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Kootenay Mail Feb 23, 1895

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Full Text

 ��� *
Fiiio-lCariliiiicroPoi fcs       0 fi-i
Eslr.i heavy vv(K,l do 0 n't
]>c:-t   cjiiiililv-  r*be.ll.!iid   wool
Undci-vvc'.ir, ;>er .sr.it i 25
Finest mil. vvooi   *'       ..'- 1 (if)
Braces, per pair. 30c. and 4'!e.
The English Trading Co.
n-J-SS?���--:���,- -J ���<>*&'
A-i     M
t*Z    u'<
m \y i j
A^S !  /
}& I 7
IKi-l Vi?**,
* i���>-5     J     i, r. v r.
& At?i
^       ^
fco5' _r ta
-   ���/
.& >fr:< K-V
���*-"��� '  =^ J$   ,c*V.
-453    \ tS
/ir*t*y Viifj-'/itsij
"Af.:* i  it-*
'"O"?   L,1D!t3-.
I?1,'-, j  v. of." I'li'Ki-i.i'l-
JC* l.'.Lil'l') ("'..-inlico i-ili.'MI,
Ibn'-v i >..;,. vvijoI I'udcrve-t-
'J'.nii ci'shanler-, :M. and ~:,c
Lined KjcI Glove-. Inr cull*-,.
Uniiiiul do., lot:, iiad $1.00.
iish Trading
i ij..
') *.*���
0 7j
1 2J
Vol. 1.
T7T Cirri/T*.
iliiA J.
��+><��. v_''_/   di
skip Yours
'Sf ^i
n' E   'a* �� ��
INCOItl'OKI-l'J-a*. '
202-212 First Avenus North,
Goods bought rigit out;  no commission I    Sliippins ta^s mrnished free upon recharged. ,   ' '    ,      , I ? T&crc is NO SUTIv* on Itav/ Furs or. any
-i Fair selection; immediate returns. I other goods wo l_.:i.Uc.
EST Write for Circulai; giving Latest Market Prices.*%-�� ���
Analytical Chemist a'nd Assayer5
Accurate assays, made' of all kinds-of iuIbcpsIs, water, milk, sic.
^.        Kootenay Lodg-o
t-fiSr* No. i5 A.F.& A.��i:
**��*�����   * 	
*   *   Tlicrogulnrnicpliiig-s
���-p*     ,nrc beld m ibe Z:Uis-
sjStjnJS'Ot V" />       oiiijTci.inle. tioiirno.5
^=yQp5T^i^fcj**5*K>L== H.-.ll.   on   llie   tlnV.l
^^^^SjiiM&fS^^.^ond^i    in   e.icb
'"iS^w-sA-���S^NyS^-^ioeiilb   (U    :-*   r-   fii.
3.-��r5S:i^-^"*'^��.5~* Vii-iiiii.i;    bret iu-or.
"==-=,-=^��i=��i  oordi.illy vveleoinvd.
AV. V. CUAGI-", Si.i."i:i:tahv.
'.���"./"Alv'l'i.'in  -l",ii-biii.-r<';>:iv.i'.si;i   off-cod   ae*l-
\"S     di'i���.   Jj.i.oi.U h.ilii-y .md erci.uiisi.-, jciid
wooklv.  i'iirir.iiii)iil;iO'*-:t]oii.   IlllOU": Jil'.OS.
CO., Z-'ui-sBi-yiiieii, I'o.-tliiiiil, Oroijoii.
 , 12 ' 1	
. o. c. ?*.
I5oc*;ii!.ir meatiiifcs aro held
i!.;,C) inK-ii'jvv -' Hull uveiy
Thui---i'..*.y ni^Iil .'.!. o-i^bt
o'clock. Vi-iliu.v,- broth'*r.s
cordrilly vvuleomed.
G. x>:vji.\s, N*.G.
u\. **TOXJil, *"l-:c.
W. A. JpWETT,-,
NELSON, B. C. "l
J I   {
-'Lardeau & SIoc-^ i Ppo-speets Willed.
Repairing Ne.itly"St' Promptly E:xecutec).
REVTl-SrOlCE!, 12. c.
A.  McNF.il.
JiJl.-*�� Cj-JJ i. j   rCXiiJ*^,     -i^-j,v, ,���_���*   j j,
Fro ni
if-ci, J-fov.elri-iki
].-e.    ,     '
fie;  B.atb, ,{*,Gc.: Six Shaving-
Tickets for- ��1.00. .  ,
K    .*^     VV
it*     *t      **
M E RrC H A N T   T A J LO R,
i '���
E^'svi-J-5^''.5cit  *^iii ic.i'
First-class Material kept in stock and
First-class Workmen employed.'
:74>i',i"-.'f{"*i!   HDDmfiq  ^Wmi
g .1 n^C'Aii     f    ji/r
Ahi-rjW    LAiVf",
"i " i\ov; opou, ;ii. those 'oelobivilAi hoi,
J_ .'-jii'i.is'ys. i'eir (he* ii'-i-Oiiiii'ddabinii of
Ktici-.!'!.' Rr*.'.i-s S!,50 to tS'-'.5G' pni* clay.
Ba.tis "or. o.tch, ot* five ior 31.. Sfci-i.i!
i\i!..*n(n i'.-i'niiie.j ov by 1,1 ic> iiicinili am
be .-u r.ingcil.
D.W/50M,. CP.AUnOCK  &  GO.
ashes & annas.
COF F rNS ' CA li R1 J1;!.)  iy STOC rc.
^^n-r*f.---v :-
Gen era! Blacksraitil.
a   r\
J-*S. K
A CD.    IVlclViAnOsvjj
Repairs lo Wagons, occ.
Slicking -i Spoviiilt}-.
Ail ( nliifi-r   cbiiins   in   this   DHricb
lciL';;.!iv lu'ld t,..iv be-iiiidwivcr from the
loth Oc-lobcr. Kirl, ((.Uu'-L-t.Iunf1, ].S'Jo.
dT^/al C'nriinrisn.oner.
D.ibail at Nelson, 31.0.,        '
lib Oclol,.v, l^'l.
;o co s.!ia OJCB OOUXTRV.
/���fA// figure on all kinds of
Buildings ; all kinds of House,
Store and Office furniture rc-
aircd or made to order; all
kinds of Shoproork in my line
neatly aud promptly executed by
skilled and experienced hand.
run yociu
lCEKA^'S"? so-
, I'roi.oscd Sailings from .\roiilro.*l.
L\!.l.Aivr  IjrXK.
XuviiD.Ay ' Nov.   .'"
I'Alllsl.W     Xov. lu
rilosioi.iv:-* Xov. 17
-*   D01UXI0X IdXI*.
Tobonio Oel.  27
V.vN-c-m.1 viiic    Xov.  :i
Old'CON- Xov. 10
Ciibin ���slri, "T/.. fm. >70. S-0,iiKl iip-.v.'u-cif,.
lull-.iiieihiitc $:!(!; Steein^o f.20.
I'iis'enitors tio'ieiccl  t,!ii:.-,i^-b io all p.n-ts of
Gi-e.il Iliit.nn a'ld Ireland, inid .-.l -ipei i.ilij- low
vales to nil jiart" of Lhe l-luinppnn eontinoiiL.
A,il)ly lo !icuo-.lbl<'.i !���)-.bi pur rail vvnv (i^eni.,to
��� I. T. SKSWSTJ3.S. /.gcufc,Reveistoke,
fir to !io,?!:uT Ki-.ini, Uen. i iissengci' Agent.
TabD/jgans &
T1I10 i
TO, A "CI*  ruovi
stern Points.
r i l
A Gl'.KAT VIOTOHY  IX G ERilA***."!"".
Count Von 2\Iirb,ic-h, 'Gerriidn (Jon-
sft'vsilivo, L inti-ocluced ;i resolution in
in tli�� Boi-lin Ucie-hotiig l.-ist Friday in-
.striic-ting the* Federal Government of
Geriiiiiny to is'sue invitivtions for an
'intei'iiiitioiiiil    monetary   congreaS   to
ti.ke  ineaMii'Cs (o bring about lhe*. re-
i ***
habilitation of silver as ;i-circulating
medium.���Count Von Mirbach said the
moment bad >airived for Germany to
take the initiative in settling this question, which is one of the* greatest importance.���Chancellor Von Ilolienlphe
intimated that the. Government would
lies willing to confer vvith the Federal
Government upon the question of
entering into negotiations vvitli the
powers re the advisability of reconsidering the monetary .system.
The Reichstag on Saturday adopted
by an ��� overwhelming , m.ijority the
rei-oluiion 1'nvoting an international
monetary conference.
The victory of the silver men vvas no
surprise. Qoimt 2iirbach, the agrarian
arid bi-inet'illist leader, had secured 210'
sign.-!lures lo his motion foi ^an international money conference and the ro-
hahilitation of '���-iivei-. Therefore he
opened the debate with ,the 'certainty
i)i';a large majority.
Aiming the .signers vvas Prince Alexander of jlohenlohe, the Chancellor's
sou ai id the chief of his private imreau
ein the Chancellory.
The heavy rpeakeib in- the healed
two days-.' debate were drawn' - from
Conservative, National Liberal and
Clerical ranks. They'held the attention of' the House from ihe beginning.
tVmul Mirbach opened the case for
tin* silver men in imposing style, lie is
a, good speaker and had liis subject well
in hand, as for four years he'has
thoiight'.'ind talked only bi-nieta!lism
and t.iriiV. ilc quoted V.aLisrics without end to prove file fall nf prices since
(-'eriiii'iiy arioj led tl.f* gold stniulard ;.
iirgued nl great Idigtri to show iliat
iiTidf'r nio-.ic.-uio. sllisiJi agricuHiu'e had
gone from had ro worse in Fi.gland
,iiiid Germany and that Fi.gli.--ii e,spcji'ls
to silver-usitig countries * has ste.-idiiv
declined. 1,1 is pica for silver was a
creditable efiVvt,'aiii! it evoked frequent
expressions of approval from t.he K'iglit
and Centre, but as u^ttal it left ihe
Radicals and Social Peinocrats on the
other side quite unmoved and unconvinced.
