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Kootenay Mail Jul 1, 1905

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 iiT'irp ^ztzrv
^ d* *     *  *****
'AI''- rkr  y    {
l\ Bews'.Drugstore
$2.00 Per Year//
'A  V
"r Ac!
!���> 1
,    ""        ��f
n     l'\
0 1    <\
< '?r\
\ <> i L
l" i--1.
, A    ->
rrf     ><
���C (''    '
T   ft.   v t'
(-,*��   rf'        i t   A j't
^.., i.
"I. c -"<
i    'A    5
���*��� ' (..
r     t<
a'a>  *���
IK* p
' 'J'-;*
I n-1*. I  ���       ," *,
H^A   'nr1
SiSipieceSii^hite^^^ andrblack/Jap1;
ianese WashfSilks, sxiitabletfor-
a* dressesand blouses.
A;  ?v , A
���'A     ���    'st,
in'  .
l"   *fl
;Ke^a^-fpnce^l.pp'4)erl,yaW; il"
*..ff,\.    A^.ii^A Ar -j>     /.���,;<.  ,A^*& ,*����*.  A
i %aiAA ^ -1
.. "<A-   -
i 1*
'-t    J
Lv.    j
A- ^A^Af^-A' AV-^ ��//v^-A^,A ,--<*, ~ '*��� "/A HJ
r 'i     -a   *    sMf ** *      'At    J     -*���      ^    >  ' f       i       " ^ i   ,\
^ a / ��^', I,'A,�����> -
^A^^-'S ���-..- "--*?��� -A'. ;;-:aiA<<,-* A-ifA:
���,-,-~   r^i
j* * ���*,'
��� rf*^<
��� T t\"��� * A ���'
r��� *.-.;
f    l C v     '
urn   m ��� ������-Art''*.
j?JL t��^i^i    ��
_ > 7"t*.
r. ^ i^.t.-".^,c.. _e
>��� '^      --   A    ��J   sc
1 ??l����i%
,��*/��� /iw>(^iii'' is- ^ vr?i f a,,ij
i'.'-V    -i
,���"��"yr'~r' *�� *
np-"^*~i��� ���. ^^
nj-j i^v
*l(      -"     J-  *   r- VI
,-n.rCf ^ *��
Vi  ;,-J^
t Order".
-Uept.A' :*^'fn; . ,
?tS*?Jf"" "^
j it ���* v. "���?"*
Av;Aw>> y hrtvf��i\<��&%,-'Samples^
,-j-tb ���i-^co'.DTmeMT'CTnPF-'   ,4Jt*,-J'i-^''^^^J" V^i"'*'
I "   ' '   ���*  ' r ���	
Report by, W. S. Ayresr M. E.
_,(���.  -, - '  -f   ^ "'
J'��� Mr. JAyres,' mining' engineer,*^ of
Banff, wag employed byyfche Dominion
government to'report to them'on the
cave at'Rom Peak," and .we are indebt-
ed to Mr A Douglas, superintendent'of
the Rocky, Mountain 4National Park,
for a copy.fci /, ��'���". -, . * 5 \>
Mr. Ayres lrdescribeB the -trip - from
Ross Peak .to the cave as an - arduous
climb along rart steep,v mountain side,
over rock, snow-slides, and through a
tangle- ibf < black \ alders. The ascent
ist 1900'feet above Ross Peak  water
+    /      l c , j
tank and 8000 feet distant j from the
railway.. The report states'��� i<
J,Pools' off"water,' more ' or. less
filled with,ice, were encountered which
greatly impeded .Jour ; progress,^ and
finally a very "deep one at a f distance
of;237- feet  from 'the'-'surface barred
ri r " %
further progress until a-raft could be
prepared.' Setracmg our steps to" the
surface we sought an entrance -in the
canyon by means.ofa. rope.** The* pasa-
age<swni 'about ^70Meet^be\owA tlie
natural taurfacer^and^about''i'l100lfeet
above the bottom-of, "��Tho5Canyon,"
was yeryABma^ 'and^blocked withv ice.
I'; havetfdesignated^tliis^ opening as
" EritrancVNo. 3.7^?Here,'byrcrawJing
throughi|ft very t narrow ^passage on
hands'-and knees and then1deBCfnding
a steeps narrow^ watery grove for^ about
501 feetj '-ithe - brink'' of a a'r veryA large
cavern was reached that,was estimated
to -.be' about ?-256 ^feetv''deep,tbut" its
length and breath.^owingitov their ex-
tent and the insufficiency of the lights
' "���      "V ,        _   I       J
at j hand,  were  inestimable.,  Iti .was
.    i . .    > , r ������    !    -T   i      '  *    ' * i ��� i
observable that 'several openingsi led
offtfrom this great cavern.*1 The plbnge
and roar^of the great waterfalls 'some
.where^down in ahe ^depfchs^of |ktlie
cavern'reverberated 4in" every inch of
, ( This passage is from four to ten feet
wide, by from ten to thirty feet high.
A descent by ropes toi the bottom of
the, canyon at " Entrance N��. 2" was
considered, but1 it was deemed entirely
unsafe owing to the large accumulated
mass of'snow which might slide into it
at any moment and ,j without any
warning. Besides this no entry ca^be
rnode^ here until Cougar creek has
subsided to a mere brook/     Jl If
' The'falls, designated' on the map ns
" Lower Goat Falls," wercvisited with
the hope 'that an entrance might be
effected' to the largo 'cavern by the
same passage through which the watoi
from the'falls enters, but it was practically filled ,with water > and ice. r Tho
falls consist of two. vertical 'drops, tho
upper one ls'about '30 '.feetJ and tho
lower one 50,feet.,, A large amount of
water is delivered into the cave fiom
these falls, the place 1 off entry being
immediately at its foot.]"'Ifc'���is "called
entrance No. 4 ���} ' "'' M* A !
��� No other openings ���were. discovered
by, which.access'might 'be had to the
T^ I t �� . J
large cavern and-vve are, barred enter-
- t t .1 j- ,     f
ing it by those openings already described, and,-1, for ('tbe'sreasonslgiven.
until such time j as (the/spring /floods
may; have fullysubsided.   f-C  J��i-T
' v.
space and produced m' the listener sens
ation?lib" weird''that, tho'se rwho have
telsewherer^met its counterpart are
first startled. }$' f ^   \^l'l It
.No^further^attempt was made1 "at
Tia lime  to firnlnrAi theVcave flfc'ii this
} ,
It '
;'If you-are-in the market for'a suit of new
Clothes, see our samples. "We have these
garments made up by the best wholesale -
.tailors in Canada.     - ' *
Hume & Co. Ltd,
t.   -* t   .     j ^ -
���   CBpItal'AuthorlBed( $4,000,000r. Capltsl Paid Ujr, f3 000000.   Beat, $3,000,000.
'    Head Office, Toronto, Ontario. *
'i 1 1
IBranohoa In tho Northwest Territories, Manitoba, Ontario and Qaebec.
,    lud   tho following points In  British  Columbia'    Cranbrook. Golden,        /
1 Nelson, Hevelstoke, Trout Lake, Vancouver and Victoria.
! ' ^ <   >
T. B" MbbbITT, President D R' WiMtiErvlce-ProsIdont and General Manager
B��    11 Hat, AssistanKQeneral Mane��or     W Moffat, Chief Inspector
vRevelstoKe Branch, B. C���A General Banking Business Transacted
"    Savings Department���Dopoaltb Received and Intorest Allowed. ^
rirafts sold available in nil parts of Canada, United States and Europe.
Special attention glvon to oollootlons A. E Peifpb, Manager
feefbf"rope''8eht by Mr. FordAresident;
engineer of the C.P.R, for^our use^had
not" ^yet * been" broughtituptlfromi the
water tank.- On-��the followingfday
anbthefobstacle" presented itself.^The
rapidly "melting snow formed^a sudden
rusri'of water'down the*mountain'Side
and into the-opemng, which^made it
notonly inaccessalile for the time being,'
but proved it to be dangerous to |enter
for,|any'extended explorations until
the snow had practically disappeared {
J On the afternoon of the 31st and the'
forenoon of June 1st ��a raft and additional ladders were constructed to
cross over the large-pool that impeded!
progress on May 30th m " Entrance
No.? 1."' While we were eating our
noon meal on the 31st, Cougar Creek
overflowed into-the, entrance. We
made the attempt to descend but were
drenched with water _ and our lights
were put out. ' We constructed a dam
to.prevent this as far as "possible, and
at 6 a m. on June 2nd we agam^des-
cendedjnto the cave at ithis entrance
and .found5at a ���distance of 331 feet
from the surface a large chamber 50
'feeVwide by 160 feet in length, that
was accessable ���A large portion of the
length ^was' inaccessable, owing to
Cougar Creek, which flows across jt
and had accumulated iceA ' We named
this chamber the Auditorium
At a point invthe entrance just as
we" emerge from the Auditorium,a
branch passage was found whichagain
joins the mam entrance about 100
feet from the surface This branch
passage is shown in photograph No. 2
by the dark spot in the^ extreme upper
left hand corner of the picture The
curved path at the extreme lower
right corner is the mam entrance
Another branch passage w as found to
connect this entrance with the surface
A dilligent search in this part ,of the
cave disclosed no other accessable
opening. r      > *
The Auditorium is the only place
thus far discovered where any lime
deposit is found on the walls This
beautiful curve sweeps around to the
right and behind the overhanging
light colored rock at the upper right
corner of the picture. Its "lace like
drapery makes it wonderfully beautiful. ^ J
Photograph No. 4 is a typical lllust-
lation of this entrance,*sKowing how
fantastically the walls have been
carved by the torrents^ of > snow water
that have rushed through it for
centuries. At the bottom and near
the centre of the picture is shown one
of the poles of a ladder that leads
down this passage which is made up
of a succession of rounded cistern-like
cavities formed by the swirl and
plunge of water,   j ".
<��� * -1 t',i f   .     ,
,/-, ��   <-..-- ,     ,--jCAVE.. Luti,  I  y     \r
t The rocks in which1 the cave occurs
are of very hard Lcrystahne limestone
dipping about 30 degreesf to the east
In entrance No. 1 ;ithe'se^beds arejivery
thick'and rare made' up lof'alternate
f. 1A    r if '1
bands   ofrwhite' mottled   and" gray
marble  ��� Some of the bands are very
>       . -- t. 1     ���t
highly," impregnated j-nfchf fine .sharp
sand,'so much so, li^fact/thatexcellent
whet-stones can be!made^from them.
^ The cave has undoubtedly been formed by water erosion". The stream'which
formed1 it, ^Cougar^Creek,<-.which is
entirely, made up ofj'glaciertand snow
'water, was found'abbve^the cave' to be
free fromjinyhniesalts / Its /capacity
thereforeit6;,di88olve*hmei roclc when
brought 1 in ^ contact T;iwith ^lt,
is   at <', its   maximum.v-^The A.fine
grains1 uof*'.sharp ^isand''1'^-. loosened
--       �� ^f-^.ti?^* 1
from the lime rock ""and1 caught in,the
swift currents,the small stream.that
at first,Bfound lts^way ..through ta
shrinkage crack of some particular bed
of hmestoneI{have'- undoubtedly^given
the water an uncommon erosivepower,
which tbr6ughH;tiercouiitless years of
the^cave's history -"has' enabled that
mountain torrent to carve out a mam-
motli channel in solid marble.     - *,
The .absence of _all stalactities���and'
stalagmites/such as are* usually found1
in caves, and the presence of curiously
carved", marble 1, walls, wonderfully
varied in-,fantastic-shapes and sombre
coloring suddenly makes one realize
that be is far removed, from all things
laminar. ,, y , c
A As to .the,probable1 extent of'the
cave'~tlie 'supposed^outlet fiom the
cave" is about." one.half mile south of
entrance 4 ���and ���-' "-Upper Goat' and
DouglaB^tFalls,"^ and"'1 the section is
most'probably a" labarynth> of underground waterways."-! The one half mile
between LLower-Goat Falls - and the
supposed.outlet-should be the largest
part "of tho cave by ^reason of accumulated waters. "~ r\ i . s- -\
ijtThere may. exist many other, lesser
caves further north on the strike of
this formation. * ��� '
""No evidence whatever was discovered that any portion of the cave" has
ever been used as a habitation by anv
human beings such as Indians, >.or by
any wild animals such as bears or
wolves  4                    '               v     >
^'-^ f ^     "    "���
This cave is situated on the west
slope of the Selkirks in British Columbia* at''the head\ waters of Cougar
Creek, norths about two miles from
Ross Peak-water tank on the CP.B,
and west two and one half miles from
the Glacier'station?" It was discovered
Octv<22nd,1904, by, Clias.'H. Deutsch-
man] whose name it bears."     ^   y
Mount Sir Donald and the great
Glacier are in plain view looking east
from the^'cave, as-is shown �� by photograph No. 5.' Intact they can be seen
from here to a far, better advantage
than from tlie1 Glacier House. A',
Looking in the ^opposite, direction,
due West,' the glacier forming Cougar
Creek is in plain view. > We namedit
Grissly Glacier,, because'a grissly be'ar
only a few weeks ago came down over
it on his way eastward and disputed
with Mr. Deutschman his right'to invade the territory.
Following up the Cougar 1 Creek
towards this glacier for a mile and a
half from the cave through a narrow
valley with high mountains on either
side we came upon two little lakes,
twins, covered with a spotless counterpane of sntfw, and fed by'the- gjacier
-On turning* around to^jt-Gtrace .our
BtepB,to.the*��ave a viSw "of"Mount*^ir
Donald and the Great Glaciei creetecl
our eyes that can never be forgotten.
f As we near the cavej again we como
upon a natural' bridge under winch
the Cougar Creek flows 'for a distance
of 350 j feet, i This bridge is cnlled
Cougar Bridge on the map Immediately north- of this, bridge are
two t cascades " whichl start several
hundred feet up 'the side of Cougar
Mountain'"and "'descend 1 with? "many
slides , and ,leaps [;and tjoin Cougar
Creek just below the'bridge. These
caicades( have been named .Whistlei
Falls because of'the'great number of
whistlers,"lloary Marmots, that <havo
their bun-emu in the neighbourhood.
