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Kootenay Mail Feb 12, 1898

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 ���������*&!&'���������  Vol. 4.���������No. 43.  REVELSTOKE. WEST KOOTBX-yY.  E.G., FEJBllllAftY  J2, JSDd  $2.00 a Year.  X  'JESLIN-STIKINE  ROAD  ^LOOKS AS IF IT WAS TO J3E NAR-  " , ROW GAUGE.  '.This makes subsidy still more extravagant���������It shouldn't go tlirough in  present shape ��������� Turner, organs  attitude on it- The Herald's gibes.  e millions  tu- miliums of  mot:.  OIK'   gl I'.'lL  cm pora-  II, now appears as if  I lit*  railway lo)  lie const: lifted by Mackenzie <<i;Maiui is  to boa narinsv gu.igr, iind report says  the conliuctnr.s .-li'i' buying ,up a lot of  '  old inatoi'i.il tu bo used in its  const i-tu--  liun anil  opeintion.      If   then1   slate-  ,     nu'iils ,-u i- ( cue t he cxl rasagancc of ihe  land giant is, made-M ill   nioie  glaring  and jnoxousablc,   ,-iiid ,it  will    requite  considerable debate to shosv tin- necessity of such a subsidy.    Had the Cana-  dian people boon given fin opportunity  (if   possessed   nf   halt   the slu i'vmIiicss  "    llicy   an*   credited ,w1111)  I hey  would  have subscribed the amount  necessaiy  to build   this  i oud  .is a simple   invest- '  numl, and ' if  tho   million-, of  acies  of  , bind were added to the prospectus- they  would have even bought. at,,i pi omiuni,,.  likely, lo got in o:i .sucli a bonanza.-'  If  they   wouldn't.     .Mackenzie   it' Mann  .    would.    Tin-eonti-.ietors ^ot t iio opportunity first, and took it, of cot.t'si*.  '''Thi- idea oi' i ho people siibseiibing to  , such a scheme is tioL recognized by the'  Conservatives any inoi-e than   ihe Liberals, and though they oppose the con-  ,    tract now the question   is   would  they  not do the same   if  in  posvci,'and give  it assay Lo corporation", ton?   The best  .answer lo that is, have thov done so in  the   past:   that   should   judge   them.  Two sviongs iii'vi1!'-' ina'de ,i right, however, and   it   is   not,  because t'e.e  Tory  machine m t bi-ii- regime played ducks  .and diakes willi natural   opportunities!  ���������    that the Lilieial in.-u liiiio should dot.be  .same.   .A wrong   is  a   wrong however  ���������   disguised, and iL is sviong Lo give away  so   much   opportunity   Tor   individual  energy and benefit, as these millions, of  c   .acres- might, make,  to the enriching i  lion���������and great corpot.iLion it. wiil be,  s\ iLhfsuc-h ;i scheme a'-, it. can, oll-'or fur  .dotation in London aiid elsewhere.  Despite   the   win!:, of-  the Tur:\e.:ite  Colonist,  w hic-h /st.-ys;  -'Nosy  that  the  ,    Hi ikene-Tesliii  .Railway   bill   is   before  llu*    Utilise' we    hope    it    w ill ' be   put  through 'in llu* quickest possible lime,"  anil   Vane'ouscr   Wot Id     which    says  much the same thing, bin*   Mall hopes  t he measure vv ill   be  tin own out, or so  em,iscul.it ed as to give the i on tractor.-,  nothing but vv bat they should get, permission���������if they have  llii- miMiii  and  have put tip a guarantee   to  do so���������lo  Imild the t-o.-id niitl  take   their chai'icos  in competition over the same or  other  Canadian route with other lumpanios.  Our  local    Tui-noi-ito   contemporary  says Liberal papers (it calls the .Mali. ,t  _Lihoi.il papi-r) are swallowing this, contract like oysters���������silonll v.    The Mail  olVeis the public ils retold oil  this  and  other  mailers  of   iuilu\iy subsidy   in  contrast with the  Herald's,    Judge ye!  The Mail has denounced  the  Caspar  .���������ind other i ailway oxtiavngances of the  Turner government,  ai:cL.|t__is  fieelo  denounce the Teslin Lake pi oposal wit h  ' equal candor and   honest vol' puipos'1.  ll, has not changed   its  coat to suit circumstances .is did  Ihe  Vicar of Br.iy.  nor altered ils policy.is the Revelstoke  Jlerald.    It has not said as one with an  "itihing palm"  might   (of course  wo  don't insinuate that, the   paper  quoted  has a'n itching palm, nob at, all),   ''The  H d does nob approve   of  bonusing  i ail ways as a piinciple'of adiiiinist ration, but, so long as thab system ivin  force niul~;iiiy rail way likely to help us  otil in maint.lining or extending our  commercial field (both tlle'-e qualities  .���������ire oilered as excuses for Ihe Teslin  Lake mad)' is projected and wants a  bonus I he I l(at-in-liaii)d will advocate  thab it, receives one." And (be sheet  which promiilgral es ibis policy is one  whirl) sneei s ,ti ni hers foi lieing silent  on a a deal which, will) sneh'a declaration, il. I'Ollbl not ib'celllly lie I'lllll.'c.  The public will fail to li ml such a  Koiitiinciil, in the .Mail. It Inn Iried lo  he con--is| en I and not so "over-violent or  over-civil thai every m in with il is Clod  or Devil," and il can t-ritioi'-c ,-ui Ottawa  measure ,-is fi eely as a Victoria one. 11  has no (bug lo throttle il, no IJ.iniocb's  sword suspended over il, no peaniiL  gang to foi re opinions on il, no goveru-  nienl I hat can buy its silence with a  Jp500 In ibe, and it can and will Irylo  express w hat il helioses i iuli( no one  dating to make il afraid. As to the  1 lei aid's gibes - when il deiioiuic's (be  lernis ot Ihe .subsidy to .Mackenzie i'v  Maini, b.ut s I be Tin ner gos-"i inneiil for  assi-ling ( hem still I'm I h'-r, .mil lakes  issue with ol her Turner oi g,mi like ihe  ('oloiiist ,iuu World lor upholding il,  I hen A\\d iben onlv will il, li" able I o  i ril icise | be silent e ol iilliel s as spnie-  ]e-s as ilM'If.  application befoie the Full Com t  against Justice Drake's decision'that,  no penally was- provided in tile act ex-  c-Iuding Chinamen 'fioni winking in  coal mines. When this now f,minus,  iimendmeiib to?' t he Coal Mine-; Regulation Act was put Ihrough the Legislature, Mr. Davie w;ii Attorncy-  Geneial. Tin1 amendment was framed  under his jurisdiction; his solemn w oi d  was given lo the miners thai Ihe  amendment was all that was needed,  and be many times as-erted publicly  and privately I lint the law could he  enfoiced.,  Hul he look good cue   Ilia!  no best was- made   during  liis   term   as  , i  A tturnoy-Gcneral. Now he occupies a  place on the bench���������yea, llu'- Chief  ,1 n-iico- and is called upon |o adjudicate on Iho law of his own flaming,  and declares l hat. il is- woi thi ess. What-  iiuiiL we I Link ?���������,X<uwinm Jircirm. A  "pel l i i it-lit (i lies I ion a I, Ibis time, (i lily :  and liin excellent, iliiisiialioii of the  chai acler of I he Davie-Turner Govorn-  ment. I hi'oughoiit.  TH  IE WORK COMMENCES  THE' NEW BUILDINGS OPENED AND  SESSION begun; ' '  The Lieutenant-Governor's speech --  What it contains���������Colonist .Re-,  remarks unsatisfactory in every  way���������A poor beginning.  and again bub you liaveu'b made <vour  salute, yet. A glove ac-KNs your face  yous'e bad that, too, lull-you wont answer. '  Telegraphic Tickings.  Theie are now al the HeveKtoki'  railway yaid four cai loads ol telegraph  wire to be used in st ringii'l'g an additional lino to Vancouver from Revelstoke. 'The'business at, this impoi l.-int  point has so increased to the south n.nd  elsewhere as well as locally that the  one local i wire alieady in Use is insufficient     lo     cany     the      business  transuded, hence I he   new   wire.    The  ' i  rest, of the material ��������� ins-ulnlors, cross  irons, etc.���������have already gone wesband  been distributed along the imibe.  The company is evidently alive to  the inlet-cits of'brade and if they would  put in a te.ilial comineicial oflirc al,  J{evcl������l(ike. lis i bey ought, the Mail  would be able to endorse lh.it, opinion  thoroughly. A central office is much  needed.  THEIR REGULAR MEETING.  Correspondence   On   the   River- Bank  Discussed.  i  The Coi-.nr il of ihe Board of Trade  held their regular meeting Tlun������day  evening, Piosideiit Ileum in the cl-.air.  Pi esel)I��������� Messrs. IT.iig, Wells, 'Coua-...  'Al)i,.ili.iui--un, , iT.iylor.'ssss- McKerhnic,  Gour-aei', lb ewster and Shaw  Th" minules v. ere, read and  adopt eel.  The names of Messrs-.1 Pbipps. Cm lis  and Tipping' won1 pioposed as ne.v  members. '"  C'ommunicalimis from   Victoria  and  Ottawa  re liver   bank   were   read.    A  ielegr.iin fi oi ti Hon. Air. Turner stated  lhal   the   Provincial ,Govei ninonl   had  oifi'ivd to lonli ibiit.e $15,000 of the co-t  of   protecting   the   i;iver  bank   if  Dominion would do the rest.    Total   iosb  aceoidmg lo engineer's repoi b vv.-i-,iiio,-  000.    A wire from Mi. Rostock.   M. P.,  said cngini'ct's leport   and   lei Lor  sent,  to Go\ ei noi-Ceiiei al cannot obtain   informal inn   at tl present.    A   letter   was  lead fioni Mi. Kellie asking for n.ituie  of   lion.,  Mr.  Turner's  proposals ,and  enclosing copy  of������ I elegt am   fiom   3Ji.  Rostoik which was to much   the  same  effect as one already quoted.    A 'letter1  fiom   Hon. Mi. Turnci-  (Sl.h inst.)  was  read Lorroboral ing uatnie  of  propo-al  to    Dominion   contained, in   telegi.un.  Re   quest ion   of   i e.ipoiisibilily   it  said  Roard   undei     niisapprehensiun   as   to  the pesibion ofPiuviiici.il Government  whiih had never receded from position  taken in  June.    A   discussion   on   thi.s  eoi rospoudeiice  resislferl   in   resolution  that    I lie    Provincial   Government    be  requested lo commence the 'protection  of the river b.mk^ and  in   view   of  the  e\-| renie urgent y of (be else if neces-ai y  lo increase the grant and  to   proceed  witii I he work   immediately  in   anticipation of   (be   Dominion   Government  cont i ibuting their share. . lb  was  also  resolved I hat a ropy of the correspond  eiice   on    I In-   rivei    bank    mailer    la  forvv aided to .Mr. Kellie, M.P.P.  -,Tlu* ,!>e\y p.uliament buildings- and  the session of the 'legislature wen1  opi ned with great ceremony at Victoria  on Thursday. The governim-iit's programme, for its his| session, is outlined  'in the ,   " i  LIKUTi:.VANT.n<lYK!i>.'lHi'.s-  Sl'KKCH.   -'  "Mi;. Speaker antl members"'of the  legislative ,i-senibly : It is a so.urfe of  much pleasure lo me to meel you in  'ibis the first year of my ollice as  Lieutenant-Governor, and to congratulate you on the completion of thesei  stately government buildings. so  worthy of the provime, so admiiably  adapted for the purposes for which th'ey  werr* designed, and in which you ai e  now assembled, for t he lii'st lime.'  '���������    ^  ��������� "1 am gialilied to Iind - bbab ^tbe  revenue of the country is expanding to  such dimensions- as to indicate ihe  lapid development of our undoubted  resources, in minei ,i!s and ot her nal-ural  piod nebs-.  '  ���������'The vast discoveries of gold in the  Yukon region will giVo a'gre.it *,bimu-  lits to couimeicial enlei pi in' thiongb-  oub the pioviiu-e,' and, in view of (he  urgent necessity of secuiing an all-  Canadian     route     to     the   Yukon, a  i  measiue   wili   be   laid    beloie   you ,ioi-  furthei ing that obj.'t ! .is expeditiously  ,-li possible.    ' '      <  "The widespread di--ooverirs of mineral weallb in the province indicates  I be impoi tance of aifording incieased  transportation facilities for their development, and I lommeiid for your careful consideration certain measures  which will be intiodut-ed tending to  t b;,t. desirable end.,  ��������� ������������������'I "nave much pleasure in   informing,  you t hciit t be effort.- you made on* form-1  The Member for South Kootenay.'  .Mr. .]. Pied IIuiik-, M.P.P., member  for South Kootenay, was in town Tuesday on his way tolbe coast. Ih-tbinks  the government, is prrlly shaky and  may nob last the session. He says  South Kootenay is strongly Opposition  and llijil the government, is sine of  defeat. Redisl ribnl ion, he says is the  subject (he people nioib look for, and  the Opposition must,' demand that a,  propel measure be brought dovvp, and  sl.iv willi (he government till il is.  As iti incorporal ion,j from the experience of Nelson he believed that  Rev elstoko would lie benefit ted b\ it.  Asked .-'.bout a salaried iu.iyoi, be said  as- far as' NeKon was concei ned it  worked well and bethought I be all'airs  of that city were in good 'shape. Mrs.  jrmne and child and .Miss Ii vine at1  conipauv him to the coast.    ''  WHO WILL BE SPEAKER  FOR LAST SESSION OF HOUSE NOW  'COMMENCING.  Tliey Will Do Nothing.  ��������� The, Dominion government," whose  offer of asiisiancewvas repulsed |-y Hon.  Mr. Turner last year, now declines to  accept his offer of co-ope,rat ion. As  set1 the following telegiams from the  ininister of public works anil Mr. Bos-  tock: ,  Ottawa, Feb. 10, 1S0S. ,,  Provincial government, having de-  'clilied lo contribute for .Revelstoke  piolection works, item $10,,">00 was  dropped from est imat es last, vear. We  then cannot, do anybhing.    J. I.Taiitk.  'Ottawa, Feb. ]], 1S0S.',  ���������Governinenl    refuse' to   take action.  Have done all lean. Rojjtock.'  Further facts will  probably bo learn-  ���������ed-next week.  If Hon. Mr. Higgins retires,who will  succeed him - - The- candidates  mentioned���������Their chances���������Government position  in  the matter.  Consideiable speculation . exists  amongst people interested in the  political hurly-burly as to who will  succeed Hon. .Mr. Higgins in the  speli kcr.ihip when ,lb.-|l gentleman  resigns his ch/iii-and walks over to the  OppoMlion side of the Home.  ' The Rossland.Miner, one of the late  converts to Tuiiu-rism, lias a rorros-  pnndenL al'Yictoria who is engaged in  picking up polibical scraps ol infoiui-  al ion and 'sending t olmiin -,disp.itches  upon his gleanings. He says that, 11.  1). llelmckeii, one of the Victoria City  members, will b������ nominated, but,  il, is  of the body of one D. Morrison in a  '.unnel. The deatii was due probably  to a cave in and had occuried a week  befoie.    The coroner was summoned.  Easy tunning noiseless. .Sewing Machines tit Coursiei's.'    ,,, t    *  T. E. Jj. Taylor expects his brother  ne\(t week from the old country. He  will be very welcome to R������\elstoke.  M.ossi-s. Keen and JJullock, who liave  been <ni the, AVaverley road   woi k, left  for Trout Lake vestetdav niui niiitr.  ,. . ^ ,      >-  1 , Mrs. Monforil ivcei\erl ,news tins  week of the deatii of her brother at  Kelowna by accidental discharge of a  gun.  , Ooursier is oll'ering a number of lines  'of I'-oots ;tud,Shoe-5 at one-third discount, to make room for spring stock.,, o  .J. It.'] lull, the founder of the local  meat market which bears du'i name,  was in town this week on his way to  Kamloops. ,   ��������� ,  J j. Sberiin, of England, was a visitor  to Revelstoke. this week. J[e has  takeii stock in a celebrated Rig Bend  propet'ty.  George Kydd, late   manager  of   the  hardly likely.'as it   is generally   under-    Sandunobranch of the Rank of R.N.A.,  stood thai llelmckeii and   Higgins are ' js Lo   bo   manager   of'the   Met chants  -      THE BACHELORS BALL  A . Most  Enjoyable   Affair ��������� Largely  Attended. '        ���������   \ >  The {"Jacbelors Rail last night was  a  i ' i   ,' '        i    ������  complete1 suci ess and one so  much   on-',  joyed thiii the ''boys'' aie still receiving  the'he.u-licsl tli.mki fioni all who attended.  ' Tin1 ladies dresses were   verv  er occnioiis  to   as-isi,   the Crow's Nest  it 'inn   with aid-] Prelt} and tasteful,  aiul   it, is   a'pily  iheie is not a huge   ball-room- -i'r   ha  railway have��������� :n cuujunt  from    (tin*     Dominion    government- , ,      -  .estuted in   the   active  cast .'i/clion oV:! '^ .���������������"������ (1 ' Z\'���������:*' . ���������������  ellect.      {-here is not  th.'.t railwav. and ihete is every prospect o\' its completion as Liv as NeKon  dining bbe present, year. Uy~. this  means tlie.extensive coal fields.ill ihe.  Crow's Nest Pass  \. ill   be  made  avai!-  alile, and the impoi tance to the.inining  .'   . i ��������� ,     ,....-   ....  i   .'>'"������������������.*v  iiidu*trv of a good   cheap   fuel  raiino  ,be ex.iggei ,-ited.  --1 am hapjiy to inform you bhat  negru lat ions are in pi ogi ess for insuring the eat lv t oiisti ut lion of the Victoria, Yanciunei A: Eastern Railway,  which will open up the rich mining  camps and agtit-ultur.il lands along the  route. '   (  -���������A measure will bo inlrodijced to  you. baying I'm its objett rt'distribu-  tion in connection with the elettoial  dist lit-fs-.    o  ������������������ft is s-aiisfactory to learn that, the  abundant harvest of hut year luus re-  ���������lieved the depiession which formerly  existed in (nirrigriiiiltiir.il industry.   .  "In vii w of the adaptability of oiu  provhuo for daily t,irniing,,sl eps'-will  be taken lor promoting ils< development." 'The aiinoiuicemeiil is nuule  that the (iis-hei ie-and timer induiti.ies  sJiow niiiikei'l iiiipiov-ein.-nt. aiid the  estimates ai e piomised' for an e.uly  tbty.  Alluding ty llu* speech the Colonist  says (and the Cvlotti-,/ means the.Government): The people of 'lie LYovincc  will appreciate the decision of_the Gov-  ernnient. to ink th- lloine-' m' ai;d4\uV  seciu ing ;ui all-C.uiadi.-ui route to llie  Yukon. We .jiibiuit lliis is u'mailer  which rises far..', a." political p.uli/.an-  sliip. It will be a in >st tuil'oi tuuate  thine; foi the business inteiests njff the  pioviuce if anvtliing should hapfien lo  Hal  lein  anolber   town 'in  pioper   coloi  The coiniuit lee on minei and   ui.-iui:  factnres i-eptu'led favqr.-ibly on   projri t f pieveiil the building of ibis railway at  of advei lising Revelstoke and viciniiy.' j the eai licit   possible   day..,    In   legard  ' to icdisti ibuiion, we ihiuk it muit   be  A J-'erliiient Question  ( 'lli"f ,| i|s( i( e | ),i v ie lliusl   sill el.V  ll.l V i  jell   ill - pn-.ll ion ,i pe< nil.il    one   nil    I In  Al'tet discuss'ou on be-t uieaiii of  adv erl i-ing it was icsolved that the  liiiance couimil tee in conjiuu'-l ion willi  lhal, of mines and in.initfael in es be  .-ml bori/ed to lake up stib-ci ipt ions to  proinole the advert ising of the place.  Finance commit lee:���������.Mcs-i-. Taylor  and ll.iig.  .Mines and maiHifacture : ��������� Mr-si-.  t!oiu-sier, Cowan and Brown.  Tlie seci elarv's salary in view of  th  I hat    lor   M'lifs to  taken   for  tome   any  that    m..y  leuipo! .it v.  eiilbl   \ears   ago. we   had   othels   I'luil  ;i.ni  L'li.uigi's   ill   'iepi'(".eiitiijj������iu;  jc   pi opined, must ' be only  \\\-    had    sonic  . hiingc'  jo  .sked  increase ot work iv,h rai-etl  week. A lelter from .Mr. Fletcln-i. P.  O. Inspectoi, was handed in which  r.'question infoi in.ition about thi- Rig  Rend in Ihe coming suminei wiib a  view ol increasing l he mail -i'i \ ice to  that camp. It vv.is i elei i "d io a mm-  mil I ee CMinposed of Messis. UreUslil,  Willi and llaig. The seiiei.uy was  ilis| i ucled In sl.tle 1 lull peimi-sion to  the pi e-s lo be pie-enl at [loaid loeel-  ingi bad not been wit bib iwn. The  inert ing  id j.it11 ned.  veals' ago. mid the house will  to ni-.ke otln-ii this year. We .do n<it  evpect these changes will be radical.  