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Kootenay Mail Jan 31, 1901

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 Vol. 7.-No. 43
Ja'x1j v jU :jk! 1 uxv ill. D.  <U., 'j i\ i\ !��� - A I \ J   o J,   LyUJ.
$2.00 Per Year.
incorporated bv act iif P.uliainenl ]SJj.
War. Molsox Macpiikrsox, Pres*.      S. H. Ewixg, Vice-Pres.     ��
.James Elliot, Genera] Manager
PAID UP CAPITAL        '      -' - $2,500,000
RESERVE ' - - 2,050,000
���jeneral ban kin'; business transactc.l.   Interest allowed on deposits at cum nt rut cm.
, E. C.
fie Roller��! ifieEmpir
J. D. MOLSON, Manager.
$ 2,500,000.00.
'      CAPITAL
RItST       -        .        1:700,000.00.
���i-l. S. HOWLANLVPi-cs.    ' T. R. MERRITT, Vicc-Prcs.,
'    D. R. WILKIE. Genera! Manan*cr.
luli'i-i'si p.iii! mi deposits: nt high"s| ciit'i'i'til fill's-.     Li'l l/'fs (if credit is-sti'-d
avail-tlili' in .ill pails nf th" wnild.    General banking linsiness t i-an.sacti'd.
' A. R.  P.  HEAkiSr.  Manager.
���,,,-. ^    t -Tilh; COS.MO POL IT AN Co.MPANY-
II.is dlli'"s ,'n eierv civ ilii; ���,! o'l'intr.v on tlie trice of t.'ie ciutli.
A ?:~3Zy ?Z :*',.,il Cinipo::*/���All jiiMiiisfiirtim ben dlr of iii'illuy liol.ler,-ou'y.
��� L\rfi'Kv\*i-i: ix koi.ck���ovi-:i: .\ itii.i.iov hdllak.--.
A-"SKT.i OVKIt 6-'7'i.il!i!.'Uiuii>   ���jCIM'LL'a OVI'II ?(J j,(l IIU),.(J CO
���   c.isli Sir-rcii'leraiuriiMii V.i'ue-, \'. ;ij:i la:! In-i.ir.in^ ���. ".'^uikini ofrTr,ivel, .'.'on Kurfcitablt
arc sunn; ni {lie luitiiiis ut lis jio.i. i.s. '
;'G{]]]Ci'arng3;iL3;ftr Essies IL C v-
. We have every f.tilli in, the prospects of the Big Bend. , Tlie t'act-i
pertaining to its |ias| Iii-iory a- a  gnld
can ving 11 variety of ore, as free gnld,
aiirifi'iotis jiyrit.��js, yellow, nnd grey
cnppi'i.     Tiie   copper   ore   is said   lo
their older   would   not thenI'.jre take
pai t in any piocos-sjon.
Tim business (lien pioceeded smoollily and it, was   decided tli.il the procession   be  Conned   at, No. 2 lire hall and
march  lo t he opera   house, where I lie |
united menioi ial service would lie. held.
Ale-si^.   IJii'iii'v.    Ildwson, (Joui,<*iei,1
ICiuc.-iiil   nnd   Ad.iir weri' appointed a
i-iiiimiil lee   in   arrange   I'm   the opera
luue-e .-oui sec in ili'.ipine- uf huihling,
and ili'.v invite the ladies, ,if  i he  citv j
tu liiei t al   -  |i. in.   to-iiiiii row at  ilie
I'pera Ikmi-i* t(ias-ist in Ihe work.
It, Wil* I I's'dived I h;it 1 lie prnri'ssji.n
sliiitild I'm in .-it ]:'.'A) p.id., at No. 2 hie
hall an.I should then inui-rli In the
(ipi'i'.i limis".. wln-ie tiie service should
lie held al, li p.m.
' ] t. was: dec'ded lo invite Principal
.Sullivan lo form I he children of the
public s-clniiils in ihs.' |iiiices.sj(1||, that
the .Mayer preside al, the mcmuiial
service,' lliat, I h" n Idem ten ac|, ;i,
ilsliei's-| tititl Ilia I. Ihe cleigy, repiesen-
lalivi; nf'i. (lie S.ilval inn Army, and
leaders of I he choirs he a snl> nnnmil.
lee to artaiigc the or let nf I |>,e st.| \ j,-,..
The Funeral ���'. ~
���"erauiine of   ci v ic di'tniiiis. t at inn    in
(���'��� leiiKii-au'iiti uf    |[(.r  ,'j n,-  ,M,t
jest.y Qtieeii   Yicliii'i.t
Cliairni,ill's Addi e.">,���The Mavrir.
The Queen ,-,>, ,-,.' wuiuan���ilov. S. J.
1 li"ii,|i'nil.
Po.rr'':i;u'r:!.<Lngland. Jan. 31.���
Warships arc assembling'for Friday':, great inual jiageant. Eight
t jr'pcJo boat dost lovers will load thc
procession from Cowes followed by
j the Koval Yacht Alberta with thc
yucca's body aboard. Koval and
pn'valc yachts with Royalty r.nd'
ol'iicials follow. Minute guns-will be
fi.v-J hy' all shipi during thc precession.
London, Jan. 50.---The ��� King
signed a proclamation ,-juspc:idi"S
business on Saturday throughout
the United Kingdom. Reslaiuants
and saloon'; .will bo closed in the
afternoon. 'Some afternoon, papers ���
are not published. The-fu-ncral pro-'
cosj-ion in London will be a'gor'.-cciis
militiry pageant. -A detachment of
forty rojunents with, almost an equal
number of distinctive uniforms, e:r'-
bracing all arms o^'tltC-Vci'vice wi 1
make a constantly ch.m'uing jiiCiu'ti.
cnioiira-.'^. 01
Kings and Knvoys an 1 mi'iirry
altachcs uf thc '11 nbasviss'and L--
galions will a'so appear.
Wi.-.-u-iOK. Jan.^o.r-lvL'bcarsals of
the distinctive'foaturcs ol the obsequies ai\: recti rn 11 g cqijs-tantly.
Practically the whole Ro)::il''poipii":li
will be dra;i_\l in m'ouiT.ing.. Masses
protlncer, the favotnhle opinicuis fnrni- i,carry from $1 to j-jSt) in "gold, 40 ozs.
ed hy relialile expert.s who have seen , silver, and 5% to 20% cop])er. Snii'uce
the couiilry, the tsiicct'-s which has so 1 values of Ihe pyiitic ores give $1-1 pee
far atleiuled tli'i! di'vclopinent prose- ; ion, and assays made fiom stilphtitets
cnti'd here under givnt difrjcull ie�� all j below the. plane of surface > oxi-
poijit to th'e certainty nf the Hi", Bend j disalion give from $3'lo $200 per ton.
foraniiifr a great mining camp. The ��� \\". Pellew Harvey osliinatos the cost
great d.ili.-ulty i~ ti'.iii.spni'tatiiiii, and ' of r.reatinent. as the result of expei'i'-
we are one.with the mayor ot the city I inents, ,-tt $0.0:) per ton.
in d edit ring the necessity of such j On these statements, which are
li'an>.|i(ii taiimi   b' ing provided.    That j furnished to.us hy Mr. Ur-ew.-ler. si'cre-
p.'diiu i-i ttiie <i'i win'cVlle-re "shdi'dd 'he'
no ditirtteiu-es amon^ liie people of
R"vols'toke.   "There  aie,   it   is,'true.
'tarv of the ��� company, tiie'property
ippeai'S to he a valuable one, and if
the  values are  home   out   hy   sitlwe-
Ed'.vard 'VII. i>y the grace of' GoJ, Ivng of tlie United Kingdom of
Great and Grcr.tcr i-lriiain and Ireland, Emperor of India and Defender
of the Faith, was horn on November ylh, iS_j j. and mai'i'iod'Her Ro}*al
Highiiess. P.'iicass Alexandra, eldest daughter of thc King of Denmark,
on March 10th. 1C63. ^;1C fon, H. R. Ii. the Dulce of York, and three
daughters, hern lo thc Koval pair, arc still living. Thc dauditc-s arc
Louise. Duchess of !'"ife. who i;r,r, t*.vo chiidrcn. Lady Alexandra, and Lady
Maud Duff; rPrincc^s \"ic!or:a ; and Maud, Prir.ccs:* Christian of Den-
'' TliM;Qll,;,';i,'>!,l|b,',''ce..iie,hic,iii(ii]al | 0f, flowers'from rare blossnms, eif s
of royalty, humble ponies from children, .thom-ands.1" of . (lower pieces
from the Arislocracv club,'societies,
rcuimciils, and wbikiiou<;C5,.arc laid
out in public view, some of*which arc
fading.       ��� ,'
Xkw York, Jan. 31.���The Produce and Stock Exchange, also .the
Chicago Board , of Trade will close
on Saturday on thc occasion of thc
Queen's funeral.
The  Dulce cf York'lias foa:
Prince Edward, Prince
:.i and P
differences  a.-,  to  the best   iiiimiii   of    cpieiit    development    the   'company
giving effect to -iicli tran^poi tat inn,
hill, .surely these thU'ei eiico can he
stinuoiiuli'd   by   I lie   g>n tji-nni'-iil   oh-
lainiug .1' I'rliahle ivpoj t ell tile
Cdiinti y there, and the best menu.- ot
giving .ii cess, to it, ;iml tluit point
pel I led. ev-ervhi'dv* IllliTe-leil in the
Welfare of the city s'iuiitlil : hen lie pre-
jiai ed to make cdiniiiiiii ciiu.se lor Ihe
Opel,ing up  nf ' 1 lint   intiutiy.    At   I III!
piuperly cannot fail to all'mtl ai
iidniir.-ilile field for the 11'inilliei'.i!ivi
eiiip!n\ inent. 1 if capita
AVliat is kittivvn as the Standard
Gump N held hy the Piinee Mining
and0Ui'Velopitii'iit Coin'paiiy, of Revel-
.stoke. The hoard of direetois cntisift.s
of   the   following   gentlemen:    Pie.-i-
, dent, II. A. IJiovvnj Vii-e-Pre.sideiil,  T.
present tiitie llleie are  tun   unmet I lee ,s ., .��� T       ���
1    ,      ,-.    ,        -       -, I  lavlnr :   Secretary-iTeaHurer,    J.    -M.
under ilevelorinteiit, 1 here,  , 1      -
I ofotl;' .^iipei'inteiiilent, (J.  J. Riinien-
���nin   cAnxsj _ cnacij   coxa.'LiDATL'n 1 |fi(, n   p<  >s,lliiiK   Th|J  c.nll,,���1My  ,-s
-'    --S-^. j capitnlised at, Pjl,000,000 in $1 shares, i.f
Thi'   was -the  origitml  of  the   two j which   573,000   weie    placed    in     tlie
coiiipai.ie-. .iii'-.v'a'('perilling    in     I lint | tieasiuy.
.lei-lion.    Vcitr in- and  yeal "out.  -hire 1     The propei ly con.sUls of nine el.liuis-.
isiarling   (iperaliin.j-',   , the , geiitlfiiien j ],H.;,(ed iii the  Standard  Basin  of   the
eiiiiiici Led   with   thi.s  enlerpiise    have    jrjiy. nend.   The  ore  ciirrieo   values a'n
stood liv it. in ihe mos.1 |ihiek.v in.niiiei,
healing    the    lJni'd.-'h'ips   ii cldenlal    lo
pioneering sin-h  a.s 'they  have   undei-
liiken,  with   i'le   din whacks   of   trail
gold,   silver,    and    eiippei'.     The   gold
values iim from   ,$1   to  "fj1.35  per   Imi,
1 he silver v alucs iVom ''![  cents  to  ftii
I the   coi'pei'  values  front   0%  lo   ~'-\%
pot la I ion, Ihe difficulty; nf  getting   ill
supplies, .iiril tile h,eavy, ,1,'iibL'   il,l till'llillg
tin 1 elo. and if ev ei men ilesei v ed   stii-
i-e'ss they do.
The (Iireelnis- of- ''llie'Cimes (."reek
('(iinpaiiv are.iMessts. V. MrCaily, C
II. Temple. I.T. Brewsleiy T. Udp.-il-
i-ifk. and \V". Gnvvan.. Thi.s eoinpany
was organised some yeal- ago will) a
c.'ipit-il stock of SI.OJO.OllO in ��] shales,
of which (!i)!),00.' weie re.seived \'<>i
tre.-isiiry pin jios,-'s.    Th'1 company   has
heen lliiinaged in a ��� iimsl   liti.sitie.s.s-hke j ofla-t year wit hfM
wav,   cai'tv ing ' 011   its    il-veiupinenl I "erg, nf IS'ew Vm k, vv Im is  01
The oti^ are also stall.d to f>luiw   black
oxides of coppei 1 mining up to,;"<)  per
cent,  copper,   hut.  these   will   only   he
found   in   I hev, region   which   has  heen
subject to atliidsphei i
native coppei   is   al
propei ly, due no dou
posit inn of t he sulphi
An average of lift
1 el urn of 10.(ii per res
vve have  imt, seen   11
wi iter had a ecu versa
woi I* as lIn- .subscript inns tn It- capital
permit Led., . ihe. dlierliiis pei Minally
providing the'funds tu keep thing*
going fi om lime to I line,
The pmpi'ily ���'!' iJn* (oiiipnnv roti-
r��istd of twelve cliiinis including the
Roseherv gr^up. ' "I1 lie claims 'me
crown trranled and I lie' roiiifiany also
hdlds 155 acres of land in fidditioii for
lownsile' |nii poses to which Ihe title is
crown granted, so I hat. I lie title to the
whole ol the coinpany'.s pmiu'iiy is unimpeachable.
The piiijierty ix localetl on Lookout
mountain between I lie uoill) aim south
lurks of Oitrnes Creek; anil i- well sin.-
u!ed for economic development, and
tiperal inti| its developiiieiil and mining
(ipeial iolis call , he cariicil 011 In cini-
nidi'i a lile ih'| I lis hy men 111 cf adits ami
t itiiiieis. ,.'���'.,-..
TheiejF * .���itvnlidiiiicc i'f liinhel 'iin Ihe
j^t'oiliid and ������wilier power limy hi" con-
���vl'iiienlly laid.. Good cabins have hern
erected, and Ihe camp Is Ti.i'.'good shape.
fni- .working : siiuiuii'i ami' wintei.
Ahnl'il .Iji^O.COl), has heen ,'i|ii'iit' ill, (le.
Velopiiient wm k, tlie I.IIU.M. .of vvhich
has been doije,011,1 lie.Tlnstihei-y .'clahii.
Tlie pi'opi'il v is (leveliipcil t.o'a depth
Lest, of American experts. |[. w n~ \
sent her.' by t'espnusjiili. ]J ��� -r��� 1 1 |i.'o|i|e,
a.'id he ha.l a fa vncahle iijiiiiiiui of lhi>
properly, and indeed of the whole I Jig
JJend country from wh it he f.iw of it.
