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Kootenay Mail Jan 13, 1900

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J'"i  \ f    i ',-C* ^  "V_
Vol. 6.^-No." 42.
Of Slocin   Labor   Diineulty.���Owners   A Huge Success���A Big- Contribution
The mine owners of the Siocan are
responsible foi the f-iihu-e of the negotiations cilt-ul.iied to seLL!" foi a long
lime to come the wage (ju''-linn in the
Slocan, by refusing lo meet the mine:'-1
in a cniicili-ttiii y, .-])irit. Tin: coin-
])i oiiiise (ifh-i'i-d bv th-1 Owin'i s'  Assu-
ciaiiou was accept; d by the union, and
Rev. 1st oke'.-  si-coinl cit v council  has I iiie7-oi!'iillv quizzed and  ri-u.-ted bv si;v-
,        . , .1
been-    elected.     and       ils      incuuiers    eral s"p"nker.s, and   they gave what the j in    ���':u.   pi ripn-il ion   accepting   it,    ih'e
will    be    swm-n      in      tbis     evening. , electors  evidently   considered  un-alis- j ,,,,;���., ��� j^|u>(] lo M., (I(.   de-liiiit ely some
Only     two    -iiieinbci-s      of    ,the     re- ! factory 1 oplies to  many  question pro-, i ���,{,������. points  which  mignt c-roj) up in
Hiring   ciiuiif.il   will   have   seats  at,  I he , piiiunli'd i-egariling Lbr-ii-  officials net.-. | the fill tne and cause (rouble.    This the
.council' liable  the  coming  ye.lr, W. Ij. ! Aldei-in in Kiljial i'iek was ihe only one j mv.|p,,.   refus'e.1   lo do       Then- i-i novv
.McKe'dmie.   nf   (be  second   vi,iru, and ' nf M ;���. Mcl'ni-t v's-iippurl ors who eiinu* ; ,,������ 1,-ng ],,j t ]*,���.  ,jK.  uiiucrs  m do but
T. Kilpatiick, of'tiie first.   The delib--i--    out ni"  Ibis in-deal   vvil h , added   credit.
atiuiii-, (if   lbe   (iitincil vv ill no lungi-i-lie ': This   meeting,    which    veined    In   be
i < i -
presided over by '!���'. ,Mii".y ty, he  bav- i inaile up hugely ol MivKmith's suppm-
illg   been   defeated   in   hi-'   lace Inr h-- j,tor's,   -howi-il    lliii{,    .Mr.  'McCaity,   iu
election   In  lbe   mayoralty  by   A. .TN. 1 -pile of  his   Iwviiig  |)'.il   in iiearly one
| c.iisUnue the light, and they should
j win. ��� In Ihe, inc.uuime miners a ml ln-
] bin ei i an- i^-ipi/'si ed (o Any away from
I the Slnc.'li). ' ������    ,
Smith.    Tne -.imy :
l-'Olt   MAYDH.
- year's hard vvmk I'm-the cilv had faik-il
-! K
give   satisfaction    in   (he , uiaiMr's
\, N. Sui it li '    102   chai i' .-ind (lint aunt hei- would be called
F. .MtCMrty '��� _.!��"���
-   '
.Majnrity Inr Smith	
'  AI.DKJiMKN -WA1II)   1.
'i". Kilp.ili tck���acclaiiiatii'in.
L. .Patrick
��� ,  'ii.\.i.i)KiimI':n--waui) ii.
W. 15. McKechnic���acclamation,.
" W. S. Newman
, ai.1)1-:hmi:n--'Waui) jii.  ,
."JohV Abriiha uison  02-elecl ed.
Samuel  Xeedhani    IS
' T.J. Or ....<?...  b">
r Noniiniition day, Tuesday, lirtd several surprises for the people, of this
city. It was expeeioil that tho first
ward would return tvv% aldeim-n^ by
acclamation, but there was every,nidi-
.cation thai there would be a contest in
the second ��� ward and ' many would
hardly .bclit'.ve the first repurls of T. .).
G rii li, un's withdrawing from the race
in that iv,ml allowing IT).-. TUcK.-chine
and W. S. TXevvu-iiin lo go, in by acclamation, and his deciding to stand,for,
,the third waul against John Abralu'ini-
son and S miuei XVedhain. However,
it vvas true,,and the third ward was in
for a contest., Ann! her surprise v\;as
the unexpected opposition Hint developed   In   the 'candidacy   of   F.   -Jc
upon tu iiisiune his ti-g.i.
Wednesday I he friends nf  each   can-
did.ile worked   hard, and   early Thui-s-
(I iy morning team.s   were bringing the,
voters   In   lbe  pnll-i,      All 'day  long a
steady sli-oaiii of electors ]i.i--sed in anil
out of lhc voting booths', and when Hit'
result, vvas announced an hour after.the
poll.*- were closed, many expressions of
regret wei��� heard at the defeat of .Mr.
McOarly.   - W'aiching   the    voting   it
was vcrv evident  lh.it il vvas tin- lowei
town which fleeted Mr. Siiiilh, and the
, -' o
little fiiCDiiragi'inent - T. J. Graham i e-
ceivod is piob.ibly explained by the
feeling expressed qy ex-aldei'inan
13i-nwn when he siud'tho com])osition
of that pari of the co.uncil elected by
acclamation was "it little I no inii'ch
C.P.R.'" Jtisaii uiidoubled I'ai-t, that
an'anti-C.P.R. 'feeling had much tn do
with I he tic ff.-it of Mr.' jMi-O.u-ty, .who
was nl so, opiioiccl 1,1V lh�� inciuhei-s of
the labiu;, unions,    r
,; r a.'n. sill tii. '
The next mayor, of Revelstoke, is a
well known anil popular, business man
of llie city, audft.be' enjoys the confidence (d' eveiy i esiilcut, ratepayei and,
hi boivr alike, and-iiy showing (he same
t-iiie in the city's business* that he has
in his own, he will give the city a good
We understand th.it .Mr. Edgar A.
Bennett, general manager in British
('ohiiiihi.-i of the Lillooct, Eraser I!iv. r
aii|l Cuilioii Gulp Fields, Limited, anel
of I he Sunshine, Limited, owning Hi"
Silvet l'ii|i anil ailjoiuing properties in
thC'Ti-oul. Lake DNtiicf, some tiiue ago
resigned his |iiisiii(iii with Ihese companies and is leaving for England on
the 1st February next. .Mr. Beimell's
resignation takes effect on the Slst
./,-iiiuai-v. . - '
to-the Fund.
"Pay. pay, pay," was what, the   bard
sang, and Revelstoke made a record to
be proud of when   its  patriotic  people
paid lo  the   tune  of ��"5(10,   which   was
contributed to Lbe fund,   the  proceeds
of the concei L given by llie  Rewistokc
Rifles with the assistance i'd" other local
talent.   Revelstoke was.veiy backward
in the   uialtei   of   conli bailing , to 'tl.e
fund, but more than made up for il-  by
the   handsome 'sum    raised    1>}     the
volunteers Tuesday night.
'    When the cm-lain wax raised foi   the
number  the musicians  first fared   the
largest audience;  ever' gathered   under
one roof in   lbe  town,   over (iOi)  being
present,  and   I here  were   no   .complimentary     tickets     ai-cf|itcil.    ^Evoiy
number of  the  long "programme   was
goud. anil the  large  crowd   was   more
than pleased wilh the evening's cniei--
tainuieiit.      ?,1 ut-li      enthusiasm     was
aroused by the singing   by   Mr.   I'luko-
inore'of  Kipling's ' "Pay,   Pay,   Pay,"
anil t his was followed   by  a   collection
of ��120 taken up from the audience by
a number of voung ladies.
GL^*&iy^'&^^^/��/%/&?^'Q/^'Ki>^^ "sy-p
'��^/��/%y^s&'$/&/&Q/&%>, ���$/%, i^'^^'^/^^'^^y^^'^/^'^^/^/^%^'
Court Mt. Begbie tied up the gnat |
.Monday night, ,-111(1 'invited the wives, I
c-i.-tersiuid sweetheiu ts of the members I
to be present at t be.iiislallatiiin ot   t he j uiunbcrs 50   j,,   .r,,,,,*   Mji-din.**.    'J'in-ie
cniiil. onii'-fi��.-ui(l thesup|)"i-to follow, j weie   several   wu iidr.i vv a)s   Ua   y. .ii*.
Jr. IJeadh--riaii1; Fivlz      a '
r. c. u.���ii. a. ciiii'pbcii '
c '
The i]iein'b->is|>i]i  of  this ci-tirt   n.ivv
11 n.*'v  nii'inn.-i
-.-./1) i-isi.i-,im���
The invitatiein was aeceqited   by  about j l^t (lu-i-e wi
:il) laelies anil visitor,, and   there   wei-ej There is m- v y"r,i) i) i.i-i.i'.iiii"-  i.i:ii"d
:13 Foresters present. , , | by the ineinb-i s ot  ('i-.i! t  .Mt.   15-glni .
Coiirl  vva.; .called ttn  order  by   Vice {This is ,i gu'o-.l uvunl for a young court
Chief Ranger   Dior,  and   eipt'iioel   wilh '',.{���.] Sv ill eninpaiv v. -i v  faviirablv   with
e, inl,
iiiv 'court iu 11
Remember that the  JMaii.   will   not
be delivered bv cariiei* after this issue.
Ciirtyfor the tnayoralty.    A. X. Uni it h I ;uliiiinisti'.ition, and   one thai..will give
!i-.d  consi'-U'cd   t'o   be  ;*. r.iii.lid-ste t li-* ��� sniisfacthu:   In all.      I lo "iv.ia   Iim n  ii.
evening before.-and bis friends were
iiheiidv- liiird at ..work, and were u-
ceiving much eneoinageineiit. es|)ecial-
ly in the west end wheie ."\rr. McC.u-ly
was looked upon asy the C. ��P. It.
cimlid.ilc.,        , 7-
- Thuisiliiy Mr. .Grah.-un t-realized that
he con'(1 not'bojie for election and as
the el"Ctions act did not permit him to
withdraw :u thai late day he announced himself as no lunger a candidate.
Then- bid been ,-u much (iiit^tioning
of the proceeding oi' the council and of
his (.tficinl ads lh.it--Mr. McC.u-ly was
.constraint'il in call a meeting for Wednesday night, when he vyould meet bis
opponents and clitics on the public
plalforni. ���- ,
At this meeting the niayor unci the
membei-.S   of   Ihe  old council were un-
Diii'ham county, Ontario, in 1SCI, both
grandimrenls 'being Ib-itish born.' lie
lefi. Out;irio in 1 SS 1 and located near'
Brandon, .Manitoba, where be engaged
in farming iinlil March, lS:-!^, when lie
c.uiie In Revelstoke, and worked in the,
mechanical department of the C.P.R.
shops here mil il 1 SOU. The last four
years of Ibis time ho vvas a silent pait-
iKT in the firm of .0. 11. Hume <& Go.
lie went into business for himself in
his pri'scnl Maud in October, ISiXi, and
by"a'" close application lo business be
has secured an enviable position among j <^|��
the business houses of the.-town. The
Mail congratulates Mr. Smith on his
election, and il, feels sun- that even if
bis -administration is criticised, there
will never ho at Inched In it the suspicion thai il was directed by cm piu-atc
, The stiii-y of. this session will no doubt
bean interesting one from every point
of view. So far the opposition has not
succeeded iii wrecking the goyei nineiit,
and it. is now believed that the Seniliii
ministry will be able lo'last the session
through, and bold the confidence of
I be country.
