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Kootenay Mail Jan 3, 1902

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provincial Library
i, "^ .
V i "A'*,
i. .��f*
���\\ .#*
BY  3000   PEOPLE,
,)������,-.. t ���^c-:*i ���1*-,    v\-'N3':iJ    -Ntyfa
^y  !   |& r   ��1     ^S   vi El
���mw��t,i;.w��.;��,-j/j^,t.j���j nuiwtwrwWTg
Vol. 8.-
$2.00 Per Year.
,-^iuiJxibuiiiaS'    .   i
Ladies', Stock Collars
Ladies' Silk and Lace Ties
Silk Handkerchiefs
Silk Doyleys
��� Blouse Silks'   ��� *
'Cushion Covers and Piano Drapes.'
Men's Suits, Ties, Hats, Handkerchiefs ��j
.Collars,   Boots,   Socks,  Shirts and ��
m Havo You a Sister ?
I'M     '
Have You a1 Brother?
*  - "Have You a'Sweetheart?
To Children,  of St.   Peter's Sim-,
day School.
On Monday evening a Christinas* tree for llie children attending
St. Pel er'** Sunday School was held
in the Opera' House. There'was a
good attendance. At '4 p. m. the
children,, were entertained fit ten
and in the evening at (! .p in. tea
war provided for the parents. .A
ncal ly arranged Christmas Irco
laden vviih presents was presented,,
and tl,o gifts of Santa Clans included a Hubstanlial purse of gold to
I!ev. C, A. Procunier from, members of hie congregation. Several
seleeimns were rendered hy Iho
children. T. 13. Baker made an'
excellent Santa Clans.
Have You a Mother ? | CHURCHES.
1 - i
Who Wish Everybody tho .Compliments of the Season. ���
v.  ���' L
?���    AS *   R* ""v      i
&&JL%J>     o     o
The Montreal Victorias heat the
St. Nicholas team at New York.'
���E. Ed ward.", ferrelary lo Ihe
oc'iil club,,received yesterday morning a chiilleiif-c from tlie Vernon
club and a meeting will be,held to
consirler tlio matter.
A. E. Kincairl has been elected
manager of ilie Hockey club for Ihe
1-CUrOll. J       f
nii'iiicip-il law should be amended
io dii-t|i:aiify a hit mien ab.-eiiting
themselves from more than two
successive meetings of the council
wiihout leave.
II. A. Brown has been asked by
several citizens to run for mayor or
Aid. Taylor ancl C. B. Hume will
run for the election of aldermen for
No. 2 Ward.
T. Steed will be, asked' to run as
alderman for No. 3 ward.
Ac mc go to press it hns been
definitely .decided that M. J.
O'Brien, nt the request, of a'large
number of'oitizens, will be- a candidate for Mayor. His ijddress to'
tlio electors appears in another
column. Aid. Taylor and C. B.
Hume w.'ll retire from the contest
in his favor.
WE CITY SCHOOLS:}*?******''
" j^yy%j*..
Home Work and Attendance.
The teacher wishes to announce to , ^)1
parent?,since there seems lo be some'?3
misunderstanding re home work in tbe \ &'��j
senior department, that the children !jf��
are always lcquircd to prepare their
History. Physiology and Dictation at
homo lesiles somo special work h-jSC
Arithmetic or other subjects. Hence- i^
forth each child will supply a special \^tg,
exercise bool
keep it for lion
in   writing   paper, and ,p��
me-work alone.    This !-$*.?���
,\Ve have just received n large
importation of the above from the
Knglish, French and German markets.
The.se are the finest goods we have
ever shewn'and we would call especial
attention tu intending purchasers.
nday, Deeem
rniiSCYTKniAN- church. "
On Sunday evening Rev. \V. C.
Oaklergiive a 'very able review of
the pnhl.ie.ii 1 and ecclesiasiiciil life
of (he reformer, John Wycliffe.
*��� The Thanksgiving" dinner in aid
of the funds of the Presbyterian
Church realised MOO.',
ST.  I-KTKI.'i:.
Sunday 'next, being thc second
Sunday afier' Christmas, Holy
Communion will be celebrated ai
St. Peter's at 8 a. m. and the usual
services at 1 I'm. in. and 7.30'p. m.
Mi-TiidnisT ciiuncn.
On New Years Eve, at the close*
of the "Epworth   League   social, a | hv ��� m*   1;im, Mvitc]l
watch.night   service   was   held, at ���  '
which Uev.' C.'Ladner delivered an
intcrcFtin'g di.*course.
At the Methodist Church on
Sunday next Iiev., C. Ladner will
mice as his subjects: morning,
"Con*oe.ralion," .evening ''The New
wj:i-:i: ok phaykk.
The Methodist and Presbyterian
Churches have combined to hold a
week of prayer meetings as follows;
Monday���Presbyterian Church,
subject, "'The confession of sin." ' ���
. Tuesday���At Methodist Church,
subject,"' The homo and the train-
'���ng of young people."
Wednesday-Presbyterian Church
subject, "Christian missions."
'J htirsrlny���At Methodist, Church,
subject, "Colleges and Schools."
Friday���At Presbyterian Church,
subject, "Temperance."
Rev*. C. Ladner   and W. C. ChI-
averagc attendance, and absence orj^*
truancy "deprives the town of a portion '^
of the gnu,t, thus raising tho general \%;J
luxes., The grant is .fiO for each. <-^
child, -. ^=��=.0
The Socialistic Platform,        i M
To the Editor :-,    ,
Sir,���-The letter   by
evidentlv   was   not   written
would have noticed reports of ihej
Socialist League's meetings every!
Ihur.-day night in the banc! rooni.j
to which the general public is cordially invited. j
1 am, etc., ' ;
Socialist. ' 7
liirty Days to prepare for our
Annual Stock taking.
A Japan stenmer-returned to'Tort
Townsend on fire.
The Union Pacific made a profit of
if22,000,000 for tbc year.'
The Intercolonial railway deficit for
1901 was $188,186.
��� Conductor Ogilvic returned this
morning from his trip to tbe Coast.
American freight is blocked by half
tho locomotives being disabled for
want of repairs.
C. P. R. land sales'for 1001 were
8*10/'00 acres,' realising $2,750,000,
exceeding previous.records.
��� Engineer Patrick left on Tuesday for
a holiday trip to Calgary. Engineer
Cailin'is taking his run.
' Two jrcighi trains cohided on the.
Pennsylvania road and four men' may,
die from their injuries.
tiio governors of northwestern states
nre arranging to light tho railroad
An* English   railway
suing the Amalgam
rants for damages in causing a strike,
Thc Cannon-ball express from Montreal to Boston was wrecked at Nashua
Engineer nnd
fireman were killed, and si.\   injured.
An Ontario "Western coal train ran
nway near Sc'rnnton and was wrecked,
The driver, fireman ancl two braltemciv
were killed."   ,
The steel bridge across ihe'Cohim-
bia nt Ttcbson h.'ts been completed, and
the approaches will be" rushed night
and day to completion.
. On Monday tho Omaha flyer collided
with a freight train near ��� Chicago,
Three passengers wore killed and 29
ttne'o Iho nptioiri'lnipnt' of Captain ! ���!��-i l>^ Fedcr.il nml Provinc..'
FrnBorofihoKokanccas examiner .of | wiI1 -ll0  n.10rc   ];?tt--nt. limn  it '"
masters  or  mates,    four   candidates I
have come up for examination instead
of having to go to thc coast as formerly.
will give parents an, opportunity  toi^? ' r^fci
examine the'work   and progress oi the ||| \)'mQV SfetS,  Tea SetS,  Toilet Sets,  FariCV  CliPS S
pupil.    ' '," jy , - , ^g
Let the children come supplied with \ Q     "       & SaUCei'S, Hailglllg & Stcllld LaillDS, ' &
thc book   when   school   opens, also a  gjg , '
hlank scribbler  for drawing.'    If any g, '-, FftllCy  1 GclDOtS. ���
parents' do not wish their children to j*���j
l^:^:'ir:f:ff^U full line qf bar glassware
will note that,'hereafter, the, govern-j^f. t, '��� _       "
mont grant is based   upon the actual j'^k ���
Of Children and .Boys' Ready-to-wear Clothing j|
��� and Overcoats'at Cost/
anwrniVuagttT.-r r
"Constant  Ueader",c,i  tlie widel? ^%mm^MmQ(m&^mMmMMKm&
Kooti:nay  Mail or  he! xn���miaBia-an==���y���~^^  r
r ' ii ,3.-t     1 *-!*,,
vt-Li'-V [r,*iiS?:
t-v.^i I'C-i-.nm iiwa    t*i;��ji
-~-~ i J
Gibson, liberal, beat  Rev. J. Mc-i
fell S'jjt
Lcod,  con-ervatiie,  in  York bye-
election by nearly 900. Sir  Wilfrid , mJLsz*'^,     m
Laurier ha: wivev 'Ji.btor contra tn- ,ff E(a Tiaci    /%
lations on his viciorv. j    \\     E"dR  Z^
benutor lenipknnin has issued a ; <
i'civcuhir defend ins the action of the' gp /"ivr>r-*.f .��<   Q   O^S
Provincial Liberal  Executive. - lIt\'iV|tJi\K!5 ���4 b i I
my* :     "'It is  the earnest wish of
thu 'executive' ihatothe convention
should  be fully "-repie-entaiive in   ���
order that the views of the Liberals' '
ZxtxJ .it-id ��
: from tho GROWER to ths    .
WVtiQiiililC'i ���
)3 Sole Agents, Revelstoke
of the Province  as a whole should | | jf
not only he presented  but be acted ; \Jp��       f[
upon, and  that  at least one result j
of ihe meeting   will  he the unifica-1
tion of the party, i-o that its.iniiu-j
ence in  the cau.-eof good govern-j
At the meeting of the city.council
On Friday , there, were present :
The Mayor, Aid. Nettle, Abraham-
eon, *Ui u-oii i.ml 'layior. By-laws
wiio approved for lbe municipal
election and nomination .nnd election of school trustee? at same time.
Nomination-)   for    mavor * and
| ever been oi-iorc.' j
Tho  Dominion Parliament  v.-illj
meet on Feb. Gib or 13th. t , {
Thc Boundary Liberals endorse J
the stand taken by the Kooti:xay
MaiIj again.-t thu iiction of the
Liberal executive in calLng a con-'
vention tit' Yiincouvcr,,anci protesi"
iibo against the one-sided rejire.-en-;
man in  ihe mountains, shot himseli! tlllio�� sol,ghl b*v the Coast liberal-.;
nccidenlly on Monday at Vnncouvcr.|    The Free Pre.-s remarks :     "The
where he had gone for  thc Christmas
Wishes His Humeroiis Customers end
Patrons   a   Happy   and  Prosperous
i-,1 I
Ivcvelstoke Lodge of tbc B. K. T. oi
A.OTCncdpn   Saturday  night for the.
first   lime   under; the   new   charter,
dor will preside   at   the respective j 'j,-|,cro ;VC1.C 11".ii-tv members present.
eburebes and the .-erviccs will begin    . Ed    .' ��� ���    ;, ,,     d ��� ��� hHcl
ut S p. ni. sharp. p       ��� l !