, Counl J'o.-ailowsk'i said that it could
not be denied that lhe constant, falling
oi siiver was injurious to industry, to
German iniin1^ and prevented Humbert, of workers from getting a livelihood. Fven ihe mono-metnlli&ts did
not deny that t in* depreciation of silver
was mischievous. AL. Ribotha declared
the nec-ei-Ar,y of France's reverting to
liu-'double cjtaudard and held Geriniiny
.���.iifcwci-alilc-. becau.se. the In tier country
had firsi adopt ed a gold t-tandard. The
rural populace, as well as many inami-
faetm-ers. were convinced that the
declining vMh'.e of their products wa1"
ascribed to tin* fall in silver. Jt was.
theiefoiv,- the duly of thc Government
to treat, that question m a benevolent
If err Von Kardooif said, that bimetallism vvas the safeguard of the
Germ.ni peasantry and a sure, bulwark
against, Socialism. This was received
with cheers from the Highland derisive
laughter by the Socialist'members.
question, and point to the siaiute
resurrected by Secretary Carlisle,
which practically compels the treasury
to redeem national bank notes in gold,
as evidence that there are more intric--
acres in the monetary system than have
been realized.
Some members of the "Washington
State Legislature arc* doing their best
to help the free coinage of silver, by
memorial to the U. S. Congress and
'otherwise. State Senator Coon introduced a free silver memorial last week.
Its preamble declared that the demonetization of silver by tlio repeal of tin*
Sherman Ac;t was responsible foi the
depreciation of the country's business,,
'and asked Congress- to enact a law for
free and unlimited coinage of American
silver, ' tlie product of mines' of the
United Stales, at the ratio of J (J to 1.
A fighi was ma'deon the. preamble, and
.���ifter some discussion a motion to stiike
out was passed by a vote of 15' to IS.
This vvas nol approved by the free coinage men, and they refused to'pass the
memorial as denudi-d.
Almost as Big1 as in West Kootenay.
A letter receive! by the Bureau ol
Mines, Toronto, states that the .Bonanza Nickel Mining Company, operating in the Nipissing district, are working on a gold, vein which has recent I)',
been discovered neai-La ke Wahnapitae,
and which has a surface showing of
52 ft. wide and 10 ft. long. They are
taking out a carload of ore for the' purpose, of having a mill test made at the
Kingston School of Mining. The ore
is said to assay as high as $100 a ton.
A U.S. -Senator on the Evils of a Cfold
' Standard.
in a recent speech pr> the financial
situation, Senator Teller, of Colorado,
-said ili'nt under cxi-riiic; e-irc-iunsiaiif-es
the treasury was bound io be chained
of gold for European bondholders.
Continuing, he'said: " We are bound
to go either to a silver- or- a paper- basis
with paper only asiiour money, or el^e
we shall have a gold b.i-is. with all the
* c
wrongs that a gold basis inflicts���low
prices, limited opportunities, stagnation in business, p.iraiysis.ot enterpiise,
vvith,only silver buttoned��on gold or
paper buttoned on gold to do our business. If we could get to a silver b.isi.-.
.. i^1
vvith the mints open for (silver, ,we
vvould be infinitely better off than we
arc on a gold basis with no gold. How
are we going to keep the gold in the
country? You may issue bonds 10-day
anvl io-morrow. you' may isshe $5,00''.-
OOOjOOO of bonds and p.it them into the
tivnsiii'.vy.a'id pay om the goiel: so long
,1^ we are debtors in.Kurope so long the
gold will go nut of the country."'
*��� Wants z Hospital for Consumptives.
N. F. Davin-I.r.r*.. i.sa*-king the Government foi; aid towards the propor-cd
establishment of a hospital ior consumptives ia. ilegina, 3iooseja.iv or
Medicine Hat and asking Sir William
Van Home for free transportation for
patients. Davin says he has had the
aii of the 'Territories analysed by the
mo-Aapprove,I method*:, and found it
10 per cent*, richer in the new air element discovered by Lord , Riii.elaghs
than is the air of fa-tern Canada.
Downfall of a Salmon'Arm'Pugiiist.
Sat,iiox Aiim, Feb.118th.
The local bruiser���or "John L. Sullivan," as he likes to he spoken c>f���met
with a severe detent and a deserved
thrashing hrst week at the hands ol a
train hand whose run is between this
place and Rcveh-fcoke. "J. L." has for
a long time been in the habit of loafing
around the settlement, doing a great
deal of sponging and'very little work,
but managed somehow to cnnsumeAi
lot of bad whiskey. While ." under the
in'lusiice" he is a icrftVi1 to tho settlers
���men, women and children���his language being mostly of a disgusting
nature. - For some time past he has
been "playing a, high hand," declaring
that he could lick any breather breath-1
in,.;; fiL at the-man was not, horn who
could whip him. Lately he had been
talking verv loudlv -'is to what he would
do to a" certain young man wheue.ver
lie happened "to come, across him, and
amongst, other indignities intimated
that he would "chew him up."' Last
Wednesday night it so happened that
both throateiier anil threatened met on
ibe/platform of the station.
'���lieilo, Dob! How are you, 'old
.boy?" exclaimed "J. L." *   ���
"None of your .business," returned
Dob. " 1 hear you've been looking for
"Xn,"'"said "J. Ii." meekly, " T wasn't
looking Tor you."
There was nothing morn said,- but
Boii evidently thought ii a good upper-1
tiiiiily u*. t'.'.ich the. boaster a lesson.
S-) he ti.i-ik him by the collar and gave
him a gdo'.l sh-iking. "John Ij." struck
out wildly,1 but he was not in it from
the start, and when Boh proceeded to
use him as <i mop to wipe up  the plat-
icv'-n, no
When the
Ml '&�����
The Society of French Agriculturists
has decided ,to support the National
Bi-Melallic League in its appeal to the
Government to negotiate with Great
Britain, Germany, the United States,
the Netherlands, and the Latin Stales
for an international agreeiiicnlAo re-
habilitnie silver    .
Manufacturer of all kinds of
Finn! hire.
TlircH.fi.li l'*ir-t n...-sHlceni:ij; Curs und Tomist
.SIc'piiM t'.ii's *o Si. I Vuil. .llonUeuliindTuroi."-'.,
j vvilboiit,eluii'-e. i
i-i-i1---- .ir.'iv.
Old Furniture Renewed
In First-class Stylo.
E. PJCARD, Reveistoke, B.C.
IPC   2?r^'"r'.A'-LMd   Bi-i^wflfi'.-p.y
iEidL. n-_-ii-.,}���i--;ifia ', is.'-ijcsvJ.sy;.
ii V. \s
o. -
Ills daily,
liiii*.   "
Foi- furl infur.'ii.iilcii as to rules, time, etc.,
iiliply to
E.   'V.   i ;-:-.'��� v. .-tc-r,
Ar'-m. Ivi'Velato
lie I j. Il'lfilYN,
J*r I-i" IV.-
'.!, .-( !
'!���:   OF
Ti��e i^e v7 TOILS'P SOAP,
1      SIX  T\!'.|j!'.rl.-',  P'OM  Ti: j
:n:    -- I
Wait  fi.f (!-.,- n-iti.-e
At. >\'.'ishiiigicin an eld lavv has jusL
been discovered upon the statute hooks
by free silver men. which gives tlieni
ground to hope that they can bring
about the coinage of silver in an indirect way thmiigh the list1 of Me-A-an
dollars. The law was passed in jS'57, and
is section :3.5(i7 cd (he i evifed statutes.
It is as.follows :
-' Tin- pi"(-fs commonly l-.nown-as the
cpiarler, eighth find .-���i-.ilecnti'i of (lie
Spanish lAll.ir and of lhe .'Icviciin
Ln- .-!.-ill in* !���(". "iv al'l" .il the
tie---.i".', .if Hi-- I'.'iitoil   l-ji.it'*-  and it-
Col'. Baker's Cranbrook Estate.
In the famous Oranbrook estate pros-
'pectus, Government Agent Cummings
was epioted as an authority on .the
value of land owned by Col. Baker in
Kootenay. lie gave $12 per acre as a
fair average'price. An examination of
the assessment roll leveals the fact that
most of the In mi which it vvas proposed
to sell for $12 per aero is "assessed at To
'cents per acre. The prospectus' either
lied or ihe minister'.s propei ty is greatly
undervalued by the Government assessor.���Columbian.
I'iin was over it was foniid that he had
a fine pair of black eyes and a damaged
proboscis, to say nothing of'a cowed
iind ifr.'iken spirit. So the proud cock-
of-l he-walk at Salmon Arm has been
obliged to go into retirement to nurse
hi- di��-i'ignrcinents ar.J ilNnppointinenl.
This should ond his career as a pugilistic bully,, and it is hoped he will now
I urn o"er ;i new leaf.
Manitoba School Case.
Sir 0. IL Tapper, Minister of Justice,
has received the full foxt of the .judgment of the Privy Council in the Manitoba school case. The first act of the
Government will be to pass ari-order-
in-council asking the JUanitohaGovern-
menl to give remedial legislation. The
matter will be in that position when
the elections are on.
��� .!!.(:
���-  and  .it   i( ,
md  oilices  .".i
cliov. nig
*e '('! .!'  po-l
ih'1 i.lies of
h ,..��� .-I
ir. f*r i*.
V. \~S
'L-'irdui*; i
llllliO'l   .il
ilJJt-   IjL ii..J,0l! ,fJVi.   3  c;,v.iij|j;lv j .
pronnif nirwur iimi .-(il lio.r.i'-r cv'iiinn. wt'.iu '.<>
.111'N.'i" il.- <'*!>., T.'lii) l.r.vi. lincl no-irlv Hitr vv- ,r^'
ntj.o.l.-iipe in llio pitcnt tii.vuiiv-. c\".,-.iu--i.-i-
U01.ss11.cU5- i-.)'ilM.*.ilial. A ilniuiiio.ik of In-
forii.ailoti I'.ii.ci riling l*n |i-.,im nnd l,ow- ,0 ob-
l.i.n Ilium M-i.t in *. A!-,1 > i ;inlfi.".ii'o* r.ioei.;ii!-
lc.i! ...id {.cloutHi.; tiooi... -rut nee?
