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Kootenay Mail Feb 4, 1899

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 B      ~  s  I,'    I       I  r Ad a  r's    D  ,--V ������  t   '    i --  -"      j^>~> - i. I  if  I'  Ti  , VoL5.���������No. 42.  REYELSTOKE. WEST KOOTENAY,  B.C.? FEBRUARY 4. 1899:  $2.00 a Year.  AN AWJFUL AVALANCHE  'THAT ALMOST WIPED OUT ROGERS  PASS ON TUESDAY.  Nl.  Its awful course���������MarkedAvith' terrible  results���������Incidents of the catastrophe���������Painful details ��������� Superintendents narrow, escape���������The  Railroaders lot.  , 'Lying under the shade of the hoary  headed Hermit mountains, the little  station and stopping place of Rogers  Pass bus 'had many syarnings of -extinction from those dreaded' 'mountain  messengers of mischief ��������� snosvslides;  yet they did not" prevent people from  performing patieully theie the duties  devolving 'on those wlio help keep  open,a highway across the mighty  mountains thai, East may meet svith  West. Though svarnings might come  and unnerve them'/tor a lit lie���������"their's  not to reason why'1���������the express must'  go llfiuugh safely; the 'thousand and  one duties must tie attended to and'  the post of duty, even if it be the post,  of danger, filled, ff there is a class of  people anysvh'ere 'who dosctwe the'  .-ympalhy and admiration of,the general public it is the. western railroader  ���������from superintendent to section hand  ���������and all they want is'a Kipling to iui-  ^niorlalize their deeds of silent heroism*  and shosv them heroes of peiiceT'in-  (stead of ,svar. (  The express from the. east was expected at Rogers,Pass, and those' the! e  Tuesday-afternoon svere busy at their  various unties, anticipating its arrival,  when dosvn the erorge in the north svest  I - v< *^-      *-  came the asvful avalanche svhich ss-as  to be the snosvy sepulchre for so many.  They hoard the sound, which filled  'everylliing.uind that svas all; it Dtook  thein���������as did t Ife lava the Pom Indians'  '--svhcie they'stood.     The  asvful   slide  !"ifii.-t,'eiieounlered tsvo -Shacks," belonging to M.ixsvell,und Nesvitt, both  of svhbuii svere absent. Those it hard I v  noticed, but -drove with increasing  fury on some..Chinese boarding cars  from svhich all the celestials 'svere absent, but. three. It took the cars w.it.h  il'like feathers [one of the Chinamen,,  who all escaped'' marvellously,,clescri,b;:  '' cii the sensations by twirl iug-hU", arms  "in 'ciicles   one., over    another]  throw  ;  tliem os-'er the Y������ijutf��������� house,   svhich'it  ' 'badly svr'eekt'd, and with   its  gathered-  debris'Yushod at"the station  house and  \ comph'ted-its d mid fill mission in less  Lime than it takes to-tell. it. -In its  course over the  round  house ,it. over-  ��������� turned lbe fender of Engiri(j.-409, oind-  killed poor James Ridley, the wiper,  who svas the'only one there at the  time. In the station house, svhich svas  also a hoarding house,,syete the agent  and his family,j the night operator, a  ,w*,utress 'and , a, Chinese cook; also i a  coa'hnim, Vogel. -The agent, Gator,  and Vogcl svere.-talking together and  heard the rushing of the snosvslide,  but there  was  no tune  lo alarm   the  . household. Cator rushed at the, door  .Hnd/Viigcl.divcd under a table. Then  the snosvyanass enveloped everything  HiuiThe i est is all death and pain and  wreck. The flight opeiator, Corson,  was found on the niutliess apparently  asleep, so he, piobtibly' never usvakened  to the terrors of his icy death. The  body nf the agent's svife svas found  near lli.it of the cool:, .svith rolling pin  and pn-try in hei bauds, iind elsesvhoro  were discovered the remains of her  tsvo little ones, Charlie, aged four, and  Ethel, neatly ihree years old. Calor's  body, at time of wilting, has not been  found, .but Vogel svas niiiaculoiisly  rescued by gieat exertion from under  the snosvy mas:, unluirl. .Miss Borgcr,  the sviii ires.-, svho svas upstairf; at Ihe  time of the accident, svas also rescued  but hei" injuries are severe. The scene  of the catastrophe, svhen visited  Wednesday evening by -u Mail lep-  respnlntive, svas .a t most dismal one.  with ils scattoicd i'l-aguiorls of wrecked buildings throsvn here, there and  eyerysvhere; find elsesvhere the bodies  of lhc unfortunate victims of this un-  paialleled accident svliich fills everyone svilh grief and sorrow, c Not since  the building of the great C. P. 11. line  has such a disastrous accident happened on it and nothing that man  could do svas left undone by the company's stall under Gen. Supt. Marpole  and Supt. Duchesnay to mitigate its  horror, and svith svhat success and  energy they labored is svitne.ssed in'  the rescue of tsvo inmates of the  doomed depot.  Word has bv-en received from Agent  C.itor's brother and his svifu's father at  Bosvinanville, Out.,, to have the bodies  of thiit family forwarded there. Mt.  and Mrs. .Simmons, of Rogers Pass  (Mrs. Simmons svas a sister of Ridley)  svill, svilh W. Ridley, of Revelstoke,  brother of Ihe deceased, look after the  'interment of James Ridley; and En-  giiieei* Corson, of Donald, has taken  the. remains of his. sou,   the operator,  y to Donald for /burial'. The Chinese  cook svill be. buried at Kainloops. Miss  Bei'tfei'is K'prted. doing well 'ut the  Golden hospital and Vogal is iihout all  right. "    "  Gen. Supt. ,Marpole1 ' and," Supt.  Duchesnay,had ;i very na'rrosv escape,  for their lives. They had been fm l her  east looking over the extern-ion of  their division, svhich; nosv 'includes to  Laggan, and svere coming sve-t from  Donald on a special svhen tVu some  reason or another they changed  engines at Boo.vermouth. This hi ought  them into Rogers Pass but lifieen  minutes after the avalanche, jn.-t  about the time occupied in- changing  engines. Had they not done so they  would probably not nosv be looking  after the anxious affairs of Canada's  high svay, over the most difficult and  trying portion of its route.  . A svonderful detail of this distressing  accident svas the discovery of tsvo dogs  pi'i-feclly unharmed ,and of it 'canary  clinging frightened but, uninjured ,lo  the bars of its battel oil cage.  The slide that did this dreadful  damage svas svhat is knosvn as a r" dry  slide."' No svet slide cont'd have travelled the distance it did and .though the  company had previously, taken the  precaution of moving the buildings  further from the, funnel gorge dosvn  svhich it came 'it wasn't far enough to  save them from such an unusual and  asvful avalanche .as1 that, of Tuesday  and svhich il is hoped may never occur  again.  ' , *        "    ?  0   ������ " School Report.,  Follosving is,the report of'the Revelstoke public schools for 'the 'month  ending January 31st, 1899: h  DIVISION*   I.������ "  Glass 5���������Esa Lang,������������������Edith Fraser,  Eflwnrd Jeffs.  - Class  4���������El vie  Lofssvold,    Frances  Paget; Ernest Hanson.  Class 3���������-Essie- Hamilton,   Seymour  Hillicr,,George Pottipiece.  5 " .       v  DIVISION il  1   Class 3���������Maud. Hyatt, -Pearl  Robinson, .Joseph Morgan,    d <���������  a'   Class   2 ��������� Annie 'Hanson,    Robert1  Calcy,,Eunice Graham..,       , f,  Class   L���������Kathleen   Eraser,   Den uiu  Dickey.    - . - "' ���������  ������      division in. '- ���������  0 - -���������'  ' Second,primer,, .senior���������-Vina   Lofs-  s-old, Nellie   Bain,   George.  Longhead.  Second primer, junior���������Gertie Lasv-  son, Robert * McCreery,   Eldage   Mor-  .First primer���������Jptniie Hyatt,   Percy  Coleman, Arthur C.iloy. ;t '  "   B class���������Ephie Smith, Gerlic   Matthews, Daisy Matthesvs. , .-  -^���������"^v.N  #'  Annual Report of The,  Revelstoke  MC  The Metal of<the Penny.  ' Copper is about the best metal proposition of the day. If you are looking  'for'minos get a, good copper property  and you're rich for life. The consumption of copper is devouring a vastly  increased production and crying for  more. Electricity is,largely the cause  ob this and the twentieth centurv will  see th.-it posyer in still more qommon  and general use. *��������� Copper stocks every-  svhere are,booming and a stimulus is  everywhere being given to the opening  ojt nesv mines.  Some.notico should be given the excellent copper shosvings'in Standard  Basin, Rig Rend.    - f   -~= '���������        c       V  Revelstoke at Rossland;  Revelstoke has reason to be pioud of  the curlers and hockeyists it sent to  the Rossland carnival. Considering  the little or no pra'ctif-c they had they  did wonders. In the curling, svith II.  A. Brown lis skip, Revelslok" tcored  .-.lonelily in all thC'evenls entered for  and captured, besides. ;the .Hudson's  Bay trophy from the Kaslo team,  svith tlii> celebrated   Wuugh a? skip.  In hockey, the home tea in played a  splendid game for the liist half, but  lack of practice prevented their follosving it up in the second. They, gol  considerable praise from the Rossland playeis, svho espeei,illy noted the  play of McTavish and Sasvyei.  II. A. Brosvn svas elected a vice-president of the Kootenay Curling Association, and at" a dinner of hockey  players held Saturday hist, svhen the.  Revelstoke team -was proposed by  Mavoi Goodevo and replied to by K.  D. Johnson, it svas proposed to also  form a hockey association for the  panic district/: All the Revelstokers  who attended Ihe carnival are loud in  their praise of the kind treatment they  recei ved.    Telegraphers Win.  The arbitrators in connection svith  the Grand Trunk rail svay and the railroad telegraphers and agents concluded their labors last "-Saturday and have  handed iu their repot t.  After hearing both sitl������s fully statr-  their cases, Chief:' Justice Meredith,  Mr. O.B. Osier, Q.C., and Mr. F. S.  Sargent, of Peoria, Jib, have agreed  upon a set of rules svhich give to operators the l ight of payment, for overtime under all ordinary condition.1-",  iind also/for the lirst time grant' to G.  T. R. operators a fixed schedule" of]  vntgesA ' , A   '.'  RiiVJiiLSTijJCE, IJ. G.,-January UI st, lS'J'J.  To  The Revelstoke Board of Trade:  ...    : '*     ���������   ��������� ��������� ���������      ��������� .      '   ���������������.  GisxTLHaiKN':��������� It is undei   (he  most  favorable auspices that sve  present ourreport for  1H!)3:.   Opr tosvn   is  niore  prosperous'and the"  outlook fm the future much brighier than if.'hns ever been before.  The follosving svere the'standing committees foi the year:���������  Messrs.  .Wells,   Ahrahamson,   McKechnie  M.vnui'acruKiN'G���������Messrs.   Gonrsier,   Cosvan  and'  and  VND   Thanspohtation*��������� Messrs.   Chapman,   Pressslei-  POI'LIU' WOHKK  Ilaig..,  Mining  and  W. M. Brown.'  Fueigiit  and Gonrsier. ��������� - ��������� '  Finance���������/Messrs. Taylor and Haig.  The first move nf the Council svns lo give ihe Public Woi Us Gom-  ��������� inittee full ponvr toA-iet  svithV.tit,'iConsnltingi the, Gouncil,   in  any svay ,;  they might t hink best as  regard--', the  river  bank   protection0 ii) order*  that this subject might receive their prompt attention.  "'This vitally important matter of river hank piotection has been  pressed on Ihe notice of the Dominion and Provuieial Governments on  every possible occasion; in fact, Jiardly a Council meeting has Liken  place ss-'it.hout. the matter being, taken up in some form or another. ���������  At Ibis svriting Hip work of protecting the livei bank is proceeding  apace, and'itisthe expi ess.-d intention of the Pi ovincial Government  to do all in their piisver to fiimlJy.stYop the dangerous encroachments of  the Coliunhia at this point. '     \  At the request of the post office inspector the Council prepared  and forsvarded to him a report.on the Big Bend district svith especial  refei ence to mail i cipiireinents. ��������� ',,      . ,,   o,  Tlie Dominion Gov'ernnient svas approached ,svilh a viesv to inducing  them to alt'-r the qualification of sfirvcyoi-s of lands svil.bin I he rail sva v  belt, it- being the opinion of the Council 'that the fact of Provincial  land surveyors being unable to survey hinds s'o siluat"d svorks a hard-',  ship on owner- of 'mineral claims: ir. svas^pointed out that Dominion  land surveyors are not at all times available, the nearest residing 150  miles from Kevelstokc. , ,' *      ^ ���������  .Anolhei null ter very ditectly affecting the svei fa re of tMO-tou'ii :--  iiainely���������Ihe advisability 'of obtaining  permission   lo  deposit  garliirge^s=  iind lead sesvei-age inlo the Goli\tnbia   svas carefully looked into, and a '  'committee svas appointed lo circulate a petition   requesting the government  to  afford   us  special .legislation   to ..enable,, us ,to  di-pose of our  sesvage by this convenient method.     ��������� * i  The imcleniahly'proniinent' claims of   Revelstoke.  bulb  as  a  geo-  -graphicid  and  coniuiercial  centie   svere  adduced  as, a treason   for the  location of a Kootenay   Registry 'Office "here,   but'the Government cliil^  not see their svay to accede to our ���������request for its establishment at tins'  point. ' '  A rppoit. svas forsvaided to  Mr. J.   D.' Graham,   manager of the1  Gold Field--of B. C, pointing  out the. advantages  of Revel-toke as a  stalling point foi   their  proposed  Dosvnie  Cieek  and'Albert Ganyou  Rail svay. ��������� ' ,  ,The Board had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Buchanan and  endorsing his niis-don to Ottawa'in connection svilh tariff legislation to  a<-ist the lend industry; and a million svas passed stating that  tlie mallei pnrtiepiarly affected Norlh-'West' Kootenay, been use there  are va^t bodies of losv'grade silver-lead ores in this district, svhich cannot be profitably mined unless smelters are established svilhin easy  distances, i It appeared to the Board that, an increase in the duties, on  lead and ieiul manufactures svould have the desired effect as iI, svould  tend' lo the establishment of factories for the production of such  articles aud thus provide a market for the bullion produced at ihe  ' suielttrsl Having this point in -viesv and being convinced 'of the  neces-ily of fostering the smelting industry in Kootenay in' every  possible' svay as a sine qua non of the complete development of the  mineral resotuces of the country, theBoard urged the DoininioiiGov-  prninent, through Mr. Buchanan, ��������� to .assist that industry iu- the  direction indicated���������namely���������by increasing the import duty on lead  iind lend manufactures to tlie figures of the Dingly Iniiff..  On April 1-fih the Council wrote  to  our  member  unci  request ed  him to ask  the government to increase the fire brigade grant to $o()0  ,ns the existing appropriation sva.- loo small to be of much assistance in  the maintPiiance of an efficient'service.  ,, The Council endeavored to interest Ihe C. P. R. in draining the  stun ding svater from the tosvnsito. The itiilsvay company svere also  asked to construct a crossing at the svest end of Douglas street in order  that a safe outlet lo the cemetry anil   Big Bend tiail iiiighl he afforded.  The almost prohibitive freight rates on coal came up for discussion  andj the C. P.'R. svere advised that a substantial reduction in lids  directi'in would benefits both the company and the consumers. The  rate has since been reduced.  On  October  17th   the attorney-genenil  svas approached   svilh  a  ' viesv to the establishment of a Supreme Court Registry  and  sitting  of A-size Com t here.  ��������� The postal auiliorilics requested the opinion of Ihe Board as to  the advisability of establishing one central post office in lieu of the  existing offices': the Board discountenanced any change at, present.  'J'he intention of l he minister of,mines svas directed to (he mining (xhibititni to b" held iu London, I'liigland, this year, and the  Boa ids of Trade of the Province svere requested toco-operate svilh us  in urging the Provincial Government to take space at Ibis exhibition.  The Bunrd is fully cognizant, of the attitude assumed by its  members (<n the incorporation question.  vln conclusion the Council venture to hope .that the result of Iheir  labors svill he appreciated by the Board; they svould point out that t be  various niatleis dealt svilh are matters svhich (oncein the citizens of  Revelstoke generally and lhat any influence the Board may poses has  hot been used to further the special interests of ir.iy particular section  of the coniniuniiy.  'Trnsfingthiit the, promise of ii prosperous year in 1S90 svill be  amply fulfilled, sve remain, gentlemen,  Yours sincerely,  I A. R. B. IIISARN. President.  II. N. COURSIER, Vice-President.  C. E. SIlAW, Secretary-Treasurer.  C3  Truck Act Amendment.  In the legislature Monday Mr, Kellie  introduced a bill to amend his truck act  ot last session'so as to terminate an  abuse said to have appeared at Kuski-  nook and Brooklyn, in the shape of  "scalping" workmen's lime checks.  This amendment svould make such discounting punishable by a   heavy  fine.  .     . ���������' ���������!!     tfcl I- ^���������  Sons of England.  , A meeting was -held in Tapping's  theatre Tuesday evening' foi- llu-*. purpose-of, ��������� taking', preliminary steps to-  Wiircls.the formation of a! local lodge/  of the Sons,)of England Benefit Sci-  ciei-y'.. Tlie''BeV'Fioi)H'������s,.Clinton, O.vw-  Irict depuLyand organizer, svas present  and took charge of the meeting. Several nesv names svere added to the list  and the business of formation svill be  at once taken up, so that svhen Rev.  Clinton returns to Revelstoke next  sveek the lodge svill be instituted.  E. Kerr, of the C. P. R. superintendent's cilice here, bus returned svith  his mother and sister from the prairie  and svill take up his residence in the  Leo cottage on court house hill.  Government Agent ��������� Coursier, C'jr-  oner Jeffs and B. II. Campbell, of the  Mail staff'left for the scene Of the  Roger*' Pass 'avaluiiclie- Wednesday  morning and returned tiio .next/: dayi  'GONE TO HIS-REST.  The Funeral ^'Services of the Viear of  St. Peter's.  Seldom lins' Revelstoke, seen such a  spontaneous expression of respect to a  man's'mommy as that of Sunday,' in  the attendance at tho funeral services  and but ial of Rev. F. A. Ford, vicar  of St Pc tor's ciriiTch. "Without any  public notice or advertisement lo  guide thrui the public showid their  sympathy by, cro'svding St. Petei's  c-hurchAo oserflosving.at the. 2'o'clock  funeial service. This part of the, ceremony, svas simple, mid touching;,, consisting'of'the .sonorous and solemn old  burial sersiceof the Anglican church  and the tsvo svell knosvn hvniu"-,' "Thy  Will Be Done;? and, fRoek, of Ages."  This os er, the funeral cortege formed  and svendji'I its way to the. cPmetry,  headed by Rev.,Clinton, of St James',  Vancouver, svho thioughout had  charge' uf tl.e sad rites. The pall  bearers svere Messrs. ITeain, Cragp,���������  Grogiin, Annum, Gill and ��������� Gordon,  iind the casket, svns follosved .immediately by the choir'.-ind congregation'  and other mourning i friends   and   cit-  1*1 C*  izens. " At the graveside the final pas-  s.igps of of the sersice were read and  the bynui, ,"Jesus Lives," 'sung. The  blessing closed what svas ,to all n most  touching and mournful scene.,.  Rev. Mr! Fend svas 31 years of  age  at time of death.      Pie   svas   born   at  Plymouth,"Engliiifd, -U1CI Wiis f'11' sumo  time a missionary in East Africa. His  lip.ilth breaking dosvn there, he came  out to B. C. and svas ordained priest  in 1806 [ihe-svriler had the pleasuie  of hearing his first sermon]. He came  to lleselsioke in 1S9^ and his labors  hero have been, generally; mu:h appreciated. His property and effects  he left Iiv svill to. his father and  and mother. " , -  ' Tlie vestry of St." Peter's nipt.Tues-  day evening and .took steps looking?  toivards securing'ii successor for the  vacant sicarship.   ' " ,;  BIG BEND, TRANSPORTATION.  The1 Public  Will ,Expect  a''Definite  Statement Soon.  s E. Cl Erb.-Ioh, svho has been interesting himself in several British Columbia  enterprises,- and svho svith*' several  business men of Revelstoke is applying  for a bill of incorporation for the Big  Bend Transporntionv Go. '(formed to  put on a steamer and tram service  upon thc* Columbia above Revelstoke)  svas in tosvn Thursday. He leaves iu  ;i few days for England svhere he is  very sanguine of interesting,capital in  this local scheme of ttiui-portalion and  in svhich he" has been substantially  suppoi ted bj niiiny Revelstok" people.  Nothing ha*- been yet attempted to put  the scheme upon a pra* tical basis of  operation, looking to Mr. Erhsloh 'to  secure the necessary, capital'to do so  upon :i scale commensurate svith the  best needs of the ease, and those  interested in Us commencement, svhich  generally speaking means all Revel-  stoke, ss-ill look svilh interest upon his  pi ogress- in flouting a company to  undertake its establishment. An announcement of its operation svould no  doidt go f.-ir to securing .a laLge grant  for navigation purposes and the public  ���������svill look to some dellnite nesvs being  speedily obtainable.  ^ t. ���������  '     The Victoria Election.  The government, didn't leapture any*  of the Turner seats in Victoria. They  might have knosvn that the leopard  cannot change its spots. The figures  of llio contest ure:'Turner, 17AYA, Hall,  Hoi, McFhillips, ll.JI. Gregoiy, 1327,  Patterson, 1251, Slesv.ii r, 122L General elect ion results svere: Helmcken,  MSI, Turner, 1352, Hall, 1271, McPhil-  lips, 1220. Gregory, 11-19, Stewart,  10(13, Bplypii, 019. Beaveii, 1)93. This  contrast, shosvs a keener sliuggle this  time than in July last. It sounds like  soiii grapes, bu| il probably is Justus  svell (hat Victoria made Ihe choice and  raised the issue it did.  Johnny Get Your Gun.  .Lieut. II. A. Up| er, of the Revelstoke Company of Kootenay Rifles,  has received svord this' sveek that the  accoutrements for the corps svere shipped from Victoria on Friday hist. The  consignment'consists of -11 Lee-Enlh.kl  rifles, svith bayonets, scabbards, and  pull throughs, cleaning rods, sight protectors and oil -buttles for each; also  tsvo rille cases to hold the guns., The  belts and other things svill follosv  shortly.  the  A.   Johnson    has     purchased  Chapman cottage ou Third street.  Dr. 11. Matliison svill be at his  oflice over the Canada Drug it Book  Co.'s store, until February 11th.        o  Sister Fiances, of St. Lu/-e's Home,  Vancouser, svas n guest during her  stay iu Revelslo/co of Mrs. and' the  Misses Corbett.        ,  John Yurik is the name of, the poor  f el losv struck by tho slide at Nol; 19  shed.    His body has dot   been   found.  H������ tow iv fuwily in uiepld country. .  ANNUAL    AND   SPECIAL  General  Meetings  of the   Board   of"  Trade.  A  special   general   mooting   of   the  board of trade tood place  ni the hoaid ,  chambers on  Tuesday  evening.     The   ''  minutes of the previous special   meel-  iiiK hiiving^beeii   read  and  confii med,  the i eport of the delegate, fo" Vu-U'u ia,  I. T.   Brewster,   svas   submitted,   .uul  adopted on motion, of   J.  D.  SibbaKl.  Tlie follosving   nosv   members,   Messrs.  J. -Murphy, R. Gordon, D.   Braithsvato  ami F. E. Garrand, weie proposed and, i  a   ballot   having   been    taken,    duly  elected.   The. meeting then adjourned.  This over, the annual general meeting began. The minutes of last, vein's  iiieeling svere, read by -the 'secretary  iind approved hy the nicotine*. Then  follosved the reading of the annua] n -  ports, svhich svere* al.-o received, and  the piesident declared nominal ions in  order foi president. ' '  On motion of J. D. Sibbald, seconded hy I. T. Bresvster, H. A. Brosvn svas  declared iiiianimoiisiy elected. Dr. Mc- .  Kechnie refusing to i un. ' The nominations of F. B. Wells, its vice-president, and C.'lS. Shasv. secretary,' also '<'���������  'received unanimous support. A ballot  svas taken for a council hoaid from  amongst the following���������Messrs. Haig,  Bresvsler, Grage, .Ahrahamson (J.),  Brosvn (W. AI.), AlcOarter, Lawrence,  Liudmark1/ Scott, Sibbald, Tapping  ,and Graham, lbe lirst nine were /declared elected.  The nesv president having  expressed"'"'-  his .appreciation   of   tho   honor done  him, votes of 'thanks  to the outgoing  president, officers   and   council   were  pi esented iind replied to.  Before concluding C. E.  Shasv,, sec-,,  tetary,,alluded   to  a  current  report,  which   had  just reached   him, 'to  the  effect, of his speaking in  harsh  terms'*  of men working  on   the 'river   bank,  He wished it knosvn > that he. had  not  made,any such   remarks   as   svere   attributed to  him.    .This several  other  membeus confirmed, and   the  meeting1  then adjourned. ' ,,, "  '     THE SIBBALD DISMISSAL. ' ������  i ' '  Get the  Facts   Before   the   Session'  Closes.    .  The return of the correspondence in  the matter'of the''dismissal of Gold  Commissioner Sibbald. of Revelstoke,  has been handed dosvn by Hon: Mr.  Cotton. It is very brief, as it consists  only of a letter from Hon. Mr. Hume  calling for Mr, Sibbald's resignation^  and of ii reply from Mr. Sibbald in  svhich be objects to pei forming the  act of self-decapitation. ��������� Province  Legislative Notes. <'  This is just what it ssas anticipated  the question of Mr. Ebert.-' svould  produce. As Mr. Sibbald claims to be  unjustly dismissed and, anxious to vindicate himself, he should" get his  friends in the house'to take ibis matter further and demand investigation.  The session svill not last much longer  and it svould be a great pity if the  stain svhich it is claimed us left on  Mr. Sibbald by tlie manner of his dismissal is not explained before it meets  again. Rather0 than let that happen  Mr. Kellie might urge for investigation if Mr. Sibbald's friends will  not.  Re River Bank Wages. ���������  Victohia, B. C.. Jan. 31st, '99.  Alossrs. Morris i*c Steed,  et al.,   Revel-'  elstokp, B. CL       o  Gentlemen.��������� I have the honor to  acknosvledge Hip receipt of your' petition dated the 2lst, inst., calling attention to facts iind'conditions respecting the river bank protection, svorks  nosv being cariied on at Revelstoke,  and praying the government to in-  ciease the rate of'svages  being paid to  men of the different classes  to tlie extent of 50 cents per diem.  In reply I beg to inform you that the  government have  fully considered the0  subject   of   your   pet'itiou   and   vet v  much regret their inability  to comply  svith the piayer of the petftioiiers.  The protection woi ks are being carried out at a very large expense for the  sole benefit of I lie tosvn of Revelstoke  and the estimate of lbe cost of this  svork made by the government engineer svas based upon a rate.of svages  of, 52 per diem for laborers. If these  rates svere increased in tho manner  suggested by the petition it svould be  impossible to carry out the works  within the suin provided for the service.  I beg the petitioners will fully  understand that the government have;  the interests of tlie working  men in mind and desire to meet their  views as fur as possible iu all rea-on-  able matters; but under the circumstances in connection svith the protection svorks it is impossible to comply svith tho present request.  I have the honor to he, gentlemen,  Your obedii'iit servant,  i *  C. A. SEMLIN",  Chief Commissioner L. & \V.  The above letter, svhich is self explanatory, will lie discussed and action  taken thereon by a mass meeting of  the workmen and others interested, to  be h"ld in Tapping's opera house next  Weduwdny niirht. ( (1
Ube IRootena^ flliail
.Subscription   Prico, - S2.C0 ' Per,' Annum
'.���f.NTKAC'i' A'DVKUTISEMKXT"* in-.-rU-tl at
liie l-.itt- of SL.jO ])ci- i-ohiinii liicli per nionlli.
i'or-paces of si^ roluiiiii inches or over SI
jut inc-li jii'i- niDiitli.
lini! Ilr-i iiisti-lion, 5c. per line each .-uli-i'-
i|ii(iil, 'n-i'iiion.' Tin; iiiiiiilicr ol" linc-
i-ri'koiicil ty .sp,ic-e occupied, \'l line.- to tliu
inch.       '
].]���:.*, IUXti XOTIC'KS inc. ],(-r line ruel, in-
Mi-lion, unless eonti-uc-U-d for bv llui WO
JOll PIUN'TIXO of i-vt-i-y kind at ino-t rcu-oie
iibie nilc-iinil-lioi'te-l iitiliec.  .
ACCOt'XTS tor job pi'liitim; oi'"' mlvci-ti-inj,'
p.-ij.ibli- on Hie llr-t of every iiinnlli.
COKLKSl'Ox'llEXci': on nil matter, of Ircnl
or pulilic- iiilc-i'i-M, im itcd nntl rnn-i'iilly t on-,.,
-itlli-i-d.    All ..-(iiiiniiinii-iitiiin- lo the  iCtiiiorf;
inn-1 be iicioinpaiiied by ibe name ol  IlioN"
'is r{.tor, not iiccc'si-arily for public-.ition,  bill
i     as nn evidence'of (jood t.titli.
Tin-: Kootijxav Mail.
'Revelstoke, B.C.
 , T	
RKVISLSTOKR, l-'RB..;l,'i lfi'M).
.'   \^ sum sot
,   'Publisher's Noticed. ;!'
.  i    , -
Hereafter copy   for .changes ,'of ad
'- vertijcnieuls ou'lhe 2nd aud Mrd pages
o        ��� ' . '
ol the .Mail hhtr.ild be in the oflice on
Wednesday niorninr^, and   for   adsp.r
*   tiscmcmis on the   -lib   page, on Friday
noon,, to'insurc  change'for   the. next
,' i--sii!jY. f
^        ' , " "      	
' \V j'tji   the    ris-or   bunk    protection
' ' svork seemed,, the next great matter
of Ro.selsloke attcutiuu' should be the
improvement of transportation facilities
to Big Bend? It is encouraging in
this regard, to.hear ilr. Rostock say ho
is not in favor of the p'rescnl system of
^ appiopriation--, -that of small separate
sums���and svoultl prefer to see a lump
)led sulticieiit to,, m'eet the cost
of the svhole svork. 'While .there is
more clifiicultiA'n seciiring ,tho larger
amounts it-is svithoul�� doubt   tlie   svav"
Gv. , , cr     ^      ���   ��   1/
to go about it, and every'cHorf.   should
bo put forth to, procure' it.    Probably
the beyt svay would be as sve have   bc-c
fofo suggested in this''paper to ask   for
a special bill for   lho   improvement   of
navigation of the   river   above   Revelstoke .and authorizing the expenditure
"of a certain sum for,that   purpose.   ,lf
that could be   done    the    minister   of
public svorks svould has-o aulhorily   to
i-penditbe money at limes  svhen   svork
'could   be   done ^ to   most   advantage.
Whatever the svay, sve hope   the' nesv
council of the board of trade svill make
'this mailer its chief'aim tilis year: and,
its the Dominion house meets   shortly,
time should not be lost in dealing svith
il thoroughly. , , .   ,
Tin: report, of the. board of, trade for
1 si *-   i
]S98isii  vers-   interesting   document.
o '
The paragraph referring to incoipo-
ratiou' is very rich. It- is like ��� the
"dismiss'' of=a magistrate afi.iid to
decide; like tlie strategy of the ostrich'
svith.'hidden head. The omissign of
any reference to Big Bend transpvlrt-
atii.ui is nolice.'.ble and th*-;
ss-ould have liked to bear niore about
local fieight rates. J t might hasp
gisen" some iiifor'in.ition about tly
status of (he Farsvell ,in,liter and the
C'titinued disability of stpiattcrs tu
���>el title. i,t could.- too, ii-ive pointed
out that souk; settlement nf -nrves- ff
land in the belt had been nad". ai.d
lint the lead duty nutter i- basing
attention ill lbe intern,itiouai cum-
ill's-jon. We Like -lii^hl e.\i:t;plioit In
the ssnids '"po--t.il autlioi it i'--,' regird-
ji:u ibe board's opinion ou the central
pnsl ^liic": and teuret that   lbe   lep'ai
did a member of " the board-of trade
say to protect" Mr. Kellie from the
position svhich he bad been placed in
by it paper svhich purported to deal
svilh the "board's 'Correspondence and
base its opinions thereon. This ma}*
be board of trade manners and press
custom iu Revelstoke, but sve doubt if
it is els-esvheie. ""* The reuiar/,-of one'of
the gentlemen, lhat hitherto the press
had not been encouiaged by the board
svas very correct, as applied at least to
this paper, svhich has tried to Z'eep the
board before the public sveekly, to
give fair reports, "and respected requests for non-publication svhenever
made ' �����   ��� ,
Tjii- yoiij/ig   men    svho' sought   en-c
fianchisenient' ul,   our   first   municipal J,
^v . C  ..i 1        ���?
election are a ii gored   at   the  ollensive
mgiiag,'   of   our   (.contemporary     in
d'-scribii5g their ell'orts as^-i "bare faced
I ���        ��
schciuul_to_isiliicli_ori:.iiiizpd opposition
-   _ .... . . . , &V.  ,
should be oll'ered. ='These men'are not
"entiiels'' irresponsible,'"' neither, sve
believe, are they- ���' reckless,"''' bu.t> in-
telligenl and interested enough to seek
to use the vote ihey nosv have got in
the best interestsoof��� the to.vn. It
may be true that they do not osvn as
many feet of llflselstokc ground as the
editor of the Herald,���nor, possess as
many slicks of timber in their homos-
but that is something sve hope- tl.e
future svill,speedily remedy for llioni.
MeaSisvhile, what thoy have got,'is'the
right to casta vote at the first election,
and svo expect to see them cast it as
intelligently and as potent for'good
govr-rniuciil as svill the hind-possessed
editor r.f our esteemed.