Passing  'down ** Cougar   Creek one
hundicd feet and turning back to look
i i '
at the end  of the biidgo a  beautiful
scene meets the eye.     The opening 111
the  rocks out, of   which   the   water
quietly and  mysteriously   flows,  the
snow covered banks and  tlie  falls  in
the   foreground   make , this .a 7vory
..      ..        i i       1 1  >l 1 >   <" ,
attractive spot 1        , -,
Another hundred feet ftu (her down
the sti earn,brings  us/to a  beautiful
little.fall linmedjately opposite^onti-
ance No 1 of the cave'    Cotigai Creek,
even   now   during   very high1, water.
divides as  it comes overr the-falls, a
part of it I flowing JoveV. the overhang
ing'rocks at tlie* light in the picture
enters the cave at Entrance No. I * t
1 From1 entrance No; 1, down Cougar
Creek to the" wesMend  of the second
natural bridge,  is,to be \found a rare
/      v ^  1 -i r
specimen of "nature's  handiwork.'" It
is a', water channel cut/an to solid.^iock
with 'many4- round ��-potholesr,ini the
channel and .along the sides. n'For'the
first '160�� feet   the   descent >;is -veiy
moderate   but" the  next 150,feet'it
descends,, on  the dip   of thei strata',
f. ���. .       '-
which, ish30 ,degrees   to, the   east,
through ,a"8enes of large and<deep
potholes joinedAy iopeningp?through
their sides the wat<r,. plunge's, ^whirls
and roars until lost  under, the \west
end of the secondsnatural4bndge. ��>The
channel has  been called,'the Jlume,
owing to its leBemblance to the flume
nf a. mill     yJ" -        ~     '    'T. "" ^ W
v The second natural bridge has been'
1 *
,z Groceries, Fruits
and Vegetables
r \t
U t*   I
li��  '
1   1 1
���",.   *|T
II1' y
>   1
McKENZIE AVE.,      ,   ' , "(af J,
or , r���REYELSTOKE.^
?t,f      '        . nil i't     1   l;   v i!~f*   j-rW- 'u''   -
J>  Agents' foi McCliu-j's Stoves and Ranges
t -s
1 >>{*-< ,
-fij- -
* ,��� ,tll il
1    , w f >��� 1
���   ,f{
*   t
' \   A P'i ft
~i ,     ,   ^ >���
irirry-   wj!/v}|
Trlf *?,? \  I
<<V,^ *      (/ V ������
A   lv' ^ '
t, if
1 *
1 < 1*
'      )*
i  3^*
-> J,. V.
-     /f-S' *���*.
" ;'f*A
< -.jW f 1 T.'
'rv  ."#1
Fvt' r^1 '"!;*''ITi
uH^ ""a;M
^ -*.���* Wa.
<y*W'B- - ^��West,Jqf  England,- -.Serge ^l^ ;^, - a
"   - M ""Suits are guarantee'dJall the way  --���-��<��������������-"'���   ���*-
/^through.     ���C'-   ,M
'IT.    i��
���,���*���   "Al
' C-*4' I
>-* AI
"   Mis,
a j*" ��, f > AtJji*,*
��� s, And ' the ^guarantee* 'holds^ good *'AAi\
'w ' about the  color f'just * as "* it'' does *J ;
^��� * Mahout; f abric>,andftaildring and f fit'r-fw ^ I
/ t'\  r, )fr. , *��� A A  ,%    ^; *w "v*5'J
f yj ^"West4l'of/England".Serge[i�� fade-^?1"]
'$ ''-^less and changeless.*** Ifdefies summer
I    !/'suhsAand stays *a ^ch, darlc blue ast
ft   'J1,,'    i 1-11-/*,. 141V   t    u   .--.',
-> **,a.(   ��� -h y  -.'-���? VA
- ^   ���"���, I
'^, /���> $
������  'i'i
1  'ft,
���   V-fi
l3t.^r' r
'   i-"' 1 T"*i.
1,5, ^ &^r���     ' j  -If-*     3AI
1 V>A<<     *�� ' Vi   ."J.'
lv -,
(,?   v
named^the' Mill*4 Bridge "because _im-
under.theibndge'-therefis ;a roaring
sound of;at,re8tle6siSforce''/such as is
.        -,        Z't^t*   ��ltw(lJy��llri'       U* S
heard at _ many watgr iwheels. ,tThe
lengthT'of 'this'^ndge"is 243'feet. P ,\,'
^At'the^west^end^of the^bridge Cou'-
gar Creek emerges into a cavern about
170 feet deepT which continues for**a
distance of 234 feet, where'it abruptly
ends, ind "Cougar  Creek enters" the
II T I !��� - *
cave.   It is,called the Canyon on-the
map. i\f*   (   ' \    "���        'i.
-On the surface immediately to'Ufie
east of thiB Canyon'are the beautiful
1   ' 1        1
watei falls which I have named  Bear,
Falls, Upper Goat Falls and Douglas
Falls. The latter in honor of Mr H 1
Douglas, superintendent of the Canadian National Park. 5 '���, ^
, From a point about 1,000 feet south
of the cave and along Cougar Creek a
very interesting view meets'the eye.
The falls in 4 the upper part of the
pictuie are Lowei Goat FallsAAt
their foot is. entrance No . 4 to the
cave,f' through * which   all the water
from the falls at once disappears " '
i_. <-" .it 1 j , <., .- , '"
The trees forming .the forest about
the cave are-nearly all balsam firs,
which create a "spicey fragrant atmosphere - peculiarly their own They
range'in age from 150 to 250 years old,
are tall and straight a nd perfect specimens of this attractive tree.   *~      "��*
aTTiu trademark ideo-
_ -���". hfiei* every,, genuine /
j'P'f( Fit-Reform -garrnwt. U
Look for Ubel wiflifr
""""ytradOTarfand pnce_y*
,.' --Aai fiiSJ by makerii-'!,.
',   rv*rte-f>-��1W'
\r ~"A' ^^VT**-
I ij? ��/   :
f. c
Revolutionists Seize Warships
and Train on Troops
at Odessa.
Black Sea Warships Sail and
Naval Battle Expected.
The men of tho Russian warship
Knia7 Potemkin, thc best ship of the
Black Sea lleet,.killed the officers, -excepting those who agreed to join the
mutineers; and seized the ship. They
then hoisted the red flag of the revolution. 1? The mutiny, arose < over the
shooting of,a sailor, who complained
of the quality of the food served. His
body is;treated as that of a martyr. It
hes'in state at Odessa and'was .visited
by thousands of people. f.
The Russian government are,panic
stricken. The revolutionists fired the
city of Odessa,*and 'the quays and
Imildings are burning. The seized
warship and the revolutionists pie-
vented the fire brigades working.
The crews of four other warships
have joined the revolutionists.
��� Sebastopol, June 29.���A battleship
and 'a. oruBier left here during the
night with orders to ��� steam at;, full
speed for Odessa,    -'���'���-
M'4The only Fit-Reform t Wardrobe^here' �� "a!   'A^^"
J. <'&.' lilacdonald/Revelstoke.
Wi  T-
rl      *   I   *$'�����,
1 I.".,.;.  1
1-1 ,      ' < 1,f|i'l
F      .
J              *
���          1
m  l^I(
1 * i "
^ A
0 !>ri
S &T
A *d
��� -1
< B
F> il
t Bi
ft i}��<{
. >     ^AT
*���       . P
1 '        - *   ' 1.,       *-.'�����   r^^'     3".i
.Another Carload of Furniture just arrived '  Carpets, Linoleums,       ';
Oilcloths, etc    Sewing Machines, Heintzman'Piaiiob    " ""   "**"
 ir~i "~^(>���" * * t 1
t   ^
; V 1> * ^-E " * ?
^9       >/^fc^
:*v^ "M
CARPENTRY, JPINERY, CABI- . s   -    ���"
JOBBING. ,     FINE   WORK   A'   A
Choicest Materials in Stock and Workmanship Guaranteed
TOUirHl r    .      (
ably furnished with the choicest the market
affords. * Best Wines, Liquors, &- Cigars. J  v
Rates $ 1 a day.    Monthly rate.
��� ���Wfl
~-,v  *l
* \ si
Incorporatscl by Act of Parliament, 1855       / A
Wm. Molson Macphkrbov, Fres S. H. Ewino, Vrce-Pres.
. James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $TM0,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of- banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank .
deposits.   ,
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. 0. i Ill  V  rrf  I Jl 11  V  ���������THE KOOT^Af MATL  ^  Zbe ftootenag-nftaf l  r    , I'UBMSHKIl   SATURDAY.  *. ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE. B.C., w  SUBSCRIPTION   RATES  Including lKHUise to Kngliiixl, United SlutCH  mill Camilla '  RrtheiciirltliroiiKli iiiMtofllcu] ^fcHKi  Half       '" " 125  Quarter'" " "..       ��������� IK  IncliuliiiK C-'lii Mums Mull r.0t. cMni.  ADVERTISING   KATES.  Me&surimenU is'onrwiiicl (12 linen make ono  JnchJ. Preferred portions, 21 |K.r tent  additional. 1 Hi I tw, Marriagcf, anil .Dull Iik,  SOc each insertion. All luHeillMjitionUi  Hiibject to tlie upprowil of tlio miumKOiiiiiil.  Wanted and Coiirtciihcd Aihorliseiiieiil* ���������  i     AKcnu Wanted Help Wanted, bllnalioiiH  wanted.    .Situations     Vacant,    Teadieiri  .   Wanted, Mechanics Wauled, 10 vtorilH or  lews 25c , each addillonal word lwouml������  ,  Changes In tftandniK ach trtlHcnicntx muni  bo in b) 9 a m  1 liui-Hdiij of each week lo  secure good dixplay.   Standing nd\ oi lining  matter will be changed tw ice u month wllli-  '   out   extra   chiiiifc      Kor  more  frequent  nltcnitioiiK Die time occupied   In making  same will be charged at UKiial natea       r  between tho people of Canncln, mi-"  dcr tlie hypocrisy of profcppcd  Clui'"1ini)ity,tiy to rouse incial and  religious si rife'over a  question on  i      ...      l"i     "    ��������� "i < '    ������   v>   r' ��������� ;,  winch tliey have f-liown themselves  absolutely ignorant. " IiiKtcud of  piaxing for their fellow-meri"ritc is  time they cast llio ni'ole out of llieir  own eye-, iincl prajod that God  may enlaigo llieir own little sliriv-  olled bouIp! l   ' " 'o.  JOB PRINTING prompll} oxetuted at reason  able rater. , '   '   ,  TERMS���������Caah. Siibscripllons pa j able in ad  vance.  UJKRESPONDKNCK invited on rnalleni of  public interest. CoriumiiiluiliuiiH lo Keillor muNt be accompanied by name of  writer, not iiecoaaarll) for publication, but  ,H,..  uub  ,.n,um....,    IV.1   i.>>>.><Wh>.U><, u...  aa ev laence of good faith.   L'orruHpoiidaucr   uf. '  nhould bo brief,  ���������V-  ,1  DB  We pequost our numerous readers to  fnvon us with their assistance in  " making the KOOTENAY MAIL tho  moat valuable advertising- medium  In the Kootenuys by giving tho  preference when making1 ' purchases to those firms who are  , regular advertisers in tho KOOT*  ENAY MAIL   t,       , - '  MORRISON,-  DENTIST'.  j t     Oh-kk: /     ,  THE   NEW   LAWRENCE BLOCK, '  '       .      McKcn/ie Avcniio     , ~        "j  E"     DWARD A. HAGGISNi      I  ' ���������> i   '      ?  ~ '   c,        Mining "Engineer,        '   ,  (Mom. American^ liibtlUito MIn ng Englneorn)  "~ '" (Mem Canudlan Mining   . tltutc.)  ~    Revelstoke, JB.'O. '    **  Examination of and rcporta on Mineral Pro  j perticH a Special! y.  'UGH   S.   CAYLEY,        ''     '     '  Barrister nnd Solicitor.  o  OFFICE���������Corner  of First Street nnd  H1  , BANGS RELEASED.  ;  On Condition He Quits Canada  ,   ,        At  Once././   .  J. A. Bungs, theCrtlgary lawyer convicted in June of lust yeni for being  the receiver of moneys stolen fiom the  mails hy Clerk Wilson, between Moose-  jaw' unci Cnlgnry, wns loleaHed fiom  custody yestonlay^npon eondition he  at once leiues Canada. Jiangs wiih  sentenced to eighteen inontliH and  only hud six months more   to   serve  ON SHORE AND AFLOAT.  No. 00, lMcs delayed  five houis on  ' t * >       i"  Wednesday    by   a   land   slide   neai  Sponcc's JJndge.      "      *l  Tho,V. V.'and E.,bill hns passed  tho coinmittoo of the Common's after  a warm debate, the B.C. members  being a solid vote in its favoi. i,  - A vuiter in the Vancouver World  calls tiie C. P R. the "King of Jltic-'  cancers"     a '  , ,    '^ <  Owing to low water the Steamer  Revelstoke is now '"ruumiig between  the city and Big������JJcnd (and 'is-^ibii'dy  for the excuision fiom 'Revelstoke to  A-BIG ENTERPRISE.     ,4    '    -A*  Electric^Power for Boundary.  J One of tho"]itigrRtiin(lurtnkiiigsthot  h.'uc jet tnken place , m ���������British  (Ji.liimbiii is lho new power plant to be  installed I'in 'the' Jloimdnry distiict  The intention ii to Iniiltl 'a pule line  via the Dcwdnev tiail lo ('iiHCiide nnd  thence to Ci i unci Folks and Oieenwood,  wheie the newly gcneiated power will  be-sold to the Gianby conipnny(<at  Giand Koiks and Phoenix, ai d to the  Butihli Columliiii Copper Company tit  Greenwood. The dist.inco over which  the powci is to lie tninsmittcd is 811  imle<-. I    i      ' r ,      i(  <-,         r                 ' 1                             >                                         '     I                        'A 1                                         ?  a  ,     ^ P,  o.A "^ '  '          L"   *   a     ", :             'A f  ,v       ���������   v . a  A     '   '    '     '              -"'    ' ' J"    .'      ' ^ ������'  -   '       -                       ,                V                                      /'                l    ' \\  .   .   '^i������,*v.      s\ V.rA" ���������" *'''**.'  I am unlcs-i chined. I havobeen having lots'of tioiible-.last' week "getting  ruisedA," Half of, New YoVk i8r'>heie,  cliiised out of Poitlimd r^Cuiley is  plekingrup^all thd time, ij*^   ** <^f'  SUPPORT HOME MERCHANTS  i Kootennv' LodKO, No*. 15'A F, & A M  - p, *yjm *.    j. q i* *y ^������. "���������  Anowhead tomorrow under auspices  t   i    ,   r .  *      . -. 1 "-^. tf        *-.  of the band. " ,  ' ..  Boyle Avenue, Revelstoke, B. 0  HARVEY, McOARTER '' -   .  "v e      AND PINKHAM,  , BABBISTEBS, SOLICITOUS, ETC.  Omasa:   Molsons  Bank  Block,   Rkvh  B-roar., B C. ,        .  ' 'Money to loan. '  Offlceo. Revelstoko, B. C, KortStoolo, B C.   ���������,  .' Grco S. McCabtkr,  V.   A. M   Pinkham,  , Revelfitoko, B C.  'ti  0  J A. Harvky,  .KortStoolo, B fi.  1 M. Scott, LUB , ������   M i W. I BriggB  iCOTT' AND   BRIGGS  Bakkistehs, Solicitors, Etc.  x.   '   l     Monei 'ro'"LoA^  ASOLIGITORS Kill MOLSONS BANK  First Street.  Revelstoke, B.C.  iXEfoe.lkooteha^flpaU  j  "* (ijNIONl  GRIP AND PASSWORD. , ,  A , '���������" >-���������    " ���������   . '  c. 'w. o. w.   A  ,  The   membcib   of    the    Canadian  Woodmen of thev World* met at Dr.  Moiris6n's<liome on Tuesday evening  H. A. Danforth, who is leaving Revel  stoke, wasv presented  with   a   set   of  military brushes and' an-adthess expressing regret'at his departure     Mr.  Danforth,has,been a prominent member of the order and his departure will  be felt very'much by the, local. order.  He leaves^Saturday morning for Portland.   '- '"        '   t" '      '  ���������'Koi P.���������The Knights of'Pythias  will install officers' for ensuing term  bnv Wednesday,' July   5th. - ,Grand  Chancellor, George Johnson of Mania  mo, will pay the lodge ari~officiul viBit  on July 25th'." ,������ -    ',''":'?  IRISH GUARDS, BAND.     '  ���������     i        A y  Rocky Mountain Rangers will  Control their Visit.  That cuick musical oigainsation, llio  Royiil lush Guards Blind, will visit  Revelstoke in October under tho auspices of the Rocky Mountain Ringeis.  Ihiiiic K Sucking, of Toionto, wns in  the ,city this week "nnd mnde tho  aiiangciucnts The hand, which is one  of the most popular military' musiciil  organizations in" the Old Country,  numbei about fifty lnstiumontnlists  It is probable that Field 'Maishall  Loid'Roberts, who is bounty colonel of  the IriBl^ Guiuds, will be present at  least at one of tho conceit s^to be given  by the [bandr in this provinco, ns, tho  veteran soldier ,is ..coming west this  fall nnd may visit Jievcletoke with  them. ' The concert in tins city will  probably bo held in the Skatn a Rink,  '^  ' A \  m ������    *A   >        ,"  ' * SUPPORT YOUR TOWN.'  And -"Get\ Your Printing 1, Done  ' /���������   ���������' at^ Home!   v   ' " ^  , A con temporal y says'"If the printing sent out t of' town were done at  ���������home theie would be employed jSev-  erill extra printers and piessmen who  with their families would becustomcis  for the'nierchants. ' i I'"  t ' The sending away' of otders f'that  might be filled at home ofrcdur8e is  not peculiar to the 'printing' trade,  but being called upon not infrequently  to putjin a word on behalf of������'other  branches of industiy, we may^ be ex  cused for this' special reference to a  practice affecting directly our own line  of business." .        ������ ���������   l   '"���������*-' ~  SATURDAY, JULY.l, 1905.;  r- P        CHURCH-UNION.  ....   -��������� .  p^    It is a matter of regret that more  'C~of the churches of  lievelstoke  did  not combine for the Sunday School  . Apicnic to Albert Canyon on the 4th  i/inst.    The idea  of  union in such  matters is a grand and noble one.  ���������  The   future   citizens of   the'State  should be brought together as much1  ras   possible   in   their  youth,  and  neither  sect  nor creed allowed'to  stand in the way  of  such  union*,  ^.which   lay    the   foundations   for  , mutual regard amongst the young  " irrespective of future differences of  opinion.    If vve  cannot have  one  church, at least let the people hold  to*one school and as many reunions  ^"as^ possible1 to develop a  healthy  --patriotism in the joung, and aid in  making for  the  future  an  united  people. ' ^ >  , ..SUNDAY'OBSERVANCE.a  Memorial i\o;the Minister,, of  'i*  A  , > ( Militia:  A geiieial committee meeting, with  repiesentatives    from     the" unions.'  chutches, was held at St  J'eter's rectory last evening.   Present ��������� Rev   W*  C Cnlder, Thcltei   C. II   M   Stitliei-,  land; and Rev. C A Procimiei     Rev'  A.  Michells v\ti8 unavoidably  abbent,  but subscribed to the* movenent, and  also laymen of these churches      Rev  Mr  Procimiei was elected  cliurman,  and  Mi.  MacPhadden   secretary     A  lesolution was pasbed that a iiieniori.il  be filimed and forwarded to the  Minister of Militn,  urging  him   to  take  the necessary steps for the suppression  of the desecration of the J^ord s day by  members of the militia force shooting  here on Sundays  NAKUSP.  A' PLUCKY MAYOR.  British  Columbia   admires   the  , fight  Fred   Buscombe,   major   of  "Vancouver, and the city solicitor,  Fighting Joe Martin,   are  putting  up against the attempt of a private  corporation to  control   the public  streets.    If a man with   the  back'  bone of Fred Buscombe were at the  head of the  McBride government,  public affairs in British Columbia  would be  in   a   more  progressive  condition today, and with   Joe  to  back   him   up   the>   could   make  ,things interesting for   any   buccaneers who might attempt  to  hold  up the province   Thc only obptacle  -to this arrangement is the  Major  of Vancouver would have to forget  he is a conservative and Joe would  have to forget he i1- a liberal before  they could pull together in politics  like they do in municipal affans  SHRIVELLED SOULS  "Where ignorance is bliss/'tis  folly to be wise." Rev. Drs. Bryce  and Carmichael, leading lights of  the Presbjtenan church in Manitoba and the Northwest���������men who  Are on the ground���������say the education sjstem of the Northwest is the  best in Canada. Bigots and fanatics in' distant parts of British  Columbia and Ontario, and whose  sole aim and object in life seems to  to to strive to stir up dissention  From Our Onn Correspondent.  Miss Lewis  formely   school  teacher  here spent a  few  days-  in  town  the  guest of Mis. Muirhead.    ^  Mi   and  Mrs. J   F    Billings   have  moved to Nelson   "  MrsrL F. Mc Dougald is away on a  vmt to the Okanagan.  Mi and Mrs L G Edwards entet-  t lined a number of friends on Fricl.iy  June 23d in honor of Miss Grenfell  Campbells Comedians giuei performance in A briefs Hall on Monday evening.  WN Poole who h.i������ taken possess  ion of the house lately occupied by  f G Billings,gavc a house w timing on"  Monday last. We trust 'Jilly soon get a  pirtnei to assist him en tei tain Ins  friends  The School closing pxcercises on  Friday were a great sucess. The schuol  house w'ds crowded with parents and  friends of the children unci the way in  which the long programme of songs,  recitations and dialogues passed off  shows the good training whrch the  children have received At the close  of thc programme Miss Gienfell was  presented with a purse of money as a  slight token of the esteem in which  she is held  Thc Ladies of tho English Church  gave a very successful strawberry  and ice cream festival on .Saturday  June 24th, the grounds on Mr Abricl's  lawn being beautifully decorated with  cluncbe lanterns.  A handsome monument was put up  this week at the cemetery by the  widow of the late John Genello  Mrs C. B. Kirk is, visiting friends in  Arrowhead.  ���������.     A GREAT SCHEME.    . .  v- '���������   ~:l_   j    a  Professional - Beggars Tell < of  *-;J Working "Revelstoke andj*'  V<v Adjacent Towns.1-' r"J  Jn a beggar's pocket at Nelson Chief  Jams found iijettii froiiiS.Tn'J'.janciaco  and a'sketcli map of Kooteiuiy towns  fori the I earei's gmcl nice     The letter  contained  interesting  information as  to the.exncfc d.Ues ol   piydays  ni^all  the towns .md the comparative generosity of the  different   classes   .   The  autnor'tells of ajveiy lucrative visit lo  Mi itis"ey a year ago _,when   he  r.iisrd  filW in'one  week. s    The directions  went   You go to DiiticiinS nhere theie  r- a quart/ mine ten miles from tonn,  then to Ladysniith, then to Nnnatmn,  take a boai tc. Como\, that is  a< good  coil mining dtstnct      Vuli inij   hear  them say it is alack .Hid  not  woikmg  btn go theie, it,"will   p.iy  jou     From  there go to Vancouver,, md then lake  the main    line    from   R^vilstoke    to  Calgary , then to Edmonton, luck'to  Fort McLc.ed,  take in  all   the   little  towns on the   Growsnest   I'.i-s   until  jou come to Ivtiskanook Land'ng, then  take boat to   Lardo,   Sinel.-n,    Tlnee  Forka,   New  Denver,    like    boit   to  SIocan__Cit}-,   . then   go   lo   Nelson,  then 'lo "Ro^slmid .Trail, Grind   Forks  Greenwood,    Phoenix,   then L go   the  other line to Spokine,   or   vou     cm  start from Hevelstoke   and "take   the  \\ est Kootenay in first, and then   the  Crovvsneat J'iss and  go   on   to'Winnipeg   You will hnve.to watch the p.iy  days in that country;   that   is  where  the secret lies     You must alwajs en-  qture befoieyou Btart out,  and .place  your chuck  on  the no good places so  you cm hold   mi to \r,u   cash mr.nfy"  You will ru.t.fart-'well until y<'U get to  Kevel-tokf, (Ik n jump into th-   West  Kooten ij      I'm nd lumei, the privates  tn Morn-sej is fine     J got $ Ji59 out of  it  Vnti try'tho houses   There is 8 tolO  batch in eich house. Now the   payday  is tl e Saturday nearest   to   thc   20. h  when J v\a������ there       Then go   to   tl'  lumber cunp,   Fiicnd  .rarnes   M   D  Curhy =ajs \ou   should   "faj   an.nnd  until the middle of .June.       lhe   fishing season and cann n--s will he koiii^  in full, and f imceitun   3011   will  do  well       Friend   rumen, Curfey says  if  you arc ������hort not to (my any clothes,  but you can   tend    the   money   hack  when you have it to spare, as  he  will  he going over  himself this fill and tix  himself up   J am going to  stay where  Those'.Wlio Buy^t Home Build  ��������� A-Up Their Own"town.*-  Tn the struggle between home mei-  chanls and the big city, catalogue  houses foi local patronage there are five  , points that have weight with tho buy  er, says the Diy'Goods Ke'poiter. t ' '  , Those are quality, puce, prompt sei  vice, couiteous treatment,, and steaefy,'  well thought out local ad voi tismg. 1 j 41-  , The contender forJf pationage , must  'make1 good" on each ' of "these  points."' rlr"     n     .   >*>    :'���������|  {  f-Caicful nivestigiition proves that  week,111 and week' out the .local,met-  cliant surpasses his big city compotitoi'  111 eveiy respect. Value to , home  institutions is ,named 'last but it'is  fust 111 impoilance. Thc pationago of  catalogue houses lsapoHitivedctiimont  (o home, suhools/ chuiclics and all  siniilai enteiprises1 .whose support  comes so largely from ' tho v homo  business nfen. Clippie "the 'business  enterpi ises of youi town 1 and ^all the  institutions foi good will suffor. , ,,  <��������� Beaten at every point that, should  count in legitimate tiade pulling,,lidw  doon'the catalogue house got such'a  largo pationago.   '   <V ' ' ��������� '  t  Hy deceptive methods, y iii 1,1,1,  Bait bargains, decoptiv c* values^, and  slick advoitising aie the-chief implements of catalogue houses ' They biiy  from'thc same soiuces as the retailor,  making a special setuch for "seconds','  wluch(can begotten ,cheaply;l nThese  seconds oijinfetioi grades >thoy ,pften  buy in quahtilicb ,bttt 1 tho''goods'-foi  thousands ofjheir oidcrsj-aie. b'olight  aftei, the * ofder t( is - leceived.-' 'Then  city^buyei waggons,,aie ..scunying  about^evciy minute of the^ day getting  these small dabs of stuf."'fbr individual  oideis. Added to the cost of the merchandise which is on the ave'iage-eeiual  or in excess of what, the ietnilci'pays,i8  thc necessiuily'high fi'eigjitf express 01*  postage chaiges on small shipments''  (This they are trying to got "-.the ���������tax-'  payeis to(pay for.them witlfa -paicels  post.)^ Added to all tins is an excessive  selling expen3e",including higir-'eiitals,  the tremendous'cost'of ,punting ,'aiid  distributing their catalogue's and then  general advertising. *, Eveiy citi/en-,fiii  or near a community 111 the buying of  his merchandise^ gives his, helpv.and  the weight of his'influence ^to one aide  or the other *Indmdual in'torests'and  community mteiests are on the same  side in^this'stiugg'le " ������,j    AJ'A    ���������  Which ought to win���������the catalogue  house or the home merchant?"