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Kootenay Mail Jan 26, 1895

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Full Text

> c
oilk handkerchiefs, 30c, 35c,
and 40c.
Chenille table covers, 75c
Velveteen, 75c. per yard.
rM Sis
The English Trading Co.
-.**-. I 4*^-
:-/  ^-
'; ������ .ri
*i. ���**.    I      . S    f   \        *x-i
&j    *$-<��<���%" -4*f''
2'0. t',"Cro*.!.r./: Else-v ���  'Jims
Pli.'l.p...- CJa-iauclc's Cii.<:.|>'^
Old Lliown '(.'i/'tl-r.r S^..p   . i, i .
(.iki- ioi'  --'	
CiyocKnu Soar)    ].(.���: ln,\	
, Tiie English Trading
Vol. l.^-No. 42.
'  i  ""-,"1' """"I   '   '*". vr    -"i/.       to/***-
iViNUAliil    ^(>,   ioJr>.
^i? f'.-H o.  Yep-,.
5 f J
��3 *^s
S 3 I V%. T
'  iSfiiJL,
s ij
1^'? '���<
'A %2 i a   E
N     j-'diyi f-H~l ���;?
JAS.    MCMILLAN    &    CO.,     FIR^aTI'Wh
Write for Circular giving Latest Market Prices. Fair selection ; immediate returns.
* f. P"* <f^, *    E lT\       F P s r- S fl F
.APULJb,   IVslNN.
r ' l
Make us a Trial Shipment.
At Reasonable
Ilois can be Bought upoa ������ Exceptionally Lltal guilding CQiidUiGiis
 ft :   ' .    '
i ( f
,, For further information, terms, maps, etc., apply to
*       '      '       '       T.  L.' HAJG,
"Agent for C.P.-W. lands at Revelstoke.
���f^jKruvu-^i^i m
IVIA non
=-,   itv^N   B       .*"
$ ft ���  J   ! o   i
U J n D L
y i ft ,' ')��' 5    ,*! a
P '��� ').-"   <wi  ;
'���    ""        HATER'S  PE11 CENT.
���B* **
Had to Treaj the Crowd.
A novelty was'ri5ee:iT]y i'ltriidncnd by
t.ho ' Collinibiii Young ?>Ien'.-i j\]ii.,u,il
LnproveiiieiiC Assneiauon. Instead of
the usual p.irliumorttary debate, a jury
trial was held. Nekon.TliopcdJe acted
its judge. Tlio Lardeau "Silver King,"
who Hgurc'fl hist wee-lc as the hero of
the 'vN'iggcr Juice'" episode, wascliarged
witli having ipaHcionsly.' foif.niou.sl^
and with intent to do giievous bodily
harm i!s.s'..u!ie.l '-fsleuan rhliv" wilh a
billiard etio, whereby the latter in his
���ittoinpi to ftsoipe vva.i pushed agaiiisi;'
a vvindc/iv and broke1 a p-.1 no of g'L-iss.
Jt appeared fi-om l-bc evidtjiiee chat the
dispute arose through defendant, ao-
eusinic  p'-iiniili' of so-piing die tin of
l iih - v? ��iili ��j
Sam Wilson and Kis,Companion Safely
Through the Rockies and'Selkirks���
i i '
A Letter from the Intrepid Scribe.
)is cue, l5ut ns" he -jotilil 'not i/'ontifv
the cue or produce any (-.videnco in
support of 'Lis eO'itcnt.ioii, u.e judg.'J
decided thiit the. .-ii-gument w.iy frivolous
Counsel on both sides having been
heard the judge reprimanded defo.ul-
a'mi and hud*.ted him in theaniounuio-
quired   lo   ������treat"   the   whole'   hou.se.
That great Ameiie.-in institution���
the Li-.-iisip��� hn& received nil iiiinorlni.t/
ac(;idsilion during i.he pa-!.few moiitb.-
in.Iiie person.- ol .Mi-. Sami.el \\'il.-i.,:)
an Aiii.trali.in ���j-nu-iriiist, and In-; companion, Mr. Yorkt. Tiiesi* " n finijis"'
are makim- this journ.'y round fhe
woi-kl under the aiiaphv.-. <.i the Rydi-a y
JJtiUcilu. They ni.nted fioiii the on ice
of the ICcJto, in the town i-i' Lnieoin,
Enyi.ind, on ib" ."en of Aoyn^L, thu
condition.-, bein;-; Ihiii, when-ve-r piao-
lit-i'.hle. the' trip musi be mad" on io;-1..
finel vi-ii.h.ou'ii any .-iid othei tiuui Lhat.
extjiid'-tl l') liiiii lhrons,'ii the lioipit.il-
ity ('f the v.-irio-.i,*- peonies along the
i-oute. JnJSngl.ipal ."���!,!. ".'.'ilsnii ariver-
OioPcI for !��� C'lmpaniim. ,-nid from ov ei-
���VJ-) applicant- i.in. ! ini'.ig ?evet*.*il 1 *.di-:.-)
he e-ho-e' I.Ir. Y.a'kc, vrhe) i.-* also ;i
netVhi iiper :iiii.i, aiid ���.vb')'l,ilill cmris-;
on his cheeks th.o sihool'ri. pencil hloosu
s'-cin   peculiar  r,o, yomig "Diigli.simien,
hospuid'ty shown Ihein by Lhc railway
oi/jei.ilri and eyerj b.aly Lhey have pie*),
witii .-ilmig Lh.e route.
Before le.'.ving Mr. \vri]--on senL us
the foilo'.vituv I'jtti-r, vvliicli vve fool sine
will he' ]>ei'useJ iviii. inferciiL by our
road err, along the line :
TO   Till:   KDi'J'OU   Ol-* , ���riSli   " JHJOTEKAY
1.1 A If,,1'   lili VKL-STOJCH.
'Sin,���?.fy iiitrusioii on your vahiiible
space I i.nr.t and ('an only etprdogir-e
lo.- by tlie j.'-ct, lhat J h.'.ve for upwards
of l.Wi'iliy ;, e.n-s followi'il the jiiofet-.sion
of,, s.-iibe, .-md for tiii >  reason   .
v, ,
cf    tyiie, uiiliiiiit-cfi
v. o only
boL-.iiif" po-ii's'-i-il
'"gall"' yon a-a cnifivre km
po--"."S, thi*, 1 am sure, will, give
ihe i1 pen -sesame to your ,column-
would in tlie first plac congratulate
yoitoi. j ntir, eivlitatde papui, :in-l the
(.iir-i'iil iiiiimii'i' in which tin* iniil.onts
h.tvo been edited. To-day, Moii'daj-. ,5
le'ieheci your lovr. air er having eorn-
pliitt-d io J- vr.d1: over  the fiift ejection
[.���iDOUKSSICI)    TO'  TliK     lilin'OIJ.]
Tlia i-jraorc-i.iiiulbcii-sijoiisi'jli.loi-tlivo'piiiiou'-
u*:pi*(.s .ul by ouri-On|Xii).l(.iiLS. ,
Mike's Little " Tale of Woe."
'nei fie  i'i*. it-ion.
lie. distance
but which v.-lii ni-ob.:'1!*, b
oil' before lie got-*, home
having1 a companion .Mr.
had to "trirat'L1" A.V 'u.*.*-i, i
. 1
T    ��
^.i tishe.'i
Coifs of, the erl-i'ss to lie shared between    he is cniite cinablo pf '.lev
' ily
la-iK -,\
as his
irf nol givaij-���39 miles���hat (he n.ith i
t.-d.c (O.F.It.) gii'et* to me, in tho uniall
spate ox time I ha", e bee;1, on, the
JL)ivj��iop, s.itire ^-.\)j>e . for viewing
jniei-ustiiit,- pniiittf ral a period oi the.
year when 1,'ne m din.try tr.'mip in coil *d
t.*,-o:-:, or gone sOutli
I am' often told
��      4   1        ���
ciime   over , this
up in hi"-, ylvi.ik-i
In Floiic1.-! or I'lexieo.'
.h.'it  I  should   have.
plaintiff aiid defendant.
6' US
H. r   (i r     '"a,' '--'*��� r.*   '
i..,I.H       ,      \*v.      I '.    !,,
M E R C H A N T  , T A I L O R,
ff i
First-class Katcvia! kei)t in stock and'
i *��� }r
First-class Workmen employed..'
A. ,<?fl*i J-^��jf-iS����.��ur��:
If    \\:
-  OF SWANSEA AND WIGAN;    "   -      -   ��� -
Analytical Chemist and Assayer,
Aesurate 'assays made of al! kinds of minerals, water, milk, eio.*
voj ���'       Kootenay Longs
^t$k    ^    */^r.    No. 15A.P.&A.M.
.      Fi-f- /id       *VJax ���
^��>^    ArTI *   *   TliercirjiiiarniuPtiiiKs
' f^-Cj^rTTfV^ al'�� hc!l1 '" U,�� iltl'-;"
, e��l-=^'J-,&r\ sy\ oiiicl'ciii-ilcl'oiiriic'i
^y^)SS^^1S;o.:L^K>~^3bilb   on   Llio   tlnrcl
_. oil   Llio   tlnrcl
-��S== Jlond.iy   in   Oiic'.i
^ScS^niontli   at   S   ii.   in.
S51   Visit'ii;*   l)i*.:tiiri-n
ctirdi.iliy wolooincil..
W. K CliAGE. ai:cin--TAnv.   '
Pronb Street, ilevols-tokc.
Haircut, 25c;  Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
'All pi.-scer claims ii> this District
legally held mav be laid over from the
l(5th 0(tobcr.*=dS!.'i, to rJn. Lst.Jiine', iSf1."...
\ N. FITZSi'UH:?.-."),        \
Gold Ctimminuloncr: ���
D;ited at Nelson, B.C.,   *
'Ith Ocioh":*, lSOi.   ���
cesf-i'id <ieccmipH��-hfti!:2*t of, ibc: longest
stretch ot'w-iliving in  the vshoie joui--
ney v-dii shoiv.   ,      '       '
jShcv) sailed from, Liverpool   '.o  the
steamr-htp.Porsip".. ou the
arriving in  Qu-ubtirt on
left- op,, their  ira.r.'^-cotitiJi'-i't
ICth Ansruac,
he 25; i: and
".al -tiamr;
nexr. rijty. *.l*o wmmpeg, **.-hieh wa.s
reached on che ."th of 'Neiveinhor, they
aveiaged anont IC- miles a day when o:i
the road, and since then 2o miles Cv day
ha*- been good going. IvIt. Wilson carries ' a 22Tlb...'pack, .and one "of the
heaviest articles in io is a thick book
which coiiL.d;..*- a reeoni of every place
tb"y h.we ivi't-ived a niC'-l or bed, h-u-
siue-4 -v.u-ious ciili-ies by pi:o]iie ho has
!ueo��with along the way. 'This hook
Will be smpci'^.i. proof that hits trump
a ,i'0.'i�� jide one.   The most- umipifc.
entry in tlie oo*'
pass,"  iasued   lo
th- C
r> t
��� tie
\V. J. LKIO. N'.G
l!?K��l-'ii* incel iii)!;- arc lield
^   In Oilili'ollovv.s' I bill overy
:-.flSi Tliui-wlfiy n iu lit .it i!i;;lit.
loleok. iVi-ilm-j; bi-Dtlior-
uordi.illy vviiluoiuud.