Very little, legislation of interest lo
the interior has been introduced so fai*
Lliis" session.
,Tbe most exciting occurrence I Ins
week was Mai tin's speech Wednesday,
in vvhich he Slated the govt-1 nnienl.
unmercifully, but left many openings
by which the occupants of the treasury
benches-could gist'back at. him. This
was the .speech in which he challenged
any am! every member of the -government pai t) to ii'sign and he said he'
would gu into .their  constituency  and
" beat tliein out, nf (hojr linols."'' Ralph
���Smith came back,at hiui Friday, and
Iliggins has been trying to explain his
desertion of (ho government. This is
how the'situatioii is si/.'-cl up in Vic-
(oi ia: ��� '  .-
���Victoria, B.C., Jan.- 13���[Special to
the M'aii..]--The government is still on
deck. Ibilph Sinilh scored Jo'e Martin
"severely in1 a magnificent tMieech and
| concluding rend two i ('solutions from
(he labor organizations .of Nanainio
and Victoria endorsing the government anil looking with'suspicion on
Mr. Martin's actions. Iliggins tried lo
explain his bolting hut a statement,
from Ih'.''premier left his explanations
like an eiup(?y nut. Excitement is still
keen and government stock has gone
up one bandied per-eont on account uf
the   Dunsiiiuir-Turiifr-Mai'lin a 1 linnet
I'nhlic debt (set-note belew)	
' I Civil giiv..'1-iiiii'jnl (sal ii-io-1 '
-And How It AVas Expended--Increase i Administration or .ju-iieoKiiaiii-i)
,  , 111    hC.-JiiUe. ' l'ii'i!!e.iiistiiii'!-o:is(i:i.iinloi!.iii".v).'
��� ���  '        -J I |i)i]iil:ils nn 1 c'l-i-nl ii s      ..    ..
The -liiblic ill-counts of   the   piovincc ' Ailm.iii" iralion   ot    liuslico   (oilier
, .   ,     , ��� .   i   ! than s.,1,1-, it"-) .- .    .
of   lb-iti.-1) ('i.hiinbia   winch   have just |
5 :ii9,n!).i ni
l.",l���"j7,S  lit
IS?1.T��S1 7.J
l'{,(*, ,:i':i7
ii::.7,"i !U
,07,,j,,.'J L'7
b'C!l 1 lid   bel'iiie   Hi"   leglsl.itiir.'  sll'ivv
Ihegiti'ss i-evcnu ��� to have b--eii !j!l,.T!l,-
,       c
G'J3.. while  i'-e  expenditure  Ins   been
rV'I.Vi, ITii.t'ti.    I'u'.luwii-.g  is  a delaiicd
i       .        '     ,     .'
sliiteu.eiit  of  ib.f   iecci]ls anil i X| "ii-
l.iii.l Iliniiiiaiii siiluulj    	
Liiiul -ah--	
I 1-4 lin.xii* n     i	
Trail -p.ii'i	
Item - ��� ���'
Ilt-vcii.io services r'.. .
I'l-.ljli.- Woi-kil���     f.
Works on ljuildiiigs ,
-     lVi'l.-uu.-iil biiiltliiigs Vii'lm-iu
tiiivcriiiiiiiil   li.niii;, Viei'j.-i.i
Tiu-re was very little ,business  ii-.-ms-
aclt'il   by   Ihe  city  couiu-il   at its l.i st
, inei'tieg    W'ednesd iy   night,   and    the
fiUii*! i; i eity clerk's  |ii-i-entineiit   of   llie city's
-���i-'.iiVj iti ! financial   coiidilion    was   tin   pi-iin-ip;tl
lii.7a.iii."'! subject, foi dii"ci-.ssi(in.
., ii.'f |      One  hundred   and   lifiy  doll.ii'.s was
: icceivcd fi'oui the province,-a grant for
L'.',-'.t'i7 01 ��� I'u-e   pioti'cliuii    ;-.iii-piis(>s.     The   't-lc I k
siugiug an ode and bv pr.-iyer. All
then being iii i eadiness High, Marshal
Ijiiuiell entered and iiuiiiited if the
court was prepared In . lyCeive (he
deputy high chief ranger, who vvas in
waiting for the pui-pose of iiMulling
the oilicei's of the Court. Ueing'.informed I ha t'all was in readiness, he
then retired and wilh \V. Suiylhe,
high condiict.oi-, escorted, Deputy High
Chief Ranger ll. 11.'Campbell into (he
lodge riKun.' There I he newly elected
officers were ranged in 'two circles
around'.-i pedestal in the centre of the
room and the obligation of office given
them. They were then'formed in a
half circle and conducted to'the deputy
high chief ranger where they received'
the vesture of office,' and escorted , to
their 'scats by the high conducler.
This beautiful ceremony completed,
Bro. J.'L. Smith took the platform and
presented Deputy High Chief Ranger
and retiring Chief Ranger 13. R. Oauip-
ell with a past chief ranger's jewel.
The retiiuig vice chief, 11. C. Dior, and
retiring recording secelai-y, IC. D. .7. ().
Johnson, were .also pi-c.scnled with
"jewels of olTice.   (    ���.
The court was closed and the members
began lo bring in Lin.1 good things
wherewith they tire 'wont to refi esll
tbeiiiselvi s tin occasions of this kind.
:Tiie tables were soon-up and covered,
and Chief Hanger Johnson look the
head of Hie table. Aftei' all were
seated (he chief ranger i use and presented Financial Secretary (Sini.tb witp-
a fine clock,   Bro.' Campbell,   P. C. R.,
making   Ihe   prescillation 'address   in
i      -' '
which ho expressed the .hope that the
clock'would keep-as good time, as had
J3io. .Smith, ,who since lbe institution
of the coin I bad'not been absent from
ii' sbigle nifftjiig. After supper ' the
hoars were spent in having, a good
tiin'e. , '"    "
Following is the stall' of officers: ���
C. D. 11. C. R.-J. L. Smith
Court Physician���Dr. JMcKcchnie
C. R.-K.'d. .1. C. Johnson
V. C. R.--.J. A. Ringer
'   Rec.".Si;c.--C. \V. Mitchell
Fin. Sec���.1. M. Sinilh
Trt'iisurer���Eai 1 Jlacgowan
Orator��� II. 0. Die'i-   '    '
Supt. Juvenile Courts���T. \\r. Bain'
Organist���J. F. Ahlin
Sr. Woodvvai cl��� J. G. Mcljcan
Jr. Woodward���Ernest Adair
Sr. Beadle-C. T. .Moon;
rev :!.e>\
The ol'liceis  of   th-   tw;i local l.i-.lg- ���
were  inst.illed  Thins,1 iy   night   by D,
IJ. (t.   M.   Rub.-rl   Gmibm. !)ssi^t,.l{-by*
.1. 11. Bloniner. acting   grand    ui.i: sbal;
\\".   .1.   Lei', "acting   grand   set-ret-try ;
Tilos..Iohnseiu,:-,ic! ing grind  (leisure ������
and John   ilcL.-od. .icting'gi and   vvai-.
den., The   lullowiiig  ol'Iicei-^   were  installed :
���   Revelstoke L'),Ig >--      , ,       i
'X. 0 ��� T. J.WfJiaham.
V. G.���N. T. Edwards.
Secy.���E. A. Kettleson.
Ti-(ias.--J. I. >\'i)'t>d!,i)".".. ,
Selkirk Lodge���
,X. G.���B. Ilanbury.    . ��   , ,
���    V.'G.���P. Ilooley. (      .'
Secy.--Win. Matbie. . ( ���
Treas.���R. Gordon.
' Tbeie were abnul- 10 Oddfellows
present, and the ceieiuony wa�� gone
thiough with in a most satisfactory
niannei-. Allei*lbe install,U ion ;i supper tvas s|)i*e,'(;l ,by- !j:\">. ,\V. J. L"e, lo
which about St) brothers of the mystic
Lie sat down. After disp.^ing of ihe
good things a 'loyal lo.isl' list was
drunk, nnd many excellent speeches
were lislened Lo by Lh-.' ,l):;otbi:: s jires-
ent.' This was lb--second'jnitit iiisti-.I-
ation of ol'i'icei-.s nf tin: two lud^Js and
and it proved a highly enjoyable ;itY,i>,
find the liienibe.is ofS-tiu* lodges proinlse
themselves many more of the s.'iitie
.kind. Tlie report** read show th it-both
lodges ai'.' in" good condition, Ifnauci-'
ally iind otherwise, and the progioss
s-inade by Ihe lodges during the la: C
tei in is*n subject for congi'.itnlat ion.
Rf'velsloke lodge bad two' iuil'ialjons
Tiiui-sday night'; _ The work was put
mi in line shape. This lodge is steadily
iin|)i-()viiig in ils floor woi k.
ft is expected that the lo wei;  floor of
the I: 0. 0. F. building will be  opened
to the  public   bv   a  ball   given by the"
lodge  in  aid   of   I be i Mansion   House
The  oXu-er.s of   Tmut L-ike  Lodge,
No.  II, vveie  installed   by  D. 1). G.M.'
Thos. Taylor Tuesday   evening.      The
inslallalian  vv;is  followed  bv ;i sup]], r
al the 'Windsor  Hotel.      Following  is
the staff of officers installed :
N.G.���D.R. McLennan'.
V. G.���J. 11. GuiTie.
Secy.-J. J. Langstalf.
Treas.���X. Abr.ihamsoii.
:i.j)7 ">i ' w.i
:),.',.|J in ;
I'o.i !���-.' -Iieeli-.   b.'iil
.Mi-t-cll.inooiis .     .."	
/jx.V'S l'"i i
Land rev rial:   ���  y    ���
Survi y l'( ei	
ill-ill-, o\eli|siv-c of land'- -'-    ���  ���
iti-nl-. ferries	
Tilillicr leii-i's     i ,
TiiiiliiT. royally anil licen-i ~ ���'...
Vice miners' ccitilhiiie's	
Minlii..' ivct-ipt- guiti'id       	
Licenses '	
Kiiichund I't-t"" of court -	
I'l'Clll.UO fel*i.	
Succi'i-ion duty	
Law -laiiii'*'   	
ISegistry lees       .   . 	
Siilonf govcriiiiieni iii-'ii't'iiy	
^Inrraige* licen-i'-    	
Itcvciitie las    .-	
Ileal proin-rl.v I i\'	
I'ei-on.il praperly las:	
Wild liiiul lux	
Jiiconic tux	
^Mineral Uik ; ��� ������
1,'cvciiiic service lx-finuls	
Tax s.tlc deeds ������
Coiiim'.-i'.o-.,  Oii  "it- .���uiHft.'ii.s for
tiivcs ,	
Printing ollicc	
ltcgi-tcrciltaxc*! (all ilonoinin.it ions)
Uliroaii 0' mines      	
lo-ipitiil fori lie ins,i no	
l'rtiv iituilil Iloiud	
Kt'iiibur-.-niciils in aid. ������
Cliinc-.'  re-Uiilii'.i  <-\cl   1^1, I) )���_
niinioii Statutes)    ���    ��� -
i liil'-i*i-s( on iiivt-sLiii.-nl  of SinUiii;,'
\ funis     ���	
iS-VJiJI.tlliJ .in i
. v.hi-i. '
���Jl-J.-i '.) :
;:i.t-.7 .-.I !
