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Kootenay Mail Feb 14, 1902

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 /���������3  r 1 i  Provincial Lii������rp.ry  Vol. 8.-N0. '4.5.  REVELSTOKE. B. C,   FEBEUARY. U, 1002,  $2.00 Per Year  &1-S������ ]f^'ilSS>0gg fe^^S^^lSi^^;!^!  i  I  Curry a complete and svell assorted stock of  Fir  w.  ureso  ���������r  0  K Boot!  m  rgurpets,  I uul  for  r.i n" i  TO  a  W'l 'fl  Goods, Men's Furnishings,  Shoes* Trunks," Valises,  ���������Curtains, Innleiims, - ���������  etc  1  1  if?  Opened at St. Leon  Hot Springs.  1  A Palatial Hotel.  We have a large hiock of  Ifj'mi tier rpeiVs  ft,1,;*, ilit'.r- st re; rhes  01  }M a fr'o riling some of  sslrch sse lire selling off nt ;i iiher  Conic in and prove it.  ifey in your pocket by trading with us.  Mail orders carefully attended to. i  iH Hi^i^^S!iS-l^fsSlllli^  n -  ..^NKETS ���������"  p All Wool White Blankets $3,50,4.00, 4.50 per pair <������������'  gWey Blankets, $3.00, 3.25, and? 3.75," per pair. c$  1  '1 In- o .-ire viidoubledly tho best viilitc in ihe city.  ^ Men's Full Length Rain Coats from $4,50 to 14.00 ^  Our Si* .30 Km; is a, Corn Cracker.  nosv  -hoe  Rubber.���������none  like them clscsvhero  in ihe Ciiv.  ��������� <$i. Ar or.r -pecia  @        ������        !,  m itflU'XLJLlLAvJ clilU kJl JjJjJJ, ������  Front Gtrcet,"     -       Sevelstoke, B. C       ������  x.���������,.  ,.*���������-; ,-t^-.. f-,  ���������.���������  ..-a-.-r.-itnr-i-.llB-.-K^-t.irs.aitt^rw.rO'-tstwcfsra..  'ii'j  bm  p  l.  4 *  OKh  t-'s.-i  \  (h'y Our Special Reporter.)  'I he Arrow Lake.- aie de.-Lined to  he the  11I.isj!round  of   British Col-  Liiiili.ii.      Willi   their   magnificent  m-i ne.-   i'i   inoun.iiin and of   vale,  of   nasigable  water  f llie iinc-l boating  and yachling   to   ln> had  the world  j/i, oscr, iiu- numerous pietfy bays en-  ^foldi-d in ;he ho.-oirn- of, ihe luor.n-  liiin slopes, streams abounding in  front, hear and deer being plentiful  iu the vicinity, and last, hut not  leae!^ svith their health-giving hoc  -���������p rings ri'-inji from the heart of the  : rlii,.there urn fesv places mi gifted  >y natiiii' as renins for the insalid,  ihe   hohd.-p -maker, the  mouniain-  W/y. ecr, ihe .-['Or.Mii.in,and the |iainier.  ViS A iH-s\' [io.in of mcerest is found  in l-A. Leon Hot Springs Hotel. . he  rti. Leon Hot, springs svere for  scai-s a fasorite resort of - ihe In-  di..n'-, itiid .-incc the .-urrounding  cuim'try has become jieopled svith  lioneerr. St. Leon has becnafas-  orilo ri'sori for mirier.-and oilers  ,n sen ri" li of recti pern lion' from ihe  lo'i'Is iind hard-hips, of life.  J .ai? t summer ���������lhe owner of the  springs, ,M. Ui'itdy, ssl:o is svell-  knossn ihi-onghoui ihe Kootcnayts  as a .siii:ue-i..fiil pro-pecturand in-ne-  o-.s nt-r. diiiei-niined' on rihe eiLCiion  of a holel winch svould provide  lourists and hcahh-seekurs ssith  esi'i-y coinfoi-i while enjoying the  heiiulits of the St. Leon wiiters. T.  l'J. Julii'in, arohiiect, of Vancouver,  svas en!rusted with the preparation  of ;ho |.lam- for the vork, with the  result ihat .-ft. Leon now |.os.-ef--������'^  one of ihe finest hotel lifiilditigs iii  the Province. ''Theooniraci, svas let  io Andy Wallace, of 'Nesv Denver,  sshohus. made a thoroughly good  job of the ssork, and this sseek ihe  hotel ha.- been opened for hu-ine-:i:.  Tin-: nkw mwi.iii.vci.  Loch led in a pretty bay, and  built, on a gently rising, piece of  giound on ihe east shoiv'of ihe  lake, .stands ihe til. Leon Hot  Spr.ng-Hotel. 'Ihe hudd ng hii:-'  ii fi-nii.age of 85 net by a depth of  no fin. 'ihe frontage is j reitily  broken by bay windows on borh  ihe ground and   first'floors, and by  (?e  \^  presonf acef s'ierie i'p hi-ing I'nijdoycil  for Jlghtfiig-[ nn o.-es."  ':'; ".\~>j jir::\}':u.\h.: ''_ ' '���������*".*..  A ssha^'js ri qii.red :md ssili bv  pi-ovidctj'-bs-rilje-s.'. V. IV. ;it aji eii'rls  date. rl \fi'pjivKTril.-'Svill be laid oui  :inii [-.lanled, and -lror-es provided  for iourisis ssho sviVh to iyde.ii]j flit-  Trails and fee the line mountain  scenery. A trail exiends along the  valley l>ehind the ho:el for a distance of :cn miles. Good fishing is  af-orded in tsvo stream- ssbich Moss  into the lake iie.-ir .-ihe ho'el and  ben: i,- -,pl< ndid bonllng. A h.es -  ele track will al'so l-.ejaid out.  Mr. (Jrady emplf.-y.-. only while  labor, the kitchen be ng in charge  of Miss Peaton, and the Mi-.-ui-  Irmiih, Mr. _Gr.'idy'.-- ne.ee-, base  charge of the dome-lie .-trivngc-  niente. --J. Mi-Leinan is in chaigc  of'the bar and oflU'e.  A (ir-t-cl,iss 'table i* providetl.  and ihe rates .-ire liNcti io be ss-iihin  :he re:eh of all, being from >i'l 5U .o  !f'2 50 |ier day.  'J'he djning room is furnished in  oak, and the. furniture'of the rest  of the hotel is in proportion.  The system of heating if thai  known an the two-pipe gravity i-yj--  "lerri.-svliich is especially safe, as ii  as-'oids high steam pressure.-, and  sia- successfully fined up bs P.  Aloran, of Hesc-lsioke.  The lake f-le.in.er.- slop lo lake  on oi-|)Uto;'f [iasst-ngei---as required.  Mr. Grady will celebrate the  open.ng of iheneiv lioltd bv a social  party and dance on Tuesday next  mid an-angi-nn-nts i are being ni.idt  m run a special tra n ,in ihe even  .ng froin Kevelsioke aiii-1 a boa  from Arrosshead.  Tllli VIltTUI! 01' TUB WAI'Klls.     '  C. R. Pu'.ler, svlio is at pre en' a  'he ho'el. -aid io our ivpre-ctfia-  iise: "1 hiivo bet n here -iiu't-  May last. When I caine 1 ssn- siu.l.i  a sufi'erer fumu rheumaiinu' that 1  could nol sva Iky Previous to coin .  ing to St. Leon L had been 'disabled  for five year-. To shosv you the  benefit which 1 have derived from  the use of the water- here I svas  able last sveek to walk lo mile- on  snosvshoes, a thing Lcouhl nol base  undertaken for' severafyeat-.s., pa-t.  'i here is something inthesvaier  a.od climate svKiuii Jr.i,- svc'/.du.-fii!  health-giving properties."      ������  7s/V of Officers.  The Public Meeting.  At the express wish of a number  of iracknien sve gise lieivsvith a  ivmime of the addresses al llu: public incolirg held la.-t, ssei k on Ibe  oc'ca-ion of the visit lo Keselsioke  <>f President Wil on and \'iee-  I'l-esidtnt Lowe of ihe ll. of IL T.  of A.  Vice President Losve said ihey  had just come from the Atlantic  and,could my lhat tin: nun lioin  be'PaC.fic to the All,ml ,c Uceau  hi re Willi theui. (cheer-), lielen-  ,ng to the strike ihe ie.-ulis bad  i 11 ii to br.ng ihe U. P, K. to time,  and every man who had been out  on ritrike went hack to work on  iheir own terms. . 'Ihey   L  Dili NOT WANT TO FIGHT "THEN  and they did not wantt   light no.w.  'l'he best svay lo   avoid a light svas  lo be prepared for   it.    When dies  iir.-t met Mr. McNicol   ihey e.\| eci-  r'd   fa r lreainient from    him.     lie  ^sked lli'eni to gist-   Inm ihe iHee,--  .try unie to  enquire ni.o ihe con-  ��������� liuons throughout- ihe  s-v&ium.     if  iey hud tefused anil gone out, then  hey    would    not     base   had    l lie-  plciidid piibl.csymp.iib.s which was  I'xuaided to them in the late strike.  [cbei-r-].    Mr. .Mc^lco  A/UD .CROCKERY.  We h.'ivc just received a large  importation of the above from the  l-lnu'Iihli. l;i-eiich'anc.l Ciennan markus.'  hi-sc   are  ih  e   linest Ci'iods we  h.iv  re  ever shewn and sve svmilil call especial  atieiuion to intending purchasers.  ,  Dinner Sets, Tea Sets, Toilet Sets, Fancy Cups  & Saucers, Hanging & Stand Lamps;  Fancy Teapots.  FULL LINE OF BAR GLASSWARE  c"^  i  j^-i,  k  tey I'ai'g:J<  s.U'ius   Nicklc   n.ited   Hockey   Ski:tes.  also   the  WlulpYv's   Huckey   Skates wtirn Lv  l.atlies   and  t"t:!ehr tted Kace 'K'in  .Moni-re.il L'ha'mpioP.s  th  ���������l  Plated  Piit-ks.  cine Nickie  Second Cirowih'Iiockcv Sticks.  'pn'ng Skates  cam  Hells, nrass and N'ickle in all six.es.  w  (Vs..  Game Traps and Bear Traps  AWR'ENCE.  MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING  is not in mir ii'io but sve haves noss* in stock the finest line oi  St:it,e< and WAr-ic'd'. ever -hossn. Vmi shutild alsvays keep  ;i ^iiinl b!.-  '. ���������.. '. .'\  sou. sec us before ordering.  O    C   ���������'<-?. 7 ������ ^                         fTKH             HP"        *K                  ������������������md   Vapalde'of   being   i-egiilmec  MS      VVi Infill       I    OP     I   PII lOr     "���������������������������" '^  -> d-   reqim-eninits  o  il the council  \sitli   school  of  .CM COUNCIL  Meeting held r'rid.iy. .\ll present.  r:.iti:!-,i.i".)NiU-;:i'('!-:.  ��������� Dr. Cro", Jfcalib ollieer, sugge-tecl  closing Mi������,< Kfibiii.-oii's room cm account, of ine.islcs. and th.it families  nfl'ecteil l;ec'[. cliijiln i. at JiDiue. After  conferring svitli .Mr. Flos  deeiili'il t.i leave iniitler  I ni'-lees.  It, Tapping,  warning  n duel ion  njier.i hou-e licen-e.    lU'iu,<',d.  K.\-Mayor Urossn. -t.iling lie had  kept no li1-! nf j^ix ils sniil mi account  of city, and had handed money realized lo city tie.isiiier.  Scs-i'ial alderman cs-pre-std the  (>!���������:iiion the jini-d- h.nl been flirosi-n  ins. iy ii ml it isii-i decided I" lelain  ieiii.iiiul.-r oi' goo i-.  Chief Uiiiii, I'epo. I ill); on '-nil-.' Ilily  nf hui.diiig .���������|.|.w,siii! police station lor  lire IndJ.i' 11 wniild cost $llla jVn; iCiwi'i-  and' ���������fatf , ,l'or . improvi-incnls, ��������� The  Miiyiir s;ii(| the . iepoi t svas nmcje by.  his instruction   us the   laiilding eou.ld  .be'liciiighl iff %idd,     Keferrcd to !'tre i  ���������W'iii.ei- iind. b.ig'lil coiiiinifice. I  i'".,. MH'ariy, (Ml    lii.-li.ilf of.-jiiiltt-cnt'l-.;  iiiii'-'iin iinphii-enn'iits i-i' i/ppi'i-i-iser,  us!, in " "  print ioi, ioi ssiiik. t>  Aid, Hume app-oved 'propo-t.iI,  hut  stiil th.' city fin inem svi/.tul n it ml nit,  of diet grunt. Ho favored |irivnle suh  scriptioiis. Aid. McLcod mid .Mun-  ning supported this viesv. Aid. Lusv,  iMc.Mulioii and Taylor favored grnnt,-  inij reipiesl.���������Agreed to.  t^ity electriciitn, Kuniloojis, (ifl'eriiu:  lern-iH for inspection of (ire alarm  sytteni,���������Agreed to,  ur.roin's.  Aid. iMcl.eod, ehairniiin of T. \\", it  L conimitfei'. stating they 1m<1 instructed city clerk to inquire as Locust of reqiiirenients of brigade*,  I.KUITK.  Aid,  .Manning   urged   nltrr.ition of  lisdils at Snyder's and rail way crossing to iiiake them more serviceable.���������-  Agreed.  CN.VKiisr,.  Jiesolved. city asse.s.s'or to coinmenc"  .natssuii'iit roll I'cli.   ilth and relurned  to (oiineil by May ilth,  t-iiinil it's b.s-liiw aiiieiidiiient fin.ills  ;i(l(.g a < il  l Tin; pound question svas discus-.-d  and ii svas uiidcr.st'ooil a ]ioiui(lkee|ier  j should bo'..appointed and herding of  i cattle mid horses on .sfreetit .stopped.  I A'pplic.itioi'is to be invited foi- |si.uind-  keepel'. ,  Capl.. 'Taylor .reminded  it.had been agreed  to  in  a seraridah on ihcgruuml floor and  a balcony opening from the drawing room on" die first floor.' On  eiiTtinng, the visitor finds him-elt in  a commodious hall and ollice 32  feet, in length by 20 feet in w dlli;  lighted by  ibe hid I open- on Hie right the lo ii  denien'.-" parlor. H feet by 2G feit,  willi two bay ss indoss-SjAjnd on'the  left ii capacious dining room 26ft.  by oOr't. 'Ihe kitchen leads oft the  dm.ng room and is ISft. by 2-if,.  'I bo bar leads off the genilerneii's  parlor and is iBu. b\ 26ft. 'I he  walls.look well willi a cedar dado  and plasiered throughout.  Ofl the main hail the sanitarium  part oi the building extend?-'buck a  diVii.ine of over 40 feet by 16 feet  in svidth. Here are provided lavatories,, fitted svilh the most up-to-  date appliances, a cooling room 18  feet by about" Jo feet htted with  rt.bli.'ng lables, a sweating room H  fiet bs-' 10 feet, wilh   steam   laid on  d  of  i  is eiiiiivly taken uj) a- a plunge  hath, a si ream of water direct I'rom  tin- hot spring- be,ngeonscsed in o  this bath al a temperature, of 120  degrees. 'I his hof -water, i- con-  se^t'd a distance of 0000 feet down  the mountain side. The svalls of  tlics-U'rooms are of Portland cement.  On the tir=t floor is a gorgeou.