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Kootenay Mail Jan 7, 1905

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 f,.T,ncl.l Llt���3^
<P Ax
-.�� '.'-...   r..
i   if
j '
i^��i��M��.-w��iu>lrtiA(jdirk.t   a j nr \. it f try ji <c u .< *w\nnwMi*!>r*xm��t*-*anMt*JMVi mw
���'li-'H  W.T
I, i^r
>>'' fe
il. ���na -���*
BEAD BY.    '-.":."
5,500^ ^
ir*rn.*wj'ia^'."��22writ,V"^w s-vstfrM.'-.ijSrs*'**,rfctj:M*'v^
^f^��   J*1*H,
��� /���*
it/ *
$2.00 Per Year.
** ii
E ducat ion-
in  Rev-
with a beautiful selection of 9Xmas goods for any of,.your
friends or relations and now is thc time to do your selecting while the stock is complete. The following are a few
of ihe-lihes.      "
Belts, and:Collars for Ladies,-
Collars is tbe" nicest we
Our display of fancy  Belts and
yet 'shown'; put up in separate boxes. . *'      <
,:- 'Handkerchiefs for Xmas Gifts
-Ladies Lace-edge with Lace insertion,'25c'to 50c, ,
'Ladies White Lawn, Irish hemstitch, 5c.to 25c.
Ladies'Fancy, Border, lace insertion, 30c to 50c. " _     r-     ,' v ,
, Ladies'Fancy Silk, with'and without initial ���". '-
''V^iVoV^yhite.Linen, hemstitch, in beautiful  padded boxes of
"    -fdo^en/ffb^600:10^'00'        .. "   '       '  ,    '" A
yy'.'' -���/-%   ���'���",,. Linens ," '_, ���   ���_-,   -/ f'<
-< " Tow��'s i.TapkinS,,-Table Cloths, Tray Cloths, Sideboard Cloths,
Bleached Damasks, aiid ^Doylies. Iu these we have all the pretty,
designs'in Teneiiffe aW\drawn work.    - --''.,��.,
Wonderful-Xmas Novelties of Beauty and Useful-
0 .1 - ,4
' / *      ,   -"      ness in '(Leather Goods.    >     ���'   /
i J L
���   .** , -r,yXmas Gifts fdr:Men; ��� ,'   V ' ���;
r Men's Plain and Fancy Silk Mufllers arid Chest Protectoas.
Men's Plain Linen 'Hemstitched  Handkerchiefs, half-dozen in box
Men's beautiful Silk Ties in-separate cartoons. ' ���
Men's Silk and Satin hand-embroidered Suspenders.        ,    _. >x
��� These'are only a few of  the many ws ,can show you. but  any
one  of  the  above  given  as a gift is reasonably sure of hitting the
mark,'and ,we invite vou all to come and inspect oui-istock.   i-
c-        -y _-   -      . -    ��� '      * V
New-Idea" Patterns. - '   Dressmaking Department
An Issue
'  /    elstoke.
The year saw a great advance in
education in Kevelstoke. 'A," pio-
liuiieiit issue in tlie civic election is
tbc question as to whether a- fee is to
be charged. We say by all means, let
it'be free so that equal oppoitimity
may be given to all to take advantage
of it and that it may   be   an   induce-
4 ' ll.
inent to outside points   where  bigbei
pel licit tion   is   not, provided   to  send
their   children   to   this   city   to   bo
educated.     The coat  of tbe school is
$1700 a year of which the govern incut
pays half unci   not   more   limn   $200
could be,, collected   in   foes, fiom the
pupils,     bet" every  ell'ort'bo made to
build up Kevelstoke  as   a. gieat educational centre.     Now   is the time lo
begin.,,. During   the   past   year  the
school trustees have   duno^'work   for
thin  city   of   which   it   inny well be
pioud, nnd wc tako  this oppoitimity
of expiessing  the appicciation of the
citizens of tbe manner on^which   Mr.
Floycfj the secretary,  paiticularly  has
discharged bis duties.    Mr. Floyd is a
fhst-class'iidniiiiistr.itoi* and tho  Inch
-     , i
standard lcached both in- the city
school and the district school is
largely due to the liist-class manner
in which he has conducted work entrusted his care. Ihe most modern
school seating accommodation has
been put in the principal's antl second
looms also in the high school, the
Older boring been tilled by K.llowson,
University tlnee candidates vveie pie-
sentcd and all passed, two of them
making the highest marks in the
province. One of the candidates,
Miss 13. Law-son, stood tliild highest
in Canada, and another Miss Hyatt,
was eleventh in ' rank. ' The school
building is one of the best in the province. The eight class-rooms have
been occupied except one, and "as another 'teacher will be added to the
stall'lifter New Year that also will be
occupied.     <
The teaching,stall' is under A. ll.
Miller, who ' has < been in charge for
two years. Mr. Miller bails from Pent
Kerry, Out., having been educated 'at
the high school there -and he taught
for two years at. the Dawson school at
Vancouver before coming to Kevelstoke. The other members ,of the'
teaching stall" arc Mr. Pollock 'and
Misses Smith, Atkinson, Frasor, Dent,
llOlllxt -l'-i'l-Cl i  ''
The present''board'of school trustees
arc Messrs. Lindniiirk, (chairman),
Floyd scc.-ti'cns., iincb.1. Palmer.
The walls of the school 'aro tasteful y decorated vvitli'pictures. ''.Over
$110 has been spent on the libnuy.
Single desks have, been installed' in
the principal's* room jintl will be, extended to the other ruonis. ''   '
Underwear Bargains
Warm Underwear���a line of Boys' All-Wool Stan field
"Regular'price 90c, Sei ling at  60c.     Fleece  Lined���,
Regular 50c. Selling at 25c.    Union Nice Soft Goods, -
all sizes, and will fitfeoys from 5 years old up  to  16
1     years of age.    Selling at 25c. to 40c.
Ear Men and Youths.
! Somen's and Girls' Skirts
This'is a"Mixed Lot. They( are well worth looking at.
If you need one in the next'six -months we  will give ,
'vou one-third off th'e regular price.
One-third Off for Cash.
Children's Dresses.
Here is a line of Children's Dresses made
to fit girls from  6 to  10 years,1 lined   all
through and nicely trimmed. We sold them
at $4.50 up till now.    You can  buy  them
\ at the low figure' of $2.50.
Winter Coats.
We have a few Ladies' Coats in Black ancl
'Dark Grey.   Sizes 36, 38 and 40.   While they
last we will sell $15 Coats for $10.   $10 Coats
for $7.50.  ���
In Our Grocery Department.
Our collection of Staple and Fancy Groceries cannot be surpassed in the Province. The continuous selling we have here
insures everything being fresh. If you are not one of our customers for Groceries send us word ancl we will call.
Capital Aullioriiod, ��I,IXX),(KX).   (Japilal Paid Up, S-'ilXXXMO.   Ko.sl. f.1,000,000.
Head Ollicc, Touo.vio, Ontakio.
Ilriiiielios in tlio Norllivvosl Torritiirios, Miiiiilulin, Ontario ami Ouolioc.
And   tin) riillnwiiiK poiiil-. in   lirili-ili   Ciiliiinliiii:    Oriinlirfxik. (lulilaii,
Ni)l��oii,"Uovolstiil.o, Trniil Ijiiko, Vniiciiiivar anil Victoria.
T  H Misiutii r  I'roiiilonl. B. K. Wii.kii:. Vii-n-Pnulcloiil nml Omiaral Manacor.
IS. Hay, AsiislaiilOunoraliMilnaKur.    W. Wciitat, I'lilof Ir^pootiir.
Revelstoke Branch, i$. C.���A General linnkinji Business Transacted
SnviiiK-i Uoparlniotit���Obiii.sili Bucuivoil and Inlorusl Allnwud.
Uriiftthiilil iiviillnlilo I" nil parts ur Caiiada, Unilud Status and Iliiroiw.   .
Sliooial alloiilimi Kivon l" nilloctiiiiis. A. E. I'mri's, MnmiRor.
HIGH scnoor,.
The high school was inaugurated in
September last with C. B. Sissons, TIB.
A., of Barrie, Ont., as teacher. The
school is attended by 2'.l pupils and an
increase is expected with the new
year when another teacher will probably "be appointed. The school
trustees and Mr. Sissons are aiming
at making Kevelstoke an educational
centre where pupils fiom outlying
points can depend on getting a first-
class education in high school work.
At present a senior and a junior class
aie conducted, tbe former by pupils
who passed the Magill .preliminaiy
The number on the city school is
323, an increase of 50 pupils or over
20 per cent, on the roll of a year before. The attendance averages So per
cent, of the roll number. Thc equipment of the school is very complete.
The trustees supply the exercise books
ancl stationery,,in fact everything is'
supplied except the printed text books
and the present boa icl of trustees aie
strong advocates'of free bchool-books
printed and supplied by the government.
The system of studies pursued by
tbe piincipal aims at thoroughness,
ancl a course of study has been
published. A useful amount of natuie
study is being taken up, and brush
drawing will be taught after New
At last entrance examinations the
school passed l'J out of 21 presented,
taking a premier place among the
schools of the piovince, and at the
preliminaiy   examination   for  Magill
Fall "of PortvArthur���Surrender,
" of,"General   Stoessel���Rus-
,   sians Destroy'Forts, ^Battle-^
-- ships and Buildings. .     '  '
The end came ub Port Arthur "'on
Sunday with the capture ofiin inner
foi t and a vigorous assault by the
Japanese. Thc Russians were unable
to light longer and-the white flag
went up. Terms of surrender were
in-ranged by,which'thc! Russian inuk
and file were to i-iirrender as prisonc-is.
nil forts', warships and ammunition to
io handed ovei 'in present condition,
General Stoessel and his .ofiicers to be
allowed ,to," go��� free,.dairying , their
swords.and p/i'vnte property. '.    '
��� 'After the" terms of c7ipitualtion were
ngfeed oii"Genpral Stoessel gavecrdeis
for tho dcakuu'tion of thc^llussian
.warships nnd public buildings and'
this last act of ,his is denounced, by
the Japanese as base treachery while
Iiis able defence of' the " fortress is
everywhere admired.    - l
/-'Tlic^Japs took 20,000-men prisoners.
~" Latesi-icports;intlic.'i.te tbe .1.4,0* a re
picpariiig'for another agrcssive movement at.Mukden. -""The Siberian inil-
wity is unable to supply the demands
of Kuiopatkin's immense army.   ,   .
Heavy mortality is reported among
.the Japanese troops.
The fall of Poit Arthur has brought
peace no'nearor than before, the .Russians expressing ttheir determination
to fight it out. 1
,. Mukden, Jan. -I.��� During Friday
the Japs located a battery on thc
Sliakbe river bridge, from which they
enfiladed the Russian trenches, being
���supported by a heavy cannonade along
the whole centie. The Japanese used
Shimose shells. At midnight on
Saturday, under cover of impcneti.ible
diuknebS, the Japanese attached thc
light Russian (rank energetically,
directing their movement principally
against a strong redoubt, but they
were repulsed. '.Simultaneously an
attack was launched against the Russian trenches further east, but before
daylight it was abandoned.
The Japs lost 80,000 men in the
siege of Port-Arthur. 1
General Stoessel is to be courtnnir-
tinllecl by an ungiateful government.
Three Russian torpedo dcslroyeis
escaped to Chefoo.
The Baltic squadron is to be recalled. It was reported Admiiiil Rojest-
vetisky's Hag ship had 'run on the
rocks, but the report is now denied.
Meeting of Ratepayers.
'A meeting of riitcpayeis was convened by the Mayor at the city hall
last night but the small attend nice
and the entire absence of kicking were
the'best tributes that could'be paid,to
the satisfaction which the city lathers
and school trustees have given the
ratepayers during the. year, and it is
anticipated the mayor and iililennan
will be re-elected by acclamation on
The mayor called; on the city
treasurer to read the balance-sheet,
which showed the general receipts for
the year- to obc $30,370 SO'', mil from
water and light $1)2,108. The e.\pi ndi-
turo general .'account wns .$38,720 3!),
and on water and light $20,(i78.-l0, in?
eluding $'J,2J5,80 for extension of
water supply/which bus been all'paid
for out of ordinary revenue with
exception of $L,5!)-1,58." 'The assets
over liabilities were $-19,001.-12. Thc
profit on water and light for the vein-
vvas $1*1,900.07.
