the sairie  b,asis?aS;bther/operating cainpsyA" '  :VV:Deniars;;wa^  pfv;Uic?V'(ild;?:Forty-hihbV'tlic?:fir^  ������������������ stea nier,/that ran?on The��������� Colurribia  /abpyc:?Rc:vclstpke7/A;;0ii/lier/fi  /througlrtlie?cahypn:sheg6t/?up4by'  -means,/bf/ay?hand/'capstan,/but,bn3  :emerging%t?tlic-hpad'of The canyon  tbe/edcly; caught her/with such forcb  'tistp pitll the capstan out/of Vposi-  tioiLA After that /trip the' Forty nine  madelier/ruhs.tlirough-'.tho canyon  withput;;the use ofya capstan; VA..y  Stiplfilie/ Frit  ??;/ The/heaiihg?a'hd7s6otJi;ing:/rejnelly io^Cbuglis/VColds/���������  -V Tickhngy in?, tl.i.b--, /Throat. //Bronciiitisv Gi--^:p,V i^riy'/  .yAStages7bf/Consump/tionVanH;V^  /;Lu:bg.Ti-bubles4?. 7\\rorUia triiy/to^Califoi-nia/'vAyV?  g/IVGUCTlSERED ;CR0MbRU^  IMUSTRIALNOTES  THE MINES.  ���������   The. t-oiison. issudatq tliiityi'l/wiiibe  agTcat 'clhuvbiick'.t.q'iniiiiii'Vr ojierat.iuii't*  this/yciu-. -  ,Snqw;   ftill ' 'eovei-s /ihe  m6untiifiis;?wlieiice/it?-|iiis';us,iiiil  pitrtcd'a i'n'oiitli earlier;; A 7?  is .projected iby  Timber- from the  Iv.de-:  ?frpm.  REVELSTOKE, B: C.  ..M'WJV    l.i'lllj.t  ifX  ,ueen?;  .ABRAHAMSON   BROS.,   PROPRIETORS,  '.First-ola.ss in every respect/:    A.11 niodcrn conveniences  ������������������,7.A.,'���������"/���������".,. J-ui'ge.Sample Hooins,; '.'���������/.-���������;���������' ,.'���������';'���������;,'.".  Katds cEi.od per Day'"-���������'������������������;.     -A Special Weekly Rales, y     .p'-,  '  HoteJ, Trpiit1 Lake, underAsauK  management.  ('iii')  & GOMAPLIX[���������>  ��������� ���������/.  Kir  .is'  h'ov/ Open for Buyinessi     - -.  The Best -'House in Town.  U ' Well .Furnished    -.   GoocliTahlep  ''Aq      BcA Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept in Stock.  % .;'/���������' W; HAMILTON, Proprietor;   ���������  1    '   I'       '    . '���������'������������������, ' '. ' ' /."'.' 1 ''-"J  'A$^r&c%>&<:b<%<^&  ���������"      *"      *      **      T      T     *-T     *-     *T*   :'**  s  P*  e'o  Judges,nhd referees.'  ������������������Thedifl'ereiit events were keenly  coii(esl,ed.   with    several   excilin'"-  finisli'.'.---, die,   best/ race of lhe day  lieiiig thiit  of   (|io   lour-oarod.lifq-  buatsoiie I,is ing. 'manned by'if crew  from Arrowhead-, and';one from the  steaineivTtossland,. resulling after a  splendid, race. ��������� in   Victory, for tiie  Arrowhead bofil. ���������"���������  ' '       '.'/.  'AtVtiie close of,the.  sports, a very  ��������� enjoyable suiiimer.hoj) was held iii  the foresters .hull. . ."  7   The   following   is , aVlist   of, the  evenls, and winner.-, suitable prizes  lieiiig a warded.inth.e evening at the  eomnienccinem uf the  dance./-, The  ���������sailing-races (canoe and  skiff);were  cancelled on accqiini ofno wind/  7.Siiigl.i' ficullV 111011: /W-  Kirl-v,   1  Hotl'i'im. .lii-iiu.-^ Fiinnc't;.    i-tidii s:..Si,-.������,,  FyiA. -Mi.-s Jt-netMt;J>(.inahl. ^1 i.~i Ju-ttv  .lolinstiiii., ; ���������".'.''  ���������Singlii scull, hoys: Frank . Kerr. ImI-  wiii ���������.h.hnstoii.' (.lirls: .Klhi I'ibiliulo  >"cl!i-t't... .' y y      ,     -''.'���������  I'Miil'le' s.eiill;,'. -lohii   Fyi'e   iiiul   H.  Iletl'i'...'!!. U". k'ii-hy jind. F, I'iiim/in.   '  hii'.  1'i'jit.   iotir''t.;irs  si iid  coxwi'iiii-  ;y.Thqso.whq kiiq\v:tho,A\rii'v(?i-lev hiiiie.  iitJliecillivviiet. Iiiiyefaitli iii itnotwitii-  staiuling the disasters? attending its-  history, for iin option is.beiii^aVi'-  anged on the:property.'    y./   Vv /.   "  Vyl'lie tiioiinfaiiis oii?:Pool"'Creek are^  being.luinto.il/for tlie'soiu-ce bf/'aAinig-'  iiilieeiit?pieee 01' 3 iiont" -recent.iy iVMiiiTcr  by/���������L?;A,??nan-iigh; , 'l/iie' 'Siiiiiplo/n-iis.  piic-tiiiril. gold 'and . would assay about'  ifi./)U,oapa.tonVy-���������Xyppp -,.'/?; a,/-.  y\.;]Vi'(iiiiishig ��������� fire.:golil,pi-opertv is  ���������tho.'Shnkespca.re..group, on- Pool .Creek/  Owned by/A, (ioing./iL .Ibncs andV'F.  ;\\;'.:?(I hi Ini 1,11.     Tho owners ii ro lia vi ii '���������������  ���������tniiJsiiiHl, ciibiiis/biiiltVvitiiii vien-'to  proseeti.tiiig work? 7 ,:        -  Messrs, A,//B. C'labbnvniiil- Welis,  .have disposed of tlie. Kiiigston' group  111 the Siinilkaniwn to 1.1 .Moiilivaisvii-  (liciite, yT-he property issiiid lo bq one  of tiie. proinisiiig gold���������copper prop-'  ei-t;!es.iii.tee,jii-o\'jii(,:e., ...        .?���������   V  Tlie, Donli'le 'Kngle eoiiipnnv ' intend  having (lie XohJ,. Three groiip on l.ii-  ���������fonii'i;-?Crock ���������'Purveyed-.. and crown  granted, .I..A. Kirk will; earrv oid,  file purveys of lliis.aiid also, cf .i. McLaughlin's property on the s.-inii-'creek  y   Another   -sawinill  local people  to:ciit  'Big."Heii(l.'?"y;:/;i;V;A'���������''/?���������?������������������ 3.',:.:?:V'-,vV':  4.\\V: Kleiiii'iig.;;iiiiteiidsy/hiiviiig. the  steiinylaiiiulry put jn shape; as'-sobii'as  possible./? Coiisider;i.ble/aclditiotis7wil I  be?niade tcrtlie -iliiiit. 7 A; 7������.yy3y3:?V:������- '  ���������',./ ^���������,ho? lrrod. .Kbbi:isbi 1,7 /iiiitil.iL-r  t-0111 -  |,;anyai-e,,(loiiig';ii3bigger..seiisoii's?u-6rk?  thauyever at ..the:Coiiiaplixsiinlj/AThe  saws ai-o/iii chargeof'iL.i.Li:;- Gi-ny.'fonhT  ,:erly'?,ii. .pi-qniiiient citizen ?of:   jiui'lc!s:-  Fa\tk,.pAPypp 'Piy--t:P::;Ppii\Pp.iPPPp'.  y;.Kon-liiii(l llrittiiinyl'iiteni? A.tl;Oniov, I  reports pate 111Jssuod,foi-?a 7nietliod'/of',  ^;aiing itiid3,scei;riiig7Cqv?ei;s of jiii;s,  to  R. A.AMiii:sh;Ul,:'of AVineonvei-,;aud.for-  a stovevpiiie?tie,   to'F/^CiLriicof  \;ic-  tdria.?-, ��������� -p'p'PpP-i'- ��������� AA; ������������������ ..'.-'A A-'-.?  .A ^\AM(5scrqp liiis arrivedVfrpijiy Van-'  coi'iypr; to; .enter iii'tb.:"piirleriiii>rshij)-  with ltis._lii;q(lier1:yl-:.:'Mbsi:t-o]), i,,/ tlio  engineering'and pi limbing btisinosH in  t'liis/city. Mi-yMoscrop's.fiiiiiilyah. at:  jircsifnt ?qii.?n" visit;. to ./Tiicoiiiii/iifler  which tliey will inake thoii- hoine itt  ���������.Hevelstoke.'-'-'--.     . /���������?  Ono Blook from C PR Depot  ,v   and StoamTibat?Wharvos  Re-furnished and Ro-modellc  "���������:.-Rates-$1.50; to',$2 per, day 7  A A   ";.///     y-j/y   /O V-;/:;,P'P  F?/./Dp'WSWELLj/-:.Prc}priet.O!*l-A;;'/y  B. C.  ?.. 7c"?  / V;--^Wy rui^nislted  --vf;affPrcl^  ,//: .Rates.$,i7a- clay.;VyiMonthly Tti&AyAA^A-AAAAAy'.  RAIL WD STEAMER  A? TliOiiilace-wliere yoii  spend iillyou.-: '.J.ife.-.-iiin.v' be as' |ii-ett v'-k iun-  ���������:���������'1,11 lhe liiiid.'.if you/wiltonly.,Viiiike it A. ' 'i'here. are . fitrn-itri're Am'A  and. Iiirmtiii-e stores./ I (ere 'w-- sell good. liqiiestAfurnitiii-e A uAoA  ,iible;i>nces. AVe gunranty.' saii^iietion?,. I,i yyu buv :invthJii^lJoi-e '  1,11(1 ">' .!'SI'I just us .represciVtclVwe wiiiit   voir to'-eoiiieVn.-l tHI-'"ii--'  ,,\\,e will niiikeit riglit. ...  '������������������'���������'������������������.. .?',-.y :     ?.. ?   y''  AJTe Coat .Itidge, ou-ncil/by iMessrs.  Poirier. and .Johnston, js .seven iniIes  from. Camborne. Tbe'lead; lias'beei'i  traced for a? iengl.h of tlireaeliiiiii.s and  is/from .S/to 1.0.feet .wide, on'��������� the. si'ii-  fuce.A Tlie, work 'done shows? the ore  'boily. 'to he iiiinrcgiiiiled with gold,  silver and 'copper ores;  E. A. lii-adley, siijiei-iiitendent; for  tlie htiijitcsno jMiiiin,;; conip.'iny, re-  turned on ���������Wednesday from bis irip-to  Piitsbiirg ?y The ���������company' arc .well  'pleased vvitli iiie results of their ojierit-  tionsou flic Iliiii.' ���������.liiy.'/yJ.Jcdrock has  .hoc struck and the property looks  very enciiiii-agiiig.. While, awiiy Ailr.  Ih'iidly hiid iiii attack of illness from  which lie is recovering.. '������������������      , .  AJiiillclin liii.vi-liecii issued Chopping  ii mile oil'- the?, Moimljiiirllivi.sioii hul  iiddiiig.it lo' lhe? Kiiinloops run.' ?  : /���������'. I). Friiscr, the W(.'1l-knowii.(.VI'...lL  dispaUdier, who has -been stationed at  lievelstoke .for' some , time,' has been,  proiiioted Jo I lie dispateller's ollice. at  Vancouver,, and with bis family will  .shortly (.like up liis residence tlio re.?'.._  The whole.of the. Winnipeg employes  of tlio Canadian ..Northern; with tlic'ex-,  ocptnii of t.liivengineers,' lircnien, con-  duetors,;iind. .hriikeinen,. lia'������������������(>������������������'.struck''  work because they could notobtain  recognition'' of thcii-'���������'"unions.'.no'r an  iiiiswci-to. tbe schedules ���������? which' they  presented. , . ' ���������   . ,   ' ,;  ^ The-Ladic's Aid of (lie. .Methodist  'Church'will hold.a strawberry and Ice  'Cream .Social on the Parsonage LiivVn  oh.-Tuesday afternoon' and evening,  The Hand will lie. n .-itlendaneo..,    Ad-  mis-'iou to li'vuiKl-j 1{J els.  .-  ������������������ .1. A1. I)iiri:iigh is-piLshiiig work on  tlie Wide,West. <��������� He lias now run tlie  (itiinel M)2 foot. .1. W. Hob'y, of Lima,  Ohio, one of the directors, visited the  property last.week'./.'While flic ore is  .silver-lead, itCiirrics good gold,values,  the last assay being $ I fi.'I.O in gold. In  flic, course of llio ci-oss-cut tunnel now  lieing driven, two-small'- leads lmve  hcCn encoiinfei-ed. The , big lead for  which .lhey are. now driving outcrops,  for'ii-width of 22 feet on the surface,,  and iiiiiddition to these there 'arc two  other1 largo ledges-and four'or five small  mm (AUu'opi'.iiiif o������ tlie pvopcfty,-  CONTRACTS OF ANn  MAGNITUDE   EXECUTED  Complete Installations Our Specialty  Finest Class of. Machinery   ; v   ���������  A.  The Hinton Electric Co. Limited  :    /        VICTORIA and VANCOUVER.  IF YOU WOPfK IN TOwN LEAVE YOUR WORK IN TOWN  . OvCr 100 suit.- have ciinic into,  few months.    We can't help noticing  good aiul some very.Iiad. hut N'ONIv  ��������� ...'     Ciy'e IJS-a triai;   .  town from eiistern houses in the jia.������t  th-'in���������its 'our business.    .Some verv  A 111-: KQUAL' to our $2010 $2a suits.?  m,  m  wmmmmmmmmmmmmmimim  wwmmmn^%JmllLlU^^mlleuulmK&lWtm������m^lMmllmvJ^^^  V "*       -������  Ian.'  1-fifV.ift Ibelkootena^nDatl  A'  ?,)'i;JJUSHKD  FRIDAY?'/'/  y Pp 'i-i' ��������� ,~A'r~     '      ' .'������������������ .   i  AREVELSTOKEi B.C.* '/'A"'  'ii'a'jfei-iptl'oaPrice,, $2.00   Per   Annum  Tins KO(ymNM hail.  ���������'������������������ '���������' 'i-i:   Vv ,,( nl .yem*e>neiit������ nnist 'be in by  /���������������������������'��������� i4yV/   - 7?    '.   yJ,;. ,v<*k,to, sec"1-c Boot! dis-  A Ap A A" X������ l,i-bm ntl y execu i ed at reason-  AAvAAiALF^A'Z ?