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Kootenay Mail Feb 27, 1897

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 Vol. 3.���������No. 45. -  EE7ELST0KE; WEST KOOTENAY,.B.C., FEBRUARY, 27, 189-7.  $2.00 a Year.  Illecillewaet,  The first stimulus to mining in Wc*-~t  Kootenay was given by the construction of thc'C. P. 11. across the Selkirks  in ISSo. As il appi one-heel the Rockies  the mi-.1i to .Silver City begun,"and as it  went westward Cathedral and Tunnel  mountains were next pro.-pocl.ecl. Tnen  the Ottertail iiiid Hear Creek sections  were .scare-hod and indications of higher; grade ore weie found. When tin*  Selkirks were ri*nched, however-, in the  neighhorhodcl of Illecillewaet. the Uo.-il  . gel Mill better arid assays from surface  roc-k went up in lhe hundreds.    A rush  followed and   numerous  'claims   were  i    i  ' ' -'  staked which on accounl'ol their* propinquity to the railway attracted much  attention, and thc- Illecillewaet camp,  the first in West TCnolcnay, vvas started. ,i  The first incsjl promising claims discovered at Illecillewaet, were t he Jumbo, Tlnppy Find and Crystal, located in  ISSo'li^D.  W.  Curhin,",(tlie fat her'of  the;  en mp) J. P.. Kennedy  ami .'others.  The cole bra fed  Lanark hy/f. W. Bain,  and  the Maple  Leaf by A. Mofvinnon  were located iu \S6\ also soveial' others  of later  note.   These   "finds"  drew  a  number  of   people   to   the  camp and,  several transfers and bonds took place."  In ISiStj.-tlsn, the Jjimho made-., Lho lirst,  , trial shipment  fioin   the camp, one of  ten tons(U. England)and  every thing  was bright for the new  camp.    In  'S7,  (lie prospects  were still   brighter-, and  , yet, more people came in.    The Lanark  macle'tlie first regular .-.hipment of ore  from it he camp, .one of about 200   tons,  and thus earned the distinction not   onlv of sending outthe' first shipment cif silver-lend ore from the di.-trictcif W. Kon-  tjOii.iy, hut. also from','the' province- (-ee  _ aim. report vol. 3, Part   2,'See. H, page  SS5).    The.-e shipment-   with   those of  smaller size, including one from Ihe Is-  . ahellaof ten'tons which gave the* highest returns in the  camp, amounted  to  237 tons with a silver value of .$17,931,  and this was   the   ainoitut "cif the   first  ���������year's shipments from West Kootenay..  That year' also,  1.SS7,   larger   in'iprcivo-  ments took place, the town of Illecill'e-'  w.-iet   grew   rapidlv,'  roads and 'trails  were made, and it was-1 In- camp of tin  'i _ j , -  tainty of good true  leads, there  is  no  reason   why' illecillewaet   should not I C!OLDi's.v,������������������ These properties,' owned   by  merit.  The Gladstone is another- pr-operty  of merit with considerable work, done  on ii. J. p. Kennedy, a half owner,  has'given an option on his .interest to  P." Me-Car ty, Calgary; terms, $&*.() cash  and $5,000 rrc*xt August. Tin- Gladstone* i.s well up lo (he average of the  camp in silver assays..     ,  Yellow   -Jacket,    Swansea    and  from this year out be one of lhe busiest divisions of West. Kootenay. All  prospects are being eagerly taken up  and .sought after by pm chaser.-,; and  all the indications point to a continued  and brilliant fill lire for this camp. Fig-  ui os may also he caljod in to show  p.-oofs of the activity now commencing in Illecillewaet. The. revenue; doubled itself last yeai, and (he transfeisof.  properties exceeded giJOil.OOO. Intelligent, investors looking for properties  would do well'to look up those'of Ille-  c-illewaet as they can go furf her and  fare rro hotter. ' ��������� , -   '  count iy, occasioning llie remark from  Dr. Dawson "lhat this gioup c.f mines  has been on the whole moie* .fully" developed (hun any other in' the Kootenay   region'' (Mineral wealth  of   13. 0.  p. op.       ' ���������    ��������� t _  In 'SS, the ha nark-mine' shipped   300  tons of ore and up to the  close- of that  year some $25,000 v. orth   was shipped  from Illec-illevvaol, and over two hundred claims had been   located.   At  this  time the cjueslio,, of ihe  ownership of  the prcciou.- metal.-, in the railway holt  .���������trust* witii di-a>t rous effect, and the* at?  tractions  of I,hi*   new   ramps  at  Toad  Mountain and Hot Spring.-'whic-h were  just, coining  into   not ice, occiu ring at  the same lime, mining operations at 11-  Ic-cillevviiot received a  i tide  shock, iind  were  im most part   suspended.'    .Still  there were men who   believed   in    the  district, and1 several  promising di.-cov-  ,,   erics weie made .-i ft or this, notably the  Dunvegan on Fish Crook Iiy Boyd and  -  Bain.    In ,02, lho Fish Creek ledge; was  discovered by A. McRac and  D. Wols-  ley. and the Elizabeth, .Scotia and   Ed-  1   inhnrghhy Waller-Scull, ,To help injure  tire camp, already hurl   by   the,^uncertainty of tit!'1   in   the   mineral--, ignorant speculation was indulged in by investors-and good jii (>pei-tii������sconsequently sufFered.    The t'i-tant and then difficult to reach camps in South Kootenay  also'had their glamour for the prospector and miner, and as distant. Holds are  ;i I ways green ho hied him thither, finding good fruit for his venture lint leaving just;lis good behind   him.    To-day,  the fields in South ICoolenay  are   well  filled, al tent ion   is   once   more   being  turned   noli h wards, and   the   premier  camp   of -Kootenay���������Illecillewaet���������is  again in many months.    It   now   bids  fair- to once again join the cither divisions'of the district in swelling those ore  shipments which it was fii-.-t to begin.  This flesh impetus, for   there   i.s   al-  \v;iyJ ii cause for each  effect, was  first  given in '05  by .Captain   John   Grant,  who took an option on the*' Maple Leaf  and commenced work.    Then the han-  ark Co. stalled, and   confidence  begun  ton turn.    The Lilloool, Feasor River  & Cariboo  Gold  Fields   Co., combined  with   llie   haiiai'k  Cn., bought out last  you- lhe. Maple;   Leaf   and   adjoining  claims   for   $100,000, and   commem-ed  with great eneigy  to  open   them.    So  oncoiiingcd have they   been    with    the  results of their-   work   that   I hey   have  now put up an airiul tiam and  erected  a large concentrator to haul and   treat  the ores.   The-advent of this large  in-  /liu-iii ial company was very productive  of good, .-ind now claims that have   for  yeais lioen idle nr expired will this year'  he worked and relocaled.    Tho camp i.s  again up lo the mark and knowing tiie  r LOCATION" Ol." DISTRICT.  The* mining divNinn of fllec-illewaet  lies between Glacioranel Albert Canyon  0. P. 11. stations on Lhe east iind west,  anchon ils north and south includes Ihe  wafer sheds of the North Fork ofjhe  Illecillewaet iind I he east water shed of  Pish River.  lilies from, Glacier,   which   i.s  at   tin*  summit of tlie Selkirks. along tin- west'  slope of that inag.iinconl range   which  has made  West  Kootenay  so  famous  and lias such"splcndid   streams as  (he  Illecillewaet and   Fisb   i-iveis  running  through its area'vvhich is roughly about  thirty   miles 'square.     The   principal  place of business in the division   i*~  the  town ,from   which'lit, lakes its., name.  The town, of Ille-eillo'ivae't is right on  the  main   line of the  great   Canadian  highway,   the C. P. It.,   and   can     het  easily reached fiom east and   west.    It  is lint 16 miles west from Glacier'at. the  boundary   between   East   and   , West,  .Kootenay and 23 miles east from   Reveistoke*,'  the   coming  trade cent re  of  North ICoot.on.-iy.    Several comfortable  hotels a i-e at Illee-ilh'waet;  and   at  the  i;ecor-d   office,   Walter 'Scott  recorder,  all information of  tlie   camp   will ' he  ohi'orfully given. School-- and churches  are fo   be  found,   and  general   stoies.  daily -mail,    post, , money, "ordery..smjh  express offices supply-a 11 ordinary needs  of business.    There- is  a" splendid   site  forantovvn   hero,   about   two  or   three  hundred acres of Hat, with good benches  for  lei-races,   aud *"tho altitudes, is  lint  3,000  foot.    Other   places  of note';'ue  the hillooet Company's town at haurie  whore extensive operations are   being  carried on (see  elsewhere)  and   Albert  Canyon aboiilsevim miles further west.  As this l.-il lc>! place will be lire  subject  c.f a'separate* article   it   need   not   be  further mentioned here.* ���������  With the prospect, of a great amount,  of work being dune in the camp, a  great activity is cxpeelod'in the- town  and the people of Illecillewaet are already making propaialions to (oml'orl-  ably ao.-iunmodiiio t.he 'many visitors  who vvill this year arrive there.  "GlOLUHY AND SUIS-DIVISION.  The* ores of Illecillewaet are'e hiefly  silver-load running front -10 to 120  ounces in silver and -10 lo 70%' load por  ton. There aie oilier veins wjlh enppor  .-ind silver iind copper and gold. Where  the ciippi;r i.s found with galena Ihe  ;i verage of silver in the cue is raised  proportionately. The galena ores of  Illi'c-ilh-waot occur chiefly in quartz  veins cutting a scries of lilac.!-, car-  honacious or graphitic, slat v shales and  thin-bi-clele^l limestones often much  fo'.ded but shewing an average clip of  from 35������ to 40' to E.N.E.. and apparently flat tening towards the summits.  Mo.it of the veins,-ire parallel with the  stratification though not infrequently  pausing from one bed plane* to another  (See Su.nin. Rept.Canada Geol, Survev  1887 P. 4.) , '  Conditions differ greatly ' even in  small mining areas and in Illecillewaet  as in other places there arc- several subsections of different classes ,of on- Ur.  principal erne's being ��������� Illecillewaet  proper, hatuie. Cariboo Creek and Fish  River., A shot 1 description of the loading properties in each of the.se v. ill host  he*lp to i I his) rate ! he nut lire and merits  of the whole division and give an idea  of what is thorn and what vvill be done  there this year.  72%  begun  Swan Anderson, of ]lli-c-illevv;ii*t, and  Kennedy, of Toronto, are billot nii],..s  west of tnvvn and adjacen't to the C. P.  R. main line. Assays l un from 10 to  GO oz. of f-ilvor to the ton' and an dfTf-r  from a Victoria Co. is under consideration.    Work is now in progress.  ,Su3jmit, Lode and Sanquhar���������  These claims, owned by A. Stonclstrom  and W..Scott, an* away north'of Illecillewaet. An 80 fool, tunnel has been  run he-ie* through a peculiar ..greenish  rock. Assays from the-,.1 propei ties  give .^1.50 gold,,] 11 e>z. silver and  lead per ton. Work will he  again as soon as (he season opens  The Nero���������Another claim iii the  vicinity c.f the* (own will lie. worked  very extensively this summer. Assays  taken this year are very gratifying. ,,  Miscellaneous ���������'Them an* several  othei- properties .nound or near the  town of Illecillewaet 'which will bo  worked (his year but it is quite impossible to mi mi' them all.  ���������    ' la.'rie. ,      ���������'   '  This place, a limit two-and-a-half miles  east of Illecillewaet,  is  the outlet for,  the Lanark grouped' mines, purchased  last'August bvthe hillooet, Frusor River and Cariboo Gold Fields Co', for $100-  000. The properl ic'-s owned by���������lhiy Com-'  pa'ny are'thc* Lanark; Maple Leaf, Oak  Leaf, Red   Fox.   Dorothy,   iind' higher  up, the Sutton ; also, the   Isabella, Ho-'  per, Annie and Flori.-iu Fraction. Nearly all thed.hivelopiiient has  been   done*1  on (he celebrated old   Lanark, but,   the  Maple* Leaf is also well opened up.' The  Maple L'.if and  Oak  Loaf oie^hodies  will be worked , through   the   Lanark,  wen kings where thoy  have  drifted,on  the lower'tunnel and s-(i-a,-k three   fee't  .of solid ore. Th'e strike- i.s 750'feel froin  the surface, and p rove's  an  enormous  (>re chilli'. , Tho ledge is   23   foot*  wide  and, voiy well mineralized.  All the tunnels; and every avaijablejdaci; is.fi'ifj.of  'ore; aiid.'t.hereTa'fo .-neiiigh-coTicei) (i-ii&ei,'.  iii sight to run a mill'for years to 1-01110?  The whole group is a  big  cue   bin, and  the company has every reason to  hope  for splendid results.    Assays fi'orri the  Lanark group go   about   100 o:'.s. silver  and 50 per cent, lead per  ton ; and the"  eoncenl latos go aliout  four,   into   one.  In the Isabella loo'they   have   a   very  rich property and should ha vent Laurie  one ot  the best, camps iu (.ho count ry.  Every improvement to insure success  i.s being taken and an serial tram (Otto  principle) is now stretched between a  concentrator of one bundled and 'fifty  tons daily cap-icily and the lower tunnel at the mine, a distance of one and  a'-half miles. Oi) the Irani 2li,7(W feet  of wire rope is in use and it has a carrying capacity of 10J loos pe: day of 10  hours. The concent i.itor and tlie train  will both lie running by aliout April 1st.  The company have put up a sicca and  eight or nine collages, at, Laurie, and  the C.P.R. have eie,oled a station  building. A'pelition for a ro.-td from  Laurie to Illecillewaet is' now being  circulated.  show some silver with good gold contents. The*, indications are; all very  good'and considerable work will be  done then* (his year. 'I'll'.1 most forward  of the claims on this mountain are the  Ya-Ya and Emily.    ' '  l.-JSil RIVER.'  The section of this river which down  fo McDougal Creek is within lhe Illecillewaet division is like tho rest c.f the  country it. traverses in the neighboring  division of Lardeau extremely rich in  mineral lcdires of great s'tienglh and  size. The general character of the ore  is galena going about 100 oz. and in  carbonates, when they are found, about  1,200 oz. Tim lend per centage is good,  about 70%, and thc* leads cairy gold to  1 he value of about '.$12. The principal  properties .-ire :���������  7 The Dux vegan Discovered in'S3,  this claim was bonded in '80 lo Dr.  Campbell of the Ke-velstoke Smeller  C<>. Four carloads of ore were shipped  then which averaged OOd.z. of silver  and 60% lead' per ton. it revetted to  the owners in '90, and was not developed again till last simmrer when it shipped IS tons averaging about lhe same  as formerly. .There's a large* quantity  of splendid concent rates at. this mine.  There is now 300 feet, of work done altogether and the owners, J.'D. Boyd,  T. W. Bain and A.MeRae, expect'to  add to it this year.  . Alma, River Eden~T!ic first named,  owned by R. Kirkwood, adjoins the  Dunvegan to the south; and the latter,  nwnedjby Thos. Richardson, connects  with" it on the north.- They are* oii the  same lead and have enough work done  to shew them, to, be* good properties  with good lodge matter, and every in-  dicat ion'of mineral.  , Elizabeth���������Located on east side of  Fish River "in '01 and owned by the  Hamilton Co. and-Walter Scott. It is!  on a strong vein.abc.nl S feel, wide  carrying ore to the hanging wall. A  shaft. SO feet-with'a tunnel to meet it,  ]fi() feet, in depth jiive been put, in.  Seven tons of oie   which   will  average  150 oz. silver and 80%  load   with' so   carbonates going 1,200 ounces are' now,  lying, 'at -tiu^ propertv. Extensive  development will be- done on this claim  and its two extensions (,he> Seofi-i and  Edinburgh, owned by the same people*,  ���������-     Accident In the Big Bend.  Last Thursday at- about 1 ] ;.*������()' a. 111.  a sac] accident lesulting in   the   death  of Al. Fournier, inineryoccurrfi'l at the  Orphan    Boy.     JJe    was,    it, appears,  thawing cart  powder,   and   the  other-  two men, Bert Lane and   Sain   Boiler-  house, ' were   elsewhere.    They' heard  the explosion and on coming up to the  blacksmith   shop   where   it,, happened  they found poor   Fournier   with   both'  legs broken and other injuries hut still  alive.  J lo explained'that the. explosion  ocourierl " while-   putting   the   powder  in the water" and then   sank' rapidly,  dying about tii roe-quarters of an   hour  after  the   accident.    Fournier ,'was  n  good fellow well liked and well  known  here where he, has licen for about,   two  years.-'   He had an interest   it   is said  in the Last  Chance   placor.     J lc.   was  about 29 years of ago  and  his   forme-jr  home was    in    Lake    Linden,    Mich.,  where he has 1 datives now living who  ha\e been   informed   of   the   accident.  His body was burred by his  comrades,  on the 19th, on the north sido of Jiear  Crcefc.  ',. Monday's Meeting.  A public meeting was held at Bourne's  Hall, Monday afternoon, to discuss the  advisability of incorporating the town  and the bearing of Sec. 20 of the , new  companies,act on the mining industry.  J. D. Sibbalcl took the chair-and stated  .t.he objects of the meeting. A motion  foriiicorporation moved by If. A. Brown  and seconded 'by Fi. W; haing was  amended by one, declaring" the movement premature. The amendment,  moved by S. No'edham and seconded by  P. Gorman, carried by a majority of 23'  in a vote of 45. On the subject'citlthe  obnoxious section -in the new companies act, T. L: ltaig with R. S. Wilson  .is seconder,'protested against the ten  por ceni. section; and suggested -that a  clause preventing sale of proprietary  stock till 20 per- cent, of the treasury  stock was sold, vvould prevent, wild-eat-  ting. The meeting was unanimously  'of rise, s.-un'eopinion. ' -   ,    ,  ,',    Another Big Bend fCompanv. ���������  The Lo.kIoii e.vr: British Columbia Alli-  ince'Syndic'ate, Ltd., has been incorpr  fbis si.mo.,���������.;-...''On rh^KcJo.nur^h-.-ni S<)d,aU,(l '������ *hohdon, under   the .Imperial  fcmtTiTniVer'ta'ps t hcdoall sliUving- good: "���������"J"' -StJ'< k*Conipanie's_Act, ,to acquire  ore body".  Annie, Free Coinage, Francis'and  Bostock���������Oii the sunn*;lead with the  before* mentioned group and'joining  the Scoti.i on'the south end are. these  four properties.    The Annie, owned by  Ihe following properties and bonds; on  proper-ties in the Ground Hog Basin,  Big Bend: Naomi, E.XYErhsloh, DoJ  Vol by, J. C. Ferguson,; Cicely,' E. C.  Erbsloh ; Torak, J. C. .Ferguson, ; Annie,   Naomie,   Erbsloh.    Bonds :  Rose-  D. Wolsey, i.s   the' most developed  of ->,U1|'>'. ������- ������- D- Oie Bull, Big Bend Belle,  the  four  there   being about 150 feet c.f , ������- K.t Golden Hill and Golden Eagle.  " , Its Doors Are Open.  The Reveistoke branch of the. Imperial Bank of Canada opened its doors  to the public at 10 a.m. Wednesday.  The; manager irr charge* is for the present A. Jukes, eif Vancouver, who i.s assisted by Mr. Phipps, of the same  biiincii, hut Lhe permanent, ni.-inagor  will he A. R. B. Hearne, who has been  transferred from the, Prince Allierl  Branch to this orre. Mr. Jukes will remain till Mr. Hearne ai'iives.  The*. Imperial, whose advertisement  appears'i'lsewhere iu this issue-, is a solid institution, and its opening here will  he appreciated by the public. 'It has 11  21 years', record of good business and  its officers arc always courteous and  obliging.       _ '        -  Contracts have  been  closed   with O.  D. Hoar who will   immediately  begin  oil  a   building  which,   when   finished,   ,  will be occupied by  (In*  bank.    Meanwhile their temporary quarters will he   .  next door to Sibbald <fc Pease's grocery.  The Land Registry Office.  The Golden Era, taking up thej case  for a Kootenay Ijinel Registry, office,  says : "If the residents0? Wesl Kootenay have-good ground's for complaint,  then the residents of East Kootenay  have doubly" strong reasons to offer,  why this district should also ho provi- >,  (led with a registry ollice."    It explains-  at length  the  hardship" occasioned. Lo  1 1 *  lho  people, or its  district   and   state's  that a resident of Fort Steele wishing  to register papois affecting land might  consider  himself lucky if   he got  his  papers back inside of six months.  But the,point of the ar tide, and it- is  a most sensible'one which the  Era deserves credit, foi making, is as'follows:    .  ''Or if' the government fm any, reason  cariiiot'makci such an  arrangement as  above pointed out, surely it can  he ar-���������  ranged that East and West   Kootenay  be joined for registration purposes and    ���������  that a registry office he established  at,  Revehtoke.    This would be a thousand  times better  than   the present ridieu-   y  Ions and  nnhiisine-"*"1-   <orangenrent     ,  .Kiwi r..i -une present at least might .satisfy the demands of our people in  this  respect." ,. ��������� ' r  This is just the  place, for the   land   ,  registry office. ' It- will cover all  West  -Kootenay yery'effeci ively,as by 'April.  1st there will he daily, mailsand sot-"  vice.. It will he  well  within  reach of   '  the East. Kootenay -people, too, and' is  in every way central and suitable. The.  matter is a very important one and it  would he well to urge it on   the.  member.     ' ��������� '  ILLECILLEWAET.  The Bluebell, situated aliout two  miles south of (he town, is ;i most  promising -.ilvei-U-ad piiqerty. Thei"  is a ���������lO-fool'shiift and 00-foot tiinni-l on  this claim and a three-foot load giving  assay values of  125 oz.  xilvc-r and   72"  CARIB.JO CHKE1C.  This Crook, heading in what, is known  as Gold Hill on which a number ol  claims are located, flows into the Illecillewaet River aliout five miles oast of  town. The (hums hero aie directly  (ii-ibutarv to t.he- main line, the furl best,  the Silver Bow, being but seven miles  fioin the track. The. principal claims  are:-     *  The Hound Hill���������This property,  owned by McCnllimi and Potts, of  Victoria, i.s located but one- and a half  milesfi-oin the rail way ina bell of giam'te  which strikes through from the North  Fork of the Illecillewaet. It was  located in'n7 and so'nc work done I.ill  nol resumed (ill last summer0when a  shaft -10 feet and a tunnel oO feel, were  put. in. There is a massive vein here  of somewhat low grade,, oie but ils  proximity lo lhe- railway, renders it  cxtremel.v valuable.  