*    M  -' * Clark's Pork*and* Beans   '"  foi thinkers l Hard 'thinkers ^stiain  the grey j brain "matter. ^Clark's delicious Pork and Beans rebuilds, quickly.   5c and'10c tins"  i. *f  Tho  regular  moot- ' '  inii> 1110 hold In the <  AI11H011I0    , Temple.    '  JdilKellovvMlIall, on  the third Mondni in ������,  each 'iiinnlh   at' H  ji.iii ffVlHltini,'broth  ron   coidiully   -vol  coined l~*' '     ',,   1  HIDES SENECA D������ERSKINS.  ���������..;lW^P.-QJtT^E5R-S-^-U.l5Jb;  :Zopyzyi2. '-.���������:% iR'$.i'P:'M^SMb:k't:H'P  A-MINNEAROtJ;^  MINNESOTA  mMW������!$x$^&$g������&  -1'  "  tLAWRENGE HARDWARE CO. LT������:  A4        '   'llEADQXJARTEIlSiJN JCOOTJONAY FOR',   r *Cy  \ Paint's,"Oils, General^ HaVdware/Sporting/Goods,'  , , !"   Saw Mill Supplies, All Linc^ of'Granite and /'- -,-  i,,i    >*, ��������� linware, Plumbing and 1 msmithinp-. , ,  j ��������� \ ,.  ,-j        ', '   -    -1   /������t    ���������    t    i,v j  4\'{ i't' (������    "��������� A'   " ���������- i  RiBpair Work Done .^Estimate  .-MAIL pRb)5RS,JlECJ3ivJ3 J^ROMPT AND CAREFUL .ATTENTION  -1 ' 1/*..^,- (.ft u , , . .4*.  _    ,t i ,j I?(HirKnoinsOvorSt(iroTot.ot.,jji      ^    ��������� t'^i'j f (PHONE,135   I,' ������������������'/';<#,  - .     '     t      ������...  O. A. PJtODUNIKH. Skchmauv.       J,  SELKIRK LODGE, NO  12,' X. O. O. F.     )  ���������" *   ' ���������' JMcolB o\ oi y TutHday  ,*������/ evening *ln   Belldrk  Hall . at    8    o'clock.  ViHlttng brothrcrr oor-  diully in vl tod  to at-'  r tend. .        ,'  ,     J. MATHIK, Sec  V  I  J  Red J{hho'])c.|;ico inoulH second nnd foiulh  Titituil,,,.   ,.r   .....I.    ........ ..     A........   n  T.. ._.   TiiuwlnvH of ouch liiontli, Wh'lo Hoiiollcgieo  inetlH Third Tueudaj of tacli iiniiilei. In Odd    i  follows IIn.Il.   VlHllliigbiotlnoir wolcoino'y   ,     -  ' ir.W.'jODWAItDfa;   /J  -.*��������� -    Seciotary, , '  JASri. vvoonnow. _  jv"       r-r   PicHliionl  \.a *������  h   V^l'f  h' Wc/have cxpertS'who make ^  is.'A\i"y a. ������.���������**-/ i *",y .i^^z <,'-  I y, know how,.'to ? build -,heavy!>  JA.'i   -}.t i*. -v ''J ,'*>''. "Vj - A--' -  j ' rubbcrvBoots,rand-',Shoes.s6iC'  1 .as to stand'any wearvA ;  '. ..1'     , ''    -\Sf.t'   ^yk'W^.-y.     J"   t''ir>  I'i  '^A. little forethought'may\ save^ycu  no'end of '.trouble P Anyone who  makesit a rule to keep* Chain 6ei Iain's  Cohc,/fChoIora and .Diiurhoo.iivtRem-  ecly at handjknows', this toA^be/'a fact  Fot>ale,byrall-(lriiggi8tHr ,, Ip,,'*.    ys,  ���������*> *������������������     ���������" . .. . - ������   ifc   i - i 1^     Jf ������"**  'CIGARS���������'-BY "-THE"   BOX^'AL"1!  BROWN'S CIGAR STORE ' '"*/ '" ��������� i  Nothing Better  Could be said ot coy Piano than'the,  Word* Contained In" the Letter  i  "Below from Mr. A. T.  >   Hunter, Regime      ' ��������� t "  Mr Hunter is the Manager of the  Regma Roller Mill "Co., and a musical  enthusiast. Not long ago, after considering all the different make*, he purchased  a New Scale Williams' Piano and his  letter is eloquent as the result.    '     *  " I beg to state that tb������ Nevr Scale WHUains  fn no >ou sold mtjira mc entire satisfaction  ,iLi tune i������ bcantifullT lasllcw, .its action il  cxce.lent and it stays ta ta&e leaser than any  ".'"���������S?>l?Jf*  *j A'VS,     -  t   <  I' ,u  r   .  V  rr ft,  Pain ter; Paperlia nger;^ Sign writer \[ A* *  (   i*������, JCALSOAIININGc/dONB./'I"      it   ''''  1    ,n. !_...��������� -.'.*'  Mi.!".!.    ..     \       x>'    *��������� A*  v 'Oideis icceiv-p prompt attention  Seco'ncl M,i eet; ,AA  RISVELSTOKK v ���������-'  wi r  ������. k������"   (ii      Av  W, AiMcDdnald  mtimdcmk-.Ai!  f.    - In the City is toibo had at 4-i!  ,���������   . .  w&Wenvwsr- a:  pSTAURANT/FRONT/STREEtil  K A  -'STRAWBERRIES  ��������� V   ...    ,i,nl)tlL���������i,fl tn nil /v  ulhr nMllcw, .its action ii  is hne lotirer tStan tin  piauo I have c\ er heard "  I j Your* traly  .e^ina, N W T,  Call and see the  New Scale Williams,  Cinada'1! foremost  Pia-To, at the local  ���������varerooms, or write  for free descriptive  Oi.ok.ltlS.  Lew is Bros.,  A T lWrnnt, '  Mgr The Reg^aa aoller Mills Co  t:  ��������������������������� J   A. \. -i- ' A^ , it ,  *    x(. His just opened���������iip���������hi8 pew season's stock of     P'    - y z{  y e'������-Carriagesr ,������aidf Implements^A-p^f  a-"    "These include Gatden" Seedeis,  Plovvs,' liar- ���������'  '      ~"y  rows, Fai m ���������Implements of all kinds      Ligl^tt   " ���������, -"A1?. ^  ' y and He ivy Wagons, Light Buggies, Rigs, and ~A  ^      !\/-%  Moline and Fan child Wagons- # . t "' !     . -' ,   "r , f,-  \ ^Shoeing-; a^Spfe(nalty|>  ]      ':;Wagons Made'and'RepairedA' *-, A  SECOND ;STREBT,rREVELSTOKE.''' "*''  obluintd in all countries.1-1*������  ..iTrademartafV1 W-'-'V I  ^ and. Copyrights  , ..^ , j ^ ,L,  _ ������ -   . ngincer.  n6oiir3,,Vaiilield:i31ook, dr"aiiville stf near PJO  -.-A:/Vancouver; B.';c.*vr- ^ ',  . A postcard will' aeonrol au ovtning appoint v  mont for those) who cannot, call during tire day  YARD  "5\  Wholesale and Retail  A  ..   :   J^'^eat'Merchantsf.'  ' V  i V-  ,'���������*,!&.y* c     t -   f' ',i        I'    , ���������  n have-star ted; a peirnanent Wood ;  Y.ud| on.Third street.    With my past   ..  experrence I hope to4 be rn a positron  ,to s.itisfy>.ill requirement-- of,customers.,, rDry cord wood kept m~stock and  supplied   in. any  lengths at reduced %.-  prrces for cash. >, "  K."*<-"    '."       - r -  R. SAMSON  ' ;r  Halcyon HofSprfrigS'  :Ap  Sanitarium. "  :^  " }V%  Head OflBlce, Abattoir and ,pold<, Storage :  >��������� ���������^^m^Oalgary, Alberta  TJSE  Royal  Crown  oap  A nd save Wrapper* foi Premiums.  ROYAL CROWN SOAP has no equal  on the market. Drop us a card .and  we will mml you a catalogue illustrating the beautiful premiums we oflcr,  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B. C.  Lijmited  mHE^lEDIOAIAVATERS of' Hal-  dL>"cj'oii ate thelmost-cui,itive in the  world. . 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',  (.      4" ^1 * -    *~-l     i   (   ������ .   i    c 1  Speaking at the laj ing of the corner  stone of the new oflicea of the Crons  i<-> i  Nest  Coal  Companj  at Ferine, ,G G.  S   Lmdaay, general  manager,' stated  the laying of this cornerstone was,the  r i,   ,    *   i t ~t      t  laying of the corner stone of the future  aORCHARD, AND GARDEN.  BestFruit to Grow.  t  SpjsakingffttlEnderby Donald Gra-  hiur said,-��������� +   v  IS early ^ eieryone , wishes to ha\e  se\eral varieties of apples foi home  use and show purposes, but if one is  looking forward to having a commercial orchard, lt^should be devoted to a  few of the veiy best varieties only   In  capital of the Kootenays! and he feltl8eIcctin������ varieties ^one should choose  it]   been the,'standard.?,' It iSjj  14A the greatest' aid^to^perfect P  ���������   ������������������ jnousenold'cookery.^ -"'��������� >**'  *(  x  Jc  I  > I*  C"  :���������><-  a. half-pound can  ^h.Vv-i a   , ���������'  At as! grocers  V  1  5"'  .With least ��������� lahor ''and  -trouble,.it*makes,"all hot-  tbreads, biscuit^ and cake  ^of ������nestyflavor; light, appetizing and' wholesomeC,f"  convinced the Kootenays would event-;  ually he the moBt' important district  oii thev foremost ^province of the do-  mnion'1 '  ^J * ,'   ' "   "  He gave'a short history of the coal  company, and told hovi hi the days of  the 90's much difhculty had lieen met  those that are perfectly hardy, are  goodand early , bearers, the > Graven-  stein and Mcintosh Reds t for t fall  apples, Snow and Kings for early  [Winter, Jonathan, Wagner, ( Spies,  Baldwin and Ontario for late winter,  are all of the \ eiy best, and he believed  rf>  f  V  1     T >  with m'bbtainiiig'the'iiecessaiy c'api-  J" this district our orchards should be  tallode\elop'the'cbal'mines.'   They   almost confined to these varieties"  f c  W  V>i  S / Lf 4 %ON HIS UPPERS."  >,<;  ��������� u  I *  , t>  ^viti'-  ut  *-.    ������.������_  OW did that slang phrase originate? .,  r*{     jRr������r7������WflBe -" the tramp, vsuaUj  i wears wbm-oat shoes. * i ������&      ''-  A   ? *%,tr*M; yrorn-oat ������shoes ,h������ve ?the  "PP"/:TM^Po������tic������^aboVerthe sofe)|  '*t'"^"'^ablylg<)bd condition.   '   ������������������  >hV ������ Weary ^Willte"' sssatf  ...,'- ������l   /'     .  that wean out  .<*���������  *(.  always foofc "second-hand."  <       i^si  r left in reasaiabiyTg^-wnditionT '  A rflhix iiwhy ������ Weary ^Willte"^  V to^be3^on his uppers."' -'"i;  '-. i}. Ufis the soles of shoes th  $Pl$"i**& a P*j^* !"ttppC������Y������&������)llSt  J* 7  ivV '.     V*������     ���������/# '/.������i;r    ������   ^^   -^ .  '*.  ft'."1  * M ? ^   "ft.  as the tippers*  f*UWHdd to be toagh'l  Has '&������i&$,b&*&i$  ble, light, and practt-  JC cally.water-tig^t!';^  Qwicfc-Oak' "5SoIe leather isUe ���������   J  nearest thmgr to ������r thaj has everL  happened^and it wears like halved*!  must not forget old friends, however,  and one of the best and earliest friends  the company had; was the Canadian  Pacific lailway/which had built into  the region of the Crows Nest and  made it possible to market the coal <  Hof gave -a few statistics in connection (with the output and predicted  the day was not far distant when the  company would -be-able to supply  smelters > with'^cokejat a figure "which  would enable many mines to be dcvel-  11 i  oped that were not at present in existence   'iM'.l      :/r   "        A( '      [     A   '  ,Ho" spoke in a'mostiflattenng man-  nci of the conferences^held between  the company and the, officials ,ofC the  IgnitedjMmejWorjkeis of America, saying that,those,..conferences,were made  easy'as Welles-pleasant from the fact  that  Mr ' Sherman and Ins associates  *^   -^   ��������� i,       t < ������ %  twere;level-headed ias,well as well posted  in f the ^matters,, w-itliijwhich jthey had  to deal i He felt certam^that <so lon^  as sucli,'nientrepresented the'working-  men3qf,the,jCrowsi,Nest Pass Coal Co  everything would go, along ^smoothly,  and no-disagreement, or'^misunderstanding would'arise    v ������^ Aa j ii  'A3   / I ..- P > fy  v>  T 1-  1     \i*  V������  f ^ "\ST J.P������t a1 piece of this _ Qaicfc-Oak " Sole leather in,  -j& pail of ^ water over nigfht and it will t hardly -be wet.  I^c^, througfhJn the morning? 'jv% "^"' Jw jV - ^*/* ��������� (���������'* ^'j  .{������ >> ^^Pot 'almost^any;oth������^������le;leatheif^in^tIiie*saffl������e  &  Cherries do fairly well in the upper  and^light soils, but on the clay loam  thej aie a failure They may do well  for a few yeais and bear heavily, but  they shortlj begin cracking and exuding gum, finallj dying He thought  it would be money saved to leave them  alone    . <    < ������       '  Peais for home use are a good fiuit,  but he would.not advise trying them  as a commercial variety    ���������" ,     ,  All varieties of plum's do* well here.  Overbeanng is their great* fault.  Prunes are also a good commercial  ?UIt *���������'..,t' A*   ,/, it    iA  -,  1   He did, not think'it^advisable to  '   '     4 -,    ������   V        I    - ^    l     i������ ( r  root out the poorer varieties in, a growing oi chord' , Top grafting is A much  preferable(couise t Or,the Mime results  can   be ^accomplished^ by? budding,  which'some think is, the right* way as  .*r^       ^      t   * i^        s    * j  it does not necessitate the cutting oh"  of the limb at once,,m fact, if the.bud  fails to catch, the limb soon heals and  is ^ery htlle, if any, the woise for the  operation. ^Vriie trees come into bear-  %t ���������1 JW    v   i*'  Ky       *    "-"I   .,,',11   I   I f  ing several years eailiei thlskway  i "/i   ,        'i t,���������  ^^ i.y,'        t  Trees coming from Eastern nursenes  * }*    i ���������"     *.   