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Kootenay Mail Jan 17, 1901

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 if  ������  V  1.1  -������"r5t  'cV'^'iJ7%^'  <^i^cfeV.-^^^  ...������������������^-.-'.-:wc*^r"r7;:fcS������,  Vol. 7.-No. 41  KEVELSTOKE. < B. G, JANUARY 17, 1901.  $2.00 Per Year.  more cc-iili'itl position tit' all  municipal  building-.  Ex-Alib-rmau    I'l'tci-srm    was    next  a, i-  , c.'illi'd fur iind rcffiv.'d in th'.* cause  of  tSk  a  ;\  U A, ,  A  well-attended  meeting, convened  ,   by  G. S.  McC.trt.or,  was  held at the  , Opera House, Revelstoke, on Monday  nighl.    Ifev. C. A. Procuniei- was voted  t. the chair, and Mr.  Grogan was ap-  poiiiLed seer clary..    The- building was  t kindlv placed at the disposal, ol'  the  meeting by Mr. Tapping ft oe of charge.  The chairman  1 aving explained the  object of Hit; meeting, Mi*. McC.irter by  1 request explained fully llici position so  far.   Circulars had boon issued to over  '!'.)'.) people ihioughout the district asking I boil* .support, in   tint oslalilishinetit  of ,-i   hospital for the disliicl, as'it was,  felt Ibis Was a matter not affecting the  city of, Revelstoke alono, but was for  , the benefit of the  wholo district.   He  suggested the appointment of special  roinmitlecs to collect' information on  differerlt points affecting  tin* scheme,  one to  intei view  the,* differ out owners  of city hinds and  ascertain  on  what  ,    ul..'nns a suitable site could be got, another to obl.-iin information as to what  suppoi t could  be depended 'upon from  C.P.R. and lumber companies.   He had  i, *  (1 scussi'd   the matter with Mr. 'Carlin,  manager of the Columbia Riven- Lum-  li.-ii* Company, and thr-it gentleman said  that while he lived at Golden/and took  an   interest   in   the hospital thorp, Iih  would   also like to see a hospital  at  .Revelstoke.    That company employed'  il large  number of  men at Kanlt, and  '   hospilitl accon.itKidalion here would be  '   a great convenience tn (lit* men, who  now contiibiito to the Gulden hospital,  its Ihcy did not rare about having anything lo do with lh������. .Kamloops Hospital.    If a' hospital were established at  .Revelstoke Mr.  Cailin would do what  ,h-.' could to obtain for it the support of  ihe men  employed ,,by  the Company  which hi'Vi-pi i-st'titod in the neighbourhood,    Sir, F. Ruhinso*) had .-ilso agreed  to ask   I be mmi employed  by him to  support the scheme.  On   tin* motion 'of   Mr.' M (-Carter, a,  i committee, consisting of Messis. J. M.  Kcliio,  John   Abrnhamson.  T.Kilpat-  prbvision   should   be   made  for those  men   in .case  of  accident,   and  they  should not be put to the hardship of  having to lie conveyed 120 oi 100 miles  to Kamloops and Golden for .treatment,  lie saw no  reason  why they could not  have in Revelstoke such an institution  if  they   would all unite.   (Applause.)  It' -seemed   strnngi*   that    Kevcl.-ioke  should  be so  far  behind  neighboring  places and it was nothing to the credit  of   the   place.     He would not advise  pulling   up'' a   large   building  at, the,  stai t but one that could   be'added to as  required, and  information should   be  obtained as to available sites, cost of  .equipment and maintenance. Of course  if ihe government decided to discontinue their grants it would leave-all  the hospitals in a very difficult position.  Mr.  Atkins contended that if they'  could make out as good a case.as Golden or Kamloops, and if Ihe government  would measure the matter* by the justice   of   the 'case,'  Revelstoke   had   a  larger   population   than   these   places  iiud-inight expect'a larger giant in proportion.    Fur  the sake of those liable  lo accident,   in .their midst, and   the  numbers of people resident here, Hie  establishment of a hospital was a very  proper move.    He heartily approved  of the committee appointed, and believed they would have a business-like  repot t and see where they were at, and  ho hoped the'action taken would result  In  a   hospital   for this    town   v. h'.ch  would   be a  credit to it.   (Applause.)  On   the   motion   of   Mi  hi-; i-osign.-t'ii  .���������lUU-rm.in  fm*  vv.it'll  'i, condemning -msie r.f the action.-, of  the council a.- Iieiug not i.i 'tho best  interests' of lb.- city. The ex-alder man  instanced I be Douglas sheet crossing  and the D.uigbis street sidewalk, claiming that money 'was 'needlessly spent?"  Ho stated ho had endeavored to bring  in a by-law doing away with the ward'  system unci (-led the council as done  in ih;; lirst election, but this the  cnnncil refused to con-ider by the  advice of, the city solicitor. Thus  having ;in endless light on his hands  with the council he considered it in  Ihr-interests of ward o that he drop  out. , '    '  W. A. Nellie was the next speaker.  He praised lhe.(chjert of the meeting,  and'denied Iho rumor that he had  resigned' his seat on the board of  license, commissioners. He condemned'  the system of.issuing so many liquor  licenses,    lie aUo epoli'e on   Ihe  pound  by-law a-detrimental io the man with  i  in   the  interests of the  ike in f ivoi'i of taking  i;i  tlie confidence, of the  of   Mr.   McC.irter,  A. Nettle, it. JLlowson, F.  h    "���������  F  :*  rick and T. Piiwiiic wi--, appointed U;  interview Ihe different land-owners  nnd obtain informalioir'a- lo llie  terms . on which a site could be got  from each. , ���������        ���������  Mi:  Ki'liie'urged   (be consideration-  of Ihe question  from  .-ill standpo ills'.  The."it)niiiler.i!ncvof such an institution  would he quite an usideifaking.     The  government was now .-pending $70",(XX)  a year on hospitals.'    He noticed I liar  an ai'iangeineiit had been made for the  Golden  hospital to takeover Ihe railway   work   from   Lnggai)   to .Rogers  P.n������, and that would leave, them very  liltle'teriiloi-y along the railway. Then  when  the, railway'was  built into the  Lirtleau, the  probability  v.as lhal the.  section would be served by the Nelson  hospital.    It wo.ild  then fine he neces-  M.iry to ascertain   what support could  be got 'from, the government toward  lh������ scheme.    An iruporlnni pi.ice like,  lievelsloke nquiicd a   ho-piud.   The  provincial [rovernincut bad  gone,   behind something like SI.OOO.WX) dining  the  pi-t   few  years,  audit  was their  Inlenlion lo I in ow- the expense of education   in 'the   nnuiicijialitii"-.     Thai,  meant   that a   citv    like    Iiovelstoke.  would   be   taxed ' to the t^xtenl of   bo*  tween fc'oOOOand $1000 a year for teach-'  ci's' ral.iiies alone.     The government  would be more anxious to  cut down  than to increase  its expenditure.   For  a hospital they  would   require a largo  piece of ground, it good building, anil  that  the.  institution   should   l;o 'well  equipped.  Mr. McCarler pointed  out, .that this  . meeting was not going to commit the  cily  of   Ruvcl.-lokc   in   any    definite  i-cheine,   but was i iteinled   merely to  get information, and when  they  fjot  that  they   would   be  ai Iu   to  decide  whether to go with the scheme, or not.  It was 'lU'ce-jsni^- to the succps-i of the.  scheme   that  the government should  give  n  wvy   stibstantiii!   grant.   -If  places like Golden and Karnluops could  get such u griinl   why could uotlluiy?  They should have just as strong a claim  its these places.  ��������� Mr. Jii I pa I rick did not see why they  fihmild not lliive a hospital here as well  as in Golden or Kainluops, There was  no ic;i3on why Revelstoke should not  receive as much as.-iatance from the  governincnt (owanls thi-J object as  jilaces like K.-iniloopd or Golden. If  they received a .-imilat t ubsidy and the  pmoilo vi Revel-doke would unitedly  take hold of Iii" -i'ln'iii!', Il'.ey coiiid  (������ tl i-i.'Ci'Cse oi'   ii.     I  \;i|.i.'iil--il     !i-'  Messis. \V.  \y. Mt-Gregoi, \V. G. Dirney, K. Gordon, and J. O. Kernaghan were appointed a committee, to ascertain ihe  cost of erecting and furnishing a building such as would be required for the  purpose.  On the molion of Dr. Carrol her--,,  Messrs., 13. It. Alkins, F. G. Fauquier,  ,C. II. Temple, Cv J.'Wilks, J. P. .Sutherland.F. Robinson,'F. B. Wells, Rev.  C. ,A. Procunier,' Dis. McLean, Cross  and Curt libbers were appointed a committee to enquire into the Vest of  equipment and maintenance of u hos-  ,pital.   .    . '    '        ,  la reply lo'Mr. Birney, Mi.i\fc(ki ter  stated no offer had been made to the  city council by tlie owners of the prcs;  cut ho.-pital to sell the building to the'  city, but Mr. Grogau said'he knew a  private letter had been' sent to the  uinybt on the subjecl.  It was decided that the variou.. coju-  mil tees should leport lo the chairman  within a month when another public  meeting should he convened to further  consider I he question.  one cow am;  Imtcliei; and  the electors  ald'-rnii'ii.  J. Ker'nr.ghan was the next speaker  .and- a-ikud, all Lo look at, everything  from it 'town point ot view and not  from an up or down (own point, and  believed thc-.tovvi) would be better off  with such views. ' ������  W. M. Brown made a few i ('mark's  enjoining id! lo work for tho town as a  unit wbicii'he thought was necessary  for the town to hold its own.  Mes.-rs* John Abr.ihamson and Wi,  A., Nellie wen? named as candidates  for aldermen in ward i\ ���������  ,    , ,---* ;���������     '  New Buildings.  magnificent shop, and the iipppr liooi-  will be subdivided for rooms and  ol'.lces.   ,  :.!.'m. i';-;ti7;m:::;i-;".s i{i;.suj::nck.  A h indsome residence is being erected on Second street to the order of  M.  M. Pellipiece, A. K.  Clark  being the  contractor.   The   building   occupies a  ground floor*'space of 22x28 ft.,   and  consists   of   t'w'o    storeys.       On    the  grotind floor are drawing room  11x17  ft,., dining room 11x15 ft,., kitch"ii 14xlS  ft., and  hall 8x10   ft.-r On   the' upper  floor   are  five' bedrooms and  a  balh-  looin. the bedrooms being respectivolv  12x1., ft., SxlO fl.,   12x10 ft.,  and  Iw'o  about 10x11 ft. each.    The  building  i-.  being lathed and plastered throughout.  City Nominations.  Tlie election for theofflce of Mayor J lowing teams of ladies  and Aldermen of the City of Revel  'stoke was held to-day at the Opera  House. At the close of the poll  Returning Officer Shaw announced  the returns as follows: ���������  .ma von.  T. Kilpaltiek;  W.J. Law...  .LIS  (il  The nominations for the council took  place Monday iis follows:  For Mayor���������T. Ki.patrick and \V. J.  Law.  Alderman Mo. 1 Ward-F. McCarty,  W. S. Newman.  No. 2 Ward-T. E. L.  Taylor,   II. J.  Bourne, T. J. Graham.   -  .... c      ,. No 3 Ward-J. Abrahariison, W. A.  spoke m rivor, or t.-tking    v.'i.i,' ,  The poll for (he mayoi'alty and Nn. 2  Ward was hi I 1 lo-d-iy.  As the uominiUions did not exceed  .the. vacancies for Wards No. 1 and No.  3 Ihe gentlemen nominated fur these  wards were declared duly elected.  