InsH'ra A^aiast Fire
il derm en    wi
11   be    received    til
C. r. IJ, General Freight Agent ban
igan says thc freij..ht ncc'pts on consignments, from  the east to the west
have been greater during thc past year
than for some years.
I    McKenzie aml'Manii were, banqueti--!
' cd at Port Aitiutr on  Monday on tho ,
verdict of the electors in the bye-
election in York, N. B., is a striking e.\]iression of ihe ,s*aiii-fiictio!i
wiih which tho iidminislration nf
Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his coi-
leiigue�� is regarded by llie Dominion at large."
The Sandon Pavstreak says Joe j
Martin is a better man wi'hihe'
people to-day ilian he ever was, I
and the Nebon Tribune,says Joe i*s '
or with +1
Ulli I v
....       ,.     ,    ,     .,      ., unit tne .NL'iroi]   i riDi.iiesiiys joii is   ������
*��"'��� ��.' *"���'"�� "',:.,lrtsl"kco iliKlavlliP sironscit LiterillnthL.il
: i p. in. Janurary 1 ���'>!h, and if
���more nomination1! are received
| ban there are vacancies to fill, the
li'lcctioii'ivill lake place on Jan. 1(3.
I Vv'.M, Brown slates that ho may
again bo a candidate, for the mayoralty but  will  not give a  dcfiniie
-lalenient on the point as vet,
Tl. Tapping informs us lie will be,
a candidate cs Alderman for No. 2
,hc0. N, Jt. between Winnipeg '���nt^.provn*ct,i
Port Arthur.    ' | ���
tSupti.Pmvnio, of tho Kootenay DiVi-
y   IMOIiDAMpl
IO \YL Slii'.C dt
S'yiiv-;   f:;iir,
a good Job when we do your work,
���,'but soiiv: jirintcrs are so utterly
ideas thai uilesss yon known lot about
oi-iiuii."' \"f>ui'-;eir. vhi don't stand much chance
o\ '/K'-un;/ a rretlitable jf)b.
sion, p:iss:d through thc city on ,Tucs-j
(lay on bin waj' south.   Mr. Downie is
one of the most cupahle and' popular
oflicials in the comp.uiy's service.
The American plan of locomotive
operation is to, get thc maximum
amount of service in the shortest pos-
Aid. Abrahamson has definitely ^ible'time. That is, a locomotive, will
decided to retire from fhecitveoun- he ���rM ?^1lo"VR n th? or ]�� ?���vr>
cil and will not again be n'candi-' rather than 12 hourU a day for 18 ,r
dale for   Ward -8   which   he   has 20 years.
a .sufficient   fund of <rood ideas
!���(("!���:   <
represented so ably and well.    Aid.
Aiiraliiim.-on   has ;ihva\s taken an
i active inierust  in  civic affairs, and
J his retiriruuil will  be a great loss
j io tbe city.
'    A general desire ' is expressed to
-co C. ,M.   Field   come   forward as
ll c Lytton v.vock was repeated this  Flint,
week on thc 13. & O. railway in Virginia,
when a train  ran  iiVo a r< ck on the
truck,   Thc engine and sevenl  cars
were damped  over thc (inbankment,
BIG BEND.      ;
The Mica Deposits,      '    j
In last isfue we reported thai j
Mr. McCarter and associates had.
laken up the Big Bend mica claims, j
Tho Era reports $1,000 lias been '
paid elown,   and   an   option taken-] g=��n
subject to examination.   'J he origi-' tl ))
rial owners retain an interest.    As
sociated  with    Mr.   McCarter  are
Messrs. Kilpatrick,    Kincaid  and
Go where the largest and best stock is kept.
Bedroom Suites, Sideboards, Odd Chairs,
Tables, Carpets, Linoleums, and Oil'Cloths
in Good Variety,
Upholstery   and   Undertaking.
���the righl :.ort   of  printing   lo  supply the jc.,,'-,rlid.ile. for Nn. 8 Ward. thc engineer will die.
if  .such   knnv/'eilge   on   your   part��� that's j    '|--|(,   jj���y01* informs  us  he will i    Orgnniac:*' T. .1.   G rah im has been
wnat vvc are [
���iiid for.
fiiiurica meeting of citizens for! very succcbbuiI in his work of organis-
i next v.eel: to consider mutte-rs of \ j.lg u,0 c, p, R. trackmen of tho
liiiipir'aiicc   to   thc    city.    'I hero j ,\]0Ui,t,.-.in Division,  and if  the men
i. u. o. r.
The following  officers have been
the fireman and brakeman buried, and elected by Hovel-toke Loflge for the
coming term ;    N. G., K. S. Wil.-on;
V.   G.,   N.  Eckland; Treas., J.I.
Woodrowj Eccy., J. A.- Stone.
K. OF p.
Dr.   John  Bell, highest rnnking
-hould be n   largo attendance and
I great interest', should ba taken in
I tlie. proceedings if -
j    Since- the above was in type the
fMiivnr has  convened  a meuting at ,. -.   ....
Mhc'Or-era House for Tuesday cvc-n��\m ^ the hands of  thi'  company
,  ...,��..��.-��� ,..i,n.,,b
Knight of   Pythiae in the world,',
,.-       ... ��� ���   ,   .and one of the beEt known physi-
tolidly together, afc thoy.xnll on,thoician5 ,in   gputhern ��� Michigan,- is'
over the  company 5 service  ��tanel at.
Wholesale Hardware, Ship Chandlery and
Mining Supplies. ,
Hardware Department, 0-10-12 Cordova Slreet
Ship Chr.ndl.3ry Department. 8-,Q Water Sb-ctt
aucouv$F9 B3 G��o-
r,nrcE3 cought akc.sou).
invt. piiri'.Ii.ini'rri f."* i'i'1 l:iiil-i nf iiK-iailiforoiii iiilncf ami pro'-pcl-ti--. iiiiiJ.iii-sire.tO'Iiiur
$oKvm�� Avewu^ Ro7al��k>fe0,
Mountain division, they will yefc secure {dead.
that'justY-consideration and increased j .';���      .u ()Vi
,._ v   , . ,., ., ,    Dr.   Oronvhatekii,   wbrt   has re ,,,. ,���.,,. ,,���,  	
5 ! ing at" 7.30 .an'cl.f the. citizens' should.; ���'���yhichjs t,heii|due. _ Mr. brniinm has. turI1,,(p'frnm' Australia, reports B-17  f r��' '< 'nVi-'riiV-Vi i*'V.r*^ ".*" '��� .V,'. k Vii"'' *i'�� I -Vr-Ui "-i' ti.r ��?V��r��.'r i ^-��Vi .*..'i '
\ make it   fi.- point to   turn out. and') arranged to organise lodges at lingers ji-ubordinate    courts    and   several       s'.'i'iii n��-ri'-|li'iri";ri!i'-t.'. Hi'tntiiw'iif'iVl-fnrukiiiiiMoMiii our .,!!:���:.���.
ifuliv discuss niunicijm] affairs,  y    | Pa m, ��� .Salmon. .Arm, nnd Golden,'^'nd J high -court? hovt} bCt'O iniUiHura'ted [
jfi mmifflb w Raw p. Ri'wx P-
1 fj  7i  V  THE KOOTENAY  *7K/v7rfbf--'v'\-f-.-������-i-ir"v* ..'"?% nl,-i ihe viicancv'. and  the Province will  L-'--bj<y- it\UU^t JIcYy aUdli ���������, ���������-.���������-.,.���������. ���������������������������������������������;.:������������������.-���������:....������������������ f '.      :< "...-.'��������� i'-."  ���������.-.. ���������'������������������ ������������������"." ���������,���������*��������������� lose ���������the   cabinet     representation  vv   ;.lJui;i,i5HKbYKVKr:y.i.'.;irD.vY.    ,;.-���������  ���������' ..,.:..,' liEVSLSTOXE.-B.C.'.'Y f'f  iiibsoriptiod1'��������� Pries;Y S2.00 ��������� Per   Annum  by..-$ i.' on- ores liiider ������ per cent zinc  and $3,"over.' ,,-���������'      ,    ������������������ ,;  The.new strike in the-' Payne is still  widening and, now shows four feet of  high' grade ore.  A molybdenite, property 'near San-  don, belonging to W. IJrasch, has been  bonded to English parties for S20G0.  ������������������- r-w,-i7-v-T- ���������{  '-''tit.   ���������-.-  ��������� ���������-'-��������� '-yyy-=?y==y| ,y.      ���������> ���������   . .     ,. -. ,,.,   ;; ... .-.   , > ' When the third -furnace is completed  .���������>C.COl,NT.'5,,for. .i(ib"'5)nntnijf or.-advorMsmi! ! tlie.'.ippOintmen t' should   be Olid'Cd |        .    - - ...    . .   ,     J- .   ,  ,.-��������� i-i'tviii-jtion tiium>i, ../tp-tji-y iii.iiiiii; ituu ,;      n ,��������������������������� ���������; y,��������� -... .y y  '      ,..;,       next month the capacitv oi theGranby.  ���������.'���������'. ������������������.���������'.c.-ni.iiwni-iM.viiulL* rtrifi!}" in Htlvanco. ���������,:.: - ���������:, to hall.ill Cirntll.,     ���������.-���������-,-/ - .:     "- -   .-.��������� ,', .-���������-.,, ,     , .,.. ,  smelter will be k-'OiJ tons a d.iy. y .,    .,:  j which ''would 7'be fof ;s,o much value  to:vit.y. Withy the .exception, of'Van;.  couver, Senator Templeman is en-  ciorsed by the liberal.- of the whole  iAi>vhifiU^fmfrm 'i,,wsi.���������'.nn,;������ii���������n'j Province forftbef;cubinet position,  "..''  ' ration.   .C'hniiKPS in -iidvcrtii'i'iiiiilil.H   tiiii-l I ,Y,,rl, l-,,, ,,.,-,','1 ,1    1,V,   'fltr.    lir,-f  m;,,,-!,,  ���������-���������"n.:-. iii'l.v* Tui^tilvv ,;,rt-n;]i.vv,-i-k l��������� H^ort. ,;'"������'lie.. W Ot. 1(1;   !.)(? ,,11)0 ��������� |)C������t 111,1 n t()  ��������� ������������������ fmif^mryy  Yy, ,yy .f, yy v   y ��������� a]Li(,,unlcssYa' special porlfolioof  JC'.'iyl.M'JN'TI.YCrof every kind -it.iiio.-t 'reason  I'tY' ��������� "     ���������'���������.'���������'    Y  V      i '   '      ��������� i     1  ,,.'.'���������������������������: iibiorate-aiiti-iioric.siiit.tice.i.      '-. -    . Iia ociims created, when  we consider i  zinc/limit to  be reduced from. 10,to 8  per cent.: siiielting rates' t'o be,reduced  C; ������������������'  '  .?