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Kootenay Mail Jan 23, 1904

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 1 M
'       /,'
10.���No. 43
REVELSTOKE. B. G, JANUARY 23, ��� 1904
$2.00 Per Year.
' ��� ���< * > f i
Laugh ter
���   ��      ,        ���     ,i
' New Structure will be built of]
*.       . ' '
Brick and Stone.
ic io stated to be piactic.illy nssmed
tho 0 P. R. will eiect then- neivst.i
lion .-inei ollices .it Kevelstoke this
year. Vl'lie building will'bc-of brick*
iind stone and 'will be loci tod n bout the
site or boninc Hios. old stoic. The
iii.iin li/icjvill be shifted I'uither noit'li*
to jjit'c'n straight run into the station!
and allow foi; moie y'.nd room
/J'he now main -inu will inn tlno.igli
the pic-sent silo of P.'Burns' pieiniscs.'
.\n, evtcnsive   side-cutting will   be
made in",ihe  lull to  provide  for' tiie
noi., station, and  allow*fui "Ihe loacl-
"'.iy to, give  access  to  it    Those aie
understood J to   be   the  ni i.uigcnien ts
nioposed'.uiiless, the coini'mny can be'
peisiiaclt-d by thooiti/ens to place' the
station oViUic south side of the Hack
wheio it would be much mine convenient to ihe public.-,' "'-��-- ,i - !* 9
Disastrous    Cyclone ��� Bank
<  ^ T i /
-\ Failure���Less Chance
V   r        of War. '
Tu-cjlossh; 'Al,,,, 22nd. ���Twenty
eight,people weie kiiloil and nunc than
one bundled injim-el j,,' ..���, uv;;|,)���0
di-iistci. Of tho dead only'live weie
white.     ���
j     Cleveland���Tho   Pioduco Fvchtingo
I banking ciinipa'nv closed  its doois'to-
d-iy. ..Thcic; is a-dol.-ilo.ilion'iif Jfi 170 -
000. y ,    ' -   ,     - '
��� C.ilg.uy N. W. T.���John Cashed was
convicted today on ,t dim go of assisting his biolhei io_o-c.ij)o'lmni (he police J b.inacl.s < The sentence ' is on
.Mniid.fy .   r''_ '   ,       ,-IjS
Paiis^-l'ifoiiii.iLion le.iclmigjoioigu
(illico^s'hbws a definite impieiuiiiienl m
(he Iiu���o-,l,ip,inus(< situation
and Heaters
Stoves and   I
il  in Sizes 7,  8,
Discount .off Vn AllLGoods
^   -\]For Fifteen Days    p'��� .
"      ' ' 4 "- I '*-
,-"'- ''���/ '���--,- ".'    '-7 "- ���' - T ",
' ,."       - ' ' '   o '
'  -      -      *< * '"   ���*    O "   """*,"'   ,     " '��'',, '���   "���*
in Dressmaking-
During the balance of the month of-January we will
make any lady af street'or walking-skin ("or $3.00. This
is a genuine bai gain offer and is good only for a limited
number. Be in time for yours. Our January sale still
Bleu'- llceec lined, uiuleiwe.ti.
reg. puce 75c, now 50c
.Men's wool Cnshnicio'socks, icg.
piice 35c. 4 pnir- for .-pi.00
IMen'.s fancy Mint-, all new and
fie-h trejuel-. Keg pneo ^1 50
to -1*1 75,.Ianuii!y .-ale pi ice $|.
An a���(i-tinent of ineii'-coloied
and white -hiits. icg pi ice. $1
to -"M-aO. Jun. -ale price 50c.
Men'- necktie- (an a���intnicnl ),
35c. and-10c. ' Now 25c.
Tuiki-h K.wollitiu, icg. -Jnc, -nle
pi ice. (! vaids fm-$|.(J0.
25-in, lliiiinc'lctrc, icg. 7c. and So.
.Inntiaiy .-ale price, (ic.c
We have miiiic l.ulic-' ucck fm-
_to -ell at ju-f half price.
Wiappoi lliinncl-, teg. 25c. .Ian-
nary dealing -ale price, 15c
Die��� good-, leg. 5()c. .Imiu/ry
Healing -ale pi ice. 30c.
Pure  honey,  teg.  25c ,pet  j.u
"'   ...inuaiy s,|]0 jn ice, 15c.
.huns icg. 20c jai-, now J0o
beinon and orange peel, icg. 30c
Sale pi ice, 20c
llin/c's sweet pickles.(in bulk),
poripinit, 50c.
Hin/e'.- .-0111   pickle.- (in bulk),
pei (pun t, 10c.
A table of china  and   itln--w.iie,
1 eg.35c.nnil 'lOcc.ich. now25(;.
Shoes���Wo lmvo picked out -ov-
cr.il line-and maikcd the price
down to one-half.
Ohildien'- -$2.50 and $2 25 shoos,
.hi 11 nil ry -.lie pi ice, .f 1.25.
A   line  of   icgiilai- $1.25 shoos-.
.(aunary '���ale price, 75c
A line of women V. lino shoos in
odd  sizes at  about  half   the
tegular pi ice.
You are welcome whether you purchase or not.    All we
want is to show you what we are cloino-.
Millinery and Dressmaking Departments on Second Floor
r 1    'is-* f
io'Rev. W. C. and MrsA Cald-r.<
_ A huge 11 umber 01 lnomhe-is* and
adhoient- 01 the" Pieshyteii.tn chinch
assembled at a home-wanning at the
new 111.111-c on Thtiisdav night i1
The p.uty 111.1 iched fioiiythe1 vo-riv
to the manse headed bv Mi. Oliphant
with the bagpipes;        i"
'T. .Meiie lead the.' loi low big aildio-s
aniUhen pie-entod Kcv'oii*'and Mi-:
Galilei ,with 11 J1.1ndfco1ne--0.1k sido-
boaid. with bevelled", glass back",
pinch.i-e(L fioi'n Howson'a uiinituie
stoic : . , " ,
'���Hear Fnend-,  , . ,    * .,  "
' 4-   We  the  inemhei-  and .ulhdienl-
of St. Affihc'w'-fchinch. Uevel-tukoj B.
C.*; wiib to  eongi.ungate   you'* on the
significant" adv.nice'111   congiejj.itioiinl
afl'.iiisiin.irkcd by'the  completion and
I'occup'ition   of  tlic"ni.iii-e.,.ui(l to e.v1
piess   inv some j feeble' way' inn keen
appieciatioii- of   the^-veiy    evcellont
boivit4c*s which you , have   1 cindered lo
^Iho co'ngieg.ition --inn) youi   coming
heicy    During   the   ye.u-   you haCe
been with   u-we   have   lenind   111   Mi.
Oaldcf a liuthtlil   pa-toi.   an  aliloaiitl
le.u less pie.ichei-of the  woitl.   .mil "a
���jtein and   unconipiiimising opponent
ol all tonus of evil '     iii   Mi-   C.ildei
wa have all telt, that we h.id  indeed   .1
tine ineiiil. one   who,  by-   hei   kindly j
tact and   willing sympathetic effoits
has done very  tmuch   to   advance the'
c.iu-c* ol the Master.
Wc a.-k that you will accept this
gilt a- a slight token of oui ictyid im
ynu and;is,.in evidence of oui sineeie
good wi-hc- for youi lutuie happiness
May God indeed guide you and 'ble-s
you, .md may youi work in Uu
iminity be one ot ovoi incio.isiii
1 ti I tit*��� and spnitu.il lesuh--.
iiu-  ('aide: w.i-.il-o piesontcil with
11 pan nl cu-liion-by Mi,   Payne.  '
In .icknow lodging   the1  .idihe���.mil
giltltev   .Mr  C.ililci s.ud hc'w.is taken
completely l.y -mpiise.     JTo could ��,iy
f..i -Mis. C.ildei and himself thov fully
npiiicci.iteil the   kindne-s  sliowntli.it
evening,   ami   the "demnnsri.itioii  of
then*   loyalty   to   linn   as.1 ben p.isten.
Pi0111 1 he  time he  tinned   his lace to
the we-t he had 10-..bed to be loyal to
what wa- light   and dining   (lie   time
ie had been    in    Hevelstnko   that had
been hi-object.      booking   buck ovei
the   past    thice   years   he    lelt   veiy
iifi-o���ml    woik    had    been     acccnii-
Tin* ii-itoi's in-pccteel the new
111.in-c, which con-ist- of p.irloi, dining iiioin, libraiy, kitchen -.1 n<l lull on
the gioimd lloor. .md four beilinoiii-
011 the tippei lloor. The contiact for
tlie'biiilihng wn- well cariiod out bv
K. IC. Ailiiu.
The l.nlii- sL.i-\(.(l lefic'-hiuonls, ,im|
seveial vocal and iii-tiuiiient.il selections weie given (luring the evening.
, The Verdict of Public Opinion.
Is with the best article every time.
That's why Putnam's Corn Extractor
has been in the lend for'the last half
century. It cures corns painlessly in
twenty-four hours and never fails.
Use only Putnam's for corns and
for   Wood  or Coa
fit from  $ 1 5.00 up'.     .
|,i'xtra valued in Skates and la,-oe va,-iely to chooU from.
H' A R<N S'S'S, "'":v'
I  Team .lames, r���,- bumbo, n,g, J.-,,,,,, ���*, nLl> ,ymk_ , "ftj     ,fl }Uni(^
for Lxjne.-s,,,,,,!   |j,ivi,lg< Hoi-o Blankets'Wl.ij.s, elc       '
M White and  Granite  Enamel Wau-./Crockerv and ClaX*
ware.     Full stock of Groceries at "      ���*.'.'
Train  Gets  Away ai\ Big Hill at
Afield���Engineer^ Ladner* 'and
Fireman ' Ainislie Missing  and
Brakesman Gove Injured. '"   ..
_-\ kid wiecli took place on   the big
h'il! at Field.las*(_ inKiit   ' \   height
tiain    with   ten   c.iis of coal, and "tlio'*
engine   ol   winch", was"  manned-   h.v'
Engincei L.ulnei and ^110111.111"  Aim'-i-
lie, with Uondiictcn-Jlughcs 111 chaigo.,
got beyond   contiol   .iiiil__canie_dov\ii.
the luir.it such speed Hurt .it~'w*",is de-
-l.ujod and wieeked     Engineer b.ulnei
and Fiicin.in .Vinislic..ue'nns-mg. and
iM-teaioil they ,110  inn ied   under the
loeokagii and have lc-Vt'thoiVlne--
It was at liist lopoiled that Biakef
man ("iove w.^sciiou-U; mjiueil, but'it
iiov\"ft 1.inspire-. Ins injiuios aie slight
Engineei L.ulnei is .1 son of Rev. C
Ladnei ,* audji.is been jiitthe coiiipany.'s
seuicc for twelve years.'' Piietn.an
Ainislie has been, with, the-company
two years - '  ,
Supt. Ivilpatiick iiiimccli<itelyJ left
foi the icene of'the wteck and was
accoinpaniocl -by geiieial   Supt. Mar-
Headquarters for Gro'ceries '
Stoves, Hardware; Harness, >etc:
'       I" ���?
>'       "I
.11 lived-from   the
��� Clllll-
:  use-
pole, who had  just
_,The tiain is repoitpd to   have   been
the liist complete i.iii-ii-way that   has
occurred on  the   hill       In   pievious
wlocks the engines have been  caught
on the side switches, but 111   this  case
it passed,two switches and  went light
down the hill.      Thc  engine  went ofl
on the south side of the ti.ick against
the face   of   the   mountain,  .md was
smashed to pieces      The  200 tons of
coal pi.ed on top of it, and this has to
be cle.ued away befoie it can be known
whctlier the engineei and fireman uie
under   it.       Engineei   Lad nei     was
blowing  the   winning,, whistle almost
up to the time"of the wieck and   it  is
believed   the  engineer   and    i'ncinan
stayed  at  their  posts  of duty to the
Bargains! Bargains!
'    \ ��    ,���>,".",_-'      ,, y,     7 ������ r 4   ,. ,
In 'stock-taking ,\ve   find'.'goods  ihat^w.e don't want-'to
,carry^o^andLwe s_put'\themv on*;our _table to'clear at-
-less than"* manufacturer's prices.' ^'i'C-*- w <������ ^--*-- -���   ,
.*���/-���' '    '   ' ' "     *
.20% Discount
,   .on All Dress Goods   '.
\ *   *     1
Just   to   start' our, dressmaking  department.
r-   ���   ".'I
"We have much ple.iMuo in lecoiimioiiding .Mis Shook, \,ho has
taken ch.iigo of oui   Dic-Miiaking- Dep.11 tnieiit.    All woik* gi.-ar.inleed.
Dry Goods Meic-b.ints, Revelstoke, 13. G.
Gold Range lodge Iv. ol P has lived
'Ea-l_ci Monday as the' date of the pio-
-Mis A .1.' s-jhook. 01 V.ineoiivei,
ha- .11 rived with her -islei fo take
chaige of the dies-m.iking dopaitmonl.
in coimeclioii with Hold and Voung's
business anel liave leased Aid. Foolo's
house on 'fluid slice!.
Take (his op^oi(unity of wi-hing theii oiistonior-
"A llvi'i'v v.vn'Pii-osi'uitot-s .Vi:w Vi:\k.'a,,e|
*"inceioly thank them fm ��o gciien.u-,1 patron,i<-o
during tho holielay v.eiisrfn. "
Tho iloiiiinjon  iiailianient will meet
M.-ii eh 10th.
A complete stock of Fecdeis on hand.
.\|sei a good stock of Comfoits, Nipples
iind other supplier loi inlants.
Dpug-gist and Stationer,
Mail order, promptly HUimI. Next Hiiino'D.
On nil  line-    i.f    . 0
As wi   have a  veiy  heavy  -tuck  of  Mi-ii'-
AVintei" Goods, I{<)(,t- ami  .-Hme-.   I"ui.li.-i-.
Oveiconl-", etc.. wc have decided fm the
month of .liiiiu.iiy (o ^ivc a -pecial di-
e-eiuiit on all line- of Men'- \\'(..-ir.
"Wo will give (wentv percent di-coiint ou
Heady- Made Clothing. I5.ii.t- ;me| Shoe-.
Tiiiiik-.Giip-, Iltitsjinel Cups, Illaiikot-.e.'to.
'foil Jici- cc-nl. nn all lines ���( |{|,|ib.*i-.
Gveico.it*. iind  Mackinaw- ai  eo-t.
A*-, tlii.-" .-.lie i-only good foi the' month of .human- we would tt-k
you In take advantage of (lie -nine. We-want tu'cut down our
.���.lock befoie stock (aking ,
MACDONALD & MONTEITH ilXi^i������iisCi^a"^;  ��������� Airf.-trr"'  f  rl  TITE KOOTENAY MAIL  7H������   U^^AV.  The\Sil*>erlCxip:Mine---I1s Past  History,  , Its, Production, and Its present ,      ���������  i    ,y        "      !.      v       Development. <       tf    7 a  tlono and some excellent o'ro> has been'! of N.'iu'w. and (hp.oi  ' , __ ... .        ?_:..��������� I f.      ,,f    ...i.ihlt.lP.   sl-lll  got  I?.*.  -' ll  This is onl*'of the nio-t mteio-ting  mines 'i'ii >'m t h (ko(.loii.iy. I.oc.iied  in, 18!)?) by.Mcssis.'lIolton and Downs,  of'Kevelstoke. it "was taken, up by l lie  L1II000I, F1.1-01" Uivti and C.inloe  Goldlields, of, London, Ki'ikIiuiiI.* Tlu-  comj.ioiy wa- oiganised by 11 nine  Payne at' the t'inie, he, licc.mie uilei-  C5t'('l iii the, Vancouver 'Slieel K"il-  wayi-. and the* ^'h'Oi Cup was . ncol'  ecveiiil inin'm'g oi.toi-piisesVstait'cd l.y  that company. A' stibsitli.ny company,' ?J2 u''' , i- t  "            i-i-iii; suVsiu.N'i: iii-MiTi:i),  was'*subs'e(piciitly fnimed, to take, over  and iiin the Si I vet''Cup. ''This company consisted oi Englisli'iiiid' Fiench  maintained  'steady  conliLnot agiee.  the. ,iPtui n  shaieholdeis wl  about, two ye.us  ago yon    f  from   KnglaiuLiof    1he  ,'com* .m.v  malinger, b  Diihsheini, M. K.^rt   was'  i -j  '        ,    ,  announced lho  to sell tho, pn/peity  company" /rii'e''niiiie^ wayoNamined  by" several Texpeits on belialP"bf investors ' but  owing tri tlie highipi ice  in ectois * hacl  decided  inch wii.d-np the  the   nunc  hut  output ot oie. _  Tlie Sihei Cup ha4 been"'"'--"'-"' ,  1 v a hi.mahic una: mini: !  in I'i.it'it has paid iis own way anil  piovi.led foi'r if) (.vMi''i!i'Voliipmen'i  nhn'iist fiom gia-s-:(i(its. The follow-  in .<��������� ia'-iie of shipinoiits aiub values  'shows thc output of the mini1 loi the  past live and a huh .veins' , Such a  1 ("coid i-"one of which tho Liu-loan  m.iy'well be proud nnd it -peak- moio  tiiiui all else lor the high guule'of the  oies of that section and its possibilities sis n iniiiing camp.' t  1 ij A I  ,   1      t'lilO'i: Ol' MI.I'AIS / 1  Iii   "1S97 ,tho' market   pi ices yu-ie/  Sihei- f)0    con I.-,    le.id $:*i s>o,v"iii -.4)8  '-ikei/?-', to fi������i, le-ul Ti f)0,to ,*3 85  In OiAh'e ban nei pi ices weie  payment- liemg'madoyit GO-vj  and $-125 foi lead  then, put  HQ  $300,000' and the  doubt tliatye.Mste>(l7is to tlie depth to  V-hicli'the big'lend might be evpeotod  to go, andllioni-wliich most ofjlnyoie  shipped had boon oht.i'meil. il was not  t.ik'en up ' ,The management bad at  that    tunc  'about    2000   tons7ol''oio  for silver  " In'lDOUsilveiJwas  59- J, a'nd' lead, was yp.ud on ���������b.isis of.  elti 13s SKI peiloiig ton -i" London,  hi 1001 si hei wis paykat Mc.J and  lead at London pneo of' ������12 0s 3d pei  long ton       *"      '  J -*   ' '    ���������- *  "^roiou-ii ou'M'UT. __ <���������" <  Dyiii'ig the th i*-*ye.u a ihoj opciated,  the piopi'it-, "-the Sun-liu'ie., Liimteel  took out7f,'W-'-.i tmis olyue olyai-7  ft\ei.ige\value of J ."fL221(50 pcy-'ton,'  leah-mg' i total, ol   $219 0-10, aifd thR  The' Fiee   Coinage  -lias sinc*^  been taken up by tlu/Silvee Cup Com-~  iwny-  v ,,     ,    'r ?'  'The giotip is loci ted on the eastern  -lope ol the i.inge between  'the  south  f.,ik,of the' Luilem   tivor   and'Tiont  'Lake, and at .in'elev.itioii'of  6,500 ,h,  above-e.i level, or the   same   hoii'/on  ,i- the P.oatiico,' at   the  bead  of'Mo-  h.iwk'Cieeli-. on the notth side   ol ,the  Lui.tleau diviiie.itowaul- Fish'cu-ok  .'       Af oi:ssai)u.i rv.    . y     A  The Cii|) is icaclied ouhei by wagon  load fiom Dqnton^ via Tiout Lake and  Ferguson.-".,   distance yfe 20 miles, or  by way of Nel-o .   and   the   Liu den u  'i.'iMwny, w hic-h at   pi'esent r terminates  ill Gcir.ud, iii .1-connects  with  Trout  Lake City hy'sto'.iiiiei.      Kioin  Trout  Lake'accessis by the same wagon I'-ad  to' l<\*igiiso'ii'\i������    from  J5eaton,v'he  (li-iaTice''between    Tiout   Lake   and  Feigiison  being four < miles,   and  mi-  otbil'i^fou'i yniles   beyond  J'Vigu'son  "the old'i-awliiile tiaii, _)vhich   was'* the  foimoi means ul -hipping oic, inns up  o obtained', l the' mou'iitani side to the   iiiine<������,by :i  iiewf 'management ,howy  nnpioveinents  in  <���������,  ioii.il tram  .... ������t  seiies of ,/ig/ags '.ind^covoiing a'dis-,  lai'icu of'bet������eoii loin and live miles  ' 'Under,1110  ever the 'o.\te,iisive  made have included  fioni the'mineto .thcyvagon ioad on  the south ' foil?,, gieatly facilitatin'g  and lesseiiing-'the cost ol shii.pj'ng^oto  a'iielf supplies, nnil fin ingmg the mine  with ui'eigiib miles bv^.wagon 'io.id.of  'thoC.P iriieight-bhcds.n Tii out-Lake."  This " ti.uispojt.itio'ny has bcQn7������till  nut her 'lessened  and , economised   liy  ft.   of   "i.inhitic   seiiist scpaiates ibis  r-'dvke",fiom tlie,Silvor Cup vein. 'The  sch,isti/7have  a   stnke  of  -N".  50    lo  0-2 E and dip of,G2 N.  W. <\     %  suksiiim:"vi;ik  -This vein has'a st'iikc-ol N.fii W-i  mag. Vnd^dips SON  K   ,,1'ioni wh'eu*,  it is cinsSciitr1TS'os.')5 -'"'I lydufly-ue  i im eiich'w.i/.nlong tho lead,^bowing  it to have" help a width of -I'j to 6 loot,  and for, the length of the main k'nso  heie e.xposed   theie yv as   un   ������������������^���������'B1-'  width of 10 inches of shipping oio and  two'leet^ of-coiicentiiiting  oie.   The  lenso'on this level was 08 ft. in Jength,  b'ut  the.  p.'iychulo 'has.  been    sto|.etl  out immediately above*!he level. '( The  vein   heie  has that roiinn k'ably, well-  ilclineil chai-actci- with   peifc.;t hanging wall of giiipliitic schist that clini-  toi'ises" lho bcciiiicnccs  so   fai'(level-  'oped oiylhejiroperty, and iii" the batten sections of the veinsfthcrflanging  wall is as wolj deli nod'fas/where ihey  cany'oic,-so tlmyyiic easilyffollowed  Eip'euence  iiiduiatos   it  as   piobablo  that byystcadily followhig these well-  delineiH1 veins, ,'or 'lissuies,   as   they,  Farmer  it   !  | syz^----'^r%ts mastehsvoict- 'PA-y^T ��������� f' A TJ   ," T        " w  l^The Berliner, GrariiTb-^hone  ^''I bought'orf 'yotiAvas'a; God-send   during .the' long  cold',  I bought ot   you iwas y v^^s. ������������������   --,--������������������_��������� o     ,      < -  vvi-iler 6f last year.     It   cheered   us0 and   made'us   glad  ,a,.d   happy. 7,1'would   not/part  with-it 'for   ten   times  e\vhat  it.6ost-'if*'I yo'uldWiot-i get,, another." ,We, hayef  thousands   of   .similar; letters telling of '.the .pleasure and  -enlerlaiiinieiit.derived from'the Berliner,Gram-o-phone.  .,  itiiB. fiom n,^6;')*^,,10-".,",' .iwenuAh us iiiiicl.ns n inniio or org,...  inigh\ moic iuoiiei'ly be tcnned, 'pol-  lsheer'and ^slicke'usided 'iisyai^ their  walls by" extensive movement, "othei  o"rejboihcy\vill be (leyelopec/hoin fiine  Co tiniey.iiid it ap'pe.usv.to be/meiely  a^inaitiiV of keeping dcvelopment,well  ahead qf oie extiactioji to_have huge  amounts ol oie contmuoifely jiiv.ul.ibli!  'flccasionallV'thc lissuies  JO  *5iti: or jiiIji/ind c'liLORii-r-iMi punt sirovvixG ubvcKSMtni suniv  blocked out leady  decided,   since   n  :o,-hip' and   it wnifia face nt thy'faVt that the oie h.uf'to \ the election of a Laiu'way  connecting  ..._    ..    doal "did   n-jf   -rolbe l-.iwhulcd iLiruigrtlie winter months j the Cup (hiect   with   the  nc.w mill at  "tinbii'gii, ib bu.aci lUt oie, flop it to!f"0l.lctlio mine  avA   t^e,��������� _t hence by | Five Mil.-, a'milc beyoneL Fe. gtison  tho  s-inelteP.  and  H'l1   tl.c  mine   for j s-leighs to .the  liiiicling  nt   IWi.'i,  ft  vviiidil would fetch     The ok in se;ht \ distance fiom the initio oi   23   milt--,  had been mv-tly taken out   when   W   The   1902   shipments   weie^ the only  33. Pool, vvho was then   managing   the-[ones which   had   the   beneliti of the  F -  ', fliOsl'UGIIN'CI DA VS.  