-ly  fiu n.shed ladies parlor, M .feel by  32 feet, opening on to 'a balcorir  running ihe full length of the room  and overlooking the lake. The  rcst_of ihe front of the building and  the right and' left wings are'occupied by bedrooms, all oi which are  svell iighted-r'juUl beautifully'"furnished. The central re-red ing- por-  iion of the building on the lirfit  floor is, as on ihe lower .floor,-set  apart entirely for sanitarium, purposes (nit is arranged exclusisely  i for i he u-e of ladies. 1 hi'.-.accon'i-  ' modiiiion |��������� rov dvd here includes  dr.'s-iiiL'.eooi,nr', "-w^at ng and biith'  loom-, a   large  ph.'nge   baih, 'f i.i led  Sold Discovery  Reported  svith hot  springs',.  r ilnii li.'ll,  ' liie city,  rant   iifijiiiXl  ior .exiieiists of j ed.oiil,. lhal    a    by    la'.v  Helfgstw to ptbu-va fx.i iH-cifre tr-ppro- | q\thod,  ,f'-*  tlie. council  (fiiy [wo lots  ��������� iliciior poin'-  v.i.iiid be i'.  E. A. Cradley, .superintendent of the  Diiipiesne .Mining Company letiinied  from iSmirh (.'reeic on A\ (.dnesdiiy after  a hard trip of (J5 miles on snow shoes.  Ab Ibe result oi bis return all sons of  rumors gut aluoael to the ert'ect that, a  rich 'strike of gold bad been made and  that-several prospectors" intended go-  '"'" ,"���������' "T, ."A "o." "/'."''big, up there iiinnediatelv to htuke  wiriowsbll. by Stt.   Oil   f;'.bh   gl0u-IllK     lt   ,VilS also reported  "    ' that .Mr.   Uradluy   luouglit  in )fiK)0 of  gold ss-itli him from the nesv''strike,  and that U.qit. Hughes, seerctiiry ti.  the company, who has been svaiiing  here for Mr. Bradley's return, hud  svind the head ollice at Pittsburg  satisfactory announce nient of the new  strike."  Our representative saw Mr. Cradley  and Capl. Hughes reg'iriling the matter bin neither svould talk. They  'said they, could neither deny, nor confirm the rumors iu circulation and  could make no announcement, for the  present. While the matter is one of  great public interest, it, is. admittedly  ihe private concern of the company  who have spent so much to prove (he  old cliiinnel of .Smith (heck, and svlnil  applies to Smith Creek- will apply in  morcior lew*degree to the svholc of the  old channels of the Hig .'lend.  Tlijs much   sve arc sali-licd i.s iruc.  The l.'uqucuie Company have jjoi {lie  old channel of  Hinith Creek, and I hoy  have pioved il lo he ,'!S feel in svidlli nt  the pi int where their   workings are located,     They   have  al-o pii gold, hut  io ssjiitt e.Meiit  .is   knosvn only lo .Mr.  llr.idley iind Cajit. Hughes,    The gold  'is   also   line.      Jledrlick has not been  reached, hut a blind shaft svill he Mink  to test it,  and  from  the result- so far  attained the prospects me exceedingly  encouraging as, from the work already  done   on'  .Smith  Creek,  it  has  been  found   tociirry some  of   the. coiirspst  gold  ji)   the   Heiid, iind Ibis svill iiiit-  iirally be found jcssiiicls I tdLOck. ���������'  . Owing to  the cold sveiifher (liliicul-  tics'liavc'attended'the svashing of  the  gravel  taken Out, of the old channel,  so that it.is almost certain '.'tlie results  ss-ill be.better than yet pi;ove(b'. , '.   '   '  ��������� The "IJiiqiiesiic   Mining    Company  have taken up additional  ground and.  'have option.? on   other   ciiiiiiig, and if  the results of their work are satisfactory they svill  carry on operations on  an extensive. 'scale, placing At... steamer  of their   own   on   the river a/oos-e,the  rapids.'   The attention .'of other capitalists' will ���������������������������also   ho', directed' to,the  Bend, and-it   is sviliiin, theliounds .of  possihility.that the  big Bend may be  on tl.i,o eve of,a revival of its old-time  prosperity,.when gold,...to' the value of  ���������r-1,2ol);00(: was t a ken.; bu tin a bout I svo'  years by the most jirimiuvo   methods.  ��������� V>'c'..wisji   Lite ': iiuq'.iesin'i.Company  the'. 'sii'ijcfSR'.. Ih'iy (iescrvc,.. anil iheir  success''ine'ans   t-ywrli to olliers inler-  ''i'-{e,-!ed   in. the 'Leial.aiid  to .the City of  Wiitei' lre-.li  lrom' ihtrhot,  and   ihe- 'walls  of   these  i-noms   bt'.ng   l.kewife   iaied ssith  I'm-, land 'cement.' . ', A"  'I he second TVocii': is'  eleyi'ited " it'o  bciii-'itims, ill!'svell' liglJl'caAiid'fur-'  oi.-b������-d.     "       ,    '   ,_' .    ''���������__'   .;.  ''���������T!ii'   h'.Vi-l   is   hCiile'i'l'svilh ste.ai'fi  ; \y m." Aiiiili. . a ud     V. .res     l'i-.is���������(��������� ' lie',  iS-guoil Colldliloil . its possllile.  I hey put it in such splendid apple-  pie order that-if ran for two nioiiths  sviiholit going-- to piece-[ Jaughter  iind cheers]. .'In ii fesv class they  would be in better position than they  were then.'..-' They .would have their  i.ouous.FKOsi oen.s.s to oe''i:.s.N,,  and men selccttd to repiesiiii Uiein  inesery de|Mi-tment. If necc-'sary  ihey were going lo be thoroughly  loaded and loaded for bear [eln cr.-J  As matters stood heiore. a  section foreman might be disiu.sscd  wjihoui cause���������he got two ticket; ���������  one lo go and another noser to  come back [cheer.- anil laugh'.er].  il was Uue lu Ii.m lhat ihey ll.nl  Mr.\\'il.-on as iheir pre.-ideir, ,iinl  it ho had done noih.ng, el-e, he  won hi not hase hved in sa.u sshen  he took stops lo gise liie irackmen  John T. Wilson as ihe.r head  [cheer.-J. 'Ihey' were not only  i.gbiiug ills' bat.le of ihe iraokmon,  hilt thill ot  -J.S/IJIiY MAX SVIIO \V01!Ki:������  sviih'his hands [eheer.-J. ,1 hey do  mantled that no man be paici Ie.���������  'ih.-in Sr 1.50 per day. There was nil  reason why a irackiuan'.- boy ^ lioulu  feel tbiii be svas nol as svell dressed  or base a.-good a lunch a.--oilier  boys [uheor-'J. ��������� All wealth sva-  produced by labor. Iiu was glad  io -ee the U. l\ K. gtt.ng ahciu by  lea[;s ,-iiid hound.-, as was shosiii lis  ibe fact lhal die reiiiiiis leir hts[  iiionih were .1200,000 more ihan fur  sa me moil di ot .[ies urns u-ar. J hat  sst-iilili ssa.- not created by iheir  shareholders but by their employe.-. I  '1 hey wore not gelling a fair share  of tlie wealth they created. 'J hey  were going to got a better, iind fairer share of that, we.-ihh and they  were goiiijt to get it without trouble  if po.-sible [cheer.-].  Messrs -Jlvggen. Cirogan and  Adair then addre.-sed the meeting  by rcqin-.-t, Mr. Adair iii sing thai  if ihey had amaher fighi liowa,-  ,-ure ihey would tai.ei on il as  manfully as before," and if-n ihey  would base ihe t\ mpa.liy ol lin;  people with them, .f l.oO was ihe  iouc-l wagi   that   should |n; offered ,  and be j  lul.       I  direct from the GROWER to the  i  Consumer.'   ,.  MORRIS & STEED, Sole Agents, Revelstoke  fr  to tne.rronT-  Kenzle's English Cough Balsam  1 he |-,ealinu anil  '! ickhnu   in   die  -oo-.hing remedy for Roughs. Colds..  'Ihro.ii.   Hrone-hiii^. Crou]),  Early  Stage.-of ('i.n-uni|)tion. and   ail   oilier  Throat and  Lu  g Tio'ubles. ^ Wo: Ji a triji to California,  G. F. CURTIS, RED CROSS DRUGSTORE, REVELSTOKE  WH������H YOU WANT FURNITURE  Go  sshure  the  l;u-''CsSt and bust stock is k  Bedroom Suites,  'I'.ib'.o. Carpets,  in Good Variety.  Upholstery   and  is kept.  Sideboards, Odd Chairs,  Linoleums, and   Oi! Cloths  Undertaking.  nil  03  LIMITED.  ���������'  Wholesale' Hardware, Ship Chandlery, and  Mining,Supplies:  Hardware Department, 8-10-12 Cordova Struct '   ''  Ship Chandlery Department, 8-10 Water Sirei-t  Vancouver  9  !laid for I'i^Vxruj. Iiy wloctnoi^v;    ���������A.&^nilatoi^.  to any   mini   in   Canada,   '"'  llO| I'd  lIli'V   WOllli!   be Micce  nn-: i'Hi:.-i!)i:.\T,  President, Wilson, who w-as re-  ccis-ed' with jirolouged olieer.ng.  siid: It gis-cs me great ple.i.-uie  lo meet the cili/eiis of liesulsloke  and to ihunk you for the generoti.s  tuppoi-t you gave our p'oor.'bnys last,  sirniiiiei-Avhe.ii they svere si niggling  ���������for I heir'.riglits. Men who draw  ���������if 150,000 ii yoar have tlie face to got  up and say a dollar ii day is ���������enough  for a svorking'; man (ebe.er.- and  laughi.er). Ediiealion islheonly  ihing that svill free lb- from indus-'  trial 'slavery. '.' We; arev .��������� iiot  iinarchists. We a ro the's.afely va I ve  between the Oppre.-sor,- and the  anarchists... Laboris, the fai beriif  capital.,. .Capital is (he child, ;of  la bin-,' ii iid s lion Id be  Ttlli .Sl-;i{.\'A.V'|- OK UliOR . .! A  (lipiirty cheers). -The inan , svho  ss-ill nolfight for his" right's and for  his family Avi 11 not light for-hits  Country (e-lieer,-). We. stand for  more wages. The questions svhich  sve 'ask''' otii'ft.-Ives are : "Do we  receive a--fair svage; andif not can  ihe V.. I'Vii. affordito'pay itV"  During .be' la-t 'three nion' lis: (he  ((kKliiZiTK*} OB pH-gO i(All.)  "\ K t"  HOTEL.  litrnisiicci  aids  allord-.        I'o'sl  Kales $; a d;i\-.  svith  tin: rhuici'st the market  W  ines,   Lupiors.  .!,  S.  Mi null Iy rate.  ALBEBT      STOISTJU.  tv C ijf.'irs.  zpzeoZsP.  OnJ Blonk from C P R Depot  and St,eajnUo:it V/Iiuvscb  K.c-fnrnlBhod and Rc-moilcllcil  Kates SI.50 to S2 iior day  Corner Granville (Sc Hastings Streets,  R. DOW3VVEIL, 'Proprietor, - Vancouver,  B. C.  ���������pr,  L-' L- ���������������:  DTRIC^  w  CONTRACTS OF ANY  MAGIS'lTllfiE F.XKUrei)  ZSZSK  J?I3  PTS'  T:la<e  Completo Installations Our Specialty  Finest Class of Machinery   -   -   . '.  Hiiiton, Electric ��������� Co. .Elmited ���4
Subscription   Pnca,   S2.00   Por    Anntin
.u;\'r.r:Tr-!\"<;   imtp  ijiimefi   on  aputi
Dillon.    I'hai.g.-- in   ailveilisi nipiitH   inil-l
, hi   iii   A   Tuesday ot l.-s.Ii week loseciiie
iiuj : t. -,i'ij.
J0:-5 " . - 1 IMi of cs��ts kiinl ,-it viost ruii-im
-   n. -.11'.   .Mil -limit si unlit v.
ACr'OL'V ."-.- lor job tumuli," or ikIs-.tIi-ihl-
|,i.H'w mi tut'nr��i oi .-si-iy tiu.iiili; -uli
-ir.,   l n-iiasalile-iritlly in atlsaiicu.
C01'.i:K-PO.N"IJKNCK insiu-d mi nil mattois
i.i lo- al or ]ilabile interest..' All coiniiiiiiiiua-
ttoiis to the Editor must be accompanied
by the name of the 'inter, not. invt-ssanls
lor nuliliciti'in. hut i. an i'skIcik-i; of
k'"ol laun. CoiTf-pijiidenco niiisl reach the
i.rtiL'i-j l.y Tuesday cveiiiiijf to Hint a
P'uli; hi the flist n-ue of llie Mail alter
Adf'.ress ,   "
fiTf-rivooTBVAv Mam-, ,
Res-t-lstiikc. U.C.
1    ti. JViv 7��. CeVi-l.-tokc.
It'bj.li'ini'So.'M. ,
Wo request our numerous readers to
f'avor> us with their assistance in
making the KOOTENAY MAIL tho
most valuable advertising: medium in the Kootenays by giving-
the preference, when making-purchases, to those linns who are
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tO!��!i. of The Mail nuiy tin obtained from
the i��i!.i-.i'ii!��ciiy a^i-iit*:
J. SV. MllNNl.TT.
CaNAUA lilt ill. X  I.UOK Co.
>'. H.  is i:ij.d.
Liberal jiartv which svo publish in
another column is one of the mo-t
progres.-isc and best adapted to the
interests, of the Province that ha-
been compiled, and if carried out
will place Jlritish Columbia in a
io,-emost place in the Dominion.
The Laurier Government is to he
congratulated on the financial
roliirn-s for ihe first seven months
of iho cuririit vear. 'lhe.-e shosv a
surplus of .16,273,000. Receipts aie
greater by $2,681,137 than for the
corresponding period of  last  year.
\Vk congratulate Senator Temple-
man on his appointment to the
Dominion Cabinet as repre.-i nfa-
livc of this province. h'inator
Templcnian has the confidi nee of
both liberals und com-ersatives and
it svill he of great advantage to
have iit the seat of power one who
is so svell acquainted willi the requirements of liriti.-h Columbia.
To Keep''Pace With the Times.
To m.ikc you acquainted with our Miracle Pills without loss of time we make this   j
3 proposition.      The largest ever made to the Canadian public.    This is it:
This Automobile
Worth $2,000
will be given
Manufactured by the
Searchmont Motor Company.
On June 1st, 1902, to the
person who comes the nearest
to the exact number of Coupons we will receive.
''���lrops.iri and Colonial  Ailverlisinj; Agency,
III f'isi.1 --I.
C. Mireiii-ll Si Co., 1 and . .-jiiuiv Hill, London,
K. C.
O ntr*l Pre-n Aitenuy.
C'.in-;l,..ii Ailn ill-Hi,; .SKuncr.
.i.''!e'':in .t Co., Amenta.
li, ��uii.it- .s.l\i.-i-i.��iii���' .s^uiiey.
il���rsi.-i Ailisltlsii.K .iKUiu}'.