-������������1;'advertising  are in with a.'view to ascertaining  whether, or not a bargain Can be  effected with the company]    If not  it will be necessary to take stepi- in'      ���������__  any case .this' season0 to secure an     r~%  efhcieiit supply for-,fire protection,    ,{���������~^  either from the company or by the'  city-council'directly;?4?,;?;..///; 7.."      ���������-,-,  NEW BUILDINGS.  y.in. lewis's?itKsinKxck  /'Tlie dwelling hduse'being erected  ' v������fe invAa. ������" ",ilUer* ������t  ���������?;.;,.'',''���������-'; - Co>ii"iumciiUoiis to' Kdi-  Ay,", 'A'ylj*' ...ncconipiiiiicd   by. name 'of  ���������\u ���������'������������������>; J'fltl.iiecei-sarilv'for publication   hul  A0;mA^ Pn ^Kenzie ^ciuie fo^mrtevSs  -...Andrdss    .''? ���������'.:'; A    ,;AA:?is-.of!nbvel design?' It" contains the  A^  "���������t������"   i i I----' "n/i '���������''������������������ I i-        feet>.:breakfast room lOixll  Revelstoke,:B.O.: ,   eet,.. parlor 14x16feet,librarylixlG  merous readers to ��������� f<?et-i 7the -two latter having open  J^rths, reception hall lOxlt feet:  ^ltchen llxl3,feet, aniLpantry: On  the upper ;,floorAwill be three bed-  rooips respectively,,! 7xlS feet,' 12x12  .,; Many' believe that\Q^ornz^Uc^^  Hfturetlian any mining; cainp in the West.    /  '���������'������;,request our numerous ������������������  7,','faybiv? us., with theli������ assistance In  ? making-the KOOTENAY MAIL the  most valuable advertising- medium   in   the Kootenays by giving  ,i,he peeferenceVwhen maklngr pup-    *,������"m,'-j iv;o|jvjuli v eiy, j /xi<3 IOCt l'-'Xl'-'  ehases   toythose-finmswho ? are I feet and 94*16 feetj bath room Sxl2  yreg-ulae advertisers in the KOOT-    feci?   2jm-e   rnoi.AVlto 'At' I      nA  :Enav,.mail.   V A ;      ..'��������� ���������y..-:-.-'.I!:.v,-.-'--.-. ���������-, ^^,.!l0.!e-.-"l00111:..'.?ix9i  feet.7 The  A;ALA: i   ' :"'   '���������":: .'   __1A/. I |nnlding coverS; an1?; area  of .28x48  -.;.Those who^^sq^.c^^^A^p{:.  ^STvAoknts.;  vAp'������������������'���������?''��������� '-'���������''/'��������� '7-*f-<ii.mar be obtained froin  -. .���������.(-./.;!... vv .j i ii*- L-i i y i.i ijci) t.~.; ���������..; y ;������������������ ��������� yy .,.;;. '��������� ,  ?���������: .���������'���������'V -.-.- '���������.���������;'.I Aw. ,Hi;xm;-it.'3 4?.y.? .^'"VVyy,  A.A- A7 aa's--.m)A'Pi:c,-(;.k Hook'Cor-'-"'-''."  PP  .4 ? vy: -   .3l-..li.-\Viai.s. .'   -'���������.- P��������� :���������������������������" P'-  feet.''  II  A11V L \':Ayy\cV'A RTJii Jt  'A ,",f-.'���������c"0-ss,'s;;REsii|Kxck. ?? :  A Thehouse bcingWecfed - for ,Dr.  Cross onMcKenzie avenue conliiins  five rooms-, oivthe ground lloor and  ;three7tipstairs.'-Theparlor'is 12x15  feet, dining room llxl-M feet; kitch-  , 1 enUxl 1 feet, .'('in  (lie other side  ii?vui;ir--n.:i(s, solicitous, ktc. A 7?0f the Inll -mv-iK.A-.i^    > -'  .77y'A'4,7y,:A8TOKli;Ji,g. ,  .4, PP ?   ,:,'. fcl0I'.fil? apartments. 7 ?w;ii ting room  i,'"nn"l"llWn' ' .������������������.���������..���������.-��������� -*"���������   ���������' ������������������" and consul (a tio/n room.uach lOfeet  [squarcA,Tlie/halLis/6xi2 feet. 7jThe  rooms'Oti tliqVupper floor/;arc two  ���������bedrbbms/llxlilfeet and 11x10 febt;������  and y balhrbom 7x 10 feet/, ���������' \ V. A.  .Footc/is the con tractor.4 A,V   / '?��������� ,7  ..-.'���������iicj-'ld liiiin. ,.          .   ... ...     .  ���������''AAiAyl^o, Jt, C.; Fori Steele, n/c.  <Pio. j^Vlef-.viq-w-A .:  :,;.?,,;...:l.'^vc-.l.-lpki.-, li, (J.  j, A. iiahvkv, ;:  3 ? J-'ort Steele, H. C,  ; i;!:\?r:.i:iH-ycmp Sbnici'i-biis, Notahius:  Py-P-pyPPpy^AAiiucP-E-n;.-ppPpppy:pi  ���������';ifirit;/>>ti':i-ki?  /VKevelstolcey/B.C.  i>n. AmAsb  pA^AAA^AAAcsgeApAppApA  'P-'-:i:.J--:Pa-"-'P,-\ ''��������������������������� '������������������/?:���������~- p ���������"���������������������������������������������K -.:y;v;yy:y;  AypAppi": AlixixbV ExciiNKiii?,/ ':"'?' ; '������������������'.  '.?.'?..    P'.-   i 4;  ,.:>.'���������..':���������:..';��������������������������� ..-'r;*4y.: ,-;    -,..'.-'..       ���������....���������.���������.'''..���������.  ?;:,:^,;'i;|,V:,Anie2--cii!]L liistitutb;?AIiiiiiig;KiighiepK)  .?4'4.!AI'eiii. CiuiaaidiiJlininyrnstitute.)? ''"���������'P,  VV:-T%vV:;;iiKyEtST&i^  :j^Hii!iri;atioiVof iiiid/Wijioris on ilinbnilPro-  ?' '.'i P'i'pp '--i VA^P^Vi^MtyPi pp ���������;���������?.??..;.   IfESroKXCKAy?:  ?yThe building bein^erectedAvXD,  ;McCarthy for??.l)r. McLean on First  streetds,20x^0;fcet7;'Theyparlor; is  12x10 feety consulting -rootii' 12x14'  ;feot, oflice d^xLLfeet; hall?7x20ffeet  .an'd .bathroom?7xl0���������feet.: 7Tli-cre;Vare^  two? bedrooms  on /the upper floor';  'each N. feetsquarc./; yP:'--.���������???"':V!.:"v  AySome/ofA'theA/bestl.^  ^^Pl^^upy; -/Don't: you/\vant '$������>AA?AAa*p:  'Twill (Make Mdney for You While /You're  -;/;y7y,/.\.yV'V?7'A,y/?;;/'':SIeeping.'/y/^  AymWPm0pyiyyPpAp-cAMB^  HiP', ATi ;r7'3ffis:anctVa,.ticiiiAsMuKsHtyoHVVyappiyTo  'Asa  A^rA'tlj.viVLRV  ApAAP uPAp - PAAAAiiA Lax ii ?-;'-,  A'P yApAA'A'1 Viiv.oit'. VV-.'/-?,?:/?-  A!ir\:cvy(,i?,Mi���������cr;ii Olitiihs, TimberBcrtii-iaiid  7-. _y-7,,-,.;.;   -. . Ciovyn Lunds,y y;,?,;;7;,-,?::.;.-i.A?  'AaMAAAAAAAAAAAAa,':,  ILLlClLLEWAETAy  '���������-��������� t  ='4,y'-4?' -'���������;������ -/'--y: '4?.:.������?4.:..?3'-4i:4������������������: -*-��������� :���������".������������������������������������,������������������' '-'������������������:.'  Presentation to '/W/ss ^o-fi7--7>>^  AypA^Aee^pReAilecteAAA.-Apy  y The public,?Vscliool ?examinfinon?  was'heid Tn ;J]licillcwaet   school on  A\redncsdav,;25tli Juiic,:���������which was  WtipBA KxM  A- ^AAiA rA W: Ioi-Wyq Aon aAaA  :A ^'cuniatisin-^DoctorsXAiAPMA  - / ^ 'i?^ Jc J llbs; jf ni Ji eil;, t q : 1 l/o 1 p -J 1 i m v/iui't ^'  _ ./'A J.-tQ.'-Oofc;.: ti_i b.^.^JsIi/fcl'-Si/Qd ici iie? a t^'-'-l.h/ritv  I\-i"'?-^1 ���������:->?IOV.?"^"1^<?f-;-I-ypX������in������on''\c;it>-,-' iinvi.i:i'.''-'--.":'-:.-:-'!':';';.." ���������  'v'Kccciitly'wliileshat^  :4?4(/AiVibe;r/^/piug/;S)no]ciii?ir/Tob  ?is:;wjnning/bn?iIs merits/'-APypAA'  pA H.kxe: -yb'tiytriedy t? 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"'."��������� V?4':,:.'  y Our genial friend./Mr. 'Forbe?,"-is  still at lho old slahd. lookiiv' as  pleasaiU as' evfcr. ./Mrs'/./Pyhas not  yet-arrived but is expected daily.  t   llOill-i,'. )'H'|-VO!Ty. .-hcilf  .IlKtlltV 'iiiid ������������������ liViii-.i-i..,jv:  /qthe'r''.-"tiyeih'i'i;-.^' y;,j/.  IliOlJS.-il'i'ds .'A jyAiy '���������'  P'iH/wil! ,i/ii:-.AAyiji,V!  i 'anythi'tig���������iiiid ���������';,, '.'.!,,���������;���������,���������  ���������j'yoil !ii-nht-V':'','.L:;f? i Lr--.J>  .1 '.Wiiii/nrt^' 1'irif;' l'i;>Vf/'r-  i.'.i-sAqn   riy-".\vi-iihi.,-���������:-  AfleA,*:,,;!!.; a'n. ../id  | 11114(1)7:10-', ' ',.,���������' -vlii  .jAiO C'liA ;i i.io'x "i- Pj  -ypi'ivPPytiiil  ���������iiA ������������������.���������;,.'���������;,-:: ,>-j',,.,'  .'Inly .tii.e'-g,/.  i!4i!:(.:,?'iyVv'.?  ?'-'\ i !;lill.-.iii 1-  t ini/..of  -PAA  PrhP  .���������(.11 li.**  .;.t..  h   n.iiii  iViiiHi'  itlt'?:-'  ip fir.  ���������oy".i.A  "AimmB  Bggs / for! 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Revelstoke.  \Ak>yiAuy^  |^ki^ihe?it    d   e   ,-f  A ,fA :A-;:AAa^  A  i.t ll    V   t../f'  C  Sfafeles  .'Ahl,  .'?'.������1. :  AoozAm .mhjl ;'.. rex/fa top a  APPY,  ��������� t .141  Tf ?<) ?;: v  fas���������fisig^ ���������  .���������WillAVIM-.  ti  c  ' -J  's reporls J suspended for tho present,  " The jOlOTIyXAY^AlAi'iy-W;,,/,:  ��������� I.real Uaify Jl,-^ hi, -.-ind'. jiic.'t.'iii;,; of'  ICiti^r l^lward.will Liii'iiiiailed- Pc\p:p,y  sub.scrihe!-,.j for" i.ii.(Abiii;ibce I'i'MJO-'  loj;fl.'oO.    AddnAA-.     :'    '    ���������   ���������  ���������    ���������  il   ftp! 7 pypp'  %y<.^ '>y. -ia i. i-t������.,  Vancouver,. {'. C.-  -?i   1  :ili-   -'I' lli I'ii.  ei'ii'l. ill' I Iii:  A  ������1:  Vropnotov.  T'i*,rB'i:A  ��������� :: 1..- e-  ���������1','J  L.  hi   i;  r!  i.  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Virv?A;  ,.ger. wa;- (J A  /giviiig;.!!/';]/;  ���������.'to,������������������li'ii-tii c  '.'Seo'y AHA  llie..:eiiniitix:  ry t  lie  Ale-  i iid".si  A/!;;.i^'  yp. i.ij.:.ig...i-'.. |)oi���������-e,i  A-PK" AA'",,.words���������'  :?;jy ->-i-i liiiwvtiriiHv  ^"���������'h.-g'-ii.'i-e'.-ii-i,:, yy  ������������������A^PilAi has. for  ,/!i;A'������:;!.A!������i]tvld-eii?i  ' -?;i;:r'll)iit;i;ii,.:;  P'AAaAp  '' ii;������.i.K!:ii::i(!ri';  r MAi'le??!'  .';.!';,-,-h-i!'.i!!V(|.;-|n*/-  Vc;v-!l-?d  1'  ."'fi;;-  ;r.i;.  Vl.i'fc  cmoht  '*'< >'������������������', 44  y]y<y /v/'l'iW:  ���������yh'Ar. Ai'iiii,'  I a;Mi!i-s!j]j';i.t4  ���������iili-ig;; tn4-?t'!i(--  AyAA'P-:  ���������VV!4Mi!.;a::i:iii  Capfaip f. A- A\ITCHEL,  ullior of "Clmtlaiioosa,.. -Cluckauiauffa."  U.UJH.V&, JJroliicis. ���������     .tff  -'������������������ i-sw?-������a^5Q2^^Sg3gjJ2J^j^  [(o.N'i-j.N-fi:],]  ���������': .1 us,    all sha Iield dear.  J vi med Wiicn we reached the caiup.Ve stood  face to face in the moonlight. It seemed as impossible to restrain the words  I would utter as It was impossible to  utter them. I dropped her hand and  walked away to resume my watch.  ern>'?", na "n,nen������- I turned and looker- badr.   .She was still .--landing h, im-  '"oonlHUit.   I knew that ,l,e .va -(  ������nj������ointcd (hat I had withheld  invasion of lliy Jovo.   M-h.lt coul|I j  Jin-mug again, I passed in nlII011  ii ecs. '  Ml iln-ousi, that i0I)g ���������,piu , wa-k,.(1  M,litest   Miiind,   straining    ,m-   ,  whenever,, hreezc- i:u,tled the In'nnch,,-  of the ,,-ces or .starting when 1 I���������,���������d  AAA   A0i[iCi] C,'cal,,,'e ������,ro'v������������������ '������  ���������search of food.   yot durini: ,,������������������ ,,,.,'t,,  one I..ct���������,x>  was  ever present  bof  ���������  "*��������� ^"'^bt.lsnwirelen landing ,���������  '   nioonlichl, all ni-hl i ���������rootI(,��������� ;,. "  tlio liaiTior tlint sppnralecl u������  1 " t th.-it 1  must ect Mme rcs, Q  would  noi be able  to lead  (he nam*  fan or.   Coiner to the little e    ���������    , ,  ^ening C.',n,-er,  1   led  I,i,���������  0 ,   '  J >o.c I  ���������.,d been  watching nild  ln J  ������"������ to keen moving back a,,,] r���������,.(i, .,  sliorl dislance from   U,0 road  nm|  ,,",  ease of d.-iinro'i- rai<e tiie alarm    Then  rclurnir,. ,0 cnmi)t , thl       mrso]r    *'  tlie ground nnd led asleep.  she darting into the wood, I foi-  and,   after   penetrating   far  enough, both hiding behind a rock covered with? brush.  , A horseman came dashing 0Own the  road, pulled up beside Jayeos's body,  looked around anxiously as though  fearing an ambush, then"hurried back  whence, he came.  With one impulse Helen and I spran"  into each, other's arms. Oh, the rap������-  t'jre of that embrace! I e.������ayed  friira.- io i-r. u, mier even a y.ord  '*']r*���������-��������� ��������� ������!vo of what I reh.  ���������_ ' '���������'   Inr   ch.-ek   di.i.i,  'i.'.'   ii"'(l il tiu-je.  ' I '*-���������' ���������* on her Iijis, her  Wondering   if   we  tlnetlr hear tho brush breath  Certificate of Improvements.  NOTICE.  Safer than a Bank  to  .11)  i.'-niau  ���������iiid',(  - uuS^i'SSK?^ WiId Go������-1-���������*. <- wb-  I The:  , r . -. ���������;  .   cl; kc-.  p.'i'-'iit  ��������� ..-:,! iyy   giit.n-VOS  .'iiChei't'.-iiToiher'  ���������- :',l'il'e:--Kiim;   i'or-  ,T;irn!.\;;.in   tliis  ryMiVlAiinrjiiaiii-'  ���������i"? ^iiue; lime  ^mAipi py, (He./  "'M'.'Abi-d ilms  Aii Kieill/sild-:  i-i-'!'.!. /feeling-'  V'?"'erg^,;tl!(;.i'e;  .-?.oliAihe road  AA-'-^y-had  "A^'^b'ciiy^ve  ���������- '������������������n-lli.e/'r'OT/l.  ���������:y:7;;ti!i-''g!icr  ,i('! l-iiowi but  '���������>-'.waiied. till  v-.?'-!.1,':'1) ?: every  liiiid.'-.-?.'���������;.   ;"'  ';,',! ;:k7,i! goo.  tl  ;, t]jf.-  ': - e-'vet  '   Siou;  ,:    ii.S .Cl'!!  '��������� Vlime.???'  I. --^li'l-l  'mc!?iiV-  '!���������''". 'Al'Vi  i'iin.if'4-T'.  I; win kiJ  i ? v.-.Viii  ":,'���������.'������������������(���������iii.1  thin -v  y.Ayc-i  :iiii' ii'A  "vvi.l A'i.-,  'V Kilt/.'  '.'V'Viii;.; foe  a way. you;--  it.'1 :    ?.���������?;.  :..:ovv  her.  leii't',,  13inr  i/'.biit.,  ly-ihc:  :o:'y!;(.-ar], !,���������������' eyes. '4For  '.'forgot:all but the? rev*er-;  lii'idcyU-e. .burning ?'pas-1  iilcd'i:*(p���������a?passion such?  / A '-'?���������'."..*f ::<-' Av."���������' in yi i: r0.y  ?'������te a,.d ultlmntVw^dTtaT?.  "W with a view to inducing the g ,e .  ''Has to pass us, thus affording afo,  per unity   to  return  aild  ^ ^Z  w.th our friends. ApproachCa cHm^  e (-iiiio to Helen a r< ���������  ���������mr r iA o-;,- da,iurer.  " -'   A'uu:.: '.Ml depends en put-  ���������������������������'(' hv nwcii .von jinil ii,c,sC w]l0  ' yn: l'     ,:iri,i,(-ui they get their  '!)  .Villi ll!,';!,!)!"  b-ave you?   Xot iy  "i.v ������������������'"<!:   Aie you-going io a/-j  ,v iia.-ilnV"  1 mi' killed .fayto\ nnd released  n 1 iline, jjo you hiipp0^ thev  11--ok ihatV"  '���������'��������� 0-'inlie at my ojiposition.  ^ou unriaie!   To throw  fe when I have twice saved  order to elude our pursuer-  "Your bouuet!" I cried to Helen  She tossed it to me.  "-Vow ride straight for that thicket"  Spurring my ,,orao (o the utmos  made a circuit, dropping the bonnet  and a trifle farther o��������� my hat.   Hek"  entered   the  wood,   and  I,  wheeling"  Joined her. Jerking 0tf my coat I  wrapped it about my horse's ears and  Z2i0ACVmt ,,iS ueleht������8 to those  ���������ilPleaching, and Helen, divining my  i������ ention   did   the  same  to hcr\Z  U'licnyou 'live-1  money in jt-vvciri-  ? y(iiir ' vv'i-c.    : Vou  li,.-t\-i;   y.Oiir  p-n'fu  . .vou;.. b  here, uml .get- the j ri.sthoiihd  'i'siiks i.lirovvii iii,'.-. '; :~~.?.���������':V������������������~  ��������� Hub our'yioiik of;!...:,'   '7  'J..-i.!icS.Hr;il.;-hc.-i ,*C yyOVltJlh  i-'liitiii     'Jlroocli-.'.-. ' '  ��������� Clocks,?-''-.Miiiiiiiii re  Si:!.;. Cut Cii.-i.---. .>.:  /-'iinc.v Stt-'rliiig Sil-  vt-i-iVareat ,7.1 I.  mi li.   Wed.  S.r'-U r,y ilEVELSTOK-r  Dai1^   -    .  *���������  ������}* .icttc-lij    _^'--jvjivij   . a,uj   j.n  outJiho'und.  ^'(--.-tlmm-d.. .  -S:JO.;  ���������    J::;.-i  -Von. \V~A].  and .Sal.  17:li  21:00  Anil fuitlier t.ikc   .....  ......; nonce itiiit action, und'  Section 37, rauRt be commeiicwl before Hie iss  anec of such Cyrtillciite of Xinprorciiientf.  Dated tlii.1 thirtieth day of June, A. J). 1902.  F. .MoCAHTV.Z |  VEllTIFlVATE OK LAU'llOVKAlKN'TS.  XO'J'iCK.    -  "Le\iiiffloii, iiml I/one S(.-ir," "Hiiiinor, nnd  Iolti" iiiiiicr.-il cl.iiiiiN sitii.'Ue in lliu l/ii-demi  JMiniiif,' Jlivinion of We-t ���������" *  trict,    ,,r'  J. Guy Barber<sJ������msT CAR service.  Seeds, Trees,  Plants, Bulbs. .  -*r. I'm-i  Toifo.vro  ]-io- rn.\  or^iii^^'^-iSa,^  '������e     liollci-   lli-.1    1     \\'i||'|.,���������,   ...   ..  ������v in,.im j.��������� Ouvei-euv,  iver  --���������'���������y-'tAAV.il.l-.jr.p I'iigut .li'civ. riei-e, ini (youi-  fooiyn liiy/'liaiiil,   Onto in the..,s;idd!e.  At'dawn i, yciii?'VA:r rule i^yayv/vyliileyl can go as  l-iiVt.'i-!i?i'oni nsAvotii" ���������'������������������ '3'        '... v.- ��������� i;i-  ': '��������������������������� I  e.'ieh other's eyes. In that moment of  supreme suspense It,was ns it but one  being waited for the result  An exclamation���������they have seeu the  bouuet! A shout���������tliey have come upon  the hat!   They clatter on.    Wait.   A  im liiu |iur|io-o of obliiininK Cioirn n''iiul.-. of I  Uie iilmvc c'liiiiiis.  And further: In (��������� not ice dial action, under I  -���������eclipii  ,'tr,   1HII-.I   lie  commenced   before  Hie  iswiiiince of such CurtiHc-itu-- of Iniiinn-enieiil'..  D.it.'d this I5H, day of April. I'M.  WM. K. J)KVKHKVX, 1\ i,. S.  man In the rear is coming.   He, too,  pnsses.chis horse's hoof beats dying In  thedistauce.  i   ue v .,c -oends of hoi-c-s'  hoofs       leaving the thicket, we made straight  iM.ii.mir leiMnelv from the south, and    for the_ camp and m a few minutes  in anorlicr mom-tit a mouuted niau in    dasIl0(1 1U "P������D 0l,r companion..  NOTICE.  f;iM*:i-:.viior<K i-j..\.vts,  inr Sjiring I'l.intiiiir.  Clean  (.-eriiliCiite   fioii!    in-  specuir. r  CUT J-'I.OWKR.-*.  .\(ii;icri:rri;.\L  J.M^'LK.MK.V'r.-..  I5KI-: Sl'IM'LIKSj  rui;rr jj.\sk'i'-;ts,  fi-:ktij.I/CKJ{s.  Ciitiilo'.-iie V  M. J. HENRY,  - ])aih\  Tuc-iJay.-. it Sii'{urda\*������.  - * - Tliurf-'day.-;.  ; MfixTiii.'Ai. ('via Jnj[,eriiil Liuiited)  ,  ."-'tinday.*-, "-Wdncsday,-; A: Fridays.  '-Miwj.mi'i^;.-arid itcturu   -   -f.32.00  C'ni(-.\(r(i and Keturii     -    -   ���������f'72.(X")  Ticket.-  on  .<-aJc  June 29,  July  loud tn return until .Sep!. I.-t.  2���������I:  !      I;;;:-/''1' ;"'"nati(,n n���������d pnrtieulars  -ijijuv ti. neare.-t agent.  K-J.COVLI*;,  A.f!.l'..\..      -  v.yxcorvKjj.  T. W. JlIIADSllAW;  Agent.  Ii'KVKI.STUK'K.  -   3009  \Vestn,in.ster  lUu\  !:in<  ?'i'he'i,-.e:,'\vcri!"  ;ff  ���������-T-:  :#  ry-P:  ��������� ...���������.���������.���������������������������;;s.ti|pi"j.!iig/'il.olvyii...:I'.|j  - :?...vv;!iS''?lA;:ii!iigyiVi'.  ''/::'/l':ir^7?;lViV?H/UV'.A  V'V'fouhd fVA|1)'?:!;)./i.1y  .AA/A(������!i!;(;k?oi--''  .:Av.?!lAwn:4.  ^  ;".?7y li:!ly?;i  nJi-hy?  PiPyAA'AiAp  ApA\AAyyp  p  :'t;Ue7!-e4iAf i'-V  VAJaiop!cVd:;iilAt  ?7;,?hyV;!?/gi:;.!??;;i;  AVpliici-A ;i- yvi'l-d-  ' '.-called pAPiPp  '���������.-'1--tue'ki!fl-7ljei!.r  -. 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'���������?'���������".- p  MlopeyAApppPipipi:.  ?A, jyns; t hb' (ia vi-if of a bea u tlrrili-sWilm  ''^''M'^/ll^lH-rfume-oryoiin^^er:  mwmm  r?i.V;>A-^#?!?  ipyp/ppAAP"  IA  iiPXAA-^XM'C^Am  t/;?v-'������;y . -y - :-A_,. ^Prtf) ay;-c  rypyppypAiAAli.  :g;orci-iisliing:ihrtfiiglr:  ilnre, llie7:tvviUe,AoA?bi,-dS,.?i,,,::0ee,1.  AmnlpcockPc^ \yuAMAnc6yPAA  ..'"/tW  AA;mmmAAoyAnAkAAiA  a.contrasting..giooniyror::it^eenieii?cer,:  toinytliat'thisl-ah-ysceiio  IV illl;  liis'liil liil        ......   'Ahls hc<lAhAi>oi<-M  Confederate Uniform  hind;,!  a,.,-,, ...      ... ...   ���������-..   , ���������..--..-   - .wiis?,!lib ;li,i-i;;-!'li  0XA^pm^cA^^iAa\AuPuAyi  eiii.ergi  CIIArTEB XIX.     .  BUC'K'Si IXDISCKETIO>".  .APTAIN BEAUMONT Iind arrived but a few minutes before  us and when wc appeared was  attempting to reassure Jack,  i'i ho had completely collapsed at finding that both Helen and I had disappeared.   He went to Helen and politely  offered to assist her to alight.  "We must move out of tin's at once,"  I said. "AH depends upon our getting  down the mountain .and into soine  town, whore these villains ' will not  dare follow us. All stay here while I  reeonnoiter."  I had not dismounted, and spurred  my horse a few hundred yards westward, where I paused on the verge ot  tho plateau.   The sun jvas rising at my  back nnd -was pouring a flood of light  on the lowlands a thousand feet below.  I swept my eye over the rolling fields  and woodland dotted wiih towns, villages, hamlets and many a fair plantation, with its manor house surrounded  by "the huts of the field hands.   Far ln  tlin    yl',r.l~'.~ -- q   Jjj  <":l(l.    Villieoliwi-  lM'mri: i.Aiioi; Oxi.y.  Ill il   post  evils Giir-  .��������� ... ,..u Liiii.'vvwi-,' uii'cclion: not-Ill  Id cliiiin*.. lliencc oa-t llif, chain--, tlience south  10 cliiiin-., tlience vve.-vt 1(W chain-, to initial post,  marked "M. Dickey's timber limit.':  Dated .Mav 20tli, 1902.  Jf. WCKKV.  =UNION  CIGAR=  FACTORY.  ; OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  .'     '- Royal Mail Lines.  :'     Cheapest Route to the Old Country.  j ALLAN UXE-Krom.Voiiire.il.  j P.-lri-i.-in .    ".      -  i 'J'uiiii-iiiii'     -   ,  -  Coi-iiilliiiin  j I'rclori.'tii      -  {'.Joiiiiin  DO.MI.VIO.V LINK-1-*  .Doiiiinion       -  Kootenay Lodg-e  No.i5a.p.&a:m.  *    Tliei-eguIm-niceUiife's  nre held in Ui0 jrns.  onic Temple, lioiinie  Hall, on tlio third  .Monday in each  nipntli at 8 p. in.  visiting brethren  cordially vvolcomed.  It. GOUDO.V   Skckktauy. '  BR A N DS^-���������"nsSffi^fc,.  "Our Special"'& "The Union.  H. A. BROWN PROP.  REVELSTOKE,     -     -    b. 0  , C'.ilifi.irinnii  J .Colonial]  Kroin 1'on land.  -II.i.v ,-ir.l  *     * ���������" imli  '      " " I7lli    i'i Hi;  *      *      ���������    " :il-i  rom Jloiiiu-.-il.  Mi'.v i;tli  J'i-oiii  Ho-ion.  "    -.Mill  ' -AIeii(in  ��������� Sow KiiKland  lonvvi-nlt  n  .. K-^'*:R LIXE-Kroin .Moma-ai.  I'Ciiiniiionwc'ilti]  , .Merioii  \|)i-il ������nh  -Mnynii  '���������  .'Kr  "   iMli  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. P., No 25.  negiilnr meetiiiKs in-e held  ^ n Oddfellows' Hull every  a. Tlim-hdiiy nifc-lit at, eight  ';&&Ojip^&$ ������'c]0,?k;, 'Visiting brotiior^  ^* .,:y~^JP.:, cordially vvelconied. .  n. S. WILSOX, N.G.   J. A. STOXK, 1{. & K.S  1 Lake Mmcoe  , pike M.-uiitc-li.i  ���������    Uike -iupeiior  ; f-a,kt! C'lianipJaiii  "    irio  4?!.  Jas. I. Woodrow,^  ������ BUTCHER.  Retail Dealer In^^s^  Mi-y Kt  "��������� Sill  ���������', 15U,  " ���������-'���������.'nd  Sllli  T.  W. BRADSELAW,  Agent.  Revelstoke.  