41 You've1 no right to say that," returned Mr. Kellie. "In my case a. man
who svas not a 'member of the house
came to me while the house whs in
session and tried to I'lill-dozu me into
dropping a bill of svhich I had charge.
Yoii say you are young in politic-, so
I'll give you a bit of Advice: Leave
personalities (done ami tall- politics
antl you won't be insulted liy anyone.
I haven'c u bit of sympathy for vou.5'���
I V) ' J
Read the Kootouay Mail.
, PAID for
I, the undersigned, rcprepreseiitiiig .lo.-eph
L'Uiiiiin at Winnipeg, wish lo ,infoi-ni tlio-e
handling rasv furs, that T will remain in Winui-
pc'K iintil.Aiitjust IStli, lfe99. .Ship me your furs
nntl get highest market value". Prompt re-
tuiiis assured. Xo t-oiiimi.ss-ioii ^charged.
1\"rite for'price li.-t to , -^
P. O. Pox 001.
OU*Vb''%^/<^%/^i/%, '*&- 'V^*^^*V^''%^
>    '
The lDuty
'iSi'Oin' offers no inconsiderable means
fora tosvn's advertisement in the svest."
ti      , ���
Look at llio. notice   Rossland   gels   by
her celebrations,, cai nivids,   etc.;   and
look, even, at the   benefit   derived   bv
' i il        '
Bevelsloko    in     sending'.,   competing
learns lo such things.    Thanks *to   the
public spiiitednoss of 'Chief of', Police
v I1-     '  .
McR-.ie, llesoLstokc svill base a.'pretty
fair . lecre.ition   ground 'this   summer
and full advantage should be taken   of'
tho means it offers for promoting such
splendid    sports   as   cricket,   baseball,
football, etc.    A city government, svith
funds i'n the treasury and of a generous
turn of   mind   can   greatly   assist   in
���making celebrations  of   this   kind   at-.
tractive and useful."
��� Bid Yourself Of    ���
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Di-.isving,' oil anil water color painting, etc,
Gi-iidiiiile of llc-llniiillie L-ulic-s' College, London. J'vonuiff ,c-l<ii=tCK in Knglisli lii-.inc-lie-..
TERMS���SKI ioi" "-'a les-iufn,,'one houi"-per lesson.'' Special-"rate- for ' laiiiilic^. Address.
^Ii'n. Hiilchi-on's, Kii"-,L St., 1 door.- svest ot
Imperial bunk.     '
Are You Looking For
c Ilus nios-cif Iiis ollic-o antl rcsirlenee from
the   Hotel   llus-c'I-loko lo the   c-oltage
TIIIKD STltKKT. " c    '
Y    , '  i? *
Xight or,dny c-.il'ls iillendetl to.   ,    Telephone
Barrisicr, Solicitor, Etc.
Officii: Co wax Bloci?,,   c
R. O.'.Box 108..
As I begin stock 'faking ' tbis
mouth, "iind svill be taking
stock of the Tin and Granite
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<���   20 per cent Discount
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Agent Giu-ncy's  Souvenir   ltitnges
Hard ware nnd Tiusiiiitliing,
Jtevchtoko Station,  , -   ��J>. C.
Tin: Colonist i.s greatly agitated
os'or the appointments to boards bill.
Tli'c bill i.s merely one for regulating
appointinenls to such public bodies as
hospital boards, license commissioners,
police commissioners, or such others as
are in'lhe gift oi.the   lieuiehant-gover- j Qold,     Silver.    Lead,    aiid
Copper  Ores
FRED. M. WELLS, Mine Examiner.
nor ln-counci
incuts are de
next, antl'svil
from vear lo
AH |   such     appoint
ibired yaeant   Juncjj-'Oth
be filled by appoint nient
year.    The   bill   is   end'-
i            -
,    Try f<mi>'.   of (lin dvyaiit 'preparations kept by
Snrh rat tieotl'fi Eoudsioii, Syruj) nf ���While Pine
and Tdr, Aliait'iQl,any Jlalsaut, Mii/oh's Coitffh~
Care,  Pyny JWloral, and  nereralMother of the
Best Pri'jKiratxonn.
Front St., Revelstoke
G-US.  lJUN'D,
Best $la day house, in town.     White lbaour only
The baV is supplied with the best brands of wines,   liquors=s*ahd
,    /-*���' ' (i   ,    "     *"
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Fresh "Toceries,   canned   o-oods   and   fruits.
Norway   salt   ' li'errings     and " stockfish    at
iiently a practical
Ofit contemporary , think- the
political situation in IJ. C. unt'ijurdled
in a'b.-uidity. It's all in thc point of
viesv. To the t rio defendiiu
-eats in ���\'icti ria (afv.,fi
public, i '^ "Uivt'iini.' out aosuid
- instiince.
,    ,. ?     .
I n iact  riom
���all aecoiirits lieyv are   inclined   to
llleie'.i iei joke abxl.t it.
I-'. G. S., Kte.
A���ay onic-e-iind Jletiillurgiciil Works.
.-".liniiliiii; Work.-, 717-710 Pender Street.
I- prepared  lo   purclin*o   the   above    clnsJC-;
of   ores for the following  Kiigli^h  houses
whom he reprc-*cnls, viz.:
Vivian vt Son-, Sss-im-un. Klliott-- irctal Co.,
Lu!.,  I'tirryjiori.   Soulh   Wales,   Smellers,
liolnicT-*, iJe-ilvei-izc'i-s, iliuiufrietiii-ei-.s.
Checking    smeiter    pulps   a,    specialty.
AT   f��
Tip: W
'i!',n! - " srI���-fJ J
l.i-st nrij." ;iy ���
m a-.' �� oidd I i
it - '��� e.i.   ;
i -ji . )^j
��� h-'id '.'ti or.it-e." 1-'-
- ���<���%���'���'.. Ji'i'.-v in'j.-h
IL r.Aii i.'iiniifY') c.di
���<^^a=^U. -u,  n
All kinds of fresh veo-etables. Plain and
fancy erockery at moderate prices. ,. Orders
by mail promptly attended to.
���This space is reserved for the
limited, Conuiplix, B. C, B. Tapping, -agent,   lievelstoke,   B.   C.
Ii li IJ   C,iM-   Pi[)P��v
.f-liamu   Pipe--,   Ci^ar
I) iiitiiiinii
cl'j -- not contain -latistics svhi
c laid re[iroduce ;is pinot of
optimi-tic Miatement re^irdin^
prosperity and outlonk. With
concluding  parsicoapli,   that   the
l\- el lie- K-i .ten'is ' .\1 in,
Ai It A?min.
Tiw i' i >'i|il ..I a s i-i v
hrtn ii'ii i. ,ul v'.-ri i.iun i!-,"
Iltiti'l. \'ii it'i'i.i. 11 le- advt 11 i-i-iin ni nf
svhi'b .ippi'.n - iu t hi- p.ip'-ri i- ht'U'liy
a'-knoss Ii-diri'ti. ll inntain- 'i'TL pn^..-
sv'ilb ,-l 1i,i:ii1-(.i.ip pbotii^r.'ivuii' mi
every pa^ii' de-ci'iul ive of Ihe hot.-l and
the cily it adiiiii-, The pi opi iei or of
thc Dominion, "^teve" Joni"* i.- one  of
Ci.'.ii.'i ie <' ops   in Morocco ;.iid I.''.tliiiT, Ci'u'ar antl
('i*_f-sl"t I"   Holde. -,    TtlbilC-
J'ui -e-. Si'ieniifie Dook- on |
.Mimiiu, etc.. ^lu-iic.d I n- |
-I i'iiiii"iit-, \'io,,n-. Uanjo-t, !
I L.itar-, Maud ilin-..Strings i
aii'l other
ajr''pssi)i ies
in iy be prosperous sve ;
he.uiily ; the
n"-t   [ui'dfiii'j;  anil   popular   lioh-l-
TllLii!'. was a bit ox  nice
tie ��� lay at   the L-osird of
lili.ccoid. i keepei-   in    th��'   country   and    a-   an
 -e,     ��� , iid-, i.|-J i;<i'|-    he.   i-,  liiiprjiiiillerl.     IL'i.'l-
thiu"- caid i "-iok"   si-ilor-   to   Victoria   ivediuif   a
, ,   ' coml'orLilile and uiod"i'.i L' orii-e.l haLd '
trade   inept- , ,, . .     i
i shtiulrl    not   p.i--s   the    Dominion.    A- I
inH about, the pross, but    sve.   failed    to    2.-).li(|i) eopiej, nl' I.hi- lil I le   hook   on   I he
hf.ir one ni'iinbor cot   up   and   expiPii ' lioiniiiitni ,wf   lo he   piniteil,   anyone
hi-, rc'iet thiil a local   ji.ipor,   not thi'-, ', d"-iioii-of I'-ellini,' ii   copy'Would   dt>
�����P. bad lecentlydiscuwd mat tci s ar.'d ! u'''11 "' u'lil(' -U''- ���''>"'"'���
pu'disbed    the   substance   of    cones  ! " "*""
pondeiice svhich   tliP   board    had    been |
ieqiir-lpd to keep pii sate,   ai.d   sshich;      Pi ice l*ali-on, lin-   member for  Ma-I
the board    si-��l:t*rl   the    repi eseniaf is i ->    Vale,   ssho   sva-   put   into   hi-   piopci
G^,'Qy^>^^^/^'iV^^^^^'^^-rfe^^1v> <%^^/Q/&&��/b--^/$/&%/qi/^'
Wholesale dealers in
Dims ini^
not iei
and   deliseiiiiif   a   specialty.!
s alss is^   ic-idy   at   ^hoitest;
���.   '  C"u��
f   j'.maiig
taken.'    Ats'-.ii   for   Ik C, Oil Co.
The Matter of Ellison.
Furniture and
R3iJ3iPinJanilUi)lii)lst8Ping Done.
Wines, Liquors and; Cigars: ; . ,
Agents  for" the' Karn1 Pianos,--and   remember  Karn ,is King-
/ '  .     '
'A laro-e stock of ��� -
Cleveland and Brantford
.   Bicycles.
Office, Cowan Block,.   ' - Revelstoke
I ��� vf
Delivered  in any part, of
1 the town.
J. C. Hutchison
Dray ing*!
ReVclstoke *' fjospital.
iAlalernily svard in connection.
Vaccine kepton hand ....
of the press, ssho sseie lliLii piesent,
not to touch upon at all. Wo liilened
ciret'ully to the   lepoil  ot  the delegate i
ssho svas sent to demand immediate
iucoiporiilion, and iiolhin*,' in it could
justify thc assertions ofy the Iferald
rciit-diii:,' Mr, Kellic's attitude to-
wurU-J incorporation; yet not one word [position yourself,
place by Hon. .Mr. .Mai l in, seem, io 1���.
learning politic- no la-ter. Tn-d ty his
pitiful (laini for wympathy ssas repudiated Ly (he hou-e and a- he u\-iv.
leaving lh" (-haiiiher afler adjourn-
meiil, he appivded to .Mi. Kellie of
"1 expected your .snjipoK," he .said,
for you svere once placed in a, similar.
Robert Sarnson,
W'iirclidH-c in coliiiclkiii for htura'-'C
of fitmily nntl fillicrfiii'iiitiirc', Iru'ik-i,
"Ic, at iiionllily or otlicr r.ilci.
for IviiyiiHiiul Hc.iliiK .AhicliiiicJ.
'   velstohc Station, B.C.