The Donald, owned by Wolsey &  Caldwell, adjoins (he Round Hill and  has been bonded by its ow iiers. Il has,  an St) toot shaft with a veiy strong  shewing of miner al.  Silver How--This claim with the  Copper Crown arid Copper HM| of the  same group ia higher up in,-in entirely  difi'croiit formation and of a different,  character of ore. They have a qu.nizile  1 tmiiol and several tons cif ore on Lhe  dump. The ore goos-ahout 00 oz. silver  and 71% lead. It. is said to he" bonded  vvith the Fiee Coinage, owned by A.  MeRae, to a Victoria, B. O, concern  who iii-o organizing a syndicate to work  them. Tlie lead those claims are on is  very strong and can be traced for  miles. The walls are black slate* on  foul and black crystalline limestone, nn  the hanging wall., The ensuing summer  is likely to lie ,1 busy one in Fish River  camp.  About the Mails.  Mr. Bostock, M. P., has said to a  party interested in the Big Bonn that  he wil^ attend lo securing a twice* a  mouth service' beginning with April.  If the Bend comes up tb general expectations this year a.wookly mail may  nol he unnecessary.  While on the matter of mails can  there not be an improvement made in  the postal arrangements of Trout hake  and Liirde.-iu.. A daily train will inn to  Arrowhead after April 1st and daily  connection vvill no. doubt, he made  there by boat for Galena Bay, Thomson's handing and hardeau. With  such facilities there i.s no excuse for a  poor or inadequate service. The D .-  minion owes l his Province.a good deal  ,,-ind one way it can pay it. is by a decent  mail service.  The C. P. R. Hotel.  '  In conveisation with" H. J. Camhie,  C. P. ll. chief engineer 011 the. Pacific  division, lie told a Mail reporter on  Thursday that the company's new  hotel would lie commenced immediately and would he ail frtiished by June  20th. It vvill he, said- he*,' "the best-  building of thu kind along hero- and  cost about $20,000." Tl \vill be located on the bench behind the station  buildings and between them and T.-L.  Haig's ollice.  lead per ton. As the ore chute i ���������-likelv hanging wall and a green chlorilie  to come down to the town a gioal  inleresL is taken in it.-, piogress. it, js  owned by Benjamin Gieen and is now  under bond to a Vancouver Co. for a  good sum. Work vvill be started as-  soon as possible.  The h.vuitiER, Dominion and Mow-  A'l'T���������These   claims, but  one   mile   oast  of town, have this winter b.-en sold   to  a S.-attie Co. foi 870.000 ami   consider-  ible development is to be de.ne.   Th  V<'r,V l-ie-h obnrae-ler of  I he ores, Ihc-c-er- j loo aie sjhvr proper! ios of e-e.usidei.i!i)e  slate on the foot wail : the main ve-in is  about throe feci wide and assays 00%  copper, $25 iu gold and S oz. silver to  the ton. Two tunm-l.--, one of !)0 fool  on the vein and ar.other of ij'O feet bo-  low have been run. A lot of work will  be done e.n these1 jnopertios (hi-, year  by the owners, the Hamillon On. ami  Waller Scott.  Gold Hill hoc.\Tio.\-*s ���������- Severn!  promising pin-peels have been relocated hcicand aliius- a v.-. vol obtained  The Customs Office.  The customs receipts at the Reveistoke officji' for the month of February  vv .-re as follows :  1st  ivoek  $155.02  2nd    "    47:3.20  Hid    "     41.17  4l.h    "     250.25  Total      010.01  The customs office at thin place was  taken over by T. L. Ilaig in August,  ISS'I, and iu the la^l, five months of that  year llio. value of the goods entered  was $2,150.07,   the  collected   duty but  $no.:ih '   '  In   (he   last, six months of   1S05,   Ihe  See Alley's new ad this week.  Hugh MoPhersou went down Monday to Trout. 'Lake.     - '  Nejvv fixtures have been* put in at T.  h. Ilaig's ollice which much improve  it.  ���������Jim Woodrow went to Kamloops  Safurdav last to atte.rrd'lhe. funeral of  A. W. Hull.  ltev. Father Poytaviti will celebrate  mass in the Catholic church at 10:30  a.m. to morrow.  . A great niaily people have, taken ad-  vi.nt.ago of the bargains offered , at  C nirsior's. ' ,  The new brewery building i.s pre-  glossing steadily and will be ready for  business soon.  R. McLi.iiin.'d, T. Moran and \V,  Best went back to the Orphan Boy on  Thursday morning:  Mr. Ahoy, the new druggist, tc ok"  hold Wednesday. Ho will remain iu  the present premises for awhile.  Two C toil safes arrived yesterday  for the Imperial Bank, enm for here  and e>'ne for down river.  'J'he Catholic concert on Wednesday  evening was a big success, and the entertainment irr every sense was excellent.  Bob Barker and Miss Annie  Webster, of Kit in loops,, were*, married  here Thursday afternoon by the Rev.  V. Yolland.  The. race   carnival   al   the.   Victoria  Down on Charters. .  . i   .o  The people at the foot, of Slocan Lake  want no monopolies, as the. following  resolutions agai.nst granting a charter  on neighboring creeks, will show :    , ;  "Resolved. That, we, the residents of  the said towns of Brandon and 'Slocan  ,City and vicinity in public meeting assembled, do protest:  (1) Against the iiicoi-poratinn of said  company (with the power of expropriation whatever. . .  , (2) Against the grant to said company by any private act under said notice '  of any charier, grant, privilege, franchise or exclusive right whatevei.  '"We fm'ther resolve iliat no company or person should by private act be  given the'power to take or use the water of any creek or stream within the  said radius,except uirdei;the 'Land Act  Mineral Act, 1890,' and oilier general  acts inade,';ind provided, or, except, for  a limited use. upon the special petition  of the town or-communitv most affected,  "And it is further resolved that a  copy,of those resolutions and recitals  he f'o'rwarded to J. Fred. Hume, M. P, ���������  P���������Capt. N. Fitzstubbs, and to such  newspapers for- publication as the e-om-  mitfee may agree upon."  "VfOTICB IS HEREBY GIVEN, that  _L\ ji sitting of the County Court will  h" holden at. Reveistoke," B.C., on  Mondav, the 8th day of. March,  A.I). 1807, at 10 o'clock iu the forenoon.  JOS. D. GRAHAM,  Registrar Cenmlv Court.  Reveistoke, Feb. 20th. 1807. '    '  goods entered $:i,718.00, and   the duly j Rink this week   was   very   good.    O  $5S0.05.    What an inrroa.-c of business  occurred in '00 is demonstrated  by   1 he  figures for the   last,   half of t hat  year,  which were, goods entered, $20,110.97,  and the duty collected, $0,701.82.  In 1807. the ine-roase over this business already promises to he large, the  imports for January alone being one-  third of lhe whole value for '00. It is  .-xpecl'-d that I bis year the goods en-  entered will bo over $00,000and I In1 d 11-  (v about y:!(J.(l(.-0.  Monday, the 5,and 1 mile races weie  won by T. Moran with (I.- Barber- second. Tho one mile for residents was  won by E. Edwards ;' the -}, mile: for  boys under iy by L<\ Riown, and the  oni'-e'ghth mile for girls under 12 by  Mary Edwards. 'J'he Tuesday evening  contest, vvas not brought, off" through  .some misunderstanding. Thursday's  cat nival was a very enjoyable affair,  and several good costumes appeared  ou lhe ice.  CROWN TIMBER COMMISSION.  \T0TiCK IS HKKKBY OIVKN that, by  xN virtue; of a (,'oiiuiiis.sioi) to 1110 eliroetcd. to  i--ni|iiire; iiitei ami ruiKirt upon the atr.iirs of lie  Dominion ('ro-.vn Timber Aguncy in Briti-h  Coliuul.i;i. I shall bold a sc*<.-,ii.n at the C'onit  House in tlicl City of Now Westminster on  FRIDAY, THE 19TH DAY OF MARCH,  at 11 n. 111.. for tin.- i.iii-))Osi.- of e.))c.|iiiar tin; i'ii d  t'oiiuui.sniciii. .'ind < nijuiriux into tbe mutters  i.bcruin ������|ieui(!c;el, anil all jiiirtie-K intereslcn iu  siii.l c-iKpiii-y. or vvbo n-isli tn brin,; fori*.are! evidence* re luting tlit-r.-tii. sball I.i- li'-ttn!.  D.ited at Victoria, iliis -ilinl clay uf February,  A. D. 1S!I7.  AUfHKIt MAItTIN,  i *.-:'t Cvmiaixcioitez. PA G E ���>.
rpt r j-1    \r g \x \r\i \ i -yr   i  v
"���) -   �����   FT
XCbe IRooterias tfDail
��� UY���
ATIClX.-j & .--."VIITIT, .
Pe-ni.isimus a.vi�� l'itoi'i:ii:TOiis.
Subscription   Price,   S2.C0   Per   iinnnin
Xa' siitrcrLY rx Anv,vNcu "i>S
the- rate of S1..V) jic-i-col'iiiin iiioli pur inonlli.
KiirsiMiccs of six column inclur- or over ��.1
iior inch licr iiiinitli.
line tirst, in-i-rUea.. .��- l.er lino cigli .sifi.-e->
eiuc-nt insertion. The iiiunhi-r of line--
reckoned l.y s*i:icej occuiiiul, 12 lilies to 1 lit-
incli. ' i
HEADING   XOTK'KS   K'c. l'er line cauh in-
hc-rtion,   unless  e-oiitr.icle-d   forVby the KKI
-JOir I'lMNTING of every kind iii nic.sl i-c.usc.n-
sil.le rale-unci short est notice-.
At'COUXT.-j for job  print ins-  or .nlve-rli-iiiK
navnl.lu on Il.o iirsi of evc-ry ii.e.iitli.
COItItK.'!I'l)XI)KXCK ou  all mil tiers of loc-.-.l
or public; interi-.st invited nnd can-fully considered.   All coiiiiiiiiiiicalion.s to the K.litor
niiisll.e.ie-cniiii.aiiiod  by the niiiiie of lhe
.       writer, nol iic'oc-.ss.-irily.for.iniblioalion,  but
a-s an evide-iiee of (,'ood faith.
Tin-: KootknayMah..
Reveistoke, D.C.
Rubber Boots
and Shoes : :
wear like iron.
.Thk Lardeau Railway Co. promoters
ask for- powers to construct and   main
tain wagnnrquds along their   proposed
line, and until   the   completion   of   the
'railway to collect, tolls from all persons
using  such  ,loads   with   horses   and
yehicles.    Ts it-the sense of the people
that this privilege , be  granted']    The
railway i.s to he commenced within two
years, when to be finished does not >et
appear. ���       . _.__-__.__
They also   wish   included   irr    their
charter water rights   from   tho  South
u ���**
Fork.     Why is it necessary to   give   a
' charter- on tire water.     Let   them   use
iti] they want and no more and   pay   a'
rental to the Crown.     No  one   should
get. a cinch oil the water rights.   , -
is debaricd >n the U. S., to turn'his
attention to this and other- ivesle*! n
portions c.f his own Dominion. And
to predict that hete, if he is the right
kind of inan,"he will find as much re om
fur his pent- up energies as he .would
acif.ss the iine. It is ccju.dly suie
th-it what may be gainer] to the. Am-
etican'laborer at home by iliis protection from fuieign labor', will,'' if
'reprisals'nr�� adopted, he lost and more
than lost fo the* number of enterprising Americans who have made millions here and to whom all the privileges of our natural r sources have
been freelv given ane] every opportunity extended te> make what they could.