Opening' Big Bend.  H. Ci Ivilleen, Government Inspector  of Roads, and  who was in charge of  the operations which  were begun on  the load from  Revelstoke  to the Big  Bend, states that the work  was found  Lo   be.   costing 'at   the   rale  'of    ten  thousand dollars'a mile,  so - that   the  road could not be built at anv   reasonable cost at thi .'season of the year*.     ,  Hon.   W.  O.  Wells,   chief commissioner of lands and works,  expresses  his deton.iiinutio'.i however to have the  work again put in hand  first thing in  the'spr-ing and,pushed on.   If a road is  built of ii.115 thing like such  excellent  grade, as that  which  was constructed  uj)  Toby . creek,   in   thu Windermere  'district, last season,   under*   My,   Kil-  leen's supervision.'.the  road  will   he a  feel frum floor to foiling of the upper '. boon to the district and a creJit to the  storew   The ground flyor w ill makf a   Government.       ,  <\ '  (   JOHN"   Ii.   iVcXiDri UhOt'K.  John ��������� E. Wood is erect ing on one of  bis'hits on tile south side of First street  what.'will lie une ed' tlie li.ies't business  buildings in Ihe cily w hen completed.  The site, is an excellenL'Oue. The building is fifty feet in length by thirty feet  in width.' The height of the building  is twelve and it half feet from floor to  ceiling  of the .ground   flat and eleven  \  Rocky Mountain Rangers..  Mi. T. Jj L. Taylor is expe.'ieucing  the frreatest ditlkulty in' calling iu the  equipment of 1 lie tifle company. Frequent notices have been published in  the paper,-, and members have persist-  en|lly disregarded them, Mr.'Taylor  lias received imperative, orders to h'me  tho equipment ready foi' inspection at  ���������any iiioiik nt and ��������� ho again rarnt'sliy  requests all members who enjoy giving  iiiiu trouble by ku.-pin^ accoutrements  iu their possession to change their  minds find assist in getting the oq'jip-  ment logellier .by- leaving it either.at  Mr. Taylot's, houso or Tavl.or and  Geui'g'c's store.  1 iUi iii  M.iulh Iviioleiiay has so far hud all  tin. pltinia of mining enterprise bul  there, is every teason Lo believe that  North Kootenay will yet produce  miiTs which will favorably compare  with the great mines of the south.  The Big Bend country hits a reputation <is a prospective milling camp thai  is not likely- to  be  belied" when good'  transportation  is  road i'i oin Rev-eld  within   reach.    The  oke lo Ihe Big Bend  Wil  inn  jta.1   iiriile *>'i���������i.'  .*ii!| iii o*--  the .1 liiliiliritl.lii-ni   of   t!) ��������� (  il.ti   ,'tll.l    full nl   libit  u -'I'liing  i leu ho-  I  $I,()J1 il  ye.-ii* in iii.-iiiil.iiu il. O. tli.it uiiiniii  lliev le.'.'i.'ed $.!.).').) 1'iiMii l,'n ��������� gnu1! ii-  iih^it iind lhal instituii'in .w.t.- aeu'dti  lo tile pi.ice. It ���������vel-loke '.Vis a place  where liiere wen' 'i l-irg" inunb -r  ni-'ii eiiijiliivd on 111'' rail way works,  iiud in uiiiiliig iliul I'-'/ffiiig e.i.up-,  w hi-. !l w'1'ik.-i U'i'1'.' innri' or l'^'- d-tngei-  The Revelstoke School.  School Inspector Burns came into  Revi'lstoke on Tuesday to enquire '  iiiiu school matters and was met by-  Ihe tiuslet'S. During his visit he in-;  sperled thc'scbouls and expressed him- !  self as highly pleased with ihe manner  in which they -wen.' being conducted, ���������  and the general appearance of the:  children. During his slay he discus-etl .  with tin; trustees tha inn iter of in-;  creased school accommodation and it I  was decided to rent the ground iloor of'  the Oddfellows building and lit it up  for Mm present for the use of Ihe  junior department, in which there an* S  103st'halais, till the Education Depart- i  nielli can make m rangomenls foi new i  school iiccoinmod.itiiiii. Another, j  teacher will be added to the staff J  beginning February. There are now j  200 children on the school roll, and the [  ayci'iige attendance, i?' 220. j  go  n long   way   lo   solve    thai  problem.1 At  our door lies   Ihe   i ich'  country of the L-irdeau, only awaiting  the advent of Ihe ii on liorse lo give a  do.'.on shipping mines.   In thp eastern  section ofNoiih Kootenay  too .thing-  aie' coming   to   th,'   front.     At    the  Paiadise   inim*,    at    W'.-id.-riuere,   ,;>  property th.'it wa-only laken  in  hand  ;ibout.seven  mouths ago,  a   lhou������and  tons of  sand   carbonate  ore   has  hern  sacked  and is   already   being   hauled  from the mini.' to  the  Columbia river  at   Peterborough    for    shipment    by  sle.'imer lo Gold-'ii in spring., This is a  mo-L  valuable   smelting   ore   from- a  self-fluxing point of view and in  many  places would command u  picmium  instead "of  a   r-h-irg'   b.-ing   made    [.-v  smelling.   T.ii- ore will hj sent to  1 he  Trail sm-lti'i' or peril t;is s-ii.l   to   the  Gugynheiin.-.     Tiie   nianng"!-, IJ. R.  Bruce, M. 10.- -tale.- he Ivis also l.TJ.J,):)  tons of ore in  sight   on  the properly.  The devi'lopin'.'.'it i-  mi.v  being prosecuted through a coiHact vein "> ft. wide  ol's.ilid  oie, and  which  lies b.-tween  linii'sUmeimd a!,tie. ,  Meeting' of Ehctor;.  Li ii'ir.-tl nice of a cii'i ii'-ii   caiiiti*.:  ,-i  it.  i:.i!  Ui eel ing i if tin- eleciois of   v't'.iid  iiiiiiihiate c.-indidale- fm- ,-i!il-*i mai  i u-s   I lie   iiiiiyoiall j    i;ti'siin.i.    ;  i-1 in In i* of lal-'pCyers nn I ai 1'. lei ��������� in'  Hull,    I! 'M'l-li.kc,   on   J,ii::,.'.iy   lJ.li.    I'.iOJ   1  i:!ill.  Mr.   Win.   firo'.vn   was   t lt-ct--d    ;is  iiiriniin anil Mr. l-'r.ist'i'sccrel.ii y.  Aliiei'in i:i Ahnih nii-oii iv.tsi!!,'' Mi-si  ���������"peiir.i'i.  Me referred In Ihe p.'isl yen'-        Tin  ���������A. ;i, ill ill,1 c.iil'uil .ill'.! .;.J.'\.'t'd   ������������������'��������� i  .'��������� "i ; ,;'  f-Iihiiig' Notes.  The. L'-ndon and Globe AI ir.ing Corporation is ts he wound r.p.  Mrs-. .1. K. .11.in i-, has closed it deal  for Ihe II ini- group on White Groini,  mountain.  Th.' Nelson Miner say-i 'that -III"  Good'u!'.;i;>]-!J!e.cl-:stOL-.k  syndicate  v, ill  fillilUCe il   FID'Iter   for Ktsl'ii, t be iu! ,-n-  5. im;      ! .     Ire.ii  ( '',,���������        Wini ce .'I'  y   ., q-iiri ,i   ���������'.    I'.'.-'   - -. .-.-li  ��������� ii   ,-,il Ii. ���������,'   v, .!i   m! .  i ion  .'������i on  i'v '������������������  nl;!!,  lo:-  llie  ���������I "'I  ore-  Illl's  i The expoits fur the year just closed,  however, were to a large extent of  concent rates, while in", 1S97 ull shipments were of crude ore.     '   '  Sandon sent, out 23,1SS tons, which  in value would average ii?7o*per ton, or  a total u������ aljout 82,000,000. ,  The total exports of'ore from Slocan  Like points were -1.G19 tons, and from  Whitpw.it er 5,3C5 tons, the \yhite-  water-iniiit1 lending with- 0,298 tons.  The pxpolls from Three, Fork's were  about 7,000 tons and from McCiuigiin  2,000, making n grand total of very  nearly -13,000 tons. Estimating the  vrJiie.of the ore shipped at $70, the  total value was nearly 83,000^,000.   '  Thc'iiuinbcr of men employed in the  district, averages a bout S00. About  5'J properties-shipped last year.  The amount of dividends paid by  Sli.c.-in .mines to date is nearly 8-1,000,-  009. (>f this the Payne, has paid over  81,400,090, ihe greatest amount from  una mine iiiihe province.   ; ���������    ������ '    ,'   '  1 NEW AIR BRAKE.  A Swiss Engineer Perfects a Wonderful Mechanical Device.  The Geneva rrrcipoiulciit of the  L-mdo''.i D.iily Mail credits 'an engineer named Phmla with the inven-  tfoTof a nn;lri!i:.cal brake that will  stop a train running 35 miles an  hour within eiy'il yards", and 50  mi:c3 an hour within 20 yards. Passengers can apply the brake by ptili-  in# an alarm cord. The shock is  leas   llian  that cruised  by existing  brake.1'..,  --���������-������������������������       Methodist Church.  Revival services are being held  each evening in tlie Methodist church  oo.iJuclc.l by the pastor, Rev. S. J.  Thompson. The meetings coin-  nrjncc p.'rj.i'jnly at I- o'clopk and  clor-.' at t).    A 'ii'id ,;iUcMHl.'iiv.'e and  Total vote cast ..'   Mr. Kilpatrick was therefore declared elected as Mayor of the,. City  for the ensuing term.,  ������ AI.Dlill.MI-JN WAHD TWO. '  II.JlBouine 72  "  T. K. L.' Taylor  til  T. J. Graham ".... .7Jft  Total'vote east ..-��������� '. 180  Messrs. Bourne and   Taylor were  therefore   declared   elected.    There  were 20 plumpers 'about equally cli-'  vided  between   the candidates and  two spoiled ballots. ���������    , ,  ' A great deal of interest was taken  in the election, a crowd being around  the polling booth all day, while rigs  were busily ��������� engaged conveying  voters to the poll.  ,                      t ,  '���������.���������������������������.,-���������       m-ftw������������������   ���������  Grip and Password.  1. 0. O. f.  The following elective of'licers t f  Selkirk Lodge were installed on Ti:i*s������  day niglit:        "' ,. , (  N. G.���������Ai.E. Kincaid  V. G.-E. K. Adair  Sec���������Jas. Mathie  Treas.���������ltobt. Gordon  At the meeting of Revelstoke Lodge  "on Thursday ' night," the, following  elective officers were, installed for the  ensuing term:     , "c  r.N. G.���������E. Water-son  ��������� V. G.-Jos. Skinner  Sec- H. N. Coursier  Treas.���������Jas. I. Woodrow   '  I. o. v.  1 Installation of, ofiicers of Court Mf.  Uegbio for the ensuing year was held  on Monday evening as follows:  Court Deputy���������J. B. Scot I,  Court Physician���������Dr. Garni titers  P. C. R-B. It. Atkins     "  C. R���������.I. A. Ringer  V. C. It.-J. E. McLean   .  It. S.--K. D. J. C.-Jolmson  l',.S.-J.-L. Smith ',   ���������     '  Treas.- B. F. Gayman  S. W.--A; Beiinison  J. W.-C. P. Paget  S. B.-G. Beavo  J. B.-B. Temple        ���������    ���������  II. Floyd, 01 at or, andoC. W.-Mitchell, superintendentof juvenile courts,  were unable to be present; their installation being.held over until next meeting.      ' ','-.'  The installation being concluded, an  intermission wtis'granted during which  lime a luncheon was served iu the  ante-room. On the court being called  to order speeches'were made by (he  newly'elected ofiicers* and others,  interspersed-by, songs. ��������� Bro. L. II.  Buck, who was present as a visitor,  spoke at some length on the wonderful  increases of .the membership' and  financial standing of the order since  the time of his joining thirteen years  Miss Peltipiece (captain). Mrs.  Needham, Misses Sawyer. Stephenson and Major.     ' '  'Miss Corlcy (captain). Misses  Cederholm, Coleman, Adair. Berger,  .and i\. Dunn.'  The side captained by Mbs Peltipiece was victorious.  The Ashcroft hockey team will  visit "Kevelstoke on the 26th. An  invitation has been received by the  Revelstoke club 10 attend the hockey  tournament at ' Sandon from Jan.  28th-to Feb. 1st. Tlie'date nf the  visit to Rossland is, not yet known.  A match with Nelson will probably  be played on the return from Ross-  land.  