Pii'i'i.ta inkii'i tliroi-iil. M.i'in ,t Co. rcc.!vo.
Fl.i'i'lnl in,.'li*o Ini1." *-,-i('..n(-c .Vnicriciiii. r.'.i!
Hi.is i.i-u liroiiklit, vvlii.'lv U>in,.. Ill* jml.-.c s'cli-
0..1, e-'i��r to 1*11! liu-.-iiror. 'I'lili ��nh r.ill.l i-..-,.i-r.
ImiioiI ��,-(...|r|y, i-liyiiiu Iv Illnslr.itF.I, i.i.- 1')" evr ilia
liircost eirv.ilstli.u ill .'.uy ci-lcti.-illo iu't'' in llio
SI.-* n va, sinii.lt' coi.l.'ti|i..nt f,c".
 Illon. n-'.i.tl'l-, i-.'.'-On ��� e.,r.   .stiiiJf
ee ..! 1 no i c,:!.-. .it -���!' -��i11 ��� ;
i i Ai li (���! i dollar, r i pii" ���' uiAii'1
..it ll> cenl-. .mil tin- sp.i'.'-id ii ol" a
,i:\ in- ii.-.li' i-.-.i:. a* ", c eiii   ."
���i'l ii1!. t'ii!��r."iiii; pi "V l!..'1
<h''ioiiis -iiali no! he rr-:s*ued Irnni tii'1
li c.isury, '.-ii! -iiuil he re-: (.i-.c.-i in'o
I "lilted Slates coins. '! ne iavv lia- i."1- c'
' .-.'I. i oik .,!(���(!. ,-ii. 1 ',:,i- -..-I'.i'i l.'i-ii in
t'o.i-iri"-    ���.--.ii   Ih.u   it   i- no-1 ii le fu
lliillilliiu Killll.
co,.lo4,-^5 c-o.its.   l.v I'i-y miiiibir (.i.iti In. ! ��� .��;i
liflll   ,,lli|i.s,   111 .-(.Ini-.,  un.! Jii.u.r,,'r..J !���:- i,:  '.. \_
llOIIM'., Vflth ,,' UM. I'll il'lllll' Ij'lllill'Ii 1'   -' ��� -i  tlir
liui-sl .l..|.f,i,^ i,ii.! -i .''iri'. i.t,i. -i'i-,.    '. ' -- ^
atii;, a, co.,:-....-. voi..-., ;wi ���   .
sCi*.',! the   metal   If* .Mi'-.icn for '-oi') igc.
���ii'ipi, <  it mi', the Cnit.'-.l St-i'es and
��� -.���.-iii ii ,-t ine tr-'.-.siii-1..   i''...*y.i    'it
No "Divy " for G. T. R. Shareholders.
Grand Trunk Railway earnings for
the half-year ended Dec. Hist show ii
deficit of' ��172,0(10 (ftS'iO.OOO). Consequently there is no dividend.
A win ded
Honors���World's   I'Air
Praise for Trail Creek.
C/ipt, Troup, manager of the O. & Jv.
Nav. Co., \v ho has been visiting Scuttle,
had a good word to say ol' Trail Creek
last, week to a reporter there. "The
Trail Crook district is," he says, ."attracting a good deal of attention, and a
lot of people are going in. Tho disti id
lies about ten miles north of the boundary line -and i.s five miles from the
Columbia River.' There is great excitement over the li.uls, there being copper
and gold ore running in. value to $50 a
ton. The district is coming fo the front
rapidly, and the output is increasing
all the time.'' Cap I. Troup says that
oilier mining camps in the vicinity are
also developing, and the shipments are
steady. His company will soon rebuild
the steamer Columbia, burned last
V.'AX'I'K])���AcTivr, IIo.v!:fl7'*Ji;.VTi,i;vrAN on.
Jj,vi,v, to travel, n-pieseiilin^ established, reliable house. P.iliiry SC5 muiitbly and traveling
o-vpuiiscq, vvith increase if .suited. J-"nr-lc-o reference and .self-.ii'di'e-5-.ed stamped envelope.
S|,3 t     ' 317 Oin.ib.'i Uuildinfr, CbiCii^O.
i i ,
Jas. McMillan <fc Co., fur dealers, of
Minne*apolis, in their January circular,
give", the results of thc recent London
fur sale, which commenced January
22nd aiid,closed January 25th. Most
furs went nt,lo'\ver figures as compared
with the prices obtained al; the October
sales'. Tin; circular compares'the prices
current at the great .March sale last
year and the October sale with those
of last month, and in nearly every cas��
there has been a reduction. ', The circular   continues :    "You   will   see   that
about the only articles that actually advanced, are  marten  and mink,' and we '
have raised .our fiue'>ta,lions on these two
t     .   *
articles materially. We have also revised our prices of 'all other articles,
all hough tho result of the sale vv.'ts
pretty well anticipated in our last circular.'? We are privately advised'that
one article, viz., bear, which we report ,
declined 10 percent., actually declined
more thi,in this, and they etiufion us to
be careful in buying it, because should
it go out of fashion the decline vvould
be heavy and- amount to a great deal
of money'. Beaver is out o. fashion,
and consequently ruling at lower prices,
with little demand, although we have*,
not as yet reduced*onr prices. We
have an established tiade for Northern
furs, both with Ameiican manufac-'
turers and iu Europe, which enables us
to pay high prices and compete success-'
fully with 'any other dealers., in ,the
United States. We wish to' increase
our collection e*f such articles'as fisher,
silver, cross and red fox, marten, mink,
skunk and sea otter, but vvill allow- our
circular prices for all kinds of furs. Do
not delay shipping, because after March
1st it will he too late to send shipping
furs to the March London fur sale, and
it is predicted that after that date all
kinds of furs will go "at lower prices.
' *' D'i-;**;s*cins.���The receipts arevin-'
creasing. Prices remain substantially
unchanged. Horse hides are''being
verv largelv used for" imitation buck-
, - j*       7      * ' '
skin,-and" it  i.s -claimed  they are equal ,,
to deerskins   for 'this, purpose;   but
whether this is so or not,' it  is certain
that it is keeping the price of deerskin
Around Trail Creek.
From the Northjyorl News:
dipt. Gem left Friday for Portland,
where he will visit his family until
spring, when he vvill return and resume
comniiind of the Lytton. 1<V ������
Six of James A. Clark's teams brought,
in War .Eagle ore yesterday.   His out-
lit is camped near the line.1
E. Ifildebrand brought four loads of
War Eagle ore into Northport Sunday,
ITe has live splendid teams. ,
The Red Mountain stage line is being
conducted in a very creditable maimer.
The News job department this week
was kept busy printing stage tickets,
manifests, etc., for it.
Victoria's Liberal Candidates.
, The Liberals of Victoria have nominal t-d Messrs. Win. Templenian and Dr.
iililne as candidates for parliamenbry
honors in the forthcoming Dominion
flection.    ���
ll1, u ill" v.ihdn ���
I.I V.
A pure Grape Cie.un of Tartar Powder.   Free
from Ammonia, Alum or any other adulterant.
.IN application will be made lo til'1
L'firl'.iiiient 01' Canada, at the next scs
si'111 l.iieieol", lor an Actio incorporate
<i Comp-.ny ior the purpose of construe'tin;',-, equipping, maintaining ar.d
operating 11 line of railway (o run from
a point .it or ne.ir liu- mines known ;is
( h" "Trail ('1 cei. mines," i,, 1 he 1 list, let
oi" Ivool emiy. in th" I'rov mre of I'i il i.sh
Columbia, to some point, ,n, near ,-is
practicable lo the junction of Trail
Creek and I he tlol'imbi.i iv'i eer, in t In-
s.-iid Diss rid of Koot.'-il-iy, will, power
to c-')!i.-ti-iic-t. (-(pup, maintain and operate branch lines ��� ,-i,iu ji)so Lo i-nnstru'-l
,iii;l opei.-iti' le!"g.",i| !-. ,'iid telephone
!ii!"-> iu Ciniliectii.il .villi iin- -aid railway, t ouf'i.her wit t. the ii-n.il po-.v '-i-. I',
,-,'���(, uire If.'is; privilege.-, !,.,>,; ;r ���' s, i-i
aid*" fi1'.in the Don.it.:..-i uy I'i-.vinci-il
(inv"! li'.i'-n!.-, aii'llo mato- i i.iliic an.!
oilier ari'.iiigeiiii'iils will: iailr.,15.
steambcia!. ;r-,,d ol!n-i-
for all utiier u-'i-il
powers, j-i'^i)!:- ;:u'| ,.11
Dull -i .1 i   > ,11;. oiiv.-t
.J.iiitiai .v. .'-.  1). J���{'!.".
DAVrs,  AlAliSilAI.!..
IvLVCNFllili^ .'MiBOTT.
Soliv'ilorxfor Ajiplicitnt
Typhoid and Diphtheria.
The public school in Ridge way, Ont.,
is closed because of the prevalance af
a violent form of diphtheria. Miss
Maggie Sugcr, one of the victims of
the disease, died. Typhoid fever is also
rampant and a number of lesidentsare
stricken  down.   Several   deaths  have
To Bring Them Home.
Sir Mackenzie Unwell has been asked
for assistance to enable 4,000 French
Canadians now iu Michigan to settle-
in northern Ontario.
May Use Seines.
The Minister of Fisheries has decided
fo allow the Fraser River canrrers to
use seines this year.
It is rumored that an electric line
will be built between Tacoma and
Seattle the coming summer, and that
lhe wideawake real estate man is already looking up bargains along the
A Cook Book Free.
"Table and I\ itch-m "' id the title of
a new cook book nubh'sh"ci bv ihe
Fii'-c   Making    Powder  Co..   Chicago.
Ju.-l ;.( thi- lime it will
you write a po-lal meiilinning the
Ivm-i-KVAV M.ni., Ki'Vilstc.ke, U.C.
This book has been Iri.-d  and found to
-nl" -
<���'nd     i.Cec
il nd
thi, 1Kb .I.i v cl
of I he very best ol its kind.