1 ll.-JCI li. I T-J1'1'
I.0JI  I.'i f N'oto.���Lev llie  foliuuing  |i,i"a^i-aplis. v.lilcli
���Jli'.i im I n.'c includeil  in  Hie* iihovc expjiiililiuv. lindci-
���_'.'> I,il i "I'nlilic Dolus":
21,lis lil '-Sinking  fund hive-.-
(j|,:i-_>-{ is I   ��� mollis.  5\--',IC,.'71
1 ."i.i,lf)I i!.'i i Iliili'inplioiior lielien-
l-'ti 7H-J !l) ' I'1"-' -N-'"' '��� " Lunli
t" 'llll* :jj j    ,Aei, l.*!i;"     b'.'lil' (i'l
1 a.!))*.' al * 	
:^i- (y |   ' Nt I  u-Nipt'lui Unit-...-
l.l.i,!) iiii j     Iii t be analysis of  ilu
ll.iiO,-, ii,'i j ducting capneiiy of lbe M'ver,il elector. |
inl,:,!'.'.) ;," ' al disliicis, West ICdiileiiav sii!| |..ad-, ,
'ill p.. i wilii   yjt'il), I.Vi. II : vvbile (-'.isljai  (inchi- j
I ll,", mi ' !"b e of  Allinl   lias   made iin   iiiniieiiM* !
KH-Ji*,-i (li) I K-'h) ,',-'l! u"'" ���"' hiigelv   ini|iri!Veil iqi- ,
mi next vc.ii-, anil ciuil.' Unites -SI 1 l.'ilT.-
iiisi i uctt-d l() for.w.ud liie govei-ii-
iin-::! through .!. M. IC.-ilie. M. P.P.. a
ri quest feu-,-i gi .int. nf $57) for l be same
l.-..ii:i7 lil ,   piU|"i.se.   ..
l (s.-��j !ij      Fulliiwiiig i.-a s-iiuiiiiai y of Hicclei-U's
! report ni' the citv's fi nn iu-cs- :
J'rdfCeds (if debellllll'i'.S. .
I'euii.'lei y	
Dug lax..	
Lb I'usc acciiuul	
Lupinr licenses .........
Police court lines     	
Road lax '	
Roads and streets! .,.-..
Fire brigade	
Printing and s|;ui,,,||.| v.
Police depart ineiili	
Keep of pi ismi'Ts	
Health dep.iltineiil	
Sick and (lesLiinii.	
F\-|iei]se (if'inqiiesl. .....'
Ilydi-.-uit and light.rental
Road lax, i (-funds	
(Y.I (X)
:37 2S
IS!) l!()
in. Iii.' 71
.. .?.'.ii;ij,;7.( *ij
I'l'veillie   pro.
olo Ho
GS2 (Hi
l!!l���S77 IW
, liitoi'l'st	
^MbcfHiliuioiis; ���".:���
111.!) It
I7,:i ii
!).' Ti.
:!,:���::) o-j
I'.b-ctinn cMp'-usi's	
EN|U-ll.s('S fll.ll gl's   	
%   501   13
,  (W L'l
.    -!() Ff)
18 50
11 50
���i:> (K)
1 (It)
It'll 53
tS 00
..���il:* 11 VM
Amount receivable
from prov. gov't,
on acc't. iv.-il |ii-o-
|)ei'ly tax cstinia-1
ted nl	
Liabili ties, o it t-
tiin ding o v ri-
Iji 1,700 00
111 m
Congratulations to Our New Mayor.
Congratulations vvc extend
To A. N. Smith, llie woi kiii.in's friend."
Though V. McC.irly losl the game,
We all have mishaps, just the same:
If we could just afford lbe two
You'd both h.< mayors, 1 know'tis 11 ue:
lint A. X'. Smith is choj.cn now,
While o !.c:*.s liave put. up a row.
Now, A. X, .Smith, jnsl do your  best ���
We've pu(.-your talents lo the test;
linpi'uv e our st reel's and sidewalks, too,
Or in fn! tlie years you sliall this i ue;
lly placing you t here for our mayor
We know you will for right declare;
If yiui will do jii.st what you can
We will support yiui, to ii man:
If not "well then" we'll 11 y our skill
To find a iiiiiii who'll (ill Ihe hill:
'Hockey sticks, its-, jci it in:,, .slan.],ir.-Jj
ind hockey pucks at L iw teiice"--. -
Geo. T. Xewni'in, the Arruwlv r.cl
I merchant, was up fir t'--- ifc-tiiii
I Thursday, and lo ik in lh" J.O.D.K.
I installation   and   v.ipper tint ovciiinr.
[      li. L. Kiiini in, wiio ;s lai'-jelv
fistcrl- ill the   Ethel    mill!*,    near
iiiie -
Lake   City,   came   up   from   the
yestenliiy, to sjit-:)'! a
���v   (i..;. s.     1 i.,'.
Eiii--1 made i shipment ui a e*..i* of. ore
the oilier (lav.
*1,S1I '.Y.I
I .lil.    \'icliiiia  cilv   pavs  into   tli.-ti",i-
siu-y y 110.510.70 (as against y 10'S. ITO.'OJ
the preceding yen
of In iv slump'* bfiii
.���iugiii"iilalioii).    and   \".-iiit--iMtvi-r   cilv
S:j7,IMI.(i2. | T . ,
Other disli-icls  in   I he order ot   I heii M^'Kht > cnial	
cniitribiiliiig   impuit.uice   ,-n-e:     Ynh'.    OlTu-e fm iii.-hings	
$150.(i'��. I:,:   Caii'uio.   $'i').225.iil :   E.-ist     Pminge and t.-leiriMins
*."!,!) I 0 )
���.'.'.(I'll ll.)
S12 17
:,:j.<i,'2 22
an   incre.i-ed  s.ib* ! Fi re brigade	
responsible for the I  Health department..
I Interest account	
Koulenav. ft'i.3.510 IS: Westmiii'-tei'
district. yyi.H') (12: C i.nnx. .���? M.:i72 I*):
Lilliiiiel. y2l,s7n..*-'i : Snnth NYiu.iiinn,
yl!),55l.05: Suutli Victoria. 810. I25.30 :
Esqiiini'ill. yiS.ol2 0'J: Xori h X.uiainio.
^10,1 (i-i. 7;!: Xew W(-s| niiiisl ei-cit v. .*?I5.-
lirifil: Albi-ini. yl 1.(127.15: Cow ii-h.-m.
y.). 110 :J,0 : Xa iiaiiuii e-ii v, y7.7.-.5.C*:->:
Niii'lh   \'i"tufia.   S >.7i31  17:   the   oiber
Printing and slalioni'i y
Pulic e depart nil-lit	
P.it i iutic celebrations...
Pi isonei s' keel")	
Riiail- and s| ( eet,	
Sick and dest it nie	
item-* rnnlrihutiiig   to   the  iriandtot.il Real (-stale	
being |-,-iei|ils at   t re.isurv. $ !.',0.(:.'35.]0 : ,, ,]..���-.���/,. ���],"������ l,'.,,,,]!
fi-Miii tbeC P.R. yl!,70().('rf):  and   fr.nu u'u'llUt <--"���" (,�� �������'")
lbe   E. it X.   Riiiivvitv Cinnpany, !?],-}
io oo
.'>20 (i5
0 05
l.OSV) 02
121 00
22 75
���III   15
15 00
50 55
012 12
1,7 I.'i 02
77 00
1S5 75
11,! (HI 11
].:3C1  17
43 :��
1 00
���J Of)
S18,(.S5 TS
Annual Church Meeting.
Wednesday evening the liieni'iei-.s uf
(he , Pi-esbyteiian Church * held llieii-
annual business ineeling, and li^ieued
to i-epoi Is of the dilfei-eiil ciuiimil tecs.
Three managers were elecled as follows:
J. B. Smith, J. Doyle, J. McLeod. The
finances of the church-were found lo
be in ;t very salisfactoi-y condition,
and the debt has bi-en reduced lo about
$200. Tin- alteiid.-ince at the Sunday
school has increased during Hit1 veinf
about 70 members now being on ihe
roll. A satisfactory increase has ;ilsu
taken place in the membership of (he
Thomas Oiahaine, of the. Prospcc
tor's Exchange, Thomson's Lundintr,
has <,'oii(' to Halifax wlicie he will join
his colors. James Poller, also ������. member uf the reserve, loft with him,
Of course we know you'll do youi   best, i
You're (here, tu rule, you'll do I be i est.
Our (���(iiiipliiuenl.s we now extend.
To you, hit mayor, Ihe people's fiiend.
I-]. A.
Revelstoke, II. C.. .Inn. 12, 10(111.
There h-is bum a ch icl, .iii t! e
postal iemulations an-l n -*.v ii"-.v <papi-r
mail can bo sent, in tu !).i\\s,iu .., r]
Allin. Tbeie vvill l.--- sf.,,t, into ll.e
foi'iner place ;t shipment each wee!; m t
to exceed f)0'< I'miiieis. ,,n(] any e.\oe-s
one week will have thi-   ���.-teiei'-iu-o (.l-o
j iie\l.     The s;u:.c rule   ;;|.p!i(-, to Atiin
1 mail a:
J lie -
Jas. Little, who
one ye.ii atru, i;.inie
this   IIIOI liilli,'.        I L'
in A tliu in m   Mi
ie jii'ccioii -, nn
!<���:!   im"
i   ,    i'i I' 1!
vtun ���;
I..-    f
13 - ti
.   st
-: i-n' tl,i
1   I'     111    ���'!
ll  s
'jl'l  (   -.sjljj
'���11  vve'iit
i, i.nia!
snow siiciis nn Die W'liiii- i',.si;.|.(i
Yukrin railway. 11" came down from
Skii'^-.vav list week". .Mr. Lili'.e y,jl|
nut i el urn tn  the nuriii'-i :i c.i-.i,-,'. rv. i,s
he -says Rev elsloi.e vvili
for liiiti in the future.