>:  .":"A WARNING N0TE.:  C0r;tJK?!-0N������KN"qK  invited on all, unilter*  . ���������-.'���������. ii" in-jiil. or ���������jKhlitiiiitiiruNl.  .All wtiii-.iiinicii.  .::.., .lior-ny-to the Editor must liu .itc-co'tiipiinlcii  by [lis n.iiim.cfrtis'j'writer, not tii!rtji*i*iiril.v  ftir,   imhlici-.tiiin. ..hiif.yu   >in   i-i*jiii,-it-i-  t,i ���������    y,     ���������  ,    ':     ���������'���������'���������'. ���������'-, ��������� ���������"  Ki--f".-"if������,iliti. -('orrc'ptiiit'H-ni.'o.iaiiStrt.-iif.li the     "'tk,,'*   ,u,.-iv,,���������-,;7,,,;,.���������,,���������,,,:,,,.,���������,,  .-.:.i ���������..,oiUceyyii-r-:'Tnc������Va>-.,."cvctiinf,'.: .ip.���������..-Hin-i -.u-.i��������� y -U���������t  the lJun*-muir governiiicn  ;..' -T.'.aco.iiv:, the; ilrsi��������� issue of UioMail after 1,i,���������,.a   t,,|.fi,:  ���������-'���������'.. 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Tn t,he winze between No. p and B  levels, of the Payne, f2| feet of 'solid, ore'  'Ylias been struck, running f 125 ounces  n.'itii-y-.vKooTii'KAv-wAti-'ii*.' 1 ',���������.-.   .,��������� , ,,,        ' ��������� ^l vorY:! ml "(50. pci' ecu t .lead; ���������".���������  ii:f;-Zfwffy ������tT *wf, WAILtn illie nl0ii{ reiirost'litative bodies.off n��������� ,_,-. , .-��������� f ,7.ry: .Yv ...  ,:so:,V.valuable advertising-:mcdl-y;v ,-,...,���������:���������   ���������;,      :',-',    yy:. .-',::!,    The lo )!c sav?,   the  Ilorscshoc will,  'uhi in the Kcotonaya by. ffivliiiy '���������������������������the fanners of ihe Province iiml'no'rY ; , ' , ���������������������������'-.., - ' ii,im \ \> iTf  tho'prbfoP^oohea m'ak^ pu������T-i.-,,]'^; V loorcHh'ere.led i', ibe'r-iil I ^^ " c:al!o!,d 0I .orey lor .hipme.it,  leases, to thoaa i'tivaia ivhb n.-c '������������������"l'f^ 1110,,c7 1!"M,^ltxl ,''.'' i'^f,1il | 'Iho ore body is7 describedas'threc feet  -insular,advci'tiases in tbo'kOOTri������':iyl'';1^LPrliiU  Si^j^^  :;--���������.;^yg.^ lefterin: ihe Col ��������� j fll!5,,(l 7^^0^00,000' 'for/'lhc   Uiiitcd.  ���������i'i. iff   ' i .yi-' 'ft 'iy. y     '   v ,y i'Uinbiiui   ironi fthcfecretary, o f ��������� 1, J) j i (vr \ ��������� o rtl t������ ii i i ii t*--' ��������� the ore-' of which carriee  i'.iwj.of. 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SVS,  I '. i  I'bi'.t ��������� 'iv' '.. : 'x x  '-..   ��������� i i, ������' . ���������'    '-.i'-::_ ���������'������������������'*-..������������������:*  ast'ticialioi), vMr,���������'���������: :i hnit,7in  he, ftiys !,,,;,, .',    ... -y ,-. ...., ,.yiJ   An cxccptioiiiiliy rich eti'iko of "pliiti-.  u^^il^TQ^I-Y  ! now exist ing i n f he coun! n-rji'S-fcrrcts ��������� i blcrfniilie'ii t ^'yoiiii'ng, the ore yielding  l.^tofG.S 6z8.'of, the7white iiiptaLf 'f���������i,  be placed iii tbe stort-s, 'and among  other leading customers, charges being  on the amount ofelectricity consumed  instead of oii' the flat rate as, hitherto.  It" would cost )?18,000 . to pliici) meters  through,the' whole of the city.;  ' The, old smelter, building,has been  placed in its new-position by the river  and i.-ready tbf receive t'heiniachinery  "fort-he shingle;'mill which .S.McMalion,  will start, there. ���������. iOn, Wednesday Mr  McMahon was removing the boiler and  engine'.'to.the. building and expects tb  liave-the. Shingle iii.ii.l-. 'in operation by  .March,.'-':-:."'--7'"7:;" >;'f'"y ,':, 'f'i.y V-;"';'  The Frcdykobinson Lumber Co. cm-  plo'jfelS'nicn at .Wigwam shingle mill  iind vicinity. fThe , shingle -mill :is  turning out 30,000 shingles a day. ���������;..;  fiLABORW^Liii:  . ' '   - ���������        '. ,'fj* ���������   f,..i ,7,"    -    ���������'-, f '. f  'ff"  if J. M.:Cainei'onj Socin 1 istY orgtinisc>l'/  hiis organised ..branches',;of the party,  at ilossiiind.yiinicniherg;Grand Forks,,  IH; Greenwood, 22;7Phoenix, 23;���������Ym.ir,".  2(5;;andf Trnil-'y.T. 7 Ho' '-states;^.: if J the'i  y.i/1  ������������������')'��������� ���������,:..-���������.'  PUBLIC; XOTrOK y iK-i-'-li.v Kivcii ti tho  Kloctor-i oft.h.i i.'ity of !ii.v-fl.iitil<'etli;il. I n-.iui(t  the-|iii-si*iii'i!i,f Hit. -tuiit clcL-miHiit, my iilll.-o in  1 hn l.'lt'y of Itevrl-iokc, t.n tin1 lull tiny nr .lii'ii  miry. I!l.')2.Viit,, 12 o'cltifl;-fin'tiii, I'm- Hi"'lini'ptii-e "1"  t-lt-etini: per-innri t/i n;pr..n-iii tiiinii iii.t-liii muni-  oii-iilanimal ns* Mayor and A lilt-niii-tv   y':    ,.  .Tlio iiiniit) of .iiuuiiiiiiliuiifl iif I'iiiitliiliUc.-i nliall  In: an follows;     .-.<...:     '��������� ,      ������������������-.... ���������.,'.���������   Xr ,-. .'���������.:..:.  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"iviiouH   trouble   both   for ilu i '���������'Ma'nagii'r'YUdridge. of the Trail sipel-  V i.-nd'.'for- thf 'interest!-; of tlui -! tfuvsay^ the fail in -prices-of,-uic-ta Is-Ts,  v-|!iiyi!!iV'iit'toii Io:h of -f7)00,000 yciii-lv  to ivooteiiiiy "liiiiicv-i.  1  It is .tinted ������������������exporii'ii'ei'i.l.v. h.iv.:-.   beer,  Y icct.-si'ililv liiadc  at-Triiil'.'rtii'Ve'lt.ijr'ffir  Vancouver, .sends \lw . loYipw iiglift of-  'Piittvnt's ifsi ei toT,. C. it,vent,fy���������<if.  J'i'i -Viiiv '���������:.  J ney  are  in.the.  . K'iSi.-rtiiig on  Th- )������l"-'t jiojVn'-.ii*   br-il|-|(l of (.'!l(,*vvili'y y  ['.,i,;ii-i-ii,' in, C.iiiii.i.i , tir-iliiy, i-:   "Ra'/li  i!amo5. Vanc.iuvcr, Gold paving. Miicp- ^0)IY'. Kv-i v (,lu;r 'iif -Pan Roll" Ifmr- i  li'ne; ff.  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'Thiit. of I l,ic Duches.'"  i"    hiiB been for .months past:the  ���������.nio-r-fc'. talked  of   picture ever  printed.   Our copy is 22 x 28 j  -    .inches iii (en henutifiil coloi's,  .: line,  for,   line   ami ..color f(ir |  .-"' with ,1 be  original   for .which i  -���������  ���������M"-'.  J.'l'iorpont Morgan paid ]  : .,',.176,000, ���������-: Address - -.' .,-'."!  ''pi  'l$  il  ff   A^HG^lZi-DfCAPirALyjiVOO.OdO,    f   ;f  ���������. f d.e;.a lis s:Sy"; & ������ .s; -''ts'-k'^"������ s ? e h s '��������� .���������.  '.'.,Vonnoii:v'!;j!it ,������xiilsiiici!i><!i  Shlp;;>e;;t 'affepx Sli /.;;a o:U,  ���������Slut)': Your iGu'tfitnf ij Uii,.  Full ii Price.'}    nnJ , Inuni:-  Uic. Cabinet bein;  ���������-!��������� by  .i.licir Hiprc-rditatiye. Mr.',  :'.-.i'ii, while'lhe'n.!emb'jr.s of ihr-  Drying' Aiiparntu1*}:; J. Ti, Warren.  Nn iia ii;:o..i'.l(. villi r i.cck: .'. -P.iiters-on,  Xf/lson,   Ilydnful'.'c.".  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.   .Public School viiiy coiiiicction-fwitb the
closing exercises:by tbeii- teacber..Miss
Demlf' iind y MrsV'f Garlsb:r. y-A, very enjoyable ti'iie'wiis   spent, 'by-thofyeung.
. :peop'c4:D,nici;ig;irid fother gninies wer'3
,. followed by fi repast!provided by Mrs.
,y,'Car]sr>nf consisting of.eiieh'good things
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tains hi,a,.,- *p��u;.ii7 issue an' account.".of
'tipw;ii;dA of 200 recen tly "cured cibi?*. ��'
V   One-of ihe most -remarkable:-��� .'���',;. i---,
" , I-lr. Silas Itbiiding,. :7i ly years of ago.
li.yine-e'btliigc.��� ThefDrive, Tisilipbnds,
Dristol, had g!ai!i.ial!y,.: bci-ome deafflo i tutors,
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PinkYno ycliargcy,being, made for.spec-j
Cure in all Cases.
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lore nt: treatments;  .';lh:iveear-drums.,yLii;dies br;chiiureiyl5:!ciM)i,5i ,
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$8,00,:;';p'ER:���::: TpN;[^.^inSyieave Revelstoke
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--Y' The Christmas lestivities at Honors !,';..u..f -fnu.]f-�� f,\'mf ���;������������ -:!'"' \f" !';"','���'. :<xfff"'fyf ���.._.: .. ��'������'������ '"Y'i
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"ffy- Rcy. Dr.'!Morris Wechler.  ''!f
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Leading, Brands:
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,'���;'. ���;-; :."-.-��� Hoyal Mall Lines.' Yf f"
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"lnil��h fifVi't "���"               '.'������                           V: :>lhei'cliliiilte.     bltt   lhl:5 IS costly It ml I .i.i:l r-.i-.ti.,-  U., Kii-u'iinteo -tilutt vvy will itwnrd : . v   ' ��� ' -y'At'-f-;-   ���"���"��1'-'
-i.utvii.iii-i.il,-                   .',.���;              i      ..',    .,   y,               ...      -  ,.      ,,,�����, --..' ,1 y,.u u i,-'j-,.-y'ni,-iv i-< iiii-.ii:iiiyl-. iiiiopportiiiilty'! ���   '��� ���' ��� J5;     ��� -."..���..;,.