A ladies hockey "team will probably visit Nelson.  ���������  '       Personal.  .7. .7 -.Foley, of ��������� Arrowhead, has been  spending a few days in the city.'  0.   S.  Mc-Carter- and   II.  G. P.-uson  intend starling to-morrow on  a trip lo ,  tlie La rd ea u.   L  ��������� >  Miss Griffiths, mislress of the school  at Albert Canyon, returned from the  south on Monday, and left for tlie  Canyon. ' ,  J. C. Greene, the' well-known host of  the Queen's' hotel at Golden, is about to  leave for an extended trip through  California.  THE,SMELTER PROBLEM.  The   Difficulty  Raised   by- American  Smelters, Over Kootenay Ores?  Iti'feriing   in   tlie    lel'u-'al    of    Ihe  The report of Court Mt. Begbie. for  the year, as presented'by the auditing  commit tee. showed a crt'dilabie showing'in the bank after providing running expenses of the court, and care of  the sick. Sixty-seven members were  reported in good standing.  A Hot Fight.,  American smellers to renetv "contracts  lor ICoolenay oi'.es, the Spokesman  Review sayo:'- , -        j  The explanation'given  at   the , of  lice of I hi; American .Smelling  ic' Re-  lining Company is simple.   Eugene U.  BradenV noi lliwestern   represe/itiiiive .  of the.combine,' said:    ' ' ' ,  "We do not refuse ��������� to take British  Columbia ores, but the company is on*'  willing to pay what it considers .an-  unfair freight rate on ores demanded  by the Canadian Pacific and refuses to  reneiv contracts 0:1 the old basis until  a fair rale can be secured. The treat*  menbrates will not be advanced to any.  extent, though it is ptpliable that some  changes in the sent dale willjie made-~  changes made necessai'y by changes in  the 1 elative,supply of wet and dry  ores."  The exact rates could not be learned  but it is understood that the rate by  the Canadian Pacific main line ' to  Omaha from British .Columbia points  on the (how's Nest, is over GO per- cent,  greater than the American rales from  the Court- d'Aloues to Colorado stuel*  leis/  .It is understood (hat Ihe^Silver-Lcnd  Mine Owners' Association of British  Columbia'will meet in Sandon in a day  or two, and it is expected Ibat a con*'  ference betweeh tin* 'association and  the ro| rescnlalive of the, combine look*  cing tow.-ud a selllemoiit of Ihe mailer  will be the result. ' -  A eni t lined refusal of the smelting  co npauy to Like Ihilish Columbia ores  would mean, a 'ci'mtu?'Ins-1, "and 'Ihe  force- on* row nil'of the Slot an pre-'  dueers-ln.vu a 'ready been (empciarily ,  red tie a1, 1 en ling a sellleinent of tho.  difllc.iily.' Tin ie h is been a great deal  of talk among tlie British Columbia  paper's of building Canadian. Muellers  lo compete with the Auioiican company, but.it is u-iilized (hat this will  take time, and that in I be meantime  the smeller capacity of the piov iuce is  wholly inadequate to Iho large cud  growing out put of il*- silver lead mines.  Iti" thought piobable thai the Canadian1 Pncllic will be induced to moot  New  York, Jan.   If The Tribune  publishes  ihe   following   from Palis:  "The Parliamentary buttle which will  open oiPMonday with the discussion or j the coiiipiny in Ihe maite:* of rui.e.-, 11 ���������>  the  bill  to prevent Rom m  Catholic j (ho Cumuli.1.;   Pacific smell ei   inieTosi-.  will be iipei.tied io theii* f:i!i capacily  In any case. 11 is reported here, how.  ever, I hat strong influent!' is being  brought tn hear by Cinndinn smoliing  Infcrevls on (he big ('-marlbin line lo  havo the pi'.iiiiiillivc-r.-ile.s on ores exposed Lo this coiiiiti v craiiinui'ii.  conirregatlniis from holding, and accumulating property, preceded by an  interpellation on (he Interference of  (he Pope in Fiench domestic'affairs;  promises to be bilter and decisive/'  Another Transcontinental Line-  Another big transcontinental rail  Messrs.   liiiurne   ihos. v. lei liavt,-.*)  I..,!  t".  J   I  III  IK slocax mi:  !i.-;mv  .vli'i-'i i  i0.7.i")  1 00-  .lug nil!;1 ii .-I 1 'i1! fs>  l-l"������    hlji'll      til"      I ll ifi'st  .if   lie-   n'isiiici.    Tin*  'C..11  in  til'  l..,i.-  IjiIi  n.iii.i"|-  :','(i!ist  -hi:  Pi) lie.  ;',!-T',  0-; :  s-eut  inn*  nt! 1  in  ; 1.  j.'1,, I  Hilt   b'lt  "iuaikej intcrcjl ha.- chai'iiclen/.r.ti  ihe.incctin^:: s-i fit. They will like-  iy 'nc coiuinuo.l for anothei' week,  cordial klvil.-uhu is cxlcnck'.l lo nil.,  Tlu seivice. of the Methodist  chu.'ch will be held at the usual  hours n.'st Sund.iy. In the evenim.'  the pastor will complete his furies of j  )"M-iiif)'ir! 0:1'th.:: Apj.silfi's Creel b\  sj)cikiugoi '��������� Th" K^suiTGcli'in oi  the l'tod\>  and   JCvcii'lasting   I-ifo.'  soil  theii  W.ur  ���������J-llil'l   <  lilllil.l's  ' l.f   "  way line is reported to be in process ' successfully nuulucled in Reiei-ioku  of formation. Jt comprises a line I "llf; "t ihu J-''"���������*'''������ti bu-im ������������������ ie-']*.?-- in  from   ocean   to ocean,  tin;  Ciraiid' 1 l'"!   "'"'i  j Trunk   fro in   J'ortland,   Maino,   to; ^'"t'1-" t,f ,,r"'  i Chicago 1   tlie    Wisctmstn ��������� (lcnli������l j eii'iruum- -.i... r.  ! from there to 1/uluth |, a line bom  the latter city to Rainy River lo connect with th-: Mackenzie and Mann  system through Miiniloba and the'  Northwest Territories and British  Columbia to the Pacific coast.  i-t.i:    ilt'tiiii'i  ���������>illlll|..i|.|i ii-|.  -, In   -ii-;:..-.-  '���������11 iit.'.-ii'.,   ..( ���������  lo   'it nee!:- - ,  lien    Iticv   i'i'ei.i  liOV/f.  oy*  ,,.,^w    I   [.',,,,,',,,-���������it, -.Mpl'.-,."  I-i llii.iif.  r.eyi'i/^oc  I'tJ. ,     1 '���������..! v ./ijv ������������������ L.v,-"- i^l-it-Jif   ai , 1.1.?,  larger stocks 1 ii-in  go'o-'s sliick h,.u  Mf.-v.i'-v.   11.*!'!   iiiii!  Ilil.S     ll'"1!1!!     il      11 I'll  1  limill'ier of    Mes-,i-.  Mr,   X<\-.'\ 1. i'  ne'vv linii, oil'  llCI'tl  lli.ll.1 ti'.  ylili  'li ".'.  'I"V. !l,    .'.-  !;.,'j7,-  At the rink on l/riday afternoon a ; wi-h   the i.ew  Hi  Vfiatcl'i M7i^ y\ny;:] tyiUw) the W- [ vnU-nni.i:  n; in1,  :i  -mi    V   1  . i'i ���������  !'-���������  '���������lig      III  :��������� ibeii-  *. i.i-ji  ���������.'���������Jii.'.r:!'  5   i'i.'sm!-'  ( cping  !������������������ .by  M-.l l.V  "-' !;!.!���������  -IV. i-t. I '  ���������-*'  ih'  '.   \v,.  ti'.eir  in  L-  BW?a^3S?BSp^^ THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  Zbe Ikootsna? (Ibnil  I'L'BLISHKD EVERY THURSDAY.  ���������AT���������  BBVSLST0E3, B.C.,  Subscription   Pric=,   $2.00   Per   Annum  ADYKLTISIXG KATES quoted on nppli-  caiion.  JQII PHIXTTXG of every kind at most reason  .iblc rn-.c- and sliortCit notice.  ACCOUXT3' fur job print ins or.'advertising  payable on the lir.-t of overy moiitli; sub-  scnniiciis.ii.iyable sii-ic-tl.v in advance.  COIJREriPOXDKN't'I*: iinitr-d on all rnalLcrs  of local or public; interest. All coinimnuca-  lioiis to tins Editor must be accompanied  liv tlie aaiue of tlie 'vi-iier, not uoco-.'-arily  for publication, but iis tin evidence' of  good :'������v lit.  Addre-M  Tin-: Kcotkxav Mail,  ReveMoke, B.C.  THURSDAY, JAKL'AIIY 17, 1001.  THE l'PtOPUSKD HOSPITAL  .The Cily of'Revelstoke is Lo be congratulated on the success of the meeting held at the Opera ,, House , on  .Monday night to consider the im  pnrtant qu^sii'in of providing n public  lmpit.il for the cit.y and surrounding  distiict. Thi' meet in,;' took a thorough  lui.iness shape and the. gentlemen comprising the various c-jniniiltee.s aie  well ciii-ible of li'iiidling tiny mailers  respectively entrusted to,their c:ir.  fh. un'jerl i';iiig is of couise one of  co.. Mentbie mat;i,Undo, nnd I he  va-i'i'tis pit/bieii-i involved will leijuiic  c,u'-j."ul ct'nsi Lntlion.' Tiie obstacles,  h'V.v ".'er, slu u'1 not be insurnuuuit  able, fi ui.clh'iig like SoOOO will prob-,  ablv be n-'uiie 1 for (be. building  and  another medical officer and an increased nursing staff. The Golden  hospital has been'an object lesson in  successful administration among . the  public institutions of the ��������� province.  ���������What Goldor. has 'done, Revelstoke,  with its much larger resources, can  successfully do and undertake, if the  people of this city will pull together  for the common good,' and give their  utmost aid in establishing an institution which appeals to the higher  and nobler motives of humanity, an  institution which ought to.be provided  in every, centre of population as a  means of alleviating the suflering of  our fellow .beings and of providing  help in time of need .where-it is so  often required. '��������� We wish the committees, who have, undertaken the  preliminary .work, success in,, (heir  efforts, and,hope that the results will  be such as to .secure to .Revelstoke  what one of the speakers at the meeting-so""wWi,~e"Vp7es.Si-jdl "an institution which will be ti eretiit lo fhe  cily and its peoplo."  THE BOAR!) OF TIJADE. '  Tlio annual meeting of the Board of  Trade Ms' about due, .and we ������*iggf*st  that an eftoil be'iii.i-ie, to, r'-stisaitate  this institution, and, by the- nocessaiy  changes in the council, io do away  with the causes of recent-lroubles. A  well conducted Bond of Trade'is of  gioat value to any city, and should be  able to do much to advance the interests of the city and district. , Let the  troubles of  the' past be forgotten,'and  Her KnomleclKc ot Cli!::.*oO.  A youn.? woman at a watering place  one summer made a reputation as a  profound linguist iu a rather odd mau-  ner. She called one day at a Chinese  laundry where she had left a shirt  waist, but it could not be found, as  there-was no entry in the book of hiero-  gl.iphs corresponding to her pink slip.  After a half hour's search the Chinaman found the enlry. A mistake bad  b6en made, so the entry was crossed  out and a new set of hieroglyphs in  tiny characters placed below. She was  'told that the'waist would be laundered  'immediately,' and she could get it the  next day.  The next day the ycung woman called for it, accompanied by three other  "young women. At the seashore the excitement of a visit to Ihe Chinese laundry is not to be despised. The Chinaman to whom the pink slip was presented was not the lainidrymaii of the  day before, and ho experienced (bo  same difliculty in finding the identifying character, finally saying, "Xot in  book."  ,'J'he 1,'irl answered calmly, "I can find  It," and the Chinaman allowed her to  take the book. Turning the leaves until sire came fo one Ui.it had, an entry  crossed out with .'mother, In tiny characters under It. she handed it (:> Iho  Cliinatiian. "There It is," and, to his  surprise, ho found it.  '."You only lady I knew spik Chinese." he said. And (he other pirls  locked   uuop* her   with   admiration.-  A Cnrloti.M c <>tu������>nt.  A traveler In South Africa witnessed  not long since a singular combat. lie  was'musing one moriimg.' with his eyes  on the ground, when he noticed a cat  erpillar crawling ah'-m: at a rapid rate.  Pursuing him was a' host of small  Mack ants.  