- i-viul.iu,ing over 10" receipts lor
lis ol pa- I ��� y ,\],d I,cue* cookery,
there .ir." uia-iy h::.;-- for ih" table: and
kitchen, sho". ;ng how to -cl. a tabic,
iif.vv to enter tl,.* dining room, etc.; a
In.uiii ed Mid one hint.' in eveiy blanch
ol ihe culinary ail. Co..Any of ihe
vi'i,,- |i*ic:-! and" richest as well "as of (he.
most econoini-.-i! ,-u,,l hom<'-hk" is provided for. Hcmcmber " Table and
I. i'i !i--:i " v, ill !,''��� sen, postage pie-paid,
io .mv lad*, s, ; Am: h.-raddri���s oi'tme.
!(,���..', i .;. .'. ��� l re' plainly giv ct; A n'pint t!i'i::i-.'i or *-!(-.,i-.-iiu.ivian vviil lie
s-'i'.t li lic-n ed. i'ost.'il ca-d is as L'ood
as a leu'���.���.' Acl.iies- p, it-.- Daking
1'owder Co., Chicago, iii. *1   ������   _  .iilAi  ILJ-Jl  .   ...J.  :o\v,  A  A-  j'lfui  d;o:e.  jma.K.vi.s.j  i-, h.ullv  ilOlllCI   si,    Li'clltU  llillierio Gov,  on   tlic'il"   lieec.s-i-  ;|-|illi(-iit vvoi'k   hits I  PROFITS OF THE BROKEN 'HILL  If' '  I  i'.w-y-.-r is lia.lly imJaI  rfc is expensive- to briny  a legal gentleman, from K.iiiilooj.s or  Donald,'us his railway fare and Ijote!  expenses must be added tf, his regular  fee. Dili this iiiciiiiveriience. has to be.  I'uriifi by lii'ielslo.-c} people vvh., need  lhe s^i-vices of li lawyer .at cither the  Pojice'or County Court., To a stranger  ,'he-lact of our being able to exist and  thrive without a legal luminary in our  midst would be, rather complimentary  than otherwise, as'it implies a stale of  -ireadian peacefuhicss ai,d contentment  where factions and lawsuits are unknown���������-a sort .of- modern "City of  ' .Brotherly Love." P������ul this i.s very far  from the actual slate of alla'rs. There'  '.sdifltdly--."!' town- more split up into  '       t-lifjups,   rings- and   f.'ic.tions,   anil   the  ir*:iU*tioii   .resulting,   therefioni,-   than  - Reveistoke in'.   But however favorably  "   our town may seem   to compare with  ' ' others in the interior in the matter of  legal strife, there is no doubt that, a  member of the profession could pick up  ii pretty fair living here. At almost  every silling of the County Court tliere  , h,re cases requiring the, attendance of  lawyers from -outside places. In the  mile arid transfer of mining properties  hi'wyersdare necessary"evils, and the  legal gentleman employed in the sale  of the Sol Hoklen mine the other day  had a bfg fee for coming up from New  Denver.- .Many recent cases at .the  poiie'e-court would have been placed in  ��������� Wie hands of a lawyer* had there been  ��������� one here.  ' * #~  , ,   ' ���������,."''_' ?  Speaking of the police court,,a case  ' came up last Monday which had been  adjourned from the previous Thurs'day  in c*irdpr'jk).al;lovv.fhe oomplainant time  to gef her laiVyer ovei^from-Kam loops./  It -^yiijfs stated^ that the defendant also  *���������esire"d ������<f "obtain'*'counsel, but hi the'  ���������    light  of'subsequent events this was  merely a fake pure unci,simple:   ^The  case -was  one  of - threatening" to do  bodily harm, being the outcome of an-  '   assault case between the sairie parties-  over   a   year   ago,   after   w.hich./.the,  assaulter left the town.    Some months  later   ho reappeared, and owing to a  renewal  of   the   threats  he was sum-  ,  " inoned to attend before the magistrate  "to show, cause," etc,    Complainant's  lawyer arrived from  Kamloops on  the  date fixed  for hearing aiid, with the  complainant, -  attended     before ' the  ' magistrate, but��������� -f^tX-- "<��������� SA  Defendant, where vv^.Re.?../    '.  Ask of the ties which span the tr-i������k  From Selkirksitp the sfiitl-  ..d  J������KeX'itx&'ii *uad'' left.iLovfir.:,- Of'course  0 cbttfnliuriimt Ji'ad, ������P - jp*$* tjia^avv^-er's  railway fare botli  ways "(������13), as well"'  ��������� -cy*Wr^������^-^xpfiji>1iiea,..Siiy,.S^t:;- Last, week  fclie defeliclant again Slknvecl-up- in  town,-.thinking tkj ^fl'airjiitd-,-,blo*vVn"  , over ty-'thiir'ti?nel--butf ?the w-Arrant  which had' lieen''"l>rutgin'g- up " ever  since he skedaddled wiis taken down,  dusted, and served upon tho returned  traveler. Thursday of, last weclcJthe  case came before the police court, and,  us I have' stated, was adjourned till  MojkTAv?-. '-"Ohe'S J'tfore' the lawyer came  over from Kamloops; once more he  attended to plead his client'!- case, and  once more the bird had down. The  defendant.had skipped out as soon'as  he saw the lawyer arrive! The;railway   fare  and . hotel  expenses   again  - ���������.-., caii)*3,out, qf coiaplaiiiaiit's-pocket.  *'*.,'   j- i_ f   ���������" -    '   ***-* ���������   '.  "   ' Now'what'kind of justice 'can ������������������ this  be called?     Knowing what kind of-a  man the defendant ..was, and knowing  that  he   had   done precisely the same  ftorb of  thing   before,   why  on   earth  ;did   not> tho'-magiabriito order him to  "   firicl sureties for   his appearance"' vvh en  '���������   the case was adjourned 1    It lias been  riugge"sted   that   tho- defendant would  have been unable'to find bail, and that  to have locked"ltiin up.wuuld have been  of no use, as the jailris nob in* a fit con-  " " -litioti to retain a prisoner.    This ritay  be true enough, but for all that I con-  rend that any.unbiassed person, know-  jiitj nothing  of   either complainant m-  defeudanb���������and Justice is supposed to  be blindfolded and  absolutely impartial���������will come to  the conclusion that  it was a travesty���������or a mistake.  for at tire rate of .-sJAU and  and  clown   at   J-Johson  nidi  now  doing  Coverniiie-mt   work on  river al  lhe higher figure.     Why  TJevolstoke  selected -as the place  hecu paiO  A5 a day,  .lie  the  was  to inaugurate! this cut of 50 per cent..4-  * ,*���������  ir  I am told that, the ideals to get a lot  of iin*ii to work at ������1.50 a day ; tiinn  to weed out the poor workmen, keeping  ou the best men aud paying them i-jl.73  to S^.50. If this is true J must credit  Mr. - Gamble vvith - a great deal of  astuteness. Only a Solon vvould have  thought. 'of such a scheme. T have  nothing to say against ib. Only the  poor wretches who are " weeded out"  vvill be entitled to squeal. I am waiting  to see if Mr. Mui-il lias any mlluenco  vvith the Government, or rather with  Mr. Gamble, in this matter. I know  for certain that our member is making  a big effort to, get tho wages raised.  So there is some hope yet,.as the  Dominion elections are not far oil, and  the. Government vvill lose a lot of voles  if they persist in allowing Sir. Gamble  to carry on his grand scheme of paying  Chinese wages to "make the money'  last out."  With Ore Carrying* only 20 oz. per, Ton.  foil.  tier   fiom   Air.  I am surprised to see the nonchalant  manner in which most of our business  men' look on the matter. There are  only two that I know of who have  raised the least objection to Mr. Gamble's "cut," and those two attended  the, meeting of .unemployed workmen  last week. One of these gentlemen  made a proposition to several other  tradesmen of the lower town to call on  iir. Gamble and have actalk with him  on the matter; but they threw cold  wiiter on the proposal, and nothing  was done.,, It looks to me as if " the  ldiirling men" of the town'were hi full"  accord with,the low wages;-in fact,  one or two have stated that they have  worked for ������1.50 a day in times past,  and-did not see any hardship in men.  working ab that rate now. Great Je,  hosophat! and this with bhe prices of  .the .necessaries which prevail ' here.'.  'Now I vvould like to ask these trades-'  men if they,would be content wi'tu  ������-l-ri'iO.Ji.day.as..pri->fits from their business 1 Are bhey willing to meat this  reduction, of wages' by cutting ..-their  prices in twol^l think-not. ��������� Whon',  tho pinch touched the'ni they vvould  squirm. ,They should'-, remeiiioor that  the town is^-kapb'in existence by the-  e;il*VHngS'*,"jf.%ortiiig men, 'ii-ftd-that the  .ifu^i'pjsstl"'1^1 A'iH suller- -pqiially''with  the workman j "that tli'e tlaysA-Tf' big  profits are gone for ever when low  wages?"'HSeoinc. general. -This is rtlie  A.hfn vM^������,of^:4;hft wodge, and sli'oiild be  resisted to the'utmost, for once let- the  rate of wages siiik^to that level and it'  will never "rise" again; btit" gradually"  drop'-'lower and lower till .a dollar a  day is considered, good';-wages,* as in  Ontario���������and prices will go" too. But  tho-fear that-the money-will nut last  bu&.sce.ns iftha'i-e blinded.^oriie.- people- ���������  "as io'the'baneful'eU'ecfs this reduction  will have'on the rest of theclistrict, as  it will not, be politic for tlie Government to pay one rateJ in Reveistoke  and anotKer-'iu NefSoft or New Denver.  And I say, better let the bank slide  into the river, than allow Reveistoke  to become a reproach and a bye word  among' the-'towns of West Kootenay  as the birthplace of a siarvelihouil rate  of' wages "which afterwards became i  general- over the whole district���������and i  all because trie '��������� leading men " of that !  .unfortunate hamlet had not- b������ickiwnf? j  enough to kick at the proper moment.  