The mayor said they had  not only
paid   over   $9000   out    of    oidiniiry
reven 110  for  new1 waterwoiks but had
1 educed " the"    indebtedness'   by   nn
amount equivalent to  two -and a half
mills .on the   dollnrf'so , tjliey  would
tigieewith lum'they   bad   dune,very
well.   _ Thoy hail "now 11 n.itci* sy'stein
that" would  sei vo"" sonic   yeare." ,-ii 0
vvouid again bo a candidate for  mayor
and the aldermen .would  again oll'or
their services.     While thcic was every
reason to expect  the  taxes  would  be1
1 educed next year they must   not expect tod much, as they vyuio up ngain.it
the-fact the-lightingriiiiiuhin< iy was
not sufficient to meet the dem.ind and
the capacity would have to be i 1101 eased.      More   public  .works' would also
have to be done next year . ;       ,
Aid. Abrahainson cvpeoled the
council ,\vould bo able to clu, considerable in tbe way of sheet,.Ind' sidewalk
improvements and extensions the
coming year. One dilhcnlly in doing
pciinancnt streetawork was want ol
giavel and to ^ovciconie/Uns, lie advocated putting in a rqsk crushcr'so
their.expenditure would have a permanent rcnult instC'i'cl ..of therpatch-.
wovlt.which lesultci from   tlie niesent
methods!";     '  AA    -' :*-f
Ad., Field- said  their thanks were
due to' the mayor for his able services
���as on' his"  shoulders   had   fallen   the
lion's share of the work. /Thecity clcr
had pci formed his services in a very,
eflicicnt manner unci Aid  Abi.iliainson'
had been mpsttellicicntin .that branch'.
He considered they had " made a'vciv
favoiable showing.      Aid. 'Footecon
-idcrcd     the , balance-sheet1! a   veiy
creditable one'.    It vvas very encouraging to the  ratepayers- that their indebtedness had been reduced and that
another year their taxes would  not be
so   heavy. ' - While * this - year 'theic
would not be such heavy demands on
the city finances, the   lighting "plant
must be  improved and an- isolation
waul and, a   gaol   were   required   in
which the government should do their
This Will Be a Record Christmas"
j 1 -��� f
With Us For Fine Goods   ,.
1904 CRoP
* ���..        ,   ��� ���  ���      * -  ,
5 Crown-Cleaned Filcb.i Currants in 1 lb packages, ���
5 Ciown Cluster Kaisinj, Bleached Sultanas, Valentin. Raisins, Muscatels andr'Sceded Raisins in 1 lb packages. '   9'
buyer Figs, Dates, Malaga Grapes, Shelled Valentin Almonds.
Stuffed l''igs, and Dates in lib fancy boxes. ���"       .
Shelled Walnuts, Sicily, Kilbert6, Grenoble Walnuts, Brazils, Tarra- '
gona-AInionds, Polished Pecans..,   * ,    ��� ���.���','
Crv-Blali/.cd  Fruits in l'lb lancy cartoons. .     .    ,     ,,
Omul icd bonion, Orange and Citron Peel.
Naval,Oranges. '   ', ,'        ',   " < ' ' 1
ben Diivies and choicest vat icties of Apples.      ��� ,'        "   ,   -
,  '.    ,   a   < y,
1- e t - i
Cranberries,  Celery   and Hot Ho use, Lettuce a ���'
All the'Leading Varieties of Christie, Broivn'&"Co'saho   ',���
McCormack's,, FANCY BISCUITS.-    ���      ,'       '-A
, -- . 1 '* ��� v
'Cakes and Plum Puddings in 1 and,2 lb tins. , '       '    " "' ,', .
'Wethey's Mince Meat in packages.    ���"       /,.        '-..-.. r
Silver is at 01^, and copper at 14^ to
Many will bo glad to learn that the
litigation over the Great Northern
Mines Company's Poplar property,
the Lucky Jack, has been settled out
of court and it is intended Lo instill it
ten stamp mill in spring, with tnim
at Jiick and Swede group*,. The company is again putting its stock on the
market at full par value of$l per
share.   ,
Visitors to Revelstoke wi'l find it t
their advantage to stop at'the Central
Hotel.    Free bus to and from   inibvny
stations to meet all trains.
xiin schools.
Mr. Floyd, on behalf of the schoo
tuistccs, s.iid the main work dining
the year was the opening of the high
school, which was wai-ianted by tin
fact that 19 out of 21 passed the en
trance examinations, livery-room in
the new school was now occupied and
they had been under the necessity of
getting aiK-thcr teacher. The cose ol
the schools to the city was f8,398.03,
of which the government contributed'
$4,S31.70, but tho superintendent of
education was advocating the cities
should pay a greater shine of thc cost'
of education, while he considers! the
cities should pay less. Compared
with TNelson the cost of education was
very favorable to Revelstoke, where it
cost the city $300 11 month ns against
itSOO 11 month in TNelson.
Mr. Palmer regretted the absence of
the chaiiman of trustees, Mr. bind-
inark. As to the superintendent of
education advocating the burden on
thc city should be increased, no cloiibt
that vvas tbe intention of the government, as the sup rintenclcnt - wa��
meioly the iiiouihpieco.of the government. It would be something like
that $2000 the government had pio-
miscd them for the high school���they
never got it and never would. Ho
wished to sny thoy Intel in Mr. Miller
a principal who was second to none
in the province. They should have
more 11111I0 teachers on the stall'. Ah
he bad been iisgccl to do so he would
again offer his services as trustee.
A hearty vote of thanks wiis nccoid-
ecl the mayor, aldermen and schoo
trustees for the excellent manner in
which they hud discharged thcii
clutic-i to the city during the year.
'I'o Cotiyh or not to Couo-hJ
that's the question, beneia]
Cott'ih Svi'tiu Cures.
2.r)i* nnd f)()i* ,1 I.  11 li
Walter Bews, Phm, B.
Druggist and Stationer.
Noxt Iliunu's lllnck.
. �� - ', 4.    ,^
-   The Folio wing Delicacies Just  To1-Hand for Xmas  Trader''
'    '     '" ' , >" T?    . r! '   ���
Kdng Oscar SardiAes
" Choicest small lisli,'fine Olive oil, no bones or'scales". '
- * ' -,        f- ti -*
Kpoitni.in, Mordnlcb and other leading varieties of Sardines.    '
Holland's Fi&h'H.ills.     -,      -       ' , J\    A      ��� *-'..--,    ,',
Pineapple. Fig and Orange Marmalades in Lib glass jars,
bizeiiby's As-sorted Concentrated Soups,    ' , * ' -
(iill.iid'V Pickles in 20-oz bottles, ' - -;
Splondicl assorrmei'tof Robinson's Fancy Candies, Creams. Chocolates"
and Bon-Iions in 1'and 2 lb fancy boxes. *
' Gonsitrnmoots of J.ipnncsc Oranges received daily.' '      -      'i ���'-
' py
1 -  '  \ i",    :       '    "    *   '.���  ��� ���
Fancy and Staple Groceries
1       . i    .    . ���,
Our stock is the most'complete in "the city und our prices attrac-   '!
t ivo.    You   like*-to  deal  at  a" Grocery House where j-'oo'ds look, nice-
1 nnd clean; vvbeie clerks are polite and obliging; where  deliveries arc'.
made on time; above all, where you know you are getting the b^sfc on
. the market'ii^tlie'fail est of prices. ,. That's the sort of bouse we keep.'
Onll ancl i)��js?iifc of i.\"%- Cmniiare our prices,and examine the quality,
and yi% feUj'bf din "goods.
'Choices'-, I """"''SjiTf Flour, 0.:tMiC'iI,-etc , always in stock.    ".     -      .-'*
. Bi,.in,,,Shop"ir��)irv?7|'r, \Vhe.it; etc , at lowest market prices.    '. * ->"
Fiesb   Vegeuibles���i'^tiuoi-s,-��� Beets,   Cabbages," Parsnips,' Turnips,-
Lrrote, etc.' ' ^\-..y-_���y  '*-~^.y,     '     J .-'...-
Special quotations in quahtiiie'--. -'���
Agents for McC/eary
-"���' '"-il
1   r\P-
Macdonald & Montieth, Revelstoke.
Incorporated lij Act uf Pnrlinmoiit, 1S33.
W M. M01..SC1.N .Maci'iikiccv, (>r,.s. S. U. ISwixo, Vicc-Prc
J ami;- Klliot, Ge11er.1l Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
i..*M^uT��i.,'l"y.il1   W',V "f ',,,"ki,,S '""'ihlcss l.'ftMMictid   without,,,,-
a  |i(li)t-r,..Lc,��.<litf(Itvviet*.. y,..,r.a cur.e.it ,.,u-b  cm ^livinKS.Hank
W. II. PRATT, Mitmigor,
RkvkIvStoki:, B. C.