J. T. W001 illOW, Sec.
Repairing Neally Si'Promptly Executed.
oors, ssasnes &
Tickets for ffii.OO.
L_ lA.. FEETZ,
.     BUILDER.
1-Vill figure on all kinds of
Buildings ; all kinds of House,
Slore and Office Furniture repaired or 'made lo order; all
kinds of Shoftivork iu my line
neally and promptly executed by
skilled and experienced hand.
ihh  WUUj.-   DliibflCh
Norwegian Snawshoes,
Toboggans & SleigSiS.
Afir.NT roit sin-(i)-:i: sr.vvi.Nd ji,vci'iiki:s.
General Blacksmibii.
r.EVrtLSTOKi*;, n.c.
Repairs to Vi/agons, &c.
Shoeing <i Sjieeialty.
Mtinufaciurcr of all kinds of
Old Furniliiro Renewc-ci
In Firsl.ci.ioS
E. PICARD, Revelstoke.. B.C.
-vroTicK ir HEi-ncrjy uivy>r, in
X-i     iiccordaiii e    with   the   Hiatutc.
that Provincial   Ilevennn  Tax a-i'l ah
Oxeslevicd under lhe "As-.est*mo2il A''!-'"
are now due for (he year IS!}.";.    All of
the   ahnvo-nauied     taxes,    eollecUlilo
wilhin "the Kevelsloke Division ot'the
District of Wist   Kootenay. "are   now
payable at my ollice.
*  Assessed Taxes are collectible al tlie
following tales, viz:--
rf paid on or he fore .June ?0uh, ISaTv-
One-half of oni'  per  cent,  on   ic.d
property. (
'J'vvo pei- cent.*o:i the asseshed value
of wild land.
One-l,hh'd of one per ceyt. on pergonal
pi operty.
Or.e-half e>f one j.er c.-nt. on iiiconie.
If paid afler .June ��*J(h. 1S03--
Tvvo-thirds of one per cent, on real
Two  and  one-half per eent. on lhe
assessed value ol wild land.
One-h.-ilf of one per cent, on per.innal
propel Ly. '
Three-fourth!" of one per rep;,, on income.
Provincial revenue lax, $!i for eveiy
male per-on ovei* 1,S yi-ri t -���".
���    JOS. J^.O'UAI.'A.M.
Acliii'j .l.,.*c*.*,*.or ni.d (Jn!!' rl'ii',
l'ovi'1-.lok.e, .in11unrv !."tli, l.-'H.*).
lj..n   /.'.ii.L.;j(!4'..t  i *iftit.ii,'iut.
KirAV  .STOCK   Ol'"
cir\,'7'Tr*7,]i,,sy Sr PAT'JfiY rift0.IS
���P'i/-i "?V*'r- -.rr T'/^lTT T7<rT]   CO \ "P
JL.i.10 J>. Gv7 j. UlJjiiii.   bl/jii ,
rtlX TAilld'lTS  R)|{  afio.
"W.'iil, for lhe nol ice n-gniding the new
Circulating Library al
TO  AMI  i-'i:.>:-i
AT5   TT",
.'"I il
J "^*!       *        J-
'"CTiIVjI     - -Y'.'""*Ei ���*;
'v;OTl(T iS H;-]|?C"5JY CIV EN. Il..d
P ���'. ap))lie-iil i.ii) Viiil 1,-." in :<h* lolhe
Parliament of v auanT'TTsrinr^nrxt-'T'i-
i-KHi thereoi, for .-:n .\ctlo iucorpoiale
a <'ouii-.iiny in*- i/lio piu'po*" oi (-0:1-
*-!ruct-iiig. ���.���(uiippiiig. -ni.-iiiit.iii.ing und
opt'.al-iiig a Inn- of l-adway lo rnii lr.un
a point at 01 near the inine-, known as
the '"Ti-iiii Creel*- miii"-," in ihe Di-liiet
of Kootenay. in tb-1 J'l'ovinr eof Oiilisli
Columbi;., to s.iine
pi'rtCtie.ihle   to   iln-
'riii'.-ni'ii i'"r-i <���;.*���.-
Kl.j.-|',iii^ (*,ir0 Id St. 1
VVltllll.il cliai'irc.
"!  > I)!') ;'' '.r  .in-1 ""���!
,i'.il, .".i.i.!! iv.il.ii-.d 'I'ei
l'!\i'i-i ���"- .in.\ I,-
l'.i. in.'
'. r. ii .ilv.
I.i a    -
I'Vir  full  infill 111.il'uii
iipi'iy i'i
!.  T.   Itrewsd
n I'i 1 ito-. t.:��"
.-v. J-tukO.
iO!))i    (1**   lie.'!
in,clion   ol   i'i-:)!
Cn-,'I:  nnd- tin* 1. i)lui.'ili,;i IClver, in die
h.iid !��i'.l:icv oil  Eoot-p.iy. wii 1; pov.er
to cof.'A met. cipii;'. m.iinl ���ii1. an.i (',"*!���-
ill" livaiii-ii liiii""; ,.;id also  in i .in- I nu I
.-Hid   pp'irate   I 'lejf.lph ,.1*>.'I  lelipl.'ln'
hue- i.i c'.riii'-i r.o.i   -.'i.ii   fl '���������j.ii 1 railway. 'vig.'Ihc'v. ith rile u-ti.'l |*.-)vv,*/-s to
i'.eiplil-e   la,id.,   privlii'gi"*,   ii.tim - "-, or
j aills fiiYin lhe l)i,.).r,-i(iii-(";���   i 'wivier inl
CioVi-rnnicr,!**,  -o tl 10 1,1ai-.e 11 .<die in u
le.lier     .;i . .1 P".*;i*li 1"; 11 "     vvi.h     radvca,',,
I   (1,onl-.),il   :.nd   nihil'  CulPpanii   , .11.d
id;*   ad   otliei     ii'-ii.t!   ; "id     iii-n * aiy
i'ii*--. ci-. ii^rhl* a'. 1 j rivileg".
1     Dated nl  \',!'ii,)|i, i-!-. (hi*, i ill. day of
1 .Iinuiarv. -A .1). p.''.i.
hiiii aC- MonLi'e.il'l)j'
Assistant. Gi-n-erai jiauager Tai'., a.id
which is pt'ob.ii'iy th*.* only one ever
"issued by, any laii.vay cuu'ipaiiy a.-:y-
wher-e. 'J'he genial ,l)-a;.*ip kindly permitted us to make a copy of it, anil
here it is :��� c
1   a iloNTii'-Ar,, Aug .:i,i8'J!.
'J'liis will bo   a.:t'.i(i. >l,y i'or I.ir., S.ur.l.^l
'V1K0.1 lo vv.i'.S on tli.1 vr.i :!c   .mi cio���  on tho
fbi-.df?os of :!io Car. I'iiai1 P.ioiriu Ka:lv.v.y (Jo.
bolivccn jMoutn-air.iid Vancouver", herblioviiiK
tiio  C'cniiniiij, ,w I10  iioioby  iloi"..  I'foiii  .u'v
lir.bi'ity for los-" or ner-011.1l injiny vrhioh l*.c
in.iy siisUnn v/hilo exercising this i.rivilujc.
Tlios. T.vit,
A<!-.:..lnii: Uoncral Mft'iiiRor.
Saii'.ijiil Wilson,
^.dolaiilo, Auslralia, '   ,
Syiinuy " JsiilHin."
The vviiyfarers left "'.Vinidpeg on the
Sill ox 'November, since when thoy have
had ninny and varied.experiences,, tlie
most uncomfortable, pi-rh.i'p*., being
lhe "*ho,iii-on" and ������ Lijl-vnd" collisions they had vyith prairie hii/./.nrds,
and   the over-h.-uiuihig  fi,ar of  being
hurieei  in an avalanche while coming
o *���
through the Sell.n ks. They arriveri ;:i
town about noon on .Mond.-iy, and were
accorded a iirst-cia.-.*. welcome by the
0. P. It. (iirieiids. ��� They lunched with
Supt. .Marpole in hi:> private cm*, dined
at the residence of Loco; not ive Supt.
Temple, <md were ihe giiots of Station
Agent Brewster at hre-ikf.ist before
leaving next- morning. Messr--. Newman, IJt-evvster and Temj)ie piloted tho
"Ilamps" around linvn during tiie
attei-iiooti, and, of course, nroueht
them lot.iii-. olVic, where, it is n.-ed-
h;���s to say, Cuey were '.velcMine visii'ir.-r.
They vvere .-iccoule.e.l in lielei-ogoiioiiii.-*
rainieiit, being gifts fiom viirioii- persons along t'le i-outo as tlie wint..*r
ciine on, and r.li-. Vv'il .nil's ..iihM,;nitin!
(igure mi;.-,!)!- havob. en lakdi fp: eithot
:i sti-.iuiboiil c:ip.lnin or' a iii'.'lk".-.i')r.n.
with e^lreinely v eii - pi ol eel od pedal
ex. rcmi' ie*. lie is im e::eell'*nl r,foii-
trttr, nil-* hi*- i'.ueedotes n.e ,-d! omh c-J-
iti'J.**-- cnlci l.-iining. JJoth i-cii^el1.'.-""
"e<p."i".-''d ilnir a'luiii-iitioi) of our
ino.iiri.i.n .������reui'ryr, and ?.Ir. Ys'il-ou,
who ha. visl'i'd' niii'iy lands, t.-.ys that
nothii'g he h.i'-* ever seen can equal tiie
grandeur of the H -ikirks.