"������,A,mrl8t���Ml(,'c^���^������l^IlM.llK,'!i���w.���l^ m-hi'ib'- 'ybioways sure;    U01. t  ne an .exile-(��� luc-i.ri.ia on ..iii*.'|i���rt.^vv,! ,;,iniint.,,in,.,i-i(,
,     ,;  '���     1 .,',''.",        ���,, '���'���'       ,.' yy       ',vl|"i-i   Di-     i-'iti.r'.i    X'nn-    Pi-.i-n.-nvi'   i-i* i.'*'���"...���'<"""���  ['X l"'1   l.''"-'-1"^   ��'o!l.rill,i^i--d  rtll!)
(heGrandllotc'l.on the.cveninu; oif thc I 'v:u') "'���  Klnc *  -vo^   i-i*s'-o\cj-y Jul
ilfaunidi:y\ Cofareftiyingitpidi
vert, thisf money wirito^
mefofM f racier A Willi yauiynot
..,���-'-''���.    .'    '       ": f:'"x'\ ���'���  '.���'..��� ''''���'.���."   ������  ;   ^      x'i'"A\..
r ,, ,rvV .     -        ificlpMySendingiisiyoiirldwidfy
ifiW^0^M^iK^ '&f>AX. TOtfff,
ff - Yf:' y-.y. "'.7!-','!',���}' Propricion
Easto^n taklla Closo at 7 a.m.     '
.���'.'  " . i Yf '..   "'���. y. :.-,.    ',;''������..     ,. .'. ��� '.n . ���. . '.';', '���'. 'b.
,'.,.:.Western MailsClosGatlG;4!o, ;':fy:;y
���y-y'yVyYf. AY;MoRAEi'Fostmastoi':
Traiins Arrive atyRovelGtoko
...''.' 'From VKifconver (iHily nt.S ii. iii, Y1-1
FrtmiMonih-iildiiilyi-.t5:t()p. nv.
l-'i'ii!ii'Ari;ow!a-i*(| dully at iffiO.p. in;;,.
fTr-ftiris Depart;from Revelstoko,
.'VVyKorViiiicntiverdniiyai o;IO pi in. Y.",-,'
,, Km-Mi-ntri ul tlaily nt.,8;2tin. in." 7 ,. y
:,. y." For Arrowhead dally .-'ritSilOn. H'lY-
���E; W. B. PagetrPrcp.
, I't'ii Hut.; for lltiy .<��� -.villi noxt iitiM-oliilitins ciiuli
i d.iyi a ivoiioili i-iiikili l)i..iti..inl.iiinl liuliy Kinuj
( ioi' tin- ii.-xl btt-t :snlnti.in.il' Haiti Piece mtul lor
I .-ill ntlier I'tii-i-i.et .I'lliiiinii*'. :l'i*izi.*n of   lii'iod'
, i y.tliiu.    Theso  lJri/.i!s vvill lii:.ftirvvnt*ded diiilj-i.-j   ',������������,.-n..nr. V, '���'������ .'��� nn.,, ..,, ',.   _ "r ,,        ( 	
���|.'.v'...u will imi in, v..:-i.n,vtn.it: 11, inn'* iiinn iii n'm:ui":     c   J11 ii. ti. L''.l U U L TH i..YAH DS,   .' >:���   '.  iri'onipt di'livprviiftiiin-pls'bii'ii'iiifi*.
.l.,i,iiy-.iHM.��,f., �����'..�� k.lmv..,.,r>>i,...   T|,���r,i-������i       vv ,-���,; ,xy , ' ��. y^-jj. ,-g-, 'gfcfy tiFany partf.iri lit'City. y!!:^y!'
Any Kind of Traiisferring
Thfi'ohaymimr i"'vsiiIontjn:i nii,l Knf^on tvivct, j      AH   orders ��� It'ft   iil,';R.''".\l. Siliv
Tolili'C" Sli.il'lV.o
. l..'.t). f. 1 v.    M |,si'.rll)ttr.ii -iiitlitji-liiiil n.is.'.ii ivvdon't-wiiiit. y,,n ''t'���"'", ��� 'I'lI'lnsr.- ��'"l,  l*')l)b''-V w!!|-W��>i rublH'Ci'-SliirP   of bv IVIi-*! ill.,,, t*   ,Vu
���-,- v   ���   -   ,- ", ������������������ '.     ������   V      ������'���: r.-ii-eiiiilillriil'will'���|'iii-i*"'v'iii'ill liniiiP i'-1"1'^-'1"1   ���������������'���'  '���""l' -v  w",:l -.v-.n Di'ivv i'\ii,.-t.ly divided a-i noon :i�� po^lhl.e," ���   ,,   y ������,,-        .,.     ' ���      !V   1HM I ���.-'"i*-, *> ��.
27t.i. ��� .,A. large  mimln'r r;|. gm-Gt.M ro '- *-*��i.**-^>.i. pt^.p.i. win  (.uie joutu tiouie., ^i,..,-,,,-,,!^ ,.���,-, ,���������,,' e,xi)Wli |,y ������s,v��riiui.iini ' -.   ^r\���   ff'-L.   .-������'������'      -Y ���- --w.U -riiuniv'n. pi-tunpt .hi tint inn.  Y
iindr-d to il-i-i.-i'-.d iiivii'iti'ii-i'i.i'iiiiV-''bv the. ii'vost��� .''infallible,  inedicina. for \ i",'v"!!;-,   A- -.>..n.,t:i..r i-.i:-. taioM lUyu^ nosri
Ulllll.ll.-lO ll, I   ,'.!'., VI, HIV It. 11 IU. 101  .llll. C- ���,, ..   I Kill)-.'. III-.' i:X-t:||l-l ������is \Vlll -.|l|il���M   111- ll.-l-l 10 till' '
'ii Air   Alii-ii-1 'm-in-.- of  f'-in-n lnvl-i.. ;:Coi g'l *.   Colli--',,   iim!   ill!   TIll'OIll -Iind ! lit;"t:of   i limr aliiiit-'v. ii.inl .will de-swimli.' lini j
.si .AU../.UIHI, m.n.,4 ox  i.ie.n nay,.!-. , ...    e .     .,, ,,       .,..-..    ,      n,ru,,i.   \\\, o-iil write n* wni ii,t nm.,., ii���(||*vIiil' ! '
iitinic'fro'ii-- \rrowlieud.     A   lenint'ii" I 1;U!lb' ^^C'^p.-von  earth.' ��� Aslountlitig .yyim whut pi-i.-.- ii.i-'-iitn-n ii-oir.iu; yon,:u,i.nii'
....-��� ��� '.       ���",   -   ���'.   ,   '    '���.;,     ...- ��� ,     , 1 y.,nn:-t.-���-iiii-i!|"tl, yon c.in -'.������nil y'liir ���ailiM-j-rf'..
������.inner wan. partaken'or a I Yniidiii-.;b!7 ���-,.'!*ch- icsUh     ironi' ��� persL-iteiu,  use. j on,, t., Tit.'; Wum.vn's \\',i'i,!:i,'ii nnd yi.mr prut.
���O.f Ttl.   SPKOAT,
T. ofliox I2j, fviviorlii', �����. c,
ti      , -, -���������.                   , ,,' t' ���,'������Ti-i'ii i-nifii ..i.f--f-i'.i'f Ti.,* ('������u,.iri.i ni'ii.'"1 u''""" "*v >*"".<,<.t p-.st ���j'liiiitK.'ii,ii,ii jt? ui   paio.
���The whole aflnir   war, concrded to be j --'ai'J-nns**. iiCl. .it   iia. ^..iiiiiu.i lou,- | p,,,..,,,, ,,| n;u.,.(i,v i,|,-,tr k ���...i.insinip.i.diii|. iijm,.; .-    .-���                    y.
..-, ,-������'���       .-'''.        i i';i    ' ���   -i    i ���    1 '  lini  Iin.i'f (fn    P.'ii>i> -V) i'f..i'I ^ Mivl AI (ll)  i lVl'   -In "ilil   In:  n li'i- in  Iiniiii: - nth ii..;i|[,inilo ��� ������,-.���-	
Olle Oi; the   mest enjoyable Of   Its k^dy .l'^UH'J.< ^-0. y-^Cfl ce.,U0.tn.l.?,l.Ua j ;,f.V).. hilt. ,vt, till,t,,,,.. ���������lt:y. In-Mli^Knirr,,,,^ r a 50-ton silver-lead sr.icltor.in
��� ' FS'i^llNTER5ST Is betns dlsplsytd in fhe
I ifl '�� m ?SV��*Jsmofeelcss,-,po wi cr s nail
���-��� '��� hU IS ml i'ew'e.a bullets In large c'*!lire rifles.
���*.i IIJss-��.- 'V <3 calibre bellct wtljhliis. 500 _.
l-'tB r.ral,;,-1 V'tiH cho-.-k (0 Isrse c��n:�� that thu ffl
��� j-IS. small bores can not tlvtys be dtpemied on m
'  >ml0v''.'',iriln M��-de'  ISGS-Rcncmcni hive M
'areiisl Smokeless Steel',1  biirrtki   Fop .
Home ''Grown-
������':���: -���'������..' fCfej i/p-t-)-d��ic in/orintiloa ece bur eaUlofii
E*j      fi:.  '.,_..' ���'-������'',-r��� r-.f. ������; g'AUllcd for,3 ctaaips., y:,���*,
8v'0AS'COl;.e,   tS. I!  r^ffKE 7MARLIN  FlRE ARMS^CO.
. eveij'jl clcl, Lore.
; livery hiittkygtuiriiiileed
���The very best, nn the market to-day.
������..-������     v.   Iiiolutliii-,'; .    ���
A little.'.,'late., but. nono tl\e lc^.j
pleisiint" Wtt-i the annual Christinas 1
Tree. -"he-Id. foi' ihe! little ouch. 'Thi--!
took place nt th:; ..G'riuulT-J-ptel a.-sei:!)-:
blyrcoin, on the evening of U^!^)i(^iy/4 ����^ iuiUin.H'C wrnp^
A dinner was first given   in the dim,,,'! k,,,,:),!1 ��>;.tU-txoya* bii.tiOiiTtl, w,^
���,v    '-.'������ ���'�����'���';��� ,-i ���'������.'���'"    ' i.i cii|.iial  or ;i.. niii'lion (!olhi.r.--i hns ''"V^"1^'".'���^u";',,,,, r.-tro r.r *>v. ������'.id..T>,.i.ri ���,.,
Mom, iiiicr.wioc'i bantii-Clam�� iiripwr    ,,.-:. .,   .,., ;,....!  T,���   -' u\.-f.,f i    ifi/Jiii fff   " '.���,f^ ���;^��� ��� . J' '" ?