- ll is most, unfortunate that, at a
moment when the. best nnd most
intelligent of two great English speaking peoples are trying to establish a
new era of peace and good vvill that
such iiiriieiglil.orly and illiberal legislation should prevail. ]fas the torch
of liberty enlightening the world suddenly gorre out.
Revels*roici: Statiox, I5.C.
( i
Haircut and shave 50c.   g��t*~*	
Comfortable Parlors.
OH-scsils 3':
Jilt. KELLiii on   Krmaj   l.���c  ^..-dletl
* attention to the.immense,capitalisation
of mining   companies   recently .uicor-
��� jjorated, tliose appearing in the official
gazette just issued amounting for   one
week to tlie enoi nious total of 838,000,
000.    He    thought   the   existence .of
such a stiite of  things   detrimental   to
the best interests of  Puitish  Columbia
I.   ,
und if such reckless capitalisation be
permit ted to go unheeded it will teact
like, a boomerang. lie Imped th" bill
before  the   House .vve.uld    ho   rushed
, through as quickly ns possible.
With Mr. Ke.llic we fully ngiee. that,
such capitalisation as is now going on
'"* is reckless and will icsult hat infnlly.
P.ut will the. piosent. bill check the
over capitalisation L whon for 8*215 a
million dollar company can be   floated.
, If this million' dollar flotation is unnecessary or harmful why not put on
a fee lhat will check it and put on fees
for smaller sums that would be aii�� inducement to incorporate at. Then
again, is section (20 requiring a tenth
of the capital paid up iu cash the fair-
thing to the poor promoter. While
urgency is necessar y with the bill it
needs careful' revision by the committee and the House.
Of Local Interest.
The hurdenn Railway Co. Bill, introduced by Mr. Hume, propose to   incorporate  a��  a   company J. A. Mara,   of
Kamloops and Win. Fan-ell and   F. S.
Barnard, of Vancouver, together  with
other persons wno may become   -*-har-e-
holdc-rs: the capital stock lo be .��,'500,000
in  $100  shares. ��They are  authorised
tef build and nnerale a standard or narrow gauire railway from some point af.
or* near- Galena on Thumb Bav? on   Ihe
Upper Arrow Lake. Kooten.-iv cli-M'iet.
ton point ;il or near  the forks of  the
harrleau River or Crook,   with   branch
linos to  Trout Lake'and   Fish   Crook.
The   company  is authorized   to    fake
from the south fork Of the L-n-doau. at
or near a point, about,  two   miles  from
the forks,   and   to  use  for ircnorntincr
electr-icil.y, elect rie'power and heat,   or
otherwise, "--n   much   of  the   water _ required    and    to    construct,    all,   works
_ne<-(>s-sary for making such   water ,'inel
wafer power available, and to1 improve
such water privilege"* bv; erect in tr iliuns
diverting the water nf the ��aid riv.er- en-
c-eek .info any channel nr channel- nnd
construct ing   any'   raceways  or other
works  which   may   bo   required.,.  The
company,is also authorized  to  operate
electric works   for   the   purpose  of   it��
own   enterprises   and     for'    supplying'
power and heal toothers. The, rail wav
'.- f.i lu. rniiiiin'iii'i'il   within   two  years
and Iho ole< li-ie s\si. ���.. ��-it!��iii thrifc.
For the purpose of aidirrg, in the construction of (be railway 'the company
is empowered to construct and maintain wagon loads- along (he pronc-ed
line, ami .until Hie completion of the
railway to collect tolls frnin all persons
using such roads with horses or* vehicle*.-.
ur.i.ooK':*. ktc, oor.n fiklds!
The Bill ro amend the'Act, of las| session, incorporating the hillooet. Feasor
River and Cariboo Gold Fields-, Limited, now before the Hnu-e in 'he name
of Mr. Rogers, is I'm1 the purpose of removing doubts which hav <��� arisen as to
whether I he act of incorporation placed it beyond the ptiw er of the company
to alter ils ail ides c.f ns*.ici.it ion. Such
power i- proposed to, be iriven to rhe t
rompany. subject to the statutory Iiui
Real Estate, Mines and Insurance.
Agent for Ferguson townsite.
TH�� OIPlOGK'BOOK  ' ,     ''
f ' m STATIONERY 00., LTD.
Wholesale   Paper   Dealers   and
'  . . Stationers . .
j   G. S. DOUGLAS,
f-' '
Real Estate and Mining Broker,
o *
' 133 SakIova St., VANCOUVER, B.C.
\/*y   B. McKECHNIE,
Oi'-j'K'E in J I. "-"aiir-dirs lion-e (nd-<t I'lv-li*. t'-r-
i.ui ("niivlii. fails l;j 'J-cU-i'!'c*i'" or Tcl.��-
gi-.ijiii liiimijjllv ..ILt-uii-.a tu. Oilioc Iiuiu--.:
il:*J to II ii.ia., l:.i(l to I .mil 7 to X ]i.in.
BaiTisior-ai-Law, Solicitor
and Notary Public.
rt-TOFKirE:   3I.ur. l.uiWiiijif, ltovelsitikt-, B. C.
���brOlU illll n
L     1
FRAN K VANDA LL," P,kopkii-:tok.
"P f1 -���
JioPo W.	
Zh&veiBZOKe. jl>=
^ I        fT-l       ^    T ���ft ^ '"I
fell lopnMed:, Rooms,
Ohoieest V/inss, Lipra end Cigars,   - "
Real EsUitennd Mining" Broker
319 Cordova St.,
.Mining stock's and properties bought,
and sold on  i-oniiiiissibn.    Correspondence solicited.
Dqer^g & Marstrand
Alexandra hngor and Pinter, iu   Keg.s
and liott.Ies.     Alvvavs l ('liable.
C* l     - P >'��� "FT
Siafir- oi I
-fvr   ii nf;
e p
Tlie better the bread llie better
tlie shiff.   '       -^^SS'Jsa^
A. 'N. 'SMITH,
Baker and-Confectioner,
Rkvkls'kiki-: Station.
Hsiieral Blacksnilih & Vfaod worker
 o-~-   ��� ,
Kcpairs to Wagons.    Tools .'sharpened.
,' a. McNeil,
-  i*       Pi-ont .Sfreot, hevolstoke.
Haircut, 25c.;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
.   ' Tickets for SI.GO.
'   GUY   BARBER,    ���
Repairing Neatly St Promptly Executed.
5     t-"**,    p   5 b   i;    (      . i~\     i���v gr^.
arid    H,efcail
c, ' i -
Purveyors of Hi!��'h-class Me;vls.
All order.-, in our line will bo promptly
r.ti.ended to.
i "
lit 7UI J IhtA^    UuiiUlrlj     I'iiOEJ   UItli3l5e      ,
Terms 82 per day
Kamloops Beer on Draught
6- 'L*
=W O ?.*�� ^ I vf 6 Lj an-   -16 %J %J O
Largest Hotol in Town, _        .. ���    f  , ���   x
'  Centrally Located,' Best Aeoeeiinoitlon/   ,'
' - - ���    Iroe''Bus,  Bates tl per .day/,
,',','        '        BROWN  <Si CLARK,' Proprietors.
Choice Wines. Liquors and Cig'ars,   Draught Beer always on tap.
jj L'P^.yOT ^tfWSfH*   U tJ^er Arrow Lake, B.Oy
Under same  Management'
-ALL  FIRST' ���(
A:nf One
requiring Wood
Can Huv it C!ic-,ipe.r fiom
Than the\*
���1L cinchL:
afford  to   steal
tlir*. chances, <al
\ j sisiing* of Patciu Medi-
��� cines.- Drugs, .Druggist's
Sundries 'and- Toilet Articles
has just been received and maybe had at tlie lowest prices.
Pull line of Stationery and
Cigars alwavs on hand.
Ff *,-> j r~    'ah j""0' i
.i ' ' -
^"���n.   if'       P     ,'% /**--rr~is     r*""'- ""���" F"' S"""-*       '
ii   �� S".       8   A i -��� 'f E--S'    f-S'���S*-' !-=?..
K^i r-i \ .    5-o/ V.V-K-; su~ii   i    L^s���vE�����   V'
1 ,    c
Draught ;asid   Bottled,    ������.  ;
irrsf.ijac'Eijr ���jtjwz.
���jancr%3Gi=: -srra.-KS
r=&=r=��cm vixz-z-'zc.
n?* v^jk.^2H-Tnt3^AT^=?r=^rcsii*r.->jj^=v��.'v^:
JL.   -
cmo- cauo*ht.
Drayliiiq a SooeiHii
Ai Low��si Prises.
0     KA.3S��LOOPS, B.C.     p
Best of everything going.
Colvilie Reservation -SetLiemeru.'
RUSSELL   &.   HEROD,   Prep's.
��� -, i-l jr-;
#%���*-,       IT?
ii<\ f -i ��0 lJ    ' CT) ^O'"''^
���1 mh^dlv dsiii iijhdil
kilning - Engineer and. Me balhirgist   '*
Jiw-Ju j U    v-M    UUiiU    a.stl    k)..i y Hi i ,
i/ ���    | , .
'A",1-oh'f'^?FH'f /vlj' IW',0-""! o]n  rpr.slci fjl J^wcc'i -nojrOn
~xi T"" ^
-: t t;
Proinp!   and   Horrent,' Results., Guaranteed,
etc.    (<i\e ti'Ci a cull.
Reports made on pioporties,,
0{    1 ' '1 1   -
6WGmQLm ���Mouse. Hull
'-       . DEAr.Kn, t *:
Milk Gowb; Saddle, Paclr,
. Driving and Draxi0.
ft V     ^-.
It is pr,-u-t icaily ,s(.i tlt-u i!i,i*. tin--c-nth , l<r/S-i*_)
The reooluiions of the American
���citizens at Rossland, and they '-������>���)' thev
-speak for 25.000 of their people in
Rrili-sh Columbia, shew that the nuti-
-Caiuidinn .sentiment to tho Cor 1 ins bill
i.s not confined solely to people of thin
country. These people of another
country have been giien every  ii-ason-
able. ririvilftyo tl'ilt ^Ui 'iUV-s ot "lir
Province, can give and they liaie
recc.ouized the liberality and the free-,
doni with which they lia\i- boon tir-at-
ed. They are moved to expostulate
a-'.-iinst tire narrow and iin-Auiei ie-un
spirit, of their own new law ami cannot now make any complaint if the
Canadian parliament returns a Roland
for- an Oliver.
Jt.s a long road that has no tiirrirui.',
and ill wind tliat. blows nobody good.