They ..taried v. e-i l'ii"s tny niorning
v. ith li'/'.'* m:l"-i to cover bciou1 ihe; on 11
lake s!iip;ii V.-irp'O'iver. ':'hi*,pr..p(isi*d
rotno i"' finin VanuiiV-er to .���loi!;;'
Koiiy, theuci' to Sl.iiil, ' Sp'.nb.!.*, , the
Shcv; (,iji.-l. Iiiiviuii 'I'l'.'i'.-1), Cb'i--
ni.iny. am. bad. t" Li-ioln .-nciiin-
WiphU vn pioiifii-s is lm* time aili.tb d
I'or the Iii11, and
country in Mtinnier, as ���. a.01 nnssiiig
suth uiajjidficoni , sct-liery. Now, J
doii'i think so. I have seep mushrooms
in thou-amis 011 tlie hanks 'On each side
of tiie rail jvay fcrat**-": of larger dimon:
-'Lim.-, Ui.-.n the turnips grow 11 last Glimmer in Manitoba, and which provided
si-it'Ilt'i* j-'ur a flock ol'.she'c-p���or geese (I
.forget which,) from & storm that Eiwenfc
eve*: that r.'.ov
l;w,t yea?'.
Donald  loaves un , mv  mind   manv
,, * 1 .
pleasant uiemories. ,1 am always making'new friends, and it'is very pi ton
che cr.se that my short acquhintanco
with them is of so agreeable .*.. character
that nt casionly 1 e;sperie:iee some
fci'ncere regrets, wlien tho parting takes
place, i li:i.l just.,Oidden good-bye to
the Western Division on which I ht��d
for s-cvst.,1 weeks beep. located in every
p-'.t-sit'le "luartei*, iinel my entrant*? on'
The *i".v division, if I may he pardoned
'' ObarS'ii*,���Whin 1 wa*-- a r.idin in
youi' illif<aiii; paper a bout the terriable
iniineiieS.s- ,-iv<any person Miidin away
their little bit nv money to some outside place 10 thry and git things.t lit Lb*
bil moie r.iisoiiiibh: than they can git
them, here, hhiir-e I he'thoughl sthruck
me at vvanee ay writitp ye to give ye
mc ir.vn opinion on ibis lii.itt hoi. Tt in
not iiiesiif that will n'ade to tell yo that
(oipies are moighty haid thi-i wiuti r,
with iio vvornii'. at all,,-it ."dl,and nary a
jo!i in soighl, now that ti).' O.P.R. h-is
gone ,'i'd laid 1:*: nil oil'. .A.s lor the.
-fiovermnint vfo'Tuk, slmre Oim tonhl
Lhat "no Ori-ih ii.-i.ie apply,'' as it is
mostly c.irpinlei's jiiid other forriner.s
th.-itgl'.s tin,' (jnvi'i ninint vvorrul..
i";tl .Mi*-tcr Editor, Oive bin 1 ivin me
subject e-.itorioly; atir! no vvunihir,
vviim Oi Ijiinkr. itv t-he two-andj-a-Jniif
a day. As Oi was s.iyi.i,' t(>imes are
herd. inda.Je, and ;i si) vt 1* dollar looks
aimos't ;.s big as a Tfed Hiver e,.r! wheel.
ii J1 -. Edi'(.r, sot, Oim  ov   Ihe opinion
that'iitiiiyv*   poor   sowl , who   if,   Iu-.iky ���
enough lo iaf. e  a few dollar-, fit all,
at all, will lie  coihinittin  rio sin   if he
spimks his money where he can git the-
.nostiyid best-goods for it.' Njdther do
Oi think it dihloy.-d, .-'.ii.her.    Faix 0;m
lovvkl,   iiml  Oi   belavo   iln thrue, that,
by   sindin    to .Toronto  or Portage  la
Prairie yon git yni'e goods  laid etown
here, fr.iti-, and express all paid, and
save. ;?2o to $!'."i on,-,the hundred. The
goods .ire Keollent, too, Oim towld ;
and snur'e, aint it-'well-knovvu that tho
fialo and c-.Vjiress ar*e dearer ou .small
lots than on carloads?
Now,  hoi*, ynre paper was sayiu  it
was  roight .'ind   proper   to  build    up
j'oco BAi'ly in  the  fall of i home iiidia-trles ; nut- Oi do  be afther
makm theassoi'tion that'honie industry
.sometoimes kills itoelf by e*hargih
doubji. piiees whin tmo;ioy(iR so'scarce.
vVouldn'i. it he a good plan intoirely
fur our merchants co' cut their prices
down so'that ihere would ,he no savin
iu people sindin away for goods at all,
<it fill ? If this was done, there would
be a, lot of money spint in the town
that's now sint'away. And, wit, Oi
think io rale mane anil indaceiii. to
blame a poor di vol foi1 sindin away his
bit av-harel-oarned money so as to git
something.like value for it. "<
, I'd be much obliged to you, sor, if yo
will print thisdel ter in your valuable
paper, and if Oim out av worruk all'
.wiuther, shure Oill have plintv av
toime. to roight ye agin.���Yours thmly,
Revelstoke, Jan. JSl.li.
Mr. V/iK-on think-' he
(ii'!0. "^1"!.. !I!"1W\*.
Dislncl I1..*
��� AjTi lit.
a" ,,,i. ,���
:vL\C\"i:ii.l.,v- .iTilh'VlT.
j-i'l tnei o on i,::i!(
'J'he tia-.eUt 1- have in,
iiide-.i.  words  l��.r   Uu*
hill;!;   but  til'*
r-oint"S<-  ;iml
"' VT
V i  .
>.tt: f.',*T,'i:-::::.
1 x.
KHI'-iCi  At.'ti IIVAVj iy.,Z'S.:L '
NELSOI*!, '3. O.
l'Joaii ���>. C'.ci -'j^ r.-oup-jr.o. XV:mi��-a.
my through journey may bo   to  fhe
* _        1
* Tliere aro ahvyy.*  noted characters
with  various  peeidiarities   to be met
. -- ''
with en voi-ivand as.t anjalvvyays open
to hi-av remarkable stories from o.very
qu.'irler,a, it affords mean opportunity,
of,spinning a few 01 my o*.v n personal
experiences, I ei*y ipiil-s and have the
oUMsuro of adding to my own store of
the marvellous. When at Donald I had
leteived no invitation from genial host
Kimpton and, punctual to my promise,
1 had the ph-iissiirc of p;u-,sing several
pleas.m!- houro in that gentleman's
company. Mr. J^easley, the assistant
saperinicndcrit'o chief imi .nager, kindly
took care of me. at dinner, and with my
other I'l'iop.ds in that town the time
vvas agreeably occupied, ft must not
be i'oSgottoii by your reader:-, that,,]
am walking through the country; not
rkling on haiicl-cars, hjill.ist trains,
blind haggage���o!' No.'l. If I am able
to reach Vanoquver I shall have the
satisfaction of knowing * that my
journey has been honestly performed,
ab.ho' rather kite in getting through. '
The, scenery on the road of the railway is hi'opiy mavveil-ius, and [ am
abto:-.islii-d that the phv.iure.-se-'kers of
Great Urilain and the Continent do not
crowd the Glacier House at "-the winter
season, for hos-t' Perlej* 'there, witli bis
niiniOi-iiiis guieles, will .show them far
more than i'i possible to be been outside
of !J. Ci.
The O.P.J*.. liave a certainty with
their track; that is, that no tramps
wilt ever take .1 walk from Donald to
R'.'velslok'o at this time of year, I'or the
ti-sfle bridges, snow plows, and rotary
will slop them, dust byway of a treat
uik.- a walk through siiow-.li.id
A far superior ilanle'.-. Inl*
peirb'hd caves in Matlock Dal b ��or at
Ihi.'i'.on, in [��� -rh.) .-.hire. The wv.lchiii.'in
will lake -,.*.;(: of j'ou and show y..u iho
-lalaetite.-; and foaming rock* ol ice
vifyiUK in Color from wliilc, ���.-.rtvn,
bibwii a:id eopnelMS. Th'- t la veiicr,
loo. i.ii'jold nol forget iilecill'i-vv.nel, i'or
.-,1 thi.-, city he will meet I'n.n Uic'nard-
.*.o;j, who, i am siire, ha. at hi-, conl-
eiaiid .", greater \ oinbul iry Ihan any
man J have over mel cn l-ying his years
(.;.".;. Yin: vviil riI.-.o Hi-ike the ac.iu.iiiit-
ai'ce of the 'nd.an lall-
lii -, boh'}. r.ow, doli'l I
him n call. Then vou o.v.i pas5 i*igl.t
.-iloini; 10 It.'Vel'.ir.ke ,,nil g^i-adi*, ip-
jxiinl ��� ien',,foi* i he 1'i.^n :! ^elf i - di'. idei".
hut yoi,; c.'ii lij'.in Die eii-!'on'* w inch
"���epiir.i'i1.-; She t.vo low ns i-y ! ,kin.; l
cntair ride with Dr. IM-Leai:, one of
lh-* ni'/sj expert driver's I have inr-l this
i.i.!.' of r.'.'.-iald. I fhall carry a-way
i.oru yi-nr lo*v%n ipany, veiy ninny
kindly leelini--i oi yn-.ir wi-.*t-i"i hospi-
l.iiity, ami in parting from yon i vvi-ili
your en.i-i-,1. hiug c.-nli.- a pr'i--p,e,-on
ji(".v year, .-.ncl fo you, Mr. Editor, my
thanks for inking t ii�� trouble to moot
.'.nd 11* 1 en to yonr confrere in arms,
' sa.ml. Wilson,
'Ifoiiii'l tiie World on Foot.
10  to tiio
*.big  jMrriit at
o.'uei, lo  give
The Illceillewaet Bridge Dispute.    ,
j'h'Ait SiK,-rI notice your article in
your issue, of Jaiiuary 12th under the
"heading of " Ciin't Agree, as Usual,"
.���md ] am very sorry to see an article
concerning myself bearing such a clis-,
agreeable tone!
-In the first place, you are of tho
opinion that the bridge will be a costly
affair, which is undoubtedly the case,
especially if it is to be a < ripl.ee, which
will lie the case if it- is to be built on
tiie old location, which vvill necessitate
!j*)U feet of bridge'lo span the river.
Now, this river can' be spanned by a
bridge less than 130 teet and accommodate every settler just as well as the
old location. I vvill lea\ e it for yourself to judge which, would he. likely to
be the most expensive.
Regarding the propei expenditure of
the money,'which yon cla'mi.my interference hay prevenl'od, I" wisii to ask
your informant if the opening up of a.
mile and a half of road to the various
i-iine.het, is ;t piopei way in which ��0
spend bridge appropriations?