Fish  od from be-   JJ-e distance was a snakelike line  :i;fiiv*i;edV:ai;  7t;t:f- yllillfr.  VeectfpipdV  ffiriifrpcK;;:.  ?>U)il?vras'';  r artistir.  shot!  Viand Volytiie-Gi  ciiiory'ihat?;!  siiOUhl,-oyci-.lpbk--Vo-ii^iy ec,niiii,Witin-i  WpAAA^APAAiiAvppsiAnAi  1  !lyl0^Sy,peri6(l?'6l-?'iini'i?st-  eAi.mute fni-eu-ell?:io:eac!iA,^?!'-  Pfis^,l.V^reathing?a?-|jiessih-.0,,V,,iu;i?-  wliosc?;,irins,j\-ei-e:eliispe(]?nT)o;n'f  .liSyMiinsyfiieeMtnilAnA;,,^.  .indu'eei  I.Aba'd  !SS.0(  EJiielc.  lisysistor?  ���������::zp:a. "��������� - * s-^j^s *."���������������b������.  '���������Look- si,���������]   ut.u.n   ,..,.. ���������..���������  ..'   ,    Is.1},'fpl,le c���������wls-(i,e cavalry that  ���������AP ' ������^AA^\Z:^ZP���������������Lt,ti  -C-'tpiaiu Heaumoiit; as I live'  -"���������^y lorn moiiH-nt doubling ihnth  ������n-   ollowcl l,.v his troopr-rs   -,  'in.My pieferring to fall  SELKIRK LODGE. NO. 12, I. O. 0. P  Srra I REVELSTOKE, B. C   ,c  Hall    at    8    o'clock. '      J.'     '  ) Visiting brctliron cor-   ������������������ ���������  'dially  invited  to at-  tend.  J. MATIIIE. Sue.  BEEF,   PORZ/rpT-M-TT"    ^T^   MUTTON, Hta:???S?;   ^ABLE  nd Game in Season      ! " ''   er '"' 'V   " L">^"-"  and Uame in Season  All order*.- promptly tilled.  Coriier    Doiigiaii  iidKiiig.sti-ect.s.  Kiiiining beiwcen  Lamli * -  liUll.  ���������It  Tlionis.)!!'.  A, SAXTON, X. G.  Jbe main fo^-i"^^^  , ���������lc      !-   1? ihere was "o I-ope for ua  tnM���������  ; e-T?ir7A?Tiieiv?jilliastrmy  ,. vva(eivTra-i?i-!hi-;^i:v;u:r  lily- 'ootTa-yVvri'f-A.:''!  ' sreetw! (uiriiiwii-n^???  ?.yl."it-all 'Vi'-roVoo fii'i:  4n?'coo!v(Hl. Ai'i'iipyr??.-'^':1  ..cprn.ponc;���������'I.''.l.i.-'til h::eii7  '���������������������������'voiii-ed.'i* ���������     ..A.x.  3 ���������petit,'e?!lo'ii,i.!.'iAi]oi:������  ���������'���������inlp;yt!ie:7Pf?:lh:t���������t;  after, aii'biher, v--j'::  : -jrot' ready,-.jviid? .bu-  .'.{.'.Tiii'e-.'.in-at (be, eV  -at?-a''-(li'H:U-r.. 47 3. ;?  -? .'As-spoir.- :.is7'we  "per :'V\-e4;pi)t4y>i;i;;  Vwiiere, ViiVAfAJy.i'V  . with?,di-y ?!i:;!vcs4  ;tw'o, .���������jrirls.-iaiVil.'' H  biyOii:ic;vvii('!-ei-.?i:  V  'isuniyrprpooplo-tovsi-ovv'tins. line vvluMi'  slceiini^-y:! tiKiiilieili:,!,! tliatVin  y.pi-ds-  r..iii('n:iee?Vo  ones who?.'hii'd .suffered, so  f'Slooiiiii^yrthanlietrriocl  enee \voi"ld:.|)o?lo!m-dr li-  ili&Q?ileal'   '""''   '������������������������������������'������������������"  ���������in'ucii; for.  ������������������'.���������Jitycp'x: inai-chcd meout'of -Vliii't-air---  towY^tlipyroadVa^s it ?!,,,,! into'a  wooden the.oiherside;.Where'liisho^o  ,S������!?.'.?,-n :trra;;   He; vviis7eoie  4>^nty,.Iool-i.,iffynl)o,,t?nn(i   listoniiVA  ...and -I-inferred this   '     "'  ~      , . 0n either hand wan a  in ���������thi-iii-inip of  4?.??Vot!r?iiu.,!--:n-i,eiT  Helen. '..PPp.yyPp  pyPAx"'  '1'lieii7?dis  ..    ��������� .        ,������'--is for Others'"of  ���������^o-CTiig; vyho .hiiddouhtless sepai'iiti-,1  nr order to coyer. niore.groundyiiVihei,.  scroll ror,,is.y;Ki,,;,ii^t!,o brute'stooi''  still.aiul.poiiKiny.|iis -     '  youfo'",���������  ..���������.. , ..,    . ?a-0l*tit. ---liinaiii,"   i   said0  ,":,^'^l^1A3^l.erea,^g,1eh.;,^S  y:4'"My (.!i-iir?man"  Vliigl'leisiiri.-jy,.  hi-y.4.?By ?'tl..,V-.;i)y,  ?Jin'Ui)pii:j|,,;(.Tea (,,,.,,"��������� -..,..,  ;3()!^i-a|i!;iiii,V7ei.ied?r]?,lc)i  Ul, oiiiylives-areairsiaue'"''   ��������� "  ���������J ".V','*?' t-.-i.ii'.I. do. roAyo*;?".' risi^j *���������.���������  c!l)tair,.a.|;1sri,,,1),,,SS(,(]Vvidyl0dthe  'c|!ei.l-.'!ppe'?i!-iiiice.'.  ,rnen-,;i;  i'.der.-.  lie ,siiid,, dismoun*:-  *o .nre nhvays'"in a Iiu'r-'  wliere'is?ilmt fasei-  "a- life������������������  Iv'ed'tlie  our.es-  ��������� w spurs we might  be seen; by the creek wo would be concealed under the trees. I decided in,  favor of the latter. Returning to camp,,  I informed the parly of ray decirion.  Gold Range Lodg-e  K.O.P.' No 26  Revelstoke, B. C.  Do You Love Beautiful Pictures'?   \rrovvhead.    l nonis'-ii  niliiig ami Coinapliv, coiinnc-ncing Oct. 11,li  I. ivill .-.ill asfollovv-.- (vvciitlicr peniiiiling,:  <.-ave  Airovvlieall   /or -Tlioin-on's  I-nixl'i';*  [ and Comaplix mice daily at. 101.*. and lok.  ZZPH      Leave Coin-tnli'v anrl riioiii-on'f. L-inding for  . Arrowhead iwire dailv iiL r.lnlc. and ]*>,|.ik'.  3IeeU oven*    Wed-  m'^lay  in Oddfellows  JTal!at,8o"(;locl*.  .Vis-iting Kiiighu ',������������������.  vited.  S. MuDo.v.iui, c. C.  XV. Wixsoh, K. ok It.  .VN!)S.  Then pubpcrihe U> the KOOTK-  V\A V'MAIL iind gel the ten pictures  which we offer ;is n jiretuiurn. together with the Weekly Free Pres*-  for a year on receipt of ���������f*2.7-ri.  dress  Jlakiiig cir.-u connection^   wiih  illl C. l'.,li.  train- and boat--.  Tl.e ovvners re-erve the vigbl to change limc=-  of irailing.- wiiboui notice. ,,    i  THK KitKI) liOlilXSO.V LU.MHKli CO. LTD.  K.'HOHIXSOX,"  Managing Director,  (,'������-."Hi,:poiniing.his revolver straight'." Ally iliisAi,,,,,-.,!,,  : ' -'A;  7 - *?  fine  hred.two shots?!,!, rapid :s,,e^^ up.^  !0,vy(hc> bullets?singing close?td; iiiv    n-M-VJv lAUiA^AA'      :!:i0A''nUliy  nie J5i,o-*.,iiuM*cli.*iiits,Hc*\elsi<iL-p  '���������oport foi week ending 3r.,v29tt  a m us-'  r.'i!Si'(l---.-Uiin. '-fi-i't -;.cf Vlils  ihatyhe' wns7dcad. ;ai)d  ....   in i:i;^   ;:��������� 4 ? 7 3.4'y -' . '��������� y .  ,. ': -  .���������;',''!..l',is.-47-!,>,,.Veo.v,V" l,u; whisperedV'to- the;,  eapt'iiiiiiv 7"."He3:3kid:!ap('ilylne todny.3'a  sei*qi:!tl iii:n'7 yTliis; lir;i;viv?j!;jrl ,followed;  iU!iVs|iqV liiuiy;, l-,i: a Vi'iv nihiiiles' lhey;  iviil S(.(i!ir:ilie,,vvqe'(l, , ,\\'i' have ..lint? ow'  !i'fii:si;.y; ii.. u* ill uev-.e,"'; .Ciirry? us' lio.th;  firing occasional; sliots7b'vi,V,'V������ll,-1A^^^^^^  ' - "I '.ri'lliiuuisli my liiirsc vviih pleasure.,  or,<--)-s(-y?.:May ?! iiss'ist,"���������'; ''"P    P. - 'y-''<  H-.'h'ii'H jA(;i' iv:is iniii'y hamLnnd'sln:  in' I lie ^.-'nlii'li' in.-fbii'. hi; eiyild -liiiish..  irautMipnn the oilier ho,'.-  ���������-A\*qt:lti' yon oti'i.cre.. me?  call' ?'!. ii!-!.i'l"  us 'as  "iiy 'ii!|:<:irmii.!���������   i..-.-.- wue,re; j.'cii.i.i ?lind  liiiiVliij'ji- liciiiiiy'V  "OVJ'I". "Ilii'l"!'.    iir   .���������',  did or,not.':'-ir,e:wishe(l;to.serve a dou-yj lieaiit   'k-ew  hie pui-poso;i>f signaling the.:band?au(i .Vdroppeii liin,  intimidatinsyiio.. Two ���������similar  shots  3-yero hrod far������to?the" north,A,iid" i-A������  ?uiy captof started off ,?v\*ith nie in tii;u  direction; - 7.  .-.; "-��������� --41- "y '���������)���������.].-,.. r-P-'  :?������������������ yl^i'lorihg flrcv.ro.-ici; ?wo;pi-bceedpd;: Jhyi  cox, some ten.yards behind'liie  i������g.;;liini'se.lf hy  Jit Ane, "evidotilly   trying   io   see -liow  iio.-i.i- liecoiild conic to;me without hit-  Mng-nio.. One of hisbullels graml my.  .onr.--.Hiul_.-i  felt-blood trickling on  ni--  . ^���������Il;l^?������9(* ovidence. tlint,li'b.''hnd iniss' j'-'l'lien i?si  -Vd'liisimag,na.,'y;n,ark on the-wrong    ;  "''l^V!-I-;y'n^l,oul,lloss-,il'i������S-fO'-:l'^-  ^nh eUn,rpose-of lolling, his ?coiiipaii-?  onskno,w,ol his.whereabouts andof  ���������!.������i-t������i:iiig nicMlis si-nnls and'    "  'iny'ot her    ,-! iid? nearer  Ki.ouj  Hungaiiai^ per has; {18 ]h  Cilt.MX.  Whe.il, per ton  ....  Oat-,, per ton..  Km-.    j"-'.v,per (on, timothy  MERCHANTS,  We can supply you with a first class  loose   ledger  system   which  is  better  than  those you send   rast for and is  onlj-ii third  of the price.   Patronize  home industry and i-end us yoiir-.oid-.-i-5  fur   loose leaf ledgeis ������������������md  ivqnis-iles  therefor.  Samples and prices on application.  THK KOOTENAY MAIL,  Revelstoke  To Trappers  Ci-iRaw Furs Bought,  =��������� ���������   ' ; Cash Prices Paid  KOOTENAVMAIL,  REVELSTOKE. Y.      B.   'WELLS  HALCYON HOT SPRINGS i Exporter of F0urs.     ,  SANITARIUM���������^ .j .0,omrTVAxr i   J. 0 SULLIVAN, F. C. S. &c.  PROVINCIAL ASSAYER,  By Examination.  Established 3S07. '  VANCOUVER B. C.  con eet)  .. .$2.73.  - $.'52 00.  .$32 00.  Mails.      - ~.       i uiL'^nlJlIUC   com  liiuiiicatioii vvi Hi ail "parts of tlie'.workl.  ..two mails arrive aiid: depart every, (lay.  ;I1s baths cure all nc-r.vcius-aii'd riHisciilar  discuses;-..its' vvntoi-.s 'licnl. all Kidney,  JjivuraiarStdiiiiioli ailiii(?ii(S?iiiid?eliiii  iiiate all niutalic .piji.so'ns-froiri ll  . t(im?   lis v.-iiloi-s t-aiinbt be  for tlieii-lioaliii(,',virtiie..s.  .,. -\---ajc-r  foi  M I.N ft.. ftvVil||vC.,,.  ie s,v>-  ���������iiri*nssc-l-  ���������-''���������   yeni-   with   VIVIAN-  v������t  .v,",iv^ and corr. jilelc iiiiiily-  Special   Winter Terms :  Per Week."  S12   to   S15   1^0 Kicluirds   ...^ .iiiu corr. inetc aiiiily-  -i-niinlc-of all kiiuI-5  of ore-.-,   clay-, c-o.il- niul  KuiiMci* product---.    l"iii">iro   work a-pcciiinj .  C'li.li-i;^.-   Jloder.ilc.  Mreet. P.O.  JJo.Y Jl;j  .*22.50.  ���������^/i.OO.  .������������������f'22.50.  I|-S(..  Plain  llu- i  .Wc.hurric.d  iiu*:iv  mi.'.-'vvlie,re; J. <-iij"������  no.se- ol  Rii^niies. were drnu-ing; nearer ! ?Ki,ons'-. i,.,,.- .,' j.;;";,;"., .^'''^^ v,,''( VV(,('M.  to?ethor.''.".l;.tild not douinV join-Iheni'li'i  ���������ut Hie guerrillas would prevent lihv  I nrilioropportii'niiy.for escape bvm.ir*  terin-j me ai ouee, tliou-i,: they'  <jeliiy Ion;-- (-noi:-l, (b lorc-c'    ' *  lorV'i   "insoniywhich?,would-: u������vc-iio I-pr.-ss a sum,  O-lect   III   Siivimr. nn. 4 i   i���������...   ..���������'., ' I ������������������������������������ ii,';/-?  ll!0,l,.4VV.(.-||  ..   / lauii'ol typiP ���������'������������������'��������� 1.1  .-posed to wi-jV-li..; Le.-.i,\  j;'i-t to bed, I���������'took a 6i;'hl  .?������i'W'ii'.(l..ih'e ro.'id.. ������������������'.''-  -' 'J'hore.  vvii's. a . li.ch'f  .and, (iirnlii;:  / liiiril hcrp.i  I'he-oih'er's to  "'j.' ond walked  'i.  ,���������.!������������������.   ."Go  to'ck'," ' 1   !���������:������;���������!?.  rest.    Von need n.'i \:;i  _. A'-.'"i wish to take  "   ,A'Yoi! .shall do.u  :  "I'lin.!  slrd;;,-.;.. ;  v! ved ..hie."  ,;. ; "neli'n?" I SaA;  " liine (.'ikin.L'''-l!i'.i-Al:  -.���������iiuiiid. ?'A's iippvui  duly lo.'iili'ey." ' '  . l.'Icd, her hiick-A  .pilSSed   h.ii.nil'. iii '1.  ii'.'iv'os and  (������������������'���������.'ickii  ������������������Vvjis filled- evi'ii in .  ��������� I'reine h.-rpnliies.^, yy,  red' hy tlii'-'frulf l.n'i  to. IclVher !??,(   1  invn-ei-y, her si,, ,'n;.--i  devolion,  f<!i' hi���������!'.���������������������������?.,;  witluail eoiifes'siii  .'P.