Isi:ki;hhin-(3 to the addre.-s a;
Kamloojfs of President Wil.-nnof
ihe B. of H. T. of A. the; Si nfii.el
says he '"gas-c a great measure of
praise lo the Vancouver Indei rodent, the Winnipeg Vo'ce and the
Isevelstokc1 Mai.. He said he] o nl
ihat'all union men, or at any,rale
all Iraokmen. svould support lhe.-e
papers by digging down in their
Prkmikii Dijnsmuik has rendered
valuable sen-ice by the forcible
manner in which he has poin'ed
out the financial relation's as between the. Province and the Domin-
rii'oic vxk a.gknuy ���'on 1'oulting from the confederation
Alcvaiiik-r i- Co., Advcrtisiiiif AKuni-. S2i!aLM-eement.     The condition!-of   the
Province have, changed since thin,
and the financial relations between
the two governments should be
altered to meet these ohan<-es.  'Ibis
K. C. Ddke. 01 und 05  .Met-c-lmntn Kxelianife,
Aus.nt-. :,
}teminc-ton bros.,'3lt! Broad isuy.
'   Thi-   Kuoi'KN.sv   Mail lias a lii-st-clim-i e.ir-
c.i.it���������:>   in   tin- ''its   ot   Itusvl-luku mill sui--
r.jiiildm<  ili-irit;!, and   al-o  al,  tiio lollmviiiK
Pl.c-e-s:    '
' Allien Canyon Illeeillesvuet
CUm.it-1- Uojioisl'a-H
<       Golden ' S.iiiinin Ai in
Ariijrt-lieiul Tlioiiisuli's l-indin^,'
C"lllllal)llX7 '     Callllllll-IIU
Trim! i..ike City Koi-jju-im
Hiiicson Hot Spring.! Nnkii-p
I'.iiit.ni City Kii-e Valley,
.suutti Creek McCullouli rieuk
C'.iuip CriK-k I'arnc- Crui-k
i-'icl.l                 , . HUiiulaiil Ha-in.
l\".uilioops '   I'i-aiguilimine    ,
Norili lluiirt N'otc.i  Hill
lA-lov, ii,i Sii-iuiiiiiH
lieu:- 1'ix-i-k Ik-aiLniiiiiilli '
HoUsiiii Nun- Ui.-iis-t.-r
is where .Senator Teniplcinnn i-hoiild
be able to get in good work.
Now thai, British Columbia ' has
an Agent-General in xjOiidon,���\se
svould suggett that at his ofrice
there should he .established ii | c'r-
niiintnt exhibition of   the re.-otnces
of the Province. These should in
elude a good .display of the different ores, plans of the leading mine--,
products of the canneries-'and the
lumber mills, agricultural and horticultural exhibits. Such a di��pla.s
would do much to advertise the ie-
sources of this province and attract
hither P.ritii-h immigration.
Oktii-i> :    .sitiL-iiXii   Ham;   lli.oe'ic,   Rnvm.-
s-iuiih. it. e;.
'.Monos- to loan.
ijiiAs-.,Ki;\ uMoke. H. C: Fort Sli'olo, I?. (J.
iiKei. .-s. Mrt'.siiri.K. J. A. IIakvkv,
He'SL-l-loke, H. C. Korb s-luulu, H. C.
M. SCOTT, C.A...LL.I3.
Pcbi.ic, I'/rc.
M'.Kenzie  As-i
Iii's-i'l-iiiki", 13. U.
Judges of   the strongest reliability will be selected, and the results published, so that
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Miracle Pills are a guaranteed cure for all bowel troubles, appendicitis, bilious-,
ness, bid breath, bad blood, wind 0on   the  stomach,   bloated  bowels,  foul   mouth; headache, indigestion, pimples, Dyspepsia, and heart disease.      ' '
j The world is full of people dragging out  a  miserable existence unfit for  the  duties
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after eating, loss of sleep, mental depression, and all because of the failure of the stomach
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Money Refunded if you are not Satisfied.
It costs nothing to guess, and you may win the Automobile, which, remember, is
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Miracle Pills are sold by every good druggist and up' to date merchant at the
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? 611 receipt of price by-registered letter or money order.
Every Wrapper and Coapon ycu send Fives you a better chance of winning the Automobile.
M   . '  PifflP'S.
Newly iiuilt. Fltot C'Imi��
01   en-i'v   n--sjift'l..       Al
iii-iilm ii em'.si-iliciifcu.
Messrs. R: Cs.:e & Cie,-
Liie, Rjmouski Co., P. Q,
This entitles me to the property of the
Automobile that I will get free if you have
received; ���    coupons and I am
the nearest guesser,
,       Address '......
I send enclosed a wrapper of your Miracle Pilln.
hiisine.-H of'
Since KS(>2 in the -5.11110 biisine.-H of
Our elegant 0 slorey show looms svith basement���conceded
to be the best in Canada in our line. Our,large .'5 storey
brick ss-ii'i-'ebouse. Our modern '<> slorey brick furnitmti
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���    -=^v��3b^THB BEST BY TEST.
We carry a full line and can fill orders promptly including,
Key Hole, Back. Jltitcheri' X Cut & Rip, 1) and X Cut,
Hand Saws in iS. 20, 22, 24 and 26 inch. ' <,
1 , " u ll
,      ��� No.   1'2-X .Out in 26 and 28 inch'.
13-X    "   "   24 and 26 inch
7-X     "   '���   26 inch.
120-r-X    '���   '"   26 and 28 inch.
, Rip Saws, qualities, Nos. 8, 12, and 120, in,26 and 28 inch.
���V^.IsrOOTJ"V"EJi?^   IB.
Tun prospect*1 of Revelstoke svere
neser better or more cheering than'
'hey are ��� today. The list of pro-
po-ed nesv buildings, and the
extinsise niilsvay improvements on
he iMor.n'ain and .Shusssap section,
1 ariioulars of which sve recent 1\
(���uldi-hed, con-titute some of the
mo t sseleome news  yet   given   out
n Isesel-toko, and must base been
i bet r'.ns:'  lo  ;ill   interested   in   the
the mainland. That thi? dissatis-
f iction should find vent at the convention was only to he expected,
and the action of Senator Temple-
man and others, in svithdrawing
because they did not get things all
their ossn way svas subversive of the
firm principles of liberalism. Com-
p.red with the. mini her of properly
appointed delegates those who
withdrew  formttd  an   insignificanl
.Mining Hsuinejsr,
'M. iii.  Aniuricm  In-liliite MiniiiK Enuiiicor I | ,���., n v obstacles in the sva V.
''    iMum. C.uiiulMn Mlnini; Institute.)
Revel-stoke. 13. U.
Goveiinme.vt in Canada can neser make true adsanecment till son.i
of the.fo-.-ils who sire at the head
Jof affairs are replaced bv men ,svith
I brighter ideas. For instanee'Depu-
j ty Minister 'of Kailsvays ^ehrieber
! s;i vs :'    ''I  am op| o eel to govern-
' mint owner.-hip of niilsvnys."    Mr.  .��� ,j!e  ,.xtt.nt   0f   nearly  f400,000.; ven:ion.     When the next elections
I Selirielier      conveniently     forirct.- j | }��� ri   i\H.r(i   is   tne  o) ening "of the j come-round therefore  then'must, be
| he is the servant of the peoide. :ind, | ij, j-,,K[,i,y   Hrst-elass   steamboat j eonresied   on   strictly   party lines,
'if   they   declare   for     gos'ernnu ni , .r,,n 'j nriation.   and    the    activity j with Joseph Martin as leader of the
oisner.-bip  of   railways his opinion j ^i,,,-!,    ,mi.t     necessarily    attend ; liberal party   whether for better or
goes for nothing, though he may of, .^u.l,,, mt::U in [li.-il quarier in  the 1 svor.-.e. ,   .Meanlime,   however,   Mr.
roun-e.   f'-om   his   position,   i'lace1,,,,^.   0f Inniiicr.'ng. mining and the' Martin   is   hound   by   the pledge
iwlfare   of   the   city and  district,!,minority, so   that the  party stands-
.nsolsing a-= it  o'oe?  iniprovenu n's j pledged by the decision of thecon-
r.rosn and feverish'I 'gii-e   her a Tablet
and nho id'all right."
These Tablets are the best, 'medicine in the world for simple fevers,
colic, diarrhoea, all stomach troubles,
conB ipation and other minor ailments
of little once. They are for children
of all afccs, and .dissolved in svater or
crushed to a powder may be given'
with absolute safety to the youngest,
infant. Mothers svlio once try them
will never afterwards use tiny other
medicine for their little ones. Sold
by all dealers in medicine or sent post
paid at 2.") centu a box by addressing
the. Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Hrock-
ville, Out.
Wholesale' and Retail,
.   .   .   Meat Merchants.
Head Office, Abattoir and Cold Storage:
��-��^��!B^Calgarry, ^ Alberta.
K\iimiiMiion-.of nnd  report- on  Mineral Pro
perlie-- a Specially.
���ttlenient of the land.
'���which   he  gave  the  convention in
A GOOD.denl of discission is gointr|
on, in    the   press    regarding    thej p ���
Dominion Government holdini:- of j     Tho e svho   had   ,Vl" '"-is-il
eo'al lands in the Cross'.- Nest  Fsis-. | l!-n n'nc  to ihe addre-se.- of   Pre.-i-
Cl3C. IkOOtCUH^ flDnilj ^'e  base   no   hesitation   in sa.s in- I ilmi    Wil-on   and    Viec-rre.-ider,t
  ���_!_ | the Gov rnn.cnt rliould not alienate
FR1DW   FEB. li, 1002. i these land.- to the Cross's Nest Coal
_    _��� =���\ Company.  C. P.   R. or  any 'o:her
Tin; London Graphic concrrafu-1 corpor,ition. The dayn- comitvj
������';. - (V,t)iad:( on the results of its ��� when the government will he ealb d
������M.itL". d i oliev. .upon  to a.-sume the ossivr-hip   of
jhis   address   to support the Duns-
��� muir   Government,  as  against the
���' MeHride faction.     This ifi a course.
Tho e who   had   the privilege of! wh:ch will   mect wilh gonerai puh.
lie apj-roval.
Lo.se, ct
sva v
i ;ii-.':i.
  itln.1   railssay.-, iind   in lhal ease lin-
i,-   no  letter  opening in !'���0V(.rnmerit should   not   be at th"
the Broth-rhood of   Rail-'        RESTLESS LITTLE 0HES.
Trackmen, la-t    svci'lc,   must ' 	
base b'-i n inipre--ed   bv the logical   Peesishne?- and  SlcoplcRsnes-  * Sure
and reasoiiiihle demRnd.- of thi^ im  ' .-tj^D That  II^by in f'nwell.
|M>i-iunt   branch of  \hp railsvay ser- j ' 	
v.ce ;ir repre-enled by the.-e oflicial--.
b-sel headed    men    tliev   are, who . ,   ,   , .,,
��� pcpvisn if i��   thi'   purest   no-<il>lr n\f,r\
are sseli capable ot handling --uch a .   , .,,    j;     ... ,, ,
' r i ol illne'"      sScli n.inii*'.
When babi"s   arc  restless,  crosn, nr
v. "r;ii    for   the   fiirnier than in , m01TV 0f any   private   corporation . diflieulty as   that   svith whic.h they;
,n:'-i-i Ciiluiiibia. I.a-t year ilii-
���...ii'(" iuiipoi-i'.-d to th" extent of
.'���.K'7,>0ii   farm   j.rod net.-    ssbich
tor if-   i-iiilssay
ho| e     lie
luel  supply,
��� !  i���   piinJii(-(-(
L'beral    A-sociaiion-
thriiiicihout the Dominion ssill t;iki
'i'i  MM-   leilCIl    Ur   Ol  til" pre
..  nf i-i'.'iip-tit' -making amongi  .   __
.-'.-iidiii.'   lh"  public   "-ehool.'
i;,' i   I."   noil   if  tiii-ice= and
r- ������null]   devise   a   means   of
��� im: tiie practice.
:; Y'.c'ori.i Time- is doing all
i, ! ��� -'iw (ii-.-en.-ion in the
- .if ;h" Liberal party a.- the
��� ,,/ i iii- i,u.' cor. vent ion. ;i
. ;hii: ssill base :i ,-erious re-
oi ;-t n, tor  T'-mple'in.in'.- po-i-
sp-pp roundly
indarf-   cheerful   iui'I    pl.syful   v.licii
sirre confronted U��t -pr.ng.    I H'Te ��au.ilkc     when l..iby in cross too mans
i-   nothintr   of   the   wild   agitator ���������,(���,,,-^    ^iv.-    .,,(vll<il   ' ^.othin?"
about   i hem   and   their   version   of; medicine-, si Inrri  contain "piate* that
up   this   matter   and   impre.--    thej  he   affair   svas   -o clear   that tlieir ��� di aden but do no* reinovi' th" t rouble
importance <'i such a policy as lhat J hi a re r-; were forced  to conclude the j Wh.it i- ss.isu^d   i.-   n   mMii-ine th.it
sse  adsoealc   on   iheir   repre-enta-. agitatorship and -
!-lrike'sv,i-   on the part of   th" rail
    Juiiv   oflicial-*  at,    Montreal.     The
Tin-; position of the sfSOOO gran'��� (j(.r,,,m,|. ()f   the  men are most fair
l :<
:; tl'
��� I'.ivlor. M. P. P., has ,r..:.i
i-'-;i.i nt- ;U Trout Lake, and
. ii. lb- -botil'l al-o give the
..f i,'.'. i'|sio];e an op| ortunity
:nu-hiiii before leasing for
;i, a.-���ihfi-" are inaii.v rnatters
,oi-t;iiie-('   to   tjlie 'iistrict that
ll'       u
i in- oi; eu.-'.-c.u'-.
ilform of   the
for new H-liool- in the city l- mo-i
un-atisf.-ctory. 'liie money wit-
offeied the former board find re-
fiiM'd by them till more could le
���jot, This wh'1- done on ihe advice
of Mr Taylor. M. P. P. '1 be | o-i
tion of 'he hoard nosv rcern- to Ie
thai, they cannot get the $8000, lei
alone an additional sum. We
I oinled nut at the lirnc ihe cerinus
in,-lake made b\ Ibe former hoaid,
iiS'Whcn a grant is offered iind refused it is only reasonable lo suppose the goserriment svill be glad. U��
place it where it is.wsin'cd and. svill
be accepted. Unless the matter can
lie rectified Ihe city may 'have to
shoulder the tola I expense.' of the
nesv1 buildings, iind that thrdugh
Provincia.i   no   fault, of the city itself.
land !-"M)liable   iind -hotilrl he con-1
'1 he trackmen arid hridce-
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ney, Vancouver, reports : G. A.
Roedde, book-hinder, .Vancouver,
ban ��� this week 'received his patent
on a temporary hinder for magazines, catalogues, etc., which has
been previously referred to.
The cold weather had good results for the Fred llobin-'on Lum-
brr Company. They got their ice
bridge thrown over tlie river and
are hauling in- immense quantities
of log--. This season's- work will
clean nut the saw logs from the portion of ihe company'" limits across
the, river from ihe city.