You also say that idx or seven men
were employed in getting out piles,
etc. Now, 10U piies would be all that
would be renoired for lhe construction
of the bridge in any c;u-o, and there
are about seven pieces of timber niea-s-
ui'iug 12 by li liy -10. If you or your
iiiforin.ini are accustomed, to taking
out timber you may at once a.-k -what
have those siyx or 'seven men been
Ninv.'rogarding'iho omploymuntof n
surveyor���Ihatis jn."L whatshould have
been done at first; and having settled
on 1 he place to erect tbe .structure, and
having plau'n and spcciiicatioiis drawn
up, to give liioin lo it man who could
have'em ried them out to the letter.
it.-g.niliiig the resident liovermiient
Ago.oi having the right lo decide such
m.liters, I am aware of (he fact thill he
U .d-ilile enough to go by ids own conviction.-, iind put tin* bridge1"-.! ill fun her
up .sire.uu than where i ask it to be
-������*.'r>w, my mime N not mention' el in
('onneci iiin with ink* i.iutl--;-, but as it
I. well known that T am the o;ieci:i
qui .-tin'.. ' feci it my duty to 111,ike a
icpiy. I toiling that your informant
iit-iy. i-i further enrrespoodei.o". see iii
to di.-clo.-,!1 his name, 5 am, vou;-. rc-
spei (fully. JI.  F.'HAY.
PicveUtoko, ann. JSth, Ib'.lr,.
TI1.1t Water Schehic, Ajp.in.
X.",:,- When " Macaroni-' makes uim-
*.el! known to the public as .' hydraulic
e!ii;i'ie. 1 ing c mir i t:n*:K it is my duty
lo tell hiin !i:\ mi'jd. J"i tiie In1*5-! plnco,
iie .'.ays lhat *"?.!)*. Ph- ir:i yoiier.-. to
:aip,iU tin- totvii with water from the
Columbia Pivcr." 'J'hat i.s not :���-.'.. Mr.
Mjcaioui is only <i v. .'i*k   in-hind  timf,
I  atV.i-'
waleo  up
and gel  tbe   last  is-.no  of your psjier
���nit'i li" w 111 . hen learn whet I have *-.iid,
and f s'ncci-..jy hope it i.iiiy n>! iiiuik,-
iir'iii-esied on bis memorv. Hnvv ii is
to lie done or how much it will co-a me
is .moiner matte:*. T simply said if
sonic interested   ji;irtie->   would put up
(('ii.'diiiiwd on j) I'jt; J,)
fT' Ul W*W 1 ���JfiJIIMI-' IhW
TOHSI ,4 4.^1.1       ,-..Z~...  |r~"  I  It:  ^"i   *;  ; *,  ?���������   - t '  r  Ti IE. KOOTENAY MAIL.  \  0^  <���������"' t-v*  SU33CH.IFTiaN.  :v.\i:i.\iija' IX ADVANCE.  <)L-',  i-.:r   SIT. M in.Ii*- ....  Three .Mi mil)-.   ���������������*���������-> 0,i  1 (ll)  0 M  ~VTi  IS.  ������������������it-  1 .50  ���������J. OD  -1; (m  UiiiiTncli, lier liiiinlli    T.v.) liielnj.--, ]i(JI niontli   riiv  Special conli-iicts for large adv-('rti-,ci.'.oiit������  All "bills for ai'vci-liiing duo lho Lst of each  niontli. '  Qu'tiiik and cure-all advertisements not wanted.  'The Mail is prinlSed evory Salurd.iy morning  tor (lie Iti-.-elsitoke Pouting & Publishing Co.  (Limited) by  B. W. NORTH EY,  Knrro������_4iSD_MAKAGicit.   '  .SATURDAY, JANUARY 20, ],S95.  '.LOOKS LIKE SETTLING UP.  Tt,would a]ipeiir ithiit the Government- has made a move towards compelling tho .Inland Construction Company to settle their liabilities, as the  secretary of that company is now advertising for all outstanding'accounts  to be sent in to the head ollice, 52-1-020  Cordova Stiee.t, Vancouver, on or before the 10th February'. This, of course,  does not mean that the company's  debts will be paid right away, but it is  to, bo hoped that itt least the workmen's wages will lie paid a.s soon as  possible. All creditors of the company, groat or small, should not fail to  send'in their accounts before the 10th  February. ������- '  need to point out the injur} being done  to trie town, as it is well known that  there have been, and still are, outside  parties only waiting for the settlement  or" the dispute before.- investing largely  in Revelstoke lots. Rut the Dominion  election is not far oil', and a'pledge  should be exacted from the candidate  to push this matter to a settlement.  Our townspeople can put their heads  together aud discuss the. best mode of  carrying out this suggestion.  As regards the'fiver'bank nothihe-  can be ascertained as to Mr. Gamble's  intentions. Mr. Kellie called at his  oilice in "Victoria last week, but he had  ���������left town and vvas not to be seen. Hon.  Theo. Davie wrote a strong letter to  the Interior Department of Ottawa ou  this matter last week, and is said to  be much annoyed byftlii- dilal.oriness  being displayed by the'Dominion engineer. This may be the, cause of  another pledge froin the Parliamentary  candidate.  ' YARTOUS WATER, SCHEMES."''  . A water system is offered to the  town for ������500. Mi*. Pieard's^ scheme,  which as yet is an unkneivvn quantity,  may be feasible or itinaynot." But  we must state, in justice to our correspondent '' Macaroni," that Mr.  Pieard's*intention at first vvas to pump  the water from tho river in the vicinity  of the-'bridge;', but in the face of'adverse ^criticism Mr. Picard may have  changed his plans. .There is' now  another Richmond in tho field. Mr.  Tapping "'offers to"bring water down  from the mountains for S500 and, unlike Mr. Picard, explains how it is to  be done. But Mr., Tapping errs in  saving Mr. Pieard's scheme " was not  approved of by the citizens," as no one  knows what Mr. Pieard's scheme is.   .  (Continued from page 1.)  $500, and each householder pay a small  .monthly 'payment for the service, J"  would then divulge my scheme and  1 would proceed with it and put it into  execution. ���������-"'.-  Macaroni probably thinks' he, knows  my.'plans by what I said verbally some  time ago, but that is where'hegets left.  He don't know anything about it. If,  he wants to know*,, anything about it,  let him-come at' it ill a business-like  manner, according to my,proposal, lie  says the water from Long's brewery  could be brought down to (fhe (own 1'oV  .$500 easily. He probably would  bring  TJie"watei'���������(lown for #300 cash and  $1,000 credit, provided he has gooel  credit for that amount: or perhaps he  would haul it down with a dog train.  But hecan.nol bring it down in pipes  of any description, and pay all dues  and damages, for $1,000. It seems to  me lie has a little of the flood fever-left  from last spring, as he talks about my  apparatus., going down- the- river to  Nakusp. Let iiiiu put that in his soup  along with his macaroni.  However, I will give hiin a chance to  read your issue previous' tiVtfele 'last one  ���������before I go any further, as* in .ill likelihood he will change-hfs mind.y- "��������� ��������� . '  have not intruded too  valuable space, I remain  Hoping   I  much on your *���������  yours truly, - ���������  Revelstoke. Jan. 22nd.  E-.-PI CARD.  THE ILLECrLLEWAET BRIDGE,  Mb, Hay's letter certainly gives the.  - other side of the question, .and any. inexperienced, person can see at a glance  that it-would be n -great'deal-cheaper  to span tv river where it was 150.feet,  'vide than where it was 390 feet wide,  , especially if (as Mr. Hay" says it .would  be*)  it "were.equally convenient.for all  parties   using,it. -    With every other  condition equal there would have been  no hesitation as to the location of the  new bridge."  But it appears the con-  dit-ions.arenot equal.-  -The site of- thc  old bridge was decided on because the  road which has beeft in use some yews  leads up to it, crossed the river at that  point and runs through  to the various  homesteads on the other side ; whereas  with the bridge located so far up .stream  as Mr.   Hay desires, it   would   require  .several miles of new re.ad   to  be  made  to reach it from this side and to leave it  on tl.e other, so that" (he appropriation  would be idl  used  up   on  roadniaking  and the bridge still unbuilt.    But- Mr.  Hay may be under the, impression���������as  we   vvere   a   few   weeks ago���������that no  limit has been lixeel  as   to the amount  to be used  in the-.Qonst-r.uction of j.his  bridge. ^. But there.is a limit, and that  limit is' $1200���������8200 above the sum  we named-last week.    New ^apers are  supposed to keep a watchful eye.over  the interests of the whole district, and  if the money allowance for this bridge  (which comes out of the appropriation  for   the   whole  riding), is  allowed  to  creep up to meet an increasing expenditure, it   behooves the  newspaper to  place   the   matter   before the   public.  Mr. Hay's assertion that  the Government.   Agent   would   place the' bridge  even further up stream i.s quite correct  as far as it goes, but lhe  Government  Agent also says that the money to be  spent on the work will not allow of the  roadway to it.  Mr.,Tapping's Proposal./  De.vk Sir,���������Please allow me space in  your columns' for a few-lines concer n-  .ing   the .water  supply,for  the  lower  .town.    As 1  wro,ti������ on "the subject in  April, 1803, and-lSOL 1" do not wish"my  loiters to be deemed tiresome, so 1 will  not remain long in the water this time.  I,'for one, give-Mr. Picard  credit for  his enterprising undertaking for water*  works.    But as ib���������was-riot approved of  by the citizens 1 will  take  the liberty  to -sayve-Usei the-- water -"designed*'by  nature for the. purpose;   it   is,,.dQW<u<  grade'and ajfealsible Youle'.'-Wi&'vv.iWld"  hi1 my plan : Virst get the water riglft.s*  and   the  right of  way; then   get" the  C.P.R. to   put  in a t:ui*v-ert"-,-i't the"old  cattle sliute: then'lay  under ground  box pipihgCixGhi., inside measurement,  mado'-of   cedtfr ���������plank";'  convey   the  water into a tankjprJiulkhe{uL,a������some,  poi11b" near-east"end"-"ot~Pi-oTTf'ift't-ee't,  Lhe   tank "to be .5 ft.  -1 in. y 5 ft. J. inl,  Outside .measurement, built .'J ft. under'  ground and 10 fl. above ground. -That  would hc'iit far as 1 would care to take  the matter, and 1 am  prepared to sign  a ^contract   to   complete   that     part���������  chiefly at my own'  risk, providing trie,  town"will get wall"*!