TOre. IflcKoclmio and Jeffs,  -  Attendants.
Painter and Decorator.
Best of everythinj
Peter Barnharclt/'
'ichincry /Irolcrrs,
.VKi ('onldsii SI i ct',t
\ AXCOWVKK,   M.C.y I'HAIdil!
I      c
I Graining, Carriage Painting and  Paper
: Hanging.
"���A (liinntlty of Hfe'lit, second liiuul.
'.llif. ���''...
Wholesale and Retail
iUTCHBfi ..
MoICcnzio Avenub, a j
Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,
Driving and Draught
Revelstoke Station, B.C.
1  '-'    -"      "'     y;1 '���������.-..������ ,..������     .>       '       .   .��m
Read the Eooteriay Mail. A-{.'
' Y.,ytr >Y. Y^Coiitinucili'i-oiii^jastiWcek.) ; -': -
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Ypaii'u-dit^cybraY'adiA t;y/; ^'.YY *T-'Y?yy^Y:A':i'
yY lyiiluckily,.yoii cannot; pursuefabout the/
':.;'. II u'j? 1 I^y i t-.li'b�� ty"iii ci i l^y;; --'-. 'ii veii;:y tii ou g:l i'/j-btf:'
;-, ark the fion cf 'tlieyljest-kiiosviiiiiiotfbtrtlie;
' -river.;iiii(lY-is':':sboii YasYla-evoi-uu'defetood^
Abosy.bissonyvvos spending histinie he cut:
.Ydjsyii his pocket Ynciiey-, oiidYJim hadtw
A Very generous;allbsvaiice;Y/l!i "his extrein-/
yity he,took counsel svitii Pedro,' the'juiiiii-
Y*tolbre,(i; mulatto; atthe'stiilors' home.'   And
yl'cth-bysviiKa had liiiihY He introduced Jim
Atoii Chi!Kuiiaii:hiy^l!ibhu;itelhili,Yiiiasty;
YiiliiccJhitsiilfYiiitl the.'.Cliiiminipi; ss-lib an-,
ysivci-ed to theaiame  of j ICrfeTze^ svhen��lie
- Avas: uptYsinokihgYbpiiim' talked":pigeon:'
y Eliglishytrf Jiin, for aii.Jibnr. "Y;.7^7::,yyY
'd'.7,Yliin cdiisiilvn^ilythe chances/-YA. junk/he/
knesv svould di-nsv'about, eleven'1 feet; and
ythe; regular ..feu/for   a' quidi/ied pilot out-
, tlie leff-j Jim -svouta r��el SvSrrn and
.'all ^'over, ytliiiikiiig .ofUhe yniiuUciil aijil
'pilotic things, lie ilaiess%.:A',,;hcir:::t3>ev:aeIl'
iii ore.;, th an 1 ial f a m i le ..belli n'ii" 11 o "ivrni cold
, and miserable,'thinking: biYaH'.'''tiro, (J'tiijii'
��� that lie did not knosv or :sy(lS���J1bt;Yay!:��;itu,.'
.. And so they svent doss-i!,.J,jih yLiy-injYbyhis/
father, ttirn for turn,:dverYiia^'IuM^Liir/
with the semaphores, on each/i^
!'h'igj''',tiiij'.<i(intli76.��;ssiatei-,,llir6uji;'ii YtY<Y\ysi> :
,;er;i Gat and round tliejlnlcoajjiittfa 41*11113/
yaijtldii tindoiiit of tsventy i)litY;Y; cachliii.firij'.
excQiiig'tbaiL the, last,������anci'./.Tjiii'.Y'iieaii'iUv:
pulled the six/pig-ftiiHtAotti i'YAy/^VY Y^vY
svheh/tht; Jast.bttiie/Jaji^
of;tlie ��� 11 ugli-.t biiigs.areVuoi^'p; !,)a(?/:aYle;f--i-/r
tliijLsvasVii-it Jim tIi'dug!ii'',Yi!.!i''ii..''jii'iij'./o}i'v'
till ]fhe:3WclLfrbin.tliHyjiiiyo!'.iJy;:Y/il;i;ayp :
; the old jiiiikdicas-e;ii:i.d fViVbv'iya iuIAbY r'"vc-**
j Iji-oaile 11 c-tl i 11 to Yi 11 iiiiaiHtK^tTsviiSFi^iiYids
only a fuotortss-b highisC:^
iTlie'Anigi-icihii.sviijked iV.s-'iiy:f,rfJ5;j/i'h.ejvirtk-;
as soon as they, svere heyo;iiliIyYf!|;YiYi>;:aiiil
the night ciiiiie 011 iiiid .'tjicyAviitcrYIoi^C-t
Y.tt .--: .t.Jj'| EV!brn^.a*f5'''���A&ig'ne bundled'over flic
vl,!.'uicdxig.,;i:.iil a roll of .charts anil'1;-a little
'1YiAoYhi:;;ovnY'.Y,y'A: YY-.    'YY:': '.':"������ ���:��� '^A'1'
7���;- Y.7 yy'YY"/yY.fthHKX,d.]y;77 ��� //Y;Ay yy.Y
lis? .��� Sii.ii l l.i.
...y. ������y-y.r. .   V-
our yc
> r: rift nr
;::::tiYo' .';.!,,'<
rj-ir.aij.;. antjis'Ti.:
ii'llljLSirti;:;;!'-. A.YY.Y.'
" ip:;t<*.ythe.:coi<d'A'7 a,
>-)!���'���the foothill;? ;oftiie ]
J/fY;;;-!;) eiiiftcrat/in'aiiy-'r
.-.!��!<��)''"; ' bflif e i n the So ii tl iy
a.J:y"';,tyt:o rlio (Jck:ii-.b^.i,
;).���>-:���'.-' ;!'ris'6sfe'' great,Ijcnsts.
'.-':;Kii;!.|i^.K.: I3e/a t '-iijli? 'wisyxxTpypxE./rsvkxTT;:;
yi syardy-i-cu 1 (1 y!;e. rss'-py] in ndi-cdVrup^i^iS^tiii^
���o\r-! I ^/���*? ^ ^.V'/l^'V'iUi> Vi^>vi'iH ;"ii.o t.': ci Vi" al'i lied -���-j'sbaibA
,/cbiild;nbjY^ Biity'loiil'
YtheybtiferliHiid" te
;yc(lyJ;yq!i^Yy 'iipiidi-ej!v/Y;Yaii(l?A;sevbiity-fivey
.friitjpe^rViad;Er-h^"z;yilicift/diiiu*Mbsv.iY to/a/;
: ���'i:.t/ihiiiiauiiuiyalio;y
//waij: svortliy am' th i ii g/f ifpnidi'f ts-yta a/; li iind-y.
;!l- J"-^^'-*1. ?.,9.V>?1.:'1' ^^/-^vU/puiP-^'-/���-���������; H1 > 4 :-:.;3,J r hr.Tze'^w j.ia'/-'
Yy: P& ii; iiig/a: '��� d .K it n gopi iy y tbyCii'lcii't.tajVss*lie)'-'ei)
Yy^iluep/Y'Tlu-i^iliiq^ite^sviiS gpiiig p,u|'itta;re-'^
Yi;!;. yj list, 'lis gponlYisYl; pi lbt.'y,,;Y;'YY/��/Y;y'y;y'p//!Y'.;
YAy.-^-mkne'^v^^ ot)
'd yjf cei;/' ib;k i ieAyyy t h:i 'i\ yv/- jn iil(-?s;rudder,;goe-y
'Yyfar i)elp/w;.the/i)bttbiiriitid/jic^^^
Y'.'.ilcptii., ',Tlieii;they;st;iggei"Silqiit:'ihtoinjil-1',
Y:Y'sviieii ijofeareddie^svpulddipt'ibiiie back id)
:d.:d:^!S'--7 -.SS'life 'f��,''yi1./Gardeii^eaclinie;;ns-;':
):- '.c^v'u red "t hat 'tlie, j uii k/wpu ltl iuissvei-tolierY
A ylit-liii if^piYput'JatY overYeimuglraiid tliiifc-
y ';s;iilhig. AHs^lbok charge:;;Y)L tl.e',yEillefcl)y''
-Y yhidiYstiiudiiig  ay liDtleYforsvitrd gathered?
'���'. 'Ythdir pigtails.'iisto his" liaiiclsyitliree vighL.
viYind'tliree leffv yis'/thpughytlieydiad/beeiVy
Yi"/thcyflke.lii)es/of a'yi-qsybo;it.s Erh-Tsse-^al-'i
y -.11 tost smiled/at;this. YHeAfelt .ihewas gety,
;;Yting;gopil/ciire ford;isyiibiieyY a'ndytook' ai'
,/Yneat pelish'cddiani'bo.cvtd keep1 the.. lncii-at-.
y ;.tciitivo,.fbr he,said', this- svns '/.no ;tiiiic, to
Y teach the:ci-esv-pigeoiLEiiglish. a'Tliembi-e
svay they could get 011 tlie junk better
svould aiie steer, iutt1. ns soon as he felt a
little confidence in her Jim ordered the big
rustling mat sails to be hauled up_ tighter
and lighter. He did not knosv their
names���at least any name that ss-ouldhe
likely to interest a Uhinaman���hut Krh-
Ti-c hud not hanged about the waters of
the Malay archipelago for nothing, and as,
lie ss-pur, he rolled forsvard svilh the
biiiiihoo the sails rose like eastern inciui-
tation.-". ,
Early 11=1 they svei;o on (he river a big
AiiT'i-ican kerosene ship sva-. ahead of them
in tow, and svlipn .liin.-asv her through the
(li"ivingi.niorin'iig mist ho was 1 hankful.
She ssould draw all ol',seventeen feet, and
irhccoiild nteer by her they svould ho safe.
��� It is ono thing to .sciii-i-y up and dosvn the
James and Mary in a police tug svithout
re-poii-vibiiity. and quire another to cram
a havd-inoiitlied old junk iiumss tho same
s ui'ls iiL)i:e. svith Hie-certainly of a thrash-
if you came out alive. Jim glued his eyes
Li the Ainciican and sasv that at Eu.tali
she dropped hci" tug 1 and slood dosvn the
river ���'under sail, lie all but svliooped
!iloud, for ho knosv that the number of
p lois svhoi. preferred to svork a ship
through the Jiimci and Mary svithout a
tug s-.as strictly limited. -Tf Ic isn't
f.uliei' itS Dear.slcy,'' said Jim, "and Dear-
hies* sseui dosvn yesterday svith Ihe Han-,
cooi'.i. If I'd gone home la��t night instead
of going to Pedro I'd have met father. He
niu.it have got, hi*, ship (juick. but���father
is a s-ery quick man." Tlien Jim reflected
that,lhey kept n^piccc of  knotted rope on
, the pilot brig time stung llko a svaspi
but ihir) thought he dismissed as ho-
nc.-iUi the dignity ot' nn officiating pilot
svho need only nod his bend to set Erh-
Tze's hiiniliDO at svoi-k. As the American'
came round, just before! (he Fultah sands,
Jim laked her svith his spy glass and sasy-
Jiis father on the poop with an iinlighted
cigar betsseen his teeth. That cigar, Jim
kucsv. svould be smoked on the other side
of the James and Mary, and Jim felt so
entirely safe and happy that ho lit a cigar
.011 his own account, This kind of piloting
svas child's play! Ilis father could not,
make a misrake if he tried ; unci Jim with
his six faithful pig-tails in his tsvo hai th
bad leisure to ndniiro lho pei-feo** style i~}
svhich the American svas handled���liosy
fche svould point bet- boss-sprit jeeringly at
n hidden bank as much  as to .say;   '-Xot
A:,' by::;! ^g'litySat'ilLiinieH agabi^t'.
ii-'/iiirciichi;,",' ,l;;.Y;.,ib-:isyohIy.ydiu-iiig;
;iaj;iijgy;ri^!*!i;rf.biit/ ti:qi/nia!cs:;fig!j,t/
_g;;UiiMi;sr']y;.;yy i'fjil ysvhen ihey dpcpri��".