The ladies aid society of llie 1'ieiby-
teiiaii Chinch served a fiii<* lunch inr
llie nienihers nf'.ei' the conclusion of
the annua! meeting Wednesday evening, which was much appreciated by
I hose present
=?- That hapless���we had aiinoM. written
hopeless������ cniicei'ii, t he Lillooel, Eraser
River and Cariboo Giildliehb, Liinited, | !ull.v* S:" f'11' lill-'i'1-
liaselnne very lillle in lln- way of pro- c-ideiital cxpeiiso a't
ductivi- vvoi'k nn ils prnpei lies this yeat
but it lias, nevci llieles-, combined to
lose another big sum, amounting lu
.C*-),5I8. It is surely about lime inv a
complete change in Ihe inel hods of Ibis
concern, which has (on verted what
vvas seveial years since believed certain
to be an e.u ly dividend producer, into
an undei Liking which makes nothing
but losses.���Mining Kewid,
! eii'iuch
The citi-.v-'ns of Ptf'veisteik'; sliuule] eio
soiucthiiii; in aid of Ihe l-i.-i! iiiie cornels been iniieli ii,-
'.-!i"-i to t In- v.in k
eif keeping tlie cmnpiny uyi tu-llie
mark, and this j.,-,,. ;lil i,,,,,.) l,r.iiu- bv
the comiiiiui'Iin^ oliici'i*. J!,- has ,-ds-j
p.ii'i the lent, uf lie- u;.ei a house fur
u-e -is ;i (bill hall, save the p irt paid
bv tlie city. Tliere *-vi!l !,'��� cui-idei-
ab!��" expense entui!er| in fining up a
rifle ran-'c this sninin'-i*. and tiseolii
cers of the cutiip.tnv- .-liouid cei t.iiniv
be aided bv the munis in the matter,
l> I -<  THE KOOTENAY ^LAIL  Gbe IRootena? flfcatl  PI"BUSHED KVICKY SATURDAY  ���������AT���������  REVELSTOKE, B.C..  ���������hy���������  11. It. CA.All'iiELL,  l'L"i)i-i3iii:i: .ixii Pitoeiiir.TOit.  siibssr'piioii   Price,   $2.00   Per    Annum  C3' STItlCTLV  IX   mVANCl". 'S3-.  ADVERTISING ItATSS.  "ONTRACT ADVEUTISKMKNTS inserted at  11.,- r.ite uf 51..V) per i-olimiii inch per lupntli.  l''i,i*i;i.icese,i nix coliiiini inches or over ������1  per nii.li per niuutli.  rilAX.-stlCN'T AIIVKKTIPK-MKNTS 10c. per  line-lir-t insertion, oi-. per line each subsequent, insert ion. Thc number of lines  reckoned by space occupied, 12 lines to thc  inch.  RKADINO N'OTICKS 10c. per line each insertion, unless contracted for by tliu 100  lines.  'JOI* PRINTING of every kind at most reason-  '    able rates and shortest notice*.  ACCOUNTS'for job printing nr advertising  payable on the lint of cv cry month.  CORRESPONDENCE on all matters of local  . or public interest mv ileel anil c.irolullv con-  '   ' siilered.   All communications to lhc L utor  muilbeaccomp.uiieil hy the name ol  Uic  vvrili-r, not iii'ccss.iril.v ior publication, but  as an evidence of good i'liith.  Ad.lrc.ss  Tin*: Koothxay Mail,  Revelstoke, B.C.  REVIOLSTOKE, JAX. IH,  1000.  Ax examination of the public' accounts for the yeai ending'June. .'iOtli,  1899, show's a (Jc.'ic't. of ?&'���������'> l,~:'":6fi,  and ojipos-ititiii papeis nre waxing  eloipienl over the exlniv agiincc of lhc  roiv eminent, iti must be rcineiiibcrerl  til it tlie'present goioriimeiit ciid nut  take ch irfjc of tlie li.i nices of the province until the sp'iidiu.{ season tit ��������� llie  , vcar '06 vv.is   far   L'o'ic,    and    lliat   the  ** < iv  largest item-i, tliosc fur public woi Sis  amounting to -SSoti.O 15.37, w.i's larg-ily  spent by tii.; Turner ' g ivcriiineiU, ei-e  tlie Seiiilin niinutry tonic the reins of  ollica, an ! the inure isc'in in my other  items i.s directly traceabli; to the' 1 ilu  "(iveriuiieiit whose, destinies were (!���������<������������������  recte.d by the Hun. J. II. Turner. Tt  might also - be remembered . that the  net increase, in I Ifo deficit of the- his*.  year over tin- pluvious one vvas but  ���������Jll'-l.OOO,' while, the,' in encase, in' tlie  revcnnefiirtlieve.ir vvas some i^o 1,000  ' rleciiling'votc so a.s to leave' things  the.y were before the quest ion was put,  without icg iid'to bis'uvv n   opinion   m  O i v J  the iiiatler.     __.���������.   The last issue of ihe I'.ioenix   News  would meet with the hearty support of  the 1-epiesenLativo work'miriucu and  citizens of TXanaiino :  '��������� Resolved, that we, the members of  the labor organizations, and other citizens of the city of Nanaimo, desiie to  express oui emphatic condemnation cf  Mr. Joseph Mnitin, in his frantic efforts to wreck the present government,  and also his pitiable political hypoeiisy  in allving biin������e]f with those whose*  constant,entleiviu' i.s'to crush the canst*  of labor."  1 The reading of the resolution was received with cheers, and then Mr.  Woodman, went on to contrast the  Joseph Mai tin of 12 months ago with  the Joseph Martin of to-day. One year  ago he despised the clique, with which  the Diuisniuir corporation trained,  while to-day he was tiding on Duns-  inuir's special ti .-litis and Dunsniuir's  special boats, iind was hand ancl wilh  the very meiiMie had fought so vigorously one year ago. It, had been actually stated in Nanaiuio that���������fbe labui-  ing men were supporting Joseph  Maitin; bill, these .slatjOinenls cauie  fi'iiin such men as the brainy editor of  ihe Nanaimo Review, and if that gen-  H'-man were preseni he would like to  hear from him. It was woi thy of remark I hat lbe stop taken by Mr. Martin was merely to have icvenge upon  honest men who happened to dill'er  with him. It was the belief of tin*  speaker that Ihe object uf Mi*. Martin  was to vvri'i k the |il-e������el!l. giiveriiliil-lil. -  and to wreck tlie labor cause. II" bad  often heard of Joe Martin being a poli-  ticai.wobbler, bntbe was surprised nl  (hisrhi test-wobble.'    (Loud - a ])])!. i Use.)  Mi.   W.   J.   McAllan   was  happy   to  ~ecund the   resolution   so  ably   put by  Mi.    Wiindniaii, ;i:id   be   would   do   so  from   a   sense uf   the righteousness of  I ha I, measure.    The political  history of  "Joseph   Martin   demanded  some such  acljnn,eiu th ��������� pail of  the workiiigin'eii  of Br'lis'h Columbia, for   be   bad  snci i-  licetl the htmor'of l hose he'reprcsente-d.  'I'll"i e vvas   some   explanation   due   for  ihe speaker's act ion he'said, fur he had  siuod   upun   the   public  platform and  fought   tooth  and   u.iil   for  that man.  Al lh.it time 'he  though!.  Mr.   .Martin  was going In be the political saviour of  't he country.    Xuw that be had   turned  away   fioiii    his   former   couisc.   there  w,is nothing Iclt. lu do but 'censure him  for his action.    A public man  mlist expect to have bis cm id net brought before ,  l he people, especially in   eases   of   Ibis  kind vvhi'iv there had been a   complete  turn over.    The, men   who   had   placed  biin   in   power  vveie  justified   in'pio-  iiouhcing ii|-)();i hisjuclion.  If Mr. .Mai I in wauled Lo go about his  should  , ,FitOM the. .standpoint of cirrecl,   p ir-  ]iaihent.-iry'procedure Speaker   i'fn-slei  was right in giving the   deciding   viite  in suppui t uf   the   government   Tluirs-'  clay last; on a ptiiely technical question  'of deal'iiig with the   regulation   of   ih"  house. , On a tie it is always right ,-ui'd  proper for'the   chairman   l.i   cast   tlie   ,'-' ".. "   "*"'"*���������" ' "'   '   "'     "   ���������'  '      I , f y'l'li'inces ol   i e-el'-cl mil on I he   pl.i llorm  i-f   his   chousing.      (A- Voic-:    Then-  was no uiotiey  in   thai.),,   Ji-e   .Marl in  was prepared tnsacrili.-e jhe best inter  esl.s   uf   In bui,   and   llie'   l.i boring- iiiiiii  -htiiild prunniiiice sii-ungly   against hi.s  jiim|.ing In  I !)������������������ olln-i-side     If   we ally'  'iicli.in 'in, a   ur.ipei*   niaiiiu;!' he  liave i t'sig.'ied and   expl lined   his |iosi  lion to bis  c-.uisLit ili'iils,- and  taken bis  tells    si.nie  ijuundai'V  ,1.  !-s  he I  en  ,.|  n S'.u-ii men   peojil  will say  plain     11 ul i.-s    annul    ,l!ie i '   , , .  '    , I " I here s  youi   hi'iMi-   p:uly   tin    you.  ���������uuiJlry.       Ane.iig      ���������" I"'-; ; \\> must  "he   coiisi.sienl   aiid..s| ro'ight-*  lliiiigs it s.ivs   there   ,n-e   eiiuiigh   men  now in the country to do all,the wmk  for months to conic even if great 'de  velopinent takes place. 'It closes with  the statement thai'the Bound,uy is a  gteat coiinliy for , I.ibuicis and  mechanics to stav a wav from.   '  COIlsl.sll  fui'ward. If vv e ever ox peel tn obtain  out tights in a legal and honest manner we must do mhii('thing. Joe Martin has jumped fi inn .the siilf1 of labnc  lulbc side of Ihe tyrants of Biitish  ('(ibunbia.  Mr. Richard R )'ilh said that   the   in-  THE   END  OF THE WORLD.  A. Seieutist Figures That It Is Tlirc -���������  Uilliou VeurH  Off.  Scientists do queer things sometimes.  One of them lias attempted to calculate  in cold mathematics how soon we may  expect the judgment (Lay, and he prepared a paper on the subject which he read  before the American Association For the  Advancement of Science. 'Starting with  (he total amount of energy stored in the  sun and the fact that the oib of day is  continuously 'distributing energy equivalent to the work of seven men for each  area of the enith's surface of the si/.e of  the human body, our statistician calculates that it will requite 3,375,000,000  years of outpouring before a sensible  ,diminution of the quantity of energy given out can be deter*'d. Up to' this distant period mountains will stand, rivers  will run, plants will grow and animal life  will exist much as it does,today.  If you realize that solar energy as soon  ns used reasserts itself in some other  form, cither as sound, electricity or simple motion, it is easy to see that this estimate i.s too small rather than too great.  At any rate the world is' not liable to  stop going yet foi- a few years, according  to his reasoning.  