FourlunneN have heen di iven on ihe
properly, find we are infoiined that
they have heen til tended with satisfactory results,
No. 1 tunnel has heen driven  -10  feel J     ��� 	
rtiuing four feet, of arsenical ii-..n. | pr0CSc��;0n and He ��� 0 "al Service to be
which cai'i it's ahout Jpri'ient.   cnppei . j.,,^  ,_  Pn,,alc.n!
and $!5 in gold per ton.
life���Mr. A. iS.jlliv,iii.
���1. The  Queen   as   .1   snvoicigu���Hev.
W. (J. C.ilder.
���3. Thf-'Quecn as a vvoi-kpr��� Mr. C. II.
Atkins. '.    ,
G.1 The Queen as an influence for good
���Rev. C. A. Piocuuierl
God Save the King !
Personal. , ' ��
, Superhifendcnt . jlarpole   returned
west on Friday.
S. Wilspn, of R.ttill', was n visitor to
Revelstoke on Friday
Daii Iluliinson left for the const  011
Tue.sday.evening.'   ������"���'t .  '
' itrP". I^ttipjecp,.editor of the Eagle,'
caine in from Ferguson on .Sunday.      '
F. E. Hohhs, G.P.R. master mechanic, J
came up from the south on Sunday.      ,1
" 1
Mrs.   Young, of   Glacier   IIousp, re- j
turned on Sunday fiom a visit to (he J
coast. , 1
Hon. YV. C. "Wells passed thiougii
Revelstoke en route eubt un, WVdues-
dnv.    ���
b. Ferguson retutned from the coast
on Tuesday and   leaves   for  home   to
11101 row. ,
Miss Gnuifc lias arrived from Winnipeg on 11 \i��.it to her sister, Mrs. \V.
Al. Lawrence.
Gold Commissioner Fauquier wont
to Trout Lnko on Monday and will
let urn on-Sdlurday.
J. 13. Smith left for New Denver on
Monday morning to assist in stock'
taking ut Bourne JJtos. hrauch store
0. S. McO.i.���(.'!���, \V. li. Pool, and J.
J. Young went south to Ouinplix on
Monday in connection with a large
mining deaK
P, D. McT-iwih, of the 13. C. Permanent' Loan and Investment Oo.'s
office at Vancouver, ariived in Revelstoke. yesterday.
.Mr. Pringle, who has been resident
iii'Revelsioke, for a time,   left  for   tin;
,Dc\yet Enters,Caps Colony. >
i       o
��� London*. Jan. 31.��� J t is reported
that Dcvv'et has en tercel Cape'Colony wi.l'li'.'i fairly strong Tcrcc. - Pi*1-
p'aratibns are beifig'n'la'de for"a^t!*,'eiT-
eral movement shortly 1))* the
News Notes.
\'ic-;'biu.\, B. C,   Ian.   u.~Thc
I atcamer Oucen  City reports much
���wreckage   has   been 'found  on the
west  coast  as thc result cf  recent
Rossl.vnd, D C, Jan. 3:.���A
conflict'of interest has arisen among
the claimants to water power of the
Pend 'Oreille live:*. Litigation is
"Moncton, N. B., Jan. 31.���-A
shortage of Si2,000 has been discovered in thc city's water accounts.
Ten thousand has been returned.
A Trr.nnction That Is Believed to be
of Much S;g;iificr.ncc.
OieS indliPi-Mf h.is sold his inteies*; in
ihe. Wa \\',i, 011 L-ifoiine creek, to \V.
IJ. Pool.
E. A. Allan, of Calgary, has trans-
ferre.-l his. interest in the Chilcdt,
Nulile Tluee, TteaiJwcll, Wa W'n aticl
Whiti- Liejili.int cliiinis. to the Donhlc.
Eiglo Minmg .md  Develijpmeui Cum-
i'~'ft    l*    l7i*\*P 'c'ri 1-n
I to lake pari and contrihnte the ''Dead
Match," and I hat the ladies societies
hp .T-ked to ass-ist in t lie draping of the
pera hou=t'btutahlv lo the occasion.
tunnel cut the vein at   1.)
espnsing thitiy feet, of. vein mailer
with xix feet nf ore. A win/" h-i*. heen
Muuk on this oi'e to a depth nt 7.) feet,
and lather il *|>leinliil 1 hilte of oiv a p-
lis I ||e ,'|ss,l vs at e at-ttcd   In   h.-ive
lo hiive  heen  developed   fit   thi-11
pnii.i. as liie assays nie ai-.ted   In   h.-.i .-| "';''���' W'���'' ll  i''i:_Il,!
1 10 '    , , ,   ,-,, ~,\    Vi inil-nr al ]'...ji.
a vim aged ].; pel cenl copper   and   !.Stui)
Th" f.inei-,! df ���') :ce;i Vi\ lorin i.s iixed
for   '���'> iliu d,i}*.      Tiie   pmces-ion i-, ex-
j pi'fS'd Lo (Mtijiy tv. 11 ho ;;-:, I i;t verging
1 Ijii.'iiinn fro:::   Viflni :a
dillgtoli    sialion.   vv he"
On the call of D. R.   Alkin* il.e .'iiidl-
ence '���ang " God S ive the King," and
lince cheer.-* and ,i tiger Were given t'ol'
I King Fdwiiul.
ration in Pad-       o��� Tuesday  evening tin* committee
���   tlie inieial   m,.|,  as   ;)]ipoi 111ed, luiL  some friction
1 :i.:>.i.,.i).. te,tciiug   anise   as   lo  tlie  older of   pidccHsimi.
The meeting accorded the Masons first
Oa Mn.-iili.v m,gjiitii lai-g-ly atteiided j ,,|;ll.e and   the  representatives .of   the
held iii
��� Hi
il:--'M'a.yor... ivas j y,,;!S (,f TOtiglaiid- and ��� the Orangeinetl
i-,., v:
ll'.eiunl i.'ii
that a un
liie. i 1 iir .<"
1 nl! V.tMll'li   hy
>..).,J lire. iiaM. tht; Mi) of pre- j rcspeclively   deiiianded   second  place.
Ii.w.rsdccided'to hold ,'i united'j Vi'ith   a.   view ':to avoiding friction, it'
in gnlil ��� . . , . , ���: ���
Tin 111 el Nn. Il has heeii 1 mi ,;it �� depl h
nf Kit) feel 'from ! he surface ;iiul  .strin k
tiie dl'e lindy in   irlinllt, -'2d'i)   feel..  Mere
Ihe   HiiMii'1   if*   ^t :i Led.' to    have. , "run
���hroiigh '10 f. e! (.if \"in   ma tier carrying   \i   In   -'i   p'ei   cent, ���copper. ��� Tin-, , .
lu.i.telwMssiillin.a  miiirniih'.'d Mhu ��>'"���'���.'��'���''��� ������"l-vsc;;;,,itves o,���.,he di.'Jei- : mmmittee to arrange the order of pro
hv latest acciuttts,      '.                              ent     f,i,m.., >* '   siicte: :���-. ^ unroas. au.l ; cv^i,,,,.    -
'Tunnel No,-I is located at apoilit. IJGf)   ^">V^ 1 ^np.-.l ��l. ine scm.nls, auu
S"i-v;re and ;irnrpss;n'i, ami
^���ting he' iir: a>iged. <r.\ i he j'n!-
eui.r.g when  -ilie  ma V"!' and
rep.i.t'si-nl;:iives,'s!viiild-   fi rii.i
was   resolved  that tlie M.tvorand Al*
d'crriieu. Ahrahanisoi'i  and Net tie, who
d   ni'it   hi'long   to   any, society, he. a
Bros. "Wuts.nn  and��� Eil.iyaril.s*, as rep-
sniitli on Wednesday  inorniiig  011   lii-iip.,,,;.
return to Winnipeg. [     The nn'ulil- E ,g!e Mining  and   De-
Dr. Procfer, of Ivamloops, who is ! veSipmetii ' Company di-ivc s,,!,J to
oiieol the 1110stMicce.ss.fuI and iiopiilar j Alfied Oci.iv mils Kithv, of Lnndnn,
medical men in'the Ptovince, wu.i ,1 i JCi-hiiid. the White LVphnut, 'J'tend-
visitor to Kevi'lsiiijiij on ymiday. 'well,    Nnhle   Tlnep    eho'ius,    .-nid    an
A. (J. Tlioinpson, of the Ki)��>land 'eighth intpn-st in the W.-i s"\\*.t ,.,,���]
Miner, ihi-it violtor to lit-v elaloke, en ; Cm leaf ij.uiiis on Lifurme Cr-iek. llig
route lor Victoria, where he will act a.s , iiend. .ind aisn .a th'ni iuieiest in the
.ses.sKnial correspiaideiit  for Ihe Miner, j M"senw el.iiius on P.i ,1 creek*.
./. ./. Y'linig nf C.ilgny. itt'd \\". li.
P.ini, i.f I lev el-ii,,'ce, li.ive si,',| their
lnteie.sis in tin; Moscow and O.ieituil
claims ot. Poo! cieek.   nnd   the   Silver
linvv, jjuitc, i!!ack Diciiimnd "ii Lex-
iiigloti ci��t-k, and in the 'Tieadwell,
\\'.i' V>",i. Ctiilc.it and
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relumed on Thursday lrnm a lii|i]
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Mr.   D.'xon,  of   the  Ogilvie Milling , ^A)Ui   >y���,Kl.t
Company,   who 'i.s   one   of   the   hest ' White    |;:,.,,J|
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of calling 011 Mrs. J. M. -Scott, who is ' to Revelstoke, Mr. Kirhy heing ex-
an old Iriend of theirs. pected  fhnu   London   next   month   to
The many friends of II. A. Perley,    make arnm^ements.
the  popular  host of  the lintel Revel-j; '.' ..  . - .'   ..,�����>���       ,,.' .,���
stoke, will he pleased to learn that i  New-'Teacher'for the Public-School-.'
Mrs. iVrley of the Allieita   Hotel, Gal- J -������__ ���
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���    ������ ' , Hischunl will  open  on   Mondiiv  111   the
Says th.* Winnipeg Irlhune: "Mr.;'! Oddfellows, Hull which tlie scbyoi
W. A. Gallilier, the new Lihernl mem- j t.rustpes have had vp.rv comfuruibly
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111 the city hefore the end of the. week \ modution of tli-S .Utile, ones. .    '"
en route(lo Ottawa, to attend the ses- j     Miss M. A. Fraser,. of  New. West- THE KOOTENAY MAIL  ZbtMooteviM  .1/1,' CLISI.IR'D ���������]���������: V.K11V Til UKSDAAA ;,  R3VELSTOKE,:B.C.,  S-abaor'lptio-i   Priss,   52.00   Per   Annan-.���������  ADVI^HTISIXG ,' RATL3 , o.tiotcd ,' on'- appli-.  Ay. ,eation.'������������������ '--A-. A- .."������������������'/'-���������   '.'.'.,'"���������������������������:'.��������� : '������������������  f j OJS Pill N'I'IXO. of every kind n't most reason  i     able rates iiml shortest notice. / .,  ���������ACCOUNTS for.(job printing or. ���������adv.c.rtisini;  ,!'... : jiriynblo on the first, of .every month ; sub-  ��������� A,s-riptibns payable stricjjy id i.ii. v|;i nee.' -  Cb:MtKsj!'C;XD^*<Cl'i>iin-it,C(f o:i;;;iil iiuiffors  .'���������;���������:-������������������ oflobal orpiibliiApfc.res-f. (All Conitiiutricn-  ,* -;: fipils; 10; tilt:' KllitOl'Milllj-jt bu.. 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LIOLDICM:  ':'..:-J;' ANALYTICAL,'..CH'UMfST. AXD A'A  <;t-'-a'A"!:-':?" /!". A^aykit.. "��������� ',;"A" '/Ai';:::/.  (A/Royal School of���������'Mines, London." rl A'A.y '���������,' ������������������;',.   >  : .--oVcn; years,at Moi'faAVbrks, Swansea, ;���������   .  ','.': Seventeen -.years Chief .'���������'.Cli'ciinist,. to AVij/iin  :G'ciio.iind;Jroii..Go.y K:i|A i". ;Vi -A -,A(: ���������'.'���������   ���������,';../  '<'������������������.'.-';';"  :    Ltilu CliOiiiist'aiiilA'S.-.'iyeivTTiill.Miiies, 1,1(1.  '���������'.;'��������� Kv'ery (los-cHiition  b^ assay f iiml   iinalyl.ieal  ���������.workun'ilertiilaai. it'.i-:^-:' :v;......'': ;.;.::���������,....^ -;..;.'-.���������.;: :.���������.,  ,,:   C'laiiiis exiiiiiineil iindroijorteil upon..      ..-,���������: ���������.  .���������:'...i'in';\'.E,hs::,(.)ivi-:,-'n'.."o:i. v;      :,,:���������....��������� ':���������;,-.>.  sible  and   lessening, considerably   tin'  cost of getting .supplies in there).    ' ��������� "���������".  THE DDNAL1) CEMETERY.  AVe hav.-*"(o suggest to ���������tlie".',govern;.'  ment the desirability  of   mitkii'ig   |.iri ���������  vision iii the e^tiin.'ttes'.of ��������� the 'cdmim .  siission for asmall v-ot.e to fence in   tin  cemetery, rit .Donald.,    There, are  nian  in; Uev'ers.toko vvhohave,   buried, then ���������'���������  the remains of 'thp')0.near;.ai.id.'idear.'t(  tlimn.     ; The,, icenietery , is   furhishc.',"'  , vvitli 'hiany.; huiidsohi'e ;iiipiiamentH: he'  | sifies.tliosciof   liutiiljler design, and   it  is revoltitig.;'to   see, God's.   Acre   tlieri;'  ! ly|ug   ih 'its   unprotected   coiidithiii.,  ':\Ye are. sure that 'it   I lie,   iitle'ntion "of  the Ildii.   \Y. :Q. Wells,   who.; repre  sents; that district in' A he   Legislature,  'is drawn to .the m;ll|..ei:   he ,,will 'take  the' I'lf'cess.irv' ,stcps to ha've sonie.   