The OMginal (IL-covcry ,w.isl on the  rfilvei Cup claim, on which iu "shaft  w-a-stmk on an outciop which hai  since proved to be lhc .ipc\ of the big  lon-e fit*in which niost of the slnp-  menlsMi.ivcbeen made At a point  . 1 S3 ft ."below thocollar of tho  "haft  a  WHV.T 1'KK-E.NT   OW-.S-tR* HAVK DONE. .  " 7 *. jcro-scut tu-.Miel was inn, and in this a  The new- proprietary,  within,, n.ne j ���������ood,ideil K ,-oimcd oi tho  occurrence  .1-4 ,,-       ,     ',roo.nh=oKhe time thoyy took ovejrjhsy~  tllc 0re.| .odies and their lelatioi.   to  withgieaf sueees,   st.iUng ������c* ^,propert>.f ihil,pu< mTOl tons   v bicli 1 ���������eol���������!������V_nt    ^ho ,0tll0i;       Thlb  bodies which er.abUd slut moiits to,b'y^^^.   ^^  07   a���������   average  of - Cmn^LcosWit what ,s know n .is the  -- blind 'ead     oi   Sunshine  loi milling ,      . f  ai o' iillecLw ith* quail/- aiywicntly, bar-  1      "    - "    "'"'"   . ..".t 4. ...7���������, ~,,,V',i,_  ion  tl!  llllil,;. j.".,. ..   nnil Uie iieiglil>oi*s its yen  Costs'oiL-twcnliyll. ���������s ,������������������cl,_.is "^-^or^n,  e>     , -   *  ,it"-������o,can >ou,111 five linmius.^ ,, y   ,, ,     ,, " <irt,    -   -������'*  Prices of-Cram-o*.pl>oAes ^Jj5;tci ' S4?5  ' complete with 3 Records.-^V' Hf   ry  ������      *    > Oiuir-nitctl foi  nvtjen.s, ,*;il is nin.le ,,., Canada ������ -  ���������Write"  or sale by; ,y   y,     ,-A __ .    -  ���������  nyy y-      -"-r     ,     ���������      I*  JANADA^DRUII&yPOKyqO;  h-,"    "--i.   v       ?4.     ' ^ KBVBLST OKB,ftB. 6.. _'/j   ,<*,*  ; 'P- r  . " fiSH.1  lull  Nettie I., mine on behali of  TUEOliI.AT WK-T15KV      ,  'c.inie   along,   and   being  oiloieel   the  jnopoity at the leclucpcl ligmo tojk jt j  up.  although   it*-wa-  then ton large!  extent gutted      Mi.   Pool operated it'  opening or trie uulway to limit lake.  With its a-lv.trit igcs ..i  -.lvjdj:  twelve  mile.- of teaming. <  -i *  steadily mamtninetl  On jNiessis   "Kuby   nnd  Walker, of  .London England, coining out to -oe  their new pi.ichase made for them l.y  Mi. Pool they weie accompanieel bv (i  ' AM wood'"m F . one ot die ablest -.uid  most e.vpeiienccd ot T.nghsn mining  evpeits  Mil. Ainu OOD  was one of the Hist nulling engineer-  to in\litigate the nunciiil les.Hiiey ol  Kootennj on behalf of Lngh'-h and  ,Canruli.iir capital, and ?on-.e linpor-  ttint deals weie pu* tlnough on h>-  repoits   in   the   early   (lav-.    Hue  of'  ' these was tie laii.nii*5 Xoith .-tni.,  which lm- -hipped such a (11 go'  amount of ore  I). (11 Foil.c, a men,I'i nf Mr -v-"-,  wood'.-, lino, and win. li.i-> opuaod foi j  English i.ipit.'di-t-, muii*3 in mini} |  piirtf ol the weiild, i.a- appointol,  liianagei of the Mlver Cup on behalf,  of the new owne-H, unci Mr. AI two id j  nets if ooiiMilting ciif-uiccr, pnjingj  occnsioriid vwits to the property. Mis  la"t visit was an evtuiderl one- on  account of the large si mount of woik  involved in carrying out the election  ' of the mill and tifimwnyi which hav6  been put in to opoiate the Cup and  Nettie L  Messrs Kirby anel Wall.ci  organised  early in the year  tiik sir.vi.it cm* vn.vus romi'Anv,  with 11 (capital of $300,000 to open ate  the Cup property. Since taking over  thc ninniigcrnent ol the property Mi.  Forbes has shown great energy in  cipiiping the mine with "'rial tramway, compressor .fee, thus enabling 11  thorough .system of development work  to be prosecuted, in addition to which  .?13'.>3ij per  ton.     Tttc-'e   -hipn.ent-? ^ ?iher Cup  s'.ow the ri^hc-t <.ry yrt_ taken   out  of, vein "m a distance of 2-10 It      -    ^  the mine, fine =hu.*i ent'ruiining over { 'im: KJiiMvrroy.  300 o/.s in-ilvc- and   two  -hip i.cnt- ! c ui-i-ts'df giaubitic shales andschists,  \n:w ix -.hr.KiKK. kvmob kkom -ii.vkk < vv  with  giving ovei. an e'.i.ncc^r ton   in   ^old. j iritertif'dde'd     with    what   arc   locally  1 ���������f e i.aivn ! t< nnr-el-lune- elyk^," and earned w.th  The Silver Cup property ronsists of | (piart/"tringc-M. The first of these  -even claims and a fraction. The elyk.-" is a light gray fclspathic rock  claims arc- Sun dune Silver Cop, | impregnated with small .ptantitie-i of  Fwlsioi. Mountair. and Cold Seeker dolomite. It -strike*. X. X, K. mag.  Fraction, Cold-bug Fraction, M011.1- | and dips 3K S. R. Graphitic sejbixts  tain Fraction.'and Silver Cup I-'rac-' then occurr for 77 ft. nnd fi rlol6rnile  tion covering 105 acres.      Alr.rost the' dyke    10   ft.   in   tlikkn'ss   is pftwd.  whole of the development work has  been done on the Silver Cup and Sunshine claims. On tho north side of  the group is the Free Coinage on  which a long tunnel has been driven,  and to the south is the Towwr. on  which   comdderablo   work   has   been  This (lolomil*,'} iJ uitcrspornod with  small patches of green ehromiferous  mica, and strikes X 73 K with (lip  of 51 northerly, 'feu fed of graphitic  schist is crossed and then a grey  dolomite showing a few scales of groon  cliromiforoiiH mien.    This liu.s n strike  again'.this quai t/, .can ics sulph-  uicts'shew ing jOn   assa'v to^have, Jan  gold valnes^but for thc gi'ealei '"pait  these",baircn zones^ue filled wi^thybiiy  ken-'01 ,contoi ted   schists,  sometimes  "stiongly mniiognateil* vvitli aiiiili'ioiis  sulpluue'ts to>iich,an cxteiil'.as^niikc  piohlable oie foi conc'cntititioh ^    <��������� y  4- Tlieyin'dioalionsaie'th.it ,ihc,oiigni  ol, tlVo oie 'is (leop-������c.ited,"'and due,to  mnieial solutions being loicedjto the.  suif'.ice .cleppMting^vihoir ^contents  along .the channel of How joytlyci Jis.-  uies" ci cited    by    nitfv'enioni..   ,'1'hese  oi'c clepos"ns?aTa.not, conline'd^Uy Uie  laVgc.lis-.tues but, .uo lound   io__ pent  \i.itc'tlJe snialLci'/ss-fi.icluies^is.wo  and1 In 'one 'oiy'tvvo   instances , tliere  ciosVjo'adSthnvye been'lotuicl* to cany  colisidoiablo qii.iii.tiue's^oloie  '- s7ps,y-H,| vi,,. e-ui* \rix7-  \  KblTow ing7aIoiii"The "cios������s-cut.  nol .of rli'o'.Siher'Cuiycl.iini'we conic  to the Silvei'Ciip lonely ?op.u*.iled, horn  the. Sunshine Ic.ijtl by'oii Ft. of schists  Sotilheily'fiOiii thc Silver Cup vein is  'anothei '.-dyke'J hiding a stiikeof K'.  SO W. and a dip of St 30 N   li.    Tie  ciosscut tunncl at present tci minutes  in 'this so-called dyke, but it if- pioba-  ble that othei .01 c-bodies" will'yet  be  discovcicd southlnl'  it     This.dyke  is  le.dly iuagiiesi.,111 dimestone, a lonu.i-  tuui olton associated whh oie-bpdies,  and ,it  exhibits  small   tiiitintities ^of  white dolomilc , >i  ' ' Tho Silver Cup'Vein is smaller thin  the sunshine 'aveiaging'aboul 5ft. ni  width but it cariies a highei giacloof  oie.yjiough   the-_ pay elmleS4.n0 uni-  lovvei.     A   'i.uso    has " been     made  tlnough the vein to connect with the  old  shalt  sunk  on   the' outciop   on  which the giomid was located. ' This  Sihei Cup leul  is :u lcm.uk.iblc loi-  tuieoi the section being tiaec-ble on  the 'sinlace foi tluoo miles. . Tho 010  body of the main  Icnse avciages two  feet in thickii*os*s with *i  to  Hi, inches  of high giade shipping ,cue     The ore  in Xo. 3 stone was found to be ol pais  ticul.uly nigh guide.  Thc Silver Cup vein has 11 stiiko'of  X. 53 W. and a dip ol G5'X. F so lhat  the two leads of the propel ly should  run together and mny give 1 ise to a  huge body of oie -it tbe point of contact. The cll'ect ol the woik (lone'on  tin- Cup vein fiom this and McXeill  Ciob-cut. 100 fl. below, was to prove  the CM'-tenee af 11 len-e of oie 183 I'i.  in depth fiom the coll.n of lhc shaft  to the level of Ihe McXeill cioss-eu',  and 270 ft in length 'im the lev-el ol  tliiit cio-s-eut, with 11 piiychute of neb  oie from I to 18 inches in width 11 nd  iu addition concenl rating for n width  of I to '11 ft fdong the entire length  and depth of that lenfe with the ev-  ceplion of 11 length of 75 ft. on the  lowci level, which i.s bunchy.  m'm:ii,i.ci:os.s-('I/'i',  wa- mu at an elevation of 100ft below  thc Silvei Cup tunnel, and 183 fl bo-  low tlV ((.Mai of the shaft on the fvtin-  Hliine At iN poitnl it cios-cuts another ol Ihe ���������'dyke " which form so  pi.ii.i'uicnl a fcaluie of the foimation.  Thi������ dyke diHers from the othei- in  thai it is a light-gray gnei-oul mck,  with patches of giecu clm.imtVioii''  mica and iiupiegnatcd with -inall  (piaiititiei of dolomite.    In  Xo. Odiift  BK^i'n*--.!"'*'*8^^  The yi,ctoria Cross"  ,      \ i ^ \ r"^i"-[ Sfl"     y   1   T*? "C^lT* -T i  1 For Valors r In Ten.GoIors  ( Ci.iiliinioel on Piiki! *')  mpire  ,Ror News��������� r-^ 34 Pa-?es,   ������  THE picture shown is one dear to every man, woman,  boy and girl, on account oE its meaning���������r" The Victoria Cross," given for conspicuous bravery. If only  'the soil of South Africa could voice the'deeds performed  upon it, * how many Victoria ' Crosses would have been  found to have been earned bf Canada's sons It is  hard in the heat of action to notice every act of valor, and  therefore only, those which take place under the eye of  superiors of sufficient rank can be noted.  The picture shows one of such deeds Two troopers are  closely pressed by the enemy. The horse of one is hit.  Under the withering fire, the man whose mount is unharmed  halts, and, risking everything, waits to get his comrade safely  mounted behind him and carry him back to the Canadian  lines It is a desperate deed, and one often performed but  seldom noticed. When, however, such an act is seen, the  reward dear to soldiers' hearts above every other is the  result.  This picture is from the brush of Mr. W. B. Wollen, an  artist famed for his war pictures, one whose work appearsin  all the leading illustrated periodicals of the Empire. It is a  forceful subject from the hand of a strong man.  The Mai! and Empire  has obtained the exclusive right for this picture in Canada.  It is a perfect ten-color reproduction.and will be given F^EE  to readers under the following conditions: ���������  With The Weekly Mail and Empire  N.. ,���������* old subscribers mar secure one copy of the  Artogravure on ordering  Cn������d������, Great Britain or United States for $1.00.  Foi ������mple������ of paper and further particulars, write to- e .*,  CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT,  MAIL AND EMPIRE, _  TORONTO.'  1    1 Provincial Library  , '''  THE. KOOTENAY MATL  ���������AW*-i/U'A**VW\AJL^AAA "vAAAAA*  j FOR  MUTUAL  I BENEFIT  By RICHARD BARKER SHtlTON   (' ^  Copi/riffeX, 1001, bu McClute's Xcu&papcr   ������  Sumlicate       , ,        S  ���������WWWVVWTVV/TVVVWWWT*  it '  It had been n long,- -weary struggle  for life. The fever hud left in its wake  a pitiful weakness, and in that weakness, of mind as well as of body! Sumner had fallen upon dark days.'  The orderly from tlie hospital had  seen men in that condition before,, and  whenever he had occasion to leave his  liuticiit alone iu the faultless apartment he made sure ithnt all'the razors  were slipped Into'the pocket of his im-.  maculate linen coat. -Realizing,'.too,"  that im awakening of tlie dormant interest fof his' patient was tbe only hope  leuving nis rumiiy ins vvorluiy goods,  ���������which were woefully .inadequate for  their material,support; lha't to eke out  their scanty fund the boy's mother  taught in '.Mrs. Thorpe's school andr  that Howard Roger, - left all-day to  Mary and his own devices,'bad oou-  eeived.the idea'of following In his father's footsteps and daily practiced' his  speeches before the pier glass in the  tiny parlor. And so between the man,  to whom life meant nothing, and the  child, to Whose starved life the sole  ideal was martyrdom, there sprang up  a great and deep' affection.,, p  Tney were sitting'together one after-,  noon   when   Sunnier  suddenly .leaned'  forward   and   slapped   his   knee   emphatically. t _,  "Say, little,graven image"���������he often  referred   thus' to   Howard   Roger���������"I'  don't believe you ever were a'boy."  -���������"I   don't   know' that  I   ever   was,"  Howard Roger politely acquiesced.  "Ever'go to a ball game."'           ' ,    ,**  'Howard Roger shook his head.  "When I .was your age," said Sum-  MMMMMW0  ER:  EAttJCERS  By C.  B.  LtWis  of his recovery, ���������he tried, first openlv, }  .then covertly, to arouse the, sleeping I per with half closed eyes,,"I used to be  intelligence. But'wheu,lie had moved j ? 'HUe-barelegged chick calledy'Suin-  Sumner's couch near the window the ' niy''hy'my pals. I-.used.to go. swim-  sick man looked out'with vacant eyes I millg '" thc cnifck uml tish for'trout"  ' CnpiirtuMpwon, by J/iCfure'n  Keuspainr  Sumlicate  ,r  tOMMtfUtowmmm Mwih*%n*>n*niimti  ' No other little blond widow has had  such luck before or since. When she  drove up to the seashore holcl'in the  bus, seven different men were instantly conscious of ii feeling of admiration for her., She was petite and baud-  some and vivacious and���������a widow.  Those( seven men worked for introductions'and got tli'eni. They worked  to make' an' impression, nnil cucli succeeded. There were a Major Marsh, a  Judge Truax, a Lawyer Hopkins, a  real estate man, a . capitalist and a'  contractor. It kept the little 'blond  widow rather 'busy to entertain the  seven and satisfy" each  one  lhat tho  ,-- *  ,'" ESTABLISHED  1894"  at'the'trees-newly leaved'in',the park I up and dow" stone brook. - My pals other jiix--were'totally indifferent to -'ceived one brief letter fi oui tlie wirtov  and the crowds thronging the "side- f and"1 ,usod t0 huve a handits' cnnip j her, but bjr rising early and sitting" up ' The hours and'davs crept -iw-iv -ni  walks below. , Several times the" order- m, the woods Saturdays and roast t late she managed things'very well in- ' 'one morning he started for Pittslim-  iv i,...i n.'U .1  .1, , i   i.-...  .__..      oirirs"��������� ' , 'deed.    Slw'nlsn ni,iin���������m.i  ������������ i.,������.  o--. . >   o_ .,,.. ..,. _  '  wa.s an i-e s.'oii^ to uim���������n��������� .,, %^������  family. No. she didn't want hut one  thousand, and she called him her dear  George and wiped away hot- lens and  looked cuter than ever. Stay, however! If he'could Just as well spare  f 2.000. she would use the odd tlioii-.-j.id  to set decorators at work In lier New  York mansion and give an order for  her, trousseau. "        <  The major was almost vexed.witb  lier because she "wouldn't accept $o,00<J,  instead, but she was firm on that point. '  When he handed lier the vulgar dross,'  lie -printed two long, lingering kisses  on her ruby lips. Those kisses cost  him just a thousand dollars apiece, but  . at the time he thought they wer������  cheap at that. ' '  "i      ���������  After liic'kisses the widow named  the wedding day. He was to meet her  in Pittsburg two' weeks' from that day  and be quietly married, und later on '  they would proceed to New York and  her Fifth avenue mansion. Tluee davs  later she left for Pennsylvania to close  up a coal'mine ufTulr that had been  worrying,her for borne months and  the light ot the major's'life went but  Two long weeks! It,was nil eternity  I to the major, especially as he only re-  w.  nd  ,   <  ���������     ���������  ly had essayed reading aloud, but each     eS6s"���������             ,     /                      >          y | deed. , She'also managed, to let it'bo *'  time he had quickly see'ii' he was on   '   "Ohl" , Howard Roger was drinking , known that her late deceased'had left  the wrong tack... He'even went dowii   "  "'1   '" '"  ' *"" -"���������""���������'"���������- '" " ���������  to the office and brought up bulletins  and reports for his patient to,,figure  out. I'.ut 7ifter a few moments of listless penciling Sumner had thrown tliein  aside, and when later the'orderly picked'  Iu every word, his eyes as big as sau- j her, ���������"something like a  million  dollars,  cers.      /w"' _   ,     v " ,She might have given exact figures, but  _ "See here," Sumner said quickly,-'she didn't", She might have also in-  "you've done me no end of good these' creased' the number of her admirers'  tpnst few weeks, and to show you I ap-'| frSm seVen to seventeen wben"it be-  preciate it I'm going-to'teach you to    came known  that j she  had  money.to  0     ���������  4, *        (���������������  -, , scope.  It was at tins juncture'that Suinnof  Subscription, $2.00 Per-Year  how to roast eggs and broil bacoii on a _ mountain in a month.    Indeed, if yoii  found himself one morning watching '-'..sticky'No, by George, we, won't wait '--���������-������������������  tlie.'strango nntics<"of a small boy in the-   ������or tll!lt!' We'u bcSln now- - John," he  apai-tnfont house across the street.   It'   called'to the .ordeily, "go out and get  So did the Judge, the lawyer and the  three others hitherto named.  The seven  of them took" the sanib train and rodo'  in the same car.   Each looked'self "satisfied and supercilious. ;  The  major condescended to explain  ' that he was" going to Pittsburg ou pri-"  '<t vato business of great importance, and  I the others" condescended to  make the ,  I same" explanation.''-The .major   nmr-  I mured that it seemed curious that' all  I seven, of ; them_ should   have- private  business up'therie on-the same day and  Published Weekly on Saturday by  j was oiily a gesture, a sweeping, digni-  ylicd gesture niade by the small boy,  , that first caught his *ye, but it-was so  incongruous when the small boy's diminutive stature was considered that  Sumner ^raised his head'and stared for  j some time at the window across the  street.    ',   ' '  Tlie small boy was gesticulating'vlg-  an air rifle and some slugs."  When' tho orderly came back, Sumner nnd Howard * Roger , were sitting  by the, open ywnidow," and, Sumner,  pointing to some sparrows on-a neighboring roof, was explaining it "would  not kill 'em, but just make ,'em, jump,  don't fall in love and propose vyithih'a,,,,thnt no one had mentioned his journey  fortnight'you-are-.looked upon* as onetl to the other, but they only "smiled and  who -got   there   by   mistake.,' Major   , assumed knowing looks., He llicn'nn-   ,  Marsh had been acquainted with ,the   , noun'ced that'he was> rather,glad of  little blond widow just thirteen days j their company,  as they" would-be. on"1--  when he proposed, marriage 'and was  accepted. - It wasn't a' straight,, from'  the shoulder acceptance, but you understand'how, coy widows get around  giving a  square ianswer to such  pro-  ���������__ The Kootenay Mail Publishing. Co., Ltd.  and Publishers  Dealers in  Printing and Wrapping Papers  and Paper Bags  Loose Leaf Account and Duplicate  Counter Check Systems *-  Agents for Tengwcll and Opalla,  Patented  Loose  Leaf*Files,  Ledgers and  Billing Systems  Phone No. 13  P. 0. Box No. 70  |  the orderly a  handful  of  cigars  and  or-ously.-iiow with his right liaiKh" now-! told liim,to ������������ ollt -'md enjoy himself,  with  his. left,  then  again, with  both;'"'     It was growing dusk when thc order-  '        ,    ��������� ' ,' ly returned.    