Diu-le, C. li., which appv.irs in Wednesday's Colonial, is of such importance in  showing the v;i*jL superiority of our  silvei ore over that of the: Australian  mine (hat we present il to our readers  almost in full. It would be well if we  could bring such facts as are herein  contained to the direct notice of Biitish  capitalists, who. seem to be totally .ignorant of the fact that the ore bodies  in this district are of phenomenal size  and richness, hut who go on year afler  year investing their money in low-  grade properties iu vaiious parts of the.  vv'orld, when they might obtain twenty  times the amount of profit by the same  outlay in West Kootenay mines. His  a long letter, but il places oui silver  mines in siich favorable comparison,  with the hitherto great mines of the  world that we offer no excuse for republishing it:  "A copy, of the Daily Scotsman. ,oi  January lUili has just come to hand in  which there appears the half-yearly  report, ending IJUth November last, of  the Broken Hill silver mine iu Austra-"  lia.   This report shows a profit for the  'half year of $L,8o3,720, and a dividend  paid of $1,393,920. The value of the ore  extracted vvas .-j.lo.63 per' ton, and the  cost of pro'duction was $10.55 pei- Ion.  The price obtained for lead was $-15.'l(j  per ton; and for 'silver 01 cents per oz.  The production fortheSveek e.nding2Jth  ult. was 9,-lSl) tons, yielding 705 tons  of lead, containing 20S.S39 ozs. of silver.'  There were also treated by the amalgamating and leeching plan Is 1,15-1 tons  of ore yielding 15,910ozs. silver. Broken  Hill ore contains 20.10 ozs^of silver per  ton. "  "It the same, amount of capital had;  been expended in milling in the Koote-'  nay district, 1 have no doubt the ore.  could have been produced and treated  at tbe same cost as it was at the Broken  Hill. mine. Sly iihpi'ession is that'it  coulcl-have been pi'oduccd.more'cheapiy  as the Broken Hill isa heavily timbered  mine, and if 1 remeinner rightly the  timber has to.be imported at consider-  'able cost; whereas 'timber is plentiful  ami cheap-iriAvootenay. The ore of  many of. the Kootenay mines is much  -richer-than   those of   this Australian  'group, and I make the following comparison between the two: -    -  "In the repeat uf Mr. G. M. Dawson  for   the  vear 1SS0 he gives 352 ozs. of  for  silver  per  ton  of ore from the Silver.  Kiiig  mines' as  the average result, of  three assays.-'," The   Toronto   Globe df  August 19th; 1SU3, gives thi>"resiilt.oi';a"  shipment or about 100 tons of ore-from  these  mines,   which  contained  20 pejr  cent. of-"copper and a value of $300 per  ton   of  silver and about. $1 pertoni'u'  gold.   Assuming'the copper to be worth'  53V per unit (alow value) we have a total  value  of $32-1 per  ton  for the Silver  King ores,, whereas the Broken Hill o|e;  shows for one weeks working only $13?  05 in silver and $3.15 in lead, giving!a"  total  value  of $10.20 per ton, which .is'  rather   higher   than    the   half-yearly'  aviflsiffe. '     --  ts* .  "We may  therefore safely assume  that  the .Silver   Kiiig ore is worth[20  times that of the'Broken Hii Tore, and'  if'the* shareholders of  the latter had  conducted their operations in British  Columbia instead of in Australia,'thfey  would  have had 20,1111108 the profit, for  $37,071,100 for the half yearyor $7-1,11|S,--  S00 for the  whole  year.    This   seems  rather a startling  resulted arrive it;  we. can  hardly expect that if eveu the  Silver   King comes to be worked on a  large scale the; ore will continue of tjhe  same   richness as the, samples treated,1  as tbey were very probably picked ore.  However there is plenty ol margin IcH't.  The  Broken   Bill, mines are' probably  the  largest silver1 producing mines, al  the   present,   and in their working,11-0  see the good results obtained by working a low grade ore on a large scale?  "Before leaving the subject of silver  j mines- 1 would like to mention another  j pared of 2U*tot)s of British Columbia  j-ore, sent to the Omaha smelter, which  I returned insilver $2,0(5.-10 and in lead  j SSS2.00.   This is eepial fo$19G. 10 per* ton  1 of ore,   which  ,is   over   twelve   limes  1 richer than the Broken Hill ore.    I may  The business'of the'Provincial IAi-if- , h?u< mention T have no interest in any  5 T*t.. _,,!..,-.   I of the mines referred to.  autre   came   to a clwon Thursda;,, 1     .. Km.��������� i[)f()I.lllution  supplied to me  when   L-eut.-Govenior   Dcwoney  pro- | ]Ty A fn,in(i Gf mj,���������, ,,��������� whom f can rely  CORRESPONDENCE.  [.���������jmur-Ssiit.   to   '���������'���������]���������':   i;niroi;.]  ,  j be Kil: lor ciiinnl be responsible for I he opinions  c\pressed by coiTcsiionilenls.  The Y/ages Question.  Dkak Sin,���������In accordance vvith the  resolution passed at bhe public meeting  held hist Friday, I sent copies of report  of the: proceedings to Sir. Htfara, .M.P.,  to Premier Davie and to Sir. Semlin,  leader of .the Opposition, .communicating vvith the latter gentlemen also by  telegraph. I have' -received replies  from all these gentlemen, and as the  matter is of interest to everybody in  the' district I send copies of them to  yon for publication. The telegraphic  reply from the. Preiniei has already  been published, but as many may not  have seen it, 1 annex it as well as the  others.���������Yours truly,     ,  W. G. PAXTON,  ' ,  Reveistoke, Feb. 21.    'Set?!/ to Meeting.  Telegram from Pix-niior Dnvie, Fob. 10:  Xotbii.K can possibly cb.-in^e rulo of vva^os.  Appropriation is small and work bas to bo done  1 vvillnn limits of .siiiiie. "'"is .1 (juonLicm uiii.or of  Kollii.K protection work done) obc-aply or nor, at  all. Times aro hard and cvoryllinnf lias to  conic clown proportionately.  Loll or from Mr. Semlin, M.l'.I'., Fob. 19:     ,  I bctj to acknowledge tbe receipt of your tcle-  Kriim and Idler in rolorenee lo llie wn^es paid  on llie works on tbe Columbia ltivorat Uevel-  hloko. I have interviewed tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works and also the louder  ol llie Government in reference to tbe Wildes  question. Neilber iidniitled Lluil wages bad  been reduced generally, but botli intimated tbal  a general reduction vvas probable,,  Let ter from Mr. UMani, M.l'., Feb. 19:  '  1 beg lo acknowledge the receipt of your letter  of 15Lb enclosing copy of proceedings of llie  , workingiiien's meeting belli Peterson s Hall on  thill clay. 1 may state Unit wlien I heard of the  dilllculiy about the rule of wages on the  (Jovornnieiit work, I iirrangod to mod ,!\lr.  Gamble at Donald, and at our interview be informed mu Unit the rate vvill be from 51.75 to  $2..J0 per day, according to 11 man's worth and  Uie class oi work he is employed upon. Xeilher  the Premier ot the Province norlh.iveanylhiiig  to do vvitli iixing the rate of wages to be paid.  The matter is solely, in Mr. Gamble's bands, but  if Uie dillieulty cannot be siilisfiielorily arranged, and I can ho ol any iissisUmce, 1 will go to  Kevelstoke as soon as Mr. Gamble returns from  Fort Steele.   < ' - '     '  The'Bnrning Question.  FINISHED'THEIR LABORS:  ro"ued the Assembly after having been j the value of ores in ������ilyer mother parts  in������sc.ssion for riftv-el-dit davs.   To give \ of the world is as follovys, in ounces per  One dollar and a half a day !    That  - is'the amount Mr. Gamble deems sulli-  cient to pay the workmen on the. river  bank protection job.    Ilo has a  first-  class excuse for this big cut, and  that  i.s,   that  it   is   desirable  to make the  money (510,000) go as far as possible.  This is very  laudable on  his part, but  31r.   Gamble,    like   other   economical  financiers,  begins   at   the   wrong end.  Jt   i.s   always   the   working man   who  -.-'huflers when there is any economy to  ';.' be effected.     I don't think Mr. Gamble's salary will suffer any reduction in  -', order to " make  the money last out."  "* There is more likelihood that it will be  increased   by   "extras" which sundry  visits to. the  work.-will permit.     It, i.s  not greatly to the- credit  of the IVem-  icr, either, that   he   sent   .such an  unsympathetic kilogram   as appeared 'in  ,    last   vveck's   M.iib,   hut   then   we.   all  know'thiit  circumstances  alter cases,  and   the case   at   present differs from  that of. last July.    That, the ������ I .HO 'ti.  day inhnvafion is a great, .success fy.-nh  pointed ,t.o   the;  fact   that, all the men  n.-ijiiired ..can., be  obtained.      Yes ;   if.  thuwagos offered vyere  $l,- a flay ythe  iK-ccssitic.!' of Hoiue-of those ilif'.n vvould  Compel 'thorn   to   work  .aidThat  rate.  j-5ut.it'  is   none   tlie   less   a 'iiilruift^  .shame  that   tho Government, through  'Mv. GiU'ilil'!. having, tbo-'h men on bl'10  an   account  of   the   bills    brought   in '  would require an amount of space that ;  no v newspaper could   spare.    To  inf;n- ;  i tiOrdthe. bills passed would take more !  space than we can spare.     The mining 1  laws have received  ihetr usual linker- ,  ing,   and   have   been   left,   in   a   more J  chaotic  condition   than   they were be- j  fore.     Mr.   