�� TTT3" Tr^p-1ijTJ5l/,-t.->B^3'; ,
 -  /
".Mr.- ��� -rar.-i*;-."'--- ADVEI'.TIjtJN'G     P.ATJ-ia     on     application  'Change* in -landing lulverti-ements must  be in bv 9 a. in. Wt-niie-dny of each week to  .-ccnnA'Ood di-nlay.   SiantlliiB iulveii,-njB  matter will be oliaiijred twiceiiinontli Willi-  out   extra   charge ,   Kor  more   frequent  "  altera'.ion= the time occupied  in niuKiiiK  ' ennitf will be charged al usual rate-.  JOB PRINTING promptly executed at. reasonable rates. '  TERMS���������Ca.-h.   Sub-cnptlon-. payable'In ad  , vance. , -    "  C0UI1ESP0NDENCB invitcti on matter-, of  public iniere-t. Communications to Motor niu-t be accompanied bv naino-of  writer, noi necessarily for publication, bul  a.-, evidence of good faith. Corre-poiidence  -liould bo brief.  . Wo request our numerous readers to  .favor us with th'eir assistances In  making theKOOTENAY MAIL tho  most valuable ad vertislntf medium  In the Kootenays by giving' the  preference when,, making purchases0 to those Iirms who aro  regular advertisers In the KOOT"  ' ENAY MAIL. ' " i  D  ''.),0H,llsSi-T,Vf���������  Orriri::  OVKR   I1KWS   Dl'.L'U   3T0UK.  . rTiDV-'ARD A. 11 AUG EN,    ,  Mining Knoinkkh,   '  (Mem. American  Institute Mlnhig KiiBlnturi]  (.Mem. Caiiudlan .Mining Institute.)  Kkvklstoke, IB; U.  Examination of and report*, on Mineral I'lo-  '     perlie- a Specialty.  E  ARVKY, McOAKTKK ,  ,     AND PINK7IIA.M,  BAKKISTKHS, SOLICITOUS, ETC.  OrriCKs:   MobSONS   Hank   Hlock,   I'.kv-ki.-  ii B'lOKE, li. C.  '"Money to loan. , ���������   ,!C*��������� ���������  Oftlces: KevcUoko, U. C; tort Steele, I J. 0,  Geo. S. McQaktkb, "' '      ��������� "  "A. M. P1.s-1-iii4t.v1, J. A. ILvuvBV,        ,  ,   , ltov<2l->tokc, B. C. I- on Steele,-!!. Cl.  JOHN   MANNING   SCOTT    13. A.'  l: L. B.        '  . i    ���������  B.VHUISTEH,  SOLICITOK,   ETC.  ' First, Street.      "        i Revelstoke, 13.U.  T������be1Kootena\>flfoail  (oi-houI'Je.-'Ola&CL)  SATURDAY-,  JANUAUV.7, Li)Of>  Sir Wilfred Laurier .says' as the  result of his trip through  the western .states    he   is ��������� satisfied     the  Canadian west is the  greatest west  ��������� there is. ,    *   -     ���������'' ,  " , It "is to be hoped "the mining  .men of the south will not .-endorse'  the proposition made at- Rossland  Board of Trade for, a bounty on  copper. . Copper can hold its own  the world over, and it is  better.,to  assist tor?  live   withou  waste public  sarv subsidie:  uncces-  ,\\'e trust the McBride government will keep the. promise of its  premier io install a Jerry across  - the Okanagan Lake at, Kelovvna in  the coming spring. The west side  of lake is badly hampered for want  of communication."and it is getting  just as important as the east side.  The'wagon road should also be  extendedjrom Peachland,.to Sum-  cherlancl.  The great success attending the  operation of the Nickel Plate mine  at Hedley promises much for the  future oi the lower Okanagan and  Similkcmeen as soon as transportation is afforded. There is  every reason to believe there will  be a" dozen Nickel Plates where  now there is one. .That means an  important home market to the  farmer and there is no market  beats a mining market.  fflPSt  British Columbia cities should  -take into consideration the exemption of improvements from taxation.  Improvementc should be encouraged  in every possible way. and to tax  them is to handicap progress and  ' industry. Let the extra taxation  be put on unimproved lands, and  make the ah.-f-ntee.- pay a fair share  of ihe added values given to their  lands by their improving neighbors.  Edmonton ha; adopted the progressive principle and the city will  bene lit from it.  LAND FOR SETTLEMENT.  A matter that require.- urgent  attention al tie.- hand.- of the legislature, a.- tin I'uvi.-rnmont seem? to  do nothing, is the removal of  re.-ervaiior.- from large blocks of  public land.- * Settlement is blocked aud the effects of the evil unbecoming intO-t-ified. The country  from the"Boilnd-I-ry lo Pcntieton i.-  ti'_d up vvitli tne -lloiiuiibia and  Western railway reserve, and lsiiiil.-  lie idle which would be t.xken up  by hundreds of settlers if ihey  could get title. Tbe mutter of  Indian reserves al.-o requires lo be  dealt with. In Okanagan and  Siinilkamecn tlie.-e huge re-erve.-  of idle land are a serious drawback to progre.-.-. The area? should  be limited to .-.neb a.- aro actually  required and Used by the Indians,  and the rest thrown open for  settlement. This is a work to  which Duncan Boss. M. IV might  apply himself.  l\ v  The Standard Oil Company have  reduced tbe price of oil l-> cents in  three weeks.  Avvful weather has'been experienced  in New York, several deaths resulting  from extreme cold.  'The'Liberals for the provincial ric!  ing of Okanngan hud a .large and  successful meeting for organisation in,  Vernon last week. Much enthusiasm  exists among the rank and (ile, and  they bnve made up their minds.not. lo  be caught napping vvlien the expectcd  dissolution , takes place, T. W  Fletcher, of Ariiistronj., was elc-tot  president; ' A. bridgman, .secretary;  and S. C. Smith, treas. Conveners of  local committees were also appointed  ind their duties' defined. Hitherto  there has been'no Liberal association  of'this kind, from thc absence of which  urge tiun'ibcrs of votes have been left  unpolled on election dav.  Tho members,of the Mebrido government arc evincing .considerable  uneasiness iit the'prospect of an early  mooting'of the Legislature and the  probable outcome of a dissolution of  tin; house. Tho.standing nf this bid  ing is rut her'dubious if we may judgo  by the particular- interest in it they  are developing. 11 is only two or throe  weeks' since the premier paid ufi a  visit-wdth-UjCi.purpose" of pouring oil  on the troublctbwaters, and last week  wo'hiid a visit from ���������the. Hon, F. .J  Fulton, provincial secretary, with "the  ostensible purpose of. ascertaining the,  iicc'-spf this valley. "' We understand  he was lavish, in promises, .but,..of  course, this is what we. might'expect  nt this'particular, junctiuc, although  thoy nie not likely to iniiterinlize.  Spcaking'tit a meeting Hon.C!. W.  Ross, Premier bf Ontario,,said :���������" It  was the glory oLthc Liberal party that  it had given freedom of speech to  everybody, in ' Parliament 'an't out uf  it. It, vvas the glory "of thc Liberal,  pnity'that it, bus been the fertile soil  in all those great progressive measures  in'Church and St'ate which have,made  Canada, which have made Knglnnd,  :l'rcc, ancl which makes us proiid of  being . Ib'itisb subjects, whether on  Canadian soil or on other soil."    .  A Socialist convention was to .meet  iit Vancouver today. One of the  most important mutters is planning  a new election law for the province.  The Socialists allege under'the present system a man who is out of work  and away from home forfeits his right  of voting. Thus a man cannot vote  at Kevelstoke if his niinio is on the  voters' list in Vancouver. The  Socialists wish this changed so that a  man may vote' wherever election day  happens to hit hini, supposing that he  isfin the province at that time.1  '    ' '  That   the- government   is   on   tne  ragged edge of anxiety Lr-iopaicnt to  all; hence their  soIic,itucl^>jJ; mollify  any   antagonb.ing   clement,   befcao  a  vote of want .of   coiil'ider*^   relegates  them to Ihe opposili^"BBw)cs.  J. A. EjiE.ti'.t lit* resigned ns deputy  nneisccrpf. the f itnrior owing to ill  ,th, 'niid--W.-W. -Coiy, assistant  commissioner of dominion hinds, has  been appointed.in.his stead.  W. A. Galliber, M.P.' for Kootenay  and ft. G. McPherson, M.1". for Vancouver, left i Friday to attend -their  parliamentary duties iit Ottawa.'  LUMBERING..  The ' Arrowhead Lumber Company  are again shinning lumber.  The Big Bend Lumber Company  have shut down their logging camp  at Fourteen Mile.  The Big Bend Lumber Co's mill  started up again Wednesday after be-  ing*shut down for n few days through  a mishap to the plant.  In tbc past six months from lumber alone tbe revenue of 13. 0. bus  exceeded $200,000, unci accoiding to a  conservative report the revenue for  tbc fiscal year ending June 30 will  aggregate $305,000 or $1,000 a day.  B. C. Lumbermen have decided to  reduce the price list on Lumber.  The Mundy Lumber Company is  making great headway with the  arrangements for its new mill at  Three Valley Lake. Camps have been  built to accommotlate'SO men, a dam  is being built in Three Valley Creek  for slashing out logs, and a store and  freight room 2-lxS7 feet has been  built alongside the railway track."  BOOK REVIEW.  We acknowledge receipt from the  celebrated publi-hei*-, .\|i'--i*-. Adam  and Charles B'ltck. ot Holm Sipi.iie;  London, of those invaluable reference  book.- "Who's Win.," '��������� Wli..'- Who  Year Book." and the Lni.'lbhwuiii.in'-  Year Book f..r Mill.").  '* Who',- Who " i- ,i iMiiipii* i- :i ft-i-  i-iict- library lo the vv oi b!'- leading  men.  " Who'- Who Yt.ir Book' i- iiiinie  up of reliably table- of refi-r.-iii*. to  subject.- of every day mupiiiy.  '���������Tin- Kngli-lr.voninn's Year Book ' i-  a handy epitome of information inr  worker.- in woman'- special field of  labor.  Startling But True.  People the world over were liorn/i, (I  or, learning of the limning of n  Chii.igu theater in wbieli m-.irly fi\  bundled people lo-l their live-, yi-l  more t linn live times this iiiiiuln-i* a;  over 3,000 people died fiom piieu-  mi/i'ia in Ohic-ngo during t be miuh-  venr, with scarcely n day pn---iiig. Kvcr\  one of these cases of piieiiiiioiii.i n:-  "iiltcd from it cold nud could h.ive  hi "ii pre .'en ted by the timely use of  f'hauibi i Iain's Cough Itemi cly. A  great many who had every reason.to  fear pneumonia have warded it oil' by  the'prompt use of this i remedy.," The  following is an instance of this sort ;  "Too much cannot bo said in favor of  Chamberlain's, Cough. Itcmedy, and  especially for colds and inllmiiiza. I  know that it ciuyccl my daughter,  Laura, of a severe cold, and I believe  saved her life when she wu- threatened,  with 'pneumonia." W. I). \V'ilc:o.v,:  Logan, New York. Sold by all drug-  gistg.  