As he mounted.tlio-atair-  I a peal of 1liiugh"tci-"*rrom-Suniner"greet-  j-edhis ear, and the shrill treble of How-  1 ard Roger's voice excitedly exclaimed:  I - ;'I hit hun!' I bit liim!   See him jump?  ' Ten to three that makes it*.   Oh, I say,  ,Summy,I've got'you trimmed lo death!"  "Mutual.benefit society, it seems to,  me," the 'orderly observed* to himself  as he went below���������to finish his cigar.    ,  ,.      '- ���������-; **- "7���������        '.       '  '     Actor*   Under  King- William  III.  ,   How summarily actors and managers  weie^dealt vvilh in the days^ of King  William III. is shown by the petition  of" .Vlexander 'Davenaut ��������� and" others,  dated  Dec. 10,  1001, which has been  found among the historical documents  of the house of lords.   These "sharers  and adventurers., in  tho  playhouse"���������  this seems  to  have  reference "to  the  Dorset Garden theater in Whitcfriars  ���������set forth that Lord Longueville, having., complained of being assaulted, together with his servant's, by the guard'  at this famous playhouse in the course  of what seems lo have been n rather  serious-, fracas, tho king had given orders at the desire of the peers that no  soldiers should be on duty there for i  c the future and that the players should  , bo "suspended  from  acting   till  they i  luid begged pardon lor the affront." 7  Tho house had also,'it appears, vindicated its dignity, thus outraged in the  person of one ot its member-, by ordering a sergeant and a soldier lo be sent '  to  tho gatehouse sit  Whitehall,   then  used as a prison.   The petitioners hav- I  ing humbly solicited the "removal of  the suspension" upon them" and promised to "do their best to prevent the  like miscarriage for the future," it is  officially noted that "the suspension on  tbe players was removed", and that "on  Dec. 29 the sergeant and soldier were '  on" petition released."���������London Standard.  you know."   He took the air rifle, gave ': posals     They blush, or try their  best  to ,blush. '"They "murmur something  about'its being very sudden,, giggle a  little.,C'ast:dowii~tIic.'if"eyes' aud^all of  n-'suelelen a plump- little hand steals-  into'yours, and you "have gained .the  victory. ',,..'  The days went by and went bi*." The  days couldn't help it." you know.    The  major "had known the willow exactly  ir  "'������������������.Mi  '>!"fH4''H'f:f'f������fHfH'i*'ffH'ffi" 4-ih  ���������i-  |  SCJIXEB    SUDDOiliY     LEVSED     rOHWAKD   I  | A.VD SLAl'PED 111S KNEE. - '  his lips moved, and he frowned prodi- ���������  giously. Sunnier watched until the gestures,and frowns ceased and the, boy,  with ins nose pressed (hit against the  pane,   stood   staring   into   thc   street. _  Presently   Sumner   caught   the   small  '  boy's eye and waved his-band.    The  'hitler lcsponilet! with a dignified bow.  '.Sunnier, w .th a -titltlc-n hispuatioii, put  up his hands and went tlnough a low  letters ot the tle.il' and dumb alphabet,  j  nicaiiiihile  raising   Ins   brows   inquir- _  in:*,!.'..   The boy .-uilied and nodded. I  Sumnei*  again   put* up   his   hands.  "What on earth were you doing?" he '  spelled. ,' , j.  '���������Making a speech," the boy's fingers '.  spelled in reply.  "What about?" Sumner signaled.  "Political  corruption,"  was   the  response.      ,  "Good Lord!" Sumner observed to  himself, and for the first time in inany  rnonths something akin to merriment  lit up the dull e.ves momentarily. ,  "Where's your father?" lie signaled  a moment later.  "Dead," the boy signaled back. "My  mother teaches- at Mis. Thorpe's  school."  "Want to come over and see me?"  Sumner queried.  The boy smiled and nodded. "If  Mary will let me." he supplemented in  the linger language.  That was the beginning of Stunner's  acquaiiitaiice with Howard Roger Peters. Every afternoon the orderly went  across the street to the apartment ou  the fifth floor and escorted Howard  Roger Peter's to Sumner's apartments.  Howard Roger ana Sumner became  grout friends, and with his new- interest in life Sumner began to mend.  To Sumner,  Howard Roger was at  the spot  to congratulate, him. over  a  certain event,''but they lookod-nt hiiri  "in nn absent way and "didn't'see tho  point of the joke. ' ' - ��������� _  '  'Tlij gang reached Pittsburg in duo  time.   Curiously enough, they all went ".  to the same hotel, but no one tried to "  explain it.   The major was the first to  register and'ascend to tlie ladle's' parlor, but the otlier.six were not. long behind liim.    Ho remarked  on  tlio singularity of the thing, but- the six looked   ,  at the toes of their boots a'nd smiled. (,  Seven,caids had beeii seilt upstairs to  tho'little blond" widow to'tell her that  .her seven dilferent admireis were waiting, but she,didn't come down, and tho  Iandloid didn't know, whether she was  in Halifax or Texas.     - '  ;   Explanations.,were hi order, of course.  It was a drama in seven acts.' Each  one ofvthe seven had been accepted by  the vvidow.'fin'd'eaclfoiie had ifdviinccd  -her 11101103- and  was  to, meet her5 in  Pittsburg and  lead  her to the altar.  For a time the seven called each oth'er  liars and scoundrels and  shook  their  fists under each "other's 'nose,   but on  motion of tlie major they finally swore  pitch other to secrecy, and every man  lied as ho declaicd that he saw through  tho  little widow  from  the  very start  and  that he had not even  spent (ivo  minutes of his tune or 13 cents ,of his  cash for her benefit.  THE   ilAJOJtt    FOUND    Till:    I1EAK  THING IN TEAKS.  | twenty-two   days   and   had   been   en-  GI.okO.  Will.  \o  OrlBinnlltv. - i ea������ed   t0  ,her  ������^er  ;l   wc?|������   when   Bhe  When you have read ono ol these sto-  i ?ent him a uotc askill������ ���������"���������"������������������ l0 call on  ries, you have read Ihcm all.   Although  the behavior of ghosts may appear eccentric when judirod by the standard  of conduct prevailing among the living,  their habits arc, in fact, most regular,  tney seem to possess hltlo character or  originality,   and   probably   their   ideas  are very limited.    Some of thein walk  along lho pns-ago o." up the Mali's; others  knock ou  (he  walls or liirnituie,  ring bells, slnm doors or break crockery; now anil lhen you conio across one  who shrieks, ami  there set-in  to  be a  few itiiiy specimens who appear nnd  disappear.    I'.ut their faculties elo nol  go  beyond   this.    A  very  remarkable  proof of their limitations or Iheir slavish   ailheienee   to    tradition   is   that,  though I have before mo at (he pro-cut  moment a dozen iiiilheu'Iciiled ghosts  who have been heard walking upstairs,  there seems to be no ease on icoord in  which a ghost has been heard walking  down.    Why anybody should think it  worth  while   to   chronicle   the   movements of such uninlc-iesling creatures  I cannot understand.    An account of  the, day's doings  of a  (lock  of sheep  her.    She  hadn'l' appeared  at   break-  once an enigma and a marvel.   That j would bo very much more cxclting.-  twelvo   short   years   could   have   pro-    Loudon f ������������������������������*������������������.  duced a youth so mature was���������beyond  comprehension,  and ni  searching  for  the causes for this maturity he learned a Tr..ii,r,ii siK���������.  much of Howard Roger's personal his- ,    Mr. Longenr���������Ry the v. ay, did you  tory.   He discovered that the boy's fa- , ever know that large ears are a sign of  ther had been a political relormer and   generosity?    -���������  that a   speech  in  the  streets  of the I    Miss Beauti-Of course, Mr. I.ongear.  slums on an inclement November even- I They are a sign that natuie has been  lug had been mainly resuousibie for bin    generous.���������New York Weekly.  I fast lhat morning nor come dowu for  ��������� her 11 o'clock Until, and he had  been*  greatly won ied.    Little blond widows  are as  frail  as  little  china  teacups,  nnd-one can never tell when thoy may  bronk to pieces.  !     The major had noywlngs to Ily with,  but ho got to the ladies' parlor without lo��������� of lime and   found  (ho dear  hllle thing in tears.    Thoy were tears  of grief and anxiety, and each one resembled a pearl.    Several  things had  happened  all al once,  she explained.  Her lawyer in New York had gone out  of   town   and   failed   to   forward   her  quarterly chock; two or three bills had  come in unexpectedly, which i.s a way  bills have of doing when one is shorl;  a friend of hers at another resort had  telegraphed her for a loan.   Taken altogether, she wa.s Iu a peek of I rouble,  and it would take a thousand dollars  to get  her out  of it.    She could,  of  course,   telegraph   her  broker   to  sell  some of her stocks, sho could sacrifice  some  of   her  government  bonds,   she  could even appeal to Judge Truax, who  was a man of money, but���������  What did the major do? Why, be  put his arms around his dear little  Laurie aud patted her blond head and  laughed at her for being troubled  over such a trifle as that. The Idea  of her being worried and distressed  for thc want of a thousand dollars  ���������when he could place ten times thnt  sum in her hands within an hour!  Didn't she want two thousand���������Hirer  thousand���������five  tlinnmud   instead?     it  Do  It   Yourself.  Why do you ask the teacher ,or some  classmate to solve that hard problem?  Do it .vourself. You might as well let  j some one else oat your dinner as to "do  your sums" for you, says tbe Norlh-  wostern Christian Advocate.  Do nol ask the teacher to parse all  the dillieult words or to assist you in  the "pci'loi'iiiancc of any of your duties. Do il yourself. Do not ask fors  oven a hint from anybody. Try again.  Every trial increases your ability,  and you will finally succeed by dint ot  the very wisdom and strength {.-anied  in this effort, even if at first lho problem is far beyond your skill: It is tho  sltidy, not the answer, that really rewinds .\ our pains.  Net.nes  of .Tapunc-se   Girl".. ,        ''  Many of those pretty anil suirgcstivo  Utile words that serve as names for  Japanese git-Is aro as charming in English aa in Japanese, for it is not uncommon for a .lap girl lo boar the  I name of a flower. Ou the other hand,  however, ninn.v girls inMapan bear the  name of some homely dome-tie utensil,  as frying pan or dtisibrusli. Doublless  this icsiilts from the eusioni common  among some people of naming a child  for Ihe liist object t'hat strikes lhc father's eje after (ho little one has conio  into (he world.  It   Worked   Onl   Ilnilly.  There is such a thing iis carrying the  discount business too far, as the smart  advertising agent of a new publication  discovered.  "As I understand," said the merchant, "your rate is .?.j0 a page for a  single insertion and you deduct 1 per  cent fiom this rule for each additional  insert Ion?"  "Thai Is correct," replied the ngent.  "The total rate decreases by 1 per cent  for each insertion eontracteel tor after  the liist," bo went ou to e\i*iin. "If  you agree to take It ten times, tliere  will be nine insertions after the _first,  and you will get 9 per cent off the'rate.  In olhor words, you will only have to  pay ������47, r>0 each time.''  "The Idea commends itself to nic,"  said the inerclurfit thoughtfully, "and  if you will stick to Unit plan I will be  glad to make a contract witli you to  uso a full page for 101 consecutive issues."  The agent was jubilant until he  thought it over. Then he wasn't This  {discount business can be carried too  far. ^���������^.jirrv-Vc-*-^--;^ / ' Jv -".iTrCT^j,^/*"...^. .*--������*,*���������"  ���������,/cv.,*-... _.v-(vi"W������'^.^ ^  .'-.,''  [^ '  fey  l> .  , ���������'.  .���������Pi  N  I .'a  If*  h t  rf-  '   THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  NAKUSP.  '   Yale Columbia Co's log Scaler  Killed.      ,  , A sad accident oecurcil in one of lhc  Ynlo-l'olumbi.i Lumber Co's. .camps  by which sealer McLean lo-t hi*- liic'  Jle vui- -ealing log- on Ihe rivei bank,  when i he'log- gave way/under him, ho  falling nboiil "50 ft. A nu in her of log-roll oil 'ovei him. lie via���������'taken 1"  (own in'iin imconcinii- condition and  soul in Nel-on on sj- i**- -Mint", hut  died before reaching thoio. , Hi- rc-  inain- weie taken I" Nol-un by'Mr.  Ulabvo in remain iher'e until thi.-y  would leeoivo in.-lructioiis honi a hro-  ,"llicr.  Mr. Price who i-wyrking for Mi'.  jMe,Ko.-o<;k building* barges, let a -tick  of limber fall on hj- linger and bruised il so hud that' ll'iat the end of his  ,linger had lo be taken oil".  of' taxation that is levied on 'n  iiian?h debts! The more he owes  the more taxes he has to < pay.  But-* lhen Premier Mcliride has  pawned-the Province ,to .the Bank  of Commerce and it would,never,  do to tax the wealthy corporations  and land monopolists on tjieir  property, so the poor man has to  pay, that "which, in justice and  equity, ought to Ire paid" by the  rich, and by those deriving the  most    benefit    from  govern ment.  Pawnbroker McHride and his cabinet/are evidently totally ignorant  of the first lessons ,of political  economy and ( ihe ' principles of  taxation.  individual shareholders as lias been  done to such a vast extent.  the estimates:  -I        I ~���������"��������� i  . Vote for Revelstoke cut Down Near-  .',  "    -   iy Half..  '        * ii,  Tiie   special    votes    for Revelstoke  .'"Biding.ai-o :' '      '_     ' ,    ' "'  Footbridge across  Coliimbiu   River  at Kevelstoke $2500.  Protection   of   river  bank  at Trout  ;,'L.ike*ii2600.'    . "   '     '  I'-ish Creek wagon'road extension to  lloyd Ciock (con(litional)>2000.r  Bridge over Lm do at Poniiir .-H2.500.  Cioldsirean'i ferry $200 ^  Smith Cieek fcnv -filOO.  '    Columbia river fei'ry at Smith Cieek  $2(10. * -  Roads'  and   bridges   $8000   against  usual giant hithei to $1-1,000."  -     Schcol grant for   Kevelstoke $5000  Jyjl   '&.J. HARDY tt CO.    ��������� ,  "Ij ���������        home and uor.oNr.vL ,    ,  ADVKKTIhJNG. PKKStj AND '  jVUTUOK'S AGKXTS  VSM)  NKWSPAl'KIl COKRiai'ONDKNTS.  3d KIcet Si mot, .- London. Knchnd.  ,   CANADIAN  UUSINEbf"  A .'SPISCI.V I.TV.  H  ARVI5V, MCCARTER  '   AND PINKIIAM,  HARKl-oTERS. SOLICITOUS'. ETC.  Okkicks :    Moi.sons   Hask   Rlock.   Rkvki,-  j    '    8TOK1..   11. C. '     t  Money to'loan. l '       '       , '    '  Ofliees: Revelstoke. 15. C: Kort Steele, 11. C.  Gko. S. JIcOahtuu.  A. M. I'inkuam,.  Jlevcl-tokc-. I*. C.  J. A. Hvkvuy.  l'-oit Steele, 11. C.  J  OHN   MANNING   SCOTT,   B. A..  L. 13. ���������      -      ,  ^ ISauuistkii  l("n.-I Street.  yoi.iciTOK, Htc.  Revelstoke, H.C  PKRRY LEAKE,  Mining Engineer .inel Metulluriji-t. -  si'i.ciAi.iuis:  Kvaiiunatioiis  unci Report- on  Minim,-   Properties.        '       . c  Specification -md  Con=tiiii-tinn of Mining Jin-  clitneiy.  Te-U������ in.ule"of Ore- antl Concentration foi'Cli.or-  nie.'.nil I'jiiinile Tteatineiit  Hydraulic I'lniit-.  ' Hcetfonl McNeil Code.  ON SALE  By Lewis Bros.  PROVLNC1AL MINING ��������� c  ASSOCIATION.  C. P. IL AND NUMBERING.  /Hie proposal'of ,the' Canadian  Pacific Railway Company.to go into',the lumbering i iid up try should  be resisted -to the utmost by,the  people and the provincial arid dominion governments. " Such a policy on" live part of lhc company  would virtually,amount, to the confiscation' of tho property, and investments of others. -The company  has received from the public eslatc  huge grants oNand'and timber for  which absolutely no consideration  has been given and has the monopoly of transportation." It would  thus" supply '-lumber,'at half the  present prices and make more profit than the lumbermen now, make.  1  If Uie'C.'P. IL is anxious to have  " Now thai the elections .arc over  vve   urge "the  ofiicers   oi the local  brand,   of   thc  Provincial Mining lower prices for lumber its prope.  Association   to call   a  meeting as policy, and one that wpuldybe.ap  / r   j " 'v_.ll 'j?._   #*.,.. I. lt/>       io       Ja      i'/i  early as possible ' to elect' Qllicers  for the ensuing -year, increase thc  membership'roll,-and elect delegates to the coming 'convention"tit  Victoria. *''*Revelstoke was one of  tho foremost factors in the last convention,, its delegation being  responsible for the motions that led  to the, settlement'of the Pernio  strike, the steps that are, being  taken by the Dominion government to establish >a chamber., of  mines at Ottawa and other matters  of importance to lhc mining in:  terests of the province. With the  Fish Creek ,curnp coming to ihe  front,'-new local mining companies  being formed, the improved placer  and liydra'ulicing prospects in , the  Big Bend, Revelstoke ought lo- bo  one of the strongest and most  enthusiastic branches''ol the parent  association,   y   *  EDUCATIONAL FINANCE.  - , i  .        , ���������      >- / -       ,  An important-suggestion was  made at the recent meeting of ratepayers of the city, 'it' was' that  provision should be made for the  increasing cost of education by  making public endowments in the  shape of reserve? for thc purpose.  If wo mistake not Manitoba sets  aside ten per cent of her public  lands for educational .purposes,  and the same policy might well be  adopted in this 'province. These  lands will increase in value with  the growth and development of  the province. The cost of education is a . matter which the  government must face, and   it  is a  It I.- not thf-ign or yet th".id-  vciti-onieiit tbtii-.-cli- the prop-  on-., but the-nm ii b"biiul lli-ni  both and linn ��������� b'- kimw-hi.-  Iiii-ino-s both tic -urn and tin-  ad. iiiav 1������- tt-oli--.  for it in the early days of the pro  vince by a means that will relieve  the revenue of thc large annual  grants-.required, and at the same  time make liberal provision for  the development and increasing  cost of the educational institutions  of ihe province."  predated by'lhe-'piiblic, is lore,  duce its freight rates as these are.  a'dmiUcdly exorbitant.' We.admit,  the prices of'lumber oh the prairie  are exorbitant, but ' that state  of things is clue to the large profits put on by the dealers rather  than by the mill-owners. This'is  a matter that the' Mountain .Lumbermen's Association should '.take  steps to rectify by establishing,its  own system of distribution, which  should be operated at' cost. Another matter.the association should  take* up, and which is a cause of  great dissatisfaction' 'is lhat local  trade is charged'the same prices as  export trade. /That is to say the  local buyer of, lumber - pays not  only the-regular, mill price but  railivav charges in addition, equi  valent to the cost of importing  lumber from certain points. Thai  is manifestly wrong. at'shoukP be  immediately rectified. The Moun  tain Lumbermen's Association is  not organised lo act as a trust', but  rather to keep prices on a. profit  able basis,'lo arrange 'for the supply of labor, and. to regulate the  output. In those respects it acts  on the same principles as the labor  organisations. The Canadian Pacific Railway on the other hand is a  huge monopoly whose ramifications  are far reaching, and whose control  of the-lumber output would be ten  times more dangerous 'fo the public  interest than an association covering small territory like the Mountain Lumbermen. If the company  carries_out iis threat it will be sowing the seeds of iis own destruction  for  in   establishing  the argument *  thousand   times   better  to provide that u is justinod in usj.ng its free  TIIlfiO'lTY FINANCES.  