-J-'eliind ' ine,  i A'*):?! in Jr.. ', .'  '���������"���������A^r-inko your  \:;i.:i.!-i;'),-,'t.-' ���������.'���������  -'VvV.our .'va(c-l)."V  ���������;���������."'(��������� ii iJ.iiiAV'y'.  iie s-u'i'iiiei-  nii.irht  mo, (o'."si,i.'i)  Which ?would-, ii.-ivc no  I   -liclhcr .Iiiyeoxhit  me or u-liether .|-  Wis spared for a inore. horrilile; death  ������������������������������������������,;":; ������"."������������������������ 'Vnn^i was fiiw ^ >;.������.:  ������,'Hi Hie iiieviialih'...- .;.������������������'  ,.-1 was; irli.,-|friijB oll nieehanicnllv, mv  e eslien,^,, .!,e>,-ol,p-l,,,,Mycox'c)osV;  .������������������iie.limd sWe.iiring.iiiKl   enicicil  'OlTered,,  '''������ now.'\v!ili "IjIr bmicl on  'I'oroiF-i.llv. niul.iiot-  "d'ler at- rciiienili'er-  In.'r-.-niiiot re-  *������.l unity,,  fiire-hiiVl  h������t.. I hen   l.;jd  ow.,  ife.  hiiiitin^; for  moui).  4 1 ea i, see  his ItCilitV liovviijA  _''hl^iiiiidlii-*,'Vrsl  iiiL!yllu- 'd.-in^er vve \\-VV(  ". 'Jn- comical siiuattyi, I  'lyW,!-'!) ii Ci'vV days I,,./-,     '������������������'  i:-!i-  (.IM ���������|i)  h,  ������������������'  |'.;������d. mo; inon,.y nudviiovv  l.-!S   lif'.'-se   to s;,vo  IJIV  Mv'ii*.-'. ::l;.mt���������' to  .st.-irt   0rf  ^.���������I'li-.i-liiie.-Vln   the   Cuniherland  t.-iiii*.. ,������������������..-".  ���������  Shorts  JJran  Sitgar.  Sus-.ir, ]ier siclc, 100 11>*> JJC���������5.0C>.  \'i;ni;r.ii:i.i:s.  Ceet.s. per  11-   Potatoes, per 100 lbs   Onions, per 100   His   Ciihiiiigo, peril)   Carrot*-, per 100 11 is.   ...  Turnip-,, per 100 Ihs   F.u-m i'l-onuci-:.  Jvggs, per do/.,  new In id..  C-i.-vC ej-AS '.   JJntier (Creamery),  per 11  Ihitter (Dairy) per Ih    . .  Cheese, per 11 > v....  Lard, per Ih   Mkats.  Jieef, jier II,   ?Mi'illon, per lli   Veil, jier I  Lanih, jier  Pork, jier   3.  - - .fil.50.  ..*t.o.o.   -3.  ��������� --  2.00.  ������������������-.2.00.  ��������� -   ..30.  ..   -.2;").   '30   25.  .... 20.   IS  Malls Close at Revelstoke at 7 a.m. as  -follows,    excepting   that Sunday  Mails Close at 10 p.m. on Saturday  ������������������'Grociivvoori.? Or.in.l 'Forks  eveept tj.it n i'1-iy.  JCa-vlo, Xevv Denver, Silverton. Sandon  can, Hob-ion���������Daily e\*cepl, Sunday.       ��������� .  Holland,    .Vel-on,    II.il  N'nkH-.p���������Daily.  Deer   Park,' Itm-loii.    Thnins-nn's    IjiikIi'iik.  Trout   Uiko,    KerKilsnn,     Coiii.iplix���������Moiidii  Wcdiie-idfiy and l-'ridiiy.  Eastern Malls Close at 7 a.m.  Western Malls Close at 16:40.  (  :   A. McRAE, Postinas-ten  Coliinibi.i.-Dailj  Slo-  Ari-ovvliend  Tfie Revelstoke Navigation Co. Ltf.  TIME TABLE  (l)uiinj: seiif-on of hif;li wiiter.)  |Cooks Cotton Root Compound  , - A^JS^lA^&!^i^  Imitations are daK&SS i $!������?%'' -V"/ an<1  bor; Ko. 2,10 depree ���������tmn^i0..' *������-J��������� nP"  1 or 2, ma-Jed on Fccli Du"/;,r'" P.er box- ������.  stamps. Tlie Cook &,?,',������?" ������!.*' L*0S'ccn-  B&~-Vos. l and -> ������ld ������?,Jpnnr Windsor. Om.  responsible Dnruge^|fld ?^raea0dn^leuded ^ ������U  euro-;.  ���������^^iH-^uav  i-l-  ins. re-.  I, the same  iii  hi ,eom-  ���������'���������.'(.ller'-'ii' is your ���������  'Iniii, j,er ||>   -lincon, per Ih  Fnu its.  Or.mjrc-,, ja-rdoz.  -eiiioiih,  jicrdo/. .  -Apples, per ho.v .  I'e.trs, per ho\   ..8 to Ji5.   If).  m (olf).  . I-r> In 20.   In.   IS.   18  I.enve Kif-hl-Mile 1.,-iinliiijf each  TL'J-;.SI).\V AXI) KKID.W nl li n.n  Leave La  I'orle each  TUIOHDAV   AXJJ   FKIDAV ill 2  p.m.  -Mi:I II   .MAIlKKT.  . . 40.  -. .40.  .2.50.  .2.50.  SI'ICCIALTl.ir.S   ������ WI he   made I  twoei- (hites of re-^tiliirsailing whenever  'nisines-s ofl'eied iv-arrant.s same.  Cop,,er Xevv  Vo,k, ]Mkl. I2,   ,.,  IV   If      ���������)   l���������       01       I I . _      l'_    ,lL  The Coiniiiiny reserve tin  ehanjjo time iind days ofsai  out notiee.  THE CITy EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  J-iompL delivery of p���������,-er-k h;u���������,;l���������0  etc., to iiny p,-irt of tl1(! City. '     =������ ~ ' ���������  . Any Kind of Transferring  ,   Undertaken.  All  ordeivs  PATENTS 7,:;^  oUai,K-dii, nil cf.iiniii,.-..  K0W.LAND. BRITTAIN  Registered Patent  Attorney      '  -?;i. ^=,c:���������:;;-'?c  VANCOUVER,   B.   C,  -\  po-ic-ird  will M.u  Hic-ii!,forllio-c  Ptfon.   AfierP  v.i���������,      "' '"' <'w'aiii(,'.-i]iiii,im.  Wood's Phosphodffltf,  'eft   ;il I!. .M. .Siiivihi-  riifht fo   Tobacco Store, or by Telo|>huiic. So.  ing with-   will'receive prompt iiiumi  ,% f���������r������f English ifarudv.  dri*K(riBtj in Canada. Ontv-rc/l-  able oicdfolno dlscovtrecl? Vsi  tirmaotsZ^J w   9f* W""1 to cure  all  ������_rm3 or bcsual WoatneM, all efTects of abuse  uon.  -'vlic 12lo 12-0 London Sof'lVw  i,pv;,i'>rBk.'*t-"5 ������o $1.10;  hiiii,-  '���������<-..('.-H!!p; M\ .ivo  {. '.Ply i'he deud  iivi;-i( my heart-  'l'-'.":,l.; will, a si,,A  I h;!.|'i)iiM';-:.i.'iiiai'-  i'ii .in; ' |   |.,-,,...;,,,)  h'VVii  ii'i'-.i--rni'. her  ill 'A vl.;:ii-;ici(-r,'l.i,vr 'j  P   hpyi "(.,-.1,hi -iintVl  ni.V.S!'H-ii'n eiieniy to  ..-'!  shiver-p-iss'ed' over  ...    ,     ''.������ ovt-s vvcm'o sot i���������,(]e;itl,V  iIn':00MHn-Mi..i.sn<v--,.IcklM).inm]i-  n,e mad^,0,-tdislanee hack wiih  AAA      '."'-'"V-'iniKls:   There   was.  "'" 'A'"   ,l">   ^prcssionof   her  .- ���������     holding ���������* she did the WeapnnVa  ���������M*  sowlcr. c-tirlin- rronv HsimmzA  '.-;;1'hr(H,^ht.vivi(|lyhei-ore,���������en,ye���������e3;  w-ii.   ,,-i smol-lns  ���������is.ol-.n���������-.-������������������,.,;  '"���������hi oi  i|,e. m.'i-ssiK-re  ;j'<'���������������'  from aroiind   the ������������������������������������ ,0  ���������,,;,.  '        ?'"  '>������<'���������������-'"tv.. rest  or  ,heM,a���������,l  ^o.uhl   .':o(i,i   |H,  tlllM'Slll'; I  |-..'i.hi'l.:ii6l.*ter. I  tired  hiii',,1  '.���������.������������������et*'r- 1;''''Hiu^, her balance as'if   '   *'"  lV."p "ri!'-"    ' nv.cl.ci ouMnv   ���������  ondon,   ������J1 7s. 8d. to ������1J ir���������  -Silver���������Xcw    Vork, 52-'|.  A. KOJi.SI.AXJ).  -Master.  It- XV. TROUP,  J'tirsor.  , out  11] v  oiippnvc.riio hers to Dress  a lovers i0o!;, itiicnsiijed |IV  ver. ^'Otb^wei.ri'us;'lt u-aS?0���������Ivfoi.  "'"������>r.. .-.������.  .rdtl^ll?    Wivc'-dlp  and  piir dun.  THE STRAND HOTEL,  liAvmcs  .Sti:i:,.t,     -     y  *.N'couvi;n.  A sl-nal sli.it  the  .rest  of  ,!.l'������"   "s?   Quilk   as  ���������spruujj.'Juto the i--rul.i!e left'  11:1   "^'"A   ���������-,-��������� ..-oiiK,,.   vvas  -rroniKl. .st, iiuinernus ('i,e olislen,.--  U>.-.t we wen; ol>li^-rto.IU,ep 0{y^ I, ;!/ur^f") ������<"] Americiu, PJud. jjew  oonsMiniy ,,^, nll(1   ,   ���������     . ^ ^     MJ    j r������rn.?J.ed   and  renovuted ��������� tl,rb������������ -  ������-\e.i!i.s.;i.,0i���������P,,-,s. ,Uy:o. mv -n,."..",'���������'.nt: . ' '/st-clnss restuunint in Coi.ik-c-  APAiyisAAAPliZ. AP!-".*"���������..������������'������  iiMiffll  Standard remedy for Gloat,  Gonorrhcsa and Runnings luirw/1  IN 48 HOURS.   Cures Kid- IMIDT J  ncy and Bladder Troubles.  C. Outhett A.RX.Sc  Analytical Chemist, Provincial Assa  ..   . -u^u.cu> ireo io any address.  Tito Wood Company, Windsor, On*.  Wood-- Pim-I'iiom.v,. i- ^nlil in ItcveNlokc  li( r.ni.id.i linii.-   A: Douk Co.. (J. I-'. Cnrii-. mid  -A'. How.-, .ind oy Frank T. A bey ul  Dnii:iri-i������  ���������lit'Wlsls. .  .'IVoul. Liiko,  Gold;....  Silver..  i.ead  Copper..  Gold and  ������01.-t  i:s. !  "ere   sii,cee.s.sful  Porter  uie now.   i for-  .- I .inn r th.-it  wns still h'-iween  ..'I'.,;-..' oily (hat if this one tide l       ...       ,   ��������� o ���������  ������  ���������ciirs   of   happiness '       Wood   Bros'- Pr0Pr'et0  lj    depol.     J'reeJJiick.  ,,ni; "in't-'' ������������������',l  l-"������cip-.l   boats nnd  rel,aabgleents   WANTED  ^\o iviuil ill   oiiccU-iKl.wortliy  men  fond  yilvei-.,.-?..?.'. i ���������"'  I  Gold, .Silver,---(I Copper ..'..V,.   '  ���������>  Control assays; Complete anaiv>i;  Ores, :Coiils,  etc., Coi  yer'  i oo;  i: oo-:''  r '00:  I  50  !   50:  iO'i  J-on���������  Mining & Legal Purposes  .n ���������  rs.  International Medicine Co.  r ���������-.  Transfers. Options, rowers  of Attoroe)'. Stationery,  Declarations, Proxies, etc..  can be obtained at the  ..���������.,....,   .nun Hum v/a'c,   L/Oiiis.   etc., Concenii.itioii   and ,  vvonion'iii t:\tiry loc.ilily. luc.ii or Iravellinj,', to A millennia tion   K'.nI.-*  iiilioihii-u .i iii-vvdi-.fovri-j mid  keep our show o'     ���������  ciud- und   mlvi-itiMii-; iii.iltor  tucked up in &1@F"Result*   Ol   a.--.ivs   hv   return   <-lV  uoii-.piciioii*. jil.ict'-. throiiKlmiil tlie town mid -.    _.-j- ,  countiv.     Slciuly    (iiiiploynient, year  round: lii.in^^J, ,  ^^Z^^^.^r^m'md COKRKSPONDKXCKSMJ.ICITED.'I     Vnnian(1V    MqJ]     (Winn  ^^T^^rAM^"^-  ��������� B..c.j..iiooiBnay j��������� uiiiee,.  Mill lOOpS  K-  m  Mm- THE KOOTENAY MAIL
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Garden & Flower
.���'������..'������"���''1. 4
i-pi'- yyy?;
y: ipppi'-'
Sweet PeasviClover   and
A\   Lawn Qrkss in Bulk.
.'��� T hei- best'.', ot ���';;, Ca ii ad i a'n'/:'- .seetls V fresh
AA;.?.'; VVyAyy thiri year. '���!���"* A," A.'" "Vy
Revelstoke B.O.;
:  ?'  A '1'lns;- ISimk or -Mohtrt-.-i] Jiiiiy open ii
;;; y.f. hraneii; a't-^Trtfiit: Jia kc^Oity; ^^y;'.'ArV.' 4:
V ; A CVi ItVengineerintendserecting
V? a handsome residence iiiVtlie city.-i   V?
..,AVv...y'^I-V...iTysit:t.:i.s,.?'i'inportiiig 'h.v.st'ejmi.'Alcg-'
y ',ger ''"or operation on I the iip'per river/A
7  'yy LewTlipnisph; intends spending piirt,
Vif? tlii-^V^eii^oiiVpiotipectiny? tlieViiig
V?y l>onii.'" yvy-'V^'A'Ay IV'AAV-/A7.';/yA?-- y.yp.
yyy, ��� \\y, Ap Uii 110IV P. L.7,f��?y"?Citllie Aiiiypir
;V;"AlbndavVn6 .'survev/sbhie claiiiisinthc
VA';J!ig3j5end;'' A- AA^'A-XX^'yAApP-Piyy
47Vy'VJVA,??JCeriiii,gliiiii''���AjiasyresiinYcd work
?; liiis tnkoirV';thc'70iith ; of'iille^iaii^    to'
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ypp'p -'-.''������V..". Kerna ha it ;'lias f he coiitriictfdr
.? >';t lie'-'brcctioii of tpe?rresljyterian nin.iistf
y,    'rhe,Shfliiirocks utill hold fclieVMinlo
- Clip. !)iivinc;,(lefeiite(i> the New/West-'
? Vmihsterteain by p fc6>S. ??:-'7y:,.-?' yVVA?.4..-���;
4The:s[)orto'?h;ila'nce4fihedt77eanie?' out
7A?\yitli i it? surplus' of7^4,25; which? was
??.hiiiide(l 6yervto?the.liospit;il::7,7?;AV'V?A
V ''V?i>oniiiiicm,J)iiypassed qffvflryriuioi'ly
?4 i.iVthe city.V:;.MaiivVwont? to?:tiic:;eelc-'
? hraiioii ;ityTrout J.iikc aiid Armstrong.