Some idea of the vaslness of the force  that i.s meted out to us from the physical'  source of cnitlily life may bc-igainc-d, he  says, by considering,that if the energy  that the sun gives to earth in a single day  could be bottled up and directed against  Niagara fulls it would cause the great  body of wnter to dash back again up hill  for -1,000 yea rs. If turned into a> single  blast of heat, it would cause every Jiving  creature instantaneously to blight and.  wither; the ice around the poles would be  melted in ono"and three-quarter niiiiutes,  and in another 11 seconds all the oceans  woithl- be turned into steam.  If transmuted into electricity, a,spark  would Ilnsli from the earth as far as the  planet Jupiter. If collected into a single  sqiind. the vibration thereof would not  only ,break every ear drum in the world,  hut would uproot the giant trees of tho  forest and even level mountains. If  changed into a momentary Hush of light,  ils burst would bo so blinding as to penetrate the Willis���������of tho deepest dungeons  and destroy the f-iglif ofi every living  creature' In brilliancy this flasli would  exceed the brightness of the sun itself  oveiy 1,000.000 times.  For one limn to expend an amount of  'energy equivalent to flint which the earth  receives from the sun in llie tenth part of3  a' second   lit" would   have  to,work  hard,  continuously for 87,000,000 years.  ,This calculation is remarkable In that-  ' its result differs by more than .V3.373.000  .years   from   (ho .period   when   scientists  generally believe thatthe world will come  to nn find.   Sficli exports ns Darwin and,  Huxley believed ihai if would sustain life  2.000,000 years hence.���������l-liilndelpliu-.  I|)-  quiier. ' i  HE SOOTHED THE  LOST  BOY.  MnRlcn! Effect or .Jinuii}- ni>.;!-!Iis I5n-  uann on a Strayed  CIiiLJ, ������  While shoppers  were  putting  in  their  busiest timo ii little boy about 4 years ot  age   was   wandering   up   and   down   thc  sidewalk . crying   for   his'   mother,   from  whom he li.-u] become separated.    Ho vyas-  ' hat I ess   and    would '  ||;)v*o     been     unattractive  but   for a   big  cluster  of  lighf,  short curls.     Women stopped to pet 'and  fondle him."   He broke away  from them,  however, and I'm on sobbing "Mamma.'','  , Finally  he  run  into 'a 0 foot  policeman,  who  grabbed   him   up  in   his  arms  and  asked  hiin   iii,,a  bluff sort   of  way   what  the ' trouble  was.  - The  policeman quieted the lil'lle fellow somewhat  with:       ���������  ,  "Oh.   I'll   Iind   your , 121:1111111:1!     Come  along, vv ilh me." , -  The two slarlcd down the stiect, the  child's head', resting on tin* p-iliceiiian's  shoulder. Iii'foro ihey had gone- lu;o  blocks the chllil vv us sound asleep,  e-linchiug in its liaiid.a penny tlio policeman had given it. Retorc they got  far the child woke up wilh a start 11 nd  began to cry harder than ever. Tho  polici-ni.il) put it down to walk. At the  coiner a crowd of newsboys, gathered  around, plying the goi.d naturod blue-'  coat wilh :iil kinds of questions about  his   charge.     Ono   of   the   boys   put   hi.s  Kootanay Lodg-e  /���������7P*  No. 15 A.F. & A.M.  V^*    * * Tlie, regular meeting  are held in llie Music  Temple, Ronnie'   H.iil   on   liie    thir  ���������s== viijinliiy in cue  11'jnihi.it s e. in  V sitin Ore th re 11  r Un U . welcomed.  11. J. PRATT Skckktaiiy.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  '    ^S^~"-',~Q- Rjgnl.tr meetings arc held  ^.pJlJ^^>r,(������&, I inirs-.l.iy  night  al,  eight  ^si^ScO&^^SSo'clock.   Visiting brother*  ���������^"-viA'^f^yrj?'^ cjnlially welcomed.  P. MOORE, X. G. A. C. THOMPSON, Six.  SELKIRK LODGE, NO. 12, I. O. O. F.    _ _ Meets every Tuesday  -~tf^f     T^t-t"v.    evening in Oddfellows'  Wl      V)   "^xllall     at'  s'  oclock.  '^s^.   y\ Visiting brethren cor-  .LPAI/jIKII, n. g.  elially  united  to  attend.  J. MATI11E, Six,  5J������..  %}.0.EM  W$'  COURT WT. BSGBIE  I. O. F, No. 31G2.  j Meets in the Oddfellow"*  'lliilloii  the second and  fourth Mondays of each  mouth.    Visiting brethren   invilcd   lo  attend.  K. I). .I.C. JOHNSON,  C. K.  C-.W. MITCHELL,  R. a.  GpM Rango Lodge,  K. of P., No. 20,  Bovolstolcc, B.C.  Meets every Wednesday in Odd Fellows'  Il.-ill at S o'clock.'  Visiling ICniglits invited.  J.  AV. CROSS, M.f).,  C. C.  .IAS. GILL.  K, ok R. S: S.  McLennan, MeFeeIy������& Company, Limited,  Plate   and  Sheet   Glass,  Wood    Mantels,   Grates,  MAJESTJ.O, STEEL   RANGES   for   Hotel0 and   Family   Ue  Miners' and Mill Supplies.  Vancouver, -    \  '      - British Columbia,,  Branches at Daw.son Oily, Allin and Bennett. ���������   ,,  and   Tiling,  fi  n  'It'  fi  >-.rl.  5,lfc  t*������  ir  ff  n  "���������*<.' 4  t--*7fi  ���������^il  m  pm  '���������<m_  ���������:m  ���������M  'AIRWAC  THE B. C. ASSAY. AND CHEMICAL SUPPLY CO. (flMITED).  "(Lille MaoFarlaneiS: Co.)  VANCOUVER,    B,  C, ,  We iire iManiii'.iclurers* and dii-ect Ini|ioi-ters, und carry a , large stock of  Balances, Furnaces, Fire Clay goods, Scientific and Practical Books, Glassware,  Platinum goods, Acids, Chemicals, nnd nil otherAssaycr'saiid.Minei 's requirements  Sole Ageuls loi' M01 gan Crucible Coinpanl, 'Ballersoa,  Becker Sons' Bal  ances, etc.  "'    Catalogue'iind full narlieiilar,s?s  ion,  Is,a to])ic which i.s occupying iiii- ntlcnlion oi  tlio ninny. Rcfurc you iiiiikoiiuoilioi-'pui'cliiisc  of 11 sjUIT, just lii'iu- i:s in mind. Our workmen receive fair pay, emr SUITINGS arc tlie  hesi (-ii.ilily. .-md iiionoy spout with lis rev oris  into ilia channels ol Undo 111 your own city.  Wo can give you lit and llnisli equal lo any  111 Canada. Gel our prices and CMiniine our  i^oedsiinil titt-sf, fashion plates.  000 JiloUtf c  MercliiuiL Tailor.  V  NOTICE���������The   Arrow lic.nl   and    'ICooLcnny,  Railway Com puny (liicni-por.ilcd    hy an'  act of I Im !i\ifi!=l,i|iirc ot   l'.ritisli Columbia, (j!  Victoria. Chapter IT) will apply   tu lhc j-.u-lia-  iiiiuit in C.'aiiaiiii al   lis ne.Nt  M-ssitiii  for mi ael  "declaring Iho words which  tlie  company is bj  -its acl ol incorporation .���������uilhoi-.y.-jd lo construct  lo he works inr llie general  ad vantage ol Can'  ada: extending lo the end of   tho year  l'JCJ the  period wit!iiii"vvliiob  the  company   may  complete ils work, and giving such   powers to   the  'company .is in the   ni^iiil lining und opcr.U.ng  ji* disposlny of   ils   railvviiy   mid   works as are  -isually given to railway c-nnnanie.s  incorporated by lliii pu-liiunt'iiLof ("i.n.'i'.lii.  Uv older uf lhc I'ruviMonal Directors.    .  ( ,   CHARLES JUR].S'lv\\',ATI'',U.  Secreteiry.,  Moiitrc-iil, -iOtli Xovcmbcr, IS!)!). , 3l)-!lt  Bs,os:jk.������srT  *>.''  \l  '���������,.l>,,  '.-"'Sii  ���������."fab  "?fef"3  .-���������-.-."--isi  ARROWHEAD.  Dry Goods Groceries, Marclware. Tinware, Powder, Fuse, Etc  Miners'' and Prospectors' Outfits a Special Ly,"   "   '  tests  of  the  wockiiigui-'n   vve'te  the  Hi:  .The iiitmicipal election held  week should furnish evidence enough  to cbnviiit-e'uny thinking in.in, property  owner   or   proletai i m,   that    llie  1 hand  into   his coat   pocket  ami   brought  ti'iesis  ,���������   ,���������,-   woci<ii,gu,..n   vvete  ,ne ;  foitb n bi��������� hama^ ^.^ h(. bM Qut tQ  intciest'-ul everyone in   the   pi, vint-e. j the youugste-r,,checking the (low of tears  and causing smiles to come instead.  "You're a good boy, Jimmy." said  the  policeman  as lie parted the newsboy on  A.  Ml. HOEDlCIf  ANALYTICAL  CIIKJMST -AND  (   ' * ASSAYICR.  Koyal Silieol of Mines. Luiulini.'  .s'evtn years ul Morl.i Works, bw-ansea.    ���������  Sevin'i-cn yiitis Chief Chemist, to Wig.tn  C0.11 and trull Co.. Kit-.  Liito I'licni.-t, nut-\-saycr. Hall Mines. Ltd.  I'-very do-o.ip ion of assay and -iuiilyticn!  w n k 1111dcrlal.cn.  Claims examinid nnd reported upon.  KKVELSTOKK, II. C. 1  ARVEY &��������� Mci'L-VRTER  lie felt that Mi-. .Mart in hid utiLi-imecl [  all sense 'of decency, in ncting in the i  way in which be did, and be could not j  Iind wends strong enough in hia, vuc.ib- j  ularv to den,nine- him  as  sti-uutrlv  as ;  property quidificalitm  fur   elector   and , he'vvunld like. ' ;  otlice holilei-   iu   l'nuiiicipalilies   should |     After sevei nl <)th������i -p -;iki-i.-* had iu-i-n ',  lieaid    the    resdln'. ion    was     pn:    and  carried vvilhcmt a dissent-in^ vol" ami,! -  great iil)]ihilise.    Thus ar-.* Ihe   \vurk-r-.- ,  be abolished. The wan  also been weighed iu the  found win.ting.  should I  svstem   has |  baiiuice   and  Till-; latest int'ei inent in tie B.C.  newspaper cenicl'-.iy was lliat of ihe  Phoenix TNevvs, which teised lo live  and mould public opinii n , hist S.itui-  dav.  if  Hit- p:\c. inc.' pit! ting th'-:.isc  recoid.  the head.  , "Avv, dat's all right. I was savin de  ha u tin a for me s*isier, but let de kid h.ivo  It. and he'll'l'ergit all about his old 'woman."  The ciowd laughed. The journey to  the st.Vion house vv.-is made quickly, and  iho li;:l'.' follow, wilh ilie penny in one  La iid aiui banana in the other, had time  only   ir.  simle  at  Jhnuiy,   who   had   quit  un:  p.'Ipl-IS  tii  enough   lo  will  bo-  side the -lost child as  far as the station  bouse.  RaII.W.W     Ciilllpilllies     ,'U'o  publics���������tin^iMti'i'ii!.     That  plain the s'Jn-iv inif of oiie   uf  vein s ci u[) uf aldci men.  11 ice  111.1 v 1  tin."  re  I'N-  iiist  'J'f is indeed iii.e ih V. politiis make  straij^e hed fellows. Tin iiziiit1 Jue  Martin ncti'i'tr a< advi������i,'r and chief  push uf liie I iiiiisiiiiiii-T-ii net ci'xud.  Ilia  Wliilt;  Ll������>.  "How long''bi-foit- 1 lie tr.i'ri ������tai*..= ?','  said a w.inian to the t-ekit r.^i'i.t .is ,������-lie  fumbled-in her po' ki tbuo'c i.i a iei-iuely  way. ' ,  "One 'niiiuite" re-nl'e-'l iii" licKel "gent.  "ILivv lii.'iiiy sn,|,N ,i,���������.