'One of the, last acts ot the re li r-,  ing Mayor and Council was ' to  order the publication of the balance-  sheet for'the year- that' th'o ratepayers might have '"llio 'fullest  infoimalion as to'tho year's trans;  actions, and finances', c Jn Mr.  Floyd, as city treasurer, .the"city  lias- a first-class -accoiinlanl, anrl  the statement published enables  anvene vvilh a knowledge of figure1*-*  to see the  nosilion ' readily.     The  o " i '' .'  water and light' department  is lho  his business si'deof the city ad in in-  'istra'tion.', Tt, brought-in a reven'no  of $19,'131 .'11 for (he year, and (he  cost of administration'and maintenance was $10,30'L5G, showing  tho water, and light plant 'roinrnod-  lo tho city a revenue of $9.61'1.61  over and-above the cost of main-  'Iniiii nco. or r-quivaleftfc'io nonrlv 15  nor cent on tlio capital' ornploved.  Tho savins in'formor payments In  tho,-water 'and licrhf -compnhv  amounted, to '$"i',S2,t>.S-*l and "thi=  "amount should properly ho nl lowed  fo credit in addition, ns if llio citv  did not own Jhe. syslem tlio ,'citv  revenue would'be burdened lo lhal  VxtonL' The -water and litrhl nlnnl  therefore ' earned' about ,17-1V nor  cent-on its cost.-. The'ownor=bin  hv_fhc city also resulted in -a ..reduction, of thc t rates formerly  charged. ' ��������� .       -'  To arrive at the net value lo 'the  citv of the water and, light svslom  however, an allowance should ho,'  made of 10 percent, or''$6,31*1  for depreciation, of which $1',S16.0������I  was actually paid out for flu mo ro-  construction. and a furt-herliabilitv  incurred which did not' come into  the balance-sheet for rc-windintr  the burned out armature, besides  thc loss of revenue' while the re-.  pairs were being effected. Making  the proper _-, allowance \ then for  depreciation $6,31*1, interest on debentures $3,536*'and .sinking fund  wc--are face to*- face with ' the  fact - that the water and light"  service, although a valuable asset  under civic ownership, "is really,  notyi source of , revenue. Tho  revenue necessary to maintain the'  administration of thc city must  come out of direct ta.\ation. Tf the  water 'and light syslem is lo be  properly ' maintained and, provision made for liquidating the  debentures, and replacing the value  of the present plant by a new  system when required the city will  have to give up Ihe idea of 'having  evenue for., city improvements  "available from   water   and   light.  IMPERIAL JANK OP CANADA  '     '   (:'n���������il���������IAull.(.../.-<l..?l,(KW������*l-'(,-ua<������l J'"1 U|.,$ll'(K������,(KK)r--nesl,^,l.-,0,lK"l.      ,,  ,   -    ' ,' -'Head Ollice, Toronto, Ontario:'       ; '   ,    '       ,'. '  '������, ...i-l.... in il.u Noillivvo-l Tel ritoriei, Miinitiil)", Oiitiiiiij iintl Qiielicc  Antl  tie I.Vlmi.iK pom-   i     11.1 i-l)   Colombia:    ll..i"I.M.<.l.,'* l'"eiK..-o.i, t.olt.eu,  Ami ,llic loiitmiiu 1^ ,_,���������,,____,,_..,,-p.o,,,, L.ileo. V.iiiniiive. .mil Vict.iii.i-,  ���������r  ll   Mi-iiiiii'T I'n-itlenf    '' x,]). Ti. WiM.-n':, Vico-rn-ielonl nnil (ioni'i.il MiniiiKoi-  ' J; 1" Vl\', AssNunl Oo.i'Ji.il Jl....nKoi-;    W- Mm ''-"', Clnel liispeeleii.  Revelstoke Branch; B. C���������A General Banking Business Transacted  ,     Savinus Di;i..ii-tiii('ia-l)e|i('--ils Heceiteil 'mill biteio-.l Allowed.    ,      . (  ���������lliiifts sold .iv.iil.il.lo iii ..H Dints e.i C.in.ulii, Unilotl Slute-.uid'Huiopo.  *    A. IO. I'mi-i's, iVImiiiKor.-  5>">"  Stiet-i.il iillenlii.il isivi'ii lo col lout ions  '1  ,t  'i  '" ii  HOCKEY:  I - 4 ./ ,  Senior's vs. Intermediates ��������� Ladies  Hockey Club.       r   ��������� ,'  , The lir.-t giuuo of Iho season will lie  played tonight al- ten o'clsck, and  (heie* is eveiy indication of a g"<>d  clean giinie., The rivalry of thc .two  loiini'yis'very koen/'iind it is'up ty tho  senior1" to -bow'if they ji i ii - competent  to-uphold Kovolsteili-c'.-'" hlmor in'the  games lliiil,  are   to follow this season.  The team.-, will be picked from the  follow ing-,: ',   - ,. .,       ,      '  Seniors. .(.   , Jnteiinediak1-.  w  . K. Wiokeii!"  !(ioiil.     . ..Vruistrong  w  . How-. .-.'... .Point.'... '-A- Sl\u*(ly  ,i.  (Irahain..... .Cover  IC.lAllu'm  j.  Uutler '.'Rover...,.'. .11. Swan,  n  Woods.. .    Forward . :'. ... 11.  Iicw������  i*:.  Edwards,..     '"         I. .Mian  w  alt, . 7...'."..       " ~\ V..- 11. McUaiin  \v  . Harbor. .. :       "        .W- Chanih'ero  This will all'oid   an   op'poitunity,for-  -rants of the public estate and its The city revenue from1 direct taxes  railways built with public monev, *p *l+.600. The fixed charges, in  for the expropriation of the inter- eluding interest and   sinking fund  EN DO WM E.VTS FOR C ITI KS.  v..u  -.md    it   Will    I-l  (oii'-i  t" .-i.h-ult 'i  miii* von iiii.ii.'v  ll.OK  lm-     tin-     ebui'-e-t    i.-iil.'iitial  pn.p.'i'.v   in tin ''li*.���������I hi'.-in.'I-  ll'l   ti.WII-lt"  Oui cvpi'i-ii'iiiem tb'-ii alc-tatct      ,,.,., ... ,        .-        ,  1,,,-im-*-   enabl-  u-  t<.  make j     ^ *������ile   writing   or     educational  i|iiii-k  and   p>-niii.*il.l.* -ale- for. endowment1   vve   al-o  .-U'_'g(i:-t   the  your������"-1 -amc-   principle   applv   to    citie^.  W f- can    , .,        . ' i       . ,      l  Liberal   endowment-    .-hoincl     be  made for cities ro tii.it a- they grow  When you bate pr,.pi.:t,t.i-.-11    thoy may have   ample revenue   for  lent. i-m'1i.iihi- "!' ''itv  pm ir in [ public   improvement-.        For*in-  ,iu baud-     Wc are -"I" .i-.'.-nr-1 j.tiincc t|lf. (.;ly 0f Kf.vel.-t(.ko might  well bo granted a block of land on  one side of the river between Kevcl-  stoke and Arrowhead on the expiry  of the limber lease-. This land  could be let on long terms-.and  under improvement condition- to  settlers. Tt would steadily increase in value, and would in time  prove a valuable as.-et to the* city.  and one which would aid the  financing of waterworks fend power  system? and other civic improvements. The idea is not a new one.  Tt has been the settled policy of  several British Colonies for many-  years and we should like to .-(*e the  new mayor and city council move  in the matter, it would be a great  deal more sensible to give "iich  endowments to the civic corporations of the country for the public  good, than to hand the whole province over  to  railway   and   other  LEWIS BROS.  Financial, Real Estate, Insurance Agents  KKVKLSTOKI*:.   P. O.  Zbe IKootenas Mail  ests of the lumbermen, it will settle ������  once for all the socialist contention  that railway or any other property 3'  can be expropriated without compensation where it is in the public  interest, and tl.c next thing wc  .shall have will be a demand for  the expropriation of the C. P. R.  without compensation. , From past  experience too, the fact of the company going into the lumber busi-  ne-is would be no guarantee of a  permanent reduction of prices.  Judging from pa.-t experience, as  soon as the company got rid of Uie  lumbermen it would raise its prices  to a higher point than ever and the  public would then be helpless  n"ainst the absolute monopoly that  would be e-tabli-hed. '-Tlie movement i= one, intimately concerning  the public interest and in which  they should take an active interest.  SATURDAY, JANL'ARY 2:), 190-L  PA WN P. 110 KI NO PR KM IE IL  Pawnbroker Mcl'ride'.- taxation  schedule.-* now being sent out contain this fearful and wonderful  clause : ''No deductions whatever  will he allowed for indebtedness  due by the taxpayer upon any portion   of    his   personal   property."  Wonderful  and   ingenious  system | companies  for  thc enrichment  of j Vancouver, B. C  USE'^aaS@E^>-  ROYAL CROWN SOAP  The Best in the World  >ffiil u-i J5 Royal Crown .Soap  Wrapper-", and in return we  will mail a beautiful Picture  -size 10x20 ; or for 1������ Wrappers  your choice of over IV) book.-i.  Drop im a fio-'t finrrl inking  for ;i catalogue of premium.-,  to be liacl KKKK for Royal  Crown Soap Wrapper-,.  Address  The Royal Soap Co.,  Limited.  n debentures outside' the water  nd 'light,' amount 'to $11,500 a  ear, leaving only $3000 a" year  vailable for street improvements,  contingent expenses, nnd education.  This is not sufficient- to meet the  growing requirements of the city,  and while the revenue from dire.ct  taxation,will steadily increase so  will tbe calls upon it. From (his  analysis of the balance-slieet it  would appear there is no hope of  reducing taxation consistent wilh  providing for even a small measure  of civic improvements each year,  and the proposal of the government  to 'saddle cities like Revelstoke  with a still heavier proportion of  the cost of education is a very  serious mailer. Wo have in this  article endeavored lo indicate some  phases of city finance that are  deserving of grave consideration.  The statement that in a strictly  economic sense the water and light  system will show no surplus at  present beyond that absolutely  necessary for its own maintenance  is on a par with the experience of  other Canadian cities.  the public- to got- n line on' the player.-  thal are going'lo do battle', I'orMtevol-  stoko this .winter. The seniors will  don t-beirc now uiiifoini of gi'con unci  while for the lirsitimo. Oonie.every-  lioily and cheer Jho boys along. Or.  .Sutherland has consented lo ifct as  reloieo, and this is a guaiantee of good  clean hockey.       ; ,  The Ladies' llookoy ���������Glul> ,met al-  Mrs. Atkins's on -.Monelav. Itwa-do-  eitled'to hold a dance on the 2Sllito  niovide menus for the trip to Ho-mIiukI.  At, a meeting at Air.-. .1. -M. Scott's the  following(ilhcei-sweie,appointed: llniv  President, *-\. 13.,JCinciiid ;; Presielent,  .Mrs.'.I. -M. Seolt ;-Secretary-Treasurer.  Aliss C.'.A. Biick. ,iTho. members are  practising under the tuition of 'Alc-srs.  ll.-Bew'*.-. (!uy ' Parlier  and II. Woods.  ,    NOTICE-.  iVTOTIGJSislioioliy Kite" ilini.-'ld dav- alter'���������  ������Sj   (Into, I intend  to apply  lo llii'. Hem. llio  Cliief Coiiniiissii.iioi or IjiiikIs anil Woik-lorn  spi-ei.il  het'iise to 'cut nnd e-iro iiway tminor  lioin Uie lol]o\\iiii,-desoiil>i'd litntl-, vi/..:  Nd. I��������� CoiiiiiioiiciiiKtii. n post' plant ed on (lie  lifthL l.aiil.'or llio Coliiinhiii liiver,-ilii.nt linll n  mile nlioiil Sinprisi- .Lipids un,I nun toil II.  Ullis'siinilli-wosl ei.i-nor post," thoneo soiitli 10  elinin-, llieiice oust Hill clinin-, (lieiieo north 111  climi'o, tlienco vvosl lUleliiiins to point ot commencement.   ' -  ' ,,  No. "J���������C'liniuioiieiiiK    n't jii    post    planted   10  chains ensl (>r 11   KUis's iiorlli-VM-sl cennoi post. .  and marked "11- Kllis's senttli-e.isl corner post,' .  thenee mirth Ml chains, thence we-lWichiniis, ,  tlienco south .Mlchains, thence oast Ml chains to  place of coiiinieiiceiiiont.       -     '-     -  NmomlxJi ISlh, IIH)')..       .    *  _������   KLLIS-  '     11  NOTICE,  rVTOTICIi: is hei'ibv s'iven lli.it, .ill dajs aUcr-  IN    date, I intend to apply lo llio rTiiiior.ililc,  the Clner Coiiimissioiii'i   til bunds and Works. ���������  leu a special license te.ctit and enirj away Inn- '  lier limn tlie folliivvMUKele-criboel liiude:  :   Xo. I���������Con'iiiit'iiciiiK al ,i post iil.nilotl on l'ort-  .ikd Trail   iivei'  Surprise   Rapids, .ilx.til  i.ne-  lonrth mile fioni tliusmilli end or it,and iniirlei'tl  "Aelam" Ilnll's nnrtli-vvo-l coinei pnsl," tliunco  south ll)chains, thence oust   Kill chains, thence -  notlh II) chains, thence west  Kill chains lo place ���������  of commencement,       Y'f  ' Nn. ���������>���������CoiiiiiionciiiK iiL a' post iilantod on lho -  lort banle t>r (he Uoliimlmi  Uivor, be-itle JnniO!- -  Gilmoui's north-east   coiner   po-l,   iiboul-toi; -  miles   below -Surpii.-e    lt.ipnls,  and   maileetl  "Atlam Hull's soiilh-u.ist .corner iio-l," tlienco  \\e������t*S() chains, thence noilli hlieli.iuis, tlienco -  east Ml chains, thence sooth Ml chains to place,  of commencement. - '  Novombor'lS, 1!KH. ADAM  IIALU  NOTICE.  NOTKJE is hereby (.-ivoii Unit nltei Hdelny  intentl toapply tothollonoiablelhet Innr-  Coinmissionei or Ij.inds and Works im a -pociitt  licoiiselocul and carry away tniiber from.lhej--  followins-de-eribeil lands, vi'/ :    , '      '-'  No. I���������(JtiuiiiioiiciiiK al a post planted .ilmiil.'-  12 chains cast litim head ol Snipn-e Riipiels. tut  ���������Collinibiii llivur, maileetl "Jas.. Kill��������� - iiorih-  we-t corner post," t hence i-.isl Ml chains, llience  south SO chains, llience west HI chains, tlienco.  ninth SO chains lo place of commencement.  '  Novemboi-'lS, liHlIi.      '��������� JAS. KLLIS..  jrewra  StM-Jird reetntfy lor Ql������������t,  Ocfnorrhosa and Running*  If uiny 1  I' IN 48 HOURS.,  Cur������ Kid-int'"'1  nay and Bl������tfd*r Troubles.  For Sale or Rent.  ���������f.-mt.ST-OLASS HOTKL in G'ainborno,  J.1 Ii. O. The largest and only Hiyt-  oliiss house in town. For particulars  apply  to  Hotel  Criterion,  Camborne,  n. v.        f I  -  .ARROWHEAD:  Another Fire at .Arrowhead Lumber Co's old Mill.  Fiom our own Coi respontle-nl.  On Thiusday evening about 8."lu  the old ollice' and boarding .house of  the Arrowhead Lumber Co. across the  lake was binned lo Iho ground. Cause  of the lire is unknown.  Ciipt. S. C. liickai'd, who has been  manager of the bakoviow Hotel, has  resigned his position owing to ill  health, antl ir succeeded by IL A.  Sutherland.  Mr.  and  Mrs.  .1.   I). Kennedy and  family arrived from the cast a few days  ago and will occupy Mr. Pyfe's, house.  , Mr   Kyfu's   new   house    is      nearly  linished.      Mr    jvfo   and   family  f**1:-  s . '  peel to move in in n low days.  S. S. ICooteniiy bni icplaced the  Minto on the lake run,, and wc under-,  st.mil the latter will take the place of  the llossliuui in a few days.    '  -I. II. Nelson, of Yorkton, Man.J'who  has been working in tbe Arrowhead  Lumber Co's office for sonic time p.i.-t,  has lottirned to his homo. ,   ���������  GREAT NORTHERN  MINES  Take  Over Oyster-Criterion  Mine  From Ophir-Lade Company.  On Snluidiiya ineeling of the Ophir-  Lodjj; and Ureal Northern Mining  cnmpiiuii't was hold al Camborne.  The Opbir-liiido company resolved lo  sell the Oyslor-Crjterion mine and  mill to the (Irent Northern Mines for  f>00,000 lully paid up slnires in tho hitter company.  At, the ineeling of tho Great Northern Mines W. P. p,,(l| w-as elected  prosidenl, I*'. W. (iod-al vice-president,  It. I lodge: seoreltiry, and J'". W. Goel-  sal, W. I!. Pool, .I..I. Young, W. F.  Cochrane, T. Kilpatriek, B. Crilly, and  IC. M. Morgan, elireclor-.  At the meeting of the Ophir-Lade  company the returns of the month's  run of tho Oyster-Criterion mill wore  presented, and showed $"2,344, oralxmt  $(! per ton on the ore milled.  "-   NOTICE.  \    *     --'*- ,    ���������    :       .    .'   i  ATCP1013 is* hoieby isivcn (hat,illl ela.t- arier -  J>  'dale, I intend toapply lo the  lleinoiablo    .  Lho Chief Commissioneri>l Land nnd Work-for  n special-license to cui. imd-ciiiry nwav limber  fiom tho followuiKde-ciibed lauds, vi/..  1-"No.''I���������C'fiiiiinoncliiK -il'-a  po-l iil.inled.ibe.iit  It) chains west ol Olivia   Hobiiison1- norlli-o.ist, '  coiner post  on Canoe Hivoi.  aboul. '!'/��������� ii.ule-  fioin where il empties inlo (ho Cohimbi.-i Kivcr,  antl nun keel '��������� Jus.) KuxtoiiV seiiilh-wi'st.-corui)r '  posl," thoneo oast Ml elunii-,  llience north SO.  chain's, thonce west SO cli:.:ti-, llience -oulliMl-  cli.mis (o point of coiiuiioiicoiiioiit.  No. 2���������Coii'imeiiciiu.' nl   a "si pl.iiiled on lho -  we.-.! ii.ti.li- ol tnoColuinln.i Hnei,.il t.ie i.ii.ulli  of Jlnhinev Cieek, uutl  marked "J.i-. liiciton's  iiort h-e.isi coi nei post." thenci; we-l  ID chain-, .  thoneo south Kill chains, llience east  10 chain-,  thence noi th 11,0 chaiiis to place t.r c neiice- ;  ment  Ni.M-mbei 1S, IIH)I, -IAS. KUXTOX.  NOTICE.  ���������VTOTICE is herebi   -.-non   lli.it, *UI dn>-nrtor  W    date, I intend  It. apply lo the Hinioi.iblo  Hits Chief Commissioner ol  Lands and Works  for n special license lo cut and cany nwav timber from lho followum described lands, vi/. :  ' No. 1���������Coniineuenii^ at a post   pi,tilled  on lho ;  lell bank or (he Columbia ltitor, aboul VI iniles-  i>olow  Suriiiise K.ipid-,  nnel   mailed  "U.  A..  Jotd.in's south-east corner po-l." thence- -i.utli  III chains, thence east   KKI elm in-, thence north  ill cl.,tins, thence west IMIclinni-. ,  No. 2���������Coinmenciii-.' -it -i post planted on tin:  left bank of the (,'oliiinbiii Koer, about 12 iiules-  below Surpiise Hapids, nnil uiaiked "IS. A. -Italian's soitlh-wi-l  c er  post," rheiice norlli III  chains, thence west  Kill chain-. Ilieui-e -oulh-IO-  chains, thence east Kill chains to  plnco of coiu-  meticcment,  November IS, IHIVI. (i. A. JOUDAN.  ���������"; NOTICE.  A^0'1'IC,''' is liercby Kiven lli.it. Ibiily days  -IN i aftei'dale I intentl lo apply to the Chier  Coiniiiissionei ol Lanels mill Works lorn-pedal  liRi'ii-e lo cut -md fiti'iy ,twa> Liinbei- fi-oin the  fullowuiK iluseribcel hinds. \,/,:      .   .  Coiiiineiieuu? at a po-l in,tilted ".V. (louollc's  soiilli-wesl, corner post," nt the InoL of Upper  Arrow Lake on tho east side riiiiniiiK e.t-l, SO ���������  chains, llience north bD chains, thenee we-t ill  chains moie or less to lake -lioiv. then in a  -oulhei-ly dlieeli'iii SO chains moie or le���������, ful-  lou-niK the bank of the Collinibiii river lo point  ot commencement. - "  A. (iHNKLLK.  Nakusp, II. C, Ilecembcr 101 h. l!lli:i.  SAMSON & PAULSON,      .  PaintePS,Pap8PhangoPS,SignwntePS-:  ICALSOJUNING   DONE.  Orders rec.-ivo pi-cunpt .itteiition.  Second street,  ft RVJ2 LSTOKE  J. Guy Barber  WATCHES  and a  complete line  of the  GENUINE  ii  '1847  \ogers Bros."  Knives, Forks,  Spoons, etc.  ;s carefully examined antl  erl> fitted to the lxst grade  I Repairing. \ X        N S with*gold values, blocks of 120 It. liini  by 100  ft. deep   having   boon   pul -in  } sighl with paystroak ol clean shipping  lire nnil 2.1 lo fi ft. of concentrating ore  running froiii $S to $50 a ton.    