i>^       i  are alieady  topped, often in  such ^a  manner, that.the limbs nearly all start  ���������y^rt-'^v     ������   ���������'li'i'^y    f   %- ' ^ **'-j  from,the one";point. s,sThis should be  altered if , possible, as when tho trees  come into,bearing.there,is a tendency  *������*    '"'J'^'   -(,    I ,l<|9i  ������  .-^ 1'  in some of the-limbs' to,,separate or  i- 1       .I"  i''     n  ^t  l-C-"e     V ���������������    -^  break oft * at this junction}'  A much  ic  t   y   * i j  stronger^tree is'formed  if the limbs  ���������are1 made to 'leave, the  trunk1 a few  inches''apait at least.' !In pruning,  when  two   upright* 'limbs   leave" the  trunk at the same-.point, one'of them  should always be cut away * '  ���������Hi,  hhptlAuti'y  A?  f  mari "who" Wdu^d  Grocer who woul^h^  And  I jst S / SSji  L>  *��������� ''A  1 ?;  ' f  <   r  P  1       /���������  '" /',!  y  j -  j-  r'  "      ' Every clay -from five to fifteen'letters are'received by/  The i.Ogilvie^ Klouiv Mills Co!'from 'women living-��������� in the* -  , smaller * towns thronghout Ccinada'K saying- they have;asked,  j-l '    ��������� i- ri -|-> 1      -T--r   r1 1 +      t-i.    J ������.   ' J        r   ������������������    ^      J- > '���������  CS jl  'l,J   '.,'  I        if      '  I        s-  -K  ~<t " f \  &  t-.^t ,  same  , s4'The.Slater Shoe," becaose.The Slater Shoe.Comjpany  ;\'fcontrol the sopply.of^'that brand in Canada.*,'_.. /: '  \ tKootenay   by^ organising * a, (Mining  ������tfi  .^:  i^^'-Tvi'���������.  *     V  A",y -\Every,genuine "Slater Shoe," now-has^a^'Qofcfc-  -fK '��������� "'' >7������V ?^v/J^������ i4|,j; "Oak'V^Solvrand'the?  ..      -v ,������-*.,'.: k^-a*A .-^ ^'^^te-foa^A'r'rde^i    ^  mark'is stamped I "!'*;  ������1 tH-jWifii'the^pricel' ^,  ^ ���������* on the lining in.  -Exchange.^- ,' ,AVi!r'/  3 ������*i  H side,$4.00,$5.00.  "   .'..  ' i     ������.   ��������� iT!  A*. J  ;^i .������ tfl'ii" t   n  'I  GOODYEAR  a t  *-. '  PROCESS,  '   -���������*.���������: a  ' ^ ���������"���������-,  Sole'LocaltA|6ttfsiC:^'.?Hiime 'S, Co.  ���������'-������  'A   DRIFTS:  1 -"*      lr        '   " "���������14 ^       f    ������  * Theilron M.isk smelter will be^blown  m'this weekr*T-^ '\'^"'J. " ^AkX  * ii!" c*y .������*r-e tt'-n,- >'4'������ H  , ,TlieyGranby*-IVIines ��������� intend adding  600 men to their force ������ > r > -fi- tT'  r J.JGrant, reports rthe-j/sale,, of Jthe  Windsor, group to a Toronto syndicate  for%50,000. ���������������������������      *  h     -"  -i-     A'  .  Trout Lake' has; set. an   excellent  example   torthe mining interests t(of ps\ There are_,vanous ways of strength-  eningiweek limbs that have a tendency  to overload'with" fruit.- |One holers  bored through'' the hnib\rvith a small  'CSV    b*--''--!       * s **'! Si    u' "   ,     t  ���������*  T  bit,.and a strong, small branch, from  an oppositerhmb passed through^the  hole' '^'-'In a short time the hole closes  up,-and the small limb grows with the  *t      *   ,'< V, '., I>l5,<< >ll������l l,.,-��������� ������( I    51  ������w      I  growthJ(of the tree and forms a strong,  living natural bracer0T, "Another, take  two -small ^'branches rfibm ���������' opposite'  limbs and'-.wind them'* tdgethei," being  . \<i .i,V. '������������4. "...   r.(..,    ">   * t . ,.-4 ,^-'.  careful to eee^that the- outer bark is  removed wheiever'the'limbs cometinto*  contact, bring them firmly into'place  and^cover with grafting"'wax, when  they ~will   grow   together. jr"Xnothei  |>  A 1"        . , "il" , I ' ' u I .1  method.is that adopted by Jihe Coldstream ranch, is itol boie holes .into  opposite limbs, pass a 'strong- \wie  through/which is twisted! around"a  ._ -t W s-*--z~      **������u['y  -���������A new slioot of,ore has^ been; found  in the,Norths Star^mine* twhich had  been closed'down as it *\was  supposed  , H  J. i  ,   t,t. , 1 4j       II 1  < ce i   ������ f  the ore bodyshad run out s-'r ~Vi <j,  i  E A   Bradley, who'came'in  from  r * i*  the Bend Saturday, reports the Amer}  iean/, MiningV'Company's V hydraulic  plarit on French Creek'1 in'full"swing:  -'".Mr^Loth?..one- of ^ tlie" capitalists  interested ' in , French ' Creek ' placer  operations conducted byJE.'A. Bradley,  went upAto the"1v mine with Mr.  Biadley on Tuesday. ,������- ,     ]  , Pat Burns is as successful at mining  as he is(_at butchering A He will \ship  5000, tons " of   ore-' monthly"  fromi  - t       7(t       ti i  the Napoleon mine at Phoenix, and is  .- t * .        v     .1        .' *  already   shipping -  from   the - First  Thought  i Another 'vein   and .shoot  of ere have been'struck orfyhe Ivanhoe  An air compressor and two locomotives  have been added to the plant of Bank-  head coal mines.      ' > -i  ^ ^ ^"R'oyal Hou?cliol!d'4\for .you/'.andpWen'tlie"^ '-!/j  l^will get it if'you/iinsigt upon it.  ������������������    .*-  * ���������" ��������� -iJ ?\  fi f-"J������. \ *' Cl r  A  ,r4-"'^fHE oqilvie flourXillTs co.,'Omited, montobae.'J1''* ci1  rxtw*ea^-txT*K.*'  , f-  *-M -r1  1T    . *fr������ I  ������������������ ^:"  <V^ A  ^���������H^5���������elgin~0RvWALTHA1tI <C/:cn  jj^aaaauw   ^ 4.oz SqL|d Silverine,case,  ^yH*^"  Dust ind flimp pioof   fitted, with" the���������\ery'best  jScjicn   icwtllcd   hlgm'or  Will ham  moienieiit,  stem wind and sot, nndab^olutcl> giinrantced for  llyo yen-      4\lso .1 buiiitiful chaiiij-with etich  >^'ltUl'*fo^tlleno^t'-ndaJ8  J>A11 complete" $6oO.  cing is bchc\ ing    Cut tln^ oi t and send it lo us  Hi j our name, Post Ofllcc and B,\prc������ Olllee  ��������� .    .     ��������� ���������-   -r aqdiesH. and.we will send tho -Watch and Clitun  'i-     ������.V   ,i*-" lolyou for examination    If jou 111 d it as repro  sonlcd pij agent the amoiint������incl c\pie-,s chaigts, md Watch and'-Clmin.'are jour������ s- If you  {.wish to*i\ei>i)ing lliecxpies^ cliiu-g.s send in tho full amount, and we will forward to jou  Watch and Cham bj mail nil ch irgcs prepaid If jou older C O I) a deposit of oO cents ii. re  quiiedni. a matter of good faith which aiiioimfwill be duluctod fiom jour bill. Order nl once  as this olrcr may not appeal again    When writing mention this paper -     *" .,  E. WAGNER & CO . 163 Cordova Street,Wancouver,UB. C.        ' ^J  9$Si  MeaL:i'gbntiA.WantedHEMY^3tlItSBBIEvS  *   A* ' .AT ONCE FOR"*', ^   1 *..  "*-' -***ci ���������  ' }AT ONCE FOR. * , f   ^ ^  " "Canada's vVeatestr Naraeriesv"  r For the town of .ReveNlokc  I iimd sitriouiiding 'comifiy,  which will be reserved fot lhe  tight man. f Start now at the  best selling spuson, and lumdlti ^>  otu NFW SPECIALTIJib on  LIBERAL TERMS. Write  for particulars, and send 25c  i    foi our handsome       ,; .     ( ji;  AlumiDum - Pocket   iierasrope,  (a htlU> crem) useful to  Fanners in examining seeds and grains,  Orchardists      " ^      ti ccs for insects,  Gardeners        '"���������    t tplauts for insects ,.  Teachers and Scholars in studjing botany, and  K\crjbodj in a hundred differenl cvajs  '  "^   a;; *    a  , " sjone & wellitgton  __   i- Konthill Nurforlcs [over 800 acres]  TORONTO      , - i.     'ONTARIO  TofTrWppers  Raw Furs Bought  .       i   '  r Cash,I*noes Paid  P.   B,   WELLS,  ' Exporter of Furs.  . ,.,      "'NEW CROP > '������'    "������  '   nosn: ouown and'impobted\  6'apden, Field andvFlowed;Seeds  TMOUSANDS OF FRUIT"'  r \  ANDjtORNAMENTAL"TREES J  ftHCIDODEWTDKONS,   ROSES,   GKEEN-  ^feHOOSK AND-HABDY^PJ.AKTS/"  '���������**��������� *Tt *01' Spring planting. i  Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, etc  "  BEE HIVES AND-SUPPLIES    I  FERTILISERS.   <  Eastern prices or less    White ilabor."'  y Catalogue fiee.  Buy DirectX-Save Agent's Commission'  fid. "J."HENRY,'  ' 3010 Westminster Road  VANCOUVER,       -      -       B. C.  ���������VTOTICE is horobv gnon that. 30 days artec  Xy d ito, wo lutond lo appli to the Chief Commissioner of Lands nua VorLs for a special  licensotocut nudenrrj awnj timlrar from the  following doscribod lunds in,West Kootonnr  district - ,        ' i       ���������> 'i������    -   k   'i  *,Coinnicnclng at a jiost marked "B B. L. Co's  noi th wcslcoi nor planted on thccuslsido of Kish  lilv or, about thrconml a half miles: from Benton  on thoCnniboinoniad, thence east 80 chnins,  Ihcnco south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains,  thonco norLli SO clmlni to tha place of^com-  mencomerit    ��������� -     ��������� - J     < t    ~$  fDutcd this 23rd dnj of Juno, 1S05. '  ^  ?2      BIO BEND LUMBER CO., LIMITED,  ^ ���������-    LABORS CALL-        -  ���������*.*" rf -A '. ' Ji. "P *,**���������'  "* The dominion government will  apyeal to the'privy co'iincil against the  decision of the' supreme court declar-  ing^the alien labor lai\ ultra vires j  JJ- C. Scott, secretarj ^of the Ross-  land miners' union, >wlib has lust re-  ������i     .t   i*    ^       ' t t i  turned from Salt.Lake, where heweht  as delegate to the Western Federation  of Miners/ tells 'the TRossland' Miner  the most important matter that came  before the convention was the question  of international unionism'. * The end  aimed at is to consolidate all of the  labor organizations of the ���������worId into  one vast association. It was decided  to send five delegates, representing the  Western Federation' of Miners, to the  convention which is''to be lield in  Chicago, for the purpose of taking the  necessary steps towards this organization '  ,    _ J.J.  uJ?-* Am  ������������������������   i*-B  nail on outside .of the weak limbs.  AA -; ARROW LAKES    '  K* ,  Nothing on the Market Equal to  Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera  "and Diarrhoea Remedy  .This fact.is well knotyjo to druggists  every.*!! here, and "nine ontr of ten ,will  give their customers this^preparation  when1 the'best is asked,for. Mj., Obe  Witner, a prominent druggist of Jop-  lin Mo., in a circular to his customers  says There is nothing on the market in the way of patent medicine  which equals 'Chamberlains Colic,  Cholera and Diarrhoea' Remedy for  bowel complaints. We sell and reco-  mend this preparation. For, sale by  all ^druggists. ;>   '    '   f  ������   Mechanics, Farmers, '-Sportsmen 1 To heal and soften the skin  and remove grease, oil and rust stains,  paint and earth, etc., iibe The "Master  Mechanic's" Tar Soap "'Albert Toilet  Soap Co., Mfrs *"' '  *  BROWN WANTS TO  ADD YOU  TO HIS LIST OF CUSTOMERS,     ''  "���������.&.  y.l-  , Promising Fieldfor Fruit   .  ��������� "h        .Growing. ?  i������-   ^  -''.Mr. Shaipe,, of "the^-Doniinioii Ex-  perimental Farm^at Agassi?, has been  looking over^the district and says he  .is certain  there are some very good  V -**-7''TrJr "V     -j--   t    I***   .i        .ft        ^ ^  areas of land along the Aiiow vL.ikes  and elsewhere which are suitable foi  small faimiug^and fruit raising A lot  of people, he said, look'on this poition  of the province'as not fit foi'anything  else >but ^mining.^ It-is his opinion  that around,.this.city-,,there could, be  laised^ where the"*soil is good,'apples,  pears, plums, cherries and the small  fruits such * as' currants* 'raspberries,  strawberries and blackberries. It is  also his impression there weie sunny  slopes on * the mountain sides i\ here  grapes' would ripen.  DOMINION PARLIAMENT.  .L y " '��������� .      >���������  The school question in -the Northwest again came up, when Jjauner  said parliament was bound to'npplj  the present local school system, which  has worked satisfactorily for 14 years  ' Mr. Borden moved" an' amendment  to substitute section 93 of B. N. A  act,,but was vcted down by 87 to 37. ,  ^Bourassa, moved the_replaceiriont of  the ofiginal-claiisV bift!*was'?(lofeated  by 7 to 126.  ^ ���������;p������(3PDEa:|  baby's own  1 " s?oap :.*���������'"'  used by particular people  both j,young \,au(L , old.  Keeps the skin soft, clear  laud white. ������-.-   'i ��������� ->   , .  No other Soap is just as Good. 3=<  I AtBERT TOILET S0AP(C0 , Mfrs iMOl TR AL ,  "'Wing Chung's.newly im- r'  ' ported jstfockvof*Chinese A  , and Japanese goods.    \~A  jy L,he best assortment ever\  /-landed  in   Revelstoke of'*-  J .useful    ,and    ornamental t  f articles:       .>.. ^       tJ j  *iu Tea, services      <] (������ Flower Pots '   ,  glatcs s Umbrella SUnds  .    