It would be vcy unwise, pulley tu ,un-  ! dei take a radical ssstein of redist i ibu-  to   .S2  per i iioii under pie-enl conditions, etc., etc.  It. is quite too loon to say what the  noim.il nuinbei of i opi esciitatives shall  be or bow thev shall be disti;ibilled._ .  What abolit this. Jlerald'r How  about the Yukon r.iilinad? 'is it as  good a de.d .-is \our ui.isH'ii s.iy it is (  Come, take \uui s'l.tnd '. Ii it ind li))ie  tii.it ib'-te v\,-n an ������������������idjustni"nl of'li1]'.-  1 ]ci,, jil,  will   vou defend  l-eii'li',ll loll  7  lie-pn-se.ii ineastu.   >'     l>o you .believ e  ii   ad li'ig n-'iie   legi-ialive   e\pf-use    lo  You v(- chosen sour flag  MAiiivIKU.  .rriii:itiN(, si.i.-K ii-'<\s ii'iu.     At   tie  I e-iib ni i ol I lie I i id'-'s lii |.| ||i.| 111  N i vv Di'iivei. on l-'ibiuiis "J, nv  \i ���������> . I!. i''l e\S , ' 'I "S i Is i,i. I 'n il I -  |-!il sv.ud    S'l  ,' Ie I i" , ii I   i       M .--  i'lmuia   M. III.i b .'v i.i.a   l\ ll !.\. i i i,.  tlie e.iijiil IV :  - nail it up '  Whs. lo >. i  ' .in a ]i:i iiaisi  ��������� 'i i i���������i! in ',. s.  ,;, i-i is, . lie'' I l;  V oil !"���������! .|o  M)i I !'l -  .       Y   M  ICui/tenas  sslieie (be ladies tlnjss belter  -for a ball than lhis,   yet   then1   is   not  oik; but lias bettor accommodation   for  a ball.  , The I mi hole- g'vii'" 'h:s successful  affair were: Mess-i-. J.Ci. Allen, W.  A. Mori is, A. K Phiop-. 0- D. Sle.-u-  m.-in. T. 15. L. T.iy lot, O. J. Ainan, J.  Guy Barber, 1. T. Brewsfer, Rev. F. A.  Fold, A. P. bVas'er, T. Kilpatiick, R.  R, Mat-Lean, \V. G. Paxlon, 11. Pratt,  II. V.'Scotl, 12, X. Steel, F. B. Wells.  'The lint'live compo.sed the hall com-  mitleo ,and W. G. Paxlon svas Hon.  Secietary of both commiltees. The  refreshments ssere voted very good,  indeed, and svei e supplied by Smith  it llyland. The music was provided  by LePaso, Ahlin and Northey, (violin,  ])i;uio and clarinet.) The extras svere"  rendered by some of thi1 ladies present.  Free busses svere oll'ered hot h svays  svbich svas a great boon as I he sveal her  was very inclement.  Those present svei e : Mr. and islrs.  Spragge'. Mr. and Mrs. Sibbald, Mr.  and Mrs. Pease, Mr. and .Mrs. I learn,  .Mrs. ('rogan, Mil Atkins, Mrs. ,).'  Allen, Mr. and Mis. Temple, tMr.".-ind  Mrs. Ii. A. Blown, Mrs. Corbitt, Mr.  amPMrs. II..1. Bourne. jMr. and Mrs.  Forrest', Mr. and .Mrs. Lass son, Mr.  and .Mrs. Lasvrence, Mrs. L..I. Kdwards,  Mr. and Mrs. Baker, Airs. G. Johnson,  Mrs. Nelles: Misses L. Botill, M. Boult,  Forrest, Marl in, Bioss-n, J. MncLc-m,  K.^IcLean, Wilkinson, SiuyI he. .Lodge,  Norlbey. Turnros, Corbel I (2): Messrs.  White, McT.-ivish, Dosvnie, Spurling,  MacLeau, Crage, Sniylhe (2), (l.'iu,  (Jatnpbell, Temple, Jackson, Skinner,  Ci.tirsior, ' Bier, Wopthusv, 'Keir.  Corlell, Wallace. BdvvanN, Thnrne.  To I be list of genl lemeii present should  be added, ol course. Ihe Bachelors'  coiiltnillee befoi e named.  much in,(out'-h and the old gentleman  plays , Mentor to I b������' young man's  Tebuiiachus. If ibis is so, and it is  cm rent gossip,'i( would not be a bit  surprising if Hany Iiohnckon svas  found by"' Hon. Mr. Higgins , side  si liking blow for bloss-���������the old Tallin!  and Hie young Talbol ��������� against ���������- the  disci edited Turnerilosi.  "if Helmcken doesn't take the speakership (thoiu>h il sv ill bo seen   that,  if  he  , i'  is allied,,to Higgins and likely lu go   in  opposition, it svoultl be a capital stroke  of policy for the Government, to put  him in the chair) who will ? Doctor  William Wyiiinnd Walkoiii would, if  he could get, it. The Doctor, between  you and .mo, is ;i' \ain, man, much  puffed up, and be has taken very  seriously the notion (hat, he should  have the Chair.-mil (though they might  get, svo esc) if he does nob get the .'pro-  mot ion he ssill show the government a.  fm t her exhibit ion of ". the fait h t hat is  in him,"1 and join the ranks, of those  opposed to the pirs.cnt afliiiinistrgtion  lie Doctor has the cliair,   figuratively,  ileaking, of course, in his head antl '/be  If  he  Ran Into a Rock.  The Steamer Kootenay svhile making a l.-ri.lmg al Robsou Monday night  ran into a -.ubmeiged rock which made  a considerable bole in her hull. Her  ss.-J lei tight conipal I inelils --.isetl her  fiom dangerous consequences and llu1  boat was landed safely. She will be  out of service proh.il ly lor a fesv days.  This accident is Ihe lliiid in a sboit,  sv bile aiid,-il liiere is aiiylbing in the  old -aw shiiultl In e.it I he .spell.  . 1.  con- |  the sjici < li    no!  in i e idjuit ���������!,h(  ni- n jii-a  , ,. i ,x   , ie .'   Hei.dd. will I ""   I'l.u Hsuig lass  iriastn 's '  al ui pb.s   is a sming  ���������vim should (In u ell  .James IM u t ] il iv, B.A., banister, soli-  eiltii.-ele., has opened an oliico in (lie  Cowan Block. Ml. .Muipli.v, who is a  gi-.idunic of < Jllasva I'ni s ei si I s, si ut lied  svilh lluutel iV-Olisei, N'iiloiia, befoie  bar.     11 is   I'albei  taxation  r,,  t   l he  miner s  beuiL' c.il  Was one  men of '���������'  lei!  I.linvv ii    Cal iboo j  I,  1111    s o 111  bet ii    as!-  d   time  to   the  I lie   best  d,i\s,   and    his   l.rolbt-i-   is  11    Asbciol'l.     .Mr.  Bi it lib  Columbian  I it-1 e  won't be happy (ill he-gets   il  doesn'l; iopk oi,t, that'-, all..,  /        .    /  The,man   svbo  -Uinuld   get   il.   from  every point of view, merit, etc., is   Mr.  J.   P.    Booth,   Ihe  member   for  North  Vieloi in.    He is 'he "deputy speaker "  of the House and a very capable chairman indeed.    He has in   a  sense   been'  in training for tin1 post and   has  been,  but there's I be i lib, a  staunch   government suppoiler.    If  the  Government  appoint  him,   which   they   should,   it  leaves      Dr.     W.ilkom     and       Harry  Holme ken Iree lo oppose;  them  and  it  is  no!   iinlike'i.v, liiat    they   rssill.    The  lawyer you will remember look a   very  independent stand last session antl  the  doc-tor   spoke sliongly   in   opposition.  Then too, Mr. Booth's ^eluv.itio.i svoultl  mean the losing to I he Government of  a vote on disision as it,.takes one  from  them by putting him in Ihe chair,   and  in I heir pi esent   ciif.ic.-tl   position   they  can  ill   all'oril   lo  Ihrosv  away  a   vote  even if it  be  lo  offer  a   worthy "supporter a deserved piomolion.  If Mr. Booth shouldn't gel, it, what  then"? Willi his well founded claims  no-one svill blame him if he turns on  his unsvoilhy leaders and ' lends his  undoubted inlluenee lo the Opposition  to defeatolheni. ll, is a pretlv tangle  all around, and its undoing ssill be  sv.itched svilh inleiest. 15s idently I Ion.  M i. Higgins knew what it ni'-aul, to  Ihe Government when he withdrew'  and they probably are not blessing  him.' Well 1 il ss.ii his osvu ,-ill'aii; he  is a stronger man than any in I he Gnv-  eruiiienl p.u (y, and in a political sense  he cannot be blamed if be I brew them  oil' a nil left them in Ihe present  dilemna.  The oppositionist will in my opinion  make a mistake lo divide the House on  I he speakership. Let t hcGos-ci iiinenf  light il out amongst their nominees.  They cannot get out of it svilhoiil.some  snerilice and strengthening of the  ranks of t hei'- doiigbl y opponents.  Tamarack.  Rank at Nelson.      ' "  Those   English   remedies   you   base  been accustomed to use, you   can .find  at McDowell, Atkins Watson Go's.' *  R.   S.   Wilson    was    taken    to .the  .hospital' yesterday svith typhoid   fever.  The Mail hopes to hear shortly of 'his  complete, recovery.   '   ���������  The "Western Canadian Mining   and'  Tjeselopment Co. svill hold   its   annual  general meeting of shareholders at  the  companv's office, Revelstbke, 'on Maich ���������  1st.-  On Thursday the opening of the  parliament buildings and commence,  ineut of the session svas not honered  by the Hying of a flag not even on the  court house.  The  members   of   Columbia   Lodge,  No. .'M, I. 0.,G. T., are making  prepar  ations for a social  to   be   held   in   the  lodge    room    on     Tuesday-    evening,  E(  ebi uary  ���������_>���������?,.  . r' H. N. Boss has bonded to the Canada Mutual mining and Development  Co. of Tot onto, the Trapper and  Hunter claims in the Lardeau for  ������5,000.���������'Trail Creek Nesvs."  i,. H. L.,Lockss'ood is che name of the  Vancouver manager of the Molson's  Bank. Tlie name of' the , Revelstoke  manager has not yet been learned.  The bank building is going up quickly.  Columbia Cough Elixir acts like a  ehar'in in'diseases of the throat and  lungs... McDowell Atkins "Watson Co.,  Lid.      .    ������ *  Amongst the carload of dogs held up  by snosv slides Monday svas one good  looking'canine svith a letter tied round  his neck. - He svas the property of a  little girl svbo had to part svith him  and she svas praying for kind treatment from his future master, whoeser  he might be.  On Monday night at the Methodist  church a faiesvell social si-ill be given  by the. ladies' aid society iii, honor of  Mr.'and Mrs. Melsille (who are abot.t  to leave for the coast) lo which everybody is heartily svelcume. A musical .  programme and refreshments will be  pros ided.  G. \Y. Baldwin (U"ncle George), the  sveli-knosvn fur buyer, representing,  ���������Joseph Uilinann, svas in town this  sveek in the inteiests of hie fit in. lie  is still the same live iintler' be alvvavs  was and at buying furs he has fesv  equals. .See liiscaidni this issue of tho  Mail.  