J. McMahon's workshop is busv
turning out three large logging
-Irigh-1 to (he order of R. Ham-on.
Mr. McMahon has al-o in hand an
order for a slage for \V. Klemintr lo
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I m n   of   1 he
.lliim else:-   a    oiii.--   01    un-o   is mmi j ii<tl<-. o>-,(, st.c.ik   <���-!
lain    ra.lway   cornpanv    might   be j wnrnic-t. prui-r     Mrs.- Albert   Young
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lb" two liberal convenHon- h'ddl thin. *r!irat< look:-' rliiJd  and r.nr<\
hasebem  luiforMin-! ��"-ir,.v "" lh''  ���""���'     ���   did not know
11" t/.v
a' Vancouver
ate',n thai they have been a.���(tended
wi b disttirbing condition-;. The
cxi cutis-},: svere/ however,-clearly .to
blame on ihe last occasion,.arid
fro::: Abe moment that the an-
not;nc"iiicnt was made of the place
nf 'me.-ifing and the rnanper ��f hold1
ing il, tin-re hits been much anta'g-
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Had to   Conquer or Die
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���'i ~\t
I i i
claimed Enslish. a ��� product of tha
6lums and the gutter. Eteuben Filley
had risen to the surface of the current
of life fn the scrent, metropolis by th.1
very simple method of ttiroitliu;" or
pushing aside every other si niggling
Bwiniiiier who cane in his way. "Po
Others or they'll do you" svas bit
Cheerful motto. He attracted the no
ticc of .loliu Draper svhen the latter
first came to Ness- York: svas taken in,
to his employ 11 ������ .-in ollice hoy and ultl
mutely'reached file post of private see-
rc'lai-y. n place svhich offered great pos.
pibilitlesto a young mail of his peculiar
proclivities' and of svhich he Immediately proceeded 10 tii Ic*-- unfair ad
vantage. "Looking out for No. 1" I'll-
ley called it. Plainer people fond of
calling a spade by,,its agricultural
Uiiine would have termed It lying ami
stealing: hut. then. Filley took care
never to he found out.
Rascal ihougli he ss-as. he deserves to
have his pen picture like all the others
of the party, and here it is: Height. 3
feet 8: weight.  HO: complexion  fair;
eyes steely blue, shifting and trencher-
ons: 11 lirovnisli yellow or "("aIn colored" beard and mustache closely trim
tiled served 10 hide nn animal Jaw and
n cruel mouth: ears poi 11 ted'and pecul-,
,t iarly  shaped,  being so Joined  to the
neck as to present no loU-: lu speech
"  Kiirnilons, boastful and profane.
1,    lle'sviix by nature course and vulgar,
' J'el.by contact with the world had twa
licked'into  what   pass. I   eurreui   Lit
li luff frankness and good nature.   Wo��
betide tlie man. svpman or child who
.   trusted I'enben K  Filley. for treachery
xvns in his heart, and self svas his goiL
His arrival  svas hailed  with nn exclamation of ���siiiisfiiet'on by John Draper, who look from him several letter!
nud telegrams 11ml darted iuto the ear.
-   i'illey, svns the lasi of tlie guests, aud
with liie coming of Mrs. Hurst's maid.
Auneite. ami,of Diaper's man. Henry,
the  personnel ol   liie party  svas complete.
Filley followed his employer Into tut
cur!   ' ���   A
"Mr. Draper." he sai��i. standing before, the de.slc svlieii" thai gentleman
sat. "Is it absolutely tieccshuiy Unit I
go along?" '     ���
"I thought sve settled all that .yester-
, day. ltelilii'ii." svas the reply. "I shall
certainly need yon svlieii sve, gel, to,
Iiciivcr Tliere svill be 11 hundred-and
one things 10 attend to ami mighty lit-
tie tune ni svliich to ill) theiri. So let's
lieiir no more about it." / ,
With this anssver. delivered In, n
mile! Inn emphatic manner thai lirook;
cd no argument. Filley ssas forced to
be eonieui., iiuil0sviili a fnlky, fling of
Ills shoulders he lurued asvay. mutter-'
ing to lu'iiisell as soon us lie svas out of
Draper's hearing:
���'Tiie  puny   ss-ill rhe  smaller  hy  one.
several  miles ilus side of   Denver, or-
my name's not liViilien K'  Filley!"
"I'ss-iis exactly three ininuies of 10
svhen a ssvilchinu engine pushed the
president's pruaie i-ur and its intend
Ing sleeping coach out of the siatiou
in:(I on 10 ihe mam nark Here the
-limited"'svas. hailed long enough to
periini ilie neii's-saiy coupling, and
then, svith n ritiiil tool, the monster
engine lay dosvn 10 its svork and.svith
a full head of steam svent,rushing and
panting across the Hackensiit-U mead-
, osvs. past Nesvarl;. F.lizalieth. Nesv
Urnnssvicl- and 'I'n'nu-n. ."io miles an
hour, and so into Philadelphia.
Hy this time the millionaire'!- party
svere fairly svell set lied Iu their respective nooks and ouai'ters. The three
ladles and the maid svere assigned to
the double staterooiii In the Miranda
��� John Draper took the other anil the
smaller one. i'.etsveen them svas the
saloon, svhere all meals 'were served
and winch anssveietl for a general rendezvous and lounging place Ives and
Filley and the manservant bunked In
the Pullman, svilh the negro porter
Aleck for additional coiuiKiuy and
All the ss-ny betsveen the metropolis
and the city hy the Schuylkill Draper
and Filley svere Imsy over their corre-'
spoiideiii-e at svlnii might Im> dubbed
the business end of ihe saloon Arrived at tin' Itroad street station, tlie
secretary jumped to the pint form and
hurried to mail several letters and dispatch divers lelegr.-iins Uising from
bis talile. their host came losvard the
ladles, saying:
1 ������.N'oss' I a in free until sve reach Pittsburg Wlucii shall 11 lie. luncheon or
lecre.-ilioli. ihe uiiliil or the bodyV"
For pliiioeriii and man of affairs
though he ssas, ins heart was young,
nol die secret ni much of his health
and siicciss lay m the liu-i lhat svhen
he chose to play nothing else svas al
lowed lo liilerfere
Mrs tliirsi looked up smilingly, but
ii fell iii .Madge to uussver. though
John Draper happened to be regarding
his sva nl solicitously
( "I move you. sir." she said, with
grave Ilus. yei ikim-lug eyes, "thai the
car nosv proceed io imsiuess and lake
Ils pleasure iiftersvard. Fin desperately hungry    Aren't you. Flo?"
Florence admit ted In her stately way
that "some slight refreshment svould
be acceptalilc." am! no sooner IiimI the
wish iieen uttered Ihun ihe itf illionalre
clapped his hands a survKiil of his
southern iraiiiiiig when AR-ck appeared find received ihe luconir order:
"Luncheon iitiuicdiiitei.y'"'
A very merry parly It was svhich sat
dosvn to svhiii Miidge christened .1 "car
picnic." A long and uar-rosv table was
set up In the center of the saloon. A
chair at either eml svus occupied by
Mr Draper aiid Mrs. Hurst. Florence
('rannlss seas seiifeij'ai her guardian's
right hand, svilh Clirsier next to her.
ftei.ibe'n 'Filley. s:#1  ion   his'employer's
John Draper was hound ffyr Denver
to attend an Important meeting of tu��
���residents of sonic of the greatest
trunk line railroads In the country:
bence the presence of his secretary and
of his confidential mnu ss-as a uecesst-
ty. Yet Filley had begged hard to,lie
left tiehlud.ln Nesv York ou the flimsy
plea of ill henlth and overssoik But
his employer overruled all his objections, hs sve have seen, saying that the
trip would do him good.
Nosv. as a mutter of fact, it svas aa
much as Filley's reputation and safety
xvere worth to be out of Nesv York nt
this juncture. He had entered on a
career of duplicity culminating iu nctu
al,crime. I'nlcss he could be buck !n
the metropolis,considerably within the
ten days named as the limit of the trip
he svould be ruined aud disgraced He
must rciuru antl svould, und he couuted
on being able to concoct some pretext,
fair or foul, for leaving the party'
Meansvhlle there svas some Intermit
tent compensation in lie' gained from
the fact that he would be able to see
just hosv far matters had' progressed
between his patron and Miss ('ranniss
for Keuhcn Filley cherished designs on
the heiress, and if ,he "pulled off" his
present dangerous coup he would be in
a better position to sue for her hand
and her fortune.,
That a-high bred, high strung and
high   minded   maiden    like    Florence
j.tnd that ii they could get rid of them,
i they svould  recover their hearing at
the same nine.
Persons attacked by constant buzz-
ings, and above all, those subject to
giddiness, are generally under the influence of very great intellectual and
moral depression. They are unable to
do any brain work, their intelligence
remains clouded, their temperbecon-os
soured, they gross- sad and melancholy,
in certain cases these1 noises become
so acute that unhappy people have
been knosvn to seek by suicide to put
���111 end to their  intolerable   suffering.
For a long tiir.e  a  remedy for these
-erious affections  of   the  hearing has
'���een sought,   but   it  is .only quite re-
i-ently   that    a    French   aurist,   Dr.
Drouc-t, of ihe Paris  Faculty of Medicine, has discovered  a curative treat- f
incut.    This treatment,   svhich can be
applied at home, is fully  described in
,a late number of the   "Journal for tin-
Deaf," together with examples of cures
in a large number of cases of deafness
and noises in the head.    Those of ou:
readers svbo are interested in'this sul
ji-rt can   obtain   a' free   copy'of  tl.
J.nirnal by  addressing   the  Secretar
oftheDrouet   Institute,   72, Regent
Park-road.   London.   England.      Tl
J.iiirna! is  alsvays   accompanied   by
Pathological   Report   Form svhich enables each patient to describe his case
so clearly that the consulting surgfon
can send  accurate  information of the
treatment necessary to effect a cure.
Asfchmalene Brings Instant Relief and Permanent
Cure in all Cases.
There is iiil.irg like A-tlnmileiiP. Ii
l.i iiigsninstai.l itluf, even in ibe vvor-i
e:i-e��.     It ciu-.-s when all i-|se I'jiils-.
Tie n'.-��. F. O. \V. II-..I'V-ll-i Ki.isr.- HI.
-as.-:   "Y' 111   1111I   i.i'l'l.'-  1 if    A-i liui.-il- 11.
I ������. 1 H ��� (I  111 U!i .I'd    Ill lull.      I    1-:i 11 in.I    1    II
Si 11 b.-ss 1 li.ii.l.lnl 1 f- . I I ni- ill" v.'m..i| .1 .
1 ii. d I'i ������in il.     I  1. ,.s .1 -l.i 1.-   1 li.iin- tl   uitli
I-III I III   Slut e      ll,I'.;il      ill.tl      A-llllllil       f.'C     lei"
V.-Hl-.' I ib'-|.,ini ll ��� f i-H'l- I'l-iiifi cin-.-il. I
Miss    Si-lll-   Mill el I I-i liienl    fui    Ibe   i III'.'    uf
1 liis tii entlftil aiid tut nieiii ieg iliseii-.- A-1I1-
111)1. illill lilullglll SI'II lliitl uvelspnk'-ll S'l'lU-
seises, bill r.-.-nlvetl In.fi\\~ it a liiul. Tu
InV ii-tuii|s|iliii nl the lliiil Hi-liil like 11
1 ll.-ll III.   ' Si l.ll  lue il  full sl/.e In.I I Ie."
I   .}.
Filley wan Ml tu surnr under his yellow
liiuitl iiini tic iiiniimlc.
Orannlss could see anything repulsive
In such an alliance never occurred to
the conceited and self satis'tletl' lei-
low. Beyond the usual eoiis-eutioiinl
.greetings and a fesv brief conversations
at their casual meetings in her guaid-
iun's house there had been no intimate, intercourse betsveen them He-
speetlug the man her mind svas a
blank Ou the other hand. Reuben Filley had dsvelt so long ou Hie idea of
one day culling her his svife thai the
thought svas become second only to his
master passion..sveaIth getting Not a
gesture, not 11 gin nee. not a tone svhich
pa.-scd betsveen the millionaire and his
ward escaped his vigilant and cunning eye Of one thing, however, lie
became sure, there was no deiluite tin-'
ilerstnudlug between , iheni as yet.
though he shrewdly suspected Unit
Draper svould try to bring matters to
a crisis during this trip. Well. w>
would lie!
To this end he set ,ont to make hmi-
self entertaining and.at times verged
on being positively brilliant' All
thiough the meal the most trilling Incidents or remarks served t" remind him
of n story or a pat illustration, and he
drew npou his varied store of checkered experience so that he svell nigh monopolized the conversation and fluttered himself that he svas making a good
Impression upon Florence She laughed at Ins sullies of svit. appeared Interested in his highly colored adventured
and Joined in his hunter But if he
could have heard her contidential com-
meui to Madge when the two were
ftlone lie" svould not have felt so elated.
."Thai man leaves a bad taste in one'a
mouth."  she,stud      Wherein  she  but'"
voiced Chester's private opinion, which
was Hint Ketiben "did not ring true."
Tlie Hny wore ou The thrilling hh-
cent of the Alleghanh's svns tn-eustcil
and the summit crossed ere nightfall.
Then enme the long descent to Hie Ohio
valley, and while the party svns at
brenkl'asi Hie next morning the train
rolled into Indianapolis While the engines svere lieui"! changed every one
alighted for 11 stroll Draper and Miss
Krannlss led  the  svay   then  follosvcd
��� nourne Bros.', merchants,Revelstoke
report for week ending 'Fehy. 14th.
Hungarian, per bag 98 lbs... ...$3.00.
Wheat, per ton 930.00.
Oats, per ton $30.00:
, flay, per ton, timothy $22.50.
Shorts '. $25.00.
Bran ' *22.50.
Sugar, per  sack, 100 lbs $6.50.
Veuktahles. ,
I'ccts. per  lb 3.
J'otat'oes, per 100 lbs. $1.50'.
Onions, per 100   lbs..!...:.. .$i.00.
Cabbage, per lb 3.
Carrots, per 100 lbs 2.00'.
Turnip.-, per 100 lbs ,\ .. . .2.00.
Fakm Produce.
��� Eggs, per doz.  new laid 50.
Case eggs....'. ., 35.
Butler (Creamery),  per lb 35
,   But tor (Dairy) ,per lb ���... 25.
Cheese, per lb '.. '20.
Lard, per  lb ���. : 17.
P.cef, perlb..." '... .8 to 15.
Mutton, per lh1 .'.' 15.
Veal, per lb ,. .12J to 15.
I.ii nib, per  lb ' 15 to 20.
Pork, per  lb l.i.
Ham, per lb '. 20.
Bac*n, per  lb , IS,
Oranges, par eloz ��� 50.
"   Lemons,  per doz.. 40.
Apples, per box.'    2.50.
Pears, per' box 2.50.
metal market.
Copper; NewYork,Luke$:]}to 12j{.e]ec
irolytic $12?, to 13 casting$12.50; London,.-?.").').
Lead���-New    York, $10;     London,
��11 2s'. (id.
Silver���New    York,,   5!5J ;  London,
���25 7-lfid.
RevrD'r. Morris'Wechler
Hi,I.bi ��� I tl e ( , 1 p   l.i in  is hi I
N< ss Yin k, .l.ih. 'jicl
;;Drs. Tiift Bins. Miclii-ii.i Co..