BnskehH if r.-���������      Lunch Baskets     '  CanoClidlrs Smoking Jackets    1  u Handkerchiefs '    ^   Silk Goods.  -   ,  y    GOLD FISH      -        "  , Finest stock ot^candies and fruits in town  r       " '    Front Street, Revelstoke  NOTICE.'  ATOTICCIS HUKEBi GIVEN that the undor-  \S\ "-iBued luis submitted to tho Lioutenant-  Uo\ornor 111 ( mrncil a liroiMsal^uinier tho pro-  viaious of tho Kivors aud Stronms Act, for clear  "VTOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Uurtr * *  1*0 Aays aftc,r datc-I Intend to apply to tha   Jv  Chief Commrssioner.of Lands and Works for & * 1  special license to out and carry away Umber' "*"  from  the following described lands in West   >  Kootenay district ��������� ��������� i * i ,     ���������  "  ��������� ' AA ''Number One.'' 'irf ~������t'>,* f     *  Commencing at a post planted near Boyd'a  ranch on the Columbia river and marked "Bin  Bend  Lumber Company's South west corner ,  post,  thence north 160 chatnv.thenco cast iO  ,  chains, thence south 160 chains, thence webtiO*"    >  chains to pomt of commencement. 1       ���������������  "'" iw^N"umber TwoA '     '  '"^^     "  Commencing at a post planted near Boyd's  ranch about one-hair mile from the Columbia   f  river and marled  '"Big Bend Lumber Com  pan} ������osouth west corner post," thence east 80  chains, thence north SO clminN thence west  SO chains, thence south 80 chains to point of*"  commencement. _ ���������     ������*���������v "'  ��������� Number Three " 1'  -Commencing at a post plmted on the Keystone trail near Boyd s ranch, about ttoe  ^���������iui,t^s.?la SUeJVm th0 ^lumbianverand S  marked "Big Bend Lumber Company's south *  mT1 o*���������" Post," thence'north fcochains  thence ectot 40 chains, thence south 160 chains  "^nce west 10 chains to point of commence  Number Four. ^     '    *'  It        Y-  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  t u   "*' .   ���������. Royal Mall Linos.   <        ��������� ^ 1  Cheapest Routo to tho Old Country.  ALLAN ]LI>fKrFrom Monti oal      ,v  Virginian ' /      *' .     ���������    luno'si  onthewestboundaryof John Nelson's ranch,"  ?���������.,lnar^cd    B'������ Bead Lumber ComSny's  """*'"''-comer post,  thence nortt ���������~p?of "  nest 10 chains, thence south  cast  10 chains  to point of 1  orec'tiiig  and   ni iintoining~dams"lllumes"a,'tid j ScOJjia  ^Commencing at a post planted aboutone-halt  mile west of the west bank of Columbia rlVer  on the west boundary of John Nelson's ranch,  "?,?'"<������*<*" "Big Bend Lumber Com^ny's  f������"lea*l?������������,e,r'>0i*t.  thence north 100 ShSna  ing and rpmoviUK or obstructions from  Ftok  Crook 111 tho district of inlo,  and for making I "henOT ������ratYo^ham&^n^l^ufil^^hSJJL8  tho sumo lit for rifting and (irivins thereon of thence  cast   10 chains  to mint nfSnSSSSf1  logs, timbor, lumber, nfk and cr.ifts, aud for nient.     , cnalns  to point of commence  orectiug  and   nuintniniiig dams,   Ilumos and 9o9j}la BIG BEND LU������������BFH m TnZ  canuls for holding, sorting aud dolnoringlons ������������������    oc'nlJ ^"om^" CO, Hid.  unci timber brought down t,.ud Crook-  *^"-,  liinisinn        /   l  Vicloiian  Ba\ arinn                        *   <  CAN. PAC. ATLANTIC S S -  lime IU  July 7  lulj 14  -From Monti eal  Monti ewe  Lake Michigan '                 '  Mount lemplo  "���������   June 24  July 1  Julj tl  "������������������"*������,   * v     -     '< 1 >   :\ j- *r *  -     DO IT NOW.  And Advertise In The Kootenay,  ���������Mail for Results:  " 'Get"the habit'" you who haven't  All the wealth you want to use,  Word your ads so folks will read them  As they do the current news.  Print 'em eaily, print 'em often,  I^est your profits up to date���������  Profit once so sleek and bulky��������� *  . Dwindle smaller while you wait."  1 A * '    ' (   ������.  ���������   ���������Mail.  YOU MAKE NO MISTAKE WHEN  YOU DEAL A'l BROWN'S CIGAR  STORE.  - ~ DOMINION LINP-Fiom "Uontic.il  Kensington lime 21  Canada Jul* 1  Southward Julj 8  Iloiiiiiiioii '      .                                      Jul} 15  AMKIUC4VN LlNB-FromNew iork.  Philadelphia '                        *   ' luno 21  St. Paul ,                                         Julj 1  NowAork '                                          lul> 8  St. Louis .                                           J nl j 1)  WHITE STAR LINK-From New Yoik.  Toll tonic . Tune 21  Oceanic. lulj  5  MnJcHtlc July IJ  Ccclrlc ( Julj I'I  , CUNAIU) LINK-tiom Now Yoik  ICtiiinn . . .. Juno 21  Campania ' lulj 1  Uinhiia Jul} 8  Lucoula, July II  I'oiisoiigors tickotcd through to all pai-M of  Gioat Iliitiiln and Iroland,and at speciall} low  latOHto all parts of tho Euiopcnn toiitliicut  Apply to ntiarcHt railway or stcnuiHhip agent 01  T.   W. BRADSHAW, Agont,  Revelstoke  W. P. P  CUMMINOS.   Paoino   Ajront  Tho lands to bo aiTec-tocI b> said work aro  Crown kinds   r-    ���������������������������            -. ,  lho rito of tolls proposed to bo charged are  inch   as   mij   bp lixed   b}   tho Judge of tho  ( ount} Court of Valo  iDated tho Mk M 1}, 1������B                . 1  'H'-������-<- C L  KI.NMAN  :' -NOTICEa    a~  NOriCK IS HEHEBi GIVEN that tho nnder-  signstl has submitted to the Lieutenant-  Uovornor 111 Couucil u proposal/ under the  provisions of tho liners and btro.un-, Acl. for  I'lo.iriiig aud removing or obstructions rrom  lhrto Villov Crtok 111 tho District of \aIo aud  ror milking the ������amo ill for nirtinc and driving  thorcon nr log*, timoor.luiiibor.ruftsaiid crafts,  and for orecting and ni iiutuining booms for  holding, sorting and dolnonng logs und timber  brought down said Croek, .iud for ittidling  liooins to tho shore c.r said Creek aud Throe  V11II0} L iko for >-aK| pnrtiosos  Tho lands to bo nircctod b> ������nid work are  Crown lauds  Tlioratoof tolio proposed to bo charged are  such as ina> be llxod b} the Judge of tho Count.  Court of Vale    '   ��������� 1  Dated tho JOtli Maj, 19ft, .  K L   MN'MiN  The lievelstoke Navigation Co. Ltd  TIME TABLE  (Out ing setibon of hitfli wiitci)  Leave Eight-Milk Landing each  TUESDAY AND FRIDAY irt 0 a in  Leave La-Pomi  each  TUESDAY AND FRIDAY at 2 p. rrr  SPECIAL TRIPS wrll  lie made between dates of regular sailing when  evver business offered wairants same  The Company teeerve-the right to  change tim'e and days of sailing without notice.  A. FORSLAND,      F. SWANSON,  Master. Purser  ���������vrorioi: is hfhkbv given- tint thirty  X> (lav f after dalo I intend to aiipl> to the  Chief ( oiiiiiilsMioncr of Lands and Works for a  special licciiM' to cut anil currj una. timlicr  fiom the following ilCAcrilicd lands in Ka.,t  Kool Piui} dlNlrict ���������  Number One  ( oimiieiiciiig at n |io-it marked ' G Htd  HliomsS W corner posl ��������� and planted two  mile* ciihtof Colimibln riicr, about two riiile.  nliojo iiiotilh of Wood riui, thence tnj,t ICO  chains, thence nortli 10 chains thence wes-tioj  (liainc, thenci Konth 10 chains to the place of  ocniincncuiiieiit.  N'tiinlier I wo  C'oiiiniPiicing ut n iiost mirked ' G Ilcd  stroin ������N W corner post, and planted at G  IfedKlrom s S W corner ixist, thence cast luo  chains, thenec south 10 chains, thence west 100  chains Ihcnco north Id chain-, to lhe pl.itcof  commencement  -  Number Three.  Commencing at n post marked "G Hed  slromuN. \\ corner- post, and planted one  half mile south of G Hedhtrom s Sr \V corner  post, thence caM 1GU chains, thence south 40  chniiiB. thence west 1CJ ctiaitiri, thence north 40  chains to the place of coniuu necment.  Number > our  I ommcncltig at a po���������fc m-irkcd G. HcdHrom s  a Vi. corner post, and planted one mile south  thciice onc-ha[f mile cast from & Hcdstrom ^  ������, W corner post, thence cast ICO chains,  i !!;!!^ "J?11 J?������ c,,,aln3' tl-enoe we������t 100 ch uns  thence south 10 chain* to the place of com  Ymonccmcnt  ���������' " Number Fi\e. '  Coinniciiurig at ctjpct marked 'G.-Hed  strtmsN. W. corner post, "and planted at &.  Iledstrom s & W, corner pott, thence east 160  chains, thence south 10 chains, theace net, 1(������  chains, thence north 40 clraiw to tho pla "S  conimencement , '���������"  Dated this 28th day of Maj. 1805  "B8'?3 - G. HEDSTROJI,  TVJOTICE IS'HEBBBY GIVEN that, thirty <  iV ^-ays aftc.r datc'I ,nfcBn(1 to aPPl*f to the  Chief Commiitoioner of,Lands and Works for o   -  special Ucen-e to cut aud caxrj away timber  lroin the following desenbed lands In Northeast Kootenay ^tncf      - n        ""���������"  ' T' Number One   '      '  i���������������������?vne������?1-8 ataP08' marked "'D.M.Macfar-  ii".?." N, A^; ������������rdKr P081." and planted one milo  Sn^H\of F������lumb'a river,about Ave mUesato"e  mouth of Unoomer, thence bouth 80 chain*,  thence W SO chains, thence north SO chains  meiiccme.t        ' 8  to "^P1*^"^ ������o5-  1. *"        ' < i  _ ' Number Two i  Gommencing at a post marked "D.SLMacfar  x,'!ieJ 1 K c?r"l=r P<������V and planted at D.M.  i-acfarlanes ^N W. corner pcht, thence south '  SO chains tlience west 80 chains, ihcnoe north  SO chains, thence ca������t SO chains to tho place of  commencement, v"*w ������  .   Number Three  Commencing at a postmarked "D M.Maofar-  hiies N   \\    corner post," and planted two  mile, west ot 1) M.MacfarlanesN. Rcorner  post, thence south 80 chains,* thence east 8U   .  ^ ^n"\^.*S"ncc< nort$ w chains. thence West 80    **  cliains to Uie place of commencement.,    "jr  i       '       * Number Kour. '1        * *  Commcncrng at a post marked "D. M. Mac-  farl-iiiosNK, corner post,'and planted at D. ->-  ^...'?,mf'VIftne8.N   W. corner   post,   thence  ^H'^J11"-'1-9" thencc ca8t 80cha?nstotho  place ot cornmeiicoment.  ,, '    Number Five. ' '  raring *<������cuJta*'a Postmarked "D. M. Mac  M  MncfarIa..e"HMv'i>r PO!it'" and Ptan^ ������^  Dated this a,th day of May. 1905 {, ,, * ^  V38"3 " D, M. MACKARL ANR  JVJOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that thirty  ���������^ da} s after date I intend to opSlj to tte  Chief Commissioner of I^uids andWorkafo?a  special licciihc to cut and caraway timte?  JSSUSS5 KJ������_������>^^^3^to^S  . Number One.  Commencing at a pe*,t, marked "J. M. KelUo's  Fink oTcvir.^1" *"* P^ntod on the ������wf  ������,ih tolumblamcr about two mUes below  Ma 010} creek, thence north Iff) chainsAthince  ca"t.^.clLai"H-lhcnai ������>uth 100 chains. theSro  west 40 chains to the place of commencement  ,, Numbei Two ' '  Commencing it a post marked J. M. Kellle's  b.inkoV>r^r���������������?t" a"<1 P1^1^ on the Test  SS.Mf, SoI,m������b,������ r"er, about three mUos  below ilalonc} creek, thence north1������ chSta?  th������������������ ^i0 Wni' thenceeorahieo.chaiSs;  -^ * l* * V      T  T\~*~*   11 mui       -���������   ���������     '  Catod this 29th daj of May, 1903.  *93gjy3 ' '     *   <>--        j. M.  KELLIE.  The Master Mechanics Pure Tar 8oaD heals  2."^^ns u'?eWn/*liUe PrompUy^ns^S  it of greajse, oil, rust, etc linvaluablo tor 3  chanfac, farmers, sportsmen. ^0 LSplfwf  reoeipt of 2c. for postage. Albert ToUetitoan  CcmanuIacturerisMoiitrool, ^^v  .- mt W /
( 1
/(- . 1 I
-   ,'��-<���    >
t    r
' 'r  .
*     (.
i      '      '
A  U
.        },
i. i
f. .
* > i
"*    c <
Signs of
that certain ailments" general
debility, dyspepsia,  rheunia-.
tism,   liver, complaint,   etc.,    ���
need attention.
There isr^t ^anything better   ���
than a'bottle v of  our  own
Made of the best drugs and
I   '        carefully' compounded.
jOnly $1 for a Big Bottle
'A;, ��<������ ���
/< /
I1'    '"> V  ' '
lv f        ,t
1'    >
Kimptok��� Lambert���At St' Peter's
" church, lievelstoke,-B, C, by rRev.
f C. A. Prbcunier, M.'A., Daniel Peter
| Ki'mpton, of Windermere, il. C, to
jj to Mary Isabel,Lambert, of Athal-
I mer, B. C.   f     'i *     ,
Local; and General.
i    i .<        * t  ' ,
* . -     ���     i - "*
' Members---of the Swedish 'parliament talk of war with Norway .-j
t Several Ke.elstoke men are joiuing
tlie Institute'of chartered accountants
, being organised jm British Columbia.
s The time for receiving tenders'" for
the building of the race track- has
been extended' until noon' of Monday
next      A       " ',*._'.