Kellie   made  praiseworthy'j  efforts   to  knock  out somw obnoxious- j  clauses,   but    his   attempts   were,   do- j  feated,   and'Col, I-Ukcr  is   to  be cori-  gr Lfuiaied on loading a few more bur- I  dens   on   the   miner's  shoulders,     iir. !  Keliie's Tramway Bill w l. passed, hut '  its   action   is   to   be   c -nfin':fl   to   the 1  mining districts of   Kootenay. Cariljoo :  arid Yale.  The British Pacilic Railway  m liter was brought up by the Premier  at  thc  eleventh hour, but   tliere, were  enough   members   present   fo  prevent j heard of th  tho credit of   the province   being used  If, guarantee thc bonds   of   this  road.  An  extension   of   time,  however,   vv.us  granted.     Want of  space   forbids our  giving   this   mattor    the   attention   it  ton :    In  the  group  of  mines at San  Juan, Argentine Republic, 8! oz. (average  of 'Al samples).    In Chili; the Carmen Works,Copiapo.' inhSHS. 28 lc, lliloz.;  Pilrimns Works, iienr C'.piapo, l.'j lo-22  c,z.    In   IAS..   Leadv.illo,   lSht),   10  m..%  Ilciuest-ike,   ISSfi,   l.S-W  oz. ;   Nevada,  Con-ofifluted   Virginia,  IWrO, 2')']0 oz.;  Nevada,   Crown   Point,   LS00,  lo-.fl) oz.;  'Nevada, Yellow. Jacket. 21'ttoz.    From  these figures it appears that the Broken  I llill i.-- about the average of the vvi.1 Id's  1 silver ores, and Unit Rritish Columbia's  I ores are very much above that average.  " In the newspaper above referred to  I appear- a prospectus lor .1 goi'l mining  I propei ty. .-it 11.it'-d   in   thf - -Mure-bison  I (iisir-ict of We-ler 11 Australia, v< herein  it is  {.-tated   th.it, "taking the yi'-lf| of  ; -;t/uie   at 2  oz.   to  the   ton with   a 20-  | stjimp  battyer-y at work, th'* rid profit  , (after deducting London  management  I expense.-] -ihould  exceed  $2I2J//J  f.er-  annum -being   equal   to,   .-ay, A', per  ��������� cent, on capital."    From what  I   have,  e gold   heading fpr..:���������!//. veins  of   British   Columbia.   2   oz.  p--r-   ton  would b" a low est,rriai" of th.-.r v.ilui-,.  Mr.  Dawson, in   the   report above  referred to', also points' out that in  '.:ir-  i<ii!?=-parts  of  the vv-'in-ld  1,-i.rge  profits  Sin,���������A meeting of the "Reveistoke  street' lighting committee, of which  nearly all the business men of the town  are members, was held last Thursday,  and at the close of it, I suggested that  those present should form -themselves  into a .delegation to interview Air.  'Gamble and see if something could not  be" done in < the way.t-of arranging a  more satisfactory rale of wages than  that offered for the work on the river  bank, as I consider it a crying shame  that this town .should-bo selected by  tho Government as a target for cutting  wages. - The wages paid to the men  employed on Government work down  'the river 'are $3 per .day, while  $1.50 is all that is offered hero. None  of those present acquiesced in my .suggestion. '   -  ...Later that day I was consulted by  several of those interested as to what  means should be taken lo try and get  the standard rate of wages, and 1 suggested that the best way would be to  call a public meeting to have the question thoroughly ventilated. This was  done, and the meeting owas held in  Peterson's Hall the following morning.  Not a business man of the town showed  up except Mr. Bourne and myself.  The meeting was called 'hurriedly that  the. proceedings might be communicated to Mr. Gamble, but unfortunately that gentleman had gone east the  same morning, and nothing could be  done except interview Mr. Smith, the  foreman of the*, work ; hence the  resolutions passed and- sent to the  Premier and the, Opposition leader at  Victoria, and Mr. Mara, the Dominion  member. I have it on good authority  that the reason given by Mr. Gamble  for fixing the rate of wages at first ab  $1.50 vvas bo weed out'the poor men  and keep only tho good men in order  to get full value foi   the  money spent.  Now, Mr. Editor, can yon cite me  one single instance of .such a method  as this being adopted for the purpose  of weeding out poor men ? Mr. Davie;  stated in his telegram, which you published last week, that the work must  be clone: cheaply or- not at all; but had  the proper time been selected for1 commencing Ihe work which is al. present  being dime, it would nob have cost, one-  rourbh of whab it is costing 'to-day. I  .have lived here a number of years and  have had practical experience of this  very work and know there is ample,  tiirre to do tlie work after "the snow  leaves the ground and befoie the rise  of the water. Had the propei- time  been chosen for doing t he work, much  more could have been accomplished  for tbe sum appropriated, even if the  men had been paid $."> .1 dav.��������� Yours  truly, W. M. HROWN.  Iievel.stf.ke, Feb. 20th., 18(15.  Sin,--Is it trire that the wages on the  river bank woik ai e going to be raised?  f hear-fl tell that Mr. Mara said they  would.    Tb'-re tire Jo!s of  men in town  deserves.  A Delightful Entertainment.  (J. A. Carson's .st,er-"opl iron show of  World's -Fair and Midway Pla'sanre  views delighted the audience in lhe  Presbyterian church last night, and  Will be again on exhibition to-night, in  tiie .same, building, commencing at S  o'clock,. ' .Besides ���������illu.str.'i.ti'ons of, tlie  World's J'Yiir-, there, arcs'- splendid views  of Yellowstone Park, 'Alberta, Alaska,  Hr itlr'slvCf iin ni biii nnd other picturesque  scenery, as wclliis sl.-iliiaryarid comic  illustrations- ".The ���������.whole- cnlcrla.iii-  liii'mt is full of irit'creHbTi'oiii  ha v.,    been    made   in (iil.irrz < r-i,-l,u,g ,     ,,     , ,>(.(.r| w;,j,;illg(l K���������ll(y wl,iIlf Lo  where    llie   "old    vv.,-  under   half   an I , .,������������������,��������� .  ouncw, to the   ton.    It would  ll.ei'i'ore! K"l-  w<"'k   "   Ulls' ��������� ' ;m<l ������"������'il*������ "-  ,-ipp.Mr-that tin-re i-..l*f, a good pros- j Iii tie -take logo prospecting with,  pert for investment nf capita! in gold '; ,\dw they a i '��������� offer ed lilt Ic belt er I hull  mines in this province." |(|u.   (-|lir|.,ul,.M)   K,.t,..    1,   j,,,,^   like as  1 I hough il  was done lo   boycott    the old  1 hands   who   have   worked   at  (iovern-  riii-nt. woik for year1".    M.stol' the men  The  Bishopric  of' New   Westminster.  ifgi lining  clear n.nd  to end, tlie   views  arc   large!,  'ionic of Uu'iii arc beautifully colored  At the synod held in Sew West mi,1-  Aer on-'Thursday for  the.  pui-j'iose- of  ''(.'locting.'a bi-sh'opM-o- succeed the lute  Bishop'Sillitocy.the. choice-jay bct.vvi,eu  Rev.   I,)i-.y Stone,   of, Oxford,-   F.riglariil,  .arid .'Rev. Canon Thornlne, of Slier-  bri.oko,', (liiiebf.-c? ..'The . selection' . was  finally left'.in l.h'cTiai.ds of IJisliop:-:  1'er-i-in   and 'Ridley,   who,  with   lliree  other bishops to be. chnf.eir by litem,  will make the Mioico. ,,.  working are strange,-s, vvho have not  the. name interests here as 'the older  hands, most, of whom ha ve prospects  in tin-'.district For which they have  worked hard.       ��������� I .   .      ���������.'-".  Mr. Brown, of the 'Columbia, was'the  dill j' one at the meeting, bespeak up for  the 'working men's 'interest��������� pci-liap.s  I.!,at. is why ' bis .Irnur-l.ia.s hot been"!  hired; while.1 ' (he ��������� other hntcliieepers I  liiivi: been 'given a 'job nt, liai'iling'l���������-  Yo'ui'S Ir-iilv,'    ?. 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PAGE a  LOCAL  i. x iu Al O.  Ford  Bar si Ivor GQe. an'ounce.  Mr. J-*-. C. Gamble arrived from  Steele1 on Xc 1 this evening.  There was ud increase to tho family'  of -Mr. llopgood last week.   Jt is a boy.  TheO.P.H. tr'alTk: for'the week c;inl-  iii,u;Fc*l,rnai'yllUi.-iii)oiiiilc'dto$22l,/������u;).  Foi, the same week'last vear it was  .$2t*'5,O0O.  McCarty's ie-.ehouseand the, verandah  oi' the Union JJotel were eli-molished  by snow f his, \vc.ic,',k--lliii -i'ormc-i- by an  iLVillilllcliC*.  The* Y.P.S.O.E. will hold ti.e monthly  consecration meeting on .Monday evening next, when the presence of every  member is re<inested.   '  Tom He.rue is building a big boat for  ' freight ing supplies to  Big lie ml.    She  is to be -18 feet in  length with a 0 foot  beam. ,  ,  ' lr  ���������Mr. D. Todd Lees, tho. Vancouver  representative of the Western Publishing Co.,-was in town to-day, being on  :i business trip through the Kootenay  country. \  ' ���������  -, Lusjt   Saturday   night   Yardinaster  Jeffreys got caught between  two cars  while* cfiupling     and   was   scpieo/.ed ,  pretty badly.   II*.   i.s progressing very  satisfncLoriiy towards recovery.  Notice to Cokkkspoxdents. ��������� All  letters intended for publication must  lx* received at this ollice on or before  Thursday'night. Delivered after that  they will" be held over .till the following  ��������� week.,, , ,  ,      i  Mr W?tCurtis Sampson, secretary of  tho  Inland   Development & Construc-  ORE SHIPMENTS VIA REVELSTOKI  '"e-l'.lS.���������-liocf*   "   1ft.���������SInu.nl  Sl������ii-  ���������'   IS. -NcWo tfivi*..  ���������  " :'.'.���������Iteoo   "  :_.���������Sloo.ni HUr ..  2 car..