., -        .. . .      good" locality I      v: ��� :.   liieludiiiK : ���     ' -. ��� ,f ,lfW!    ���/-��*\
tiiifnii; wu  knn.v  ttxiieii.v-  vvhitt tfi-m-e dolni;. for op.-rut ton.          ". ..'                       ,.���: ���.                        '    -                         .           ���                  ',: '\'uW,A��lViii/.il!$��-\   '
in.l II wu -fiiii k-tdii'ii-'i'-i.vtf-iiiiii million sun- i->i" price and particular-* apply to             '���      fiARRAPC   P A15P0T0 TIID^IiOO CT/"' ���'    ,   ,"";"~:    ',3--ra"A '
..;,',,),e,-Hi.yi.i,i,.iri-'in.i idi.-:i ��*,-i;,,���w,ih,,t,.iii-1 f   . -     -!:.,���...'':'            (jADdAuc,bAhnUlo,lUn/iSro.hib.   i-'>
mllliiiii Oi   V,'. II   pieil-"ll  .-:ib-.-r|!ii;|--(   oun lit, in-i '                         ��. A. HAGGEN,'                        .       y ��� ���   .,                            ���         ���'                 ���   ��� ',,
il'.i,-.il i.irei'iiiii;ii.:i,d'i'ii;.:U'o.*.iAN'.s W.om.otol ,  "y     -               'Mining Kngiiioer, "'   v                      ���,-.  FIRi-uyOnil   '
ill! fl-ioll.l-i tlii.-1't.'..V laiil-l ill-/ il-|i.ji|l-dr,:ii|litli,ni .      y      V                               "'    -Rrivolilnkf.   n  f'l                         ��� y   rjnCVtfUtJI/.,                 .     ,
-���i.llli'111-tM.'.-r.. Wi- iii-< ivllllitvr.-in up. ml .a-io.iK'.yi :       -  r"'.                  .    ivevei.iloKc,, JJ, L., .                         .    :   ..      . ���, ,. .-;.
i���lir,-,:in.i.i-l inii'iillb.i.-iiiialilK-'.iiliHe.ii.ilnnl "       -'..                 .   ���'.-���'-              , Also llr.^qiiuiitj of vvt.il cinel
li-i.ii'-ii w.i'.* i lil- 'iii.',iii-y !i>|i-,.'iit vyi* Tusui'viv '  -  .__ v_ _^
D bund diFlrpHited the presyiit:*. ,' I'o;- j
sidei'iible amusement. .Wits -created, a. {
timcr-vf-ome-, i-fxty children -being rocb ���
px'r.ti���,cv( n  i'-on,,- , o.f.i.thc dog.-i wen-.;.
. .rJUIIitUI'lh-l nf all niiinr.-- f. l-li-.-. jn.-i--.on   vvnn sv.niU in fin- li.^t,,
y    .���'���-;-i     ..������-.'     i       '���"'���'/���    i iini^iii iiii-in tin.-h ���-���a-iind  li.'.iil.-'iriitvi. inuiincr. :
lorniei'l.v ot   the bun In.-uralicc Co,:, ',���-,. ,-,,��� ,���,;������,.,, will dwiii,.- nn .ntwu-d m-in,.,
���;__���. _.^-^ :  I d'-i-dv. Imi l.'iit-.-���!>' i-i'.l :*.'.V)|iri?ii- win ln> iivviu.lcd
i i'n Miuvii. !���':���-���   Any hii-il .< imihu found in thu
i ilit.'Uoii.i!'ii..""''- :et,-t;d.      ��� y .'������-.
Bh:V;lt.) ./slGllS.
Drdors left nt IV. JI. Lavvrciice's
proiiniUyalteiidcd to.'-.--
Telephone No. 35, .   ..-    .
'V/H.0 WE ARE.
Dot toi'gotte-n.
Thc o:d; idea'.that  the  hod
v      n r   c ��� '���'        "     li   ��� limes i'
tno Proiress of Scie.ico in. they.     ..
V..J ���   , ' live pil
Treatment of Deafness
, Nu one at tiio present day, eithei'in
' the scientific world or among the public'.!! t large,, can be ignorant, of the
ronuirkable vetulls ' att.iinetl- by the
^Kc't s-j-c'fi'13) iii tet'atfljeat & rtiiii-
,v,;,iay -i-,,,,tv���;,���;^fiC,;;���,,,,,,,,,,,.t,,,fH.7oook a co. proprietors.
'-   '"' '.'.",   : ni,-!i*i;oiiei'.i-!i. we arc-k'liiiAp t-idq,ovi\.:tl,v n< ivu ���   ��� ' - ���,���������������
ii.lvt-i'll-.'.    A* i" '"'-'��� reliiiliility vie r,-icr in niiy
Send orders for sunn- to
' 8. D. GROV^.
limes ue'i-'d:? a poweriu .'.ifiisuc i)urg!",- n.i���... .....   ... .......
.,, .,'���       ,l ���',    , .'      ,���    : Ailvi'illsiHK .',b'..i!t, or liiKimwt mini in Loiidon.;
pill   h.i.'?. been  e.vpl.iile:;  tor  Dr.  .y.,,,,^   ,,,...-. ....:...:'......:.....: i..i���.  |
Is iiig's.New Lii'e Pill:-:, which arc per*; _s.vil '
feclly hiirnile'p, gently,'siiinu'liitc liver,
and bowels .tii expel ji'oWoil.iH mutter, -'.'V,vn ���������-,
To, Trappers
im use the .svstcin iin-.l absolute v cure
yv.^y'"':" '"" Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
*>���., 11,���i'i* cirofn'. and p-ri.AV yMir lrjlpr:'��*,,i��
Cci stipation and Sick Headache.Only ;   vidn i-ni rwivi- i-.tiderpuM'icii..*^. Adrfron--:
:!,) cents at tho   Cuiael.t Drug i\ndi.The  " Woman's AVnrid,"   Brentford,,
tyn>% C'dV, {iniy-tvow
ior,vjorij W-,--Extend,   .
,,-���..,   ������FOI.t-��� -������.���',-!���
Ivdining & Legal Purposes
Transfers, ��pt-ions, I'owers ���
���of    yMiovncy, ' SbiHonery,
Declaratir-n?,! ProVicr*, c*c.,
can be obtained at ti-ci
yAf'1^^^^^^,r:\fffuw\i     7 Registered Patent Attorney.       '
.si-i:.ri..i.^.-ri'.',^^'^|fMi^5S^rJS-r.     ��� I Mechanical    Engineer    nnd     DraughUpicii,
y-'..ir,ite.-��r..'(i,:Ul,   .  ( ";:'"" 5" . y : Bunk  of Ji. N. A. .Hiillillngs.'Hustings Struct,
Standard remedy (or.'Gleei,
Genorrhcca aad Hennlnei  fajirv/
M 40-HOURS.   Cures Kid- IfiliUrf
ncyand BladderTrqublos.
A  pwloard will'secure an 'evening appointment for tho.'.u:vvho e��nnoi eull ouring thu dayi
i   &lW&ifjl   . J"' ('nat V'ltj'isli Itemed;/.
I biicco. Opium or.Stiraulant?. Mailed en rpceipl
I of price, r.iio.pioL"2(je SI. six. $.",.  One willplcav,
' swioJKcure. I'tmphlsts free lo rnr nddreea.
Zl;o Wood Company, Whdssr, OaJi
. .l?or. LADIES 0*:r,Y.
r:ci.!EVEG rvtiriAriDia a safs.
7/        i w.i      nm 1 nCLIACtcrJODTIILY ncC'JLATOn
liftrnPYWiV      VilVll i^!P   ��� Uuiie.-IwluApIul.J'i'UuyioyjIaudTar,!,*?,-'     ij   '/'Hnii!.- Ppa U llook ^rV*, t'.'t^ulik>i"
*t\\WWMj     ili-lU     VlUvOl    11 . A2Wtil. Uwx, fiw * Co.. Mw��r��1. ,;Yb'-^.��'i-VavXi'VUt^toP"/]^iiiJT.^wvr
�� ^rmj,iiJiE^iasiiSiiKmtiMii^aviM\^L.d^jjm!iMmi.\i^m., j JtWJ^ifii:
���.1'n-vp'-: PlIiiKPItor-Ixr i�� ix'.A In l!c,vr.-,t--i iv
i- .tmi
ilh^'tu.i-' u"-.-i||)r>-"wai.wi-m^cgsaapgrgff>y
We wish our
many friendi
A .Bright and Prosperous
New Year.
Revelstoke B.C.
M-'Gkcm���At;,K:tmloop3,on Doc; 30th,
'yfYihewifeoLJoe , McCrum 'of a son.
CUiiipoN���.0nf Dec. 28thf at licvels'toke,
'Y,f"''Vthe.wife.ofiE-^G6rilo,n,o'f.'ii -son. ,;.;;.���-'
���YSMVTiJEr-d'nT)ec.:.  29th.f.the wife ycf
o the Electors of tlie
i   (
City of Revelstoke.
ably furnished wlthfthe^hpicestthe market     >;,:!;
!;.     -affords.!:";!' Best'"'-. Wines. :L!qu6rs,= & Cigars.f !'.;
; :yRates$i a day.    Alonthly rate, ':;      ffif-m.    :-;.;;
ff ^iifiB^^
���i'.Thecity schools open'on Monday! yy
'fii Iiovvney'sffChocoluLcsY���Itedf Cross
ycrug. jStorcY-'yyY.-:--' fifi'yYy ;...;���'���' ��� i f-iw:
i-.l-ir-vtrt-ceiyed, a ciirloiul dfvlCcewaf.in
;'ili;.iir:it:AYN'.'7Si)iith's. ffif yWf'y
if if meeting of the Liberal Assbedatioh'
'is.eoiiyonedfor Thiirsdiiyeyening.y,���������; ���
:Y -Tiibley'TennisTor The hoHdiiyS.fY \Ve
fliiive it iii:?t.ock.-^Ciu*tis-'drugstore;:,:;
-7"; E: M;Y\ 1 limb 'has- placed7- a magnificent- Showcase in his .���jewelry store, fv
!f'Y Chyap; picturesy, for the home���" for
Y:2Y):l-eiil5 ivtvthbfited.CrossfDrugvSteirc.;
Y yfyi'yY i>kiniier "iia. fa "vcryff successful
��� ' ,������' "-   ,      -    ������ *''������"���. �� '.   .    ;,'.'    ������':  ,   . .' ,'.  ;;
y'i'-yyf   ���::..'" ':m- ���������r-^- -i" -. ���>'���>. ".'/'���'������'".'"������-.���";
y:! f v;.; v:;v; f !f f Heal!; Es tale.
���' r-A discount oi--lQiper.cei.it off the'marl:-
���:. et yiilinr-.yis offered to purchasers''of lots
during theycurrcnt montli in tho'"
:fi f Smelter!: fTownsitelf,.