?.',.." ,'���" -��.' 4?'.   .,.���., ������    y y;yy .'"-yy :;....,; y.".."���'?4y ���-. ���
'-AM? KeiinedyAvi-hdA,,was?sehtenccdtb
4J i i j >risoii n 1 e'n t for i 1 i fii ; for the? iii ii rder
?.of Arclier ;a tGokleir in V1888| h��s been
V��?4The;reycinie colicctw
3*y.Tviiic 'was:���;������ Inland���'��� revenue,? $438.87:
***%V?"VI>i'      ���������'.  '���:,'���'-������   ...'.. .   . ',,
orange' lillics. v|.4 .Iny/iyA'A ;Ais bo
lias'fine cvopAof Mf'y^vA'n'AY-y; Ayiits
and''gooseberries;.' l!;A: A ii,...-;-,y;:y y.i"K-'
ing-variety.uf 1 'lie' hitAy- AA;?;' '.'-.'i..-' ��� oi
tlie lines! wohavo .-���t.-.ei'i.,-. j'rAir io the
frost-31 iYirbnw./biid a'��� spin i did "i'"p of
potatoes/,? .���"������"', P.'A.P y]t>, :A
A GoveniUK!ii't'''Vgi---iit''I-'riisirr !(v7 '.been.
on a visityt(i?Fi');(':V';ilRy ?. A.! .44?. ni'.-'
ranged for wo'i,']' he ini; il.'.oii- i'l;y'y..u:li,ii-Ti
'will impi-dye 'the? roads ni-d.givi.' thi
settlers, better,iiecos 1,6 4. their.'-'fa mis.,
Mr.: Fraser.Speaks,'i'n,.hig'li 'feriTi's-of the
progress made? by i.lie; l-'iroA'ALyy' set-
'tiers.',.' I'he. l-alg(-woodye'6i;i]p:/:i\'': Jtaviy
alone'spent:!$KS,.l!0O?'.) ii7'''i in pi'i^veiiii'iits.
and have Pnoof the finest fiolilAof hv'iy-
tobe'seen bribe province,, ;TbeyYju-e.>
raising cattle.'',     ;.    ?4' "" '?��� 'A''y ���'������. ?'
;. .Mr., '���'JU-hdei-soiv, -whoi's, .iii/'f-li.-iAge of;
the' jjoiiiinipiv   I'u 1>1 ;<;7,7\\'(>iT-:.-;-oiliee,,
building iViidf telegraph������braiie''-:.-arrived''
on Thiii-^(l:iy,t(j (-Oiiij'JliHO an'iiuui'iiteiilS;
vvitli .f.-V, K'enjagiiiin for,-theci?nslthc!.-.
tionof? (lie drill yjiiili,   whir Is y vy i.i 1 ?.biv
pushed;?on.    The Aexeaviit.ion  toi'   the
celliii-yis heing done.   ' I. ,.M'.: Iv.'-lli.- isiu
eharge??oi?' th(yMVoi'k4,iiv iieliali'?!)-- t ln_;,
DoniiniouThivonii.Vent.' '-.!������ fcl'a.'j it ..Arayloiv
SiivvMr.' I leiuler.^iii i-ogitrdiiig pro- ision
for.liglitihg the 1 'iiiiidingand ei!i-iisio'ii
of:the,'eellar-fiii! --ize of.'hall',.;tu Vtllow-
lorAv,I,biTisTuhe?|'Aa.etiee.,?' -y? '���'.-��������� p- y:V?'
:'.'"���*.''        ...   '    ?'.'���' ' ���'   ... '.     ,.���-''       '? ���' ..c: ���    . '
.i..',?A'Vl,roii.iaimde,? Co nee i't'; is'id "Hup"
will iie field in? Ijie ySlviit'i'ng Uiiit oh
Fi-idnV- the'11 ih.-'i'i,si:-7"'vUluitssi-ni-Avr
{JSE^**zz@��%^�� "'���'���'���"���     ������''?.',
The Best'in the'1 World;
���'���'���   .'.Mail us 15 J'voyai .Crown.'.ypair
.'Wrappers,'rmd''in return vve    .,;
will iu 1131 ie;'.lieauiiful J'icttire?
7."sizeVI 15x20 ;orfoi-'2()-Wrappers'. .
]    . your choice ijf over. 100 books.
AA' J)rop';u�� a.  ppstVeard  asking A'  ,'
���'.������' for :i catalogue ol" premiums'
AV'to; be had  F11101?) :for' lioyai  '
'"'''. Crown 'Soap Wrappers'.  ������,-.-������;   .?���/���'���
? ''"Address' :-"���'-���.. ."���'���   ;;���' V;;-'? - A--''Vy"".'/ '. 4
a    a   vTlie Royal Soap Co.;
A^ancotivcr, BX. Limited.
.'.."'���   ���?'   ������'���'  -.. <ii..??.'������"��� ������-   '4'?       '4,4    '.. .   ������'..,'..''������
tti&hiJA and Personal
������'.- l.{.,1 lovvson left  .Aloiiday, ,011 .������ air: vs-
tended,tj'ip'ea'st."?. ,V':?;V '7 ,���    7  'P'P''
.... /Mrs.:-Sil-'bl'ild lefL';oii   'J'hiirs*Iiiy- on?a
visit'to Coiiisipl'ix.'-'"?-'.-'-'?--.- r".....---,
VVMi-s/C. R .Atkins leaves oiy;'i'he?KHh
Q11V1 visi'i1 tb:Vi(46riaVV -yAyA" '7   7. .-,-,
,A.'','(ir'a.tefur"'^l'o'lliei;- Tells -u'ow  Her
A,,    llittlo Jloy.Was Curcd.'y.
/Mrs A. Sauve, llowaiifon.. ' Que., is
another.- happv mother' who thanks
Baby's Own Tablets for fiie'liea.l'tJi'.of
her boy.7 .The little fellow became ihe
prey 'of. \voniis���that .' 'curse of childhood. His rosy elieeks lost- tlieii*
color;;bis, 1 itl-le legs iiiid .arnis beeainc
skinny;.his eyes;lost their sparkle and
he became sickly VtndV peevish; liis
sleep ,��� Was rfet less ii nd fever.sli ii nd
liis food seemed 'to do.'liim,no good,
liis an^viopsiiioth'ei'iilinbst despaired
of 'seeing liini back again to good
health" ���, However; she heard of Jiaby's
Owii Tabiets,.:?and; giive'��� tlienVto her
ehi|dVa'iid now. she says:���-"The. Tah-
l'-ts'iriiidea woiiderhil change: in my
little"'boy. .All' sighs *6f wormVhave
disii'ppeared';--aii'd he, isvnovv in the best,
of healtJiVA 1 /eai*.'; honesily.; s'iiy tlii'i.t,
15ii by's, O VV117 Tablets lia vcv up eq Hii has
a:Cui-e?f6r.,;wo'rniS3",V ';.��� y-;"??'/"?' P-PyX?
,y Uiiby^.Owiv'VriibletSy are .;a:bcrtiiin
euro for.; all ?UnV:'iniiior',? iiihheiits of
;littl(i7pne.s,;sueh., iisyconstiiiiilion. coiici
som'?'svbh*;tcb, j nd igestion,:: (Iiii rrhoea,
'sinijile fever; :iiHlthe;irritation aceoin-'
piinying'tlie cutliiig'of pjetli,' ('hiiii'aii
..,,..., ,.   - ,y       ,.    ,.....,. 1..���,mv.. vv.vhii��� vi 1....ii.,    V.....I....-
$\ky^$li*d XXyA !'""'"  AA' ic��v't6;.eoiitiiii!?noiio?of;ihe:poisonous
opiate* foiind-in fhe,so*cal;lod..yspoth-
iiiir;yiiiedicihes.? Thev.are forchildi'ei
Iii king; a' liijl iday t rip east:
:; W.'Alirahanis'oiV returneil' 011
iie ?day;fromTi-out/Take. ���!':��� ?-.;,y4?.:
I,7T?lb-ewsl.er has secured a permaii-
^Menihers   ,171-00.   "'I'he1; '.lii'def'ei.'uliViiv
Uii lid-Will siijiply7i]iei-!.usieVj)Vl;;i.gpo(l ieiit position in Hah' Francisco
prbgi'aiiimeO!d;i:iiC(-syisbeiiig7iu:!4i'!ig('ir; ' '     ���������������������-������"��������� 	
floor, (50 11 by PPiPP, is; in? A>4 A-i'VPli-
The KinlVis ? ail ideal .'place, foi-' VmiiiiHT
(laiicing 11s,the IiigV'duo'rs/ nl 1 iu��� cinl
ca n;, be open ed V a n (I. t he;f u 1J V1 K-!;u;?.i !?��� (?f
.the'breei'(??fro!n ibe^iver/ob!1?!iiii?.!'-"y./
good. time.is prpiiiiscd^li-r 'Ub..;..?);V'ii:vg
4'';A;??meetii)g?u.6 "eoiiiijid/i'v/ibt? (If-siry
ability???of ;i:-.]ciiig? ;slvps4:'ti'if>iiliiAin'iV
reci-eation... gn'>n'iK!:,;',h''.;i;i!i;'ibv>,.!AA..'!v, ,,
and'?co'hvOiicd^/b��V ^''i
llClcl'ht.^O'-'S: JVIl''A.liil;l;l:'-i?VllV?\VV3iiinV'-Vljty?
nctM as socrctiirvV ;?d j ,\nis. i-esvilyiid'pg
scnilVi i-ci|Uisitl(in iii.rfiipi;. Kil.j.iij.ii-i(;!c,
tp heforvyarded tc). (-i i; 1 h-i*;i i 7 ;V*V[ity -Al iir-;
pcde'Viiskiiig^ili'iVt'?',]'???!!:"h'Aej? ;iside
gro'tiii'dsyfciiA i:oei,e^i,t;i'o.ii',.'VjVp.r,p.6ses.y- P.
AinslieAhAC. ^reKeijviV'/iiiVVVV.'I'riiiy-;
tile.. '.wc'i,'e..-:'vjipo'i1ht'.ed 'yyppyy AA./ PpP 'P.
riiiige/Ycir.'-gct f?Jriu-;.V(if;,''7rHsy ;'A./|'V.iy.iiiv7n7
���.;������ "Amber" Plug SPi.oking Toliaeeo
is winning oil its merits.' ''/'���..-'���
,  "Have you tried it?"   " ��� '. X ' .'���
',. ?':Save    tlie    Tags,     tliey.
valuable."? ��� V ���""������'���
nqe   ueieQration;
REVELSTOKE, July12';l9d2,A
iti:which' Gbldi'ii, Siilii 1011 Ai;in',:JCam-
loops and lievelstoke, iind thi- Loy,-il
True 131uesovviHtake pait. /
lir't-puneetion? vv.ith' the 'celehrafion
;,hy thiV'Oi'iitigeineii in. tiiis?eity"pii tlie
12lh:of July iiiextA'thirC?: JV' I!.? have
giv; nte(bchea|) excursion rates from I he
foi lowing points to 'lie v(,-lstokv .-ind return/;' ; 'Pi,   '���������'.��� Ap. ';,.      ...y. .A",V? .... 4;.
V A..,C/?Abriili'iini'son loft: S:iUp'ilay?:td
'take iii thc?sports;nt Trout JLa'ke.- ??V.?
7 'I1.VS.4Wilson left \Vcdiiesday'!-fory:i
trip'-! hroiigli t-iiO Okanirgiiii;. valley. '[
''������'' } I i ss: l-'ra so r; 1 eft ��� S i in il iiy'; f or C Iii ca go
niidNewA'orksoi'iii' .two ihoiitlis' 1101 i -'
'ip O. I.'.';l-higineer'A.rnisfi'ong:vvill prove
,bis,f!iiinily?frori..lv-ogersTa^sVto the city,
oi/.M:dndav.V''V.';'VV ? 33 "/���??.4?.: -V. 4 ���?:..?, 7 .-
C JJ 3 sii'A -ii.: 13, -.
3 <!?.    "lilt   ..li  ir.1.1   I*.
pypi Oi\V^iii'\irday:.yiiiglit;?t;lie' Cbsiiioppli-
/ ?taivvllpteltat/Kiimloops was7destroyed,
V-bvyni-eViiHi/a imaii nainedAVilliam BiiS;
; y i'dw.;btirned, fo death.;'" V'y? ������' A V ��� V'y
..' ���'.-i.C'.y V t(l,incA-".'Qp.'s' ��� briekV'niaking
; ni!*eiiihe7wliic.h:'arrived:<..lastV^ve('k':is
Vtui'pihg put? i5,000  bricksVif'day and
7 employing cightee'h nieii?' v,.??, ?/"';'?
;?.: The Qrahge. procession and sports of
Ailiily 12tli promise to be a  great' 'sue--
cc-s's?   Mi..J3ii'ney has got  up  ii good
/lisfyPf ip'r.izc.**. for the sports. .A 7     ;: :,:
The   trophy   reiiiiiitiing   from V. tlie
V sports aint'which ,was  intended: for? a;
teiinis tournaiiient, will bejiandcd'over,
to the:tennis cliibVf0. play for/V"? ? 7,PP
y ���'." .J.'V\.....St6iie'of the- Orientnl.hotel liiis
''.onc-.oi the prettiest gardens' in' thecityy
I lis yoiing fniit; trees, are coni,iiig,.,pn-
well, the cherries-being now in'bearing
77 .l..V.'Kirk has compieteil  th'e" sur-
y..\'!;-y  ofy .1 Ioing's'  ranch,- reeeiitly? ac-
Vi-uired a- an addition to Camborne by
.711 y ^.VA\',-illiice and 'CoryV-Meiiliihick/
ihe fPvvnsite owiicrs/.V Vt     ?? AA-     .77
, ', The Ladies y-Aiil ofV tho   Metliodist
Vclitii;cb will  hold.'a strawberry aiid' ice
cream social oii the parsonage lawii,on
'Tuesday afterhdoii and  evening. 'The
band will  be, iii  attendance. * Ad hi is-
yipiiito grbuiids 10c.   y A-    ��� 7   ? 4 7,A '
?  .Mr. Henderson,1?bf   the Dominion
. Ihiblic -Works department, informs   us
that 'the telegraph line between Golden
and W'inderihere is  being eiteiided to
.Vthaliiior.and Wiliiier, iind   tliat fele-
������pho'iies vvill,,.be .put   in  at  the .latter
"towns.'' ���':?,���.?'���;'..'.  ���'��� -'���' y./y '��� y'PP -:i
Pi. \Xn 'J'hijrs-liiyVrtt.the Vicibriii h'otel,
liis? Carriithers.aiul Mcl/ean success-
fiili'y pi;i-fpi-nibd?!Viii  oporation on J..C;.
;. Moiitgoiiiei-y foi;, the reniovnl of an abs-
<���(,-.-.-. in. tlie In-east, brouglit.on bv- iii-
jiiry���'sustiiined by a fall 011 his recent
triiVio. I'o'wiiic Creek.  .,        ���������'���'������''���? ''
"'.'--. i'Lib t6;.l?.3iscb'iyid/i-j'o'i'ii' setAtf.bVriiess?
y?Guiletic/and ,Seih'ill.i'.''b:i.ye;.-.iViby'e.d;Tn.-.
tp' tlieir lievV? isi(?)i'--??.^.!Yi'" 5~e-ur(>i\d' iT"?i-(?tri /.- 'V;
.?? LargOviii'iotV? oi??Si(k'h(.i:ii'dS;i:7sVl;!iiig
cheap at'?lb?lLov\-sOvVs:.v.7.';V7?.:': '7VA34.4;,
- VCiil 1 ?ii 1 Hl'Vet&thi.yh 1 rgV: Ti a-;: A.;? ? t, 471 .::y.'
Rockers.iil'?R7H;AuVbo;.>V':A;;V4; Ay P'....'������
!p. Ivadisli;,leiViiei-yonions'iiiidVrl-iibi'iri/
opposite:TbstVpilice?' ??;'y ��� V?  ���-���'-���A.������-������
?'?;'E?. :iH; ,??yUini)?Aiiiii:?viiiioyed, Vi,-i,t.rt7?i.h<i-
s.Jiore-;'i.i'v tlie? Jirowir-'rliivelcV'. I'.t.'!"'i.5,i.t,-,''.V "* '*---
cupie'd by ^���?'b-pvvi-??q?4,vA Papa v?q ;
'JV'Fi-esh 'iptbftTiacpliftesa'ii'd -i^g/ved?
friiits. biycheU .;of7|f^jiipij(J!V/t^i.yg;i^;:i!oi!k.