(j. 111. ii . 1 : * ^ > 1 1 A  11 n i.i 1 1   ii-
i��.||i-i.i 14-Mi. ii\ tin-A-i miiii hi.il II.is   h'.-s.-
ill n I In 1 1 li I 1 i- II .1 li   ��.lliSliilis   nil    1 1 ini'i|..-
is 1111 li ci.inline- vs II ll' Asl hum.     ll-   su, i-.-.s.
is 1.1 1 1 -I11114 i.i   -s- 1 1 I  r ,1'      Afi.-i-   h.iv
I  ig II   i-.l r. -f.l.ly   1   1 lis'/, ��� I.    s .- 1   I  1   -I  i|i.   In,,
A-lllm ib-ne   t'.nil,tins   11 1    up <l  0.'    .ei     inn
' I
,V>'|\  ti iily'yiuiis.
Avon Springs, N. Y. Fkb i. BJOl.
Cigar Company
Revelstoke. B. O.
Leading Brands       --^
Chas. J. Annn, ��� A. V. Stewart,
Dr. Taki- IIrob. Medicine Co. ;
tieni I'-iiii-n: 1 is life I bis- t..s|inii)ui,,l Ti (iiu a sense t if duty, b-is ing l.-sl.-d I li--
ssniitl-t-tiil 1 If.-el .it yinii-A-l biii.-tli-iie, f.n liie cine 1.1 A-Uhii.-i. My isif.- In-
Iieen jiffliet. d u ii h -p.isiiniilie ,-t-l liin.i fi n; l In- p;i��i 12  }v.n.,'   ILisintj  <-xti-. ii-i<-il
III V nSS II skill ".- IS ��� II M-'MIMIIV ill liel-s,.] i-h.llieell I ii see Vi'lir u\\n si;ri| nn \.i|||-
11 IS II SS i lllll US- nil l.'itji ll Si. N'-SS Vl'l k.. I ,11 inn-.' nlll.iiiit'il ;l llil lie ill A -I III I l.ll.'lie.
M.V SVlfe I'lUlllll.'lll'ell lilk llllf II llinlll I l|.' 1 si III >J.ll Hin'l. |- I li'l-y su, it, i.nlic, ,|
ll llllltcil'lilipliis i-iip-nl, Aflel ll-llie; nlie In III.' hr A lll.ll.l ll-i- tl l-ll J.|ie;i I ed
Mild -be 1-eiiln .Iy tree f. .i-ii'itll ss-iii|il(mi--. If.el Mill I imii I'liu-i-ii'iilly i"c
t-iilllllienii the lie dlcine In ,i|| \\ llu me ;ii]\ cli'd U'il tl Mil- dl'.'.idflll ili-eiise.
Y..ui-r-sp.'cilulls-, O. I)  PlIHU'S, M   I).
S33ds, Trees, / ���    -
Plants, B]ll)s. . .
clean certificate from inspector.
r.i-;i-: sulm-lie?, ''
For Spni'i; I'lauling.   Catalogue Free.
:Y7)X)   Westininster'' Road,   Vancouver.
Wiiiti; L.snou Only.        ,   ,
Dr. Tafi-,'>i*03 MiiniciNij o.
1 WHS tl-i"lllil--d sv i t ll A-llllll fm-22 V..'.11'- . I llive leied iiiihii'IiiIK i-i'iiieili ���
hilt I b'-V I t,l V ��� ;ill friii.-ii. 1 r ill .ii-l'.iss yi'.lli adseiliseiiienl .-ind -liut.-d .villi ;i
Irinl loiiiM^. I f.ui-iii r'lift -o 'nice. I li iv�� '-inei' pineli.i-ed smn lull si/.' Ih.i
tb- and 1 inn i's er j-l-il-'lnl. I hns-e ,-i f,nnily nf imir eliililt-en, ;nid t.u six yenr-
I with in..<iile in wni k:    I .nn innv in i lie liesi ut   li.'iilth  mid  iiiii  ili.jnu   I >ii~i i >������-.
.���iei s- d.-iv.    Tbi- li'-liiniuiV Vull filii III,ik" ll-e nf .<- VnH -i-e   til.     Unnie   .nldres,
235 Riviiiifion-ir-et. ,"   " ���" S-. RAFlI A KL.       r
67 E.i-i Si. Ness Y.uk Oil v.
D.i uul il* Lis-."   Willful   mice  ;id.li-t"j-iiijr
CO, 7!) E.i-1  l."0ibS! . N. Y. City.
Sold by AIL Druggists.
Kootenay Lodge
No. 15 A.F. & A.M.
Tin' ri-ioiliirmrctini-s
arc. hi-lil in tlif' .Mus-
��� inii- ToiiiiiIp. '>>tinu-
Mull, nn tin- l.liinl
:,St mill iij in i-a'cli
, nf nth nl - |i. tn.
S'isiiini; lirellirt n
.'.'ii-.liiilly 'vnleiiiiieil.
K. (tOUHON*    Skcrktakv.
riEyBLSTOKS LODGE, I. O. O. F.. No. 2F..
Hi'ifil.ir ni"'iim;--ri; Imlii
,>..-,     n fWilfi'llnw-h- llidl I'vi-rs
'.'���', Tii-trsiliiv .niglit   al   eia'ii
, .���;. ' o'elnek,    S'ihilimr hpillii'V-
c -r-lially .veli-mni el.
II. S.SV11.S0N, S.il.   J. A. S'l'ONK. It ,'i: K.s.
Meets i-titj Tui-nrlstj
-.'Vi-niiiir in SolHik
tlall nt s o'tloi'k.
,1-itinn hn'tlireii hit-
dull j ins'itvil to m-
..  .I.'MATHIK. Sen.
1  ,-     PELLEW=HAPVEY,  "
Vanoourcr, B. C.
Mill Tests Smelter Tusts
Up to 4000 lb��.
Che.-ier and Miidge. so that l-'llb-y was    ;;ch ckieg Smelter Pulps a Specialty
Have You a Doubtful Piece ��r Ftoi-iT
left to sss-enr itndei tils yellosv lieard
and he amiable to Mrs I'.radley Hurst.
The .astute >vni;i:iu ei( the svtirld snsv
through tils discnuiliiurf and mok an
es|ifcial delight in deiiiiiiiln; liuu at her
sitle. so tlint he had tin speech svith
i-'lorence. and liie Kittiatloti svas nn-
elinimi'd svlieii mice more the Hunted
took Up the route lor St Ixillli- over Hits
(To be Continued.)
SVa'll Tell You what it it
Sold "R.-.ngo Lodge
K. oCP. No. S6.
liovcistcUo,    -    B. C.
Mo. t�� t-vei-y SVidn. s-
ilaj in o.iil;dliisss' Hiol
at S ti'uliick.- VisitiiiR
KiiiK'itB ins mil.
S. MclHiNALn. f. C.
E. W..B. Paget, Prop.
. rr.'llipl   delileiinf |i.i|-eel<    I in jr jr.
etc, in uiiy purl "f.ihe Cii}'.
AHy Rind of��� Tpjnsfeiring \
AM nr.lers left nl R. .M Smsih-'
Tn! fiee.. Sinie. or I.s Telepli..in', N'u. '
"ill i-.'-ceis e pi-innpl   ii ti ni imi. ,
Tho mitst ciniplpto Hcallh R.-.ort in
Ihn ijuniiiii-nt of N'ni-ili Aincrnu Sim
uti-il miii-i -ci-iim-y uni-iv.illi'il iDi-gr.in
di'tii-. Unalni''. I"*isluiiir, K.\-. iii-simis.
Skni in}; a (1 Slinniin),'. Ili-siihiil I'lij
��� ioiau nn,l Ninve. TdcKriiiiliii: cinie
imiiiiftiiiiiii with nil imitsnf the ivii. la
,     twn muilsiin-ivu ��\n\ ilepiut r\ cry thv .
Ils lint lis Cd'l! Illl llCI'S'lltl- llll'l  llllls.-lll i
dl-i-ils,-;    ils   M-.it.1I-s   ll- til   lill    lv itllil j.
I.isi'i'im.l  Siinnn.ili iii.iii.-iiis, imii el m
iiiitle .ill   nii'l.iiii;  po snii.s fi-mn iln- -y
Iflll        lis    IMIfTrt   u.llllllll.   llu     slirp,Ssili
lor th  ir lieHl.nif \ ii-un g.
VY^ioi^t porritt,
'    '     PHOTOGRAPHER.
0--i-el..piiii.|it nf   pi.tie-  and films fm
.Illl.ll.'Ill's     lliiih-l I ,i k-'ll. Tel Ills    lill!l|l-
iilii-.ii imi.      I),i��� U    iiihiii   (i.'iiipni'.ii ils J
C- m id, i  O ni;,md IJ.mk'l 'n.
..  FACTORY.-'
B R A N D s ^������assassSi��
' ( ��� (
'Our'SRecial',' &. -'The Union.'
. "  H. A. BROWN PROP.     *
REVELSTOKE,     -      -     B. 0.
Jas. S. Woodrow.
Retail Dealer In-���natnttZZp-
,    MUTTON, Etc
Fish and Game in Season.
All ni'ih'i's |iniiii|illy Mill il.
Trains Leave Revelstoke:
Eastbound 8;20
Westbound 17:30
Southbound 8:10
St.   Paul���Sundays, Wednesdays,
and Fridays. .
Montrcs.il it Boston���Fridns-t.    .
Toronto���.-Sundays ifc Wednesdays ���
from   Vancouver   to
I'lissonger tickets to all points ut
lossesi rates. For full information and
particulars apply to iiearest, agent.
F...I. COYLE,   '
'   A.G.P.A.,'
A {rent,
=������-������    Royal Mail Lines. ,
Cheapest Route to the Old Country.
, ALLAN" LINE-rroin St. .lolii".
l'Vll. Ut
��� , bi h
DO.MIN'ION LINE���Krom  Portland.
noniiniiin ���    fl-'!|.   i1-'
URAVKR LIN'E-Kroai HA. Jfhti.
���Si-lh''icstit J.-u>.'3l��
.Kttii Onl.-irifi,      ���      ���       -,,    ,-       ���       ��"-;[)��� f.1'1'
.-���iKu Sunt'ii.ir     ,-t     -       ���'      -       -    ,   "   -*-"1
Pn-i-fniriT- tickftcr* ttironfrh to all ponvi ci
ii-i-.il Uritain .'ind Ireland, and at -jiecially ,lo��-
.ilii-lu ,ill imrts of the Kuropwni onnf.iient.
ipply lu nr.in.-t. r.ilUvny or ste.-ui)slii[. agent or
T.   W.   E.RADSHAW.   Ascnt.   Resretstolie.
S\ i\   "Archer" or S: S.   ".lard-mi."
i ,^
Himriini; lietsvpen Arrnsvlipart, Thomson's
'.nniliiiK.md I'oninplis:. i-omnsi-ncing Oct. Hth.
mil. "'ill -.di as lulliisv.-' (we.illiur permitlinjo :
Li-.ive Arniss-lii-nd fur Thmn-on'- l-indtng
mil Cii'iiinplis: tsvicuilnily nt hik. and lik.
Lcis-e Ci.tn ipli\ itit't rimin-oir-   binilins for
Siiiisiliiiul iss-ii.c (luily at 7.15k. ami lL'.ljk.
' Makini; ulii-e coiinc-etitir.s  with  nil ('. P. It.
rains alii] tiu.il^. '
The nn ik-i-s reserve the rlfe'hl to change time?
���i sitiiin)-- siiilitnil iiutiri'.
Miiiuit'iiis: Director.
,1. Savaok,
K. nf !!. A: S.
The cliarniiiifr r. strl'-iitinl and iinrden tract,
hriwei'ii Cupping'- und L "lij's, will tic .-undivided ai sunn an po--ihle.
G.   M.   SPROAT,
P. O. liox I-'"'. VU-Ioriu. II. '',
Special   VVj'iter Terms :
"Per Week.
S12   to  S15
Standard remedy tor Gleet,
Gonorrhcoa and Runnings
Ifl <0 HOURS. Cures Kidney and Bladder Troubles.
For. L.-SJ3IKS Oslv.
ncLicvEGPAir- Ar:D ig a Gats:,
.,  Superior to Apiol, I'ciniyroycl and Tansy.
A~e:ils :' Lr;i.i-r, Sons & Co., Montror.l.
Order* left. -'I W   M-  LMivi-riU'i:'-
prnnipily iitu-ndeil t>i. ,-
Telupiioiis! N'S. li'i.
Mining & Legal Purposes
TransferF. Options, 1'oss-crs
of At'lo n-^y, StHHonuty,
DecL'trat-c n . 'PrA-cic.-. etc.,
can be ol HiVieil a<t {?.��
..Koot'.aay M-iil Hbb..
Assays and Analyses.
Wanted    -
0 t
to   buy S'llmon Arm
from the
Deafness and Noise' in the Head
left .\latl:-e :nWl ttliesier svere yls-fl.
vis al tlie losver' ciid. lis svere. of
course.��� Miss (Jriiiinliis anil lleiilien l-'ll-
ley. 'riii'se position^ svere iiiieliau'rcd
(luring unicli of tJ-fc; iiieriiornbk- Journey. :��� A -,-.������>
II Is a. wife jisscTtlmn that only one
rneinlier of tlje |iar#y Jlelt any resect at
beliitf tbei-t*.   This dub .wua FlUi?. -.
It, is calc.ulateel Mint out   of a hun-
,. 1 reel deaf people,  sixty   have noises in
f'.e ear: This symptom is felt in
, d: To cut sv.iys, Mime rxprrienc.in:,'P
! in th.c ear itself, others  at the hack or
s.-.le of the   heiel,   others   all over the
h 'ii'l.
t'lic description   of  these   noises is
it ;o. s-iiried.     They  are  coin pared   to
b ,i -.'.iiit;-w��� svhistlinga,   to   (.iic.squnci'of
! e.'. p, ci-iicldinjrs, the hoilinjr'of ssiitei-,
, 'the souk -of     hirds,   ��� <kr��� - .  DitTei'ent
,i iiiiiils may   he   heard   at    the same
time; S'liiiclitneH   very ..painful,   and it |
i i not infrequent,   lor   the patients to j     jmli(,^_Tti?sday<:   from'-  10   to 11
ail:-.to'he', freed   lirst-   of nil from these j - '���_ '['|ni-Aday* from 7 to 8, p.m.
noise?, to vsvhic.h-   they   attach   much. _       ,       . _^ - .    ��
. ,, ,,     ,    -       I    Lad er���-Tiiesdas 8 from 2 to s.
more, importance than to the rleiiinivs;-
.t/elf.' Othei-s are convinced that theiri     P .fre-hmen'?   v- ill   hc,��crvcd in the
idenfiiusH i*i solelv  duo lo thc-e r.oihes, I wuituij; roomi-.
iin Revelstoke Rink Co.
'Nosv open for. the Season. Skating
every afternoon and evening from
3to'5 and 8 to 10 p.m.
The public are'invited to visit the
Rink, no charge being made for spectators.