Local and Personal Bi iefs.  i  Arrowhead Pointers.  Tin- Arrowhead Public Hall Association leceiitly held its regular meeting  here and deeideil to pii-.il forsvard to  completion il* large hall nosv in course  of coiisbrucl ion under the abb; management of Mr. W. !���������'. Fm bes.  The ollicei-s of  the  Steamer   Lytton  gave   an   "At-Home"'   on   hoard,   the  vessel on l he !ltlt.    The evening   svas  a  progressive ss lu-t one with   I svo   pri/.es  given,   one   for   highest   and    lowest.  The lit si, prize svas  a   buttle   of choice  perfume svhieh was won by Mr*. A. II.  Junes, I he st.( ,,;1(l (.,  beautiful-'   niggei  doll)  was   eaplu.rd   by   genial 'George  T.   Xesvinau.    The  laugh   \s,n  on   th.������  T. Graham, societal y of  the Waver-    post masiei.      Tlie   oilic.-i-s   base    our  ev,  svill m 11 ss- lake   up   his   qmirteis  in    best I banks fm-l he  enjoyable   evening  Revelstoke. spent.  .Mi. and   Mrs. W   White   intend   to       ("apt. Slum leas e* .kiou on a \.ic.it ion  rave on a   visit    to   Viotoiia   in a few    siuih.  days. ���������/    Leon Hie Arm is  in   vis--bad   con  I'VcihIi, Aiiici ie.m and Kuglish pat- di-nm but .Messis. Ci.tig & Ilillui.iii  enl, medicines all a.e kept, by the Mc- ���������" '��������� ' u-bing I be mails ihrough on time.  Dowell, Atkins Wilson Co. Ltd.    * The A.M. S.  &   P.   MdU,   Ltd.,  aie  Joliunv" ?s cls'in is back again ovei hauling uiachin.-i y al their saiv-  I'loin the Was ei lev mine having got mill and s tsh .md dour {.u-ti.rj. gelling  tlnougli  the i.i'v iiiding liieie.     ��������� r.-ady  jm    -|.i mi;   Hade.    The   Me-s,-.  W. C.  (Jocpel, inspi'ctoi    of    gosern-     DeCesv a : e pi at t it al binmi ss ,,���������.,,.  iiieiit   ageiu ies,  .v as   in   town    Monti,ty        We don't outiit  KlondyK������-i,   heie  a<  on bis was   lo l he t-H.isl. set  no!  b.i v ir-j; ih-i id. d   mi   our   mule,  l\ MeC.uls- is gelling iuacaiload ''ill ah .-.id v s,-v .-i .,1 h.is - il-p.ii i ed troni  of waggons Miiiab'le I'm'"'.ill kintls of ; <'tu mids. ;,n t he i.,;,d uf the yellow  sei s iee        Js( e  bill! calls   fill   oldcls. meta..  Wo'd has lit en leci ised fiom Trout ! More at a f.iti.i- tlite fiom this  J  .Le, lis   Mi. iS.t.bald,   ol   tin-   iii,,iing I luiiv in- 1 nig. Aj:i:o\vhlaij. VAUK Z
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JIK.VI'ING XOTICKS Wo. per line each insertion, link si contractu! for b> the '10(1
.JOU I'UIXTIXO ofncr.s kind at inosl reasonable rates and shoi lost notice.       '
ACCOUNTS for job printing or iidvei-tisiiifr
pavablo, on tin- first of every month.
(f'OltltliSl'OXllKNCI-: on all m.-iUeri of local
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must bo accompanied  h.v   the  niinic of the
, writer, not necessarily for jiublii-iilion. but
.as nn evidence of K'i"<l failh.' , '
Address ,
TlllC  Is'oilTHNAY M.sir,.
Revels! oke. R.C.
RKVFLSTOK'K, WA\. 12, IS!)f>.
thought it was your ''.smoke" machine,
and he wanted'to rob you of your only
claim to reputation. , Poor tail! Poor
Ottawa dispatches seem to indicate
that the Canadian government lias declined to allosv an armed U. S.''force to
accompany the telief expedition to
Klondike. If it has, it has done siise-
ly. Then1 is no cause for arms in the
expedition as the Can idi.m government
will ��� 'i lei;t it. and be would be a bad
man indeed who would lob or break
into a iclief expedition.
Pievelstoke lleiald, Jan. 29.���"Do
they (the public) expect refoiui in railway administration fiom the men svbo
svere squabbling last session at Otlasva
user the' ,V. V. it 1?. charter, till in
their,miserable self-seeking they burked the whole scheme."
i      ��� ! '
JrsT paste, this in your hats. Something nioie svill bo heard of   it shortlv.
Tin: Victoria Colonist, the Turner
govenuiient's chief organ (svo apologise'
to-Jhe Vancouver World), aussvering
aii,up cotinlry journal, gives as a reason
for the great length of the sessions of
vibe R. C. 'Legislature,! the 'nuinerical
smallne.ss of the House. . e
,  This  excuse, is   sery significant, (its
^'jinerit is undeserving of notice)   at   the
���piesent moment, and   may be taken���
reading between the lines���as the pre-
liminary  aunouTicement.   of���svhat   the
government intends   to   do'   about   re-
.distributum, the   most   crying need of
,    the country.     It  is   peculiarly significant taken in'conjunction���svith curre"nt'
repott   and> means, more   than   likely,
;that ��� redistribution    as   proposed <d>y'
;Jion   Mr. Turner svill  be the   addition
jto the  House   of ,.additional   ihenibeis
.aliened   to. places, probably,   where he
.   'thinks his gos eminent may be sustain-
.ed.''       ,' ' %    ' '     '
Tt has been   pretty generally agreed
;by people of  ,both   shades   of  opinion
jthat the meuibership of  the   House is
aheady .sulliciently large; but   svitbout.
going into that   quostirn   pat ticuliirly,
it is lelevant to ask hosv such  increase
svill help to readjust   the   present,   dis
\tribution of seats.     Hosv will.it equalise  the.   votets    in   Estpiimault   syberc
,451 electors have tsvo   n'lenibers   svith,
.say, Delta, where 1,130 soters only le-
, -.turni'ine; ,orfcLilloet, wheie 319 people
send ���two   members,   svith,   say,   East
,'Yale, where   1,022, voters  return   but
.one?    On what basis, the   Ksiauiinault
and Lilloet or   Delta 'antl   East  Yale,
" ci
.will the additional menibeis be allosv-
.edl To add ne.sv members svhile the
present iniquituous measure exists is
'Vnaking confusion svorse coiifoiiuded,
.and does not reliese. the injustice of
the tlisgiaceful" Act under svbiehthe'
.country now millers.' As long as tbeie
are a number of constituencies considerably over-repiosented and put. on
.equal terms svith others much nioie
important, the necessity of iucieasing | piiispect
Jhe repiesentation is not   justified and j
Wic really must refuse to entertain
the scheme of a wicked,but sviity correspondent to buy up the Herald and
exhibit it as the "missing link." Try
J>ni-miin it Bailey's shosv, it is alsvays
looking for freaks.
Some Sayings of Disraeli.
A noble;   member of   the   House   of
Commons   who   had   risen    to    great,
eminence, paused in his first speech   to'
yawn.    " He'll do," at, once exclaimed
Disraeli.    Of a member whoso physical
.shortsightedness was- conspicuous, and
svhose constant application  and  dropping   of   his  eye-glasses   irritated   the
House, Disraeli said, " If this man had
eyes,   how   the   House   would    damn
them?"   Disraeli said,   * When I meet
a man svhose name 1 c-.umot remember,
T give myself tsvo minutes ; then,   if  it
be a hopeless case, 1 alsvays say,   'And
how   is   the  old    complaint?"'7    Mr.
Gladstone pausing for a moment, as   if
forgetting his next sentence,   Disraeli
instantly said across the table, as if ��</
help the orator," Your last wind   svas
���Revolution."     Disraeli   said' lo    Sir
William Fraser, in   the  early  days of
their acquaintance. " You have chostfn
the only career in which a man is never
old. , A statesman can feel and  inspite
interest longer than  any  other man."
'��� N��*ver   trouble    your     head    as     to
ciiticism,"   Disraeli   once   said,   when
speaking of success  in   the   House of
Commons.    "You know when you sit,
down after a speech pieeisely its value.
A man  does  not  deceive  himself���he
knows to the value of ;i  shilling  what
his speech has been worth."
I^eVelstoke - -Hospital.
Maternity ward in connection.
Vaccine kept on band  .    .    .    .
Drs. McKechnie and Jeffs,   -   Attendants.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc."
,.   Notary Public.
Olliceiii Smith I'lock.Vacilic Avenue,
Telegraph  Line to, Klondike.,
It'is probable I hat���the. Dominion
government svill, during the present
session, ask for a vote to extend the
telegraph system through Quesnelle to
Dasvson City, via Telegraph' ('reek. It
is understood that estimates have been
prepaied shosving the cost of Ihe pro-
post1!] line. There may also be a proposition from the C.P.R. to either build
or lease the line.
, The distance fniin Ashcroft to Quesnelle is 22.") miles, and Ihe government
already osvns the telegraph line
betsveen these ) wo points. Then, from
Quesnelle to Telegraph Cteok is a
I'm tber distance of 510 miles, which, it
is said, can be wired in one season. II.
'is saitl that the government has been
assured that a line snflicient to meet
t he present requirements of I lie country
can he built lor'iji.jOO.OOO. '     '
-    The Stickine Give-Away.' ���
The lantl subsidy grantetl to Messrs.
Mackenzie and Mann by the Dominion
Government, is the most valuable concession ever given by Canada���if it is
not the moil valuable ever granted in
the histoi y' of the world. Compared
svith princely endowments of tei-'-iloiy
made to the Hudson's Bay Company
and similar org.-ini/.al ions,, vs hen this
continent was lirsl 'discovered, Mr.
Mackenzie's gift ii ai'len to one, And
if'theinen ivho seemed the right to
develop the North West svere able to
interest capitalists in t hat enterpi ise in
1070 the Mackenzie-Mann syndicate
ought lo be able lo float, theil gold
milling enterprise in the richest lields
ev er discov.ued at a prolit of from ten
to twenty million dollars. That is what
t he Government has given'asvay. Four
million acres of ihe most promising
gold-boai ing properties, iu the Vukon
country svill form an asset tor a company   capable   ol   unlimited    capit.ili
Threatened to Retaliate.