I'be li.lubo's .Vancouver  correspondent writes:���������  "The liist Conservative Government  of llrili-.li Columbia," as tho MoUndo  government proudly call thejuselves,  have play- d havoc w.tb the ll nances <>  'l'lie Province, judging' by cditona  rcinniks by, Provident ot the Counci  iu tho News-Adverli'sor. ' lion. Carter  Collon states'1 Mint the. education .and  public works appioprintions have been  '"nunvoidnbly exe'eede'd" by the guvcrn-  inciil. Moi cover the province face.-a  $300,000 loss by the success of tbc  Liiiiricrl-Jovorinneiit's Chinese Cnpiti-  tioiuTax. Tbe increase from $100 lo  $f)00 has been aS elVcctive as nn act to  entirely exclude the Chinese. The  Conservatives were1 the loudest in  pressing for,, the increased tux, and  now ihe Mcjli'idc governmout arc'lamenting the'loss of revenue occasioned  thereby. < Tho local government aio  preparing���������llic country, through 'tbc  Tory press,' for foine other form of  taxation ol the-whites to eomp-'iiaali*  for lhc loss of revenue sustained ' by  the stoppage of Chinese immigration.  The' ovordi.ift in , the .public .works  department vmis piobably caused by  expenditures in' connection tvviih ilu  general election, ..hicb left the McBride administration hanging on io  ullict! by ihe skin of its teeth, contenting itself with stating that tluyc will  bo ii deficit.  o It already is evident that on account  ofitho.bad. stale of the" finances'ihu  nowly'ifpiioiiiteit Asscs-mcnt Act Coiu-  miiaioii will." be of .little "W.1 The  vigorous proiosts against'the now luxes  arc met by the government pro.-o vviih  the bnld stiilemcnc that the nicuiey is  needed it), run the country. 'I'be  Socialists nro sofdisgustcd wi'.b iho  Toiy Government' that itis stated io  'be (heir intention to 'iinile with ihe  Liberals and dcfc.it tho Conservatives  early in the session, which is cnlletltO  meet in February.  mcBrTde'and  When you Want  ,'    Nigli't or day,   '  Ring up Tel. No. 27  Stand at Union Hotel.  J. M. McGallum:  ...   E. Vy. 13. Paget, Prop.    /,  Prumpb delivery of pnn-^Ls, bn^a^c-j  m:., To any parlj of tiio City.  . Any Kind of Transferring, '  .-   '    'Undertaken. -  ., TKLUPHONH  NO. 7.  S������    le     YfV \SWVii. yuj  1 'BUTCHER/'  .    'I  Ketail Dealer In���������^.���������tE2J2ZSg>-  '   . ."        BESF, "PORK,  ���������   , MUTTON, ��������� Etc.  ,  Fish' and Game in Season.  All oului'5 pniiiiptiy filled.  REVEtSTOXE, B. 'C. S'li'SSiV  SO  LUMBER FOR SALE  Lmnlier of .ill   kinds,nl reasonable  piifi-s, ' Prompt ilfliv'i-i-y   gii.iranti-ecl  it Liivv'i eni  llniilwni't:  l.i-.ive ortlt-r:  ���������Sim i*.    '  F. :I LILIAN,  ."J2ic . Givi-ly Creel*'Luinher.Mill  This Jla-tcr Mefliiuiics Pmo T.ir-So.tp lieulfc  ami -oriun-: the ikin, while piomplly clciii-iiig  Hoi yi-ci-e, <,il. ruil, eic Invaluable tor me  eli.uiiu-, funners-, siioil-iiien. l-'ree -uiinplu of  ic-vuiptof 2u. for po-.ln.iji.-. Albert Toili-l"So.tp  t ������., inuiiufiicLurui.*-. JIontre.il.  ,     ' (Ko-sl.AM. JIlN'llll) ,  '��������� I'reniier McBride has gained somo  iiotoiiety foi tbe vviiy be lms snubbed,  bbifVcd,1"'coerced-and lirow-beilien his  followeis in the .legislature. Messis.  Fiiiser, Clillortl. 'boss and .Sh.ituid  1.avc been singled out; it would -eeiu.  foi special ticat'menr in llus.roppeiit,  and they linve. had to say they liked it;  hut it remains for Price Klli.-on. the  member for Okanagan. to break nil 10-  coids in the mattei of wiclched ser-  vili y and clinging subserviency to the  autocratic conduct of "Dcwtlney Dick."  Filison i< supposed to have been  pledged to get thc necessary government assistance for the coniiec.lion til"  the Veinon-Mulw.iy niilvv-y la.-t yy.ir,  so that the Boundary country might  have transportation facilities to tb-j  west and a short lo.ue to the co.t.-t.  lie allowed McBride to lie about a  summer se.-.-ioii without n single pro-1  lest from his .-cat in the bpn-*_*. ami be|  mid his constituents  were buncoed in ;       ii shameful manner. J x-OTI{.K li? nKitEHY GIVKN Hint ::') cl.ij-*  But  F'llison'.i   shame   dO������-   not   end | iN    after d.ite I int.-nd lu apply lo thu Clnei  ,)���������������������������..       M.|,.:,i���������in<  r^epntlv tuide .11 ,'������������������,"'"'0lle'   of    I'")'1-   *"''   Work-  for  n  theie..      .Vlcl.riiit- lias r-.ceni.iv .u.uy .    pofii, ,10C���������^ ltl KUt ,ln,lrarry a\vny timber  tour Ot KlllsOn'slllstrlCt nnil C'Otil)''i.c'iJ   f|.>m   th.;    follow in-..'   .Ie-cnlnil !,ind-  in  llie  Kllison to iifooiiipanvlmii on tin* trip., K.������i*.-n.i> di-:neu ^^^ ^ _  At everv p int-th.it he could drum 'ip     ummtMiiK at n iw-t marled "Jt. Hyatt's  an audience McUn.ie   has dr-iggetl the  5.K.^:iurW-:Np.i;,:!iil|.l.iiiie.laL.i iimni  unhnppy    Klli-nn   on    lo   thu   public  platform, handed the crowd ,* few .irm-  fuls of hot air   abou'   lutiire   political  Wm. Fleming',  Wholesale .mil Iteunl  Meat Merchant  Fish   rind   Game   in   Season,  First St.."Revelstoke.  t r," ;lie ,-onilr   ban!, of L'oliuiibii, alioul nine  , mi.��������� below .���������irpn-e R.tpul-.   llit-noe   ite-.t< Kin  o'l on-  tl.eiu... i:���������i' I' i-'cii.tin-. thence e.'i-t.  10'i  th .in-, iiiiiii.   -'.mh l'Ki..������in- ' to tliu  place of  . ,i,ii:n:.*nci uieiii..  favors,:,.,.! told them Elli-on was     ..Jl-j   ^ ^   NnniW Tt^ ^   ^^  right. V   r,'. corner p'i-1 No. 2.    ,tn<!  [,l,'tii(.-.l bi-idc  Of eocrse Ellison  is all right iron, ���������, j fai j-,;-^;!^^!;.^^^^;, IS  McBncle viewpoint, hut   otlierwi-,''   net,,, im..  lUi-uu- ...-i-i  lo.i-li.iiii-i.itn. pi.no ul  has sunk to aljotita- low aii'l conirtiip-' minni' n..i-iin-iii.        ,  ...       i i.i .    i        i, Niimoi-i-Iliri-.-.  llble a level nJ C(*'ll(i be c-x|)i-':t'.l        It      , tJ.������������������IUin���������^    ,u.   a     ,���������,.[     m.irkrd    ** M.  i, tltit dillieult. to predict what wi^l lly.ui - N.!:. .A-n-i y ;>"������������������'���������' -'"d l'!'L"''','  ts  tn ..   .ii.i.t.   .       ,1 , i h.ttr mil"  w.-r   fiom  No,'J.  LhtiiLi* -oinli  Il/i  happen to LlJi-on when next in' -.ll-'is , l|iIUI,._ ,|���������.Mf,. ���������,..( pi riiam-. incnti-north lu  himself as a candidate for ilii'<!itlr.igf-**lil..i-r-. thi-iiM- l.-i-i Pi (.Imih- to |ilt,..j of .um-  of i he ..utragi*d elector- of ok.iiiiig.m. I "*' "*-'-'",':111       NuInlil,. lw_  Ife <.|iould be, the worst-beat.-n in.Ui in r',),nm,.iuiiiK ..t a no-L marked '*.M flj.itl-  .n .ii ^ i v   ^ ,���������������������������.,.,,���������., v��������� i,  ,-,,.,- |,|,,|,i,..| imti-  mil,  tl.e province - ,. (-l ,,,���������,, \��������� .*, .h.-iix-miiii e, i < I. uu-, > .t,n. >   ,          , ,i,-i In Unii.'i-. lh' ii' -��������� ii'.rli. !>>���������> liuin-,  ll.. in.'  , ,.i | i. ti.iin. i��������� pl,t. i- d' , 'tiiitii, n. tint lit.  Prilltill'.', tin* el'i'.lp   Uieiii    of   wblell, Muni,, |- I .���������-���������1.  '     ( ���������lilll|. li'.Hn'al  H r*,-    mill!*.'!      JI.   I Ij, ill-  ,V   |, i.iinii p"-i Nu. 5,   ."id |.!.n.i"l ii.i.i  mil..  ,' ,-���������     lioin     NU      I      lllHl.i      -I',I.'I.     \''l    (.ll.llll-  , .1 ii tinitii-   1-tiH,- I*'���������'Ji i*.'.-I'liin-.  ,.( p. . h.i.ii- l.i   pi .'<-   >,I   ��������� i,in-.ii,i,11  l=   i-lii-apin--.   alw.i.v-    proves   a    p....r  illVI-tllll'llt.        It     -IIOW-     It-     I'h.-.lplH ���������  .in it- l.u i-.tnd b-.ivi.- .. p .in imps ���������-aia  up..u tin-eu-toiiu'i vt.-i .in- tiv .i.g to  iutoll-st. In tll.'-c d.ij- "*f logii n.t,  you c mii.'t nil',,i.l* to hav i.iig.nn-  eoiinler prim mg d. ing youi t.ilkm-.'.  for veil, 'ii-l g'-'d pi ml i'i'.'. -neb i-  tlicy turn out loi j on at tin K'ofiiisi.v  Mail l)l!'n:e.  -i. iu -  in. i-i  i.i ..I ii, i  ,ii .it  li    l!i"l  \I. IIV I'l I.  X  ������������������III IC   I.   I ���������  l.t.l  lii'i-ii   ior  ��������� .iiinn  ^.,,'1 i.n inn. *i l-.   .'.  f..:l..������  I  .illllll. ll' !!>.,-   '*   <  -.I.orf nf I 'p|. 'I   Vii  uii .,f II..:  III.lil I'.V i.l*. I.s" dial ���������"   ..-  I  nil. ii,'   i.   i|ij.lj   -��������� '1 ,��������� V I.,- I  <'    i.ll ,1       Il-'i     VV '.| r      fll'    (.' 1 Ftll-  ���������   -'.-.i a. i>- 'if ' ii..1  'I. -��������� r:i������.|  i-  ; '��������� ,-il.in',,i  -i I.,*, ti,-i i  W,.    li... n.  ���������li. ..t-l  |.i.uli i ,,1  .-. I.. .,���������.  A. .1.    Is I|iIie|--on, who   I).i        , '��������� ' , ,,     I i��������� i, ki.l    VV   i,,,.i,ii    ..iii'li .t*-i .<i-ii.-i  iin-r  the   past nine   vear- in   eli.n-geoi   the j ,|��������� ,���������,,,,���������, |��������� ,��������� i,���������.���������-,,,���������,   .,,,,.),   nu. .m  pliiinbiiigdc-p.t.'l inent ..I" t In- Liivvrenci'  Hardware   Company   ill    Ncl-on,   has  joinerl the -<t.ill'of the L.twrenei- ll.iid-  'i.irr Company nl Iti-vel-toke, nnd will  Im ve charge of   the plumbing  depiut-  IllCIll.  ROYAL CROWN SOAP  The Best in the World  Mail us IS Ii.oy.tl Crown Soap,,  .Wrappers, ancl in return vvc  will iria.il 11 beautiful Picture  size ��������� I.fix20 ; or for 25 Wrappera  your choice of over 100 books.  . Drop u.s a. post ������n.rd 'asking'  for it catalogue of premiums  to "bo had KUI-3IC for Royal  Crown Son.]) Wrappers.  Address .'..,.'.  The Royal Soap Co.,  Vancouver, B. C. Limited  ,|      |l,.4lll    '',  '   ll.K  I ii,.     | (H'.|, ���������     ill   .1   -', I'  ', |[|^- III '  II,' ..I.'I. I ll /-  \i     MI   .'I   I 'IIIIIII'  I'   ' 'II' 'i .  IjiIii! Hi' Tit, 'l.i.. i.i "���������".-  ih. i ,  ,'.���������l.'.  i-   -li.,  .In-'  11 I',  'i'Ii'i  I'  ilj  v-iyif' i: .- i.-r..i>> .-I*.,i .ih(,jj 11, ,if"-f  .i    'I,..- i i.ii- ..ii" i|,|.i, i" ���������).������������������ ii"..'.-��������� imi'  ti .. ( lliul ( l.mm ���������nun r i.l l.iil'l- ll"l V'l r -  i",,r i p, ,-i,il ill'-ii f luriil aii'l . irry ,iv i,. in-  I,.-,  r.i.'ii llii-l'.lli" illi.'.l.- r-rli"'l   ' *>i'l  i ,i ti ii'-iu in.' it ���������' ['''-I I'l l"1' -' .'"' I' in, i'i* ��������� -'  im m-I -h.,r. a! l'|.,'.'i ,Vir.,.v ln.i, ..InIill nili-  -"iitti  nl  Sikn-ip.  rii.iiiin.'   tin in,  '���������i-i In.-hnn . -i.li'l. "Hi ���������li.iin , -ve *l  I'l . 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'.-,-��������� ��������� ������������������* **-..������j .............. -,��������� ������������������ ,-������������������-  Cliatbam Ineubalors and Brooders have every new iiy.pro\eniuiil,U(.,rlli t.liilc in .111 iiitiiD.Uor  :^Al  *T1>T.V,.' s~'*1T~Af%2*t$. 