- l-n,(!'ll|,r,r.s������l-  ���������1   "      Tl,li<H,  1    "      ai.liiil  1  ������������������    Slum '   -  :* "  Kju.ik.il     "   ,  The*  wlinlf.  On*.iU..i, Nob:-  fit   the;  above  ,isl:a.      i  w.is   hllipilCfl   tel  The- small shipments this week are  due to the; presence of considerable  floaung ic:e in the lake, making navigation very di'jic-ult. ,'J'hc ice, however,  is now bi-e.iking up, anil it is expected  that a  large   tonnage   wil!   be   moved  next wee1!'.  - tion'Co., was in town this week. I ft1  says the company is all right and will  pay everybody in full���������only give them  time enough.  ��������� "Sno\v.slides both east and west-have  delayed trains on the main line for two  days this week, and a slide on the R. it  A. L. brunch  delayed  a  train   at- t.he  1 Gteen Slide foi about an hour last  evening.  , We beg to draw,the attention of our  readers to the- article on our fust page,  which will show them- how to' get a  nice cook book���������"Tabic and Kitchen.'  Don't.forget to mention tlie Kootexay  Mail. ' -   >-  Capt. Edwards has some very fine  white radishes under the snow in his  garden.   A sample left at this office  , to-day "���������measures  17 inches   in  length  ,  niAl ���������'.ine inches in ciiciitiifcren.ce.   The  I'i.ivcir'is, equal to anything ever grown.  There was,a dance in Bourne's flail  last night, but owing to one thing arid  another���������the .scarcity of ladies mostly.  ���������the whole party adjourned to the  Presbyterian church, where Ctnson's  Slo'reoplicon Show of World's Fair  Views was being exhibited.  "Mr. Jos. Dunn paid a 'flying visit to  ' the Wigwam on Monday, and* says  things are lively down there. Mr! Jos.  Walker'has obtained a liquor license  ��������� for his hotel, the Wigwam House, and  How Much an Ounce?  u '  Deaii Shi-',���������Can you tell ine what  price is obtainable fur gold at present?  The store' hunt allows ns oiilyc$l.").oO an  ounce in trade for gold.    I understand  . i *  that about $17  oi  $1S can be got for  same in Reveistoke.���������Yours truly, '     i  Trout Lake, Feb. mil. MINER.  [We, understand that Lardeau (Trout  Lake;) gold i.s somewhat less valuable  than IJig Mend gold, thc* latter realizing ij> 1 S.oO at the San Francisco mint  and .-jjlS in Revelsloke. Cam us Creek  gold is worth .$17.."*0. Trout Lake  gold sells at $10.50 here, although one  merchant had been allowing the same  price (in trade) as for' Big Bend gold  ���������,$1S. lie only obtained $1(5.50 at  the mint, however, which price he is  now allowing if goods be taken in exchange.���������En.]  Formation of an Orange Lodge.    -  THE,NEW CHIEF'JUSTICE.  ���������Hon. Thco. Davie Quits Political Life.  At a .meeting of'the cabinet-at  Ottawa on Thur.-day an Order-in-  Couni'il was passed making Premier  Davie Chief .Tn>uee of. lhe Province of  British Columbia.  It is 'rumored in Victoria that the  lion. Jr. II. Turner will be the new  Premier. ,  which appeared  has a,well-fitted 'bar,  to be well patronised.  Two old-time rivals met in Bourne's  store this morning, and sifter the usual  passage-at-arnis tliere was'a bout which  would have done credit to'thc arena of  a prize ring. The combatants were  very unevenly matched,, but the little  , man knocked out his big opponent in  one rounti'of about two'inimites. ��������� ���������  Mr. II. MoOntcheon, of Kamloops,  Opposition candidate for North Yale in1  the late Provincial election, went to  Victoria last Friday on business in  connection with choosing a candidate  for the Dominion election. It is ru-,  mored that Mac will oppose Mr. Mara.'  A stronger rumor, however, is to the  effect that Mr. Mara's opponent will be  Air. Martin, mayor of Vernon.  _���������' Two carloads of horses (2S head) were  brought up from the Wigwam on Monday, , there being too many teams foi  the ore being hauled over the sleigh  road from Bannock Point. ' The horses  are owned by various farmers further  1 west, and have been forwarded to their  destination. Thi-? will make it better  for the teamsters remaining on the  .road, by reducing competition.  Tom Reiel, of( Hall's Landing,'who  is running a refreshment house? on tin*  sleigh road between Bannock Point  and Wigwam, came up on a business  trip yesterday. lie reports quite, a  lively time on Llie sleigh, although 11  teams have' been withdrawn. lie has  several skins, one a very large coon,  which he says is rhc only one ever seen  in the neighborhood, lie had seen the  old fellow's track.-; all over the settlement for a long time past, and after  his capture the tracks were seen no  liiore. Mr. Reid was accompanied by  J. KeCiy, Dan Savoy's partner.  J. C. McLaren, Piov. D.G.M. of B.C.,  arrived here from Kamloops on Saturday firmed with a warrant issued by  tho Grand Cjrange Lodge of 'BriLish  America, authorizing him to organize  a lodge to be known as ''Reveistoke  L. O.L. No. ]Gr>S," naming Edward  Adair as W.M. Air. McLaren was accompanied by Messrs. Brownlee iind  Frisken of 't Kamloops L.O.L. No. 1570."  Old certificates were handed in by the  following,, who are the charter members of tlfe-new lodge : Ed. Adair, Norland, Vict.,- Out.; A. David, Rainy  River, Out.; Jas. McMahon, Selkirk,  Man.; Goo.'McKay, Gibraltar, Spain;  D. Little, Ireland; Thos. Steed, Notta-  wasuga, Nl Siincoe;- Out.; D: Alton,  Lbndon^Ont.; W. R. Reid and Win.  Mackic, Out. The following were then  appointed and installed as officers for  tlie ensuing year: Bros. Eel. Adair,  W.M.; A.' David, D.M.; Jas. McMahon',  Chap.; Geo. McKay, R.S.; D. Little,  F.S.;  Thos.- Steed, Tresis.;   D'. .Alton/  D. of 0. and Lecturer; W. R. lieid, S.  C. Man. The bretliren then sat down  to a substantial repast supplied' by  Lewis-Bros., after which Bro. McLaren  gave an , instructive and appropriate  address, which was responded to by,  Bros. Adair, ( Alton- and others, and  Bro. Ma'ckie sang a good old Orange  song Which was well received.' The.  It. A. P. mark degree was conferred on  Bro. Mai'l^eA who '.said. it,, had , tyeen  his ehej-islfad"* wish --to ,'obtain fth'is  sublime degree in his old age. A'vote  of thanks was tendered Bro. McLaren,  and the bretliren fiom 'Kamloops for  their assistance,in organizing the new  lodge. ' '    i       .  On Monday night���������which is to he the  regular weekly meeting night���������Bros. S.-  E. Eliott, S. Sweeney, J. Power, J.  Douglas, J. McAleese and- W. Sweeney,  all of Kamloops L.O.L., attended, and  were accorded a hearty reception.  They expressed their regret at. not  being able to attend the inauguration  ceremony f>n Saturday night, and gave  some acceptable instructions in the  working of the Order. <"  Not. Acquainted with ihe Facts.  Mr. John Irving, of Victoria, a shaie-  holder in t.he Inland Development and  Construction Co., is indignant at the  aspersions cast upon that company by  a portion of the*.' interior press, and  writes the Victoria Tinica complaining  that it has reproduced some of these  "slanderous and libellous articles without taking the trouble to ascertain the  facLs." Mr. Irving says there was,no  foundation for the malicious attacks  made on thrf company, that "all the employees have been paid in full, and  that the company is'free from debt.  The following paragraphs are a portion  of Mr. Irving's letter:  " *',The  Inland (Development  & Con-  strurlion  Co. haves issued no spurious  checks, or any checks  which  remain  unpaid   unless   not   presented^^L���������ilTir  bank of British Columbia.  "The C.P.R. Co. did not refuse to  take the road over until the pay rolls  of the company had been receipted.,"  "The'company is not swamped with  its indebtedness. ,  " With the exception of a few accounts which require adjustment and  the engineer's certificate, the company  owe nothing. Every laborer and.employee has,been paid in' full although  the road has only heeu finished six  weeks. ',  " I observe ' that the Province also  has been endeavoring'to make political  capital by giving ciedence to these  slanders'and published an article based  thereon. lf Lhe pioprietor ,of that,  journal,'when he tires of being bled by'  the "Leg-Pulling Society" and finds it  advisable to wind-up and. liquidate his  obligations, does so as honorably as the  Inland * Development & Construction  Co., after a heavy loss; are(doing theirs,  he will deserve credit: hence I would  advise him to warn the chief "Leg-  Puller " to refrain from adversely commenting, em, other people's aif airs," with-  ,oub iirstascertaining the truth of sucli  libels as he'may read ih'othei* publications."   " - '    . .  Now, while Mr. Irving may be speak-  -ing according to his knowledge, it'is  well-known that Genelle'& Co. .are  bringing -an action against the company foi' nearly $10,000 for lumber sup-,  plied. Af'the time the articles com-  plaiued of were written the company  was'hea'd over ears'in debt and the  contents of its store at Three" Forks  had just been sold to, satisfy a1 judgment,,while scores of..its employees  were living on the charity of hotel-  keepeis or dragging along somehow in  'hovel's arid-'shacks-juulil'the I. D. & C-  paid up their wages so long- 'due. Mr.  