* rights and right of  way, and as a gin ran toi- of* good faith  put up 2-". ii"  of  ���������   Latest Big-Bend News.-   ������������������  ' John P. Neilson, mail carrier between  Revelstoke and Rig Bend, arrived down  with his dog train early Wednesday  afternoon, having, made the last thirty  miles (from Ciirues Creek) in five hours  and the fifty miles from 7-mile bat* in  eleven hours. He left here on the 14th  inst. and reached the farthest point on  his mute (French Creek) on the 20th.  This is about the quickest round trip  that has yet been made. The dogs  went well and the snow was in fine  condition for travelling. But for the  fact that he had to make several detours  around obstructions, sometimes having  to ascend the benches, Air. Neilson says  lie would have arrived'down a day  sooner. ;,."   ���������  On French Creek,   not far from the  Consolation mine, some men have been  endeavoring to fork  out an  old shaft,  .-ind have got the watei down to about  IH) feet from   the   bottom,- but their  pumping  apparatus   is   not' powerful  enough to lower the water any further,  and--to drive a tunnel   te strike  the  bottom of the shaft  would   be  too expensive.    It is taken   for granted that  a great amount of ,gold  would be met  with'in  tlie bottom  of this shaft and,  the levels vvhich would be driven from  it in various'directions, as it is under  precisely  similar conditions   that  the  Consolation is being worked, anel tliere  i.s no more profitable  gold  mine in tlie  whole district. - The kiscrlean-up netted  $1U0, aim l\ir. Lafornie, one of tiie owners,   brought down  $1,200   hist-week.  The average output lor the three men  working there now is $50 a (lay.  'On  Uolii Stream,   Charlie' i\Torleins  and Sol   iloiden   own a placer claim  above tho falls.   A wing-dam lias been  put in and they aie sinking to bedrock,  .which-is mostly soft and crumbly rock,  and which, on   being   biasted, is'found  to  contain, gold   iu  large   quantities,  fcsol iioliien'is on a visit to the oast, but  will return next spring*, when the claim  will be worked on' an   extensive scale,  .and it is expected,will be the  greatest  gold   producing ' placer  claim  in  'the  Bend country.-     ���������* ���������      ' ���������>���������."���������  Almost adjoining this claim, and  nearer the (Joluuibia River, Harry  Howard aud McLachren have built a  wiug-dam at the head ot the large falls  on the south side ot.tfold Stream, so as  to shut oit' the water while they are  J)la&tnigr a passage-way for a large  lluine which will extend several  hundred teet down stream. When the  lituue'is completed they will turn all  the - water- into it so as to leave^baie  the northern side of the liills and the  stream below. On this north side there  is a large hole worn by. the water lrom  the laiis, and it io believed that considerable gold is to be lound at tne  bottom or "it. Willi a long-handled  shovel nuggets can be brought to the  surface of. tbe watei-, but it requires'a  s'kiiful h.-iu'eLto land a nugget safely, as*  t.he���������s-witt*'-enri'eufc'���������w-jist.es it, ���������oit Lhe  sho ve.l''jij������L..as tlie Under' is -coiigratula-,  ting hi nisei t that lie has got it. It is  -saiu that Woi iloldeu -obtained a great  deal or Ids gold I'rum this hole.  ' Most of the other claims were doing-  very little,* as tiie cold weather had  put it stop to outdoor work for a time..  -.-.-/i'hii-.meii-.'uiidei'. lore'iiiiiii* Tom Bttih  were clearing the site for the new  Downie Creek Bridge. The Big Benders were all iu good health. ' '*"  CLEANLINESS IN SURGERY.  The  Cnrillnnl I*rt-ri.|itj> of tlin  ���������"Olrriee  of  ,-        Oi>L-rrfill.|-r In tin,  I'roheiit, Day.   ,   '  Thfre are thre-e locations, so to speak,  the ab .ui'ite cleanliness of which  must  be above-suspicion before tlie operator  is'-justified in  proceeding to  hia work,  pays  lh.,  :*("i!.yt(,entii  Century.      Thuse  inx* the surgeon's hands, hie instruments  arid tlie integument   covering  the part  of; lhe patient's body at which the operation is about to  he performed.    How ia  'the requisite   cleaiiiiriesH  in   each case  ���������secured!   So far as  the hands aro concerned, by   profuse  scrubbing   with a  nail brush in soap and  hot water, followed by a thorough drenching in-some  antiseptic- soli*tion. ������b that of ono in two  thousand of pcrchloride of mercury; so  far ns the instruments  uro  concerned,  by sterilizing them, that is, by  boiling  tlieni   in   vvater. , or   by passing   them  through the li.-imo of ,a spirit lump, or  pi icing them in a' steam sterilizer,  nnd  then; when the operator'is ready to bo-  gin, h.v putting them into a  receptacle  containing an antiseptic collision, as,- for  example, that of carbolic acid.    Lastly, '  bo  far   ns  trio patient's   integument ,is  concerned, by   washing   tlup part first'  thoroughly with'soap aud wnter. having  previously'"(���������'laved  it  if necessary and  afterward  with n perchlorido of mercury solution, or if tho purl be greasy,  by removing all the greasy matcruii by  Bcrnbbi-.ig it with othor.  Without  going into fnrrhcr details,  these  are the  cardinal  precepts of the  science of oporating.in thc present day?  Of  course each wound   which in this  manner is   made  under astatic conditions, as it is called, is' kept, u������cptiu by  the use o.^untiseptic dressings until heal-  irig'lias taken place.    Tlio results of this  method   of   treatment   of  wounds  are'  nothing less than wonderful in comparison with   thoso', which   tho earlier sur-.  goons vvut-e  able to obtain.,(   \S ii.-it happens  alter,    say,   tho  amputation of a  limb, nowadays?   Tho rule is--nothing.  Noihiiig, lhat is to say, beyond tho un-  ovi'iiifnl convalescence of tho piitieut.  : Tho ilroHaings aro not  touched unless  the tcnu.cVature and pulse of Lh" patient  iii-iicnte by   sonlo   disturbance   that it  ���������wtoixl'l   be  oxpedient   to   e.vauiino   tho-  wourid.,   The tomperature ntid'the'puisG,  aro  tho  Burgeon's guide;  ho  takes his  cue from thorn.    Nothing can bc> amiss  ii> the wound  if thoso  remain  normal,  apd-thus ii follows that a largo w������jund,  Buch; on that following an amputation,  heal? ������i.i(i:i,!ly from first tt) laic, without  any siippu.-a'tion.   What a coiiirn.'.t with  that'which   obtained   in   ff.n -i\.-r days!  Suppi.'r.uion was then thought to bo an  indis.iiens iblo part of  tho  houlthy  process uf healing.    In tho present time, on  the contrary,  a surgeon is  he-Id to havo  failed in hi-s practice of tlio principles of  surgical clcanlinees if. in wonnds originally aseptic, suppuration occurs.  Is where we have placed the price en our new stock  of Xmas Novelties, comprising  TOYS in great .variety,  Dressing Cases  Photo, frames,  Elegant Pans  Silk Handkerchiefs  Albums  Work Boxes  Cigar Cases  Fancy Suspenders  Card Receivers  Shaving Sets  Magic Lanterns  Ties,  etc., etc., etc.  DOLLS of- every description,  -:o:-  Call and see our Stock before purchasing elsewhere.  -:o:  ElEVELSTO  STATIO  A1* 9  NOTARY  PUBLIC  REVELSTOKE,-B.C.  Mining and Real Estate Broker and General Com-  ��������� _      mission Agent.  ��������� FIRE,  LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE.       '*',*���������  A Grievance from Barney, Trail Creek;  Air. B. 0'f.rien, of Barney, Trail  Croek,. West Kootenay, writes to say  that his nouse as a   place of   business  up 2-"> p"   < iMiL. oi the total amount | h;i������ buCn ruined by the new Nonliporl.  e-ouirael   when   the_ himlv-r  i.s all    vvagoni-oaei.    This  road, he  says, was  lot-ceil through .'.is laud in spile of his  objections, and now runs about 100  y.-iri'-* buck of  the house, which causes  delivered on the  Tlnsjiai-t of  town about  water   each  making of  NOT SKTTLEI) YET.  Tub two great questions which have  disturljed   the   peace  of   mind  of our  citizens fur  many years���������the townsito  di-pute arid the protection of fhe river  bniik--ar..   Uith   .still   unsettled.     The  Premier   told   us,  at a meeting in the  courthouse at the time of   the eh'.-lioii  I.isi July, that the Priiy Council v-ould  deoide the  case some time in Nuvem-  })T;r,   and   that   the    ie--.ult   would   ]>,',  m-ide   known   about   the  first   of   the  new yc.ir.    The new year   is nearly a  month old and the result  .seems   to be  as far oii'as over.     This is not so verv  surprising in the light of   the t-elegram  w:   published   three   weeks   ago  from  Minister of   (lie  Tnlcinr   Daly, which  .<-:f.'.t"d   that   thc  case had never been  taken   to   the   Privy   Council.      It is  op*n to conjecture why Premier Davie:  hold   out   this   hop*: on the eve of an  election.     Rut iMr. Daly himself, when  bore last May, told'his   audience  that  the fownsite. dispute would   be  settled  before- lhe Tiovelsfcokc people ate their  next   Christinas   dinner.       ft   i.s  very  e.videut that we are   merely the   bone,  over which the   two  Oovornmouls are  snarling, and  unless vve do * something  to liberate oiii'si.jve.s from-*bondage, we  rinist i-vyjie-.-i   t.hi.-,*  Jong-winded  dispute  to i.!o.'i.'jf;o.!'.: "--:/ infi:tA.l.ii,rn.    There is no  ground  the* woi k would   cost  the  what   it has  cost   it   for  year- in the past. The expeiis ��������� fm-. f,it (ihe in-use) to be closed up. The old  vvater would bq practically ''over fori ioad on the'Dewdney trail would have  tbotit 2!1 years'or: so, w Ith little repairs:; j entirely answered the purpose, 'and tne  reai j new   road   is  epiiie - superlhious.     