such:  suggestion ���������its.  thitt, ;ive.'. nci'vv    innke  .'���������'    ^i-/ ���������'���������.';  '��������� u:"!::. :v :'o'.'   ���������'���������'/'���������'  carried'out.;:;.'-: ';.. r-;;. ���������" :' v.   ������������������;';"; .V' ';-:  ��������� ITi'FiviiniXf- to'the proposed' hospit.-  n;���������'lievel.st'okc lii'i'.'Trbut "Xakiv Topi;  . ivs:    ,"The movement: is a coinm  :':'ile. o'iiV. and foi' ���������'���������Revelstoke- anil   th;  ,:,n roiuuliug coun'try .:i  very.; n'o'ccssiii  . t'e.   . luil'ure '...'de'velgpiiiei'its .' will   < !������������������  vioke.d ;fo;;w,tr(l. : to   vvitli   interest, bv  rrout Ij'iiIcp.^ people."'/��������� ,     ,/  ; PiiOVJSicS^; sluuld ;be'.;m;ide ..inVtlie.  :'Siii)i;iles to be submit ted to the   cian-  ���������    ��������� -��������� :���������<*' ������������������-..,   -}-    - ���������-.        '���������������������������������������������  ���������iiy'.session.,*.if, fh(i Legislature for the.  itiijifovoiiit-iit of t he .���������grounds . at;,.the;  court-hciuse'.iit.'lievcisloke.;'.',A' :grant  ,'��������� -.'���������'��������� '''..���������     ('.v ";   . !,..' ���������:  :,��������� ;   '..������������������������������������'���������    ,..     ' ,,/  ������������������������������������,        '       ���������    ��������� ���������  vvi'is;i'ii'ade by,the. Legislature:...'for;- this,  purpose, soiiio tiin'er;i.'goJmt.;vv';is ifeyer  (vvpi'iided.;;; The coiii't ho use ������������������ is. a. crcd i t  t(i"t'lj''! City and Aliirg'toui'dsi'-sliould lie  planted and laid out so as. to, he: c.oi'i-  sbnant .vvith'such an iinportaut public  building.      ,  .".;;:"''.;.������������������'���������.'.     .:���������1',.., ���������'.���������>,.vv,.v''..:r  ;K  ,i D WARD ;A. ��������� !:IA G'G EX& ���������������������������,  ^���������'.v^IixrrccX.r.IilNCi'JN.Kiiiir  :,(-M,Jiii.':''A,iii'2'r:(-iiir' Iiis'dt-:ite,.'MiiiiiVp'!Cii'';:!iaeiv).  ���������.;/,.''; t.AIeiii..tVa':ia:Ii.'iii?,Iiiiiiii;' In.si.Uate.)   :,'���������;::  :'"'..'���������. ..','.: '/���������:: '-:."...������������������ ' '.'^ '",      ������������������'',.'���������'���������.������������������������������������/'���������   v'.--.'���������.- '���������''���������.'::  lC\'aliiin:i',.io:i of-'iind n^nj'r't.'s iiiiMiaj'.'a! Prc-  y-'.������������������'���������>���������.���������;.::���������:���������;:-     \ -.���������pci'ties ii.'tr;iaei;d::.y.������������������,-. :':/���������/���������.������������������../���������.v.y^.-'  ^fe;;1l������Qie^  ;TIIlJRS:DA^v^.rA>-JUAi;tY;::!.l,-TGOl;'v  - ;��������� ,'MUR mi N D U ST R1ES ^M^TEb:  :'"���������'" ;Trjyvv-;utilif'-oS '-vcl!:-" ���������yOiThAliereTTiji't-tif  ; the people of''the ;;city   toi :ta!;e; sfeps-  i;;to'vards.e.nde;iv;u!;i,ng;'t()   enlist   c;ipil������T.  '���������1-'i!v-tlio.esv."0-j'is'iiiiti';it''."o.f-' \vbotl'.-pu'lp.ciiicl.  y-papc'i' manufactiifing v at .'.Revelstoke.;  This city is one of. tl)er;niost   favorably"  ,s;itu;ited:jX)iiits,;;,it)   (he .dDuininiiin 'for-  ' the est.ablisliinent.of :t!iei!):iu.s'. i.'y, .and  't hat./indust'ry is oneAvhicli .has;.'' pixiveu  to leanon^st.the, inoxb: remui;erative i  -���������:a: rKcitEAi'roN-Giioub;d��������� :\,  :''������������������':'���������;,.  ������������������:,'���������  ^,- . ,,. .'��������� |y.    ':".  .'. Revelstoke'; hits' ;v mugnillcenfc, endowment from the '])oin.ifiioii Govern-,  iiiehtior ;'i'ecn:'iii|pi'i ptirposcs; on the  i-or111!;side: of:;tlifi:;G. P.,li: 'track:. A;TIic  enddvvnient/'Coinprises.SRveral;acres of  :..,,��������� .',���������:, ,���������-������������������.   '���������,-'���������   .       ���������'��������� .��������� ������������������ ���������" '..; o"''     ��������� ..    :' }'��������� ���������  'terraced 'land .'suitable for;.liiyii)g out  fur;sports ���������find.; for 'thi':;; benefit ; of : on-  ���������lwfjlc'e,rs!'V The city Council.;ii;e trustees  of jli.is enclbvvjiient,;but so far; notlijng  has been IcloiieV t<j; liiiikcv ��������� it-.iiyailcible..  \Ve li'u.st; tlje'no.'v: mayor and ;COU,nciJ-  :will;gi;ve"the'inatLer;:some. consideration;  as a well; laid .out   and : nicely,,'plan ted  ���������:.' ���������-.;' .:-.   ';''::;."   ���������.!.'.:. r:: ������������������ ' .:���������.:',.������������������,-<���������������������������. .''.������������������. -v;   ;.'.������������������.���������'.-."���������.'.���������.  recreatioii;^g)'Ov:iild;;is a growing /neces-;  ���������sit\'Arf'; a :c:tAJ: lik'e   lluvolstok-'.   "-'.The'  ;c-itjza'ris/.'\nll..''dq\  yebuneik.by 'private;, subscriptions;; and  Avbfking beesAo-prociile thi: city^ vvitli  a 're c ri -a t i t a i'. g i;.ou 11 d ���������'..���������. \V li i c I i :; w i I j v .Ti e , a  'credi't>,tb":it;'.',iind a booh Ad Abe :peopl6  .resident befe.;';: .���������'.'���������;-!-,;.'��������� '���������:-:<-'-'-'���������':      ���������'.���������'.,.'-.  ..;;;:: , Ti L E:;;H<i)3PTTA!'^ SITJEi';;.;���������'��������� J-'-  -,i ���������'-:.''.'"'''&*'>;������������������}'.    ������������������'::��������� ;;;:'T���������~.:V   ''������������������'. "���������''���������.'"^V-1^I;;'?^''V;  ; ;;Superinteh:leut .Diic!i(^;uiyy suggests'  ������������������in'fregard,,.ta.".t:lie''',sil'(5:'^  diQspi'al,>' that -eyet-y   care;; should-die:  ���������'tako.nvih''^  tdiai; sucii site" sliuuld, ,be' "cciilrai.^Jle.;  ���������c/iiisiclet*^ytliat;v;a;;,,siic  ; retjuirmnen'ts' vvgiild .-��������� be;';t hat Aui.; tjie  .;iipi,lli:Ni.d.(j of the������;.;!;P;d.l.,,.;ti-ack . liRiti;  'tire.dvbotenay'd.h'ftvytpw/y  "/cii'nsifln  lijvvci*: sect ions-; of; t lie city. "The;; site  i;p'f(-t'i;,cd 10;is the, property ,of������������������'i'li(���������;'���������.C:, P.'  R. and A: '��������� :S^:' Farvvcll.; and ycpuliL no  Tin* .World is'the-autltdritwfcir 'the  statement^;! hat; ;t he 'Dominion''.' cabinet  .will he reconstructed, aud-will include  a v Minister r.(frdin :.��������� 'British ^Goliiinbia,  Aulay^,;i\lorriso:i ���������.��������� or';.G.V.Rj:;Maxwell  receiving.;; the portfolio; ��������� Tiie AVoi'ld  adds-": '.'*'To, liie,., opei)ing'up,pf;,this  couiitry^apd ; its- development.'it is  gratify ing,. tb'; know Alint the go vei*n--  nitiii t. iii tends A.o.'de vote' ;iiipre attention.  ;di'ati has heretofore;been;fhe c'ase.'^?; ���������  !:J",f;:���������'A;;:CITY, COUNGIL;;:: 7-M'fy  Resolution of^ Gbnciolenps: and L'byalty  ;; Passed-;-Fiirther-Bii,sin  Tlie first;iegiiInV weekly- liieeting :of  tliccity^ciuhcil was Ifeld'atJ'tli^ cbuiicii  chiimher/nn;/Friday.'; nightA Present;:  His,Ayi)rShi|.);t;he;;Mii.ybi/;incl Alderint'ii.  Ta'ylois;Ala'iih;iiiisoi)r:NeU.le':McGiirty,  ''Ni*\vman';.-ind\Ijd.im^  ���������: J ii open ii ig the in tie ti ng; His .Woi'.sh i 11'!  Alii' Miiyot-fiiiiih he[",wbuldi '���������''ii.iiive- for a,  .suspension: of, the.rides,;. owing 'to  I he  'sad:"i(iic\ys'-'t'hi';y/:--.Iiiid;"..,i'oc'ch  ':de,iith'.-';of:,'I:Ierf lateS'JiIajestyy': Qiicear  A'icforia.': Vdle; suggested .tt.iiiito:'; thei  'coti.h'cii.iadji'iu'ri'i ;ind;.that.;:a;, inoLion  of  condpleiice froiiiAhe Citvpfltevelstiike?  lie., pi'epanjd,,;;-."anil- ./forwarded.";.-. The,.  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A feides it alloi'ds   ii -great' > <S it:is';l,acked   .up; :i.y.rA.ho .''luisi.iies.s 1 Honor.!,, convey; ������,���������: the  Sycrctary  of  ,������������������������������������.������������������: . .���������, '������������������'��������������������������� ;'.���������;������������������-     ...   ;: . .-,;���������.       ;��������� ���������,������������������-..'...��������� ������������������;  ,.,--,  -.   ���������.-..;' ,     .: ������������������; .spi I'ovv .or   tlie 'citiZ'ns ..or.-Revelstoke  This city..ough't; lo   beydependein/;'on  suiuetliing   more, "than ������������������'.tlie y:C/P., 11.'  ' Workshops; for; tlie; ein ploy tne. tit  of; its'-  Jalior.,'.., .Dull������������������ time's under   |ir'e,seiily cir-'  ''cu',mVt:uic'e's;,;-\v.()uld':liiv-iiior.o  .'e.Isibk,'c'.''tIianA.ityj:lieV'.';'ci',;v   ha'd!:  inore'l  fts'sistance'o^ its;!*evvsp?iper.y ,;Nor'; can,  a'paper grow -md biiild.'iip us'.yi.ocaii.ty.*  ywillioii'*; ���������! lieV.n'ssi.-ita'nc.e.v'-df' Aii'n'' -I'i'.in'..  .Business;men'.slioul,:!. reaiizA,���������tii?s,.ati'd:  rentember that in' giving support ;.t.o a  newspaper illevarenory opH'v;���������'buil'.li.ug;,  jsieadvAhnuslrj^ '."'i^htj Jip./tlie.tr.ovO.tr business.������������������ ���������!-,;;?. -are. jieiphig;  [r*\y:/'\ Slackness;,,.of' >."t'i\-i.ii.sp,oi;tiitioiV|-'t<>,:'V'S"Ppo.rt- A-!:at:������ '������!iich-..is;   vrurki:^.  business means  'laving- oft'   scores: ofl^teadily yorAlto^bctu^A "of'; tiie ..whole  ii'i'ost..successful lecoiil. The industry  is only ���������slui'ted An, N'nveuihiT, ill the  iinll'factory   in,' First .Street, and into I  '������������������'������������������.. '���������..'������������������ ���������-';,'     r' ���������'"'���������''       :-'; '.  '  ';���������'' ,,','h   high J'avnr   ha ve the^iildduct.s of  ":,'������������������<���������  facloi'v : cniiie, that   th.e., (jo,iu|)'aiiy  , '(' iinahle to keep'.iiji vvitli their orders,.  . ;ive .to, increase 'tliei: ���������. staff,-.'ahd ��������� will  ��������� iii vc'to (ilitiiiii larger p'ri'iiiises. .��������� None  'itthii I iest/f foreign le.'if toiiiiccds ;ire;  ,'ised in t hey ni'anufacture'of Ihe'ciga rs  ; iir ii eil... on i ��������� hy tlie Company,and the  i ml ust r,y as, riipiillyy I lectin i iiiga credit  to the'..'citv. '..'J'he- CVi'mp'aiiy chiploy'  liii.netiiit union la,hpr..:     A'"    A.-y  'The, success of the enterprise lias far  exceeded   the  most, sanguine: ;iutieipa-  tiiiiis nf the proiiiolei's./yA,- Hevelstoke  gep'i'leiiian,.-; vyhii  has, jiist.A'f'uie,';front'  Mellon,'.and' is in noAvay. in'tei;e.slcd in  .tlie hii'siuess, iiifiirnis  us th,-it'lleToniid  ii   gi'V'iit ��������� demand    there   for   special  ��������� hijinds'of,'cigars; manufactured bv the  R.eye|st.(ik(A/Cigar;.'; C(iin|lan\'y". these;  special hraipAi heiiig t lie.'.;���������,Oiip Special"  a lid the"1;". Union.",; These cigais 'hd'yii''  iilrt-ady tin;'.reputation', of \.hi-fiig   Ihe"  I lest ..cigars, .manufactured; in, J3i'itish '  CnitihTliiiuAy,^  practical :cigar ni'aiitifiicturi'.r (ii dnrtg:  experience, is ', iiianagei' of.' the.slock:  de|iai;Tiiient. : ���������.��������� Al rl*' St'ewai t was'eonnec-  t.ed wi th the cigiit- ftictoi'V; ii t Iviiniloops  'for:siic;ye;trs. :''-::. '���������;AA,y,y';.;y-A';. .;.;:"���������"'',';   :  "���������'.'; SH.NGLE  MILLS  FOR T.RQUT:.. ���������  :U' '.