1  We  /���������  acl^'for Cash  on 'time 'o.s  u desire.'1  i  I* or brooiler. The incubators  '..ire ni.ule t.iill two ...ills,,  ' case u illiin insc, of dry 111a-  leii.il lli.il li.isliL.'il seasoned,  in 0111 lumber y.i ids. They  are buill solid as .1 rock and'  will isl.uul .my amount1 of,  usntfe forye.irs. Thusooncr  vou accept ourolTer lbe sooner will" lln- Cli.-illi.mi Incubator be euniini/'profils for  you.  THE  -iMANSON CAMPBELL  a. CO., I.iMiiun    .  Di'.i'i,226 Chatham, Ont.  Maniif.icliiren of Challiani  Ineubalors and Brooders,  Campbrll    I'annlni;    Mills,  , and Chatham l**arin, Scales -  .    I   '.  , DistribulinB Warehouses at  Montreal, .Que,,   Brandon.'  -Man., Calpary, Alta.. 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Foister, of Whitney, Ont.  considered but council'decided they  could not nl tor bylaw. The, agiec-  nient with the Tut f Club was confirmed. r '        - ,  G. Hall, fonneily school teacher at  Wchtbank, Okiniiig.in Valley, has secured a site for a stoic at 'Mahtkwa,  whcie he will in.futiiio reside and  start business., Nr. Jfall sold his faun  at Wcstbiink, getting a goodOpiicc for  it, and has gieat faith in thcpiospeets  of iWaliikiv.'i.  - With lefcience to Sir. Pollock, the  nowmiasLcyof tbe city school, a Lad-  noi coi respondent wiitcs ��������� "Jn losing  Mr. Pollock, the local school ��������� boaid  ���������has lost a.-nhost able, conscientious  and painstaking principal. IJis many  friends here'wish hini every success in  his new sphere."   ^ <,-   -,  ggWe, acknowledge icceiptf bom the  Kevelstoke Insurance Agency * us  agents for thofRcjuitablo Life-Assiu-  ancc Society of a-.haiidsonie ciileiid.ii'  issued by that gicat life company for  lM)f), - Tlio,c.ilciidiii consists ,of six  handsomely illustrated pictiucs fiom  original hiiiidpiiintings.      |f >     ,  The Rovclstoke bianoli of. the Licensed , Victuallers Association was  organized on Wednesday at a meeting  at the Victoria' hotel, the following  ollicois being elected.���������I'losjdout M.  J. ' O'Uiien, viee-piesident' W. "M.  Biown, scc.-lrcas. 11."A. Ibown, executive i Messrs. Slono', ,.I. Abiahiimson,  11. Caley, Kobinson  . #',  'if  . -    i    -, c -   -  Local, aiid General.  * ���������������  I-"       ��������� i  '   ' -;  ^The schools leopeucd,Tuesday.  , The Imperial  Bank  lias/^hicrcasccl  ���������fia^te-'    ,"       '  . Jtfa capital to |4,000,000.  '   YAY. A.'.Nettle has sold his  lesidencc  ' on Douglas Street;to-P.* B:.Wells.  - -   Bemembei the Hospital'Ball  Jan.  _.19thf  .Gents tickets $2, lifclic3 $1. _  *"-,   M.-A. Wilson'gave up his   business  - here and   left" this tweek ''to  takcj.ii  -���������"position in-New'York.  '  -  There has nevei, been, such'a  uni-,  .-���������formly'stiong demand for'real estate  .in'TRevelstokc .is has been "experienced  v y-,ythis 'y������ir> -y\. ^ ,-> ^ 'fffi^f   _  fA\ /'';"-F-H.'C6i*son, 'Revelstoke^,W.   ~K;  '   '-'-'���������(":Reid1atid',F. Hiinei*foi*d,"bf.Airovvhead|  flrp.~\ qppoinr.vl   ���������n ���������--"Yii'tf���������"*"~   *  "under  ;,\the ProvinciabElectiqn AcS for Revelstoke district'. *-" ^A'^ "~A"' '.".  , - Van Edson, formerly of Revelstoke  'and' Ferguson,' -.died suddenly in  Spok.ane'on New Year's" day and the  remains vve'ie taken to Salmon Arm  for interment.".  Y- ,.'  '"'The  quilt.-'rattled   by   the   Ladies  ','- '     Auxibaiy of the B. o R. T. vvas drawn  J (. _, .  '        4        for by Misses Porter aiid'Uiquhart and  |', j , No. 166 is thc lucky'vviniier, and may  ��������� | ' have fthe   prize   on   calling   .it Mrs.  if    ' Agnevv's, Fiist St.      ������ ' '  '   ' **   , The Dominion   Government' have  had the necessaiy siuveys .made for  ��������� the river improvements at Revelstoke;  and a start- vv fll be made " vv ifch the  work as soon as the .enginccis aie  ready to attend to it. *   ^ .-  " We have to thank the local agents,  'Messis. Sibbald aud Field, foi hand-  isome calendars of the Law Union unci  Ciovvn, and the .Guardian Fire Insurance" companies. The former is a  combined calendar and diary. " -"  ������������J. Shaw has ri, fine conservatory at  his home on Douglas street and dui-  ��������� ingthe Christinas season vvas able -to  supply flower plants in bloom.   -He is  ��������� also raising a  fine stock  of   begoiiias  'and other handsome foliage plants.    ���������  i..    . >   '  * The drawing for the prizes given  at  the Red Cross  Drug store  foi. Xmas  purchases resulted in Mrs. .J.   Eraser  winning   the   guitar and J. Wharton  the vases.     Dr.���������McLean and Messrs.  M. J. O'Brien   and  W.   M. Lawrence  "conducted the drawing.    .    '  The city council,-"'held its closing  ' meeting Wednesday when Mr. Floyd  submitted the balance sheet, which  was consideied satisfactory. II. J.  Hanbury's application for light to  use browery building for   laundry wits  y  Business Locals.  "at  ir  the  ,JIot liifvvil at Mannings.       "y  Particular     Smokcis ���������     deal  BROWN'S. " They know.' ��������� '  Dry', batteries,  75c.. each,   at  Canada Diugt't Book Co."   '    f,   , ,  Wall papoi, ii new stock just opened  up at ilowson's fu ni italic stoic. ' i* .  Revelstoky iindiTiout bake City  lots for sale���������Apply to II. N. Couisiei.  '-llobson and, Bell���������aie intiodu'cing  cntiiely nevv linos in c.ikesand p.istiy.  Call and oxiiniinef \  \ Ilot.bccf tea .it-Manning's. ri  BROWN, has the^most complete  liiie'of Sinokeis Supplies m the city.  Come and see.  ' Send your oi'dcis foi signs"*to J K.  Thornton. ��������� .   i .'  'Iron beds, with iion cfniinc springs,  at Ilowson's.    Tlioy take tbc lead.     '.  International, stock and poultry  food; all si/c packages, at the Canada  Drug stoic. SV- .''        '   '*,'.,      ��������� - *  Have you noticed the improvement  in bread oi cakes'siiicc the aniv.al 'of  .thenew'baker at llobson and Bell's'  ' -"Jiniuaiy- Bargains in.cigars and  Smoker's Supplies at BROWN'S .  *' All Jcinds'oj hotdiinksat Mannings  Hiye   yoiij, ti icd-those Bath Buns,  Paris'Bunsf ^Cofl'ee-rrolls at  Jlobson  and Bejlfs '/^- . t>   >  , Lo wney's crrocolatcs in 1 lb.  and'J"  lbs 'boxes at the Canada Di ng store.  '���������We-Aio 'Leadcis    in' ��������� up to-datc  methods -" in    'the " cigai    business.  BROWN'S Cig.ii* Store.-. .  Ofiicc"and "pocket diaries for 1905  at the Canada Drug A.Book Co. - ���������  2������Wc have engaged the services of a  tinsmith and are "prepared to do all  kinds of.tinning woik Oiders "-left  with us will have, prompt attention.  Moseiop Bios., Second Stiect, Revelstoke. i - '  4 _ Keep Tuesday evening, Jan. 17th,  open for the Ladies' Aid of thc  Methodist cliuich has something good  A SMOKER WANTS  AT  V.  ^ TOBACCONIST  WHOLESAl  ��������������� BBsaasassssBHSsaL  CT.  CONFECTIONER  RETAIL  THE WEEKS  SENSATION.  W. A. Gooding Gets Into Trouble  ' ���������Sentenced to 12 Months  '   "    Imprisonment. '���������  W. A. Gouding, who recently stinted business in Revelstoke as' -financial  agent, and vias doing a good business,  .oft town" Siituiday last. ( Suspicion  'was ii loused by his actions and the'  police vviicd to have him detained at  Kan)loops, where he was ai tested and  biought back'to Rovclstoke. i.\ftei  the' banks closed Satin day he -went  i oii nd to pay up his accounts giving  checks for much moie than . the accounts owing and getting the change  He floated about f 1200, of checks'm  this way. The checks pioved valueless and , he was hi ought befoie the  com t this moi ning on two chinges of  obtaining money by false" pictcnces  G. S. iMcC.ii tor pio-ccuted, and .). ,iM  Scott appealed, foi accused, i.who was  sentenced to tvv'elve months' impi imminent.  The  Body's  Health  From the Baby to the .Grand  Dame. We all need brushes  For the body and hair. We  have the best  Nail  Tooth  Bath and  Hair  Brushes  we could possibly procure.  BED CROSS  DRUG STORE  N-OllAS. J. QUINAN; Miumger.  in   stoic   for   you   for   that evening  Particulais later'1  4  llobson and Bell ine determined to  have thc best in   the   niaiket.     Thcj-  have   seemed   the   sciviccsof   Mr .1  Gailand/late of Montieal, to attend to  your wants iii bread and cakes.  Flowers and vegetables all wintci  carnations, cbiysanthemums, lettuce  and watei cress." ,\FloiaI designs a  specialty,���������J. Mat.i:y, Fiorist.  - Stmt the New Yca^with a good -ct  of books and ollicc files. Thc,Canada  Drug Af Book Co. have everything you  need to "equip the. ollicc with.  lE.'Burndge, for years in the employ  of the W. M. Lawrence llaidwiuc Co.,  has severed his connection with that  firm and accepted one with the new  company now forming. At present  he has chaige bf the tinshop in connection with Moscrop Bios. Second  Stiect. ��������� .      , .  THE EAGLES.  Hold a Successful Ball.  ��������� Mirth and good feeling prevailed in  the opera bouse Monday evening, the  event being the second Annual Ball  of Kevelstoke Aerie 132. Fiaternal  Oilier af Eagles. The hall was veiy  tastefully decorated with motto1-,  evergreens and bunting, the committee  spa ring no etl'oifc to have cvciything  completed. The music was'furnished  by tho Indcpcnd.int Band who rondei-  cd a veiy appiopiiate piograiunie. At  midnight supper was seivcd upstairs,  the rcficshnicnts being supplied by  Mis. McJvittrick of the Palace  lcstauranfc.  In the interval several cxtuis vveie  rendered by Mr. Sheinei on the piano.  At one o'clock dancing was lesunied  till 3 a. m., and all piesent weic  unanimous in saying that it w.is the  best dance of the season.  The committee cxpiess themselves  as pcifcctly satisfied vvitli the lesulta  both socially and financially.  GRIP AND PASSWORD.  Iv. P.���������The convention called foi  the 12th and 13th of this month to  organize a grand tcihplc in connection  with the Riitlibonc Sisteis hn������ been  ���������iniivoidedly postponed until the 2('>rh  "���������,1,27th, when all knights and their  aic heicby eoidiitlly inv iteel to  reception given in honor of  "chief on the 26th at S.30  '     CHURCHES.  " '  ) 4  ��������� MiJTiiODiSi��������� Sunday, .bin. 8th, a  m. 