And the law that prevents respoctahle
and intelligent Canadian workmen
from American employment, will yet
result in benefit to the people whom it
in iiie.uir to injurc, and incidentally
injirie those of t,h<: country whom it i.s
ine.inl to prolocl. Jt is safe lo say
tliat. lho Canadian youih who fools in
liis easier)) town.sliip a longing for a
J.'lifer and n.oio active field will find il
,-is mne ii to liis profit, find moie
Jyf-Ji'fjfi.'l lo bis coui.liy, now    thai   hei
(y \V.   l>aldv.*in,   Kdinlooos
Pi. C.
s i
, i uiie'of .Asncroii) r<:n
half of too ('iilvilio I'l'-sorv ation vvill   lu* '
oponod up some-line* ibis  -',iii.i;ii-i.     ]i, >
cor.noction vvilii this tin-re  i-  ,t   j t���������I- !
bihtyot having at the  -ane*   ti.i.o   li,*' ,
Spokane re����'rvalion opened up.    iiulh
sec lions are sn id toaiiomal vv it.li minei,.! [
wealth, o A trleyr.-i'.n refeirinjj to th'���e I
reservation', and the mallei i)(i��-ii"f,ne |
the   senate   has   been    reci-rved    iiom ���
SeiKUor John Wilson.    R'si.ys :    "'J'he t rA .,, p-.-,, J.,-.,;^ -. ^ '     _. ,,,__._Mn
house bill   had   a   clans,-   opening   i b- I f rfJ.-i ���JE.-��.Li!li^1./, r!:'u:"!��  t nCsUJlSv-J
King  jos.    L,
,   Xew   "York
I man.
somh haif of  tbo  Co
���e   Mriiek   this   out   ..n j ,���   , ���,   t.,VM. ( f^iii  tJ.y.f. ay  licM. n nl I
it. Vvould be reciiirni/.ini' .        ������'��� ' '������'" '��������� ���  . . j
to liiineral location subject, to lease for i
ii period not to exceed ten years. 'J'iie I
senat" committee Mi-nek this on
the ground that it. Vvould be recognizing
Indian ovvnoi-bip in the land. J have j
prep.Lii-d find think the coimnil.tee vvill
accept a clause opening all mim-ialj
lands on the (a.lville and .Spokane- j
Indian re-er val ioii.s to mitier.il location -
vwlhoiil any foolishness cm approval of j
SK:p:,7r:j?.i soi.rc. rzT/.
iLOVGlSllJA-t; OLfii'lOi
tr *<
J. ARiilOUT .S'i'C.-KI*:, riioi'Kir/roii.
Tlie Dising. Seem Is' femlsliM with tlie
' Market aMs."
���J iJitl-'
���=ic;r-.;n.j.--s:^c-.-a ���-^^
3 fJ
0       D       G   t^a
%J f, B \1   B   H i' f>i L��      0   il \J  ii   L= L~.
A M? A-i 1 All HON  ItROS.,- Vnoi-microns.
J. A, ^MacFarlane, F.C.S.,
Asany8P nnd Mining Bagisisar,
62 1,  IIASTIN'fIS ST.,
All assays .-u.rl an;ilytic.il work done in
c   rluplieale   vvith
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1'inleiM,   Wind-  Win -!h,  etc. , -.'-.'il-.iiii
First-class Table   ��� , G-ood Beds   > , Fire-pr,oof Safe
. ���    Telephone   ���   'Bus Meets all Trains.    .,
A i'.H All AAIHON   iJltO.S.. Pnoi'imrroi.s.
Everything new and First-class in ati Respects.
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Water (Jo., iJig It.1p1.ls, Alicii.
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Gt/ Th-j  MacArthur.Forrest
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- ��� (      Varicotivji', B.C.
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House is sleeked with tlso Fiaesl. Wines and Cigars in (.lis Market
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I       'r   '     11      n\'       I    I'l      I     M
K. J.   KICRR, .Proprietor.
f ipst-olass Table.    -' -   Comfortablfl
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars. i
xtates $1 and $2 per day.
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Commercial Printing
^k_ s:e:EL]oi-��.-X;,:r",5r-
'Skooteuav iiiiail = *= * IRevelstobc, B.C*
, ^ i' O  TM  ii  KO  nT'i  ri,  XAY 3IA.TT,  PAGE 3.  Facts Concerning Explosives.  HAKHY A. LEE. '      "  -  Constant  care  in   preparing   charge  and loading will avoid " mi:-seel holes."  Next to warming powder with quick,  di-y l,c-!������l, ���������'pic-king out  a .shot" i.s  tlie  cause* c;f the most fatal accident-*.    If a  hole '' iiii.sso.-.'' do not be m iidinriy  to  return,   especially   ,ii'   the     hole , was,  tamped   close.      More    accidents    are  ou'u.si'eJ   from ' .supposed   missed   holes  than fiom ,-ic-tual.   A small sharp rock  may bo l.-inipe-d into a piece of  fuse   so  that the tiro will   not   pn.s-  that   point  for- hours.'   This is often   mi.->l;iken   for'  a missed hole "I    Tho hole is picked out,  this particular  rock' removed and  an  explosion   follows.     To  fully   demonstrate thi.-, put-oine V-i-h.-ijied'cliinips  on a piece vf fuse and see how  long  it  -      i-  will   take   to   burn   by   certain   points.  Lcmg ,-ifter the fusi^ is  supposed to   be  out,   loosen   the  clamp- and  .see how  quickly it will,"spit" e.i t.he othei  end.1  Some holes do ini.-fs Sire and have to be  .picked ont.   In these, gro.-il care should  be exercised, and not.clo'an down nearer  than five inches of tin* cap. then'l elo.-iel  with another1 charge,   and   instead  of  using ,-i  small   piece   of   powder,   use  plenty.    A heavy charge on ��������� top  may  'de-tioy the ell'ectivene.ss of the  lower-  charge, but it will explode  it and -get  rid of a bad job.    If the "eo]l.ir"'of the  hole is simply blown off, and the lower-  charge* litis not, Inokon   the  bottom   of  the hole,'do not'drop in a drill or spoon  to.see hovv   much   hole'', there   is ' lefr,  subsidy and  the  -10  per  cent, paid   by [ .State*   and     lmw  company.    The r.i-t half year \s iiili-r-e.-t    promise to do   mon  leave it. alone as long as- pos-ibh*. .The  powder lira'y have frozen and all  may not have been consumed. l%  Gaps are charged will*, fulminate , of  merc-iiry, one of the meist, violent, ex-  plo,sives and one of .the mcjst unstaph*'  c-hemic-ally, and may explo'cle fiom  thc  vv.-is $13,000 and the -10 per cent, ofgro?-;  revenue paid l.y the eoiupariv amounted 'to 5;7,.>i?, leaving a net. deficit'of  about, $.*j,.*3ti<). At that rate, the favorable balance vvould he wiped onl in four  j ears, ami a yearly payment of $31,  000 would Iraie to come out of thc- treasury.    ���������  Victoria ic Sidney bonds now take*  uboot $0,000 yearly out of the treasury,  which added to (he S. f.: Oi deficit gives l  a total of about $15,000 present, outlay.  Unless (he Nakusp & tjlocan receipts  imp: ore materially this will lie inc-ro.-o-  ed in a few ye.-u^���������to about $r>.*3.000.  There is a very strong suspicion lhat  the money handed'over to the province from the Shnswap & Okaiiagan  and the Nakusp & Hloc-an is not. as large  in amount as it should bo. ��������� As the C.  P. Ii. Company opei ales both roads in  connection wit h its li.jo, it, can, easily  keep down the nominal revenues.by  the simple process'of crediting l.-s of  the receipt'-* on through trailic to (hem  and more to the main line thairisaetu-i  ally the case. Thei e appears to hu no  method  of   chocking the company  in  one ,  .eing     exploited.  toward relieving  the conge-ted condition of lhe labor  market, in both countries in the near  future, than all other- resourced combined.  "Therefore your petitioners re-.j,ect-  fully r-ecjicosi, th.it you exercise your  pi-ei og.-itive as the chief executive c.f  Use giciitc-st iep.ii.lir on earth l.y refusing to sign ,the Alien Labor Bill recently passed by Congress, and return  vjth your veto."  A "ir, ember- of the audience protested  igain-t'-the expression "disgrace to  Amciiran civiii<a!io;i." but was hr.sseelj  ���������Kamloops, B.C.���������  Export Lager Beer in bottles and kegs.  All orders -promptly filled.'  B. Wkiiri-'uiiv. .   .    Proprietor  THE KOOTENAY LUMBER CO.  The*  expression w.it, vigorously defeinl-  this matter, and il is evident, t ha  .should have, been provided when 'the  guarantee vva.s'decided, upon. It may  !.e iiuil t he suspicion we have spoken  of i.s not well founded, but t hei e .should  be soiue'iuc-iiiis of testing it. Tiie desirability of having those 'road*, pay  the interest on thi'ir- own bonds is tlie  more apparent when one look's at'the  "public accounts for last. year-. The ordinary revi*iruo for- the year is there  Mot down at. $'i.S!l,7(i">.  Turning ti) (.he statement of expenditure we- find' the .sum of $l,0.S7,:'i()0  spent under- the following heads : Public debt,   Civil  Govcir-mneirl   (salaries);  ed by Air. E. L. Ciarke, who said that,  were il not'for- di-graceful legislation,  Americans need not be in Canada.  That an intelligent, or* supposed intelligent body should pass.stich legislation  was iiicoinju'ebeiisible/but the, act,' he  fell sure, would not receive the President's Mgnature. ' '  It was resolved to .wire  the  petition  to the President. <,  S3v*n������5> ������������= CS,   5H3-5-3������2i v. H. u-.li.Y. i-rc-t.  .--������? si*e-'^; U\^   vi,.?'.*.. v-*-.ujs. .moxxixo, sec.  '1-,    ��������� , -  ,      , n*J* '  ' *i *  i.���������r-.-iu-i.-'-lioa       't-C*-^-. vg?j*i *S"2. 5*- rr*?. tnz?  3Nii. ���������iS^n^Kif-JiLM.^,  A K--iier.il ore market. fr'&f -��������� J_.'S__.  