Being quicker ,lr- t->ir mover cuts.  the ants would cnt'-li :'i> v. itn.f lie caiei' ���������  pillar, and one wun'.'-l iu';unt his hack  and bite him. Pa-ising. fhe calei")i!!->r  would turn his herd ant! Lite and kill  bis tormentor. A Her slaughiering ,n  dozen or more of his perneeutors the  caterpillar showed signs of fatigue.  The ants made a combiner! nt!;iek. Be-,  taking himself to a stalk of grass, the  caterpillar climbed i-p the tree tail first.  followed by.the ant;.' As one approached he seized it in his jaws and threw if  off Ihe stalk.  The ants, seeing Hint (ho eaforpiUnr  had too. strong, a position for them lo  ovcrc'jiii'e, .rcsoriod tu strategy. They  began sawing through the grass stalk.  In a few minutes the stall; fell, and  hundreds of ants pounced upon (he  fallen caterpillar, lie was killed at  once, and (ho victors, marched off in  fireat triumph, leaving (he foe's body  upon the field.  JOHN -V. PERKS PROPRIETOR  YAROE   AXI.   WELL    LIGHTED  I SAMPLE  ROOMS. u Heated by  >S> hot air and electric .' ells and  lijyht in every room. Free bus meets al  trains. - '  '    REASONABLE  RATES.  Xiglil drill Room in c-fir.iK'ction for the  convenience of jjiic-ils- arriving ami do  partinj; by niglit train-. Hourly street  ear between hotel aiiil .sl.iUuii.  ....;���������- REVELSTOKE, B. C.  epeliant  IIis Theory.  C'uii'uenl   ind,  tiiis   vi iii    form    the I for the sake of  the'public interest, let  lioav." portion'of the. initial cost of, the j citizens  of  ail shades of  opinion com-  undoita'dn ���������;. AnotiiPr C5000 would  probably hi re']iiircd''to cover aniiuil  ex-janse. of m.iintcniiiiet1. It, will  probab'y be found that the | means of  r.tLing llie eost of buildingand equipment wiil h.i'vc to, take tin forin, Lo a  large ex'lenl at least, of priiale sub-  scriuliou. ,.i:id tlr.it, an effective canvass  i *      * ^ t  of ihe ciiv and adj'icent count i y to be  benefitted bv such an institution, may  have tu l.e made, with lliis object. If  liiilf the amount which the finance  committee .find it'necessary lo raise lo  cany out the object of the meeting  'can be obtained by private sub-ciip-  lion, the Giiveimiriit could re-ison-.bly  be 'tis  cetl  to givr  -a  siibsi  ly   oi  tioll.ir  fur do  ll.u  .      Tilt!  cost   of  inaiul  en nice  liver ,-  *���������  n-i  iibnv a  iie(  love:  nmcni  yearly  SUOSli  V  co .ild  pio  jablv  bi'st,     be  provi'  erl  " lu  the  tic!  .( t  syslOiii,  and  bv  ll  heih  od'  uf  cor-tri  butitin by wage ciriifrs through their  employees. The C. P. R.Jias an immense number of men emp'oyed in and  about, Kuvcistoke,    and   mil way   cm-  !i ib!e.   to   acci-  ineos ;'.ie   necii.ianv  I lOlC.  "bine for ihe cominon good. We hope  that when I he'next general nieetirisj is  convened there will be a g iod attendance, and that those members of���������lhe  council whose attitude any have caused  division and offence will voluntarily  .show their public spirit 'by standing  aside to make room for otheis who can  bo depended upon to make got d  O'licers, and who will carefully watch  the interests entrusted to their care.  .Whatever the. present, causes of com-  'p'aint the Revelstoke Board of Trade,  has done much good work in the past,  and it would be. a public misfortune, to  see it. fill through altogether. If the  affairs of tlie Uianl are conducted on  the coinineici.il and business principle.-,  which Mi'Hild characterize an orguu'ia-  The (;i:!(iiif Horn of (lie ilnleorn.  The horn of a unicorn was shown at  Windsor castle and ii    "DS was valued  'at over f 10.000.    I.e.   ���������  Vorlomnnniis,  a  gentleman of  Ucnie   i-aw  wit!)  h's  own eves (wo unlc-onis presented to the  suilun of .Mecca by a kin? of Ethiopia.  They were in a park of the temple of  Mecca and were not much unlike a colt  'of .������>0 months of age.   This was in l."i0.'J.  The animal became extinct about (he  end of the .seventeenth century..  The unicri'ii is represent od .in the  ruins at I'erscpolis.'and it was adopted  by fhe Persians as (he emblem of speed  and strenetli. In the middle ages It  was the symbol of purity. The unicorn  baled the elephant, and it used to whet  its horn on a stone before it struck the  foe in.the abdomen. Xo family, by the  way. should be without one of these  horns, the average length-of which, is,  rour feet. They defend from witch-  craft. Thus Tprquomada had-one always on his writing table. Furthermore, a drinking cup made from cii������  will be a si fog n a rd against poison, as  will the ground powder put in drink,  and indeed the wells of tlio palace of  St. Mark,could not be poisoned in (ho  .good old days of adventure because  these hoiielieor.t bonis had been  thrown into them. Unicorn's horn was  formerly sob' by j.-}i,<-,-,e"'",;''s at ?11'0  an ounce.  A novel explanation of (Ik- cause of, gK^SJisij,''''' -.'.' --"' '���������--^������������������������������������.'i.-i..'---'-  '<,���������'���������   i?::;V''���������;,''-  thunder'showers was once fiven a r-o- ^^^^^^^^^Ac.--''���������'���������'^^&<ii'^':: '".i7'7'''7..:A.^  journer in n lit lit* Xova Scotia town h.v ' Vj.Ti  ������������������' ^^^'^^fe'^^^^S^'i' "^'.:->i^"%^'-.  one of the inhabitants. r^vv'vt---'-^'^^  "Do1 yon   know   what   maker.  (hnT!  derV" the Xqva Seotl.'ui-intiuii'ed of hi1-  guest.   "I've,got a theory of m.v own  and I call it a pretty good one."  "I  should, like to Ir.wr it," , was' the  diplomatic reply.  -"Well." sai'd the liosit slowly, "m.v  idea is this: Vou know wc hear about  (he air circulating and'circulating ail  .(he time. M.v'notion is thai the pure  air from above comes down here' In  summer and gets foul will) all the  smoke and dirt and grease, and then  tlie heat drives it up again into the  clouds, and when it gels up there it's  pressed on all round by the clouds coining together, and it explodes! Thai's  my theory. Of course," he added, with  becoming modesty, "other folks may  have others."���������Youth's Companion.  A3RAHAMSGH BROS.  PiiuP S.  Newly built. Fiisl-clusa  in every respect. All  'modern co'ivcuieiico.s.  j.-ugo'sample rooms,    1'iio  pioru   s.'tio.       :'ice  meets all trains.  i in  'Jnder saute niauagemenl.  QUEEN'S HOTEL,  TROUT LAKE CITY '  'JL5/  f;  -9  tion or the Mini there is no reason-why  its aff-iirs cannot be conducted free  from ji uty squabbles.  DC  dent: and L'.i them   a   hospii.-tl  in   this  city would be of especial   value.    The  C. P. P. have .made it a put  of   their  system Lo levy a small monthly deduction   from   'ho   wages   paid   their  eniploveos-lo pruv ide fur   medical   and  hospital all end a nee, and no doitbi   the  nrij'lt'vccs of iho company here  would  c iripervtte i.i diverting that revenue to  the aid of n local hojitit.il.    Then   the  employees of the lumbering  eoinp-uiie-. j mineral   ch-iracier of  ihe country. '  A  repoit' from him. published by the  Dureau   of Mine-,  would have a i'-iod  A .MLNl'Nli RKPuPiT.  Should iho Hoard of Trar'f.  resuscitated, one of the first things  that should be done is to rr-prtsent to  the Minister of Mines the desirability  of sending the Provincial Mineralogist  here first thihg'Mi the spring io look i  over the Dig Bend, the countiy in tlie  neighborhood of Anuwhead, and the ,  Lardcm. These sections aie now  more thin mere   p." i*peels  P'll PiJlcetiicit.  "Have you ever noticed that nearly  ail pr������Iicenie:i g:"t faiV" asked n unin  v.iirj l:t p|n, his eyes open. "This would  sni'.i'ln disprovcthe theory-that w.-iik-  irigdhi t.lie ope-i ,'iir is a me;i:is of reducing superfluous weigh.". I have known  lie.',- p-ilici is:e:i to si.**."t on their hr-alr*  weighing no more than \'2T, pounds. I.'i  six muni lis (hey would Up iho scales at  I'i1) and hi n year reach Iho U00 mark.  It mufL lie the slow's,itii)lei'iiig in tlie  open air (hat i.",c* it.'for 1 have noticed  that while p-ilirenicu grow fat' (he  house sergeants, who are confined to  tlie .s-Jarions. are invariably thin. Those  who p.-ilif-l the streets gain (ho maximum weight in about three years. Tho  muscles (hen harden, and despite thou1  apparent burden of flesh the men usually develop great activity. One of (ho  be?t ruiUK i's i'i:d jumpers I know is a  palireman v'"i w-g-'S r"rr\y 30il  p:'j:.t:.-.'!  Her G'eJoxfinl CrcilondnlK.  "Put it down thar." said the old man  to the obituary writer, "(hat sIicavuz  ���������12 nn likely for her age."'  ,"That's down." ,  "That she >wuz' never known (er  spoil I; a cross word, beiu dec!' an dumb  from eh'ldhcod.'1  "All right."  "That she Is now- at rest 911 Abraham's  bosom���������    Hut  hold  on!    Ain't  Ytli.-it whar Lazarus isV ������  "I think so." ���������������  He paused a moment as-if In'deep  thought. Then lie said: - '  ' "Xo mailer! Put it down that she's  thai', too. for of ever Lazarus sees1 her  cumin he'll vacate an hunt another  /estin place. 'Sides that, he's been thar  too long anyhow!"  , t r-. , ^   ~ ,- r, - Jn������,|,PO������,ftl*ed by act of Pai liament 1853.     r    -  HEAD.OI'HCE.     '      - -    ���������    ���������   MONTREAL  War. Molso.v jJIacpiiehsox, Pres. "    S. IL Ewixo, Vice-Pros.  James Elliot, General Manager  PAID,UP CAPITAL,     ��������� .  RESERVE -,-.'',  2,050,000  general baiikinjr"*business Ir.-uisitclu.l:' InLerest allowed on dcposiLs at, current rates.  J. 0. MOLSON; Manager,  $2,500; 000  2,050,000  rrt.iit rales.  LSTOKE, B. C.  Established 1086.  Incorporated 1895  Tii������ Sofl  ,".::n-.vc>:-.  "There!" .-aid iho anar.v ni:::i, shoving a phcingrupli, prosiiiniihl.v of liim-  self, ur.der the pholographer's nose.  "L'o yon'know, what that ufakes mo  louklikeV  "If you mean what it makes you holt  like at fhe present moment." answered  the photographer, surveying I he face  of (lie angry man enrol 11 H.v. "1 should  s;'.y it milkes you look as if vou were  about   to   throw  a   tit."  euriUuT.  Kootenn.y Lodgo  No. 15 A.P. & A.M.  wor.;   lias   been   (niiie  liobei'tiou   to  form   a  to  enabk*  Mr.  !ea as to the  mi  |.',in\Ai yi   i������i-rf  iuuii������.i'ii^  ^lu be pla'ced on a similar basis,  !    ��������������� i.:   c: .>,!    at  "gouii ocni   was   sates  about   the   su-.-ees-   of  the  the  meeling  Golden  lio--')ilal.    The -success   of   that   iustT  tution has   been   due   lo  a    fortunate  combitiatioii *of   cireuinst.inccs.  institution lias had  eminent subsidy,  we i 1  - ,1 j. j.,  That  1 considerable Lbn-  ,11 I   1 bio   has  been  sp.'t'lK  supplemented    bv'll.e    ---.jiendi'l  J.-ii.-ibi-r Coinp-i  -or. the C-.iiie'ii L'l'  wliie-h  liic empi'tj*  C'*!its p.'*r h������-a i tie: :i  A  I!l*'i-:i>--, He tort.  At n -lii.iur paity a young mnn wns  ouce   i:'..'l;!i!g   ir.Uii'r-' foolishly   about  Dn-.vin a;-.d hi, !ki','.;s. nnd lie said to  V.'.f hbh'V) '���������( \\"ii"i!(*.-eer CWil'ierforce),  "My I'.:-!. i,.-p'L- v..!! )(.-i.I liarwiu's last  buuk on ifi." ���������l--ii-f-t of ManV "   "Yes,  effect    in   attraclir.g   capital   to ll:e-e'  I  ha;'," -,|,o'  the  I i-lop,  whereupon  sections.      