Air.  in j (/Brum   complained  to,.Cold Oonimis-  ."ionor  Fit/~stubbs alfimt   tlie ' matter,  i and   was lnfornnJd   "that individuals  j have no rights that roads will respect."  I He  say-?:    "'Capt.   Fitzstubbs   posted  { over tne roiel and did riot stop to make  ��������� any inquiries or  try and get the facts  j of tho ca-e, hut the first place  he came  to. where they sell  bad  whiskey and  T.      ,      , , ,     , give   worse  talk, 'quite  satisfied  him,  seen in Revelstoke took, place,at the. j an(I he thM1 imagined hmiself well  residence of Air; and Mrs. ^IcKay on I posted a-, to the, whole- district."  Tuesday night, when Miss Liz/do Lind- j Further   ou   -Air.   O'Brien  says :     " I  loraU^el on this land four years ago anel  ha v e- lived bore eontimiou.-ly ever since.  I ha\ ^  improved all   I  was able, and  I it vv.ould   iuciliiis'e   the   value   ox  estate ; H-tf would   have   les.-,   n\.ods  the uupei   town   and   !"<**���������-  lives   in  the  lower town.-���������'Yon-:.- Truly.  ROBERT TAPPINC, Contractor.  Revelstoke, Jan. 21, lsf>o.  ������   McCUAIG���������LINDSAY.  The" most fashionable wedding ever  Authors' Homes.  Ahiroad,   and.-especially, in    France,-  wheri a'man make's; a great literary or  inu&U-nl  success, he like6 to associate it  v.-ith* sorve'permanent  record. 7 Dumas  *et the fashion sixty years ago by calling  a little villa that ho built outside Pari*  ^Monte  Cristo.M    It kept its name all  -throvdithe  author's life  and   r< taiii'sl  it until a ve-.-ii- ago. when it nas-ed from  tho family into other hands.    Similarly  SL  (irf- Maupassant called  the yacht so  well known un the Riviera   "Bel Ami,"  fiom  tho i: ost popular" of his Jin-i-ai-y  Ten tares.    And now M.  Planfpi.iiie has  bad co: strncted for hiin a lit lie oottn.-a,  at Alerv.-ille-sur-Mer.  which he.-mdhla'  neighbors call the  "Villa des Cloohe.O  The.itpiglil.iirs are. in fact,  very proud  6i it ami liim, and tho Conieville people*  have just presented iho villa vvhhnpoal  of bells forming a chime, sn that the run  of the "Cloches do  Conieville"  may tie  independent   of    the    caprice    of   the  p-.pu!,.;ily   of the  footlights.--Loudon  Daily News.  Representative of the Kootenay Smelting' & Trading' Syndicate.  ,        '           . :' '   :o:      - ,    ,  AGENT FOR TIIOUT LAKE CITY, EVANSPORT, KASLO & NAKUSP  WHOLESALE DEALER IN  WINES,, LIQUORS - AND CIGAR  X?,JE3_VJ������13LS,Z,0 2SZJa  c  ���������Hfcy ��������� u^**am^*jm*^v*e*p*it*e*m*<^a&tt*\*'wa--j~ ir*tt ���������n.'rwrvJ*.-������:-JU- ^raOCSJQjyiCgrT-rrr"U������^S7wrz~i-*a**TBarZ3XX*fVt3at&  ABRAHAMSON   BROS.. Pkopijiktohs.  say,  and  recently of  Fe-rt  William,   Qnt.,*  .Mr.   Archibald  Mcf'nai"-.- of this  city, wore made man and wlfo. Rev.  W. Ross, of Donald, performed the  ceremonj", assisted by Rev. J-1. Smith.  The bride was given away by Mr. M.  McKay, Mr. F. Ik Well's was best  man and Mi.-"* Ava Clha.se bridesmaid.  The bride, who bore the ordeal well,  was attired in cream cashmere rriin.  mod with surrah silk", with train, bride's  veil-rind orangf blo<"-onis. Tin- bridesmaid woroa cream cashmere and brown  satin dress, trimmed with roseties and  spcays of orange blossoms,-'.iid.althrun-b  not the central object of al t iviciiun.  lent not a link- charni to the  occasion. After a t'ow felicitous words  from the officii!ting minister, Ih'1 newly  wedded couple received the congi'ii I Illations of their friends, of whom there  wore nearly fitly preye-nt. Rcfiv^'i-  meiils were lhen server! and lhe brides^  cake cut, nflcr which the pt csent*','  which Were numerous arid useful, were  reviewed.  The company then adjourned to  Bourne's Hall, where a, number of  friends who bad not been able Input  in ;in appearance at the wedding began  lo arrive, itnrl lhe large hall was sunn  coiiifoi'ta bly rilled. Dancing was com.  iiieiiccsl lo the capital music rendered  by .Messrs. W. Af. Rrowii" and .7. V.  Ahlhi. Although (.be genf leim n considerably outnumbered the ladies who  oaicd to'd.ince,' evc*ry-?)iH. present thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. This  was greatly due to tlie efforts of Messrs.  Wolis and McKay, who spared no pains  in making everybody feel nthome and  making the customary introductions  to lhe bride and bride-groom. Messrs.  Alton and ,Barber yvero.floor managers.  Refreshments were served shoi-l ly after..'  i n id nigh (and before dispersing'at 2 a. in.  the whole .company, joined in singing  "He's a jolly good fellovv" ,*i,nd "Cod  save the (^uecp."  after all thei-*'- y������������ais it is hard to see  outsiders i-ou.^ in and yioil my  nusini-ss." In regard Lo the extension of the Red Mountain Railway char ter, }<U: O'Rrb-n says : " 1 fad  Mrf K.-llie wished loget the true sentiment of lb. triers on ibis matter he  j could    have   .iski-d' for   a  vote   of  al!  i iut������-i*.-s<ei|. and  it  is  safe  to   -,ay   that  j Unit vote would bi-(foiu-!o one against  llii.-  c:'t< iimoii.    If  thnt  road   is   built  | they ivjll be able io nm up lrom North-  I port in an hour-ni(l h.i-.il -lu-ay our ore  m ".ifl-lon carloads, and .illjln-  exrierioi-  l.nre needed in  i ins counf ry will In- the  employment, of   two  or  three men to  S.irvivnrn of Ki-.iiolnon'n Array,  One'of the French papers vvhich have  been dev  big a great (leal of attention  to Napoleon Bonapr.rto of late has been  entertaining its   readers   by   having' a  census made of the survivors of Napoleon's grand army.    Four  of these men  only aro now   left.    Tho  eldest is Joan  Jacques Sn ha tier, who  was born on the  loth of April,  1702,   at   Vernoux  L'Ar  declio. where ho has lived  in retirement  for "many   years.    Then' como   Vicror  Baillod, Jean Boiisset. and Joseph Rose,  aged respectively ono  hundred and one  month,   one   hundred * years   arid one  month and ono hundred yours and a few  dnys.    It is  said' that  nil aro as hoirty  an'd   vigorous  aa   can   be expected,  in  spite of  their   experiences   as   long as  eighty-two years ago in that terrible ro-  tr.'.iT, when tlio l.oggiirly remnant of tho  f?r'-iU<*st army tho world  has ever soon,  worn out with cold and hunger, angrily  called to tho victor of Marengo arid Ana  torhtz to get off his horse and share in  the niisnnes of his men.  SB  *Cr<t  So  Telephone,  'BUS MEETS   ALL   TRAINS   AND   STEAMBOATS.  FIRE-PROOF    Sj^.F3lI  load the cars, 'J'he only difference from j  now would l.e fb./t (he ore would leave I  Ihe f on nt ry i pricker I ban evei-." I  ��������� I. 0. 0. F. Instillation.  In   the  Oddr.'U .v.s'   flail   last   week1  IlNtt-iM. Dcputy O'-tnd Ma-ti-r Sterrii I, :  of    Outlaid,    in-tall, d    tin-   ollic.-i -,   of  Revel-toke Lodge Xn. 25  fur  the .'n-n-  i ingy.'.ir*.    I.'r'o. (J. Newman, N.C.; I'm.  i It.   S.    Wilson,    V ("7:   Uro.   A.   Slorn*,  j scci.-tarv :   Bro. U, Ifowsf.n. Lrc.-i-airer.  j After   the  ceremony tlie   b|,-thieri **;it  | down loan   ample   ipir-ml, latr-i-ed   by  Lewis-   Rros.      A (ldri--.es,   .onpy,    e|c.,  fiill.'vved,   and   Uro. ll(iv<.-.i,n   moved   ,.  vole, of   I hank*-)   lo   lh<*   J'iMiuty Orand  Master*,   which   iv.h  secondrd   by Rio.  Wnodrow.    A   very   pl.-.-fiiuf   evening  was spent arid   the luethren   separated  at a reasona blv e.-irlv hour.  The  l.lmnn.  Tho Llama is a native of Peru nnd an  j ftriimal of great importance to the Pern-  j vians. It i-* a beast of burden, and at  ! oi io time wrw tho only rjundrtipi'il in the  i country wliic,*) con. I bo ten* 1 'or that  ! purposci taking tha place of either horso  ox or gnat, it also furnish. ���������* tliom with  i h/A. and clothing. In South America  I thf- animal ia commonly kiio vii by sev-  j erd names--llrnrin, alpin-a. vicii-na and  j (ri.,iiiwri Trio llama and alpaca aro  1 <I,,7ij^sii(;atf;d. hut lho piiiinaco arid  ' vicugna are wild. ' 1 he flesh of the  , llama is good for food oU'l tho skins nnd  :  wool for clnthing.  SUCCESSOR  TO  THE WESTERN MILLI  REVELSTOKE   ER^^^ZSTOIZ.  -'amBsx&xsFsxxtK-  DEALER IN  AND  OF ALL  Agont for���������Watorous Engine Company.  Speight Wagon Company  HALCYON SPBINGS HOTEL,  ARROW  LAKE,  I'.S now open, at these, celebrated hot  , springs, ff>r fhe iieeommodal ion of  guests. Rates SI.50 to ������2.50 per day.  Baths 26c. entch, or five for S>|. 'Special'  rates Ibfainilies or by theiiioiilii can  be ai-i'.-i.rig'.-d.        '  ,        DAWSON,  CRAOOOCK  &   CO.  Tl.f" Sl.u|in ,.( thr, SI)....*.  A doctor r-ays that it U a grr at rnl.stako  ff.r /ill women to jfuppos" viiat thdpoiiic-  r ! too s'r-f.f) in bad for tho foet. IIo adds  tnar. thr-rc aro foet that nlionld v/oat  rioLiiir'.g f-jl'in and th-vt are Jr.rt by tho-  flfpiare lood Loot that is oftoii Hnb.ititut-  ���������il. The way to dotorminfi what in belt  for oiie'a foot Is to pL-v-r* tlio BtfA.*kirigo(l  fo'it upon tho floor and to untie*-' where  tlin big to.-* i;iiiiii>i If it ia fm a line with  the olii</rn, thou the sitpiare-to'id ,'ibori is .  nifpiirt'd." If it��������� docidodly projecto be-  yji.nd tho othortt. the pointed too is * letter.  Stockholm House. iHiH  JOHN STON 15,  J3!'.0!'K1 ISTOR.  The Dining Room is furnished with the best ths  ; Market affords.  THE BAB IS SUPPLIED WITH THE CHOICEST  WINES,: LIQUORS AND CIGARS.'   ;  "HL1WII. Illl F1L' r****.   ** *������*������ r>HA ,  . w-nmnmvifinrsmi&wtiiMM^^  '-i.^-,������'������ ������������c-*������-wir"-������=i'^wsr������i&i ���������*, s).**x *i-r v..v( ���������\vtkw r ',>,.i".u. i: iV.1 ���������jr*Ni.r������^������r^1.'W#-"*i-i,*>J������**v."