L,iiv,c-lvvl,i-ksinC'..!.,i-a-io vV"*/ fi&Tt*P^S  *\iolei-ii inilUan i ir.-iidmi- " J ^^ ���������L'a'r*-'  cry ,xl Denver, Idaho Springs, mid Ulai-k Hawk.  Ore soleri en conjisti-Sive itiis. Write Im- our  le-f-aeni-o bu-.k. Aclcliv.-,-, State Ore Saziaiiiig  Co,, Dsnv-jr, Col.   Gold Lull-on lmugln.  LARDEAU, B.C.  Manufacturers of  Shingles, Roiigli and Dressed  Pine, Oedar and Fir Lumber.  'Chinese Labor.  riii-iiiiiviio, ...ui o..i\  i-Ai.i������,-.i--  i>>,...   u.,i      T        -   ,   ,- ii   . ,.     .      ...    .��������� ,i  ,.   , .   " .   .,       , ,     t ' Lcgi.sl.it ion ;   Public Inslrt nt ions(iua!ii-  shghtest ].u- or   trie  least amount, of,      ", ' ,,--.��������� . ,  . .    . ' .    .,  ,. ,,     ,,,    tenance);  ilo-pita s and charitm.-,; Ad-  friction. lhe caps at all tunes should        .   .      '' ,        ' '  be's^or-ed well away fi-niii the. powder,  and at no lime in or around a   miner's  * pocket,. '  Powder should under no circ.run-'  stances he stored uiider'groinifl. .Poor  ventilation with' damp.-iir will products  de-composition, and decomposition, ex-,  plosion. '.  There,'is   practically   no   dangeiv in.  "   transporting   powder   in   cases   when  frozen.-    jSven weli-thavved powder will  not, explode'from' any' c.f  the  jars* occasioned by  a   wagon   haul   or "pack-  train". ' A case chopped seversd hundred  - feet   upon   rock  anight'" explode,   bur  sepa r a to, slicks vv i mid 'si in j .1 y.,hreu k ou t  ���������of the wrapper and   no   explosion   follow, j      . .        .,      r ,  ,.'��������� '   ', s..  Powder will burn,in the open nil and  not explode, pro\iding the gases g.'-iu r-  .-lied in the aiijoiiuug j owder from   the  , heat, c.f   e-ombutliion    have,   room     to  escape.      For   example :      Place    two  boxes of powder .-ide by side, o; on one  and"ignite, leave- tin* other   box-closed.  The hiii-niug box will not explode, * but  'the heat will explode the c-lo-ed box. '^ '  Thoulilitv of powder.is 'clue   to  its  explosive   force.    Under   certain   conditions it, will explode, under others   it  will not.   Consumers   who.t.-ikw  pains  to study thc* proper conditions arc safe,  those-   who   wil!   not  must  suiter  the  penalty lor cai olossncss, which   in   tlie  mildest terms applicable   is  "criminal  negligent"1."'  ministration of .Justice (other than sal  ai-ies) ;   Kdueation ; Transport;   lie venue Services; JMi.scell.-iiieous. .This takes  no account of pffblic vvorlfs c.f any kind,  yet. the expenditure under these*  heads  is !j>07,o,'������5 greater than the revenue. Thc:  ordinary public works,-lea,ving out.'th'e  new   parliament    buildings,   ahsorbed  $:i53,0o2.    Evidently lhe receipts  must  be'very largely ' increased % from   some  source or lhi.3 rate of expenditure 'can-  no!, be kept ui*..'   There is a good' pros--*  peel,  o!  the   revenue inci easing, bui 'it  take ;i very optimistic man to look for  an incirea.se'1 of nearlyf$-lC*0,0('0.'    Under  such condiiions it is emphatically   necessary that the province should get every c.'iit, it, is entitled to. ' t ..  The Rossland papers are complaining  of tbe'invasion of the Chinese.   'Jf (he  competition of Chinese ehc-i'p   labor- i<  already loll, what will folio.v live years  hence it measures are not taken to prevent   it? 'Chinese labor   was   wanted  yours ago to build   tiie groat American  Iriins-contiuental  .railways.      It     \\i^  choap.rin.l the supply unlimited.  When  the roiul.s were finished   John   still   remained, and his ,|jics-cnec  has .been  a  curse in the Western Stales.''' Pressure  should bo biougi'it lo bear on the  Government for Ihe passage of a law   prohibiting the entrance of, Chinamen   into the Deyninion. and action should  he  prompt if while labor is lo  survive  in  British Columbia. This state'inent may  lie i eg.irded by --ome as emanating from  an alarmi-it, but a  few   moments'   coh-  sidi^ration will remove that idea. Fully  throe-quarters of the mines'in   British  Columbia arc owned   bv,.foreign  c.-ipi-  talisls, whose sole interest is"to   make  money.    IF cheap labor ran he.  obtained they will have it, fora savipgin wages means a  corresponding increase in  dividends, and it is the dividends that  the mine owners are looking for.  ���������    THE  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  TC;   ANO   FliOM  All  l<!fi?+-irt'i  "P/,,,;*v'!'f3  'J'])!-oiif;li J'-ii'sl Gin*-- Klc-c-])iii;< Cars ami Tmiriht  .Sicilians Car-, to rii. Paul, 3liiiiti-c.-il.uiil Toronto*  wiliiout csli.uiftc. ' ,  Well  -G-RADBD STOCK:    ,      "  seasoned    -    -    -    Clear Cedar,  'Wide,' Clear Cedar and  Pine for JSar and- Counter Tops.  Extra Jong* dimensions a specialty.  P.O. ARROWHEAD, B.C.  REVELSTOKE TIME TABLE.  o  Notice of AuctioD Sale,  The Railway Donds.  A statement of r-athc r graphic inter-  'est to the people .of l his   province  has  ' been made by the public .-iiviiiints committee in lefei-'-ncje   to   tlie  guarantees  on S!inswap (.*>: Okaiia.gan  anil  Nukusp  it Slocan bonds. In lhe case of the former t.h'o"government has now paid 'oui  the sum of $IH,S-'M more than has been  received, and the ml "ivsWiui the bonds  for the last, half year a.niiunti'd to $]!)-  'oo'l moie than the 10 per conl. oi gross  receipts handed over to I he govern men (,  cm lb.1 railway's iiccounl.    IF (his  rale  is maintained the proviuc.- is  in for an  outlay for nearly $10,000 a year on  account of nearly $10,000 a  \70iir on  ;ic-  r*oad.   In the case of the Nakusp & Slocan there is reported to bo a balance iu  favor of the province'of SjilO.'ill, made  up of the letiiiiindor  of the  Dominion  ,��������� i. '  Appeal,to Cleyeland. , f"1  r ,  Tin: following self-explanatory petition was1 adopted at 11 meeting1 of  United States citizens in' Itosal.ind;  Friilay night :'.'���������.' *  "To'His Excellency, Grovei Ghwehind,  Pi esident- of the United States:     -  ".Whereas, it has pleased the Amei i-  ean Congress to pass an alien labor law,  containing a'-clause known as the  Ourli.-.s.ai-iemdineiit, which is especially  directed against tho ^wage-earners of  Canada; therefore be It resolved by the  ii'nder.sfgnocl American citizens, .re*si-  deuts of Rossland, i-epr-eseuling a large  nuuiber of the .'30,000 Aiiierlcau residents iu British'Columbia :  "frl. Thai die CJorliss amc-ndmerrt is  nn-Ainei ican, a disgrace tc> civilisation,  and if- allowed ' to become a law can  only.lesult'Iir the'destruction of that  mutual good-fellowship now genor-ally  existing aiiii.ng the poojile of both  countries.  "2. .That many thoiisandsof American citi-/.ou.s ai e now residents of, and  heavily interested iu the development  of the newly discovered gold arrtlsrlver  mincs of British Columbia, whore lhe  most cordial relations possible exist."  between the, citizens of lhe. two countries.  '"IJ. Thai the Western States of America no longer otter altiaction for emigrants, on at count of the prevailing  depression in husmc/s.-.; and the vast  deposits of the precious metals recently discovered in British Columbia and  the northwestern, part, of  the   United  vrOTICJE IS HBl!Ki?Y GIVEN' tliat, under  AAi and by virtue ol' i. cei lain Clmttcl SIoix-  g.ijrc d.iltd Septcmlisr -Jitn, 1S!)J, and imielc-  bc-twecii Danici Kobirisoii, 01 Ituvci-'toke, Jri. (J.,  (111.11 tyd^'Ji').mid i-'i'i-dcrick l.'ol.iii.-.dii.'iitir.-eseiit.  of ltcvt'1-.toki-, <morti;n.KL-i'), to seoin-e tliti repay-  meiiL to the said Ki-edei-iuk ltouinse.n-of tlio  sum of .-=i,.,0(X}.Oi) with iniri'cjst, .it b%, tlio siiicl  Krederiek Kobins'.n lnus scd'.j.'I .-md taken pos-  scs-iion of tlio .s.ivviuil), buil.lini;-, iniioliiiioiy,  linings, i.u.iti'ji- iind oilier chattels belonging; to  (tlie s.iiil'lJ,-.nic.-l Piibliiscni and being upon Llio  sii-vaiiil jirt'inises, le.i-ed fruiii the Canadian  l'.icilio R.iih\a.y. t'onipinv anil siln.i;..; on Il.o  e.ist side or llie A.-.o-.v IjiUo lir,un.!i at, Hc-vel-  sloke. iincj \s-i!l sull t,ho S.1111C "en bioo" bypubliu  auction to the highest bidder for ceisli, uL the  mill premises, on ���������    ,  Tlriu-sdny,  tho itji  day  of BZaroh,  18C7.  at 2:30 ookiok in lhe .-iftei-iioon.  Tn ventoi-y of machinery and other chattels to  be sold can bo seen at the null promises ov at  llio ot'ico of tlie undersigned, and the floods  and chattels c-aii be inspected by intendintf  p-.u-elia-.ei*.- .it any time belore sale.  The.nioi't^ii^ec i-e.-ici-ves tlio right to buy  tlio pi-opei'ty.  Dated at Kevelstokc, I*. C,  thi:  t'*obi-iiary, 1807. -     ���������  C'JIA.S. It. CARL VOX.  . Solicitor for Fredencl; Iiobinson.  ���������il-2t Kuvelstoko, I!.C.  A tliintie Kxpi'oss ai ri vos   !):1,"> daily.  Pacinu "    '      "        liiii*.   "  Arinovr Ijaici: .Huaxcii Titvixs  Arrive lo.'li'J, Tii'-*-iil.i}-s, Tliur-daj"', H.ilii'-d.ijs  IjC-.ivo ' Kiioi),   fiuiid.