In the  , ,-ivest    drift    the   oro-body % lies   right  against the dyke on thcyhaiiging wa  The oie'afthis point carried the liigh-  Ix-st values in gold   found  in the, mine  1    **��������� -        , <���������  samples   assaying  as  much   as b o-/s.  goltl and '100 0/.S. silver per ton.  >   -   -  C1KM.UAI..'"    "     '  -A "slant   tunnel vvas   stinted  100 ft.  lielow the,McNeil cro-scut nnd icven-  Icd good mo, from a louse of which 100  tons was shipped, showing Unit in the  now'- low" lev el tunnel now U-ing'di iven  I heir is every  probability of  striking  ' "now^loiises ,of high grade oie such as  ,   that 'already developed  in  the 'upper  levels.    This lons-e was  proved   to go  tlow n as far as a vviir/o was sunk on it.  and a mise rim into concentrating un1.  The    " - y  "*     '  iu:s'i-,OKi: " ,  1 t -'  ��������� nn the properly was got m No. 0 stope  wurk^isjl proceeding, lowniib" llicsur-  iice.'nnd there i- still 100 I't.of sloping  ground overhead. The shipping ore  iu thisj'ytopo averages l-l inches, and  ii"of very high grade, -while theio is  al.-o about ' eight inches of 'concen-  luiling ore.. An interesting feature of  the Silver Cup lead at this point' is  that the oie* appeal-lo make south'."  ' It is further-  - i ,     ,  A  JIATTUIl OK CON-liltATUI.ATlO.V  lo the now owners that not only i- tbe  Cup lead piiiducing such - excellent  icsults, but the Sunshine lead is"also  producing bettor 6ie than -ever. In  No. (i stope 100 fl._ above the- main  level thoy are 'mining an'oie body  which icarrios two loot in width of  shipping , oio of' high value on an  average,'and thieo feet of concen-  liating ore in addition. The paystroak  inns from 8 in/to 2-i it. in width.-  Wliile in the rest of the mine only the.  oie of.shipping grade, is being mined  at piesentyit this  point  it   has been  LOWER WORKINGS SILVER CUP MINE.  McNeill cross-cut, silver cup mini;  and No. 4 raise. In the former it ran  as high as .40 gold and 1004 uy.. silvei  per ton and in the latter wont tip to  2.12 o/.-- gold and 48(5 ozs silver.  The development work now in pro-  (TC-s- consists of sinking a winze from  N*o.f) west drift, which will" eventually  iw. c-cirmectcd by a raise from .the new  low level tunnel.       ,.   '  AXriMOXlAI.'OKK   -  in thc drift connecting the raises  through No. 4 assayed up to 1.20 ov>  cold and 1880 ozs silver per ton. In  Ko.-1 stope on No. 4 drift :i streak of  A inches ore ran-400 o/-s mIu*i', and in  IS'o. 4 drift bunches of ore weie got  tn lining $ 10 gold and 530 n/s silver,  r.uu.mxcs.  Tho building-yand improvements at  iiu-i-iiinp consisted at the tinic the  fie*w proprietors took over tho pioperty  of M..i-ksinith shop Hi by 20, and ore  .km ting shed 40 l.y "20 at No. 1 tun nei,  siul nt No. 2 tunnel ore .sorting ���������'bed  40 by "20, nnd blacksmith shop 10 by  20 ll. The accommodation -at the  ramp consisted of cook house and dining room 40 by 15 ft., stme room 18  Vy 20 ft., ollice 18 by 14 ft., meat house  12 ft.square*, and bunk hoti-c 30 by  20 ft. capable of accommodating 3(5  men. Now considerable addition-* and  improvements have lieon made to the  ttinip nccomniodation.  At the time the property vvu- taken  over the work done amounted to  '������,750 ft. of tiWiiieliiig and drifting,  ������00 ft. of raises, 1750 ft. of crosscut.  J40 ft. winzes.. 20L ft. of shaft, and  alioiit 20,000 i--u. ft. of stuping.  "���������KI-SKXT Ol'UKATlO.VK.  Development work now in   pri igre*--  deterniinod to'niino the, whole of the  ore-body, light to the surface, the  concentrating portion "f the oie being  hold in leadiiic-7 for the opening of  the mill.    So  i:\-Tli VOIlDIXAKII.V STKOXCi  is tho oie body in thi- stope that sis  much at, live* I'cct in' width of solid  shipping oie of high grade has boon  mined from it, and a special shipment  to the smelter vvas made from here.  In the continuation of the drift  fiom Ibis stope the pay-chulc ran  fiom S in. to n'ioot in width and then1  is Innn throe to iivo-foct wide of milling inc. so that tliere is eveiy pro���������  poet of the Sun-bine lead producing  greater quantities-of "shipping ore than  it has ever done, while the amouni of  milling ore in addition looks as if it  may rival that of the l>est mint- of the  Slocan both in quantity and quality.  'nu: xr.w l ow i.uvr.i. ti-\ \ i:i.  which is lieing rii-hod under contract  to A. Hendrickson by power drill- i--  evpected to strike the continuation <>f  the big mo chute at about 1000 ft.  from the portal and will give a I'm thcr  depth of 300 ft. on the oio-body, or  f)83 ft. fioni the collar of the shaft on  tho Cup. At the time of our vi-it  this tunnel had k*on run over half  this distance and bad encountered two  ore-chutes 40 ft. nnd 35 ft. long rc-pec-  tivoly of good grade, and had a good  showing of ore in the face, indicating  the probability of the continuance of  the upper ore-chutes with depth.  One of these ore-chutes vvas 18 in. in  width. If the lenses developed on the  Cup and Sunshine leads in the upper  tunnel sire proved to continue to this  steam-boiler have been installed, and  substantial compressor house erected,  besides other equipment.  <��������� ' Vrui: co.mi'kussok .-,  is one'* of the best pieces of mining  iiiaehinqiy to be seen in the -province.  'It is built by McKeriian,,of Dover, N:  ,1.. and was made in sections, which  on being put-together fitted   perfectly.  It is sot in conciete on solid rock. _ Its  cylinder is J4 in. hy.lS'im and it, ba.-  a supply capacity of 350 cu. ft. "The  boiler i*- 14 ft. df.mietoi.by ">2 ic' long,  and,vvas supplied by the-Union lion  "Wniks, of SaTi * Francisco \ It was  liveted together on"the,giouiuL The  compressor has a valuable attachment  in lhc shape of a combined main and  air governor,��������� and. a.- its piping i������  aiiangcd it efl'ect- an'"economy- of 25  to 30 per cent in fuel, using only a  coid and seven eights ' liiewood in 24  boms, v  The fuel foi the conipies-or is  supplied fiom the south lork of the  Laidcau, being'shipped ^to the mine  by the aerial, tiani in conveyoi.-  specinlly devised for the purpose. The  -cheme works most successfully. K.  G. Balfour, formerly.engineer nt the  Nettie L.. put the compressor plant  together'and dcserv es.gre.it ciedit for  the way in which he has ananged it.  lie lcmanis m chaigc of the compressor room sit thc Cup  - 000 to 700 coids of wood   have been  cut at thc lowei teiniinal of the^ tram,  ready feu 'transportation to the mine,  coxoi.usiox.  Theie werenboul 50 ton.- of shipping  and .Gieat Western Companies is a  mutter of great.intciest to the mining  indu-tiy ,of the province iis applying  ii new method of handling a class of  ores which it would lie almost impossible to handle ptolitably in any other  way,and the people of liiiti-h Collinibiii  hope to see t he in vestors in t heso propei -  ties well,low.oelotl for,'the lion a tide and  systematic manner in which thoy have  set,aboul their .development and niin-  iiig'opornlioiis.  THE MINES.  *,       ~*''   ..*--  -The tunnel on the' Lucky Jack is  now in 195 ft. ���������- The vein* is two feet  vyide, With a dip ol, 40' degrees and is  rich in gold. ' , ' -'  -.The ILinibler-Cnriboo " proposes to  run a 4000 I't. tunnel to tap the lower  levels. The work vvijl take two 'years  to carry out. " ��������� <  .). O.Bradley'rcporls having success at'Spoknne with tbe flotation of  the gold pioperty which ho located  last year south of Ground Hog Basin.  Raymond Allen, who is in from the  Bend,, reports his placer property on  Smith Creek looking well, and that  he has located the old channel for  which he has been searching for tbe  past six or seven years.  The new .ore shoot struck in the  1350 ft. level of tho Lo Koi is big -and  rich. It has been explored for SO It.  and the walls arc not yet reached.  The ore runs from $L0 to $20 per ton.  Another shoot has been struck to the  ���������*$���������<*������" ���������* ������$'f$ rf <$ ff <* r|-$*|*| <���������** f*'f$ ������i r������ 4 ^ ������'4 <i 'i' 4 4 ^ 4 '*>  <���������$*)  <*$)  (���������$>  (Oh  HOTEL   LARDEAU  ��������� :' '     .,COMAPLIX ���������'."-1-=  'rJfcr,  - \$?'  <$?  (fo '  ^oiisistts in sinking winze  ivom   No.  0 j level, thc mine will be  drift which   will   eventually   bo con-j oxi-: ok tiie most VAr.rAni.K  Mooted |,y n raise from the-new low I in the province, both from the high  level (iinnel. A stope is bore being, grade of its oie and fi.im tbe quantity  parried   up   to  a   height  of 250 ft. oi*  within .'{<> ft. of the surface. From a  cnwio.it to the Cup lead a -tope has  been extended on that lead for a height  pf 55 ft., nnd will bo continued. 1 hi"  ,<tope   if   where,   under  W.   15. Pool's  ol oie available*. This low-level tunnel is being run on the Sunshine vein,  so that every foot of work i- testing  the niitieial-U*aring ground at that  depth. This Sunshine lead in one of  the few " blind "' leeads which exist  in  UPI'ER TUNNEL'SILVER CUP MINE.  ore sacked at the mine ready to send  down. The second class dumps nt  Nns. 1 and 2 tunnels comprise about  15,000 tons of ore which will yield an  average of $5 per um in gold and 20  o/s. -diver. A now section of train,  three and a half miles in length, has  been put in by B. C. Iliblet to connect  with the prc-ont tram. This latter  will connect the mine tram by a  -witcbhack with the mill and over  this the contents of the dump- will bo  shipped for tieatnieiil at the mill.  Wo have to thank P. .1. Devine, who  was foreman at the Cup, at the time  of out vi-it foi showing u-over the  propcity and assisting us in the compilation of the information -upplied  in this aiticle.      Mr.    Devine   was at  west and it looks us if thc Le Roi is  now developing the biggest ore-body  yet discovered in the mine.  The Man Who Works Hard.  Perseverance and will-power ho  must have, but whether he has  strength and vigor is another consid-  oration. Hard working men usually  have,irritable nerves and should fortify their systems with a comso of  Ferrozone, a tonic that rebuil Is and  reviUlizou beyond all telling. Its just  wonderful thc strength that Ferro/.one  imparts to broken-down men. It  forms new blood, supplies the system  with abundant nourishment, and  where formerly there vvas tirednesn  and lassitude " Ferro/.one. establishes  a reserve of energy and vim. Try  Fcrrozono���������price 50c. per box.  ,*,   The, Best House in'Town.     -   . Well Furnished  ,-���������   Good Table  ($h  <���������$>  ,-t*<^i^f^i*fot"to^^'^i'$?  Best Brands of WINES] SPIRITS and CIGARS kept 'm Stock.'  i> -  ��������� ----.' ",-'*  ;W. HAMILTON.-Proprietor.     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Peimaiieiit Loan Co. has  issued the following cic-nlaY to its  agents:      ��������� . . ,  - r - - I"  "Genilemeii ��������� Ple.i.-o lotmii to us  any mortgage fount, and solicitois'  ���������cei ti/icatcs which you may have on  3i.mil, as wo h.i've decided to tlis'-on-  ���������tiime loaning money in-your town on  account of the new t.iv recently im-  '���������posfe'd by the government, which ivo  coiiSidet unfair, and which bus m.i 'e  it necessary for us to loan our money  ���������in oihor'piovmces where no such taxis imposed, and, wheio wo get the  same i.iles of inteiest which vie can  secure,in Biitish Coluiiil.ia.''  '' Yoius truly,  Tnos. T. Laxoiois, Mgr.  ,        ) now jt nn- 'iin: i.vu.virns.   ' ''  A    farmer   writing   to the Victoria  Times hits -Vancouvei   eqn.iiely when  lie reininds   thai city it voted for  the  solid   five   to   simpoit   the,, Mcliridc  '.      . i  goveriinient   and     is getting m��������� out-  v rageons taxation   what" it  voted   for.  '    Ho adds ^ .  ������������������Yet the Vancouver electors thought  it wise to elect a whole block  of-con-  ,' t acrvlitive   menibors 'lo er.abie tbe Mc-  Bi'nlc-   govei iinient    to     enact    this  - jniijuitoiis act."  c.vusi:s l'niv i:i.*-vi. di--vi-isrACnox.,  , A IN.ui.iimo telcgi.ini *.iys ;  '    Gciieial dissatisfaction and disgust  ,piev,.ilcd .iinon'gst the ."business,, inen  and 'eiti/ens geiioiall.v  S.ituiday  when  the now assessment nnliciis iiicieasing  the ia vatioi.   of piopeit*,   nil the way  i,o be  sent  this year  will be 4 lbs. of  oats and , 5 lbs. ot   wheat   or   barley,  sufficient to sow  one  twentieth cf nn  acre.    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The  mineis weie especially 'indignant  upon tcceipt of the unwelcome valentines IManv who have spent a ifu'sre  portion of their earnings buying little  lm in- of live acies from the coal   com-  panv vvhich have taken   veais  oi hard  - -* ' .-  laboi io linpiovo. .no taxed out   of   all  piopoi lions. ' '  i ij.Mimr. r.vi i:ui*ui������i: kii.i.i:**).  tl'he,, full   fence   ol 'iho new act   's  ,pci! aj.s felt, uios; bv the B C. Logging  ct1   Lumber  Company,   winch,    aftei  many 'tips and down--, had just  begun  '���������active i,pei,itions in the northern  end  ol the Island and winch .it the   outset'  was   employing   ovei    2,)0 men in its  - 1 iggni'-, camps with- a    monthly    pay  roll en' iic.ulv -fai 000      It is compelled  co   shut   up   simp   owing   to   ilie jno-  lubiini-   ti.\ imposed on   e\-p*"rt   log-  The clti-uig up of tliose camps  means  'tlie monthly loss of sevei.il   thousand  d.dials to   X.itinuiio.   wheio nearly all  the   -applies   for  the   indtistiy   weie  piu chased   and   what   con Id   nor be  -.uociiicil .lieu*  wa-   purcli.i-ed   cither  in Y.mcotivei or Victoiu      The eoni-  pany has the eiiuie s-v nip.-itliyi/ii,. the  citizens    who    aie   molesting     verj  Strom: Iv   ag mist   the  goi erniiient for  its out mucous piopos.ils.  Nursed the Baby' While' the   Lady  Voted.  On, election day an amusing incident is reported. A candidate went  to a lady voter whom he expected to  support him and urged her, to iccoid  hoi jote. She pointed 'to a crying  baby and, said it, was impossible to  leave it. Determined not to lose a  vote the candidate leplied : ' ''Well.  'I'll muse the baby foi,you while you  go to vote"' The lady was only.too  glad to have a little change so dressed  and went to the poll, * and' Jeit her  b'aliy in ohaige of the candidate'whom  she found on'her return stiolling up  and down Ihe loom cndcaioiuig to  pacify it. The 'lady is repotted to  have voted for the othei follow' after  all. but wedont believe ir.  Jas. I. Woodrdw,  BUTCHER., I-  Retail Dealer In--.���������^,nrr7?^3-  ,       - BEEF,    PORK  " '* MUTTON, Etc.  - Fish and Game ..in Season.  '       All orders pioniptly filled. ,  REVELSTOKE, B. C,  Coi ner    Douchi-  nnellv)))y: -treel*.  Provincial Legislature.  Chamberlain's  Remedies.  Chamberlain's - Cough Remedy.  For Coughs, Colds, Croup and Whooi>  ing Cough.  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'I lieoilor Tollef-fii unit  Williiini   Allen or ant   pei-on or peisons (()  whom they may have iissiKiitd (hen- inteiest  , 111 the Valhalla Kioun coiihisluifr ol   \ril.in������,  ' Valliiillii.Oilin nnd Thor miiici.il claims, on  Hit; creek, situate on I ho west, side of nnilli  .11.11 of Upper Arum   Luke, Lai dean M iiiiiij?  Division.   West  ICoolenay   Hisuicl,  Hotish  (j'oltinibtii  4 Vou aie lieiebj   notified that I, the   under-  -iKiied, have expended for \on Iho 'inn of 5^-0  in Inl or. inipioveiiienls and leeonliiiKtee^ upon  the suid Vikniir. Valhalla, Odin and Thor Mineral clitini-, under the piov i-ioitsof lhcJliiiei.il  Aft. and il ttilhin iiinelv el.tts liom (he dale ol  tins notice von tail or lelu-c Ln ennliibiitt' the  afoic-aul sum, tui;ethei- wilh -ill co-Lsof adtei-  Usiiik. join inteiest 111 lho-aid iniiienil cl.iims  will  iiccome  the luopcitj   of III)'iindoisit-ned  under-ection I of the Ael, entitled ".Vn Act to  Amend li101M1nu1.il Acl,   IUHl"  Dated this 2ml day or Decemboi. 13(11. **  II. II   ST.WMCKY.  Chamberlain's Stomach ,and  Liver^Tablefs.       <  For   Disorders  of the Stomach, LivM  and Bowels.    Price 25 cents.  Every one of these preparations  is guaranteed and i! not fully satisfactory to the   purchaser   tho  NEW MINING  COMPANY.  The    Imperial    Will   Opsrjte   at  lllecilliwaet.  D. Woolscv is organising the Imperial Mining Comp.inv to operate  the piupcitv in winch Cl c. McCarter  -and ho have been interested at  Jllecilliwat-t The propei ty is a inr.-st  l.u -irably situated one being on ti*e  Wa.L1 ly wagon load, anel liindy to  the raiiivaj. The piopeic* ha= made  sc-.i'-.d -hipinert- .mil i'r.an the pro-  cOi-l-i.l t ,-.-|, ,1 \i pei cent .ltviclc-.i'l  was pal. im- tl.i- pa-t year. '1 he  iliii'-'tii-.i tin' now company will be  Mcs-r- M-i'ait.'i. I'mpps, Kilpitriek  anel \\ ij.- - -y  SEED ~GRAIN.  Free     D,stribution    by   Dept.   of  Agriculture.  I'v iii.-fiui-tioii ol the Hon. Mill istoi  in .\-_'i l-.-iilrno- arK.th'-i ch-ti ibutioii  will i.i in nl' tin- - ��������� .-.in nl -ample��������� ol  the ,11 i-L p .nl 1 toe - 1 :���������) of gi-i'n to  (. an.nil.ni f.iin.ci:, l.u tli'' uii������ii-'ive-  inent 01 -inl Toe sti.clc loi distil  linn..11 1- ol tin- veiy bc-il and h.is been  seem.'(I iii.iinlv lioin the- e.M.i-1 Ictil  ci..|>- icue'iiuy h k! at tlio Ijianch Kv-  j,i-l unci it.11 1''.11 :n at Indian Head in  the North west Tenitorie-i Tho (1 is-  ti ibution tlu-s "-ining will con-ist of  sn 11.pies of ..-.lis -p. .ng wheat, b.nli-y,  Iiidi.ni coin itinl potatoes. The  (jn.iiiiitic"i ul oai-,   wheal   ai.tl   Ij.'iley  The health act is Icing amended to  enable the boa id of health to'investigate c.uiscsfof sickness or mortality in  any city or locality.  The school act aniendinont'bill provides   third class teachers certificates  shall not be .encwed. that teache.s mooev Will he refunded  mii't be graduates ot a normal school,  e.-tcept that t.-n years experience teaching .in the province shall'similarly  t[tinlify g.aduates in arts -and high  school students who have passed matriculation shall bo exempt from ex.ini-  iniition in non-pro-V-sioml subjects.  Premier .McBiide -eoms to neve abandoned l.i= pir.po'ci. I'l.ni e-f ie-.!i-tiib'j-  tion of the* i-dno 1!-..-i v.,-(*  NOTlUE'is herubj niton that I hill \ d.ivs .1II01  tlate I liiiund to applv to lho Chief Coiiinns-  -le.nei ol Lauds antl Woik- In. a special licon-u  In cut .intl ca 1 r\ awav liinber.lieun tin- follnu line  dosui.bed 1.mils 011 llio Anow Lake-, Wc-l K..11I-  en.iv liisliiet :*  ,   . - No. I  ('0m111e11c11iK.it a post plained on (he southeast side ol lhc north-east, mm of Uppei Anow  Lake, about one mill" W0"1 ol i)ec|)u.ilei- Landing, inarkud "V L F Hall's ninth e'lsl, eoinei  liost." tlienco -mini SD chain-, llience wosl M)  ch.iuir. llience north SO eh.mis, (hence east MI  chains to point of commencement  No. 2  C'.nimenciiiK -tt a post planted on lho -oiilh-  e.i-t sitle ot the iiorth-o.ist .inn ol Upper Vnow  L-.I.C alioiitone nnli* west ,oI Docpw.itci Landing, mai keel " I L l-" 11.ill'- noitli-\\e������l ee-nier  linst " thence cast SO chain-, llience -nulh Ml  en.nn-, thenee wes-t SO cliaius, Ihenci-um th SO  cil.mis to point ot coiniiieiiceiueiit  ���������A  L ]- U\LL  Dated this 1'itli daj of Decemboi, I'ltU  HENKY'S NURSERIES  ' " aOlO Wostniinstei   Road. I  ' X.L",-->,-! ' ,  Fruit and Ornamental Trees  Rhododendrons, Roses, (  Holland  French" g-gLBg  1   and Japan      "*^ ^ *���������*���������***  FOR FALL PLANTING. "<  Garden, Field and Flower Seeds  ;,'   ALWAYS IN STOCK.  