������ i������������>-,.l^i*vf.F.������;-.r.,fr.t"������������������fc :-ii  . i,^*i���������,.tii,4".^; ������-*. :r,.i^M (.f15ifi'|uri*,\^ ������c-,i-'U.f)v������l3iy<iiv'aj^������"ui|.v +Mj!kjiPW -*k*i.i<*~L.-xtS*ti*Zr-#W���������������������������<*,'���������/���������, v '*..fv -^1 ���������4itki.,'.ie ii-su. rffi-t>-xiiVHjT, h,\i'i,fr3rj^l\'\i- ti'V&i' THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  PAGE 3.  LOCAL ITEMS.  Mr. II. J. Bourne, J.P., is on a business trip to the coast.  The Government will survey the Big  Bend lauds this year. ,  The .school well has been put in repair; the quality of the water is good.  Miss Annie Valentine returned on  Thursday from a visit (o Rogers' Pass.  c  Mr. and Mrs. S. Bickerton and child  ,   left ou Monday morning  for' Ottawa,  Out. ���������  ,  ' ,  A. Tj. Beaton, of the Gold Hill mine-  French Creek, arrived down on Thursday from Downie Creek.  A coal oil   famine has been averted  , by the of* arrival a carload of the illuminating fluid for Bourne Bros.  A brothei of Mr. R. S.Wilson, tailor,  arrived from Toronto last Sunday; he  intends to stay with this district.  The RodMounlahi Railway Co.'s peti-  '   tion for an extension of their charter  was  thrown    out"-in   the   Legislative  Assembly this week. ���������  Mr. Finbow, of the Inland Sentinel,  was iif'town, on Thursday on a collecting to ui', hut he had a harder task than  he. expected. i', ;  Mr. J. A. Mara, M.P., arrived in town  last Monday, morning from Kamloops,  and proceeded down river to the sir.  Kootenai the same day. "  * ' Messis. McAi fliur and Shannon are  s working'17 font-horse'teams, on the*,  sleigh toad between Wigwam and Bannock Point.  The'  Nelson   Miner   is still running*  . two   ancient   ^Government   ads.,   one  dated   March, " lSlH,   and   the'   other  August; ISCtI'  ', Dr. McLean ' has been placed in  charge of��������� 0. P. R. division between  Revelstoke;and Donald, until further  notice. ,        ' '  Millar's gang have finished  work on  *   tin* Columbia Jiiver bridge, and   are  drafted east to Surprise Creek., Alton's  gang are still working on the bridge.   ",  Mr. S. Hammond has been making  several improvements to his residence  on Tapping..avenue, the most noticeable being a fancy porch, the work  of Fred Allen.      , '-      ������������������  Tvvo carloads of cattle for Burns and,  Perdue1, were sent down river this week  to Three Forks, via the R. & A. L. Ry.  and the sleigh road to the head of the  .lake.  ' There, will bean entertainment in the  Methodist church on Wednesday evening, when an excellent anel varied programme will be presented.' Admissiofi  only2oc.   See aclvt.  Engineer T. Hathorley,   late of the  steamer Lytton, has resigned his posi-  ' tion in the employ of the C. &K. Nav.  Co. and is  building a steamer for himself (ui'Shuswup Lake.  Officer Graham took Charles Plunk-  "ofct to Kamloops ,gaol on Thursday,  ]7th inst. Plunkett was sentenced ,lo  six months, at Kaslo, for being in possession of certain stolen articles.    .  Frank McGowan, fireman on the  Nakusp & Slocan Ry., fell under the  f rain last Friday and'was dragged over  300 yards before being liberated. He  was still living, but terribly injured. .  Members of the snowshoe clubs to  the number of abouf-40 Inula tramp on  Thursday night and concluded with a  'dance in Bourne's Hall; which was .kept  up till past midnight. It was a grand  night for tramping o'er the snow,  although somewhat cold.  A station correspondent- writes :���������  "The'bridge across the Illeeillewaet is  still untouched. Oh. vyhatfine weather  we,are missing!   If the building of this  Owing to great pressure on our space  we are obliged f o hold J. Dolan's letter  over till next week, as well as a letter  from John Neilson. '  As we are publishing'so much local  news this week we are compelled to  omit a great deal of outside news, and  must refer.our readers to the daily  papers.   ,  At the police court this morning, before'F. Fraser, J.P., the case of Coursier  ti. Wrong, which had a preliminary  hearing on Monday, was finally disposed of. The case was dismissed with  costs against complainant.  ���������The Y.P.S.C.E. will hold the annual  consecration meeting on Monday evening in the Presbyterian church." Subject, "Accepting Clu ist." Rev. E. Smith  will lead. It is to be hoped that all the  members will be present.  Mv. Mackenzie, Dominion Land  Agent at New Westminster, has been'  in Kamloops looking 'up titles and  descriptions of lands within the -10-uiiIe  belt to which the Provincial Govern-  1ms granted deeds. This Work has become necessary through the pending  settlement of the dispute between the  Provincial and Dominion Governments  regarding these lands.  Before Justice Frascr this morning,  James Kirk up was charged by Wm.,  Ktrkup with having assaulted him in  the Victoria Hotel. Complainant's  evidence was to the effect that Jim  was under the influence of liquor and  used abusive language towards him,  which led to tho trouble. Defendant  was fined ijil and costs, and bound over  to keep the peace for six mouths.  At, the police court oh Monday,  before Magistrate Fraser, J. E. Long,  of the Kootenay Brewery, vvas fined  $2.1 and costs for* selling liquor on Sunday. ,,OIIicei Graham ,1aid the complaint. Soino^_Italiiins were, at Lhe  brewery at the invitation of Jas. Harper, an employee'of Mi.���������Long's, and  one of them, George Vemito, was assaulted by two of,his companions���������  Angelo Coppinero and Peter Talla-  rarka._ Y.cnito complained to the constable, who made an investigation of  the, whole affair. The charge of assault, however, was not pressed. The  court stated that as Mr. Long's was the  first case of the kind, a small fine was  imposed, but the. next offender would  be severely dealt with.  e  ORE SHIPMENTS VIA REVELSTOKE.  Jan.  22.���������Idaho   22.���������Slocan Star...  23.���������Idaho   23.���������Cumberland .  25.���������Slocan Star...  25.���������Alpha   25.���������Idaho   4 cars 150,000 pound-*  3 " 111.000  3 - 03.000  ,2 " 00,000  2 " 00,'JOO  2 " 65,400  2 " 60,000  Trail Creek' Ore Shipments.   *'  From Nelson Tribune: The following have been the shipments from the  War Eagle and Le Roi between the 4th  and 17th inst.:���������Le Roi, to Tacoma, 102  tons; to Everett, 90'tons. War Eagle,  to Great Falls���������230 tons.  THE PLACE TO BUY,  a  mers Supplies,  No Interruption to Ore Traffic.  ���������  The steamer Kootenai entered  the  river from,the Arrow Lake,on Monday  in an attempt to reach the. Wigwam,  but (.he weather hardened hpfore she  could get back, and the result is that  she got entrapped in the ice and is now,  frozen in at Hall's Landing, where she  is likely to stay for a  month or more.  A gang of men vvetifcrdowu to cut her  out, biit it was too big a job.   There is  no hrenk in the ore traffic, between Nakusp and tlie head of the hike, as the  ' small,steamers Arrow and Marion and  Genelle's tug are put into service, and  with  the scows could easily move a  ���������gre.it deal more ore than  is offering.  Passenger   connections   are   made  as  usual.    While the imprisonment of,the  Kootenai is a bonanza for the owners  'of small steamers on'the Arrow Lake  it will mean a serious loss to the C. &  K. Nav. Co.;- as it is haidly probahle  that they will be able to get the Lytton  up from Trail.  The sleigh road from the steamer  landing to the Wigwam is, in good  shape anel fifty tons of ore a, day,are  being hauled" over it. This quantity  can lie increased whenever it is necessary by putting on more teams.  ���������roceries,  Provision  HARDWARE, STOVES  AND  GEN ERAL  A Romance of Two Hemispheres:  bridge was let by contract it would be  completed .-md the townspeople biking  moonlight sleigh'drives over it.'"  Mr. Thus. Allen, father of Mr. 0. II.  . Allen, Revelstoke Brewery, has boon  returned as alderman, at the head of  the poll, by an enormous majority over  the remaining* candidates foi* ward No.  ,1, Toronto. Mr. Allen also headed the  poll iiist year, and is spoken of by the  papers as one oTthe most reliable anel  honest representatives in the Toronto  city council.  Mr. PI inner has just received a patent  hone-cnttVr.'aml lie is now able to feed  his chickens cheaply. One of our professional prize poultry breeders heard  of the- machine having arrived and  called on Mr. Plunier to see his "patent  incubator -for feeding chickens." He  had, he said, a catalogue of such incubators, hut had never seen one.  The Rev. James Woodworlh, D.D.,  superintendent of missions of the  Methodist Church, sponi two days in  Revelstoke this week. He was favorably impressed with thc town and  people. Those who attended the  special services in the Methodist  church enjoyed two powerful and impressive discourses. He left'last night  for Kamloops.' l  The Chinese new year commenced  yesterday morning with the usual  fusilade of 'fire-crackers and bombs.  From 1 a.m. the noise continued for  several hours Lo Lhe distress of sloop-  loss eiLizens in the immediate'neighborhood. Tho display is inferior to  that of last year, when, over $S0O was  spent in firework--, alone. This is owing  to the " hard times';" but tho Chinese  are keeping open house for all who  choose to visit them, and nre present-  tin1 children with nuts. etc.  *��������� Tlie ice on the river has afforded excellent skating all the week, and evei y  day quite a number of young people  have been disporting themselves over  thc Columbia's broad bosom. On  Wednesday night torches lit up the  scene, and a large crowd was present,  with skates and without. Yost ei day  was lhc day of the week, when nearly  the whole population turned out, and  the scene whs a pretty and unusual  one. The ice has been flooded nearly  every nightand this evening's programme promises lo eclipse anything in the  way of a skating carnival ever held  here. The river is to bo illuminated  and the fun will be immense���������if the  weather is propitious.  On Thursday afternoon, while the  fire crackers in celebration of the Chinese new year were being exploded in  front of "Wah Ohong's store, Bourne  Bros.'horse, which was .standingattached to a sleigh oul-sidc- the Mail ollice,  took fright and dashed away up Front  street wilh driver McKay in full pursuit. The horse safely turned the  dangerous corner .at the end of (he  street and continued on lo the liver-  bank, under the bridge, past the brew-  <m y and away mil in tiie comitiy, being  Littlejohn airi McManus Sentenced.  At a speedy trials "court, held- at  Kamloops on Saturday liist, before His  Honor Judge Spinks, Albert Littlejohn  pleaded guilty to <��������� stealing certain  articles of jewellery, the , property of  Mrs. D. Dunn, and also to breaking  gaol at Revelstoke and Nakusp.' For  the Ijrst offence he- was sentenced to 6  t mouths,' and 3 months on each charge  'of gaol breaking, sentences to run concurrently.       ' ���������   ,  At the same court Frank McManus  pleaded guilty to stealing a, watch and  chain, the property of Capt. J. C.Gore,*  of the steamer Lytton, and was sentenced to 3 months.  Both prisoners having entered a plea  of guilty saved the province considerable 'expensevfor witnesses, which, no  doubt, His Honor took into con'siclera-  tiou. ' ,j ,,., .  Death of Lord Randolph Churchill?  ���������-     <?  Lord Randolph Churchill, who passed  through here last fall] on his way to.  India , in "search of health, died* in  London shortly after six o'clock on  Thursday morning. Lord Randolph  was at one time spoken of as the  "coining man " in British politics.  CONCERT tt ENTERTAINMENT  in* Tin:  METHODIST CHURCH  ox'  WEDNESDAY EVENING,  JAN.' 30th.  PROGRAMME.  1.' Chan-nun's address.  2. Solo���������Mi.-s Iliiltio J,00.  3. Heading���������Mr. A. Wilson.  i.   Solo���������Miss Alice Nbrthoy. *  5.   Itccitiition���������Miss Ijily Valentino.     '        "  G.   Ilanjoseli-ciioii���������Guy Ilai-bcr.,  7. Solo���������A. Sykes.  8. ��������� Recitation���������Miss Mai-y Edwards.'  0.   Duet���������A. Ciininiings and A. Sykes. '  10. Hccitatiou���������Miss Until Valentine.  11. Song���������W. J. Lee.        . *-  12. Heading���������J. S. Patterson.  13. Quartette���������Mrs. Coursier, Miss M. Adair,  llev. O. A. Procunier and Guy Barber.  IJ.   Hccitatiou���������Miss May Valentine.  Li.   Solo���������A. Cumniings.  ADMISSION" 25 CENTS.  Just seven years ago to a day Albert  Jeffreys left his home in Oxford, England, for British Columbia, to make,a  home for himself in the wild and woolly  West, leaving behind,him his fiancee,  Miss Annie Corbey. v,After some-years  he got fairly siettled  at Nelson' and  wrote'Miss Corbey to come out, and at  once set about preparing a house, for  her reception. While she was en route,  with her friend, Miss Mary Walker,-  Albert was appointed to a  berth at  Revelstoke and met the ladies on their  arrival here, where once .again he had a  house ready.   They stopped at the Col-'  umhia House and the wedding was fixed  for Tuesday next, but  "the best laid  schemes, of men and mice   oft  gang  agley."   On Thursday evening at'seven  o'clock Mr. Jeffreys received a notification from Supt. Mar pole to proceed to  Rogers'*Pass by a freight train leaving  here at midnight, anel at which place,  he had been appointed to a permanent  position.    Here was a dilemma, and as  the marriage license had already been  procured there was only one way out  of it.   After a consultation witli the  hostess.fMrs. Clark, it was decided that  the ceremony should .take place there  iind theh.' So the minister (Rev. C. A.  Procunier) was sent for. but, there1 was  no time;"to'-fetch the wedding dresses,*  which  were at the recently furnished  house at the station.   Mrs. Clark gave  the   bride -away,  Mr.  W.  M. Brown  acted as best man, and Miss Walker  was bridesmaid. The bride was di*essed  in  a very   becoming   travelling   suit.  Tbe resources of the Columbia House  proved quite equal to providing a very  enjoyable marriage feast, and the best  wishes of the company were showered  upon  the   happy couple,   while   their  health was heartily drunk  in  several  bumpers.   The groom went off to, the  Pass at midnight,   whither his'bride  will follow on Monday.  evelstoke;  enver  JUST RECEIVED, ONE CARLOAD  SGILVIE'S HUNGARIAN FLOUR  .TTHTr   Inland Constriction & Deyelopmsnt  Company, Ltd.  Head Office : ������524-520 Cordova Street,  Vancouver, B.C.  23th January! 1S95.  TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  TAKE NOTICE, that .all accounts  outstanding against the Inland  Construction and Development Com-  ,pany, Limited, must be rendered to me  in full detail at the head ollice of the  Company, in Vancouver as above, on  or before the 15th day of February,  ISO.-), or in default the" Company will  not he liable for payment of same.  W. CCRTrS SAMPSON,  Secret nry-Treasurer.  caught at II  with one of  broken. Mr,  ed off in  the  'l.lioi'i.'igtmi's fiirm house  the shafts on the sleigh  Sibbald's horse also slai t-  oppo.sile ilirei'l ion al, the  sanie noise, bill  w.'is snoii sl/ippcd.  COPYRIGHTS.  CAN I OBTAIN A  PATENT ?    For a  Sromnt nnswer and un honest opinion, write to  IIINN ifc CO.. who have had nearly fifty years*  experience In the patent business, communications strictly confidential. A Ilundliook of Information concerning l*ntents and hon- to obtain them sent free. A Iho a catalogue of mechanical and sclentli!o hooka ."cut free.    ,  l'atcnts taken throuch Munn & Co. receive  special notice iu thc Scii-ntilic Amci-icnu. and  thus arc hrousht widely before the public without cost to tho Inventor. This HPlendid paper,  Issued weekly, elecantly Illustrated, has by far tho  largest circulation of any scientific work In tbe  world.   S3 a year.   Sample copies sent free.  Building Edition, monthly, ���������S2.50 a year. Single  cqplos, 'Hi cents. Every number contains beautiful plates, in colors, and photographs of new  houses, with plans, enobl Ing builders to sh  ow the  .    ..   Adflre^.1  Nlw Tohk, :*������l ������>������'./no-- **  latest designs and secure contract!.  MUNN & CO,  JfTore CUKES  have been effected by n*y  Trusses, witn  l.cifcct onse to wearer, thnu by all other  <li-\ i������*i-i.c(.iiiblni*������3   Thuy retain largest  K.i!������turo uiiilor Bovoroel strain.   A system of llttlnirhnflbcon i^orfectoil tlio  Insl23 years, fully emml toporsonnl  oxRiniiuitlcm l.y mull.   87 pntonls  tO'.V.-ruOllHl  Ill book frco  ������:i!*iitii:s*rn.iiT������E.  1311;<!)|.: Ot.W..Turoiin������.  Donald's Calico Ball.  ���������    ,  As briefly mentioned  in  last week's  issue, a calico  ball took' place in  the  Donald public hall last Friday evening,  which -\vas  a   marked   success.    The  number present   was   larger than at  any previous dance, while the dresses  of the ladies showed exceptionally good  taste, and also great variety.   In the  same set might be seen "little Bo-peep"  dancing vis-a-vis a lady   of the  16th  century and " Folly" disporting herself  . opposite a sedate' " Sister' of Charity.''  One of the most striking dresses was  that of a lady representing  " Chrysan-  theinum." The cli e*ss was cream colored  with small chrysanthemum  flowers all  over, and a  large one as a headdress.  Most'of the gentlemen were in ordinary  evening dress, with calico vests, a)tho'  a few appeared   in fancy costume, conspicuous among them   being a clown  and  one or two  in military uniform.  The   hall   was'  beautifully" decorated  with     banners,    flags    arid     Chinese  lanterns.    Halfway through  the   programme   of  28   dance's,   refreshments  were served; their "goodness was the  death of  them," iis ample justice was  done to all thc excellent fare provided.  The music consisted of piano, violin and  Kuitar, by Messrs.Woodhouse, Pool and  Kincaid, whose names are a guarantee  of excellence.   The utmost goodfollow-  ship prevailed, and on   breaking up at  ���������4 o'clock, everybody declared that the  enjoy Hunt could  nob have  been  surpassed.  Awarded  Ilig-hest Honors���������World's   Fair  &C  EL3LS  3������  POST-OFFICE i STORE.  Gents' Furnishings,  Stationery,  And TOILET ARTICLES of every description.  HT  Specialty :   % SHIRTS and SHOES  If you want to reach the People in the North Riding of West Kootenay  YOU SHOULD  DEFORMITY  ooooooooooooooo  I������F  YOU   WANT  MOST PERFECT  MADE.  A pure Crape Cream of Tartar Powder.   Free  from Ammonia, Alum or any otlier adulterant.  40 YEARS THE STANDARD  You can get it done at the " Mail" Office  0 AS LOW lil PRICE AS IN ANY OFFI  IN THE PROVINCE  o o o o o o o  OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO  REVELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY, B.C. 'm  '������. ���������  11-/  7t>:\hP'F:  .tiVuii  ���������*. ������-r/.'i-  ���������/' rr,T-"r'T7.:' ������������������~7/*7V/r-"rT*''T"y,"^T A* "v*  Jfyf !fSflJfi,7j\ ^V*!' &lN'AVJ -  M^lliC/  t ,_.;.*..^-r_..(���������.: ���������il:-  A?I&&\tKA^  j AN4 ENGLIS^WpMAN'3J '.SUCCESSFUL"'  y::y'7.77- -,y7f77'RAfciNG.STABtyE~77-vy7''':77y:;:';;,  P/jf  j:...-.;*.-  11'//?  11:77'  t//7/''  !;������;,yyy  ,f   Sliii Loved 1J.vi-nes :i'i>������l PorsoniUly Corn! 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