Though   Revelstoke   bs  ihe'  the young u ���������") oni.'-iued: "What noii-  '    .        11    , - 1 f ?. :i-e  it  is tall,iii:; of our  Ix-'hig de-  centre ot  one of  the  Oldest succf-.--iu| , t.Cl.|,i)���������:-1  r.���������, ,  ,;,_,_-    ,.���������.,,,, .^  ,  rnu-t ,  mining   sections  in   the Province it is ' <.���������_> ;;���������. us.. , ������������������ ������-.;f|| cji'-.f.    ) ean't si c-'j  none   to the credit of   the g..v<;iiittifnr    ^bat di'ffi'i.u-i- ii v.oulr! ma1 c to nu* if J  ,    t    ,,'. ,- 1      , ,   . 1 ,   Ui'." gr.ii'df.'tr!"-!-w.ts ,'.':i ,'.;ie." I  that   tins   section   s.iould ii'tvc   l.^-eu        ;,,    ���������,,,   ,. , ,,   ,'  ,,,  .    .,  > 1,   (1 (��������� i,i-ii"p i'in t d:   / ilon ( see ,'  neglected in favor of the newer -md l<ss ' ^])ri| ������������������_ -,-, ,-,u!-].    j;i*{ jj. i",i>--( i.ave moiii;  ! .I.sieli.ni'.'I    cpi-iiuii-        W..   -,ti_''ijs",   to    an r nti7'"g ih'fcie:.ce io your graiid-.  .Mr. Taylor, M   P. P.,   th..- di--.ia'oi!.'tv  )��������� r* L'liiiipaiiy,   iiy j ..f   hi-   urging   tin's prop,isition befoti  *   *   The regular meeting,  fyC />-"-T,\y       are held in Ihe Mils-  'r^o^'i-'Xii'    /Cv-,      oiiie Toiiiplo. Loiniie  ^-������$������m3ti!i^mLr=? TTiiIi,  on  tho'   l-unl  ^^-SsSS*P^S^.ym^i M n 11 il 11 y    ill   ntcll  ^^^s^---^AN|^nin;iUi   nt,   b  p.   111.  ^S^S^viB-Cr-   Yi-iHii'-   brotliren  ���������c=x<*ij=^=.'^si=^- c-iiiliallv iveboinetl.  0. S. IfoCAUTKil,  Sj-ckktajsv. ,  REVE13T0S3 LODGE, I. 0. O. T., No. 25.  Mfimm, Mefeely' & Company,1 limited,  ; Dawson, Y. T. ' u   Vancouver, lB. O."-,  ���������    UIPOUTimSANl) .1011UKUS OK  Iron,   Steel,   Glass,   Paints, , Oils,    Motals,   Stoves,   Tinware,   Guus,"eLc., etc  \VE MAKE A SPECIALTY  OF SUPPLIES for Mines, Mills, Llacks.niths  Railroads, Contractors, Lumbermen, etc.    Agents for ;������������������  lyilct* r.'o.      Fairbanks Senk's.   , heiiiicil's Kuglish Fuse.      Al.! jest io  ,toi:l It.-uisos.      Citnlon .Aiming Steel.      S|.ii:iiiet*'s t'oppefiue.    '  GiiuiL l'oivder f.'o,  S  Ro^istarcd Trademark   "Sunset  -���������--��������� -j iBEa-raiix^T-nKs  X. T. KIJ'.YAKDS. X.G.       J. A. STOXK. Skc.  ;--ieni tiii.'ij'eil bv ii!--1 C'lumbi-i lliuu j developed    section-.  a.-id ������iv  ,, 1  t!-*:lUCl!l'.*.  l!  il*  t-  jueil-'ce.s,  b  C"!lliiijU|i'fl     (-J  it ii, ', lie coipp 111 v  im ': a f 1 tun ihe   w.,-'(^s  thfil il v-  an  r  nti.  iliul!,' I'.'"  They  ���������I l.,-.d i ,, i.e  'j >-.iy.  SULXIRIi: LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.  ____^ .Mccl'.'cvoi\v Tuesday  tfs'^Y&l^^.    evening in Oddfellows'  W)        (pi   "-^Knll     -it    ������    o'clock.  ��������� lit    ^yy^Z^-'i?*.     \\Yisilhi(- lii'clhren cor-  \*T*&y "-'^e'lliiilly  im ited   to  ill-  I . , tend.  1 I1. IJOOLKY. X.'!. W. JI ATI! flC, K;:c.  Fast  ,  Daily  Service .     :'  ��������� Between   -  Atlantic  and  Pacific.  Ki'.'-t das.- slL'C'iwrs.on ;tll trains,  Tourist Oars  Pass Kcvol-toku Daily fo: SI, I'.id,  Kriilaj- I'or Jlontrc.il and Hostcini  .Stiiidnj-s iintl WcdiiL'sihi.v.s for Toronto.  Tiiijirovcd coiiiiL-i'ting scrvir-o lo'iinil 1'ioiii  KOOTENAY   COUNTRY.  OOBAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal Mail Lines.  Clicapost Route to tltc Oki Couniry.  ,1  ALLAN' LINK-From Portland  llnhl'iiw  Xiuii.-linii  Corinthian  January Hurt  , "        .Hli  Jan. (Ith.  DO.MIXIOX LINK-From Porlhmcl.  Oltoiinn  Vaneouver  Howaii  Dominion  Deo. 2.-111  "    ani.li  Jany.   gtli  "     U'lli  . IJJCAYEU LIXE-Frorn St. John ,    lhdiftt.v.  Lake Chnrupliiin  Luke Jlbsiuitlc  Luke Superior  l.uke Ontario  Dec. Wtn  Jan. Ith  '"  lllli  "   ISlli  Dec. Sill h  Jan.   ol li  '���������'   121 h  "  IDtli  Pft^enprcrs tioketed (hrotiK'i lo nil parts of  Oreiii Jlrltaiii and Ireland, and at spcduMv low  nite.sio all parts of (lie European continent,  Apply to nearest railway or steamship ugont or  to  T. \V. BSADSHAW, Agent, Rcvolstclce.  Kootenay Railway &  on Company  Liiiiitct:  'I"  1 he  1  Mi'iiiter of.'   .Mine:', wleju lie vi-its  1.... il,  the cij.itiil shor ily  11 iid iinfl n nid.nu' 1 lie aiuount o.cr   to j     Ai.L ������*yes an.* on the Liide.iu couii-  lire hospital  n'.ill.oi ui1,-.    Tin.   mining . try and it is uiiivrs.-illy  ,1 lmilletl t bat  coinp'iui.'s and other lar^r  emplie.ei-  i ,f   tiie  ('.   P.   ll.  Ot i tool'i:i li-al (Jiili id   h-ui1   adopted j road   inlo   lhal  btiil.i   iheii* proposed  cclirii   as   piomi.-ed  I11.1L the L iideaii  i.- ^'oin^do make one  of  the be-t eamp.s in IJiitisli Cohrubia | Mi,, u.;ls  within Ihe ne\t two years. I tl e bn,',,   ��������� .-  , , lr.-r.ed.  *  1I..1I d!--..  a siin.Iar p.ilicv, nnd i:i liii-. .vay ;i  l-ir-'n and reliaide -lourco or' re venue  his bifn .spcuicd. Then ;i ticket  jAsieni ha-- been iu force by which  contributors to an annual ticket of  ������10 were entitled to ihe accommodation of the hospital without   further  char*'!1.      'J'iie   medical    and    nursing ��������� the penalty for this oirence twenty-five ,  stafF have   been    iA<\    tint   could   be  I'; .-i."!.   Ilini   MkIi,  "I   h.; V  li' '".1 >it)ii.': 'ai   the  |ivr''li  li   *,,.iiiliU'   I''   ii."   'C'liltir,'  .1"   thv   w   O'l,"  eh.-1 .said s-i::;:ih nlaliy by v.r:iv or" (>,:-  filaunti'-u of i'ii'!' Iom,' abseuee from lb.*  bon-e.  "V'-:.; / li."ird hon si.,')," protiip'.ly  put i.i 1 he 'in.ill bey.  "Hi;,,'.' Who;" dt I.,.", ii������J'*d liic head  of the Ii'iUc"!iohl  1 ?/&f>rf....-'&v-j \i lourili Mniidiiys of ������'.-i'*l)  WL,B.C*,7   iimnili.   Vi-ilinK  hri'll.-  ^ -vX     "'en   hivil'-tl  to attend.  Why. thai \0ii11  I: ,,v you a!.'.ay-,  mMi,;:,- but .-, ind." ;)ii-v eicd  And i.b- . -v"- the ,������cc:vt be-  ATKlNrf  C. tl.  (J. \Y. "MITCi'IELL  U. H;  East  .  DAI l.y TItAIXri  M'i'sl.  8.(10 an*.  l.'evclstoho  hit. 17,10  8.20 Iv.  IJcvcNtoko  1 v.J 7,30  XOTICE.  desired, and.   iu   addilion,    the   institution   has   breii    most    forlunale   in  ha-i ing .''.ii eiK-r get io  secretary   in  Mr.  Ilvl.-bins. v. ho has -paied   no  eHort  to  secure .-support for   the   hospital.    J In:  board of direclu.-j  of  the institution  have������������������ also   taken 7 a-  great    personal  'interest!'   in. .  it.       and    a harmony  .goodwill,  and   frcedoui    from    strife  have   served   to   place   the    Golden  'hospital on such a successful basis.tliit'.  the dircc'..cii'is ara' now  arrangihg' for  IllVJI) M- '.'It'OLLaii'l TIIOMAHTA1T. of  M<i.',!S".iI.  -iid   IIAIlliV   AHI'O'iT iintl O.i-'O-  vii I   lill'i'i','^', 'if ''' i.ini'i'iiii tin-  I'rouu.'fi  ofi'i'ii'-li f'ol'iiiiiili- l'."-'i''i"-. .-.ill apply J" Hi"  I'.-ir'i.iiiKiit "f f'-oi- da ���������(.: it- ii'.m sy!,'i" '"'"!l"  A'1  Ifl'.'iit.'-il.ililiJJ  0  of   tie*   KOOTiy/iY  0   f.'i,,i,l,..ir. 'll-del' 11)'  li-iiil'!  a.vm 7\l,";n'.v HKaD  TliiJ   recent   kiduappiti''   of   young , ,-,.,������,���������,  ' '      n 1 I m!prion!.-  Too   Uncli.  Ctidahy has causetl the irilrnrliictioii iii J     "C'rorcc"  said   Mrs    iy,--!j-,.n,  "for  the American .Senate of a bill to mike! I"',iveii's  -ake .-(r.iiithteii  up:    Yen',-;  '   H'ol'-c hill,.,'i sl|ii;'| h'ri'd  ih.lrl r--. i-r.','  Laura." i-'ioifed .Mr.  I-'er*;i;-;'.ii. "b<-  yenr. impri-,onmc*n(.    The kidnapping j snti-lidl   with   hnilti-  ma tried   me  to ; ���������-��������� ^',y\v',;.'' "f"f',v'i' WV, wli!. ine.vi-r to con  of cbildieii is one of thu tieisl, t rucl and i reform me.    Win a yen try lo n-.h.-ipo  ! .tr���������'a7,V,'i''viii''-'������i.'i 10 ..'pcrVi . i',i.l'.i-Mvft.;i.i  ,      ���������. , , j me. .ton are undertnkin*,' too i.iuch.."-    a poinim '"','"'-'rAr,n-?A"V- i'���������,."li ..1'Vi,.c..-'T ie:  fiiilm  en    i.nV.-n-es  Ib.'it can   b ���������   com-    /���������.,,���������,"       T,-!l,..,--. ' Koorcn,.   in^n,', V.i.uY. 1 ,yiu,>,'..,tUc n .   1 .  Chicago ilini:!..". , til���������  ir)r,.;  ,\u(, \, ,,[���������* u,w i,j.- rn-.to vln ii..'ii  mil ted against   society  and should be |   '     | lake '<r Duio.ui   i'.vcr r-. sunt*, polritytl Hi';  siippi coded   with   the    slron^,            ......      ,     which .be law L, capable of widtlinK-     j "L1*^. "..^".V.^ .7' '^  ! fKR''"^^-"VvV  1 , , x".Vr;"li t nil of IC.-.C-r-.v I-*.!.' In--iid'17'i M-'o.d  t,   lll'iti j '   At Nl'> lime of tl," rtonilll) oer-ilpfillcn   I i.r.mch lit."    '���������''Ill   ,..������iv':i*. I'. '>���������������������������-ti (iiul op'-'iy'to  of I'rit-'ibi fiir di'-'tiiict f|>..(-p., .,1 ([  Were   Ihei'e.   1110-I   of   w hi'-h   ri'ti   w.Sh   j L!.'i"7i''Vi-I( ���������    'iali'i' 7    I'-i'-lfi--    llnil.rr  hoy'  wliiric-'. ir.r'irli'. flof'K-- -.''������   t it 111-*. w.-it'-r rlfflit-.  which  conipaiiies the' llrhl are (i^eiit.^  fm-- R'jvrltftoJ;V.-B!TJ district. .  To and from Kootenay I'oInU  S.l(i lv. ItovcMoko itn*. lO.lJ  For i.ik'S, tli-ki I-, nnd full h;forum!liui apiily  lo Ageni, licve-lsloke, or  E, J. COYLE,  A, G. P. A.,  Vancouver, D C,  XOTICE.  Tlio ('(ilniiihiit iind li'i.ulcDii.v linihvny (ind  No 1 iij.iMoii (.'ompiiiiy will itpply lo tlie 1'iirliit-  iiiunt (if di 11 id,1 al 1!- iit-xl -I'.-lon foriiu Act  e.\( (aidiii1.; I lie time iiilliin vviii-di il iniiv ciii-  hiiiicI iis riiiJti.iy- and inifk-. also niillKii'i/iti^  (lie ('iiiiip.iuy In mi 11 iit'd op-j'/iitc kI ion and  ��������� iIIk i* vc-i-'.'l- fu.- liic c,ir;'iii/,r(; of I'i'ciKliI and  p,i -,(-nf;(,*i-> (;n iiriy route eoulierled Willi any of  it-, riillu.iyn. (.iid i.p'iDiiitiu^ Jloiitrcnl as it--  hr-iirt ollii-i' v.,Hi p iwe'i" lo the Director,-from  time in lime to c.'iunxc it by lly-iaw, mid fu*  otlicr jrii ;i'i-i'-.  dec II J   1). 'i'()'.VXi.:;V, Sc.'ivtan.  Opci'.-.thijf ICnslo & Slowin H.-iilwav,  Iiitorn.-itional Xnvi-^ation ic Trading'  Coinpiniy.  Sohca-alo of Timo-PncL'Ic Stnnrtard Timo  Kil'ootiyo Feb. I���������[, 10u0.  ICaclo & Slqcau Kailv/ny  Pn.-seii^er train for f-'.nidon antl nay ..latlons  loaves Ku-Io.it, 8 a.m.; daily, n'luriiiii^, Icitves  Sandiai at I.lo p.m., nri'lvinj; at Ivaslo 3.,',,, ji.in,  Zntornatlonnl Navigation and Tr.idlns  Company  Operating on Koolcnay Luke and IMver.  H.H, lNT:a:x.mo.v.u. leu yen ICn-lo foi^Velsoii  nt (Id.in. dally except .Sunday; i-cturniiij,', leaves  Xel-'tai nt l.;W )).ii).. enllhiK at I'allour, i-'ilot  liny, AiDsworlh, rnd all way iioinls; .'onncets  wjtli S. F. & X. train to and from Spokane, tit  I l'ivc Jldo I'olnt.  Lardc-Dnncan Division  S    AJfKR ALDKhTA,  Stun una* Alberta leaves Ka.-.lo for Lurdo ail  Aruciitu at S:,'iO p.in, \yednesdny.s.  Sleinnei'scnllnl, pi'hicipa! .laiidhici^ in  1,'ulli  direct ions, and at other points when signalled.  Tiukelssold toall points in Canada and tho  Lulled -Slutc's.  To as-eerlain  rates   and   full ' Information  address:  HO DEIIT IflVIXfl,  S If ,  .Milliard', Krtslo. II. C,  ; Canadian Paeifio Kaviga(ion Co, L'd  j alaska r.ov?r..  