A chai-"-c of 25 cents will he made
for ska tin?. I" M��! afternoons���
Ladies or children 15 cents.
i-eas-on Tickets may he purchnecd at
the Rink���Ladies $3.50 ; Gentlemen
$0.00 ; Children $3.00���({cod for skating' afternoon or esening, except
speeinl events sin h as Carnivals,
Hockey Matches, etc.
("'nrlinc es-ci'j' afternoon and evening.
Seniorb���Mondayf, Fridays and Ss*���
ui'di'.y^ ii"<����   10 t0 U P-'"-.'*"d Wed-
' Vs from 7 to S p.m. :
H. COOK & - M. WalETMS.
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
Exporter of Furs.
J. Guiletto,
has opened in   I). Coinieano's building
on Second St. svith a good stock of
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots, Shoes
.Eggs' for   Hatching from  Pure
Bred Poultry.
From H C Drown and S C White
Leghorns. B P Hocks, White" Wyandot teg and 1'ekin 1'neks'$ 1.00 per set,
13 hen, 11 duck eggs. Slock: for sale
at losv prices.
1,200 Egg Incubator and Brooder
for uale cheap, .''.',..
Gold, Silver, Lead or Copper,
each '.	
Gold and riilser	
Gold and Copper	
Gold. Silver iind' Co, �� t	
Gold, Silver und Lean  	
Gold. Silver, Lead it Copper. . .
Silver and Copper	
Platinum, Tin, Antimony, .Mercury or Manganese, each. .
Zinc or Silica, each 	
Revelstoke Dairy
Mails Close at Res7elssvoke at 7 a.m. aa
follows,-  oxoeptinj-r   that Sunday
,  Malls Close at 10 p.m. on Saturday
Oi-rcinsiinfl, Oiviiil [���'orks. Colunibir. ��� Daily
\-> f|il !-;ilnr.l.is.
I'.isln. Ness- Denver. "=ils-i*rtr-o,.Piindori. Sl*<-
 liubu.in���D.iiiy uvcci't rfiinilrfj-.
tin���iinirl. Nel.son. nulcjron. ' AiTOsvhcad"
x'nk / sp���Diiilj-. ' ���
Ileer I'.irk. Ilnrinn. Thnrnsnn's IjiihIIhj;.
"t-.,iil Luke, l'c-ivti-nn. C'omiiiilis���Msn&nf.
S'tdiifailny .slid Kiiilay. t
Eastern Malls Close at 7 a m.
Western Malls Close at 10: "=0.
A. McRAE, Postma-ctcf
Railway Tin:e Table
' Trains Arrive at Revelstoke
From Vniii'iiiiviT dully nl. Sft. m.
1     r'r.uii Mnmr..,il diiilyat.A:Hip. m.
Kroin .Sritissltcinl fl.uly .v^ 4:20 p. m.
Trains Depart from Revelstoke
l-'nr Vninnitspi-iliiiiy al .1:10 n. in.
Fur M'.iilnHliinilj-i.i Srji ft  in.
Kur .srriiishiiul d.iily al J.:10 n. in.
PA   I   tN   I   O     and Copyrttht*
oliliiinid in all coniitriff.
Registered Patent  Altorney
SJc-clianriiil     Englnrer     iind      Dmngh''c-BH">i,
,lnnk  of  K. N.-.A. I'uil<llii(;c. Hast'tigi- StrCst,
A  pn-te-.nl   ssill =ecnro nn, evpoinf? ��T%)x?.nlr
n-iil t.u-ihi.se n-lio rannrti oall nnr.rg unn day.
$ i..r)i.
Umpire or Control Assays, Uouhle fees
Special Rates ssill ho made sshen several sample!-arc sent, together.
Terms Cash.
Smelting rates  furnished and market
.values of ores explained.   ,
Rsvelstoke Agency.
Samples left at, or sent to, the ollice ��,.
.tue undersigned svill he promptly
[;     forsvarded.
Sample bags  and, shipping  tags sup-
'.   plied on application. ,
Cook's Cotton Root Compound;
jj-?l la successfully used monthly by over
''lO.UOOl.iidlt'S. Snfc.i'lTPClunl. Ladies ask
your (lrup^ist for Cook's Cottoa Bool Cotn-
mddo. -j-.'iko ntiotrter, us all Mis-turcs. plll-ond
imitations an-diiiiKcrous. I'rlro, >��. 1. $1 per I
box; No.".!, 10 decrees sironcer.$.1 per box. K" !
1 or 2, mailed on receipt of price nn.I tsvo S-ccotj
Btamps. 'Ihn Conic siompiinv SS nid-or, Ont.
^""Nos, l and 2 sold and recoiiiiuo-ided by all
responsible Druggists iu Canada.
N'o. I mid N'.i.-!.||... s.iM hi l.-iiii LiiU-e'--1'
I'. Ali'iy. ��n ,riii, ilus .'siiiloi l,y S\". Hun--. G. K.
(!nrl s .-mil ('iin.ul.i. I >ru_r ,v ifimk i n  Iii-.u^i-.
T!ie Crrat English Rarudy.
Sold and recommended b'v oil
drugjilst-t in Canada. Only'rell-
at-Ie medicine diFcove:ed.  Six
.   .  .. .  _   _  _ packages guarantied to cure  all
J   ��� forms of Sexual Weakness, all efTects of abuse
or exce-ss, Jtental Worrv. Excessive use of Tobacco. Opium or Stimulants. Mailed on receipt
of price, one package Si. six. %h.  One willlAca.se,
taviUAcurf.   Pamphlets free to pnv address.
Xbo Wood Company, Windsor, Ont>
li i
������l..|l's    I   I   o   I'
C ��nil- (Him  '
ti       KI    J
Ou. b i- s'i!.J In I'e-i'isioko
��� . k   o   ' . V (!- rS  , and
ra i", i   A .i y ,il  I ru   I, i ,i ;e.
Sweeping   Done  by   I:. Picard.
l'liiii'i;.-Kiiei-nriliii-i Ki mii'iiinlof s-.firk to 6"
l'�� i-liiiiiniiy .uul s|,,\-|.|,iti|. r|i .in nj;.
Yi.u-ly i--.nl ii.-I- in.nil- lin-,ill uli-.ve ��oik.
Si-n I 'p,i L in il .\it!i ii "in' .ind -ti-ei..[ iiu
:i. lire I ci-n-s si rn i ,ut t whi'ii ri q' . -li-'i.
(i     �����   n-t,   n-.-^s.u-y   In   luvtj   lins   out I'd
��� vs'i.-tJJ   ^ C.JIIIIJI J-.
Mining J.u
With Canadian,fupplement
253   Broadway,
New York, U. S.  fl.
rj IIK   I'csl   : ii<!    itioit   IiiCiici.tlul
RZiiilng   i'i per.In   'tiio, "World.
Siimplo Copy J..-icc..    A:   :"' s
First Class Dry Wood delivered in
length  for Catu     Apply lo
Anchor Wire Fence
The .-trongest. cliea] i>i
.;':' ���    and   rest   all .round fenco
'���yet     devised;      ^Equally
ailapliiliie for any purpose.
Hunch,- Farm, or   Gardeti
i   :
TV-si U. C. Pciuliry Ysids,.Yerntn -L A. foY&iJi, &)<&&$����, ��
ViV. I
Wcol-ly :(!it,'o:i...S'.'0 i cr annutn, postpaid.
JifouLtOy     " ... J.^> "   ../'    ���'���'  "
Ft ruction
U]).      ���������
h-illlpli: of
and   ea.sj'ls-
Thi B. C. Anchor Fenes Go.
Hind OiTlc:: Vanbo-iv'i-p, E. C.
o. 1'. ckivi^E,  .,  -������    Ma^Agkk.
SshK?��?������s���� i<>  I s  THE KGOTEffA? MATL  It may be too late  i'- i ii.ipt- a luili- 'sfjnnil.ition  i : il.t si ,lj, -\\ j]| jcs isi- the  ill'! Ill lilt h in .md ii ness n i-  tuie's , usi ni.o   im   t]A  )u.|i]  LI.j2J}21  In  Case  of Dandruff and  Falling Hair use  Loke s  S i    s  V  's-  ll  '���������OPO^-lf  iUtiUaiilj  fi-jQl  Estate.  Dandruff Cure  One of the serv hf si  Agents heie  CANADA DRUG  \ il.-. i nut i 1 li) ]ii l 11 nl ofl the in"i k-  < i s iln. is tiio ud in j>111< h isi'i-i oi lots  iiu nn. lit < in l e nl n outh in ihe  S-nelter   To'/nsito.  11 s t u i iti ��������� d tu 'iiuld in the spung oi  il sou.'ie lookiuu fm .t -rood speculation  oui adsue to jou ib to Like .ids.intage  ol this of-'ei  eo  Revelstoke B. G.  *>  , '    Easy   Terms-Only   One   Sixth   Cash.  IfH������u svould like lo tike ads ml ,g( of ���������],.. J m, llfi���������   ,lllt ,, 1U. not t])e ^h (f)  n     In. L    U   '"' "   i1'*1 ". V U,;i ' " ���������' M,,''n ' m'^"   "*' -��������������� '<������ "!'��������������������������� ������-"  ins  ml ioi tlnee months, ,it the s "i.c p> ��������� e '  LEWIS BROS., Insupj.i3o. Fi.-iancl.il & Real Estate Agents.  ."Noi si;m s    Pnn ic ���������  n uhui". Ii':e h is n  i  id site foi  'Off c'  ^ l>< "  C������\||!J.:\1, (JclIMJisI'OVULM'  i ii 'mi ne   Fell  "lh  BORN.  lonv-ov.���������At Cal������.uy on Felnu.u-  th'    ssife   of   K'   I)    Johnson,'  0)111)1 UU   Mills,Ill's  0,  ac-  >mk ot a son  LOCAL & GENERAL.  Jjseph Martin Appointed   Lea Iei:  Nsxl Comenthn at Revel Joke  The dim cntion ss ho h ,m|  ,it   \  A ">>: ';Ask: TO.. Coursier for rates "'.on ,fire  --.   insurance A'. '-���������������������������-���������������������������?:'������������������'''    ---A'-'. A--" A .. yA^yy  -' ������������������     -' - ; ; ��������� v ''��������� -.-'.'.  , ���������''-- ' '. '���������,..'. y y '���������':���������'.  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They would discharge esery man if they could do  without him (cheer-). We do noi  beliese in crippling the indu-tru"-  of a country. Ue-tand for prog-  re-1-. We look on the employer .I'll - heni'fiic'lor ;ind he should he  regarded as f-ueh. At the rutin;  lime sse do nol | ropose lo lot am  tn.innssurneciuiiir otMipcrioriiyand  eon-ider esery hods el-e Ijenciilh hi-  nonce (cheers). J recogn:/e lh.it  l.i hoi organ./.it ion- are sometimes  .ih i\ r.niiiicnl as t':ipiinli-l-., but as  a rule ihey are ssilhug to urbiinite.  The only nun who  .HOI'S, .not WANT 10 AHB1THATE  i- the iii.in svho is ftteahng some  ilong and ssho i-getting asvay svith  il l U! leer-. :ind laughter). lien  is ho ssill not nghi-f.#r--ihi ni-else-  ssill not hgh- i.i: iho-u whom they  are eiiipltMed"by. 1 sv.is completely  disgusied<yyJnstyy summer , by ���������;the  deieciiye 'isyplein'?;-; The rai I'w-.i.'y sv;ik-,  bued'.'.'���������','frcHi)#oiie eiidllo ,tht?y'o:he'r  (k-nl Losse; '-Division 208," pio-  po-ed hy Bro. Wilson and coupled  w.lh the chiiirm in, Uro-. Ur.iham  ..ml Crick; "Cili/ens of KeseKtoke,"  couphd ssnh J. \Vr. Bonnet unci  Chief 15.ini; '-.-siAter organr/ations,"  eoii])led ssith Conductor Siesen--,  repie-i n ing ihe ti.'i.nmen, and  Uro-'. Donald-on and Webster, rep-  le-enung. the iii,ichiniPt=; "J he  Ladies," jiroposcd by T Cillcspie  .mil ie-] onded to lis E. Wiiler-on;  ''Pies.-," responded to by E. A.  H.iggcn; "City of Kainloops,"  coupled ssiih Conductor Siesen-;  "South of 49 h parallel," coupled  svith name of I'lu-idcnt Wil>on and  propo-ed h\ Condticlor Ste'scn-s;  " I'lic llndgenu-n," propo-ed by  .John Ander-on and coupled ssiih  nanie-- of I). C. Eraser and W.  Magee;'-Exira Men," proposed hy  Viee-I'ic'sidi nt Losse, coupled vsith  ���������John Ander.son; '��������� 1 he Ollieial-,"  coupled svith Inspector MiJIei;  ''HtM- and Ilo-lef-f-,'' re-=ponded io  by J, Alirah.im-on.  Duiiiig the es-nng song-t were  -ting by .1. E. McPhet-on, P.  Murphy, T. Gillespie, danoc by  T. P. WiNyn, iiisirtimen-.il selection- by .J. McPhor-on and J. Fen  nel.  Tin; gathering sva-- one of thi  too t enjoy.ible and '-uccest-ful  iflain- held in the en v.  RHEUMATIC PAINS.  Cqused bv an Impure Condition of  the   Blood.  Lininienls .tnd   Oihei   Old   Fashioned  Re.in dies   Will   Xot, Cine��������� The  Klieum.itic Taint .Must be lie-  ,        mused Fiom tlie fllooJ  tiiiityyirethe Aurse; of  7^y^i^.^y7!:npj-sir  7y  i .iNi^iiiiiiste'i'll.Ciii-ey^; of ^Fieltlvlss-ho  lyVis-'iii.the cilylhist iveC;. gave���������chco'iir-  aW:iig:Ai'*s'^'''''t'jfy;FieId;y::>:^-|ie'OyP/'lj.'  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I,i;i rdest - of a ny ;ra i I ss;ay  rot iii'n', ibeiiouii i ry.;,! hey > iire ; as  ...'/n-p.iirii'iviii'.j'ii.- the, rail way serv ice' as  a by o;hc rAlass of men, and conduct  ;;be.r   arfair.f ,;sp,';��������� as; / lo.  uii-rit,, f lie'  sympatliies Ait .itli. 1 botieit��������� iiprighir  y.euf'ieyr] ail.co.i!n;:,i-;esin whicli ehey  o'j ei-.r.v [cheer.-']'.,'-,':"��������� .''-���������',.; ��������� ,������������������-. 7 '.;������������������;.''; ;;  ."VV, A. .Settle : - I Does the ...union  :ncc;hi;l-ending -i.lcle legal ion -to' ��������� CH-  iii ssiil regarding the amend men A of  ��������� tiie"Allien Eabor'Easv?!,! '-,' 1A'";  Mr. Wiisotr: ! \\'e have taken,: ho  -"f^A.id^. :l">vi.tl.