Y;A sitPGi jrjjjtl'j.f -.. * 1 ritl -'-. esay.-iigvi..' Yhey'-ai-e'the'
ipils; of viyc.African; lip-iybivYhe.tigers of-!;
lYtbisvi!/iiaiiirrosvi wo;.i-KyL riiviiib in-tlie
<$>7XX ,��m i>AkEp;iiRii:\s*iTii.'i]K si=y-GLissyyAA
'anCtibi^hlSblilessI iere/Mny tii e^'^rfi^r Yss'atw?/
;aiid 110 desire ,svhiiteyer/tb,linii luniacifYoii/;
:;thp. Giispiiv saii(Lor fiiiy/ ptheiylk!'lB;; ^hbidyi
Erii^-Tzb iiniLtiieVcrijsV iii^l;lyyi^i;)i-byv'viypfy
��� \viitcli,/lit'iib lights iiiiiL'atypiiwywffiitYcoY
.; shi p y -ya'i'i IIyY foi ip\yy ;1 i'o r
iaiiadeYanyeiioniiotis ibra
ofifc. ,
; iuidfvlibiled / flsliy ...svliilo ..Erl^T/*/;
ytehtittiibiiYY'Tliten'-'.-theyyhcavciL Jp- tiiyir.
,'r6ii'g;li':iiul!tuiiible miclicir 'aiid iiiiiclc1 iiftiji'
 >���.'.&������;    ������-������������ -
, llSr.1
pi"!,V;ifCYpii';itC; ni'
YAiiliaiii.; thirl.jYyelii'sAii.gb.' fPiluyvgtLYiiuW'i""'
"ens y'sai I;;: a 1 i il, the":;.- f o ti p. h iks. fcliyy yoii Hti'.i 111
/uprisks. ^S!ie;syiis.Iii;bld>McEsyciys:hiuii!s
'/f-so.-i.bil-l'-'of i,he;Ai!de^,;i;nd;'hiid'!stbpi)ed for|
/ai:Y.ijii��d:iy,iir��a!Yo:r'Ylie Miink/of a sniall
w'c.liiul-./iiiisliijti���.v.!ic!-'".-;i:i.'l."I laid/dbsviYfoiy.iv
ysh'f;i-t/i-pst,  .IjTit'iridc^5' tli;iii;flvb iiii.il tit lis J;
'������diiify ai'bu'se'lld.iy/ibc^Yip/bstY^
;b;:.(l,i' ye'iy:hea-:il/y'Y.; 7X'.d'';d:ddyX77 d'y-ydd:
Y Y':Piiina^Y'a!)id Ythe're'sygoingy to/ be/*a
��� fig!it,,Y-i-aid oiir g!iidt>dii!a;.svlu8peiY:i y'i) ;Y
;������.���. ;^'l.t'AvaS-llbt'i'd!i^c.u!'^YYoYlbcaieY:.tlie aiii-:
iHivii^Aa.nil.hyibre't-iVi^g/tiirbugli' the,brush
irien'r -bridtigh- tb Y^c'th'jfiiiiht'^svitlioii.t'clis-i
.-j'g'r'bu'nd.; fociag cit.ch pMiei^i 11;iisiiialfvspaceY
.YKpiiYi-etLy,-!th gi-siitei- piiiitibh thaifdid/thpse/.
ytliatoiicli/'.syiis Ywii
:/nii.imYeS:i;li(2yYwiitcliedYand:y ���'svai'te'(liv.:-/Th'e;:i
- ii-ii'^ti Ti i i'0 fc' 11 i it c I", c^ eVv��ei U-.'-V'-.-afi 1 oy !-i i vi ictty1 ii <S so "ii"r��!U."!
^SsWyYyaVds y.tis^
ytlib/Y.groiikdy Yt;i'ad:Y y f brYy aliii;ost;/y teay
^L"c:itybrass"uy;i)odics.''rplHiig'oYby atidbs-er':':
Vi U'; i.;!'tv;'.'. ci'ea'bli^' -;^S:r.i igs Ig'.'s1!^--- 'X'h'oy': -..jiiiivilis '.Y-ii.o''-'
���'Oufcei'yy.pf yuiy;,ykindv'but;;eyei-yj fesv, seb-
;;cbuie'y tbgephcr/;witltya^
yirigs-flf y ky; wen^bpbvfvst^
fii'vWlni!iiiii.tes'nvqre th&iight^ss-as/ibver^ahcL
'^6TlbE;I8/HERKI3Y;GlVEX Hint 3LYda'ys':
J/M ;., after c!tiliO��;T,'..tlio,ai]iilersignc(i; iiitciicl'.to'
applysftb,.tlieYstiiiciidiarj'! 111 rir-isti'atc-yjfor tlibYf
Xovtli rtiding 6f-'syesli'Koot6i)tiy.- for.,a ���liocii.se
to sell liq'iioi-s'.tfy.'re'ttill'.at' liiy.Tlibtei; iii/'LeveL
stokcYB. C;giSYSS��fc;;S;-Yrarfi^
IDaiedktRcs-elsfbkc,'ByV. .Ian. 2,'15')D.A.A 394
:yyou ;haye
woi-t-h: its;weiirlit; in^gold
Lipoid !brickY:svhicll
earcl.y/spysinucli yof:
-y'yy ���yy\--^y;:.:
lPre^hrA'pujypss-ii towii;
^���; .^/y/"-i'^ )).*Y:n?-^^-Vel ���K1''^ Vc^4:'-^'��'r^k-;';T Go.-!'-
Ysvluclrjias ;dready,/''"'
a rgo ..number
,t!ie.'i,ss-o:giiuits:bf'thb forest svere stretched
" i ���"-'���'-'��� ���-���'   ������    >&,
'.'he's,-avi{'KSo,ui.:,CEFi*L tAii:ro;i:.;yt.'.
i;A'-.- Itk'i :SUCII.,A\ ���.L'SLICKKO':'y.*KI-:id',
S'. ,'���
g ' VI.
11 p. I
as a
iy in ii
,'v   11:1-
to-day. I hank you, deir.
lovingly over a buoy as much as
to say:
"You're a gen!Ionian at any rale,1' and
conic round --harp on her heel svith a lint?
tor mat a ru-alc and n slosv steady ssving
something like a ,svomaii staring round a
thcnlro through opera glasses, It svas not
hard svork lo keep I lie junk neiir her,
though Erh-Tze set es-erylhing that ss-aa
by any means sellable anil used Ihe bamboo very generously. When they svere
almost under her counter and 11 little to
ibid she*.-waddled !il;oi.ib'lii-:o..-i;iiio6;'i',y'l;e:r
giving; eiicli shokL.svitle iiUbsvaiiccs. y.A!lc
'���' this happened..-,11011 r; tho  011 l:'6r ;^l,o:itfiig'
Tjight soiiic hundred anil  f i-Aiity 'riiile'i'
from Calcutta and itppari'iitly in lbe o.i.mi
60a,   Jim knosv old   .McEsyt'n",i  ;.p;>.'iLe
and had often hciu'd.liim pride hini-ell 0:1
getting his ship to the pilot !..���'���; Ik'Ssv. en
meal hours, &o ho argued Lhat il rhe pilot
brig svas get-able (and Jim hiniu'lf had
not the ghost of a notion svliciv slip svoultl
be). MoEsveii svould find  liov bef ire tjns
o'clock.     It svas a blading lio^ d ty and
McEsven fidgeted the four-iiniivr d sss-n ro
Pilot's Ridge  with svhat little ss ind ro-
niiiined, and sure enough  lhc re- l;v   M'u
pilot brig and Jim felt �� -1.1 u;> '.i* i. ��� i-.
iiv;  lirb-'l'/.e  paid   liim   his   lumLn!
tsventy rupees nnd he svent os   ,   i !'��� in
junk's crazy dingheu.   M':I"L\"."i ss.i-:!
Ing the  four'-mnstei' in  a Ion'',   sins!
svlinlo boat that, looked  v-vy ^;u*,i"e
pretty, and Jim could see iha" lh. '.v sv
certain aiuoiuit of exriicii"'ii; .11.10111;
pilots ou the  brig.    There
loo.   The ragged Chinese
ragged  fashion   and  Jim
svashen and disreputable is 1 ���) I; ��� .,
the click of ilcl'jsven'.s oar-i nl   ,   Y-iv',
McEwen    saying:     ".laiiie-.   i'ia.,;-,
trouble you lo come along ss 1 L 1 ..- "'
Jim obeyed, and from ih" 1
rye svntched Mcl-Jsveu'i ant
��t,iind up all round his face IA
ri  royal Uengal Liaor, ss 1 !!cl
ed purple antl Iii-> voice -ho"';.
"An'is tins hosv you l.r. ,.'
tions o' the  p'iri  o'   Ctlci
asvare 0'ihcp.'u.-Lt cj ycYj h
open to?"
Jim said nothing.   Th.--.-! -���
much to say, and MeHssv'i  r
"Man, ye've pci'=oiialeil .1 ;'*i
that's as much   lo say   yc'.i
me!   What did yon   scllo
you for an lionoraiiiini?"
"Hundred and tsventy." :
"An' hy svhat inaniiei"   <>'
gut through the Janu.-. an'
"Earlier," sv.-h tao an .sscr. "
dosvn the same th1.���:-����! ! .'���-v.-.
bv him,"
"McEsveiKSvhLllcii .-ul cV.'.rl;
It, svns ss'hh anger.   "Mad'.' a ���" 'M,
o' your father.   Jjiu,  boy, h.j'.l
example o' you."
The boat hooked the 1 ������'���-
and McEsven said. ."W he io!!i' 1 oa
"Tun's  an   pulerprisiug   t ah .
Trovor.    Te'd bette.- put hii
lar lais-biess or one o' the-e ;
bo I'cring as pilot b.'foro
;st.rngglcd'feebl3-;a:;little- longer...!aiid- tlieu5
r'boUiy of:;; t|ijeni:Yla.y;;; pet^eetlyystilL v Bbtb/
Ysyerfl/dekdss'iien :we;vgbtytb ytiiliiiy: aml'I/
aiever siiwiuiinials^sp tonitq^piecesi/^^The!'
; en trills bLbotKsvefbitorii.b
1 ed p's-er the g-.-biilid syhere they had fought,1'
; and: ���: i i i-,, th ei r ���,.'.. 'iii ecks "������ sve re. great ragged
holes,, from svmeb^^
; TiieyYcitch''hatl1; a/ s'?|orvi".'.,of ,ss'Ouii(ls!/that v
ysvbuldyhkveY.;]*illcd'.any: aiiimkhssdth;less/
;tbiikeity.of 1 ife..'!, \;-.'.7'���:'-' 7..';'"��� "���.'.''' \7 ��77v ;'yy 'y
"1   1 rol o-;c
.>���  ss-'Y- ;.-r.
c ci.*.- u'idi)/'
uyyA :y; y yA.ri'iippi-y.Oittittii. ;;<,-.'..;..'.;���-if;;.',. "������,"
;; /'jfeveis. an amiisingaiicitien ti.of stage life/.