Irving may'have known nothing of all  this, but it was pretty well known in  this district. - ,  THE PLACE TO BUY  liters' Supplies,  HARDWARE,  AND  NERAL  rocenes,  revision  STOVES  OHANDIS  DEALERS IN GENERAL MERQHAND1SE.  ONE CAR LOAD  EOCENE IN BARRELS AND CASES.  PB ATT'S ASTRAL OIL IN CASES.  eirels  ������  BIRTH. ;  Peri-r.v.���������Feb. 10th, atRevelsLoke, the  wife of Jules Perrin, of a daughtei.  Xo. Hi.  Certificate of the Registration of a  , Foreign Company.  "COMPANIES' ACT," PART IV.  Bellingham Bay Hydraulic Mining Co.  (Foreign).  '  Badge Social.  A very enjoyable social was givoiron  Monday  evening   in  the Presbyterian  church in connection with tho Y. P. S.  C. 15.   At the close of the usual  mooting, which was conducted by Mi.P. W.  Laing,  a  few  minutes were spent in  social    intercourse-:   afler which   Mr.*  Edwin Smith took Lhe chair and opened  .the literary part of the programme by  a, few appropriate remaiks.   Then followed   leadings    and    recitations   by  Mis-ses Lily and Ruth Valentine, Grace  and     Essie     II.uiu'lLon,     and    Mary  Edwards.    Afler   an   interval   for re-  freshinents,   Herbert   Lewis   gave   a,  guitar solo, which  was encored.   Tiie  chairman   then   called   on. Air.   Win.  Mackiu for a few remarks.   Mr. Mackie  -���������xpresised himself as  highly pleased at  having this opportunity of addressing  so many of the young  people nnd giving  l.bi'in   some .st alouieiiLs regarding  his  life.      lie  was  horn   in   US2!)   .md  roared in this " Gi-e.il, Dominion."   The  greater portion  of his life was spent in  the bush of Upper and  Lower Canada.  'This portion of ids autobiography was  iiif-eiisly   interesting.     lie    then  gave  so.no pi.-ictical advice on the subject of  " chums," strongly urging all present'  not lo   make  loo   U-vo   wiih   "strange  cIiiiiiis,"   and   closing   his   inlcresling  narrative by wisuing all pujsciiL "good  lie-ail li  until    I hey died."    The meeting  adjourned afler singing "God save lhe  Queen."      Tin.   social   iv.i-.   ,-i    decided  tsurcov..  Registered the 11 th day of January,  JS������."3.  T IIKIIKHV CKIITIKY thai, X have tills day  '-   rCKisLcM'Ull tllulJi:i.MNliUA*M UAVHVl'I'.ACMC  Mining C'omi'anv (Foiii'.hin), nuclei- the "Com-  p.inies A ut, I'iirllV., ItugisLralion at* Foreign  C'oiii].:iiiii;s," unci the " Companies' -Vet Amendment. Act, 1SS9."   ,  Tho If out Olliee of the :-aiel Company ii ->itu-  niecliiLllii:-Jiiyof Kairliaven, Whatcom County,  Wiiililngfoii. U.S.A.  The objects for whic-li the .s.iiil Company is  csliUili-Oiuil arc: 'l'o cniKliiei: .i (jcMiunil milling  business in the Stale of Wiu.hiii(;t<iii aii'l in il.o  Province of Jti-iliMi Columbia; to buy, sell.  Ie.-1-.o and own iniirinj*; claims and niiiie-. in lhe  Slate of Washington and in the Province of  Hi-ilish Columbia; to buy,sell, le.iMi.iiic1. own all  machinery neei-.ss.u-y and propei' for openitiiii;  unci wo'i-king said mining property; to buy, .sell  unci own all necessary .supplies and equipment,  neee-siiry and proper u> conduct a i;enoi-.il iiiin-  iny business; to buy. ���������sell; own and operate  wiigK')"-*. loams and all necessary mean- for  ��������� transportinc-; ils supplier ami equipment to aiul  from "aid niiniii^ propei ty wherever the- stime  maybe situate; to buy, sell, own and operate  un oleitvic planl, forthe purpose uf lighting or  opcratini; tlie machinery of s.ii.1 mines ; tu erect  buildings, and lo carry on a general iin.-rchaii-  clisiiiK bu-lne.is in Ciiiinoeiion with *.ael mine-:  to own and conduct a boar<!inp,--tiouseii! conuce-  tic'.n v, il.li the--.iid mine 4; to inortc-npce ils propei t,y and i-.ii-e nioiR-y tlii-reoii for the purpo-e-  of fm-ilil.-it.iiij; the opcr.il inn of -aid property; to  l.on-'.w money for the': -nine puip,>--e .mil to do  liny ii nil nil   things   iciuisiie,  tu ee<-���������.ivy .mil  pi'..per foi iid.u liii'_-n pMiei.il minim-bu-iiu-s.  audio  i'.i'-iluiite lhe ^oiict.iI object ���������> ami pur-  pusi-i uf said Company.  The C.ipi'.il S|.]i k oi Ih.* -iid C.iiiip.m:. 'I*  I Liny Diousiinil di.ll.ir-. divided iiito-.v liiiu-'in .!  shared oi ilfij dull.-ii - e.leh.  fl.M-.i niid. i- niyli.i-.nl ,i:iil s".il of oilii.-. M  Vi- tori,i, I'liiviii.v of Hiitl-li t'oiniiil.l.i, I'li-  <.l"ii-ill!l d.ij uf .lnne.uy, i.iic tl,oi.-.i;i:l e'ii,'l'H  l.uiiili.-.l .tad iiiiiity-lr. e.  p. s.| S. V. wouriix.  It. ;;i-lr.ii* nl Ji.lnl .-"l...-k c'omji.iiiit's.  Latest Big Behd News.  E.  L.   Kinniaii,   whc.   accompanied ���������  Johnny Neilson on his lasc round tiip  with.Lhe Big Bend mail,' and who re-]  turned lhe  end of last week, reports  that they had a very enjoyable trip.'  The dogs  behaved admirably and'the  snow was in capital trim for travelling.  The furtliest point reached was French  Creek, where the Consolation is paying  well iu  two drives.   It   has  the best  fixed-upand the most smoothly working outfit in'the'Bend., On Gold Stream  Sol  Holden  & Co.  have a wing-dam  ready ,Lo sluice as soon as the weather  i.s suitable.   The flume there has made  a good showing.    "Parks' army" are  in  good spirits,  and have their huge  cabin almost completed.   The McCul-  locli Creek Tunnel Co. are in about 200  ft., and are ready to sink a winze for  bed-rocky  The Downicj  Creek contingent, which includes the only ladies in  the Bend, are in good health and well  contented with their location.    On his  trip, Kininan obtained fully 100 marten  skins, most of them of good quality  and in fine condition.  ti:.  ������_C  HiS  ~>i.i  POST-OFFICE 'STORE.  Gents' Furnishings,  And TOILET ARTICLES of every description.  Specialty  Trout Lake Items.  ' John Brown came- up from Trout  Lake last Saturday. t He reports considerable activity there; fully 30 men  are working on the creek, and making  about .-i"2 per day. They will start  sluicingas soon as Uie soft weather sets  in. J. Iviiowles has taken out about  SIX/} this winter. On tho Broekonridge  claim about 500 ft. has been wing-dammed; working in the river bed, an  average of $2..IK) a day was obtained on  this claim. A good deal of "dead" work  has been done this winter in the way  of putting in flumes for washing. The  winter has been pretty cold and during  the hard frost, when it was impossible  Lo work on the creek the men went  out trapping, obtaining in most cases  enough to,clear-expenses, finite a lot of  marten being secured. One day Louis  Mershaw, ahalf-bieed, shot seven cariboo, which provided fresh meat for the  camp fiir a considerable li ine and which  wns greatly appreciated. Alost of the  men are sanguine that the coining  suiumei \\ ill In  L'ike cli-i i-ii-t.  If you want to reach the People in the North Riding of West Kootenay  YOU SHOULD  se in  o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o  IF  YOU   WANT  a good oiioin the Trout  UPTURE���������  Moro CUBES  have been effected Uy my    Trusses, ���������with  tvi-fccl en io to wearer than by all other  iir. .ri^riiinliiniil. Thuy. otulnl (incest  ilui.ture under severest strain. A system of fiuinphftBljccn perfected tho  last 23 yoars.fullyequalloporson.il  examination ���������>> inJiil.   27 patents  assarts DEFORMITY,  cn*n������:si'HTBE.  jXJIj, UJ Iliue St.-W..Torou.o-  You can get it done at the " Mail" Office  iS LOW IN teE AS IN ANY OFFIC  THE PROVINCE.      <  oooooooooo  OOOOOOOOOOO.O   OOOOOOOOO'O'O'OOOO  REVELSTOKE, WEST KOOTENAY, B.C. \m  PAGE  *.;  Li 31 [ill " ",iV.W \j.'iti JL-P-i  m  f:������Xf  li.i.jtXiJt.. Jut.  W$MW$1W>MW������������$Z:  ;ST(LLRETAIN MEDIAEVAL;DRESS AND,?  :'.iAri'f'''BkibAui':cdsT\J'iiiE^xXXXX  m  li'?  \tf  mi  \������f  I ���������?-.-.-..:'-   -,  l?yy;  1 tl.-"*-':'?.*..  |id?;  Id-??  fa  t?' ���������i.i.'.'  i������  lid  I A;??  Hid;  ���������'" '.������������������;' Some of tlieQiiiUi.t ThfnsrS to lie Seen Only  '.';���������>, y? a Fit* JIIlc-s FroiiiGormiu.y's''Capital^  ,.';'��������� Tlio7'bl������������'l':'o'ff;tho'Ama|iiBrl aiiclllIM Old?  ,???   Fanliln.iei' luliribltiinte.       y..,:y:yA,y: I'^Ay  y'AAyTherfly^  y:A Found; a'f *w^  ? y'ytiie highlAcnlt tired Capital 'of .lieiuiuirk:'!  I- ,;���������-Ttyis" bailed yAbiager,?y or^Ainak/ ��������� Its-  d'Cjuaiiit^'cou'l^uiiiity., yzruinljeriiig ylOjOOO:'  ��������� '.' :?;i:ihaiiit;bits?ldeseehds froiii A? 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Thi". trenciiywAAveirfiilofl.  - vy-Htli A (me'tit. ���������'��������� to: i ihb -MibiiriiAXi'oi ythqj  avpniifv which 'was-avoII weAriidyroilpdl-  ?G'ti this was iho.?Telford?vicaiij..iatio:i,(?9  yi:nc-hA.de%i7Allde;dentre,ai������i^  dee;i-easiugyiu?y t)iie-lci-Qsa7dOy:-J;;^ i  .ytlielycnrb ? Iii*o.,:li)yiTl:o ylfbimdiitipny Aas ���������?, i^ouiandvmiler^a-- niatrimpnifiiyongaga-??  '���������i\-edge!l,,ancl.ykii.appetil? '.aiid'-t"j'cn;'cbvore������?;:.!;njiei'i^  'with, foui*.'iri'.cb.es' of;:2J':ihyh7Abno?uii-?''f4r'ityAijlf'n  ; rpl J eel y.-yvdi icliyy?ai cb vc*re^ i ii?  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I havo done ai  jii'.-lil'aya' work  in   my life, and  ;-ir;i.',l tllC. !f-:f.t .Wr"':g. t'i:ii'..i:'?ftl|  ��������� ii man X OiTidt,!":! t;i ,do. ���������' If '  ::!!..|.i.iy y/ori:,'  closr't it'.'"-- D^y  } t'li'b. 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