^ if r.iiike���������you  say one nuuiiteV' sbe- ev-.a-nuil, Mopping ill   till'  lliill-t  Of iiel   (Jilesl.oil.  "Yi-s'm  '���������(iooiliu'ss gi-le-miis. Here, give me a  ticket, ("-.'li.-k."  "You  vvi.c- n.i'ti'ik.'ii." said  fhr  travel-'  ing iiiiiii who w:is ,;i. .1 in line 'to I be tick-  'ot   si Hei-.     "Tli.K   tia.u  does  not   le'lve  for  fi'-e liiiililti s."  -"I know it. but n������ I h.ivo kc,',t nine  people fi',]il nil-sing tin- i::nn I lliiuli you  ought lo be lh,mi,I'-lf at hiis; "  >-"- '     '  AV oeiilen   (iIioi-k,       c  Tl.c-y  ce-II   sabots,  or wooden  shoes,  .it  one- su-rc in  Iri'li'iiinpolis, .'md the dealer  ���������-'ays. lh";-"   aw-   made-   in   (ii.iind    Rnpiiis  : from basewoo'l by Belgians. They are  t:"-d   liV*   pr-'ij,|p  who   work   in  can'iie-rie-.s.  - ".i.1 (���������;���������(- imi s*i|,li.|', a-iel, p{c, on the doors  ruin   'Iu-io  le.'itlinr;   by   ]jeople>  w ho  stanel  , on -wi-t" (l'>'ii-s, -nicb ns emijioycps of  '���������.���������'���������ninc'-i'-*-* anil washerwomen, nnd now  uul ih'-n a fniiiionable waninn buys a  pair Jo wear wifh-int -nocking,*; wlie-i,, .she  wi,-,he-s to test lu-i ff-t  UARI5ISTEKS, SOLICITORS, ETC.  On-'iCKS : ��������� Jloi sons   R.vmc   Dj.ock,   Rtivni,-  S'l'oicc, B. C.  TMoncy lo loan.  Oilices: Revelstoke, B. C; Fort Steele, IJ. C. ,  GiiO. S. McOahtkk, .1. A. lLutVKY,  Rcvcl-stokc. \t. C. i-'ort Sloelc, B. C.  ...,.   ..ESTABLISHED 18C2'  VICTORIA, B. C.  F1SE -      ,������������������/'"  PLAGE^a,,^^";   '   ������������������  "..���������,'.;;-FURNITURE \  v'5 i;en'dei=.s, lMre sets, Andirons, etc.  irass-antl  \Vroug"lu   Iron Finish.  \  Latest designs  in  B.  it'll.-R--  ci|iliun;    Iiai!(|uet,      J'iano   and  Hanging Lamps.  t ,  Wnlu for  Il'.usi rations of Complete  House I1 iii-iiisliiiiKs. '  >M  'iff  ' /.  ;mr  .'���������;���������>[  : \0*  ���������mil  ���������ji Mi  m  ?*$&:  W. CROSS, M. D.  SURREOX TO TII12 C. P. It., CITY HEALTH  . OFFICEl-.  Office: Taylor Block, Mackenzie A venue.  Gold,   Silver,  Lead,  and  Copper Ores  ���������w. pellevThabvey,"  I-', (f. S.. I-itc.  .\-saj oniees .uul JIt-l.-ilIiii-gif-.-iI Works,  V.VN'COUVKIt. if. G.  Sampling Works, 717-711) Ponder Street.  Is prepared  In   pur, base   Iho   above    class-is  of  ores for it _' lollnwing   Knglish  houses'  w liuin In* !"���������: .e-scnls. vi/.:  ViM.in Lv .S -*s,  Sw.uisci,   Llliolfs Jluial Co.  Ltd..   l!-.rry|irirl.   Smith   ,W,iles,   .Smcllcr.s,  Ri-fi.i  rs. I it-sih cn-oers, Manufacturers.  ChccJ"-iiig    snnltor    pulps   a    specialty  Samples  For 1901        '    '  Will soon be out*  -The Kootenay Mail.  H ghsst C.ish Price Paid for  "JUDAS THE TRAITOR."  Instead of "Joseph the Liberator'  Labor's Enemy.  At 11 l.i'gely .il I ended   lii.i-   iiiei ling -  of l-iL if iiniuiii-ts Icl 1 in N 1 n.i inn 1 iasi  .Mundiiv night the II ci. Ju-.-pii Mnl in  vv,|s i(i,|s| ed I,, ,1 brown I ill'll bv sei ei ,1! !  1  S|i"ak"Cs lor hi* | reason tu t ic e m.|. in j  nl f 'iiipl i eg   lu   o',i-.l    l ii,'   iiuiy  go*, to ii- j  inent   which    ever   gave    Ihe   vi 01 Iters  legislation 'leiii.iiided by theiii.  .Mr. .Win. W'uu'liiie.i. ul   ti.e   Miii'i's  'union,   Iii .-I   spoke: he  said   when Mr.  ' Mai I in Mi -t ( a ni", I-i I In- 1 on nl 1 v In-  reg-nd.-d him as .Joseph 1 he Iih"i aim-,  but in view e,f his ivccnl .utio-i In-  c mid no lunger 1 egai el hnn   as ,Ju-i ph  , A  Toiii;Ii  J on rn e*y,  1      While  on  one  nl   Hip  crowded   Me  of  1  Man  IPiats 11:1  fililliain  man.   who  -ii!'f.-i'  c  aw r  cl   severely   from  sci-i'-kiu-su.  vv,  III .'1 I'll   IO  s'.-l v  [n  bis 'Oil ���������   ".I. Ill ,:l V .   I'  i    (e|i       il       S|il'|(        l\ |'       J|       sill |.|-        kind  a vilieiam;  (ha  cilii have' it.     Tbeie  ,V "!'���������  g- f  o-l'l  tu 1)  or I luce r-nid 1' t' b.-nik. and if's far t'  li'iiyin. An. .Iii.'iin.v. Inny nie in th' I-Ie  0' Moil. J can't slaiiil this (rip again ���������  nloivc oi- elcnad."  e n-  A   Hooded   Aililcr.  Wiit-n Too  JJood wns pass-jiij hi-< (ion-  eyni',,111 1:1 the coiinli'.v, he killed 1111 adib-r  1 one- daj  j      "'I'i II    voiir   fiifher,"    he   wrote   lo    bis  ',  v. \ri\  '.i-.*i i-   in   eh sr-i iliing   the   ,111 oh *u,  I  "l!,,il    ihey   arc    e.-ilie (I   adders    l-.-e   i<'"  tuo nil'!  Ivvi logetli'-i- miike  foill'."  '   .vil -','i nn ii' -  1- '  .". .rii.i,. ���������:  - .,.1, .1- ���������-,. *.  or...      I'  ,, ,,,-  ���������  -ii j   i      I '1 .1     1  .10- ri.o    -t j'.i   -ii ,  hu i!in_" ,;.. . I-   t'-.- .mv   ,"i ,:;���������,  --'nj, -ar-11 it <! h' . p p j-ied .j'i * i  _wm lt 1 from  G. W.    ALOV/.N,  I-  (1. B.,< 501 A/-, il f-,r .Lis  v/inniijog, M-in.  I'auqv.  and   wkll   lioiitkC"-"  HAMPLH ROOMS.    Ilciitcel by  "QRW  s^5 hot air and clccLric bells iinel  liglil iu every room.' l'Yoo bus meets .ill  Lriiins.  REASONABLE RATES.  N'iglil, Urill R011111 In coniiecflnii for the  ennv enience uf gue.ls arriving niu! depart ing by nig hi. (ruins.. Houi-lv street  ear ljLl.wccn holel aiul station.  J3IIN V. PERKS, PROPRIETOR.-  ��������� REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Notaries Public and Conveyancers  I)i.  v ii:t; anil -ficll v ei 111^  Ti .mis iil'.v iv s ready  1,,,:ice.   ,    ('cni 1 ads  I.llC','1.  i^.-li1  .t  sjiecialty.  at   .shortest  fur   jobbing  M. C. Oil Co.  'Robert Samson,  the liberator.  ' Ti-iilii   nml   I lies   feeling   eif   nilegi-itv   .'i|e  \ of  tin-  In -ul's  own  cs erici-.   Slioulii   ihev  , ('.'ill   for  siifl'ci'ings  none   u-piiit   Ilie   sac  I lilKi-  R. HOWSON & CO ; J  1 I  1        Furniture and  !        Undertaking.  i Repairing and Upholstering Done.  i. WOODROW  AND VALUATORS  Sole Agents Smelter Townsite Fire Insurance Money to Loan  O-O-O-O OOO-OO-O -CK)^<K)<HX>O-CKH><>0^>  $1 PER DAY..  Newly Built.  Lighted by Electricity  Tlm-o-jghout.  riilher cli������posccl to bniud him as .Tud;is ,  the traitoi.     He moved   I In- follovviiiR i hpt','.'"��������� u  ' niLluii ui.  wi    joiili]    sec   oni-'iclvci    a.s   otIici--t  U'.ire hoife 111   '-otu-'-,'u,'i'',-���������   'o,.!/,  of fair 11 Iv . I'd fillu-r f ,1 ml c"    I, '.ill'-,  (teat iiK-iil lily o   o'l.r-i-,'n"'.  ,\g'slit-' for I.'ii;. iii',,'ni nuwaig M.ielijiu-  '���������olutioii, and  felt confident Lhat it  vvniilil  ben severe blow to   un   | A������"iit-ior i.uvm-i.-iii .-.uvv,ug viae hini-..  -uiiitiiKo Nciv*      ' j Revelstoke Station. fi.C.  I'urvf:y.'ir of 11 i^'h-cl-'is1. Mcils  RBYSLSTOKB, B.C.  All orders in out line *\i!l be I'.-uii'plly  ril/tciJilcd to.  AAlj,  Best Brands of  Wines, Liquors and  Cigars.  R. CALEY, PROP'R.  i-���������������-w~" ���������tw���������jsr^m:  k>S^*T^^?Q^ THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  n  DO   IT,  SAY  IT.  If you've any task to do,  Let me vvliis-pcr, my friend, to you, ,  Do it.  If you've anything to say,  True and needed, yea or n������y,  Say it.  If you've anylliing to love  As a blessing from above, ,.  ,  Love it. , i  If you've anything to give  Tlict another's juy may live,  ' (Jive it.  If some hollow creed you doubt,  Tlic-iigli tho whole world licot ar.d shout,  Doulit il.  '     * tr i  If you've any debt to pay, ,  Best jou neither night nor day,  I\iy it.  If you've any joy to hold  Near your liearl, lest it grow cold.  Hold it.  If you've any grief to meet  At a loving Father's feet.  Meet it.  If you know what torch to light,  Guiding oihcrs in the night.  Light it.  ���������Si.  Paul Pioneer Press.  CfOOOOO 0 0 OOO 00 OOOO 000000000  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  O  o  o  THE DUDE'S LUCK.  Harold Tremayno Found It Very  Acivaiitasacuo In tho  Klondike.  O  O  O  O  o  0  O  o  o  o  00000000000000000000000000  Harold' Tremnyne was at eight, and  twenty a favored clerk in a largo business house hi Liverpool, tho chum of all  his fellow clerks and something of, the  (spoiled pet of'his employers. ���������lie was in-  vited to the senior partner's" residence in  the Lake district, and there had the reckless audacity to fall in love with his  host's youngest daughter, Mabel. What  is worse, the1 young lady was not slow in  recognizing his devotion or in allowing  him* to se'e that slit- also cared for him.  The result vvas inevitable--an interview  with'' paterfamilias, iu which lie kindly  but firmly pointed out,to the young man  the impossibility of his |)retensions to  anything but 'disappointment.  ' "I'm sorry for yoit'.'Tromaync. It was  , straight forward and manly of you to  spcils .to me before matters had gone  fintlier,,.but you will, of course, understand Hint while I hope to sec you stay  with the firm and rise'in tlie otliee, an;  question'of such 11 marriage is absolutely  not' to befjhought of. Mabel is not 13  nnd vvill~so5n-iforget. a holiday fancy."  Poor Harold winced. "Each of my girls  will'receive as,dower the annual interest of ������20.000 provided she marries with  my consent, nnd also' provided her husband has n:i income of similar or greater  Bino'int." '  , -  Ilr.rold looked ,n young man's scorn of  monetary considerations in such auiiiit-  ��������� tc'r, and the old man added, half sadly:''  "You may think me, uiercenai-y, but I  have seen too much misery brought abou<"  by unequal marriages, where the income  has been all "on the wife's side and whore  misapplied love has, .dictated that most  . unhappy alliance���������11 runaway 'maien'."  Poor Harold returned, next day to his  work., iii0' Liverpool, alternately bemoaning his comparative povcity of ������200 a  year and sympathizing vviih the shrewd  wisdom of Mabel's rather. His, soul rebelled against the underhand courtship  -of a rich''man's daughter, and pride'and.  resolution struggled, over the* problems.  