-i.vi.   Tuc-sciiiys, Tliirr-jilays.  '..Trniiij- on Arrow Lake Branch connect  Arrowhead with 0.it K. Co's HTn.vMiai N' vicusr  ��������� k"   .'' C '  CLOSE    CONNECTIONS   To and 'Froin  ���������  Rossland, Trail Creek, Nelson,  Kaslo, Ainsworth, Pilot Bay,  Nakusp,  New   Denver,',  '      Three Forks, Sandon  .    -���������and:���������  ALL POINTS IH 3GUTH 'KOOTENAY   ' l_0_   ��������� For- full information as to i-iit.es, etc.,  apply to -  ' ������    1^ T.   Ei!-e\vst<-r,  Agent, lievelstoke. v  GKO. 3fclj. IIKOWN,  , ������������������    Distiiet I'.Kseiiffoi- A}?ent. Vniicou vor. li. O.  *^^i7 A M^D     T A TOW A IT  ''0        ri'X-i'j's Ail TiTvins at      *"  f     ---A R R O VV I:I E A D���������  'Goius i>ll-3Ct To \  La.rdeau,, andQ  , ThomsonsLanding  ���������roR���������  Fish Oreok and.  "    ���������'        ,    Trout Lake.  ,   Ken- furl lior iiifoi-iiiatie.ii as to freight rates,  etc., apply to  ISENHINICK BSOS.. LardoauEjCity  MDIAN GENERAL ELECTRIC GO.  (U.MITED.)  Capital, S1,500,000. , , Head Offices,, Toronto, Ont.  Manufacturers of Electric Mining Apparatus,  Locomotives, Coal Cutters, 3U*ciproeating Drills,  Rotary .Drills, lieductiorr And  Ligh ti ng Ai >] iara tus.  MO"  E  operated up to 50 miles. ��������� -   ,  ���������-:���������H. C: BRANCH OFFICES-  j-iigiiLing ^\.pjiai-ai,iis. - r  3T"fS?3Q    ,,:itIl('r, oE ^i'ect' Current or Three Phase Types, .Suitable  I  vitO   foi- .-my make of Fan, Pump, Hoist or Crusher. < ���������  Electrical Tiansmisson of Power, by our Three Phase System, succ'essfullv  Granville Street-  -VANCOUVER'  Kootenay District���������NELSON  "   2-51-Gih  TJS  Establish Yourself in  The fast growing centre of North  ������oia  Fpivato Ell! Notice.  "VrOTIC'K is heroby piven that npiilieation will  jLs be iimde to Uie 1'arlin.ir.eliL of*.C'.\;iii,I,i, at  it- next i,es'.ioii. for an Act lo int:oi-.'i>-..itc a  cc)ii)i>anj to o'.:)siru.-l. t-eiuip. opt'i.itc .-."'id iniiin-  Uiii a si.'.:i:lai-d i,'.1 an T,ivv-};.-.nt;u l-ailvvav Irom  .1 poiiit at or nciii- the head oi Gdlrn.i or 'I'liiuiih  Ii.i v.' 0:1 tlio Upper Arrow ].i,ite, in t'io Disii-ict  of Wo.; Kooicn iy, in the Province of liriti-.ti,  C'oliniil.li*., lu .*. po i.L *.! or 11,11 ;��������� lhe i-'orks ol (lie  Lu-iic-aii (Jr.'t'l.. in tlie s.oel ili.s(,i-i,.l, wilii povvi-r  to build r. l)".iiic!i lino fi-r.m 11 point on iho main  line of saiel i-ailw.-iy about, I.i miles froin Galon.-*,  li.iy lo Trout Lake, nnd to oxt-nnd tho t-a'd r.ii!-'  vvav ov hnilc! br.iiicli lines thereol up caller or  bnlh the noitli and -out!, branches of (lie Liv-  dcau (!ree!: for a distance of i,tn miles 011 either  bnuie'i. nnd also to build a bi-.uio!) from a point.  011 tho main line of .-.aid railway ubonl H miles  from Galena r.-.y fur a elision: c of i'i miles up  I'h.li Hi-, er; and vilih fu-llie:- power to build,  ecpiip. opcr.ilcniiil iii.-'.inli-.in tt'l.-Ki-.iph .md telephone-lines, and iobiiiltl wl-.arves und dooks in  c-nmieotiMi with t!ic snid inllw;.v: and for r.l!  other usual, no.-ess.iry o,- incidental rights  jiowurs and pi-iv Hcht;s.  Dntocl llils'JSIh day of .January. A.P. IS.')".  :doPHl!j!.lPS, V.-OOTTON*'& HAltXAKl),  of Board of Trade IJiiililinir,  li.i.slion .Street, Victoria, H.C.  l'--0t.       ���������    ' Solicitor*, for the Applicants.  v.:  ootenay ^_  Steam Navigation Oo.Im  PASSENGERS FOR.  Hail's Landing,  Hot Springs,  Nakusp, Three' Forks  Nelson, and Slocan Points,  Kootenay Lake Points,,  Trail  Creek,   Rossland,  Northport and Spokane  ���������SIIOITIjD 'I'A kr Tin-:���������  STEAMEB  NAKUSP  ..     .  Loaves .Vrrovvhe.id  for Nakusii  and  Kohson,  Siondays, "Weilni'sdiiys nnd !- ricliiys at, 7 p.m.  Leave's Robson  for >'alai.sp, Ai-rov. henil   and  Canadian P.ieiilo It.ulvvay lioinls  least and  west) on Tiiesdiiys, 'J'liiu-sclays and .Satur-  '      day-, atSili!) p.m.  Commotion is made al Kohson vvitli C. &.,!���������**.  !?')��������� for Nelson and all points on Koijten.iy lake  ini'l w.Lli sleumei- "Lyiton" for I'l-.u! and  Kortliporl. , , '  OT LOTS AT OMCE  If you intend to purchase, as your:  fielid of choice diminishes daily.   ,  5ryiiii[i!;i!3!!i!iii!!>{������i!!:iiiii:i!:!!i!;!;:ii;i::;!;!ni::!i!::":!:  y.::vAV.'diiiKViUiimiinii::i:x^^^^^^  itldi.^:: .    Ii    %jr<j?,  *f*.fi  1/ ,������    rj vj.   ll  %]&I  9?  'c lo SIioc wearers hy a wee   E  " Sl'IIUT-OF-TKE-SlIOl'."    I  you iic-vcr'tlioiiA'1-! of, about   1  2 c.f halhcr. and'liov/ 3-ou can mnkc  f}\H rXfff  \JfAh^'5AX^\  A^f^'im f /''  \.. -s. d^ "~-*lii-L_/7.; 11 o 1'  ci? f "Jr cf healthy, y.-cll fed vSliocs  v.'car j ���������",::��������� ~;*r Vaca.i tvv'o 'frd Iliat are  ciarved a:.-l DTiaoncd llirour-'h icnor-  .cik-2 c f icrJ.licr n=ec!i:.    If 3*011 paid' a  c.y^rv  -,., .������-. ���������  1.3  , - i>  C:\ T:3 a  p. c-'-* v  C-'\ ���������'���������'  ���������r -.  hi ll::*jo  ���������;.,o.stioris  o-\ if you  .-iT Y.*i*itu  :L, 3'ou would save   ll  :io:iths, by acting   ^  J3n  ���������von can o*ct   ri  -,',-.  li k LliL^i  A "-  "'")  C~ f.l  P���������s  re caiuj  5?  enough.  ii 2 U>h  For  Q>5   o    ,  Ci-v *T*r  Uf  fi  X.     i  'N  f   M    UK S ISO  l'Vir loe.il Line e.ii'd of tho Conipnnj V-, sleiiin-  ei-s on JCuOtt-iiay Lake apply-to Ihe piirsei-on  board. '  Kor full information as io tickets, rate.*., elc,  apply to T. Allan,   Seeretary, N'oIkoii.   II (,'. 0  '    OCt^rSTEAM"sH]pa  ROYAL MAIL LINES.  CHEAPEST i-outc to thc OI.O COUNTIIY.  DOJllNTOX  LINK.  V.v.\eoi;vi:u, from Halifax- Miu-cli '-'(I  Keo'i-s.MAM,       " "     April.'!1  Laiiuadou        " "      April 17  ALLAN'  LINK  (I'Yoin Jlalifiiv.)  L vriciix'i-i.v:; Marc-li 27  I'.mcisian \pril in  IMONOOUAN       "   '21  - BKAA'KIt IjINIO.  (Ki-oni SI. Joiiii, N.ll.)  ' Lakh Winnd-to Miu-eh 17  Laici: Minii.N       "   '>i  IjAki: Svi'i-kiok        "    ill  Lakh On-i-akic.    April 11  Cabin Sid and upvvai-d-i.    Iiiloi-niuillalo S.'il).  .S! citiijjo at liiivcsL nil es.  I'lissciiKOi-s liekclcd  IIii-iiukIi  Io all  purls of  (ji-ent. I ��������� 111 st. in unci Irt'lnnil, and al, specially low  nitci.c Lo all p.ulsof lhe Ivna.puui emitiiit'iit.  Apply Ionearest Kl'-iiiiis!.ipoi-i-(iilwnyiij,'ciil,,lo  I. T. BRJSVteTE*-!, Agont, Rovclstokc.  Or   lo   Wii.m.'.m    SriT-r.    General     j\i;ui.i.  Winnipeg.  Cut   This   Out.  For Lots, Apply to  Sole Agent.  MAIX   I.INI: TICAINS.  ICasl I!oiuid (No. 'I) arrives elailw.  West    "      (No. 1)       " "    ...  ..!):).*) nan  ..I :������)).. in  AIUIOIV  I.AICU  Ille.V.Veil riCAINS.  Arrive Tuesdays, Th u I'sd.ij'h.SnLurclaj's.HiHO p.m  Depart .Stindajii, 'I'ue-diiy.--, 'J'i-.iii-sday.s,. I:M p.m  JTAILS.  iti-:vi:i.s-ioKi.; r*.o.  Close feu* t ho -.vsvl, 3-MI) ji.m  east t'.:.'i.l nan  " "        s.iniii. Sun., T-.ru , Thin-....'):.'(() pan  Ki-,-. Station S:.'������l .un., :<:.'l(l p.m  Due; from (lie west 1(1:110 11.111  t-as-i ,*,;|,-| p.n,  " "        sin.th. Tin-., Thin-!., S.it,. ,.*,:l.'i p.in  " " Kev. Stat inn.  ... lllii.ni.,1j:l,) ji.m  ICHVI-.l/.TOiri: S-I-ATION  i-.o.  Cle.so for tlie wc:s| 1:0(1 p.m  cast     !):(ll"l ii.ni  soulli. Tut'., Thui-s., Slit. il.OO.i,pi  lii-vc-1-.lcikcj     .  ...!) ii.in.. 1:0(1 p.m  lJiiu frnin (he v-.isi !):.'!()icm  c.isl .... ..    t-r.p.in  sniiili, Wed , i-'i-i., Mon,  .ii-ii'i-un  " IJi'volstokc-     ,  .!I:'I'|ji.iii., l:I.'i p.m  OR  T  WILL  PROMOTE A COMPANY  BUY"    OR' ~ WORK   THEM.  Will undertake to handle Bonds of Electric. Steam or  Horse Car Railways, or Municipal Bonds, and Build Water  Works.    Address full particulars  Manhattan Investors and Securities Company, Ltd.,  iy and   19  Broadway,   New York  City. ll  PAGE 4-  rp  THE KOOTEA'AY 31AJL'  ^        Kootenay Lodge  t/ZT*  No. 15A.F. eSc A.M.  s& *      ���������  * * Thej regular meeting  _ rp"- are held in the Mas-  ������������������;-i;\^ f> oiiieTeuiple.Hounie'.-  SyT|a;:*V *,v MVS>r-=r Hall, on thc lliiiil  -^^a^vN^=C- JIonday in each  *~*"        i-*oy\^Si lnoiilli   ill    8   p.   in.          . .-^S^T"-"1    Visithiji   Iji-c'livcn  *"���������=-**" '"'��������� cordially wi-lcsoiiic-d.  H. K. sLMYTIIK. Sia'imT.vav.  REVELSTOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  Itejinl.if meetings arc held  i'   in Oddfellows' Ilall every,  ^.^-.w���������I.- j .ira, Thursday iiiKlit at,  eii?ht  SS^f^^-^K^vS o'elouk.   VisithiK brotlie.-s-  '���������^---''���������n^^'i^?*'   ordi.illy .vveleomed.  H.  ���������a  J. A. STOXK. X.O.  T. .J. tlilAIIIIM. Six-.  Loyal Orange Lodge No. 1G58.  Kogiilnr ini-c.-lings are held in  lhe Odd li'ullows' Hall on rhc*  sec-ond and fourth Wednesday's  of caeh month ill 7:30 p. m.  Visitini; bi-elliren aro cordially  itmtccl.  T. STKKI).   .J. I. WOODl'.OW.  W.M. Hoc.'Secy.1  BORN.  Pekihx���������- At Keivelste.ke, on Thursday,  '    February :25th, the. , wife of Jules  'Perrin, c.f a sun.  