. A cei-tain;;iietres;Yhiis-'in'g been : disengaged
for sbiiie.'ti.iiiei'.ii'ji.dv-ip'ac.i.'w
'iiVpepppi'.ropre'sers'e it fronr nibths../'She;
yivlis suddeiily^callbd upon.to taketlie pitfb
of the Queen iii "Hiiiiilet.""���'���'    '"-���'      -' ���'���"������'���*���
Being rather lace lor her first scene, she
omttred to shake out her royal robes, and
her dignified entrance had an astonishing
eft cut. ' .
Thc, King, after a brave resistance, gave
ventioa mighty Hieezo that svell-nigh
made thc stage sibrnto, All the royn*
courtiers nnd maids of honor follosved suit
sympathetically. Hamlet came on svith a
r.'iOi*: sublime tragedy air, just after a convulsive movement of his princely features
ho btii-icd tlicni in his somber robe, while
piit'i'Ze after sneeze ssas all the public heard
from him. ' ���     ��� ���    .
Amid the liubbuh oil the stage and liie
shriek'- of delight from the audience lho
Bta-.;c manager, bets.-een the snei-zei, rang
dosvu the ciiriaisi.���Loieiou Tit-liits,
:.yY ourlsaiiiples/befdreLorderihgAYYY/;
'/,-;.���'-.���  ���".,������::' ������-: yyr-. ������ ���>.*;/���> yyy. ,'.:���.' ���;r.���.',i.y,'Ci., .,,.yi',y.:'.-: v-
^iningioperMons inSbri
1 .��;,;���:.
/^urveybrs of/High-ela^
, Ail/bi-clei'S in bur lineysvill/be./promptly.
.i/YYattendedl'tdY./A-yY''' 777--7 yY;'',/Y;;.'y.Y;;
"Ameriea's &P8at'
O, vl
Trans-f/Oirtiiiental Route
Quick Time !
G-ood Service !
Class and Tourist Sleepers
It is thecentre ei? tlie Lar
y/ dean m^
tlie nortli and southi
Its climate is superb.
It has plenty of building
timber and; a sawmili
in operation providing
lumber at reasonable
prices on the spot.
Its lake affords exceptionally good trout
It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely
clear title. ���      u-
//lieatly1 i$'dM i l^yL/thenceA:
,steairier;;Yi o .aniles^roaFl^m^
so 11's'Y/Ijany i ngA;A;an'd;/A;a;3/s^
" '*'������--yym:n
j 6u niey/; pc^ugy'i ngyoiil}^ylY6u rs;
tr��nidun tai n AyAA'lySH
Ti(!kets   issued   through  and  h.tgf,
checked to destination.
i:kvi:l*=toici: DivisiuxoK wes
1 ii
jonr .if
���i'i.'. 1 .'.1 -
' -a
';!; ss-b
1      S'.C'V.-!
ni .Le 1
siacui' pu
he Fail's-,.
no other de-ign-. I'd i.ike i'!..!
for there's no dens, in' Ik '��� 1
lad   foil    all    that    he'->    a.i
"Thai," said Ti-evor, ivac'i.'i
left car, l'Ls minei hiiicr;' sve t .1
antl he led him dosvn b.'h^> -
The little knotted coll ti...' ll
general purpoios on  the  ],i! >.'
like hornets, but when itsv.w .".
svas an iinlicki'd cub no   lor.,":
JdeKsyen's pi'operrs*, audi1- svcY:
1 ! 1:0
t. '   -
-. .!:''
���d a;"d
11  '. 1.
s v .ib.
:     '-
;��� .-.ul
1, ii*
��� eily,"
V v '.
' for
r J.ui
.    II
j \siia
svi i.i a
"*;*OT[("loi-hereby kIvcd Hint In it
_\ ssiilillie -liiliitc-., i.liiit I'rnsiii
��� nut- 'Lin aii'l .ill l.i\-c- lovieil iinilc
-' -.nunt Act ure nosv due for the yea
tie. .ilitivc 1111 iiictl Itixch c-tilleclible i\
-\i!i'\c'litol:c'DivNion of West Kooienn,
are (.ajiiblc ul my oillec, liie court he
A���c-'-ied taxes iire c-ollc-ctible tu tl
111.- ial'.-'--. viz:
If paid 011 or before the iif tli day
'. !'!!:���
Tiiive-flftlii at one per cent on real
Tsvo .mil onc-1'ulf per cent, on the
sane' of v.ild Intnl.
One-liiilf of one per cent,  on perso
c; ty.
(Jn -eunuch of thc inconio of any ]
'i\-i.rcd-t one tluai-nnd dollars the
Kill-, liiinic-ly. ujion ^ncli excess o
v-ilicn ihe-'iiiic is not more tlmii ten
ibi'liui, one ljti- cent.: \slic-n such exec
r^n thou-aiid dollars and not more tliu
il.ouj-.uul do'lari-, one mid onc-quiuk
ni ������ uetit.; svhen -ucii ckoc:,.-! i.s ovc
tlinr.siind dollar-:, one and ouc-lmlf of
'if paid on or after l-=t July, 1800: -
Foiir lifths of one per cent on real pro)
Three pc." cent, on I lie n-jessed s-alii
Tin"" c-foni-th- of one per  cent, on
propc-i !}���
On .-0 innc-h of lhc inconio of any 1
cm-'.C'H.'one ilioiis.Uid (I0II111-1 the I
1 late-, ii.itiu-ly, niion'-aii-lic-vci's-. when
I !-��� iicl nio.c- than ten tlioiiiiind dollurs
! 1 nt'-quiii-i ei- of one jior cent.; when >-uc-
1 i- os ir leu llio-.ii mil dollar-, nnd not 111
! i su nl; tlio'.ii.iiul doiliii--, one mid on
1 ',i'v per 11 nt.; 11 hen i-ucli fxccm-.is os-c
j thii'i-itiid tloll.ir-, one .md tlirce-tpiui-ie
'  p.'l" ccnl.
l'rovine-inl  rc-venuc tax,   three   del
t'M'"a' II. N. COUn-STEIl
' Aisc-'.JI' mid C
I Kcvcl-tcko, B. C, January liith, ISliy,
��� licvcl-toko
lve Hi.uOk.
nrr 10.0.) I;.
1, rales, thuc cards, maps and
Agent, lloveLtoke, or
ing Piiisenger Agent, NcIhou,
'iiHsengcr y\genl, Viincouvef.
Man - Pacific
,'s '
,   and   KOOTENAY
' daily for all points in Koot-
connoction at Nnkusp for
vkuip .ind Slociui lty. and
Itobson for Nelson antl all
-intl River points, mid for
ind points south.
y;|W q1 I'-rli-rib w li/yy ni i n i ng- )xXp 'rcdyd;
mp tersfjaii d y/capi tal i stSyyalreadyyy
haive theiirYrepfesentatives-y'oii������.%
';lMey/,ground, ���i.Yand y
fpfe another"sixmdh
centre of /business/ ahd/thepfin-A
cipal town in this treasure-ladehXd
'���Larde!au-//t;;lie;new ceh.tre7ofy^aty;:;y
tractiony ;^
enterprjsc,c Skill""' and ' capital ""
which- British Columbia has
.magnetized within her, borders.
The climate and soil of the
district are all that could be
desired bv thc rancher, Qfardener
or fruit grower -for whose-
products a profitable,and rapidly increasing market- exists ;
'whilst to the sportsmen the
neighborhood affords game .in ,
plenty.       - ���
The accommodation includes
good hotels, stores, post office,
recording office, butcher shop
and many'private residences.    - -
Building operations are in
j full progress, and the establish-
j nient of thc sawmill will tend
i still more to enhance the
[ mediate growth of this
in 3 months, $33.
1 1
a, tickets, maps, etc.
'. W.
Audit, lievelstoke,
K. .1. COYLE,,
Hist. Pass. Agent,
Inside, $100; payable $33.33 down, $33.3
in 6 months. '   -���
Corners, $150; payable $50 down, $56. in
(These prices are for a short time only.)  ���
T. L. HAIG, Revelstoke, General Agent.
HUGH McPHERSON, Trout Lake Citv, Resident Ao-ent
months,   $50  in   6
A BRA HANSON" BROS., Pkopriktohp.