-.If you in tend 7to.biiildy.in7 the: spring or
������ifyoulire'looking.foraigond speculation
four advice, to you'lsto tako advantage
, of this ofYor.':    f ; 7.vy;;,,;       ':'v Y,-./v-v;fY
.lf you .would like to take advantageof the above otter, buthave not:the cash to
-pure iit fthe prcscnttime; we will for'n-"small ' paymch'-giye'fyoitiiiroptidiroiv
ftnylotforthrec months,,at.thesamefprice. 7 iff ���    'f!
yf';-y iffx 'y7vYy-YYyy;y7';:''Y.-y ^
LvmKSA^pvGKXTi.iCMKN:   vv '.���:.
y At the request of 'alarge number
bf Ihe electors of the 7 city,;!'have
'decided'', to become a candidate for
election nf May or.' v-lf returned I
���yhail-chi my 7 utmost-f to administer
aff i.'i refill a7 7h)iinner calculated
fn iiilviince tho besl interests of the
city!,-... Uii ���i-'X'--rff'i''ir.-yf J- "fy
'iAFfiiffiifWi'J. d'BRIE*'.   ,
ybivcder bf YCelgiairhiires.y'YyY iy[ yf -fy,;';
;;s4v:AS;your,busiiie3i5y in.crcases:lct7your;
'!" vivooT EXAY7yiAti.!;do likewise.:.; vfyY-ff.-v'
;!!f :'Thc:��agleysay3Uho7niini��!!cif:ThC)in-7
y.-Y?6iv *7i,andihg;fis "-to������<bef ychanged:i;to
-.:;.13eat6ii.^i-::firi7:,Y:fvYfy7Y;;..;:.' y7'Yf7.-.yv*-..;-::fy:',i' 'ff-:
f YYThFNcwYYcar,;7\vaT 7(tshcre:d"in;by:a"
. Vigorous tooting of vthe'.G.! Pi TRbshop'
.:.>, a ml engine, whistles.'- Y,      .-. -:."Yf.. ,v;
v Anyvgirlfwoulcly rather..- have7a:half a
������.pound.'of your chocolates than a pound
vol ordinary candics^A. "iNif,Smith,;,-!:
ff!; Viihilo st the Opart; Mri Bradley en-
��� fdeavored t-of' intei'st.,:-*cVeral capitalists
" in the .Big Beiid and expects to succeed,
'Our studio will reniain open' during
'prcse-nivvisit ,till 'Wednesday' cvor.ing
, next.���It'. H. Trueman nhcl Co.   f; fv 7.
Yy ;T!iC;Ha.fov having .arrived:'and been
placed iii position .-ThO;.���Imperial Bank
! :wi'li open its branchy at, l-'crgusoh on
yioneliijf next.,ff. . ;������'-,.;'-y-Y-ff:. .:��� ':'���������-��� iy
,,:(.'��� T'hiudnrark will .again beyft can-7
-.-. ilidate .for'.school Ytrustee.f  John7Law-
-���oii aiiel.'J'i'-.iMc-.Malion  arc also named
aVprobable candidates;;; Y-    .y'yrv
:"; A petition i��-being':;largely signed at
Nakusp 7 for the 'modification 'of'tho.
-iiht'ence: passed on Stigala in the recent
7 ���s!i'opiing-:ba.s'C';- f. ,-..-;! '-,'������' -,,'X'i <,���'���.'������������'���'.'���
'.The .man who makes better bread
���tliaiiyours',-."'hasn'tfCome   along;,yet.'py
7You'11 ..bare ftov'clo-.aEfmost everyone
eliz is doing���buy purs.���A. >*iv-Smith,
".";'' -Tho.Doniinion accounts for the past
year show-a nirplusof-irJ,'3,19,335: The
- Yukoh yielded a surplus over expendi-���
Ytureo: ^"OLbOOfY"!!./'''';' yy'V,.-'-,/���;
- v; l,t rivveiy l^Ki'tu^ that thu reading'
rin'.'i ic nei: eves a n y.t hi iig but t lib. t rii t h.-'
r,\ 'i'titiliii i.dverti'se-i.ncnt  in'thc.Kof)
season ..-hilrP-.- during; they winter is/ex-,
ceptionally mild and iis.anfex'iiihpldpi
l.hitlfl pulled a .rose, last vveck^frpmfoiic
of bur'bushes jgrpwfiigydh the ;'la wn iii
ii'cmt;of thofhotcl. Vvc ciill the place
the:- Biiiiii'iial'iitc.h,'iiufweliave scldoni
aiiy snow, butliii'veylbtspfsunsiiine.ly
I'll�� Siiiiitbriiini : hbrt niiicltfii special
vvinterraie of,$12;to $l-)7pov;we;ck.!Y ff
! 7AugustYJ#hnsbh,fbf.Cii*eely Creek; is'
now makhigv regular trips;to;the city
withf vegetables ffrpmYli is,, rahch.; yTI o-
reports, hnyingV-fhiid',-' excellent crops of
cabbages;1 turnips, f ii ntl;:, carrots, y but
says:the potiitp7ci*opfw;.s:npt.'a-success,
ovvlng tothc!dry7vseasbni;77:TIe:had fine,
crops of.oiitsfand. hay.fvbutfnotyinore
thtinohouR'h.for; hisbwn, ;ui33 as ho is '
novy: keeping ten hcadvpfcattle, ffKe is j
'cbiinr.iir liirgelvTor poultrv,:777-1 'f---:::'fii
---.-'   ';;*-,..   ���,...'������; .       .   ���     ���:,���:.       .,-.;.���'.',-.    ���    i,:.,    ,,',.1
jlighestflloriprs, Wpriel's Fai?
.GoiayfMfcdai, IVlidvv'intcr; Fc;r!;Y
Avoid���;-linl;Iiijy.;-'r<r.v(I(irs  coiita!iiJn,-rY'
, aiu.ii.: Tlit-;* are irjarii);:-, t )l.i::iUli y
ff.At- ���, t he requestfof- a- 7ntimber :fof
���Ho  ralejiayers"'  a' public meeting
will7he held Y; iy.:'     fy,  :'f:f
In the Opera HouseMuesday
atf8 o'clock, tpeonsider-y'the'ffinari-
cial7fstaterneht.'yiindfyrepqrtf of flhe
outgoing Council, iind, to give the,
press thcm'sleves publicly^ > '���' if if YY
Y:vyYy-,'Y'VY:.!.yY!..Y.!"r'':Y':7'!Y',.;.'!!YY:'':" Mayor;-. yY
, .$3.00.'
. $no.oo.
The Province says Vancouver i^ in
a very prosperous' condition commercially.
Tho customs  duties and inland revenue collected   at   Revelstoke, for thc
mouth  of  December by 15. R. Atkins,,
customs oflicer, were as follows :���Customs $778i25 ; inland revenue, $630.50.
THE  MAJiKETS.     ,
Bourne- Bros.,mercbatHP,Revelstoke.
report for, week ending Dec. 27th,
Fr.orn. ' ��
Hungariiin.per bag 1)8 lbs
Wheat, per ton	
Oats, per ton 0	
,7Hny,'per ton, timothy.,.'.. ..$22.50.
Shorts. �� $25.00.
7 Bran ' .,
Sugar, per sack, 100 lbs,
Beets, per lb	
rotatoes, per 100 lbs	
7,f Onions, per 100 lbs	
Cabbage, per lb ,	
'!Carrot!*, per 100 lbs ,
; Turnips, per 10,0 lbs	
Farm PitontC!:.
Eggs, per doz, new laid	
Y Case eggs	
YYButter (Creamery), per lb,,,
��� Butter (Dairy) per lb..,,,.,
.Cheese,, per lb	
OftHlCA      'OAMI
Ladies and Gents Nickle. Pl-itccl Hnckcy Skmcs. also the
Cdehraicd KV.ce Kir.jj. Whdplc>'s Hockey Skates worn by
the Montreal Champions.    Acme Nickle-Platcd Spring'Skates.
Pucks. Second Growth Hockey Sticks.
Team Bells, Brass and Nickle in all sizes.
Game Traps and Bear Traps.
is not in our line but we have now in stock the finest line of
Serges and Worsteds 'ever &h'ovvn. You should always keep
a good black suit by you, see us before ordering.
W T��'$'
uliiiraL'ti-ry nml , iiootl i-t-|iiitiition iii ouch Rt.Htc
(tino in t.liiH. L'Oiiiil.v.i-i'qiiirtxll to n-preicnt nnd
atlvcrti-e Old. Vosl'iiblirtlit-tl; wealthy- hiiiiinuM*
iituisu oi' -'omul ytiiuiiiijliil s iiti.-iiiipc.vy.Salnry, ?1S
iveolcly���' vvit.li'".ox|)i'ii'ses-ndiliUiiniil, all -jiiyitbk'
in   e-iisli'.'t-it'eli. VVi-diiii-ilii.v: (lirt'et "fniin   livari
i(Ilt:iv. "Horst.- nii.l tiiiiTiH^o ,lui'iiislit:(i, when
..'cui.s-iir.v. ' llt'fttr.'iici.b-;   Kiii-liiNc'ticlfrHtlilri-i-u-il
'tiiinpi'd i-iivcliipi;."X.���'���; .MiiiiiiKer, i,e axtnu
: (iiiiiliii,'.-. vliieiiKn.";���'���;,.-.���������.������'.        ���;.���;:���-
Miss Kenner isYiiytitlcntccb'musician.:';
-. '������;.,' i.y'yi'f '������-.���''iffy. "Y";. ������ |7   iiMiss,f.Gr!iiit/- sister; ofv7Mrs; Y):;-,:M:
;*yEd.'Ail:iirflc:ffc;Tor;;Yietorhi pn-AYcd-i^
nesday.y y ��� ,;.;.. if ifyfy: y.r,f-'yff': -if of ft he schpplY a t: Np'tcliTliil.i Yl),uring']
. Sir v'W iifrid. Lh ui'ier Will be fbiinc[iict: ['her resiclcncc' liy7 Uie city.yiissCb-iii-i'tj
ted iit London,-England.
f: Tho   repprlvthiit
hiis'liinde  liiimv 7-.friends; .whP': vvill 're-
F. Ciirtcr Gdtto'n rgrcr,ber cloparturo.    Mrs;7Coursioi*;has
���      ikindlv'.-arrnnged a  farewell
willcditftlic Colonist is,untrue. :,7:;yi^,;i'y',v:v'i'',v''6
���: II.! Howard'ancl j!' Browti. started!! Ui��YGw-t
party to j
';."  ���  '���-���'.  '     . ���' .'   ��� i y: *
On ';TMonday 7 niglit f the 7 Epworlh j'.
! maizesf^v!s!:rong;i^rm.,'
for Smith CreekThursday morning.,:, j.
ing;������!��� first fthat every
pjfifyis wmithit>��J��^c
fa fixed value, through
iheir price on the sole,
1   -''���'���:���  ���!��������� , "'ft'.     '     (*.'���, '���
"'tlie Sim Shoe"r
Sole LdcallAgents.
Y on Friday fromThcirftrip to thc'.cdnst.in,"s:^Vpi'^  -	
': ���",;'. y y/y-   ���     .;".: : -���'.'���������' '..i prosit ect.iind thoro^i'ns a urge attend- ���'. r*    "o    TTI1 Mb'  >r '< ���t';\"
,   The annual..: Halcyon , Sanitarium,;-1,.., . ������' ��� -y^-     ... ���. ���_ : .. f ,-��� ��� i-U.: ii,  il U 1Y1&. a  GU.
y ������    y    ���--'*������ *���������, ,,  .-.,-������ Mince. ��� On Now Years Eve the League 1
Ball-', w    "be-Tic chat the end 01 the j.   ,,;���������,.:   Y,    ���      ���-    ���. ���' ,*������,-.
uy,x ft1 Jf A-.. ���;,,;.,.':   ,.,,,,.  Yncida   social ���, ga then ng   to wn ich al 1 j-
m Oil 1 ll' ������������;.- ,.;:--- fyy,,       y,  ���.- ,y  J';We,re invit'cd.f The liicly members ha'd '
Y'^hc friends of Mrs II;yA.yMorriswili?VpV;1^
'ing'frpnv.hi?r-llh)es^-;yy':-''.'yy;.-;,;:Yy;y spei.'t."'77 -riryfi iyAf-'ff
,������.''���Dr. Trocter,!of. Kamkiops.yarrived in| vyC:Y;T;f::T)ianiond^;!nianagvrf or the^
the city .'oh > Tucsday'Yt'o consult .with |,Tv0qtenay Lumber Company's, storeytuf
Dr, Ciirruthcrs on; a case:   ,y ,.���::,    ;-,, iCon-iapiix.'ywrts.fwcddcd aifPort bloody' ���
Mrs. l.Y0;:y.Gi'adyy:of, Vancouver, ,is Ythe other "day  ;p YMissf GibbobsfYfbr- Y
Y.a visit,tbiiher piu'erits,,Mr: andyMrs.; nif:rly 7?cho:>b 'ibistress 'at fComapIix.