���������'':':'' - "������������������"::'.;(Tro"tT,iikeTojiJci) 'v:'A/y*;:. yi ',A  ^ SteveAVoods was iii last night and.;  ini'nrined.us that'die.iii'ul H.'L. G'iidsde.  had .iiiiideAdl:ne;cespiiiv\*.;ai'riiiigei:i'enfs,;-  fo'r setting iiti ;t sli ingle, in ill.    The ina-  ,    ���������:���������;������������������:   .'   ���������'.-'        ;���������. ;���������"���������.���������.'.������������������������������������.������������������.-. ���������- |.'---   ������������������ '-     >:  chineryAbasAiJl: heen, yordered: audit  will niit.jheyery long hefiiri'Mt is avaip  iil'ileA ; For the./present,��������������������������� ������������������;i\i.r,. AVonds  saidy ythe yiiii!ly;wi|I :;:-l).e.-;-operatI'd..'Iiy;  piivvei' ..furiiislii'd ;. by the.sa.wmill peo-:  -)!<;.".. Tt.; is; expected that t he niillAvill;.  lie in /operation; hefoi;eythe,opening rif,;  th(^..si)i'ing;.se;ison.,;- ���������.;-A:./'A :y -y;  ;';G., W;/ C,-iroth'er/.infor'nis. ;lhe. Topic  Iliatyhe,.h/id.si'iit'iivv.'iyfiiV' his shingle  ���������mill,:r���������i*i. M iciiigiin-;ii'nd-expected;/ h'iffc. it  ������������������.would he in/Arrnwhradjshoi t.Ij*.':: When ���������  the. liiii'chiiiei'^yiiri-ivesdl.Will he set lip  ;in". Ti-niit   r/iike; aiid , gii ty read v for the  lio(iiii/jn:: tat ild ing ���������'./ex peeled/yyitli.tliiv.  .���������V)])tMiiiijj:ii'p.''pfv-S>'lM i.iijij;;'-''/;-^"^'i.:''.A.y'V.lA'"i"'--*'":-'..'''''''"  :;::r;/Tl':IRyLUj!BKRAN  i',;;Tl]y?: Glohe 'vvvi'i(.es/:, ; Soine^ Of' the  liiriiiliCrs (if t.heBrit.ish.UiiIiiiiihiiiA.lcpii-,  talibtrwill; applyyt.ii, lhi>,/Gbvei liiiient,;  for ay bop u's i'tir ihayestiihlishnieiit': rf.  shipliiiildiiig/in Dril isli Cidmilhin.'���������-.11'  is^ chiiiiujd/;(,lialtv..'ihcvcieel.ion/of/ the'  ship-litiild/tigiiitlusVryjs liie. piily;;;way;  hyywhicJ.i.'.Bril ish;(J(iliiinbi;i luinlicrinen  caii'��������� lidpe,..,(o. get. chijap.:;(''ce;i.ir fri-.ight.  r;itesj:fniv. t.heir.���������Iiuti'lier.-iV They, export,  to Austi'iiliii,/ Siiii /Francisco,/./South'.  Auierica/ aiid':,; |ihgIaiid;y'.Tiie': yesse'Is:  '������������������i't'e!:VV\y.'ned'hi'aj'n'l.v;,!i^  ���������a L Piige.t'Souiid/ .vy ho tiiirki':;;.Ganadi;tii,  "cargoes pay 60 ct?nl:.s per Alio nsand, iVet  :i.i,i'pre.'.'.t ban - is required/: for/, ;Hhited,  States shiphieiWs./ '",'.';;-'���������;" - ,;'",,;''���������''���������������������������";;<r.  ;':'/A/,,"���������':INDUSTRIAL-NOTESyy,;/.';'..:  .^Mi'.; Teinple.Mnri'Vuan cf ������t!ie G. P.'R..  work shops,.informs us/that, the;���������.shops'  are /foil ;i',f;vvc)i'k:;,'it pi esciit' find tlie.  si aft fully I'nipl oy ed.; ' /./ , ;v.= ��������� ���������/ y:  ;:��������������������������� H'./.,W. Edvvv;ii-ils, ;' t,;ixidei-inist..������'has:  'cdinplet'ed".t.h'e stuffing, and mounting  of t.wii i.-irg.e linrned ovvls..' which ;ase  Mil ('/.specimens of i.he ���������ta-'xide.r.i.i list's .-tr-fe.  aIM V. PEi?;CS PROPRIETOR  (.",;      ..-���������..-������������������;���������  "Ai:CK    AXD    AVE1A-;  LIGHTED  ': Ha:.:PJAC :i;OOMS.   Ilen'ted by  '"y^NSMiut air iiiiil'e'leetrie, bells and  ligbl in every room.   l*'ree bus inccts-all  trains.".',''   ��������� , ���������'',,      ���������' .���������-,:"���������..:-,��������� ���������     ,���������',,���������'  ���������   K2ACC::ABLE; EATESi'.  Xi|;bt, llriil Ilcdin in i mini itiiiii for thf  eonvenii nic <if f,'iic-ts .nriviiiK anil ilc-  ]i.ut:n^ by niubt tonus,    lluurl.v ������lrcct  ear bctvvien liUtl and station.   REVELSTOKE, B. C.  '8  n  Y7T-IOLESALE  ine&.LiquopMepeh'ant  ILSTDKE,  Eot4  lOT'E  *  1 ABRAHAiVlSGN BROS.  r same nianagement.  QUEEN'S HOTEL;  TnCUT LAKC CITY  "3  t  &LS  :?*���������  Vt'tsA ^   ^r^^Tls1^",|K"'ll-,,<1 l,.v������f������.of PailiiunentlSoo.  HEAD OFblCh .  : . . .MONTREAL  /���������'... ���������-,.'.:��������������������������� Wm. Moi.sox MACl'insusox, Pres.       S. II. Rwixg, Vice-Pres  riAfrA^   ,,,,,-, -Lvmics Kli.iot, Genera] lManager  PAID UP CAPITAL - .      ���������    ,t;,mmn  n r'cr n \ j n *r 2 > jOO, OOO  pSLRVL - ,. . ,     . .        2|05o,coo  ,;y:��������� ;,   {fcnet'.il b.in,-inK business lr.uis.lt,tcl.   Intel est, allowed on .leiio.silsiit^iirreiit, rates.  J.';D.;:M0LS0N,1Ieiiag8r,  REVELSTOKE, B..C.  Established 183G.  ifSonaD, leFeei  /  05  Incorporated .1805  iiu  )  lutliiig  A:!ieni;  on '  .'coiii.muni.tv.'  sh o r t. fi in e,-i a I'd so red u e in g tlie' 's'pe ii d,- ]  i:ig'p6u-.������r'of tlie/periple/'aiid; such: ;t J.  '���������'���������eri'n'ditio'tit.'.of ; liiingsAcatiiiot ''iifiect   ;mi  ���������i industr.yjikn 'JiaA.Vif.' liie'', vvoofl ��������� pulp���������'  and, paper.making   Industry, /for-  the j  product ,oc. which there, is an, ever; in 'i  ..,���������,;���������'   '. ���������: ��������� .- '���������, ;������������������������������������''' ,        '���������������������������'' ��������� ��������� ��������� j  "cr^n'siug 'fletiiaml at''all' times' 'good-  AV,  A SrM.MERrFATR  trg^st'- Inat ''sl/os  t.-rl-eii:  'biicJ.   'Thei'c'..-ue' in in v. }z' eat/ be'ls  of  rl. uriti'g'ttii-' coi ni tig spring, to ���������itiaygii nf:  a s'titiijiier fair for ���������Revrlstnkev-,''J here  is h(i i-.easdh .win*., s'uch "art ; iristU'iiioii-  cessfnl -i'lnrilVai',  Aoi; thegreatyinss,sustained. ���������by/Ahtv-la-'  , incnt^O; de;iti) of yijur Ridoyed-Qiieeh,  .^'hVi-e' 'i'iui'.:;'.'!-vi:)l:e,,;'-'a'rid  g''iier6u/;,lifA  has lyAAAred iiei ���������'���������to iiihher, siihject.s   iii.  this pay I yf '''the '..va'st   Ktnjiii-e  so ���������dung,  ���������::;til4';.l  ��������� h'y':, jve;:.   ," They,.'Avooid./declare  ::rh';ir '���������"' h'yaiiy    to';,.'.!! is; Afa jest V ' Ivi 'r-g  . Hiiward, ,ar;<L i'ii::;'i:y.'imp;: dhat '.'his'-  'r'eJgVi ijiH;y/hci,.:a., ipng. yiikl ' pcospCrtsus  ',0'r/i.lie iij/iiii-m 'of'Aid. '.Ahruhainson,-'  s.ec'ovide'd .hy ..Aid.   Settle, 'At.   was.''(re--  ,'r,'Skilv.':d:'!ii-ia't. '-ori' 'irt'ouhf'' of/;'t!n������' sath  itij'elligel'ice "of ��������� !he,������y;d^aUi/-nr    'iJei'  el. 'je-'fy '���������l"'',(',i -V'sCtorja, /tlie. A';'.'i'i'iineii  sivi-iiii a'-i,i'.i.:'ii''ii''ed 'for''cil.y   inisPxiess -till) |   /^:  !i.i'!>'J-^l'e.fiin'*d*ai.-  '������������������" ... ���������  ';y Kootenay Lodg-o  ������������* Ka 15 A.F. & A.tVI;  ������^t*-:,,A.;i'-.-.'--^i_-f.'--.--:.-  IP   '���������"'���������'*   f'V r^!,c..1'cKu'lu'II,ccti"o's  "������������������^sssjjs&c2|sj^ ,':':ai'e' lield;in the-'--Mas-  ���������^Iv^^j?^/!!?/)' '.'oiiieTeinpld. Hnai-ni:  .flj^^S^fiHlli^Hall./������!... ;tbo .- thirtl.  '^^;?^~r-'j&&^$������-������yu\<\n\\\  j:t: S''.)i'.,' in  1^i^?Ti*^X'^^.*^\jr~- -; Visitin������r , liretbren  -   ���������-������-,=:���������--^���������.vav-    y   cDi'iUa'ly welebiiiu,!,  ;o: s.y*\k.!CA'n'i'i-:itv si-cu'-tauyJ .  R2v,5;i.pT.o:c3:'iiODGr:,:. o. p. f., no. 25.  ^C^,.^%%q^ ',   /rteprnlavmeet.i'nirslirolield  '���������-���������'<''A:ft4wS&A��������� in'0:litl'i'.'(l;ovv^s'Hall every  ���������'.������������������*' ^r^^&wl^h r''!'>'N:!ay niiclit at  cielit  s  '  <f<^ji������%������<x$o'clock.   Visiting brothers  .     .':'���������'-' ^-^ir    cordially vvolcpnie.d.  X.'t;���������'IvD.WA.IlI'S. X.G.:   '���������.XA.sfoXKi'-S'KC.'  ! should not be in;-,.  event  '(lore'si-'adjacput "to .ihiA ci'v "���������carrv'-'in-i; j   ���������  1        ���������������������������������������������.- ..-���������.   ~ ! tu.int._  the. wuod -I'l a in /   ���������   .,"  ;- ��������� '    ' .' or   the   citv,  timbers 'well adapted  ,;l AH'y1'-:  ,:      ., ,"'- /r graiid -iipf  for.t.u J11'_'ir);g ������������������*������;i t the iniiMir;.;!  ���������r ftp A T--' 5"m'-h-3 e''6.T;f  :LUuALiwjyo.l'l  ������2*^:-::h.:i 1.02GS, mo. 12,1.0.0. f.  ���������Meets every Tuesday.  /fey-siSs^   'eveninjf in'Oddfellows'  ���������W''    Aw\ M.iilly.iit. ; iv ���������jroinelf.  ?) V'isitin^ liretbrcii eoiv  dially  invited   to  at-  i i'. '���������'     ,'- ���������'       ��������������������������� A.--.. tctl'lA y       ;"A'    ,/'���������  i'A.-I''. kfXAAl'l). X.-.0;::'     .I-..JIATTH.I:':, St:c.  ���������Ay'l/: ;' Dawson, Y.' T.       Vancouver; B. O.   ."  ..  ":,(-:: IMI'OUTI'I'SAXJ* .lOHriKhij OK  i/'HAED"W"ARE. .};  Iron//Steel, Class-. P.i,���������ts, Oils. Metals, Stoves, Tinware, (Anies etc'^etc  ���������WE.XVK B A SPECIALS 'OF SUPPLIES fur' Mines, aiills", IJIaSitt  !l"'u"'?;ll'v'' G'.iitt,tLtois, Lumbermen, etc.    A "en is for : ���������- ; .       \.  .; :c,:' .Gi.iiitl'imderC.).      J-*airIiiiiik< Sciles.      lk'iinett'.s, KnSlis|, Vnic ,    "\T, icsl ic     '���������  ''  ������-,-;.���������;: hLwll.Mi.gos.      C.iiir(iiiMIiiliiBS.ccl.    ' ypoonor*.-, Coju.Ji fno.    ' '':'  /'K -':/;' Registered Trademark   "Sunset." ' ' "'  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal Rr.-Lll Lines.  Clior^-csi Itottto to thc OlO Ccuntry.  -\LhAX 1,7\*Ii_ I.,oin J'i ii!,,\(I        II.ilif.'A-.  Killu.i v L'nrl  ���������'111 .I.tii. bill  l'O.^IXtOX UXK-1moih0 I'o.tK.ntl.  Dltoiiian  ^'iineonvei'   Itd'V.lll - .  Uomniion       .-        - ,   .     ". ,    .  [\iiKXVKR LIXE-t:r(3ni St.,lcliii;  Liikp C'biiiiipltu'n' ,.-'������������������' Doc. 2Stli    '  L,iilcb ,Mes,iintib' ���������.���������'���������      .  Jan." ttb   ,  l.iilccSiijierior    .   '-���������      :,"   lltb '  hukc.Oiitariii,.'..'������������������'     '-,- ���������'���������������������������������������������������������������'.'-..'istii������������������������������������'���������'���������'  "f���������!���������!?!?e^01^ t-!t-'*,0t''-*1, l-Il':0"K'!  to ill] parts ot ,  ���������.}, 'I.l',l'r'^lni"'1.,.uI l^i!':'iil..and atsjieeiiilly lovy  MDIAN PACIFI  is see off  ; '���������, First class sleb/iara on id!, trains,  ';������������������;;;���������;-Tourist Gars.-^%}���������;*  ..Piiss/Heve^rtoke (Daily. for.'Sf. i'aiil,;.'  ���������I''i'id:i.ys foi-.'"Monlrwi.! aiid IJosfoii,'./,'������������������������������������'���������  SniKtaysyuid ^VeilncsAiys for Toronto.  >  IIIIKU.III  Lot iiitlii.in  Dec. Kth  T " L'iltli  Jim}*, bth  ���������,,'.������������������ ,."UUi  AtralifaxA  ���������.:..I)eii.'29tli'.  ��������� Jan.- ijt.h;  ."���������   A. Il'llr  ' '���������": im.b/  'F;  ,'a.iifl. .-'paper'ma!  '.'JJniis'ila.  a nt  ,i:  ('issy;; ji un tilig   ..in  ���������iiidti.nrv.  tui'unfi a;yii;> uowc ..uliori  big inurl'et fiir the prufiu'et of .s,ue]i an. |  iudust'rv. while JleCcA-toke wo'idd i.>o '->i-  tonnatiun , reg t'-dii'ig'-liie   vjiced   .aurr   f  rich   resources'' iff   tin: v������������������^urr'tiuudin^ ; r  i.disti itA.     