LOCAL AND PERSONALBRIEPS  N. GOUf  s*7 ������<������ (f*  ,J-  .rai Mercn.  M H -  THIS SPACE RESERVED FOR  ������  Tom Mcliiiu was in town tin's, week.  , Dr. Mc-Kec-lmie's new house is finished.      ' .     ' , r  Jack Perks i.s in'tlie clutclie.s of the  law.      f ��������� '  W. li. Viokers went to .Nelson \*e.s-  tculiiy. ,  C. H. McLean's buildins* is "oiir";  aheiid '   -  Koah Abrali.'imson Oiinie up from  Trout Lake, Sunday.-  Chris. Clifl'e, of thc Brandon Mail,  was in town this week.  '    Ohus. Holten got,in Sunday from   a  visit, to Kamloops.  Reighly iind Prisby have started out  for their season's trapping.      '  Hewitt linstock went through Tuesday morning hound East.  Mr. McGregor-, of Mohson's Hank at,  Calgary, went hack Tuesday.  -New   Spring   Dress  Goods   will   he  opened up rre.xfc week at Coursier's.  '    Those,who store ice are. getting it in  '. now. ��������� Tt's pretty good ice this year'. -  It. S. Wilson has just received a'  large consignment of new spring goods.  Fred. C. Whitney registered fit the'  Leland Hotel, Vancouver, Wednesday.  . A. Jukes, manager of   the   Imperial'  Bank at Vancouver,  arrived  Mom la}'.  A   petition   is   being circulated   at  Illecillewaet   for   a  -wagon    road  'tc.  Laurie.  Mr. Phipps, of,'Vancouver branch of  the Imperial Hank, arrived Wednesday  morning.  .       ',���������'<'  Walter Scott, of Illecillewaet, is  slowly recovering from his very severe  indisposition. ,  Look at the. new ad. of the Imperial  Bank in this issue. The Inipeiial i.s  here to stay.,  E. L. Kinnian came back fiom. Missouri last .Saturday looking just as  lively as ever. He is still a goncl  Bryanite.  Johnny   Neilson   started   Thuisday'  morning on his second mail drip to the  Bend.     He vvill take*.' erne,no dogs   get  away this trip.  Cmd of thanks.���������Mrs. Kelly desiies  to thank those friends who  so   kindly  assisted her daughter, Mrs. Stokes, and,  so enabled her to go to tlie. coast.  POST-OFFICE   STORE,  ARROW' HEAD, ' B. C,  BUILDERS'  HARDWARE!  We carry a complete stock of the above :  Locks, Knobs, Boorbolts, Shelf-brackets, Butts,  Hinges, Cupboard Oatches, Sash-fasteners, Latches,  Building* Paper, Etc.  WINDOW GLASS, ALL SIZES.    . ,  Complete, line of Paints, dry axid ground; \Wliite   Lead, Raw and Boiled  Oil, Varnishes, Btc. , ',.,."  CARPENTERS' TOOLS:   Disston Saws; Bailey Planes, iron and wood, Etc.  "'  -A-HJL   GOODS   -j^T   3LiO"W~:E]ST   PRICES.  REVELSTOKE  ���������? STATION,   B. C.  McLennan, McFeely & Co. Ltd.  WHOLESALE  Iron, Steel, Miners', Mill and Blacksmith Supplies.  REVELSTOKE STATION, B. G.  Grand Prairie Potatoes!  , , Have you tried them!! '  ' ���������. '���������    "Best in the market.  Hardware   -  122 CORDOVA STREET,  Stoves   -, -   Enamel Ware/ ���������  -   -   -' - .-,   -   -   VANCOUVER, B.C.  REVELSTOKE  Blacksmithing and Jobbing *  i i  Plumbing and Pipe-Fitting " ,  Tinsmithing and Sheet Ironwork  ���������i i *   * , '  Machinery Repaired., ,   .   ���������  MINING WORK OF  ALL   KINDS   A   SPEGIALTYV^*-^^.  HOLTENJJOWNS" GO.  Wholesale .BealBPs'iii-l-fl^    ^   .  Robt. Gordon, Proprietor,  Reveistoke Station'.  A B ' I" O  WINES. SPIR  EBTELSTOEE,-B.O.  OWSQN&CO.  ��������� -^���������Dealers in ;  Furniture, Doors, Sashes,  Blinds  and Cofiins.  Agents foV Kavmcind Sewing Mnuliitii*. .Manntactirreis Tjifo 1 iistir.'ince Sociel.v,  * ' . - - . - ' (< .  *  Union    File   In.siirance   Co.,   PiovinciiE]   Dnildin,^ and Loan Association.  Onr,A.vs and Pi.wos.   '    *  USE'  KOOTENAY  The only reliable remedy for  Coughs, Colds and all diseases  of the lungs. Prepared and  sold onlv at  Abey's Pharmacy  REVELSTOKE STATION.  Prescriptions Dispensed Day or Night  IMPERIAL   BANK  OF  CANADA.  Capital Authorized, - $2,000,000  Capital Paid-up, - - - 1,963,600  Rest,        1,156,800  _L:_   _j���������i-- J  NOTARY   PUBLIC  HAIQ,  , -   RKYKLSTOKE,  B.C.   '  Milling and Real Estate Broker and General Commission Agent.      ,        -   -' ���������  FIRE, LIFE AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE.  Representative of the Kootenay Smelting & Trading: Syndicate.  A.OEXT FOK TltOl'T LAKE CITY   EV.WSPOUT. KASLO A- NA-KL'KP  '-.).. W.,C',VMP10N,-.SVc)v;/rt/7/ TrmAtrer. ���������    ' '      '    '." ', J.   T* AV.   ]\I ACFA'H LA.N15, Mancujn:  telOJ.IIROIN" 1FOEKS CO: LTD:  MINING MACHINERY  SAWMILL  Iii  , General ' founders,  engineers, boiler-  y^  makers and manufacturers of all classes  of machinery.  EKPIN STOCK '  a full' supply of  .engineers' ,and  mill supplies, pipe aiid  fittings,, brass " goods,  steam fittings1, wood-  split pulleys, oak tanned  leather belting, etc.  - Estimates for boilers  and engines on application. , ...  'Corner: of Alexander St., and Westminster Ave. Vancouver, B.C.  P.O. Drawer 754.  Cable address "Cove.  T!  .������  0 4  THE LEADING TAILOR.  New Stoek Just Arrived,  Call Early and Avoid Rush.  IMPANY, LIMITED.  Incorporated under the Laws of the Province of British Columbia.  /.   IV.  I(ASKJNS, President,  and Manager, f F. McCARTY,   Vice-President.  1   ��������� ' //. A. BROWN,  SecretaiyXfreasnrer.       " \  DIKECTORS:  E. S. HOW1AKD,        -        -        President.  T. a. SUERRITT,    -    -     Vice-President.  "William Ramsay. Hugh Ryan. Robert  JaSTray.   T. Sutherland Stayner.  >9  NN  ������  Head Office,   -    -    TORONTO.  D. B. WILKIE, Genoral Manager.  lift A N67//i'.S' I.S 0X7\ 1 ItfO:  K-M.-T. Krr^iin. f!alt. fiif?'-'"-'''!!, N'imjiini K.-ill-.  I'ort. (Icillicirnc-. tt.il Portai.;,-. 5������l. C-nI h.-n in,.-.-..  Sniill St". Miu-ie, rii. TIi'iiii.im, W'ellnnrl.  WoocNtciek.  (*('(ir. Wc.-ttliiKli'iii SI anil I.,mic1ci-|juii-  TimoNTO-I VfuiKc .mil (Jiici-ii i*\*. Ilr.uicli.  \ Vcinjfi! and Moor rii*. Iir.im;li.  Jih'A SCIIICS IX SOUTH- U'l'JST:  I'.r.-inilciii, M.m. IVii-tii^i) I.'i F'r.-iiiin, Mini.  CulB.iry. All)c:rl.'i. I'linc-c- .\lln-r|, rin-k.  Kilmiiiil'ii). Alia.    U*iiini|.('K. .Mint.  ,    JJUfTfSH COU'ilfDIA :  V,inciiii\LT.       ..--        licivc-lslukc.  AGENTS:  I.cim-ci-c. K;;n., Mciyii'. IJ.ink. I.Id.    Ni;\v Yciniv.".  Il.ink nl Mon I n .il.  A Kfinoval  lianUtiiK lmBirtci!."  rrnnfc.-ccitacl.  Sonda unci ttobeu'.ni ch l)ou;;ht,,uul ftolct.  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager, Revelsloke.  Wholesale ?md Retail Ucal'Ts in'  Miners',   Contractors',   Blacksmith   and  .   .   .    .    Ship Chandlery Supplies.  ��������� - A-l*-c> ,-i (-(impli-ie Iiui* of -  Shelf    and     Heavy     HARDWARE.  ~^ai2Z%z;gif> Carp-"iU'-ri'    'lock's,    c<:r.  Jcssop's Steels,   Ore Cars.   Ore  S n;k'*.   Ere.  ' IJI,ATM (JI,ASS A SI'KC iai.tv.  \' \ \( <<\1'\' {.��������� J>   f> f  Write for Information. >   . \ . N \ - * M-     r    1 j J \ .   J >. * /.  E.G. PRIOR Si CO. X-  VICTORIA,  VANCOUVER, KAMLOOPJ.  o  All kinds of Agi-iciiltiiral implr.-iiK'iils, PIdw.-;. [ [.irrov.'s. ;*,< eder,,  CaiKidi.m and  American   Waj/nis. E ii'iy-sl  slock  in  B. (',.,  at  ])i'icr-;  |o suii   I h'- linv^.  Agents for Massey-Harris Bicycles.   Plan of Organization   Tt) buy, develop, equip and operate  Thc  Orphan Boy Mineral Claim as situated  about five miles from Cold Stream up   McCulloch   Creek on the West Fork, or com-  .monly known as Barrett Creek, and   about   65   miles'north from Revelsloke, B.C., in  the country  known as the   Big  Bend  of the Columbia River ; with power to do all  things usually within the scope of mining companies. .      "   _  Capital Stock seven hundred thousand (700,000) shares,   par  value of one dollar  ($1) each, fully paid and non-assessable.  Treasury Slock,' two  hundred  thousand  (200,000)  shares,'to  be sold to pay for  development purposes only.  Tiii'i Company will do  a thorough, strictly   legitimate mining   business, and vvill  push development of the Orphan Boy with all possible dispatch.  The. Orphan Boy being a Free  Milling and Cyanide property it  does away with  all expense of shipping* ore to be'treated or smelted  outside.    The  surface showings_  novv p resell I, being of such a high ' grade,  guarantee, excellent  results and steadily  increasing stock values as development progresses. ���������  Three   assays  from  surface returns were respectively $6.50, $10.00 and $140.00.  A mill te-,1 recently made shows $39.20. . - ,  A limited number of Treasury Shares will be disposed  of at   15 cetits  per share  for first c;ish requirements, subject to advance without notice.  /���������  SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR STOCK WILL BE RECEIVED BY  J. W. HASZINS, or H. A. BROWN",   '  REVELSTOKE, B.C.  j>'Prospectus and Fnginrer's Report sent on application  to Secretary-Treasurer or Manager  0 'ti  ~'i\  ��������� *3


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