I    .Stc'tiint'i's for Wr:tiij?el, .luii.ai; and .Sl.ngway  j l-fivu Victoria  Every V/ednosclay ti Z y. ja,  XOTICE,  Toe Xitku-|i iiint ft-ir.n.-in   Uniiway (luiiipitiii '  vviii iijij'ily to Uie-i'.irJiiiniuiil of .Canada at its )   :���������.  w.xl StsMoii' for nn Act exttiidhigf tliti tbnc ,    Every TlmrBdny at 2 p. ret.  ���������viilihi which 'J t, may construct lulliillwnys. e,lt),��������� ..,,'.. ,^,,7...,     *,  nd  fHii'olrit'n-.'  .".baiirai! ax  the pUee to' Its' Stcamor'-.foi Northern -HrlUsli Coluiiilnn. ports  (���������A-i A.nicc vvlTli p-wi-v to the Director/, frnni r,    loiivo Viclnrlii iilidA iincotivi")1 weekly.. ..  luie A tiir.o to 1 ;i.:no'0 it by-I'-y-luy.-, mni for ' r",(-eSi ^- c" ni'pHcnHon to        ��������� , 7,          '  nan1'!!' frbin Joii'is lironx, who sclUed In  1 i.;i .* r**/-���������;!o/i liJ VW, P  -J. Ji  AmU  .{'o}}'.lU'Vf'.'VAr5''il'"'*^'*'  other piirpori.-;;!,  . JAW  A:\iz'  AItXi������TJ-:'0X.vi. I .  .'i;-A-i'v',yh''Ta'3'<;i!'<?r,  (J, 8, JIAXTKIL  -GcnoiTil J'l!*sOliii'f-l* A'li'li (;,���������'���������  .���������..'' ' YltlCrli'i Ui Oi  I  %������*l,-,  V <"  C'-i'iS'N*'" *y  ������������ THE KOOTENAY MAIL'  ,  -I  /Vi/  M  1  **, o  >>  ���������  A Jan: tilers?; Experience  For some years :,;'ter my niarriar-* I  lived at Old II:r '-.or. a small piaee  about 20 miles fi.m Kingston. One  i: ay v, bin a visit to my Kings'on dress-  , m.-.ker was a noi i-sr.ity I ordered a  your.'g negro boy io git upon the rur.i-  bi-.' i.ii'l drive me to (ho town.  I paid my vitdt to tlio dressmaker,  a:ul,'receiving my,frock, a light summer (iiiiitr. from her, I placed,it in the  I *.ix btiieatli Ihe bv.^u-y .scat and drove  on to my sister'.-,:, where I went in to  i'-jc.'ipe the heated part of (he day, giving my boy sixpence and bidding him  see fhe .sights and return at 4 o'clock.  lie turned up punctually,  with the'  r.riu Siiil on bis face, ami in due time  we icached Old Harbor once more.  'When I went to take out my crispy  muslin, I1 found, to my consternation, it  van a wet. sloppy; iii.i'ka Xo rain had  , ialien, and even then ���������  . 1 (r.rueil to (he boy: "Solomon, what  hi fhe'world does this moan? ' How"���������  I'.ut I lie- look of utter helpless amaze*  iiiiMit un hi,: face stopped me.  "Lor', missus,"It am nueer, but not so  {���������c.'-er as what done happen to mo. .Me  ..ought a rjiinUig (1,'i. d.) wort' of dat  preity t'ing dey eidls 'ice' to bring  ..erne nn show ma sister, nn I put him  In din* wid your dress (o keep Mm safe,  iin now him gone for (rue, an liow him  'get out I dmino wid you sitlin on him  ai! do lime!"���������Harper's Magazine.  !���������*.",000  Tor  Tiiciit.v  Woi-ila.   ,  Ceo day -Andrew Carnegie at Tilts-  1 i:rg called  up-one cfQbis Xew  York  law-vers by long distance telephone.   -  The -hteeimr.ker  'wasted   to   iisk   nt  qr.i: Iiiiu. but coui-i not make himself  uutl.-rstotal clearly over ihe telephone,  M-  he a.-kc.l   the  lawyer, to  come ,to  I'iii.-bt'.i'g.  ,      ' t     '  The lawyer said he had an imporlnnt  pppoiulmeii; in .Xew York uexl day and  ceil Id licit get awr'.y.'"  "Coire over ilow, (lien," Mr.' Carnegie,  Bind.  "Ciiu't get train," answered the lawyer. .    , <,   r  "Hire a special,-'' was the answer  which ennie back from Pittsburg. ���������  ���������  ,So 1 he lawyer engaged a special  (rain, went to Pittsburg and snw. Mr.  Carnegie. ' ' ���������  The- steelmaker asked  (ho lawyer's  advice as to whether the question troubling him .culled for "yes" or "no."  The lawyer answered, "Xo."  "Thank   you,"   said   Mr.   Carnegie.  "Goodnight."  The lawyer had said less _tli.ni 20  ''v.'.i;ds, fur which ho received ���������?.").0OU,  said "Good uiuhb Mr. Carnegie," and  took a special train back to New York  In lime te  day.  Tlie Professor's Ears:jied Bacteria.  He was apparently a i old man,,wore  large spectacles and tarried a sirwll  satchel. Across the saichel was labeled, "Professor Itcdd, Cnicago." He entered the waiting rao n c-f a stibur! ::u  Station and depo.-iiod the* satchel cur->,  lessly near tlio Ice cooler. !iu,h!-j:iiy  those near fuw the sabhcl fail v.ul  heard the sharp tinkle of breaking  glass. The old man picked up f lie glass  and muttered cxe-i.imut.oiis'o-f distress.  "To think I bi\ , bt them all the way  from I'razil," he s.iid. ,,  "What  were  ineyV"   Inquired  some  ������no in the sympaiuetic crowd. -  "Germs:".-  "What?"   ���������  "ltacteria cf n slrauge Brazilian fever."  "Quick, man: Crush {hem with your'  foot!" 'p  "I can't, sir. They are now floating  ���������around in the air."  There was a m.,i"ont of horror. Then  there was a rush ind a little later the  old man was the only occupant of tho  waiting, room. ,A window was raised  from (lie outside.  "Just let them out easy, Pete," cautioned a voice.  And   the   bogus   professor   obeyed.  Satchels, grips arid case's wont_lljrpjigh_  the window.   After he had finished"col-",  looting   the,   professor    followed   the  booty., His false beard fell back in the  room, but be did net nllempt f o reclaim  It.   The arrival, of their irain prompted  those outside' lo   venture  in   for their  baggage.     It   had 'vanished,   and  the.  black   beard   told   the  tale.  ce"ii li's ii.i������i!"*.ni(>nt next  Tlio Old Time Doctor.  . "When I  was a young fellow," said  (he man who notices (lungs, "the family physicinn'nttendod to all the ills of  the I'.'imily, nnd tho specialists of the  profession were wholly unknown.   The  coiuitry,'doctor was a surgeon as well  a.s ;i physician. .He was a linos! always  clever and usually had remedies of his  own in\tuition for common ailments. A  Inge number of (be successful patent  mi'di^iiic.s now  l-.efure ,11;.? public are  prescriptions of Ihe'old .time country  physician.   I could name n dozen such.  "Old Dr. Hill, who was (ho lender In  the town 1 grew up In.'was.call'-d into  (lie country by an urgent message one  night.     He  wasn't  advised  what the  'patient was suffering from and upon  arrival found it was nn ulcerated tooth  flint was subjecting Its owner to almost unbearable pain.   Not :i surgical  Instrument "did  tho doctor have with  him,  and 'his oltloo was seven  miles  away.    Did'be s< ml back for bis Instruments';   Not much!   He extracted  Hint tooth, wiih r.n ordinary hummer  nnd nail to the complete satisfaction of  his patient and himself.   I'll wager ho  made a mighty good Job of it too."  A SiK'coM.ifnl St nil.'IK em.  V.'hcti the electric telegraph was first  Introduced into Chile, n stratagem was  resorted to in order-1:> guard the posts'  nnd wires again-* damage (;n the pnrto  (���������f the unlives'inns ttrnuihifairi the eon-  nee'tion between the strong holds on the  frontier. There were at the time between -10 nnd 50 captive Indians in tho  Chilean camp. General Pinto, in command of fhe operations, cnll������d them together and, pointing to the telegraph  w'ros. snld: ,   '  "Do you see thope wires?"  ���������   "Yes, general."  "I want you fo, remember not to go  near or touch Ihcni, for If,you do your  bands will beheld, md you will be unable to gel nwuy."  , '  The Indians smiled Incredulously.  Then the general made them each in  succession'.take hold of the wire at  both ends of an electric battery in full  operation, after which ho exclaimed:  ."I command you to let gorlhe, wire!"  "I can't! . My bands are benumbed!"  cried each hi'diaii.' ���������>  The battery was then slopped. N,.t  long aflor'the gene'ral restored them lo  liberty, giving (honi strict insfruclions  to keep the secret. This had ilie* desired effect, for, as, might be expected,  I Eccentric Testnlora.  Joseph  Dalky ta!:es 'the opport"-  afforded  by bis   v. di or  Ins;, r  son-in-law   hi   ten..s   which   do.-. .  had n  [);iiige::cy <;::ce.  bur  wbici) :<.  'iiii'.'iy  comprehensible ;���������> tiie  meJeri-  r.udiT: "I  u'ive ;<; u*/ (!:;.-.gofer. Ami  -";k. iiicr, ;i gi.hn'u  f. r ::  r.'.ig or .*.::.."  other l.aul.'ie'she may like bi-itcr; I give  to Ihe lji:t. her litisi',';: d. oik- penny Ur  buy b.in a larkwlii-lie. and ibis lecnoy  I give him a.-, a mark cl'.my apprecin  (ion of bis prowess .ind nice honor i:y  drawing bis sword i i r.:e fat m.v own-  table), naked and una mud as I was.  ai!i' he well fortified wilh custard."  A grev.-sonie legacy'is that of Pbili;  Tbieknosse: "I leave my right band. ������������������  be cut off after my dvalli. (o my so:':  and I desire it may be sent to him It.,  hopes th::t -i:ch :i sight may roniiin  him of libs duly (o God after having so  lou:: abandoned the duly he owed to a  father who onr-e nii'eotionurcly loved  liir������."  Another father seems apparently to  'lave be:.'un his will with the detenni-  -:atio:i of punishing an unruly son. hut.  ���������is Ihe fairy stories say, all ends hap  |)lly. We "refer to (lie will of Kichr.rd  ��������� i.'rawsluiy, the founder of the famous  Welsh ironworks. It runs (bus: "To  my only son,'who never would follow  my^idviee and has'treated me rudely  in vi ry many in'-il-mces, Instead <,.'  makim, him my oxtcu.tnr and residuary  T- ,*? ih  S ��������� -1  <������������������*  ������ 7'T  f������&  i    A" r^������>  -1*3 J>  4    fortf  f,y#  ���������\*$&  f    *������    ii  ������f A -'ii  & "5! rir  <?**-'������-  i.'-V yy*  -^J4 "5 -Z.  T~ A;. ri*  *'���������'?���������  >f*  *r*  *;~ '^  *r*  *        ���������  *7^  *S  ������?*  Xi-  ���������ir  i.^VA--'  tho oxperience was , related in , the  strictest confidence to every man in the  tribe, ,nnd'''lhe telegraph remained un-  molested.  leiiutee (,is till this day he w:isi I give  him nOOV'C"-."  ���������: j��������� ( ,  [0\t rt'tiii"   A .7c-i-(ii (ion.  .'-. vi)U!!,-; i.i.-ii) i 'i'lsi; ,bMtiered sui;  case was red and piiik'ninl yellow wlllt  Iho labels of rhirope.'in hotels 'boarded  ii street car .-md s:iid,to iho,conductor:  "I go six blocks.    Iliev much';"  "Ob? otiiy'ii  nii-i.id!"  ihe conductor  answered.    I'.ut* the, young,man bnn-.l  ed over l."> cenls. sr-yhig. "I'.tiy yourself  a glass of beer.'lii.'l a clgfir.o.'i'me."  The conductor g:ive.,l::.i!i!:s  for tin;  tip and nddedi '".Just back  from  I-lu  rope.'hey?"    And to bis inlerrogatiou  the young man nodded assent.  Out oh the hack plulform afterward  the conductor described the episode to  a couple of passengers., "Lie asked me ���������  what the fare was for six blocks," bo  said, "and thou be gave mc���������a tip. It  was a case of fake abscnlmiudednoss.  He has just returned from Huropo.  where you pay by tho distance ou the  street cars and where you tip the conductors, and he preleuded lo forget he  wasn't in Europe still.  "lie thought I'd rp.cstion him about  his strange conduct, and I would haie.  too, if the trick wasn't au old one lo  mo. Here and in Now York, especially  in New York, you are coiislr.riily run  ningiiip against people who forget aud  work European customs on'you. They  do it so you'1! know ili������������ '"ive been  abroad."