It would'biitig vis:to;s  from  centra!, .and  ar")'.ava.!iabli  e ! hi*:  i e-ii'i.tircf-'S  tor.ii'ini-;in^ t,hfi siig^f  convenient,, point    iroin  widen to' cany   it "In,   if 'capil.-il   liar,/ ^ ^ ^^ ;iU ,,,,;. j, f;   nv011t   flf yt!;e  in the 'enterofise. ';  ���������   ��������� '   ,. ver  1 ,vve Indie  upon ti.'.'v-.'i.si  centre- cf  th  meiiee   hiiShi  The    i-inlc.is' a   most   suit aVile ��������� huihlings con  HASILAM) HAOlv cACi'JRVy .  The  R-s'i-'oke   Si-!i .lu'd'T/i-ioryKa-'.-  ly/i.- ���������h.ll'-ili.ed   I,;,   Ijl./yle. A Veiii.',-;,  f/ppi''  site' hi'-' ."iiik .viu'd' vv.i > esi;i.|ip>hed..t'.rirei  years ago Ay .VJe.s.sriy ,:Suvy'.-r Bros,  vv lity i .'ii:n���������   li'oni.. (,,)!i'.'ir:o, a,id, 'io'i.i<iirc  ', s���������; '..���������;���������������������������   i>^-..'  : ',y.tii<y<.'-'������������������������������������-'<?>>��������� A  ������������������:*������: ""���������"^  'Kl' a-- 'y:' iii.os) r''';Mioisii!g  y ,vye-!.,.' ('!'������������������:'ide.'d    to ���������(.{Mils'.  ������������������>;-,  ''here,   ������������������  Tile ' f,tr.;!'ory ,  -At. i.,f a ,i:i;ichj:i!? shop. 2"t '  ,i. !'[;CAJA:,  COUS.7.KT. BEGBIE  I.O.F, ICo. SiCl.,  j.Mi"!ls'iii.t.Kn. Oddfe"lo'vvs  'iiiiil ii,n. t.liu- .second and  fobi-l li Mm-.dii.ys.ofciieli.  iiioni.il. ��������� Visiting  bretli-  r������n ' 'inv:li;d .to.'attend.  --,   o   ���������' . -   ���������   '  K.A); .l.'f!. .'('I'i'X.-'O'.,  '.'���������' ��������� l;. A '.' ;   '  Trains  ��������� V;- -..fpr;". v ���������;/:���������  /yiKoptenay /;  yPoints ������������������.;������������������/  l.Oiiv:e Ili'.'velsioko tit S:lfl.  ,.; Main Line  DAI1A* TIJAI.VS  .West  ! l.'evelsluke.  'orr. 17.11)  .    Hevelstoke ; ,  A lv. 17.tr)  A.THAILAVAA'TE!.).  A petition is in course of circulation  b'.n.idur.' in vviiicl.i to hold ���������'sued ib fair,,  A by,   Hi   !'"('!  iAv it ii wi..".i  s r: a  't'UVV:  in  ii"  it.  ���������^  requesting 'Cold   CouMnissiouer   I^u-jZ-'n !lis s;v;f^th v.ilir.  .L'p'.v.\j;[) VII., -.yas bom on AJii?' Dili  of. XoVeuiber, !8H,.n.nd   is,   llie'reft/t-e,-  quier to nave' pro'vision  made   in  the !'  estimates foi/th':  district:' to   be, com  jiiled shortly,   for   th-.'   ir.formatio.'i   of  l!K!"co:niiiis-iioi:(/r, of lands' and   vvorks,  asking that the Fi;e Mile trail   in   I lie   ;tS, ;,. pf.rpe! ;i;i  ' Rig'Rend country be conii.yeted'. ���������������������������.Two j [>):n;t'c  and a half miles of tlie.'trail have been  Tin; pressyis   unanimous   in sugg  that    the ���������   liirtlid'nv   of    the.  (A.icen, May   -lib, should .bf: .oiiser vet.  t-  hii'e'  ���������ed ,  "  ; ��������� cither s.i(ie,,t.r.at'i.;ii i-l.e  noi'l'll ���������.sid'-..' 'l.iei'n'g ��������� ir<ed ��������� ,a-s etj'gtn" iilif!  lituii't -ri'ioiii, ;'.:)���������] that-op the 'soii'th' sir.'i-  ;is a ghii'.iug'rooin, ."The i::oi:\e power  (���������(���������iisists pf,,ai|. erig.i,''i'",)i.!-.d.'.iiojlei of 'l'i  h.,'p.- built by. H-.'.v.ery, (if I} i i-rie,: O'oA  Til,;, wood-wot'kjijg iAi.'A. in''l:id"s ii:  planing, machine,   ho ill by Ijiill.irdyne,  :���������'���������;    ((.Jill I  :!���������;. b.r. :-  K'ifiiAi:iv lioldcvi'iit.  "of   !"-':���������:  . ;i:,i���������j.;-.-!..  ni'*<'  ���������1-, id-'  t'l.iU ''.ii the (ift-'riibiV  -Mi'-rli'i'i-.l by .1. A. ���������.'������������������'(ir  Ksis't '���������.  S.OU nrr.  S.-.'d.lv.  For rates,.tickets:, an:l full .information a;;:ily  rates to,nil inirts ol'  Ibe  IAiro|iean eb'ntineiitv   '.  ��������� Apaly lo neiirest. riuhvay or.steaiiisliii'i titjeiit or:  ���������/'  T. (W. 'BRAIISHAW.; Aseqtjltcve^tpkc.? >  ;;: y: Alaska aroute., ������������������:���������.'������������������    ;A'.-y';'  Ste'aiiiei's forAVi'iiiigehJinieitiianil Skajr^'ay'  ���������,.leave ..Victoria y  /,',,.'    ���������".'..,.".,���������  Every Wotlnesclay at S p. in. ���������'.\,',,'. ) .,  ������������������';��������� /' ,-    aiid Vancouver      ��������� ;:!A     '/;A ������������������'  .'. , Every Thursday at ������ p.m./     ;'  SI earners fnrXprtliorn TiriUsli Colninbiii. ports'-'-' ���������������������������  .,,. (loave Viel.orin, nnrl Vancoiiver vveikly ���������'��������� ��������� ,  Kntes, etc., on ii;i|ilieiu-;o!i.to,; (y ; ':���������    ', ,      "  ��������� ,(' '..'���������'��������� ' ��������� .y:;C..S.(I*AXTKIV /; .:. ���������';;  ]://,-'  /���������    './Ceiiei-ul I'assenyer Atren't, '  '     ...  ������������������������������������"'.���������    Ai ',-.������������������- ������������������'���������   . ������������������'  Viotorin. I*, ff '.'���������'������������������ "'  ty  .T.W.'CRADSHAW,  ..   Agent,' ,       ���������  -Rovolofohe."  E. J; COYLE,  a. g:-''p.;a!;..:-'-  Vancouver.  NOTICE,,  TIME'/T^BLE5  aS-^'Lardcau.",  '  hiiniiin;,'between Arrovviiciid and Thnnsnas  LilndiiiK'.A'oninieiieiii^ Juno ltj, J'jou, will sail us  1 ollovvs'pveuiher iieriiiitting):  Leave; ArrovylioiuP tor  Thoinson's 'LandiiiK '  and Couioplix at,7lc. daily. b  # Leave. Thomson's LandinjnindComHiiiix for '  yiriwbrad at 17k   dnily, cinnicciiii^f vvitli all  0. P. 1;. trains iinil boats; .,.   '.'    ...  ��������� .The,owners reserve Hie right to 'cliang-c times  of sailings without noUce.. .  THE FltKD, ROELVSOX LUMBER CO. L'Tl). '  .,.-��������� F. R0M1NS0N,  .' i        ;��������� ���������-..' /MannsinK Director,,  f   Pte.-l.'Ori, Oiif.,' ;i    iioitridir  ivi'acfiiii        ,,'  !hi': yii'-l f'diii'l.. rii.it. .l.-uaes  !-',;:-/:;-'.!i .Vni. s:''.i'-' 0HSA.il A<JiVijni-!.r;>t(>7; of  'r.iyA(,;o-,i!(,'.'.i.f I'A.yiei'.'iy. by adiiiinbtrat���������rr of  "Ji iii.'!' .'iii/iibtr ill..'.;; . ...l-.,'.!i C '���������;!-. aie I ..���������I'l'ilc..  of'VVilli.iiii Ai!--',;i. o,f 'II,-ile;. iii <],:-ny/,i, .Miner,  A������:c,'l.'wi.  i/;l.;-i.0c.  I-h-cry T. '.-('.-'iii iii'!'.:','fill ������������������'> 1 ���������," ? ii 1 d"ec;i-e!l 'is  i'r:>iii"ir<"'i' I"   ln;o'i.;   [i.i.V.'ii";K'.   ruriiiivi?!i   !0    the  'I  nolida v thi'OU'dioi.it  t lie  nnd, :i.  ten:i nier   tij.id  i"  o.  tl  le   well ktio  :   by  (..'ie.vyi.ii am]  sa.w-miii' imichin-.  ii, band sn'w.  i.'icr.i.trra.'d.  I'lvcry w-.t>b.  ,..V(ll/,ill    !���������.'!  '.:!:':,i-.,;(l   i-i  '������������������"ion (Ace'j It'  -|ii::-.-d .I'la'tliv.'";;:!  l',i:-tli'K'  ;���������"  pi'- '  t.O  l.f.lify 'i:" iWifl'T-:iKI!Wl, '    -, ��������� ;    ���������  Iv.-ei'.v tvi'dl!.!,!'.'1'!!' ���������"*1)i".' i-'1' ."'i. lei.viiit; .'H,.y  c'.i.iin. lijii.ii or iii I ,-r.-'jr. in I ���������if. ((i'triimt inn iii't In-'  ,1,'liicslar" of i il'' :AI(I, (1 (;. .'I'd' -'.Cl 1   i-i l'c')ll''l'fl  liitilt-aiid u the'wytlc is completed it  ���������wiil save ten ihilcs of travel to the  Keysiorie and fii'fcen miie.s to the  'Staiidard and   Oulena   Do!t.     The   c.v  .III'  ry   in a Lei '-���������  id'   Clali, ;i:k  ���������     -,-^,������_  .. !-V drvkiiu  i-^    provided   (iveV  lb" lioiln- |   IKwV'.i'al cslaty of i lie :';ll(l, (If :i;u-;(:(l  U n-fjiere. I  .. ... '���������,'']'���������!���������   ' ���������������������������',      ,. ,   . ,        ������������������',',, I .with! 1   flin-ty (l'lVM ol Uil'ddl.n I'l.'l'ii'l oy r'iHH-.  ���������;    Wor.J   says'ii    is  ropnriijfl i-u.j room, . Ihe iirm ha ve a. thorough knovy- ! tui-cdl'lettoi*. ii.ildco-'sf.'b t(i the do'let-y'/KiK-fl.^^ hl^  ledge ti.f t.h>' I'cfp.tii'Crneiitsof I he district  Tin1 CnlihnbinA'ukI . IC(inp:i.iiiy Ibiilvvny (ind  N'itvi.;';i!|iiii.(oiiii|i,iny will ,'n;i|iiy tn tin; j'������;'ii'li;i_-  ineii.l nl'. i 'aii.Aii ii. as ������������������next' :....'-:on Juimlh Act  exli-iiiiin^r (ihe liiiiii -vviiJiiii wlti-di it: nia.v ,.-un-'  ^li'iief its niiiwiiy. nnd works, also iiiitlui'nV,iii}>:  t.li(i(,'iiiMji'.iiiy to, n-.vii''.'ind ;ii|ir:riit('! st 'iiiiinmi  .itiier vi's,:,.-!-. lor I lie������������������farrinifi: oi' fi'iiiebi. ;,nil  |).isMcii-i',;'-: nn any rinite coniuMiyd wil li any of  II." riiii.w.iy.j. I'li'l i.j.uoiiilint: .Moiilrc.-il as'its  liejiit nlll.-ir with jiinvei-, to' Ih,. Direi-tiii-sir'nni  ' ' lime I" fin)'- lo '/.'.iiii^'..' ii by liy-lavv, and for  oilier |iiii;|in.-'i's, ' '        A.  ,.'b-ell     .       . J.-.I).' TO\V'.XL!-:V. .Seeretnry.^ ���������  politiciil'   circles . that    Hon.    R. , M  .Tilien.w,  '   iittoi-nev-genenil,    is   tb' be!1"1 I{l,|"l- "  b"'K''cpuuitiiy of ii,iide-,:,i  iifipoin'cd   to   a  position on the,-bene!)  ,       ,   ; stock -on   h.-iiid. cmis'isting of  sashes,  hunch '  , "���������.',',���������.  .,.,.. , doors, moulding-', etc.  .jiendiuire rcuuircd, is not   vary   much, j,.siioi lly iiml .'lliat  bis place as attorney- |. j>r<*V''"f MTO'-'F  {'IGAI' 'i ivrpic  ������:id-the opening of   the trail v\ ill he   ii Igeneral    is   to'  be   filled   by   ajiiidiiig ,,       'J'I.* J n!N*G COMPANY'.' '  great   help    lo   tint,  seelion    uf   the  district,' making it   uiucli. more   acccs-.  well-known    politician   and    barri.'-'er  from the in linhuid,  .,'litis   inilu-try,   of   which   Mr,  J, hi  Ilai rii'i is mali.-iger, [y niiiking j.'oi itsjflf  ,a NOTICE,  ������������������ DAV'lD.-jicXJCOLLnnd TirOMAST.UT of  ������������������JIoiil.reiiL.aiid   IIAIAJV   ABI'OT'i' and t'KO.  .McL. HI,'OWN, (if Viineouver, in, i.he I'rovineo1  of British Columbia, Ksijuires, vvillapiilv to the  Parliament of Ciiniiibi iii, its nuxt'.Session for air  Aeiviiicorjini-atini; n Coni|i;iny liiidur the niiino  of   Ibe   KOOTKX.'A'    A.VI)   AUI'OWITKAD  RAILWAY  CO.M PA XV.   vvitl,y,,o.vvcr to eoie  strnel, or aeqiiire and to <i]ici-;ite a rail wuy from  it jiointator near ArrovvIieiVii, on Arrow 1 :ike'  Kootenny District, lirilisi, (;olnnibiii, thence bv'  tlie. most,  direct, and feasible ibiitcvia 1'rou'c  J;i.*o| or  Dnneaii   River to some-jioint at the  .North ond otlvOdleniiy Luke in said district and i  linuicli lines, with jiowcr to owif nnd ojierate  teiertrajib ;ind   teloiihone lines, rpjicwavs and  train ways,  wtu-eliouses,. .'(team arid' other ves-  -els, lerric-:,  iniiies, smelters..'! timber lands,  name liiid  n;'l'ln.-'<  ond  ib(!  full |i,irt.i'etilii.i s of "     ''��������� .^V'   IL-lA,  lii-i A'hl-iiii  or  iiii.erfi.t. and  ii. .-tntenieiit of   hi"        ^  i(';:oiint.,it,ii'l the iiaX-ir..: of the .s.ciif-.ty, i.fan;.) ,   '     .   ,,     ,��������� "'A        i i vvhnrves. roads, doi-ks,.savv"inii]s,' VvuTo'r r'iishtZ  bold bylilni..   '        ,        ,    , ,,'.',-    ',���������'������������������ ' "-' -N'^'i'i'y-:";  ���������-..'."