First-class Table
���   Good Beds   ���  Fire-proof Safe
4   'Bus Meets all Trains
RHYEXiSTOKE,     S.C. o  V-"  THE KOOTENAY MAIL.  D    .  .   IM and Cougn  'Your Life'Away!  THE ONLY GOUOH MEDICIHE  That, iloos nut contitin nijitt1.cs  * - Tluit clui'S nut   contain   stinmlents  That poo-, not sveakon  the   system  That   docs   not'  indues   injurious  habits ' ,  Tlint inn ho taken hy babies ���������  That can lu> taken by children"  That can be depended 'on  Thai/iloes cure colds  'I hiit docs cure sore throats.      (>i>  Thai, does ctue sore clie.-vt . S\  Tli.-il does.prevent croup ��������� '-^  That docs prevent, whooping coijjjfli  * lri   '  'Mackenzies Cough Balsam  Sole Canadian Agent,  Kootenay Lodge  G. S. FLIXbT. Si-:citi*TAi'V.  Geo. F. dlrtis,  Stic-cc���������or to The ?.lcD'. A. ^Y. Co.  Taylor BIk, Revelstoke- Station.  LOCAL- AND PERSONAL BRIEFS  Mrs." Jlcl-tae is laid up , svith a severe sure throat.  Miss. Mc Denial I of Nakusp i.s visit  in,'r Mrs. Eil. Bounfe.  Dr. P..   Malhison   airiscd    Monday  lnnming from Kiitniciops.  ,    .1. A. jMiiyoo, of Coniaplix,' caine up  Wednesday  and   remained in  losvn   ;i  fc-sv days. ,  A: *S. IjasviMiicc, supcy iiUendeiit of  the N/ik'usn it .Slocan rail sva v, was iii  tosvn tins svoelc. ������  \i. C. Krbsloli, oi" the Ui������ Rend  Tfanspoi-tation Co., is in tosvn, arriving Thursday from thc coast.  lion.   I'Yod    lluine   svent   through  lo Xel.vin Tuesday, morning lo Nelson,  svlierc his hCj.-it i.s   being' contested   bs-'  A. S. Parsvell.'  KEVEI.STOKE LODGE, I. O. O. F., No. 25.  ^S^c^Js?-; .      Itc'Kiiliii- nicetiiiKs are held  '-f^mic^J3^'   in Ovldfclloss-s' Hall every  ������3S^-r=^tPfc T,IlIur-1'la"*;T!".*!'t. at, eight  ���������^S&rSvS^-^i o'clock.   Visiting brothers  o-->-:j.������- Of^j^>-   ordially welcomed.  P. JlOOUJi, X.G. ,   T. J. GUAIipi, Si:c.  COURT MT. BEGBIE  I.O.F.No. 3461. '  fleets iiVllic Oddl'c-Iloss-s  Hall on Hie second ar.d  fourth Fridays of eaeli  month. - Visitinj} breth-  ren   invited  to attencL  K,,IJ. J. C. JOHNSON,  ��������� H. a.  i^J  "Wholesale and Retail  GEOEGS T. NEWMAN  -"--^aasSffivSg?--  NERALMERCHANDISE  ^wrilarnnUuHo^^ VANCOUVER AND  KAMLOOPS  i- ' '-G     ' i  Head Offices, Toronto.   Factories, Pcterhoro.  Electrical Manufacturers and Contractors.  Nelson; -        B. C. Offices      ,  - Vancouver  u. it. caimptoll;  C. It. ���������        '  WATCHMAKER AND'JEWELLER  f. atones  C.1ML Wulch Inspector,  Hepairinjj a Specialty.  lievelhtoko, 15. C.  MISS A. E. REID '  .St .Li<. HiitvliNon'v. hon.io.  First hlveet, \vc*l of Unioi't Hotel.  ORES S|MA KING  Work dona at, home or svill so out  by the day.       ,    ' - "  HELTOi  ,    .-.()7-;������l-.511-5i;{ HASTINGS STKKKT,  j    Vancouver,       -      B. 0.  +   Denle.is in   >  Furniture, ^Carpet's-,. Rugs, Mats,  Linoleums,.Oilcloths, Window-'."Blinds,   Baby,'Carriages,   Etc.  Lamest and best assorted stock,on������the"B. C "Mainland.  ������ .a '        ' "    ,  Dry Goods, Dress Goods,'Blouses, Ready-Made *  Clothing, Boots  and Shoes.   ' Groceries,   Flour  * e ,  and'Feed.    Hardware. Tinware, Etc      '  "[���������   ,    '���������  UL9  *1&/������^'9&/Q/������/Q^/Q'&%/%AQ/%^'%>&Qrtb/^/%<t^^^  J  -. ;.- ,-"--h-|  -.C0R1' HASTIHCfS & GAMBIA STS., VANCOUVER, B. 'C.  Thoroughly Fivt 01as>.    All While Help.    Finest and Nesvesl, Hotel in tho City  BATES.'  $2   PEB   J3J^.1T������ '"  Departmental  ������  0  -.^2zzz3izn='���������... ,^-���������<aES5ss&>-'  Knglisli Gondii 'Drops, nosv , consignment,   -10c.   per   lb.���������(leo.' ly   CuuiY,  Tim   Druggist,1,   .Taylor   block,1-   Revel-  '  stoke Stalion.  *    ' '��������� ci  ll. li. , Gosnell expects to be hero  daily. Anyone interested in L^niversity  Hl-vleiisiou might, , coiniiiunicate svilh  lbe. Mail.  K. D. J. C. .J'ohnson'left here  Tuesday,, uu- Ci.'lg.-.ry, but he .s-as oveVt.-iken'  at - lllecillewaci.   by  passengers   from  r   bora leaving Wednesday.  ���������  Word   from    ICniiland    savs. Perrv  Leake bus bad a seveie accident  svhile  ���������.   fox bunting mi   Worcester,   but   hopes  of his recovers' arc entertained.  ,r i _-      i  Old Fashioned ] loiebouiul Candy  -fOc. pur lb.���������Geo. V; Curtis, llio Drug-  gi-.t, Taylor block, Tlovclsloke. .Station.  Tiniiuas Needhiini, of Donald,' lias  rented T. J. Orabam's buuso next the  .Molsons bunk and,sviii move'in sviib  bis family very soon. ''  T. li. llubhs, lately foreniitn of the.  inncliino shops at Donald, is nosv pro-  moled to tho position of travelling  niiisier mechanic ovei" lhc svliolc Pacilic  division.  It is no more lho Selkir/-   section of  tin,: Pacilic   division;   the   nesv   oflicial  " title is the.   Mountain   Range   section.  from Itevol-toke. to Field. , The bridge  stiperintendeeLs division   svill   also   be  extended to Field by the nesv schodulc.  Rev. MrT"Ciiiuon,' of    St.   J units',  Valiums er, i-s llio   gu.;st  of   Mr.   nnd  Mrs. Cingc during bis   stay   in   tosvn.  He svill conduct both services at St.  ' Peter's  totnorrosv   and   then   go ou to j  ^m:1m)H on diocesan business     .lie si'iil ;  return licie on bis svny   bac.v   lo   Vaij. ,  cons or.      ^ |  I'aiglisli papers,Tit   Uits,   L'eaicon's '  Weekly. Ally Sloper, AnsMors,   otc.--  flcvi.  l-\ Cm lis,'The    Druggist,   Tailor'  block, lii's'i'lstoke Station.      "        o  'Jin- iiiimt:i;(His slides on   the rail si-,iy  line liii-s sveek base kept' the   n.taiio-.  laSv..   Theie sseie four in   all.   one at  tl.e ss est end of the I llecillessaet tun-  ii"ir<..ii.- :it A'2 .'���������bod, 1L--S  Peak, one at -  1:' Mie.I and one at linger.-. ]'a-������.  Ti.i y ;i!l caiiie do\s n lbe siiine day.  Tii(-d,.s. Tlie line \sas all cli-ar  iil: .lis     \\'cdni'>diiv      niglil. Ihcllv  t|.-.iv-!- ssui/,.  i'. i,. Ciiiiimiu-..  i-'iiginocr.   leiuriu-d l '  Tiini-diy l.i-1, l'miii S)ieiice-- Itiiduo  svln ie he ss ,-is engigcd in t ro-i-M't'-  tii'iiiu:.' i lit bi^-lido ibitt lei.-t.-nily occult.I tlifie. He sns> it tilled up the  lis'i-r l.t d and '���������pie.-id user the other '  -itle In,in sshen-it  u.-une   dossn   for al-       i���������.-L hidf a miie.  rr ii.is' compi.-teiy i Everything1 "You  iiiiei eci tno   course   ot    the   Ihiimp-oii1  river. _       I  S. ]). Cinssle circulated a pctilioi. j  tlii-, swek for a, S-.M00 appropriai ion  lor it road to the valley south of Res- i  el-li.!..-. This i- a road sshich could be ,  in ide scry u-ei'ul in opening a good  pied of coiinliy, and the Mail i-A  pii'ii-cd I'i be ablu to support it. Mr. j  Cross le Ahfiiild leiuem'iier that the so-.- !  lion clo-o-, Ciii ly so bis petit ion, to be I  coii-idi-M'ri befoie "stiiiiiites are ic-iclicd !  .-liuul'l ically be iu the mcuibci 's j  h-iiid- cic tbi-. |  ,-ii. -Ji'ines church ssas ssell al tended I  ve-itculay  moiniug   sshen   tb"'   sers ice i  svns conducted   bv   Al chdencoii    I'out-'  -.eiilli and Rev. M. -J. Fundi i bill.  The j  iiiclide;ico;i     pioachod     nn     eloipieiit j  -eiiiioii, and   pititl   a   toucbing   liibutf|  to the iiicinoiy of the late l!ov.    I*'.   A.  Ford    of    Reselstoke    .ssbosc.   .death  resulted from an accident on   the   rail-  wtiy.last sveek and- svho, sv;ia  fornicrly  iissistant   at   St.' James.��������� Vancouver  World...  .potenay  j  ������  Tlie, Koolenav Siuelling it  Trad in" Svndicate is nosv,  i llbrii  lg some o  f tl:  ines*c  For business ,and rosidcnlial purposes in,the tosvuof  p. ^.  The ,only tosvn in, the Kootenay   svhere   the   value of  ion! estate lias never depreciated.  For the next tsvo weeks special pi ices and terms will ���������  be olib.re.d to purchasers of lots on Mackenzie  Avenue for residential .purposes. This fine  street, SO feet, svide, is nosv being graded by the  company ��������� and is the best site for lesideuces on  the tosvnsite.   -  lievelstoke one of thc   most  solid,   progressive   and  prosperous .tosvn   in   West   Kootenay,   and   its  ,     real estate is a good investment-���������Because  prices arc reasonable.  TeFirjs are easy  '"Deeds art executed tl^e day  Frslt payment is ir^adc.  , For full   particuliirs   apply in    person or  by letter to  HAIG & ORAGE,   "      ..  Resident Agents, Revelstoke B.  C,  or to  T. J. LBNDRUM,  Attornev in  Fact,  Ainswortli,   B.  C. ���������  -<^S3SS3������-^ -���������aaSZ2ES^>  ���������iXfl^  L<z>  Can Possibly  Require  Im nrpoi-iiied bv iicl tif Pai liaiiient lSo.").  | HEAD OFFICI-; "-��������� - MONTREAL  I W.sr. .Moi.-nN Mac tiikhson. Pres.      'S. IL lisvixa, Vice-Pros.  ! ' I''.   Wnj.j-'.-ii.-.r.s.N 'J'nojrAS, General  .Manager  j PAID UP C.A1MTAE '-       '        - $2,000,000  ! RESERVE - -     ' 1.500,000  I A jfciii-ral binlviii^ h"N:t|t  - I'.ii:-.i> K !. ' Interest allowed on cuiirisH- at current rutcs.  ; J. D. MOLSON, Manager, : REVELSTOKE, B. C.  I  T  A T  ���������J. AL1JKRV STONI-:, Pi:oi'i:iltol  Tie Dining Boom is furnished with the' best the  Market affords.  THE.BAR IS STJPPIiIBD WITH THE CHOICEST  .-'���������'..:". WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS.  FB0N1  !L������L  q  ���������S  Dealers in clo*Lhing,0boots, and shoes  shelf hardware, groceries, "-ent's  furnishings, crockery, - glassware,  staple dry goods and carpets. ���������  ���������  -    GOURSIER'S.OLD STAND,  i>*������S&*&i&/^^*b/%i/������/%/������^i^/Q/^^ Or������  Capital (paid up) $2,000,000.  Rest      -      -       $1,200,000?  UP  TORONTO.  H. S. ROWLAND,  President.       T.  R.MERRITT, Vice-President:  D., R. WILK1E, General Manager.  A general banking business transacted.���������Letters oil-credit issued, p  available in all parts of the world.���������Gold dust-and "amalgam ' '"  purchased.���������Savings   Department,    'Interest    allowed    at"  current rale. '*  A. R. B. HEARN, Manager Revelstoke .Branch  lv-liiblislieVl ICCyl.  ^y.,  Writs for Catalogue c.skI Samples of  Goods  Cl  Agents   for   Ciossloy   &   Kims    C-irpets,  Nuirn's Linoleums,! Liberty  Art,  Fabrics.  Largest Stock in British Columbia.  VICTORIA,   -   BRITISH COLUMBIA.  VICTORIA,  Laigest and Bestr ,   ���������  Equipped Hotel on the Coast  Mvciything nesv'anil \ip-  to-date.'  Popular Prices. Free Bus.  COLUMBIA'  Stephen Jones. Prop,  COLUMBIA ������������������ FLOURING IMS COMPANY,  Huno'arian  Enderby and Vernon,  ^^������ <������,"?>  and Strong Baker's-. ���������  P. RITHET &-C0., Ltd,Agts.,'  Wholesale Merchants,  VICTORIA -     '   "     ��������� BRITISH COLUMBIA  T.  L. HAIG.  2^  W. F. CRAGB.  ���������    , REVELSTOKE, B. C.  Notaries Public, Mining and   Real Estate Brokers and general  Commission Agents.      Fire, Life and Accident Insurance.  ltepresentatives of ihe Kootenay Smelling and Trading Syndicate.  Agents for Revelstoke and Trout Lake City tosvnsitcs  Merchant Tailor, Clothier and General Outfitter,  REVBLSTOKB STATION, B. 0.  Fall   and   winter   suitings,   Overcoatings.'      Good   stock  and  stylish make.        Order niadcs and ready mades.  SEE   TjEIE   GOODS.  AIJRAHAMSCtti   RllOS., Pjiophietobs.  Everything new and First=class in all Respects.  The House is stocked, with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market  TIROTTT -HA-IKZIE  OITT    B.C


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