'Adchess to Sunday School, "Some  little Foxes and how to Catch 'lhcm,"  Cvcning 'Unbelief's Fn-t Mnvcle,  and the Bible'*. Fiist'.Mn.e-le ���������Which  is leasouablc '' ' , ' *  KnvouTii i.i-AOUi:���������Undei '.he auspices 'of Kpwoith- Lean e I'nncipiil  Millei -will give, ivif-'uddiess on a  visit to the Str Louis exhibition,, in  thc Methodist chinch n>n Ald'ud.iy.it  8ji in. A collection will,he taken m  aidbf League fund-. - The following  piogi.unnie will abo be lcndcicd  ' Qiiaitet'.by thc'Misses Pcai! Robinson, Myillc ^Ciithcls, Gcitrude Dent  and Maud lfyatt ' Violin ' Duct. by  Lefau\' Bios'1 Solo by K.ttie Sutber-  'litnd. Cello Solo by M Uastings.  Duet by Mcsd.imcs Cicehnan and  DonK-^Vibhn Solo by Miss Sjuu ling  . S'l. A.VDiiiivv's���������Sunday, Jan 8,  Morning, "The Lamb of God," cven-  lng/'Comnion Things " J'.istoi's Bible  class 2-30 p ni. Bible leading Wednes  day evening at S p m.  GREAT MINE  Mining Boom'Expected in-Nic-;  , ola and Similkameen.  A mining man says' the next boom  will be in tlie Similkxineen and Nicola  valleys, lie cited as ono instance of  tne iiclmcss of the country thitt'tho  Nickle I'latc mine was richer, than  anything stiuck in'Ciipple Creole or  British Columbia in the fico,milling  line; thai 150 tons a day was being  treated and$1,500 saved, on the plates  'eveiy day, to say nothing of the con  centriites, and that Rogeis, the man  ligci, was coining through to j-Scattlc  rights along jis^liiickly as he could  make the lound tiips, biinging dlit  li.inpJs of bullion. Rogers'is incieas-  lng bis mill to one'bundled stumps  'and is taking in a'^ twenty-five ton  boiler, the biggest ever hauled over  ihe loads in Biitisli Columbia, and'he  c.xpccte'd to sec, the day when this  mine,would yield .f.J0,000 per diem.  SALMON ARM.  SPORTS.  ladic.  attend'7  tbe si.prC"  p. in.  Awful vvcatliT"  in Nevv .York, ������,      , (1   t,  Ironi oxuerne     .  K  Bicow.x, M. B. O.  Hockey. <  The Revelstoke 'Hockey Club is  oigainzed foi the season, ths- following ollicers being elected ��������� Hon.  Pics, T. Kilpatrick, Pies., 'A. J.  McDoncll, Vice Pies ,C F Lindiu irk;  Secy-Ticas., \Y. Bcws, Executive, C.  B. Sissons, W. J. B.ubei. Di r>iuhci-  land, M   Biay, JS. JI.'Albim.  The picsiclent and vice picsidf-nt  weic appointed to .mange   with link.  ; Curling.''  The curling club have come to an  agiecnient with the management of  the rink and tv ill probably *.t,u-t play  next week.  At a meeting of Nelson memoes of  Kootenay Cm ling Asmi it wasdecided  to make two changes in the allotment  of ti opines for events in thc bonspiel  of the association Ihe t'nst vear  wii.neis icceived individual pii/csin  addition to the team tiop'-y. Win-  neis in snliscqucnt vcais haveieceivid  only the tiophy. Theicfoio two new  trophies, thodonois of which pioinise  to, conti ibutc individual iiii/Cs each  ye.u, have been substituted for'othei s,  in connection with which, indiv idual  pii/.es ine no longci fm tht'tiining  Accordingly the cup ioi the gi.md  challenge event will no iouitci be the  one donated hj the Nevv Voik L)fe  Assurance company, but a new one  otVeied hy the Black Bottle Biand  coinpiiny, lepiosemed by II. Biitch of  Rossland. The cup for the al! comeis  event will in futuie be one oflcic-d by  the Fit Reform company, lepiesentcd  by Emory tt W'iillev of Nelson, instead  of the Mackintosh cup.  \        from Oui Own Coriesiiondcnt.  ' The most enjoyable dance of the  season vvas held in the" Maguiie ball  Fiiday, Dec. 30th. As this was? a  icttirn dance given 'bj the 'b.ichelois  lo the benedicts eveiy etl'oit vvas made  to make the dance-a huge success  The hall was well filled with merry  "d.tiiccis - until the1 vice hours ol the  morning. ' At the conclusion of thc  d.tnee the c.xpiession in geneial vvas  that'thc honois of'tlie season belonged  to the bachclois as the' dance' given  by'them eclipsed all "pievious dances  given ln'the year.   .        ,  r*   ���������  ::���������, _   -  Chamberlain's Cough Remedy  ���������   the Mother's Favorite.     /  The soothing'.ind healing propei ties  of"this lemedy, its pleasant taste and  piompt and permanent cures have  made it'a'fav'orite'with people every-  vvheie., " It is .especially pri/.ed by  niotheis of ���������small childien,' ifor-colds,  cioup, and whooping cough,' as it al  ways^atVoids quick iclief," and as it  Contains no opium oyothei harmful  di ug, it may he given as confidently  io a baby as to an'adult. For sale by  .ill dnifgists.'     ' v  BOOK REVIEW.  We acknowledge lcceipt from the  cclcbiated pubhshcis, Mc-sis. Adam  and Chillies, Black, of Soho Squaic,  London, of those invaluable refciencc  books, "Who's AVho," "Who's Who  Vein Book/'rjaud the Englishwoman's  Veil- Book Ic'r 1905     v  "Who's Who"' is a complete lcfcr-  encc bbiaiy to the woi Id's leading  men. ,   '  " Who's Who Yt.ii Book" is' made  up of leb.iblo tables oi )cfoicnce to  subjects of eveiy day onq'uiiy.1  "TheEngbsliwonian's Year Book" is  a handy cpiloine of ir.foimution foi  woikeis in woman's ''special field ol  labor.  ' Brick for Sale.  The undei digued have just binned a  kiln of 500,t)U0 buck, of fust class  quality. For puce aud 'infoinialion  apply to C. B. IJnnie <fc Co. s  DO  You realize that Real Estate in'Revelstoke offers a very profitable', and safe  investment. . Do you'realize that 'prices  are bound to advance from 25 per cent:  to 50 per cent. , within ,the next, few  months ? . ,      '*'".,     *  IT  Will be worth something,tc you' to investigate the correctness of this statement; iumatters not whether- you 'have,  a few dollars or a few thousands to invest. There can, only be one result���������  PROFIT. - ���������     <  s  to  farm'  Now is  "is the  the  the time  time to,  different  the time to invest.'  investigate'.      Now  *       '  ize   yourself vyith  properties.* Call today for list and terms:  DO IT NOW -Our land is the ch'oic-'  est ih the'City���������the'Smelter .Townsite.  Revelstoke Insurance  1   Agency, Limited:  ���������*  Real Estate.'     -Loans.  Insurance.  Coppopation of City,  5 Revelstoke.    :  ' Municipal Elections, 1905/  Of  Moscrop Bros.  A BIG SURPRISE.  Another big sui pi i-e is nnnoiinccd  in thc Family Herald aiid Weekly  Star of this week. No pei-on who  knows anything of thc value of inch  a story as Ralph Connoi's latest  success "The Prospector," could ever  imagine any Canadian newspaper  strong enough to pay the puce demanded for the exclusive* lights to  such a story. Ncveilhelt'ss I ho  Family Herald by way of n Ohiistm.is  present to its readeis h's actually  seemed it. "Nothing loo good foi the  Family Herald ic.uleis" "-coins to be  the motto of the piihli-hcis of ih.it  gicat Weekly. We piedict a <;ie,it"l-  demand than ever fin the Family  Heiald, and few pH-cni n-.idi i������ will  lion want to have tin m p ipt'i stopped.  .It will be* remeiiilieicd I'nit t he Family  Herald had evcliisive u-e of "The .Man  from Glenc.uiv", now it has the new  and gieat stoiv I.v the same atith'ji  Sanitary  Plumbing, Hot  W ater Steam Heating.  Pipe Valve Fittings,  Electric Lamps, Door Bells and  Annunciators,  Electric Fixtures tf���������ad" Put In.  PU1ILI0 Nolico-is lioioby given lo tlio KloclJ  ois oC Uie Mumci|i.ililyof ItovoKtoI.e.llinl I  icciunc tlie piesc-nce of tlies.ud Klecloisul llie  Citv ClcrU's ofllco. City Hall, Revel-?toLo,U C.  on Ihe NINTH day of JANUARY, I'M), at 12  o'cloot, noon, for the purpose ot eli-tl in-,' pel  sons to lopiesent them in the Municipal L'oiin-  eil as Mai oi and Aldeinien,' und also for llie  pin poso oi electing ono School Trust eo  Tlie mode of nomination of Ciindid.ites shall  boa-, follows  l'lie candidate shall bo noniin.itud m writing;  the wilting shall be siibscnbed by two voleis  of the Jlunicip.ilitj .ispioposoi and secondoi  and sliall be deliv i-icd to tlie.Kelui ning 0(11-  cei at an j tunc between the dale of the  nolice and 2 p. in of tlie daj of Uie lioiiiin.t-  (ion. and in the event ot a poll being neccs  s.iiy, such poll vtill be opened on llie  TWELFTH dar-of-IiVNUARY laoi, lit the  -Cit} Hall, Mclvon/io-Vvciuie, Jtcv olslolio, H.  C, and kepi open between thc liom of NINE  " in the foienoon, and half p.tst SI.VJ^N in the  * afloiiioon, foi tal.ing and ic-coiding (lie voles  ol Ihe l-'leclois of Ihe said Oily, of which  oveit pci-on is heicby ioi|iiiied loj lake  notice and govern himself .tceoidingly.,,  The persons (nullified lo be nominated for  and cltclt'dns Jl.tyoi sliall be sueh pei^oiis as  .tie mule Iii itish subiecls ot Ihe lull age of  Iwcut3one je.tis. and (tic not disqualified  nndci anj law, and hate oeen foi the si\  months next pieceding tin* daj of nomination  the icgi-teicd ownoi in lhc Land llegislij  Ollice of land oi ic-al piopeity in tlie llilv of  tbeasse scd \iilue, on the lasl innnicipil ,is-  sessinenL l oil, of one 1110111 md doll,11 s 01 11101 c,  and who .ue olhei wise dulj iiiialilicd as municipal voleis * *  Thc pei-oils iiiialilicd to be nominated for  nnd elcelcd as Alcleiincn shall be sneh pei-ons  asaie male IJnlisli subiecls of lbe full age of  I went)one jc.ii>,- .mil aie not ili*-qiiulilicil  undei imy law,,and hate been'foi lbe six  months next pictcding (lie daj of nomination,  lhc icgi-teicd ovMier, 111 itlie Land Kegiilij  Ollice, of land or iciil |ii opeity in llie Citj, of  lbe assessed value, on the inst municipal us  sc-s-,inent 1 oil, of lite bundled dollais 01 moie,  inn who 111 eotheivMsoqiialilied as municipal  I voloi-.  The pei-.oils iiiialilicd lo be iiominated foi  tndeleeled as iscliool Tmslec shall be suili  |)ei son- ns in c limiseliolduis 111 Ihe City, and  being Hillish subjects of Ihe full age of Ivven  Ijonc je.us. and othei wise qiinlilied lo vole al  ,111 eh cl ion ol ^cliool liuslcrs.  '< Lien (iindidnle iioiinnaled -Il til signifj bj  a v\iilingaecoiU|iaiiJiiig llie 110111111.ll 1011 papc-i,  his COI1-.UHL losucli iioininiitioii, t-\cc|)t 111 case  such pei -on be absent fiom lbe iniiuicipalilj,  w hen such absence shall be staled 111 lbe noun  nation papci.  Kveiy caiididitle iiominaLcd for m.ijoi or  aldoiniuii-hall, oil 01 Iicfoie the houi of two  |). 111. on the dny of iioiuination fiiinish the lie  luining Olllecr with a statement, in willing,  -picif.wng tin- land (11 icnl piopeity upon  which he <|iiuhllc>s.  linen undei' my bund at Itevclstoke this  INI iia) of llecc-mbei, IIIOI.  CHAS. J. A.MAN,  ltd 111 mug Olllecr.  PER CENT.  REDUCTION  Midwinto  ..-*.   '-"-T,-.  I  PERCENT."  REDUCTION  iv V,  .   '   -  *"J  'i:\Vith theopeniiig'ol the,Nevv Year vvc wish to close out'seveiariinestf j  Seasonable Goods commencing by making this Big Sacrifice in Price. l|  Baigains tor ^ev,eiyone. Stock must he reduced tb^inake roomlfoL.l  Spring (joculs. v See-.our   Bargain-Table I/otS"df lietnnants and' Odd^]  'Lines at Snap Prices.'   