Colonel Topping's attempt to gain
signatures to a petition for Mi. Hein/.e
to obtain ��� n Dominion subsidy , for
building a,railway to Boundary Creek
met svith a severe frost at. Greenwood
last-week. At a public meeting convened to discuss" the matter, Mr.
Heinze and his railway schemes were
handled in no sentimental manner, oik*
of the speakers, Alderman Galloway,
saying he "doubted if Mr. Heinze intended to build. He first askecL for'a
charter only, then a land grant, then a
cash subsidy.(and now he is asking for
another cash subsipy; and if he gels
this he svill simply be in a position 'to
sell out at a higher figure, lie had no
faith iu Mr. Heinze or his railway
schemes." At the conclusion of the
meeting Colonel Topping said: "I
hope the people appreciate the gravity
of the position they have taken. Mi.
Heinze is a strong friend oi a'strong'
en'einy. He is going to build into this
district, and the chances are that he
svill reciprocate for this." This threat
raised a tumult', as well' it might, "anil
Colonel Topping hastily reina'rked'that
it svas not meant as a threat. Colonel
Topping seems toforget that that sort
of a thing don't go in this countiy.
We are not yet sunk to,the condition
svhere, a disappointed subsidy-seeker
can cause much alarm by, t breal ening
retaliation. It may be so iu some
countries,: but. not here. ��� Russia nil
Mining- Brokers,
Mines and Mining Stocks.
A   McNeil,
Front Street, Revelstoke'.
Haircut, 25c;   Bath, 50c; Six Shaving
Tickets for SI.00.
i-'or everything" required  for the
Bath, such as large and small
sponges, nail and bath
t soap's,  waters, go to the
ADA DRUG <& BOOK CO.,    '
LIN &-.QO.'
Groceries,   Provisions,   Fruit   and   Confectionery,
Cigars, Tobaccos etc.
Importers Scandinavian Produce.'
Mail orders promptly,attended to.      ,, , '
Goods delivered at anv part of town.
First Street, Revelstoke Station.
Suits from .$12, Pants from S-M.
Sample and . measurement  forms  sent
on application.
92 Government St.,   c-
White labor only. ��� ,  VICTORIA,   B. C.
 < /
Repairing Neatly & Promptly Executed.
iti'''':"'!"*:���""���) i"
��L-  JL O-i. U   UJU.
-    ���     PROPRIETORS.
Best $La day house in town.      White labour only.
(Ahhiiciato of lioj-.-i! School of Jlinos
, ' b London, ICiijji.umI.)
Mining" Engineer,    Analytical    Clicmist
and  Assaycr.    '
Properties examined and l-enoi-lcd on.
Consulting- Canadian Convenience.
An important conference svas" held
Monday in the office of the minister of
trade and commerce, Ottawa, at which
there svere present. Sir Richatd Cait-
svrif^ht, Messis. Mulock, Sifton' and
Patet-son, Deputy Ministers Parmalee
and McDoui-'ald, and Elias Rogers and
K. A. Watts, the president  and  secre-
sation. In fact it would be eo.iMilere.l | t;"'V respectively of the Toronto board
a fas or by Kn^'lMi inve>tors tu cr.'t!'c,f trade; Janice tb-atbern, pieMdent,
into   a  compauv   ssith   Mich    brilliant.
'Th."   ib's-efopmenl ''of   the ! ^'"H-r.-al board of   trade; Norman   Mc
propei tie- that the C'omp.uiv ss ill select ]
, svill prolubls- re-ult   in   Ihe" fo. matioti I <-bji'ct ssas to discus a method of over
.cannot be admitted   iron,   the eleetois    y, lhl. 1,ll..l,JM llimilll, >yr,dic-,it.-'ever
elt'ccteii.   -ToroiUo Kvelium Nesss.
('.   F.'Smith  and  R.  McKay,  of  the
Lean,   Vancouver,   and   others.     The
1 coming the inconveiiience lo Canadian
point of vie.sv as,   if   the   l.illooet ' pro-    ^fected.   -ToroiUo Kveimm Ness s. j ttad.-rs and Canadian miners  entering
portion" of voters to a 'member is ri-ht, '- ��� ���  i thl' Vnkon   co.mtry   by   way  of Dyea
���, ii ii - I'f'd   thinners  'sniiPe7i:'d 1 and Skaysvav until such   times as  the
the counttv  svould possess a iLoti.se ot Le��u  onippeia ouueeiea.      , .-,'..,     t,.-, ���
��� | - ' ' '  | svinter   trail   via   the  Stikine   river  is
jiibout 1SG membeis.    ' I     J. M. H.u-i is, of the   Heco mine, s,ty- . ,,Mfiy.
We knoss- ]\Ir G-ladstoue once I the Kaslo' Xess>. lrfu,i-s an inteliieent | After a long discussion the following
Aliou'dit of makiiiL; enough Liberal i ��' ^-uii/.u ion on the put; of Noi tu- , i-econnnendations svere agreed upoa
peers" to cairv his home rule' nie.isu.e, ! ^,-ier,, mininu- men. "Ain'om: i.th;*r _ ,lnd app.-oved by the government:
���,.,.", , ' , matters leipurmg.nljti-inwnt.   -,ud h*.     ������ \\\. uould ,recoininend thai the  miv-
but lie hesitated : and so, too, svn hoiu- i ,...,..,-/,..   , i ���     ��� �� ,        , ���       ,
���M ,, . i     I    i-ibr-niju-tii.'mt'.K ti-d upon-b;|ipitig    (- rument of Canada make arrangements
.will the.   Hon. Mr.   Turner   bet..re   he , mim., itl th,. m.)t!,-i ,,f  dot b-'ch.oged ! to advance aMhe Canadian border the
- inauiiiirates a policy which, carried    to I hy the L'nited Miai��'~ u:os ei uuu-ni upon ; amount of  money dw  as a refund   to
its lo.'ical conclu.sii.n, svoulil   make this    b'.ul cue- imp..i teil fiom British ( uluin- , each traveller as shosvn by the  Ameri-
prosince a laughiii','stock   in   the eyes
,of the ssorltl.
\\'k hear a lot ot   talk    about    Klou
,-Jvke. Cripple Creek ami other   minim:
fields, but   West    Kootenay is' not.  bs ' (hat-"
any iiieans out   of   tlie   rare, as Turin ex
'prole       The    output    of 'nil'    troll!   tills
tu,i. The smeller makes a reduction of ,-.nl eustoius ottieer's certificate, th"
11) pel eeiil. upon .ill lead ii't eivi>d. on , per-on boldinif suoh eertific.ite to en-
.iciotiiii of \\.-i<le and .-In ink.ige; so dorse the .same over |n the Canadian
that tin- shippei only 'receives !K) pr-r ' customs (iftirrr, and-aid amount to be
r .-ni. of t he lead in  each   i oiisiccimietil, ' refill uleii to the Canadian govern men l.\
I'l-pi-.'-enlali vi> on pre^enl at ion to the
Ami'i i( an i-olleclrn- al tile port of cutty
as   piovnli-d   for   by  section K-i of llu-
FRED. M. WELLS, Mine Examiner.
-A      H. oTl OLD I Oil,
Analytical Chemist and Assaycr,
Assays of every variety of minora). ,
Analysis  of  milk,   sv.itor, or oilier materials
used for food.
Prompt Results. Prompt Cash.
��   H. HEAPS & CO., .
, Machinery Brokers,
n atXi Cordova Street,
The bar is supplied with the best brands of wines,   liquors  and
J. V. PLRKS, Manac.i'R.
Knoim House.
.   ' .J. ALI'.IOirr STONK Pitoi-itinroit.'
Dimog Room is fmMM willi, tho best the
'' . - Market a Ms.
.Gold Hi
FRANK  VANDAI.L: Pkoi-uiktok.
'i v.; v i���.�� ..j i��� Oj ^Oo     JLi*. \J>.	
IifiStTalilO IB
j_ O   W il 0
FOR SALE���A quantity of light, secoiul li.uul
Steel Hails.
Best $2.00 a day House in the Cily.
VANCOUVER,    .' -    B. C.
$2 pe:
Faroisfifid, Rooms,
JJm, .-Liquors' and Cigars,    -[
Slpi8tlv First-Class.
Iv.'tmloops Meer on Draught
AliUAMA.MSON   IJI!()S., I'noi'niHTOif.s.
Vjistiiet in tlie month <��f .Ltmi.uy "-Ms
>$ 1,1 0:J,4."3S, a lecold pas-ell i,i-l se.ir
jiv only lliiee ��i,-ues in tin- I'liion.
���This ^ises Koolenay the t'nUltll pi.ue
and pulsitiilie.nl of West Ausl i .ili.i
ss lio-e as ei aire si,is ln.t c 1,0'50,.'�����').'{.
���The people of thi- flistiiit, (lo not ad
\eitise their su.mlei till n-soiiriis
.unoii^h, and I be Janu.iis' oiiipul of
;his leu- iiffib puiii'iibu not iff in t be
pirss ,ind by t be publii'.
ml in spire ol i his r.icl t he f^i-rs eriiment
ul! diif s on th" ent il e amount.
In   all   the   pidili-b'-il    s(,,i i-oieiils ,ui(l
l-(i||,|i.l|.ltis'e e-liin.ites of the p.i-,| ,M)'I
pipe-   o|    11-ii 11    SS hll ll   I  ha s e    N'l'M,  llli'
iii'\s import ilutyof yL.'V) per hundred
h.i-bi-eii liifiu.'d \silb no inelifloiiof
I lie 'obli'd !i.-s 11-.nil iie/ ti etui t In- K"v"
ei iniiciil's ' b.i i i;e lor t h>- lull .iiii'iiuit.
So i b il ss il ll b'.nl al Hi it b.i- been
.-iilli'd lll.ll the lift M'llllHs would In-
."S'i ���".''.      These    liifiu es' .1 ie   111 is|e,u| i ne;,
,i - ,i I eiliii-t 1011 of Id (cuts shfiuld liist
be made 11 mil t he ipioled pi ire nt$l,
aflfi- ss lin h llu l.illlTof ^l.,V) led dies,
the in-i pn.ieeds lo S'2 I') pei bundled.
"On shipments ol had oi'���- to Ssv.in-
si-,i sun Iters   ss e   iceeixe  eieflii   for lie-
CITY   ������
Bread and Confectionery.
Free Delivery Every Day.
Ani"i-i'-.in retfiibit ions  i^su.-d at W,ish- '
iri}*;!onun February 2. ���      !
i i
The Games Creek Consolidated Gold:
Mines, Limited Liability.      !