''��� The'trustees of Colnood school have
- ��� . i-
resigned in a body, refusing to accept
the   responsibilities' imposed   by tlie
McBride School Act. , f   ,'
��� < The merchants have agreed to close
Wednesdays*at 1 p. m." during "July
and August,, and' the C. P. R. shops
will change their half-holiday to
Wednesday.   '' _.    <        - A
i ,Ve_ acknowledge receipt of-the
special illustiated number af the jVio-
tbna Times, published" in 'celebration
,of its 21st birthday, and have to Congratulate" the Times on the excellence
of the number.'.    ...
- ���'''     C'  (* *
.Jit ia not often a deer, is seen in the
" city,- but-on>Monday last .one -was en-
joying itself'
Eront street.
-nr P. Poterson's lot "on
' As" people assembled to
see it it took"to the river, landing
about the mouth of the Tumwata. __
The crew of the Mmto had an exciting time,shooting big eagles at the
Narrows, Capt. Frasei bringing down
one and Purser Baptiste another., The
birds measured seven feet from1- tip to
tip, and the one shot by Capt. Fiaser
has been sent to W. C. Pound of
Vernon to be mounted c
Tesia claims it is today possible to
communicate between any two points
on earth, tusing the earth itself as a
conductor, so the human voice will be
carried as successfully as in .the common telephone He says he can transmit power by the same agency. He
considers.the.use of electricity is as
yet in its' infancy, and predicts marvelous changes in store for the next
Social & Personal.
, W. F. Wood of Karri loops has been
appointed shetitl of North Yale.
Miss Clapp of 'Vancouver -was the
guest of Mi��s E. Atkinson en Sunday.
H. II. Riohaidson of Mrs. Geoige's
dry goods store left today for Toronto.
Mr. and Mrs. Newman and Mir-.
Macph'erson left Wednesday  for  Vic-
i        ��� 'lJ 1
Mr. Harris of Vancouver has.taken
a position at Mrs. George's dry goods
. j (
St. Peter's Sunday'school and-choir
picnic will be held  tomorrow  at  the
t    * i
The senior,and junior choirs of the
Methodist church will hold  a  picnic
tomorrow. '
Miss Dent intends taking a musical
course^ at-Toronto, where she will
study for a year.
'Miss Atkinson closed thc school
year by enteitainiiig hei fellow teachers at luncheon.     ' '
Rev. Mr. Sutherland will take' a
number of boys to Tappen's Siding on
a camping out excursion.
Miss Sutherland is acting as organist at the Methodist chinch ..till another is appointed in succession to
Miss Dent. ".    Ui >.   '
���" J. G. Macdonald returned last evening from a trip to Sandon. - He says
he has never seen things (so quiet in
the Slocan. , '
������ At the, meeting of the Epwoith
League Mips Smith waspresented with
a volume of-Whittier'a poems in recognition of hei valuable services to the
League. (
-The Methodist and Kriox church
Sunday schools will *- hold' a union
picnicTto'Albert Canyon on Tuesday,
July,4th, leaving by the 9.30 tiain,
returning in the'evemng.
A very enjoyable party was held at
the residence of Mr. and Mrs. II, C.
Cameion on Monday night to bid
farewell to H. A. Danforth,. who is
leaving Revelstoke after spending two
years here. Music, dancing and cards
were indulged in, and a very enjoyable
time spent by all present.  >
A successful gaiden party was held
at the, rectoiyont Wednesday^ under
the Ladies' auxiliary of * St. Peters.
There was a big attendance and the
proceedings' were enlivened by the
band. Strawberries and ice cream
were served, and when rain came on
the jgathering found room in" the
rectory for the" windup of a most
pleasant social gathering.!    ,    ���?
J. L. Ruttan, formerly with the
Columbia River Lumber Co., and late
of*Mara, has been appointed manager
of the Crows Nest mill bought by Mr.
Ha'e of Enderby.
The Anms shingle mill, owned b>
the Kamloops Lumber Co., is running
full time and cutting 90,000 shingles
a day.   M. Wilson ia in ch.trge.
���We "have always made h
specially of Perfumes, and
wp now hiicv tim> of the
best M-lecK-d Mocks in the
country.        .       ,   ,   ,
Garland of Roses
Fleur de. Armour
These arv three exquisite
odors, two of which arc entirely new in-town. You
need only to have one smell
to be convinced' of the
quality..   Smells- are free..
Drug Company.
Prices as low as, quality will permit
By Miss Hall and Pupils.
i    ,
One of the most interesting events
in the musical history of the city tooki
place at the Oddfellows Hall last night-
when Miss Hall nnd pupils tene'ered
an At Home to friends Tlie hall was
ciowded, wi.th what Rev. Mr Procurner
well described a staking assemblage of
the jouth and beauty of the city.
The contributions weie given by
Mrs Ljons, Mrsses Muriel Porter,
Annie Corson, Isabella Ciawford, May
Manning, May Anthony, Alice Berger,
Kathleen Sibbald, Violet Robinson,
Nellie Robinson, Marjoiy Young,
Gladys Urquhart, Eva Thompson,
Frances Lawson, Blanche McCarty
Masters J. Sibbald, Leo Solloway, Eric
and Leon Coursier. Special features
of the programme were the solo " The
Sacred Song of Gounod." by Master J.
Sibbald, and an extract, fiom the
Geisha opera bj Muster Leon Coursier
assisted in the chorus by Masters Eric
Coursier and Leo Solloway, this latter
item being heartily encored.
The pupils successful in passing the
theoretical examinations in music
held by Miss Hall weie ���
Senior Class, Violet Robinson,
Frances Lawson, Blanche McCarty,
Nellie Robinson.
Junior Clays, Kathleen Sibbald, Eric
Coursier, Jack Sibbuld, Miuiel f'oiter,
Gladys Urriiiliart, Marjory Young.
Miss Violet Robinson win tire
winner of the Lawson Medal, presented
by, Mrs. B. A. Lawson for Theory of
Music; whilst Miss Kathleen Sibbald
carried off the class medal in junior,
theory, the medal presented by iin
anonymous friend for Pianoforte placing being won by Miss Frances Law-
son, a most promising young musiciiin,
whose performance wns the licet piece
of execution on the programme.
Rev. C. A. Procunier presented the
The programme was most heartily
enjoyed by the visitors, who paid high
tribute to the success attending Miss
Hall's tuition. At its conclusion the
.visitors wereentcrtained with icecream
and cake, the young Indies waiting on
their guests in most accomplished
Business Locals!
Manning makes his Candies daily.
All the new books at the Canada
Drug" Store.
For your ICE .supply leave your
orders with*.!. CHutchison.
Tiy,Manning's Pure Ice Cream.
Cameiiis and kodaks, any make,'
sold nt the Canada Drug Stote.
^Vhen you want ICE (ell Hutchison
and you will get it in quick ordei.
'*   Pihate'funds to loan on real estate
security,   Apply to Scott and Buggs,
Uairisteis, ReielBtoke, B. C.
Dunk Manning's Ice Cream Sodas '
Leon.iid cleanable Refiigeiatois and
While Mountain Free/ers are the best.
���Hon rue Bros. j
Retelstoke somenns, all descriptions, at the Canada Ding Store.
Finishing done for amateuis on
short notice at R. H. Trueman's studio
Rcelstoke, B. C.
H. M/Walkei has deposed of his
interest in the Edenogroph to ^Messrs.
Fraser.    /, , , ' '
Try Rat Biskit for killing mice.
They like it. Sold at the Canada Drug
Stoie. [      jf
"Ask and ye shall 'recei.e"���advei-
tise aiid you will get the business���and
advertise in tlie Koon nay Mail?     ,
" Firotclass, supply of ICE may r be
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���The i uie ustill' holds good that th'e
most liberal * advertisei. secures the'
lion's share'of business, provided, he
advertises where hisj nd\ ertisement is
seen by the'most people as ih the
KoorKNAY, Mail.     ,-' r
'Family Heiald and' Weekly [ Stai
and Kootenay Mail all t > end of' 1905
for $1.50. Send in your subscnption
as soon as possible" and g t the! best
newspaper value ever otteied. Address
The Kootlnay Mail, Re\ elstoke,?B C.
Miss Agnes ���, Hehne, ' late of, the
Drysdale-Stevenson Ltd , Vaneouven,
is taking "charge of Airs George's
diessmakmg department. SheMS a
thoroughly capable and expenenced
diessmaker, so the public may be sure
that any work given to' Miss Helme
will be executed in the most modern
and appiovcd fashion.,, l  ' -       !
, -The Boundary Tim"s remarks:
"There are two'kinds of Chinks in the
West���one uses chopsticks, the other
buys his clothing in the r East. They!
are bitter enemies, although brothers
m principle." "Is there any^ difference
between thfe bleached nnd..unbleached,
variety?", " ^ ,PP" A .
^ Clark's Pork and Bean's
(or thinkers 1 Haul, thinkers' sttain,
the grey binin lnnttci." Clink's delicious Pork and Beans rebuilds quick-
lv     5c and 10c tins
W.v Cowan's j Opinion  of  the
Suggested Source.
' With reference to the best .source of
power in the distiict for generating
electric light for the city, VJT! Cowan,
who was tlie oigani/er of the' 'original
company to supply the city'with electric light, states the conditions of all
the streams surrounding Revelstoke'
as a source of power were investigated,
and 'althoughthe difficulties attending
the use of thelllecilliwaet'are ^recog'
ni/ed, he considers it undoubtedly
the best' power available in the vicinity* jTlie investigation ^showed 'that
the Jordan would' be a most costly
system to "utilise, as the works would
have to' be carried'back a great" distance, and owing to the canyons and
contour of .the country,would be very
'costly'. y   '   ��
The information about 'Eight-Mile
Creek showed while that stream is all
right in spring and summer, it would
be an absolute failure in winter asia
source of power, as in times of Bevere
frost in winter the quantity of water
available is very small., ,       >!
' Mr.' Cowan is strongly, of opinion1
the best wayl to handle the power at
the Illecilliwaet is to build a sub'stan-
tial open flume with a penstock to
catch the debris that comes down arid
convey the water from* the penstock
to the wheels by pipe.' .He considers
theie is no doubt the Illecilliwaet furnishes, the best and most
power near .Revelstoke.'
We, congratulate "the
carrying, the bylaw to'authorize the
borrowing^ ?20,000Jtd improve tlie
'water' and light, ,'equipnientA The
course is unquestionably the best under the circumstances, and we believe
���. . *        t      ,      t      r    * I
good results.will follow from its judicious'expenditure:        -''   J'   _ J'lit
"' r
i"   > i
citizens on
. j (
iKnox.���This church will hold its
services, in future in the high school
building until the new church is ready
for use. Airangements'are being made
foi letting the contracts for the stonework for the basement and wood superstructure A choir is being organised
in'connection with the church. ^ Rev.
Mr. Wood of Kamloops ,will' conduct
ihe services Sunday.    r '", '
' iii i        i i'   '   ���
, The building Committee,have let to
J. C. Hutchison the contract for exca-
1        i j
vating   the   basement   for   the, new
church, and a  tender for the'.storie-
work will be lee in  a few"days.   The
'..    I. ' .-!       '      "   > '< .
basement will be; 50 feet square and
the walls will. be of sufficient /.height
to allow of its being^ used ae a gymnasium for the. use of the young men 'of
.... . . '    ���    i
the church and city. >,, ,   r
.        t I ' I I <w |
The , Ladies , Auxiliary < of {Knox
Chuich is succeeding , well. , At'a
meeting of Mrs. Kilpatrick's on Monday several new names were added to
thc membership. r Arrangements ,are
being made to hold a bazaar infill of
tho church, and, needlework, ,&c." is
being got ready.   ' < .  }
., Methodist���Last' Sunday evening
the local' lodge ' of' Woodmen - of i. the
World, to -the,numberi^of"about.40,
formed-in procession to'.the Methodist
church where an appropriate sermon
was preached by Rev. C.H/M.fSuth-
erland.'.' y  ' . ���'  '
i' There will be a special1 .Service Sunday morning for the little1 ones!1 Flowers and flagsvwill 'add to the'bright-'
ness of theichuich,' while singing birds
will be'in harmony with^'the' Sunday
schoolr��cholar's service,''ljHIn the*evening af-'patriotic '��� service- will be'.held,
special''music being'provided by the
choir.'.- Subjects:"'Morning; "The Shining JLife," evening,^'"Some 'Essentials
to Canadian Greatness."   ]'"'' \> \' "
Sunday, Dinners.  ,;
A specialty will be'.made  of  Sunday
dinners at the Union Hotel. Price 60c.
<. --us v-i h'& mrs.-mokittriok: "
Clocks! Clocks!
�� - i
. 8-Day,,Half Hour   Strike,   for,   ���
��� irfl&.OO only.--! Limited' Number.
Ji Guy Barber
ti i'-j
Richard ���R. Copelahd
Mantles;" Shelving,- Fly Screens, et'
\       ,�� <�����   <-1   ���.
/Jobbing Promptly Attended'.To.
Thii'd'Street.East,'- C ���" *'
i  *���'   i ''"     ��� i
f"PU it
i    ">, 11    ����� i-,
O. Morgan will open^his-^
,'has reopened a       ,,
1;  * on McKenzie Avenue.
Open Day aiid Night. First-Class Servfce
f i~i     P   Vl57tc \' '   '
Bevelstoke^ Bestaupant
111. !.<'., I l
> \ Mrs. H.' J. Hanbury, Managress.
First-Class" Table."
'', Private Dining Boxes.;
' Large Dimngroom for ''
A f1 Bnnciuets, Suppers, etc       ,
Furnished Rooms To Let.   >-
,    ,   i
'  ('
)  >
. V
THAT Vour Milk Is Pure
. ^-Your.Milk" Is Clean
TIT AT Y���imWhFree,
*-*r"-K' of-Preservative's -
muAm an^Mmn<i
, (X
Pupils and Friends Entertained
The jolliest event of the season took
place S.iturdav .it   Williamsons  Lcke.