Millineiv^-Trihiiiierl, Hntrinitnecl a'nd Rcady-to--  .; ���������'"������������������,.   Wear"ll.its.it Half Price." j. v   " '"   ���������   "���������   c   '*  y\*f,%ri;.  iyr  , yDress Goods"  , <   Reg.c Price Now  lOin. Tweed Dress Goods Soc. 50c."  lOin. Fancy Dress Goods Soc. 50c.  -lSin. Black Lustre ' 75c. 50c.  I2m. T.n tan 75c. 00c.  , Ladies' Jackets  Reg. Price  Now  Black Cloth Jackets         !?1S  $12          -     10  10  "          "          "                ,12  S  Grey Tweed Jackets         "12  ,   C  ..            ..            ..                     r*  0  , Ladies' Costumes . -  " Rpg. Price   Now  Ladies' Costumes, Si/.es  .SI and 3<3 $12    $ 0  Ladies' Costumes IS      fl  Ladies" Costumes 27     13  ,. 1      1  Furs at Half Price  The Pi ice on all our Fins has  been cut light in two. Now the  opportunity is yours to buy Furs  at half pi ico at this sale.  Blankets!'. Blankets l-  - l"     -       " Beg.Price "Now"  White Blankets, good ."-. ���������-~-:~-   ��������� .  quality, $1.00 $3.00  Heavy Grey-Blankets'^.3.75   2.50  Men's'Underwear "f ���������  Men's Underwear, fleece lined, at"  -* - "   '      SOcifper garment  Men's Uiicler\vearr>alli,wool1-fancy ,  ',       ? -   75c per gat inent  Men's,Underwear, heavy, double^  breasted and double back,'85c per  ,    - ���������  '' '< "garment  Men's Ready-to-Wear, Suits. \  "i Beg.Price   Now ,  Men's lfdy-to-We.tr Suits $15 , '$10 '  " " "     r "      '      12 '9  \\     -".,   11.50' 8'  Men's Winter Overcoats  , " ' Reg.Price 'Now  Men's Overcontsr ' ,,' $ 0'4-" $ 5  Men's Overcoats : '   12  -    S������  Men's Overcoats -10     "10-  .  4 .  .iif, '  Second Street, Revelstoke  has been e.xpciienced  CoUltlllg  The Stand.iid Oil Company have  1 educed the price of oil 15 cents in  three weeks.  GOOD GOODS  MAKE GOOD  BUSINESS  We Have Good Goods in all  Branches.  Pi in tint's and Wiaiipmgs in 1 oil and  fl.it  Drug Papeis  Contectioneio, Gioceis mid Milliuoi y  Bags  Ollice Stationeiy Papers, inlcd and  plain  boose Lear Account System Papeis  Loose Leal Ledger Hided Papeis     <  I'lnvelopes in all si/.es  Fancy Cards, Piogramines Mcnui  Cover Papeis. Invitation Papeis  Wedding Stationeiy, with piinling in  Silver or Gold  Memorial Cuds  Ladies ancl Gents Visiting Caids pi lilted in latest styi *s  Business Caids in gieat variety.  The Kootenay Mail  Publishing Co. Ltd.  Printers and Manufacturing Stationers  REVELSTOKE, B. C,  NOTICE.  'I'o Thoinas Swecnoy, oi-itny pc-isiin oi poisons  lo nIiiiiii lie iniij have assigned lus inleiesl. In  Ihe iVIiiiiigonn-i y and Kuicki*. claims -llmito on  t'niijiiii Cieek nil the mil 111 side of Driwulu  Citcl. lu lhc llig llend, HevcNloke Mining  DimsIiui of VVt-sl ICfiotenay Dl-tiitl, llntl-.li  ('iiluiiililii-  Yiui ine he:t-by notilled lliul I, tin* undei-  signed, liaie cxpt'iidi-il foi jou Ihe sum of  ������i.l 'i'i in lnlioi. [iiipioveinenl.-. und ii'cording  lets iipiiu Ilu- wild .Monlgoiiit-iy and l.nri-ka  niliiciiil e-laini-, illicit*! Iho piotislon- of Ihu  .Miiici.tl Act, ami il. vvitlmi miiclj dajs fiom  I In- dal i- of this noi ii c- j ou fail 01 i i-fiisi* I o con-  liihuli- the aliiie-iod   - ,  logcthcr  with nil  tlists of iiiheitising. J out mleiest in the -aid  iiiincial el inns will In eoliit- tlio piopeity of  llie uiiileisigiiiil undei scelion I of Ihe Ael  tiilithii an Ael lo Amend lhc Mincial Act IIKin  Diileil tin- si\.tli il.ty ol .laini.uj. I'KI,  ILT up 8 J  Cl  MoMi.uMi itv.  Cut Glass  rs  Raw Furs Bought,  Gash Prices Paid  F.   B.    WELLS,  Exporter of Purs.  Standard lOinedy for Gleet,  Gonorrhcca and Runnings   f UlfiV 1  IN 48 HOURS.   Cures Kid- inuLM j  ney and Bl^'dor Troubles.  XMAS GIFT  J. Guy Barber  WAITED  January. 1005, t  Terms for Tuition  AT THE  TWENTIETH CENTURY  BUSINESS TRAINING Co.', Ltd.  Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  Cla-cil Stiturdii}������ and Sunday.    NoHolidaj-i.  Lc  O.ST���������Thursday between First and  Second streets on Robsoti avenue  it small hand satchel continuing a  luiiicli of keys. Finder will lie rewarded bv i etui ning same to Mis. Ilan-  liiu y s i-est.iuiaiit, First street.  ANTKIJ-  f.imily  Mail ollice.  w  -Situation with pnv.ite  Apply to Ixoott-nay  WANTED���������Seveiul good men to  woik aiound sawmill and yaid  Big Bend Lumber Company. Ariovv-  hiMil.  w  ANTFD-MEN AND WOMEN  in this county and adjoining  teiiitories, to icpresent and ndvertise  an old established house of solid financial standing. Salary to men ls"21  weekly, to women $12 to $1S weekly  with expenses advanced each Monday  Iiy, check diiect from headquaiteis.  Ilc'irseand buggy furnished when nec-  cessary; posiLinn perinaiient. Address  Blew Bros & Co., Dept. A, Motion  Bldg., Chicago, 111. 88 ja 28  The full course, tei ins until completion nnil  prollcicncy, and to tlio pupil'i entire Mitlsfnc*  lion, are:  In  Shorthand   Typewriting       Jlcino.-y Training   Bookkeeping           'I elegraphy (operating)   Ilu) ing .mil belling   Figuring          I'eniiiiinsliip   Spelling   Reading.      . .       .    I Klocntion       Geography    (Jeotnctrj   Ad-wiuiiig..  Keporting        Civil Service   Common Law      .    .        ....  Lingungc-���������Knglish ..  Krc-nch      . .    ..  German   . .  Spniii-li   .  Hii-sinn  Other . .     ..  Rinking  Broking  N't-vts. I.itbo . I. I'rcss, Cutting and  Correction- to Proofs IJO  laigravnifi  i:itctrieiij    Tele-gnipli Knginee-ring  JIceli.inic.il Dravting  Arehite-ctiiral Drawing  I'ofHigr.ipIncal Drawing    .    .,  Navigation..  A-ti onion}   ���������  The fe������ for n full course Biibiness TrainiiiK  ic*(|iiiring1-inonllndailv atU-ndiuice,including;  boartl und residence, is slW per nionlh. _ -  Haniccrn- The Imtieii.il Hank of Canada.  Victoria. H C to whom drafts may bo made  paj able.  NORTON 1'RIM 55 Principal.  TKRCY SH.VKKSl'KAHE, Secretary  XVirelesS and Cable Code���������"Prinscol,"  Long Distance Thone-llS. [U7W  leuts  ("null  $ 10 .  .f ri  i> .  .    2i)  (/) .  .VI  IK)..  .  an  Ik)   .  .    HI  a .  50  :a..  .    20  lo .  20  23  20  2.*,  20  on .  .    .VI  .)o  .  .    VI  ),  .    75  03  .V)  120  . H)0  120 .  . KKI  120  IK)  100  .    iV,  IHO .  S.',  1G0  .    S.'.  100 .  S.V  120 .  . ioo  120.  >w  120 .  . ioo  1-1)..  100  120  .   1CKI  120 .  .   llXI  120  . ia;  1.11  100  120 .  IOO  120 .  Km  120  1(������)  120  100  I2CI .  lOo  ������  \ '< 'J  THE KOOTENAY MAIL  rssr-:  Ir- <"  I-ifd ���������  If- *,,  ^p-\  .e  ooK's  ei  is  t  u, .-  [U    x  3,."     ,  fcl-r    ' ,  It'    "  I3.T.      (,  |������ ,  Bovril is invaluable in the kitchen  'as by jts aid rich .nourishing-soups  and   ta'sty  gravies  can be prepared  in a few moments.     It also adds flavor  and strength to stews,, hashes, ragouts  aud every other dish for which it is employed.    No cook who aims at culinary successes, at a small cost and at j  a short notice, can do' without  OKANAGAN  VALLEY.  Its Settlements and Resources.  wiiiTi; vAi.r.uv.  Smith Pros., (who adjoin ,tho'  Lavington ianch), have one of the  best ranches in the country. It fronts  the Lumby load though the homestead is some distance back , in the  trees. There are about 100 acres of  beautiful bottom land on the property  and a goodrdeal of it should grow good  fruit. Mos'sis Smith intend building  a stable of the most. appiovcd design.  They have' efi'ccted .extensive improvements on the. property since  taking it up. Tbe area'of the farm is  !)20acies. Sixty acres have been I  cleared.     '10  and I2.r) iici'es'of Hinge land, and goes  in mostly foryiising hay, shipping 50  to 00 tons ii season., Last season he  put in 'Ifi acres of oats, wheat and  bin-ley, but iinds the'land raise better  liny Until grain crops. Potatoes and  loot crops sue grown. Between '3D and  -Id hogs, 1!) cattle, 'including seven  milking cows, arc , kept, Tbe butter  made on tbe farm is mostly sold to  W. 11., Megaw. Fiuit trees, mostly  apples, have been planted out, and are  doing -well. -A lino barn 30xd0 feet  has been built.  This,brings us to Lumby thc write-  up of which will appear in next issue  A HOLIDAY TRIP.  To those who contemplate taking  a  short holiday for rest and  recreation  ���������    ,    ,      - ,!,'csot Sriun W,s llJe I we have no hesitation in   rccommend-  raiscd, the yield last  season   being 50j jng ft trip   to   the   Okanagan Valley.  HOMES  , Another Carload of Furniture pi<-t an bed'    Carpets, Linoleum"-.  Oilcloths, etc.    Sewin-.. .Machines, llointziiian Pianos. .  R. HOWSON &.C0, FlMnJDE DEALERS AND EMBALMERS.  Liquid Refreshments  -    ' A call on the Rcvclstol-ce Wine and Spirit Company will convince the 'most' sceptical that an assorl-  'ment 6f,oiir choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars is necessary   to   complete   the requirements  for the festive  ti  erection of many residences, as vvel  as increased business accommodation,  and tbe buildings which,aie in progress of election are of' it substantial  character combined vvitli considerable  pretensions of elegance in their  slructui'O. In ii wiiid, Vo: nun has a  the accessories of modern civilization,  and presents innny and varied attractions to iho casual visitor as wins to Ihe piospeoUve settlor.' Its inhabitants are noted ns a vvaim hearted  class who aio not slow in extending  the right hand of fellowship tovisiiois  and.vvho'iiie ever ready' lo assist by  kindly and thoughtful .counsel, those  who aro looking for '��������� a suitable  location'. The tired-and faggciUrout  business man in places less favoi ably  situated would Iind himself rejuvenated in body'and in spirit, l>y .i two  or three week'- sojourn in tho clean,  tidy and prospeions city ol. Vernon.   ,  season.  R*  , PROMPT'DELIVERY,        ,       ������,    .  Revelstoke Wine and. Spirit Company Limited,'  '       t CAMPBELL AVENUE. ,  B Stilly".:  'yiSBi    '  US''-*v -  Ifi'  .'fi  xiicLS  sents.  e  A liu-sie variety   of   b.i'iicly   nnd usoftil presents.     Conic  in and buy hubby  n   SET OF OAIIVEKS.,    lie  can't  wear them in his necktie, but be can make'a  good  job  .V    ', of the TURKEY.     ''."���������".   -":,-*. : -     ".     -   '.  Pocket Knives, 'Cruett^Stands, Silver-      -   '  ware, Nickel Plated -Hollov/are.