       _ ^__ _^_ i
V'lTIf'K IS JfKHKHY CI VKMli.it llif   Sn-
,N     iiii.il Ct'ii'jral Mf-);liii(; "f tin   -leiri'liolfli-i^
nf tin- .iIiom- n.inird roinpciny a-i'1I Ik- Ik-M ,lI Uh-
(firnpaay'- ritllcf :it  I'.i", ';l-l'ik<;, 'ill ,ii-li (uliine |
In.i  mi  th..  cljr'itli  d-<.y r.f  M.ir> li. I !)-, ,i' '-.-.u,
l o'.'.lnf-k   in  the  afternoon,   'or   It..'   i)uriy>-'    of i
' I'li'ftuiK fifllefjr-i for the f mmiilt }'i nr ,iml for,ill i
othiT K'-nerf.! jmriifi-'h r'-l.uin({ I"  tin: in in,i^'-
mi-lit "f tlie rfiinrmiiy. ,
'��� 1. T. HHKWSTKH. -vjf.rfi.ir>
Hi'M'l-toke, ]'..<'.. J-V-l). \ \i-it*
J, R. HULL & CO.
Wholesalo    and    Poetail
}>urvc-\'ors (if 1 I i-jh-ciass Meats
firders- in i in- line is il
atl elided to.
pi mil j il Is-
Jiosv the J/earld's immiLiI .ipjienfla^e is
jthis sveelc. W" J if-11 last beaid a1 out
.some wicked pcison hafl ll sipifi-zed in
11 ciMi'k fssbat beautiful met.i plan ) and
/the Herald vi as '.u-aflually I.ill. firmly
oullin"'ll ass av. \\'e liiisl soiisased
;ill th.it   Useful  ,11 tielr
Certificate of Improvements.
      "*- full amount, so t bat  ll  ss onlfl set in ( hat  '
Wi; aie extiemely-olii.iliiiJs, to kriosv I  ,.j|||,.,   | he .Svv.msea  people   ai e ifeiuiiuf
pbllaul 111 opis| s,   in-    we.lie   pa s uij< I of) '
lin K 11 I ribiile In I he  \ mei ic i n siiu-ll ers.
Til"   di'lllll hull   for    Uioisllire    sit|i|lOs .(|      ()1(. .,.,!,    [jj^   |,,,Iirl   ,,,,|],     ,.   0   j,    |1|(,|   Klv,,.r
lo be (-out.hi.I'd in i.iu    on s i- often <-<    | iiiiiiertd (���liiirii-; .irifl   Olf-   Hull,   Oikf.   l��.-nt ���
.tod   fjfild    Hill    fra'tioniil   iiiiik-iiiI  cl.uiin
lessi'.e.     Tlu-se m.|| I l-i -, lilltrbl. |U "|>e|-Iy   i -iitliat"fl ill till! flrvaUUik'' .-SIiiiiiii< riivi-ion,
,      , ,  .       ���,, ,, i- , i "    I        'West l-CrK.leriiiy. If.MUi ft in I lid fill? I!' fid.
he bioiiKht  ssilhlli    the   |i|iisiiici'(il  llii'l rpAKK   VflTIfK   Ihr.r    I, _ VV'IIIIhiii    Jlioicr,
Norlhssi-I Muiiiie; As-m ia l ion, and it
mi I eh el' ( an be bad a I I his I one from
I he siiiellei - ss e sluuild a| |e,is| ,i.(.|ire
a I edilcl ion of I lie o.iM-rnmenl lai ill' -o
that I he pstymciil. of dill les will lie decreased to 'correspond ssil.b the smeller,
ret urns.'' 7 ...'.'���'���".
\Vc I>;iVe n
(}o(hi s^pp'y ()| ��� ��� ���
First-class Table   *���   Good Beds   ������������ .Fire-proof Safe
Telephone   ���,   'Bus Meets all Trains.
AI'.KAllAalSON   ISUOiS., Puonnm-oiis.
Everything new and First=class in all Respects.
The Housa is stocked with the Finest Wines and Cigars in the Market
/.pplicatisn to Parliament,
t I'-M.ICATION SS'lbb I IK J! A UK In llu1
j\ I'lii'liiiiiii'iil nl' ('mi.el.i .il it- next session
Ie,- an Ail lo : iu-oi-|)i >r.il (* a ( 'iiiii|iiiii,s' willi
|i is- er lo i misiniri, iniinMji anil o|ii>rnli' liy
nn, 'inn is c pin-, it n si,unlaid in o.irrosv j.'aiiu'c
lai I ssas I ruin sua ie pi nn I a I ur ilea - A ri'nss licail.
An .ss I .a I: ���, llrilis I ('nlninliia. li.s I lie lllu-l
I ( ,isi', c i on: ��� s a Ti'iinl I nUe nr lliinciii I lis ci
I i -in,ie I'll,nl al in- near llu- imiIIi cihI of
K'utisiis' I al.c in tin: K'unl'iias District
is i h In.in la- ol any l> iiill'l ssilh pnsser
also In c iasi i in I, in,mil.do anil up" ill' I lie
ncc s a -. Iniil^i i use.' nasi;; i I i" , -, ,-uul
ih'i i���-    \ ssa;, s, |i.| ,'ii's, mails ami ntln-r ssniks
II ilcil ill (llli'iw.i this .'II h das   ol   Dei cinlicr.
a. i'-|.:i:ci--(i\-.
H , Ie ill SnlKitiii (ni llio applicants.
Private Eili Notice.
Certificate of Improvements.
N'OTICK is licrcliy ^iien Unit appliciilion svill
bo iniiilc to lho l.i'Kislnlivi- Asscmlily for
I lie i'r.is luce ol Hril ish ('olmtiIjiii. nl ils iu-.\t
session, Inc.i |ii'iv ilc liill In iiii-oi-poi-iili' a i'iiiii-
pany to IiiiiIiI. oipiip. iiininlain anil opcralu a
line or lines oi nulss'iiy iKitu a poiul al or near
Allicrt ("luiyon: tlieiici' up llio s alley of tin;
"Nin-lli l.'iirk of llio Illi'i-illcss-acl riser lo lin1
licad-ss'alui-s of tlie Dossnic crei'l;: tlii'iiei: down
lliu salli'\ of 1 lie Doss hie creek to llio junction
of tlnil si renin ssilli llio Coliiiiilnii riser; llieueu
doss-ii t lie t'olnniliiii riser to Kovelsloke: svilli
llio power lo equip, eouslniil ami iiininlain
lii-.iin-li lines lo any mine or mines,anil all noocs-
s.uy hri'l^'cs, road ssnys anil ferries, ami to
bnilil. (iss'ii anil uiaiiitaiii ss'liarses nail docks in
couiieciion llieress-u li; ,uul with puss-or to laiild,
oss n, oi I nip and maintain strain anil oilier
sals anil
ilcai   1 leiald, and
jliope no poiiiou of it    ssas   left   iu   t Ik
J lands of si-iu an) aeonisl .svlio. iindoiibl
/-illy svas envious   of  its   e,\ I raordiiiary
/.ei.'���' ''��� ;m<'   Ib-^i'^b'ty: or, ���fierhaps, be
PAI-TK   VflTlfK   llir.t    I,    VVIIIiiun    Hihht, , r,.(   Qnifc  (fir  Qnft<, f'lch
1     ,k tintfiw ,ij,f-nr for tins   bonflon imrl   li. (', | S^Ul   KUlCis   I()r   0|)(M   Udisll
Alliain ii Symlif ale, free iiun'-i-'n ei-i lilli nlc   So
".")7I'.;,   Int'sinl   -litly days nft"r  date  In r.-of  lo
apply to tlie iiiirmiK rcfonlcr for a cerliIleal'��� fif
linpi ovi'iiii'iits for the   piirofHf)   fif  fililniiniiK  il
cross n ktiinf of lh<! iiliriv" flaiiii-'.
And   further.take  rn.l.if.c that  ii'.'tion   under
.Sec. 117 iiiiimI, Ik.! ooniinerieofl liofui'i) llio Iriiiuanoo
of Hiiohcortlllcitte of iniia-ovcuuail^.
SV(l,.l,fAM A.��� IIA'UKIt, i'. b.H.
Dalf.'fl tin'.- ii.'* December,'I��". :i7-!it
Call and sec us, Wc can fix you.
Hovolstoko   Station,   B.C
Imats. and  operalo llio same on any
ii.iviK.'ilile ssalers williin llio in-ovinooiand svith
posser lo Iniild. eipiip. operate and  inainlain
li'lcifrapli   and   telephone   lines  in   eoinieeiiun
(llll'IIAN  I!(1V   MIVKIiAb CbAIJI. wiMl   Hm ,-'1(1 .railssaj   and   ln-iuKjlii's. and   lo
, .,       ,,,      .,      ,    ...  .       ...  . . K' nernle "loi Irieily for Ihosiipply oi li^hl. heal
Siliiai.il   in   Hi.    llu'   IVnd    AlimiirsC   Disision.     ..,,���! power; ninl ssilh pnss-ertoeNiav.priiileland.s
li-tri. I    oi    SSi-i    Kooliiias.   l'��-'l'i     mi     for Ihe piirpo-es of I In; eonipanv. iin-l In iieuiiin:
J la  tell   ( ,- \,   a iriiiiil u-s    of   Al. I iilloch     j,, 1(U_ i,,,,,,,,^, prisilt'i;es or other niiN  from
(inl.. in Hi.   Lie   linid   iiiiiiniK diM-ion of     ,,,,j   ,;���\,., ���,iu nl.   municipal   corpoi.ilion.    or
..... .'���"���' Jy.'.'i-V/".'1 \" i    ,   .   ... �����   i,       ��� I fithei pei-siinsor hodies. and Lo losy anil  oolled,
r  lAKI.'M'l I'.I    lhal.I   ' i.-i-o   n. Das nisui,   . , ���i|s ��� ,,,n all pal I ies iismK.  and   mi  all  freiidit
,! ,   <>"   ''"V"1, ,-' ' ,\"-        '  '   l"",m"1  I  p-issiimoserans or such road-, railsvavs. triun-
l.i.n i, us U.lh. l-!i, at m'H vscs|ii,iii.|u. in-1 u.n,, tvn.ics. s-. ears es and si'sselslunlt l,v llio
|. ml. .isl\ da - fiomii'ii- .1 it- I,e,,.,,(. e-i ,,pp!;. ,,������,,,,���,. ,UM| uith ;imscr to make li.iliic olio tin   Mnun,: IP i H'-.ler   I ii ,i ( i ililuaic ol I m- ��� ��� ���
limn lin nl-   lor   Hi"   p>,   |io-(    ol    ol;l.lining   a
I'i os*. a |:r ml or||u ;ii(n-, i   i',i ni.
And   fuilli'l   i.d i    null.'    ' lial '.n I ion. leutei-
se.'-l nm :t7. Iiilift   lie   .;iilnlli.:ih-,.-.l    :jcl.���!���..:   III..-   I.s-
-aimice of .-iieli Cerlilieale of-.Improvements. ��� ;
baleil ii.' \'ah.������'aivia- tin's :{iii h.da v of ' .Vnvcin-
her. A;11.. 1--!I7. ..;!:i-i:)t.   ���
nl li- i ai i-.iiifji'iiiriits svilh nulssay. -teainhoal or
ol In r c.aiip.uiie-. and lor all. other neces-aiy or
iiicii]t-iit.i! lights, poss-oisand pnvilexes in that
Haled fit Vancouver, 11. (.'..  this' ITt-li  dav  of
���Novfml.er. 1WI7. ��� '
Wilson &skxki,i..:i:.-
("-lit '   .    Solicitors for the A pplioaiil-.'.