������:i'l;h.. id'6>.oi'������ers-Lt.'o:. .-n*-i tiv'.'yt-hf-!  Ai.ssla!r|o���������trades i-itnil 'Labor, 'Council' in the  q'i: ietv' ,iA'! .itfat j.eT;.' fliie,' act! is a fa reel, (Cheers)  y Air.:JA-W..";"|������('.nrietO. s'aid li'ulf.hiid  i njoAed .-Alley, president's remarks!  I be re Ass'as rio'i a! jjcr.-qn. in..; Keyell-  .,.. SOCIAL AND; PERSONAL^ ,,,,  'A BOciiiliUiddancc" ss-ill; be hide! /iii  St. I.ecin,oh Tuesday; night onlibeiinl  vitationpf Aly.Gradsv' ttj celebrate the  opening of;the:neiv hotel there; AA  '.���������.'The'frieiids:pf DanTtohhison,,Will he'  glad; to knowtluitAthe ..^angAtb'yicl  itpri':i'l]iisA(lonV3:;li'iin'initiclvg66(r.,"'!-,.--'''i  y.AVe regret to! learn , thiitAViToi-rittv  photpgraplier, has..beehjaiu up *,t the,  ,Oriehtai;Hptel;:wit"h;Aa:. ,had attack of:  rheiiuiatiant.A   -     '    '"-'-y-'":        -���������������������������.���������<:��������� -v ���������  ���������Tlie, fancy, drees hit 11,1 held luhdei the'  aluVpiccs" of > tii ell'Q'ii iid i-i 11 e': AMsciii l> Iy'.'on".  AIond'iy". h ight! \vj*������! an   iin pre'eedented 1  hucccssJ, TheA arriAy. of ,,clreeeei   iind  fan'cyjcostiimes'wiiu mtjriiiIieent.    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A, A^'".  ::,l!.';.TReilfn'ric'j'ildre6s^  on Fri(l!iy;night";;(.wiisAAt>!ig1'i>ud a'.Yiiii-.'.  Al esd ii; i.i es ? 1 $ row n A and    K i n en id  it i i d  ���������AIessrs'Doyle'Alanel "TiiikHiiiiiIsvCre! tHe  judges: 'AlissJ Majbt-^!as!'OViigetAw(nr  the!la(llesA.prize.,yandAll3. : Aiiiiniasa  cavalier, tiiitt-for'gentlenien..,!Miss Nv  ^!iker.ldoklthe;gii-l%-;pi-ize asA'Maid of  Eripv^and C,T)entAt.hat fordVoyivasa  ;Be,!i'g.-i.i,iLancer. A/: special' prizci,svas  tsviu-ilcei AlyQaley as ��������� Onisvniel ���������;Another carnival svill llio "held tbiviqirosv-  night.'���������";,'���������','! A. A '!"! '!";:''"..���������.' ;(���������'���������'���������'' ������������������"!  y)f^BuckIsn-s.. Arnica Salve. ;  ���������7 lias world- wide, fa me. for' niaryel.Ious  .cures;;'" It .'surpasses.--any oilier- sajw-.,  .lotion, Aointnicnt or balm.yfor Cuts.  Corns,-Btirhs, Boils, ��������� Hor'es',,'! Felons,  Ule'ei-SfATcttcrA , Salt '. Kheiim.lFevci-  Sc-ires, .Chflppcfl,., Hiir.ds,; Skiii Eriip-,  tions,; 'In fill I-i hie foi-T'iies." Cure giui r-.  an teed; .Duly 1^������ cpnts' at'the ICaiiiid.:;  rirugiS: Book Co! l!-'    ���������'    1 .*'''-'111  Tlie lingeiing  toituies  of llieiuna-  tiim .ue too sscll  knossn   to   netel any  desciiption, but   it   is   not    toj    ssell  knossn that medir.il science iicogni^es  that   the pinn.iiv cuise of  iheuma-  tism is iiiipuie oi   unposei inl.cd blood  The icsult is that   liundicds of sidk'r-  cis   apply   evtein.tl   ltincdies   ishich  cannot possibly cine the tiouhle.  The.  only thing that ssill    icallv cine lheu-  malisni is an   internal   medicine  that  ssill enneh (he blood   and   fiee it fiom  rheumatic   t tint.    The  suiest, qnick  (st and most etl'ectivo  ssay   to do this  is to take   I)r    Williams'   I'mk Till  vshieh aie piosed to   base cuicti thousands ol   cases  eif   ilmrnatisin   many  of them altei ail   other   iikiIh ines had  failed     Tiie  e is"  ol   Mi    I'hilip Feins, one ol   the  jnonceis of South Ks-  ������i\,Oni,  spi((i|   of   thi1-      Mi.liough  All   lrein^is 7(i   seals  if  a^eheia.in  ijiii.ii t sis many    nan   of   nO     Hut he  hit's 'not   alss-ays   enjoyed   sucliAgopd  heal I'll.,. "Mr!; Ferris! has- tlielfpllosvi'iig',  to fi-iy*iibo.Ut.'i'liis  'illiiiis's'l.-iiiid ctii-c!:���������  -.'Foi'fiftccii: years! I" sufl'ercd! ;gi;e';itly  /rph'i .j-ii'eVii'iiii tism.   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Cool", Fourth Street..;-     '   '-^y^'.  ;aV-,-^;aA-:^/IW";:..'aVH"!  !!:��������� We .extend oiir.hoi) I'tfel.t' gr.-i I iliiitle to  thenbinyfi-ieirds.; svho showed iiRsucii  evidences of ,'sy iii pat 1 iyv in ou r I leiea ve-  nient^ and" especiailyjo'those, svho. by  then-1kiiicll3V.;ni.in.isti-iitit)nsait..vtlic;hi>ll  nidc;of the: jatq. j'iihi.es'T. ''.Giierin. elid  so much to iissuage'his siifreiingll .".'.���������",  ,: yA'.  ���������'"-'::-:';;.'��������� SiiiAH'-lJ; Guinu.N, "1  1 '��������� ���������''..'!���������''��������� ''..���������.-.,.:.��������� ��������� W'.rM.: BkOSVX.:;    : ;  ��������� ''Measure  twice,   cut  .tut once."'.;;..  Experiment   till  you  find tlie tinifcrrr-ly good  mafcc of shoe���������the sha pe;  size and width ycu need.  1^     Then stick   to,  it^T-'  doh'tlspcculate. '1*   Ay' *  ��������� You'll know it always  by; the- M,i ke> s'! price  Stamped on the sole-���������  "The Slater Shoe"  Notice i.i...liBi'iihj- ifivon. In a,:ocirdi������n(:(<;witli-  tiio s"lattn.tiH. that Provincial l';.'\-"U no Tux, ������n<  ������ll-*Hscfi-(iti TilNes hikI ��������� Income -T.)x.-,rskimuc/I;���������"���������  and .- loviud .'��������� jinilm;   th������   AHM.cs.-inpnt   AetVurii.':  nmoniliiient.-, iireniiw-rdui'iiiid piiyiiiilc for tVd ".  j-i-m- iai2.,.'-vAlI;:iH.xt.'������-i!iillt''i!i.ibli...--for.j.lie KnrM-':-.:  Hinli*! ..SHJessmtaiV I listriut i.i nf, d lie find pnyaWIe  nl my ofltur.; liil.iiiitii  al,, (.'oni-t. Hoiisr.. 1-covel-  ���������  sl.oko.   ThiK notici'.!, iii ���������.terius"of; laiv.-.i* cijiiItu-  Ioii'I. co"-a- iiei-Koniil  dtJnniHf'; by,, ino upon'all''-  popionii liablb .ft'.r tuxes;:':,-. ^-y - ;tj;..::,, ~! ,y: ��������� A;'  y..yyy 'iA^A:^^-W: jRIKD! KhIsSKU;"';-; 'aI.Av!/  '������������������':���������;-..A'������������������'.-'Awewor. h'ikI i.'olIcoio'r,*A A��������� yy 77 7--7 - 7y'!  .yy Alidvclsloko 'AisScKsi'ncait. 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Abe people  the   K.piity |ho. ,,!Vj| j.f,;,,!,..:,^,,  '��������� ��������� t'la.-y uaiit i,;-i   ;j(.(;    it  '��������������������������� 1 lit 1  i-iy Aoii.-  viiig'hls.  ind -C'e..;--;  ;-toue",ii in  'paths- is, 1.-1,1;. -, lot  .-'.n's in j l-'t-eji-- bi-veiii-en  h'f'ii,.'-:  y.A''A'iei'o5-;  .���������l-.?.i.:c-(i" as: .\y.  s si-es-e-setii ���������  F.   anil  '-.A  i iiesday."i  U.    Peter's^  -'-������������������   ',���������' ���������'  cemetery.,,  '���������he chu'reihi.: ... ,       . , . .....     ... - -      . ��������� , .        ....  l,iA<;n,nie-'y bei'tir tiinibti-'riien   than   tiiose   ihAI'ru������ ^ l^ok;Co's. drug stbro. .  ���������' si .if any ,: H.e's eAiokeAnd ibe svone-n, Sere jusi i  v ll  Working Overtime.'AAA A  ���������'..'; Kjght hour; :lass-s ;al-e' .-Jgn'oreeT lly  those .tireless -. little :..!.workers��������� l')rl  Iving's.Ness'l Life. .Fills. " Millions''"ii'i'-e!  alwitys at, work, night nnd-dnyl curing  indigestion��������� Billotisncss, Constipiition,  Siclc; lleadiiche'iirid all.StomiiclvLivciv  and'' Bowel ^roubles. ..I'.'Eiisyi -pleasant,,  safe,Au're;'   Only,  2ij,;a't;theICanadis  .I-,   "fcocitywrWelftrf"v'y"  ���������- - ���������  11 ' 1 11 'i m.iim  'BA!Hu.M^j;.l'iic.. 00/7 y:. a' ;.'  A Sole Local A:s:e������ttsl  ���������i-s   .01   the  . ii.-bi'-'aiei-f-.  !'SyKno!i,'-,  !".\i,.'   tl,e  ils     '.iiiiii     I'll tin . no 11 (i-'iei,-     oil   .    ..S'Nf.hl),- ;,S|.;S-|.;i;.A,l. - - I'KW.SOX.H     OK.  as  , rt.i).i.  .i.n.on.-. null.       (l.o.u.s  ,a :,.,,,���������,,���������.,,., ������������������,������������������,������������������ .,^,-,,1,   tt.(/���������t���������( jo.. ,1.,^,nol, state  tono in .���������tliiK'coiini.y ret|iiiri.(||'to rcpre-iont and  ady.trt.i-ey old    r>:nil,|i^ii,..,j    wonllliy   business  0!  If.  s V  w.  is, f.-i,i;.  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Enclosn Ncll-iidilrmi.'d  -Umiiid     envelope.,     .\Ui,i������������r, : 3i(i    axt.011  m*. ni������i4M.  notice:  Zl  ';.--;::!':  i-ci.-s    of  A ng'-o-.i ineisie'iiii    ;md  uisu!';'.lie- eoinjiariie.-.  ��������� i. i.'iiii.-i  i'.-v-iiic divi.-  lb': .-.tnio- at  '���������ii  n,   who 1'-represented,   t.hc-p  Ti  'das-'.'i.  possible.jiliice,;  ion oi-:.the truckrhe.n 'in i They svaiit lo  Monire-ilAvii-ited ilie cit v.! von bill:  nil'.'  . '"Ii'li-  t.he.jirojuisi-i  )f (-'.iinii'Miriii' (I'1  ���������ei-llg- .built.-bit  adit '11  i lie lies  1 -a   o:.  i A r. -  ���������      '1M&%J.  . y-^jf ,3rjTjS,-  y-onici lb": TreAdent and  j.l'n-siden?.;, iiii'l .with,'"'three  iclieer.-, for   i're-idisnt Wilson   the  .TAKk NfiTK-KU,,,  ilj  to  U or  tint t;'.'!(i days, after, datP 1 ire;  tie:  Chief CoiiirniSslimor ol'  ���������cl,"  air'.l'la  rid oi   t Le  'i'.  .1 \  list:  'hasTi.b'een taking oi  'to,t-he.loiid; . A, lie  hiive. Iieen   innkir,''., i  ,   f.'.vo.  il Wll IT  s-'tni.  the 11-a  ��������� >;;-��������� (it  tb it'll  3M  ���������y>V  A%?fO   ,,;'  ���������'i.i'ieeting -.ep.arated.  .'"���������>.fr':i.  :'A'  I    ���������     '��������� , T-i.'i"   J:.A.V-'jUKT.  .".'.   '   -, ���������  -;' yAboitt.AJO trackmen, and   br.idge-  !!trien .-.-at flovs'n t.o ilie (..  i i'''iinone;, :;if-:er-,vards  V i.Ce-j o-nri   t.o- Hfipl  fieartS'. i (^AvH   Knfi   >"> orkn   for   pciniisKion loeiil. and  ' ':.7" ',Wny I"'":'- f" uiaho-iolleWinKdoi-ci-ib-  teJ"\        """-, '"'-"ill'   hc.ml (listriut Of SVc^l'  .(/",''��������� 'ioriiiiiniioini,- at. il   p Rt.  plained on  ~.i "   ''*���������'#,'''��������� f'"lnnibi.-e liis-er. l.lirr.B- miles  va-i '������������������''"?'.I'"-'''1'" r;"u:l1' Hixl'mitrlicd ".Slurv  ih/lA*.  "e,"''*1'   ������"���������'"���������."  tb-niio.north aloni:  th< San* of 1 i,i,iir,!,.t. Kjvrr   IC'I ..-hi.'iiH. thfiii.-e  ���������li^irt--- -   t,',..n,w ,-i.ulii -. liW.vi-liAina.'  ���������I.H.-ll    ins Ie ill  l.l,t|   iio^i..    ....       '    .  ������������������".our) .lib, lll.L'.    -. :,  a- :i-?:.'-':m  'I'o SV. fi. Miik'eilliiiii'. .1. SS". .fofls. .lolin Me-  ...   At.-'ikin; J. C .\ll.-iii..| 1, l-leNimmij, Thus.  .1, (Ji-hIiiiiii; .-nid Jus.; S','.; S-.-n'l, or any pi-i'itim  v    oi- pci-smi hol-.liii^ or 'cluiiniiiK.iny li'iinsl'ci'K  from' ���������Jiniie.   ���������'' 'V   ���������'-.' -:  Unilt'f 1.I10  Miiy.'i'ii|V.\,;t. ISO';, ami inai'iidnidnts  1 hereto ��������� ..'���������'--,-    '  '.VO'l'K'l';.       IS        HKUKHV cirs-icN  Uiai, we. l-'..y.si,.'(.-|i,.i,y. y 'r. ���������'I'ilu.iirck.  r. f)o>viiie, (.'rial. I'-i-a<���������,-., r>- ,n. rr iohi ,t (;o,.  ���������Iiiis-e (lerliiriiiiiil nil lie: iissess-inenl. work oil the  SI, Louis-,.Si.,' Liiistc'iiu'i'. mid .(.���������oluinhiii iiiineral  elniins. Hiln.ii^. in .liiolnn I'nss, in (i���������, K'uviil-  siiiUu, Mining Dhj-inii otj SVesl KootiaviS', lo-  i.