' "" " ' "" AA "	
?[iii;l;i-'i'cl-,-hiis,:i^tUi-ned fi'dlbdiis  eastern?
holiday .trip.   ������'.���'.' .'.PP PPpPpP-P'Pi'   '���?
V? J'I-i;s. Tl-pcViniorVenitertaintxl; a laige
number of liidies -at*:3afternoon lea on
���P-yii-s?Xy()lbec;k w-ife-.bf.ongineer of"'^';.s.-
/KVi v e 1 -s ti��k X>"."*yi ] i'i s'F. li"i/r i \-ifsvl -'?f i'.o.i iii V't 1 i. e^so 1111 i-
?i!:)i,!':iV tliAgiieXtot'.ili-sVpi^l.cX'aHby?
'-'-.".y.   ... ..-.,.... ,..'..;.:-. y ;yy  ���������'P.y-''���"���Ly ���. ���.  ":��� ������ :':':.;"'���...
y J,;AVlvei-nagiiim?is::?busy'ii)pv?iugVthe
7-!'bypf;!'biklingsso that the'excaviitifny
Pi- ''tiiie si t'-p. "fci.r'.l lie 'new" building "any he,
:soih/;oii'vvith./;;y7.'??: ??.���. 'V: A.:??;?. '���"'"'.'���;?:.??'.'
7 i:!ons.}^iebling;i!id;Tai'tepf.tbe,bon:,-
.iiiioHVeiibiiipt refii.se'd knight hood a t>.tl.
Sir:\\'ibreil='::l'.:idrier 'refused a/Mir n- VV ? Pi 374 ���������,- .���.-.;;.,..���..-.,���" -,-..p.p.,  '..-'py^-pi:-,'
.!t(���v/;!ind7.peer;lgeV'A^y:V:A7?7.:y-V;A ''���;.���?" ?!PiP Airibcr?'; Plug SniokingyTqlfaeco
,.���; "pp.'��� ���.-;.' .';?���:pp"'i'������.;?';.;v���.���.;?/.?,:,?;,��� ?���������.��� .'4,,.���,-;
r?/\!iSS;T\V'iss:-pfy|viisl64pilSSed tlirougb
���j this.wPek 6n:;liei-:vviiv?������tpV^pii'tJi ?\ffica?
' ;ii]d:Vv::i#tbe.\giieSf3of7^,IVsy-Vtk'iiisdur-!
-ji'ig'.'-li'eiVsto'jv over,.' V?''.'/-'. Vi?;.,.'''^?':^"??
tack? (ify pn.c;unipiiia;������'���.. iind4?:vvill;.gc3 to
'p.f 'alkagbs.'srtid dissplvedin \v.al erica 11
begiven.^vitli al.sblntc safety fp':a.newborn ba be.? .Sold by a 1.1 ,deii lersVi t ..-2ii,c-" k
box? or sent; ]xistpaid'' pn; .recoilit ,'of
price, by addressing t he'VHr7:yW,i!liahis
^lediuiiie Gbiy ilrbckville, Onf?;^ / .y"'
y Pi A ;,'������ v'A ��� ' ??? 4. .'''��� - !���'.' 'PlA'PApP 3- V| I 4 .'V '"'
���: The'yinstallationVof;ollicersVofyflVe
Selkirlv'lpdgo.fpr the ensuing half year
vvill'tii ko;: place on'. ;Tiiesday.;7;7V/;;,;/;?|
III- ,1;he insta.Natipn7 at? the? Ifcvelstoke
lodge"'��� vvill?���probiibly'���:..'��� take-- placeVnexb
.Thursdiiy.?".'' ...;'';? ^������yPyXiPppPpPppy P.
��� A tfl.e' liisf regulai/nipetihgof 1/odgc
elected president in,[ilacc of yBroy.Grp-.
giiii.?rC3ighcd..lJi-o,  ParSonSytiikiiig'the,
ollice ot vicoypi'esiilci;!.,,thus   vacated,.
���'Hyps', ?TbPs/ Skin h' or-" ii'i 1 cli^Tii p |) i'i Vg'Vwe rb?
a; fiiir'nt; tMitlii iico?:6f ? liictiviljei-rf/IV A full
;i t feiHla.t ice'is i-ecj iiireel iitii ex f meet-big
"ii-syvi-liei'p|J7"ii* /'cohHicrt-nilit-i1: "b'n.si!ie.sis'.-.l?p.
bevsubhiitfcily? ,.'���,-?' y.A ??; v;-7?;y...;:-";y.'-V;.-'
Jvaiiiloops.y , ,,'���'.-;.
".'.... :4 V/,PP75
JSiiiiiHin AnnV ... ?
yPA-'P. l/l.io
Vernon ', ���'.'.., ,���.'���';..
Golden ...'..'.:..,.
Arrowhead ���;........
.'?.:. -..,���?��� 1.O0
l;'or furlhi-r pa,t'ticiilai'^vv'riti' A'-piyL7??
���.'/'��� ;;:,W/va4vB
;?|. I? vllecorilhigySec.MyO.'lVltio*';;'
y y'y y?'|;l^ 'l| PPli 13'V-i'-:LST()K !<;,' Ih- (X.
In   One   Year; is   a Fair Profit;     Buy ' Similkav
meeri Valley Coal Company's Shares and niake it.
Was tlie  Profit  made ; in /four  years  in Crow's
Nestyi Co'ai"':'Shares.-v':": ?v"i'Vv'?'a^
Pp: :':vrhe;lodation;|aftHe G
of Wonder, -Progress  a^d Prosperity, ASH
is 7 an Ah viiible  one'. '|;.aiKl ��� they;^ own 7! the I water ? ppw;^i'; 11i in h(ApXp
Kootenay MailS. 1*0-
? Awful Tragedy ol:yMartinic/uePi
:���:and St. Vincentyjlclcanoes-ofPp
liniits,7?and  electric 'light.VVStotlv holclers?participate ;|:iiv   th
profits'of filllldf.thealjove-hientioned.'?^
A a Estimated  assets  of II theCompaiiy /"are- h6w?$i,^b,6oGl;:
oP 'n'orohto,? isXalso/establishmg-:iis'A,We.slem^
diot/oiily erect a smelter with.'-.|rL7-5Q.OP<."-tP'" ...tlfiny*c;ii"l)ci.cit.y:Ab^Vt'':;\\'vi]i^'-':.'-^;
also?; niakelASHNOIjA ;its'/Head;''.0ffi'cc^ywhich;ViVf<��yris.-fi.:'i'>;.i_y*;.'--';,/.-,
rollof'threel^i^iuui&incorporations for ASHNOLAi.;/A     ;:'���:;
Coal Goinpany's, shares;to;:advahce to at'lefist?($2 5,qd;|\vilhint,theAy|;
brokers at $ i .��� 1 ppn callsof ;i oc. ;per nionth,., with hdn-lorfeiture:, 4?
IckiCisel wliic;lr nieaiisvydu?^! 'th:e:lcash:yoii;pa)V'ihto|t!K/.y
Gonijiaiiy-" lii/anv I eve:ht?V?V:'F
.<���,���"���:-...������   l    ':"./?''i? y,'?'. ���.������'.���"������',     ���;,������������.:���   '���'.���'������:- 4 y.?,;-,,..     ���'���,   ;: ..., "���'-PP]pP'-'    i -��� ���������/ P-,::���",:;.' ���    p   ������ P-''': '���
pecttisesvapply-to;. the���������-.:���-:
V.; ��� ;T1 ib'.;| a t'Oy e ?'J ia ndsoin 6.,, p ren i hi ni
;book??A\vil lybe'- ?gi ven |? to ��� s ii bscriliers
remitting1 tlieii4aiTears?aii(b 5p;l-eents
|a d cl i ti o n Ay o r V to A n d\v-; ?s u bsc'ri bers
remillirig.^.TiOA'l/VildressVyV? ?' VV
.is;wilining bn|its:ineritsA?,4AV|
��� V A Have ;y|qu. tried, it;?'*.?-- A .1
;y'3.VSivyeA-:'7VlieP:A.\\mi -P^f?3A
���vaiuttbroi'���'"'PPPPipp'PpppyPPp?yiPypP ������.
yV,F.?.t4 Hossley, vvlio bivns ii' '^iuch?at.
erect j i.i. jr." t��'i i:'ii|tl i n gj; .jXVi.i cl V oft'ec t i i)'gJiVr o t iV'pryj
iiii'tH-o|vem(MitsVliiisV-etiirne(l:tp ?I"o|rgii-
-:on;;V..?'?vA'AI? iPiP:p.pPPiypPPPPA:.'PP-P
Railroad 'WM^Aaa
770:Vviiiglp.' .thevtiii fiiyoi-iible.: weatbe-r
j i iL'VJai o tLl 11 yl?t l.Vo' J^etlLiliyi v^c ri.,c.l<|e jt^ i"V Viit c 11-
,., ...    ���, ������   A., ���.,.��������� i ������..,..--iv���!���..-   .    ! I'let.vveeii'V-u'iTii'ri-ie'd 'iiiul?Vsingl.e cliil   hot
Thofoe'r:ii;iliic Ji-ateiials-c'l'-.- ii.iuiji.is.v.:  4   ,    ..,  ,., -... .���:- , ..,..':���        ,! . i ..    ���   ���,.���
������  .   , ?.��,41.   ���--,'���   ...   ,   , ������������.-;-, ���;��������� ���:��� ?y -.?,,!, < 'orno.o 1. thoui:'h some wrateb Vgiin.es ,
IllC llCWesI  11) hhlllk: pilot'), iill;!!!: -y  ;;l l,yyy   .������;���:; .-:.-.���-..    ..���-...:-.:    ���:��� .��� ��� '��� '���'   ' ���-  p.-.-f. -������..  y-
������>,-������:���'.   ',   ..S"'.     f  ;(i '������'���. .���'. .���'.'���-������ : ���������',-���.. ,'���.'��� , ���'��� 7\\'ei'o.;pi;i vet .     . ���.,.:��� ���'��� -��� ?        ������"���������.'��� ���?'..,.
.Ca.niK.la'. DrugAcyHooicVyu j?. ���    '?l;,y;y,,y !?,yyy Ay -y.p p  p yp'p. ,.pp .a y"Pl ,.;���'"���::,:,
 "  jy/Alsiilelr-f vvoi^c- iii/lcpi^nectioh ywith
V.fho.'.Ca'tholic' Church'vvill take place on
Vi-li'V.'iT.tJiy:.'? Keii-oSlnnentsvvill' by served
-: ,;1\.   H.7Vrriieiniii).?-;ind?|.?A.':''-
graphic'sfudio -is' ,n< iw  oi -ei;
charge! PflW;.;IV Ari'iilVyyyiny
|jh'.>',o: .
iiy   in
.4,;, ?u....:
from the .coast ;i yiyiPpy.':
of tlie fi]iPst?tis!t|i,Ave.i-;i\-e *���/���
7'Travellejf-sViSi;i!;g .R.?y-.
find the? best ?. iieeoiVsi.ii.oi';!.-:'
'������' When'.yoiv'.e.o.tr.e pn'PPy
the CchtrabllpuA '���!���:;- V> :
a 7gPPcV3'bptel. 7 PiP ..'/-.yy
.PrhpS,.'Vy ���'���" :?. ���'';...:.;' v.
-. You can ?got Cyo7!?4i, .-!^
.St'r.avvbei.'ri&i".;.. (P/.Aij PyyvP
and G:u-i-PtA';it?J';l'3b!!A's;7?':7
'pOSt'otlicO.. '���';" ' .'������'    "'-i'Pi'''P."P
Tr0iit7,l.ake ,ot:uiils!\':yh7,Tiv;
inducenient?to fiiy'Vo :w \PPyx
.chaSe lots ..lor., priv:uy A- A',
ppses.7V/V. ''AV.'A'y.yy '."���-?'������'"���
?.:'Get -your.- eye-sigh y'.try Al
.JVOiiy-13:< i-lier.hii s'A:?! I-:'; ��:'v:.t?.'r.
for the .scientific4*;':-7Aui?pp'
andean supply spfeijA/Ay^ .-;;
ahy-.requiri*ii:!piA-  '.y     V?."'"'
?lTheAlont!-oAlyAyiVl>- H7?
EXAV-  M.Vlli.: IO'" '!.i:/A::xr:;y4:
pictiiiypfviving' iAiyAyi :\.Vi
taiieW'Suhscribt;!':';'!' ii.ili::?:
IvooTK'.\--Ar;.M',\it. VAcy?!?-1?
'������ THE :-Gfi.Li:HAiAaa.
i.tiu'iii^'.-.iiifcer.n'opn and;,in   the.; ,eyening
An'eiiUTiUitimentyvvUlbe? prcvidbd?   . ���
?V W'MolIisbn'f.-'vv.lio.���is-?: voiy iHVit^frs.'
��� "lobpiVs siwiering /from, typhoid:b?ver,
-:i!.;ie!i'e'ii, t,!iA|crisis p<P ,li'is'; illhess,tliis;
���.'.���(vyV. Vi'iil il ,:.is .-how ..likipeil lie' will tii kc
7y,f i!Viir?:hio' iul-ll,y.?;'V': ? 4; ^   3,,,   -4 y . -yy
: 3 PP.P- Kii?45 pyaitinu^Syoilniprpve ever 1
���y,;7(len iUKl   .Hai])iltOn;';1.7:ii,lld;21:
P-'.'..' ieweisil4:?Vya!iAiiii?i-d.;Ay47i':igiir'
V 'yVVeritas, Cresccht?Sf?Vl''!itbcr?
,,.  v.VV;.I^Vt,iJWev;p-, tV^VR: SpAci;l'>' ;;i?,-'^V
'yp V 77. .,]biyiiip;n(ly?Applet6n;sT.i-accy|,?
Vy .;������ Xp P AlSb.8peciiil.|y V^endfpr-priccs|v|
^Vilcli:''Si;ic,ciiilisfsV?:A"iincouvei',7,0;  C.
<r��cjwv<rTT">?i-"*ri-'' i-r.vr.?m=r. cirvmwxstii
;,yV '.yV,' A/riis'AAJMiJt PaAAyP.
A.   ,'i. '   YOU' ixhonkl mij>port it. -P-'p,".
,: ?,Oii.i'- 'vvii.y?t'0'.diV.-'Lhiit-. is tb'-patronizj-l
lhe iirins whoive.iidvertRsementsVippeiir
in this? pape;.?"; J n orileriiig '; iii'qntion,
the KoOTKX.vY Maii/V, V      V:   VI
y"..;.-pip,.'yy ������pPiypyPiyy0iyyypy..P
.. "lbiirifiilIfbrVadvcii-fiscirs'��� piiblisliA,;
; edlw,eekly7;ii,t.live;:doIlars:.!;i,i?ye;ir:y ;
.-'.It.. teiiehesV;the7scicnce?::i:i;!dipriicV^
? liceof vVdyci'tisingVaiidis.highly    :
. Icslceiiicct|by^the?;uiost succeiSltilV |
? lidyerfisersin :'|this3cptiiitry:,;.;ind>,
;VI^li'Oii,tIJTritalii|.|VIt-;itior;!L.ciVfiiiji?i^|-1,' |
, Vsioii allowed/A Address ?:i:,lbl>;T-y |
::'E.[tSA:iNK,Vad,Spriiee4|Sl77'^        |
.?'4?4 7V:?PATENTEDV?VV3|.;
4-t;.-i.ri7i4iU(:i.;li-:pii'.iorni.xl pnliipi.i KvvNs.-Tu^Mi'sax-Ai ilio parsonagcltuvel-
I'.-i- '���-iiii'v.-.'' thi--'������'']'i*i-'lice 'OI 4 \\ ale* P\ stoke, on .luiHi.iOlli.by. T{.�� v.;t:. Uul ncr. ArLli nr
'.'���l ,.���:.;; ?-.:-4 ..,.,; .,,- .Pi ��� tli�� V-,.'l---vii'-1i'i   - KviinS to ?Mab(:l,'eWc>t. diuifehter of ,1.   W .