- . ,  ������    *.    -I  >^^������g������'  ^.')'V  We have just received from the  J* |l East a first class and complete  ll? stock and are prepared to furnish  $it you1 .with anything in the Job  .AlO. . v , -   '  ������5j a. ' t'  ||$ Printing line.  , She Couldn't Stand tt.  "No," said the, beaulifuLnctiTSs; "1  cflniot'ho your wife. I love you dearly,  Mr. I'i'est. ind If you had itny other  limno I would b'.> glad lo go'through  life sharing your joys and sorrows."  "Hut,," he protested, "my name  should not sliuid in the way.. What is  It Shakespeare says'? 'A rose by any  other name would smell us sweet.'  What is--the matter will) m.v uamc?  Dees hisloiy record, a single dark or  unworthy'deed eointiiil'od by n Frost?  ' jVo.    Ah. darling, say'you will  tuako  me tho happiest man on earth!"  "Xo, no! I cannot! I cannot!'' she  moaned. "Why. if I wore lo marry you  every newspaper pnrngraphor iu tlio  enimtry would have something to say  iu,xt morning about "'the  Frost Miss  J)iirIiii:;lou reco'vej ut resfi-^oy's per-  fol'uiiiucc'"  '    Lin col n '.i O trim nil  Vt'ny,  In 1SU1, when Mr. Lincoln was on his  way to Washington'lo he- inauguinlcd  ns president, his train stopped al Uoch-  ��������� ostor, Pa., ri sLitibn on the Piltsburg.  Port Wayne and Chicago railroad. Mr.  Lincoln alighted from the car to stretch  bis long limbs by walking on the station platform. His' Ideality became  known to the townspeople assembled  therb. and a friendly conversation with  him ensued.  In reply lo a reference to the threatening polltlor.l outlook bo said, "Oh, uo  one has been hurt yet."  Seeing a tall mnn In the crowd, Mr.  Lincoln' remarked that he and, the man  were of about the same height and proposed that they measure. They took off  their bats nnd stood together, back lo  back, while some one placed a hnnd  above their heads nnd fouud Mr. Lincoln to be slightly tho (nllet\  Dnrk.  Now ft l.'ii'go, dark vessel was do-  ECi'Iod In the Hosportis, belching firo  mid waking Iho oehoua of those historic shoi-os with tho thunder of her guns.  "What bark is that?" asked tho sultan.  "Th.it, I take It, Is the bark of the  dogs of war," said the grand vizier wittily,  This sally was followed by a strict  p.irtv laugh, 'li������ "pposiliou groaning  '  An Apt A tne n dm rut.  Years ago n bllfontitlod "An net for  the preservation of the heath lien and  oilier game" was Introduced into iho  i\'ew York house of assembly.  The speaker of the house, who was  not especially interested in mailers of  this kind, gravely read it, "An act for  the preservation' of the heathen and  oilier game."  lie was blissfully'Unconscious of his  blunder until an honest member from  the nortlieni'-parl of the slate who had  suffered from (ho depredations of tho  fron.tlei* Indians rose to his feet. i  ,,"I should like to move tin amendment  to (ho bill," he said mildly, "by adding  the words 'except Indians.'"-  ,    An Old Time I2i-.;;!isli Election.  The only contest which occurred at  Gatton .within historic memory was  curious enough. 'Sir Mark Wood, who  had been one of its members for sever  al years, bad"as his colleaguol.iu .the  parliament of 1ST 12' .Sir William Con-,  grove, the inventor of (he famous "Con-  grove rcckc'l." Tho latter resigned in  I-SUI. and (be baronet -wished his own'  son (o (ill (he vacancy.  There were only three void's In the  constituency, .Sir .Mark, his son'and his  bullor. named'.lennlngs, but as the son  was away, and tlTe butler had quarreled  with bis'master ail opportunity was .if  forded for n singular, revenge. Jen  niugs refused lo second Sir 'Markis  nomination of his son and proposed'  himself, and a deadlock was averted  only by Sir Mark coming to terms with  the refractory bullor. whose nomina  tiou he'seconded in order lo induce hinr  lo act as seconder to his son.  Matters being-thus put formally In  train. Sir Mark arranged with .Ion  tiings Hint the former's vote should be  alone given, and the linal slate of the  poll at Gallon's only known contest  stood-tbus: Wood (Tory). I;-lennlngs  (Whig), 0.  *  4*:'^  ^l  4&Y  fit  >y  #  AW  *>     ** itt~A  Aji'V  &$*  The Account.  "I have called," said the reporter, "to  see If you wish to add anything to our  n ceo nut of your wife's reception this  evening. We have most of (he dolnlls  and a long list of n.imo.v Including  those who will assist her Iu recoiling."  "No," replied the business nniii.  "There's only one account tb.it I'm expected to take any Interest in. and  there'll bo no one to assist mo with  tlint."--I-:.\chnngo.  IIimv lie IC'.:rw f(.  We had' out-span nod the \vng0n3 on  (be veldt between Prioskn and Ken-  hard. ''The donkeys had been driven to  the veldt, aud, wo."m.v friend and myself' were fai'king in (ho "tnal" to a  Dutchman named Geit M-inns about  Lbe wonders of the mil verso.  Wo mentioned thai the world was  round.   Mmms s.'iid th.it ho knew it. (  This a't.swer was uuusiuil for a l.oor.  so we asked him how be knew. He replied:  "I starlcd to ride lo Pooiije one dark  night through the veldt. -*iud 1 rode  bard all llio night ami next morning I  found myself at the place I started  from, so 1 know the world Is rouirJ be-  CMise I rode round It."  Wli>- Al.-ii  Willi One iiyvl  Joskins--1 say. old boy, this if my  -b'.il day al sliPoLiu. Vou Iniglit toil me  in (T'l'y'iii'iire wh.-il people shut one eye  fur when Uii-'y're sighlin anyllihig.  iloskiiis���������Uli. Ihafs perfectly .simple,  in.*.' dear follow. V-w see, if they were  (ti t.!ii;t br.'dj eyes I hey wouldn't be able  to .sec an;. Ihing.-l'lck Me l'p.  In T.ii'f.ii'.v ouloiiH, IcekH nnd gurlie  fire regarded um perfunioN. A Tartar  Inly will iiiiiko hei'sell' ngi'ooiiblo by  lubhlnt*; 11 pli'i-o of froHbl,.' cut onion on  lie.i'.lmiulH iiikI.ov'oi' Iiei* t'oii.iitoiumw,''.:  W..*rt-*;ti%*(-i*^'V.-������������r,'y������i^l'-^^J5* ;y   .  .-. :.Moi'p.,|iuiii   1,000 hinds (;r;i'iibl.'i'i'  tiho.wiiry is'imU' ill th^t-'.il.ciJ Mittn-  .\o VmrAit to (lie M. I).  Wilton ���������'Jo you know, I'm lu a quandary.*  Tillon-Woll. whaf ir it?  Wilton-Dr. Mloss rtavp mo sonio sluff  for my npi'otilt-. r.tid it was so elToetuiil  thai it <'^j.i> me neariy twice a.s much  to live as before. W !ml ,p',i*/.v.!o< me l;t  ivhellii'i* I ouubl io |'-.'i.v,Ihe d-;i lot or he  oturlil   to  nay  use stuiH-ih'ug.  Ai'tltlclnl   KjfM.  Ai'tlfici,".! cyvK are siipplted to nil the  World from Tliurlngia. Germany. Nearly all the grown inhabitants of so.no or  (he villages are engaged in their uiiinu-  fuel lire. Four men usually sit at a la  bio. each with a gas jet in front of him.  and tho eyes are blown from gits plates  and molded Into shape by hand. The  colors are I bin (raced In with small  needles, no set rule being'observed in  the roli.rlng. nr.d as every man uses bis  own fancy no two urtilicial eyes therefore are csiu-lly alike.  fCMciil of Pius 1st tndiiMlr}1,.  The   iiii!"-l   business   Ih   the   I'll lied  Si ales I* by no :.���������: :':i*- ������:i imimportiint  ^i'������  *^|:r  41* T  <bPf  ';'A'-.fc-  rt.". t   .1.      i  '' ���������'���������'' *k=  -ij -iV -  ^  i-V*  ���������^'���������1  4 T&������  -v'4-r  *A'li*  A-i$ri������  '; &A'  !i 6'V  ^;������������  %'(i*f  y$i'L  Look over this List and see if  there is anything* you want for  ���������-if     '      ������ 1  the new year.   Our prices  are  sure to suit you and we guaran-  our  Letter Heads  o  Note Heads'  Bill Heads  Statements  Memos.  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Tile .iK'Viih'd 'Wife- Gently,. p!i',-!������������  ���������sreiillciiicir   Mi.n'i'.ilTi'ii Irx) -I'liihleitiy ���������  M.'k go! ii now li'iif jlivi.ctMii'iii.miiji:-.  .lAclDiuM'lall) KvsivV-      y     "  u:.'!;!������':y  j (all  '.ai:;  j   'fi'_,..V.r...iJ'  |,ii:if!.;:('i)  i i'.-'.*'!i!'^!  Vt.'.l'l)    lu  (/iilhS.  11  ol  :.,:''"(] 1 bai (he re-  s ���������-���������;(,' auuunily is  poll- ii i*'.".:i*k .Vill.-  no I"-? Iluiti I 1.1 Hill  'iei'is in lite i ii !,ti si;-,it'-.- tie-  the ^1'toviiiq (;t uhuiU under  ; c,i  !owc  ii ;::*.l  - I  Tin le I! I'  "*?* *'������2i������  4p<fs?  AA..'A<"r>  "7.-.S*-  ������ J,  REVELSTOKE,   B. 0.  4/ .������.������������������������������  4* $ &  i' if-. *j  ���������'* '.C  *  V   '-*���������' Y  " !9  ���������'  *-'c ': v5^  sd i ���������''' *V  .* ���������������   J,  4J't  ^ >  *"**,     r  ...'... *j *>r  *&  .7  ii������>  !     t'us) of Ii;i> pen \n r,!it  ���������c? wi.:- b pi ijde.v m;'!  ���������<::\V ('i!!'i-!'!;':y. '.-'wi. 'df-i',1;  ��������� ti.-iybe. i'.'d.-jiiiii .ihiiV.'i'i  ,'<< !'!!!i:!lii!!!!:7.-;!-i!!;li(,v  ������������������������������������S;.;\;l iii������-������.t.'li,!a'.hl.'   '   ',  (be mystor*  -iv. No liliHIol'  cf SiiilillH HllijiS  in Hie nioi'iii'iiw.  '(/!   dilMi. eilll   jiii  ":'<���������.���������  '���������.;���������. ft 1:  J. ���������;,' 'iv  r**l  iL.L't  ">i.L  S'  w  &.  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Gold Gom 11 lissioner: ,F.itiquier has. received se viral '.application's /or.the',purchase of:land 'ci'n.'ithbyDuiicitii slope, y  AND:  '������."<  BARK'S PASTILLESf5  ''SOLDiONLY AT,  .,*���������.���������#  ':",.������  7,6  ���������'���������".���������*..  y &  7^.  77f  ������'  d.uLVyhpt'y.'sie.t,.  :;7.Yestt?r-day's7v.]Siyi.).'i7-'2'   ........ ..,..-- ..���������...,.,  tHlimg] 1 Ail 1 ;tb;d-W  ii&viiii? beeiyblefel-E-^yy^A  edy,by a y 11 e.iyy;J'pcik -fi i de.fii'tiH one.'y  ou-the spot, .-'without the necessity of  referring these matters to the head  orifice, thus avoiding fhe delay so often  .incident'to tliecompletioupf insurance  business.  '���������  '���������''" '   ���������' ."'"���������' '���������   ;, 'a.  ��������� Card of Thanks.  My thanks are due to the London  and -Lancaster Fire7Insuranci 'Company for their, promptness in,payment  ofni'y claim, caused by lire on Jan. 1st,  1901 p th rough their aigei 11" M r. Atkins.  7:7'77a':'y''''y7^  Revelstoke; Jam 12th,: 1901. 7 a y413t  IfBlpBiKI  :;7yG6lc^  ga god; ���������' yi h a' fi x i 1 i^A 1I iky bo iliVHii ia&s A. frJT  rii.ti'n&'iiYi'de^  ,';7y.-V. '.���������Jnl_J_ei-.:������6tt!i;c',;LIfjlit,;;:.",(.';, '7yy  7'yAjiyia ;Siii;t!iyse;ipoilyh)win  trglsyqfythc ihirdynm^^  ;:'r#:Jijffet?''y'y,7 ���������"' AA^'r-A}^yAYYyAiY;.;.p'A^ ��������� -.  7''y.^���������ii'ijnb_t Go ���������/ifKtic^ayloyirij^e  saidAoTtlie man���������igcr.yyityl da,not have  it liiiielight thri'iwir oiryine wlicnyL:;ip-yj  pear'at the 'balcony..'/  Re ve 1 s lo ke >. SLiti 0 h  ,. ;���������&���������:���������  7*  :^'^9:'WPi^^Ms^LPtti^%-^^^AS'y^:S>i  $&A^S  ���������;������;|'\I3<^^  7. ,'yy t;!ie7 >ii'if.-)iit..,ydi:iigli'.t or" of;ai\lr.yiindi  Ayy^yv^rrs^'lliySanisoii, aiiged-Syirionfhsiya  'MrroHi..;;,'^^  y/ylad'flth";:;i iI.ie artifaiit-isonyofy Mfcandy  f/Oluhfbi'a^^  ..|ighb'j,yr('^)Iic-<'l "thyyobligingynuiiiiiger,.  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Cnmabai  13 the oii^mal source* of the pigment  kno'Mi comniciciallj .