CUT FLOWERS  for Ball". Weddings  and Funerals.  Bee Hives and Supplies,  '''  ,  FERTILIZERS.   ^    .  Catalogu'e fieo.     > ,,,'  M. J. HENRY;  Vancouvbii/B: C.'  1    ,, s'jynoicEi'   ���������;  KURTZ & C0;S CMRS  J The 'Best on tha Market,  ''  ���������  ICUltTZ'S OWN      ,    ,    -  ICUltTZ'S PIONBElt  IvCUTZ'S SPANISH BLOSSOM  arc Biiitids- that can't be beaten.  MADE'BY UNION LABOR.  THE CITY EXPRESS  E. W. B. Paget, Prop.  ^ l t - r  PrompL delivery of. p.ircels, baggage,  etc., to any part of the City/- " v  Any'Kind of Transferring ,  '^.Undertaken. ..  J ; ���������  --All' orders left at R. Ml Smytli'o's  Tobacco Stoie, or b'y Telephone, No. "7  will receive prompt, attention.  Trademarks   '  and Copyrights  obtained in all countries.  DATENTS  *    , _, -      obtained in nil co  "ROWLAND BRITTAIN,  Registered Patent  Attorney     1  -"       ^ 1 - ,  .      Meelianicil-Attoniey nnil Knttinecr. ' ���������  Itooin ll.-Ktirllelil Hloek, (.Irainillest.. nc.ii* 1\0  VANCOUVER,'   B.   C.    ',   '      ���������  A   poste.nd   vmII ^ecuie (in ovcniUKiippoint  ment lor theiii'who ciniiiol e-nll riming the (l.tj  Place Your Orders  for   CHRISTMAS  with   us   111   tune  CA ICES and  ENGINES.  I    V  Racking fains in the Joints.       I  Also    every    foi-n    ' i"    1 hc-nni.iti- 11, '  neuralgia anel sciatica oie best cured,  bj   Nerviline   thc (juickesit   relief  for'  musculai pain yet dHcovcitd.    It- l.e-'  cause Nervilme strikes in   and  penc- [ ^  tratca  right   to  thc coie of the pain ]    ]_  that It give =UCI1 miboinidyej   -ati-faO- \  lion     ��������� f caught cold 111 mv .-bouleb-t - 1  w bile diiiing end stiiVcn'd gro.it pain.;  wi  :e-fr   K Di'inp-av ..I" Ijei i:n    I 0-1 d _  Nerv iliiic   freely    ml   wa- toon qui'..- ,  well.  I have lounel   Ne-i v itinc an 1 xei I  .  leut lvmedi  for ri cumat.-m  ami  1,111-  ralgt.-i .1- well a-foi ((.Id  on  ilieclifst  S.1'.v .Miil  Wood '.-',  ilnclii.nci v  All of v.i  ��������� uiprv  .1  ?,;ac  1 ������   "fcliuniv  <i r.!l pm ijo-cs  b-il i:.aki.*3.  NOTICE.  N1  Tl. neilson & co.  602 Main St.. Winnipeg,  SSS,J������  THIS IS NOT EGOTISM.  "���������"OTTCJ: i- licioby j;i\o������ llial (him d.i>*. alLci  d.ilu T intend 10 apply lo (he t'huji ('inn-''  mi-Monur of IjviiuU and Woi kb foi a >puci.il  licuusu to out tiricl c.iriv aw.n timber fiom (ho  follow mur'���������fifjHiJbotl lands, situated in Wot-  11^+ ten.iv :  No. 1  C, ��������� v."������i ciusr  at   n   jk������-i   pi, uted on Uie e.i-t  1* 1   k ������ t Piiit,-1011 ( in*l������. at out iMndo* up   I iom  .ts   ��������� fiiiili   11 nl I'd   *\V 'J'    Hall's   MHitl-we-l  ���������un   ti   1 < -' '.   thi'iiee   u.i-i    Hi   fli.tii1*.    ilifi-oo  t( ,    'l  I'I" CM  Illl*-.  I, l'IU (    \\L*   i     ill t 11,1 IM-      lln.I.LO  ,Ti.  .- JiT chill**"- 10 1 ������*JIlt ol  CtMllHlUUCU lU'nl  No. 2  Cotiinioncin-ff ar a po=-t pl.inttid on the fast,  b.inl; ol I'mij-i'oii Clieelc. about il miles up (join  it������- mouth, and mailiOd l*W. T. Hall'** suutli-ea^i  cornei post", tliouce oojtli SO chains thence  wisi Ml chains*, tlienco mmiUi -SO chains, tlieiiee  en-L SO chi-aiiis to point of commencement  W.T.JLUjL. ,  DrftPd tl.clMtlidayof Decomlmr. IflO 1  Christmas Groceries;  Agents for  the  C'lehiuled  MONSOON  TI5AS.  NOTICE.  M.A.SMITH&.GO.,  i\IcICeii7.ie Avenue, Revelsloke.  Halcyon Hot Springs  .J'ci nitariizrn."  -\rOTK i: is liuifhvKivcn lhal lliiitv d.iv-cll.'i  ; 1\    .1 itc T nili'iirl in applv l������  Ilii-Chii-I   ('..m-  , ' inis-ioiii-i   ol   Ijii.iN    ��������� i.ci   VV.nl.s  r,.i ,i spec) il  W.1 Iii-li.-v..   wt    kntnv    our   111 Willi' -   i liecii-e  l" cut ni.dcaii.v nvt.it Undo run., lho  Oui-   litl-ll    i-   I..   help   \ott  rl.i t-oo,' ! ff>ll"������'(������.-   eh'-ciibe-l   l.m-l-  .siliialcd   m   We-I  liiisin.-s*.    W,'   -npplv   ii|i-l(.-el.ite-   liii-i-  nt',-   noMils     ..ri.I     nifllioil-t���������niniii-v-  K..ol.-i..i!i :  I I    rccom Ilicnei    X.tiiin,     biyhl;  wouldn't be without u. '    fi ���������������'  s.iMiifr devices .onl hmv tt, i-,(. ii,,..  C/iiinrciiriii  Nn   I  ' i t n poM    planted   on   the  'M--I  CITY SCHOOLS.  Salaries  Raised,  and    More Efficiency Demanded.  The school tni-lff- hue iiici-c.i-t.il , f,,���������  tin s,i| ii ic--, t f the ten Iii-i - si. a- to  bring tlicin UJ) te) tl.i -atiic-ca le as  Xtl-oii. Tin* incre-.i-" ainouut- te,  about -ii'iOO a year le.i rl.i pi.-sCnr  -tall, and Willi tin* addition ul M1--1  Hobbs to the tc.ielung -tall' the -alarv  will -l.ow thi-  bout $1000 own  I.i-jt year  Thc liusties have .il-ohold a coin"i-  ciKcwitb the te-iehing -tall with a  view    to     securing      more    cHieient  ICrilllll.  { linuk of i'liife-l.iii ( 0 cl,. .ii.i.iit IJ nule* up It  ( It-nie,i! III. nnd 11. 11! e>d   "A. 1   fliill'- soul h.-tc^l  . t-'irner   |-"-i   ,   tl.-itc   .-i-l   10  elut-ii-,   ilicu c  iiorll, 1 ii I'li.i.ii-i. tlie-ne,- \w--l Id t-h nits,   th.-uce  -.lll'.It 1   !  t Jl.il/1-- iff p'llUl ol COnllllCHLCUICUl  ! Nei '_'  I /.lill.,e-li.'li,u (it ,. [".-I I'I llili'il (HI Iln' (' l-t  I, ink -.1 I'm,--ti,ii Cn-.-l,, .ilioni l*J mil.-s ii|. Innn  ll - m-.iitl, t,..'in.- ti.-st I'I e li.mi"-, lle-ii.i- ii,,ith  Ji'-(| e-li.n.i-. th.ii-o-i-is( in e-li-iiiis. il.f-iu ..-,.,nth  IIVJ r I,ii In, to |������������ ant .. 1 coin 111.'.it eiiili-lit  A   I   ll.ll.l..  Dite-dlii Jlth daj nl I).. I'liiln-i. I't'!.  ril.HL'; .MliDICAfiAVAriiRS of llal-  JL cyun ai e tin' most curative iu the  wtulil. A perfect, iiatiiinl remedy lor  all Nt'ivons .tint .Musculai' disease's,  Livci. ICitltK'V anel Steiin.ich iiilments  .tiul .M.-t.illic I-'oisoiiing. A sun* curi'  lor '���������'l'h.i.I. Tired Feeling." Special  rat,'- on all boats and trains. Two  mails .iiiive antl ili-p o t'i-vei-v day.  Te-li-gi-iph eomiuiiuic.il ion uitli aii  p.ols nl   I he   woi Id.    An   t-xpei icticcd  III.I--.I IIL(t'l'.  Halcyon Hot Springs  Arratu Lake.  23. C.  Nf.wKf.r. r.'.'.-i':-,.--:.vK i.m.e.i.-i  Lcf    Fib--  ,,r,el   f..-.IK  NOTICE.  ...i.-.' I-MI ni'- .,-,(! 1,-iIk-i, uith fJOTK I; I-iieri-l.v'.:ii-ii lh.it Ihirlj din-, .n.-r  tlliiK- -| e.'l.illy I'll-tJ. prtntf-el, [ii-i|,r[. " tl <li- I niti-nd to iipi.lv I" Iln- I'hi.-l C.iu-  lU.l.ir.ii punch" I to s-nl anv -'vie ,,t I "'sii.iii-i <-r l���������u,,N ,.n.l Worts fm ,i p,-,-i,,l  ,,.,,.,., - ' ' , li.-'-l.-.- I., i ut nnil cnrr> atiiit limlwr frn-n Um  'i-'O'( ' r...i     i ....i.     ...............    ..-.. .  follow un,-  Ki.(.ti--i ij  roll of the city ������clif.(.  year .in   ineic-i.-e   ot  (TllH-tl   l.imls    sitn.ileel in  N'���������  1  foiflliu'iie-ii,^' t,l ii point pl.infi'd on Ui.< cist  b.uik ol I'line-li n Cri-el., iib'.iit IC miles n|i r...in  I it- in.,tali, u i.i I.id * M 4*. U.-Kiieti.-'s" sontle  i '.w,l e..ni<-f t/e..t''. tlienci-e,i.| III i-lnini-., llii-nt-.-  ' north |l>l, I. un-*, thl-lie-c u.'-t Ut clinllis. tln-nee'  ' ���������,iitl. I'������ i'ii lilin le, pf.iul of I'liiiiin.-iiroini'llt.  TKve.iw^.r. -irtAN.-jF'Kii Kir.K.  Kootenay Mail Publishing' Co. Limited,  JJKV'/iLSTO   li, Ji. V.  Ne. 'I  ''.(iiini.-neiii^iit ii i*>st ),l,iiit.-d on (ln������ tv-i-sl  fulfil of ]'iin<-.t..ii I'r.-.-l'. iiln.nl l'.i mil.", up from  !!-( inellFl, nnel nllirlr-rl "M l MrK.lf.'.li-'s-tilllh-  e-,i-.t e-i.rn/r poll", tl.flie.- west 111 i-Iihui-., th.-i.e-e-  north lift (-)i.iiih, I lie-lie-.- e- ist le) chiiin-j. tln-i.e-.*  Hi.utl. l������/)e-li.iiii-t lo |y.inl e.re-oiiiiiie-nt'i'iiii-iit.  M   A. MeKAlitn:  ll.iti-el tlieillJiilii/eif !)i<-ciube-r, llfl'l.  I    line    -l.ill.-ll    .1    pCTIII-llll'lll    W'llllll  V.inl   nil   TliiiiI ilieet.     Willi mv p.ist  .-\|.ei |. in .- I hope  In   lie  tu   a   position  III   -Ml I-l V .ill     I .-l_llll I'll..'Ill s    1.1    Cilsllllll,  I'I- iMllI      111(1     1 Ml (llMKIfl     -llplllll-tl '   ill  any Icn^-Ilis ,ili educed  prices for cash-  It. SAMSON.  ... _. ���������R. BrST0NEX,-���������--'.  MACHINIST  AND GUNSMITH  Opposite Ccntial Hotel, Hevelstoke.  L.-ithe and  General Machine Work  Pinmplly   ExHciifcd.  TIEIMliE    tAjBTJE  S. S.i, "Archer" or S. S.   "Lardeau.'  Huiiiuiig bclwccn Arrowheud, Thomsou'e  Laneliiif; nnd CoiuapIlK, commencing Oct. 14th,  1901. w ill tail ab follows (weather permitting) y ���������  Leave Arrowhead for Thomson"!. Landing  mid C'onmplix twice daily at 10k. and 13k.  Leave Comaplix and Thomson's Landing for  Arrowhead twice diiily.nt 7.15k. and 12.15k. jv  ^taking clone coi'mectioiiH with all C. P. R.  trains and bouts.  'Tho owncis roKorvo the rightto chan c timee  of Mailings vv itliout notice.  THIS KIIBU HOniNSON LUMBER CO. L'TD.  '   ��������� "       V. IIOBINSON.  , ,J - , "     ManaBiiig Director.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  ,,  ���������   Royal Mall Llaoa.  Cheapest Route to tho Old Country.  ALLAN LINK.   ,  Ki-am S(. John, irulifax. Poi Hand, New York.  Tunisian Dec. 19-  Parisin Dec. 28  Pretoriiui    ��������������������������� ���������'   Jan. 2  lUv'iiiiun ' Jan. 111  .    DOMINION LINK.  (\iiin'd.i....' ��������� Jan. 2  Doniimoii   "       ....        ��������� ,  ...Jim. 23 i  CAN. PAC.1 ATLANTIC S. S.-Kroin Montreal  Ijikc Manitoba ���������-    . .Dec. ������{  Jv.iI.eCliainplaiii Jnn.'J  LaUeKi'ie    -.     ..  - ' '. f   .Jan. 22  AMKltlCAN LINK���������From Now Yoik.  SI. Louis.     ...' '.'..'..'... .Dee. 23  New Voik      '   . . .  Dee. .W,  WHiri" STAR LINK���������Kioin New Yoik.  Teu I on ie ���������  .'.   ...'������������������'        Dee. 2:1  Aialnc  ���������      ���������     ������������������������*���������<*��������� ������"* L  Germnnie '  Dee. .11)  i     CUNAUD LINK���������Ktoiu .New York.  Unibnii, '.,'.'...  I>������-*e. 1������  Lueanii.        Jan. 2  Kn-iiili. :      Vm-'\  Iveviii.i .,.-...- ,   ..Jan. ������,  Passengers ticketed lhi'oii(,'h"to all pai'ts of  Great Uritiun and Iielantl. and at specially low  rates to all parts of thc Kiiropt'iin continent.  Apply to nearest railway or steamship agent or  to   , >   , ��������� > ,  T.  W. BRADSHAW,  Agent,  Revelstoke.  W. P. F. CUMMINGS, Pacific Agent. ���������  THE"0wT^!5  Kast of Molsons Hank       -      ltevelstokc*.  For your meals.- Open day nnd night.  Meals i")c ,-ni'd upvvaiil. , Special weekly  rates.    Good service guaranteed.  "YODO FU.TIl',  Proprietor. .  VViiig' Chung's" newly- iiii-  ' ported stock of 'Chinese  ' and Jupancse goods.-    --  *  The best assortment ever  * landed 'in   Revelstoke   of  useful     and     ornamental  articles:  Tea sol-vices'  I Mali's  Itllsltelr. ,  l'nucCli.ih������  Trundkei chiefs  GOLD, FISH  Kmc-t stock of candies and fruit m town.  Front Street, Revelstoke  l-'lower Pots  Unibiella titiiuds  laineli lliu-kets  Sniolviug .Itickets  ,    tiilk Goods.  Mining & Legal Purposes  Transfers, Oplions, lJovvers  of .\ttoincy, .Statutory Dec-  l.'u.itioiis, Pro vies, etc., can  he obtained at the  ..Kootenay Mail Office..  Don't be ^r.li.sficd to work  alonff in the same old way  for low vt-nges. "U'c can  help you'carve out a successful career. Thoiuanib  have increased their salaries  by following our plan. Y.'c  can train yon in spare lime,  and at small cost, for any  of the following positions:  Mechanical, Electrical, Steam, Civil, or  Mining Engineer; Electrician; Surveyor;  Architect; Draftsman; Bookkeeper; Stenographer; Teacher; Show-Card Writer;  Window Dresser; or Iti Writer.  Write TODAY, stntlne vihlcli iwfI.  tlon Interests yon, to  INTERNATIONAL  Correspondence    Schools  Box 799, SCRANTON, PA.  on cm oi out toeii, nii'iiwEsriTiTE;  S. H. KRUGER,  I5ok 41.), , Xclbon, fi. C,  I ,  Hi  'I  ' 'rl  'Ul  , '���������  ������\ THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  If*  ft  *"i"  That Mr." This or Mr. That sends East for his  clothing, his dry goods or his groceries, and at thef  same time send East   for' your requirements in the '  *Prititer*j Trade  Working' Printers are"'paid good wages and'their  trade forms a'considerable item in tthe 'commercial  world of the city. ' ' ���������'  Shop Keepers! be, loyal'lo your city in small  matters���������e*et your printin > done in Revelstoke.  Remember that because an Eastern',traveler selling-  dry   goods   or  groceries,   carryjng 4a, "side line" of  ���������office supplies,    the'-product' of   cheap labor, and .  'therefore offers   to   cut  prices,   it- is not always the  ' best business policy to let such printing orders' pass  your o\\n   fellow   townsmen/   ' Don't   neglect'^ihe  chance of aiding in the building up ofahciciiy.    - ���������  REMEMBER.' AL'SO,  -that' strictly    first-class  work, and promptness and thorough   satisfaction, iq  " all1 patrons   are1 the  salient; features   of the   work  done in The    '  .   4        f  SNOW SLIDE ,  Carrie's Away Iron Bridge on C.P.R.  The be iv i snow I.i II w Inch .'.in I in in il  fiiwn 'I'bu.-il iv   'Mil   Mond.ii    K'siilied  i ,  in stn.wsliil H-*.ilung the line, e-.ind at  Snow bank, lujni.d Iiogci- I'.is-, a big  slide -wept '?loi\i> lho r glllcll  and en iled -may the big nun blidge  which ,spumed tbe gulch at thai  li.iinl ll") ing the," last ,wo winters  I Ins biiil������c has'been ibiortll out of  posit um bv lhc big si ties which sweep  ilovvii llie g"loh. but on,tins occasion  the biidge was swept completely out  and not a "vestige of it is to-be seen  It has probably been cat lied some  distance down the mountain side and  is buried up in snow. ,   ,  /The biidge went out on Sunday  .-mil No. 1-was detained 'till Monday,  when the p.issengois'and mails were  crossed and exchanged wilh'No. 2,  nhich leiuined to , Vancouver The  local ollicials woio most piompt in  attending to the cause of the trouble.  Supt. Kilpatriek and Inspectoi Miller  at once wont to the scene, nnd'Gen.  Supt Bl.iipole an lvod'fiom,Vancouver,  , Tlie budge cievvs weie piessed "into  seivice and a tenipoi.ny 'structtue  elected by Wednesday tonllovv the  'tiains'to'get acioss. Gen. Supt. Mar-  pole lettiiuecl Wednesday, *and( Supt.  Kilpatnck stayed vvitli the woik till  the service was1", lesunied though he  .was sulVcimg fioiii a" bad'cold and  pliysic.ll> unlit foi the baidship .and  exposure.  Dislocated Her.Shouldir.  Mrs. Johanna Snderbolni, of Fergus  Fall-, Minn., ic-ll and "dis.loi.iied her  shouldei She had a surgeon get il  back in [.lac as soon as possible, but  it'w.is qiiiu" soi(7,intbpaiin*d, hciy vei v  much, ll' i son mentioned lli.it lie  had si en Oii.inil.cil.iiii's'P.uii B.ibn -id-  vei lised lie -plains and she asked linn  to buy her i h.ilili* ol it, vvhiili hc.did.  It, quickly i<-lit-voil hei a'nd enabled her  to sleep',w lueli she hael 'mil, done fm  m-voi.i1 dav- J?Mi'Jl\alB-J>y-"'ll-D'������g-''  gists. ,     ~P"~  - Synopsis of Regulations for Disposal of  Minerals on Dominion Lands in Manitoba, tho Northivcst Territories and  tho Yukon Territory.  foil ��������� Coal lands miiv  oe I'm chased at  ut) no-" -ic?i ioi  soil coal and SM toi  an-  thiicte     Not  mote  thai., 3'0  acies  can  \,l tceiu'iretl bv one intlividu.il oi coin-  lie   acciuii-lu   u. t      eonts  ������"\on otfm pomuls shall be collected  "'buatt!-Poisons lof eighteen -cats and  mm and joint slock companies holding  ?,eo mlnei aceitilicate. may obtain ontiy  f^t ���������emnmei08 Plicate is panted to.'  nno or moie T-ais, not exceeding live, upon pi" ment in advance ol *7 50 po. annum tor an individual, and tiom **>0 |o  $100 pei annum to.  a company, according  t0������0V,pi������?m.nei having "disc'oveicd mineinl  in ulace uav locate 5 claim 16WM500 tee '  bv maiK" e oi t the same with two lega  L biailis location notices, one at  2??li'end on The line of the lode oi vom  Tle claim shall be iccoided vviilun tll-  loen e'avs f loci ted within ten miles ot a  nm." io coi nei s olllco, one additional  , ' Ulowctoi eveiy additional ton  nines c.  li action     The fee tot   leco.dln*,-  *\uai"ast3 ImO must be expended on the  mmsmm  CTi;e1p-!1to0.itlforSa mining location shall  7>,'ace,   ..���������"^nBcUIn,,   -^no^aK^���������  feet   Kin... c.       "Jjf^     suskiuchevviii,  iMvir'clHni" fi- either to.u oi  bench, the  '   roi rner b*-' np 100 feet long and emending  h"? ..[Joiihlii  1000   loot     When"   steam  powt^is uied. claims 200 feet wide may  b������ mt-dcliis  b)   U������c  ilvcn of  Manitoba  imaging in  l   exceuting the Yukon  V&Zv -A Wee mine, 'may obtain only  ni^^bods or bais of'the ,lv er below  low low walei"-maik, that boundan- to  be IKecl bv its position on tlio 1st clas ot  August  i"   the  jeai   ol   the  dale  OL  the  The lessee shall have one d^edge'ln op-  oiation within iwo.je.us lion) lho date  of the lease, and one diedge lor each  live miles within st\ "yeais 'tiom such  date Rental,'$100 pei mile loi the liist  ve.-u and S10 pei mile toi each subsequent'} eai ' Kojalt}, same as placei niin-  "rlaeoi Mining in thc Yukon Tenitoij.  ���������Cieel: river ,sulch and lull claims shall  not exceed .'JU leel in length, inoasuiud  on tho base line oi fc-eneial diioccion ot  the cieelv oi gulch, the width being iioin  1 000 to iOOO leet All othei placei claims  shall be 200 teet seiuaie  Claims ai o maikcd by two legal posts,  one at each end, beating notices imtiv  must be obi lined within ten davs, u tlio  claim is within ten miles of mining "--  coi dei s ollice One oxl.a day allow ed  foi each additional ten miles oi  li action  The poison oi comii.ui) slaking a claim  must hulcl a liee minei s ccitilicalo      '  The discoveiei ol a new mine is entitleel  to a claim ol 1,000 teet in length, anil tl  lho paity consists ol two. 1,300 leet altci-  sethei, on the outout ot vvhieji no lOjaltv  .shall bo chaigeeir tlio icsl of the party  oiclinai v- claims only  Entiv' tee. $10 llojalty at the rate of  two and one-lialL poi cent on tho value  of Llio gold sluppeel liom the lukpn lei-  utoiv-to.be paid  to the Comptiolloi  No'fiee miner shall icceive a giant of  moie than one mining claim on each sep-  e ate nvor, eieelc oi gulch, but tlie same  minei may hold any numbei of claims  by pm chase, and fiee nuiipis mav wo k  then claims in paitneiship bj filing  not co and pajnib' lee of ������. A claim mav  b������ abandoned and anothei obtained on  the same cieek. gulch oi nvoi. by giving  notice and paying a tee.  Wo, k, must be done on acta each  ve.u   to tho value ot at least $J00  WRAPPING   PAPER   AND  PAPERS BAGS.  Tim Kobtenav  Mail lias been  appointed   agent  for  one   of-  the   laigoso  Canadian    P.ipci  Mi I Id.  'Wiapping p.ipois in   ioils oi  Hat,   and   paperL bags   of all  weights and sizes supplied to  Older punted oi unpiintod.  e*  Kootenay Mail, Revelstoke.  ' ' Paper\by Rev. C/Ladner.  \ At- the1 mooting ,ol tho J'pvvoith  "Le.'guci-on Monday (Jiev C Ladner  ic.id a' paper on" ' The intellectual in-  Hucnce? of the Bible " He lcfcned to  sitc.it men who bad accepted .the Pubic  and epioted Gladstone :is's.i>ing U the  teachings of tlie J3iblc wcid practised  the woild would be bcltci than it is,  jus,t men would bo placed in powei  and liirhtconsiicss don6 tlio people  lie spoke ol tlio Indian Chief who  on ii<-king liic hue Queen Victona the  somco ol England's grc.itnos, vva-s  liaiided a copy of the Bible Theie  was some good singing dining the  evening  snee/.ing and coughing, cle.ns away  thc stuHed up" feeling in the fjie-  hi'.nl. Il vou haven't uspd Cntairhp-  /niie iter it m-day and tiy it "on your  iievtcold. You'll be sin pi ised at the  ellicieiiey of Ibis delightlul inhalei  tieatineiit wh cli pleases eveiyone because it cuies si. (piiukly 'Coinpletc  outfit .+ L 00; tii.il si/e 25c  ARROWHEAD     .  From oure.wn CorresiMtiideiit  The school li.i" Duelled, much to the  delight (?)' of ,tho cli'ildion \:r MisH  Duncan is the new* tp.ichoi '  , Mi. and Mjs. Donovan-have gone  on'a visit to Minneipolis and othei'  places in the States. They will be  away for tluee weeks oi a uionlli.  Gordon Sutheihind it' acting for Mr.  Donov.in as C. P.-11. agent. 7  CAMBORNE  *-- . ,  From Our Own CoriOspondcul -   '       ,  t-  A serious landslip took place at  I'ool Cieek, caused-by llio oveillovv  f.oiiKthe Eva Ilunie.  Gieat hopes1 nre held out*tliiit a decided inciease ii. ti.ulc will take place  -        r.'    ��������� ' <  in bpiing,  A G.- l-'iaser. general nicicli.iiit, intends lemoviiig to .Trout Lake cily, to  commence business tnoie <  C.'"T "Diamond may lcniovc *liis  stoie to Anow head-it suitable.pierni-  ses can he obtained ,   -'  p     Croup, y        ,    , -  The pectiliai   e e)iighr\v lueli .indicates  , - i  (loup,   is4iisually   well   knoivn te)   the  motbeis of cionpy e hildien.    No tiiiii-"  should be lost in the tri'.ilnieiit of H,  and fo'i   this piiipo-u no iiierlicinc lias  iceeiveel inene uniteis.il appioval  lli.tn  Oh.iiiibeilaiu's  Coiigh   Kemedy     Sold  liv all Dnitrgists.  ,   '    HOUSEHOLD  HINTS.'  ,1 ,    ��������� -,     ���������  I An Interlining of nsbcsttis paper'In  the carving cloth or in doilies to use on  polished tables will protect the table-  top. '  'A temporary relief for a squeriIcy-  door is to rub lard0 or butter on the*,  parts that come in dose contact with  each other     "  '.Our ifiMiiili'iiothei". used tansy leaves-  to aid "in koepiii'-r mollis out ot cloth-  lii^'. and today tbe? aie ju-t as effective as moth balls.  If lamp chimneys aie held over  'steam for a low innuitos. then poII-Oied  with a dry cloth, theynwill iiot break'  so easily as when washed. .  "Beloro heniinint; tablecloths anil napkins the edges should be cut pcifectly j  straiirht.     This .can   be .lucoinphshed.  easily by drawui:,- a llirc.ul.  '   You can 1(11 11'a bed i-damp by laying your li'ind glass hi'twee'i rlic sheets  foi a lew  moments     if the sheets aie  not  properly dui'd   the Kl.iss  wtill   be  clouded.  An   old   lioi'.sel-coper   declaies ' that  bleached   cloth   ictaliis   traces  of   the-  sulplmi used to w litlen it and - i.\- that ���������  it  coiisetpiently  ibscolois  -iivei.    she*,  uilvisi's the use ol" unbleached cloth ,for '  bags In vvliieli to keep the silver.        " '  NOTICE.  Sniffeling and Sneezing Colds  Can be stopped in" a few minutes and  .--'     l-'ioin Oui Own  Coiii'i-poiidcnl  It Slovens li is opened out a gen-  eial pidMsion and mnieisand loggois  stipnlj sioio lieic. llms lilliug in ur-  ge'at want in that neu;lib..ui hood  -Wo wish linn cveiv success     P  Wo legiet to hen thai Mi Mealon  latbei ol llio town, lias had to go to  St Leon J Lot Spiings as ho lssuflei-  ing lioni  a scvc'io attack ol , llicumn-  tlSlll " =;  Ci.iiiineiieiii!,' .it a pei-l planted on the oasl  janU nf Pin-iston Cri-el,, ..bout 11 miles up  'iom it-moiilli. llience wo-!   III chniiis.   Ihenco  . ���������. ,  I.    ,t ,,  .. 1 .._    L.,,.       ...     V-O.l!     10    HO   VaillC   Ul   -tL   "vaai   v-w  ' A ee?t.lieate that wp.k his been done  must be obtained each ve.u. I not Uie  cliini shall  bo deemed to bo abandonod, 1  uoilli KOcli.ini-, llience east'io t-iia  - )tilh 100 chains to [khiii or tt  NOTICE.  OI'IC'K  is htich;  thence  then  oiiinicue-eiiienl  JNO   McKAOtn:.  cliini shall  bo eleemea to  tie nu",���������,,���������, .  and open  to occupation  and enti*.   by a f jxttod ihe *Jllh el.ij e>r Dcccinher, P)0)  flTh "boundaiies ol a claim may bo denned -ibsoliitolv bi having a siuvej  m .do -ind publishing nonces in the Yukon  Sihinire -\70nCE  is hcichj   given that Ihul.v  dais  ���������wiiiulie Mining Yukon Teintoi v��������� I JL\ after d.itc 1 intend to appl.t lo ihe Chief  t i.iin .������ XmUiblo loi hvdiauhc ininlng, Coiiiinis-ioni'i oi Lands and v\ oiUs Toi aspecud  t���������' , tioniage ot tfom one to live hecn-e locutanil cany .twin Innbei Iioin the  liavuifc   a   iiuiit-b^ ^r nnn m]M oi  molc     I0||0HiiiKdL"H!ribid lands. \W-  .Slttrlinij'ala posi inaiked "A. T'liint's south-  ������L-t cmiicr po-t.- -iliiiiicd on 'hec'itsl side of  L piicr Airow I������.ke. about Ihrcc miles noith of  Nokiisp i iinniug llience Ml chniiis east, thcnie  noi th Ml chiiin-. thence we-l SO chniiis inoie or  l.'s" to lake-hole thence south SO chains moie  ot lo--, lollotting lake whole tu point of com-  A. PLAN"!'.  Praises Halcyon Sanitarium��������� i  ' Says Manitobans Will  , Rush to B. C.  W Mnidocli. of the ll.iitncy St.u,  Manitoba, paid lis a liiendly call  TuesJ.n. Ho has been spend ing n  holiday tl.i.oiling tlnough Kootenay  and visited Halcyon Hot Spimgs, of  which lie speaks in lho highest lei i:s  Lie oonsidois the irnlc>ou Sanitai mm  ........ - ._  '' sullicicntly .uheilised, would bung  pcini.ii'cntly ctucd in one bom by in- thousands of visitois fiom -ill p.uts ol  baling flagrant healing Catiui ho/.ono Canada Mi. Muidoch dccl.ues lhat  No lemcdv  compares with  C.itairlio- llii itisli Columbia is the banner prov-  ���������/onc for cold; in the head  and  nasa  ca'taiib.    It soothes and heals the inflamed mucous mcmlnaiies,  pi events  tl     iiuiuub'*    ***���������     *--���������-������������������        mlles."and a depth of one mile oi moie  mai be leased lo. twcniy >e.i.s ptovlded  the giomul has been piospeeted by .he  iipplicaiil o. b,s agent, is found to be un-  sli table loi lilaoei mining, and does not  h - ele within Us boundaiies anj mlMns  cans alieady gianted. A lental ot 5U0  inr e-ich mile of fi outage, and io>..!tv at  the KUe if two and one-half per cent on  le value of the gold shipped fiom the  To^. to.v ;���������e chaigod Opeiatlons must  le  -ommenced within one jeai  worn lie  ate of the lease, and not es������ than U0O0  must be expended annually Ihe lease-  e" eludes all base metals, e,uaiu and coal,  and ) ovldos for the vtithd.awal of unpp-  ei a ted  land  fo.   agiicultural or building  "pcnoleum-All unapproprliited Dominion Lands in Manitoba, the Xorth-west  TcnitS les and within the Yukon le.r-  toiy lie open to piospeetlng for pctiol-  eum. and the minister may reserve for  an individual or company hav.ng ma-  chineiy   on  the  land   to _ be  prospected  mciiccmcul.  me.'ged  beds  nr ^'s ������b.ectto It e    g" s    ^uevt  o    610  a������e*T    Slinulel  the  P.os-  loww.ite. inaik. and subject to tlie ufe an ."001^        |n ag qim) tltles>  cl iims0" except o' tnt* fcatel .e ���������������������]; n  TllVervvheie the lessee mav d-t-dge to  hteh watei- maik on each alternate lense-  hrlc leasee shall have a eliedse hi oper-  ?������'t,0^e^^^S.^t^e  Jee.     miles    0.     f. action    Is    sufficient.  Ilei in " ������������ Pei' ,l"um Co,', oaCl! "?rei������n  rw leaped Royalty at the i.ate, of two  ^d'a liTlf ,-ci  cent collected on the out-  ^,^US"u.������odVJit,S0-Te..lto,y-S.-1  le-Taes of five miles each may be grained  <"<f free miner for a: term of twenty  j-enra. also renewable.  pectoi discover 'oil in paying quantities,  find satisfactorily establish such discov-  eiy, an area not exceeding* WO acic= ln-  cliiilniK the oil well and such other land  ns may be determined, will be -old to  Hie discoveier .'it the rate 0, s. to an  ,-icie. sublect to lovalty at such iat<- as  mav be spec! net! by order-ln-councll  Department   ot    the   Interior,   Ottawa.  Se|lt-1D03 JAMBS A   SMART  Deputy of the Minister of the Intciior  Naku-p. II. C Dccciiiliti-2M, l'WI.  NOTICE. '  ���������v- OTH'K 1- Ii.'relij'L'itcn tliiillliirlv dajsiifter  XV date I uiti'iid lo iippl) to the I'hief f'e.i.i-  iin--ii.il. r i.f 1. mils nnd Works fur a special  liren-e in cui mid carry aw.ij timber from tlio  re.llt.winc tle-crilicd l.u.d-. tu:  Stitriiin.- at a post marked "Caroline M St-  iiii.ii-' -ouili-c-iisi corne-r i^.-t." plnntetl lit the  ii.irlli-i-.i-l corner ol the "Iv anel S " It.nlv.il>  bluet. No. Itfl. -ituiit.-il on the we-t bank of tho  Upper \rrow Luke, riiuuint.' north IM) chains,  ilicnc we*ii llieliiiui", thence south tt^l ehauis,  llic-nc* '-.i"l  Id chains to |K)uit of coiniuciice-  IllC'Ilt.,  iOffia ("AROLIS1". M  SYMONS  ArrowIic.kI. B.C., J.iiiunn II. IIXII.  nice 111 the dominion, and thai niiiii>  losidcnts ol Manitoba, who Iind tho  scvoic winteis thoio vciv tt\ ing, con-  tcmijlatc lemoviiig lo the kindlici  climate of this piovmce |  RAIL AND STEAMER.  C. J'. K leccipts show an inciease  of 1!(5,000,000 foi last yen over picv-  ioii"= yea*  A. .McMimnnioti, oigainscr of the  Maintenance of Way men, is cndoavoi-  uig to foi m a local at Kogois Pass to  iv Inch the l.evolsloke men should be  attached bul as the pioncois of Ihe  01 gainsalion at the time of the tu.ck-  nicn's stiike the WcvcNloko men object lo llioii , chartoi being taken  awn.., and .1 nioelii'g will bo held lo  consider the maltoi  ,       , .4 ,  , Tl.i?   \V...u.i..    I'e.l.ller. r,  "Any  woman  who 1 in' talk  at  all,"  snid   a   sclioolteacbei   who   li-ul   11 ied  book e.invassiii^ and given,it up in de  sp.ur.  ������������������can   ui'.ciest .1  hou-.'i.'l.ei'pei   111 ^  labor saving appli:iiiees|    Tlie  woman  who does lii'i-ouii honsevv 011. viill.give-  atti'iil.'oi.   t.i  .iii.vi'l'iiiir  lhal   vvill   save    "  her .1 pun .111 the Jink or .ichun.- .urns.    -  I'.ut she vv ill uotlalk In men about hiiclt. ���������>  tilings    Wlien 1 lo-i ii \ iil.icc as tcMcn-  ei  111 a public school   1 11 ied bqok_ petl-    '  dhinr     Oh. ihe  woncu  1   called   upoit  v  vvoiildynv He me in and l.ilk ^o inc ic-.id-  ily' enough      'J li.it   was-tlie   tumble- -  'I'ho.i   would  tell  inn then   l.iniMy jus-  lory and  (hen   troubles and  iheu" lead,  ine to the cloonvtilh the soiio.vlul ,io;   0  so. t ion that'"the.v_tiriei-had anv time toy.  read, they weie so l,;is.\ ~ So I'gavi' up' "  book's antl took tip bltle' nine and labor-  saving .11 tides 111 th."v\ ,v 01 ci*.:; beat   -  cis    iiot.ito   |).n eis 'i. in ' uponey] ,.i ntl  _^  clicao   little   -rlielc-   siiclix-is   u-omeii.  soldo'-i sec' i'vii"il  aflood  shows.,   a   (  stove  hi ter 'is a <,ino-.(i salable  ailicle*.^  I kcej) wa It'll loi .. i.v'.hiinf new, m ^tins- v  ilitect on .and   tli"*n  u-o  thiyr-'iuiiU-. -I .  li.ne   "CM'ial   le^uiai   ciistoiuets^ who-;  bii.'i; nic .1 yoot! coi'Miii-shin on tiling*,,  that  I  bii.v' Toi   ihci    ilin.ug.i'ooiu and  bullion   -New 'u,\ Tiiues '  .  ^        l;  .        ' - - 1  ,  ,      Soon-he 1    Ct.lllll. '  What lo do \,-t'i s, oi.'hed places on  doth is .1 ([iiestipn Uiar sdiiietiuies pu/.- '  ���������/.\va   Uie   can't ul   l"io\isi>',\ ilo.     li   the  scoi-th i" not too bad", c fiii.iy in'* -u-  lick* in -io uisiit'.s u.ul Ui'c-'.nj: .1 In the |  sun toi some hiiiii'- will b.-'likely u> re-!  move it    II  the il.i.v  is iliill.. Icing the- ,  'piC(,e beloro a e:iaic Inc  rieeiulieil spo.s iii.it aie very bad iicd. 0  ycl have-nol cuastiinetl the l.bei oi the  got'd. aio's.ml  Ki'liiMi'-c'   i"'c ''-\.rs"  peilcd il'iipings in  i's.ii.ii..'..*.! s.-.i'.-'ion    ,  ol   loi.i.x     The -.i-ina'ctl -o, . am   a-  the ('''ouusis call   tan -'-"   ..-i.iihJi  salt 01 (iysl.il as th.*-I. ".er will <bs-  ���������.olve ll is -ilw.i.'-h s.-l.' 10 l.i.r in .1 little c.vtia II the l������"*..s -r.i-i.'s ii:i-'i---  tiu-lod ii> I l.e b-itto'i. oi f -��������� lio.'.h* ow  1, s.'ie 01 the 11 a st. ��������� urn -i',:..oi)  Ul'piMlCll dip", 1IU.S ol th.-. w .i.i 1 t.io  sine to sun o. l'..c bain. ������iH icnovt*  \vl*..-t an* b.v 1 'i*-* 1 e '- ������������������''���������'I'" -"* --oiis.d-  eicd hopeless tl."io������'   :n������is. ,  ���������an:':-:    "Voi.ien.  Tlcie is a il'.ir... u Lit li iouipe'ii.'''iIet3  so much loi tl'i- l.u U "' Kf'J" a1"-- l"' c  Uicy .tie nei "i- i..->- .'d- m.I when m .*���������  Iiiniil Willi Jificd '���������'<''"- " <'.ou ' > t';'"  liiiiRi's il.ein - '1 be n mu* cl' t!:--/ I'" ":  ,8,1   SiillslllllV   I!!--..    ...;. *1        II   '���������   ������������������'!!-"   -*>  vvions. as ih";   . .'" -" ' ������������������>     j -'*v;  doc" it uiciK1 iii ii-.e. - . in.'- o'''*1 t'--"i-  bens.ble woi'ici v   .: -. j  m.   1-l vmiiii-  en  who do  not  k v.    l.e \   to yuiill-ji  Hit-  s -lu-s v..'; -        ������������������''.:  i"->i-s 1 '-  _,���������",!   i(,  civ      1   !  e'   b     ���������'!    -- 1      1: '  j 'lie it*-.!.,' l.l.lCs v.       , 17   - 1      ���������! -  I bet   llie-e   , . ���������   1,,'  . . .   1     . ���������> ���������      "������������������   ���������-  Oiute the co'.,' n v  . I ��������� t' " 1   .,--������������������������������������  "o.et   s,.l|.s!i   pi I .... ���������       "���������    ���������-     ''  '���������'  I eve   lie; \ e- *     "11. ���������   J.   .    '" :   * " '    ���������'*  ,.,   tin*   Iiiiu   1   i-i  il   1-  v"*'   '" '    "-  win .-   i:-*t...."i-11'-*. e iii.is..*i*.  ���������; y e  s.uii s  divi'ii-  11.f'.'  ii1'*.   r������'   "'si> *  liiiiuaii   uil.i 0  - n '���������   '���������'''' 'I'-'1'  '- ���������''���������'*'���������' s  lhat nobleness !:��������� ���������' c i.i.ml Uu ���������' ������'-:'-���������*���������  lie 1 ul.v  gains i.s s, ,,l  t  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.  NOTICE.  The Miiitc McoliiUiio- I'uro Tur annt. licals  ���������,���������1 sr.ritm.'i tin* ."kin. ������Idle nrn.-p- ������������������ clp-uwInK  it of irren.-e, (ill. rust, etc.   Invidimble f..r tnc-  ���������JSU I-CI1U���������������-.".. ���������     ,   .     .. .   , ,.^ ftof 2c. for lio.sli.Ke.   Albert Toilet Soap  .The   lessee's   right   Is  conflncd   to   the I ^UufiicturerH, Jlontrcul.  iibriierged bed or burs In  Ihe river ue  VOTK'E h he-ieby givi-n th.it Ihuly day  IN    i.fler date I Inlend to np|ily to the fhicf  I 'oiimu-uoncr of Linds and V\ orks foi a bpecial  license tociu and curt v nwiij timber fi0111 the  '(illnwiiicdc-cribeil liuiels, ti/. 1  silarlini; nl 11 |xist ninrlnl '-.Iiilui Vicnrs'  ue.rtlec.i-l comer |H)sl," situi.led on Columbia  nvi-r. we-l-iele,oppe)-)ti- Hurlon Cil} riinnini?  thence Idch.-iin-i west, tlient-e south 100 chums  on to binl of nier. thence following the hank  of river first in an .liisterl)' direction, tlioiicu ...  II northerly dircetiem to ix.int of cominonco-  lnont. JOHN VIOAlfb.  Nakusp, 15. a, Beccmbcr 31, KWl.  NOW IN ITS 39lh YEAR      -  The letting iiiiiiiiift periodicil ol die  world, will, d.e slioii^r-u utltloii.il il.ilr ol  .iny iclIu.il.iI publicum!.  SuWri|.tioii   $5.00   n  jc-ir  (in.lulling  U. S , Cn 11I1 in, "-fi"' ui |k,������.i|;l- )  Sample co|iy free. Send for Hook C.it.iloKiie.  The Engineerino and Minino Joirnai  Ml Broielwar, New York...  This pii'p.ii'iition is intended espcei  nlly for coughs, colds, croup, whooping  cough nnd inllui'ii'/ii. Il has become  famous for its cures of these diseases  over 11 huge pail, ol the civilized  woild. The mos.1 flattering testimonial*, have been received, (riving 11c-  (ounts of its good vvoiks; of the agg-  lav.'iting nnd persistent coughs it has  ciued; of severe colds that have yielded promptly to its soothing effects,  and of the dangeioiis attacks ol ei.-iup  it has cured, often wiving the  lite  of  the child.     The   extensive   use   ol il  for whooping cough, has shown   that  it, nibs that disease of  all   dangerous  ��������� estilis.    It is especially pri/."d by mo  theih bi'cai.se it contains nothing inju-  1 ions aiid there i.s not the least elatiget  in.giving, iti-v-m to liuliii-a.    ll always    ���������,IVl  ,,..^���������  ......  cures nnd cures qtiii-kly.   Sold  by nil | uiost beuutifully  Druggists. '  rrrnel)   Ct)()lc������"l7.  T'l-eneh ei.uionn is .1 fact    Tiie soup  often has no incit'   AH vmcr in "hi.-U  vegetables aie l.ml.'d 1- -.i^'d.  ui aii-  pear on tlie lahle ���������'* -'ol,lp    '���������llL' "'-it'r  is salted, but is not. thick'-nod. nnd the  soup is nothing more imr li-- t"-"* tiie  water which the   ���������e.Mi.ivag.iti!"  Ainei"-  iciin housevMle throw*, out.    The Herman coolc saves it. too. but she nuns it  Into ii most palatable ������������������oup by adding  flour and butter cooked  togelbci. seasonings   "nd   I'*'"1   ������r   tlie    vegetable.  Never can the traveler foiiret the thin,  tasteless.  Innutritions  slop, served   111  various parts of l-'iance as "eiup.    The  water,   inastiuerading 11 ���������>   soup,   forms  one com so of tlie dinner.    Then coniesr  the   vegetable   In   a   cream   sauce   or  dressed with oil, or as a salad, vvitli oil  and  vinegar,    rerl.aps a   bit  of  in-nt  may precede the vegetable, and after  the salad vvill tonic a  sweet     This i*  when   things  go   well     The   common!  people have less.--TJxiliange.  To Cnrr Tent hem.  To curl featheis I'.i-I d unpen tl'eriT-  tlien roll them in curhni: 11.11-. 111 exactly the same way uue W..11M tuil the  hair. Leave tlieiu hi tin* pin-" for twenty-four lioiusor so and then toiiiU them  Jut, when they will be found to curl.  ���������'; '.I' nl"    **~������.Z~4   ,'i^JCl.   -A ������-tf    ������^.i-    lli*l--<ttl.,-l*"  l    "   -I* ���������  *=o-'  1 I  ,    .t-       ���������,       -        ,4 ,...4.1 4j..  THE KOOTEjSjAY MAJL.  j- i*  h":  I  8T  It*!  ���������fee ,  X:<  ^ xi-  r-4  KS  7.a  *li  8-  *=     1  I **-������  '  IT'  KTt  I:  1, 1  Coudi  o  eaieinejs  1 ' c  All Kinds, All Sizes  i '  JrusL  opened  ain the  OK  REVELSTOKE,  B. C.  i   '   1  'I'.,  "'-   ���������-               bor'n ,  '  'Ale Don oil���������.\( -' llevolstoke  on  f  ,1,111.  -f ���������> ��������� .  , I'.fih.   to   .Mi    and   Alls.  A. ,1  ' Mc-,  1 "           .   J")-,in I! :i el uighloi'  7  LOCAL & GENERAL  ��������� The Young   Coiiseivalivo Club held  11 siicccssiul nl Jionio on Thursday.  -   '     - \V T. Sli.itioi'el w.ts oleclcd :is cindi  .date   loi"- C.iiinoo al   Hie consoivanvo  com en 11011 itt IC.i m loops.        