-���������ai:   .Lailvvay (,iiinp;niy ! dams,  miiiics. water-'power. W rfe'rt'eriUcniiil  After liie r.'x;iii'.n.:oii ol Ihe said 11, r!y daj .1 j will apply fi In ��������� I'.iroatiient ,.f Canadaiit its / transmit, nnd deal'in electricil vwind electric  the Afhibnl.-.i'.-fiitiir will, iiroeeed vvitli tne lbs! tt I nexi .le-sion ii,r :ui.,.Vr; i-xlemliii^ Ihe time !��������� powei'. toLjeflicr with such iiovvei'-i as to iniiin-  iKil.idii of 1.1 id estate l.nvlnir rcKiird lo I im-c | vvlilen. .wbieb it _m.iy ci-n-f.-nc! i:.- 1,'ailvvnys. , i.tiiiiiiiir ii;ld nijemtui'' or. (tispiwiii'f of its rail,  eliiimsonjy of which he shall hivi-iiad noi lee.    j find  a.;i!������nnti:iu-, .'.loiurea;   as   ihe f.le.ee for its:    way  a'nd   worlis  nnd  such  other powers and  H.uciliit l-'orl .-Coi'h. thi-17th dij-otAliiniiiiry,    lii'iul ol.lcc  "Uii power to t he I lireetors from , privile'.-es ns  are  nsunliy p-lven -to Hnihvnv  l'.tjl. ��������� .    , ,       ,      .,.,..  ���������...,     "i',"'; '" ,!m'- Vj cbaiii'c i:. by Ly-liiw, nnd for | Comjmpies iiienrijorntod liv. t.hj Parliament o'f.  '���������-     ....-.-  other, purpo-cs-. ��������� <-��������� 1.. w.._...',... _._'_..  ...  ""u"' ������'  ,     '���������.���������'        JOH.V-V. APMSTItOKc;  pl  j.u;i:>' i-'i:rtc iaox, Armstrong,  Olil'ji.d Aiiiiiinlslrtito.r, ���������  /       i-'ui'i su'������;V|���������!), c,  tUfj  t3ftrclarv'Tv;-a.i!y  Ciiaa-Ja a:iU for other .purpose*.  .        J, 15, .McMULLKX,   . I  .  to J J '���������'��������� gulivilarfti'tAn'Hwiil'isr  *9?5  mMmm, THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  l.os-f, In Sell'  Il  ! app; :.ed ;:i : ���������:  tall. ;.a;:i''CJ!::e :;:���������:!  iP'ossi (i   ; ml   was  i  ti.i   which   stood   <,  e:u;i!'J,li to be ph'iiri  i  posit:'   rov.'   et    pa  "< 'ori'ect iJi'i'ss."   'i  V(1::!!.-:it!::n.  I -I." iar I.'e vrr.s  i -A :i I'f.'e l-.o well  udu'g a pamphlet  ::t in letters large  y'ioedhle In the'op-  :..-e::ger:- ihe title,  liev .-ill noticed liini.  for he'vvas really l.c,",::lil'i!l.  'J'hero was no doubt as to what ho  was fradi::g. The passengers f::!!;)wed  it almost line by li::e si:ul knew just  what part of,the cs.'-ay he had reached.  It ht'g:i!i when his eyes left the hook  iiiul glanced dubiously at his cloth tep-  ped patent leathers. lie shook hir,  head slightly as he saw Hint U:e upper  wa.<> ol a trille too pronounced a natter:! .Next he tu.il*. in Ids tror.sers. :ind  *��������� :i bland smile of satisfaction wreatlicd  his face. There was a slight frown  when lie compared his wit 1st eon t wi! li  the hnhei (halter's manual, hut li is coat  and liatyweie evidently irreproachable.  The end of the kiveiitory and nf the  spectr.t'irs' sell central e'auc when the  beautiful one begin to admire In the  h::ei<.i:f his wnlcli case his neckwear,  his'shht nnd ilie limitless curves of his,  collar.- A titter I'roiii tlie two girls In  I lie corner, and the whole honcliful  exploded. The iiindc! of pulchritude  l.r-irioVl v,\i. shut his book vvitli :i snap,  blushed furiously nnd loft the car ;tt  the next station.  y '������������������', An  Asiinlce'r Shvn'nt  Fooled. ...  : y./Wic. storiesdire; ebmtnon A'U'ough.of  lireongincsArin'.*ttii'iied out to (liiench  y   '���������   ,V ���������;.---,; '^   ;��������� ,-.-,-     ��������� . .,   \ -   -*  ���������an nlirprny antLon (the of her/hand./it.  has liiifsclfhini,, happened^ tintt (h/ very  hit:ndiiiei Aon flagrid loir   has (/passed  "liitisii'r for, aA'celcs't in I, display." /,"-���������< AA  lii/tho  iheiiioh's ,;t:!'  liar:  Stockiii.ir  ���������'���������'��������� niinniusiiig/anocdnto; is.: rrl,:: tiul of olio.  .-... IJ'e'rrAim  ['adbvvit:', wiin;vyiis given:tr>  A inn hi tig.(the most .of .easily ���������/'picked-'I'l [>'������������������'  ;  Information.::.A (.n'iiuul ((if;, tlie:.baron's (  -AwOntCtnAiii I'Veiiing party/hoar I/rank-y  /"Tort. : where; lie A'k beet eii  tamee*-/ Ilorr  iy;; von;;II:i(lriwitz.    <:n ills >v;iy lie saw;a/  ' :/i;::;rn, imniiugistuiiiicdi.liisAarriagi^i.iis-y  ; sisteel  thi'   pepplo,. aiid (waited   till( finv  yAhiui'es .were lira rly. ox ti ago isped.; When*  :a hit arrl\*('(li ;:f  iii^/:i;id(dii!'s y liivtiso. ; lio  ,ifound' llerr A;oii; Iladowii-'.Awlio  had;  ��������������������������� ./iiri'yhi'nsiyAM'kt'hdliiipaity to tiie toppf-  /the di eliding to."si'iMi'ii aiirorii.d ibid tig  ��������� (in : tetiestrml ./niiigiii'tisni.   electricity,  ':Ait*.t������:i-'i..I.il.*!fif'\vl uvasUi'iPsifp/'k'iiih r's" fririi; I."-,  .;; ���������TlaYe/ypu/seen' the  beautiful  uiirpniy  ((/ bqreii.l.iSj'i"'v:/y:-y -������������������y;/Ay;f.::-iA -/yyyy/  (/Ale/replied:;''Certainly,..''I .was there -  ;/tpys(df.y,dt vyill soon;l:'e,'oA'er.y> Air('X-'  :At;ii!iti:a linn.;-I'M  ./nriy^yltadowi/xyw::s- silent isp in e/itiiy  '*-iiiit!uti;s;(Alien lieAnnkyui') his;; ha Land  Aqu'ibtly liisaplicairiL--'lvtuivyli'(lge.tii /(.';  'torles of Jchn Sherman.  To his .���������lid i:i his j: ���������I:tIr-:S '/.:.��������� .h I.n  :'-lier:;'!;::i brought u nature PislimAr-oly  11*1 ili.idical :i::d :::i uulilnc!!!':-;-, ii:-:''..';y.  He snv,* t'i it thiit the jr.d.iie ���������uitij'i-y.s  weie not squandered or usod'fiT dis-  henrst piirptsii:. A claim for :.'.].fti;o..  <;C0 was or.ee brought, to him for his  sig::atnre. It hud been regularly til-  lowed, hut it v.r.s illegal, and lie re-  l'uard lo sign.  "It lias heen allowed," insisted tlie  clainiunfs attorney, "and you must  sign it."    ,  "I will not," repented Mi". Sheriiain,  and lie did i:ot.' iie would have resigned, ho .'lliervi'urd oontided to n friend,  hud it been reipiircd of him "-donor that  even sooni to saiiciion a fraud. Neither  would he permit irregularities. Tiie j  chief of it bureau one day enmo to hi::*  for an order to pay for sonic machinery.  "Iliis it heen ndvort::���������;;���������<!Y' asko.l the  secretary.  "No." raid the chief, "but there are  only two places where it can he made,  and we are r.eouslouied to get their  bids and contract with the lowest."   ���������  "Rut." raid the secretary, "the law  says it must be ndverii:,od."  "At least this may pass, for it is  made. :tnd vve need it." ,  "I cannot help IIint.   Tho law says il  must be advertised, and advertised it  intist he."   And advertised it was at a  'very htrge saviug to thegovernment;  Eli  i-:r-A r:o:  .0  .Jr.  'l  r.i v..  iC,  j no-.  A  !,';������������������     !..  cr .-::���������*. :..:-i  rird.    Hq ( *. ���������;!.*.  ���������. >  d i ������������������-���������ft. '   !'.'.:   v.-,...'  l.i.'t'd ghl. ���������:;:.! !..��������� ;-,  ���������'Mr. IIo!:::t.".. ;> .:  r.iarvel. How cr.:i ;.*  man you don't !;;.-,  never sir.v h(fo:oV"  "l.cok .".t tl;e K\\*  left hr.::u.    Y'.i'i ::.;:���������.  Aiso there ij ;i !.!.-:������������������  cuff.    Nov  let i::* :���������'  X'*i-  I nt  i!:c  X*      -I-     4j.     *l*      -*.     it.     *������.     -T.     /j.      *fc     ^     jrj     ft,     ty     ii.     jy     ty     If.     ij.     iy      jy     ,r>     ty     JS.     &.     J*.     ->. Xy     Zy     5-     -���������������      ���������*���������     ->     ->>      **���������     ->     -J-     -T-     -J-     J*     -'������-     *-      ���������>      ���������������������������      "���������      '-     ���������-     "���������      -f  -"       *'     ���������*.-     <g     ~t~     ������*r     <-     ���������</     -fr     "Ir     ^*     <'     %r     *     ������     <r    *     ���������<{     <���������     *     Vf     >ir     -O      *r     -fr    ���������������-     *<?        -T     -"���������     ���������<'     ���������*--     -it     -f-    ���������*���������     *fr     ���������*���������     ���������*'     ���������*���������     *���������     -t-     1-     i-     -���������      ���������**     ^*  f: ���������*���������  ���������. e    I.!   ,'l  -  a:''u:.l  A limn:.-.:."  .- r. : e\ c; las'iiju:  tell that about r  and '.vi:om you  b Lr.dly .skinned.  i::::rl: on his lefi  ;���������  whrt  we musi  ,,������  v :i:;.  ::"'.':..;._, :fV:.'{, ,'���������.'���������.'  Xl)l': rl!.!" H rt'C*S?''-':i'.<:       .... .\'���������-V.  TJltVOXpiA'/lflip''; v>i::l^ I!:,t(iy. ?!.t'''A'^K- i'^  .'���������;:���������'"���������' I'l-eipniAiy ::iie( li'iilyciiinptiiined'tiiyit  /y|)eAvns;.;ii(itJ:is('iii':; used tn/lic./Ai(ai liis  //lovi'/sectiK'ilit'r); iiiivi/; gi'hwn/coid.aiid  /; that. hewisAao'(finishie; nii|l (uiaiter oV  i .fi!cLA;Si)Avdii.m!,lii',;f!iiiii'!lA:iie(.of;liiA(>!d  ': loyAylC;:ersyt:Hb(.:r-li:(/;t(i(fk:yit-vviih liini  y .tlte,;nex!(t:uie.:lii'A\':i:-,,c;:!letl a way: friiiu  : Alie city, tiiad'e/ti cony, of iTiuid 'uniileii  .;/ lLt0.l!<'i'.y,y/j.''/',;.��������� (;:;;;.���������:/ ,;;'yi./yy//;'(/:''/;|;;"y(;  /i ".rub:ii;ric:!:,y;y,;sh!;:.,ex('!:iit!i(,(b when;  '^heyri-turiiciL , "yoti're/t!i,e ���������tiiggest -foot  ; t!int( I'Ver.-.'ll'vptl,. 'Al'-AieH.oveAyuti   liave  /softs'liiiig ofihi. in-:iiii/,V\'li:it iliil yihi,  ,' nie:::i. Iiy seniliti- j'he fiint trash?" .   "yA  ,-A *���������''"r:-s11. i:i\*,i.i;.mr!"/ Iio i'x; 10s uhited.  ���������'..���������'��������� "Yes; li ash;'-j;:st 'Sickly, sculiuieutal  ./nonsense.*'- ��������� ���������,���������/,��������� .. ; ���������,*,;';;,.'./,;������������������ ������������������.'!;'.���������;,'(.;  ��������� "'I'tthf   is:i't/du*w( you Vdesci'itied ;it  ( wli(m/lAi:-v-:t('vviAp'  it   and  s-it'itt -it; to.  .i:'y'hi,]!"'���������'��������� lie'.iVri;rest iii;   :"Y(),ii. sjiid i i Iii'i)/ ft/  '.was  ; lie ill';; rest.  .'.-vyiM't est  li'tter, 'ever  ���������../writtiui; iintlyhn hisistunw that. I linye (  "elinugi'd iiiid ���������yii.ti liuven't.   -'.iVtliti'uglit l,:  ^ivauhl/try in"-;:. :v- A'r:y ���������'...'A'(,-''ii'- Ay'"  ;/;   "���������.vyi;!'l.'-'-''-y.nii. didajt stiroofil." slit? In- ,  /���������/tern: pied/ Anal ,slie' y'lis.nindylAr ,:two:(  :;yflnysAy Slime:iniesdt isA:dg!ity (ditllcidt '  ,:'���������' to jilciise :i vviuiiaii. .;(;'���������':' ������������������'���������',. ''���������,���������'.,;.;  ./������������������;.,' A I.csson Iii Seaiannsliip.      /  '  /:Capt:iiii"' Iliins  MirmL/'who  lost; his1  life at; Ids post of/duty di*; the burning,  Sa.-.io at Hohoken.Ayas foiiihol'/teliing.  ''of, his curlyAiitnaliicfiouAd;; tlie/steni  .realities dfdiis chosen caroei/ Ele'liad;  ibiit just (conuyoii, l:i;a id the. schoopei  where liscahin hoy lie was to serve hi:;  hpi'iri'ptieeshjpto the; sca;iitid;';y.*as:s!j;ii(  staring'aImut hhuhvith boyish interest,,  dind /inipiisitiyoiiess/wiieii 'the'(skipper.  approached' iind ordered him tb/assist'  An vvashingdown theidt'ck. (���������/:. -y:: yy Ay  i; Ho |)i't(;(.!piyn his- biiudle/and ;stii;'ted .  