Nicholson, of llleciiliwact.
bai'd) per vo.
; -Beef, per lb  8 to 15.
Mutton, per lb 15.
f ;Veal, per lb 12Ho'l5.
' 'Lamb, per lb,,, ,��,...,,,,. 15 to 20.
yvFb'rk, per lb , 15.
yllam, per lb... .? ' 20.
-yf Bacon, per lb, ' 20,
f pranges, per doz,,, ,t,, 50.
' Lemont��,  per doz, ...,..��� 10.
'fYA'p'ple.i.' per box 2.25.
f 'f'ciirs, per box 2.50.'
Metal maiiket.
'', ���,:' ,',.''.' <
Copper���New York, Lake $153, clcc
trblytic $12.87J, casting $12.50 ; Lon-
.���ir'LCiiti���>\:w     York,    $1;     J.ondoil.
��10%., 9d.
,.'���' Silver���Xew   York, ��� 55J ; London,
25 11-lGd. '
CoraplefcD Installations Our Specialty
B5ino'2t Glass of Macliinery   .�� .   ...
metric Co. ��imited
ntosi Hie
fS.: nimonsen', fwho-had  one or. Ins
feet injuredyby" .tiu'ibcr falling on it,,at,
Rogers Tass,7is ;ibout-again;      , , '..''.,-' .;
fQiiiidfillc������Assembly. ]willyp.rpb..
'.!:L7E,:R. Smrthc.
iJber::!' fioiodition',.
,!fwii! b)'\s
Ikv^'i Vjv cvM'-'-
i"xi '
":,:���!  Ci'o-'?' -t
f\   W, '\Vii-v.iv
<y';\ i
���s^-ni ���$.(.'���'.
���,,- ],;
fi   If.  (';
��� jS'^ g���-t nit all
j   '   ���
r wiiii c-jhsider-
..'  I).  Robinson   has/
hislieitisn byillncF.'*'..
tb'CV.W-l'i'tal-.T'tl.O  ItCVel-Yo'vC    Li'i'(7r,i! i'.'V^ooiMfi'lH
''���'"' '" ; wili,.bi-yj c!!i7o!v'i;i^;i>.;i,ly-,..I.:,|-iY0Yuy!
it   t ).i'!y'''r'-)i'rrii'-f<-)r!-h''ii(;'r.i.y
t*V" ���-{;!���'.'���  C'fiJSt-V  liCX-t ������Ijie"
M.V:I. i-ifrni :  ���:'-,.,,  ��� ;.    ...
���:���'i"o'ci-iri-'i'r'i.h'Y..tbe yf-J-T'"-':
at 'Lis.home in 'Nei- ��� re.n'inl���,.-!') ot .fin:, Ai-v-octalic-j
���fim:'e<l" m'l-miiiii for ���.I'W'I'O A' b'fHvyrnJiVm.v ' ��� ;
���.';;i:' iiiyU'ue'.iohr' of-i ...   .',". '.'''���
:'-. 'Af
'���'-ty                ^
Th'-   f.'a'midian   'iJcvelPpmbnt. Com-'
tiany. Ji;.'V'j iocatc'l ii new tPwiisitcat i
lbe jur.ciinji ���' of  tlie West and Little
{)��� nciiii    Stream';,   to   be   known   as j
��� ."-'���(���,*'tic..;-r City.'- - 7' f      j
<f,'D. Jliitnc ;n:d Co. intend erecting'
I, iii:'.-- building  in  the spring' at the
l-onif.-oi First  .Street and  .McKen/.ie
iVye., .'md will move: their store to that
point. ���',,'���   '    ���''.'���
-J, Guile'tto. In:.-:' rentkl his hotel at
iienrnous t'o Messrs. Bruhn &, Crockor,
and has .opened' a genera! store in.D.
GiiJiicnno's building near the'Arrow**.
,r.'.i:d -.liiv.'ay tratk bn Second '6Lr'cd.
f I'ho
ii'..lyf-h:old!'ii''.m'ii.sri'.ii:,riid.e "'I'ni.llY-'o.n ft.ho'i ,   Ai.i^'lV'-a'yirii'e: \r.z if mc-rf^
rich'��� i'iv'n i'd of tlief;i::d.j'(
booii  cmlUyiUo \^W ��''j
��� V,   ' ���    '.'.     1  1 '"' ������'���>���'p.m..'
1!^:1M,trC!''1i"l.Y���(,.,;!.i,'i,  '
by  Dr.-'���'(..'lii-j'tifbei^   <\'A ' lJ yiigainjm-.i ifiim^y,
proving.' ���' :   ; ;7 ,.-    ' " '������'���'  Lns.liiy
NV. .!..G'V[;ei i^
5..;;P.,.-w.!;cre ;h'T  is
the ruV^euy ;'i:i:,i,;i-  ���';;,>  myu-ticii.m:- ow...    , :���'   ",*.-...." *;:.;i
his nictiiciil iidvistr.     , ,       .     ���   ;f, , ' r ". y   , v cere nr,'.. ���
C. Iliiu.-cn, who  went  with C. Beck';.        '    i:rf.      ���~*-~.       ���
oii a trip tu, Comaplix, ''inform.ViiH. thei   ! On" riuudays, AYednesdays   nnelFri-
Ifolel .LiiVdeau'gave  aysplendid oyster; days a tourist c*ir" will  be Httaohed. t'o.
supper'on Xeiv Year's Eve. i No. 1 froin,Rc.velsto.kc.'foi;' Vancouver,
Mr. ''JrJullivnh',  formerly .headmaster; ^'i<l-i?i elc.   ���
of   the' city   schriol.v ;l',as ; ,.i[iciit' liis.f   ���  o.   , ������ ��� y'
���ChristmiiH holidays 'here'.the guest off
C, F, Lindm.a.rk.   lie is inucli   p!eased -J,,,.,,.,,
vvitli hi.s change to Nelson.
Cents.   Ycurly Suhccrliillon, Ja.oo.   If vou
wl-1 ipr.r',. u��,iha narno imrl addr-cM 0/ rivx
perloraers or. the Pluno o- Orsan, tvo will send
you 1 copy.of the Maghii-ie Frta,���'���������'���
'.'���.- ,      J. W.,P��PPE5?,-7publl��h��f,'   f
^/siitlia Locw��V3t8,, ?hllad��lphl��, P*.
, Advi't'ti-i'tiii'iits tuidi-r this lifiiditi-j
iill In- piil)li��hi*d at one ci-nt per wnni
n'i- Untie.    '
Wnni i'd���To sell an cxci-lli'iil i-hik-Ii
Wi-ll .-itnalHtl 10 iiiai'kcl. Stock ann
iin|ili'iii'-nt- can be had at valiial ion.
F"i piiri.ii ularx supply  to office of th'
, IvootenayMail.
iVniiicd ��� Y'iiiM'orib'i'foi' vi-iilinar eaid-,
V Fifty biili".-' in- K"iitli'iii.*ii'.-�� card*
-Mipplii'd anil piinled   foi ��1,(10 al til'
.Kootenay Mail pnnting ollk-i*,
AViihl.Hcl ���For a  S.vansen  flrin,  coin
v  pb-x (ires containing, lead, mIv.i.t anc!
;/.inc.   Apply to E. A. ILiggcn,   Rev*
: ClNtokP.
AViiutHil-To  piu'clinse,   an  improvt'd
viinicli, cniivi'iilent to tbe city.
Wiiiilcd ���llatid*.nhin Aineiif.-tn lady.
; liidi-pciidciitly rich, vvanlx ^hhiI.
if boni'st bii-baiid.   Address ip.'-i WhmIi
iiigton St., f'bicagi.. Ills. Eric.
iWanti-d-toPi'il $100 Williams type-
' vyrilcr fm 9(1.1. Apply at otiicc ul
v .KooTE-rAY' Mail.
AViinti'd-G"i'd c-aiiva<sri' tn i-i-pt-i-";epi
,11-, in I'vi't-y liiculity. Address Um.
5.7il.Vancctivi'.   -
Wanted���Nursing  or  sinviiiif   by tin
: day��� Apply to   Mrs. Lund, al Orier,
tap I Intel.
Wiihted���Small cottage convenient to
stiu'ion.   Apply    Kootk.vay    Si aii
, Vancouver Engineering Works;
Iron  Founders,  Boiler'  Makers  and   Machinists,'
Wflinvo the nm-t ecmyleto JIAtmiNK SHOP uiul l-'OUNDHY cqiiipincnt wcfI cf Toronto
for the inniiiifiitiltiru o�� ' , - ��� '
'Hydraulic Gi.inls. Rivaled Steel Pipe. Grizzlies, Riffles, Ore Cars,
Ore bucket's, Steel Wheelbarrows, Stationary. Marine end Logging
Engines, Steam  Pumps,   Mac ine Repairs, Sheet Iron and Steel
Wr- have in slni-k for iiiinwtliiilc ili-livt-rv I'OII.KIIS. KSl.lNKP. ,1'UMI'S. ,OUV. f^ATIS.
WITlCKIiHAUKOWSiiiid AIININC nnil SAWMll.l, .M Al'II IN Kit Y of t-ii-ry di'-i-iiiitinii: nlpo
HOIU-".l. TUIircs. WltOl-'Oirr IKON 1*II��IC mnl I'TITINUSand KNU1.VKKKS'I3I!ASS goods
Coi*iTK;ioiiilt-iii:o sollfili-d mnl cr.i-efiiily nltoiideil lo.
OFFICE AND WORKS~-Foot of Heatloy Avenue,.
��� Vancouver, B..C*
and we are av,-aro of the fact that Iho citizens of Ecvelstokcwill
($9 be wondering where they can host procure for their,wives, hus-
fgj) bands and cbilclren tbe most ^uiiable article, for'tlieir Christmas
fy pro'cnb', and it i- n f,-ict"th;it we have all your requirements for
|& thu above occasion at lowest (igurus, Sjiuco will not allow us to
~f give  you  in  detail  the  nunieroiiH articles we have to offer but
would call vour atlciitiot. lo soum of the following ; ���'
s -Dinner Sets ���
Poriidgo Sets
Ohocso Bislica
1 Salad Bowls
1 Tea Sets ���
H Cups & Sausei
i Gbooolato Sols
^ CliDColaie Pots
! Biscuit Jars
Ross Jars ���
���. Collar Boxes
.Al!' Guns. ���,    ; HaiicikcrchiefBoxo
Ciiildwa's Tea Sets Sliavinu Sets  .