About  9 o'clock  that day a crowd of
bo\s and girls met at  the ' Re\elstoke
Hitjh School Accompanied bj Principal
Sissons.   At 9 15 one of Mr. Fleming's
rigs loaded with passengers .md edibles
could be seen making its  way to   the
Lake.    Within an hour the hill   overlooking Williams   Luke  was  reached
the contents of the con\ej<ince  were
discharged, and then a rush was made
for the rendevouz.   In a   few minutes
by the selling and  splashrng  in   the
water, it could lie that the   boys were
enjoying  themselves    For  the girls
rafts were constructed on  which   they
paddled about.   At noon a  rush   was
m.ide on the commissary department
and afterward  other   enjoyment  was
indulged   in.      About     two   o clock
another contingent   of    parent'-  and
Public School teachers anivc.
At five o'clock refie-hnients were
��erved and following it a \ery pleasing
incident occuricd, Mr. .Simons being
the rtcipent from his pupils < fa hancl-
somc cliessing case. .1. Kimer made
the piescntation. to which Mr
Sissons replied, expressing liis pleasure
unci thanks. Once mote Mr. Pooling's rig was loaded with passengers
and a Imppy crowd nude their juurtwy
To Roadmaster Newman From
Railway Men. -''       [
, In last week's iosue we alluded to the
* j
fact that W. S. Newman, veteran road-
master of the C. P. R., had,been,trans-
ferred 'to' Victoria, wheiex he will.be
Roadmaster and ,bridge andr building
inspector oh tlie E. & N. .,Well,"the
boysicould'not allow "Dad," ' as ' they
call ,him," to^Ieave without some sub1
���.stantial token of the high ,esteem.iin
which" he lias (been theld,"during his
long term of ^railway, service t in ,the'
mountains', bo" when he' earned to move
his family and'household e'fTects, Fore-,
man|McGinnis invited.him^ oiiiiTues-,
day, over to the boarding cars of T. P.1
VVilson's'^crew,, ]ust ,to have an ice.
cieam, when, .15 and behold, theie was
was spread out before him a handsome'
iilver tea and coffee service,'Ucut glass
��eivice, and a. gold-headed! cane,.1 the
-plendid pai ting gift of, the mainten
'mice of way men on the Mountain di-
* ? i   a i
"Dad" was so taken with surprise he
did not know which way to'look, and
when Foreman McGinnis, in making
ihe presentation on behalf of the men,
ind Foremen. Morris, Andeison and
\\ llson, who weie appointed to make
with Mr McGinnis the committee,
addressed."Dad" and toldn him .from
their hearts the high opinion in which
he was held by the boys all'over the
division. Mr. Newman's modesty 'ie
sen ted hearing all these good things
to his face, but- they assured him they
meant every word of it.
Mr. Newman t then thanked them
for their kindness and ' asked ' his
thanks and appreciation be conveyed
to the men of the difterent maintenance gangs and crews with whom he
had worked harmoniously for so many
j ears.
Mrs. McMahon piepared a fitting
sequence to the ceremony, for she had
a beautiful table laid, with, ice ciea.ni,
fruit, and all sorts of good things. The
good wishesof the whole of the railway men and of the citizens go with
Mr. Newman to his new sphere of
work. o
<   ,;:y.c,m.CiA.a   y*'i
Brandon inputting fup a Y. M. C.A.
to cost)$50, 000, and Calgary has Bub-
scribed $26, ,000 for  similar.-purpose.
The coram ittee who have been trusted
with'the arrangements for a Y.M.C.A'.
.. .     , j      \ i
in Revelstoke are determined to push
the purpose to amcessful issue,and have
been in communication ""witl^'W  .Ml
Parsons  travelling secretary of,��_the
organisation who is now in Calgary'in
connection with > the 'y arrangements
there.''Mr.   Parsons^will1'  come''on
., - -- ���*v 11
to Revelstoke. when-a public^meeting
will be called to discuss matters 'with
1. ���      < ��� -*u *       ', , i
aim.   i   -j      ,   /'  , . j   j.1,1./    n  ,-)
?'      '     " new Barber Shop, ' V       ,*
On,Monday���May Ist.'^Old Customers
and new caii'depend.on^receiving,the
best attention."' A'1 *       ** -       >  '
���   ii -' ?** i" x     'y ij     ,   r   ,    . ,
$ -   . ./, \ i    i^-i        ,-^-y *���
iBoots ahd'SKoes/ .
���.    "'Kv    T   . '    '.V - I   '-r 4i1^*"
I Men'sr; Furnishings,
iReady-Made- Clothing.
1    ��'   Il   ... Jr       -.1   *. .'   .     \". f   >.    i
In 'the' matter' ot -ANDREW, STENSTROM,'
> deoeased, and * - .^i-j�� �� \. -����Jsi ; i .'*
In tlie matter of the "OfBclal Administrator's
Act." '      .""'     "   '        .Ji    .  ���    ���
i NOTICE IS HERH.BY GIVEN that by order
of His Honor J. H. Forin, Count; Judge, dated
the 23rd day of June,-1905, George Smith Mc.
Carter, Official .Administrator1 for that part of
Kootenay Comprised witluii .the Revelstoke
Electoral District,'lias been granted letters of
admmihtratioii, to administer all and,singular
the estate of Andiew Stcnstiom, deceased, in
reht.cte.     . j,     i >      ��
And further take notice that all claims upon
thc said es ate in tint bo sent in to the said .Administrator, at lua ollice, Imperial Bank Block.
Revelstoke, B. C, withm 30 days from the date
hereof, after -winch all proccedb will be distrib
uted among the fparties lawfully thereunto
entitled. >- '
Oftlcinl Adiiiiiiistratoi.
Dated tho 27th day of June, llOi.       ���   981iy22
The greatest mining deal in Uritish
Columbia is,the purchase by the C. P.
R. interests of thc St. Eugene, -War
Eagle and Centre Star, which will be
operated in conjunction with Trail
smelter, j War Eagle stock has bound
ed as a result from 10c to 20c.
A Warning to Mothers. ���
Too much' care cannot he used with
���mall children during thc hot'wearher
of i.the summer months to guard
Against bowel trouble.-!. As a rule it
is only ner-crwiry : to give the child a
dose of castor oil to correct any
disorder of the l>ow> Is. Do nc t use any
���uhsiittite but give thc old fnshioned
castor oil, and s>c that it is fre*h as
r moid oil nauseates nnd Iiiir a tendency
to gripe. Tf this does not check the
bowels give Chamberlain's Colic,
Colera, and Diarrhoea Remedy and
then a dose of castor oil, and the
disease may be, checked-in its iricip:-
eney nn I all danger avoided.. The cas-
ftor oil and this remedy should lie prco
cured at once nnd kept ready for instant uie as soon aa the first indication
of any bowel troublo appears.1 This is
and may be relicd-npon wiih implicit
confidence even 'in coses- of cholera
infant im.   For sale by all druggists.
Siriani Committed for Trial.'
The charge against G. Siriani for
shooting Hution was heard before
Messrs. Lindniark aud .McLaughlin,
f.J'SjWhen J W. Cross, Hugh and
W. Kieny swore to seeing ticcused lire
,�� revoher. The case aJjourned till
Tuesday, when .iccust'ti'wus committed
for trial, and hailed on his own ncog
nisance of $500 and two sureties of
|750 each..
F.  .Julian  and   A.   Madaloni  went
J. Ai. Scott prosecuted on  behalf of
the city, and G. S. McCarter defended.
No Definite News From Scene
of the War.
Thcreisno.de/inite news from the
scene of war. Unconfirmed reports
say Kuropatkin has .been ��� killed snd
an army of 70J000 Russians cut off by
the Japanese. It is stated Japanese
warships are assembling at Vladi-
NOlxCE TS HEREBY GIVEN that thirty,
, days after date I intend toapnlj lo.thc
Chief Commissioner of lands and V. orks for a
special license to cut and carry aw ay tnnbei
from the following described linds in West
Kootcnay,district ������ t
Number One.
Commencing at a post mai ked Wm. Cowan's
northwest coiner post," nnd planted at a point
two miles north of the Ihe and half mile post1
on Government, tra'I, to Big Ltdse. Pmgfiton'
Creek, thence north 80 chains, thence cast 80.
chains, thence south 80 chains, tlience West 80
chains to the place of commencement.
Number Two.     ��� \
Commencing at a post marked "Wm. Gow
an's southwest ,corner% nobt," and planted at a
point one mile north of.the llvo and a half milo
post on Government trail to Bii< Ledge, Pmgf-
ton Creek, thence north 80 chains, thence oast
S0cha-ns thence south 80 chains, thence west
SO chains to the place of commencement. '
Number Thice. '      ,
Commcncms at a post' marked "Wm. Gow
an's southeast corner post,' and plant id at a
point one mile north of thc five and a half mile
post on Government trail to Bi<; Ledge, thcuco
north lfO chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
south 100 chains, tlience cast 40 ^haiiis^ to fio
place of commencement.      a
, \Numbcr Four. . '
Commencing at a post marked "Wm. Gow-
an'H southwest corner post," and planted at a
point 12 chains west of thc six and one quarter
mi'o post on Government trail Mo Big (.edge,
Pinsston Creek, thence north 40 chains, thence
east > 160 chains, thenco south 40 chains., thence
west 1WI chains lo the place of commencement
Number Khc. ,
Commencing at a post marked "W.\Gowan's
northwest corner post," and planted at a point
JO chains  east  of  thc  six and a quarter mile
poston Government trail to Big Ledge, Pings-
tcm Oicck, thenco south WO chums thence east
10 cha.ns. thence iimiIh 103 chains, thence west'
I'I i ham" to the lilac of commencement.
Number Tit.
CoTniwnciricr at   n post marked "Win (low
.iii'h nortlieiiKt (ornoi poNt.'iind planted  at a
point one mile mid Jll chains cut of the si\- in d
one qunrtor m'iuposl otiGo(criimeiil trail Io Hit;
ltoiizv 1'ingsion  Cree'*, thence  west lOeluiii s
tlience south lUKIialns, t.ieueu  c st 111 cha in
tin ncc  north   100  chains to Hit place of Com
iiieiieciiKint. *
Number Hevon.
Commencing nl n. po"t iimi ked "Wm. flow-
nu'H iiorlhwcat corner nos���," and planted nt
iiuiic rioliitru< Number", thence i-.-t lOclinlns,
thence-���outli 1(0chnliiH. lliencc ��.hi K.dia'ns,
Lhnnco north I(V) chains to the place of commencement.
Dated tlifH'iAth day of June, Idliil       ,;,;     "
987-jy31 WM. COWAN, Locator.
x~s JtLi
Persoim I'ecjiiit-inpc a supply of ico can
depend on gt'ttlnr? it promptly frrra
���i "\ Wholesale and Rptail "��� '" -    f
���1 ��-f
* p.
J""      .(.     '    t>V".-
ahd?' Game,, in - tSeason
'First St.,'Revelstoke. v
��  ,sV,  , THE       . '    '
^Licensed.      i" -     Begistered.   .-~
4   Gno. McLean,   -   Manager.    ' <-
ed on shoit notice.'    .
Office: Room 5, Burns Block."
'        P. O.^Box 810, 'Calgary, Alta.
116JC10'     , '    '
'i 4J f .rf;
^DRIVER.--"""-. -':-   .*4 z*ru
j   ^"r-i  t c    "''   -j EB     "   \   Allh
\ ali^milk'deliv'ered.bottled*"
.   ���*       ���   i   v. * in *    ,'      '        *
:- Vii
Tenders Wanted
.  io* --   -
^(.TENDERS wil! be received' by* thc s
underbigned up to v July 3rd for? the '
painting of workmen's cottuges jand t
other^-'buildings- being "erected for^
Canadian PacrHc Railway Co. For full ,
particulars applyJto , r y ' ' , A ' "
'.'  ,-.    ,' .��� A-   '3. KERNA'gHANA ,
Tenders Wanted
/-    ^ i',.r-..y; s a t a!
. lenders ure asked tor the grading of
the Race Track and for the grubbing
and clearing of'centre. ''Specifications
may be seen at the office of .the,- Association, Cowan blocks from'Saturday,
24th inst,,*until Friday, 30th.*, 4', .
".The lowest or 'any \ tender, not* nee-
cessaiily,accepted.* y?  -      '  f.'"v^-
tCl^V^;HrCP9KrSEc'RETARY, ^ A *
��� -"\   -i' 'Revelstoke Turf Association." i
/ i^
, \ -   -V
Retail Dealer In
u. MUTTON; Etc.
,   Fish and Game in Season.
��*     ,       All orders promptly, filled.     ���",   -
���   Owing to the laige increase in
,   our Bakery'Business we have been'
' .obliged to do away with - all, old-
'   time   methods   and -- instal ^new
machinery   of   the   latest t type,
which places us in'a position to'*
' cope with any like concern in the   %
^province.       ��� \ ' ���       ���       ��� " J ..-"
<? ( -=���"������'��������������� '    '    ��� -��� ��� ==a
Call and Inspect Our Goods. \,
A Swell Assortment to Choose \
From. Satisfaction - Guaranteed.
A little forethought may nave y-u
no end of' trouble1. Anyono who
makes it a rule to keep Chamberlain's
Colic, Cholora and Diarrhoea Kcm-
edy at hand knows this to be a fact
most nuccessful tro'iitincnt known   Fo' sale by all druggists.
tjlOR SALE-A-Pool.' Table.,;.Apply
'    to  F.   O.   Bowman,   Reyelstokt-
WANTED-A girl to  do gei
house work.   -Apply to Mi
O. Macdonald. V
Irs. J.
loose-leafi account book^, card
Indexes and special ruled, .perforated I
or punched papers mav be obtained at I
the Kootenay Mail Printing Offlce.
When You Want
4        .Night or day.r _,;. ,.
Ring up Tel'., No. 27
Stand at Union Hotel.
J. M. McCallum,
The Be��L Clay in Okanagan Valley.
VVell-hurnt Bricks in' large or small
quantities at reasonable prices.
009jel7 '      Enderby, B.'C.
t <
Armstrong Meat Market
First-class supplies"of Beef, Mutton,
Pork, Small Goods and Supplies shipped to any part of the' country.
Orders taken, for young pigs six
weeks old and-upwards.
Mail orders promptly attended to.
George Murray, Proprietor
Armstrong, B, o,


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