ii \vkviirdly:Ao * do yso/ywlicu;, a/ jsecoiitV'.  au'iler/AR't-empatiied  l:y;/iHiipliiiilc/i::^-/:  Iileiiv'es.yvviisigiycniiiui/toiake olfiiis-  shot's a'ii(l;s:tbckitigs./ IleAyas iiorl'ectly  (.wil!ing/to/()hlig(!A|ii;ti at(;hbme Ate;had;���������  uijt (.hi'pii   pd^iivi^tp'l, toAvyet l).is ; foot.;  "No." he aiisyvcred 'innocently., witii an  ^eugagihgisniile;: "I/should' not:.miiid.i  but'-iiiy,' mot her dpesvnpl allow it." :/:(;;'(  ,;.(;The:si:ipporAvas/i..rough/okl spa'dog,  ���������who did net appreciate (obediehcP iin--  less; it was, rendered told ufsel f.'.a nil liis  reply-Sv*ii������ya(''suni:iing blow, iliatAiung;;  tlie./l:by: across the, deckA./*'Bntyafter;  'that';" Captiii'! AI.irbnA\;ou!d.say.;witli a;  great; laiigh tfiitlAiotya ;sh:ulpvv (;f. l-o;,;  Neiitmetit; "I. knewywl'o,was captain of  tha;t;ischooucr,A!*;hi;iit;::;-w,as;  mother."-;-;-���������;   ���������.-'-'-��������� Ay. -.- -y i-.yo--A,A-A--  1 niiike o? thi'i. w'hen a l-.'it !i:;udeil man |  ];okes i:p the fi:r:::!ce .'Ire. how djes he  do it? V.y jr.::;:::;; i:A left h:i::d fiir.-  v.*ard. of course." Th;*:; it happened  i that it was hir; left hand which :;c;aped  against (lie fi::;i:::'v df:;,r,' Th:' b!;ic!;-  oned cuff show.i tl:::t U was a liuiiace  door. Jlaviir.: lliis faundati.r.i ta work  upon, the rest in easy. If 1:,' lived in a  Hat. ho wou.ld have r.u furmice to look  after, and if his wife were not afraid  of tho hired git! th'.'y wor.id ma!:e the  la'tler do, the poking up. It is all,very  simple if one's perceptive faculties are  properly trained. lie can't really afford to live,, in n house, because if lie  could ho vould have a man to look after the furnace, 'i'iicrcfcro ho oti-jlit to  live in a Hat."  "But hold on.   limv do voir know tho  main is married?   Ho can't he;oyer;30���������  nt tho most./Whymay it ii(*'t...be'".'pbs.s|-.,  ���������hie that he lives at home with his Avid-.,  ���������owed;mothorV"/;;,...'..;,;:(: ',-A-AAA,  "������������������: ''M^y'dehr/siiy" said SherlocI; rTolmos.  , Jri/"Iyiiiii- si^priscd at/ yoiir '.lack; ;bf  ypcrspicacityyyItihe.lived 'at hiime with/  yhis widowed hibther..,,j:e .wonId permit-  i:her;to::tend todho^f'-ruaco/herseif.".:'/'  Doors In (binn. :     (A... ?;     '.  , '��������� /Iir China,Anofs ,:���������:���������(���������.ni'tetiA'Oiuid! leaf  ; sliaped .��������� or'/seiiiieirciilar.-y in -'phii-fng  A lie'ma'lie builder usually a voids iia viiig  cue oiipiisiie aaoilier' test .evil (spirits,  : /Iiiul tlieii: vvay.froiii tlie street,into the  .A'recesses ',iitV, tt.ie',  liiphling.   Al'lie '(loot'-  ';, yviiys;Si'|:a:-:iti;'igA!le;i:()ur,ts_of,a garden  ���������;ai'eAisiia!!y.;orAi:rciab(:r;it,e' kiud.; and:  ���������; 'tlieA'ie^iignpal/l'qrm; ir. one. Of (liif. i.nost  '"( pnpuiaV.y   I''',.-.,-:.,';-./'-.'��������� -c>::-.' ";���������'���������/'.,./';��������� ���������:  /(A(d:eligions,supers!;'!ion asserts'its'elfdiv  '������������������ A'hiiiese iiri-lilti'ittitc. aiid. the universal  .(Aaert'dpiiss of ,tli;> ���������'"nuiiiei-aIs tliree iiiid-  A nhii;, issliovvn in tlicarrangenieht of  ^(temple ..Tliitirs'...: 'Thei-eiis'; ;i.-tri|i!e g:ite-  ���������-^���������w-iy ta i'licliof tin'' nails br the .Imperial.  pji!iH,i',.i-'ai.!tl the/sliine/ofdei/pi'evails at  tiioMing toti'ihs.:;iti(i tin.' sacred person  v of (lie'cm peit it; win'ii hi'-wa s in Ids I'e-  "-. king  liume .coiittl only  lie ii|ip:;u:iched  evi'ti hi*'t'ltf>riil.iiliest oiHcials after three  tiin(;s(tliree,p.rost,r;:!hms.The Ti't'nple  of Heaven  has-a  tiiple roof, a triple  ' tnariile  staircase,, and   all   its   mystic  symbolism points pit her lo three or lis  mtiliiples.. ' ;'  (c-:((;,.;.-: roxiivrciafrn.nntl n Joker.   '  ;i;xAt;tlie(ti!;:i''ef cblcuei;Cody's a'dyon't  ';'��������� into. Alio^yiipiital/ofyUeiihaiiyyt .IieAol.d  :Mmpercr ,.AYilliaiii/;i"was".������������������^V-'iitertiiiiihig  ;(t hp i'p;. three/ kings "Qf( shialler/XIi-rimiipe  itaworsAi^Tii;^  ���������Aery/ uiuch Aiiterested 'in the -Bii'ffa'io'  /Bill .oxhihitioi]s,;aiid/ColbneLCo(ly'; was  /tlie;. rt'cipiehtbf ihapytavers^ froihythe;  yethperpr. hhnselt\(:.Oiie;f(,ature/of tlie  /liert'prmaiice, vvasihe' exhibition of ,tho  aiiiiijiiatpd Uead'wocdccachcuutaiiiing  j):isso::gers  wh();aro;; attacked-/ by  lit-.;  diaus and dually rescued, by cowboys.-:1  :   Tho'';kais(M'iaske(l'.to: lioyallovyed to,;  ' ride - iii' this;: veliicIpiwithAhis   royal  .guests,aiid tOyparticipato in;this inter-"  esting experiei:ee./ TheA'e-piosiAvas.of.  e;!.uri.e(, gruidpihyand ywhen the coach.  .Wiisfuribusly assailed.by bowling Iu:;  dians'its iiiuialesAyoro as usual saved  by gallant cowboys.;/;;...:',;.     '*���������;''.';  ;y;After.-Itywas'Pyor and as the rbyaly  , party Vi'or'o'.doscetidiugfi'oin.the coach;  the etiiperor remarked:    i/  '( /i. A: :-i  i;"Go!ontd(Co(;ly/l (lb net suppose tills  Ig the tirsttitne:thiit you have,over held;  "four kings;;;:'/.,;������������������/;"./;���������..:.':://;;.-';:'.,(./:'/; ..a.  ;- ('���������N(b-;(ybi:r'-' i!iajesty,";:.rotiirned,.,t!ie  qliiel'Avitted, scout;-"bht;this is the. I'rst';',  time: 1 ���������ovfer held i'tinrkings ia'iid(a- royal  jokeratahe saniethhe!''''-. / ��������� .yi'    >.- a;  (���������.oiOvtming.Bo'-t. .: ,  ;i'v"  A rioniKl Itobi!) rrctiicdyiAyi y ,  /When a-dPctoi,:'of;';u 'years/'practice  chcouufprs-a iievv;,;exi)eri;iice:;:it( ihnst  ho worth relating./Tliisisfroin a pliy-  siciaii: on,: LafayettiAayenhP; vvho; has.  foiight;disensp(forilie perhidiiainod.;;;.;  ;/.yI.sayi hiin/g(;t;gi:igerly:;(;uf of a' was-  pu in .'fi'P'.i't;'of"-'tilip-,'pl'!h,6: " ne/tlii'li/lel'i  liie/Apain A\*ith Aiii*/'d:!;!glnei'./;igii;orod  tho . belt/aiid/'pounili'iliusiilyipnythe  tlo'or."y.';'.I" aiiswered: i!i/po!:son.hecause/i  thought;lio' n'i'ijh'��������� ji'iyypf'::;e; girt/nilglit;  (.got in toi a ii iirguuient. .f6r:,:he ., looked,  ;just like a;i:iaip>whp,AVould/ius;st/iipbu  seeing thP 'dec/at'i-apei:"'������������������"������������������ /:i;',���������/:,.'"'-���������':'?v  ;;iM;'Doc,'- ho be'gair witliout other pre-'.;  'jiiniiiary,;('rvc/been, a-takiii 'truck, fur;  ���������six.';,'iuoritlis,//'..'fnil������;-l}ila^  ;. worse'udAvas atihe/begibniii.' ;'-/(/:(���������;  if." 'Wha t's.the m:*; tor; wiih "yoii ?"//,������(���������  !-"/Stomach's alt our piw hack.;.'Ccgii-'  lar ribtvdbvyncthertvall -the (timo.(n;id v  nie/a/dbshi ih':,;ilie/rejhpr(!y aftor-Pach;  .meal aiid,at bariy/be(!titne.'/y.;:A.::i.:;  i;,:'," ' YVha t :a re/yoir" t a!: i r.g ,V'( (/;;/:: ���������;   (���������(:;;,;/(";;  ;- "'Here it;;is,;;doci,!!:id I.gpt.ailot'ieft/  ;yef.;/;MyyOrst Ayil'e :.u,sN*r btiyyitAnitlio-;.  '.bulk 'cause itVc'a):*'' clieaj*eriyAji/zA/yy:/  yi/ZBut/this-is/for'-t lie lungs.' / (y'ii'A^1.  ;ii!':;^S'poso. I.do:f tikuow/that ? AGoni'spi  It's AftnAtheyluugsA- That's -what ;was; | '-^.-p. ������:-  the' matter with hpr.:iiy(lon't care;if;it/;^.^;<Vi  Aytis i'ur tiie; Iivor; ..Itiigpt tergo to the'"   J<J> -^  sfpniaeh.(h'st.yhai:)'t,;it?(;;Aii(l t'iit' stpiii-;  achaiidAhe lungsAuiin't sb'diiriied.far  ;apart( Uut;��������� Ay-Ii'at  lie'lps '��������� onc'-heljis ������������������'tlie.  othor'aud vrlhitgits to-'b:;P gits tb/tlie  other/'."''���������';���������"    ���������'���������'.������������������������������������' 'v/^'A-ii/''.;.,.'���������;;  tier (linileiise.  A wnniati in Cape,Colony on ti'lal for  : ���������'������������������' pomeohiase vvas. told that'��������� she.ni.ight  y'f'halleuge'''1 iin.v .one; on ,lhe jii.ry  to,  wjinin she'objecti'd.    She immedia'tply  tooksiiiivaiitiige of. the  pei'iuissioii   by  chal.leiming a Highly respectable farni-  ���������"��������� <���������!���������.���������'   On  being, asked���������', afterward  what  lief, reasim  Iiiid hciit  liir ihil.ng so site  explained-I ha i  she (had  stippo'sed . slip  was oLIigeii lo object Iii sniiu; one, so.  ���������fihehad I'lckedoi!!: thi'ugliest;.  Prcsli IVatci'Sii'ririivslii, Jill! o'er an.  '������������������'. Several Afresh i water fpun i gins': are  knowti to exist in the gulf ofyMexico,  wliei'oA vessels/.liavo/ife-pieiilly Tilled'  ���������their casks/with ice cold-sweet ."water  that conies up like;,a /geyser������iu /the  midst.;'of 'the' salt vyatci;. ; The fresh  wator spriligs. as'..the sai 1'o.rs ca 11A lioiii.  have (heeii '.knowit" in; t he (gulf-, fo������r, 'JOO  or/JtlO years. .-Tliey were discovered,liy  early voyagers and vyer'e the salvation  ; of, ilia ay a ' inai'inei; whoso supply of  fresh (water (ran short while ho vvas  liecalineir in tlie doldrums; ��������� Some of  the I'resh water 'springs .are inarki'd,  upon lho charts. lint/tliere Is solittie,  tit'oil of t hiiiii. nowadays, by, t hesicain-  orsi.oi) the gulf aiid tlie sailing tleet is  so sniall tli.". 1,110 iiiiention Is' p;iid to,  them, and tliey. have'passed out of ike  ��������� ktibwledgt' of A he- youuger slii|;pcr. -"������������������;  An Cs;)c!!pi5;Ti!. P.'s Prayer.  ;���������' ipuringy tliu  first   half of ,tii:';'(e,ight-  ophth century; cue pf;lh;> ineialiei's. for a  :,Boiit,!ieriiV/poiisti|.i:'(,:ie,y ; was cxpelh'i  ��������� frbiii the house of comnionsfori'orgery  aiid indeed enduri^lytlip pm'gatbryipf,  standing in Ihe-'piliory :i':;r.ad;iy.,;/:lip.  was h/niaiicfAuiptuous piety; and h i s  (carper'in, many respecfsTeseuiblcd tliat  cf^Tabe*; Btilfoiii'in lnterl;days/.,iAfteii  his /death "theAfollpwing. ������������������'.prayer  was  ;found inAhiayown hiiatlwritiiig-aaiPhg;  :,his papprsr, (���������'���������('������������������/ .   '':. ',,/,,'.;i,A:i/:������������������,..;:-:  ;;.-"D;I.ord/ thnh /l:no\yestyth,ai 1 .-ji.i.yp  liiii'e. Iibuses i:r i.iip;', ci'iy i:l'l,laaidoii and.  1 hilt; 1 ha ve: lately' p:;rcl:::scd 'an est ate ;  hij'eo siinplo in.tliecoiuity.'of Kssex.    '  .beseech t!ie(>yto,"p:'*Ksi('rve;llii,'l\yo.e'(j;uii-  lies; cf:Middlesex:aiid;;Kssex from/lire  ;{iiid;c:uihqi;ake..;;:,:i(lA!s, 1; liayp/aMiiprt-  'gag-p.in HereI'oi-dshire l.-ticg of.,Hire t:>  have ah eyo cf coin passion; also onAhat,  county,"aiid fcr-the rest:of fhoAtmkties  thou inayest deal \yit lidbei:t( as t.!i,::;i art  pleaseil./ t;iVe,.a-|)i'ps;ier()us voyage'P)  'the AJprmaiirAbiicausi: I   have, not: in/  stirod lier, and enable' lheA:a:ii*Ao.ii)oet  their .'bills'.-"-'     ���������������������������'   .,,."; '..'���������-:������������������:. ������������������* ',.'������������������' -.���������, ;;.."(  <*niie<.������'li!:i);   U'nei.'lsl.  ,' Miss !,'|iltkiirl igi-'gliugi-ilh.Mrl  Sharp ynii kiio'.w a woman Is only as  Old. as sin; looks  Mr. Sliai-p   She might,. in" he thankful  .she Isn't Ins .voting as she acts. ;  ' ���������.'-., Comildcrnto, .;.  . Ypulig.AVritti' (to editor of ncv,;iy established joufiiali-If yo'u find thi.s little story ,nvailaiile for your columns,  I don't ask. any pay for it. beyond ti life  subscript ion to your paper.   ,    ;���������  Mil it or���������But. great goodbess. yqiiug  limn, you may live for no years!  Young Writer���������Oh!���������,1 don't inoau (hiring my life: during tlie life of .vour'po-  per, you know:-Loiidotiy'i'itBits.  A Si en in 'n :';'(]��������� tt::t( li-sUIp.''  '.'.'" A wlible;fleet  in  the. (lays'cf; Nelson  could bo built audAlitted; out a;  little  , more than the. costot a'.single h-onclai  /Theyceil .expended.pa a single eiiiisc  v.*bu.ld:iiayd'orr.ihi' i-ethiiug cf his whale  . battle.Ii':u\''\yhi!i,!.lliiv;i|iii'ui,i'!is{vriii't,;lisi'e''  , (piired.to: make a;:y ���������i'i.;pressh:ii'-<:!i Ihe  incclei'n armor plate cost more t<i:.an Ills  whole armament..   Hut tiie ni'iidei'ii.lhie  of1battle ship c:i:':bi 'iicitlier .be i'mllt.  nrnied nor loi'.glii  ���������witliiim the .use ,of  RteanL-nnd its.i'volutibii uiii.v he si:id to  have cnmineiic-ed vvitli ihetirst ifpplica/  tich ofAhe.steam engine to iiiivigiition;  ���������Loiidcii Istantlatd..  When potatoes wei'e Jirsi  Introduced.  Ill.('erin.iiiy. they wen! fur a-hutg iiuie.  like  tiini.'ttoes, ie,iililvaiei|   merely iti.a  'ciirlorily  (No one ate iljein. even pigs  I'el'i'sshi'g llii-i',i.     ,-''''  Tlie A'.mlvornnrj".  "; "narryi yesterday was our wedding  1ltiiilvers:i;r.r. and you , hover mi id a  Word about'It."   '���������'���������''���������  "Well, my dear. I felt it i.ti my l-ione.''  that it was some suit of ,i'big day'; hut  I couldn't tcniemher what it wns."-  .������������������-'���������-''.'���������'' War tic it.. '''���������';:���������',������������������������������������  : Otico wlicn 'Mrs.' Koininl,yv.ns taking  the i:o.le.'of (hilati'ain liubliti she' luid'  .an'amusing e,::per-!ene.e. fygmalinh. it  will ; be remenlb'ered. had' 'a'jealoiis  Avife. );��������� During the temporaryuliseiice  of tlir.t d:idy (hilaiea was about to  ihrowdieiself infe t he "anus of Tygiiui-'  linn..when an o!d diinii' inihe aii'dieiii't' ���������  cried vyarniugly: ���������*I)pif-t do it.'dariliitl  Ills wi.ra's'ji-si gone o.iit, and sl'tun- il  be |ike her to be lisit'iiili at the keyhole."  A ''"���������   , ���������-, ��������� .''��������� '���������'���������   '���������.���������'  About ss pi't ct.ni ni tin, West Indian  rychiiies lii'i'tir-'hi Augusl, Sicptcinber  .piJSlVl-lulil'f,. 1    ���������������������������  When a fellow has money to burn,  Ihe iiml her nf marriageable daughtrrB  Is ready in supply,(hiin with a uiatch.-  I'hll-aileiphla Ih'cni'd.'. ���������.  ���������The Other VVny.  TIo-Bortba. 1 a'i'u, going to ask you a  I  question, a question which/wjll have'a  lasting etl'e'ct upon my life ns you answer it.    Bei'tha, dear, will you/tie a  sister to mo? ��������� i> ���������! .  She-Chmlpy.'I can't do that, but 1  will be.your wife.'      . .  .  Kyery Toy in d'erinatiy./from' tin.1  crown ni'ince to tiie im-ani'st subject la  plil.jjr;! tcf ji'Uiu'soiiR' u;ii.i'ul imda,/ -  ^iore Approiirinte.  Barber (abschtlyi ' 'siianippo. sir?,1  Customer ('wi'lli'shli.iii.iy UtlCJ W,u}~  K'>i&liliUJ.*l1tfVS|  '    '. '.;': ..������������������,'/.., /.,.,,'  ������-:.Hi \  --1  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  '":  *.  i?  S>  r:  .9  (':  .V  (':  .V  .9  ,v  ������  .9  (*:  //������������������:":&.���������/���������  ;.'."...������..  '/A//?//  '"-���������--I?"  :���������';/' /':  /'i:';'������-  A'. /,/?..:*  AA ;���������������>'..  AA'A- ,  ';"//; ���������$,.;  //i/r,  ::/';  .?.':,  "''Sf'.-.-T*;-"-:,.  y/,/:^.//  ;/^;a  ..;��������� a: ,V::.  "���������,'���������'���������'..V,������������������'���������������������������  ">.'��������������� V  '������������������/.yfl!'''!  AAft"''  ^-^.'������-rs.'������^ '������3-7?> ^���������^.*?*'-.''fl-'S.^-?? "iS SAsJ-*^ <*  For a  Severe  TRY  SYRUP OF WHITE PINE & TAR  4'  a  a  '6  i)!  &'  '&'  ���������ii  ii  '&'  was   supposed   to   he    the   new    site. | TyfT , fH g 3 E S jtt fj J 3 3" ft  ftupeiiulondeni Duchesii.u infoinis n-, B Pi f ti g i'l J fi Ba B n .1.' iTn\  tl���������itno(h..ng3of thes.,ttio,,silei,in | "  d fc L ������'' l* J* U* I LU.  contemplation ,u piesent. |      I " .ST. PKTHIfH.  Vt   Si.   Petei's  im Sunday moi ning  P. oi inner     pleached  seeing  ,J. Palmer,   of   the   C  P  P.   shops, j     -"-  >J'-  , , , fi' ,. ��������� .llO'V. O *-.. iidLllllier  vvho   bar!   one or   ins   hngeis   inpiicrt | ,|(,m     i)u,    i^m :       ������������������ Petei  lecently, lias been al Kamloops liospi! n  nr.dei going ;i suriiicil opei.ition j;i  Pioeter, on e\,iiiiiiiing tl'P implied,  digit, found lli it the bone hid been  smashed and deca\ had set in netcs  sitating the, enlne, ieniov,il of the  finger.  bun -s.i it li to Ji'stii., LomI cud what  shall this in,in (lo.- Jesus s,,ith  iinto hi.it. il   I   will   th it be I n t v till I  (capt.), fJi-D. A. J3eattie, !!. R Leslie,  and F. Reynolds.  Pevelstulcc���������Goal, \\\ Saw yer (tupl.)  Point, E. Kdivaids: (,'nver Point, Vv\  MiDon.iIil: Foivvaids, \\\ Il.ttill, J.  (ir.iiiiini, K. D. Johnso.i and It Douglas.  At the fate oil A*diciof(, took (he  puck and foi a few minutes the play  v\,is   f,|si_   Im!   gi',i(]ii ills*   slowed dou n  THE    LEADING   STORE.'1  o  he Ladles  me  h\  M  (ome   what   is   th,,;   (o thee.-'    Follow    audit   was  evident   fiom thai on that  thou me.'     The   i ci. t-eni lem.in mged j | }K.   \jsijoi-,   weie   too   weak    ioi    the'  his   heaicfs.   m   ,|]1   then   doubts  and  ddlit ii!tie-.(l|s,ipp(iintiiieiits md stiljVr-  {(���������  :'/,���������; :/;i';AANp,:;y'(;;//;(-;;'//  BARK'S PASTILLES'::  V:/S0LD;bNLY^f''Vy'-'  Ipgfi  Revslstdkei Station  AV  ..'/'-$  .  $  .A iS  -A*  '���������"'/������  .',.���������.���������*.  '.,.���������'6'���������  ���������A^'  ���������I  ::���������:&���������  ',.'0h Friday '.evening/, the -'Fred   Robin--,  /son/'(Lumber   Company   paid ,/ofr /fhe-  men employed on" the lnggingyCaiiili at.  Tle,vcls'toke| as Auiiphiilogs   liave / been <  : got,'out Tor , the ��������� coining. spaspii'sAruL  /Next iliiiriiiiig  thiVi./vvliiile/iiiii fit, /was  re th o v e ���������]. ti i;. Co ii i a p | j x: w I ie i ���������(>; wo i ��������� k.'"Vi 11  now be. pushed "oii.fiii:the rest 'of1 ihe  wiiiter.('.'?'';':i    '������������������/ '-''i' ,., '"'��������� ���������'��������� aa/A/"a  ':%;���������   ,   ..'.-..������������������"(���������,...���������--.(;'������������������.(-'-;;;.-.;.(���������--   ^ ,.y .,:..-���������; y ,,',,.,'.  ings, to billow (Jhi 1st. The piaveis  \\ i i e alt ei ed to lead lor ills (Jimi ions  /MajestyKing Fihi.utl, ioi Queen Alex-  iintlriii (iuid/fiii'Ahi' Dtiki;,and I)liehess  id/tAn iiw'.iil.: ���������������������������'���������'��������� ,'/.;,:y;y-:-',/:; /"/;':���������;/(/ij-"-A  / At ,t.iie,-i'.veji'iiig  servici' -dlev.',(!. A'."  home team. AYhen time was called  for the lit -t half the sC nre st(Hid h'evel-  stoke JO, Asheiolt 2. and to this in the  ,5-ccoiid half  Hovel-stoke added another  10; while thp/visitors/(pdy (secui'ed 1/  Ash croft's,   captai ivAiis' eeti lief oi-ward  Proeii   ier  ptiached   from Ecclesiasfes;j |,ihiy;''d:;i(liai-d;game '.���������int. (geiierallv-got;  X..1-7; fiirciblycoiiyrying th.Miif,'ieiice.|  .d'oiinded un tlie: soleinn liii-t.thiitld tlie. , ."  ���������"������������������'.;'      '���������,-���������:.   ���������'"��������� ���������."���������.      ���������; ������������������      .,  ;.ii(i.p,,i!.y''/vvhoAvve.-,A]i.,,\v/,iu y.iiit.hV.W?;' ^J'^'1 ."'as/not, .strong ebiiugh,;  (soonei or hi t.P, would ci'i:iie'i)ld;age;iiid ; aiid - lieing(..iii(wtl,v new'-pliiyei-sAvere  /death. ,:A';,;/ /./,/'-, ..���������.,:A. ;.,,:,;,/;./.;:..,(,, uii:ibieA();shobti:;������������������; /;--'���������, ./:/,;.'':;-;���������/::;";; ,',;.,'.  y-Wiindiiyhisthehigtheannive^  t he   (le.-ilh; id   the   liite.-A. leaf. Rev-..,3\i. ������������������ ,,; .       , .    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P. |.are   a  1  ..������������������ ��������� ..dripei-ds  oii Abree tilings; a good physician/it 'good iitu.se,;'iind tibsa-  l.ute purity and -uniformity of  tlie, .drugs im'r] . ine'diuitips employed in the case.; ' .'-.A.   ,_' j ���������.���������;;  with   your   prescriptions,   and  fot/loilct and bath requisites,   -  ���������/.!  ��������� if" The DruggiGt,"  ���������|til-;( ilil f lot og.i'-r.  Jv   A'.   Kl.VfiKK,  thief Ranger..  K. ���������'!>. J. C. .t,AXi(,i*,-,  Ilia ordiiig Sect ('i)ii v;  icse propei I ns ate on .( ie i,,,ri |,  i'ork-of Carries creek. On the south  fork of Cuiiies creel; another promising  property is the. Keystone, lying on  the'  ;.;,.fc������W! to The. ttcD. A.W. Co.  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. C  A: ��������� i; -NOTlci. /���������    ���������: H  names o, i.:\t: pyiyei-: .'ti.-ij poN  A-thf't-dl'!.-- toiil,   J,    ,,,\ .  i-: -" i"'". ;| - Ti:e I': ���������ilnwmg re'a.iutmi 1 ,..iVi-l.i.i-.Lr r,n (divide    between, -tlie y.siiUlli   fork ,pf j'i ';:��������������������������� /' '���������������������������[,  . ^~"'' '���������'_ ������������������'���������'  :: are Ihe A rh" (Aa i b of i !)������������������ (.10 v < bi'fd of ! h o. a nd   Carnes   creek , and ���������'tiie-.'waturshed   (if 1 ��������� ''ainit.- are rapicsforl to' '-ciid to ".clionl nil  ,i"^:       1^:::^^^ DownJe creek    "AW.  Mcintosh   bus j &^ i^ilibffi^S;^  .Mr.  ' I iiitrgetl   ���������a's.\ll!!Jc    cniilMil     of    iiie  h'oOT.'-LVAV, eJ;u;;.    i'i Jr.    rJaggmi   iiaii  old   rimer  and   wi.dl (piiib'hed I������������ fill,' lie ��������� , . ,  ,,,,.   ,,,������������������.   ,,   ,.,., ,..,   ,,���������,,  ,,,,,,,,.���������   ,vlll,  'iiinoriiini fosiij,,,, he hasiicci'.picd.   ....J Pmd. vV/yr. ,Mc-.biiii-rie: Cover poml. j A,,, riii oft he ile'ni h of I he only child of   otl ' liesn properties,  JuiH!:ii;y 22nd, YM)h    ���������> \ F.   P.urJ-.-.i p'Porr.vird:-,   \V. Cumcron ML n.   ('.  \V. alitchell, and (hsiics (. n    .   With' ,'twc  iui'^e  properties   in   the  . > ������������������������������������������������������ i., '.-'.���������   /  T. J. GRAlfAU  . ..-���������ceret-.i,j*,toTr;i!(tce.������,  3.V.TC  A,.   ssVU"'  K'i vri- u  1*1 rl^t. "���������  tew*


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