Muiiuuiita,iiKiiic��mi iu
mmmMmmm THE KOOTEXAY MATk  FA GE t  Comets in 1898.  rJ nis- year iiuile a bevy of those cos-  niicul waudereis are timed to appear  in. our skies. The Pons Winnecke  eoinet. should open the li^L by appearing in April, after an absence of about  five and a half years. In May the celebrated Enrke cornel is due. This  eoinet has a period  of  only three and  , a ipiarler years, and, its fieipient u1-  uppearance has been the means of  astronomers discovering a gieat deal  about, comets and their wanderings  tin ough space. In June we should  have tsvoofi these cosmical visitors ���������  Swift's and Wolfe's, the former after  an absence of six'years and the latter a  ��������� 1 rifle longer'. Temple's comet completes (he visitors'' lint, by, an iving in  September. These comets are all  veic'ular visitors svhose pel iods are so  well knosvn thai tin ir an is-al maybe  ��������� timed almost to the hour. Others, no.  doubt, svill arrive, but they svill doubtless be casiiuls, of svhose antecedents  liolliiii", is knosvn, and uiosl of them  siicli small fry a- only to catch tlieat-  U'lition of the most, assiduous observers.  There is one other mine) fwliose visit  falls due in Ripteinber, ISO'S, but this  prior body went to |>ieces lifty years  ago. 'Tbi-, comet is knosvn as Biela's  and -has not been seen since 1S52,  alt hough it,' ought lo have returned  half a dozen times since then. It began  . to divide ill' 1SI0, and on its  next, and last .appearance ].250,001)  miles separated its patt.s. Il was this  comet.svhich an astronomer predicted  would reach within 20.01M)  miles of the  ���������earth's-path on its visit iii l.S.">2, anil so  accurately svas this prediction made  tbat'its fulfilment svas , consummated  sviihin twelve lioui-M of (hi' time foretold. The near approach iif the eoinet  Iii the earth's oi bit,caused a considerable amount of consternation through-  the country. Nor ssas the excitement,  greatly allayed by the assurance that,  the earth svould not ^-earli that portion  of il > coin se'svhich the comet approached so closely for at least a month after.  ' Ilosves-er, nothing .serious, happened,  and t he public mind resumed its wonted  calm. Although (/13iela's comet,-is not.  likely to appear, there ssill doubtless,  be seen about November 20 or 27 a  s'hosver of, meteor-, associated ,svilh the  orbit of the lo-t comet.' This shosver  regularly returns al periods coincident  ss ith, the times at svhich the parent  cou'iel would base arrived bad it maintained its coherency.    ,  <    A Remarkable Clock.  A' master carpenter has just, finished  at Chatledon. in France, a clock that it  has taken him 24 years to make. This  dock is toinpo-vd of four faces, the  largest of svhich indicate-. I he seconds  minutes hours and yea is-. 'The centre  band goes around thi.s face ence in a  century. On th" other three faces are  hands marking on one the days ot the  week, on the oilier the months of t he  year, and on lb'- third the date's, of the  month. Leap years are nut foi gotten,  and the irregularity in the .iiiiiiborof  davs in the month is provided foi. The  sun is sbosvn at the hour of sunrise and  sunset al. exactly the same hours as  the .si.n in follosving the course of the  season, 1-Vcry morning ail hour before  sunrise, every evening an hour after  sunset, a1 sacristan opens a lit tie dooi,  1 lake.-oil'his hat. and sings the Angelus.  AC tsvelve the clock plavs an air of  music ssbich v.-uies every day. The  quarters aie rung on tsso different  bell.-. The hours aie mat Iced by a pio-  eession of the Tsvelve Apostles, each  o.ie armed svith a hammer with svhich  he strikes upon a gong. The exterior  of the clock is ill sculptured brass  representing the industries of Peace.  Canada's Mineral Output.  The detailed le.port of the geological  siiivey upon .statistics of mines and  minerals for the. year 1S97-has been  issued. It gises Canada's total mineral  prod uci ion for the year at s22,500,000,  an inciease of 125 percent, in 10 years,  the production in ISSG having been  810,000,000.  The increase of mineral production  in the Uniied States for the same  decade ssas 10 per cent. The. annual  pi eduction per eapita is &S in (he  United States, against 81.50 in Canada.  In the production of gold llritisli  Columbia stands ciediled svilh over  01 percent, and Nova Scotia svith over  I) percent. The Northwest Territories,,  incliidino the Yukon district, conies  third svith 1.'} percent, svhile Quebec  con t I'i Lutes much under 1 per cent.  What May Bs Expected.  Political prophesying is a poor business at I be best; but we imagine most  people who have kept I rack of the svays  and manners of Ihe "agglomeration "  al, .lames Hay svill agree svilh us that  due does not ii"ed lo be a prophet lo  foresee thai (be coming session svill be  marked by Ihe launching or refurbishing of schemes svhich shall have lor  I heir main object, from the standpoint  of I he "agglomeration," Ihe catching  of voD's. 'The old g.iliii'of In ibing Ihe  priiple svith their osvii money will be  played for all it is ss orl b. The inlei esl.s  of ( b" people ss ill become ves y dear lo  (be liearls of the (Jovi-i-nnienl; and, as  Ihri o svoiihl not be lime lo prose (hi-  by a sle.uly roui-e of good goiem-  iip'iiI. ss e must look lor sonielbiiig  si,liking, and, a |l racl.ive. It appears  a.hiiosl.cei lain,I ha I, t he' license fee. imposed iipon ��������� svot'king. miners, .will go.  (Juile possibly: Ihe mortgage   lux   ssill i  disappear also. ' Then something surely can be made out of Klondike. The  natural anxiety of the coast cities to  get a good share of the lucrative outfitting trade can be tickled in some  way. no doubt. There will, of course,1  he big appropriations for public works.  A member or tsyo may be added to the  House, if it, appearsidikely that they  can be "put where they svill do the  most "good." An addition of, say, a  million to the debt of /the Province  would be a mere bagatelle, if the  object svas attained, and the "agglomeration " given another four year-'  lease of power. "Whether th>* people  can be induced by the promise of such  temporary benefits to saddle themselves svith th<* consequences of anol her  four years of Tiirnerism, is a question  svhich svill not. be nnssveieil until the  evening of polling day.- Columbian.  ���������    Great'Northern Extension.  ' Humors are afloat concerning the  biiildingin the near future of a line of  railway from 'Bedlingtoh, a point on  the Kootenay Hiver close to the international , boundarj between British  Columbia and the Slate of' Idaho, to  Nelson. Such iiu ' undei taking is not  improbable. The route has been  surveyed and a Provincial ' charter  covering it svas granted at' the last  session of the legislature. The line  practically svould lie, an extension of  the Great Northern railway from ils  main tracks at Bonnei's Pet ry to a  central and easily accessible1,point on  Kootenay, Lake. 1,1 svould give the  Great Northern'rihort rail communication svith the extensive , territory  that is tributary to Kootenay Lake and  the Kaslo & Slocan railway,, the latter  being, it is commonly supposed, controlled by the president of" the big  Anieiicau road. The operation of the  Bedlinglim & Nelson railway will be,  an,incalculable  benefit  to  the   miners  and merchant- of the country to svhich  it svill extend, and svill forever giv-'e  them a competing railway service from  E.i*tern Canada and Pacific coa-t  centers.  . Funeral of a Giant-  The funeral of Joseph Handley, who  s\-as the large-r man in Philadelphia,  took place on Monday, antl the undertaker who had charge of the funeral  ceremonies, had no end of f roubles  before the former giant svas laid to  re.-t'. Hundley weighed between <jOU  and, 000 lbs. and sva-= over four foot  broad across the shoulders. The undertaker could find no coffin in the_jdty  large enough for his body, and svas  forced to build one, the' dimensions of  which svere 7 feet in length,,4i feet in  width, and 2i f.-et in' depth. The  coffin svas supported" by iron bands  and before it could be carried from the  house, the door jan'is had to be re-,  moved. A bear-e huge enough for the  coffin could not be seemed, and it was  taken to the cemetery in an open  wagon. The ciillin together" svith the  body weighed 1,2W lbs., and svas rolled  up the aisle of,,the'church on a rubber  tired truck.' It svas intended to have  the interment at Old Cathedral  cemetery, but the entrance of the  receiving vault svas too narrow and  the funeral svas foiced'to go to Holy  Cross cemetery. Handley , was 10  vears of age and served on the police  force under Mayor Pox.       ���������'   ���������  TENAY LUMBERC0.  LIMITED LIABILITY.  ���������COMAPLIX, B.C..  Afifl  all_kinds of r   ~  ROUGH AND DRESSED LUMBER.  At the Company's Store is carried a Full Stock of General  Merchandise :    Miners' Supplies and Outfits at close rates.  P.O.' Akhosvhkad.  Telegkai'H to C'ojiaplix.  The Company's S.S. "LARDEAU" connects svith all C.P.R. trains and steameis, and m  trips between Arrosvhead and Comaplix and Thomson's Landing. Communication is thus ejtabl  all points in the Lardeau, Trout Lake and Fish Creek di-U ids. ������  The Company's tug "ARCHER"- is ready to enter into, tossing and freighting contracts.  The- Townsite of COMAPLIX is now on t he market and lots are selling rapidly.   Comaplix  fitting point and headquarters for the Lai dean and Fish Creek districts nosv being opened up.    It  splendid sit nation, high and diy, on the N. 10. arm of-Upper Arrow Lake, eight miles from Arrow  has deep svatei for vessels all the year round.    