-,: ���������  W. M. LAWRENCE, Revelstoke  tons of wheat and two^ tons of oats.  Twenty tons of potatoes and ten tons  of turnips' were also pi educed. J<1  head of cuttle, 12 pigs, and SO sheep  aie kept. In sheep .Messrs. Smith aic  breeding up-'to Shropsliiie I'owns.  'Die iii.iin clifliculty expeu'enceci in  raising sheep is the damage done  thcni by coyotes. A line barn "has  been built covei ing a ground space of  <12x20 ft. 11 is fitted'with a travelling  carrier for the convenient handling of  the liny crop. Tbe implements in  use include a Massey-ILin-is binder,  and horse-inke, a McCoimiek binder  and mower.  ' Next are  the Dower meadows; owned by "the Coldstream estate, 'and used  which   is  wit bin'easy 1 each and comparatively inexpensive.-     Perhaps thi-  may he a po'tcnt reason   why  greater  numbers arc not found enjoying their  siiiii.'iicrholi lays nnn'd' tho   beaut ilu  scenes ard magnificent, water stiutclii-  uhich   be   between   the main   line   of  ilieC. P.   It.  at   Sicamous   and   tin  southern   uound.uy  of.,tho  province  llie tendency ol human nature  being  lo   go   long    distances   .un    seekine-  pleasme,     while     ovei looking      the  natural bc-iuty of places near at band'  With   the exception  of the uiiiuflled  vvateis   of   the   Spallimichceiir, -river  glinting" in   the   summer's  sun nnd  Hanked  by  a  screen of rueged rocks,  then? is nothing''striking in thc lane  on  High  ���������^Mike'to i?SC*  <* > ' >  SPECIAL JANUARY OFFERINGS.  Wo li.ivo just locoivoil ii choice assortnioiil or  ENGLISH CHINA-TEA' SETS,  j-5-w-j.-wv -,-'lyy fjood Shapes and p.ii'nlyFlonil Designs iu PhIij  U^iS/iiA^^'My^y 'Illuo-Sage Giuun���������.uul (Join I. The sots coiiliiin  ^Jj������&$ J!itb*i".'T*&. I," Piccos incliKling 12 cup.s and s.mci-is, 12 plndis,  ff&i l"frii i'z.y     -,0-'.1',0 P'-ilos, slop bnsiu nnd cio.iin jug,   ,Wi', li.ivu  '   '   *���������   'rJl -----*   -' '- '  .siie-cial  prico  of llioao'diuiiig  tho Sot.  ffJjFiT I'fffif ������*���������>���������- \, -C.H.O pi.-nos, snip oil'  d J ,&' J/Jk-JfpAt-j. decided lo nuke- a ������|i  iM^'J&f������!fA?'ZyS     Jiiiiuiuyof  $5.00 tl  jr^.g^iiSfi^i'?;-:  Tlieso Scmccs am (!io lu.si, value wu have ou-i  shown.  iced  ^teiiogrriplit'i'  ������������������ ���������> -r������\<r  _ iifiyj?  v i.V;,'''vy.i.,. , .,.  iKtfv.^iI  -������l*. ������-  Agent TILDEN-GURNEV CO, Hamilton.  f���������2���������  The  Revelstoke  Restaurant  MRS. II, J.  11 ANBURY,  Manageress,  is   now open for  business.  Private Dining Boxes  First-Class, Table  Large Diniiigroom for Banquets, Supper  Furnished Rooms To Let  '     FIRST STREET, REVELSTOKE.  A Successful Fruit Grower  -.   ' , l'  An -Expert Correspondem3  A Practical Prospector?,  A Scientific Farmer ?  A Book Keeper? -;     ���������   '  An Ad! Writer ?,    -'  A "Journalist ? - ���������      '    ' <  . We havo ccnirsob in  different, subjects. . Our'  -or-oirni'sed by ������������������lending  ,. Write to i  i .,        .1 ,  Tlie Canadian Coi'res,::'iidencc College, Ltd.  IZ-XZ'X-i-yz, ^Tiii(iiilii,10iii,,', _    '  s or tp '  Till! K.VMI.OOI'S GRNlSltAl.ACiUNCV  K.imlonps'B. O.  SEE  Winer Chunk's newly' iin-"  ported stock'-.of. Chinese  ancl Japanese goods. -. - ������  The best hssortme'nt ever  landed < in Revelstoke of  useful and ornamental  articles:  Qucii. iiion  'imi all' kind  iliiisinc-ss altei  slot-k at lowest i  -iihniillcd lor I nsei ted Tool h,'Shingle or oilier Solid Tooth' Saws  of  lep.iii    work.    iMillinen  I'v-'ci-yvvlieie'-aie sending us "i-eiicit'  ONE  trial.    IIOE BITS AND SHANKS  in  all sizes kept in  iti's*.* .* ,. , ..'"''  .REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Newly built.  etc.  for  winter  supply ot"  s. zmz������:mlajel"o:n" ���������  BLACKSMITH  and WHEELWRIGHT  REVELSTOKE. B, C.  has been appointed agent for the Fan-child Co. of Winnipeg, the John  Deere Plow Company, the .Moline Wagon Company, and the Canada  Carriage Company of Brockville, and will carry fufl stocks of cutters,  wagons, plows, carriage furnishings and agrfcultur.il implements of  all ktnds.  Ordei-i placed vvitli him will hi-  facttires in the market.  filled vvitli tlie   best class of iii.inu-  J  for raising hay  stock.  Vi. Deschamps has a  ranch  of   174  acres and intends going in largely   for  dairying.    Considerable hay is raised,  22 tons having been   sold  in -addition  to what was required   for    the   use of  the farm.    An orchard is to oe planted  out, on the side hii! on the north side  of the Lumby   road    facing'   the   sun.  Water rights have   been    -eenred   on  Jones's Creek for irrigation   purposes  Splendid root crops are grown,   dome  ditliculty iJ experienced   from Bes=ett  Creek, which flows through the  property, Hooding the   land  ^jf   this   and  other   ranches,   and   the   settlers feel  that, with the   hi:rh    taxes they   pay,  they are entitled   to   soir.y   consideration from the government in thc way  of clearing   out   tbe   creek,   a   work  which ivnuld   lit-   a   <;rin<'r,il   ht'iielit to  the settlement aiound biiinhv.   About  scipe till neaxing  en"Di:khv.  This young town shows unmistakable evidences of prosperity in thc  cultivated ranches surrounding it,  and in the large number ol new  buildings approaching completion,  .Around   ,  r ARMSTRONG,  too, the,signs are many that indicate  a state of permanency and solidity  Puddings are being erected or. every  hand, while tho-e of older date aie  conspicuous hy their nuatne-'s and  olcaiiliiic-s. The country contiguous  to itH well settled with a thrifty and  incbistrioiH people.  between Armstrong and Vernon the  well-tilled and comfortable homes of  the rabebers are u sure indication of  a people in com fort a hie, if not in  nlllliciit, eircuin-t.itici"*. t'uinrtiiii it"  ly, the extreme drought of (hi- -i'ii-.ui  Tea services  Plates  Hastct-s  Cine Gh.iii's  Handkerchiefs  l-'lowc-r Pols  UnihiclU Si,mils '  Lunch lUskcls  Smoking .lack-el-  Silk Goods  GOLD  FI.SH  Finest block of candies and fi mis in town.  , Front  Street,  Revelstoke  'ABRAHA^O.V- SSOS., . PROPRIETORS  .First-chiRs'in every respe'ct.-'f'f'AJJmodern conveniences  -  '' . -    "'-'-.. LargeTba'mpie liooms..f^-.r.'-Jwir'- v--.--^ - '  ,  Rates $1.50 per Day,* Special Weekly Rates." .   -1  Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake,  under  same 'management  ' ���������*   II  t -       ,"-'l  It ���������  M -I  ���������St ���������������������������   ��������� ������������������  i                   C  V  rt ;  General Store and  Restaurant Keeper  A Prime Stock of U-roccucs, Fruit,  Vegetables.  MEALS AT ALL HOURS.  Tiy our Iced Sodas, Tee Cream, Stiavv-  berries and Cream.    Can't be  beaten in the City.  FRONT ST., REVELSTOKE.  c*i  rh  HOTEL   LARDEAU  ��������� COMAPLIX ^^^  ntfl ���������  sr  f$)  f$J  .'  ' ^1  't|j.  FRESH DA  w  e wil  shii  rcbh  l");iirv liutlerin Tubs or  liricks  lor  loolb orders.  Cash must be sent with orders.  E. H. MATTHIAS  GENERAL    MERCHANT,  MORNINGSIDE,  Alta.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS.  Royal Mall Lines.  Cheapest Route to tho Old Country.  ALLAN LINE���������H'lom Si. John  Ionian  Inn.  2  I'lctoni.tn       Ian.   0  (Vol i ntl nan   Ian. II!  I'an-i.in          mi. *J.i  .Sicilian .  Ian. .Ill  CAN. I'AC. ATLANTIC S.S.���������Kiom St. John.  UilicChainplain      Iaii.il  Lnko Krie         Jan. :iS  Like Manitoba     '. ..Feb. ll  A.MKIUCAN I.l.MK-Kiom New York.  Phlliifli Ipln.i  .Lin,   ;  ZcoIiiihI . ... .luu. 11  New V'urk- .     .  Imi. 2t  st. Louis. . .Jan.  2S  wnil'K STAR LINK-Kroin New Yoik.  i'till 1^. .     ,.    ,.  fun.   I  leiilonic  Inn. ll  ' I S'.Mill LI-s'K-l-ioin N<-n V.,il..  Iv-lliM . .luu.    7  l.,..ai.il ,l.,i,   II  I 'a'.r i . Inn  JI  I   llll[,'llll.l J,,,,    _-s  I'i ., ii^i ,-- ll, ki I, ,1 tlll'ltlgh lu ai, |,,ul^ i.l  I! II Iill' till ll.ll ll. I.UI.I,,111.1 ���������l ���������|l..( 1,1,]j ,,,���������  . -I) .ill 1,111. I,I III,' |..U,I,|.. llll ( I,III,III I,,  \;i|,l>   In If   111".I   fnli A,|}   Of il, ,.lilsli.|,  IgLlll, Ul  lo  T.   W.   BKABsllAW,   Agoiu.   Ilevi.lHloll.  H.C   F   fJUMMINGS.    !->.-.'-lilt!   Axon.  ������$, The Best House in Town.     - ^ Well Furnished    -    Good Table (  J ���������   Best Brands of WINES, SPIRITS and CIGARS kept'in Stock.     JP,'  ���������  f W. HAMILTON, Proprietor:    ���������: '     ' $'"'''  <^(^l^i^<^<^(^<^(^<^(^(^<^<^0(^<^l^<^ '  neen?s. Hotel- ,  COMAPLIX  CHIEF YOUNG,    -       -       -     Proprietor.  Best brands of Wines, Liquors ancl Cigars.'  Travellers to Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation  at this Hotel.  E.   B.   EDDY'S  Q5-  " ICING EDWARD," 1000s  " HKA 1)1.1(1 IIT,' 500-  " KAfiLK." Hills .mil imi,  - VICTORIA."  '���������LITTLIi; COiME'J'."  ,  FOR   SALE   EVERYWHERE.  *'oii t expenmeiu vvt  "USE  w. a. LAXO'.s i.'i-:sii)i-;nci-;, pkaciiland.  :j0 fowls nre kept the varieties being  speckled llamluirgs unci White Hooks.  Hogs aro kept and will be raided more  extensively. Last spring Mr. Ucs-  cli.iinps completed thc erection of a  line two storiiy house of eleven rooms  on stono hiisemc-iit. There: is also n  good barn '.ftxtfi ft. on the farm. ] there  In addition to the meadowportiuuof  thc fiirm thine arc 280 acies of innge  laud.  Geo. Liuicr has 175 acres of bol.toiu  Iiiih miirrul the pro-pc-or of a bountiful harvest of reii-iils, except wheic  then is irrigation, but this is not fell  to any appreciitlili: extent on acc-oiuil  of the abundant crop of smirl fruit",  as well as the prolific product, of tin:  iiiniiy   orchi'.ids   scattcicd    hero   and  VI-.IINO.V  isii cily which, of late yenis, has mndc  progiessivc; sti ides.      The popiihuion  is rapidly increasing, necessitating the  Are the Best that can be bought.  h other and  inferior brands.  J  41  ���������si  ?C^j|.|  '**������������������  l  m  X)_Rinsi"sz  BABY'S    OWN  SOAP  jn'cvcnts    roughness    of   the  kin mid chapping,  llf-s! for toilet and nursery use. 035  AlBCRf TOILET SOAP CO., Mfrs. MONTREAL  ���������HWaiwiiiwiiiiiiiimuiiiit  PERFECTION   COCOA  It is absolute!-" Pure  COWAN'S CHOCWATE CAKE ICINCS,  CREAM BARS F'"- ARE VERY CHOICEST QIIALITV  The COWAIi CO., Limited, Toronto.


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