i      *���������  .1     10.   McLean   is   gazetted   secern(  _licu(ciinii(     So.   5    company.   Kooky  0      Mountain  Kangeis . '  Ti is lcjjoited a local gentleman pio  ,    ���������iiiiient in conservative ciicles is to be  iippoinrcd   stipcnclniy ni.igistrato    foi  Kevelstoke.  -    The.  govcinnioiil   have   died   "W. .J.  'Dickey  as   judge  ol   the   assessment  cuirt   lor   Kevelsltiko   riding', and appointed C   M' Field " '   .  Ceil. Mr.lines.will take over,thc drill'  ' - -c .  lialLon the 2Sth. and hold an inspection ' of arms of the local 'corps of  Kooky Mountain Kangcrs.    ,   '  Looking loiiniLtho Board   of Trade  luieotiii'g'o'n Tuesday the lieiisiircr,   11.  Floyd,    lcrntuked   Ulicie   .was   not   a  '" -delinquent subscriber in the-iooin.  II  Tapping wishes to state,the roa-  *   ������nn bi'.diel not run for mayor or alderman at ihe election is ho did  not pro-  ipuso   to  nl 10,1V  himself ,to be made a  cat spa iv of.  The slut 11 loiy meeting of the new  c.'ty council was called for Monday,  l.iu, was adjourned in the absence ol"  lho Mayor, who was attending the  Ci Inn iy bniispiel. ,  W. V.. Mason, who is touring the  -w u-lcl on font wheic he can (hid land,  iiruvi-d on Tliuisdiiy. lie started I'miu  England and has' been .si.v years arid  s-ovcii months- on his pnirney.  As .slum ing the widespread circulation ol the Kooru.v.vv M ut. wc have  icceivcd .1 Icttei fioni Cheshire, Eng-  lane', staling the writer hael   seen   in  our columns ol lhc development of  the hinibci industry in tliis'sect ion  and asking for finthor iiifoimation  conceining it as he was interested in  limibciiiiu.  Tho Holiday .Vtimber of the ICoo'i-  i..\wv Mvn. is biiiiging its good results  to thc distiict. Among many other  compliments paid tis for our entci-  piise is a lcquest fioni Manitoba foi  Lho loan of some of the engravings we  used in tlie holiday number for the  purpose of icpioducing thcin Lheie, as  showing what ,1, piogressivc city and  disti ict this is.        ,     , ''.,  '���������The hon-pic-1 opens Mond.iy."~:j{o"s������.r  land sends-llnoi-,1 inks, llolilcn four.,  Ashcuiit one and Calg.uy iwn. Ales-i*-.  liiown, I'inkli.i 111, Ciowe ' iind' Dallas  represented Kevelstoke ' ill Calg.uy  boiisini'l. Tli'cv 'won ngaiiisl Priddis  by one point, were h'oalcn/by l'ilo'O  by (inldoii iifthe Visitors' Trophy, anel  weie beaten by Calgary IS lo 7 in (he  McXeill'liopliy".     ' y' '*      '  Mis, JI. A.'Wil-011 won, the lirsl  prize, a so.il jacket in Keiel it Young's  gill -ale. .Mrs. h1. Samson, second���������  set, of dishes ; Jliss. Sas'liaw, thhel ���������  dio-s suit case; Jh, Kernagli.in.  Kniith���������I'l.iir.o'f "Imcs ; .1. W. Ilciidei-  soty tenth���������a eleizcn bandkerchiefs.  The winning numbers not yet in are  fifth ���������137-I, si.uii ��������� 21-21, sevonlli ���������  Mb:*, eighth���������MM. and ninth ��������� 18"2f).  . Tho board of1 trade, held its ti 11 until  meeting' Tliuisdiiy   tinil   ttansacled  a  Man. ollice. <    '  Don't f-'i-get we niiike' loose-leaf  binders and covers for all kinds of loose  sheets, and loose sheets for any kind of  cover Weaie headepiai tois foreveiy-  thing in a'loose-leaf way.���������Kootenay  Mail ollice. ', '_  I I.iii-    net*���������-invisible���������made    fiom  real hair, al tlio Keel Cio-s Drug Si inc.  Clearance   suit* offuiiiiliuc now on  a! ,1.-10. Wood's.    Mow is your tune lo  furnish.      Ask   foi   discount.       Your  ciedit is good.' - t   ,'    *",  1):.   Cm 1 y, Dentist, will   be   out   of  town for about three .weeks beginning  about the first of Fobruiiiy.-   Those re-  e|iiiiing bis services please call,as soon  as pcssible. ��������� cj '  I'"or Sale���������A   souvenir heater,   coal  burner  ',-Apply to Ii. ft. Campbell.  .Millinery���������what is left ill your own  prices at'.KeitI tt Young's.     _ ,  Combination skin lioldeis for-walking skirl-. im<J ball gowns, at (he Kcd  Cross Ding Slo'ie.        , ���������, '  Oilier tailors don't seem lobe sati ���������  ficel with our"$20 .January ' suit *-.!li'  hul wiynre, .ind our customers ate  stitislied vvitli our weak.      That is jus(  C. P. R. SHOPS  Way Cars Being Built Here.  We :11c glad lo sec the C. I'. K. supplying, (heir maintenance'of vy.iy-mcn  with decent boarding cars, f. r it must  bo admitted many of those itt prcsorit  111 use are in anything but lit condition foi the company's employes. .  Thice way cais are in���������course'of'completion at. thc Kevelstoke shops,, and  these for evoellence of construction  and comfort cannot be beaten, and  will do, welcomed by the men who  have to spend the most of their time  on  thc Hack.  The on tli t consists of cooking, din ing,  and sleeping car. This outfit is for T.  II. McMalion's crew, and the building  of the cais has been under 'charge 01  J. .Anderson. , -  4������  4������  <������*","' ���������       ��������� ���������     ��������� ' <$-.  *        SKATES!'  -��������� n SKATES ���������!   "' , |  'As skating is about to ciinmieiit'e we' have placed in slock the famous  TT '  ���������',."' ''   "        ' ',,-''',       t  Boker's Hockey; Skates'"   " $,  ' "  ' ,'���������-', -'   '.*  in eight (litVeient kinds at reduced  prices.' Wo have nil sizes in each' ,*$���������>  of these, so are sine, to' satisfy-you.    Do not' fail to avail yourself of ������$������  ���������lliih oppoit unity.   ��������� , ' , _ ;     '- ,      - "^  We have Hockey Sticks for forwaid and defense players, niado'of second, ������|������ <  ,growth elm,'which cannot bo beaten  in'Canada.,   Conic ;inil examine  {&  our sie-e-k  before; '|iiii������linsing. '     " .     ^,.    "A  i  4������  W.   M.   ,LAWRENCE  l'"OR   KAllDWAltK  ,OL<" ALL KINDS.'  CHURCHES.  lot of business, appointing coinmideC"  .       ..    ' ������-  to   iittcnd   to .���������vfinou-ss matteis. '   The  lollovving wore elected olhcoi-s I'or the  ensiling year- Pie-iile'iit JI. ,1. ()'-  IJrion ; vioc-piesitlentyo S McCirlei;  -ecrotaiy-lrcastirci'. II:-l-'loyd eveeu-  (ivo commilleo. Messrs. I'liipp.-., Hag-  gun, Lindina'ik., LaVre'iice." JlcC.-irty.  K. 11. Lewis, McLeory, ,IJouino and  II. A. Hi own.  BUSINESS LOCALS.  . Chamois vests .-it ;Ko���������������'.  Order your hard coal, fiom" IT. X  Coursier:  Keiel tt Young aie citVcnng all tins  at hah 1*11*10,0. ,  The city calls tenders,fm supply ,,,  TS cords ol wood tit powei house. - -  Tasteless. Cod Liver Oil, easy tn take.  nnd   drives, a f cold "fioni ' chest and  lungs.    $ 1.00 a bottle at Canada   Drug  tt Book Co  . ���������    ',"  o  'When you come to Kevelstoke bail  the Contral Hotel bus tb take you to  a good boleb ^Abriihanison Bros  Pi ops. "_  ' I'cruna for colds, c.iinirh. etc.   -1-1.00  .1 botllciii Canada Drug it Hook Co.  To lent ���������Five-roomed furnished  cottage. .Apply at ICootu.vay Mail  Oflico. ���������    '  The scluml trustees call  teiitleis   101  supply of exercise   books   and   school  stationery foi ensuing year.  - AH    the   latest   tn.igaz.ines,  as they  appear, at the Red Cross' Drug  .Store.  We'll    wager   that    the   tailor  who  pretend-- to believe that   our   business  {doesn't    amount    to   much  would   be  glad to swap his stock anel   ctistomer-  .md general prosperity for our-.    J. K  Crcssman.  Keid    it    Young    have   marked  all  lil.inkcts and comforters at half priced  senega cough =vnii>. rb-- l������  one ic.tson    why    we   do   such a large  'business.'    ,1. B. Crcssnian."  The celebrated While's .Metiopolitiin  .Magicians* ami Veiitrilui.ui.sts will  appear in (ho Openly I Iousi/nii l^rithiy.  .'iL". 2f)lh. , Kc-eived, seats on sale :U  Canada Drug and Book Co. ,, -Cicucr.i I  admission nOc, reserved sents'75c.  Airs. A. .I. Shook begs to announee  lo lhe,,l.idies of Kevelstoke, and vicinity that shew ill open up diessmnking  pallors nl Keid it. Young's and will do  iill work lhat' is olVered���������satisfaction  gun><mIced-. ".,-,,  P Aiessrs. Lewis Bros.,' agents .for the j  Williams Piano Company of .Toronto,  Out., arc showing in J.' Guy   Barber's  store   two   ol   thc finest pianos which  have come into the city.'     These   in-'  strtimcnts   aio   beautifully .finished,  *-   ,,        1 ' -    -     ,  rich in tone nnd arc  ofl'eied  011   such  liberal terms that no  lover   of- music  need   be   without'   one   of- these fine  instruments "       *     <  Social arid: Personal  Kev  thi  remedy on the marker.    .-=oltl at  R.*i\s  Drug i-tore.  Trivejler-   vi.-ithn-   Kevclsrckr-  will5  T. Clilinore. ol "Rossland, visited 1  oKtoke Ibis week.  ..-.I.   A.   Taylor was   in   the  city  week,on Jus way to Edmonton*.     "  Aliss JlcKinnon. of Sandon, is visiting her sister Alls. .l.*t(. Jlacdonalel >  Dining Miss Smith's absence from  school her duties were, laken by JhXs  W. Lennox.  All's..) I.awson. leturned from the  coast llijs week owing to (he illness ol  hei  mother." ^ *    ���������  JIis Cm Lett, and daughters, now of  Vancouver, intentl again making their  home in Kevelstoke.  The Ladies Auxiliaiy ot the 13. ol It.  T. will'ln.Id an At Home at the Sel-  kiik Hall on  1'iiday. , |  E. Adah has gone e.ist to attend a  meeting of the company which owns  the Adah gioup on Lnl'nime Cieek.  The   Talent   Society' of  St.  l'ulois  Chinch'will hold ,-i tea and eiiioitain-  inciit at the Opei.i House <m   Fob. :-"iel  Tho  Laelie-s   Hockey Club  have  arranged a' shittwaist da nee for .Thin-.-  ny next at the Opera   House.    Gen I  r cniighi tickets "fl. l-di������������ ."i0c  d  il KTI 101)1 ST..  fin  Sunday  evening   Kev. '.I., Ltidnor  i'ii cached a praciicaj i>ernion  from  the  woitjs ������������������ tjuit you like men, be strong,"  jiiid in ibeycouiso of his seinion, stiid,  ihe   r-ni   idea  was coinage'  perseverance  and   intellect.   'In   spcakingSTOf  coinage tlielpieiclier'\eiiiarl.ed he'did  not   mean   brule  force'- tlie   so-called  noble 111L ol self  defence,"   but, tuoi.il  courage, those who ele> light, been use'it.  is_ light.    He   quoted   several    Bible  worthies,   including   Daniel   iiu 1   the  thi00 Hobieiv childicn. and  rcmai kcd  (hat  in   those (lavs such courage was  vciy-nccossaiy;.    The  Kev. gentleman  gave a* voiy amusing account' of   the  boy who" was playing   at school,  and  while doing so his companions reviled  him and'the hov asked lhc  Lord   to  vvnit iivvliilc'uiitil he punched the bid's  he.id     Ho  did   not  agieo 'with    that  method but it was (jtiito evident  the  Jad"h.id-plenty of ,admners,"tlie   way'  the ii'iidicncc' smiled, "in   fact   many  thought the boy was a typical Canadian, a,llglitcr.    In speaking of persc-  'ver.inco   the   preacher  condemned  in  no mild terms,  the profanity in every  day,life, and also paid a high compliment   to   Cluistianity   on'account ol  the tgient    men   who    had   accepted  Christ as a Saviour.-  The Choir- rendered choice music'.    A duct was given  111   excel lent "style" by Airs. Dent, and  Mr.-Taylor.-' . '-      -  -^*������-   , -     riii:siiYTi:i!i"Ax. , "^  , AC (lie niniiiing sei vice,1 ..Nov. JV., C.  Ciildei took ioi- h"is texl, ���������'��������� This-is" my  beloved Son in whom,I am ,woll jilea-  secL" , Touching on-(he nature ol bap-  lism' Aii. Ciildei oniphiisi/ctl the fact,  that one should study the sciipture.  giving little place to the'ritual and  seek rather ihe spirit- 01 the vvoid nf  God.   '  The pastor read the quarterly statement, to  Dec.':i 1st., showing the lieal-  1 thy financial condition of the Church.  ! pointing out the successful  and   liar-  inonious working of the ciingiogation  in all its oiganizutions.  In the evening, to a large congregation, Afr. C.ildei- preached on God as  levenled to us 111 the temptation of  -Icsus. The congregation ' listened  with deep interest, to ,1 subject'that  touched hum.in life and expeiience so  closelv.  - 4������  4?^^^^^^^^^(^^(^(^(^(^(^^(^'^^i^(^^^^^'i^,^,  !       E dVBOURNE*"!  f Boots, Shoes, 'Men's 'Furnishings/' <*'������������������*i.'-'- r, ������  & -'     ;   .    ' ��������� Clothing,'Hats,'Caps, etc.j.etc. ri������,  J.'-Oarss' Famous Mackinaws," German 'Socks;: Mitts, etc.   ;.", fn  $>,.u - \ ' Canadian- Rubber Company's "Rubbers arid Overshoes. <������* "i  V   Bargains in. Boy's Winter' Suits'and Overcoats.' f"  ��������� - '   . * *��������� ���������     y . , , ' r���������?  .-' ���������������������������        ". , .   x   ,  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. C. / 1 .. fc pf���������-  ($rt  u^^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^^(^t^f^'^r^^(^^^(^(^(^(^(^(^(^iM ($������������$>  Your trade unless yoi.'i:waiit good'goods, \vellJ tailored  and cut with a perfect ''slyle.       '*,*'.  UNION" MADE and at living prices . > 'V "'"- ~A  Fashionable  >       Tailor.   "  NEXT1"TAYLOR BLOCK.   \   ",    '  town you'cnii get. it.  M. '-A; "Wiisori,  V  !>  AfcEBNZfE AVENUE,  '    **  .   The only place in  FURHITURE  For the best and nicest Xmas goods call '-and sec' R. H.  ,'Howson &' Co's large assortment of-fancy Rockers,  -Center  Tables'," 'Couches,'phina Cabin'etsy Ladies Scc^  reiarys. etc.    ,_ ^ ''    - "* *,' - [.  R HowsbN & co;.  Undertakers and'Enibalmcrs.      *   .   -    .Picture FramTng.  A^i^uie' tv Osiw^TLe/ 4V-&C 4ruLd 4iw-  I. A. SMITH'& C0.r Agents, Bevelstoke, B. C.  W. K. Esling,  IV iii smrlter, w  a. hi* 1v.1v t'i Ti  NOT ORNAMENTAL  BUT USEFUL  in*  I lav.' ynii a i. ������������������! or .in ;1(  Tiy a hot wti .1 .1 it|]e  Thc cuiative powei of hot w.ite-t  "-'d in iln- lu.'imii-r i.- alm.i-i  in a gi ci I. T-.-.thache, .-aiaclie  pain- in the ch.-i, back or *(,���������.,.  ach  eli-.ipji,-;ii   tn   ,1  i,.n   ,,iinutes  Have You  Indigestion ?  Liver  tumble, cnnsttpai ion. (.'f-  l'-c    a    i'oiii r.iin    -vriiigc   with  warm wate-r.    Vou Hill gel iilmost  in.-taiit    iclief.      .Sizes ��������� Two    to  four  quint.-, from   one dollar tt]>  RED CROSS  DRUG STOREI  .1. A. flL'CKIIAM.  J'. S.��������� I'sc Euc de ("iiiniiic (Pinauel)  for the hair.  I find    this'be.-t   accomodation .it   the  Central Hotel. Abr.1ha.mF0n   Bro������. o  Fi't's-h Alarac.tibo e-he.ce.Iate's ;,t  Dews'. -    c  7'ry our e.-vn coti'.-h   -yrup���������easy fur  children   te>   take   ninl    e-ve-ellent    j,,r,i  sropplllg a f-ouerh.        Onl-i     -J.t,   (-enj-s ,)  b.ittl" at Canada  Drug A-   Book   Stoic  Triiemau'- stn.lt,, n,iV, U\h'\\, jukI  will !������' till I'lrther notice, miller e0111-  p.'f.'iit management.  The St. Leop I Tot Spnnj-s !:!i������ been  opened anel is now ready to aeoouio-  d.-ito vi-itor-".  F..r son-and dry tin...it,   try   a   l.<>\  nf    Hark-    I'.isfille.        Thov   are    e\.'  ei'll.-nt        .--��������� )|i|   ,it th" C.-liiada  Di-ii-/tl-���������  i.iiri.111 1 gent f.a 11.  - in 1 In ,*|ly Mi.n,| 1  aii iv ifli tu..   e .11...ul  WANTED  of i.uliioii from Tacoiua.  A " Bashful Bacheloi " writes suggesting that tho single lathe's of Kevel-  s'toke would de, u grae-eful act 'in organ-  (ising ;i leap year 1 ���������:*.J1.  .^ii'ii        Ci-owle      i-i'tiiini'd        this  \\/"-'���������^Tl-'.D���������.-'i\  Kongii Ciiipeiuei's  'f       !'.!"��������� I'eiul I .iiiiii.iii-c.   1 ;,,,,,.���������l  Airovvhe.nl  Bend  B. C,  umber Co., Limned  Book ('...- 'I'm. i-iii-h.  For  1.1 Ie, cheap, secoiKl-hatifl   b.i-e.  burner coal stove. Apply at K001 [..smv  wcek from a trip'to Butte. Afont. J fe  .-������>���������" IJjitle js nowy.n the down grade  anel Ifcinze- is the ho.ro of the hour.  Q D. Morri-t, of Iloger.- Pass, who  lia������ been laiel up ut tbe hospital with  an atVcction of tbe thio.it, had so far  iccovercd as to be able to return bom"  Moi)d..y,  T. II Ale.Mahoii c:nin- in from ,Kog-  i-i-s' l'as,s H|t I, ;t ^etcre ,.,,|,| eeiiitra.-t.-el,  111 bandling the -now -iomce\ ,unl was  ' For Sale.  At Salmon Arm, 100 Acies Fruit, antl  .Stock Liniel: 50 acres cleared. Apply  10 A. S. MENIIY. Mission City, B. C.  0sia5ftPW3EH aa8^gw"?MBi8BCT| itfaasg  FOR   SALE,  At ii baigaiii. :"II,5O0 shaies Prince  .Mining Cp. A.lelress ll. T. 'Blown,  hov 7, I'ciidlctnn, Or.. |,T. S. A.  Moscrop Bros.  Sanitary Plumbing, Hot  Water & Steam Heating.  Pipe Valve Fittings, '  Electric Lamps, Door Bells antl  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures j^1,' Put In.  Second Street, Revelstoke  ill  (lie h'-spit.tl f,,r some day-.     Deleft  ..gain foi 1 be fas- on Wi'ilneiil.iy,  K. (i. Hittlow. secretary to tho Great  U extern and Silver Cup .Mining Com-  panii.--, was in the city thin week t.)  met .Mr. Stvanney. the now manager  for these* companies, who arrived from  London. Kng., Tuesday. Air. Forbes  will ret inn immediately to England.  Mr"  .1. M. .-V.itt entertained a large  number of holies nf  afle-rne^.n  t"a on j  Thursday     The cnterrainment  jire.vi-I  (led was e.j ,1 u, Vel  nnel  enjoyable nature'.    A li-U of rpie-tiuii". wa- furiii-lieil  wbie h    bad    to    be  apj.ropriiitelv ,111-  swereel  by th"  name of ,1  .-h.-ikfspeai-  ian   play     Affer   iniicli   thought   and  cudgelling  of   brains, Ihe  curds   were  banded   in    and    the    prizes    winners  proved to be .Mrs, Pratt and Alr.s. Af,,j.  ris.  Revelstoke  The Trii-lees tlesiie  supply   nf e.\eici-e   boo  tn.nerv, el<  School  Board.  teiuleis for 1 be  l������s, school  si,i-  (n Ihe citv schools.  BLACKSMITH and  WHEELWRIGHT..  Gordon's Block. Second St.  l^iis]iititie.1-iiinplc"<(fiinns'(if lender,  ami all j������ii licttlars eaii be obtnineil  fiom the iiudeisigiif'd, low I mm tender.-  nie le. be .-.1*1)1 by 1'Vliiuai-y Hlh.  II. KLOVI),  .laiiiia ry i'.l, IDOL Secret a rv.  Neatly and      The Kootenay  Expeditiously  Executed at   Mail Office.  CITY OF REVELSTOKE.  THE HOTEL VICTORIA  I-:. K. LKASO.V.  VICTOBIA. -       I). C.  Ainci lean in.,1 I'lii'iipc'iin I'liui.  .".iiieilc.iii I'liui ?2.l(liiii(l UpwnnlH.  Stcnin Mi-alcil. S.iui|)lc rooniri.  The City Couiii'il is jiiepitted |(, |-(..  e-eive IcikI.'m fin Ihe supplying of  ���������"���������venty-live (7a) c.reN of wood, iir  and hcmlie-k, iu four fool lengths, to  be eleliven-d ,|| Un* I'ower lloiwc. piled  for measuring where (liiceled by | he  ma n.igcr.  Tenders to reach the iindcrsigin-il by  '! p. 111   on I'Vidav, .Lm, 2!l, J!l(ll.  H.  FLOYD,  -fi.ii  21, 10(11. CilvCJcrk.  UNION   CAFE  Oooili-ow tt Vincent, Props,  i'aisl nf Impel ial Bank  Finest Cafe in Revelstoke  Tlie Revelstoke Business College )������Pe^ A11 Day and Wight  Revelstoke  Day and Evening Classes in the  Library Building.  FV'iclienI     ins-lnictieiti     is     given    in  Book-keeping, Commercial Arithmetic  Penmanship,   Correspondence,  Shorthand, Typewriting  and English,  nd   other stibjectH can be arranged for  Dairy-  C. A. IIKVKLL. Proprietor  Orders received for milk, cream  and fresh butter  Customers can rely on having on their  requirements filled daily


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