It has good Hotel accommodation, telegraph and  connections, and daily mails. , ��������� ' '  ikes  daily  ished ss ith  is the nut-  occupier- a  head, and  telephone  R. TAPPING, Agent for, RevelstoKe.  Prince of Monaco.  "To what- ba.se uses innyTwe-Teturn-���������  , , Ll  etc: Prince Albert of Monaco who has  just succeeded in driving a hard  bin gam svith the Monte Carlo syndicate is the represeiiiative of ,-i great  past. -His dukedom of Valenlinois  comes from (Vsare Borgia: that of  Mazai iu i'roiu Cardinal .Mnzarin.' His  svife, too, is the svidosv of Due de  Richelieu.  HENDERSON   BROS.  RUCCFSSOHS TO " , .        ,  . LANGLEY & HENDERSON BEOS,  . Wholesale   Druggists,  (Established 1SJS.) ������  "---aaHzzzsg?- Victoria   and    Vancouver,    B. C.  i* ' * "���������        '  " ts. I '  We cat ry the largest stock of Chemicals,.Drugs, Patent Medicines, Toilet  Articles, Klc. i'n'Briti-h Columbia.  Parties in. or coi templatiiig opening in business, will find it lo their advantage to place their orders with,us.        l   , '"  The, present   centre   and .future  headquarters for  MINING OPERATIONS IN BRITISH COLUMBIA.  ROUT  LAKE  CITY  VANTAG  It is the centre of the Lardeau mining district.  It will have railways to  the north and south.'.  Its climate is superb.  It has plenty of building  timber and a sawmill  in operation providing  lumber at reasonable  prices on the spot.  Its lake aftords exceptionally good trout  fishing.  It has a crown grant, purchasers of lots thus obtaining an absolutely  clear title.  son's  Landing  stao'e of-"! 2^miles  ROUT' LAKE CITY  is reached by rail from  Revelstoke to Arrowhead, 2S mile's ; thence  by steamer. 10 miles, to Thousand a short  the���������entire  journey occupying, only 6 hours  through magnificent mountain  and lake scenery. ���������  ,  ��������� Well-known mining , promoters and capitalists already  have their" representatives on  the ground, and it is no  boomer's dream to say that before another six months Trout  Laki-: City will be a bustling  centre of business and the principal town in this treasure-laden,  Lardeau, the new centre of attraction for the best mining  enterprise, skill and capital  which British Columbia has  magnetized within her borders.  The climate and soil of the  district are all that could be  desired by therancher,gardener  or fruit grower for whose  products a profitable and rapid-  lv increasing market exists ;  whilst to the sportsmen the  neighborhood affords game in  plenty. '   '  The accommodation includes  good hotels, stores, post office,  recording office, butcher shop  and many private residences.  Building operations are in  full progress, and the establishment of the sawmill will tend  still more to enhance the immediate growth of this rising  town.  pbices o:f lots.  Inside, $100; payable $33.33 "down. $33.33 in } months, $33.33  in 6 months.  Corners, $150; payable $50 down. $50 in 3 months,   $50   in   6  months.  (These prices are for a sliort time only.)  T. L. HAIG, Ri-:\'Hi..-TOKK. General Agent. . ;  1 i.UG',1-1 M.'BHI'IRSON, Trout Lakh Citv. Resident Agent,  J. Hutchison & Co.,'  (Opposite Government Office,)  Groceries,' Feed, .Fruit, always  ,   fresh "and full stock..  HEW STORE.  NEW, STOCK.  Short   Accounts.  F. MeCapty  ; Wholesale and Retail!  ������ 1  UEAl.lSK IN  Milk Cows; Saddle, Pack,  .   Driving1 and Draught  Horses. "    ."  Revelstoke Station, B,C.  HOT!)  KAMLOOPS.B.G,,  Best of everything going.  RUSSELL   & JHEROD, .Prop's.  Tin-:  BEST AND CHEAPESTROUTE  FROIV! REVELSTOKE .      -  To all Points East and West.  THROUGH TICKETS TO  Vancouver, YVinnipeir, St. Pa.nl,'  Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, New .York.  First-class dining a,nd sleeping-  cars on all /rains.  Tli'r.niKli Tourist cars to St. Paul daily, !.o  "I'ei-oiito every Monday, Montreal and Ilos-  tiin every Tluu-.silay, and Montreal mill  l'orUund Fridays.  Purchase liukoLs to your tlcxliiialion mid have  your hiiKKimc checked I hi-oue;h.  Kur full inforiimtion us to rates, Mum. etc., n|i-  uly to iieiii'i'st ('.IMS. Atfent., to  T. W. HltADSIlAW, Aj,'i-iil. liovulstiikc.  Or to   K. .I. coyij-:.  District I'.issciiKei- Atfeut, Vancouver.  The - Canadian - Paeifte  Steamship Co.'s  -STEAMERS--  NAKUSP   and   KOOTENAY  l.eiivc Ari'owhi'iid daily I'm- nil points in Kool-  oiiny,   making  conncolion al,   Xaloisp   for  all iioinls on  Nukiisp .-mil Slocim   Ity. and  ���������SliH'iui Luke.  lose roimci'lion al liiih-on  for Nelson,  Kiisln,  Hull' ���������. Pilot liny. Trail.  Itossland, Noi-th-  porl no ! all points south.  For full  inliiriiialiiiii, tickets,  imips.  etc., call  on or address  T. W. BRADSHAW,  Agent, Itevelsloke.  Or to  W. F, CAHKON, K. .I. COY I.I':..  '   Tniv. Puss. Aki-iiI. Illst. Puss. A|?i:iit.  'kelson, II.C. Vancouver, H.O.  Columbia & Western Ry.  Tiiiie'l'iilile No. li. To Hike clt'cet .Inly I!, IM)7.  D.iily Del iiei-n Ti-.iil and liii-slnuil.  No. (i piishi'in^i'i- h-m l-s llossliuid    -   ���������   7:(iU ii.m.  Coiuiim.N n ilh slcaiiii'i-.il Trail.  No. 'A |i.issi<ii|{fr leaves Tinil    -   -   -   Sil.'i ii.m.  Coiiiiei-ls with Ki-d .Muiiiitiiiii ror .Spolaine.  No. '1 p,iss(iuKi-i- leiives lliissland    -    ���������      tl   11.111.  Coniii-i-ls willi (MM!, sli'.-inii-is for noi-tli.  No. I |i.is-i nun-leaves Trail     -     -     - l'.'iHO p.m.  ('(nun els u ith C.P.U. si (Miners from north.  No. I Piis.si'iifjei-leaves lios������laii(l   -   -   HI'lil p.m.  (.'onucet.s-svith Hed .Mountain for Spokiuie...  No. ;*i pa'sKeiiKer leaves Trail..  .-���������'-   -   ."nl.'i p.m.  Connects svilli steamer l.ylton at Trail.  .Oenei-uVOIIires- K P. CTKhlUS. ���������  Trail.' H. <-'. ���������    ��������� .Ut.leneral.Sir  BUILDER AND  DESIGNER.  Plans and specifications prepared  in India; Ink or Blue-print  Drawing's.  If you  . ntenor  so11- 1  desire air artistic home,with all modern conveniences  call and sec Maclean who can design you one in any  style: Queen Anne; Colonial, Swiss, or any other style  ������������������  you, prefer. , \  s  and   interior decorations  are his  specialties.    Store''  ''Decorations, Bank   Fixtures,   Hotel   Fixtures ;   Hall  'shewing   pannelled'  dadoes,    frescoes,   etc;;   Artistic  Screens, Verandahs, Stairways, etc. can be got out to'  suit the market. ' '    '  SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.  The Kootenay Smeltiiii  & Tpading Co. Ltd  ������  HAVE FOR SAb&  number of lots centrally located  in their Townsite  The central pointof  NORTH  KOOTENAY.  ZE^SIT   TTHIRIMIS.  NOTICE  IS H F. RK BY (; 1VKN that all parties indebted  to The Kootenay British Columbia Smelting and  Trading Syndicate in respect of the purchase of lands in the  Town of Revelstoke are required within ,60 days from the date  hereof to make payment to me or to the Imperial Bank at Revelstoke of all moneys due in respect of said lands when'deeds  will be issued. Unless said payments are made within the time  hereinbefore mentioned the purchaser will be deemed to be in  fault and the agreements for sale will be cancelled.  T. J. LKNM)RUM.  Agent and Attorney in fact for the Kootenay B. C. Smelting and Trading Syndicate.  Dated at Ainsworth this 8th day of December.   1897.  T. L. HAIG,  Resilient Agent,      '  RKVFDSTOKH  T. J. LENDRUM,  n.c.  Attorney in fact,  AINSWORTH, B.C.  ant  S9HBSRaSR^B5HEBE^!HBS3  mBSSWSB&amKm MA(i^:^y  ^T^lTJM.^^  ^   .:, Kootenay Lodge  *������$������* "No-15 A:F; &; A.M.  M^':r.*.    ���������".-. ���������.������������������-��������� ���������;���������������������������, ... ,.  ;  *    *    The, reign Inr' l'licctliij?:  <-.   ;'-->;'���������:��������� JIiCTjp-.':':  arehekljn AlieuShis-.  ^-!;-A-.-iv:,,yp\���������: <  . riiiu-.Teitiiilc.Uourn'sV  .��������� ��������� ;^*ftS^S^^^g^=iJliill,  ,on;; Uio.;rihii-(l  ^---^-----^iaS^l^^ss;^] mid ay Ci ii    eaci.  , -      ���������,'..���������**'*J���������,VOr ' ' "      ���������  Sj>������ ~-^sAAjfeJ liionth;. at 'S',";i. : in;.;  ^^���������^-i-^^-i^i'Tr ������������������"'V-irtifinfi' v brctdfroiC  -;���������'. ���������;:������������������., "~:"-'i'^1'~';*.-*r".   '-������������������:���������������������������'���������'' cordially,-u-ek-oiiiod.  :^' '^v -'/'/^-v^  '...'Cr-r���������' "'   ' .'" '.' .'., "'",.     ��������� .:''"������������������Ci     :    '���������.'.'',';'.-"���������   ".. :'"-"'' ;:  ^  ������E^LSTOKE' LODGE, ll 6.;,6.':P.,';'K:6.i 25. (  ''' ''"jk^r ""���������''  ���������sUi  ^'���������'���������^���������p^F^^^^-"^  ^���������''���������f^ :-^'^  ��������� ��������� 4  -;^' V; (:'M-1??:^iM^���������.���������B','i.^"  :^r-A-.r^.;^sv>i:-): o r d ia.l Iy wole.oi h ed. \'',:;  j:;AfstoNipNj6;r;;-;v; 'T.!.i:i:pUAif,XM. skc.  ..WX'.VKSJV"  . ,������;MXk iv;.vbini.s;KL^, as, cbniAyrtable:  a's/;possi'bl^  '''"       ���������'-.   ���������      ���������''-;.:.'''' iV ���������''':". ���������'���������'.���������������������������: ''��������� '''���������'".   fi'..-        ,     '���������'.   ;':.,'���������������������������':   ''i': -. !.'''"  .;,carjt;:d6''ithis:by^sele^  Jargecstbck'of'eom  ���������;'��������� riH^KOUSE^FURNiSPiiNGS������~-^  lipi;.'/.��������� v,; Handsome;;:'catalogue:���������;containing,  ^^^^v^^h'eai-ly^od;. i!lustratipn,sc':mailed  : ^free^bn^applicatiphV"; j^^.{f;^'^i:7^  iS-  C|1HHi .     *-f^     _JK1  (T ;    i i ,.���������,....', ;. j^T^n ��������� #'���������'���������' l-     V        ���������������.-���������.       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