-.c vtimihou. 1(  !s a compound of sulphur and quicksilver, aud ui 01 dei to sipaiale the latter from (he siuDhur the lock is roasted. Puling oh iu tho foim ol a gas,  the meicuiy is aftei ward condensed  aud tlov s out in a fine sftam, like a  Ce"t'iii'ous pencil ct 1 lolten silver  il he disc*'-, eiy of tho famous California mines came about'in an odd so11 of  u.iv by obscnadou of Ihe voimilion  paint with vvhkh ceil?in Indians in  that pait of the com tiy fiescotd theii  bod.es. it was .is(e> t.linetl \ heie they  got the pigmon(..ind Ibis wore lovoaied  the 1 ich deposits i>hii'j su'ruerpiently  boc.imo of such rommciciel imjior-  t.i'icc. Like gold and mI<-o:, meicury i������  oi e.isionally loui-.l m a native 01 puic  ������.(.i(o. SoiiHl.inc. tho mmci's pick  po'ieliales a cav ify lluit comains a cup 1  li! o: moie ol the elu^ne and beauti-  li.l ilrnd.  ���������vlbieis M:'"ir ini'ch fioin the poison-  oiisci'lcctsol the ()i.i(-l.'.ihei fumes   H\  liomo clt .li'bnees ������., fje he--t ������.:ile5iiaid  for uuil us in ilns tl.mgoious ot oupa  I.on.   Use is also i'vde ol a sot toi Iom  on.ide which sei ve-. to a cei lam o\lent  as .111 antidote-- a stioiig Mid taking the  place ol leuioi1 11.ice m th" eoirposiUon  of the d.tnk.  AVehaye just, opened up a large choice stock of Dry Goods  which   i.s the best and only new stock  in  the city.   The-  latest, styles 'and   newest  patterns  that can   be purchased.  Call and  see  m,     Jt, is a  plea sure to show such excellent'  goods and it will be a pleasure for- you lo buy them.  ^,01  & George, MeKenEie,  pecias bale tor  I have twenty-five patterns for suits,of Tweeds  mul Serges which! will make up this month at  $20 per suit, finished with first class trimmings.  /I J QAf''  O.  WILC?U1\LtHE TAILOR.  A:.y 77 - ���������       .'���������,- ���������' '���������.:"���������   -���������%���������>'*> .1; - ��������� Vt- ������������������  y ���������>- ,��������������������������� , -J  .,;   . , *7z5. ��������� ^������ *^ v      *)':0' '   ������   V ''"      '"'   *'i:";'" '"'"   ; :'' ���������    >'   *��������� *': "'������������������'������������������'���������  .ippHrflv'DiJ^eloplfh^  u jiryi'i-oiiiyt !.i,e ;y siitiLhAiyostoiTlyiyyiind  reiiuiin iiAilie Cidy till'^to.-rnqriyowi  ������������������7:'Ovvii'i"i-f7to. theyrequirerii^ht^dL:arra.'irah  '.'������������������ .'.7a " -,1,: "���������".'.     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Tliepe is Nothing Euiials  'K KJi-SKgS? St'^p  iiuu  A Morris or Columbia Easy Chair  adjustable to any position   '���������"'  is the corioct thing.  Upholstered with Loose Cushions  We li.-ive lhem at $10, ������12,  , ftlo, liflS, and ������20, according  to'style, and (piality, Niimo  your piioo,' 'and we send  sanijVlos free.  Complete Furnishers,  .^^^.-.Victoria, B. C.  ^���������^.^���������-^.^-^.^-^.^���������V.'.^^vi'Tj.iS-i  iif7tlii*:Cily;iI<hei, iiiel/vv'i.t.h7i^^  ���������!u:ch]ciit7.iVy^iii'sday:.yn!^  yy;ylyA.yEdsoni7if ilie,Hotel 'Rtiy.dslokc,  ,.hti.s"';iaccepted'yii^nh^ition: tit 1 lie,Iiotfl  ylluiiie.NclsoiiyiHid will be leaving i-hit;  yilyatyiihe end c.f7thcaiironiii to i-nfrt-'HiAvi:.^; anwuh1.   arrange-hiafiLs7f���������r -Alt  . oil'his newdiititiyAy' ,y':.:.. "������������������.'���������,, 'Ay. 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Ladies    ,  , Watches.  J.'liiie'.-i of lilStO  luliin're out- unek  of watches. Wo  liiivosni'ii'dolii'iUo  til Lr.iclivo en scs  ili-il conliiiii rcli-  iilile. -.vork'i. These  iviiielii.'B ' lire not  onlv. iiiMiitifiillhcy  , ������������������., ���������    ������������������ me iicrr'i'et time-  kctpci.stoo    1 nay are inarlo I'm- y.-ied scrviuc,  "e'hu^e ttJjSS'A^.1 l)rkC'     NV������ bd,evo  J.'GUY BARBER.  j  \     U.'IiOLDICII  AN'ALYTICAI- Clll-JJUST AM)  o ASS.WKI..      ^  Knyui .School of .Minos, London  guvon ye.ii'Mit J.lorfa Works, Bwniisdn.  cS5lSift���������,SS;���������KS,,ef c,,t;misL t0 "'**"������  l.;i-p(i.v'1,i(;,Vis,l;,liul As-'aycr, H..!l Minus, Ltd.  w^luitiS^"   of������***y.������������������   '"-Vllc-1-  ilKVs.s,������sKiv;,ir,,oricdu'jao������-  ���������pDWAKD A.-IIAGGKiV,1    '      -  311.\INC   li'.VCilNIilil!,  (Mom. Aiiiork'iii, Ii,-Liltile   Mining Knpinocw  (.Uein. I'luiitdi.in Mining Institute.)  KKVL'LSTdjCj.;, B. 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It  ^partake of suppei* atyhts're'i-idon'ce.y   a  7;': 'I'be Tyi'xiJp of Zona.  yyAil thai km 'tins   f tin. cicat loinp'.1  of /     s  i, 'u( ii \v i, Ten -1 ,us in build  iiig   .- li  b" l  r i 1 .I'.cut   ."()  i.-i'd'*  -.fl-C I!)   I'i"   lOOt  Ol   i'i     >( !    ],''���������,  at   A III  ens     '1 he )..  is (i  ol   lo col.Miins  ,of; Ihe LAiinthi.in rulu  i'i/.. lott in di-  , -p-iseyniy,. Lye is; $iO,y .hcynbiioy iq'be 7,aiU( it r i.i.d (,0 let h,Ji It was the  ..i-i'iiid.'iioiy.'"., ,i,y7ai.'.''7'.7 7' A A'ay yy,y:7-ya j. socoi d l.u go-l b iniih* oioolod by (be  ������������������,A''rh'fi.'-'s"rJ('-ii ������������������,::������'rii05>^'t:*htc'rTv7lr'nt',t'liCyij3oc--aj-- "'.C"--'.?'.' i' s one snpoi 101 lo it in size being  tor.'was'-bb'-hiiralei^iii'dii; Khptyibviyt^-his 'j the I mplt ol Di.mi.i at fypliesus ,\  '���������w,b;r|6v  'n'c7w:iHc'd,..lifiweyfe lo i lo-Ut nd 'its loom! 11 ion u.is  :boing7inab!c Lb.;gei lb rough on iicAnuitj  tif tlie ice. 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Lewis; uf  Trail, si'U.big "':oh .��������� Tuesday    afteriii'miy Ii-r*'v7,'':' ^y   ,)���������.:' miMie, an eyipi-i!! yb'iiiyeyfAji;) ;';Ui;i!;t;:i, y  tbiit" the S;i-;itiico;ia  lb use .'will;'-.sail' Ti!pi)ip'0!v7ciiiidu'e!ing,. i he, service.*, at Av^A' " y.dn; "r'-rhdi,- ot ihe ; tw;6 .spiiliiiy; -j  iliyom   the' Ca|iyiu) the -21.-G ������������������tlio.-.'A.-  the house and grave.;    Tni: ....Mah/px  j lny! ^I^'t'-ire ten ,ieilers-i'ai)r- voucl^' |  ���������'Lewis isia member of 'this, corn, wi.h'b !: lends .sviiijjathv   a iid tlie riianv friend.si. ������r"V������.'s   ea;^u:iai:l;-i ".y..C.ombi:ii7. Ihcsc y  " IVrts'ilMiiVsuc-Ii'c-iiiJri'.-Mt sr.-i-vlei-"i:i St-aHh."! ������f.'' M'r...-n.ivl '��������� ATi's';-;..aMmHoft. oiurn-J ������������-���������!��������� !;V';,!-:.r.l.M%t'K-- flt,!,J-'?V'l'.''������,.^: ".^-r'���������"l,!.V,lK'1, !.  Africa.'"   ���������' '"'��������� ':       '  '.���������   -    '     ' yj |'(;,*i;d   s\ mpiUhy, as .'this is the wcond    " '    "'' "''���������' l!    >u' l!,,i'"'''--; '���������  .   ,A        7 y ��������������������������� : h- ,.������������������.���������.! child lost by.rjeniii inside of t'.vp'vcjais:  bu'lt by Huk.'lit. l Hi" (.'ink Xo.ih  vvho fi'uu (bi, po nl \iil..(sscd the \,a  tors i I I' i   I!    il s ,, ,u|<      \n opening  yll1.,:-('l'    JK I'll'l   Is   s,l ||   (i    |,p   (|)i.   ()| i(JC 0  ihro'i rb i I i h lb ��������� Hood d .appt.titd  n lpti-.i nni.-iir,  Ui in is a sf< .. 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''.-The recent riW* of water iii I ho [��������� rendered yaciiut'  by ihe 'resignation of.  yC'pIunibii,'river   i.a-y .'nmewhatinjor- [, It.-ilfih -Sniilh. .;  yTi.irni'ug Ip' (he ri'ilysAMi'IArilm fn'  lire* reyi-iedypiyi'yii.yifAs 'f^tiin.!* Uialythp,  7 ..^'fyjisalm.' i.s "(Jivi'did .in'to'.'-i.h.ree'. portions, j;  ,lL;i-! anViMWiic-ficT-Uj'.-it'' Clii'-i^^Ij'^r'^ nf/:-'-P"'^''' p."'(v.'i'."^''.''^.'^.'Wl'J1-' ".^t'lali." Tleijicm- j  'nW.ind.V is-   Lo   he -appointecFT'o t|K.7yboriheyiiiliibtyiy-A;;.   yy       ',,.���������   , y. : A   7  ; m  '>(  I     It'  iir,-,'  1 1   1  1     1    '  till;  1  Cll.'i  1  ���������   ll,  M '      t  .',( JI ((  gnldl.sti   arc  b\  igll 'fb.n' j  'nil "-(.l _'c of  |  ./7v.///!U'UiL-SJI!l  ������ j i /  7 ///,.*. ' i ,:.,-���������      ���������)->* i/'i, i : i  ^^.iTTy-^iftS^'ifi,!  /���������<-,   "'."<���������-     ;    /   '��������� v-,'/        ���������.;'/;|,:",-l,'.:l1 ������������������  ^,f\ :\-J    ���������' \v^Avi,ii ������������������ii  -^     A, ' ' :s<\'<*. TC'X. ,1   :ii 1,1  \      !"' ���������- ^Ai,:; Uv".4i  i.'-,l..',t-*".    '',; '?.J   ^  i, iw7v  7 '7' ������������������&������i/^ w>.a.>  E''V/.<"L'-}'  A Spoedy Recovery  ('������������������pond-  on   throe   thii;i:.s ;  a  {joi-fl ]iln  siei.tn, it  good   ntu.se, and ahsi  lute   purity   nnd   uiiifm inity oi  the  drugs   nnd    inudieiur-.s em-  )ilo\'(d in iho case,  Always Come Here  vviih   your   pie:-ciijii'ioiisJ ynid  for loilct and hath icfiuisitcs,  ���������   Q. S. '���������' Lardeau."  Iliiiiiiing lji'livcoii An'oivlicid mill Tl.oinsniri  VmiX^T'-I'l'Tl" V,,!!li"fll,!l(I <"������m:ipllv fur  C'f'^sife  TUB l'HEl) JJOIJI.VSOX I.L'MHKIt CO. LTD.  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A _���������;-...y~.'.���������7.7        '       7    -i which (he 'New Vori; (.���������.'oiiiiu'crcial Ail-'..'.Your   Pocket-book j  ,.   ,,    ,   '  .       .' ,'���������    ���������/��������� ,y . ' '���������'������������������  r v''i'lisor vouches f'i'r:a"U'!i!ier Scoff was '  V.. h.  Lewi,-',  of  t.be, Iirnyol* Lewis | n ���������,.,���������,, ���������,,;,,    u-|,;v,, ,,��������� ���������.���������,. ,,,.,.., ,,y,,���������y m ,  h   I.,    imi ���������,<,!, ���������u    ,   ,> i,���������i ,  11 Wl   ,1        ,   ''llllfw. ,     | ������||||r,|     ,        |  |,|,  . Codis,  "The Druggist,"  ,\ih',:r,Yor it, Tin- Mel). A. ]]'. Cu,  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. C  JS#* CIVEUSATRIAL  F.   BtJKER,   Proprietor.  Phone   43.  The C. P. Ii. steamer on Tuesday at-  ti*iri|)ted to' break a passage tbrotigb  the ice but without success, though another effort was to he made. 'Fried  ��������� Kohinsoii went to Arciiwhciul on'Tuesday ������������������.with the' intention of getting  through toCuiiiiiplix, buL had to refiuir  to the city till transportation Is rosti.'i)-  The Fred Bobinsoii  lOiiitep Co. Lin!l  ed.   IheU'U'i'boijc line i.i. di.iwn apd he ' la-w, ami ivii'jw ��������� Aukl'Xvciiihiv.' l"''h'ci*?!)  .. , ... h, great poit,   Whrn he ���������'was dyoin*,'. ho  IJrofbcrs, luw been apooiiil.ed aLlnrtiey j r���������,, ��������� ,,0,������������������<,��������� 0n. s:o be wroio sum [,:(.|i.  for Kevelstoke. I'tii'..lln; Phoenix Insur- j .jug jUk-k whieii homoiii for himself: '���������"  ai)sey(i<.mpaiiy,,of   Hrooklyn,  Iv.-Y,,,! .''. .V?-'" "���������felf��������� WB, i^u tl,f W|���������������| n-a( c'ol&  with full power' lo receive iiroposlils,  fix   ra!ej. j.f, pi'turtli,!in,.   cpin;ti.!.lrilgii,.  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"-,  ,' i'i  Hi  Lfcj  r.'.-iv-"-nr.-t--Hi^ 'j'.'m.w mini' ". ������������������".-i,ijJ^ui?v.y'V'''ti'.-iJtwuiwT^r������wrii<".w, i"ivwwv) ���������p'rfr'ap^iiw.iMjiiWT^ATvi'W'M.vtr >"rznty-.���������^^H^,^������^'Tnp.'a.^ ���������iv.^j'-hj-!'>&vaL-^a'fftw#>&FF&rVf\u'i!r'i.W~',?iWV.\.'i~Z3'''inirt-,V'&~Jr������Jjsrjr'd,J7fijf'fti-*.x:-iit.s*^.*&������&]������*?} "ft^i';;S^bWrT.~7r������7n?-i*wra"T-^hnMnr-c'Cfcb.���������lWWtf.'fiTf*3      \


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