Can ,a man with ������200 a .veiir wed a Vo-r  ,r.ian   with   i'SOO.   and   how  can   a   young  , man most rapidly ami ceilainly quadruple ilu- foM'.icr income? lb- did not decide suddenly'. b*.u most people would  agree lliat he decitie'd rashly, t for si few  day's biter ho re-solved that tin* lirst step  toward gaining a thousand 11 year was to  resign the posit ion' which brought Iiim in  nearly a, quarter of.that amount. Mr.  JJnrtlott''remonstrated wilh liiin on the  subject nnd when he hoard"the one word,  "Klondike," came tn the end of his patience and termed Harold Tremayno "a  consummate young fool" foi-,thinking of  making a fortune in such a place.  ."As  , for Mabel," lie added,  "she vvas (lining  with  nuothei'  young   visitor  before -you  had been gone four and twenty' hours."'  Harold vvas 011 the point of saying that  ' whether Mabel loved him or not' his love  for her made' staying wit.li the tirtn impossible, but restrained himself nnd-only  repeated his resignation. '-  "All right,"  said  Mr.  Rartlett,  "go if  you must,  but mind, if you come back,  ns of course you will, we will give you a  post in the ollicc, but you'll have to begin '  ns a junior again."  ' "1 shall return with ������20,000 or not at  ' nil," ,said Treiuayue stoutly.  <-,       ��������� *     '   * * ������'       *        *  A strong, healthy young man, ITarold  had always been fond of athletic exercises; otherwise he had absolutely no tit-  noss for roughing it in a mining camp  anil for the strenuous work of eliggipg or  washing for gold.'' Still, fired by the  ' tales which appeared in the English papers of quickly amassed wealth in.and  'about Dawson City, he determined to  place his whole future on the hazard of  the die. lie had sufficient money for the  necessary outlit and expenses for a few  months' stay 111 the mines anil hurried  across Camilla and took the first boat  leaving Victoria for Fort Wrangel.'  It was oil the steamer that lie first had  the name of "the English dude" fastened  upon him, nnd for no better reason than  that he paid rather more attention to personal neatness than did his fellow voyagers nnd treasure seekers. The long ���������  journey was finally accomplished, mid  Harold Treniayuo 'found himself oi:e of  the latest nml most ignorant of the inhabitants' of the city which had sprung  up on the banks of the Yukon river, that  cosmopolitan city crowded vviih citizens  nil engaged in the feverish race for the  possession of sittlicieiit wealth lei be able  to leave it. Allowing his igiieu-ance to be  more than suspected, the English dude  found his stores anil dollars rapidly (li-  niinisliiiig. Victimized by the crowd of  idlers who lived 011 newcomers, he was  not long before finding himself absolutely  penniless nnd with nothing but his muscles nnd a few'tools to ward off actual  starvation. Thoughts or his old position  In the linn of I?;u tie-It, Joyce it,Co.. and  of his late employer's offer of a junior  clerkship on his return, braced him to  fresh efforts.    ,  ��������� He had tried for vv-eks lo pick up a  thorough knowledge of the work nnd to  accustom himself to the leing endurance  of n miner's labor. Sometimes he had  joined with other newcomers and sometimes had sought gold by himself, but always with the most ludicrously Insignificant results.' "The dude's luck" became  gfcvevl'ial suwmg tl������e' older miners, aud  A.iLiiiK Too Much.  "I wish,'" said the irritable man ns ho  pushed (ho book nvvny, "that this author  would try a new vein."  "lie writes dialect very well."  "1 suppose so. Hut I'd like to see him  make a departure. I'd like to have him  attempt nn imitation of tho style ot a  refined, educated and grammatical geutlft-  rcwn."���������Washington Star.  ns Haroid journeyed of an evening to the  tent which he shared with another "len-  derfoot". he would hear men shout to  one another:  "Say, Jake, how've you geit on today?"  "Oh. 110^ enough to cover a nickel���������the  dude's hick again.-' '  Ilaioitl knew that the gibe and the'  laugh vvhiih followed it, were directed  against' himself, nut doggedly continued  ,on his seemingly hopeless hunt for that  which meant life and love to him. At  lciigl'h niat.'ers were getting desperate,  for he cuiilil nn lunger get employment.  If he offeii-il his help, he was told bluntly. "We don't want lbe* dude's luck here."  Almost wo; 11 out with that hope de-  fcried which niaketh the heart sick, he  paused one day to watch an oldish man  who worked on in his claim almost without iii'.eimission. The onl. man seemed  irritated, as though lit* thought,the dude's  luck might be contagious.  "What d'ye want?" lie growled. "I  can't afford to pay for any dudc-'s help."'  ' "I want." said Harold, "what most of  us are here for, I guess, aud that is  gold." ,       '   ���������  "Well, why don't you look for it 'stead  of loafing around and hindering others?"  '"Whore shall  I,look?" said  Harold in  the half tired,  half pettish  tone of one  who had tried every where.      - ,  "Well," said the man. pausing from his  labors aud straightening" his back with  dilliculty,' "if I were you I'd try right  there in the middle of thin slow."  This was said wilh the broadest wink  to some other ,111011 standing near, and  was received by them with,a loud guffaw  of laughter. , ,        '    "  To, the inen's surprise- Harold at once  crossed to the* slew (a small depression  of 'marshy hind where stagnant water  gathered) and was soon busily at, work.  On the following day he continued and  went down-to the ollicc and formally en-0  tercel fen- the claim. The news spread  thai the English dudu had staked a*claim,  anil vvas working for gold in-the Hoggyi  slew.. A number of idlers hung about  and watched him and amused ono another with,their gibes.  "Say, dude," would come the familiar  impertinence, "don't you want a partner  there?"     ' -. , *      y ������������������  "Or a team to carry off the gold?" from  another .bystander. ,       - '     ,  Then-a pause, and anotli'or tormentor  would begin. "Don't-forget to give me  some shares in the company."  Then, again," "Say, elude, how many  tlio'iisand'll yoii'sell your claim for?"  "With your luck thrown in," added a  fHither voice. ���������  After a few days Harold's face flushed  with a reviving , hope. He had' found  gold in his unpromising claim, and 1 thc  only question was how soon would it  give out. Each day's work, however,  seemed to yield him a heayier return of  ore, and at length he fomid a "pocket"  Which was iii itself a fortune. With an  extra heavy load he went down to the  bank and was as usual hailed' by another  gold seeker:        ���������     '   . - *  ���������  "Say, anything but wnter in your  slew?", ��������� ,  ' '    ,  , "Nothing much," replied Harold in nn  offhand manner. "Only the dude's luck."  , Tho,find was too remarkable a one to  remain long unknown, and it vvas soon  bruited abroad that the "dude" hud  made nearly a record "pile." At once  Harold Tremayno found himself courted  by those who had laughed and-gibed nt  him but a few 'hours earlier. lie had  woikt-d foi* n goat that he had never lost  sight of, and before the weather rendered traveling impossible lie made arrangements safeguarding his interests in,Klondike and returned to, Vancouver, already  the master of more wealth than that  which Mr. H.-uflett had named a.s an essential qualification foi- a son-in-law of  hi.s.    ' '      ���������        1  Iiotttrii(*d,"l)o,'ird(d like the paid" from  11 place where everything i.s subordinated  to the I'e.veiisli lust for gold. Harold had  himself, "to use his own words, "shaved  into respectability," and stinted cast with  the least possible delay. He had left Liverpool in, the early spring and was back  there once more in the early winter. His  vessel arrived in the Mersey about noon,  and directly lie got ashore Harold pro-'  ceeelcd to-the familiar offices in Water  street.  , lie vvas eyed somewhat dubiously by  his whilom fellow clerks,'who,only knew  that he had "chucked up his berth" for  some'whim. With a little trepidation ho  asked if Mr. Hartlett were in and vvas nt  once ushered into the principal partner's  sanctum.       ��������� . '  "Ha!" exclaimed that worthy. "How  d'ye do, Treiuayue? Hack even sooner  than I expected." Then, without waiting  for a reply, he rose and called into the  outer oflice: "Mr. Joyce, can we make a  vacancy for. a new junior? Here's young  Tromayiio wants us to give him a fresh  start."  Poor Harold felt in a very awkward  quandary. He could not well blurt out:  "I've made a fortune. Now may I marry Mabel?" Yet ,that, of course, was  what his return meant. While Mr. Hartlett had gone to the door, the younger  man's eyes fell upon a copy of The Daily  Post on the desk, and he saw iu n Hash  the following paragraph:  "Among the passengers by the steamship Parisian, due' in the Mersey today,  i.s one ol the latest of the Klondike mil-  liomiiros, IlaroliLTroiiiayne, who we believe only left this city iii the early part  ,of the present year."  , Harold's eyes sparkled with amusement as he put his linger against the paragraph nnd pointed it out to Mr. Hartlett  as that gentleman reseated himself. The  usually dignified head of the linn jumped  from his chair to the door again and called excitedly:   ,  "I say, Joyce, of course I meant junior  partner. Don't "make nny confounded  mistake and ' imagine I meant junior  clerk."  With the new year the style,!)!" the firm  became Hartlett. Joyce & Treinayuc. and  when spring was merging into summer  the daughter of the oldest member of tho  firm became the wife of the youngest.���������  Lloyd's News.  HIm IIig.li Claim.  "So Box ford wants to run ror the legislature, does he? What has lie ever done  to deserve the conlidence or the support  of the* people?"  "Him?    Geo!    Didn't'you know about  it?    Why, he got up our local boycott on ���������  the*   Paris   exposition   ami   started  tho  movement to hang them French generals  in effigy!"���������-Chicago Times-Hera Id.  THE  YELLOW  VIOLET.  When beechen buds begin to Evvell  And woods the bluebirds" marble know.  The yellow violet's modest bell  Peeps from tlie last year's leaves below.  Ere russet fields their jjrrcn tssirae-,  ��������� Sweet flowtr, I love  in fnreft 1 are  To nipel liii-c, when ihy f-ial p-ifuiat'   ',  Alone is in ilu. virgin a-r.  Of ail her train (lie lian.'.s nf fpring  l"ir?t p!ani il-n- in i!-.e v, ai i-,  i.-old.  And I liase E-rnlhri* l,l-.i-'t,i.-.iiig  Ucsitie li-e snev, i.di.i.'a t,.'gts t t,l J.  Thy parent sun. who l-iidc tl-.rc view  l.'.-ili- t-ku'S. and iliilong moisture sip.  Has bathed lluv in his own luislit hue  "--And streaked wilh j"t thy glowing lip.  yet slight Ihy form and low  tin  srat.  And earthward bent thy gentle eye.  Unapt the pas-ins lii-iv l������ men. '  When loftier flower-, art: Haunting nigh.  ; ��������� William C'ullen Bryant.  SNOGGLES,   THE  SNORER.  Tricks IMnyed by His Tent, Compnn-  loiin to..MnIiO  IEIiti  St 1111.  ' "One ol the worst snorers I, think that  I ever hntl'the misfortune to be personally acquainted with." began lbs white  haired dry goods ilniriuiii-r''reflectively,  "was a chap named Sam Snuggle's, who  was in the same com jinny vviih me in the  army during the civil, war. 'The poor  fellow i.s dead long ago, I believe, and I  don't, want to say anything to iiijuie  the reelings or his frii-niN. but the truth  of the matter was,that when Snngglys  slept "there was mighty litllp rest fur  any one in the neighborhood.  "The minute lie gut to' sloop he would  roll over on his hack, ojien his mouth  and tune tip. He would begin wilh a  noise something like a man gently scraping n fiddle bow across the string's, and  a.s"lie went em the sound, would gradiially-  rise higher nnd higher ami spread out  and increase in' volume until the whole  tent vvas packed so full "f it thai the  sides bulged out. iiiid then he would  suddenly wind up vviih n terrific snort,  that nearly shook the ground,.   ,  "Naturally, this was rather ������������������ wearing  on the rest of us: nml we tried various  schemes to break him uf snoring. Inn  without success. Finally, vvc bit upon  the [ilu n of lying a piece of Im ml lack  to a string, attaching the oilier < end of  the 'string lo a polo and then, after  dangling Ihe cracker over tlie yawning  ea'v'uy until it was exactly in the rig In  .'position, dropping it gently into hi-*  iniiiilh. This would I icicle his pillule  ami se-l him to t-uiighiug. und as n  would tnke him sonic lime to setih* down  and get' his snore foundry going al full  blast again ihe oilier occupants of the  tent would manage in llie meanwhile lo  secure a little rest. ,     -   '  "Hut it used tu puzzle Snuggles greatly  to know why lie had these sudden clink  ing spells in his sleep, and he finally  consulted the company's surgeon, who  examined his thi-ont nnd'told him there,  was nothing wrung there rind, that his  choking must be nil in his Imagination.  "'Iiiinginniltiii    lu*,  hanged.'   growled  ��������� Snaggles. * -'I   reckon   a   man's   imagina  tion  don't   set   up' nights  tryin   to  choke  him to death.' \ ',  "Well, he began to sus|i>'i-t what llie  trouble vvas finally, and one nigbtfvvhi-ii  we were trying Ihe cracker cure on Iiim  as usual lie suddenly shut his lee-ili mi  it. and the next insiani be vvas'.siiuug'  up spilling hard nick and linnli-r bin  gunge out of Ins mouth, ami as'soon as  lie gol fully awake and bail secured a  club we had to lly forumr lives,   v  "Snuggles went to Ihe t-npmiii next  morning ,'ii:d culi-rci! a complaint against  us for disturbing hi'*0 sleep, "and wi;  promptly culi-ic.l a cuiuiiei e'ompl.unl  against, him for his iliahi.liinl smii-ing.  anil.ijic iiniuer was liuallv M-tileil |.,v  giving Snuggles ami ll.al tl ,i:bli.' I.a--  sieiie ul his a lent all in I In-im-ilv .���������> ai  the i-xii'cme edge uf lbe camp  ' "Many years have passed since lliat  lime, bill never have I forgoilen Sam  Snuggles' snore, nnd frequently on a  summer night, when 1 am .awakened by  the loud rumble of thunder overhead. I  'spring up in my bed. and for sn instant  I have all I can do to keep myself from  imagining lliat I am buck' in Company  (!'s tent on the, Kappaliannock, listening  to one or Snuggles' slumber annihilating  midnight solos." ���������Woman's lloine Companion.  Lone Haired Men.  The native inhabitants or the  peninsula and several of the '  tribes of our own' country never  their hair to be cut.' The hair of one of  the, chiefs or the Crow tribe grew to a  length of ten fee-t. The1 men or the Ln-  tookns, one ol the African tribes,,,never  cut  their hair,  but. allowing,  it  to grow,  .weave it into llie most wonderful shapes.  The thick, crisp wool is woven'with tine  twine-niaile from the bark of a tree until  it  represents n  net woik  of fe-lt.     As the  , hair grows it i.s subjected to the same  process nnd trained into the shape or a  helmet. A rim about two inches iloop i.s  formed, nnd the front pan of this hair  helmet .is protect ed by a piece of, polished  copper, while n piece of thc same metal,  shaped like Ihe half eiT a bishop's miter  nnd about nne root iu length, forms I lie  cicst.    The hcliiii'l  is I hen adorned  with  'numerous varicolored bends.  Malay  Indian  permit  Fixity of Tenure.  An Irish tenant farmer returning from  a somewhat distant market' one afternoon, relates the Newcastle (England)  Chronicle, missed hi.s way and got into a  boghole. where lie stuck fast. The In milord, who knew the locality well, chancing to pass shortly afterward on liorse-  biick, noticed his leiinnt'H dilemma and.  smiling, shouted. "Hello. Pat.'you've got  fixity of tenure now?"  "Yes. your honor," ejaculated Pill,  "and I'd lie mightily obliged if ye'd evict  me."���������Loudon Standard.  Sharp Clin p.  He vvas just -IV., years old. and he vvas  veiy preiiid nr his new a Hire, so when, as  he was standing on a Hovviloiiiliani (Me.)  sidewalk, n man cuiiie a lung and said to  him. "Tell your fai her when he gets  ready to sell you I will give him a quarter ror you." the little fellow was all  ready with his answer: "Humph! My  overalls cost more than that."  At Flmt  Sltflit.  "Do you believe in love nt first sight?"  she asked.  "That's the only way it's possible,"  answered the old bachelo-r. ".Second  sight would utterly deslrov it."���������Chicago  Post.  The first umbrella appeared in 1777.  The last one ������li~.-i[>)ii*:irfi] about 40 minute's nftei* we bought it. ��������� Elliott's .Magazine.  Orders left at my  stables* will have  speedy attention..  W. FLEMING.  ���������~~**^-  ������������������ois.  Newly' Opened  Furnished and Supplied  A FIRST CLASS HOUSE  L. A. SNOWMAN, pfoP.  S00 PACIFIC LINE  If the carrier pigeon coulel sing, Km  song would no doubt be. "Home, Sweet  H?uiG"-riiilaik'',**liia BulielW.  "  America's Great  Trans-Continental Route  .  Quick Time!  Good Service!  ' r ���������* I ' "'  First' Class and Tourist Sleepers  Through- ���������  From Oeean to Oeean!  i i ,  Tickets Issued Through   and'Baggage  ' '  Checked to Destination. *  Daily Trains  East ���������        REVELSTOKE "West  8.20 leave '-. ��������� leave 17.30  TO AND FROM KOOTENAY POINTS.  8,10 lcavo .tn-ivo 16.15  The' Canadian   Pacific  SieanisMp' Co.'s  '   ( ��������� STEAD1SR3  ROSSLAND andlKOOTENAY  Leave. Arrowhead daily ror all points in Koot-  '' cnay, making oomioot.ion at Naku-k ror all  points on Xiikusp & Sloean railway and  Slocin Luke. , ���������  Close connection at. Itob.-on for Nelson and nil  Kootenay, Lake aii-l Uivcr' points, and for  Trail. Rossland ami points .south.  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Ainsworlli, s-nel nil way points; ('.minuets  vviih steinner'Alberta tn and from Honner's  Kerry. Tdaho; also with P. I-\ efc X. train to and  Irom Spokane, ul, Five Mile t'oliil.  rt. S. Ai.niciiT.v leaves Nelson ror Honner's  Kerry, Tuesdays and Sat unlays at 7 a.in., meeting steamer International from Kaslo al, Pilot  Hny: returning, leaves lionnur's Kerry nl8n.ni.  Wednesdays ami Sundays. .       '       .-.=-  Lardo-Duncan Division " ,  Steamer International loaves Knslo fen- L-irdo  nnd lArgonta at 8.le> p.m., Wednesdays  and  Fridays.  Steamer Alberta leaves Kaslo for Lnrilo and  Argenta at 8 p.m. Sundays..  Steamers cull nt principal landings in both  directions, and at other points when signalled.  Tickets sold to nil poinls in t'aiuida and the  United States.     -  To ascertain rates and full information,  address:  .ltODKUT IH VINO.  8 tf '        . Maunger, Kaslo, li. C.  OCEAN STEAMSHIPS  Royal Mall Lines.,  Clioapest Routo to tho Old Country.  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'"���   ''l0''i'ix::W  (:i'ii,ii,i(",Y
'  '"   vyf.,.A'.'STONK,. Pro|)rietor.'.'. i-'ff.yf],:
,i: yy Rates, $i per .'clay.';. ..������},.' ���.ii. ,7.Y.y,   y' ,
" ' : - f .1 ^feetric y! ig"l"i tet 1;Y f{ 1 rivice jie;Ttccl :L . Y
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'      ..  Yl'Tyiestyiird   best ^atppliecl bar''  :
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.1,11).  Iltb.  b.l-O..
fi:;: - vmmm. '.iiaSrdware . cqmp'ANV,'. uiite
'���'���'������,' "���'��� y V>/HO'LESAL
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\H ';���':��� I
'     ���-   OCficft :��� .McKcnzib .A'-yoruiD;    ,
BOX   137,   ������.'������     lY'^y; Ylvivfii:, thi'ik.
339 Hastings'Street,'-Vancouver, 7B, C,
Bra rich Gtoro; Nelson, B.C.  ���


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