, i,!),n;y:y,.iy 1:..vn,.ui.u e u'l.^niat,   -i-ii0inpson, i)0tiior BU,Uon.'".     ?   '::
r?tA!i;:?7!):7-V;!:fa'so7itien,d.4,!-hy, t;b(4 4GKdiuviy-El)G:bt--..\l'ScaUle/on.J.iiiio.aitli, W.
, 4?.'.:,.. '���'..������'.;��� " '.y'V       'j   'GJ'lycor^: to Aiuiii;   Kfl^iu-, both   of Itcvcl
77:  :.  V'-'v-..'--.-'-.'.'.'*��� 4.",......"' 'i:P,.-i.   . ':.:���:..: 4:33:.?. .'/fl'okc,.    y.?;:?; ...,.yy":..,:';.,., '"--.\,:   ... .���'.... 'Pi.p PP-
s-K7-:4'A7, unyVhe 'fiy'Vi-' i--y-t3ie''*r.'���-/_���;.-���-������y ���' ,..������, ''������?���.���r������
'-i'Vv.yl^tivk*1 '��� t ��� ,.yl;i vy "tii-"' ���.���iSa'rtv?.! Rkiij.���-'At Rr.ruUlokc- on July1st,, to ?7Vlr. and
ry?ty ?.-;p/ii'.l-iV'V\?e��k.''tb tVry.thtvs
:;,.\ll"��. W. fl. Ri;ii], ii. (idiiKiitOf..
44 (vi.
. * he'
3;,VySituatcdV onV. the'7'?banks 7of ���'������';-
:vl' ''''Sluiswiip"1 LiikeVoiie   of? the ��� ? "���
; -���(���'��� liii-gest   and y'nicst,; beautiful y    -.
';���? .lakes'? iiiy. British., Co'iuiribia.l?, ...
??3   VFqr   terms  Vinci   'particularsV
;   'V.appl^to?          ...AA.-.' .'.?.���,P ..���'���������-.'
Eggs for I Hatching I froinl Pure
v:': |;'':7.|.7: V; Bred; Poultry -:AApyA
-Ifi-ohi S ��� G? .Brown'-and SGWhite
beghorns4-1-5 .If- itocks,AV1 iite .W-va n-
dottes iin(i;|rekin,.l)ii|-.i�� jl.00 iioi:set^
1.3 hen, 1.1. duckypggsy s Stock Apr sale
.."���'*: A' '1^ J - <2- s t-i-'p n *jcst'-;su_ul ������ best Af c ii" c'Q.',y pt- clc yisdcl. | siinplyand: easily VcphsfrueteiU*
at tbcAiiine fhfie the cliCiipcst i-iid:niost(buV
A? VVI I rigllits.. of -im pq r fc ii't- i 6 i i, :.i��i sii,ii i i f�� c fc 11 i; o ���' c> i*v sn' 1 c- vo F.; f <js i i'cc. i 11 "-.l^r i't- i s li'' (?J'< i J .i i'i 111> i Vi"
are exclusively ''owned by VusVand> a iiy violation of thesewill .lie prosecuted;   A?
A V,,?;-,/,'" ?.'.'.- ?;,:?;.'. ?|.'?|l;: ^;.;'AyV:V7'AV^^
X; V.P
o / i'V ������,���.= '������*'' "���>'    ���'���'"��� '���'���''V '; ,.r- ���\":'.'r    ' 'ivt'Iow price's.-��� :'-'AxAyA.   -.,
?4'lv^A.;.!!;ii-prs'?undpr  tb.s; "filing. ,.---j-2oDl,:K- .j-,^,;,^-
pAPy pil.>|:,ho1t:vtiOne:c.!nt,po,- word ,-j j.-,^^��� , .
h;!-;;---!'-,,  .1,..-'isU.,',vU-1i on'.er..-.'���.;'..  ;3 '���     ������-p������������-..   .   y. y, V  4 ;.- "ly, 7
i..,..,i; j;
���IP    1.4
-   anii,
i.rieai HsVginVo!--:''illWays ..iiiivt-
'Viij.-'i-t, vi Hi-.'.-(: if .jv iii'liy .|ij:|.i'ii.i!itr.
yJ.-tVyv. .BoyI.a(>:.Vy;cA(iii:? IJ.G?
ind 'I.��i:ooder-
The B. C. Poultry Yards; Vcniofi
Oiir Offer to Subscribers''
'You Get Both by Su&scri^:^
fing to the ?Ro6^
.l, ���; i-.
I An
!.,;;���; I lav
' con'i.piV!
!!   ���'!'   "ly
. st: fi-rri;
Thirty! iii'0'pil.'..-.r,.?
tllflli.-d "ill I" lb"
Ohurcih mi ��� .*-ii!:i!;
vicar, KVv-.l?. ,\V
.a spleii-liii ilA.-"i;r
.enee'tH  111>:?. t��-.1 i-.:
^ \ ' ?\.:���:'I? i/j..*������ *1:-4itIi-.r- U*( >fii*rI'i i,X^ 1 i'ii ft-r'h/^i^ s:
v\ ���ppp-spPXpy-XAA i;:iyy��p(;nipi.iV\}l
1 r f.
' ->acrr-i;
?:;?V -To,liew .s.tibscrjbcrs vvcvwiMIAsciikI tlie: ]\0()tcn'ayVAI;.iil 'iiiul
���'Weekly lvree 1'ress for ri ���i-ear'tb^eih'er'AV'itli-'.'t-he"fo-11 o\^-fnii'��� iii;is-
terj)ieces;:ol ifirL :-- V'lV yl'V   v X.-pi- ��?  -:V '��� |'v ;��� ���-'���-. i;4-.A /..y ���" "l'-y v';---
���Prpyy-yp. Si-
In.fiurV-diitc-nt.entof the:: finding of
ili'i- it.-iiiniittee on tin- Atlin charges
vvaA an important inisprint, ,it. lieirig
-fated t he committee, fo'iindAMr.i.'ra..
hain. vv;!: the owner of tbe building.
wb-'-n.-.i- it .-hould have road lie Was
.Ail.-t" the "wner.of the building. We |cmi?reifn.licii: .w.i
uVllbigiy. make, the     correction' .in '"t'"- >��ifl.iv^itlu-.i*.-
��� justice in .Mr. (inihani.   ���
" ..Messrs'.-  Abraliiiinson Bros.' Queen's
I.K.'.tel iit-Trpiit-Lakc bus been sbextra-
.(irdinarily. i-lisy ofjate that' tho family
have bad to "give' up, their iipiirtments.;
.������very, ayiiila.ble room has been 'occupied
and giies'tS'vverc sleeping in thehiills.
, A large,tent was erected.to provide,:1 the
-ii('c(-ssiiry: aeconiin'odatipn? tlie' .hotel
havi'iig t" put tip? from .80 to '.10 guests.
The government traveling library is
.'.much  appreciated, in   Comaplix   and
Trout Lake, to which consignments of
lx.-oks' are  regularly  sent iiy the pro-;
vinci'al   librariaii.    The books are well
selected.. Ibis.a  pity  more   localities.
do  not 'avail themselves of the gener-
(iii- olier  of  thc 'governmcut  in-  this
respect. I f is -prpbiible that Camborne
".will'be'added to the library list. A:
V One. oiAthe'iiioHt jierfect gardens , in
the city is that of ,J. Slikw, on Uouglas
-treet.    He has a  inngniiicent  lot of
��� irwr.   piuisics,   bleeding heart.  Jrish
''." S-'inMIn and IVn'l-""Jioi'ii--. fur. .-.I'l.-yi' f'ii'?'.
; l'-i-.:it,'lil ilcliv i.Ty iiiiiii'iTulu-M io .-.n.v \<;iri. (jf 1 Iii:
''l-'isli Ci't'i'-I; Ciimiis, ' ���;' '.������������ ..- ���.' ���" ?
.tiil.r-'-v i;i
?��� ;���} J. A; Magee, Pi;oprietor.
H OTf C E.
Wo P.
i !._;-
���y; i
V'? ��� ��� '?''.
iy.lli-j.il I.i
i .!'"
y.''! ���'
y." i'4 ;i
4 .
P'Xii' hi.
,'.- w,.'.-''ii
,1 ' -.
:y lf<-
: '���'������
;��� pr/y.l
y] .IVrii;
iii iy.;'   ir
1. 1."
���?'..!;'' Mi
-'.-.    I'
'.-'���. Af-,-
\ .4 '
li!.'       W:
?i ',���:
'.���-'     '-'P'<!
���i- ,;
,n i ',: I ������
,..;.   ���!..
... , l,!..I��'.vv'.iii (ii.-ii, lii-rcliv- (.'iv:- liiili.-. iii'/i'll
'-..ii rl ie-- i-.oiici'.i-ii'ril Iji.'H.I i-Jniiii'iiii -iiiiilividi-il;
ji.'.,!' ili,'.;-r..i, !(. .'ill- niifU'fill i.'iiif.ln'. Iny.ijt'.r li' ,
������i ni;...-- Ciii!.|v|H(iii. i���.| iMrn ,,,.-.il.ili.:.:.���..���-.,Illi'll-t
'���--..ill, .|-:!i;i ;iii.l;Aii|pi.-.|.';.':-ii|.i, l!i',ii. ' 4,  '    -
CiiiiliOi-iK!. Jl. <?., .May viiili. li'
ii.VVIO l.llip.
i i.';h
;,'       ���'.:���..' I'MTl/lflOS. .''
'���."���Tl'ie"Tpniitig..| Buoy"     ������-,'      -
"Tlie Cliililren'rf Kavorite"'  ;-';   *
'', A-Jlerksliife Mi-oak-in Aiifumn "
"CostlyToys"1    -       -:  ' ;"-'-,_'." -
'���'.'VAN or ..tlie Lesson ": ,,'������-'���_    --   ,   ���
I'-The Horse Fair" A.   V  .,-     -
iV'Tlie Last JMIoinenis of Sajilio "
���' G'ooil-bye Sweetheart" ��� /   -
VTbe Chess Players"   '?. -    '
" Tke Luc'k, of Hon riiig Camp ���''������ .
yAUTl|Ol;S    , '?.y(,,  ���-,
-   43,^   '-.:jrG/Taylpi;.:
I-    Giietano Cliiericj.'
��� ?- -    H. Hblloii .Jones?
-, C Van den ICyckenV
CbnLFralpricl':- Freer.,
Einile;,vbn .(.':uiwe!iiv'i'l.
4.r    George 1.1 itcli cock.
y: I ? IMarcut Stone.'-
?- :    .G.emrtl' Forle'llje. ,
-���������..     ITenrv l>acoii..
���For I Sale.
WAN'I ly'):   |.
Highest Honor.'*,, V/.'.rl;
Gold  Medal,  MidvA**/
Avi,i<l   IJiildnif'   r.-ii-.l-.-.-   (���,-/
*Ium.   TJi.iv arc injiti-iii.'.s I
j j .;,>,..- 'J. |j.<- ?1 ..-.igiii;   y; ill, !i..i':(l ii '':���-'-'.'i
.���.itiun iiie'-.ting nn Mi...nd;iy.   .
[. Cii'pyPi'. A the   lin'ii  of Al?-:'v !'>r,(-
:?���'-, Vibe    dry'  .'giiu'ls  ��� li'i'io ,-' of
i-i*.',',���  vViis' liiiM'i'i'.'d   id.   **''.i! I h-   ".n-,1     '    ."'4!
,y?-|-|l./, ,\r'i--s,F.dgar. foriiii'i-ly "f Mi-.! ���  '   .' '-ih;
-���������i'i"'.,1--.." ,Tp" 'vvdd'iug'dipk'- j/AA". -_A���...y.
ii-:'.i-f-sideiit'ii-'o.!'ihe brid'.i's hro},h(-i'.A
: in'iiy':,-(,i.i,rii . Mv.  and .Mrs. fleorire j ���'���������
n'i-iMij-.y (.li.---'(-('���siiie.i'iee   on   AlcIVi-n-'!'
.'y.iiii'..'iV.ni,(:rly-oecupi('d-,by' 0. <>. | fM-|s'i'(';,1-}j,(;;1
A: ('������.- lv/-   Vv'e "ui.'.b' Mr-nnd A*I i-h. j Ai.ri J.-on /.:. ������, y,
Vy  ;i   lo,i)ir.ji<id--hii->py tt'-'edded life?! Umik.. riM,-,,,:,' ',.
lAv-'hich will he   slmri'd   hy ,|.hi'ir.jr"'ns'"'
. I'c.ii.-iids in I'ev.-Jslokc,.��� '
.i j )[,)���.
rl ;s-;!
iy iiii'.l'-i,.-.i-.'iii.(l' liiiViiii
ii,': yl,"l-oi .M'c.M.:,|...i';
-, ii... i.i'..,M;--..--o!'i]:': ii!i(i<-!-..it:ii'(i V..     .' ] rifiS     I
m-.:.. I,,,,-. ..oi-n.-Mi-.rs'Mvilli vvliic ���'"),     *  '/���V"U.      ��p
!. .'������    To paid up subscribers'we shall'.forward the ���pr.emiiiih's'on.
I receipt nl 75,cents.      "     '. I?' .    ������,... - ��� " '" '     - .-���'." 3?    y?
A.'..������' I'Tn subscribers -iir-arrear we shall, forward the, 'premiums
���i.hv payment, of arrears.and 75 cents additional.!,', '   ��� p .���'���������
ch/^ -/S/-\ r-si-r-- 1 A~-'���' --'' ��� ' This' is the most liberal oremium offer' ever liiacje bv a>
$2.00 v.PtR    LOAD,! svemern publisher.' VAX P-.P--yy   p X X P-X   7    -'?     V.""
CKI).\ i; t-'(-)|;.:I.AV'! H)l)-.,ril,'f;0d'.iiiv'!.T-(-i.i.7i.'
lIAIM.iWniil) ;it'.'i|'ii!ilh:'.J"ii'- r.iiiy;.   '  '   '���
(1 Hi racrrd
Jn'ii'-. -lyood
" .-llj,ip!.','|.;li ill .u'l.-od- ii.l      . :'
'I'he pictiires.niay. be seen at our office./  Address.
.rfal iw
il l! ^    .0 *'�� 1
...ii'liil  I'i'ri'.vii iiiiii-k'-iiii rii;li'v-|, '     .   / ,/���''���' . .
iii.iDiVd   ��"i'ii" ,''>' t.Jty in;T .1 -.;      (ii'lir-,  left    a.|  ('.  IJ.  : J, f ill i. fv   <v;'' < '(>.,
.Mm ri- it ^li iPP   "i; a!  -uiii   ivill   have
c. .1. .M.virrix.
ilc.ivi'i-iiKiiilli. I'.'.-.      J-r-mipl iiflentinii.
II! ��1.
Kootenay Mail,


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