"��� Manicure Sets
��� Mm Efclis
Eolls in variety
L'aoking Mules
Perfoi'iiiiiig'Clowns Etc,
Taiito Croqast Etc.
Tool Sets
Plioto Frames
Ink Siantls
groceries & Con*
Our  Ftock  of  Groceries   is   Fresh  and Up-to-date, all thc Table
Delicacies of lhc "em-cn.
S on the market.
With Canadian Supplement
253 Prcsdway,
JJevy York, U. S. A.
in  Con feet ionery  \vc have the Finest
Wishiihj G::r hhrj 7u- wis a Happy Clirisimus.
".tills Clono.:.*.-, Tiovc'f;lQ'.'.o"at'j' a.ir; as
Xol\oy/~���   o-ccpptii er -'tliat Gur.daj
. .   ''y.lU Clcio af.1-0 p.r.i, on Styturtlaj ,
-"'frny,,,,,;,^,,,,.,- | f,iri;i��,  i.'oi.im'ji.a.-D.ill;
"*..,.(.,���(���mtiird,<; ...y.' ���-��������� '���"��� . -.,     -,':
lC;i-*'.'. S"'.";v. |irii,vf.r. 'K:!rpriV>h, ?nr,ilor!, S,lo
���7itit, i:..1^,:!,���i):tliy uv:;oi.i. .-StinJiy.    .,.-���';
fTHE  B����t  and   9lo��t   Influenljol | .*.
���"���'* "     ��� rid, I S?
-Sample Capf Pree
Mining Pnpcr   In the   ffonm , <���������,���
l   l   l   1   1   1
- n-i.-.r   I'.u-
Tr..iit ..^tk"
���*'(.'i*iVr,.  , Il-ilvro:).
i l-ei
f you nre. iin-.:ingiii^ for iiyslci^hli';-
r.*c If, Coo!".-   Ifoiii'ipiiii'ters U'.
AI. Lawrence's hardwaro store. .
II. yiicdhflj
con traded ivith
Kre-d   Baker   loft; on' Suturdiiy-for
Vnncouve-r to. enter on his duties, us G,
l'P,'  II, .'paymaster.-    He   was a'ceom-
i pan icd   by,:-J'.   McKay, -vho had been
relieving him ot* Kcve-lstobo while he
Taa Cast.,.' '���',-���'-.   ���
Chatinccy "D.c\i.(av tin el Miss I'nIr/iC?
\v'c".'C iViCirried at Xicc.   .The UridegrrMiYi
i.-non,    j'horn��(-.n'< '��� LandInff. i
Wi* i",    C.'ouinplix���Moriddj, 1
ly.liit'-l.iy .in.l Kri-J.'.y.    .-   - ' y . ,, .
Eaotorii Ititi'.ls Close n"v 7 a.,m. -    y
.V/cctcr.n IntilisCioaeailZy'iO,
���-��� .' A. r-IoR/iEJ,-Tos'.ttia^cr
Railway Time Tabl
��� 7 I-.-   ���������- ���������,....'���.   '; ������'.
Tralna Arflvo nX Rcvolstoho
Wetkly Mit}a*���iVlMnu mma, ticstpiildi
yusatm    " .11 }M " ,   "
Oook'G Cotton Hoot Oompoiwifi
I* Haccfimfally nued monthly by crer
10.000Lr.dlep. Bnfe.cffpetu.il. LndlcflBBk
jritir droKRlGt forCo��k'�� Collen Roo! Com*
curKJ.'Tiiko r.o oth-.|-, amll Mix turen, pllln��na
iml'tatlonB Ar�� dunK^rowi. l*rl��'��,Nn, 1, $1 per
] boxrNo. a, lOiJcRn-rs utronci-r.Mpcr box, K"
< 1 ori3,ro��il��rtoii reerlptr,! prlcfoml two8'OCrtl
I (tnmfiB.    Thu (look (Ininpuny Windsor. Ont.
-��� BP^l'di, i nnd 9 sold *nn rrr/nnmendad of nil
:��� rttpocslblc Lining-la.] la Oan*d4,
Front Street,
Fvisvelstoko, B. O.
3���� ��&����s mmmw^
��� L*arjJ!:x��.THyj,'j'ji'w*rrr5r.r:!i^i��jiL'>:g,j^,ri
^.^A.-.r.mf' vik'jv um a KOsicnnmssottmufn'^
i    No. 1 ,-iml S"r>, 2nr<* unU] nt,   I rnul IjiUe l.y I-'.
i T. A1''-)', nn I'.iI lioi .Mtiltti l.y \V, l(ftv��.   li. !-'
.'ijrl.'n.-iiii'l Ciiiii'U liniK d Hook Co. DniKrilil"
i     ���    ..-. I'"rr.in Vnhrr.T.ivir i\,,\\v at, ?, n. m,.
.  j   ' I-'r. in Air.tii,-��� Mii!;i.i;.';ir. f.:l�� p. in,
,     ��������� . . l-'win Arrovhriiil n.iily jt,*, i,.��� |,, rn.
ost by nYlitf lo girl ftpTntir-day I.,   Tpainn Dopart r,,0M n0V0jatOK8'
|la:-t on  McKenzio Aveniife, heconrl.; 	
ior Third  .Streets, or, Government,'
Ko.'irV. a p;re-en ,pur:-(! contninib'-'a ;
���.:-.v.,I.v-'i*i""ii:".t nnd reiideiiis o: Catn-v j3 03 and the bride 20. , The^rooin is Unvcrcitn and silver coin:-'. Finder j-
l.'-rnb to tah'o .in tlieir. jnail in future ; a proteif-biiii' nud the bride ft. Cn-tbolic! r'-wai-ded un returning 'to KootE.vay |
:';-c-.:i   rhe-r.'.i :���::': 'Lurjdir.t,', instead of j ahd the ceremony v.-as -'poriormed -at ;M.ML office. " ,':       y
y.nr VfliirtfUivcril/i'il'iit ,<; 10 p. IT).
Flit '.Montr, nl '''ill-' -,t BrJlra. 111.
For AitowIk'K'I itiji-,' litUillH. rrt,
'Cpiria��!:>.': -P���   ~'h:ch point tho Kail j the, respective churches.
brnoch,.: iiofween     the ,   rmr- imli* w.nrf-x in t.-.vr, ��,-��� itn.- beet.<i1i>Iti-ih/<-.��
r'l-i'i.ri"!-, olid tbn WV-itiiV'' lvo.v��r-iii'!- .Mniinio.in   a ^   Ili-ml.    Cheap ,f'n
( Uilirc.li nnil trie. pK,innr ,(,;|<lh s.im|,i��;f. of ,.i*..-niu! f.irr-licr pnr(iicli!.i.rii��-
.MiiihU'ei' Mtj'.Vfi'iijrhl of the Hnicynn j Cooke, arrived in the city on.Wcdncs* ��� Hiiik,    Finder  will please, leave nil
hitherto ?,�����������'.
Mina F, Kenner,  f-Jster nf Mrs.' IT,
���  T>o:-t,   n.
IW* b'f*irigi.'��frnU*riu>l, write* i "'IU' <ty Ov^in'jj... (fofii ' J'ort I'wry, Opt., j/'Tricy Oi '%<mmv. Mm**,
KfioTB-SAv. ma it, orrro!.
jffVr^t^i rt.tfi
Safer than a Bank
Soo nur *too!< of
I/JwllnsWrttohCn &'
n.'iiln,   Uronoho-,
n|n,;k��,   ATon'cHri'
miiii.ii ll li.iit  lii'liiif- j on n."i-i*j t ll    it it li not All r.nd mqio t'.liili wi)
clniiii furll. Mid ti lifilt'i'M,ii'..i Hun you run la-llor nnv vtlierr nenrtliti
u-g i n�� M I'lioiyl-i.l wli-ji-lo'i lilt- iimikt-t.niiil yoti.ii-o.I rotnm-*itHiwr�����������,��� fitUiri
mlt, ?V(ti iO-'.i <l����f.'-'"'<l II "��(-iri,rri,cii(. VVt- nioKXCM NIVK KICVCU1
?ll ll' I'VH MA?.'.'I',.'V,",.'��f:.':Jl>��-tft!"1 \i''m V'h 'iietljud <" 'jiii'-'kly liiii'o.lticlinr
SIS 11 ('/ViW ��'"' 1*: ���-> .^I<"S>J-J.-^.   Tlil< otTer of n unriplo wlietil nt tn!n low price ii)
V, Vt'ti*1 ''in li* (ofccino n ntSER AGECST In each town to rrproecDti:*
"o'tr'-i'""' -���*'���" "n'"""   Oiii-ucturit.-i.ni.i'i" unoiiiy font.
m .lie i..
Pi iiio'..'.
anj '
'&i'i,\\'W  nm"" lU'Rii  ''tin rtiui i,|..'.lim
&WWt{rJ ��$��.& ioi)syoiie��wlli.i.'i>i(i ^in..-.0r��* In full vviKi .-iHcr vovtt'J
\X"i:fc$) 5 IftrlVi miiI Iiop a nc'iniii) i,'nri!Ii!i IiViW mllo Imrii-l t��tttirii :yol-*
you uni un*
shmp defwa-t^ '
oa roimy Mir
��ro ���ViiiiiiUh St* WU.S  (-!I"J(Ii"-.i":>'.-.-.J'-'riitftfor.Mn r-..'-.vfl,n**i.   Vi��
Kimcy Sterling flit
,, - -   -     -   -.-   .... ,"��noni on.- iirmmi
In cstli tiwo for! ill |.iin^��i). Woli-ivi,fov-t-ml)i!i,;i!n-is��.Ov*/.T> IJ.ViNW "rt I5KKI.H tak��� In trodo ulilcli wn
will clt.-'t-out ut ��K loilOnm-lu nlMSUiiie^oi-iwjrni'ainp'.ui ci-il "J) nioiklrf very clieitu. Bcnil for Uitr-iBlii Mil.
Ol'lt IICI.IAIIII.i'f V l-.tnti'ii c��(twioi. VVp refer to any !,itnl: orbiiulticfl liout-! In Clil'xco. orftiy eiPMnjm-
Milit.��'to(ii*ip����V'   W'- will Hr.i, J .vii k'f.i,rs i.T it:l.,rc!ifc rilrert from ti-.,* Inrir'.^t bfliiks 111 CIn'iiKO If yon wish It',
     ""   lU'D   flRf��K3? loiiny.   Tlilxlaw ;ir|-.--;aiii! (!io:<t* ppe-f.lt>! if-rim of ellluBtnaS��rl��&o��ttfeucallwtll
IUH   ViHWCJJ li*; V.IUlilr.i.rr ri*��y JDr.r,.   r.'-(.i!t") aalin uf tliln pnti*r. y
- .-        dSRW    t VUfS   VIJWIUH l^v.lUislr.i.rr re.'y JDr.r,.   i:.'"l.iif) aalin uf tliln pnti*r.


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