-iiled in Aiin-n-i. I Mfi. aud n-coi-di'd .it ivioi.')-  stok������ on tiio i7l.li day of August.- Is!)."i. iintf-iefio  on,this i.adonier leiiiernl olaiiii. siliiat-d InJor-  d.inl'H.ss. located in ticpX. lijll.i.'iind i-eeorilnd'on  I ti- l.-it.h day of Sepli-Tiin r. 1, 95; and t hilt SV. H.  MoKoiiliiiii'. .1. SV. .Iei:-*. j���������im .Sto.Mei'kin; .1. G.  All;in.\.acnVi '-leiHliinah, Tims. .1. (ii-.ilmin, anrf  .las, sv, \ nil. tJie reuordctl owners of intoresls  inibosaid .miiieritl'daiiii'i, have neglected 10  door pay for. their idinru of the ussOMnmiiiit.'  work and -ii'nlesu'naid nbai-pe's: ure. nut. paid  within iiinuly.d.-iyn from tho li'rM. piililieini(m of  IhtK n.itlcu.'svu sliaHiiroc.M.'d to iiaoi'd siu-.h de.  Itiiiliiciil. inluri'Kl ns prnrided bv Seiii.ion II  uf Lnc AliipMiil Aet, AinomiJiiieiit 'Act llllin.  Dated , at' Kcl-elstok'ti, llio tint.day of Uaccm-  ,-.:: Nol ice ,l.i - horoby y,j v������ii  thai, an 11 pplicmtioa  will Im .niai't; 1,0 llio  I'ai-lia-iiiei.t iii'i.'aniidn nt  its next seKsionior nil nut to ineni-piiniio a unW- A  puny . to   bb  kho.wn   aft���������'-.������������������������������������:��������� liti ('iiiiml.-etloncral  l.nil-.viiy Company,": to ooii.-iti-iietiijul i-tmintn a;;:  liild iifvailiviiy eominc'hciiik  I'i'ciiliA p.iiit. i������t or  lic.-ir Kiv.iioIi rivor, 1,11  the mu III', wast, or  I'ako   .  lltn-on. norihivesii rlylo.souio, point at or'n.-fcr  SS'lianipaliK!   Lnke;.- theneeyiiurthei'ly  fn lama  :  point at;or,.ii"ilr tlni li.-jiiilivaiers of  Mbnlireal1-'''  riVer. iii ttii. district of .\ip.isuiiii;. i.he.noo north-.-  svi.-sitirlylii'stiiiii'., puiiil, .011 tli^Altiiiiiy rienrlin   ,  till!   I'ri.iviiieoof   (iiiiai-iii;;. l.hi.MiCo'in' a: north- ..'  wosloi-ly ilii'cclion tlii-oiiu!.|,,|,liO district ,if |<eo- ���������  ivitliti and. the' l'rin;iii(:>:nf Mii'iiitulin lojome .  point mi or mar Lake   sViiniipi'K;" 1.f"1������ noi.''��������� mirth- !���������  e'rly and wt-steily liy.way iir   I'i iiu-c  Alhoi-h, in  :tlio district'of Sa-k.-iteli,-wo ii...,-ind: Kiliiionom,   .  in Ibe distne'tol' Allii.-ilii lu'Tol-u Jhiiiii; t.aoliC, '!|'.  in  the I'riivin.-i:' of'UriiiKh ���������'������������������nltiiii'b'a.';, |honeo '  stitiilierly in'tlio. viciiiiiy of iliuNiii-ili riiiutip- -..-.  .���������on risorhy  sv;i.y of Kaiulnop.-  lua puini at or  near l'rin.'itun; ilu'iic.y������(-sl,ei-!y lo \'oiv. A i-st-  liiiiisier:, tlio.nco iiiii-llc-is-csieily t.u ArH'.'\'<������iivor, '���������  .with' power to ooiiKii-uex and up i-iite Aline of  i'a]lwxy-fi-(i;ii scuiu:. piiint "on   tin'. Boutli or . ������*t :  coa-t .of;-yiiitcoiivin- . Is'iirnt  lo.Vibtorin:-svita  I'tn-lhcT  posver  to   eoiisii.tiui- ii.nfl. opi.-ouo .nn , .  extension lin������ ot naid, niilwiiy I'n.rii''mniie pt'ijat    :  (in'tlio; liiie,of: rail mi y'lii'-st-n Dps-e uii'nfiotiadat ",  in; , Ilea I- .'IVtiJ-i iliiiiui:  C'ilehc',; MTslci-ly co pnrfc   "  KssiniCton .ii- I'drt, r-'iiii|'isuii o'n the f'aciiii- oo^si;A  svitleim-ibi'r. iiower in ijii'i'ii.'ii'ii;'-.!, a'liriiucli tint.  ���������-oiitliei'ly I'i'i.ni said line 'of- iviil.i-.ty  in iho f'rV"'���������'-'  \-ineo of Onlni-io to the luw-iei ui  I'uri. Ai-llior...^  iinil.Foit SS'illiiiin; (in   LiikW,S)iipia-".or; wiiIt fur- 7-'  Iticr'liosver.lo. i:oii.-lrui.-t ninl- dpi inie- 11 l/rnra-h'   '  liiie f ri .in suiiiii pi.im (in 1)10. r-nid iinli,'nf liidwuy.'  liKtii'cini Ivainloop.s iind..'rviii'iieiiiit soiii li..-iut>r-.  Iy:liy, way (if I'oiilii-ten: [ii,f'>Miii-|   Kui-ks-; with  liirlhci- power tueunstnii-tniitl npci-iitti a.iir/inoli  iinil from pome, pnim un the said Hue of railway  iii.'ur.iie.ar the North Thi.impatiii' lo',vr> lo And"-  oroflaiid   An(leisiin,:.l.i.l(r.;   .viill'fiuflier poiner  to coiisti-iici, aiid  opoi-nu'. .tric-jji-iiyiiv   nnrl tele--"'���������'  phono li.heJ foe the pur|.(iso-of:.ii.^ biintiifits- 'anfl .:  for tlie piiblii...;;iinl witiriin tbtir power to own  and   oiicratn   ivatia-; power  eonvi-inniir to tbe  '.I'l.Mid'for l.liiiir railway and otbei- piirfnues; with   ' '  fuitlntr posven-to own 1111S o|ier,'il(^ sicnin H.'ilnn.     ,  I'.si-riev 11 ad nhippiiif,', and ��������� Initlil and er-et itid    \  n'et:ci.sa.i,.s;-' svlnu'vcs, ninl' el(ivitii.i-s-:i iind 'wfl.h    ,.  s-iicli i)|.lnii.-'|iii.������'i.-r niid privlli.^cs ii������,aru iimiitlijr.'' "  (,-is-on 10 railway eoiiipani.'s. -.'��������� -  Dae il ni.-'.(Vinnlpc'c-ilsis .-.'Isi..ln.y or'Dcccm-  bcy, A.-Ii..,I9ill.   '���������."-.' !-!-      '.".'���������������������������   ".."   ;:"--!'l"  :.:.:!: I..';,.'"'. .'Tiiox'li.Jon.-i'.'iiiiv���������;'.-���������.'','  ,'..'.'.;   H.i.'ii.-ilnr. for the Ap'iilie.tnis.  Tl"v  S'  A,.  mmm. .sale:  bcr, 1901.  j <-**.l    In  omillirnenta.r.v tfi'-.e. ���������/������������������  y 1 1 '���������. .fj.-io ii )���������  tendered    to  io i tu-  , 1  ine-'.-t the i lociii e,,ln-  'iss.ma tiers, sviih tlieiu  ���������parn'i-ioiT  of. 'the   new > hnve. ,tiecn   rnnking.. ex'tni.   Iris  j.lop of,this hill   and'  then-  noi kiiiu'Ai|,i  ,-,,,   (1]| j their   Ifnids   in y������i-,!.-i-to do so ? '   I ti.!  'ridieidous to talk oi' this b-dng' n.tr-i'Yd  a no.  Vice-i're-i-j-..-  Aon  .-is-ed  ���������ni oi 'J'  ai.i.-l    .���������ef-..-iyei]    n-jiort,    ,,f)  tc   sending   deiegntion   to jr0;l.('-.   Auy kind of ,-i ro-id wiji n'ia'-c ,1  ���������^t.-'iialing'    cotiiniittees   for | s^'gb    road   in   s-.ich a   sp -I! of   h ird  .'.<-:-e    ;ipfi.-.iiitr.i|.   ;,,,(!    i}](;   weat.hei-   as  sve   lately   had.     I,us|  i'.i ||  ���������inii-d    iill   this    morning I w(: so,rif'''"', ���������"* Ri|ss; (me ion   givinn-fonr  A-iod adopted renort of! boi'sep'connidei-ab'le.'ss-oi-k.  report.  ". ������������������ .00  i.ijl-.M-  i-ig bend, and   teia  a s ore of tihimii*.  ���������red  A  in-idge'is.ii necessity f.irei,  i.)(,ioil    v.-iih    <.'oui,).)i|i,...    !ai���������  '-.'���������-' A i.-h'"./V/  j.   .<7Z t ;  ���������ir'-. Aon on  r .-'.:.;.'::,    I'  i fir: *  1..-, ^-t....  i.y.'i^#/  s.'.^..>t UylX  ���������'������������������ iTcsideri'. ..Wii;-  ���������"���������J'l.en* ".,0-.'f: ii!,. ;,';,���������.' Central hotel,  j.shere ;\f������s-;-.rs Ab'raljam.-ori.laifl .'in  lexcidii-nt, , ..*fii;e-:'.d: "���������'!). .'(:-.'   Kr;tr;'-r!  'i'i'n-isideri'f,   of '!;,..-��������� loc;il'  fhyision,  .j presided At nil ivy- supported an fii1-  )������������������ L'f.ll. by I be giiey.s pf ,t be '':veiii ng  : .ind nn bis lef: b\ firo. Crick, 'liie  i I'ollos'.-tng 'was. the' loast list :    "The  M.SI.'V HA VIS.  i'VoMcCAi'JTV. ',-.;.''  T.  Kli.P.STUICIC,  THUS, DOi.VVNIK.      (��������� '������������������'.  ���������ihlEl) l>'It���������\SK|;,,      ' '' "' i-  O.'ll. IIU'HE &. C0..7 "..  Co-nwniirs.  Uiniei- and by virl in- of the power:- conliviiM. :  lu ������ ceitiiin inoiluitjid wliii b will" fe p.'talnci'd  nn tlin :. t.ntin   of  r.nle,; Micro. will lie ihIoi'itJ by  public iiuis.lon by .lanu's Taylor, at Un- iiflice e'r  the inultasinne.l at lius-iilsltike, li. ' '..���������(iii-r',-itur-  diiy", the  'Hud' day of   l'-cl'lii,iry. A.|... liKj^'  ������V  Iho l)o���������i-i,f   itvii. o'oluck   in  llu: nliei'inion, iho  fcilliisviiifr   iiropiii't.y,   iiu.:   A   portion   of    tlu  Norih-SS'i si Cjiini-ii:.:..|- Scelioie'l'i-n (li.'J, t'oivn-  uliip Tivenly llirei;. (ii), Id.i.^o si|\- (4). )V,-������|. of .  tlif: tSixili Miii-idinn.. i-.Diilaiti.ng by admcu-nre-  incut,  KW and   lil HKl  110.1-iw iii('.i-uoi<'leN4.   Sjaid  liriipoi't.r beijij,' nil H.ile near C,'aitf,!llae||ic., th*  District of Y-ilo, li.U.'  1)11 tha propciny arc use  frntne buildif.i; (ind bnni. .;.. , ,   . ,." '  >'i!r terms and ciinditi pn������ of ������<slft apply tii  fURVEY, MricA UTiCIt���������& JUNK.MA.ST  ���������;���������'���������.   "     W-itdrcldlokc, If. (!..-. ���������'���������'.���������' '.���������''  Holicirorn for Moi-fffBge*.  niited e.t, {{(-vclsto.ks, .Inn. i.*Sih, HIDI.  ���������'������������������''    ' ���������-��������� 1W.   U.   No. '17.   y        "  IN THE SUFREWIE COSJRT OF BR1T-  V.'-ISH.-'COMJWB*:  .f-fl!  Kim.  '���������I'residi rit   of.; the   I'liiled  'llll'lil!���������  i.ii,.: K S J  Adities," "Hi'otlierbood    of;   liailsvny  j T'rael-iru 11 nf .Aii:i-i-;c;i" coupled; ss itb  I i'l-OeillnMlt    VV'tJ.lM������j ��������� i:.t\i{     \')tf-i'T(&  IViii-n you itiT e  mon.y   111  jcwi.li-  -������a"' 1'"1" ��������� lriMC-     y'Ji  ���������i:'2i'"'i n**''"   .v'"nr   valttt;  '���������'���������;���������*��������� -''Jy'7<f.! .-uu"������!  and   stir*    jf  ���������������S'*^Ji*:*iSj SO"    buy  Jencli.'v  BKTWERN  CI IA R.I..ES I10LTKN, ni al, riaijitifSi.  FHANK;VANDXi.'l"& MUAAEVLArK,  Ssfcrlli������an a Bank ������������������xi������������������������������������^*^^^  u TT."r."m   of Mr. .Iiisl������.������ Mri'Mii made in the ahovo .action  is "uiilh-11-1 eru-ner." iluni-.c  e mius o f ������ '">'" ''r cbliirni.iH. fiiv.-r-IP'i  e'lia nl'     "r-"'1-'! '" .'bail.'--, ibi-nce  north 10^  '"r.''->4"'-'rin^.{;:Ah,,,n',',o',,,iceof:c,m  ''' ''��������� ii.n-y 1;),. 1:11,.'.  ,'��������� ��������� ifirrtij.Wi iuvw,'  ������(.'.l l.ll.-Ill  luu-  .-. t..Cut (IIbbs. .S;  r.muy Sli-rinih' Sil  ������&-.:  &,  fl-ifl rtiiKd .I������nu,-iry 22ml. .Ifli'li.. ilie.'-o will ")"���������  oflcnd for sale at |i.ib!icauetion by .James TaT-  lorattlu; (iiru-e or,ilu> nndo.-i.-n'.d al, llrvi'l-  -toko. H.C., ng .Saturday, the ti'iia dnv of ' fVib-  rii.-iry..|ft.C'. a: the hour of Two 0clunk in iha  nflcrnooii. All aud, -inciilar ll-,i)������������ cct-it.in'pnr-  i:ni.i 01 land sit.11a.u-. in the I'iiv of Itcv.^h-.toke  f'.C..,-ind more.-piii-!.icuiB,t-ly ricscrib,.d i������'|^������*-'  iNunibcr'f<anH KVLIIticIc <������. I'lncl; A. Pi.in (My  (innaid firopany ii crecfid a croo-1 two .���������i'hi-cti  fiMiiiu'bHibliiii,'. A. '. ������������������       .  , The  taid   preperty will bcisold BitlrjBt.| putt,  "aid Loi.n.to   tlie   rights r,f,.'liihn A.,Ma,-(i.hi������  heir  cr  larf  J-  or from,  ir.si!  lcn-K or.-if--ii;rii. and unbjcci tu th,; ineiiijii.r,a-    '  ���������rs cbarifetl ii^Biiisl. tin- ������.-������.r������l   |-ii-enil^c������.'r.it!tir-a-   '  arrnr which may li'o oLiain-d from  Fred-rait  !' ra-ci;. E������q ������������������,'{..,i,,iv.-r jippaintsjui br said -. .rd'er  il* frrirn     . ��������� ,     ' '  YKY, M'-:C.U;:'--:f{ ���������!; 1'fVVIJi, M.   .  '--.''cnli/.f. s ft iiv i aini'  f'tify .-.,-. A. >:. ltl?l.''.."'.  r


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